red_shoes_jeff: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Join Kathleen and cohosts as they befriend, date, and kiss their way through the internet's best—and worst—dating sims and visual novels. Game: Backstage Pass) at Fri 09:30 AM PDT (2m ago).
NojhLivic: Signal
Earthenone: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
funnyfatguy: rexHi
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Bobtheninjagoldfish: we need to pick up and put down some ladders
chickenace11: had a headache and wasn't able to watch the rumble live re-watched this morning and it was very very good
Anubis169: Yo!
Anubis169: lrrAWESOME
tux789: is the rumble now?
tux789: or later
Bobtheninjagoldfish: rumble was last night
Earthenone: rumble was last night
TheM8: vod is out
TheM8: so you can watch that
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Twitch has an issue with pop ups and nottifications sometimes nto picking up recent changes
tux789: gotcha, sorry for the confusion
tux789: and thank you
nartin9: is there a magic stream tonight
Earthenone: there is
Earthenone: it is blind commander
AlchemicalPanda: yup. blind commander
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Bobtheninjagoldfish: yeah FNPF is going to be a Commander stream where none of the players know what decks they are playing
margieargie: Ah, Backstage Pass... I played an hour of this, got pulled away by other stuff and never got a good chance to come back, I'm interested to see more...
Bubblefish: lrrDARK
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @LoadingReadyRun No sound
mtvcdm: No sound
offbeatwitch: muted?
Donkydog: no sound?
funnyfatguy: rip
Earthenone: are you muted or am... ahh thanks chat
r_craddz: muted??
TehAmelie: hello
NojhLivic: Hi there. Mic not live.
flam_hur: hi
offbeatwitch: oh noes
meisbored: mahp
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP mahp?
offbeatwitch: is xsplit unhappy
LoadingReadyRun: can people still not hear us?
mtvcdm: Nope
Bubblefish: No
margieargie: No.
Riandisa: No audio
Bobtheninjagoldfish: nothing yet
MidgardSerpent: nope
r_craddz: nope
Anubis169: nope
Shfflecat: Still no sound
Lord_Hydraos: Nothin here
mtvcdm: We'll let you know when we can.
silver_harloe: I hope you memorized everything you said so you can repeat it all when you have sound
LoadingReadyRun: we'll be right back
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Time for INTERPRETIVE MIME!
NojhLivic: I mean I can hear you in my head. Your pantomimes are perfect.
TheM8: sound?
LoadingReadyRun: can you hear game music?
Earthenone: no
meisbored: no sound at all
Type_One___: nope
BasilHunter: no
Riandisa: No
margieargie: No sound at all.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: No sounds at all
r_craddz: nothing
mtvcdm: Nope. Nothin.
Talin06: no
TheM8: we cant hear anything
offbeatwitch: completely mute
JZ1011: nothing
Anubis169: nothdn'
Type_One___: the cheers from the rumble broke the sound
flam_hur: check the cables?
zunniest: only the voices in my head
TheM8: not even you
Anubis169: no wait! do Now Kiss in ASL :D
offbeatwitch: the rumble was too powerful
LoadingReadyRun: going offline to try and figure this out.
NojhLivic: Mime dating sim?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: #BlameJames
tux789: #blameGraham?
Rhynerd: Now Kiss will return after some technical work.
Dr_Shandor: there wasn't any kissing!
RoeDent89: Great stream everyone! Same time next week?
mtvcdm: I will let Heather know to be aware of this when she goes to edit the stream. Hey Heather, heads up.
offbeatwitch: lrrWOW
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Go get Adam.
tehweave: The stream is... Working?
tehweave: Not working?
tux789: if they restart the stream wouldnt the video recording also start there?
mtvcdm: There's sound issues being worked out.
tux789: on the bright side, thats the least hissy muted sound ive ever heard
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @tehweave basically Ultimate Facepunch Wrestling Broke everything last night
PhoenixMelior: I blame the Eqe eff dub
PhoenixMelior: *eqe
nartin9: how the app telling me this is both live and offline
margieargie: There were some minor sound issues during GoC too, if I'm remembering right.
tehweave: Oh noes! @Bobtheninjagoldfish
nartin9: TableHere
Earthenone: sound
Nightvalien28: signal
offbeatwitch: there is music!
offbeatwitch: lrrSIGNAL
Xed_Regulus: We have sound!
nartin9: I thought my twitch app was broken lol
LoadingReadyRun: you can hear the music?
Earthenone: and signal
tehweave: AH NOISE
Nightvalien28: yes
TehAmelie: we've breached the sound barier
Donkydog: yup
offbeatwitch: hello!
chickenace11: yes
Earthenone: voices
Xed_Regulus: We can hear you
margieargie: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL! And lrrHORN (the best I can figure for sound :p )
Donkydog: beautiful voices
Hugh_Munculus: hi
offbeatwitch: we are achieving noise!
tehweave: I can hear people!
Earthenone: the old off and on again works again
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @margieargie there have been a hissing static since tuesday when Newday had a massive delay, which they addresssed on GoC.
mtvcdm: Sound!
Avayu: Oh, good thing the vod of the Rumble just finished. Heya everyone!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: The light hissing buzz is back.. is anyone else hearing that?
tehweave: @Bobtheninjagoldfish yes, I can hear a light buzz
Earthenone: the hissing just means the snakes are still alive, its fine
TXC2: also Hello Everybody
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Kathleen and Heather are grabbing Backstage Pass for todays Now Kiss! | ||
nartin9: I was live streaming yesterday had a problem I ended and restarted the stream and somehow it fixed my problem
Avayu: I think my brain is still recovering from the lack of oxygen it suffered during the Tiddlywinks ladder drop count.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Avayu I'm STILL laughing at taht
Type_One___: I hear music!
r_craddz: well music
NovaTiempo: O hai o/
TXC2: so pro tip chat, DON'T burn the tip of your index finger :P
offbeatwitch: good tip
Earthenone: that is more of a hot tip than a pro tip
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @TXC2 oh noes.
Avayu: Bobtheninjagoldfish I laughed actual tears and I'm pretty sure I giggled like I lost my mind for the next few minutes.
nartin9: I don't trust others so I will burn my finger
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Avayu that and when the gang were begging someone to win the TLC match was just brilliant.
TXC2: it's nothing major, it just hurts you know :P
TXC2: Here we GO!
Avayu: Bobtheninjagoldfish The "TLC" match.
TXC2: Hello Kathleen and Heather
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Lord_Hydraos: Yay it’s working!!
Avayu: Heya Kathleen and Heather!
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TacitusVigil: If there's a disc involved, make sure the right side is down.
Bowerbird7: Graham just wrestled too hard, probably
aitsu100: wait Heater isnt wearing the hat this is the first time i get to see her hair
nartin9: dam it I thought I was being stupid and somehow muted this stream
aitsu100: *Heather
Earthenone: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
NovaTiempo: Comfort > *snazzyness*
CoffeePrincess: pride100 pride100 pride100 pride100 pride100 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 pride1 oops, it's payday and I'm irresponsible
nartin9: PokGengar
aitsu100: mmmm office chairs
accountmadeforants: Good choice. Those gaming chairs are generally pretty bad for you.
accountmadeforants: Especially the "sportscar seat" kind
TXC2: Men Kathleen, you can say they're made for Men
tehweave: The gaming chairs are bad for non-tall people. 5'6'' here. I cannot be comfy in those chairs.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: also those Gamer Chairs are NOT Disabled frienly at all. I was talking to them at PAX Unplugged one year and their options are so not friendly.
NovaTiempo: Set chair to 11
unarmedoracle: big mood
PatchworkWit: hi Kathleen and Heather, hi chat... really need your wonderful positivity today
TXC2: Hello Cameron
khawl: Being a 6 foot tall man, and my back is too long to sit in one of those
offbeatwitch: hi cam :D
TXC2: hello PatchworkWit lrrHEART
TacitusVigil: Hello Cameron
Master_Gunner: almost as if there's decades of R&D going into making office chairs comfortable to sit in for hours on end; compared to CHAIRZ 4 GAMERZZZzzzz.
Avayu: Something "gamer" designed for "average human males"? Stop the presses!
accountmadeforants: Not super good for the average human male, either.
nartin9: who is the best llr member?
margieargie: Every human being is either too tall or too short for them, I think.
