Earthenone: !findquote pumpkin
LRRbot: Quote #185: "F*ck you, pumpkin! Eat shit!" —Alex [2015-05-01]
TehAmelie: ah, Spooky's House of 1000 Jumpscares
TehAmelie: good times
waZelda: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games.) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (3m from now).
TXC2: Hello Everybody
Earthenone: hullo
PhoenixMelior: oh I should eat breakfast
SAJewers: \o
Weagle: Probably
Weagle: I just had lunch
rocketjohn: yo
Weagle: And am now going to watch the new Friday Nights while clocked out for lunch
PhoenixMelior: there's a new friday nights?
rocketjohn: yus
SAJewers: welp, gotta watch that later
Stoffern: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Games of Chance! This week, Paul and Chair are playing Browser Games! Special Guest appearance by James. | đź“· ||
SAJewers: Special Guest Games? PogChamp
SAJewers: James*
Earthenone: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
Earthenone: !paul
TXC2: !explainpaul
SAJewers: !badadvice
LRRbot: Attack the Shopkeeper.
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat!
aerohydra: !chair
TXC2: hello TheMerricat welcome
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ZuNy77: boo, i guess.
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oakentree: hey that's not bad advice, he drops a cool chinese war sword
TXC2: here we go!
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TXC2: Hello Paul and Chair
rocketjohn: hey there
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SacrificialToast: James of Chance, he might show up or not
offbeatwitch: had a bit of a moment with the camera there,
ZuNy77: sounds fine
coriolis_storm: Hi Paul!
TheMerricat: Quite chancy. But you sound fine my end.
Bartlebad: Hi Chair!
PhoenixMelior: I hear a teensy bit of white noise but it's barely worth mentioning
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Anonymousless: Chair!
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TheWarbo: sounds suspicious
rocketjohn: james, you're fired
Welbog: Good afternoon/morning/night/evening
rocketjohn: (no, not really)
PhoenixMelior: lrrWOW
NathanJay_GA: Hi Paul! :D
TXC2: classic Nightbook
Alephred: James of Chance.
PhoenixMelior: at least we care about you, Paul
Welbog: Nice cupcake
TheWarbo: So what you're saying is that James cares about the people who watch LRRMtG?
TheMerricat: lol #blamejame burns
James_LRR: Yo
mastershake29x: !chair
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oakentree: wow, throwing him RIGHT under the bus there :p
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SAJewers: đź‘€
mtvcdm: Geoguessr is a browser game.
SacrificialToast: really, the only browser game that comes to mind is Kingdom of Loathing
TXC2: Hi James_LRR
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coriolis_storm: Hey Paul! Have fun with your browsers!
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TheWarbo: Oh no he's here!
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James_LRR: Waiting for my car to be ready. I’ll be there shortly.
TXC2: who can say? only time
JoeKim: oh hell yeah browser games
Welbog: Hello James
JoeKim: i spent years of my life on Kongregate
polaris415: @James_LRR always on time :)
TXC2: hi JoeKim
TheMerricat: Paul needs to recheck his lighting setup, alot of shade coming across on stream :-)
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KirbySliver: All Slivers are now Kirbys in addition to their other types.
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TXC2: Armour games was my jam
TheManaLeek: Kingdom of Loathing beats all browser games
JoeKim: armor games is solid too
oakentree: ooh yeah armour games had some hood stuff
JoeKim: Kingdom Rush tho
SAJewers: what was the #1 response, if I may ask?
CrazymattCaptain: so what are we starting with?
TXC2: JoeKim damn right kingdom rush, gemcraft too
JoeKim: ohhh fuck gemcraft
JoeKim: so good
NathanJay_GA: does newgrounds still publish new browser games?
TehAmelie: Kingdom of Loathing has the downside of limited moves per day but starting out it would probably last for a stream. . .
oakentree: there was one called motherload that i reeeeally loved
TheMerricat: konigrate was my jam back in the day.
ThePerrBearr: woow
ThePerrBearr: that's a throwback
offbeatwitch: there's a big KoL community on the Discord
PhoenixMelior: we should start today with Clicker Heroes and come back later, right?Kappa
PhoenixMelior: * Kappa
offbeatwitch: at least there was, a little while ago
SAJewers: Yes, join us in KoL
ThePerrBearr: i haven't played KoL in over a decade
FelanEntane: would command and conquer count as a browser game?
oakentree: what was the name of that clicker game alex showed off on talking sim once?
SAJewers: we have a KoL channel in the discord, feel free to join us :)
TheMerricat: pandemic
PhoenixMelior: PogChamp
NimrodXIV: yay, Clickquest!
PhoenixMelior: CLICKQUEST?!
NojhLivic: Clickquest??
PhoenixMelior: I thought Clickquest was from a Crapshot
NimrodXIV: aw
oakentree: oh yeah this is what i was thinking of!
SAJewers: yeah, Clickquest was from Crapshot 45
TheMandrew: that sounds like a qwerpline thing
Rhynerd: That sounds like a Checkpoint of ENN thing.
PhoenixMelior: wow this cut is so deep I have no idea what it is
Dared00: Oh yes, the Edge guy
NimrodXIV: riiiight
TheMerricat: whatever happened to that ni
KirbySliver: Where do you suggest games?
TheMerricat: nitwit*
PhoenixMelior: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
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PhoenixMelior: KirbySliver that link, once they put it up near the end of the stream
KirbySliver: thanks
PhoenixMelior: love it
SacrificialToast: oh yeah, "You have to burn the rope" is another classic browser game
KirbySliver: Also, did Paul miss my sub?
TehAmelie: ah, that's the way to play Kongregate games
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mistborn83: how edgey
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KirbySliver: ah, makes sense
NojhLivic: Aww. I dont' remember my password to clickquest
offbeatwitch: wahey
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waZelda: It's been so long since I had time to watch LRR
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mtvcdm: Here's a good one. Quick, Draw!
Bartlebad: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
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Weisenhorn: I'm definitely subscribed because you're awesome!
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waZelda: cheer1111
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TehAmelie: oh, i forgot quick draw
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Rhynerd: Kirby power.
offbeatwitch: oh no
rocketjohn: thw power of meta
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TXC2: I really should have recommended Gravity duck for this stream :P
offbeatwitch: we're asking questions that should not be asked
Earthenone: @rocketjohn i thought that was metaknight
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TehAmelie: the eleventy-eventy
ysurin91: Paul you are the first person to actualy pronounce my username right fisrt time round
PulseGun: I've been a sub for years?
PhoenixMelior: it not perfect system
TXC2: it not perfecy system
PulseGun: at least 18 months...
PulseGun: odd.
TXC2: good music
TStodden: Coming Never (?): Edgey McEdgerson's Edgier Hedge Edger & Edgiest Hedge Edger. lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: ha, it's just like the Mirror's Edge browser game
Critterbot: huh...neat
oakentree: ooh this is veeery good music
PhoenixMelior: sweet music
TXC2: ^
PhoenixMelior: no turn UP the music it's pumpin
waZelda: It's nice that you can see how much of a safety margin you had on your jump timing
Rhynerd: lrrHERE
PhoenixMelior: oh look it tells you how much you hedged
waZelda: Good hedging there, Paul
ReynardWrecca: You hedged 22017...what? metres? inches? leaves?
bloodybighead: if only my gardener was that fast.
Pteraspidomorphi: Late gain
oakentree: edging for this long may be uh... ill advksed
Pteraspidomorphi: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh
ZuNy77: what game?
ThePerrBearr: no?
PhoenixMelior: I can't remember any before Robot Unicorn Attack but I'm young
PulseGun: the hedgiest hedges evered edged.
TheMerricat: I feel like it was
Meyari: It and Robot Unicorn Attack are certainly one of the firsts I remember
Psychic_Ketchup: Hard edging sounds very nsfw
PhoenixMelior: remember when Robot Unicorn Attack was the big thing? Geez.
Akaiatana: I wonder if this game was supported by a hedge fund
TehAmelie: i mainly remember the Heavy Metal edition. which ruled
Mazrae: hello hello
oakentree: i mean, this game certainly didn't hedge it's bets
TXC2: hello Mazrae welcome
ReynardWrecca: @Akaiatana No, they need sure-fire investment opportunities; they'd never hedge their bets.
CranstonSnord: if you beat this game, are you a hegdelord?
bloodybighead: gardens of the future.
TehAmelie: the hedges are breaking loose, that's why you have to edge them
ForOhForError: this is good spritework
TheMerricat: canabalt came out in 2009
Mazrae: how is everyone doing today
TXC2: for some reason I've just been reminded of Burrito bison :P
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bloodybighead: love the movie. made no sense.
Coinman1863: Canabalt is that old? Wauw
TehAmelie: i wonder how fast you can go
Akaiatana: I think it's hard mode for the length of gaps between hedges
PhoenixMelior: Paul is the best Hedge Edger
oakentree: i think it accelerates faster
Mazrae: and why is he running with shears
TheWarbo: Try "Easy" to see the difference?
TehAmelie: space is only 100 km up
TXC2: "only"
bloodybighead: the most prideful thing paul has ever said. "its possible i may be good."
accountmadeforants: The branches are harder, but thankfully you've also got sturdier, sharper shears, so it doesn't really change anything
PyreDynasty: It has stars
Bartlebad: This SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, watch the amazing Edgey McEdgerson edge endless hedges! Pay for the whole seat, but you'll only need the EDGE
PhoenixMelior: you got THE BAD ENDING?!
the_bananarchist: you got the bad ending :/
DevInsanity: I think so
DevInsanity: I vaguely recall getting to space back in the day
the_bananarchist: units
Earthenone: hedges
PhoenixMelior: units
TheWarbo: Angstroms
accountmadeforants: Nice last two numbers
PhoenixMelior: Metric furlongs?
NimrodXIV: bontoons
offbeatwitch: elephants
Rhynerd: Are there hedges in space?
Earthenone: hedge per time
Membranes1: 2317 hedges high
TehAmelie: feet or meters, who knows
mtvcdm: How much hedge could a hedgehog hedge if a hedgehog could hog hedges
oakentree: in space, no-one can hear you edge your hedge
LordZarano: light-microseconds?
PhoenixMelior: can you double jump?
sputnikcem: is this hedgefund?
Barb4rian: Hey paul and chair!
Mazrae: are there any hedgehogs in these hedges?
TXC2: hello Barb4rian welcome
dr0ne00000: @Barb4rian you calling us a chair?
PyreDynasty: Space Hedge
TXC2: Hedge can go to space?
LordZarano: I Made A Game With Zombies In It was great
Barb4rian: No I'm calling chair, chair
TehAmelie: remember that time you hedged so hard you saw the curvature of the Earth
bloodybighead: space gardens... with the u.s. space force.
OmnipotentTrevor: Hedges require atmosphere
jacey0002: good thing there's hedges in space, making oxygen for you
Barb4rian: Also hi chat :D
the_bananarchist: I mean it still feels gravitational attraction to the earth
yourangclan: in space, no one can hear you edge
Koios7: the hedges create enough oxygen, clearly
ZachtlyAsIntended: have we found?
NojhLivic: How do these hedges grow in outer space?
TStodden: I maed a gam3 with zombi3s in it does have a kill screen as 13m 37s... if you can make it that far.
PyreDynasty: Plants create oxygen
GDwarf: The hedges are doing remarkably well, given the lack of atmosphere
waZelda: Hedge edger guy? Come on, Paul, you know his name
bloodybighead: plants produce oxygen, you're good.
TehAmelie: we're going to the sun!
ZuNy77: edge your way into the sun
dr0ne00000: @Barb4rian ah just noticed his co host
Morrigan9: it's a tesla roadster
accountmadeforants: Just barely edging the sun
ThePerrBearr: your's in the hedger that will pierce the heavens
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yourangclan: Paul Saunders, Edgelord lrrBEEJ
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LuckyLastLaugh: the space part reminded me of Dolphin Olympics
ZuNy77: you did it p
PhoenixMelior: you did it!
