cheetoJack: upside of working from home: I can watch ouran on my lunch break
Lithobraker: How long before this isn't an onion story
Nightvalien28: a week
DarkMorford: SSSsss SSSsss SSSsss
DarkMorford: lrrCOW
TXC2: Hello Everybody
DarkMorford: Morning
TXC2: hi DarkMorford
DarkMorford: Time for some diggin'!
Nightvalien28: txc2 is here, stream to follow soooooooon
PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack good use of lunch break
TXC2: full story as 11
Nightvalien28: oh wait its james' stream, sooooooonish
DarkMorford: SOON™
Nightvalien28: PhoenixMelior yo I beat the gungeon last night with a phoenix synergy friend
PhoenixMelior: I am the helpful birb
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Wake up! It's Mine O'Clock! You'll be late for Minecraft, the most important meal of the day. ||
Nightvalien28: very, set everyone on fire
TheAinMAP: Signal.
Milambus: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Stoffern: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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SergeYager: The most ambitious crossover.... ever
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Serifina: Hi
SergeYager: Hi
Kraest: Good morning may sergeFriend s! lrrHEART
TXC2: hello SergeYager and Serifina
DarkMorford: Hi Serge, hey Serifina
APODionysus: Morning friends
Kraest: Many*
TubeAlloy: Hey all
AnimeKitty: Morning all!~
djalternative: Mornin all
CanPlayGames: Geeze. It’s already past midnight?
TXC2: I need there to be a Captain planet style theme song for Minecraft now :P
APODionysus: I actually slept in today!
APODionysus: For the first time in like 3 weeks
Molladia: Hello all
TXC2: APODionysus congrats
APODionysus: Feels soooooooo good
steelfox13: Crafty mines crafty mines, friendly neighborhood crafty mines.
DarkMorford: Wish I could sleep in, but work. Maybe on Saturday.
TXC2: I wish I could sleep in, but my body wont let me
TheAinMAP: katesAir
TXC2: Here we GO!
AnimeKitty: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
stevestein: lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: Showtime!
APODionysus: Oh I still work today @darkmorford but for once I’m just dinner not a double
APODionysus: I’ve been doing 6 doubles a week for like 3 weeks till now
embyrr922: This is the best stream intro
TXC2: Hello James
CaptainSpam: Gooood morning!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
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Alahmnat: hi James
stevestein: Mine O'Clock, Starring Unfortunate James and Stone-Faced Uno
Milambus: hey James
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Pacific toast?
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EfreetM: 6pm here, just in time for dinner
TXC2: stevestein and Friend Serge
DarkMorford: APODionysus, oof. I work a 9-5, so it's not that bad, but still don't really get to sleep in.
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stevestein: @TXC2 Serge is very friendly, as evidenced by his not quitting in protest of not yet being added to the intro
tehlordofelves: It took me a while to remember I get Twitchprime with Amazon Prime
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Molladia: LRR isn't for me only, but 2am at work, i'm depressed and I glad you're there.
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TXC2: #JustATitch
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Raemanicus: I guess the silver lining of being sick is catching this live
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TXC2: !prime
LRRbot: If you have Amazon Prime, you get one free Twitch sub per month to use on any channel you wish (which you must manually renew). Any of those subs that make their way to LRR are greatly appreciated, but it's free money for any channel you choose to support!
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ImKevinTheShark: Amazon Prime is handy for things. You also get free Nintendo Online via the prime rewards
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AugmentingPath: 38 months? Twitch finally went back to counting my 3 years!
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LilianaisMySpiritAnimal: If I could subscribe thru my phone I’d do it in a heartbeat.
tehlordofelves: Haven't owned a nintendo console since gameboy advance SP
irobin591: thanks for reminding me of twitch prime o/
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TheWarbo: nah
TXC2: James "Nah" Turner
steelfox13: How dare you, James
ImKevinTheShark: You're not just good James. you're the best.
The_FlyingDutchman: normal is?
Milambus: define "normal"
The_FlyingDutchman: that seems healthy
djalternative: You're in a creative industry. You're not allowed to get "normal" amounts of sleep
cheetoJack: Doggo snuggling is important
DarkMorford: But why doggo, when you could have kitter?
The_FlyingDutchman: lrrHORN
Xed_Regulus: Done and done
Milambus: finally got to Endgame last night... too many pre-releases this weekend
TXC2: I watched Countdown to infinity BEFORE I saw Endgame today....still didn't prepare me :P
altoum_art: I did watched countdown to infinity. I loved Matt's and your insight on the movie.
Molladia: I still haven’t finished the Antman podcast episode
steelfox13: That Game of thrones ending though.
TXC2: Hello Uno and Serge
TheWarbo: It's a crapshot? But those aren't *on* the new schedule
TheOtherTrevor: Still haven't seen it. New baby makes it difficult. Maybe I'll have to take time like that in the afternoon from work one day
TheWarbo: !quote 683
LRRbot: Quote #683: "I am super proud of my short T-Rex arms, actually." —Julie [2015-09-15]
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TacitusVigil: Hello James, hello Serge, hello Chat.
TXC2: hello TacitusVigil welcome
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RivanDarkStar: The only sliver lining about lossing my job yesturday is that I get to see mine o'clock from the start live. This may be the last time I sub for a little bit, but you all help me so much I hope I can resub soon.
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djalternative: it feels weird because your FOV isn't set to quake pro.
TheWarbo: Beej was...on the switch last night?
TXC2: lrrBEEJ Strikes again!
TacitusVigil: Yeah, Beej and Heather were playing SMB3
Milambus: yea Serge
altoum_art: I blame Beej.
SergeYager: butts
TacitusVigil: Hello Uno.
CaptainSpam: BUTTS
Nightvalien28: YAY NARRATOR
TheWarbo: what up uno
Sharkfists: whatup
TXC2: !findbutts
LRRbot: Above you?!
Nightvalien28: I like narrator
Nightvalien28: let her speak you coward
freshmaker__: This is my favourite Apex Legends skin pack
TXC2: Put Narrator in Smash you cowards Kappa
djalternative: So, thaumcraft this week?
SnowBuddy18: narrator, narrate butts
ImKevinTheShark: It's nice to know I'm not the only one on the unemployment front. I've got an appeal hearing tomorrow to try and get my job back
MrBevers: Morning James, Uno, and chat.
DarkMorford: James, you sure you can't come to Minefaire Seattle? I hear DireWolf is gonna be there. ;)
Molladia: Tinkers in this set?
embyrr922: You should get boots of the traveller, if you can. they're so goood
TXC2: hello MrBevers welcome
TXC2: Molladia I dont think so no
Sharkfists: serge go have a sleep
MrBevers: Hello TXC2
TheWarbo: Serge "Productivity" Yager
DarkMorford: BURN
embyrr922: WOW
InkyGhoast: when will our serge return from the mines
ImKevinTheShark: HARSH Uno!
tux789: Serge mines professionally part-time Yager
AugmentingPath: spend less on minecandles
The_FlyingDutchman: you need to make sure the house-robot is charged
Serifina: OKAY now I can properly watch the stream
ImKevinTheShark: Forager, otherwise known as 2d minecraft
Critterbot: forager is great!
DarkMorford: James, you sure you can't come to Minefaire Seattle? I hear DireWolf is gonna be there. ;)
Lightningbro: Forager is great, but "2D Minecraft" it is not.
TheWarbo: That's the description I've heard
Lightningbro: Minecraft meets Factorio?
ReydienOnline: it's kind of a "half-idle" stardew valley meets minecraft
TheWarbo: "idle game meets minecraft"
djalternative: hey Serifina is the tome of knowledge sharing in POE 3?
MrBevers: You can lose a lot of hours to forager
Sharkfists: Idle Champions stream when? Kappa
Serifina: @djalternative No.
freshmaker__: For a second I thought he meant an IDOL game, like Love Live or something
Serifina: Also it's PoM3. :p
DarkMorford: A Minecraft Idol game? Yes plz.
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Elenodul: huh... getting close to 6 months of supporting my favourite internet people
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djalternative: oops. right
Serifina: :D
Milambus: yes, but all the Idol's have big noses
Elenodul: 6 years*.... doh...
Serifina: @djalternative I don't know which mod adds it, but if it's Thaumic Tinkerer, that's not in the pack.
stevestein: 60 months is 5 years.
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icantseeyourtoes: 10 whole months! (sorry, serge, i know you don't like my username)
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Molladia: Anybody checked out Stonehearth? It’s like a third person village mine craft sim
djalternative: I believe it's thaumic tinkerer
TheWarbo: I think we're also confusing "time" for "numbers" while we're at it :-D
TXC2: the Omnomnomicom
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Look in your Strange Dreams book.
embyrr922: You make it by putting salis mundus on a book case
Alness49: You have to say it to the tune of Kama Chameleon
Lightningbro: OMG That pun is PERFECT. Telecomuninomicon. I love this! Such a Technical Difficulties joke!
Jgirl13245: You first need to get strange dreams
ArcOfTheConclave: Necrotelecom? thats going into some worldbuilding somewhere
TXC2: Available in some bad bookstores Kappa
ImKevinTheShark: So.... Is this using the new update? or is it ye olde Minecraft?
djalternative: 1.12
Sharkfists: show us your toes you coward!
TheWarbo: I don't believe you James! Prove it! lrrBEEJ
freshmaker__: omg foot stream Kreygasm Kappa
josh_le_crafter: Hello friends!
ImKevinTheShark: fair enough
josh_le_crafter: oh... my arrow...
TheWarbo: Alternately: T O E S T O E S T O E S
ReydienOnline: swear on something important, like the MCU lrrBEEJ
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] I swear to God I have toes.
LRRbot: New quote #6025: "I swear to God I have toes." —James [2019-04-30]
stevestein: But blame rhymes with James. It just works!
ArcOfTheConclave: do it!
dialMforMara: Good morning
stevestein: Pro tip: Do not do what dreams show.
ImKevinTheShark: I wandered lonely, as a cloud
dialMforMara: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: James, Uno and Serge Countinue to play in Paths of Magic 3, this week working on Thaumcraft maybe.
dialMforMara: Thank you
Molladia: I should pay more attention to my work.
Milambus: !flan
The_FlyingDutchman: reading the book, explains the book
Milambus: bookcase
AugmentingPath: Real salt of the earth crafting
Jgirl13245: It makes the thauminominominominom.
Welbog: lrrWOW lrrWOW
ArcOfTheConclave: Clap clap clap
Jgirl13245: (Nominom)
TheWarbo: !findquote amazing
LRRbot: Quote #2898: "A Doge body pillow would be pretty amazing." —Ian [2016-07-04]
cheetoJack: James is literally already playing minecraft professionally
TXC2: how is this not professinally?
Serifina: Right click.
TXC2: shiny
DentedPockets: A+ animation!
EfreetM: it got sprinkled
Jgirl13245: Right click.
Serifina: If Azanor is good at one thing, it is VERY PRETTY PARTICLES
TheAinMAP: Special glowing book.
DarkMorford: Azanor does make the pretties, it's true.
cuttlefishman: James, did you see the Sonic trailer
ReydienOnline: TQ would call TOS on that...
CodeGorilla: Part-time Professional Minecraft Player?
SpookySpaghooti: woooooooooow the trailer is amazing
TheWarbo: I'm gonna sing the Doom song!