EricTheOrange: Hi hi hi~
NovaTiempo: So Heather wants to have Pika work at LRR to lower the average?
Zhedor: I'm 6'3", couple of years ago i spent close to 700€ on a chair. I have not regretted a penny, because my back feels so much better!
CoffeePrincess: it definitely threw me off when I met Adam and Beej at pax unplugged
Foreverbackwards: I'm an average human male (more or less) and I don't like sitting in "gamer chairs".
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @CoffeePrincess you aren't kidding.
TehAmelie: i'm above average dude height and my chair is still too tall for me. would have gone with one of those office chairs but i couldn't find any in my weight class
Contiguouskittycat: yes, that's a good thing.
mtvcdm: My chair is a $10 deal from St. Vincent's.
CoffeePrincess: They're all similar in height
Nightvalien28: they do record them
CoffeePrincess: so it doesn't translate on camera that they're tall
margieargie: There's a YouTube channel, I don't know what proportion of talks end up on it.
Zhedor: while picking it out i sat in a racing-style chair they had for about 1500, it was probably the most uncomfortable thing I've ever sat on. even the salesman was like "yeah, thats for show not for sitting"
margieargie: It's quite a few though.
zo4chcee: Is this a kiss game based on the wrestle boys?
Nightvalien28: my chair is a piece of wood and a pillow
TXC2: I'm sitting on a wooden chair my Grandad made :P
nartin9: if I had to marry a man from llr cast it would be beihr
CoffeePrincess: I found my computer chair on the porch of an abandoned house
TacitusVigil: It me.
rocketjohn: I am adam's height, so imagine my surprise whenever I meet someone who is taller, and i'm looking up a nose instead of at the top of someone's head. It's extremely freaky.
TXC2: it's maybe 40 years old :p
Earthenone: big mood
CoffeePrincess: working for department of public works was weird
Earthenone: at the start
SpoonfullOfSugar: they only rate Tuesdays at 8 out of 25?
offbeatwitch: *click* *audience yells*
Zhedor: funnily enough, i am currently waiting for the glue to dry on the chair i am working on ;D
accountmadeforants: Zhedor Yeah, the thing about those racing-style chairs is that they're designed for sitting close to the floor. Not raised. It's a terrible design for sitting at a desk. (I'm 100% sure it's just for looking "cool".)
chickenace11: light rock
CoffeePrincess: One state away?!
tehweave: cheer100 Here's bits for short people! And comfy chairs!
Emergent_OS: Game Informer's April Fools section featured an ad for the Top Part of the Gamer Chair that you strap to your back. Because you stream audience can't see below your waist!
CoffeePrincess: That's a trip
aitsu100: Micheal Bubbly
nartin9: if I had to marry a guy from llr cast it would be beej
TacitusVigil: Is a Sunday night concert common?
TacitusVigil: Assuming school starts on Monday?
CoffeePrincess: school is dumb
chickenace11: @CoffeePrincess depends on the state and where the concert is
Foreverbackwards: Now I know 3 ways to spell Sean
Zhedor: @accountmadeforants yeah, i actually picked out my current car because the drivers seat is'nt close to the ground. sadly those are hard to find if you don't want to drive an suv
nartin9: don't cross the wires we will all die
CoffeePrincess: @chickenace11 and depends how far over the state line
chickenace11: yeah
offbeatwitch: pop punk
TXC2: there is now way "Sian" is not a name made up in the last 30 years
Nightvalien28: baby metal
Earthenone: pride69 Today is gonna be the day That they're gonna throw it back to you By now you should've somehow Realized what you gotta do I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I do, about you now
accountmadeforants: Not pictured: The two drummers that are also in Adam's band.
TacitusVigil: Plot Twist: It's Christian Rock
zo4chcee: It's a dirty trap beat
TacitusVigil: Kappa
chickenace11: @Earthenone don't make me think about that song
CoffeePrincess: @tacitusvigil please
CoffeePrincess: nk
CoffeePrincess: *no
TXC2: and tha's the Vod muted Kappa
NovaTiempo: Blurring sucessful.
TacitusVigil: @TXC2 Because of copyright or because of that specific song? Kappa
TXC2: yes
rocketjohn: because of literally any oasis
rocketjohn: talentless hacks
Nightvalien28: shoot darn school
tehweave: Look kids, teachers hate school too.
offbeatwitch: true that
CoffeePrincess: good!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Wait.. you already have a job as a make up artists for a famous singer.. but.. you gotta go to college still?
accountmadeforants: Dread it... run from it...
zo4chcee: Plot twist: @rocketjohn is secretly Liam Gallagher
Nightvalien28: I mean it does go away but so does you
TXC2: rocketjohn now now, it takes a lot of effort to rip of the beattals Kappa
CoffeePrincess: oh shit, I haven't eaten yet
Avayu: Why does this mid-twenties looking rockstar care about school?
margieargie: It goes away about a month in ;p
TXC2: *Beatles
rocketjohn: zo4chcee my secret is out!
rocketjohn: (our kid)
zo4chcee: I'm secret Noel, so f*ck off Liam.
accountmadeforants: Yeah, speaking of which, Imma need to make dinner in a bit. *curses misaligned DST*
mtvcdm: There is no age at which I want a good luck cheer.
TacitusVigil: I was kinda hoping for Dad Joke Dad, not Bro Dad
NimrodXIV: creepy
mercano82: are you going to assassin school?
TXC2: an anime game?
CoffeePrincess: what kind of school is that?!
zo4chcee: IT'S BRET HART
Avayu: Is this Assassination Classroom?
DKS04Saturn: Arrived late, what did I miss?
CoffeePrincess: it's just the vice principal from Breakfast Club
TacitusVigil: Is our dad one of the college bullies from Revenge of the Nerds or something?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I thought it was suspicious when he threw a briefcase that homed in on it's target
Earthenone: they did that, they were all cena remember?
chickenace11: You would need adam for that game
mtvcdm: Hitman Cobalt, who drew #4 in the NXT Moonbase Autumnal Rumble.
nkcola: Learning to Big City Slam your way through exams
rocketjohn: Hey, these parents seem somewhat more supportive than last week's
chickenace11: oh yeah earlier in the week a chat was talking about how they want to see adam and Cam play a dating sim
margieargie: @rocketjohn A complete lack of parents would be more supportive than that.
JonnyGlitch: Hi Heather! Hi Kathleen! Hi KissChat!
Earthenone: perfect
TXC2: Anime time
DKS04Saturn: Wait, is this an otome game?
NojhLivic: I thought we had retired otome?
Earthenone: a vampire has a strong need for a good makeup artist
Avayu: These guys look dangerouls yotome?
tergonis: blonde is cool senpai
EJGRgunner: Now I just want a complete WTF option to pop up out of nowhere. Like the janitor, or a lunch lady.
JonnyGlitch: has anyone seen any of Love, Death & Robots on Netflix?
CoffeePrincess: magical boy!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: brb gotta call a Belmont
CoffeePrincess: in loooooove
kinkerbelle: full anime op. nice
dougma: studio DEEN.... oh boy
dougma: litterally
TXC2: the Defrosting Ice queen
zo4chcee: Not the chair!
DKS04Saturn: I want goofy guy
JonnyGlitch: green hair is cuuuuute
mtvcdm: Did she knock over the gaming chair?
rocketjohn: margieargie that's very true.
Nightvalien28: someone tell her she doesn't have to choose just one and blow her mind
Earthenone: can we quote you on that?
wicker_knight: okay so we're not blind-playing otome games?
DKS04Saturn: Fair enough
NojhLivic: OKay that's cool
Bowerbird7: Just choose the harem option and start a boy-band? :P
zo4chcee: Just most of them
Emergent_OS: This introduction reminds me an old LRR sketch about casting stereotypes for a reality show. The sketch, where Beej promised to eat a man's face!
Talin06: people said the other games were good too
wicker_knight: BloodTrail
nartin9: most games from Japan are great wtf. who says Japan sucks ar
CoffeePrincess: monster prom tho
wicker_knight: benginWat
DKS04Saturn: Say what?
NimrodXIV: whyyyyy
EricTheOrange: I dunno that one game on the phone was recommended.
wicker_knight: taste for what?
wicker_knight: masochism?
