TXC2: see, I gotta get all the LRR content I can today Kappa
PhoenixMelior: why today specifically
TXC2: eh, it's just how things have fallen it to place
TXC2: *into
LoadingReadyRun: Music is the same. It is easy to think of of the standard music scale as written version of a fundamental fact how sound frequencies operate in the world and that all possibly music is just combinations of those notes
PhoenixMelior: producing those particular frequencies can be difficult
PhoenixMelior: and also, the lyrics spoken, and how often the frequency appears/repeats in the song is how you differentiate
Metric_Furlong: the I do find the 'mandatory subjects, to the point it will sometimes add fake ones' an amusing quirk, but that's fairly common in European languages
PhoenixMelior: (I care a great deal about music)
TXC2: isn't most sheet music for Pianos?
PhoenixMelior: no, all instruments have sheet music
TXC2: ah Ok, I guess all the ones I've seen are for a piano :P
Metric_Furlong: oh yeah, also music is very much not a 'universal language'
Juliamon: Sheet music for different instruments can vary wildly, particularly for strings
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Join Paul and Heather for ChillPoint.) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
Metric_Furlong: (even before you get into tunings, which can and have varied a lot)
mtvcdm: A piano or guitar play's understanding of notes will not be the same as a drummer's, let alone, say, a didgeridoo player.
TXC2: I guess my point is that what I as a none music person thinks is musical scale is very much not what it is
LoadingReadyRun: It is super cool to think about different notation systems and different instruments in different parts of the world can have a totally different set of notes. Not just a wierd combination of notes, but ones that can't even be represented in the normal system
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, fellow chatters!
TXC2: hello PharaohBender27 welcome
Juliamon: Welcome to the pre-chill
Metric_Furlong: (to elaborate on what I meant by 'fake sentence subjects' earlier, the easiest example is the sentence 'It is raining.". The 'it' in that sentence doesn't actually refer to anything, but it has to be there because otherwise the sentence stops working)
PharaohBender27: I'd actually forgotten it was Chillpoint this week, though I'm aware that this is the last of the Monday Check/Chillpoints
PharaohBender27: @Metric_Furlong Just got here, but maybe in that case the "it" could be the sky?
TXC2: hasn't checkpoint been on a monday for like 6 years? :P
Juliamon: "it" as an undefined concept that changes based on context
TXC2: that "it" could be the sky, or the clouds or the weather in general
Juliamon: You COULD say sky, but "it's cold and raining" would be fundamentally different
Metric_Furlong: okay, and have you ever heard anyone say 'the sky is raining'? :p
PhoenixMelior: Metric_Furlong "the clouds in the sky above are leaking"
PhoenixMelior: which we've just short handed to "it's raining"
Metric_Furlong: also, this exact same thing happens in French
Metric_Furlong: which again is a language where sentences must have subjects
Rockario: Instead of "sky," it could be weather
PharaohBender27: It's also true in German - "Es regnet" ("It rains") falls under that same category
Myrniss: !nexty
Myrniss: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Join Paul and Heather for ChillPoint.) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (8s ago).
PhoenixMelior: time to run for a drink real quick
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 Don't know how long it's been a Monday show. I just know I'll miss it - having a Tuesday-Saturday work schedule, this was one of the few streams I could consistently watch the entirety of live.
TXC2: PharaohBender27 I know what you mean
Metric_Furlong: yeah, it's just kind of an amusing quick of subject-necessary languages that they'll end-up with sentence that contain pronouns that aren't standing-in for anything, but which just have to be there for the sake of maintaining grammar
margieargie: Being an hour earlier is probably what's gonna make me end up missing it most of the time.
Rivulatus_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ChillPoint (Join Paul and Heather for ChillPoint.) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
Maddrius: Must say, it's enjoyable to wander into chat, seeing a discussion on music morph into a weather grammar exchange. ^.^
Pteraspidomorphi: Was live recorded checkpoint ever not on a monday? If so I missed that
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: is it time to frost zone?
PhoenixMelior: Pteraspidomorphi there were a couple that moved around due to E3 I think
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, well, that's normal
Pteraspidomorphi: Not on a regular basis though
Maddrius: signal
Rockario: 🚨🚨🚨
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrSORJNORB
WrightJustice: cgbPog
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Juliamon: That's an interesting number.
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Stoffern: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Maddrius: not receiving music?
margieargie: (But Now Kiss being in the afternoon now more than makes up for any other schedule changes I think! ^.^ )
PharaohBender27: @Metric_Furlong Speaking of linguistic oddities, a few years it occurred to me how weird it is that modern English uses the progressive tense for most present-tense sentence. Like, we say "I'm going to the store," and even though "I go to the store" would be grammatically correct, no one who's a native English speaker says it that way.
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL
TXC2: I mean my 6 years claim included all time that Checkpoint was on PATV
Maddrius: ah, there it is. Thanks!
Rockario: "I go to store" sounds very detached from the present
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Rockario: I forget what the "general statement" tense is called
Anubis169: aaaaaaaaaand LIVE!!
PharaohBender27 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months, currently on a 5 month streak!
PharaohBender27: I'll miss Monday Checkpoints/Chillpoints, but best wishes for your guys' new schedule!
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Pteraspidomorphi: Sounds like "I (usually) go to the store" rather than "I'm going to the store (right now)"
ugh_sunlight: Ooh the final monday checkpoint
CoffeePrincess: hellooooooooo
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SenseAmidstMadness: Point Checked
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TXC2: "i go to store" is how an English writer would write an Eastern European saying that sentence
MousseFilledCat: The final Monday chillpoint
Astra7525: @Pteraspidomorphi That's how I learned that in school
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mahpete_: I think that's the habitual mode? not sure
Astra7525: Grammar. Serious Business
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Decaped: Goodbye Monpoints, Hello Thurpoints!
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TXC2: Here we GO!
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Rockario: The Grammarly blog calls it "Simple Present" as opposed to "Present Continuous"
PharaohBender27: @Pteraspidomorphi @Astra7525 Ah. That makes sense. Though still weird when you realize we're rather unique (as far as I know) in that regard
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AntiCrepuscular: chill.
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TehAmelie: yaay
Maddrius: Yay!
Glodenox: BestPoint!
frnknstn: Woot!
Riandisa: Good afternoon Heather & Paul
Metric_Furlong: The PH Balance
karmakamikaze: Chillll Point!
Gallium71: Woo!
Snow301678: yey!
KharadBanar: From a purely syntactical standpoint, "I go to the store" is first person present indicative I think
TheWarbo: Chillp Oint
mtvcdm: Hullo
PhoenixMelior: !smash
LRRbot: Put a rhythm game in Smash, you cowards!
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TXC2: Hello Paul and Heather
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SenseAmidstMadness: Normal Graham, normal Kathleen
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malsareus: Hodor pount
NathanJay_GA: dammit notifier, youre stealing the intro's spot!
Alness49: It's Paul and the One True Heather!
malsareus: Point*
Amentur: Hello Paul and Heather
ryuhimora: off center plz
electric_claire: If beej is in smash then he can be in the intro too
TXC2: !beej
PhoenixMelior: remember the sub cutoff? That was a thing
TheWarbo: Put the intro in smash, you cowards?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !smash
LRRbot: Put the Autumnal Rumble in Smash, you cowards!
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jonasjonIV: Hey! Chill! Fun!
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CoffeePrincess: pride100 yay Heather pride100 yay Paul!
TXC2: all this can happen in the next hour!
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mattman257700: 15 Months! Almost time to start counting on the other foot!
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VDel_234: @lrrbot Hey chat, Paul, and Heather!
mahpete_: is the stream a bit on the quite side, or do I need to get better headphones?
VDel_234: @loadingreadyrun
Metric_Furlong: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
ButtsButtsButts: it me
chaostreader: @mahpete_ A bit quiet. Not too much.
OKB_1: Good evening
TXC2: PhoenixMelior please the stream is on now Kappa
PhoenixMelior: i'd almost think Jeezy were the butts
Metric_Furlong: !findquote butts
LRRbot: Quote #5395: "Lets not wave you around, let's support your butt at all times." —Kathleen [2018-10-15]
PhoenixMelior: txc2 curses
VDel_234: !quote
CoffeePrincess: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir? You can't FROOT FROOT here.
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Myrniss: Oh subs are being read out this week! Then i just want to send my love to my bae GenericEvilGenius <3
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TehAmelie: it could be louder
VDel_234: !findquote
Pteraspidomorphi: I turned my headphones up
OKB_1: it's fine
CoffeePrincess: sounds ok to me, with no headphones
ManicPixieDreamLurker: cheer144 My favourite ChillPoint hosts! Yay!
WrightJustice: a tad quiet for me
SAJewers: it's ok, but i'd be fine if it were a tad louder
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Izandai: Awww.
GenericEvilGenius: @Myrniss love you too babe <3
ThorSokar: I do have you at 110% in vlc and I usually have you at 75%
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qrpth: !advice
LRRbot: Mash L2.
kassy_13: it's quiet
AntiCrepuscular: How does the hot water resist the power of this fully armed and operational chillpoint?
PhoenixMelior: this does seem a bit quiet
kassy_13: for sure
TehAmelie: it would be neat to not have to max my speakers and then get surprises for the neighbors when sound comes from anywhere else
diamondmx: that's what whiskey cubes are for
kassy_13: you are the best hosts
VDel_234: !advice
LRRbot: Hit the weak spot for massive damage.
TXC2: !addquote (Heather) [now] Mixing water with other water is just not the same water.
LRRbot: New quote #5940: "Mixing water with other water is just not the same water." —Heather [2019-03-25]
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Tantusar: It's the laaaaaaast Monday!
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monsieur_squirrel: chilling for 52 months
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Cursed_Sins: They are splitting the sub and the anniversary it seems.
Doc_Layzah: what Paul is saying.
PhoenixMelior: yup, RIP Monday Checkpoint
FITorion: this would be the last monday checkpoint
Alness49: Next week is the new schedule
kassy_13: it's the fiiiinal monday
margieargie: It's the final Mon-down!
TheWarbo: The last Monday. From here on out the week goes from Sunday to Tuesday.
kassy_13: ^
TXC2: the last Monday ever, next week we call this day Flamfsday
mahpete_: we're going to work with 6 day weeks from now on?
Alness49: So a nice bumper filled Checkpoint next Thursday
AntiCrepuscular: *no jokes*
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kassy_13: of you!!!!
PhoenixMelior: [NAME TBD[
PhoenixMelior: *[NAME TBD]
Stoffern: Yeah, if you hit the resub button and when your actual anniversary hits are now different notifications, you may have to update the notifier?
kassy_13: <3
CoffeePrincess: oh boy!
Ukon_vasara: ooh Yoshi diemPawgers
TehAmelie: hey Heather is that a new W+P shirt?
PharaohBender27: For anyone who's confused about the whole "Last Monday" thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x81FDUH8-E
azlan121: I think what it is, is with the prime subs, you have kind of a window to renew it, so if you renew it early it says you are a new sub, but then you get the option to post your 'anniversary' on the correct date or after, and it will show the correct amount of time
NathanJay_GA: so, is "the playthrough" the official name?