TheWarbo: You hedged too close to the sun
ContingentCat: is falling into the sun considered the good ending?
TXC2: \o/
ZachtlyAsIntended: Wh...what the....huh?
yourangclan: Oh that's a good sun
GDwarf: Turns out low-Earth orbit only reduces the pull of gravity on you by, like, 5%.
NojhLivic: The hedger is you!
TehAmelie: well, that was easy mode :p
SAJewers: lrrGOAT
bigevildan: Finally, you have defeated the sun.
Earthenone: Hedge Edged!
oakentree: congratulations
AntiCrepuscular: I just got here... Egdy McEdgerson's Hedge Edger?
waZelda: You edged that hedge like a true hedge-edger
TheWarbo: Yeah actually wrapping your head around "zero gravity" on the ISS or whatever is weird.
TXC2: AntiCrepuscular yeap, a game based on a LRR joke
Mazrae: if you were om space you should of jumped higher to get higher space hedges
Akaiatana: I wouldn't say no
bloodybighead: you went over the edge of glory.
Akaiatana: it's better than Boshy :P
yourangclan: Sounds good
AntiCrepuscular: TXC2 was it LRR?! Neat! I remember that "Edge" trademarking chungus that was the butt of the joke
coopdawg_22: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 27:31.
TheWarbo: My brain keeps trying and failing to portmanteau these things.
MrSVCD: Canabalt?
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Paul and friend chair here to entertain.
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TStodden: Could revisit Don't Crap Your Pants.
accountmadeforants: By the way, did anyone suggest Dicey Dungeons? Because if not, I'd like to do so right now
AntiCrepuscular: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 27:52.
Mazrae: wheres james?
Earthenone: lrrGOAT
ContingentCat: lrrGOAT
PhoenixMelior: lrrGOAT
ThePerrBearr: lrrGOAT
TXC2: Mazrae getting his car done
Earthenone: james is investing on the oil industry
yourangclan: lrrGOAT
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deadlypartition: I need some salami asap very important, save the world important you know how it is
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Pteraspidomorphi: Oh I love this game
TStodden: There's 2 games for the series on Steam.
SAJewers: yep
LordZarano: As it says "Buy on Steam"
dr0ne00000: is this the prequel to goat simulator?
TXC2: !game override Escape Goat
LRRbot: Override enabled. Currently playing: Escape Goat
ContingentCat: !findquote Goat
LRRbot: Quote #4355: "I get this goat; this goat may be me." —Ian [2017-09-10]
rocketjohn: So @LoadingReadyRun are you mostly going to be playing flash games, or will you also be looking at things like Fallen London and the like?
BrindleBoar: witchgoat
deadlypartition: is this goat darksouls
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Which goat is witch?
Earthenone: disgoat
KerbalDyne: #FreeGoatWitch
TehAmelie: a purple goat witch
TXC2: that goat
ThePerrBearr: oh, this game
LordZarano: I'm pretty sure I have Escape Goat 2 from a Humble Bundle
PhoenixMelior: Goat Souls
GDwarf: Never played this one, but Escape Goat 2 was fun
Pteraspidomorphi: It is known
oakentree: nah this is goat elder scrolls
TehAmelie: that goat has a coat
PhoenixMelior: Elder Goats
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> This week our Panalysts attempt to improve Oreos, with predictable results. | ||
TheWarbo: it would explain a lot
BrindleBoar: unsubscribe goat facts
wicker_knight: I wouldn't put it past goats
wicker_knight: goats are weird
deadlypartition: its a neccesary evolutionary adaptation to survive in the mountains
wicker_knight: like, nothing should have square pupils, it's unnatural
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] Most people don't know that goats can double jump in real life.
LRRbot: New quote #5838: "Most people don't know that goats can double jump in real life." —Paul [2019-02-21]
TheWarbo: oh no, goat went behind paul
KerbalDyne: Thank you for subscribing to goat facts! Did you know goats have rectangular pupil?
PhoenixMelior: it's a goat jumping puzzle game?
deadlypartition: !unsubscribegoatfacts
AntiCrepuscular: PhoenixMelior no, it's a jumping-goat puzzle!
TheWarbo: skull good
Sannindi: Skulls are good! People need skulls to live.
dr0ne00000: @wicker_knight @KerbalDyne now I can't unknow that
Sannindi: Goats, too.
TheManaLeek: Always trust skulls
PhoenixMelior: AntiCrepuscular touche
TheManaLeek: Got it
ContingentCat: skulls are good Paul they protect your brain so you don't die
Mazrae: is that a mouse friend?
ZuNy77: thats right paul touch any skull you see
Earthenone: well you are playing the role of a goat, goats LOVE touching skulls
TheWarbo: Continuous!
wicker_knight: thank you for subscribing to goat facts. Did you know that goats have 4 stomachs
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I thought Alex was the skeleton racist
KerbalDyne: You are already subscribed to Goat Facts. Did you know goat facts are the most consumed meat per capita?
TehAmelie: you know, if i saw a purple goat jumping in the air i'd probably think it was a witch too
Mangledpixel: boop
Simonark: Hans, are we the baddies?
AntiCrepuscular: Simonark no, we're the billies! Kappa
wicker_knight: @dr0ne00000 if you ever get a chance to go to a petting zoo, take a look at the goats. Like, to be fair, they seem like perfectly friendly creatures. But they're definitely Weird
Mazrae: its a very sensitive button
dr0ne00000: @wicker_knight I had friends that raised them, never looked at their eyes lol
wicker_knight: Also, is this goat Violet Philip
BrindleBoar: dash smash
AntiCrepuscular: FIRM BUTT
Earthenone: !smash
CrazymattCaptain: smash the box under rock on the thing behind your head
TXC2: Lrrbot on point
Mazrae: smash the stake
wicker_knight: so this is La Goatlana
CrazymattCaptain: oh it did something. I wasn't sure it would
KerbalDyne: Welcome to Goat Facts! Did you know that Baphomet, the one true lord of witch-goats, is depicted as having a goat head?
TheWarbo: I feel like this game has not had many...choices?
TheWarbo: okay now it seems better
Mazrae: mouse friend the key?
TXC2: I suspect we have to jump up to that top button
TSturtledove: mouse friend to hit button?
wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 37:22.
ThePerrBearr: maybe send mouse down to push button, instead of yu?
BrindleBoar: yeah, hit top button, access top right region
offbeatwitch: hmm I think I can see the line
Mazrae: maybe hit all the buttons but that one?
SirFlukesAlot: get top and activate bot with mouse?
dr0ne00000: trapped like a goat
LordZarano: !advice
LRRbot: It's not murder if it's robots!
TXC2: we really look like we're taking a poo when we're on the edge there :P
TheWarbo: Dead.
RonnyConcrete: Take the top button first, I think?
Hingadora: Can you stay up there and send the mouse down to hit the button?
Reforminginsomniac: Don’t fall down.
accountmadeforants: So chat, while we've got browser games on the mind, does anyone remember a browser game where two players would alternately control the same character as he turned from a werewolf to a human and back? Because I've been trying to find it and just... can't.
PhoenixMelior: yeah, James isn't here Kappa
PhoenixMelior: which goat?
wicker_knight: @accountmadeforants no, but that sounds like a rad game, especially if the two players have conflicting goals
wildpeaks: oh if you like mices with hats, you have to try Ghost of a Tale, tilo is so adorable
AntiCrepuscular: muh hat lrrAWW
BrindleBoar: ah yes, the nine sheep of power
TheWarbo: Ohhhh that was just the tutorial
TXC2: the gathering place is a good name for the hub world
PhoenixMelior: there's a lot going on in Goat Quest
accountmadeforants: wicker_knight Yeah, it was rad. The human would try to board up the town to prevent the werewolf from eating the humans, while the werewolf would... well, eat the humans.
dr0ne00000: @accountmadeforants it reminds me of the best april fool's joke I've seen - blizzard said they were releasing a two headed giant character where two players ran it and each had a head and corresponding arm/leg
Mazrae: the 9 sheep of destiny
robochuck_85: showing the sick speedrun strats?
accountmadeforants: Sadly like 99% of all Google results on Werwolf games are, well, Werewolf
TheWarbo: oh man, what was that game with the elephant where you're just trying to get cheevos
EricTheOrange: @dr0ne00000 that actually happened kind of
TehAmelie: Achievement Hunter i think
TehAmelie: something obvious like that
TXC2: TheWarbo elephant quest
offbeatwitch: achievement unlocked
offbeatwitch: and its 2 sequels
CaptainSpam: "Achievement Unlocked". A JMTB classic, as I recall.
wicker_knight: no salami?
offbeatwitch: achievement unlocked 2 is peak multiplayer flash game
PhoenixMelior: I don't know why that reminded me but I should really try Half Minute Hero one of these days
EricTheOrange: not since the accedent
TheWarbo: Yeah I was thinking of Achievement Unlocked
Mazrae: launch mouse friend into wheel?
PhoenixMelior: the only browser-type game I really fondly remember playing was The Impossible Quiz
TheWarbo: can you jump and throw him left?
ani_laurel: Oh, that was a fun game
ContingentCat: hi James
PhoenixMelior: oh look it's James
TehAmelie: hi James, bye Chair
wildpeaks: purple magic goat was too much for James
PhoenixMelior: WOW
robochuck_85: how do kids say it nowadays? Jebaited?
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TXC2: Hi James
NojhLivic: Where'd chair go?
TXC2: Chair will live on in our hearts
wildpeaks: chair is playing a support character
robochuck_85: good work paul
Garrub: omg its escape goat
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Escape Goat (overridden)
Garrub: i love this game
PhoenixMelior: Spoilers: We're a witch goat.
wildpeaks: to be fair, we are a magic goat, seems fair
TehAmelie: having a double jump and a magic teleporting mouse might be suspicious
accountmadeforants: I finally found it, it was called Where I Go At Night!
Earthenone: maybe this is like the water test, where they lock up the goat and the witch goats escape
PhoenixMelior: accountmadeforants I'm glad it's real because it sounds super neat
Garrub: oh man its been so long since ive heard the escape goat music
NojhLivic: The ability to be a goat and perform magic should not be grounds for punishment though.
wicker_knight: The VVitch Rule: Any person accused of witchcraft will, eventually, inevitably, either become or always have been a witch
ThePerrBearr: do you have to time the drop?
SirFlukesAlot: ah
ZuNy77: i think you have to we have learned how to cheat the puzzle
TXC2: we played ourselves there
ZuNy77: nice
BrindleBoar: looks like you need a four-stack to push all those buttons at once
SirFlukesAlot: i see
TheWarbo: Oh I see the line
Garrub: yup
wicker_knight: !advice
LRRbot: Take the road meat.
Milambus: top right would drop on the bottom one
robochuck_85: I see the solution
Milambus: could stack three on that platform
wildpeaks: ^
Garrub: ^
Count_Nodonora: Yep, I think I see it too.
Mazrae: the four single ones to the middle?
CranstonSnord: push the two stack over, make a new two stack with the middle and top right
BrindleBoar: but then the middle platform blocks the third
wicker_knight: you can make 3 stacks of 2
Joda011980: get a 3 stack on the middel
SirFlukesAlot: then get the forth on it
Joda011980: the over the left ege add the forth
TheWarbo: How much chat help do you want (from people who have not played themselves)?
accountmadeforants: Oh wow, it( the werewolf game)'s already 9 years old. That explains why it was so hard to find.
Plasterboard: ignore the rightmost two blocks? forge a stack of four with the rest
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SirFlukesAlot: noo
TheWarbo: aaaaaand nope
BrindleBoar: but now that one will slide too far?
BrindleBoar: yeah
SirFlukesAlot: almost
Garrub: yuuuup
dr0ne00000: lol
ZuNy77: close
Garrub: gotta get them in the right order
Joda011980: make the stack in the middel first
wildpeaks: RIP the dream
SirFlukesAlot: right idea wrong order
robochuck_85: you had it
Sannindi: Wrong order, I guess; need to put the last one in from the left.
