red_shoes_jeff: Blue Mage, eh?
PhoenixMelior: tin foil hat dad
TehAmelie: what is your favorite meal that doesn't make you sick, out of curiosity?
TehAmelie: me, i don't believe in favorite meals. i've never eaten a thing that was so good i wanted to have it again rather than try something new
NojhLivic: What about the idea of comfort food instead of favorite food? Food you want when you're feeling bad/down/sick?
Invitare: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Worst Dating Sim) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (2m from now).
TehAmelie: whatever's easy to make and i haven't had recently
NojhLivic: Huh. LIke I can get tired of having the same food regularly, but it usually takes weeks or months.
Earthenone: i tnd to eat the same few things because i get frozen things in bulk to make food stamps last
TXC2: hello Everybody!
TehAmelie: i mean i don't MIND having the same thing again, i don't usually care that much what i'm eating. it's just more fun to try new things
PhoenixMelior: hey txc2
TXC2: hi PhoenixMelior
LegionLoyalist: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Worst Dating Sim) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (21s ago).
Earthenone: and i have a go to answer for "favorite meal" even though it is not strictly true because it is decent, simple and hard to eff up
red_shoes_jeff: Morning @TXC2
TXC2: hello red_shoes_jeff
PhoenixMelior: hey that's allowed for favourite meal criteria
TXC2: the problem with "favourite meal" is that theres like 7 different meals a day
TehAmelie: well don't keep us in suspense
accountmadeforants: While I do go out of my way to try new things when I can, I generally have a pretty standard repertoire of meals to make. Mainly because I'll know exactly how long they take to make and there's no screwing up.
accountmadeforants: Also because I've worked out a pretty reasonable balance of nutrition that way.
Zhedor: I have two things I'd consider, but I have no idea how to describe either of them in english :D
Weagle: Yeah honestly much of my diet is "I know that I won't need to make more food after this because I'm dissatisfied with it" :P
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Worst Dating Sim) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (2m ago).
TehAmelie: names of food things can be hard to translate
TehAmelie: look at the word for sausage in different languages. . .
NojhLivic: signal
PhoenixMelior: I think my favourite meal is just "food that doesn't bother me and tastes fresh and light"
TXC2: my "diet" is baiscally which of the two things I have for this meal are we having today :P
Hugh_Munculus: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: lrrSIGNAL katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
accountmadeforants: seabatTROG lrrSIGNAL Tasty signal!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Kathleen and Matt are live with Now Kiss. We're going to finish the beautiful love story of MGRGRGRGR if it kills us (multiple times)! | ||
TehAmelie: körv, pölse, wiener, that's just what i remember offhand whilst drunk
SnowToad: Now Kiss
NojhLivic: Mgrgrgr!
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vegetalss4: 20 months how times flies
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t3h_f1gm3nt: MRGRGR
Zhedor: But Wiener is a specific kind of sausage, the generic German term would be wurst
TehAmelie: l'allora si sono baciati
namagem1: English Sausage is the Weiner, German Sausage is the Wurst
namagem1: Kappa
TXC2: yeap, everyone knows German sausage is the wurst Kappa
TehAmelie: i think that's Italian for "and then they kiss". if we ever wanted to get fancy with this stream like with One More
Zhedor: My favorite food would probably be Baked Potatoes with Herb-Quark
SnowToad: PogChamp
Mazrae: hello hello
GhostOfACoffeeCup: Woooo boy!
TXC2: hello Mazrae welcome
Alahmnat: aw yeah mgrgr time
ccwgtb: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Worst Dating Sim) at Fri 09:30 AM PST (6m ago).
Zhedor: @TXC2 :P
TehAmelie: i did not know wiener in english was a specific sausage
namagem1: What is this game?
Earthenone: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
Mazrae: how is everyone one?
NojhLivic: It's kind of a dating sim?
TragicMtG: hello friends!
GhostOfACoffeeCup: wiener is a specific kind of sausage, ye!
TehAmelie: aloha computer friends
TXC2: Hello Kathleen and Matt
GapFiller: good evening Kathleen x Matt
NojhLivic: Hi Kathleen. Hi Matt.
namagem1: I'm curious what deserves the title "Worst Dating Sim Ever
Zhedor: in english? no idea how it's used, but it's the specific kind of sausage originating in Wien (Vienna)
Earthenone: its a visual novel with 3 dead ends every choice and no saving
DerPilsner: @namagem1 My vote is for the John Cena one
TehAmelie: ah right
TXC2: namagem1 a shocking good dating game
Xed_Regulus: We can see you know!
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krokmaster: Yay! More wholesome LRR content as I prepare for HRT
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NojhLivic: Yeah. It's kinda the Dragon Lair of dating sims
KV1NN4: He liked the characters and story but yeah the gameplay style was rubbing him the wroooong way
namagem1: Oh
TXC2: "sorry I can't hear you over the nostalgia"
TehAmelie: we have a sausage specific to a region of Sweden, you know. i've been told its name in other languages would be "swedish sausage"
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DKS04Saturn: So ready for MGRGRGRGR kisses!
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azureHaights: Judging from the picture, this is the worst dating sim, bara none
GhostOfACoffeeCup: There should be a LRR dating game where you play as the streaming office and have to decide which crewmembers get to go on game-dates with you. :3c
TehAmelie: i think it's you guys who are low
NojhLivic: GhostOfACoffeeCup Ooh neat idea
red_shoes_jeff: Welcome to Now KO!
namagem1: @azureHaights That is a fantastic pun
NojhLivic: "Will you be my streamer?"
vegetalss4: Dating games with real people seems a bit creepy to me.
Type_One___: cheer200 MRRGRRRGRRRRRR!!!!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: incredible
GhostOfACoffeeCup: ba ra
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi Matt Kathleen and chat
TXC2: hello SydPreviouslyHeadache welcome
NojhLivic: hi SydPreviouslyHeadache
namagem1: Is this session 2?
GhostOfACoffeeCup: haio
Zhedor: There's actually a sausage brand in Germany called "German sausages" (Deutschländer) which had a marketing campaign saying it combioned the best of all german sausages. And then proceeded to include Viennese Sausages amongst them. It did not go over well :D
Earthenone: this is session... 4?
GhostOfACoffeeCup: pff
TehAmelie: i may be drunk, but isn't Wien in Germany?
