TehAmelie: so aanyway
wildpeaks: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (6m from now).
TXC2: Hello Everybody
malc: o/
malc: oh wait, a stream
RebelliousUno: indeed
RebelliousUno: though the server isn't up....
malc: I am totally out of sync with the schedule since I was away
RebelliousUno: and James isn't around yet...
DarkMorford: Heyo
mistborn83: hi
RebelliousUno: Don't worry DST hit us as well
malc: not even sure I saw last week's MoC yet
RebelliousUno: so the schedule got a bit mucked up
wildpeaks: it's only the second day of the new schedule, it's ok to be out of sync :D
malc: I mean I don't even believe it's Tuesday
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (40s from now).
fiftymcnasty: !next
TXC2: expect Mine O'clock hasn't changed :p
TXC2: *except
LoadingReadyRun: Trying to fix the server
wildpeaks: the secret is, it's always Monday, it just wears different disguises
Cepsys: so what I'm hearing is that I still have time to use the rest room before we start :)
ContingentCat: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always angry.
CaptainSpam starts the Mine O' Clock drumroll
TXC2: too real Lrrbot
RebelliousUno: Did you update it to 1.8?
RebelliousUno: Do we need to swap oveR?
LoadingReadyRun: Yup
wildpeaks: *pictures lrrbot as an angry kitten*
SergeYager: Updating to 1.8
SergeYager: It's a good thing we're so organized :D
polaris415: sergeHi
SergeYager: It sure would be embarrassing if we did this last minute
LoadingReadyRun: I didn't
LoadingReadyRun: just you serge :P
TXC2: ORGANIZED! ( jazz hands)
TubeAlloy: sergeHi lrrFINE
LoadingReadyRun: I updated last night and made sure it was working
SergeYager: (no one told me)
LoadingReadyRun: it was
SergeYager: <3
Nightvalien28: how are you guys friends again?
Nightvalien28: happenstance right?
cheetoJack: well Serge is in the top 3 most friendly people on the planet, so thats got something to do with it I imagine
Serifina: Hello peoples
TXC2: Desert bus, magic, coffee, pick one
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: Give a man a coffee, he'll be your friend for the day. Teach him to brew coffee... :P
TXC2: hello Serifina
Serifina: Ah, there he is. I was starting to wonder if James was running late. :D
DarkMorford: Morning Serifina
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNOL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SergeYager: @Serifina is there a way to Disenchant thingys in this modpack?
TXC2: once again I have failed to eat dinner before Mine O'clock starts :P
Serifina: @SergeYager You mean like take enchants off an item? Botania has an item for it, yes.
Serifina: @SergeYager Also the Disenchanter's Table can move those enchants onto books
SergeYager: Thank you!
wildpeaks: voxels soon, fellow minecrafters
Serifina: (I may be slightly wrong on the name of the table, but it should be something like that)
TXC2: so are we digging any more giant holes today? Kappa
kerbalized_: sergeHi sergeHi sergeHi
TehAmelie: come on, shrimp, thaw faster. i want my shrimp sandwich
orbitaltuna: is there going to be a race?
wildpeaks: talking of minecraft, I bet you saw the cool raytraced shaders this week-end ?
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Zyme86: What a long strange trip its been!
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Eruyaean: So long already?
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Suhono: Place every block in the universe!
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TXC2: Here we GO!
CaptainSpam: Time for more Pants of Magic 3!
SergeYager: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW
Serifina: No, no, no pants
orbitaltuna: no pants = no magic? D:
TXC2: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
TheWarbo: Time to dig holes
DarkMorford: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
Xobulo: just in time!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TehAmelie: hello James
wildpeaks: the real pants were magic all along
Lirelent: lrrHEART sergeHeart lrrHEART sergeHeart lrrHEART sergeHeart lrrHEART sergeHeart lrrHEART sergeHeart
TXC2: no pants = the best magic Kappa
RealWormbo: it's time to Fblthp!
Serifina: Hi James.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James is live with Mine O'Clock! Join him along with Uno and Serge as they place blocks in a digital world. It'll be fun! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/D3KQItVVYAEiu36.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1113110554028072960
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malc: so we're digging a hole right?
radioshackraider: Hola amigos
orbitaltuna: gonna have a grand ol' time
Serifina: James, did you update the server? :p
Diabeto3241: cheer100 Holy poop i get to watch this live that never happens
carsonthekid: Seed?
Serifina: cheer50 James, did you remember to update the server? :p
Zyme86: I legit have no idea what day of the week just finished 5 12h days in a row
TXC2: hello radioshackraider and Diabeto3241 welcome
TheOtherTrevor: Place every block? No. Dig up every block!
Serifina: Oh, dammit, I gotta do that in Twitch huh
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Good time of day all!
SquirrelLord1111: Im glad i can finnaly watch this live
jerky_g: Hi peeps
malc: womp womp
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stevestein: DIG. A. HOLE. DIG. A. HOLE. DIG. A. HOLE.
ContingentCat: time to dig a hole?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: DIG A HOLE
Kraest: HELLO MANY sergeFriend S
Serifina: Heh
Elenodul: Chunk punch in the mean time?
TXC2: hello SquirrelLord1111 and jerky_g welcome
polaris415: chunk punch!
thatladyinplaid: Thank you all for keeping me calm while I do my college algebra homework.
wildpeaks: well, fiddlesticks
RebelliousUno: Sergecraft chunk punch race?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: 3 WAY HOLE DIGGING RACE
SergeYager: TOS
TheWarbo: SergeCraft ChunkPunch
Serifina: It SHOULDN'T
SergeYager: James, plz
Lirelent: booooooo creepers got into creeperhost
malc: lol
Serifina: I tested that update!
Zyme86: Been doin a lot of sitting lately?
CaptainSpam: You're saying your personal backend is fiiiiiiiiine?
radioshackraider: Punk Chunch
ReydienOnline: Flux Flush: It's like Chunk Punch, but with a Fluxbore
Serifina: :D
RebelliousUno: Serifina with the age old IT Cry "It worked on my machine"
AzureShok: Howdy!
Xobulo: Lovely shirt!
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Milambus: Its a button! Will it magically push itself?
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Serifina: @RebelliousUno Yes, exactly. :p
TXC2: lrrbot, how make server work?
wildpeaks: *Serge voice* I'm in
EJGRgunner: New haircut?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Make amazing things.
Lirelent: because @Serifina is a busy human
AzureShok: Hello @Serifina ! Great to see you.
TXC2: so we make a whole new server?
Serifina: Look, it's not my fault that you people are enjoying my stuff
Bobtheninjagoldfish: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always on fire.
OriginalGarwulf: LRR and those who are interested - I managed to complete the Chunk Punch Challenge yesterday (in a "casual mode"). Pictures are here: https://imgur.com/a/zCyrLJG
Serifina: @AzureShok o/
malc: serifina: :D
rocketjohn: Time to dig a hole?
rocketjohn: :)
TXC2: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x81FDUH8-E Or if you just want to see the schedule itself, http://lrr.cc/2019schedule
EJGRgunner: Bad news James, Serge found your button. Time to to make a new one.
TheWarbo: Mine O'Clock with the most inviolable timeslot
TXC2: !wphiatus
LRRbot: Watch & Play is on a temporary hiatus while Graham wraps up Road Quest editing. It will return!
Serifina: Graham is deep in the Road Mines.
Mangledpixel: boop
Xobulo: Serge found it!!! Now I super need to catch up with VoDs!
NathanJay_GA: o/
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Mangledpixel: heyo TXC2
TheOtherTrevor: So Road Quest releases this summer?
ReydienOnline: @EJGRgunner when was that button set up, do you remember?
LoganAura: cheer1000 O look you found an emerald already 8D
Mangledpixel: TheOtherTrevor that's the plan
thatladyinplaid: Can't wait for Road Quest and Qwerpline!
InkyGhoast: hi everyone
TheWarbo: LRR still on the "Tuesday never stops" on the new schedule
EJGRgunner: @ReydienOnline before the first time Mine O'Clock was on SergeCraft
Ka2Zen: it seems like you guys need to hire more people ?
Lirelent: as soon as superhumanly possible, because you all are busy busy humans, who apparently never sleep
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steelfox13: edit faster and crappier!
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Cepsys: 14 months!? that's almost 1.17 years!
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SquirrelLord1111: we told him yesterday
Serifina: Hidden piston? o_O
TXC2: Chat Remembers all
malc: hahahaha
Xed_Regulus: I'm sad I missed that!
wildpeaks: more buttons than expected
EJGRgunner: WHOA WHOA WHOA, chat did NOT tell you it was under one of your buttons, Serge
ContingentCat: yeah we don't prank each other except for the creepydolls, and the chickens, and...
Mangledpixel: ah, so he didn't even find it naturally
radioshackraider: I full on expected chat to be trolling Serge and nothing to happen once on the buttons are pressed
AnimeKitty: Hey chat! Glad to hear Serge found the button :D
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kerbalized_: wasnt on us serge!
SergeYager: I'm pretty sure they told me to push the buttons. You're right they didn't say "under"
AzureShok: play minecraft 96
Alness49: Ah, are Cam and Cori sharpening the knives for that game?
TXC2: #Weeklyspoops
CrazymattCaptain: is there a clip of Serge finding the piston? I missed it
EJGRgunner: @SergeYager No, I made a joke about how there was NO prank, but they were just "pushing your buttons" and you misread it as "PUSH BUTTONS"
wildpeaks: and they managed to get Devotion working ?
stevestein: #Badam
Mangledpixel: I don't know if I can stay human for a few weeks
Zyme86: Adam has been moving
oak0: big lrr content day PogChamp
Nightvalien28: wildpeaks its back on steam I think
kerbalized_: egjrgunner made a pun about pushing your buttons, which serge interpreted as "push all the buttons"
TXC2: Ben and Adam are the loud bois
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RayFK: Welp, time to play Overwatch
ContingentCat: so uhh Geoguessr?
Lirelent: you're having a time today james
fiftymcnasty: Yeah I usually get 2 or 3 crashes when playing this pack
Mangledpixel: check RAM settings? sometimes those reset
RayFK: I dunno
SergeYager: @EJGRgunner seriously?! holy moly, that's hilarious
Alness49: Sooo... fortnite?
SquirrelLord1111: Restart Computer?
AnimeKitty: Close the launcher and press play again. My game does that all the time LoadingReadyRun
FeaturingMe: Minecraft don't be like this
RayFK: Is that a sex thing?
TheMerricat: Switch from the builtin launcher to using the jar launcher?
wildpeaks: if minecraft doesn't work, it would have to be another game where you can punch chunks
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun Stop trying. You need to go into the Twitch settings, go to the Minecraft tab, and change it from Native Launcher to JAR launcher
Nightvalien28: I want chunk punch as the next emote
Heinzes_: punch tha chonk
ContingentCat: @RayFK anything can be asex thing if you try hard and believe in yourself
RealWormbo: I found that SergeCraft start-up is really unstable when something is playing music and/or video
EJGRgunner: I mean... if it's a tweet, how secret is it?
jerky_g: is chunk punch just digging out a chunk?
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun the name of the series clearly has to be "Holey Moley" btw
TXC2: would a 6 person chunk punch work for a LRR LAN ?
stevestein: These pictures give me life
wildpeaks: rocketjohn :D
AnimeKitty: We're not doing Paths this morning?
RayFK: Do you want to punch each other's chunks?
RealWormbo: TXC2: takes too long
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun You've been lucky. This is a repeat problem because the Native Launcher comes packaged with Java 1.8_51 instead of a reasonably recent Java version like 1.8_191 or something.
Chaotically_Random: @LoadingReadyRun Dr.James did you see that Fblthp finally has his own card?
EJGRgunner: @AnimeKitty Server issues
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FuzzyFozzy: 52? That's a whole lot of months. lrrWOW
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Lirelent: would you do neighboring chunks so you can mock each other?
cheetoJack: 6 person chunk punch for the LAN where the "winner" is the person who does the most after 2 hours
AnimeKitty: EJGRgunner Aw butts, thanks sergeFriend
v_nome: Eh? Fblthp card?
AnimeKitty: HAHAHAHA
steelfox13: Wait, we abandoned Paths of Magic?
ReydienOnline: he won a battle royale
SnackPak_: sergeHi everyone
TheWarbo: Paths server is having...issues
Lirelent: sounds like a Culture ship name
TXC2: steelfox13 it's not working for some reason
ReydienOnline: he was the final pigman during the farm building
kansaiDop: it's a long history
ReydienOnline: so he was immortalized
v_nome: @EJGRgunner Thanks!
steelfox13: That makes more sense. TY.
AnimeKitty: This is a great story :D
thatladyinplaid: So many Creepy Dolls!
erased_citizen: morning James
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wildpeaks: the wellness center
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I request that the chunk punching is right next to each other. I want to see the outrage when one of you uncovers iron/diamond that you can't access because it is in the other person's chunk.
Zyme86: Soylent mob reprocessing center
EJGRgunner: Sadness Transformer Junction
kansaiDop: murder house
TemporallyAwry: "The Pit"?
kerbalized_: call it Curse of the Swine to keep the mtg theme
EJGRgunner: or maybe just Sadness Transformer Box
oak0: The invincible pigman!
Nightvalien28: that pigman deserve his freedom
EJGRgunner: or Sadness Transformer Junction
TXC2: Morps ?
Nightvalien28: WOW
malc: <3 Jo
AnimeKitty: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
TemporallyAwry: sergeThankJo ?
