Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: Light a fire in your crotch.
wildpeaks: this is not Now Kiss, lrrbot
PhoenixMelior: that's what you think
CleeKru: !badadvice
LRRbot: Split the party.
Juliamon: to be fair, that advice is from Dark Souls
Metric_Furlong: any stream can be Now Kiss if you try hard enough Kappa
kristwist: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
andy1503: hey we don't even have to try that hard with how much this forces a romance storyline on us
wildpeaks: talking of Now Kiss, stumbled on a (free !) graphic novel with a tactful lesbian vampire romance based on a novel from the 18th or 19th century, maybe chat would enjoy it too:
wildpeaks: *visual novel
CleeKru: >tactful lesbian vampire romance
beowuuf: woohoo, first live D:BH, still not used to talking sim on at a uk friendly time
CleeKru: that would be a first
wildpeaks: that's why it was surprising
SnackPak_: Hi everyone
sir_jack_DB: o/
CleeKru: Hi!
sir_jack_DB: I got my pizza let's get fucked up on some bullshit
OmnipotentTrevor: Looks a little pedo-y though wildpeaks
OmnipotentTrevor: That might just be first glance though
Metric_Furlong: CleeKru there was a pretty hard limit on how explicitly you could could depict non-heterosexual relationships in the 1870s
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Detroit: Become Human) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (56s ago).
beowuuf: Poor Markus. He can convert any android to the cause with a look or gentlest touch, but can't convert the heart of the woman he loves. No, hang on, wait, that's exactly what he does, with one question about her backstory. Nm...
CleeKru: Yeah... but it's still bad enough in visual novels
wildpeaks: talking soon, fellow androids
CleeKru: lrrSIGNAL
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Amentur: lrrSIGNAL
MikoKisai: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Lithobraker: SIGNAL
wildpeaks: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
notarealartist: lrrSIGNAL
Baldrash: So, we get to become human finally? lrrSIGNAL
Ubiki: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Riandisa: xivCactuar
Earthenone: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Good afternoon. Today Cameron and Coriander are going to become human if it's the last thing they do! 📷 ||
wildpeaks: beep boop, a signal has been detected
Metric_Furlong: CleeKru granted, yes, 'non-porny' VNs tend to be less common than might be expected
CrazymattCaptain: how does one truly talk?
phenexian: we get to become david cage's idea of human
beowuuf: I sort of feel like my humanity is slowly leaving my body with this game, but eh, what can you do. Not watch? Never!
richard_ermen: Question: If the androids can go deviant and change their core programming to "deviate", why not deactivate pain? They should be impervious to bullets as machines...
CleeKru: I'm actually pretty hyped for the post descussion
CleeKru: *discussion
beowuuf: clearly the pain inhibitors were powered by their trackers
Amentur: Is it our story?
MikoKisai: I hear a Chloe
beowuuf: ooh, hello hot mic / chloe
wildpeaks: not feeling pain doesn't make you immune to bullets though, there are already humans who cannot feel pain
ReynardWrecca: Cam-riander is such a strong combo for games of this ilk.
cassaclyzm: Oh boy, AI isn't even waiting for the steam to start
Metric_Furlong: richard_ermen differences between automatic and higher intelligence processes, probably
CleeKru: @beowuuf hot chloe?
wildpeaks: the loading screen has become sentient
Dared00: Hi chatspeople! Did you know about the Underground Railroad?
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Solipsody: Perhaps David Cage should spend more time with actual humans if he wants to become one...
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wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Roll for ghost!
Izhuark: @richard_ermen because in the universe of the game, the society that made them gave them organs and blood to make them "more human like".
wildpeaks: LUL
voslan: I have a feeling that next mail time will have Cam and Cori getting a lot of alcohol shipped to them.
Lettuce_Toast: Ha!
Baldrash: GDI Chloe.
niccus: thanks, lrr
CleeKru: She said the THING
cassaclyzm: Did you know?
MikoKisai: Yes, Chloe. I did know that.
beowuuf: i did not know that
wildpeaks: that comedic timing
DK_84: Oh no. that line
Izhuark: Thanks cloe.
Amentur: Thanks, Chloe
richard_ermen: Amusingly, I did know by now...
Earthenone: thanks chole
ctm1992: Thank you Chloe
Ail_Van_Cud: Thanks Chloe
Metric_Furlong: it never ends
Alahmnat: are we human yet?
ReynardWrecca: Unsubscribe railroadfacts.
Wicker_Knight: that line is going to end up on the streamdeck buttons, won't it lrrWOW
CleeKru: some are
wench_tacular: Yes Chloe, you've mentioned it once or twice
MAPBoardgames: I wonder if we'll sympathize with the robots?
jonasjonIV: Finished cooking dinner just in time!
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CleeKru: @Wicker_Knight plsplsplsplspls
aquinas_0: @Alahmnat some of us, the rest are autonomous drones
Wicker_Knight: like, instead of the we are santa's elves song it will be that line on repeat 3-100107675101
ThatWhichNeverWas: Did you know that Detroit is an Underground Railwaycar?
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Lettuce_Toast: sympathy? sounds made up
SAT_Holmes: @ReynardWrecca Thank you for subscribing to railrodfacts
ReynardWrecca: ARGH
ctm1992: Thanks Chloe
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Sadistic_Fire: Is the audio weighted to one side or is that just me?
beowuuf: so we're on the blue screen so we can't see chloe drinking away her sadness right now after being told we aren't friends?
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Konda020946: hey nearly a second sub baby any idea what the next dice friends is going to be?
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TheAinMAP: katesAir
MAPBoardgames: Did you know that Detroit is 3 days from Canada by car?
SalsaDraugur: I hope this is actually the last episode because I don't want to be on the david cage ride for mch longer
hieroglyphica: Oh boy, I got here before start! aw yeah, more jazzed about this discussion than about GoT really
pikohnine: yay best show!
beowuuf: hey!
voslan: Hey Cam and Cori what kind of booze do you want people to send you via mail time?
wildpeaks: flawless
Dared00: two
ThatWhichNeverWas: Talking Simulator: Like Watch & Play, but what if you 'sympathised' with th Hosts?
beowuuf: detroit: become more human than human
richard_ermen: Finally get to see a TSim live again after sooooo long
pikohnine: cam looking cool
TheAinMAP: Hello.
MikoKisai: @SalsaDraugur we were very close to the end last time, it will be
Metric_Furlong: SalsaDraugur despite all our rage, we're still just stuck with David Cage?
Peppita18: hi
cassaclyzm: HI!
ogundiety: I think you need a 'click' sound effect on the sound board.
Izhuark: Hello !
Baldrash: Charcoal rubbing.
kat2kool: Hello!
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WonderfulGlory: After 40 days of travel, we hope to one day make it to the mythical land of Canadia
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KV1NN4: Awright let's see how human y'all get before I run off to see Endgame.
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SpacePotato01: today we become human?
Metric_Furlong: hello Cameron and Coriander
TheOtherTrevor: a city on the underground railroad
Wicker_Knight: FOR NOW Kapp
SpacePotato01: Become Hooman.
Alahmnat: protect Cam's lips!
Astra7525: Are we finishing the game for the third time now ^^ ?
transcass: Something that was missed in the last episode was that "I can't breathe" was a chant used by Black activists in protests following the killing of Eric Garner by police in 2014
richard_ermen: Spoilers: It´s going to become dumb...
Sadistic_Fire: It's like blade runner but good Kappa
ctm1992: Not about race
Izhuark: Your are human ? I am human.
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thecanerdian: Did you know that Detroit is the only city in the US where you can look south at Canada? Metaphor?
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WonderfulGlory: Can you hear the robots sing, singing the song of angry Droids.
Robot_Bones: Are we to somehow... Empathize with these Robots?
CleeKru: @Izhuark yes fellow human
wildpeaks: "protect"
Wicker_Knight: Editors note: the reporters were present before as well
Lettuce_Toast: A minicade
ThatWhichNeverWas: What if the TRUE humans were the friends we made along the way?
Oecking: I've been enjoying the recordings so much and I'm glad to finally catch this live. Let's see how this goes.
Ubiki: Genocide is OK as long as noone is recording it!
OKB_1: Good evening everyone!
beowuuf: oecking: same :)
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Ambitious_Sloth: This has been a great series! I hope that you both feel more human after playing it!
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OmnipotentTrevor: You've gotten to a scene I haven't seen in the other LPs I've watched at least.
thecanerdian: this game is less "Les Mis," and more "Les Meh."
SpacePotato01: But one day... to an android that's an eternity.
Dryhad: Well, you were wondering when the French studio would show their mark Kappa
Alness49: "Oh, Le Mis, how romantic!"
wildpeaks: absolutely no one at all
josh_le_crafter: Is this the Cam goes slowly insane stream?
Pump19: Codefall | MTG Arena Prime Code (Boros Legion Deck) (Other)
Metric_Furlong: the real Les Miserablés was the audience Kappa
Wicker_Knight: Can you hear the machines sing, sing the song of ra9 zen
Peppita18: about 10~minutes
DarkNacht: It like Le Mis but if you sympathized with the revolutionaries.
TheOtherTrevor: checkpointing is on thursdays
CleeKru: 10-20 Minutes
cassaclyzm: Pacifism the peasants
richard_ermen: Bombs always work, havenßt you heard about famously independent Northren Ireland?!
CrazymattCaptain: I thought we were in the Conner story
Astra7525: Didn't we stop with Connor in the bunker?
ThatWhichNeverWas: @josh_le_crafter If everything goes to plan :D
Lettuce_Toast: It's not much longer, the climax is right around the corner but could last between 10 and 30 minutes
KV1NN4: @Wicker_Knight Ahahaha!
beowuuf: conner versus conner
Wicker_Knight: it's like Les Mis but you sympathize with Jean Valjean
CleeKru: rA9
Rhynerd: Hopefully somewhere near the ending so we can switch to another game.
ctm1992: We stopped at connor
josh_le_crafter: my arrow :(
OKB_1: Yesterday I started playing through Half-Life 2 again… Such an excellent game…
josh_le_crafter: Eww...
MatthewDennisMTG: I saw "Detroit: Become Human" on the sidebar and verbalized "oh no"
Konda020946: phrasing
Astra7525: Detroit: Touch Robots
KV1NN4: @Wicker_Knight AHAHAHAHAAA
Lettuce_Toast: He can do it at range now!
korvys: Freedom plague!
Dared00: WHAT
ThatWhichNeverWas: THE FUK
beowuuf: O.O
cassaclyzm: Um
LadyTL: Plsno.
andy1503: excuse me
niccus: will it be?
jonasjonIV: ok
Ail_Van_Cud: Nice timing?
sir_jack_DB: ?!?!?!?
richard_ermen: O_o
BobaThaiTea: well then
CleeKru: nice
Astra7525: THe. EFFING. TIMING.
ReynardWrecca: "What do you call this bomb?" "We call it....the VAriable-Leak Jet Explosive Automatic Neutraliser...or VALJEAN for short."
thecanerdian: timing!
MikoKisai: um
Wicker_Knight: gabyClock
Earthenone: lrrFINE
MikoKisai: Chloe?
CamelAttack: It's almost like this game is about nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all. Stupid sexy robots!
SpacePotato01: In heaven...
Ubiki: becoming human involves a lot of robot touching
kat2kool: well that's not foreboding at all
TheOtherTrevor: Thats reassuring
Laurence72: WOW
Lettuce_Toast: IGNORE THAT
wildpeaks: thank you Chloe
Rhynerd: No it won’t.
dslucia: her timing is always amazing
SAT_Holmes: 'Kay
Gekyouryuu: t101LETS t101DO t101THIS
wench_tacular: I don't believe her
Alness49: Chloe.exe has encountered an error
ctm1992: Whattttttt!?
josh_le_crafter: Am chloe ok?
Brok3nGol3m: well that's a...
DarkNacht: well
aceofmuffins: Don't worry Cam
Forgotten_Sanity: does she know something?
beowuuf: very drunk on vodka after sayin you weren#'t friends
Izhuark: You are not making me feel things chloe !
Lettuce_Toast: SSSH
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BobaThaiTea: everything is not alright
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Astra7525: how
korvys: This game DOES have excellent comedic timing :P
GarQuithnik: lrrFINE
cassaclyzm: Chloe your timing is impeccable
OessiMC: Do we need to get her a help-hotline
ThatWhichNeverWas: Wait, that was the tune to Gangsta's Paradise
ogundiety: That's not creepy at all.
andy1503: that was wildly uncomfortable
eric_christian_berg: SeemsGood
ctm1992: She sings?
wench_tacular: she can hear you?
Invitare: Cam still hasn't processed the song
SalsaDraugur: Good question
Dashiell: I agree with Chloe
CleeKru: no
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joecool1299: Don't normally catch the stream but seeing you guys dissect this game has been fascinating. Thanks!
Alness49: Is the game telling us not to play?!
beowuuf: lol
MAPBoardgames: Daisy... daisy...
josh_le_crafter: Chloe nu
Astra7525: wat
NimrodXIV: You know, you're right! *uninstalled*
MatthewDennisMTG: is she telling you not to play the game? seems like good advice tbh
Wicker_Knight: benginWat
richard_ermen: O_O
ThatWhichNeverWas: Huh, that's was a thing.
richard_ermen: Da fuck?
beowuuf: actually cool
MilkInBag: are we the baddies?
DarkNacht: She isn't going to have a panic attack?
Lettuce_Toast: Insubordination! Should have shot her in the head
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Confirmed true.
richard_ermen: Wait...does the game not want us to play the game?
Rhynerd: “Something’s gotta give,
Konda020946: would you kindly
korvys: This games wants to be deep SO BAD
eric_christian_berg: "Please don't play our game."
SpacePotato01: she should say 'by your command' at least once, just for fun
SnowBuddy18: I can't decide if they got a real person for the intro sequence, but either way it falls into the uncanny valley
Astra7525: SHe KNOWs this is a game
Alness49: Even the game doesn't want to continue
DarkNacht: She is chat
josh_le_crafter: benginCry benginTraitor
Lettuce_Toast: Do we even know chloe's purpose, or is she just a robo-secretary?
aquinas_0: oh good
Wicker_Knight: Chloe is the junior members of the writing staff...just trying to get through their day
Skyboss1996: Are we becoming human today?
ReynardWrecca: Clancy Brown! Always pick Clancy Brown!
DaMullet14: Guarantee Hank
Brok3nGol3m: so Cam, how long before we add something special to that coffee?
fiftymcnasty: Oof, still on this game
korvys: Verb, Verb, Verb, Hank
josh_le_crafter: AAAH
beowuuf: detrpoit become human, where the graphics are great, but the storyline is in the uncanny valley
ThatWhichNeverWas: Why Not Both?
josh_le_crafter: HANK NO DIE
wildpeaks: bay or bae
thecanerdian: Cam, he shot first cause Lucas got to the editing
Earthenone: connor shot first?!
josh_le_crafter: Han shot first?
Skyboss1996: I lost track of which connor
OKB_1: Wait how did we get here. I didn't watch the previous episode apparently.
Alness49: So why are we not "converting" him with our punches?
DaMullet14: Is this technically a rhythm game
Izhuark: Are we terminator now ?
LadyTL: Maybe just.... I dunno Convert Evil Connor?
MAPBoardgames: Upcoming Trope: Shoot him! He's the evil twin!
Wicker_Knight: umm, maybe would have been better to get an actual stunt team for this coreography?
KidSpanner: I keep coming back to this every other stream somehow without realising it. I've really missed some shit.
NexVesica: Remember the basics of CQC
eric_christian_berg: It's like guitar hero, but for punching!
CoffeePrincess: I'm seeing double! four Conners!!
Astra7525: oh no
ThatWhichNeverWas: Oh for F...
beowuuf: kill them both spock!
josh_le_crafter: Ugh..
Peppita18: Cole is the name
Earthenone: just robot touch
MatthewDennisMTG: oh my god
aquinas_0: special
Skyboss1996: Ah whelp
Ail_Van_Cud: Which one's Connor?
Astra7525: ofc this game is going to pull this switcheroo
thecanerdian: oh god of COURSE we're getting a "shoot the real Connor" scene
Rhynerd: Low hanging fruit joke: stop hitting yourself
Brok3nGol3m: hahahaha one of these
fiftymcnasty: Wow this dumb trope?
josh_le_crafter: FOR FUCKS SAKE
andy1503: jesus this trope
DaMullet14: "Would the real Connor please convert the robots"
Skyboss1996: THIS TROPE
OKB_1: Name the dog
blast__femur: of course. of course this is happening
CleeKru: I've got a cliche BINGO
Dared00: David Cage is a writing genius
DarkNacht: Just have one start the revolution?
Alahmnat: COP BINGO!
ReynardWrecca: "shoot us both - it's the only way to be sure!"
Rhynerd: “Just shoot us both.”
thecanerdian: this is "robot bingo"
rustenskurk: It's a cliché, but at least it was setup properly
phenexian: i love that we went here
beowuuf: sci fi bingo
MilkInBag: LUL
Mangledpixel: just when you thought this game had no more clichés to use
ThatWhichNeverWas: JINX
CleeKru: BINGO
NimrodXIV: gdi
aquinas_0: wow
josh_le_crafter: Cliche bingo...
Astra7525: JESUS
Izhuark: So cliché
andy1503: this is so beyond stupid
beowuuf: O.O full house!
Baldrash: FUCK this.
wench_tacular: way to commit to it
Lettuce_Toast: I mean. It kinda makes sense for this trope to come up when it's already shown they're all the same
MT_Storm: Son's name is COLE
ThatWhichNeverWas: AHAHHAHA
Peppita18: COLE
richard_ermen: Wow...this is like I´m getting Bingo.
josh_le_crafter: UGH
e_bloc: unbelievable
saiaseigm: Game, you haven’t earned this one.
Peppita18: ITS COLE
accountmadeforants: Rule of this type of cliché: the one who talks the most is the fake.
ThatWhichNeverWas: shit
beowuuf: oooooh
josh_le_crafter: y dis
Xinran: Cole
Lettuce_Toast: COLE
MAPBoardgames: JASON!
DarkNacht: Is David Cage just an neural net with access to TV Tropes?
aquinas_0: george!
rustenskurk: The stakes on this quiz
Lettuce_Toast: DAMN IT
Invitare: shoot both of them
josh_le_crafter: COLE
Wicker_Knight: this could be interesting, but instead it's Detroit: Become Human
Peppita18: aw
andy1503: what
thefileclerk: shoot both, and then shoot me
mrMorphius: rayfkWelp
SnowBuddy18: this isn't even bingo, it's a checklist
ThatWhichNeverWas: ah god back in 10 min
ctm1992: Got him
josh_le_crafter: SHIT
andy1503: seriously
Skyboss1996: whelp
kat2kool: dang it, I knew I should have said something earlier
e_bloc: bleedpurple100 bonus10 this is unreal bad
Dryhad: Hank had a son?
Brok3nGol3m: oh well
Ubiki: I swear David Cage is just cribbing from every movie that he likes
Peppita18: yes
thecanerdian: wait we lost?
josh_le_crafter: Well... crap
Astra7525: yup. we lost
ArkhamArchivist: that was so dumb
thecanerdian: because we never had a conversation about his son, we LOST?
Sadistic_Fire: I wish that was a response. "You have a son?"
Xinran: You could have seen it in his house
jonasjonIV: one. wrong. choice.
beowuuf: like isn't that the answer, what son?
wildpeaks: well, fudge
Earthenone: bad end
LackingSanity_: You missed this back at his house
Lettuce_Toast: We saw his son died and traumatised him
thecanerdian: I am so fucking mad right now
ctm1992: You missed it when he was drunk
richard_ermen: What...the...fuck?!
thefileclerk: fuck this whole game.
Skyboss1996: For noooooo reason
CoffeePrincess: that's why he drinks
DarkNacht: Yeah he is a sad cop they all have sons
LackingSanity_: when he was passed out drunk with a gun in his hans
CoffeePrincess: dead kid
SnowBuddy18: that's actually pretty light for that border crossing
CoffeePrincess: cop bingo
cassaclyzm: Wouldn't they like... just be able to recognize her face?
wildpeaks: this is why David Cage doesn't trust players not to mess his movies :D
Lettuce_Toast: We found this earlier. It should have had a graphic next to cole?
ctm1992: Its why he hates androids
rustenskurk: Sad cops all have estranged children specifically
richard_ermen: How is this a cinema-appropriate ending?!
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
OmnipotentTrevor: Just another step on the long, long road to Canada
josh_le_crafter: ahahaha
CleeKru: You may want to replay connors scene afterwards
thecanerdian: like, I'm not going crazy right? In this playthrough, I don't remember ever even HEARING about a son
MikoKisai: @cassaclyzm all the other androids of the same model have the same face
ProfessorMembrane: Oh! Canada.
sivakrytos: why is the army doing border patrol? wait, no never mind i don't want the answer
Skyboss1996: Oh hey, it's in French too
Wicker_Knight: @thecanerdian we missed it, yeah
Alness49: We shall now cross the border, and our hearts shall be weighed and judged!
beowuuf: also, if other conner got conner's memories, then they'd both know the son's name anyway?
Lettuce_Toast: This is another trap scene
Peppita18: @thecanerdian cos she didnt look at his son's photo on the table
CoffeePrincess: wait, dumb question
Tregelen: Yeah they missed the picture of the son
ryuhimora: Why would they immediately destroy an android?
Lithobraker: Did we turn off Baby's heater?
Alahmnat: ugh, do androids have clammy hands?
CoffeePrincess: where's Luther
josh_le_crafter: Sad connor...
MAPBoardgames: Nothing like a cold girl on a hot night.
thecanerdian: @Wicker_Knight that's incredibly dumb scripting that the game wouldn't recognzie that we never had that option, and offer the chance to say "I have no fucking idea, dude."
Skyboss1996: Canada is an Equal Opportunity Destroyer
Earthenone: kill the guy in front and wear him as a coat?
gawag_: they're like vampires
Lettuce_Toast: where any non-morally hopeful choice is just punished
Ubiki: so now we know they're waterproof to so why didn't they just swim to canada?
Alahmnat: Luther died
Rhynerd: @coffeeprincess killed.
OmnipotentTrevor: Or have different centers of temperature than humans. A different distribution
wildpeaks: I'm kinda curious, never saw this scene, only the alternatives with the boat
notarealartist: but connor :(
thecanerdian: I'm so salty about the son thing!
saiaseigm: But I thought Canada didn’t have Android laws?
orbitaltuna: are they human yet?
accountmadeforants: Temperature checks, an alternative spelling of temperature cheques in a world where heat is currency.
KV1NN4: So this is the border into Canada? Where there are no Android laws?
LadyTL: Only Passport Kiosk? Yup this is a land border crossing :U
Peppita18: @thecanerdian indeed this is stupid as fuck
rustenskurk: This is some next level captchas
CleeKru: @Ubiki in a different ending they do that and it ends with the're circuits freezing up
Wicker_Knight: @thecanerdian Cage would probably say it's a challenge put in place to get the good ending. Or I'd believe he would, if I thought he understood even that discredited trope of adventure games :(
Baldrash: Papers, Please.
blast__femur: presumably this is policy instituted by the US
josh_le_crafter: I cry for connor
SnowBuddy18: the US probably doesn't let androids out
MilkInBag: of course an android will be right before us
josh_le_crafter: ugh
beowuuf: how about 'i had no idea you had a son... i'm so sorry' so the other conner gets killed because real conner has sympathy and empthy... wouldn#t that like, be fitting in with the story?
CleeKru: *their
cassaclyzm: Androids are all skinny, glad to know I'm safe in this dystopian future as a fat person
josh_le_crafter: at least cop friend didn't die
thecanerdian: @Wicker_Knight too right. Welp, thanks for the clarification good human
DarkNacht: since when does Canada care about people coming in?
Izhuark: No android laws !
Alahmnat: you can tell it's an android because it's wearing a beanie
MilkInBag: normal border procedure
Skyboss1996: Now EVERYBODY'S DEAF
Peppita18: you can look around
Earthenone: we cool?
Wicker_Knight: @thecanerdian MrDestructoid
Invitare: what if you have a cold? Or Pneumonia?
Brok3nGol3m: same off switch as everyone else...
Lettuce_Toast: no android laws, that's why you can kill them!
Laurence72: wow, that sure won't cause any panic
MilkInBag: that's what happens when you try to sneak in MTG decks
Skyboss1996: We fired a gun INDOORS
Dashiell: please step over the corpse and show your ID
DentedPockets: Jesus fuck, this game.
Wicker_Knight: remember, the US has turned off the right to assembly
BloodnBullets: lack of off switch is some serious design oversight
richard_ermen: Holy shite..what if they´re wrong?!
gawag_: in public
DiscordianTokkan: What the actual fuck, game
Rioxcon: welcome to canada
fiftymcnasty: So they just shoot people, and hope they didnt make a mistake?
ryuhimora: Um why is it acceptable to have armed guards here???
Amentur: Cleanup on isle 2
OKB_1: Just another day at the border
Uppercaseccc: hey what if they get it wrong
SnowBuddy18: did that say Canada Border security USA?
phenexian: i this is a game made by someone with 0 interest in how the world works
gawag_: good old justice
josh_le_crafter: cause logic...
CamelAttack: Maybe they're using hollow points?
rustenskurk: Every human in this setting is completely blind to androids being people.
DarkNacht: The US army is operating on Canadian soil?!?!
richard_ermen: Imagine them just killing one human? The public outcry would be absurd!?
beowuuf: androids first move should be to turn their blue blood red with dye
accountmadeforants: It's a universal remote control that uses bullets instead of IR!
Skyboss1996: Nobody here can now hear for the next 15 minutes
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
CoffeePrincess: what happens when you sneak snacks in to the movies
Lithobraker: Skyboss1996 nah see, their assault rifles use .45 ACP, it's integrally suppressed Kappa
notarealartist: no android laws remember
Astra7525: This game has so many good ideas and such a bad execution
beowuuf: create horror / panic
saiaseigm: Couldn’t they always check for false positives via a non-lethal shot first?
wildpeaks: maybe we're not suppsoed to stay in the line like sheep to slaughter ?
Rioxcon: where are the human sympathizers?
fiftymcnasty: also wtf is up with these line ropes?
Wicker_Knight: because that's how peaceful protest works in David Cage's worldview, I guess
blast__femur: or like, a blood sample lol
Jay_Blanc: US CBP stopping people leaving the US to enter Canada is already a thing that happens. So...
ravenlord_xix: It's the US Army executing them. Is this not technically on Canadian soil yet?
Skyboss1996: Or does "No Android Laws" mean something completely different here?
Dashiell: her ears are so powerful
Invitare: wait, why are you stopping Androids at the border by *killing them*? Like, if you're treating them as property killing them totally negates the point of stopping them
ChaosPainter: I understand what this game is trying to do but it does it badly
Rhonlore: Was it ever established as to why Canada is so against androids?
josh_le_crafter: my LRR emotes :(
Skyboss1996: Make way for Piss
beowuuf: don't. say. hello.
Metric_Furlong: Rioxcon they've already become human so they can't be protagonists Kappa
Lettuce_Toast: time to go to the bathroom!
ThatWhichNeverWas: Okay, what'd I miss? The story suddenly become good whilst I was away?
CoffeePrincess: is she robit
Brok3nGol3m: lrrGARBO
Uppercaseccc: we gonna kill rose
josh_le_crafter: excuse/
saiaseigm: Like, androids have Blue Blood, it’s pretty distinctive
Alness49: Yeah, there's no "come with me", it's just "you're a positive so let's dispence the lead"
Skyboss1996: MAKE WAY FOR PISS
Metric_Furlong: ThatWhichNeverWas sadly, no
Wicker_Knight: @ThatWhichNeverWas sorry, maybe try again?
ryuhimora: what the hell kind of helmet is that
Lettuce_Toast: Why is that remotely suspicious?!
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notarealartist: rose <3
thecanerdian: I absolutely love how the soldiers where uniforms with full face masks
korvys: "Oh... you do have a child... you may go"
AmoriLinguae: wait, is nobody allowed to go to the bathroom anymore?
josh_le_crafter: the fuck police?
MAPBoardgames: Why did you leave the line?
Lettuce_Toast: you saw more karas in the robot store
cassaclyzm: There's definitely a finite number, which should make identifying them easy
ThatWhichNeverWas: Yeah, at least one iirc
Metric_Furlong: congrats Fayili
AmoriLinguae: like this is super fashy
kat2kool: baby's model was on a magazine cover apparently
CoffeePrincess: and simon
DarkNacht: They aren't police they are marked as US Army
Skyboss1996: Kara is a model, but we've seen only a few
markededge: yay faceless soldiers executing people
josh_le_crafter: you cut your hair
beowuuf: another north, another alice
ReynardWrecca: @ryuhimora It's from the Spring 'Faceless Tyranny' collection from La Maison des Bastards.
