Weagle: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Paul kicks off our brand new full game playthrough show with an adorable Yoshi game! Game: Yoshi's Crafted World) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (7m from now).
Weagle: Oh hey right it's that soon
Weagle: That should be good
PhoenixMelior: streams on Friday is a hard concept to wrap around
Nightvalien28: dude that SwS will get so much viewership tomorrow
Twinklebees: I did watch the Crapshoot when that was still a thing, but Fridays have been a little empty since that went away for me.
PhoenixMelior: oh I'm hype.
PhoenixMelior: there's a reason I will always interrupt what I'm doing to watch sWs
Weagle: Hmm, should I pop my resub announcement for Paul, or wait for sWs? Decisions, decisions
PhoenixMelior: They probably won't read it on sWs if you add a message
Weagle: Heh, for good reason I'm sure
Weagle: They're gonna get so many resubs
PhoenixMelior: WE'RE HEEEEEERE
Twinklebees: Is Livewalk Slam when we would normally start D&D?
PhoenixMelior: I believe so
PhoenixMelior: I wish I still had my seabatTROG for that
Nightvalien28: seabatTROG
TXC2: Hello Everybody
PhoenixMelior: hey txc2
TXC2: hi phoenix
PhoenixMelior: wow now I'm in a great mood, everything has come up Phoenix (and partners) in the past couple hours
Nightvalien28: huzzah
Weagle: That's good
Nightvalien28: get a cupcake
TXC2: Congrats
Twinklebees: Hoorah
PhoenixMelior: I caught a Ditto, my partner got a job offer we weren't expecting, I can squeeze my car in to get checked out next week and I guess today is also payday for good measure
Twinklebees: Why not have a cupcake when you can get three cupcakes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_cBjD7n1EU
Nightvalien28: THREE CUPCAKES
wildpeaks: lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: lrrSIGNAL
Twinklebees: Signal
wildpeaks: a Yoshi has been spotted
TheWarbo: Spotted Yoshi?
TXC2: ha nice fast forward effect
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time to continue our playthrough of the brutal, gritty, realistic FPS, Yoshi's Crafted World! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/D3Z57wZV4AAJZfg.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1114212041563049984
RoeDent89: Hiya! Happy Friday, folks!
TXC2: hello RoeDent89
SAJewers: well, that sure is a gif attatched to that tweet
PhoenixMelior: are we still Bushy-do?
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
RoeDent89: That's a gif
josh_le_crafter: benginHi
adelius3: yyyyoshi!
josh_le_crafter: hi friends!
TXC2: hello josh_le_crafter welcome
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Arclight_Dynamo: Noot?
myanrueller28: Hi Paul
wildpeaks: now playing "I wanna be the Yoshi"
RoeDent89: As this is my first time catching PIF live, nice graphics on the logo!
myanrueller28: This game is so adorable3
myanrueller28: I can't handle it
TXC2: Here we GO!
TXC2: Hello Paul
aust3ndodge: got a shazam ad
Riandisa: Good morning Paul
kassy_13: yo friends
kassy_13: evening chat
TXC2: Twtich based sea shantys....nice
josh_le_crafter: Oh sweet, twitch folk song
PhoenixMelior: I hate when they screw up my latte
TXC2: !clips
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ritchards: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
aust3ndodge: My real name is Yoshi
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kassy_13: lrrheart
Vlanoik: cheer100
wench_tacular: lrrHEART
blast__femur: that was a fun
hieroglyphica: Yes, this is delightful
TXC2: Paul needs to put out an album
kassy_13: lrrHEART
RoeDent89: Morning Paul!
frnknstn: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
kassy_13: album seconded
josh_le_crafter: (I listen to 90% shanties, so woohoo!)
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah yes - the plight of the t-shirt collar worker. Kappa
kassy_13: I'm working !!
josh_le_crafter: Also Hi paul!
hieroglyphica: Good morning Paul! I'm not caught up yet but oh well c:
Lucien0451: That was great!
RoeDent89: This show can now play with certain toys.
sleepingrainbow: is the show just Paul singing? cause I'd watch that
RoeDent89: Ages 3 and up.
josh_le_crafter: @sleepingrainbow I'd watch that
PhoenixMelior: no lego yet though
kassy_13: I'm partway through the second episode
kassy_13: ninjas
RoeDent89: For varying definitions of "complete".
PhoenixMelior: We will do 90fun%
TXC2: Replayibility
kassy_13: my internet sucks here tho :(
Rhynerd: Hi Paul!
josh_le_crafter: T
Rhynerd: Hi Chat!
TXC2: hello Rhynerd welcome
ritchards: 2.5D game then?
Ukon_vasara: that does amuse me, that the first game for Play it Forward actually encourages you to go back and Play it Backward
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TheWarbo: Yeah, I feel like the game is pushing me to think "eh, whatever, I'll get that later since I'll have to come back through the level anyway"
DarkMorford: 3D on rails
josh_le_crafter: Playthrough to (your definition of) completion!
PhoenixMelior: we just need to add another identifier, like how they define genres of metal Kappa
blast__femur: lol yeah people say that about Guilty Gear and stuff
aust3ndodge: Hi I am new to lrr what do I need to know?
Arclight_Dynamo: 2.5D is pseudo isometric graphics, and nothing else! Fite me! Kappa
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DontPokeJosh: oh what a beautiful face!
PhoenixMelior: aust3ndodge welcome! All you need to know is to have fun, chill out and don't be a butt.
TXC2: hello aust3ndodge LRR is a comedy verity channel
aust3ndodge: Thanks chat
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Mod your legs.
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Gregarious_Potato: Woot 6 months! Love all the hard work Paul, thank you :)
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thexles: Yay! Paul stream. <3
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josh_le_crafter: !badadvice
LRRbot: Interact with the axe.
Arclight_Dynamo: katesChair katesNice katesNice katesNice
TheWarbo: Paul will tolerate no rivals for chat's affection.
TXC2: Now now Paul, we care EQUALLY what you and chair have to say Kappa
josh_le_crafter: This isn't a chair stream?!?! Kappa
aust3ndodge: what is everyone drinking while watching this?
PhoenixMelior: levels are very nice right now
TheOtherTrevor: The audio "sounds"
TXC2: Sounds fine to me
Theycallmejokke: Audio sounds normal to me
Mangledpixel: boop
wench_tacular: sounds fine
PhoenixMelior: it would have to go quiet to check the background hum
josh_le_crafter: Chair has very nuanced opinions.
aust3ndodge: audio is crisp and clean
kassy_13: audio sounds fine to me but I'm using rubbish headphones so idk
DeviantHS: can you put in the other cable for a direct comparison?
Mangledpixel: the issue with the audio lately has been reversed stereo, has that been fixed?
kassy_13: I missed the shogun's castle
TXC2: DeviantHS I doubt it
DeviantHS: @TXC2 i didnt have my hopes high anyway :D
TheWarbo: Oh huh, you can't follow the path backwards (at the bottom of the screen).
kassy_13: same
Astra7525: I think, with this game perhpas aiming more for a younger target audience, giving the entire list at once might be overwhelming younger players
TheWarbo: At least, I *think* I remember that that was a way in.
Asimech: I'm a little bit disappointed this isn't called "Paul Plays the Whole Thing" and I mean as "regardless of who is actually playing" in honour of the LRR tradition of having streams deviate from the planned format.
josh_le_crafter: What yoshi cosplay do we have on rn?
wench_tacular: seems legit
PhoenixMelior: Dinos and ninjas, pirate time?
DeviantHS: is there a bird wizard land?
aust3ndodge: how do I get the cool emotes
kassy_13: @josh_le_crafter boshydo
TXC2: aust3ndodge you gotta subscribe to the channel
PhoenixMelior: aust3ndodge you'd have to subscribe to the channel
DarkMorford: Paul: On Tuesday during Mine O'Clock, chat noticed that the stream audio was reversed left-to-right. Did James mention that to you/has it been addressed?
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Weagle: Can I just say that I've loved every Play it Forward stream so far? A very good stream format, and good to see more Paul as always :D
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josh_le_crafter: yoshi looks like a discount dalek
wench_tacular: cardboard all the way down
DeviantHS: @aust3ndodge u can sub for free if u have amazon prime :p
TheWarbo: I have felt a little bit better about them asking for flowers since I realized they need energy to turn the gears and open the levels.
mtvcdm: Robots run on flowers it's science.
Weagle: lunarj1Heart
aust3ndodge: I get you never have the cash
RoeDent89: A D O R A B L E
steelfox13: Morning Paul! What are we crafting today?
josh_le_crafter: More paul in life is never a bad thing
DarkMorford: Paul: On Tuesday during Mine O'Clock, chat noticed that the stream audio was reversed left-to-right. Did James mention that to you/has it been addressed?
jessiedollxoxo: This is new, what's Play it Forward?
mtvcdm: Play It Forward is a longplay stream.
PhoenixMelior: jessiedollxoxo the new long play stream LRR does three times a week
TXC2: I've only just realised that Emote is a heart in a handheld console, and not a Band-aid as I thought it was :P
wildpeaks: longplays of whole games
jessiedollxoxo: Oooooooh
jessiedollxoxo: Exciting
Arclight_Dynamo: Quick! Speak left!
wildpeaks: 3 times a week :)
Mangledpixel: it wasn't James's audio before, just the stream
wildpeaks: and with bonus Paul singing
josh_le_crafter: Go left in audio?
RAICx: It was just the stream audio, during the minecraft stream
mtvcdm: TXC2, Heather knows and is totally cool with it being either or both.
TheWarbo: wow. koala cans and magnets
josh_le_crafter: Best yoshi cosplays
TXC2: mtvcdm ok cool
noSmokeFire: clearly they're steel cans
TXC2: I'm slightly miffed that it seems to be the same music for every level
noSmokeFire: or they're filled with magnetic beans
Invitare: everything is magnetic if you try hard enough
TXC2: put enough electricity though it sure
josh_le_crafter: I already miss train yoshi ;(
Mangledpixel: TXC2 there's been other tracks, i recall the level with the shadow puppets being cool
TheWarbo: It's kinda like the shy guys in the dino heads, you need to lead the rhino into breaking things for you
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Martijn_Wouterse: Well, I officially became unemployed today so I can use some relaxing streams!
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TXC2: Mangledpixel huh, Ok then
Martijn_Wouterse: Hey everyone
Martijn_Wouterse: How are we all doing?
TXC2: hello Martijn_Wouterse sorry to here you lost your job
mtvcdm: Can you harass the Shy Guy?
steelfox13: Yoshi is poaching Zebra-guys?
Martijn_Wouterse: @TXC2 Knew it for a month or 2 but it still kinda stings
aust3ndodge: DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple DrinkPurple
TXC2: Martijn_Wouterse indeed
TheWarbo: gacha?
TXC2: "ba dum dum!"
PhoenixMelior: gacha every day
Martijn_Wouterse: ah man this game is cute
TheWarbo: I like how Yoshi holds the costume, but to climb the rope he just...doesn't need to hold it anymore.
noSmokeFire: half giraffe, half hammer
aust3ndodge: I am watching this while felling sick. I have digestive problems.
josh_le_crafter: This game is disgustingly adorable, this is a crime
TXC2: theres only so much fidelity one can get from cardboard
noSmokeFire: all war machine
steelfox13: a Girammer
TXC2: a content warning
CyberCypher: man, this game is making me want a Switch
Astra7525: check the background
josh_le_crafter: This makes me want to get back into making origami
TXC2: this game contains scenes of adorableness they may cause happiness, viewer discretion is advised
CopperAstronaut: cheer100 Here celebrating a new job. Super enjoying the new stream.
Mangledpixel: stuff in the background back to the left there
dougma: wait... is that a gundam outfit?!!?!?
Martijn_Wouterse: The Dutch name again :D
Martijn_Wouterse: We got a bit of both here :D
Larkonus: So, what's the theme of this new stream? (Play It Forward, that is)
Martijn_Wouterse: @CopperAstronaut , congratulations!
TXC2: Larkonus playing a game until it's finished
CamelAttack: @dougma I think it's a samurai outfit which also looks like some gundams.
josh_le_crafter: @larkonus playthroughs
Twinklebees: Martijn_Wouterse: Heh, I work for a Belgian company. The dutch name pronunciations got me for a while :P
steelfox13: Gottim!
Astra7525: It's a dinoceros
TXC2: it's woo-ters no?
noSmokeFire: you're learning to read the matrix
CopperAstronaut: @Martijn_Wouterse , Thank you. I am working at a home improvement store.
TXC2: like rooters but with a w ?
dougma: @CamelAttack ah, yea, that makes sense
josh_le_crafter: It looks like yoshi is using the costume as an egg basket
Mangledpixel: yeh you missed a present a while back
Lord_ZYRK: Ah, from the armor I see even Paul is playing Sekiro now Keepo
noSmokeFire: usually yoshi is just an accessory to turtle murder, right?
