PhoenixMelior: Magicka?
Metric_Furlong: Laurreth oh right, they finally got OG Diablo, didn't they
Laurreth: yup
dragoking100000: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: Star Wars Republic Commando) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (13m from now).
rf232: GoC, where chat people whine about their choice not being taken
LoadingReadyRun: always open to GoC topic ideas
PhoenixMelior: I don't think Diablo is very "obscure"
DarkMorford: Morning, Paul
PhoenixMelior: rf232 not just that. We whine about a lot of things :P
Laurreth: streamer is currently fighting with OBS not getting game audio ^^
Metric_Furlong: sounds about right
rf232: Oh yeah, but this is the GoC whine
DarkMorford: Oh, Paul, do you know if XSplit has a C/C++ plugin API? I've started playing with the one for OBS a bit and I'm curious how they compare.
PhoenixMelior: I was referring to something else
rf232: I whine about people whining e.g.
PhoenixMelior: my GoC whining is actually just that I want a stream of ANYONE playing LLTQ and experiencing the Dark Souls of visual novels :D
TehAmelie: "Metroidvanias" was the topic once. i know how to expand on that: Metroid-likes and Castlevania-likes
Metric_Furlong: rf232 yeah? well, I'm going to start whining about people whining about people whining! Kappa
LoadingReadyRun: DarkMorford The primary plugin API for xsplit is javascript, but I believe there is the ability to load custom DLLs, no idea what kind of documentation there is, though
DarkMorford: Hm, interesting.
TehAmelie: my brain is under the effect of certain stimulatives at the moment; that is LLTQ?
TehAmelie: *what
Metric_Furlong: Long Live The Queen
Laurreth: turns out OBS really does not like OG Diablo :-D
TehAmelie: oh yeah
PhoenixMelior: most things really don't like OG Diablo
rf232: gogcomL lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR gogcomR
TehAmelie: so yeah, Metroidvania as a genre has always annoyed me because it's portmanteauing "Metroid games and those Castlevania games that are like Metroid)
PhoenixMelior: people do, but modern day software/hardware does not
LoadingReadyRun: TehAmelie you feel that the gameplay style is different enough between the games to be different genres?
Twinklebees: I guess it's a better portmanteau than "Castleroid"
PhoenixMelior: is that about a castle on steroids?
cheetoJack: You don't want to catch Castleroids
Metric_Furlong: "Look at the size of those butressess, clearly been hitting the castleroids"
sir_jack_DB: they got a cream for castleroids lrrBEEJ
malc: !findquote buttress
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
malc: one day
TehAmelie: not really. i just want another tour of Metroidvania, that Dandara may have a chance :3
PhoenixMelior: which is a shame, because Kathleen went off about buttresses one day
Metric_Furlong: malc we live in hope
Metric_Furlong: PhoenixMelior regular or flying?
malc: !findbutts
LRRbot: Above you?!
malc: flying.
PhoenixMelior: I think it was regular?
Twinklebees: There's also some rather infamous buttresses in a certain game with a reputation around these parts
LoadingReadyRun: butt-dresses?
Metric_Furlong: I think those are just called 'skirts'
TehAmelie: although someone recently pointed out to me a strangge coincidence: almost all "metroidvania" games have male PCs, unlike Metroid
sir_jack_DB: almost all
PhoenixMelior: or, depending on the interpretation, shirts/dresses that are so short they don't fully cover someone's butt
sir_jack_DB: I'm *still* trying to get to level 999 in Order of Ecclesia
TXC2: Hello Everybody
sir_jack_DB: Hello TXC2
sir_jack_DB: *salutes*
TXC2: hi sir_jack_DB
malc: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Games of Chance (With your suggestions and our trusty D6, James and Paul explore the wonderful world of video games. Game: Star Wars Republic Commando) at Thu 10:00 AM PST (2m from now).
sir_jack_DB: :)
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie so, like most games in general, then? Kappa
TehAmelie: mm-hmm
TehAmelie: i think i read the gender ratio in games that have a non-customizable, clearly gendered player character is still well over 99%
TehAmelie: "lady-type PCs" in itself could be a category for GoC now that i think about it
TXC2: I feel like that number is a bit to high for ALL games, but it sure fits for AAA
Metric_Furlong: I believe both Steam and Itchio have a 'female protagonist' category, so maybe?
Metric_Furlong: also it alloes PhoenixMelior to submit LLTQ again Kappa
LoadingReadyRun: TehAmelie I think it would depend a lot on what games you are looking at
Metric_Furlong: *allows
TXC2: TehAmelie so a choice between a tomb raider game or a perfect dark game? KAppa
TehAmelie: or. . .Dandara
PhoenixMelior: Metric_Furlong that's all I want, more chances lrrBEEJ
PhoenixMelior: Female protagonist actually would make a neat GoC category, if it wouldn't just all be Mirror's Edge
LoadingReadyRun: The Atelier and Neptunia games would alone skew the results :)
3 raiders from JonnyGlitch have joined !
PhoenixMelior: yeah but James would never put those on the list
cheetoJack: James would 100% put a neptunia game on the list as like a bet
JonnyGlitch: Alright that was worth it
sir_jack_DB: ah yes, the good Star Wars game lrrBEEJ
PhoenixMelior: you think so, cheeto?
TXC2: James is a gambling man
cheetoJack: ^
Max_Zuercher: Hey LRR
TXC2: Here we go!
JonnyGlitch: No one ever told me how sweaty streaming is
TheAinMAP: katesAir
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Max_Zuercher: Hey Paul
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TehAmelie: howdy
TheAinMAP: Hello.
accountmadeforants: Just noticed a lot of the games I played recently have female protagonists, so that's nice. (CrossCode, Nier, Yume Nikki and Iconoclasts, for those wondering.)
TXC2: red_shoes_jeff lrrHEART
CommiePuddin: debut!
Pal_Friendpatine: Just got this game through Games with Gold. Will be fun to see it played today!
Metric_Furlong: accountmadeforants one day I'll stop confusing CrossCode with Cosmic Star Heroine
Tomasu82: fancy
Metric_Furlong: one day
JonnyGlitch: Wowzers!
Tithegha: oh my
noSmokeFire: I like that you get sucked into the crack between the shelves
TXC2: Fancy
CrazymattCaptain: ooh
Hingadora: Witchcraft!
JonnyGlitch: Ok this is some next level sheeeet
TehAmelie: i can add Night in the Woods and Life is Strange to that short list
SajuukSjet: sam raimi?!?
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
noSmokeFire: can you do a batman-style logo spin?
JonnyGlitch: that would make a great thumbnail
cheetoJack: If you add some question marks on the sideways one it would be a great youtube clickbait thumbnail
JonnyGlitch: damn I wish I could program
TXC2: I recall when Paul made the animation triggered by sounds thing in X-split and we had a bit of a rave
JonnyGlitch: only one this stopping me
accountmadeforants: Metric_Furlong That's the first time I've heard of Cosmic Star Heroine. Would you recommend it to someone who really likes CrossCode?
TacitusVigil: Aww
TacitusVigil: Pre-Alpha State, aka "Anthem" lrrBEEJ
red_shoes_jeff: It doesn't do that YET!
JonnyGlitch: you need the soundeffects to go with batnman mode (eventually)
cheetoJack: ship it, slap a $60 price tag on it
TXC2: it's not a full alpha until you have the spinning bat logo Kappa
CrazymattCaptain: and by 6 months you mean 3 years
accountmadeforants: Paul really revolutionising the Streaming-Setups-As-A-Service space
TacitusVigil: @JonnyGlitch We can get Ian and Beej to record themselves going "NaNaNaNaNaaaa!" ;)
cheetoJack: *hits top of code* This bad boy can fit so many bugs in it
JonnyGlitch: oh that sounds awesome Paul!
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MehallD: Oh hey, Paul stream!
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JonnyGlitch: @TacitusVigil EVEN BETTER!
JonnyGlitch: Beejman!
TXC2: we still have it for the emotes on the tech deck No?
PhoenixMelior: today is not James of Chance
TXC2: LRR policy
PhoenixMelior: LRR policy is not to be patient zero
MehallD: James is sick for 3 hours?
JonnyGlitch: Don't contaminate Paul!
TacitusVigil: This is why we need a Bane mask for people to wear.
Robot_Bones: not unless he brings enough germs to share with the rest of the class
PhoenixMelior: !chair
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Hingadora: katesChair
CrazymattCaptain: don't be patient zero for the Beej Cold
Twinklebees: Woo, Chair!
JonnyGlitch: @MehallD I've gone from 100 to 0 in about that
Twinklebees: Fan favourite.
noSmokeFire: not *the* MT Chair?
TehAmelie: !chair
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BloodForTheCorelab: james?
frnknstn: Chair! Best cohost!
mistborn83: empty chair is my favortie
Robot_Bones: M. T. Chair pro tour commentator
Yumore: that's a big name in the room
SajuukSjet: The Chair
JonnyGlitch: katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair
shepherd25c: yay, empty chair!!
Pal_Friendpatine: Invisible player 2
TacitusVigil: Can't we just CGI James in post?
TXC2: !clips
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mistborn83: it chair its chair it rolling and solid and blue. Its chair its chair
CrazymattCaptain: chair is the best streamer around. he's everywhere
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frnknstn: What is the internal temperature of a tauntaun? Lukewarm.
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Novus_Spes: Wait, for real? Republic Commando? From the Halcyon Days of Star Wars games? Be still my heart!
Yumore: empty chair: the most impressive WoW streamer of all time
TehAmelie: sadly, most of the time we don't actually see Chair on stream
accountmadeforants: Some people use the Kevin Bacon Number, but the MT Chair Number is where it's really at
JonnyGlitch: You know, about 5 min into the stream, Cori will materialize, revealing she was wearing the morph suit the whole time
Tithegha: podracing!
Uzumaki15: Episode 1 Racer was my vote
Angnor33: X-Wing and Tie Fighter!
TehAmelie: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:09. lrrSPOT
JonnyGlitch: sTaR WaRs TeE eM
accountmadeforants: STAR WARS The LRR Stream!
Angnor33: My son is actually replaying this game now. lrrAWESOME
Novus_Spes: You mean from the Halcyon Days of Branding Guidelines? ;-)
SajuukSjet: SW Dark Forces :D
Graved: Ah, Republic Commando: the best Star Wars game without Jedi
red_shoes_jeff: The kids love that one!
Robot_Bones: STAR WARS: Boogie Nights
bloodybighead: Attack of the Clones, Unleashed, Unleashed 2, Old republic, Bounty Hunter, ... too great
red_shoes_jeff: benginFingers
TehAmelie: what would happen if we combined a Serious Man, Hat Man and Quiet Man?