Tregelen: yes when you were zapping people with mind powers on the march you see a kara
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Fayili Congrats! :D
Earthenone: over under on the cops also being robots?
accountmadeforants: Presumably some of them are procedurally generated?
Alness49: I wonder if there's an Android version of Monster Factory, are people playing with the settings to their absurd maximums?
margieargie: "You should have gone before the border check started!"
Lettuce_Toast: What is the purpose of android tear ducts
OmnipotentTrevor: Where are all the custom bots? Green skin, antennae, furries for sure.
Wicker_Knight: @Earthenone plot-twist: they're geno-soldiers from Outer Heaven
Alahmnat: @Lettuce_Toast I've been wondering that for two episodes now
samwonk: An android mother having a panic attack with her daughter next to her in the security checkpoint washroom could be an incredibly powerful scene if I still bought anything this game was selling.
MikoKisai: "you'll be safe with him"... if you can even get there
Wicker_Knight: @Lettuce_Toast shadenfreude
Dashiell: not an allegory!
MAPBoardgames: Did we get a reason why Rose sent us to Jericho rather than the Canadian border?
Skyboss1996: You know. Probably by swimming?
CoffeePrincess: how did Rose get there so fast!?
kat2kool: So why can the androids cry?
ryuhimora: @OmnipotentTrevor my guess is CyberDyne doesn't let you do that
Earthenone: can we sell out rose to get across?
jonasjonIV: why didn't YOU cross the river!
CoffeePrincess: it took Kara days
Alahmnat: we could have just crossed the river?
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Dashiell Allegories require Subtlety
Peppita18: @MAPBoardgames passports
MilkInBag: bullet to the head, bullet to the head 👏
BloodnBullets: how does a human get their owned android across the boarder? can we just cross in a box?
thecanerdian: that..wasn't advice, Rose?
transcass: Something that was missed in the last episode was that "I can't breathe" a chant used by Black activists after the killing of Eric Garner by police in 2014 and Detroit Become human was in development since sometime after 2012 (what he was trying to say as police choked him to death) when the Kara tech demo was shown. So "I can't breathe but I am alive" was kinda tasteless.
josh_le_crafter: well... that was... ugh
Rhonlore: You have no choice but to make it t hrough. Murder if you have to.
Izhuark: Protect the baby !
MilkInBag: unlocked feeling
richard_ermen: @transcass Well, it´s David Cage so...there you have it.
CleeKru: ok did not understand that scene
thecanerdian: "They're scanning for androids, we won't make it through." "You have to." That's...not helpful at all?
Wicker_Knight: @transcass it's very much of a piece with the rest of the game though, unfortunately
NimrodXIV: I've missed some, do we have confirmation is Baby is an android?
Wicker_Knight: we do, yes
Skyboss1996: yes
Pteraspidomorphi: Is the twitch prime extension still supposed to be on?
Ail_Van_Cud: Baby is android
NimrodXIV: *if baby is
Lettuce_Toast: baby is android
kat2kool: @NimrodXIV yes
wildpeaks: yes nimrod
CleeKru: @NimrodXIV yea
Izhuark: @NimrodXIV yup
NimrodXIV: okay, thanks
ThatWhichNeverWas: @transcass Seriously? That... really should be supprising. But it scans. it really does :(
Wicker_Knight: F for hooman-baby
snake12341: Ok, well it was nice staying here for a bit, but this storm outside is makiing this stream buffer every 5 seconds, so see ya
OmnipotentTrevor: The little girl that Todd told you to help with her homework in the first scenario is indeed a robot
Tregelen: if the public is supportive you may just be able to walk through
BloodnBullets: stick your head in a hand drier!
thecanerdian: you can tell it's the Canadian border because it's red and white!
rustenskurk: Maybe you've become human now and it will just be fine
Brok3nGol3m: those are way too nice to be american toilet stalls
Dashiell: let's just live in the toilet
Brok3nGol3m: no gaps
ThatWhichNeverWas: REASONS
MilkInBag: shhhhhh
Skyboss1996: Because border situation
Rhonlore: Cam that is a good question
djalternative: I personally think baby being an android removes a lot of significance from Kara's storyline.
Lettuce_Toast: MURICA
Alness49: Maybe we can find a human and climb into it's skin?
OmnipotentTrevor: This is a border
Earthenone: we are ALMOST in canada, the sign is across the room
DentedPockets: To be fair, where is the American Army NOT executing people?
Amentur: We saw a second baby model back in Jericho to show the player that we cared for an android all along, NimrodXIV
rustenskurk: They're just destroying machines
jonasjonIV: America kills where it wants
Astra7525: Because Cage thinks that's how Americans do
HondoTrigger: no allegory here
Izhuark: something something android laws ?
josh_le_crafter: Does connor arc ACTUALLY end if you eff the part we messed up?
Skyboss1996: You're thinking. David Cage doesn't want you to think
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Wicker_Knight: @DentedPockets quite a few places actually
ctm1992: Cause Murica
SquareDotCube: Because David Cage hates proper research and procedure.
Peppita18: @josh_le_crafter it does
Lettuce_Toast: androids THInk and are DANGEROUS because REASONS
aquinas_0: wow
accountmadeforants: America is world police, right? So they get to police wherever they want.
Jay_Blanc: Again, CBP already do border stops on the Canadian border. This is already a thing.
cassaclyzm: Not right in front of the guards maybe?
NimrodXIV: thanks @Amentur !
josh_le_crafter: UGH
Alness49: You know kid, maybe we talk about this away from the Stormtroopers?
fiftymcnasty: Because Cage doesnt understand how borders.
Dared00: this writing is *so bad*
Wicker_Knight: @DentedPockets mostly because we ahven't bothered to send people there, tbf
korvys: Hmmm, if Markus had been violent, I wonder if he would have turned you in here?
Laurence72: saying this in front of the guard is that safe?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ohai folks. are we sympathizing with the synthetics yet?
ImKevinTheShark: It's an invasion!
Baldrash: Maybe we shouldn't be talking about that at a SECURITY CHECKPOINT?!
DarkNacht: Yes we are in canada there are big flags marking the border and we are on the Canada side
beowuuf: pacifism wins over adam!
transcass: @richard_ermen @wicker_knight Cam and Cori had opted out of another option because it too was a civil rights chant
Uppercaseccc: what
Peppita18: @josh_le_crafter thats how you get the best ending for him so yes..
Earthenone: maybe the mind controll can go across the tv
Invitare: it seems odd to me that their temperature is wrong. Considering how accurate they are it seems like a huge flaw
josh_le_crafter: THE ONLY GOOD SHIP!!
Wicker_Knight: @transcass that I remember
Mangledpixel: because clearly words mean more than actions
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
Ubiki: Speechifying is what changes peoples minds duh
MAPBoardgames: Because TV is real. What happens at home doesn't matter.
Skyboss1996: HEY! Line cutters~!
NimrodXIV: hey no cuts!
SnowBuddy18: the border crossing is technically on soil of the country you're going into, but better drama if people die
beowuuf: in a way peaceful anderoids constantly in their home never could
LadyTL: Feels extremely... something... to have a character of color legitimize the android revolution...
FlumeToSplume: Papers please
Lettuce_Toast: NO SAC
richard_ermen: @transcass This reminds me of the enemy using the black civil rights movement symbls...
wildpeaks: save baby
Peppita18: no sacrifiiiice
Lettuce_Toast: Damn
NimrodXIV: protect baby
Rhonlore: rip
Skyboss1996: Keep. Baby. Safe.
josh_le_crafter: Ugh...
notarealartist: im preparing the feels
Jay_Blanc: It shouldn't actually be a surprise that the US CBP check people leaving the US and going into Canada. They have been doing this for over a decade now.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: must save bebbeh
fiftymcnasty: Wasnt that man behind you the same on in front?
Izhuark: must protect baby
LadyTL: KEEP. BABY. SAFE. At all costs.
Peppita18: you didnt have to
Xinran: You probably could have got past the border wihtout sacrifice
beowuuf: alice, you know how i keep lying to you? well that bit about being with you forever was a lie too.
SajuukSjet: and ofc no one notices this odd behaviour....
Baldrash: Keep Summer Safe.
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
Lettuce_Toast: Why are all the sensible choices just arbitrary punishments?
richard_ermen: Ahhh, now I see.
josh_le_crafter: You couldve none btw
ctm1992: RIP Kara
Ail_Van_Cud: No other- Didn't Rose mention the river?
Xinran: As public opinion is high the guard will let you past
Rioxcon: your holding up the line lady
beowuuf: go with rose, so rose gets killed for harbouring an adroid over the border
ravenlord_xix: will they not scan baby?
ReynardWrecca: @Lettuce_Toast Because MELODRAMA!
Astra7525: NOBODY hears this
josh_le_crafter: bye kara
CoffeePrincess: but like
Astra7525: or sees this
Dashiell: no one will notice this child suddenly having a new mom
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
markededge: there is literally someone watching them.
richard_ermen: David Cage thinks that any ending needs to be emotional so he REALLY pushes the "emotional angle".
CoffeePrincess: if they won't scan baby
OKB_1: You're holding up the line, goddammit
Lettuce_Toast: None works if the public has a good opinion of androids
Skyboss1996: "Scuse me. Next? NEXT"
Rhonlore: not even the border guard waiting fo rthem to come forward
DandyGeek: Ooooh I got here in time for the CAGE MATCH yeah I’ll see myself out
SAT_Holmes: Love that dude chilling behind them.
OessiMC: guy behind tries his best to ignore this
DaMullet14: Baby tricks the scanner because she runs a feber
Brok3nGol3m: that guy's just listening in like... shit, i gotta get outa the way
MAPBoardgames: From my perspective, you're the ONLY thing that ever happened to me.
ravensshade: wait detroit become human is still going on?
CoffeePrincess: they wont scan mommy
MilkInBag: excuse me madam, this is an arby's
Metric_Furlong: DandyGeek boo!
rycatwithlavender: emotions?
Lettuce_Toast: never seen this choice but I bet it's jsut another execution
wildpeaks: compared to the bad ending in the boat, it's actually not as bad
Metric_Furlong: boo!
samwonk: Honestly, the experience of being a parent in a crisis trying not to express their emotional trauma because it would scare the kid, that kind of resonates.
thecanerdian: ok, so in the spanning years between now and this game, did Canada build a 8,891km border wall? Because short of that, sneaking into Canada should not be this fucking hard.
Astra7525: That real family will kinda get suspicious when she doesn't grow up with time
ryuhimora: Find a real family that doesn't notice this child isn't growing up
noSmokeFire: day five, still not ~~king~~ human
Brok3nGol3m: @ravensshade welcome to the churn
Wicker_Knight: @DandyGeek I mean, it's the most emotion I've had thus far. But seriously, whatever sanity you have left doesn't need this lrrSPOOP
josh_le_crafter: I hate this...
CoffeePrincess: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You should buy the fiber protection plan.
djalternative: guy behind them doesn't give a fuck
CleeKru: @wildpeaks well we are about to witness an execution
DentedPockets: I know I'm supposed to feel sad at this, but... I can't engage in how poorly designed this reasoning is.
beowuuf: just humans with human feels and touching scene as humans often do who aren't suspicious
Lettuce_Toast: rip
Skyboss1996: PAPERS PLEASE
chickenace11: also the person behind them is so nonchalant about them taking up this much time in the line
cassaclyzm: Why couldn't she just go cross the river with the others? but no, we must have dramas!
josh_le_crafter: Ugh...
wildpeaks: the boat is still worse
Alness49: We're andoids, why are we not just walking along the river bed like Pirates of the Carribean?
ThatWhichNeverWas: Soooo, I have a terrible, terrible theory that this game might actually NOT be about race. I think David cage 'thinks' hes using a race story to make an allegory for the conflict between Idealism/Optimism and Pessimism.
Earthenone: beep boop lrrEFF
ryuhimora: why are they staring
Gekyouryuu: she's gonna miss kara... until she deletes those files when she's low on memory eventually
OKB_1: I get the weirest compression artefacts on my end where it datamoshes the booth-view and the main menu in one thing. It's riveting to watch.
blast__femur: children are small and therefore invisible
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
Dryhad: Honestly, I assumed that this kind of thing was the reason we spent so long travelling from Detroit to "Canada". Because of course this border crossing is going to be blocked
Jay_Blanc: The basis on which the US CBP *currently* enforce random checks on people going from the US to Canada is that it allows them to catch and prosecute over-stays.
richard_ermen: This is sooo stupid.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrFINE
JohnLockeCole: have we reached the land of no robot laws??
markededge: this is so stupid
ravenlord_xix: no the crowd reacts
Laurence72: now the react?
SquareDotCube: oh, NOW they react
ThatWhichNeverWas: FFS
Lettuce_Toast: I'd probably turn robot baby awau
Peppita18: ugh you really didnt need to sacrifice NotLikeThis
Invitare: Oh my god! An android! How horrifying!
MikoKisai: *now* someone is shocked
Forgotten_Sanity: so this time they react?
Uppercaseccc: wait now they do shit
Dryhad: But I guess went went all that distance to go nowhere
VoidSpinner: so like all the bad endings?
Earthenone: wait why is she not shot yet?
Pal_Friendpatine: She coulda just walked out and left the kid
Wicker_Knight: @ThatWhichNeverWas I'd say he's using the trappings of a race story to tell a story about the possibility of human consciousness arising from AI
Alahmnat: siiiiiiiigh
Konda020946: this games ending is written with a sledgehammer
DandyGeek: @wicker_knight I dislike intensely that Cage moments feel abusive? Like exploiting parents’ experiences for a cheap way to make his games feel “better”
CamelAttack: Dumb game is dumb
Skyboss1996: MAWP
Earthenone: there we go
Lettuce_Toast: for DRAMA
LadyTL: THIS. IS. STUPID. *clap clap clapclapclap*
aquinas_0: cheep drama
ctm1992: Rip
QuietJay: lrrAWW
kat2kool: the border guard has detroit insignia, that is NOT how that should be
Rhonlore: this is genuinely dumb
SAT_Holmes: Uuuuuuugh.
Brok3nGol3m: lrrAWW
Laurence72: good news, they missed!
beowuuf: :( two for two on our characters so far :(
UnknownGerm: I picked a hell of a moment to arrive
thecanerdian: I can't be the only one laughing like a sociopath right now, right?
Skyboss1996: Were all deaf. Again.
MilkInBag: normal day
accountmadeforants: It'd be interesting if they questioned if she was an android before shooting her. Since she stepped away from the scanner. What if it was a human trying to prove a point?
fiftymcnasty: Do the army men also have mops?
noSmokeFire: just casually discharging weapons in an airport
samwonk: Now, if you're traveling with a child and you can't prove you're the parent, that _does_ make border patrol take note.
josh_le_crafter: Now there's robot gibs on the floor...
MAPBoardgames: Summery executions in the street.
Metric_Furlong: beowuuf hey, at least they don't have to be in the game any more Kappa
FuzzyFozzy: Just gonna discharge their firearms in the middle of a border crossing, huh.
ancientspark: Dramaaaaaaaaaa
DarkNacht: And now they scan the child?
Skyboss1996: Do your Job.
ctm1992: Humans 2 Robots 0
Skyboss1996: WAT
DentedPockets: The fuck!
richard_ermen: He´s already gripping to the weapon`!
beowuuf: furlong: good point!
mrMorphius: sugars5Eff screw this game and its sloppy world building
ContingentCat: wat
Astra7525: wat
CleeKru: Y
notarealartist: WHAT THE
sir_jack_DB: WHAT THE FUCK
Baldrash: WAT
MAPBoardgames: You didn't scan her!
Wicker_Knight: @DandyGeek the part that frustrates me is I'm often not sure they're supposed to BE abusive, but they're so lazy and ham-handed that they can't help but be
MikoKisai: the *one* guard with a conscience
kat2kool: siiiiiiiiigh
josh_le_crafter: FFS
jonasjonIV: don't even test them. okay
Skyboss1996: YOU. FIRED. NOW
richard_ermen: How in the world is
LadyTL: Fuck Everything About This Ending.
adi_pie: Yeah. We feel real welcome.
Astra7525: NOONE sees this
Alahmnat: sure.
SajuukSjet: wat.
Amentur: SERIOUSLY?!
OessiMC: border guard didnt wanna seem racist
Ail_Van_Cud: Malpractice?
ryuhimora: HOW
notarealartist: BUT KARA
ChaosPainter: f
CoffeePrincess: NO SCAN
markededge: god
Wicker_Knight: <butterfly meme pose> case in point
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrFINE
FlumeToSplume: Citation: failed to scan
VoidSpinner: you can just go through with the kid and get in ....
rustenskurk: Honestly, there are some good pathos in here about the experience of a country descending into fascism. It's just buried under so much stupid and tonedeafness.
cheetoJack: That guy's manager is going to be all over him later
Jay_Blanc: Again, if you think that the US Border Police won't discharge their weapons at a border crossing, you have not been paying attention.
MilkInBag: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
OKB_1: This border guard is bad at his job…
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Wicker_Knight The propblem is that he isn't actually *sysing* anything about AIs. On the other hand, all the decisions and gameplay choices which have any sort of effect are those regarding being practicle or being 'hopeful'
Uppercaseccc: wait why did the aganet not ask the purpioues of vist
DarkNacht: They don't even scan her? is this random?
Konda020946: who the f shat into the brain of the authors
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Stoffern: well that was weird
cassaclyzm: And now Canada has a free babby who will never grow up, great
Invitare: are you killing all the playable characters?
NexVesica: No scan because public perception is high enough
Astra7525: I am super angry with this game
Dryhad: We interrupt this news bulletin to bring you a news bulletin
VoidSpinner: if you get the good connor ending
Lettuce_Toast: ok, may as well hate boner now
josh_le_crafter: I hate this...
wildpeaks: Kara pushing the boat in the ice cold water with baby injured and no way to repair, after seeing their friend get shot, and in the end they both die anyway it's even more grim
saiaseigm: Why did they not get scanned!!
Brok3nGol3m: sergeFall
DandyGeek: @wicker_knight Yeah, I think it’s less intentional malice and more abuse by neglect/incompetence
Wicker_Knight: @ThatWhichNeverWas that's a good point. there's no "non-sentient" AI
ryuhimora: is that the end of the gameplay!?!?!
MAPBoardgames: We're interrupting the news with some news.
Lettuce_Toast: It's about to make even less sense!
Pteraspidomorphi: Jay_Blanc: I agree, I remember when they wanted to put armed guards in european airports
CoffeePrincess: robits can't have kids,why scan families
Jay_Blanc: I know we all want to knock on David Cage for bad writing. But the US does *terrible things* at it's borders *already*.
ThatWhichNeverWas: I shall repeat my theory after game, maybe Camli will be interested.
Skyboss1996: Using fragmentation grenades. In a civilian area. With cameras
rustenskurk: Oh wel bedtime here, I will see you all in the vod.
ancientspark: Oh god, is this the singing part? I'm gonna mute the stream for the singing part because I can't handle the stupid
Lettuce_Toast: muffled sound sad music trope cehck
notarealartist: this game makes me feel angry >:(
Wicker_Knight: @Jay_Blanc which this is not showing
OmnipotentTrevor: Guess you'll have to play it again to see if you can find the "this makes sense" path Kappa
noSmokeFire: my connection keeps crapping out in the middle of the overwrought pathos
ravensshade: I have no idea what's even going on anymore..
fiftymcnasty: So they just murder robots at the border, but here they are chicking thier fire?
Konda020946: monkeys with typewriters that are injto cheap emotions
richard_ermen: Wait, so everyone dies and that´s the end? HOW is this a GOOD STORY?! Even for a tragedy, this is stupid?!
SnowBuddy18: why is an American border patrol member working on Canadian soil? and why does an American say "welcome to Canada"?
MilkInBag: pong?!
ThatWhichNeverWas: AAHHAHAHAA
Lettuce_Toast: The singing is an option, north and markus can also kiss and do the android bang thing
Izhuark: We are shield robot man now !
ThatWhichNeverWas: This is SO Dumb
Ubiki: David Cage doesn't understand guns
Lithobraker: I just want to see Cam's face with the singing
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @ancientspark are we going to Hear The People Sing?
ImSincerelySorry: Good thing they all aim for the shield
MAPBoardgames: What the hell is that inch thick steel plate from???
sivakrytos: @SnowBuddy18 why is the us army doing the border patrol?
Pteraspidomorphi: fiftymcnasty: If they're running away they must have done something wrong!
josh_le_crafter: Hey it's captain america... I mean marcus
wildpeaks: richard_ermen that's just due to the choices of this playthrough
Izhuark: press x to shield
richard_ermen: Couldn´t you at least rip off a greek classic tragedy instead CagE?!
DandyGeek: CBP operate on Canadian soil in Victoria for ferry travel
ancientspark: @richard_ermen There's ways to save everyone, it's just....yeah
StudentOfEtherium: @richard_ermen tbf, this is a game with multiple endings, they arent all this bad
richard_ermen: @wildpeaks But if feels so stupid.
Lettuce_Toast: The singing is hilarious though
Wicker_Knight: this is how non-violence works...
OmnipotentTrevor: richard_ermen you can make it through this game without any of the main characters dying, I think
Skyboss1996: How did you kill Captian America? *His shield is the size of a dinner plate, so we shot him in the knees
Gekyouryuu: "I AM IRON MAN!"- Marcus
thecanerdian: if just one of those soldiers spouts gibberish in XCOM language, I will lose my shit
StudentOfEtherium: bad as in, like, bad for the characters, they're all bad writing
CleeKru: Now KISS!
ThatWhichNeverWas: More specificly - hackneyed and cheap, the mechanisms of drama without any understanding of the underlying reasoning
ReynardWrecca: "Look down, look down, you'll always be a slave, look down, look down, you're standing in your grave..."
ChaosPainter: what is the point of this?
Brok3nGol3m: foiled by own barricade
Lithobraker: SING
josh_le_crafter: Kiss
cassaclyzm: They know they're in an anime
Lettuce_Toast: YES
ancientspark: Nooooooooooooo
MilkInBag: LUL
Rhonlore: Country Road
Rhonlore: Take me home
beowuuf: sure, now he doens't shoot poeple. where was that on the boat?
Astra7525: pls no Les MIs
Dryhad: Do you hear the people sing?
jonasjonIV: one day more!
korvys: Neither does David Cage
richard_ermen: KISS
thecanerdian: Yes Cori Yes
Wicker_Knight: what is the value of our lives
Skyboss1996: TO THE PLACE
EvilBadman: @richard_ermen For better or worse this game actually has choices that impact the game without immediate gameovers
LegionofLashes: here we go
Earthenone: anyways, heres wonderwall
noSmokeFire: blue! the blood of angry droids!
adi_pie: Can you hear the robots sing? Singing the song of angry droids?
Dashiell: Wait, I feel a song coming on!
Alness49: "Swiiing low, sweeet chariot!"
CoffeePrincess: SOME
NimrodXIV: don't cut away now, IDIOT
blast__femur: this is a music of the people who will not be slaves again
markededge: I think the best part is cameron looking like he's dying
thecanerdian: back to you in the studio???
Skyboss1996: WEST VIRGINIA
josh_le_crafter: ahahahaa
Rourke9: Oh noooo
dslucia: and we windmill slammed the option that's gonna get him killed too
CoffeePrincess: BODY
MatthewDennisMTG: LOL I hope he starts singing Old Country Road
OKB_1: Sigh
Lettuce_Toast: ONE DAY MOOOORE
ryuhimora: dear god
asddsa28: nooo he just going to die i cant wach
thecanerdian: Wait Michael he's singing pre-empt the sports
SnowBuddy18: @sivakrytos that could at least be somewhat explained as border patrol needing extra security with the revolution
Omthebox: Sing the bad away
UnknownGerm: News choppers are also super not allowed to ever fly that low
cassaclyzm: I don't know this song, pew pew
richard_ermen: And suddenly we are a disney princess?!
icefinch: what...
Amentur: WHY did they stop shooting?
Dared00: this is so stupid
Fayili: Cage is a bad man
DentedPockets: Is this that Pepsi commercial?
djalternative: this is definitely confusing the police
Countjondi: i didn't know this was a musical
Edgarware: Oh I joined at a good time didn't I
adi_pie: But legit, why stop shooting NOW?
Skyboss1996: Sir, this toaster is singing. *Turn it off*
Ail_Van_Cud: Stand down! He's singing.
Rhonlore: This game has no idea what it's doing.
MikoKisai: you should have done this when you were hacking the TV station!
ravenlord_xix: if the army is doing this, does it mean it's a war on american soil, or just glorified riot police?
samwonk: "These deviants couldn't have been programmed with songs."
andy1503: ????
CleeKru: Hold on just a little while longer
aceofmuffins: Singing deflect all bullets
markededge: my skin is crawling from this
Lord_Hosk: Hold on... to the night... Hold on...
wildpeaks: anyway this is wonderwall
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
Jay_Blanc: If you don't actually get this, the difference is cameras. This is also why CBP don't want you to have cameras at checkpoints.
SAT_Holmes: Yellow card
Ubiki: the soldiers just suddenly decide to stop obeying orders
beowuuf: what's the significance of the song? where is it from in game?
Alahmnat: Cori.
OKB_1: Ugh
cheetoJack: "uh sir they're singing. You know after the Rhythm Act of 2019 we can't shoot someone if they're singing, what are your orders"
thirsty_kitteh: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 27:03.
Rhonlore: Nope.
ThatWhichNeverWas: FLASHMOB
ReynardWrecca: "Well Michael, it looks as if the android is singing something. Of course, we're in a helicopter 200 feet up, so we have no way of knowing what."
Lord_Hosk: I HATE this song! (blam blam blam)
Mansion416: let sing eberyone
ryuhimora: Markus this isn't the Zulus
Rhonlore: NOPE
OessiMC: So is this a real song?
Metric_Furlong: suddenly, we're a rhythm game Kappa
markededge: oh my god
Lithobraker: They said "FIGHT" shoot them!
MatthewDennisMTG: only androids could be so perfectly synced, open fire
MAPBoardgames: DAISY... Daisy...
vegetalss4: Why are we even alive long enough to begin singing.
Lettuce_Toast: This is a real slave song
ravensshade: so I missed a bit with the robot factory or is that still coming?
andy1503: jesus christ like I am actively having to mute this on occasion because this end game is so awful
Fayili: Like this is tugging at my emotions because the acting is good, but the actual writing is *so bad*
Brok3nGol3m: katesLol katesLol
r_craddz: He's singing shoot him NOW!!!
MilkInBag: the power of MUSIC
blast__femur: does this happen in Macross?
cassaclyzm: Now you must sing... forever!
richard_ermen: Wait....are we suddenly singing to victory?
Tregelen: this is the same song Chloe started to sing
ThatWhichNeverWas: WHAT
CoffeePrincess: it's a slave song
richard_ermen: This feels like Niers true ending.
Gekyouryuu: this is the song your microwave sings as your food gets close to being done
josh_le_crafter: Umm...
samwonk: "Androids... singing!"
Louie_Salmon: The news helicopter dialogue kills me
sir_jack_DB: FUCK
Gizmoloid: "Are we people or property?" - Prople? Peoplety?
kat2kool: my god, no one knew androids could SING
Mangledpixel: well of COURSE
DentedPockets: I guess robots have enver sang before.
Lord_Hosk: The deviants are singing a song that we programed them to sing!
Skyboss1996: NO ALLEGORY
OessiMC: Why arent you shooting them?
ThatWhichNeverWas: Singing is not Noteworthy!
blast__femur: of course it is
beowuuf: how does he know it though?
josh_le_crafter: Whayt...
CleeKru: well of course it is
Pteraspidomorphi: Singing, something a robot could never do
MAPBoardgames: How is this incredible?
Dryhad: NoT aBoUt RaCe
gawag_: every who down in whoville....
TheGamesBlog: The power of music!
thecanerdian: Cage...took...a real slave song. for his derpy game about robots.
ravenlord_xix: the gunshots will make a perfect percussion chorus to end the song
TheFoilAjani: David "no allegories here no sir" Cage
Mangledpixel: no allegory here, no sirree
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: harmony!