Alahmnat: I think this comes in second behind that intentional shitpost sidescroller they played on W+P as the best shitpost game
Zhedor: Nope, Austria
TehAmelie: dang
DKS04Saturn: He is such a cutie
namagem1: Oh him you weren't joking about the P4 music
GhostOfACoffeeCup: I personally like Merguez
NojhLivic: Slowly creating the non-darkest timeline
namagem1: Oh hi*
KV1NN4: Bronilla!
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Mysaryl: worst dating sim? IM IN
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Zhedor: Unless you subscribe to the nazi concept of greater-germany. which made it so problematic :D
KV1NN4: katesLurk
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bv310: Man, we're going to get our speedrun splits DOWN this time
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TehAmelie: to be fair Solomon would be taxed to figure out why the 500 or so states that turned into Germany and neighboring countries ended up with those exact border delineations
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Bronilla is living in a place where we could possibly retrieve and hang out with Bronilla again
TXC2: Pro tip chat: do not brute force dating IRL :P
TehAmelie: that's that pickup artistry is all about
Zhedor: uh yeah. we're still trying to figure that out. :D
keeperboy000: what did i miss
namagem1: Cat!
TehAmelie: or, what about the movie 50 First Dates? i haven't seen it
TXC2: keeperboy000 not much, we trying to get back to were we left off
MilkInBag: what are emotions? 🤔 seabatTROG
TXC2: *where
TehAmelie: overheard at a bar: "my wife always tells me to talk about my feelings. i don't have any lrrEFF feelings."
namagem1: Is the gimmick of this game that if you choose the wrong thing it starts you over from the beginning?
Earthenone: yes
DKS04Saturn: yup
TXC2: TehAmelie yeap, no toxic masculinity going on there no siree
NojhLivic: Yup. Dragon's lair of dating
TehAmelie: nooo
GhostOfACoffeeCup: that just seems kinda miserable
keeperboy000: perhaps he was just a robot
TXC2: namagem1 yeap, like a rouge like, kinda
MilkInBag: I had a feeling once, I put it as a 'milestone' on facebook
Elenodul: Does "TLC" mean something, because i can't not hear it as "tables, ladders and chairs"
TehAmelie: the conceit of the game is that the guy we're dating beats us to death if we say anything wrong. that's weird when you think about it
PandasAndPancakes: Overheard near a lake at sunset: "MGRGRGR" <3
TehAmelie: bless
Zappeljakob: Gesundheit!
MilkInBag: that's excessive sneezing, a policeman could arrest you
Erudite_Cynic: gesundheit x5
namagem1: This is basically a very long version of The Impossible Quiz, thinking about it
vegetalss4: Yeah, TehAmelie that really doesn't sound like boyfriend material.
NojhLivic: The conceit is that the guy we're dating is emotionally stunted and broken, and we have to create a timeline where were both work through our issues without causing each other pain.
TXC2: 5 in a row, you can make a wish
DKS04Saturn: that's how it works?
Xed_Regulus: I think Megu is jealous because she likes TLC.
thatladyinplaid: after 3, my husband stops blessing me and starts asking if I'm done yet
TehAmelie: i hope it ends with the words "I love you, but I realize I'm not ready to be in a relationship and I gotta work on that myself"
NojhLivic: Are Kathleen and Matt a little quiet to anyone else?
accountmadeforants: thatladyinplaid Can't bless you too many times, you might grow too powerful!
TehAmelie: yes
CrazymattCaptain: I think you went through this conversaton set
thatladyinplaid: @accountmadeforants I must have all the power!!! mwahahaha
aerobeing: What's with the shaking screen? Are we on the brink of collapsing? Is it an earthquake?
NojhLivic: Etsuji is a powerful guy. He shakes the world whenever he talks.
aerobeing: That sounds uncomfortable for the world.
TehAmelie: he could be a sumo wrestler i think
MilkInBag: he should say 'Man dating' to feel more masculine about it
MilkInBag: just like 'man bun' and 'man cooking'
TXC2: now I'm thinking of a show Hosted by Morgan called "MAN DATING!"
TehAmelie: i feel like that's already a sketch
Probevoyages: @milkinbag "Man cooking" just sounds like you're cooking men though
NojhLivic: So Man Dates are what? Going fishing?
noSmokeFire: how're the mggrgrgrs today?
NojhLivic: noSmokeFire No punch outs yet!
TehAmelie: if Scrubs has taught me anything, a man date is exactly like a normal date but with dudes
namagem1: @NojhLivic Sitting across beside eachother at a bar for three hours
NojhLivic: namagem1 Ooh good one. Going power tool shopping together?
noSmokeFire: the hidden eye in anime cliches probably means she has a secret evil side
flikerz1: !live
viridimayai: Isn't this persona music?
wicker_knight: it is yes
TXC2: viridimayai indeed it is
NojhLivic: viridimayai It is!
viridimayai: NICE
sir_jack_DB: BRO
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrWOW
ThePov42: BRO
MilkInBag: nice gluts bro
NojhLivic: I feel like we, as in TLC, have grown as a character since the start of this.
TehAmelie: is that the butt muscles?
TXC2: "BRO": the "daddy" of 2019 Kappa
TehAmelie: a sugar bro. . .sounds wrong
noSmokeFire: mochi conspicuously adopting his boss' hands in pockets pose
MilkInBag: yes, gluts is short for gluteal muscles, aka the butt
TehAmelie: well, he does have a sharp butt
TXC2: yeap good, strong gluts are important
Skasher4430: cheer2000
TehAmelie: Spurious! I won't give in, I won't give in♫
TehAmelie: till I'm a gluteus?
MilkInBag: maybe it's a shitty bike
TehAmelie: (this song needs work)
noSmokeFire: maybe a muffin with a motor cycle drawn on it in frosting
TehAmelie: don't mind me
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Traion: Hey it's the darkest Kissmistress and the most handsome goat. Any chance of Vogoss making it to Now Kiss? I hear he is hawt.
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noSmokeFire: does that mean when he leaves the scene I should imagine Vogoss as going "woop wopp woop"?
NojhLivic: Certified bishi
noSmokeFire: This is vogoss >
wicker_knight: Drow Sephiroth
MilkInBag: huge nose :^)
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Chronomagistrate: Huzzah!