JonnyGlitch: Oh whoops I know LRR doesn't raid but I didn't think me doing so would be unusual
noSmokeFire: So Uwe Boll has a Bacon number of 2, meaning Graham has a bacon number of 3 from his interview, which means that MT Chair's Bacon number is 4. So you can approximate someone's Chair Number by adding 3 to their bacon number.
red_shoes_jeff: heh
Uzumaki15: I haven't checked recently, has the Eco Sim Gungan Frontier made it to Steam?
bloodybighead: What does Darth Maul like in his coffee?
ajthesatyr: Wait a moment..... I was promised 4 Pauls
bloodybighead: A little half n half...
GDwarf: I bet it's a game about a commando for the Republic
TheWarbo: 4 PS4s?
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Angnor33: Go command all those republics!
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TehAmelie: ha what even was that?
Agu_Sakku: I always enjoyed STAR WARS Empire at War.
noSmokeFire: it feels weird to define a game by the underwear choices of its protagonists
deadlypartition: oooohh I played this game so much as a kid!!!
ajthesatyr: This is a great game
CrazymattCaptain: how did they manage to get it stuck in night more for the whole stream?
bloodybighead: Its actually 4 commandos I believe. And you get to control their orders (attack, take cover and such)
JonnyGlitch: Oh wow this brings back memories, even though I've never played it
PhoenixMelior: also the aspect ratio looks weird
xnflxnightmarex: Absolutely my fav Star Wars game
BloodForTheCorelab: turnup?
JonnyGlitch: the eara of late 90s early 00s PC starwars games
xnflxnightmarex: I just got goose bumps
Graved: I wonder if LRR crew already made plans for inevitable 5 PS 5 video next year. Kappa
bloodybighead: I think its because its an old game regarding the aspect ratio
GDwarf: Is it running at 640x480 or some-such?
Shellsh0cker: This is still the best squad shooter of all time, somehow
ajthesatyr: I bought this on Steam years ago and it didn't run very well.
TXC2: OK so this is a 14 year old game :p
CrazymattCaptain: can you use arrow keys in the menus?
JonnyGlitch: the resolution is warped too, looks like it's not widescreen
JonnyGlitch: yeah there it is
PhoenixMelior: nooo Paul, there was a mouse sensitivity button
JonnyGlitch: I think you get 4:3 that's it
deadlypartition: dis an old game
TXC2: 1024X762 is the one true resolution Kappa
bitonality: Bruh the mouse sensitivity settings in this game is broken
TehAmelie: this computer i have came with a "gaming" mouse that's actually been very useful to me. just because it has a pair of buttons below the mouse wheel to regulate the mouse speed.
bitonality: I had to change dpi on the mouse
ajthesatyr: Can you use a controller Pual?
ActuallyImLilith: i know this is not mtg but i have a hillarious mtg joke
deadlypartition: change it to 0 Kappa
ajthesatyr: Paul even
JonnyGlitch: no that makes sense, lots of games that I have to play in 800x600 have really sensitive mouse controlls
noSmokeFire: maybe it's a log scale
bitonality: Paul change dpi on mouse
ActuallyImLilith: midrange rakdos combo
Gentleman_skieZ: @loadingreadyrun ingame it isnt that bad. its only in the menu. I played this game alot. menu is hyper.
JonnyGlitch: you might have to turn down your mouse in the OS settings
noSmokeFire: maybe you need to apply it first?
TehAmelie: we've gone plaid
bloodybighead: adjust your system's sensitivity?
GDwarf: Logarithmic sensitivity scale
TacitusVigil: Can you manually change the mouse?
deadlypartition: it doesnt seem like its changing at all actually
ActuallyImLilith: proffesional gamers
TehAmelie: mouse plaud
Robot_Bones: ominous chanting is scaring the mouse
CrazymattCaptain: can you use arrow keys for the menus?
deadlypartition: helmet ON
DeChunkandFriends: maybe there's a DPI button on the mouse
BloodForTheCorelab: its a visuals thing
Pandalore: Helmet is like your Ui
Robot_Bones: get your helmet on rookie
bloodybighead: Helmet = hud I think.
JonnyGlitch: !findquote Cameron helmet
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
bitonality: u want the windshield wiper to wipe the geonosis guts
TXC2: take out protein pills and put our helmet on
TXC2: *our
JonnyGlitch: !findquote helmet
LRRbot: Quote #4746: "I feel like if you can't remember putting the helmet on, you probably put it on too late." —Paul [2018-03-03]
TheAwkes: Can you cycle through the menus with the keyboard?
TehAmelie: if it's like Mass Effect they mean it turns your helmet "graphics" off so you can see your face
TheWarbo: Why do we ever want nonmaximum intensity
Graved: Tactical: Tacticool, Tactical, Rainbow Six, X-Commed
JonnyGlitch: how do I search quotes with name and keyword?
Redhot19: this game is so good
Gentleman_skieZ: this game is amazing
TehAmelie: the syntax is !quote [name] or !findquote [word]
Shellsh0cker: The helmet being visible in the UI is a detail I absolutely love about this game and Metroid Prime
TXC2: JonnyGlitch you cant, it's by name or by keyword only
bloodybighead: OG xbox flashbacks.
Gentleman_skieZ: This game and the books are my childhood
SajuukSjet: loadingreadyrun: there's an apply button on your left, did you hit it last time?
Shellsh0cker: Really amps the immersion imo
JonnyGlitch: thanks @TehAmelie @TXC2 , I think I have the bookmark to the database somewhere
SajuukSjet: loadingreadyrun: and you need to restart :D
bloodybighead: Last I checked, it retailed for over $100 new.
TXC2: !qdb
LRRbot: Quote database:
JonnyGlitch: actually I don't
Gentleman_skieZ: theres a widescreen mod IIRC
JonnyGlitch: thanks @TXC2 !
Stoffern: Ah...LucasArts...
Graved: @LoadingReadyRun I guess you did not go looking for unofficial patch? There is one to add 4k/widescreen support
masterblaster999: a classic, love this game
bloodybighead: Any body read the novels?
JonnyGlitch: oh man I had a Voodoo 128MB, so goood back then
Angnor33: @bloodybighead Yes
bloodybighead: Thoughts on the new canon books?
Graved: @LoadingReadyRun May be some bump mapping bugs, but no crashing should occur
JonnyGlitch: Community Patches are often vital for some older games, don't know about this one
TehAmelie: Vampire the Masquerade unofficial patches are up to v 6.0 but this may be different
JonnyGlitch: this resolution is fine as it's black bars on the side as opposed to stretching
JonnyGlitch: like the original
MehallD: We're all clones, but some of us are MORE clones than others
bloodybighead: Every one is special though...
Gentleman_skieZ: do noz turn off the helmet. the immersion is really good
TacitusVigil: But...if we can make some clones superior...why wouldn't we make *all* clones superior?
TheWarbo: Some of us are more clone than others
BloodForTheCorelab: TehAmelie mmm vtmb so tasty
PhoenixMelior: ohhhh nooooo, this FOV
bloodybighead: Helmet... on!
NimrodXIV: already so dirty
MehallD: Shouldn't your armour be brand new? Instead of all dirtied and stuff?
GDwarf: These subtitles are making me very sad
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one_of_the_voice: whew almost one year
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bloodybighead: Oh ya, the ammo count.
SajuukSjet: recyc'd armor Kappa
TXC2: PhoenixMelior too high or too low?
PhoenixMelior: txc2 it looks so shallow, my head hurts looking at it
Oatway_: hey sev, been a while
accountmadeforants: These graphics and that helmet style really remind me of Metroid Prime
bloodybighead: It like daft punk 2.0
SpacePotato01: aren't they all the same piece of the same person?
TacitusVigil: Captain Republic
GDwarf: Thanks, exposition-mom! You could've shown us their personalities via their actions, but just telling us who we like is fine, too. :P
Angnor33: Not until the final mission.
bloodybighead: It's
Oatway_: we're the good guys!
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BloodForTheCorelab: did paul just miss the whiper :P
bloodybighead: Ask and you shall receive.
ajthesatyr: I loved this game. No Jedi BS anywhere just a shooter in the Star Wars Universe
TacitusVigil: Ah, the best part of the game: The digital windshield wiper. :D
Angnor33: Your helmet does come with windshield wipers!
TXC2: War......war never changes
GDwarf: Between 2 and 3 would make sense
bloodybighead: Commandos are alone. Always alone.
ajthesatyr: Shoot all the Robots
TacitusVigil: I mean, is it really a 'secret' if it's just an army?
KinoGami: it is between 2&3
bloodybighead: It begins at the end of Ep2.
bloodybighead: I think.
SajuukSjet: this starts on Geonosis, right?
TacitusVigil: "Oh no, an army, our one weakness!"
Tithegha: looks like
TXC2: how are they elite if it's their first mission? kappa
one_of_the_voice: genosis is where 2 ended, so yeah this would be between 2 and 3
Angnor33: Yes. This is essentially starting you at the end of Episode 2
CrazymattCaptain: it looked like your visor did have a way to wipe the water away built in
bloodybighead: Rep. Commandos - Hard Contact is a pretty great book following some of these guys.
TXC2: yeap, super not a thunderhawk gunship from Warhammer Kappa
bloodybighead: Link up... Avatar style.
Gentleman_skieZ: theres 4 Rep. Commando books
Gentleman_skieZ: we dont talk about the 5th one :X
BloodForTheCorelab: txc2 tunderhawk opens in the front
bloodybighead: He was less of a clone.
Hingadora: "Don't worry about that guy. We've got lots more, all just like him."
DaSunao: Because then you all get splattered if the one ship goes down
TXC2: BloodForTheCorelab indeed it does
JaymicUnyielding: Had to tune in when I saw the game. I LOVED this one back in the day.
red_shoes_jeff: F
TheWarbo: Sun FAQ: is the sun a mass of incandescent gas?
bloodybighead: Bacta. Blue milk with drugs.
BloodForTheCorelab: txc2 see different! :P
TXC2: BloodForTheCorelab I still say it's reminiscent
JaymicUnyielding: Thank you for subscribing to Sun Facs!
ImmoralEthicist: I really dug this game. It's too bad it never got the sequel they clearly were building to.
Shellsh0cker: I love the brilliance of the clone army from a production perspective. Only need to hire one VA
BloodForTheCorelab: txc2 i mean its just a blackhawk
TXC2: BloodForTheCorelab huh, it really is yeah
ajthesatyr: Shoot the Stormtroopers!! Oh wait.... wrong timeline
BloodForTheCorelab: txc2 ;)
bloodybighead: Isn't there a secondary weapon?
Angnor33: I forget the zoom button...
Angnor33: Shift?
ajthesatyr: Get in the Tank!
TXC2: Normandy but with LAZORS!
mynameisfourteen: not the future - it's a Long Long Time Ago
BloodForTheCorelab: bloodybighead i remember you get like sniper and grenade attachments?
Angnor33: Yup
Drasvin: Basic battle droids aren't very smart
BloodForTheCorelab: comedy bots!
Shellsh0cker: @bloodybighead It makes you use the pistol soon iirc
ajthesatyr: That man is ded
ButterBall000: Seems like it's the kind of tutorial where they're not really aiming for you, just in your direction.
excalgold: wait.....Republic Commando ? what prompted this?
bloodybighead: Right. I thought there was a pistol. But this sometimes meshes with Halo.