Angnor33: Helping!
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
Lirelent: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
Serifina: And then I reminded Serge that slingshots are a thing. :p
ContingentCat: sergeHeart sergeThankJo
RealWormbo: TXC2: literally mob orbs - pokeballs
warpspeed365: Only half serge
ZachtlyAsIntended: She does this RIGHT as he says "Right, we need a name, we'll name it...YOU...YOU STOLE MY COOKIE" is what Chat heart
TXC2: RealWormbo ah ok thanks
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: She obviously assumed you were full and needed help with the last cookie.
ZachtlyAsIntended: hears*
EJGRgunner: You didn't make it particularly clear what the problem was. "I have an extra cookie on my plate" MIGHT have been the problem.
TheOtherTrevor: what happens if you turn on multiple switches?
EJGRgunner: @TheOtherTrevor the system backs up and eventually crashes the server
xdumo123: i want paly too :/
kerbalized_: "in prod stress test"
Lirelent: just replicate that wall on the other wall
VoyRising: Hello James, hello Chat! sergeHi sergeFriend
oak0: beautiful pyramid
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wicker_knight: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 19:47.
ContingentCat: suitably creepy
Serifina: You'd think differently if we had Immersive Engineering instead, Serge. :p
wicker_knight: ohey, we're doing a server tour?
TXC2: Ok that sub flat did not work how I wanted it to :P
malc: #BlameJames
AnimeKitty: #BlameJames
Artanis3224: This is not the Paths of Magic game correct?
orbitaltuna: james likes punching holes in things
Sly_chocobo: Is.. Is Serge a warlock? How on EARTH do you design stuff like this? it looks amazing
TheOtherTrevor: Time to make the pyramid bigger
ContingentCat: @Artanis3224 server issues, this is sergecraft
Sly_chocobo: Im super-envious, I wish I could design.. anything near that awsome o.o
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Artanis3224: @ContingentCat Thanks! I was really confused for a few minutes thinking I somehow missed a bunch of episodes...
dougma: put a reflection pool around the fountain
wicker_knight: @Sly_chocobo slowly, cumulatively and with a lot of inspiration from external sources
ReydienOnline: Retaining Wall?
wicker_knight: like, he's been working on that pyramid for over a month
AnimeKitty: !mcplan
LRRbot: James is digging a hole. That's it, that's the stream.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Fire pits in the top of the fountain. Something with flame anyway.
AnimeKitty: Welp that's not right
avi_miller: Make a titan sized creepy doll peeking out from behind the pyramid
jerky_g: giant bolas horns when
Mangledpixel: maybe a Cleopatra's needle kinda thing
Sly_chocobo: @wicker_knight It shows.. I struggle to know where to start, Using Extgernal sources always kinda feels bit like cheating
Sly_chocobo: But perhaps thats not a rational thought
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kansaiDop: another fountain atop The big one
CrazymattCaptain: teach Serge the botania
SK__Ren: Botania would be good practice for PoM3
Sly_chocobo: I can look at soemthing and go "Yea this looks.. wrong" but not .. really know how to 'fix' it :)
wicker_knight: @Sly_chocobo the best artists take advantage of their peers inspriation :P
JudgeKyle: I'd love to see some of botania
TXC2: Sly_chocobo welcome to adulthood Kappa
BeerUnion: catch me up chat why are we on this server ?
AnimeKitty: Ooohhh Botania!
AnimeKitty: I've been meaning to start that
wicker_knight: and I actually recommend going and checking out some of his streams on the pyramid then. it's a pretty good example of someone grinding through creative difficulties
TXC2: BeerUnion James can't get onto the Paths of magic server
Sly_chocobo: @TXC2 haha.. Im too old to be a adult these days :P
BeerUnion: I see
wicker_knight: <so many redesigns NotLikeThis >
BeerUnion: thanks
Sly_chocobo: @wicker_knight Neat, I'lkl check you Serge's.. Twitch? Im assuming
ReydienOnline: the wool removes the noise it makes
wicker_knight: !homestream
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: twitch.tv/seabats | Ben: twitch.tv/bengineering | Cameron: twitch.tv/unarmedoracle | Cori and Ian: twitch.tv/tiltyhouse | Heather: twitch.tv/LunarJade | James: twitch.tv/James_LRR | Kathleen: twitch.tv/kathleen_lrr | Matt: twitch.tv/wiggins | Serge: twitch.tv/sergeyager
EJGRgunner: Botania takes up a good deal of horizontal space, iirc
CrazymattCaptain: I think it'd look better by the fountain
Sly_chocobo: Oh handy, Thank you! :)
wicker_knight: portal to alfheim
Lirelent: A chunk worth is usually good, unless you really want to go wild
wicker_knight: !mcplan
LRRbot: James is digging a hole. That's it, that's the stream.
RealWormbo: except botania setups don't exactly look like gardens
EJGRgunner: diorite. grab diorite as your placeholder block... do it
Sly_chocobo: Hm, So .. clearly its a "Egyptian" theme for this?
wicker_knight: sooo, why are we in the Sergecraft server? Path's of Magic issues?
EJGRgunner: dooooo itttttt
LoganAura: Oooh if it's big enough he could put the botania portal on top of that fountian
Milambus: Botania is very mechanical
Sly_chocobo: Sorta, Egyptian-adjacent ?
Mangledpixel: Sly_chocobo Serge was inspired particularly by Amonkhet
AnimeKitty: EJGRgunner We're looking to edge away from the diorite jokes, just a note
Milambus: @wicker_knight The server is having issues
avi_miller: Botania, the magic mod that is actually a tech mod
wicker_knight: Amonkhet is the inspiration, so yeah fantasy alt-egypt
EJGRgunner: @AnimeKitty Oh? Ok
Lirelent: sergeOffByOne
ContingentCat: sergeOffByOne
Sly_chocobo: What's a Amonkhet?
wicker_knight: @Milambus okay cool
JoeKim: the horror
Sly_chocobo: MTG?
JoeKim: in serge's voice
JoeKim: was real good
Mangledpixel: Sly_chocobo MTG, yes
RealWormbo: Sly_chocobo: a MTG set
Darth_Wooper: @Sly_chocobo it's a place in MTG.
TXC2: Sly_chocobo a plane from Magix
wicker_knight: magic magic magic magic yes
mercano82: First of all, how dare you.
wicker_knight: 2ndly what gives you the right?
AnimeKitty: magic magic magic
Sly_chocobo: Ahh, Just looking at Google Image search, the insperration is VERY clear ^^
Darth_Wooper: @Sly_chocobo an ancient Egypt inspired place.
Sly_chocobo: Very cool though
wicker_knight now feels visibly sick typing "2ndly" :/
TheMerricat: What blocks/mods are the glowstone 'pylons' from specificly the cage parts.
EJGRgunner: You mean the National Mall
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muondecay: Recovering from PaxEast madness with some lunch, mines, and crafts!
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Sly_chocobo: @TheMerricat I think thats just.. Chisel ?
TehAmelie: hey, those shield icons are new to me. is it how good your shield is?
Lirelent: you mean the reflection pond
Cepsys: don't forget to use different blocks once you get 1/3rd the way up :)
RealWormbo: sergeScopeCreep kicking in, there will be no Botania today if Serge starts water design
tux789: wait, are we in sergecraft today?
Sly_chocobo: Or blockcraftery? Maybe Chisel and bits
orbitaltuna: reflecting pools don't look too great with normal minecraft water
wicker_knight: @TheMerricat several. The shapes are from a mod called Blockcraftery that lets you make "frames" with a special shape and wrap a block texture over them
wicker_knight: the texture is from Chisel
ContingentCat: with all this egypt inspired stuff a big obelisk couldn't be out of place
wicker_knight: it's a Lapis texture
TXC2: surely Serge's inspiration is that giant golf shop pyramid Kappa
Milambus: Serge, just be aware Botania wants machines around it
Sly_chocobo: I still think this is really cool, I'll have to Steal.. 'Be inspired' by this ^^
wicker_knight: the glowstone is four chisel & Bits Glowstone blocks cut down to only the one corner, so that it's centered in the prism
Mangledpixel: ContingentCat indeed, I suggest large Cleopatra's needle kinda things, like here: https://magic.wizards.com/sites/mtg/files/images/featured/Plane_Amonkhet_Preloader.jpg
wicker_knight: those things took a while
Haydenc1247: since water isnt reflective in this do you think that recreating the reflection under the water would work?
direraven86: longer
tux789: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're tooling around in SergeCraft.
TheMerricat: Bontania one of the few mods I don't know that Serge would be comfortable with, I've never seen a 'pretty' implementation of any of it's mechanics.
ReydienOnline: ah, found the clip. The tale of You Stole My Cookie: https://www.twitch.tv/sergeyager/clip/HilariousInventivePrariedogHoneyBadger
Sly_chocobo: @Haydenc1247 So create a "Mirror" room under the water..
Sly_chocobo: That would be quite cool
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Haydenc1247: @Sly_chocobo exactly
FeverRadish: On top of the fountain?
Sly_chocobo: I may steal that idea too ;)
wicker_knight: @TheMerricat I've been pretty happy with a little vale of botania items within a tree ring to power a bunch of the one that feeds off of tree leaves
wicker_knight: granted, serge's standards are rather higher than my own >.>
RealWormbo: I mean, you need to be able to throw stuff in
AnimeKitty: ReydienOnline sergeJustRight
Milambus: that placement is wrong though
direraven86: it bugs me that it isnt evenly space between the fountain and pyramid lol
Mangledpixel: something something additional pylons
TemporallyAwry: And you could build the mana system inside the fountain cavity.
nightwingmisthawk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (33m ago).
drcanonball: yes?
Lirelent: could do, that's what I'd do, tbh
TheMerricat: Mana tablets are a possibility, you only power the portal when you need it by dropping the tablet into the pool.
BlackBlade_: most of botania needs to be under the sky...
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ZethRuss: See the button, press the button
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wicker_knight: main thing to decide will be mana collection
TemporallyAwry: Um - word of warning ~ you'll need to use lenses to save on mana decay if you plan on really spreading out your systems.
Artanis3224: What are the blue things with glowstone in them? Is it a specific block or a grouping done by the guys?
Haydenc1247: @Artanis3224 Serge made them
Lirelent: with the right amount of fiddling, super possible to feed up mana from inside the fountain. This is exciting, it'll look cool
BlackBlade_: Lexica Botania... worst written manual in all of modded
ReydienOnline: @Artanis3224 those are a grouping, Serge calls them Hedrons
Mangledpixel: Artanis3224 it's a bunch of wedge shaped aesthetic blocks
wicker_knight: a special grouping using several mods: Blockcraftery, Chisel, Chisels & Bits
Milambus: Do you have wireless in the "garden"?
TehAmelie: "should we make an entire extra copy of this infrastructure just to make the thing look better?" and that's the day Serge became an architect lrrBEEJ
Artanis3224: Neat
Artanis3224: Thanks!
ReydienOnline: I think serge has them over by the oasis
wicker_knight: I do not like the "flavor text" stuff in Botania
wicker_knight: i.e. that there isn't any
Haydenc1247: Jo was messing with some yesterday too
RealWormbo: need white
wicker_knight: twilight forest has a ton
wicker_knight: enough to defintely make a ton of floral fertilizer
logangamel879: is this a fortnite mod
logangamel879: it looks strange
drcanonball: TEETH
Mangledpixel: teeth?
Silver_Kn1ght: TEETH
TXC2: chat no
avi_miller: TEETH
stevestein: C O O L T E C H N O L O G Y
Mangledpixel: C O O L M A G I C
Lirelent: automating botania with RS is a really fun challenge, takes a bit of fiddling and doing things which aren't always obvious
wicker_knight: !plzchat
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Orchestrion: hey James
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orbitaltuna: T E E T H T E C H N O L O G Y
Mangledpixel: any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology
wicker_knight: a really fun, really silly thing you can do: you can use botania to generate up to 1800 RF/tick from a single generator
stevestein: @orbitaltuna #CoolTeethnology
Milambus: @Lirelent That was most of my weekend. Wish I could get the Runic Alter done better.
Lirelent: sounds about right @Milambus
Lirelent: makes my engineer side gleee though once I get it working
BlackBlade_: use the arboretum to make flowers?
wicker_knight: Serge found that yesterday
Milambus: @Lirelent But I do have 4 Orechids automated, which is nice.
Lirelent: since it usually involves droppers and things flying around
Darth_Wooper: Oh, that got spoiled for Serge yesterday.
Lirelent: hahah, @RebelliousUno "Yuuuuuuuusss"
wicker_knight: well, he was TOLD about it, but ye
Lirelent: nice @Milambus !!
wicker_knight: oh, another reason to use botania
TemporallyAwry: You'll love BuildingGadgets - all the perks of a builder's wand and exchanger mixed into a single energy-recharge system :D
TXC2: pretty sure James put that piston there when we did the tour on stream
wicker_knight: you can make grass for a different biome than the one you're in
ZethRuss: how about using fancy botania grass colors ?
fiftymcnasty: TEETH
wicker_knight: so it doesn't have to be that dry desert grass
Darth_Wooper: @wicker_knight I saw the VOD. He wasn't told, he misread a vague reference to it as a direction to push all the buttons. :D
mercano82: If you're low on grass, mix up dirt and grass blocks and let it spread.
TXC2: yes, expert Kappa
Serifina: Botania is the only other "large" mod in this pack.
