HesGotNoPants: any early stalkers?
rocketjohn: audio is reversed yes.
rocketjohn: interesting mode.
frnknstn: I am enjoying the invitational, but I can't stand sports interviews
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
polygonalpizza: !next
Earthenone: lrrDOTS lrrARROW
TheWooglie: lrrHEART lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART lrrSIGNAL
Baldrash: lrrSIGNAL
jonasjonIV: lrrSIGNAL
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LJHero: hey guys
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James and Ben are live with this afternoons LRRMTG. Let's draft some magic cards and then cast them against our opponents! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1111373154713108481
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alpsumtg: hi chat
JonasIGuess: o/
NathanJay_GA: By the way, the egg drop from the last LRL is on youtube :D
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tastethebeams: yes it is me hi hello
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alpsumtg: is the audio always this low?
queenfounder: Hey James!
1losttheGame: hello!
TehAmelie: hi again
LJHero: hey james
alpsumtg: hello!
lifecharacter: Audio seems fine.
queenfounder: Got my baby carrots and hummus so I'm prepared :)
Unas84: hey James!
RyubosJ: hello
jonasjonIV: Video James!
itsxbacon: everything
ThePerrBearr: the intro was low, and you're a bit low
ArcticAtlantic: the intro music was low for me but you're fine now
mastershake29x: you are a bit low james
CrazymattCaptain: lately audio from streams from this room have been low
EnoTheTonberry: Hi Famous Youtuber James Turner
GhostOfACoffeeCup: garlic bread and olives ♥
queenfounder: In my experience the intro is always pretty low
LJHero: is Ben coming later?
stavingewart: alrighty right nerds
EnoTheTonberry: Artichoke Salmon and Asparagus.
lifecharacter: The intro exists in a state of transcendence. Always high and low and perfect and stuttery.
mastershake29x: ben late for magic stream because of magic podcast
stavingewart: lets goooooo
StrawberryPepper: cheer200 *mini sniff out cards of which to nom and packs of which to pap, she bles the fun*
alpsumtg: ooh TTC I wish it was live hehe
queenfounder: So glad we'll still have this constant
mastershake29x: they're about to start the last round
1losttheGame: i have found the tournament to be quite infuriating personally
Hingadora: I'm turned up to 30 volume when I'm usually at 20 volume. After you turned things up, now you're a reasonable volume?
Earthenone: if the yrr of lrr dident move lrrmtg, why would this shedule change :P
mjfsixteen: still goin
Ragnarakk: @LoadingReadyRun Bah.. i prefer the social aspect of a chat like this
lifecharacter: Who's on commentary?
Sibwow: 50k raid lets go
ThePerrBearr: oh, is that why magic was so high up the categories
samu_btdp1985: the mtg tournament has been ok
StrawberryPepper: strawb28Heartmini strawb28Heartmini strawb28Heartmini
mastershake29x: @lifecharacter marshall sutcliffe & david williams, alias v & paul cheon
IbunWest: I can only take so much of Esper control before I get bored.
EvilBadman: Arena code STARTERSTYLES unlocks 6 cards and one sleeve.
mjfsixteen: this morning it was also Sean plott
EvilBadman: It was in an email this afternoon
queenfounder: Just one sleeve? That seems silly ;) I prefer all 40 to be sleeved
mastershake29x: sean plott and brian kibler are the hosts, becca scott is the reporter, rich hagon is producing
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ashleypg: Perfect timing cause I'm having a panic attack and i need the laughter. Keep it up guys
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lifecharacter: Neat
moosethatsmiles: Will you be drafting cube today?
frnknstn: @EvilBadman you are not living up to your name
Hingadora: My FLGS got burgled last night. From the pics they posted, it looks like all their MtG singles got swiped.
EvilBadman: I never do @frnknstn :D
fcg_shadow: wow pretty
EnoTheTonberry: If only it was playable
jonasjonIV: meat or golem
lifecharacter: Meteor Golem, definitely not destroying the land there.
mastershake29x: have been a big fan of alias v's commentary, and of the broadcast in general
manfred909: are those holo?
EnoTheTonberry: @manfred909 Yep
manfred909: sweet
lifecharacter: Profile?
flatluigi: sleevs are an option per deck
itsxbacon: some day I want my art on a magic cards
alpsumtg: why didn't they choose like decent commons or uncommons..?
illmastershogun: in the deck building
StageMgrRob: Are you doing a PPR?
Sibwow: in the deck builde
Unas84: open your deck
HungryCavalier: deckbuilder
Sibwow: click on the little deck box thing
TheR676767: in deckbuilding, near the deckbox there's a card back
BloodnBullets: i think you can set a default on in profile right?
mastershake29x: @StageMgrRob they are, no details announced yet
Unas84: there ya go
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timiam: The sleeves are on your shirt, James.
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timiam: :)
TheR676767: get the sol ring sleeves, they go swoosh
Unas84: katesLol SeemsGood
tron1632: that was easy
TheR676767: gottem
frnknstn: nice :)
BloodnBullets: well that didnt take much convincing
lifecharacter: Flip some coins
Sibwow: how did you get the NPE loot?
Sibwow: mine doesn't show up
manfred909: so Rakdos?
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onyxseeker: Thanks to you and everyone at LRR for reigniting my interest in MTG
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kumatsu: All right, now get that TV you were looking at
samu_btdp1985: force rakdos
EnoTheTonberry: Windmill Slam
TehAmelie: in b4 James starts a bank
fcg_shadow: pretty guild gate
tron1632: demise
TheR676767: okay rakdos, chill
BloodnBullets: ooo alt art gate
Sibwow: now buy the rakdos premium art?
Uzumaki15: Clam down there demon boy
frnknstn: Gruul splash rakdos
EnoTheTonberry: Me
TheR676767: a lot
Ominouslyominous: o/
jonasjonIV: me
Earthenone: too many, too much
manfred909: 0/
TheR676767: a LOT
rocketjohn: o/
Fulufu_: o/, and way too much
Technic_AL: Both here
queenfounder: Point 1 and point B. Love you James
tron1632: demise
fcg_shadow: *raises hand*
EnoTheTonberry: It's all because of your dilly bars.
Wangor: Might be time to ask Wizards for your cut of the profits.
deyja429: 1 and B I see James is man of true chaos
BloodnBullets: you didnt get me back in, but you have kept me engaged
ThePerrBearr: i have yet to play a game, but i have an interested in content because of your guys
flatluigi: carn // carn
TheR676767: ooh carnival/carnage
tron1632: carnival
ArcticAtlantic: a friend introduced me to mtg and then a week later to Friday Nights. so no causal link for me, but i have been watching yous ever since
Sibwow: estimate: 5k people back into magic and 100 dollars each means 500k?
deyja429: Take the Blightning effect.
kynelwynn: Carnage hurts in limited
queenfounder: 500K is like nothing though
samu_btdp1985: carnage
Endegraf: Gate?
tron1632: trumo
tron1632: trump
Redog1225: Well you got me into it which is about to make wizards a lot as I am going to 2 gps at the end of June
onefivetwofive: Sue Wizards for damages owed and use the money to make RQ2
Peter_susman: yeah I only spent 100 bucks when I got back in magic yeah sure
flatluigi: dead revels to bring back all your cards from playing rakdos
TheR676767: Deck: Rakdos toots as he pleases
mjfsixteen: the door doot!
tron1632: revals
Wangor: Dead Revels
tron1632: scorch
EnoTheTonberry: Yep
CyanMig: im not saying its a great card, but boy did act of treason carry me in my last draft
Wangor: Scotchmark, for the whisky lovers.
samu_btdp1985: mark
Technic_AL: Scorchmark
tron1632: nice
EnoTheTonberry: Bladey boi
Fulufu_: mmmm blade juggler
lifecharacter: Late juggler.
Oatway_: the juggler
Uzumaki15: but the bit?
flatluigi: daggers!
Wangor: Juggler? I barely know 'er!
lifecharacter: Caster for the bladebrand
TheR676767: deck is magically coming together
flatluigi: who's ready for p2p1 judith
samu_btdp1985: caster
HesGotNoPants: the juggler
BloodnBullets: caster solves problems
mjfsixteen: I see you picking up on Adams
Fulufu_: dagger caster bladebrand combo is so cool
Bigant11: hi
timiam: The one-sided wrath with brand is brutal
queenfounder: @Wangor baah!
mjfsixteen: *clapping quirk
EnoTheTonberry: Man, there are so many Thought Collapses
mastershake29x: black and red seem open
Uzumaki15: gathering get them gobbos
lifecharacter: Vampire's an infiltrator, but with lifelink.
tron1632: point
tron1632: vandal
flatluigi: embrace?
TehAmelie: hmm didn't the overlay used to let chat vote in drafts? maybe that wasn't very useful
samiyenas: I think that enemy got, the point!
queenfounder: I like spewer. 1 drop
mjfsixteen: spewer
EvilBadman: @TehAmelie It's an option in Deckmaster
kynelwynn: Clam or shaman?
samu_btdp1985: spewer
DerPilsner: Claman
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lifecharacter: Groodion
tron1632: groodion
flatluigi: i love having groods
samiyenas: Holy moly red is open
tron1632: it can get through and stops big
mjfsixteen: calamity
TehAmelie: Deckmaster R cool
squirrels_are_mighty: One of the few things that will draw me from my marble race YouTube videos
EnoTheTonberry: Scavvy Boy
samiyenas: Guildgate here
tron1632: roundabout? haha
Earthenone: gate would make it easier to splash the enchantment you are going to open in pack 3
Uzumaki15: we could have had so many goblin gatherings,and a cavalcade
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, I was inspired by the guy who beat you at the start of your previous stream. And managed to draft the Goblin Gathering + Cavalcade dream a wee bit ago, went 7-2.
tron1632: got YES on the brain
onefivetwofive: Yes - Roustabout
cmdrud87: Are those guildgates available in paper to normal people, btw?
EnoTheTonberry: Gutterboy
flatluigi: it's your card, gutterbones!
lifecharacter: Bones is still a good boy
tron1632: bones is good in this deck
flatluigi: spangler though
samiyenas: Gutterbones is great here though
DiscordianTokkan: Gutterbye baby
itsxbacon: how come some of the guildgates are full art and some are the standard layout? (never seen arena before)
onefivetwofive: The obvious choice here is Azorious Guildgate
CyanMig: gutterbones seems dece
flatluigi: re: flyers: you might want the reach creature in your sideboard
EvilBadman: @itsxbacon It's like opening a foil. Just added
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surfderf: 6 MONTHS!? That's almost 7 months!
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flatluigi: bedeck!!
BloodnBullets: rakdos flies right?
DiscordianTokkan: (It's like Rockabye Baby only more metal. Or boned?)
itsxbacon: @EvilBadman thanks!
Hingadora: Gods, those card styles are disquieting. Something about the motion is just kind of anxiety inducing.
tron1632: easy bedeck
TheR676767: @itsxbacon there are special arts available only for certain guildgates
Earthenone: james did a microtransaction yesterday unlocking the alternate art for 10 of the gate arts
EnoTheTonberry: See if you wanted flyers, you should replace those mountains and swamps with plains and islands. Why are you even playing them in an Azorius Draft?
Fulufu_: fireblade for sure yeah
deyja429: The fartist?
Unas84: hey @LoadingReadyRun , is it ok if I try to get matched against you again?
NathanJay_GA: fireblade might come back?
NathanJay_GA: oh well
tron1632: collison for lyers
tron1632: fkyer
accountmadeforants: Behold the dream: https://i.imgur.com/zC9gBI1.png
tron1632: I cant spell
Unas84: uhuh, but I could imagine that that's something you might not like? so I thought I'd ask :)
lifecharacter: Skewer.
flatluigi: skewer the critics
tron1632: skewer
Fulufu_: skewer the critics
kynelwynn: ?Skewer
Technic_AL: Skewer the critics
1losttheGame: i found out last night that a foil skewer is work like, $10 USD
onefivetwofive: He cronch
surfderf: I haven't seen a cube draft in so long I'm getting cube-itis
lifecharacter: Everyone quick, take an 8 minute break to go listen to the song.
Jiri_One: Me and my friend just call it getting spectacled
flatluigi: probably both spewers
lifecharacter: Just one trumpeter?
Hingadora: Did you want to change your sleeves?
TheR676767: make sure you sleeve up with the sol ring sleeves
samu_btdp1985: dodger 2roustabouts
Technic_AL: Cut vampire?
karlmartin001: Tin Street Dodger is a cut I think. Not enough spectacle to be worth it.
flatluigi: side in slinger for flyers?
mjfsixteen: no vampire?
flatluigi: i'd rather have slinger than vamp
flatluigi: i meant add in
TheR676767: looks solid
samu_btdp1985: main slinger
illmastershogun: yeah
kynelwynn: yes
Fulufu_: yup
flatluigi: they see the back, yeah -- also try hovering over it multiple times in a row
samu_btdp1985: yes
BloodnBullets: yes, your showing off
abzan_trash_panda: If you move the courser on/off the sleeves quickly, they go super nova
flatluigi: it is by design, some of them have custom animations for it
Sibwow: a cool sleeve would be "played on concrete and now creased and old looking"
cmdrud87: the loop!
Mushbie: does anyone remember what the code James used was?
EnoTheTonberry: It's not a combo, it's a synergy
Fulufu_: oof
queenfounder: STARTERSLEEVES
mastershake29x: @Mushbie STARTERSTYLES
kynelwynn: Adam is here in spirit, James
TheR676767: STARTERSTYLES is the code
Mushbie: thx
queenfounder: Ah yes, STYLES. I fail'\
Trixalicious: If you zoom in to your library you can also run the mouse over 8 or so at a time.
EnoTheTonberry: I was just being referential
TheR676767: lol
abzan_trash_panda: Yeeeessss
TheR676767: now we can begin playing magic the gathering
enjoysgreatstreams: cool nice Rakdos deck!
flatluigi: demise the vet is the line I think
TheR676767: demise vet swing maybe
queenfounder: I'd want to deal with the deathtoucher
HesGotNoPants: igi?
BloodnBullets: james is having way too much fun with his sleeves...
TheR676767: they go woosh
timiam: oh hai Ben
itsxbacon: Hi Ben!
BloodnBullets: benginHi
EnoTheTonberry: Is that Bengineering, in the Flesh?
Unas84: Hey Ben!
TheR676767: how was ttc ben?
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samu_btdp1985: 21 months wow i have watched more lrr then most tv shows
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timiam: sergeFriend
StrawberryPepper: strawb28Heartmini benginHeart strawb28Heartmini benginHeart *minis greet the BEN FREN!!!*
Wangor: Ben, that is an excellent shirt.
flatluigi: ben is blocking the sleeves ;_;
EnoTheTonberry: At least they are running out of cards, but life is an issue
itsxbacon: James is trying to give me a migraine with those sleeves
queenfounder: Rude
EnoTheTonberry: Vandal Time?
flatluigi: gutterboy
kynelwynn: C O O L M A G I C O L O G Y
deyja429: Are cool tech cards coll technology?
Technic_AL: Haste it up
flatluigi: imp?
TheR676767: we're on like a 5 ish turn clock, right?
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Lord_Hosk: Hey James, who is that handsome boi next to you?
TheR676767: you die next turn
TheR676767: from igi and vamp
kynelwynn: sac igi 4
Lord_Hosk: Hey Ben, who is that handsome boi next to you?
queenfounder: Attack and imp seems good
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @Lord_Hosk Rakdos Roustabout?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Not classically handsome...
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queenfounder: Just thinning the deck
timiam: Behold as I turn black into red
Oatway_: good to see Turner running cursed.dek again
1losttheGame: thats an interesting visual bug on the turn tracker
queenfounder: We weren't flooding before Ben turned up (ignore the fact we'd only played like 7 turns)
queenfounder: That bug happens all the time to me. I kind of like it
EnoTheTonberry: Ben brings the Flood
TheR676767: fireblade is a very fast clock plus it adds reach
kynelwynn: Adam brings the crew and Ben brings the Flood?
Wangor: Get back the imp!
EnoTheTonberry: Rummage Power
Oatway_: stares in to camera
kynelwynn: *screw
Lord_Hosk: #Blameworth #EventhoughHeLeftTheCompanyYearsAgo
EnoTheTonberry: Artist?
