DoctorOfBeard: I sense anger
cuttlefishman: So...
Despoiler98: welp
dr0ne00000: he was trying to share bullets with you
Despoiler98: @cuttlefishman um.....yes?
Despoiler98: @cuttlefishman for some people?
Diabore: james you pos
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: lrrWOW
reptileviking: watch as he dies immediately
withr: won't make a difference
reptileviking: HOW
xantos69: Sir....that was so bad
reptileviking: I totally called it tho
Diabore: that iron sight is not good
Rockario: James was just doing the responsible thing and taking the Groza out of the game lrrBEEJ
TwilightAvalon: LUL
drfox17: god mint m&ms are good
cuttlefishman: James, how do you feel about split pea soup
drfox17: knowing funko, he'll save his last kill for james via fists
Blasteg: ganked
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
Despoiler98: Split pea with Ham is DELISH
dr0ne00000: @cuttlefishman isn't that more of a stew?
cuttlefishman: what?
cuttlefishman: no
drfox17: is split pea soup different fhan just pea soup?
cuttlefishman: yes
DoctorOfBeard: jordan has feels
Simonark: One Less, now.
Despoiler98: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Landonian1: yeah the peas are broken genius
manfred909: that was fun
Zu_o: @Landonian1 rude
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Zanzabar_: Thanks for the games everyone!
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xantos69: cheer50 James I will miss our weekly time together. You are the best boi who has ever boi'ed. You are the real friends we made along the way.
dr0ne00000: pea soup would have unbroken peas
Pteraspidomorphi: Good To Know
Zu_o: you're right, but rude
Questhere: gg's
Going_Medium: Thanks. See you later!
cuttlefishman: I thought Funko was the best boi
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
drfox17: yay max!
Pteraspidomorphi: Fun
wildpeaks: intriguing
drfox17: gasp!
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the pans
drfox17: porque no more magic
drfox17: oh, okay
Zanzabar_: Oo cosmic encounter! thats going to be a good stream
cuttlefishman: thanks for stream
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
xantos69: Thank you sir!
dr0ne00000: thanks for the stream don't give up on PUBG
mastershake29x: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
Doc_Rider: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at some of their favourite video games.) at Tue 06:00 PM PDT (35s ago).
TehAmelie: i did it thirty-five seconds ago
TehAmelie: wait i mean uh
TehAmelie: nothing's wrong
TehAmelie: especially in New York
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori + Matt are going to learn about DEAD BODIES! Talking Sim is going live! | ||
DoctorOfBeard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ritchards: lrrSIGNAL
Rhynerd: I forgot what game they're up to tonight
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
korbl: Not only am I actually getting to watch Talking Sim live, I actually noticed the tweet in time to do so!
DoctorOfBeard: morticians tale I think @Rhynerd
MrUglama: is this minecraft slowed down?
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johkmil: Wow, I never catch these live!
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Cori and Matt! lrrHEART
silvalunae: yoooo best peeps!
e_bloc: a mortician with a tail?
NathanJay_GA: o/
ostcrammath: hi chat \o
TehAmelie: hello friends
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dougma: The Heinz Resub!!!
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crinjinx: so glad i found this community much love
SketchyDetails: Hi Matt! I want you to know that I greatly enjoy your editorial voice.
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e_bloc: I'm a mortician. I embalm dead bodies. then I tea-bag them!
wildpeaks: makes sense after pubg, someone has to take the bodies off the island
TheMerricat: @e_bloc of course, tea contains tannins, that helps preserve the body!
e_bloc: @TheMerricat yeah that's why lrrBEEJ
Juliamon: Amy Rose? The Sonic crossover nobody expected
TehAmelie: it beats being called Rose Rose at least
TehAmelie: this is clearly set in a fantasy world where people write whole sentences in emails
Simonark: I honestly knew a Jen Love in elementary school.
korvys: "Cremulator - Device to grind the bone fragments that remain after cremation into fine powder."
NathanJay_GA: Dammit, i shouldnt have been reading ahead
Mysticman89: does ontario actually have a serial killer issue?
SquirrelLord1111: Whats this game?
TheMerricat: - What turned one city in Canada into the 'serial killer capital' of the world?
Simonark: No more than anywhere else, but Ontario has the biggest population by far.
silvalunae: and with that i just realized i probs shouldn't be eating during this stream ;a;
PunkRockZoologist: London Ontario apparently has the highest number of serial killers per capita in the world.
zerg539: Bones don't burn real easily unless you dry them out first
Rockario: I will pretend it's NA serial killers who admire Jack The Ripper, but can't justify moving across the Ocean
TehAmelie: probably doesn't mean much to the risk of being serial killed, though
HesGotNoPants: @zerg539 fire dries out things
zerg539: not fast enough
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Good channel. haven't watched it in a while
silvalunae: thank you for subscribing to funeral facts
zerg539: Accidental perfect Hosting-sub?
PunkRockZoologist: I really love the concept of being buried with seeds that will grow into a tree.
ritchards: Ah, Wheaton's Law
OriginalGarwulf: Potentially interesting piece of trivia: in the Jewish faith, there is no embalming. As such, Jewish funerals tend to happen within 24-48 hours after death.
johkmil: It’s so interesting how embalming is such a thing in the US, and more or less entirely unknown here.
silvalunae: this makes me think of an irish wake i recently learnt about though, but i suppose that's before or after the actual funeral o.o
zerg539: Here in the Southern US if someone in your family dies you probably won't have to cook for at least a week
Nightvalien28: oh goodness this game is delightful
silvalunae: @zerg539 because of the casseroles, not because of cannibalism -nodnod-
PunkRockZoologist: @originalgarwulf I believe it is similar in Muslim cultures. When my partner's uncle died, her dad had to fly back to Mauritius within a day for the funeral.
Nightvalien28: smile and nod, matt
phorrestgaze: I'm guessing there's going to be some fairly intense sound effects as we progress through that process.
ritchards: pro tip: don't use the corpse as a ventriloquist dummy
NathanJay_GA: wow. rude.
tim19862: are the pink people, ghosts? lrrSPOOP
OriginalGarwulf: Also important: don't accidentally use Tabasco sauce as embalming fluid. That tends to end...badly.
Phosphatide: this changing text size is messing with me FrankerZ
ostcrammath: non-interactive food table? criminal
Nightvalien28: you have mail
Fruan: Twist - You've been a ghost this whole time!
MaladyDark: everyone in my family has been cremated. It's not like a tradition, i just think they're too cheap to biy a plot
Mysticman89: the dirt vlotches overlapping the cloth coverings was notable for me
johkmil: Definitely more respectful than being told to press F.
e_bloc: it must be a wandering uterus
Rockario: When people shorten Right Now to RN I always picture them saying it like that. Like "I'm so frustrated rrrn!"
TheMerricat: since I work at a hosptial and RN stands for Registered Nurse, I always read it as "Nurse! I'm pissed off!"
wildpeaks: I love this game already
TehAmelie: everyone in my family seems to want to be cremated because they feel they won't like being worm food
Nightvalien28: you know its serious business when they send two e-mails
Rockario: If the corset video I've watched is anything to go by, corset != tight-lacing
korvys: @PunkRockZoologist Hey, I don't suppose you got your crafter dbloon yet?
PunkRockZoologist: @korvys No, not yet.
Spacecarl: oh man I've been there
Spacecarl: that place is a experience
Styxseus: Oh no :D
wildpeaks: oh noo
Rockario: On your own!?
