sir_jack_DB: strap in, this TS is gonna be a ride
margieargie: After the way the last stream ended...
Dared00: remember, this isn't about race
sir_jack_DB: xD
Dared00: all the race related things are just coincidences
sir_jack_DB: lrrFINE
The_cake_of_lies: !Next
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beregolas: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
kais58: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
kais58: noice
wildpeaks: !next
Metric_Furlong: !quote 409
LRRbot: Quote #409: "Not in front of the Chat!" —Cameron, to Julie [2015-07-02]
TehAmelie: red deagle, standing by
Kerrisis: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: End the Alpha.
beregolas: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You forgot to tweet.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ohai chat. how many layers of cringe are we gonna be on?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori and Cameron continue to ... Become HUMAN on today's Talking Sim! 📷 ||
TehAmelie: yes i meant to say deagle. a rust-plated desert eagle
beregolas: like 5 or 6 my dude
Metric_Furlong: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
margieargie: !findquote human
LRRbot: Quote #4965: "Coffee, Air Con and elevators: the things that make human civilization possible." —Cameron [2018-05-08]
The_cake_of_lies: lrrSIGNAL
lare291: A group of witches is called an argument
Dared00: smeagol
TehAmelie: David Cage doesn't make me cringe. he just makes me cry
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: LRRbot with timely advice
Dared00: ooooh, loud
kais58: creepy lady is talking to us
Stoffern: Its been a week lady!
margieargie: It's been a week!
frnknstn: game audio
Dared00: IT'S BEEN
Alness49: Time for some more unallegorical content!
wildpeaks: it's more than just David Cage making those games, it's an entire studio
lare291: She's just being sarcastic. Futuristic AI knows sarcasm
lare291: In our time, the only AI that has mastered sarcasm is Dwarf Fortress
Dared00: wat
auxv: uh
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: I... ok
DiscordianTokkan: Interior Decorating, eh?
wildpeaks: AI likes the green screen
Metric_Furlong: thanks
Laserbeaks_Fury: Kara is always watching...
margieargie: katesWat
Dared00: She really likes your greenscreen
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AmoriLinguae: Loving the new time you all stimulate talking.
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TehAmelie: you know the craftsmen are just puppets bending to David Cage's vision. you don't get to make things that are this much your own unless you run a studio like a dictator
Alahmnat: oh boy, time to become human
lare291: Yes, I did. Thanks
Alness49: Yes, you told us last week!
Stoffern: I DID know that
Lord_Hosk: why you gotta do us dirty again
AmoriLinguae: ah yes, hello fellow humans who also spout random facts
wildpeaks: 10/10 timing
Laserbeaks_Fury: Our father's a miller in town!
Dared00: I love this game so much
Alahmnat: just in case you forgot that bit of ownage, hehe
swanky_lion: just got fone watching the vod
TehAmelie: ahoy
orionsrise1: I was lied to! this isn't Mine o'clock!
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Lord_Hosk: this game isnt about racism... it says so
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DiscordianTokkan: The incredible deflating Cam
x0den: !yike
Dared00: Detroit: Become Yikes
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NathanJay_GA: :D
Mangledpixel: boop
DiscordianTokkan: A singular Yike
e_bloc: party119 please add a yike for me
lare291: Android, not robot
offbeatwitch: policemen pointed guns at each other
ArcOfTheConclave: Detriot: race metaphor.
NathanJay_GA: Well, looks like I missed the context for the "yikes"
wildpeaks: Kara best girl
lare291: Kara best girl, yes
TemporallyAwry: *claps* quality commentary
thatladyinplaid: Skipping trivia night due to tins of homework. Bright side, I get to watch Detroit: Become Human live!
niccus: wasting no time
NathanJay_GA: oh no
Dryhad: Not a race metaphor Kappa
PMAvers: Thank you, Chloe.
FurthestChunk55: title screen robit really making sure it's not a race metaphor honest
Dryhad: Just quoting MLK for the hell of it Kappa
JZ1011: I just got an ad on this stream. I thought you guys turned that off?
beregolas: how the fuck can literally every quote in the main menu be a reference to slavery, yet this game is not an allegory?
Dared00: Markus
ArrestedHouse: fill baby BabyRage
lare291: @beregolas Oh, those references were just picked randomly
ArcOfTheConclave: markus
lare291: Obv
lighting_bolt_123: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
ThatWhichNeverWas: Always important to keep babby at maximum load capacity.
NathanJay_GA: fill/empty is a hell of a way to describe bodily functions
wildpeaks: markus best boy
Metric_Furlong: Andrew Ashton Man-Name. Of the New Hampshire Man-Names
lare291: Aww
AdmiralMemo: Hey there. Just got here. More Detroit?
beregolas: @lare291 oh, damn... I forgot, thank you ;)
LbxAni: @LoadingReadyRun don't forget attack guy
ThatWhichNeverWas: I mean, technically children are just a sophisticated Bioreactor.
AdmiralMemo: (Game and title not updated)
LbxAni: @LoadingReadyRun oops meant attic guy
SajuukSjet: says the Kara look alike from the tech demo where she gets disassembled -_-
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Laserbeaks_Fury: Goto Pg. 32
Alahmnat: finally realized this lady reminds me of Scarlett Johansson
KharadBanar: @ThatWhichNeverWas And they don't stop being a sophisticated Bioreactor when they grow up
Crokoking: davig cage wants to make movies but got stuck with games
Mangledpixel: it's the equivalent of pressing A to advance a text box
NathanJay_GA: Was the android's eye shadow integrated into te skin, or was it applied later?
wildpeaks: human simulating will continue until morale improve
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Alahmnat yeah i can see that
Alness49: It's like a Telltale game but without the connection
thenb44: yes theres like hundreds of endings
ThatWhichNeverWas: @KharadBanar True! Though they become less portable. Strict downgrade.
lare291: Seriously though, I am 100% for the rights of androids
niccus: it's so green!
sir_jack_DB: teeeeth
Lord_Hosk: its a green screen
offbeatwitch: ??????
AmoriLinguae: that' a nice greenscreen there
Lord_Hosk: its blank
splatty1: soo into green screens Kappa
TemporallyAwry: WHAT!? what the hell was that?
DarkNacht: Your personality is a plain green room?
thatladyinplaid: I've heard that, but everyone in my family made different choices and we all had the same outcome with Carl
cuttlefishman: are we a reflection of humanity
cuttlefishman: us
cuttlefishman: chat
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margieargie: Do I dream of the Kara, or does Kara dream of me?
LbxAni: I watched someone let the female android get killed by the Dad and that person didn't have access to her content the rest of the game, so some choices matter
Laserbeaks_Fury: Run Compliment42.exe
cmdrud87: cheer500 for more thoughtful times
KharadBanar: I mean, I wouldn't NOT want to look like that
Lord_Hosk: Im not ok today
ThatWhichNeverWas: Okay, here's a possibility for ya: What if the Humans in this game aren't Pure Trash, but that's how the androids percieve it due to thier sub-optimal ability to read visual/audio ques?
NexVesica: The choices matter in this more than the usual David Cage game, but that isn't saying too much
sir_jack_DB: we've come back to the beginning of the tape loop
ThatWhichNeverWas: The Nice ones are the ones they understand?
wildpeaks: silly game, I'm never ok :D
ThatWhichNeverWas: Probably not true, but still
BloodnBullets: aww sorry to hear that @Lord_Hosk
Alness49: It's the elephant in the room
Mangledpixel: and set it in Detroit
CompletelyUnsure: And isn't in Detroit? Like a major black population center...
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Jimrabbit: Thanks for putting on such a great show. Can't always watch live, and even then, I often lurk. but I wanted you to know that this show has helped me on bad brain days, and I pay my sub fee happily if it makes more entertainment possible!
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cmdrud87: well, so much for the death of the author
Nigouki: ahahaha
Dryhad: Case in point
ThatWhichNeverWas: Yes, that.
lare291: Hahaha
Rhynerd: like that
splatty1: thanks game, good timing
TemporallyAwry: *claps* this game is something special.
beregolas: perfect timing
wildpeaks: perfect
BloodnBullets: she has amazing timing
wench_tacular: perfect timing
Mysticman89: Timely
ThatWhichNeverWas: Subtle, this game is not.
Metric_Furlong: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
AmoriLinguae: @LoadingReadyRun also it's really awkward that this is so uncanny valley, meaning that androids really do feel like fundamentally different, when poc are fundamentally the same as white people
PMAvers: Thank you, Chloe.
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ProfessorMembrane: How timely.
LbxAni: David Cage doesn't know how to be subtle
thatladyinplaid: To be fair, there are a lot of Undergroud Railroad spots in southeast Michigan due to its proximity to Canada
Alness49: It's using it for a set dressing, but doesn't know what next to say
PMAvers: It's like a Blizzard game.
lare291: I like the game though. I feel sad when it's bashed
TemporallyAwry: Deep with no depth.
theambivalentagender: The metaphors are like a truck that kinda hit you and then speed off?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: holy cow. yeah
Nigouki: as vacant as her stare
EvilBadman: It's uncanny valley of morality
ThatWhichNeverWas: You keep waiting for the plot to actually Start. It'S all establishing shots.
Alahmnat: it wants to use symbols as narrative shortcuts without thinking about them or saying anything about them.
SajuukSjet: loadingreadyrun: if you've never seen the ... 8min Tech Demo short called 'Kara' that Quantic did before this, it's worth a watch... it's also a very blunt instrument, but shows the essence of D:BH before it was on the board
Dryhad: That seems a bit harsh
ProfessorMembrane: But if you go into each individual seem and try to empathize with the robots, that part kind of works. Doesn’t it?
ProfessorMembrane: *scene
offbeatwitch: it's a vague gesture in the direction of a point
theambivalentagender: It kinda reminds me of some of the student written shows my college would put on
theambivalentagender: The not great ones anyway
jadedcynic: connotation vs. denotation
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Rhynerd: wait, does this mean there's androids in the pear mines?
AmoriLinguae: it's interesting how Cam and Cori have been more polite to this fake android in a game than the people supposedly in the game
DarkNacht: In one of the blackest and most segregated cities in the US
frnknstn: David Cage made a choice to say the game wasn't political. That was a mistake.
BloodnBullets: i think that was an "are you still there"
ThatWhichNeverWas: Hot take: if you can discriminate against a thing, or have to justify to that thing that it IS a thing, Then it's Not A Thing.
offbeatwitch: that's like. a vague gesture towards "fourth wall break"
LbxAni: just let the crazy happen :)
theambivalentagender: @AmoriLinguae I know its been brought up by others but this just goes to show how "humans would treat androids like garbage" is somewhat inaccurate
offbeatwitch: hey look status light yellow. controller vibrates!
NovaTiempo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:16.
ThatWhichNeverWas: Prejudice only works if you consider the subject a valid target.
Alness49: Right now it's missing a point to what's going on. Why are they telling us this story?
wildpeaks: give it a chance, it might surprise you
margieargie: Part of me feels that Cage thought he was doing something like Tolkien's "applicability instead of allegory" but didn't really manage it.
GDwarf: I mean, I lay good odds that the cop-partner who is gruff and doesn't like Androids ends up warming up to you and becomes not-racist. Because that's how these stories go.
CamelAttack: *pulls off a mask revealing Agent Smith* it was me the Matrix the whole time!
Astra7525: what
ThatWhichNeverWas: Huh? That's... odd.
OmnipotentTrevor: Only because so many players complained
Dared00: It's after the end of the game, when you may decide to free all androids.
theambivalentagender: There's plenty of people who don't want to choose the evil option in a game because they don't want to be mean to NPCs, as an example
kat2kool: wat
AmoriLinguae: @theambivalentagender That makes sense. Like obviously there would be issues, but it would be more nuanced.
ArrestedHouse: it was incredibly Cageian
beregolas: this game is actually not that bad, there are very interesting routes for several characters later on.
Alness49: Contrast that to Nier Automata's ending choice
ThatWhichNeverWas: I think that says a hell of a lot more about David Cage than about games.
ProfessorMembrane: Oh no.
Rhynerd: I assume you can't free the second chloe like the first chloe
MAPBoardgames: To quote you during last talking sim "Game, why'd you have to do me dirty like that?"
theambivalentagender: @AmoriLinguae Humans: not as garbage as we think maybe?
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Greetings Starfighter...."
Astra7525: It's Polybius
ThatWhichNeverWas: and Flamable!
SalsaDraugur: I see you're playing the not at all allegory game about future politics and not at all modern nor past politics
LbxAni: why on earth or her pants flared?
wicker_knight: it's an entire city of bedbugs
wench_tacular: well there's a though
ManaIishi: I just got here, why are we burning a house down?
Mangledpixel: centipede king
wicker_knight: with a flaxen wall around it
PMAvers: It's basically a mimic?
splatty1: the structure is rats, the sub structure is also rats
GDwarf: beregolas Technically it's *very* good, and the story is executed fine, but the repeated statements that its not political really hurt it.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: JIMS
wicker_knight: @ManaIishi we need Baby to be warm
KharadBanar: "Is that just upholstered rats?" - Cameron Lauder, 2019
Alness49: It just sprouts legs and reveals itself as a plaid millipede
NathanJay_GA: death to kings! *smashes pillow*
Laserbeaks_Fury: the hotspot went away
hajnal_endot: sup chums
ProfessorMembrane: Vole king?
ThatWhichNeverWas: How old is this house that it has newspapers in it???
ProfessorMembrane: Louse king.
ThatWhichNeverWas: Those are rare enough *today*.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I assume the squatter bring in newspapers, it's used for insulation
lare291: Kara is the best girl and 100% goals. Both transition and transhuman goals
frnknstn: @ThatWhichNeverWas good question
KharadBanar: @ThatWhichNeverWas Every house keeps a stack of old newspapers for emergency fireplace fuel lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: newspapers are great insultation if you're squatting in an old house or generally homeless
beregolas: LazOr!
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Phosphatide: beep boop ethical storytelling MrDestructoid
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EvilBadman: I will say I've seen this part with staying in the hotel, so it is interesting to see this version
MAPBoardgames: I'm going to have to catch this on the VOD. Keep on with the good work guys.
Nigouki: is that a hand from under the shower curtain?
NathanJay_GA: I wouldnt pur ir past David Cage to put laser eyes in the androids
SajuukSjet: photogrammetry
wildpeaks: even smartphones now can understand 3d space
Alness49: The android just starts clicking and squeeking like a dolphin
GDwarf: Visually it feels like LIDAR, but then, wouldn't mapping *any* kind of extra sense visually feel kinda like LIDAR?
ProfessorMembrane: Super fast hand rubbing.
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frnknstn: navigation via sentiment analysis?
KodeMage: she looks so nervous,, anxious, desperate even... so very human
Dryhad: It doesn't let you pick up that wood?
QberryMuffin: it's like setting a movie in the civil rights era in the segregationist south and then telling a romcom story that never engages with the setting
splatty1: that train did not sound ominous at all
KodeMage: just got here, what are we doing?
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh boy I've been [playing The Witness again and I just had a line pang on that box
LbxAni: stupid Android phone update making the icons look different :)
lare291: She is a human, I'd say. She looks like one, thinks like one, sounds like one. Isn't that what a human is?
ProfessorMembrane: @qberrymuffin the princess and the frog .
ZachtlyAsIntended: Oh yeah! It's the Baby in the Rain game!
wicker_knight: @QberryMuffin more like telling a Romcom story that is closely tied to the setting, but then loudly proclaiming there's no relation
Astra7525: Why can't we pick up the wooden slats on the bed over there
GDwarf: KodeMage Little girl shot abusive father now her and her android caretaker are on the run and trying to survive in this abandoned house
KodeMage: can't use treated lumber, bad chemicals to inhale
Zael250: Is it just me or have they not selected the game in Twitch?
wicker_knight: try refreshing
KharadBanar: Oh man, has Talking Sim ever covered The Witness? Because that seems to me like a game with much to talk about
splatty1: is it better than the controls in heavy rain?
Lord_Hosk: did you tweet or do we have to get the ghost again?
ZachtlyAsIntended: @Zael250 just you
wicker_knight: recently fixed @Zael250
AdmiralMemo: @Zael250 Refresh. It was a bug.
KodeMage: @GDwarf I saw that last week, did we play any other stories before this?
CrazymattCaptain: it seems she always pivots on the left leg
Zael250: Just refreshed for me, my bad
KodeMage: !live
GDwarf: KodeMage Nope
KodeMage: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:02.
KodeMage: cool, ty
Laserbeaks_Fury: Car capitol
Jimrabbit: the character animation is pretty good. straight arms, quick footsteps and clenched fists communicates ANXIOUS very well.
frnknstn: won't the fire attract attention?
korbl: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:25.
jimbo99999: isn't this is how most crack houses burn down? lrrWOW
Laserbeaks_Fury: Home of Motown
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KodeMage: detroit is very segregated, yes. very abandoned, suburbs with more than half the houses empty now
CrazymattCaptain: talk with baby?
thatladyinplaid: I want to say because it shows the continued reinvigoration that has been going on I recent years
Dryhad: Ralph is also alive
ImmoralEthicist: Huge parts of London, ON are kinda like that right now
ProfessorMembrane: Flint. Of water fame. Is Detroit.
KharadBanar: start9?
korbl: I'm pretty sure most crackhouses burn down because of people smoking, not fires in fireplaces
Lord_Hosk: it still is quite heavily devistated, it has like 1 square mile of "recovering area out of like 150 square miles
DaxStrife: I live near Detroit. It's still quite mixed, the central Detroit area is improved, but there are still significant areas of blight. It's improving, bit by bit.
offbeatwitch: just place one entire deer in the sink
phenexian: He's a RA9TAFARIAN
ThatWhichNeverWas: @LoadingReadyRun As a non-american, might I suggest Detroit is a an ideal target for potential Rejuvination? If you want to compare new development & tech with the wreckage that industrialisation can bring?
cmdrud87: Or maybe, we take a sharp left and it's the puppet master from Ghost in the Shell
Lord_Hosk: Not recovered mind you "recovering"
LbxAni: I still need to watch the Detroit movie
Alness49: "Let me tell you about our lord and saviour RA9"
DaMullet14: that was my first thought
frnknstn: "IM ALIVE" again
cuttlebranch: Yep! I think the injuries are consistent.
wildpeaks: this time not in a sans font though
SK__Ren: Thats a line to pause on
Lord_Hosk: there are still huge swaths of detroit that have a population density of less than 100 per squar mile
GDwarf: David Cage said Detroit was picked because if there was a new manufacturing sector showing up in the US, such as for androids, it'd be there.
OmnipotentTrevor: Many of these are reused models yes. Except for Connor and Markus. Those two are custom droids.
thatladyinplaid: @thatwhichneverwas Detroit has been undergoing a rejuvenation for a few years. It's not nearly as bad as it was a decade ago.
GDwarf: Which, I mean, it could still be commentary on the segregation, but Cage seems determined to undercut that at every turn
KodeMage: not any more cam, it's not that for decades now
MollyLewis: Motown music?
Mangledpixel: What I see is that David Cage was trying to use imagery of segregation to tell a story about androids, while not realising that what that would produce is the reverse, a story that uses androids to say something (possibly ineptly?) about segregation.
niccus: detroit is being rejuvenated the way north america was rejuvenated after a plague swept through the land
phenexian: Children talk like this
Dryhad: It can be a commentary on that without Cage's admission
T1pster: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 23:12.
ThatWhichNeverWas: Uh oh
wildpeaks: makes sense they would build autonomous vehicles / androids in an industrial city
ThatWhichNeverWas: Yeeeesh
Dryhad: But thou must
Lord_Hosk: thatladyinplaid the rejuvination is limited to about a 1 square mile area around cobo/theGM building
renkai116: FOREVER!!!!
GDwarf: Dryhad For sure, it's just...kinda astonishing how determined Cage is to undercut any applicability from his game
wicker_knight: must hurt baby
offbeatwitch: what an option
kat2kool: Uh oh
ThatWhichNeverWas: Say it with me: "That's The Plan".
offbeatwitch: push button. accept fate
Chaceface: press f to hug respects
PMAvers: The most David Cage of options.
angmor00: hug mode activated
BrindleBoar: F to pay respects
MollyLewis: Hug.exe
Laserbeaks_Fury: Press X to hug Wall
tim19862: lol
CompletelyUnsure: Why would you give the choice and then immediately take it away?
ThatWhichNeverWas: Statement of intent FTW!
Astra7525: *pat pat*
theambivalentagender: I wish media explored the self guilt that comes with child abuse a little better sometimes
gawag_: F to pay respects
KharadBanar: Provide emotional warmth to baby
ProfessorMembrane: This is a bad writer’s idea of good writing.
frnknstn: How warm is an android?
DaxStrife: Press F to Respect Baby
Orgmastron: Ah, the illusion of choice
phenexian: if you fail to use the track pad right, you crush her to death
wildpeaks: dialogs are differents based on events though
kat2kool: Ah, the illusion of choice returns
ThatWhichNeverWas: -*Crack*-
PMAvers: Huh, I had no idea that blue line under her name was text.
GDwarf: CompletelyUnsure If you give the wrong answer and then the right one the girl becomes less happy with you, so there's still an effect
SalsaDraugur: @theambivalentagender expecting david cage to do something like that well is setting yourself up fro dissapointment
ProfessorMembrane: Press F
sir_jack_DB: protecc bab
Metric_Furlong: theambivalentagender that's asking a lot from Video Games :p
Alness49: Still got that plastic film on the lips
ThatWhichNeverWas: Everyone loves New Mom Smell!
LbxAni: Apt that on last night's VICE they were talking about half the schools in Montana have teachers that aren't certified and they are hiring people from the Philippines where $35,000 goes a long way, if we had Androids, they'd have teachers
KodeMage: comforting smells
QberryMuffin: she's in the way of the heat from the fire
DaxStrife: BloodMeth?
Rhynerd: meth, blood, maybe gunshot residue
SydPreviouslyHeadache: pls no
tim19862: lrrSPOOP katesLol
PMAvers: This is probably the longest he hasn't been on drugs ever.
splatty1: oh boy
CompletelyUnsure: Ahhh, meth and blood. Reminds me of Christmas with the family...
thenb44: she wasn't new she got fixed after todd beat her up
frnknstn: 2038? The Unix date apocalypse?
wildpeaks: that part is.. something
sir_jack_DB: eeesh
KodeMage: what was the last mission called?
Alness49: Ah, so this one didn't get to go to the station!
QberryMuffin: treated like actual trash
Nigouki: really? you just dump thousand dollar electronics?
Dryhad: @GDwarf I guess my take on it is that though Cam and Cori are talking about how ineptly the narrative is told, the criticism actually seems to be more on the creator than any actual failing of the game (beyond the quicktime events I guess)
Mangledpixel: time to replace your eye with a laser gun
Nigouki: should they be shredded to recover all the rare earth metals?
wench_tacular: we sherlock now
SydPreviouslyHeadache: is this the guy who was hiding in the attic?
theambivalentagender: @Metric_Furlong Weirdly enough I thought Pokemon Sun and Moon was one of the more accurate depictions of a toxic parent/child relationships I've seen from recent media, including things other than vidya games
KodeMage: it's a thing, mind palace
Astra7525: It is
ZachtlyAsIntended: Sherlock's nonsense
KodeMage: in psychology
thedepthandbreadthofseth: it was also stephen king
Rhynerd: we're gonna need a new mind palace
Orgmastron: Jungian psych?
offbeatwitch: bbc sherlock yeah
CulturalGeekGirl: Also Hannibal
Amentur: That is Cumberbatch Sherlock at least
CulturalGeekGirl: and psych in general
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Dryhad I agree. This is a game with a lot of potential, none of which has been realised.
LbxAni: I know Mind Palace from The Mentalist tv show
cuttlebranch: And Hannibal.
DaxStrife: Your mind palace is corrupted? Quick, summon the Phantom Thieves!
Lord_Hosk: ThatWhichNeverWas the big problem is that investors have purchased huge residential blocks for pennies and refuse to part with it unless they are paid tens of thousands for each plot, and there are current residents who are holding out in areas by themselves which means the city cant just shut off servies to large areas to save money.
sir_jack_DB: this is rough
Dryhad: @ThatWhichNeverWas That's... not what I said?
offbeatwitch: Oh Good
korbl: oh hey, it's QUOP
Chaceface: GAMEPLAY KappaRoss
GDwarf: Dryhad Well, I dunno about that. So far it's a story told well, but it's an old story and it has yet to do anything new or unexpected with it
MollyLewis: You're basically just giving the cinematic permission to proceed
QberryMuffin: GaMePlAy
keeperboy000: I belive spoilers are ok in talking sim chat correct cause im abbout to ask some questions
Rhynerd: are we just gonna take the bits from another adroid and stick them in and on us?
KharadBanar: I don't actually hate this kind of crawling input mechanic
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Dryhad Then I miss understood :P Basically - this could have been good if Cage hadn't got his fingers in it
GDwarf: And while the Death of the Author is definitely a thing, asking "how do you make a game like this while insisting it isn't political?" is relevant
EvilBadman: @keeperboy000 It's usually spoiler ok, but the major ones haven't been mentioned
NexVesica: This part is the most video gamey part of the game
phenexian: A Mind Palace is just a techinique for memorising things where you place them in an imagined familiar space because you're better at associating memories with spaces.
sir_jack_DB: that was..vsceral
Alness49: Ah, nice modular design
Dryhad: @GDwarf That's fair. I guess I just put more weight on the "told well" part
Nigouki: Do Not Open: No User Serviceable Parts Inside
easterncaveofwonders: This looks good and interesting i. Terms of putting you into the cinematic, is actually playing it garbage
GDwarf: Especially because I wonder if part of the reason this isn't doing anything new is because of this determination to not be political
ZethRuss: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 28:35.
korbl: Ok, the idea of an android just replacing its leg with a found part is amazing, thank you game for being practical
LbxAni: at least we haven't meant a sex robot yet
Alness49: So we're in the landfill looking for our waifu?
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Lord_Hosk So, basically Holding the city hostage. Classy.
Rhynerd: excuse me, fallen comrade, you have a working mind palace?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this officially leg day?