ContingentCat: oh yeah *james' voice*[Name TBD]
WrightJustice: can't wait for Name TBD
Alness49: Name TBD, but since it's Paul I'll call it Things on my Stream
Ukon_vasara: had interest in the game, will like to see it played first
PhoenixMelior: dangit Heather
Amentur: Spoiler: Yoshi is pretty cute
TXC2: Yoshi will Vore EVERYTHING
wildpeaks: it will need a name that isn't confused with "the long game" from the tabletop show
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Rhynerd: Yoshi’s going on an adventure.
Doc_Layzah: ah@azlan121 that makes sense.
Lithobraker: but can you pet the doggos?
mtvcdm: Yoshi will just eat you. Kirby will eat your soul.
TehAmelie: you could call it This is a Game in honor of the old lower third
PhoenixMelior: txc2 please, you told ME off for saying "butts" on stream lrrBEEJ
Rhynerd: Kamek and/or a friend of Kamek
frnknstn: We can call it PaulQuest Redux
CoffeePrincess: to be fair, you need to have a pretty high iq to understand yoshi's crafted world
TXC2: wait no, I'm thinking of Kirby :P
Rockario: He mostly gets bullied by Boswer Jr
TheMerricat: For Prime Subs, since the date you 'resub' doesn't match your anniversary, you don't get a 'message' announcement on resub, but you get one on 'sub anniversary' day. @LoadingReadyRun cheer100
TXC2: PhoenixMelior fair
GDwarf: Kamek is the usual Yoshi villain
TXC2: "bah gwad, that's pants Yoshi's music!"
Sanaj: cheer111
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wildpeaks: chillpoint is best point
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An anonymous user is gifting 5 Tier 1 Subs to LoadingReadyRun's community!
TehAmelie: it makes sense as long as you remember resubs happen on the day after your sub has gone for the whole month, not the month after
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TXC2: checkpoint and chill, where the chill is still checkpoint
BubbaRad: lrrWOW
Rockario: @AnAnonymousGifter lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
x0den: does anyone what the sony thing going on right now is?
mtvcdm: n e v e r
Simonark: Unless one of you says something that would get you sued. Which.. hasn't happened ever?
SAJewers: lrrFINE
CoffeePrincess: where nothing can possibly go wrong
TXC2: !addquote (Heather) [now] Only perfection goes up on the main channel.
LRRbot: New quote #5941: "Only perfection goes up on the main channel." —Heather [2019-03-25]
ContingentCat: yup never happens, n e v e r
mtvcdm: This is certainly not Heather's House of Lies
hieroglyphica: That panelists video NEVER HAPPENED
malsareus: T h e r e. A r e. N o. F l a w s
wildpeaks: like Stadium but with an a
TehAmelie: man i have to watch more Panalists
TheWarbo: J U S T P E R F E C T I O N
GDwarf: Stadia, which is a measure of distance, IIRC?
Reecer6: But what IS cloud gaming?
doctorGunsforhands: Stadii
Juliamon: It's gaming with an annoying delay
Izandai: I don't understand why people are mad that this exists. I understand why people would be uninterested in it, but I don't understand why people are mad that it exists at all.
Tiber727: I still think of Stadia as an artificial sweetener, like Stevia.
Pteraspidomorphi: Gaming with kites and airplanes?
thomturtle: I thought the big news was Vampire Bloodlines 2. :O
ThorSokar: Because Cloud Gaming has worked so well for everyone else who's tried it...
Astra7525: "Stadia. Because you don't need to own games when we already own your life"
TehAmelie: i figure it's one further step away from you ever actually owning the media you buy
TXC2: Reecer6 instead of owning a copy of a game on disk or downloading, you stream the game from the cloud
Saunabath: I think there's a university in Finland called Stadia
Amentur: I can't see Stadia working. Cloud gaming needs constant good internet, which far too many people can count on
TXC2: it is 1000% completly untenable as an Idea
Reecer6: @TXC2 Sorry, I was just quoting an old commercial.
CoffeePrincess: jesus, they just triggered my Google home, and it scared me
malsareus: 1 stadium, 2 stadia, 3 world boss
Gallium71: Ah, the you-tubes...
Amentur: *can't
PhoenixMelior: but what is cloud gaming?
TXC2: Reecer6 oh OK :p
mtvcdm: And online stores can certainly go away. For example, discord's game store is already gone.
TheMerricat: Yay for another service that Google will push out and then abandon in two years once they realize that only west coast silicon valley folk have the bandwidth to make it work! (not including europe because it'll be region locked to the US only!)
TheMerricat: Anyone remember Desura? ^_^
TheWarbo: I feel like the best scenario is that Stadia gets people more viscerally opposed to "you don't actually get the bandwidth we say you do" shenanigans.
wildpeaks: the evolution of online services games, forever renting
TheWarbo: Not the likely one, but the best one.
TXC2: unless EVERYONE has gigabite download AND upload, streaming gaming CAN NOT work
PhoenixMelior: ^
Pteraspidomorphi: It can work in *some* european city centers, and maybe in south korea
GDwarf: My big complaint about cloud gaming is that what happens after Google loses a license for a game, or just decides to not offer it anymore? Now it's gone from everyone's machine forever.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: yeah so far its been OnLive and Playstation Now
ThorSokar: the speed of light is a thing, and it only works well for people near the DC
Saunabath: Cloud gaming itself is a great idea. Crossplatform and no need for expensive hardware.
PhoenixMelior: which is why this isn't news to me
TXC2: not to mention how shitty it would be to not own the games one would bye
TXC2: *buy
PhoenixMelior: I have a MONTHLY cap of 300GB on my internet. This would not work
GDwarf: Google is claiming a 25Mbps downstream is enough for this, we'll see
Maddrius: I like the concept as an idea, but my ISP already throttles the heck out of me, so ...
Doc_Layzah: So it's like... the opposite of distributed computing?
TXC2: GDwarf well thats me out then with my 4mbs
Pteraspidomorphi: Most of the world has a lower average broadband speed than that, GDwarf
OKB_1: Remember OnLive?
wildpeaks: could have an influence on which genres get funded, to only do games where latency doesn't matter as much
Gallium71: Alas I suspect it will end up as renting games rather than owning them. Just like music :(
Riandisa: I remember attempting to beta Gaikai on DSL.
TheMerricat: @GDwarf If I got 25Mbps or had it avaliable to me here in St. Louis MO, I'd be overjoyed. But even that 'low spec' bandwidth is a dream to alot of us.
Reecer6: And Google kind of just started drawing back on its Fiber thing, didn't it?
KharadBanar: @OKB_1 but what *is* cloud gaming? Kappa
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NathanJay_GA: Are we really at a point in computing where light is too slow for our needs?
ThorSokar: you were right, it's light
TXC2: to be fair to google on fibre, Comcast et al basically Cheated to shit on google
zerg539: @NathanJay_GA yeah basically
Izandai: @NathanJay_GA We've been there for a while. We've been there ever since people started connecting to stock exchanges with fiber optics.
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 Comcast is the worst
rf232: It runs in our edge DCs, which is way more distributed than Amazons physical locations
NathanJay_GA: Well, shit
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: that reminds me of my old pings back in classic Counter Strike
Riandisa: Still sour that Google Fiber stopped expanding just outside my town
TXC2: NathanJay_GA given how much stuff we have in space, lights been too slow for about 40 years :p
Izandai: @NathanJay_GA Because in modern stock trading, the milliseconds of extra delay you suffer from connecting to the New York Stock Exchange from one extra city over could be disastrous.
CaptainSpam: @txc2 Well, to be more fair, that's standard operating procedure for Comcast in any situation...
TheMerricat: @TXC2 to be even more fair, for Google to go into the business of fiber without realizing they'd be fighting the dirtiest assholes in the industry, then they are even more naive than the folk who think cloud gaming is a necessary thing.
TXC2: CaptainSpam TheMerricat fair points
electric_claire: I live in NYC and my internet is not reliable enough for this
TehAmelie: i remember when google wanted to develop systems to match power production to power consumption to make electricity cheaper for everyone. the least evil thing they ever thought of. and i guess it went nowhere
NathanJay_GA: high-frequency trading kinda makes sense, though. now its too slow for games
sivakrytos: and not needing those 25mbits for anything else
OKB_1: This could perhaps work in places where ISP aren't allowed to put data caps on your plan. I don't think it's going to work because even if you have the occasional stutters the experience is already ruined.
TXC2: yeah no way is this gonna work with 1 million concurrent users
ChefStephen subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 50 months!
ChefStephen: Also it really doesnt help that even if you have really good internet data caps are still a thing
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, ChefStephen! (Today's storm count: 36)
rf232: hmm, heather is a lot more quiet than paul for me
Izandai: @NathanJay_GA It's honestly not. The problem is the amount of light people can get sending information back and forth at any one moment.
Lithobraker: They just have to implement EVE online style TiDi Kappa
azlan121: in theory, each game would be in its own VM, with its own graphics card, so it shouldn't be too hard to ringfence bandwidth for each user
TheMerricat: @rf232 I feel as if that's just normal voice volume....
Tantusar: The only way this gets a million concurrents is if the GPU market becomes an mess again.
7gorobei: the main thing they are seeing is that when the game server and the game client are running on the same data center, the netcode and databurst becomes much simpler. also having all the clients on the cloud means no way to use aimbot/cheats
Jill_P: @rf232 agreed, i can barely hear Heather
OKB_1: I have a finer connection here and the stream is constantly skipping on my end.
Erudite_Cynic: the world's largest lanparty
kassy_13 watches the stream buffer
kassy_13: as if to prove a point about stream latency
Izandai: @OKB_1 Depends on the game. Stutters are awful when playing anything requiring tight timing, like a rhythm game or a Souls-like, but that seems like less of an issue for something like a puzzle game.
TheMerricat: The actual end game here, they are cutting twitch out of the game streaming game, it'll all be direct to Youtube!!!!
kassy_13: my rhythm game sometimes stutters & it's awful
NathanJay_GA: ok, anti-cheat possibilities have me intrigued
TehAmelie: it's true, i can see it improving esports due to cheat prevention. but not much else
wildpeaks: and all that sweet data to optimize serving ads and microtransactions
zerg539: @7gorobei AMD and NVidia are salivating over this AMD for the CPUs and Nvidia for the GPUs AMD is going to sell so many Epyc processors to Alphabet
TheMerricat: In before they insert 1.30 sec ads into the middle of your streams. ^_^
Erudite_Cynic: imagine VR with this
kassy_13: because my stream keeps stuttering, it keeps deleting words from paul's sentences but not obviously. very weird
OKB_1: @Izandai but still, I've you experience even the occasional sluggish response it sourhes the experience.
Stoffern: comercial breakes in a game youre playing sounds awful
FITorion: the fact that it requires chrome means I'll never use it
TheMerricat: @Erudite_Cynic if normal VR lag gave you vertigo....
zerg539: I mean at least if you wind up playing ANthem on Stadia you can watch different commercials during the long ass load times
GDwarf: What is Google paying developers? We dunno!