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MilkInBag: chanel aftershave
noSmokeFire: and a hint of fungus
Erudite_Cynic: ˙͜>˙so shmexy
Traion: He made Enor understand why some people want to have sex :P
TXC2: I mean if he's golgari, is it really possible for him to smell nice?
wicker_knight: yes
MilkInBag: don't be guildist DansGame
wicker_knight: it's probably poison, but yes
ThePov42: "Earthy scent"
MilkInBag: basically Axe body spray with a hint of chanel
DKS04Saturn: Weather is getting too harsh here (40 Celsius), going to go get some Ice Cream. See you on vod~
noSmokeFire: wow, this guy has great...tracks of land
TXC2: so long DKS04Saturn have fun
t3h_f1gm3nt: we dream daddy now?
TXC2: this guy looks like Rob liefield drew him :P
NojhLivic: dream delinquent?
Mangledpixel: boop
Type_One___: didnt know high blood sugar was a character trait...I have a way to describe myself now!
Mangledpixel: how goes the MGRGR?
MilkInBag: sick with love OpieOP
ArcOfTheConclave: It's pronounced "tilk" lrrBEEJ
NojhLivic: Did we just meet the dad?
wicker_knight: @Type_One___ it's an anime character trait for high energy/enthusiasm
wicker_knight: not sure that's what you meant, but go for it :P
Type_One___: haha I did not know that @wicker_knight
TXC2: yeap, all Japanese parents are on business trips constantly
Type_One___: I'll tell that to my doctor next time she yells at me for my blood sugar levels
viridimayai: Is this "worst" as in intentionally or unintentionally bad
wicker_knight: intentionally
TehAmelie: sad fact: Japanese dads spend on average 8 seconds a day with their children
CrazymattCaptain: where's the notes?
Earthenone: Anime!
Earthenone: :P
thetoastmonster: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah
TehAmelie: by almost every metric you might think of, bacteria is the most successful form of life in the known universe
t3h_f1gm3nt: nooooo! the first MRGRGR of the day!
gsyhiap MGRGR
SydPreviouslyHeadache: not really a lie, but incorrect
NojhLivic: Bad timeline found, rewinding
Earthenone: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:09:38. lrrSPOT
SydPreviouslyHeadache: also, send help, my cat has taken my arm hostage
noSmokeFire: I feel like you shouldn't be dating someone who mgrgr's you
NojhLivic: Hi Kathleen. You two are a little quiet.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
krokmaster: Nbd either way, but was my sub missed earlier? Just making sure I didn't hear it and not notice
KV1NN4: game is still alittle louder than you two
KV1NN4: ok
flikerz1: I'm having a bad day, I lost a kingsize bed. no idea where it is.
NojhLivic: Better, thank you.
TXC2: flikerz1 how?
krokmaster: Thanks y'all!
Mangledpixel: have you checked behind the bed? oh, wait
thetoastmonster: Check behind the b... damn you @Mangledpixel
NojhLivic: Maybe a bunch of children stole it using a magical bedpost knob?
TehAmelie: i believe the booth mic always gets set low whenever windows updates. it seems to take constant tweaks
Mangledpixel: hehe
Invitare: do you have a nemesis that might have stolen it?
wicker_knight: Full and Queen are the same length as a twin, King is longer
gsyhiap: yep, king's are longer
Zhedor: my bed is 220cm long :D
SydPreviouslyHeadache: or sleep diagonally
wicker_knight: there are Full XL mattresses, but they're often hard to find
wicker_knight: source, also trying to fit a long bed for small apartment
Mayamelissa: what did I stumble into
NojhLivic: As a tall person, I have given up on the idea of my feet not sticking out of the end of the bed. So much so that when it doesn't happen, I'm uncomfortable.
KV1NN4: 2 friends of mine have 2 Queens pushed together
BusTed: Probably harder to find sheets for, too.
TehAmelie: there's more than king beds. Alaskan King for some reason is the name of a 9x9 feet bed. i wants it
gsyhiap: speaking as a giant, a king makes so much difference
wicker_knight: @TehAmelie that sounds awesome
KV1NN4: there is barely space int eh bedroom but its GLORIOUS
wicker_knight: Graham is a talls'mn
Zhedor: 80" is how much in normal measurements?
gsyhiap: yeah, nothing so funky as that in the UK
wicker_knight: @Zhedor just over 2 meters
TXC2: Zhedor 2 meters ish
Zhedor: ah, thanks
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh ok
flikerz1: @txc2 I left it in my flats hallway, i was going to get it moved but they didnt turn up. It was gone in the morning. it was still in the flatpack box.
Mayamelissa: seriously what is this game? ALso why am I hearing Persona music
noSmokeFire: that'll be the persona music, maya
TXC2: flikerz1 damn, sorry to hear that
accountmadeforants: HA
Earthenone: this game is a shitpost, it is also playing persona music
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Worst Dating Sim (overridden)
GapFiller: Kenshin intensifies
wicker_knight: @Mayamelissa an intentional shitpost by someone making fun of dating sims, and because there's persona music ;P
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i didnt and im glad i finished my drink
KV1NN4: *wheezes* XD
TehAmelie: that's a brand new background
TXC2: and then our head just explodes right?
Mayamelissa: Thank you!
Invitare: that's Jojo
accountmadeforants: Such a shame Etsuji is already dead now
UncannyJimjams: This is my massaging stand, Star Platinum!
Xed_Regulus: Oh my...
Mysaryl: thas lood
KV1NN4: good grief...
KV1NN4: his poor wife
NojhLivic: One point to Etsuji
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i love this game
TXC2: daddy is so 2018 Kappa
t3h_f1gm3nt: MRGRGR count: 2
ADTalks: but but he's so cute
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we got juked
gsyhiap MRGRGR
NojhLivic: Incorrect timeline detected, rewinding
noSmokeFire: I'ma go get a coffee while you unmrgrgr yourselves
TehAmelie: TIL the German army has discovered constantly hitting your chest with rifles seems to make your boobs grow. might be relevant for any trans sisters
Zhedor: Ah, yes. The Gynecomastia study. @TehAmelie :D
Mangledpixel: givin' those ol' temporal shift circuits a real work out
TXC2: TehAmelie yeah the highest rate of mastecomes in Europe
CrazymattCaptain: can you make a hotkey for the skipping?
t3h_f1gm3nt: if it at least had a "skip after making choices" option it would be SOOO much better
krokmaster: Also, that!
