moxbagel: I want Adam to check out the cliffs near here :D
TXC2: hi Valkyrie_Lemons
Valkyrie_Lemons: Hey TXC2 , how've you been?
El_Funko: the oldddd Souls chug a heal and get hit to remove that heal
Feminine_Desires: @TXC2 we are trying to save the young lord, which is captured by these guys who are trying to use his reviving dragon blood for stuff.
APODionysus: @moxbagel I just beat this miniboss... WHAT is about to screw me?
TXC2: Feminine_Desires oh Ok thanks
Meinfretr: A lot of stuff is gonna screw you
Meinfretr: There is some fuckin wild shit
Lapinelis: @APODionysus Wanna know?
moxbagel: @APODionysus do some exploring, did you find the Idol nearby?
APODionysus: No I don’t
Hayamo: The thing that happens immediately after this is wild
TXC2: Valkyrie_Lemons muddling along :P how about you?
APODionysus: I found the idol then checked I here
Lapinelis: I'll say this, you can go two ways from here then.
AllyDistrict: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
moxbagel: @APODionysus keep looking near the idol :)
TXC2: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
Valkyrie_Lemons: TXC2 doing well! I'm on holiday tomorrow! Going up to bonny old Scotland
Meinfretr: There's two ways you can go, one is def progression and the other is just a taste of how crazy shit's gonna get
TXC2: Valkyrie_Lemons ooh nice
Snowwraith: Yeah, don't be afraid to explore, you can't recover anything lost on death, so you can go wherever.
TheEroticDuck: Adam "Stealth is optional" Savidan
oyleslyck: Every time you die you could just skip those two tho, right?
APODionysus: You could
lifecharacter: So you have to go after the weird bell monster first.
APODionysus: I like killing everyone. It’s good training
PMAvers: No witnesses?
Meinfretr: TBH it's mean but I kind of like that you just... lose shit on death versus the stress of having to go try to get shit you lost back. Feels easier to just deal with the unrecoverable loss.
oyleslyck: outie
lifecharacter: That enemies can't be knocked off of or fall of things is reallyjarring.
Lapinelis: Adam, kill the bastard that's banging the pan
PMAvers: And sometimes you don't even lose anything.
Hayamo: Adam didn't you get a gourd seed to upgrade your heals?
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Alchemistmerlin: This doesn't look like boston
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El_Funko: Aw man, I was listening to that hot banger
Lapinelis: The boss can't.
Earthenone: is the pan dude actually a problem or was chat just tired of the noise?
moxbagel: that's my greatest fear is fighting a boss with our same jumping abilities
TXC2: is it me, or did that pan noise sound like it came from the right ?
DerPilsner: That seemed unnecessarily violent LUL
APODionysus: @txc2 you are correct
Lapinelis: The pan dude alerts everyone in the map of your presence @Earthenone
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Statist42: you could kill adds and reset stealth
Invitare: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
Earthenone: !findquote gamer
LRRbot: Quote #2744: "Fake gamer door." —Alex [2016-06-09]
Meinfretr: Bruh I was like 5 hours in when I killed the ogre
Alchemistmerlin: Missed sub, RIP lrrAWW
Alchemistmerlin: lrrAWESOME
Hayamo: I find you have to unlearn a lot of your old habits from Souls games with this game
Meinfretr: Yeah
Diabore: can you go to the right and kill the bell dude first?
oyleslyck: pretty sure you aggroed the boss
Lapinelis: @Diabore yes.
Meinfretr: I think early game does do a pretty good job of trying to force you out of Souls habits
disciple007: @LoadingReadyRun is the aesthetic better than Bloodborne?
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APODionysus: So Adam... did you decide if the rest of this is gonna be a Gamehouse game or a Home Stream game?
azureHaights: Give 'im the ol' razzledazzle!
APODionysus: YES
Earthenone: can you just run away when he gets the red mark instead of trying to play rock paper scisors with it?
Lapinelis: Sometimes. Most of the time it tracks too much @Earthenone
Jondare: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
ogundiety: You can mostly outrange it
Hayamo: Well it's not really RPS, you can tell by the animation
Xafty: @Earthenone depends on the actual attack, all the red means is you cant parry it
Amentur: I've seen many people play this over the past week and so far you are one of the best, Adam. Especially considering you're not healthy
dr0ne00000: is Adam saying the sword can break?
SensualSloth: posture will break
TXC2: dr0ne00000 no, his guard breaks
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: so what's the rez mechanic in this one?
dr0ne00000: ah thx
Lapinelis: @Xafty You can parry some of them, you can't guard them.
APODionysus: @dr0ne00000 posture breaks
SquareDotCube: So we're taking over James' stream, right?
jpss92400: what about the fire?
Valkyrie_Lemons: Earthenone Yeah you can. I think it's one of these cases where the sybols would relaly help if you could read Japanese at a high level. I tihnk they'd should have made them a different colour instead of all read
SensualSloth: I appreciate the heads on approach but man I sneak up on most of the mini bosses I see
El_Funko: Yeah light his ass up
ogundiety: Yeah
Feminine_Desires: @Amentur I'd say ben is better than adam out of all the ones I've watched. One his first day he got to phase two of lady butterfly.
ogundiety: You can also reset ANYTHING
ogundiety: Well, except for a few minibosses/bosses
CapnRobert: yeah cant gaurd the guy gotta nail the deflects you got this adam
ogundiety: ALso I'm pretty sure that symbol means you -can- parry certain ones of those
Xafty: @Feminine_Desires we do have to favtor that adam is unwell though
ogundiety: You just can't guard vs them
robo__nixon: Oh no! Senpai noticed you
TXC2: Remember chat, Ben is Adam's son Kappa
ogundiety: (and you cannot parry a lot of them)
Lapinelis: @ogundiety The symbol means "Danger" you can parry thrusts. You need to dodge grabs and jump swipes
dr0ne00000: @robo__nixon lol
Grindclocke: this doesnt look very fun?
Valkyrie_Lemons: Thanks for the stream
azureHaights: Ben Adamson?
TXC2: thanks for streaming Adam
APODionysus: Thanks so much Adam
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PDT (44s ago).
Smapdi_Flaffermann: Good night pal.
El_Funko: One More handsome boy coming up
KidSpanner: Thanks for the stream, Adam.
TXC2: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2408 patrons for a total of $14,414.41 per month.
Lysander_Gustav: Good night Adam! Thanks for playing!
Nigouki: cya!
Amentur: Thanks for streaming Adam lrrDARK Stay healthy
ZakAmetyst: Thanks for the stream!
dr0ne00000: later Adam
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
APODionysus: Gamehause or home stream@for the rest of this?
robo__nixon: Later!
TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody!
Theteddybear676: he didnt say my resub :(
Coolhand2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
TXC2: Theteddybear676 Thanks for resubbing lrrHEART
DerPilsner: @Theteddybear676 Way to go, champ.
Coolhand2: @Theteddybear676 You're awesome!
mathonwy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
mathonwy: Huh.
tyranidd1: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Mathonwy: Oooooo.
azureHaights: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Mathonwy: Fixed my lack of name capitalization, too.
markaci: critroleStay critroleTurnt
azureHaights: Gone is the era of SHA SHA SHA, now is the era of BLAT BLAT BLAT
RassilonDND: someone remind me to poke the James until we know the next one more. I must plan to have that Saturday open!
APODionysus: Ok CHAT: that thing you were hinting about in Sekiro?
APODionysus: After where Adam was?
APODionysus: WTF
jolly_does_art: critroleStay critroleTurnt critroleScanlan
RassilonDND: I missed the end, what was chat hinting at?
dr0ne00000: @azureHaights we're all using SHA-2 not BLAT-3 TBH
jpss92400: cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1 cheer1
dr0ne00000: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: ... One More? (James is a certified PUBG partner now and that means custom games! Game: PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) at Tue 03:00 PM PDT (7m ago).
jpss92400: rip message
TehAmelie: that's a lotta ones mores
azureHaights: cheer50 I'm hype for One More One More on Tuesday
kassy_13: yusss last one
TopDeckLightningHelix: lrrWOW
IgnisDeus: lrrSPOOP
RassilonDND: I'm so hype for Saturday one mores.
RassilonDND: is that Apex I hear?!
azureHaights: In the words of the Skullgirls announcer, ONE MORE ONCE!
cmdrud87: cheer100
manfred909: !password
LRRbot: Server Info! Name: LoadingReadyRun Password: buttslol
Zanzabar_: ok we got eight were good to go! Kappa
LoadingReadyRun: server is up
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> For the last time on a Tuesday afternoon it's time for uhhhhhhhhhhhh ... One More? Join James for some custom PUBG games! ||
ninja_theory_ashrams: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
AllyDistrict: Hey there James!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TehAmelie: hi again
jolly_does_art: hey James!
Runlikethew1nd: I am fishing right now lol
SleepyArt: pikasnApHYPE pikasnApHYPE pikasnApHYPE pikasnApHYPE
Dryhad: Hi James
TopDeckLightningHelix: VoHiYo VoHiYo
Runlikethew1nd: James
Lord_Hosk: Oh look, its one guy Kappa
El_Funko: Welcome to Countdown to One More
Runlikethew1nd: I’m good and fishing
Simonark: One More More.
jpss92400: lol just the letters
AllyDistrict: Tis a good deal
SleepyArt: pikasnApSad pikasnApSad pikasnApSad pikasnApSad pikasnApSad pikasnApSad pikasnApSad
TopDeckLightningHelix: New streams, new memes
jolly_does_art: careful if in Europe, this did not work for me! I got billed 35€ which is NOT the right conversion rate
El_Funko: The revolution is here, viva la Saturday
Mathonwy: POR QUE???!!!!!!!
RayFK: rayfkSanic Gotta go fast for the final time
kassy_13: if you don't know now you know
ninja_theory_ashrams: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
ftr112806: Ultra instinct shaggy
kassy_13: once a month right
hajnal_endot: can someone in chat explain how pubg custom games work? i don't play
El_Funko: Instead of a server full of people we don't know, everyone in the games we play is a member of this community
mastershake29x: @hajnal_endot just means you can customize the rules, and have a password to join
RassilonDND: @hajnal_endot you can customize the pubg game rules in custom matches. like no grenades, 3x cars, ect
hajnal_endot: figured as much
kassy_13: @hajnal_endot you can only have certain players too
lighting_bolt_123: time to pub some mfimg geeeesss
AllyDistrict: Game is up by the way for those who have just arrived, usual stuff
SquareDotCube: Open it to other games, maybe? Imagine a One More with one of the Unreals, Quake 3, or TF2.
wildpeaks: could play something else if pubg died off
mastershake29x: !password
LRRbot: Server Info! Name: LoadingReadyRun Password: buttslol
SquareDotCube: Games that aren't battle royale
kassy_13: @SquareDotCube the stream's just gone now
El_Funko: Other games don't let us get 20-100 people in each match
dr0ne00000: I think the big issue was maintenance
El_Funko: And require friends list and such
LeoYtheGamerGuy: yeah maintenance won't help
ANeMzero: Time to boot up PUBG for the first time in.. very long. and join. and die immediately.