EfreetM: good for you :)
Nightvalien28: do not see it james, do not look at it
Xed_Regulus: The last joke made me chuckle
Zanaide: You mean Sonic the Nightmare? o__o
cuttlefishman: The sonic trailer is just... lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ImKevinTheShark: I'm looking forward for the DOOM. I replayed it myself recently, and was very satisfied
SpookySpaghooti: I love how Jim Carrey is basically just playing Jim Carrey
red_shoes_jeff: Afternoon.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Hello everyone!
TheWarbo: !quote professional minecrafter
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
cuttlefishman: It is TEEHT TEETH TEETH
Kraest: That trailer
cdutson: as Mikey Neuman said: That trailer made some Choices(tm)
captinneon: I thought Gangsta's paradise really brought the trailer togther
cheetoJack: Thaumcraft changes so frequently that its probably good you dont remember much
SpookySpaghooti: if you guys havent you should watch the Unraveled episode on the Sonic Bible
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Even if you've played TC before, a *LOT* has changed, especially how research works.
Kraest: Thaumcraft is VERY different from how it used to be.
GenericGameCr8: Hello James, Uno, Serge and chat!!! How is everyone today?
InkyGhoast: the thing on the left of the circle looked like a furby at first glance
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Jgirl13245: I just remember it as terrifying what with the evil void warms.
djalternative: thaumcraft 6 is different from what you're used to.
ImKevinTheShark: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TXC2: oh AT LEAST 5 years
DarkMorford: @Serifina Azanor passed it off to McJty, right? Or was is KingLemming and the CoFH team?
CheerfulPessimist: Hello all! Glad I tuned in as James gets to Best Mod.
TXC2: Like I've been watching for 4 years
TheWarbo: #chunky
SnorriTheNosebiter subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 47 months!
SnorriTheNosebiter: 47 months and not regretting a single one!
orionsrise1: I've been watching since the chunk punch, Hi chat!
Serifina: @DarkMorford KingLemming. I don't know if the rest of the CoFH team are invoved, but a team was being formed. Apparently the current plan is to rewrite the internals for the port to 1.13/1.14
Kraest: Did you ever play FtB Monster?
SergeYager: I think you muted us again...
RebelliousUno: undeafen
DarkMorford: Cool. Looking forward to it.
TXC2: Hello orionsrise1 welcome
TXC2: !Storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 20 (new subscribers: 2, returning subscribers: 18, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 0, new followers: 3
Milambus: I enjoyed Agrarian Skies 2..
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SAJewers: gives us an idea and i'm sure chat will come up with a pack :P
josh_le_crafter: oh right, this is live :P
cuttlefishman: Tom-aturgy
Serifina: Thaum Uh Turge eee
cuttlefishman: Tom
orbitaltuna: thongturgy? ccolorD
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cuttlefishman: Tom-ameter
josh_le_crafter: tom thurgy
TXC2: Miracle working
cuttlefishman: Call it Tom
TheWarbo: game.
TheWarbo: game n
TheWarbo: no
dialMforMara: That’s a Discworld joke
lilyoswald: ooh, 24 months
The_FlyingDutchman: damn sonic looks like a bad quicksilver movie :o
AugmentingPath: Thermometer, but with Uno's accent
josh_le_crafter: just call it cool circle
Lightningbro: I think I've only just been here for... Almost a Year? I think I joined just before last Desert Bus, after Youtube randomly brought me to a Desert Bus video.
djalternative: Side note: Thaumaturgy is an actual historical branch of "magic" that's the study of miracles.
lilyoswald: hello fellow lrr people
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun You should probably just make a half-dozen or so Salis Mundus. :)
cuttlefishman: the study of guys named Tom
CheerfulPessimist: Speaking of Thaumcraft, I'm testing out a bunch of the addons for it today, seeing how good they are for my eventual mod pack
orionsrise1: hey just a thought, Adam needs to stream some Minecraft right? How about CHUNK PUNCH II, the Seagate reckoning!
TXC2: hello lilyoswald welcome
Amentur: 10 minutes ago I did not know about the Sonic trailer. Now I am confused
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TXC2: orionsrise1 Chunk Punch 2: chunk harder
TheWarbo: I choose to interpret our foray into Thaumaturgy as "we're Tremere now"
Lightningbro: @djalternative Not quite as I recall, there's not been an explicit "Thaumaturgy" but it has definitive latin roots meaning "The Study of Miracles"
CheerfulPessimist: Let me tell you chat, there are some real bad addon mods for Thaumcraft 6
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist Good luck. I'm actually *removing* Planar Artifice from my packs in the next update (I think it's abandoned). Variegated looks good, but needs an update because it's crashing right now.
orionsrise1: @txc2 Chunkageddon!
djalternative: @Lightningbro it's been a while since I researched it but there are historical uses of the term
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun I highly recommend setting up initial TC stuff a little ways away...
TXC2: Chunk Punch3: Infinity Chunk
Serifina: HIGHLY
sgowell: Is fire tick off?
Serifina: No
cheetoJack: Thaumcraft builds get chonky
TXC2: Chunk Punch 4: EndChunk
Lightningbro: @djalternative Same, but I didn't find any references XD
josh_le_crafter: From what I remembered, thaumcraft could easily fit into a 9x9
silver_harloe: dumb question. but Uno sounds a lot like Funko to me. are they the same person?
TXC2: Serifina Define "a little" aways?
DarkMorford: I remember the Thaumcraft altar having like a 9x9 footprint, plus room for the essence jars and stuff.
Milambus: @silver_harloe No. UK vs Aus
Jgirl13245: Cause each mod needs it’s own separate things that need to stay near it’s stuff.
josh_le_crafter: or at least 2 9x9
djalternative: just build your building around thaumcraft
silver_harloe: thanks, Milambus
Serifina: @TXC2 Like... 50 or so blocks away? >.>
elah806: The Thaumcraft OuthouseTM
Lightningbro: "Second Lesser house" We'll call it; "Shed"
djalternative: @SergeYager trust me. You don't want thaumcraft in the main house
Jgirl13245: Yeah 9x9 or so is roughly adequate. 12x12 is closer to what I think I made.
TXC2: Uno And Funko are on Literal opposite sides of the earth :P
TXC2: Serifina oh, that "little" then :p
Serifina: Yyyyeah.
CheerfulPessimist: @serifina fun fact! There's one mod that didn't list all its features on the curse page, so I went to the comments to see if anyone had info before I added it, and the newest comment was you commenting on how terrible intentionally vague mod pages are. Small World.
Jgirl13245: All those creepy poison worms.
josh_le_crafter: doesn't thaumcraft make the surroundings bad
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist I know the one you mean. I was pretty annoyed.
DarkMorford: josh_le_crafter it can if you're not careful.
ContingentCat: 1 mushroom? Does Uno know he's working with Serge "Scope Creep" Yager
cdutson: is th is the same server with serge's big builds on it?
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist Also that mod isn't actually all that good.
sgowell: sergeScopeCreep rebell1FILTH
embyrr922: Is there an enchanted forest biome nearby? I would really help for some of the more advanced thaumaturgy
TXC2: whats to worry chat? "Careful" is the LRR watchword Kappa
josh_le_crafter: @darkmorford careful in minecraft? pffff
SergeYager: @cdutson this is a different server
cdutson: ah ok
Lightningbro: Latin, it's "Vee"
embyrr922: Vee
CheerfulPessimist: @serifina yeah, it was amusing to see someone comment my exact thoughts and I decided to not bother with it after some very brief testing
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist The two that I recommend right now are Thaumic Wonders and Thaumic Periphery. (As well as Thaumic JEI, Thaumic Inventory Scanning, and, hopefully soon, Variegated.)
Milambus: @cdutson My more confusing answer is kinda, but go with Serge's =)
josh_le_crafter: "vi"
LordZarano: Thor-o-meter
DarkMorford: Serifina: Thaumic Energistics. :P
djalternative: open the table and you'll understand
Serifina: @DarkMorford -_- :p
Jgirl13245: You need one of each type of crystal in the table to craft it. That’s what that means.
superdude097: Is that a moldy brain...? o_O
cdutson: this house is so open and airy
cdutson: i like it
cdutson: very modern
Serifina: @SergeYager You don't actually need to adventure to get new kinds of trees. :)
djalternative: you can change sapling types with botania
josh_le_crafter: @superdude097 a zombie brain, so yes...
superdude097: @josh_le_crafter Ah, gotcha
embyrr922: Tell serge to look for Greatwood and Silverwood too. you'll eventurally want some for Thaumcraft
Milambus: scan all the things!
CheerfulPessimist: @serifina yeah there's all the JEI addons, also Rustic Thaumaturgy. That one seems simple and very well done. Also Thaumic Augmentation looks really great! If it wasn't bugged with the warded doors
Lightningbro: Magic Crafting Table can store the crystals and only uses what it needs. It's safe to just store crystals in it
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun In your inventory, if you pick up the Thaumometer and hold it over items, you can scan them directly in your inventory.
cheetoJack: can we learn anything from uno?
TXC2: and now we hunt for the pixel Kappa
Kraest: I miss the old way of scanning things
josh_le_crafter: now begins the game of "scan all the things
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist Also Rustic Thaumaturgy, yeah, I have that one, too. I forgot.
TXC2: Minecraft has become a Point and Click Adventure
orbitaltuna: so what's uno made of
djalternative: This is part of the new stuff in thaumcraft 6. You get things called research notes and observations that are required to complete chapters
ImKevinTheShark: So. now with the 6 infinitum crystals, you can click things and half of everything disappears
CaptainSpam: So you can see what aspects of magic you can get if you harvest Uno. Wait, no, that's not it...
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist Thaumic Augmentation is new, I'll have to take a look.
EfreetM: scan ALL THE THINGS
TXC2: orbitaltuna well He's British, so Tea and Crumpets Kappa
DarkMorford: Fancy.
Lightningbro: "Scan all the things" yup, we playin' Thaumcraft now
josh_le_crafter: soon, the game becomes "wait, did I already scan this?"
IbunWest: I didn't know James was going to be playing Metroid Prime today.
Jgirl13245: It’ll glow if you haven’t scanned it before.
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Scan both sides of chests - because of how Minecraft works, it won't get everything otherwise.
ReydienOnline: I think it said something about inventory being too large
ReydienOnline: you might needto click again
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Lucaan: You have learned subthing new.
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Critterbot: Wow, I remember using Thaumcraft years and years ago, it sure has changed a lot since then.
AugmentingPath: Metroid Prime 4: Thaumcraft
josh_le_crafter: That sounded... visceral
Lightningbro: YUP that DEFINITELY scanned everything in the Drawers adjacent to the Controller
Trixalicious: You can also scan the Thaumometer, if you make a second one.
LordZarano: "Inventory too large, only scanning first 100 items" is what it said
Kraest: @critterbot Pretty much everything changed in the last update. I personally preferred it before the update
cdutson: welcome to Scanning with James, a minecraft stream where James just scans everything
Admiralmatt: what are they doing?
CheerfulPessimist: @serifina so far I can say the textures look quite good (that's a requirement for my pack) but there's a very big bug that's being fixed next patch
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kainboa: Woo, and another!