PyroWulf: Sekiro: Shadows Mlem Twice?
Alness49: What ship is sailing and flying across the sky now
AdmiralMemo: Yay! More Yoshi!
TXC2: is it murder if they keep coming back?
Alness49: *that ship
Asimech: @Lord_ZYRK Funnily enough, Jim Sterling described this as the perfect companion for Sekiro.
Lord_ZYRK: I keep saying that about the neighbors house, TXC2 OhGod
AdmiralMemo: That looks like... bubble gum
Mangledpixel: also, don't eat magnets
Martijn_Wouterse: @Twinklebees They can be hell sometimes :D
TheWarbo: Mario jumps on turtle: turtle comes out of its shell. Yoshi jumps on turtle: turtle is disintegrated.
josh_le_crafter: Ah, using tiny koala magnets to murder venus flytraps
noSmokeFire: it's kind of gruesome how the shy guys just line up to get devoured
Twinklebees: Martijn_Wouterse: Well, English is not exactly the best, pronunciation-wise either :P
josh_le_crafter: a classic yoshi mechanic
red_shoes_jeff: Good shooting.
Martijn_Wouterse: @Twinklebees The amount of cities that are NOT pronounced how they are written....
dougma: ground pound?
red_shoes_jeff: Afternoon, all. Afternoon, Paul.
AdmiralMemo: @noSmokeFire Well, they just... are generated by pipes... :D
Martijn_Wouterse: @Twinklebees Sometimes feels like they're doing it on purpose :P
TXC2: hello red_shoes_jeff welcome
TheWarbo: oh now we're saving baby rhinos huh
TXC2: "ahhhhhhhhhh ba dum"
Mangledpixel: Twinklebees English can be difficult, but it can be understood through tough thorough thought, though
RoeDent89: doo doo doo doo
TheWarbo: they really are mean poochy
steelfox13: Wait that guy has been a jerk, leave his baby
TXC2: now we have beds?
noSmokeFire: that rhino may have been a jerk because its baby is in jail
darkspiredragon: That Rhino was a helpful jerk
AdmiralMemo: That's rhinist!
dougma: in the bushes on the right
Twinklebees: Martijn_Wouterse: An interesting thing I heard recently for UK place names that end in "-cester" is to instead divide them up at the "-ster". Worcester becomes "Worce - Ster", which is closer to how it's pronounced
DontpingmePlayz: HELLO
Alness49: And if he WAS a jerk, maybe he'll be better now we've helped!
Twinklebees: Closer, but not exact, of course :P
Martijn_Wouterse: Oh god this game is disgustinly cute.
Lord_ZYRK: And now they both charge you Kappa
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Emergent_OS: So excited, that Paul gets to headline a brand new LRR show!
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PyroWulf: Maybe that Rhino heard from Poochy how you throw Poochy Pups as ammo?
Astra7525: like a boss
steelfox13: Dodge King
mtvcdm: Do we know what game's on deck?
noSmokeFire: if you complete this game, will you Become the Yoshi?
noSmokeFire: if so, what other -ys will the rest of LRR be aiming for
josh_le_crafter: This game is adorable
josh_le_crafter: I can't
TheWarbo: Yeah, the levels seem to each have 200+ coins easily
AdmiralMemo: I think you missed 100 coins on one of the replays of a level, but never on the first run.
dougma: I thought wolly world was the height of cuteness... this tops that by miles
Mangledpixel: Twinklebees doesn't help that Cholmondeley is pronounced 'Chumley'
ritchards: needed 15 for that robot you just opened
Martijn_Wouterse: @Mangledpixel ... and were supposed to know that how...?
Twinklebees: Mangledpixel: As a wise man once said, it not perfect system.
TXC2: !clips
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Astra7525: Missing some badgers
PyroWulf: That snake seemed very distraught
adamjford: Wow
adamjford: Mean to snek
Mangledpixel: Martijn_Wouterse of course, isn't it obvious? :P
Papperslappen: No egg on snake
TXC2: the best English name is Maudlin College
kassy_13: @mangledpixel @martijn_wouterse @twinklebees "marylebone" is the one that gets me
Astra7525: What disappoints me a bit is the samey music. There aren't that many tracks
Martijn_Wouterse: @kassy_13 How do you pronounce that one? "Steve"?
TXC2: Hello Adam
TheWarbo: him hitting the wall does the same effect as you shooting an egg
TheWarbo: Ninjarama!
PhoenixMelior: we also have two cows and two camels
kassy_13: @martijn_wouterse "marleybone"
kassy_13: hi adam
RoeDent89: Headless....Adam? Hi!
Lord_ZYRK: A Yoshi tongue would let you eat so much wall slime seabatTROG
Rhynerd: The shy guys had knives in ninja world.
AdmiralMemo: @Mangledpixel Also, how are we supposed to know something is "Mel-bin" instead of "Mel-born" and such? :D
Astra7525: can you ground pound the frogs to jump higher?
PyroWulf: Yoshi's Gachapon is unrealistic, because you can eventually get everything you want at a reasonable fee
Mangledpixel: Wikipedia's "List of places in England with counterintuative pronunciations" is so long they split it into A-L and M-Z sections.
Astra7525: also: i learned home to make those paper frogs in math class 3rd grade
Vlanoik: ground pound frogs for extra height?
Twinklebees: Mangledpixel: Ha!
AdmiralMemo: @Mangledpixel Wait that's a thing? :D
RAICx: Try ground pounding them?
TXC2: Mangledpixel sounds right
josh_le_crafter: Cute origami frogs
aiamethyst: oh, I know how to make those
HondoTrigger: this is charming as fuck
wildpeaks: I'd love to see an irl papercraft of these levels, so adorable
kassy_13: @mangledpixel definitely sounds about right
AdmiralMemo: Already missed a flower?
TheWarbo: Yeah, the boxes are definitely a thing I made a ton of when I was younger
Rhynerd: I remember the time I made a frog like this!
TXC2: I said this last time, but I wager the Devs made some of this for real to test
RoeDent89: Is this just an elaborate version of Snake?
AdmiralMemo: @Mangledpixel I need to go see if Towson is on there
josh_le_crafter: Waiting for an IRL stop motion animation for this
wildpeaks: snek wants to come on an adventure with us :D
Mangledpixel: also, there are two Gillinghams, one in Kent and one in Dorset, and they are pronounced differently
AdmiralMemo: @Mangledpixel Oh wait... Just in England
josh_le_crafter: a very persistent snek friend
noSmokeFire: I look forward to learning this snake's tragic backstory
Mangledpixel: AdmiralMemo yep, there's yet another page for places in the other UK countries
TXC2: how is that not just flight?
TheWarbo: You just have to pump your legs as hard as you can
PyroWulf: cheer100 Apparently you should please step on snek
seantheman2: hey Paul hows the game coming along?
Ukon_vasara: yeah, youd just prefer not to fall, so you dont
electric_claire: Just a little mouth hug
darkspiredragon: The snake was taking a nap and we woke him up of course he wants to hard nibble
Lord_ZYRK: Snake friend has no arms, so must mouth hug
TXC2: hug you with it's stomach Kappa
accountmadeforants: As long as you no steppy
seantheman2: this game looks pretty good
Mangledpixel: seantheman2 it is very adorable
aust3ndodge: time to drink cinnamon spice tea for me
accountmadeforants gasps
AdmiralMemo: @Mangledpixel Towson doesn't appear on the US list sadly
Alness49: You have been dishonored!
Rhynerd: Our armor!
Mangledpixel: AdmiralMemo ah, let us hope that is rectified at some point
cuttlefishman: how long is this snek
Rhynerd: Now you’re gonna have to go all Ronin on this level.
TXC2: we need the VP of anime club to make a decision Kappa
electric_claire: Oh noooooo
accountmadeforants: This is why you no steppy
PhoenixMelior: and that was the second time I died
wildpeaks: snek frand nibbled us a bit too much
cuttlefishman: how does a snek make a steppie
Astra7525: lrr is getting so much mileage out of that crapshot
Aztren: the wasy your doing it is omre... kawaii?
josh_le_crafter: snek friend with the stunlocks
AdmiralMemo: @Mangledpixel I could edit it myself, but I don't know IPA. Neither linguistics NOR beer. :D
Lord_ZYRK: It is Jormungandr The World Serpent. It's looong.
Mangledpixel: ha
TXC2: cuttlefishman with it's hole body
aust3ndodge: I feel like we're playing the game Snake
kassy_13: @admiralmemo I can do UK IPA if that helps lol
PyroWulf: Expert Damage Boosting
josh_le_crafter: snek friend is such a helpful boi
kassy_13: this is my degree &speciality :D
electric_claire: Is there anything above the egg block?
wildpeaks: snakes and ladders, except the snake is the ladder too :D
AdmiralMemo: @kassy_13 Linguistics or Beer? :D
josh_le_crafter: being such a great platform
Ukon_vasara: snails can escar-go away diemToxic
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Larkonus: I've always adored the Yoshi franchise. Hopefully this one will prove to be just as fun as some of the previous entries, or if not just as adorable... which it already is. Also happy to see Paul get some much deserved air time!
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PyroWulf: I really like the distraught head bob and sweat drops whenever he hits a wall
kassy_13: @admiralmemo lol linguistics :p
wildpeaks: classic comedic timing :D
PhoenixMelior: Adam knows, talk shit get hit
josh_le_crafter: How do we know snek friend IS snek
TheNerdWonder: You can use eggs to break those blocks, no?
AdmiralMemo: I mentioned that when you got the second and thought you were turning around to get it, but apparently not.
BleedingToast: hello all benginHi
RoeDent89: Eggconomy, if you will...
josh_le_crafter: benginHi
kassy_13: more efficient to use a snek
electric_claire: I think you were supposed to bounce an egg
accountmadeforants: This block/eggconomy can be solved by the blockchain. (As in, an egg breaking multiple blocks in a chain, somehow.)
TXC2: hello BleedingToast welcome
PyroWulf: Life is an adorable felt cloth horror for those shyguys
PyroWulf: "I live! What a wonderful place to be and-why do I hear Mlem?"
josh_le_crafter: To the shyguys, It's Jurassic park.
AdmiralMemo: @kassy_13 Well anyway, the city's first syllable rhymes with "cow" but most people not from Maryland seem to think it's like a tow truck. (The "son" part is just the same.)
TXC2: to be fair tow rhyming with cow is not a massive stretch
AdmiralMemo: @TXC2 Not a massive stretch, no
RoeDent89: Yay!
electric_claire: Nintendo's really gone all-in on collectathons lately, haven't they?
RaynMurfy: Where are you on the map now?
Ukon_vasara: i mean, its just some extra letters in the middle of Town it seems
AdmiralMemo: @TXC2 But it's common enough that it's easy to tell who's not local. Also many productions from New York or Hollywood are infuriating when they attempt to be local and fail.
kassy_13: @admiralmemo /ˈtaʊsən/
TXC2: AdmiralMemo oh indeed
cuttlefishman: Is this duck hunt
josh_le_crafter: 900 korok seeds
TXC2: cuttlefishman legally no Kappa
josh_le_crafter: also, what was that tune from @loadingreadyrun
BITs19_: why is the roblox head telling you what to do?
josh_le_crafter: literally on rails
Izandai: Really? That's the first thing I get upon entering the stream? A dumb pun?
TheWarbo: We keep saying "rail shooter" but we might have finally actually gotten there
PyroWulf: Yoshi goes hunting for jungle wildlife from the safety of a train
AdmiralMemo: @Izandai Serves you right for getting here late. Kappa
Izandai: look
AdmiralMemo looks
TXC2: chat? making a dumb pun? the devil you say Kappa
AdmiralMemo: What am I looking at?
Evochron13: safari murder train
wildpeaks: choo choo train, froot froot
Izandai: This seems very difficult.
mtvcdm: All must kiss that egg.
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Xavorin: Five more dollars and what do you get? Another month older and deeper in good times.
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PyroWulf: How many chuggas before the choo choo, though?
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hanrat: Paul, what's wrong? You've switched off your targetting computer
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AdmiralMemo: I thought he was going to miss that 300 for a second
TXC2: "naaaaah naaaaah naaaaah"
cuttlefishman: that was
Ukon_vasara: those some shiny paperclips
cuttlefishman: fun
accountmadeforants: Aw, just a tad short
PyroWulf: Only 600 points off the max score, oof.
josh_le_crafter: Was the tune you did at the start referencing anything @loadingreadyrun
cuttlefishman: is this game... cuter than epic yarn / wooly world?