Erudite_Cynic: but guns are fun so win win?
gsyhiap: this conversation sums up a lot about why I like this community lrrHEART
wicker_knight: #KatherineHepburn?
accountmadeforants: Frame perfect tricks?
Zhedor: Ah trans friend of mine keeps complaining that hers are too large for her insurance to pay for breast augmentation :D
Erudite_Cynic: body massage machine GO
ThePov42: Hey, if you know what you like, I guess
CrazymattCaptain: cute
KV1NN4: !!!
accountmadeforants: Soft bois
ThePov42: Cute =/= mrgrgr
TXC2: soft, like a teddy bear
wicker_knight: yeah, def mark this as a possible fork
Mangledpixel: qt
Erudite_Cynic: the "forking Point"
CrazymattCaptain: forking point?
TehAmelie: how did we end up at that magical jungle spring anyway? such a nice place
TehAmelie: okay, this school reminds me a LOT of Literature Club
TXC2: the forking point AKA where the plot diverges
TehAmelie: might be the light
wicker_knight: also, does anyone else think that this person is, like, an interpretation of the person that would be our default love interest in a "normal" dating sim?
TXC2: kinda yeah
tergonis: totes geshin
gsyhiap: that was... evasive
AmoriLinguae: hello chat! what makes this the worst dating sim ever?
Earthenone: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Worst Dating Sim (overridden)
wicker_knight: @AmoriLinguae Kings Quest
TXC2: hello AmoriLinguae welcome
Erudite_Cynic: those pecs are absurd
Type_One___: sister? maybe?...has she ever met Etsuji?
wicker_knight: okay...I think now we're getting into the author's fetishes...
TehAmelie: hey, his chest looks just like that legendary Captain America poster by Rob Liefeld
stevestein: @Erudite_Cynic I think they go beyond what can be considered "pecs"
TXC2: TehAmelie I know right?
Type_One___: lrrDILLY
adi_pie: A japanese mascot, ah, yes, such a small range of choices.
TehAmelie: except that his head is on straight
noSmokeFire: he does have impressive jib
NojhLivic: Ooh. Nautical terms
NojhLivic: Part-time thug?
AmoriLinguae: "that's why I decided to look like one"
gsyhiap: oh my
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
Xed_Regulus: Whoa!
Erudite_Cynic: potent potables
wicker_knight: O.O
TXC2: Good grief
CamelAttack: @TehAmelie Holy shit! That's not right
TehAmelie: very
Lysander_Gustav: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Worst Dating Sim (overridden)
TXC2: hello Lysander_Gustav welcome
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the power of fluffy boys
PandasAndPancakes: I can't stop staring at his chest.
KV1NN4: Japan is so over crowded alreadyyy
wicker_knight: needs more young people though
KV1NN4: I hope we meet his wife
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PandasAndPancakes: It's like, Queen's Blade levels of upper body shenanigans.
ContingentCat: agreed, have the kids you want, don't have kids you don't want
KV1NN4: Like yeah I hope is wife is jsut as gungho about having kids cos whew...
TehAmelie: if only the Romans hadn't humped the heart-shaped contraceptive plant out of existence
Lysander_Gustav: :D
PandasAndPancakes: Wife has to be the previous gang leader.
TXC2: I mean Roman soilders had Tattoos
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wait what?
noSmokeFire: the victorians loved nipple rings!
TehAmelie: the ♥ shape that we all know and love? i comes from a quite effective herbal contraceptive that went extinct during roman times
wicker_knight: Tattoo distaste, at least in the US, is mostly an example of mid-20th-century racism
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Lysander_Gustav: I'm imagining Victoria with a chest-tattoo. A big mural.
wicker_knight: it was associated with "lesser cultures"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: maybe it's just ghosts
SydPreviouslyHeadache: dang
adi_pie: I mean, my great-grandfather had tattoos which is a great card to pull out whenever older relatives get uppitty about it.
TXC2: TehAmelie really? I thought it was based on the shape of the female ass ?
The_Flying_Bun: but did Prince Albert have a well, you know
Lysander_Gustav: I kind of want to see a Yakuza-style game as a visual novel, where you have to fight groups of thugs in prose.
Lysander_Gustav: This guy's theme song is wild
Earthenone: i also always thought it was a butt thing
TehAmelie: may have helped, but that plant whose name is lost to history is the one that really looked like a heart
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so Jiji is Zangief. got it
The_Flying_Bun: @lysander_gustav like Monkey Island rhyme fights
Olveron: followed you home, creapy
AmoriLinguae: NOPE
noSmokeFire: our MC is a mere 12 inches high
Erudite_Cynic: tinyboi
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 59:36.
TehAmelie: maybe it's game design, maybe it's poor optimization
Xed_Regulus: She sold us out!
The_Flying_Bun: this is still the best worst game yet
TXC2: "maybe she's born with it, Maybe it's poor optimization" :P
ContingentCat: oh no
Xed_Regulus: No!
t3h_f1gm3nt: MOCHI NO!!!!
Alahmnat: noooooo
Type_One___: uhhh
Lysander_Gustav: darn it
noSmokeFire: have we reached the Hateful Boyfriend portion of the stream?
accountmadeforants: Oh no, he was the pacifist, too!
KV1NN4: Mochi! Noo! No pls jsut be unconscious! D8
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no
gsyhiap: kintCry
wicker_knight: okay change of plan whoever did this must DIE gabyB
ContingentCat: No!
NojhLivic: Umm... do we get to rewind now?
wicker_knight: gabyThump
t3h_f1gm3nt: this is the worst timeline, right?
ArcOfTheConclave: could this be avoided?
ContingentCat: he's just pining for the fyords
accountmadeforants: The way to avoid this is by getting MRGRGRD before this happens
noSmokeFire: I get the feeling this game doesn't have branches besides the ending
wicker_knight: he misses the rain down in africa?
Type_One___: thug life
t3h_f1gm3nt: We Ace Attorney NOW!
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:05:31.
t3h_f1gm3nt: even the AA music is playing now!
wicker_knight: yeah the music change
wicker_knight: *changed
adi_pie: He's just sleeping.
noSmokeFire: by god that's Phoenix Wright's music!