Oatway_: big impin'
Baldrash: It'll always be #BlameWorth.
timiam: Oh how the turns have tabled
queenfounder: The button y'all have with CK right now is awesome. As always. But still needed to be said
1losttheGame: play it Kappa
EnoTheTonberry: E M B R A C E C H A O S
timiam: do it
kynelwynn: don't do it
Orgmastron: PoChamp
solahwin_tampramain: no dont
flatluigi: sac vandal
Orgmastron: PogChamp *
TheR676767: DO it (don't do it)
timiam: but james
1losttheGame: but we can keep the imp no matter what!
timiam: it stops the show
Oatway_: vandal dug up rakdos
DerPilsner: Rakdos, the Handclogger
Oatway_: they can retire now
TheR676767: (oh he didn't do it)
queenfounder: But the meme's
EnoTheTonberry: Anyway, you have a Sol Ring next turn. Sounds dece
cosarprime: Chuck the artist
flatluigi: dead to IGi
EnoTheTonberry: They will block
deyja429: Rakdos...
BloodnBullets: chuck itself?
ZachtlyAsIntended: Don't Sac. Play Rakdos, Get lucky, Win
Oatway_: chuck the artist attack for 5
m_logan2000: must block scavenger
Ryenji: make him chump
kumatsu: they have to block scavenger
TheR676767: he can't sac igi this turn
m_logan2000: dont throw
EnoTheTonberry: Do it
m_logan2000: lethal both ways
lifecharacter: Throw imp away. It might die anyway.
BolshajaSvinja: Throwing doesn't do anything?
TheR676767: i was gonna say chuck artist
EnoTheTonberry: Sounds legit
m_logan2000: but if you attacked will all still forced to block 5/5
Koshindan: They would have to block the 5/5 anyways.
BolshajaSvinja: But if you attack with everything they need to block 5/5 anyway. Assuming no removal of course.
timiam: bold
Baldrash: Bold choice.
m_logan2000: yes but now we down a creature
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: what was that sleeve code?
CardKingdom: @LoadingReadyRun Slidiing into your DM's...in your chat, to let you know that the newest buttons are live! Tap, Tap, Unsleeve.
jonasjonIV: I think they made their decisions
Baldrash: Chat, stop.
itsxbacon: I'm confused why he didn't play Rakdos?
Technic_AL: Do not sac
ArcticAtlantic: ohhh i forgot they gained 4
vegetalss4: Ooooh, new buttons, fancy.
flatluigi: yaaay
EnoTheTonberry: Yey
TheR676767: yeeey
EnoTheTonberry: Removal Wins Games
flatluigi: 1 is not 0
Wangor: Phew, that was a rough game.
Technic_AL: Hooray
TheR676767: we made no wrong choices
BloodnBullets: 1 != 0
fcg_shadow: hahaha nice
solahwin_tampramain: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
TrueSkorn: Buttion plz!
killerbeeeskneeees6: wassup
flatluigi: shoutouts to wheeler, made it onto a button
JarofGoats: Huzzah!
NathanJay_GA: What a game, holy moly
CardKingdom: You can get a photo of the button over on our Twitter account!
mjfsixteen: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
kynelwynn: "It's a Kingdom of Cards"
queenfounder: Pay them so they pay us!
lifecharacter: Have they let Wheeler know his buttons are live?
CardKingdom: @lifecharacter Wheeler, is very aware
deyja429: A Kingdom of Cards
accountmadeforants: A Store for Cards That Is Also A Monarchy
KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
themcclintalk: oh hai Ben and Jaems
TheR676767: undefeated
ZachtlyAsIntended: Card Kingdom: I hear they're a store with a cafe that no longer sells a ginger/basil/orange drink that I really enjoyed.
CardKingdom: (Orzhov is best)
timiam: That's a very specific thing to hear.
EnoTheTonberry: Isn't Azorius better?
queenfounder: I'm just too stuck on dimir
accountmadeforants: Gruul and Rakdos are both great in this draft, but I still want to live the Jund dream.
LJHero: as long as its green blue or white it's fine for me
carlospedroart: Screw the invitational this is where the REAL action is!
EnoTheTonberry: How is American Gods?
queenfounder: What's coming up on Arena after RNA? Guilds again?
TheR676767: nice cantrip?
TheR676767: what the higgety heck
Excalibur_1867_: Hey! How are you all doing today? just got done watching some of the invitational
Lyannen: Hi Ben, hi famous youtuber James Turner
jonasjonIV: just noticed how cool your gate is!
itsxbacon: Been thinking about sending my original Nog and Valencia painting to you, Ben. would you like it?
midday_rendelnep: Card kingdom dot com: The skins of paper and the bones of glue
lifecharacter: Take 3.
DiscordianTokkan: The best part about starting to watch Jojo is that I hear so much more Roundabout now
TheR676767: still up for that jojo podcast with adam
themcclintalk: Is that a JoJo Reference!?
queenfounder: Waste of mana
EnoTheTonberry: Was that necessary?
flatluigi: avoiding mana burn
BloodnBullets: i guess OP has nothing else to do with their mana...
timiam: 20-turn Draw
Ukon_vasara: their creatures have abilities and gosh dangit they gonna use them
queenfounder: Porque
TheR676767: now we play the spear spewer game
BloodnBullets: i feel like OP is probably having a bad day.
jclem_2: Holy crap i just finished my draft games Biogenic Ooze real good
Oatway_: bio ooze is a lot
malexus101: just finished to watch out friend Amy get into top 16! how we doing?
timiam: coming this summer to FX
EnoTheTonberry: Eat their wight
jonasjonIV: winning!
1losttheGame: we are winning again!
TehAmelie: if you could just pull a Sulfuric Vortex out of your sleeve right now and play it, would you?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Imp and Bones is definitely a buddy cop movie
accountmadeforants: @queenfounder Seems Ixalan is next. The schedule's over here (you can filter by Arena Ranked Draft): https://magic.wizards.com/en/content/all-events-schedule
Unas84: oh that's sweet!
ZachtlyAsIntended: It was a blowout too, she BURNED EM!
timiam: You said that like Ben would ever not play sulfuric vortex
queenfounder: @accountmadeforants thanks, that'll be fun
accountmadeforants: @queenfounder Whoops, I meant Core 2019
Laserbeaks_Fury: Imp is the loose cannon, Bones is 3 months from retirement
TehAmelie: when you put it that way
NathanJay_GA: Deck telling us to catch these lands
queenfounder: @accountmadeforants aww. That's good too haha
accountmadeforants: Yeah, I had Ixalan on the mind, really like that draft >_>
timiam: No spew for you
Oatway_: no spew for you
lifecharacter: A good player never let's the style happen.
queenfounder: Guess it's too soon after RIX anyway
TheR676767: that spewer dealt a total of like 12 damage between both players
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kynelwynn: what was the code? Sleevestyle?
TheR676767: oh- thbreaker
queenfounder: All caps
kynelwynn: thank you
samu_btdp1985: whats happening on fnpf
jonasjonIV: m'dodger
Oatway_: tin street dodger probably tastes great to that scavenger
majidmalka997: is this game free?
TheR676767: that scavenger is gonna have a tasty goblin
queenfounder: A kind of commander where they have a spell (like counterspell or whatever) as well as a commander in the command zone. Seems cool
EnoTheTonberry: @majidmalka997 Yes it is!
queenfounder: It'll cost 2 more each time
lifecharacter: Yep. Arena's free.
majidmalka997: @enothetonberry ty
TehAmelie: it's free, though there is a limit to how fast you can progress without paying
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lifecharacter: Who needs 4 lands.
malexus101: never didn't have it?
kynelwynn: Heart of the cards, Yugi
trespunto14: hi friends!
queenfounder: Their 5 lands aren't exactly helping out. WHy needs them?
CardKingdom: Ben pls
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malexus101: tin street badger, you say?
Oatway_: tin street dodger on a tin pin when
lifecharacter: Keep one.
CardKingdom: Yes you do
tratta: are they playing oathbreaker on fnpf?
KartoffelKaiser: ok but what if they're on jund no creatures
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malexus101: what is oathbraker thing?
mastershake29x: mythic invitational about to wrap up, so i assume they'll send the 45K viewers raiding your way
samu_btdp1985: whats oathbreaker?
TheR676767: that undercity scavenger just had a [tin street hot dog]
tratta: dank, friend!
KartoffelKaiser: ok so they have at least one creature.
Oatway_: I see no creatures
queenfounder: How do you hold all those answers?
TehAmelie: soon we'll get to that bitcoin rank
timiam: Is this an official thing or community-made?
timiam: neat
flatluigi: does the signature spell go up in cost?
malexus101: color identity is given by?
GLHFMagic: what's up buddiezzzzzz
queenfounder: Well James is playing so it'll be fast paced games
EnoTheTonberry: Slam Tibalt
BloodnBullets: its it 1v1?
1MrGhost: My commander is jace the mindsculptor. My signature spell is manadrain. Guess what my deck does....
Voidhawk42: So, I've yet to see anyone else using the sleeves on Arena. Can you even see your opponents skins?
Chrysoprase: force of will?
Papperslappen: TehAmelie Bitcoin rank, is that somewhere between junk bond and fools gold rank?
chesul: do they both go up at once, or each seperately?
Robot_Bones: just get them legendary sorceries
Ukon_vasara: but baral can discount counterspell ruuHappy
manfred909: I was thinking Lighting Bolt but the tax
GLHFMagic: oh we awesome
mjfsixteen: is Serge gonna play kitchenfinx?
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah counterspell is only good *because* it only costs 2.
samu_btdp1985: seems interesting
Oatway_: Ben's further back so he sounds first
Ukon_vasara: (still sounds awful)
Oatway_: that's just physics
malexus101: so you are saying I should play koth?
Perchipy: signature spell sounds like a thing that can be broken if the spell has alternative costs.
TehAmelie: in my headcanon bitcoin is better than platinum on account of it takes twice as much energy per dollar to mine
EnoTheTonberry: Definitely Kitchen Finks
chesul: also, can you use alternate costs for your signature spell?
EnoTheTonberry: Why doesn't he just embrace his inner Selesnya
KartoffelKaiser: He should be able to, frankly. It is both a mono green and a mono white card. >:|
thirsty_kitteh: I feel LRR should have a Kitchen Finks house rules for Serge.
chesul: so, FoW is banned then I assume?
Voidhawk42: No discard?
1MrGhost: dont discard anything?
tratta: Signature spell: Super-Duper Death Ray
Ukon_vasara: agreed on kitchen finks rule
malexus101: the altenrate cost doesn't cancel the incremental cost I think
TheR676767: i always feel like
EnoTheTonberry: Eat the Gobbo
TheR676767: somebody's watchin me~
chesul: tratta or Armageddon. just load up on rocks. :D
Robot_Bones: om nom nom nom nom nom nom om nom nom nom nom nom nom
Voidhawk42: A signature spell with Delve is probably the Galaxy Brain move
Perchipy: if i signature spell dread return that looks like a thing that can be broken
Ukon_vasara: i wanna see serge with a deck with like 20 hybrid spells in it (that arent in his commanders identity)
TehAmelie: think we're gonna win before they can steal something with eyes Everywhere?
Dandinstorm12: hey James hey Ben hey chat
Diabore: just face me, i have sleeves Kappa
abzan_trash_panda: I regret teaching James that now.
malexus101: Elspeth+Geddon/Cataclysm can be fun, right?
ryder0802: Just tuned in, what's happening tomorrow?
hunkajunk: Hey look it's Ben and James. woot woot
queenfounder: It's like 6 or 7 mana so we got a minute
thegrolan: Standing near the point does nothing! Stand ON the point!
Dandinstorm12: that boar grunted
RabidWallaby84: Hey! Time to watch some GOOD Magic content...after sitting through that swill on WotC's stream. :D
Dandinstorm12: didn't remember that happeneed
Papperslappen: locking relaxed
Bifcz: !decks
TehAmelie: how does it feel to have all these answers?
queenfounder: This image of Ben needs to make it into the highlights
itsxbacon: Nap time for Ben!
Robot_Bones: If vraska + Vraska's contempt aren't a pair tomorrow I riot benginBurn
Papperslappen: *looking
KartoffelKaiser: Bone status: guttered
Oatway_: don't quanch me bro
tratta: I heard Serge talk about signature spells on his stream and I thought they were making Signature Spellbook: Serge...
Traion: Hey Chat. Haye James, hey Ben. Have we spread the good news about Amazonian yet?
Dandinstorm12: jam
rarermonsters: @tratta Considering that would include Fastbond, Tabernacle, and Mishra's Workshop I'm already in
hunkajunk: Ben! James! You're not at Pax! Does that mean I'll see you at GP Calgary? :)
ThePerrBearr: come on, no blocks
mastershake29x: yep, past PPR guest Amazonian is into the top 16, kenji and gaby play tomorrow
ampharos15: Hows the draft going? just jumped over from the magic stream
Dandinstorm12: Loam
Sibwow: signature landbook
BloodnBullets: fastbond
veeros: bring Liam back
EnoTheTonberry: Fastbond
NarishmaReborn: def fastbond
jonasjonIV: if they don't kill it, I be they plan to take it.
Artik_Skarab: Hedron Crab!
Sibwow: crop rotation
shiftless: o/
dr0ne00000: was this a draft? just jumped over from the MTGA invitational
Dandinstorm12: Depths
Mister_Skittles: gitrog and titania
tratta: @rarermonsters probably gitrog too
thegrolan: Serge's signature spell is crop rotation, calling it right now.
EnoTheTonberry: Bring Evil Ben Back
timiam: Surely you can zoom in on him with 4k
Sibwow: crucible?
Ukon_vasara: so you saying hes still in the country bloobyThink
Geekscience: this is my first stream; how the hell do you get the cards to show up when i hover my mouse over them on stream?
Geekscience: thats so cool
Robot_Bones: Kirchen Finks
Ukon_vasara: sounds doable
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah I'm not sure kidknapping Liam to put him back in North 100 would be great content tbh
malexus101: So Liam in in Greenland?
xippih: Came in to see the events page - it is empty like always :P
Dandinstorm12: woof
ampharos15: So is the signature spell an instant or sorcery?
queenfounder: @Geekscience They have some very talented friends who made the plug in for them
EnoTheTonberry: Good thing
mjfsixteen: soirin grim nemesis and that 2 mana exile
rarermonsters: Mishra's Workshop definitely goes in
chesul: they have stealing mana.
EnoTheTonberry: This is looking spooky boys
rarermonsters: For value
mastershake29x: the other end of the country from victoria is pretty darn far
Ukon_vasara: @KartoffelKaiser sounds like a road quest / north 100 crossover series diemPawgers
Geekscience: @queenfounder i thought it was some function of arena itself, still very cool. Color me impressed
Dandinstorm12: do we have a skewer?
timiam: "Magic Across Canada"
ZachtlyAsIntended: Newfoundland?
KartoffelKaiser: That's a dog from me, yikes.
Dandinstorm12: rats
TehAmelie: is it three or four timezones?
Sibwow: thousands of miles and like three different people
Artik_Skarab: It'S actually 6
Tantaburs: 4
tratta: Signature Spellbook: Serge also includes a match slip that already has a "0" next to "win" (JK I LOVE U SERGE)
veeros: four
Diabore: 4 at least
jonasjonIV: enough
Huskey3737: 5
Pink_Pansy: 6
TehAmelie: whoa
Tantaburs: Depends if you count newfoudland
NathanJay_GA: 6
mastershake29x: @TehAmelie 5 time zones (not incl. newfoundland)
Dandinstorm12: 97
dr0ne00000: you're at least 5
Dandinstorm12: GG
ZachtlyAsIntended: Newfies have their own timezone, if I recall correctly.
Oatway_: pacific, mountain, central, eastern, maritime, newfie
KartoffelKaiser: The continental US is 4, so Canada should be more than that
EnoTheTonberry: Hard oof
malexus101: also, almost less than half population of Italy!
queenfounder: Guess I forgot how much wider Canada is than the U.S.
rarermonsters: Which other end, East or North?
Geekscience: always play your outs
DiscordianTokkan: Newfoundland, AST, EST, CST, MST, and PST
Dandinstorm12: that's 12 dmg Ben
NotCainNorAbel: And the vast majority live within 100miles(160km) of the US boarder
CLEwizard: need that two drop sac at upkeep guy
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ThePerrBearr: pacific, mountain, central, eastern, atlantic, and what else?
Dandinstorm12: nope op had 12 power
fcg_shadow: play to your outs!
chesul: you were just dead there, they steal your guy and swing in/
Dandinstorm12: we were dead
TehAmelie: i think Russia has just three. some benefits of centralization eh
mastershake29x: @rarermonsters canada has an atlantic time zone (1 hour east of the eastern u.s.)
Tantaburs: @ThePerrBearr Newfoundland
KartoffelKaiser: Opponent's cat could unplug the router
dr0ne00000: US has alaska and hawaii -> more time zones
ampharos15: coulda got struck by a meteor
thedepthandbreadthofseth: they dont have the ones the us has in alaska and hawaii, but theybhavenextra eastern ones for like newfoundland and labrador.