Lirelent: modded expert only when you build a IC2 steam nuclear reactor without blowing yourself up
wicker_knight: @Darth_Wooper I disagree with "misread" but he was definitely given mostly 'there's a cool thing if you hit one of the buttons"
wicker_knight: Yeah, strongly recommend getting a bit into botania
wicker_knight: Serge should see the custom Grass options
RealWormbo: it's the fountain punch challenge, layer by layer!
Darth_Wooper: @wicker_knight I thought it was something like "we're just pushing your buttons"...?
wicker_knight: before working adding all the grass
Lirelent: botania is certainly the most "powerful" mod in this pack. Also the only mod that can generate ORE
wicker_knight: @Darth_Wooper oh no, that one from ...Gunner I think... was a while before. He didn't find it then
vainsalmon: Marble
wicker_knight: Livingrock is very pretty too
Traion: Hey Chat, James, Uno, and Serge
wicker_knight: Botania isn't going to look like anything but itself
Darth_Wooper: I like livingrock. And lots of the other stones and bricks and stuff from Botania.
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Traion: Are we working on Serge's server today?
malc: TEETH
wicker_knight: Prism
Traion: !pmcplan
Milambus: Near the canal
mercano82: Did somebody say TEETH?
wicker_knight: it's the one called Prism
traveller800: PREPARE THE TEETH
Cepsys: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ContingentCat: TEETH
AnimeKitty: TEETH
Traion: !minecraft
avi_miller: TEETH
Elenodul: TEETH
malc: ow, audio glitch?
SK__Ren: POP
Nightvalien28: anyone hear that?
Traion: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're tooling around in SergeCraft.
Jarcarp: TEETH
Suhono: owie
Kerrisis: Is Steam down for anyone else, or is it just me?
Silver_Kn1ght: POP
traveller800: POP TEETH
mistborn83: the scared the crap out of me
Milambus: yes, Pop
wicker_knight: !fakeaddcommand chatplz "Chat, Please why? No..."
StrongBadinater: sinowRigged
AnimeKitty: Kerrisis Try refreshing
nightwingmisthawk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (44m ago).
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun there is no dana, only prismarine
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TXC2: chat you cant just start chanting TEETH while I'm at the door, it's not fair
Kerrisis: @AnimeKitty Steam, not the stream. :)
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traveller800: TEETH
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TheWarbo: !findquote chanting
LRRbot: Quote #5260: "God they're chanting "TEETH" again." —James [2018-08-14]
TXC2: surely BGC's cousin is SmallLittleSquares?
mistborn83: i looks like it is low on water
wicker_knight: @TXC2 I do actually respectfully request something like the !chatplz command :P
wicker_knight: I guess we have !listen
ContingentCat: @TXC2 and AverageMediumHexigons
AnimeKitty: Oh my bad Kerrisis
TXC2: wicker_knight nah, I'll just time out people, it's more fun that way :P
Bartlebad: @LoadingReadyRun I want to thank you, Uno, and Serge for getting me back into Minecraft. Haven't played in like 10 years and I've been going back through all your previous streams.
mistborn83: are you all planning on doing any type os statue or sphyinx?
mercano82: Maybe a few glowstone lamps under the pond?
wicker_knight: @TXC2 ah, yes, UNLIMITEDN *cough cough* power
TXC2: Bartlebad lrrHEART
traveller800: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
mistborn83: cuase some large statues at the end of this garden would look cool
Bartlebad: It's been a hoot. Decided to dive right into modded with the Direwolf20 pack.
Darth_Wooper: I think four of any dye will work?
wicker_knight: it's 2 magical flower dye of any color
wicker_knight: and two petals of any color
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Lirelent: hu, there is supposed to be a source water block in front of all the sea lanterns, looks like serge missed one
KharadBanar: the plural of "dye" is "dyce" Kappa
wicker_knight: oh it's bonemeal?
wicker_knight: well, I can guarantee the color is not important for fertilizer
bristark: Wait is this still Paths of magic how do you have AE and jetpacks?!?!
wicker_knight: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're tooling around in SergeCraft.
TXC2: bristark no this is SergeCraft
Lirelent: paths server is sad face
bristark: oh okay lol i have been playing paths of magic and i was like WHAT?
bristark: Awesome!
Serifina: *shakes fist at CH*
Lirelent: lrrFINE
wicker_knight: In fairness, if we're working on Botania which IS shared across packs
AnimeKitty: lrrFINE
TheR676767: lrrFINE
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
Bartlebad: lrrFINE
TehAmelie: jetpacks aren't magic?
Serifina: After I put in all that work to update the pack yesterday! :p
StrongBadinater: gabyFine
mercano82: does the remote crafting grid range work in a sphere or a cylinder? Would raising the antenna closer to ground level get you further into the garden?
Ashen_Prime: Sounds like you need to extend the utility tunnels under the fountain.
wicker_knight: the stuff Serge learns here will be applicable in PoM
wicker_knight: @mercano82 sphere I think
r_craddz: So not a case of you forgot to pay your bill 😄
wicker_knight: but it's pretty short, it's like 16 blocks
Milambus: just use bone meal on the grass
wicker_knight: the petals produce dye with a mortar and pestle
mistborn83: Hey James I have having a hard time getting my buddy who I game with to give Minecraft a try. He cant get past the graphics and thinks it is a kids game. ANy thought on what I could show him or have him try to kind of get it?
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun what is the origin of the teeth chant?
wicker_knight: !explainteeth
wicker_knight: oh wait, wrong channel
Darth_Wooper: You grind the petals to make floral powder. Any color of that powder will work.
TXC2: TEETH is from James Burner
Darth_Wooper: For this, anyway.
noSmokeFire: there's a popular twitter post about chanting teeth in the dentist's office
noSmokeFire: oh, yeah, Ashen go ti
mercano82: TEETH came from adding piston teeth to James Burner, wasn't it?
TXC2: mercano82 yeap
avi_miller: ^^^^^
RealWormbo: SCiCraft server videos
Nightvalien28: show him chunk punch
TXC2: that new raycasting mod
orbitaltuna: first of all... does your buddy like digging holes
Lethondrin: Sooooo, Minecraft is a kids game
Lethondrin: The problem is people thinking kids games are intrinsically dumb
wicker_knight: @traveller800 "TEETH" comes from Serge's old 1.13 Minecraft server, when he was making an autosmelter with a giant stone head as the input. James joined at one point and decided it should have big gold/bone teeth. Chat...took it further...
Milambus: Not every game is for every person.
BlackBlade_: If they like Lego, that is the best argument I've seen be successful
Nightvalien28: everything is a kids game but not every game is for everyone
traveller800: thats silly...I had a laugh on minecraft on my old computer
Mynthio2: One of the beautyful Serge streams?
Cepsys: yeah, I always tell folks it's 3d legos
traveller800: @wicker_knight : D
CrazymattCaptain: show them insane redstone
Darth_Wooper: It was originally designed as a kids game, but now people of all ages play it. And do all kinds of crazy things with it.
Darth_Wooper: I've seen people in their 70's love it.
wicker_knight: @traveller800 chat ended up naming the giant stone head "James Burner" in honor of the event
randompherret: the first few episodes of a direwolf series can be nice. shows some automation and the start
stevestein: The beauty of his game is creativity. It's not Fortnite, it's Lego.
FuzzyFozzy: Could try some of the really pretty and realistic graphical mods
KharadBanar: Show them grown people discussing about whether a specific redstone storage design is tileable or not Kappa
traveller800: I loved minecraft...I made it my mission to dig to the center of the earth
FITorion: it's legos... if they can't understand the appeal of legos...
noSmokeFire: find something in minecraft that your partner likes in other games -- whether that's the puzzle aspects of redstone and automation, the farming, or architecture
direraven86: I’m 33 and got my mom addicted, who is in her 60s and we play with my nephew who is 8. It’s amazing
jerky_g: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 51:47.
Pteraspidomorphi: Good music
Darth_Wooper: It's legos, but you have to find the blocks to build with them. Unless you play creative or a modpack that has resource generation options.
Pteraspidomorphi: Is squad mode planned for mine o'clock?
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traveller800: @wicker_knight I don;t agree with the kids game arguement...miecraft can be fun...I had a laugh with some friends...he made a tower that was so high the ground despawned and I tried to dig to the center of the earth....with mixed results
Darth_Wooper: Serge doesn't stream during Mine o'clock... but James and Uno doing squad mode could be sweet...
SergeYager: partner only, unfortunately
Darth_Wooper: Ah. Never mind then. :D
Lirelent: squad mode chunk punch with james and serge is possible though
direraven86: Mom has a hard time coming up with things to build, the 8 yr old just wants to blow things up most of the time which leaves me to designing and building lrrAWESOME
Lirelent: hahah.....
traveller800: @wicker_knight I sadly didn;t wake the balrog but I did find a cavern...briefly with 20 creepers/suicide hedges in it
Nightvalien28: oh serge
SnackPak_: sergeHolyMoly
Milambus: we have all failed Serge
TXC2: Serge's mind is blown
DerDrongo: THATS what blows his mind?
Nightvalien28: serge I love you but please
TemporallyAwry: 'Serge Experiences Modded Minecraft' is such a delightful part of the day XD
TXC2: Remember chat, Serge is a cinnamon roll for a reason Kappa
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Lirelent: i wish crafting station could "see" a drawer controller though, that'd be awesome
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shadowbow464: 32 is a good number
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ZethRuss: has anybody shown serge how to craft an item from jei using the (+) button ?
Mynthio2: When Serge found out all of chat knew about the button but not him it was amazing.
Milambus: yes, he knows that one @ZethRuss
traveller800: nothing up his sleeves
Lirelent: oh and @SergeYager if you click the plus button from JEI it'll pull from the connected chest too
traveller800: now pull a rabbit out your hat
Serifina: You cannot mix Floral Powder and regular dye for the floral fertilizer recipe
JoeKim: ohhh we're doing botania?
Lirelent: uno has the harvest tool
ZethRuss: you basically want to get a petal of each color, than you can multiply that by burrying it and bonemealing it (like James just read)
Lirelent: i love the sound effect on that tool
mercano82: Serge needs to go spend five minutes in the time-out corner.
TXC2: dont do what RebelliousUno Does
Milambus: keep one of each
mistborn83: that is a horse of a different color
JoeKim: learning botania
JoeKim: is like relearning redstone
JoeKim: in the worst way
Milambus: might want some 2x2 drawers
JoeKim: there are 16 different petals total
FuzzyFozzy: I find the botania pouch is really useful for seeing what you do and don't have
wicker_knight: plus the 8 different runes
traveller800: @JoeKim I wonder if the suicide hedges have a chapter
Foxmar320: Hello
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
Soul1355: redstone doesn't come with a manual
Darth_Wooper: If you're going to fly around, you'll probably want a botania flower pouch.
RealWormbo: the diamond
traveller800: @TXC2 Punching flowers for SCIENCE!!!!!
TheWarbo: Serge "Dye Man" Yager
kainboa: can't you bonemeal and shear the tall mystical flowers for unlimited flowers?
Milambus: Uno has the rest
wicker_knight: as @ZethRuss pointed out, a much better way to get a bunch of petals is to plant a petal in the ground and bonemeal it
wicker_knight: then use clippers on the resulting "tall" flower
EJGRgunner: Serge probably does
Milambus: @kainboa Yes, but you need a petal first
Darth_Wooper: Oh, there's one more gray on the top row. You have both light and regular gray flowers, but only one is in your counting area.
noSmokeFire: don't you have infinite bone meal, though
ZethRuss: you just used up the only gray you had
Darth_Wooper: Well, you did. Someone just took the regular gray.
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Arclight_Dynamo: Hello friends.
ZethRuss: don't mistake gray for light gray
AnimeKitty: Arclight_Dynamo sergeFriend
Arclight_Dynamo: @AnimeKitty sergeHi sergeFriend
Arclight_Dynamo: Huh. Audio seems left channel only?
wicker_knight: i"m on mono, dunno
TXC2: hello Arclight_Dynamo welcome
Arclight_Dynamo: @TXC2 Hiya!
Lirelent: yea I typically do severall of the 2x2 mini drawer thingy
TXC2: I wouldn't say it's left only, but the sound is left leaning
Darth_Wooper: @Arclight_Dynamo it isn't left-only for me... maybe check your speaker/headphone connection?
Milambus: Show him how to duplicate petals with bonemeal
Lirelent: sound balance sounds fine with me
wicker_knight: @Milambus Uno's doing that now
Arclight_Dynamo: @Darth_Wooper Well, less left-only and more left-biased.
ZethRuss: you might want to duplicate your petals first
Milambus: @wicker_knight yes, but Serge is not paying attention and he needs to learn it
technoFinch: as a future botanist, i can confirm that this is 100% accurate
wicker_knight: <waves hands> The magical mystical musical lyrical Mister Mistofelees!
Darth_Wooper: @Arclight_Dynamo huh... it sounds pretty balanced for me. I'm not sure what else to suggest though. :/
wicker_knight: @Milambus chat was repeating it several times. it'll come up again
Arclight_Dynamo: @Darth_Wooper No idea. And, checking, it is 100% not me - it's the stream.
Mox_Hagdorm: Hi chat, how goes it?
TXC2: hello Mox_Hagdorm welcome
wicker_knight: serge plz
malc: Serge pls
Lirelent: hahah lewd
noSmokeFire: an extremely toasty brassiere
Mox_Hagdorm: lol Serge!
Baldrash: Dammit Serge.
