Furvias: !advice
LRRbot: Don't punch the fire box.
Metric_Furlong: gosh
DarkMorford: !badadvice
LRRbot: Get a crystal for all your bathing suit zone purposes.
BloodForTheCorelab: did PhoenixMelior just do some sort of face plant?
TXC2: Speaking of Serge, I've working out what he is, Serge is a character whose escaped from a PG13 movie, and that's why he doesn't swear and is so naive sometimes Kappa
Metric_Furlong: and other such profanity
RockPusher: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always watching. Waiting. Planning.
RaynMurfy: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4302: "We've so far found two shower scenes, so: success!" —Beej [2017-07-10]
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Do the Beej thing.
ThingsOnMyStream: Serge: The longest of cons
Seabats: Hey friends we’re have some technical difficulties with a camera
BloodForTheCorelab: PAUL!
Seabats: Should be around soon
BloodForTheCorelab: He's here!
DarkMorford: Hello Paul! And Adam!
Amentur: So is the Beej thing finding showers?
TXC2: No worries Adam
TehAmelie: did someone body slam the camera again?
KartoffelKaiser: ty for keeping us updated @Seabats
KartoffelKaiser: did you finally turn heel and put Graham through the camera set up?
ryuhimora: is stream down?
Mangledpixel: slam that camera into the turnbuckle, that'll learn it
Shoki_Donai: Yes, thank you!
Diabore: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LIVE Sidewalk Slam (A special live Sidewalk Slam to prepare all your butts for Wrestlemania.) at Sat 10:00 AM PDT (6m ago).
RockPusher: guyjudgePoml lrrSLOTH guyjudgePomr
TXC2: stream is not up yet
Metric_Furlong: technical difficulties? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkoPfV5tjWo
PhoenixMelior: technical difficulties
Aneximarius: Camera is cutting sweet heel promo right now
ThingsOnMyStream: Pls no wrestle moves applied to camera
TXC2: we done worked our way into a shoot Kappa
Ace__of__Hearts: dragon screw the mic!
Ace__of__Hearts: dragon screw everything!
Aneximarius: I suppose use of a canadian destroyer would be very appropriate here
Mangledpixel: here is some quintessential technical difficulties music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLDHCDz7S2g
banwidthraptor: Shooting Star Press the sound board?
rybackgaming: and while they're fixing the camera... check the primer! Kappa
Aneximarius: I'd be terrified of the beatdown from Paul for that one
Terminalgrav: i would donate a lot of bits if adam did a shooting star press on stream
ThingsOnMyStream: banwidthraptor We just got a new sound board!
Omthebox: That sounds fun.
Aneximarius: Broke: trashing the soundboard Woke: Soundboard on a pole match
BloodForTheCorelab: put the old sound board in a sharp shooter!
TXC2: a Soundboard in EVERY Corner!
RaynMurfy: The sound board is the new heel.
banwidthraptor: Last Soundboard standing match
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mtvcdm: Three of the soundboards award title opportunities; the fourth soundboard fires you.
ThingsOnMyStream: As a general rule of thumb: inanimate pieces of AV equipment are not great wrestlers. They sandbag everything
Aneximarius: 200 Soundboard deathmatch
rybackgaming: does one of the soundboard have a pet rat in it, mtv?
Ace__of__Hearts: there have been several undefeated stuffed animals in Japan
mtvcdm: 200-soundboard TAG TEAM match. Teddy Long's mind would blow.
sidratul: have they gone online?
TXC2: not yet
asthanius: At some point in the timeline, yes.
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togashinaruta: Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64? For my birthday, I got you this resub, but i couldn't use it yesterda- OMG, that's Sidewalk Slam's into!
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Dared00: @ThingsOnMyStream um, excuse me, an inanimate ladder was a DDT champion one time Kappa
TehAmelie: something timeless physics kayfabe something
rybackgaming: one time? they had a retirement ceremony for that ladder :P
asthanius: Until a ladder wins a TLC match, I don't care.
banwidthraptor: @Dared00 thats so absurd it must be true
Mangledpixel: sidratul diffnical techiculties
rybackgaming: banwidth, oh it's true.
Aneximarius: I just want them to open with adam screaming at a camera, "With a knock-off diamond cutter!"
Metric_Furlong: technical difficulties https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkoPfV5tjWo
asthanius: They have to get Hornswaggle out of the studio
Arclight_Dynamo: "There's nothing in the rulebook that says a dog can't be Beej!"
asthanius: Their knock-off Hornswoggle
Aneximarius: He's hiding from Steiner
Aneximarius: in canada
Kerrisis: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LIVE Sidewalk Slam (A special live Sidewalk Slam to prepare all your butts for Wrestlemania.) at Sat 10:00 AM PDT (14m ago).
rybackgaming: so he tried Canada?
asthanius: But Canada is where Brock Lesnar is!
TehAmelie: hmm, how could a Beejdrop where a dog becomes Beej have several unexpected twists?
Loonatic93: Question for all of the wrastlin' experts out there. Why does the WWE hate Asuka? Is it because she's half-German? lrrBEEJ
Ace__of__Hearts: who else here thinks Dogs should vote?
asthanius: Dogs can't vote?????
KartoffelKaiser: Oh are we talking about the DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight championship? This is my JAM
Aneximarius: I think it's the hair, vince doesn't like colorful things
mtvcdm: Just for the record, before we start, mini disparity on the exact length of Curt Hawkins' losing streak. WWE shows it at 269; Cagematch- the database of choice in the Discord- shows him at 254. Not a super meaningful difference given that Hawkins is far, far in the distance of any potential challenger to the record, but there you go.
Kerrisis: I assume the crew are running a little late? =)
KartoffelKaiser: The belt once won itself, after its champion laid down on the mat with the belt over his shoulders
rybackgaming: Hawkins himself has 269.
PhoenixMelior: the moon is having some issues with its camera
Dared00: @Kerrisis camera issues
TXC2: I prefer 269, it's a sex number Kappa
TehAmelie: i fear dogs are very easily manipulated by conscience free politicians
Kerrisis: Fairy nuff! Just means I haven't missed anything!
mtvcdm: Yeah. Not sure where Hawkins has the other 15 coming from.
rybackgaming: 1-269 tomorrow, folks!
Ace__of__Hearts: is Dix here?
rybackgaming: house shows that didn't get into the database?
Metric_Furlong: !find dix
KartoffelKaiser: A ladder once won it in similar fashion, so they did a battle royal to crown a new champion with the ladder in it. Everyone ignored the ladder, and the last two people threw each other out. So Ladder retained.
asthanius: I still can't get over the match that had god in it
Ace__of__Hearts: I wonder if Nicholas will return
TehAmelie: ladders are more powerful than anyone expects
medras_13: I'm so hype for Wrestling Weekend :o
Simbionis: I believe 3 different ladders have won it
ThingsOnMyStream: They should have had a Ladder Ladder Match
medras_13: @Ace__of__Hearts we can only hope....
mtvcdm: Cagematch is really good about counting WWE shows. Heck, they have a show at a 4th of July celebration at a park here in town last year that I didn't even know happened.
Unas84: Is twitch acting up, or has the stream not begun yet?
DarkMorford: I just want to see someone pick up a ladder and put it down 14 times. :D
rybackgaming: they're fixing a camera.
Aneximarius: Ladder on a pole match
KartoffelKaiser: The stream isn't up yet, a camera turned heel
Unas84: Ah ok
Metric_Furlong: Unas84 technical difficulties
TXC2: Unas84 no stream yet
Arclight_Dynamo: @asthanius I'm not sure if that's more or less ridiculous than Taker throwing Edge through the ring, directly into hell.
mtvcdm: They're literally 10 times as thorough as Pro Fight Database.
RockPusher: !findquote camera
LRRbot: Quote #4622: "Ben, if you're going to have a meltdown, can you have it on camera please?" —Kathleen [2018-01-26]
asthanius: @Arclight_Dynamo One cannot exist without the other, biblically-speaking
Arclight_Dynamo: @asthanius Fair. :D
Ace__of__Hearts: so what video game is Kofi going to dress as for his match? What about Assassin's Creed?
LegionLoyalist: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LIVE Sidewalk Slam (A special live Sidewalk Slam to prepare all your butts for Wrestlemania.) at Sat 10:00 AM PDT (18m ago).
Loonatic93: So no spoilers or anything. But Shazam is pretty Marvel-ous. I really enjoyed it.
Aneximarius: @Ace__of__Hearts Nah man, Goku.
TXC2: Kofi's coming out as Link Kappa
mtvcdm: Little Mac?
LegionLoyalist: Just finished watching NXT Takeover. God I love Dream
asthanius: Kofi's going to dress as Kofi Kingston from the WWE games.
Aneximarius: I'd take little mac too
Arclight_Dynamo: Kofi's coming out as Link, but is claiming he's "A Zelda." Kappa
rybackgaming: Link... he come to town... he come to pin... the Daniel Bryan...
Ace__of__Hearts: OH MAN LITTLE MAC
TehAmelie: the internet has just told me you don't need vitamin C is you don
TehAmelie: eat plants
SplitDemonIdentity: Pretty sure Assassin’s Creed is the sole property of Will Ospreay at this point
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Ace__of__Hearts: THEY'RE HERE
LegionLoyalist: They're Heeereee
Drasvin: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
banwidthraptor: cheer100 WE'RE HERE!!!!!
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Lazarus_18: Whoa-oh-oh! Woah-oh-oh! Wrestlemania!
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Mangledpixel: lrrSIGNAL
rybackgaming: i kinda just want Kofi to come out as old Kofi.
TehAmelie: i can't decide if that's the dumbest thing ever or maybe the wrongest
Shoki_Donai: Whoo!
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Arclight_Dynamo: They're (more or less) heeeeere!
Edgarware: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Laurence72: YES! I just got here, was so sure I'd be late!
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ThingsOnMyStream: the idea of a Ladder on a pole match makes me want them to just do a cirque to soleil match. all acrobats
banwidthraptor: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: Hello chat
Kerrisis: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TXC2: hi Foxmar320
TehAmelie: put ladders in Smash, you cowards
Shoki_Donai: Hey Foxmar! You are just in time.
TXC2: !smash
LRRbot: Put Strong Bad in Smash, you cowards!
Arclight_Dynamo: Heya, Foxmar!
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medras_13: So much wrestling! So little time~
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ghost_waz: katesAir
Foxmar320: Time for some sWs
PhoenixMelior: WE'RE HEEEEEERE
fishmanfishfish: katesAir
Anubis169: golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf golf
shurtal: They're almost HEEEEERE
PsychoI3oy: woo
meisbored: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
wafflesoup: lrrAWESOME
MousseFilledCat: Time for a livewalk slam!
TXC2: not yet Anubis169 Kappa
Laurence72: Yay for LiveWalk Slam
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alanbeirne: 64, a nice round number.
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BlindProphet32: t101LETS t101DO t101THIS
laskotheking: WE’RE HERE
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asthanius: Is there supposed to be music?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for LIVEWALK SLAM! | Graham & Adam are gonna give you a storyline primer for the whole Wrestlemania card. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D3fHW2uUYAAyf_v.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1114578633824194560
DeadlyWinchester: we're not here yet hehehe
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GoAmpDog2: but
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PsychoI3oy: sorry, that wasn't right ....WOOOOOOOO
medras_13: Livewalk Slam!!!!!!!!
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Stickill1: Looks like some sort of subwalk slam (is this still original?)
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LadyStarFire23: I'm so excited!!
Hodgegoulashi: ftlHb ftlHb ftlHb
TheSilentTempest: Wooooooo! Livewalk Slam!
rybackgaming: and one last plug for the primer before we start, since people are filling in... check the pins in wrestling or general on the discord! if you aren't ready for 7 hours of wrasslin' get caught up!
m0nkeyrama: I got back home just in time!! seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
saiaseigm: Yoooo who else saw that Women’s 4 way at takeover last night? So damn good.
hieroglyphica: Sweet! Sidewalk slam is the only way I consume wrestling storylines! :D
Squiidd_pope: We are here?
Shfflecat: For some reason when I saw this was announced, I thought they were doing a live watch-along of the entire Wrestlemania show.
Mr_Horrible: This looks to be... some kind of Livewalk Slam!
RockLobster8994: They're HEEEEEEERE
Arclight_Dynamo: BTW, Adam - the promo you cut at The League of Heels made me laugh SO HARD. :D
Squiidd_pope: Here we are?
ThatOverKillGuy: i never watch live, but i couldnt resist
Hodgegoulashi: How great was that takeover last night?
Smoke108: #Axelmania
Hodgegoulashi: really great btw
banwidthraptor: we want boshy *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
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Senovan: lrrAWESOME
Laurence72 holds up a sWs sign
MalBeam: seabatTROG WE WANT CAVE SLIME seabatTROG clap clap clap clap clap seabatTROG
TXC2: Here we GO!
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Ace__of__Hearts: @Hodgegoulashi I cried at the end what an emotional journey
Musicsquid: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
AmonKoth: We Want Adam! *clap clap clap*
ZeroArcana: let's see if the twitch app will actually play video for me today
Metric_Furlong: Hype!
Anubis169: whoa!!
LadyStarFire23: Takeover was AMAZING!
Foxmar320: Sub sounds always knows when to pop in
deworde: @arclight_dynamo The League of Heels?
shurtal: I thought takeover was tonight and I missed watching it live
FanboyBryan: we're here
TXC2: Mr_Horrible lrrHEART
Anubis169: Mr_Horrible with the 10-banger
TeiranDragon: jackcaTcool Let's doooo this thang!
ThatOverKillGuy: aw dang i didnt get one
KartoffelKaiser: New intro PogChamp
Shoki_Donai: They are here!
aWabbajack: zekeHI lrrSPOOP cohhBeer
banwidthraptor: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
meisbored: LUL
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Hodgegoulashi: Huzzah that rare sidewalk slam re sub!
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MicKat5: anyone else getting audio lag
TheSilentTempest: THEY'RE HERE!
meisbored: no mics
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Metalupis: we're hereeeeee!
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Smoke108: gameat4Nani
asthanius: No mic audio
Pharmacistjudge: anyone else have audio delay?
Foxmar320: Yo A+G
meisbored: MAWP
TehAmelie: hello? hello!
KartoffelKaiser: mics are cold
Nightvalien28: you are muted, you nerds
Justin_Bailey: no mics
Amentur: You're muted D:
Macheya: sound?
Shoki_Donai: No mic
ZaKuroeNoGibbon: oh noooooo
Foxmar320: Muted
TristalMTG: Uh oh, no audio
PhoenixMelior: NO SOUND
Mr_Horrible: They're heeeeeeeeeeeere!
embyrr922: Mics cold
Dared00: No mic
TheManaLeek: Adam is so quiet!
Shfflecat: Cold mics
Arclight_Dynamo: @deworde You'll love it: https://leagueofheels.com/
medras_13: rip mics
LegionLoyalist: You're Heeeereee (and muted)
CyanMig: No Sound
ThatOverKillGuy: OH GOD
flatluigi: sound's really desynched/muted
rybackgaming: cold mics
chaosblad3: MICS
thelastgedi: Muted
RockLobster8994: Sound is off
Donkydog: NO SOUND
red_shoes_jeff: No sound
Drasvin: Audio is muted
SquareDotCube: WE'RE QUIET!
cheshire_creeper: MUTED!!!!!
ProfBadger: ah geez, that's some desync right there.
Vanderhof: Cold mic
Dumori: Their there!!!
Furvias: Muted
r_craddz: NO Sound
ThatOverKillGuy: IVE GONE DEAF
TheSilentTempest: no sound
Traion: Mute
azidbern95: no sound
Smoke108: We're Here but muted
embyrr922: Mics freezing
MicKat5: NO MICS
RaynMurfy: NO SOUND
Hodgegoulashi: we gonna need a redo on we're here
Metric_Furlong: wow, the WWE already muted the video Kappa
DeadlyWinchester: muted
adi_pie: Okay, chat. They got it.
ghost_waz: jamieMute jamieMute jamieMute
LegionLoyalist: Oh yeahhhhh....
TheShokara: No Mics!
AmonKoth: the audio department is on strike!
Pteraspidomorphi: I understood that "oh no!"
rarermonsters: Vince cut their mics
KartoffelKaiser: Mics colder than a Brian Christopher reaction
red_shoes_jeff: We're DEEEAAAF!
azidbern95: lol
PhoenixMelior: hooooold
meisbored: run it back
EricTheOrange: strat over I need my WE'RE HEEEEEEEERE
Squiidd_pope: lrrJUDGE
TheManaLeek: Two words
Stickill1: 5 words
TeiranDragon: noooooooooooooooooooo the ultimate heel turn from the Mics!
LegionLoyalist: Sounds like
Mr_Horrible: Dumbo!
Laurence72: 1
Enmity777: LUL
Stickill1: no wait
CyanMig: back from the top gentleman
Erudite_Cynic: we are not here NotLikeThis
Laurence72: 2
TheManaLeek: First word sounds like
Meltalar: WE ARE HEREEE!
Foxmar320: Helloa adi_pie
banwidthraptor: Elbow drop that mic
Mangledpixel: uh... The sound of Music!
asthanius: I can't read lips, but I can tell when Adam goes "Aw noooooo"
saiaseigm: OWLAna
Hodgegoulashi: sounds like..
LegionLoyalist: wrist
medras_13: oh we're playing Charades now!!
MousseFilledCat: Sounds like
mogrim17: lrrJUDGE
Dared00: AEIOU
Mr_Horrible: It's Dumbo!
TheManaLeek: WE'RE HERE?
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Omthebox: Fist?
CamelAttack: Souds like....
Shoki_Donai: Sounds like wrist?
TheShokara: 1st word!
Smoke108: ONE FALL
Nightvalien28: good start, good start
Ace__of__Hearts: SAID A GIVE
Laurence72: 3! IT'S OVER
Squiidd_pope: REDOO
TheShokara: sounds like
Driosenth: one word, sounds like time?
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insidiouspie: WE'RE HEEEEEERE! for 21 months, in my case.
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LegionLoyalist: sounds like
m0nkeyrama: Sounds like?
cheshire_creeper: nope
deworde: 1 syllable!
asthanius: SOUNDS LIKE
CapnRobert: We can’t hear you
Donkydog: nope
Foxmar320: Nothing Adam
embyrr922: sounds like ear
TXC2: Ears
Hodgegoulashi: sounds like Gargano hype
meisbored: do-over, do-over
PhoenixMelior: ears
eltrov subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 30 months!
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LegionLoyalist: sounds like ears
EricTheOrange: nope still no sound
Meltalar: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Cptmcbiggins: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
CyanMig: ears
shurtal: uh huh JACKAL
Omthebox: Buckle
rarermonsters: This wouldn't be a problem if you guys learned to stream in ASL, just sayin
EncanisMal3k: Adam with the vince references!
Squiidd_pope: ONE WORD
MousseFilledCat: Sounds like knuckle
asthanius: FUCKLES
Arclight_Dynamo: Dumbo Fist?
Mr_Horrible: They're Eaaaaaaaaaar!
embyrr922: We're HERE
m0nkeyrama: HEEEY
LegionLoyalist: ear knuckle
Aneximarius: Sounds like fisting?
Stickill1: sounds like some kind of sidewalk slam
TXC2: Hand ears
Macheya: There it is
CamelAttack: Ears and Knuckles?
Dared00: AUDIO!
AmonKoth: We. Can't. Hear. You.
meisbored: there's some sound
mogrim17: sounds like
saiaseigm: OWLDoomfist
m0nkeyrama: Sounds!
Laurence72: fist
Mangledpixel: there we go
Shoki_Donai: Audio!
EricTheOrange: OK sound now
thelastgedi: Sound!
medras_13: sounds like knuckles!
LiveFaust: Adam says steal second.
ThatOverKillGuy: omg i can hear again
KartoffelKaiser: I hear sounds
ViralStitch: Got it!
Cptmcbiggins: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
mogrim17: knuckle
RJMagby: No sound
MicKat5: sounds like. fist?
SquareDotCube: EARS
PhoenixMelior: very quiet sound
Furvias: AUDIO!
mogrim17: buckle?
DeadlyWinchester: adam doing vince's ear pull
Squiidd_pope: Sounds like?
sonic_danno: Sounds like ear? We're here?
Musicsquid: seabatTROG seabatTROG
CamelAttack: Look sound
TheSilentTempest: sound!!!!
TheShokara: Sound is quiet
Foxmar320: Yo
banwidthraptor: Yep
Shoki_Donai: Yes!
Kerrisis: HELLO!
asthanius: Very quiet
ZaKuroeNoGibbon: wheeeeeeeeeee
Hodgegoulashi: we can hear ya
TXC2: there we go
PhoenixMelior: hello?
Foxmar320: Sound
Donkydog: yes
Meltalar: very quite!
m0nkeyrama: We have quiet audio :o
Amentur: Hello :D
rybackgaming: Unlike Sonic we don't chuckle?
Omthebox: No I can't hear you Adam.
red_shoes_jeff: Now is quiet sound!
Invitare: very quiet but there
SquareDotCube: welp. time to start an EARS chant
Furvias: Quiet
TeiranDragon: mumbling offscreen...
DeadlyWinchester: we can hear you
KartoffelKaiser: You're HEAR
Arclight_Dynamo: SUPER QUIET
RockLobster8994: SOUND
chaosblad3: still pretty quiet
Anubis169: manBRO KAPOW
r_craddz: very very very quiet
Pharmacistjudge: I can very lightly hear my boi!
Ace__of__Hearts: quiet
mtvcdm: Quiet but we have sound.
enemycoke: need another we're here
Metric_Furlong: We're Hear! Kappa
TheManaLeek: Vurry quiet
Donkydog: kinda quiet
FanboyBryan: we're here
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TheMerricat: You're HERE! I HEAR!
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LegionLoyalist: Point to the logo!
TheSilentTempest: We're here!!!!
iammorthos: Suoer Quiet
robotson_: seabatYIKES
PhoenixMelior: they are very quiet
Amentur: Super super low mics
Aneximarius: First time, nailed it
meisbored: once more with audio
StephenJM81: really quiet
Hodgegoulashi: he's gonna say it !
TeiranDragon: too quiet!
Mr_Horrible: Holy cow that is a tall-ass Tim's
Abavus: Reset... First try! PogChamp
PhoenixMelior: but we hear them
Weisenhorn: Very quiet
Kerrisis: Still quiet on the mic, but we can hear you
Gallium71: You are now hear and clear!
MicKat5: pretty quiet
Squiidd_pope: THIS IS AWSOME! 👏👏👏👏👏
CyanMig: once more with feeling
banwidthraptor: seabatYIKES
DeadlyWinchester: is this checkpoint
TXC2: Here we GO!
KartoffelKaiser: First try number 2 PogChamp
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CamelAttack: do over do over do over do over do over DO OVER
asthanius: Audio on the intro seems desynced
r_craddz: my headphones are on max and very quiet
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
flatluigi: intro audio is super desynced
Senovan: they're here!!!
Stickill1: Never didnt happen
Anubis169: No audio, overlay audio still present
Dared00: Super out of sync
Dumori: You guys are very quiet
HerpesTornado: Wow I somehow got here just as it starts :o
Foxmar320: Again with the sub sound at just the right moment lol
m0nkeyrama: It's perfect
Driosenth: intro audio desynced
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AmonKoth: 8 months! one short of a Sub-baby!!!
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m0nkeyrama: kinda?
Stickill1: hahaha
TragicMtG: first try!
Stickill1: kinda worked
flatluigi: intro is still playing
RockLobster8994: Intro mad desync
CyanMig: errrrrrrrrrrrrrr
HydraWiggins: music is all over you lol
StephenJM81: that music is so loud
m0nkeyrama: Audio still going
DeadlyWinchester: hahaha
PhoenixMelior: close enough
r_craddz: intro desynched
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Hugh_Munculus: We heeeear?
Hodgegoulashi: yay!!
embyrr922: WE"RE HERE!!!!
TehAmelie: nailed it
EncanisMal3k: Close enough!
EricTheOrange: close enough
TheMerricat: still way quiet
banwidthraptor: Yeah
Drasvin: Mics are still kinda quiet.
Meltalar: WE ARE HERE!!!!!
m0nkeyrama: Yes we can!
medras_13: Live intro!!!!!!
ProfBadger: we're heeerr!