EnoTheTonberry: The Line is Death, Ben
Sibwow: benginTraitor
thegrolan: Play to your outs. Their cat might pee on their keyboard
KartoffelKaiser: Maybe they wanted a pizza more than they wanted to win that game of Magic the Gathering
MAPBoardgames: Pro tip: NEVER concede.
dr0ne00000: @thedepthandbreadthofseth jynx!
Orgmastron: Newfoundland and Northern(?)
tratta: Signature Spellbook: James includes a concede button NotLikeThis
Robot_Bones: pizza
rarermonsters: Maybe Liam went North to the distant Yukon. I aint going to tell him how to live his life
Dandinstorm12: dangit now I want pizza
flatluigi: buffalo chicken pizza
NathanJay_GA: also, US protectorates are in different time zones, like Guam
Artik_Skarab: Question, why do the profile pictures keep changing every game?
Sibwow: chicken salad?
timiam: Eat a fish, ben.
EnoTheTonberry: Make Salmon Ben
rarermonsters: Signature Spellbook James is 3 unopened packs of whatever's in Standard
KartoffelKaiser: They change each game if you don't set them to something
deyja429: Eggs are also healthy and easy.
EvilBadman: Have a chicken, tomato and cheese salad on one big crouton
FoxFyr: garlic mayo salad
EnoTheTonberry: Eggs are great
TehAmelie: i was much mistaken, Russia has 11 time zones. Widest country in the world
shakerofmilks: her-b
FoxFyr: tastes like sustenance
Sibwow: thiccest country in the world
rarermonsters: Herb and garlic mayoainnase sounds delicious
Dashiell: a nice skin of baked mayonnaise
timiam: @ Ben, if you drink pre-workout, what is your preferred flavor?
chesul: it's an annoying deck, I agree.
EnoTheTonberry: you know what's delicious? Spiders.
Sibwow: fried eggs are my jam
Oatway_: I find one egg a day is un oeuf
thegrolan: Love an egg
hunkajunk: You dont' want to have a Mayonegg?
Dandinstorm12: eggs Benedict
queenfounder: Pouched eggs mmmmm
deyja429: Eggs on Toast?
roborobinson12345: Hi
queenfounder: Poached* dear lord
tratta: dragon eggs
thegrolan: Egginahole?
ampharos15: eggs over easy on toast simple and amazing
malexus101: eggs are great as long as the yolk ain't solid!
NathanJay_GA: Egg burritos are pretty great though
mjfsixteen: carnage?
fcg_shadow: I eat 4 eggs a day and my cholesterol is fine.
EnoTheTonberry: Thousand Year Old Eggs
rarermonsters: Have you tried ketchup on your eggs? It makes them taste like ketchup
thegrolan: eggs eggs eggs
Tantaburs: Thats a lie james you're supposed to eat 5 dozen eggs every morning to help you get large
getmyrez123: qwert
KartoffelKaiser: Hey, if eggs are good, then that means french toast is good because that's just bread and eggs.
KartoffelKaiser: That's science.
dr0ne00000: eggs turn into delicious chicken if you wait
EnoTheTonberry: And Syrup
FoxFyr: @queenfounder pouches? Is this robert leifield makes eggs?
TehAmelie: i like eggs in all the many weird ways they can be done
KartoffelKaiser: look don't worry about the other stuff its fine
ampharos15: and sugar
margieargie: @NathanJay_GA I know what you actually meant by that, but my first reaction was still "an omlet?"
illmastershogun: My normal breakfast is a breakfast burrito with ham, cheese, scrambled eggs and baby spinach. Tasty and not too bad for ya.
EvilBadman: you can make savory french toast
KartoffelKaiser: cinnamon sugar and a gallon of maple syrup never hurt anyone
thegrolan: sugar is a natural compound that means its good for you
rarermonsters: I think that a human could live healthily on nothing but breakfast burritos
malexus101: my normal breakfast is tea and biscuits and I feel like I go too light on it now.
queenfounder: @FoxFyr I meant poached, I don't even know how my fingers typed pouched. Though pouches is one way to poach eggs...
TehAmelie: they think having more than 3 eggs a day is bad for you now. but who can tell
EnoTheTonberry: Malk
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flatluigi: melk
NathanJay_GA: @margieargie *stoner voice* but like... what if a burrito, but the tortilla... is eggs?
Sibwow: mulk
seth_erickson: lately I've been having nothing for breakfast
Sibwow: mawlk
Ukon_vasara: M*lk
control_rig: It's a Simpsons reference
TehAmelie: målk
thegrolan: malk
NarishmaReborn: malk are kind of like cats right
queenfounder: For breakfast I have lunch. I just still haven't been able to stomach eating when I get up.
Jeezy56: gotta get that vitamin R
thegrolan: Melk
dr0ne00000: @seth_erickson I am on your plan
EnoTheTonberry: Hard Nope
tratta: ResidentSleeper
KartoffelKaiser: Fruit is nice fast healthy breakfast. Grab an orange or an apple or something.
timiam: As should we all
margieargie: Mu"lk
Ukon_vasara: we all should strive to be more like Adam
Invitare: we all should
kumatsu: seabatTROG
KartoffelKaiser: Bananas are great too
Dandinstorm12: always try to be more like Adam
EnoTheTonberry: Clamor Hit?
thegrolan: We are all Adam on this blessed day
Tantaburs: I think everone shuld strive to be more like adam savidan
Mister_Hush: We all should try to be more like Adam Savidan.
jonasjonIV: Gotta pull Adam's weight. And he is full of big brains.
NathanJay_GA: An Adam is enough Adam
KartoffelKaiser: ok but do we pick clam or do we pick shaman
1losttheGame: Yes as we all should seabatTROG
mjfsixteen: carnage
Dandinstorm12: start by attacking with the vandal
KartoffelKaiser: this is important
rarermonsters: I don't know what malk tasted like, but I'm guessing it tastes like almond milk
NarishmaReborn: the world could use more Adams, but it could also use more Bens, so I think you're good
StrawberryPepper: cheer100 *sends extra minis for draws bles of the Ben and James frens* strawb28Heartmini strawb28Mdab strawb28Heartmini strawb28Mdab benginHeart strawb28Mdab strawb28Heartmini strawb28Mdab strawb28Heartmini
thundervoice_1: We need more Adam
dr0ne00000: get in there
tratta: One day I'll get enough wildcards to actually build a deck that's not mono colored... one day...
Fugi: Be like Adam: loudly enthusiastic
Lord_Hosk: The instructions say to cook this chicken for 22 minutes at 400 degrees, so I just left it on the counter, at 70 degrees for 2 hours... same difference right?
TehAmelie: funny story, the swedish word for milk is mjölk
thegrolan: Hosk... Hosk no
rarermonsters: You must be mjolking
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KartoffelKaiser: Blightning PogChamp
crashdownreg: the math checks out @Lord_Hosk
KartoffelKaiser: ok that was not a great blightning not gonna lie
dr0ne00000: @Lord_Hosk same difference
Sibwow: you gotta do it in kelvin for it to work right
crashdownreg: or cook the chicken for 2 minutes at 4000 degrees
JaymicUnyielding: hello friends! how goes the Magik?
tratta: Catacomb Croc = best flavor text
Dandinstorm12: we can trade now
TehAmelie: or just one minute on the surface of the sun
Lord_Hosk: Good thinking crashdownreg
JonasIGuess: mythic invitational over for today, now i get to watch more magic HeyGuys
dr0ne00000: @Lord_Hosk also get a meat thermometer and don't get sick/die
KartoffelKaiser: I see opponent has selected shaman.
Robot_Bones: Crusty Jugglers
Tantaburs: @Lord_Hosk just slap the chicken at 44,100 mph once
KartoffelKaiser: Do we get the point their 3/7
rarermonsters: I need an Immolation Shaman alter replacing the fire arc with a rainbow
KartoffelKaiser: this is a serious question
midday_rendelnep: finger tap ASMR with Ben
seth_erickson: I think the menace creatures are a bigger threat
seth_erickson: then the croc
Diabore: they dont have double red
Tantaburs: He can't activate
KartoffelKaiser: They also dont have the mana to do both
flatluigi: cmoooon rakdos
dr0ne00000: @KartoffelKaiser the king of potatoes has a cereal question - everyone pay attention!
thegrolan: 1 is not 0
kumatsu: My passport is approved! Maybe I show up at a Canadian Magic Fest next year after the years of FOMO
Dandinstorm12: we're still dead, there really isn't a damnation in this format
mrboombasticiii: I watch you guys on YouTube, I didn’t know you streamed
queenfounder: Hope we finally get to play someone with sleeves
SirRebralPaulsy: why'd you leave sol ring on top there?
EnoTheTonberry: Regina?
tratta: PogChamp Employment
fcg_shadow: @Dandinstorm12 we really need a reprint :P
yourgoing: clap clap
KartoffelKaiser: Raging Gobling PogChamp
Dandinstorm12: @fcg_shadow ha
NotCainNorAbel: real jobs are over-rated
malexus101: yeah, mine does to, they want me to be a data analyst most of the time :(
FoxFyr: Real job with a 401k like some sort of big shot
thegrolan: A real job? In this economy?
TheWarbo: you could, but why would you
ryder0802: Don't ever leave Ben!
fcg_shadow: even languish would be fine.
TehAmelie: i hate that there are people who think you can effectivize cooking by doubling the temperature. you don't even know you're "doubling" it relative to something and that something is probably not what you want it to be
KartoffelKaiser: what is this rdw?
MTGDiversity: oooh do we have daggercaster / bladebrand combo in this deck?
hunkajunk: Ku! you did the thing! are you still going to Seattle?
itsxbacon: I just moved to Canada =)
EnoTheTonberry: Nope
flatluigi: didn't draft bladebrand I think
dr0ne00000: @TehAmelie that was why I threw in the serious get a thermometer suggestion
KartoffelKaiser: @TehAmelie I would tend to agree, but a group of my friends cooked a turkey by cooking it in half the time at twice the temperature. They periodically covered it in water so it wasn't bone dry. To this day I am mad that it worked as well as it did.
Dandinstorm12: isn't it a sorcery
TehAmelie: i figured :)
NotCainNorAbel: I'd like to move to Canada.
Dandinstorm12: oh
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: cheer1500
Dandinstorm12: huh
Oatway_: rip ram friend
dr0ne00000: @KartoffelKaiser that is what a turkey fryer is for
rarermonsters: I don't think Get to the point is a Hexerin
Tantaburs: that could be Baaa'd for us
Subscribetostayrospet: hello guys just stopped by to say you are amazing keep it up!
theclawmasheen: I can't see that card without hearing Adam's voice.
Tantaburs: has this dodger done all but one of our damage?
KartoffelKaiser: dr0ne00000 college students lack the dorm space and cash for a turkey fryer, but I would tend to agree.
Twiminy: I really want to get one of those Planeswalker pride shirts WOTC is selling for charity but I'm concerned the graphic isn't properly centered
azninsect: VoHiYo rayfkLurk
lighting_bolt_123: thats a great name omg
EnoTheTonberry: Mono Locket
ZachtlyAsIntended: Locket Tribal!
seth_erickson: I have demonstrated a loop
mjfsixteen: the graphic is centered
Tantaburs: Our opponent has demonstrated a loop
queenfounder: Aggrooo
DiscordianTokkan: Pop it AND locket!
WonderfulGlory: I bought bits to issue challenges to people playing Sekiro. Let see if Adam can earn those bitties!
KartoffelKaiser: If you have mono locket, please see a physician.
KodeMage: well, this looks bad for opponent
hunkajunk: Ahaha! you played right into Kaya's wrath!
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Was 29.95 for 2500 bits for me but that might be a euro weirdness thing
Dandinstorm12: shot, called
KodeMage: easy game for babies
tratta: ben have u ever made a pauper edh deck?
KartoffelKaiser: Chromatic lantern into kayas wrath would have wrecked us if this was standard, tbf
Robot_Bones: Cam Has
queenfounder: Would pauper edh need an uncommon commander?
KodeMage: pauper is awesome, it's legacy light
rarermonsters: FYI: Pauper is a really spikey format
Robot_Bones: I believe his rameiez deck was pauper
dr0ne00000: if you do Pauper get the Prof back out
EvilBadman: @queenfounder Some does, yes
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You could use an unccommon for a commander.
ryder0802: Ramirez
seth_erickson: Robert
SrMuskrat: Ramirez De Pietro
WonderfulGlory: Ramirez
Trymantha: Rameiz de peitro
KodeMage: ramierez de pietro
thegrolan: Ben have you heard of Peasant? It's Pauper with uncommons instead of commons.
ampharos15: you guys should do another cube draft on FNPF at some point
Dandinstorm12: alright I'm off to play some modern, cya Ben and James and chat
seth_erickson: ramirez don't know why I was thinking robert
KodeMage: cam's pauper commander is different from what most people mean by pauper commander.
EnoTheTonberry: The Curvestone
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Happy Opening Day of the Best Type of Sportsball!
KartoffelKaiser: That unplayable legend from the set Legends. So a legend from Legends.
fcg_shadow: are there any common ledgendarys?
mjfsixteen: pauper is great. I run midnight guard and presence of gond
rarermonsters: Peasant sounds really pointless to me, because why have a budget format where Force of Will is legal?
queenfounder: Looking forward to those decks opened in mailtime for FNPF
ryder0802: Pauper Tatyova would be awesome
thomturtle: Wow, this is rude.
Tantaburs: We did pauper commander with any uncommon as your commander didn't ahve to be a legendary. I played sigil captain. It was very good
Robot_Bones: The peasant and the Pauper is a much less interesting tale
KodeMage: cam is playing a commander deck that's all commons, "pauper commander" is any uncommon creature as the commander.
tratta: Kreygasm
Oatway_: opponent is on wet selesnya
keymaster515: But Pheasant has really broken cards like Sensei's Divining Top.
malexus101: nope, legends are uncommons at least (dominaria and kamigawa)
KartoffelKaiser: We select clam
KodeMage: slightly different formats
itsxbacon: I always miss the uncommons when playing pauper
KodeMage: clams have haste, ask adam why
FoxFyr: pride100 Put in my two weeks notice to my "real job" on monday so I can focus on my freelance work and art and learning python and you guys were a big inspiration to take the leap! So thank you!
rarermonsters: There are common legends from really old blocks
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Pauper EDH is pretty popular in my playgroup, but heavily dominated by slivers
EvilBadman: there's 12 common legends. From Legends.
keymaster515: *Peasant
EvilBadman: They are vanilla as hell
Beleqwaya: Your poor opponent
KartoffelKaiser: YO we have fire blade artist gutterbones PogChamp
thundervoice_1: @LoadingReadyRun Ben, any chance of doing something with Card Kingdom's Battle Decks on FNPF?
DiscordianTokkan: CHOO CHOO
HolyFroq: Is the Preprerelease Date already out? :)
KodeMage: send it at the face!
dr0ne00000: @rarermonsters which ones? I have super old pre legends cards but missed the era you are talking about
thegrolan: Peasant gets all the good cards like FoW and HtT. You know... the "fun" cards
NotCainNorAbel: @FoxFyr You can do it!
KartoffelKaiser: gut them bones
TheMicah21: and get in with the dodger
KodeMage: tin gets in for 1 red
KartoffelKaiser: Sac it next turn and replay it.
malexus101: didn't you had lethal there?
EnoTheTonberry: You can also make Dodge unblockable
SpoonfullOfSugar: tin street dodger can get in
malexus101: oh no mb
FoxFyr: thank you @NotCainNorAbel !
KodeMage: tin + gutter bones leaves 3 for removal
Wamut0mbo: Attack with tin street
a_bullett: Had a Princess Lucrezia deck back in the day but she's uncommon
KodeMage: oh wtf...
EnoTheTonberry: Double Unblockable
Oatway_: shame scoop imo
Papperslappen: undo undo undo
big_large: I've done that too many times
DrWreckage: turn on full control guys
Orgmastron: NotLikeThis
EnoTheTonberry: It's fine
Tantaburs: click it again send a message
Wamut0mbo: Just do it again lol
flatluigi: I thought they put on a warning message for that now
malexus101: because you cannot go back once you open a stack!
Raithencore235: It's called the freedom of choice, and the choice is sometimes to ake mistakes
queenfounder: They need to!
KodeMage: it really should ask if you want to do that again, it helps you like that in numerous other places
EnoTheTonberry: Four Color
kumatsu: we can cycle gutterbones and Fireblade Artist every turn?
Robot_Bones: katesS katesE katesF
KartoffelKaiser: Sac gutterbones
queenfounder: The thing@
DiscordianTokkan: Double Unblockable
EnoTheTonberry: Start Sacking the Gutterboy
Fugi: sac the dodger
Tantaburs: If you repeat your mistake then it stops being a mistake and starts being jazz
queenfounder: Your combo
KartoffelKaiser: We can just get it back
Fugi: so you don't do that
rarermonsters: @dr0ne00000 Masters 3, it was an online only early MTGO set
flatluigi: demise the trull?
