MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Last minute Gio + Alex kiss?
MAPBoardgames: KISS dammit!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: NOW KISS
Twilight_Spark: BAKA
aWabbajack: cohhHi lrrAWESOME kathle3HEX
ContingentCat: YES! KISS!
accountmadeforants: SO CUTE
Juliamon: So tsundere it hurts
Twilight_Spark: Just mutual respect.
Orgmastron: BOOO
drfox17: what
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Yeah huge bummer but the last choice did it
tergonis: back it up and smooch the tsundere!
drfox17: nooooooooo
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I dsiagree with that one I must say
MAPBoardgames: Now Foxy has to kiss fire boy
Dared00: ah yes, Now Respect, my favorite stream
snowcookies: 0-2 on kisses
aWabbajack: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Mysterium) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
xantos69: increase kissing!
ContingentCat: Oooo weird stuff!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Thanks for stream!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I liked the Blind Griffon though. thanks for the stream
snowcookies: bye!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: looking forward to AFK
ContingentCat: Thanks for streaming Matt and Kathleen
accountmadeforants: I recommend A Desktop Love Story for weird stuff on
BrowneePoints: can I get an LGBT version where you can date Gio?
HesGotNoPants: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Mysterium) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: BTW Blind Griffon is also free on if anybody doesn't know :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH i did not know. thank you Munchlax
DeafMints: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Mysterium) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: :D
lilyoswald: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Mysterium) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
Pal_Friendpatine: AFK!!!!!!
Pal_Friendpatine: Do ready
Pal_Friendpatine: Is the stream doing a reboot before AFK?
Juliamon: It's offline, if that's what you mean
chesul: just got here for AFK, what game are they going to play?
Juliamon: Mysterium tonight!
chesul: nice!
Pal_Friendpatine: Ah thanks @juliamon . Just showed for me that that was the case
Juliamon: Twitch has been a little buggy about switching to offline lately
Pal_Friendpatine: Yeah Twitch has been odd for me lately
JTK45: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Mysterium) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
Nigouki: Mysterium is the silent GM game, right?
Juliamon: Yeah
Juliamon: Ghosterman times
malc: ah Mysterium, the game one of my friend groups calls Myctepym because their copy is in Russian
Aztren: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller ! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Mysterium) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the one time you don't want to be Bustin
Mystaira: mystaiMeow
DarkMorford: katesLurk
Mystaira: katesLoaf
ContingentCat: katesLurk
Rockario: lrrSPOT
DiscordianTokkan: katesLoaf lrrSPOOP katesLurk
Mystaira: lrrSPOOP mystaiMeow
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
DiscordianTokkan: katesNice
rockyboy78: hello fellow twitch chatters
Kamotetop: GivePLZ NomNom TakeNRG
djalternative: hola chat
superdude097: @Kamotetop Those emotes are adorable! :)
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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electric_claire: Loving this new east-coast accessible schedule
Earthenone: pride51 lrrSPOOP
IbunWest: Saaaame. @electric_claire
djalternative: Us in central time love it too
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orionsrise1: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
islanderscaper: bloojWave
EscherichiaCole: Happy birthday?
NathanJay_GA: yo B)
AmpNoise: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHi sergeHi sergeHi
Sarah_Serinde: Haha getting good use out of those birthday hats :D
Mystaira: Such pointy hats
hoktauri: #NotaCult
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSPOOP
Sarah_Serinde: Happy birthday Serge! sergeHeart
Pal_Friendpatine: Woah spoopy lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
Brok3nGol3m: Happy birthday Serge! sergeHi
DiscordianTokkan: Happy death day?
silvalunae: jeez
duckondrugs: happy birthday serge!!
NathanJay_GA: Barfday!
EscherichiaCole: Yay!
Szyael: Dark just for Serge's birthday!!!
xantos69: cheer50 Happy Birthday!
SketchyDetails: set lighting is AMAZONG tonight
Mystaira: Happy birfday Serge! mystaiHeart
Pal_Friendpatine: kaypikeHB kaypikeHB kaypikeHB
Smoke108: gameat4Cake gameat4Cake
DiscordianTokkan: Happy birthday Serge!
Jgard96: In the end, the real dying was the friend we made along the way
domslashryan: Happy birthday Serge. FROM THE FUTURE!
Gascitygaming: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart HAppy birthday! benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
SAJewers: naeCAKE naeCAKE
Evochron13: wow that's dark
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Happy Birthday Serge. Getting older is better than the alternative!
mastershake29x: that lighting is on point
TehAmelie: sergePride have a cake Serge
DiscordianTokkan: My Chromecast's lag makes chat delay even worse :(
silvalunae: hey 21 and 18 at the same time!
Sarah_Serinde: That's totally a good one
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP
djalternative: where's the love for similies
domslashryan: Serge is 34, he's clearly not new anymore :P
HesGotNoPants: say the thinh
Brok3nGol3m: got there!
Sarah_Serinde: I need to play this again, it was fun the first time I tried it but it took a little while to learn everything
wynternyghtynggale: Telepathetic
superdude097: Wormwood Gaming: a Kingdom of Cards
AmpNoise: Skinny bines!
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
LRRbot: 2391 patrons for a total of $14,217.80 per month.
A_Dub888: *slaps wyrmwood box* you could fit all sorts of tree bones and beast skins in this bad boy
ZeroArcana: we're irresponsible for this
silvalunae: it is I, DIO
djalternative: There is a designated nap time in Spane. It's called Siesta
Fugi: You get 26 hours in a day but must sleep 12 of them
Pal_Friendpatine: It is said that the day length on Mars is the real natural circadian rhythm for the human body
phorrestgaze: no Ian or but still jojo references :D
Dread_Pirate_Westley: OK, at the end of DST, I will give you an extra hour.
Firnsarwen: Oh I'm so excited you're playing Mysterium tonight!!!!
Sarah_Serinde: Fugi Oh no what a hardship
FITorion: just move the Moon base to Mars. 39 extra minutes in the day.
orionsrise1: but Paul is the one with the temporal machine!?
DiscordianTokkan: As opposed to rightful murder
domslashryan: Speaking as a Police officer, Murder is against the law
HesGotNoPants: I can give you a 25 hours, but it will cost the concept of flannel
EsperDerek1: You cannot prove that I did not do it.
L3thalRose: Ben still benginTraitor by giving meme cards
Firnsarwen: Happy Birthday Serge! sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
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thundervoice_1: A perfectly squared amount of months. #BlameJames?
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coriolis_storm: If you murder, only do it when it's rightful :p
Meltalar: happy sergeday friends
thundervoice_1: Happy Birthday Serge slytqPie slytqPie slytqPie
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Welbog: Ben's the ghost! I knew it!
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the_bananarchist: oh yoooo I love Mysterium
superdude097: Happy Birthday to Serge! And a very merry Unbirthday to the rest of the LRR Crew! :D
orionsrise1: Happy birthday Serge! and PUCH THAT CHUNK!
Meltalar: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeSqueak sergeFriend
orionsrise1: aww I ment punch
MadAran87: So, this is an evolution of Clue, but cooperative and with the restless dead?