Earthenone: steam told me to play ozmafia, i havent clicked their discovery que since
SydPreviouslyHeadache: huh... it doesn't help ozmafia ended on such a fucking garbage note. i can't really remember anything except the problems
wicker_knight: negging?
Earthenone: !findquote japan
LRRbot: Quote #4744: "If you want to make curry from scratch, first you must invade Japan." —Ian [2018-03-06]
tehweave: Also, most Japanese games are made for a Japanese culture, and said culture is just a tiny little bit different than ours...
Zhedor: to be fair, there was a lot of really bad anime in the 90s
mtvcdm: Chargeman Ken never made it to America. There's a reason.
NojhLivic: There's a lot of fantasies that don't consider consent, both in the dating genre and non-dating genre.
wicker_knight: Heck, a lot of the "great" anime was also trash, we just didn't have the tools to evaluate it
TXC2: 90's anime was great becuase that when you started watching it
JonnyGlitch: it's like "now" music, we hear all the bad stuff now, we'll remember all the good stuff in a decade
EricTheOrange: A lot of female focused dating games from japan are big into the "i'm just a helpless princess who wants to be whisked away by a dashing price on a white horse".
zo4chcee: We got some trash back then. like Tri-gun.
nartin9: best anime I recently watched was goblin slayer
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh yeah, they are AGAINST drugs
Coinman1863: The Yakuza game from Sega
Koios7: Trigun was good :O
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Justice/Judge something
zo4chcee: Judgement is the game.
rocketjohn: Wow, if that was the rule here we wouldn't have any entertainers at all, or journalists
Emergent_OS: Speaking of dating games, during Design Challenge at GDC 2004, Will Wright proposed a dating where, where you play as love-struck civilian in search of significant other inside a match of Battlefield 1942. With interaction between soldiers and civilians left undefined!
Earthenone: it was that or a heart monitor
rocketjohn: Or politicians
wicker_knight: The one that popped up as a human interest thing that I found crazy was a student who went to court because her school was forcing her to dye her hair black
Avayu: It was supposed to make the game scarier. I don't think it did much.
CoffeePrincess: *toast in mouth*
EricTheOrange: TOAST IN MOUTH!
chickenace11: Ouran college host club?
CoffeePrincess: @erictheorange YEA!
zo4chcee: Look at the dweeb.
Earthenone: gladdam
Zhedor: there's the john cena one
Koios7: And his name is John Cena!
CoffeePrincess: John Cena?
Earthenone: i feel like there would be, ms paint is a heck of a thing
TXC2: chat, Heather said NOT the john cena one
CoffeePrincess: "you can't see this man"
wicker_knight: @TXC2 soooo...John Cena?
Koios7: I was only giving the name because she said not the cant see me guy :P
DKS04Saturn: Truth, not teacher on my night classes wanted to stay after 10pm
aitsu100: nope me
zo4chcee: You can be like me and just leave a 3 hour class early to play Destiny lol.
Earthenone: i assume all dateable boys will be university students and or professors
TacitusVigil: Surprised he didn't go for private tutor. Then again, maybe he's a James Franco type?
wicker_knight: until they get a scar or a dimple
wicker_knight: well, Portman got a PhD. that's a little more than "just in case" :P
Xed_Regulus: I had a 1st year prof come in high as balls on painkillers. She laid on a table and gave the lecture from there.
TXC2: Gary Coleman always tell child actors to get a Degree just in case
noSmokeFire: hey lrrm'n, hey chat. who's smooching who today?
Earthenone: there is a scandal going on in the us about celebrities bribing people to get into universities
Paranundrox: oooh, good morning Heather and Kathleen!
TacitusVigil: Indeed. Dr. Portman.
Contiguouskittycat: she did research work I knew, but I didn't think she got her PHD.
TacitusVigil: I thought it was a PhD. Huh.
Paranundrox: Butterfly Soup was so good lrrHEART
Earthenone: it was
noSmokeFire: I ship Portman X Transcripts
Contiguouskittycat: I cant Google right now, so I'm sure someone can link it.
TacitusVigil: Oh, Portman returned her degree.
TacitusVigil: Interesting.
tergonis: he's 18 he gets some leeway
Earthenone: i mean they are children
zo4chcee: Mindfreak!
JonnyGlitch: Hey Hey, you like to entertain right? how's that any differnt?
Earthenone: yes i know they are in collage, they are children
Zhedor: his name HAS to be Johnny, right?
JonnyGlitch: Just because your platform is Twitch? some people literally only have a soapbox ;)
NojhLivic: The nail that sticks out...
zo4chcee: If a magician is late to school, do they have a deck of cards in their mouth?
Contiguouskittycat: wikipedia says she did graduate courses, but doesn't mention the degree type.
EJGRgunner: "I just want a highschool simulator" WHY GOD WHY
Earthenone: i also want an anime high school simulator
TacitusVigil: (no offense Heather) :P
rocketjohn: a high school simulator sounds miserable :(
chickenace11: a game where you have to create a club in school sounds like something that could go very good or very very bad
Earthenone: !quote ben
LRRbot: Quote #4521: "When people say "Oh I'm in the weird part of the internet again," that's us." —Ben [2017-11-28]
DKS04Saturn: it's coming out on top all over again!
TXC2: you simulate the good parts of highscool, whatever the fuck those are
CoffeePrincess: I'm back! what I miss
EJGRgunner: Paul. Alex. Matt.
Earthenone: it was a lewd one
Earthenone: yes
TacitusVigil: Benito Ulmer
JonnyGlitch: Arcade Spirits was a bit creepy
EJGRgunner: LRR just mostly has really common names
Ignatiuspants: a simulated high school would be better than regular high school because you can make the place as you-friendly as you want
nartin9: wait did you not add in the names?
noSmokeFire: nus-fwa
darkspiredragon: Akarsha and the Frenchman would be the good parts of Highschool
TXC2: yeah there was a nude guys in that game
Earthenone: no
sivakrytos: there's obv a magic club on campus
JonnyGlitch: somebody had their coffee, and it wasn't me, where is my coffee, get out of my way puny psychic
mtvcdm: !card psychic
LRRbot: Found 24 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
TacitusVigil: Yes. You can.
CoffeePrincess: I like street magics
rocketjohn: urrrgh.
Earthenone: i think about exodia, the forbidden one
rocketjohn: i already hate benito
chickenace11: now i want that card
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I like Heathers answer
JonnyGlitch: is there a card that says GTFO?
TacitusVigil: @Earthenone That's cheating, those are five cards
mtvcdm: 3 of Clubs. It's always 3 of Clubs.
wicker_knight: IT'S AN EPIDEMIC
TXC2: 7 of spades
margieargie: I"m thinking of Black Lotus.
Riandisa: Shiny Charizard
mtvcdm: 3 of Clubs is the card Penn and Teller always use.
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: It's willbender
chickenace11: ace of spades
Shfflecat: Joker
CoffeePrincess: dark magician
Earthenone: @TacitusVigil hey i am giving him 5 shots to do the trick right
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I'm thinking of Helm of the Host
TacitusVigil: @Earthenone Ok, that's fair, you are being generous. :P
CrazymattCaptain: can we get this cat deck where all cats are licking their butts?
mtvcdm: I was one off.
chickenace11: his number
TacitusVigil: I wish we had a (lie) option. :P
JonnyGlitch: "what does the card look like?" "well, it's 63.5mm X 88.9mm, pattern on one side, white with iconography and numbers on the other"
TacitusVigil: But...the deck will be incomplete.
JonnyGlitch: eww ok I don't like green-hair no more
accountmadeforants: And back... this boy's hair+hood situation is, er...
GDwarf: We just stole his card!
rocketjohn: we're not going to date benito, are we?
noSmokeFire: professor of psychic theory
mtvcdm: It's a very standard magic trick!
Mangledpixel: boop
TXC2: as long as he's not a dick, we're dating the model! Kappa
sivakrytos: lol @ students arriving 10 minutes early
JonnyGlitch: nooooo.... front is for the ones who never shut up
CoffeePrincess: please be a professor
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm familiar with the palming things and where you write down something. just "visualize a card" idk
nartin9: were is the res
nartin9: were is the realis
nartin9: m
EricTheOrange: thats wrong... their was also history
TacitusVigil: We don't even get a-yeah
noSmokeFire: Melponeonea, doo-do-doo-doo
JonnyGlitch: wow, year 10 drama theory? college? omg
TacitusVigil: Is he the Snape?
nartin9: what major is
nartin9: what is your characters major
TacitusVigil: One page is...not a lot of room.