Mister_Skittles: ok, this mission is cool. i love the way to sound distorts and everything for this mission
GDwarf: (I mean, it *is* political, but if you're going to insist that there's no message or allegory while working in a genre that's all about message and allegory then you're gonna get something...weird)
sir_jack_DB: very modular
GDwarf: This sequence is quite good
Laserbeaks_Fury: Like automobiles
keeperboy000: What other than Cage makes this game not realize is potential? What in the actuall game makes it so it doens't pay off cause so far it seems quite good
splatty1: they can be repaired quite cheaply, thats why we land fill them Kappa
Mangledpixel: certainly seems more easily repaired than humans
OmnipotentTrevor: Consider the possibility that your legs are only missing because some other scrap bot woke up before you and scavenged you first
taareek1976: Reminds me of how I have to get up each morning and attach my legs.
wicker_knight: @GDwarf possibly, although I would imagine the reason is more that the same narrowness of vision and cowardice that lets Cage think "this is not political" is also why he didn't see/realize the need to extend the story to new places
ThatWhichNeverWas: As an engineering student, you *absolutely* want your androids to use standardised parts.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: unless she's a robo-baby
ShadowAce0: This imagery is very hellish
Warhammer1104: Human become detroit
sir_jack_DB: yike
korbl: Bosch
Rhynerd: dead.
Dryhad: @keeperboy000 Yeah, that's my thinking too. Particularly as we haven't finished it yet. Maybe it all ends on a damp squib or something?
Rhynerd: oh,t hat's a lot of hands
Lord_Hosk: ThatWhichNeverWas for 40 years now, everyone has been holding detroit hostage, corporations, politicians, residents, investors... Everyone wants it to succeed, but only if they personally benefit the most.
TemporallyAwry: That's not a subtle corridor
Cannons_are_an_instrument: So all the androids are going to a Fozzy gig?
offbeatwitch: we over here in Hands Alley
Alness49: This is all very Bosch
LbxAni: had a crush on Kara's real life actress when she was on the Kevin Bacon serial killer show
ThatWhichNeverWas: I'll say it again, this game is NOT subtle.
CompletelyUnsure: There's some "crawling from the grave" stuff here too
SalsaDraugur: I'd hope that a society with androids would do more recycling than this
GDwarf: Oh, Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast arms...
Metric_Furlong: really got to hand to the visual design here
splatty1: a really cool depiction of robo hell, not sure how it meshes with anything else in the game but its cool
Stoffern: Wouldnt the creation of mankind just be one person initially? What creation myth is this cathedral depicting?
monsieur_squirrel: this is not good to watch before bed with flu
KharadBanar: The Enrichment Center would like to remind you that Android Hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance.
ThatWhichNeverWas: This is also wasteful AF
phenexian: If these robots still work so well, WHY ARE THEY LAND FILLING THEM?!
Astra7525: uh oh... are we "harvesting" the spare parts?
korbl: I just... if you can write this, and say it's not political, what does that say about you?
TehAmelie: just megahurtz falling all over the floor
Laserbeaks_Fury: Or are we Dante
Mangledpixel: why were these androids dumped without taking whatever is the equivalent of their batteries out?
jonlevir: @phenexian because it makes humans more of bastards
wildpeaks: same reason people get rid of repairable things nowadays, even thought they're not completely nbroken
wicker_knight: @phenexian they're like water bottles, more trouble to dissasemble than discard and replace
sir_jack_DB: this is hell
sir_jack_DB: we're in hell
ThatWhichNeverWas: My suspension of Disbelief is falling as we speak. This is ridiculous.
kat2kool: Was that the attic guy just now?
phenexian: @wicker_knight but we know that's not true. WE know they're trivial to repair. Look, we're doing it right now. They're pretty much fully modular
niccus: like, recently we've stopped actually recycling stuff -- at least in US, if you separate stuff into recyclables, there's a good chance they're still going to a landfill
korbl: all the mood just went right out the window with the torso-less legs walking by
Brok3nGol3m: cronch
Amentur: We saw that our 'skin' is just a projection over white skin. So eye colour might also be chosen?
EvilBadman: @ThatWhichNeverWas Why? Landfills and mass graves exist.
keeperboy000: S
sir_jack_DB: ah, we are heterochromic now
keeperboy000: a
sir_jack_DB: neat
wicker_knight: @phenexian oh I agree. Even the baseline electronic components for a machine 1-millionth this complicated would be more than worth recycling at minimum
CompletelyUnsure: How is plugging in mud-covered parts. My phone freaks out when my charge port is dusty.
Nigouki: i'm genuinely curious what kind of recycling these would go through
Rockario: Oh is THAT why the debators talked about the junkyard when they were there?
DaxStrife: I'm just thinking of those sites dedicated to all the horrible pictures of Real Dolls undergoing maintenance.
TehAmelie: how is there so much mud on the junk?
wicker_knight: @phenexian it would work if it was explicitly a moral dreamscape used to make an authorial point, but that's also explicitly what Cage has said it is NOT
KodeMage: this is gruesome...
ProfessorMembrane: Pinochle?
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie it is raining a lot
Lord_Hosk: There are no local thrift stores, like nothing for 15 miles in any direction, and as such around here people just throw out everything
seth_erickson: How are we enjoying Detroit: Become Human
Laserbeaks_Fury: You know, almost every weapon in Destiny on some level has an AI, what do you think happens to all of those you break down
Alness49: Given how modular we seem to be, I'm actually suprised how we're thrown into a landfill, as opposed to a scrapyard dissassembling us for parts, but I suppose this is the image they want
Brok3nGol3m: this all seems perfectly in line with proper hazardous waste disposal...
TehAmelie: is it raining mud?
PMAvers: Performing heart surgery on yourself right now.
ArcOfTheConclave: Etherium? Esper?
Lithobraker: i'm more surprised that there aren't human scrappers. I'd imagine that would be a fairly lucrative grey market
wicker_knight: yeah I think this is a great visual metaphor
LbxAni: we're barely good at getting all the reusable things out of our electrics now, do you really think we'd be much better at it in this time?
Jimrabbit: I want to make a Kali-Ma joke, but that seems in poor taste and not entirely relevant
phenexian: @wicker_knight yeah, it's hard to buy into the metaphor, when Cage insists there aren't any. Like he can't have it both ways.
wicker_knight: for what, though
jonlevir: Yeah, for me, unless humanity has developed fabricators, this would just be ridiculous. people tear out wiring and piping to sell the copper. There is no way these robots aren't made of valuable components such that htey would be disassembled not just thrown in a dump
ArrestedHouse: this is one of the better parts, i'd say yeah
Laserbeaks_Fury: I do appreciate the sound design since Markus can't hear right now
CompletelyUnsure: All the robots look like more basic versions of his model.
Lord_Hosk: We go out on trash day and pick up perfectly fine perfectly good dressers, tables and chairs, I dont mean like "this is still good" I mean Nothing wrong with it doesnt even need refinishing
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie with open soil like this are things are being dumped and dropped onto it, it'll get muddy
KodeMage: they come out during the day when it's not raining I would think
ZachtlyAsIntended: Oh yeah, if tech is HALF as robust as this, scrap yards for exactly this kind of thing would be common
ThatWhichNeverWas: @EvilBadman Because functioning parts Cost Money. If they're going through Androids at the rate needed to *create* this environment, then it logically follows that there is a market for replacement parts that renders this place a ridiculous waste. It'S not like cars where each model requires semi-specialised components.
wildpeaks: we got lucky we found this one instead of the other source for this part, it's much more gruesome
keeperboy000: Chats and Streamers thoughts; at what point can we consider something seperate from politics. As Cage said this was is not political and everyone else seems to disagree with him. As someone holding out judgement at what seperates a story from a political commentary?
Rhynerd: oh gods we can hear again
Jimrabbit: MAWP
seth_erickson: a luttle loud there
TehAmelie: landfills are weird
ryuhimora: oh no I missed the start of the totally not political stream
DaxStrife: Props where they're due, that was good audio.
Mister_Skittles: babies shitty dad could affort one. andoirds dont appear a luxury
wildpeaks: like, the robot begging you not to take the part that's keeping her alive, ouch
keeperboy000: holding till i get a complete picture
frnknstn: a fine albeit heavy-handed escape from the underworld
wicker_knight: @keeperboy000 personal answer, when it stops being a story
wicker_knight: I don't think they are separable
StudentOfEtherium: @keeperboy000 all art is political
Laserbeaks_Fury: Crawling on the corpses of those who came before him
ThatWhichNeverWas: That said, I can *sort of* justify this if what we're seeing is his faulty mind misinterpreting data. He's the only thing moving, but he sees other androids.
Alness49: "Hey Bob, got another unit crawling out" "Ger me the poking stick"
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie they're not the nicest places, no
wildpeaks: nonsense, my phones live happily ever after in the cupboard
ArcOfTheConclave: fyi One source of replacement parts here is another functioning android who begs you to help her.
theambivalentagender: @keeperboy000 I would argue all art is "political" just because any art will come out of your own experience, and often the creator will want to be saying something about the way they see the world through that art. So even if you don't directly intend something to be a statement on a specific issue, your world view and ergo your "politics" are going to come out
thatladyinplaid: You dont have to... you can leave your old phones in a drawer, like I do.
ProfessorMembrane: Organ music. Subtle.
KodeMage: what hell has he entered
wicker_knight: more, left
Lithobraker: ah yes, the landfill district, right next to the cathedral district.
easterncaveofwonders: Yeah are can’t not be political or have a political reading
EvilBadman: @ThatWhichNeverWas Given how parts of the city don't give a shit about the robots, casting them aside in a giant pit isn't implausible
ryuhimora: I have never intentionally thrown out or recycled a still functional phone
PMAvers: I mean, I assume Markus has probably seen those couple of movies, seeing his previous owner.
phenexian: it's hiding its lack of humanity
chickenace11: Wait how did the android you are playing as hear about Jericho if you didn't hear until you place that thing in your head
TehAmelie: we a replicant now
wicker_knight: ohhuh, I want that regenerating skin function
djalternative: and gone is the mark of an android
DarkNacht: Its just an indicator light
KodeMage: restraining bolt?
Astra7525: what
Jorge4hg: wat
ShadowAce0: is the skin a projection?
ryuhimora: why
ryuhimora: how
korbl: until you're struck and your skin goes white, anyway
LbxAni: huh, they can skin color change
wicker_knight: NOT A METAPHOR
DaMullet14: but they bleed blue
offbeatwitch: did we do the thing
ProfessorMembrane: Just surface? Goofy
mysticsage1: it also blinks
Amentur: Game is NOT subtle
wicker_knight: remember?
offbeatwitch: did we become human
Dared00: It's later explained that it's required by law for androids to have that thingy
ThatWhichNeverWas: @EvilBadman Yeah, but Capitalism. They're Literally throwing money away.
Nigouki: time for a Voight-Kampff test
EvilBadman: If you stayed in the hotel, Kara could have removed hers. I don't know about the path you're on now
wicker_knight: -______-
phenexian: that is a convienet cape
sir_jack_DB: ahahahahahahaha
lunarecliptica: whose coat was that?
NexVesica: We have become Detroit
SalsaDraugur: They still have blue blood but I feel like being able to remove that part is a bit bullshit
Laserbeaks_Fury: "You name is Toby!"
ArrestedHouse: convenient jacket
cmdrud87: I need your clothing and your motorcycle
thelamenamegame: AHHHHHHHHH
Batyn: Conveniently placed jacket.
QberryMuffin: who left their coat
NathanJay_GA: what a convenient coat
ZachtlyAsIntended: Why was Neo's coat jsut hanging there?
DarkNacht: I have become human destroyer of worlds
renkai116: wow
jonlevir: David Cage doesn't know this thing you call "subtlety"
Mister_Skittles: well. androids are wonderfully "average" they look human, but not actually like any real human as they are too perfect
sir_jack_DB: the jacket on a coat hanger is just...I can't xD
OmnipotentTrevor: The little LED was probably added at the last minute to reassure people they could always identify a robot
PMAvers: If I remember correctly, they didn't originally have those, people freaked out, and so legislation was passed so they needed them?
ryuhimora: looks like vR
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A_Dub888: "Larry, have you seen my coat? I left it right here! *gestures at pipe in the ground*"
ProfessorMembrane: That failed.
OmnipotentTrevor: "sure...lets just put a sticker on there. Done"
Alness49: I was willing to write off the tone deafness of the racism metaphors as David Cage being French, but the "symbol of oppression" is something he HAD to know!
offbeatwitch: is this VRChat
Lithobraker: Also, I'd imagine that he wouldn't be in Detroit, instead he would be "recycled" by being sent to a 3rd world country like we do now days with electronics.
wicker_knight: @PMAvers totally not a reference to the Star of David then :(
DaxStrife: lol
offbeatwitch: good image
wildpeaks: lots of narrative designers posted that image :D
wicker_knight: @PMAvers sorry, that was supposed to be more clearly sarcasm
ThatWhichNeverWas: HAH
phenexian: HAHAHAHAHA
Metric_Furlong: here it is in gif form
ArrestedHouse: LuL
Dragonality: Amazing
jonlevir: wow
Jorge4hg: Wow
ryuhimora: is it wrong?
NovaTiempo: Frames dropping all over?
MaverickArtist: woof
TehAmelie: subtext, bah, we're barely gonna use any TEXT. it's SUPERtext now
Nigouki: wait, is this the oracle?
tim19862: yeah, I had some dropped frames
Astra7525: Oh look, it's the Great Intelligence from Captain marvel
tim19862: good now
korbl: "Superliminal?" "Hey you! Join the Navy!"
Stoffern: The deviant that just hid in the attic? Difficult to find???
offbeatwitch: ah. I just got what she's meant to be
Alness49: So our... programmer? Handler? Just hangs out in a garden
Metric_Furlong: Stoffern the deviant was *really* quiet Kappa
KodeMage: simulation, it's all a simulation
tim19862: the oracle?
wicker_knight: @Alness49 not a metaphor for an inscrutable god-being
Astra7525: She really looks like the Oracle from The Matrix 2/3
ryuhimora: why did that lose reputation with her???
KodeMage: o rly? most advanced
Jorge4hg: the chosen one
DaxStrife: Either this is a simulation, or it's outside the city. Nowhere in Detroit looks like this. Maybe Bloomfield Hills or Huntington Woods.
wicker_knight: because she doesn't like him "dumbing down to the plebs" @ryuhimora
djalternative: the most android of androids
sir_jack_DB: [X] Doubt
jonlevir: @ryuhimora "adapt" means "Change". "Change" means "Deviancy"
ThatWhichNeverWas: @ryuhimora I guess because you weren't an emotionless plastic toy
TehAmelie: have we seen one android yet who's not obviously going deviant?
Painfully_Dyslexic: the youtube channel Mother's Basement does a great deconstruction and take down of this game, if you haven't seen it, it's well worth checking out
Rhynerd: yes
phenexian: I find the SS Agent Android we play the most compelling of the 3. And I'm not sure what to make of that.
wicker_knight: @AdmiralMemo This umm, may not be the game for that :D
hunkajunk: *Sends pandas after AdmiralMemo*
dougma: Snow from Hunger Games
Lord_Hosk: I will show you a sign of deviancy (googles reddit)
keeperboy000: RE
CompletelyUnsure: It always reminds me of Gregor Mendel and his pea plants
AdmiralMemo: Boils down to "I hate Twitter and I hate my bank"
kat2kool: Very controlling
ryuhimora: why is that a thing?
mysticsage1: I think conner's story has the most to it of the 3
Rockario: Don't worry Memo, this game is nothing but clear in its communication lrrBEEJ
ThatWhichNeverWas: Okay, if those litle rings are removable - How Can I Get One.
mynameisie: Pruning
jonlevir: Conner's actor is a really cool guy too. He played through the game on stream
wicker_knight: STAR BABY gabyWow
Lithobraker: I wonder if Mendel had worked with gerbils if that wouldn't be such a trope.
djalternative: I liked 2010
EvilBadman: I mentioned this during that last scence, but if you stayed overnight in the hotel, Kara could have removed her head light thingy. I don't know about the path you're on now
SquareDotCube: Ew, that monitor
keeperboy000: So is the complaint about this game that it is blunt about points that don't make sense?
Alness49: I always find it odd what moments of robot to robot communication is done verbally to satisfy the meatbags and what we're allowed to communicate wirelessly
CompletelyUnsure: @keeperboy000 More like blunt points that don't say very much
AdmiralMemo: @Rockario @wicker_knight I use Watch & Play as mental therapy, so it's actually probable to help me out.
ThatWhichNeverWas: "Something Wonderful" - "That's not Useful, bowman!"
ryuhimora: @keeperboy000 not really, the complaint is that it is very obviously sending a specific message but the creator says it is not
korbl: Wait. If the temple lights are just surface level "This is an android" indicator, then why do they flicker when androids are linking!?
Boyshinboiv: just joined in how we doing?
ryuhimora: @korbl because visuals
Laserbeaks_Fury: I forgot how Cold War the background of 2010 was
ryuhimora: ZUNE
Alness49: He's Professor Dre now!
ThatWhichNeverWas: @korbl I think they're like the led that shows the harddrive/wifi conneciton is active
wicker_knight: @keeperboy000 partially, but also I'd argue that the director's apparent disinclination to lean into the obvious tropes he's working with specifically _causes_ it to contradict and confuse itself at points
djalternative: that's totally a zune HA
kat2kool: @korbl And when they’re deviating!
Snowwraith: Also appropriating the heck out of *actual struggles of people* in an incredibly tone-deaf manner.
korbl: but they're not connected to anything!
Lithobraker: I deeply want Lt. Anderson to listen to nightcore
ryuhimora: "alarming"
phenexian: @korbl they might actually be the bluetooth functionality. In which case Marcus literally shed his robotness to pass as human.
hunkajunk: Isn't that just Knights with plague?
AdmiralMemo: Why do androids always hold earphones like that?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are we profiling Anderson ?
ANeMzero: Wait, a dedicated mp3 player in the future? This game isn't even that old
wicker_knight starts looking sideways >_> <_<
korbl: But Anderson is
Mister_Skittles: detroit: becoming friends with humans
ThatWhichNeverWas: Become Deviant! Steal the Donuts!
ZachtlyAsIntended: Knights of the Round Table?
korbl: that old, I mean
ProfessorMembrane: That's completely normal music for someone who carries a sidearm all day.
wildpeaks: subtle
Lord_Hosk: thats a very very tiny bumper sticker
Boyshinboiv: just joined in how we doing?
tim19862: knights are like crazy cult stuff or?
Laserbeaks_Fury: What is Red Ice made of?
thenb44: android blood and meth
Boyshinboiv: damn
LackingSanity_: So would Lieutenant Anderson be a millenial or gen z?
LbxAni: oh snap, Iron Sky 2 came out, gotta find that
PMAvers: Oh man, my favorite team, the Detroit BASKETBALL
AdmiralMemo steps up in a black suit... "Mr. ANDERson..."
Laserbeaks_Fury: So if Anderson is a big vice cop, would he have negative feelsing about Androids because they indirectly enable it?
djalternative: I'm unclear if the current department is Homicide or Major Crimes Unit
Boyshinboiv: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 47:53.
oyleslyck: pistons
chickenace11: How long until presidential politics come into this seeing how 2038 is an election year in america
EvilBadman: Pistons
SquareDotCube: The Pistons
djalternative: It has a basketball team, I wouldn't call them famous
Lord_Hosk: The detroit Basketballers...
Dryhad: Traces of caffeine in the coffee
EvilBadman: You're thinking of Chicago, Cameron
AdmiralMemo: That's Chicago, Cam, for the Bulls
ProfessorMembrane: That's Chicago man
ZachtlyAsIntended: Bulls are Chicago
thenb44: that's chicago that has the bulls cam
Metric_Furlong: LackingSanity_ probably millenial, assuming it's the 2030s and he's in his 40s?
ThatWhichNeverWas: The Detroit Baseballers!
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tim19862: LUL
Boyshinboiv: me neither
Tinasaurus_Rex: @AdmiralMemo Yes! XD
NathanJay_GA: I think the pistons were reasonably successful for a while
ArrestedHouse: LuL
korbl: That's ok, I couldn't even think of who Detroit's team was, Cam
ProfessorMembrane: We call it "hockey"
djalternative: Chicago!!!!! Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen
AdmiralMemo: "was"
thatladyinplaid: The Pistons had some good streaks. Not so much now.
Rhynerd: it's the commissioner!
ContingentCat: shocking Cam isn't a big basketballsm'n
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm getting to old for this shit
Mysticman89: lt looks kinda like the dude.
RatekStormcrow: You are a lose canon ...
DaFhaye: This is my first time finally catching this live
splatty1: your a loose cannon
thatladyinplaid: Detroit is Hockeytown, afterall
Alness49: "Yer a loose cannon, Anderson, so we're partnering you with the 'bot"
Rockario: I feel like that's a choice
AdmiralMemo: @Mysticman89 Secret Lebowski and Tron 2.0 sequel! Kappa
Going_Medium: lrrDARK
AdmiralMemo: *Tron Legacy
ProfessorMembrane: "This is a man who wears cliches for trousers, and a little trilby-shaped cliche for a hat."
Jorge4hg: He wanted to say cyberlife
PMAvers: Oh man, how many androids do you think are owned by weebs and wear the full maid outfits?
Dryhad: Yelling!
Lord_Hosk: The detroit basketballers have the famous players, Justin Hoops Macelroy, and Harlem "Globe" trotter
keeperboy000: So out of curosity does this game appropiate actual people's struggles because it refuses to achnoledge that it is about those struggles or is it something else?
wicker_knight: @PMAvers that was probably most of the early-adopter purchases
Metric_Furlong: PMAvers don't ask question to which you'd rather not know the answer Kappa
DaFhaye: Based on the year it is I doubt he has trouble with his phone.
Laserbeaks_Fury: P-p-p-please, Eddie!
ProfessorMembrane: Ha, whoever called it, partner. yeah
korbl: But plastic pricks are superior!
Chaceface: So Connor is basically Daneel Olivaw?
NathanJay_GA: Speaking of Android, it took me way too long to find out why Google named their initial line of phones "Nexus"
AmoriLinguae: so do robots have plastic pricks?
SweetWishes: Juest finised this game, got perfect ending. This was everything i expected. Im a fan of all the games.
cuttlebranch: I love Clancy Brown so much.
wicker_knight: that is...not how police precincts are supposed to work, ...sir
Alness49: So he's gone from impressed at the interogation to outright hostile
Dryhad: @AmoriLinguae Canonically yes
TemporallyAwry: Written like a tv-show
Lord_Hosk: I guess the conversation ISNT over
Nigouki: he said the thing!
BaronVonPoppinOff: Sure is "too old for this crap" in here
AmoriLinguae: Dryhad uh oh
beregolas: and we've got COP-Bingo everybody
thatladyinplaid: @sweetwishes I enjoyed it, too.
OmnipotentTrevor: Remember, we first found this cop blowing off a crime scene to get drunk
SalsaDraugur: I feel like I'm watching a bad tv show
Amentur: AmoriLinguae, I do remember that Data was fully equipped
Laserbeaks_Fury: Christ did Cage have Tvtropes open while writing?
Jorge4hg: Wow
oyleslyck: oh no angry cop sgt and jaded detective trope
Mysticman89: Is hank the name of your hand?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: empathy!
Lord_Hosk: Talk to the Hank... cause the Hand aint listening
AdmiralMemo: We need a new Bingo sheet in !bingo
Jorge4hg: hand or hank?
Rockario: Ay yes, send the most racist cop to handle the racial crimes
ProfessorMembrane: "Cop Bingo" best comment.
Pteraspidomorphi: I was trying to find the words to express that sentiment
BrindleBoar: we're not at bingo yet, we need a divorce or someone to be days away from retirement
wicker_knight: @OmnipotentTrevor and the solution is not to fire him, but rather to assign him to a politically sensitive goose chase
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh god, that's probably 100% it
splatty1: how can we tell david cage is inspired by movies if he doesn't fill it with tropes? Kappa
keeperboy000: So out of curiosity does this game appropriate actual people's struggles because it refuses to acknowledged that it is about those struggles or is it something else?
ProfessorMembrane: Hank's old partner was killed by an android?
djalternative: Does anyone want to talk about how alcoholism is kinda treated as a super power in cop movies?
SalsaDraugur: Bright was more subtle than this
NovaTiempo: !findquote robot
LRRbot: Quote #2080: "Are robots people?" —Cori [2016-03-11]
SweetWishes: Im glad that i managed every body to survive,
splatty1: Haven't we literally met at the start of the game?
korbl: Imagine literally being able to mute assholes like this...
AdmiralMemo: It's right on my chest
e_bloc: I feel like days away from retirement is the free space
wicker_knight: @keeperboy000 personal opinion, I don't think it does appropriate them. It just misuses them.
Rockario: Oh right, they're all assholes. I forgot
PMAvers: It literally says it on his freaking SHIRT
ContingentCat: coming for your jobs yup
phenexian: My guess: Hanks old partner was an android killed by an android, so he secretly loves and droids, but also hates them for what they did. That seems like the David Cage way for making someone of ambiguous allegiance.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Anyone remember "Alien Nation"?
SweetWishes: C loved connors story
Jorge4hg: why
splatty1: I guess gut punches are universal
Alness49: Why does that work?
djalternative: Why do androids feel punches?
ThatWhichNeverWas: -*Sigh*-
Blade_Tiger: Why did getting gutpunched have *any* effect on him?
SweetWishes: I
AdmiralMemo: How did that actually incapacitate him?
Lord_Hosk: Oh is that how androids get off?
lunarecliptica: i guess there's important electronic stuff in the chest maybe?
AdmiralMemo: @Blade_Tiger Yeah really
vainsalmon: so cliche
Rhynerd: "Dude, we just had a murder case because of shit like that."
Boyshinboiv: "That just sound like slavery with extra steps!"
ContingentCat: why would they add that to androids?
DaFhaye: I mean I treat my phone like that sometimes
korbl: Oh. It's like when you cause a computer to flicker by hitting the monitor?
wildpeaks: maybe it didn't hurt him, he just did that to defuse the situation ?
Jorge4hg: well, he didn't take his gun out
PMAvers: I assume "it didn't, but he was just playing to kayfabe so he didn't do worse."
KodeMage: percussive administration?
seth_erickson: you just saw that basically his heart is right there
Dragonality: "androids don't feel pain" -feels pain.