RonnyConcrete: I think you do the one you just did second to last?
wicker_knight: there are at least 2 viable solutions
Angnor33: left most block last
js1813: Push both top ones left
wicker_knight: potentially more
Count_Nodonora: last 2 steps were done out of order. the rest was fine I think.
Iciilix: do the same, but stack the top 2 together before you join them
ThePerrBearr: top 2 first?
ani_laurel: last one will always slide over the top
Mazrae: maybe the three and goat got top
robochuck_85: yay for paul
Milambus: no
BrindleBoar: noooo
SirFlukesAlot: three then the other
BrindleBoar: same problem
BrindleBoar: oh wait
BrindleBoar: that works
Garrub: nah you good
ThePerrBearr: no, cause it's falliing
TheWarbo: Yup we're good
BrindleBoar: whatever, try and see
wicker_knight: now push the last one right and you're good
Garrub: ice blocks stop sliding when they fall
Count_Nodonora: Woot, Goat there!
Mazrae: didnt even need the magic hat
TheWarbo: I think you were supposed to teleport in and/or out of that room, but we're too good for that.
TehAmelie: we're gonna tear, tear the prisons down
Count_Nodonora: Because people with less guts would send the mouse towards the key instead of risking the sawblades :P
Earthenone: he has beat 2/3 of the game
PhoenixMelior: of the browser game anyway
SacrificialToast: there was a browser version of Escape Goat? huh
PhoenixMelior: well that was neat!
Garrub: oh i didnt realize there was a browser version of this tbh
Earthenone: !findquote smurf
LRRbot: Quote #921: "If you're filming the Smurfs, you've got bigger problems." —Graham [2015-10-21]
Pteraspidomorphi: oh boy
smurfsrppl2: my whole life is a lie lrrEFF
Kivipaperisakset: aaagh
xhres2: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 54:07.
SAJewers: browser-based mmo, yes
dr0ne00000: there is a browser Zork
wicker_knight: I mean, mandatory (late) plug for Universal Paperclip
TheWarbo: LoathingKingdom: A Kingdom of Loathing
TehAmelie: if we run out of adventures but want to keep playing we can just walk the wiki instead
ThePerrBearr: don't let the aesthetic fool you
wicker_knight: but yes, KoL is a clicker/mmorpg
ani_laurel: waaooowww
TXC2: Ok so is this just dwarf fortress? Kappa
Kivipaperisakset: can it be zoomed any_
Noy2222: West of Loathing is REALLY good
PhoenixMelior: does anyone remember the browser game that was an MMO shoot-em up where you had to try and level up and fight the boss with everyone on the server, and there was a sort of rogue like element? Something God something, eventually got a steam version I think
ThePerrBearr: it looks exactly how i remeber iit
ani_laurel: remember when games were good?
The_Cakemeister: SC or Db is the easiest
TXC2: ani_laurel yes, many of them still are
oyleslyck: holy smokes, it's been ages since I last player KoL
EricTheOrange: @PhoenixMelior relm of the mad god
PhoenixMelior: EricTheOrange that's the one! Thank you
TheWarbo: xXTurnipXx
PhoenixMelior: I jammed a lot of Realm of the Mad God with friends for a while
dr0ne00000: Turntup?
ZuNy77: tellowhacks?
SAJewers: JamesTurnup?
EricTheOrange: Turnup4wat
BrindleBoar: oh dear
ani_laurel: yeah, you just don't realize how far we've come till you see this stuff
Kivipaperisakset: Shouldve been Ohforf
TheWarbo: The TOOT Oriole
TehAmelie: the puns begin
TheWarbo: Yup
0wc4: aww just like in runescape
ThePerrBearr: yes
dr0ne00000: this game is perfect
TheWarbo: Paul that's not how you pronounce "Oriole"
niccus: if you want we can go even more old school with Legend of the Green Dragon
TheWarbo: It's important for the pun
SacrificialToast: "tutorial"
EricTheOrange: O-Royal
ThePerrBearr: be prepared for puns
ThePerrBearr: ALL the puns
SAJewers: do the tutorial
thirsty_kitteh: cocktails time!
ZuNy77: and old sweatpants
accountmadeforants: This seems like a game where you might need the tutorial
TXC2: thats a lot of hard liquor :P
TehAmelie: chugging booze is important to have adventures
Mazrae: whelp this sounds like you got what you need for a good time
PhoenixMelior: and you forgot to equip all your stuff
TheWarbo: "What the fuck?" I'm pretty sure that question would have been answered *by the tutorial*
RAICx: You want to equip the gear you just got
SAJewers: no, you didn't equip it
wicker_knight: @TheWarbo nonsense
wicker_knight: :P
dr0ne00000: @TehAmelie it seems unwise that they are still sober with three bottles in tow
RAICx: This game goes DEEP
Kivipaperisakset: What was this game again?
ThePerrBearr: this takes me back to high school
RAICx: Kivipaperisakset Kingdom of Loathing
TheWarbo: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
snowcookies: Discord has a channel for this game
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm surprised you had never played it tbh. You guys always know all the obscure internet things I know
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
SAJewers: your quest is there on the left
The_Cakemeister: KoL isn't that obscure.
TheWarbo: Yeah, that's why names can be "taken"
oyleslyck: This game is 16 years old.
Pteraspidomorphi: Well, that only reinforced my point :P But it's mostly known among... Certain peoples
Pteraspidomorphi: *reinforces
TehAmelie: it's probably good to point out "adventures" is a resource. really just turns you can move
wicker_knight: @Pteraspidomorphi I seem to remember either Alex or Cam talking about having played this before
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, that makes sense
Mazrae: is adam and graham in the brotherhood of smack down?
TXC2: so this is the ongoing D&D campaign right?
CranstonSnord: are they measuring length or girth?
TXC2: Kappa
accountmadeforants: I dunno, are the sausage bylaws in effect yet?
TehAmelie: it's good to be popular
RAICx: What else would a sausage measuring contest be?
Mazrae: your health jumped up from 11 to 41
SAJewers: yes, someone gave you some buffs
ThePerrBearr: yes
jingitaxias_: the sausages are measured by bigth
SAJewers: you can click them for a description
The_Cakemeister: Yes.
RAICx: Yes.
Scy_Anide: There's a Kingdom of Loathing channel on the Discord. It's quite popular.
dr0ne00000: yeah you got hooked up
TehAmelie: it's not the size of the sausage but the amount of cheese in it
CrazymattCaptain: apparently Buffy is buffing you
offbeatwitch: yeah, KoL is big in the LRR community
Hingadora: This is very much you benefiting from the userbase.
ThePerrBearr: but it's only buffs
The_Cakemeister: Buffy is free buffs.
RAICx: Oh man, do they still have the radio stations built in?
snowcookies: Makes sense, I started playing similar games in 2014
The_Cakemeister: Which radio stations?
wicker_knight: Don't you feel young now James :P
TheWarbo: Yeah I remember playing this looooooong ago
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TrueThorn: I found a button! its ok.
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ThePerrBearr: i don't think the radio is still a thing?
ArmadilloAL: feenHey Oh Lord, I played a metric crapton of this game in college.
ArmadilloAL: So, like, 2006.
RassilonDND: reminds me of dwarf fortress.
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] There's not a lot of things older then we are on the Internet.
LRRbot: New quote #5839: "There's not a lot of things older then we are on the Internet." —James [2019-02-21]
jacey0002: didn't someone from LRR play West of Loathing? Maybe Cori?
The_Cakemeister: Saucerer can buff people with sauce spheres
CrazymattCaptain: distracted by buffs
SacrificialToast: no no, not a saucomancer, a sauceror
SacrificialToast: the alternative is pastamancer
wicker_knight: @SacrificialToast don't say that like it makes sense :P
Milambus: is pastamancer like necromancer?
wicker_knight: yes
The_Cakemeister: I'm very tempted to send a pile a meat.
frnknstn: Cori did play a on of the sequel on her home stream
ArmadilloAL: Yeah, /radio was a big chat room and everything. Would have 50-100 users at any given time.
ArmadilloAL: Last I checked it was still there, but an absolute shell of its former self.
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Milambus: yea, it looks like a MUD/MOO
SAJewers: do you have access to the altar of literacy?
The_Cakemeister: mountains.
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Orastes: Sup ya'll
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TheOtherTrevor: Attack with your clubbing seal
Phillammon: sajewers not til level 3
TehAmelie: i just notice, you're almost dead from all the buffs. might rest and fill up HP
SAJewers: be sure to check your other inventory categories
SAJewers: Phillammon: ah, right
SAJewers: ooh, check your inventory, open that chocolate box?
ArmadilloAL: There's an old Item-of-the-Month that summons candy hearts. You can give these hearts to other people and/or eat them for small buffs.
RAICx: TehAmelie They're not almost dead from all the buffs, they started with 10 hp or so, the buffs just increased their max hp like crazy LUL
TheWarbo: Basically, since you skipped the tutorial, chat is now the tutorial!
SAJewers: open the chocolate box?
TXC2: chat is always the tutorial
dirt_mage: Is browser games like that thing with the dinosaur when a page won’t load in chrome?
electric_claire: Is this KoL or WoL?
RAICx: Yes, meat is currency
TheOtherTrevor: "I think meat is like money"
ThePerrBearr: @electric_claire KoL
TXC2: electric_claire Kol
TehAmelie: meat is both money and crafting glue
electric_claire: Thanks
csladecasola: <3
BrindleBoar: death by lootbox
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jingitaxias_: "you never know what you're going to get with one of these"
ArmadilloAL: You got anticheese *and* cottage cheese.
Hingadora: You just got Beaten Up. It's a status effect.
SAJewers: you can craft the anticheese with the cottage cheese
Earthenone: its a hockey team i belive
0wc4: wont crafting cheese and antichease create like, a nuclear explosion or something?
ZuNy77: can you heal by eatting?
Hingadora: Use the tent and then go to your campsite.
Phillammon: People are being unhelpful and heaping stuff on you
The_Cakemeister: Certain foods.
The_Cakemeister: Eating mostly increases adventures
Phillammon: (he said, heaping further stuff)
ArmadilloAL: Beaten up is only a debuff. The 0HP is the problem.
SAJewers: go to the main map
SacrificialToast: click the map
MaelstronSolenor: beaten up is an effect, should last a few adventures only
TheWarbo: Is it bad that we used up the Holiday Fun on sleeping?
Phillammon: Guys, leave 'em be, this is mean
ThePerrBearr: attack!
wildpeaks: I forget, was West of Loathing ever played on stream ?
The_Cakemeister: To be fair, I haven't pranked someone before.
Phillammon: On Cori's home stream, but not here
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FeaturingMe: Wow, you're so good at sarcasm now
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TheOtherTrevor: who are you calling a knob tong
Skasher4430: cheer1000
TehAmelie: Boromir voice: one does not simply grab the goblin tongs without clanking them together at least twice like a crab
ArmadilloAL: You leveled up. That's the "bat symbol" to tell you a new quest is available.
Orastes: its been a long time, what is the name of this game?
ZuNy77: kingdom of loathing
n3ther: LUL
Orastes: thanks
waZelda: cheer111 Yay for sausages
n3ther: is sausage euphemism for sword? Kappa
SacrificialToast: sausage is a euphemism for sausage
TehAmelie: West of Loathing is apparently just like this but with like some production values, if anyone wants to spend some money
TrueThorn: Pork sword certainly
Phillammon: (if anyone enjoys this sense of humor and wants to give it a go, slip me a PM here or on discord, I administer the LRR clan) (also there is a lrr clan)
SAJewers: oh, check out market square?
Legosheep: Is this neopets?
ArmadilloAL: Yeah, that, combined with the devs adding fresh content for 15+ can get overwhelming.
The_Cakemeister: Honestly, moving into an actual clan, rather than "it's just me and my alts" seems like a good idea.