SK__Ren: Both are hot
wicker_knight: gabyLewd
SquirrelLord1111: Pls serge
JoeKim: lol
Serifina: ahahahahahahahahahaha
JoeKim: every time
TheWanderingNomad: But what if I have boobs ON fire?
JoeKim: one day he wont
Ryanoplasty: Fire Boobs
Lirelent: yea most of these things will do redstone
wicker_knight: @JoeKim but it is not this day. This day, we laugh LUL
JoeKim: botania is new and different redstone
TXC2: If your boobs are on fire, I doubt Lava is gonna help
JoeKim: i literally spent a day just reading this book and studying
Pteraspidomorphi: Thanks for the replies re: squad mode :)
Pteraspidomorphi: Was afk
JoeKim: it's movable too
wicker_knight: I like that it feels like a completely different and somewhat more obtuse system
Mox_Hagdorm: I got here at just the right time, souinds like :D
Darth_Wooper: Yeah, starting Botania can be a hefty infodump... but once you get into it it's pretty cool. And the manual is a great resource.
riking27: #BotaniaIsATechMod
wicker_knight: my recommendation is get to the point where you can make runes and generating flowers, then stop and rebuild from scratch
noSmokeFire: can you pipe water into it from an aqueous accumulator?
wicker_knight: after you've figured out how you want to generate flowers long-term
wicker_knight: *generate mana long-term
riking27: yeah just remember that the passive generation flowers are GARBAGE
Mox_Hagdorm: What modpack is this?
wicker_knight: ? I find they work great?
Serifina: Now, now, Botania isn't BLACK magic
Lirelent: is seasong
TXC2: Mox_Hagdorm this is SergeCraft
Serifina: It's nature magic!
wicker_knight: GREEN MAGIC
Mox_Hagdorm: @TXC2 Sweet!
wicker_knight: #NotGruulThenDie
riking27: wicker_knight numerically, they're garbage, even the endoflame kicks their butts
mistborn83: is there an unpure daisy
ZethRuss: you can get it out again using shift right click with an empty hand
Darth_Wooper: @Serifina I dunno if we want to introduce Serge to Blood Magic... he might like it too much.
wicker_knight: @riking27 they don't generate a lot of per-tick mana, agree, but they're always on and they're stackable.
Mox_Hagdorm: Don't call daisies basic!
ThePerrBearr: Did i miss something big? when did they get Jetpacks and Tinkers?
Darth_Wooper: He's made some crazy sadness farms just because. If we give him blood magic reasons to do so...
TXC2: ThePerrBearr this is SergeCraft
wicker_knight: my own base has a bunch of the one that eats leaves in a grove of trees that passively generates basically as much mana as I can use
ThePerrBearr: Oh, ok
Stellapacifica: Morning all! Ooh, botania!
Lirelent: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're tooling around in SergeCraft.
TXC2: hello Stellapacifica welcome
wicker_knight: yes
Milambus: I'm using cakes for mana for my Orechids
vainsalmon: probaly dont want it there
Haydenc1247: what helmet is uno wearing?
Stellapacifica: Phantom Knight helmet
Haydenc1247: TY'
Cepsys: give it the ole Daisey-brook
noSmokeFire: james knows only punching
Stellapacifica: I've gotta set up auto-cakes soon
JoeKim: serge it's less of a tutorial
JoeKim: and more of an encyclopedia
wicker_knight: good luck making the runic altar without doing so :P
wicker_knight: Serge will get it
wicker_knight: @JoeKim I think the tutorial is actually pretty good in this thing
JoeKim: i agree
JoeKim: but going chapter to chapter
JoeKim: isn't the tutorial
Relentless_Bread: Story time wit james and Serge
JoeKim: which is what serge is doing
Monocerotis2010: Tune in this week for "Serge reads Encylopeida Botanica"
TXC2: when Serge Reads it slowly you know he's Judge mode
AnAshenPheonix: ooooh
AnAshenPheonix: Which pack is this?
wicker_knight: Sergecraft
wicker_knight: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're working on bontania in SergeCraft.
TXC2: this is SergeCraft
wicker_knight: follow the red arrows
noSmokeFire: there's an arrow
Milambus: red arrow
ZethRuss: the red arrow
jerky_g: follow arrows
Foxmar320: the tutorial is not great. I used the wiki
wicker_knight: keep going
AnAshenPheonix: you need the petal apothecary to start anything :/
ZethRuss: it told you to read basic mana manipulation in the tutorial
AnAshenPheonix: I"m not a fan of botania myself, but I do know it
wicker_knight: @Foxmar320 I mean, I found it a much better tutorial than, say, RS
wicker_knight: but I concede it's still confusing
wicker_knight: now it's pointing at mana manipulation
Foxmar320: I didn't like that one either
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wicker_knight: but yeah, Runic Altar should be it's own section
Relentless_Bread: Im glad Serge and james are figuring it out because i would be lost
AnAshenPheonix: any basic minecraft log, I think some of the Biomes o' plenty logs won't work, but don't quote me as I've never tried it
InsaneMuadib: what we building today?
TXC2: botania
Lirelent: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're working on bontania in SergeCraft.
AnAshenPheonix: if you intend to do anything, yeah
wicker_knight: @AnAshenPheonix can confirm Olive and Ironwood work (from Rustic). All of the Biomes o'plenty trees I've tried produce ordinary tree wood, so they've worked too
Darth_Wooper: Yeah, having several pure daisies is probably a good idea.
AnAshenPheonix: fair enough
Lirelent: yea I do 2 and run one wood and one stone for a bit
the_mer_princess123: Hi
AnAshenPheonix: you will need livingwood/livingrock for everything, I use 4 if I'm using an automation system
Arclight_Dynamo: Does a fluxsaw work as shears for Botania purposes?
AnAshenPheonix: no
TXC2: hello the_mer_princess123 welcome
Arclight_Dynamo: Well, dinger.
wicker_knight: huh, I would have expected yes
malc: textures, pls
KharadBanar: The wood has become alive! Quick, hit it with our axe!
AnAshenPheonix: it has to be something that triggers the shear effect
Arclight_Dynamo: I mean, fluxsaws are meant to act as shears, tho.
AnAshenPheonix: that being said, I can't think of a reason why silken one's work
AnAshenPheonix: silken touch effect wouldn't work
AnAshenPheonix: hit enter before finishing my thought
realhillwolf: !mod
Darth_Wooper: The color of the petals you use for the wand doesn't effect how it works, just the appearance.
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wicker_knight: @realhillwolf Sergecraft is the modpack
TXC2: realhillwolf this is SergeCraft
wicker_knight: the mod they're working on is Botania
realhillwolf: !good bot
ContingentCat: !advice
Nightvalien28: CRIMES
wicker_knight: MrDestructoid HAPPY TO HELP
ContingentCat: ok LRRbot
wicker_knight: yeah this mod is as bad as Thermal Expansion for silly names LUL
AnAshenPheonix: much worse imho
Milambus: !advice
LRRbot: Watch out for hidden robots.
KharadBanar: Hydro-Angeas
Arclight_Dynamo: I gotta say, I much prefer tech mods to this.
Milambus: I went Simic for my wand
Mox_Hagdorm: !badadvice
LRRbot: Go right.
Nefarious_Ned: !bad advice
LRRbot: Buy more gachapon.
TXC2: Magic is just tech with more chanting
TheMerricat: Bontania = plant based tech mods.
AnAshenPheonix: yeah, botania is a magic mod that feels like a tech mod, but I still don't like it
Nefarious_Ned: magic is just tech we don't understand yet
Lirelent: automating it is actually really fun (aka hard and tricky in a good way) in botania
AnAshenPheonix: now astral sorcery is a magic mod I enjoy a lot
Arclight_Dynamo: Heh, fair. I guess I don't like the "magic" theme more than anything. A tech-skinned Botania would tickle me a lot more. I'm strange. :D
JudgeKyle: Is this the mod fugi is using to make his base cake-powered?
wicker_knight: @Nefarious_Ned or, in Botania's case, tech that's a little more obtuse and fickle to work with
WizardZedd: Is Blood Magic in this pack? I find building the huge pedestal fun.
wicker_knight: @JudgeKyle yes
Milambus: he never started the actual tutorial
Darth_Wooper: @AnAshenPheonix astral sorcery is in Paths of Magic, so the guys should get to it eventually there.
wicker_knight: Serge needs to go through the "Welcome to Botania" and click the "Ingame" button
JudgeKyle: @wicker_knight dope, thanks!
wicker_knight: same as you did
ImKevinTheShark: cheer50 James could you ask Serge where my chummy Nom Nom's are?
TXC2: WizardZedd we dont let blood magic near Serge, it might give him "ideas"
TheMerricat: The primary issue I had/have with Botania is mostly philosophical. Vaz really didn't want it to be automatiable by tech mods but wanted you to rely on vanilla minecraft mechanics.
gsyhiap: LUL
wicker_knight: lrrFINE gabyFine
AnimeKitty: :D
kerbalized_: LUL LUL LUL
DarthRagnar815: gabyWheee
TemporallyAwry: That is several levels of meta joke right there.
Lirelent: hahahahaha.....
ThePerrBearr: it's a Multi-Pals reference
ReydienOnline: foxmar withered away?
ReydienOnline: :(
Cepsys: that's some biting commentary there
TheAinMAP: sergeFuse benginFuse
AnimeKitty: F Foxmar
ImKevinTheShark: I'll get them eventually
wicker_knight: one of the things you can do in that game is throw fish to distract the shark. Serge has been calling that "chummy nom noms"
wicker_knight tosses a fish overboard
gsyhiap: SabaPing
ImKevinTheShark chomps
wicker_knight: okay that's definitely a mistake
wicker_knight: Mana Pearl is an output, not an input
TXC2: now I'm thinking of the biger boat scene for Jaws :P
TXC2: *from
ImKevinTheShark: TBF they are certainly making their raft a lot bigger
TXC2: all cookies are magic
Justin_Bailey: you stole my magic cookie
Arclight_Dynamo: "You tookie my cookie."
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
Darth_Wooper: My Little Botania: Cookies Are Magic
wicker_knight: "you stole my cookies. And put ...magical glowy stuff on them..." "Hey, you ate them."
gsyhiap: I didn't take it, it "magically disappeared"
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
gsyhiap: sergeCounting
ImKevinTheShark: sergeOffByOne
Milambus: Maybe learn how it works, then make it look nice after?
wicker_knight: again, I recommend treating everything you make right now as a temporary version that will be replaced once you've decided on your permanent mana generation process
TXC2: Milambus you're new here aren't you? Kappa
TheMerricat: Serge is allergic to ugly builds.
Milambus: @TXC2 haha
wicker_knight: @Milambus Ah yes, another person after me and Uno's hearts. We are a lonely bunch here sergeFriend
SpookySpaghooti: hey all!
TXC2: hello SpookySpaghooti welcome
mistborn83: a bit rubbish. Love it
Nightvalien28: pew
wicker_knight: it means that the further the mana spreader is from the destination, the slower the transfer will be
ImKevinTheShark: Serge you saw Jo doing this yesterday when you tried out some the wand?
wicker_knight: typo, yeah
Darth_Wooper: Yeah, there's a few typos in this thing.
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Serifina: HOW
wicker_knight: @Serifina it's the second we've found already
Serifina: @wicker_knight Wow.
Serifina: Dangit, Vazkii
wicker_knight: they also wrote "Mana Pearl" when they meant "Ender Pearl" earlier
Milambus: just use JEI serge
TheMerricat: @Serifina you think folk who notice errors outside of the coding team, ever report them? ^_^
wicker_knight: @Serifina I mean, this book is nuts complicated. I'm willing to give them a fair amount of leeway
gsyhiap mashes shift
Milambus: the Lexica is a bit rubbish =)
TXC2: one person mods maybe dont have the best proof reading I guess?
wicker_knight: I always do it in very bright wool colors, just to make tracking the spread of mana easier
noSmokeFire: how come, uno?
Relentless_Bread: It puts a silencer on the wand
noSmokeFire: :+1:
wicker_knight: one to send from the generating flowers to the pool and one to send from the pool to the altar @noSmokeFire
Milambus: Symmetry!
wicker_knight: anywhere except right next to
wicker_knight: or make a third
mistborn83: team order
wicker_knight: to keep symmetry
wicker_knight: Serge has now been hooked :P
wicker_knight: ptwew
Serifina: It would have hit the mana pool anyway. :p
Serifina: @TheMerricat *I* report errors all the time.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina Jo had the same setup, and it didn't on yesterday's Serge stream.
Serifina: @Arclight_Dynamo It should have. o_O I've done it a million times.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Serifina *Huge Shrug*
wicker_knight: endoflame is good enough to always use
wicker_knight: hydroangeas are a bit rubbish
Serifina: Do not use the Hydroangea. Please.
Arclight_Dynamo: Hydro-aynge-uh.
AnAshenPheonix: endoflames are much easier to use and automate
wicker_knight: garbage
Serifina: Hydroangeas are VERY SLOW
Lirelent: endoflame is great if you have blocks of coal
TheMerricat: Hydroangeas litterally die in an hour, they are only good for temp generation.
Lord_Hosk: Why should we listen to Serifina about minecraft? just because they are one of the foremost experts in the community and have millions of hours of experience?
wicker_knight: and this is their modpack?
wicker_knight: no idea @Lord_Hosk
wicker_knight: gabyTehe
KharadBanar: Automatable Active Generating Flora (tm)
Lirelent: and the mana pool will output redstone based on how full it is
noSmokeFire: serge: burn things!
wicker_knight: yes that works
TheMerricat: I throw it on the GROUND!