Jondare: would help a lot for us europeans :P
hajnal_endot: tempted to tell my brother about this game and have the prodigous WhackinItHard wreck shit
gallows_humor: Getting off maintenance day is the biggest upside
Jondare: We know :(
jolly_does_art: @Jondare sad EU high five?
Dryhad: That would have been, what, 3am Funko-time?
ContingentCat: unfortunately europeans don't matter lrrBEEJ
El_Funko: Yep
Vyous: Not gonna lie. I haven't been doing customs the past few months, but I probably will start playing in the Saturday customs.
Jondare: jolly_does_art sad EU high five
TheElrad: @jolly_does_art sad Europe high five
BloodnBullets: though that would be some mad stream sniping
jolly_does_art: @TheElrad sad EU high five to you too
azureHaights: @jolly_does_art @TheElrad @Jondare sad NA apology
Amentur: *joins in on the sad EU high five* SeriousSloth
Jondare: (In the future, probably figure it out so that you can announce the next one at the end of the show)
ContingentCat: @jolly_does_art I was in europe for last year it's hard *sympathetic EU high five*
TheElrad: so, even worse for EU
LeoYtheGamerGuy: *sad european high five*
wildpeaks: not my kind of game, but maybe something like Fortnite would be easier to find people ?
SleepyArt: @wildpeaks That would be sad.
wildpeaks: given one more didn't used to be pubg-only
jolly_does_art: it'll be 2 am not midnight, right?
RassilonDND: I mean you have my gun once we know what Saturday it is
Huskey3737: I really would hope that we could de platoons with them. It's was fun the ONE time that I was able to play.
LeoYtheGamerGuy: PLATOON
Erudite_Cynic: what we need is Apex Customs
dr0ne00000: this is what TV networks do to kill shows, people go out on Friday/Saturday nights guys
R43NDROP: @LoadingReadyRun i had tech issues. OTW!!!
Jondare: 2 AM is awful late though...
R43NDROP: wow
ninja_theory_ashrams: not ranting, just aggressively explaining
jolly_does_art: hey Serge, Joe and Funko! <3
R43NDROP: nvm
R43NDROP: im here
Diabore: when did they reopen the door here?
Theteddybear676: @LoadingReadyRun you guys ever tryed apex Legends??
SquareDotCube: Buy all the donuts! ALL the donuts.
hajnal_endot: apex's accessibility stuff is pretty incredible
Unas84: btw, @LoadingReadyRun , did people in the office mention about maybe being able to join games since it'll be on saturday?
TopDeckLightningHelix: !badadvice
LRRbot: Obey.
Jondare: that's such a dumb way to do it
EvilBadman: As if the PUBG tourneys didn't start like that. :x
wildpeaks: yes lrrbot
TopDeckLightningHelix: All hail LRRbot
jolly_does_art: @ContingentCat oh no, I like it here I just wish I could watch more NA streams :D
Ravynn: Thank JAMES! sergeHeart sergeHeart
TopDeckLightningHelix: #BlameJames
wildpeaks: twitter, why
Ravynn: No we know why.
TheWarbo: I feel like James encourages this
Frankenfruity: James is a persona!
ninja_theory_ashrams: James the heel
kassy_13: james has cultivated this brand intentionally!
manfred909: that was fast
Ravynn: James the McMahon Heel
electric_claire: That's just what somebody under duress would say
CastleOtranto: Impressive™
hajnal_endot: serge needs rescuing
kat2kool: that sounds like something someone under duress would say...
dr0ne00000: James branded Serge?
jolly_does_art: oh @manfred909 did you die?
Lord_Hosk: Serge,Talk about shooting if you need help
TheWarbo: One time before GoC I made the mistake of mentioning my blinds in twitch chat...
manfred909: @jolly_does_art yeah first out
jolly_does_art: @manfred909 noooo johnlo1Heart
Lord_Hosk: He said 8X shotgun, he must need help
manfred909: Hi Serge
TheWarbo: I feel like "I want to see chat" is also a sign of duress.
ninja_theory_ashrams: benginHi serge
TheElrad: Serge, talk about how great James is if you need help lrrBEEJ
ContingentCat: !pubg
LRRbot: PlayerUnknown's No-Pants Fight Place
manfred909: !pubg
LRRbot: Bluehole's Bridge Troll Screw Bowl
jolly_does_art: @TheWarbo hey now, we're a fucking delight
TheWarbo: @jolly_does_art are we really though?
SquareDotCube: "Every list says AWM with silencer, ghillie suit, and all the scopes"
ContingentCat: Brendan is always watching, a l w a y s
manfred909: I like this new musical Serge
jolly_does_art: @TheWarbo well I am :P
TheWarbo: !findquote navi
LRRbot: Quote #3555: "In a lot of ways, the chat is like Navi. Being like "Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!" while not actually being that useful." —Paul [2016-09-29]
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Frankenfruity: As someone who doesn't want to play PUBG or any similar games, this is the only shooter game I actively enjoy watching. It's sad that it is sunsetting, but yes, we had a good run. My run with with the Runners is far from over though. Onwards & upwards!
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lighting_bolt_123: oh molander
Diabore: and also as much 762 around them
SquareDotCube: So Serge is at milbase?
Theteddybear676: @LoadingReadyRun you still going to streams because if u dont ill miss you
Theteddybear676: do*
Erudite_Cynic: I see no mention of TABG Kappa
Amentur: Maybe Battlefield 5 going BR could be interesting. That's coming soon-ish?
jpss92400: did you see the new battlefield br?
SAJewers: so, don't expect fortnite on this show? Kappa
SAJewers: lrrAWW
SquareDotCube: PUBG doesn't have the longevity magic of Minecraft as it outlived all the other survival building/crafing bandwagon games
TheElrad: so, starting up your home stream then, James? seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
ContingentCat: the Pubg people probably also want to keep what makes it pubg intact rather than just a generic battle royal, that might be part of why it hasn't changed much
ninja_theory_ashrams: occasional James on "the long game?"
Amentur: I wonder if Minecraft would have the longevity if it wasn't for mods
dr0ne00000: @SAJewers agree
manfred909: do you have any plans for "The Playthrough"?
Frankenfruity: Online poker games only
TheWarbo: New schedule is nice because it's not "but the Tuesday is all stuff I want to watch from 9 to 6"
kassy_13: *james voice* tbd *james voice*
manfred909: neat
CastleOtranto: James home streams are like champagne. Keep them rare to keep them special.
Vyous: Playthrough might be my most anticipated change for the new schedule
manfred909: Rip JoeKim
kassy_13: i wet away for a sec & joe dies
jolly_does_art: oh no Joe died?
Frankenfruity: Me too!
jolly_does_art: dang
JoeKim: i was being cocky
JoeKim: *shrug*
manfred909: what else is new
GoblinRanger: Yeah I'm looking forwards to that too
jolly_does_art: I mean yeah, what else is new, @JoeKim ?
TheWarbo: "I'm excited for the new show; I think it's gonna be fun." "No. No. NO"
jolly_does_art: hahah
jolly_does_art: jinx manfred
manfred909: elfunkDab
jolly_does_art: elfunkDab elfunkDab
azureHaights: I'm more mad that I thought that was James and not Curator
keymaster515: So The Playthrough will have a rotating cast that will intensely stream a game to near completion?
jolly_does_art: my internet is poop today so I'm watching this on 160p. I rely on y'all telling me if something happens because all I can see are shapes :D
TheWarbo: I haven't done numbers, but the new schedule is thinner, right? (Which I think is a good thing.)
jolly_does_art: vague shapes
MWGNZ: most likely story completion, not 100% completion?
manfred909: that does depend on your version of completion
Kamotetop: MWF
manfred909: elfunkHeart johnlo1Heart
Amentur: Is "The Playthrough" the final name for the show?
ContingentCat: monday wednesday friday yup
keymaster515: Okay
TheWarbo: Yeah, streaming-to-the-end completion, not 100%ing it.
azureHaights: @jolly_does_art I thought you said "my intent is to poop today" and was like "ah, the time-honored restroom stream"
jpss92400: what's the lineup of hosts
Rockario: Completion, as in: beating the game to the players satisfaction
TheWarbo: Is it planned to be pretty much all one-person streams?
ContingentCat: I was about to say there's the possiblity of "completion"
jolly_does_art: @azureHaights I mean I have a laptop so this *could* happen. I just don't want it to
Traion: So when is Serge gonna do Minecraft on The Playthrough? Kappa
ContingentCat: * ...being when the plater says "fuck it good enough"
GoblinRanger: ghost car
Diabore: maybe they went around you?
manfred909: self driving cars?
Kamotetop: ride it?
fiftymcnasty: Could have spawned there? thats is technically a road
kassy_13: take it?
Diabore: @fiftymcnasty we heard it drive up
azureHaights: 50 bits says its outta gas
TehAmelie: if a game has a lot of bonus goals or is Minecraft i guess you could be flexible depending on how badly the next in line wants to get started
Amentur: Not out of gas it is
ContingentCat: have the cars developed sentience in this world and are just lazy normally?
azureHaights: cheer50 Welp, like I said, 50 bits said ithat was outta gas and it wasn't, so...
ninja_theory_ashrams: welcome to crashing with James
azureHaights: NO REGERTS
TheWarbo: James "regrets" Turner
Traion: The Playthrough: Serge and Ben play Nintendogs. The only way they can cuddle puppers
jpss92400: lol you can beat Minecraft in a half hour and f you what to
jpss92400: if
manfred909: James your speddo appears to be broken
jolly_does_art: so many regerts
jolly_does_art: what? Just park in the middle? :D
Amentur: Serge is already a golden retriever. Ben should just cuddle him instead
dr0ne00000: @manfred909 I know Jeeps can't go 200
kassy_13: all regerts
jolly_does_art: oh no
Traion: @amentur DB showed that Ben is allergic to Serge though ;)
jolly_does_art: I see murder in james' future
jolly_does_art: being murdered that is
markaci: Roll up the rim, maybe you'll win an armoured Jeep.