CrazymattCaptain: important question can you teabag?
accountmadeforants: Maybe that's their way of airgapping them?
dr0ne00000: you mean the original 3 movies were better written, no way
excalgold: there isa pistol, it's got rechargeing ammo and is a good emergency backup weapon.
TacitusVigil: Yeah, the droids should be able to communicate faster than the speed of vocalized speech. That would be one advantage of a droid army, one would think.
TheWarbo: And it was a large plot point that there was a ship in orbit controlling the droids, wasn't it?
bloodybighead: Commandos don't teabag, they steep.
TXC2: TheWarbo in the first movie yes
excalgold: they upgraded after naboo
TXC2: ^
excalgold: you have shields.
GDwarf: They have a death cry that's *almost*, but not quite, a Wilhelm and it keeps bothering me.
BloodForTheCorelab: its like og halo
bloodybighead: Indeed ^^
Angnor33: I think 'Z' aloows you to use scope or ironsights.
Drasvin: Either airgapping the droids, or saving money by repurposing existing communication tech
ButterBall000: I think the blue line next to the green is shields
chi7891: Bump it up to medium?
SajuukSjet: they may be doing the 'don't kill them in the first scene' protection
Two_slot: needs 20% more Wilhelm screams
TXC2: toggle iron sights
excalgold: No you absoloutely can die if you are careless
excalgold: like by geting punched in the face by a super battle droid
TXC2: I've never really understood how Iron sights work IRL :P
Shellsh0cker: This was made in the days before iron sight aiming was mandatory in FPS's
Earthenone: grenade yourself to see if you can feel pain? :)
bloodybighead: After Naboo, the trade federation began installing portable droid control modules so they could be moved into the field. If my memory serves correctly.
Chronomagistrate: What was the category for this week?
JaymicUnyielding: Hi, Carth!
excalgold: Scorch !
BloodForTheCorelab: star wars
TXC2: Star wars games
Chronomagistrate: Thanks.
TXC2: shouldn't all the clones have the same voice?
TacitusVigil: I agree with the premise of the tabula rasa, but they all grew up together in the same environment, how can they have such different personalities?
Shellsh0cker: Oh holy crap that's Raphael Sbarge
JaymicUnyielding: yup
Shellsh0cker: I never realized that
TXC2: TacitusVigil theres different levels of cloning
bloodybighead: Clones began changing their voices to differentiate from one another among themselves.
JaymicUnyielding: Scorch is the best character in this game.
TXC2: Delta Commandos are closer to the OG Jango Fett
Shellsh0cker: 'Course, I played this like 5 years before Mass Effect
fexworldwide: I guess that's why he's called Scorch.
excalgold: they also took some of their personality and accents from their training sargeants
bloodybighead: Also with different missions and different planets, they would pick up different ways of talking.
excalgold: i would guess Scorch takes more after who ever taught the squad demolitions
Angnor33: Oh, and 'E' is your melee. :P
Drasvin: Each of the clones are tweaked for different roles. Different voices would help commanders and generals to tell them apart over audio comms
bloodybighead: excalgold: Yes indeed
Shellsh0cker: @jaymicunyielding OK but have you considered: Sev
JaymicUnyielding: @Shellsh0cker Really, the best part of the game is both of them, playing off each other.
excalgold: the Old EU yea
KinoGami: the commandos are trained by jango
fexworldwide: I can tell my identical twin uncles apart on the phone...
excalgold: the squads were trained togeather but i think the specialists spent more time with specialist trainers
Probevoyages: someone take away EA's license...
rocketjohn: once again, Gabe teaches us all so much.
excalgold: no he didnt, he hired other Mando's for that
TacitusVigil: Also, he's, spoilers, dead. Kappa
bloodybighead: Correct, Paul.
saucemaster5000: Just got here -- what year is this from? It looks super "metroid prime" and I dig it.
Shellsh0cker: @jaymicunyielding An excellent point
JaymicUnyielding: There are Republic Commando novels that go into the trainers. Jango recruited a bunch of other Mandalorians. A guy named Kal Skirata handled a lot of the commandoes.
EJGRgunner: Alright, you're a mutant
TXC2: saucemaster5000 2005
Angnor33: The commandos were trained by other Mandalorians, I think.
accountmadeforants: saucemaster5000 Right? The visor especially.
TacitusVigil: I guess that would make sense, they would need to learn super fast, so they would pick up things like mannerisms and dialects really fast too.
saucemaster5000: Ah thanks
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: Meh, just say a wizard did it.
bloodybighead: They would also hire mercenaries to supplement training at times.
TacitusVigil: Space wizards *did* do this. Kappa
bloodybighead: I think that was in Clone Wars tv show.
Shellsh0cker: Not sure if it comes up, Paul, but your character's handle is "Boss"
KinoGami: i bet they all just played SOCOM Kapap
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: Oh... yeah. :)
KinoGami: Kappa
lukyhemee: i loved this game
GDwarf: Suddenly it's all SWAT 4 in here
excalgold: its why the breachs looks smooth
GDwarf: "You're in my way, sir"
TXC2: yeah I recall that in episode 2, most of the clones we're just stunt guys, where as in episode 3 they got a Navy seal in to do the mo cap
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red_shoes_jeff: @GDwarf "Gah, YOU FOOL!"
TacitusVigil: @GDwarf That brings back memories of Star Trek Elite Force :D
Novus_Spes: @TacitusVigil Holy shoot, I have not thought of Elite Force in years. That was a fun ride.
JaymicUnyielding: So basically, your squad is as follows: 38, Boss, the squad leader; 62, Scorch, demolitions expert; 40, Fixer, tech and hacking; 07, Sev, sniper.
fexworldwide: So far you've scorched Scorch, and given that you just shot Fixer in the crotch, I think you've fixed Fixed.
rocketjohn: Slicing sounds a bit more surgical than "hacking"
fexworldwide: *Firxer
Drasvin: And hacking is also done with a big spike
excalgold: because there was very little wireless tech i nstar wars - they had to physically BE at the location and cut wires to patch in
bloodybighead: I played Edge of the Empire, I was a slicer from the underworld of the capital.
TacitusVigil: @Novus_Spes It really was. That would be fun to see on LRR too :D
TXC2: also isn't it all one guy doing the VA?
excalgold: No there are different people
excalgold: Boss is actually voiced by the guy who played Jango for instance
TXC2: huh OK then
TheAinMAP: Yes, you do.
BloodForTheCorelab: hehe paul finally notices :P
TacitusVigil: Best feature :D
wicker_knight: @excalgold Star Wars exists in a post-AI-Hacking future where all networks are closed in order to prevent external breaching
JaymicUnyielding: If you've played KOTOR, Scorch is the same voice as Carth Onasi.
TXC2: excalgold yeah I thought they all were though :p
Novus_Spes: @TacitusVigil Yeah it would.
Novus_Spes: @JaymicUnyielding Really? That is a cool factoid.
excalgold: Nah this is before Dee Bradley Baker took over voiceing the clones
GDwarf: Hah, of course they kept the music from the movies
excalgold: why yes, Clone trooper helmets DO have night vision!
bloodybighead: I like how the actor for Jango was author's dad in Aquaman.
Tithegha: of course. that was the best part of some sw games
TXC2: It's john williams, of course you keep it around
TheMandrew: Repbulic Commando Jiminy Carth Alenko Cricket Onassi
Izandai: One does not simply not use a John WIlliams score.
excalgold: Only louder
Novus_Spes: I kind of want to re-watch Cone Wars now.
TXC2: it's more Cinematic in black and white Kappa
bloodybighead: Good luck, Paul. I'm heading to a meeting. Bye, chat.
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excalgold: i lovethat Delta shows up for like five seconds in Clone wars which makes Republic commandos canon
TXC2: so long bloodybighead have fun
TheWarbo: My brain wants " firing IS TO firing solution AS explosive IS TO explosive solution"
excalgold: the wave your hand is 'follow me'
Novus_Spes: @excalgold 5-Second Rule, it's Canon.
TheWarbo: That looks like finger guns to me
TheWarbo: Pew pew
excalgold: or it should be.....
rocketjohn: is clone wars still in canon
rocketjohn: ?
excalgold: yeup
TXC2: possibly
TXC2: it was on the Disney channel no?
Novus_Spes: Yes. Still Canon.
rocketjohn: no, i meant is the TV show still canon, sorry
excalgold: part of the newer more narrow more stupid (controversial opinion i know) Canon yes
SajuukSjet: the CGI one is still canon
cloneblade: Should be. Anything that was after episode 6 has turned into "Legends"
Novus_Spes: @rocketjohn Yes!
SajuukSjet: it leads into SW Rebels
Izandai: I mean, the Clone Wars as a thing that happened is as old as A New Hope, but that doesn't necessarily mean the Clone Wars TV show is canon.
Norsche: The later animated Clone Wars is still canon
rocketjohn: seems reasonable.
rocketjohn: the books were mostly tat.
Izandai: But I'll take your word for it that the TV show is still canon.
Novus_Spes: And SW Rebels was pretty darn good. Had a solid ending too.
JaymicUnyielding: Clone Wars was also where they started to diverge from EU canon, even before Disney took over.
excalgold: "covert"
electric_claire: video games too
SajuukSjet: the drawn Clone Wars however, isn't :D
courtney_tetradax: clone wars TV is still canon, disney is making a 6th season now for it
TacitusVigil: I still want a live action Grand Admiral Thrawn
excalgold: sorry a space squid got rid of Thrawn
TXC2: to be fair, Thawn and Mara Jade were the only important things from the EU
excalgold: using the force
SajuukSjet: tacitusvigil: sadly, he's now canonically lost in space :D
TacitusVigil: @SajuukSjet That just means he can show up later, right? Right...?
SajuukSjet: txc2: lies! the (mis)adventures of Rogue Squadron, for one :D
Izandai: So are the Star Wars games canon? Are only some of them canon?
TheAinMAP: I'm not sure if all the paint on Sev's armor is paint.
Norsche: @TacitusVigil Almost certainly
excalgold: i wasso scared when this Super Battledroid showed up
Novus_Spes: Yeah but Thrawn and Ezra lost in space and "out there" is a pretty neat thing to have in the wings.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Thrawn was in Rebels, wasn;t he?
Novus_Spes: Yes, Thrawn is canon thanks to SW Rebels.
Novus_Spes: And he rocks.
SajuukSjet: bobtheninjagoldfish: indeed, the badie for 2 seasons
Izandai: There is not a lot of recoil on this gun.
excalgold: there shouldnt be.....
SajuukSjet: Tarkin turns up as well, he's as evil as always
Norsche: Tarkin's backstory novel is also really good
TXC2: well of course not, it's the future, we've solved inertia Kappa
QmonsterGames: Ah, one of the most underrated Star Wars games
Fanklok: Wonder why they never just made droids covered in mirrors
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Izandai lasers don't make recoil... do they?