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TheWarbo: Yeah I think I'm on Team "this is Metroid Prime"
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: James, Uno and Serge Countinue to play in Paths of Magic 3, this week working on Thaumcraft maybe.
Jgirl13245: Go scan it again then.
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist Cool. I don't mind bugs as long as they're getting *fixed*.
TXC2: so it's the force? Kappa
Monocerotis2010: so the Thaumanomicon is the distant cousin of the Necronomicon right...?
Serifina: It's pronounced "vee"
djalternative: click on the four pointed star tab to see what you've gotten from scanning
Serifina: :)
orbitaltuna: beeeeees
Serifina: No not bees
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Serifina: :p
Kraest: Bees?
Lightningbro: Thank you James.
TXC2: lrrBEEJ ?
Serifina: NO BEES
hylianguy2: mtg
Kraest: Okay bees. Cool. :P
ArinArcana: What version of minecraft is this?
Serifina: 1.12.2
djalternative: Never bees
josh_le_crafter: Is the horrible bee mod still being updated?
ImKevinTheShark: It is known as Vis, or in some cultures is it referred to as Hamon.
DarkMorford: BUT BEES
Milambus: Chickens?
Kraest: B E E S
TXC2: ImKevinTheShark as in Ham Bacon? Kappa
ArinArcana: Ah okay. Didn't know the modding scene was still so big for the newer versions
CheerfulPessimist: @serifina I know I says last time I'd move to the discord but I got distracted with wrapping up a dnd game. I'm working on the pack with more of my time so I'll head there after the stream to chat more if you want :)
ImKevinTheShark: @txc2 yes, like a ham sandwich
TXC2: ArinArcana depends on the mods really
TXC2: TheWarbo it's Latin
Serifina: @ArinArcana 1.12.2 modding is about as big as 1.7.10 these days (although with 1.14 out, Forge should be updating Soon and things will naturally move on to that.)
josh_le_crafter: Everyone here has badges, I feel casual
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist kk
Lightningbro: Sadly Forge isn't making a super reliable 1.13 version, however, now that 1.14 is out, MAN I can't wait until we start getting 1.14 modpacks
AugmentingPath: TXC2 if it were latin it would be "weese"
TXC2: josh_le_crafter dont worry about, we're welcoming here
sgowell: Is journeymap working in 1.13.2?
Jgirl13245: Yep always check the flashing ones. If it’s solid I think it’s done as a subject.
cheetoJack: make a cauldron and then make it better
superdude097: Igonts
noSmokeFire: ingots
djalternative: ingots
ArinArcana: Dannng. I used to make mods for Minecraft before I stopped playing and moved onto Web Dev. I can't even imagine jumping into MCP/Forge after all these years
Serifina: Iron Ingots.
TheWarbo: TXC2 As AugmentingPath noted, the Latin word is "weese," but I've always heard the English version as "viss"
Serifina: God that'd be an expensive cauldron
josh_le_crafter: That would be one valueable cauldron
Lightningbro: Cauldrons would need some SERIOUS upgrades to it's functionality if that was the recipe
Serifina: @TheWarbo It's how Azanor intended it to be pronounced. :D
LordZarano: It's pronounced "these" KappaHD
Kraest: I thought you said weast
tux789: Its pronounced "Steven" LUL
josh_le_crafter: Turgy
ImKevinTheShark: The Salis Mundis effect does look very pretty
djalternative: huh. I've never used lava for the crucible
josh_le_crafter: thaumaturgid
Kraest: @josh_le_crafter who turgled
CheerfulPessimist: Alright chat, how long before James makes the novice Mage mistake we all made, throwing your Thaumonomicon into the crucible?
Serifina: Today.
josh_le_crafter: @kraest sounds dangerous here around all this magic
TheWarbo: Serifina Ahh, I think they might have confused the Latin-to-English "vis" (power) for French-to-English "vis-a-vis" (face-to-face) when they intended that.
Nightvalien28: CheerfulPessimist I give 30 min
TXC2: pretty sure floating in mid-air is not "naturally Buoyant"
Lightningbro: What do you need to scan to unlock the chapter on Flux?
Kraest: @cheerfulpessimist I’ve never done that. What happens?
CaptainSpam: NITOR! The hero of the night!
CheerfulPessimist: @kraest regrets happens
TheWarbo: Why...why would you assume that? :-D
girlpainting: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Serifina: @TheWarbo *shrug* I don't Latin, so. :)
josh_le_crafter: Pfft, just use it like a trash can Kappa
Kraest: @cheerfulpessimist ...fair. XD
CheerfulPessimist: @kraest and shame
Trixalicious: If you like the color purple, then yeah it does dissipate harmlessly
Lightningbro: @Kraest It has a LOT of aspects. and ALL of it turns into Flux.
noSmokeFire: you probably had lava in a chest
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Mivair: It's gonna be fine James, don't worry about just throwing a bunch of random stuff into the crucible and let it dissipate into the environment. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
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djalternative: Let's make a flux rift today!!!!!!
ImKevinTheShark: I've been pronouncing Vis as in Viscount
TXC2: #WorkingWithLava
Serifina: o_O
Lightningbro: Though I can't say I've ever fallen for that.
cdutson: w.
Lord_Hosk: Uno is just better at it than you are
josh_le_crafter: Wut...
TheWarbo: Serifina I'm not actually using that much Latin, mostly just that every *English* dictionary I can find says you pronounce the S
ContingentCat: the lava likes Uno better
Nenluen: you chucked all of your dirt in the lava
TXC2: !clips
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CheerfulPessimist: It's actually a great way to get some good aspects like the magic one if you are quick with it, but it's a Feels Bad moment
josh_le_crafter: I'm confuse
Jgirl13245: Is that the spawn chunk?
Jgirl13245: Is he the admin?
noSmokeFire: hahaha
Milambus: inventory glitch?
josh_le_crafter: wht. .
cdutson: WHAT THE
Lightningbro: HAH! I LOVE that bug!
PrincedelaLune_: LUL
Serifina: Ahahahahahahahahah
noSmokeFire: uno, are you a wizard?
josh_le_crafter: Magic!!!!
cdutson: that was a very expensive glitch
TheWarbo: Weeeeelp
djalternative: uno pulled a magic trick on james
Sharkfists: minecraft is gaslighting us
ReydienOnline: "look down, the dirt is now dust"
TheWarbo: that stuff is cheap to replace, right?
ExachixKitsune: Oh hey thaumcraft
Mangledpixel: boop
Milambus: savage
Serifina: @TheWarbo It actually is.
ContingentCat: that's two things Serge
Mangledpixel: ooh, getting into Thaumcraft finally
josh_le_crafter: @reydienonline isn't it salt
Justin_Bailey: harsh but true, Serge
kerbalized_: lrrWOW lrrWOW
Kraest: Waaaaoooow
EJGRgunner: Serge throwing out a high hard one
Mivair: Its fine everything is fine
sgowell: lrrJUDGE
TheWarbo: Serifina Sorry, that one should have had a Kappa on it
djalternative: torches and coal all the way
Serifina: :D
TheWarbo: I need to get better at adding Kappas
Kraest: Someone should add that to the quotes XD
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] If there's one thing I know about James: it's that he can't do it, and he's certainly not a big boy.
LRRbot: New quote #6026: "If there's one thing I know about James: it's that he can't do it, and he's certainly not a big boy." —Serge [2019-04-30]
Lightningbro: Isn't there an Exact-sies recipe for Nitor?
ImKevinTheShark: So James, have you got some Uranium 232 to put in there?
josh_le_crafter: Crucible = trash can, what's the worst that can happen
Kraest: Thank you @txc2
TheWarbo: "If I know one thing about James..." *lists two things* sergeOffByOne
ContingentCat: @TheWarbo as is tradition
TXC2: Kraest what tickles me the most is that it's two things :P
Mivair: Serge is many things, a mathematician is provably not one of them
Kerrisis: Torches give Lux.
Milambus: sergeCounting
TXC2: Mivair Serge is off by one even when he speaks Kappa
AugmentingPath: Sorry, ignis is actually pronounced "Eeny." It's Latin Kappa
Crokoking: keep in mind there is loss
embyrr922: And a piece of glowstone
Jgirl13245: Piece of Glowstone dust to finish
Kerrisis: In before the elements have dissipated...
Crokoking: it failed
TheWarbo: AugmentingPath ignis mignis maegnis mo?
embyrr922: You waited too long and the potentia evaporated
girlpainting: @ serge, you are the reason i just bought "Forager" ^^
Lightningbro: Did... You put in the Glowstone last?
AugmentingPath: TheWarbo Exactly.
Mivair: you ignis, i ignis, he, she, we ignis...
Jgirl13245: You took too long and they evaporated.
Kerrisis: The elements dissipated while you were getting the glowstone
djalternative: aspects will just evaporate if you wait too long
Lightningbro: I repeat what someone said earlier "Yay! Let's make a Flux rift today!"
Kraest: Why isn’t Serge doing this with them?
Mivair: See above comments about Serge and math
djalternative: @Lightningbro yes I did
MercurialVox: for a magic mod this sounds an awful lot like volatile chemistry
orbitaltuna: so what's james going for?
TXC2: MercurialVox what do you think Potions is? Kappa
AugmentingPath: MercurialVox well, this is the alchemy bit
Kraest: @mercurialvox it really really is XD
Mivair: Nitor works as a good crucible heat source btw
Jgirl13245: It’s magic evil chemistry nonsense.
djalternative: you can place it under the crucible to power it
Serifina: Yep
ImKevinTheShark: So... you gonna Ig Nitor?
DarkMorford: That's a Quark thing
josh_le_crafter: @mercurialvox except 10x more environmentally unfriendly
Serifina: Or, more specifically, anywhere in Deep Ocean.
Lightningbro: If it has Quark, then yes.
josh_le_crafter: Rush meat golems
Serifina: @Lightningbro It has Quark, but that's not a guarantee, I do a lot of configuring.
josh_le_crafter: all the way
djalternative: you need to go to bedrock and buid hight
DarkMorford: This sounds so much better with Uno's accent. :P
Lightningbro: "Reach the highest highs" and "The lowest lows" Go to bedrock and above Y=150 I think?
ExachixKitsune: Praise be Serifina's tinkering.
ImKevinTheShark: oh god. Mold it. not Mould it
TXC2: is this Magic or depression?
AugmentingPath: Punch-a-Chunk o'clock!
AugmentingPath: Okay, more like punch a thin pit
Jgirl13245: Yep. Scale the mountain and drop the shaft.
josh_le_crafter: Poor sheep
Jgirl13245: Because it’s atop a sand mountain.
TXC2: so how about stairs ?
Jgirl13245: You can go back down now
djalternative: did anyone tell Serge that he could just transmute saplings with botania?
CheerfulPessimist: Y=7 is where it worked for me, so not just yet bedrock it seems?
Lightningbro: I wouldn't say "Very" hazardous. They're fairly rare
ArcOfTheConclave: inb4 the book is evil
Nightvalien28: not that
TheWarbo: "visit halfway up the highest peak you can find"
girlpainting: F
TheWarbo: F
Lord_Hosk: woopsy
TheAinMAP: katesRip
DarkMorford: benginRip benginRip benginRip
josh_le_crafter: !fall
silver_harloe: F
Mivair: F
kansaiDop: that was fun!