Spacecarl: alone. ouch
Nightvalien28: oh no
silvalunae: ; ; oh cori
korvys: @PunkRockZoologist I didn't want to rush, but I think I might email Ashley and see what's up.
zerg539: You survived
Phosphatide: "so many fetuses NotLikeThis "
PunkRockZoologist: @korvys Good idea
ogundiety: I tuned in at an odd time, this that is being talked about?
Spacecarl: the book bound in human skin there is fun
OriginalGarwulf: So, Jewish funeral story that I'm fairly sure might have happened. Part of a Jewish funeral is that those attending will take two shovels of earth and place it on the casket once it is lowered (the first is with the shovel reversed to indicate that this is no common occasion). It's a way of saying goodbye and making your peace with the passing of your loved one...
Styxseus: What is this, The Museum of Body Horror? :P
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silvalunae: @ogundiety museum of weird stuff, missed where it is, from corset damage to livers and a specific compressed liver at said museum
MaladyDark: i wear corsets. the biggest danger is overeating whike wearing one and then throwing up... theoretically if you wear one everyday your core muscles will atrophy because the corset is doing all the work instead
ogundiety: Huh
Spacecarl: There's A LOT off ... stuff there
hawkfalcon8: Hey guys! um what's this game about?
OriginalGarwulf: *themselves
Spacecarl: you can look it up for pictures, but be warned.
ogundiety: Nope I'm good
silvalunae: tbh i would've done the same thing cori ;a;
Styxseus: I can only assume that corset designs have improved over the last hundred or so years
Spacecarl: It's an experience
hawkfalcon8: @LoadingReadyRun Hey guys! um what's this game about?
zerg539: This is why I never told my mother the details of any chemistry work I did
TehAmelie: it's about death
johkmil: Garwulf – did they want six million shovelfuls of earth in the grave ?
silvalunae: you're a mortician, you get the body ready for the funerals
OriginalGarwulf: I have no idea - what I heard was that the rabbi kept them going until they ran out of earth, and the hole was filled.
OriginalGarwulf: (This game is going to do a number on us all, isn't it?)
MaladyDark: @styxseus ... yes and no. corsets are a fashion item amd a brace/compression item.
OriginalGarwulf: There's a game.
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korbl: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 25:05.
korbl: ok, I just had to make sure, since...
MaladyDark: my grandmother wore a red dress to her mother funeral. no one asked why.
thatladyinplaid: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 26:18.
Thisbymaster: this is dark
NathanJay_GA: lrrFRUMP
PunkRockZoologist: t
OriginalGarwulf: I like to take a "Doctor Who" non-linear time mentality to the loved ones I've lost. Both of my grandfathers may be gone today, but right now, thirty years ago, they are alive and well, and enjoying time with their grandson.
PunkRockZoologist: This is fascinating.
zerg539: Do specify to a mortician whether or not facial hair should be shaved on your loved one they shaved my grandfather's beard and it kind of ruined the open casket since it wasn't him anymore visually
e_bloc: put the lotion on the body
MaladyDark: why do they shave the body?
silvalunae: it puts the lotion on it's skin or erm
TehAmelie: nails AND glue? they put more carpentry into keeping those eyes closed than my grandpa does in a coffee table
korbl: I would consider being a mortician if I didn't have such a hard time with smells
OriginalGarwulf: There are stories about gas escaping during decomposition that resulted in this loud moan coming from the casket just before, after, or during a funeral.
TheMerricat: @MaladyDark because most people don't want to be buried in an open casket looking as if they have a 6 o'clock shadow?
korbl: I have no problem with the process, I just... really can't stand gross smells
korvys: I think it's a needle with a valve that designed to stay in the body for a while
PunkRockZoologist: The whole thing when someone just gently closes a dead person's eyes in movies has always been a pet peeve of mine. It takes a lot of force to keep eyelids closed after death.
phorrestgaze: yeah, gotta swish it around a bit.
MaladyDark: @themerricat i mean the torso, curse dual meaning of body
korbl: I now want a scene in a black comedy movie of someone closing the eyes of a dead person, only for the to open again, and then, like, five minutes of the person fighting the body's eyelids
Mysticman89: trocar is a needle, cannulae is more of a tube, after some quick googling
TehAmelie: i feel it would be hard to top the funeral scene in Scary Movie 3
ArcOfTheConclave: @korbl that sounds hilarious.
OriginalGarwulf: korbl: You beat me to that comment...
korbl: It feels like a sorta Deadpool style of joke
silvalunae: hey it's me in the corner
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FerociousPeach: I just learned more about embalming than I ever thought I would, lol.
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Spacecarl: is this a keep talking for more lines or a single dialogue per set of people?
johkmil: For me it was Donald Duck comics
korbl: Ooh- movie idea, two guys inherit a funeral parlor with no knowledge of how to actually embalm people. But they refuse to actually hire anyone for whatever reason
korbl: so they google embalming, and it's just an hour of screwball comedy with dead bodies
ArcOfTheConclave: so... a bunch of assasins?
korbl: that would be another good idea for a vehicle for the eyelid joke
Mysticman89: teratoma is a tumor.
phorrestgaze: TEETH teratomas are the best.
korbl: teratomas are tumors with... extra
niccus: do not image search teratoma
TheMerricat: A teratoma is a tumor made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle, or bone. They typically form in the ovaries, testicles, or tailbone and less commonly in other areas. Symptoms may be minimal if the tumor is small.
korvys: A teratoma is a tumor made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle, or bone.
Brok3nGol3m: TEETH
ArcOfTheConclave: lets talk about teratomas!
e_bloc: yeah that's pretty gross
phorrestgaze: that's a teratoma
korbl: I was trying to not describe that, guys
Mysticman89: oh lordy I switched from web search to imaage search why did I do this
PunkRockZoologist: Oh right, a tumor that grows teeth
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MaladyDark: will it still be the mix of cori, matt and cam after the schedule update? i hope so.
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TehAmelie: let's just say Teratoma is one of the grossest creatures in Binding of Isaac
LackingSanity_: They're tumours that are derived from pluripotent cells, which is why they can contain all kinds of weird stuff
NathanJay_GA: Taking a hearse to a drive-through seems a little cheeky
silvalunae: ; ; lrrHEART
korbl: taking a hearse through a drive thru sounds like something I'd do...
Nightvalien28: I like this story
silvalunae: best game 10/10
korbl: including shouting into the back "hey, you want anything!?"
Sarah_Serinde: TransgenderPride
Rockario: TransgenderPride
cookiem0nster: I approve this message <3
NathanJay_GA: @korbl Congratulations, milk has erupted from my nose :D
silvalunae: TransgenderPride
korbl: thank you, lol
korbl: and this email is why I'm going to have strict instructions for my after death stuff
TheMerricat: TransgenderPride
Fruan: The mis-gendered trans funeral in Sandman really opened my eyes, back in the day
NimrodXIV: same, Fruan
korbl: I don't think that bit was in the Sandman tpbs my dad had
MaladyDark: save the fancy shaped oak from the oven.
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Winterfae: Yay, Twitch unborked my sub - glad to be able to give back to LRR again!
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TehAmelie: i can't imagine there's censored Sandman editions. it's in A Game of You?
UncannyJimjams: oh, maybe this isn't the game for me tonight. I buried my grandfather just a couple weeks ago
korbl: I don't remember it, he certainly didn't have all of them
korbl: but at the same time, I think he *did* have A Game of You? Maybe it just went over my head in high school
NimrodXIV: take care of yourself, UncannyJimjams
cookiem0nster: <3 Jimjams
PunkRockZoologist: Sorry for your loss @uncannyjimjams
TehAmelie: it sure went over mine. so much hate swaddled in kind words and faces. . .