CoffeePrincess: Jesus, this guy goes hard
aitsu100: i hate him already
TXC2: nartin9 dating boys Kappa
JonnyGlitch: @nartin9 "Do you want fries with that?"
accountmadeforants: That's... not a terribly good way to teach kids, or anyone.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, this is a professor who has tenure
TXC2: TacitusVigil one page would be too much for me :P
nartin9: @jonnyglitch yes thank you
mtvcdm: This professor has stopped caring even a little bit.
CoffeePrincess: teachers like that are why I'm a drop out
JonnyGlitch: 1 page summary? that's like an afternoon tutorial exercise
sivakrytos: @mtvcdm he never did
JonnyGlitch: @nartin9 then go study this
Zhedor: i once had a prof who began lecturing when he opened the door and stopped once he'd left the room. it was...interesting
EricTheOrange: Dude this is a gen ed class ease up. If this was for history or theater majors it would make more sense
Earthenone: a one page summary, i bet wikipedia has more than onme page on any given greek playwright
Ignatiuspants: classes aren't for teaching people things anyway -- they're just challenges where you have to jump through whatever hoops using whatever you've learned on your own
DKS04Saturn: Nop
noSmokeFire: this guy's whole look is awful
Xed_Regulus: Benito is creepy
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>@EricTheOrange is also gaem, the PJSalt is not real
TXC2: sorry, being a plant?
rocketjohn: that's a yikes from me dawg
Mangledpixel: we did have one module where people stopped turning up to lectures, because literally all the prof would do was read off of the powerpoint, which was available on the uni's intranet
nartin9: I have never dropped a college class would if saved me some sanity if I did first semester
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm not liking this guy
mtvcdm: There are professors out there who treat college as Survival Of The Fittest and use every opportunity to Weed Out The Unworthy.
CoffeePrincess: Is he a con man?!
TXC2: this guy turns into a Jared Leto Joker :P
accountmadeforants: So does this game have branching conversations, because I'd like a "hard pass" option right now
CoffeePrincess: I love him
Earthenone: wow
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>oh he's a grifter too? class
Earthenone: negging
Paranundrox: wow, fuck you guy
nartin9: it was a professor that treated her opinions as fact
chickenace11: if you were a plant what type of of plant would you be
DKS04Saturn: What a pick up line
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>that's not how you... wait what were you trying to do?
EricTheOrange: @JonnyGlitch well yeah thats what magicians are
Nightvalien28: "hey you look boring, let's talk"
TXC2: pro tip: never describe a women as "plane" to her face
noSmokeFire: "I need help from someone with terrible fashion sense. you in?"
TXC2: *plain
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>he'll be an incel in 5 years
noSmokeFire: no, "plane" is bad, too
behappyPAO: Don't describe people as plain unless they can fly
nartin9: last girl to
accountmadeforants: I like the protag so far, not taking any shit.
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>yeah, he's totally read "The Game"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah getting those vibes
noSmokeFire: why is the chain on his dogtags so long??
rocketjohn: oh, a shithead
nartin9: last girl I asked out rejected me b use
TXC2: ugh Fuck those people, I wouldn't even walk to a Man wearing headphones to ask him what the time was
noSmokeFire: but that would require branching!
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>I approach the headphoners if it's a legitimate emergency, that's it
nartin9: last girl I asked out rejected me because she thought magic the gathering was a cult
Earthenone: hey its ben and ben!
rocketjohn: Do we have a timer running for the "Start to Agency" Ratio?
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>Ben needs that for a date tonight
accountmadeforants: Just different variants. "No.", "Nope.", "That's a yikes from me dawg."
CoffeePrincess: bye ben
JonnyGlitch: <message deleted>benginHi
TheAinMAP: Hi Ben. Bye Ben.
DKS04Saturn: We could have introduced Ben to Ben
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I do not like him, no siree
zo4chcee: What an absolute dweeb.
CoffeePrincess: I love magicians, I love cons, just don't be a shit
Ignatiuspants: Okay, I have a low opinion of this game already
rocketjohn: he has such a long neck!
DKS04Saturn: Is he an onion?
noSmokeFire: I do not like him on a train. I do not like him on a plane. I do not like him in a boat. I would like him in a moat.
Earthenone: they adjusted to match the height of your adam
rocketjohn: I shall name him Giraffe-boy
accountmadeforants: Is that a cowlick or a plant sprouting from his skull?
mtvcdm: He's sprouting a plant up there.
CoffeePrincess: it spawned a second cowlick
JonnyGlitch: ok, so no Bacon references then
TXC2: a Hat would just make that cowlick worse
Mangledpixel: "I laugh and sock him in the face"
CoffeePrincess: he was doing coke
Earthenone: i mean not everyone can sleep in transit
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chickenace11: First every class for me I was twenty mins late.
chickenace11: *ever
zo4chcee: Trans colors Adam.
CoffeePrincess: did...... did he sing the weird al version of his song
EJGRgunner: @RayFK Poor timing?
TXC2: RayFK Kissing has to be earned Kappa
noSmokeFire: has this game had *any* choices so far?
rocketjohn: have we had a meaningful choice?
TXC2: I dont think so no
RayFK: I feel cheated!
chickenace11: it is possible to end classes at 11:30 at my school
Earthenone: yeah... i failed due to attendance in collage
BasilHunter: what's the difference between college and university for you?
Paranundrox: yeah, I've had quarters where I'm done before 3 every day
Zhedor: mandatory attendance has been ruled non-constitutional where I live :D
CoffeePrincess: I had teachers like that
EricTheOrange: Gen eds
CoffeePrincess: I left college and I am well on my way to a union job
Mangledpixel: ah yes, the 'Computing class' that's just the 'Microsoft class'
zo4chcee: College professors seem like they hate their existence.
TXC2: I did 5 years of College and came away with the qualification I got after year 1 :P
CoffeePrincess: I knew how to type before I could write
CoffeePrincess: I would probably lose my mind in a class like that
Earthenone: my college let you "challange" courses with permission, if you could get a B on the final you would just get credit for the class
nartin9: my professors would make fun of people who cant use Ms office
accountmadeforants: That's how some of my college classes worked, actually. "Take this test and we'll figure out how many/which sessions you'll need."
chickenace11: side note a code for a math class of mine cost more then me going to PAX east
TXC2: zo4chcee one of my College profs explicitly told us that we were the reason he was transferring to the other college next door :P
CoffeePrincess: some colleges do have makeup classes, but she's probably better served in beauty school
mtvcdm: Oh wow TXC2.
CoffeePrincess: @txc2 holy cow
Koios7: The hitman got him
chickenace11: It could be general classes your first year then your major classes your next few years
mtvcdm: There's fake phone numbers and then there's XXX-555-1234.
zo4chcee: Bret Hart got him
Earthenone: ohh an american story!
accountmadeforants: Meanwhile, I'm a part-time student at a university now, and some classes refuse to post their assignments until the day of the class. So I can't work ahead.
wicker_knight: modern civilization :/
CoffeePrincess: Jesus Christmas, this is rough
TXC2: wicker_knight theres noting civil about it :P
CoffeePrincess: how much did she make on tour?!
wicker_knight: given US, probably safe to assume both us and our parents took out loans
wicker_knight: @TXC2 agree
CoffeePrincess: is she unable to pay for any of her school supplies?
zo4chcee: Hey, at least the Parents aren't saddling her with a home loan once she's out of school.
wicker_knight: @CoffeePrincess textbooks are often $100+ each in the US
CoffeePrincess: @wicker_knight I know, but she had a job
CoffeePrincess: @wicker_knight I'm from New York
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this game is not off to a great start
zo4chcee: Cashier is big mood.
wicker_knight: @CoffeePrincess sure, but it's still a bit steep if she's living off-campus or something
probablynotasupervillain: Rule 1 of bad writing: Tell, don't show. Rule 2 of bad writing: Do it again, just in case the audience didn't get it the first time. Rule 3 of bad writing: WE're getting paid by the line, right...?
zo4chcee: lol wtf
wicker_knight: jealous of our not-bf?