BigWalkingCarpet: Thrawn is in Rebels
rocketjohn: netflix anime squad, get on it.
excalgold: Grand Moff Wilhuf 'just land the shuttle ON the protestors' Tarkin is evil ? NO WAY!
Izandai: @Bobtheninjagoldfish Lasers also don't move that slowly.
TacitusVigil: I honestly would love it if they made a full, animated version of the Thrawn trilogy, with the caveat that it's all Legends. I'd still take it.
SajuukSjet: excalgold: it's just always interesting see them pull that off in 'Kids' Media :)
rocketjohn: but netflix will never get it, because of disney's competing streaming channel
rocketjohn: soooo
electric_claire: Can't be on Netflix since Disney does their own streaming now
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Izandai: I dunno if this is canon, but my headcanon is that all the energy weapons in Star Wars use plasma.
Novus_Spes: Hey has anyone here watched the SW Resistance cartoon? Is it any good? I kind of...needed a break from Star Wars after...things.
Izandai: Like, lightsaber blades are ionized plasma contained in an electromagnetic field. That sort of thing.
TehAmelie: hmm "Make with the snipy-snipe" sounds like quotable material to me, if any mods are watching
excalgold: i hear it is worse then rebels...
Norsche: Resistance is good, but could be better with time
Jayrod1220: Resistance is hard to watch.
JaymicUnyielding: That 36 commando he mentioned is Darman from the Republic Commando books
sir_jack_DB: "all I smell is burnt Geonosian" fucking y i k e s
rocketjohn: Is there still a 9th 'main sequence' movie to come from the SW canon?
Norsche: My man DARMAN
SajuukSjet: novus_spes: i hear it ramps in quality, not got around to it myself yet
excalgold: Poor Dar.
Tithegha: i gave resistance half a dozen episodes and gave up
Izandai: @rocketjohn Episode 9 is coming, yes.
excalgold: the problem with the droids is that there are a LOT droids
Izandai: Dunno when it's coming out.
Norsche: This December
excalgold: the B2/Super Battle Droids are scary.....the B1's ? not so much
JaymicUnyielding: Clones are better than droids, but there are a LOT more droids than there are clones.
Drasvin: Trade Federation goes for quantity over quality
TheAinMAP: Well the Supers you face a more formidable.
CrazymattCaptain: droids can't hit trained commandos but they can hit rebels
excalgold: your DC17M Is as wiss army gun
rocketjohn: that sight is baaad
excalgold: its also my favorite star wars gun
Spacecarl: oh man they rolled commando? sweeeeeet
Izandai: I like having the sniper be a mod to one's gun instead of a different gun.
DaSunao: It's like a Nerf gun
TXC2: didn;t they do that in killzone? one gun with like 4 modes?
excalgold: Right side
excalgold: close to the door like scorch was
excalgold: at least thats where i usually stood
Novus_Spes: Okay, hearing mixed to meh reviews on Resistance. Thanks chat. I actually really liked Rebels.
JaymicUnyielding: You can also do all these assigned tasks yourself by getting closer to the thing. Slicing, priming explosives, etc.
sivakrytos: isn't that r2d2
accountmadeforants: Maybe they are on an ultrasonic frequency, and the English lines are just lies to confuse meatbags
excalgold: but it's more fun to have the squad do it
TStodden: G'Afternoon everybody... I see James is here in spirit again.
TXC2: I was about to make a joke about getting stuck on geometry IRL, then I realised that just happens anyways :P
MAPBoardgames: I like how Paul basically just watches his squad do all the shooting.
excalgold: They did a good job on squadChemistry
TXC2: hello TStodden welcome
excalgold: watch the eggs!
Angnor33: War Crimes!
TXC2: Eggs hatch, not berth Kappa
Spacecarl: I remember the Republic Commando books being good too. But it's been a while.
MAPBoardgames: You can't give eggs a birth! They're EGGS!
clintdotzone: Oh is Scorch the same voice actor as Carth from kotor
ManaIishi: Actual, literal babykillers
excalgold: the specialty is most a personality thing
Izandai: Yeah, people get stuck on geometry IRL–AKA stub their toe or bump into a doorjamb–all the time. We just have better subroutines for recognizing and correcting it.
espi: love this game
canoecrasher: They're ugly babies so it's OK
Norsche: The Republic Commando books by Karen Traviss are excellent, but unfortunately were removed from both the Legends canon and the Disney canon
TheAinMAP: They have specialties, but they all do all jobs equally well.
rocketjohn: So are we expecting a James later on?
excalgold: any one in the squad can do anything but i think fixer slices slightly faster ?
TXC2: rocketjohn nope, he's off sick
rocketjohn: oh boo poor james :(
Izandai: ^
accountmadeforants: Izandai but some people get their backpacks stuck in closing train doors. That's almost softlocking yourself
Izandai: katesLol
MAPBoardgames: Shooting these eggs and the hatchlings has GOT to be a war crime.
excalgold: i like to think the newmandos from TCW were just living in the deserts of Mandalore becuse the idea that the jedi led a preemptive genocide strike on a nomadic people to me
BloodForTheCorelab: paul is commiting some sort of war crime :P
excalgold: @MAPBoardgames no geneva conventions in space
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Izandai: That's a nice touch.
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BigWalkingCarpet: Hmm, it seems Twitch ate my 1 year message, ah well
excalgold: i would have loved if this game or some otehr SW squad based game had the Rainbow Six Lockdown voice commands
JaymicUnyielding: To recall one commando from a position, just look at them and press the same button again.
Marlonwo: scorch is pretty badass with that cqc
MAPBoardgames: I do really like how in this game you can access the consoles yourself or you can set a squadmate on it.
excalgold: i think scorch would do it SLIGHTLYfaster
Izandai: Anyone else see the Galaxy of Adventures shorts?
TacitusVigil: Is it possible to do a pacifist run of this game?
excalgold: it's a squad command FPS....there are solo
Fanklok: "Take cover" detonates immediately, everyone is now unjured
TXC2: I highly doubt it
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Not without some kind of wongwarp to the end.
TacitusVigil: Ah, ok.
DaSunao: Get Bacta Work!
TehAmelie: videogames are big on "technical pacififism"
TehAmelie: comes with having a gun as your only actual way of interacting with the world maybe
excalgold: 'be careful i'm reading a massive level of sass' 'hello there' 'oh it's just general Kenobi'
Fanklok: Why do these clones have different voices
excalgold: bloodbeam !
TXC2: so we can tell them apart
Izandai: @Fanklok To make it easier to tell who's talking.
TehAmelie: i want a game about Doctor Queen general Organa, who's with me
TehAmelie: *General
Angnor33: Grenade?
TheWarbo: Why yes. Heath IS critical
excalgold: i wanta game where you play an Imperial commando....and dont immediately switch sides andif you do its not to the rebellion but to some one who was against Palpatines 'lawl burn it all'
Angnor33: I do love the little Bacta Defibrillators you carry.
TehAmelie: well, there is TIE Fighter
TacitusVigil: Hello G
TXC2: Hello Graham
Norsche: Yeah, TIE Fighter but as an elite stormtrooper commando? Sign me up
Spacecarl: I remember lorewise that they let the commandos develop their own personalities while the general clones were kept uniform
excalgold: yea but that's being a star fighter pilot not like a StormCommando or Navy Commando
TXC2: Hello Kathleen
Spacepup: Hey guys
TacitusVigil: Hello Kathleen
Izandai: This section is very loud.
TXC2: this game is from 2005
TheAinMAP: This level is during the end of II.
Spacepup: One of the best Star Wars games ever made, up there with TIE FIghter.
Izandai: Can't hear Graham or Kathleen.
Norsche: Or give me Star Wars X-COM where you're the tactical guy controlling a squad of troopers and have to balance squad loyalty when trying to complete secret objectives... oh yeah
excalgold: i think there are infinite Geonosians
TacitusVigil: I'd love a Stargate X-COM :D
CrazymattCaptain: can you pick up the alien weapons?
TXC2: TacitusVigil OOOOH YES!
KinoGami: this is the prequel to destiny. i can tell because your squad spends have the time dead waiting for you to do all the work KappaHD
Earthenone: stargate xcom would be amazing
KinoGami: half*
TheAinMAP: If you have the chance, you can pick up the Elites' weapon.
excalgold: keep moving Paul
Izandai: @TacitusVigil FUCK YES HOLY SHIT FUCK YES
Spacepup: I'd love an X-Com version of a lot of properties. Warhammer both 40k and Fantasy, Star Wars, Star Trek.
Angnor33: @CrazymattCaptain Yes, some of them. There are 5 weapons you can pick up throughout the game i think?
MAPBoardgames: Don't forget your melee attack is strong.
ManaIishi: I think the enemies just keep respawning
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TehAmelie: how about a Star Trek X-com where your guys just refuse to carry armor or weapons
Garfy400: @TacitusVigil Indeed
BillTheCat: man old fps huds were rad
excalgold: 'was it red red green or green green red?'
TacitusVigil: @TXC2 @Izandai @Garfy400 It would work soooo well too.
Izandai: Actually, thinking on it further, I don't want a Stargate XCOM. There's too much diplomacy and espionage in Stargate.
Spacepup: Honestly, Star Trek: Away Team would be a great basis for a tac-squad game.
BillTheCat: we need more games that actually render your helmet
excalgold: i want another Starbow Six
TXC2: Izandai we'll play as SG3, the all marine team that only gets called in for combat missions
excalgold: which is what i ocassioanlly called this game.....
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waZelda: I like GoC's Europe friendly time slot
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excalgold: @TXC2 there were OTHER Marine teams which i thought was kind of interesting.
TacitusVigil: @TXC2 I appreciate so much that you remember SG-3 are the Marines. :D
Izandai: @TXC2 Okay, I'm down with that. I wouldn't wanna play as SG1 anyway. Games where you play as the main characters of a live-action show always have problems in the character department.
TacitusVigil: @Izandai We could still do that. "Help extract a Tok'ra infiltrator with vital intelligence. Hold the Gate for x minutes (turns)."
TehAmelie: Worf: "we have phaser rifles, you know. there's no honor in giving yourself to the enemy." Picard: "Bah, I have my Starfleet onse, my tricorder, and my words, if i need any more the Ferengi deserve to win"
TehAmelie: *onsie
TXC2: TacitusVigil thanks
TXC2: Izandai oh I wound't have wanted it to be SG1 either
Avayu: TXC2 Or you could have different mission types for different team. SG1 gets kind of text adventure mission were you get to make choices.
excalgold: the squad AI is pretty good
Garfy400: Plenty of Next Gen voices in war of the chosen
canoecrasher: How does bacta work? Luke had to float in a tank for a while to get healed up.
Izandai: @TacitusVigil I guess it would work, with all the diplomacy and actual espionage being abstracted away, but I'd want to actually play those sections in some capacity.
Avayu: Also, I can't pluralize today.