UncannyJimjams: Thank you all, chat has been a welcome distraction, we were really close
johkmil: Take care!
Kramburger: Man, I had an Aunt that died very quickly out of nowhere. Almost a month to the day later so dudes rolled up at my front door and asked me what I thought grief was to me. I've never noped out a conversation so quickly
TehAmelie: sorry for your loss :x
korbl: It's been... shit, a decade and a half since then?
NimrodXIV: don't packmakers like, explode? if cremated?
johkmil: Isn’t it a thing that almost all funeral directors are owned by a handful of corporations, but they all have their old small-business names?
NimrodXIV: *pacemakers
Rhynerd: @johkmil I remember hearing about that.
TehAmelie: i heard about it in American Gods
johkmil: Did John Oliver have a segment about it?
korbl: I'm still trying to figure out how I want my remains handled after I die. It's complicated by the fact that the kind of things I *want* mostly being illegal
e_bloc: rekt
Nightvalien28: omg cori
silenceaux: boo!
NimrodXIV: lrrSPOOP
TehAmelie: lrrSPOOP
kamelion84: katesRip
silvalunae: yep, that's how it always goes for me too x'D\
korbl: they're planetary symbols
korbl: I imagine venus would be 2
TehAmelie: i know the 4 thing is Jupiter, but the fork thing is completely new to me
Zyme86: Luna=1
silenceaux: Mercury has a thorn
PiGuy2000: This isn't hard minesweeper, they just messed with the numbers! RIGGED
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Kramburger: Cori confirmed not Heather
MaladyDark: heh. sailor moon is how I remember them
Blasteg: I've been wondering how to deal with my remains... until I read a great opinion online about how "Funeral is for the living, not the dead"
korbl: I mean, true
silvalunae: hey, you get a 15 min break government mandated!
TehAmelie: i want my body donated to science
korbl: but if my living family thinks they get to erase my satanism and transness, they can get in the sea
Kramburger: I'm watching you at work play this game where you're playing this game at work
PiGuy2000: RIP
silenceaux: Ooo~
e_bloc: maybe this is the reason why the parlor went out of business.
Mysticman89: always do your forced guesses early on to save time
TehAmelie: ghosting has been called, somehow in this single player game inside a single player game
ostcrammath: « we here at funerals monthly » now that is a newsletter you dont think youd read
PunkRockZoologist: This is what I want.
silvalunae: that's part of my dream funeral
korbl: that's exactly what I was just thinking
MaladyDark: natural burial appeals to me. my mother wants cremation and then to be processed into a gemstone or other object
silvalunae: irish wake, jazz funeral, natural burial
silenceaux: It sounds like the classic Greening tactic of doing less with cheaper materials
GoAmpDog2: showlove100 hi
korbl: Personally, I'd like to divvy up my body into pieces to be "returned to the elements"
cookiem0nster: I honestly want to be buried in the back yard of my parents house
phorrestgaze: oh hey, I make those explody bits. They do explode, but are pretty small.
PunkRockZoologist: @silvalunae Sounds like the best way to do it. And have no one refer to me as "passed away".
JonnyGlitch: Hi Cori! Hi... Uh... Andrew? Hi Chat!
Blasteg: There really isn't a lot of game in here is it
TehAmelie: we can grow so many trees with all that bonemeal
Sarah_Serinde: JonnyGlitch That's Matt! :)
JonnyGlitch: Sorry, Hi Matt!
Rhynerd: I’m not sure how I’d want my body to be dealt with.
OriginalGarwulf: Anybody else suddenly wondering how big an explosion a pacemaker would make?
JonnyGlitch: I know the other Andrew, I thought there were 2
silvalunae: @PunkRockZoologist omg, just have them reffering to me as different funny idioms, like "became an astronaught" or something
Gekyouryuu: what's funny about that to me is that my two brothers are named Andrew and Matt
johkmil: There’s a whole industry of post-death recycling.
JonnyGlitch: But there are more Matts... ok... I shall member!
PunkRockZoologist: @silvalunae I do like "returned to stardust" or something like that.
TehAmelie: i guess they have long-life lithium batteries. . .not that i know how explosive those are
korbl: I'd have a portion of my body cremated, a portion buried, a portion buried at sea, and a portion given a sky burial.
korvys: @JonnyGlitch There are 2 LRR-adjacent Andrews - Andew Cownden, and Andrew Ferguson
korbl: Unfortunately, sky burial is illegal in the US unless you have a specific religious exemption!
TehAmelie: by the way how weird is it nitroglycerin is a heart medicine?
Zyme86: @korbl noting blasted into space?
korbl: eh
phorrestgaze: @TehAmelie very explody, I make them for medtronic.
Zyme86: @TehAmelie super strong BP med
TheMerricat: Apparently burial at sea is super easy
korbl: I mean... blasted into space would be cool, but that's expensive
korbl: well, sure,
MaladyDark: i wonder what happened to my grans nitro when she got moved to the home
JonnyGlitch: @korvys Love both of them! though I never really associated "Andy" as being an "Andrew"
korbl: *technically*
ArcOfTheConclave: My body to science after organ donation.
silvalunae: oh did you hear about the one who wanted to be scattered around disney? didn't mention they wanted to be cremated =u=
Nightvalien28: mushroom suit
wildpeaks: yeah the mushroom suit is a real thing
johkmil: Hip replacements, orthopaedic screws, coffin nails, teeth fillings, all kinds of metals are sifted out of the ashes and sent to recycling.
silvalunae: cori, please share?
OriginalGarwulf: Outside of not being embalmed or cremated (the whole being Jewish thing), I don't care about where I'm buried. I'll go where my wife and children need me to go, wherever that may be.
cookiem0nster: OMG thats amazing! I need a mushroom suit
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NathanJay_GA: Ill accept a mushroom suit, so lomg as it's cordyceps. Zombie Zero!
silvalunae: thank you @TheMerricat ~
korvys: @JonnyGlitch Neither do I, but that IS what his IMDB page says :P
silvalunae: *!
korbl: I'd also kinda like stuff made with my bones for loved ones
TehAmelie: i wanna be donated to science and then any leftovers to organ donations and then any leftovers cremated and fertilizing a forest somewhere
Alephred: I don't want future medical students goofing off with my bits, because that's what they do, I have seen it.
silenceaux: Hmm... Having a flute made out of my bones...
korbl: to me that seems like a bonus, @Alephred
Mystaira: Goomba helps decompose your body nkoSip
korbl: I joked with a close friend about having a thighbone turned into a dildo for her
OriginalGarwulf: LRR: I am, and I can confirm all of that.
parliament27: I can comment on this!
OriginalGarwulf: (I am Jewish, I mean)
silenceaux: I kinda want to be a plant tho
Rockario: The thing with all these "Make things out of my body" is that everyone else also has to be comfortable having those things
parliament27: halakah has changed recently and for more progressive Jews organ donation has become more open
silenceaux: Rockario Oh my bone flute thing would probably be sold at auction sometime
TheMerricat: find the cheapest, least work intensive way to dispose of my shell, I don't need it any more and I don't figure it has any value.
Alephred: River is unhygenic, Cori. That's how we get cholera.
OriginalGarwulf: The way it was explained to me was that we get our bodies from God on loan, to a degree, and they must be returned intact.
cfpreston: im thinking, hole in the ground
Gekyouryuu: I don't wanna take up space.... but I also want to be buried with everything I own, because it's mine and y'all can BACK OFF! *guards it all like a dragon on its hoard*
korbl: personally, I'd be cool with owning something made from a friend's body
NimrodXIV: I guess I don't really care? Hopefully whoever treats my remains with respect, but I dunno, it's not like I'll be using it any more.