CoffeePrincess: @wicker_knight, I don't know how much a make-up artist makes,
nartin9: last textbook I bought was $10
EJGRgunner: Hey, at least we're not reliving the conversation?
NovaTiempo: to the gym!
zo4chcee: Punch the douche
mtvcdm: College costs enough already, don't slag someone for how they get the money for it.
darkspiredragon: OOh a dating and fighting game...
CoffeePrincess: wow, that guy was hella out of line!
Foreverbackwards: I'm a big fan of the Yakuza series method of telling people things you already know: say "the thing is...", fade to black, then come back after the explanation finished.
NiaRosso: oh boy this is definity what dating guys feels like
wicker_knight: @CoffeePrincess at least around where I live (CA) it's often sub-minimum wage since it's considered a tipped industry
CoffeePrincess: THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING
Earthenone: i think it was seasonal work?
TXC2: ^
thirsty_kitteh: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 55:00.
DKS04Saturn: Were we working for exposure?
CoffeePrincess: @wicker_knight Jeeze! I didn't know that
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Stay moist!
wicker_knight: price of being a job that is usually staffed by recent immigrants :/
CoffeePrincess: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! I'm you!
thirsty_kitteh: Trying, but not succeeding
NovaTiempo: !findquote writing
LRRbot: Quote #3633: "I don't want to be writing checks that Tally will make my *** cash." —Kathleen [2016-11-18]
sivakrytos: this would not be happening in a classroom
probablynotasupervillain: So we date the plastic frog, right?
TXC2: gotta reuse the assets
zo4chcee: You what I love just as much as Kathleen being excited about something? Kathleen being annoyed by something.
RayFK: vomit
EJGRgunner: Joke?
tergonis: that was so clumsy
EJGRgunner: I must have missed it?
CoffeePrincess: that's very nice
Nightvalien28: omg he is the white dude that travels a lot
NiaRosso: this guy already seems better than the bf guy
SydPreviouslyHeadache: This is the first day
accountmadeforants: Yeah, this is a hard break from his earlier class. Guess he just tried to put some fear into students on the first day.
RayFK: He looks like a stern E-Sports Team Owner
CoffeePrincess: he seems efficient, but nice
chickenace11: is bad that I have had a worst prof then this
probablynotasupervillain: Now he sits backwards on his chair. "Come on, fellow teens, let's rap."
sivakrytos: @Nightvalien28 college professors do travel a lot
mtvcdm: This might be one of those professors that opens up but only to the students who care enough to actually seek him out.
zo4chcee: This guy is essentially Gordon Ramsey.
CoffeePrincess: I mean, work study is a thing
TXC2: I had a Prof that I would describe as a Seagull manager
TXC2: he'd sweep in, make noise, shit on anything then sweep off again :P
accountmadeforants: That seems very reasonable
CoffeePrincess: welp, I'm out
nartin9: where is this college and when
nartin9: can I join
zo4chcee: Nicest character so far.
Perchipy: this guy is awesome
EJGRgunner: This voice actor has done a whole lot of work in games and anime and it's freaking me out a little
TXC2: C grade? so we're in Arizona state? Kappa
mtvcdm: This is a guy who, if you you don't go contact him outside of class, he'll assume you don't give a crap and treat you accordingly.
rocketjohn: Enor would not be pleased.
Garrub: Well unless its from USA. Where college and university are the same
Garrub: yeah exactly kathleen
sivakrytos: college and university are fairly interchangable in the us
CoffeePrincess: yeah
mtvcdm: Yeah, in the US, college and university are just synonyms.
BasilHunter: College and University is interchangeable. (Colleges are a sub-unit of University)
CoffeePrincess: oh!
accountmadeforants: There are also "university colleges", so eh
sivakrytos: or, synonymous from an undergraduate perspective
wicker_knight: college typically refers to general undergraduate schools in in the US
SydPreviouslyHeadache: god dang it US. yeah i used college and university interchangably as well.
chickenace11: my high school had rules about jobs kids could have
Earthenone: a reasonable adult?! i was promised anime!!!
wicker_knight: university refers to an institution that offers graduate options
Yolysses: this is spot on for my two small college experiences (in USA)
Garrub: Normal life - the game!
wicker_knight: *post-graduate
CoffeePrincess: the difference between 2 year and 4 year schools in America?
TXC2: in UK College and University are VERY different
Foreverbackwards: College and university are interchangeable as far as the US is concerned.
mercano82: In the US, in theory Colleges only have undergrad programs, Univerties have lost grad programs. It isn't 100% consistent though.
CoffeePrincess: that sorta thing?
EJGRgunner: is there a point at which you'll stop playing a game if you dislike it?
wicker_knight: well, it's a big deal, but there's support structures in place at the university
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun FYI the developers are based in the US.
nartin9: wait idoes
CoffeePrincess: family emergency should be a mid game thing
wicker_knight: undergraduate university
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TXC2: How did Benito get our nubmer?
wicker_knight: psychic
TXC2: touché
accountmadeforants: But... capitalism!
NiaRosso: jeez look at this anime bf
NiaRosso: i love him
sivakrytos: he's def not a student
Garrub: Thats such an unnecessary zipper
CoffeePrincess: I love him too!
TXC2: No you;re not :P
SydPreviouslyHeadache: or cafeteria
Garrub: What does this guy do such that hes in talks for a TV special?!
Earthenone: how about we get a job in cosmetics, a thing we like to and are able to do
Garrub: i missed earlier stuff in this game
CoffeePrincess: just wash dishes in the cafeteria
accountmadeforants: Get a real job, not something you feel bad for asking to be compensated for.
TXC2: Garrub street magic
Garrub: ok then
Rhynerd: Yeah, I’d much rather look for any other job than work with this guy.
mtvcdm: I did student work at the library. I enjoyed it. I'm the kind of person who would.
wicker_knight: yeah safe bet is he's at least partially lying @Garrub
CoffeePrincess: I worked at a near by Dunkin when I went to work
accountmadeforants headdesks
DKS04Saturn: le sigh
CoffeePrincess: *school
NiaRosso: ok i no longer love him
wicker_knight: intrusively sympathetic
zo4chcee: God, f*ck this guy.
CoffeePrincess: Jesus, same
NiaRosso: why is the professor the least creepy guy
wicker_knight: the adult
TXC2: NiaRosso becuase he's not a horny 18 year old?
Earthenone: Exposure!
mtvcdm: Exposure!
Garrub: Blogs! The easiest, simplest way to make a living!
rocketjohn: become an influencer!
TXC2: so we just become an influencer? Kappa
CoffeePrincess: I like con men, but this guy can't even drop the act
wicker_knight: he's continuing to neg, obviously :/
NiaRosso: @TXC2 yes pretty much that
wicker_knight: can we throw this garbage fire into the nearest river gabyB
Nightvalien28: what the actual hell
mtvcdm: please don't tell me that our selection of boys are all going to view us as a pity date.
zo4chcee: This guy is one comment away from saying, "You got a face for radio?"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh shit Heather, i didn't even think of that
rocketjohn: this game is annoying me
wicker_knight: a lot of professional makeup artists are independent contractors in the US
Garrub: Alternate weird job universe! The blog thing is a clue!
chickenace11: this game is making my head hurt
wicker_knight: she's probably renting a chair at a studio
CoffeePrincess: unionize make up artists
tergonis: this guy is such a sleazebag
Foreverbackwards: Story collapse may be imminent.
Garrub: gross
mtvcdm: NOPE
NiaRosso: NO
NiaRosso: GOD UGH
tergonis: acquaintainces off
NiaRosso: I forgot how creepy these are lmao
wicker_knight: this dude sergeIntoTheSea
mercano82: Maybe she works at a casino or amusement park, somewhere where they're constantly having stage shows.
zo4chcee: I want to pull this dork's hood over his face
CoffeePrincess: I wanted to like him
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that is plausible
rocketjohn: the thing is, i love watching Heather and Kathleen, but if a game is too cringey, the scales balance to the point that they can't counteract
margieargie: I liked this game quite a bit more myself (but I have odd tastes), but even I thought Benito was awful.
wicker_knight: BUNNY
accountmadeforants: A "maybe getting paid" maybe job, at that
darkspiredragon: How does she have that much space!?!