Lirelent: surround the spreader
wicker_knight: doesn't matter Serge
wicker_knight: Understand Serge, this is an Uno-style mod
AnAshenPheonix: the lowest level of mana spreader can handle quite a few, >9
wicker_knight: if it says it's working, it works
Lirelent: ohhh right blaze rods work really well, and we have a farm for them
Lirelent: be ok James
wicker_knight: TAKE THAT Nitrogen :P
Lirelent: right click to update status
wicker_knight: because it's changed since the last time you checked it with the wand
Lirelent: and you have to keep clicking to get updates
AnAshenPheonix: technically, the wand will only edit what it knows when you right click on them
Darth_Wooper: dink dink dink
wicker_knight: you can get a bauble later that makes this auto-update on your view
AnimeKitty: Do you constantly have to boop them to get an update?
TheMerricat: Do active gen flowers have the same "can't be placed too close' restriction as passive gen flowers?
wicker_knight: @AnimeKitty to see the update, yes, until you get a mana monocle
AnimeKitty: Cool
ritchards: plant flowers, get mana, fight the Gaia Guardian...
AnAshenPheonix: not that i've noticed, but I usually just set them a bit away for automation purposes
wicker_knight: I think the Gaia Guardian is disabled for this pack
Milambus: I gotta fight the guardian
ritchards: No it's not. GG is definitely in this pack
wicker_knight: okay. I know some stuff is
wicker_knight: yeah Runic Altar really should be it's own section
wicker_knight: both based on when you start using it and how complicated it is
Ryanoplasty: OH NO! the Flowers are on Fire!!!
wicker_knight: that's fine lrrFINE gabyFine they're one fire because they're generating magic out of demon bones
Milambus: They are Endoflames... they burn stuff to make mana.
Ryanoplasty: Ah, Yes Demon Bones. I should've known. Haha.
wicker_knight: well, blaze rods, but honestly Demon Bones is more descriptive and isn't really any ...more... lewd
ContingentCat: is pew pew the new kobe?
wicker_knight: different
Milambus: I think its the old Kobe
TXC2: I dont think it's being used in the same context
wicker_knight: Kobe is for throwing something. Pew Pew is for aiming something that fires itself
ContingentCat: ah ok
wicker_knight: you're honestly almost "done" in terms of things to make
TXC2: the old kobe is Jordan Kappa
wicker_knight: and before that is Chamberlain
wicker_knight: so, everything else you want to make will have a recipe
wicker_knight: most will require runes
rocketjohn: omg. it literally said at the beginning of the chapter.
Milambus: Build towards the portal?
Lirelent: this is why you have chat serge, also you're holding a complete encyclopedia
wicker_knight: @rocketjohn Streaming. It's to be expected they're going to miss things
ritchards: get the pyroclast pendant
DarkMorford: Oh yeah, Pyroclast Pendants would be a good idea.
wicker_knight: even/especially obvious things when they don't realize they need to pay closer attention
wicker_knight: you are not ready to make the Alfheim portal yet
AnimeKitty: Lol
Haydenc1247: planestriders sash is usually my first make
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Ryanoplasty: *to the batman theme* mana mana mana mana, mana mana mana mana, portal!
wicker_knight: the tectonic girdle is also super useful
AnimeKitty: There are many fire quotes to be fair
Justin_Bailey: wow, savage burn
noSmokeFire: shouldn't you make a mana tablet first?
Lirelent: hahaha lrrHEART James
wicker_knight: and the benevolent goddess charm
ritchards: THe pendant is really useful
Serifina: The Soujurner's Sash is the #1 item to make, though! :p
Arclight_Dynamo: @AnimeKitty These baubles, BTW, are how to make kitty ears. :P
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xhres2: Alfhiem? This is a weird God of war mod.
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ritchards: they need to get terrasteel...
wicker_knight: yeah, like I said you are very not ready to make the portal
Relentless_Bread: Uno starts reading and everything sounds so magical and professional
TXC2: we need to get Charles Dance read this book Kappa
wicker_knight: Serge needs to see what the terrasteel portal looks like first
Serifina: Terrasteel is going to take a WHILE to make with your current mana production.
wicker_knight: then I think stopping to make it pretty is warranted
AnimeKitty: Arclight_Dynamo I'll probably get to this after stream :D
wicker_knight: you don't have enough mana production to make terrasteel in bulk, yeah
ritchards: you need half a mana pool to get one terrasteel
Milambus: 50 more of them
Serifina: The Gourmaryllis
DarkMorford: Entropynniums are good
Arclight_Dynamo: @AnimeKitty :D
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun I would highly recommend moving into the Gourmaryllis next.
red_shoes_jeff: I have returned from The Sea! Hi James, Uno, Whiskers, Chat!
noSmokeFire: isn't the entropynium the one that uses TNT?
Serifina: With the food in this pack, you can do excellent mana with it.
Milambus: Or Kekimurus
cyclonlive: what modpack is this?
DarkMorford: noSmokeFire correct
TXC2: Hello red_shoes_jeff welcome
wicker_knight: the lowest-effort way to generate mana is probably the one that drains levels
Milambus: true,sorry
wicker_knight: since you have all the experience
TXC2: James, never become a gardener :P
wicker_knight: but it's not a sustainable option
Arclight_Dynamo: Feed me, Seymour.
tknocker: Can you feed it cakes?
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Ryanoplasty: Wow! it's been a year already?! that's like, 12 months!
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Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun Be sure to note that you need TWO different foods to feed a Gourmaryllis
Lirelent: this is honestly the best tbh, since we have a rod farm
TXC2: a Hard work sandwich is just any sandwich with the crusts cut off no?
wicker_knight: but yeah, if you're thinking about long-term generation your best options are: tons of endoflames, gourmallis with automated food dispensing, tons of munchdews
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 crust cut off and cut on the diagonal
Serifina: You can automate the Endoflames.
TXC2: ooh fancy
Lirelent: if anything we should automate this
tknocker: I think there is a way to automate the endoflames.
wicker_knight: with stuff like the Rosa arcana for high-intensity things like terrasteel
cyclonlive: what modpack is this?
Lirelent: we should automate the enderflames and also set a level emitter on the b
Arclight_Dynamo: Sergecraft.
Lirelent: blaze rod farm
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun You can. But please don't go beyond ten or fifteen or so. The idea is that you move on from weak flowers instead of spamming a billion of them.
TXC2: this is sergeCraft
Milambus: @cyclonlive SergeCraft
Darth_Wooper: !sergecraft
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ImKevinTheShark: I'm absolutely up for Brute Force :)
BlackBlade_: make a grid of pools, and make upgraded spreaders
wicker_knight: you will want several mana pools eventually
wicker_knight: worth leaving there
Darth_Wooper: Huh. I guess it's not a command here. It's available on the twitch launcher @cyclonlive if you'd like to play it yourself. :)
noSmokeFire: it's pretty much exactly like the flux capacitor, right?
randompherret: dropper over pressure plate to keep flowers fed without needing to do it manually
wicker_knight: @noSmokeFire functionally, yes
wicker_knight: @randompherret that's how Uno does it, yes
TheWarbo: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing Paths of Magic 3, developed by Serifina! Get it here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/paths-of-magic-3
Milambus: I think you'll be removing this mana pool anyway, so dont worry about it right now
Arclight_Dynamo: Can you chisel living rock?
TheWarbo: Oh, nope because of the sudden change
wicker_knight: there's livingrock bricks
quietcat: botania adds a whole bunch of quartz colors
Legosheep: You can always put the mana spreaders underground
TXC2: yeah I ain't changing the modpack command for one week
wicker_knight: no
wicker_knight: you can't
Legosheep: Have the flowers above ground haphazardly and have the magic wiring hidden
Relentless_Bread: Is Serge streaming
Milambus: The later won't function
ritchards: can't even put a spark on one...
Milambus: alter*
TheWarbo: oh that's fair, I just forgot that that makes it not answer the question for the one week
PhoenixMelior: Dear chat, why wasn't Fblthp LRR's spoiler card?
wicker_knight: Altar can only be fed by a spreader
noSmokeFire: @PhoenixMelior maybe they'll get Fblthp's signature spell. Fblthp's Revenge.
PhoenixMelior: noSmokeFire ooh, that could be good.
wicker_knight: @PhoenixMelior Fblthp can't be made into a card. Like old Planeswalkers, WOTC thinks it's too powerful
noSmokeFire: or the cathartic reunion we were all clamoring for
PhoenixMelior: wicker_knight you missed the spoiler though
tknocker: What is it?
Arclight_Dynamo: Chat. Serge is putting the mana pool on the altar for aesthetic reason. It's just to look good.
TXC2: PhoenixMelior damn good question
wicker_knight: @PhoenixMelior @_@
wicker_knight: I stand corrected
PhoenixMelior: Fblthp is here to kill Bolas
TXC2: I feel like Fblthp gets into some sort of Norrin the wearry style deck
kerbalized_: "Fblthp's Desire 1B. (T) : Find your lost car keys" Kappa
ritchards: Flip it sideways
wicker_knight: it also stops you from being able to use the Altar
ritchards: !advice
LRRbot: Flip it turnways.
VoyRising: Hello again!
SK__Ren: Use a Wrench
noSmokeFire: you could probably chisel & bit a bootleg runic altar.
wicker_knight: like, you don't want stuff above the altar
Dedwrekka: Fill this manapool with creme *clap clap* Fill this manapool with creme *clap clap*
wicker_knight: because stuff in the altar floats
wicker_knight: when you're making things
wicker_knight: like, recommend placing some stuff in the altar
PhoenixMelior: that was an unexpected noise
Legosheep: Can't you make livingstone pillars?
ritchards: marble column!
wicker_knight: so everyone sees how it looks
noSmokeFire: wicker, they're looking at an altar as an aesthetic piece *in addition* to the functional one
FeverRadish: Chisel and bits a pedestal
VoyRising: Hopper?
Arclight_Dynamo: @wicker_knight Serge was just putting it on top to look good. That altar would not be meant to function. They would have a second, functional, altar.
Lirelent: yea marble piller would look good
tknocker: You can use chisels and bits to make one.
tknocker: But it would look amazing.
OrangeBeard: Tinker crafting table perhaps?
FeverRadish: Marble pillar?
Ryanoplasty: It's suposed to be a pool right? why not do a design in the ground like you did arround the trees in the arberitum?
wicker_knight: @Arclight_Dynamo @noSmokeFire Ooh. I...was not paying enough attention gabyFacepalm my bad
Legosheep: Just wait until serge gets the wand of exchange
Milambus: living rock creation can be automated also
Arclight_Dynamo: @wicker_knight It happens. :D
noSmokeFire: haha, no worries. just didn't want you to get stuck frustrated trying to figure out why they were doing something pointless
tknocker: Can you still throw things into it?
vinvis_: Is this Sergecraft?
wicker_knight: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're working on bontania in SergeCraft.
vinvis_: ah oke cool :)
Serifina: @Loadingreadyrun About 10 or 12.
Serifina: For Endoflames
Serifina: I recommend putting a Potency lens on
TemporallyAwry: You'll be able to upgrade the spreaders over time as well.
TXC2: Serge pls
Milambus: Mana spreader is 160 mana per burst.. Endoflame is 1.5 mana / tick.. so 10ish flowers would have the Spreader pulse about 1/ second?
Lirelent: then you "OR' the signal with the redstone signal from the mana pool so that a full pool will ALSO lock the hopper that feeds the open create
cyclonlive: i spawned in my world "James sucks" and it spawned me in lava so good start
wicker_knight: KARMA @cyclonlive
ritchards: Yeah, SergeCraft has a lot more automation options than POM3
tknocker: magnet ring?
Legosheep: >Don't go overboard. What are you talking about! This is modded minecraft!
wicker_knight: this is why you don't raise the thing gabyFacepalm
Arclight_Dynamo: Laurel and frikkin' Hardy over here. :D
Lirelent: who's on first?
wicker_knight: That's the man's name
ImKevinTheShark: Serge: "Watch me Nay Nay"
Lirelent: yea and the terrasteal maker is a multiblock
Lirelent: and takes a ton of mana
wicker_knight: terrasteel is it's own section in the Botania book
Lirelent: look in the book james, JEI doesn't help
wicker_knight: it's in the introduction
wicker_knight: Ah-glaw-mer-a-shun
wicker_knight: that one happens to be a real word, albeit incorrectly used ;P
Lirelent: JEI has the recipe for the plate, just doesn't tell you the blocks that the plate has to be on top of to work
wicker_knight: per serifina though, I'd recommend making some more powerful generating flowers first
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wicker_knight: yeah Terrasteel is the gate for endgame items in botania
Milambus: And it will Use the runes, not return them
ritchards: or be prepared to wait a long time for things
Arclight_Dynamo: You can craft gunpowder in Sergecraft.
wicker_knight: no it has to be powder
wicker_knight: any powder
Milambus: gunpowder, glowstone, redstone and ? work for mana powder
Mangledpixel: funpowder!
djalternative: funpowder = gunpowder
wicker_knight: I don't know if it's more or less efficient to convert blocks vs ingots
itsjoey_drip: <message deleted>tasty
Arclight_Dynamo: OMG Serge. :D
Lirelent: James you can right click them in
tknocker: The things we put up with for beauty.
wicker_knight: -____________-
itsjoey_drip: <message deleted>minecraft is for sexy beasts
Lirelent: can't you right click?
wicker_knight: no
Mangledpixel: seabatHITBOX
itsjoey_drip: <message deleted>minecraft can suck me off
wicker_knight: has to be thrown
itsjoey_drip: <message deleted>mind in my craft
itsjoey_drip: <message deleted>plzzzz
Lirelent: the apothecary can be right clicked
wicker_knight: yes
wicker_knight: it's tricky though
Milambus: yes... pipe into an OenCrate
Lirelent: silly the pool can't
djalternative: you can open crate it
Milambus: OpenCrate*
Serifina: Well, not not.