TheWarbo: The thing is, now you can replay and only go for the points, no red coins or hearts
PyroWulf: I actually want a crafty crossover of Yoshi and Kirby.
cuttlefishman: I think the last flower... is in the center of the big tree you were circling at end of level
cuttlefishman: and you were knocking off foliage which gets to it?
cuttlefishman: seems likely
accountmadeforants: We can be snek!
PyroWulf: BE SNEK
cuttlefishman: snek
AdmiralMemo: But Snek!
RoeDent89: Snekfriend
cuttlefishman: sneks
TXC2 is now thinking of the common mines crapshots :P
kassy_13: the rare snek is cute
AdmiralMemo: Eh... Save your money then
mtvcdm: We could be birb nest
kassy_13: the yellow one?
Izandai: @TXC2 Same.
fuzzy_died: @josh_le_crafter it was Skipper Dan by Weird Al
Mangledpixel: beautiful danger noodles
josh_le_crafter: I want the super rare derp dragon
PyroWulf: Paul with the impossible gacha luck
AdmiralMemo: Hahaha
kassy_13: huh
noSmokeFire: I love it
cuttlefishman: Snek > Gator Train
RoeDent89: It's literally putting a target on your back.
Izandai: It's not a snake! It's a gator! Says so right in the name!
noSmokeFire: the gator is so doofy
TheWarbo: it's craftED but it sure doesn't look cratY
Alness49: Yoshi worked HARD on that, Paul!
cuttlefishman: SNAKEY
wildpeaks: yess
kassy_13: yesssssssssss the giraffe was my fave
accountmadeforants: Snakey, perfect!
mtvcdm: I have questions about the advertised rareness of these gachas.
RoeDent89: S N E K !
wench_tacular: no body shaming the giraffe
kassy_13: I like the rare snek tho
MaMsies: It’s not a well crafted snek since it’s a doopy lookin alligator lol
MidgardSerpent: I like that the giraffe head is a little hat for Yoshi
josh_le_crafter: giraffe train?!?!
noSmokeFire: :( RIP gator train
kassy_13: giraffe
wildpeaks: giraffe train is adorable
TheWarbo: I want to play entire levels ducking in the snek costume
RoeDent89: *I'm a modal, you know what I mean...
kassy_13: it's cute!!!!
RoeDent89: model*
accountmadeforants: Green snek
cynimo: snek
cuttlefishman: Snakey op in this meta
kenyh12: the giraffe is amazing
red_shoes_jeff: snek
kassy_13: giraffe train pls
PyroWulf: I bet Gator Train has god tier stats but noone uses it because it's not as waifu as the other costumes. Snakey is superior costumefu
frnknstn: snakey!
RaynMurfy: Snek
cynimo: he attack he prtoecc but most importantly he a snek!
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page. https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/events
cuttlefishman: Paul Saunders, speed runnner
PyroWulf: Paul running Yoshi's Crafted World any% at SGDQ2019?
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Mangledpixel: an embarrassment of smiley flowers
kassy_13: I mean, not specifically for him....
TXC2: where does the myth of the first one being free even come from?
AdmiralMemo: It said it was a "gator" costume
TheWarbo: The snake costume that says "Gator" in the name? I wonder what it is
PyroWulf: It's probably a snake.
red_shoes_jeff: The one he's wearing now?
TXC2: "I like trains"
TheWarbo: The one he's wearing now is "Snake," the other one is "Gator train car"
hanrat starts singing "don't care how, I want it now" from OG wonka
josh_le_crafter: B Jr. is cute
AdmiralMemo: I don't see your feet!
kassy_13: maybe it is a good idea to not be wearing the gator train now
CobaltShuriken: @josh_le_crafter this is baby bowser, not bowser jr. confusing i know.
TXC2: I'm not your guy pal
wildpeaks: gator train \o/
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MercurialVox: I'm not your guy, pal.
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Alness49: Don't drag Yoshi into this!
PyroWulf: Yoshi: Literally just too nice
dougma: is that train made from BOSS coffee can?
AdmiralMemo: I assume that whoever you choose, the other gets mad.
Crad0k: never pick kamek, he's the biggest dick in the mario universe
kassy_13: a baby
josh_le_crafter: @cobaltshuriken oh, right...
PyroWulf: @dougma I think it might be.
kassy_13: pick the baby
AdmiralMemo: Get the train!
kassy_13: it's the principle of the thing
Alness49: The question is where does Yoshi stand on the McDonalds triangle
accountmadeforants: The train will be made of regretti
AdmiralMemo: And now they're buds again?
PyroWulf: Because this is a kid's game, Paul.
TXC2: yoshi would get Macy Ds
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Neljandik: I'm not your buddy, guy.
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Izandai: Yoshi is clearly a "McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!" kind of guy.
Laurreth: Text pops up: "You made a decision. Bowser will remember this."
noSmokeFire: I love it
AdmiralMemo: @hanrat Yep
cuttlefishman: Was that... lagging?
drrek0: Yeah did kamek just murder a gator to make that?
cuttlefishman: Did the gator train drop frames?
PyroWulf: I think that's just the cutscene for the 'magic' of crafting
islanderscaper: bloojHype
Stoffern: Its not staying on the tracks
Mangledpixel: cuttlefishman it was imitating stop-motion
PyroWulf: Multi Track Drifting.
AdmiralMemo: @kassy_13 *facepalms self* I could've gone to the page itself and just grabbed the code for it. :D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towson,_Maryland
dougma: hit the eyes
AdmiralMemo: I love it! Colored Pencil Missiles!
PyroWulf: Colored pencil rocket strikes. This game is just the cutest thing
islanderscaper: critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley
noSmokeFire: the lizard gizzard gem
islanderscaper: XD its a pretty color at least
AdmiralMemo: Well at least they know it's you and not the disguise this time!
TXC2: Green Yoshi is the Horus lupercal of Yoshis
2jtwojay: Gator Aid! XD
tenthtechpriest: how dare he be happy
TheWarbo: I feel like our interpretation of the happenings is a little harsh for this game.
CobaltShuriken: yellow yoshi and pink yoshi are the best colors
kassy_13: @admiralmemo sure lol, but it's also exactly what I said lmao 😂
SFSMaus: So Yoshi's making a Yoshinity Flaunlet?
RobotHitchhiker: you got this gem? I got this gem.
PyroWulf: "I got this gem!" "You got this gem? I got this gem."
Alness49: Green Yoshi: "I made this"
cuttlefishman: honestly gator train looks a lot cooler in his beat up colours
cuttlefishman: I wish we had him as costume
PyroWulf: Dang, beaten to the punch
kassy_13: we lost so many lol
AdmiralMemo: @kassy_13 Yeah, it is, but it could've been easier.
red_shoes_jeff: Probably gonna want some new duds, before you go in there.
RaynMurfy: There was a free costume.
AdmiralMemo: @kassy_13 Hard Mode Linguistics? :D
accountmadeforants: Nah, snakey all the way
PyroWulf: I still feel like the eyes are weird
kassy_13: @admiralmemo fair enough lol, but I'm always happy to do it. hard mode indeed :p
josh_le_crafter: why are we enabling these robots to keep stealing flowers
noSmokeFire: a fair shake of a snake's tail?
TXC2: didn't give it a fair snake more like Kappa
SFSMaus: So which costume says I'm hunting acorns?
josh_le_crafter: Giraffe train or riot!
TheWarbo: Also the robots who like flowers are way too close to the Mario Odyssey flower-loving robots.
PyroWulf: Oh hey monkey fists.
Crad0k: they might have goombas in them
TheWarbo: conkleballs!
AdmiralMemo: @kassy_13 Also, I had to translate your official linguistics into functional Wiki-code linguistics. :D
BITs19_: lewd
TheWarbo: Now it's time for everyone in chat to have a different regional name for conkers/conkleballs/gumballs/etc
SFSMaus: !findquote acorn
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Izandai: Paul, come on, not without consent!
AdmiralMemo: Do not lick Wiggler butts
zerg539: You licked his butt what did you expect would happen?
AdmiralMemo: @zerg539 What if he was into it? :D
accountmadeforants: But yeah, this game looks gorgeous. I wonder if that's why they decided on a similar aesthetic for the Link's Awakening remake?
PyroWulf: Nintendo going full comfy aesthetic is fine by me
SFSMaus: !findquote lick
LRRbot: Quote #4684: "If you want lots of information, you should lick it." —Dale [2018-02-12]
AdmiralMemo: Everyone talks about acorns... Does anyone ever talk about b-corns? Kappa
noSmokeFire: I'm more about c corn
accountmadeforants: Oh gosh, the acorn's a little owl!
PyroWulf: Is an acorn just a plant unicorn? It only has one pointy bit...
cuttlefishman: is this... a Kobe?
frnknstn: do different egg colours matter?
cuttlefishman: or is this a yeet
TXC2: I like D Corn Kappa
AdmiralMemo: So... @accountmadeforants You're saying Penelope should play this game? :D
kassy_13: the eggs change colour when thrown
cuttlefishman: D corn was my fav companion in MGSV
Mangledpixel: !quote Paul
LRRbot: Quote #5319: "They're going to be so confused when they wake up just covered in fungus." —Paul [2018-09-14]
accountmadeforants: AdmiralMemo, I guess someone should show her the acorn-owl, at least.
TXC2: how is that not an Ian quote? :P
DontpingmePlayz: !quote paul
LRRbot: Quote #1073: "Nobody's going to respect you with giant eyebrows, buddy. Trust me. I know a thing or two about it." —Paul [2015-11-11]
zerg539: That chestnut almost got you
FireBasilisk53: I have to get ready for work but there is a cat on my lap, waht do I do?
wildpeaks: Yeet
Mangledpixel: FireBasilisk53 I think you must pet the cat
TXC2: we yeeted when we should have kobed
cuttlefishman: Yoshi isn't svelte
cuttlefishman: he felt
DontpingmePlayz: this logic makes sense as heavy as a acorn and magnet
kassy_13: bee!!!
kassy_13: hi bee friend!
TXC2: how very hill top zone of you game
noSmokeFire: it's springloaded?
zerg539: Spring loaded pulley
AdmiralMemo: The owl is flapping it up?
Mysticman89: owl flight bouyancy I guess for up
Mysticman89: I guess thrust rather than buoyancy is more techniccally correct
kassy_13: children's version of the potion puzzle in Harry Potter lol
TXC2: who doesn't like pine cones? Kappa
kPancrazio: are they sweet gum seed pods?
TheWarbo: Yeah.
Crad0k: in mario games they're full of goombas
cuttlefishman: what are these flowers?
hanrat: Return of the Jedi would be improved by that
accountmadeforants: Much like chaos being a ladder, anger is an elevator.
cuttlefishman: like.... cardboard?
Mangledpixel: pigmouse
zerg539: @TXC2 I think they are Chestnuts
TheNerdWonder: That’s a mr saturn
TXC2: zerg539 oh could be
TheWarbo: These Shy Guys are wearing acorn caps as hats...
Mangledpixel: pig-you mice?
Mysticman89: is that thingy made of a magic carpet?
Mangledpixel: hey, we aren't a weird assortment of stuff
TXC2: I love how goofy it is when the furniture follows you around
cynimo: nice, all aboard i guess
hanrat: @Mangledpixel we really are
Mangledpixel: ah who am I kidding, we are
cuttlefishman: the bus stop is a metaphor
Earthenone: !busstop
cuttlefishman: for mass transit
AdmiralMemo: You know that buses only come when you build bus stops. Kappa
starlitdiscord: woah
DerPilsner: I'm only partially paying attention, and I have to admit "Wait, I had to build a bus stop" kind of took me off guard in a hilarious sort of way.
TheNerdWonder: Mouse transit
BITs19_: lol
TheWarbo: Sit on the bench, swap out your charms, update your map
AdmiralMemo: Go get that red!
accountmadeforants: Ah, so there's probably a spring on the owl's wheel, that's neat!
red_shoes_jeff: B O N E S !
TXC2: good old T wrecks
Mangledpixel: it's a dinosaur skeleton with a dinosaur inside it
starlitdiscord: bones!
Armstrong11139: Yoshi's Crafted World: BONES
noSmokeFire: you're cosplaying cubone
DrEinstein99: the bones of cardboard and the skins of felt
fried_popsicle: The bones of beasts and the skins of trees!
TXC2: !addquote (Paul) [now] I'm gonna be the bones in trees.
LRRbot: New quote #5967: "I'm gonna be the bones in trees." —Paul [2019-04-05]
adamjford: This game sure doesn't have a lot of different tunes, eh
TXC2: adamjford I know right?
accountmadeforants: I guess the plant guys are always moving, while shy guys can stand still?
noSmokeFire: this one irritates your allergies
GDwarf: Nippers float in as seeds, and traditionally respawn infinitely
EikoandMog: Touch fuzzy, get dizzy.
kassy_13: lrrGOAT
Gary_Number_427: *Are* there Fuzzys somewhere in this game?