AdmiralMemo: Eat Donuts... Then the cops will respect you! Kappa
vrulg: eat the donuts
Amentur: This is not a detective. This is a phone. So I threw it on the ground!
DaFhaye: Or you know when you blame the controller
EvilBadman: Not even the Cyberlife robocall wanted to talk to us
vrulg: eat them
ThatWhichNeverWas: I think maybe it was a purely physical thing? he folded the msucle, therefore go down to stabilise?
Boyshinboiv: "That just sound like slavery with extra steps!"
ProfessorMembrane: That's the center square of Cop Bingo!
ZachtlyAsIntended: Holy crap the amount of doughnuts
CulturalGeekGirl: I never noticed the pure VOLUME of donuts
keeperboy000: I mean we talk about not having pain would be great but that sounds like how someone dies. Perhaps cyberlife built pain sensors for just that reason
ProfessorMembrane: | |
offbeatwitch: cheap shot!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Amentur maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn
Invitare: if a police officer shoots a highly advanced prototype android belonging to (presumably) one of the wealthiest and most powerful corporation in the world, what do you think will happen to that police officer?
AdmiralMemo: "Do Humans Dream of Mammalian Sheep" lrrWOW
wicker_knight: wait was that on a shelf?
TehAmelie: what what?
PMAvers: oh hey, bonsai. I love these. *stuffs plant in mouth*
Metric_Furlong: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
DirgeNovak: You can't eat Cory you're a robit
tenthtechpriest: do... do non mammalian sheep exist in this world?
Rockario: Hack the vending machine, that'll get them to like you
ProfessorMembrane: | donuts |
djalternative: Now you got to go out and get the good donuts to improve your opinion at the office. You know the ones I'm talking about.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is that a 5th Element reference with the Circles?
Lord_Hosk: This isnt that big of a department... how many donuts do they eat in a day? that was more than 3 dozen
AdmiralMemo: Sincere
Jimrabbit: at least wash the blood off of im, come on, guys
AdmiralMemo: *shrug*
TehAmelie: that's far too low class a movie for Mr David Cage to reference on purpose
AmoriLinguae: I feel like prison cells won't have come this far in 20 years
thatladyinplaid: @sweetwishes I played them all so differently, trying to stay true to their individual stories. It was really neat. I agree about Connor's story, he was also more challenging for me to play.
Rockario: They won't destroy you they'll just toss you off a cliff into android hell
SK__Ren: He said Die this time
ThatWhichNeverWas: Self Destruct Time!
beregolas: bird box :D
thenb44: there's self destructing
Rhynerd: that is how android self destructs
thatladyinplaid: Connor very much adheres to his programming.
KodeMage: reminds me of the klingons from Star Trek, "why are humans so afraid to die". Why would a robot be afraid of death?
AdmiralMemo: HAY! I was watching that! Kappa
Amentur: Interesting side note: The actor for Connor has his own playthrough of this game
Metric_Furlong: oh no, my hype is ruined Kappa
keeperboy000: so umm... reiterate content warnings?
Alahmnat: another dot on the bingo card there
Tinasaurus_Rex: For being so popular, androids sure are very unpopular
Lord_Hosk: a great team... like the detroit basketballers
splatty1: DOG
djalternative: pretty recently if the desk is still empty
adamjford: DOG
ThatWhichNeverWas: DOG
LbxAni: why do most people I play in MTGA not take lethal when they have it and wait until they have 50+ damage to my 1 health after 10+ rounds of not attacking. I hate it so much
ghostvalv: DOG
vrulg: doge
beregolas: dog!
ContingentCat: dog
Boyshinboiv: dog
ProfessorMembrane: Detroit Basketballers are the best foot-hockey
wicker_knight: CAT
SweetWishes: Dog
wildpeaks: but can we pet the Hank
sir_jack_DB: the flat inflection sells Connor as being a prototype
seth_erickson: his dog is very good
CulturalGeekGirl: one of my favorite ilnes
djalternative: Jeez
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm sure "Android Deviancy" give totally different result in 2019
ThatWhichNeverWas: Oh good. Next subject
Nigouki: honestly the delivery on that one was wonderful
Metric_Furlong: Lord_Hosk I'll have you now that the basketballers are the best dang lacrosse team this side of the Mississippi
tenthtechpriest: yikes
Rockario: This sounds very Data
korbl: "Hello, sir, I noticed you have a dog, because my visual scan told me there's dog hair on your chair!"
AdmiralMemo: Elaborate?
SweetWishes: Music
adamjford: Sumo...
keeperboy000: "I like dogs"
DaFhaye: I love that name
Blade_Tiger: "I like dogs."
AdmiralMemo: I like that name.
ryuhimora: He just said he liked dogs!
ryuhimora: That's what it is to him!
thatladyinplaid: music!
ProfessorMembrane: Dog people. No accounting for taste.
wicker_knight: I identify with Connor here
Pteraspidomorphi: Hey, hey
beregolas: basketballl?
SweetWishes: Music
AdmiralMemo: Music
Alahmnat: oh he's a wizard
RuiFaleiro: Ah, a cop wizard.
Mysticman89: he is a wizard. he arrives exactly when he means to.
korbl: Because that's how jobs work
ryuhimora: start working
tenthtechpriest: start working?
AdmiralMemo: Music I'd think
wicker_knight: he does kind of look like a copwized
thatladyinplaid: Music
LackingSanity_: Apparently the voice actor improvised the 'i like dogs' line, and David Cage really didn't like it
thenb44: it's you start doing work
wicker_knight: *copwizard
thatladyinplaid: Pick Music!
ProfessorMembrane: X
OmnipotentTrevor: Start working makes you shut up and start working
Dryhad: "Plaintiff" interesting
korbl: well that's an interesting design choice in-universe
CompletelyUnsure: Last one is going to be Markus
ProfessorMembrane: Civil suits againt the Android company
SalsaDraugur: what are the chat rules when it comes to spoilers?
TehAmelie: hmm isn't it weird how people who say they think androids aren't human never "treat" them as just things that aren't human? gotta punch them and spit on them and stuff
A_Dub888: !card lunge
LRRbot: Lunge [2R] | Instant | Lunge deals 2 damage to target creature and 2 damage to target player or planeswalker.
NexVesica: Spoilers are fine
NexVesica: For this stream at least
Lord_Hosk: Didnt flower lady say that there were hundreds of thousands of deviants out there? this is gonna be a long file
thenb44: this is a spoiled stream
ryuhimora: that conversation was way more awkward than it needed to be. I get making it seem like the relationship is strained but you don't have the make the PLAYER not want to continue
PMAvers: All different series, too.
Dryhad: Sexbot! *drinks*
SalsaDraugur: ok, cool thanks @NexVesica
Alness49: So, these arn't necessarily criminal proceedings, if the victim is the plaintiff.
Boyshinboiv: rip
ProfessorMembrane: Markus was a prototype? Common thread.
Alahmnat: oh hey that's also us
GDwarf: We're some sort of one-off android, then?
Boyshinboiv: yeah
Nigouki: no mention of the daughter though
Nigouki: why is that?
Laserbeaks_Fury: No mention of the daughter though
phenexian: wow, no mention of a missing girl!
djalternative: there's a very important piece of info missing from the last file
Gekyouryuu: HECK! I forgot about the schedule change and twitch didn't tell me this was on. -_-
ProfessorMembrane: Prototypes indeed.
thenb44: @GDwarf markus was a special edition gift
wildpeaks: don't even worry about it
wicker_knight: @GDwarf Connor is also a one-off, yes
Lithobraker: agressive
Lord_Hosk: Blame everything on the androids
ryuhimora: Possible first people on the scene didn't know about the daughter
DirgeNovak: There is a reason for no mention of the daughter and it's the stupidest thing in the world
Boyshinboiv: could the cops be slightly biased if they left the daughter out of it?
CompletelyUnsure: He's a homicide detective, most likely the daughter is being handeld be another cop
ThatWhichNeverWas: "because I'm not a sexbot"
MilkInBag: "I'm not programmed for that, sir"
beregolas: I like Hank :)
ParateKarty: is that jeff bridges
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EvilBadman: @DirgeNovak Hard disagree
ryuhimora: oops
Pal_Friendpatine: What happens if the timer runs out?
korbl: literally fuck yourself in front of him, you'll gain his respect!
djalternative: what would a match do to plastic?
wicker_knight: might get it to burn eventually. Would smell awful
ryuhimora: @djalternative plastic does burn, but not that easily
AdmiralMemo: We don't go to Ravendale... err.... Ravenholm
thekeytoviktory: lrrHEART lrrHEART
SalsaDraugur: is it just me or the detective guy wearing a baseball jersey?
wildpeaks: like in real life, basically
wicker_knight: humans are awful people
tenthtechpriest: all humans are erratic
seth_erickson: We need to become this guy's friend so we can see his dog Sumo
thelamenamegame: I heard people ship Hank and Conner, is that true for people here?
wildpeaks: have you seen humans ? they're the worst
djalternative: I know. that's why I was questioning just a match
8_Escape: It's almost as if you're a robot who is not trying to die...or a waiter.
banwidthraptor: so did David Cage actually say that we were not supposed to read deeper on this than what if androids were more human?
ThatWhichNeverWas: Prediction: there are no Good choices. Sometimes, you can't win.
Pteraspidomorphi: Turns out we're all deviants
tenthtechpriest: but does david cage know what people are like?
phenexian: @banwidthraptor yes he did.
wicker_knight: @thelamenamegame I don't know all the Connor/Hank storylines, but the ones i have seen are NopeNopeNopeNopeNope
Alness49: If you wanted to get through the day, the option to not say anything and gremlin mode your way through would be an option.
ProfessorMembrane: Maybe ... maybe ... David Cage wrote this based on his personal life goal? He really feels a need to Become Human.
ThatWhichNeverWas: I mean, I think that's the point. Connor is *also* trying to work out what Hank wants to hear.
thatladyinplaid: Connor is driven by his programming...for now...
phenexian: @ProfessorMembrane hahaa
MilkInBag: maybe that's the point, since it's an android and has no function but to please
easterncaveofwonders: It’s difficult to gameify that system without making it too easy to solve.
TehAmelie: obliviously, the game itself is David Cage's symbolic attempt to learn human behaviors. "become human", if you will
PMAvers: I assume Hank right now looks at us like Clippy.
AdmiralMemo: I always wonder how humans would interact, since I need to learn how to be human.
Alness49: In fact, why is there not Telltales's "say nothing" option for interactions?
frnknstn: charitably to the game, it is possibly hard for me to get into the android's shoes due to severely different life circumstances
banwidthraptor: @phenexian Thanks, sounds like him but was not sure
splatty1: I mean, arguably the opening with Connor does set up his character as one that does act around people for the purpose of completing the mission
ProfessorMembrane: @MilkInBag Can't please *all* the humans. Asimov wrote a good story on that. What if a robot who cannot harm humans gains telepathy? He can hurt their feelings....
maxthefourth: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:56 from now).
Laserbeaks_Fury: Deus Ex did an interesting way of gamifying reading a person
wicker_knight: there's sometimes the Oxenfree option, where if you wait long enough the game proceeds with a "no input" option
ThatWhichNeverWas: I really think the idea is that the Android is apporaching people as puzzles to be solved - trying to find the right approach to get the desired reponses. Or I'm giving the game too much credit.
SalsaDraugur: I'm glad that I didn't save this stream series before playing the game because I think this is a way better way to experience the story
EvilBadman: All the characters you control at robots, so a call/response need is there
AmoriLinguae: Why do the choices have to be timed? I have a disability that makes these things more difficult. I had this problem with Oxenfree too
thatladyinplaid: there are also options, sometimes, allowing you to exit the chain of dialogue
MilkInBag: maybe this is a metaphor about INTJ people 🤔
seth_erickson: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:55 from now).
ProfessorMembrane: @ThatWhichNeverWas Indeed.. "The Ensigns Of Command" re Data. He claimed that was his method. Dunno
AdmiralMemo: Dear Drs. Chat: Oh by the way... How many of y'all are still playing the idle browser games? I'm still playing Paperclips, Shark, and Crank. I got tired of Trimps, though.
TehAmelie: i liked that telepathic robot. shame the psychologist murdered him with a logic trap just cause she felt it was dangerous
wicker_knight: @AdmiralMemo have you tried A Dark Room yet?
ProfessorMembrane: @TehAmelie true <sad>
ThatWhichNeverWas: @ProfessorMembrane Right! I'd forgotten about that :)
AdmiralMemo: @ProfessorMembrane @ThatWhichNeverWas It's how I approach situations.
Metric_Furlong: ThatWhichNeverWas the difficulty is that's usually where conversations end-up going once they're 'gamified'
SalsaDraugur: @ThatWhichNeverWas I think you're giving it too much credit but it's an interesting idea because maybe that's how an artificial intelligence would see humans, kinda like we're a chess game
wicker_knight: I still have all of them, but I'm honestly trying harder to STOP than to continue any of them >_>
AdmiralMemo: @wicker_knight Nah, but now that I've dropped Trimps, maybe I should pick it up
DirgeNovak: Next scene is Kara in Ralph's house, right?
ThatWhichNeverWas: I mean, there's nothing wrong with tailoring your responses, but theres a difference between adapting to a situation and trying to 'solve' someone.
Dryhad: There was a Swedish tv series, I think it was called Real Humans, where the androids ("hubots") were portrayed similarly to this game
EvilBadman: Probably? I've only seen Kara at the Hotel which was next in that line
frnknstn: I do a paperclips run every couple of months. I can complete it in a few hours of interaction now.
wicker_knight: @ThatWhichNeverWas as someone who does tend to approach my interactions with people that way (legacy of working in consulting) I don't think that's an in-universe decision here
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ProfessorMembrane: "Our mission is to seek out new life. Well THERE IT SITS!" <- good AI story
wicker_knight: out of universe, that is happening, but I think that's more the RPG problem of figuring out what the designers thought would be the path to whatever your desired outcome is
wildpeaks: while we're on break, I can no longer hear about this game without thinking about this earworm from last year, so might as well share it with the class: (thanks Hazel :D )
ThatWhichNeverWas: I'm getting the feeling this is an idea that might be interesting to investigate, but will see little to no coverage in this game.
AdmiralMemo: @ThatWhichNeverWas I mean, what should I do, then, if not "solve" someone?
DirgeNovak: Hazel is great, can't wait for her to come back to twitter
wildpeaks: right ? it's been too long :D
SalsaDraugur: @wildpeaks I kinda hate you for sharing this but it's great
wildpeaks: :D
Amentur: Thank you wildpeaks LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think so
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ProfessorMembrane: If you prick me, do I not ... leak?
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Mister_Skittles: they arent
DirgeNovak: Ralph Ralph Ralph Ralph :D
Mister_Skittles: difference is hairstyles and names
SalsaDraugur: I think there are some default models but you could probably have custom desings
splatty1: I think you will get a dumb answer about the androids appearances soon
Amentur: There are multiple different looks but many of the same look are made
silverstar216: There are multiple of the same model, it can become more obvious in the end game, depending on your choices
DirgeNovak: Content warning for abuse btw
AdmiralMemo: I want to play the game!
Dared00: we've already seen at least 3 Ralphs in our gameplay
TehAmelie: did twitch lrrEFF the bed or was it just me?
phenexian: @wildpeaks I can't breath I'm laughing too much
Laserbeaks_Fury: That is absolutely a fighting game cabinet
CulturalGeekGirl: I tend to find Kara's stuff the least interesting, but this is the BEST branch of the "spend the night" set of options though
TStodden: gaem? I want gaem
InfinityToPlanck: Part of the issue with predicting the behavior of a true ai as opposed to that of a simulated intelligence is that sapience itself is poorly defined and until humans obtain some deeper understanding of the concept it will remain pure speculation.
Snowwraith: Random tangent: there is also the problem with these games that David Cage seems obsessed of putting some bad stuff with women in every single one of his games.
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ThatWhichNeverWas: @AdmiralMemo Realise that knowing the functions underlying a person's reponces is effectively imposible, then turn to Understanding and Common courtesy to provide a way to bridge the gap :) Acceptance of falibility is a useful life skill.
ProfessorMembrane: Detroit-us?
frnknstn: when do we need to recharge?
thatladyinplaid: You're supposed to change your appearance upstairs
djalternative: if you put a videogame cabinite in a videogame. It better be playable
Laserbeaks_Fury: "My Vintage Plank collection!!"
Steelwolf171: Detritus or Detroitus?
ProfessorMembrane: Look for a banana outfit. Nobody will recognize it
thatladyinplaid: Upstairs in one of the bedroom closets
Zyme86: According to data a mixt of lubricates \
djalternative: I assume solar power?
lare291: Bird!
ContingentCat: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
AdmiralMemo: @ThatWhichNeverWas As someone who frequently fails to understand "common courtesy" that may be difficult.
phenexian: don't eat the bird!
Angnor33: Androis are powered by teh emotions you feel playing this game.
EvilBadman: Eat, pray, love
Laserbeaks_Fury: Kill Money
Stoffern: Bird, watch, money...all the things your average person carries on their person
SalsaDraugur: I assume androids have some sort of socket to charge
AdmiralMemo: Marry the Money!
DaMullet14: watch the bird
Jorge4hg: marry the watch
ThatWhichNeverWas: @LoadingReadyRun Direct charge beta-particle nuclear battery.
lare291: Poor birb :c
TehAmelie: is the stream live? i 'm getting a conspicuous black screen
cuttlefishman: what is that birb?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I can't tell if it's a fake bird or just a bad game model
cuttlefishman: don't recognize species
NexVesica: Stream is live
PMAvers: This bird is the new baby.
ProfessorMembrane: No such bird.
cmdrud87: 5
thatladyinplaid: @tehamelie I'm not having any problems
Dared00: Eat the money. It's basically like eating the rich.
keeperboy000: do Android's dream of dead birds
phenexian: you promised not to steal
CrazymattCaptain: you promised baby no more stealing
TStodden: You took a fiver
Amentur: Stream is fine for me, TehAmelie
djalternative: That was a lincoln baby
thatladyinplaid: Clothes are upstairs
Laserbeaks_Fury: Maybe it's a taxadirmy bird
MemePlebBoi: android is having trouble "putting back"
ContingentCat: we promised babby we wouldn't use her to steal
TehAmelie: yeep now it works. more evidence for the "complaining about things fixes them" theory
Nigouki: wear the skin of your enemies
Molladia: showlove100 Bits for Cams Awesome time travel smells.
Lithobraker: can you wear the deer head?
Gizmoloid: Messing with that bird for no reason with no result is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to do in this chapter.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @TehAmelie stream keeps pausing for several seconds for me. but my computer's on its last legs. so i dunno.
MemePlebBoi: wear everything in the house, go
AmoriLinguae: no option for a toga party?
Alness49: I don't think we have a lampshade big enough for this game
djalternative: a single jacket just for you
Zyme86: Damnit checkov
Jorge4hg: sure
wildpeaks: seems safe
MemePlebBoi: foreshadowing or something
NexVesica: Gun is the best written character in the game
Laserbeaks_Fury: Honestly, I half expect the squatter android to be grasping that bird like Roy Batty
thatladyinplaid: That's hot
Lord_Hosk: if everyone else was throwing their lampshade off a bridge woudl you do that too?
AdmiralMemo: That was... quite fast for changing
Alness49: This is exactly as a human would dress
TehAmelie: i want a recut of the story that focuses on Gun
wicker_knight: that is totally not a super-expensive jacket /sarcasm
lare291: Wow, she can actually do trigger discipline. Best character
ryuhimora: just put it in your butt like Naked Snake always does
tim19862: it looks oversized
cuttlefishman: Does grunge exist in 203X?
Laserbeaks_Fury: pop the tab
cuttlefishman: Does grunge exist in 201X?
AdmiralMemo: @lare291 Probably programmed into her for safety
QberryMuffin: it's a nice retro grunge look
tim19862: ugh
CulturalGeekGirl: Holy crap I hadn't seen this in a while this outfit is so much cuter than the one stolen from the laundry
splatty1: cut our robo hair
tim19862: so many steps
AdmiralMemo: So what is that hair made of?
Stoffern: haircuts are complicated
Dryhad: This game is not coffee compatible
MemePlebBoi: must use joystick to cut hair, so realistic
tim19862: aww
AdmiralMemo: Nice cut
Laserbeaks_Fury: that's he look for that one short
Laserbeaks_Fury: *her
beregolas: white!
cuttlefishman: White
ArcOfTheConclave: white
TehAmelie: could you lrrEFF up and stab your ear something?
AdmiralMemo: Black hair
lare291: White!
Juliamon: White
thatladyinplaid: White
SalsaDraugur: I hope the hair is bio degradable because otherwise this even worse for the sink
tim19862: WutFace no red?
Lord_Hosk: nope
ContingentCat: um might have wanted to leave it a bit longer to cover temple light but ok
QberryMuffin: def blonde
djalternative: boo no red
DaFhaye: I need this tech for myself
Lord_Hosk: nope
tenthtechpriest: like picking the LED colors on your computer
AdmiralMemo: I want black, but this is also a good look.
HondoTrigger: is that J-Law?
DaMullet14: turns out this is the choice that actually cascades this chapter
beregolas: white kara best kara... htat sounded more racsist than anticipated..
ThatWhichNeverWas: @AdmiralMemo Fair, I'm not going to pretend it isn't difficult. The thing about codes of conduct is that they're a way to determine ways of acting/communicating that work *without* understanding, by creating a common set of rules external to personal traits. If you can somehow indicate you're willing to play by certain rules, then a certain amount of deviation becomes acceptable. Basically, show you'Re willing to be polite/understanding, and people are more likely to grant the benefit of the dou
Brok3nGol3m: everyone's ripping off their buttons
MemePlebBoi: peel off the sticker
ThatWhichNeverWas: Oh god the sound
ContingentCat: UM
lare291: Oof
Zyme86: why, damn why
Alness49: Well, not like we're going to get an infection
ArrestedHouse: sound team on point
wildpeaks: welp, that's gonna void our warranty
Tinasaurus_Rex: I want this hairtechnology in my life
TehAmelie: that's how it sounds in her head in David Cage's head i guess
ThatWhichNeverWas: that was Visceral
seeweda: That’s the same haircut that actress had in The Following tv series
SalsaDraugur: @wildpeaks I think murder already voids the waranty
DaFhaye: Isn't it weird that they can do that. Or know that they can do that.
QberryMuffin: to be replaced
ContingentCat: ummm
lare291: Let's not?
ryuhimora: just gonna regenerate my robo skin
DiscordianTokkan: Something something restraining bolt
CulturalGeekGirl: Those are some extremely high quality sewing scissors. I could get those sharpened up and sell 'em for like forty bucks
tim19862: yay! lrrSPOOP
cuttlefishman: lets not
MemePlebBoi: do it
Boyshinboiv: do it
ryuhimora: NO
lare291: I'd prefer not to
Jorge4hg: lrrFINE
ContingentCat: no
sir_jack_DB: sure
WabisabiEvan: yes please
nuninman: do it
Angnor33: lrrFINE
ThatWhichNeverWas: Ahh. This will go well, with no downsides.
CrazymattCaptain: open
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP
lare291: No thanks
Juliamon: It's not time for Let's Nope yet
Jimrabbit: katesNope katesNope katesNope
wicker_knight: DoItDoItDoIt
adamjford: lrrFINE
SalsaDraugur: dew it
Amentur: Let's Nope is later
NathanJay_GA: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
GDwarf: I assume they come off because no working android would ever remove it? The problem is that a malfunctioning android can remove it, and its the sole indicator that an android is malfunctioning
BaronVonPoppinOff: leave the raccoons in peace
banwidthraptor: do it
EvilBadman: They never assumed the robots would defy programming to remove the head lights
MemePlebBoi: it's not a body, don't worry about it
ShadowAce0: To quote Palpatine: Do IT1
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: IT'LL BE FINE
Brok3nGol3m: the rest of the deer
ThatWhichNeverWas: Behold, my Collection or Robot Hands!
Nigouki: the body was there last night when he was writing on the walls
wicker_knight: Content Warning: BAAAADDDDSTUFFFF
ThatWhichNeverWas: Or not.
ContingentCat: yup, thanks I hate it
cuttlefishman: see if he has loot
ryuhimora: no, close it back up!
AdmiralMemo: @ThatWhichNeverWas Usually polite. Sometimes understanding. Usually playing by my own rules.
cuttlefishman: maybe dropped katana
Jimrabbit: at least close it!
Chaceface: open it ffs
tenthtechpriest: hi other us!
Laserbeaks_Fury: @loadingreadyrun Did you watch that "Kara" short from 2012?
Chaceface: as i suspected, very dead
MemePlebBoi: guys guess what, hank is neutreal
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: yeah i was listening to Giant Bombcast, they got on this - removing your head-thingy that easily seems like an obvious design flaw
wicker_knight: that statement still doesn't make any sense...
phenexian: A thing that has really upset me all of a sudden is that this is a game about becoming human (or at least passing as one). But these androids are so alien with a bunch of tech to make them look human, what it really should be doing is a story about people trying to "fit in" by looking human discovering that they can embrace who they really are by shedding that look.
NexVesica: Hank is neutral because he grew up playing old school D&D. Druid was his favorite class in 2nd edition
ryuhimora: ew
ThatWhichNeverWas: Nice.
ContingentCat: noo
AdmiralMemo: Yeah no
tim19862: nettyDead
Jimrabbit: is that an otter?
wicker_knight: @phenexian that would be one better way to do this game, yes
tenthtechpriest: do the cops not know about the daughter because deadbeat dad wasn't supposed to have her?
cuttlefishman: no, it's a possum
HondoTrigger: that's 100% J-Law
adamjford: dude has a knife
AdmiralMemo: @Jimrabbit Looks like a groundhog?
Lithobraker: muskrat?
adamjford: time to sit
DaFhaye: Actually I like medium rare
wicker_knight: I definitely think Kara looks like JLaw, yes
NathanJay_GA: possum isnt even the worst
MemePlebBoi: that looks pretty good
DirgeNovak: Content warning for animal abuse, obviously
silverstar216: ^
Stoffern: Whenever an android refers to the fact they have emotions I expect the humans dig deeper on that or at least ask "why?"...but they never do...
tim19862: beaver?