GenericGameCr8: Thank you mods!
Serifina: You could use an Open Crate to drop things into the pool
Milambus: Chest -> Hopper -> OpenCrate works well also
wicker_knight: move it down one
wicker_knight: has to share a side
Lirelent: well open crate is just a way of dropping in a predictable maner (aka stright down). Open crates are really useful for automating this stuff in general
djalternative: maybe use sparks instead of that mana spreader
Lord_Hosk: Littlest Lady Hosk "Can you ask your computer friends what they are doing? cause thats not minecraft... it sorta looks like minecraft but I play minecraft (shakes head) and thats not minecraft"
noSmokeFire: oh my gosh, hosk
wicker_knight: @Lord_Hosk well...she's not wrong...
Lirelent: it can go under it?
Arclight_Dynamo: ^
Serifina: Serge, it *has* to touch the Mana Pool to work.
FuzzyFozzy: Lord_Hosk lrrAWESOME
Lirelent: put it under serge
VoyRising: This all looks very industrial.
wicker_knight: there's a reason this is called a "tech" mod
Milambus: Serge, can we build the engine of the care before we worry about the paint job?
Milambus: car*
Lirelent: spreader under pool, and then half slabs around
red_shoes_jeff: It actually seems to be working FASTER this way.
Ryanoplasty: move it out from the pool one block, so it is floating.
noSmokeFire: it has to be touching the pool, doesn't it?
Lirelent: it might have LOS
Ryanoplasty: of cuurse ou'd have to move the alter over one too
wicker_knight: @Milambus If the chrome plating on the engine isn't correct, the car won't be perfect! gabyB
Milambus: =)
noSmokeFire: that looks super goofy
Lirelent: nice
wicker_knight: lrrGOAT there
TXC2: magic laser beams
Ryanoplasty: Cool!
VoyRising: Is it absolutely necessary to have the blocks shooting green stuff above the flowers? Would it be possible to hide them underground, and just have a flower garden?
Lirelent: i like the slabs all around
wicker_knight: they can be underground
vainsalmon: Surround it by sunken stairs
nickreese923: how is the hole going
wicker_knight: the "green stuff" is only visible when you have the wand in hand though
Mynthio2: You could also coat them with wool.
noSmokeFire: can they eat drops through the ground, or will all the automation have to be aboveground?
Lirelent: does anyone remember if the sparks require line of sight?
Milambus: Oh.. a monocle might be good to make
FuzzyFozzy: Every time I see Uno's hat I just kind of giggle
noSmokeFire: I believe the sparks will stop if they hit a solid block, @Lirelent
Ryanoplasty: This song reminds me of peggle. Haha.
wicker_knight: @noSmokeFire you can put a dispenser under a dirt block and fire the stuff up from the ground
Lirelent: the endo flames will actually eat from a pretty large range, including from below
djalternative: you can use sparks for transfering mana out of pools, especially if you want a mana batery
noSmokeFire: or "pulses", I guess. "Sparks" are an entity in this pack that sort of replace spreaders, iirc
wicker_knight: also, non-endoflame flowers have other options
VoyRising: It seems like just putting as much as possible of the mechanical stuff underground would solve a lot of the aesthetics. The big floating blocks are really hard to work with.
noSmokeFire: oh, sorry, you were actually talking about sparks.
Arclight_Dynamo: I think when I build a Botania area, I'm going to try to hide the infrastructure as much as possible. Same way I want to hide the Thermal ducts as much as possible.
malc: !sir
DarkMorford: lrrJUDGE
Lirelent: later on in the mod, sparks are required, since the spreaders are FAR too slow
Amentur: lrrJUDGE
Mox_Hagdorm: YES UNO YES!
Lord_Hosk: BOOOOO
Mangledpixel: boooo
Milambus: could also convert them to floating endoflames
Lord_Hosk: BOOOOOO
ritchards: slow clap . gif
CataclysmicReverb: I'm surprised an endoflame hasn't eaten a mana spreader yet
wicker_knight: feed uno to a rosa arcana
Ryanoplasty: YAS Uno! haha
voslan: When did Uno become Gunner?
red_shoes_jeff: GO TO HELL THAT WAS CLEVER!
KharadBanar: I live for this kind of puns
Justin_Bailey: secretly, we've replaced Uno with Gunner..lets see if they notice
noSmokeFire: have you ever seen Uno and Gunner in the same room, voslan?
CrazymattCaptain: have we reached sergeScopeCreep yet?
Ryanoplasty: Nice Serge
wicker_knight: a while ago @CrazymattCaptain
mjfsixteen: how very.....Serge sergeMeasureNever
voslan: @noSmokeFire Now theat you mention it... We must Tell Serge!
kansaiDop: it has a 3 block spread
Ryanoplasty: make a gazebo arround all of it now
mistborn83: everything on this build has a very new look to it and and the aged walk way dosent fit imo
djalternative: what are your plans for mana generation then?
Arclight_Dynamo: What is that repeated ba-WHOOSH noise?
Milambus: Manaseer Monocle lets you see the range of flowers
noSmokeFire: the endoflames lighting up, acrlight
wicker_knight: that's the endoflames eating the blaze rods @Arclight_Dynamo
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah! TY.
RobotHitchhiker: just got here... why are they in sergecraft?
wicker_knight: !mcplan
LRRbot: James can't get on Paths of Magic right now, so we're working on bontania in SergeCraft.
Milambus: right click or toss
djalternative: you can toss but right click is easier
CataclysmicReverb: You can also q-drop it on
wicker_knight: always recommend right click tbf
Milambus: they are in JEI also
wicker_knight: it's in introduction
wicker_knight: many of the later runes require earlier runes
djalternative: you're also going to need a piece of living rock
Ryanoplasty: This is really cool
wicker_knight: yeah, this is the best part of Botania
ForOhForError: yeah botania is rad
Milambus: do it 15 more times
noSmokeFire: this is giving me Runescape flashbacks
djalternative: I'm so glad the runes became reuseable
Mangledpixel: and rune of heart?
wicker_knight: well, there's the rune of Lust
wicker_knight: :P
Mangledpixel: hehe
ForOhForError: teching up to terrasteel?
Ryanoplasty: Dose botania use mushrooms and other plant stuff too, or mostly just flowers?
noSmokeFire: by there powers combined, I am...Rune of Planet
wicker_knight: @Ryanoplasty at least one rune (Earth I think?) requires mushrooms
Ryanoplasty: @noSmokeFire haha
Milambus: some mushrooms can be swapped in for the flowers
CataclysmicReverb: Any stone
wicker_knight: the mystical mushrooms are disabled for this pack
wicker_knight: yeah if it says "Stone" it can be any stone
ForOhForError: the mushrooms are pretty much irrelevant anyway
Ryanoplasty: Nice, I think of nature magic as fairy themed, so mushrooms, moss, bark, that kind of stuff. this is still really cool though.
djalternative: gload
TXC2: Good Cronosphere noise there
wicker_knight: yes
Serifina: Manasteel is iron
Serifina: Not steel
OKB_1: !next
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wicker_knight: mana is a ton of manapowder
djalternative: there is a difference in modded
superdude097: Hello friends
wicker_knight: oh, I'm wrong
TXC2: hello superdude097 welcome
Arclight_Dynamo: So, question - do Botania setups need to be sprawling, or can they be made compact?
Metalupis: put the blaze rods in a hole under the flowers?
Legosheep: Are you sure you're not overloading those mana spreaders? I thought each spreader could only support 4 endoflames
djalternative: a common way to auto-endoflames is to drop blaze rods onto a pressure plate connected to your dropper via redstone
Milambus: @Arclight_Dynamo mine is currently in 2 floors of my 1 chunk build
wicker_knight: apparrently they can each support 9, per earlier posters (notable @Serifina who made this mod)
wicker_knight: *modpack
Arclight_Dynamo: @Milambus ...hm, that's not so bad, then.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Milambus Basically I'm wondering if I can bury it in my skyball, along with the Thermal stuff, or if I need to make a secondary sphere for it.
Milambus: @Arclight_Dynamo The second floor is all my automatic Orechid setup.. first floor is the alter, portal, etc
wicker_knight: @Arclight_Dynamo definitely pretty easy to fit in THEORB
djalternative: I believe you can chain sparks
Arclight_Dynamo: @wicker_knight Goog, good...
Arclight_Dynamo: Er... GOOD, good. :D
wicker_knight: mine is in my base's attic, for example
wicker_knight: although for my new base I'm integrating it with my tree farm
Milambus: you want sparks for the Terra-steel thing
wicker_knight: livinfgstone corners
wicker_knight: lapis in the middle
djalternative: other way around serge
Milambus: swap those
CataclysmicReverb: Rotate the outside
wicker_knight: it is livingstone in the center though
wicker_knight: now you need a Spark
wicker_knight: I suggest you go kill a planeswalker
superdude097: So what does this contraption ultimately do?
djalternative: now you need 2 sparks
iamkaiserbear: <message deleted>Bolas took all the Sparks tho
wicker_knight: make super magical steel
TXC2: Agglomeration, gonna take pollution down to zero
Milambus: It makes Terrasteel
Darth_Wooper: I love how livingrock works so well with the existing color palette here too!
wicker_knight: I confess I really don't understand why there are both Sparks and Spreaders
wicker_knight: seems like there should only be one or the other
djalternative: you can literally just text search the book by clicking on the index tag I believe
wicker_knight: personally I think there should only be sparks
Milambus: I dont think Sparks work on the Runic Alter
djalternative: sparks are easy. it's the augments that are expensive
wicker_knight: they don't
Ryanoplasty: The stone bricks next to the lapis thin, should be stairs facing away from the plate
wicker_knight: I'm talking from a mod-design perspective, not a usability one
Milambus: But yes it seems like Sparks were a later addition but they didnt remove spreaders at that time
wicker_knight: *not a current-usage one
wicker_knight: ah, that would make sense
ashinmc: Hello
wicker_knight: spreaders are legacy tech and the altar hasn't been updated to the new standard
TXC2: hello ashinmc welcome
djalternative: now you need a spark augment to get mana flowing
wicker_knight: no, it's fine now
wicker_knight: augment will make it faster though
Milambus: As a programmer, I can see how Sparks got added but legacy systems were left alone
ForOhForError: should be enough for the first ingot
ashinmc: <owner> read this comment
TXC2: Hello Graham
superdude097: @ashinmc sergeHi sergeFriend
djalternative: hola g
Arclight_Dynamo: Dazza G!
DarkMorford: Hey G
Lirelent: HI G!!!
Darth_Wooper: Hi Graham!
quietcat: Hi G!
Mangledpixel: heyo G
SquirrelLord1111: Hi G
freshmaker__: Hey G!
voslan: G-man!
Piratical_tendancies: Hi G!
Stellapacifica: Yo G*
red_shoes_jeff: GRA lrrHAM
wicker_knight: TEETH
theneatestburrito: Grah!
Dumori: G* clap clap clap
Ryanoplasty: Aham, its Graham. Hi!
TXC2 waves back
Milambus: Rs
malc: o/
P4r7YG0D: G money!
djalternative: yes. formation planes
jerky_g: Graham looks confused
Milambus: Constructor/Destructor
wicker_knight: don't worry graham, this is supposed to be confusing :P
Stellapacifica: It's a bit difficult to automate terrasteel but it can be done
voslan: Living wood is an Oxymoron....
red_shoes_jeff: We're so glad you're not dead!
Haydenc1247: Powerful Magic
wicker_knight: living wood is trees
TXC2: voslan I guess it means animated wood
P4r7YG0D: Flower magic. just as molander intended
Justin_Bailey: Hey G, looking forward to Wrestlemania?
Mox_Hagdorm: MCP??
TXC2: #NotACult
red_shoes_jeff: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
wicker_knight: Arclight Dynamo
ForOhForError: horrifying
wicker_knight: Show him the sadness farm Kappa
wicker_knight: or, sadness factory
Lirelent: it's extra extra
red_shoes_jeff: *touch*
mistborn83: but I want to touch it
wicker_knight: geomatic
TheMerricat: mods
Lirelent: i mean it's sort of a being, it's a mana ferrying farry
djalternative: and now you fight the boss
TXC2: wireless magic
Darth_Wooper: Through the power of ~mods~
mistborn83: spark, mana, magic. This is all sounding fimiliar
TXC2: Bye Graham
Milambus: he needs it for the Portal
jerky_g: Bye G
ImKevinTheShark: You might even call it... the Allspark
Mangledpixel: mistborn83 the mod also has a Black Lotus
freshmaker__: Oh that hoodie is cool
CataclysmicReverb: Terrasteel axe imo
djalternative: Kill Gaia
red_shoes_jeff: Bye bye Gra lrrHAM
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Haydenc1247: @Mangledpixel pretty sure they have at least one in their system
freshmaker__: Oops I forgot to resub. lol
Milambus: 2
ForOhForError: 1 terrasteel gives exactly enough to make the portal iirc
wicker_knight: yeah Serge found one on the first stream while exploring
VoyRising: We require more pylons.
vainsalmon: 4 for the design that serge wants
Milambus: 1 core
voslan: I dislike that item just for it's name alone. Wood is Already Living!