Milambus: Steam... I really didnt need you to tell me I have played 300+ hours of Stardew
ContingentCat: sergeFall
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: F
Jgirl13245: Okay see the vod later!
Temporal_Wolf333: klaigeRip nmeF
Kraest: sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall
noSmokeFire: well, you found the drop
Welbog: lrrCOW
EfreetM: dig a hole
kerbalized_: sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall
steelfox13: clipped
girlpainting: jimmyt1Cheese
Serifina: !clip
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ImKevinTheShark: sergeOffByOne sergeScopeCreep
Kraest: There certainly were blocks underneath there. That’s how you died. XD
orionsrise1: never mind straight down!
orionsrise1: mine genius
Serifina: If only your modpack maker wasn't a total sadist who insisted on making things difficult...
girlpainting: a parashoot for james would be something
Mivair: JAMES
Nightvalien28: don't go after it
josh_le_crafter: ahahaha
djalternative: jump after it
DentedPockets: Just tossing important things into the sea.
TheAinMAP: Oh dear.
ContingentCat: JUMP
josh_le_crafter: benginFacepalm
Welbog: lrrFINE
TheWarbo: did James yeet the expensive powder into the sea?
Lightningbro: "Hang-glider" or an Elytra. The vanilla hang glider
Mivair: Fly, you fool!
Schatten88: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 58:50.
ArcOfTheConclave: we never will
red_shoes_jeff: Still don't
noSmokeFire: I was half expecting you to fall in that murderhole in the sand
Wicker_Knight: we didn't. we still don't
LordShadner: also some caves
girlpainting: welcome to James version No. 7.68
Lord_Hosk: I believe in a thing called James
ImKevinTheShark: You almost made the Ocean Thaumaturgical!
Mivair: Patch Notes: slightly flatter
LordZarano: So it's telling you to dig straight down?
Serifina: The Nether does not count for this.
Lightningbro: Forager= "I only didn't believe you could do it until the very end"
djalternative: bedrock
josh_le_crafter: Darn it... I can't lrr emote now... the cruel mistress of gift subs lapsing
silver_harloe: I did give believing in you a try, but then you were defeated by Serge in the punch-a-chunk
noSmokeFire: did serge find a cult?
Wicker_Knight: hostile mob?
Milambus: #NotAClut
Nightvalien28: omg serge
djalternative: serge found best villager
Lightningbro: I was going to sa... Man, I miss Witchery. That was such a good mod.
CheerfulPessimist: Wait. On no.
djalternative: Now you've found thaumcraft 6's wand equivilant.
stevestein: Make sure to get your moulded will notarized
josh_le_crafter: Thauma-serge?
Lord_Hosk: which is ridiculous cause wicca good and love the earth and ill be over here.
josh_le_crafter: eww
silver_harloe: are all witches Wiccan, Lord_Hosk ?
ArcOfTheConclave: An infinity gauntlet?
Mazrae: hello hello
Mangledpixel: perhaps a gaunlet... a gauntlet of infinity
EJGRgunner: I find this all much more amusing if I imagine Vis is some kind of illicit street drug
josh_le_crafter: ahaha
Monocerotis2010: James now becomes Thanos
josh_le_crafter: 4th wall breaks :P
CheerfulPessimist: Still sad we don't get wands, and get an infinity war trailer instead
fiftymcnasty: so is this mod just throwing shade at botania?
ImKevinTheShark: An Invinity gauntlet. Absolutely.
lilylilac: yes @lord_hosk
TXC2: hello Mazrae welcome
stevestein: @Lord_Hosk So they might have something against a group of guys strip-mining the area with pickaxes and toying with the dark magics?
dialMforMara: what’s the difference between Vis and mana?
TXC2: spelling
Lord_Hosk: silver_harloe I suspect not, its from buffy the vampire slayer musical episode.
ArcOfTheConclave: @dialMforMara different mods?
josh_le_crafter: @ejgrgunner you mean "you-cant-make-up-the-streets"
Lightningbro: @fiftymcnasty This bod long since predates Botania. Old versions of Thaumcraft used Wands, it's saying "We've surpassed Wands" Thaumcraft has a bit of a story to it
Lightningbro: *mod
Serifina: @SergeYager Meet the Crimson Cult. They're friendly! They just want to give you hugs.
ContingentCat: is it a lizard wizard? kathle3HEX
Nightvalien28: serge seems to be having the best adventure
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josh_le_crafter: is it on a coast serge?
djalternative: Serge has found the Crimson Cultist. Make sure he kills them and saves the book
Crokoking: serge has found crimson knights. those will be important later
EfreetM: literal wizard? makes magic in rhyme
ImKevinTheShark: Awwwww, you didn't have Weird dreams
kerbalized_: they dont care about the sun lol and they will chase you forever
orbitaltuna: does the wizard have a name? tim, perhaps?
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun I would make a new Thaumometer
Mangledpixel: so, you're making an infinity gauntlet. All you need is to find Peter Dinklage and a neutron star, easy.
Lightningbro: @LoadingReadyRun You can store Crystals in the Arcane Workbench, it only takes what it needs and stores up to a stack of each
djalternative: you can just huck a whole handfull of crystals into your bench and they'll stay there.
Serifina: Also, the Arcane Workbench holds items left in it - so it can store up to a stack of the vis crystals.
josh_le_crafter: Is it perhaps, not a wizard? maybe they're from a different plane
lilylilac: bleedpurple100 bonus10 I see James has left the door alone and there is only one of him again
TXC2: on a hand?
Serifina: Just in your hand.
josh_le_crafter: Spoiler? Kappa
noSmokeFire: it looks like a teddy bear.
silver_harloe: resist. the. urge. to. snap. your. fingers.
Serifina: You just hold it in your hand.
josh_le_crafter: The caster's teddybear? I'd be down for it
Lightningbro: It's exactly like wants, it's a tool
djalternative: if thaumic tinkerer doesn't eventually have an infinity gauntlet I'll be disappointed.
ExachixKitsune: Apparently it forces wizards to fight serge
josh_le_crafter: more than 3 james' seems exhausting
djalternative: you need a focal manipulator to do anything more with the gauntlet
Hvertor: bleedpurple190 bonus19 Like this?
DevInsanity: bleedpurple1500 bonus150 B-b-bonus bits!?
ImKevinTheShark: Cheevo get!
Mangledpixel: it does not do well to meddle in the affairs of wizards, Serge
kerbalized_: Serve bring the wizards home, it'll be super funny
kerbalized_: serge
kerbalized_: dang it
TXC2: Wrenches can be useful >.>
Lightningbro: @LoadingReadyRun The "Discovering X" in the Thaumonomicon each unlock a new "Chapter" on the right. If you want to use the Gauntlet more, look in the Auramancy tab
cdutson: counter proposal. open as many portals as you can
josh_le_crafter: Keep witching, got it!
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: LUL
tux789: is that actually a thing?
Lightningbro: Er, left. Why do I KEEP DOING THAT?!
cdutson: shame serge isn't streaming for a team stream
cdutson: I'd love to see that happen as James is tinkering away
Lightningbro: Fundimentals. Smart move
DarkMorford: What's that flashing one on the top right?
Lord_Hosk: Im gonna head canon this that its Serge and not his Minecraft Avatar that has portals spawning next to him and he is being attacked by wizards
josh_le_crafter: whenever I hear Vis, I just keep thinking of that math youtube channel
Lord_Hosk: Dr Strange is just beating up Serge right now in his apartment
josh_le_crafter: and now I want pi
noSmokeFire: lycra
djalternative: Now I believe you have access to goggles of revealing which you want.
avi_miller: @lord_hosk Just serge sitting in his office, when multiple portals open behind him
SajuukSjet: lord_hosk: >D
Lightningbro: So I have a question James... Do you have 150 monster heads? They might help for that chapter
CheerfulPessimist: @lord_hosk that's some serious dedication, still playing the pack while in a wizard dual against Dr Strange
Mangledpixel: time to get some magical duds!
Alahmnat: supple sure, but is it *succulent*?
Milambus: looks like a mask to me
TXC2: what's the mouth feel of the Fabic?
i_want_diee: Hello tu Kel0Hap
silver_harloe: and no one ever wears fabric on their head
embyrr922: The goggles you get later
josh_le_crafter: Why not just say magical? It's much less unwieldy
Alahmnat: what's the fabric's Turner Lickability rating?
DentedPockets: Serge, just casually murdering wizards.
steelfox13: No wizard hats?
Lightningbro: Crimson Cult gear is almost identical to those robes @LoadingReadyRun
embyrr922: It gives you warp
josh_le_crafter: also, serge, that is from thaumcraft
noSmokeFire: now that serge has tasted wizard blood, James and Uno might need to watch out
kerbalized_: Serge got the cloth by skinning the evil wizards
Lightningbro: What's wrong with going a little crazy?
Piratical_tendancies: #notacult
avi_miller: #notacult
josh_le_crafter: But, why have murder wizard robes, when you can have sweet, not-bloodstained, robes
TXC2: #notacult
AlchemicalPanda: @SergeYager A whole day of nothing but Alchemy... perfect!
Mangledpixel: everyone needs a little bit of universe warping chaos every now and again
Lightningbro: Don't forget "Theory Crafting" Uno. Research Tables are still a thing
kerbalized_: Wait, does this mean Serge has embraced his inner Murder Hobo? Found and killed some wizards to steal their clothes?
Lightningbro: (Thumbs up Uno)
josh_le_crafter: Are scientists just a type of coven?
Lightningbro: @kerbalized_ To be fair those Wizards are kill or be killed. They hurt like nobody's business
djalternative: you want that metal ingot icon
kerbalized_: @lightningbro Oh I'm quite familiar with them lol. They spawned next to the first village i found in a new play through and almost burned the entire place down
TXC2: Me: I want to sleep My Brain: It's not night Me: waits for night
Monocerotis2010: make sure you disinfect the wizard clothing, don't need the plague #blanketsforthenatives
josh_le_crafter: Oh, so we ARE rushing meat golems benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
Crokoking: stone shovels work very well
Serifina: Try flint
Lightningbro: @kerbalized_ "Almost"? I'm impressed at your capibility to contain fire
embyrr922: You can get pure instrumentium from a wooden crook
Serifina: Also, you can look up Aspects directly in JEI
Serifina: @embyrr922 That isn't in this pack.
DarkMorford: Shovel needs to go first.
LordShadner: wrong order
TXC2: time for Fashion Micecraft
Crokoking: you have to put in the shovel first
josh_le_crafter: Wizard pants!!!
embyrr922: @Serifina Has the pack been updated recently? I've been doing that in this pack
SK__Ren: Crimson Cult gear looks so good
kansaiDop: Cult gear? #NO
Serifina: @embyrr922 With crooks? Nothing in the pack should add crooks. At least, I didn't think I put anything in that did? o_O
ContingentCat: so you killed a wizard and stole his pants Serge?
djalternative: did Serge get the Crimson Rites book?
noSmokeFire: when the recipe shows essentia in the pot, and an item getting tossed in, it means add this essentia, then finish with the item
orbitaltuna: #NotACrook ... wait...
josh_le_crafter: Does that mean putting tree crimes make brass?