Rockario: @TheMerricat Oh god, they'll sell it on saving consumers money and use that to justify ads and stuff
sivakrytos: no, google raking in more data is $$$$ for them too
kassy_13: @TheMerricat @Erudite_Cynic how to make people throw up more often for money
wildpeaks: basically the games wouldn't matter, only that the user remains on the service
7gorobei: @zerg539 the initial version is using amd vega variant gpu with recycled xeon cpu, the meltdown/spectre exploits means google cant use them for critical data. eventually they probably will switch to amd epic
TehAmelie: i mean i do own half a Netflix subscription but the next time they raise the fee. . .
PharaohBender27 says "Live services" the way Jim Sterling does
CoffeePrincess: stupid thought, what effect would this have on Special Editions?
ThorSokar: this is why you either get DRM free copies or physical copies of things
NathanJay_GA: lIvE sErViCeS
TheMerricat: "Triple AAAAAAAAAAAA games?" @PharaohBender27
kassy_13 obediently says "liiiiive services"
CoffeePrincess: like, I love the statue I got with Spider-Man ps4
KharadBanar: Triple ayyyy gayyymes
TXC2: CoffeePrincess they'll find a way
DarkNacht: Steam DRM games would go away
TehAmelie: videAAAgames
sir_jack_DB: Triple Eh Games. Only Canadian releases lrrBEEJ
Izandai: What the hell is happening in chat?
CoffeePrincess: @txc2 life, uuuhhh, finds a way
IbunWest: Shaky is very generous.
zerg539: @CoffeePrincess there are already special editions that don't include a game
wildpeaks: imagine the youtube algorithm, but applied to games
KharadBanar: @Izandai People are quoting Jim Sterling, video game and game industry critic
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat More or less. It's "Liiiiive services" with the same intonation.
ThorSokar: Shakey is being POLITE
rf232: physical copies are a farce now anyway with most of them coming with an effective full game zero day patch
TXC2: wildpeaks why, why would such an awful thing?
TheMerricat: @CoffeePrincess Now Google sends you a PICTURE of a cheap nylon bag instead of taunting you with the real thing. ^_^
Gallium71: Oh... the android store... oh... oh no.
OKB_1: I just don't see what is compelling about this from a consumer proposition point of view.
CoffeePrincess: @themerricat you joke, but I am still waiting on that bag
KharadBanar: Google? Curation?
Pteraspidomorphi: OKB_1: Very little I'd say
TheMerricat: @OKB_1 haven't you heard? PC gaming is 'expensive' somehow.
malsareus: Subscribe to the android store catalog today!
TheMerricat: No Huniepop!
Izandai: @OKB_1 Playing games without having the right system for it. I would love the chance to play Doom 2016 or PUBG or Magic Arena on my Mac.
rf232: OKB_1: no download time, no need for a beefy pc, and if you like me never replay games anyway, why pay for the right to own if a lease would be fine anyway
GDwarf: OKB_1 It means you don't need a gaming PC or to pay for games up-front. You pay a monthly fee and that's it, full catalogue. It's the same value proposition as Netflix vs. owning/renting movies/TV
TXC2: no "adult" games should be taken as read no?
PharaohBender27: @OKB_1 It's the future! Shifting the paradigms! Third Silicon Valley buzzphrase!
TheMerricat: Wolfenstein New Blood! - Adult only!
OKB_1: @PharaohBender27 #cloud #machinelearning
ThorSokar: If they're saying no Adult Only games do they mean each game on the service must be rated by the ESRB or similar rating service?
wildpeaks: any topic that isn't "advertiser-friendly" basically
TheMerricat: DOOM 2016 - Adult Only!
TXC2: ThorSokar they'd would have to be anyway
ContingentCat: Google hasn't earned the benefit of the doubt in that area
TheMerricat: Gone Home - Definitely ADULT ONLY!
A_Catastrophic_Success: Leisure Suit Larry
Saunabath: @wildpeaks So no games set in WW2
TehAmelie: a game like Wolfenstein could have an international multiplayer league that would be "worldwide except for Germany"
7gorobei: @OKB_1 its for people who want to play pc games but dont want to have to build/configure/update a pc/os/software
CoffeePrincess: oh man, how will Australia deal with this
TXC2: !findquote algorithm
LRRbot: Quote #5228: "Always without question, the algorithm is bad." —Graham [2018-08-03]
ContingentCat: pulling off the technology I trust google might be able to handle, not screwing it up with the content is where things get shaky
IbunWest: That quote checks out
TXC2: CoffeePrincess it wont :P
malsareus: Australia won’t deal with this
OKB_1: @Izandai Doom yes please. Magic Arena is a bad example. Wizards could port that quite easily. Seems it being a Unity based game. I know. I've recently ran it on my Mac via Wine. Can't recommend, unless you're okay with your CPU running at 200%+ and fans at max all the time.
NathanJay_GA: What do drum-playing vice presidents have to do with this?
TheMerricat: Google Glasses 3.0!
Tantusar: @coffeeprincess the same way it always does, implementing a system to solve it and then never using it properly
mtvcdm: My prediction is Google's platform just flops.
malsareus: The new google+
PharaohBender27: Right. Remember when Google Glass was the next big thing? FAKE EDIT: @TheMerricat beat me to it
TehAmelie: ah, i miss fake edits
Decaped: pornhub needs to go eat Google's lunch already and give us a real alternative in the content hosting space
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TXC2: youtube is too established to be knocked off by pornhub
rf232: Decaped while pornhub is big, it is really tiny compared to youtube, no way they can scale quiclky to do that
NathanJay_GA: is that a euphemism?
malsareus: Assuming the IP owner will let Google host their games
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie It's a holdover from a now-dead forum I was part of where you couldn't edit your posts. Comes in handy for cases like just there.
OKB_1: I know why this product exist. But we've been here before many times. It has to be really convenient, reliable and cheap.
TehAmelie: i used to do it even on forums where you could. . .
Izandai: @OKB_1 Yeah, Arena isn't an ideal example (especially since I'm like 90% sure they said a Mac version would be coming with the full release), but you get my point.
IbunWest: Why would anyone want to subscribe to 300 magazines
TXC2: depends on the magazines
Meyari: Apple's new Credit Card is interesting
TXC2: also waiting rooms?
malsareus: If i was EA i wouldn’t let Google do an end run around my own store using my own games
Saunabath: Everybody bringing new streaming services, everybody charging the 5.99 or more/month. So many services, so little money
malsareus: Or Ubisoft
TheMerricat: All the iphone games you LOVE on your Mac!
OKB_1: Credit Cards… haha *laughs in European*
Tantusar: “A reasonable adult should be able to play what they want... As long as it's not drugs. Or sex,” said the Australian Classification Board as it implemented the MA15+ rating for video games before immediately refusing classification for Saint's Row.
malsareus: And as an independent studio I’d look at Youtube and run away screaming
IbunWest: Reasonable adults never have sex.
PharaohBender27: @Saunabath Yeah, the whole "It's cheaper and less of a hassle than cable!" selling point is pretty much obsolete now.
TXC2: IbunWest damn right, sex is how babies happen Kappa
Tantusar: @ibunwest, who would ever, right?
TheMerricat: @IbunWest I can confidently say, after being on this planet for over four decades, reasonable adults are a myth.
TehAmelie: reasonable adults in Australia are still banned from doing porn if their boobs are too small, i believe
Tantusar: That sounds like Australia!
Izandai: @TehAmelie What?
TehAmelie: because of the children
TXC2: what is too small in that context?
TheMerricat: @Izandai it's child porn if you 'look' like a child
Izandai: That's not a thing.
malsareus: Are government agents raiding porn studios with tape meadures?
wildpeaks: mobile's a big market in asia though
mtvcdm: Meanwhile: Playstation did State of Play, and the buzz title out of it looks to be Concrete Genie.
PharaohBender27: @Izandai Apparently it is in Australia!
zerg539: @Izandai tell the Australian Parliament I think its B-cup or smaller is a no-no
Izandai: There's people who look younger than they are, but I do not believe there are any actual adults who actually really truly look like literal children.
Izandai: Looking like a child involves a lot more than having a flat chest.
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orionsrise1: just what I needed today. chillpoint! distract me from my stomach bug
Izandai: @zerg539 That's fucking stupid.
TXC2: Izandai now is not the time or place to go down this particular road
Izandai: Fair enough.
WrightJustice: what about boys with no boobs? LUL
WrightJustice: *men
TheMerricat: Eat the beard before the beard EATS YOU!
m_logan2000: league of legends is mobile
TehAmelie: i probably shouldn't have brought it up >_>
Amentur: I mean Oceanhorn very much tried to be a 3D Zelda
OKB_1: Nintendo and Apple are very much alike culture wise. Both have lots of capital, are very stubborn, make very polished products and are bad at following trends but redefine the trends every so often.
Tantusar: I shouldn't have said sex! A reasonable adult would never say sex.
mtvcdm: Apple has *so many subscription things going*
togashinaruta: I had the impression they were going to do game streaming as well
chaostreader: What about legend of Zelda Crypt of the necrodancer?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: eventually i'll just be able to leapfrog across free trial subscriptions and never pay for any of them
AmeliaR: But unlike Apple Nintendo's CEO (at least the one in Japan) sacrifices their paycheck to make sure everyone still gets payed well
Invitare: the former one anyway
AmeliaR: Yeah
PharaohBender27: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie I imagine you'd need a calendar or spreadsheet to make sure you don't accidentally get auto-renewed?
orionsrise1: any updates on roadquest?
mtvcdm: !roadquest
LRRbot: LRR's on a road trip! Shooting is done, the edit proceeds. News when it's available!
TehAmelie: heh, sweden has a system where no one in a company can make more than 12x as much as someone else, but the CEOs just use loopholes to make thousands anyway
BrindleBoar: Paul with the sick burns
OKB_1: I believe many iOS game controllers also work on the Apple TV. But yeah. That doesn't help mush.
Phosphatide: beat sports or whatever was on apple tv first
PharaohBender27: Is it a TV that looks like an Apple? Kappa
Juliamon: orionsrise1 no new updates yet
TXC2: TehAmelie theres always loopholes
orionsrise1: awww
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Doc_Layzah: 2 months? I dunno, still trying to figure out these prime shenanigans
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IbunWest: I don't know if anyone other than Graham is editing but he's off doing conventions at the moment.
Juliamon: When there is, we'll make sure everyone knows
PharaohBender27: @IbunWest I think Matt Griffiths is also doing work on that
mtvcdm: Graham is currently getting himself swapped between Chicago and Boston.
TXC2: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a live cat
Izandai: why
Izandai: why would you ever
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mtvcdm: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: https://pump19.eu/codefall Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
Izandai: I mean
Izandai: I guess
Izandai: Okay then.
PharaohBender27: Like, an entire box? That's a waste of resources right there
Foxmar320: Ive used that once. Traded in old stuff at Gamestop to get a digital key for a game.