MT_Storm: He's asleep in a farm upstate
noSmokeFire: actually, a Phoenix Wright style dating sim could be a lot of fun
thatladyinplaid: Whoa. Went away for 10 minutes. What did I miss?
ArcOfTheConclave: Bro-jection!
accountmadeforants: GMeguN?!
noSmokeFire: we found mochi bleeding in some bushes, @thatladyinplaid
wicker_knight: @thatladyinplaid he wasn't conscious
Earthenone: megus information?
Xed_Regulus: You! This is your fault!
t3h_f1gm3nt: megu's working for the enemy!
vegetalss4: I mean we do know one guy that will brutally beat people to death if they say even a single "wrong" thing.
ArcOfTheConclave: Traitor!
gsyhiap: well, we called it
ContingentCat: oh no!
noSmokeFire: yup. called it. hidden eye=evil
sir_jack_DB: what a twist
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh man who could have seen that coming
accountmadeforants: I guess they both have that sedate way of talking about them
Mazrae: that back stabbing girl
ArcOfTheConclave: That's a great picture.
wicker_knight: okay so Mochi died because Gesshin is a bad ex, got it :/
t3h_f1gm3nt: when do we get to deck this guy? or have dad deck this guy?
TXC2: so he just confessed to assault no?
ContingentCat: yup
wicker_knight: etsuji doesn't live anywhere, remember
TXC2: I'd run to the police
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: box text
Rhynerd: Police.
ContingentCat: even like a 24 hour grocery store to be somewhere with witnesses
TXC2: "hi yes officer? this guy just 100% told me how he put a guy in a coma"
couldntpickausername: I already tweeted this at LRR but I thought I'd share what the most recent panalysts inspired me to create.
wicker_knight: "Also he's the head of a gang. I mean, you probably already know this, but..."
TXC2: couldntpickausername Jesus
wicker_knight: @couldntpickausername oreorpheus?
NojhLivic: So we pivoted from dating sim to murder mystery?
thatladyinplaid: @couldntpickausername perfect! haha
noSmokeFire: @couldntpickausername well now that card's going to be the Voreo forever. thanks.
TXC2: to bad we already did the RNA nicknames eh?
couldntpickausername: I am so proud of how that merged
couldntpickausername: for those who don't magic, it's the art form screaming shield
silenceaux: "yous'll" seems suspect
TehAmelie: things that no one has ever said while using the word "yous" before
thatladyinplaid: at least we speak properly
accountmadeforants: Oh this is some right anime shit
TehAmelie: *dinner bell rings*
CamelAttack: *pulls out gun* America! *bang*
TehAmelie: protect me, gun!
KittyKat5090: buff bois?
t3h_f1gm3nt: fight scene!
TXC2: oh wow, hands
KittyKat5090: swole bois
t3h_f1gm3nt: this song so goooooooood
noSmokeFire: you know things are serious because we can see his hands
silenceaux: Dynamic action shots
Mazrae: why do they look a little alike
KittyKat5090: smacc
Lysander_Gustav: Is this supposed to be Boston?
TehAmelie: S is a tricksy letter. see how often people avoid saying it in movies and on the stage
silenceaux: Cross Counter
Lysander_Gustav: They call each other A and B too? :D
accountmadeforants: Dang, TLC is strong!
wicker_knight: I like A and B. They can live
KittyKat5090: is TLC also a swole boi?
wicker_knight: Also, put him on a cardboard box and drag a person that big
TXC2: KittyKat5090 nope
KittyKat5090: oof
Lysander_Gustav: Head-injuries are no joke
SydPreviouslyHeadache: concussions suck
TehAmelie: silence is consent! (no it isn't)
KittyKat5090: concussions are serious business
TXC2: I mean, now Kiss basically is just Real Talk with Kathleen :P
accountmadeforants: KittyKat5090 I'm taking this is as more of a Madeline from Celeste thing. Smol but stronk.
KittyKat5090: smol strong
Rhynerd: Moments to call Emergency services in this session: 3
silenceaux: Also, medical personnel are not The Police
KittyKat5090: wait, did you just leave Gesshin?
Rhynerd: @kittykat5090 Gesshin’s gang carried him off.
wicker_knight: A and B got Gesshin
KittyKat5090: okie
TehAmelie: at that precise moment, i happened to sniff on a Madeleine cookie and was lost in memory for 14 years
Rhynerd: @accountmadeforants yeah, that’s fitting.
silenceaux: didn't even bandage his head...?
KittyKat5090: hecc
TehAmelie: i assume he took off the bandage
TXC2: looks like his ear got bitten :P
t3h_f1gm3nt: TLC is THIRSTY
KittyKat5090: don't make out with your concussed friend
TXC2: also this guy has Collar Pecs :P
Mangledpixel: mostly healed? he was BLEEDING from his HEAD! HOSPITAL, NOW!
TXC2: knocked out at the same time? sounds like a fix to me Kappa
TehAmelie: hosportal!
accountmadeforants: Watching anime with his kids, probably
Mangledpixel: ooh, melon
Rhynerd: And Megu is probably keeping a distance if she’s still there.
KV1NN4: AwwwWWWW!!!!
Mangledpixel: daww
MT_Storm: D'aww
accountmadeforants: D'awwwww
KittyKat5090: smol boi!
accountmadeforants: Was that Buu, or Buurns?
KittyKat5090: hewwo uwu
noSmokeFire: hewwo? owo Mr obama?
ThePov42: 'DAW
KV1NN4: ok Jiji does have decent genes <XD
KV1NN4: *spits water*
t3h_f1gm3nt: UwU what's dis?
Type_One___: hahaha um
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Favourite superhewo
KV1NN4: Cooks delicious food and screams at ppl.. wait... Etsuji?
Papperslappen: Aaa
Mangledpixel: that was precious
Erudite_Cynic: he is at least prolific
KittyKat5090: starving children??
Featherweight_: Hello all
Rhynerd: So, those parents are in jail now, right?
KittyKat5090: u h
TXC2: hello Featherweight_ welcome
KittyKat5090: areyousureaboutthat
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what i'm guessing is said friend moved out, and parents just didn't help him and didn't talk to him so he just kind of... died
NojhLivic: TLC has a type
SydPreviouslyHeadache: *i dont' think literally starved
Featherweight_: there is also a new thing in the slack
accountmadeforants: Finally getting some of that blackout sleep again
TXC2: NojhLivic the game dev has a type
KittyKat5090: uh oh, what happened?