Brok3nGol3m: I am. not caskets. linen wrap or plain box - as close to natural as possible within the law
korvys: @korbl Putting aside the most obvious objections to that, bones aren't solid all the way through, so it would probably be hard to carve into that shape, and they're porous, I think, so probably not body safe (ironically)
Mysticman89: theres a thing with coffin hoisting and dropping when bringing it to the burial site which im unclear on the meaning of.
PunkRockZoologist: My default is burial because I want all of my carbon and general stuff to go back to the Earth
parliament27: the rising of the dead doesnt really have a place in most Jewish theology
OriginalGarwulf: Now, that said, I also want a wake, with caskets of booze set aside so that I can get every single one of my ancestors drunk.
korbl: right, hence thigh bone, so there's more to work with, and, yeah, it'd have to be sealed
OriginalGarwulf: Not quite sure how to put that in a will, though...
Gekyouryuu: I at least want to leave a strong set of bones for when I enlist in the Skeleton War
parliament27: but mourning process in Judaism is also really tied to the body of the deceased
korvys: @PunkRockZoologist But then you run into issues of space?
korbl: There *is* a company that makes what amounts to vibrator urns
NimrodXIV: follow. the. deceased's. wishes.
johkmil: Burial is still the most common by far here, but they are really strict with removing graves as soon as people default on the fees for keeping the place in the cemetery. It’s actually really harsh.
parliament27: Y I K E S
korbl: Manuel can get fucked
PunkRockZoologist: From the little I know about Muslim traditions, at least in Mauritius, the family washing the body after death is an important part of the process.
aerobeing: Can we bury Manuel instead?
korbl: I endorse @aerobeing
silvalunae: like i'm not uncomfy by the suicide as much as i am about how disrespectful the family sounds ; ;
TheMerricat: "opps" I didn't get this email till I had already creamated him! @LoadingReadyRun
MaladyDark: all my organs aside from my skin and eyes are on the donation list. I am in pretty poor shape though... not sure I can be useful after I'm done with my life.
Blasteg: Funeral is for the living though, I'd follow through with the family
PunkRockZoologist: @korvys True, which is why I'm really into the green burial idea, and would ideally love a tree planted instead of a headstone
OriginalGarwulf: On a serious note, there is a mourning process called "sitting Shiva," in which the spouse/parents/children are seen to for (I believe) 7 days, with all of their needs (food, drink, etc) handled by others for them.
OriginalGarwulf: This takes place shortly after the burial.
TheMerricat: @Blasteg if you are going to honor the dead, HONOR the dead.
Rockario: You have the say you would have if you weren't there. Everyone involved in your after-life has to take that into consideration
parliament27: @originalgarwulf Shiva is 7 days and then shloshim for 30
parliament27: for a parent it's a year long process
ArcOfTheConclave: @OriginalGarwulf 7 days of mourning and nothing else.
korbl: The thing about burial- yes, it's for the living, but it's for the living *to honor the dead*
Rockario: "Were they saved?" Holy wow, that's a hell of a thing to consider saying
silenceaux: I wouldn't cremate the body.
Rockario: Like, what do you think you're goinng to do with the answer?
NimrodXIV: OriginalGarwulf I wish that was more common. Going back to work right after someone has passed suuuuucks
OriginalGarwulf: Honestly, I'm not entire sure that the burial/cremation arrangements are for the dead as much as they are for the living to be able to gain closure and say goodbye.
aerobeing: Or, a better version of 5: "No, you don't feel this, you feel that!"
silvalunae: #4 is really good, in the state of grief they won't be able to think of those specific things, so suggesting them helps
OriginalGarwulf: So, in their shoes, I'd probably lean towards the family's wishes instead of the deceased, unless there was a direction in the last will and testament, which would take priority.
parliament27: @nimrodxiv Jewish practice on lament and mourning is super rad
korbl: So, as a personal example- if I died tomorrow and my parents had their way, they'd dress me in a suit, and give me a catholic funeral, and it would be a process of erasing who I am in favor of who they want me to be. My friends would all know how incredibly offended I would be by that
silenceaux: Don't try to 'solve' their grief. It's not really a solvable thing.
silenceaux: korbl In this specific case, we don't have that context.
korbl: true
OriginalGarwulf: (I still want to get all of my ancestors drunk, though.)
johkmil: Can an official will or testament help against post-morgen erasure?
korbl: I would imagine so, @johkmil
Rockario: My family is the sort that would hope that being together in a funeral setting might actually smooth out a potential blow-up
aerobeing: johkmil, just have to be done properly legally.
johkmil: It sounds expensive, though.
aerobeing: *has
silenceaux: To get a will? It's not particularly pricy.
korvys: Maybe it's that thing where hair "grows" after death (not really, as I understand it's because the body dehydrates and shrinks around the hair)
OriginalGarwulf: As far as I know, a last will and testament is a legally binding document. So, if burial/cremation instructions are included and the family wishes to disregard it, they have to issue a legal challenged (that said, I am a researcher associated with a law office and NOT a lawyer, so please do not take that as legal advice)
WonderfulGlory: Shaving makes any kind of surgery easier
phorrestgaze: probably some pacemaker explants later
cookiem0nster: My grandfather was a undertaker, this is really cool to see the gamification of his job
TehAmelie: imagine if it controlled like Surgeon Simulator
TheMerricat: @OriginalGarwulf if it isn't witnessed, it isn't 'legal'.
OriginalGarwulf: The thing that always got me at funerals was leaving the gravesite at the end. It always felt like you're leaving somebody behind, and you're doing something wrong by not going back to get them, if that makes any sense.
parliament27: @loadingreadyrun just another quick note about Jewish burial practice, while there is no embalming or viewing the body is never supposed to be alone from death until burial so the family and community do what's called shmira to take shifts. it also becomes an important part of the mourning process
Mysticman89: Im surprised you didn't have the option of cremating anyway
TheMerricat: @korbl who cares, your funeral, your rules. :-P
niccus: well, if you put it in a legally binding document...
OriginalGarwulf: Well, a will needs more than just being witnessed to be legal. There's a bunch of things it needs to cover, or things can go badly really quickly once it has to be used.
MaladyDark: never leaving the body crops up in a few cultures.
Rhynerd: @korbl i think that’ll be more of a question for whoever goes for the greedy option.
Rockario: @OriginalGarwulf I get that, it's one of the reasons I think it's rude to question how long anyone stays at the site when people are leaving
korbl: I can just imagine my friends having to explain to my family what the hell I'm talking about
silvalunae: i think the witness is so if it's contested the witness can vouch, otherwise people can claim a false document is the will
johkmil: I think cremating against the family’s wishes would be illegal, and gotten you fired.
Blasteg: Well... that sounds a like a good plan for the estate to be a sh*tshow
TheMerricat: @johkmil you didn't get the choice, it was either do that body or pass it to the other director and do the one he was going to do.
Mysticman89: I could see it as a premature fail ending but get an achivement sort of thing
TehAmelie: life goals: make people laugh at my funeral
silenceaux: Oh, we couldn't just hold the button for the incinerator to try and rail against authority?
silvalunae: @TehAmelie look up irish wake, you might be interested -hides-
silenceaux: (Mechanically)
Mysticman89: regarding legal documents, I'm unclear what precisely makes a legal document legal. If a non-lawyer happened to just type up something in a legal style, does it qualify as a legal document?
TehAmelie: either die in a sufficiently absurd way, or prepare something in my will. . .
cuailgne: The formalities of a will are complicated, and vary depending on where you live.