TXC2: why a box? and not just a card?
Foxmar320: Also hello
Izandai: ^
togashinaruta: Some of them are just the cards, gift card style
Izandai: Well
TXC2: HI Foxmar320
Pteraspidomorphi: Easy to steal the card
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 Exactly!
TehAmelie: i bought one of those. it had the code hidden under a bit of tape that destroyed it so i had to replace it. and even when i was super careful with the replacement it barely came out readable
Izandai: I guess if it were just a card, it would be a lot easier to steal the code off the card.
Amentur: Burning a ton of DVDs or Bluerays is also quite a cost Izandai. Especially for consolte games
ContingentCat: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: betrayal...
wildpeaks: lrrpoint on point
TXC2: Pteraspidomorphi yes but you could make the same claim of cash
wildpeaks: *lrrbot
OKB_1: !advice money
Foxmar320: Yeah last time I was at Walmart they had a wall of digital game cards.
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Heal yourself before you heal others.
Juliamon: Switch games can be bought as redeemable cards. It's helpful when the hard copy is sold out, takes up less shelf space so you can fit more games for sale.
Izandai: @Amentur I know about the benefits of digital downloads, I was confused why you would go to a physical place to purchase a physical object that lets you download the thing.
TehAmelie: here's my experience with buying physical game downloads https://i.imgur.com/J7mEbLn.jpg
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie Ooof
Sylenctone: It only really makes sense if you are a gramma who wants to buy your kid the games they want
TXC2: like sure, heres a card to download $10 worth of games for the store, a card for an specific download makes no sense to me
Izandai: @TehAmelie Aren't you supposed to scratch those things off, not peel them off?
Foxmar320: TehAmelie lrrWIW
TheMerricat: Remember when you'd buy a box with a CD in it AND it had a code that you had to type in?
Foxmar320: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: no, it was tough tape
Maddrius: On the other hand - buying a box with my windows 10 key was a heck of a lot easier than navigating Microsofts site to find the version I want online ...
mtvcdm: And of course, someone could just come along and do this:
mtvcdm: \codefall
Izandai: @TehAmelie Huh. Shoddy design, there.
Phosphatide: people do like collecting the game cases, if anything
mtvcdm: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Cook, Serve, Delicious 1 (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/pxirft
Phosphatide: looks good on a shelf
Foxmar320: Ive done that :(
Tantusar: it was a good try mtv
mtvcdm: Or this
mtvcdm: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Layers of Fear (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/xrlzgw
mtvcdm: Or perhaps even this
mtvcdm: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/ptysdm
TXC2: one time I walked into town, bought a game, walked home only to discover the disk was not in there, and had to walk back again :P
Decaped: remember when you'd buy a box with a CD in it and it didn't even have a code you had to type it, it had a CODE WHEEL you had to figure out when you installed the game
Martizz1e: wait people give Sony their CC info?!??! I thought we learned that was a bad idea like a decade ago
OKB_1: Buying a code in a box it's just slightly more silly than a plastic card with bad security that deposits loaned money with a steep interest rate. Digital Direct Deposit systems like iDeal are so much better. But for some reason that doesn't seem to exist in North America.
sir_jack_DB: Bring Back Big Box Games
Riandisa: I had that happen with the CE unlocks for LittleBigPlanet 2. When I finally got support for it they were like 'oh this is expired sorry. you can't redeem it now'
sir_jack_DB: xP
wildpeaks: back in the dark days of BI (before iphones)
TXC2: so 2007 then?
wildpeaks: oh noo
KharadBanar: @OKB_1 What even happened to cash money?
TehAmelie: big banks happened
Amentur: I guess they sold a lot of nubers?
Amentur: *numbers
sir_jack_DB: look up Battlefield 2142 Gold. It was a shitshow
TXC2: running out of numbers is big problem
Invitare: I mean, you can get pre-orders on Steam
Reecer6: i hope one day we invent bigger numbers
Stoffern: Prey ran out of steam codes didnt it?
Stoffern: The original Prey
Reecer6: anything bigger than ZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZ-ZZZZ (the biggest number)
wildpeaks: "that code is a mimic" :D
Asimech: @Reecer6 That sounds like witchcraft.
OKB_1: Stop preordering people.
TheMerricat: Humble Bundle has run out of codes for games they _sell_ many times.
mtvcdm: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/ptysdm
KharadBanar: You can preorder people? Kappa
AmeliaR: I just bought a switch in december
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: absolutely probably
aWabbajack: lrrAWESOME cohhMoney
TheWarbo: #HeatherSaidIt
TehAmelie: i've tried to come up with a number in between four and six. i call it sfyx, and its value is determined at a shifting but predictable rate depending on what's on TV
Jorge4hg: heather said it, it's true
Cinntoastmin: lrrCREEPL SWITCH lrrCREEPR
tenthtechpriest: wow it's ACTUAL NOTHING
AmeliaR: I don't want to have to go buy a bloody new one
Amentur: lrrAWESOME cohhMoney
OKB_1: @KharadBanar Yes. Human trafficking is a serious issue. No laughing matter.
togashinaruta: Steam does have an inventory they get from the publisher, but because it’s all electronic, it can be refreshed from the publisher quickly
Edgarware: I assume some of the switch update is "fix that bootrom exploit in the tegra chips"
Asimech: They could do Newer 3DS.
Jorge4hg: Never never trust them
AmeliaR: I feel like the DS and home console lines have converged into the switch
Phosphatide: new switch console -> new switch virtual console Kappa
7gorobei: part of the wsj rumor basis is from part suppliers, ie lcd screen maker etc
PhoenixMelior: we all know Beej is a fake nintendo fan boy
wildpeaks: a Switch connoisseur
TheWarbo: So he's *not* a huge nintendo fan boy?
TXC2: a Switchissuer
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: but would it be worth $300 or whatever
Camail: the switch is already a versatile platform
TehAmelie: a Switchwitch?
RassilonDND: we had the 3ds, then the new 3ds, are we now getting the new switch and switch lite?
PharaohBender27: @PhoenixMelior Yeah, that Live trivia quiz proved it lrrBEEJ
leebenningfield: Switch XL
Edgarware: I guess the question is if they did a "switch xl" would it still work with older joycons?
PhoenixMelior: I like my switch, but the battery life is not that bad for my needs. I just charge it after I play Octopath Traveler at work
TXC2: like an Heirloom?
Izandai: Why would they when it's still selling like gangbusters?
Phosphatide: i have like three ways to charge my switch now so i’m not that bothered by battery life anymore
OKB_1: Speed bump seems unlikely for Nintendo. I expect a slightly nicer version which has a slightly bigger screen in the same frame. The Joycons should still fit for compatibility reasons.
PharaohBender27: Maybe they think that inflation will make it a de facto price drop?
PhoenixMelior: I mean, Nintendo lowered the price of the Switch in Canada a little bit
AmeliaR: Oh did they?
TXC2: "the world's most powerful console" is how they're selling the Xobx
AmeliaR: It's not $400 anymore?
TXC2: *xbox
Namehack: The only DS consoles stil sold are the 2ds versions, outside of Japan that is, 3DS consoles are discontinued all over europe.
Decaped: Nintendo: hey we made a phone!
Namehack: So switch is the new and only thing.
Edgarware: just make a switch with LTE and take all of my money
sivakrytos: nondetachable joycons is like, not what the switch is?
PhoenixMelior: I've already given up on my 3DS :( and my Vita...
RassilonDND: the 2ds wedge was really bad for form factor imo.
OKB_1: But non-detachable Joycons removes the whole "Switch" part… :(
AmeliaR: Oh, nah the price is exactly the same
Doc_Layzah: switch, but portable and with two screens?
Phosphatide: non-removable joycons would make toycon nearly unplayable
leebenningfield: I think having the new main series Pokemon game coming out on the switch is what really signals the end of 3DS support
Izandai: Do they not sell Switches without the dock in the US?
AmeliaR: The switch dock is like $90 on it's own
Izandai: Huh. Weird.
Foxmar320: The screen on my Switch is scratched
Jorge4hg: I like that paul
wildpeaks: toast confirmed good
TheWarbo: Toasterity
AmeliaR: I also appreciate the toasterness
Foxmar320: Not sure if it was the dock or what
Izandai: katesBread
Jorge4hg: OMG
wildpeaks: toast appreciation club
elliegirl93: Hello(: first time watcher💜
karmakamikaze: I feel like a great switch dock would have a horizontal entrance, so that the dock could sit under a TV in a TV stand or something and not be so awkward to reach in to pull up and out.
karmakamikaze: If that makes sense
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] I appreciate the toasterness.
LRRbot: New quote #5942: "I appreciate the toasterness." —Paul [2019-03-25]
Izandai: @elliegirl93 Welcome!
TXC2: hello elliegirl93 welcome
Namehack: Give Ian your Switch dock in one hand, and a hacksaw in the other. TTLF! :D :D :D
ContingentCat: or if it also made toast for a snack while it's charging
delta__vee: I feel like that would work about as well as it does in a real toaster
Jorge4hg: and then you put in in your mouth and run on the street
Izandai: Big same, Paul.
delta__vee: (not very)
Asimech: I've had toasters which could actually fling the toast on the table. It was not great.
kassy_13: mine's a little scratched on the sides but not on the front
polluxr: I like Contingentacats idea better hahahaha
Izandai: Nest TTSF project?
Maddrius: oh no
Izandai: *next
Asimech: Or rather, a toaster. Not multiples.
wildpeaks: overtoast
TXC2: also toasters dont make toast
tenthtechpriest: next on tinker toaster sodder fry
Noodles_15: The official docks are the safest to use due to Nintendo not respecting how USB-C works
TheMerricat: did I wake up in the CH universe?
Sylenctone: I want an overclocked toaster!
kassy_13: iaaaan
GDwarf: ZIP drives: AKA Ballistic storage
OKB_1: Ask Jummies Industries
Foxmar320: Zip drives flying across the room was amazing
Gallium71: Oh... I remember that....
Astra7525: That sounds like something a character from 'Nsburg would invent
Maddrius: It was ... aggressive
Doc_Layzah: that was literally the only thing I ever did with a zip drive
electric_claire: I think you mean tightened EXACTLY THE RIGHT AMOUNT
Archonic_Energy: I miss the LS120...
Izandai: katesLol
mtvcdm: It free!
wildpeaks: it's free today \o/
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: why yes i DO like Morrowing!
Phosphatide: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Sylenctone: free today!
TXC2: I miss floppy drives :P
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: *wind
kassy_13: is a zip disk a floppy disk?
PharaohBender27: Marrowind? :D
FITorion: I'd launched cds across the room too.
Namehack: Merrowwind
Rhynerd: Marrowind.
CaptainSpam: The Zip Drive: Years ahead of their time... where they sat as their time passed them by.
Cinntoastmin: how do i get it
TXC2: kassy_13 sort of
Cinntoastmin: >.>
Maddrius: @kassy_13 sort of
kassy_13: sort of, how? :P
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: oh boy, i get to buy it for a third time!