TXC2: share with the class Kappa
NojhLivic: Save?
Earthenone: no saving in this game
Rhynerd: Was that the new Featherweight thing?
accountmadeforants: NojhLivic this game has no saving
Mangledpixel: NojhLivic no saving in this game
KittyKat5090: on Monday, huh...?
KittyKat5090: wait is this Persona 4 music
noSmokeFire: finishing up the dating co-op
Mangledpixel: yes
KittyKat5090: this is the victory screen music nani the heck
Baldrash: Half the music in this game is from Persona.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
Earthenone: sister?
t3h_f1gm3nt: prepare for MRGRGR
TehAmelie: does anyone know enough Japanese to tell us what "Etsuji" means? it seems important
t3h_f1gm3nt: OH LAWD HE COMIN!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH
KV1NN4: a unit
KittyKat5090: aww chonky boi
Earthenone: that is a chonky boy
Alahmnat: that's a heckin' chonker
SydPreviouslyHeadache: That's a chonky boi
SydPreviouslyHeadache: a heft chonk
Rhynerd: Oh, look at that heckin’ chonker
Type_One___: katesLoaf
noSmokeFire: etsuji has a couple of different readings based on the kanji
KV1NN4: chunky?
KittyKat5090: dude same
sir_jack_DB: CHONKER
TehAmelie: i haven't seen anyone do that with their glasses in years, and i have glasses myself! thanks Kathleen
Papperslappen: leik chonkers
KittyKat5090: none of these are charming?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: uhh i don't like any of these
Featherweight_: tally can do it
TXC2: you can't
Mangledpixel: most people can't
Mysticman89: flexible folks can do it. myself included
KittyKat5090: you don't
TehAmelie: my brother can lick his elbow. he's a freak of flexibility
accountmadeforants: EZ when you're a troglodyte seabatTROG
noSmokeFire: my friend in highschool was missing a finger, so he could lick his elbow on that arm
Rhynerd: You have a long tongue.
Mysticman89: am not convinced i can flip gender.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: if you can dislocate your shoulder it sounds possible
Rockario: That is not the version I've hear
Type_One___: unless you're double jointed you cant?
Mysaryl: tries to lick elbow
KV1NN4: I do know a contortionist with a long-ish tongue who can
TXC2: it's basically physicaly impossible to lick your own elbow
vegetalss4: Liking your own elbow is one of those things that a famous for being something almost no humans can do.
wicker_knight: I always thought it was similar to the "tie a cherry" folktale
KittyKat5090: oof
t3h_f1gm3nt: MRGRGR count: 3
Mysaryl: tries REALLLLLLLLLLLLY hard
noSmokeFire: I think "fist fits in your mouth" is the "tie a cherry" one, licking your elbow is just impossible
krokmaster: In order to unlock that power you must flow like a... gender fluid
KittyKat5090: oh god there's no save function
TXC2: other things that impossible with your arm is the men can't lie their hand flat on the same shoulder
KittyKat5090: oh f e c k
Mysaryl: who needs modern medicine when you can lick your elbow?
Rockario: This is true iron man
KittyKat5090: i got noticed uwu
TehAmelie: i knew a guy who could touch his thumb to his forearm
wicker_knight: we should all be frogs
That_Twiggy_Guy: The whole "cherry stem in a knot thing" has always seemed to me as more of a challenge than an impossibility
krokmaster: Indeedly, that's a good metaphor!
KittyKat5090: this is what a hard mode in a visual novel would be like
KittyKat5090: it's all the same, but you can't save
silenceaux: Maybe it IS trying to catch a fish in the river. Failure can be charming?
TXC2: no that's quiet some flexibility there Kathleen
noSmokeFire: I guarantee it's the fish one
TehAmelie: i can only touch my ring finger to my forearms myself
Clockwork_Penguin: We go now live to competitive thumb breaking!
KittyKat5090: imagine how crappy that would be in a really long visual novel
Papperslappen: I once knew a person who could lick her own nose
KittyKat5090: i can uwu
TXC2: I used to be able to put my legs behind my head
KittyKat5090: uh oh
TXC2: then I hit 25 :P
t3h_f1gm3nt: MRGRGR count: 4
Serenitywake: I finally caught a LRR stream!!!!
TXC2: hello Serenitywake welcome
noSmokeFire: are there any mods around to set a !mrgrgr command? :P
t3h_f1gm3nt: i know matts doing good, im just having fun counting the MRGRGR's for today :P
TehAmelie: i'm spectacularly inflexible. my tongue is so short i'm a disappointment to women, i can't bend my thumb without also bending my index finger
Chronomagistrate: Hooray for hypermobile joints! (He said unconvincingly.)
Mangledpixel: close to the end... of the prologue :P
TXC2: the "all is lost" moment
Rhynerd: Etsuji has a cat type.
Serenitywake: is there a dramatic twist yet?
wicker_knight: @Mangledpixel it just has Persona music, it's not a Persona game Kappa
OakPi: I woke up today, and I felt more like a Livestream than a yt video, so here I am. How is everyone?
Mangledpixel: wicker_knight ha
KittyKat5090: apparently Etsuji's from the game creator's webcomic
TXC2: hello OakPi welcome
Type_One___: didnt they say Etsuji put her in a coma?
Alahmnat: I still can't get over the squeeky toy noise when you punch him
TehAmelie: kosher food? that seems like a safe discussion
Type_One___: or did I hear that wrong
noSmokeFire: anime coma disease
OakPi: Geez the start stop p4 music feels jarring
Mangledpixel: could be an accident that Etsugi blames himself for
wicker_knight: and that your character defect may be tangenitally related to
Earthenone: yes, the survivers guilt "trope"
Type_One___: yeah that makes a lot more sense
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Mangledpixel: dumb narrative thing, that happens IRL too
noSmokeFire: Fish!
OakPi: Feesh
ContingentCat: fish I think
Earthenone: kick logic to the curb and do the imposible!