Izandai: A pure XCOM SG3 game would be pretty sweet on its own, though.
excalgold: their suits haveconduits that distribute Bacta inside
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun This is a fun game
TacitusVigil: @Izandai Or at least on the map screen. We have to negotiate/work with allies.
excalgold: so it's like direct to the woundand a concentraited dose
TacitusVigil: @Izandai "If you do this mission, lose X standing with the Tok'ra, but gain X with the Free Jaffa"
TXC2: I think what we're getting at is we just want a Stargate game :P
excalgold: i was Stargate Worlds had come out/......
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Avayu: TXC2 A good one, if possible.
excalgold: i wish*
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Yeah, that's not a bad idea.
Izandai: @TXC2 Basically, yeah, lol
TXC2: Avayu oh course
MAPBoardgames: !advice
LRRbot: Pay attention to your doom.
excalgold: i wanted to play a Goa'uld with Jaffa minions so badly
Bobtheninjagoldfish: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always watching. Waiting. Planning.
TehAmelie: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a mystery
TehAmelie: umm
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WizardZedd: 2/3 of the way to a century!
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Izandai: I think there would be a market for it, too. I rarely see people talk about Stargate, but every time I do several people pipe up as fans. Plus, I'm sure there's plenty of people who've never heard of the series who would be interested. SG-1 didn't get 10 seasons off a small, niche audience.
TXC2: "feeling down? need energy? why not try: Plutonium" Kappa
excalgold: 'and now we have space ships'
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TacitusVigil: But we *earned* having those space ships.
Izandai: ^
excalgold: thatswhat was amazingabout stargate
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excalgold: they didnt start with the advanced tech.....but eventually got it
Izandai: The scope of the series expanded drastically, to be sure, but every step felt natural and earned.
excalgold: (though why they kept using MP5's and P90's is beyond me
Izandai: katesLol
Izandai: That's a highlight.
TacitusVigil: And it managed to have an ongoing meta plot without having to be completely serialized. Which is impressive.
TXC2: excalgold because they're better
TheAinMAP: Whoops!
Izandai: @excalgold Because Cool Future Gun.
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Zappeljakob: And for my Sub-birthday I wish for Paul to sing us a Shanty :D
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Avayu: Technology acquisition was part of the mission statement from the beginning, so it made sense.
flikerz1: ! clip
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Angnor33: To be fair, this is your first day on the actual job as a commando.
excalgold: then an M4 ? or aG36...or the M60's and AA12's that Teal'c started using when he discovered he couldrequsiiton stuff ?:P
Angnor33: I think you're doing well. :P
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Yeah, the struck a really nice balance between episodes that advanced the overarching story and "planet-of-the-week" episodes.
excalgold: Scorch
Comeback323: wow those things can take a beating
Izandai: And sometimes the planet of the week secretly tied into the overarching story.
excalgold: they were beating up scorch
kerbalized_: Hes dead Jim
Angnor33: Yeah, the supers are touch.
TXC2: excalgold well he used his staff weapon mainly as a "fuck you" to the goa'uld
TacitusVigil: @Izandai They're also one of the few shows that made good clip shows that actually forwarded the plot.
BloodForTheCorelab: probably you have too many grenafes?
excalgold: i just love when he discovered he could requsition stuff though and you saw Teal'c with an AA12 or dual wielding G36's
TheAinMAP: That should mean you have them already.
Angnor33: 'G' changes your grenade selection, I think. Those are EMP grenades.
Angnor33: Sorry, Q
excalgold: Q
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Yeah, there were a few really off-the-wall episodes. Like that super duper meta one where they talked about making a TV show.
excalgold: and Episode 200
TXC2: Izandai fun fact, that was the 100th episode
excalgold: which was just an excuse to be silly
TacitusVigil: @Izandai They did *two* of those :D
Spacecarl: The time loop episode is by far my favorite
TacitusVigil: @TXC2 200th I think? And the early one with DeLuis too.
Izandai: @excalgold Yeah, that's the one.
Avayu: Stargate didn't need much of anexcuse to be silly.
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Did they really? wow.
Tithegha: the Dan Castellanata one remains my favorite
BloodForTheCorelab: super battle droids so tanky
Izandai: @Avayu So true. So true.
MAPBoardgames: Unlike in other media, Super battle droids in this game are hella-tough
TXC2: TacitusVigil ah no you're right, I was thinking of the Wormhole x-treme one, which was the 100th
excalgold: SBD's are rightfully scary, i'm just disappointedthey hadnt invented the commando droidyet
Izandai: Wormhole X-Treme was 200.
BloodForTheCorelab: do we have the little wristy blade?
TacitusVigil: @TXC2 For both, they used Martin and his show for both. :D
Izandai: Oh, wait, no you're right.
TXC2: TacitusVigil yeap
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excalgold: blood beam !
clintdotzone: i just realized why did the separatists give their battle droids noises when they get hurt lol
excalgold: that was the geonosians
BloodForTheCorelab: clintdotzone to play on the empathy of their opponents?
Izandai: There was episode 100, which was actually Wormhole X-Treme, and then in episode 200 was about making Wormhole X-Treme.
excalgold: they also made them look like neomodian corpses on purpose
excalgold: Bloodbeam!
Avayu: Star Wars droids are generally one of those things you better not think about two deeply.
Avayu: *too
TacitusVigil: @Izandai Yeah, they're pitching ideas to him b/c the Air Force thinks it's useful cover to keep the show going.
TXC2: of me though the best episode is either the one with O'niel in Baa;'s prison, or the one with the assassin killing everyone at the alpha sight
BloodForTheCorelab: Avayu servo facts???\
VDel_234: Hey Paul, recently started watching LRR again, and now streams.
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Yeah, that's right. That was a fun one.
canoecrasher: Is that clicking the gun?
TXC2: hello VDel_234 welcome
BloodForTheCorelab: canoecrasher yes
TheAinMAP: "You know it's a good weapon when it has legs." Paul
kerbalized_: oh god why does it have spider legs O.o
excalgold: those are needles
Pal_Friendpatine: Bug weapon = creepy weapon
TheWarbo: Oh it's those things
excalgold: they aresupposed to TAKE YOUR BLOOD
VDel_234: It's super effective
TXC2: spider legs = mobile right? Kappa
Crad0k: yeah, it's a great gun, but it'g to so little ammo
canoecrasher: Press F on it
BloodForTheCorelab: kerbalized_ well you know people put human legs on thins and bug people put spider legs on their weapons
TheWarbo: They were effective against you, so also when you have it
Izandai: My favorite joke from that episode is where they're talking about how to do the title card, and one guy says that long, elaborate title sequences (like what SG-1 has) are old hat and the new thing is just throwing the title up with a single musical sting... And then they do that. As the title card for that episode of the show.
excalgold: booo
excalgold: boooo!
Izandai: booooo
Avayu: Wow
kerbalized_: @bloodforthecorelab ah but of course haha
AgentCatbird: 200 is an amazing episode. Caught a rerun of it recently.
rocketjohn: they said the thing!
rocketjohn: the thing!
BloodForTheCorelab: ;)
Izandai: "These must be..." Did he just...
TXC2: like the Farscape paordy in that episode is so good
Izandai: Okay, this game is great.
TacitusVigil: @Izandai Or how they say they need a surprise guest, and then O'Neill shows up "Like this?" And they go, nah, it will be spoiled in the trailer. And it was. :D
TXC2: *parody
dm818: my favorite thing in this game is the wrist knife
excalgold: well if you consider storm troopers were probably trainedby clonetrooper veterans ?
AgentCatbird: I still think Teal'c, P.I. deserves to be a real show.
TXC2: AgentCatbird damn right it does
Pal_Friendpatine: This does look pretty great
Crad0k: yeah, they do that sometimes :-p
Izandai: @TacitusVigil I barely remember that one. I need to rewatch the show sometime.
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: I used to love this game
TXC2: that or just have Christopher Judge play Shaft
Izandai: ^
Izandai: I dunno who Shaft is, but I agree.
LathosTiran: the order system was so cool for its time
TheAinMAP: Supers are hard to take down. And sometimes they don't stay down.
Izandai: Have Christopher Judge play every character.
excalgold: watching Christopher Judge read dad jokes Kratos was a joy
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Spacecarl: Yay my favorite old weird Star Wars game is a great birthday suprise! Sweet! I remember loving the books too, but I don't know how well they hold up now.
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Izandai: ^^^^^
AgentCatbird: Speaking of Christopher Judge, I'm amused that he went from killing gods in SG-1 to killing gods as Kratos.
TacitusVigil: Isaac Hayes *was* in an episode of Stargate. As a Free Jaffa leader. :D
Izandai: @AgentCatbird Wow, he totally did. That's fantastic.
TXC2: TacitusVigil oh yeah he was
excalgold: the P90
Izandai: I love that moment, Paul.
LathosTiran: SG-1 showing off P90's to the jaffa
excalgold: 'This is a weapon of terror' hefts staff weapon 'This is aweapon of WAR' hefts P90
Izandai: "This is a weapon of terror. It is meant to intimidate the enemy. This is a weapon of war. It is meant to kill the enemy."
Izandai: Love that line to death.
TXC2: it's so good that line
excalgold: and O'neill just drops some grenades ?
Earthenone: drops grenade
TacitusVigil: @Izandai Me too. I also love that it gives a good reason for the difference in weapons. :D
Avayu: Oh, the grenade drop. That's my favourite moment.
v_nome: I like the Asgardian's commentary on the human weapons. That they'd never thing of something so... simple.
Izandai: @TacitusVigil Yeah, it's real great.
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: I love the visor wipe in this game
TXC2: "what do we do now?" "now we die" "well that's a bad plan"
Avayu: Also, I just love Bra'tac
TXC2: MASTER Bra'tac
TXC2: Kappa
excalgold: i love the LAAT, coolest sci-fi gunship
kerbalized_: I'm super enjoying the robotic Wilhelm screams sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
SajuukSjet: i dunno, gotta love the pelican, too :
TXC2: Tony Amondolla
TacitusVigil: Yeah, the Goa'uld are just squabbling amongst each other. But when they made *good* weapons tech (like Anubis) it was actually effective.
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: The multiplayer in this game was genuinely fun, it just sucks that there wasn't a co-op.
Izandai: The Goa'uld were basically like European nations in WWI, when they'd spent forever only fighting subjugated peoples, and the SGC was like European nations in WWII, actually good at fighting.
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: Like my buddy always wanted to play as Sev.
excalgold: HEADSHOT MHAHAHA when the Trandoshan got a head shot
Earthenone: !findquote malware
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
TXC2: heres hopping :P
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: Ooh, Russian Malware stream!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
Izandai: Probably the trippiest SG-1 episode was when they were putting the new guy through a training scenario, but then shit started actually going down, but it turned out to be another scenario, and that just kept happening.
TacitusVigil: I found a 3D printing site that has a vendor that makes stargate stuff to scale with the X-Wing tabletop game. They're great. :D
kerbalized_: the Goa'uld were also preocuppied with being gods. wasnt one of the plotlines that they forgot that they werent gods?