Gary_Number_427: Because I would love some dizzying fuzzy-touching.
Mangledpixel: the chestnuts in the previous level were rather Fuzzy-like
noSmokeFire: can you feed the monkeys to piranha plants?
wildpeaks: not enough fiber in its diet
red_shoes_jeff: Because they're covered in HAIR.
accountmadeforants: Because monkeys don't come from eggs, so they also can't be put in eggs.
Gary_Number_427: Is the Yoshi digestive system better than the Kirby's?
noSmokeFire: natural selection
TheMerricat: They monkeys are obviously just too big to fit in your stomach since they hide eggs in their backpockets.
EikoandMog: Pretty sure that's artificial selection @noSmokeFire
noSmokeFire: kirby can metabolize abstract concepts
GDwarf: I'm pretty sure Kirby is the physical embodiment of consumption
TheOtherTrevor: they both spit everything up. neither digest very well
TXC2: Kirby doesn't poop
TXC2: Kirby is just a black hole
hanrat: wait... does that make Yoshi a capitalist? (using his power to determine the fate of workers he values over others he does now)
TheWarbo: Yoshi gets powers when he has it in his mouth. Hold a blue shell, you can fly, for example
SAJewers: welp
accountmadeforants: I see they're taking some pointers from Half Life.
Crad0k: accountmadeforants i mean, someone has to, and valve sure aren't it...
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TheWarbo: that was suddenly much speedier than the rest of the game/level
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Larkonus: katesGift katesGift katesGift katesGift katesGift katesGift
AdmiralMemo: Nice!
AdmiralMemo: Gift Drop!
TXC2: TheMerricat lrrHEART
chibi_bento: so many gift subs -- how lovely!!
chibi_bento: <3
Saulens181: how's tax evasion going?
hanrat: lrrWOW
Caldurin: Ooh nice, thanks TheMerricat !
TXC2: Saulens181 now now
islanderscaper: bloojHype bloojHype bloojHype
starlitdiscord: gachapon!
noSmokeFire: :O Piranha plant!
Crad0k: yeah, that's mean... it's avoidance, not evasion :-p
noSmokeFire: (\/)!!
kassy_13: piranha plant time!!!!!
AdmiralMemo: lrrFRUMP
kassy_13: no luck
Rhynerd: The 5 failed?
red_shoes_jeff: S'okay, we can get 2 more!
TheMandrew: it's LOG!
starlitdiscord: :(
TXC2: wait wrong game
AdmiralMemo: Well we had a 50/50 shot
Saulens181: *Danganronpa music plays*
Gary_Number_427: Bucket!
TheMandrew: what rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, and over your neighbor's dog!
red_shoes_jeff: BUKKIT!
Zaghrog: Log log log log it's big, it's heavy it's wood
tenthtechpriest: BUCKET
AdmiralMemo: "You see, I went to the store... and the the man said this was what you wanted..."
kassy_13: power plant lol
TheMerricat: LOL now that's not even trying ^_^
TheWarbo: that costume sure looks like it'd be my jam
Xed_Regulus: I like the yellow apple
Gary_Number_427: I heard you liked Gacha containers, so I put a Gacha container in your Gacha container.
Zaghrog highfives TheMandrew
TXC2: the more you know
noSmokeFire: kids, I'm hear to rap about party balls
mercano82: Wasn't there a Dragnet episode about this?
starlitdiscord: nooo
noSmokeFire: the darkest timeline!
EikoandMog: lrrAWW lrrAWW lrrAWW
TheWarbo: Paul getting sucked in by the gacha
kassy_13: nooooooo
AdmiralMemo: You can be a bus!
red_shoes_jeff: Aw, you can see it! It's right on the thing!
starlitdiscord: the gacha gets everyone
kenyh12: I was really hoping for the owl
wench_tacular: bus very on brand
kassy_13: we could be a bus tho
head_cannon: Yoshi Bus for hope.
TheWarbo: Put on bus costume. Drive from Tucson to Vegas.
RAICx: Blue balls are the opposite of a party, if you ask me lrrBEEJ
mercano82: Step 1: put on the bus costume. Step 2: go replay the desert level. Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit!
hanrat: That bus looks ... familiar
Gary_Number_427: Yoshi Bus for Chill.
noSmokeFire: o/
TheMerricat: @RAICx if you run into blue balls that have white spots on them consult your doctor. ^_
wildpeaks: how long until bug splat
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
PhoenixMelior: it occurs to me that I don't watch too many streams that have consistent breaks anymore
starlitdiscord squints suspiciously at the bus
kenyh12: but isn't the giraffe bus just strictly better?
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Dinosaurs remain.
Earthenone: its true!
RAICx: TheMerricat that's some truly good advice
TXC2: and we're back
Gary_Number_427: Yosh
wildpeaks: yay :)
starlitdiscord: cute!
starlitdiscord: does this yoshi weigh the same as an acorn
voslan: most likly
TheWarbo: "surprisingly"?
offbeatwitch: A Surprisingly Large Yoshi Collection
PhoenixMelior: is Mario also that tiny?
AdmiralMemo: I mean, that means Mario is VERY SMALL
wildpeaks: now you just need to craft papercraft levels for it :D
TheMerricat: Hope not, think about how large mario is riding him.
Astra7525: Is Mario tiny too, then?
TheWarbo: Well you can use New Donk City to calibrate Mario to us-type-people
offbeatwitch: well, he is italian
Gary_Number_427: You could do worse than Yoshis for something to collect.
Gary_Number_427: PINK!
wildpeaks: but, but, blue yoshi :(
mercano82: They have to be large enough that a overweight NY plumber can ride him arround.
EikoandMog: Purple Yoshi!
wench_tacular: don't betray blue yoshi
Alness49: Life sized? Oh no... I don't want to tell Paul...
AdmiralMemo: Do you get to keep your costumes if you change Yoshis?
PhoenixMelior: Purple IS my favourite colour
TXC2: Mario is canonically 4ft8 Kappa
Crad0k: purple!
hanrat: So.. only yoshi you have are allowed?
starlitdiscord: no dont betray blue yoshi
ricohard1986: Yeah full grown mario rides him currently, he;s obviously close to pony sized.
tenthtechpriest: but we've come so far with our current yoshi
EikoandMog: Blue needs a break~
cuttlefishman: pink
ImKevinTheShark: Other yoshi's are available
hanrat: Are The Yoshi a collective? Do they share experiences?
AdmiralMemo: Get green and then blue can take the credit. Kappa
wildpeaks: :D
TheWarbo: If we're green yoshi, who comes to collect the gems from us?
AdmiralMemo: @TheWarbo I hope it's blue
TXC2: a different, more attractive Green yoshi
TXC2: Kappa
LordShadner: so beat the final boss with green to rub it in? Kappa
TheWarbo: yeah big robots -> boss fight
PhoenixMelior: how many gems are there?
the_8th_mage: @LoadingReadyRun yo paul
starlitdiscord: aw yoshi speech!!
Crad0k: PhoenixMelior i feel like saying '5'
Gary_Number_427: So...giant Pirahna Plant?
PhoenixMelior: Crad0k 5 5 5 5 5 5?
starlitdiscord: ???
Xed_Regulus: I'm about ready to fall asleep. Too bad I'm at work.
AdmiralMemo: TEETH
Astra7525: Teeth!
starlitdiscord: TEETH
mercano82: Oh no, he said the T word.
timiam: Yoshi knows how to party
Crad0k: !teeth
TheWarbo: TEETH
Alness49: A Party Pihranna?
EikoandMog: TEETH
hanrat: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Gary_Number_427: HTEET
Gary_Number_427: wait no
Gary_Number_427: I hecked up
red_shoes_jeff: T E E T H
wildpeaks: yeeth
TXC2: !smash
LRRbot: Put Burning Man in Smash, you cowards!
Larkonus: Yeah, put Piranha Plant in Smash, you cowa... wait
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starlitdiscord: oh my gosh bowser junior's voice is adorable
Crad0k: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: box text
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islanderscaper: gandsHype
cuttlefishman: break
starlitdiscord: uhoh
Gary_Number_427: Brutal.
Crad0k: that's pretty dark
r10pez10: !smash
LRRbot: Put weagles in Smash, you cowards!
TheWarbo: Paul you have a little weird spot in the corner of the booth greenscreen.
noSmokeFire: baby bowser: ballbreaker
PhoenixMelior: yeah put Weagle in Smash!
TheWarbo: (wasn't too noticeable until screen went dark)
starlitdiscord: weagles in smash!
Swordsmasterguy: Did he say... NOT SO LOUD KAMEK! She'll hear you!
noSmokeFire: shadow of the piranha plant
Gary_Number_427: They really did have fun with this game.
GDwarf: In Yoshi's Island it was "Naval Piranha"
GDwarf: Petey is Super Mario Sunshine
SAJewers: oh, i think i see what you have to do
EikoandMog: Got there!
Astra7525: Are those acorns?
EikoandMog: Crash!
wildpeaks: we missed our bus
Astra7525: You bus got busted
noSmokeFire: that bus got lrrEFF ed
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TheWarbo: this boss seems way harder than the previous one
blast__femur: Bullet heck*
starlitdiscord: bus is back!
blast__femur: this is a family game
DeJeyJey: I believe in you!
NimrodXIV: lrrGOAT
DarkMorford: Good shootin', Tex!
starlitdiscord: nice!
Earthenone: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
sing_o_muse: wait when did yoshi turn into a bullet hell?
wildpeaks: Point
TheWarbo: I think it's the "each bullet is straight line, but the whole thing looks like waves" that's giving the bullet hell feel
MatthewDennisMTG: This game looks awesome
Mysticman89: waoow
Gary_Number_427: Steal it's heart, take it's power for yourself!
starlitdiscord: yeeey!
AdmiralMemo: But what if you WERE Green Yoshi?!
sing_o_muse: @TheWarbo yeah, i was partially being joking
v_nome: Piranha Kant?
tenthtechpriest: if you play green yoshi who takes the gem away?
TXC2: "you're my best friend green yoshi"
Crad0k: PhoenixMelior 5!
hanrat: So... how many infinity gauntlet jokes were there the first timepeople saw that?
theinvisiblevoice: in before green yoshi is the final boss, mad with power
TXC2: tenthtechpriest a better looking green yoshi Kappa
TheWarbo: sing_o_muse Well several folks (including Paul) made the comment, and I was like "hmm...I think this is why"
red_shoes_jeff: Now we can get the other costume.
sing_o_muse: @TheWarbo Ah, i see i am redundant already
TheWarbo: But anyway, I'm not the only one who sees the Odyssey "Flower Kingdom" robots in these guys, right?
red_shoes_jeff: The Piranha Plant costume.
red_shoes_jeff: That was it.
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Sarcastic_comma: Wow its been this long allredy! Ive been watching since the early LRR Days. Fun fact for Paul: Youtube has started recomending me thingsonmyhead videos again
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LordShadner: can you go from ninjarama?
LordShadner: too late
hanrat: lrrHorn
AdmiralMemo: Even YouTube doesn't... at least fully
kenyh12: presumably youtube
timiam: The Algorithm is beyond mortal comprehension
SAJewers: heh
TXC2: !findquote algorithm
LRRbot: Quote #5228: "Always without question, the algorithm is bad." —Graham [2018-08-03]
embyrr922: T H E A L G O R I T H M
Robot_Bones: Not sacrificing enough goats to the algorithm
SAJewers: i think a week ago it recommended i watch the 1st loadingreadyrumble
Astra7525: Did we just write a crapshot?
accountmadeforants: I also watched a recent BigClive video where he took apart a bunch of automatic mosquito repellant sprayers, and everyone (including myself) suddenly got a bunch of "toy review" videos in their recommendations
timiam: It periodically recommends me reeeeally old LRR stuff (which is nice)
AdmiralMemo: WAIT... That's the WRONG GAME
TXC2: YARN? but that's Kirby's thing
Robot_Bones: This level is crafted out of Kirbys
accountmadeforants: Like, how does the algorithm make that connection, and why so heavily?
wench_tacular: recycle the levels, very eco friendly
offbeatwitch: 1 loaf of yarn
TXC2: Ask Heather
starlitdiscord: a single loaf of yarn
Robot_Bones: someone knitted a loaf of bread
voslan: It's a Pillow
noSmokeFire: anything can be a loaf if you stuff it with something
electric_claire: It's a knit loaf though
timiam: Skeeeens
orbitaltuna: best thing since sliced yarn
wildpeaks: is a loaf of yarn a unit of weight or length
electric_claire: It's like a knitted bread holde
NimrodXIV: I mean, you *could* make a loaf, but...no
thundershot879: the great Thanksgiving yarn loaf
noSmokeFire: bread cosy
timiam: I think? I'm basing that ont he magic cards
chibi_bento: quick, summon Emily to tell us all about yarn!
sing_o_muse: skeet skeet?