Mangledpixel: today's fish is trout a la creme, enjoy your meal
noSmokeFire: waddle? is our MC a penguin?
accountmadeforants: You waddled out of MRGRGR range
TehAmelie: aw now i wanna watch Gurren Lagann
KittyKat5090: let's go catch fish!
accountmadeforants: Holy shit TLC!
Alahmnat: holy moly
krokmaster: GG WP
silenceaux: w a t
ContingentCat: holyshit a salmom!
Mangledpixel: we appear to be a ninja
accountmadeforants: Who's the real bear here?!
TXC2: frickin ninja hands
KittyKat5090: sweeto, right choice!
AmoriLinguae: omg accountmadeforants
TXC2: accountmadeforants oh I get it
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this is weird and i love it
Serenitywake: ^^
AmoriLinguae: at least he's honest
Serenitywake: pride100
NojhLivic: You can do it, Etsuji!
Evochron13: in flavour with being the "worst dating Sim" what if the end is that there is no end?
Earthenone: a new chapter you say... is this where the game truely begins?
Serenitywake: I went from confused to whats going on to engrossed.
Evochron13: Ie no closure
t3h_f1gm3nt: seester!
silenceaux: Etsuji can't handle public displays of affection
wicker_knight: @Evochron13 possible, definitely
KittyKat5090: ooh new background
TehAmelie: just a quick poll. what should i play after the stream, Oxenfree or Gone Home?
wicker_knight: @TehAmelie have you played either before?
ContingentCat: awww
KittyKat5090: d'aww
TehAmelie: yes.
gsyhiap: daww
Mazrae: i feel like we are at the finish line lets not trip now
TehAmelie: lrrBEEJ
Serenitywake: pride100 pride100 pride100 pride100 pride100
phenexian: I WISH this was the bottom of dating sim quality, because I legit love this.
noSmokeFire: "TLC...I'm a dracula"
TehAmelie: so much pride
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TehAmelie: slytqHeart
KittyKat5090: oof
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phenexian: Thanks Kathleen for showing me all these great dating sims. (and helping my dodge the bad ones)
accountmadeforants: Good sister :)
sir_jack_DB: lrrDARK
silenceaux: Good old masculine emotional stunting
KittyKat5090: yyyyep
Phosphatide: this writing NotLikeThis
KittyKat5090: i bet that's how it'll be
Mysaryl: oh noooooooo
Serenitywake: :( I am not prepared.
KittyKat5090: shoot, i gtg
KittyKat5090: not now, whyyyyyy
TXC2: so long KittyKat5090 have fun
TehAmelie: men commit 80% of all crimes, worldwide. maybe
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EC_as_That: She is gonna die
wicker_knight: @KittyKat5090 VOD will be here
wicker_knight: no worries
TXC2: TehAmelie you joke, but I believe you
TehAmelie: maybe this is something we need to work on.i didn't mean to post that really
gsyhiap: yikes
KV1NN4: D8
orellien2773: HOLY FUCK.
accountmadeforants: D:
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TXC2: jeez
aeroarchery: D:
EC_as_That: BibleThump
EC_as_That: Oh she didn't die
TXC2: this is some heavy shit
EC_as_That: that's a little better... maybe?
ContingentCat: that's a big mood
gsyhiap: kintCry
wicker_knight: impressed they actually let Etsuji have a real hand in what happened
orellien2773: wat
Serenitywake: I'm crying!
wicker_knight: shows some confidence in the character's appeal
TXC2: Toxic masculinity hurts us all
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Xed_Regulus: We have a kiss!
wicker_knight: mgrgr?
That_Twiggy_Guy: ding ding ding ding!
t3h_f1gm3nt: KISS!!!!
phenexian: These a real real feelings now.
gsyhiap: MRPURRPURR?
ContingentCat: !!!
EC_as_That: That's a tone shift and a half
KV1NN4: Soft
noSmokeFire: even his mouth is crying
GapFiller: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
TehAmelie: *gross kissing noises, ending with plopping w/ finger in mouth*
That_Twiggy_Guy: JEEZUS
ContingentCat: umm
mrMorphius: lrrWOW
Mazrae: whelp that went really fast
GapFiller: mmm gross kissing noises
t3h_f1gm3nt: GDI game!
Xed_Regulus: Too much! Too much!
GapFiller: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Mysaryl: wowowow
silenceaux: Ahahahaha
TXC2: ooooooh weeee
Rhynerd: Holy moly
Mysaryl: !advice
LRRbot: Believe your Justice.
AntiCrepuscular: lrrEFF
noSmokeFire: "...before I go back to my home planet"
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrHERE
accountmadeforants: FBtouchdown
wicker_knight: benginWat
Angnor33: !badadvice
LRRbot: You should always trust things that feel good.
ContingentCat: !adult
LRRbot: I need a better adult!
EC_as_That: hellow2Oh
phenexian: Wow, we went from 0 to 100 very quickly
mrMorphius: sergeHolyMoly lrrEFF
Mazrae: is the audio not synced?
TXC2: time for Ladykiller rules
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:55:35.
AntiCrepuscular: I just got here... <backing away slowly>
phenexian: too quickly one might say
adi_pie: Ah, yes, we're back to the Coming Out on Top problem. :P
SydPreviouslyHeadache: embaressment all around
Featherweight_: sergeMoly
stevestein: This is why we're here! This is why we're watching this! This awkwardness gives us life!
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Hugh_Munculus: Welcome back to Now Booth!
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gsyhiap: LUL
TXC2: so sexy times happens
TXC2: Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, we found out about the piercing befoire
Rhynerd: So,
phenexian: HAhahaah
noSmokeFire: hahaha
t3h_f1gm3nt: LOL
Type_One___: I'm listening to this with headphones at work and turned it down out of embarrassment
sir_jack_DB: O.O
AmoriLinguae: A+ limts
mrMorphius: I need you to... sergeFall sergeMeasureNever [parsing script failed]
adi_pie: Okay, that's actually funny.
Rhynerd: Heh.
aeroarchery: give me my bara boy!
Serenitywake: reload?
TXC2: step 1 go to booth mode
NojhLivic: Found sexist timeline, rewinding
Mazrae: is anyone else having audio sync problems?
ContingentCat: yeah...
TehAmelie: by the way thanks for the votes, chat. even if it ended up exactly equal
Type_One___: hahaha
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I was just thinking about Lady Killer in a Bind
TehAmelie: oh that's better
t3h_f1gm3nt: thankfully Ladykill has the built in skip scene
Reecer6: That half is also awesome for the record though.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the christmas sweaters were great
Serenitywake: I love this moment I just came into.