Izandai: pass
brainbosh: Is the site fixed yet? Bethesda was having some serious issues with is.
PharaohBender27: Too bad I already have it.
Mowdownjoe: TEETH>
Izandai: TEETH
electric_claire: If you're watching this and it's not today, WHEN ARE YOU!?
BrindleBoar: TEETHWIND
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: TEEF
Izandai: Elder Scrolls: TEETH
Amentur: TEETH
TXC2: kassy_13 a zip drive is like a floppy drive in the same way a PC is like a Mac
AmeliaR: TEETH
Izandai: Fus Ro TEETH
kassy_13: @TXC2 ohhhhhhh
zerg539: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
kassy_13: thx
randomino5: Maro Wind
TheMerricat: I have it on GOG,Steam, and disc, think I'll pass.
Maddrius: @kassy_13 it was in a plastic case like a disk, but, had a very different/bigger internal storage format
PharaohBender27: @electric_claire (spooky voice) In the fuuuutuuuurre
Rhynerd: Teeth Morrowind sounds like something I’d see as a twitter hashtag.
MousseFilledCat: Yes FFXIV news!
Izandai: Eugh. A dragonshout that where a shotgun blast of teeth explodes from your mouth.
TheBorzoi: I'm switching main to Gunbreaker in Shadowbringers
MousseFilledCat: ffxiv is my favorite video game redemption story
kassy_13: i feel young, i definitely never used zip disks. i had no idea they were a thing
MousseFilledCat: By which I mean the redemption of the game itself
TXC2: Sword gun, mightier then the Pen gun
kassy_13: a swordgun?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: bunny-lady
Asimech: @kassy_13 For the most part they were a professional not a home thing, IIRC. I certainly never used them.
officedge: They're adding viera?!
Rhynerd: Ah, the rabbitfolk!
karmakamikaze: Swordgun? Gundsword? Ballisticblade?
Jorge4hg: radgag?
PharaohBender27: @kassy_13 It's a Final Fantasy thing, from what I understand.
Riandisa: It's Ronso from X for guys
kassy_13: @Asimech that explains it, thanks :)
zerg539: @kassy_13 zip disks were a kind of stop measure between floppys and pocket sized usb drives they were expensive and buggy and not a great thing.
Izandai: There are no bunny men or lioness ladies.
TheWarbo: Wait Hrothgar? Like, from Beowulf?
Asimech: @kassy_13 A "gunblade" if you want to google it. In FF8.
kassy_13: yikes @zerg539
Sylenctone: But I want a bunny boi
Mushbie: ahh the porn races....
PharaohBender27: So, they asexually reproduce?
OKB_1: How is bunny lady and lionm'n society suppose to work?
kassy_13: @Asimech i will! coooooool
Camail: viera were so fun in ffta
karmakamikaze: Genderlocks are bad and YoshiP should feel bad
ContingentCat: wait so the bunnies are all lesbians and reproduce asexually?
Metric_Furlong: didn't the do that with the cat people and muscle people originally, then stopped?
Asimech: @PharaohBender27 By budding. ...Bunning?
Izandai: Oh, so she's actually just a Playboy Bunny.
KharadBanar: If you have to make your race fanservicey, at least put work into it, like with the Asari
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: wait, that'
TXC2: ok so by "bunnie lady" you meant Playboy bunnie
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: s not true?
MousseFilledCat: @Metric_Furlong I think you are thinking of FFXI
PharaohBender27: Oh. For some reason I was imagining literal rabbits and lions :D
Reecer6: Oh yeah, this has been extremely controversial on Twitter, because a ton of people are still playing this game?
Izandai: That's what I was thinking of as a joke but no she's actually just a Playboy Bunny.
AmeliaR: Dodger has called them as "Step-on-me bunnies" and "bara lions"
Metric_Furlong: Reecer6 isn't everything extremely controversial on twitter?
Amentur: Some dogs are not good boys. Some are good girls
TheBorzoi: The Miqo'te were female only but they added male after fan reaction but nobody plays as a male Miqo'te
Jorge4hg: everyone loves cats
RassilonDND: wait, that's a thing? never heard that saying. cats=girls and dogs =boys
flyingdelorion: Do the bunnymen have an echo? ;-)
AmeliaR: I know people who play male Miqo'te
OKB_1: In typical video game character tradition: they are uncomfortably sexy. That's video games for ya.
Jorge4hg: Put in smash
Belgarion_16: @TheBorzoi Provably untrue, as I play one.
Nigouki: the big burly bunny boy will be the final form of the new pokemon starter
Izandai: @RassilonDND Apparently that's one of those dumb things kids think sometimes.
GDwarf: FFXIV isn't bad about body types, from what I can recall
Camail: ff14 is full of cake, cheese and beef
Juliamon: RassilonDND it's not so much a saying as a heavily-coded thing
TXC2: RassilonDND absolutely a thing
electric_claire: I would play a final fantasy game if you could play a bunny boy]
TheBorzoi: OK, replace "nobody" with "hardly anybody"
MousseFilledCat: The Au'ra are pretty bad for the discrepency
Phosphatide: @camail so literally the cheesecake factory
TheMerricat: super model women. ancient children and wrestle men
Metric_Furlong: TheBorzoi doesn't Ash play a catboy?
Arikell: The slider for final fantsy body types goes from cute to 'sexy' with no other options
ContingentCat: yup that's the mental image I had too
Izandai: @RassilonDND In part because in a LOT of kids media about animals or animal people, if there's a dog/dog person and a cat/cat person, the dog will be male and the cat will be female.
TehAmelie: i wonder what intersex bunny people look like
PharaohBender27: @RassilonDND It's not so much something that's said, it's just that children's books and movies for a while often depicted cats as being female and dogs as male, so children made this subconscious association of "cat=girl, dog=boy." One of the cats my family had had belonged to a neighbor previously, and was named "Betty" despite being male :{
Doc_Layzah: plot twist: these are the same race, just huge sexual dimorphism
Rathalok: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:05:47.
PharaohBender27: *:P
TXC2: sure lets go with that :P
Juliamon: RassilonDND see also, "catsuit" "catfight" being female-coded
TheWarbo: Put the Super Crown on ...
Izandai: @PharaohBender27 Well, it's not like the cat knew he had a girl name.
Riandisa: Just means people are drawing them more now
MousseFilledCat: Lion ladies, they have cat ladies already
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: like, since FFXI i'd say
ContingentCat: yeah that ship's sailed a long long time ago
Stoffern: Cat ladies has existed since ancient Egypt
TheMerricat: Cats the musical?
PharaohBender27: @Izandai No, I mean the neighbors named him that because of that dumb stereotype
BrindleBoar: I think Japan's fascination with animal women predates Hefner, but I don't know it for a fact
Saunabath: I mean, when did Phil Foglio start drawing?
Izandai: @Juliamon Also "dogfight", which isn't explicitly gender-coded but western war tradition is very much a sausagefest.
BlueMechanic: I like to imagine that for every girl with cat-ears there's a cat with human ears
Izandai: @PharaohBender27 Oh, that's kind of great.
TehAmelie: there's a cartoon i have to draw
AmeliaR: They're also rolling in Fortnite money
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: and they've been giving away a game for free every few weeks
flyingdelorion: Garfield is gender neutral!
PharaohBender27: @Izandai Yeah. We kept the name when we got him (because he always hung out at our house).
AmeliaR: Garfield might be gender neutral, but their creator is a bigot
OKB_1: Garfield is just lazy
Izandai: @AmeliaR Wait he is? Dammit.
KharadBanar: Garfield is kind of a Richard Kappa
Jorge4hg: Good, maybe steam could do that someday
AmeliaR: Yeah, he supports Pence
TXC2: KharadBanar I take exception to that
AmeliaR: Like, has directy made shit for Pence and has been like 'keep up the good work"
PharaohBender27: @AmeliaR OOF. I mean, I don't care for Garfield anyhow, but still - OOF
flyingdelorion: @AmeliaR Really? I never knew that, too bad
Izandai: @AmeliaR Ugh. Is he at least less crazy than the Dilbert guy?
AmeliaR: I couldn't say
Phosphatide: thank the algorithm MrDestructoid
Izandai: Well, either way... Dammit.
TehAmelie: here i thought Jim Davis was just an empty shell of advertising skill
Jorge4hg: All hail the algorithm
PharaohBender27: @Izandai @AmeliaR Being less crazy than the Dilbert guy is a VERY low bar
TXC2: !algorithm
ThorSokar: Real humans making sure the store isn't full of broken trash and asset flips? revolutionary!
OKB_1: Oh yea. Remembered that I was supposed to do my 2018 taxes this evening… oh well…
TheMerricat: hard to be as bad as Scott Adams and not be named Notch.
Izandai: @PharaohBender27 Yeah that's true lol
moosethatsmiles: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (17:46 from now).
Astra7525: T h E a L g O r I t H m
ostcrammath: poor developers being held to standards please make bad reviews go away big migthy algorithm
Metric_Furlong: PharaohBender27 yeah, it's like the position just above 'not as bad as Dave Sim' :p
electric_claire: Algorithmic hiring
jayce_the_producer: @loadingreadyrun I’m just tired of being stepped on my the game Developers. Like the player opinion doesn’t matter. Far cry, fallout 76..... we offer suggestions and they don’t care to fix things
Arikell: The algorithm generates a real person as needed
Jorge4hg: The robot has talked
OKB_1: Good example of a Steam Review Bomb: https://store.steampowered.com/app/555220/Detention/
ContingentCat: and the algorithm is sad it couldn't handle the problem
Jorge4hg: Hell yeah, HOW
Izandai: Arguably the second biggest deal in that Nindies.
PhoenixMelior: theeee devil will take their heads!
AmeliaR: I love cuphead so much
TXC2: "this game is for BABIES!"
Izandai: Wasn't Dark Souls a launch title for the Switch?
WrightJustice: the switch version does seem brighter
Izandai: No, I'm thinking of Skyrim.
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e_bloc: ooh late to chillpoint going to have to check out the beginning on the VOD
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Izandai: The Dark Souls remaster happened later.
OKB_1: @Izandai not quite.
OKB_1: Ok
Jorge4hg: Maybe ori is next
Phosphatide: mobile cuphead is what made me care
wildpeaks: the aerodynamic version of cuphead
Kazman20a: you can get one of the new upcoming swithes
Invitare: "our friends at Microsoft"
wildpeaks: our benefactors
GDwarf: The rumour that I've seen is that Microsoft approached *Nintendo* with the idea of porting Cuphead to the Switch. Which seems wild, if true.
Jorge4hg: That parteship is super interesting
Phosphatide: nintendo and microsoft bullying sony
TXC2: our lord and master....
Astra7525: wait what?
TheMerricat: Nintendo Store on Win 10 next year :-)
Izandai: That is not at all how Nintendo has operated in the past.
Astra7525: Microsoft helped an Indie Studio to release a game on a competitors console?
GDwarf: MS has published stuff on the Switch, Astra7525
Izandai: See also: Crypt of the Necrodancer Zelda?????