Invitare: barely
Vanderhof: You did it the first try!
Shoki_Donai: We got there! We're good
TheSilentTempest: WE'RE HERE!
PhoenixMelior: we can hear you
darkora: close enough!
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Foxmar320: We got there just quiet
engineerbudy: super quiet
Dared00: It's o-kay
Anubis169: yup!
MicKat5: audio kinda low
m0nkeyrama: Bit quiet
Omthebox: 5/7 perfect intro
TXC2: we can hear yes
adi_pie: Still very quiet.
KartoffelKaiser: Quiet but present
Smoke108: We are indeed here
Meltalar: very quite
CyanMig: First Try
rybackgaming: one take, perfect.
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KNACC: I love how bi the sidewalk slam set is btw BisexualPride
Aneximarius: lrrFINE
Smoke108: Good Enough
Abavus: lrrFINE
red_shoes_jeff: WE'RE HEEEEERE!(again)
asthanius: max faded, bruh
ninja_theory_ashrams: t101TAP t101TAP t1012
Didero: It's live so something's gonna happen
rockyboy78: We Are Heeeeeeerrrrreeeee
Sarah_Serinde: The intro was a lot louder than you two, yeah
HerpesTornado: Close enough
Evilproduct: DAT GAIN
Senovan: better now
SSnakeAce: Mic's sound fine here
chrono_muffin: WRESTLEBOYS
KartoffelKaiser: I'll just raise my volume no biggie
RealWormbo: global volume seems quiet
MysticOp9: we are here
medras_13: Graham "Don't Play With Gain" Stark
Pteraspidomorphi: The sub notifier was way way louder, if that helps
Anubis169: are those SM7Bs? No wonder they sound so amazing <3
Mr_Horrible: After 10,000 years, they're finally heeeeeeere! Time to conquer Earth!
Squiidd_pope: ADAM SAVADAN BAY BAY!!!!!
TeiranDragon: The Mics are turning heel on you.
Xed_Regulus: I just turned up my laptop
Arclight_Dynamo: Gott dang, I still love the new set.
TheMerricat: I think udio is good now.
map_wtf: Audio is fine!
Ace__of__Hearts: better
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Arclight_Dynamo: No audio change.
Mangledpixel: the audio had the LRR logo bit on it, but the video didn't, that's why they were desynced
Hodgegoulashi: All we really care about is your amazing faces
KartoffelKaiser: That seems difficult to do on a live stream to be fair
RockPusher: Max Fader: Audio Thief
PhoenixMelior: I turned my PC up really loud so you're only slightly quiet now
weff47: hello, we are here
ViralStitch: Hi
Stickill1: hI!
ViralStitch: !
Konda020946: mon
medras_13: That's us!
red_shoes_jeff: Like ME!
ZaKuroeNoGibbon: HEY THAT'S US
EricTheOrange: That's ME
HerpesTornado: I am! PogChamp
Foxmar320: LIVE!
Ace__of__Hearts: WOOO
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sonic_danno: Great to see you guys and Pax East and great to see you Here!
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Shoki_Donai: Livewalk SLAM!
m0nkeyrama: Hello, Livewalk slam people
ghost_waz: Hi!
TragicMtG: hi that's me!
UnspokenKibbles: WE'RE HERE
EscherichiaCole: I'm watching live! that's me!
rarermonsters: I think I am, at least I thought I was
Anubis169: Helloooooooo Livewalkers!
Ace__of__Hearts: Boo the woo
SamanthaVess: Who'd do something like that? roo4
TheMicah21: Wrestlemania, the Takeover come down show
RaynMurfy: That's me.
Stickill1: i remember last years wrestlemania livewalk slam!
chrono_muffin: When I think of mad gains, I think of Adam. When I think of audio gains, I also think of Adam
Squiidd_pope: No live edits!
medras_13: We're heeeeere!!!
RayFK: So does that mean this is gonna take 6 hours and end on a bad note?
KartoffelKaiser: Anything can happen on Livewalk Slam!
TheSilentTempest: Yay! Livewalk Slam!
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whatthebus: We're here! Ahahahaha!!
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mtvcdm: Anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation!
tyrew0rm: We're Here as well this time
darkora: it's like some sort of live walk slam
DeadlyWinchester: thats loadingreadylive gimick Adam
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AmonKoth: Oh NO
J4Y_4NDY: You're heeeeeeeeere!
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deworde: Surprise Run In by The Man?
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m0nkeyrama: We're the authority :o
Abavus: So who's getting slammed through the table?
HLP_The_E: oh no
tyrew0rm: thats a bad idea
rybackgaming: and then Finn comes out.
KartoffelKaiser: We're the authority PogChamp
Foxmar320: I thought Graham was the authority?!
Anubis169: TheMerricat lrrAWESOME
shamblingkrenshar: That's a dangerous proposition, Adam.
Kerrisis: Never EVER give Char power!
WeedenProject: Am I late? or did this just start?
Smoke108: The Pre-show
HLP_The_E: we are the baddies
medras_13: I'm the authority???? Time to abuse my power!
TXC2: Adam pls
laskotheking: LIVEWALK SLAM!!!!!
Kerrisis: *Chat
rockyboy78: Last weeks RAW just ended
Saulens181: woo
TheSilentTempest: that's a bad idea
PsychoI3oy: wooo thank TheMerricat
EricTheOrange: I book rusev to win the main event
kiko_369: should've changed the logo to LIVEwalk Slam
Nefasine: well I was going to go to bed but sure, let's go till dawn
Mr_Horrible: Brought to you by Tim Horton's and Starbucks and YOU THE VIEWER VIA TWITCH AND PATREON, it's Livewalk Slam!
OrionPax21: Suddenly I want to see Kathleen do a Steph parody skit.....
saiaseigm: gegurichuBbatta
MysticOp9: Stuart Scott
Meltalar: the birds outside the windows are still louder than you!
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l00n33y: We're heeeeeeeeeeere!!!
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Hodgegoulashi: That primer got me to finally sign up for the network and go fully back into this
x0den: hello :)
FanboyBryan: woah
KartoffelKaiser: Daniel Brian is now every champion at once including both tag belts by himself I'm booking it
Senovan: I'm so glad I could resub on sidewalk slam. never thought I could say that
Kerrisis: Comically oversized iPad!
PsychoI3oy: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Arclight_Dynamo: "Hi, I'm G, and this is my enormous iPhone."
RockPusher: We're the authority! seabatTROG
RockLobster8994: Adam youre suspended for 4 weeks
Aurelius101: Cool, in that case I'd like to book a match between Adam and Graham for a Roll-Up-The-Rim-On-A-Pole Match.
FITorion: tweet just went out now... how much did I miss?
Shoki_Donai: But what if, more wrestling.
PhoenixMelior: but what IF live
Diabore: fuck it, we'll do it live
m0nkeyrama: F it, we're doing it live! seabatTROG seabatTROG
PhoenixMelior: FITorion nothing
Abavus: F it, we're doing it live! SwiftRage
sonic_danno: Is this a livewalk slam?
Foxmar320: Seven hours is a lot
TXC2: 15 matches
Shoki_Donai: Wow
FITorion: oh good.
mtvcdm: Storyline #1: the battle royals are things nobody wants to be in. Holy Moses, Naomi went OFF at being shoved back into that match.
shamblingkrenshar: Its infinite matches
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for those highlights from the LRR twitch streams! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkL7Ez26dyo || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1114580132310609920
Shfflecat: 15 or 16 I think.
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TheMicah21: 3 on pre show
TragicMtG: Christimas, 7h long confirmed
NullValid: I for one welcome livewalk slam
Myclept: As someone who mostly listens to the podcast, the new set looks amazing
TheManaLeek: Seven hours PLUS preshow? Or including?
Ace__of__Hearts: hey Adam how did you like NXT?
cyclopsboi: starting at 2pm pacific for preshow
OrionPax21: Tooth got screwed! #justiceforTooth
Smoke108: Will you tell a ddead person to shut up this year?
Loonatic93: If I was booking Wrestlemania... Asuka is winning the Universal Title in a squash match against Brock.
m0nkeyrama: It's going to be a loooong evening of wrestling
TheMicah21: Battle royals and cruiserweights
PhoenixMelior: the contra code?
medras_13: if they *say* it's going to be 7hrs long it's going to be at least 10
Aneximarius: Don' forget the Taker appearance
Diabore: please tell me he takes corbin out
EncanisMal3k: I believe they're advertising it for 7.5 hours, including preshow
DeadlyWinchester: i think that is too much wrestling lol
SolarBlitz1: Is the code his 5 moves of doom?
tomorrowboy: You have to win the tag titles without getting hit.
rybackgaming: 14 matches, maybe 15 main card. 3 on pre-show.
Laurence72: 1) Power corrupts. 2) Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 3) Petty power corrupts way out of proportion.
Amentur: It's too much wrestling lrrWOW
Mr_Horrible: Do we have to break down the hidden wall to find the John Cena optional boss?
Stickill1: but you can never see john cena matches
m0nkeyrama: ooof
KartoffelKaiser: If you enter the Konami Code you'll get Cena VS Angle instead of Corbin VS Angle
Stickill1: cus he cant be seen
RayFK: Yeah, skipping the pre-show
MicKat5: if you jump next to the barricade, you get a Taker cameo
Hodgegoulashi: ::patiently waiting for Adam's Vince impression::
rarermonsters: That's so much wrestling
togashinaruta: al least it's not a pre-order bonus
shamblingkrenshar: And they tend to run over sometimes...
Mr_Horrible: Do we have to beat John Cena to get the true ending?
TXC2: that's too much
rockyboy78: that's only 2 RAWs
kyolover16: hey
Abavus: What is the purpose of anything!?
wafflesoup: Please split Wrestlemania into 2 days Vince
BishopSansPants: That's practically a job.
rarermonsters: Or at least 5 minutes of wrestling and 7 hours of celebrities being embarassing
weff47: I'm just here to watch our boys
Badchop: Honestly, you could just talk about Takeover and it'd be sweet
Laurence72: sWs is how I consume wrestling
m0nkeyrama: ^
weff47: ^
Foxmar320: ^
TXC2: ^^
x0den: ^
Squiidd_pope: 7 hours? Jeez I’m gona have to do a grocery run
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kinkerbelle: Woo, livewalk slam!
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hieroglyphica: ^
Hodgegoulashi: Asuka's story will be sad :(
mastershake29x: the ciampa video on the WWEPC channel was unbelievable
afoersch: woo!
ZeroArcana: here for the Livewalk Llam
deworde: Beej, turn the sound up!
snowcookies: yeah
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Lazarenth: Dedicating my 64 to the best Wrestling game, No Mercy for N64
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mtvcdm: I don't even know how you save the Asuka situation at this point.
MicKat5: yeah, that's the depressing part
Stickill1: can we get a recap of it? I haven't seen it
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Senovan: They're here!!!!!! Can't believe I'm subbing on my favorite show. Love you guys so much!
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Hodgegoulashi: @mtvcdm agreed...
snowcookies: some ppl even said Oliver could be harsher
Ace__of__Hearts: it was very WWE
joviniusmaximus: wait, WWE *had* a response?
Meltalar: BEEJ has cranked up the volume to max.
EricTheOrange: @Stickill1 basicly WWe doesn't treat it's people well
Squiidd_pope: Wrestlers have always been independent contractors TBH
mtvcdm: Even if Asuka wins the battle royal, that doesn't make up for what was taken from her.
CyanMig: we refute these provable facts!
m0nkeyrama: They actually responded :o
RockPusher: That sounds on brand for WWE lrrAWW
Stickill1: so actually nothing new then
TXC2: Squiidd_pope doesn't make it right
OrionPax21: My eyes still hurt from crying at the end of Takeover last night
joviniusmaximus: "We reject your reality and substitute our own."
LoadingReadyRun: I sure haven't. I'm at 120% volume. And I can go even further...
rarermonsters: "Independent Contractors" is the single most misused term in the American economy. I've been abused by employers like that to
Mr_Horrible: Noooo, I needed a John & John tag match!
rybackgaming: nothing new if you know wrestling, very shocking to non-fans or casual fans.
mastershake29x: the john oliver show tapes on saturdays i believe, it is not live
Hodgegoulashi: Hi Beej <3
Justin_Bailey: just wish that most of the clips weren't from like the 90s
Mangledpixel: I believe their wording was "we feel John Oliver misrepresented the facts", note: not denying the facts were true
PhoenixMelior: oh hello Beej on tech
m0nkeyrama: Takeover was so good
Anonymousless: party1000 I have to go back in to work now. Catch y’all on the VoD!
Macheya: All I'm saying is we need a wrestling plane in Magic the Gathering.
Shoki_Donai: Will you talk about takeover?
Meltalar: @LoadingReadyRun go even further beyond! oh wow, i made a anime joke!
ProfBadger: I mean, I like wrestling, and wrestling is definietly better than wrestling.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Voice is booming, audio is fine on my end. I
LegionLoyalist: #DreamOver
Lazarenth: at elast he identifieied that a lot of wrestling fans ALSO criticize them for this
KartoffelKaiser: @Seabats you are correct
mastershake29x: source: i've been to the studio
Issurru: @Seabats Kappa
TXC2: so long Anonymousless have fun
TheSilentTempest: Takeover was awesome!
Foxmar320: Beej is so much louder?!
medras_13: Beej is a good volume lol
m0nkeyrama: LUL @Issurru
shamblingkrenshar: Takeover was INSANE. I'd say best Takeover, but every Takeover just seems so good. Don't make me choose!
Stickill1: volume going super saiyan
PhoenixMelior: and you could go even higher
UnspokenKibbles: Adam, do you take constructive criticism
Unas84: I mean, Twilight Zone is coming back...
saiaseigm: AHHHHH that women’s match!
Laurence72: we've gone full sports metaphor!
rarermonsters: "Nice job kid, you made me use 120% of my power"
LegionLoyalist: OBS = Outbound Bowel Syndrome?
BloodForTheCorelab: I didn't realise you were live at first cause you were so quiet O.O
Hodgegoulashi: OBS is a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a open source
TragicMtG: Not Lauder, Dery
asthanius: Experience BEEJ
Shoki_Donai: Beej assuming direct control.
Saulens181: why OBS?
TXC2: Treats is used quite wrongly there Kappa
Lazarenth: assuming direct control
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Macheya: You have no chance to survive make your time
m0nkeyrama: Let's do this :o
SolarBlitz1: Oh no he's asumed direct control
dougma: ASMR BEEJ
Stickill1: no
CamelAttack: Assuming direct control!
TheMerricat: BEEJ has gone to 11!
KartoffelKaiser: Beej has assumed direct control of this stream
Smoke108: I know AEW was looking into health insurance for talent
ViralStitch: @seabats wrestling is ok I guess.
Foxmar320: Its like turn down for Beej up for G+A
sifonaonline: I'm half an hour late!
Squiidd_pope: OBS has some problems
rarermonsters: If they say something wrong Beej starts yelling in their earpieces
chrono_muffin: Whats the damage modifier on Adams voice at 120%?
Kerrisis: Beej on the ASMR feed...
Ace__of__Hearts: oh right Adam you're a Heel now and you have to suplex Beej
Technic_AL: Man, the last I remember watching WWE was at the end of the Stone Cold Steve Austin era
Alchemistmerlin: Yeah I've had a lot of problems with the volume mixing on the podcasts lately as well.
Aneximarius: *Card subject to change
DeadlyWinchester: beej was on last livewalk slam
snowcookies: best two
Stickill1: its an ELIMINATOR
KartoffelKaiser: @chrono_muffin 20% i think
Stickill1: no tournament
medras_13: wait I thought takeover was tonight?
Technic_AL: He was my absolute favorite until he turned heel
m0nkeyrama: Too much wrestling? Blasphemy Kappa
mtvcdm: 205 Live in its traditional spot on the preshow.
mastershake29x: @medras_13 it was last night
rybackgaming: *basically, good wrestling was had, Tony Nese is good, and he beat the mans.*
Hodgegoulashi: hall of fame is tonight
Squiidd_pope: BUDDY
Smoke108: @medras_13 Swapped with HOF
KartoffelKaiser: Takeover was last night so that the hall of fame can be tonight
rybackgaming: no, it was a tournament.
snowcookies: takeover is now on friday
Stickill1: they did that once
TeiranDragon: If beej is in control, does that make him the Vince of this show? unarmeHmm
Dared00: No, it was a tournament
IrisMudgarden: adam lookin good!
Arclight_Dynamo: "The Eliminator" sounds like a KFC sandwich...
Diabore: @medras_13 takeover was yeterday as they have axxes to do
Stickill1: oh ok
medras_13: dangit.... I was watching Hoodslam last night
Ace__of__Hearts: no last names or tournaments
Stickill1: i liked the word eliminator
Aneximarius: Big Papa Pump the Breaks
aWabbajack: lrrBEEJ feliciaASMR
flatluigi: TANGENT TIME!
chrono_muffin: Germany doesnt have tournements
TragicMtG: !tangent
PhoenixMelior: TANGENT TIME
TXC2: Vince is the biggest problem with Wrestling
TragicMtG: :P
ProfBadger: Vince doesn't like things sometimes.
m0nkeyrama: Our first Live Tangent :o
Hylers: Tangent count: 1
ProbablyAtWork: A lemonador
MicKat5: this'll probably be the first time i see a cruiserweight match, so yay?
Foxmar320: Tangent?! ALREADY!
Stickill1: you talked about it IN THE PODCAST
aesir_blade: That sounds like something you'd define over a mathematical structure
Macheya: I .. I believe you have my eliminator ..
TheSilentTempest: tangent tinw
ProfBadger: like, there are... SO many things.
Hodgegoulashi: @Arclight_Dynamo ::slow clap::
Mangledpixel: didn't you talk about this on this very show?
Pharmacistjudge: you talked about this on a SWS before
Stickill1: adam lol
MicKat5: you commented on that in a sWs, adam
TXC2: the Tangents are coming hard and fast Kappa
CyanMig: love that tennis eliminator the other day
Paranundrox: oh right, I remember that
KartoffelKaiser: If was on the podcast previously and you had the EXACT same reaction
m0nkeyrama: Good lord
sifonaonline: It's a... ELIMINATOR ARC
rarermonsters: At this point I'm just glad Vince isn't president.
weff47: They are now called Eliminator Arcs!
mastershake29x: @TXC2 and yet he runs the company that runs NXT, so...
Hodgegoulashi: yes!! the impression
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Lord_Hosk: Tournament implies unknown results I guess?
Stickill1: beeflimitator
ViralStitch: Adam's vince is so funny
aWabbajack: on mobile using audio only mode. works well and chat is fine
shamblingkrenshar: Adam-Vince making an early appearance
Arclight_Dynamo: "Beef Tube" - face or heel?
Laurence72: Every Vince is crazy for a Beef Slab Boy (guitar solo)
Squiidd_pope: Peterson to have a tangent graphic on the stream deck
SolarBlitz1: Beef Tube - Isn't that a sausage?
RockPusher: Beef Tube from the top rope!
aWabbajack: cohhMVP lrrFINE
Hodgegoulashi: Adam is Strowman big?
Stickill1: the hardy boys for some reason
J4Y_4NDY: Is Tony a face now?
KartoffelKaiser: yeah wtf has this been
Loonatic93: Whenever Adam does his Vince voice, he sounds like DBZA's characterization of Napa.
rybackgaming: Nese is face now, yes J4Y
Mr_Horrible: a more fluid use of acronyms than even my employer
shamblingkrenshar: So Braun Strowman flips the arena, instantly eliminating all other men and winning in record time. Flawless booking.
MicKat5: i just found out that it was the ARMBAR because Andere Roussimoff
rarermonsters: The storyline is "We no longer know what to do with Braun Strowman"
chrono_muffin: @Stickill1 I would order that at a taco bell. And then I wouldnt leave my apartment for the weekend
Reachkid1: Eliminator is the giant pizza at my town’s local pizza place
Stickill1: eliminate your bowels
Aneximarius: And that car is now for sale in the latest WWE toy set
Paranundrox: upsetting Strowman seems like a poor career decision :P
Mr_Horrible: I feel like the 1 goal you should have in life is to not upset Braun Strowman
KartoffelKaiser: oh shit cheap sports heat
J4Y_4NDY: Thank you @rybackgaming
mtvcdm: The 'give everyone a Mania paycheck' match that has become a sore point this year in particular. People counting up how many people in last year's battle royals have found themselves back in this year's.
rarermonsters: "You get the F word out of your mouth"
Mr_Horrible: Street Fighter bonus stage
TXC2: ins't there like 90+ people on the card this year?
Foxmar320: Can he come rip the door off mine right now?
KartoffelKaiser: Braun Strowman straight up Street Fighter bonus staged that car
Aneximarius: Notably done outside since the last time they let someone tear a door off Bork beaned someone in the crowd with a door
ProfBadger: Braun 'Angry at Wheeled Vehicles' Strowman.
rarermonsters: "Oooh maaah caaaaaaaaar"
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RobertF95: He did that because it’s a toy
PsychoI3oy: there's a really good edit with the streetfighrer graphics that made it into Botchamania
EvilBadman: @txc2 get that payday
aWabbajack: John stossel got slapped that way many years ago
Smoke108: oh my car
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rybackgaming: and especially people who were in world title matches last year who almost were in the battle royal... like... SHINSUKE
KartoffelKaiser: This Braun Strowman VS Vehicles feud has been a wonderful slow burn
togashinaruta: i get the "can't fit in this car" feeling - i've wanted to tear a few apart
fishmanfishfish: it was also red, which made Braun rage
chrono_muffin: Are you making fun at the size of my vehicle? Its the largest I could afford
rybackgaming: or ARE in a battle royal, like ASUKA
kanimaras: weeeiird
snowcookies: lol
mtvcdm: Brock doesn't have the aim Braun did. Braun hucked a ladder arrow-straight up the ramp. He's got the accuracy.
MicKat5: the snl promo was eh, but the hat gag at the beginning of it was great
rarermonsters: I guess this is no weirder than when Drew Carrey was in the Royal Rumble
Mr_Horrible: I hope they survive, Weekend Update is usually solid
Dared00: Last year was Matt Hardy
flatluigi: the man in the mirror
Aneximarius: But my boi Apollo!
shamblingkrenshar: Last year was actually Matt
KartoffelKaiser: Mojo is now feuding with mirrors
FanboyBryan: matt hardy
sonic_danno: you cant bonk the gronk
tyrew0rm: last year was broken matt
RobertF95: Asuka isn’t the champion anymore
mtvcdm: Mojo, last seen arguing to himself in a mirror.
DeadlyWinchester: Matt hardy
Dared00: Mojo was WM33
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Sarrowsis: been subbing on and off to you guys for years, just whenever i can afford it. always happy to watch ma bois talk about the wrestlemans
Stickill1: matt hardy won last year
Mr_Horrible: FailFish
shamblingkrenshar: Mojo was the year before
ProfBadger: I mean, this is clearly a setup for 'Braun steps out chasing them'
rybackgaming: Mojo was 2 years, last year was Matt
Suffix: Wait what?
azidbern95: Hardy won it last year
Mr_Horrible: NotLikeThis
TXC2: Big show, Corbin, Mojo....jeese
Shfflecat: Matt Hardy last year, Mojo was the year before.
EvilBadman: no Matt last year
chrono_muffin: TWO
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asthanius: I feel like disrespects Andre the Giant, but then again, a lot of what the WWE does is disrespectful to a lot of people.
Suffix: Gronk in the WWE?
mastershake29x: rawley was 2? years ago, matt hardy last year after bray wyatt helped
PhoenixMelior: ACTUALLY though I bet Gronk WILL get signed by the WWE
mtvcdm: When was the last mirror promo?
MicKat5: but what if, Gronk surprise run-in to win it?
Loonatic93: Stossel getting slapped like that is really funny now given what he's become like now.
m0nkeyrama: More tangents seabatTROG seabatTROG
Smoke108: Cesaro, Big Show, Mojo, Matt
laskotheking: Last year was Matt
Digigoner: matt hardy last year, Braun the year before that, mojo before that
KartoffelKaiser: he's been doing this for weeks and he hasn't had a match yet
Reachkid1: Matt hardy won last year
banwidthraptor: welp catch you folks on the vod
Mangledpixel: oh, an actual mirror, I thought you meant the newspaper
RobertF95: No Matt won last yeat
red_shoes_jeff: They're gonna win, and it's gonna be some hilarious slapstick shenanigans.