Izandai: @TacitusVigil If I played that game I would totally replace the Star Wars ships with Stargate ones.
Izandai: @kerbalized_ They totally did, yeah.
excalgold: 'it's not an X-WING its an F-302!'
TacitusVigil: @Izandai I bought one of the stargates (It's a spacegate from Atlantis) just to have one. It's great. :D
TacitusVigil: Came with the Needlethreader.
Izandai: niceeeee
TacitusVigil: As the Jaffa say "They do not make them as they once did"
Izandai: Oh yeah, I remember seeing that forever ago.
kerbalized_: holy crap thats info dense
Izandai: Boy, there's some real heckin big spaceships, huh?
SajuukSjet: the stargate ships are at the bottom
TacitusVigil: I wish micromachines were still around, I've love a 304. I'll have to settle for making one out of Legos. I just need to get the pieces.
Izandai: Thanks, wouldn't've found them otherwise.
SajuukSjet: there's also the fun series somewhere, that goes from the Halo Ark (planet sized) down to human scale
SajuukSjet: through all the silly levels of scale that Halo plays with
kerbalized_: theres that Blender render gif somewhere that goes from human to Halo somewhere
Izandai: Oh wow, I just remembered O'Niell (two Ls) whining about them not being able to call the Prometheus the enterprise.
TXC2: oh good they got the warhammer ships on this
TXC2: and we're back
TacitusVigil: @Izandai The Air Force is no fun. :P
Izandai: "It's a Greek tragedy, who wants that?"
SpookySpaghooti: hey all!
Avayu: SajuukSjet At some point I want to make a really nice big poster out of that picture.
TXC2: hello SpookySpaghooti welcome
SajuukSjet: avayu: i know, right ?!?
kerbalized_: 4k without increasing poly count?
Avayu: I'd need a nice big piece of wall first, though.
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho Friends
MAPBoardgames: You know the worst part about this game? It didn't get a sequel.
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah I would love to see a modern version of this game
TXC2: hello I_Am_Clockwork welcome
Spacecarl: The commandoes had more free reign than the rest of the clones
I_Am_Clockwork: The Commandos were designed to be more indipendant than the rest of the clone types
excalgold: haha 'leave me alone'
kerbalized_: oh wow, looks real good now
Crad0k: you might have to go into the mission select
dr0ne00000: you need to beat it again in 4k
SajuukSjet: ye olde game. did YOU actually save it?
CapnRobert: looks fine to me
Izandai: Did he just kick that droid in the nards?
Izandai: And it exploded?
SajuukSjet: you were at 1600x1200 before
TXC2: sure why not
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Crad0k: those grenades you have equpped at the moment are great against SBDs, just toss one down and have your troops force fire should kill at least one
excalgold: Imperial Commando
Stoffern: Probably not since LucasArts stopped being in charge of that
CapnRobert: man I would play a republic commando too
CapnRobert: two
Crad0k: made by EA? no
Tithegha: Resistance Troopers?
MAPBoardgames: Anyone have an idea how to fix my second monitor? It shows a black screen, if I cycle power I get image for like a second then it goes black.
AgentCatbird: The squad from this game made a cameo in the CGI Clone Wars show.
Ukon_vasara: yeah, they just skipped a trilogy it seems
Izandai: I think the implication was that there's plenty of people out there who support the Resistance theoretically, but all the active members were in that convoy.
Avayu: There aren't many shooters with singleplayer campaigns like this anymore. And they're definitely not made by EA.
clintdotzone: imagine Rebel Commando: for whatever reason the clone commandos never got order 66.
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Izandai: They can get new recruits, they just had to survive Episode 8 to get the chance.
TXC2: bold assumption there Paul Kappa
TXC2: remember this is a 14 year old game
Ukon_vasara: wildlife?
TheAinMAP: Geonosians.
TheWarbo: I don't think that's how launch codes work, Paul
Prophetx05: what's the name of this patch?
tim19862: D: that frozen walk cycle
SajuukSjet: when squad AI aint so smart :)
mahpete_: @prophetx05 russian malware ;)
dr0ne00000: so far
excalgold: scan everything
excalgold: twice
excalgold: :P
JoeKim: ohhhhhhhhhhh
dr0ne00000: it could be norks
JoeKim: the fact that this game didn't have 4 player co-op
TheWarbo: Did you pull a Watch&Play Paul?
Earthenone: Genosian malware
JoeKim: was a tragedy of the highest order
excalgold: true it could be Chinese or Malyasian
Prophetx05: Swedish Malware?
LathosTiran: you got russan malware once there fore your immune now Kappa
dr0ne00000: @LathosTiran lol
tim19862: South Dakota malware Kappa
Prophetx05: Bad Landing 0/10 Would not recommend
mahpete_: the malware was in our hearts the whole time !
excalgold: PolishMalware -it gives you OTHER PEOPLES Personal information
excalgold: mini death star !
TXC2: VERY mini :P
TheAinMAP: I liked using the turrets.
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ValtheDrake: I want to start as a hacker but am bad at making malware, after receiving this message could you format your hard drive by hand? thanks in advance
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excalgold: i hope Paul gets to the horror level soon
Crad0k: it's a *nice* turret, but i don't think i've used it in years, or any other
clintdotzone: "more bugs, more kills?" Are the Geneva conventions in star wars?
Prophetx05: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:47:48.
excalgold: and by soon i meanat all - thats a nice level
Prophetx05: based on how long we've been live we might get to the beginning
Earthenone: there is the geonosian convention, but they ruled "more bugs. more kills"
CapnRobert: man this game is so rad really makes me sad something like this is so unlikely to be made these days
Izandai: They made a Stargate trading card game???
excalgold: almost time for delicious lunch pizza
TheManaLeek: Old Brown's Daughter!
rocketjohn: Drunken Sailor?
Izandai: And two RPGs?????
tim19862: lol
dr0ne00000: @excalgold all pizza is delicious
TheWarbo: Roll the Old Chariot Along
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GDwarf: Old Brown's Daughter isn't a shanty, but she is a proper sort of girl
TehAmelie: put her in the longboat 'til she's sober. . .i don't know many verses
TXC2: shave his belly with a rusty razor
MAPBoardgames: Paul is trying a solo career, leaving the beard tones.
TheWarbo: I love that the new 7th Sea TTRPG did an album of in universe sea shanties
kat2kool: Put him in bed with the captain’s daughter
excalgold: Chicken,Bacon,Arttichoke from Papa Murphys
Eklinaar: oh wow, I didn't realize games this old would ever come up on Games of Chance
Orgmastron: Paul singing slytqOMG
clintdotzone: reminds me of the fourth grade overnight trip my class took on an old timey sailing ship
TehAmelie: i figured the clones were long dead by now
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Crad0k: Don't think you playing this means I'm going to stop suggesting it. lrrAWESOME
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excalgold: i mean the captian is going to kill him when hefinds out
TXC2: like why is the Captain's Daughter even on the boat?
Izandai: I think the idea is the captain finds the guy in bed with his daughter and punishes him for that.
MAPBoardgames: You've NEVER SEEN the captain's daughter
tim19862: yep
Zebunisher: but what IF the captains daughter is actually a kraken?
tim19862: nettyUp
TXC2: Zebunisher then we'd have bigger problems :P
kat2kool: Nothing that says the captain’s daughter can’t kill him herself
SajuukSjet: zebunisher: you're gonna need a bigger boat
TheWarbo: Yeah I usually heard it with "but you ain't seen the captain's daughter" as the next verse
MAPBoardgames: MY favorite verse is "Put him in charge of an Exxon tanker."
TheWarbo: Which mostly just piles more not-great on top when you think about it
TheWarbo: One group at Louisiana Ren Fest did "make him the head of FEMA" when they came by
TheWarbo: In like 2007ish
Izandai: @kat2kool Very true. I doubt she'd be pleased to wake up to find a drunken sailer in her bed.
prakund: why dont you use blade when they are right infront of you?
MAPBoardgames: WWJD... with a drunken sailor?
Izandai: Something insufferably righteous, probably.
TheWarbo: Has Paul acknowledged his melee? It feels like a "not looking at chat the right time" thing
Angnor33: E is melee
MAPBoardgames: Melee is strong in this game
CapnRobert: you do its rad
lifecharacter: Don't you like punch dagger.
TheAinMAP: You do.
Crad0k: surprisingly good at killing SBDs
TheWarbo: You should be punching cities.
Izandai: Holy shit punch dagger hell yeah.
Angnor33: Vibro blade!
BloodForTheCorelab: paul just found wrist friend!
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: Wristy buddy!
TheWarbo: (I learned that watching Serge play Civ 6)
excalgold: still my favorite melee attack in games
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: So it's Sev, Scorch, and who's the other one?
BloodForTheCorelab: theres something very satasfying about the flicky sounds
CapnRobert: man the transforming gun this is awesome
Crad0k: next section's a bit nasty
Earthenone: fix
Crad0k: ProfessorOfBirdLaw Fixer and Boss
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: GOtcha, thanks fam.
excalgold: he does
Eklinaar: No Loafing
excalgold: oh crap the one with the room full of B2's.....
Crad0k: Boss wears orange tiger stripes and a small pack on his right shoulder
TheManaLeek: Are we going to jump? Jump? Everybody jump?
kat2kool: No loafs only buns
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: Oh I remember this part.
excalgold: uhhh that B2 at your feet is stil lalive
ProfessorOfBirdLaw: Nice shot.
Crad0k: they released Delta Squad as toys too
MAPBoardgames: Just keep swimming, swimming swimming...
excalgold: i lovethe exaddurated 'oh i'm dead' movements the B1's have
excalgold: Sonic grenade
Crad0k: the green one is a concussion grenade, works pretty well against everything
excalgold: they barely work on you becauseyou have flash compensation in your helmet
GDwarf: I suppose they might, overload a sensor so that it takes a second to reset back to a ground state...
Crad0k: you want to use the blue ones on SBDs
MAPBoardgames: Radiation grenade. Good for killing living targets
chaostreader: Bright light on a camera seems like it would blind it.
TXC2: GDwarf possibly
SajuukSjet: gdwarf: depends on what they're using as sensors
TXC2: might overload their sesnsors
LathosTiran: @GDwarf ive seen cell phone cameras get hurt by sun exposure,, so maybe
excalgold: the flesh grenades are for later
Izandai: @MAPBoardgames Only very slowly, though.
excalgold: flash grenades even
Izandai: Doesn't seem like it would have much tactical utility.
BloodForTheCorelab: what if the sonic waves shatter their droid control crystals???? :P
SajuukSjet: gdwarf: also depends HOW they're using/interpreting said sensors :D
excalgold: watch out for dispenser boxes - or is that next level ?
GDwarf: True enough, but it feels like a flashbang would, at best, hinder for a second, maybe two, which doesn't seem worth it.