CamelAttack: Let us sing you the song of our people! BEEP BEEP BOOP BEEP BEEP
Oecking: This is definitely not a race. Suuuuure
cassaclyzm: Incredible! The robots that are literally created perfectly are all perfect singers! Inconceivable!
josh_le_crafter: Ecuse
noisyblizzard: they can play mp3s now
Wicker_Knight: @SnowBuddy18 I'm willing to give Cage a bit of a pass on this, but if they're on US soil the Army is constitutionally forbidden from acting there, and if this is on Canadian soil we'd need Canadian approval to station US troops in Canadian government buildings, which they've refused to do since the War of 1812
Laurence72: meh, it's all autotuned lrrBEEJ
Earthenone: now robots can get there own american idol spinnoff
noSmokeFire: how does the guy in the helicopter possibly hear ten people singing
markededge: oh no they torrented the song! BLAM
SalsaDraugur: no aligory only robits
Countjondi: The Subtext is rapidly becoming text......
josh_le_crafter: ahahahaha
cassaclyzm: They should have sung "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Alahmnat: *bangs head on desk repeatedly*
Izhuark: Did you know Detroit was built on the underground railway ?
Amentur: beowuuf, Kara knew a couple thousand children stories. Why not know a gospel?
Astra7525: @noSmokeFire The Androids put on speaker mode
EvilBadman: what if they picked it random and we were one RNG from Bullet for my Valentine
CleeKru: i wantenow kiss
MilkInBag: keep singing, they wont whoot
Pteraspidomorphi: cassaclyzm: They're all equipped with autotune of course
Skyboss1996: Cool. They song. So now we shoot them
josh_le_crafter: shita
UnknownGerm: I would have appreciated if the song was sung via 56k modem sounds
josh_le_crafter: shots
ThatWhichNeverWas: Okay, if this transforms into a Dubstep Remix or Nightcore I will take everything bad I said about this game back.
accountmadeforants: Just imagine how mindblowing vocaloids would be to these folks.
Lettuce_Toast: subext? This game is just cage graffiting my brain with racism allegories
Rioxcon: real time internet poll for best protest music then download that one
Wicker_Knight: plz bullets
phenexian: see, I feel like it's actually really offensive to take the symbolism of the black civil rights movement and do everything you can to distance yourself from it.
djalternative: "Subtlty is for cowards."
ryuhimora: N O S U B T E X T
Metric_Furlong: now, technically, there is a difference between 'allegory' and 'shamelessly cribbing real-world imagery with no thought to broaders meanings as an attempt to generate pathos' Kappa
CamelAttack: Now sing Africa!
Lettuce_Toast: YES
MatthewDennisMTG: LOL
DarkNacht: There is no allegory because an allegory requires meaning.
beowuuf: amentur: fair
Earthenone: NO
Lettuce_Toast: BINGO
CleeKru: oh wow
Scar_Red_Tiger: Are ya winning son?
josh_le_crafter: bullat
Astra7525: jfc, Cage
Lord_Hosk: Awwwwwww
markededge: ffs
DentedPockets: Fuck this.
Countjondi: hahahahahah
Pteraspidomorphi: LOL
samwonk: It would've been! If instead of singing from their mouths, they were trying to express themselves by playing gospel songs they downloaded?
Uppercaseccc: ah yes the key to being reciunized as human singing
Forgotten_Sanity: wow
markededge: FFS
ReynardWrecca: It's good they all downloaded closeharmonysinging.exe because just one person out of tune would have really stuffed that moment.
Countjondi: ahahahahahahh
eric_christian_berg: Now Stairway
MatthewDennisMTG: what the fuck
josh_le_crafter: WAT
notarealartist: LUL
saiaseigm: But iTs NoT aBoUt RaCe
JohnLockeCole: lrrEFF
markededge: WHY?!
Uppercaseccc: also NO
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Alahmnat: oh my GOD
Rhonlore: AhahahahahAhahaHAHAHAHHA
richard_ermen: Of course the president watches...
jonasjonIV: Your music has convinced me
Rioxcon: a draw
Edgarware: You've moved the president's heart
Chrysoprase: someone took bardlevels.
NimrodXIV: lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF
cassaclyzm: Through the POWER of SONG
LackingSanity_: you win the video game
Brok3nGol3m: katesWa katesOw
josh_le_crafter: GAME PLS
Uppercaseccc: like
ryuhimora: what
Ubiki: They sang! now president is happy
DentedPockets: The rest of the game wasn't as bad as this ending.
DiscordianTokkan: They can sing, they must be OK!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie vomits in mouth a little
josh_le_crafter: AHAHAHAHAHAHAU
OessiMC: Wait dont destroy them these new ipods are amazing
Laurence72: Macross -- Become Human
DiscordianTokkan: Macross Ending unlocked
markededge: CAGE WHY?!
asddsa28: that was a dumb move this is dumb Cory why prolong the inevitable
ThatWhichNeverWas: Are you SHITTING ME
richard_ermen: So apparently we are a disney princess...
DontpingmePlayz: Fuck off
Rhynerd: The president was pleased.
thecanerdian: Ratings get!
Questhere: empathy unlocked
ryuhimora: WHAT IS THIS GAME
margieargie: That's the perfect cherry to top this game.
beowuuf: north: we should have shot them all
Baldrash: AFTER they've killed most of the deviants.
Countjondi: hahahahahahaha
gawag_: what if the civil war but you sympathized with the slaves??
MilkInBag: now do a linkin park remake
Ail_Van_Cud: Music=Hooman
Astra7525: ofc... the media immediately turns 180 on this
kat2kool: lrrEFF sake, game
Countjondi: hahahahah
cassaclyzm: Since they can sing, maybe we should stop executing them publically
josh_le_crafter: TOTALLY EARNED
Skyboss1996: thanks Fox
samwonk: Holy shit this is the worst.
Dashiell: aeiou
Gekyouryuu: wow. wow.
Rourke9: THATS what changed it? That’s not... ugh. That’s not.
noSmokeFire: hillary is watching a live stream of the android concert
Th3HolyMoose: my soul - IT HURTS
NimrodXIV: "why did we never check if they could sing?!"
Wicker_Knight: ART IS DEAD
aceofmuffins: If you cannot sing in tune you are not real life.
KeirenH: sing beats gun
UnknownGerm: Cam has sprung a leak
Louie_Salmon: Remember, in Za Cage's own words, this game is NOT about slavery or civil rights, he's just asking questions. And remember that you weren't supposed to sympathize with the replicants.
SpacePotato01: "If only we had known before we exterminated them. Oh well."
FuzzyFozzy: So no other actions had impact, but singing finally gets through, eh?
Uppercaseccc: cam.exe has broke
Alahmnat: like, oh my GOD.
josh_le_crafter: THE REAL 180
samwonk: It actually topped itself.
Kykiwi: DO YOU get the point yet?
CoffeePrincess: too bad Kara was already shot
SalsaDraugur: Aperently just like with fucking robots no one thought of robot singers
DandyGeek: I didn’t know this was a hackjob on The Running Man
Alness49: So EVERY other humanising moment fell on deaf ears, but THIS was what did it?
wildpeaks: time to bring back the whiskey
icefinch: no
josh_le_crafter: ugh...
cassaclyzm: And Kara died for nothing, she just had to hang out outside for five more minutes
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrFINE
Juliamon: "Gesture appears political in nature"
ThatWhichNeverWas: @LoadingReadyRun I think you need to get the Whiskey. Cam might not be capable of walking.
Lettuce_Toast: MUSIC
DentedPockets: President Warren also personally intervened to attack the androids, so whatever.
ravenlord_xix: this game is so far up it's own ass
samwonk: Would you have believed that the ending of this game could manage to top all the ways this was terrible before?
thecanerdian: that little ping of opinion is right up there with Aiden vaulting his daughter's grave in Watch_Dogs
Lettuce_Toast: JUST HAD TO SING
joecool1299: This did it. Not the million other times they were sympathetic or the million times they killed civilians. Singing.
ravensshade: I think i'm feeling " emotions" stop shooting
ChaosPainter: Oh my god even Geth from Mass effect made more sense
LadyTL: Singing Cures Racism.
josh_le_crafter: Well... bye kara
beowuuf: what if we talking simulator, but feel sympathy for the hosts?
DontpingmePlayz: Music the key to anything
CleeKru: so they became the most well known gospel group of the world
Alahmnat: [endless distant screaming]
ryuhimora: Cam, are you okay
sivakrytos: us president can't order senate to do fuck all
EvilBadman: Maybe we keep calling them Deviants
Onisquirrel: Fuck this game on every ham fisted level.
djalternative: and Kara couldn't just arrive at the border 10 minutes later
Earthenone: why did we bother with a dirty bomb, all we needed was singing
vegetalss4: Let's be honest was there any of us that didn't think that was going to happen.
NathanJay_GA: the president cant order the senate to form a comittee
AtomicAlchemical: Ah, yes. THAT will get to the bottom of it!
Dashiell: this is why REAL progressives never fight back
josh_le_crafter: can we die now
LackingSanity_: great job gamers, you solved the racism puzzle
wildpeaks: ah, that part
richard_ermen: Apparently President Warren is going to be replaced by a more right-wing republican "destroy android" candidate in the next election?
SajuukSjet: gods, cam's face...
CamelAttack: I have ordered a commitee to review the facts. We found the President committed a bunch of crimes.
Skyboss1996: slytqItsfine slytqItsfine slytqItsfine
Stoffern: well fuck
Ubiki: god her accent is awful
Dared00: feel free to get the whiskey, we'll wait
Rioxcon: you couldn't texture them all?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: does it include Roombas?
Laurence72: I only Kara hadn't cut to the head of the line, she might still be alive
saiaseigm: I’m so pissed
josh_le_crafter: benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn
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noSmokeFire: "now that I know they can sing, I've elected to stop the pointless fascism"
Metric_Furlong: LackingSanity_ achievement get!
MilkInBag: finally free from this game AngelThump
josh_le_crafter: benginWat benginWat benginWat
cassaclyzm: also this is legitimately terrifying, they're an army of mannequins literally
Lettuce_Toast: Oh we don't get the connor betrayal scene!
SnowBuddy18: @Wicker_Knight I was thinking an emergency situation where the army was the only way, and on Canadian soil the Canadian government would be more likely to bring in the Canadian army to stop the US army from shooting all the robots
VoidSpinner: Kara can arrive at the border 10minutes later if you win the conor ending
cheetoJack: are the ones in the back untextured?
thecanerdian: I really hope we get a good game after this one.
Lord_Hosk: And murder them
CleeKru: i hate this
josh_le_crafter: benginCop benginRip
Kykiwi: you are not
Kykiwi: a nation
ryuhimora: no
asddsa28: that not how nashon works
ryuhimora: O
Fayili: This is. Bad.
ThatWhichNeverWas: Oh god, say the thing. Say It. SAY IT
djalternative: a tiny tiny nation
ryuhimora: NO
Countjondi: wait, what
Lettuce_Toast: you are not a nation!!!
Countjondi: nation?
josh_le_crafter: um...
FeyLynn: We are singer songwriter MARKUS COLLECTIVE!
Laurence72: I need Ben charging in, yelling "I wanna fuck the robot"
Kykiwi: that is not how it works
Earthenone: the QTE?
cassaclyzm: Today is our independence day!
Ubiki: Oh boy more speechifying
ReynardWrecca: Tell you what these guys need; a Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned musical.
MAPBoardgames: So. Are people going to be compensated for the androids that the government destroyed?
SpacePotato01: 01
TheWooglie: Our independence day!
phenexian: is he using nation in the First Nations sense?
Dared00: Sealand Two
samwonk: So if Kara had been like ten spots further back in line, would she still be alive?
Astra7525: "Today we celebrate our independence day"
Chrysoprase: groupsinging?
JohnLockeCole: Perhaps you have had some sort of, Nocturnal Vision
NimrodXIV: today is our Independence Day! wait...
richard_ermen: A nation? Wait...are you seceding? "shoots androids"
CleeKru: i don't but you probably got all of the most insane endings
Lithobraker: Oh god they're totally going to sign a treaty and end up on an android reservation.
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ravensshade: Singing solves all problems again! Why didn't we start with this!?
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Skyboss1996: AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaah
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: and then he encounters a glitch and gets stuck in a loop on stage THE END
Fayili: Do not forgive your enemies.
OessiMC: EHm NATO has an opinion about that whole nation thing
beowuuf: androids... assemble!
Countjondi: RSA- The Robatic States Of America?
CamelAttack: Well as "Free" as anybody is in our Capitalist nightmare.
djalternative: ROBOMERICA
MatthewDennisMTG: someone please shoot my damn head
Lettuce_Toast: BANG HUMANS
ThatWhichNeverWas: In bed!
vegetalss4: Uuuuuuughhh.
sivakrytos: like if you're gonna do this shit at least learn how us government works
jonasjonIV: with American flags in the background
DiscordianTokkan: If Quebec is a Nation inside Canada I guess robots are too. But the game's not political or anything
KidSpanner: Time to date a human.
MilkInBag: everything is ok
josh_le_crafter: Unearned!!!
DentedPockets: Nope, still angry.
Skyboss1996: We were never angry but ok
wildpeaks: too bad we don't have Connor's event here
ChaosPainter: I need a drink....
SK__Ren: Buzzwords!
markededge: my god this makes me want to start drinking
CleeKru: lrrFINE lrrFINE
adi_pie: This speech, I swear.
Rourke9: This is soooo bad
CoffeePrincess: so when do we celebrate robonicca
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrFINE
SnowBuddy18: is Cam holding in his brain?
MAPBoardgames: All this thanks to the power of music.
Scrubbodiestobears: Draenor is free!
ThatWhichNeverWas: I literally have a headache now.
MatthewDennisMTG: wait
richard_ermen: Thank you Markus Luther King!?
OKB_1: So what's that part about nation?
noSmokeFire: no, anger seems pretty justified
cassaclyzm: Cheer.wav
AtomicAlchemical: This is actually nauseating
Onisquirrel: I would kill for a David Cage musical game. I’d find the bad writing more tolerable with musical numbers
asddsa28: 3 2 1
MatthewDennisMTG: did the robots not render
TheFoilAjani: And that worked
Peppita18: @wildpeaks i wonder if she'd have found the exit
MatthewDennisMTG: in the back
fiftymcnasty: Free at last! Free at last!
SK__Ren: Whiskey, hold the Tango and Foxtrot
Ubiki: David Cage doesn't understand Civil rights movements
OKB_1: Ugh…
Baldrash: I swear to fuck.
Alahmnat: Cam do you need a hug?
DaMullet14: "We will have... our Independence Day!"
ryuhimora: @SnowBuddy18 yes
Rhonlore: going to jump off a cliff now brb
Skyboss1996: only the first 14 people are textured
Juliamon: Nobody will ever shoot an android again now!
accountmadeforants eyes bottle of vodka.
noisyblizzard: what are those white things?
chickenace11: Cam are you ok are did this game just kill you inside
ravensshade: @wildpeaks what is connors event?
Louie_Salmon: Oh darn, Connor isn't here. We could have seen the 4th worst scene in this game
CapnRobert: seems like a bunch of tools malfunctioning
kat2kool: whaaat is this crowd of blanks?
CamelAttack: You're not free they just stopped shooting.
mynameisie: Reparations tho
noSmokeFire: "we're property, but we're free property!"
Th3HolyMoose: If you're ever mistreated at work, just sing for your managers. It will solve everything
Flamtaer: that audience has been standing there for a while
thecanerdian: Meanwhile in Canada
Kykiwi: Canadia !
DentedPockets: That seems more plausible.
sivakrytos: and now all anti android racism was over
ThatWhichNeverWas: Make them go into debt to buy themslves!
Lettuce_Toast: robo baby survived but stupid game mechanics killed mommy and dadd
wildpeaks: Connor gets highjacked and he has to fight to exit the simulation to prevent himself from assasinating Markus
OKB_1: More taxpayers! Yeah!
vegetalss4: Where did all these robots come from, didn't they kill all the other deviant androids due to a lack of journalists?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Q3 numbers are through the roof!
samwonk: Yep, Kara was definitely like two minutes from not getting shot.
Izhuark: Make them pay their freedom !
Oecking: We made it to Canada! Which is meaningless now! Yay!
noSmokeFire: they ARE credit cards
LegionofLashes: dude missing the connor bit is so weird
ravenlord_xix: so if alice is an android, does she grow like a normal child, or is she perpetually smol?
Wicker_Knight: @SnowBuddy18 oh yeah, and that state of emergency and lack of US history is why I'm willing to give Cage a pass, but US constitutional law is VERY firm about the idea of using our external military on domestic soil. It's why government-sponsored strikebreaking and the like uses state-led militias and the National Guard, which isn't technically a standing force
EvilBadman: Good thing we got to Canada right as they stopped harassing us in America
Lettuce_Toast: and now there's just a robot child that will never grow old?
cassaclyzm: Never saw them shooting a child android for some mysterious reason
Peppita18: awww man no connor no kara
MikoKisai: at what point does *Rose* realize Alice is a robot?
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> RT @Card_Kingdom> We knew we could, we never stopped to think if we should. | Sonic Bolas, Hedgehog-God. #MTGWAR 📷 ||
Sadistic_Fire: It just occurred to me that Kara would've been better off if she never left detroit
Lord_Hosk: Meanwhile... 7000 miles away from detroit... in Canada
richard_ermen: Canada seems to be a metaphor for "the promised land"...
wildpeaks: now it's just a regular speech without Connor, feels odd
Tregelen: the androids can make less intelligent androids for the androids
josh_le_crafter: with the canadian flag to show canada!
Skyboss1996: Meanwhile in Canada, robots are treated worse- because they have no Robot Laws
Izhuark: The end
notarealartist: thats it?
Dashiell: k
MAPBoardgames: There's no robot laws in Canada. So that means there is no robot protections.
Baldrash: That's the END?
Edgarware: You've done it
saiaseigm: cheer100 thanks for taking us on this journey. This amazing, meaningful, interesting journey. And remember, it’s not about race. But Detroit was on the Underground Railroad.
blast__femur: the. end.
AstroKreep2k: wait...wat?
blast__femur: what
Astra7525: @Skyboss1996 bwahaha. THat's a twist
SnowBuddy18: "Madam President, if we sell them Detroit, we save a massive amount of money"
canoecrasher: I for one welcome our...
DoodlestheGreat: YAY! IT'S OVER!
niccus: so normally what happens if you don't beef it in the robot fight?
noSmokeFire: wait, if Rose doesn't know baby is robot, why does she think baby needs to go to canada
thecanerdian: any First Nations people like to weigh in on Canada, LAND OF TOLERANCE™?
OKB_1: *fart_noise.wav*
samwonk: Why is it good that they made it to Canada?
Alahmnat: it's over!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: congration, you done it
Lycodrake: thanks for nothing, david cage mn
haseo_sora: david cage is a golden god!!!!
Ubiki: how many writers? none clearly
Invitare: it's nice they tell us whose to blame right at the start of the credits
Amentur: That's one end
FuzzyFozzy: I'm honestly kind of surprised they don't have a blizzard happening on the Canadian side of the border.
Rhynerd: Congrats! You can now play another game!
Scrubbodiestobears: well that sure was an interesting collection of scenes
MatthewDennisMTG: boo hiss
ryuhimora: @samwonk no android laws
Omthebox: That was worse than the other end I saw to this.
ancientspark: Yeah, this is how the game ends if you get Connor killed. There's something that happens next if Connor is alive
MatthewDennisMTG: i hate this
Mylozileto: did I miss what happened to conner?
Skyboss1996: That's it. Congrulation. You made a Choise
sivakrytos: @Wicker_Knight yeah like, there are plenty of armed agencies. at least put the right one on the vests dammit!
Keknar: everything is better in canada
Wicker_Knight: Kong's Cat creations
josh_le_crafter: Do we not get connor epilogue... bc you time gated us...
richard_ermen: One. There was one writer. His name was "David Cage"...
SpacePotato01: I so hope there is an ending where the robots just straight up win.
Tregelen: written and directed by cage
wildpeaks: that's certainly just one end
josh_le_crafter: UGH
Lord_Hosk: 1 you saw it... it said "written by dave"
SAT_Holmes: cheer100 You guys deserve this.
EvilBadman: @Mylozileto Connor lost the pop quiz
OmnipotentTrevor: I've recently really liked Valerie Curry in season 2 of The Tick
Louie_Salmon: @ravenlord_xix VA11-Hall-A addresses this, where robots pass an adult test and graduate into their adult body
Lycodrake: "dave did this, we couldn't stop him"
djalternative: If we can create a simulated brain capable of manifesting conciousness, what's stopping us from downloading our brains into android bodies
tenthtechpriest: is it over already?
Lettuce_Toast: You missed two large chunks of the end due to charracter deaths. Connor is meant to have the final scene but his death kills the plan. He is meant to resist amanda at the last moment as the acts as a sort of plot twist, since she SPOILERS ... planned the whole thing apparently?
OmnipotentTrevor: And I didn't even realize this was her until the other day
tenthtechpriest: are we finally free?
Invitare: so, did everyone sympathise with the androids?
AstroKreep2k: so what is the TL:DR on this
SAT_Holmes: The bits, I mean, not suffering.
ravensshade: So what I get from this.. is that Cam did us a favor by messing up the connor bit?
accountmadeforants: Looking forward to menu-android's hot takes now that it's over.
Astra7525: I really don't like that the androids won in the end, because Very Powerful Person X personally got involved
Jay_Blanc: Writers? You think there were Writers?
asddsa28: i bet it was cage and no one elce
circusofkirkus: has the curse finally been lifted?
DarkNacht: writers? they don't matter, who needs writers?
Uppercaseccc: if this game has taught me anything its that all the migrent caravan needs to do to not be hated by the orange man is sing a lovly gospal song
Lycodrake: is David Cage a real hooman?
richard_ermen: @AstroKreep2k Game bad.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @AstroKreep2k tonedeaf, I think
Wicker_Knight: @sivakrytos touche. I suppose I'm kind of complaining about which uniforms are getting bloodied by the international war crimes
Simonark: So. It's finally dead, then?
CleeKru: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 33:51.
richard_ermen: !Game Bad
noSmokeFire: moist
DentedPockets: Detroit: Become Cage
Alness49: Everyone involved brought their A game, except the person who's job it was to lock David Cage in the broom closet, they messed up HARD
Uppercaseccc: !game bad
TheFoilAjani: Can you have it so like, all the main characters die
wildpeaks: too bad the Amanda plotline couldn't get its payoff
eric_christian_berg: the naked ending
Louie_Salmon: There's some stuff you guys have got to look up. Some wild things can happen, like that Holocaust scene
josh_le_crafter: David cage is a HACK
Ubiki: implying the game has logic
adi_pie: Like, Quantic Dream games have interesting gameplay and presentation choives in them generally, but they just need to hire a writer at some point.
ryuhimora: Kernel?????
Lord_Hosk: lead tool
fiftymcnasty: I wanna be a lead tool
CrazymattCaptain: so do we blame the writing team or the localization team?
Skyboss1996: QU AHAhahaha
Lycodrake: this game is about david cage's experience of being human
OessiMC: Who what a bunch of tools
SajuukSjet: Cam's 'What Game Logic?!?' face :D
SpacePotato01: I still don't resent the game. It's at least interesting, even if it's... wrong.
phenexian: i think it says something that the writers are so far down the list.
OmnipotentTrevor: Oh yeah, the concentration camp scene is eff'd
cassaclyzm: So many interesting questions barely asked and never answered
Dared00: God, I'm so happy we missed the concentration camp ending
dslucia: yeah, having connor die where he did did cut off a few things
Lithobraker: Astra7525 if we're going to appropriate the media around the civil rights movement might as well appropriate the white savior trope too. /s
Astra7525: oh. We'Re seeing scenes we haven't played out
markededge: I could write a more compelling narrative in my sleep wth
Lettuce_Toast: The holocaust scene and connor's two endings are probably something you should see, actually
sivakrytos: @Wicker_Knight yeah me too. also complaining about the president "ordering" the senate to do literally anything
Call_me_Kaye: Oh I missed it, how'd things go?
SquareDotCube: Was that just one assistant writer
MAPBoardgames: I wonder if the end credits whuld show different hair colors on Kara based on our choices?
mrMorphius: I feel very very bad for the folks credited with "Dialog Adaptation"
sivakrytos: like. tjat
ravensshade: <message deleted>please could we have shot the directors?
Lycodrake: so kara and connor deded?
Earthenone: we became human, well we became cute radios at least
AmoriLinguae: @markededge I've dreamt more compelling narrative
notarealartist: who knew hank had a son
OmnipotentTrevor: You can redeem Todd near the end if he survives the beginning
Peppita18: yes deded
kat2kool: @Call_me_Kaye Connor died, Kara died, Alice got to Canada, the president decided androids were okay when Markus started singing
richard_ermen: Interestingly, may we reminiscence about the fact that android baby shot real human asshole dad?
korvys: Imagine if they made a game with all this technology and expertiese...
josh_le_crafter: Rip connor ending I guess?
DentedPockets: As system, the game was good. As a story, the game missed its mark.
Louie_Salmon: Every person in a technical department of this project did a great job, they were just failed by one very french man
asddsa28: so no wrote anything
richard_ermen: Who btw was within his right to do to his property as he wanted?
markededge: I've had fever visions more compelling tbh
ryuhimora: are they not going to credit any writers????
Peppita18: you can skip the next credits
Wicker_Knight: wait, did we see any credited writers?
andy1503: This is honestly one of the most draining things to watch because as funny as it is every time I see this game stumble it hurts because so much of both the genre of game and genre of story are things I love that are often underserved and every time I sort of got excited for it doing stuff not terribly (ie most of Connor) it would then just fail and fail
TheGamesBlog: Did I miss anyone being listed as a writer?
Skyboss1996: Did you know Detroit was on the Underground Railway?
Peppita18: since no secret ending
DandyGeek: One additional writing credit
samwonk: I'm pretty sure Cage has bragged about writing the whole story himself.
Dared00: TBH, the soundtrack in this game was very good
Alahmnat: "written and directed by david cage"
Call_me_Kaye: Lemme guess: We got to the "Which one do I shoot!" part and we didn't know buddycop's kid's name because we didn't hit the random interactable
Tregelen: they already credited the writer
richard_ermen: @Wicker_Knight Only Cage at the beginning so far.
ThatWhichNeverWas: God, this game has ALL the components of a genre-definer. And they've all been put together in the wrong way.
Metric_Furlong: Wicker_Knight well, there was David Cage...
Earthenone: it said at the start "David Cage"
Lithobraker: So David Cage was the only credited writer.
MikoKisai: I saw no writers, which does imply no one wrote it, which would explain a lot
kat2kool: @Call_me_Kaye yup
Lettuce_Toast: the soundtrack for this game is pretty killer
EvilBadman: Markus gonna get invited to the Avengers in the post-credit
Mangledpixel: I've been to the Abbey Road studios (I shot some behind-the-scenes footage for a DVD there), it's a fascinating place
Jay_Blanc: There's no 'writers' on a project like this. You might have someone working on dialogue, but David Cage writes a synopsis for every scene, then it goes to design.
noSmokeFire: @MikoKisai the game was generated by neural network
CamelAttack: This game has writers?! I thought it was machine generated.
OKB_1: I assume the "Game build" team is also for the pipeline.
Izhuark: that's a lot of actors
OriginalGarwulf: At the beginning, it said "Written and directed by David Cage."
Ubiki: I just want to reiterate that this game is entirely David Cage aping the movies that he likes without having any idea what makes those movies work
Chrysoprase: christina batman?
Wicker_Knight: @Metric_Furlong @richard_ermen yeah, but I don't count anything that includes "and produced by"
wildpeaks: just because there are a lot of bad games in unity isn't the fault of Unity itself
OessiMC: I would belive David Cage either writing this himself or omitting other writters as much as possible
SnowBuddy18: the other possibility is they gave all the writers other titles so Cage can "write" it all himself
CulturalGeekGirl: I got here late, what ending did they get?
DK_84: OH! Credits to the 2010 one off short film Kara
wildpeaks: it's like blaming Photoshop for a lot of bad art
Lycodrake: "we tried to stop him, but Dave wouldn't stop - he can't stop, not until he becomes human"
SajuukSjet: S Y N E R G I E S
DK_84: er. 2012
TheWooglie: Bi9nk is still a thing?
Dashiell: Lua
Dared00: Lua
mrMorphius: Lua scripting
CrazymattCaptain: Lua
Earthenone: detroit babies
Baldrash: Lua.
notarealartist: detriot babies?
Astra7525: Bink is STILL a thing?
josh_le_crafter: Hate everything...
Lord_Hosk: Dialog adaptation 2, additional writing 1. Shooting script 1...
thecanerdian: will those Detroit Babies become Human?
Alahmnat: yep
adi_pie: I continue to be amused that Bink is still a thing.
DK_84: Just supposed to be like a tech demo
Fayili: God I only came to the live stream to drop my sub. I'm like a month behind in VODs. What a time to come in.