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P4r7YG0D: 2 years :U holy crap
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Meltalar: when I remember correctly, Mysterium was already played on AFK
Juliamon: A couple times, actually
Meltalar: haha. my seabatBRAIN works! lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Decaped: no, last choice is by yourself
MAPBoardgames: Looks like a long day of streaming for Matt
mastershake29x: nice reference serge
Grevas13: whose birthday is it?
ContingentCat: @Grevas13 serge
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: That is the first time I have seen someone interpret the clues as cumulative XD
HesGotNoPants: ghost ben has amnesia
Meltalar: serge, the traitor is always ben seabatYIKES
Grevas13: happy bday serge!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: DO IT DO IT
DiscordianTokkan: This is Mysterium on House on the Hill; many people have died here
Sarah_Serinde: Molander sergeHeart :D
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Mysterium is SO MUCH MROE FUN if you RP the investigators
HesGotNoPants: huglander!
Meltalar: he just wants to give back, dude
Decaped: the lore is 3 different murders, which psychically resonate together to be able to transfer the message at theend
Orgmastron: Kathleen saw a vision of the murder through the WE-FEES
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AzureShok: Birthday + Anniverssary = Birthaverssary?
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djalternative: I see a red door and I want to paint it black
coriolis_storm: Kathleen was an EXCELLENT choice for this game! lrrAWESOME
ApodoNuevo: Is the clairvoyance board on the right side? It looks like it's on the 6/7 player side.
MAPBoardgames: That's a house rule at my house too!
ContingentCat: also it's fun
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I haven't seen Kathleen in Mysterium yet, I'm so excited <3
Earthenone: yes
AzureShok: spoopy
Sarah_Serinde: That hat is great with that mask :D
Sektor88: yessss
gibbousm: Cameron is with you in spirit
Meltalar: yes!
NathanJay_GA: I love that mask
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: The dead all become Cameron
djalternative: and 3 knocks means the british are coming by sea
orionsrise1: yes should be two knocks
HesGotNoPants: cam ghost
Pal_Friendpatine: riffScream riffScream riffScream
MAPBoardgames: Cam is here in SPIRIT?
gibbousm: nightmare inducing spirit
Sektor88: ben has become the time traveler Kappa
silvalunae: here in . . . spirit
franksey: YES the cam mask is back!
L3thalRose: wait
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: YESSSSSSSS
L3thalRose: why does lrr have a cam mask
accountmadeforants: Right, Cam was supposed to be here. Shame he died.
Sektor88: yes kathleen, yessss
Meltalar: can we buy these masks in the shop?
Keknar: The wee feees
Sannindi: Ben is now possessed by Cam's ghost.
drfox17: oh no LORNA
xantos69: Well I am not shocked....
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Smoke108: gameat4Eagle
GreenMittenz: Wait Lorna is investigating? Ben is screwed
tenthtechpriest: the spirit of vitu ghazi- wait
drfox17: On no, WeeFees!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: shoot what was Serges character in Cams Music of the Spheres campaign?
stgts_: i'm sorry, i'm late is there a reason they're wearing birthday hats
EscherichiaCole: jesus christ I was cooking and didn't see ben put the mask. that scared the shit out fo me
L3thalRose: its serges bday
stgts_: I mean. not that they need a reason
Texan_Reverend: @stgts_ It's Serge's birthday.
GreenMittenz: so keys cinderella.. is this kingdom hearts?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Franky! I think
Juliamon: SydPreviouslyHeadache Frankie
stgts_: aww okay! thank you
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Frankie! thank you Juliamon I was close
ApodoNuevo: @Paul It looks like they have the clairvoyance board on the wrong side (6/7 players), they might want to flip it over to the other side.
Jwiley129: Keys, Straightforward? Has no one played Kingdom Hearts?! XD
LoadingReadyRun: ApodoNuevo we aren't really using the counter
RealGamerCow: first guess no scope!
A_Dub888: Serge "Good Psychic Boy" Yager
ApodoNuevo: @LoadingReadyRun Oh, gotcha, on-screen stuff. Thanks!
drfox17: @Jwiley129 Sure, I'm told by Erika Harlacher that Kingdom Hearts is Simple and Clean
Jwiley129: @drfox17 A-
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: "Special in a bad way" said under blue lighting in a party hat MAY BE the saddest quote ever
oakentree: now watch matt whip
MAPBoardgames: Serge's clue has passed over
MAPBoardgames: Shufflecat?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I understand the moon is cheese
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Yarn cheese, in this case
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Like a very good Kirby game
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> This Saturday join @James_LRR & @sergeyager for the most anticipated stream where two guys dig 16x16 holes in Minecraft for almost no reason other than because they thought it would be a good idea. 2PM Pacific, this Saturday at 📷 ||
Fugi: i like moon
orbitaltuna: that mask lrrSPOOP
GreenMittenz: the wii fiis are interfering with lorna
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Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 23:20.
HesGotNoPants: I like the timer
drfox17: James and Serge dig holes... I guess I'll watch that :D
Jorge4hg: elevator ghost
ContingentCat: oh my
RealGamerCow: Two time no scope!
FlameI7: I keep forgetting that Ben isn't Cameron
MAPBoardgames: Huh, they've got Dixit as well. You can mix and match the cards from Dixit in Mysterium and visa versa
domslashryan: The weefee is interfering with a Kathleen's visions
djalternative: thsi is what happens when you do multipals with someone
NathanJay_GA: Wow, Matt
Meltalar: @loadingreadyrun please add the Cameron mask to the shop
easterncaveofwonders: Wait you can mix these with Dixie cards!!! lrrHERE
Siuki: haven't moved the clock at all have they?
MAPBoardgames: @easterncaveofwonders Yup. Works great.
viridimayai: whoda B-day boi/girl?
ContingentCat: doggos can do no harm
Siuki: ah they just did
the_bananarchist: "you can't believe in yourself" -Serge
Meyari: It's Serge's birthday
Meltalar: @viridimayai it's happy sergeday
oyleslyck: New spirit board, who dis?
viridimayai: Ooooh, Happy Birthday Serge!
drfox17: I'm so amazed how simple the cam mask is and now fundamentally creepy it is
the_bananarchist: bam got eem
ContingentCat: lrrHORN
RealGamerCow: I have never seen that happen in this game.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Nothin but net
HesGotNoPants: 3-0
easterncaveofwonders: @mapboardgames well that just blows the roof off. More variety is always good
Stoffern: Impressive
Going_Medium: Happy Birthday lrrHORN lrrHORN
easterncaveofwonders: Thanks!!
the_bananarchist: benginDab benginDab seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN lrrHEART
Koshindan: sergeFuse lrrSPOOP benginFuse
coriolis_storm: Yay!
Earthenone: serge, actual psycic
Arikell: That multipals telepathy seems OP
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: GHOST SPOKE GAME OVER
ContingentCat: lrrHORN lrrHORN
MAPBoardgames: De! Fault! De! Fault!
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:20.
ContingentCat: serge running out of positive things, how on brand
gamercat88: serge bday party hats?
InkyGhoast: serge bday party hats.
gibbousm: Guide Us Senpai
drfox17: Serge Senpai noticed you
InkyGhoast: also shouldn't kathleen get more points?