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rarermonsters: "We haaaaates the Mojo"
DarkMorford: "Gronk"? As in Rob Gronkowski? That'd be interesting.
snowcookies: Gronk said he is not planning on wrestling
Inkompetence: Mojo = Gollum?
ProfBadger: well, soemthing about hype.
Bowerbird7: Oh hey I was missing Livewalk Slam
KartoffelKaiser: Gronk's body is a bit run down. I don't think he wants to put it through wrestling
flatluigi: gronk for 2020 armbar
Macheya: It took Corbin more than a year to get where he is after he won the ARMBAR before,.
stevestein: And then suddenly Mojo in the Mirror becomes lrrBEEJ
shamblingkrenshar: Matt went on to become the Deleter of Worlds, then got injured.
rarermonsters: The next Armbar should be people racing out of the ring hoping they don't win
RobertF95: Mojojojo
m0nkeyrama: Look at this seabatBRAIN at work
Shoki_Donai: Nice!
mtvcdm: Mojo cut those mirror promos in last January/early February. Like WWE went 'we're not doing anything with Mojo or putting him in a match,we just wanted you to know this mirror is his life now. On with the show.'
m0nkeyrama: Goldfish brain? We sure?
KartoffelKaiser: What does it say that of those people, Baron Corbin has had the most post-win success.
Dared00: WOMBAT!
aWabbajack: Livewalk LRRCast
flatluigi: the WARMBAR!
Shfflecat: The WOMBAT!
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rybackgaming: the WOMBAT
rarermonsters: RIP Asuka
chrono_muffin: Womb Bar
shamblingkrenshar: Asuka deserves so much better.
ImmoralEthicist: god, Asuka is being wasted
PhoenixMelior: ah, Asuka. Why doesn't WWE like you
Loonatic93: WWE hates Asuka because she's Half-German. That's my theory.
mtvcdm: Naomi is PISSED OFF at being put back in this match after winning it last year. She went off on social media.
AmonKoth: Asuka deserved better
rarermonsters: @PhoenixMelior Because she's Asian
MicKat5: they mentioned corbin winning the armbar on a recent raw, i think
KartoffelKaiser: Asuka wasn't ready for main roster booking D:
snowcookies: yup
TheSilentTempest: auska :(
A_Dub888 screams into the void about Auska's inclusion
rarermonsters: WWE does not like Asians and they never have and we will never stop receiving evidence of that
KartoffelKaiser: We're getting worked into a social media shoot brother
DeadlyWinchester: don't know whom I feel bad more asuka or shinsuke
AstroKreep2k: Any discussion on the John Oliver bit for WWE?
Good_Jon: so i just got into my local wrtestling scene, I fin i really like the heels because our good guys are just annoying. Is it impolite to cheer for the heel?
TXC2: DeadlyWinchester maybe Both
rybackgaming: Naomi's twitter game is amazing.
flatluigi: a disproportionate response? to a woman on the internet?
Dared00: @AstroKreep2k yup, already happened
Metric_Furlong: asthanius there was earlier
Smoke108: @AstroKreep2k They said it was nothing new
m0nkeyrama: LUL it's perfect
Badchop: Vince is incredibly racist and the company won't improve until he's not part of it.
tenthtechpriest: oof
TXC2: AstroKreep2k already covered
Shoki_Donai: That sounds right
Scar_Red_Tiger: Can you believe Twitter is free?
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xESKAR: We're here!!!!!!
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AstroKreep2k: Ok, just missed it then. Thanks!
Dared00: TOUT! TOUT! TOUT!
Metric_Furlong: urgh, foiled by autocomplete again
ProfBadger: Adam doesn't know.
TXC2: Adam was from Before Tout
rybackgaming: jesus, G. Tout...
UnspokenKibbles: We have reached circular promo
Stickill1: I don't even know
m0nkeyrama: That sounds so dumb LUL
SolarBlitz1: Daniel Bryan TOUTED every time he was on Smackdown live
Stickill1: vince: 'ITS A TOUT'
ghost_waz: That sounds very WWE
PsychoI3oy: all i know of is Daniel Bryan screaming about it on Talking Smack
KartoffelKaiser: I think this was pre Adam getting back into wrestling
DeadlyWinchester: @txc2 well sanity got the worst and list just gets longer
stevestein: Come on Adam, there was a huge thread about Tout on Ello
Badchop: Tout was, impressively, stupider than it sounds.
ProfBadger: It's true, It's damd true.
meisbored: that's exactly what it sounds like
Shfflecat: Retout that
TXC2: Tout was covered in the Autunal rumble 2 Graham
KartoffelKaiser: Like this was 2012
Laurence72: Use the tweetermans!
SplitDemonIdentity: I liked Smacking Talk on tout
Enmity777: Bryan was always memeing about Tout on Talking Smack
Smoke108: Like 09-2012
MicKat5: hoo boy
jonlevir: holy crap! I didn't know there was a Livewalk Slam today! I'll have to go watch the vods
Middlegirl: I just want to say that I've found myself caring for the first time ever about wrestling storylines. I blame you - I only started watching Sidewalk Slam because I enjoy your work...
ProfBadger: We coulda had the Revival vs the Usos!
rybackgaming: on the .com, with ZERO buildup.
TXC2: good Gerif WWE
Loonatic93: Spoilers for Wrestlemania. Asuka is going to do a re-enactment of "her" "End of Evangalion" rampage and ends up winning the Universal Championship.
StephenJM81: Is this showing being supported by Tim Hortons & Starbucks?
Hodgegoulashi: they did make it a focal point.. on smackdown
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jonlevir: Thank you for more Sidewalk Slam!
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Diabore: lets go hawkins! *clap clap clapclapclap*
Aneximarius: FTR
RobertF95: Has this been made official?
OrionPax21: Major Bros are back, baby!
KartoffelKaiser: RIP Revival they're breaking Kurt Hawkins losing streak
whatthebus: they only have 3 and a half hours, G. they can't cover everything Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: "We're going to focus on tag teams! Infinite focus. Faaaar focus. Over there."
shamblingkrenshar: Everything about Asuka's current booking depresses me. She's so good, and so utterly wasted, with just enough points of her being used well to make us believe it'll be different this time. Why must you hurt me like this, wrestling?
UnspokenKibbles: Edgeheads unite
MicKat5: i honestly hope they leave, for their own sakes
snowcookies: Forever the Revival
flatluigi: they're gonna win
m0nkeyrama: "Nah"
cyclopsboi: lets go ryder woo woo woo
rarermonsters: @shamblingkrenshar I saw people online with no interest in wrestling saying "WHo is this Asuka person she looks amazing"
Shoki_Donai: Nah, but yeah.
rybackgaming: 1-269 baby!
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah the Major Brothers
mtvcdm: There's only two ways you break a streak like Hawkins': either against someone leaving the company (say, Ambrose, but Drew McIntyre did him already) or with a title win. No other method gives the streakbreaking enough meaning.
rarermonsters: @shamblingkrenshar But they tear the championship off her because it'll make Ric Flair happy
SenseAmidstMadness: Wait, is this some sort of livewalk slam?
Pazy160: Hawkins and Ryder? I kind of want them to win because I love them but also I need their garbage streak to continue.
ProfBadger: Formerly La Familia with Edge!
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Shfflecat: Zack Ryder gonna get the big Wrestlemania upset win again and taking Curt Hawkins with him to the top!
DeadlyWinchester: if curt Hawkins wins it would be better as it wasn't tag team
BusTed: Because of reasons.
Radyin: Ryder just got engaged.
shamblingkrenshar: One day Asuka. One day. (I can dream)
snowcookies: Ryder is lonely and wants a friend
Diabore: "because it gets me on tv"
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CoffeePrincess: I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeere!
KartoffelKaiser: Ryder was like "They spelled my name wrong in my entrance. Corporate doesn't care about me I have nothing to lose"
ProfBadger: It's Zack Ryder, the man exists to be involved in Lost causes.
laskotheking: The build for this was all in January.
cyclopsboi: i actually looked this up the other day ryder was on tv in january and nothing since then
Pazy160: Ryder clearly just wants to ride with his wrestling figure buddy.
JohnLockeCole: Hello Friends
mtvcdm: If they're going to break Hawkins' streak it pretty much has to be at Mania. You can't do it at, like, Main Event or something.
snowcookies: Yeah, he got engaged to Chelsea Green, who is also a great wrestler
SenseAmidstMadness: They're *all* multi-person matches, Adam
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rarermonsters: Asuka is proof of why "Streaks" are terrible gimmicks. The moment they lose the company loses all interest in them and has no idea what to do because the streak completely eclipsed their character
chrono_muffin: Ryder should betray Hawkins by bringing in Matt Riddle and they can be the Bro Bros.
Dared00: Blackochet is in the SDL match
KartoffelKaiser: Aren't Ricochet and Black in the Smackdown tag match?
FanboyBryan: Hawkins and Ryder review wrestling figures on their own youtube channel
IbunWest: I'm so glad WWE is willing to put these storyless men's matches on the card; but can't be bothered to build up two separate women's championship matches at the same time.
Aneximarius: It's not bad
KartoffelKaiser: Ryder is *super* into action figures
DeadlyWinchester: botchamania has segment, that's not my name and oh boy
chrono_muffin: wrestlebuddies or bust
rybackgaming: it's fine if you're into that sorta thing.
KartoffelKaiser: SO MUCH
m0nkeyrama: Primo content
mtvcdm: Hawkins has an academy on Long Island too. He supplies a good number of 'local athletes'. He's a solid hand.
ImmoralEthicist: they've been around forever, so presumably a lot of variety in quality and such
KartoffelKaiser: All fandoms are fractal. The longer you look the more you see and it never stops
Damaris1034: I'm just sad Dean doesn't get to do anything. Understandable, but still, he's a fave
ProfBadger: That would require them to build more women than rousey or charlotte, and Becky being a tremendous over individual
Aneximarius: @m0nkeyrama not epico content?
Badchop: I mean, y'all know a toy collector, you shouldn't be asking that question :D
m0nkeyrama: People like to talk about things they love :o
TehAmelie: i can never remember is Zach meatfist is spelled like that or not
tenthtechpriest: he's doing the thing!
Stickill1: Aleister doesnt point
CoffeePrincess: guess it depends on what you do with the figures
RobertF95: Talking about the Raw title match, do you think that Matt and Jeff will replace Ricochet and Black in the Smackdown match since Ricochet got hurt?
chrono_muffin: UCE
Stickill1: MY BOY
FanboyBryan: it's alright, they go to toy stores and if they see their own figure, they sign it and put it back on the shelf
KartoffelKaiser: Sign Point PogChamp
Scar_Red_Tiger: Painting, Articulation, Likeness. Toy reviews have been around for ages
m0nkeyrama: LUL that too @Aneximarius
ImmoralEthicist: I love Aleister Black.
jonlevir: Blackochet
Dared00: Blackochet
m0nkeyrama: The sign point seabatTROG seabatTROG
KartoffelKaiser: They don't
darkora: Blackochet
snowcookies: they don't
Loonatic93: Never fear; Beej is damn good at his job.
MicKat5: Blackochet
OrionPax21: R&B
mtvcdm: A moody individual. Fighting for the 9-to-5'ers who don't fit in.
adnansaves: Team Big Mood
rybackgaming: no team name, but we call them Blackochet
Arclight_Dynamo: Alaisticochet.
TXC2: Flippy shit is their name Kappa
Stickill1: Aleister dutch pride
OrionPax21: Rythem and Blues
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: It's cheap?
shamblingkrenshar: "Those Two Really Cool Guys" is a bit wordy but also accurate
Bowerbird7: Rick & Al
KartoffelKaiser: So that they don't have to plan for them
Scar_Red_Tiger: Rick Al
UnspokenKibbles: Riceister
Aneximarius: Moody flips
KartoffelKaiser: Because they have no plan. Again.
BobaRobes: Best of not?
Hodgegoulashi: feels like tryin a new way to bring people up
snowcookies: the ship name
flatluigi: add that to the quotes
ImmoralEthicist: "Those two guys who are just so goddamn good"
Qwiliman: was there no friday night paper fight?
CoffeePrincess: I don't know ANYTHING about wrestling
darkora: kickyflips
AdmiralMemo: Dear Dr. Chat: What are your odds on a "Give Them Healthcare!" chant at WrestleMania?
thelastgedi: Big flipping mood
JohnLockeCole: Blackochet is the name that the podcast community uses
m0nkeyrama: LULwhaaaat
MicKat5: Rick & Al would be a great tag team name
ProfBadger: one and only evil?
Laurence72: Force the pormanteau!
rybackgaming: Dark/Flying.
Squiidd_pope: The tattooed bois
AdmiralMemo: Also, Hi! :)
Justin_Bailey: pokemon breeding
KartoffelKaiser: Adam pls no
flatluigi: add THAT to the quotes
tenthtechpriest: wrestlemon when
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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A_Dub888: That's an image
wafflesoup: Excuse me pkmnWOTT
Shoki_Donai: Yes eggs.
m0nkeyrama: Eggs are normal birth LUL
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah! The Gobledegooker!
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Xcuube: oh no!! i cant believe im late for livewalk slam!!
asthanius: Adam "Pokemon don't give live birth" Savidan
Pharmacistjudge: yes eggs
jonlevir: Going on a Sidewalk
ProfBadger: yes
Shfflecat: Tangent 2?
hyperknightg: Blackochet is like Nakamusev. It's just a placeholder.
Hodgegoulashi: takeover last night was their send off after that amazing match too. they are main roster full time now
UnspokenKibbles: Tangent count: 2
KartoffelKaiser: Yes, they are all categorically in eggs.
A_Dub888: Tangent count 2
TXC2: red hot skiity on wailord action is a thing you know
BusTed: It's tangent time!
Middlegirl: @CoffeePrincess What little I know about wrestling I've gleaned from watching Sidewalk Slam.
Paranundrox: yes
shamblingkrenshar: Yes Adam, they do. But they don't make weird hybrids.
m0nkeyrama: LUL
SolarBlitz1: Pokemon are from eggs in the normal game too
Bowerbird7: Two and Only?
AdmiralMemo: Well...
Invitare: all pokemon come from eggs
meisbored: in the games all pokemon are in eggs
Aneximarius: Can we talk about how the acknowledgement of Black's raising platform ruins so much of his entrance
ProfBadger: you put them in a daycare, and you get eggs.
RobertF95: What about Ricochet getting hurt last night??
weff47: Are Ricochet and Alister Black the same egg group?
kinkerbelle: Yes, all pokemon that can be bred come out of eggs.
chrono_muffin: Al and Ricks big kicks and flippy dos
UnspokenKibbles: All pokemon do in fact lay eggs
StephenJM81: hahaha
flyingmuskrat1: Mr. Mime Eggs...
Shoki_Donai: Thank you Beej
m0nkeyrama: Jesus, this sure is a tangent
sonic_danno: is this the weirdest tangent?
ImmoralEthicist: I am HERE for this tangent
CoffeePrincess: @middlegirl same
Issurru: C O O L B I O L O G Y
shurtal: Beej "Requires Sperm" Dery
Suffix: Beej, get the Tangent graphic.
shamblingkrenshar: We now bring you "Pokemon Biology Slam"
meisbored: katesLol
kinkerbelle: Some pokemon, like magnemite, previously couldn't come from eggs? But now come from eggs.
Scar_Red_Tiger: It's one of lifes great mysteries
Saulens181: this is a wrestling podcast
rybackgaming: yeah, Pokemon lay eggs. except the ones that can't be bred.
enemycoke: they aren't on the main card until Aleister loses his last name
snowcookies: Welcome to PokemonSlam
Squiidd_pope: PokCroagunk
Myclept: I love this show
TragicMtG: sorry, how did we get here now again? xD
rarermonsters: Graham the way it works is that if Pokemon play together Arceus, the unicorn god of Pokemon, spontaneously generates an egg out of the aether
CoffeePrincess: BIG SAME, Adam
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cyclopsboi: platypus!
Laurence72: does this mean I could eat a Pokemon omelete?
Rosarios_Twiglelian subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 3 month streak!
Rosarios_Twiglelian: Missed the start due to a tooth infection, but now it's time for SOME KIND OF LIVEWALK SLAM!^_^
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ProfBadger: Point of order: pokemon are their own specism and therefore aren't mammals at all?
BobaRobes: So is ricochet fine from last night?
kinkerbelle: Thanks Graham for "two kinds of Echidna"
EncanisMal3k: Exeggcute...eggs?
ProfBadger: maybe?
chrono_muffin: Delicious echidna omlettes
FanboyBryan: lrrSPOT
shamblingkrenshar: Quick mention Incineroar, he's a wrestling pokemon that makes it all relevant!
EricTheOrange: Rusev and Nakamura AKA the people who WWE is under using.
A_Dub888: This has been Monotreme facts
DefintelyNotAFish: The Monotreme Battle Royal
Dared00: Nakamusev!
cetiken17: I don't like wrestling and am wildy entertainted.
JohnLockeCole: Nakamusev
chrono_muffin: Rakamura
tenthtechpriest subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 17 months, currently on a 17 month streak!
tenthtechpriest: TIME FOR A TANGENT
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CoffeePrincess: I really should get into this podcast
RobertF95: No Ricochet got hurt last night
AdmiralMemo: Welcome to the wrestling podcast: home of echidna facts!
IbunWest: Naka-moose-ev
rybackgaming: Nakamusev.
KartoffelKaiser: Rusev and Nakamura AKA League of Nations again but even worse
hyperknightg: NA-KA-MU-SEV!
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
SenseAmidstMadness: Where's PunkRockZooolgist when we need them to explain Echidnas to us
Mr_Horrible: @Rosarios_Twiglelian oh noooo! Hope everything turns out okay D:
TXC2: all new league of Nations Baby!
mtvcdm: The entire Rusev Day faction has had such a rough go.
Scar_Red_Tiger: To be fair, half the manga podcast I listen to are also Wreslting podcasts.
ProfBadger: Rusev, man.
jonlevir: RIP Rusev Day
snowcookies: I miss Rusev Day
Snes_Controller: It's dead and WWE killed it
PhoenixMelior: RIP Rusev Day
ImmoralEthicist: to be fair, "You're random bad foreign dudes" is more or less how The Bar came to be
Abavus: katesRip
Macheya: Rusamura
tenthtechpriest: how can it be dead if it's rusev day?
Loonatic93: It will always be Rusev Day in my heart.
TehAmelie: platypuses are so weird, there being two kinds of echidnas sort of doesn't measure up
A_Dub888: But... today's Rusev DAy
ImKevinTheShark: It's Rusev Night now.
Shfflecat: Aiden English now a 205 Live commentator.
Simbionis: It will always be Rusev Day in my heart
mtvcdm: Rusev and Lana wanted Rusev Day to keep going, WWE killed it against their wishes, they don't have much now.
MicKat5: literally started watching wrestling this year because i love shinsuke... very disappointed
Rosarios_Twiglelian: @Mr_Horrible Well, I got a infection, had the tooth extracted, and now I've been hit by a secondary infection and two types of penicilin... BUt, hey, at elast it's getting treated!^^
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Juniper_P1: Happy Rusev Day!
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KartoffelKaiser: It is no dq. Because if someone get's dq'd, what happens? Who wins?
Smoke108: Will it be 2 people in the ring?
TXC2: whhhhhhy?
IbunWest: The worst match type
m0nkeyrama: Graham's favorite kind of match
ProfBadger: Whyyyyyyyyy?
shamblingkrenshar: Why would they go and kill Rusev Day ON Rusev Day? Thats just a slap in the face.
ImmoralEthicist: it makes no sense!
ProfBadger: at least 4 people, cmon!
rarermonsters: Rusev and Nakemura would actually be a really cool team if they had a proper buildup and push. Sleazy skinny guy + Bearish Bruiser is a really good chemistry
Aneximarius: Snack break #1
ImKevinTheShark: Rusev Day. Rusev night. Rusev Knight!!!!
ProfBadger: amateur hour!
Shfflecat: Did they forget to bring a ladder to this match?
RobertF95: So Matt and Jeff are added to this match right?
mtvcdm: I think Black/Ricochet.
jonlevir: Hawkins & Ryder win for the Mania Moment
MicKat5: revival are 100% gonna lose
rybackgaming: Hawkins have to win.
KartoffelKaiser: So, the rope break thing is that you can't pin or submit someone outside the ring. So, you're not compelled to break at 5 but you won't win the match even if they tap
mtvcdm: Hawkins and Ryder are absolutely going to win.
JohnLockeCole: They cant have faces win *everything*
Baldrash: You can say it Adam. "Fucking stupid."
cyclopsboi: hawkins and ryder winning sounds great to me
chrono_muffin: They are in NY so its a hometown thing like when he won the IC belt
Scar_Red_Tiger: It's now "Rusev Day"-Memorial Day
Shfflecat: Revival's gonna get another payrise.
DefintelyNotAFish: What is WWE even doing with the Revival?
rocketjohn: The Usos are forced into the match because the forfeited in the gauntlet, which was a nice storyline beat
rarermonsters: "Wrestlemania Moment" and "Making HIstory" are your drinking game words for the night
LariatWest: The Revival win ONLY if it's on the pre-show. If it's main card - Hawkins/Ryder are going over
mtvcdm: It's going to be a jobber-appreciation-day 'thank you for your service' tag title reign.
TXC2: DefintelyNotAFish the Gods only know
IbunWest: "I don't understand what's going on" is kind of the tagline for this year's Wrestlemania
KartoffelKaiser: There are no rope breaks in a Falls Count Anywhere match, for reference
Damaris1034: Are Revival not leaving now?
ProfBadger: no build into losing the next night on Raw: the Zack Ryder Story.
m0nkeyrama: Confusion in wwe? noo 4Head
jonlevir: Usos have kind of stomped every other team
chrono_muffin: the rock set that sign on fire that one time
Shoki_Donai: Ouch.
Macheya: New Day Saiyan entrance, come on
sifonaonline: I don't think you can win the titles if you don't have a team name. Hot take.
CoffeePrincess: beautiful
Smoke108: The tank was fun
rybackgaming: eerily accurate :P
Aneximarius: I'd rather see The Moody Flips go into the Usos just as a normal tag for the belts
shurtal: Braun Strowman and Nick tag team cahmpions was Fun
mastershake29x: @rocketjohn except it was done by alexa bliss, but why did she care?
shdragon: "Does anything fun ever happen at Wrestlemanie?" .....No."
CapnRobert: I really actually appreciate beej being a part of this
mtvcdm: That's a thing WWE does with the lower titles. Every so often they give them to jobbers as appreciation for their service as jobbers.
chrono_muffin: Space mountain?
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OrionPax21: I think they're going to end up unifying the titles before too long, and R&B will be the ones to win em.
TheManaLeek: Annnd my Alexa starting playing a song
DefintelyNotAFish: GM? Who needs that?
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MagisterMystax: She's a goddess, so she's omnipotent
TXC2: !addquote (Beej and Graham) 'Does anything fun ever happen at Wrestlemaina?' 'No'
LRRbot: New quote #5968: "'Does anything fun ever happen at Wrestlemaina?' 'No'" —Beej and Graham
snowcookies: She announces matches, not making
IbunWest: I mean the New Day added the Hardys to the ladder match a few years ago so there is precedent
MicKat5: i miss alexa bliss
cyclopsboi: alexa bliss apparently is planning on leaving last i heard
HydraWiggins: New Day couldn't make matches though, could they?
Stickill1: she added the hosts to the AMBAR
rarermonsters: Alexa Bliss is so good at promos she warps reality
mtvcdm: She put Che and Jost in the ARMBAR.
rybackgaming: she added SNL boys to the ARMBAR and the SD Tag Titles
tapas_fe: I mean the new day added the hardy boys
EncanisMal3k: She added the SNL guys to the ARMBAR
shamblingkrenshar: The New Day did declare the tag match a Fatal Four Way when they hosted. Of course that was the Hardy return
SplitDemonIdentity: If you can’t win if you don’t have a team name explain Bobby Roode and Chad Gable
rocketjohn: puttin tthe SNL peeps in the armbar too
Shfflecat: Hey Alexa, can you make Asuka challenge for the NXT Women's Title?
rarermonsters: When has WWE EVER been consistent about who can make matches
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whatthebus: is this how they sneak in the Cena match?