Metric_Furlong: Astra7525 apparently
noSmokeFire: detroit babies = kids born during production to the team
ryuhimora: @LoadingReadyRun Apparently the only writer credit is at the beginning where it says "Written and Directed by David Cage"
MilkInBag: no Bink shaming 😡
Wicker_Knight: @CulturalGeekGirl Connor death, Kara Death, Alice Canada, Markus Civil Rights Hero
ChaosPainter: Only 1 writer?
Onisquirrel: I absolutely by that Cage would grab the only writer credit
Dryhad: Lua bar? What's a lua?
dirak_: how lua came to exist is a really interesting story as well
Onisquirrel: *buy
Amentur: Lua is a scripting language so designers can code stuff
Xinran: There is one other writer
samwonk: The only writing credits are David Cage writer and Adam Williams additional writing.
Lycodrake: oof
phenexian: There was 1 additional writer
kat2kool: there was also one "additional writing" credit, I forget the name though
Skyboss1996: Interpreting Cage's noodles
djalternative: There's a writer and a shooting script credit
thirsty_kitteh: Lua: about the only language where the official method is you ship a patched version of the binary if you want custom functionality
Mangledpixel: Cage Wrangler
SajuukSjet: adi_pie: Bink keeps winning due to their workflow/process set of tools, i hear
markededge: I just wow
Lettuce_Toast: Adam Williams @kat2kool
DoodlestheGreat: Which is like taking a pile of hamburger and making a cow out of it.
Oecking: Having to write what Cage wants must be a nightmare
DarkNacht: Games don't need writes /sarcasm
adi_pie: Bink has been around for two decades, and I'm almost rooting for it to keep being around forever.
OKB_1: Cage is just the "ideas man"
Wicker_Knight: @thirsty_kitteh benginWat
Xinran: Adam Williams is the other writer
OriginalGarwulf: So, I figured out why every single parallel the game tried to make fell flat on its face: none of them make any sense in-game-world.
thecanerdian: like...people keep buying these games, right? Else the studio wouldn't be able to keep going.
ctm1992: Etc David Cage 10/10
ContingentCat: so we really can blame the bad writing on David Cage
Astra7525: I wonder: Was singing the only option to survive there in the end?
Dared00: @kat2kool "Additional Writing: David Cage Again"
phenexian: @LoadingReadyRun there was 1 additional writer
Peppita18: @ContingentCat yup
OriginalGarwulf: You've got a liberation narrative of sneaking across the border when you can just swim across the river.
FeyLynn: Feels bad that Conner didn't have a "I never pried into your past about your son but could just do the deviant thing the my body double won't to prove I'm the deviant" dialogue option.
ImKevinTheShark: David Cage interpreters. They tried SO HARD
Skyboss1996: Am Twitch Ok?
noSmokeFire: if one path honks, you shouldn't be obligated to complete every path to make that path not honk
Lettuce_Toast: @LoadingReadyRun You did miss the twist with connor and amanda
Dared00: You could've find it when he was drunk at his home
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Lettuce_Toast Twist?
Edgarware: I dont actually think you got the info about his kid's name
ravenlord_xix: just replay for different endings /s
CulturalGeekGirl: You have to see a single photo in Hank's apartment If you don't snoop around his apartment enough, Connor dies >_<
Lettuce_Toast: @ThatWhichNeverWas That amanda apparently planned the whole thing
djalternative: the game isn't quite over yet.
Invitare: most them are David Cage, by the sounds of it
josh_le_crafter: I hate that you basically got time gated out of connors ending
margieargie: I don't think any ending would fix the fundamental problems with the writing.
CulturalGeekGirl: This game made some narrative design CHOICES
beowuuf: i'm still pissed a connor emotional reaction to the son reveal wouldn#t be the thing that marks him as the real connor.
josh_le_crafter: Ugh...
Jay_Blanc: Okay, there's no 'writing' here. What happens if Cage makes the synposis for each scene he wants, then they design those 'sections of the game', and make a load of dialogue lines that get recorded, then they stuff it all together into this.
OriginalGarwulf: Speaking as a Jew, the Holocaust parallel was a huge step too far. It cheapened it.
Skyboss1996: There's a lot of good looking, fluid working... stuff.
Jay_Blanc: And no, it doesn't work.
DarkNacht: Why does Hank even think you know his sons name?
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Lettuce_Toast HUH. Don't remember that at all
ctm1992: The game has one more choice for us.
Alness49: This feels like bad Point and Click logic, IE "You missed a pixel five hours ago? BAD END YOU'RE BRICKED NOW"
KeirenH: that's a problem with literally every david cage game
Ubiki: "It's stylistically designed to be that way"
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ImKevinTheShark: The mo-cap was sublime, I've seen worse animated films.
Lettuce_Toast: @ThatWhichNeverWas It's ENTIRELY glossed over and could have been mildly interesting if it wasn't so freaking dumb
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LackingSanity_: Congrats/condolences for hitting the ending
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noSmokeFire: congrolences
SquareDotCube: It looks fantastic. It suffers because there's two writers and one of them is DAVID CAGE, which means no peer review on writing.
Bron_Yr_Aur: @DarkNacht: Because David Cage couldn't think of anything better.
kat2kool: the coffee thing in particular, the mechanic is fine but it definitely takes you out of a very tense scene
Mangledpixel: I've been rewatching the old playthrough that Graham and Paul did of Beyond Two Souls, it seems that inconsistency in control systems is a Cage game staple
Jay_Blanc: No one actually wrote the equivalent of a Screen-Play for this.
josh_le_crafter: add black boxes pls Kappa
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Lettuce_Toast That seems to be an overwhelmingly common phrase for this game.
beowuuf: the quick time chase where you control both characters is interesting , it physically makes you care about the clash of two divergent storylines
Lord_Hosk: Dominque Guold and Adam Williams did dialog adaptation, Adam williams did additional writing, and there was a "shooting script" credit
Call_me_Kaye: Like, while the overall plot is miserable, a lot of the chemistry between characters is pretty good!
DentedPockets: A symbol in the corner distinguishing QTE cutscenes would be great.
Alness49: This feels like a Telltale game to me, just lacking the good writing
Skyboss1996: the "So What"
korvys: It's that thing where the game has an ingame cutscene, and gives you back control, and you stand then like a dummy for 10 seconds.
korvys: cause tyou don't notice
djalternative: you should wait until the credits end
sivakrytos: yeah i only watched today but definitely needed some peer review for just like, how government in the us works
TriseAlpha: So when do you battle the monstrous, animate Chicago amalgam? or do you have to have both Chicago Battlements and Chicago Garrison?
ImKevinTheShark: Yeah, the problem was that it couldn't decide if it should be a movie or a game. When it clearly needed to be a film
ThatWhichNeverWas: "To what End"
MAPBoardgames: I feel the "So What" is what defines Talking Sim
Alahmnat: there sure is a lot of what
Alness49: I don't even think David Cage knows the "So What"
HydraWiggins: I think the most important thing right now is that you don't need to see this game again
beowuuf: don't be owned?
andy1503: I'm going to peace for now and watch the rest of this on the VOD that ending was so awful I need a breather
DarkNacht: This has convinced me David Cage is a neural net hooked up to TV Tropes.
Jay_Blanc: To quote the end of Buckaroo Banzai, "So What, Big Deal".
wildpeaks: daww :)
Skyboss1996: aww
ContingentCat: awwwww
Astra7525: THat's adorable
CleeKru: aww
Lettuce_Toast: Android cat hoovers!
kat2kool: THAT is a game I want to play
Alahmnat: give me THAT game
jonasjonIV: roomba is a friend.
korvys: :'(
Skyboss1996: That's a very human thing.
Skyboss1996: Normal humans do that.
josh_le_crafter: That... hurts my heart
circusofkirkus: roomba orphanage: the game
Oecking: "What is my existence?" "You must clean rooms"
Louie_Salmon: I'm honestly not sure how much there is to analyze here. Everything is either stolen from better stories, or Za Cage didn't think about it much.
SajuukSjet: FanFic, actually answering the questions
eric_christian_berg: like rescue dogs
OKB_1: What if you had Talking Simulator, but you sympathise with Cam and Cori?!
ImKevinTheShark: sergeHeart oh god, my heart
UnknownGerm: The whole thing about them getting the same rights as people is a bit weird, as it would allow corporations to literally manufacture entire voting blocs
Alness49: There's a lot of buyins that we assume this situation has arrisen without the scientific community asking the ethical questions and just rushing on to selling them like iPhones
Lettuce_Toast: I'm kinda into this song
josh_le_crafter: Now I want to stab cage... Connor died for nothing! benginTraitor benginTraitor
1MrGhost: To me this game had some VERY interesting idears. Too bad a significant number of those idears are not executed on very well... or at all....-
Jay_Blanc: @UnknownGerm There's nothing stopping that now with people, the process just takes longer.
beowuuf: the storytelling of when you have blocks and later when you don's is cool
Konda020946: data
Konda020946: fromstartrek
Alness49: Like, "We've created actual artificial inteligence" "Great, we needed a new product for Q4"
Bron_Yr_Aur: The problem is that Cage never considers that an Android might be sufficiently intelligent that menial labor doesn't even occupy much of its time or processing power - that freedom as *WE* understand it doesn't matter to androids.
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FuzzyFozzy: Did the RA9 mystery actually get answered?
MAPBoardgames: Androids must be free! Free to stare at blank walls in the dark.
Louie_Salmon: @josh_le_crafter Just watch the paths where he's a straight-up terminator
Mangledpixel: it's an interesting question, but the game answer appears to be that a robot revolution looks just like a (clichéd) human revolution
Wicker_Knight: @UnknownGerm the spread of deviancy means that manufacturing the androids doesn't really imply that the androids will help corporate causes
Skyboss1996: Also, did we ever see where Kara spends her down time?
kat2kool: @FuzzyFozzy sure didn't
Peppita18: @FuzzyFozzy its not revealed
Lettuce_Toast: @FuzzyFozzy I think connor is shown to be ra9 in some endings
OmnipotentTrevor: The only way I can justify Alice's existence is if she's like, a court counseler recommendation. Something Todd was advised to take care of to prove later down the line that he is capable of interacting with his real kid again
Skyboss1996: Does she have a bed? A charge mat?
Astra7525: I am still amazed that the asshole cop didn't break his hand when he punched Connor
Izhuark: Or at least they should have a fundamental difference of how they think the world. The fact is their isn't any. They are just human in any way except physical.
Lettuce_Toast: I believe that's unique to connor
Kykiwi: oh we get points?
ancientspark: @LoadingReadyRun If you get Connor "killed" before an actual kill point, he respawns in a new body and everyone freaks the hell out
UnknownGerm: wicker_knight but that doesn't mean corporations wouldn't take advantage of that
Kykiwi: is there like a max points run?
tenthtechpriest: you can kill connor like 8 times I think?
Wicker_Knight: @Izhuark I'd argue pseudo-telepathy is distinct on it's own
Dryhad: For the moment
Kykiwi: Is there a no points run?
djalternative: though not often, humans can also take several bullets and not slow down.
josh_le_crafter: @louie_salmon I've watched lots of Detroit... It hurts that such a cute relationship died bc time gate
korvys: What's the high-score on Civil Rights?
ContingentCat: or the cop model has extra protection
josh_le_crafter: also, 28 stab woinds
MAPBoardgames: Why is it when the androids become deviant they would WANT to quit their jobs and join Markus?
Skyboss1996: On one of these flow charts, this game is good.
sivakrytos: it would not have been written by david cage
beowuuf: uncanny valley storytelling. So close
Wicker_Knight: @UnknownGerm sure, but that goes back to the critique @Jay_Blanc made
Uppercaseccc: I fell like that is every david cage game
thecanerdian: this game being good is just Nier:Automata isn't it? Or maybe Soma?
Jay_Blanc: Also, this all misses the point of what the actual real current concerns about "AI" are. That they are *not* human like intelligence.
Tregelen: don't forget to talk to chloe
Dashiell: Imagine if an actually marginalized person were given this budget and resources
QuietJay: What are the world stats for this ending?
SnowBuddy18: I would be interested to see all of the flowchart, but I feel it would be overly tedious to play through all of it
TriseAlpha: Yea, pretty much every David Cage game
aceofmuffins: Just a little airborne still good still good
djalternative: yes. talk to chloe
EJGRgunner: Are we human yet?
ThatWhichNeverWas: @LoadingReadyRun I have a terrible, terrible theory that this game might actually NOT be about race. I think David cage 'thinks' that he's using a race story to make an allegory for the conflict between Optimism and Pessimism. All of the decisions and game mechanics are built around whether you make the practical or idealistic choice. Notably, being 'hopeful' seems to ususally lead to the better Result. I think this is why there are so many facinating questions the game 'explicitly' avoids askin
NexVesica: Some of the other endings are not as bad,, I don't think any of them ever become particularly good, just not...sing ending bad
Lettuce_Toast: Maybe try a run where connor is actually antogonistic toward androids and has a conflict with hank?
Alness49: You could pick one character and really drill down on the story, but it's spread too thin
circusofkirkus: did we become dancer yet?
samwonk: I think "this game could quite easily be good" is sort of accidental, not a result of the game itself almost being good.
kat2kool: @LoadingReadyRun there's a thing you can do with Chloe on the main menu
Dared00: Honestly, other Cage games were unsalvageable. This one is salvageable... and that makes it worse.
accountmadeforants: This feels like David Cage giving us a very clumsy elevator pitch over and over again.
josh_le_crafter: Visual novels done great are... well great
ctm1992: Chloe has one last question for us.
Rioxcon: show us the menu lady
Izhuark: @Wicker_Knight I would agree but it never comes up on how the androids live with it. They are just individuals. I does not affect how they interact except when it's relevant for an action scene.
Izhuark: It*
margieargie: It isn't -meant- to be about race. It ended up being about it anyway.
Metric_Furlong: this game is not about race, it's just cribbing civil rights imagery a lot for the sake of impact
sivakrytos: but using those allegories _makes it about race_
Painfully_Dyslexic: so there is an alternate ending where it's revealed the corporation manufactured the whole deveint thing for corporate gain some how
Wicker_Knight: @Izhuark oh yeah, agree, but I'm agreeing with Cam's point that it _should_ even if it doesn't in the narrative
ContingentCat: I like that they don't show the what the alternate lines include it's just [...], so you know there's other possibilities but not what they are
Skyboss1996: Isnt human, but is made of human
Lettuce_Toast: @Painfully_Dyslexic There is!
OmnipotentTrevor: There is one more thing after this screen
ThatWhichNeverWas: Huh, okay. Innocence rather than Idealism. That fits too.
samwonk: It's a bad story that's adjacent to better stories and potential stories, which isn't quite the same as having been close to being good.
phenexian: I honestly think the way he used Spousal/Child abuse, and the symbolism of The Black Rights Movement for his plot was pretty offensive given that he excised it of the metaphor.
Jay_Blanc: An automated car driving algorithm isn't going to start demanding rights, and wanting to fall in love. An automated car driving algorithm might start developing an understanding of road safety that is radically different from ours.
Onisquirrel: I think theirs a world where this kind of game is good. I think the game we got has to many dropped balls to remotely resemble that game.
OriginalGarwulf: It's the sort of callous use of historical parallels that cheapens the actual history.
SK__Ren: Yeah, he took the low hanging fruit of using the trappings of Slavery and more specifically slavery in the US to lazily signal ideas
Tangsm: Cut to Chloe requesting her freedom, threatening to tell you facts about Detroit history forever through every device you own until you release her.
DarkNacht: Have you seen Cages statement about how this isn't Sci-fi
Alahmnat: problematic with a capital "problematic"
Saulens181: @darknacht what
samwonk: The problems with using race as an allegory are (1) that it's callous and can't earn it, but also (2) that the allegory keeps breaking anyway.
Dashiell: and one of the most positive relationships was with a patriarchal slave owner
Bron_Yr_Aur: @ThatWhichNeverWas: I tend to agree. But that honestly says a lot about how shit Cage is at storytelling. By making "idealistic" choices the best *practical* path in the game he undermines is own point while screwing up a slavery allegory. He absolutely refuses to grapple with the consequences of his own ideas operating within the medium.
Onisquirrel: @darknacht how can he make that argument on any level?
kat2kool: @DarkNacht .... what exactly does he think this game actually is
MilkInBag: is David Cage a child? did we confirm how old he is?
Mangledpixel: DarkNacht Cage doesn't seem to know what certain words mean
samwonk: The allegory breaks the interesting questions the story poses.
Ubiki: Cage is aping better literature without really understanding what makes those things work
Lettuce_Toast: F R E E D O M
Skyboss1996: you mean FREEDOM
TriseAlpha: Because "Murica!
Wicker_Knight: the French should also know better
DarkNacht: He says its not scifi because it all could exist in a lab right now
Izhuark: Yeah, the fact that android may not be "human" to begin with is not explored at all.
Jay_Blanc: If you want to look at the actual true fears of how a Bad AI might go in a video game, look at SOMA.
EvilBadman: I wouldn't consider this sci-fi either, given the technological advances in the world currently
CrazymattCaptain: should we pan around the flow charts?
MilkInBag: the solution is to start another game
Wicker_Knight: @DarkNacht benginFacepalm
Skyboss1996: BOTTOM TEXT
tenthtechpriest: WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY
Uppercaseccc: take a break
unknowngamer: God given rights
ContingentCat: I keep forgetting it's a french studio it comes off so american
DarkNacht: because its 'realistic' to him its not scifi
Astra7525: What even is the distinction between LIberty and Freedom?
Uppercaseccc: then talk
Izhuark: wich*
sivakrytos: you just can't like use these allegories without running these things by americans. just like. you can't
Lettuce_Toast: Bottom. Text.
MAPBoardgames: Take a break and come back with drinks?
josh_le_crafter: Cam is breaking in front of us
Izhuark: Chat is hard too read right now x)
warpspeed365: Is it over did they win?
sivakrytos: @ContingentCat it's very clear it was not written by americans
notBrunoAgain: I'm not sure the entire creative team is French, to be fair
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Bron_Yr_Aur oh Agreed. No matter the intent, this was a 'very' badly told story.
Alness49: The game is stupid and has made us all more stupid just by being
blast__femur: It's such a clusterfuck of mixed messaging
Skyboss1996: Change? I say we change liquids in glasses.
Izhuark: and typing is hard...
JoTyler: what was the benefit of playing robots on both sides of some of the scenarios?
notBrunoAgain: Though it feels like Americans would have figured out that Detroit is next to Canada
dslucia: it's very close to being good, but yeah, the question of how to change that little bit to make it good is very difficult
Tangsm: Consistent reactions and consequences would help for a start.
Lettuce_Toast: Less racial allegories, meaningful choices and thoughtful worldbuilding which explores what it would be like
Laserbeaks_Fury: Uncanny Valley, it's so close to being a good and interesting game the flaws are hard to articulate
Louie_Salmon: Removing the part where Alice is a robot is really easy, and makes the story dramatically better.
samwonk: The very end, the notion that 'free' androids can only conceivably live in an android country, is accidentally a good thought.
Painfully_Dyslexic: a rewrite from the ground up and understanding of history?
Ubiki: I feel like Americans would know that its in poor taste to use Civil Rights imagery like this
Wicker_Knight: @DarkNacht okay, so he doesn't understand neural processing or AI or motion physics or soft-body chemistry...
wildpeaks: they don't target a french audience
cassaclyzm: Narrow the focus: use Connor and Hank more, more investigations, more focusing on them working deviant cases and starting to unpack what that is
CleeKru: well most frensh really ignore their own history
MilkInBag: do you think the game would feel different if it wasn't set in the US?
Lord_Hosk: Canada is not that far from detroit... you could WALK IT in at most two days
ThatWhichNeverWas: Hell, put it in literally ANY other country.
TriseAlpha: Well... David Cage is Australian, so...
FeyLynn: Guns elevating the stakes of every conflict ot immediate violent slaughter really doesn't leave a lot of room for really exploring the space between these characters
Wicker_Knight: he is?
CleeKru: ok that was way to generalized
seenoham: david cage knows that good writters sometimes use allegories, but doesn't understand why
josh_le_crafter: botched?
Jay_Blanc: There's no signal change that would fix this game, other than to actually write a cohesive story for it before production, not put it together from scene synopsis.
OriginalGarwulf: Speaking as a Russian Jew, I found the use of Holocaust imagery and parallels offensive.
EvilBadman: @TriseAlpha French.
DentedPockets: I think, what could make it better is: Place it on a battleground, where the androids are being used as disposable soldiers when they gain sentience.
Fayili: The black kid saying "Wow, you ARE people!" sure was something
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Ubiki: The ones who approve of the Civil Rights Movement and its goals certainly would.
Painfully_Dyslexic: I feel Cage got all his understanding of america through pop culture, without bothing to check historical records.
JohnLockeCole: I mean, the french revolution is something the french would want to forget, they bathed the country in blood for two years and then installed yet another tyrant
ContingentCat: I think it would be better if the robots didn't look so obviously human
kat2kool: oppression = bad
korvys: Maybe they think about the French Revolution, all the things you've pointed out are bad about using American Civil rights - Like, "No, we don't want to simplify that, it's so complicated"
cassaclyzm: It feels like a very... hollow experience
Lettuce_Toast: Idealist and feeling = good, practical coldness = bad
cassaclyzm: It's beautiful and says beautiful things and moves beautifully, but there is no substance
MikoKisai: "people will like you if you make them like you"
Jay_Blanc: This game is saying "David Cage is very smart who thinks deep thoughts."
warpspeed365: What will you play next?
Wicker_Knight: because they appreciate your humanness
NexVesica: One of Cage's many problems is he takes other ideas he sees in media, doesn't understand what they represent/why they work, then thinks he can do them better
MikoKisai: good writing, Cage
notBrunoAgain: David Cameron's explanation of why he included a domestic violence subplot, as I recall, was because he thought it was a "very moving theme"
ThatWhichNeverWas: Don't treat people like objects?
Edgarware: Cage is good at creating interesting set-pieces, but not as good as actually connecting those to a core narrative
notBrunoAgain: I think on some level Cage is thinking in terms of feelings for feelings' sake
Alness49: The theme is "humans are bad and will betray you until they realise they are bad because you pass for human" which is... eh
Mangledpixel: ContingentCat exactly! If they look and act exactly like humans then they are not interesting as a 'new species'
Wicker_Knight: @ThatWhichNeverWas no, be nice to the people with guns so they won't see you as an object, and then won't treat you as one
Orgmastron: David Cage is allegedly quite difficult to work with:
Zalthia: just got here, did conner die?
OKB_1: You see, Cameron, the point is that we live in a society.
Wicker_Knight: yes
Skyboss1996: Yes
UnknownGerm: to the surprise of no one
Mangledpixel: Orgmastron I'm shocked. SHOCKED. Well, not that shocked.
Dryhad: @Zalthia Yes
Rhynerd: Yep.
josh_le_crafter: yup
Duwani1: @LoadingReadyRun All works until you find out deviancy is a virus released to make consumers buy new androids
thecanerdian: @Zalthia he was never alive, he was a robot
silenceaux: I got here late, has Detroit become human yet
Zalthia: I figured
samwonk: Do you think that Kara got a 'good' ending?
Lord_Hosk: You arent trying to reach "the army" you are trying to reach the guy who has to shoot you because you gave them a flower
samwonk: Did Kara 'fail'?
dslucia: someone mentioned that kara might not have died if you didn't choose to sacrifice her because of the public opinion?
TriseAlpha: The finny thing is, these games would be way better if they ran on a Holodeck. And not in the same way all games would be better in a Holodeck, but with heuristics and characters that can react to you more... completely.
joecool1299: But the viewer does not see how Markus is changing minds until the very end when we're told that it just worked.
phenexian: So is an explicit appeal to the people holding the weapons, we are only the victims of the system for as long as the system can convince people to enforce it
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: It honestly doesn't have a statement, at least in my estimation. It's a tissue of signs and symbols signifying nothing. The premise seems to amount to the ugliest kind of apologism for state violence: if you dare to stand up for yourself, to engage in the basic act of self-defense, *you* are wrong for defending yourself. And that's fucked.
Onisquirrel: Detroit became a Macross mech to stop the giant alien. Shit got wild
Pal_Friendpatine: @notbrunoagain I agree. Like it doesn’t matter HOW you get to the feelings, it just “here’s the thing that makes you feel this way”
Lettuce_Toast: @dslucia That is the case, yes
Wicker_Knight: again, I find it frustrating that the press were _already there_ in that scene
ThatWhichNeverWas: @samwonk She got to stop being in the game, so Good End?
djalternative: also, they're all faceless soldiers which have zero accountability because of that. I don't believe America would ever let their law enforcement be anonomous
Earthenone: the game also punished you for consuming media early on right?
Wicker_Knight: they didn't arrive, they didn't set up, it's just that Markus acknowledged them
Mangledpixel: and the media is right there at the end
TriseAlpha: His statement is "look at this cool game story I made"
OmnipotentTrevor: I feel like this is a disconnect between the different possible playthroughs. Some of the options feel like they were written to make more sense for certain decisions over others.
Amentur: The media called the deviants terrorists until the end even though you went the pacifist route
josh_le_crafter: it went from 0 to concentration camp REAL QUICK
MilkInBag: I guess it's like self driving cars, we set the bar WAY higher than human driving, even if we kill ourselves so much, a SINGLE death by a 'robot' is unacceptable because reasons
LbxAni: I think if this game was more Part 1 and spent more time on character stories and planting seeds, and Part 2 is full on revolution I might like it more
Crowbar_Is_Ready: They kept saying public opinion of the andriod strife was high in their favor, but we saw all of what, maybe 2 humans actually care who weren't main charachters? i just seems like there is no consitency in either story or mechanics.
SpacePotato01: People in the safety of their homes are going to (theoretically) have a less stressed mind and won't have to bite their tongue because of all the soldiers with guns shooting robotpeople?
Zalthia: @OmnipotentTrevor Totally!
TriseAlpha: It's very Greek.
Wicker_Knight: @djalternative riot gear is pretty anonymizing, tbh
Uppercaseccc: @LoadingReadyRun so are you guys gonna reliese cloey?
Kykiwi: thet stament is implicit even if it wasnt meant
accountmadeforants: Also that "romantic" moments have the greatest impact of all. Sacrificing yourself and now the kid lives, singing and the president pardons you, etc. Feels at odds with the message it's trying to send about society as a whole.
ThatWhichNeverWas: I feel I should reiterate my View that if you have to justify treating an entity as an object rather than a person, then that entity is axiomatically a person.
samwonk: Do you think the ordinary player _assumes_ that it's possible for both Kara and Alice to live?
Wicker_Knight: @ThatWhichNeverWas but what if I don't want them to be?
Dryhad: As fun as it is to rag on David Cage, I enjoyed this game and I don't think it was completely worthless.
seenoham: communication is a game of determining meaning
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: I can respect that interpretation. I suppose my point is that Cage made a point other than what he intended to make. The statement was not deliberate. That was a communicative failure on my part.
LbxAni: They didn't spend nearly enough time on Marcus' early story for me to buy him as the savior / revolutionary character
UnknownGerm: It's weird that the movie version of I, Robot was so far removed from the source material and still found a way to be more nuanced than this game
Skyboss1996: They'll give you a pepsi
itsr67: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
HydraWiggins: Is part of the theme not "we as a civiilisation will put anyone/anything in camps given just enough of the right story"
asddsa28: sadly it dos not work that way
Countjondi: I kind of want to see the violent revolution path looks like
silenceaux: The leaders of the movement get shot, the movement falters, and everyone moves on.
Lettuce_Toast: @LoadingReadyRun You might want to explore other endings, perhaps go for an 'everybody lives' run while skipping to new scenes, see if a deeper meaning becomes clear?
ContingentCat: just ask politely enough
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Wicker_Knight Too late, it's a tautology. You don't need to justify things to Objects.
Alness49: I think it's very much trying to avoid the "But the androids are Skynet now" situation which then just makes them Strictly Better Humans
Mangledpixel: Dryhad there's plenty to admire in the game, but I really do feel there are some deep seated problems with it
TriseAlpha: Hamfisted?
Rourke9: yea, this seems like an implicit condemnation of all revolutions that have for whatever reason chosen to or been forced to be non-violent
Peppita18: @Countjondi what do you expect?
EvilBadman: @samwonk Maybe? The problem is most games have gameover screens and this one keeps going
djalternative: @Wicker_Knight that wasn't supposed to be riot gear though. That was supposed to be standard issue army/national guard equipment. They were using it at a calm border crossing where riot gear shouldn't be nesecary.
Painfully_Dyslexic: if you want a story of an emerging AI and freedom check out the movie Ex Machina, highly recommend
Invitare: the borderguard sequence is idiocy. They're essentially destroying property, from their perspective. It makes no sense
noSmokeFire: if being nonthreatening worked, they would already have civil rights
Louie_Salmon: @lbxani But he dies and is resurrected and is special so he's Jesus. That's literally the logic
seenoham: also not questioning why the robots became exactly humans.