TheMerricat: FYI chat, this game is appearently short enough we might finish it on stream. That'd be cool.
korbl: I would love to have a rock band or something play at my funeral
Fruan: Stealth first Full Playthrough stream.
TehAmelie: let's call it a pilot
johkmil: I feel this isn’t the right game to allow the players *full* freedom to do what we want. That would get ugly, fast.
cuailgne: @Mysticman89 don't. It's practicing law without a license
aerobeing: Mysticman89, it depends on the local laws.
OriginalGarwulf: When one of my grandfathers died (and I was able to attend the funeral), I was one of the people sitting with the body before the service. Because so much of the family had to come in from out of town, the funeral was actually delayed to the weekend. My father accidentally convinced me that this meant that I would be sitting in the room while my grandfather's body rotted, which in turn led my entire immediate family to go on a hunt for Gravol the night before at my insistence.
silvalunae: *in james voice* To Be Determined
korbl: gravol?
OriginalGarwulf: A pill that is used for nausea.
korbl: ah gotcha
SupportNarwhal: This music is so peaceful!
silenceaux: johkmil You have a very good point.
Mysticman89: Wasn't suggesting someone do so, just curious what actually mattered. Apparently legal documents need a legal licence of some sort to do then?
aerobeing: OriginalGarwulf, that sounds like a movie plot.
OriginalGarwulf: To this day, though, I do kinda wonder if my father was pulling a prank on me...
johkmil: Gravøl, on the other hand, is the beer drunk at a wake.
Rockario: Your one friend just repeatedly sending "Please reply" "Please reply" "Are you there?"
Rhynerd: That would be an awful prank.
silenceaux: You've been Acquired
TheMerricat: Chad, you are a Cad.
cuailgne: Mysticman89, basically. But I can only really speak for my corner of the USA.
aerobeing: I didn't finish Six Feet Under.
korbl: So, it would seem that, technically, there is no cost to having a will. You *can* write it yourself.
Rhynerd: Oh, right, the overpriced funeral packages practice.
korbl: However- if you have a large estate, a bunch of assets, etc, it's in your best interest to hire legal help with it
Rockario: That's the key, it doesn't say
OriginalGarwulf: (Happily, for the grandfather whose funeral I missed, I was able to make the unveiling.)
OriginalGarwulf: *unveiling of the headstone
cuailgne: Korbol, Depends. In my state it would still have to have all the requisite signatures.
korbl: well, yes
aerobeing: Is that like a cat cafe, but death cafe? With deaths/grim reapers instead of cats?
korbl: But I don't *think* any of those signatures have to be a lawyer etc
korbl: ?
Rockario: There seems to be a bunch of industries that try to make it standard practice to not tell people what things cost until the person doesn't have a choice, and I think it's BS
phorrestgaze: groin
Mysticman89: inguinal means groin
silvalunae: nnnnnnnnope
cuailgne: No, but lawyers know what phrases cause lawsuits.....
PunkRockZoologist: Oh, I had an inguinal hernia. Now I have a piece of mesh inside me
silvalunae: oofa doofa
silenceaux: Rockario Or at least until they've shared a lot of details and built an emotional commitment, even if not a legal one.
korbl: Oh, I guess your witness *should* be someone who doesn't stand to inherit anything
Gekyouryuu: Death Catfe?
OriginalGarwulf: Right...speaking as somebody who does have an association with a law firm, a will is NOT a simple document, and it needs to be handled by somebody qualified to do so. It is best done by a lawyer.
korbl: Oh- *can't* be someone who stands to inherit, in most states
MaladyDark: here in Aus the 2 witnesses have to be non-beneficiary
PunkRockZoologist: It was basically just a lump in my groin. Repair was easy, had keyhole surgery, but it was a bit painful for a cou5of weeks afterwards
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun the normal way of fixing a hernia is you place a mesh over the rip to help keep 'everything in' while the suture heals
korbl: gotcha
cuailgne: I am actually a lawyer who drafts wills. Be careful.
PunkRockZoologist: The piece of mesh covers the hole in the groin muscle/membrane.
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
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korbl: I mean, I'm a poor millennial who works minimum wage and has no real assets beyond a car I'm still making payments on, so, for the near future, if I die...
NimrodXIV: yikes
aerobeing: Internment is the practice of putting people in prison for political reasons. Interment of a dead person is their burial.
OriginalGarwulf: Best last will and etc. story I ever heard: there was a writer who put into their will that their memoirs were to be published as a hardcover bound in their own skin. This was immediately challenged by the family, and overturned by the court (for obvious reasons).
silvalunae: oh I've seen pictures of that!
Mysticman89: What I'd be thinking of is if someone could do a do-it-yourself will that was still tehcnically legally binding despite being full of loopholes and problems, so someones unwillingness to do it properly with a lawyer actually caused problems.
OriginalGarwulf: Also, we got to the Jewish traditions before the game did, so...first post!
silenceaux: I don't think I could handle that
korbl: @OriginalGarwulf ugh. Stupid squares
Fletcherizer: Feels very adams family
phorrestgaze: that's much vuter
phorrestgaze: that's much cuter
korvys: Oh, I didn't know Weekend At Burnies was set on Madagascar lrrBEEJ
korbl: I would love to have my writings bound in my skin
MaladyDark: I have... less than $5000 in assets. you miggt get another $1000if you sold my furniture but i doubt the boyf would. i think i could at least cover my Costs
Blasteg: @korbl That's a biological hazard
korbl: not if you tan it well
silvalunae: I feel like i'd dance better dead than alive anyway
phorrestgaze: put me in a dancing robot
johkmil: You almost always rent lots in Norway. The graveyards are always full of notices stuck to the gravestones - of impending removal due to missing payment.
PunkRockZoologist: @phorrestgaze Gundam funeral?
OriginalGarwulf: Here's the thing - I didn't need a will until after I got married. Once I did get married, though, it became a necessity.
TheMerricat: Chad you are still a Cad.
NathanJay_GA: Have my whole body stuffed, standing up, and propped up in front of the fireplace
korbl: I think you could fit a person's ashes in their skull, yes
PunkRockZoologist: That's so metal
silenceaux: Although in a sense, I believe that I myself am more the dance than the body... So idk maybe that's a more insightful way of remembering someone than their physical remains
aerobeing: Next week on Myth Busters.
OriginalGarwulf: If I had the money, it would be nice to have a massive monument as my headstone, sort of like a pyramid or something, just to fuck with future archeologists.
ArcOfTheConclave: there is a lot of mass released as CO@
ArcOfTheConclave: *CO2
silvalunae: wow, after the nice emails of our old boss, that does sound colder than a morgue corpse
Mysticman89: she looks pretty good considering she sounds like she was in a horrific accident
NathanJay_GA: @originalgarwulf Habe you seen the headstones of some high-level Russian mobsters? Theyre quite a sight
Blasteg: I was expecting a unexpected pace taker and an explosion
OriginalGarwulf: I have not. I can believe it, though.
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TehAmelie: i have a graveyard down the street with some probably over 400 years old stones. huge ones, and not fancy. i wonder if anyone's paying to keep them
korbl: average cremains volume is <200 cubic inches, average cranium is 88 cubic inches. damn
silvalunae: save scum then do it omg
Rockario: At some point when I was getting into 40K, I wondered about the practicality of being interned in life-sized Dreadnought
SajuukSjet: Visit a Necropolis.... ye olde rich folk had the same idea :D
korbl: you *could* however, incorporate your skull into an urn
NimrodXIV: korbl scatter some, put the rest in the skull?
johkmil: They changed the colour of the removal notices from red to white due to complaints of how it was literally the most noticeable element on the graveyard – visible from surprising distances.
korbl: or that
NathanJay_GA: Hey, what's the name of the dramatic law where if you see an urn in the first act, it must be hilariously toppled by the third?
korbl: Chekov's Urn?
silenceaux: Probably manslaughter charges...