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KartoffelKaiser: We have demonstrated a loop
EnoTheTonberry: Hit in with dodger, play gutter, control
EnoTheTonberry: Only once
queenfounder: Gives creature double haste. Doesn't attack
TheWarbo: That's...that's not what a loop is
dr0ne00000: @rarermonsters @EvilBadman those seem terribad, like my old elder dragons
KodeMage: activate tin again
KartoffelKaiser: @TheWarbo shhhhh dont ruin our fun
KodeMage: taking 6 here
thundervoice_1: @LoadingReadyRun Is there any chance of a FNPF using Card Kingdom's Battle Decks?
Tantaburs: Opponent Grasping a hold of the game here
rarermonsters: @dr0ne00000 They are, but EDH is a joke format so people play with it just to make a point
KodeMage: oh, no attacks
jonasjonIV: send that message
EnoTheTonberry: Asserting Dombinance
KartoffelKaiser: ok a planeswalker here is not great
StrangerColin: auto tapper loves black mana
WonderfulGlory: Wow, I've never heard Domri's voice
malexus101: what's domri's accent?
WonderfulGlory: He's Scottish?
KodeMage: aren't all cyclops fun sized? I've heard they like to party
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Swing all and win.
Dandinstorm12: can we kill them?
Robot_Bones: Gotta save that red for tin street doger lrrBEEJ
WonderfulGlory: Welsh?
KartoffelKaiser: Demise + vandal is lethal, probably
Sibwow: shaman
TheMicah21: 2 blockers also
coachNelly: Cast all your spells and attack!
jclem_2: Ok there needs to beat a screw you chat command my opponent just cast rubble reading I only had 2 land on a mill to 5\
TheMicah21: one goes away
coachNelly: Yay
flatluigi: burningi've never seen that, I think it's new
flatluigi: oops
TheMicah21: lol
FoxFyr: If Ben can move halfway onto a continent to be a streamsman than I can do the thing! lrrHEART <3
Donutholez: riot so good
FoxFyr: across*
KartoffelKaiser: @jclem_2 its ok, your opponent was playing rubble reading they probably lost their next game.
Tantaburs: To be fair he also moved off the continent Kappa
Sibwow: he went to stream ilsnad
Robot_Bones: Ben Got in to the sea Kappa
EnoTheTonberry: And Ben is now Oceanman
KodeMage: an island with much better climate
TheManaLeek: I mean, he had to go over the mountains! That sounds like an adventure
Oatway_: beat em up to send a message James
jclem_2: @kartoffelkaiser you say that then they cast domri
Sibwow: the tundra
queenfounder: What's the deck's record so far? I've forgotten
EnoTheTonberry: Did you burn down lizardmen?
Oatway_: but Ben did you go burling down white water
KartoffelKaiser: @jclem_2 ok that's an odd combination of spells not gonna lie
itsxbacon: anyone from Ontario?
Donutholez: Ben Ulmer Planeswalker
KodeMage: I wouldn't make it over the mountains, not enough air, would be dangerous.
kumatsu: I actually want to make that trip cuz I want to visit a paleontology site west of Calgary
Robot_Bones: But he learned the real island was inside him all along
tratta: Will they spread planeswalkers to other rarities or am I too hopeful?
margieargie: But did you also go through a forest and swamp?
Oatway_: explains the plaid
Tantaburs: You prefer moderate summers and winters to alternating between scorching hot and freezing cold? Madman Kappa
seth_erickson: what is the white water
EnoTheTonberry: Played
Voidhawk42: But did you go through a Swamp and a Forest?
dr0ne00000: but isn't your island like Innsmouth?
xippih: What are your favorite decks in standard right now?
FoxFyr: This may not be the appropriate place to ask, but when will Desert Bus volunteer opportunities/positions be announced?
DiscordianTokkan: That IS where the logdrivers learn to step lightly
seth_erickson: Gates love me some Gates
itsxbacon: Ben has Island Walk
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seth_erickson: Also Cavalcade is really fun
KartoffelKaiser: it is drakes btw
Tantaburs: My favourite deck is Mono U because thats the one i own
queenfounder: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Paul start work on Tally Lights.) at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (2:34 from now).
kumatsu: Gutterbones is a p good mill
flatluigi: what'd we mill
EnoTheTonberry: *sends ben Four Teferis*
jclem_2: Yeah skewe the critics to my face and then pausing domri post combat for creatures
Sibwow: oh ben ive been playing your mardu hero list in bo1 (with budget adjustments) its super fun
KodeMage: seen the Mythic Invitational at all? It's all Mono Red and Esper control all day.
TheManaLeek: Whelp, Log Driver's Waltz in my head now
thegrolan: Ben how do you feel about aristocrats in standard rn?
CyanMig: do it now in case of counters?
KartoffelKaiser: Do it while they're tapped out
KartoffelKaiser: They have shown you countermagic
jclem_2: I play aristocrats in standard I enjoy it
Tantaburs: What are the odds he has another gate anyway
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CLEwizard: it goes on top of their deck, not to hand
Tantaburs: 100% it was 100%
queenfounder: lrrFINE
KartoffelKaiser: @jclem_2 I really like rakdos aristocrats in this format. All the 1 damage pings just hose so many archetypes.
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DoktorPiccolo: Hi Ben!
tratta: do u think that planeswalkers will be moved to other rarities?
Donutholez: gate decks run counters? do they have everything? even the kitchen sink?
Oatway_: it's not top tier but it is fun as all heck
jclem_2: I’m mardu Teysa so good and divine visitation with afterlife
wierdo_of_OZ: is this a draft?
texasman208: Am playing mardu aristocrats right now, definitely there but not the best
PressStartToFinish: One of the most entertaining games I saw on the Mythic Invitational today was Naya Angels.
thundervoice_1: Ben, is there a chance of playing Card Kingdom's Battle Decks on FNPF?
malexus101: for my Mardu experience it's probably the best as Mardu aggro!
KartoffelKaiser: I've been trying Rakdos Aristocrats as an aggro deck. Open with aggressive beats and shift into aristocrats/burn once your opponent stabilizes.
Voidhawk42: I've tested the Mardu version so many times, but in the end I think it;s not the best
dr0ne00000: @Abavus you're not my supervisor!!!
thegrolan: Their cat might pee on their keyboard!
xippih: Jund midrange in standard is fun too. Just won a game night at my LGS with it
queenfounder: All your ideas have been great so far!
Sibwow: card kingdom: a principality of paper
KartoffelKaiser: Fireblade Artist + Judith is both a good curve out and a late game win condition
malexus101: Ben, top 3 PW you are excited to see cards for in WAR?
Voidhawk42: Abzan Aristos with Vraska and Journey to Eternity is grindier. Rakdos Judith is faster and nastier
seth_erickson: what's happening next for FNPF
flatluigi: tibalt!
Donutholez: when will you guys play with the coldsnap pre-cons? :D
SpiderPies: Hello magic
thomturtle: Tamiyo!
Tantaburs: I really want a 1 mana tibalt
Sibwow: eugene
KodeMage: arlin is not in it I thought
Sibwow: elspeth isnt there as far as we know
KartoffelKaiser: Tibalt! Our boy PogChamp
ZachtlyAsIntended: Urza, Squee and Serra
maniac_fish: bolas, teferi, teferi Kappa
KodeMage: i don't recall seeing her as a stained glass
jclem_2: Elsie then is dead
EnoTheTonberry: Sorin
queenfounder: I'm SO interested to see what they do with Tibalt? Make him better or keep him meme-y
seth_erickson: Nope Arlin will be there
flatluigi: arlinn is in, she's just not flip
TheManaLeek: Arlin is in it
Lord_Hosk: Is there a chance you will play Magic the gathering in a way that 4-8 of you feel will be enjoyable for you and entertaining for the stream on friday night paper fight? those are the ones I like ;)
fcg_shadow: Elspeth, Lilliana and Guruk
NarishmaReborn: davriel cane, yo
Tantaburs: Shes onlt mostly dead
PressStartToFinish: One of the MTG articles specifically said Elspeth is not in.
TheManaLeek: You can be dead in Theros and then get better
Robot_Bones: is it not one of the chinese deck planeswalker?
ZachtlyAsIntended: It's Urza.
KodeMage: not likely, no
lifecharacter: Elspeth's "Dead". More importantly, Ashiok is still very much existing.
KartoffelKaiser: Arlin is in the stained glass thing. In story she can only planeswalk as a wolf so we might get one sided pupper Arlin
EnoTheTonberry: It's traditional for dead people in theros to get better
cmdrzellgaudis: The person with the hat is called the Wanderer
DoktorNik: I really want a 1 mana karn with a single -1 ability that reads "Kill Target Teferi Planeswalker" so standard can be fun again.
damastaflex69: Who killed Elspeth?
FlameI7: The lady in the hat is ostensibly, "The Traveler"
TheManaLeek: @damastaflex69 Heliod
FoxFyr: Arlin, Nahiri, Ashiok
Sibwow: heliod killed elspeth
dr0ne00000: I am hyped about uncle Istvan planeswalking
FlameI7: The wanderer
queenfounder: With the hood could be "you" from Arena
KartoffelKaiser: @damastaflex69 heliod
FlameI7: Right
EnoTheTonberry: Attack in?
KodeMage: roll them bones
jonasjonIV: come on!
flatluigi: cmon
malexus101: Vince (pleasant Kenobi) had a pretty nice love-based argument of why she shouldn't be there!
FoxFyr: nice
irishcoffee586: where does one go to learn the lore behind all the cards??
KodeMage: atk first
columbaceous: oh man
Voidhawk42: Attack first!
Abavus: *drumrollllll*
wierdo_of_OZ: nice
EnoTheTonberry: Dece
seth_erickson: One of those planeswalkers I think might be thalia she's the one of the staff that's like sigarda's staff
Papperslappen: the person with the hat is 3 fblthp in a trench coat
chesul: that's fine.
damastaflex69: Noice
queenfounder: Niiiice
KartoffelKaiser: ok that was good enough
Dashiell: I guess!
BloodnBullets: that works
tratta: Will there be planeswalkers of different rarities?
FlameI7: @irishcoffee586 there are stories on the wizard website
EnoTheTonberry: Rakdos, hater of Gate Collosi
thegrolan: Not dead yet!
chesul: we;re not just dead this turn.
Sibwow: "killed"
irishcoffee586: ah, thanks!
Donutholez: I bet teferi is the person w/ the hat again. lol
KartoffelKaiser: @tratta we have absolutely no information about that yet.
thundervoice_1: Are you expecting there to be more planeswalkers than have been revealed, with a guaranteed planeswalker in every pack?
EnoTheTonberry: Flample
wierdo_of_OZ: its time to mill your opponent
Artik_Skarab: And that'S why they'Re Mythic ranked
Fugi: did we just lose every flip what?
tratta: once i played a rakdos and nothing happened... i died the next turn.
TheManaLeek: There's 36 planeswalker cards, but will be more in the story than are cards
FoxFyr: there was a leak that tezzeret is getting a promo
FoxFyr: but wasnt stained glass
KodeMage: @thundervoice_1 we know there are 36 walkers in the set
columbaceous: nah, the colossus was down
dr0ne00000: @Fugi yes I think so
Tantaburs: @Fugi we killed a gate collsus
FoxFyr: so It may be
KartoffelKaiser: @Fugi we got the gate colossus. They got it back, but we got it
BloodnBullets: @irishcoffee586 https://magic.wizards.com/en/story
KodeMage: @thundervoice_1 but more than that in the story
manfred909: you dead
flatluigi: rakdos should've known he was on camera
queenfounder: No gutter bones?
irishcoffee586: oh awesome, thanks for the link!!
manfred909: Rakdos failed you
KartoffelKaiser: You need to do damage to activate gutter bones ability
Tantaburs: WE can survive technically
BloodnBullets: scorchmark and rakdos exiles collosus
KartoffelKaiser: It's like spectacle, but not
NarishmaReborn: planeswalker with hat is clearly opal-eye, konda's yojimbo
dr0ne00000: dead to trample
cmdrzellgaudis: That will get rid of the colossus is for good
cu5c0: you can exile the colossus
cu5c0: and die the next turn
TheManaLeek: We're dead to trample but they might not attack all
KodeMage: then you die to trample + faerie
Tantaburs: we can survive by blocking collusus and trollbred and marking the duelist but we are very much dead
queenfounder: Ugh, I forget that part of gutterbones. I just think he's a reassembling skeleton
tratta: so what happened in the ravnica story line recently? I kinda stopped reading the story after guilds
TheManaLeek: Not dead!
TheMicah21: see if the mythic players misses
KartoffelKaiser: no full attack PogChamp
TheMicah21: wow they did
malexus101: no scorchmark+deathtoucher exile colossus
Trixalicious: you're just almost dead.
dr0ne00000: dead now
Sibwow: blade juggler lets go
cu5c0: gg
manfred909: gg
TheMicah21: now you dead
TheMicah21: way to fightr
queenfounder: You were matched up
EnoTheTonberry: Gates is abusive
seth_erickson: can't wait for new ugin, narset, and Tamiyo
malexus101: oh true, mb!
benperterkofsky: Hi
dr0ne00000: nice
Fulufu_: amazing
KartoffelKaiser: hey its rakdos again
malexus101: I always forget that big boy has more text
Blasteg: Well there's your rakdos
BloodnBullets: doesnt cover the sleeves though lrrBEEJ
EnoTheTonberry: Very Nice
KartoffelKaiser: oh look the easiest first pick of all time
CastleOtranto: Seems deece
CloudyMrK: Rakdos should have never been printed in paper
EnoTheTonberry: Are we playing Fliers?
seth_erickson: lots of white blue support in that back
flatluigi: we orzhov boys
CloudyMrK: hate that card
illmastershogun: pontiff
seth_erickson: embrace
Tantaburs: have you considered the guildgate Kappa
illmastershogun: angel
malexus101: 5/4 flashflying for 5, + extra text? seems good
KartoffelKaiser: Angel here, I think
TheMicah21: Angel tribal!
KartoffelKaiser: It's good even without many gates
seth_erickson: angel tribal!>
circusofkirkus: binding?
Voidhawk42: Payment
flatluigi: imp
queenfounder: Angel tribal confirmed
KartoffelKaiser: Groodion is good
EnoTheTonberry: Imp?
illmastershogun: arrester's
queenfounder: Oops all angels
WrightJustice: james sounds very quiet to me
DoktorPiccolo: Angel tribal lets go
circusofkirkus: acuity or arresters?
dr0ne00000: gate even?
KartoffelKaiser: Groodion trades for everything not named Gate Colossus
deyja429: Skewer?
HailtheRNG: do we consider possibly being azorius?
malexus101: admonition is a very good common
Trixalicious: it's never too late to pivot into goblins
queenfounder: I don't mind seeing the mic if it means I can hear y'all
DoktorPiccolo: Meme it up with dovin
illmastershogun: I'd hedge for an admonition here. plus esper is really good
thanzo: black white flyers sounds like an archetype
KartoffelKaiser: If we want to be flexible, I'd take skewer
WrightJustice: TwitchUnity
coachNelly: Q
Donutholez: dovin needs a lot of instants
zylerlee9: <message deleted>Sub to pewdiepie
lifecharacter: Declare your heart's truth: Dovin is a cutie.
KartoffelKaiser: This is the beginnings of a pretty good w/u fliers deck
Donutholez: lol
queenfounder: Dovin is voldemort
KartoffelKaiser: Orator is good
illmastershogun: Sneak
circusofkirkus: sneak?
KartoffelKaiser: Sneak PogChamp
StrangerColin: sneaky sneaky
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Duelist or Sneak.
seth_erickson: sneak get them gates
Tantaburs: Courier is really good with our high alert
malexus101: I had a gates deck with 3 admonition it was RUDE
PunkRockZoologist: cheer200 Tried to talk to my mum last night about the importance of they/them pronouns and it didn't go great, so I'm glad to have you guys to hang out with and see the best in people.
circusofkirkus: UW skies, let's go
malexus101: sneak!!
StrangerColin: CTM
lifecharacter: UW Flyers.
EnoTheTonberry: Veteran?
HailtheRNG: hmmm
dr0ne00000: cutting black?