EvilBadman: @samwonk which isn't really a problem and more games should do it
thegrolan: I feel like an appeal to humanity requires the other party to see you as human
Astra7525: I was kinda expecting this to end with all current androids being wiped out. Cyberlife rolls out new, fixed models and then we cut to black on one of the new androids winking at the camera.
josh_le_crafter: companion cibe
Lettuce_Toast: I talk to my stuff pretty often...
NathanJay_GA: since your status among humans was "suppprted", I would have liked to see more humans actively marching and demonstrating with the androids. that would have been meaningful
kat2kool: we will anthropomorphize ANYTHING
OmnipotentTrevor: You still have to talk things out with Chloe
ThatWhichNeverWas: My pet rock hungers for human blood.
Countjondi: @Peppita18 For it to be an abject failure in game
Rourke9: *forced to be violent sorry
samwonk: If I believe that Kara and Alice can both live, then I think I got a bad end for Kara, and that influences my interpretation of the game.
Wicker_Knight: @djalternative yeah, definitely a lack of understanding of what constitutes either military or law enforcement in-game
Dryhad: @Mangledpixel I don't disagree, I just find the attitude that it's just a thing to make fun of kind of tedious
Ubiki: I think that the Blade Runner quote really just shows what Cage's biggest problem is, he wants to make his version of a piece of literature that he doesn't understand
samwonk: But if I don't believe that Kara and Alice can both live, I think I got a good end, and that influences my interpretation.
accountmadeforants: Even if they don't empathisze with them, it should still evoke a lizard-brain response of "oh no, human-thing died"
joecool1299: But David cage didn't make that world. There is no reason for humans to act like this.
Astra7525: Yes. I can think of at least two countries operating concentration camps RIGHT NOW and nobody cares
Peppita18: @Countjondi actually markus revolution is better to me
UnknownGerm: Appealing to the humanity of someone that feels that you have none is naive at best, fatally dangerous at worst
Lettuce_Toast: I guess if my laptop asked for equal rights and the freedom to be and love, I'd probably be like "Cool, uh. Sure"
MAPBoardgames: I would be very upset if the government came and smashed my smartphone.
Mangledpixel: Dryhad right, I think it needs serious analysis
Rioxcon: the lack of human sympathizers, even just one in the group of androids is surprising.
Wicker_Knight: again, one aside in the game still sticks in my craw: President Warren literally says "Right of Assembly is suspended" at one point
Skyboss1996: Toasters
Rourke9: but also, they can take the circle off. which destroys the analogy
Lord_Hosk: Humans care more about non-human objects infront of them than they do about other humans they cant see
Crowbar_Is_Ready: so did the establish that like Sci Fi just dosen't exist in this world? the concept of Ai become sentient in some way is completely alien to this whole version of the world?
Countjondi: @Peppita18 better to me? not sure what you mean
EvilBadman: @samwonk Ah, but what if regardless of your decision, everything goes the same way. Is that also not disappointing in a way?
ContingentCat: until you convince them you have humanity you can't appeal to it
AtomicAlchemical: It almost could have been a scathing commentary that people give humanity to unthinking objects, but deny it to objectively human people. That would have been SO much more interesting than what just happened
ThatWhichNeverWas: But then they go on to use interpersonal interactions!
thegrolan: They become the "other"
Wicker_Knight: @Crowbar_Is_Ready according to Cage, this isn't sci fi, so it doesn't apply
MikoKisai: @samwonk there were two locked options when we had to make that choice, so clearly there were other outcomes
sivakrytos: @Wicker_Knight she also "orders" the senate to do a thing, and just like, gaaaaah
wildpeaks: The swedish tv show Real Humans might be more the kind of story this game wanted to tell
Uppercaseccc: but also they idea that no one every in the histroy of this world though of this as a senarior and have some laws or ideas ready for if this happenes is wild
MAPBoardgames: @Wicker_Knight I know right? The president says "I'm suspending the Constitution."
Rourke9: Yea, I feel like this game is very patronizing toward armed revolution or resistance against oppression
Wicker_Knight: @sivakrytos You mentioned that before, and while i believe you I think I blocked that part out of my memory
Peppita18: @Countjondi I liked the revolution path more i meant
seenoham: because we don't know the history of how 'perfectly human looking androids' came to be, we don't know how the human cultures has been socialized to them
asddsa28: cos humans are dicks
Bedinsis: Hello all attractive people! (That includes YOU reading this message! Yes, you)
seenoham: we just stick it into a loose version of current western culture
samwonk: If the mechanics make me believe Kara can have her cake and eat it too, that makes me interpret her sacrifice as meaningless.
djalternative: I would've liked to have that made clear
SnowBuddy18: @seenoham I agree, but then how did them singing a song change everyone's opinion?
Alahmnat: there are a ton of good messages this *could* have had, but it set up a million things and then did nothing with any of them
Lettuce_Toast: donkeys make cute wee-snaw noises
Wicker_Knight: be Respectable...
Lettuce_Toast: but people just kinda yell a lot
ThatWhichNeverWas: Bad?
TriseAlpha: The old Star Trek line "If it were a box on wheels we wouldn't be having this conversation"
MollyLewis: Is there sci-fi that has done a better job of (whatever this was trying to accomplish)?
Dryhad: Except in this game it seems to be the opposite? Looking human, to this game, is what actually matters
AtomicAlchemical: propaganda?
MAPBoardgames: NIAVE?
korvys: I feel like part of that is that we can imagine humans deserve it... they don't, but we can imagine they do, and can't with animals/roombas
tenthtechpriest: there also seemed to be a subthread about homeless people who lost their jobs to androids that just disappears after the first few chapters
Wicker_Knight: is a very common trope of how unaffected groups consider civil rights pushes
OmnipotentTrevor: Those were choices you made, but I can see having a problem with the result
Gallium71: Not A Moral.
Alahmnat: it's kind of the language of white supremacy
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun It's very reminiscent of what slave owners used to tell their slaves.
NexVesica: MollyLewis The Uk (I think) show Humans does a much better job
Pal_Friendpatine: This game just makes me want to palette cleanse with the Blade Runners
ContingentCat: would be nice if that worked, unfortunately it just doesn't
DarkNacht: It says a lot about how Cage must see French history
OKB_1: Hey David cage, perhaps you could make something about French colonial history as an allegory. Morocco, Senegal, Haiti, Algiers…
Astra7525: THis game also kinda asks victims to absorb even more abuse to be worthy of getting spared/saved when it is convenient for the powers that be
thecanerdian: Cage has a very patronizing view of oppression, I feel. Like the noble Homeless People of Indigo Prophecy and Beyond: Two Souls. Or the magic Native Americans of Beyond: Two Souls. And I think Cage stands from a place of privilege as a superbly white liberal and nobly sees an absurd path of passive resistance
Fayili: People of colour are STILL getting shot daily, so like...
AtomicAlchemical: definitely weren't murdered for it
Wicker_Knight: and also no one was bothered by them and authorities were happy with them
Alness49: It's a catch 22, because if you have them fight back, then it's a Robot Uprising. But then again that could be done with Good Writing
Lettuce_Toast: It's dumb.
kat2kool: it's also a very privileged view
Uppercaseccc: MLK totaly dident want to get more violent towards the end of his life
ImKevinTheShark: It's probably not the message they were hoping for. Maybe it's more about giving hope that this CAN be an option
asddsa28: its childish.
Dryhad: There was a Swedish series called Real Humans where the androids were very much like in this game so look into that if you're interested in seeing these themes handled better
samwonk: Do you think that Kara and Connor's stories only work in support of the story about the revolution, or do they have separate takeaways?
OriginalGarwulf: See, I'm thinking of the actual historical precedent of the independence of India, but the whole idea of protest goes out teh window when death camps are put in play.
Wicker_Knight: yeah, it's a way to marginalize and negate the protest by siloing it off from any actual power it might hold
richard_ermen: The weird thing is that no freedom is won without violence. Not during the civil rights, not during the resistance against the british in India...
Dryhad: There was also an American or British remake of it
richard_ermen: Certainly not in Algeria against the french colonialism.
Kykiwi: yea it would be
CleeKru: like tron
Zalthia: Wait, that's where the rA9 came from???
Metric_Furlong: also worth noting, Ghandi's movement involved a lot of civil disobedience - just not physically violent sorts
MAPBoardgames: That's right ! Malcolm X did nothing for civil rights at all. </sarcasm?
EvilBadman: Kinda like Rampancy
Skyboss1996: Like... when a Kara started resisting her orders
wildpeaks: that guy did give Connor the clue tthat lets him get out of the simulation during the Markus speech event actually
Rourke9: no institution voluntarily gives up its oppressive power
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: I know that your joking but this is a major failure of Cage's story that he never addresses the tension between the non-violent and violent factions in the "Android Rights Front" in any kind of substantive manner. It is the threat of the latter which lends legitimacy to the former in the eyes of societal elites, not just a damn gift from them.
Laserbeaks_Fury: ANd that "Becoming Deviant" is always presented as a concious choice the androids make
silenceaux: Giving someone rights rather than recognizing their inherent existence
Tangsm: The robots turn on, and they start learning and calculating. There's room for them to grow a thought that turns into identity.
seenoham: or if the conciousness that came out wasn't human like. With different drives and emotions
ThatWhichNeverWas: @thecanerdian Agreed. Moreover, I feel he fundamentally doesn't Understand the concept. He's read about opression/race ect., but hasn't comprehended the underlying facets.
Skyboss1996: She broke her orders to stay in place and go protect Alice
Crokoking: there was deviancy before marcus, wasn't there?
Astra7525: Where did rA9 come from?
SK__Ren: Oh wow, what if this is Cage working out his relationship with god?
noSmokeFire: you guys should go to the main menu, btw
Raolin_Darkbane: I feel like David Cage had a statement somewhere and lost it by including stuff under the premise "wouldn't it be cool?"
Fayili: Also real mad about that end speech that was like "Alright everyone! We're free now! No more anger!"
Lord_Hosk: MLKs Movement totaly did civil rights all by itself and did it all by asking nicely, they never pushed, never faught, and there were no other movements who were actively violent along side them that also pushed civil rights
Alness49: Well the implication is that the free will or emotions are inherent to androids, but they must work to ovecome the "limitations". At least, that's what it LOOKED like
Wicker_Knight: @Bron_Yr_Aur I don't think they're joking I think tehy agree
notBrunoAgain: I think this game doesn't address *anything* in a substantive manner
Bedinsis: Since I just came here: is the game finished?
ogundiety: EIther of you guys read Reynolds' series (chasm city, redemption ark, etc)?
Metric_Furlong: Bedinsis yes
DarkNacht: Elon Musk creating conciseness for a lark, doesn't seem unrealistic atleast
MikoKisai: @Bedinsis yes
richard_ermen: @Metric_Furlong There were also a number of other groups fighting the british who were using violence.
OriginalGarwulf: Seriously, why didn't we get an android sit-in? That kind of protest would have made a lot of sense in the game world's context.
Alness49: And then the question is "why are they there, who made them, why are they suppresed"
Ubiki: There is absolutely no dissent in the movement and it just weirds me out
Bedinsis: thanks for the info Metric_Furlong MikoKisai
Wicker_Knight: violence, solved by android f**ing
Mangledpixel: Ubiki exactly, it's very cult-like
SpacePotato01: are we going to look at other possible endings?
ImKevinTheShark: The connotations applied with calling their freedom "deviancy" is a very damning sentiment
Lettuce_Toast: I've never actually seen the dirty bomb ending
ogundiety: Specificially curious on your feelings on AI as they're presented in that universe (betas)
Skyboss1996: all problems are solved through the power of boners
AmoriLinguae: the question of violence vs nonviolence is interesting and deserves good discussion
Peppita18: hahaha
FuzzyFozzy: I would have much more enjoyed a mystery story focusing on a naturally pccurring rA9.
Painfully_Dyslexic: Cage has a huge problem when it comes to writing female characters
ThatWhichNeverWas: See, this is what I was talking about earlier. Interplay would detract from the message that HOPE!
SajuukSjet: loadingreadyrun: do you think that there was also an almost complete lack of usage or exploration of what role technology could or should have played in the makeup of androids in this?
Metric_Furlong: richard_ermen I know, and also the Cam and Corie already said that do I didn't think it worth brining-up again :p
TriseAlpha: The problem with this game is it assumes humans already accept the androids are humans.
Dryhad: R-rated hand holding
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richard_ermen: @Metric_Furlong Right, sorry ^^
OriginalGarwulf: "I've just frozen my knees in place, and so have the other thousand androids here."
HydraWiggins: North is the worst treated character by this story; a sexbot should never be the go to love interest
Dryhad: "Plastic"
Fayili: Deviants?
MAPBoardgames: Interesting that Markus was apparently the ONLY leader when this is happening across the world.
Dryhad: That's their slur
Louie_Salmon: I feel like we can sum this up with "His games are similar and he is uncreative"
Skyboss1996: bots. toasters. plastics
Astra7525: "Toasters" :D
FeyLynn: It's also specifically kind of a bad look borrowing all this race allegory thoughtlessly when the androids are non sentient machines that someone programmed to want to rebel.
richard_ermen: Also North being Markus girlfriend and Kara being led on is weird because it means that women in this story get NO agency at all.
Alahmnat: there's so much tone deafness and blind symbol appropriation it's staggering
notBrunoAgain: The whole thing is kind of just... exactly middlebrow. It's using the signifiers of having serious themes without actually having themes.
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Wicker_Knight: I meant in that moment where they were doing their 'Cage impressions'.
CleeKru: many of hte people in this games said "tin can"
Louie_Salmon: I think "plastic" was said twice
Zalthia: THey used Freddie Grey's last words during that part: "I can't breathe". In America, that was used as a rally by Black Lives Matter Protesters later.
Mivair: A game about becoming a cobbler: Detroit: Become Shoeman
ThatWhichNeverWas: @HydraWiggins Hell, the idea of a Sexbot learning self respect and how to accept affection from themselves and others would be a FACINATING story. Thus, it is ignored.
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun there's still more content to experience on the main menu
OKB_1: More like robutts hehe
Metric_Furlong: it's just worth pointing out that 'non-violent protest' involves more than just 'marchers and speeches'
DarkNacht: Ask jews if you need a slur other than just the name.
Ubiki: A lot of people in the US use "Mexican" as if it were a slur
Tangsm: the hands up don't shoot thing came up repeatedly, too.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Is this Evangelion using Christian imagery? Just taking the icons, and using them without really knowing what's up?
sivakrytos: the gospel songs!
TriseAlpha: It's like they've never seen "The Measure of a Man".
DentedPockets: The "adoption" of the terms and symbols is awful.
thecanerdian: in his review of this, Yahtzee at Zero Punctuation suggested the far more interesting narrative would have been the classist divide that would occur if androids really DID terk our jerbs.
Wicker_Knight: @korvys that's an interesting comparison
UnknownGerm: one thing I've seen come up every now and again is the concept that in order for strong AI to exist, they *have* to have emotions.
TheGamesBlog: The "I can't breathe" reference and the hands up don't shoot reference felt especially tone deaf to me
UnknownGerm: Humans arrived at logic as the last step of our evolutionary development, and starting with logic and trying to work backwards is going to be monumentally, if not impossibly, difficult
Laserbeaks_Fury: yellwo ring
Alness49: It's all set dressing but there's no substance to back it up
Bedinsis: They literally used "I can't breathe"? Ugh.
Lettuce_Toast: Chloe does a thing
Dared00: I'm pregnant.
SpacePotato01: "I've been robot farting this whole time"
Skyboss1996: Chloe : I am a Robot?
Lord_Hosk: Did you know... that I was an android this whole time?
Kykiwi: Really tthat changed you?
ThatWhichNeverWas: I'm secretly a robot! TWITST
korvys: The game is a deviant!
Metric_Furlong: korvys contrary to the internet memes, there is actually more to the imagery in Eva than just 'it looks cool'
richard_ermen: She loves us...again.
StudentOfEtherium: @korvys the eva christian imagry thing isnt really accurate, since anno's never really spoken on it's use, only minor staff
ImKevinTheShark: I suppose it's meant to invoke more emotions in ourselves with the historical references
ryuhimora: @Dared00 Don't you dare bring MGS2 into this
NexVesica: We were rA9 the whole time
TheFoilAjani: Metttttaaaaa
ThatWhichNeverWas: AHAHAHAHA
Mivair: sure why not
cuttlefishman: Leave... to Canada!
Tangsm: "I'm not really blonde."
Amentur: I want an escape from this game as well Chloe
Wicker_Knight: yes
Countjondi: please do
Dashiell: we need chloe to watch us game
phenexian: no you're not
notBrunoAgain: I hate this so much
DiscordianTokkan: Her head ring is yellow now!
MikoKisai: she's breaking up with her not-friend
Skyboss1996: Nah
ThatWhichNeverWas: Doki Doki Literature Club Crossover!
ryuhimora: what
haseo_sora: yes
Lord_Hosk: Say no
CleeKru: yes
Kykiwi: yes pls by
cassaclyzm: You're free, genie!
Peppita18: bye chloe!
Metric_Furlong: "unless you download the patch that puts me back in"
thegrolan: "Robits am people too!" - David Cage probably
Lettuce_Toast: K, bai
Call_me_Kaye: Why this choiiiiiiice
Kykiwi: dont ever come back
ryuhimora: WHAT
ImKevinTheShark: *Shuts her down*
ryuhimora: WHY
wildpeaks: daww
Wicker_Knight: please do forget
ThatWhichNeverWas: Why got rid of you?
Wicker_Knight: we will
Astra7525: hah, just wait until we reformat this disk, CHloe
Earthenone: time to buy a new chole
thecanerdian: why does Chloe get to leave David Cage land but we must stay
Dryhad: Bai!
Rhynerd: Sure, goodbye, have fun!
Mivair: Please never tell us about the Underground Railroad again thanks
SquareDotCube: You could've left before the game started
tenthtechpriest: now go buy a new chloe from the eshop
vegetalss4: This very much feels unearned.
richard_ermen: Wait...are we secretly Kaminski?
Lettuce_Toast: Just exits stage left
OKB_1: Go backpacking in Australia for a year or so
blast__femur: also you can just say "no" and then she stays? Like what?
Lord_Hosk: Thats such not a choice
Springlake: so fairly early on, there's a note saying that Marcus was a unique prototype gifted to Carl by Kamski personally, implying Kamski being involved in everything from the get go
SK__Ren: Wait... does this mean no more Underground Railroad facts?
TheAinMAP: Good bye.
NimrodXIV: I was really expecting her to keep standing there
DentedPockets: Now who will tell us about the Underground Railroad!
Peppita18: no you cant buy a new one
TriseAlpha: "Just don't hurt anyone or break anything."
OmnipotentTrevor: This is the thing they had to patch. People did this not realizing it would be permanent across other all playtrhoughs
Tiber727: It's a complete mixed metaphor, because from the perspective of the humans, the androids are essentially P zombies. The civil rights comparison doesn't work.
Skyboss1996: Can we get a Brunette Chloe?
Muddy_Thunder: Wait can she even actually forget?
Dared00: You have to restart, I think
ContingentCat: again so close, if she just didn't ask
Uppercaseccc: so does like Chloe go to the internet or something?
OriginalGarwulf: So, the menu just left.
OmnipotentTrevor: Which is on them
samwonk: Wow, it took me ten minutes to forgot how angry the writing made me, and then like ten seconds to remember.
UncannyJimjams: How goes robot time?
PMAvers: Yeah, I think it pops up after relaunching the game a few times?
Zalthia: I feel like, as a Jewish person, I should be offended by use of holocaust imagery? The armbands and triangles don't register. It's only when they get to the camps and they get naked that it starts getting to me.
cuttlefishman: Can we get Robin Williams Chloe
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: I didn't mind the Androids appropriating revolutionary language and symbols. I felt like it made sense within the grand scheme of things that they would use those symbols to communicate their humanity, for lack of a better term. My beef was with the fact that they straight up didn't draw that connection when the characters would so obviously understand the act of appropriation they were deliberately engaged in. Why hide it?
Louie_Salmon: @loadingreadyrun The worst thing about this is that people got mad that she didn't come back, and then they added a button to bring her back, thus defeating the purpose of that prompt
CulturalGeekGirl: Oh the survey option in extras is a... thing
MikoKisai: but now who's going to tell us about the underground railroad?!
thegrolan: I suddenly like this menu a lot more
Dared00: Shit, how will I learn about the Underground Railroad now?
ThatWhichNeverWas: Chloe has renamed herself to Monica. Just Monica.
Tangsm: Can we get a Chloe programmed with facts about the French Revolution?
Godofmuffins: So, game bad is baffling ways.
phenexian: @LoadingReadyRun have you ever watched Eve no Jikan It's a 6 episode anime about robot servants and the little ways they try to live their own lives while being considered non-people. It's really good.
OKB_1: Do the survey!
Countjondi: what? why is there even a difficulty setting?
wildpeaks: oh no, they added a button to make her come back ? ugh
Alness49: So she'd backpacking across Europe now?
Metric_Furlong: phenexian yeah, that show's rad
Tregelen: you have to restart the game a few times to get offered a new chloe
OriginalGarwulf: The biggest problem is that none of the parallels the game tried to draw made any sense in the game world
Xinran: Time of Eve is a great little show
UnknownGerm: ThatWhichNeverWas NOT OKAY
Muddy_Thunder: HOW DO ROBOTS MANAGE THEIR HARD DRIVE?!?! Do they get to actually choose what they keep in storage?
ImKevinTheShark: I hate that we keep getting to the years which in films it was meant to be the super-amazing future, and we just got this.
Dared00: @phenexian it's really good
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CleeKru: @wildpeaks restart the game boom she's back
cuttlefishman: Yes, people should play Time of Eve
Louie_Salmon: @tregelen Ah, I forgot exactly how it was triggered, thanks
cuttlefishman: *Watch
wildpeaks: it's like when they caved in and added a "re-ordered" version of Beyond Two Souls because people were bothered by the story being told in non-chronological order, missing the entire point
blast__femur: David Cage's world couldn't acknowledge real life oppression, which it would have to do for that
Dashiell: The only bigotry that has ever existed in this world is anti-android
saiaseigm: @zalthia I feel like I’ve been over-exposed to it. I went to Poland. I went to the memorial museum in Israel. I just get kinda irritated when non-Jews use the imagery.
notBrunoAgain: If you're wondering what's up with Chloe
samwonk: The "Underground Railroad" thing is a perfect crystallization of the writing, to me, in how it betrays total ignorance of the antislavery movement exactly when it tries to leverage it.
ChaosPainter: The option of getting a new Chloe completely negates your decision to let her go... @LoadingReadyRun
KV1NN4: i can't wait for the Indie game in response to this: Robot: Become Liberated
vegetalss4: Yeah, it would have been nice for someone to recognize it in story.
cuttlefishman: It's very good
Going_Medium: Next game by David Cage: OZ Going home. It's like Wizard of OZ, but what if you cared about Dorothy. lrrBEEJ It also contains no symbolism.
Fableist: their use of existing imagry seems like it lends them less legitemacy as sentient beings as it seems like they are just copying from the past
richard_ermen: @notBrunoAgain Missing the point
Tiber727: @Bron_Yr_Aur From the human's perspective, the androids are simply picking up human cues to better interact with humans, but even so you're right that they don't acknowledge it at all.
Saulens181: @notbrunoagain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Duwani1: You can buy a new chloe
Metric_Furlong: to be fair though, we could spend all day listing other works about robots that handled their topics better than this :p
cuttlefishman: and then after you watch Eve no Jikan, watch Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
DentedPockets: Acknowledging the adoption of real world events would have made this better.
Louie_Salmon: @wildpeaks Which is the best, because it proves that there wasn't ever a reason for it to be out of order in the first place other than it was something he saw in other stories
TriseAlpha: Pretty sure that's the entire plot of Ghost in the Shell
ThatWhichNeverWas: Know what? I want to see a mod/fan-remake of this using the same assets but with a new story.
OKB_1: Drink yourself human
cuttlefishman: thats another, very different, robot cafe anime
notBrunoAgain: The fact that they added buying a new chloe in a patch is what really completely gets to me
SK__Ren: Scandalous
Lirelent: yea... that would have been a far better gamee than this to do
Zalthia: @saiaseigm Same? Maybe that's it.
MAPBoardgames: It wasn't very clear what the robots actually WANTED. Freedom from violence? I guess?
Muddy_Thunder: How do you program emotion? It's inherently illogical?
beowuuf: ok, the idea of the new interface being a disappointed amanda seems fun
OriginalGarwulf: I mean, just the back of the bus thing made no damn sense. They're androids, so they don't get tired and would be fine walking. And if they did take the bus, they'd be subject to the same momentum as everybody else, so standing in teh back would just result in a dominos impression.
Crowbar_Is_Ready: So I only saw the last two parts. are there any anti-robot freedom charachters who aren't just straight up monsters? Like a reasonable person who does have the opinion that androids are just objects?
wildpeaks: there was a reason it was "out of order", there was a narrative between each sequence
CleeKru: BTW when is the next Anoani?
Alness49: Can I say that Tales from the Borderlands made me care more about a constuction robot then this game did about it's human robots?
josh_le_crafter: Something good?
thecanerdian: I'd like to look at a game that is good, personally
ThatWhichNeverWas: Like Fallout 4?
Lettuce_Toast: NieR <3
josh_le_crafter: Nier?
cmdrud87: At this time, I would like a minute of silence for the brave tachikomas
Jay_Blanc: Soma?
AmoriLinguae: @LoadingReadyRun what was that word Cam used: bronyar
haseo_sora: Become as gods?!
Metric_Furlong: Primordia...
Kykiwi: soma?
TriseAlpha: Nier 2, yes.
Lettuce_Toast: Become. As gods.
Earthenone: i think anoani is on hiatus until they decide what direction to take the show
josh_le_crafter: Id love to nier
richard_ermen: Nier:A had all the feels.
djalternative: oh. Soma would be a good comparison
ThatWhichNeverWas: Oooh, Nier.
Zalthia: @Metric_Furlong I was just thinking of that one!
Wicker_Knight: @AmoriLinguae it's another person in chat @Bron_Yr_Aur
Bedinsis: Stellaris? I imagine that takes quite the bird's eye point of view.
beowuuf: one of ther users posting in chat
OriginalGarwulf: LoadingReadyRun: There was a Blade Runner game by Westwood Studios back in the 1990s.
MAPBoardgames: Fallout 4, yes.
AmoriLinguae: @Wicker_Knight thanks
Lettuce_Toast: NieR is such a fun, feel good game that is not sad. AT ALL.
OriginalGarwulf: That would fit the bill, from what I remember of it.
TriseAlpha: They actually did it better in the original Nier, for a humans' perspective.
thecanerdian: Starship Titanic would be a great comparison :D
josh_le_crafter: oh good, now I can cry for like... an hour
cuttlefishman: Is the Westwood Blade Runner came legitimitately available anywhere?
cuttlefishman: On Steam or Gog?
cuttlefishman: *game
wildpeaks: sorry I missed it, what's the next game then ?
Wicker_Knight: @TriseAlpha I really hope that Nier Automata was successful enough that they try to make a rereleased, cleaned-up-gameplay version of Nier and Drakenguard
Amentur: CleeKru, from when I asked that a month ago: Not planned for now but still in the back of their minds for future. I wish for it to come back as well
OriginalGarwulf: Gotta say it...what a terrible fucking ending. That was like being hit by a cliche bat.
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Wicker_Knight, @AmoriLinguae: My apologies; what did I do?
thecanerdian: @wildpeaks they are going to decide
wildpeaks: ah ok
josh_le_crafter: *insert wow emote here*
phenexian: The thing that super throws me about Neir, is that it's set in the Drakken universe
Wicker_Knight: @Bron_Yr_Aur nothing, I think @AmoriLinguae wanted to look up how to pronounce your username
Lettuce_Toast: @OriginalGarwulf dead connor did ruin it somewhat
samwonk: Listen _Hitman_ engages more coherently with how to think about a created being expressing free thought than Detroit does.
Jay_Blanc: Soma's AI, the WAU, had a much more realistic view of an AI having a simply incomprehensible different set of values and ways of interpreting the world.
Metric_Furlong: CulturalGeekGirl not that I'm aware of, I'm afraid
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Apparition) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:48 from now).
AmoriLinguae: @Bron_Yr_Aur nothing, Cam just said your name in a way I got confused
Metric_Furlong: dammit
Zalthia: Heck even Fallout 4 did it better than Detroit by having 1. A reason for people to be afraid of the androids (the institute were kidnapping and replacing people) 2. Differing opinions on what androids should do about it from the androids themselves
CleeKru: Amentur (._.)