TehAmelie: TIL roosters plug their own ears when they open their beaks so they don't have to listen to themselves crow. that seems symbolic of something
Amentur: Oh right, Traion . Dang lrrAWW
drfox17: is this the final Tuesday .... One More?
Diabore: yep
jolly_does_art: sure is
dr0ne00000: @drfox17 correct
Kamotetop: What what? Allergic to Serge?
kassy_13: yup
xantos69: Hey I just got here. Will there be an extra game after this one?
ANeMzero: Right, now I remember why I don't play PUBG
drfox17: then we must ... One More? like we have never ... One More?'d before
Kamotetop: How? Why?
jpss92400: was there ever a non pubg one more?
kassy_13: there's a video
manfred909: slytqBORK
ANeMzero: Wander around terrified for 20 minutes and die having never seen a single person
drfox17: cars, explosions, people being run over by drifting cars set to anime music!
El_Funko: @jpss92400 Yeah a bunch of times
jolly_does_art: haha
jpss92400: oh yeah apex
jolly_does_art: those were some good yelps
Amentur: I believe there were a bunch of Stellaris One more's with Cam
Traion: Ha beat you by a second TheWarbo :P
Kamotetop: Thanks @kassy_13 @Traion @TheWarbo
TheWarbo: traiooooonnnnnnnnnn
kassy_13: james's "uwah!" is cute
TheWarbo: </khan voice>
manfred909: rayfkDont
Issurru: put it in the microwave Kappa
jolly_does_art: scary
TheWarbo: James's coffee is in the same state as my coffee
Diabore: oh damn, 17 still left
Traion: I assume that allergy is why MultiPals isn't couch coop Kappa
ANeMzero: Playing PUBG just now reminded me of trying to get back into obscure HL1 mods after years.. Everyone still playing has a lot of time in it that makes coming in late and with such small games very intimidating.
ContingentCat: just add some ice cubes, that's all you need to do to make it iced coffee right Serge? Kappa
Vyous: This whole match has been phantom cars/people, lol.
Frankenfruity: lrrSPOOP
drfox17: you know, I dream that one day, there will be a LRR playthrough of an Ace Combat game, but I know that will never happen
TheWarbo: mad driving skillz yo
jolly_does_art: elfunkChunk elfunkDab
manfred909: sergeScopeCreep
Yawnmon: do it james
Lord_Hosk: James always wins, because he gets to play a game he enjoys with his friends
Dryhad: What? Was that James I was shooting at?
Diabore: cmon james
Frankenfruity: katesRip bfitsRIP katesTry lrrAWW
manfred909: elfunkSad elfunkSad elfunkSad
xantos69: awakward
ContingentCat: the real chicken dinner was in our hearts all along
kassy_13: yes
jolly_does_art: elfunkSad elfunkSad slytqRIP
Dryhad: elfunkSad
gallows_humor: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Amentur: elfunkSad lrrAWW
TheWooglie: oshiOof
Despoiler98: @TheWarbo maybe the chicken dinner was really the friends we made along the way?
ninja_theory_ashrams: horse apples
badpandabear: elfunkSad elfunkSad elfunkSad
RassilonDND: out of gas?
dr0ne00000: and then James ragequit PUBG
ContingentCat: elfunkSad
xantos69: Pick your winners now!
azureHaights: One of them is my killer
Yawnmon: looked like you weapon swaped
Diabore: 500 bits on sleepy
Diabore: cheer500 welp
drfox17: oh right!
kassy_13: hahha
azureHaights: A hundo on Th3Curator
Jondare: right in the head :(
drfox17: the no twitch cuts bits sale
Jeezy56: Guiltanas has killed a bunch this game
drfox17: time to buy bits for the first time ever
kassy_13: i did too
kassy_13: i like deals
ContingentCat: how long is that going? I'm broke currently
Pump19: Codefall | 1 Month XBox One Game Pass (Other)
azureHaights: sickchunx, sick chunx
jolly_does_art: I got billed wrong for mine 10 € too much, be careful europeans, I submitted a ticked to twitch. We'll see.
kassy_13: 1st april
ContingentCat: dang I shall remain broke
ContingentCat: unless something wonderful happens of course
manfred909: lrrCHKN
AllyDistrict: I think that's the best I have ever done in one more
xantos69: sick chunk sir
Frankenfruity: Whale dong!
MWGNZ: elfunkChunk
Unas84: nice
kassy_13: we can't see but good going
kassy_13: serge won
Baldrash: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Diabore: damn thats a nice ending
ContingentCat: elfunkChunk
Amentur: elfunkChunk
TheGcsmith: Is the tim Hortons roll up the rim basically the canadian version of mcdonalds monopoly
lighting_bolt_123: ayayYYY
jolly_does_art: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
badpandabear: elfunkChunk
Unas84: there is
Diabore: @TheGcsmith we have monopoly too
kassy_13: sick
Traion: @jolly_does_art twitch displays price before VAT. That might be where the difference came from
azureHaights: failfish100 Welp x2
CastleOtranto: cheer2500 ...One More?
Yawnmon: gg has been called
Unas84: oh tomorrow
kassy_13: it says $25 including vat?
jolly_does_art: @Traion no, VAT is 20 percent. 25 USD plus VAT is still not 35 €
CastleOtranto: Oh thank goodness
Guiltanas: Im shaking... that was so stressfull
drfox17: oooh, that sounds fun
Zanzabar_: aw
Huskey3737: squads?
kassy_13: i dunno how much it was in £, it's still only telling me in $
ContingentCat: what I'm hearing is we can keep the stream going if the bits keep coming in
SergeYager: GG guiltanas!
Diabore: ty james, because of you i scooped 69
TheWarbo: You had Serge behind you!
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Traion: @jolly_does_art mobile fees maybe? Or Twitch sucks
Amentur: cohhGG Guiltanas
AllyDistrict: Guiltanas you did great! I had no idea where you were in the end game
drfox17: cheer100 Da Bits! For the First Time!
TheWarbo: Killing Serge gets you Serge behind you, which is good luck!
jolly_does_art: @Traion nope, on desktop. They just must have messed up
ahmedramadan_300: <message deleted>Hi
ahmedramadan_300: <message deleted>Sup
Diabore: so imma not drop with joe, i actually want to play this mode
Unas84: a thing went wrong with my sub since last week, but got it fixed now :)
ukkittykat: maybe my PC will be fixed by then. i'm down to game on Saturday evenings!
ahmedramadan_300: <message deleted>Can you answer me
Unas84: welcome to the channel!?
Azrealus99: who can join
ahmedramadan_300: <message deleted>Bitch
kassy_13: welcome
Jondare: Right, one more game and it's off to bed
Traion: @jolly_does_art Twitch fucking up has a long and proud tradition....
Unas84: lrrFRUMP
Jondare: getting way too late here
drfox17: even bought the first time bits sale, so i have even more bits
RassilonDND: hey James any idea when it will be in April? I would love to reserve the day for ya
jolly_does_art: @Traion indeed
kassy_13: i missed it wow
Diabore: wow, swing and a miss
Anubis169: *cough*
Xed_Regulus: Thanks mods
manfred909: lrrFINE
TheWarbo: anyone can join
TheWarbo: !password
LRRbot: Server Info! Name: LoadingReadyRun Password: buttslol
ANeMzero: For a moment I thought he was struggling with my name
ANeMzero: and got real self concious
jolly_does_art: "short turnaround" indeed
Diabore: lotta trolls out these past few days
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Jondare: james is too pure for this horrible world :P
Vyous: lrrCREEPL Notice me Senpai lrrCREEPR
Unas84: katesGift katesGift katesGift katesGift katesGift
manfred909: no the shy ones say nothing for 12 months
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Noodles_15: “Answer me”=“Debate me”
ContingentCat: katesBoosh katesGift
Anubis169: WITNESS ME!!
Erudite_Cynic: I demand the mods be cool. oh wait they beat me to it
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Anubis169: Oi James, notice me! How dare you be so kickass in that cap!
azureHaights: Storm Count is 5xLethal
kassy_13: i'm 6 days too early to sub
Amentur: lrrHORN lrrSPOT lrrHORN
TheWarbo: James's nice seethrough cap
Diabore: joe pls no steppe, i want to play this mode
aerohydra: @GoblinRanger THANKS!
Traion: Answer me James: Have you cuddled Jade today? She deserves it!
kassy_13: yes
Amentur: Still wouldn't kill Ben in the blind Commander
Anubis169: seethrough?
TheWarbo: Yeah the hat is greenscreen colored.
jolly_does_art: @Diabore you should drop somewhere far away from joe then :P
Anubis169: eyy, full gangsta
TheWarbo: It's more noticeable in booth
Unas84: or...or...if you want to kill Joe, go to Hacienda?
Diabore: are there cars in this mode?
Lord_Hosk: Tommy Kimberly and billy right?
kassy_13: yessss
GoblinRanger: sounds sweet
jolly_does_art: why was paul rudd there?
kassy_13: awesome
ContingentCat: damn
dr0ne00000: should have ditched the signing for the meet and greet
drfox17: so is this shotguns, smgs, and winnies?
slayerthegamer6: Hi
drfox17: sounds very vun
drfox17: *fun
Lord_Hosk: wait, Reedpop did something that hurt fans for profit? this is my shocked face :|
slayerthegamer6: I play pubg mobile
slayerthegamer6: I like pc gaming because of all the nice clicks
jolly_does_art: I have managed to wrangle my DnD group into successfully scheduling 2 sessions for April. I feel very accomplished.
Lord_Hosk: Welcome slayer hope you enjoy the stream
Zu_o: Congrats Jolly
dr0ne00000: welcome slaterthegamer!
miniwak: is it just me or is james super quiet
Traion: No small feat jolly. Have fun
kassy_13: @miniwak he is imo
Amentur: That is a great feat jolly elfunkChunk
slayerthegamer6: Finnaly someone nice
kassy_13: welcome :)
jolly_does_art: thanks @Zu_o that's honestly the hardest part about DMing to me ding dang schedules
slayerthegamer6: People call me weird for likening pubg
Zu_o: I have tried to DM
TheWarbo: james just wanted to make friends
Lord_Hosk: Like whatever you want to like we dont judge here
Zu_o: I broke from anxiety every time, Much respects
manfred909: dam you Serge
slayerthegamer6: IKR!