KartoffelKaiser: Take the oligarch, we might end up being orzhov anyway
seth_erickson: we can be three colors with the gates
illmastershogun: grandma and just pick up some gates
KartoffelKaiser: Not much else here
StrangerColin: baldebrand
Lord_Hosk: So at Pax Prime I was talking about how Bored I was with the Gatewatch "Jace if fine and his story recetly has been getting good but I just want to see ANY of the other 50 walkers" And then I notice Dix and goberthicks giveing me the (cut it) signal dix would later tell me that standing next to me was Kelly Diggs,... you know the guy who was writing all those planewalker stories
ZachtlyAsIntended: SO much Cavalcade deck in these packs!
solahwin_tampramain: tenth
Trixalicious: both the goblin gatherings came back :s
KartoffelKaiser: It's looking like black is more open than blue
EnoTheTonberry: Gates kind of withered up this pack
dr0ne00000: @Lord_Hosk lol
queenfounder: @Lord_Hosk whoopsies
illmastershogun: pteramander
Donutholez: pteramander?
KartoffelKaiser: Wight is basically unblockable
flatluigi: I think our orzhov is better than our azorius
thanzo: flyboys!
malexus101: uhm I like forcing the pterry
seth_erickson: both greed is our second nature
EnoTheTonberry: Esper with Gates?
KartoffelKaiser: Our black is better than our blue right now
jonasjonIV: just go right to simic.
ForOhForError: ptera is the better card but your orzhov is better
illmastershogun: Go esper
EnoTheTonberry: Pivot into Gruul
flatluigi: IGI!
CardKingdom: IGI
CardKingdom: IGIIIIIII
illmastershogun: gate
KartoffelKaiser: Griffin or IGI
circusofkirkus: tether
CyanMig: gate?
Razortalons: IGI for sure
laskotheking: Greetings to Ben and James!
KartoffelKaiser: Enforcer is real good
aquavulfy: Pteramander, be Esper
thundervoice_1: gate
Mister_Skittles: I had a deck with 5 IGI in it :)
aura0fdeath: demise i think?
flatluigi: enforcer is great
aura0fdeath: beeck?
queenfounder: 5 is surely too many though
Razortalons: enforcer is amazing
dr0ne00000: @Lord_Hosk I do that stuff all the time, be proud, the planeswalkers couldn't even get their names straight (looking at Gideon)
CardKingdom: Orzhov is the way to be my friends
zuchen_120: Was that a fancy guildgate??
rock_type: Hey guys! NGL something about Graham seems different today...
seth_erickson: guild gate
illmastershogun: chillbringer start picking up gates
flatluigi: are we three color
malexus101: splash the chilly B
Razortalons: slime
queenfounder: Yes, Graham is a lot more blonde than ususal ;)
KartoffelKaiser: Payment or messenger.
illmastershogun: payment
aura0fdeath: payment?
illmastershogun: locket
KartoffelKaiser: Messenger will make the deck either way, so I like that
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Locket
KartoffelKaiser: Locket
EnoTheTonberry: Embrace?
CyanMig: locket?
seth_erickson: embrace
Razortalons: locket
aura0fdeath: we're a little short removal, no?
WrightJustice: this feels like my latest draft where I got punished and kinda ended up full 3 colours
malexus101: sphinx?
KartoffelKaiser: Lockets are really good in this format.
00busyhands: This draft is :/
flatluigi: pit?
illmastershogun: lockey=
HailtheRNG: pit?
EnoTheTonberry: Holy crap, where did the gates go?
KartoffelKaiser: James we just passed a consign
queenfounder: If you were Serge you could still pivot
seth_erickson: guild gate
illmastershogun: watchdog
DrWreckage: Mardu
BloodnBullets: gate! splash goblins
Hingadora: Pivot?
EnoTheTonberry: Orzhov Jank
WrightJustice: oh guildgate style
flatluigi: yeah, dog
KartoffelKaiser: Watchdog is good here
Fulufu_: there was a dope gruul deck in here lol
dr0ne00000: didn't you draft gate stuff?
HailtheRNG: goodest boi
KartoffelKaiser: pontif #2 is gass
KartoffelKaiser: Ministrant
illmastershogun: gate
seth_erickson: orzhov guild gate
CyanMig: igi
EnoTheTonberry: Another IGI
BloodnBullets: there was another goblin gathering!
circusofkirkus: gate
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Gate
Razortalons: gate
seth_erickson: gate
EnoTheTonberry: Guildgate?
KartoffelKaiser: See here we go pack 3 always the best pack always had it never didn't have it
BrindleBoar: IGI Joe
solahwin_tampramain: gate
illmastershogun: guidgate
KartoffelKaiser: Gate tho
CardKingdom: Gate
KartoffelKaiser: Good mana is so important
EnoTheTonberry: Angel?
CyanMig: angel? fixing?
illmastershogun: angel
flatluigi: angel
tron1632: kill a locket is nice
1MrGhost: gate for fixing?
seth_erickson: fixing angel
GolgariGlenRoss: Not playing that angel?
dr0ne00000: I thought you did before
Spakerman: Gate
lifecharacter: Playables over gate.
columbaceous: with the angel
KartoffelKaiser: No gate synergy, but good mana is always good
EnoTheTonberry: True
CardKingdom: Imp honestly
KodeMage: you do want one
Spakerman: Angel
queenfounder: If there's literally any playable I'd take it before the gate
wren_05: Angel
Razortalons: expose
EnoTheTonberry: expose
KodeMage: one to 3 gates are great even in a 2 color deck
CyanMig: expose then
KartoffelKaiser: Judgement
KodeMage: judge
mrmojorisinglizard: Expose
queenfounder: Having the expose sit in your hand is better than needing it
WonderfulGlory: 9/8 mana bases are bad, any fixing brings them to average
KodeMage: bladebrand
ZachtlyAsIntended: imp
KartoffelKaiser: Imp is good here
StrangerColin: imp
KartoffelKaiser: Crocodile PogChamp
KartoffelKaiser: Locket
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I'd rather have the Croc than the blade.
DoktorPiccolo: Wow, that’s a late judgement
andy_reeed: Hi Ben, just received my CanLander deck, and it’s hella fun to play! Thanks for introducing me and I assume many others to such a great format!
StrangerColin: 3 imps are playable
EnoTheTonberry: Drop the Archway Angel
dr0ne00000: lol easy cuts
chesul: imp ove rlocket?
circusofkirkus: ditch archway angel
KartoffelKaiser: that's the 40 run it and get there
seth_erickson: cut archway with no gates
chesul: *over locket
EnoTheTonberry: For an Imp
lifecharacter: Archway with no gates is pretty meg.
queenfounder: Deck's perfect
Spakerman: Archway angel sadness
columbaceous: the angel is kinda dirt
illmastershogun: cut angel if no gates
KartoffelKaiser: Archway is still a 3 power flier. That's still fine.
Oriion_: 3/4 for 6
Tantaburs: Mediorce decks are the best cause you dont have to think about deckbuilding at all. just play all of em Kappa
Oriion_: eww
KartoffelKaiser: Flying is a broken mechanic.
KodeMage: still fine
StrangerColin: archway should eb cut
bittersweet_distractor: Archway is pretty bad
EnoTheTonberry: It seems all right
itsxbacon: 3rd imp> locket
wierdo_of_OZ: igi never loses
EnoTheTonberry: Could use more removal
00busyhands: Missing dead revels :(
KartoffelKaiser: look if we play anything we play the 3/7 memes are important
queenfounder: It'll shuffle better now
columbaceous: :0 how did you get those?
Jgard96: would have had one great cavalcade deck for sure
StrangerColin: how do we get the sol ring sleeves?
coachNelly: Is second locket better than third imp?
TheManaLeek: Multiple people can say it
KartoffelKaiser: they can both say trans rights
KartoffelKaiser: Wight on time.
margieargie: TransgenderPride
queenfounder: Trans rights is just another way to say people's rights
lighting_bolt_123: wight is nuts
Kramburger: TransgenderPride
wierdo_of_OZ: TRANS RIGHTS
djalternative: o/ ben, james, and chat
Mister_Hush: Oh my, LoadingReadyRun making controversial statements like, "people are people and should be treated with respect." How ever will they recover from the internet blowback on that one?!
KartoffelKaiser: Oh I'm never taking that trade there if I'm opponent. That 2/2 is gonna be a 6/6 later.
Mister_Skittles: Nice Shirt Ben :)
jonasjonIV: TransgenderPride
itsxbacon: Just about every other language has a gender neutral singular pronoun.
itsxbacon: boo english
KartoffelKaiser: We can locket and judgement here
circusofkirkus: locket and judgement
lighting_bolt_123: @kartoffelkaiser ikr!
queenfounder: It can get burly
StrangerColin: i think you can wait on the judgement
ellgieff: @itsxbacon English has a gender neutral singular pronoun.
seth_erickson: english has a singular pronoun known as they
StrangerColin: wait for them to spend the mana
seth_erickson: it can refer to one or multiple people
StrangerColin: would be nice to have the judgement
Lord_Hosk: English has the neutral pronoun too, society has just moved away from using it.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: They have collosus.
rasterscan: pride100 Cheering for two awesome boys in Magic! pride100
StrangerColin: they havea trick
Mister_Hush: (to be clear, my salt there was about internet goons, not about LRR or the LRR community, love y'all)
Kumakaori: spirit pls.
StrangerColin: spirit
queenfounder: @Mister_Hush duh *hair flip*
KodeMage: wight exists to be traded
KodeMage: when attacking*
cuttlefishman: Howdy Ben
StrangerColin: the ram can't even block the wight now
cuttlefishman: Ben, can you describe how James is playing?
StrangerColin: that was bad blocks
PiousHeathen: Holy moly. I just discovered the new overlay features. That is sweet.
PiousHeathen: Being able to mouse over cards is amazing
KartoffelKaiser: pls no removal opponent
dr0ne00000: damn
Lord_Hosk: DOUBLE
cuttlefishman: Whoa
seth_erickson: nooo
PiousHeathen: they had all the removal...
EnoTheTonberry: Wait, it didn't cantrip. Oof
dr0ne00000: sniped
KartoffelKaiser: opponent that is the opposite of what I requested
queenfounder: Yes, more land!
Lord_Hosk: they have 8 removals
Feminine_Desires: So I'm lurking while I try and figure out how to get all the arena animated styles into tappedout.
seth_erickson: the ram could be worse
Invitare: ah the James curse
lighting_bolt_123: I put a biogenic ooze into play with that in draft , it felt great.
djalternative: you can really get them with that plains
ThePerrBearr: was that kathleen laughing?
KartoffelKaiser: Ok, so we have a good life total here. IGI would bail us out here.
Feminine_Desires: IT is quite a thing because now we have to try and get mp4s working with tappedout, since gifs are too large
Kumakaori: the ol' double block and pray
Donutholez: come on igi back to back
KartoffelKaiser: opponent pls no removal
columbaceous: no way they have another combat trick
KartoffelKaiser: opponent no not again
dr0ne00000: gg
djalternative: they are mono combat tricks
KartoffelKaiser: It's gruul, tbf. They play a lot of combat tricks
samubtdp1985: new draft?
disciple007: @LoadingReadyRun you guys get to watch any of the invitational today?
TokenMickus: When you so tired but you just can't sleep
solahwin_tampramain: I TRIED SO HARD AND GOT SO FAR
TokenMickus: feel*
KartoffelKaiser: Angel of grace cant lose
EnoTheTonberry: Harsh
samubtdp1985: but in the end
flatluigi: coldplay is less bad than people like to say they are
ZachtlyAsIntended: All opinions are opinions to have
Alexis_Aehale: Just wondering how old is ben?
seth_erickson: but in the end it didn't even matter
lighting_bolt_123: where's the skip button ....lol jk jk.
queenfounder: 26
Uzumaki15: @loadingreadyrun how did the Rakdos draft go? I missed most of it.
Alexis_Aehale: Thanks
queenfounder: he said '92
seth_erickson: I think that goes for most people
korvys: Chat, is there a list of PAX East panels thay have LRR people on them?
KartoffelKaiser: we can sac our pontif to our other pontif PogChamp
ZachtlyAsIntended: Clearly, Tenacious D played the best song in the world.
Trixalicious: I like their singles well enough, less keen on whole albums
korvys: Thanks!
djalternative: When everyone hates on Coldplay, I like to remember the time U2 partnered with Apple
Tantaburs: @ZachtlyAsIntended well they played a tribute to it
ChaoticUndercurrent: when is the next PPR?
seth_erickson: the only time I've won all seven matches in arena draft was with red white aggro in core set 2019
queenfounder: War
ZachtlyAsIntended: They recorded a tribute to it, but they played the best song in the world...they just can't remember how it went.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: @ChaoticUndercurrent April 19
korvys: Oh, nice, 4/5 are in theatres that are being streamed
ChaoticUndercurrent: thanks
KodeMage: costs mana to sac
KodeMage: don'thave mana
KartoffelKaiser: They can pump that one. We should block the boar and trade for a combat trick instead
StrangerColin: kill gravelhide
djalternative: 2 days till WOTS spoilers start
KartoffelKaiser: Still good for us.
SgtCommanderson: I still listen to the COD player hot mic singing that song video from time to time. Something so touching
deyja429: Xichor and the War Boar?
dr0ne00000: @seth_erickson I do feel like I've barely had a mythic pick in like 10+ drafts
KartoffelKaiser: That angel has flash, and they do not have blue mana.
KartoffelKaiser: I would ambush them with it.
flatluigi: oligarch, leave bladebrand and sac mana up?
disciple007: I feel like Jund Em Out should have an emote
KodeMage: not igi? get down asap
KartoffelKaiser: Pontif is also a good line here.
somewhatclever_: Dear Dr Bengineering, so you think that a edh could double as a viable Canlander deck? In this case mono G stompy.
KartoffelKaiser: Our pontifs make their attacks real awkward
KartoffelKaiser: Now we can IGI
StrangerColin: IGGI bladebrand
KartoffelKaiser: #justpontifthings
loglab: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:53:06.
peacehomie: Hey will the upcoming set rotate any standard sets?
flatluigi: IGI means you're winning!
Feminine_Desires: igigigigi
djalternative: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:12:43. lrrSPOT
flatluigi: peace: nope, you still have another six months or so
KartoffelKaiser: uh oh they picked clam
queenfounder: No, that won't happen until unnamed fall set
StrangerColin: spirit on vamp
circusofkirkus: do it after blocks
lighting_bolt_123: ayyyaaa
KartoffelKaiser: We want to block, then activate pontifs
peacehomie: Ah cool, haven’t played magic in a while but came back with arena
PiousHeathen: after blocks
dr0ne00000: block fiorst
queenfounder: What does the updog number relate to? How much the stream has been live all week?
KartoffelKaiser: Doing it before hand lowers the number of things we can block
ellgieff: After blocks!
peacehomie: Do you think arena will ever have real drafts with people?
circusofkirkus: block vamp with pontiff
peacehomie: Or even sealed events?
queenfounder: @peacehomie they have sealed. Just infewuently
PressStartToFinish: @queenfounder How long the stream has been live in dog years.
peacehomie: Ah, I’d much prefer sealed to AI drafting
queenfounder: @PressStartToFinish ah, thank you, duh!
flatluigi: attack all and then fog next turn
KartoffelKaiser: Angel still puts us at 1. This is risky
JDMan94: idk, this isnt the kind of deck i want to be at 1 against
StrangerColin: it's not a fog
lighting_bolt_123: lol say oopps
JDMan94: red with burn, plus black with any life loss or drains
disciple007: no point in blocking
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Paul start work on Tally Lights.) at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (2:01 from now).
KartoffelKaiser: Blocking lets us kill their creatures
KodeMage: all attack sac igi win
frizzy_fry_fro: dont miss lethal
dr0ne00000: yuck
forgant: u win
KodeMage: lethal
Martizz1e: gg
jonasjonIV: wow
JDMan94: dang, gg
KartoffelKaiser: IGI: not even once
flatluigi: IGI is so good
TheMicah21: well that escalated quickly
Kumakaori: wow. nice
KodeMage: chat help for the win :p
phorrestgaze: lrrGOAT
EvilBadman: IGI: Has more text
Frypod1077: angel ftw
carlospedroart: That was so clutch.
ArcticAtlantic: i like that we went to -1 one turn then won the next
lighting_bolt_123: what a victor
KartoffelKaiser: wait chat lethal was actually lethal. This is a momentous occasion.
Jgard96: come on mythic boys, you can do it
queenfounder: You were tier 4 yesterday, so don't you are making progress
KartoffelKaiser: This hand is very slow. But we don't have many bad topdecks
dr0ne00000: @KartoffelKaiser lol
ArcticAtlantic: oh wow i didn't know it was monthly. i assumed it'd be when the next set came out
KartoffelKaiser: Ok this might be a bad hand against rakdos
deyja429: Foil=best 4drop that is not cast for 4mana.
queenfounder: So people who made mythic in Feb are better because they had less time?
queenfounder: Way to go Adam
KartoffelKaiser: spear spewer just makes us win faster PogChamp
Alexis_Aehale: Just subscribed the deckmaster thing works quite nice
KartoffelKaiser: They maybe should have spewered there for the spectacle but idk im not a magic cop
EnoTheTonberry: Choice
BloodnBullets: deckmaster is great, thanks @Fugi !