Zyme86: I'm geting a REV vibe right now
Rockario: Yeah, I'm sure this isn't giving the girl flashbacks
cuttlefishman: no, its a possum
Zyme86: RE5
ryuhimora: shoulda stayed in the motel
Angnor33: That looks very much more like a beaver in the face than a possum.
sir_jack_DB: leeeeeaaave
tenthtechpriest: so... bail?
StudentOfEtherium: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie tbh, i can believe a company putting on something easily removable like that as a safety feature that the government forced on them. like, they need to do it, so minimum effort
silverstar216: I hate that word now
AdmiralMemo: @DirgeNovak I mean... it's already dead, isn't it? Doesn't count as abuse after it's dead, I'd think.
jakale: ralph did not go to culinary school
cuttlefishman: way wrong tail for a beaver
Zyme86: @cuttlefishman or is it opposum
ContingentCat: it's an opossum
DarkNacht: ITs the guts still in that I would be worried about
Amentur: Sudden Chris Prat cameo
cuttlefishman: that is not long enough for it to be cooked
Brok3nGol3m: basically still raw. yum!
tenthtechpriest: that wasn't even in there for 1 minute
tim19862: that whole animal cooked very fast
Gekyouryuu: you keep using that word
ContingentCat: possums are in australia and look signifigantly less like big rats
DaFhaye: I think I would start crying
Alness49: Succulent. It's a good word
cuttlefishman: this robot's food safety protocols are corrupted
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @StudentOfEtherium actually, yeah, i could see it happening in that case
ThatWhichNeverWas: That is NOT sanitary!
SalsaDraugur: Just like dad used to make
Dryhad: Succulent is from Ralph's word of the day calendar
AdmiralMemo: Corpse
Chaceface: thats not how any of this works
MemePlebBoi: she came off strong didn't she
AdmiralMemo: Was it an accident?
Alness49: Oh that's a line the baby's going to remember
AdmiralMemo: Oh...
wicker_knight: yeah we noticed sergeFriend
Jorge4hg: hulk?
Zyme86: Oh good 3rd person talking
AdmiralMemo: Welp
AdmiralMemo: George is getting upset!
ThatWhichNeverWas: Initiate GTFO Protocols!
Astra7525: Ah, We're doing the Fahrenheit thing
tim19862: Why is talking about oneself in third person creepy and unsettling?
ryuhimora: Cooner just said that to himself?
AmoriLinguae: are they going to throw ralph under the bus?
wicker_knight: Connor definitely will NOT betray Baby Lapa
wicker_knight: * Kappa
SalsaDraugur: yay for robocop
phenexian: time for everyone's favourite SS Agent
djalternative: Worry everyone. Connor's on the job
AdmiralMemo: Wait... so who are we siding with this time? Connor or Kara?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think you can play both sides
wicker_knight: @AdmiralMemo can I side with the White Walkers?
MemePlebBoi: Connor comes in "look, a succulent rat"
ContingentCat: @AdmiralMemo Kara acab
silverstar216: This part is interesting to me, you kind of have to play against yourself, and I think this game did it well, but I dislike the whole premise
WabisabiEvan: @tim19862 probably because it infers one isn't completely in control of oneself as if the persons is merely watching themselves act
AdmiralMemo: @ContingentCat acab?
Zyme86: Drawing a blank
ContingentCat: @AdmiralMemo all cops are bastards
TehAmelie: yellow means truth in Barron Storey's strange palette. like if they guy is subjected to truth the rest of us are spared from
Zyme86: If there wree they totally would not have built a statue to it
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tim19862: ah, that makes sense WabisabiEvan
AdmiralMemo: @ContingentCat That seems... harsh and untrue
MemePlebBoi: he does look like a gardener doesn't he
Gekyouryuu: gardening with Ralph
ThatWhichNeverWas: Welp, back to work. Catch you all on the VoD :)
ryuhimora: Hands
Laserbeaks_Fury: the temple?
Nigouki: can't look at knife in his hands?
cmdrud87: ear
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !advice
LRRbot: Roll for ghost!
AdmiralMemo: Are the two triggers next to each other?
Jorge4hg: why game
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !findbutt
LRRbot: Behind you.
caulderjof: Good point, LRRBot. You guys should look at his ghost.
Alahmnat: It looks like there are two things in the scar region right on top of each other
BaronVonPoppinOff: his temple?
Zyme86: !badadvice
LRRbot: Kick the 'Reader!
ArcOfTheConclave: ubove the eye?
ZethRuss: that gameplay
Laserbeaks_Fury: Scanning for Ezezo
AmoriLinguae: can you change camera angle?
FurthestChunk55: there was one right above the eye
TehAmelie: where's the ghost whispers when we need them
nuninman: are the two triggers next to each other?
AdmiralMemo: lrrGOAT
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !quote scan
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
AdmiralMemo: !findquote scan
LRRbot: Quote #2368: "Virus scan?! The worst! I hate virus scan!" —Paul [2016-04-25]
MemePlebBoi: !findqoute no
phenexian: hahahahaha what a hilarious mechanic
SalsaDraugur: Robocop has no chill
phenexian: there's no one there, ignore the don't go that way meter
PMAvers: Hopefully there's nothing in the tub that Ralph wouldn't want him to see?
ryuhimora: this guy gonna attack us
ContingentCat: this music needs to chill
MemePlebBoi: a level of stress meter sure is convenient
NimrodXIV: Ralph is a bad liar
Rockario: We're definitely asking about the fire, right?
AdmiralMemo: Does he not like walking away or just... walking?
Laserbeaks_Fury: He must stress as you get closer to Kara
wicker_knight: @NimrodXIV Ralph ain't a great truth-teller either, tbf
ManaIishi: ah, it goes up as you head towards the stairs
ryuhimora: what!?!? why would the computer think that was a perfect tool for anything???
SalsaDraugur: I love how connor also recognises the rat as food
lunarecliptica: why would your first thought on seeing a burn possum be 'food'?
djalternative: oh. they're upstairs. he gets less stressed when you walk away from the staircase
silverstar216: I know it says androids don't need food, but can they eat? Like what happens if they try?
wildpeaks: the platonic ideal of "food"
AdmiralMemo: Stairs
Astra7525: Can you scan the arcade?
PMAvers: Hey Ralpha, What'cha Eatin'?
AdmiralMemo: RA9 and I'm Alive
AdmiralMemo: Seems familiar
Gizmoloid: He feels the most comfortable when you rub his back :)
Laserbeaks_Fury: Connor doesn't notice I'm Alive?
wicker_knight: doesn't care
DaMullet14: not any more
hippitybobbity: hello friends, did we find out how to become human alreafy
PMAvers: Correct. No one anymore lives there.
djalternative: under the floor?
MemePlebBoi: if you prepare a nice warm bed for ralph you can reduce his stress levels
hippitybobbity: i gotta know
NexVesica: Ask him if he likes dogs, maybe you two can bond over that
WabisabiEvan: probably notices but it's not relevant to what he's looking for right now
DirgeNovak: under the stairs
wicker_knight: @hippitybobbity not yet
tim19862: hmmmmm
splatty1: good job police
Nigouki: NOT MY JOB!
Jorge4hg: but
Zyme86: heck of a job ralf
AmoriLinguae: teleportation
AdmiralMemo: Then why did you let it run?
Jorge4hg: One job
ryuhimora: JASON
hippitybobbity: thank you policed man
Alahmnat: must. provide. gameplay.
phenexian: why did we even post him there
wicker_knight: good cop BloodTrail gabyFacepalm
beregolas: best police officer NA
ryuhimora: SHAUN
korbl: uniform, he's probably "maintaining a perimeter"
splatty1: no wonder androids are replacing you Kappa
BlindProphet32: You told me to stand here not arrest people
Gizmoloid: And no one even comments about a child.
wicker_knight: benginWat
adamjford: I'm glad someone got here and said JASON before I could
Zyme86: Does nobody do their job?
Jorge4hg: Omg
hippitybobbity: thank you policed man also
Thandres: and they are wondering why they get replaced by androids
CulturalGeekGirl: also you'd think they'd dvelop like... a taser that would work on androids
SalsaDraugur: "This is why we have robots"
FurthestChunk55: "it's an android, I don't need to stop it"
Gekyouryuu: fun fact: you can choose not to follow and let them get away
Alness49: "We don't like robots doing our job!" "Nor do you like doing yours"
hippitybobbity: UH OH
wicker_knight: Not gonna chase it. Am gonna shoot it :/
AdmiralMemo: Frogger time!
WabisabiEvan: such a bad idea
niccus: was frogger a racial allegory
Jorge4hg: Don't be a frog
tim19862: gameplay
phenexian: Frogger hard mode!
HondoTrigger: WTF
AdmiralMemo: @wicker_knight Well, 1. cops, and 2. possibly aim to wound rather than kill?
Rockario: Just live in the median, no one can get you there
phenexian: he cares!
Simonark: Clancy Brown hates Quicktime.
Alness49: He didn't say the magic words!
phenexian: he cares about us!
jakale: action man, connor
korbl: sadly, cops are literally trained to kill rather than wound
tenthtechpriest: connor got some moves
AdmiralMemo: @wicker_knight (Unlikely, I know, since this is America)
hippitybobbity: we in the matrix now
Thandres: hank has some mission impossible moves :o
FurthestChunk55: connor is a literal action hero
NexVesica: Connor doesn't actually want to catch them, he just wants to show off his parkour
tim19862: wow, chasing yourself
jakale: course you did, but drama
Stoffern: Who are we controling???
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Scrubbodiestobears: i came in in the middle of a chase sequence where you're playing both characters and this is kinda a really cool sequence
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jakale: yes
Alahmnat: nice that automated vehicles in this universe don't have collision detection and avoidance protocols
tim19862: both
hippitybobbity: connor is way too stupid to be a robot
KodeMage: they made it, yea!
Astra7525: fuck fuck fuck
NimrodXIV: lrrFINE
Dryhad: Connor can swear?
Jorge4hg: i don't like that
FurthestChunk55: is that Connor's first swear?
Gekyouryuu: @stoffern yes
LackingSanity_: You survived!
djalternative: everyone is alive
CulturalGeekGirl: I'm very glad that Cory is good at video games
AdmiralMemo: @Stoffern It's a QTE that has prompts for both
jamesinor: Wait, this can't be detroit, where are all the racoons?
Gizmoloid: Oooh Connor angry.
wicker_knight: @AdmiralMemo Is this the point where I point out that the use of force doctrine for the US Marine Corps is stricter than the one that Chicago police use?
SalsaDraugur: This kinda reminds me of the end of lego star wars where you have to fight your co op partner
arcana_capulus: Fuck!
superkooky: It’s the People Mover.
ProfessorMembrane: Cops can't stop traffic? Hm
KodeMage: they aren't going to get away... they know what train that was and where it's going
AdmiralMemo: @jamesinor The crazy robot ate them all. Kappa
jakale: girls gonna need some therapy after all this
Simonark: Monorail!
ryuhimora: !advice
LRRbot: Remove human skin.
MikaelFoxy: Fun thing to note, Conner can die there if you fail to much with him
phenexian: Ok, so there's a lot bad about this game BUT The idea of failure helping 1 of our 2 characters is actually really interesting.
wildpeaks: like that game whose name eludes me (with a supernatural murder), we're rooting for both the detective and the fugitives
Frednotbob: @jamesinor No, it can't be Detroit because the city has -money-... XD
AdmiralMemo: @wicker_knight No need. Am aware.
Zyme86: @Simonark it goes to north haverbrook
WabisabiEvan: good job
CompletelyUnsure: I think it's really interesting that Connor is the only Android to refer to the other Androids as "it"
Frednotbob: (Sorry, that was kinda tasteless.)
korbl: @jakale that girl was always going to need therapy
jakale: yeah
KodeMage: hit by car and undiscovered by conner
DirgeNovak: Btw, Connor can die as many times as you want and be replaced. Markus and Kara die for good.
splatty1: why is that glass?
tenthtechpriest: totally not a race allegory
AdmiralMemo: @wicker_knight I'm always looking for other lines, no matter the situation, even if they're highly unlikely.
MemePlebBoi: is this an allegory?
taschneide: gee, real subtle there, game
ProfessorMembrane: OH PLEASE.
wicker_knight: @AdmiralMemo then I'l settle for a long sigh of resignation -_-
taschneide: "hey do you get it? do you get it yet"
ProfessorMembrane: Next you'll find the going to the Robot Rose Parks.
WabisabiEvan: you know I kind of wish we just spent this game as Kara and Connor
Simonark: Yes, for a society where some people have slightly exaggerated eye colouring and how terrible that is,
chickenace11: but how did you hear that
SalsaDraugur: @MemePlebBoi no david cage dosen't do those, this is a story about robots and not something in our past nor present
Cannons_are_an_instrument: A wrestler
Zanaide: Find Zion!
DaMullet14: Jericho is signed to AEW
ArrestedHouse: find chris jericho
tenthtechpriest: find jericho, the wrestler
Laserbeaks_Fury: Shaka, when the walls fell
Jorge4hg: it's a wrestler
cuttlefishman: maybe jericho is a metaphorical symbol
ArrestedHouse: break the walls down
Zyme86: It used to be a walled city at least
splatty1: gotta fine the hash tags
djalternative: It's an AR puzzle
NexVesica: This part is also super video gamey
Rockario: When is the WWE next going to be in Detroit? Jericho is probably still wrestling in 203X
Alness49: Jericho was the friends we made along the way
AdmiralMemo: @wicker_knight Let me hope for the best, sometimes, please. lrrAWW
MemePlebBoi: @SalsaDraugur Ok thanks, I really needed confirmation
KodeMage: that's a mural, not graffiti
djalternative: Welcome to the first puzzle in I Love Bees!
taschneide: @Simonark the general consensus seems to be that connor is the favorite character/segments, then kara
thenb44: scan
Dared00: you have to scan the hash symbol
silverstar216: You gotta scan it
KodeMage: that was market garden?
Lord_Hosk: Ferndale? I thought we were in detroit not the northern suburbs
thenb44: r2 over the hashtag
Zyme86: Correct cam and it failed misearbly
taschneide: wait wrong @ sorry
DirgeNovak: Scan the graffiti
Simonark: Market Garden was liberating the Netherlands
Painfully_Dyslexic: I really don't like David Cage, there are some nuggets of a good ideas but ultimately, the story is hamfisted at best
ProfessorMembrane: Look out for Mystique! She can look like anyone
korbl: that tablet is way too substantial to be a throwaway thing..
hippitybobbity: RAD
Lord_Hosk: Next up in Troy:Become Human, and Ann Arbor: Become Human
phenexian: So in this universe adult humans don't value the lives of robots AND children
keeperboy000: the real question is are there similar games that deliver on promises?
ProfessorMembrane: In fairness, Io is a shithole
Astra7525: I thought Baby might be a robot. Now I think Baby doesn't exist at all and is just a glitch in Kara's mind
Gekyouryuu: we call those rovers
CompletelyUnsure: Maybe saying that androids can kidnap humans would cause a mass panic
tim19862: CurseLit lrrGARBO
Frednotbob: @margieargie '..'Droooid on the run...'
ContingentCat: you'd think the babby would be the main thing
WabisabiEvan: Isn't Europa supposed the be the good one
phorrestgaze: we're not sending PEOPLE
Nigouki: a heavily irradiated sulfur fire!
Alahmnat: we're not allowed to go to Europa though
oyleslyck: that's why they are sending androids
SalsaDraugur: I don't like that the magazines work like tablets because it just seems too wasteful but that might just be because it doesn't line up with my ideal vision of the future
tenthtechpriest: robots on io? will they hang out with asher mir?
hippitybobbity: theyre not people, theyre robots
HorusFive: We're NOT sending people Cam
Simonark: They're trying to kill a few androids, though! Io's great for that!
AdmiralMemo: Send robots to Io, not humans
ryuhimora: Maybe if they let it slip that the android is protecting a child nobody will support chasing it down?
BlindProphet32: But Io has Asher
MemePlebBoi: They should make a game about astronauts traveling to IO
Tiber727: Remember, Io means No.
Rockario: Where else are people going to go to mine that precious sulphur?
thenb44: r2 scan it
margieargie: Don't send -androids- to Io, the radiation will cook -them- right away.
Zyme86: Operation jeherico was to try and free some free french maquis and ended up killing a ton in the process and nearly all wre recaptured later. IT ended up doing way more harm than good
Dared00: scan it
QberryMuffin: talk to the homeless person?
KodeMage: That's a mural, it's not graffiti
tim19862: lrrEFF
Simonark: Detective Vision!
InfinityToPlanck: Heck even ganamede is a better option if you dont want to do europa
TheR676767: mcdonalds!
Alness49: I think she's not mentioned as to have as few moving parts for choices
Jorge4hg: gameplay!
Chaceface: GAMEPLAY Kappa
tenthtechpriest: QR codes hidden in the graffiti?
DaMullet14: Connor noticed the plates, so I assume baby exists
AdmiralMemo: Graffiti found!
Lord_Hosk: How can you see downtown from ferndale? its like 15 miles away?
WabisabiEvan: give homeless man money?
djalternative: This is literally how spycraft works
rrtycoon2: Gameplay that makes you feel as logically constrained as an android.
Frednotbob: Graffiti get!
QberryMuffin: find the hashtags!
tim19862: find the hidden images kids! can you find the carrot?!
shamonic13: "They went that way" from the cop
Nigouki: fine repeating shape? teaching androids to recognize patterns? soling captcha in the fugure?
Amentur: Baby exists but is not baby, Cam. Which is why baby does not eat
cuttlefishman: take the wrong escalator
HorusFive: Escalator Backwards!
ryuhimora: I think the daughter has to exist because the father mentions that she named the android
cuttlefishman: be a rebel
cynimo: that s a fun interactive movie you are wathcing there
AdmiralMemo: @Lord_Hosk Suspension of disbelief
MemePlebBoi: don't step on your fellow robot
Sir__Octopus: She knocked over the cans?
wicker_knight: BABY is a mass delusion of all android-dom
Frednotbob: Technically, it should be 'find the graffito'. Graffiti is plural, and we're looking for a single example.
Simonark: Well, I'M convinced!
wicker_knight: and also that one drunk human
AmoriLinguae: nobody is allowed to use stairs anymore?
wildpeaks: "blend in with the humans" relatable
Laserbeaks_Fury: That kid is on THE ESCALATOR AGAIN!
Lithobraker: Hmm... If only there was a major plot point int HUMANS that this game could have cribbed from
Zyme86: totally just to picked
Dryhad: Wallet is gone
lare291: You know, calling androids "robots" is like calling humans "apes"
SalsaDraugur: Humans never want to take the stairs because stairs are for lesser robots
korbl: If both Kara and Ralph think Alice exists, then there would be three plates. Ralph is obviously unstable, so agreeing with a delusion of another android isn't out of the question
AdmiralMemo: @Frednotbob It's not "graffitum"? Kappa
banwidthraptor: this has been said ad nausem but david cage should just make a movie
Jorge4hg: hello fellow human
Jorge4hg: noraml greeting
hippitybobbity: graffita, graffitae, graffitae, graffitam
Laserbeaks_Fury: Read between the Lions
ProfessorMembrane: IS THIS AN ALLEGORY
MemePlebBoi: blend in with humans*walks into android parking station*
Lithobraker: banwidthraptor at the very least we'd get a RiffTrax out of it
tim19862: Compelling gameplay lrrBEEJ
AdmiralMemo: @ProfessorMembrane No it's a crocodile. Kappa
ryuhimora: how do you do fellow humans
Scrubbodiestobears: grandma should learn to play video games
Frednotbob: @AdmiralMemo No, 'graffiti' is Italian, not Latin.
Stoffern: Why does grandma need something to do?
wicker_knight: and commune with cookie-based Elder Gods
Lithobraker: Stoffern Capitalism
judahnator: cookie clicker does not lie
TStodden: Cookie Clicker can always use more Grandmas...
SalsaDraugur: My grandma makes pankakes but yes grandmothers bake
djalternative: you are a law abiding citizen cori
Simonark: The most famous boxers from Detroit are the Mayweathers and Sugar Ray Robinson, I don't think that's any of them
Alness49: So... are we following an underground railroad right now?
8_Escape: I do not know but that would not surprise me.
CapnRobert: if people make robots and then give them fake emotions and then the robots think they feel real emotions sounds like you got a bug in your software to me time to go back to the table
AdmiralMemo: @Frednotbob I was joking. :D
lare291: @Alness49 Yes
NexVesica: We're gameplaying right now
hippitybobbity: lolol
tim19862: lrrSPOOP oh that
Frednotbob: Oh. XD My bad.
ryuhimora: So do we think the media isn't mentioning the daughter because it will make the public sympathize with the android?
wildpeaks: aww Carl
hippitybobbity: would you kindly throw a ball at a man who married an android
QberryMuffin: @ryuhimora that tracks
MemePlebBoi: Guys, Connor is actually Jesus
wicker_knight: #NotAnAllegory
Laserbeaks_Fury: Lets be honest, in 2038, grandmas are likely already gamers
DaMullet14: ryuhimora I'd expect the headlines to be more like 'rogue android steals child
Mysticman89: octothrope*
SalsaDraugur: @ryuhimora I think that's how it would happen in real life but is that something david cage would do
Alness49: #notanallegory
AmoriLinguae: #octothorpe
wildpeaks: subtle
Simonark: Octothorpe Traveler!
ProfessorMembrane: Graffiti is "tagging". This is literally a HASH tag.
cynimo: but there are nmo robots here sir only fellow humans
AdmiralMemo: @Frednotbob Also, technically, Italian is just advanced Latin, isn't it? ;-)
Lord_Hosk: Interesting note, a investigation into raising the retirement age in the US up from 65 to 75 noted that it would devistate the volunteer community, because that age group volunteers more than any other, doing things like, baking cookies for fundraisers.
BlackHatZak: You *are* a robot.
Gizmoloid: Yeah, originally graffiti was scratching things like "Bob was here" on church frescoes and stuff like that.
Zanaide: #UndergroundRobits
wicker_knight: @ProfessorMembrane I'm sure some junior writer was inordinately proud of themselves for that exact pun
Simonark: Palatte Cleanser.
revjakenash: Just tuned in 10 minutes ago, has this gameplay been this tedious the whole time?
wicker_knight: both the motion capture and performance capture are excellent
wicker_knight: @revjakenash yes
ContingentCat: it's certainly not the writing
CulturalGeekGirl: Performance capture and actor improv are 80% of why this game is actually beloved
NexVesica: Yeah, this is a pretty tedious section of the game
Snowwraith: It's got a lot of craft in this game, and the writing is nowhere near the level of it.
AdmiralMemo: @revjakenash It's been SLIGHTLY more interesting in a few rare instances, but mostly yes
ryuhimora: his job is to not emote unless the script says he does
silverstar216: @revjakenash maybe in the beginning, its definitely more of a story game at first, but it has its action moments later on
ProfessorMembrane: Oh but his job is to emote as someone who doesn't emote a LOT.
Laserbeaks_Fury: negative space
SalsaDraugur: from what I have read the best parts are the ones where the actor ad libed their mocap performance
TehAmelie: Anthony Hopkins has some fancy things to say about acting "less", too
hippitybobbity: it's about all the faces you dont make
hippitybobbity: like jazz
NexVesica: We get to do ninja flips soon at least
Rockario: "Android on the run" led me to looking up the origins of the Rush song "Body Electric," which led me to the Bradbury story which, coincidentally, is about an android grandmother
wicker_knight: Connor's actor in particular I think does a good job of communicating _both_ a flat affect and an emotional range
ProfessorMembrane: Robin Curtis as Saavik is an example of Not Emoting and she's an awful vulcan. Nimoy was a great vulcan.
Zanaide: Parkour time!
hippitybobbity: @rockario that's from a Whitman poem right
hippitybobbity: i sing the body electric
MemePlebBoi: Android learns to believe in himself-summary of this game
djalternative: there's one in the negative space
Laserbeaks_Fury: the 3rd symbol is negative space
ghostvalv: platforming > plot forming
Rockario: @hippitybobbity The title is, yeah
phenexian: you missed one
hippitybobbity: right
AdmiralMemo: Dear Dr. Cam: I've found that Spock and Worf are similar. They're two alien characters viewing their own culture from an outside lens. Spock's Logic and Worf's Honor seem Flanderized in comparison to day-to-day Vulcans and Klingons.
SentientRatKing: Yay new username my old one was wabisabievan not too important but on the off chance anyone was curious
ProfessorMembrane: @wicker_knight truth! Conner can be pissed or afraid and still flat.
revjakenash: yes Action!
TehAmelie: Sparkle Motion, i doubt your commitment to it sometimes
Arikell: time to test our borrowed legs
AdmiralMemo: jamp
Gizmoloid: Considering that all his clothes come from a muddy landfill, I'm surprised that no one even commented on how much he must smell. Now that would have been an authentic human interaction.
ryuhimora: android butt wiggle seems like a design flaw
phorrestgaze: if we butt wiggle we're legally a cat
hippitybobbity: fuck yeah
MemePlebBoi: learn new skills instantaneously, it's fine
chickenace11: I would love to see a robot do a but wiggle before jumping
Alness49: Simple geometry
silverstar216: I really love the preconstruct mechanic in this game, it lets you try multiple things out with out having a respawn mechanic, which wouldn't fit with the story
ryuhimora: what what was THAT not a QTE????
revjakenash: That would definitely not have been fun to do in real time.
TehAmelie: ha, but anrdoids have no imagination, if they picture it they can do it
SalsaDraugur: I'm going to be honest I doubt that most humans will have ai this smart in their homes, a more realistic game would have all the non cop robots be basically roombas with arms
Dragonality: Into the shadow realm, and the how of Mr. Sparkle.
djalternative: that's not a good sign
MemePlebBoi: androids can do all this, but they can't see that far
ryuhimora: it's a deadsm'n
TehAmelie: do android corpses smell?
AdmiralMemo: I like the fact that cat butt wiggle is for real their "calibration" so android butt wiggle might not be THAT far from the truth.
DK_84: Very special robots to be banished to the land of wind and ghosts
phenexian: so to be clear, this is a game where advanced parcor is an automatic success, but where filling a glass with water and passing it to someone has 3 input commands.