Milambus: bottom
freshmaker__: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
djalternative: 3 glimmering livingwood
TXC2: VoyRising spawn more overlords
Serifina: You need one elven gateway core and two pylons.
Serifina: One Terrasteel is perfect for it
CataclysmicReverb: Glowstone + Livingwood
Milambus: 2 mana pools also
Mox_Hagdorm: Where is that portal going to tAKE YOU?
wicker_knight: you haven't figured out how to make glimmering livingwood yet
Mox_Hagdorm: Whoops caps
Arclight_Dynamo: @Mox_Hagdorm You cannot enter the portal.
wicker_knight: @Mox_Hagdorm players don't go through it
ForOhForError: portal doesn't go anywhere, it just exchanges items to a different tier
Mox_Hagdorm: Aww
wicker_knight: you can throw items into it and the elves through items back out
djalternative: It's a trade portal
noSmokeFire: elven customs are no joke
TXC2: we go nowwhere, we put our trash into into
ForOhForError: you can also throw trash into the portal and force tthe elves to deal with it
wicker_knight: yeah, it's like the portal to the dinosaur past
wicker_knight: #deepcuts #commodorehustle
djalternative: if you click on the book on the chapter page you can just search the book
Haydenc1247: its basically a crafting mechanism
Mox_Hagdorm: Yeah, but Beej went through that portal
wicker_knight: fair
freshmaker__: I'm so happy they added the total time subbed as well, because I totally forgot to sub... yesterday I think. I was quite busy. :P
Stellapacifica: You really need to be specific with the shipping manifest. They'll confiscate practically anything
TXC2: Beej does a lot things
Tripleyew: ‘Afternoon, all!
noSmokeFire: how do we know the stuff we get back isn't elven trash?
TXC2: hello Tripleyew welcome
P4r7YG0D: "You must construct additional pylons"
wicker_knight: I think the implication is that it IS elven trash
ForOhForError: look I could craft a garbage can but the portal is *right there*
superdude097: @Tripleyew Hello friend :)
wicker_knight: granted, it's very useful elven trash
Silver_Kn1ght: One man's trash and all that
Stellapacifica: They live in the feywild so they don't get much mundane stuff
ForOhForError: So when do we tell serge that one of the best mana gens can be powered by a sheep island?
wicker_knight: The Gods Must be Crazy, Roadside Picnic, Memoirs of a Space Traveller, etc
djalternative: you should totally show serge the explosion flower
wicker_knight: @ForOhForError Paths of Magic
Arclight_Dynamo: @noSmokeFire There was a sci-fi story I read where a human trader and an alien trader both thought they pulled one over on the other. The humans traded a simple life support system (that the aliens REALLY NEEDED) for an alien space heater that produced valueless exhaust: gold and refined uranium.
Tripleyew: Question: How did James’ experiment with digging a giant hole down to the bedrock end up?
wicker_knight: @Tripleyew got to about level 50
Mox_Hagdorm: Oh man, I haven't seen The Gods Must Be Crazy in ages
kanimaras: Wait the hole got finished?
Stellapacifica: @ForOhForError which is that?
noSmokeFire: that rings a bell, Arclight! I might've read that in college
TXC2: kanimaras nope
ForOhForError: chromyllis or something? It needs colored wool in a cartain sequence
kanimaras: heck yeah. More hole show. May it go on forever
Stellapacifica: Oh cool
ForOhForError: certain*
Tripleyew: Keen
TXC2: kanimaras please, it's called Chunk Punch Kappa
ForOhForError: you can basically set 1 up and be good on mana for the game
Mox_Hagdorm: @Arclight_Dynamo That sounds like something Asimov would've written
Arclight_Dynamo: @Mox_Hagdorm Not Asimov, but of the era. Let me look it up...
wicker_knight: this "visualize" functionality is another thing minecraft could really use
wicker_knight: also, recommend livingwood in teh corners
ForOhForError: huh
Lirelent: sergeCounting
ForOhForError: I usually sort inventory to try to fix that
wicker_knight: ^
Milambus: diamond chests bug out a lot for me
Milambus: yea, sorting will fix
Arclight_Dynamo: @Mox_Hagdorm In Value Deceived by H. B. Fyfe. 1950.
cmdrud87: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:09 from now).
Mox_Hagdorm: @Arclight_Dynamo Interesting, I'll have to check that out!
ThePerrBearr: oh cool, they changed the look of the pylons since i did botanis
Lirelent: you need to fill the pools
Mox_Hagdorm: Have you heard of the high elves?
Lirelent: elves were all, pay up!
Larkonus: <Elves> New portal, who dis?
Milambus: Needs about 1/4 pool each?
mercano82: We've gone from "You must construct additional pylons" to "Not enough mana"
adelius3: can anyone summarize for me what is this. ive played vanilla minecraft and thats it
ForOhForError: Super glad the portal doesn't require mana to stay open anymore
chickenace11: They want Mo not serge Kappa
wicker_knight: ELVES HEAR MY CALL. "what? can't hear you? Sorry wrong number thank you bye
Lirelent: it requires some mana to keep it open too
Tripleyew: Speak friend, etc, etc?
wicker_knight: mellon
wicker_knight: methlah
Lirelent: mana gen inside fountain I think?
TXC2: adelius3 we did magic plant things to make this portal, that will let us trade with Elves for things
red_shoes_jeff: "I SAID PISS OFF" -The Elves
noSmokeFire: it's off center :(
djalternative: "Someone named Serge is calling long distance. Would you like to accept the charges?" Elves: "No"
Serifina: On the plus side, you no longer need mana constantly, just when opening the portal and when crafting.
Ryanoplasty: Yes, It would look cool
noSmokeFire: or am I imagining things?
Arclight_Dynamo: You can generate from INSIDE of the fountain.
wicker_knight: it is
wicker_knight: it's off-center
Lirelent: what is the best flower for this considering what materials we can automate?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I think it looks better as only geometric shapes... hidden garden seems better.
red_shoes_jeff: sergeOffByOne
wicker_knight: the pylons are, definitely
CataclysmicReverb: We should get Uno some various pasture seeds
noSmokeFire: oh nooo
Mox_Hagdorm: @Arclight_Dynamo Only red mana, tho
quietcat: sergeOffByOne
wicker_knight: oh no, it might just be parallax
mercano82: Dirt the rest and let it spread
Mox_Hagdorm: @Arclight_Dynamo I read that as mountain, and now my joke makes no sense. Into the sea I go.
ForOhForError: portal's a block off the ground so it looks off center
RealWormbo: butts has been recalled
ForOhForError: but it's not
red_shoes_jeff: How can you be out of grass? You're in B.C!
Arclight_Dynamo: @Mox_Hagdorm If you had said nothing, I would have just gone on assuming I didn't understand an MTG thing. :D
wicker_knight: oh no it's fine, @noSmokeFire we just weren't accounting for the fact that the mana pools are floating
quietcat: heckin weird parallax minecraft perspectives
noSmokeFire: ahh, OK
TXC2: no butts? what a horrible idea
djalternative: use the exploding flowers for mana generation just to unsettle serge
mercano82: An offering platform.
ForOhForError: surrender ye butts
wicker_knight: we can be like Starfish and vomit all our excretion
Mox_Hagdorm: @Arclight_Dynamo lol, fair
noSmokeFire: how do vines on living rock look?
StarlitGhost: it's a shame you can't put the mana spreaders in the hedrons
StarlitGhost: since they're off-block
djalternative: you can just do it non-functionally
Lirelent: time to rebuild the whole fountain
BlackBlade_: You could rechisel them ;-)
uppercutgreg: <message deleted>ur trash
Lirelent: we have the mega torches
Lirelent: just rebuild the fountain and figure it out
noSmokeFire: I really appreciate that the mega torches are a low-key hekma equivalent
Arclight_Dynamo: Move the entire base by 1/4 block. Simple. Kappa
wicker_knight: pave the server spend the rest of your life recoding minecraft mods from scratch :P
TehAmelie: if only we could make lava flow sideways maybe that could fake the rays
djalternative: I still vote for the tnt flower
vainsalmon: Automate the actual mana generation underneath and put some on top for show
mercano82: You could manually carry the mana up in tablets.
Lirelent: this is when you should do the higher level flowers
wicker_knight: per @Serifina it doesn't consume power constantly
PhoenixMelior: it's Serge, it has to be off by one
wicker_knight: only when you start it and when you throw things through it
Mox_Hagdorm: lol
wicker_knight: strongly recommend putting more dirt underneath
Serifina: It does not. That got changed a while back.
Lirelent: off yea the mana consumption is a config option, so maybe serge craft portals don't consume once open
mistborn83: kind of looks like a bug from astriod from above
Serifina: It only consumes mana when crafting or opening now
Serifina: @Lirelent It's not even a config option, I think.
red_shoes_jeff: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:02 from now).
Lirelent: oh ok, it just changed then
Serifina: Yep.
Serifina: It's less laggy and frustrating this way.
Lirelent: I remember it was a config option for some amount of time
Lirelent: that's good to know
Lirelent: because that was a bit annoying
wicker_knight: means you can leave it on without having to deal with a whole mana generation infrastructure. yeah
lorlyric_nekosune1389: cheer58
wicker_knight: I guess we can get into grass types on Serge's stream at some point
ForOhForError: plus you don't really get a good mana generation infrastructure until alfheim items anyway
wicker_knight: mana to open it and mana whenever you throw something through
djalternative: you could use that force relay thing to transfer mana iirc. It's been a long time since I've played with those
OKB_1: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:00 from now).
tyrew0rm: Im here to see a big hole get dug
Darth_Wooper: I think you need mana in both sides...?
superdude097: Only thing I don't like about it is that the glowy bits are green and not blue
Lirelent: i think both pylons need mana
Serifina: Not until you have mana in both pools
PhoenixMelior: new elves who dis
mercano82: New portal, who dis?
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TXC2: Evlven Grande sounds like a REALLY bad coffee
wicker_knight: @Deftscythe boooo
Deftscythe: lrrAWESOME
noSmokeFire: Elven Grande, or "high elf"
djalternative: Now we can murder mother earth! Kill the earth to rock music!
Deftscythe: Can I get an Elven Vente?
Relentless_Bread: Elf invasion
Arclight_Dynamo: This book needs an editor.
wicker_knight: elven globalism
TXC2: this is long winded way of saying "send lewds" isn't it? Kappa
Ryanoplasty: @TXC2 haha
Lirelent: @TXC2 right! haha
wicker_knight: per a chatter on Serge's stream, tossing in an upgraded Fluxbore will NOT result in you getting that back :(
Clockwork_Penguin: Mercantile elves gonna buy our planet
red_shoes_jeff: Bye Whiskers!
noSmokeFire: of *course* Uno has the TNT flower
wicker_knight: ah, orechid setup
djalternative: James + Uno = Juno. Together they are a roman goddess
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
Darth_Wooper: katesBoosh katesBoosh
Amentur: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
TXC2: are we making home made beer A La Homer Simpson?
djalternative: the orechid?
Arclight_Dynamo: This would be great if it weren't SO LOUD.
Lirelent: it places smooth stone, the orcide turns it into random ore, and the destructor destroys anything that isn't smooth stone, ORE gen
ThinksTooMuch: I am SO glad I don't currently have headphones on
djalternative: @Arclight_Dynamo you should try the tnt flower
noSmokeFire: there's a flower that makes other flowers quieter, right?
Lirelent: is your ore gen cake based?
Arclight_Dynamo: @noSmokeFire This is good news.
wicker_knight: how are you ding mana gen?
Hodgegoulashi: This isn't a big hole.. this isn't a big hole at all!
Lirelent: there are flowers that eat cake, and makes a LOT of mana
TXC2: big hole is soon
Lirelent: it's pretty much the best mana gen
00gogo00: what pack is this?
Lirelent: !mods
djalternative: big hole goals soon
TXC2: 00gogo00 this is sergeCraft
wicker_knight: sergecraft
Hodgegoulashi: :)
TXC2: thanks for streaming James, Uno and Serge
Serifina: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing Paths of Magic 3, developed by Serifina! Get it here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/paths-of-magic-3
CaptainSpam: Punch Chunk?
Hodgegoulashi: <3
noSmokeFire: phrasing!
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2366 patrons for a total of $14,157.53 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Ravynn: Puuuunch Chunks!
Hodgegoulashi: Gonna hit number one Twitch today I can tell
CaptainSpam: PUNCH CHUNK!
Ravynn: Also good morning friends
PhoenixMelior: Hole Digging?
TXC2: thanks James
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
noSmokeFire: Watch + Play will return in The Avengers
TXC2: !twitter
PhoenixMelior: hmm, I wonder if that means Road Quest is Soon™
KharadBanar: The new Crapshot is live! THE MACHINE
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
VoyRising: Do we know if James will be Chunk Punching today?
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
TehAmelie: Samuel L Jackson guest hosting Watch + Play confirmed?
OriginalGarwulf: He's about to be.
TXC2: new crapshot https://youtu.be/8jS6kXT3qrk
OriginalGarwulf: So, anybody else get to bedrock in their own holes?
PhoenixMelior: so chat, I missed it. Where does W+P go in the new schedule?