Amentur: manfred909 noooo elfunkSad
Traion: People call James weird too. But for different reasons Kappa
DarklordStratos: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 59:30.
GoblinRanger: very big winchester
drfox17: well, he ain't weird enor, so we all have a differnt scale
dr0ne00000: James it was probably a car backfiring
slayerthegamer6: Grenades being thrown
jolly_does_art: oh no, sorry to hear that @Zu_o I'm a theatre person. I have no trouble performing, that certainly helps. I'm more worried about my writing skills
Zu_o: it's the story that got me, not the performing
manfred909: get him James
Traion: @jolly_does_art Kathleen and Dale make me fret about my campaign writing
manfred909: elfunkChunk
drfox17: poor serge
dr0ne00000: fratricide
kassy_13: rip serge
Fluffy776: Oh no, Serge! :<
slayerthegamer6: Grenade and shotgun are op
TehAmelie: lrrAWW
Amentur: Serge is under duress now
TheWarbo: That's what you get for trying to compliment James on twitter.
jolly_does_art: @Traion yeah, Matt mercer and Kathleen are my two DnD writing idols
ReynardWrecca: Oofa-doofa, I believe would be the phrase.
slayerthegamer6: Switch to sniper
manfred909: sergeHeart
drfox17: let's be honest, kathleen makes mundane incredible
kanimaras: Surge says to shoot him better
jolly_does_art: too late serge, manfred will have sweet revenge soon I'm sure
drfox17: maaaad maaaax
manfred909: James got it for me
Amentur: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
manfred909: ouch
DoctorOfBeard: elfunkChunk
MWGNZ: elfunkSad
kanimaras: one bullet one kill
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
TheAinMAP: benginRip
Traion: I channeled Kathleen's entitled Orzohv brat for a minor antagonist recently. The party never wanted to kill someone so bad
slayerthegamer6: If you don’t follow James you go get ittt
dr0ne00000: lol
kanimaras: I love it
Amentur: LUL
manfred909: elfunkHeart elfunkHeart elfunkHeart
jolly_does_art: @Traion ohhh that's so rad! DIce friends is so good, I made all my dnd friends watch it
MWGNZ: elfunkHeart perfect
kanimaras: You weren't supposed to die yet James, you ruined the surprise!
TheWarbo: what
drfox17: when you're the apex predator, you can do that
ContingentCat: elfunkHeart
Amentur: elfunkHeart amazing
kyolover16: this is my firsr LRR stream.
slayerthegamer6: Shout out this guy
Kamotetop: Welcome
jolly_does_art: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
kassy_13: welcome
zerg539: James tries to be entertaining most of the time
manfred909: that is not what wheat looks like
slayerthegamer6: Peace out gotta kill noobs with pans
drfox17: on demand red zone
Zanzabar_: i half expected the bike to tip over and kill him
dr0ne00000: roomate what with the bees now?
Amentur: Have fun slayerthegamer6
kassy_13: that's fair @slayerthegamer6
sing_o_muse: wat
Kamotetop: Corpse?
ContingentCat: um...
kassy_13: lol
drfox17: sure
drfox17: seems legit
zerg539: oh man a director mode where you could drop care packages and red-zones would be great
Xed_Regulus: TYhat's really creepy
jolly_does_art: what
DoctorOfBeard: lrrFINE
kanimaras: Just chillin
kassy_13: huh
jolly_does_art: ummm
ContingentCat: something something esports ready
Amentur: Contemplating the subocean?
ninja_theory_ashrams: become one with desert
Traion: Seems comfortable
dr0ne00000: I'm more interested in the aquifer you just found
DoctorOfBeard: morbid
kassy_13: wuttt
kyolover16: glad to be here
kanimaras: ! james has powers
Blasteg: I think he clipped through the floor
Lord_Hosk: Ready for prime time
slayerthegamer6: He’s bout be des
ContingentCat: wat
Lord_Hosk: MLG
sing_o_muse: did he fall through the world?
Amentur: lrrSPOOP
slayerthegamer6: Ded
DerPilsner: So you say this game has problems
Jondare: what person james? are you seeing visions again?
carlospedroart: Yeah this goes on the Highlight video. :D
jolly_does_art: WHAT
SquirrelEarl: they died three matches ago James
7gorobei: he was already dead
zerg539: so does that mean he is double dead?
kyolover16: it has for a while @derpilsner
slayerthegamer6: Yep thanos snapped
jolly_does_art: S are hard, it true
jolly_does_art: now do a heart
drfox17: @Jondare Don't make me root for you again! My curse still works!
kassy_13: sweet
SquareDotCube: JRMES Turner! Kappa
kanimaras: It's beautiful :*(
kassy_13: XxJamesxX
ContingentCat: nightbook has easier letters but it's longer
slayerthegamer6: *gets no-scoped
dr0ne00000: @SquareDotCube lol
kyolover16: i dont watch this game much any more. i had a best friend on discord pass away in december and this was one of his favorite games
jolly_does_art: bye serge
iammorthos: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (1:45 from now).
drfox17: serge must consume at old person time
ContingentCat: don't tell serge how to live his life
Traion: Serge is 80 years old
Amentur: Bye Serge. Have good foods
RayFK: Serge is a dork
sing_o_muse: Serge's fursona is a gazelle?
iammorthos: anybody know what game is on talking sim tonight?
dr0ne00000: @drfox17 you do get some good specials then
JohnLonnie: Dinner in the sunshine is not dinner
drfox17: @dr0ne00000 I had a college friend who like eating then. it was... interesting
LoadingReadyRun: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (1:45 from now).
iammorthos: not super helpful
Amentur: 4 pm is time for coffee, scones and/or cake
kassy_13: that's huh
ContingentCat: I'll occationally eat at 4pm but only on days I woke up at like 1pm
Zu_o: @SquareDotCube no, because cheetah's never win.
dr0ne00000: @drfox17 I generally ate once a day through college, never dinner
iammorthos: thanks James!
drfox17: but back then it was acceptable to eat a meal of nothing but dessert at 2100
dr0ne00000: @El_Funko lol
RayFK: Dude it's Funko
Blasteg: wha's tale?
RayFK: He is never nice the whole time
TheWarbo: GOT EM
kassy_13: hahahaha
kyolover16: never heard of that game
Amentur: elfunkHeart elfunkChunk elfunkHeart
Kamotetop: Mortician
DerPilsner: The long game
jolly_does_art: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
RayFK: Funko has moments of genuine humanity, and then does what he does
Traion: GOTTEM shashasha
sing_o_muse: im fine with 5 PM dinners cuz I usually eat lunch at like 10 AM
dmstiv01: That's going in the highlights
Zu_o: twitch bounty on El-Funko
kumatsu: James Sux ™
TehAmelie: i think i wanted to check out Mortician's Tale. is that the morgue simulator or the Stardew Valley-like?
7gorobei: are we sure it isnt "jame's ux" user experience?
ContingentCat: giving the spectator god powers would be neat, let them mess with the players
SquareDotCube: Actually James, this is an intervention. You're really just an intelligent AI in a vacuum.
kyolover16: i havent eaten anything all day
drfox17: @kyolover16 You... should plan to get some food. I recommend this based on the assumption you are a human
dr0ne00000: @kyolover16 go eat, I made Jerk Chicken and rice today
kyolover16: im about to
drfox17: oooh jerk chicken!
drfox17: living the life
Arikell: pretty sure the map zoom has always been there
azureHaights: Welp, at least I got a kill
kassy_13: that sounds like an invitation we can't take up @dr0ne00000
kyolover16: @azurehaights yay!
jpss92400: it's 730 here and now I am hungry again thanks chat
Kerrisis: "Jerk chicken" sounds like some sort of playground insult.
dr0ne00000: @Kerrisis no you shut up
Kerrisis: :D
jolly_does_art: SHED??
TheGcsmith: I just got a new chair myself, but one from ikea
jolly_does_art: it shed?
ContingentCat: shed? was your old chair a cat?
drfox17: is @Jondare Still in it? has my curse slain them yet?
Unlucky_Desperado: starts with a chair
manfred909: that sounds fair
Unlucky_Desperado: then you get the tv
Unlucky_Desperado: and suddenly redesigning the whole house
kyolover16: tv sounds better than a chair
SquareDotCube: Does this end in "And then I bought a house"?
Jondare: drfox17 literally just died. The curse strikes again
Jondare: well, the curse and Guiltanas
ANeMzero: Well that went better
Kerrisis: @azurehaights Hahaha!
ANeMzero: I got 1 kill on someone while on the phone
TheGcsmith: is Wiggins back in town?
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
Gascitygaming: looking at 4k 120hz?
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (1:39 from now).
kassy_13: yikes
Jondare: 77?? that's insane
drfox17: Cat meme: "I should buy a boat"
SquirrelEarl: So compromise on a 70 in
ANeMzero: with my left hand on my right hand mouse
jpss92400: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
dr0ne00000: @drfox17 lol
manfred909: I don't even have a TV
jolly_does_art: that seems like some sort of measuring contest
ContingentCat: sergeHolyMoly
Gascitygaming: it an LG?
SquareDotCube: And then James bought a Jumbotron
TheGcsmith: Whats Matt up to now?
Kerrisis: $10000... on a TELLY? That's insanity!
TheWarbo: I wish I could go back in time and buy not-an-LG because the user interface is so annoying to me.
kyolover16: @anemzero awesome. i couldnt do that
drfox17: he's sometimes on the discord
RayFK: Matt is busy being in the best shape of all of us
RayFK: and being a badass
kerbalized_: ah so $20 US?
drfox17: and he's a host of one of their podcasts
Lord_Hosk: Matt is an Avenger... I have seen him he is the new HawkGuy
drfox17: along with james
TheGcsmith: Miss Matt, he was legit fave Lrr member until hi left and paul took over :D
RayFK: Lol no
Gascitygaming: It hasn't been a problem, but i work at a bestbuy and we had trouble with the first gen of OLEDs getting bad image burn
dr0ne00000: @RayFK I thought round was a shape?
jolly_does_art: Oh wow
drfox17: Jordan hails from a kingdom of cards
Gascitygaming: hasn't been a prob;em, lately*
TheWarbo: Just gonna clip this conversation and link it in #fitness on the Discord, k?