Phillammon: It's... yeah. It doesn't help that you're trying this somewhere people can throw a billion things at you and make it EVEN MORE overwhelming
TXC2: Legosheep this is Kingdom of loathing
Phillammon: The_Cakemeister, lob a request at Loathing Ready Run
ArmadilloAL: The game's been supported by this microtransaction store since 2003, so it must be doing SOMETHING right.
SAJewers: try the armory and leggery?
Stoffern: bless you Ben
Phillammon: I mean yeah basically paytowin
TehAmelie: the good news i guess is there's not much in the way of optimization so no one's able to say we're doing it wrong
EricTheOrange: oh dear the smut orc logging camp. I wonder what those burly boys get up to.
TXC2: Man ben has the cutest Sneezes
n3ther: for those 60 year old gamers
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darkora: huh, 5 months? so soon?
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ArmadilloAL: Oh, this game has a heck of a speedrunning community. (Or at least it did 10 years ago.)
SAJewers: maybe check out the armory and leggery?
Phillammon: ArmadilloAL certainly still does
RAICx: ArmadilloAL fastest to ascend? or how would that work?
Legosheep: You clearly need the chainmail speedos
TehAmelie: that's a heck of a polearm name
The_Cakemeister: Least days/turns to ascend.
ArmadilloAL: @RAICx Defeat the Naughty Sorceress in the fewest days/adventures.
RebekahWSD: Oh lord all those buffs
TehAmelie: brings to mind a certain order of the Stick strip
Earthenone: is this the world of the munchkin cardgame
Legosheep: Minimum armour, maximum protection
The_Cakemeister: @LoadingReadyRun check your packages
RAICx: ArmadilloAL yeah, makes sense. Cool
TXC2: Kentucky styal Derby
SAJewers: yeah, there's tons of references
elano123124: Order of the Stick isn't that similar to munchkin.
The_Cakemeister: Bah, it's junk.
SAJewers: open them all?
ArmadilloAL: What's the exchange rate on Mr. A's these days?
AntiCrepuscular: 1 MegaMeat
TehAmelie: we probably won't be able to get our hands on any four-handed swords today but i want you to know there are those
dr0ne00000: 1 Million meat, reminds me of the movie Slither
AntiCrepuscular: (MM for short)
ArmadilloAL: 1 million meat is more than you need to beat the game, but nowhere near what it costs to buy a single Mr. Accessory.
ThePerrBearr: you acquire a lot of stuff in this game, don't worry, they're not wasting thnigs
The_Cakemeister: Looks like Mr A's ar <37M meat.
thetoastmonster: Toast!!!????
Swamplor: Ooh, KOL! I played so much of this back in the day!
ArmadilloAL: Man, they were 5M all day long back when I played.
Earthenone: can we invest in the meat market and come back with more meat?
TehAmelie: how hard is it to just spend meat to beat the game?
TheWarbo: !findquote cat
LRRbot: Quote #3091: "Cats vs. Man: The Fable of Cooking" —Heather [2016-08-03]
TehAmelie: seems like the inspiration for Catlateral Damage
RebekahWSD: I'm sure the cat knows on some deep level he's made this game, and will screm harder
dr0ne00000: the owner has a squirt gun right?
TXC2: Did ProZD make this game? :P
Laogeodritt: Hey chat, James, Paul slyqHi
niccus: catlateral damage
FeaturingMe: The cat isn't garbage for waking you up, clearly the human is dumb for being asleep
TXC2: hello Laogeodritt welcome
AntiCrepuscular: smash the... laptop! :D
TehAmelie: it disintegrated so they'll never miss it
Laogeodritt: I need to play Catlateral Damage still. I bought it ages ago and never installed it. XD
Earthenone: wasent there another destructive cat on newgrounds? kitten cannon or something?
TehAmelie: or, okay, they'll miss it but not suspect where it's gone
TheWarbo: can you jump on and knead the human
dr0ne00000: @Earthenone aah newgrounds
TehAmelie: or put your butt on their face?
Milambus: kneed the face?
TXC2: now it's 3AM forever!
TehAmelie: he's gonna wake up in a featureless void and go "yeah, that's some classic Cat"
TheOtherTrevor: goodbye
FeaturingMe: Cat knocks books off of the shelves, 5/5 for realism
robochuck_85: what is that game named?
ani_laurel: my garbage cat wakes me up at 3am every dy
The_Cakemeister: I can't be woken up at 3AM
The_Cakemeister: Because I'm already awake.
AntiCrepuscular: oh, that's a classic!
ani_laurel: I don't let me cats in my room at night for this exact reason
TehAmelie: ooh, you gotta burn the rope
AntiCrepuscular: do it!
TehAmelie: it's only five minutes
Hingadora: Ooh, yes!
ValtheDrake: oh, that's a hard one to figure out
elano123124: yup, that sums it up.
SacrificialToast: yeeees
TehAmelie: but the memories will last forever
ZoBo_: it's 3:30am here right now :P
AntiCrepuscular: no spoilers!
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EC_as_That: Burn the rob is indeed what you must do
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B4rberblacksheep: Your adblock appears to be ineffective
FeaturingMe: no handholding
elano123124: can you fullscreen this?
OmnipotentTrevor: What about that mario-parody browser game where you only have 1 life ever?
TheOtherTrevor: I just tried to click on the (X) next to the kongregate signup tab
TheMerricat: this one has an awesome end song.
TehAmelie: You Only Live Once. i think we've played that already actually
AntiCrepuscular: lrrGOAT
dr0ne00000: GG
TehAmelie: so it would be cheating to do it again
FeaturingMe: wait for it
Barb4rian: What was the point of the health bar?
TXC2: well that was easy
TehAmelie: so you can see that your attacks are ineffective
AntiCrepuscular: Amazing how the song reacts to your playstyle!
elano123124: maybe some Agar io if we haven't played that before?
Sannindi: It basically just exists to point and laugh at bad boss design.
Darth_Fishious: This feels very Flight of the Concords
stevestein: This is the best part of the game.
PyroWulf: What in the world did I tune into
Qwerty8181: try one of the games by "jmtb02". he has a lot of good ones
B4rberblacksheep: We won
stevestein: Is this a music video masquerading as a video game?
Milambus: we win!
Pteraspidomorphi: I should map this for beat saber
TXC2: this feels somehow portal-esque :P
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dr0ne00000: @stevestein how could the band have possibly guessed how he'd win?
EC_as_That: I think this was made a bit after Portal came out.
PyroWulf: Is this just a loop of a song?
Elspeth_Tirel: When will Prime add auto resub
AntiCrepuscular: ~Fin~
TheMerricat: @loadingreadyrun I second @qwerty8181 suggestions.
stevestein: @dr0ne00000 I'm sure several versions of this song were created to account for the various possible endings.
The_Cakemeister: Probably never auto-resubs, unfortunately.
Milambus: they won't.. they want you to have to click the button
Rhynerd: Oh hey, I Wish I Sere the Moon!
Rhynerd: *Were
AntiCrepuscular: lrrSPOOP
Elspeth_Tirel: if you need help finding weird browser games pointlesssites has a ton
Milambus: taking money fro us is automatic, giving money to people requires effort
ValtheDrake: it should also be on Kongregate
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matleigh35: Hachi Machi thanks for two years of great times lrr crew!
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dr0ne00000: paywall
Orastes: Is Fallen London on the list. Its the browser game that spawned Sunless Seas
ValtheDrake: Kongregate should have it without the login
offbeatwitch: what about: Corporation Inc
offbeatwitch: does it count if it's flash
SacrificialToast: Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
TXC2: offbeatwitch i'd say yes
ThePerrBearr: they did ask for non-flash games when putting in submissions
ValtheDrake: I don't think one candle would be enough to get to anything interesting in Fallen London
EricTheOrange: Reggie retired
PyroWulf: Reggie Retired and it's very sad.
PyroWulf: But his replacement has the best name. Doug Bowser.
Elspeth_Tirel: Reggie who?
PyroWulf: Reggie Fils-Aime
KerbalDyne: Submachine point and click series is cool
Milambus: from Nintendo of America
AntiCrepuscular: PyroWulf to be replaced by "Doug Bowser"?! :D
orellien2773: You guys hear about Hearthstone's new competitive format? It's like sideboarding in MTG, only like 5 times as clumsy and awkward...
PyroWulf: I'm not even yanking your chain @AntiCrepuscular the guy's name is Doug friggin' Bowser
AntiCrepuscular: lrrWOW
TXC2: isn't bowser named after him?
wicker_knight: one can guess the hiring criteria
EricTheOrange: @pyrowulf why is it sad?
PyroWulf: Because Reggie is a good dude and is as much part of the Nintendo I know as Shigeru Miyamoto
Elspeth_Tirel: Oh Reggie the nintendo guy
orellien2773: @TXC2 Unlikely, given that he was an EA Exec from 2007 - 2015. And worked for Proctor and Gamble before that.
Scy_Anide: But we'll be one step closer to Bowsette then.
TXC2: huh, Ok then
Milambus: So does this mean Bowser actually won?
TXC2: Nintendo isn't gonna let Bowsette with 100 miles of one of their products, for sahme
TXC2: also We're back
Laogeodritt: God, y'all made me jump. D=
Laogeodritt: Oh God, it's a Rusty Lake game
Laogeodritt: They're great but also creepy D=
AnjaZeta: I love the Rusty Lake games!
SacrificialToast: don't know if it's on the list, but "Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing" is a really good one.
Orastes: ooo rusty lake
Reecer6: Man, I kind of wish there was a LRR stream just for browser games. There's so many gosh dang good and classic ones, like a decade of backlog.
AnjaZeta: But yeah, creeps galore
FeaturingMe: bigcheats
FeaturingMe: or steam releases
Milambus: Its almost like the devs wanted money
TXC2: Reecer6 If I could get on talking Sim, it would be on Browser/flash games
electric_claire: The computer escape rooms actually predate the irl ones
electric_claire: Oh sorry
TehAmelie: was Myst the original escape room?
Pteraspidomorphi: I wouldn't say so
FeaturingMe: Reecer6: well there was that W+P episode...
electric_claire: @TehAmelie Most people consider Mystery of Time and Space to be the original
wicker_knight: nah, Myst just codified it. Zork was the original escape room Kappa
wicker_knight: ack, @electric_claire comes up with the better one :P
BlackBlade_: can you drag things into your inventory?
wicker_knight: I like the fake parallax effect when you turn
Pteraspidomorphi: I think this was the earliest web browser escape room game I played (warning, noise):
electric_claire: I mean, escape rooms are just adventure games in disguise
ValtheDrake: look up with the light on ;)
electric_claire: So Zork could certainly be in the genre
wicker_knight: @electric_claire I'm not even sure "in disguise". More like "adapted for the limitations of people's free time and available space"
Earthenone: do you have a walkthrough open in annother tab to progress through the game like on lets nope?
coceallaigh: You can probably light the stove with the matches
Pteraspidomorphi: At least the bird wins
Reecer6: Browser games are so important that they adapted the most prolific genre into real life and now escape rooms are everywhere.
Milambus: have you looked up?
wicker_knight: like, I could 100% see an escape room wanting to do a whole plot with dozens of rooms and lots of NPCs, but that'd cost a fortune
electric_claire: @wicker_knight It's kind of a paring down too, tossing out the pretentions of narrative to present the bare gameplay
TXC2: Escape room games are just point and clicks with fewer scenes Kappa
wicker_knight: yeah, similar to mobile game escape rooms/hidden object games
Jon_in_Wherever: Did the bird leave us an egg?
TheWarbo: Is the point just to light things?
wicker_knight: @TXC2 I mean...yes :/
TehAmelie: !advice
LRRbot: You need to wait for the metronome.
OmnipotentTrevor: Warm room
wicker_knight: !badadvice
LRRbot: Stand in the fire.
Iciilix: How did we get in this room if there's no door?