PinoGraham: you mean the Ohno v Riddle match
MagisterMystax: They're American Gamma
chrono_muffin: They have a costume tho
Aneximarius: American Glory was such a wasted name
TimbrePanic: They're here, and I ddint miss it!
jonlevir: They're Rooble
Squiidd_pope: She just added to a match I think
TXC2: Hit it!
Reachkid1: She put Jost and Che in the armbar
Hodgegoulashi: corbin gets squashed then cena comes out and says ill give you the match you deserve
r_craddz: Well the new day did add the harpy’s a couple of yrs ago when hosting
chrono_muffin: oof
snowcookies: boo
KartoffelKaiser: right, fuck
Damaris1034: SIGH
darkora: eugh
adi_pie: Bop it.
wafflesoup: Ouch
KartoffelKaiser: We've seen this match before so many times
Aneximarius: I am very upset about it
TimbrePanic: WHat if it
Shoki_Donai: Nice slow roll.
ImmoralEthicist: something janky has to go on here
darkora: Angle deserves better
TXC2: If Angle wins this, HHH loses
MysticOp9: passssss
PhoenixMelior: I love Corbin but what?
chrono_muffin: I agree that I think Cena is gonna be involved somehow
JohnLockeCole: Ok, yeah, but like, Seamus and Cesaro were winning Matches before they made a name
rarermonsters: Corbin is great, and he deserves this
KartoffelKaiser: This is such a waste
LariatWest: It's the secret John Cena match!
mtvcdm: Angle apparently got to pick his opponents for the farewell tour, but he didn't get to pick Corbin.
gizmofreak1: @Loadingreadyrun She made the SNL people join the ARMBAR
Squiidd_pope: BOOOOOOOOoooooo
OrionPax21: Man, I feel bad for Corbin. This is not the kind of heat you want.
TimbrePanic: What if it's a long con story line for an actual last Angle match
ZethRuss: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:26.
Aneximarius: I do want a You suck, thank you shirt
TXC2: Angle has been broken since 1996 :P
Vaelith: wait kurt angle is 50?!?
mtvcdm: Corbin's a heat sink extraordinaire right now. His recent entrances show it.
rarermonsters: @OrionPax21 I think Corbin is a genuine heel, he gets heat
Smoke108: Kurt should fight his son
mtvcdm: "and [city name]'s favorite son!"
Badchop: Whoever convinced Corbin to shave his head is a genius.
ProfBadger: oooooh, this is a return angle for 'Kurt Angle's illegitimate son' Jasopn Jordan.
snowcookies: I like him without hair
Squiidd_pope: The fact this isn’t Shelton Benjamin kinda sucks
ExhaustedElox: Shoot, forgot about this! Glad I didn't miss too much
tyrew0rm: I really hope its a squash in kurts favour, then cena come sout
Evilproduct: i love you Adam, but I dont understand why you enjoy Baron Corbin
ImmoralEthicist: I feel bad for Baron. He clearly does everything asked of him, and they seem to just shit on him
Simbionis: This match is my piss break
MicKat5: my depressing prediction for this match is that kurt angle irl suffers a debilitating injury and corbin gets buried even more
Shfflecat: They've been giving Kurt Angle farewell matches with cool talent on Raw and Smackdown. Gable, AJ, Samoa Joe.
chrono_muffin: secret taker match!
TimbrePanic: it's a weird Angle
okclayton: John Cena?
sonic_danno: maybe secret cena?
rarermonsters: Corbin is one of the last great heels. I'm glad to see a heel who gets heat instead of another Daniel Bryan "I'm the bad guy because I say what smarks believe"
shamblingkrenshar: So does Angle win or lose this one? Because traditionally your last match doesn't go so well for you.
Squiidd_pope: Right, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan won a title!
Chrysoprase: would this be the secret cena match?
RockLobster8994: John Cena for sure
TheArchitectX: Tradition is that a retiring/leaving wrestler goes out in his back to build heat for their opponent.
Smoke108: Jason Jordan returns to help his dad
HydraWiggins: Corbin isn't getting built up, John Cena is going to break Baron Corbin in Half
Aneximarius: Corbin decides not to perform, Taker raises out and helps another senior citizen beat up someone
ImKevinTheShark: Undertaker turns up to ACTUALLY KILL Kurt Angle!
Type_One___: holy shit I almost missed it
GoAmpDog2: corbin is the next Miz
KartoffelKaiser: Corbin is absolutely the kind of person you want to give this rub, but I'm disappointed that its a match we've seen before
Damaris1034: I was hoping it would be Roman and Dean vs Corbin and Drew. Oh well. I do like corbin though
m0nkeyrama: How dare you enjoy something, Adam Kappa
Squiidd_pope: I would not call Corbin a top heel
Technic_AL: Maybe a bunch of Kurt’s old rivalries come out to sabotage Kurt to build up?
MagisterMystax: Corbin turns out to be Cena in a mask all along
Type_One___: Corbin gets squashed and Cena comes out?
tenthtechpriest: what if they just stopped pushing john cena? y'know, the thing we want that won't happen
Squiidd_pope: But 🤷♂️
TXC2: MagisterMystax :D
Badchop: You can not call Corbin a top heel all you want, that doesn't change that he is, in fact, a top heel.
TheArchitectX: Cena doesn't need the rub.
shdragon: There's a secret Cena match?
Evilproduct: i just dont get Corbin. i get that hes a heel. but like hes also super boring
sonic_danno: was john cena's debut against angle?
KartoffelKaiser: Corbin is such a good sniveling piece of shit.
rybackgaming: Corbin's fine.
Erudite_Cynic: the haircut helps.
CoffeePrincess: that Cena Angle idea sounds pretty cool tho
mtvcdm: It's Corbin's lot. He is there to get hated and beat on. When he loses the vest and gets back into the biker gear, that's when you know he means business again.
shamblingkrenshar: I like Corbin when he's booked well. Though that's true of a lot of wrestlers really.
rarermonsters: I don't get when people try to suggest Corbin is bad. The only argument I ever hear against him is that he gets genuine heat from Smarks who want to root for the bad guy
laskotheking: @rarermonsters Corbin doesnt have heel heat. He has go away heat. I say this as someone who likes Corbin
carsonthekid: Wasn't Cena's first match vs Kurt Angle
chrono_muffin: what a unit!
Aneximarius: Corbin has Reigns complex, he's so over used to generate ALL the heat that we're over exposed
ProfBadger: Corbin got Roman Reigns booking where he's a good/great character, but his booking is baffling and does him no favours.
ExhaustedElox: Hmmm, that's a good point
Type_One___: true
TXC2: it's a Brave new world
Mr_Horrible: I do like that angle for a Cena v Angle match as the kicker
Shfflecat: Cena giving Kurt his last match is not about giving anyone the rub, it's about two legends leaving together ala Shawn and Undertaker.
ProfBadger: dammit aneximarius
fishmanfishfish: the Undertaker is confirmed for Saudi Arabia
Squiidd_pope: Corbin is found best up backstage and cena comes out to his thuganomics music
rarermonsters: @laskotheking That's because live crowds have gotten worse and worse with every live show
Squiidd_pope: Beat up*
Type_One___: cheer100
Bowerbird7: inb4 front row Cena round 2?
ExhaustedElox: And John Cena's stupid hair at the time
Pump19: I Am Just Clay, And I Listen
Hodgegoulashi: these days who would just be Cena
Aneximarius: Remember that time Cena was in Ready to Rumble?
TXC2: was he rapping back then
KartoffelKaiser: Cena was the Prototype in developmental.
mtvcdm: Ah yes, Taker is in Saudi Arabia. The only shows that get pyro anymore.
KartoffelKaiser: I think he started rapping later
Type_One___: nope want rapping yet
TimbrePanic: TXC2 yes he was
PinoGraham: this is pre Dr Thuganoics Cena
m0nkeyrama: What?
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ImKevinTheShark: Yeah. so I'm right. to finalise the retirement, undertaker finishes Angle off
chrono_muffin: he did a terrible backdrop powerbomb or something
ExhaustedElox: Ohhhhhhh yeah
tenthtechpriest: the reality show that got purged from all records
Mr_Horrible: Large Timothy
Badchop: They wisely got away from "prototype" because it was, uh, very easily transformed into something way ruder.
Shfflecat: Tangent 3
A_Dub888: Tangent count 3
TXC2: Big Tim? :P
chrono_muffin: THREE
mtvcdm: I remember this show.
rybackgaming: hey, the protoplex... yeah, fair. it kinda sucked.
Type_One___: hahaha I dont remeber that one
shamblingkrenshar: That sounds AWESOME
gizmofreak1: RAW AGGRESSION!!
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CtrlUltDefeatLive: We're Here!
shamblingkrenshar: I want to watch this right now
mtvcdm: I think it got accused of rigging the outcome.
CoffeePrincess: most dangerous game?
ProfBadger: man, I remember some sort of paintball game.
KartoffelKaiser: Get Steve Blackman on that show and it'll be ratings GODL
Bowerbird7: A guy called Big Tim hosting a show called Man Hunt has some connotations I feel :P
ProfBadger: smulsifier or something?
KartoffelKaiser: *gold
1figment: HI
shamblingkrenshar: Just watch wrestlers go paintball people. I'm so in.
TheArchitectX: Survivor with violence potential? I'm in.
Lord_Hosk: They stopped it because NO ONE watched it
CoffeePrincess: do that as a Live Pre Recorded segment
cyclopsboi: "Big Tim Kingman"
Snes_Controller: Large Timothy and Randal Keith
KartoffelKaiser: @Lord_Hosk i dont understand how thats possible
ProfBadger: cripes, X-Fire
Ace__of__Hearts: you always go out on your back that is wrestling
Type_One___: gotta pass the torch
rarermonsters: And then you unretire at next year's mania like nothing happened
KartoffelKaiser: ^
Dumori: Biguth Timuth
Mr_Horrible: "Light chance of John Cena in the forecast"
Shoki_Donai: John Cena is a Wrestlemania weather condition?
rarermonsters: Because WWE can't stop screwing over Roman Reigns
Hodgegoulashi: if its just corbin wins and done, i feel bad for the next match
laskotheking: Ah yes. Classic blaming the crowd for not liking what WWE is selling them. @rarermonsters
ExhaustedElox: The lead up matches have been great
Antimakker: @Shoki_Donai LUL
chrono_muffin: I think Taker makes more sense if hes gonna lose because losing to taker at mania is an honor and yet leaves the crowd happy too. Corbin winning is gonna be a bummer and they generally like making the crowd happy at mania
Squiidd_pope: There is a 50% chance of cena in the WM forecast
m0nkeyrama: The Cena Forecast? :o
IbunWest: I woud've enjoyed the Angle thing more if he could actually still wrestle.
rarermonsters: @laskotheking Yeah, the crowd is shit. They do everything they can to sabotage the show, cheer for heels to get themselves over, and go out of there way not to like things.
ImmoralEthicist: I'm gambling on Corbin wins, then just beats the hell out of Angle post-match
KartoffelKaiser: Chad Gable too. Which is good because Gable has been done dirty and deserves better.
cyclopsboi: kurt angle and samoa joe and aj had a lot of history in impact
ImKevinTheShark: I want Undertaker to come in to finish the retirement only for Cena to intervene and take up Kurt Angles mantle
TXC2: the first real match of the night
KartoffelKaiser: This is so that Shane can die
Hodgegoulashi: they should have leaned into the dad stuff with vince in this one :(
m0nkeyrama: LUL
PsychoI3oy: Squiidd_pope but you add Kurt Angle to the match and chances drastic go down
ExhaustedElox: lol
sonic_danno: Can this be a Dad on a pole match?
Aneximarius: I'm sorry it's "Shane McMahon, the best in the world"
ImmoralEthicist: I'm betting Shane jumps off a tall match
Macheya: Looking real Kobra Kai there Miz
PinoGraham: I think DDT has already did that
MagisterMystax: Miz vs Shane in a Adam Totally Called It match
Arkroma: Yeah Corbin goes nuts post match and Cuba saves
Lord_Hosk: Specific places
cronatos: lol
EricTheOrange: falls only count NOT in the win
mtvcdm: AKA 'Shane Falls Off Of Object To Be Announced Match'.
ImmoralEthicist: *tall thing
tapas_fe: this is going to be match if the night
Diabore: falls count anywhere so shane can jump of something out
m0nkeyrama: Falls count somewhere LUL
chrono_muffin: Falls only count in the broadcast truck!
Bowerbird7: Falls Count Nowhere!
rarermonsters: @laskotheking Smark crowds have made the product worse, and then they turn around and say "it's the wwes fault why isn't wwe njpw I'm the real fan"
MicKat5: shane's gonna jump off the roof of the stadium
ExhaustedElox: I love this idea!!! LUL
Myclept: That's just Twister
rybackgaming: "Falls Count Somewhere... you don't know where, have fun."
Smoke108: Designated red spots
shamblingkrenshar: Adam for WWE booker 2019
Justin_Bailey: this is why the WWE wants to collaborate with Adam!
tyrew0rm: isnt that the purpose of the ring?
Badchop: Yeah I sort of hope Shane, while not suffering any long-term injury, comes out of this so fucking hurt he disappears forever.
Shoki_Donai: Yes, perfect.
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Mr_Horrible: Falls count at concessions
Lazarenth: jericho podcast gimmick infringement LUL
CoffeePrincess: bingo?
IbunWest: That sounds like the kind of goofy thing they'd do on the indies
rocketjohn: wow beej you are so much louder than the guys
snowcookies: lol
Shfflecat: Falls Count on the pre-show desk
SheldyP: it changes like the royal rumble
gaming_elk: Oh so shane can jump off more thing then
Dared00: This sounds like something DDT would do
Scar_Red_Tiger: Falls only count on the Announce table
Hodgegoulashi: falls don't count match
Squiidd_pope: isn’t that every match though?
m0nkeyrama: That's fantastic seabatBRAIN
mastershake29x: FYI: forecast for WM tomorrow: 58 F (14 C), mostly/partly cloudy
chrono_muffin: its the elimation chamber lighting
cyclopsboi: a control zone map
TheSilentTempest: Book is Vince!
Aneximarius: Did they just describe Domination from CoD?
Arkroma: devo5
KartoffelKaiser: Shane McMahon retires by jumping off the top of the stadium and dying in Kayfabe.
Musicsquid: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
sifonaonline: That's a match for Omega and Ibushi.
CoffeePrincess: that sounds rad!
Arium26: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 37:22.
Bowerbird7: They do the Elimination chamber light thing but for the whole arena
TheArchitectX: Falls count... parking lot b upper level, unit 14.
Mr_Horrible: Ooooh, what damage mod is a powerbomb into the concession stand?
Aneximarius: Oh yooo don't forget some of the Pre-Show Matches are in full VR
Bowerbird7: damn beat me to it :P
mtvcdm: Falls Count In the Meadowlands Swamp
tenthtechpriest: you have to pin them against hornswoggle
CptMurphey: sneaks into his house and pins him in bed
IbunWest: Oh I'm sure fans would love having a giant spotlight glaring down on them
medras_13: I want to see a falls count any TIME match where you have to play assassin, basically
Snes_Controller: Hornswaggle guest ref
Lord_Hosk: This is the wrestlemania where shane dies
rybackgaming: Falls Count in Little People's Court
ProfBadger: Remember that hardcore match where Big show almost turned the entire broadcast off? against raven, I think?
shamblingkrenshar: Damage modifier for the concession stand better be enormous.
SplitDemonIdentity: I’m surprised DDT hasn’t already done ta falls count somewhere match
medras_13: asleep in your trailer? NAH YOU'RE PINNED NOW
Squiidd_pope: I want miz to beat the piss out of Shane, then just beat himself by going for a coast to coast
fishmanfishfish: are there count outs in a falls count anywhere match?
TheArchitectX: Falls count... Denver? Oh shit.
KartoffelKaiser: no
chrono_muffin: oh man do you think this is gonna be a pretape!? backstage stuff always seems to
mastershake29x: @fishmanfishfish nope
EricTheOrange: @medras_13 check out early 2000s Hardcore belt.
Mr_Horrible: The Ur-Storyline
Aneximarius: That was the most RAW thing I've ever heard
Lord_Hosk: But it turns out its K-FABE!
ExhaustedElox: The Super Powers? It went okay, then it didn't go okay.
rybackgaming: fish, no there's not. and that would be... miserable.
rarermonsters: I'm sure they planned on doing dad stuff then Vince stepped in and said "No, it'll make me look bad"
KartoffelKaiser: Shawn Michaels VS the Undertaker: It went ok until it didnt go ok
corran__horn: damage mod for concession stand depends on disruption of chips and nacho cheese
medras_13: @EricTheOrange oh shit I forgot about that!!! lol thank you for the reminder! that title seems exactly my speed :D
ExhaustedElox: nWo? It went okay, then it didn't go okay.
kiko_369: then where you have to pin them changes every 60 seconds
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun beej can you turn your own mic down a bit? I love your interjections but they are so much louder than the guys.
ExhaustedElox: ECW? It went okay, then it didn't go okay.
TXC2: !addquote (Adam) [now] It went ok, then it didn't go ok. | on any given wrestling storyline
LRRbot: New quote #5969: "It went ok, then it didn't go ok." —Adam, on any given wrestling storyline [2019-04-06]
CapnRobert: hopefully not true
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: That's so very very sad
TheArchitectX: "First time my dad ever said he was proud of me." That's not ok.
PinoGraham: also that is a great line
tyrew0rm: Graham henry?
asthanius: Rugby Henry
KartoffelKaiser: Miz won the world title. If the smackdown tag belts were what he needed to earn his dad's love, then his dad doesnt know much about wrestling
Laser123454321: I got to figure out if the stream is just quite or not because my sound is maxed out
SamanthaVess: Might Guy?
Snes_Controller: His name was Rock Lee
Snes_Controller: His name wasn't actually Rock Lee
stevestein: Henry Wiggins III
Orgmastron: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 40:12.
Issurru: hard work beats talent? what is this shounen anime? LUL
CoffeePrincess: Rugby Henry is his name now
Syntheticuh: Miz: Wins wrestlemania main even to retain WWE title -> MizDad: doesnt care -> Miz wins tag titles -> MizDad: im proud of you gabyLul
ExhaustedElox: He's not playing it safe anymore
IbunWest: This babyface run is a lot more convincing than his last one.
KartoffelKaiser: Face Miz doing babyface moves and being surprised about it is the BEST
TXC2: Lord_Hosk Ha
m0nkeyrama: LUL what an entourage
asthanius: WOAH
Shfflecat: I want to see Miz cheat like he did before only if the odds are stacked against him.
Diabore: anmd the shining stars
Aneximarius: Don't forget Primo
asthanius: audio weird-thing
TheMacBrad: hard work beats talent every time see Edmonton Oilers
MicKat5: wasn't the whole point of them losing that miz shouldn't do top rope manuevers?
Stickill1: Miz won 1v3 vs sanity...
EricTheOrange: low level heels come be my bodyguards
KartoffelKaiser: Sanity being authority stooges is the most anti-character thing I've seen in a LONG time
mtvcdm: Sanity, a faction that ... wishes they had the occasional match.
TheSilentTempest: poor Sanity :(
m0nkeyrama: What even
Bowerbird7: Noted corporate stooges, Sanity
Suffix: F yeah Cribbage
rybackgaming: Epico's injured, that's why.
ProfBadger: Primo and Shleton is a tag team of something
betsytheripper: cribbage yooo
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: I'm almost surprised they didn't loose Sanity
whatthebus: 15-2 will have to do
mtvcdm: And Nikki Cross isn't getting much to do either lately.
Bowerbird7: such well behaved chaos cultists
ImmoralEthicist: I'm still sad they took Nikki away from Aanity
HydraWiggins: Moody. MOODY
Mushbie: that sounds like INsanity lrrBEEJ
ImmoralEthicist: *sANITY
snowcookies: Nikki has a youtube account
Worldbuild: Poor Nikki Cross
ProfBadger: Sanity gains power from chaos, roped into being stooges, their power wanes.
jonlevir: Miz did carry that match, to be fair
IbunWest: I fear for the Undisputed Era if they ever get called up
enemycoke: Epico is at the time share
technoFinch: greasy boys
Aneximarius: To the point, since they have done absolutely nothing on the main roster and get no reference to NXT I could totally believe the Miz can stop 3 of them
Dared00: This match will be SO GOOD
Shoki_Donai: High praise.
KartoffelKaiser: wait what
ImKevinTheShark: Miz is full of good surprises
drcthulu: Beard off
MagisterMystax: Battle of the very handsome men
jonlevir: This is going to be a hoss fight, and I am here for it
Bowerbird7: Yeah poor Nikki, no matches just weird promos
PinoGraham: easy Roman victory
TimbrePanic: 2 big bois being all sweaty and wet
SquareDotCube: Battle of the Long-Haired Edgelords
Laurence72: They look very similar to me?
MicKat5: honestly this match looks so much fun
asthanius: Was that Roman next to a mirror?
TheMacBrad: so good
drcthulu: which brawny bearded man will win
KartoffelKaiser: I like this match but the Kofi storyline has been transcendent.
Stickill1: the biggest dog match
Stoffern: now i want a snickers tho
flatluigi: nope
shurtal: in a "Just Because" match
m0nkeyrama: um
sifonaonline: That's just a mop.
Mr_Horrible: Coconut Oil Rights match
DarkMorford: TOS
cyclopsboi: wet hair leaves town match
m0nkeyrama: Plz no LUL
tenthtechpriest: TOS
Aneximarius: Adam is my spirit animal now
TXC2: !clips
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Bowerbird7: though I did want a shot of her just sitting on the Wrestlemania sign laughing
BusTed: rayfkWelp
KartoffelKaiser: Moppy PogChamp
ProfBadger: for the big dog title.
rarermonsters: If this was an actual Hair Match I'd mark out like a child
Amentur: He's. So. WET
Sektor88: enigmaLewd
Scar_Red_Tiger: Loser has to shave head bald
Rosarios_Twiglelian: Wet, hairy pole match? :O
Lazarus_18: *dry heave*
josh_le_crafter: umm...
Squiidd_pope: Yo, quick tangent, didn’t one of the sANITY people who left NXT just join Impact?
TimbrePanic: Biggest wet dog match
CoffeePrincess: as a greasy Italian
TheArchitectX: I think the guy with the long hair and carefully trimmed beard will win.
CoffeePrincess: that's a major title
Shfflecat: Loser gets doused in ice water
IbunWest: I am sure the match will be entertaining; it just sucks that Drew is 100% going to lose.
fishmanfishfish: so, a mop?
Arkroma: seabatYIKES
ProfBadger: Roman unifed back at wrestlemania 33.
BloodForTheCorelab: thanks beej for us listeners
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: At least Drew has some chest hair
asthanius: One has a vest, the other has an anti-vest
ExhaustedElox: Is this Roman's retirement match?
Issurru: The long hair and black leather fan club Kappa
tenthtechpriest: is this the mirror mirror episode of wrestlemans?
Bowerbird7: One has a vest and no coat, one has a coat and no vest
Mangledpixel: face 1 and face 2 on the character creator
SquareDotCube: Actual person vs. Cosplayer with a small budget
Laurence72: Street Fighter Mirror Match
Mr_Horrible: Jump on his sword, Roman!
mtvcdm: Dean Ambrose sold like a million bucks for McIntyre in going out.
jonlevir: WWE: Dark Reigns
chrono_muffin: So if they both have facial hair does the make the goatee or the beard the evil universe version?
ImKevinTheShark: sergeFuse I whip my hair back and forth! benginFuse
medras_13: so one of them absorbs the doppleganger, right?
rarermonsters: @Scar_Red_Tiger I don't know if you're referencing this, but that's an actual old-school match type. Loser gets held down in the ring and shaved
Aneximarius: Get your yard out of my scottish dog
TheGhostOfZero: how'd the Big Shield Goodnight go?
sifonaonline: He has more beard, and is thus more evil.
Macheya: The Jason Todd to Roman's Dick Grayson.
CoffeePrincess: Spider-Man Cline Saga
SajuukSjet: i love the Snickers logo on that.... connotations galore Kappa
Shoki_Donai: If they fight do they create the X-Blade?
kynelwynn: Adam, that implies Roman is the Hero of Time. :P
snowcookies: lovely
m0nkeyrama: It's perfect :o
CoffeePrincess: he tol
Abavus: Your heights, and your looks, clearly
josh_le_crafter: Sure...