Crad0k: excalgold that's after the solo bit
excalgold: even a second of hidnerance is useful in a fire fight
excalgold: stab with rifleonly
JaymicUnyielding: Scorch with the Ep 4 callback
gainsofcastamere: Yeah that's pretty much par for the course for star wars video games.
excalgold: initially i was like 'well that was an underwhelming boom'
excalgold: andthen the rest of it happened and i was like 'oh yay
GDwarf: Has anyone had a bad feeling about this, yet? If not, I'm sure it's only a matter of time. :P
Crad0k: GDwarf we probably won't get to the best one
gainsofcastamere: And I say that as someone who has played a lot of, and loves said games. The writers can rarely resist the urge to drop memorable quotes.
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EC_as_That: Oh good golly goodness. FIVE. YEARS. Five years of streams. That's a lot.
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excalgold: 'Wookiee life debts for every one !' is still one of my favorite scorch lines....alsowhy are there bacta dispensers in a droid run base ?
PhoenixMelior: !goc
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
Izandai: Since when to Super Battle Droids have shields?
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JCMaxw3ll: It is important to make sure the game is comfortable in your interactions
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Izandai: *do
TheAinMAP: Paul, you have shields.
CapnRobert: clearly only paul should have shields
excalgold: a little but theres looks like a riot shieldtype thing
excalgold: theirs* even
excalgold: yea the blood beam guys can really wreck you
EC_as_That: Hit it in its glowy butt spot?
TacitusVigil: #CoreWorldProblems
excalgold: later on you get sub machine guns, shot guns and a Concussion rifle
excalgold: oh and also a mini-gun
Crad0k: and a minigun
excalgold: the ACP weapons were so neat
Crad0k: and a wookiee bowcaster and missile launcher
gainsofcastamere: The voice actor for Scorch was also Carth in the KOTOR games. In all three games he's a chill dude, reformed Sith torturer or not.
chickenace11: has anybody mentioned how one of these voices sounds like Orhov paul
excalgold: Carth wasnt a sith are thinking of Atton
chickenace11: *Orzhov
gainsofcastamere: oh my bad you're right
TXC2: chickenace11 we have now :p
excalgold: Geonosian elites are fire flies
excalgold: i cant unseethat
MAPBoardgames: These guys aren't aliens. This is THEIR planet. WE'RE the aliens.
Spacecarl: You did also go into that fight hurt
Crad0k: there's enemies who are harder to kill, and who do more damage, and big spider tanks... but geo elites are the nastiest enemies in the game
TheAinMAP: katesRip
excalgold: because the buggers are fast
CapnRobert: I like the rules of this game apply to you and your squad the same way for the most part
excalgold: you arent any more importnat then your squad which i love
CapnRobert: yeah
excalgold: because while you may PLAY Boss
excalgold: the game isnt 'Boss's story'
excalgold: it's Delta Squads story.
Crad0k: there's two consoles in this room
noSmokeFire: make like a pizza party and slice
excalgold: i laso lovethat friendly fire is a thing for the enemy
Crad0k: (i think)
excalgold: and i hate that my space bar is so stiff
TXC2: "it slices, it dices, it even make juilan fires" Kappa
excalgold: why would you want to fry Julian ! he's a perfectly good doctor
noSmokeFire: who's job do you think it was to convince these bugs to go fight naked with melee weapons
excalgold: No ones, geonosians dont wear clothes because they dont have external bugbits
TheAinMAP: That went better.
excalgold: i love that paul turned around and -ASKED the squad if they were breeching....
Crad0k: some of these types of doors are better to slice than breach
excalgold: like 'i dont know,you tell me boss'
TXC2: no , all doors must be beached, it's like kicking the door instead of just peaking Kappa
CapnRobert: it does actually in the game
CapnRobert: headshots matter
BloodnBullets: i think if you aim a little lower you might get the eye?
PhoenixMelior: txc2 all door must exit onto a beach Kappa
gainsofcastamere: I remember that when the Star Wars Miniatures Game came out with all of Delta Squad I was very happy to pick them up after enjoying this game so much. They're still watching me all these years later with my other SW minis on a shelf behind me :).
excalgold: you take out their primary sensors - also i think the droids have some of their processing power in their heads
TheWarbo: Presumably there is a sensor spot and a processor spot
TXC2: PhoenixMelior no, they have to flounder there Kappa
excalgold: -some- of it
TheAinMAP: He was dead, but he got back up.
TheWarbo: Why would evolution put the processing sensor of humans in the head?
LathosTiran: but the center is where we put the extra fireworks
TheWarbo: *processing center
ButterBall000: Similar philosophy to why put bridges of starships on the exterior most point of the ship
excalgold: 'because its cool!'
TXC2: TheWarbo it's closer to where most of the info is coming from
Crad0k: does paul know that you can get the squad to focus fire on an enemy?
LathosTiran: evolotion has no plan. it gives up once something works
excalgold: you are in the War in the Stars
CapnRobert: you tell him to snipe and not much later the top half of a bug turns into a fine mist
JaymicUnyielding: @gainsofcastamere yo I LOVED Star Wars Minis! One of the few miniature painting projects I ever did was turning my second set of Commandoes into Omega Squad.
TacitusVigil: A gear of war, if you will? lrrBEEJ
TXC2: turns out optic nerves are biologically expensive
gainsofcastamere: That's why humans need both a Battle Bridge and Saucer Separation capability.
lifecharacter: Look at them pokin their little heads out like that.
CapnRobert: yeah totally agree paul
GDwarf: Being a small part of the whole can be fun, but it can also go bad. Guild Wars 2 had the story be about a different NPC who you just hung out with, and the end result wasn't great.
excalgold: i love the fact that they mention other commando squads even if it is poor Darman's squad geting killed that sends you into the catacombs
TheWarbo: @txc2 yeah I was being, like....Socratic or something?
BusTed: boom got'em
GDwarf: I gather some of the GW2 story lines were better, though
CapnRobert: @GDwarf its still the same problem that npc you hang with is the person who does stuff
excalgold: no you are wrong, the coreship is a donut hole/tim bit of doom@
excalgold: !
excalgold: did you just set scorch on fire ?
excalgold: TWICE?
JaymicUnyielding: YOU KILLED SCORCH
CapnRobert: instead of the player when the problem is just having 1 person who does stuff
JaymicUnyielding: TWICE
BusTed: He's ok!
Crad0k: dear scorch, move out of the way maybe?, love boss
excalgold: TWICE! witha mini-death Star !
excalgold: Oooh paul gets the grenade launcher soon
tergonis: to be fari, scorch was standing in front of the death laser
excalgold: its a LITTLE weird to me that Delta droppedwith out their complete kit
gainsofcastamere: @JaymicUnyielding That sounds like fun, I have been doing more mini painting recently with friends and it's a blast. Here are the old WOTC Delta minis for anyone that's curious:
excalgold: and dropped solo.....
Crad0k: there's a mg turret here too
excalgold: oh an EWEB
LingoBox: Yay. Getting my dose of Paul in front of camera and not (as usual for FNM) behind the camera
Crad0k: press f to pick up
MAPBoardgames: Rokket Launcher?
Angnor33: Press F
chaostreader: F
excalgold: Press F to acquire grenade launcher
Angnor33: Grenad launcher.
JaymicUnyielding: grenade
Crad0k: grenade launcher, this will one-shot an SBD
excalgold: but has limited ammo
JaymicUnyielding: ammo for this is scarce, but it's your strongest weapon
excalgold: until he gets the LJ50 or the ACP Repeater
JaymicUnyielding: well, yeah
Crad0k: or wookiee launcher :-p strongest standard weapon
leggettor: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Star Wars: Republic Commando
excalgold: out of ammo, desperately stabbing B2's in the chest - he's ready for the core ship !
Crad0k: paul has just learned the biggest secret of the game :-p
Astra7525: lots of Bacta stations for an army that mainly fields mechanical soldiers
excalgold: they have organics too
AgentCatbird: Attack its weak point for massive damage.
excalgold: Geonosians, Trandoshans, misguided humans and others
AgentCatbird: (Too obvious a reference to make?)
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Box box box.
kynelwynn: I recall this game! Also hi Paul
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a dagger, just a dagger
gainsofcastamere: Giant enemy crab droid!
Drakas: hello
MAPBoardgames: It blinks.
excalgold: its the eye at the bottom
Angnor33: Yes, the eye at the bottom.
Prophetx05: yeah
BusTed: Press 'F' to shoot defects.
TXC2: hello Drakas welcome
Crad0k: yeah, you encounter bloody loads
Crad0k: although you can skip a couple because some dev didn't lock the door to the next area :-p
sivakrytos: it _was_ a covert op
excalgold: the Covert part ended when 'Around the survivors a perimeter create' BEFORE you got there.
Robot_Bones: de-covertized
JaymicUnyielding: The end of Geonosis and the beginning of the next mission should be really fun
JaymicUnyielding: Mission 2 was always my favorite
Ukon_vasara: i do like the lil electric windshield wiper when ya get splattered
excalgold: i love the little two finger point boss does when giving orders
excalgold: it is a bridge
excalgold: from the Coreship
Crad0k: JaymicUnyielding counter argument: scav droids :-p
Angnor33: It's going to be lonely for a while...
excalgold: what do you think we are......ARC Troopers ?
Earthenone: never split the party!
JaymicUnyielding: @Crad0k Hmm... may have blocked those from my memory...
excalgold: oh wait the Arcs are frozen except for the Nulls
MAPBoardgames: !badadvice
LRRbot: Caress the spider.
TheAinMAP: Solo time.
excalgold: i mean thats a very real reaction froma clone trooper especially a commando Paul
excalgold: it means be careful !
tergonis: they're definitely talking about you
MAPBoardgames: Can you say... stealth section?
TheAinMAP: In other words, be careful with your shots.
Crad0k: you can get through this area with minimal kills, and you need to kite some guys
excalgold: you just have to be careful
Crad0k: any SBD in a rack that you hit will wake up
Earthenone: error 404 squad not "found"
MAPBoardgames: Qwiksave?
JaymicUnyielding: There's a quote later in this game that's one of my favorite one-liners
TheAinMAP: Correct.
JaymicUnyielding: "You lizards need to learn that I'm a lot scarier than you are."
Crad0k: turret around the next corner
Crad0k: kite him into the middle of the corridor and hit him with a cd17 grenade
excalgold: 'no' is all SBD's say
Crad0k: (or just walk up to him and knife him to death, seriously)
TheAinMAP: Yeah, I've seen what using explosives here can do.
Crad0k: you can't trigger by proximity
MAPBoardgames: Nice of the Geonosians to leave all this clone trooper ammo laying around.
Crad0k: (i should stop)
excalgold: i think you can syphon Tibanna gas from droid power packs
SajuukSjet: the Trade Fed is too cheap to customise their ammo :D
Angnor33: I think it's almost impossibleto stealth through there. I was never able to.
Crad0k: no, you can't avoid being spotted, even if you manage to one-shot him by surprise, the alarm still goes off
ardite_140: REPUBLIC COMMANDO!?!?!? There's a game I thought I would never see again! What made you pick this one Paul?