ValtheDrake: and have you looked outside the window?
wicker_knight: @Iciilix it was built around us while we slept
chickenace11: to cook an egg paul
FeaturingMe: lrrSPOOP
Mal2mad: Oh hey, Cube Escape games!
ValtheDrake: and try looking up with the light on
AnjaZeta: let us know when you actually want hints
Mal2mad: Awesome
TheWarbo: The photo is lower. It used to have that "what is this" thing
ValtheDrake: the Rusty Lake games are a bit abstract ;)
PyroWulf: Why would you lift an incomplete painting? That's not very adventure-game of you.
TheMerricat: that's the square egg...
ValtheDrake: could someone add "what is this and can I spoon it?" as a quote?
Jon_in_Wherever: Why not go torture the bird... maybe he'll lay an egg for us to cook
Milambus: maybe something else goes in front of the flickering light?
TheWarbo: Yeah giving the birdseed hasn't done anything yet
PyroWulf: Why did the egg 'tink'
korvys: Is the bird Harvey?
TXC2: !findquote bird
LRRbot: Quote #225: "Bird mom? Yeah, I'd let Eileen puke in my mouth." —Cameron [2015-04-30]
Mal2mad: Oh yes, these games a VERY surrealistic at times.
RebekahWSD: Uhm
ContingentCat: that should not come out of an egg
PyroWulf: I am very concerned.
AntiCrepuscular: lrrFINE
wicker_knight: well, the egg making a "TINK" noise is less weird now lrrSPOOP
Mal2mad: Yes, that is a Concerning sound. Note for later.
Mal2mad: *wink*
TehAmelie: and now Nick Fury shows up
korvys: Oh, I know this song - Rachmaninnov, I think?
TheWarbo: Yeah, all the "stuff we didn't use" makes more sense now
FeaturingMe: NOT OK
Milambus: that is blood?
ContingentCat: um wat
drcanonball: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
Mal2mad: Welcome to Cube Escape!
wicker_knight: I mean, the telephone did tell us there would be blood
PyroWulf: This is starting to feel a lot like an episode of Evangelion. Soft Piano Music and existential horror
chickenace11: wow that plant seems like a handful to grow
BlackBlade_: use key on clock?
wicker_knight: the trustworthy and not at all demonic simlish telephone voice... lrrSPOOP
TheWarbo: Bonus TTSF?
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chickenace11: maybe use the spy glass out the window
Kivipaperisakset: screw the plug onto thewire
FeaturingMe: oh come on, the last time we got bad reception was years ago
TheWarbo: Oh so is it like, one note per "episode"?
TXC2: remember that puzzle game Paul and Cori played, with the zooming in and out of pictures ?
Milambus: lights off?
QuantumTwitch: black ligith
CrazymattCaptain: under the thing
Kivipaperisakset: can in light up something_
ContingentCat: try 6969
AntiCrepuscular: 0451! Gotta be! Kappa
Mal2mad: They don't have it yet
Earthenone: i would think UV light would make a good clue finding tool for escape rooms
FeaturingMe: 10000 Paul, 0000 is a combination
TheWarbo: I think you're off by one
wicker_knight: esc?
CranstonSnord: also, she's like 100 miles tall
drcanonball: literal moon logic
AntiCrepuscular: no escape from the binocular!
wicker_knight: oh, cutscene
ContingentCat: F
TheWarbo: that's how, James
Milambus: more blood
snowcookies: omg
RaynMurfy: F
TXC2: oh well shit just got real
TehAmelie: that shady guy was outside the first window too
Earthenone: Moon Polive!
TheWarbo: Moon's haunted
Milambus: F
snowcookies: wow
Rhynerd: What’s this game again?
Kivipaperisakset: Im so glad the kids already went to bed
Kivipaperisakset: oh my gosh
GDwarf: *Live* shrimp, no less
TheWarbo: *live* shrimp?
FeaturingMe: Remember to hide your prawn collection
TheManaLeek: Live shrimp ain't pink
PyroWulf: Dangit Janice, what have I told you about shoving Crawdads in the safe?
wicker_knight: I...I don't know what I expected...but it wasn't that
TXC2: now theres a question, can one be persecuted for killing on the moon?
TehAmelie: it's the shrimp's relaxation cube
Rhynerd: Is this a part of the Rusty Lake series?
SachielOne: Well, probably not alive for long
Mal2mad: Yes, it is.
Zanaide: Someone's pet shrimp, Shrimpy clearly.
TheWarbo: feed shrimp to birb?
elano123124: you saw the last photo piece already I think, just missed it.
Two_slot: give the shrimp to the hand in the bowl
rustenskurk: I just got here. Is this a Rusty Lake game?
wicker_knight: it is yes
ZachtlyAsIntended: so close!
Earthenone: coming soon Battleroyale RL. the literal moon, 100 people get to go on a free space trip and one gets to come home
Kivipaperisakset: seemed like the gas line to the stove wa prominent.. idont know
Iciilix: it was down by the drawers
Milambus: open the clock?
Rhynerd: Which Rusty Lake game is this?
LordShadner: next to the pot on floor
Hingadora: Apply the tape to the shrimp, then go fishing for the hand?
Mal2mad: Yes, it's a Rusty lake game.
TheMerricat: light a fire too
TehAmelie: i hope we can get a shrimp egg
wicker_knight: I imagine the blood bowl is not a coincidence
ZachtlyAsIntended: "I assume the cube is in the shrimp" -James, 2019
LordShadner: can you rewind the tape?
Milambus: open clock
Earthenone: can we screwdriver the shrimp to get it out?
ValtheDrake: if you think this is weird in isolation you should try playing the entire series
Kivipaperisakset: do those drawrs open
Mal2mad: It's Cube Escape: Seasons, the second game in the chronology, I think.
Earthenone: set time to 4:20 just to be safe?
Mal2mad: Way before Rusty Lake: Hotel.
Two_slot: 1487 in time is 3:27?
Haganedragon: Can you put the tape in the fireplace?
CrazymattCaptain: anything else to use the screwdriver on?
drcanonball: tiger parrot
Nightvalien28: owl babies sound like that
GDwarf: I think we need to get Ian's opinion on that bird
Haganedragon: screwdriver to open the oven?
TehAmelie: must be a cousin of Bloodborne's howling crows
RebekahWSD: Why does the bird sound undead
Earthenone: !birb
LRRbot: Tweet, twe-twe-tweet, tweet, squawk!
FeaturingMe: it was locked like 4 years ago
Nightvalien28: that is not how you cook shrimp
PyroWulf: Wat.
NimrodXIV: uhhh
Kivipaperisakset: she dies
ritchards: hey, got out!
TheManaLeek: Ohh, that's where my cooking is going wrong
GDwarf: Explosive shrimp, containing film of a murder in a lake. Of course.
AntiCrepuscular: seabatYIKES
TehAmelie: i've never seen a gas stove in real life but they seem crazy dangerous
Kivipaperisakset: ah the cube!
ThePerrBearr: use the tape to start a fire?
wicker_knight: lights on maybe?
Two_slot: turn on the light
lutemuch: wait, I was gone for a second, what happened to the shrimp?
SachielOne: Damned Myst linking books.
Mal2mad: Things will get weird now...
rustenskurk: How long have we been playing this?
Earthenone: shrimp was cooked alive and became a picture
TheMerricat: it became a bob Ross Pai ting
wicker_knight: @lutemuch we roasted it in the gas stove and it turned into a memory of a woman drowning herself in a mountain lake
elano123124: @TehAmelie Nah, I've had gas stoves before (recently), it's really no issue.
lutemuch: of course it did, ok
GDwarf: The shrimp exploded into a memory of a woman vanishing in a lake, and then a cube.
Mal2mad: Not Drowned
PyroWulf: This is what happens when you eat eggs that go 'tink'
SachielOne: Where did the knife come from?
wicker_knight: from birds that go "roar"
TehAmelie: the minute hand should be somewhere between 1 and 5 i take it. "time is not past"
snowcookies: How did the blood
Nightvalien28: okay yeah birds do not sound like that
PyroWulf: Harvey I need you to chill the eff out
FeaturingMe: don't stab the bird
ThePerrBearr: use knife on bird
Rhynerd: Poor birb
AntiCrepuscular: lrrHERE
KerbalDyne: jeebus
TXC2: that bird is possessed
KerbalDyne: sergeMoly
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I love these games but they do have a serious case of point and click logic at times
wicker_knight: what does telephone friend say
fiftymcnasty: knife the bird
ZachtlyAsIntended: Knife...knife the bird?
Mal2mad: When all you have is a knife....
Styxseus: I mean, it DID scream like it was being murdered. It COULD be a hint >__>
CranstonSnord: just turn on the gas and wait for the sweet release of the explosion?
Hingadora: Clean the knife in the sink?
TheWarbo: wash off knife?
Earthenone: we have one tool and a lot of surfaces to click with it
PyroWulf: When all you have is a knife every problem looks like a stabbing murder.
Rhynerd: Let’s not knife the birb.
Nightvalien28: I bet its inside the bird
Two_slot: wash the knife
QuantumTwitch: knife the bird
Nightvalien28: I WAS RIGHT
Styxseus: Ah HAH!
FeaturingMe: sorry, it turns out my advice was bad
Rhynerd: lrrAWW
Nightvalien28: I AM A GENIUS
TheMerricat: drawers empty?
VoidByAnyOtherName: is this that scary inn game
Rhynerd: Another stabbit saw us at work
TehAmelie: i think 12:10 or 12:15
PyroWulf: Knife the TV? We're 1/1 on knives fixing problems here.
Lord_Hosk: check the light?
Kivipaperisakset: How many channels were there on the TV?
SachielOne: Stabbist league is playing in Silent Hill this week...
ValtheDrake: if you still wanna try Last Door the first episode should also be on Kongregate
TheManaLeek: We can't just stab away all our problems
TheMerricat: set clock to 1230?
ritchards: stab it with the steely knives but just can't kill the beat
electric_claire: When all you have is a knife…
TXC2: Kivipaperisakset like 6?
ThePerrBearr: can you open clock yet?
Mal2mad: up?
Kivipaperisakset: Past is not dead? Stab the clock!
Nightvalien28: did you check inside the clock?
PyroWulf: We very much can stab away our problems, it just replaces them with newer, less stabby problems
Milambus: close shades?
korvys: Have we turned on/off the light?
Kivipaperisakset: 6 channels? Hit 6 three times ?
Lord_Hosk: Now check the light
SachielOne: Can you close the blinds?
TXC2: !findquote stab
LRRbot: Quote #2401: "We just kick 'em right in the Vordt! Repeated Vordt-stabbing!" —Cameron [2016-04-27]
korvys: Oh, it's 1pm now
TheMerricat: set clock to 1230
korvys: I think the time changed
stevestein: I had to step out for a few minutes. Why does this look like a crime scene now?
Two_slot: close the blinds?
stevestein: #BlameJames
korvys: oh
Earthenone: @stevestein we used Knife on bird
wicker_knight: @stevestein because Rusty Lake games
PyroWulf: @stevestein Harvey knows what he did.
elano123124: cook the bird?
SachielOne: Fire is lit
ThePerrBearr: the fire is making light
Kivipaperisakset: Hmmm, can you open the oven this time?
wicker_knight: knife the fire?
Mal2mad: @stevestein Same room, different season.
PyroWulf: Oven's locked after we cooked a prawn into a photograph in it
ContingentCat: I step away for a second and suddenly blood everywhere?
Haganedragon: put the knife in without water first
korvys: Is there a time we can set the clock to?
Kivipaperisakset: So you can separate cold and hot water... wonder if that will have a function
Lord_Hosk: the gas line?
wicker_knight: knife picture lady?
elano123124: stab the picture
CrazymattCaptain: stab everything
Kivipaperisakset: no way to light the candel this time?
Kivipaperisakset: Oh, what if you open the blinds again, might see something
Haganedragon: try cleaning the knife by putting it the sink without water running
Kivipaperisakset: I mean the curtains
Kivipaperisakset: Cut down curtains?