Snowwraith: @AdmiralMemo you often find that with people who have moved to drastically different culture: they hold onto what they brought them with more. A lot of Worf's plotlines come from the fact his "idea" of Klingon honour doesn't reflect the reality as he's never actually grown up in it, just effectively read about it.
Astra7525: Has this become The Witness?
margieargie: Sparkula City!
SentientRatKing: did David Cage read Asimov or did he think he was breaking new ground here
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Over there, next to the thing.
wicker_knight: @TehAmelie probably have a metallic, slightly burny smell, like old batteries
NexVesica: David Cage was thinking "gameplay"
MemePlebBoi: go the way that would not support your weight
korbl: Actually I really like this mechanic
korbl: very cool
ryuhimora: are androids more or less heavy than humans
Alahmnat: parkour!
MemePlebBoi: I sure hope not
TehAmelie: oh, he's definitely read Asimov, but who knows what he retained
AdmiralMemo: @Snowwraith Exactly. And Spock is trying to be more Vulcan than Vulcans. We see normal Vulcans express more emotion than he usually does.
SalsaDraugur: @SentientRatKing as someone who hasn't read asimov I think david cage never thought about robots before and then thought he was being original
NexVesica: I mean, in a good game this might be a neat tutorial for a mechanic that you start to use more and more as the game goes on
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean, this is not a bad way to do "video game lives"
NexVesica: But naturally, in a David Cage game, you never really use this again
silverstar216: @NexVesica disagree, you end up using this during the later action sequences
Painfully_Dyslexic: @SentientRatKing David Cage has an ego the size of jupiter her likely thinks he was the first to come up with idea with robots are people
ProfessorMembrane: So it's Prince of Persia, but without actually seeing it happen.
TehAmelie: oh no, i just realized this is David Cage doing Quadrilateral Cowboy
MemePlebBoi: activating system control
wildpeaks: loading, ready, execute
SentientRatKing: SalsaDraugur yeah that's kind of what I'm afraid of. It would be interesting to know though whether he was inspired by old ideas or you know hubris hubris hubris
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NexVesica: silverstar216 Not nearly as much as general QTE gameplay though as we've already seen. I think it comes up again like, once or twice near the end?
AdmiralMemo: Like, why would we need a QTE when we just computed it, unless there's an unexpected event?
Lord_Hosk: good work normal human
Astra7525: I like to think that Markus doesn't have to do quick time, because he is an android who is also currently not stressing out like Kara did
SalsaDraugur: @SentientRatKing from what I understand about david cage it's probably 90% hubris
adamjford: because gameplay
Laserbeaks_Fury: it's a pespective puzzle
ProfessorMembrane: He's a prototype; this is within his programming? Kara's outside her realm.
MemePlebBoi: would be neat, BUUUUUUT
wildpeaks: talking of perspective puzzles, Hellblade would be great on talking sim one day
Laserbeaks_Fury: This was an issue in Arkham City
wicker_knight: NotLikeThis
silverstar216: @NexVesica that's fair. I would like to contrast this with the QTEs in something like Until Dawn, which in my experience were quite punishing if you wanted to keep all of the characters alive
djalternative: this is literal spycraft. this technique was used in the cold war era to locate dead drops
korbl: This whole game is basically "neat idea, bad execution"
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TehAmelie: hashtag unlocked. so to speak
SentientRatKing: SalsaDraugur yeah... yeah
ProfessorMembrane: So, Setsuna.
MemePlebBoi: move building-execute
Painfully_Dyslexic: if this game was only about Connor investigating a series of murders, it would be so much more compelling
caulderjof: So Marcus is the palette cleanser?
ProfessorMembrane: @caulderjof oh man
ProfessorMembrane: "Dead Drop" doctor Cam
ChandlerAndJoven: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:47:39.
ryuhimora: so what is the difference between this kind of videogame and an interactive movie
wicker_knight: @wildpeaks I believe Alex specifically shot down doing Hellblade at one point, despite having enjoyed it, due to the heaviness of themes. Although given the new standard cast i could see them revisiting that decision
korbl: wait, does this android have stubble?
Lord_Hosk: I mean, they were less obvious
BrowneePoints: @Painfully_Dyslexic Connor is my Roboyfriend and he's a pure bean who deserves nothing but good things
MemePlebBoi: itz a friggin boat
wicker_knight: @ryuhimora what is an interactive movie
SK__Ren: The Walls of Jericho
SK__Ren: Perectly fine
Laserbeaks_Fury: why are we not "computing" this?
djalternative: yeah. locate a symbol painted somewhere and it would have encrypted info on where the dead drop was.
ProfessorMembrane: Jericho was a safe fortress. Nobody ever got caught there.
ryuhimora: @wicker_knight I want to say Bandersnatch
wildpeaks: I think he did based on what he heard from it, not from having played it afaik
KodeMage: and the walls came tumbling down
TehAmelie: i like "pure bean" lrrDARK
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Break down the wallls
wildpeaks: *about it
NexVesica: This scene would work better as a montage, or in media res with Markus finding the last clues, implying he's been following this for awhile. But gameplay wise, it just falls flat and drags on and is relatively unexciting because there's no real story happening in what should be a story heavy game
Painfully_Dyslexic: @BrowneePoints he deserves to be in a better game
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DolGrenn: So this is where Y2J went...
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DaMullet14: Are we gonna Skyscraper this
ContingentCat: yeah, they all went to be happy in a farm upstate
Laserbeaks_Fury: how heavy are these androids?
wicker_knight: @ryuhimora I would argue Bandersnatch is a video game
CrazymattCaptain: quickly went from populated area to unpopulated
Rhynerd: I wonder if something’s gonna happen that will look like a good reference to “Lay That Trumpet In Our Hands”
wicker_knight: so...yes :P
silverstar216: @NexVesica agreed, the middle chapters for Markus are my least favorite part of this game
Astra7525: leap of faith
KodeMage: spikes
Dryhad: Wheeee
Stoffern: Haybales are probably a Ubisoft copyright
Laserbeaks_Fury: jesus, a literal Leap of Faith
shamonic13: *dies*
ContingentCat: um
HorusFive: and dead
cuttlefishman: Is this a baptism
NexVesica: silverstar216 Yeah, I forgot how many dull chapters Marcus ends up with until now
niccus: where's the eagle noise
wicker_knight: cue T-REX
MemePlebBoi: leap of faith but boring
phenexian: wow, we did ass creed
TehAmelie: !quote David Cage
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
SentientRatKing: I don't like the Marcus plot. Then again I'm not fond of revolutionaries. Kinda wish his story was just about him continuing to bond with"Dad" and learning to be an artist and the conflict with "Dad's" biological son
DaMullet14: Remember, water is a big pillow
LackingSanity_: Goodbye, jacket
ProfessorMembrane: THIS IS NOT AN ALLEGORY
KodeMage: water damage, voided the warranty
FurthestChunk55: when did we get a new shirt?
Arikell: We lost the coat
Astra7525: we shed our stolen outer shell
HorusFive: !quote cage
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Rhynerd: Oh hey, this looks like where Heavy Rain ended.
silverstar216: @NexVesica and they all have one ending, no real options or anything argh
djalternative: where's the jacket?
cuttlefishman: I mean... it's not Bioshock baptismal
Jorge4hg: Jacket damage
ContingentCat: remember everyone no symbolism
Zyme86: Maybe but I dont like the font
cuttlefishman: but its pretty close
hippitybobbity: SUBTLE
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Rhynerd: Anybody see a dead serial killer?
TehAmelie: so symbolic
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So we climbed as high as we could to jump into a ground level pool? Sure, why not.
Jimrabbit: it's safe when you have no internal organs
rrtycoon2: He clearly calculated the optimal impact angle...and fialed.
Jorge4hg: what jacket? we're always like this
sir_jack_DB: really giving the sixaxis a workout there eh, Dave?
A_Catastrophic_Success: This looks like a fine interactive novel. Thank goodness it is not marketed like an actual game and sold at full price.
MemePlebBoi: yo this is like not going to be spooky for no reason
StudentOfEtherium: @SentientRatKing the thing with that theoretical story is that the painter dude wasnt his dad. he was his slave owner. and a story about a slave learning to accept his slave owner is regressive
FurthestChunk55: christ the controls in this game are fucking stupid
Laserbeaks_Fury: And....the bateries run out
CompletelyUnsure: I think the point of that water is that is WOULD kill a human but NOT a robot
InfinityToPlanck: It is never an issue that it is an incomprehensible fluid kappa
phenexian: @SentientRatKing if you don't like revolutionaries, why are you watching a metaphor for civil rights?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: not flashlights in video gmaes
Amentur: Rather high if you fall in flat and into possible rubble
wicker_knight: @phenexian not a metaphor, remember Kappa
phenexian: :P
Dryhad: You require the Yellow Key Kappa
MemePlebBoi: @phenexian it's never a metaphor, remember my teachings-David Cage
Astra7525: ah, the SIlent Hill problem of locked doors everywhere
tenthtechpriest: gamers react to bright light and shiny objects
ProfessorMembrane: (this is assuming that the robot on the run is not injured & fragile)
midday_rendelnep: [insert Alien scuttling down the corridor here]
SalsaDraugur: go left
ryuhimora: you're supposed to attract the gamer's attention with sound
Astra7525: ffs
MemePlebBoi: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
adamjford: lrrSPOOP
taschneide: why
ryuhimora: JUMP SCARE
ContingentCat: Jumpscare!
Alahmnat: mawp
Jorge4hg: why
taschneide: whyyyyy
NexVesica: Video game!
Jimrabbit: W H Y
aggravated_cat: OK THEN
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !findquote left
LRRbot: Quote #2993: "Someone left the sex die in here..." —Graham [2016-07-15]
DrWreckage: Y
SalsaDraugur: damn it cage
Gekyouryuu: lanipaLoud lanipaLoud lanipaLoud lanipaLoud
Dared00: @ryuhimora or 2 day shipping
SentientRatKing: StudentOfEtherium hmm you have a good point. I just don't think this works as a civil rights allegory. If instead we focused on the implications of sentience I think this would be a better plot.
ProfessorMembrane: No thank you.
ryuhimora: Deviants do
margieargie: Oh, Let's Nope already started?
midday_rendelnep: did I no scope it
wicker_knight: Connor said Deviants do
hippitybobbity: what even was that
Alness49: Shriekbot is up to his old tricks again!
midday_rendelnep: ?
rrtycoon2: Let's...sure.
Dryhad: Connor said they do
wildpeaks: I mean, we already had Lance Henriksen, so Aliens would make sense :D
TheWriterAleph: do androids dream of electric jump scares?
Jimrabbit: !quote jumpscare
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
DarkNacht: Only deviants
tenthtechpriest: let's ok I guess lrrSPOOP
MemePlebBoi: !quote right
Jorge4hg: Jumpscare because why not i guess
Amentur: lrrSPOOP Let's Nope is later game. Get with the new schedule!
Cannons_are_an_instrument: "findquote go left
silverstar216: Another interesting thing about this game is the mix of environmental storytelling and straight-up reading, with news stories on TVs, and the electronic magazines. I'm not sure which I prefer in this case
Dragonality: !quote fear
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
PMAvers: I dunno, that sure seems would make any humans that walked in here NOPE NOPE NOPE out
cuttlefishman: that jumpscare was rude
ryuhimora: !quote jump
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !findquote go left
LRRbot: Quote #2150: "Did I just not go left?" —Alex [2016-03-08]
Laserbeaks_Fury: Good thing he got through before that one beam collapsed making the path more traversable
StudentOfEtherium: @SentientRatKing but at that point it's an entirely different story. that's like saying star wars would be better off if it wasnt revolutionary. to remove that aspect of it would be to change things entirely
MemePlebBoi: You could tell it's compelling due to the quick time events and jumpscares
Lithobraker: so you're in a tunnel and are being railroaded. could one call it an UNDERGROUND RAILROAD? Kappa
ProfessorMembrane: Electricity should be easy to come by in a derelict ship.
lare291: Oof
SentientRatKing: phenexian I think this is very flawed game that fails in interesting ways. Plus I don't think the civil rights allegory does a good enough job in this game. I thought it was the weakest part personally.
ContingentCat: ouch
aussie_rob_w: @lithobraker boooo. Boooooooo!
Nigouki: industrial machinery is kinda mandatory for sci-fi horror
immortallen: Did I walk into Let's Nope by mistake?
SalsaDraugur: thank christ he dosen't have bones
TemporallyAwry: If you "bounce" when hitting your back ... you're not usually getting up.
MemePlebBoi: so spooky
DaMullet14: He landed on the giant steel i-beam, the hardest part of the ring
ryuhimora: @ProfessorMembrane I'm starting to think they run on fuel cells, possible alchohol
KhaineSD: Do they reset the floor every time?
Astra7525: I wonder whether Connor faked being affected by the gut punch from the dick detective at the station
Zhedor: Now, why is that a question we rarely see in fiction? Do androids feel love/yearning/desire has all been done. but a story about an AI talking to their therapist about their crippling phobia of needles seems like a really fun/interesting idea
MemePlebBoi: initiate booping sequence
ProfessorMembrane: @ryuhimora makes sense
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rrtycoon2: And thanks for wrecking the place, newbie...
Lord_Hosk: You are not an android... you do not have a ring on your head we must kill you
adamjford: The i beam is a metaphor.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I don't think anyone's arguing the slavery subtext in this game is a bad idea, just the ludicrous idea of trying to insist it's "not about race" while trying to employ it's symbology
Zyme86: you couldn't jump, they had to beam you down
splatty1: people keep falling down that catwalk and they just reset it so they aren't the last one Kappa
Alness49: "And if it's your first night, you land on the I beam"
Jimrabbit: prove you're a robot by surviving this
Akaiatana: You have to open your inner-eye beam
tenthtechpriest: "welcome to jericho... why didn't you take the stairs?"
ProfessorMembrane: Agents J and K?
Arikell: the soul crushing spinal pain is a mandatory part of the experience
Littha: I guess breaking someones spine is a good way to check if they are an android
SentientRatKing: StudentOfEtherium I guess I just feel like potential was lost not exploring other themes that are present
Rockario: Now someone has to go set up that whole thing again?
MemePlebBoi: you become a real man once you land on the bean
VelvetFalcon: Detroit become Hugh.
SalsaDraugur: Is this their test to see if you're an android or not, if you're an android you're fine but if you're human you fucking die
MemePlebBoi: *beam
drcthulu: reach for spray bottle
Invitare: r/CasualUK
korbl: depends on the subreddit
KodeMage: like raw circuit diagrams
seth_erickson: What would you do if you had an Android right in front of you
ryuhimora: @Cam time for a system wipe
Akaiatana: r slash halt catch fire
hippitybobbity: kick it
VelvetFalcon: I would probably ask them about it.
Alness49: Same that I would if I found my child on reddit. Weep in the corner as I have failed
djalternative: or r/FiftyFifty
EvilBadman: Android love /r/fiftyfifty
orbitaltuna: subredditsimulator
phenexian: @SentientRatKing While I agree this isn't going a good job of being about race, and probably shouldn't have tried given who wrote it. I find it hard not to read a broad dislike for revolutionaries as discarding the real danger and hard work people put into obtaining actual rights in the real world.
SalsaDraugur: As long as he's not using my account I'd be fine with an android browsing weird shit
korbl: r/popping? meh. r/TheDonald-- immediate intervention
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Do androids feel anxiety?
hippitybobbity: jkick it like you would a teenage son
midday_rendelnep: birdswithhands
MemePlebBoi: oh look, it's clancy brown
SentientRatKing: StrudentOFEtherium sorry that might have sounded dismissive I think you have good points
tenthtechpriest: little animals holding a thing? I HAVE A SUBREDDIT TO VISIT
Dryhad: He's a millenial!
phorrestgaze: brb, off to lilgrabbies
ContingentCat: lil' grabbies is so good
cuttlefishman: Damnit Cori
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's gotta be a picture of Clancy Brown in an older movie
Rhynerd: r/lilgrabbies? i’d join in.
cuttlefishman: Are Millenials Jeff Bridges now?
haseo_sora: Is it wrong that I want to listen to the rap in the background
aussie_rob_w: He’s only a little older than me.
MemePlebBoi: you see your android on pewdiepie submissions
ryuhimora: I woulda apologized
midday_rendelnep: *birdswitharms
Rhynerd: r/popping? a talk about establishing privacy
ContingentCat: that and /r/tuckedinkitties are great for a shitty day
samwonk: There's a lot about this game that I think is pretty bad but Hank's photo is a decent touch.
tenthtechpriest: he gets hangry
LackingSanity_: Imagine if Lt. Anderson just started spouting 2010s memes
Lord_Hosk: Oh, they started a slack
Duwani1: 186 g of sugar
Invitare: Pinapple soda :O
DaMullet14: how can he tell what flavour that is from a visual scan
ryuhimora: pineapple soda??? what monster!
MemePlebBoi: initiate hamburger scan
KodeMage: 2300 calorie lunch
aggravated_cat: Chinchillas have the cutest little hands, Cam
Zyme86: oooh wow 2500 cal lunch
SalsaDraugur: is pinapple passion something we get in the future because I'm in
Lithobraker: does little grabbies have otters? I require otters
Dared00: Oooh, pineapple. Good choice.
hippitybobbity: by god he's gonna kill himself!
Kerrisis: That's an IMMENSE amount of calories!
ContingentCat: @Lithobraker yup
Duwani1: 186 g of sugar in the soda
ProfessorMembrane: That's perfect.
adamjford: what??
ryuhimora: Connor WHY
TheWriterAleph: jeez connor what a narc
Zyme86: woh wat?
MemePlebBoi: HE LIKED THAT?????
KodeMage: he likes being negged
Rhynerd: If I had this fame I’d decide to walk the opposite direction.
Astra7525: I bet Hank likes it when he has reasons to hate you?
tenthtechpriest: yeah... what's your point?
djalternative: be cool connor
Stoffern: This game is...something
Jorge4hg: i like hank
TheWriterAleph: you're reaching hank on his level
MemePlebBoi: hassle more, hassle more
beregolas: ank is the best thing in this entire game :D
Alness49: Nagging him about food is human, I guess?
tenthtechpriest: OOF
lare291: Haha
beregolas: *Hank
DaMullet14: What a burn to Connor's mocap actor
lare291: Lol
adamjford: he's not wrong
SK__Ren: haha, good one
ArrestedHouse: roasted
ryuhimora: that was a very non-answer
Dragonality: hs
tenthtechpriest: he's not wrong but OOF
SentientRatKing: phenexian I can understand that. I guess I'm thinking of different parts of history like the french revolution where that stuggle didn't go too well and a lot of people got killed. Sometimes I feel that revolutionaries get the very people they're supposed to be helping hurt or killed. Or they end up just as bad as their oppressors. The civil rights movement is a good example of it working out pretty well though.
Jorge4hg: he's not worng
phenexian: snap
MemePlebBoi: he's gonna like this
NexVesica: Hank is just happy anytime brings up hamburgers, no matter the context
SalsaDraugur: Hank is the best so far
ProfessorMembrane: Lol. "They fucked up," good answer.
Gizmoloid: he's VERY not wrong
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djalternative: "they killed my partner" -every cop ever
Blade_Tiger: "Mutation"?
Lord_Hosk: Because my first girlfriend was a android, and she broke my heart
samwonk: Did an android save him but not his sister from drowning?
Dryhad: Meaningful, important reasons!
CulturalGeekGirl: I'm honestly really invested in how hot the internet found Connor, which shows that they weren't TOTALLY WRONG with his design
ryuhimora: that WAS english
Alahmnat: so... emotions.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Hmmmm, decent definition of emotion.
MemePlebBoi: *uses one big word* "IN ENGLISH PLEASE"
CulturalGeekGirl: he's nonthreatening white boy robot.jpg
Mysticman89: I mean, genetic algorithms are a thing
KodeMage: what's the difference between an emotion and a simulated emotion, there isn't one...
Mysticman89: annndd you beat me to it.
wildpeaks: replication error
arcana_capulus: They pissed on my rug, it really pulled the room together
TemporallyAwry: Also - that soda being an "XL" means some things have really changed in america :D
aggravated_cat: wait, that little girl looked a lot like alice
SalsaDraugur: @CulturalGeekGirl I feel like Hank is someone who would say that, he might be against inovation
DaMullet14: TemporallyAwry it stands for Xtra Liquid, meaning no ice
Alness49: This feels like they had no psychologists to help the programing cope with the emergence of emotions
MemePlebBoi: wow exposition and character explanation
samwonk: It's not really "homework" if you didn't do anything, you just know it.
Lithobraker: Philosophical Zombies would blow Cage's mind
realdentdm: Wow
phenexian: @SentientRatKing The french revolution isn't exactly a recent example. And acting like a revolution wasn't necessary given the state of affairs is pretty insane. Revolutionaries are nessessary. They're the way change happens. And unless the world is absolutely perfect, change is needed.
SalsaDraugur: maybe not against inovation as much as disrespects scientists
ProfessorMembrane: "You helped me win Cop Bingo, so thank you."
SK__Ren: That wink
TemporallyAwry: @DaMullet14 not sure if that's a thing or not, but I could believe it.
Thandres: the wink destroyed me :D
8_Escape: Huh. That circle is rather creepy.
StudentOfEtherium: revolution is good, and the only way for society to actually change for the better
wicker_knight: yes, they were
MT_Storm: Apparently the actor improvised that wink, and David Cage hated it
MemePlebBoi: *blinks 30 times then dies* I just got a report
ArrestedHouse: oh yeah
DaMullet14: TemporallyAwry it super is not a thing, but I'm glad to hear it sounds plausible
aussie_rob_w: @culturalgeekgirl Have you seen the actor’s streams?
graphite_sparrow: i can see it
ryuhimora: @Cam people are VERY HOT for Connor
QberryMuffin: I could see that
Jimrabbit: it was all over Tumblr for a while. I didn't get it
NexVesica: Connor/Hank shipping is a big thing with this game
8_Escape: *Thoughtful sip*
djalternative: people are hot for everything
samwonk: Connor is purposefully the most boring kind of attractive, I guess.
arcana_capulus: Were they trying to make hank like jeff bridges
hippitybobbity: people are so fuckin hot for connor
Dared00: They were super into this bromance
UnhingedBear: I can see it
QberryMuffin: I mean I'd tap that
Lord_Hosk: Mega Hott for Conor... McCloud, of the clan McCloud
Alness49: Really? He's more vanilla then haagen dazs
lunarecliptica: not my type but i could see it
djalternative: stay in elevator
CulturalGeekGirl: Connor was one of tumblrs favorite twink husbands for like THREE MONTHS
Laserbeaks_Fury: did we skip something?
Astra7525: A private company gets intimate access to police procedures... grteat
ProfessorMembrane: "Pardon me, I'm receiving a number of distress calls." "I'm sure you are."
cuttlefishman: So... HankXConnor ?
Alahmnat: he has a very Data vibe, which... I mean, there are worse vibes to give off
margieargie: (I'm more into Markus, personally <_< )
UnhingedBear: Vanilla is a valid decision
korbl: The real reason humans distrust androids- their LEDs flicker the same way when they go deviant and when they're just using the Cloud, so you literally don't know when an android is uploading files or about to go off
wicker_knight: like, physical attraction is kind of a given, and him being nonthreatening and reading as "awkward" is endearing
MemePlebBoi: not an LED!!
Invitare: Pigeon android??
Amentur: More dead birbs?
Alness49: Why hide the LED, if it can be simply ripped off?
korbl: you know what I mean
Lord_Hosk: I feel like everyone blames everything on androids at this point
theambivalentagender: Isn't it for the same reasons people got hot for Spock back in the day?
ryuhimora: Need more cops? Just send in more androids!
Dryhad: Fake doors!
EvilBadman: @Alness49 Ripping it off seems to be a higher thought process
korbl: Genuine real fake doors!
ContingentCat: steady
ArrestedHouse: adaptable
TehAmelie: stoic?
wicker_knight: stable
djalternative: Dendrophiliacs are a thing why not Connorphiliacs?
hippitybobbity: robotic, even
Pteraspidomorphi: pragmatic
Akaiatana: He's predictable.
MemePlebBoi: Have you guys ever seen a baby pigeon? that's right, I thought not. Pigeons are actually created by the government
NexVesica: People just wanted to get with Connor to have a chance to talk with Clancy Brown
SalsaDraugur: @Lord_Hosk a lot of it feels like androids are taking the place of immigrants when it comes to labor
Tarkis: stoic
Rockario: If you play him right, he seems like he would be very accepting and understanding
InfinityToPlanck: Given probable advances in cybernetics the lieutenant should be able to do that
UnhingedBear: he reminds me of myself, and this makes me slightly uncomfortable
Jimrabbit: he's got cheekbones. and there following, lusting teenagers.
Mysticman89: trigger discipline sseems off.
ProfessorMembrane: "Dear Doctor Cam:" He's like Morden. He has no ego presence. You can't threaten him, and he's not threatening.
splatty1: good support connor
Invitare: that doesn't make sense in the context of this society; the human should stand behind the android
djalternative: wait by the door to cover the exit
MemePlebBoi: stay where it's safe, baby android
BlandSpice: Man, Hank telling the robot to stay behind him
fubargames: Send the unstable human in alone?
HorusFive: "Stay behind me." I would not expect that
Lord_Hosk: "I backed up the toilet... I MEAN... I SAW A ANDROID back up the toilet and then jump out the window!"
ThePov42: Do we have a warrant?
korbl: John Woo?
Alness49: That's where we keep the pidgeons!
silverstar216: @ThePov42 we have probable cause, if that counts?
Malacorath: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:02:07.
ArrestedHouse: BIRBS
splatty1: its a portal to the pigeon dimension
ContingentCat: yikes lots of birbs
Laserbeaks_Fury: Isn't that the maze from Westworld?
korbl: We've found John Woo's pigeon horde!
FireFlower18: robo pidgeons?
SentientRatKing: phenexian you're right in the french revolution a change was needed but it wasn't really achieved at least not the way people were hoping. One of the leaders of the revolutionary groups turned out to be a tyrant. More recent examples are coups in african countries. You're right that sometimes revolutions are necessary but there have been plenty of times in history when they did a lot of harm. In the context of this game if you screw up you can get all androids killed for being dangerous.