Nekuia: Serge cleared the board in 4 turns? Dang.
accountmadeforants: This haunted house is full of babies!
Meltalar: molander-senpai?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Okay okay - blnd Mysterium playthrough for everybody but the ghost, players have to guess the rules, based on ghost actions
InkyGhoast: oh no that's serge, I'm good at reading boards
MAPBoardgames: @Nekuia Serge went 3/3
Earthenone: @Nekuia i think it was 3 turns
Nekuia: Oh. 3/3... Okay then. Dang.
superdude097: Don't believe in yourself! Believe in the Serge that believes in you!
drfox17: equestrians? oh no, not ghost ponies!
domslashryan: A vote for horse is a vote for horse
Rockario: Yes on Horse, save our rainforests
xantos69: The term is "Unpaid Intern"
the_bananarchist: a HORSE is loose in the HOSPITAL
Meltalar: why did I totally expect Ben flipping the board and just leaving, when he heared about equine equation
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: This ghost is very colour-sensitive
NathanJay_GA: I like Horse's stable-cleaning policy, but I cant approve of the hay policy. Im voting goat!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: The ghost of an interior deisgner maybe
Fruan: The horse is a LIAR
MAPBoardgames: Why did the psychic killed herself?
Earthenone: neigh!
MAPBoardgames: To get to the other side.
drfox17: Two, ah ah ah
MAPBoardgames: The dots tell you how many players.
Earthenone: two cards with
Earthenone: !card divination
LRRbot: Divination [2U] | Sorcery | Draw two cards.
Decaped: they need an update to fix the early win problem.
MAPBoardgames: Fewer players has lower thresholds
chesul: strange, wouldn't it make more sense that the more players the higher you'd need?
Nigouki: The dots have spoken.
ContingentCat: !findbutts
LRRbot: Above you?!
RealGamerCow: frying pan
Twilight_Spark: What are everyone's scores?
Earthenone: serge 7, others 2 ish
HesGotNoPants: the hats look like yamikas from the over head
accountmadeforants: chesul, More players means more options to vote on, I guess? I'm not sure about the math as to whether that increases/decreases your chances of getting it right.
Koshindan: No, it's a farming implement.
silvalunae: thats a what
drfox17: somewhere, Nog is facepalming at molander
Twilight_Spark: Ah. Well there's always room for the "I only saw 1 card, so I'll guess precisely the wrong thing."
the_bananarchist: @HesGotNoPants it's actually spelled yarmulke which I know is weird but so is Yiddish :P
Meltalar: our ghost communicates though colors
HesGotNoPants: @the_bananarchist thank you
chesul: @accountmadeforants it also means more minds to interpret clues, so more likely guesses.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I mean
Twilight_Spark: Well this is dire eh?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: It's almost too tired a joke to make, but what else can you say?
drfox17: Tonight, on Now Kiss?
MAPBoardgames: Jeez Kathleen. we were all THINKING it, but you just had to go and SAY it.
easterncaveofwonders: Lol I knew someone was going to go for it
Twilight_Spark: Oh, I was totally blind there wasn't I? Points at the bottom of the screen and all.
seth_erickson: Is Ben just playing his nintendo switch back there
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Kathleen never lets you down
HesGotNoPants: ben was killed mid intercourse
Earthenone: @Twilight_Spark it was not on the shot when you asked. it interferes with timer
Siuki: isnt there water on the first card too?
Twilight_Spark: @Earthenone I see this now and cannot decide whether I feel more or less silly.
accountmadeforants: @chesul Conversely, the ghost still has a finite number of cards to spread around. (But yeah, the social aspect is what makes this especially hard to figure out.)
ContingentCat: lrrGOAT there
GalacticBoredom: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 40:14.
silvalunae: it's the great gatsby!
drfox17: via a tree?
superdude097: Can the players see chat? I'd like to make my own guesses, but I don't want to accidentally give hints or badinfo.
MAPBoardgames: Caw! Caw!
A_Dub888: !findquote russel
LRRbot: Quote #522: "Shhhh... I'm the wind... Shhhh... Wind... Shhh... Shhh... Rustle Rustle Rustle... Rustle Rustle Rustle... Those were leaves and trees... and maybe a guy named Russell." —Paul [2015-07-22]
chesul: accountmadeforants true, though the people who lag behind will also catch up faster as there are less cards remaining.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Birds, fish, dogs, horses, sky
gamercat88: burb
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: He is a druid is all I'm saying
the_bananarchist: ben casts Storm Crow
Earthenone: !card interpret the signs
LRRbot: Interpret the Signs [5U] | Sorcery | Scry 3, then reveal the top card of your library. Draw cards equal to that card's converted mana cost. (To scry 3, look at the top three cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)
easterncaveofwonders: Sac birb draw cards
the_bananarchist: !card read the bones
LRRbot: Read the Bones [2B] | Sorcery | Scry 2, then draw two cards. You lose 2 life. (To scry 2, look at the top two cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)
drfox17: colors!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Vote colours
RealGamerCow: didn't they just ask for a color clue?
the_bananarchist: vote early, vote often!
drfox17: wooooooow
ContingentCat: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Stoffern: woof that was close
seth_erickson: I'm very confused
NathanJay_GA: Not gonna lie, that was a little tense
Decaped: Matt asked for a color clue, Kathleen didn't
Orgmastron: !pan
Twilight_Spark: This is gun b a bit tense.
Decaped: ghost is good.
easterncaveofwonders: It’s like they’re professionals
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Nono, you just gotta bash them hard enough that they fall into the pool unconscious
the_bananarchist: but you only see so many and don't know which refers to which
Rockario: Ben forgot to mention that once clues are revealed, the psychics can't talk
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: A tragic drowning accident
MAPBoardgames: You've got numbered half circles to label the suspects
chesul: and they don't know which refers to which.
the_bananarchist: and you secretly vote
Siuki: and i believe they aren't allowed to talk about it at all?
Pozy2919: Are they playing multiple games? I came late
Earthenone: yes they are
the_bananarchist: and in the case of a tie Serge breaks it
Pozy2919: Yay!
Arclight_Dynamo: They can't discuss here, wither, right?
Earthenone: with expansion stuff next game
L3thalRose: correct paul
the_bananarchist: because he has the most clairvoyancy points
drfox17: Secret Secret, I've got a Secret?
MAPBoardgames: CAW! Caw!
wikisome: caw caw
L3thalRose: no talking for anyone
Going_Medium: Caw!
Koshindan: Now everyone is a ghost.
drfox17: tell us about dating sims!
ThePerrBearr: oh good, Ben's Cam today
djalternative: you can talk about the chunk punch saturday
Rockario: It is still cooperative, but gotta keep the integrity of the secret ballot
Decaped: Wrestlemania, for example.
Nekuia: No one can talk. At all. Paul just mute the stream.
L3thalRose: little did you know, everyone is a werecrow\
drfox17: Tell us about Boards of Canada
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Camerben
Koshindan: Bam
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Benjaron
Fruan: Th ghost of birthdays past!
HesGotNoPants: Serge is rubbing in that early victory
Kramburger: Birthday Ghost is one of Alex's favourite bands
MAPBoardgames: The Birthday Cam Murder
djalternative: I vote Bam
sithenin: Birthday ghost
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Bam
Twilight_Spark: I thought there were markers for this in the game.