RayFK: Yep
RayFK: I like how you say that BEFORE I answer
azureHaights: If Matt's Clint and you're Tony, who does Jordan get to be
jolly_does_art: hehe
Amentur: From the duchy of decks
drfox17: Card Kingdom Fact: Jordan's official title is Herald
Erudite_Cynic: huehuehue
RayFK: Then why do you never RT my memes? Kappa
Gascitygaming: the skins of cards and the bones of kings *slaps table*
dr0ne00000: can you guys set up a game where everyone is in the same squad for the last one more?
drfox17: El_Funko must clearly be the winter soldier
dr0ne00000: and take selfies?
ContingentCat: infrequent twittering seems like a good idea
dr0ne00000: lol
ukkittykat: wow
DoctorOfBeard: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Traion: Your memes are too dank for Old Man Turner, Jordan
jolly_does_art: no, you really didn't
jolly_does_art: johnlo1Goof elfunkChunk elfunkDab
tyranidd1: we havnt done a school punch out in a while lrrAWESOME
sing_o_muse: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
JoeKim: you sit on the roof of pool
jolly_does_art: ^
JoeKim: tyranidd
dr0ne00000: @tyranidd1 those are funny
Diabore: why this time?
jolly_does_art: hahaha
RayFK: Looks like Funko Sux now
tyranidd1: it's never just me, on the pool roof - i allways think of it as winning a ticket into the finals xD
dr0ne00000: @El_Funko timeout!
Amentur: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
manfred909: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
sing_o_muse: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
azureHaights: Sick Funk
Kaszoski: "Please stop shooting me, it hurts my feelings and me physically"
jolly_does_art: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
jolly_does_art: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
Diabore: 500 on funko (bits)
drfox17: Apex Predator!
manfred909: elfunkDab
drfox17: the man is the living manifestation of drop bear
Yawnmon: Go Xantos!
jolly_does_art: honestly, I'm getting so much use out of the dabbing koala already. it my new fave
manfred909: elfunkSad elfunkSad elfunkSad
Diabore: cheer500 welp x 3
Fracaswell: elfunkSad elfunkSad elfunkSad
DerPilsner: fuck that motorcycle
jolly_does_art: elfunkSad elfunkDab
azureHaights: @El_Funko Well, it WAS prone...
kassy_13: i thought so too
Kaszoski: And so the drop bear falls
Fracaswell: cheer250
Traion: @diabore you have some dark magic going on
xantos69: WOO!
drfox17: okay time for food
SquareDotCube: The mind games
badpandabear: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Amentur: It's working out for you James elfunkHeart
Diabore: its for the bragging rights and nothing more joe
Dryhad: War mode on Camp Jackal later?
Zu_o: LRR has to put your name up with a graphic "Diabore officially bet correctly" - 500 bits
xantos69: Team 12 in discord!
Amentur: Is Warmode fixed, Dryhad ?
Zebunisher: its basically bikes,bikes,bikes,whoops dead!
Unas84: team GUD is gunno gut yu
Diabore: i wont be playing in this game but regardless, lets go teasm sickflips
Dryhad: @Amentur Oh, I dunno
tyranidd1: Team #34 will be trying some unconventional strats, lets see how it works out :D
Zanzabar_: also feel to drop in and say hi to some of us regulars, we dont bite I promise lrrHEART
xantos69: @tyranidd1 You monster what do you have planned?
aerohydra: famous youtuber james turner
jolly_does_art: but at that point you can probably also afford to buy one
Diabore: @tyranidd1 do those strats involve some sort of nausea and a rotation?
azureHaights: @Guiltanas @ANeMzero HMU in pubbage team 8 if you want a voice-channel kickin'
Kerrisis: Linus tends to get huge amounts of stuff, it's true.
jolly_does_art: you asked for it
Diabore: what tv?
dr0ne00000: @RayFK you're not his supervisor!!!
azureHaights: @Diabore the UR-TV
markaci: I'm waiting for the C9!
Runlikethew1nd: R u talking about Linus tech tips
tyranidd1: @Diabore it may or may not involve a butt tonne of smoke =P
dr0ne00000: but James don't buy the TV there is no 4K content
jpss92400: buy it on stream Kappa
jolly_does_art: I mostly watch netflix on my 13' laptop screen, no one needs a TV Kappa
Kerrisis: I mean, 77" is nice and all, but it's not an 88" OLED...
Gascitygaming: 88 is 7'4" of tv
Kerrisis: Do you not have a bed and a ceiling, James? :D
Traion: Ashley is a sensible woman
Gascitygaming: yeah plasmas a re a space heater
dr0ne00000: I was going to joke about that - 1000 watts can reheat dinner
Kerrisis: The clue is in the word "plasma", I feel...
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Gascitygaming: Panasonic made NICE plasmas
captain_wulf: boo missed my renew... oh well think i was at 8 or 0 ;(
Angreed66: @Gascitygaming Tv measurements are from corners diagonally though.
dr0ne00000: OLEDs have burn in again right?
Gascitygaming: @Angreed66 i know, it just makes me laugh to measure it in feet sometimes
Traion: @captain_wulf it still gives you the correct arrow :)
SquareDotCube: Yeah, if you put a LED and Plasma beside each other and put your hands on both after being on for a while, you can tell a difference on tempurature
Blasteg: is it possible, to like, forgot to deply your parachute and made an impact with ground?
Azrealus99: no
dr0ne00000: ah ok
Gascitygaming: @dr0ne00000 the first gen got it, it's improved since then, out first gen demos got it after 8 months but thats the same images on there for 14 hours a day
Issurru: James needs to watch his boy Adam in glorious UHD Kappa
Fugi: Just buy the TV James
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Gascitygaming: Yeah with regular use it shouldn't be a problem
nosrac2: I don't understand why twitch prime doesn't auto resub. So annoying.
jpss92400: is it better to buy a TV or a dedicated monitor
Gascitygaming: moniitor is better if you're using it for a oc
Gascitygaming: pc*
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badpandabear: Only burn issues I’ve had is the Desert Bus overlay lasting through December
TheWarbo: I think they want the free Prime Sub to have a "trial" feel.
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jolly_does_art: yeah, they want you to not use/forget about it
jolly_does_art: for sure
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Deltoran11: Pubbing some G's! How's is everyone?
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nosrac2: Does my fancy arrow default back though?
Deltoran11: Hello :)
nosrac2: Nope okay good. I guess I'm ot too mad.
Kerrisis: Seriously though, what kind of lunatic spends 10k on a TV? How is that sort of money justifiable, unless you're a movie critic or director or something?
Kerrisis: My mind is geninely boggled at this.
Gascitygaming: I live in alberta and work at a bestbuy, you'd be surprised
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withr: Just saw the stream update on Youtube. Hyped for alot more regular legacy games
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Diabore: betrayal
Erudite_Cynic: Massive Darkness?
TheWarbo: There are a lot of games that come with a book of like "Scenario 1" through "Scenario 12"
Diabore: sorry, BENtrayal benginTraitor
lighting_bolt_123: damn hees still jamning
Nefarious_Ned: Spoilers: It's Ben
mastershake29x: hyped for eventual betryal legacy
GoblinRanger: ooh yeah lots to look forwards to
WeiseDrachenJaeger: Kingdom Death: Monster?
kerbalized_: Wait betrayal at the house on the hill has legacy?????
jolly_does_art: heck yes! I love betrayal!
mastershake29x: does finishing pandemic include season 2?
mastershake29x: @kerbalized_ it does indeed
dr0ne00000: all the legacy games seem fun
Talin06: 40K?
kerbalized_: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly I had no idea
ToughnessIsPower: Speaking of model building, 40k when?
dr0ne00000: they are slow
Kazman20a: space hulk would be better
dr0ne00000: fun in person
orionsrise1: No problem 40k, silver tower!
Blasteg: There's has been one right? Cam and Ben?
korvys: You'd need like... commentators and something like the card preview for unit stats or something.
mastershake29x: i do like that AFK now has two spinoff shows, and all 3 are great
MWGNZ: 40k lore is great, 40k rules not so much
Fruan: If you're looking for a tabletop wargame to stream, Fantasy Flight's X-wing would be great.
WeiseDrachenJaeger: Ooo, yeah, definitely want to see Mordheim!
withr: I would like to see battlestar galactica but that has a bunch of secret info so...
dr0ne00000: @Blasteg that was space hulk
orionsrise1: lol no 40k, silver tower instead
anamelessdog: 40K? sounds like a 10 hours stream lol
Blasteg: oh. those look the same to me NotLikeThis
TheWarbo: I'm more a WarmaHordes person but still, it feels like a thing you stream for only people who already like the game.
Rockario: If anyone could make a game of 40K work, I would have faith in LRR
Diabore: i believe there have been 2 space hulk afks
PixelArtDragon: Does Twilight Imperium count as a legacy game because of how long it is?
korvys: IIRC, the PATV Warmachine games had the unit stat cards on screen, which helped A LOT
Kazman20a: yeah necromunda(sp) or a blood bowl league
Kerrisis: @PixelArtDragon Or Federation & Empire... *shudder*
dr0ne00000: @PixelArtDragon you are giving me a migraine thinking about it, and I don't get migraines
ToughnessIsPower: have Cam write a narrative campaign, then you could be there for the story as well as the rerolling ones
withr: Twilight is a game that your children finish :P
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Doesn't Twilight Imperium take 5 hours?
TheWooglie: I liked the PATV ones I caught
Rockario: I tried going to the official 40K stream channel all like, "Let's see what high-level play looks like" and the VoDs were sub-only lrrSLOTH
Blasteg: Twilight struggle... probably don't stream well for AFK
ChrisLewisRose: @rockario that sounds like Games Workshop!
tastymcnuggett: <message deleted>Wait. is that a Teferi coming at you? He has a PURPLE SCAR RUN!
orionsrise1: when are you cowards going to stream Monopoly hmmmmm? lrrHAM
korvys: It's the same as Magic - without the card previews on screen, it'll never be good. If you can get the unit stats on screen, it can be a lot better.
TheWarbo: Is Twilight Imperium really all that long?
TheWarbo: I feel like it's not, like Here I Stand length or whatever.