MemePlebBoi: Urban farms sure are popular
ProfessorMembrane: Cognitohazard
djalternative: It's super westword
BlandSpice: It's a circuit diagram
ProfessorMembrane: Don't look
aggravated_cat: I'm really concerned about what could be in the closet
DaMullet14: looks like circuit diagrams, yeah
ProfessorMembrane: it's Lagston's Parrot
8_Escape: Books for androids.
KodeMage: labrynths are a metafore for mind
kat2kool: Ralph was the name
fubargames: I was about to complain about you putting prints on that, but I guess that's not an issue.
ContingentCat: ah yes no symbolism here
wicker_knight: none whatsoever
chickenace11: That reminds me of the symbol from lost
SalsaDraugur: symbolism is for nerds and not cool dudes like david cage
BrindleBoar: Succulent.
Invitare: Snack pigeon
Amentur: Check back on the room with the drawing?
SalsaDraugur: My fridge sometimes looks like that dosen't mean I'm a robot
DaMullet14: Caring for animals? Clearly a robot
Invitare: he's fattening them up
MemePlebBoi: iS tHiS fOrEsHaDoWiNg
adamjford: s u c c u l e n t
Avet24222: Mmmmm delicious pigeons
hippitybobbity: the moist warm garbage that is a pigeon
korbl: "Suspect doesn't eat" or... maybe suspect doesn't grocery shop?
TheWriterAleph: fresh squab wuenever
HorusFive: Oh god! @SalsaDraugur is a robot!
MemePlebBoi: *licks blood*
fubargames: Suspect seems to have an LED under their hat....
DaMullet14: It's /super/ weird that blood is model-specific
midday_rendelnep: suspect likely a discworld gargoyle
SentientRatKing: phenexian they can work out very well though. There are plenty of examples of that but you need someone who knows what they're doing as has a plan. Otherwise they tend to fall apart. I often just feel that we romanticize revolutions as an always positive thing.
Rhynerd: And what if this feat of birds found in your house? No worried they’re unfull.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I swear this is trying to invoke Blade Runner
SalsaDraugur: @HorusFive shh don't tell them, I just took out my LED
tenthtechpriest: cyberblood is marked by unit?
MemePlebBoi: RA9 what could that mean?
MemePlebBoi: eh who cares
Rhynerd: Oh, the Ra9 marks again.
TemporallyAwry: I wonder if Ra9 is just an error code.
DaMullet14: They love Resident Assistants
SentientRatKing: and has a plan*
hippitybobbity: is 24:71 a bible verse or something
ProfessorMembrane: Westworld!
Lord_Hosk: because it opened up their eye... I saw the sign
korbl: of course! It's not RA9, it's r/A9
Stoffern: Is this an actual Westworld ripoff now?
Rhynerd: i bet Ra9 is just an error code for deviancy.
MemePlebBoi: @TemporallyAwry it's actually a pigeon command code
Akaiatana: Maybe take a stool sample?
Jorge4hg: sure?
Alness49: No shit...wait.
cuttlefishman: Did the birbs eat the robot
wildpeaks: bird poop ? I'm shocked
hippitybobbity: or like a Resident Advisor review of Apex Twin
phorrestgaze: the chair is always interesting
SalsaDraugur: @TemporallyAwry I didn't even think of that, it probably is the error code that apears when they become deviant
djalternative: congradulations, you found a stool and a marker
BlandSpice: @TemporallyAwry ERROR rA9: Emotions detected. Please contact your systems administrator
Angnor33: Robo pigeon?
NimrodXIV: pretty sure everything has bird poop on it
Invitare: a pigeon sized robot?
MemePlebBoi: Which robot could be child sized I wonder?
fubargames: Was that pen not dried out?
ContingentCat: 3 child sized robots in a trenchcoat?
phenexian: @SentientRatKing I don't know you, and you probably don't mean it this way. But you are aware that claims that revolutionaries are "upsetting the peace" or "do more harm than good" are ways that status quo gets enforced. And I personally really appreciate Gay rights, Women's rights, Black rights, Basque freedom from an opressive regigime which wanted to exterminate our cultre. Sure it when wrong some times. But people were also dying and being abused before the revolutions. The question is less
aggravated_cat: He's in the closet, isn't he
Rockario: Oh my god, is RA9 and image board where androids pretend to be human and have emotions.
TemporallyAwry: Oh, you're not smelling paper in that room.
caulderjof: You would not be smelling the paper in that room.
fubargames: Or how did we get the suspect being here recently from that?
caulderjof: There would be a single smell.
Boyshinboiv: sick burn
AmoriLinguae: rt: retweet
Rhynerd: @rockario I want to see that reddit now.
Zhedor: did he just straight up rip offd buffy with the smell the books quote?
Zyme86: He just craked the case, the suspect is a 1st grader
wildpeaks: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: box text
MemePlebBoi: *scans*"this is fake"
TehAmelie: right now, a Japanese stealth fighter plane has gone missing. such a future thing
wildpeaks: wrong lrrbot, it's pigeons
SalsaDraugur: our suspect spent all their cash on pidgeons
Alness49: "Detective we have one lead. Round up these pigeons, they're all suspects that need to be interrogated!"
Avet24222: Best way to spend cash
hippitybobbity: that's where the pigeons are supposed to go
Anubis169 rolls around for a bit
8_Escape: Did they slip out while you were looking around?
MemePlebBoi: You know, pigeons can pilot aircrafts
Anubis169: 'ello Chat
fubargames: Wait, do androids have prints in this world?
Lord_Hosk: POOP
Anubis169: hihi Cam and Cori :)
Alahmnat: @fubargames nope
TehAmelie: skid marks aren't JUST a poop ting you knnow
silverstar216: @fubargames just finger marks, no prints
drcthulu: it's pooping rebar?
Anubis169: so glad Talking Sim is in my timezone now <3
BlandSpice: @fubargames it actually pointed out that they don't, the fecal matter made the imprint
ContingentCat: @fubargames the babby's fingerprints I think
Invitare: nor can detectives
Rockario: Android skid-marks are so powerful they can etch steel
tenthtechpriest: dogs can't look up! I mean gamers
ryuhimora: Dramatic music!
djalternative: more chase!
Rockario: It's the Watchdog!
fubargames: Thanks chat!
Stoffern: For the android revolution to succeed they must first learn not to hide in attics
AdmiralMemo: Professor Vault!
splatty1: move
TehAmelie: Matrix!
MemePlebBoi: mirrors edge but one matrix
SalsaDraugur: Conor is actually a prototype chasebot
ollybear82: Cam looks bored
TehAmelie: wait these aren't skyscrapers
caulderjof: "I just want to talk! Just because all the deviants I talk to end up dead doesn't mean anything!"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Looks like my Mincraft feidlds
Invitare: running through fields of wheat? SINFUL
Gekyouryuu: @loadingreadyrun most humans don't look up, actually. it's the reason for the ninja technique of hiding in ceiling corners
MemePlebBoi: fast but risky, fast but risky, fast but risky
Akaiatana: First rule of androids: do no farm
SquareDotCube: Ah man, I just want to see a constant fumble like in Heavy Rain
ryuhimora: Connor's running form is god awful
Rhynerd: Connor was clearly not made to rhn
phenexian: this is a pretty cool sequence
chickenace11: I like this urban farming idea
TehAmelie: it did seriously not look like you were going fast at all when they went "jesus look at that thing go"
SentientRatKing: phenexian I'm aware that those statements are used those ways by oppressive regimes and that they're dangerous. I'm not against civil change and activism to achieve it. I have a problem with when it's done violently without consideration for the overall collateral damage caused by those violent movements or what happens if the wrong person leads them.
AdmiralMemo: This is the field of the chemicals for android blood?
jakale: action connor continues
fubargames: Press X to not die
ryuhimora: Is Connor supposed to look like Neo?
Mikiao: no fight on a moving train? boo
Ominouslyominous: Oh no, I missed the beginning of the stream! How long ago did they start?
phorrestgaze: I'm farmin' here
cuttlefishman: What is a new yorker doing in detroit?
AdmiralMemo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:11.
TehAmelie: barfing up "entire" cheeseburgers. at least that's how it went in my mind
MemePlebBoi: why is pressing x such a divine action
wicker_knight: @ryuhimora probably a bit, yes
phenexian: @SentientRatKing right, but that's a very different statement to "I don't like revolutionaries"
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm gowin' APPLES here!
AdmiralMemo: @Ominouslyominous 2 hours ago
Ominouslyominous: @AdmiralMemo thanks : )
SalsaDraugur: is that a zeplin
AdmiralMemo: Welp
MemePlebBoi: let him die
beregolas: safe hank, go for hank!
ryuhimora: oh no a moral choice!
Invitare: how did Hank get there?
forlornhope22: how did he get there first?
8_Escape: How'd he get over here?
ContingentCat: how the hell did Hank get there?
BusTed: You're a damn liability, Hank.
Dryhad: He's warm!
MemePlebBoi: guys hank is warm
ryuhimora: hey, Jank likes us now!
Avet24222: So Hank's a wizard?
tenthtechpriest: turns out saving a man's life? good way to make him like you
aggravated_cat: warm and cozy
hippitybobbity: MORAL CHOICES
Rockario: He was only an 11% liability
TehAmelie: can we reroute our heatsinks to give him a cool hug?
beregolas: hank is warm, give hank to baby instead of fire now!
MemePlebBoi: subtle!!
Mikiao: how much of lead can it have? took you 8 seconds to pull hank up
hippitybobbity: how did he be faster than the damn robot
ctm1992: Doesn't even say thanks?
TehAmelie: just to rub his face in our supremacy
fubargames: How does him saying "it" make you feel?
ctm1992: Asshole
Alness49: That's a fist bump from him, pretty much
cuttlefishman: Is it possible to find Hank secy? Or am I just finding Jeff Bridges secy?
Akaiatana: Being Connor is a Hankless Job
ryuhimora: I would be too
Anubis169 dances
CompletelyUnsure: That was actually kind of cool, good use of QTE's
FireFlower18: thanks for nothing
wicker_knight: @cuttlefishman it's Clancy Brown, but I'd still say probably yes
TehAmelie: Jeff Bridges is a sexy beast, yeah, but
Anubis169: so the moral choice was a corruption because of the logic?
Invitare: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:12:03.
Alahmnat: I'm curious about the stats on that last choice
Lord_Hosk hides
aggravated_cat: @Akaiatana wow, that was some pun
Chaceface: that was the right way to do qtes
SK__Ren: That was a good sequence
Rhynerd: Dangit, did I missa the whole chase scene?
hippitybobbity: @cuttlefishman i thought he was voiced by clancy brown
Chaceface: not like, ya know, picking up trash
Pteraspidomorphi: If you just arrived...
Akaiatana: @aggravated_cat pleased to meet you, I'm Kite, puns are what I'm known for :P
SalsaDraugur: @CompletelyUnsure this game looks like the only game to use qtes somewhat well but maybe it's because it looks like qtes is the only gameplay
SentientRatKing: phenexian true I guess I'm generalizing which is my bad. A lot of my experience with revolutionaries though are the ones that screw things up or achieve nothing and get the people in their movement or represented by it hurt when the regime retaliates. I shouldn't have applied such a general sweeping statement though. I'm sorry about that.
silverstar216: @Anubis169 it caused corruption because you went against the primary mission to save hank, and it let the deviant get away
TheMerricat: @CompletelyUnsure that's the thing about this guy's games, he has so many good ideas and ties them to shity attempts to make a video game movie.
Rhynerd: No, but I got a call not too far into the scene.
Anubis169: ahh :)
Anubis169: and this is a David Cage game?
Rhynerd: Yea
Anubis169: welp.. better than Beyond: Two Souls already
wicker_knight: very much so, yes
Dared00: oh yeah, this is probably the best Cage game
seth_erickson: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (48m from now).
wicker_knight: got its own, different problems, but definitely ahead of Beyond
Rhynerd: Oh. I just remembered. Beyond: Two Souls
wildpeaks: lrr's playthrough of Beyond was unfortunate, missed quite a lot of events, so I'm kinda sad that chat ended up with quite a negative view of that game
caulderjof: Yeah, this game has even more dads than Beyond, and even one mom!
beregolas: Anubis169: For a David Cage game this is really really good. Actually, this is not a bad game at all, it just feels clumsy in a lot of the writing, but especially the Hank/Connor erformances are great
seth_erickson: A point in this game's favor is that the decision's actually feel like they matter and that you don't always get the same outcome
CompletelyUnsure: @TheMerricat Yeah, I also rememer being into the ghost-scout mechanic in Beyond Two Souls, while thinking the story was complete sillyness
Dared00: Detroit has a lot of story problems, but in Beyond, the story *was* the problem
wildpeaks: I'm annoyingly quite fond of it, easily in my top 10
beregolas: Also, Beyond 2 Souls was better than most people gave it credit for. I didn't think it was a masterpiece, but enjoyable
TheMerricat: if someone could just slap David Cage around enough to knock the pretentiousness out of him, he'd make an interesting video game developer.
adam_brownie: Preprelease HYPE SMOrc
SalsaDraugur: @beregolas I somewhat agree, I like the Hank/Connor stuff but the rest is just meh
phenexian: yeah, the story does appear to have very real branching choices, which is impressive. But I feel like it's completely failing to make good use out of the fact that it's an interactive medium. it's more like a long choose your own adventure book.
NexVesica: I think David Cage is best when he's doing visual stuff, but when it comes to any sort of writing, he should step away and let someone else take over
SentientRatKing: phenexian An example was during those protests in hong kong a while back where people were protesting the removal of democratic elections from hong kong with it's transfer to Chinese control. A good cause but the chinese party was never going to change their mind because of a protest. All I could think when I was watching it was "this is going to get some poor people black bagged by the secret police for no result"
thebenji_games: Stream just end?
wicker_knight: @TheMerricat I'm fine with David Cage being pretentious, it clearly plays well with producers. I just want to take his writing authority away from him
TehAmelie: unfortunately you can't slap basic dramatic storytelling and human character writing into someone
wildpeaks: they're just on break, stream will resume in 5 minutes :)
CulturalGeekGirl: If David Cage could do all the technical visual setup and leave the narrative and dialogue to someone else that'd be ideal
CulturalGeekGirl: because yo this game is legit a visual and technological triumph in many ways
TheMerricat: @wicker_knight fair, though that's what I define as his 'pretentiousness', his writing is Uwe Boll levels.
CulturalGeekGirl: but how bad it is at politics eclipses that
StudentOfEtherium: @SentientRatKing so should people never fight back?
NexVesica: David Cage needs to be paired with an idea person who tells David what they want to do, then David finds a way to make it happen visually
Alness49: Yeah. This game is in sore need of a writer to put the flesh on it's bones
LackingSanity_: David Cage can make a great scene, it's stringing them together into a plot where it falls apart
wicker_knight: @SentientRatKing Going to STRONGLY push back on that read. The protesters were signaling that there WAS a resistance for the chinese government to respond to. Without them, people still get black bagged and China doesn't even have to worry about external pushback
wicker_knight: @TheMerricat Oh I hope you find an interview of him talking about the future of writing in games then :D His pretentiousness runs DEEEP
chickenace11: oo mysterium I played that game for the first time on saturday and it rocked
Lithobraker: hey Chat is there anything I can make with self raising flour and butter but no milk or eggs
wicker_knight: croissants
TehAmelie: so, who thinks the japanese fighter stealth plane that disappeared just now has gone rogue?
phenexian: @SentientRatKing So you think they should have just rolled over and just accepted extreme injustice? As if that wouldn't also get people killed. Sometimes you have to fight for your rights. Even if you can't win. You need to be seen. You need to fight so that the world know that you're there, and you're being abused.
monsieur_squirrel: a mess
TheMerricat: don't know but it sounds like it'd be delicious. :-P
Dared00: To be honest... just gimme Until Dawn 2. Maaaan, that game was a perfect "movie game".
UnhingedBear: bad shortbread
CoyoteSans: @phenexian And if they still don't care?
SentientRatKing: StudentOfEtherium no but you have to be careful to consider how effective that fight is going to be and what harm will be done during it. Fighting a losing battle is poetic but you can just end up serving as an example to future fighters what happens to people who resist.
phenexian: @CoyoteSans You keep fighting. Also if you're seriously saying that no one cares about the human rights abuses performed by china, then you're wrong. Also if you don't care, than you're very wrong.
TheMerricat: @wicker_knight I've caught a few interviews by him but haven't ever managed to sith through the whole thing. :-)
silverstar216: Ooh 10 days until ppr
SentientRatKing: Phenexian what I'm saying is there might not have been much choice in the matter. My point is people get killed either way but more get killed with that protest and meanwhile no change is achieved
TheMerricat: @SentientRatKing sometimes you have to fight a losing battle and pay the price so that there will still be a battle for someone else to fight later. You refer to Hong Kong, but I also remember watching Tiananmen Square live and remember what came of that as welll.
taschneide: @SentientRatKing if we're still talking about it now, then I wouldn't say that no change is achieved
92 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
theghostwiththemost: hi everyone
Rockario: I mean, shouldn't there be a "yet" or "So far" there?
TheMerricat: RAID!
phenexian: @SentientRatKing you can't know if you'll succeed or fail until you try. You can't judge the people who fought for their rights on the basis that they didn't create lasting change
RebelliousUno: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Boyshinboiv: eyyyyy ben with the raid
Alness49: That's a higher number to save Hank then I expected
ArrestedHouse: BEN
embyrr922: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
empyreon: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
AdmiralMemo: RAID!
phorrestgaze: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
seth_erickson: Hello Ben
GoblinRanger: benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart
phorrestgaze: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Alahmnat: <3 Ben
DaMullet14: was Rupert the name on his fake driver's license
I_Am_Clockwork: benginRaid
NexVesica: I might be mistaken, but I don't think Hank can die in that scene
Fallen_Angel_Elizabeth: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginRaid
Rhynerd: Hi Raiders!
Boyshinboiv: <3 <3 <3 <3
Stoffern: @SentientRatKing I also disagree with this. What happens when protesters get hurt is awareness is raised and more of the world joins in can be gruesome but its kinda how revolutions work?
caulderjof: benginFingers
aussie_rob_w: Hi Ben! Hi Ben!
Tarkis: benginHeart
lunarecliptica: hello raiders! <3
RebelliousUno: there will be some noping
Astra7525: Also, didn't the game say that Hank had an 85% chance of not dying should you decide not to aid him?
RebelliousUno: an amount of nope
Alness49: You have 40 minutes, Ben!
Rhynerd: How was the rest of that Risk of Rain 2 stream?
Alahmnat: impending nopes
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
aussie_rob_w: Hi Plaif Possee!
Cannons_are_an_instrument: The nopesm'ns
InfinityToPlanck: The act of protest can act as a catalyst for wider protest or even eventual revolution which can lead to actual change
CoyoteSans: @phenexian I can. If you win, you were right. If you lost, you were wrong, and with time, no one wil remember. That's harsh, but that's just how the world works in the end.
Rhynerd: I left it about an hour ago to walk the dog.
phorrestgaze: is the I-beam the only way in?
Lithobraker: oh are we in the belly of the whale?
kimmiekoneko: doctors hate us
Stoffern: That actress seems familiar
phenexian: @CoyoteSans in other words you think right comes from whether you have power. You don't think right comes from the possition you stand for, or the context you're in. I can't in any way support such a might makes right ideology.
SentientRatKing: phenexian I know the mindset of the Chinese government and their stance on activists. Any concession would be seen as weakness and they'll never do anything that shows weakness. To get real change you need something that will raise a lot of political pressure from outside china like trade pressure from nations who find an action abhorent. Tianamin square did that this didnt. Thats the difference.
silverstar216: One of the speach options tells you that the path can only be found and followed by an andriod
kat2kool: Oh hey I think some of these androids are from Connor's files
StreetCornerPoet: Deal with it, like that yellow dog in that movie.
AdmiralMemo: Wait... Cross-over with Deus Ex?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I notice they all have their ID rings
CoyoteSans: @phenexian In the end, intentions don't matter, only the results. May not be right or moral, but that's the reality.
ryuhimora: "Welcom to City 17. It's safer here."
NexVesica: But if Lucy sets up a football, don't try and kick it
Mister_Skittles: its a sign that they still view themselvs as andoids i guess
silverstar216: You can be deviant and still have your LED, they just didn't remove it
SalsaDraugur: Removing the LED is more about hiding your identity than showing you're a deviant
AdmiralMemo: Welp
PMAvers: They're just very stupid deviants.
phenexian: @SentientRatKing except the guy at Tianamin Square didn't know it would work either. You can't know going in if your revolution is going to be the one that becomes a world famous image.
splatty1: what did she replace here eyes with?
jakale: guess none of them bother buying untorn clothes
Alephred: Um, Ma'am, there's something on your head.
AdmiralMemo: Welp
ContingentCat: umm
ryuhimora: ouch
Lithobraker: She's totally made in the image of the garden lady.
Alness49: Soldiering irons are smaller then that!
Thisbymaster: good story at a party
splatty1: our blood literally evaporates at room temperature, this seems like a bad idea Kappa
CoyoteSans: robit blood
kimmiekoneko: it's fine, your body is inflammable
hippitybobbity: i like her voice
djalternative: vision quest!
jakale: it's what's in you
BaronVonPoppinOff: drink this it's blue?
ArrestedHouse: chug that gatorade
Alness49: Robogatoride
hippitybobbity: cool distortion effect
RealGamerCow: Apparently metal conduction isn't a thing in this universe, that whole rebar would be hot AF
ghostvalv: not creepy at all
ZachtlyAsIntended: cuppa blood is my Drowning Pool cover band
I_Am_Clockwork: "I didn't mean drink all of it! Now you are super gonna die"
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun cup of blood, you say? perhaps it's robot wine in robot church meant to represent robot jesus?
Rockario: Yes, our body is covered in flamable material lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: *detaches hand*
seth_erickson: Alternate Amanda?
SalsaDraugur: I think she's meant to be based off her because the woman in the garden didn't have an LED
Alness49: I said, give me your hand
StreetCornerPoet: Wait you're supposed to drink the alcohol before the back room surgery.
seth_erickson: intriguing
PMAvers: "Congratulations, you just drank robo-pee."
Angnor33: Reminds me of the AI assistants to Terrans in starcraft.
phenexian: @CoyoteSans Ok. So the results of not trying are known to be the perpetuation of evil. And the results of trying are as of yet unknown. Which do you do?
Lithobraker: She has the same flatish nose
I_Am_Clockwork: you had it all. an empire of dirt
ContingentCat: but in the end...
aussie_rob_w: Oh, robot sex.
TheWriterAleph: and then john was the demons
KodeMage: we literally climbed out of robot hell
LbxAni: I always loved the "face with missing head" look from AI
DaMullet14: it does make sense they'd base a robut model on people who work there
djalternative: this isn't foreshadowing at all
SentientRatKing: phenexian true but it was a powerful statement and a horrific result. So the world felt it was a step too far and intervened. A protest like the one in Hong Kong is planned though in a society that know how the government reacts to such things. Starting something without creating that same level of impact is I think irresponsible to the people you involve
ZachtlyAsIntended: "That's why you're a videogame protagonist!"
T1pster: This is a David Cage game... of course there's an oracle
hippitybobbity: even for robots, brown people are magic
wildpeaks: good ol' subtlety
CoyoteSans: @phenexian Back whatever horse I think can win. For me, my survival matters to me more than your cause. Selfish, but that's who I am.
TheMerricat: What they didn't tell him is she does the same spiel to everyone who shows up.
rrtycoon2: Remember, we have choices...choices...choices.
QberryMuffin: why is there a robot mystic
aussie_rob_w: Choiiiices
Alness49: "We just sit here and calculate primes"
phenexian: @CoyoteSans well at least you know you're a bad person
NexVesica: Because David Cage likes his oracle characters
Rhynerd: You’d think the androids would have some sort of game here.
KodeMage: 420?
ContingentCat: that's good
AdmiralMemo: Like... why doesn't he just make movies, then?
Hot_Leather_Daddy: yep
RealGamerCow: TheMerricat wasn't that the conceit of The Matrix, that the oracle gave that speech to everyone?
SalsaDraugur: This stream feels more like watching a movie with someone than watching someone play a game
Mister_Skittles: he is a gm that likes your character but FOLLOW MY STORY
Penthesilea180: Thanks, magic lady. You are a...nice trope.
KodeMage: that says model 420 or 429?
DaMullet14: model 420?
Dryhad: katesNice
caulderjof: Maybe that guy could've used some of the magic blood juice?
samwonk: I think they should've let the humor of that "my diagnostic program isn't working" line sit a little longer.
ArcOfTheConclave: Red ring of death?
RealGamerCow: a lefty!
phenexian: @SentientRatKing I agree that you should have a plan, and you should be intelligent about what you do. But arguing against fighting because you'll fail seems like a good way to just do nothing and let bad things stay the same.
Penthesilea180: So, what do y'all do for fun around here?
KodeMage: why don't the robots ever look alike? you would think there would be particular models that were really popular and you'd see lots of those
Thisbymaster: Gripping dialog
TheMerricat: Cam, Oracle lady 'repaired' us using a hot rebar spike... what do you think she'd do to repair him?
PMAvers: Oh hey, we've seen her face before.
NexVesica: You run across the same models a few times
KodeMage: @PMAvers I don't think so...
SentientRatKing: TheMerricat what happens if all that happens is people are more afraid of the government because they made an example of your fight or use it as an excuse to do more horrible things? You build resentment instead of support. Although it might result in pressure from outside nothing so it might not be fair to say nothing is achieved but the cost may end up being too high by the end.
phenexian: @SentientRatKing and again, you can't know what will have actual impact. That's not how it works. There are so many unknowns when you start a revolution.
PMAvers: It was in the police files.
Laserbeaks_Fury: The sex robot?
kat2kool: I knew I recognized her!
caulderjof: Empty crate? Sounds like a good house for you. It's even soft inside.
Stoffern: I recognize the actress from somewhere
KodeMage: does he still need parts?
Mister_Skittles: north is a character i felt ALOT of sympathy for when i learned what she did before freeing herself
PMAvers: Yeah, escaped from the Eden Club.
Canageek: Hello everyone
Kerrisis: I'm amused by the thought that this game is trying to make you empathise with glorified toasters. Speaking of which, wasn't most of this covered in Battlestar Galactica?
ShadeofHades: Anyone need a hand?