Scar_Red_Tiger: @rarermonsters I recall that. from a very bad anime.
flatluigi: sounds like a crapshot
therisingtithes_: My beard art thou, and your beard art I
Lirelent: LRR are wrestlemen, confirmed
BusTed: Graham v. Adam
sonic_danno: so tag match 2020?
mtvcdm: Ambrose's next stop, uncertain, but I can absolutely see him in AEW.
Rosarios_Twiglelian: Wait, James is Evil Graham? :o
FanboyBryan: please make into a crap shot
Ace__of__Hearts: it's weird because one is Scottish and the other is Samoan
TXC2: so G and A know what to cosplay as now Kappa
Aneximarius: So Beej vs Meej confirmed?
chrono_muffin: ayy laddy
Bowerbird7: Graham and Adam, confirmed secretly Roman and Drew
Nightvalien28: evil version, more like one is a marshmellow and the other is the roasted marshmellow
Abavus: ruined
rocketjohn: ????????
EricTheOrange: This match feels weird. They can't have Roman lose so soon after his return, but They've been building up corban for a while so it'd be weird if he lost.
PinoGraham: wasn't dark reigns Goldust name in TNA
tyrew0rm: Booo that man
ImKevinTheShark: Adam: Evil Graham
EncanisMal3k: "Dark Reigns" is too close to Goldust's TNA gimmick
Gekyouryuu: @therisingtithes_ beardsona?
Foxmar320: Graham might be the Evil Adam....
Arkroma: seabatYIKES
Laurence72: Beej + Meej + Treej against The Paul Clone Army
Aneximarius: Railing
josh_le_crafter: How can adam be Evil anything?
rybackgaming: Black Reign, Pino. and that was... yikes. He was in a legit bad spot there.
KartoffelKaiser: @EncanisMal3k mow me maow
CoffeePrincess: the correct reaction to that mistake
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: At least Drew looks like he has some chest hair. For some reason I don't really like men that shave their chests.
FanboyBryan: adam is shadow graham please a crapshot is there
Type_One___: does anyone know who won the Harper vs Dijakovic match on axxess the other day?
josh_le_crafter: Immersion ruined!
Ace__of__Hearts: it was like a bike stand
jonlevir: He STABBED Dean in the EYE! With a pencil!
Aneximarius: It was like a little set of steps going up to the announcer platform
mtvcdm: At one point Drew put a pencil in Dean's eye and Renee Young *yelped.*
Arclight_Dynamo: V A S C U L A R
rarermonsters: "ea ya sof git imma right nack up this shiel"
sonic_danno: So this match is ending with Roman and McIntyre spearing each other and fusing?
ProfBadger: I just realised, Seth and Dean don't have anything on at Wrestlemania.... hmmmmmmm.....
TheMacBrad: 3MB
Hodgegoulashi: he worked out with athlean x
KartoffelKaiser: Drew looks like the Highlander.
kynelwynn: He's Seven feet tall and you Can't. Teach. That. ?
Lazarus_18: @TheSoundOfWhiteNoise Then you must be a big fan of Kilian Dane
flatluigi: in that hyperbolic chamber
Badchop: Uh
Badchop: Seth very has something at WM
TXC2: he went to TNA and got swole
Aneximarius: Baron Corbin's Midcard of Evil
Ace__of__Hearts: yeah he went away and then ate a house and then came back
KartoffelKaiser: He looks like a normal human, but scaled up
EricTheOrange: @ProfBadger seth vs brock
RockLobster8994: Uhhh prof
IbunWest: @ProfBadger Seth is in the Universal title match???
thenb44: @ProfBadger seth is fighting brock?
QuantumTwitch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus (Adam plays video games and is good at them. Game: Dark Cloud 2) at Sat 11:00 AM PDT (4m ago).
PinoGraham: @ProfBadger you mean other than the Univerisal Championship
rocketjohn: is he really though?
ProfBadger: oh right, brcklesnar.
ProfBadger: I stand corrected.
TXC2: yes "flighting"
mtvcdm: House shows to the end of the month.
Type_One___: is he though?
IbunWest: I know it's easy to forget cause Brock is never there.
HydraWiggins: I love the level of Scottish Drew brings when he has to say his own name; Druuuuu!
Aneximarius: if it's no DQ he's gonna get in there
Type_One___: Yoked Ambrose
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: @Lazarus_18 That is ... too much??
TheMacBrad: he will be in the battle Royal
ImmoralEthicist: that storyline would be too good to be given to us
Snes_Controller: I'M CAPTAIN KIRK
Bowerbird7: You can't be Roman! You look nothing like Caesar!
TimbrePanic: I would hate that because it's still Ambrose being all "crazy"
josh_le_crafter: oh right...
KartoffelKaiser: Roman just got back from LEUKIMIA. He's not losing for months
Hodgegoulashi: In a perfect world The Iconics would win
snowcookies: Baysha
mtvcdm: We're going to make the women's tag titles.... IIIIIIIICONIC!
m0nkeyrama: That name is so baaad
Lord_Hosk: Dean is going to jump into the retirement match and be like "NO IM THE RETIREMENT!"
CoffeePrincess: but doctor, I am Pagliacci
Aneximarius: I feel really bad pre-calling this a Snack Break match
asthanius: Someday we'll find it...the Boss N' Hug connection
sxysoy: i have always hated that name
Suffix: I love the Iconics.
jonlevir: Samoan Slaughterhouse
Type_One___: no way Roman loses after coming back from leukemia
rybackgaming: ICONIC! *poses*
kinkerbelle: "BOsas n hug connection"? Really?
chrono_muffin: they are gotta retain just for the photo at the end with all four women with belts
IbunWest: Aye Aye Conics
mtvcdm: The Iconics are great. i hate them.
kynelwynn: Whyyyyyyyyy? Why are tag-teams ever in Fatal 4-Ways? (Oh right, Creative is trying to smash all the tag teams on to the card)
TheArchitectX: Better or worse than Rock and Sock Connection?
Damaris1034: I'm just glad that possible feud between Dean and Nia didn't happen
sivakrytos: the matroshka dolls
Bowerbird7: Damn, I'd hoped this would be two seperate matches
darkora: Divas of Doom
rybackgaming: Divas of Doom.
Aneximarius: Divas of Doom
snowcookies: Divas of Doom
HerpesTornado: The "Don't ever speak to me or my daughter ever again"?
ImKevinTheShark: Best name wins.
r_craddz: So SST v2
TXC2: who've I've picked to win
thunderbird32: Beth got jacked over her retirement
Smoke108: The Matroyshka Dolls
CoffeePrincess: blondeshells?
thunderbird32: More so than usual
rybackgaming: but yes, Pinup Strong 10x better.
snowcookies: Pin up Strong is now their finisher
jonlevir: Beth Phoenix is amazing. They need her to teach Nia Jax how to be an intimidating presence
laskotheking: @loadingreadyrun Divas of Doom
FanboyBryan: @Smoke108 smoke!
Bowerbird7: I hope the Iiconics win via shenanigans
KartoffelKaiser: I like that Beth Phoenix is back. She really looks like she belongs in this era of Women's Wrestling
MicKat5: i feel like the Iiconics will someday be great tag team champs, but they're not winning this match and frankly i think they're too fresh to win
Smoke108: @FanboyBryan Mah boy
rarermonsters: Where did you go to Journalism, you must be JOKING
FanboyBryan: @Smoke108 great ref btw
mtvcdm: Also apparently Peyton Royce dyed her hair blonde now for whatever reason?
chrono_muffin: Team Our Life Partners have messed up necks
ImKevinTheShark: Doomers of Deev
Dezufnocosem: u good but wat if I gooder
Type_One___: hahaha
ImmoralEthicist: @chrono_muffin Aww, now I'm sad
KartoffelKaiser: "You're great but fight me irl"
rarermonsters: @mtvcdm Vince was walking down the hall and she didn't hide soon enough
Good_Jon: @LoadingReadyRun i just got into my local wrestling scene, I find i really like the heels because our faces are just annoying. Is it impolite to cheer for the heel?
Aneximarius: Calling it now, Edge and Tyson are sitting together and will get a camera spot
Issurru: Adam: boshy is great, but what of I was the boshy
KartoffelKaiser: @Good_Jon eh, people just do that anyway.
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KartoffelKaiser: Not really rude at this point
Hodgegoulashi: they made them look real strong in the chamber match too
rybackgaming: "Did you go to journalism for that?"
josh_le_crafter: "How about we be champs" is how all the storylines get boiled down to
mtvcdm: The Iconics are a comedy act without actually being a comedy act. Their comedic sense is amazing.
fishmanfishfish: y'all can't just not so the pose
chrono_muffin: @ImmoralEthicist Edge seems 1000% happier as an actor and dad so thats not sad lol
Diabore: red reover red rover we call sasha and bailey over
MousseFilledCat: I assume Sasha and Bayley are going to win so they can have a four horsewomen moment
IbunWest: Cheering a heel at a local show is you telling them they are doing a bad job. Not the best etiquette.
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snowcookies: I like Baysha a lot
FanboyBryan: come on not giving the belt to beth pheonix would be a crime
Hodgegoulashi: i feel when they lost it it will involve a fued between them
Smoke108: sonya deville
Ace__of__Hearts: I think it'll be a wrestle mania moment and they'll give it to Beth Phoenix
Hodgegoulashi: lose*
tapas_fe: They're going for the four horsewomen four belt shot
rarermonsters: Adam when have they ever failed to build up Bailey correctly
rybackgaming: Mandy was gonna challenge Asuka again, G. But... well, you know what happened.
chrono_muffin: End of show fades out on Sasha Bayley Becky and Charlotte holding the belts and hugging
KartoffelKaiser: Bayzler is legit one of the best heels right now. NXT or Main Roster
MicKat5: maybe if we hadn't've had that charlotte/asuka match...
Shoki_Donai: Uh-oh
rybackgaming: chrono_muffin, we can't do that.
wafflesoup: They can't possibly screw up Shanya on the main roster ...
m0nkeyrama: spoilers LUL
rarermonsters: I'm voting for Sasha because she's the only wrestler in this match who has a folk ballad written by John Darnielle
flatluigi: did they change the belt thing _again_
KartoffelKaiser: HELL YES GIMME
Mr_Horrible: Oh that looks good
Furvias: I want Samoa Joe to win against Mysterio so his son can challenge Joe for an "avenging angle"
Hodgegoulashi: they mention 4 horsewomen a lot on NXT but almost never on the main shows
FanboyBryan: yea their not a joke the just have comedic timing
Diabore: *which may not be happening*
chrono_muffin: I mean CHarlotte can stand there looking sad lol
kynelwynn: Joe's Gonna Kill You
TXC2: THIS is the secret John Cena match
Aneximarius: Adam is not wrong
ProfBadger: okay then.
snowcookies: Woot Smo'Joe
LegionLoyalist: Didn't rey get injured
Ace__of__Hearts: this match will be bonkers
EricTheOrange: Joe Best win
Shfflecat: Joe! Joe! Joe! Joe!
rybackgaming: the main event's for both belts...
mtvcdm: Joe is the best talker on the face of the earth.
Stickill1: don't @dam
darkora: 100% with you Adam, Joe is best
r_craddz: If Rey isn’t still injured
KartoffelKaiser: Joe VS Mysterio is going to be SO GOOD
Laurence72: @Adam??
EricTheOrange: It'd be so weird if he lost
Macheya: @Seabats don't tell me what to do
Damaris1034: I'm really not looking forward to more of the "well they can fight in 'real life'" bs that is everywhere re: former mma and whatnot qrestlers
thunderbird32: Where's the lie tho
cyclopsboi: kevin owens close second
Dared00: What's up with Rey's ankle? Is it ok?
adi_pie: @seabats He's the best, it's true.
Suffix: @seabats I agreee with you
frozenphoenix7: Main roster Adam?
sonic_danno: match of the night contender?
UnspokenKibbles: You as confident about that as you were about Bobby Roode?
IbunWest: is this match even happening? I thought Rey was injured.
ProfBadger: so Rey Mysterio is leaving the WWE for a bit, huh?
rybackgaming: Last I heard Dared00 he's fine.
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun rey is injured, dont know if this match is still happening
m0nkeyrama: He's a beast
laskotheking: @fanboybryan They are not giving Beth a belt. I love her but no.
kynelwynn: Did we ever get Joe vs. Cena?
TXC2: he was AMAZING in TNA
sxysoy: bui adam you said that about joe in 2018
Aneximarius: Plus Rey can take a Muscle Buster
MicKat5: Joe and Daniel Bryan are the two best wrestlers on the roster
mastershake29x: samoa joe is great, but he loses too much, so he needs to be built up before he goes for the top title
cmdrud87: he was BETTER in TNA
LegionLoyalist: Rey got injured monday... Secret Cena match?
Dared00: @rybackgaming oh good
Arkroma: @seabats devoCHEERS
PinoGraham: expect for the ninja bits he was great in TNA
fishmanfishfish: he's been on UpUpDownDown a lot lately and he's the best on that show too
Squiidd_pope: What if this is the cena match?
KartoffelKaiser: Joe was almost BETTER. He used to be super athletic. Then he took a senton off of some stairs onto concrete
rarermonsters: But he's not a genetic FREAK, so when he's in the ring with me, he's only got a 33 and a third chance of winning
EncanisMal3k: Joe vs Kurt for the TNA title was greatm too.
frozenphoenix7: Rey pinned Joe in a tag match
TimbrePanic: Dominic?
wafflesoup: For Dominic
darkora: that is certainly the question "Why is Rey Mysterio"
Bowerbird7: Because neither of them had a match planned?
okclayton: bunch of fatal four ways
Hodgegoulashi: Yea word is Ray might be out
chrono_muffin: Dominic on a pole match
Aneximarius: Yeah there's a risk of the match getting scrapped
mastershake29x: he might be ok for tomorrow
Xcuube: the age old question; why *is* rey mysterio?
r_craddz: Corbin broke him on Raw
ImmoralEthicist: yeah, Rey is legit hurt and is a question mark
Izandai: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 52:00.
Shfflecat: Was it a kayfabe injury?
rybackgaming: Rey tweaked his ankle, but he's fine now.
thunderbird32: He had an ankle injury, but it depends on how bad it was
rarermonsters: And then you add Kurt Angle and Barin Corbin's match into the equation, and Samoa Joe's chances of winning Drastic go down
Bowerbird7: One of these years he'll be right though!
Aneximarius: He's being "Observed"
Izandai: dammit
EncanisMal3k: He's tweeted that he's hoping he's healthy by Sunday a couple days ago.
EricTheOrange: The Savidan curse
Hodgegoulashi: Andrade will probably take the spot then
BusTed: Nostradamus
sxysoy: pew pew pew
fishmanfishfish: GLORIOUSly
Diabore: rey got an ankle injury, he MAY be good for mania
Metric_Furlong: Adam says what should happen, not necessarily what does
KartoffelKaiser: Mysterio was in the title picture, as were a bunch of other people. For some reason they didn't do a ladder match and just did a singles match for one of the people in the picture???
Arclight_Dynamo: "I'm like a cowboy." - Adam
BusTed: NostrAdamus
m0nkeyrama: Adam is not prophet? What NotLikeThis
mastershake29x: @Shfflecat seemingly legit, how serious we don't know
Hodgegoulashi: ooo
cmdrud87: cheer500
ImKevinTheShark: Why is Ray Mysterio?
Squiidd_pope: I just watched joe vs aj for the X division super cup today
frozenphoenix7: Rey got an ankle injury on Monday. Not sure if he's good for Sunday, but his match on Smackdown got cancelled
FanboyBryan: @laskotheking what they just alluded to about the main event is why i think they will drop the belts
Mr_Horrible: seabatTROG
SenseAmidstMadness: rude
thomturtle: Oh dear.
NickTheDM: Is that how cowboys work?
sifonaonline: The Savidan Guarantee has a notoriously low success rate. But we love it anyway.
Aneximarius: Oh good, I was really worried about this match not happening
Stickill1: big oof
sxysoy: hell yeah lets go
TXC2: !findquote Nostradamus
LRRbot: Quote #5482: "Yeah, I put the Adam in Nostradamus!" —Adam [2018-11-07]
MilkInBag: Adam is a bully BabyRage
Macheya: Never believe The Troglodyte Times.
UnspokenKibbles: Twitch Chat is now sucking it
Xcuube: adam thats rude
IbunWest: Adam is a true heel
rrtycoon2: Wow, having watched that video chat mentioned...I'm not okay with that "diagnosis"
sxysoy: ????????
darkora: Rey pinned Joe in a tag team match
frozenphoenix7: Rey pinned Joe in a tag match
Aneximarius: There really isn't one?
okclayton: bunch of fatal four ways
frozenphoenix7: That's literally it
Smoke108: He pinned him once
LegionLoyalist: RTruth said Cena was his role model... and then suddenly Rey
Mr_Horrible: seabatTROG A D A M B U L L Y seabatTROG
r_craddz: I’ll wait till Pwinsider confirm I like legit sources 👍
snowcookies: RomanGoro wrote nothing about it
cyclopsboi: i dont think rey has ever won the us title so thats the story
rarermonsters: Yes ADam, cowboys were notorious for their terrible aim with guns and wasteful use of ammunition
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Hodgegoulashi: Its the only title Ray has not had....
KartoffelKaiser: It was the textbook build to a huge multiman match but for some reason only Rey is in the match
RockPusher: seabatTROG foxmarFIRE
MilkInBag: you know who's a big name? Adam Savidan
asthanius: They're both fast and it'll be entertaining?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Is Adam trying to take the LRR Heel title away from James???
rybackgaming: So Rey was gonna face Andrade on Smackdown, but because of his ankle, the match didn't happen. The question as to why this isn't a Fatal4Way? *shrug*
okclayton: Rtruth vs Andrade vs Rey vs Joe happened a lot and then Rey vs Joe
gizmofreak1: R-truth lost to Samoa joe in a fatal 4 way
rockyboy78: It was an Eliminator
ProfBadger: Rey just had flashbacks to Bautista.
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mastershake29x: that's how new japan books, isn't it? :)
Izandai: "You beat me and now I hate you!"
ProfBadger: 'I thought you were my friend'
DerPilsner: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 53:32.
Xcuube: rey pinned joe while joe was champ, so logic says rey should get a shot
FanboyBryan: "as time tested as a ric flair flop" i want that on a t shirt
rarermonsters: I'm just going to assume the story is that they crunched the numbers and Rey Mysterio is the only person who matches up against him mathematically
KartoffelKaiser: As time tested as someone eliminating someone from the rumble and the other person getting salty about it
FanboyBryan: he's so.... little
frozenphoenix7: But Triple H said we're the Authority now
Xcuube: its a well used tactic in new japan, amongst others
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun I think it's more Joe was pissed for getting pinned so he's like "I gotta prove i'm better than him"
Aneximarius: That 4 way was so much better than it had any right to be
rarermonsters: Alexa Bliss made the matches
Arkroma: Joe wanted to fight anyone remember the R Truth petition
IbunWest: Nothing but atomic drops
Simbionis: Also Rey's son Dominik showed up randomly with his dad for a promo
kynelwynn: And chokeholds
IbunWest: Back rakes
snowcookies: Fists no flips
Aneximarius: 80s: when the DDT was a finisher
Arclight_Dynamo: "Must have a mullet" matches.
cmdrud87: you mean like the revival in nxt?
chrono_muffin: The Big John Stud throwback match
kynelwynn: Takeover was pretty good
TXC2: side walk slams only Kappa
KartoffelKaiser: @rarermonsters you see normally massrio would have a 50/50 chance of winnin but joe's a genetic FREAK
m0nkeyrama: Velveteen Dream is so goooood
LegionLoyalist: Dream also Hulked up yesterday
MicKat5: Dominik Mysterio v. Joe?
J_Rey15: Piledrivers for finishers for everyone!
shdragon: I wouldn't say Joe would say No. because wasn't he also signing that 'petition' for someone to fight him because he was like "Yeah whatever, I'll fight anyone"
okclayton: Dream does the hulkamania hulk up too
whatthebus: The Miz carried that axe handle for years
Bowerbird7: Mullets and Moustaches Mandatory
flatluigi: language
mastershake29x: they BETTER NOT mess up velveteen dream
tapas_fe: D:
TheGhostOfZero: and no oddjob
Laurence72: this card has as many shove-as-many-wrestlers-into-the-match as the latest Autumnal Rumble did
Hodgegoulashi: spoiler
Aneximarius: "Knock off Diamond Cutter"
Macheya: The DDT was a finisher all the way into the 2000s, really.
ImmoralEthicist: Just imagining what happens if Vince ever finds out about Velveteen Dream.
rybackgaming: Dream's moveset is full of cheeky nods to old wrestlers.
Tomthek: They did AJ vs. Joe vs. Cesaro at a house show recently, so ya know, swapping the bald workhorses
rybackgaming: Macheya it's STILL a finisher.
rarermonsters: @KartoffelKaiser Okay, but COULD they add John Cena to the mix, would Samoa Joe's chances of winning drastic go down?
Diabore: dominic is MASSIVE
tenthtechpriest: yeah that boy is huge
tenthtechpriest: an absolute unit
EricTheOrange: me papi
Aneximarius: Dominic on a Pole Match
Dmc3628: the child papers on a pole summerslam match
TimbrePanic: Remember that Eddie vs Rey Dominic angle?
SageOfSquirrels: Dominic?
MilkInBag: what do you mean 'actual'
A_Dub888: Tangent 4
IbunWest: Excuse you I think you mean he's Eddie's son tyvm
flatluigi: dominic on a pole match
asthanius: THAT'S THIS KID????
Izandai: what
KartoffelKaiser: @rarermonsters no, because john cena KNOWS he cant beat joe so he's not even gonna try
asthanius: I remember that!
shurtal: child on a pole match
snowcookies: omg
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE
BusTed: Child on a Pole match
josh_le_crafter: wut
Foxmar320: O_o
Mangledpixel: child on a pole match
rarermonsters: @KartoffelKaiser Wow, the numbers really don't lie
TimbrePanic: A lot dumb
sonic_danno: His shoot son? when do we get a work shoot son?
ProfBadger: Isn't that the match where Eddie was angry at Vicki?
frozenphoenix7: WHERE THE EFF WAS VICKIE
josh_le_crafter: WUT
kinkerbelle: It sounds a little dumb.
ProfBadger: yeah!
Hodgegoulashi: Wasn't dumb is a strong stance lol
IbunWest: It was pretty dumb. The matches were good though.
snowcookies: pls don't but a child on a pole
EricTheOrange: I dissagree savidan
KartoffelKaiser: The story was dog shit but the matches were great
josh_le_crafter: BACK UP
Dmc3628: helping Rey win custody of his child during that match
TXC2: it was SUPER dumb
Aneximarius: They managed to sell to, THAT'S how good it was
josh_le_crafter: WUT
asthanius: Papers on a pole
Justin_Bailey: it was dumb. but rey and eddie made it work
Izandai: what the shit
Mr_Horrible: Custody Rights On A Pole Match
EncanisMal3k: "Adoption papars on a pole" match
Baldrash: Adoption Papers on a Pole Match.
SenseAmidstMadness: wat
Diabore: i think it was "custody papers" on a pole match
cmdrud87: it was pretty dumb, but the wrestling was solid
josh_le_crafter: I am SO confused
IbunWest: Joe vs Rey in a Dominic on a pole match confirmed.
m0nkeyrama: LUL
SirSlipps: it was literally called "Custody of Dominic Ladder Match"
KartoffelKaiser: ^
rybackgaming: yes, that's Dominic. yes, the stip was dumb. yes, that match ruled.
Aneximarius: It wasn't adoption, Eddy was saying he was the biologica father
Bowerbird7: Men in Black style
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 56:35.
Shfflecat: Just wait until Dominic tags with his dad and wears one of his masks.
sonic_danno: Does that mean if Joe wins, he will be Dominck's daddy now like that AJ feud?