Stoffern: Lorna plz
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: There are markers somewhere yeah
drfox17: I vote 2, based off of no informatoin!
MAPBoardgames: Kathleen did it!
Earthenone: serge is on a roll, im guessing his suspect was right
staticdisplay: I nominate myself as everyone says I'm the biggest tool they know
MAPBoardgames: lrrDARK
DarkMorford: !squeak
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeSqueak
DoctorOfBeard: sergeSqueak
Stellapacifica: sergeSqueak
seth_erickson: I'll have the marionette with egg please
Meltalar: sergeSqueak
sithenin: Has anyone ever played this withDixit cards?
Mark_D_Stroyer: Just saying hi
djalternative: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Water to water, stay committed
A_Dub888: !findquote king gizzard
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
SileeOneNow: !advice
LRRbot: Don't knock zombies towards your friends.
Decaped: there'sa bathtub in the first one!
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gibbousm: Listen to the Ghost, Hear their words.
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easterncaveofwonders: !advice
LRRbot: Splitting the party is inadvisable.
AwesomeBear10: Hey cam hows it going???
LadyAtarka: Happy birthday Serge twin!!!!
walkeroftales: Dixit cards are bad for this -> the cards in mysterium aren't merely random
MAPBoardgames: BURN the Witch!
drfox17: all 3 of our precogs agree, send tom cruise to arrest her!
Mystaira: Hooray~
NathanJay_GA: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
orbitaltuna: have they ever played clue btw
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Mysterium works in Dixit, Dixit doesn't work so well in Mysterium
Orgmastron: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Brok3nGol3m: So PUBG?
LadyAtarka: Rapunzel killed Ben?!?!?!?!?!?
walkeroftales: Like, there's a lot of very subtle design going on with the cards in Mysterium
superdude097: My thoughts for the ships was Peter Pan > Frying Pan
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Tragic drowing accident at a rich girl's party
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I guess she was
Istvun: peter pan
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: pooling her resources
gamercat88: move to cheat step, lolz
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: *I'll show myself out sunglasses*
drfox17: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing "Yeaaaaaaaaaah"
MAPBoardgames: lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN
Meltalar: serge new GM?
djalternative: who will be murdered next?
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Kumakaori: I, twitch prime you've become strange, but yay 22 months!
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Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always eating cheeseburgers.
kanimaras: rotate the cushions!
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm glad there's more than one round because I missed the beginning and was a bit lost
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: biscuits!
BloodForTheCorelab: but.... i just got here...
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Ooh! I haven't seen the expansion yet! Exciting.
drfox17: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing Won't Get Fooled Again.mp3
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: XD
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: lrrHEART
RealGamerCow: Whenever I see the patreon break page, I always read *literally* in Graham's voice.
BrowneePoints: I'm so happy to see Adam Koebel is gonna be tehre
Decaped: oh neat, little girl was already from the expansion
Earthenone: !card little girl
LRRbot: Little Girl [{HW}] | Creature — Human Child [.5/.5]
northos: lol I like that lrrbot does the P/T as .5/.5
BrowneePoints: So who do y'all think is going to pull a foil Nicol Bolas and why is it going to be Kathleen?
HesGotNoPants: !card rocket powered turbo slug
LRRbot: Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug [3R] | Creature — Slug [3/1] | Super haste (This may attack the turn before you cast it. (You may put this card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped and attacking during your declare attackers step. If you do, you lose the game at the beginning of your next turn's end step unless you pay this card's mana cost during that turn.))
mastershake29x: the PPR is guaranteed to be good
DarkMorford: !card s.n.o.t.
LRRbot: S.N.O.T. [G] | Creature — Ooze [*²/*²] | You may have S.N.O.T. enter the battlefield stuck to another creature named S.N.O.T. If you do, all those creatures form a single creature. / S.N.O.T.'s power and toughness are each equal to the square of the number of cards named S.N.O.T. stuck together to form it. (One is a 1/1, two are a 4/4, three are a 9/9, and four are a 16/16. If you manage to get −1 S.N.O.T.s stuck together, it's a 1/1.)
accountmadeforants: Oh wow, they're playing Heroquest again? Neat-o!
HesGotNoPants: !card cheat face
LRRbot: Cheatyface [UUU] | Creature — Efreet [2/2] | If Cheatyface is in your hand, you may sneak Cheatyface onto the battlefield. If an opponent catches you right away, that player may exile Cheatyface. / Flying
Nigouki: jeebus
L3thalRose: owe
silvalunae: mop
EscherichiaCole: gah
Arclight_Dynamo: Uh
FITorion: woah sounbd jump
Kykiwi: spoop
Stoffern: ?
oakentree: mawp
TheManaLeek: M U S I C
Pteraspidomorphi: Well
Nigouki: accidentally the volume?
HesGotNoPants: who is Joseph durex?
silvalunae: jump scare!
Koshindan: Intensity ramped.
LoadingReadyRun: sorry
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Arclight_Dynamo: Paul, did you lean on the soundboard by accident?
Arikell: Well I'm awake Now
SerGarretCameron: and we have real volume!
Firnsarwen: :D
Mystaira: Jumpscare?
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m glad I’m delayed. Thanks for the warning chat
FITorion: volume just increased about 50% ish
jonlevir: Big Giant Circles Intensifies!
SerGarretCameron: I've been wondering if the stream is too quiet for MONTHS.
FITorion: now nothing
Earthenone: is serges birthday over?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I just saw that HEROQUEST is on the Long game.. I AM SO READY
djalternative: oh no. is ben getting murdered again? how come he can't stay alive?
silvalunae: so tangled?
jonlevir: @djalternative because he's always the traitor
Varrey: Serge's bday is not over for another 6 hours
jonlevir: Serge's bday is today?
Earthenone: yes
Earthenone: was just comenting on the removal of the hats
jonlevir: gotcha
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ProfessorOfBirdLaw: Have ya'll played Coup? It's dope.
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the_bananarchist: what's the name of the thing that the murder weapons are replaced with?
HesGotNoPants: colors
Decaped: Stories
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Elaro_56: Twenty-three! That's almost two years!
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Koshindan: sergeFuse benginFuse
pyrehand: someday we'll find it, that streamer connection...
DoctorOfBeard: sergeFuse benginFuse
HesGotNoPants: wow serge
hoktauri: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Aarek: sergeFuse lrrSPOOP benginFuse
coriolis_storm: "Oh no, he's dead..." BibleThump
Pal_Friendpatine: I love the lrrSPOOP and the lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR in the background
HesGotNoPants: I dont have emotes but fusion serge and spoopafer cause ben died
SleepingPegasus: What is it I find myself looking upon?
ulexarX: Has Ben handed out two cards at the same time to anyone yet?
Decaped: nope
HesGotNoPants: fuck that apple
Mathonwy: Is something wrong with the sound? Or is it me? Seems like Serge is louder than everyone else.
Decaped: Serge is making up for ben being silent.
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Mathonwy: I don't much like games wherein Ben can't speak.
Earthenone: you made a lot of points doubting one annother at least :)
VelvetFalcon: Dummy thicc web of lies.