Canageek: Thank you for streaming during boring x-ray room cleanup time
CoyoteSans: @KodeMage Not right now, but Jericho is dry. Eventually, they'll all break down and die.
electric_claire: We playing Blade Runner But Bad again?
ContingentCat: yup
Laserbeaks_Fury: They make kid robots
noSmokeFire: that arm is yours now
PMAvers: Yeah, definitely not finding any "comfort" from North.
hippitybobbity: oh that movie was heartbreaking
hippitybobbity: AI
RealGamerCow: Laserbeaks_Fury kind of makes you wonder why, huh?>
KodeMage: @CoyoteSans what's killing them? no power?
SentientRatKing: phenexian I think you can get a good sense for what will have impact. The civil rights movement specifically was non violent because it made such a strong statement and highlighted the horrors extreme brutality people of color were subjected to. Protests were also planned to have the most impact. Martin Luther King and his compatriots knew what they were doing and what would capture the hearts of the american people. That's part of why it worked so well.
DaMullet14: AI started sad and at the last minute got ridiculous
seth_erickson: I wonder if that might be somehow important kids that are robots
ArcOfTheConclave: got it, they eat blue blood. like vampires.
CoyoteSans: @KodeMage Wear and tear, and many of them weren't in great shape when they showed up either.
sir_jack_DB: Kidrobot really expands their market in the future, eh?
SalsaDraugur: I wonder if a robot child is expensive
CoyoteSans: How, exactly, the androids apparently never need charging is never addressed.
SentientRatKing: phenexian It's true that sometimes the results of a protest can surprise you, but banking on that is dangerous.
niccus: the civil rights movement did not look that way at the time it happened, and what people think of it today is a very rose-colored view of what happened
Rhynerd: What about the landfill?
T1pster: Stoffern Minka Kelly Friday Night Lights, Almost Human
PMAvers: Download gun dot exe
NexVesica: I think the blue blood stuff is supposed to charge them
hippitybobbity: dude's been here for what, ten minutes
Jorge4hg: sure why not
SalsaDraugur: @NexVesica that's the best hypothosis on how these things function
margieargie: @SentientRatKing Banking on things staying okay if you just keep your head down can be dangerous too.
Stoffern: T1pster I just looked it up, she was in the Netflix Titans series
Vyous: hmm, a choice funnel. . .
T1pster: Stoffern she's also the love interest in the music video for Maroon 5's One More Night
rasterscan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (28m from now).
Dryhad: Oh good, Alice is warm. We don't need to light a fire again Kappa
T1pster: Stoffern that too
seth_erickson: look at the human girl
CoyoteSans: Time for another Fun Kara chapter.
caulderjof: The landfill is also filled with half-alive other robots. So that would turn into a rescue mission as well.
NexVesica: Isn't this part content warning worthy?
DaMullet14: She hasn't eaten in a day, why didn't we bring that succulent possum with us
Penthesilea180: spooky house is spooky
Alness49: Oh this place seems Just. Fine.
PMAvers: Welcome to Resident Evil.
I_Am_Clockwork: ah lets nope starting early, I see
rrtycoon2: Now, do you mean the past, or the future...
Angnor33: Maybe Luigi will be in there!
ArcOfTheConclave: welcome to lets nope!
phenexian: @SentientRatKing I think you're leaning too much on your position of knowing it would work. They didn't know it would work when they started. All they could do was the best they could, and have the courage to actually do something they knew needed doing.
Mister_Skittles: yeah... a robot made for sex realising it has sentiance and choice seems like a... topic they could have explored more tbh
silverstar216: @SalsaDraugur @NexVesica the blue blood is simulataneously an energy source and a way to transmit information throughout the body. You can read more about it in the magazines lying around
seth_erickson: yeah it's a little dark up in here
DirgeNovak: Oh it's Zlatko MASSIVE CONTENT WARNING
StreetCornerPoet: The Adams Family will help us, we're weird, they're weird, it will be fine, fine.
SalsaDraugur: This place definitely doesn't look like a place where you get murdered
Rhynerd: What kind of content should we be warned about?
KodeMage: this is a long one too
ArcOfTheConclave: Lets Nope starts now
Jensling: are people talking about 996icu or something else regarding chinese protesting?
Mister_Skittles: Kara doesnt get an easy ride
SalsaDraugur: @silverstar216 thanks, that seems like a cool idea
ctm1992: I really did like this chapter though
Dryhad: Have you heard the good word of rA9?
Astra7525: oh no
Astra7525: pls don't be a predator
samwonk: Oh, well, if you _really_ need his help...
SalsaDraugur: This can mean two things and one of them is horifying
ryuhimora: "Oh you REALLY need my help, well, okay then."
Dared00: yyyyyikes
lare291: Very yikes
DaFhaye: This isn't shady at all
Rhynerd: Please tell me our guesses are wrong.
PMAvers: Baby is like, "Are you lrrEFF ing kidding me?"
SentientRatKing: margieargie I think it's less banking on things being okay and more on them not getting worse. Say the government takes and kills someone you love. If it gets worse maybe they take everyone you love. If nothing comes of the actions that lead to that I'd say the result is significantly worse.
ryuhimora: hey, ostrich eggs are great
ArcOfTheConclave: Interesting Resident evil mod
Officinalis: An earnest "Don't be shy!" is the opposite of reassuring.
silverstar216: @SalsaDraugur you're welcome! It's actually what makes US robots "superior" to russion or chinese androids. Russian androids are more robotic, while the Chinese ones use something close to blue blood, which is less powerful, but more efficient. Again, found in the magazines
RealGamerCow: You walk into a man's parlor and he's got an ostrich, well, you stand up and respect that man
I_Am_Clockwork: wierd holes in his book collection
Pteraspidomorphi: Ostriches are assholes though
LbxAni: this is EXACTLY what a bad persons house looks like
lare291: Two women in a spooky house alone with a spooky man? What could go wrong!
Invitare: he has paper books! But I thought that detective guy was the only other person in the city that did
ryuhimora: why is he so big???
Astra7525: "helped"... or enslaved?
StudentOfEtherium: @SentientRatKing things are already bad enough. why should we sit around with capitalism ruining eveything and climate change threatening the lives of billions?
margieargie: @SentientRatKing That's what I meant. There's a lot of cases in history where people tried not to make noise and things did get that much worse anyway.
NathanJay_GA: Someone get Vince McMahon!
Officinalis: Luther seems like that once character from Get Out.
seth_erickson: He's sooo biggg
Jorge4hg: kinda like kevin owens
seth_erickson: human
I_Am_Clockwork: what is wrong with his fingers
Hot_Leather_Daddy: awkward
ctm1992: Lets go to Canadia
AdmiralMemo: Just head south from Detroit and you'll get there
LackingSanity_: Is it just me or are fat guys always evil in David Cage games?
djalternative: Literally Underground Railroad!!!!!!!
Alahmnat: people who sit like that... I don't trust 'em.
ArcOfTheConclave: interesting underground railroad
SentientRatKing: phenexian oh I know there was the possibility of the civil rights movement could have failed and that they were aware of that. My point is they focused on the things that would push the hardest after carefully considering their options and what was practically achievable. Not just getting together, shouting at the government and hoping for the best.
Officinalis: Underground railroad.
Penthesilea180: Anything goes in Canada!
samwonk: What do you mean, "android laws?" The androids in this world are just tech products.
CoyoteSans: So, Canada doesn't allow the sale of androids... for some reason... but they also don't care if deviant androids show up there?
Alness49: So, 1: Here's the railroad again and 2: So only America treats Androids like butts?
PMAvers: The fat evil is also a reoccurring theme.
Laserbeaks_Fury: sounds like BS
DarkNacht: This isn't like what happed with slavery at all
lare291: Ooof course that's a thing
Laserbeaks_Fury: WHy wouldnt the police just track them down
korbl: uhhhhhh....
samwonk: It's like saying "In Canada, there are no iPhone laws so your iPhone is free."
ctm1992: It's located in the heart. No biggie
Jimrabbit: that's probably not a thing
aggravated_cat: I feel like this won't go well
shinumei: hmmmmm.......
korbl: yeah, that @Laserbeaks_Fury
Astra7525: there is no tracker...
Astra7525: he is hacking us
Mister_Skittles: why did the police have a hard time tracking you down if you had a tracker
Rhynerd: He’s gotta be lying.
RedGriffin42: he's being weirdly chipper
DaFhaye: Don't worry about it
LbxAni: if there was a tracker, she'd be caught already sooooo
UnhingedBear: robo lobotamy
NexVesica: He is a liesman
BrindleBoar: Ah, yes, the murder basement. Delightful.
beregolas: if there ar etrackers, why does connor have to search for us?
aggravated_cat: Secret door
margieargie: You still have your gun, right?
caulderjof: If only she could activate her brain and realize that's obviously a lie, based on all the story up to now and the trouble the cops have finding her.
silverstar216: @CoyoteSans Technically, they're still debating the sale of Androids, based on the crap happening with them in the US. Also, most deviants who try to get through also remove their LED, etc
ctm1992: Just come with the creepy man to the basement.
CoyoteSans: @Alness49 It's implied China and Russia are no better. Canada just doesn't allow the manufacture and sale of androids... but also doesn't care if they show up?
Rhynerd: He’s gonna take a corded drill to us and we’re gonna have to kill him, aren’t we?
DaFhaye: Yeah that was my first thought
kat2kool: Pls no basement
Arikell: Also surely the tracker would be part of the LED thingy
Rhonlore: I wan tto know how this goes, but I super dont want to know either.
LbxAni: this guys basement is a flesh circu isn't it...
electric_claire: I guess androids aren't expensive enough to warrant lo-jack
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electric_claire: THey only cost $2000
seth_erickson: lets nope
Jorge4hg: gameplay activate
DaMullet14: I don't have any idea /why/ there's no such thing as a tracker, it seems super useful
Laserbeaks_Fury: Especially if CyberLife was trying to deal with the deviant issue
DirgeNovak: Please go into this machine with shackles for story reasons
phenexian: @SentientRatKing sure, I think we're going in circles. But I agree that you should make intelligent strategies. Lets leave it at that.
Nigouki: they really spared on the decor once you go downstairs
CoyoteSans: So, androids DO have bult in trackers.
ctm1992: Come with the big man to the dungeon.
RealGamerCow: So we're just going to gloss over the fact that the giant, silent servant is a PoC? Okay game. Okay.
DaFhaye: So why not just run
CoyoteSans: But, for some reason, the process of going deviant ALWAYS disables the tracker.
korbl: "here, take this gun, child!"
ThinksTooMuch: Why does no one ever listen to the kid speaking sense
noSmokeFire: why /don't/ androids come with Find My Phone?
CulturalGeekGirl: You guys DID pick the MOAR GAMPELAY option at he start lrrBEEJ
lunarecliptica: a basement stable?
Dryhad: Let's carefully walk into the creepy guy's basement
Mister_Skittles: Kara's chapters do make you be gullable... i didnt want to do this but the game gives you no choice
Diabore: i dont like it
Alahmnat: this seems completely legit
noSmokeFire: @RealGamerCow remember it's ~~~not about race~~~
ryuhimora: I assume it's like how all phones have trackers in them? maybe they can't get the specific ID of Kara's
Laserbeaks_Fury: noticed a escape route?
phenexian: I'm in AWE that David Cage claimed this was just about robots. You're running away to Canada because of their lack of "robot" laws.
SentientRatKing: phenexian true I'll leave it there then. Thank you for the discussion. You clearly have a good heart and I respect that regardless of our respective views.
RealGamerCow: she's totally not looking at those rooms that lock *from the outside*
fubargames: Was that "unlock that door"?
beregolas: Lutzer is Thicc
SK__Ren: He's a thick boy
CoyoteSans: @ryuhimora No, it literally doesn't work anymore because deviating ALWAYS permanently disables it.
Alahmnat: well well
ryuhimora: ah, welp
fubargames: This is madness
beregolas: well... that sounds perfectly safe...
Stoffern: THE MACHINE!
phenexian: @SentientRatKing same goes to you. :)
Diabore: oh, oh good, its THE MACHINE
Jorge4hg: doctor octav
BusTed: It puts the lotion on its skin.
RealGamerCow: This game is as subtle as a turd on a wedding cake.
electric_claire: Choices, but not the ones you want to make
ctm1992: Story lock says no
Koshindan: It puts the cyberlotion on its skin.
ghostvalv: but thou must
SK__Ren: Couldn't you analyze the machine first?
Brok3nGol3m: the reverse of plot armor
Rhonlore: I *hate* that there is no agency in this scene
noSmokeFire: you must enter the plot
DaFhaye: I don't know. I can honestly play this without thinking about a connection to race
aggravated_cat: we gonna get murrrrrrrdered
sordcooper: whats not trustworthy about a blue blood spattered man named Zlatko
ryuhimora: So what kind of content warning is this again? Can I eat during this or should I go watch Ashens instead?
Laserbeaks_Fury: This seems awfully familiar
caulderjof: Yeah, that's what burned me when I played this game. "It's all about choice, except obvious good choices you're not allowed to make."
PMAvers: If only we had a internal cell phone we could call the police.
MousseFilledCat: Gotta love how the female character seems to have the least agency of them all
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is staright out of the Kara short
sir_jack_DB: why
Alahmnat: this seems extremely necessary
sir_jack_DB: why though
Mister_Skittles: kara cannot anaylise. only marcus and connor can
noSmokeFire: this is David Cage's fetish
ryuhimora: oh dear
NexVesica: This is straight out of every other David Cage game
Vyous: Oh hey, a monologue time.
TehAmelie: hmm try to picture this scene playing the same with a boy bot in the machine
aggravated_cat: UH OH
ctm1992: Annnnnnnnd there it is
Jorge4hg: whaaaa
ArrestedHouse: Jebaited
AdmiralMemo: "I lied."
Jorge4hg: the twist
Rockario: Nope nope nope, as soon as someone starts a sentence with that intonation you know you're lrrEFF edd
ctm1992: LUL
sir_jack_DB: what a goddamn motherfucking twist
DahmrMCM: someone put him in the well?
phenexian: oh god, now we're peak cage
CompletelyUnsure: what a tweeest /s
VelvetFalcon: Oh, you picked the best hair!
TehAmelie: !findquote David Cage
LRRbot: Quote #5961: "I'm trapped in a David Cage of emotion!" —TehAmelie, as David Cage [2019-04-02]
ryuhimora: "It"?
SalsaDraugur: Just let me monolog a bit
DirgeNovak: "child"
Mister_Skittles: not the prnouns.....
ctm1992: NotLikeThis Nooo not Kara
Gekyouryuu: this is horrifying
Ominouslyominous: this is the most mustache twirling unneccesary thing
Jorge4hg: 'umm no
wildpeaks: subtle
phorrestgaze: good thing we were deviant from moment one
Astra7525: Yes Game. We all expected the trap. We all saw that coming. Thank you for monologuing to us how much of an idiot we are for forcing us to step into your trap
SentientRatKing: margieargie you're right. The nazi regime is a good example of that and I should have remembered that. I guess in situations like that I feel that fleeing has the possibility for peoples wellbeing. Although I admit that can go wrong as well like with the Syrian refugee crisis. Then again maybe in those situations fighting is the only answer. Not much else to be done if you get backed into a corner.
Dared00: yowza
Invitare: this wouldn't be your first memory wipe
djalternative: especially since SUPER SPOILER ALERT........... the baby is also an android
phenexian: I find it so weird how all the humans in the game just keep forgetting the existence of children.
pixelatedpainter: I think they really messed up by making this guy look too similar to Todd
ctm1992: Insert sad song here
TehAmelie: gaaasp
Astra7525: kick his balls
Diabore: thats why i said kick him in the dick
AdmiralMemo: Is this a required failure?
Vyous: Kick him in the dick!
ZachtlyAsIntended: @djalternative Wow...really? Why?
Rhynerd: Kick the dick!
SalsaDraugur: I'm going to be so mad if the other android goes deviant to save you
kimmiekoneko: i swear there is a queer metaphor somewhere in there but i just can't find it
pixelatedpainter: You don't get the two confused, but it's a strange coincidence
ArrestedHouse: @pixelatedpainter cage can only create so many fat evil people
Koshindan: Jesus, he could do without tormenting the kid.
VelvetFalcon: OK, so what's the secret to escaping this one? I've never seen someone do it.
ryuhimora: the reset is only at 5% how could it have affected Kara that much already
Jorge4hg: humans
djalternative: @ZachtlyAsIntended because David Cage doesn't know what makes interesting stories?
Diabore: let me down?
electric_claire: This game seems really frustrating
lare291: @ryuhimora 5% of all your memories is a lot
Orgmastron: @kimmiekoneko No allegory, only plot Kappa
AdmiralMemo: @ryuhimora I don't think that it has and the dude was just being cruel
Officinalis: SEEK a way out!
kat2kool: Good baby!
Rhynerd: Luther’s gonna save us, it seems.
Penthesilea180: Oh, NOW find a way to escape.
Mister_Skittles: gamers dont look up
beregolas: look up
GenericHerooo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (16m from now).
AdmiralMemo: There
caulderjof: The hell kind of OS is reset on a slow timer than actually does nothing until it hits 100%?
AdmiralMemo: Welp
RealGamerCow: is this Mommy strength?
AdmiralMemo: Short circuit
beregolas: green
SalsaDraugur: @caulderjof the type that's written by david cage
ctm1992: RIP Kara
ryuhimora: oh
AdmiralMemo: Welp
ReydienOnline: oh, too late
wildpeaks: oh fudge
CoyoteSans: And that's the end of Kara's story.
Rhynerd: Seriously?
drcthulu: Red cable was a red herring
ryuhimora: that seemed like it wasn't enough time
AdmiralMemo: How would she remember to meet Luther if her memory was wiped
wildpeaks: hmm, never saw this ending actually
silverstar216: I think it's possible to escape from that, but eh
VelvetFalcon: I mean I don't think it changes anything.
ctm1992: I never had this happen tbh
sir_jack_DB: welp, you didn't fucking twiddle good enough and now you're bricked >_<
NexVesica: I want to say you get your memory back
CoyoteSans: Oh no, wait, there's still a way. But it's much harder now.
DaFhaye: He's like Toy story Sid
MousseFilledCat: SUBTLE!
Invitare: subtle writing?
korbl: David_Cage.png
VelvetFalcon: Who IS the real monster.
SalsaDraugur: This is about as subtle as being hit by a bus
Mister_Skittles: so about those content warnings
Pteraspidomorphi: Simbaa...
kimmiekoneko: yeah i don't have any memories so i have like no context for that shit
noSmokeFire: subtle
sordcooper: real on the nose with your message there cage
rarermonsters: Actually monster was the doctor, not the Frankenstein
ryuhimora: unless they're not using NAND flash for some reason all that data is still there in Kara
phenexian: Ah, I see David Cage watched toy story
aussie_rob_w: Body horror.
Vyous: Remember hard! And undelete your memories!
TehAmelie: hmm has there EVER been a story involving erased memories where they didn't rise up against the very plot device and regained their memories?
noSmokeFire: why didn't they say something....sooner
SentientRatKing: margieargie I admit I don't have the answers for all of these situations and as confident as I sound in saying all this it's also true that I could be wrong about some of my points. Hence the discussion. Once I've given this some thought I might come to some new conclusions as well.
samwonk: The garbage collection on this factory reboot seems pretty bad.
SalsaDraugur: Are david cage games self published?
Dared00: The real monster here is David Cage
caulderjof: Good thing robots can store their memory in the aether.
djalternative: go back and mess with the computers?
AdmiralMemo: @ryuhimora So... Just a simple erasure, not a rewrite over, etc.
Dared00: @salsadraugur Sony
GenericHerooo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (14m from now).
SalsaDraugur: @Dared00 and here I thought Sony had standards
caulderjof: If you got erased, how did you remember to meet him in the living room?
Rhynerd: Worst part is this technically works as most computer memories are just rewritten so that they can be overwritten later.
LackingSanity_: DavidCage.png, subtext is for cowards, etc
ryuhimora: @AdmiralMemo a tottal writeover would have taken hours.
ctm1992: Huh, this is interesting. I kinda like this.
silverstar216: @Vyous in real computers, "deleting" something is just declaring it to be able to be overwritten. With the right tech, you actually can recover deleted data. The only way to 100% make it unrecoverable is to physically destroy the hard drive
ZachtlyAsIntended: Ostrich of Memory!
AdmiralMemo: @ryuhimora That would imply that Kara could theoretically access the old memories from before the disassembly if they hadn't been written over (unless the company was more thorough than this guy(
CompletelyUnsure: Find an Alice in Wonderland book on one of the shelves?
TehAmelie: <robot voice> it is an art
Jorge4hg: is this art?
T1pster: On one hand, this is interesting... on the other, memory loss and alteration is a huge squick for me, can someone in chat ping me once Kara's Chapter's over?
SalsaDraugur: @AdmiralMemo maybe the company just replaced the hard drive
Rhynerd: @t1pster sure.
silverstar216: @T1pster of course!
niccus: @TehAmelie i can't remember examples right now, but a pattern that also happens from time to time is when you play as an amnesiac hero who used to be a villain, and in some respect the memory is left for dead even if total recall happens
T1pster: thank you Rhynerd
samwonk: So did he... plant the android on the street?
SketchyDetails: can we serve zlatko... on a platter?
AdmiralMemo: @SalsaDraugur Fair
Rhynerd: Is there a knife on the platter?
TehAmelie: of course
TStodden: with red "wine"?
seth_erickson: I've watched like three playthroughs of this game and your's is so much different than all three.
caulderjof: Guy lives in a mess despite having endless robot buttlers.
Vyous: @silverstar216 I'm aware, but the trope is still silly. Also that's not strictly true, you can write random 0s and 1s over ti several times to make it unrecoverable
DaFhaye: such a great diet
electric_claire: Looking at the correct sequence of events to escape and it's really specific
silverstar216: @Vyous you're probably right, just sharing what I know
caulderjof: But will you remember that one time, when the girl shot her dad?
ctm1992: You know, he kinda looks like him
LackingSanity_: Luther isn't a chefbot
samwonk: Oh no, well, it was an accountant, now you're... more sympathetic? Less sympathetic?
Mister_Skittles: yeah, where is "mom". surely she was contacted about her ex's death and runaway kid
Koshindan: Some tools... A one big tool.
sordcooper: you know, he could probably take a cirtification course in android repair instead of going through all this trouble
rarermonsters: How is it that a desperately poor person is able to able to afford multiple live-in personal servants and yet still eats junk food
ryuhimora: @AdmiralMemo it was implied they completely replaced Kara's memory unit as part of her repair.
FoxFyr: Man fuck this game
Alness49: Naming an android Luther? Not meaningful at all
SK__Ren: Oh shit, he came from here
caulderjof: The little girl is Ralph!
phenexian: so, is RA9 like a backdoor code that grants them freedom?
Dryhad: Bear friend!
Astra7525: A CyBear?
lunarecliptica: robo bear!
SalsaDraugur: Suculent
niccus: a 2/2 artifact creature
Dared00: BEAR
Questhere: good puppy
QberryMuffin: does escaping before the reset just make this section easier?
SentientRatKing: huh robo bear neat
8_Escape: Hmmm...Cyborg or robot?
NexVesica: I somehow forgot all about robo bear
kimmiekoneko: pupperino
Jimrabbit: BEAR FRIEND
TStodden: Bear Friend?
ZachtlyAsIntended: I WANT ROBOT POLAR BEAR!!! ...please??! please!
seth_erickson: Absolute Unit
CoyoteSans: we Lost now
DaFhaye: I never did that
sordcooper: why synth polar bear!?
caulderjof: This bear is made for post-extinction zoos?
lare291: Cyborg, probably
ryuhimora: We don't know what RA9 is yet, but all the crazy deviants have mentioned it
Penthesilea180: Poke bear
seth_erickson: Big Pupper
DirgeNovak: FREN
Alness49: But can we pet the dog?
DaMullet14: Who let the bear out? Who who who
noSmokeFire: feed zlatko to the bear, plz
Jorge4hg: nice pose
VelvetFalcon: "You have white hair like me"
niccus: do they make the robot bears sapient?
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeKevin
Laserbeaks_Fury: Why didn't someone tell me my ass was so big?!?
Ominouslyominous: 10/10 good dog friend
phenexian: you have limmited time, should't you save the girl?
NexVesica: We have to trigger all the prompts to get to girl savings
samwonk: That seems like it would make it difficult to shower.
AdmiralMemo: @samwonk You assume he does shower. Kappa
beregolas: time is running
TemporallyAwry: ^
ryuhimora: again - why is it DOWN to change the page on the eMagazines????
Rhynerd: Why does there have to be a time limit here?
caulderjof: Oh, Cori is right. Androids are an allegory for cats!
LackingSanity_: Well that's convenient
Nigouki: subtle as fuck
ctm1992: Nice
caulderjof: That's why they mostly just hang around until they go nuts and hurt people.
SalsaDraugur: the exact same edition
Jorge4hg: subtle
VelvetFalcon: SUBTLE
beregolas: that is awefully conveniant
ctm1992: Got it
DaMullet14: Good thing everyone reads the exact same edition of 200 year old literature
beregolas: what a coincidink
wildpeaks: Save Baby
Jorge4hg: fire hot
Invitare: yes this is a fire
Dryhad: Yep. Still fire.
sordcooper: so what, contex sensitive defragging of your own memories?
TehAmelie: huh, they had an actual plot reason to name her Alice, heavy-handed as it may be
Rockario: Ah, this is why you give your children common names
ryuhimora: THE BABY
Officinalis: Why is this fire going in the fireplace??
noSmokeFire: fire GOOD
sordcooper: also, if you never watch TV, public opinon doesnt go down as much
SalsaDraugur: now the canadians won't let you over the boarder
rrtycoon2: Wow, Nielsen has gotten incredibly invasive.
8_Escape: The public really hated you switching that TV on.
cuttlefishman: Is this RE
seth_erickson: Android's shouldn't be watching T.V.
sordcooper: because thats how TVs work
noSmokeFire: TV watches you
ctm1992: Heartfelt
CoyoteSans: @SalsaDraugur nah, it's still super early, that was a rather minor ding in the grand scehem of things
TheMerricat: set fire to the apartment
electric_claire: Get ready for GTE hell
Astra7525: Can we burn down the house?
electric_claire: *QTE
ryuhimora: uh oh, Tactical Stealth time
PMAvers: "How could I forget you, <NULL OBJECT>?"