TehAmelie: there's a hole in the schedule for the next two hours, so it's time for James' hole
TXC2: PhoenixMelior now if it was happening
Lirelent: @PhoenixMelior oh heitis while everyone does road quest editing
Stellapacifica: My hole is progressing slowly
Laurence72: Some say that this is just a stunt, but those that do may not know... The Hole Story
PhoenixMelior: Lirelent that isn't an answer to my question
Stellapacifica: I can only work on it at home so that's maybe half an hour a day
OriginalGarwulf: So, put another way, to deal with the hole, we're going to empty the hole to fill the hole.
TehAmelie: holes are so paradoxical
OriginalGarwulf: I'm still recovering from pneumonia, so I got to the bottom of mine.
PhoenixMelior: txc2 ahhh, so it would be every other week before Let's Nope?
PhoenixMelior: er, before talking sim?
OriginalGarwulf: Bedrock is TRIPPY.
TXC2: PhoenixMelior I dont know about every week, but yes
OriginalGarwulf: I mean, the bedrock layer looks like it was designed by H.R. Giger.
Mox_Hagdorm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:49 from now).
PhoenixMelior: txc2 that's why I said every other week?
OriginalGarwulf: (I have pictures, if anybody wants to see it.)
TXC2: PhoenixMelior oh, I mis read :P
PhoenixMelior: whaaaat, a bonus stream?!
TehAmelie: i always found bedrock underwhelming. reminiscent of when my mom smoked in the apartment. just a grey haze over everything
PhoenixMelior: It's been so long since a stream!
TehAmelie: and ash heaps
Mox_Hagdorm: Bonus!
TXC2: time for CHUNK PUNCH!
tyrew0rm: Diggy diggy hole
CaptainSpam: PUNCH. CHUNK. It's the Punch Chunk Show, with James!
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
noSmokeFire: james is a dwarf and he's digging a hole
Jeezy56: ABD! ABD!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> BONUS STREAM! James and his Giant Hole returns! Will he make it to bedrock today? Almost certainly not, but it'll be "fun" regardless. Come hang out for the chillest, dumbest stream we have to offer :D http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1113157226628169728
CaptainSpam: Oh hey, what's the rule for when we hit bedrock?
thetoastmonster: Chunk from The Goonies does not want to be punched
noSmokeFire: finish your drink?
OriginalGarwulf: My wife is on level 29 of her hole, and she has somehow managed to find more iron than coal.
TehAmelie: one time i failed a somersault and got the contents of an ashtray in my face. hitting bedrock sort of invokes that smell
TXC2: we're never gonna hit bedrock Kappa
Mox_Hagdorm: Have they ever mentioned if The Long Game will feature any HeroQuest?
OriginalGarwulf: Isn't The Long Game starting with HeroQuest?
Jeezy56: yes it will
tyrew0rm: This needs a TTSF style strawpoll of all the possible "outcomes"
CaptainSpam: Like, does James need to dig out anything accessible in or near the bedrock?
TehAmelie: that's a hoke and a half
radioshackraider: Is Chunk Punch exactly what I think it is?
rocketjohn: it's my chunkpunch
TXC2: !mcrules
LRRbot: 1. Dig up the entire chunk down to bedrock. 2. Dig one layer at a time. 3. Only build tools using resources from within the chunk. 4. No placing blocks besides ladders. 5. Keep digging. 6. If you can make a tool that would make mining faster, you have to use it. 7. You only get one bucket.
PhoenixMelior: radioshackraider probably
Papperslappen: oh yeah, time for som sweet hole digging action
rocketjohn: and if you look closely, you see the problem with it
OriginalGarwulf: My hole: https://imgur.com/a/zCyrLJG
Mox_Hagdorm: Sweet, I've been needing moar HaroQuest in my eyes :)
TXC2: here we go!
radioshackraider: @PhoenixMelior I assume it's simply having to clear an entire chunk by hand
TehAmelie: James! it's been so long
TXC2: Hello James
tyrew0rm: @rocketjohn Slime Friend!!!
TheAinMAP: Hello again.
BlackBlade_: ABD!
rybackgaming: We"
PhoenixMelior: Always Be Dancing!
djalternative: ABD!
rybackgaming: We're Here!!!
Lirelent: still have intro music?
thetoastmonster: Adult Baby Diapers!
Deftscythe: hi
rocketjohn: indeed
Deftscythe: np
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PhoenixMelior: I actually liked that movie
TXC2: I dont get it?
Mox_Hagdorm: Me neither
Stellapacifica: @OriginalGarwulf nice hole!
OriginalGarwulf: LRR: Got to bedrock in my chunk (in "casual mode"), and noticed a couple of things that might necessitate rule changes.
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Crokoking: yay - more chunkpunch
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AlchemicalPanda: How dare you call a panda bad...
djalternative: !ABD
batuhan0032: how are you
Xobulo: oh... no notification!
OriginalGarwulf: Thank you, Stella! I'm not kidding when I say that bedrock is a trippy layerf.
polaris415: @LoadingReadyRun James, plant trees while you mine
ReydienOnline: not gonna save the iron pickaxe for diamonds?
TXC2: !twitter
batuhan0032: turkish lik ?
batuhan0032: turkish like ?
Meark: Level 48 of Chunkpunch- the lower the level the better your character stats?
djalternative: !mcrules
LRRbot: 1. Dig up the entire chunk down to bedrock. 2. Dig one layer at a time. 3. Only build tools using resources from within the chunk. 4. No placing blocks besides ladders. 5. Keep digging. 6. If you can make a tool that would make mining faster, you have to use it. 7. You only get one bucket.
CrazymattCaptain: will the apples last you the whole way
djalternative: probably not
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batuhan0032: soup hm
tyrew0rm: PICK
PhoenixMelior: unless it has only one durability
batuhan0032: turkish like you ?
batuhan0032: ı'm no
ReydienOnline: you don't need to go to the last hit like that
RockPusher: !mcrules
LRRbot: 1. Dig up the entire chunk down to bedrock. 2. Dig one layer at a time. 3. Only build tools using resources from within the chunk. 4. No placing blocks besides ladders. 5. Keep digging. 6. If you can make a tool that would make mining faster, you have to use it. 7. You only get one bucket.
CrazymattCaptain: 2 iron picks
Cepsys: oh my. getting deep in there now
notarealartist: hello
TXC2: hello notarealartist welcome
batuhan0032: hi
Mox_Hagdorm: You can place water at least, right?
noSmokeFire: yes, I'd like to order the mcrules with fries, please
Lirelent: this view looks while climbing ladder looks like the holodeck
OriginalGarwulf: LRR: I've got three rules changes to suggest: 1. Players can place torches on the wall (for those who can't find sheep); 2. Reaching the first layer in which bedrock occurs is the victory condition (because bedrock is...odd...and makes clearing non-bedrock level by level nearly impossible); and 3. That iron pickaxes be permitted to be preserved once they get into the red (because iron runs out way too easily before you get to the deep stuff).
ReydienOnline: as long as the resulting pickaxe isn't at 100% durability, you can combine them at any time
TheElrad: how dd you get that meat, James?
TXC2: rocketjohn oof
NathanJay_GA: back to the hole!
wildpeaks: home sweet home
VoyRising: Chunk Punch Love
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TheElrad: ah, but were they in the chunk? :P cause out of chunk sheep meat seems to go against the spirit of this challenge lrrBEEJ
EJGRgunner: So what prompted this? What is the origin story of Chunk Punch?
PhoenixMelior: I dig my hole and build a wall
TXC2: also, you know there was James braking his pick all the time Kappa
Xobulo: so is this a new separate world? are there points?
tyrew0rm: head to head on same seed, or multiplayer server?
Lirelent: origin story is "James was bored one day"
Dared00: Did Serge stream his ChunkPunch™?
noSmokeFire: I want to see a variant of this like Battle Tetris where clearing your own chunk fills in your opponent's
CataclysmicReverb: @EJGRgunner Thaumcraft happened, this's the only way to clean up
ZeroArcana: James Gets To The Bottom Of Things
VoyRising: @Dared00 Yeah, he streamed it.
OriginalGarwulf: rocketjohn: Your hole is taunting you.
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Viewers_Like_You: And that's... the Hole Story.
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Darth_Wooper: @Dared00 he did, this past Sunday.
Dared00: @VoyRising oh sick, I have to check out the VOD later
rocketjohn: OriginalGarwulf story of my life...
noSmokeFire: *how*
TehAmelie: the question i think was, will it be funnier to dig side by side so you can see and mock each other?
Mox_Hagdorm: HEYO
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
EJGRgunner: You wouldn't want to have duplicate worlds so you're both mining the same seed?
djalternative: The next LAN is just a giant 6 player vs hole challenge
EJGRgunner: and same chunk?
Mox_Hagdorm: Or should I say, TEYO!
Laurence72: lrrSACK lrrSACK
VoyRising: @Dared00 He started in a different biome, so his turned out very different.
ThinksTooMuch: Growth tick AFTER the dirt was removed but before the sapling had realized it, brilliant!
VoyRising: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
noSmokeFire: use /fill to put a 16x16 glass window between two chunks
TXC2: James' plan was to have a chunk in between himself and Serge
Darth_Wooper: You guys should totally squad stream the chunk punch, so we can see both your progress side by side.
tyrew0rm: planting for apples is proably still worth it
That1GuyBen: I'm just tuning in, what is this challenge?
atlas624: So what, if any, are the rules of this challenge? Is it just hit bedrock as soon as possible?
ReydienOnline: oh, I like having a glass chunk between the two chunks
TXC2: !mcrules
LRRbot: 1. Dig up the entire chunk down to bedrock. 2. Dig one layer at a time. 3. Only build tools using resources from within the chunk. 4. No placing blocks besides ladders. 5. Keep digging. 6. If you can make a tool that would make mining faster, you have to use it. 7. You only get one bucket.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @EJGRgunner I guess then it becomes about who can optimize best... versus one of them getting screwed by RNG... which sounds fun.
noSmokeFire: I'd prefer if you could just have a single block glass window, but that'd have to cut into one of the chunks
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drakonus0429: optimalAgg optimalAgg optimalAgg
PunkRockZoologist: Waking up 2 hours early to watch James dig a hole.
Xobulo: hey raiders!
VoyRising: Oooh, glass between the chunks would be sweet.
TXC2: hello Raiders
fiftymcnasty: I would say to give yourself the most time dig that dirt first and plant on the next level
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun if you dig out the dirt first, and then plant on the dirt underneath you get twice as long for the trees to grow, without breaking the rules.
Mox_Hagdorm: @LoadingReadyRun Are you allowed to place water? And if so, does it have to be water from the chunk?
TehAmelie: and drink!
tyrew0rm: DRINK
Mynthio2: Dirnk
TheElrad: DRINK
Stellapacifica: DRINK
Piratical_tendancies: Drink!
Monocerotis2010: what layer are we currently working on?
Evochron13: drink
Stoffern: drink
djalternative: DRINK!!
badpandabear: joekimCheers
polaris415: DRINK
Viewers_Like_You: Hydrate!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: rink
SquirrelLord1111: DRINK
Lirelent: *drinks water*
TehAmelie: i should have gotten something to drink today
r_craddz: And So it begins again
ThePerrBearr: originally he wasn't going to waste resources on shovels, but one he hit iron he changed his mind.
GoingOptimal: Um...seems like "ludicrous" is actually a high % chance of what one encounters when coming to a LRR stream
TXC2: oooh wee we gonna have fun
Xobulo: drink?
fiftymcnasty: Gotta risk to win big
djalternative: !mcrules
LRRbot: 1. Dig up the entire chunk down to bedrock. 2. Dig one layer at a time. 3. Only build tools using resources from within the chunk. 4. No placing blocks besides ladders. 5. Keep digging. 6. If you can make a tool that would make mining faster, you have to use it. 7. You only get one bucket.
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun ah, i wasn't aware you were a chicken. fair enough :)
TXC2: Xobulo Drink every time JAmes brakes a pickaxe
CrazymattCaptain: could dig out the dirt that doesn't have saplings on them
OriginalGarwulf: rocketjohn: If you decide to clear all the way down to the bottom of bedrock when you get there, watch out for hidden blocks. I lost track of how many breakable blocks were under bedrock blocks.
GraceTveit: What happens if you hit lava?
Xobulo: ok @txc2
cuttlefishman: Have you named the bucket?
Mox_Hagdorm: That;s where the water comes in, make cobble
cuttlefishman: or the hole?
OriginalGarwulf: (Honestly, I'd suggest calling hitting bedrock as the win, and anything else as a bonus.)
fiftymcnasty: Bold words
thetoastmonster: The bucket's name is Chum
tyrew0rm: really want a dungeon
Darth_Wooper: You're either totally safe, or totally doomed. You won't know till you get lower.
atlas624: Lava is manageable, underground water could be a bastard
r_craddz: someone needs to make a command that flashes up PICK :D
ZeroArcana: does placing water count as placing a block?
wildpeaks: Buck the bucket
Viewers_Like_You: "I think we won't hit Lava." - James Turner
TheElrad: James, how does it make you feel that Serge has found much more iron than you have?
VoyRising: James, what is your opinion on having lava come in from outside the chunk? Are you allowed to place blocks to stop the flow?
kingoftuesdaynight: the hole is the Turner Quarry
EJGRgunner: What if you made a custom map using WorldEdit: duplicate chunks, with all glass chunks in between them.
Papperslappen: Sir Holeington
thetoastmonster: Pick getting low, careful.
TehAmelie: i vote for Jeff Buckley
tyrew0rm: dont jump, thats how you lose food
TXC2: we can't use water unless we find it in the chunk