CrazymattCaptain: that sound came before when the figure with the knife was outside
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Shave the sky.
lutemuch: wait, did the bird change again?
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premier_geartech: Howdy y'all! What goes on?
stevestein: This music is not enhancing my calm.
FeaturingMe: check tv?
wicker_knight: did you try all four drawers?
Milambus: cut the phone cord?
Thisbymaster: roof?
korvys: I don't think we checked all the tv channels
elano123124: find a sponge so you can clean all the blood off the walls
Lord_Hosk: does only one drawer of the green chest open?
wicker_knight: there's a walkthrough in the meu as well, although I imagine we want to avoid it
GDwarf: "I was kinda into this and then it just kinda stopped" > James, describing every single escape the room game ever made.
Kivipaperisakset: go to 6
Kivipaperisakset: 4
TheMerricat: walkthrough if you decide to use it
Kivipaperisakset: 5
ContingentCat: um
wicker_knight: okay that was clever
Mal2mad: Now, up!
AntiCrepuscular: lrrFINE
PyroWulf: Raining blood, sure why not. This is fine.
TXC2: GDwarf hell that's a good descriptor for life in general :P
ThePerrBearr: stab
Milambus: well then
Lord_Hosk: thats normal
ThePerrBearr: stab eye
CranstonSnord: is this an Evangelion game?
Rhynerd: Oh, goooood.
Kivipaperisakset: Floor?
wicker_knight: gabyFine lrrFINE
Mal2mad: bloojFine bloojFine bloojFine
CaptainSpam: And celebration blood! Or creepy blood eye.
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SnorriTheNosebiter: Jay 45 months of pure joy!
Kivipaperisakset: It's the jolly 90s
TheManaLeek: Just like we left it
ritchards: DireWire!
AntiCrepuscular: the advance of technology!
Kivipaperisakset: I mean 80s.
wicker_knight: stop time travelling to kill your younger self
Kivipaperisakset: and my axe!
Milambus: @ritchards *golf clap*
Kivipaperisakset: What's on the phone this time?
premier_geartech: Is anyone else hearing the music more intensely on this level?
Mal2mad: wires
Maltanno: Home automation?
Kivipaperisakset: Bird in blender
TheManaLeek: Don't breathe this
PyroWulf: I am concerned at what we may make for a smoothie in this instance.
FeaturingMe: Is the blender for the bird or the hand?
AntiCrepuscular: EZPZ
TheWarbo: I'm not sure "escape" has ever been the goal
Kivipaperisakset: Fill the glass with water
ThePerrBearr: figure
korvys: Oh, the guy was outside
Milambus: will it blend?
Lord_Hosk: fill the glass with water
TXC2: is that meant to be some sort of pneumatic tube?
Kivipaperisakset: Will it reference something you did earlier?
Kivipaperisakset: blue cube + fire?
AntiCrepuscular: oh hey spooky shadowmn
PyroWulf: Good to know you're one of those terrifying shadow people.
Mal2mad: Gotta change the past, man
TXC2: we were the murderer
Haganedragon: does that change the past?
Kivipaperisakset: OH, that thing in the clock
Kivipaperisakset: it's a mirror
ThePerrBearr: blend phone?
TXC2: time travel Paul
Kivipaperisakset: are you the dark dood?
ZachtlyAsIntended: water and matches!
wicker_knight: water on dirt?
FeaturingMe: don't blend the glass
ZachtlyAsIntended: makes Match Water
Milambus: look at the photos?
PyroWulf: Water into tubes?
elano123124: water: will it blend? Yes.
KirbySliver: check the oven?
KerbalDyne: did that Prozac note do anything?
ContingentCat: those minecraft instincts, always good to have water with you encase of lava
ZachtlyAsIntended: axe the gas pipe?
CrazymattCaptain: do the tubes have any markings?
korvys: seems like you're going to fill the 4 things to turn on the phone
Two_slot: fill the tubes with water?
ritchards: so I guess you need to put something in those tubes to Fuel the Phone?
LordShadner: those things see,m to have a number of dot going from 1-4
Milambus: puzzle piece behind the photos frames
LordShadner: *seem
KerbalDyne: wait somwthing on candlr
TheMerricat: the tubes have dot patterns under the that match the bulletin board note
KerbalDyne: candle
Lord_Hosk: Turn on gas and light it?
lutemuch: are we making a time machine?
wicker_knight: I like that hte clock now goes backwards
Mal2mad: Not the right season
Milambus: those might be to "change the past"
PyroWulf: Leave the gas on and light a match. Escape your past with cleansing fire?
Mal2mad: Cue Pitbull song
ThePerrBearr: phone + fuel
ritchards: Phone + Fuel - change past
CrazymattCaptain: what's the fuel?
Kivipaperisakset: ok, what fuel can we make here...
Two_slot: the different times travel to the same time period
TheMerricat: tubes have dots
TheWarbo: Can we get the wood back?
Kivipaperisakset: Are those canisters connected to the phone device
offbeatwitch: I like that you're just a lil blob dude
ItsRileyPM: Step 1: Phone Step 2: Fuel Step 3: Profit
korvys: Oh!
korvys: There it was
AntiCrepuscular: piece there at 2!
Mal2mad: You missed something
AntiCrepuscular: 2 dots
stevestein: Uhh... blueprint right there
Lord_Hosk: you missed a peice
SplittingImage77: Is the glass full of water? Maybe put water in that canister beside the clock?
Haganedragon: No
Mal2mad: NOW we time travel
Kivipaperisakset: Set the time
korvys: Set the clock
stevestein: Change the past!
AntiCrepuscular: more murders! :D
ThePerrBearr: that was how to escape memory
Kivipaperisakset: check the right time for each season
KerbalDyne: 4 dots is a pill? the Prozac?
ItsRileyPM: uhhhhhh thats not good
Haganedragon: 4:25
Milambus: thats 10:25
Kivipaperisakset: No, you're at 10.25
Mal2mad: Lol, brute force'd
Kivipaperisakset: okm now you can light the candle
Kivipaperisakset: Can you get some kind of fuel from here
ContingentCat: cook the birf
Kivipaperisakset: candle wax?
ContingentCat: *bord
Kivipaperisakset: Can you take the bird now?
LordShadner: maybe the future has less candale now
Lord_Hosk: Maybe try to get the candle lit everywere
stevestein: You're just going to leave the stove burning?
ThePerrBearr: 9:55 and 3:05 i think
lutemuch: candle is melted
korvys: The candle has melted!
Kivipaperisakset: Wait did the candle change?
TheManaLeek: The candle melted down
ThePerrBearr: oh backwards
StephenJM81: look at candle
TheWarbo: Oh yeah the candle here is lower now
Kivipaperisakset: Candle was melted
Mal2mad: Candle
Kivipaperisakset: it can be used as fuel?
LordShadner: candle is now pill
Kivipaperisakset: Mix with water in the blender, maybE?
TheManaLeek: Prozac goes in fuel thingy four
Mal2mad: Time travel!
FeaturingMe: Note: 9:05 - 3:55
TheManaLeek: It was the symbol from the note
korvys: Oh! The diagram with the dots!
Kivipaperisakset: Fuel!
korvys: It's the symbol for one of the fuel things
AntiCrepuscular: chug chug chug ;)
PyroWulf: Prozac Juice, the drink of champions
ContingentCat: wat
TehAmelie: aka happy juice
TheWarbo: Wrong one
TheWarbo: Per note on board
ItsRileyPM: lmao perfect game
KirbySliver: wrong one
wicker_knight: just a guess fam, but I think we might be not entirely sane
Kivipaperisakset: Prosace fuels or process of forgetting memories
TXC2: Prozac juice: keeps you regular kappa
KerbalDyne: Prozac is 4 dots on the diagram
stevestein: So you do the same for the other candles?
Kivipaperisakset: Prosace needs to go in the 4
stevestein: Ooooh
FeaturingMe: wicker_knight: sure, but we're trying to focus on the game now :)
ThePerrBearr: prozac juice should be in 4
stevestein: Chat is smart
AntiCrepuscular: seabatBRAIN
korvys: 9:05 and 3:55
ThePerrBearr: 3:55 and 9:05
Kivipaperisakset: Chat is on prozac
TXC2: stevestein we should be, theres 300 of us here :P
LordZarano: Spring: 9:05 Summer: 3:55
Kivipaperisakset: That's not 3.05
Milambus: key
ThePerrBearr: key
ContingentCat: and a key
TheWarbo: Can you answer the phone again?
RebelliousUno: it me
AntiCrepuscular: I know I saw a padlock earlier
ThePerrBearr: keep digging
TXC2: and a trowel
RebelliousUno: what are we playing here?
Kivipaperisakset: Same number?
ThePerrBearr: 1487?
LordShadner: same safe
TheManaLeek: Is it the same safe same combo
Mal2mad: Cube Escape: Seasons, It's from the Rusty Lake series.
RebelliousUno: 1812?
CrazymattCaptain: release the birb
TXC2: hi RebelliousUno this is some locked room game
PyroWulf: Time to grow your handplant.
TheManaLeek: Then we can make flower juice!
AntiCrepuscular: OH GOOD
stevestein: Use the shovel on the seed maybe?
RebelliousUno: use shovel on bird?
Milambus: we are trying to change the past
KerbalDyne: seed is #2 maybe?
stevestein: Water?
korvys: water the seed with the pot of water?
KirbySliver: water the seeds?
TheManaLeek: #1 was flower shaped so we probably have a flower now
ThePerrBearr: yeah, go back
PyroWulf: Are we sure we don't need another egg? Is it possible to get another egg?
ritchards: spoon on seed?
Kivipaperisakset: Time to blend some flower juice!
RebelliousUno: Use the Chronojohn
Kivipaperisakset: Flower power!
KerbalDyne: go to future and maybe its grown
Kivipaperisakset: Oh, agave!
ThePerrBearr: that goes in 2
FeaturingMe: will it blend?
ritchards: will it blend?
Qwerty8181: it's the quenchiest
RebelliousUno: Flush small inanimate objects through time!
Kivipaperisakset: AKA tequilla
TheManaLeek: 2 is spikey
TheWarbo: Two looks more cactus-y?
korvys: 2, I think, cause it's spikey
ThePerrBearr: no, cactus is 2
stevestein: Looks more 2-ish to me
Milambus: the fruit juice was also Red
TheWarbo: Yeah I don't think we've sen any indication that the 2 dots or whatever is necessarily "second scene"
Kivipaperisakset: Oh, now what happens to the bird?
RebelliousUno: Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet?
Kivipaperisakset: Oven
Milambus: oven
Mal2mad: Wow, that took me ages to figure out!
Kivipaperisakset: the oh, or is it water..?
FeaturingMe: use matches for bad ending :P
RebelliousUno: water in the oven would be bad
korvys: Oh, can you get something out of the bird cage now it's unlocked?
Kivipaperisakset: Can you open it more?
ritchards: can you open the bird cage here?
ThePerrBearr: gonna rot and make a flower grow?
Kivipaperisakset: What happens if you turn the tap now?
gryfeathr: does the bird have bird seed?
devil_dan: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:29:22.
hippitybobbity: roast the bird
electric_claire: I think it'll mold or something
Mal2mad: check the birb
KirbySliver: can you cook the bird
electric_claire: Mushroom?
TheWarbo: I kind feel like "we changed things, look at the future"
TXC2: this music sounds familiar
fiftymcnasty: go to the future now
RebelliousUno: urm
fiftymcnasty: get a mushroom?
Kivipaperisakset: Weird... Maybe that will change the 1981 thng?
TheManaLeek: @TXC2 It's Trois Gymnopeides I think
RebelliousUno: what's on the walls
TheMerricat: water leak will cause a mushroom in future
hippitybobbity: are we to boil water?
TXC2: TheManaLeek ah, thanks
wicker_knight: @RebelliousUno don't worry about it
Milambus: bird cage?