SleepingPegasus: Anyone know what they are playing?
justthorne: or covers dat face
dangerous_safety: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:07:24.
Earthenone: mysterium
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Whut I got stuck in an ad break somehow
Earthenone: then how are they talking to one annother... they are ALL dead
Pteraspidomorphi: These are very realistic psychics
Mathonwy: That Cam mask is creepy as hell.
sopranocat: Oh god, I love Kathleen's roleplaying
aquavulfy: I love this game
sopranocat: also Hi everybody
justthorne: yes @Mathonwy I agree!
aquavulfy: Could we get a camera looking down?
Mathonwy: Wait, how many cards does Ben get to have in hand?
Earthenone: 7
justthorne: there is one @aquavulfy , they just haven't used it much
aquavulfy: fun
aquavulfy: Kathleen is the racer
Mathonwy: Can Ben ditch cards that just won't work?
aquavulfy: oh Kathleen's on the other one
Bobtheninjagoldfish: kathleen already has her murderer
Pteraspidomorphi: I disagree with all of them
justthorne: he can use a crow to discard his hand and draw again
Mathonwy: The ghost is the murderer.
silenceaux: Think of the world-tree
Mathonwy: It was suicide.
aquavulfy: the ghost is the victim
HesGotNoPants: C O O L T E C H N O L O G Y
aquavulfy: Is that Cam's head?
Juliamon: It's more specifically his face
HesGotNoPants: @aquavulfy 3d printed cam face
akaTrickster: good to see cam is playing
aquavulfy: Why did they print cam's head
akaTrickster: why is he so pale?
HesGotNoPants: he died
silenceaux: ghost cosplay
Pteraspidomorphi: Psychology :D
Mathonwy: @akaTrickster Too much XCom.
aquavulfy: How long does this stream go for?
Juliamon: aquavulfy several of the crew had their heads scanned for a project
Juliamon: It's a 3-hour stream, so another hour and 40 minutes or so
LoadingReadyRun: *WE* did not print the Cam Mask. It was sent to us
dangerous_safety: The ghost! It speaks!
HesGotNoPants: @loadingreadyrun who measured cam's face and sent it to a fan?
SquareDotCube: The ghost is hungry?
LoadingReadyRun: someone 3d scanned all our faces for a Desert Bus project
Pteraspidomorphi: Hm
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Mr_Dirty: This space intentionally left blank.
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Pteraspidomorphi: Hm that was my original guess for Kathleen but now I think iron railings
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Mathonwy: They're all wrong.
Mathonwy: Nom nom nom.
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corran__horn: Ben was killed by the 3d printed face of cam?
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justthorne: Matt is crushing it point-wise
justthorne: I think Matt has 6 and the others have 5?
silenceaux: Ben you can only slow-roll it so much, the stream has to end eventually
Mathonwy: There is no wrong crowd of vampires...
Siuki: i agree with justthorne
xantos69: I have always said that about him.
Siuki: i think he gave a point to matt when it was suppose to go to kathleen
superdude097: I imagine it's not only hard to see in that mask, but it's likely humid in there. Poor Ben :<
justthorne: Serge's body is indeed a wonderland.....I'll leave it at that
Mathonwy: Feathers
Mathonwy: So, vampires.
Mathonwy: Also, never listen to me.
Mathonwy: I would be horrible at this.
Mathonwy: This and Dixit.
Pteraspidomorphi: I see that I usually agree with Matt
Koshindan: seabatYIKES
kkrause723: I love the idea of the mask to hide emotions! deff gonna have to do that next time I play
DarkNacht: I really wish they would sell Cam masks
Zyme86: J'accuse!
Zyme86: wait wrong game
gamercat88: shots fired
Jorge4hg: wow serge
Zyme86: Serge, dude comeon
Koshindan: The spirit is displeased!
Arclight_Dynamo: Serge, earlier this stream: "Don't yuck other people's yums." Kappa
DiscordianTokkan: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
superdude097: What's wrong with LARPing? BibleThump
Mathonwy: Heh.
MadAran87: At least Serge hasn't taken anyone's ear off this time? Yet?
Zyme86: serge dont kinkshame
hacksaw07: jeez whiskers dont be mean to larpers
ayirbudd: is matts mic on?
HesGotNoPants: !ppr
LRRbot: The War of the Spark Pre-PreRelease will be April 19th at 11AM Moonbase time. Guests and info:
Nigouki: LARPers have studied the blade, even if it's foam they can still kill with it
Mathonwy: The weefees!!!
blast__femur: The voice is so good
TacitusVigil: Happy birthday Serge!
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSCOOP lrrDILLY
TacitusVigil: Weekend at Bengineering's
DiscordianTokkan: Weekend at Benny's
Mathonwy: I want to see a game where Kathleen and Cam can be as mean and dark as possible.
Siuki: just continue to insult larping to bring him back
ayirbudd: Ben? why are they talking about Ben? thats clearly Cam
Pteraspidomorphi: agree with both
Brok3nGol3m: wheel to wheel?
Mathonwy: Do the points matter?
Firnsarwen: I love whenever they play this game, but it definitely makes me quiet in chat, because it's so much better with full screen to see the cards!
Pteraspidomorphi: Awww
Brok3nGol3m: katesNice katesNice
kkrause723: @Firnsarwen so true
sordcooper: the more points, the more guesses you get
Firnsarwen: @Mathonwy for how many cards they get to see before voting!
Going_Medium: sergeFuse lrrSPOOP benginFuse
Pteraspidomorphi: If you have a second monitor you could pop out the chat and move it there
sordcooper: ah, remembered the ruels wrong
azureHaights: @Firnsarwen That's why I'm glad I could spring for a dual-monitor setup, pop-out chat is a lifesaver
Firnsarwen: @Mathonwy (in the final round where they try and figure out which of the 3 potential options they are)
Firnsarwen: @azureHaights That would do it ;)
Mathonwy: Hey, don't insult the Lilims...
kkrause723: YES, THEY WERE
justthorne: Count Duckula
ThePerrBearr: if i recall, yes, they used animal blood?
Mathonwy: Count Duckula rocked!!!
JudgeKyle: is that a mask of Cam?
blast__femur: That just meant they didn't drink human blood though, right? Like "vegetarian" was kind of a joke
snowcookies: Animal blood, the best kind of vegetable
superdude097: ^
blast__femur: well it's better than murdering human beings I guess
DiscordianTokkan: New IP, who dis
Firnsarwen: @JudgeKyle Yes, it sure is! And it's super creepy when Cam wears it... especially with glasses in front xD
JudgeKyle: honestly, it almost became creepier when I made that connection
Twilight_Spark: Must be up left imo.
superdude097: I think it's bottom, far right.
JudgeKyle: I'm assuming chat is turned off for this?
Mathonwy: Save? Ain't it a bit late for that?
DarkMorford: lrrJUDGE
superdude097: Game + Argument
sopranocat: Poor Ben goes unavenged
phorrestgaze: ben got all land
Koshindan: So psychics should trust their intuitions?
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JudgeKyle: this game is so good
Mathonwy: Psychics should leave it to forensic teams.