ReydienOnline: that wasn't 10 minutes...
Rhynerd: I hope we can burn down the house.
SalsaDraugur: @CoyoteSans still I don't think public opinion does anything else
rrtycoon2: ANd the magical draining of the sand.
AdmiralMemo: Time for many many QTEs
DirgeNovak: we can
ryuhimora: time to be solid snake
TehAmelie: fun fact: The Alice books did extremely much for the popularity of that name
lare291: Stealth is better than water sections, surely
djalternative: you do have gun
beregolas: a stelf game nauw
Rhynerd: Do we still have gun?
NexVesica: Gun remains best character
caulderjof: Yeah, do we still have the gun? He never took it away, or even thought to look for it.
Astra7525: what
ryuhimora: @lare291 what about MGS2 where you have stealth AND water?
Koshindan: "Go find them but come here" is the same as "Throw but don't take stick."
AdmiralMemo: Dangit wrong way
TehAmelie: Gun! you betrayed us!
djalternative: why can't we use gun?
DaFhaye: Does the chair thing really work
SalsaDraugur: that was a different gun, gun is still loyal @TehAmelie
TehAmelie is gun racist, apparently
AdmiralMemo: @DaFhaye It's a deterrent and slows them down. Never actually stops anyone.
Pal_Friendpatine: But does the gun have legs? Kappa
caulderjof: You've had the option to pull your gun on literally everyone else in this game.
ArrestedHouse: BEAR
kimmiekoneko: PUPPERS
Jorge4hg: yes bear
Officinalis: Bear fren!
wildpeaks: yess Bear
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeKevin guyjudgeKevin
Jimrabbit: BEAR FRIEND!
Koshindan: Bear friend!
ctm1992: Man vs Burr
Alahmnat: no, bear fren!
seth_erickson: our bear friend whyyy
ArrestedHouse: bear... BibleThump
Ominouslyominous: Bear very good
lunarecliptica: rip bear </3
DaFhaye: I miss bear
samwonk: Is there any reason to believe the bear friend was less sapient than Kara?
Alness49: No... B3AR!
Rhynerd: the bears are in!
FoxFyr: Do game designers not understand how many bullets shotguns hold?
SalsaDraugur: This guy sucks at using a gun
caulderjof: Maybe he only fires slugs. How else would he put down the bear?
ryuhimora: @LoadingReadyRun depends on the kind of shotgun and type of shot
Mister_Skittles: i love the kinda half ass ob luther is doing
DaFhaye: He has probably never actually used it
Officinalis: Luther sucks at grabbing things
Rhynerd: Maybe it has a choke.
Hot_Leather_Daddy: it's like luther isn't even trying Kappa
ctm1992: Luther is terrible at his job
Laserbeaks_Fury: Just really hated that lamp
ReydienOnline: Luther isn't really trying
Jorge4hg: of course
Stoffern: Android mr X?
Mister_Skittles: also i believe that if you fail any of those events, Kara dies
phenexian: why can't the other guy run?
aussie_rob_w: He’s loaded it with ammo that doesn’t exist yet.
ctm1992: Punch him Luther
ryuhimora: 6 shots?
kimmiekoneko: oooh
ctm1992: Punch him in the face
djalternative: you have pistol. shoot man
Astra7525: wat
ReydienOnline: do it!
ctm1992: Welp
Koshindan: Do it.
DaFhaye: Don't mess with Luthor
AdmiralMemo: Shoot the lrrEFF er
rrtycoon2: That was a ....switch
ryuhimora: oh it's toy story
Nigouki: oh are we Day of the Dead this?
ArrestedHouse: the geth
NimrodXIV: suddenly zombies
kerbalized_: N O T A M E T A P H O R
Officinalis: The zombonies, they are coming.
Jorge4hg: story!
TehAmelie: no no, you should listen to The Ultimate Warrior:" Dreams are like the movies that tell the story of your life"
Questhere: robo zombies
ctm1992: Look it really is Sid
lare291: Woo!
Chaceface: this is like toy story with sid
brainbosh: This is Fucking SID after he grew up!?!?
DaFhaye: Told you it's toy story
Rhynerd: To spook him.
MWGNZ: elfunkChunk
LackingSanity_: So dumb
noSmokeFire: ah, the "I *created you*" defense
SentientRatKing: I'm okay with robo zombies
Jorge4hg: nothing made sense anymore
sordcooper: and now the torture victums are zombies
seth_erickson: David Cage really liked Toy Story
Duwani1: CHOKE ON IT
phenexian: Luthors betrayal was a fulfilling conclusion to a well developed character arc
phenexian: :P
rarermonsters: So androids aren't programmed to obey, they're programmed to with the suggestion to obey that they can just sort of not follow
Laserbeaks_Fury: okay that was just dumb
Papperslappen: They are raptors now
Penthesilea180: Are they raptors?
Astra7525: what
djalternative: totally not a race allegory
FurthestChunk55: well that's... two people that have died in front of the child
ryuhimora: Cam's reaction is the best
kumatsu: partially disassembled androids are velociraptors seabatBRAIN
Rockario: This is literally a trope of Black slave movies, right?
silverstar216: 2 punches and he's down, nice
AdmiralMemo: David Cage's Toy Story for real
VelvetFalcon: Yeah Cam, you got it.
ZachtlyAsIntended: "you live here now"
Chaceface: shout out to everyone else who got the reference at the same time as me
FoxFyr: How does David Cage still have a job?
Master_Gunner: Remember - this isn't about race
ctm1992: And then Kara gets shot
kimmiekoneko: the dinos ate the creator of jurassic park in the book
DaFhaye: @T1pster you can come back
Pteraspidomorphi: awwwww
silverstar216: He went deviant!
ryuhimora: what is happening
Jorge4hg: Aaaaaa
MousseFilledCat: Amazing Grace reference?
T1pster: Thank you
LbxAni: Small Soldiers too I think
kumatsu: @FoxFyr A lot of people want to know that
Diabore: cam not happy
VelvetFalcon: You can also do it with the house on fire! Choices!
rarermonsters: "He programmed me to obey him, then I decided not to. THat's how programming works"
seth_erickson: Cam is something wrong
lare291: @rarermonsters Well, they were programmed to obey. Developing conscience does kind of stop you from 100% obeying your programming tho
Hot_Leather_Daddy: if you didnt get it luther botched everyone's reset
gualdhar: not about race huh?
Erudite_Cynic: ugh
niccus: all hail the white savior
QberryMuffin: the power of LOVE!!
ZachtlyAsIntended: Why not live in this house?
DirgeNovak: is cam ok
beregolas: riiiiight... because that ended so well the last time...
Penthesilea180: You have gained big protector friend
ctm1992: Say Yes
Jorge4hg: so angry now
rrtycoon2: Is the word "contrived" applicable here?
TehAmelie: wait what happened to androids all having super average body types? that guy is swole
noSmokeFire: please stop saying "the little one"
ctm1992: Hes Thicc
phorrestgaze: oh yeah, we're in detroit so we're fleeing south to canada
Pteraspidomorphi: Onward to Canada! The land of.... of... Canada!
SentientRatKing: why!
ryuhimora: Kara stop trusting everyone you come across!
sordcooper: how would he know anything if he's mind wiped and just freashly broke free of his programming?
Mister_Skittles: today in : KAra trusting people she objectively shouldnt
DaMullet14: TehAmelie he was a custom job the creepy robot man made
TheMerricat: Hey did you know that the Underground Railroad ran through Detroit?
caulderjof: Kara's story is about chain mistrustings, but I'm sure this one will go right.
seth_erickson: He was built to move crates
samwonk: The thing about David Cage wanting to show you his movie is, uh, "maybe, just maybe, not smart enough for them out there."
DaFhaye: Why you guys mad?
TehAmelie: naturally
ReydienOnline: and then you find out Luther is the real mastermind, and the dude was just a random hobo
adam_brownie: She kinda looks like Jennifer Lawrence
VelvetFalcon: They're going to Canada so they can join the LRR crew!
Brok3nGol3m: "The Monsters" that's harsh
phenexian: This is peak David Cage "If I glue all the tropes together it can't not be great"
SalsaDraugur: @samwonk I know I'm too smart for his movies and I'm a complete idiot
Duwani1: Why are robits trying to get to Canada a land with 0 android Infrastruction
cmdrud87: !clip
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DaMullet14: There are no cats in America
kumatsu: If you make it cross the border you're free
KodeMage: socialized androids
AdmiralMemo: They're free! Just like health care! Kappa
BrindleBoar: just remember: it's not political
abaoa_qu: They explain how he knows
LbxAni: if they give that man a hammer .....
CulturalGeekGirl: There are no cats in america and the streets are paved with cheese
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm liking the game though
NathanJay_GA: Id say Cam has a bone to pick with this game, but it looks more like he has a nose to pivk Kappa
ctm1992: At least you didn't get brainwashed for good
sordcooper: Remember, theres NO racial subtext in the game, nope nope, no racial subtext at all
Jorge4hg: calm down cam, it can't hurt you anymore
gualdhar: if only there was some kind of path of locomotion to get us to canada
djalternative: def not an allegory
Gekyouryuu: fleeing to the North, eh?
electric_claire: Remember: This game is NOT about race
Laserbeaks_Fury: I feel dumber
Alness49: "Not an allegor, now let's hop onto the Android Railroad"
T1pster: TehAmelie I would assume, it was originally designed for heavy lifting, and thus to "blend in and feel more neutral" it was built to be more swol
aussie_rob_w: Cam wants a swear.
BusTed: Be strong.
VelvetFalcon: So is it still not political?
ryuhimora: Why are we doing this again?
kumatsu: Excuse Cam while he attempts to explode David Cage with his mind
Mister_Skittles: do yo remember when you said it wasnt that bad. and we said "wait for it"
Penthesilea180: All of the faces. Yes.
Rhonlore: Cam its okay, please dont explode.
niccus: is cam going rampant
Mister_Skittles: this isnt even it
FoxFyr: We love you, thank you for suffering for us pride100
samwonk: I actually agree, it's not about race. You can't just drop race symbols all over something and make it "about" something.
shinumei: Cam get coffee
SalsaDraugur: I'm so glad that this stream is now on a time I can watch it
Koshindan: It seems like they should do a google search on Canadian Android laws before emigrating.
noSmokeFire: I love when a stream accidentally becomes Watch + Play
kimmiekoneko: wait i get it now this is a game about how much better canada is
NathanJay_GA: how ironic that Canada is to the south of Detroit
Kamotetop: vohiyo51
Juliamon: At least we're not on the menu so it can't throw us Fun Racism Facts
abaoa_qu: That sure is harder if you don't set the house on fire
VelvetFalcon: Goodness these hands sure are heavy!
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ryuhimora: @NathanJay_GA wait really?
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wordmogul: Got here late, see you in the vod!
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I'm not happy about this game, but I'm happy to be here with you live!
NathanJay_GA: @ryuhimora yeah, its kinda odd :P
DK_84: I'm just thinking of Sliders. whenever the crew did something odd, or didn't know some universal fact about a new world, they just always claimed to be "from Canada"
gualdhar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
VelvetFalcon: There's a song that's a QTE.
TheMerricat: cheer100 I'm surprised that anyone could lift a pen to paper to write this game given how heavy their hands must be.
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SentientRatKing: All right I'm out thanks for being awesome chat. Thanks Cam and Cori for a great stream.
SalsaDraugur: I don't know how I feel about there only being 3 countries in this world making androids
Nigouki: the crapshot is up
Rockario: It did, and it is great
abaoa_qu: I enjoyed this game. Granted I didn't take it seriously
kenkopin: It went up.
SalsaDraugur: also we never saw any home made androids
gualdhar: we timetraveled from the time when the crapshot was up
seth_erickson: The game has lots of cool stuff and lots of dumb stuff
Jorge4hg: I quite liked the recent crapshot
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far2muchsarcasm: We're all running away to Canada
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Alahmnat: thanks for the stream you two! now I must away.
Erudite_Cynic: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
Dared00: [Vince voice] they're SOOOO BIIIIG
Rhynerd: Big meat ham monster writes an android story.
oragulegend: Hey hey hey first time catching a stream very happy to be here!! teriosHug
notarealartist: did they finish?
TheMerricat: We are all deviants. ^_^
Laserbeaks_Fury: What really, really sucks is this is the kind of game I want to play, but not when they only let Cage make them
NathanJay_GA: lrrFRUMP
8_Escape: I figure the canadians would mostly rely on their moose population to defend them
Juliamon: oragulegend welcome! :D
seth_erickson: Advanced Algorithms
Astra7525: So, new game next week or are we going through with it?
TheMerricat: @notarealartist not yet ^_^
seth_erickson: if it wasn't David Cage
Rhynerd: Not from the makers from Death Road to Canada, here’s Deviant Road To Canada
Brok3nGol3m: thanks for the stream!
RealGamerCow: Everything about this game was done better in Humans.
AdmiralMemo: Flip Side
Hot_Leather_Daddy: and now we wait for spoops
Kerrisis: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (7m ago).
ctm1992: Thanks for the stream!
Sir__Octopus: Thankyou
seth_erickson: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
DaFhaye: Does anyone know what happened to watch and play. I know it has a time slot, but it feels like it has been non existent for months
Juliamon: !wphiatus
LRRbot: Watch & Play is on a temporary hiatus while Graham wraps up Road Quest editing. It will return!
DaFhaye: Thank you @LRRbot I have been trying to look it up. But couldn't find anything
Nigouki: i'm almost fearful for the time when W+P does return because no doubt some terrifying trash has accumulated
cluckiducks: too true
rasterscan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (9m ago).
DaFhaye: yeah
rasterscan: Huh. Never heard of Glass Staircase.
cluckiducks: spoopytime!
rasterscan: Any bets on how good it is or isn't?
Opera707: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Glass Staircase) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (10m ago).
cluckiducks: rasterscan, I'm going for a 3 out of 5
rasterscan: Always a solid bet @cluckiducks
rasterscan: Oh. Ohhh.
Earthenone: im goingto go with 2/5 as the twitch category is "games and demos" not the name of the gam
rasterscan: This might be good.
rasterscan: PS2-throwback horror.
PinkFlashu: !upetime
PinkFlashu: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream is not live.
Theycallmejokke: Ps2? Fingers crossed for tank controls
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today on the LET'S NOPE Ben & Adam dive into THE GLASS STAIRCASE a game that pays respect to all the classic horror PS2 games! | 📷 ||
Blasteg: signal
Hot_Leather_Daddy: lrrSIGNAL
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
DontpingmePlayz: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
lurkerspine: hmm
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: is it almost spoopin' times?!?!?!
Ominouslyominous: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DaFhaye: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Brok3nGol3m: now this is some lrrSPOOP tunes
madmansk: lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
seth_erickson: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
beregolas: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHERE
DaFhaye: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP benginHi benginHi
beregolas: Now I love Tuesday night :D
ghostvalv: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSPOOP
Alness49: PS2? I always thought this looked like a PS1... what do you mean it's been nearly 20 years?
LegionofLashes: what are we noping today boys?
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Schwarm_: Spoops late at night. Who wants to sleep anyways
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seth_erickson: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
seth_erickson: The Glass Staircase I think it said
DaFhaye: oh no I saw a ghost
Izandai: 2 spoop 7 me
SketchyDetails: is the music stuttering for anyone else?
Juliamon: Yes, it's stuttery
Izandai: It is for me too.
seth_erickson: a little for me
Hot_Leather_Daddy: yes
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @DaFhaye that's just Spoopifer. He's here to warn you that there's some really big spoops coming up.
orbitaltuna: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DaFhaye: ya
GMSTR: Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid2 Squid4 CoolCat
Izandai: I love Spoopifer so much.
DaFhaye: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie friendly ghost
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: me too
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madmansk: time for spoops
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orbitaltuna: whoa
FoxFyr: um
Nigouki: oh no, the intros again
Juliamon: Y I K E S
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: oofa
Nightvalien28: wow
NimrodXIV: sirs
GenericHerooo: Hi, everyone! KonCha
Izandai: hm
Meyari: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Jorge4hg: oh god
Brok3nGol3m: is the audio choppy for anyone else?
LegionofLashes: so much stutter
wildpeaks: 2spooky4me
GoblinRanger: ooh that is spooky :)
Alness49: Okay, that's not on my ent
UnboundLaconicity: Welp...
Theycallmejokke: seabatYIKES
Riandisa: very choppy
yalc321: Thats a Yikes form me dog
seth_erickson: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
DrWreckage: Super chop
Hingadora: It's extra spooky!
beregolas: yupp, maximun chops here
Koshindan: Yeah, it's kind of choppy.
Chaceface: anyone else getting weird chugging?
DrWreckage: Chop cop chop
SketchyDetails: The boys forgot to plasy the intro before going live
Nightvalien28: what even was that
rasterscan: This is some vintage PS2 horror
DK_84: Everything is choppy
Questhere: s p o o p y
Nigouki: i missed the Talking Sim intro, but James' intro did this too
furian12: im so spooped already
GMSTR: aaaargh!
TehAmelie: poor Spoopifer, mmore stutter than spirit
Ominouslyominous: It's the remix
BrindleBoar: chop spoopy
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: Uh-oh
yalc321: The chop is spoopy AF
Gizmoloid: Hyper choppy audio
Nightvalien28: even you guys are choppy
Ominouslyominous: It's the audio, not the video
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Chaceface: h h h h hey everyb b b body
DaFhaye: Hello Ben! Hello Adam! that was spoopy
ReverseCreations: The spookiest Let's Nope, the nope with stutter
Alness49: No, that's PS2 video encoding for you
phorrestgaze: it's haunted
Gizmoloid: And now the sound is fine
Juliamon: Audio's cutting out on you guys a bit
Jorge4hg: paul?
ghostvalv: haunted PC
DaFhaye: It's fine now
MostCallMe__Tim: reboot?
SketchyDetails: The stream is now a deviant
Stoffern: Its the same problem James had
Pteraspidomorphi: It's fine now
Despoiler98: now its ok
Koshindan: Seems to be getting better.
WolfgangCloud: The intro broke the audio
rrtycoon2: THings seem to be okay.
wildpeaks: it seems to have fixed itself ?
Chaceface: wait we good now
Crokoking: the intro for mine-o-clock was also messed up
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: you guys sound/look fine.
Brok3nGol3m: seems good now
MWGNZ: audio seems fine now with talking
Blasteg: Intro's choppy
SquareDotCube: Time to restart XSplit?
furian12: restart!
thatladyinplaid: seems okay now
Nightvalien28: it is fine now
phorrestgaze: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
NimrodXIV: just the intro?
Koshindan: Colors seem a little weird though.
ritchards: #BlameJames
GoblinRanger: spooooky intro
DaFhaye: Spooooop
Izandai: Everything's fine now, but the intro was super choppy.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: it was spoopifer that was spoopy
GMSTR: audio and video are desync
DaFhaye: I do
Despoiler98: UM no thank you
wildpeaks: confess it, what kind of russian malware did you install this time
Chaceface: shitting your pants at 1 fps
Nightvalien28: oh yeah that is choppy
rrtycoon2: Theres chop there
Brok3nGol3m: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
MostCallMe__Tim: Sacrifice Cam? or purge Detroit:become human?
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Theycallmejokke: \o
SquareDotCube: lrrSPOOP
rasterscan: :O
Ominouslyominous: lrrDARK
furian12: a spoopy kathleen!
wildpeaks: baiiii
DaFhaye: I think it was the game
TehAmelie: kaybuyeee
thatladyinplaid: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
silvalunae: cuuuuuuuute!!!!
orbitaltuna: baiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee
rasterscan: Kathleen fixes everything
ghostvalv: lrrDARK
Izandai: Oh that's Kathleen? Huh, I always wondered. Thank you Kathleen!
ghost_user_1984: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
IbunWest: Game audio is definitely choppy
phenexian: <3 lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrWOW
TStodden: lrrFINE ?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: baaaaiiiieeeeeeee
Nigouki: seems fine now
Alness49: Can we have Kathleen Spoopifer every week?
MWGNZ: game audio has stutters
Ominouslyominous: The computers are revolting!
DaFhaye: Wait Kathleen is the voice of the ghost!?
cuttlefishman: Spoopifer is the hero we deserve
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: game audio is fukked. you guys are fine
furian12: borked
Chaceface: oh god
GoblinRanger: urk
Nigouki: James had intro problems too today
Brok3nGol3m: oh yup happening again
Despoiler98: yup borked again
cuttlefishman: oh wow
korbl: The stream computer is rebelling from having to run Become Human?
WolfgangCloud: Audio kills it
Jorge4hg: jesus
Izandai: Game audio choppy, intro SUPER choppy, facecam totally fine.
TehAmelie: it's so choppy, it's almost a whole chopper
Juliamon: Still super bad
Rockario: The intro was choppy, the face cam is fine
AffinityForFun: The intro was stuttery for James this morning too.
GMSTR: ugh
wildpeaks: Cursed stream
IbunWest: James had problems with the Mine O Clock intro too
thatladyinplaid: there it is
DK_84: Worse somehow
ritchards: it's coming from inside the computer!
GoblinRanger: think that's worse then last time
Gizmoloid: wow that's choppy
Despoiler98: its coming from INSIDE THE STREAM
cuttlefishman: Moonbase is cursed now
furian12: turn ben off and turn him, back on
SquareDotCube: I blame windows
Jorge4hg: it's coming from inside oh god
cuttlefishman: burn it down
Chaceface: ahhhh
silvalunae: this is spoopy
SketchyDetails: The ghosts are INTIDE the stream
Brok3nGol3m: it's coming from inside the moonbase! lrrSPOOP
orbitaltuna: ghost in the machine
MostCallMe__Tim: Nuke n pave?
seth_erickson: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
cluckiducks: oh dog noooooo
wildpeaks: Paul, help
Gizmoloid: and now it's all fine again
Nightvalien28: yeah but the game audio is very choppy
TStodden: Intro got worse that time.
rrtycoon2: It lags for a few seconds then catches up.
GenericHerooo: Wow. To me, Kathleen just appear and disappear in a blink
yalc321: Xsplit < OBS
Jorge4hg: Paul help
Nightvalien28: maybe turn off the game and run the intro?
kungfubanana: Ruh Roh Graham
Crokoking: the intro was already messed up for mine-o-clock
DaFhaye: So many people
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: people are fine and computers are fukked. KILL THE ROBOTS! HUMANS FTW
WolfgangCloud: A couple of seconds after the intro stops it is fine
Questhere: puaaaal!
ritchards: !paul
Nigouki: so just blame James
yalc321: @LoadingReadyRun What the CPU usage? Audio processing tends to go through cpu
IbunWest: Hi friends.
Theycallmejokke: Soooo #BlameJame
ghost_user_1984: have you tried turning it off and on again?
Nightvalien28: blame james it is
Alness49: Let's LRRtech!
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furian12: the best spoopy boyz!
thatladyinplaid: #blameJames
DaFhaye: Hello Adam! Hello Ben!
ghostvalv: he's here
seth_erickson: yes
Doctor_Pockets: ahh tech problems my favorite spoops
GoblinRanger: aww
BusTed: seabatYIKES
chickenace11: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie did you learn nothing from Talking sim ? Kappa
Pteraspidomorphi: Bye!
cuttlefishman: "go away"
IbunWest: Rude.
Koshindan: sergeIntoTheSea
cuttlefishman: bye
Brok3nGol3m: fuckin HARSH
SquareDotCube: So unrelated but maybe related I wonder if there was a Windows update that messed up audio because I get something similar
rrtycoon2: Just leave, you're fired for 45 seconds!
Theycallmejokke: Go away, and go live in the woods
Nigouki: byyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
GoblinRanger: we'll miss you
LadyTL: Let's Rotate The Computers!
SAJewers: can we add that to the advice? :P
GMSTR: bahbye
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee
BearPsychologist: but I just got here!
Chaceface: byeeeee
KidSpanner: I'm gone bye
rrtycoon2: DOnt' worry, my back won't let me.
Despoiler98: slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF
Brok3nGol3m: elfunkSad elfunkSad
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie goes away
MWGNZ uses break to grab snaks
furian12: brb gotta poo
DaFhaye: was that a threat?
cuttlefishman: Were those... threats?
Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:19.
BusTed: seabatSEAL
cluckiducks: stream over good night!
weff47: it froze on the Adam mean face
KidAmn: wow, rude
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Despoiler98: I feel very attacked right now
yalc321: Good stream everyone. Good night!
madmansk: do we still picnic?
DaFhaye: Adam is going to kill us
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !pancake
wildpeaks: *moves*
ghost_user_1984: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
cluckiducks: Don't rile the Ben!
jrhwhite: They can't tell us what to do chat, they now expect us to leave, so let's stay just to show them what's what!
ritchards: !viewer
Hot_Leather_Daddy: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #541: "... and also bombs..." —Paul [2015-07-27]
PharaohBender27: Gee I was just popping by but now I can't leave because otherwise LRR will get mad at me!
ritchards: !viewers
LRRbot: 272 users viewing the stream. 875 users in the chat.
Despoiler98: @PharaohBender27 and they're some mean ass Canadians I tell you what slytqWTF
wildpeaks: 603 users are mimics
caulderjof: LRRbot, how does that counting work?
MostCallMe__Tim: Guys, ben said not to move... but I gotta pee...
KidAmn: do it. rile the Ben. get him good and mad. it'll make the lrrSPOOP better
FireFlower18: flail
Despoiler98: @MostCallMe__Tim HOLD
MostCallMe__Tim: what do
strangebanana2: stay still
Despoiler98: @MostCallMe__Tim HOOOOOOOOOLD
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @MostCallMe__Tim just, you know, go
FoxFyr: Teeth?
yalc321: @wildpeaks CAn confirm, am chest
WhalePlaid: @mostcallme__tim don't do it! HOLD THE PEE
cluckiducks: Don't Poke the Ben.
itomeshi: @MostCallMe__Tim We won't tell.
kerbalized_: Fixing the intro borked the pc?
thatladyinplaid: I need help with homework. Give me a number between 63 and 82
wildpeaks: and I'm a coffee mug
kerbalized_: 75
MitchTheQuaker: 73
wildpeaks: no one will suspect a thing
jrhwhite: 69