ImKevinTheShark: Battle Royale to win the Orphanage
MicKat5: oh, also: what are the odds that joe uses eddie gurrero's moves on rey, since apparently that has to happen in every rey mysterio match?
snowcookies: Is anyone in chat secretly Vince Russo Kappa
TXC2: this has gone to a weird place
asthanius: "You can't take away my son! He's my mecha!"
r_craddz: He’s training for last year or so with booker t and lance storm
Aneximarius: it was Springer with springboards
iloverobo: chavo was his real dad all along!!!!
Smoke108: but where was Vicki?
ViralStitch: Not cuts to live shows
DougWrestleview: cheer1000 cheer1000 Have a happy Wrestlemania times, guys!!
KartoffelKaiser: Sin Cara Pointing at Sin Cara dot PNG
Hodgegoulashi: Maybe La Parka will show up
rarermonsters: Imagine being WWE's legal department and vince just walks in and says "Hey, so, can we wager legal custody of a human on a match" "Vince you absolutely canno-" "Absolutely can, got it, bye!"
MilkInBag: is this scripted? OpieOP
justwhatever_idk: uh oh I have a vod to watch
ProfBadger: TBF, he broke his foot.
ProfBadger: or ankle.
KartoffelKaiser: Domminik wins.
josh_le_crafter: Dis is silly
TXC2: ^
J_Rey15: That trombone in his intro music is soooooo good.
Aneximarius: That's how dedicated he was though
r_craddz: Like war raiders intro last night
TXC2: Joe is the Lion to Rey's Christian
Mr_Horrible: "This man will murder you. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming."
IbunWest: You can't script Adam's genius
KartoffelKaiser: It gets announced as a triple threat and Domminik wins and Mysterio tells Joe "Dont talk to me or my son ever again"
Dezufnocosem: sidewalk slam isn't fake, it's predetermined
KartoffelKaiser: send tweet
snowcookies: yep
kynelwynn: That reaction
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SirSlipps: Randal the Landlord
TimbrePanic: WWE vs IMPACT
Dared00: Randall. Keith. Orton.
TXC2: Heart says AJ, Brain says RKO
sivakrytos: keith!
Simbionis: My pick for match of the night
Dmc3628: Where's my RENT AJ
Aneximarius: The storyline, terrible..the promo work, great
Metric_Furlong: Randal Keith from Candlekeep?
accountmadeforants: Just a giant LED sign rolls into the room flashing TANGENT
frozenphoenix7: I'm trying to figure out what RKO they have planned since they used the forearm spot already
Khador1: In the LLSSOSS universe is Beej the secret GM
Arclight_Dynamo: Kayfatred.
kynelwynn: It's a paycheck?
J_Rey15: Arkayo vs Aejae
ImKevinTheShark: Dominic needs to Dive in and win the match. Start his wrestling career by beating Samoa Joe
Aneximarius: His gimmick of "I'm just gonna mosey on out of the ring before this kicks off" is great
Smoke108: Go back to ROH
Shfflecat: My headcanon is that Randy's been around long enough to be considered a legend, and he doesn't want indie guys building up enough steam to become the next legend killer.
SageOfSquirrels: Tonight on the KOShow, we have the RKO himself!
jonlevir: KO was especially good with Charlotte and Becky
TheWooglie: Have you watched the John Oliver wrestling bit?
m0nkeyrama: LUL
okclayton: KO gave his spot up to Kofi
wafflesoup: I still want a Randal Keith from CandleKeep t-shirt
Mr_Horrible: Good sense on KO, there
Xcuube: kevin is so funny tbh
ProfBadger: oh, it's gonna be the moonsault spot into RKO, see the Shooting star press.
SirSlipps: the back and forth promo AJ and Randy had before the KO show was so good.
PinoGraham: no AJ countered with a failed drug test joke
KartoffelKaiser: KO knows what happens on these interview shows
meisbored: @TheWooglie they mentioned it earlier
Smoke108: @TheWooglie At the beginning
TheWooglie: ah too late
medras_13: omg that's amazing
Izandai: That's fantastic.
TheGhostOfZero: my DM teased Randallkeith from Candlekeep the other week... it was wild
laskotheking: @loadingreadyrun he was supposed to have Kofi’s match
KartoffelKaiser: KO doesn't want to eat a table
DeadlyWinchester: KO and Dean are only guys who know
Shoki_Donai: Very on brand name then.
BusTed: Just prodding and needling.
snowcookies: Kevin is my fave
rarermonsters: Remember the Festival of Friendship? Remember how well Kevin Owens was positioned to be a heel champion?
chrono_muffin: I met Owens at a PWG show. he is the nicest dude
whatthebus: that's why KO is great
Xcuube: aj was never in roh, is the dumb thing there
Mr_Horrible: SNAP
MicKat5: there was also a great moment where he read off orton's nicknames, and then switched notecards, and said orton's name
m0nkeyrama: oh shiiiiit
SirSlipps: Randy mentioned Dixie Carter by name in a promo to AJ which was really bizarre.
DougWrestleview: The latest KO Show of Aj/Orton... him plainly walking away before fisticuffs... LOL
ImKevinTheShark: Honestly this just sounds like the Jeremy Kyle show
Sektor88: sick burn
tenthtechpriest: CurseLit
frozenphoenix7: "Knockoff Diamond Cutter"
Aneximarius: I will never get over the "Knock of Diamond Cutter" line from the first promo
Omthebox: That's how it works in Seachats OpieOP
Mr_Horrible: yeah, you gotta have a good behind-the-scenes rapport to get that deep
Khador1: I would love to see KO act as a tag team manager just egging his team on
KartoffelKaiser: Orton's chilled out enough that I'd believe it
Ace__of__Hearts: I'm pretty sure Becky and Ronda hate eachother IRL
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
asthanius: People usually can't stomach that kind of stuff from acquaintences
Diabore: just dont shake his hand
Vanderhof: Adam We'd also like you to think Kappa :D
r_craddz: Apart from Daniel and Miz lol
KartoffelKaiser: He's way past the STUPID era
TimbrePanic: STUPID
Chrysoprase: Have you seen the dnd show from upupdowndown?
EricTheOrange: Yeah young randy was a hothead. Older randy is a cool dude
KidAmn: if half that locker room is as half as nice as Roman is when he's not talking about suffering succotash and being the Big Dog, they're a good bunch.
DougWrestleview: Family life does that to ya
rybackgaming: the irony of "Knockoff Diamond Cutter" is that AJ does a "Knockoff Diamond Clash"
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RayFK: Was? Kappa
TXC2: Ace__of__Hearts I suspect Ronda hates all the other women
snowcookies: Go FInn!
asthanius: A literal demon
medras_13: Ooooo the Demon is back!!!
Aneximarius: I care abou seeing the Demon, I don't care about anything else about it
cyclopsboi: randy also has been around the business for quite a while
Suffix: The DEMON
ImmoralEthicist: uggh. Why is this the demon? Why is this... anything?
TimbrePanic: Bobby With a bow of plain oatmeal LAshely
ProfBadger: Honestly, yeah, Roman being the locker room leader has led to a serious hift in culture, I think.
Ace__of__Hearts: @TXC2 yuuuuuuup
asthanius: Human male vs. literal demon
m0nkeyrama: LUL Adammmm
BusTed: snap
PinoGraham: remember when we loved Miz as the IC champion
IbunWest: Got em
SplittingImage77: Finn looks like a Snickers
wafflesoup: LUL
A_Dub888: GOTTEM
Hodgegoulashi: remember how Balor is now magic and can just change into the demon through smoke effects
KartoffelKaiser: A horribly mismanaged excellent wrestler vs the champion, a container of vanilla pudding
BusTed: benginDab
red_shoes_jeff: Dude on the right REALLY needs a Snickers
medras_13: @ImmoralEthicist yeah lol
DougWrestleview: Bobbeh Lashleh!!
josh_le_crafter: gdi
x0den: how lond does it take to put all that paint!?
TheSilentTempest: Gottem!
medras_13: @KartoffelKaiser legit legit lol
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
SirSlipps: Bobby "Plain Yogurt" Lashley
Bowerbird7: Bobby and Apollo need to form a tag team
SageOfSquirrels: seabatTROG seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatSEAL
kynelwynn: bob-eh Lashl-eehhhh
J_Rey15: he's sugar free vanilla ice cream
SirSlipps: at least Lio is good
Squiidd_pope: LUL
Leonhart321: I mean, we get the Demon at least?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Soooo... he used to be a container of Sour Cream?
MicKat5: if i manage to care one iota about bobby lashley during this match, i'll be incredibly surprised
Hodgegoulashi: I loved how much Lashley seemed to not care about the Demon announcement
ImmoralEthicist: Is the demon still undefeated?
Aneximarius: Bobby Lashley is what happens when you don't stir the fruit off the bottom
Shoki_Donai: Have to is a strong statement.
m0nkeyrama: Oh noooo, we're frozen
red_shoes_jeff: OH NO!
EricTheOrange: OH NO!
Smoke108: Didn't have demon last year
BusTed: And nothing of value was lost.
Mr_Horrible: Fergal knows he's gotta let the Demon out in the spotlight sometimes
UnspokenKibbles: Let it go, let it gooooo~
Izandai: @red_shoes_jeff Oh god, imagine if the Demon wrecks Bobby for a while but then Bobby force-feeds him a Snickers and then the Demon turns into Finn and Bobby wins.
mastershake29x: @ImmoralEthicist in WWE at least, yes
DeadlyWinchester: bobby lashley vs glass of milk
Laurence72: That's why I feel so cold!
gaming_elk: is it wrong that i want the demon to squash boby?
asthanius: Maybe he does a "I don't even need the demon for you" thing after all the build-up?
justwhatever_idk: I watched a stream where the chat froze last night! What's up with that
KartoffelKaiser: they just fought a bunch and it hasn't stopped happening and that's the story.
Stickill1: if this isnt a squash im going to be salty
kynelwynn: The Demon is protected and they couldn't have him lose vs. Brock.
IbunWest: I just hate that they had him come out as the demon on Raw. Now we know he's going to win ahead of time. At least save it as a surprise for Mania.
Metric_Furlong: clearly they're setting-up Lashley vs Lesner Kappa
SageOfSquirrels: Are they just gonna have him EAT Bobby...and he'll just be gone?
accountmadeforants tries to turn up the heat
PinoGraham: okay this has to be a reintroduction of the demon
Mr_Horrible: Also I can never not think of Finn Balor as Fergal
therisingtithes_: I've never seen Balor fight. How does the demon work? does he dress up under the ring?
Hodgegoulashi: They are protecting Lashley pretty hard. Someone else always gets pinned not Lashley. Him losing to the demon still makes him look fine i guesrs.
Rosarios_Twiglelian: @Izandai You need a job writing for WWE. :D
ExhaustedElox: @DeadlyWinchester Glass of Milk! Glass of Milk! Glass of Milk!
Type_One___: he keeps pinning Rush though...so shrug?
SirSlipps: it's weird that Lashely has only won, lost, and won again the Intercontinental Championship because of Lio Rush.
TheGhostOfZero: demon finn is gonna feed lashley his own teeth
Omthebox: Maybe the Demon just needed to get payed?
SketchyDetails: Hes bringing the demon out to make it a squash match
KartoffelKaiser: Hey randy also has that boring ass headlock
red_shoes_jeff: @Izandai I would watch the shit out of that. I would show it to all my friends.
Izandai: @Rosarios_Twiglelian I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not.
Macheya: But how can a demon eat all that yogurt?
SolarBlitz1: The Boos would be deafening
m0nkeyrama: The demon losing to yogurt?? Biggest seabatYIKES
asthanius: Bacteria cultures are a demon's only weakness
TXC2: if Finn loses, he's off to AEW :P
tenthtechpriest: when was the last time he went demon mode?
KartoffelKaiser: what if the demon is lactose intolerant.
frozenphoenix7: "Youd never make it on the indies with a knock off Diamond Cutter." "Something something stealing Too Sweet."
Leonhart321: How about no?
MicKat5: i thought the demon was gone... eeeeeegggh
ImmoralEthicist: I wish he had a more different moveset as the demon
whatthebus: different entrance, different outfit, same 5 moves of doom
frozenphoenix7: @tenthtechpriest Summerslam against Baron Corbin
Dmc3628: yes for the Dallas match against Joe
ImmoralEthicist: Would love the demon to have a unique finisher
sxysoy: but wrestles the same
UnspokenKibbles: I thought I heard that Finn wanted to lose the Demon thing, since it was "a crutch"
DougWrestleview: The only way The Fonz wins the title is by someone else doing it... and not Balor ‘the man’
BusTed: Limit break.
DeadlyWinchester: I feel they unleash demon when it's totally unnecessary
Shfflecat: I only want the demon to come back if his opponent legitimately sells fear of it.
Smoke108: In the indies he would do a bunch of different builds like Joker
tenthtechpriest: finn: FORGIVE ME MASTER I HAVE TO GO ALL OUT
gizmofreak1: Why was it that Finn needs the demon for Bobby but not for Brock?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: He needs the Demon to beat up a container of yoghurt?
Worldbuild: Yes, Limit Break
Squiidd_pope: Takeover Dallas was so great
medras_13: @Shfflecat yesss
sifonaonline: To be fair, Lashley is big.
Rosarios_Twiglelian: @Izandai Eh, always default to the posetive!^^
Omthebox: Shouldn't being sponsored by snickers counter the Demon transformation?
wafflesoup: But he didn't need it for the title vs Brock?
MilkInBag: do you pronounce 'The Demon' like 'tHe JugGlEr'?
RockLobster8994: Vince likes the demon iirc
rarermonsters: Remember, as the Demon, Finn relocated his own shoulder to pin Seth Rollins for the first Universal championship... then they never figured it out
KartoffelKaiser: So the WWE comics have a great kayfabe explanation for why Balor wrestles the same: He's only the demon when he has the hat on, but he has to take it off before the Demon completely takes over. So Demon Balor is just Finn with the power of the demon infused within him
Izandai: @Rosarios_Twiglelian Then thank you!
ImKevinTheShark: The demon is Finn Balors Hulk?
Worldbuild: This feud has been so underwhelming
medras_13: actually what I want is for one of the creepy magic wrestlers to TRAP Finn into Demon form and that be a storyline
DougWrestleview: Balor’s Entrance alone insures Mania’s going 12 hrs
KartoffelKaiser: And the paint flaking off is the demon power fading from his body.
Drasvin: Maybe, he's going to pull out the demon to crush Lasley utterly
Ace__of__Hearts: Finn and Balor are both characters from Irish folklore one is a hero and one is a demon
TheR676767: maybe this is finn balor when he's hungry, then he gets a snickers
drcthulu: Loading Ready Run looks weird on my Followed channels with no sub category selected
SirSlipps: demon entrances with the title were always weird
Leonhart321: Lashley>Brock, go fig
iloverobo: he used the demon against baron corbein
m0nkeyrama: So the demon wins count for Finn's wins?
togashinaruta: the demon was insulted by lashey, and finn doesn't have the choice - its forcing out
SolarBlitz1: Everyone wants Finn on the bottom doogLewd
DeadlyWinchester: yeah, wrestlers don't see the demon, just dude in paint, like come on
accountmadeforants: That's how you become the Demon King, though?
kenkopin: "This isn't even my final form!"
SageOfSquirrels: This is the younger siblings getting to play a match and they picked the cool OP character they like.
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Dmc3628: Gi it to me
RockPusher: Maybe Finn is just weak to yoghurt?
Worldbuild: Dad fight
KartoffelKaiser: GIVE US WHAT WE WANT
Hodgegoulashi: Strangest promo ever
Dmc3628: gib it to me
PinoGraham: the old man match
m0nkeyrama: LUL
TimbrePanic: Closure?
TXC2: no way is HHH losing this
frozenphoenix7: 25 minutes in entrances alone, let's go
accountmadeforants gives it
tenthtechpriest: THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANT
Shfflecat: James Gunn on a pole match
SquareDotCube: Give him a Snickers!
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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MicKat5: god, i love batista
cyclopsboi: it was a great promo
Erudite_Cynic: I want to see Bray Wyatt come back as a priest and try to "exorcise" the demon
ImmoralEthicist: I hope this match is good.
Dared00: What I Want On A Pole Match
MagisterMystax: THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANT
Graved: !clip
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FlannelShirtEnthusist: I just got here, bring back Wyatt
Stickill1: I'll tell you what i want
Snes_Controller: What you really really want
iloverobo: what i really really want
tyrew0rm: what you really really want?
SamanthaVess: You sound like a video game boss, Adam LUL
silenceaux: What you really really want?
jonlevir: What you really, really want
SageOfSquirrels: Wasn't the last old man match sad enough?
Shoki_Donai: So tell me what you want.
PsychoI3oy: i really really really wanna zigazigahhh
KartoffelKaiser: Batista is so good at memeing
TheSilentTempest: Give me what I want!
Izandai: Give me what I want what I really really want!
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yo! Tell me what you want, what you really really want
Driosenth: What I really really want?
Bowerbird7: I'll tell you want you want what you really really want
sonic_danno: So tell me what you want what you really really want
corran__horn: thank you chat
Hodgegoulashi: One sided retirement matches make no sense.
IbunWest: It was the END OF AN ERA
Mr_Horrible: Things are looking grim for Hunter :p
Omthebox: I'd figure there'd be less angry men with it being sponsored by snickers.
SirSlipps: "give me what I want!" "I'll give you what you want" "that's not what I want!"
MicKat5: triple h is 100% losing imo
okclayton: Triple H doing the job to the envelope was good too
Dmc3628: end of an era match but not an actual retirement
silenceaux: Chat being consumed by the spice girls is wonderful
BusTed: It's like a Rolling Stones Retirement Tour.
kenkopin: HHH is gonna become an announcer. Calling it now.
Laurence72: zigga zigga ah? If you wanna be my wrestler...
Ace__of__Hearts: so is the Triple H's retirement?
Izandai: Please don't die, Batista.
ExhaustedElox: LMOA Chat you are the best! LUL
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: The Era of what?
ProfBadger: Triple HH wants the 'Thank You Hunter' chant, but no one will ever give it to him.
TXC2: has every one of these matches been a title and or stipulation match?
TimbrePanic: TXC2 he won't but even if he does lose, he'll just come back
ImKevinTheShark: Drax has got a good shoe in from Disney backing him now
Diabore: question: if he retires from in ring competition can he still participate in falls count anywhere matches?
Suffix: That seems like a giffable moment
IbunWest: Wasn't that more of the end of HHH as a full time wrestler?
justwhatever_idk: I thought graham and adam were trying to bizarrely hold hands
KidAmn: Haitchhas been due for retirement for like 3 years let's be honest
TXC2: TimbrePanic probably
ImmoralEthicist: HHH quoting Spice Girls was amazing
Hodgegoulashi: Think Flair will be a part of this match?
deworde: I really really really want a Triple H maaatch
KartoffelKaiser: @Diabore I like this question a lot
laskotheking: @diabore Well played
frozenphoenix7: (Who notably were never on Smackdown as a faction.)
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: wow
Squiidd_pope: Question
TXC2: and then nothing happen
snowcookies: seth rollins?
wafflesoup: Remember the lockbox?
justwhatever_idk: When will Triple H go Super Saiyan and become Quadruple H
BusTed: but y tho
KartoffelKaiser: yeah wtf is Kevin Owens still aligned with HHH in any way?
TXC2: wafflesoup right ?
tenthtechpriest: all the live googling
Squiidd_pope: How many people have put their career on the line at wrestlemania and won?
PsychoI3oy: mmmmm sausage
snowcookies: Smo'Joe and Kevin were supposed to be HHH's lackey
Bowerbird7: The magic is ruined forever for me now
MilkInBag: p r o d u c t i o n
ImKevinTheShark: Let the dust settle and then throw it all about
Diabore: @justwhatever_idk he cant anymore, wrecked his quads Kappa
Snes_Controller: If you wanna be my lover
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Spice Girls remix with Adam?
ViralStitch: what you really really want?
m0nkeyrama: Give the man what he wants
Leonhart321: Behind the curtain
Issurru: Tell me what you want Adam, what you really really want Kappa
snowcookies: Kevin is a face since he returned
Lord_Hosk: Just give him what he wants!
EricTheOrange: what you really really want?
frozenphoenix7: I was rampside for that promo. There was so much spit.
SnivianMoon: It's all part of being the Cerebral Assassin. Wait, I'm sorry, it's all part of being YOUR FATHER, the Cerebral Assassin.
kiko_369: Owen's still has a Match for the Universal Title
RockPusher: See the beef tube being assembled
KartoffelKaiser: @SnivianMoon The Game, the King of Kings
Jaalib: !live
KartoffelKaiser: I think HHH pinned Batista in a tag match, but that's it
1losttheGame: Oh I think there was a blast there
frozenphoenix7: I don't believe he specified.
Dmc3628: they did that at the go home RAW where evidence was shown
Worldbuild: Nice
DeadlyWinchester: awesome
Dmc3628: and a Hell in a Cell Match at Venegance
Gekyouryuu: you know what I want? Drax vs Cena to see who can be more invisible
justwhatever_idk: @Diabore maybe he should move laterally and become Triple i
TXC2: OK wwe getting something right
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Wow, someone did some research at some point.
Bowerbird7: good god I need to sleep... gonna have to VOD the rest of this.
FanboyBryan: wow i didnt think that was correct
TXC2: so long Bowerbird7 sleep well
accountmadeforants: Elimination Chamber Eliminator
frozenphoenix7: Randy pinned Batista in that one
TimbrePanic: Gekyouryuu your wit is lightning speed I could not see it
Squiidd_pope: Is this the match that the person who puts their career on the line wins?
cyclopsboi: if it has benoit it is no longer counted as wwe cannon
TheGhostOfZero: the numbers don't lie, hunter
cmdrud87: yes, like in the rr
laskotheking: @loadingreadyrun should Hunter come out as Thanos?
KartoffelKaiser: In an elimination match in general, it's a loss if you don't win
m0nkeyrama: Would it not?
ViralStitch: It's wrestling.
TXC2: if you dont win, you lose
frozenphoenix7: I mean, you "lost" so....yes
mastershake29x: on CageMatch it would be
MilkInBag: if you don't win, do you lose?
m0nkeyrama: You didn't win, therefore you lose?
SirSlipps: If you ain't first, you're last.
KartoffelKaiser: It's the same with the Royal Rumble so yeah
EricTheOrange: it's a binary
mastershake29x: if you didn't win or draw, you lose
Arclight_Dynamo: Reading the fight record explains the fight record, Adam.
ProfBadger: double countout
Smoke108: If you're not first, you're last
ProfBadger: no contest
Ace__of__Hearts: that's just pinning people
Mr_Horrible: Padding your score in an Elimination Chamber
Ace__of__Hearts: you can pin people and lose a match
TXC2: well no, 'cause'd you beat 29 people Adam Kappa
mastershake29x: a win in a 2/3 falls match doesn't count as 2 wins
KartoffelKaiser: Adam how dare you make jokes
m0nkeyrama: Trying to make a joke in 2019 KAppa
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
therisingtithes_: if you only pin one person in Chamber, do you win once, or as many times as all the people who lost?
LegionLoyalist: Jokes? Here? Never!
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yeah, that fell flat....
Hodgegoulashi: You need to make the joke in the Vince voice
medras_13: Adam how can you joke about the most serious sport of Wrestling
Worldbuild: You worked yourself into a flat
SageOfSquirrels: Let the man be funny. Give him the laugh he wants! seabatTROG
MilkInBag: this is a SERIOUS live cast ok
justwhatever_idk: Graham "Never Yes And" Strak
Omthebox: I'll laugh if he's funny Kappa
EncanisMal3k: Riiiight, because Orton was kicking mcmahons in the head.
asthanius: HHH can just say "nah I'm the Authority tho"
cyclopsboi: batista wants to retire
LegionLoyalist: set up for a saudi show probably
frozenphoenix7: Who knows
ProfBadger: remember when Cody succesfully defeated himself to become/retain the Tag Team championships?
KartoffelKaiser: They could just have HHH lose and not retire anyway retirements never matter in wrestling
ImmoralEthicist: Unless HHH actually thinks he can't do it anymore, I think he takes it
Driosenth: it's another Goldberg situation
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cyclopsboi: thats why hes back
Laurence72: Do we lose Angle and HHH on the same show?
kenkopin: Tripple H wants to transition into announcing.