Lightningbro: Also important James, every time you take damage by standing on the Crucible, it adds aspects to the Crucible, which you either know, or will know, the reasons why you may not want that
orbitaltuna: pre-canned-potato
Mangledpixel: praecantatio is the 'magic' aspect
josh_le_crafter: pre cant i o
noSmokeFire: oh, is he making people soup, Lightningbro?
tux789: legally distinct from terrasteel
Lightningbro: Pray-Can't-Tay-Tea-Oh
josh_le_crafter: or pre cant yo
SK__Ren: Pray-can't-eeee-oh
Lightningbro: Guess no-one's uniform on that one
orbitaltuna: pre-can't-even-tho
Monocerotis2010: Pre can tay she o
josh_le_crafter: Legally distinct manasteel!
Lightningbro: Right click with a tool also works I learned
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TheWarbo: Before you do your incantations, you need to do your precantations
orbitaltuna: don't forget the postcantation or you're going to be sore for days
Crokoking: praecantatio is magic. botania manapools work well
embyrr922: Iron
Kraest: Uno you’re leaving out an entire syllable of praecantatio XD
avi_miller: Nice @lord_hosk Nice
embyrr922: last
josh_le_crafter: And if you mess up, you'll have to do recantations!
Mangledpixel: aspects first, catalyst last
Lightningbro: The book says it's time for Research
Crokoking: you need to do theory
Lightningbro: TO Theory Crafting!
tux789: I wonder how well you can blend thaum and botania
DarkMorford: Time to do your homework!
djalternative: you need some research on alchemy
embyrr922: You need to start theorycrafting
CheerfulPessimist: Time to hit the books!
embyrr922: Thaumcraft is SUPER paper hungry
tux789: Now craft a 200 oage papers with sited sources as evidence
embyrr922: Do you have a sugarcane farm?
avi_miller: Like any good class, Thaumcraft involves a mix of theory and application
tux789: Thaumcraft, actually just helping a chemist do his homework
embyrr922: LOTS of paper
embyrr922: More paper than you think
djalternative: grab all of the paper
embyrr922: Multiple stacks of paper
Lightningbro: I recomend, like, a stack of paper
DarkMorford: Azanor flexing those art skills
kerbalized_: yeah, but without Quizlet notes, is thaumcraft a true class? MiniK
embyrr922: Like five or ten
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io_Otter: Ah yes, the answer to life, the universe, + everything... Minecraft?
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CrazymattCaptain: Uno just harvested the sugar cane
kerbalized_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
djalternative: so deco craft then
stevestein: Gas or charcoal?
Serifina: You can ask whatever you like, Serge, but I lack a BBQ mod. :p
TXC2: "tis no pool, but tis a fine patio english"
cdutson: really shocked there's no BBQ mod
cheetoJack: its got to be propane
Lightningbro: Never tell Serge about Crayfish's mod
ZachtlyAsIntended: I just bought a Brinkman Grill
tux789: isnt that just a bank of furnaces
cdutson: like charcole, and gas
DarkMorford: Dammit. *opens IntelliJ* Kappa
cdutson: both exist in other mods
Blackcross187: are there any pork q pines in this game?
cdutson: should really be part of the kitchen mod
RomanGoro: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:23:47.
TheWarbo: As a (US) Southerner, I suggest it be called a grill, as is proper. :-D
Blackcross187: @TheWarbo i always called it tasty meat maker
TheWarbo: Blackcross187 Hah, I would reserve that for a smoker (the device you use to make barbecue food, like barbecue ribs)
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Taveena: I Have Returned to James... reading a tutorial in first person. Technology is incredible.
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Blackcross187: @TheWarbo no no that's the tastier meat maker
Earthenone: !next
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PhoenixMelior: what is UP, chat
josh_le_crafter: *insert MTG joke here*
TheWarbo: #ALot
CheerfulPessimist: With all the addons I have, my research table has about 15 inspirations to work with
Lightningbro: I do recommend adding a Bookshelf near your Research Table
TXC2: !findquote a lot
LRRbot: Quote #3501: "There's a lot of boobs on this other thing." —Beej [2016-10-10]
TXC2: damnit Beej
TheWarbo: Blackcross187 I am interested in this idea, and in particular what is the "tastiest meat maker"
tux789: is burning myself a research aid? signs say no
josh_le_crafter: James is into cooking himself in a crucible?
Alness49: Put a bookshelf near your table and whenever you make a new piece of kit make a copy for the research area
BlenderMTL: just got in, what was serge's adventure
Mazrae: was james making a turner soup?
djalternative: you want the crucible
Crokoking: click on the crucible to get more alchemy stuff
djalternative: for what you want to get
Lightningbro: Just leave it for now, hit the paper on the left
tux789: ASk Cam, hes developed theories before right?
TheWarbo: As someone who used to be an academic, I can confirm, this is a 100% accurate representation of how theories are created and/or scrapped
Alness49: for the first time leave it blank, selecting one of them points your research in a direction
Blackcross187: @TheWarbo has that been invented yet? maybe a grill smoker robot that serves it to you? no matter where you are?
SK__Ren: Al-kimmy-ah
djalternative: make a motus crystal
fiftymcnasty: pick one
ZachtlyAsIntended: pick one and get the right crystals in your inventory
TXC2: choose Reactions
Crokoking: make the crystals you want
TheWarbo: I would like to believe that there's no right or wrong choice
Lightningbro: As someone who's full username is "Taltia Alchamia everywhere else" It's "Al-Chem-EE-ah"
red_shoes_jeff: "GOOD NEWS! Your Great Aunt Alkemia has died."
Alness49: Left gives you more, but you need to do more work to get it
Mazrae: concentrate
josh_le_crafter: @red_shoes_jeff I miss the panalysts
Serifina: Those aren't the crystals you need
TheWarbo: red_shoes_jeff Excellent!
ContingentCat: studying theory? Confusing methods?Did someone put grad school in minecraft?
djalternative: you need to make a crystal
Lightningbro: James it's asking for a special type of shard
Crokoking: those are not the crystals you need
Crokoking: there is like 38 different types
Mangledpixel: concentrate? we making orange juice?
wildpeaks: Hogwarts looks different from what I remember
djalternative: no. quartz shard into a crucible with your aspect
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun 2 of an aspect + a Quartz Sliver in the crucible makes the crystal of that type.
noSmokeFire: welcome to introduction to magical runes with professor uno
Lightningbro: Motus, you're looking for Motus
josh_le_crafter: motus/ moving
Serifina: It says on the table. In this case, Motus (for example, a trapdoor)
Lightningbro: "Motion" found on, like, Trap doors
SK__Ren: Oh... have they not made the goggles yet?
Trixalicious: boats are good for motus
Serifina: You cannot combine aspects to make new ones that way. You have to melt something that has Motus.
SK__Ren: Trapdoors are good for motus
Crokoking: the compound is not relevant here. you can't combine
djalternative: you want a lot of quartz slivers
josh_le_crafter: Chuck boat into cauldron!
josh_le_crafter: then profit?
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Making Essentia crystals of the leftover essentia in a crucible is a *very very very* good idea.
Milambus: Motus? Mother of the United States?
djalternative: don't waste aspects
Mangledpixel: 9 is not a load
djalternative: it's bad flux practice
Lightningbro: @LoadingReadyRun Usually make sure to have a bunch of Slivers, you never know what aspect it'll pick
TheWarbo: this mod is producing almost as many fun things to google as VtM disciplines. Apparently "alkimia" is only a word in Hungarian, where it just means "alchemy"
jlb1989: Just throw it in
jlb1989: press Q
Serifina: o_O
josh_le_crafter: thaumometer?
jlb1989: keep throwing slivers
Lightningbro: The boat... Changed Essentia?
Serifina: Why did... the boat... change aspect?
djalternative: that's weird.
Serifina: Wut?
Blackcross187: herba vis? is that like vapo rub?
Lightningbro: I've NEVER seen that happen!?
Serifina: Wat?
ZachtlyAsIntended: The boat..should not have changed
djalternative: just make a trap door
Crokoking: weird. is your inventory messed up again?
TXC2: TheWarbo I wager the mod creator just put a word into google translate, piked a language, and then used what it came up with
Serifina: I'm VERY confused
Crokoking: try reconnecting
josh_le_crafter: wut?
josh_le_crafter: Ahh... sure...
Zaghrog: worth checking for another inventory glitch
ZachtlyAsIntended: keep doing it
Crokoking: keep right-clicking
djalternative: it seems to change when james takes it out of the inventory
jlb1989: Throwing a thing into the crucible will take ALL essentia from that thing and put it into the crucible. So the boat has herbia, motis and something else
TheWarbo: TXC2 That makes sense. I just love going "ooh, let me google that...oh. huh"
ZachtlyAsIntended: with the crystals
Serifina: Yu only make one at a time
Serifina: that way
Lightningbro: Try something that's NOT a boat... ...
deano901: it seems to change in james inventory
djalternative: Just make some trap doors
TXC2: TheWarbo I mean it's how I name things :P
Milambus: spam right click
cdutson: was thinking minecart
Mangledpixel: Serifina do you happen to know if the aspects are stored on the Item or the ItemStack?
josh_le_crafter: More boat?
Serifina: @Mangledpixel No idea.
Lightningbro: The boat is LITERALLY changing essentia on us
Mangledpixel: ah ok
jlb1989: Just keep throwing silvers into it. You'll get motis eventually
Serifina: But yeah, the boat is changing aspects, and I'm very confused.
DerDrongo: use the lens to see what types are in the cruicibles
Lightningbro: It's actually changing to only three Herba
CheerfulPessimist: What the heck is going on
josh_le_crafter: trapdoor =side door
kerbalized_: something something boat stuff
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Did he find out how much motus was in the boatus?
TXC2: boats are giving us the wrong kind of magic crystal
noSmokeFire: no motus in the boatus
jlb1989: throwing the boat into the crucible puts all 3 kinds of essentia from the boat into the crucible
Serifina: I'm so VERY confused.
ZachtlyAsIntended: That worked, now you keep going
Lightningbro: As someone who's favorite mod is Thaumcraft, and I've been playing since Thaumcraft 2 (we're on 6). That has NEVER happened to me before
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun In this case, it's not your fault, something is changing the aspects of the Boat.
djalternative: it seems to change aspects when a player picks it up
Crokoking: you keep theorizing until the bulbs at the top run out
Trixalicious: you keep using paper until you run out of inspiration
Kraest: This was pretty much the point where I stopped new Thaumcraft. It was a lot less tedious and more fun before this huge update.
josh_le_crafter: I assume a mod is messing with boat stuff
SK__Ren: Victus can be gotten from alot food
SK__Ren: alot of*
kerbalized_: Boatus McBoatusFacus
CrazymattCaptain: there's a victus in the chest
TheWarbo: TXC2 makes sense, I just like the reverse part where I get to go "ooh, i'mma google that"
Wicker_Knight: Hi, I tuned in expecting minecraft, but I've got to admit this is an interesting Culist Simulator mod...
Wicker_Knight: *cultis
Wicker_Knight: *cultist
Lightningbro: I personally like to have a Drawer setup like you do by the Flowers in my Thaumcraft area, for crystals.
Wicker_Knight: benginFacepalm
ExachixKitsune: Wicker_Knight : HA Wow
Serifina: @Kraest And I feel the exact opposite. Doing the same puzzle over and over was extremely dull and frustrating to me.