CoffeePrincess: wut
EricTheOrange: Wow our dorm room is HUGE. Unless it's a double
Yolysses: I'm assuming it's a wide angle lens XD
Garrub: this dorm is way too big
EricTheOrange: In my experience a single dorm room is pretty much a closet
CoffeePrincess: pokemon blue
CoffeePrincess: well, it's America, so it won't count
Ignatiuspants: why yes, going out and hacking monsters to pay for college would make this a better game
accountmadeforants: You already want to go to sleep? But you only had morning classes?
Foreverbackwards: Every room I've ever had is square. A trapezoid room sounds like hell.
wicker_knight: okay yeah, I don't have an excuse for that one :/
aitsu100: omg this writing
TXC2: accountmadeforants sounds about right
rocketjohn: everything about this is terrible
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i don't think this game is going to get better
Nightvalien28: my brain hurts
accountmadeforants: Is Adam not paying her? Please tell me she's at least getting paid.
CoffeePrincess: is she an intern?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: also if you are a good enough make up artist to do the makeup for a FAMOUS RECORDING ARTIST.. you probably don't need to go to college
rocketjohn: so everyone, what shall we play next week?
Ignatiuspants: every guy in this game is just taking advantage of the protagonist
Ignatiuspants: how are games like this made for girls?
chickenace11: can we just have heather play the worst dating sim
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun i open them with scissors to preserve the philately
rocketjohn: a habit i picked up from my dad
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> RT @Card_Kingdom> Our courier is en route to Victoria and @loadingreadyrun. Our man means business and is willing to protect the secrecy of the Blind Commander decks at any cost. | Remember to tune into the stream tonight at 6 PM Pacific at 📷 || ⤵
TXC2: ah unpaid internships, who the hell thought that was a good Idea? :p
wicker_knight: I do believe this person works in the US, but I don't think they've worked in a service industry and/or had the kind of money issues they're discussting
NiaRosso: did her parents break in and leave that ther?
Stellapacifica: Good morning! How goes it?
rocketjohn: there is sometimes philately on the back :-P
TXC2: hello Stellapacifica welcome
CoffeePrincess: @txc2 Americans
Earthenone: her parents set up her room, she was busy on tour
TXC2: CoffeePrincess indeed
accountmadeforants: Is she being paid in exposure?
TXC2: Saving are important
CoffeePrincess: @txc2 American economics are so effed, I am going through a sleepless hell just to get a job with benefits
wicker_knight: I have no cash and I must food
TXC2: CoffeePrincess well good luck lrrHEART
CoffeePrincess: @txc2 50 more work days, and I won't be on call any more
mtvcdm: A rapid Googling says makeup artist for Lady Gaga pays about $54K a year.
NiaRosso: What college is this harsh on people checking the phone in class?!?!?
CoffeePrincess: Yeah, I would hella just say that!
NiaRosso: Who wrote this?!?!?!
wicker_knight: this was normal for a smaller class at my college/uni
TXC2: mtvcdm so $4500 a month
wicker_knight: but yeah, our protag is just blanking
accountmadeforants: Yeah, just excuse yourself and/or tell them.
darkspiredragon: I had a Professor who absolutely allowed people to look at phones because he experienced this
TXC2: so I'm willing to believe we did a 6 week summer tour to pay for college
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chickenace11: try having somebody watching twitch right next to you while you are trying to take notes
Yolysses: Had a prof. who was notorious for answering phones that went off in his class and delivering the message publicly
NiaRosso: why is the university setting just high school???
TXC2: NiaRosso so the characters are over 18 Kappa
TXC2: (also not kappa)
atlas624: Honestly that kind of maps to my uni experience. It's basically high school with less supervision
Zhedor: I had a teacher who tore into me for not doing my homework because of a death in the family. after class he called me to the front and told me my behavior (breaking out in tears) was unacceptable and basically demanded an apology. Our relationship went downhill from there
Ignatiuspants: my experience with dating games is pretty limited, but I believe this is "college" as in, "high school, I mean not high school! they're over 18; I swear!!"
Garrub: This world makes no sense
accountmadeforants: Yes, but this way we get to be saved by a boy!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this is a bad game
accountmadeforants: This is such poor writing.
Garrub: yup this is definitely USA
TXC2: Zhedor wow that's tottal bullshit, that is BAD teaching
NiaRosso: this is one of the worst VN protagonists
zo4chcee: Oh my god. This game is so bad.
accountmadeforants: So they did have a list
SydPreviouslyHeadache: fuck this game
NiaRosso: why does she look dead inside
atlas624: There was a list, but being treated patronizingly is part of the requirements
aitsu100: god i hate this writing so much rn
Earthenone: can he "manage" to pay us
Ignatiuspants: ewwww... you're helpless unless a valid human being (i.e. heterosexual man) steps in and makes a choice for you
chickenace11: This game is worst then The worst dating sim
mtvcdm: I'm gonna say it right now, the odds of us coming back to this game next week are starting to look low.
CoffeePrincess: what the heck
Avayu: Because this is an otome gameafter all ...
tergonis: the worst dating sim was a treasure
Zhedor: @TXC2 yup. thankfully he's retired now and can no longer inflict himself on students
atlas624: @mtvcdm Good
Avayu: Can't have the protagonist show any agency ....
NiaRosso: WHO IS THIS FOR????
control_rig: Man this is awful. The character is so forcefully helpless and meek.
control_rig: Aaaaand he thanks the guard for being a dick to you
TXC2: yeap, Gods forbid that the PLAYER CHARACTER HAS AGENCY IN A GAME!
darkspiredragon: This is a game and you expect to make decisions to effect the outcome?
CoffeePrincess: you know how it is, I gotta threaten your staff to be sure they work here
SydPreviouslyHeadache: We said we weren't going to play games like this anymore
mtvcdm: I don't like the character we're being railroaded into being.
aitsu100: lol
TXC2: !clips
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control_rig: You're not wrong
Garrub: big agree @mtvcdm
atlas624: What the fuck even is this writing? Its failing at the bare minimum of a dating sim protag being the blank slate you can project onto
Nightvalien28: I for one like to be ruined by lrr
CoffeePrincess: wow, isn't that just the way
tergonis: ruined by the handful of good ones
control_rig: Good
aitsu100: not all dating games just the meh ones
CoffeePrincess: monster prom!!
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:07 AM
Avayu: Now, when the boys kiss, the writing is usually better.
chickenace11: Come for the kissing and leave with hating the games we play
Talin06: I am conflicted on the one hand i dont want them to play a bad game but i want to watch them complain about a bad game
mtvcdm: Yeah. This had one-and-done written all over it.
accountmadeforants: I looked at some screenshots and it does look like we do eventually get some agency. Here's hoping things improve from there on.
NiaRosso: You played a really goond one a few weeks ago
DKS04Saturn: No
TXC2: Chat will have to make more Dating games it's self :p
tergonis: those lines do not connect
NiaRosso: The gay high school one
khawl: kinda figured dropping this game was in the cards, surprised it took this long though...
atlas624: This is some basement tier gaslighting. Like its not even good gaslighting
aitsu100: Arcade Spirits is AMAZING
TXC2: Butterfly soup was Awesome
mtvcdm: Worst Dating Sim wasn't actually the worst dating sim.
control_rig: Live. With your friends
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so far the hetero games have sucked
chickenace11: yeah The Worst Dating Sim was better then this game
chickenace11: what about the one with the cats
NiaRosso: This is stream is also useful for learning when people are bad people to date bc they act like people in these games
CoffeePrincess: doki doki was fun
aitsu100: the writing in this game?
Ignatiuspants: do any of these otome games start with a place of assuming the heroine and player have self-esteem?
Foreverbackwards: I liked everything about and every scene in Arcade Spirits.
Garrub: "Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me"
TXC2: Ignatiuspants they dont seem to no
atlas624: Wow, that was a really arsehole way to say that
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Given the "John thinks of everything" Quote from earlier makes that Hypothesis doubtful.
CoffeePrincess: no, I think she's the type who's had easily solved problems, and hasn't called
Avayu: Depends on if she is getting paid for this job.
tergonis: to be fair the interaction with the guard was like 10 seconds at most
zo4chcee: HAVE A SPINE
CoffeePrincess: is she on Adam's contract?
Foreverbackwards: Also, I've checked out on this game at this point. I'd say drop it like a bad habit. Maybe play more Arcade Spirits?