Mysaryl: festive sweaters instead of tits
SydPreviouslyHeadache: at your home computer
Mysaryl: nice
adi_pie: You and Cori also discovered those limits during Coming Out on Top. :P
AmoriLinguae: I did not like LKIAB
Xed_Regulus: I am at work right now!!!
gsyhiap: lol
t3h_f1gm3nt: BURGRGR!!!!
AntiCrepuscular: I love Burgrgr! :D
TehAmelie: i never played Ladykiller until well after my parents were dead. coincidence?
AmoriLinguae: TehAmelie yes
KV1NN4: Yay! Cooks good and yells at people! He's marrying Gordan Ramsey!
t3h_f1gm3nt: YAY MOCHI IS OK!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: This has to be good ending?
noSmokeFire: if you just keep shoveling money into a coma patient they wake up
TXC2: we got to the kissing, who cares about afterwards Kappa
KV1NN4: post game drama?
Earthenone: money, the cure for comas!
gsyhiap: sweeping the loose ends under the rug...
Serenitywake: ??? really that's how it raps things up?????
Mazrae: what her sister wasnt killed just a coma
Mazrae: ?
Earthenone: yes
phenexian: Why do so many dating sims write long codas. I feel like your story could end with the resolution of your relationship and leave the rest to the reader's imagination.
KV1NN4: aww yay!
t3h_f1gm3nt: ROFL
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ROFL
ContingentCat: gesuntheit
Serenitywake: bless you
silenceaux: A very :3 face
noSmokeFire: just kitten
TXC2: that nose/eye looks so weird :P
wicker_knight: vanilla2
Serenitywake: this is where the budget goes
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ROFL
accountmadeforants: :O
Alahmnat: willing to rip off Persona music but not call it Pokemon
KV1NN4: nu bebe!
t3h_f1gm3nt: OMG ALL MY YES!!!
TehAmelie: such Dream Daddy callbacks
accountmadeforants: This is amazing
CrazymattCaptain: that shirt doesn't fit!
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: That is adorable
silenceaux: pffffff wat
mparris2000: What game is this?
stevestein: Baby is well cushioned
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Worst Dating Sim (overridden)
Rhynerd: Oh hey, tan lines
Rockario: His bulging chest is a heck of a thing
t3h_f1gm3nt: OwO
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: First word "Mrgrgr"
Mysaryl: kids a furry
adi_pie: The fucking Hewwo faces on those two,
adi_pie: :D
Mysaryl: look at that owo
Mazrae: that baby's :3 face
t3h_f1gm3nt: @KV1NN4 god damn that is an interesting one
accountmadeforants: eat PANT
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Eat Pant
noSmokeFire: pant (1)
t3h_f1gm3nt: EAT PANT
TehAmelie: i've seen that shirt
AmoriLinguae: super ellipses
TXC2: good lord
stevestein: Eat, Pant, Love
TXC2: stevestein :D
sir_jack_DB: snek
t3h_f1gm3nt: 🐍
TehAmelie: it's a bit of a meme among the badly translated Simpsons memes gang
UncannyJimjams: they are all built like Jojos
t3h_f1gm3nt: (authors note: now i don't have to draw the MC)
TehAmelie: they're not posturing like Jojos though
SydPreviouslyHeadache: tnaq tae
UncannyJimjams: v true
TehAmelie: which as we know is the true power of Jojo. the "stand"s
silenceaux: Well, lets you continue to imagine TLC however you like
t3h_f1gm3nt: one time ginyu force pls
gsyhiap: MRGRGR!
t3h_f1gm3nt: MRGRGR count: 5
t3h_f1gm3nt: DAWWWWWWWWWW
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ROFL
TehAmelie: yaay
BusTed: Excellent name.
noSmokeFire: I'm SO CURIOUS about the bad ends
ContingentCat: lrrHORN
Alahmnat: lol
Gulleko: yaaaaay!
BusTed: kbye
accountmadeforants: I can tell you what the fork was, if you'd like
TehAmelie: youtube it?
wicker_knight: you know what, props game designer
gsyhiap: is the bad end 'no fucking restaurant'?
ManicPixieDreamLurker: cheer150 MRGRGRRR!
t3h_f1gm3nt: this game was SUPER good
Mangledpixel: bless you
TXC2: !clips
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ContingentCat: gesuntheit
gMilk: bless ya
Reecer6: Is this good advice for real life?
TehAmelie: i wish i could teleport to Tokyp right now just to get some cheap street foot
Rockario: "Alright, gamers, here's your video walkthrough..."
TXC2: I want this all cliped, and then show up with no context in the highlights :P
TehAmelie: food
wicker_knight: this is a profoundly confusing discussion sequence out of context
noSmokeFire: wow, I can't believe the chonky cat is the last choice in the game
NojhLivic: That is the best timeline. Congradulations!
Lithobraker: !uptime
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silenceaux: Chonky cats & catching a fish~
accountmadeforants: @LoadingReadyRun I can tell you what the fork is
t3h_f1gm3nt: sounds right to me
accountmadeforants: It was either staying quiet or saying you love him
TehAmelie: "That, to me, seems like the most MRGRGRG choice" - Kathleen, 2019
adi_pie: Our narrative Chuck Tingle.
adi_pie: Thank you for the stream.
noSmokeFire: more or less mrgrgr in the next game?
TXC2: thanks for streaming Kathleen and Matt
gsyhiap: thank you both!
Alahmnat: that was fun
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for the stream. this was great
TXC2: !next
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krokmaster: Monster prom had an update...
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
TXC2: !events
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TXC2: !twitter
stevestein: Alternate clip of all the cheats
TXC2: !discord
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TehAmelie: thanks for the stream
ContingentCat: !next
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TXC2: !patreon
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silenceaux: mrgrgr!
Chronomagistrate: Thank you for a great stream - it's been excellent watching you two play this!
TXC2: Goodnight everybody
stevestein: MGRGR *closes window*
accountmadeforants: Oh, the thumbnail for the VOD is great!
TehAmelie: i guess now i've got to play Oxenfree. while drunk. wish me luck
TXC2: good luck
TehAmelie: thx