Gary_Number_427: Skoobles of Yarn.
TheMerricat: If I were a conspiracy theroist, I'd say that Youtube is attempting to rollback the clock and remind everyone that non-toxic, non-Pewdiepie and Logan Paul videos exist on their platform
red_shoes_jeff: KNIT THE RAINBOW
chibi_bento: and yes, it's a skein of yarn.
Riandisa: skein is a bundle of yarn
Stoffern: A skrt of yarn
SpoonfullOfSugar: Skyrims of yarn?
TXC2: Skrim scrams of Yarn
jschunx: skeins of trees?
jschunx: or perhaps trees of skeins?
AdmiralMemo: Twitch Plz
ImKevinTheShark: I think you might be missing the point with yarn. it can be ANYTHING
LavenderCreations: generally I don't buy my yarn in pre-knitted loaves, no XD
accountmadeforants: @TheMerricat Considering this recent article, that wouldn't surprise me: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-04-02/youtube-executives-ignored-warnings-letting-toxic-videos-run-rampant
offbeatwitch: budget shy guy
jschunx: it's the cleverest disguise ever
AdmiralMemo: Inception!
AdmiralMemo: If they think you're a Shy Guy, they'll never realize you're ACTUALLY a SHY GUY!
Meark: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
jschunx: oh, I remember those ghosty guys, they're pretty adorable
bravothreeve: oh sheet
jschunx: then again, most of the stuff in this game is pretty adorable
hanrat: Ghost of all the socks you lost one of the pair
TheMerricat: @accountmadeforants that's an interesting read, thanks for sharing ^_^
Jigokuro: big oof on the yarn that just hangs around comment
LordShadner: I think that was another ... ahh you saw it
TXC2: "that was like a secret that went nowhere" how Lost of it Kappa
hanrat: I reckon you could have smashed that cardboard platforn
niivvy: love me some compressed loaves
Robot_Bones: Not good for yarn houses
Stoffern: well yarn loaves dont taste very good, I imagine
Crad0k: present
jschunx: I mean, wouldn't you?
Robot_Bones: Gift in the background
AdmiralMemo: lrrGOAT
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silenceaux: They have a hard time expressing themselves without acrobatics
Wonderdoc: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (3:50 from now).
ImKevinTheShark: that just sounds like shy guy is becoming an extrovert
Wonderdoc: no Paperfight today? :(
silenceaux: Probably eon as in the period of time
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Cursed_Sins: I have been sitting here trying to think of something to say. I just keep getting distracted by how cute this game is.
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noSmokeFire: thude -- "they dude"
Crad0k: i think that presents are where most of your 19/20 red coins are failing
AdmiralMemo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (3:49 from now).
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Jigokuro: Have another name to not pronounce correctly! lrrHEART benginHeart sergeHeart
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Namelylight: those shy guys are showing off for you, yoshi, don't just turn them into eggs--wait, never mind.
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ImKevinTheShark: It might not be great. But it's nice though!
LordShadner: unstable and slightly haunted Kappa
TheWarbo: i feel so weird about these completely unmoving shy guys
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noSmokeFire: they've lost the will to guy
TheR676767: they're contemplative guys
islanderscaper: feliciaHype feliciaHype
wildpeaks: this little shyguy has embraced the inevitability
Zaghrog: ^
wench_tacular: why wouldn't they be depressed, look what you've done to their family!
ImKevinTheShark: Maybe the backflipping ones aren't shyguys at all. But Confidentguys
wildpeaks: also if a blue monster didn't eat all of their friends
TXC2: Man HR at Boswers must be aweful
HondoTrigger: Bowser's army is fueled by survivors guilt
sing_o_muse: or suicide apparently
kenyh12: just send pistachio
jschunx: eaten, no less, that's a pretty gruesome way to go
TXC2: are we writing a crapshot here? :p
silenceaux: It always seemed pretty quick, at least.
Revenant77x: The Shyguys greatest natural predator is the Plumbersaurus
jschunx: who knows? maybe they're still alive inside those eggs
TXC2: Like I'm imagining the opeing scene from wreck it Ralph, but Darker
OmnipotentTrevor: Has this game brought back the fuzzies at all?
hanrat: I wonder if they're distrustful of electricians, builders and carpenters now as a result of them being "plumber-adjacent" and that explains the... unusual building materials?
LordShadner: "So your friend has been jump on." a self-help book by Bowser Sr. Kappa
Invitare: nah these are the same sort of ghosts. It's just that all ghosts are weak to dinosaurs
Jigokuro: Those are 'Gusty's if I remember my Yoshi's Island right.
ImKevinTheShark: #NotAllGhosts
Jigokuro: More of a wind elemental than a ghost
ricohard1986: try the yarn load in that house, you didn't jump on it?
hanrat: ooh, can you smash that yarn block?
LordShadner: that looks like another "loaf"
embyrr922: Is the fabric loaf in there compressible
phenexian: can you shoot the brown felt in the window
phenexian: never mind
wildpeaks: good eye, chat
Jigokuro: bitterOK
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always meming.
Kykiwi: rip
Crad0k: i'm pretty sure that puzzle is the worst...
SAJewers: lrrAWW
TheWarbo: yeah these do things like, you thought you were gonna have to track them flying around behind, but really it was "remember where it is"
MatthewDennisMTG: so why is yoshi in a cart?
TXC2: it's a costume
HondoTrigger: you have all the flowers in my heart, Paul
TheWarbo: this game has yoshi costumes...in gacha machines
Robot_Bones: I bet green yoshi would have gotten that flower, just like he got all the gems
TheWarbo: as we will soon see
cuttlefishman: When is the kissing
wench_tacular: no you can't
Zaghrog: dressing up as dead bosses
Jigokuro: benginWat
TheMerricat: lol
noSmokeFire: the worst of all possible worlds
RaynMurfy: It will be thr
RaynMurfy: Yap
red_shoes_jeff: The gold one was on the bottom when we left...
TXC2: how about that
voslan: Golden egg in the slot!
TheWarbo: well...maybe
cuttlefishman: order might all be pre-selected
cuttlefishman: and then animated only once?
noSmokeFire: aw, the stars have little bowties
TheWarbo: Even it was random, we might have just happened to get the green egg anyway
cakeflavo: at least no duplicates, right?
hanrat: We have the approval of stars with bow-ties, so that's good
cakeflavo: truly the champions of fashion
TheMandrew: where's poochie?
Larkonus: IT'S PERFECT.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: This game is so dang adorable
Jigokuro: If you duck rapidly does it look like chomping?
TXC2: and this isn't a cosplay...how?
chibi_bento: waffles!!
jschunx: kinda like edible spinies, I guess
embyrr922: They look like caramels
Mangledpixel: what are they? edible
noSmokeFire: macarons~ :O
Riandisa: Honey toast?
jschunx: and not, y'know, spiny
NimrodXIV: :D
TheWarbo: waffles certainly fits the theme of this stage
chibi_bento: haha!
Vyous: macaroon springs!
Jigokuro: omoHAND micDoggers
sing_o_muse: what;s the star on th cupcake
cuttlefishman: felted macaroons I think?
hanrat: marar-on, marar-off
cuttlefishman: interesting
voslan: becasue Parana plants are used in power plants to get ride of waste.
GDwarf: On Yoshi's island, electricity is provided by Piranha Plants, I guess.
Aztren: wait what?
noSmokeFire: it's the superior treat
Stoffern: Did someone mention Macross?
Astra7525: heh, we're in the food world and all the shyguys are a bit overweight
cuttlefishman: And these are... ice cream sandwiches?
GDwarf: There are, like, a half-dozen sweets with names that are almost "Macaroon"
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: This is just making me want a big cup of coffee and some kind of pastry
SAJewers: yeah, i'm getting hungry now
wildpeaks: that lowest caramel looks worried
Mysticman89: something about the stack? I feel like tyheres either a programming or magic joke to be made, but im butt at both.
jschunx: are those ones foil-wrapped? A cunning defence!
Zaghrog: being the bottom one and managing that weight could provide a sense of accompilshment
Astra7525: are they HARD candy?
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Doggo!
embyrr922: Pupper!
Zhedor: Makes sense, you are a lizard, so of course aluminum foil works against you ;)
cuttlefishman: how did the poochy... get into the cake?
cuttlefishman: was poochie baked into it?
Alness49: But can you pet the poochie?
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Havtorn_Epsilon: This is just the kind of saccharine nonsense I need after this week. Go Dinoperson, get all the eggies.
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jschunx: Poochie knows what's going on, Poochie ain't stupid
Rhynerd: That does seem like a normal method for loading a poochy into a cake.
Gary_Number_427: Ride your War-Poochy into glorious battle!
Mangledpixel: mmm... battenburg cake
Crad0k: maybe pink slime is a poochy treat?
CataclysmicReverb: Jam?
Decaped: that was a very nice tree some robot is going to request from you in a half hour
cuttlefishman: is that... sponge cake?
accountmadeforants: Frosting?
PantomineX: This game is cuter than it has any right to be
Zaghrog: well, they don't look like chocolate so...
TXC2: I dont think poochy needs a treat after all this refined sugar
Jigokuro: Boysenberry sauce
TheWarbo: that purple-y death liquid in a food-themed stage is *also* reminding me of a Mario Odyssey stage
CraziestOwl: How is everyone today?
Crad0k: present!
Rhynerd: I assume this purple stuff is like what Cam and Ben worked on last episode of LRL.
Crad0k: you got it
TXC2: Mistakes have been made
Galvin_Duck: cake present in the back
wildpeaks: 20/20
Mysticman89: timing game on point
Rhynerd: OSHA does not approve of that those shy guys are doing.
Rhynerd: Or did, at this point.
Zaghrog: finished one of the last stages of a group project today, get to start testing now.Deadline on Tuesday, so still on schedule!
TXC2: theres a door there no?
embyrr922: Does the cupcake do something if you shoot it again?
Dwachak: Just tuned in, this is so wholesome <3
Asimech: You know. It makes sense aluminium foil is your weakness. I mean, it *is* called "foil".
robinbolas: Hey paul, this is an odd version of Space Quest
wildpeaks: :D
NimrodXIV: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Meark: That's a quote.
Mangledpixel: !findquote tongue
LRRbot: Quote #1673: "That's how it works! You put your tongue in their nose and then a baby comes out!" —Alex [2016-01-26]
Rhynerd: If you added two cows to that equation...
hanrat: is that cake a giant present?
robinbolas: Best way to tunnel
TXC2: waffle stacks got lrrEFF
red_shoes_jeff: NINE flowers! Ah ah ah!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Ben, Jer, and Serge sit down to chat about Planeswalkers in Highlander. | They discuss their personal top 5 favourites, and try and agree on the best 5 in the format. | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ahBT77s7UE || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1114250320148815872
ImKevinTheShark: It only starts getting confusing when you start getting two digits of flowers
voslan: Yoshi has the Yakuza in his Pocket, he knows just what to pull to make sure Nintendo stays ahead of Sega1
Papperslappen: ziplines, it must be Apex Legends
Havtorn_Epsilon: So why are we a chompy flower?
WizardZedd: Yeah. Except it had buzz-saws
TXC2: Saga is waiting, binding it's time
TXC2: when the Sonic movie is released, that when they'll strike Kappa
CataclysmicReverb: Foreshadowing in the background?
CataclysmicReverb: Backshadowing?
robinbolas: I heard they are creating massive armies of metal sanics
ImKevinTheShark: Yakuza-Yoshi is what they call him. The most dangerous dinosaur this side of Jurassic Park
spicydungus: cheer100 hi paul, hope you are having a great day
feha92: this game looks somewhat reminiscent of yoshi's island
accountmadeforants: Sega will turn things around by doing what Nintenwon't, and fully embraces the weird fanart community. Starting with the announcement of their own super crown equivalent.
jschunx: yoshi's just got a refined palate, he won't eat just anything
Robot_Bones: They are tied to rope, you;d have to eat all of it
robinbolas: I assume it has something to do with Yoshi's taste in food
feha92: could it be anything attached to the world (ex by the string they hang on) isnt edible?
jschunx: I mean, most things, sure, but not just aaaaanything
feha92: as you would need to swallow a world
TXC2: Maybe Yoshi uses the Turner lickibiblty scale ? Kappa
Anonyman41: does yoshi...always wear the piranha plant?
TXC2: Anonyman41 no, it's a costume
TheMerricat: @Anonyman41 no, it's like mario odyssey you win costumes to wear as you go along.
jschunx: and the eggy-looking things are just his stem
Asimech: Piranha plant, with some piranha eggs. Perfectly normal.