ProfBadger: or was that Ted Dibiase.
frozenphoenix7: Batista is down for a full return, so who knows
justwhatever_idk: Adam is just really hungry
rarermonsters: Bautista loses because Vince secretly hates that the only wrestler to make it big in Hollywood is an outspoken liberal
cmdrud87: what he really, really wants?
TXC2: Laurence72 I doubt it
Arkroma: Batista said he would like one last run at some point
iloverobo: its the spice girls!? @LoadingReadyRun
Stickill1: it was pretty silly
sxysoy: so its different from before with kurt
Hodgegoulashi: It was a lot like two children arguing
m0nkeyrama: What does he want? 🤔
Master_Gunner: give me what I want, what I really really want?
virre_: Just got home so just arrived to the stream, should I go vod or should I watch from now and then look at the rest
Leonhart321: Hhh loses, leads into full time executive role a la Authority but face
Mr_Horrible: "Do you want a snack?" "Just gimme what I want!" "Do you want a nap?"
KartoffelKaiser: HHH is so easy to piss off
frozenphoenix7: Hunter was doing the job for the envelope
IbunWest: HHH is very easy to trick. That's why he's called the cerebral assassin.
JoeKim: the ultimate bait
JoeKim: make em so mad they say yes
Diabore: !uptimer
KartoffelKaiser: HHH got Jebaited
Diabore: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:07.
SolarBlitz1: "Put your carrer on the line, you wont'"
SageOfSquirrels: So...I played the clip of adam from earlier at the same time adam said it now. I have become seabatBRAIN
thenb44: he was mad that batista would not show up if he didnt put up his career
Leonhart321: EN-VEL-OPE!
SageOfSquirrels: Its his OWN cerebrum that has been assassinated.
jonlevir: Undertaker showed everyone how to do it
JoeKim: i mean. he's doing marvel conditioning
JoeKim: i'd call that excellent conditioning
MicKat5: he also stole the internet's collective spice girls joke
KidAmn: I assume he works out like fuck, but mostly for aesthetics? so who knows.
Shfflecat: Demon Balor vs Drax the Destroyer WM 36
BusTed: rawr
Worldbuild: There's a lot of matches, period.
ImmoralEthicist: to be fair, they've been super consistent with that character. If you can make him mad, you can make him dumb, and he becomes much worse at fighting
TXC2: so Brocks winning
Squiidd_pope: How many people have defended their career at WM, I’m genuinely curious
snowcookies: Go team Seth
KartoffelKaiser: Hey look its the match Lesnar has to lose I guess that means he's winning
KartoffelKaiser: :I
ViralStitch: Bork Laser
tenthtechpriest: to team seth's abs
cmdrud87: should have been 4, poor Asuka :/
IbunWest: Why does Seth look so tiny in that picture. He's not that skinny is he?
frozenphoenix7: God please let the title just fall off Brock
jonlevir: Please, please, please let Bork lose
Mangledpixel: the Photoshop lens flare?
MysticOp9: Ah yes, Brook Laser
Abavus: I feel like this tiny person is a bit of an underdog here?
frozenphoenix7: Pleaseeeeee
StarlitGhost: so I guess the belt's still not coming back
Dix: lsvHi everyone
BubbaRad: batista still doesn't have nipples
jonlevir: Give me what I want, WWE!
TabbyLavalamp: Batista has no nipples.
Gascitygaming: also batitsta has no nnipples
SomebodyNowhere: trips dont look like that
KartoffelKaiser: Also Bautista has no nipples
wafflesoup: That is not a real neck
Leonhart321: Bork Lazers rollings Seth Versus
rarermonsters: Dave is blue in real life
Orgmastron: lrrWOW
rybackgaming: Batista... still no nipples.
m0nkeyrama: What photoshop? Kappa
Enmity777: Batista has no nipples
DeadlyWinchester: will king slayer become beast slayer
J_Rey15: nice neck, hunter
m0nkeyrama: LUL
tenthtechpriest: ENHANCE
KidAmn: all these matches and none of them will probably even come close to last night's Takeover card.
Spleeniop22: hahaha
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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Izandai: OH GOD
HerpesTornado: WutFace
CardboardRebel: LOL
Izandai: WHAT
m0nkeyrama: No nipples :o
TimbrePanic: I wannt those nipples
rybackgaming: Turns out what Batista wants is his nipples.
Amentur: D:
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Abavus: WutFace
meisbored: LUL
Ace__of__Hearts: AHHHHHH
Sektor88: koboldLul pogonaLUL enigmaLUL
asthanius: GENETIC FREAK
TheSilentTempest: Batista has no niples
Laurence72: WOW
Rosarios_Twiglelian: HAHAHAHAHAHA! xD
Shoki_Donai: 0.0
Foxmar320: WTF
TimbrePanic: Gimme what I want HUNTER NIPPLES
afoersch: WutFace
Worldbuild: TUBES
chrono_muffin: udders
DefintelyNotAFish: Raised in a hyperbolic chamber
kynelwynn: Member when Seth Rollins was the champ after his cash in at 'Mania and Seth ran away and was a total chickenshit? I 'member.
Issurru: his nipples were TWISTED OFF
TheSilentTempest: WTF WWE!
Hodgegoulashi: Nipples match, HHH has to give him his nipples
TXC2: he must be on Tumblr Kappa
SomebodyNowhere: drax has nipples batista doesn't
IbunWest: He had them removed so he could play Drax
Ace__of__Hearts: no Batista presenting nipples
MicKat5: my crazy prediction here: roman runs in and steals the title a la wrestlemania 31
m0nkeyrama: This is amazing
sonic_danno: but he has sensitive nipples?
Mazzaroth1: Immune to nipple twisters
snowcookies: There was a photoshop of auka and Mandy where a part of mandy's torso was wrong
BusTed: There's your gif.
rarermonsters: Wait... what do you think Nipples are Adam?
DiscordianTokkan: His nipples got shorn off in the Wrassle Mines!
afoersch: they have anti-aliased his nipples out of existence!
snowcookies: Auska
ImmoralEthicist: they're too sensitive and chafed off filming Guardians 2
accountmadeforants: There have been multiple wrestling-branded photo editing suites, they know their brand.
Ace__of__Hearts: he shaved them off for guardians
Scar_Red_Tiger: Drax's nimples were all cg
SageOfSquirrels: Theory! HHH was making fun of Bautista for going soft for doing Marvel stuff, and he called HHH on his own going soft. Now we have a Dad Match.
m0nkeyrama: whaaaaat
kinkerbelle: Hyperbolic chamber? Like, it's built on a curve?
MilkInBag: batista didnt want to get banned on facebook
cyclopsboi: batistas nipples suspended high over the ring
KartoffelKaiser: This is a Nipples VS Career match
SquareDotCube: Batista now has to wear pepperonis
J_Rey15: nipples on a pole match
TimbrePanic: It's actually just Drax following a human script of Batista
ProfBadger: Hyperbolic Time Chamber @kinkerbelle
SolarBlitz1: Nipples on a pole match
Laurence72: Nipple on a pole match?
tenthtechpriest: nipples on a pole match
ProfBadger: So the time is... on a curve?
chrono_muffin: the WWE is predominantly white do that doesnt narrow it down
DefintelyNotAFish: @kinkerbelle In one episode Adam said hyperbolic instead of hyperbaric.
PinoGraham: 32 I think
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Dared00: 31 had a white package
KartoffelKaiser: 31 is the Play Button one
rarermonsters: "predominantly white" is Vince's first creative note on every mania
SomebodyNowhere: is the universal match gonna be the dream breaker
virre_: Isn't that 30?
TXC2: Seth is not winning
medras_13: same, Adam
tyrew0rm: rolli
frozenphoenix7: The Coffee Shop Entrepreneur
TimbrePanic: Of course
Hodgegoulashi: I agree Adam, itd be funny.
IbunWest: If Kofi and Becky are winning I think Seth has to lose
tyrew0rm: seth's AMA on reddit was awesome
shurtal: this one
Ace__of__Hearts: if Brock wins I will destroy my friends house
medras_13: I want to see how far WWE will dig into the Brock hole
KartoffelKaiser: Well its Brock Lesnar and he has the title and he should definitely lose so he's going to win :I
rybackgaming: Excuse me... Dakota Kai is the kingslayer now. Kappa
SolarBlitz1: Is that part of Adam that also predicts the moves in MTG that ruin your plans?
Arkroma: Adam NO
Worldbuild: Slay the Kingslayer
MicKat5: my crazy prediction here: roman runs in and steals the title a la wrestlemania 31
SplitDemonIdentity: I mean, me too kinda
m0nkeyrama: Oh my goodness
TXC2: you can see it in the eyes
samubtdp1985: i want brock to win
J_Rey15: I hope brock's chest tattoo catches on fire
m0nkeyrama: That's real bad LUL
TXC2: look at the Hair!
SenseAmidstMadness: wooooow
Izandai: What's wrong with his hand?
SageOfSquirrels: Oh man...
BusTed: "all done"
therisingtithes_: his head...
wafflesoup: That's not the Undertaker, that's a render of Undertaker
Hugh_Munculus: He looks unhappy...
Abavus: I would believe you if you told me all those people were cgi
MilkInBag: what if it's a twist
TXC2: could we just have a happy ending for once?
Worldbuild: But they need to swerve
KartoffelKaiser: Can we please just get some babyface victories PLEASE
whatthebus: ceci ne pas un undertaker
frozenphoenix7: Not everything needs to be a swerve!
TimbrePanic: but what if he doesnt
Mr_Horrible: Ce ne pas un Undertaker
KartoffelKaiser: We need credible faces!
virre_: Brock so is going to Win this won, as every year.
MadameAdversary: That's no Undertaker-- it's a space station!
BubbaRad: brock is actually winning
iloverobo: no not vince
wafflesoup: Nope, Brock retains so that Roman can finally gets his Win
adnansaves: But we need a tweeeest
DeadlyWinchester: I just want belt off the brock
chrono_muffin: I want the cultaholic finish where Heyman turns on Brock
Arclight_Dynamo: But what a tweeest!
therisingtithes_: Lesnar open-hand-slaps Rollins in the forehead, knocking him out
DefintelyNotAFish: When everything is a swerve, is anything a swerve?
sonic_danno: But wwe wants to subvert our expectations, that measn they are telling a good story
samubtdp1985: we are not gonna get all 3 one must fall
Ace__of__Hearts: not all three will win, no way
medras_13: @chrono_muffin yessssssssss
ImmoralEthicist: I think Kofi could lose. They could keep this going longer
tenthtechpriest: just give us the expected outcomes! JUST GIVE US WHAT WE WANT
snowcookies: oh no
J_Rey15: we all knew emrakul was coming, and that was totally fine. same thing.
GoAmpDog2: 2 of 3 brock wins, because three face wins isn't going to happen
virre_: You say that every year around this time that Brock will lose and it never happens
Ace__of__Hearts: like they should but they won't
Hodgegoulashi: 35 F'5s can you believe it
TXC2: what?
TheArchitectX: Vincent K Shyamalan
Abavus: coxWat
Leonhart321: Raw needs its macguffin
TXC2: !clips
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Smoke108: gameat4Nani
Arkroma: Does taker or Cena show up to help Seth win?
ProfBadger: yeah, no, you tune into WWE for the TWEEEEEESSSSTTSSSS
jonlevir: That "Sick degenerate part" of Adam is his inner Vince McMahon
ProfBadger: so swerve, brother!
ViralStitch: I would be cool with either Kofi or Bryan winning.
FanboyBryan: gameat4Nani gameat4HowCanYouBreathe
KartoffelKaiser: Brock Lesnar hits 103 successive F5s and Seth Rollins explodes into a million pieces
Stickill1: brock wins so they can give it to roman again maybe
Justin_Bailey: i still think its possible that they have Charlotte win
cmdrud87: um, no, Kofi could lose as well
rarermonsters: Charlotte could win
virre_: Tripple-H draw or lose but in a way that setup a match at SummerSlam?
ViralStitch: Because Bryan is Millennial face.
rarermonsters: And no, Charlotte is not a Face
Hodgegoulashi: kinda nuts that a Brock match isnt headling
samubtdp1985: i think kofi is gonna lose
Worldbuild: RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TXC2: Justin_Bailey there'd be roits
KartoffelKaiser: The men's rubble actually means something apparently
cyclopsboi: i want every small person on the roster to just come in and special lesnar to death so rollins wins
PsychoI3oy: digwooUpsetti digwooSpag
rarermonsters: Chatlotte will win because Vince can't stop himself for throwing the first women's main event into the garbage by making it all about Ric Flair
Mr_Horrible: The Royal Grumble
KartoffelKaiser: To be fair, Becky wasn't officially in the match, and Charlotte would have won otherwise.
MilkInBag: upsetty spaghetti? now I'm hungry
m0nkeyrama: Upsetty Spaghetti, full of regretti?
rybackgaming: *zig-a-zig-ah*
SirSlipps: brizziUpsetti brizziUpsetti brizziUpsetti
IbunWest: The storyline is Seth won the rumble the end.
BusTed: Isn't everyone smaller?
chrono_muffin: bork smash
Nuurgle: Daniel Bryan can't win because the recyclo-belt is starting to fall apart and no one wants to hot glue more beach glass onto it to fix the gaps
Gascitygaming: Rey was cleared to compete tonight according to Meltzer
Shfflecat: We could get WM32 where we hate every match result except Zack Ryder and Baron Corbin winning.
TXC2: who hasn't Brock beaten
deworde: Becky was not a contestant in the Rumble
TXC2: Man I need Kofi to win clean
sonic_danno: I really hope Kofi wins
Dix: fo real fo real
chrono_muffin: Brock loses, steals kofis belt and goes to Fox
laskotheking: @rarermonsters I don't think Charlotte has a chance in Hell.
Laurence72: GO KOFI GO!!!!
rarermonsters: Kofimania running wild
Baldrash: Kofimania is runnin' wild!
Shoki_Donai: Yay Kofi!
KartoffelKaiser: They threw this storyline together between Elimination Chamber and Mania and it's fucking AMAZING
rybackgaming: the difference is he's had more problems with the smaller dudes, like Finn. he's won, but Brock can't deal with the speed disadvantage as well.
SageOfSquirrels: KOFI! KOFI!
deworde: If we must follow the rules...
Diabore: joe
frozenphoenix7: Joe
BubbaRad: joe
iloverobo: joe
EncanisMal3k: Joe, not Styles
GoAmpDog2: joe
Ace__of__Hearts: Joe
BubbaRad: not aj
cmdrud87: joe
jinaday: it was samoa joe
tyrew0rm: joe not aj
samubtdp1985: joe
Mr_Horrible: Let's Go Kofi *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*
LariatWest: AJ was the pre-chamber gauntlet
Abavus: Joe (I don't know why we're chanting joe)
rybackgaming: AJ was the Chamber gauntlet.
ProfBadger: Someone did a Kofi version of the really cool DB "Monster" video
Leonhart321: I had it pegged that Vince was putting in Ali and Owens in a F4
Dmc3628: cause it was all heels in vince's road
m0nkeyrama: Love the Newday
ProfBadger: The bar
SomebodyNowhere: usos forfiet
samubtdp1985: usos were brilliant here
frozenphoenix7: Rusev and Nakamura
BusTed: "...who are still employed."
TXC2: the Tag gaunlet was amazing
ImmoralEthicist: club are gone after Mania, right?
rybackgaming: Club, Bar, Nakamusev, Usos.
Enmity777: Shoutout to Byron in this feud, he's been great on commentary
Izandai: Why does Vince what to fuck with Kofi so bad?
MilkInBag: I know nothing of wresting, and this is still fun to watch
SageOfSquirrels: I like to think the New Day needed to prove they'd be fine without him, while he has his title reign.
BubbaRad: rood and gable are on raw
asthanius: I like the idea that everyone in the gauntlet threw the matches because they want Kofi in Mania
rybackgaming: Nakamusev, then Bar*
tenthtechpriest: and then suddenly usos because usos
laskotheking: @loadingreadyrun who is your favorite Samoan named Joe?
Lithobraker: OH MY GOD I DIDN't know this was happening
BusTed: Daaamn
kynelwynn: Usos were the best
Shoki_Donai: Sounds amazing!
Leonhart321: Usos were great
TXC2: Breaks a totaly good TV
m0nkeyrama: LUL
coolbond: question what game was it adam played that had the geralt cameo? just saw it on the highlights
LariatWest: and Rowan goes "well, I guess we're breaking things now"
KartoffelKaiser: Bryan is acting like Miz's impression on the Total Divas spoof at WM 33
A_Dub888: I didn't know I wanted to see a Goat throw a temper tantrum until I saw that bit
TXC2: coolbond Honster Hunter world
accountmadeforants: coolbond Monster Hunter Wolrd
TXC2: *monster
medras_13: @coolbond my guess is Monster Hunter World
coolbond: thanks
Dmc3628: but can a B+ player "win"
jonlevir: The Usos forfeit was great. I rewatched that promo 5 times
KartoffelKaiser: This was the first time a contract signing made SENSE!
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
KartoffelKaiser: It was GREAT
SomebodyNowhere: because contract signings always go smoothly
cyclopsboi: great promos
SenseAmidstMadness: A contract signing where all the parties actually sign the contract?
m0nkeyrama: Oh jesus, invisible ink
BusTed: It was lemon juice!
sonic_danno: acme disappearing ink
Arclight_Dynamo: Beej for booker!
rarermonsters: They only wrestle ghosts in Japan
kynelwynn: Adam and Graham: Have you seen the fan-made "Monster" promo done to the song 'Monster' (A nice call back to Daniel Bryan's)
kynelwynn: The Kofi promo that is
medras_13: Y U P
Dix: Fuck yeah Jersey
Sektor88: I'm from NJ, can confirm they'd do it.
jonlevir: Yeah
Gascitygaming: can confirm
SenseAmidstMadness: lol
tenthtechpriest: accurate
accountmadeforants: No invisible ink, but he needs to get the contract signed by all ten wrestling guilds.
medras_13: Fuck em up, NJ
BusTed: Mmhm.
snowcookies: it;s gonna be a mess
TXC2: there will be riots if he doesn't win
KartoffelKaiser: Yes but that hasnt stopped them before
ProfBadger: there's a number
Leonhart321: YEEEEEEEP
jonlevir: EVERYONE will revolt
SenseAmidstMadness: 100% true
BubbaRad: none
Mr_Horrible: I think they'll be lucky if ONLY that happens
Diabore: they will burn that stadium to the ground
Alchemistmerlin: Jersey gonna flip
Izandai: I hope there's so many.
medras_13: @Sektor88 same lol and will also confirm
Ace__of__Hearts: if Kofi loses NJ burns
CoffeePrincess: that's some Roger Rabbit shit
ExhaustedElox: This is the crowd that chanted "BELT LOOKS STUPID!"
tyrew0rm: i expect them on the raw
sonic_danno: Yup from NJ, can confirm there will be fire
Sektor88 highfives @medras_13
SomebodyNowhere: seth could lose but if kofi loses the crowd will riot
Izandai: "GIVE THEM HEALTH-CARE" *clap clap clapclapclap*
LegionLoyalist: I tried to do a healthcare chat Monday, it got laughs but didn't catch
Raiger: Yeah. NJ is good at that
Dared00: It's an outdoor show, chants won't be super loud anyway
medras_13: omg so many NJ friends <3
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Oh yeah, NJ is not going to make it fun if Kofi loses
KartoffelKaiser: Actual Main Event PogChamp
samubtdp1985: until beckys win nj will destroy mania
shdragon: We're all counting on you, New Jersey!
snowcookies: I'm sad
justwhatever_idk: we want healthcare clapclap clapclapclap
SageOfSquirrels: Thanks for the order, sir! seabatTROG seabatSEAL
TXC2: unified title baby!
Shoki_Donai: Whoa what?
m0nkeyrama: Main events seabatTROG
mastershake29x: crowds at stadiums in the meadowlands are notoriously well behaved
Dmc3628: winner take all
CoffeePrincess: JERSEY WILL
welcome2egypt: Fuck em up!
MicKat5: hoo boy
rarermonsters: Seriously though, I'll be pissed if a bunch of Jersey assholes ruin people's matches by screaming "We Want Healthcare" to get themselves over
medras_13: Don't let me down, home state!!!!!!
SenseAmidstMadness: Why?
TimbrePanic: DAYUMM
FlannelShirtEnthusist: buh?
rybackgaming: *SIGH*
tenthtechpriest: I can't stop reading it as 'winner takes all snickers'
electric_claire: Is Ronda Rousey a wrestler now?
wafflesoup: ARRGGHHH!!!!
CoffeePrincess: They're crazy
cmdrud87: :( :( :(
iloverobo: ech
SenseAmidstMadness: Why are you doing this thing?
PinoGraham: great match horrible ending
Sektor88: @medras_13 I live on the west coast now, have for the past 3 years, but the rest of my life was NJ-based. >_>
snowcookies: Auska deserves better
ImmoralEthicist: uggh. WHy couldn't this just be 1 on 1.
samubtdp1985: rip asuka
TXC2: RIP Askua
Dmc3628: Asuka deserves better
Worldbuild: Dumpster fire reasoning
Justin_Bailey: i would have preferred that the winner gets the loser's belt. then Becky would have to choose who to pin
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wafflesoup: I'm still so upset
ExhaustedElox: Yeah, they fucked Asuka over....
jinaday: I hope the healthcare chants spill over till monday night raw when they are the smarkiest crowd
Ace__of__Hearts: Asuka was robbed
kinkerbelle: Hey I like Asuka
KartoffelKaiser: RIP what was left of Asuka's credibility 2015 - 2019
TXC2: !clips
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rybackgaming: Yes, Ronda wrestles now. And she's actually good.
SenseAmidstMadness: That's the OPPOSITE of the reason why there are multiple titles
Leonhart321: Asuka got screeeeeeeeeewed
Xcuube: asuka ):
m0nkeyrama: Damn it vince
IbunWest: Hard to care about someone they never promote, it's true
tenthtechpriest: I care!
Sedorox: Such a great Vince voice!
darkora: they could have just added Asuka to the match, would that have been difficult?
rarermonsters: WWE hates asians.
A_Dub888: Yeah, still not over Auska losing
Arkroma: Make Becky wrestle so much she loses one or both over the year?
medras_13: @Sektor88 haha yeah I moved to the west coast for work like 6 years ago or something but I was raised in NJ!
samubtdp1985: except we all care bout asuka
KartoffelKaiser: To be fair, the reasoning is that no one cared about any potential opponent for Asuka on Smackdown. Which is not wrong?
SageOfSquirrels: ASUKA! ASUKA!
Sektor88: @medras_13 Noice.
rockyboy78: Renee Young: "How many more layers do we need for this match."
wafflesoup: It is so overbooked
EncanisMal3k: They also boned the four women that were scheduled to have a #1 contenders match on that SD
Loonatic93: WWE hates Asuka because she is Half-German. Just ask Beej, he'll tell ya!
Drasvin: Put all the titles into one place. Make a singularity of wrestling titles.
Worldbuild: horrifically overbooked
jonlevir: It was April 1st, to be fair
Nuurgle: I think Becky drops SDM title within 2 weeks, probably back to Charlotte, then Becky stays on RAW
Gascitygaming: so many titles that not even light can escape
ImmoralEthicist: Because Vince decided it had to go that way
IbunWest: For the same reason they felt the need to have Brock vs Goldberg be for the Universal title even though it didn't need it.
medras_13: @Drasvin put all the titles into one place and have them fight until there's only 1 title left :P
KartoffelKaiser: This storyline was written for them with the ending of the rumble and they STILL fucked it up
rarermonsters: THey add Brock Lesnar to the match, he wins and takes all the women's champions then never defends them
SageOfSquirrels: Stupid write in to justify Charlotte being there.
Shfflecat: Why winner take all during a brand split?
Tregelen: Vince thinks it makes it a bigger deal
frozenphoenix7: It's not even a unification match. One winner will just have 2 titles.
Izandai: @rarermonsters I'll be pissed if WWE continues to screw over their """contractors""" because people care about their entertainment than real people's actual health.
laskotheking: @loadingreadyrun Becky accidentally caused Charlotte to win out of kayfabe
TXC2: they're 100% unifiing the titles
SageOfSquirrels: Becky vs Asuka would be great.
sifonaonline: At least they didn't have Charlotte and Ronda team up to take the tag titles of Bayley and Sasha to have literally every title in the match.