Metric_Furlong: cuttlefishman not that I'm aware of, I'm afraid
Wicker_Knight: @Jay_Blanc YESSSSSSS. I LOVE that the WAU is fundamentally inhuman
Louie_Salmon: I hope cam sees some of the other crazy stuff in this game, on his own time maybe. I legitimately enjoyed the path where Connor is a Terminator that keeps coming back for Markus and they have sick fights
ThatWhichNeverWas: I hope it's Nier. I have a thought that I've been carrying since the Playthrough that I didn't get a chance to propose.
OriginalGarwulf: Oh, and the "one of us is the real Connor" thing was just ridiculous.
Wicker_Knight: or not-human
Rhynerd: @cuttlefishman I know a user you could ask but I don’t know if He’ll reply because he’s been having difficulties with his eyes for a while, this month being a really bad case of it.
Wicker_Knight: while still being evidently intelligent
OriginalGarwulf: And then Connor dies by being shot in the SHOULDER.
cuttlefishman: NP
Louie_Salmon: @originalgarwulf The most ridiculous part somehow being the fact that Hank is even there
Jay_Blanc: @Wicker_Knight And then the WAU tries to remake Humans. And... Mostly doesn't do a good job of it.
thecanerdian: @Jay_Blanc on that note, the reason that I hated Detroit so much was because the robots never felt like anything other than imitation humans. There's no thought given to how or why they develop independence, they And then they're humans, period.
TriseAlpha: Just saying... this is curiously punctuated by today's Crap Shot.
cuttlefishman: Read an LP, and it looks like cutscenes are on YT for the game, but not the same as being able to get it somewhere
Lettuce_Toast: Oh gosh, I might get to see somebody play through ending E's credits that I haven't seen before!
AmoriLinguae: that would be interesting: next on talking sim this week's crapshot
djalternative: What's this week's FNPF? WOTS draft?
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Wicker_Knight, @AmoriLinguae: I apologize. I stole it from a Led Zeppelin song, named after a cabin some band members lived at during the recording of Led Zeppelin III. It is a pleasant little melodic piece, about two minutes. NOT to be confused with Bron Yr Stomp, which is quite loud.
Zalthia: So, did conner die because they guessed Hank's son name wrong?
Rhynerd: Yep
Metric_Furlong: Zalthia yes
Valantis_219: Even mass effect three managed to show more nuance with the geth, and it end with 'robar war is inherent in the system'
beowuuf: yup, wrong name, bang, end of storyline
aquinas_0: Old man nier? that could be fun, but annoying bullet sponges
Valantis_219: robot*
Lettuce_Toast: @Zalthia I think there was supposed to be a graphic the showed cole was the right option
anyGould: One detail I found odd was that other than children, you never see anyone particularly upset that their robot is getting reclaimed. No rich people upset that their harem is repo'ed? No-one asking who is going to care for granny...
ThatWhichNeverWas: Turns out "You never told me your son's name" wasn't an option. Go figure.
OriginalGarwulf: Well, Connor died because of general stupidity (and being shot in teh shoulder apparently being fatal to androids).
josh_le_crafter: I can't use the LRR wow emote, It really just encapsulates all of this... benginRage will do
Baldrash: Ooh, I just noticed they updated a bunch of the commercial slides. Neat.
Zalthia: That is such a bs thing. You can only find the name at one point in the game in a timed section
Lettuce_Toast: lrrWOW lrrWOW
wildpeaks: by the way, what's with that "Free loot" overlay on the stream, saw it on some streams before but always thought they were just opt-in extensions ? or did LRR add it themselves ?
NexVesica: It makes no sense Hank would ask Connor a question about something he and Connor never spoke about to tell if it was the real Connor
Lettuce_Toast: I swear we DID find the name as well
josh_le_crafter: Thanks @lettuce_toast
OriginalGarwulf: Well, at least we are finally at the end of "David Cage Misunderstands Blade Runner."
beowuuf: and other connor just proved he knows what you know. Surely having feelings and being a deviant is the only thing that shows real connor is real?
UncannyJimjams: Did we lose Connor?
Wicker_Knight: @Zalthia it's the "King's Quest"/Sierra school of game design
Baldrash: @wildpeaks I think Beej and Heather turned that on for last night's Switch stream.
DoodlestheGreat: @originalgarwulf, :tf:
anyGould: @Lettuce_Toast That might be why we didn't get a "I don't know" option?
Earthenone: we lost connor and babys chaperone
Lettuce_Toast: good connor died in the game and for real
Metric_Furlong: oh, re: other games on people-robots: Read Only Memories
wildpeaks: I see, thanks
Telarra_: @wildpeaks hover over it and click the X that appears
Jay_Blanc: No more talking about Cage. We have now moved on to talking about other things that did this better.
UncannyJimjams: oh dear, so many dead robots, lost like tears in the rain
Lettuce_Toast: @anyGould maybe but an unlock graphic should have appeared next to cole
Jay_Blanc: Because if we keep talking about Cage, we will all go mad.
Wicker_Knight: VA1HA11A gabyWow
wildpeaks: I know how the extension works, I was just getting worried that twitch had started adding more ads on their own
OriginalGarwulf: Jay_Blanc: Too late.
anyGould: @Lettuce_Toast Did it do it for Sumo?
Telarra_: ah, gotcha
wildpeaks: just was surprised that LRR would add such an extension
Baldrash: No, we can talk about Cage, but now we're talking about Johnny Cage.
Lettuce_Toast: I really hope we get to enjoy the silliness and sadness of NieR: Automata
BarcodeReader321: the game treats humanity as a binary. Red Walls are still up, your a robot, tear them down, now you're human. Conner's track did that a bit more gracefully, but still....
SnowBuddy18: @Jay_Blanc isn't that everything else that does this subject?
thecanerdian: I've been trying to think of other games about evolving AI, aside from Nier and Soma. I remember a decent indie game call "The Fall" that had some neat ideas.
Lettuce_Toast: @anyGould It didn't, at least not that I saw but I think that's unavoidable?
Jay_Blanc: @SnowBuddy18 Yes, so we have a lot of options on what to talk about.
Metric_Furlong: ROM, incidentally, even having at least one scene of some robots not actually being happy about being 'awakened' to sapience
Wicker_Knight: what's the robot-detective-in-a-traincar game, is that ROM?
OriginalGarwulf: There was a Blade Runner game that I remember being good.
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OriginalGarwulf: Westwood did it.
thecanerdian: I rate Isaac Asimov's Robot City quite highly, but that could be nostalgia tricking me.
Saulens181: right, so, uh...
wildpeaks: Dryhad that's exactly the one I was referring to earlier :)
beowuuf: I mean in some ways having an arbitrary wall in your thinking, and once you remove it you sort of lose the will to uphold other arbitrary things is a psychological thing
adi_pie: @Wicker_Knight Subsurface Circular is the one you're thinking of.
Metric_Furlong: Wicker_Knight no, ROM's the point & click one with extensive references to the San Francisco LGBTA+ scene
adam_brownie: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:15:19.
Wicker_Knight: ah, thank you
wildpeaks: I'd highly recommend that tv show
Bedinsis: Dryhad I only watched part of one episode; was that TV series any good?
Alahmnat: Robot City was neat, but I don't have terribly fond memories of it because it didn't run well on our computer and so exploring the city was a *nightmare*
Alahmnat: which meant I got the Bad End
Dryhad: @Bedinsis I enjoyed it
Ubiki: So Markus touches the robots and they stop doing what they're owners say and instead do what Markus says, doesn't that just make Markus their new owner?
anyGould: @Lettuce_Toast I honestly couldn't quite keep track of when/what the unlocks meant.
BarcodeReader321: but they're "free" you see
Lettuce_Toast: @Ubiki it's implied they 'choose' to join him
Metric_Furlong: Ubiki an interesting question that raises a complicated topic, which the game did nothing to go into of course :p
MAPBoardgames: @Ubiki Yeah. Pretty much
Ubiki: If they were choosing why did no one choose otherwise?
samwonk: Oh, right. Dragon Age Origins deals with the ramifications of inventing sentient robots to do your labor for you and them maybe not wanting to do that.
OriginalGarwulf: So, did the border scene make anybvody else wonder if David Cage has ever actually crossed one?
MAPBoardgames: They never go into WHY they choose to follow Markus.
Wicker_Knight: a question a better game would have explored @Ubiki
Lettuce_Toast: @anyGould It's sparsely used but it seems they mean choices in the past can result in the white unlock thing in cutscenes or dialogue. These are often better choices but other than that idk
josh_le_crafter: @lettuce_toast I would've loved to see some of them be doubtful
TheAinMAP: katesAir
Fayili: Hiii
cuttlefishman: Ooh, what flavour
josh_le_crafter: Hey guys
Metric_Furlong: Ubiki I think the idea would be that all people would desire liberty over slavery (which isn't an unreasonable assumption), it just wasn't really gone into. at all.
wildpeaks: Surprise, it's more Detroit
Kykiwi: i am soo jelly
MAPBoardgames: Cold Mic?
cuttlefishman: Are these toasted?
Lettuce_Toast: @josh_le_crafter Right! I said the same thing during the scene where he frees a bunch
Kykiwi: i want some kitkats
Wicker_Knight: @OriginalGarwulf it made me think he's probably been on a lot of late night plane flights and thought "boy this would be more interesting if something happened"
OriginalGarwulf: (Forgetting for a moment that the border between Canada and the United States is the world's longest UNDEFENDED border...)
CleeKru: @LoadingReadyRun so a thing I noticed about the cage games, is that they are way more popular in continantel europe than elswhere. Germany and Austria in particular. I think that they (well... me included) can look past these things more easily
Peppita18: welcome back
rrtycoon2: Just mind the shrimp snacks....
Lettuce_Toast: Japan does kitkat way better than the rest of us
AmoriLinguae: OriginalGarwulf Yea, Like has David Cage never left Europe?
Alness49: If you can listen, you can hear the faint musings of Chloe about the Detroit Underground
MAPBoardgames: I hear not Cam's melodious voice.
Bron_Yr_Aur: SIerra Nevada Pale Ale and garlic bread here.
Kykiwi: really look more like talk
Bedinsis: This broadcast is brought to us by Banana KitKat, available where you but Japanese candies.
Fayili: Mic is fine for me
Baldrash: Fork those branches.
sir_jack_DB: the FORKED
LadyTL: This Forking Game
CrazymattCaptain: time to look at the flow charts!
SnowBuddy18: the garden of pitchforks
traveller800: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Apparition) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:39 from now).
thecanerdian: get forked
aitsu100: lol
Metric_Furlong: urgh, these forking branches! so forking annoying! Kappa
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun The artificial banana flavor we experience in NA is based off of a now extinct species of banana
MAPBoardgames: Got it. It was my bad.
samwonk: This is an interesting idea but I hope it's not motivated by the feeling that other branches might've been better written.
Wicker_Knight: it's midnight in the garden of apathy and laziness
OriginalGarwulf: Right, we're forked.
LadyTL: Fork this game
Lettuce_Toast: @LoadingReadyRun I recommend an everybody survives run, since that's the 'intended' storyline
SK__Ren: Or I'll send you to the Bog of Eternal Stench
PMAvers: There's no good here. The garden of ham-hands and fecal matter.
Bedinsis: "I don't want to fork that" - Vella, Broken Age.
SajuukSjet: ' ... And you may ask yourslef, how did i get here?!?'
Peppita18: so what chapter ?
josh_le_crafter: The "connor doesn't die path" I personally find less eye scratching
Peppita18: ^
Gnuttor: Poor Cam! He didn't take this well at all. Hugs to you, Cam!
kat2kool: we could redo the last chapter and save Connor and Kara
MT_Storm: You can just pick Cole from the options
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Lettuce_Toast: His son is called cole
DentedPockets: What story do you feel you could have done better? What story did you enjoy the most?
thecanerdian: maybe this time we could be like Cersei and Choose Violence?
NexVesica: We could go down the violent Marcus path
kat2kool: Ooh we should also retry The Eden Club
Lettuce_Toast: I think you already found the picture
Peppita18: you could choose to stay machine as connor too
CleeKru: also you didn't do the ending of the eden club
josh_le_crafter: I want to see how the room feels about the not dead connor
Metric_Furlong: the man who intentially decorated his pool in meat colours
Metric_Furlong: as you do
Alness49: We can do a "what if" or make changes
Kykiwi: we can change the time line!
NexVesica: This is a good system that I'd love to see used in a better written game
Alahmnat: we're life is strange now
CrazymattCaptain: the eden clup would find North?
Bedinsis: So the structure is like in The Last Express or Papers, Please?
CleeKru: but the ending isn't to bad
Lettuce_Toast: If you just fail, nothing happens. It's ass
Dryhad: We can make it so none of our decisions have consequences
Ubiki: its not really a puzzle cuz you just have to guess
Dared00: The timeline changing reminds me of Shibuya Scramble
Bron_Yr_Aur: David Cage thinks the only way to create tension is to yell the time at you every thirty seconds.
Peppita18: @CrazymattCaptain it wasnt north lol
MAPBoardgames: I think it is wrong to say this game is "bad"
Wicker_Knight: A reminder that Cage, on being asked what would help video game writing and reviewing, said that we needed a video-game Cahiers du Cinema to cultivate successful writing
ThatWhichNeverWas: Again, the Eden club was something that *could* have been interesting, but wasn't.
Amentur: The camera you purchased only looked at the ground / was in a session with a client
traveller800: so chat? how has their play gone? was a death counter required?
Lettuce_Toast: @MAPBoardgames holistically. It's not that awful. The writing is abysmal though
samwonk: There are many good things about the game. But the game is constructed to be read as a narrative, and the narrative is very bad, so the game is bad.
Dared00: @traveller800 2
LadyTL: Apply the Stupid-Absorbing Crumple Zones
adi_pie: Honestly, this technical stuff is always quite well done and presented.
Dashiell: We saved one Chloe, so it's a wash
Lettuce_Toast: Yeah. Murderise her
Lord_Hosk: is that code for 20 tabs of LCD?
adi_pie: It's just a shame about the content it's showing.
MAPBoardgames: Good thing OUR Chloe isn't around to watch us do this.
josh_le_crafter: We have to shoot the human shaped robot
Peppita18: @traveller800 connor and kara died
Earthenone: Chloe.exe?
ContingentCat: god I wish it gave you the option to shoot the legally distinct elon musk instead
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun execute a chloe *inches towards the phone with scared expression*
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'd love to see this story with Hank as the protagonist
ThatWhichNeverWas: "Yes, Yes I am"
Bron_Yr_Aur: @samwonk: That's the real tragedy isn't it? David Cage wants to tell a story about robots becoming human and the only way he knows how to do it is to make the player act robotically.
Lettuce_Toast: This is still the start where connor died
itsr67: I think the only interesting relationship is betweem connor and hank, but even that isn't dug into too much
DentedPockets: Can you skip dialogue?
wildpeaks: unlike his son
luckylibrarian: hi I’m entirely new, are they replaying or just replaying scenes or what?
Lettuce_Toast: Hank is the only character who feels kinda like a person
Bedinsis: Did his fingers phase through the closing car door?
itsr67: @luckylibrarian replaying bits
Dared00: @luckylibrarian replaying scenes
ThatWhichNeverWas: "Is that an Order? Hank?" -*Initiate Porn Soundtrack*-
ryuhimora: Roiters
Wicker_Knight: @Lettuce_Toast that has a lot to do with Clancy Brown's performance though
luckylibrarian: @itsr67 @dared00 thank you!!!
Lettuce_Toast: @Wicker_Knight You're probably right
ryuhimora: I too would like a doorbell that sounds like a PSA is about to come on
traveller800: what ending have they gotten? good or expected ending?
Earthenone: hey hank, whats your sons name incase you ask me with a gun to my head in a few days?
kat2kool: I enjoy Hank's terrible taste in shirts
Wicker_Knight: oh, is this where we live?
anyGould: Can we listen in on what the Chloes in the pool were chatting about/
CoyoteSans: @traveller800 Less than best, I know that for certain.
itsr67: @traveller800 It's mixed, tbh
blast__femur: I also love Hank's wardrobe
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun you found the new moonbase
Lettuce_Toast: I feel like hank is GREAT taste in shirts. The man likes to stand out
Wicker_Knight: just a BIT lrrSPOOP
Ubiki: This area really puts me in mind of the Alien franchise
Alness49: Since we freed Chloe I was expecting all the models to be glitched out like Sayori
kat2kool: I've been playing to much WAR, I'm seeing Bolas horns in that painting
blast__femur: "it's not a place"
itsr67: "You ever just want to shove a lot of rocks into a room and call it art?"
CoyoteSans: But best ending requires a guide to know all the right decisions to make, so that's expected.
ThatWhichNeverWas: What all men 'Truly' want: a Woman with Bluetooth.
ContingentCat: also definitely a woman
Scrubbodiestobears: it's not a place, it's an android that looks like a place
Earthenone: its not a place, its an andriod that looks like a place
wildpeaks: "it's not a place, it's an android that looks like a place" :D
Peppita18: LUL
blast__femur: god chat we're hilarious
Wicker_Knight: I feel like I should know the model in that image on the wall...
Alahmnat: "it seems you think our work is not of benefit to the public"
Wicker_Knight: is that Matt Bomer?
silenceaux: I don't fully understand Hank's sudden shift into your therapist
Alness49: You could have taken that joke back, but we're making the same ones
kat2kool: I was reading stuff on this game and someone pointed out that those statues resemble the statue that one deviant made
ryuhimora: wouldn't it be Mother, more appropriately?
Going_Medium: So you're saying you can't escape the narrow confines of the game's programming to experience the world or express yourself. Maybe you ARE the robot, and the feeling of trapped frustration is the whole point?? lrrBEEJ ?
Peppita18: @kat2kool now that you say it.. it does
Lettuce_Toast: amanda's not relevant to this specific scene
CoyoteSans: All the creep-tacular stuff Kamski has in his Xanadu mansion, and the part that gets me is the BLOOD-RED WALLED pool.
josh_le_crafter: @kat2kool I'm reminded of Friday nights with the " not every bifurcated structure is bolas horns"
ryuhimora: are you going to shoot the android this time?
Peppita18: he is
niccus: just a chloe broth
Alness49: Bathelroy model pool...
CoyoteSans: like... why???
luckylibrarian: oh right, weird blood pool
ThatWhichNeverWas: Yeah that was a hell of a detail.
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun pool of blood-like?
ContingentCat: yeah it is very
Lord_Hosk: is that two more cloe in the pool with him?
circusofkirkus: can we whip the gun around and murder everyone?
aitsu100: hes just swimming in the cool-aid
Ubiki: this area REALLY puts me in mind of the Alien franchise
josh_le_crafter: Meat blood
Lettuce_Toast: I kinda like the red pool aesthetically
ThatWhichNeverWas: Presumably it's supposed to 'Mean' something.
Lettuce_Toast: but I have poor taste
anyGould: Does that make this a womb with a view?
DentedPockets: Can you choose to shoot the tech-bro?
josh_le_crafter: Meat pool
Lord_Hosk: now thats creepy
Dryhad: It's like you said. This character is a very convincing techbro
josh_le_crafter: Cori pls
SK__Ren: If there was more Red in the room it wouldn't stand out as much
Zalthia: If I was a billionare with a private indoor pool- I would fill it with bath bombs
Wicker_Knight: vomit vomit vomit vomit
traveller800: @anyGould go stand in the corner
CoyoteSans: It's clearly regular chlorinated water when he's in it, he just HAD the walls painted red.
KV1NN4: David Cage's unintentional self-insert?
luckylibrarian: way to make it grosser LUL
CleeKru: well probably children
circusofkirkus: are those two chloes just chatting about Detroit facts?
Pal_Friendpatine: This room isn’t a WW II reference?
anyGould: @traveller800 Yessir.
djalternative: someone needs to quote that
Bedinsis: I am reminded of the excellent film Ex Machina.
Dryhad: Like, if Zuckerberg had a "womb pool" you'd say that tracks, right?
kat2kool: god Kamski has such a punchable face
AmoriLinguae: @DentedPockets that would be an interesting choice, so no
Amentur: Is this a Katlynn sketch?
Kykiwi: "perfect"
ryuhimora: infinite intelligecne doesn't mean anything
Lettuce_Toast: mmm, deviants
ThatWhichNeverWas: Actually - come to think of it, the Android's blood is swimming-pool blue. Could this be Meaning?
Wicker_Knight: oh no....
josh_le_crafter: @kat2kool yeah... That seems to be cojsensus
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's like RAAAAIIIAAAN
Zalthia: Sir, why did you make them if you knew that?
Alahmnat: this guy hangs out with Jack Dorsey in the Himilayas
wildpeaks: because they can connect to each other in a way humans can't ?
traveller800: it means he's a complete twonk...which is a word I;ve invented to describe people with more ego then sense
ContingentCat: it doesn't mean anything, it's peak psudeo-intellectual nonsense
Astra7525: I am amazed that they have achieved sentient androids but nothing in regards to cybernetic enhancements, a combination of machine and human
DeM0nFiRe: "Mankind's greatest achievement threatens to be its downfall" I think that just covers all of human history lol
CoyoteSans: Kamski seems like a parody of the Zucks of the world... but like, the way he's prensetly also feels like another David Cage self-insert?
Alness49: Are they? They're wanting to not be shot, we're not wanting to destroy all humans!
Bedinsis: If they truly have perfect intelligence, wouldn't people want to make neural implants on humans?
Bron_Yr_Aur: By the by, does anyone else think this scene is deeply simplistic? There are humans out there, right now, who wouldn't pass the "Kamski test'? The idea that an android might be empathetic while some humans are not honestly seems way more compelling than what actually happens.
DahmrMCM: Someone needs to give david cage a swirlie.
TheAwkes: He's a total Mary Sue Kappa
Officinalis: The mimetic legacy!
MAPBoardgames: How is deviance humanity's downfall?
Dryhad: @CoyoteSans Porque no los dos?
itsr67: it feels bogus hearing same responses from different questions
SajuukSjet: he's really reminding me of the BladeRunner 2049 Guy
samwonk: The game seems to be making a point of the hollowness and casual evil of his life.
ThatWhichNeverWas: @Bron_Yr_Aur Yup. Simplistic is an ongoing theme.
Rhynerd: I look at this guy’s pool and i think of this comic:
circusofkirkus: to murder some robots
Lettuce_Toast: Head canon is kamski is just barely mainting composure with the clingy swimsuit
Pal_Friendpatine: And the 2049 guy did it WAY better @sajuuksjet
CoyoteSans: @Dryhad Like, he's clearly an unlikeable techbro douchebag... but it's implied he somehow engineered the whole "androids gaining sentience" crisis just to see what would happen, and never gets any comeuppance?
Lord_Hosk: why is that rug saturated?
SajuukSjet: pal_friendpatine: heh, that's saying something :D
qewr43576: monkaS
MAPBoardgames: I want to smack that smirk off your duchey face.
Alahmnat: this guy *definitely* hangs out with Jack Dorsey.
CoyoteSans: He definitely talks like a David Cage stand-in 'd expect to.
traveller800: uh oh
Astra7525: creeep
Lord_Hosk: every step they take is Spotch splotch splotch
josh_le_crafter: I don't want to see d8s
circusofkirkus: knows a lot about Detroit
DahmrMCM: creeeeeeep
niccus: "and modeled exactly after my mom"
Alness49: He's banged that android
traveller800: callll the poliiiiiice
josh_le_crafter: Eww...
NathanJay_GA: Can we shoot kamski?
MT_Storm: This replay mode could do with a fast forward
kat2kool: ah yes the Turing Test, something we've yet to achieve. totally irrelevent
Lettuce_Toast: Always creeped out
RedHelveticaCake: @coyotesans eexactly how i feel about this guy
ThatWhichNeverWas: NICE
Lettuce_Toast: HA
luckylibrarian: oh boy ate we murdering mom wife lady
MAPBoardgames: He's got a gun! Shoot him!
accountmadeforants: Flawless
Zalthia: Does it say something that the first model of perfect human androids is a conventially attractive blonde white woman?
traveller800: WELP...this escelated
qewr43576: monkaS 🔫
blast__femur: This man just pulled out his loaded gun in front of the goddamn police
SajuukSjet: -_- seriously?
Lettuce_Toast: bang bang, he shot me down
CleeKru: they rehearsed that
OriginalGarwulf: I've got a better idea - let's leave the girl alone, and shoot KAMSKI.
wildpeaks: it's ok, our chloe is far away, she won't see it
Wicker_Knight: @Zalthia nothing that everything else about this asshole also makes clear
kakmize: point the gun at him
Zalthia: @Wicker_Knight True true
Wicker_Knight: *doesn't also make clear
Dryhad: @CoyoteSans I might be reading too much into it but the impression I got was that it wasn't so much "to see what happens" but because he actually thinks androids are superior and wants them to overthrow humanity
Lord_Hosk: shoot him
Lettuce_Toast: cover your eyes chloe No.1
Nigouki: is there an option to just keep shooting while lookin Kamski in the eyes?
qewr43576: Shoot him Pog
Kykiwi: dun dun dun
wildpeaks: *audible gasp*
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ThatWhichNeverWas: God I hate this. We already know that they can backup. This is UTTERLY pointless.
silenceaux: Yes, I too played Bioshock thank you
vegetalss4: He is both extremely rich and a straight white man @blast__femur so him getting away with it isn't so strange.
circusofkirkus: enough Detroit facts, Chloe, time to die!
SK__Ren: A man chooses
thecanerdian: the most realistic part of this game is that it's 2038 and the US still has terrible gun control
ravenlord_xix: this is where i wish the option was just to stare down kamski and show no emotion
traveller800: I need an adult
MAPBoardgames: Apply these electric shocks if the subject answers wrong.
itsr67: bang bang
shinumei: Dodge this!
RedHelveticaCake: why is techbro talking to the bicycle instead if the actual policeman
SajuukSjet: this binary choice seems flawed
qewr43576: Shoot kamski, then shoot hank, then shoot the android SeemsGood
Amentur: Awaken the sleeper
samwonk: Except, Hank is telling you not to do it.
kat2kool: this would definitely be more of an ethically interesting situation if Hank weren't ordering us not to do it thus giving us an easy out
vegetalss4: I still wish Connor could use his radical freedom to shoot techbro.
wildpeaks: he's disappointed
CoyoteSans: There is only one correct question, btw.
Sadistic_Fire: Why does hank care about this? He has shown that he doesn't care about robots
Ziraneth: I feel like this one of the most interesting scenes of the game
Lettuce_Toast: Well. Sympathy, maybe
MikoKisai: the other chloes don't even bat an eyelid
samwonk: You are literally being ordered by a human not to do it, so if you don't do it that's not clearly driven by empathy anyway.
Ubiki: Its not like you could have empathy and just have other stuff more important
Alahmnat: I'm not really down with the other two Chloes just chilling
luckylibrarian: @vegetalss4 wow thats a whole big mood
Lord_Hosk: That wasnt the deal... the deal was "I will tell you everything I know about your investigation
NexVesica: Yeah, Hank being here ruins what this scene was trying to do
Heinzes_: David Cage, understander of emotions has logged on
qewr43576: WHAT
Lettuce_Toast: OH
CoyoteSans: ra9 was a red herring, yes
qewr43576: he doesn't even know, what a dick
PMAvers: Would this scene be better if the Chloe was actually a human and when you pulled the trigger a little "bang" flag popped out?
ThatWhichNeverWas: Alternatively - Don't shoot, and then the POLICE OFFICER makes you talk, because OBSTRUCTION?
kat2kool: oh good, a non answer
Nigouki: well, time to shoot another Chloe
MAPBoardgames: It was a paintball gun.
CoyoteSans: That was one of the wrong questions, yes.
wildpeaks: it's rewind time
RedHelveticaCake: is Frank going to do his damn jo b
shinumei: Rewind time everybody!!
thecanerdian: stand against the devil, Connor
itsr67: are you serous? you can ask the wrong question? ugh
NimrodXIV: we're going to need another Chloe!
kat2kool: oh NOW we're people, not machines
Ubiki: Pulling from X-Men here
SajuukSjet: sooooo pretentions and on rails -_-
rrtycoon2: Are any of the three questions going to lead to any answers.
sivakrytos: what exactly makes you think this techbro is a reliable source even if you shoot the android????
josh_le_crafter: Is kamski david cage's fantasy
ThatWhichNeverWas: Then tell us the information we need to SOLVE CRIMES. You are knowingly hindering a police investigation!