Firnsarwen: @JudgeKyle Yeah, the mask is super creepy and the game is super good! :D
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RealGamerCow: someone else as the victim?
silvalunae: wooooooo
Firnsarwen: Woohoo! :D
Firnsarwen: Is someone else gonna be the ghost?? :o
silvalunae: serge ghost!
Firnsarwen: Birthday boy, maybe? :D
Rhynerd: Uno mas!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: someone else for dead person?
ThePerrBearr: fifty percent of the time, it works every tie
Firnsarwen: Serge Ghost!
DarkNacht: serge ghost!!!?!
sopranocat: I played this game with my friends, and when I was the ghost my best friend's weapon was the candleabra, and I drew the card that has the chandelier with the big busing spider. She hates spiders. But I had to use it.
Koshindan: Serge ghost would be cool.
Mathonwy: Serge ghost!!!
Firnsarwen: Birthday Ghost! :D
Pteraspidomorphi: Serge wearing a Ben mask!
Firnsarwen: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
lonlycracker: this music sounds super familiar
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AdamYMHMI: Your Mysterious Haunting Mystifies I :)
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RealGamerCow: Is the punch a chunk challenge easy to explain, or should I watch the vods?
niccus: !mcrules
LRRbot: 1. Dig up the entire chunk down to bedrock. 2. Dig one layer at a time. 3. Only build tools using resources from within the chunk. 4. No placing blocks besides ladders. 5. Keep digging. 6. If you can make a tool that would make mining faster, you have to use it. 7. You only get one bucket. 8. No placing blocks in the wall of your chunk to seal up caverns.
Juliamon: There are minor less-relevant rules, but that covers the gist of it
snowcookies: Some of those rules have been slightly changed
Koshindan: Kathleen ghost would be cool too.
BrowneePoints: Super Mario World theme remix?
RealGamerCow: Oh, there's a thing, thanks!
Pteraspidomorphi: This is The Glory Days by Big Giant Circles
snowcookies: I was thinking BGC
Juliamon: This is from Big Giant Circles' 'tribute' albums
Juliamon: Riffs on classic game music and such.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Hero quuuuuuuest.....
Pal_Friendpatine: It was a dark second Act
Pal_Friendpatine: kaypikeNOTICEME Ghost kaypikeSENPAI
phorrestgaze: otherwise they wipe your memory and take your powers and we'll forget the hot guys we met along the way.
drfox17: um, yes?
the_bananarchist: it's better than the rate of catching who did a murder in the US
drfox17: still killing?
Firnsarwen: Paul's got a point.... Question mark?
Koshindan: The victims all have something in common...
BrowneePoints: Ben is Squee confirmed
DarkMorford: Serial murder is so inefficient, though. Murder in parallel, much faster!
drfox17: the traditional Canadian Cam death mask
pyrehand: are we sure ben isn't an alias for my great aunt Euphemia?
Blasteg: multi-thread killing
Going_Medium: benginDab benginHeart lrrCHKN
the_bananarchist: like only around 60% of murders in the US get solved IIRC so you're doing better than them
drfox17: But we have.... GOOD NEWS, you're a psychic detecive
the_bananarchist: @Blasteg I see you're a man of culture too
Mathonwy: 'Za Lord's Guard!
Pal_Friendpatine: I think I want to sub to Ben’s channel just for the emotes
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Related but actually for real: The best character-study question I ever got was "who would attend your character;s funeral, and what would they say?"
TacitusVigil: So, we're divvying up Ben's stuff, right? Diibs on the plaid.
NimrodXIV: benginHeart
Firnsarwen: Ghost Ben into the stuffed crust!
Koshindan: #blameJames
Brok3nGol3m: #blamejames
TacitusVigil: The real murderer was the friends we made along the way.
Firnsarwen: #blameJames?
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
Firnsarwen: Hey Clockwork!
Aarek: The real murderer was the friends we made along the way
Firnsarwen: Matt: I feel like James might be a nun...
I_Am_Clockwork: how goes the spoop mysteries?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: WONDERFUL!
drfox17: it's less "which is the suspect" more "which is James' disguise"
Firnsarwen: @I_Am_Clockwork So far the team is 1 for 2! This is the tie breaker!
Firnsarwen: @I_Am_Clockwork First game was successful, second they didn't make it to straw poll section!
drfox17: Rakdos Circus!
Mathonwy: Columbusing
snowcookies: Compudora
Pteraspidomorphi: Vague
Pteraspidomorphi: I think Kathleen is wrong though
Firnsarwen: I think I like the seamstress for Serge... round ball, round needle cushion... the red... the pillows
Mathonwy: Vampire = Nun
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah :)
Firnsarwen: Nuuuuu!
lonlycracker: okay turns out the music was reminding me of the Supaplex theme. They weren't that similar just weird brain things I guess.
AdmiralMemo: Sup Chat? I've got a gift... Codefall!
MusicMagic subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 20 months, currently on a 15 month streak!
MusicMagic: TWENTY MONTHS! And Ben, in a Weeping Angel mask or something. I'm now terrified. But HUZZAH, still, for 20 months with the best bunch of goofy nerds in the world. <3
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, MusicMagic! (Today's storm count: 55)
AdmiralMemo: !codefall 2
AdmiralMemo: :D
Firnsarwen: heehee!
AdmiralMemo: ?codefall 2
Pump19: Codefall | Final Fantasy XIV Online (Other) | NBA 2K19 - MyTEAM Packs & Virtual Currency (Other)
NanashiSword: Evening folks
Koshindan: Vampires can be barbers.
Firnsarwen: @MusicMagic It's worse than that... it's a mask of Cam! :o
MusicMagic: @Firnsarwen — You're right. That is absolutely more terrifying. *shudder*
drfox17: And it was called... "Yellow"
Firnsarwen: I'm really surprised the explorer was wrong!
sivakrytos: lewd
kkrause723: same!
DarkMorford: Is it crotch wood?
azureHaights: While my guitar gently YEETs
Mathonwy: Comb adventure???
Pal_Friendpatine: Comb the desert
Aziraphalesshop: @azureHaights nearly killed me
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator (Steam) | Serial Cleaner (Steam) | Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition - (Contains NSFW Content) (Steam)
Firnsarwen: @MusicMagic If you search for some of their other Mysterium games (I think the second time they play?), you'll see Cam wearing it... I know he also wears it with his glasses over it (which is VERY creepy), but I can't quite remember where
Bobtheninjagoldfish: tatYEET
Pteraspidomorphi: huh
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drfox17: Looks like James is getting away with this one
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah, Kathleen was the one I was pretty sure of
Mathonwy: The nun IS a vampire!
Mathonwy: The nun is always a vampire.
Koshindan: Was Ben a vampire? Is that how he keeps coming back?
Pteraspidomorphi: Does Ben sparkle in the sunlight?
Raemanicus: Technically if he was a vampire he was already dead
Mathonwy: Nah, he's the kind of vampire that counts shit.
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Pal_Friendpatine: The ‘forced’ votes are a bummer
DarkMorford: Despair? Where's Monokuma?
Mathonwy: I just realized something, Ben can't see very good in that mask. Stop looking for little crap.
MysticOp9: Checkpoint?