Dmc3628: DUke and Shafir
Izandai: *care more about
rarermonsters: @Izandai Cool, fans being bitches during competitors matches doesn't fix that
MilkInBag: LUL
EncanisMal3k: Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir
m0nkeyrama: LUL
snowcookies: Vince did't think anyone would care about Asuka having the title match with some rando
rybackgaming: Duke and Shafir
ExhaustedElox: GOD DAMMIT ADAM!
BusTed: Haha.
Justin_Bailey: jessamyn duke and marina shafir
Worldbuild: The other two
Foxmar320: "The Other Two"
r_craddz: So they can unify the belts same as tag belt
Omthebox: War fammine and... some other guys.
Laserbeaks_Fury: And applejack!
m0nkeyrama: Good lord LUL
Nuurgle: Ronda, Baezler, Let's Fight, and Let's Play
frozenphoenix7: All I know is one is married to Roderick Strong
A_Dub888: Teen Horsewoman Squad!
rybackgaming: Shayna "and all her friends."
Ace__of__Hearts: SO AND SO
samubtdp1985: dude seriously duke shafir baysler rousey
Shfflecat: Teen Horse Squad!
Ace__of__Hearts: WHAT'S HER FACE
Luthien_frejya: tall blonde and short brunette
justwhatever_idk: that's a really good Teen Girl Squad Adam
KartoffelKaiser: Charlotte is mad Becky was added to the Rumble, she was never officially in the match and Charlotte would have won otherwise, Rousey solves the problem by challenging both of them
KartoffelKaiser: That was so easy and they didnt do it
Taichanie: What if its a double pin so both get a title?
medras_13: Becky wins ALL THE TITLES
m0nkeyrama: Come ooooon, Becky
wafflesoup: The point was to fuck over Asuka :(
rybackgaming: BECKY BECKY BECKY
Izandai: @rarermonsters There's no more visible way for fans to voice their displeasure with the WWE than during a match.
jinaday: they are going to have rhonda tap to the figure 8 and disarmer at the same time then they split the belt
ExhaustedElox: The crowd will tear the building down if Becky loses
accountmadeforants: It's a three-way tie and they all get two-thirds of a belt
Hodgegoulashi: imagine that crowd if becky loses....
medras_13: If Becky and Kofi both lose, NJ will just self-destruct
kynelwynn: Kofi and Becky lose. Calling it. Get mad.
Arkroma: Do they unify the titles?
Raiger: In before Kofi AND Becky lose
SageOfSquirrels: Becky has to win. Kofi has to win. Seth has to win. We KNOW how the stories end, that's not why we watch. We watch to SEE it happen!
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Tregelen: I hope the crowd will be hot for the main event after 7 DAMN HOURS
sxysoy: what happen if becky eats the pin
Metric_Furlong: so what you're saying is Becky loses?
rarermonsters: @Izandai That's bullshit. That's an attitude born from Smarks wanting attention. Loud angry chants during matches serve nobody but fan egos
Leonhart321: Becky wins pinning Charlotte
Badchop: I mean, WWE creative are scientifically proven idiots, so don't be shocked if that happens.
sifonaonline: Everything since Survivor Series.
samubtdp1985: becky should win. but if ronda retains the nj crowd will destroy met life
TXC2: if Becky loses, the riots will make national news
whatthebus: well, when you put it like that...
EricTheOrange: hell everything sense summersalm
Dmc3628: look at last year and Roman
Shfflecat: They ended mania on a swerve last year and it went horribly. You'd think they would have learnt from that.
carsonthekid: Did Rick ever hold both titles?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: They made a pointless waste of time before. Many times.
Mushbie: that sounds like something they woiuld do
rarermonsters: @Izandai Fan chants are the comments section of wrestling. It's where fans go to pretend they're making a difference.
tenthtechpriest: you mean just like last wrestlemania?
virre_: Waste of our town, That sounds like WWE
samubtdp1985: i kinda wanna see it
r_craddz: Kofi and Becky lose, New Jersey is gone same as sunnydale at the end of buffy
Leonhart321: Or Charlotte wins pinning Rousey
frozenphoenix7: @shfflecat WWE doesnt learn
medras_13: @r_craddz exactly
m0nkeyrama: LUL
TXC2: Nice Beej
Hodgegoulashi: Still a lot of rumors that Ronday is going on break after mania.
Sektor88: We'd do that too.
rarermonsters: Charlotte will win, then Ric Flair will come out and WWE will play this like everything was for him.
tyrew0rm: becky should win submitting ronda surely
Luthien_frejya: i think becky pins rhonda, then gives charlotte the smackdown belt
A_Dub888: I mean, that could also happen
KartoffelKaiser: Union Contract on a pole match
rybackgaming: if there's a MetLife offices in NJ, it will.
ExhaustedElox: They march to the Met Life office and tear it down.
medras_13: honestly I'd accept that hit for wrestlers to get health insurance
sonic_danno: If Becky wins we unionize!
Badchop: Hopefully Ronda goes on break until her contract runs out, because she's an awful human being.
Loonatic93: Wait, wait, wait... Asuka runs in at the last minute, pulls out a "Money in the Bank" briefcase outta nowhere, and wins every belt that has ever existed in the history of the WWE/WWF.
Ace__of__Hearts: more involved than what is going on now?
KartoffelKaiser: Hey Natalya can do a double sharpshooter
Izandai: @rarermonsters That doesn't make any sense at all.
medras_13: @Badchop yes
Tregelen: If Ronda is going I think she eats the pin/taps
SageOfSquirrels: Adam's a genius! seabatBRAIN He's got this all figured out.
cyberjoek: Is Becky putting the title of "The Man" on the line?
TXC2: Ronda is 1000% losing, she off to make movies
MicKat5: if becky loses we also unionize
Dmc3628: yeah she uttered the "F" word
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: WWE wrote a pointless waste of time many many times before. Remember the 5 F5s??
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
Chrysoprase: If Becky and Kofi lose Macmahon is going to need health insurance.
darkora: Ronda has quite publicly said she refuses to take the pin/tap out, so it'll be 100% be Charlotte taking the fall
Mr_Horrible: yeah, there's no way ANYONE crosses a picket line of wrestlers :p
PinoGraham: yeah losing badly on twitter
Nefasine: triple count out? no one wins?
KartoffelKaiser: That police segment was so good. It just kept going.
jinaday: @LoadingReadyRun did you all see hte rhonda sax bit on april fools
flatluigi: i want them to find and replace ronda rousey with rhea ripley
Dmc3628: and on KO show he"presumably" saw that one on his cards and said that's disgusting
virre_: I mean Ronda is not the only horrible person in WWE but she is the most wellknown for saying that shit
rarermonsters: @darkora Ronda's also said Sandy Hook didn't happen, so fuck Ronda
UnspokenKibbles: Charlotte knee'd Rousey's face off
mastershake29x: @Nefasine no DQ/CO in a triple threat
Ace__of__Hearts: if Kofi and Becky both lose then they need to close the bridges to NYC
Badchop: or Charlotte says, "No, you're taking this L" and just knocks her out.
r_craddz: I liked 5he eurythmics version of the fight
Dmc3628: also is a meme gold mine that go home segment
cyberjoek: The Charlotte Chronicle from last night is quite good.
KartoffelKaiser: They just kept beating the shit out of eachother and the cops were like "there's three of them we can't keep them all away from each other at the same time"
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: For biggest waste of time recently, Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns?
m0nkeyrama: Amaaaazing
BusTed: That's pretty good.
Mr_Horrible: I'd actually believe Ronda Rousey is a SovCit IRL
Arclight_Dynamo: More of this! :D
rybackgaming: if you've ever seen Divekick, it's that.
ProfBadger: IT was describved to me as the South Park 'I thought this was Amrica' Segment.
Abavus: Which is better, what actual happened or the story graham is telling?
ImmoralEthicist: I wish I had seen this
SageOfSquirrels: That was fantastic
sonic_danno: The Benny Hill private police facility
kinkerbelle: This sounds amazing.
Izandai: That's amazing.
rarermonsters: Ronda Rousey is a tremendous piece of shit, I don't care that she illustrated Force of WIll
Alness49: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:33:27.
marrinerboyd: Swerve I would be up for : Becky and Charlotte have been pulling the long con on Rhonda and team up on her
KartoffelKaiser: @Abavus He is describing exactly what happened and it was great
ViralStitch: What the ?
ViralStitch: Wrestling is dumb
CoffeePrincess: why am I not watching Wrestling??
m0nkeyrama: Thanks for the primer!
TimbrePanic: You did it
ViralStitch: but fun
m0nkeyrama: Super fun
Shoki_Donai: It was super fun!
CoffeePrincess: This sounds hella rad
BusTed: SeemsGood
Hodgegoulashi: <3
Ace__of__Hearts: why would they put them in the same car?! lol
niivvy: damn i missed it
UnspokenKibbles: A slick two hours
Dared00: Note: if you're looking for even more info, Discord users made a Wrestlemania Primer - it's pinned on Discord, on the #general and #wrestling channels
control_rig: That was very entertaining
Mr_Horrible: yeah, that card is exhaustive but your coverage was very good
Mushbie: it was a riot to watch
Nuurgle: they only had 2 cars
Sedorox: Thank you for doing a Primer show!
rybackgaming: SO... if you missed any of those details... there's a text primer on... Damn it Dared!
tenthtechpriest: monday episode will kill ben
MilkInBag: i dont have a tv :(
CapnRobert: enjoyed this stream thanks!
whatthebus: "wrestling is better than the thing you like"
Dmc3628: they only had the 2 cars brought in
TXC2: "Wrestling is better the things you like"
Erudite_Cynic: I am getting the network for mania this year
thunderbird32: Who's watching G1 Supercard tonight?
samubtdp1985: wwe is mental
Dared00: @rybackgaming I WIIIIN
m0nkeyrama: Watch wrestling, got it seabatTROG
MrSVCD: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:21.
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: I hope you can talk about wrestling, and not NJ having burned down.
Dmc3628: G1 is tonight so, ladder war and Okada/White 3
TimbrePanic: Cable priviliges I don't have it
SageOfSquirrels: Thanks! That was amazing. You guys are wonderful! seemsgood100
virre_: This is the third primer I heard/seen, they all say different things about the Brock match
TXC2: !clips
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Arkroma: Thank you wrestle bois! devoCHEERS
ViralStitch: I'm not watching wrestling because they don't have healthcare and WWE is a garbage company.
samubtdp1985: its the drug i cant kick
rybackgaming: *YOU, ME, WRESTLRRMANIA!*
medras_13: Good luck tomorrow, New Jersey! haha
Squiidd_pope: G1 Supercard though today
BobaRobes: Now let’s talk about last night!!!
CoffeePrincess: I wasn't allowed as a kid, that's why
Issurru: I may not watch wrestling but watching you guys talk about this is hilarious LUL
m0nkeyrama: Have fun editing that monster, Adam
sxysoy: go adam
PhoenixMelior: oh! Awesome Adam :D
Shoki_Donai: We appreciate your efforts Adam!
snowcookies: TY
Nuurgle: whatever you are watching this stream on, you can watch a clip of the "arrest fight" on
EricTheOrange: Bens not editing SwS anymore?
MilkInBag: GOLF
asthanius: Spheda
UnspokenKibbles: Adam's the editor? What did you all do to Ben??
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham and Adam
Dix: Dark Golf 2
BusTed: seabatTROG
KartoffelKaiser: The King's Game PogChamp
Suffix: spheda
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus (Adam plays video games and is good at them. Game: Dark Cloud 2) at Sat 11:00 AM PDT (54m ago).
thelastgedi: Care to talk about Takeover?
EncanisMal3k: Cheers, m'dudes!
red_shoes_jeff: G O L F
BobaRobes: GARGANO!!!
SageOfSquirrels: WHOO! More Spheda Saturday!
Amentur: Time for GOLF
Mr_Horrible: golfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolfgolf
TXC2: !events
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Metric_Furlong: bye chaps, tanks for the stream
Shoki_Donai: Thank you so much for the stream!
sonic_danno: Thank you
Suffix: golf sim
snowcookies: Ben's not editing anything anymore
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2385 patrons for a total of $14,225.07 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
Baldrash: Ben stepped back from the editing so he could spend some time on his home streams.
Sedorox: Thank you both!
Paranundrox: spheda time
AGiantRoach: Spheda baby!
accountmadeforants: EricTheOrange Ben's stepped away from editing
Gallium71: Thanks!
TXC2: !discord
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rarermonsters: @UnspokenKibbles Ben's shifted his schedule since he didn't have any days off
Suffix: I'll be watching Semi-Live
medras_13: Thanks for Livewalk Slam, Graham and Adam!
Alchemistmerlin: G O L F
Ace__of__Hearts: thanks gang
darkora: Thanks guys! great stream!
TXC2: !twitter
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Let's hope the crowd doesn't burn the whole thing down.
ProfBadger: I'll probably sleep through it!
Dared00: @EricTheOrange Ben stopped editing LRR stuff, he's focusing more on his own work
RockPusher: Adam "The Editor" Savidan
Arclight_Dynamo: Go watch G Tout it out!
Killako: Lrl today???
KNACC: thank you for the stream!
BobaRobes: Thank you
mastershake29x: yay livewalk slam!
m0nkeyrama: LUL
rarermonsters: Livewalk was fun!
m0nkeyrama: woooow
whatthebus: what's Beej's Tout account?
BusTed: slytqShrug
KartoffelKaiser: gottem
BobaRobes: Live walk is great.
BusTed: boom gottem
HerpesTornado: LUL
medras_13: @beej@octodon.social right?
ghost_waz: livewalk slam was good!
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The War of the Spark Pre-PreRelease will be April 19th at 11AM Moonbase time. Guests and info: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D3V09LSU4AAVZKz.jpg
Shoki_Donai: YES!
rarermonsters: What's your guys' tout?
Squiidd_pope: I got to wake up early to open the sonic so I don’t think I can watch live
TeiranDragon: remember the chant for the show is : We want healthcare! clap clap clapclap
deworde: You are the true champions!
Leonhart321: Wow, the lack of graphics is wierd
m0nkeyrama: PPR Hype!
Hodgegoulashi: ftlHb ftlHb
Dix: tappyt1DabURheartout Tappy tappyt1DabURheartout Hype tappyt1DabURheartout
Alchemistmerlin: how do we tell wwe that we got network subs because of you guys?
iloverobo: G1 NJPW
UnspokenKibbles: Adventure is out there
KNACC: loving the very Bi sidewalk slam set btw! BisexualPride
kynelwynn: What's your vine?
TeiranDragon: party100
TheWooglie: Have they spelt Stranjak correctly yet?
Friedent: Adam -- SeabatsShaShaSha emote when?
accountmadeforants: We still have to... collect... the guests
xantos69: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:36:16.
SolarBlitz1: Whats your vine name?
HerpesTornado: Adam koebel on ppr PogChamp
TeiranDragon: thanks for sure a great show guys
MilkInBag: screw subs Kappa
Shoki_Donai: Bye guys!
m0nkeyrama: Byyyyeee
TXC2: bye
samubtdp1985: buh bye
control_rig: Byyyyyeeee
snowcookies: See ya
kynelwynn: Thank YOU
TheWooglie: Byeee
TheSilentTempest: bye!
rybackgaming: BYE!
sifonaonline: See you in 5!
Sektor88: byyyeeeeee
Enmity777: Byee
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Mr_Horrible: Thanks for the strim!
Sektor88: NOW KISS
Squiidd_pope: What your myspace user name?
medras_13: okay I gotta go watch Takeover now lol
ViralStitch: lrrHEART
Amentur: Bye lrrHEART
MilkInBag: now k-SLAM
Suffix: What a fun Livewalk Slam
m0nkeyrama: see you in dark cloud 2 :o
blackstarlivvy: kiss!
Paranundrox: thank you for the stream!
Squiidd_pope: Alright have a good one
solahwin_tampramain: NOOOOOO THE END
ViralStitch: @TXC2 that's a different show
BloodForTheCorelab: They were Here!!!!!!!
TXC2: !break
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ZeniteZero: Awww, power came back at my place at the end of the podcast bttvSad
UnspokenKibbles: Denis Stanjak? Oh, wow... Windmill Slam flashbacks.
red_shoes_jeff: *TWELVE HOURS LATER* "Alright, subs outta the way, let's play some GOLF!"
BloodForTheCorelab: ZeniteZero to the vod!
MilkInBag: I just bought $200 of music CDs, AMA
ZeniteZero: @BloodForTheCorelab exactly! Thanks, cool technology!
UnspokenKibbles: How much do all of those CDs weigh
Lazarenth: @milkinbag any Avril Lavigne ?
MilkInBag: @Lazarenth that's very 2006, so no
Lazarenth: @milkinbag lame
MilkInBag: all those CDs weight like 12 cds
Amentur: @MilkInBag then how much is Nickelback?
MilkInBag: @Amentur that's banned in Canada
Amentur: Must be nice lrrSLOTH
FlannelShirtEnthusist: thrift store?
MilkInBag: we have actual music stores in Canada, a shop got back most of HMVs previous stores
BusTed: lrrSIGNAL
Amentur: lrrSIGNAL
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL seabatBRAIN lrrSIGNAL
thebluecosmonaut: oh , him? that's the savihomie
BusTed: yo blue
MilkInBag: who's that pokemon
thebluecosmonaut: whats up busted
m0nkeyrama: Indeed
m0nkeyrama: Hi Blue
thebluecosmonaut: ps4 noises seabatTROG
MilkInBag: ps4 sound PogChamp
SenseAmidstMadness: ding!
TXC2: sounds!
m0nkeyrama: Oh loud ps4
BusTed: mmmm
medras_13: oh hello PS4
thebluecosmonaut: delicious seabatTROG
Plaicoson: Did the live sidewalk slam alredy happen chat?
wench_tacular: well that was confusing
thebluecosmonaut: yes
MilkInBag: yes
BusTed: It did, Plaicoson
TXC2: Plaicoson sure did
DiscordianTokkan: Bloop!
Plaicoson: thanks! gotta catch that vod
TheManaLeek: Oh right had my audio turned up for the Livewalk Slam, I'mma turn this down before I die
m0nkeyrama: Just ended
TXC2: TheManaLeek good idea
Amentur: I also turned my audio back down in fear of Adam
m0nkeyrama: Nah, Dark cloud 2 is chill time SeriousSloth
cuttlefishman: Golf stream
frnknstn: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
cuttlefishman: yeyeyeye
deworde: @themanaleek My Audio Heeo
TXC2: here we GO!
m0nkeyrama: hey
BusTed: hi
thebluecosmonaut: hi
SageOfSquirrels: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatTROG seabatTROG
MilkInBag: long time no see
Amentur: Hi
SenseAmidstMadness: Hello
TXC2: Hello Adam
m0nkeyrama: Speed snack
SenseAmidstMadness: Who is it?
x0den: Hi
Omthebox: You seem familuar.
Stickill1: its been a while
edgeyberzerker: meowdy howdy
Sedorox: Yay it's Adam again!
DeadlyWinchester: it's been a while, hello
thebluecosmonaut: seabatTROG
SenseAmidstMadness: Where are we?
Sedorox: Great seeing you at PAX East!
wench_tacular: hello evil graham
thebluecosmonaut: kinda yeeting
DefintelyNotAFish: This is what we want.
SenseAmidstMadness: Plain yogurt, huh?
MilkInBag: is yogurt a wrestler?
Stickill1: some bobby lashley
Omthebox: How could you eat that man.
m0nkeyrama: Eating the yogurt?
cuttlefishman: is it fruit yogurt
SageOfSquirrels: Don't chip a tooth on a championship belt!
Justin_Bailey: oh hey, it's bobby lashley!
m0nkeyrama: Poor Bobby LUL
Amentur: Can the yoghurt wrestle?
DerPilsner: lol
Didero: Oh hey it's one of my top 5 favourite Adams! Hi!
DeadlyWinchester: notthebobby
Nuurgle: you can't just eat Bobby Lashley on stream. That's gotta be TOS
BusTed: seabatTROG /
thebluecosmonaut: bobbert
Sedorox: My wife gave Graham the Sneaky Card, which he gave you. Did you ever pass it off?
m0nkeyrama: SUFFIX
TXC2: "that boy aint right"
Suffix: seabatTROG /
TXC2: hello Suffix welcome
m0nkeyrama: Time to do that
thebluecosmonaut: that load screen is CUTE
m0nkeyrama: You going to read all those subs, Adam? LUL
Suffix: I posted a new announcement in Seacord. I'm proud of it.
BusTed: wp suffix
BusTed: "high quality games"
thebluecosmonaut: i did my first #announcement too today
TXC2: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 92 (new subscribers: 23, returning subscribers: 68, new patrons: 1), bits cheered: 3900, new followers: 15
thebluecosmonaut: yall didnt congratulate me
m0nkeyrama: It's perfect @Suffix
FlannelShirtEnthusist: *toot toot*
BusTed: I'll be back in an hour when he's done.
Omthebox: Thanks for nothing blue.
Omthebox: Happy now
m0nkeyrama: Blue, that's your first announcement?
thebluecosmonaut: thanks om
Stickill1: get graham to help
Sedorox: 2 hours ago?
TheMerricat: hehe
Amentur: There were quite a few subs
Stickill1: I'm here D:
thebluecosmonaut: gotta do it adam
thebluecosmonaut: thems the breaks
MilkInBag: screw subs OpieOP
m0nkeyrama: Congrats on doing your job, Blue Kappa
togashinaruta: i'm here :-)
Nuurgle: are you willing to take that chance?
RealWormbo: we're here!? :P
thebluecosmonaut: SourPls
TXC2: they still deserve it Adam
Suffix: SHIM
BlindProphet32: t101LETS t101DO t101THIS
Suhono: PogChamp
cmdrud87: WE'RE HEEEEREE
Didero: what the heck is happening in this cutscene?
TXC2: everything
thebluecosmonaut: i miss clown bot
jpss92400: nooooooo my sub lapsed
m0nkeyrama: Dark Cloud 2 makes perfect sense DansGame
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m0nkeyrama: What a sub train, jesus
m0nkeyrama: 92 subs today
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Didero: Wait, you can backflip in this game?
SageOfSquirrels: With Adam still at the helm, we'll make 100 easy @m0nkeyrama
m0nkeyrama: Monica can, she's a boss
m0nkeyrama: LUL @SageOfSquirrels
MilkInBag: cover this man with subs
Issurru: monica sucks monkey
m0nkeyrama: true
Issurru: its like you dont even watch Kappa
teknixtek: Today on Adam's Gamehaüs: reading subs.
m0nkeyrama: but also, she has flips
space_turbulence: i did not realize how many mechs were in this game
RockPusher: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
TheMerricat: party100 You made it all the way through congratz!
m0nkeyrama: YOOOO
thebluecosmonaut: sha
Sedorox: Woohoo!
m0nkeyrama: He made it
m0nkeyrama: still some bobby left to eat
m0nkeyrama: 👀
Didero: Professional Twitch Streamer Adam Savidan
TheMerricat: This kid runs alot.
TXC2: #Content
Didero: Readin' names like it's his job
thebluecosmonaut: SourPls
MilkInBag: it's either the yogourt is called bobby or chat calls you daddy
thebluecosmonaut: loading screen theme SLAPS
m0nkeyrama: In it to win it :o
thebluecosmonaut: what if we call the yogurt daddy
m0nkeyrama: LUL Bobby it is
Nuurgle: Hey Adam, what's Aleistair Black's nickname? The Amsterdam Assassin or something?
TheMerricat: Just don't call Adam Bobby.
TXC2: blue pls
DontpingmePlayz: so was bobby good
MilkInBag: Adam Bobbydan
kenyh12: but dad
thebluecosmonaut: time to big chill
m0nkeyrama: Are we on the last gem?
thebluecosmonaut: get comfy
Suffix: Adam is Boshy. Not Bobby.
Shfflecat: The ominous man from Amsterdam?
Suffix: Common misconception
m0nkeyrama: Bobshy Kappa
Omthebox: All of them
m0nkeyrama: ^
BlindProphet32: All of them
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afoersch: eyyyyyy buds afoersPIPE
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m0nkeyrama: Afoersch :o
thebluecosmonaut: afoersch seabatTROG
seth_erickson: !next
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afoersch: only 7 to go Kappa
Suffix: afoersch! WutFace /