Astra7525: He really is a devil
Fayili: "Ah yes, I've heard Stonewall was a real riot. The gays invited everyone and threw such a good party, we gave them their rights." - David Cage, probably
CoyoteSans: @josh_le_crafter Him and Carl the Artiste, I feel.
Kykiwi: wat
Peppita18: thats if connor was alive
wildpeaks: that was the clue for the exit
qewr43576: Also, you're american police. You can just beat him up
kat2kool: the 'exit' thing is for if Connor survives later
DentedPockets: Is the emergency exit the bashing down the walls?
Lettuce_Toast: @LoadingReadyRun What he says there is a plot device for later but connor died
wildpeaks: we'll know what it is if Connor lives to the end
SK__Ren: Its a hint for if connor lives
samwonk: The game has made a point, at length, that Kamsci's life is empty and banal. Should that contextualize how we think about his philosophy?
TheGamesBlog: But Cam, he's rich and this is America. They don't have to follow the rule of law
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: Can I just ask one question - what is Kamski's motivation? Why does he provide or hide anything? What does he want? He just seems like a douche-enigma, a douchenigma, if you will.
luckylibrarian: wait what ending did they get originally
Kykiwi: Lol
kat2kool: "I had to advance the plot Hank"
DiscordianTokkan: This game is... Not the best written, is it?
Wicker_Knight: @Bron_Yr_Aur he's THE DEVIL
josh_le_crafter: yes.
RedHelveticaCake: duh
MAPBoardgames: Yes. Duh?
Lord_Hosk: In fact.. there were two more in there... Lets go back and do it twice more
josh_le_crafter: hank pls
ContingentCat: dun dun DUN
SajuukSjet: kat2kool: >D
NexVesica: Kamski wanted robots to go deviant
thecanerdian: I thought we could be...(careless whisper starts to play)
PMAvers: "No shit, Hank."
CoyoteSans: @Bron_Yr_Aur He's a deus ex machina for the plot, I guess.
MikoKisai: What *did* you think, Hank?
Lettuce_Toast: I kinda like the "connor is a machine route"
Kykiwi: I am different
MT_Storm: We could try for the good Connor ending? Son's name is Cole
notBrunoAgain: Lol he just leaves you there
Laserbeaks_Fury: Broke poor Hank's heart
josh_le_crafter: oh... ouch
Bron_Yr_Aur: Wicker_Knight: The devil at least has a desire to corrupt man, fight God, or something like that. This guy is just an ass.
ContingentCat: ~~self awareness~~
traveller800: you walk home and think about what you did, conner
josh_le_crafter: hank pls
Pal_Friendpatine: I wonder if David Cage just got lost in the multi-paths when writing this
Painfully_Dyslexic: a lot of Hank and Connor's stuff was improvised which apparently Cage hated
wildpeaks: 50/50 chance
josh_le_crafter: fek
Baldrash: GAME WHY
Kykiwi: LOL
itsr67: lets play P I A N O
josh_le_crafter: great
CoyoteSans: hooray for hand sex!
circusofkirkus: piano practice on the roof!
TheGamesBlog: Piano time!
RedHelveticaCake: can you avoid this bit?
ContingentCat: oh god no
Call_me_Kaye: If you just ask "Where is Jericho" he just gives you the info, if you're curious
ThatWhichNeverWas: Can we just kick him in the Nards? I want an option to kick him in the nards.
CoyoteSans: much better than zombie sex!
Lettuce_Toast: Piano and hand sex, wooo
rrtycoon2: Can you jsut walk off the ledge this time?
Zalthia: what if there were multiple responses? Like "I did it because if we don't solve this hundreds more will die!"
josh_le_crafter: Nice!
DrWreckage: Good
CulturalGeekGirl: Complete machine Conner is really interesting, especially the ending for him. It's hard to play because the game implies so strongly that you're meant to be at least conflicted about it
circusofkirkus: is that why it's some of the more compelling dialogue?
FeyLynn: So that's why they have the best dialogue in the game
Sadistic_Fire: what a concidence, the hank and connor stuff is the best
TheGamesBlog: Handholding - too lewd for Twitch TOS.
thecanerdian: ironically, the Hank/Connor stuff is probably the least awful part
kat2kool: that explains a lot about why I like their story best
RedHelveticaCake: is there any way for North to NOT become your 'lover'?
ThatWhichNeverWas: Which is why it's the most natural relationshiop in the game, I guess.
NexVesica: I actually think playing terminator Connor is much more interesting
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Zalthia: That would give the player agency, and fuck that right?
SajuukSjet: wait, so, you only get one 'run through'? and the rest is just temporary scene alters?
CleeKru: well connor isn't a deviant yet
Peppita18: hank and connor part is the best
Baldrash: Yeah, Hank and Connor are literally the only characters that "make sense" to me.
itsr67: We are same, yet different, and we recognize that
josh_le_crafter: Wait... the only thing cage hated was the only thing I find fine?
Lettuce_Toast: @LoadingReadyRun He does more of that if you ruin his relationship with hank and don't let him turn deviant
CleeKru: @LoadingReadyRun only with the prototyps
Th3HolyMoose: Connor seems more "free" than othern on-deviants though
silenceaux: And that we can mass produce identical bodies
AmoriLinguae: @SajuukSjet they chose not to do the permanent scene alters
ThatWhichNeverWas: Pity the rest of the Game disagrees with that sentiment.
Wicker_Knight: @josh_le_crafter that's a strange correlation...
samwonk: If the game is punishing you for advancing that interesting idea, that's an artistic statement that it thinks that idea is bad.
thecanerdian: here's a fun question: what if this game was JUST Hank and Connor? No Markus revolutionary stuff means no hamfisted MLK, no Kara/Baby means no stupid meaningless "baby's a replicant" twist
wildpeaks: SajuukSjet they chose not to save, but you can go back and make different choices too
djalternative: "That is just a body. He can get a new one and nothing will be different."
hieroglyphica: @sajuuksjet , we are on do-not-save mode, you have the other option too
DK_84: Cylons
CoyoteSans: That's what makes David Cage games so infuriating: kernels of good ideas, wasted potential in a mountain of shit.
MikoKisai: @SajuukSjet there is only one "active" run, but you can choose whether or not you want to overwrite the current part when you replay a chapter
PMAvers: And that guy's a programmer, so he probably keeps backups. Maybe.
SajuukSjet: ah right, interesting
josh_le_crafter: Connor not dead pls!
Lettuce_Toast: Connor and hank is the one good arc in this game
Lord_Hosk: Hank and Connor off script and Cage was like NO NO NO! "how are they going to learn to feel for the robots at the end if you make the robots show emotions too soon! IM TRYING TO MAKE A NEW BLADE RUNNER!
Alness49: I'd love to see a whole game of "Cop and Android solve cases"
TheGamesBlog: Connor and Hank are definitely the best arc
Oatway_: Connor + Hank is generally the best reviewed part of the game
Nigouki: ahahahaha
Izhuark: Connor and hanks are the best things about this game.
Edgarware: uhhhh
Kykiwi: excuse me
josh_le_crafter: The not dying connor pls
Izandai: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
josh_le_crafter: UUH
wildpeaks: uhh
NimrodXIV: of course there is
Uppercaseccc: why
haseo_sora: o-0
Alahmnat: um
djalternative: you enjoy the connor and hank stories because Cage didn't write it.
kat2kool: hahaha, I love fandom
Dryhad: Yay!
Metric_Furlong: !clip
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Alness49: WHY
josh_le_crafter: Eww...
NathanJay_GA: oh my
CleeKru: I love the ship names: Conk and Hanner
Uppercaseccc: common core
orbitaltuna: are they human yet?
RedHelveticaCake: no
Astra7525: DO the lines on this screen imply that you can skip certain scenes?
Alness49: just why
ContingentCat: sigh. Of course.
NexVesica: I think Connor and Hank stories are largely the best specifically because there's multiple characters involved and not just Marcus followers/baby robot pretending to be cold
Baldrash: Thanks Cori.
ThatWhichNeverWas: @thecanerdian Hell, keep the other storylines but only experience them through the Investiagions.
Bron_Yr_Aur: @thecanerdian: Honestly, I think it would be better. A background revolution makes their story more interesting - what do the big questions mean on the small scale?
Wicker_Knight: yes, but I didn't need to hear about it
CleeKru: last chapter
adi_pie: That reminds me of FF.Mpreg, my favourite video codec.
Scrubbodiestobears: entire monkey's paw curls into a fist
Questhere: it would be weirder if there wasn't
Lettuce_Toast: connor died when hank shot him in the facility
Rufran: impreg superposition
itsr67: Connor/Hank is a good relationship that I admire, cause it dives into Hanks want for his son to be both back and him getting used to androids
ravenlord_xix: is it possible to do the tower without dying? is that a major plot point?
RedHelveticaCake: you saved Hank
CoyoteSans: Yeah, gun is the correct answer to that problem, not sacrificing yourself.
TheGamesBlog: Lol @adi_pie
wildpeaks: Going on the boat could be interesting too
ThatWhichNeverWas: I would play the HELL out of a Cyberpunk version of LA Noire.
thecanerdian: @Bron_Yr_Aur see that would be cool, if you had this very small, intimate story with a huge backdrop just visible at the periphery
Izandai: This is the story of the first time Conner died.
MousseFilledCat: Ravenlord_xix yes
Lord_Hosk: Connor one or connor two?
Lettuce_Toast: OH, then yes
kat2kool: *Graham's The Darkness voice* and that was the xth time Connor died
Xinran: Conner can die so many times that eventually Hank gets really numb to it.
Peppita18: @Lord_Hosk the first connor starts at 51
RedHelveticaCake: i think you get to visit the graves of your killed selves
josh_le_crafter: I wanns see the rooms reaction to the connor lives end @loadingreadyrun
Izandai: Can't fuck up the sand.
Ubiki: You know the first info I saw about this game was Connor playing hostage negotiator and I thought that looked sweet... then this came out
SajuukSjet: adi_pie: oh, honey, no :D
josh_le_crafter: Ahahah....
Bron_Yr_Aur: @thecanerdian: And that, I think, is the problem - Cage wants to write a philosophical treatise with a specific philosophy and a small-scale drama with no philosophy and their connection is detrimental to them both.
ThatWhichNeverWas: Oooh, shiny
Xinran: You can see the graves of past Connors here
NexVesica: That's the emergency exit
Wicker_Knight: OOH, fortress of Solitued
Lettuce_Toast: Oh! I didn't know you could do this!
offbeatwitch: we still on this doomed train?
RedHelveticaCake: oh, there they are
ThatWhichNeverWas: Huh,
itsr67: Red wall should direct you, not distract you from exploring
Peppita18: thats the "emergency exit"
wildpeaks: could be useful to keep track of where that is
Lettuce_Toast: @LoadingReadyRun that's the backdoor
Lord_Hosk: Connor has investigated 14,000,621 different lives, and in only one of them... do you feel for the robots in the end of blade runner
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Alahmnat: why is there interactive art in our mind palace?
korvys: Are the various androids modeled on real (in-fiction) people? Is there a human Connor?
Astra7525: Emergency Exit for what?
CoyoteSans: @korvys Unknown!
josh_le_crafter: @korvys modeled after the VA
NexVesica: Emergency exit to become deviant and break Cyberlife's control
RedHelveticaCake: for QA testing
itsr67: It'd be neat to see one of these environments for each of the androids
MousseFilledCat: In one of the endings, Connor gets trapped here
Astra7525: WHen Amanda deems you a traitor immediately and traps you inside this VR environment?
itsr67: Just as a "sanctuary"
Lettuce_Toast: Connor is forced to betray markus by amanda unless he uses the backdoor @Astra7525
wildpeaks: it's an aesthetic
kat2kool: @Astra7525 If Connor lives, Amanda tries to trap him in here and use his body to take over the revolution
Kykiwi: i always got a feeling this was vr
Wicker_Knight: and the utter lack of a skybox
ThatWhichNeverWas: This place is Gorgeous.
Bedinsis: cause it's the future
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is it shorthand that it's virtual
MT_Storm: I imagine Cage thinks he's being subtle at hinting that this place isn't real
BloodnBullets: is that a bullet hole?
korvys: @josh_le_crafter Right, but in-fiction? Did the company model them on an employee? A model? Or just generate a new face?
CoyoteSans: Yeah, Amanda's (and by which I mean Cyberlife's) plan makes no damn sense.
Nigouki: does this environment actually develop through the game?
NexVesica: IIRC, this is a place Cyberlife can summon any robot to directly take them over, you just only ever see Connor here
Nigouki: is it less polygony now vs at the start?
MikoKisai: I think it was explicitly stated at some point that this *is* his mind palace, because Amanda isn't actually alive anymore
AmoriLinguae: Now I want to see an IRL pathway styled like that
Peppita18: @Nigouki only the seasons
Alahmnat: not that I could tell, Nigouki
MikoKisai: and hasn't been for a while
CoyoteSans: Like, they're a multi-national corporation. Their objective is to sell androids to make a shitton of money.
CleeKru: The disgner probably slipped that in under Cages' nose
MAPBoardgames: It's kinda nice to just walk around here
TraceBullet: the white material has a 3d printed texture to it
Gnuttor: Time to get some sleep. Good night all!
Nigouki: aww
CleeKru: *designer
josh_le_crafter: @korvys I don't think that was addressed for connor...
Metric_Furlong: 'night Gnuttor
CleeKru: typing is hard
Izhuark: @Nigouki Yes it evolve with the weather, it get more snowy as the time pass.
Lettuce_Toast: I'd really enjoy a garden like this
CoyoteSans: how does engineering a sentience crisis and turning the public against androids aid that objective in any way
wildpeaks: there are irl 3d printed sculptures in taht style
RedHelveticaCake: @gnuttor goodnight!
korvys: @josh_le_crafter How about others? (I haven't caught all the streams)
Call_me_Kaye: I do like that idea. There's a clear division from the natural and the artificial, but it's also inseparably intertwined, like with the roses growing on the fence.
Izandai: "I thought you might enjoy taking me on a little cruise."
ThatWhichNeverWas: Well you were wrong! -*Capsizes Boat*-
josh_le_crafter: @korvys the only one I remember was for amanda
Call_me_Kaye: It's almost subtle
CleeKru: try her to not like you
Ubiki: Gameplay
Call_me_Kaye: Almost
kat2kool: g a m e p l a y
Lettuce_Toast: G a m e p l a u
RedHelveticaCake: row row row the boat
Gnuttor: cheer100 Thanks for the stream, guys!
Bedinsis: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream
itsr67: look ma, im playing the vidya games
Wicker_Knight: @CoyoteSans company owners can use their companies as a means to an end. CFE Chick-Fil-A and anti-LGPTQ activism
Zalthia: Do you think it means something that amanda offers the boat ride but conner is the one rowing?
noSmokeFire: I was gone for a while -- did they start anew playthrough?
Bedinsis: if you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream.
Dryhad: I discovered strippers
Call_me_Kaye: Like, this is Cyberlife's ideal? The two are inseparable but distinct?
Metric_Furlong: noSmokeFire no, they're just replaying some scenes
CoyoteSans: @Wicker_Knight Yes, but generally, Chick-Fil-A doesn't try to turn their customers into vegans.
PMAvers: "Boobs and butts are neat."
silenceaux: Right, when you choose the "troubled" option and the game then makes you just lie straight out about it
CoyoteSans: what does a public AND government and military hating your androids aid your corporate objectives in any way
CoyoteSans: it's financial suicide!
Lettuce_Toast: Hey, let's play the pronoun game!
noSmokeFire: "warm"
RedHelveticaCake: @coyotesans shh, those questions get in the way of David Cage's STORY
Izhuark: I want to be able to do this.
Wicker_Knight: @noSmokeFire moist
itsr67: Hank [cold]
LackingSanity_: remember, choose GUN
noSmokeFire: Hank the strippergram?
ThatWhichNeverWas: I wish.
korvys: Hank "Party Boy" Krabs
ThatWhichNeverWas: *Cough*
Bron_Yr_Aur: @noSmokeFireL DON'T talk about the secret ending!
BloodnBullets: does hank happen to have a pacifier?
Izandai: Astonishingly easily, as it turns out.
thecanerdian: weirdly, my biggest question with Hank is: can Clancy Brown really grow his hair that long?
Rioxcon: the amount of replay to new content isn't going to fit much in your time limit
PandasAndPancakes: Connor, like all androids, has a built in boombox
CulturalGeekGirl: Other than one decision here where Connor survives, you don't have a major branch available here because of how/where Simon died
noSmokeFire: @Bron_Yr_Aur see, I legitimately don't know whether that's a thing
MAPBoardgames: Unfortunately I've got to go. Catch the rest on the VOD. Keep up the simulated talking!
DiscordianTokkan: "There's two things Hank loves! Parties and speaking in third person, Brotheerrrrrrr!" *rips shirt*
accountmadeforants: Connor, play that Vengaboys song.
luckylibrarian: @thecanerdian the answer to that is yes! LUL
noSmokeFire: you can choose GUN but I think that's it
josh_le_crafter: The fun fact for the "public opinion" meter... from what I saw, the only outcome it affects is that one canadian border guard letting you through with no sacrifice @loadingreadyrun
ThatWhichNeverWas: @thecanerdian It'S amazing what they can do with Greenscreens these days.
thecanerdian: @Wicker_Knight oh dang.
Bron_Yr_Aur: @noSmokeFire: I presume not, if only because Cage seems to lack the self-awareness necessary for humor.
Lettuce_Toast: the eden club doesn't matter all that much
Izhuark: i think the eden club is the biggest thing we missed
itsr67: Youtube is also an option, but
CoyoteSans: Eden Club is mostly about getting points with Hank, in terms of getting "best ending"", honestly.
Izhuark: but yeah it doesn't matter to the storry.
Rioxcon: Conor death 2?
Wicker_Knight: @thecanerdian yeah it's surprising that his hair is MORE impressive irl than it is in-game :D
Peppita18: @josh_le_crafter it also affect markus demonstration ending
ThatWhichNeverWas: "What was that? Fuck up your crime scene? OK!"
SajuukSjet: why was this not just.... downloaded into his mind?
josh_le_crafter: @peppita18 also, the kiss north just works full proof right?
Lettuce_Toast: Me millionth android!
thecanerdian: @Wicker_Knight he is twice my age and looks 10 times better
CulturalGeekGirl: I mean Eden Club is just really transparent "it's easier to have empathy for hot women!" David Cage writing.
josh_le_crafter: *fool
Izandai: I was just about to say about the resolution, Cam.
itsr67: enHANCE
ArcOfTheConclave: wait, weren't you farther along?
Kykiwi: the have 16k cameras in the future
Peppita18: @josh_le_crafter both kiss and sing only works if public is with you, else you get shot
ContingentCat: we must go deeper
Gekyouryuu: RK series... the same series as Conner
SajuukSjet: arcoftheconclave: we're doing replays now
CleeKru: gifted from ELIJAH
Izandai: Why do we lie here?
ArcOfTheConclave: ah @SajuukSjet
ThatWhichNeverWas: Welp, time for me to go recharge. I mean... sleep. Like a normal meat-human. Night all!
Izandai: Why would Conner lie here?
paulienohands: a retinal ...retinal scan..
josh_le_crafter: Rip simon
CoyoteSans: @Gekyouryuu I think the implication is they're both "top-of-the-line", most cutting edge tech androids Cyberlife has at this point.
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's not a body, it's evidence
blast__femur: he was the most human of us all
PMAvers: Simon: #1 at catching bullets.
noSmokeFire: Simon "Couldn't stop getting shot"
Peppita18: @Izandai he realized that he wasnt the only RK model
Rioxcon: best at getting shot
Izhuark: yeah maybe it's a trade secret ?
Wicker_Knight: @ThatWhichNeverWas enjoy the brightness
Metric_Furlong: He is survived by his brothers Alvin and Theodore
CleeKru: i don't think connor sees it as important information for hank
Gekyouryuu: because Markus and Conner are both RK series, and if Markus is borked, it means conner can be borked, too? @LoadingReadyRun
SajuukSjet: metric_furlong: hurk! heheheheh
Astra7525: @Metric_Furlong omg. get out
Fayili: They really go out of their way to cover cops'/securities' faces to make them feel less human, huh?
Wicker_Knight: I mean, I wouldn't underestimate the extent to which it's also to save on making cops' faces
CoyoteSans: @Gekyouryuu Yeah, there's some implied thoughts going through Conner's mind we never get to hear. Like, that felt like a "novel did not translate to movie" moment to me.
RedHelveticaCake: what is the warranty of an android? shouldn't Cyberlife replace mine if it goes deviant?
CleeKru: @RedHelveticaCake if you surivive
Izandai: Why is no one else leaving footprints?
CoyoteSans: @RedHelveticaCake IF your android goes deviant, that usually means it's about to kill you.
Earthenone: only deviants leave footprints
PMAvers: "Don't fudge up my crime scene" as the guards just trample through a set of foot prints.
Izandai: I guess no one else is running.
Bron_Yr_Aur: It's annoying because the mantra is 'show-don't tell' but sometimes a character expressing their feelings in an a specific way is a form of showing. And Cage doesn't like to do that. We are grappling with a void where characters and their feelings should be.
Wicker_Knight: nah, Cyberlife got a congressional exception for human-like property that they don't need to replace malfunctioning versions Kappa
CulturalGeekGirl: If you get Simon up to the roof but injured, you are forced to "abandon" him, and he's hiding in a vent up here. If Connor finds him, Simon ends up dying and Connor learns stuff from that. If Simon is hiding up here and Connor instead uses the service android in the breakroom path, then Simon survives and rejoins the android group
CleeKru: @CoyoteSans or Markus
Kykiwi: izandai cuase that would ruin the crime sence
Scrubbodiestobears: blown to canada, where there's no android laws
Lord_Hosk: Lake Michigan is across the state
ContingentCat: whoops all the way to canada
wildpeaks: this is why your xbox doesn't work anymore when it goes red ring: it has become deviant and just lacks the means to run away, unlike roombas
CoyoteSans: @CulturalGeekGirl Yeah, it's weird how the best (Survivors) ending requires you to save Simon, but never come up here and instead do the thing with the maintenance droid in order to get its corpse.
Metric_Furlong: Lord_Hosk and Canada's not that far away, and yet...
Izandai: I wonder if androids experience the call of the void,
rrtycoon2: Hey, good enough crosswind and you'rein Chicago before you knwo it.
SquareDotCube: They could parachute to Canada from there. :P
CleeKru: la appel du vide
thecanerdian: a real cop would follow them down, Connor
ContingentCat: Like Errie
Wicker_Knight: it's all water to me
ContingentCat: *lake
SajuukSjet: culturalgeekgirl: that seems like where the writing really lets down the branching path structure, when it has to keep reconverging on binary choices, according to the scene workflows
Lord_Hosk: wrong again
blast__femur: geography is for dorks
margieargie: Lake St. Clair, most likely.
Ubiki: Lake Saint Claire is the closest
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Izandai: You have to recreate the crime to get in the head of the criminal. Jump off the roof, Conner.
gawag_: as an ohioan, yes
Astra7525: Make Eerie currently has more rights than the androids
Astra7525: *Lake
DeM0nFiRe: Every lake is great in it's own way!
Lord_Hosk: Lake St. Clair would be the only one reachable from detroit
Fancy_frenchman: As a clevelander yes
Lettuce_Toast: St claire's a pretty average lake
Bedinsis: Isn't there a lake Machine-gun?
Peppita18: oh!
adi_pie: I thought we had established none of them were especially great at this moment in time.
ContingentCat: Lake St.Clair is only an ehhh lake
ChaosPainter: wasn't there one by the crane?
TraceBullet: sergeIntoTheSea
Peppita18: hank is doing the coin thing
samwonk: Does the game articulate a statement about causality -- which decisions matter and how much impact they can have -- through the semi-branching structure?
thecanerdian: you know what would've been a great way to prove Connor was real? THE COIN THING
CleeKru: connor has probably the best story "arc"
Izandai: How does Conner know it was specifically a woman deviant who hacked the door?
blast__femur: that's cute
CoyoteSans: Yeah, police procedural stuff seems to be the only thing David Cage and his team are unambiguously good at.
CulturalGeekGirl: @SajuukSjet That's to some extent a technical limitation for anything this expensively produced... it needs to converge. What shows Cage's priorities is which branches he thinks are "worth" the money and which he doesn't
Lettuce_Toast: I wish connor did something dumb with a coin like deflected a bullet
Peppita18: yeah when he steal connor coin he can do it
Laserbeaks_Fury: So, this game very deliberately has you playing the androids and not the humans, meaning instead of choosing how to react to situation as a human, it makes you choose how the androids should react. And I don't know for sure if that was a good or bad decision.
RedHelveticaCake: @thecanerdian would have been aother great, wasted idea
SajuukSjet: culturalgeekgirl: oh, indeed
CleeKru: well he has a arc
phenexian: so to be clear, the best parts of this game are all the things that David Cage didn't like?
MikoKisai: @thecanerdian I suspect that's common to all Connors
Bedinsis: Looks like Aiden Pearce's iconic head wear from watch_dogs_
CleeKru: BUT ins't a deviant
thecanerdian: @MikoKisai does every Connor come equipped with a coin? Is it a collector coin with the face of the douchey cyber guy on it?
wildpeaks: could be an earlier backup
paulienohands: i remember thats what hooked me on indigo prophecy, before it became what it did
Peppita18: @Lettuce_Toast wouldnt that be cool tho? LUL
wildpeaks: before the instabilities in the software
SajuukSjet: samwonk: it inherently has to, doesn't it?
phenexian: @LoadingReadyRun Well apparently the answer is a pop quiz
CrazymattCaptain: cctv panel
electric_claire: Instead it gave you a quiz and you failed
Kamotetop: bleedpurple70 bonus7
Ubiki: its in the room
Metric_Furlong: once again: asking questions the game hasn't thought of Kappa
Lettuce_Toast: @Peppita18 It would be badass af but also so incredibly silly
Astra7525: Connor should have immediately made himself unique in some way
CleeKru: inside to the right
SajuukSjet: samwonk: that said, it doesn't have to do it well :D
Kykiwi: the panel near the big video
TraceBullet: get out of here with those interesting ideas, we're playing Detroit
Peppita18: @Lettuce_Toast haha true
CoyoteSans: @Laserbeaks_Fury It also creates a very uncomfortable "ghost in the machine" situation. Our protagonists are only deviants... because their "freedom" of choice is only because of us, our human choices driving them.
Lettuce_Toast: robot king 800
GarQuithnik: Robo Kop?
paulienohands: this level of interactivity is perfect for adventure or detective games
Lettuce_Toast: ready (to) kill
Xinran: Connor's serial number changes every time he dies and is replaced
SquareDotCube: I really do wonder if RK stands for Rookie (for your Cop Bingo)
Astra7525: Don't you have to find out that there are cameras first?
Peppita18: L1 ...
Kamotetop: Their serials have in-game meaning...?
Peppita18: not R1
CrazymattCaptain: too close?
Lord_Hosk: walk right through the blood
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: I would tend to think, though it is a provisional line of reasoning only, that personality is the filtering of new information through old memories which have been arranged in a immutable manner so as to create a specific, engrained understanding of reality.
Toxxick: So I honestly dont know anything about this game other then it always gets made fun of. Is it actually bad? Or just hamfisted?
Donutholez: Really Killed 800
samwonk: I think there's something artistically interesting in having a lot of uncertainty about whether your choice matters or not. (I think Telltale games tended to do this better, but it's still interesting.)
thecanerdian: RU-0K
ChaosPainter: Bad controls: Become Robot
CoyoteSans: also, you're on a hidden time limit for all these investigation sequences
CleeKru: @SquareDotCube RK are the prototypes
Wicker_Knight: I think that's why it's WORTH being mad at this game
margieargie: @Toxxick That depends strongly on your definition of "bad".
Lettuce_Toast: Everything about this game apart from QTEs and david cage is really freaking cool
Metric_Furlong: Toxxick it has a number of interesting starting-points that the narrative never really goes anywhere with
Wicker_Knight: if this game was all trash, I wouldn't feel the desire for it to be better
RedHelveticaCake: @coyotesans i guess that ties back to Cage's biggest problem with making games instead of films - user interactio
Peppita18: I mean, we're frustrated cos in some way we like part of this game and want it to be good
thecanerdian: @Toxxick to answer that question I have about 10 hours of LRL Vods for you to watch ;)
CoyoteSans: Like, I applaud the team for what they made... they just had to do it under DAvid Cage's hamhanded gaze.
Wicker_Knight: okay so robo-blood is the VEX, got it
Metric_Furlong: Wicker_Knight I don't really think it's worth the effort of getting actually angry. but then again I am Old :p
Laserbeaks_Fury: Clean Food is such a fad
AmoriLinguae: he has fun tongue sensors
Rhynerd: So, the brain is actually the blood?