TXC2: ardite_140 random chance
excalgold: just using offthe shelf ammo, some stuff that goes in any blaster - actually i wonder if the power pack actually glows or if there or if thats a helmet overlay.....
ardite_140: @TXC2 but how did this even make this list??? Not that I'm complaining. this is a classic for me
Earthenone: category was "starwars games"
MAPBoardgames: The ship-shaking explosions didn't trip the alarm but getting spotted by one random dude did.
ButterBall000: When has a stealth mission in Star Wars ever gone without fail?
TXC2: ardite_140 the category this week was star wars game
excalgold: a little bit of smoke isnt going to hurt you in your armor that can work as a space suit
Crad0k: also, i vote for it every couple of weeks, it was bound to show up sooner or later :-p
Pusherman555: slicer no slicing
ardite_140: @Crad0k good vote
MatthewDennisMTG: the splatter followed by the visor cleaning is such a cool detail
Crad0k: this is legit one of my top 10 games ever
excalgold: i like how its the ONLY console thats different
JaymicUnyielding: Who else here picked up a little Mando'a between this game and the books?
TheWarbo: To be fair, "slicing"is basically "hacking, but with more finesse"
Astra7525: not "Level 1157, "Sublevel" 1157
excalgold: Hacking with a literal knife and calipers @TheWarbo
Crad0k: i play it two or three times a year, i know it basically by heart by now
MAPBoardgames: "slicing" is hacking with a cooler name.
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ardite_140: I imagine it's like splicing dna... just with code
TheWarbo: Yeah, I just meant like "hack and slash" vs "slice and dice"
excalgold: back thats what you were literally doing - Advisor uploaded a script for you !
ardite_140: It feels like a very George Lucas "Let's change a few letters and that will make it scifi" The exact same thing they did when they named the Cantina song's genre Jizz
Astra7525: remember you've also got grenades, Paul
SajuukSjet: heh, paul, if you don't see them, they still see you
TXC2: really? they called it jizz, when Juzz is right there for the taking?
TheAinMAP: We're being wery wery quiet.
Crad0k: yeah, and people who play it are called 'jizz-wailers'
TheAinMAP: At least they've all been partially damaged at this point.
vk_dragontech: DJ jizzy jeff
Taveena: Very complicated arming sequence?
ButterBall000: So, whenever I play the Cantina theme for people does that mean I'm putting jizz in their ear?
excalgold: you arehooking up the fuse and seting up teh transmitter
ardite_140: @TXC2 yes... canonically that genre of music is Jizz... Because it's ALMOST Jazz... but scifi
KidAmn: Because you don't mess around with something that could blow you and your squad out the nearest airlock in bitesize chunks
BloodForTheCorelab: i assume its a safety thing so it doens't blow in your hands
ardite_140: #georgelucasthings
rocketjohn: sounds very soviet
excalgold: if you hear voices in the music it's Mando
TheAinMAP: This is the start of the demo. It was a DVD extra on something.
AgentCatbird: It's in Mando'a, the Mandalorian language.
TXC2: right? sounds like we in a russian Submarine :P
excalgold: like they full on had a choir sing a few songs in mando'a
Astra7525: I remember they advertised this game with it "containing content relevant to Episode 3" and then being super disappointed when it barely did
MAPBoardgames: Those boxes overhead are droid clown-cars
TXC2: is Mando'a based on a mauri language? and if not why not?
excalgold: i think it might be
ardite_140: Sev is best bro
ardite_140: just like Ice Bear
KidAmn: Delta-Oh-Seven: your homicidal pal who's fun to be with
gainsofcastamere: So it's less weird that it's called Jizz in the star wars universe when you know we get the word Jazz from the word Jizz in the real world because it meant spirit, energy or spunk in relation to the energy of the performers. Those words have all sorts of connotations but they did in the past too.
TXC2: boy that Droideka noise takes me back
gainsofcastamere: Also the fact they are called Jizz-wailers in-universe is fantastic.
KidAmn: Roger Roger
excalgold: its the shield
GDwarf: I don't know if Droidekas are specifically anti-Jedi, but that's certainly how they're used
excalgold: and they are fast in travel mode
KidAmn: they weren't designed as such, but they're pretty damn good at it
BloodnBullets: please tell me you can drop those things off the roof on them.
ButterBall000: I remember in Jedi Outcast the easiest way to take out some Jedi were with the heavy repeater gun
ardite_140: @gainsofcastamere I learned a thing today
MAPBoardgames: Spoilers: you will!
Crad0k: fun fact, if you stand next to a droideka, they can't hurt you, because their guns are too far apart
SajuukSjet: i mean, it's all rule-of-cool and plot armor based anyways... a Jedi _should_ be able to just tilt the thing over with the force
Angnor33: The Super battle droid dispensers are a headache.
excalgold: i love that jedi outcast has the Briar pistol...basically the star wars version of Deckards gun only with a shot gun mode
Taveena: The main neat bit of EU I know about the Droidekas is that they're robots built by the Colicoids - sapient bugs who look like droidekas in the same way most droids look like humans.
Springlake: more like the Droidekas were A: built by actually competent droid makers and B: actually built for war instead of retrofitted security droids
Crad0k: this... is a nasty room
Springlake: @Taveena that's actualyl still canon
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Bengineering: Give up Paul! They've got the high ground!
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MAPBoardgames: Look Paul! Your favorite bug!
excalgold: what about hte fact that the geonosians built the B1's and B2's to look like Neomodian corpses or bloated corpses respectively and when asked ot change they just laughed ?
ardite_140: any one else remember the dev documentary videos of the team training with SWAT trainers to figure out the commando's tactics?
JaymicUnyielding: If you press F to target a single enemy, they'll focus fire and take it down faster.
Taveena: Hah, really? They kept the COLICOIDS in the new Star Wars canon?
Taveena: What A Choice
TXC2: ardite_140 it was a navy seal
Bengineering: I am! Seems like it was just a really bad allergy attack.
ardite_140: @TXC2 was it????
MAPBoardgames: Mythbusters proved the high ground thing was bunk.
Crad0k: more elites in three... two... one...
ButterBall000: That's good to hear @Bengineering
excalgold: Spy\idersss
Crad0k: i reiterate, this is a *nasty* room
TXC2: ardite_140 for the movie it was, which my not have been what you meant now that I think about it :P
TXC2: *may not
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Springlake: @Taveena they did indeed, don't think they have any pictures of them in the reworked canon but the name and description are still the same at least
Crad0k: MAPBoardgames that was Jamie's least favourite episode
ardite_140: @TXC2 oh no I meant the dev team of this game for the game. very specifically... I'll see if I can find it on youtube... am I allowed to post links??
TXC2: ardite_140 show me first
excalgold: up top paul ?
gainsofcastamere: I remember them talking about the SWAT training and how it helped them design the game, that was definitely a thing.
Astra7525: above you Paul
chaostreader: Up
TXC2: gamers dont look up Kappa
excalgold: they aretoo busy going left
ButterBall000: Nobody looks up
Canageek: That is why the best place to put proxy mines in Goldeneye was on the ceiling
BloodnBullets: I blame doom
Astra7525: D'aww
excalgold: darn didnt make it to the Ghost ship
Crad0k: you are about five minutes away from the end of this section
Astra7525: Mission is almost over too
kynelwynn: This game has great squad mechanics and I don't think any game has quite done it the same sense
gainsofcastamere: Thanks for the nostalgia and commentary Paul, this was fun.
Astra7525: Is there another section after this one?
MAPBoardgames: What's next week's GOC?
ardite_140: Here's that training vid I was talking about
Crad0k: yeah, one more section, the run to the bridge and the escape
ardite_140: "Special Ops" training for the animation team. Not SWAT.... at least not specifically
TXC2: oooooh!
MAPBoardgames: !GOC
LRRbot: Want to submit a game for James and Paul to play on Games of Chance? Add it here!
ButterBall000: I can admit right now that my top favorite game is not very entertaining to watch
TheWarbo: Oh wow
Amentur: But I have so many coxMistake
TheMandrew: favorites? What if i can't choose between Shining Force or Shining Force 2?
TheWarbo: My favorite game is Minecraft. Has LRR streamed that before? :-P
RassilonDND: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1:02 from now).
Takani42: Adventures of Monkey Island :)
gainsofcastamere: @TheMandrew Shining Force 2 was my Jam!
adamjford: Maybe we'll finally get around to Magic: The Gathering one of these weeks lrrBEEJ
excalgold: Mace Griffen.....
Niallator3000: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
kynelwynn: XD
Astra7525: I submited Freelancer. Such a great game
ButterBall000: Are there any console limitations?
gainsofcastamere: +1 for Shining Force 2, now I hear the battle music...
AgentCatbird: I know you've played some of my favorite games...
JaymicUnyielding: My favorite games are Fire Emblem, so I'm suggesting a better game to stream as a one-off: Metroid Prime 3.
AgentCatbird: Ever played Chrono Trigger? The Steam version is good.
TXC2: Ok so thats like 5 games I've added :P
MAPBoardgames: @Astra7525 Oooh! Freelancer.
kynelwynn: Did your friend never let you save and start form there? Phooey!
TXC2: Damn right Paul
Niallator3000: What about that game Desert bus?
Pal_Friendpatine: @astra7525 Freelancer was so cool!
gainsofcastamere: MDK2 is rad and quite funny, might be good.
Crad0k: lrrFRUMP
Amentur: That just means I can suggest Jedi Outcast again :P
TXC2: thanks for streaming Paul
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (1:00 from now).
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
ButterBall000: Jedi outcast with cheats
aquinas_0: the naomi?
gainsofcastamere: And Un-Draft soon, I'm hyped for that.
TXC2: the Dreamcast?
Crad0k: thanks for streaming, paul, and you did a good job
PhoenixMelior: Favorite games? Well heck, that's an interesting category
rocketjohn: are you drafting Paul?
gainsofcastamere: tyvm!
rocketjohn: I would like to see that..
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TXC2: !Discord
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korvys: I just use the google calendar
TXC2: !twitter
korvys: I love it - I wish more people used it
korvys: (to schedule things, not used the LRR one)
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
TXC2: !goc
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yarrrgh: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Graham and James play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (57m from now).
PhoenixMelior: can LRR even play my favourite games
Twinklebees: Is there a reason they couldn't?
PhoenixMelior: I can't remember where Golden Sun had its virtual console release
Twinklebees: Aah
PhoenixMelior: I KNOW Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance has no digital release and good luck finding a copy on short notice so
Twinklebees: I don't think it's worth me suggesting any of my favourites
PhoenixMelior: this is a sentiment I understand, clearly
Twinklebees: Though there are some games I like quite a bit that might be worth it
PhoenixMelior: I did not suggest Danganronpa or Persona 4, as an example
TehAmelie: did i mention i had a nightmare about the movie Us? without even watching it? that's got to be the highest praise for a horror movie