EnoTheTonberry: Eat their rider
StrangerColin: prettyg ood at drawing our mythic
EnoTheTonberry: Boom, Gottem
silenceaux: he just call you a snack?
TehAmelie: i like "magic cop". it works better than "fun police"
ZachtlyAsIntended: Longpork is people too!
Blasteg: rakdos... defender?
MagnusCarter: Yeah, Just found that I can stream at 160p and use deckmaster to read the boardstate.
queenfounder: The imp already did it's thing
Razortalons: man IGI is so good
KartoffelKaiser: ok you know what this deck is good against 2 creature rakdos
HesGotNoPants: that fog of love bleed into real life a bit huh?
rasterscan: Pfffffffthahahaa
TehAmelie: i can feel the wub
Lord_Hosk: PSHHHH Fugi just copied the code out of a Texas instrument speak and spell and called it Deck master ;)
rasterscan: James is cold as ice.
KartoffelKaiser: "I love james!" *seen*
ZachtlyAsIntended: @Lord_Hosk What the hell was in a Speak and Spell?!?1
HesGotNoPants: @rasterscan cold as carbonite
LiveFaust: Did Ben just "United States of Whatever"?
KartoffelKaiser: Mire Spangler!
JDMan94: uh oh
dr0ne00000: dam son
Alexis_Aehale: Is being friends with James like having brother from another mother?
KartoffelKaiser: It's ok we just wait to pop IGI
Alexis_Aehale: cuz both of you seem great friends
KartoffelKaiser: and they have to do like 30 damage to kill us
StrangerColin: *no response
tenthtechpriest: seem like? maybe it's just real good acting then
Mister_Skittles: Narrator: little did Ben know...
Lord_Hosk: advanced card identification software for a cardgame that wouldnt be invented for another 15 years and a computer progam that was 40 years out clearly ZachtlyAsIntended it was very advanced for its time.
Texan_Reverend: James in response: [silence]
JDMan94: Spear Spewer doesnt seem like the play, opponent
KartoffelKaiser: Hey spewer can get saced for value.
CyanMig: GG's
EnoTheTonberry: That Spangler Tech
JDMan94: True, i guess
Alexis_Aehale: orzhov for the win. <3
KartoffelKaiser: It can also be used to go out on your own terms.
flatluigi: awww
EnoTheTonberry: Are you saying that James is your sugar daddy?
silenceaux: That sure sounds like a hashtag blame james moment
dr0ne00000: worse
queenfounder: That's why
KartoffelKaiser: This is so awkward.
Texan_Reverend: DB9 was a good year for meeting people.
KartoffelKaiser: This is marginally better than our 7, but not by much.
Mister_Skittles: Ben: lets think about feels James. James: magic magic magic lol
ZachtlyAsIntended: @Lord_Hosk For a streaming platform for a global service that wasn't nearly prolific enough to warrent programming for. AKA: It was made by a timetraveling Fugi as prep.
Alexis_Aehale: sorry i am new to this what is desert bus?
Lord_Hosk: If you wouldnt have moved you could be a semstess and lighting whatever your college said right now ben look what James cost you
korvys: I wonder if we have a command...
Earthenone: !desertbus
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon where people dance sing and be silly while playing the worst game of all time, Desert Bus. The marathon raises money for childsplaycharity.com . An explanation video can be found here: https://youtu.be/vvU3KXtOg8Q . More information can be found at http://desertbus.org/ and twitch.tv/desertbus
Texan_Reverend: That was when Dix and Lindsay met in person, and it's when L and I first met online.
korvys: !desertbus
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon where people dance sing and be silly while playing the worst game of all time, Desert Bus. The marathon raises money for childsplaycharity.com . An explanation video can be found here: https://youtu.be/vvU3KXtOg8Q . More information can be found at http://desertbus.org/ and twitch.tv/desertbus
Gurtperk: Shout out to Nog and Valkencia! Can't wait for more Dice Friends! :D
KartoffelKaiser: Strap in. Buckle your seat belt if your local bus system has those: Desert Bus is a heck of a thing.
silenceaux: Las Vegas to Tuscon?
ZachtlyAsIntended: Worst game ever? You don't play Freddy Fish on repeat
Alexis_Aehale: Thank for the info.
TehAmelie: you can see the whole week on Youtube, for i think at least the past 6 years?
queenfounder: Keep going Ben!
EnoTheTonberry: Throw Knives at the Owl
tenthtechpriest: tuscon or bust
KartoffelKaiser: It's like a 72 hour loading ready live
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KartoffelKaiser: look I wasn't going to do the math, so thank you for doing it for me :D
PunkRockZoologist: Wow! That's an old video now, Ian still had hair.
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MagnusCarter: Just stopping in to sub from PAX. Good luck!
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korvys: Oh! Speaking of Desert Bus, James, is your email just James (at) LRR (dot) cc like the others?
ZachtlyAsIntended: add the two...carry the imp...
Skajetolaf: As you guys grinded to mythic in record time, shouldn't you have been invited for the invitational?
kumatsu: I know it probably comes up too much, but has there been any news on public release of the Desert Bus doc?
EnoTheTonberry: Thought Collapse, nooo
EnoTheTonberry: But Sleep is for Silver
Earthenone: !findquote kayfabe
LRRbot: Quote #5524: "We are gathered here today to mourn the death of kayfabe." —Jordan [2018-11-14]
Trixalicious: So you're in the non-canon invitational then?
korvys: Oh, you mean Adam?
Mister_Skittles: Your way more handsome than that chump Ben
mastershake29x: what? are we saying that FN isn't a documentary?
KartoffelKaiser: Look Pro Tour Alex's Kitchen happened and I refuse to accept evidence to the contrary.
silenceaux: Darn cactus juice
queenfounder: Show off all your sweet, sweet land drops
EnoTheTonberry: Ooof
JDMan94: thats real rude
dr0ne00000: lands are over rated
CyanMig: essence capture can be such a swing
KartoffelKaiser: oh huh there goes all our attacks. Right over there.
EnoTheTonberry: Work Popular
queenfounder: Great, now the flier had flying
PiousHeathen: pontiff plays all sorts of mind games with then on attacks
PiousHeathen: *them
TehAmelie: i mean have yo met LRR? that's fine company to be popular with
KartoffelKaiser: @silenceaux this way one land gets them a much larger creature, that flies thanks to the spy
cuttlefishman: I mean... I'd want to be popular with *only* James
cuttlefishman: to be fair
Dantou: !deck
DarthRagnar815: That birb is swol.
dr0ne00000: just what you wanted
KartoffelKaiser: hey look james we asked for swamps and now we have all the swamps in the world
KartoffelKaiser: aren't you happy?
KodeMage: clogged up boardstate you got yourself there mr turner
CyanMig: ive just used that code to get some basic cosmetic cards, do they auto update my decks or do i need to swap them in or something?
Feminine_Desires: There's a button for it
dr0ne00000: @CyanMig I think swap in but I didn't try yet
Feminine_Desires: in deck building, there's a little sparkle circle in the top right next to the deck list.
queenfounder: You have to like "turn on" the designed ones
CyanMig: ty! ill search for the button!
BearPsychologist: Is it pheonix? Heyo Original Joke squad over here
Feminine_Desires: I'm working on getting these animated styles onto tappedout.
flatluigi: bling out whatever deck has the most seb art
tekn0shaman: oppos deck is scary
KodeMage: I play lots of izzet drakes
tenthtechpriest: I'm still irked that the izzet pack avatar is ral instead of niv mizzet
Feminine_Desires: So we can have sweet animations in your decklists
SirElgar: there was mono white and Gx stompy
KartoffelKaiser: It's pretty much all Esper, Mono red, selsenya aggro and white weenie.
Alexis_Aehale: On MTG arena i normally play either boros or izzet drakes
KartoffelKaiser: A bit of Ghalta as well, tbf
mastershake29x: mostly esper, red, and white, don't remember izzet phoenix being shown
squirrels_are_mighty: some gruul sprinkled in
KartoffelKaiser: poor midrange has basically no representation.
Swordsman_24: There was a R/G warriors deck floating around
JDMan94: think there is even a jund warriors deck
dr0ne00000: yeah Skybilz could have won the last match too
BloodnBullets: flung!
disciple007: Amy made it to Day 2
Feminine_Desires: This is honestly one of the reasons why I don't like orzhov, the average orzhov creature is just so weak in terms of P/T.
mastershake29x: amy had white and selesnya i think
squirrels_are_mighty: Okay does war of the spark spoilers start tommorow or Sunday? Because I've heard both
Feminine_Desires: Simic, azorius and gruul all outclass them in P/T.
Giddyalloy: Love you Friday night show so decided to check out your twitch!!!
dr0ne00000: @squirrels_are_mightyI think they said Sun on stream
queenfounder: The number 1 does seem just so frequent @Feminine_Desires
tekn0shaman: I feel so bad for sky, pressure got to her I think. the hosts were talking about how important it is to calm yourself right before that big matchup and she just got a little overeager on one turn or she had it on lock
SirElgar: whenever the panel is
KodeMage: they've said a few spoilers tomorrow, but most will be on sunday
WrightJustice: I believe there will be 16 card previews on sunday
KartoffelKaiser: What I like about Orzhov is that they are very good at trading up with Gruul's creatures. Unfortunately they are not great against decks that are not gruul, and gruul is not more than 50% of the format.
KartoffelKaiser: so the win rate isn't great
samubtdp1985: its a ok deck
Feminine_Desires: Sleeves are eh.
PiousHeathen: Theres a code?
flatluigi: I don't think the code has been spread around yet yeah
SrMuskrat: what code?
seth_erickson: I'll play against you I have the sol ring sleeves
samubtdp1985: sleeves cost cash dollar
Mister_Skittles: Wahts thecode
queenfounder: Has anyone actually played against anyone who used sleeves? Like we have confirmation that we can see them
Diabore: LIES
Earthenone: STARTERSTYLES for free sleeves
Ziekden: what the code?
BloodnBullets: liar!
notthepenguins: it's like, starterstyles or something
tvenn: ben is the sleeve art
kumatsu: James "Can't block Warriors" Turner
A_Dub888: James "Noted Coward" Turner
ThePerrBearr: caps doesn't matter
KartoffelKaiser: Notorious coward James Tiberius Turner
queenfounder: Caps matter in PlayRavnica
PunkRockZoologist: Why are sleeves a thing in a digital format with no physical cards to get damaged?
JDMan94: because style
Houseboy23: Where did the he ajanis pridemate get spoiled from?
seth_erickson: he's that popular youtuber guy right
NarishmaReborn: to make them look cool :)
Featherweight_: Noted Turner James coward
queenfounder: Makes then shuffle netter
Mister_Skittles: because people like pretty things
Mister_Skittles: thats like asking why foils exist
Featherweight_: He can not block warriors
dr0ne00000: #CaPSdoNTMattER
Earthenone: i wonder if enough of us put "disregard commons" in the text box wotc will import your sleeves?
KartoffelKaiser: @PunkRockZoologist people paid for them in hearthstone, so I guess they pay for them in arena
JDMan94: if people only cared about protecting cards, we'd probably just laminate them
silenceaux: Creature removal is now live
KodeMage: don't complain about cosmetics, the folks who like that are paying for those of us that don't care to get more content
BloodnBullets: cosmetics are a massive well of money that they cant NOT tap into
Red_Mage__: Winning is better when you can look nice doing it
thalanir: rooKek
Feminine_Desires: Never play out the mythic first
silenceaux: ^
Feminine_Desires: It will always get removed :p
dr0ne00000: @JDMan94 it also has to do with Alpha/Beta/damaged cards
Alexis_Aehale: Dies to removal. BibleThump
seth_erickson: it's so much fun in commander
PunkRockZoologist: That's fair.
Diabore: petitioners
KartoffelKaiser: Look if my play group wasn't so unreasonable about it I would play with top loaders on all my cards but no, that's "absurd" and "can't possibly be shuffled sufficiently."
johothehobo: igi
Feminine_Desires: IGI here I think?
seth_erickson: lots of blue and white
queenfounder: Force Rakdos always works
StrangerColin: firewheeler
Feminine_Desires: Firewheeler is pretty bad
dr0ne00000: go gates
LegionLoyalist: there's a gate? gate deck open!
KartoffelKaiser: Leading with a CCDD card is risky.
queenfounder: Pretty gate though
KodeMage: firewheeler is by far the best card
KartoffelKaiser: In this pack, I'd go with the firewheeler
carlospedroart: IGI
Lord_Hosk: Hallowed fountain thats like a 10,000 gem card!
Lord_Hosk: oh wait
NarishmaReborn: grotesque?
StrangerColin: grotesque
Feminine_Desires: Chillbringer go esper
johothehobo: or demise
JDMan94: embrace or demise seems good
silenceaux: I'm pretty sure that of the CCDD cycle Firewheeler is the bottom?
seth_erickson: confirmed code does not need to be caps
GolgariGlenRoss: Grotesque Demise?
carlospedroart: high alert?
JDMan94: fuck it, high alert
KodeMage: juggler
flatluigi: high alert!
KartoffelKaiser: Juggler or Alert
kumatsu: Force Esper High Alert
Trixalicious: high alert!
WonderfulGlory: High alert win?
flatluigi: let's make a high alert deck
JDMan94: esper big butts time
StrangerColin: grotesque demise WAS the pick there
flatluigi: humong
KartoffelKaiser: Alert is just a good card in this format, the fact that it is also memes is gravy
seth_erickson: guild gate
queenfounder: 2/5
carlospedroart: Scavenger
johothehobo: humongulos
squirrels_are_mighty: Should've taken that first petitioner
KodeMage: gate
NarishmaReborn: biomancy
seth_erickson: for fixing
Earthenone: gate
Razortalons: huge monk
StrangerColin: gate
Feminine_Desires: guildgate definitely.
Erudite_Cynic: dummy thicc
JDMan94: Nice, Birb
queenfounder: Building itself
gandalf181: acuity
gandalf181: or not lol
WonderfulGlory: Pegasus
carlospedroart: syndicate messanger
Graunder: Can someone please tell me the code for the sleevs again? stream crashed just as you were talking about it
KartoffelKaiser: Pegasus or judgement.
StrangerColin: summary judgement
JDMan94: this is a real good back
johothehobo: horse bird
Feminine_Desires: judgement
Tantaburs: 5 mana 5/5 hexproof
JDMan94: pack*
greyfox23: judgement
flatluigi: judgement
Feminine_Desires: removal better.
seth_erickson: pegasus
Tantaburs: 3 mana 4/4 flyer
WonderfulGlory: Judgement actually, you get more pegsus
ArcticAtlantic: judgement
KartoffelKaiser: STARTERSTYLES is the code for the sleeves
gandalf181: @Graunder STARTERSTYLES
Blasteg: are you two doing a double-blind dco-op draft s well?
flatluigi: rally to battle!
StrangerColin: you need to pick good cards so when you don't have high alert you can still win
SiggiSpes: rally
queenfounder: Oh, it stopped
WonderfulGlory: Rally is insane
johothehobo: 2 wins
Graunder: ty @KartoffelKaiser @gandalf181
KartoffelKaiser: Giant
KartoffelKaiser: That's a 6/6
BloodnBullets: aww the petitioners havent come back
KartoffelKaiser: We just need to cast our high alert every game nbd
gandalf181: thought collapse?
KartoffelKaiser: Absolution splash that ish
greyfox23: esper
NarishmaReborn: wow
PiousHeathen: Splashable.
octagonclock: esper time
carlospedroart: shiiii that's a bomb
flatluigi: sent mark
Blasteg: windmill slam!
KartoffelKaiser: Don't even care that we passed the unblockable 2/5
queenfounder: Get that IGI back in
kumatsu: Mark and hoe; the Courier wheels
NarishmaReborn: crab
KartoffelKaiser: Gate
NarishmaReborn: gate
PiousHeathen: IGI is a descent splash too yeah
EnoTheTonberry: Mono Big Butts
KartoffelKaiser: g a t e
StrangerColin: gate
gandalf181: ramfam
flatluigi: chilly
EnoTheTonberry: Chilly B
octagonclock: chilly b
PiousHeathen: chill #2?
carlospedroart: second chill bringer
KartoffelKaiser: YO
carlospedroart: high alert number 2!!
gandalf181: insight?
flatluigi: az locket?
PiousHeathen: locket?
EnoTheTonberry: Locket?
KartoffelKaiser: Ok this deck is real now
carlospedroart: sphinx?
johothehobo: locket?
seth_erickson: locket'
KartoffelKaiser: I'd go locket
StrangerColin: sphinx
thalanir: locket?