Lightningbro: Combining isn't important to you yet James.
Mangledpixel: Wicker_Knight James is literally wearing some of the Crimson Cultist gear right now
jlb1989: Honestly, you're early enough in the mod that you don't really have to concentrate on only one discipline
Lightningbro: One of each crystal
SK__Ren: I bypassed the puzzle, I just made a billion paper and only too options that cost no resources
CheerfulPessimist: I like this new system, as long as you have stuff ready before hand.
Wicker_Knight: @Mangledpixel I look forward to visiting the Hours in the Halls of the Mansus
Lightningbro: Go with Measure, you on't have essentia setup yet
djalternative: you don't want either of those
josh_le_crafter: just maybe the left one?
ExachixKitsune: Wicker_Knight : Our players are clearly in the Woods around the Walls of the Mansus
djalternative: go with the free one
josh_le_crafter: Just do the free one?
ZachtlyAsIntended: So essential works the same as making crystals, but you need to make phails
Wicker_Knight: @ExachixKitsune ...wait, that means the corruption is the MOTH, isn't it lrrSPOOP
Mangledpixel: Wicker_Knight actually, a Cultist Sim/Minecraft mashup could be kinda rad
jlb1989: You can get ignis from coal
cdutson: :O
noSmokeFire: uno needs blood
Lightningbro: Oh, Rethink is GREAT right now
TXC2: this song sounds like Aphex twin worked with Daft Punk :P
josh_le_crafter: More spiritus!
ExachixKitsune: Wicker_Knight : snip snip snip
djalternative: synthesis
Lightningbro: Rethink would only take away 5 to each, but gives you an extra card.
cdutson: these things read like mtg spells
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Impress the ladies with your alpaca knowledge.
Wicker_Knight: @ExachixKitsune you stay away from my skin... gabyClock
wildpeaks: alpacas are very magical, you're right lrrbot
josh_le_crafter: Frog serge!!!
ExachixKitsune: I should go back to my game to get the dancer victory... Wicker_Knight
Monocerotis2010: #sacrificialSerge
Blackcross187: James + Minecraft + Deadmau5's Polar album seems to work very well together
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: And that's science!
TXC2: nice
SergeYager: :|
red_shoes_jeff: HA!
SergeYager: That's very good Hosk :d
Silver_Kn1ght: technically a sorcerer
Lightningbro: Eh, not great
ExachixKitsune: 10/10 Hosk
Lightningbro: It's going to chop your alchemy and put it into infusion
josh_le_crafter: ugh
josh_le_crafter: rethink?
Lightningbro: Rethink, go with Rethink.
ZachtlyAsIntended: rethink
josh_le_crafter: *butterfly meme* is this magic drafting?
Lightningbro: Study curio? I think it gives you something
cdutson: is this slay the spire?
Lightningbro: Actually, first read the book
Silver_Kn1ght: by a definition, yes
djalternative: concentrate
DarkMorford: Concentrate here
Lightningbro: Concentrate, easy.
Lightningbro: Tenebrae is found on Obsidian.
Mangledpixel: ink
Mangledpixel: oh really?
Mangledpixel: hmm
TXC2: Dark things? lrrDARK
josh_le_crafter: We are drafting here too?
ContingentCat: lrrDARK
Lightningbro: Ink sacks have the new "Color" aspect now
josh_le_crafter: I thought thwt was just for LRRMTG?
Lightningbro: Well, HAH, "new"
TheWarbo: Tenebrae? So now we're Lasombra. :-D
noSmokeFire: warp! warp! warp!
Lightningbro: Rethink helps you here.
josh_le_crafter: re5hink?
josh_le_crafter: PFFT, r3jecting eldr8tch
Lightningbro: Because you have so many different finding types it takes negligible amounts from anything
Lightningbro: Spirit, definitely spirit
DarkMorford: Focus, I guess.
josh_le_crafter: Focus?
Lightningbro: The other two hurt you.
ExachixKitsune: Does it tell you the score in each category or do you just need to remember?
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Focus
ExachixKitsune: Oh I see
Wicker_Knight: so what happens if you run out of inspiration? presumably you have to stop? how to do you regain it?
josh_le_crafter: Grab the IGI
Lightningbro: Finish it off with Spellbinding is my vote
ZachtlyAsIntended: Spellbinding, I guess?
djalternative: spellbinding
josh_le_crafter: Spell
Rufran: do you have 5 levels to lose?
Lightningbro: Universe hurts your "getting Alchemy"
Lightningbro: He wanted Alchemy
josh_le_crafter: Universal deletes progress
CheerfulPessimist: @wicker_knight you finish that theory and gain all the knowledge. You can restart with fill inspiration
Blackcross187: fondlemetalist?
Lightningbro: And that's Theorycrafting
Wicker_Knight: oh okay so you can start over
Lightningbro: Use the shelf this time
ExachixKitsune: Nothing got to 100%?
Mangledpixel: this is like a very convoluted Gatcha system
josh_le_crafter: Ahaahaha
Lightningbro: Both are an option
Lightningbro: It is, but that just makes it fun
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: bleedpurple100 bonus10 The only thing this would inspire me to do is drink
noSmokeFire: what does selecting something there *do*?
josh_le_crafter: I like this
djalternative: this is why those knowledge fragments exist
CheerfulPessimist: Both is better
SK__Ren: Basically
Lightningbro: Not "a pain in the ass" just "You're not prepared for"
Lightningbro: They're actually super easy to do when you're prepared for them
djalternative: synthesis
ExachixKitsune: Oh ew you're starting again from scratch?
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun what's that little page with the plus sign on the lower left?
Crokoking: synthesis looks easy
Lightningbro: Synthesis, definitely
SK__Ren: In the beginning you're better off fishing for options that just don't cost any resources and get a lot of different research.
Rufran: if you are going hard for alchemy, you should pick synthesis, I think
Piratical_tendancies: synthesis
Lightningbro: HAH, those ore both basics! XD
Wicker_Knight: @noSmokeFire having only been here a short time, it looks like all of the components he's had to use have come from the crucible, so presumably those starting items influence what possible ingredients go into the steps?
Lightningbro: Both are equally fine.
josh_le_crafter: spell?
josh_le_crafter: I think losing seems meh here
Lightningbro: 5% each isn't hard, that's less then a single draw usually.
TheElrad: you need 6 levels, James :P
Lightningbro: No he didn't
CheerfulPessimist: I 'think' you only get the pages that need extra stuff if you have unlocked the tabs relevant to them, so doing a TON of research right at the beginning is the best way to go??
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josh_le_crafter: Motus!
Rufran: concentrate next?
DarkMorford: Concentrate gets us there.
Lightningbro: Try for Reactions, it's best
SK__Ren: Yes, go above
killerpommes: !claim
Serifina: If you go above 100%, there is a chance to get TWO Theories, which is helpful
Lightningbro: Go above 100% it goes to your next "Point" of Theory
Mangledpixel: killerpommes that was a spam message
killerpommes: yeah i just saw over and didn't think about it :D
Chillie: hey everyone!
cdutson: he only NEEDS one, Serge. throw those others away
TXC2: hello Chillie welcome
DarkMorford: Concentrate.
Lightningbro: Let's just go Awareness, for the fun of it
Trixalicious: in order to keep reading the thaumanomicon, you need levels
josh_le_crafter: Worp!
tux789: to get a phd so you can justify your student debt to your relatives... oh wait
Wicker_Knight: it's a more obtuse and bizarre version of needing to build an End Portal :P
Mangledpixel: dark whispers claw at the edge of your mind: YES... WARP.....
Trixalicious: alhtough you can also get a fair bunch of levels just by scanning everything
Rufran: there is no point over 100, right? awareness costs nothing even though it probably wont give us anything
TXC2: "you never buy a book, and then half way through the book closes and asks you 'What are the major Themes of the book so far?'."
josh_le_crafter: Thaumium hoe!!?!
Lightningbro: Armor too, Thaumium armor is SUPER pretty
Mangledpixel: ooh yay, golems
Wicker_Knight: okay this really is Cultist Simulator Craft lrrSPOOP
TXC2: what if this turns out to just be a normal pair of glasses?
Lightningbro: Goggles can just be crafted together with a Thaumium Helmet can't they?
tux789: not going to lie, the narration is triggering some repressed memories I didnt know were still a thing
Milambus: steam punk time?
noSmokeFire: jokes on you serge, I made that joke half an hour ago
Mangledpixel: what's even more important, though, is how fashionable the goggles are
Lightningbro: "The goggles they do nothing" but for seriousness, Goggles are probably the ONE most important thing in Thaumcraft
Trixalicious: the goggles do... a little. Convenience.
Mangledpixel: the goggles allow you to see the world as it is, not just how it appears to be
Lightningbro: Manasteel
DarkMorford: Maybe time to refill the cauldron
Lightningbro: Oh no, ignore me
TheWarbo: For some reason it really tickles me how many people say "The goggles, they do nothing comes from"
ExachixKitsune: So, back in the day, a mayor of a small town really scrutinized the local blacksmiths and metallurgists for their legal payments. They really got down to.. brass tax.
TheWarbo: Err, "the goggles, they do nothing"
wildpeaks: I sense witchcraft
Mangledpixel: I blame wizards
kerbalized_: I'm sure absolutely nothing is going wrong
TheWarbo: His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades
Mangledpixel: all hail Goggolor!
TXC2: we Chandra now
CheerfulPessimist: Dr Strange strikes again!
Wicker_Knight: SKYANTS
Trixalicious: and now you need another thaumometer, so you can scan the goggles :p
Blackcross187: James Nye the Science BRO
Monocerotis2010: now you are equipped to find digimon
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun If they're in the bauble slot, they cannot take damage when you get hit.
Kerrisis: They're passive.
Mysticman89: Can you see through time now?
CheerfulPessimist: When will his personal vendetta against Serge end?
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TXC2: Mangledpixel I feel like thats a name from Psychonaughts :p
Milambus: you look through them?
DentedPockets: James Turner the Science Burner :p
Lightningbro: They should have the thing in the top left that Thaumometer's have. Oh, guess that's just on the Glove now
Mangledpixel: TXC2 it IS :)
Ryanoplasty: Uno looks lie a mogwy XD
ContingentCat: the goggles, they do a little
Mangledpixel: time for golems! they're so cute
Lightningbro: Scan a Golem?
josh_le_crafter: make iron golem?
Lightningbro: Iron or Snow
Serifina: Make a snow golem. :p
Kraest: Don’t forget to scan the goggles and also other things you make
tux789: so make jerf
Trixalicious: you need to make a snoman or iron golem
cheetoJack: make a snowman!
Wicker_Knight: make a golem and then throw it in the crucible?
wildpeaks: gesundheit
Monocerotis2010: didnt Serge find a Golem just a little while ago
Serifina: Ugh, I still need to update the pack.
ImKevinTheShark: A Phenominominon?
Mangledpixel: to ADVENTURE!
Serifina: I did say to just get the brewing stands and destroy the ingredients. :p
Wicker_Knight: pumpkins have a chance to show up in all overworld biomes
ExachixKitsune: That sounds like a bad plan
Lightningbro: Pumpkins are now commonly found in Plains
Lightningbro: *Most commonly
josh_le_crafter: Fel pumpkins make blazes with iron bars
kerbalized_: whats a feI pumpkin?