AmeliaR: Isn't Microsoft also losing in console sale, and as such are moving away from it?
Jorge4hg: that's crazy
PhoenixMelior: I'm starting to wonder what will happen to sony. The Switch is already getting SMT V, how else will they sell their console to weebs?
GDwarf: The idea is that the Switch doesn't compete with the XBox or PC, and by building bridges with Nintendo the two of them become much stronger competition to Sony, who currently has over half the market.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "We at MS are proud to announced that Nintendo is now a wholly owned subsidiary..." (i know, not likely)
Lord_Hosk: We have an X-box and a switch
AmeliaR: I'm a little sad that joker in Smash didn't mean that Persona 5 Royal was coming to switch
PhoenixMelior: Crypt of the Necro-Zelda
Foxmar320: Switch and PS4 here
Sylenctone: I have both xbox and switch
tenthtechpriest: that game still looks AMAZING btw
Izandai: Link was in Soul Caliber that one time.
Lord_Hosk: I have never had two consoles from the "same generation" before
PhoenixMelior: I have a Switch and a PS4, and zero reason to ever buy an XBone
Jorge4hg: and a big ip
Izandai: But since when does Nintendo straight-up lease their IP to another studio?
PhoenixMelior: (I guess I also have a PC)
Arikell: There is probably a lot of value for microsoft in the goodwill generated by cooperating with other game developers/platforms
Invitare: WhaDidBeejPutInDPie More like impossible. Nintendo are financial juggernauts. During the lowest point of the WiiU era they were still capable of surviving for decades at that record low
AmeliaR: Yeah it's being straight up marketed as a zelda spinoff, right?
Izandai: Let alone an indie studio???
OKB_1: I like this Microsoft that doesn't focus solely on getting everything and everybody Windows (and XBOX) gated from everything else (Mac, Linux, various gaming platforms).
PMAvers: Put Shin'en on F-ZERO, you cowards
GDwarf: Nintendo became hyper-protective of their IP after the Super Mario Bros. movie
GDwarf: And the CD-i
GDwarf: Yeah
Izandai: I mean
PandasAndPancakes: There's like Capcom's GBA games, and the Tecmo Koei game... and the Wands of Gamelon...
Jorge4hg: made sense
AmeliaR: It's actually super rad that Nintendo is loosening up again
chaostreader: Well Hyrule Warriors is similar in that it’s more a Warriors game than a Zelda game.
Izandai: Those are good reasons to be protective of one's IP.
Phosphatide: but will danganronpa make an appearance in cadence of hyrule Jebaited
GDwarf: Yeah, Nintendo's doing a theme park and a CGI Mario movie by the company what made the Minions movies
Edgarware: Nintendo, please let someone make an F-Zero game
Maddrius: Mario vs. Rabbids was pretty great for a weird cross-over
PandasAndPancakes: They already made Mario Maker Paul Kappa
TXC2: mariomaker, but it;s Zelda
AmeliaR: The millions of pokemon fan games getting CnDed
OKB_1: Oh yea I suppose to do my taxes for 2018 this evening… oh well…
CaptainSpam: @edgarware They did. They let Sega make AX/GX. And it was good.
Phosphatide: they did make it official, it’s called mario maker Kappa
TXC2: oh cool
wildpeaks: nice
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: neat
Jorge4hg: tat's so great
Riandisa: I love that
Gnuttor: 25 years ago?
TXC2: "your soul is MINE!"
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: and roto-scoped animation
Gnuttor: Btw, hi everyone!
Baldrash: Everything comes full circle.
TXC2: hello Gnuttor welcome
Edgarware: @CaptainSpam It was great! and it was 15 years ago!!
ThorSokar: Yea, they were one of the first to do full mo-cap
Gnuttor: @TXC2 :)
Riandisa: I still remember seeing that movie as a kid.
Izandai: That's amazing.
Cheezmo: owo
Gnuttor: @OKB_1 word
Saunabath: Cool. The movie is still one of the good video game movies
Cheezmo: A wild Cheezmo appears
TheMerricat: I still Rock out to that soundtrack
Jorge4hg: That's really neat
TheMandrew: why paul! why would you say that!
Foxmar320: :(
Izandai: Seven days of work is not "easy".
TehAmelie: did you see the trailer for Noob Saibot in MK11? that voice
Izandai: @GDwarf shhh
Asimech: Now, now, Hodor: Rome wasn't burned in one day.
mtvcdm: We need to burn faster.
TXC2: also it took SIX days to make the world :P
margieargie: @GDwarf Shut up, he's trying to get billed for that seventh day anyway :p
e_bloc: yeah THAT was the problem with the MK movie
Arikell: It's actually just one day of work and six days of paperwork
Meyari: @gdwarf, self care is an important part of the process
Phosphatide: rest is work
kassy_13: maybe it's 7 relaxed daus
kassy_13: days
sir_jack_DB: "For you, it was the worst day of your life. For me, it was Tuesday"
GDwarf: The original MK movie seems to be at least somewhat fondly-regarded
TheMandrew: mortal kombat holds up
sir_jack_DB: lrrBEEJ
Baldrash: The original MK movie holds up relatively well.
Izandai: "The Seventh Day is the sleepy day." - Paul, making fun of the largest religion in the world
OKB_1: I would opt for spread that free day over the week.
Baldrash: Kylie Minogue as Cammy!
Phosphatide: i still get a kick out of the mario bros movie on some level
rf232: JCVD is amazing though
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Cheezmo: I'm baaaack
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TXC2: to be fair, JCVD is really good when he does the "but we get to go home" speech
TehAmelie: so, credit to whoever it was in chat who thought this up https://i.imgur.com/AtRuap5.png
Izandai: @TehAmelie Thanks! I hate it!
wildpeaks: not as terrifying as what I was picturing, good :D
Asimech: @TehAmelie That's great.
Maddrius: @TehAmelie D:
TehAmelie: lrrHEART
Cheezmo: best sub of ze day c:
KharadBanar: DotaPlus is basically stat tracking and a few cosmetics, for 4$ per month
Phosphatide: isn’t there a whole twitter account about cats with human ears
OKB_1: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 3:26 PM
TXC2: TehAmelie front page of Imgur there you go
KharadBanar: the Shards are for the cosmetic part
Rockario: @TehAmelie There is also a Twitter account for that: https://twitter.com/catwithhumanear
AmeliaR: Wow, gambling! How fun!
PhoenixMelior: saltybet is back
TehAmelie: ha
OKB_1: "I can't believe it's not gambling!"
PMAvers: Huh. Smite's had something like that for a while, except you're not betting anything. You're just picking the outcome of pro matches, and get points.
Cheezmo: I didn't dead. I merely spent a stupid amount of time working and playing with dolls
KharadBanar: People have been doing that for years on third-party websites. I guess Valve wanted a piece of the pie.
Phosphatide: so it’s definitely just saltybet
TXC2: test your DOTA might
PhoenixMelior: this is not the first time valve has let you bet/predict match outcomes
e_bloc: but if the odds are accurate, there shouldn't be much of an edge on either side
TXC2: #It'sGambling
cynimo: but i dont ened to tell a programm to tell me that i suck and i should go uninstall, i have the other players for that
cynimo: *a programm to tell me
sir_jack_DB: you don't...win at gambling
OKB_1: I have to say this: "people still play DOTA2?". Sorry.
KharadBanar: I'd say a fantasy league is just a convoluted form of gambling
sir_jack_DB: like, broadly
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @OKB_1 people still play Everquest
Izandai: Whoa, massive deja vu.
e_bloc: might as well skip the middleman
girlpainting: In Guild Wars 2 there are loot boxes AAAND gambling ^^
PhoenixMelior: OKB_1 I mean, yeah. There's a massive tournament for DotA every year.
PharaohBender27: Isn't (or wasn't) there some sort of fantasy football gambling industry?
Tiber727: What if you opened a lootbox that picked which player you gambled on?
Tiber727: Kappa
Izandai: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie Do they? Or do they just log in and chat with their friends from decades ago?
evilspoons983: according to the Steam stats, Dota 2 is THE most popular game
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: that could be "play"
KharadBanar: Dota 2 is an AutoChess launcher for many people now
Lord_Hosk: Hey guys, we are making lots of money, but gambling makes way more... can we do that? "no sir its illegal" WHAT IF... IT WASNT?
PhoenixMelior: evilspoons983 I mean, it seems a LITTLE biased
ThorSokar: this is more horse raceing gambeling
brainbosh: Sports gambling vs Casino gambling?
Martinkaca: From my understanding, you can't just buy shards, you have to gain them slowly over time
PhoenixMelior: keeping in mind that LoL is not on steam
evilspoons983: sure, but it's also like... more people than CS:GO which is also a Valve game
Asimech: *Explosions* "Congrats on betting!" *More Explosions* "Congrats on betting on the wrong player!"
Rockario: "Why do *you* think gambling is bad?" has different answers, and most forms of not-gambling generally try to avoid at least one of those answers
Martinkaca: So you can't just dump infinite money into it which is the biggest concern for gambling
Rockario: "Gambling can leave people destitute" seems like one of the big ones that everyone tries to avoidd
OKB_1: another important factor for it being a gabling controversy is if this game played by a lot of kids.
chaostreader: So technically and probably the company doesn’t make any money off of this.
wildpeaks: X ways to buys videogames
Izandai: ^
KharadBanar: @OKB_1 To which the answer is yes, but the kids are mostly in South America and South-East Asia so nobody cares probably
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Astra7525: The entire Tech industry operates on the premise that Asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission
KharadBanar: also those kids are probably not the ones with DotaPlus accounts anyway
Gallium71: Ah the philosophy of it is better to ask for forgiveness then ask permission. The issue with that is when the Law gets involved.
OKB_1: @KharadBanar perhaps they do care very much but we just hear about that in North America and Europe.
Alness49: It's also telling that the amount of "Valve Time" jokes means that they would rather announce a thing when it's done, not when it's being worked on
GDwarf: I mean, the startup motto is "Move fast and break things"
KharadBanar: @OKB_1 That may well be
KharadBanar: Dota is definitely a social phenomenon in countries like Peru and the Philippines
wildpeaks: especially when the Events page is broken
PhoenixMelior: if only LRR had an aggregate site with a blog.
TXC2: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x81FDUH8-E Or if you just want to see the schedule itself, http://lrr.cc/2019schedule
Rockario: This is why having folks hang out in Twitch chat off-hours is helpful
Pteraspidomorphi: Who?
e_bloc: who is this Beej you speak of? lrrBEEJ
PhoenixMelior: Rockario you're welcome
Alness49: Look, if you've missed Beej then I don't know how to help you
wildpeaks: Beej is hard to miss or forget
Martinkaca: He is around so much we are wondering why he isn't credited yet
ContingentCat: Beej is not a subtle person
Maddrius: Beej is awfully memorable not to know at this point
TheWarbo: "He's loud"
wildpeaks: in a good way though
ThorSokar: well, there's also the people who completely miss DB because it moves around every year
AmeliaR: Beej is definitely very memorable
Pteraspidomorphi: Beej? Who's that?