Mathonwy: 4th turn already??? Wow.
azureHaights: @Mathonwy Ben-not-see-ring
MysticOp9: I'll played this at a board game bar for the first time a few weeks back and it is such a great game
superdude097: Man that dream was intense... I need a nap
Firnsarwen: @Mathonwy the real thing is, he can see closely the RIGHT ones, because he has copies in front of him, but he doesn't see so well the extra WRONG ones that the investigators are seeing, so he can inadvertantly send them wrong messages! :D
Twilight_Spark: What did Kathleen last guess? I got distracted.
superdude097: @Twilight_Spark I think she guessed the Shed
Pteraspidomorphi: Yup
Mathonwy: Ah... See, I've never played this. So, I assumed he saw the same thing they did.
Twilight_Spark: Ah, I was up for the study/lodge room.
Pteraspidomorphi: I think I know Kathleen's again
Pal_Friendpatine: Me too ^
Twilight_Spark: Are we supposed to avoid discussing guesses directly in chat? I might have asked this before.
Firnsarwen: @Mathonwy yeah, he can, but only like.. over the screen, and it's a bit of a give away if he stares closely at one xD
wicker_knight: guessing chat can't see us?
Fealos: Matt Matt Matt
wicker_knight: they can't see chat
JudgeKyle: Matt! Matt! Matt!
Koshindan: They can see chat.
azureHaights: Teeth teeth te -- er, Matt Matt Matt
wicker_knight: ohdear lrrSPOOP
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm trying to only say my guess after it's too late for it to be helpful
Mathonwy: I'm helping!
Mathonwy: With noise!
ThePerrBearr: first Beejan, and now Benatt
Pal_Friendpatine: I think Kathleen’s is bottom left
Mystaira: I think the main point is that chat has no way to know the actual answers, so no reason to hide us. XD
wicker_knight: I...exist...I think...
Koshindan: Chat is all the spirits of people that died in boring and distracting ways.
Pteraspidomorphi: Oooh, that is not my guess Pal_Friendpatine
Firnsarwen: They can see chat in this new stuido :)
Pal_Friendpatine: Ooooo @pteraspidomorphi
Pteraspidomorphi: Let's see the next clue
wicker_knight: PlasterCam judges you...
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: One thing you ALWAYS gotta keep in mind is that the ghost doesn't necessarily know what's in the red herring cards.
Firnsarwen: The last stage of "Story" makes this WAY harder, I must say! :o
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I mean they can see them but they can't investigate them the way they can with the cards behind the screen
Firnsarwen: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing Yeah! Exactly, it can be hard for him that way, hard to see the small details that they could pick up on!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: So "shit, there was an actual literal bear on that card too" is alwasy a risk XD
Koshindan: London mulligan is overrated. Cawcaw mulligan is the new thing!
superdude097: ^
Firnsarwen: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing Yes!
Firnsarwen: Ca-Caw!
EscherichiaCole: I'm 1000% going to cawcaw when I mulligan from now on
Pal_Friendpatine: This is getting super metaphorical
Firnsarwen: I think Kathleen's should be the basement/distillery setup!
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeKevin guyjudgeKevin guyjudgeKevin
Mathonwy: Hunting room
Twilight_Spark: lrrHORN Ca-CAW
Pal_Friendpatine: Yeah I’m thinking chem lab for Kathleen
Pteraspidomorphi: That was indeed my guess for Kathleen
sopranocat: bear bear bear bear bear bear
Mathonwy: Yeah... Lots of animals.
Pteraspidomorphi: Spider represents the winding distillery plumbing
pwndnoob: It's definitely the hunting room
Firnsarwen: Which rooms has Serge tried so far?
Firnsarwen: I can't remember x.x
Mathonwy: Hunting room, Serge.
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah!
Mathonwy: Yay!
Pal_Friendpatine: NICe
Firnsarwen: hooray!
Mathonwy: Acohol IS poison!
Mathonwy: I should learn to spell.
Firnsarwen: My internet is clearly lagging, I got the celebration in chat before Kathleen was proven right xD
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m amazed that Matt’s cards have been all yellow
superdude097: Are the cards the same size as mtg Planechase Planes cards?
Pteraspidomorphi: You can click cog > advanced > video stats to see what your latency is
Mathonwy: Finally.
Pteraspidomorphi: 3.45s here
MAPBoardgames: The cards are standard tarot sized
MAPBoardgames: that may be a little too boardgame nerd of me. sorry.
superdude097: @MAPBoardgames Thanks
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zephlyn7790: Wooo, 9 months!
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Firnsarwen: Finally Serge! haha!
tehcrashxor: Oh, that's not Cam.
Mathonwy: Yay!
Firnsarwen: @tehcrashxor It's mask-Cam! xD
Mathonwy: Just Serge left!
Mathonwy: Let's go Serge!
Firnsarwen: Wow, I was totally wrong on Matt's!!
superdude097: Let's go Ser-erge *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
ThePerrBearr: so you're saying there's a chance?
Firnsarwen: Let's Go Serge, it's yo Birthday...
Twilight_Spark: Wa CAW
Styxseus: No pressure! *claps*
wicker_knight: I Do Believe in Fairies
Fruan: Every time you give a fariy the clap...
Brok3nGol3m: It's every time you GET the clap
wicker_knight: no wonder Tinkerbell hated humans...
Mathonwy: Don't overthink it!
Styxseus: Metal Bear is only one letter away..
Pteraspidomorphi: Straightforward
aguafish: Top middle, I'm calling it now.
thrythlind: how long has the stream been running?
Juliamon: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:14:31.
superdude097: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:14:31.
Brok3nGol3m: I fell like Ben is trying not to sigh
Firnsarwen: Belieeeeeeve!!!
Mathonwy: Oh no...
ThePerrBearr: ben's face right now is "oh my god, really?"
Mathonwy: Come on....
QuintIverson: oh no what if it's coal. oh no
Mathonwy: Yay!!!!
Firnsarwen: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
superdude097: Got there fam!
Blasteg: showcase showdown!
Firnsarwen: Huzzah!!!
superdude097: :D
Brok3nGol3m: sergeHolyMoly bombar3What bombar3SAY
kkrause723: SeemsGood
Mathonwy: Happy dance time!
Fruan: Trash is my waifu
superdude097: Now they just need to figure out who has the TRUE killer and such
thrythlind: oof I've missed so much I think I'll just wait for the youtube release
thrythlind: laterz
superdude097: Which is Ben's killer, and which are Mr. & Mrs. Not-Appearing-In-This-Stream's murderers.
Firnsarwen: that's a mailman, not a police man! :o
drfox17: it could be a police man, especially with that bottom card locatoin
pwndnoob: I think the cat eyes are soul salesman and hair are haircut, strong 1
drfox17: Solidary!
TheMerricat: 1
Pteraspidomorphi: 1
gizmofreak1: 3
NDIrishGuy: 3
Ubiki: 3
Koshindan: 1 and 3 are both really strong picks.
Bladinus: 42
Pal_Friendpatine: 3
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scratchmonkey: is that a Cam mask?!?
ContingentCat: yup
scratchmonkey: so good
pwndnoob: It's definitely 1
pwndnoob: just like i said, 3
chaostreader: If it’s one. Ben just places a bird for not finding his murderer.