OriginalGarwulf: And a wrongful death lawsuit.
PunkRockZoologist: I had a friend (former boss) who nearly died in a bike crash, and the guy he was riding with did die. Someone driving the other way went too fast around the corner on a mountain road. Please be careful on the roads everyone.
silvalunae: wow, fuuuuuuuck these rules
korvys: >:(
banwidthraptor: What a scum bag
silvalunae: no, fuck this guy
NimrodXIV: lrrEFF
silvalunae: fuck this company, i quit
aerobeing: Can we bury this guy?
korbl: Yeah, this is making me realize that I'm actually in a somewhat unforeseen death-prone point of my life, since I deliver pizza for a living
OriginalGarwulf: So, if we offed this guy, could we plead justifiable homicide?
silvalunae: i'd quit right now
banwidthraptor: we can just make the body dissaper
silenceaux: That's not even premium...
PunkRockZoologist: Rage. Raaaage! RAAAAGE!!!
korbl: I don't know about that, but we're in a good position to, yeah, disappear the body
NimrodXIV: I don't know, officer, he just tripped and fell into the furnace
ElementalAlchemist: "high quality" "defrosted food"
ElementalAlchemist: naaaaahhh
OriginalGarwulf: This term "high quality services" - I do not think it means what he thinks it means.
MaladyDark: man. but those crab dohickeys were well liked
NathanJay_GA: I had an idea years ago for a horror movie about a failing funeral home whose owner goes on a killing spree to increase business. I wonder if its been done already
aerobeing: Chad. His name is Chad. His name was Chad.
PunkRockZoologist: Wow! lrrEFF this place.
ArcOfTheConclave: Just charge more then!
Fantusta: What a Chad
Blasteg: that took a strange turn
korbl: I'm putting into my will that my executors are required to tell anyone who pushes this shit on them to go fuck an incinerator
oyleslyck: the actual goal of this game, to throw Chad into the crematorium lrrBEEJ
silvalunae: @korbl SAME
OriginalGarwulf: Well, it won't be Charlotte who loses the will be Chad...
josh_le_crafter: Hello friends!
Rockario: "Hi, we are stopping a service that lots of people use. And if those people leave, we will blame you."
silenceaux: The practice of turning every employee into a sales vector is one of the most frustrating practices of current capitalism
aerobeing: So, put up some LED-s to make your home cooler.
korbl: I'm really glad that the only upselling in my current job is asking people if they want garlic twists or chicken wings
josh_le_crafter: Huh, my gift sub lapsed.
josh_le_crafter: oh well
orionsrise1: what is this game?
silvalunae: considering how grief works, it should be illegal or considered some kind of illigal manipulation to try to "upsell" in this industry i s2g
johkmil: Working at a recycling centre, I literally can’t upsell. I’m glad for that.
silenceaux: Don't gorillas do that fairly often?
Gekyouryuu: are Jen and Charlie friends or dating? I've missed a few chunks of this stream
Gekyouryuu: ah
Gekyouryuu: neat
johkmil: Cadaver?
ArcOfTheConclave: John Doe 01
OriginalGarwulf: Anybody else want there to be a pacemaker in one of these unclaimed bodies?
oyleslyck: Kobe
Nightvalien28: KOBE
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silvalunae: put the tag in the chipper!
NathanJay_GA: was that a bone or a banana?
Mysticman89: if you're trying to screw around, can you put the medalion into the cremulator?
Rhynerd: At least there’s somebody for this person.
josh_le_crafter: Aww
MaladyDark: I imagine the medallion for an unclaimed body would just have a number
ThatDangSkeleton: this is making me feel a lot of emotions
Rockario: You never know, "unclaimed body" doesn't necessarily mean no one knows they're dead
josh_le_crafter: that's extremely heartbreaking
korbl: that would be so fucking on brand for me
ThatDangSkeleton: "THRILLED"
silenceaux: "access to all of the cadavers" is... Do we not do phrasing
silvalunae: and all they care about is money i'm so angry
Nightvalien28: blergh
korbl: oh my god.
Rhynerd: That’s fucked up.
josh_le_crafter: Why does the company sound so heartless
korbl: I'm weird and comfortable with death, but... holy shit
johkmil: I hate his use of cadavers.
Nightvalien28: matthew is smart
Rockario: So "We're partnered with the hospital now" isn't a bad thing, but the "We're so excited" and "this is a great opportunity" sounds so scummy
banwidthraptor: that e-mail tells us everything we need to know about that character
phorrestgaze: can we go help people do at home green burials now?
Mysticman89: I imagine the cold and effciency oriented sorts are precisely the ones who go to become ceos of mega corps.
silvalunae: ; ; okay a nice positive
Rockario: You'd think a FUNERAL corporation might adjust their internal messaging
josh_le_crafter: @Rockario Yeah, that's probably what makes me uncomfortable with that "email
korbl: like, even "we're so excited to be able to help more people honor their loved ones" would be fine, but this company is just excited for the money
Mysticman89: I assumed maple meadows was a cemetary at first
OriginalGarwulf: So, at the beginning, I thought this was going to put us through the emotional wringer. Instead, I'm trying to figure out if it's better to actively sabotage Chad's efforts, or to quit with a nasty letter saying why...
silvalunae: oOo
korbl: water cremation is so cool!
Nightvalien28: this is very interesting
silenceaux: Is this just... Obliterating the body with a water jet or
Nightvalien28: silenceaux boiling it all
Blasteg: Yeah, this game seems.... confusing about what it want to tell us
TheMerricat: @Mysticman89 actually that part of the whole story is abit off. Most CEO's make it to CEO level by being a bit sociopathic (i.e. extremely charming and willing to say anything to manipulate folk) it's the underlings that come off as cold and uncaring.
silenceaux: oh that makes more sense.
Angnor33: Dissolve in base.
josh_le_crafter: oh, so we're making human soup
Rhynerd: Do pacemakers make that big of a boom?
NimrodXIV: I hate this guy
silenceaux: Oh boo hoo Chad you had to do some fucking work
korvys: lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF
korbl: Dear Chad, Get Fucked.
e_bloc: here's hoping the second act of this game is taking a horde of angry zombies to find chad
josh_le_crafter: Upsell... this is effed
Rockario: Upsell here goes beyond "Giving them a bigger TV" and into "We need to adjust the morals and beliefs of everyone to fit our profit goals"
korvys: I would like to punch this man.
ArcOfTheConclave: I like the other tab
OriginalGarwulf: The question is "does Chad know how big a boom pacemakers make?"
silenceaux: It's odd, reading this I feel like he read it out of a manual or something
aerobeing: Can we sue Chad for lack of respect to the deceased?
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josh_le_crafter: This sounds like manipulation of someone grieving
korvys: Or, rather, I would like this man to become punched.
MaladyDark: punchr anybody?
silvalunae: wait do you need to fill out anything with the registration for a buisness, you had to interact with the minesweaper tab
Mysticman89: lotion up that modesty rag.
silvalunae: also, perhaps there's a death note nearbye
PunkRockZoologist: This game is depressing, and the death part has nothing to do with it.
korvys: ^
OriginalGarwulf: This really feels like it was made by somebody who used to work in this industry, and was quite pissed off by the state of it when they left.
Rhynerd: Sudden thought: Chad sounds like somebody who’d end up a victim in a murder mystery.