Lightningbro: That's Vanilla
wildpeaks: "pumpkins can show up anywhere" lrrSPOOP
kerbalized_: is that a reference?
ZachtlyAsIntended: I always check villages
TheElrad: there's a pumpkin coming right for you James
Lightningbro: No that's like a ... 1.10 thing... I might be Hyperbolous with "common"
josh_le_crafter: Raid villages!!!
Blackcross187: it's a pumpkin that has wonky legs so it fel
CheerfulPessimist: @wildpeaks they could even be right behind you
Mangledpixel: !findquote pumpkin
LRRbot: Quote #185: "F*ck you, pumpkin! Eat shit!" —Alex [2015-05-01]
Lightningbro: Thanks Alex
wildpeaks: CheerfulPessimist *gasp* :D
mistborn83: anyone having issues purchasing bits?
TXC2: it's an Adventure Serge, theres meant to be some risk Kappa
SK__Ren: Dimension Doors
noSmokeFire: Dimensional Doors?
Serifina: Dimensional Doors.
Lightningbro: Can't James scan that Obelisk behind him
Lightningbro: Wait does this pack have D-doors because if it does that's going to make my day
Wicker_Knight: pumpkin spice latte?
ExachixKitsune: Do you have a botania alchemical stone set up?
Wicker_Knight: apparently the recipe is broken?
Milambus: James you are near Uno
Mangledpixel: a witch! build a bridge out of 'er!
djalternative: doesn't that de-incentivise finding pumpkins james?
orbitaltuna: what kind of drinks? milkshake?
Lightningbro: @ExachixKitsune needs brewing stands, which are recipe broken
SAJewers: ice cream drinks clearly Kappa
wildpeaks: which one is a magical door to the future ?
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TXC2: mistborn83 lrrHEART
mistborn83: 5 gift subs for James love the St Louis Blues!
kerbalized_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
GenericGameCr8: sergeGift sergeGift sergeGift
HoodedBowman: Holy crapola! Thank you!!!
Milambus: James, you are just following behind Uno
HoodedBowman: lrrHEART sergeGift
josh_le_crafter: aww... didn't win the sub lottery
mistborn83: Just giving James a bit of a hard time since My blues beat the Jets he was rooting for
SAJewers: check the chest fot pumpkin seeds?
Lightningbro: Interesting, that dungeon doesn't have a Node in it... Or did they remove nodes?
RealWormbo: James = pro
ZachtlyAsIntended: there could be seeds int hat chest
djalternative: maybe there are pumpkin seeds in the chests
Mangledpixel: torches? what would a mighty wizard need with mere torches?
DentedPockets: At least close the door!
GenericGameCr8: daisy ring back there!
cdutson: serge are you just like on a giant quest for a specific biome?
Monocerotis2010: focuis Uno we need Melon!
Wicker_Knight: olive is a very pretty reddish wood
r_craddz: James what seeds did you get ?
DentedPockets: Could also be scanning things while walking around.
CheerfulPessimist: @lightningbro nodes are node-more
TXC2: cdutson we're looking for pumpkin
noSmokeFire: scan that chicken!
GenericGameCr8: Hey, I got platinum from a daisy ring mine!
KOBRASKY: loadingready are u pro?
noSmokeFire: roughly ocean-sized, serge
cdutson: ooo rainbow
Wicker_Knight: oceanic?
wildpeaks: oceans are often kinda big
Robot_Bones: As Oceans Tend to be
TheAinMAP: Oceans are known for being big.
kerbalized_: dont fight the ocean serge
Mysticman89: esports ready minecraft
Robot_Bones: A pro Punch a Chunker
GenericGameCr8: despite Serafina removing platimun from the Sergecraft pack!
ImKevinTheShark: Potato seeds? You mean potatoes?
TheWarbo: !quote 5724
LRRbot: Quote #5724: "I never said I was a professional minecrafter." —James [2019-01-15]
mistborn83: James is there a team you are rooting for that is left in the NFL playoffs?
Mangledpixel: well you do get paid for playing minecraft, it forms part of your profession
ContingentCat: well technically you're a professional minecrafter, you get paid for this right?
Crokoking: you can put a dimensional door in the spot then you can get back in
noSmokeFire: he pays himself for it, kinda
mistborn83: yest NHL
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GenericGameCr8: another daisy ring . . .
KOBRASKY: loadingready u should get a name thats easy and logic to call
TheElrad: James, you can get the drinks at Uno's local Pub, just a short transatlantic flight away
Wicker_Knight: SHARKS... I dunno if it matters but it is kinda nice to have a local team
cdutson: is ther something at the end of the rainbow
Blackcross187: so then you're happy the leafs are out cause it's less boring now?
DentedPockets: should mark it?
mistborn83: 3 period or over time playoff hockey is so stressful when your team is in it
wildpeaks: it's just a hole in the fabric of reality, what's the worst that could happen
Wicker_Knight: swamps can have pumpkin
Serifina: Swamps do, in fact, have pumpkin
Wicker_Knight: spruce only appears in extreme hills and taiga though
Wicker_Knight: if serge wants spruce he needs to go looking for mountains
cdutson: what the hell.. is that a creeper head in the sky?
HoodedBowman: @mistborn83 Thanks to you I now am subbed to LRR, so now I have all of these. lrrHEART benginHeart sergeHeart
ExachixKitsune: rip serge
orbitaltuna: good bye serge
noSmokeFire: if you die in the stream you die in real life
TXC2: (while in the forest) "hmm, lot more demons here then last time"
ContingentCat: home is where the heart is James
mistborn83: @HoodedBowman you are most welcome. To repay me root for the St Louis blues to beat the Dallas Stars lol
TheWarbo: navigation by Death
Wicker_Knight: wait, do you have a planestrider sash on?
TXC2: Dallas has a hokey team?
RealWormbo: yes, just respawn home :9
HoodedBowman: @mistborn83 sure thing.
TheAinMAP: Uh oh.
Mangledpixel: serpentine! serpentine!
cdutson: what is in the sky??
Wicker_Knight: lrrWOW
GenericGameCr8: you didn't seal the dungeon, did you James?
Kraest: That’s what he’s doing James. He’s shooting.
Wicker_Knight: it's a planet @cdutson
cdutson: a visitable one?
Wicker_Knight: no
Wicker_Knight: just part of the "mystical" set dressing
SajuukSjet: 'im not going to die!' , then walks into a cactus :laughing:
Wicker_Knight: same as the rainbow
TXC2: cdutson yeap it's a magic mod thing
Mangledpixel: cdutson as this is a magical modpack there's a bunch of things in the sky
TXC2: "you are winner ha ha ha"
Milambus: you can make snow
djalternative: you can make an iron golem
noSmokeFire: snow = pure daisy + water
Serifina: You can make snow with the pure daisy, remember
ExachixKitsune: Can make snow with a pure daisy
ContingentCat: @Wicker_Knight ohhh my stupid tired brain thought it was a briefcase for some reason, planet makes more sense
cdutson: can you not just build _up_ and eventually get snow?
kansaiDop: thats a TALL house
Lightningbro: Has Uno made a Ring of Chordata yet?
Wicker_Knight: snow biome is where Serge will find spruce, tbf
Serifina: @cdutson Only during rain.
mistborn83: So I just started playing Dragon Quest Bulilder as a want to do something just a bit different than Minecraft. 5 hrs in and it is a bunch of fun
cdutson: it's a great-hall lookin thing
Wicker_Knight: @ContingentCat tbh, that wouldn't be that out of place for minecraft :D
FeverRadish: @mistborn83 I also loved that game. good choice
noSmokeFire: "it makes you fish" is technically accurate
frnknstn: @mistborn83 yeah, I spent like 5 hours playing the demo alone, it is a fun game
Crokoking: chisel glass
GenericGameCr8: light grey stained glass
noSmokeFire: diagonal stripes of color across all three windows?
Lightningbro: @noSmokeFire Even if it's more "It makes you A fish"
Monocerotis2010: do a fade in colours from the top to the bottom
Lightningbro: Managlass and Alfglass are SO pretty
BrowneePoints: Kinda looks like a Night Elf building
Serifina: You need some golems to tend those farms. :p
cdutson: Serge the intrepid explorer returns home with pumpkins, which his homeland discovered and cultivated 5 years prior during his absence
Serifina: You need Silverwood trees. :p
orbitaltuna: it's only a pretty nice tree
cdutson: Serge could look for silverwood?
Lightningbro: I feel you should make sure Serge and James get to see Mana/Alf Glass Uno. I too think they'd love it.
cdutson: mystical forest?
Serifina: Silverwood is in all biomes that have trees, but especially Magical Forest biomes.
Milambus: borked?
Rufran: is it in the water where you fell in?
Lightningbro: Silverwood are found anywhere, they're just SUPER rare. But they are most commonly found in Magical Forest, the Light-blue biome color place
jessieimproved: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:19:46.
cdutson: @SergeYager Magical Forest biome has lots, but apparently there's a chance for them to spawn in any forest
TXC2: well thats that mystery solved
DarkMorford: B E E S
Kraest: Bees?
TheWarbo: that shovel was doing its level best to *hide*
The_Lesser_Gatsby: Beads?
orbitaltuna: vis?
HoodedBowman: Two is a snowgolem.
Serifina: And now scan your new friend!
Lightningbro: If you keep the golem in place you can farm snow FROM it.
josh_le_crafter: Welcome to life!
EfreetM: cute!
incredulouspasserby: Aww the friend is going away
Serifina: You need to always have a Thaumometer.
TXC2: surely it's pumpkin snow?
ExachixKitsune: Protec the snowman!
noSmokeFire: seems weird that a pair of goggles literally made out of thaumometers can't be used as thaumometers
mistborn83: wait I walked away for on second and now someone is a snowman
Lightningbro: If you were in the desert the Golem would immediately start taking damage
DarkMorford: Never don't Thaumometer
CheerfulPessimist: Why would you do that James? it's like you've been a wizard for less than a day or something
sladibraslov_windsm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:37 from now).
ExachixKitsune: Better than Nowhere...
nattsan: Need to be in the right biome or altitude
Mangledpixel: "whatever force animates them appears to come from somewhere else" means "it's not part of the mod, it's from vanilla"
azureHaights: Gets it right with thaumaTURGY, but goes back to the usual with goleMANCY
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CrazymattCaptain: research!
noSmokeFire: golemancy: fortune telling with golems
Lightningbro: "Evil Nitor"
Crokoking: its best to rush through alchemy pretty fast - it makes the other stuff so much easier
CheerfulPessimist: I don't think rushing golems is easy tbh
TheWarbo: oh we makin splodey stuff now?
cdutson: oh good. grenades!
Wicker_Knight: it's a lithium battery gabyWow
azureHaights: Alumentum = magical thermite?
Mangledpixel: time to make things benginBurn alilyDeadly
DarkMorford: Yay boom lrrCOW
kerbalized_: Snowball fight with alumentum!!!!
RealWormbo: that's a stack of monthsa
cdutson: the quest map for this mod is so pretty
Serifina: The symbol behind your head to the left of all the crystals indicates that the book will consume them.