Rockario: @ChrisLewisRose "If we make our game as inaccessible as possible, less people will realise it's not that great"
TheWooglie: 9 hours
manfred909: elfunkChunk
jolly_does_art: elfunkChunk
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW
dr0ne00000: loot goblin lol
tastymcnuggett: <message deleted>Who are you playing with
jpss92400: 40k is ok
tastymcnuggett: <message deleted>Big Tiddy Goth
tastymcnuggett: <message deleted>wait
tastymcnuggett: <message deleted>this isn't google
ChrisLewisRose: @Rockario they make utterly baffling business decisions. Not even from a 'thats bad for the players' way, just from a 'how on EARTH do you think that will benifit you?' way
Diabore: uh mods?
dr0ne00000: @jpss92400 Heretic!
Diabore: ty mods
Anubis169: sorry, was AFK grabbin' a sammich
Diabore: @Anubis169 np, seems like youre alone atm
jolly_does_art: yum! what kind of sammich?
TheWarbo: If it's a legacy sandwich, it should be Long Game, not AFK :-D
wildpeaks: bon appetit, anubis
jpss92400: @dr0ne00000 hail papa Nurgle
lighting_bolt_123: 100 fake doll hairs on James team!
Rockario: I haven't played 40K in...omg, 10 years, and I want to experience it outside the context of "3 dumbass rowdy teenagers argue about rules and fool around for 6 hours"
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dr0ne00000: @Rockario heretic!
orionsrise1: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (1:06 from now).
Rockario: To be clear, I was one of the teenagers
jpss92400: @rockario that's one thing I always found weird all of the rules were scattered all over the place in like 30 books
ChrisLewisRose: <message deleted>@Rockario best bet is to find a local group, the actual stores are full of kids and now the staff are pushy with sales to an almost autistic degree
dr0ne00000: @Rockario @jpss92400 that is true in D&D etc.
Sarah_Serinde: Hey friends, please don't use "autistic" as an insult/complaint
wildpeaks: what's on talking sim today by the way ?
lighting_bolt_123: jeez
azureHaights: Well at least I got one of y'all, sorry @JoeKim
Diabore: lotta trolls out this week
ChrisLewisRose: why? I was saying they behave in a way in which they quite often miss social queues (IE telling them you don't want to buy stuff) thats common in autism... I'm not being mean
Rockario: @ChrisLewisRose Yeah, I'm not a big fan of game-store atmospheres anyway.
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aussie_rob_w: Dropping in to visit the real "...One more?" of "... One More?" Hey James!
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Rockario: Also, what Sarah said. It soundded like you meant it as a bad thing
jpss92400: @chrislewisrose fair but don't I'm actually autistic it's not huge but just don't get to the practice of it
jolly_does_art: yeah, I've been noticing the trolls too. In other channels as well. Maybe they smell the spring and come out of their caves now?
Unas84: @tyranidd1 so what was the special tactic?
Blasteg: what kind of arm strength would you need to throw a grenade that far
Anubis169: MLB pro pitcher
wildpeaks: close one
dr0ne00000: those boxes were concealment not cover
badpandabear: elfunkSad
wildpeaks: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: bees?
Anubis169: !advice
LRRbot: Don't prejudge things just because they're skulls.
wildpeaks: bees will avenge James
aussie_rob_w: That was exactly the read I was hoping for. I'm okay! Thanks James, that was perfect!
tyranidd1: @Unas84 pacifist, but got spotted
DoctorOfBeard: at least it's not a swamp
SleepyArt: Come on Zanz!
korvys: I've not heard "Batman" as a verb before...
dr0ne00000: @korvys lol
nickplayz4450: Hi
Diabore: there third personing the ledge
nickplayz4450: Lol
Diabore: or at least they should be
Unas84: ah ok, thought maybe you were gonna try and sneak into a vehicle with another team and pan them :)
aussie_rob_w: Smoke grenade, nice
Unas84: b/c of the stack of smokes
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun X-ray?
manfred909: rayfkHeart
aussie_rob_w: now they have smoke cover to get down.
ChrisLewisRose: @Rockario I'd definitely advise trying to find a local group, or even just give up on 40k and go for one of the other minature wargames. Xwing minatures game is super popular
wildpeaks: darn
SleepyArt: pikasnApSad pikasnApSad pikasnApSad
xantos69: Nice Try
Diabore: needed to heal
Dryhad: katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken
jolly_does_art: elfunkChunk
tyranidd1: it's better?
tyranidd1: but still borked
dr0ne00000: @ChrisLewisRose is the Xwing one where you need like 500 yard to play it in scale?
orionsrise1: well good luck James
Rockario: @ChrisLewisRose I probably should, if only to justify holding on to my Tyranids for this long
tyranidd1: we only had 1 DC last week - as oposed to half+
Zanzabar_: i should have healed before i went in there
jpss92400: can't you do 2 huge teams
jolly_does_art: Alright, it's after 1am, I gotta do a sleep. Bye James, Funko and Joe, bye chat! elfunkHeart elfunkChunk johnlo1Heart
manfred909: night Jolly
jolly_does_art: night manfred
El_Funko: @tyranidd1 Yeah but that's still probably like 5 people for these games
Yawnmon: Team sick flips got an honorable bronze finish
ChrisLewisRose: @dr0ne00000 nah you can play on a fairly small surface, its definitly geared to smaller skirmishes. You might be thinking of another one, i *think* it was star wars armada
ChrisLewisRose: plus it costs like about £30 to get enough for two players to start off
tyranidd1: @El_Funko aye, they also said nothing about it in the last few patch notes.. soo its probably the same
lighting_bolt_123: yay this mode
Zu_o: Time for a smigchester game
Zanzabar_: 0 delay but you might want to up the loot time because it starts ticking the moment you can drop or so
gallows_humor: What are the settings?
Fruan: X-wing is played on a 3 foot my 3 foot square
APODionysus: Hmmm salty licorice
Dryhad: What are the rules for this round?
lighting_bolt_123: yawmons will
BirchFade: !localtime
manfred909: @gallows_humor SMG whinnie
ChrisLewisRose: @Fruan yeah if you try to play it on a smaller surface then it'll catch fire and explode
caulderjof: Just got here, but I wanted to say I'm excited for the schedule change. I don't play a lot of PUBG lately, but I'm way more likely to join the games when I don't have to fit it between work and boardgames.
BirchFade: huh, what's the local time?
delta__vee: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 5:06 PM
Rockario: One of the problems with having only one group of boardgame friends is that they own about 2 dozen games (including, like, X-Wing and Descent and more) and for the amount we can get together we only really play DnD
BirchFade: ah thanks @delta__vee
CapnRobert: im so hype for someone playing through a full game again
CapnRobert: I really missed that
Pteraspidomorphi: The changes are very nice
TheWarbo: I'm sad that all the non-VG stuff is still evening, but other than that I love it.
caulderjof: Oh yeah, I'm also super excited about adding full playthroughs back on the schedule.
voren_chalco: @Rockario same here, but DnD gets pushed out by general boardgames.
ChrisLewisRose: @Rockario where you live? countryside? town? city?
EsperDerek1: Speaking as an ESTer the evening streams starting at 8 instead of 9 PM is SO MUCH NICER
dr0ne00000: @El_Funko East Side!!!
Amentur: Couldn't you just revert it back to the original ...One More? (pre PUBG) ?
korvys: I'm excited for more non-magic tabletop (via The Long Game)
korvys: (I love magic, but there's a lot)
Despoiler98: Yeah what happened to Crossing the Streams I loved that show
GoblinRanger: cross the streams with chat :)
Pteraspidomorphi: Minecraft of course
Rockario: @ChrisLewisRose I'm in the middle of a city, but my friendgroup is all 3 hours away and I'm not uesd to going out to meet new people
RayFK: Oh wait, when is there another LAN!?
RayFK: :P
wildpeaks: so a kind of "crossing the chat" :D
lighting_bolt_123: so what actually is the schedule changes.
Rockario: I'm used to rural life where you can't really do that
manfred909: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
lighting_bolt_123: ohh
Despoiler98: Is there no more crossing the streams or is that just case by case now?
Pteraspidomorphi: lighting_bolt_123: The new schedule that starts next week can be visualized well on the website ("Live" page)
lighting_bolt_123: @pteraspidomorphi thunks!
jpss92400: could you do a general BR stream and play a couple different ones?
RayFK: oh...
RayFK: okay
Pteraspidomorphi: The gap on tuesday is for W+P when it returns
cuttlefishman: So...
RayFK: Yeah, if it's June I'm out. July is basically when I free up
Despoiler98: @cuttlefishman I hate you >.>
wildpeaks: git out :D
LetsConsider: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 5:09 PM
lighting_bolt_123: @despoiler98 second oww pain
cuttlefishman: sorry not sorry for the pun
cuttlefishman: I blame Joekim for all my puns
ChrisLewisRose: @rockario just go for it mate, i come from the countryside but lived London way for about a year. Round here theres one MtG group with about 10 people and its the cliquest snob fest you can imagine. In London I went to a random draft at this big game store and it was super friendly. Totally different atmosphere. Was playing against some DJ in round 1 and then this high flying accountant in round 2, proper random mix of people.
lighting_bolt_123: nah ur good
ChrisLewisRose: my point is go for it and if the group you meet seem like a bunch of nobs then dont presume all experiences will be like that :)
Despoiler98: DAMNIT I met JoeKim at C2E2 and I forgot to punch him in the back of the head for all those puns slytqBORK slytqBORK slytqBORK
Rockario: Thanks for the encouragement @ChrisLewisRose lrrHEART
ChrisLewisRose: @Rockario youll find bigger places are better, more newcomers
cuttlefishman: so James
cuttlefishman: is your dog still cute
Despoiler98: hey James, is Kathleen back from C2e2?
withr: there is only so much you can do before the base game mechanics become rote adn boring
caulderjof: PUBG has the opposite problem of Fortnite in that way. Fortnite feels like it's constantly changing. Don't play for a couple weeks and all the guns are different, the map is different, there's some new mechanic. I kind of hate that. PUBG, on the flipside, could stand for more quality of life improvements.
TheWarbo: You should share pictures of your dog in #pets. Did you know that LRR has a discord? lrrBEEJ
cuttlefishman: Is Jade cuter than Joekim, Funko, and RayFK?
manfred909: that is not hard
lighting_bolt_123: lol I'm still dying from a lan before time!
dr0ne00000: @ChrisLewisRose I agree I felt bad at a GP when lots of girls felt excluded, that isn't really a thing
RayFK: Awwww
RayFK: Thanks bud
cuttlefishman: thought so on the last one
MWGNZ: rayfkKing
RayFK: I dunno
RayFK: I get a serious amount of attention
azureHaights: Revenge'd
TheWarbo: James is the Island King
azureHaights: @JoeKim Hope ya like my shit loot :p
WeiseDrachenJaeger: For a moment I thought that boat was covered in cobwebs.