Invitare: wait, you mean these two people AREN'T Kathleen and Graham??
PMAvers: Oh, Stevebeej
Izandai: I have no idea how people watch LRR content such that they could right now not have any idea who Beej is.
Anubis169: ;)
leebenningfield: I bet there are prople who only tune in for Checkpoint
wildpeaks: :D
Mysticman89: The resonant frequency of loudness
Rhynerd: And Beej’s off-screen laugh is very distinct.
tehlordofelves: He's especially difficult to forget if you've been a PAX
Martinkaca: Beejpoint
TheWarbo: This is a "Beej walks in while Ben and Adam are streaming" thing isn't it
e_bloc: is Heather specifically talking about Pandemic Legacy? cause Ben + Adam + Beej is a loud group
Saunabath: LRR is getting to the point where people dont watch all of the content
Mysticman89: epic store is the big flak receiver these days as far as i can tell
Mysticman89: partially by virtue of existing
Alness49: They try
TXC2: Saunabath getting? :P
PhoenixMelior: e_bloc and Ian is also there
PMAvers: Who doesn't struggle with being a adult?
KharadBanar: As far as I'm concerned, the Epic Game Store has done only one thing for me, and that's letting me play Subnautica for free, which is great
OKB_1: Have to admit I had this a while ago with Adam. I thought "why does this guy has his own stream on the Twitch channel?". Later on a realised that he has appeared in LRR video's way back.
PharaohBender27: Yeah, so I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I first got into LRR via Unskippable. Then Unskippable ends, and later I come across Watch+Play, and start watching that a lot. It took me WAY to long to realize that Alex and Paul are different people - for a while, I was all, "The other guy looks different now"
evilspoons983: it's definitely been at that point for a while, seeing as I don't watch any of the Magic content except Friday Nights
e_bloc: @PhoenixMelior true, but I don't think of Ian as particularly loud.
Izandai: @PharaohBender27 katesLol
PhoenixMelior: e_bloc I know, that was just sort of a side joke like "and Applejack is here!"
PharaohBender27: And of course then I look up about LRR and go, "Oh wow, there's a whole bunch of people here!"
wildpeaks: Jer & James were the ones I kept confusing
PharaohBender27: @wildpeaks I can see that
TehAmelie: hey, me too
Izandai: Or they make a character two years older.
WrightJustice: honestly never mixed any of the LRR members up
Lord_Hosk: I learned about the Steam trading cards when Ashton said "is there anything I can give you for that super rare card you have I need it for a set" and I said "whats a card" then had to go through 3 levels of verification on my account that took it past when the card expired?
Foxmar320: Im really enjoying Division 2
Alness49: But how is it's Politics?
AmeliaR: I wish the game would run for me
WrightJustice: maybe not knew names at first but never thought someone was someone else
TehAmelie: yeah is it still about shooting looters?
Invitare: they didn't pull a Destiny
samwonk: It's a very good game with a mind-bogglingly bad story.
Izandai: Handrails?
evilspoons983: @Lord_Hosk lol, my dad has a bunch of stuff too and he won't give it to me
AmeliaR: @Alness49 Their lack of comment makes the story even more godawful
ThorSokar: haha, "Various Issues" is being nice
Foxmar320: Thats not the only bug.
samwonk: I know this exact collider.
Izandai: huh
GDwarf: It's a portal to the beige dimension
samwonk: I've gotten stuck going up these stairs six times.
Foxmar320: If you search under the Washington Monument there is a door that just leads to the sub-ocean.
PharaohBender27: @Alness49 Don't you know? It is absolute, 100% apolitical. They just chose the setting because D.C. is a cool place!
PandasAndPancakes: Like a z-plane, or a 747 plane?
Alness49: The screenshot is missing the "going to the store" ragdolling on there
Izandai: That's just how the game is.
Carbonylcookie: Like forgetting to take out [filler text] from a final essay
PharaohBender27: @Alness49 (Seriously, that's their official line)
Mysticman89: plane as in a bounded 2 dimensional region.
AmeliaR: The up stairs are broken
wildpeaks: going up stairs is only as DLC :D
Izandai: what
Lord_Hosk: the whole reason stairs were invented!
ThorSokar: How did QA not find that?
Alness49: @PharaohBender27 Thats the joke . jpeg
Izandai: That's amazing.
samwonk: You can just go around, it's right next to another stairway, but it's kind of annoying if you get stuck.
PharaohBender27: @Alness49 Oops, sorry
AmeliaR: The down stairs work just fine, though
Alness49: @PharaohBender27 NP
GDwarf: ThorSokar They probably did, or a last-minute change didn't go through QA and caused it
ThorSokar: Oh, I'm sure this is a "QA got ignored" thing
wildpeaks: a woopsie
Foxmar320: Ive also been in buildings with invisible walls on the inside.
Izandai: A place where you can fall through the world.
Foxmar320: Its amazing
KharadBanar: Or it throws you into the subocean
TXC2: Triple A games were a mistake Kappa
ThorSokar: yea, that supre looks like sub-ocean bait
OKB_1: QA be like "surely someone else already notes this down, right?"
Izandai: One-way walls are common when you aren't supposed to get to the other side.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: i like when someone on horseback T-poses
Alness49: Oh yeah, they were just blooping back and forth
AmeliaR: Ah god there's a cartoon I used to watch as a kid that was about a really weird school, and there was an episode where it was all about climbing the school because the "up stairs were broken"
AmeliaR: (but the down stairs worked fine)
Stoffern: FOOOSH "I'm here!"
Izandai: Sonic Boom has a LOT of those kinds of animation errors in its cutscenes.
ThorSokar: The super-stutter step one is my personal favorite, where the character is floating/walking/glitching all at the same time
AmeliaR: Does anyone else remember that or was it a fever dream?
Juliamon: Wait, they animated Wayside School?
Earthenone: hey i made it back in time for the show!
TXC2: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:42:09.
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon That was my first thought, too!
AmeliaR: Yeah!
AmeliaR: Yeah Wayside that's it!
wildpeaks: oh my :D
Izandai: Why would you do that to yourself?
Earthenone: so like lrr does a "chat hindered" speedrun
PharaohBender27: @AmeliaR They actually made a TV show for that? I just knew the books
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Carbonylcookie: This one is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. So that's a nice pop culture reference.
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TXC2: that sounds like a recipe for disaster
SpoonfullOfSugar: sort of a twitch interferes with stream
evilspoons983: that sounds *fantastic*
ThorSokar: haha, that sounds awesome
kassy_13: that sounds both tiring and funny
Earthenone: pride51 lrrHEART
MrPhlip: I've definitely seen things like that where entering commands is tied behind charity donations, and that went quite well
TXC2: I kinda want this for W+P now :P
kenkopin: They should attach bit donations to certain triggers.
kassy_13: yesss @TXC2
Earthenone: !findquote pogo
LRRbot: Quote #789: "I swear to God, you pogo motherfuckers!" —Alex [2015-10-06]
PhoenixMelior: I agree with everything Paul just said
AmeliaR: @PharaohBender27 They did animate Wayside, yeah!
Kuolar: Dead Cells has some neat Twitch Integration too
AmeliaR: There was apparently two movies
AmeliaR: And then a Canadian cartoon
Rhynerd: Vermintide 2
ThorSokar: Cluster Truck was super neat
cmdrud87: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #2679: "Ian, you had hair at the time." —Beej [2016-06-01]
PharaohBender27: @AmeliaR Holy moly. I never knew about any of that, and I think I read most or all the books.
kenkopin: Well, and the M:TG overlay
AmeliaR: Apparently it rank from 2007-8
Earthenone: !overlay
kenkopin: Fair
wildpeaks: #JustFugiThings
Izandai: twitch.tv/fugi
PharaohBender27: @AmeliaR Ah, that might explain it. I read the books as a kid in the '90s and would have been busy with college when it ran :P
evilspoons983: I just noticed Heather's shirt "Have a Garbage Day!". Fantastic
SketchyDetails: shocked that twitch hasn't bought it form him yet tbh
TXC2: all the news that fit to chill about
SquareDotCube: So when is Fugi bringing Twitch to Switch? Kappa
AmeliaR: That would be it
AmeliaR: As it were I grew up with that show
AmeliaR: I didn't know it was a book series
Earthenone: speaking of garbage day, is W&P still on hiatus when the new shedule launches?
Juliamon: I also love that shirt, I'm hoping they still have them at the Annapurna booth this weekend
PharaohBender27: @AmeliaR How symmetrical! :D
Juliamon: !wpdelay
PhoenixMelior: maybe nothing big until e3 this year
Juliamon: !wphiatus
LRRbot: Watch & Play is on a temporary hiatus while Graham wraps up Road Quest editing. It will return!
TXC2: like a virus?
OKB_1: !quote e3
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Rockario: !findquote e3
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Izandai: @TXC2 More like suburbia, I think.
TheWarbo: The real E3 was the news cycle we made along the way
Asimech: "E3, the mind worm."
Astra7525: E3 - The Flamethrower (tm)
evilspoons983: I've been kinda meaning to play Donut Country but I have way too many games in my backlog so it's gotta be basically free for me to buy it
Alness49: Well you'll have less Sony at E3 but I'm sure something will just expand into the void
PhoenixMelior: i just really want more pokemon news
ArcOfTheConclave: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4074: "I'm gonna go to my own slippery place" —Ian [2017-03-01]
KharadBanar: I hope we get Road Quest soon, if only to get Graham back on more streams
wildpeaks: the real E3 is the games we made along the way
Jorge4hg: And the EA starts E3 a weel early
PhoenixMelior: it's two days
AmeliaR: WHile we're on weird cartoons from my childhood, does anyone know what Spider Riders is?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: The E3 infofeed
PhoenixMelior: it's like, 11-13
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] There's E3 the convention, and E3 the state of mind.
LRRbot: New quote #5943: "There's E3 the convention, and E3 the state of mind." —Paul [2019-03-25]
PhoenixMelior: which I guess is three days
Earthenone: it is E days
Rockario: @AmeliaR I do, I do!
TehAmelie: it's at least E2½ at all times
Asimech: "E3, the bedsheets. E3, the dolls. E3 the flamethrower."
PhoenixMelior: that's a good Heather quote
TheWarbo: Listening to the Internet might be worse than listening to Twitch chat
Maddrius: Heather is very correct
ContingentCat: the real E3 was the friends we made along the way
wildpeaks: unless your heart is a portal
Juliamon: Stagnant blood is bad
Mysticman89: but i want to rest my blood
Jorge4hg: Paul do you have golden sun in your heart please
Izandai: Most of the rooms in your heart are reserved for blood.
Rhynerd: Please do not impede blood traffic.
KharadBanar: E2½? The Electronics "Entertainment" Expo?
PharaohBender27: Somebody quote that!
Arikell: I've had that problem, it's not good
PhoenixMelior: Jorge4hg shhhh, it's a secret!