Invitare: after debuting in Smash, Nintendo decided to release a game where Pirahna Plant is the main character
Anonyman41: well if i wasnt sold on this game before i am now
Meark: what's the shinything in the background?
feha92: can you go to the thing that sparkled in bg?
ricohard1986: Part of me would love a Bowser themed Dungeon Keeper game....
feha92: some kind of button
robinbolas: Always bolt the bird
TXC2: we have what now?
TheMandrew: Cadence of Hyrule
TheMandrew: Zelda + Crypt of the Necrodancer
ImKevinTheShark: Honestly I'm waiting for/wouldn't be surprised if there was, a Bowser themed Escape Room
robinbolas: @TheMandrew I have to play that D&F character now
DontpingmePlayz: i would love a bowser bros game where you just play as bowser to be bad to mario
robinbolas: *D&D
AdmiralMemo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:42:54.
cakeflavo: wow this game does sure get hard
jschunx: it seems super neat, I haven't tried Crypt, but that seems like the thing to get me to
accountmadeforants: As am I. Love Crypt of the Necrodancer.
AdmiralMemo: I hate it because I'm color-blind and it gives me headaches. :(
feha92: why do all buttons sparkle?
AdmiralMemo: I love the concept, but I just physically can't play it.
feha92: my gamer sense keeps tingling for any that isnt in the foreground
TXC2: feha92 makes them easier to see maybe?
feha92: but they dont seem to be there for anything than looks, havnet seen paul interact with them
jschunx: aww ya broke it!
robinbolas: This whole game makes me think Tally made it
BrowneePoints: This game is delightful. It's like a picnic in the park on a warm sunny day
AdmiralMemo: There was a section in Crypt where the lights were rapidly flashing between red and green. It didn't look like any change at all to me, but just looking at it made my head hurt. I suspect SOME part of my brain acknowledged the change, but the rest was denying it? *shrug*
BrindleBoar: peepin' birb
Mysticman89: you killed twitter
TXC2: if only
AdmiralMemo: @Mysticman89 Nothing of value was lost
red_shoes_jeff: There's an egg box below.
Crad0k: there's an egg box back at the bottom
ricohard1986: go back there was a box at the bootom
robinbolas: Well what's the point of YOU Paul
TXC2: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
SAJewers: go back to the eegg block?
wildpeaks: gravity, our old nemesis
jschunx: it's always the controller
robinbolas: Sems legit
TXC2: Sun was in Paul's eyes Kappa
AdmiralMemo: There was wind! Kappa
TallBlondePillager: !advice
LRRbot: You can't break it any more once it's already broken.
red_shoes_jeff: Beg to differ!
Cinntoastmin: Hi Paul
ImKevinTheShark: Games broken, need day 1 patch to fix red coin get
jschunx: Yoshi ate flowers?
MrSVCD: Just looked at "Cadence of Hyrule", I need a switch just more and more...
TallBlondePillager: This gives me such Kirby vibes
cakeflavo: "Yoshisaur T. Munchakoopas"
voslan: that james laugh in the back ground...
Alness49: lrrAWW
red_shoes_jeff: But the gold one was so close that time!
voslan: or was it adam...?
Astra7525: Floiwer Power? That's some green energy I can get behind
Crad0k: oh no, clowns
Rhynerd: Oh hey!
wildpeaks: :D
Rhynerd: Ravens!
AdmiralMemo: That would be SO COOL
TXC2: Ha
AdmiralMemo: @Rhynerd Baltimore fan, too, eh? Kappa
TXC2: isn't that back this week?
jschunx: the ravens!
robinbolas: So are these massive crafts? Or tiny Yoshi?
feha92: Arent those crows from paper mario?
jschunx: so cute!
AdmiralMemo: !russell
jschunx: crows, maybe
DarkMorford: Fry some more!
Rhynerd: They’re named Ravens.
ImKevinTheShark: Really, you've peaked with pirana plant costume
Rhynerd: And I forgot the name of the Raven boss, sadly.
taruan: Raphael the Raven I believe
Welbog: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (3:06 from now).
TXC2: thats not how physics
Rhynerd: That’s it!
jschunx: something alliterative, I expect
feha92: yeah, raphael the raven was the crow in paper mario named
robinbolas: They looks like licorice gum drops
LordShadner: are they balloons?
TXC2: got em!
Vn497: You fool!
Erudite_Cynic: rayfkDont rayfkDont rayfkDont
wildpeaks: fell off the moon :D
Mangledpixel: !findquote planet
LRRbot: Quote #205: "Telling somebody horrible information about their home planet is the best way to make friends." —Paul [2015-04-13]
SAJewers: blaming it on chat i see Kappa
TXC2: Reading chat accounts for 58.87% of all deaths
ImKevinTheShark: Don't blame us!
Rhynerd: They seem like balloons with how reflective they are.
DarkMorford: Can you eat the birds?
TallBlondePillager: Since when was yoshi such a gourmand?
robinbolas: You can't eat them because they look like licorice, and licorice is gross
Rhynerd: I wish I knew of a game where the Ravens weren’t just an enemy.
ImKevinTheShark: !quote 2741
LRRbot: Quote #2741: "I was reading Chat, like a scrub." —Kate [2016-06-08]
cakeflavo: you want a game where the ravens are friends?
Rhynerd: Yes
feha92: @cakeflavo but they are
feha92: the ravens are from paper mario, and they are friends
Havtorn_Epsilon: Is there a name for these "The world looks like it's Arts & Crafts" platformers? Between this, Paper Mario, Little Big Planet, Puppeteer and Kirby's Epic Yarn it's starting to feel like a pretty well established subgenre
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun I just looked up what the different colored eggs are for. Red give you hearts, yellow give you coins, and blue give you two more eggs.
robinbolas: Welcome to the Salty Spitoon
PhoenixMelior: Havtorn_Epsilon I think it falls under "Whimsy"
cakeflavo: friends dont deal damage to friends...
AdmiralMemo: Is there a color-blind mode so I could see the difference between the red and green egss?
SAJewers: lrrEFF
AdmiralMemo: *eggs
feha92: are the stars interactable? seemed oddly in focus
Rhynerd: Yeah, maybe changing the spots on the eggs or something would be good for color differentiation?
wildpeaks: the red eggs appear slightly more reflective
DarkMorford: Can't eat birds, can totally eat bullets. Sure.
AdmiralMemo: Does Paul have any red eggs right now?
TXC2: nope
wildpeaks: not right now, only green ones
cakeflavo: not right now, but he did when you asked about colorblind mode
Rhynerd: @darkmorford one’s getting a bunch of feathers in your teeth, the other’s a magic trick.
AdmiralMemo: Oh... they all looked the same to me at that point.
wildpeaks: darn
Rhynerd: Clearly Yoshi is just a magician.
robinbolas: Bounce off them bullets is my House of Pain cover band
Crad0k: did you get the present in that level?
TXC2: so close yet so far
wildpeaks: "out by 1 error", the classic :D
Rhynerd: Is there a raven costume?
Crad0k: i think that's what you keep missing
Mangledpixel: sergeOffByOne
ImKevinTheShark: sergeOffByOne
AdmiralMemo: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
LordShadner: ah but the bullets don't have a personal gravity field. Kappa
ImKevinTheShark High fives everyone
AdmiralMemo: I want the Bullet Bill
ImKevinTheShark: but with a fin though
cakeflavo: disguise as an entire planet
Rhynerd: Close enough!
control_rig: The Bullet Bill costume would be cool
Ins0mniZack: was that just a coffin
Rhynerd: Looks like you cna get the planet in 5
AdmiralMemo: @wildpeaks I can see the super rare one here, but the rest look the same
feha92: is this a lootbox?
cakeflavo: 2 eggs here are red
robinbolas: lsvDog
AdmiralMemo: @wildpeaks These are 5 green eggs to me.
control_rig: Chomp-a-gobbler
TheMerricat: chompa gobbler
wildpeaks: darn, I feared so
TXC2: Chom-pa-gobbler
control_rig: Awwww
jschunx: one who chomps gobblers, I guess
feha92: chain-chomp-a-gobbler
cakeflavo: chompagobbler subscribed for 8 months: chomp chomp chomp
TheMerricat: the game is outright insulting you by saying you can dress up as a circus tent'
robinbolas: You gotta be the car, like in Monopoly
wildpeaks: also, wow those are hilarious costumes :D
AdmiralMemo: lrrSPOOP
Cinntoastmin: lrrSPOOP a g.g.g.ghost
LordShadner: looks like the bullet would have been the last one there
cakeflavo: over 100 haunted
wildpeaks: do they have a spoopifer costume ? :D
Zaghrog: lrrSPOOP
robinbolas: lsvDob
TXC2: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:02:25.
accountmadeforants: And so we wander into Spooky's House of Jumpscares
ImKevinTheShark: Here we go for an unplanned Let's Nope
PhoenixMelior: lrrSPOOP
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Cinntoastmin: lrrSPOOP zambos
PhoenixMelior: oh I didn't see the Piranha Plant costume, so cute
Asimech: The ghost looks like it's sleepy. You know, with it doing that "droop, jerk back up" thing.
accountmadeforants: I wonder if those eggs are rotten now
robinbolas: I woukd think they had gone rancid
DarkMorford: I love that Yoshi looks scared in the idle animation in this level.
TXC2: the horror
AdmiralMemo: Better than every video game having a battle royale :D
PhoenixMelior: I really dislike zombie modes (for you know, obvious reasons)
Zaghrog: Bustin' makes Yoshi feel good?
control_rig: That's a suspicious chair
Mangledpixel: jumpscare!
Ukon_vasara: i mean, we havent seen the whole game yet, only a matter of time before we get to the BR level
EikoandMog: lrrSPOOP
wildpeaks: suddendly, a bonus Let's Nope :D
TXC2: the zombie shy guys here just seem slower and dirty.....it's more like their drunk :P
TXC2: &they're
Juliamon: Ah, classic multi-leveled video game haunted house
accountmadeforants: Haha, the little shy guy painting on the wall
robinbolas: !card Entirely Normal Armchair
LRRbot: Entirely Normal Armchair | Artifact | During your turn, if Entirely Normal Armchair is in your hand, you may hide it on the battlefield. / {0}: Return Entirely Normal Armchair to its owner's hand. Only any opponent may activate this ability and only if they see Entirely Normal Armchair. / {2}, Sacrifice Entirely Normal Armchair: Destroy target attacking creature.
BrowneePoints: Ooof that's a big boy Shy Guy
AdmiralMemo: That's a lot of eggs
control_rig: He was FULL of eggs
control_rig: Augh. Jump scares
AdmiralMemo: lrrSPOOP
wildpeaks: !findquote pumpkin
LRRbot: Quote #185: "F*ck you, pumpkin! Eat shit!" —Alex [2015-05-01]
Lazarus_18: This is the survivial horror level, makes sense to have limited resources
AdmiralMemo: I love that quote
AdmiralMemo: And not just because I'm the one who added it. :D
wildpeaks: :D
robinbolas: Dark Souls clone
Zaghrog: that is a great quote
Asimech: Wait. This doubles as the Dark Souls *and* the zombie mode? That's just efficient.
Mangledpixel: !findquote eggs
LRRbot: Quote #5586: "I bought six eggs. Suck it, Horner." —Kathleen [2018-12-13]
AdmiralMemo: Any red eggs now?
control_rig: Aw panic
AdmiralMemo: So close!
wildpeaks: so close
TXC2: oh we messed up hard
AdmiralMemo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:07:59.
feha92: its annoying when you cant redo things like that mole thing
ImKevinTheShark: Curses!
AdmiralMemo: Well you can... if you replay the level
Mangledpixel: pacman?
accountmadeforants: They're like inverse Boos :D You gotta stay behind them.
wildpeaks: we are a pirahna plant after all, they're like a cousin specie
TXC2: oh we in the hard levels now
feha92: @AdmiralMemo thats what makes it annoying. you have to replay to do it
Mangledpixel: can you egg them?
feha92: what happens if you feed a egg into the chompa?
AdmiralMemo: I mean, it looks like that's the way it's intentionally designed? *shrug*
Lazarus_18: We got a key? This IS survival horror.
AdmiralMemo: These guys are NOT FUN
TXC2: well this is rather harsh
AdmiralMemo: Wait... is that second egg a red egg?
Mangledpixel: yes
Ukon_vasara: yes
cakeflavo: the one he just threw
AdmiralMemo: OK, I can see SOME difference. The white isn't white
feha92: is the piranha outfit lost forever?
Zaghrog: no
TXC2: feha92 no, only for this level though
Asimech: @AdmiralMemo Yeah, the white is slightly red-shaded. I was wondering if you could see it, though.
EikoandMog: He lost his halloween costume in the haunted house!
AdmiralMemo: I can't tell the difference in the spots, but at least the main egg color is different
accountmadeforants: It's like one of those Robot Wars robots that's not cool, but very effective.
control_rig: lrrSPOOP
TXC2: accountmadeforants like any flipper?