ChrisLewisRose: @dr0ne00000 yeah my friend whos a girl went to a local magic group and it was like she was a specimen
Issurru: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (44m from now).
cuttlefishman: Doesn't everyone style on Joekim
azureHaights: It wasn't even a kill
azureHaights: It was a stunner
devin_yesthatdevin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (43m from now).
caulderjof: Rocks are people too, I guess.
TheWarbo: James providing the most exciting stream content here
jpss92400: miss Kappa
cuttlefishman: Are you getting another dog?
withr: Favourite ice cream?
azureHaights: I can categorically state that he did not hit me. lrrBEEJ
quentastic: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (43m from now).
BlackBlade_: Mai Tai
Zyme86: you are hanging on an island Against Medical Advice (AMA)? Kappa
TheWarbo: mai tai, pina colada, sangria, mudslide, daiquiri, &c
cuttlefishman: What's that pineapple and vanilla ice cream drink called
cuttlefishman: thats delish
lighting_bolt_123: lol san not saan gria
zinnyinn: Last album you listened to and how was it?
Going_Medium: Should I buy LRR ice cream when I visit Victoria?
CGSguy2: What's a word you recently learned the meaning of?
cuttlefishman: what is your favorite gundam
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Good album!
Bakufreak: What 3 things would you bring to a remote island? ..wait
GentleSquirre1: when does this end?
korvys: Oh, is that on Spotify now?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: There's lots of good ice cream there
cuttlefishman: hehehe
lighting_bolt_123: lol hes listening to juice wurld
dr0ne00000: @James what is your favorite color?
azureHaights: I guess I'll drag the question out again: if you're IM and Matt is Hawkeye, who is Jordan?
caulderjof: LRR gets given too many sweets for their own good.
Zyme86: stream sniped, literally
TheWarbo: James put on some Jimmy Buffett
korvys: #IceCreamBits?
cuttlefishman: Is "James" short for Jimmy Buffet?
Despoiler98: mmmmmm bits
azureHaights: #HashtagCakeBits?
cuttlefishman: Jimmy Buffer Turner
chickenace11: Beacon hill is on my ice cream bucket list
cuttlefishman: famous youtuber
lighting_bolt_123: #cake bits!!
kumatsu: The seabatBRAIN when visiting Victoria is to bring local coffee so it gets to the moonbase fresh
MWGNZ: no, James is short for Jamethon
drfox17: just got back with a burger, is ts this another winny round?
Natedogg2: Being shot at isn't good for your health.
BirchFade: are there any good places for gelato?
azureHaights: @drfox17 It is!
drfox17: nice
drfox17: @BirchFade I guess it depends on your city? OKC had one place
Despoiler98: *vomit*
korvys: Italy
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (39m from now).
jpss92400: na Spain has better gelato than Italy
lighting_bolt_123: @korvys cheeky boi
Despoiler98: James do you know what game Cam and Cori are playing tonight?
BirchFade: city is Victoria
drfox17: i like straccicello?
drfox17: the mixed choco one
Going_Medium: High Tea at Empress Hotel:. Awesome family experience, or waste of money?
BirchFade: mixed chocolate? tell me more@drfox17
Despoiler98: anyone know what game is on Talking sim tonight?
Sharkfists: @Going_Medium yes
lighting_bolt_123: well I work in a half gelAteria half pizza shop and the gelatos nuts!
Sarah_Serinde: I'm not sure how interested the kids would be? Probably depends on what they like
drfox17: didn't Adam & Graham do that in Friday Nights?
cuttlefishman: James, if you needed to live in a house on a PUBG map (and presumably, fix it up / renovate)... what house?
Sarah_Serinde: I had fun when I went, but I didn't bring kids. :P
Sarah_Serinde: There's probably a kids' menu, but I forget
drfox17: @BirchFade Stracciatella is sweet cream (maybe vanilla?) with choco shavings
kumatsu: The only thing I remember from visiting Victoria as a kid is Butchart Gardens
drfox17: @BirchFade The choco gives a nice crunch, it's best in a waffle cone style
dr0ne00000: @Sarah_Serinde they have kids on the menu, that is monstrous
Sarah_Serinde: I would definitely only go for a special occasion because yeah, not cheap. Treating myself on holiday? Sure, why not. Otherwise maybe not
Sarah_Serinde: dr0ne00000 I put an apostrophe on there for a reason :P
cuttlefishman: but I'm a vegetarian
drfox17: Nando's!
cuttlefishman: can't fried chicken
BirchFade: hmmm I shall try some@drfox17
drfox17: reminds me, i have nandos sauce, i need to make some chicken
Going_Medium: Family of 4. Thanks for the feedback. Heading to Buchart for 2 days. Pro tip: 2nd day is free.
korvys: Go by $75 dollars of grocery store ice cream tubs, and have a bath
Simonark: I remember the Victoria aquarium, and Munro's, and the big Empress hotel because I knew about that murder case.
Sarah_Serinde: I still want to go to Butchart Gardens but also I don't drive so it's more of a thing to get out there
drfox17: @BirchFade I thought it would be very plain, but it's good. I usually go for fruit flavors
kumatsu: I only found out about an amazing local fried chicken place because Serge went when visiting here :T
cuttlefishman: what things are unique to BC which aren't in rest of Canada?
Simonark: I was in Victoria once, when I was 9.
drfox17: don't they have a nandos in vancouver?
Natedogg2: You could have stayed on your island.
cuttlefishman: no Nandos in Maritimes
Despoiler98: OOOOOOWWWWW
dr0ne00000: @JoeKim ouch
cuttlefishman: oy vey
Diabore: jeezus, what did he do?
Despoiler98: He's DONE
BirchFade: sergeHolyMoly
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
Erudite_Cynic: who?
I_Am_Clockwork: seabatYIKES
Despoiler98: slytqWTF
BirchFade: that poor person
TheWarbo: Slipped on home plate? Wow
cuttlefishman: 19... 19 alive
cuttlefishman: seems like a lot for the circle size
Diabore: fuck me, the running was supposed to be the safe thing about baseball
BirchFade: @diabore I dont think there is a safe thing when doing it professionally
ANeMzero: There is a Nandos in Vancouver
Xafty: yep, us humans have really odd joints where even minor fuckups can cause just TERRIBLE damage
TheWarbo: I live in Oregon so I've mostly been hearing about some terrible injury to a Blazers player
cuttlefishman: how far east do Nandos come in Canada
Going_Medium: Driving through Nanaimo on the way to Whistler. We are big fans of Nanaimo bars, so we'll get some straight from the source... :)
ANeMzero: Or uh.. the location I'm thinking of is -technically- Burnaby but no one from outside of the area cares about that distinction
BirchFade: @diabore too much stress on the body in very specific locations
ANeMzero: Playing in todays One More was fun but I dunno if I'm going to again
ANeMzero: It's hard to listen to the stream and play at the same time and playing solo, no stream is.. stressful
TheGcsmith: so happy, got my first legit chicken dinner win :D
TheGcsmith: even if it was in customs
ANeMzero: Was fun playing the team round
Diabore: @BirchFade i just watched the clip, his knee seemed to lock and he tumbled over himself
Unas84: You can join the Discord, we're just chatting and teasing each other there, that should take the edge off @ANeMzero
TheGcsmith: will have to go back and wtach clip to see James' spectating
ANeMzero: I hopped on discord for the 3s round
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ritchards: Quick! Distract James with an sub message!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, ritchards! (Today's storm count: 109)
Unas84: ah ok :)
ANeMzero: Feels weird joining voice chats with randoms for no particular reason :x
drfox17: @ANeMzero You can always cherry pick your participationg
TheWarbo: lol that popup
azureHaights: writes down "distracted by sub message"
TheWarbo: James noticed it too
drfox17: @ANeMzero We're happy to have you here in any capacity
TheWarbo: Quick, everyone who's friends with James on Discord go play some random game.
ANeMzero: thanks
dr0ne00000: @TheWarbo I have two games open which shows up?
TheWarbo: Wait, I meant friends with James on Steam. Doh
zinnyinn: James seems very tempted to get into the sea
dr0ne00000: so not discord steam?
xantos69: cheer50 Well I got to kill Funko therefore this game was a win.
manfred909: sergeIntoTheSea
TheWarbo: His island home calls him back.
caulderjof: The boat trailer makes me wish you could actually load a boat onto it and drive the boat around the map.
dr0ne00000: James Cthulhu is calling, go into the deep
TheWarbo: dr0ne00000 Yeah, I was joking about him noticing the "Funko is playing StS" popup, that people should go make more popups to distract him.
drfox17: @caulderjof I was just thinking about that!
cuttlefishman: first person up close
Unas84: and you run away from them!?
Simonark: That's not the usual meaning of "First Person Shooter".
aesir_blade: Is the audio left/right reversed or is that just explosions happening elsewhere?
wildpeaks: :D
Despoiler98: thats a damn big scope on an smg
dr0ne00000: @Unas84 bravely ran away
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
Unas84: that's not the Famous Youtube James Turner that I know
drfox17: i was gonna say they had the high ground, but James just proved he doesn't need it
LeoYtheGamerGuy: Dangit James
azureHaights: Inertia is a property of bullets :(
xantos69: Um...Mil Vest on that guy?
LeoYtheGamerGuy: I have a name :(
TheWarbo: James Turner ran away. James Turner ran away. When danger reared its ugly head James Turner turned his tail and fled...
xantos69: @LeoYtheGamerGuy Correct. Sry Friend.
LeoYtheGamerGuy: :D
dr0ne00000: @LeoYtheGamerGuy hey that guy!
Despoiler98: @LeoYtheGamerGuy not anymore....James took if from you slytqWTF
cuttlefishman: sneky
LeoYtheGamerGuy: Dangit.
Despoiler98: PANFIGHT
wildpeaks: Pans of glory
TheWarbo: I need a "notes" emote to indicate that that was a song
tyranidd1: BOUT TIME
Despoiler98: SLAPPERS
TheWarbo: LoadingReadyPan
Questhere: test your might
Roosevelt: I want to see a betrayal
drfox17: boost?