Ubiki: he used the middle card to represent women earlier tonight
drfox17: The Blind Griffin!?
Firnsarwen: Hoorayyyyy!!!!
Twilight_Spark: So what were the cats?
Firnsarwen: @scratchmonkey Sure is :)
drfox17: Oh nooooo
superdude097: They did it! :D
drfox17: But where will Moxie work now
tehcrashxor: Wait, where did Cam go?
dangerous_safety: revengineering
Firnsarwen: hah, I totally nailed Ben's line of thinking on the basement thingny! But man, this game's so hard, I love it!!
Mathonwy: Awww... Throw away.
TheMerricat: This is the sort of game where it is highly useful to be able to know the other players enough that you can sorta think how they think...
Kuolar: Glistening, not sweaty
Firnsarwen: Thanks guys! Happy Birthday, Serge!
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zunniest: Recently lost my job but happy I can enjoy and support lrr's streams to keep my spirits up. thanks folks!
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e_bloc: cheer50
Firnsarwen: @zunniest Sorry to hear that! :(
e_bloc: mysterium is great, gonna definitely watch the vod
superdude097: Thanks for the Stream LRR Friends! :D
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
e_bloc: happy birthday Serge <3
Firnsarwen: <3 sergeHeart sergeMoly sergeFriend sergeGift
ContingentCat: Happy birthday Serge sergeHeart
superdude097: Wormwood Gaming: a Kingdom of Cards
dangerous_safety: Thanks for the awesome stream. Happy birthday Serge and GL on punch a chunk
Blasteg: bones of cards and skins of packs
zunniest: @firnsarwen thanks for the words of support!
TacitusVigil: Time for birthday cake for Serge, or if he's already had cake, then *more* cake? :D
Rhynerd: Hoppip Buffday!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !wyrmwood
LRRbot: LRR's AFK streams are sponsored by Wyrmwood Gaming! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" for free shipping in the US, or "LRRworld" for $10 off shipping internationally.
ContingentCat: Skin and Bones!
DarkNacht: Wormwood Gaming: the skins of bones
Firnsarwen: Bones!
A_Catastrophic_Success: Happy Birthday, Serge!
TacitusVigil: Chat is the embodiment of Time.
Firnsarwen: @zunniest I hope you're able to find a new job soon! <3
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Oatway_: Yay Mysterium for my resub, I love this game!
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Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeBirthday guyjudgeBirthday guyjudgeBirthday
ContingentCat: !!!
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak
orionsrise1: 10pm?
zunniest: @firnsarwen financially we are ok for the time being.. so I'll be able to figure out the right thing for me to do.
Pal_Friendpatine: Heroquest YEah!!!!!!!
AnimeKitty: sergeSqueak
Rhynerd: Hooray!
NanashiSword: HeroQuest! Alright!
Blasteg: who's gonna be on HeroQuest?
orionsrise1: YAYYY!!!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: UAAAAA~
sivakrytos: stop legacy game gatekeeping
Pteraspidomorphi: Usual Heroquest team?
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: IT'S BEEN SO LONG
ContingentCat: Ian's in Ottawa? poor guy it's been snowing a bunch this week
Pal_Friendpatine: Something great is out there for your @zunniest kaypikeHEART kaypikeHEART
Rhynerd: The return Zapsworth and friends!
zunniest: @pal_friendpatine thanks!!!
Rhynerd: Depends on the god.
orionsrise1: who are the people for heroquest again?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I did but it worked out
TemporallyAwry: Ended 30min early, fun story time :D
sopranocat: Not with the way he died I wouldn't
ghostvalv: this button is now an eject button
dougma: I think he meant 3 2 person games....
orionsrise1: sorry to ask again chat but could I hear the people for heroquest again?
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sopranocat: YEAH!
Sarah_Serinde: Yessss excellent
afancalledlaiam: oooo
mastershake29x: @dougma conspiracy is a multi-player format
Jgard96: you know you have a problem when your fist thought about what to do after this stream is "I wonder if Serge is streaming" >(
ContingentCat: lrrHORN !!!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
Fruan: Punch that chunk!
e_bloc: I hope they go deep
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP lrrSCOOP
dougma: @mastershake29x ah... oops yea, I forgot
ghostvalv: boo
ContingentCat: it was stupid in the best way
sopranocat: Watching the Giant Hole made me finally try Minecraft, so......yeah I'll be watching
Rhynerd: Same chunk or a new chunk?
asddsa28: im working on my own puch chunk
Pteraspidomorphi: It's ridiculous, I love it
kumatsu: Are you doing it on the same server?
Sarah_Serinde: We put a lot of work into those rules :D
e_bloc: see whose hole is the biggest: James or Serge
ContingentCat: lrrHEART matt thanks for that
blackwlf: Competitive hole digging, coming soon to the Olympics.
Rhynerd: Competitive chunk punching?
Koshindan: Team Serge brought to you by Kathleen.
phorrestgaze: Yo Baaron, I can dig it
RealGamerCow: Sponsored by Caterpillar. Dig that hole. With Caterpillar diggers/
afancalledlaiam: proxy wars are fun
niccus: gotta show that sponsorship on the avatar
Rhynerd: How does sponsorship work?
Brok3nGol3m: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
ContingentCat: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
Rhynerd: Buying food?
TacitusVigil: "Kathleen's Serge" maybe?
Sarah_Serinde: Ice cream?
blackwlf: I CREAM!
e_bloc: I mean it's just coffee right
TemporallyAwry: Sergo&Go brand Coffee?
Koshindan: pride100
TacitusVigil: This Kathleen brand coffee sure gave me a...Power Serge. ;)
AdamYMHMI: Kathleen Brand Comedy?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Kathleen do his wardrobe
Pal_Friendpatine: Nice @tacitusvigil
ApodoNuevo: Sponsored by the Snorsh Tourism Board
ContingentCat: or these Kathleen brand jams kathle3HEX
sopranocat: Kathleen's the fuel for his competetive drive because alone Serge is too nice
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Okay a Kathleen commercial for Serge then :p
dougma: Kathleen picks the tunes
TacitusVigil: Maybe we need a Brave New Fave's pin for Serge to wear? Also, the rest of us? Please? :D
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: That's my kind of pick-up line
orionsrise1: still no dice friends?
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aguafish: This is great.
NimrodXIV: lrrDARK
sopranocat: OH man, I want to be Kathleen's mortal enemy! No wait, that's certain death.......Can I be Kathleen's head minion instead?
AdamYMHMI: exactly that
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Juliamon: Please tell me you've been cataloguing all the backronyms they've made for you.
ghostvalv: huh
aguafish: I have no Idea what is going on.
ContingentCat: story checks out
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for streaming
Pal_Friendpatine: Fun times!
Pal_Friendpatine: Thanks everyone!
Koshindan: The blue looks good.
Mystaira: I thought you were pale cause ded.
Obsolete2885: Hey, has any of the LRR crew ever been to GenCon?
Phailhammer: cya :)
ContingentCat: Thanks for streaming everyone
Rhynerd: Bye!
Rhynerd: Have a good one!
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Tap A faster.