KartoffelKaiser: Lockets are underrated in this format
EvilBadman: Two High Alerts? That's like 5 High Alerts
KartoffelKaiser: gate
NarishmaReborn: gate
StrangerColin: gate
flatluigi: gate yeah
EnoTheTonberry: Gate is fine
carlospedroart: gate go
StrangerColin: we want to cast etheral
queenfounder: Shimmer digs for high alert
GolgariGlenRoss: Shimmer is good, but Gate there
BearPsychologist: @LoadingReadyRun Which Guild is the hottest? I've been trying to decide between Orzhov and Dimir
GolgariGlenRoss: birb
KnBofink: the beardy boys!
JDMan94: probably Dimir
gandalf181: shimmer
carlospedroart: mockery?
KartoffelKaiser: Shimmer is good in decks with bombs or lots of synergy. We are one of those, but shimmers can come later. We really want to be able to cast our absolution
Razortalons: this is a beautiful flyers deck
TheMicah21: esper control!
KartoffelKaiser: Sphinx or Guildgate.
flatluigi: arbiter
KartoffelKaiser: Arbiter
flatluigi: 100%
GolgariGlenRoss: faerie?
KartoffelKaiser: Gate
EnoTheTonberry: This curve is massive
carlospedroart: guildgate
Feminine_Desires: duelist
johothehobo: orator
gandalf181: sphinx
flatluigi: expose to daylight?
gandalf181: or duelist
KartoffelKaiser: Expose is fine
EnoTheTonberry: Expose
Razortalons: expose for sure
korvys: What's with these borderless gates?
m_logan2000: gate
PiousHeathen: bind?
Feminine_Desires: slimebind
EnoTheTonberry: Griffin?
carlospedroart: grifin?
flatluigi: spirit
StrangerColin: plaza
dr0ne00000: griffin?
flatluigi: spirit's v good
KartoffelKaiser: Griffin
m_logan2000: need gates for absoultion
gandalf181: slimy
Earthenone: borderless gates are a cosmetic update purshased yesterday on stream
queenfounder: WOW
dr0ne00000: nothing
EnoTheTonberry: Not Panther?
Feminine_Desires: Why not the kitty?
KartoffelKaiser: This came together
KnBofink: since when is James Bens servant!?
BloodnBullets: isnt giant good here? its a 6/6
KartoffelKaiser: Panther could have made our deck, but we have better spells.
dr0ne00000: cut lockets
flatluigi: one locket
octagonclock: humongulus needs to be gone
KartoffelKaiser: One of the prying eyes and one locket
NarishmaReborn: humong
StrangerColin: dont' need second or maybe even first locket
flatluigi: one prying
queenfounder: Do we need 2 tethers?
EnoTheTonberry: One of the eyes
throwntowolves: dont forget you have igi
samubtdp1985: prying eyes?
KartoffelKaiser: I'd play one locket. We want card draw, we didn't get any sphinx's insights
EnoTheTonberry: Humong?
EvilBadman: humong is a 5/5 hexproof with high alert
Feminine_Desires: watchful giant and humongulus are pretty bad
StrangerColin: forbidding spririt never seemes great
flatluigi: run the IGI
EnoTheTonberry: Giant
PiousHeathen: forbidding spirit? 1WW might be rough
ogundiety: Is James just not talking?
Feminine_Desires: crocodile works here
TheMicah21: cut rally
KartoffelKaiser: Fblthicc is not great
PiousHeathen: oh yeah run IGI
gandalf181: get rid of the giant
ArcticAtlantic: is it worth having black in here?
Billyfred001: whats the code again?
queenfounder: Run a dirty 41 will make James talk
Earthenone: @Billyfred001 STARTERSTYLES
flatluigi: arctic: ethereal absolution is the best card in the format
KartoffelKaiser: Ok this looks good.
TheMicah21: IGI cut rally
mastershake29x: @ArcticAtlantic we have absolution, so 1000% worth it
Feminine_Desires: I've NEVER gotten to draft Absolution ;-;
EnoTheTonberry: Have you ever seen Ben and Adam in the same room?
KartoffelKaiser: We can board in the IGI Kappa
JDMan94: seems good
dr0ne00000: @EnoTheTonberry lol
StrangerColin: this is not an IGI deck...
gamer2005: 7 wins
ArcticAtlantic: @mastershake29x fair
KartoffelKaiser: Every deck is an IGI deck
tenthtechpriest: big mood men
KnBofink: Adam and Ben is not the same person? I thought Ben was his nickname...
Politicallycorrekt: The deck seems good
Skudd: I'm not yet convinced Adam and Ben aren't just two projections of the same extra-dimensional being, tbh
queenfounder: The guy with no headphones wants the sound
WonderfulGlory: Get Gruul sleeve and Zag on em
greyfox23: get the fancy azorious bundle them sleeves make noises
sithenin: You could get the fancy azorias sleeves
tergonis: don't fight the Azorious goodness ben
KartoffelKaiser: Well, decks with no black mana are not IGI decks, I guess.
Oatway_: Azorius: we're not having fun until you're not having fun
korvys: benginFingers
TheMicah21: This is now a pokemon D&D stream
ThorSokar: Got'em!
manfred909: benginTraitor
Skudd: Azorius Butts is a great limited archetype
dr0ne00000: yes high alert is fun
KartoffelKaiser: this is bad
EnoTheTonberry: All right, switch to Soul Silver Ben
flatluigi: i'd keep
TheWarbo: !findbutts
LRRbot: Above you?!
KartoffelKaiser: Mulligan.
flatluigi: never mulligan!
queenfounder: Nope. No way
TheMicah21: give all the creatures names and back stories Ben!
deyja429: I mean the Azorius are asses so...
dr0ne00000: no that is crap
Feminine_Desires: keep this.
sithenin: The fancy Azorias sleeves make noise too
tergonis: butt fights are a legit strategy, true
KartoffelKaiser: This is so much better
EnoTheTonberry: Griffin before High Alert preferably
mastershake29x: the high alert / sphinx non-bo
KartoffelKaiser: As it happens mulliganing is good in this game called Magic the Gathering.
octagonclock: never punished
Razortalons: never didnt have it
johothehobo: high alert into griffin is just Powerful magic
EnoTheTonberry: Yep
KodeMage: bit of a nonbo
Skudd: I really want those Sol Ring sleeves, but the price is a bit much for me
KartoffelKaiser: We have, in fact, played ourselves.
Trixalicious: but we can untap them now
KodeMage: nonergy- opposit of synergy
dr0ne00000: seems good
Razortalons: save it I think
ZachtlyAsIntended: Skornergy!
KartoffelKaiser: Untapping our vigilant sphinx PogChamp
dr0ne00000: lol
queenfounder: Is that more silly than double unblockable?
Sibwow: if you tell tq about butts tribal she might finally do a magic
Razortalons: again, never didnt have it
ArcticAtlantic: we're so good at magic
BloodnBullets: someone lock james out of the streaming office, this is going well
Sibwow: id watch a bengineering story time stream
flatluigi: nice sky tether
queenfounder: Butts tribal is the first deck I've net-decked and I finally understood why people do it
Skudd: Comics take so much investment, too, both time and monetary
KartoffelKaiser: I like reading story synopses of comic book story arcs.
KartoffelKaiser: It's a good compromise.
chesul: you can still attack with the currier.
dacardczar: Why not attack with courier?
dr0ne00000: @queenfounder you googled butts?
KartoffelKaiser: Wait we can attack with the courier PogChamp
flatluigi: you have high alert
TheMicah21: high alert negates defender
aerohydra: high alert ben
sithenin: But high alert
Trixalicious: your defenders can attack
chesul: it has defender, you have high alert.
KartoffelKaiser: We can attack with defenders PogChamp
Diabore: high alert ben
Feminine_Desires: You can attack with defender
octagonclock: spire mangler wins my award this set for 'card I always forget exists'
dacardczar: High alert makes it attack with defender
TheMicah21: HIGH ALERT
tergonis: and you have a high alert
ogundiety: SO what? You have high alert Ben
queenfounder: @dr0ne00000 yep, then I researched deck lists!
TheMicah21: lol
thalanir: HAHA
KartoffelKaiser: Sky Tether does nothing PogChamp
dr0ne00000: @queenfounder lol
mastershake29x: we have a card that does just that
nullrush: ya big goober
TheWarbo: The defender icon has a line through it
Kumakaori: shame concede? :v?
aerohydra: gooooooober
TheMicah21: Good thing James aint here
Razortalons: LUL
KodeMage: reading the card explains the card
silenceaux: I mean, it still doesn't have flying so
TheWarbo: bengooberneering
PiousHeathen: Courier was illegally parked, got booted
birbarino: HI BEN
tergonis: you area Goober and we love you
Lord_Hosk: every time a friend of mine is like hey you like survival games like Oxygen not included and dont starve right? you would love X, and I think , how many thousands of hours do you think I have?
samubtdp1985: GGOOOOBBER
WonderfulGlory: Wow good call @dacardczar
KartoffelKaiser: Look man that's a weird line. And our opponent didnt see it either
Diabore: talkin shit to us when he can do the thing
Artik_Skarab: You'Re a goofy goober
themadchicken: <message deleted>LUL
iamwonton: duuuuuude... i thought you were joking hahahahhaa
GolgariGlenRoss: High Alert does have quite a lot of text on it.
ThorSokar: Reading the Card EXPLAINS the card BEN
johothehobo: reading the card Explains the card
ArcticAtlantic: i am laughing so loudly out loud
BloodnBullets: |<---this much --->|
mastershake29x: opponent banked on you not reading the card, and profited
Erudite_Cynic: we all make mistakes. some more than others
DoktorPiccolo: Ya goobs
themadchicken: <message deleted>!punt
johothehobo: jinx
KodeMage: JAMES! Ben can't read cards!
TheWarbo: I'm telling James
flatluigi: enforcer was tapped ;v
Anubis169: we have a veto on that word Chicken :)
KartoffelKaiser: Let them spend 2 cards to kill your 3 drop.
Donutholez: i guess we need james for this lol
tenthtechpriest: but what if we read the card
dr0ne00000: that dodm
samubtdp1985: james james james
octagonclock: not enforcing very well
dr0ne00000: didn't happen
geekvs: its a ben
KartoffelKaiser: The real battle takes place here, inside the mind
AalderFlawn: Hi
KartoffelKaiser: Absolution online PogChamp
flatluigi: no vigilance/
dacardczar: lol
octagonclock: there's the mouse hover
BloodnBullets: OP is confused
AalderFlawn: espur Flyers?
m0nkeyrama: LUL
samubtdp1985: now reading high alert
KeiRaccoon: OH right. HIgh alrt
KartoffelKaiser: *opponent looks at high alert* *opponent looks at sky tether*
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PruPruh: You are almost as big of a goofer as you are handsome and friendly. Of course we won't tell on you. Narrator: That was a lie.
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queenfounder: How'd they get to plat without coming across high alert? Haha
TheWarbo: It's really helpful that they put the / through the defender icon
dr0ne00000: it will be a3/3
KartoffelKaiser: Sphinx is still fine as a 3/3
PiousHeathen: griffin to dig?
queenfounder: 3/3 vig flying is good
KartoffelKaiser: We are the beats.
silenceaux: Yeah, if only you could have untapped one of those creatures for 2 mana instead of 4...
chesul: it's still great.
GolgariGlenRoss: The scry might be better
queenfounder: So James, we have a story
AalderFlawn: When in doubt, punch 'em hard.
samubtdp1985: hi james
HesGotNoPants: clip reel
dr0ne00000: snitches get stitches
PiousHeathen: he didnt want us to tell, thats HIS job
KartoffelKaiser: Vigilance now, I think
TheWarbo: He told *us* not to tell, apparently so he could
Oatway_: pay for vigilance?
BloodnBullets: give birds vig?
KartoffelKaiser: We can stop them from attacking here.
ogundiety: Yeah I'd go with vig on the birds
HesGotNoPants: james was here longer he gets loyalty
AalderFlawn: Punchy Punchy
disciple007: TUTU
Sibwow: we werent supposed to tell james because ben wanted to tell james
chesul: now, if they have another sky tether they can do the theme play!
dr0ne00000: landfall deck
AalderFlawn: I am confusion, this isn't mono red...
KartoffelKaiser: look a 4 mana flying 2/2 that scrys 1 is still a good magic card. Griffin is real good
tapdancingbeavers: i want a flying tutu
CaptainSpam: Ben "Flying Tutu" Ulmer.
Joda011980: night all
KodeMage: so, grinding constructed sure is a lot easier if you play the best deck in the format... who would have thought...
PiousHeathen: Twilight Panther sounds like a Def Leopard cover band
azureHaights: Ben "Two Islands" Ulmer
aerohydra: 2 turn clock
flatluigi: cut a land put the other locket back in
AalderFlawn: Ben looks bored.
KartoffelKaiser: Part of me really hopes that opponent has like 3 basilica bellhaunts in hand and cant cast them because they don't have double black.
Feminine_Desires: high alert doesn't actually change power
rocketjohn: doesn't matter when it does it... power doesn't change..
Donutholez: we need more mana for high alert. LUL
deyja429: We have a bounce spell?
PiousHeathen: they cant deathtouch the panterh this turn though
KartoffelKaiser: (it still works if they do it in combat. Arena just displays toughness as power during combat to help with math)
SpoonfullOfSugar: don't forget you can untap
flatluigi: don't forget you can untap your griffin!
KartoffelKaiser: It makes things both more and less confusing.
chesul: rocketjohn but we still payed mana to it.
Feminine_Desires: Meaning if you have tetsuko, your walls are now unblockable.
KodeMage: deals damage equal to toughness
deyja429: Except we can untap with High Alert
Beleqwaya: oooh, I'm 1 win from plat. Come on, not one of my two really bad match ups
azureHaights: "spells that aren't lands" um ACTUALLY
PiousHeathen: I hear playing cards is a good way to win games
chesul: rocketjohn thus waiting till then was the right timing.
DoktorPiccolo: Why not give it vigilance?
KartoffelKaiser: Give it vigilance eot. to send a message
AalderFlawn: See Ben, this is what happens if you don't play Mono Red. A really boring game of magic.
DoktorPiccolo: Oh whoops
queenfounder: Untap EOT
dr0ne00000: @AalderFlawn lol
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
JDMan94: welp
Donutholez: this solves everythin
azureHaights: They can't touch, but they sure as hell can death
KartoffelKaiser: Death Touch? There's no death to touch!
queenfounder: Fly over
JDMan94: now we DEFINITELY win the race
chesul: you're winning the race.
Diabore: no death to touch and no bell to ring
BloodnBullets: man, daggercaster would be fantastic here
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AalderFlawn: Deathtouch UN-Set. You have to actually touch the card when it blocks for deathtouch to work.
PiousHeathen: why not give courier vig?
Trixalicious: so is high alert + ethereal absolution = the plot of ghostbusters?
dr0ne00000: they have nothing
KartoffelKaiser: Mardu Dagger Absolution featuring Bladebrand seems good
dr0ne00000: ok that was something
queenfounder: Sucks you can only exile q1
PiousHeathen: oh rright. my bad.
PiousHeathen: sorry Ben
deyja429: So we are the Ghost Busters
flatluigi: ethereal eot
Garjira: cheer100 just wanted to take a quick second to say, you guys are awesome, keep up the stellar content gents, looking forward to some super friends with the sparky wars
KartoffelKaiser: The spirit would die
flatluigi: exile make a 1/1
Diabore: cause the token dies ben
WonderfulGlory: The spirit just dies
ZachtlyAsIntended: the toekn would die automagically
flatluigi: rip
chesul: they sac'd a panther, which is kinda just worse.
EvilBadman: Afterlife don't work too good under Absolution
KartoffelKaiser: They might have an answer to absolution that they're digging for
AalderFlawn: That's a big birdo
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The_Ocean_who_Subbed: hi
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KartoffelKaiser: Ok well we win.
JDMan94: christ this is sick
BloodnBullets: choo choo
chesul: Ben, if you were talking about the afterlife, the spirit would have just died.
AalderFlawn: *airhorn duel of fates*
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: it's not me
queenfounder: WHY did that tap the black!?
dr0ne00000: nah you have this
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disciple007: Grasping LUL
nullrush: not with a sky tether
silenceaux: "But what if I made sure to tap you out of your colours" -MTGArena
KartoffelKaiser: @queenfounder because we dont have enough mana to use the black
TheMicah21: sky tether!
KartoffelKaiser: If we did, it wouldn't tap it
ZachtlyAsIntended: sky tether
ElectronicChaos: Sky tether the thrall
dr0ne00000: @silenceaux lol otto tapper is awful
flatluigi: tether eot and you should be ok
silenceaux: So if we were holding an island in hand, it would have rekt us
KartoffelKaiser: Tether gets the thrall out of the way
TheMicah21: no land one time
DoktorPiccolo: Tether makes it lose flying
flatluigi: tether it*
DoktorPiccolo: You can do 11 dmg
Beleqwaya: Wooo! Plat in constructed! Made it just in time!
johothehobo: send for 6?