Despoiler98: There can only be one
drfox17: yessss
wildpeaks: I'm sure this will pan out fine
7gorobei: there pan be only one
Despoiler98: MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAT!!!!!!
manfred909: rayfkHeart
cuttlefishman: I mean... you can very easily be betrayed twice
dr0ne00000: PANed
TheAinMAP: Bravely run away.
xantos69: NEVER!
Despoiler98: No HOnor among thieves
drfox17: woow, PUBG has a cute glasses option
cuttlefishman: those are cute glasses
dr0ne00000: And he ran and ran
TheWarbo: Quality Content
xantos69: Let the zone settle this!
azureHaights: Clip it! That's the ticket!
Zanzabar_: hes juiced
manfred909: elfunkDab elfunkDab elfunkDab
I_Am_Clockwork: only james kills james
Despoiler98: slytqBORK slytqBORK slytqBORK slytqBORK
lighting_bolt_123: wuuuusssyyy
deano901: lmao
Amentur: BOOOOOO
reptileviking: Boooooo!
DerPilsner: lol
Roosevelt: lbwRIP lbwRIP lbwRIP
lighting_bolt_123: wooo 2nd
kumatsu: out of all the James, you're the Jamesiest
tyranidd1: PAN warmode :D?
zinnyinn: That was a great end
Questhere: lrrSPOOP booo
Zu_o: James isn't very good at deadpan humor
cuttlefishman: boo
Hodgegoulashi: James! Hello good sir. I trust the day finds you well
manfred909: well I scramble to re launch PUBG
Despoiler98: @Zu_o I hate you >.>
Dryhad: Camp Jackal?
drfox17: tactical espionage action?
withr: 8 min 20 sec
ritchards: Hey James, has a War of the Spark PPR been announced yet?
Zanzabar_: respawn time?
62MGcobra: sec loading
dr0ne00000: @drfox17 tactical espionage action with pans?
RayFK: It's not me
Zanzabar_: did he lower respawn time?
cuttlefishman: Is it RayFk?
manfred909: it could be you
RayFK: If it's me it would very much be news to me
MWGNZ: it is most likely not me
cuttlefishman: Who from WOTC staff has the best facial hair?
drfox17: @dr0ne00000 Are you implying that pans aren't tactical, or espianoge?
jpss92400: nooooo I will be out of the country
dr0ne00000: @Zanzabar_he should make the respawn time negative and you get clones
cuttlefishman: Or rather, which PPR guest has had best facial hair?
TwilightAvalon: Hey James...What upcoming Marvel Movie do you think you're gonna enjoy more based on current information....Spiderman 2 or Dark Phoenix?
Kamotetop: Would it be weird if they had Jeremy Crawford on a PPR?
drfox17: @RayFK You go into work tomorrow: "By the way, Jordan, how do you feel about a trip up to Victoria?"
caulderjof: It was a literal shit post?
cuttlefishman: So wait... is that literally shit posting?
Despoiler98: @RayFK Hey Jordan how far is Card Kingdom from where Pax is held usually? I wanna know if I can go to Card Kingdom if I go to Pax without paying a pile of taxi money
RayFK: Despoiler98 It's about a 15-20 min uber/lyft ride
JoeKim: theres also a bus
JoeKim: that goes
JoeKim: if you dont wanna spend a lot of money
Despoiler98: @RayFK cool :D
RayFK: Or you can take a D line into ballard and then it's a 10 minute walk
cuttlefishman: hehe
cuttlefishman: D Line
JoeKim: D line is an express line. real solid
cuttlefishman: hehe
RayFK: cuttlefishman The Seattle Joke
SleepyArt: Spiderverse was probably the best spiderman out there so far
caulderjof: You know what? I think X-Men might just be better suited to longer form story telling. Mini-series or long running series seem better than movies.
Simonark: You saw all the stuff about how long New Mutants has been in limbo? Somehow Dark Pheonix won't be the last Fox X-Men movie, if it ever gets released.
JoeKim: dude
JoeKim: the SLU Tram
RayFK: Yep, who wants to ride the SLUT? A REAL THING BTW
cuttlefishman: I mean, Joekim
xantos69: Can we just admit that X-men is a failed franchise under any leadership? (I wish this was not true...but here we are.)
drfox17: @Despoiler98 Don't take a horse and carriage, it's not that kind of Kingdom
cuttlefishman: you've the El
reptileviking: I doubt New Mutants will ever come out
SleepyArt: Nah - X2 was great. Too bad brad singer is trash human being
Despoiler98: So we know basically Captain America and Iron Man are toast cause of the actors right ><
TwilightAvalon: All we know, I think is....Spiderman 2, Guardians 2, Dark Phoenix, Gambit, and Black Widow
Simonark: We don't even know what the first Marvel movie next year will be, it can't be Guardians 3 anymore.
TwilightAvalon: Guardians 3*
drfox17: ooo action roll
cuttlefishman: hehehe
dr0ne00000: harsh
DoctorOfBeard: whelp...
Simonark: We knew, like.. 3-4 years in advance after phase 2.
reptileviking: Pretty incredible they've kept it under wraps
drfox17: think... doctor strange 2?
Despoiler98: burn
cuttlefishman: hahaha
dr0ne00000: lol
MWGNZ: elfunkChunk
TwilightAvalon: I Really hope MCU introduces Fantastic Four as that would bring on Dr. Doom, and hes my favorite Marvel villain. He would also make a nice reoccuring bad guy when they dont need a Massively Universal threat.
Rockario: But RayFK's one kill is James, so that counts for at least double lrrBEEJ
Simonark: See, I want a Dr. Doom/Iron Man movie. he's Tony's best villain in the comics, always has been.
Diabore: didnt war mode have fast drops before?
reptileviking: I love the idea that the FF4 got stuck in time in the 70s and are released by whatever timey wimey nonsense they use to undo the snap
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nkcola: Oh hey 5 months
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dr0ne00000: best marvel will be whoever picks up the netflix stuff
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DoctorOfBeard: I sense anger
cuttlefishman: So...
Despoiler98: welp
dr0ne00000: he was trying to share bullets with you
Despoiler98: @cuttlefishman um.....yes?
Despoiler98: @cuttlefishman for some people?
Diabore: james you pos
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: lrrWOW
reptileviking: watch as he dies immediately
withr: won't make a difference
reptileviking: HOW
xantos69: Sir....that was so bad
reptileviking: I totally called it tho
Diabore: that iron sight is not good
Rockario: James was just doing the responsible thing and taking the Groza out of the game lrrBEEJ
TwilightAvalon: LUL
drfox17: god mint m&ms are good
cuttlefishman: James, how do you feel about split pea soup
drfox17: knowing funko, he'll save his last kill for james via fists
Blasteg: ganked
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
Despoiler98: Split pea with Ham is DELISH
dr0ne00000: @cuttlefishman isn't that more of a stew?
cuttlefishman: what?
cuttlefishman: no
drfox17: is split pea soup different fhan just pea soup?
cuttlefishman: yes
DoctorOfBeard: jordan has feels
Simonark: One Less, now.
Despoiler98: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Landonian1: yeah the peas are broken genius
manfred909: that was fun
Zu_o: @Landonian1 rude
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Zanzabar_: Thanks for the games everyone!
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xantos69: cheer50 James I will miss our weekly time together. You are the best boi who has ever boi'ed. You are the real friends we made along the way.
dr0ne00000: pea soup would have unbroken peas
Pteraspidomorphi: Good To Know
Zu_o: you're right, but rude
Questhere: gg's
Going_Medium: Thanks. See you later!
cuttlefishman: I thought Funko was the best boi
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
drfox17: yay max!
Pteraspidomorphi: Fun
wildpeaks: intriguing
drfox17: gasp!
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the pans
drfox17: porque no more magic
drfox17: oh, okay
Zanzabar_: Oo cosmic encounter! thats going to be a good stream
cuttlefishman: thanks for stream
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
xantos69: Thank you sir!
dr0ne00000: thanks for the stream don't give up on PUBG
mastershake29x: !schedule
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Doc_Rider: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (35s ago).
TehAmelie: i did it thirty-five seconds ago
TehAmelie: wait i mean uh
TehAmelie: nothing's wrong
TehAmelie: especially in New York
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori + Matt are going to learn about DEAD BODIES! Talking Sim is going live! | ||
DoctorOfBeard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ritchards: lrrSIGNAL
Rhynerd: I forgot what game they're up to tonight
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
korbl: Not only am I actually getting to watch Talking Sim live, I actually noticed the tweet in time to do so!
DoctorOfBeard: morticians tale I think @Rhynerd
MrUglama: is this minecraft slowed down?
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johkmil: Wow, I never catch these live!
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Cori and Matt! lrrHEART
silvalunae: yoooo best peeps!
e_bloc: a mortician with a tail?
NathanJay_GA: o/
ostcrammath: hi chat \o
TehAmelie: hello friends
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dougma: The Heinz Resub!!!
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crinjinx: so glad i found this community much love
SketchyDetails: Hi Matt! I want you to know that I greatly enjoy your editorial voice.
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e_bloc: I'm a mortician. I embalm dead bodies. then I tea-bag them!
wildpeaks: makes sense after pubg, someone has to take the bodies off the island
TheMerricat: @e_bloc of course, tea contains tannins, that helps preserve the body!
e_bloc: @TheMerricat yeah that's why lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: Amy Rose? The Sonic crossover nobody expected
TehAmelie: it beats being called Rose Rose at least
TehAmelie: this is clearly set in a fantasy world where people write whole sentences in emails
Simonark: I honestly knew a Jen Love in elementary school.
korvys: "Cremulator - Device to grind the bone fragments that remain after cremation into fine powder."
NathanJay_GA: Dammit, i shouldnt have been reading ahead
Mysticman89: does ontario actually have a serial killer issue?
SquirrelLord1111: Whats this game?
TheMerricat: - What turned one city in Canada into the 'serial killer capital' of the world?
Simonark: No more than anywhere else, but Ontario has the biggest population by far.
silvalunae: and with that i just realized i probs shouldn't be eating during this stream ;a;
PunkRockZoologist: London Ontario apparently has the highest number of serial killers per capita in the world.
zerg539: Bones don't burn real easily unless you dry them out first
Rockario: I will pretend it's NA serial killers who admire Jack The Ripper, but can't justify moving across the Ocean
TehAmelie: probably doesn't mean much to the risk of being serial killed, though
HesGotNoPants: @zerg539 fire dries out things
zerg539: not fast enough