MaladyDark: there was an 'indy' mortician in california that wrote up some excellent pieces about the industry... tonally basically the same as this game
korbl: OOF
korvys: I would like Chad to become punched please.
korbl: bullying someone who had a fight with the deceased
TheMerricat: Our own home.
oyleslyck: help? fire chad
aerobeing: re: Congratulations: Kindly kill Chad. Regards.
phorrestgaze: ah, we at our cool new home office? Doin' at home green burials?
ArcOfTheConclave: The other tab last time was starting a business.
korbl: Like... do people frequently want sympathy from the hearse driver?
PunkRockZoologist: I need to show this to my friend who's literally a grave digger.
TheMerricat: @phorrestgaze check the second tab name, we opened our own funeral home
Rockario: "I hate symapthizing with passengers" sounds like the bus ddriver I had in elementary school lrrSPOT
aerobeing: So, what terms are in our agreement with that Chad asshole?
korbl: I've only had to do one family funeral as, you know, not an oblivious kid, and... to my memory, the hearse driver just kinda... waited for the funeral to end.
silenceaux: Prices up front, as well
aerobeing: korbl, I'm guessing during he process of picking up the body.
NimrodXIV: infants no charge
silvalunae: ; ; i love this person
Mysticman89: Hmm, I don't think I at all interacted with the hearse driver at the last family funeral. Not sure I evven saw the driver for that matter.
OriginalGarwulf: That's a grim thing to read when you've got an infant daughter...
korbl: well, ok. I don't know a lot about the business. I though corpse pick up was entirely separate from the hears
korbl: *hearse
aerobeing: Wait. Are we doing our own thing now?
Blasteg: I think this is end of game...?
korbl: seems it, yeah @aerobeing
aerobeing: I missed the part where we quit.
korbl: and I guess the end?
silvalunae: TuT
korbl: huh, cool
aerobeing: Cool. No more Chad.
SpoonfullOfSugar: that was nice
TheMerricat: Congratz! ^_^
johkmil: You are showing your tattoo now
Rhynerd: Thus ended this story.
niccus: and now it's time to cremate the game and computer
josh_le_crafter: Well then
Gekyouryuu: that was a quick game
korvys: !uptime
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MaladyDark: !uptime
Blasteg: Congrats on the first completed run of The Playthrough ™️ I guess
TheMerricat: @korbi I think this is the exact sort of thing I"d spend $10 for.
ElementalAlchemist: Hooray! We're meeting our CanCon requirements!
wildpeaks: thank you for making it :)
korbl: probably my perspective on game prices is skewed because I'm poor, @TheMerricat
korbl: but I can see it as a $10 thing
TheMerricat: All very respectful
Blasteg: my question would be, is this game be better in other form of media
josh_le_crafter: Off topic, I just noticed the background ISN'T just a greenscreen... huh
PunkRockZoologist: @korbl Wow, game prices are really relative to location. For me $10 is super cheap for any game and a screaming good deal for this.
johkmil: Price/value is such a personal evaluation
wildpeaks: I'm glad it didn't gamify the bodies preparation, was slighty worried about it
korbl: It's more a "I'm not sure I'd want to put down $10 for 2 hours?" than a "they're overcharging
aerobeing: Blasteg, I think it's good in that it lets you do it at your own pace.
phorrestgaze: I've heard some stories from a mortician friend... it can be a little less tame.
Blasteg: mhmm
korbl: yeah, it's probably a lot to do with the fact that I have about $40 discretionary money at the moment...
TheMerricat: @Blasteg I don't think so, I mean maybe if SOL shows were more common outside of Anime but it'd be maybe two pages as a text story, 20 minutes as a 'show'.
Mysticman89: the bodies you got were all in good shape, I would imagine theres bodies that morticians need to deal with/cremate that are perhaps not all there.
PunkRockZoologist: @korbl I know that feeling
Rockario: I appreciate that they didn't do something like "If you prepare the bodies well enough and chat up the funeral just right you can save the funeral home"
aerobeing: Rockario, and a romance option with Chad.
MaladyDark: i think it could have a bit more gore... not heaps? but enough to show starker differences between the elderly and the young, the accident victim and the heart attack.
Rhynerd: I do not want to imagine what it would be like to deal with bodies of more violent deaths.
Gekyouryuu: wait.... schedule update?
wildpeaks: gesundheit
TheMerricat: bless you cori
LiveFaust: @mysticman89 yeah, as soon as they mentioned a suicide, I was worried that would be a LOT worse.
wildpeaks: !schedule
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tehcrashxor: it's not really enbalming if they didn't use worcestershire sauce as the embalming fluid!
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johkmil: Wait, there was no fail state – now we need to turn back time and stream something else, I guess!
Mysticman89: there was an achievement for talking to everyone at every funeral, which I didn't realise they could advance without talking to everyone
Blasteg: I think the arrow appears after you paid your respect to the body
Aziraphalesshop: They're new resub system is really broken.
Rockario: Please don't involve actual dead bodies in your kinks
Aziraphalesshop: I have like 2 years and then some and I haven't broken my streak
Aziraphalesshop: *Their
aerobeing: Rockario, what if the dead bodies are into it?
PunkRockZoologist: This is $14.50 in Australia and that's 100% what I'd expect for a game of this quality.
TheMerricat: @Rockario I sorta want to say please don't even involve non-actual dead bodies in your kinks.
johkmil: I think they call is Wooster sauce – British place name pronunciation is weird!
Rockario: @aerobeing Show me a body that can consent, then we can discuss it
Mysticman89: Can someone in their will indicate that they want to be used for those who have dead bodies as their kink?
aerobeing: Rockario, via a will.
PunkRockZoologist: It's "Worster-shire"
Blasteg: That's biohazard I'd assume
TheMerricat: @Mysticman89 sure! whether the courts would allow it after they did that....
Sarah_Serinde: Hey chat let's maybe step back from the kink discussion in this context
aerobeing: Blasteg, hm. True.
MaladyDark: woostersher sauce is how I say ot.
seantheman2: is it currently break time for the crew?
TheMerricat: Fairly certain necrophilia is still illegal all over the world.
cuailgne: I'm going to say that you can't consent to a felony in your will....
Rockario: Yeah, that's far enough for that subject
TheMerricat: @seantheman2 you got it
seantheman2: agreed
johkmil: But consent given beforehand is not worth anything if the situation changes somehow – that’s why it is important to stay observant of ongoing consent
seantheman2: I just saw them at C2E2 the other day
johkmil: So consent given in a will is useless.
Sarah_Serinde: Chat. Moving on please.
Blasteg: well, you didnt see this 2 of the crew @seantheman2
aerobeing: !next
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johkmil: Oh, really sorry.
Rhynerd: How often does one hear the term “Celebration of Life” in the context this game provides?
TheMerricat: @seantheman2 were you asking if the stream was on break time or if they crew themselves were on break time? The crew right now is both streaming and at cons I believe
lord_bry0n: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:58:38.
aerobeing: Rhynerd, rock star tributes?
seantheman2: @TheMerricat if the stream is on break right now
tehcrashxor: Who's got five thumbs and a key to the cadaver lab?
Sarah_Serinde: Hmmm I should really stream but also I want to watch more of this game
wildpeaks: Hypnospace \o/
seantheman2: @Blasteg which ones have I not seen?
Sarah_Serinde: I can words
ThePerrBearr: OH this game
seantheman2: oh Hi Cori
Rhynerd: @aerobeing I don’t know if I should he saddened by that answer or not.