Rockario: Although I may keep getting Spider Riders and Dragon Booster mixed up
Earthenone: its called cells at work! not at stay
Carbonylcookie: Get that blood moving by sweating to the oldies
AmeliaR: Cells at Work is so good!
ThorSokar: my blood moves through there very fast, sometimes too fast
Asimech: @KharadBanar Electronics Ehh~ Expo.
PhoenixMelior: shh Paul, don't talk about offstream Weeb Chat here
Izandai: Cells at Work is astonishingly good.
kenkopin: I've learned a bunch from Anime. Nothing I'm willing to discuss here, mind you.
Lord_Hosk: didnt there used to be like two or three E3s like there were seasonal ones... I seem to remember in the 80s and 90s there was like spring in vegas, summer in chicago, fall in taxas or somethign?
ContingentCat: hey most the basic science I know is from remembering Magic School bus episodes so
Izandai: Also the platelets are impossibly cute.
TehAmelie: oh yeah, that anime where you make your blood pump 10x faster to be more powerful. all you need is a rubber body
AmeliaR: Oh, I remember Dragon Booster too!
kassy_13: four eyes is cute
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AmeliaR: Spider riders was the anime one, with the spiders, and the insect people
ThorSokar: lord_hosk: I remember that as well
OKB_1: Remember how there was once the trinity of E3, GamesCon and Tokyo GameShow. The Tokyo show has lost its relevancy, Which is especially said for all those games journalist to have an excuse to be weeps in Nippon.
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (17:06 from now).
AmeliaR: And Dragon Booster is CG
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2409 patrons for a total of $14,410.77 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
OKB_1: I don't blame them
Earthenone: its a trick! they just want you to go to the office so they can scold you!
mtvcdm: !discord
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mtvcdm: !twitter
Rockario bursts into the room like: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSPOT
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Hpieper: boop
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Rockario: *into the principals office, I mean
PharaohBender27: Seriously, the idea of a 100GB download is bonkers to me, and I live in an area with decent internet
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abaddon2501: I can't wait to see Yoshi's Crafted World!
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evilspoons983: I have an offsite backup for my photographs, and it uses ... a lot... of data
Tiber727: Silicon Valley being out of touch? I could never believe that!
evilspoons983: I yelled at my ISP until they gave me unlimited data for free
PharaohBender27: @evilspoons983 :D
TXC2: evilspoons983 nice
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x81FDUH8-E Or if you just want to see the schedule itself, http://lrr.cc/2019schedule
OKB_1: Software companies should offer their mega patches via physical mail.
ContingentCat: @evilspoons983 lrrWOW how much yelling did that take
abaddon2501: Your welcome for the segue!
Earthenone: so...#blamejames
TXC2: well that's the way James sells it Kappa
mtvcdm: This now concludes another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
Zappeljakob: just feed it until it is sated
Rockario: Telus data cap is in a weird place, because at 300GB I always land just over or just under it depending on whether I remember to turn off 1080p streaming
ThorSokar: James got mad and quit because it kept crashing on him
Featherweight_: New point plus
Myrniss: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 3:56 PM
Mysticman89: Will be interesting to see what shows I will get to watch live instead of in vod form going forward.
evilspoons983: I'm also in a condo with a weird building-wide ethernet network (a cat 5e cable comes in to my unit, not cable or telephone) and their traffic shaping is broken so my upload speed is about 2.5x what you can pay for at any price
PharaohBender27: I just know I'll be at work, unless I'm sick/on vacation :(
margieargie: In response, game companies suddenly start dropping news on Friday instead :p
Pteraspidomorphi: Who's doing the first the playthrough?
Carbonylcookie: I'm almost always at work anyway
Zappeljakob: THE WHOLE GAME!
TXC2: pretty sure Checkpoint has been on a monday basically since the PATV days
Carbonylcookie: Science never sleeps
ContingentCat: @Pteraspidomorphi Paul
Earthenone: @Pteraspidomorphi Paul!
myytgryndyr: gloomhaven?
OKB_1: — L E G A C Y —
Featherweight_: a home forhero quest!
Pteraspidomorphi: He'sl playing through what, again?
MrPhlip: Hero Quest expansions?
Rockario: Paul is playing Yoshi's Crafted World
Jorge4hg: Woooooo I love the long plays
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, right, thanks.
evilspoons983: @Rockario yeah, Telus data monitoring is horrible, before I got unlimited I'd have some months with like 100 GB and then some with 1000, and I hadn't changed my behaviour at all
Tomasu82: monopoly legacy?
ContingentCat: are there really enough Lagacy games to have a show just for legacy games?
PharaohBender27: (James voice)TBD(/James voice)
evilspoons983: meanwhile my router claims 400 GB both months
Jorge4hg: Yoshi crafted world it looks so adorable
PMAvers: Obviously not enough AFK. I say it should take over the Friday evening slot too.
TXC2: ContingentCat presumably yes
wildpeaks: I can already see I'll confuse "the long game" with the whole playthrough show, because of longplays
randomino5: HeroQuest: Legacy
Earthenone: 0/10 too many keyboards
TehAmelie: imagine a D&D series with legacy characters. . .finally getting to those epic levels. . .okay that may take too many decades
PharaohBender27: Oops, I typed too early :P
CrazymattCaptain: James Voice TBD
ThorSokar: 11/10 for more Hero Quest
Rockario: With the new schedule, are we starting the gradual slidde back to the original streaming schedule of "Everyone streams their own show as much as they physically can?" lrrBEEJ
Rockario: And then after that, back to only occasional MTG streams
TehAmelie: do you still need a name for the show? How about "This is a game."
CamelAttack: Schedule says: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Lord_Hosk: Its on the twitch schedual... oh wait
zerg539: We need a Kathleen plays Persona 5 The Royal when that comes out
Lord_Hosk: I tried to look at the schedule... and it launched 4 nuclear missiles.
margieargie: @Rockario LRR is suddenly doing the Merlin thing, I guess... soon they'll be doing sketches again of increasingly lower video quality.
Rockario: Will Adam finish Dark Cloud 2 before it comess his turn for a longplay game? lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: Rockario unlikely, there is still as much mtg as before
pyrehand: @zerg539 seconding kathleen plays persona
zerg539: @Lord_Hosk oops
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Lord_Hosk: Its ok... I tried to created a clip, and they detonated in space
Rockario: @margieargie Then when they hit zero they start moving forwardd again, but much faster
Jorge4hg: I just noticed, Heather i love your t shirt
wildpeaks: that's one heck of a bug, hosk :D
Lord_Hosk: Twitch gonna twitch
Rockario: Eventually LRR is oscillating rapidly between offices and streaming at an accelerating rate
Lord_Hosk: pobodies nerfect
ContingentCat: I think I like the time shifting occasionally so people who can't make the time slot for one game might be able to for another
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EightBitDreams: What a magical day that was 9 months ago...
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TXC2: so I get to see more of it as the week goes by :P
OKB_1: Shits gonna get real
TheWarbo: Yoshi Yoshi Literature Club
PharaohBender27: In before a ton of "Kathleen looks a lot different" jokes
kozguy: Sheesh, I arrived and this point is almost too chill! #Chillpoint
PandasAndPancakes: Let me romance Yoshi Nintendo, you cowards
wildpeaks: crafted world ? is it minecraft :D
Zappeljakob: Well, he keeps sticking his Tongue on other things/Person. Which may be romentic for some.
margieargie: It turns into just another bland otome game with awful characters
MrPhlip: I'm trying to make some sort of "tongue kissing" pun with Yoshi but it's just not coming together
evilspoons983: @TheWarbo yaaaagh, that would be something else
TehAmelie: huh, i don't think anyone did that joke. nice chat
PandasAndPancakes: MrPhlip Better than a vore pun I suppose Kappa
ThorSokar: 20-30 hours is probably a fair estimate
Invitare: Paul and Monday streams is a bit of classic combination, thinking about it
TehAmelie: i'm very excited!
Rockario: For Yoshis, tongue kissing is "Stand 10 feet apart and mlem at the same time"
aWabbajack: I missed Things on my Stream
Pteraspidomorphi: Thanks :)
Zappeljakob: Well, as an european, we live by the VODs
Jorge4hg: Dark magic
wildpeaks: sometimes before they occur, producing paradoxes
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
aWabbajack: Paul was playing Ori
Tiber727: As long as you still have a show on Monday, this is fine to me.
Mysticman89: theres twitch vods too for those who can't evven wait for the time travel
Gallium71: All hail the VODs!
PharaohBender27: @Zappeljakob I can only imagine!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: paul is timelord?
leebenningfield: I can't slack off at work like I used to, so it's mostly VoDs for me now anyway
ContingentCat: Heather has amazing powers lrrHEART
margieargie: Checkpoint's new time is a little awkwardly early for me unfortunately, but the new Now Kiss time makes up for that so...
PharaohBender27: VODS! VODS! VODS!
TXC2: thanks for streaming Paul and Heather
Astra7525: Next Checkpoint: "Local recording?" "It's on" "Local PREcording?" "Already running"
ThePerrBearr: yeah, paul fixed the stream lag that one time
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream!
ContingentCat: has it been decided who the next DM will be?
PharaohBender27: Also, I'll still be able to see when it's on :)
evilspoons983: my dad just pointed at Paul and then at me and said "IT'S YOU, YOU'RE ON TV"
Amentur: As an EU person I very much appreciate the VOD uploads lrrHEART
Rockario: V 👏 O 👏 D👏
Featherweight_: Makes my life easier too
Lord_Hosk: I watched next weeks checkpoint earlier today.. and BOY HOWDY are you all going to be happy about the anouncements that drop next week.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: THANK paul THANK heather!
Zappeljakob: All Hail our VOD-Queen
TXC2: !patreon
Earthenone: @evilspoons983 ahh!
PMAvers: Any scoops to what's coming next on Dice Frands?
LRRbot: 2409 patrons for a total of $14,410.77 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
TehAmelie: if you need something to do, roll a dice by yourself for 3 hours and think about how much better dice are with friends
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
OKB_1: Welterusten!
TXC2: !twitter
PharaohBender27: Bye!
ContingentCat: thanks for streaming Heather and Paul katesThank lrrHEART
TXC2: bye
flyingdelorion: slaap lekker
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody!
PharaohBender27: @Lord_Hosk Since when did mods get time-travel privileges!?
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (16:54 from now).
OKB_1: 💤
TehAmelie: me, i'm rewatching Fury Road
Earthenone: time travel is hidden in twitch backend, it is enabled for any of the mods who got extra privlages when they needed to edit the highlights
TehAmelie: i think i could watch this at least once a day forever
Earthenone: is that the one that made warboy ian?
TehAmelie: yep
TehAmelie: the 2 hour chase scene
Earthenone: never seen it, but it made a good db clip :)
TehAmelie: i think it's still the best movie of this century
TehAmelie: funny story, they made a black and white silent version of it and it still slays
Talin06: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (16:48 from now).
Juliamon: Ooh, something to watch tonight!
TehAmelie: dangit, more things to watch tonight
TehAmelie: lrrSPOT