RebelliousUno: I'm very worried about it
korvys: Is the bird cage unlocked here?
Kivipaperisakset: oh,
Papperslappen: maybe leave the oven open
AntiCrepuscular: dank
Kivipaperisakset: shroomy
gryfeathr: nice!
hippitybobbity: wait is this Eric Satie music
ContingentCat: oh
EvilBadman: @txc2 Mikey uses it in Movies w/ Mikey, which may be a likely place people have heard it in this audience
Kivipaperisakset: Things getting trippy
PyroWulf: Don't do Mushrooms kids
TheManaLeek: I think I first heard it in the X-Files
Milambus: just water?
snowcookies: go to fall and check on bird?
Two_slot: the moon was in a different spot in the telescope time
7gorobei: we havent looked a the ceiling in a while
korvys: Check the birdcage?
ThePerrBearr: outside window?
korvys: Oh, it's gone
Milambus: release parrot?
PyroWulf: There's a shape outside the window
TXC2: is there now a person outside?
AragonNW: Someones outside
PyroWulf: I swear there was.
KirbySliver: there was a date on the pictures. Maybe something with that?
AntiCrepuscular: gone!
Rhynerd: was that us outside the window for a moment there?
AragonNW: There was
TXC2: spooky!
Rhynerd: Guess we left...
TheWarbo: Oh the light is responding to your click now
SachielOne: There was, I'm like 10 seconds behind the rest of you
TheMerricat: you missed doing something in the
TheMerricat: memory you unlocked the cage in
Kivipaperisakset: hm, can we go back and see if the bird cage was open in the fall one?
FeaturingMe: 64
korvys: So you unlocked the cage in the first time - And we haven't seen anything happen from that. So either that one, or a later one?
PyroWulf: The fattest birb
RebelliousUno: spoon?
Rhynerd: cannot lift birb
TheMerricat: it's very convoluted
stevestein: spoon?
Kivipaperisakset: What's in the first inventory slot?
ItsRileyPM: maybe the egg?
FeaturingMe: now to the future again?
Kivipaperisakset: Oooh potted bird!
elano123124: lock the cage again so it can't get back in?
TheMerricat: water pot fire
LordShadner: can you close the cage?
devil_dan: Set bird on fire.
bvorhies: what game is this called
TheMerricat: not boil water. put water on the fire
7gorobei: do you have to go thru each time so the bird can interact in each time?
korvys: Maybe you have to do something in each time? The bird is sitting right where the hole you made was in the 4th time.
heyluckyannie: plant the birdseed to get a flower
Mal2mad: smash!
Milambus: "open" window
TheMerricat: now board and window
AntiCrepuscular: heyluckyannie can't pick up the birdseed
AntiCrepuscular: and we already planted the cactus seed
heyluckyannie: did they try to pick it up with the shovel?
Rhynerd: bye, birb!
AntiCrepuscular: yeah, no dice
TheWarbo: are we just doing a walkthrough now?
Kivipaperisakset: ok, will that effect the later timelines?
heyluckyannie: I think the leftover item is a flower though, right?
AntiCrepuscular: not sure
Daphoa: I thought the bird was a metaphor for the girl in some way
Rhynerd: the shape! it was out there again! Yet it vanished when we looked at the bird...
fiftymcnasty: put out the fire in 81 and get your wood back?
RebelliousUno: why keep an empty cage for a few years
TXC2: as a memento?
AntiCrepuscular: D:
snowcookies: oh no
ThePerrBearr: paragox
Reecer6: Huh.
ritchards: lrrEFF
Kivipaperisakset: and then they went back too many times
ThePerrBearr: *paradox
TheWarbo: game no
FeaturingMe: you broke it :o
RebelliousUno: flash pls
e_bloc: ah yes the subocean
ItsRileyPM: ::Darth Vader Cry::
TXC2: did we just brick?
TheManaLeek: We invested so much, nooo
Kivipaperisakset: surprise ending
I_Am_Clockwork: oh dear
RebelliousUno: rewind....
Lord_Hosk: How do you know its a bird cage if there is no bird?
PyroWulf: Oof
KirbySliver: F
devil_dan: You beat the game into submission.
Reecer6: No way it will have saved your progress.
korvys: try rewind
korvys: or play
ThePerrBearr: just back, not rewind
CrazymattCaptain: reload and hope it keeps progress?
korvys: Play
heyluckyannie: lrrFINE
rocketjohn: refresh and speed run
bvorhies: what game is this ?
Reecer6: Oh!
AntiCrepuscular: lrrAWESOME
TXC2: neat
Milambus: yea LocalStorage
I_Am_Clockwork: hooray for localy stored saves
Kivipaperisakset: oooh, there were some nice cookies savied somewhere
AntiCrepuscular: aww, the blood's just as we left it! :D
korvys: Paul, the changes definitely change other times, not just the last one - The bird is missing, and there's a cacuts growing
CrazymattCaptain: leave the wood in the window maybe
devil_dan: Seems a bit bloodier than before.
ThePerrBearr: he's there in winter, something musht lure it to the windoow
fiftymcnasty: open the window
fiftymcnasty: get the wood from the fire?
snowcookies: use the wood on the window
Milambus: can we attract the bird somehow?
TheMerricat: focus on bird bird gives flower
PhoenixMelior: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
rocketjohn: can you tempt the outside bird in?
Lord_Hosk: Not to put to fine a point on it, say im the only bee in your bonnet... Make a little birdhouse in your soul
RebelliousUno: Hatchet on the stool
Two_slot: you changed the past. now you can just escape.
ItsRileyPM: go back and prop the wiondow open
RebelliousUno: hatchet on the stool?
masta2505: is there anything behind the picture which runs over the powerline?
rocketjohn: give the bird an egg, and then it will want to hatchet
Darktower2015: could you leave the window proped open in the past?
TXC2: rocketjohn booo Kappa
Milambus: its in the first one
1losttheGame: you didnt leave it propped
CrazymattCaptain: you grabbed the wood
Milambus: you took it out
drcanonball: can you juice the parrot?
TheManaLeek: Must be a way to attract the bird through the hole
electric_claire: Birds like music?
frozenphoenix7: You didn't leave it propped
TheMerricat: this is what walkthrough says Window Focus on the window. Use the hatchet on the window. Expand the crack fully.
KirbySliver: hatchet the stool
KirbySliver: ?
TheMerricat: Window Focus on the window. Use the hatchet on the window. Expand the crack fully.
TheManaLeek: Was this the one with the radio with music/
Kivipaperisakset: When was that lady out there. Could you interact with er?
electric_claire: maybe the radio?
RebelliousUno: on the frame?
Maltanno: Any way to water the birdseed?
TheManaLeek: I think it's been expanded fully already
elano123124: poor water on fire to get wood?
AntiCrepuscular: lrrSPOOP
devil_dan: Spoopy.
korvys: Yeah, can you water the bird seed in time 1
TheManaLeek: Can we get music on this one?
korvys: ?
electric_claire: I think we need to lure the bird with something?
Kivipaperisakset: Was there anything further to the right on this radio?
silverfur64: Can we put water in the last tube?
TheManaLeek: Flower juice!
FeaturingMe: thanks birb
TheWarbo: "Remember the song"
FeaturingMe: thirb
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Kivipaperisakset: or go back to the cube?
elano123124: you might need a different cube?
ContingentCat: flower-mushroom-cactus-projac juice breakfast of champions
TheWarbo: click the handset?
Kivipaperisakset: Can you now go back and change the past?
TheManaLeek: Has the past been changed now?
TheMerricat: you have it right. go back to first me or.
ContingentCat: oh my
TXC2: things are getting shaky-ier
countz3r0: it's smee
1losttheGame: maybe it was a suicide?
KirbySliver: we win????
RebelliousUno: did we win
AntiCrepuscular: k
TXC2: we're were the woman?
AragonNW: wooo
TheWarbo: we...played
RebekahWSD: Uhhhh k
ContingentCat: yay?
ItsRileyPM: lthxbai!
AragonNW: OR is it?
1losttheGame: rusty lake is like this
kumatsu: This is a long-running series with an overall narrative
wicker_knight: there's a bunch, yeah
Lord_Hosk: Boo, Boo this game
TheSeg: I'm Ron Burgundy?
Rhynerd: It's a whole series.
devil_dan: Fin?
Laogeodritt: The Rusty Lake games form a pretty big series.
TheManaLeek: I think there's like, a billion of these
StephenJM81: there are so many of these
stevestein: James just unhappy because there isn't a cool song about how he won this game
Milambus: unzoom paul?
rustenskurk: It's a series. It's also connected with the Rusty Lake Hotel games.
ValtheDrake: there's like 9
TheMerricat: rusty lake games are all interconnected. there is a huge wiki explaining each game and it's connection
RebelliousUno: I'll hve the doughnut
countz3r0: forbidden donut
TheWarbo: Can I have the donut?
devil_dan: Play one of those crazy knock off Disney games.
ThePerrBearr: i like donut
Kivipaperisakset: With the help of shrooms, drugs, and tequilla, you were able to overcome some guilt from the past. What a wholesome game!
Pteraspidomorphi: I want the donut
RebelliousUno: you don't look like one either
monsieur_squirrel: donut plz
TXC2: classic nightbook Kappa
Bengineering: Last time I do anything nice for James
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KerbalDyne: wow james with the soul read
RebelliousUno: I'll take it ben
stevestein: James Turner-Downer
offbeatwitch: who's up for some Corporation Inc
Zanaide: I'll take the donut Ben! And be thankful for it!
kumatsu: @Bengineering Yeah, eff James
Kivipaperisakset: Oh, I remember when I played stuff from armor games
Bengineering: Have we played Bloons yet?
AntiCrepuscular: no!
Laogeodritt: Armor Games are a Flash game studio I think?
accountmadeforants: So yeah, highly recommend "Where I Go At Night", after this game got me to find it again. It's 2-players on the same keyboard, so you could both play!
rocketjohn: thats weird, did i lose my streak?
Lord_Hosk: its like a 80s puzzle game, the stuff that happens sorta makes sense, but as a whole it doesnt, and there is no way in the game to lead you to solve the puzzle
TXC2: Bengineering nope
offbeatwitch: let's blast some Achievement Unloced
TheMerricat: not yet and hey Ben!
accountmadeforants: *game->stream
TehAmelie: 1:1 copy of Dark Souls here
TheWarbo: Bold prediction: that will not be the last time Ben does anything nice for James
offbeatwitch: wow I can't type
Laogeodritt: Bloooons! I forgot about Bloons.
Laogeodritt: Also Ben! slytqHi
drcanonball: How about some Nitrome games
rocketjohn: needs a bit of crop change. @LoadingReadyRun
electric_claire: Have we played any of the GROW games?
TXC2: electric_claire nope
TehAmelie: have you tried killing a mosquito with a stick?
TXC2: that last game took up A LOT of time :P
TheSeg: That's a sharp stick
Reecer6: Hit stars!!!
the_bananarchist: hit the stars if you can
AntiCrepuscular: wait, we haven't played frog fractions!
devil_dan: I am reminded of the Princess Maker fighting tournament.
StephenJM81: kick the stars!
Kivipaperisakset: get those stars behind you
AntiCrepuscular: why didn't I suggest that?! NotLikeThis
Lord_Hosk: You are missing the stars
CrazymattCaptain: do you need to hit the stars behind you?
rocketjohn: but you didn' get any of the stars
rocketjohn: so...
rocketjohn: fail?
Reecer6: It told you to also hit the stars...
TXC2: if you're blocking, you're losing kappa
LordZarano: Oh gods, it's one of those games where you have to wiggle the mouse around to collect the coins...
Milambus: all defense, no offense
rocketjohn: Any reason my sub didn't pop up on the notifier or increase the bug storm count?
ritchards: this game is already annoying
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rocketjohn: I don't beleive so
rocketjohn: maybe it did
Lord_Hosk: I saw it
rocketjohn: no worries on missing me - just checking for tech issues
mistborn83: did they say what next week's game of chance category is
Milambus: @rocketjohn maybe if you dont click the checkbox?