ThePerrBearr: internet police
Blasteg: Well, only Gram, Kath, Beej and Ian are at C2E2 @seantheman2
MaladyDark: dead bodies are massive biohazards, but oddly enough viewings, sittings and the like are generally safe enougg to be common. there is some thought that the industry part of funerals takes advatage of the modern fear./ seperation from death.
TheMerricat: AOL meets Her Story
PixelSavage: I wish my brain would be protected ....
seantheman2: @Blasteg yes indeed. very nice peeps. I did tell them that I was going to see them at some point, and I was also hinting that it was C2E2
Sarah_Serinde: Dammit Cori
aerobeing: iCult
Sarah_Serinde: This continues to look really neat and I need to pick it up
ArcOfTheConclave: TheIlluminati ?
MaladyDark: the upsell of rotting as disrespectful...
Rockario: Wait, HypnOS causes Beefbrain!?!
ThePerrBearr: are you no longer a 90's internet cop?
silvalunae: illuminat confirirmed?
Blasteg: Wedjet?
MaladyDark: oooh. interesting.
Mysticman89: It doesn't even censor your password there, boo, thats sort of password input
ArcOfTheConclave: password
wildpeaks: given it's from the 90s, view source :D
Sarah_Serinde: Matt with all the smart ideas
aerobeing: I spy with ny little eye.
ThePerrBearr: dickbutt? isn't that the password for everything?
Pteraspidomorphi: buttslol
aerobeing: *my special eye
Sarah_Serinde: Cori that's going to be stuck in my head again, you're the worst :P
silvalunae: can you go to youtube on it o.o
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MaladyDark: hot melted butter on icecream seems like it would be nice...
Rockario: That's pretty cool, you spend part of the game censoring the internet. Then you move on to trying to recover related stuff as historical record
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun did you get the thanksgiving password list yet?
PixelSavage: as someone who ahs seen the early days of the interwebs .... hot damn this is eery
mysticsage1: hawks are aligned with horus
Blasteg: I'd try Wedjet, La-mulana taught me that
Rockario: So you havve all of the pages, but can only access them through hyperlinks and taggedd searches?
Sarah_Serinde: I know right, Matt?
Blasteg: yeah this looks really interesting
Mysticman89: if you just search for password or passwords your get get any 1337 hackers sites or anything
Mysticman89: do you*
Rockario: Does Professor Helper exist in the future?
aerobeing: Nude professor helper sounds like an idea to market a personal assistant.
PixelSavage: sounds liek soemthing we should send to tolarian academy @aerobeing
nartin9: I hate when people have fun
PixelSavage: you should get that checked out by a professional
ArcOfTheConclave: password: snake?
nartin9: go eat some paste
PixelSavage: wouldnt that make me a paste eater ... I pass
Rockario: Is Erick Helman the Chowderman?
PixelSavage: "bibson Dugnutt" ... i found my porno-name
ThePerrBearr: oh no! did he died?
Rockario: He is! That's the same picture!
vincent_gearbat: He went to live on a farm up north and chase chickens, he didn't died
tehcrashxor: !findquote chowder
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ThePerrBearr: ok, good
Rockario: So he "died" the way people die on the internet in the 90's, i.e. didn't post for 6 months so people start mourning in the guestbook
Blasteg: this really reminds me of internet when I'm in elementary school
tehcrashxor: how about ponies?
NathanJay_GA: so thats a nay on horses, then
PixelSavage: splatoon?
vincent_gearbat: Garbage Pail Kids Pokemon
ThePerrBearr: Yolky can't understand
ArcOfTheConclave: hisssslime!
aerobeing: Gotta squish 'em all.
Driosenth: have you shown Matt the butter ice cream page?
vincent_gearbat: ON A WATCH LIST NOW
Rhynerd: @driosenth one of the first things shown
Driosenth: to the vod
wildpeaks: anubis ?
silvalunae: seth?
aerobeing: Porn?
SquareDotCube: Ra?
silvalunae: atom?
SK__Ren: Hapshetsut?
aerobeing: SK__Ren, gesundheid!
Featherweight_: Stargate sg none fan page incoming
OneEpeeThrust: *Hatshepsut
vincent_gearbat: Gesundheit
SquareDotCube: Bastet
aerobeing: iris
aerobeing: ah
mysticsage1: Horus is aligned with birds
vincent_gearbat: Vitreous humor is a fun phrase. We're talking about eyeballs, yeah?
Drakas: eye of ra
Mysticman89: "password"?
Gekyouryuu: Ozymandias?
NathanJay_GA: *ears perk up*!
Sarah_Serinde: Okat Hatshepsut has triggered some childhood memory of a particular book but I can't think of what
traveller800: watch out for mgrgr
vincent_gearbat: I warned you about stairs, bro
OneEpeeThrust: Nah this is just EGS. SBaHJ is ironic; this is deadly serious
Gekyouryuu: @OneEpeeThrust hey, let's be fair, EGS has seriously improved over time.
OneEpeeThrust: @NathanJay_GA Studying the gospels, eh? Bless you, child
NathanJay_GA : It Really Is An Elightening Experience
Gekyouryuu: oh, speaking of homestuck, people are going nuts having theories about this:
OneEpeeThrust: @Gekyouryuu Yeah, I know; I just got so tired of its glacial improvement working through the back catalog that I never even managed to catch up to what was then present day :p
ThePerrBearr: how do you make money at this point in the game?
ThePerrBearr: it seems like you're done with receiving jobs fro hq
OneEpeeThrust: @Gekyouryuu Has more stuff happened on it? I kind of thought the initial Thing was the entirety of that ARG
Gekyouryuu: wait... what ARG?
Gekyouryuu: I only just learned that site was even a thing like two days ago
Hunterprime: Sandwich?
OneEpeeThrust: @Gekyouryuu The ARG that that site was the center of? Oh, lol, ok yeah; google it maybe; it's a solved and finished thing and it just culminated in a very shitty lore-dump that everyone hated and was subsequently declared non-canon and even apologized for by Huss :P
Gekyouryuu: also, what IS this game we're currently playing, anyway?
OneEpeeThrust: Early Web: the Game
Rockario: Did we ever have a directive to do anything about those sites that claimed "Hypnospace causes beefbrain" ?
CoyoteSans: imagine beaming 90s internet directly into your dreams
CoyoteSans: that's this game
ThePerrBearr: you got butts
Rhynerd: Poops and follows.
silvalunae: drag eye tonthe pet?
silvalunae: maybe the pet will eat it?
BDXIIX: Can you get chitchat?
kayzen_hyuga_: yes finally I get to catch a stream from you LRR on time
ThePerrBearr: there is the text in the background
aerobeing: teliot?
ThePerrBearr: have you figured out the text that scrolls by in the background?
kayzen_hyuga_: do they read chat?
silenceaux: "Phaedrala" and "Casper" as possible internet people of interest?
Astramentha: Perhaps buy a reading from the “psychic”? That might lead to contact with a person in the hacker ring.
ThePerrBearr: he's definitely kid rock
Mysticman89: is this about preparing bodies before embalming?
Kramburger: I've been at the physio and I come back to this? Is this still A Mortician's Tale?
Juliamon: Kramburger we finished that and switched to Hypnospace Outlaw
Kramburger: @Juliamon Ah, TY
silenceaux: "the spirit of a wolf obtained a late 80s synthesizer and made an ode to the earth"
Mysticman89: whats that email about the test pet?
Vyous: On neat, was there a Y2K plot line in this?
Rockario: Chat logs feels like they would be a big find
Aziraphalesshop: Is it possible there's evidence on the actual web?
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
Mysticman89: find deep meaning in crypt sweeper