Garrub: ^
CoffeePrincess: is John forced to have her on staff
atlas624: IT WAS A TEN SECOND CONFRONTATION!? When were we supposed to call you halfwit
Ignatiuspants: should have made her a real employee with a paycheck and an idea badge
khawl: but isn't growing a spine (by falling love with a boy) the essence of most otome games?
TXC2: Foreverbackwards eh, we;ve only got like 20 mins left in the stream any way
Ignatiuspants: er... ID badge
CoffeePrincess: CALLED IT
Foreverbackwards: I meant for future streams. Also, thanks to Now Kiss for introducing me to Butterfly Soup. It was amazing. Have a good day!
Ignatiuspants: finally she speaks with some oomph!
Garrub: maybe also ask for a paycheck Sian
Bobtheninjagoldfish: sO she has enough spine NOW.. but not for the rest of the day?
chickenace11: do it punch him it would make the game 100 times better
atlas624: I'm coming to the conclusion that everyone in this scene is awful
CoffeePrincess: absolutely not
control_rig: He's not wrong, but he's definitely not helping the situation. He's just taking out his frustrations by tearing into her
zo4chcee: I chalk it up to a badly written game with a protagonist that has no agency.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: So she's little Ms Meek with the professor and the guard and Benito, then John is like 'Adam chose you" and she suddenly grows enough of a spine to block someone's way and think about clocking them? WTF?
NiaRosso: I\m coming to the conclusion that everyone in this game is awful
khawl: Also, just pointing this out, we have not had any gameplay all stream.
Garrub: thats because this game has no gameplay, apparently
TXC2: khawl it's a dating game, they basically dont have "gameplay"
accountmadeforants: Who is paying you and organising your schedule?
chickenace11: I think I have seen better writing in a watch and play game
Earthenone: he is a cat herder who is not allowed to fire the cats
CoffeePrincess: and he's got no choice but to have her on staff
khawl: @TXC2 hey usually do have a choice once every hour or so
accountmadeforants: Also, no! She literally said John planned for her to have all her classes in the mornings! HOW?!
CoffeePrincess: Adam got her, and he can't lose Adam
TXC2: khawl fair point
atlas624: Question, how long have we been playing? Because I feel we should know this kind of stuff about our protag
TXC2: !uptime
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chickenace11: just flip him off
zo4chcee: A protagonist with no Agency because the writer assumes what the audience insert would already feel, based on nothing but assumptions.
margieargie: There -are- choices in this game. It's got a scheduling thing that... takes a while to get to. It... probably won't help to wait.
atlas624: A protagonist with no agency and temper tantrums
tergonis: she did tell him she worked there
aitsu100: like if there would have been choices before this it would make the game better
margieargie: It took me about an hour to get to that part, and I go through these kinds of games quickly.
emrafool: Bonus stream???
atlas624: Beej's unguents - six creams, more than enough to oil everything that moves
accountmadeforants: I went back to the "morning classes" bit. She follows up with "You too?" after Adam mentions having John plan things out for him. Though that may have just been a "oh, I also only have morning classes, but coincidentally"
CoffeePrincess: so she had an anxiety attack?
TXC2: !addquote (Kathleen) [now] After stream I've got a verity of unguents I can slather on you.
LRRbot: New quote #5902: "After stream I've got a verity of unguents I can slather on you." —Kathleen [2019-03-15]
CoffeePrincess: I can see how that can mess with her solving the problem on her own
accountmadeforants: Please!
CraziestOwl: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:07.
atlas624: What even is his neck? Is this dude some percentage giraffe?
CoffeePrincess: but I feel like she should have had a chance to fix it herself
accountmadeforants: I want this guy looking like an ICP member
chickenace11: makeup rhythm mini game
khawl: any options at any point would have been nice
CoffeePrincess: or be up front with her anxiety
atlas624: If you hit auto, do you just skip straight to the end?
khawl: now we have had some mediocre at best prose thrown at us
accountmadeforants: At some point there's supposed to be one of those cliché map+time-management bits
CoffeePrincess: I don't do well in crowds, so I can relate
aitsu100: agreed its def the writing
TXC2: telling is fine if you do it at the right time
CoffeePrincess: but we didn't know that until Adam mentioned it
EricTheOrange: I think the writers weren't expecting their audience to be so critical
CoffeePrincess: She didn't even tell us
khawl: What else have we had other than writing?
zo4chcee: If this writer just wanted to write without worrying about player agency, they should've just wrote a book.
TXC2: books don't sell the way video games do
CoffeePrincess: IS SHE BEING PAID
atlas624: We hope we're being paid? Wow, what kind of a pushover is this protag?
CoffeePrincess: I want more of this game if only to learn the answer to this question
chickenace11: I heard that eye roll Kathleen
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: Probably getting paid in 'exposure'
tergonis: i am an eldritch horror and time has no hold on me!
Reecer6: i dunno, i'm not a fan of curly 'k's
TXC2: !clips
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Mangledpixel: I think it's one of the fonts I considered for the Persona 5 Chustle graphics. Not the one I went with in the end, though.
CoffeePrincess: sea hag?!
atlas624: Is that the good ending, we unlock immense magical power and curse all these dudes with itchy taints for all eternity?
CoffeePrincess: the return of sea hag?!?!
chickenace11: wait is this where you get the curses for the panalysts?
CoffeePrincess: good!
tergonis: muskrat union is no joke
atlas624: Is the protag our aunt euphemia?
zo4chcee: Annoyed Kathleen is best Kathleen
CoffeePrincess: as a union gal myself
CoffeePrincess: I approve
accountmadeforants: We also need to send out adventurers to collect newts and stuff, that's contract work!
TXC2: Muskrats have unions why can't we!
ContingentCat: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:40:51.
CoffeePrincess: it's Ben
CoffeePrincess: it's Ben's show
chickenace11: was it her mother?
aitsu100: or mom was the artist that left on him
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: Woodland Creature and Alchemical Assistants Local #138
accountmadeforants: Agency!
zo4chcee: It's Shitty Benito
CoffeePrincess: @chickenace11 I was thinking the same thing
ContingentCat: I hope that guy already knows her pretty well to sign off with "loves"
Earthenone: 5 am? bus off
tergonis: oh yea this is the most professional setup
shurtal: holy fuck, Disney rehired James gunn for Guardians 3
darkspiredragon: I see no mention of compensation...
atlas624: Yeah I saw that, about time too
Garrub: wait really?
DKS04Saturn: They did?
Garrub: thats awesome!
DKS04Saturn: Great
CoffeePrincess: I heard!
TXC2: shurtal PICs or it didn't happen
aitsu100: wow im amazed
Xed_Regulus: Yes! Take that alt-right trolls!
MungoDude: oh good, I was wondering when that would happen
accountmadeforants: Ooh, neat
atlas624: You reliably never ask about payment, and I like that
Stellapacifica: Oh awesome! There is hope!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: TXC2 it's accurate
TXC2: thank you
TXC2: wow that first sentence is spot on
CoffeePrincess: oh wait, is it boy 4
Earthenone: NOPE
CoffeePrincess: JESUS
Garrub: suddenly, assault!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wtf
ContingentCat: umm
accountmadeforants: ???
control_rig: Good
CoffeePrincess: WHAT
control_rig: Do it again
Garrub: he said please so obviously he's an ok guy
atlas624: Maybe explain yourself and maybe I stop elbowing you asshole
Garrub: thats how it works
accountmadeforants: See, that part needed a "jab again?" choice
Zhedor: stalkers?
aitsu100: stalkers
Xed_Regulus: I'm not a fan of most of these boys.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ughhhhh i didn't htink it could get worse
chickenace11: girls who will name there first child after this guy
DKS04Saturn: Megafans?
Garrub: wow spoilers
Garrub: MiniK
CoffeePrincess: How did he know she wasn't a stalker
tergonis: nothing here resembles reality
TXC2: this picture is bad to come back to :p
CoffeePrincess: he just grabbed a person
DKS04Saturn: Now I want to watch Yuri on Ice again
poeromancy: Where is security or the receptionist?
control_rig: So the security guard...?
Garrub: Why does he need to grab Sian to hide himself from the other stalkers?
Garrub: Like why is she even involved
accountmadeforants: Maybe there's more things going on at the studio, and there's security in their section?
control_rig: Hit him more
Zhedor: has anyone seen my 3mm wood-drillbit? no? dang-it!