TXC2: damn, we could've played kingdom rush :p
the_bananarchist: "Tort-al Combat
rocketjohn: was a prime one.
rocketjohn: wierd.
TehAmelie: it's like one of Hideo Kojima's theses on PMCs
TheSeg: That sounds like a Phoenix Wright game but for contract discussions.
Lord_Hosk: It was when you were moving the windows around
CrazymattCaptain: could'a played Bloons
TheR676767: geeze notDoppler
LordZarano: Have they played through all the suggestions?
TXC2: so this is basically duck game
TheMerricat: could had a V8 :-)
ritchards: banging!
FeaturingMe: That's not how you engineering
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1:07 from now).
ValtheDrake: wow, this stream has been such a nostalgia trip for me
Rhynerd: it's also not how you space
KerbalDyne: oh man I remember this game from years ago
Reecer6: that's true, earth to the right and houston's up there somewhere
electric_claire: Does anybody remember The Space Game?
chickenace11: Yeah if they were real engineers they would have used duck tape. @FeaturingMe
the_bananarchist: holy shit I remember this game
TheSeg: In to the Sub-space-ocean!
Milambus: If I ever invade a spacecraft, I'll bring good music also
FeaturingMe: you can't have these awesome jams, are you jelly now?
Scy_Anide: If I could design a generator such that it could be fixed just by applying blunt force to it I'd say that's pretty good design.
EvilBadman: Bowser games Kappa
TheR676767: learn to fly is great
Kivipaperisakset: What's that game... Steamworld Heist or something? That's a fun aim with mouse game
Reecer6: the top three are really just all three learn to flys, wow
Jondare: have you played Bloons TD yet? Cause that's a classic
ZachtlyAsIntended: Go classic: Madness Combat
FeaturingMe: LtF2 > LtF3
TXC2: now this has some bangging music
AntiCrepuscular: l2f nub? ;)
wicker_knight: @Scy_Anide how about a foam core that when you hit it the core compresses then when it expands again it draws in air that runs past a bunch of rotors
AntiCrepuscular: "falling with style"
Lord_Hosk: How about 90s Space Exploration and fleet building games, limited to squeals... seems like a good category to me.
CrazymattCaptain: remember to buy all the things
ritchards: if there's no time limit, I wonder if you could set up a clicker to just spam the days to gets lots of money early
Reecer6: You can also buy the ramp height and length, you knowl.
devil_dan: Try diving and then pulling up.
TehAmelie: hey if we need one more game why not take a look at Shark Sim? it'd be funny if it's still in the browser memory from when Cori and Cam played it
wicker_knight: also Universal Paperclip
wicker_knight: but both would probably take more time than we have
TXC2: theres also the bonus shop
Papperslappen: Penguin research grant
the_bananarchist: idk but this game was the *best* when I was in middle school
electric_claire: @Papperslappen Hah!
TXC2: Crowd funding of course Kappa
devil_dan: Sponsorships.
Alness49: These attempts are being streamed, they're bits for the "epic fails"
DGZenos: omg, kongregate. i spend so much time playing their card game
FeaturingMe: They're still around, but now there's all kinds of premium items
TXC2: Fun fact: you go backwards in this game
TheR676767: nice
the_bananarchist: you probably want to pick up the next glider upgrade soon
untidy_joseph: Nice
Rhynerd: one of these days, Snowman!
FeaturingMe: Then you gotta play the previous game
countz3r0: de
Rhynerd: mission complete.
tendrilsoftragedy: get more snowmen
Alness49: Do you wanna dive-bomb a snomaaaan?
FeaturingMe: That's an ex-snowman
frozenphoenix7: @alness49 No. Bad. Stop.
TXC2: yeap
wicker_knight: what was the payload?
wicker_knight: is that something you can drop?
TXC2: wicker_knight no, it's extra weight to get more speed
wicker_knight: oh
Milambus: bigger rockets?
devil_dan: Ramp it up.
TheMerricat: you might like as something different.
LordZarano: Nice
TXC2: oooh Yes amorphous+ is fantastic
the_bananarchist: @TXC2 not really more speed, just more destructive power
TXC2: ah OK then
ritchards: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:03:41.
masta2505: suggestion for next Games of Chance: Classic Amiga/C64 games!
ThePerrBearr: that's an adorable gae
tendrilsoftragedy: One more
Lord_Hosk: one more hill
Lord_Hosk: one more hill
Reecer6: I love skinner box flash games so much.
Pandalore: That line down the middle is jarring
ThePerrBearr: who's on for MTG today?
Kivipaperisakset: this has been addictive
CrazymattCaptain: there's speedruns of Learn to Fly it's silly
cmdrud87: yeet!
tendrilsoftragedy: oooo if youre going Amiga games Alien Breed 3d!
Kivipaperisakset: Y'all need a warning label
accountmadeforants: ThePerrBear James and Adam, I think?
FeaturingMe: tendrilsoftragedy: lemmings marathon
EvilBadman: Bowser games Kappa
TXC2: thanks for streaming James and Paul
TheWarbo: Category: "Video games"
AntiCrepuscular: have we had driving games?
Zath_: 4X?
the_bananarchist: learn to fly games :P
ValtheDrake: thanks for the stream! quite a nostalgia trip XD
Rhynerd: Dogfighting games?
TheMerricat: more brower games :-)
rocketjohn: is there a list of things you did?
FeaturingMe: "Games James and Paul haven't done before"
CamelAttack: Citybuilding games
accountmadeforants: Turn-based games?
tendrilsoftragedy: Amiga games!
Rhynerd: by which I mean planes
7gorobei: flying games
TXC2: !wiki
LRRbot: The Loading Ready Run Wiki can be found here:
ThePerrBearr: rogue-like?
Reecer6: You should play digging-based games.
Papperslappen: Co-op
Kivipaperisakset: Theres' bomber crew
Zath_: Tycoon games?
BlackBlade_: wii bowling!
Earthenone: games that start with Z
Scy_Anide: Animal games?
HeruHeru: extreme sports
OmnipotentTrevor: Stealth Action?
Lord_Hosk: Transformers games
masta2505: suggestion for next Games of Chance: Classic Amiga/C64 games!
Barb4rian: Voxels?
TheWarbo: Not-first-person sim games. THe Oxygen Not Included, Prison Architect, RimWorld type genre
ThePerrBearr: MMO?
Papperslappen: not sorry for caps
RebelliousUno: Puzzel Games (like tetris)
EvilBadman: Games from Movies
Laserbeaks_Fury: Submarine games
Kivipaperisakset: Clickers?
Iciilix: Uncategorizable?
BlackBlade_: flight simulations
ValtheDrake: games that were on W+P?
Lord_Hosk: Penny arcade games
TheMerricat: emulation/ nes snes games?
wildpeaks: i'd go with flying games
thetoastmonster: Point & Click Adventure Games?
Zath_: Games with more than 10 entries in the franchise?
TheWarbo: Yeah did FF14 right?
TheR676767: Games with chickens in them
TXC2: Kivipaperisakset we've done that
wildpeaks: or big robots
Rhynerd: you haven't done turn based strategy games yet!
Kivipaperisakset: Board games with digital adaptations?
LordZarano: Flight sounds good to me
accountmadeforants: Action-adventure games? The more puzzly sort, but not the Guybrush sort
tendrilsoftragedy: games of chance but with rhythm games
AntiCrepuscular: I approve of the GWBR category!
dragonheartfir: Nostalgia game
wildpeaks: so Frostpunk :p
Reecer6: And then everyone will vote for 100 Foot Robot Golf.
Subject_XY3: Games with books in them.
FeaturingMe: define big
Rhynerd: that being said, games with big robots will get my vote.
Elenodul: Nier automata
RebelliousUno: Totally Normal Basketball
mercano82: Time to nominate Mech Warrior 2
TehAmelie: Zone of the Enders
TXC2: so there's an Iron giant game right?
TheWarbo: Super Mario Odyssey. :-D
Rhynerd: I'll argue whether or not to suggest a Mechwarrior or Battletech
EricTheOrange: near a tomato
RAICx: Reecer6 My thoughts exactly
TheMerricat: battletech
Rhynerd: Did Cam stream Battletech on LRR?
Reecer6: Totally Normal Basketball is 100% my vote though.
AntiCrepuscular: I already have my choice!
Kivipaperisakset: That game by the maker of FTL?
Zath_: Games released in prime numbered years?
Kivipaperisakset: Where you move robots
wicker_knight: does Shadow of the Collosus qualify? Kappa
Kivipaperisakset: Into the breach
TheWarbo: I like big 'bots and I cannot lie
LordZarano: Giant Robot Golf
FeaturingMe: any of the steamworld games would do :)
accountmadeforants: Torn between Totally Normal Basketball and 100ft Golf
ritchards: I like big robots and I cannot lie?
TheMerricat: into the breach?
RebelliousUno: bigger than a roomba
tendrilsoftragedy: bad robots
Scy_Anide: Gundam all the things
Reecer6: Just don't say Chibi-Robo.
electric_claire: Slay the spire has robots >.>
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (52m from now).
thetoastmonster: @TheWarbo Damn you, too fast
Styxseus: EDF! EDF!
mercano82: Get in the big robot, James and Paul.
Stoffern: Bigger than a person
tendrilsoftragedy: over 8ft
TXC2: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
devil_dan: Gundam
accountmadeforants: Aw, that means Custom Robo won't count
AntiCrepuscular: :(
Rhynerd: bigger than a person at least.
FeaturingMe: A robot can be a person :O
StephenJM81: bigger like height, or girth?
TXC2: bigger then Hapthor Borjnson then?
TheWarbo: Stellaris!
TheWarbo: Stellaris fits the category!
tendrilsoftragedy: im somwbody! my life is validated
Reecer6: What if it's a really really wide robot?
devil_dan: Does it have to have a person inside of it?
TehAmelie: hmm what was that Eve Online-like with robots?
StephenJM81: really wide and short
Milambus: new day I think
TheWarbo: Actually Civ 6 also fits as of Gathering Storm.
FeaturingMe: Possibly another GoC
AntiCrepuscular: Thanks for streaming! Also thanks mods for modding lrrHEART
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (50m from now).
7gorobei: is hawken still going?
TXC2: AntiCrepuscular lrrHEART
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
TXC2: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
wicker_knight: bai bai
TehAmelie: thanks for having us
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2408 patrons for a total of $14,647.75 per month.
TheWarbo: fiff tee
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
Rhynerd: bye!
TXC2: !twtitter
devil_dan: Bye.
Rhynerd: thanks for the stream!
TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: Goodnight everybody!
TheWarbo: Stream alerts twitter has been on point
AntiCrepuscular: I got my suggestion in... it features large robots, huge robots and ginormous robots! LUL
Rockario: Hey chat, how was the browser games?
TheWarbo: I actually don't know that I have any non-joke submissions for this category.
AntiCrepuscular: Rockario good!
TheWarbo: Vah Rudania is *technically* a giant robot, right. lrrBEEJ
Rockario: What was the distribution like as far as old v new?
canoecrasher: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (45m from now).
TheWarbo: Kingdom of Loathing, that penguin flight one, a Rusty Lake game...what was the first game?
AntiCrepuscular: Rockario one of them went back to before I knew of LRR as LRR
TheWarbo: I already forgot
AntiCrepuscular: Edgey McHedgerson's Hedge Edger
TheWarbo: Oh right, it was the LRR-joke-based one
AntiCrepuscular: based on a joke Graham made on ENN :D
Earthenone: also a magic goat
AntiCrepuscular: indeed
Rockario: Wow, I'm looking forward to this VoD now
AntiCrepuscular: PowerUpL lrrGOAT PowerUpR
Rockario: I only found out about the catagory last night during AFK, and for Ian's sake I suggested Nanaka Crash
Earthenone: the category for this week is "giant robots" might be some ian fare to submit for that as well