AdmiralMemo: Man I love Robot Wars
TXC2: we all did
AdmiralMemo: <3 Wheely Big Cheese
accountmadeforants: Basically, or the ones that just have the pickaxe mashing constantly
TXC2: so shunt then?
Pseudonym_Ken: Party hat ghost in the background back thee
Pseudonym_Ken: there
Mangledpixel: try egging those guys
feha92: really feels like ou should be able to shoot them when they mouth is open
AdmiralMemo: OK, so those fat guys are respawning ways to replenish eggs too
control_rig: Where there's a golden key, there must be a golden door.
Invitare: why does the music sound like that cat that says "No no no no no"?
glitched_goddess: Omg I didn’t know let’s nope today Kappa
AdmiralMemo: That was there to open the door the other way
TheMerricat: That coutch was for getting around the chompa gobbler.
lurkerspine: possibly have to go around the wall?
AdmiralMemo: The door is already open
cakeflavo: i dont think theres anything else
Ukon_vasara: yeah, they did give you a renewable source of eggs next to this ghostie, i want to think its interactible in some way
lurkerspine: sorry, meant through the door
feha92: guess it isnt
TheWarbo: the big shy guy suddenly respawning is kinda not cool
ImKevinTheShark: You might be overthinking it
wildpeaks: now we know, for Science
Mangledpixel: ah, so that doesn't work. Good to know.
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
wildpeaks: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: an honestly acquired Bump in the Night
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Paul
wildpeaks: close enough, lrrbot
wildpeaks: 'night TXC2
AdmiralMemo: Oh...
TheWarbo: wow
AdmiralMemo: OK, so I had it wrong then
lurkerspine: middle looks orange to me?
AdmiralMemo: I see green yellow green
accountmadeforants: The one in the middle is orange? Or is that the lighting?
TheWarbo: I have to have you stop and then I look really hard to notice
cakeflavo: it's orangey yellow
TheWarbo: I certainly couldn't tell that while you're running around.
Zaghrog: it seems orange yes
ChangelingDruid: I have to really analyse them to tell the difference. At a glance they all look the same
AdmiralMemo: I can see the yellow ones easily
feha92: does the couch here do anytihng, or is it just the intended way to reach that door?
TheWarbo: Right, but I couldn't even identify that there *are* different colors while you're running around
Rhynerd: What game was it that was built totally greyscale before colors were added on?
AdmiralMemo: The couch is to help you open the door that you already opened
PhoenixMelior: NICE
AdmiralMemo: lrrGOAT
AdmiralMemo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:19:26.
Havtorn_Epsilon: Colorblindness aside color isn't actually that great at differentiating things that are moving or that you need to be able to tell apart quickly. That's why tigers work despite being bright orange against mostly green backdrops. :P
control_rig: The Shy Reaper
AdmiralMemo: So this is the last level?
wildpeaks: we escaped \o/
feha92: !righttime
ImKevinTheShark: Woo! Coin Get!
Astra7525: The more-like-nondescript-expression Reaper
AdmiralMemo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (2:37 from now).
feha92: !upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbatime
Rhynerd: Should we grab the raven planet costume first?
control_rig: That does seem to be an oversight
jschunx: alrighty, off to work. See ya later chat and Paul!
AdmiralMemo: @feha92 That should be a command
Himyul: how would he hold an incorporeal ghost costume?
feha92: @AdmiralMemo I didnt expect it to be... but I were half expecting it to anyway
PhoenixMelior: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 23:28:53. lrrSPOT
PhoenixMelior: we don't mind :P
Robot_Bones: I won't stop you
AdmiralMemo: You've got more time before James kicks you out, Paul. :D
HesGotNoPants: you heard it here first: paul lovers spicy dingus
niivvy: lrrSPOT
Robot_Bones: James threatened to do an arena stream at some point
voslan: And here we have the rakdos shy guys!
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, but that's 2.5 hours from now according to the schedule
AdmiralMemo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (2:35 from now).
sivakrytos: seems much more sfw than a rakdos circus
Angnor33: Channel the spirit of VituGazi!
AdmiralMemo: lrrGOAT
Angnor33: Find your inner Avenir!
feha92: this feels like a very replayable map
aedriel91: what time is friday night paper fight?
BrowneePoints: Speaking of Rakdos...Dat Massacre Girl tho!
sivakrytos: fnpf is not happening tonight
Juliamon: aedriel91 not tonight, they're busy unfortunately
AdmiralMemo: Apparently there is none today https://loadingreadyrun.com/live
aedriel91: oh ok, thanx
TheWarbo: oh, there's a timer behind Pual
Juliamon: They have a bunch of Panalysts to film
feha92: the two rings he missed lost him a flower
Anubis169: nicely done :)
cakeflavo: yoshi doesnt need to run
Himyul: you missed a few
TheMerricat: wasn't FNPF moved to every other week?
feha92: you missed two, but they were almost in same spot
AdmiralMemo: Mr Robot wants you
Invitare: The palanists
Himyul: Friday Night Photon Fight
red_shoes_jeff: Friday Night Pixel Fight!
ZachtlyAsIntended: Friday Night Digital Paper Fight
accountmadeforants: Give them various paper weapons, so they can still call it a paper fight
voslan: I!!!!...... am fine with this in truth.
ZachtlyAsIntended: @red_shoes_jeff I got a meeple named after you on accident
RoeDent89: Friday Night TECHNOLOGY Fight
cakeflavo: why are all these robots so tired
TheWarbo: You went to a pond in the desert, from which the robot requested a *beach umbrella* that was sitting there.
AdmiralMemo: Friday Night Paper Cuts?
Mark_D_Stroyer: That was a really cute transition
Himyul: just give them each a 500-sheet ream
feha92: the kind of (unauthorized) ppl that blocks you path on a road until you pay them, is it called a highwayman, or a bandit?
accountmadeforants: Friday Night Paper Fight with Digital Objects
RoeDent89: Fighting with paper sounds pretty safe by comparison.
TheMerricat: That would be well themed for the day, Yoshi's crafted world then James and Ben's Crafted weapons.
PhoenixMelior: pirate outfit!
feha92: although he asked for flowers and not money, which makes me even more unsure
red_shoes_jeff: @ZachtlyAsIntended Ya don't say?
Erudite_Cynic: my money is on a whole pirate ship!
Alness49: Pirate Outfit? So we can call him Yarrrshi?
voslan: Spears....
EveningStarComposition: Argh!
Himyul: that's more of a TTSF stream, isn't it?
ZachtlyAsIntended: @red_shoes_jeff Ever play the boardgame Notre Dame?
feha92: @RoeDent89 I remember something like that, many paper cuts were had that day
glitched_goddess: Yoshi in Ixilan?
DarkMorford: Didn't MythBusters make a workable crossbow from paper?
niivvy: like those little throwing stars we'd make in middle school
RoeDent89: Paper's also a stealth weapon. You don't realise you have a paper cut until hours later sometimes
red_shoes_jeff: @ZachtlyAsIntended Can't say that I have.
Tiber727: Everything makes crabs mad. Have you ever seen a happy crab? No, you haven't.
RoeDent89: That's not Donkey Kong, right?
RoeDent89: Hit all the things!
Himyul: cannoning
Anubis169: Steamboat Yoshi?
cakeflavo: mash the shoot button, just like in every other game
AdmiralMemo: Always Be Cannon!
RoeDent89: Always be cannons
Plaicoson: cannoning
Alness49: Cannoning?
PhoenixMelior: Always be CANNON
ZachtlyAsIntended: @red_shoes_jeff The short version is that every player has a special meeple that you can send anywhere on the board when you activate him. The guy demoing referred to him as "your best friend Jeff". Since the tokens are denoted by color I started calling them "Brown Coat Jeff, Blue Jeans Jeff, Yellow Belly Jeff and Redshoes Jeff"
ricohard1986: It's all gone a bit Ixalan
RoeDent89: But is this can(n)on?
feha92: did paul say blooper? as in the squid?
Juliamon: Cheep Cheeps.
red_shoes_jeff: @ZachtlyAsIntended HEH! Love it.
ZachtlyAsIntended: The game demo guy loved it and kept calling his token "red shoes jeff"
cakeflavo: didnt go well for the crab either
RoeDent89: Holy crab!
EveningStarComposition: So we've got dinos and pirates and islands; but where are the Ixalan merfolk?
ZachtlyAsIntended: The next game I saw him demoing, he was alling all of the guys [color] shoes Jeff.
RedHelveticaCake: I think there's a Japanese fairy tale about a monkey and a crab
Ukon_vasara: i was tryin to look up some of these characters names, like, werent the ravens some kinda mo or something
HesGotNoPants: can they swim up a waterfall and become a dragon though?
RedHelveticaCake: gimme secrets
red_shoes_jeff: Nice to know I now have a following, if accidentally so.
TheWarbo: yeah that's real suspicious
feha92: might be something that spawn after a trigger
RoeDent89: The surprise is there's no surprise
Pseudonym_Ken: It made those coins appear
ricohard1986: It had an angry crab in it
Feminine_Desires: benginHi slytqHi
AdmiralMemo: Important Business Happening!
ZachtlyAsIntended: ALL HAIL LUNCH!
RoeDent89: Fish and chips, please! :P
TheMerricat: when paul paused it and turned around I thought he was talking to the large yoshi on screen for a second.
ZachtlyAsIntended: Speaking of...I'mma go get lunch
voslan: @ZachtlyAsIntended Hail for lunch just sounds like a glass of water...
SAJewers: naeCAKE ?
JeremyDevoid: lunch the most important meal of the day next to all the other ones
LordShadner: I guess Paul has the Lunch Codes Kappa
HesGotNoPants: eat a turtle like yoshi does
feha92: "how is it? ah, its lunch!" - old old b-movie
SAJewers: heh
RoeDent89: Is this now Bonus Stream?
hanrat: Present in the background?
DarkMorford: Ooh, blue egg
DarkMorford: And a red one
wildpeaks: and a gift
red_shoes_jeff: PRESENT
RoeDent89: Oops
RoeDent89: Nice one!
RedHelveticaCake: The monkeys invented bombs all by themselves
feha92: are the monkey strings hang-able?
PhoenixMelior: can you ground pound the blocks?
Himyul: maybe if you killed all the monkeys before they crushed all the paper boxes?
AdmiralMemo: Monkey strings are DLC Kappa
PhoenixMelior: lrrGOAT
feha92: DRM
AdmiralMemo: Wait, is that 4th egg a different color?
PhoenixMelior: we missed the other one?
DarkMorford: Digital Rights Monkeys
AdmiralMemo: I think I might be distinguishing things
DarkMorford: Middle egg is red, Memo
PhoenixMelior: AdmiralMemo the third egg is
PhoenixMelior: well, was
AdmiralMemo: Well, it was 4th when I said it
AdmiralMemo: But yay
Robot_Bones: no smak ducky
AdmiralMemo: If I concentrate, I can actually tell
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Askwho: Egg Salad Anyone?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Askwho! (Today's storm count: 40)
PhoenixMelior: always be cannon
wildpeaks: as one does
feha92: I think green is
wildpeaks: :D
RoeDent89: A cannon, a plate of pancakes, and the ancient scrolls
haseo_sora: is that because green does not show up on the green screen?
ImKevinTheShark: Well, after all, light blue Yoshi is LRR-colour Yoshi
cakeflavo: loading ready roshi
AdmiralMemo: Boom!
AdmiralMemo: @ImKevinTheShark Well... dark blue could be too, depending on what part of the logo you're looking at
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Mr_Horrible: Yoshi experiencing the cold comfort of overwhelming military superiority
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ImKevinTheShark: @admiralmemo very true. I would like for a colour to be registered as "LRR Blue"
EveningStarComposition: Penguinos!
TheWarbo: The "Chilly-Hot" isles? So one is tropical, one is arctic
seth_erickson: How close do we think we are to the end
Asimech: "Whoopsi-doodle, we are nude-l."
AdmiralMemo: Paul "Whee! My butt!" Saunders
PhoenixMelior: there's also ice that breaks
red_shoes_jeff: Like in Pokemon.
TheMandrew: last time i encountered ice like that, i broke my hip
Mr_Horrible: that kind of ice exists on a sidewalk corner down a hill on the way to my morning bus stop
AdmiralMemo: @ImKevinTheShark I sourced the HTML code of the LRR site when making the specific colors for the GTAV crew https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/loadingreadyrunners/emblems
Tiber727: Where's the video game ice that makes you fall on your ass if you move too fast?
PhoenixMelior: this game is so cute
SAJewers: naeTATO
wildpeaks: ouch
AdmiralMemo: That's an ouch
BrowneePoints: Got ground punched in the Coccyx
red_shoes_jeff: I didn't break anything, but I DID cut my wrist, arm, and face, and bruised a couple ribs. Not a fun last month of work.