Earthenone: autto tapper knows that blue players like to bluff doubble blue more than have access to all colours
flatluigi: attack with 8, leave courier and a spirit to block
Trixalicious: they still need a land to igi
KartoffelKaiser: Does attacking with the spirit here change the clock?
somewhatclever_: What is scheduled for the paper fight this week?
SolarJudas: I'd attack with arbiter, leave spirit
EnoTheTonberry: Also you can untap your spirit if you need to block
KartoffelKaiser: We can also make a new spirit
TheMicah21: no land one time
00busyhands: Maaaaath
KartoffelKaiser: We have many lines.
DoktorPiccolo: Forgot the bird doesn’t have flying, derp
Earthenone: paperfight is commander with pw comanders and signature spells
queenfounder: 2/5 blocks too
TheMicah21: gg
silenceaux: why untap when you can make new friends
Lord_Hosk: lrrFINE
Beleqwaya: Woo! Victory!
silenceaux: New friends! :D
azureHaights: Everything is awesome / everything is cool when you're winning the race
KartoffelKaiser: no one is good at magic, good magic players are a myth
AalderFlawn: You know that game would have gone faster if you drafted Mono Red.
KartoffelKaiser: Well they're mythic at least Kappa
PiousHeathen: ew
PiousHeathen: this hand
queenfounder: Why are you even running islands in mono red?
EverestMagnus: Training montage to make the pro to;ur.
disciple007: WutFace
dr0ne00000: wut
northos: "niblet"
operationmrh: nibblet
azureHaights: Yep
bulletproofbanana: yeah that's a thing
TheMicah21: baby
TheWarbo: Yeah it's supposed ot be like "sibling"
Lord_Hosk: baby
bulletproofbanana: it's not super common but it's a thing
EnoTheTonberry: Or you could go with "Brother's Child"
Psychic_Ketchup: Small human
KartoffelKaiser: "Related Child"
Scar_Red_Tiger: Nuggies
DiscordianTokkan: Lil' Nug
TheWooglie: Bump
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EvilBadman: the monkey of what I am an uncle
AalderFlawn: KEEP
1MrGhost: This is fine right? plays on turn 3... not great but not the worrst?
KartoffelKaiser: "human imp"
queenfounder: hUmAn bEiNg
Diabore: belly beanb
Razortalons: its fine
CaptainSpam: If you have two nybblets, do you have a byte?
ThorSokar: they're cald money sinks
BloodnBullets: Bens oblivousness when opening the package from his brother was great
TheWooglie: You need some badges past 2 years
ogundiety: Man you really need a plains
ZachtlyAsIntended: We refer to my freinds' unborn child as the Protohuman
dr0ne00000: @CaptainSpam little endian or big endian?
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Donutholez: tax exemptions
nullrush: jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans
azureHaights: Shorty got jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans
EnoTheTonberry: Shorty got Lore?
CaptainSpam: @dr0ne00000 Depends on how old they are.
AalderFlawn: Interesting to see Ben in Azorius, he always seems more like a Gruul player to me.
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EnoTheTonberry: Pants, Pants, Pants,
azureHaights: Or the LRR version: shorty got teeth, teeth, teeth, teeth...
flatluigi: mom's spaghetti
Lord_Hosk: anyone who thinks kids are tax exemptions doesnt understand the tax code or children
queenfounder: TEETH
KartoffelKaiser: TEETH?
TheWooglie: anyone else just get the Tom Cruise dance now?
AalderFlawn: Interesting to see Ben in Azorius, he always seems more like a Gruul player to me.
KartoffelKaiser: Watch them go island high alert
KartoffelKaiser: just to get us
EnoTheTonberry: That's not what Kathleen says
JDMan94: also, Ben loves the big butts deck
TheWarbo: Azorius flyers/butts also seems Bennish for some reason
L0g1st1cs_Man: !deck
ZachtlyAsIntended: But are you an X-Force kinda guy?
silenceaux: noise
WonderfulGlory: Did you just have a stoke?
nullrush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCmvXCgZr74 is the jeans thing
WonderfulGlory: Are you okay?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: and this is why I deleted my "why aren't you playing Gruul?" from my sub message because y'all go with what's open :)
EnoTheTonberry: Bennish Butts
queenfounder: Ben does like butts
AalderFlawn: But Ben, you always force Mono Red.
Earthenone: got that fly booty
ZachtlyAsIntended: Give a new meaning to Ben-alish Knight
tergonis: butts are a good thing
AalderFlawn: Always
Donutholez: Booty Ben
korvys: Ben's down with the thiccness
Diabore: inb4 expose
TheWarbo: !findquote thicc
LRRbot: Quote #5639: "Yes, Twitch chat! Fill me with your thicc-ness." —Adam [2018-12-26]
KartoffelKaiser: No we lowered our damage D:
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Musicsquid: Enjoying my week off work and I hope you gentleman are having a great day as well!
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KartoffelKaiser: It's ok our chillbringer is a 3/3 instead of a 3/3 we cant lose
squirrels_are_mighty: @nullrush that was incredible
drdudeman: @LoadingReadyRun Thoughts on the Mythic Invitational? Good? Bad? Needs Improvement?
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
queenfounder: Oooooh. We're in it boys
KartoffelKaiser: That rally is gonna kill them
dr0ne00000: it was ok, they aren't showing the brackets well
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Kthanid: Only 3 months off being katesNice
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flatluigi: rally lethal next turn :D
KartoffelKaiser: I really like the idea of an invitational that gets this much press. I really do not like the format.
queenfounder: As good as a stream as y'all can do? Yeah, that was never gonna happen
EnoTheTonberry: Rally the Butts
Donutholez: they ded
squirrels_are_mighty: the views we're around 50k not bad at all
Donutholez: aw
KartoffelKaiser: Side boards are an enormous part of competitive magic and I don't know why they arent using them
squirrels_are_mighty: were*
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indianajo3: Wooo 3 years
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zuchen_120: I think it started rough and got much better from there. It’s also hard to run a tournament at a place that isn’t just for magic??
flatluigi: attack with both and rally anyway?
queenfounder: I heard you liked lands so I got you a land that taps for more lands
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EnoTheTonberry: Especially since Sunday has spoilers
Skudd: I would not be at all surprised to see Sunday more than break 100k
KartoffelKaiser: The POWER. Well, technically the toughness
flatluigi: final payment time
EnoTheTonberry: They aren't allowed to cast spells
Oatway_: judge, my opponent is interacting with my cards
sithenin: When is the next ppr?
Earthenone: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ravnica Allegiance Pre-PreRelease will be Janurary 11th at 11AM Moonbase time. Guests and info: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dvi2fAnUYAAqPPh.png
KartoffelKaiser: moderate oof
Lord_Hosk: I feel like you are devaluing the nice a little James, its like when NPR talks about how the pledge drive can be cut down by an entire day, if you just donate early. but they talk about that for a month.
Earthenone: guess thats out of date :P
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nullrush: nice
SketchyDetails: I Am so excited for the RNA PPR
queenfounder: So did you just not read the card there James?
johothehobo: nice
ClassicalHippo: nice
PiousHeathen: You can block then bounce the token to draw
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ogundiety: I would, then bounce one nex turn
KartoffelKaiser: It was worth it for the memes. As a game action it was strictly worse than putting it on someone else. But memes are important
the_spider_bucket: James, cursing yourself was definitely not worth it. It was a power move though.
PiousHeathen: and can still hold judge i guess
TheWarbo: James was fooled by the note
SketchyDetails: persistent petitioners + high alert is 30 3/3s for 2
flatluigi: bounce admonition, judgement the juggler?
EnoTheTonberry: Bounce Token
dr0ne00000: play all the cards
deyja429: Absolution off the top
KartoffelKaiser: judge my opponent is resolving spells that's illegal
EnoTheTonberry: See what the new card is?
EnoTheTonberry: That's a boi
dr0ne00000: damn
queenfounder: What was that note actually trying to say? Because cursing himself I don't think was the right play
KartoffelKaiser: That's a stout lad
octagonclock: do what I do whenever I see street performers: judge the juggler
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EnoTheTonberry: I am in awe of the size of that lad.
Diabore: i dont know if its good or bad but i just tried to click the sting butt
flatluigi: absolution off the top, cmon
lucasbune: Yo, are you planning to draft cube on MTGO?
korvys: roBOCracy, like Democracy, I assume.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: pizzaaaaaaaaa
lucasbune: On or off stream?
GoblinRanger: pizza can be healthy
KartoffelKaiser: pizza can be healthy.
Earthenone: what are you doing for stream?
queenfounder: I'm having veggie pizza for dinner!
Fugi: breakfast for dinner!!!!!!!!!!
drcanonball: sausages on pizza
TheWarbo: I also need to do dinner
BrindleBoar: just get a pizza and a salad. Boom, healthy af
Sibwow: eggs?
aerohydra: brinner
EnoTheTonberry: Brinner is pretty great
TheOneCalledStu: biscuits and gravy for life
KartoffelKaiser: If you make it yourself it's great. The big trouble with take out pizza is the grease.
TheMicah21: what kind of sausage?
Tiber727: Somehow, they both end up with sausage pizza. Kappa
Azn1000: breakfast burrito?
EvilBadman: Damn, turkledog, you got brinner?!
ThorSokar: French Toast!
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ClassicalHippo: pizza and a diet coke
queenfounder: How can I have put on weight? I've added a salad to every meal!
EnoTheTonberry: That looks like bladebrand
squirrels_are_mighty: y'all are making me hungry and I've already had dinner
PiousHeathen: My go to "I dont wanna cook" dinner is a sausage and some seasoned green beans on a pan, put it at 400 for 20min, turn, 20min, done.
Tiber727: Spinach is nice on pizza.
Lord_Hosk: How about Chicken and a salad
EverestMagnus: Just saw noticed the overlay for the first time.
EverestMagnus: That is hot
EnoTheTonberry: Spinach is great on pizza
JDMan94: Spinach on pizza is real good tho
emrafool: a real AUTHENTIC PIZZA
Azralorne: arugula is delicious on pizza
seth_erickson: Keep your dang leaves away from my pizza
Diabore: even pineapple Kappa
Fugi: Someone get ben a vegemite pizza
EnoTheTonberry: NARuin
korvys: What about Basil?
TheWarbo: *Anything*, Ben?
carlospedroart: Salad pizza. Chop some lettuce and tomatos, onion and all of that and then throw it out the window and binge a bacon lovers.
chesul: Cashews are actually pretty great.
Azralorne: Ooooo basil!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: whoa
KartoffelKaiser: WOW
thalanir: rooD
Relativeness: Sooo Absolution
PiousHeathen: such Hostility
Sektor88: The PJSalt
Sektor88: Also hi Ian!
EnoTheTonberry: Hi Ian!
korvys: lrrWOW
TheWarbo: Aggressive there, Turner
Tiber727: Have you not had Greek pizza, James?
EnoTheTonberry: The cads!
Azralorne: benginDab
ogundiety: I remember a super strange LRR video where Matt was ordering pizza for some reason.
GolgariGlenRoss: Absolution wrecks them so hard right now
seth_erickson: Hawaiian haystacks are very good
DiscordianTokkan: Do By Friday is very good
zuchen_120: Kathleen!!
lucasbune: Couldn't hear ian
drdudeman: ANyone else think their mics are a little low? Or is it just me?
tergonis: that just means you have to come back
EnoTheTonberry: They are just drawing mono gas
somewhatclever_: really enjoyed the egg drop video
XedMada: I remember when he was Merlin Mann
EnoTheTonberry: Oooooof
Skudd: lmao Ian
emrafool: you cant just tell a man that thing
DiscordianTokkan: ALSO: This is a legit link to Do By Friday's Patreon to access the aftershow: http://www.giveusyourfuckingmoney.com
PiousHeathen: ruh roh. I smell tricks
Earthenone: was ben even alive in a pre internet world?
Lord_Hosk: I dont think Ben was Born then
flatluigi: I think you gotta block
Razortalons: seems good
EnoTheTonberry: They can only Bladebrand one
emrafool: ian is eternal
KartoffelKaiser: ok pls no removal op
JDMan94: YO
disciple007: LUL
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
flatluigi: HOLY SHIT
Psychic_Ketchup: Hah!
Baldrash: lrrSACK
EnoTheTonberry: Better Lucky than Good
Beleqwaya: Wooooooow
thalanir: rooPog
Graunder: PogChamp
GolgariGlenRoss: Aaaaaaaaa!!
w1nsol: 360 no scope
TheWarbo: GOT EM
Kumakaori: topdek O.P
ogundiety: Topdeck into win.
Oatway_: hello highlight reel
Donutholez: woooooooooooooooooooooooooo
tergonis: totally fair magic card
columbaceous: wOWOWO
KartoffelKaiser: RIP OP you took the better line
GoblinRanger: its fine
EnoTheTonberry: Totally fine
Kumakaori: ben with the panic
emrafool: uhhhhhh
TheMicah21: What a top deck
KartoffelKaiser: But you didn't play around the bomb rare
Gurtperk: xD
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: lrrSACK
PiousHeathen: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
EnoTheTonberry: Magic is Easy, Just draw like Ben
Professor_Dr_Muffins: THE TOPDECK THO
Skudd: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
KartoffelKaiser: Magic the Gathering is the easiest game in the multiverse
Beleqwaya: I'm almost upset by that called shot.
deyja429: lrrSACK
bulletproofbanana: once in a while they actually mean good game
TheOneCalledStu: ssjSpikeChamp ssjSpikeChamp ssjSpikeChamp
TheMicah21: couldnt the fiend ping a creature and lower its attack? or does it not work that way?
flatluigi: anyone have the clip
drdudeman: @LoadingReadyRun Hey Ben any chance you are thinking about taking a turn being DM for Dice Friends?
Beleqwaya: Game of Skill. Best Wizards always wins.
Fruan: @TheMicah21 It doesn't work that way
mastershake29x: PPR guests so far are 1/1 for making top 16
Oatway_: the ol' 0/x sandwich bracket
emrafool: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
GolgariGlenRoss: damage changes what Arena displays as toughness, but the toughness doesn't really change
silenceaux: Turns out you have to actually play good cards
emrafool: benginTry
ThorSokar: yea, you must be the fun poliece
seth_erickson: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Paul start work on Tally Lights.) at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (1:02 from now).
Earthenone: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x81FDUH8-E Or if you just want to see the schedule itself, http://lrr.cc/2019schedule
emrafool: lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart
EnoTheTonberry: Pity that Squid wasn't good
EnoTheTonberry: Feels odd
queenfounder: !benthid
queenfounder: !card benthid
LRRbot: Mesmerizing Benthid [3UU] | Creature — Octopus [4/5] | When Mesmerizing Benthid enters the battlefield, create two 0/2 blue Illusion creature tokens with “Whenever this creature blocks a creature, that creature doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.” / Mesmerizing Benthid has hexproof as long as you control an Illusion.
silenceaux: Narcomoeba is in this set
emrafool: oh she beeeenthid
EnoTheTonberry: Tally Ho!
zuchen_120: I love ttsf. I need to work on my art then...
Beleqwaya: Thanks for the heads up about the code for MTG Arena stuff. It took me awhile to find, and the original tweet is mispelled. (It's STARTERSTYLES)
mastershake29x: the last 6 PM Pacific stream!
EnoTheTonberry: Commander Oathbringer, the Paladin Traitor
SketchyDetails: oatbringer
queenfounder: It's also in an email to all of us!
azureHaights: Come Mr. Tally Lights, tally me some lumens / fake light come and me wan' go home
emrafool: k. bye.
EnoTheTonberry: Awww
Sektor88: NOW KISS!?
flatluigi: awww
zuchen_120: Later!
Gascitygaming: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
CaptainSpam: Commander Oat Breaker. Breaking oats, all day long.
zuchen_120: Lol
EnoTheTonberry: Ben x Reluctant James
MurraysBagels: KappaPride
Earthenone: now kiss is next week
persona786: the lewdness
EnoTheTonberry: There are children watching this!
EnoTheTonberry: Presumedly
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> RT @Card_Kingdom> Sometimes, conceding isn't enough, @loadingreadyrun fans might be interested in this @LRRMtG button. | Also, we have buttons again!!!!! 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D2xcv9jU8AAEQju.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1111418312901038083
thefileclerk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Paul start work on Tally Lights.) at Thu 06:00 PM PDT (54m from now).
thefileclerk: nice
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KingXicorAndTheWarBoar: !discord
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