CheerfulPessimist: @serifina I just got to the magic carpet in Thaumic Wonders and it's amazing :O
Serifina: @CheerfulPessimist :D
Serifina: It's what drew me to the mod
TheWarbo: That first paragraph lol
josh_le_crafter: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:33 from now).
cdutson: GG serge
Serifina: @SergeYager Grab the little flowers around it, too
cdutson: yeah you need the flowers around it to help it grow i think?
josh_le_crafter: inb4 serge deletes entire chunk
Kraest: Do silverwoods still convert the surrounding biome to mystical forest?
Rufran: iirc silverwood trees are really hard to grow?
SergeYager: @Serifina what are tehy called?
cdutson: yeah you need the flowers and something else i think
cdutson: sweet moves james
TXC2: untz untz untz
cdutson: the rave googles are a nice touch
TheWarbo: the mechanical keyboard definitely added to that dance bit
SergeYager: @Serifina because I don't see any flowers here? I found it in a roofed forest bimoe
SergeYager: biome
Serifina: @SergeYager Shimmerleaf. They're little silver flowers that usually spawn around the base of a Silverwood.
SergeYager: No luck this time :(
Wicker_Knight: look around for spruce in that snow biome
Serifina: Draft.
Serifina: Drat.
Serifina: Stupid fingers.
SK__Ren: Copper has permutatio
Anubis169 bounces around the chat for a bit
TXC2: hello Anubis169
Kraest: @anubis169 Too much caffeine?
Wicker_Knight: Cloudsbluff is a Rustic thing
noSmokeFire: cloudsbuff is used in rustic alchemy, which is basically vanilla potion brewing
Wicker_Knight: it's used for alchemy there
Anubis169: too much matcha <3
Wicker_Knight: not useful to you
RealWormbo: that'S a Rustic flower for brewing, not really useful, probably
Wicker_Knight: great if you want to make alcohol though :P
DarkMorford: Zombie meat?
CheerfulPessimist: Death crystals? That seems safe
SK__Ren: Sick burn Serge
noSmokeFire: "the process has been slow and tedious" well, at least the mod is self-aware /s
TheWarbo: !findquote bone
LRRbot: Quote #4673: "Made from the bones of skins and the trees of beasts" —Beej [2018-02-13]
DarkMorford: You need to make the Essential Smeltery and then research Alchemy some more.
djalternative: before you do theory again, try to search your inventories for things called knowlege fragments.
djalternative: they can help skip theory crafting
Serifina: Spite remains a powerful motivator. I think I have an update for PoM3 ready. >.>
noSmokeFire: you added the copper
Wicker_Knight: @Serifina ?
Serifina: Oh god, all those aspects
josh_le_crafter: Umm...
Crokoking: put quartz in to get the stuff out
Serifina: Please, someone, throw some quartz in that crucible!
josh_le_crafter: that's a lot of esssentia
noSmokeFire: it might be good to have a drawer full of quartz next to your crucibles
josh_le_crafter: benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop
djalternative: no. let it boil over!!!!
TXC2: "this is a Weird mod" is an evergreen statement
Wicker_Knight: NB4 James accidentally summons a djinn of chaos
Wicker_Knight: oh boo sergeIntoTheSea
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun If you let all those aspects evaporate into the aura, you *will* get a Flux Rift much sooner than you'ld be happy with.
josh_le_crafter: UH OH
SAJewers: yeah, i kinda wanna watch james make it boil over :P
noSmokeFire: hahah
Monocerotis2010: #sacrificialSerge
mistborn83: Serious question chat. What is the appropriate amount of time to not talk at all about things like Endgame or GOT episodes?
josh_le_crafter: I'm glad uno go5 to do 5he joke
CheerfulPessimist: This is now not to be a Mage 101 :p
Serifina: @mistborn83 A few weeks at least.
TheWarbo: River Wizards feels like it's trying to be Riverwheel Aerialist but not quite getting there
mistborn83: @Serifina Yeah I was thinking a month to for bigger things like Endgame and GOT
TemporallyAwry: @mistborn83 1 month among friends, 3 months among "nerdy company," 1 year for "lol spoilers"
Serifina: @mistborn83 That's a good decent minimum, yes.
djalternative: two people doing thaumcraft in the same or ajacent chunks has got to be bad for the flux right? maybe we'll see a rift today
Wicker_Knight: @mistborn83 personally, spoiler fear kind of just doesn't compute. I'm similar to Cam in that regard. I think whatever you're comfortable with granting people probably works
TXC2: yeah dont be the person on the train today who openly talked GoT spoilers
Serifina: @djalternative Not as long as someone cleans up the crucibles instead of letting it just make flux
orionsrise1: question chat, I've found my first buried treasure map but can't find the chest. is that normal?
noSmokeFire: the chest can be a pain to find
TemporallyAwry: @orionsrise1 Yes - it won't be exactly on the X.
Monocerotis2010: and it can be deep
Wicker_Knight: why does it have a mouth... lrrSPOOP
orionsrise1: is it under stone or just gravel or sand?
djalternative: hope you have knowlege fragments?
TemporallyAwry: @Wicker_Knight why are there mouths behind every door?
Wicker_Knight: gravel, sand or dirt only I think ?
noSmokeFire: mostly dirt or sand, sometimes stone.
noSmokeFire: according to TQ the last time Serge was struggling to find a chest, anyway
orionsrise1: crap thanks chat
mistborn83: If you have been waiting for something for so long and a big secret is reaveled it just feels bad IMO
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: oh, they've found the knights. Those things wrecked me.... early game.
Kraest: Is warp still a thing in Thaumcraft?
TheWarbo: was there a time given for when the stream would end, or just "early"
Milambus: 5 min warning?
TXC2: I think James said 10-15 mins early
PhoenixMelior: I did it chat. I just finished the rough draft of my P. Eng application.
josh_le_crafter: benginHype benginDab
DarkMorford: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Milambus: congrats
TheWarbo: sounds good
TXC2: Congratulations PhoenixMelior
TheWarbo: also congrats! lrrAWESOME
Wicker_Knight: that is a great acheivement @PhoenixMelior
josh_le_crafter: *insert airhorns and goat there emotes here*
PhoenixMelior: I still gotta edit it and submit it but I think I'm really close
josh_le_crafter: You can do it! benginHeart
DarkMorford: I think I saw him poof, yeah
Mangledpixel: PhoenixMelior you got this, well done
josh_le_crafter: Oh no... golem nuu
Wicker_Knight: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Milambus: "I wanna build a snowman"
orbitaltuna: you made a suicidal golem ccolorD
Serifina: James, you can put away the Strange Dreams book now. :p
Wicker_Knight: "Existence. Is. Snowment"
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orbitaltuna: now james is pelting people with the golem's corpse ccolorD
DarkMorford: Lead your targets, James! Remember your PUBG!
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ThisIsTheGirl: On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate dental hygiene?
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orionsrise1: last time chat, how far away can the chest be from the X?
Milambus: more bonemeal
Wicker_Knight: my intuition would be, like, 5-6 blocks @orionsrise1
josh_le_crafter: Sounds liie that would cause many problems...
Mangledpixel: alchemy, alche-you
orbitaltuna: dat dirty window look
orionsrise1: Okie thanx chat
mm64cookies: puuuuurrrrty
cdutson: big ol stained glass
noSmokeFire: the chest should be somewhere under the x, but it's hard to tell where you are exactly on the map
Mangledpixel: T E E T H
cdutson: T E E T H
ThisIsTheGirl: Good answer
iamkaiserbear: TEETH
azureHaights: A scale of one to T E N T H
Kraest: !teeth
DarkMorford: !killallhumans
josh_le_crafter: Ugh... *insert creepydoll face emote here*
TXC2: Teeth was a mistake
azureHaights: !sassplan
LRRbot: I don't know, go ask Serge's mods.
TheWarbo: Next week, we make it pretty
josh_le_crafter: TEETH
noSmokeFire: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
josh_le_crafter: !sassflan
TheWarbo: the bones of houses and the skins of ...?
josh_le_crafter: Thanks no smoke
noSmokeFire: I got u
ThisIsTheGirl: Brush your teeth, lads
TXC2: TheWarbo skins of Pumpkin golems
josh_le_crafter: Cute
azureHaights: Tiny treezos. Jeff Treezos.
cdutson: i think you need th eflowers for the silverwood don you?
TheWarbo: TXC2 I like it
PhoenixMelior: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:11 from now).
TXC2: thanks for streaming James, Uno and Serge
orbitaltuna: they haven't become human yet?
josh_le_crafter: The cam slowly loses it show!
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
Wicker_Knight: Dark Souls?
orbitaltuna: DOOT
DarkMorford: Doom doomy doom doom
TXC2: "tonight at 11" "DOOOOOOOOOOM!"
noSmokeFire: Doom mooD
Caldurin: lrrAWESOME
josh_le_crafter: Big doom
azureHaights: Watch and play, until it is done.
RealWormbo: the semi-long game
TXC2: the long enough game
Wicker_Knight: totalness
noSmokeFire: o/
TXC2: Totality
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: !discord
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Wicker_Knight: So, Kathleen Shin Megami Tensei 5 playthrough when :P
TXC2: !twitter
josh_le_crafter: BL2 PIF when Kappa
TXC2: Goodnight everybody
Wicker_Knight: 'Night
Mehayo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:06 from now).
tux789: @Wicker_Knight after she finishes persona 5 royal
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PhoenixMelior: !advice
LRRbot: Parry everything.
PhoenixMelior: how do you parry words
cheetoJack: !badadvice
LRRbot: You should always trust things that feel good.
Wicker_Knight: @tux789 pah, a mere 80-100 hour experience? With a young child? A pittance Kappa
Wicker_Knight: @PhoenixMelior words are just swords, but without shapes :P
Wicker_Knight: you parry them with your own
PhoenixMelior: ah ha
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:01 from now).
Wicker_Knight: there's got to be some useful truism in the "words" "swords" common spelling
PhoenixMelior: well cool, now I have 11 days to take care of all the little nuances on my application. Tons of time
PhoenixMelior: it feels so weird
cheetoJack: did you get all those capability things done?
cheetoJack: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:59 from now).
PhoenixMelior: I did
cheetoJack: oh nice
PhoenixMelior: I might want to tweak some or re-write one or two but the heavy lifting is done
PhoenixMelior: the worst thing I have to do now is send my old boss an email that very politely tells him that I am using him as a reference
PhoenixMelior: that's not even really a bad thing, considering that all supervising engineers will have to do this at some point in their career
Lithobraker: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:56 from now).
Lithobraker: aw yiss
Lithobraker: mother
Lithobraker: fucking
Lithobraker: talking simmmmmmmmmm
PhoenixMelior: how long have Cam and Cori been playing that garbage now?
Th3HolyMoose: This is the 5th week I think
Nightvalien28: long enough for me to be seriously concerned about their mental health
Lithobraker: this is the 4th week
Nightvalien28: no one should be exposed to that garbage for this long it is not safe
Lithobraker: this is [[Finale of Hackery]]
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PhoenixMelior: chat, what do people do with free time?
SK__Ren: Play Minecraft
PhoenixMelior: I realise that once I finish this I will suddenly have much more of it
Nightvalien28: play tits
PhoenixMelior: I'm still trying to beat Octopath
Nightvalien28: I am certain you have a backlo