DKS04Saturn: Do we know if there will be more Yuri on Ice?
tergonis: gorram terrifying
khawl: We have seen the writers have heard of security guards, maybe not quite understand how they operate....
atlas624: Rude is missing social cues, what you did was assault
TXC2: more then rude seeing as it's techincally battery
CoffeePrincess: Um, it's a little late to apologize
sivakrytos: what's with his arms
accountmadeforants: "Smooth." Pot. Kettle.
TXC2: sivakrytos he's part albatross Kappa
chickenace11: I don't want to talk to people at 5pm
Garrub: Assault is so exciting!
CoffeePrincess: I'm hella uncomfortable
TXC2: chickenace11 5 AM
Garrub: thats so much better
CoffeePrincess: yes
control_rig: SO MUCH BETTER
chickenace11: yeah but i'm saying i'm anti-social @TXC2
CoffeePrincess: Hard Days Night this thing
TXC2: chickenace11 fair
SydPreviouslyHeadache: humanizing and not creepy as hell
ContingentCat: yup much better
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no grabbing
DKS04Saturn: Kathleen, you should write a dating sim. Love every time you correct a scene or dialogue <3
accountmadeforants: Suspension bridge effect. Elevated heartrate + adrenaline invokes feelings of love.
CoffeePrincess: trauma bonding
SydPreviouslyHeadache: hih
SpoonfullOfSugar: We all know how that went from Speed2
EricTheOrange: doki doki
TXC2: so that thing they joke about at the end of Speed ?
CoffeePrincess: *dabs*
accountmadeforants: The proper term is "Misattribution of arousal", by the way.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: At the end of speed Keanu says 'I've had relationships that are based on tese situations and they never work"
control_rig: There's a reason why amusement parks are a traditional date location. "Safe scares"
Bobtheninjagoldfish: and Bullock answers "Then we'll base it on Sex"
ContingentCat: the "bad boy" trope is pretty prevalent everywhere
TXC2: the "bad boy" sterotype
atlas624: Yeah, even just him putting his hand over her mouth would have been enough to make him creepy but not...whatever that was
Stellapacifica: What was Vogos' CHA? I'd imagine that's what a 20 is
CoffeePrincess: but now I have made the Hard Days Night reference, I want a Beatles dating sim
Garrub: wait so we werent even in the right building
Garrub: good job us
ContingentCat: lrrFRUMP
CoffeePrincess: lrrFRUMP
DKS04Saturn: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
TXC2: Guy with a ponytail man!
DKS04Saturn: I like this one
margieargie: At 5 AM? Probably close to sleeping as well.
accountmadeforants: We don't even know if you'll pay us :D
EricTheOrange: so far he's better than all the other options
CoffeePrincess: so security is either over aggressive or super lazy
ContingentCat: enthusiasm at 5am is a big ask
atlas624: Has anyone ever been brave enough to name their cop show Cops and Robbers?
darkspiredragon: Sounds like we will need another job. That series won't get picked up...
accountmadeforants: I watched Harry Potter once and now I'm boiling concoctions!
TXC2: being this up at 5AM says Cocaine to me Kappa
margieargie: I watched girly stuff and it turned me into a woman, so... :p
aitsu100: can we date her?
CoffeePrincess: can we date her?!
khawl: No series called "Cops and Robbers" but like 5 movies
Earthenone: are you preditor or prey?
ContingentCat: um wat
control_rig: You're an acting bintarong
CoffeePrincess: I like her
atlas624: @Earthenone We seem to be mostly prey
Rhynerd: “I’m a makeup artist. I need money.”
Garrub: no makeup minigame?
atlas624: God I wish she was an option, she seems to be the only interesting person on screen so far
CoffeePrincess: *deep sigh* yea
tergonis: choices of any kind would be great
CoffeePrincess: tough and cool and cool and tough
DKS04Saturn: Agreed
Garrub: you think his arm gets sore in that pose all the time tho?\
TXC2: he seems over 30, so we probably can;t date him
chickenace11: I'll hit him with a crossbow
TXC2: 'cause you know we can;t date someone who treats us with dignity Kappa
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: If she isn't a dating option, then I'd choose the ladder backstage.
Rhynerd: Ah, she’s playing the cowboy cop.
TXC2: GolfClap.wav
CoffeePrincess: we only see the one scene
Earthenone: drugs!''
atlas624: Cocaine
CoffeePrincess: is he a Kubrick type?
TXC2: so Cocaine got it
tergonis: so pay?
accountmadeforants: Huh.
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:45 AM
darkspiredragon: "I also know you get paid in exposure."
Earthenone: lrrFINE
Garrub: a choice?!
CoffeePrincess: OMG
aitsu100: wow the first options in the game
EricTheOrange: Actual gameplay surprises everyone
tergonis: choice number 2
control_rig: He's totally negging you
atlas624: Ah, the best option
chickenace11: number 3
SydPreviouslyHeadache: sounds good
Perchipy: tell him fu off
TXC2: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:00:00.
aitsu100: i agree with Kathleen
DKS04Saturn: All in favor?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i was starting to get upset
accountmadeforants: Ah, the "Fuck off." option you mentioned.
TXC2: 2 hrs in for the first option
tergonis: kill it with fire
Earthenone: good answer good answer!
Garrub: An interesting game. The only winning move is not to play
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this games writing is atrocious
CoffeePrincess: interesting game, the only winning move is not to play
margieargie: Fun fact: We didn't even get to the actual gameplay!... the writing doesn't change, though, so...
aitsu100: Alt F4
khawl: 2 hours of playtime, total choices 1
Reecer6: They tell you a lot about that option in Spec Ops.
Reecer6: Dunno why nothing else does.
aitsu100: Celina woulda been my choice to date if i could
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accountmadeforants: Celine doesn't seem to be an option. But there is a female model you can date.
Earthenone: so you have been ruined by quality games as well?
aitsu100: yes it does
RockPusher: Hai/Bai Kathleen and Heather kathle3HEX lunarj1Heart
TXC2: hello RockPusher
RockPusher: Hey TXC2 lrrHEART
control_rig: It's a nice option for Ace folks
DKS04Saturn: I'd play it
Reecer6: I want a dating sim where you have to choose someone to be your eternal nemeiss.
Ignatiuspants: YES!! I love that!
Reecer6: Nemesis.
mercano82: I'm still waiting on Kathleen's Gritty NHL dating sim.
control_rig: Also true
CoffeePrincess: the Normal Boots dating game had a friendship option if you tried to romance the guy who was gay, but it was very sweet and well done
Ignatiuspants: purely platonic visual novel, speaking as an ace person
aitsu100: Arcade Spirits is my fav game in the past few years for dating games and i have bought it for multiple people at this point
CoffeePrincess: I would like friends
accountmadeforants: So for those interested, these are the ending options:
Ignatiuspants: freaking amazibg
Earthenone: ending 16 seems like the one to go for
TXC2: a slooooooow start
Avayu: Oh, so the game got bettter after I left?
margieargie: I still like it even now, but I like "slow" more than I probably should.
sivakrytos: you have to REALLY fuck up to be expelled from university
Zhedor: speaking as a romantically inclined guy, i could really use a strictly pltonic game. if only to learn to deal with people you want to date just not being interested
CoffeePrincess: I just wanna know if she gets paid!
ContingentCat: if it hasn't picked up in 2 hours that's way too slow
TXC2: thanks for streaming Kathleen and Heather
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
aitsu100: thanks for the strim Kathleen and Heather
CoffeePrincess: have fun!
DKS04Saturn: Thanks for the stream~
darkspiredragon: thank you
CoffeePrincess: be safe!
chickenace11: Make Adam and Cam do a now kiss
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for the stream Heather and Kathleen
darkspiredragon: Panalysts!
sivakrytos: like, serial cheating, or violent crimes
CoffeePrincess: I will be!
accountmadeforants: Sounds cool! And thanks for the stream.
chickenace11: I am I got my badge yesterday
CoffeePrincess: at pax
TXC2: !next
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tergonis: thanks for the stream
TXC2: !events
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ContingentCat: bye thanks for streaming
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TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: @CoffeePrincess I'll be at Pax as well.
Twinklebees: Well, that's me caught up on the Spring Smasl'm. What a blast.