AdmiralMemo: Sleepy bears!
BrowneePoints: The friction coefficient was very close to 1 on that ice
TheWarbo: I think you want the ball in the ring?
RedHelveticaCake: get the ball
AdmiralMemo: @ImKevinTheShark Also, making the DB logo when you don't have letters as part of things you can use is difficult
ImKevinTheShark: @admiralmemo I can't even begin to fathom how much of a pain that is
cakeflavo: i like how enemies stare at edges for a while, contemplating
Himyul: that's when you try to do a flip to make it look cool
Zombeenie: This is the first stream I get to watch of Paul :D
Mr_Horrible: boop the crab?
GodDamnitMrNoodle: btw when is the prerelease?
TheWarbo: there's gotta be something more back there, no?
EveningStarComposition: Slipped on ice at a gas station once, hitting myself in the face with the top of the exposed glass window of the car door. Dangerously close to my eye; had to get the cut glued shut.
AdmiralMemo: @ImKevinTheShark It's why a lot of people kept trying to find ways to hack external pictures in. But I understand the company decision. They recently had to take down thousands of logos in response to a threat from Hell's Angels to sue them if they didn't.
red_shoes_jeff: SECRET BEAR!
Zombeenie: Can you hit off the cork?
Mr_Horrible: matryoshka arctic/antarctic animals!
Anubis169: saaaaaaved!
red_shoes_jeff: That's ALL they do, in fact.
AdmiralMemo: @ImKevinTheShark Copyright, harassment... all sorts of issues you can encounter when you just allow any sort of picture in your game.
Mr_Horrible: there was also a crab pinching the whale's face
LordShadner: fake penguin however cannot
Zombeenie: darn
AdmiralMemo: Anyone else getting buffering?
Mr_Horrible: might be able to boop him off
TheWarbo: Have we mentioned that "arctos" is bear, so we literally have the poles named after "bears" and "opposite the bears"?
Gizmoloid: Maybe egg that red thing in frint of whale's face?
Gizmoloid: *front
AdmiralMemo: @TheWarbo The Bear Pole and the Non-Bear Pole
wildpeaks: our archnemesis wins again
ImKevinTheShark: @admiralmemo Copyright law is remarkably frightening
Asimech: @AdmiralMemo I'd go with "Beary" and "Non-beary".
TheWarbo: Well "ant(i)-" isn't just "non," it's "opposite," right?
AdmiralMemo: @ImKevinTheShark Sadly, if you allow circles and rectangles, [WW2 German] flags are easy to make. :(
RedHelveticaCake: nice
Asimech: "Opposite-beary" doesn't roll off the tongue that well.
Mr_Horrible: my guess would something to do with that whale
Feminine_Desires: It's clearly paint.
Mr_Horrible: he seems fishy, no pun intended
AdmiralMemo: It looks like some sort of shiny wrapping paper.
red_shoes_jeff: I think it's soap.
Astra7525: Polystyrol?
Asimech: Of course if we go "Bear" and "Opposing Bear" then we're talking.
RAICx: I think the wale has one of the flowers, I'm guessing you can enter it's mouth
wildpeaks: nail polish ?
HesGotNoPants: those slides are cardboard
red_shoes_jeff: Like, dish soap.
TheWarbo: yeah that whale seemed too much for just "random decoration"
AdmiralMemo: Are the dolphins sponges?
wildpeaks: yes
SAiconjr: I wonder how coins would hatch from an egg
Mr_Horrible: whale profiling
HesGotNoPants: maybe your in a sink
ND_Ericson: "It's blowhole was probably an out-hole"
TheWarbo: Yeah, and there was the crab stuck in its mouth for no apparent (game) reason
ND_Ericson: I mean, it's not called a suck-hole so yeah Kappa
Asimech: @SAiconjr Through entropy.
Zombeenie: So maybe you have to boop its snoot
TheWarbo: I'm sure this game has stuck rigorously to that kind of logic so far, right?
Invitare: this isn't the world *I* live in. Mine is decidedly less crafted
Zombeenie: You can dress up as the whale!
red_shoes_jeff: Free turn1
LordShadner: poor Bert
wildpeaks: :D
kamelion84: lol
Zombeenie: lrrFRUMP
Mr_Horrible: lunchpail yoshi!
PhoenixMelior: lrrWOW
SAiconjr: boxnard approved
TheWarbo: So that was a literally unplayable common?
HesGotNoPants: 5 boxes
Mr_Horrible: if Yoshi is technically a horse, does this count as horse armor cosmetics? omgThink
Asimech: @RedHelveticaCake Dammit.
Radyin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (2:01 from now).
cakeflavo: awwww
red_shoes_jeff: NOOT NOOT
PhoenixMelior: penguin is cute
AdmiralMemo: Horse Armor is neat
AdmiralMemo: That's a crab face?
Evochron13: that's a crab on a beach
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Crab says move alone
SydPreviouslyHeadache: along*
Zombeenie: Hey it's Wilt from Foster's Home!
AdmiralMemo: YES
AdmiralMemo: Fun Pirate Ship!
Mr_Horrible: F U N
cakeflavo: says fun right in the titel
Pseudonym_Ken: FUN!
red_shoes_jeff: There's one more read one, just over the dispenser.
JeremyDevoid: WINNER!!!!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Mean Pirate ship
SAiconjr: that would be the one that holds you up
wildpeaks: non-fun pirate ship is the white box
red_shoes_jeff: *red
Mr_Horrible: you can be TRASH YOSHI?!
Zombeenie: The palm tree is Wilt lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Asimech: I guess the non-fun pirate ship is the one owned by a douche.
AdmiralMemo: That box is the non-fun pirate ship
Ukon_vasara: "non-fun pirate ship" i guess it depends if you the pirate or not
SAiconjr: its solid snake
Pseudonym_Ken: It's Solid Snake cosplay
TheWarbo: @Mr_Horrible Trash Yoshi was our very first costume
AdmiralMemo: @Mr_Horrible Yep. Paul did that as the first costume. :)
Mr_Horrible: yessssssss
coelopteryx: (spongebob imagination.jpg goes here)
HesGotNoPants: look mom I'm dad's beer in a cooler
SAiconjr: so the key here is always windmill the rare
RedHelveticaCake: maybe now dad will like me
coelopteryx: i forgot that twitch chat would turn imagination dot jpg into a url
coelopteryx: a link. a thingy
AdmiralMemo: @coelopteryx It turns anything.anything into a URL I think
AdmiralMemo: @coelopteryx Or maybe not?
Mr_Horrible: A pirate who gives wealth away? What else will this topsy-turvy stream produce?
TheWarbo: twitch is bad at understanding that Internet people use filenames as joeks
red_shoes_jeff: On the sea!? PERFECT!
AdmiralMemo: @TheWarbo The proliferation of more and more TLDs for domains doesn't help
hanrat: Yoshi : Infinity War is a lot cuddlier than the Marvel version
LordShadner: the return of Burt
Feminine_Desires: Burt the Bashful is back!
Mr_Horrible: his weakness is nudity
AdmiralMemo: @TheWarbo I mean, I own ussenterpri.se and soooooo.in and I used to own dickbutt.pw
TheWarbo: @AdmiralMemo True. But since yours turned into a URL, I assume anything dotted will. Time to have fun with fully-specified java classnames?
AdmiralMemo: @TheWarbo anything.anything didn't turn into a URL on my end?
Feminine_Desires: Suuuuure
red_shoes_jeff: YES
cakeflavo: sassy yosh!
TheWarbo: @AdmiralMemo Huh. Did on my end (in-Firefox website)
ricohard1986: anything he can do you can do better
voslan: Left or right, it but a change in facing. Even then it's presented yet again.
Amishdemon: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:00:48.
EveningStarComposition: Eh
AdmiralMemo: @TheWarbo Chrome here, but also have FFZ and BTTV as well, which might matter
Mr_Horrible: Yoshi: "You actually pay taxes, of course I think I'm better than you!"
pyrelight: sploosh.
red_shoes_jeff: Okay, that was actually pretty impressive.
daft_naft: you angered Turtle friend!!!!
RedHelveticaCake: lol, chum
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, but didn't he like you after you made his train for him?
Mysticman89: Chum as in shark bait?
voslan: I'm not your buddy pal!
EveningStarComposition: Why can't the turtle swim? The Bowser family aren't tortoises; are they?
red_shoes_jeff: I'm not your buddy, guy!
TheWarbo: Now I really wish we'd had the bucket costume on when he called us "chum"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man
Rhynerd: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is an airplane. Where are you even planning to go?
AdmiralMemo: TOS?
Kykiwi: look at that cubby boy
wildpeaks: ummm :D
Mr_Horrible: did we just get PG Goatse'd?
RedHelveticaCake: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
AdmiralMemo: @EveningStarComposition Maybe he hasn't learned yet?
Kerrisis: Sorry, do *what* to the ball?
Mr_Horrible: we're ball-busting
Zombeenie: Well that's graphic
TheWarbo: POUND HIS—*is yanked off-stage by comically large hook labeled "TOS"*
Zombeenie: It's a classic spongebob "ripped his pants situation
EveningStarComposition: @AdmiralMemo - you try to teach a tortoise to swim. :P
PhoenixMelior: an hour extra? Nothing can stop Yoshi's cuteness!
AdmiralMemo: @EveningStarComposition A few can.
Mr_Horrible: just get some suspenders, burt
Mr_Horrible: I'll bet they'd look stylish on you, even
RedHelveticaCake: #bringsuspendersback
Zombeenie: Oh lord the little tongue wiggle animation when you miss is charming
rasterscan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (1:52 from now).
Kykiwi: bygwad that man exploded
Mr_Horrible: we got the Mind Stone!
wildpeaks: best not to know
red_shoes_jeff: Kidney, probably.
daft_naft: a nugget in the Pool
pyrelight: It's going to be the dream stone's problem now!
starlitdiscord: yeeeeeey
Mr_Horrible: well on our way to wiping out half the crafted world!
Himyul: Is Yoshi Thanos?
AdmiralMemo: Question: Is Burt British in any way? If so, I believe they're called "braces" over there. :D
seth_erickson: bomus stream more for me to do while I sit at work and wait for costumers to come in
HesGotNoPants: the gem is taint-ed
Pseudonym_Ken: Confused, like the jewels are what they want, but they use them to make bosses?
Decaped: sweet tongue music
7gorobei: hit him in the family jewels
Asimech: "You got the Dream Gem! (Also known as 'kidney stone')"
Himyul: do it BETTER
red_shoes_jeff: TOS
Mr_Horrible: gabyLewd
AdmiralMemo: No one ever said Bowser Jr. and Kamek were smart
wildpeaks: no rules means no pants
ImKevinTheShark: Yes. because your ideas have worked PERFECTLY so far.
voslan: It has already been shown the bowser court system is not Merit based......
Kerrisis: Did... Did Paul just murder Burt the Ball? He doesn't look healthy any more...
AdmiralMemo: Poochies!
ImKevinTheShark: TableHere Cliffhanger!
TheMerricat: If you get all the flowers you win a costume.
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
AdmiralMemo: At possibly different times
Mr_Horrible: this is reminding me I gotta play Wooly World sometime
hanrat: thanks for the stream, it's been nice :)
TheMandrew: would we have to wait a week for the next one? or would it likely start during next weeki?
Mr_Horrible: thanks for the stream, Paul!
Rockario: Will it also be at a different time?
TheMandrew: the next game that is
AdmiralMemo: LiveWalk Slam!
PhoenixMelior: LiveWalk Slam!
RedHelveticaCake: Thanks, Paul! cute times were had
Astra7525: Slivewalk Slam
red_shoes_jeff: Some kind of... Livewalk slam!
seth_erickson: LiveWalk Slam
Mr_Horrible: SliveWalk Jam
PhoenixMelior: SideLive Slam
AdmiralMemo: Oh yeah, let me check the Live page to see if that got fixed
pyrelight: The Live Slamwalk!
Kerrisis: Dammit, missed that. What time was Livewalk Slam on?
PhoenixMelior: Kerrisis 10AM Moonbase
seth_erickson: 10 A.M.
Kerrisis: Thanks @PhoenixMelior =)
wildpeaks: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule is getting a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x81FDUH8-E Or if you just want to see the schedule itself, http://lrr.cc/2019schedule
Rockario: Same start time as today
Kerrisis: 6pm proper time then.
AdmiralMemo: Yeah logos are still broken on mobile. :(
red_shoes_jeff: BUY!
7gorobei: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (1:46 from now).
malc: !badadvice
LRRbot: Give the demon sphere to Dale.
Prometheone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Ben are coming at you with a bonus LRRMTG! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Fri 04:00 PM PDT (1:40 from now).
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timiam: !nezxt
timiam: !next
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