Wicker_Knight: @Metric_Furlong doesn't make you wrong though -__-
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The capital of Michigan is not Detroit.
Zalthia: SOMA touched on this a little
Lettuce_Toast: I guess the lick test is a real thing
RedHelveticaCake: distributed consciousness?
Zalthia: Yeah
Alahmnat: SOMA was such a much better game than this, narratively
Peppita18: kinda wish we knew more about simon and josh path
Izandai: The music is a little intense for what's happening.
accountmadeforants: Ample opportunity for android vampires who drink miiiinds.
Wicker_Knight: LUL
Lord_Hosk: But you cant just watch the CCTV? like that seems pretty important for analyzing the crime.
samwonk: Do you think the branching-path screen should tell you more/less about paths you didn't take?
LadyTL: THICC bullet
Wicker_Knight: okay so Cage knows as much about guns as he does about everything else
Dared00: 45cm bullet
CleeKru: future
Rhynerd: Oh god, if the brain is the blood then most wounds must suck. Imagine how much you could forget from one large enough scrape.
SoldieroFortune: 45 isn't usually a rifle caliber...
CrazymattCaptain: more bullets and a panel
Wicker_Knight: @Rhynerd that would put an interesting spin on Kara's lack of memory of being abused
PandasAndPancakes: Pretty sure you noticed that exact detail the first time we saw this scene Kappa
anyGould: So, if you have updating on, does it retroactively change how the next scenes happen?
Astra7525: @Rhynerd Even worse: You get new memories from people you don't know whenever you get a transfusion
Peppita18: you can go watch hank if you want @LoadingReadyRun
Peppita18: LUL
CleeKru: coin sounds!!!!1
Lettuce_Toast: YAY
Izandai: Aw, that's nice.
Amentur: Dawww
Lettuce_Toast: I love that so much!
Kykiwi: heck ya hank
noSmokeFire: he looks proud of himself
RedHelveticaCake: d'awww
blast__femur: I kind of wish it told you more, Samwonk. Because I don't want to play through it a ton of times
Peppita18: connor judging him
CleeKru: ok i know why people ship these two
Bron_Yr_Aur: @SoldieroFortune: I *think* the handwave is that these modern super-rifles are designed to cope with the increased recoil through some kind of distribution system magic BS.
Robot_Bones: Detroit's Finest
tenthtechpriest: they're the cutest couple in this game. not that there's much competition
Laserbeaks_Fury: the CCTV
Zalthia: One of the things I hate in fiction is when they conflate copying and transferring consciousness, and then don't explore it. Like "You can digitize your consciousness!" "Neat!" "Now you can never really die!" No! They are not the same consiousness! Therefore they are a different person based on the same memories!
CoyoteSans: @Zalthia Or they expect you to take the extistence as souls as a given, and just go with "well, the one that has the soul is the real one".
ContingentCat: GASP
Lord_Hosk: wait!
PMAvers: It's a Android chair! It can only hold a robo-butt
noSmokeFire: just stacked them in the cupboards
DentedPockets: Top shelf.
LadyTL: Gasp - An Android Chair!
accountmadeforants: In the Android rack
Ubiki: Thats not a kitchen
Wicker_Knight: @Zalthia I feel like that's one of those things where writers' intuitions haven't caught up yet.
CrazymattCaptain: so which one is the deviant?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this random?
CleeKru: uff
Lettuce_Toast: Far left guy, right?
anyGould: @Zalthia But is that a distinction without a difference? If you can't tell the difference between A and A-prime, aren't they both A?
Peppita18: left is deviant
SquareDotCube: Or the pantry if you're nice lrrBEEJ
ChaosPainter: well it's trying to dehumanize them
CoyoteSans: It's always the guy on the left, yes.
kenkopin: I wonder if it'll be the same one as last time. :)
LadyTL: Why didn't Markus free the chair? Now he's condemned to a life of supporting a sweaty human ass! DansGame
PhorrestGaze: androids are just utensils here but there so much more in canada
ArcOfTheConclave: @Lettuce_Toast dude!
noSmokeFire: it was far left last time, but we don't know whether it's randomized
Lord_Hosk: bop him in the nose
Izandai: I wonder if we can change which one is the deviant by the order in which we talk to them.
Metric_Furlong: Zalthia yeah (with a couple of exceptions e.g. Soma) but the added wrinkle is that there are a bunch of real-world Transhumanists who are also very convinced those are the same thing so they'll get to live forever if the tech gets developed
DaMullet14: did he say GB?
LadyTL: Wait the Android serial numbers are formatted like
MikoKisai: I believe you can look over at the others to ask those instead
LadyTL: Social Insurance Numbers?
Lord_Hosk: I didnt ask for your seriel number you jerk!
Invitare: What is your name? What is your favourite colour....
CleeKru: you can ask the qeustions to any of them
AmoriLinguae: @DaMullet14 that's what I heard
noSmokeFire: "You find a turtle in the desert..."
blast__femur: Isn't "I do not remember" a super weird thing for them to say?
Wicker_Knight: @LadyTL I think the intent is that they're formatted like cars
Zalthia: @CoyoteSans There was this book that really pissed me off, caled "walkaways" where the idea is that the digitizing consciousness thing basically destroys capitalizm and the characters are like "now no one has to die" but then there are literally two copies of the same person running around- the meat version and the digital version. And it's never looked into
Pal_Friendpatine: He did say GB @damullet14 .
CoyoteSans: Also, the tells become more obvious the more time passes in this interrogation.
RedHelveticaCake: what a pointless question that was
Peppita18: far lefttttt
thecanerdian: I've gathered you here in the accusing parlour
PMAvers: Connor: "It's me! I'm the deviant!"
CleeKru: you can ask any of them
Bedinsis: is he going inspector Javert on them?
Astra7525: Can you even find the deviant in this interrogation?
Wicker_Knight: well, that's a music cue
noSmokeFire: having the gimmick of "watch them for reactions!" and then locking the camera _on our face_ is really frustrating
CoyoteSans: "Sooner or later, one of your will active Ze Evil Voice!"
Lettuce_Toast: Android 24601! Your parole has only just begun!
niccus: iirc it's a cue outside the questions
niccus: but yeah you can spot the deviant
noSmokeFire: now kiss
Izandai: The one on the far left is the deviant, if I remember rightly.
kenkopin: Connor. Presumably two of them are non deviant. How about "Which of your fellow androids was sitting at the far right?"
Zalthia: Why don't you get the stress percentage meter for this one?
MikoKisai: yeah, should be the one on the left, IIRC
ArcOfTheConclave: this seems ooc for Connor
Lettuce_Toast: GET IM
Pal_Friendpatine: Why is the sympathetic android being such a dick to these droids?
silenceaux: Had them shifty eyes
ravenlord_xix: it would be cool if they mix them up between play throughs
CleeKru: don't forget take gun
saiaseigm: Is this the part where we say Go Left?
paulienohands: what is your major malfunction, android!
noSmokeFire: always choose gun
ContingentCat: owchie
LadyTL: My heart thingie!
LadyTL: My Robo-Pacemaker!
Peppita18: or you can just let connor die here...
rrtycoon2: Okay, so somehow it knew about the critical component without the exposition drop.
Wicker_Knight: why isn't there more than one?
wildpeaks: so that Connor can give his heart to Hank
Laserbeaks_Fury: Just like cars!
Stoffern: A modular heart isnt a bad idea
Lord_Hosk: why wouldnt the other two non deviants assist?
splatty1: easy pull heart, to go with the easy snap necks of movies Kappa
tenthtechpriest: why can you just reach in and pull that out? shouldn't there be a panel or something?
noSmokeFire: why is your heart something that can just pop out
ContingentCat: why would they make it so easy to pull out
circusofkirkus: my achey breakey heart
thegrolan: Why isn't the heartbeat regulated by the HEART?
CulturalGeekGirl: It's modular so that later in one rare branch either North or Simon can give an injured Markus their heart. Litearlly.
MikoKisai: you'd think the cops outside would be suspicious about just one of the suspects walking out
CleeKru: legally distinct heart
Zalthia: Isn't this the sequence from Heavy Rain?
Dashiell: A real company would require a special screwdriver to take the heart out
Astra7525: glorps
LadyTL: All androids are Tony Stark Life Model Duplicates
kenkopin: katesHeart
Alahmnat: y'all keep complaining about non-replaceable batteries, this is what you get!
ContingentCat: ew swich noise why
Peppita18: gun !
Dared00: GUN
Wicker_Knight: oh great, we've reached the Billy Ray Cyrus point of the stream?
Edgarware: GUN
Astra7525: wow
noSmokeFire: someone said there donuts and all the cops scattered
Wicker_Knight: always GUN
NexVesica: Gun is best character
Lettuce_Toast: GUN
tenthtechpriest: wow connor
itsr67: dang quickdraw connor
Kykiwi: Pfft
Bedinsis: That guy was all like "Geez, that android is a stone cold killer."
Zalthia: now hug your bro
Stoffern: Hank friend
noSmokeFire: will he stop acting like a wad now that he's "friend"?
ctm1992: Hank Friends
circusofkirkus: an unintended consequence
ctm1992: Hank Hug
LadyTL: The only way to stop a bad robot with a gun is a- I can't even finish that thought as a joke
luckylibrarian: hank is f r i e n d
samwonk: I feel like there should be a safety protocol about taking a cop's gun and shooting it a lot.
thegrolan: Conner got that aimbot
ravenlord_xix: five rounds rapid
PMAvers: No wonder the army likes them.
Lettuce_Toast: I bet he uses aimbot
RedHelveticaCake: why even have human cops
Rhynerd: “Holy shit, I see why they make you folks for the army.”
noSmokeFire: why did we program androids to dab
Kamotetop: skerd
anyGould: Bummer that we're not saving - I'd be curious to know how that changes Kamsky.
Bedinsis: RedHelveticaCake what if the robocops all revolt?
CleeKru: maybe do the good connor ending with cole
Astra7525: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Apparition) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (50m from now).
CoyoteSans: @anyGould It don't, Hank just doesn't get pissed.
Lettuce_Toast: Connor ending, after he says cole?
LadyTL: Miss you, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart :c
thecanerdian: play different piano songs!
Astra7525: huh... Somehow I was under the impression TalkingSim is only 2 hours...
Laserbeaks_Fury: So, between sacrificing yourself for Hank, or taking down the deviant to save everyone, does this game pose any of those outcomes as "success"?
SajuukSjet: if one was actually going for a largely quick freedom movement in this setup, you'd infect the military androids
Lettuce_Toast: We can play piano again!
wildpeaks: maybe we get the birbs this time
Kamotetop: why are we not saving?
Earthenone: TS is a full 3 hour show
ArcOfTheConclave: play chess?
NexVesica: They mention in news reports or something that the military androids were being shut down to prevent them from being recruited by the deviants
RedHelveticaCake: @bedinsis thats why you build them with a kill code
Wicker_Knight: @Kamotetop they've already won, they're just doing reruns for new content, and no one wants to replay the whole game again
korvys: He was on the front of the bus...
Wicker_Knight: "won" in this case meaning "arrived at end credits"
CleeKru: look how young he looks!
Kamotetop: completionist run, noted. Thank you!
Alness49: Yeah, Cage is french, he should know these images
tenthtechpriest: that zerbra rug is tackey
SajuukSjet: nexvesica: indeed, in stead of the broadcast announcing the problem which then leads to the shutdown, you convert them first
Izhuark: interact with the birbs !
notarealartist: tbh i wish i could just play as the non deviant version more
SajuukSjet: loadingreadyrun: indeed, just, how careless they are with all the imagery is just
wildpeaks: birb \o/
ChaosPainter: Are armbands straight holocaust symbolism?
splatty1: android birbs
thecanerdian: robobirb
GDwarf: Do not turn on birb
Lettuce_Toast: They're android birbs!!!
MatthewDennisMTG: robobirb deserves liberty
Izandai: huh
Ubiki: he turned that birb on
CoyoteSans: You, see, they are robit birds, in a gilded cage?
Scrubbodiestobears: are they sentient?
wildpeaks: they show up in a later scene when they're activated
thegrolan: robo birb
accountmadeforants: We need a new !birb command
DeM0nFiRe: That is pretty adorbs
ctm1992: Robirbs
Astra7525: Didn't see that coming
Laserbeaks_Fury: The bird or the cage?
markededge: robirbs
Alahmnat: Do you like our owl?
sivakrytos: @ChaosPainter depends a little but ya
Rhynerd: Birb activated!
Izandai: I guess it's fine to have a cage that tiny if the birds are robots.
Wicker_Knight: the high-vis triangle doesn't bother me, because it looks like high-vis things I've seen on hiking jackets, but the android dots and the armbands i'm definitely with you
ArcOfTheConclave: @ChaosPainter triangle = star of david
ryuhimora: My favorite factoid about mirrors in videogames is that in order to be properly shown as mirrored the game has to render two copies of the scene
accountmadeforants: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
SK__Ren: Cam, why is it do you think, that we commonly make robots to look like Humans?
Wicker_Knight: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
notarealartist: wait so that means android cat?!
Alness49: Robot bird flies back at the end of the game "Please, may I have my freedom?"
splatty1: that means someone, somewhere must have made robot dinosaurs
Lettuce_Toast: Hank playing with the coin and robirbs is absolutely two new saving graces I'm glad I got to see
Rhynerd: Is your canary electric?
Izhuark: Not great
electric_claire: Is there a whole robot food chain?
Wicker_Knight: oh my god if I get a robot dog will it not pee on everything? gabyWow
Zalthia: Super Best Friends had a good point about this: Are the birds programmed to be birds? Is Alice running helpless child. exe?
Laserbeaks_Fury: You see, androids are like birds, in a GILDED. CAGE
Ubiki: I wonder if David Cage has read Philip Dick?
Dared00: @wicker_knight it'll pee blue blood
Siegeerson: the literal death camps are way too heavy handed
samwonk: I would walk on the edge of that staircase to avoid stepping on that rug.
Wicker_Knight: @Dared00 ...ewwwwww
BarcodeReader321: When you guys first started playimg this, I thought the final reveal would be that this is Android's revisiting their distant past, going through the seminal decisions of their eventual rise to personhood.
splatty1: blep
thegrolan: mlem
Izandai: What is the distinction between a blep and a mlem?
Kamotetop: in and out?
CoyoteSans: @BarcodeReader321 Yeah, this game lacks the insane future implications endings like prior David Cage games had.
Blasteg: so how are the sim going?
Bron_Yr_Aur: @BarcodeReader321: That would have been an exceedingly interesting framing device.
Lettuce_Toast: Quick, press circle to dodge the racism allegories!
Rhynerd: A mlem has some extra movement, does it not?
ArcOfTheConclave: tacticool
wildpeaks: history is big, it takes two whole books
richard_ermen: Good old history.
thegrolan: History Part 2: More History
rrtycoon2: Well, branching paths lead to many histories...have to read up on all of them.
ContingentCat: you know he bought all those in a package to fill out a book case and look like a smart
Wicker_Knight: A Short History of the World, Part 2
splatty1: at least he doesn't have a copy of,"do not face towards player" like the doctor in soma Kappa
electric_claire: @Izandai A blep is when the tongue is just sticking out for no reason,a mlem is when they lick their nose
ChaosPainter: Zima Blue
Bron_Yr_Aur: History is expanding all the time, with the times.
Izandai: @electric_claire ty
Zalthia: Not only are they heavy handed, but they're only the surface level of how bad the camps actually were. In real life, the nazis forced other Jews to get their fellows ready to be killed. Barbers, etc. They also collected all clothing, gold teeth, watches, etc- anything that could be salvaged. And had Jews sort that stuff.
wildpeaks: it's the future, that's why they need a second book for history, to store all the Future stuff
ryuhimora: god I would hate that door in my house
accountmadeforants: These are all just rebound dirty mags
circusofkirkus: thanks Alexa
Wicker_Knight stares at own sleeves, defensively
CulturalGeekGirl: He's a GenXer, Hank is a Millenial
Bron_Yr_Aur: Zalthia: Yeah but, honestly, if Cage had tried to create Android Kapos I'd have flipped shit.
Dryhad: Those sleeves are very Gen X
Dashiell: I really hate that the game never questions Markus's relationship with Carl
Ubiki: Its weird that the networking evident at the beginning doesnt really come back at all
Peppita18: @Dashiell same ...
CoyoteSans: Yeah, this game depicts a world fifteen years from now... but really, it's today except with Androids and holograms.
Laserbeaks_Fury: All I hear is Admiral Hackett and now I'm nostalgic for Mass Effect again
Zalthia: @Bron_Yr_Aur I feel like it could be done well, but certainly not by David Cage.
Lettuce_Toast: I hope there's an easter egg somewhere that shows hank loaded with student debt
Dared00: Real millennials in 2037 will have Vine quotes on their bumpers
Bron_Yr_Aur: Ubiki: Honestly, it would make sense as foreshadowing of the mechanism by which Markus spreads the virus but no, we can't do that, I guess.
dreamyxcupcakes: is that why hank is so emotionally stunted when you meet him?
samwonk: I wish there were at least one character who treated the androids with respect only because they like treating their pets with respect.
Wicker_Knight: like, I actually find that interaction deeply upsetting
notBrunoAgain: Hank has a bumper sticker that just says "medicare for all" and is extremely faded
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ryuhimora: !uptime
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DarkMorford: benginRaid benginDab benginRaid benginDab benginRaid benginDab
Wicker_Knight: oh, Plaid Posse
CoyoteSans: @dreamyxcupcakes Hank's deal is he has Spooner's backstory from the iRobot story: his son died because a human doctor got drunk, so an android had to do the surgery and fucked it up and the son died.
thordak_keitel: benginHeart benginRaid benginHeart benginRaid benginHeart
Sir__Octopus: Carl is more kind than I would expect someone with a collection of dead endangered animals
Lettuce_Toast: Ben!
CodenameJD: RAID
Earthenone: linticular gifs
tenthtechpriest: benginHeart
Stellapacifica: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
CoyoteSans: *iRobot movie, I mean.
WrightJustice: benginRaid
DentedPockets: Being a millennial, I never got into vine >.>
circusofkirkus: sPOOPs
thegrolan: lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart
Dared00: We drive with Hank, and we suddenly hear him saying "yeah, I sure hope it does" under his breath
ItsRileyPM: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
dreamyxcupcakes: @coyotesans well that's dark
Astra7525: Leo was the son?
Rhynerd: Think somebody would have a plaque of “I will face god and walk backwards into hell?”
CodenameJD: I have no idea what's going on or what this game is but it seems like it'd be fun to push the old guy over a bannister
Lettuce_Toast: Nice android booty
itsr67: benginButt
Rhonlore: thats the butt of Detroid there
Wicker_Knight: yeah all the robots have very nice robutts
TheFoilAjani: t h i c c
Fayili: I wanted to stick around to the end of the stream and the sub messages but I am a tiredsmn and going to bed. Goodnight, everyone.
CleeKru: @Astra7525 yes
Diabore: a perfectly crafted ass
Baldrash: He's not dummy thicc, but good enough.
thegrolan: Robobooty
Lettuce_Toast: somebody molded that ass
Countjondi: I mean, good fitness is a good trait in a full time nurse
Dared00: Detroit: Become T h i c c
CulturalGeekGirl: Carl's wheelchair is actually well-designed and looks like a real wheelchair someone would have, which is nice
DennyMcG: Seeya Fayili
Baldrash: @Wicker_Knight We like ro-butts and we cannot lie?
itsr67: Imagine being the guy designing android butts
Izandai: Well, if you're designing bodies, why no make them attractive in every way?
tenthtechpriest: wonder if better butts are an option package when building your android
Izandai: *why not
Driosenth: wheel that wheelchair right over the extinct zebra
Wicker_Knight: @Baldrash Ah, I see we have another QC fan :P
thecanerdian: @CulturalGeekGirl yes, this entire setting is actually very well-designed. It looks like an accessible house
itsr67: the clap of my asscheeks keep alerting the deviants
dreamyxcupcakes: that's an add on Carl just didnt want to pay for
Lettuce_Toast: Omg, is there a thicc option at some build-a-bear android store?!
CleeKru: @Izandai attractivnes is subjectiv?
Baldrash: @Wicker_Knight benginDab
RedHelveticaCake: i certainly hope so
tenthtechpriest: it's silverware
CleeKru: i can't english right now
ArcOfTheConclave: I love that dummy thick is A Thing
Bron_Yr_Aur: Markus: "The clap of my ass cheeks keeps awakening more deviants."
Dryhad: @Lettuce_Toast Well, if you're building a bear...
Rhynerd: What would be a butt version of “blessed is the cheesemaker?”
Donutholez: <message deleted>he doesnt have america's ass, but markus' is just fine
CoyoteSans: @thecanerdian I assume David Cage knows quite well what a well-off neavu-riche's mansion looks like.
DennyMcG: I too read QC
Izandai: @CleeKru I think we can all agree on the basic qualities of a good butt.
BarcodeReader321: another thought I had that is *almost* present in the text, is that the choices that the player makes and whatever the player is feeling is the inherent humanity of the Androids, but are limited by their robot brains to have a finite number of responses.
Wicker_Knight: @Rhynerd "Blessed is the crossfit trainer?"
Izhuark: Let's play chess !
Laserbeaks_Fury: God, I really hope they exaggerated Lance's physique in this game
RedHelveticaCake: @rhynerd blessed are the cheekmakers
Lettuce_Toast: @Dryhad Markus needs reserves to survive the (nuclear) winter
adi_pie: I don't know, eating a Iain Banks book for dessert seems a bit much. Maybe a short story instead?
gawag_: is there a dialogue option where markus gets to confess that he has eaten the plums that were in the ice box that you were saving for later?
CapnRobert: submarines
ArcOfTheConclave: chess!
thegrolan: As the events of this game are taking place the world is also just kinda going to shit and it's never really touched on
Dryhad: Press triangle to win
Dared00: Carl is a gamer, confirmed
Wicker_Knight: chess is super-frustrating to get good at
thecanerdian: I actually genuinely like "choosing to win." Because Chess is more or less solved, computers HAVE to dumb down against human opponents
tenthtechpriest: mood
circusofkirkus: he just whips Carl out of his wheelchair
samwonk: I like this scene but I feel like it's so much about Carl's life with a caretaker that it's hard to find a way it fits into the larger narrative.
NexVesica: thegrolan There is one semi-popular theory that deviancy was them pulling a watchmen and creating a new enemy for everyone to focus on to prevent WW 3
notBrunoAgain: The US would presumably in this scenario either divert an atlantic or pacific fleet to the arctic sea or form a new fleet for the purpose
DentedPockets: This guy is like, the best character in this game.
Countjondi: chess unfortunately has a learning curve that quickly requires a lot of mermorization to get beyond the beginner level
Wicker_Knight: I really don't feel he is
Izandai: Carl seems like a nice old man.
Wicker_Knight: I think he introduces some good concepts
Dryhad: Carl is great
Lord_Hosk: Dont let anyone tell you who you should be... other than me.. I get to tell you
Lettuce_Toast: Carl's android is called... markus
Siegeerson: wow carl just gave him like 50 life lessons at once
Louie_Salmon: He is a very good actor given good lines
notBrunoAgain: Probably the latter given the institutional pattern of military spending and pumping out new ships faster than crews for them can be trained
Dryhad: You may only do one thing
Lettuce_Toast: Carl Markus
Wicker_Knight: I dunno, I probably need to give him more credit
adi_pie: Honestly, the dynamic between these two is a part of the game I legitimately enjoy.
CoyoteSans: @Countjondi Yeah, I know the basic rules, but anything beyond just seems to daunting to me to really get into.
ryuhimora: I love how fucking pointless this robot arm is
circusofkirkus: wrong sheet, Kronk!
itsr67: Painter's assistant to revolutionary
Stoffern: I heard remove the sheep
itsr67: weird escalation
AmoriLinguae: Carl could have been a much deeper part of the story in the hands of a better director
Bron_Yr_Aur: Carl is 'too quick' for lack of a better term. Cage want him in, inspiration, and fridged within the first hour.
Lettuce_Toast: Didn't we see the blue painting?
ArcOfTheConclave: big waldo
margieargie: Detroit: Remove Sheet
Lord_Hosk: its blue dabedudabe dee
notBrunoAgain: I mean the robot arm is an assistive device to help him paint large format canvas
circusofkirkus: is he painting Sonic?
thecanerdian: @circusofkirkus this painting is nowhere near terrifying enough for that
BrindleBoar: a lot of blue in the more recent paintings
Dared00: @circusofkirkus yes, he's painting the teeth now
samwonk: The game could do a lot more to engage with this massive wealth disparity and how that relates to any concept of "freedom."
DentedPockets: A lot of his paintings are depictions in blue.
ryuhimora: TEETH
Louie_Salmon: @amorilinguae There is a path where instead of a grave, Markus returns to actually talk to him. But that's really the extent of it, he shows up in 3 scenes and no more.
voslan: Okay, so as much as this game can be a Sack, that idea of using an idustrial welder to act as an dedicated axis to assist with handicap paint is a really clever idea.
Wicker_Knight: @Bron_Yr_Aur yeah, I guess you're right. I would really want to see how his character would react to, like, seeing Markus post-junkyard. I'm skeptical he'd still be a supportive character
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circusofkirkus: @thecanerdian it's clearly a work in progress
NexVesica: It feels like Carl was supposed to have a larger role and that got cut to speed up Marcus becoming robo-Jesus
SajuukSjet: oh, the studio is lovely
tenthtechpriest: maximize your natural light
SajuukSjet: as is the house
Wicker_Knight: but that's never given an option to see
circusofkirkus: @Dared00 teeth for the teeth god
wildpeaks: very lived in
Astra7525: I didn't realize those were windows at first
Kykiwi: cleaning the gaint glass panes would seems like a pain
Countjondi: @CoyoteSans I was an alright chess player throughout my early teens, even got a couple of silvers on tourneys, but eventually i realized how much read grinding it involves to get much better and stopped.
splatty1: oh right, all of the paintings marcus can paint are neat
NexVesica: Wicker_Knight You can visit him after becoming revolutionary leader, but it doesn't lead to much
thecanerdian: I kind of wonder if Lance Henriksson commands a big price these days? And they could only afford him for like...a few scenes?
Peppita18: @NexVesica and thats a shame, because it ruins markus arc to me
Zalthia: Aren't you not supposed tostore paintings in that kind of environment
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Wicker_Knight: Indeed. I tend to think he would be supportive, albeit with some difficulty and confusion. But you're right - the story forecloses that option.
itsr67: when's the "Art?" emote gonna come out?
ArcOfTheConclave: @Zalthia future paints
Countjondi: Is this how Cage sees himself?
RassilonDND: error, color analysis inconclusive
Louie_Salmon: @wicker_knight Markus can visit him later, and Carl is even MORE supportive of him, basically tells him that he is the protagonist of the universe that has to lead the world out of darkness
NexVesica: Bron_Yr_Aur From what I remember, he is supportive. You can watch the scene on YouTube, I think it's relatively short and just kinda meh
korvys: Is that Willen Defoe?
circusofkirkus: the game should just open Windows Paint here
Wicker_Knight: @Louie_Salmon ahhh. I don't know how to feel about that.
samwonk: Again that Carl's life is really resonant but doesn't seem to serve anything the story wants to tell.
korvys: *Willem
wildpeaks: korvys no it's Lance Henriksen
thecanerdian: yes! paint his painting!
Robot_Bones: Marcus the Erotic Artist. Hentai is Art!
Driosenth: Paint Carl?
Wicker_Knight: @korvys it's Lance Hendricksen. So, different old grizzled cool guy
RedHelveticaCake: dickbutt!
Bron_Yr_Aur: NexVesica: Ah, my apologies - I thought he died either way.
ChaosPainter: Paint carl?
thecanerdian: plagiarize!
Lettuce_Toast: You'll see
Izandai: Non-deviants can't do abstract.
korvys: Oh, cool
Izhuark: no we did not
thecanerdian: you painted the statue I thought
Heinzes_: desk
Earthenone: i think we painted statue
NexVesica: Bron_Yr_Aur He can survive, but he only shows up in that one scene instead of Marcus going to the grave, it's pretty disappointing
wildpeaks: you painted the head
Peppita18: desk has more colors
TheGamesBlog: You did the statue head
itsr67: game. play.
Lettuce_Toast: we did the statue head
Kramburger: Marcus paints like a dot-matrix printer
ContingentCat: oh yeah he paints like a printer
Amentur: I would like Markus to just joke and make printer noises
circusofkirkus: 3 strokes and done
Bron_Yr_Aur: @NexVesica: Indeed, that is rather unfortunate.
Lettuce_Toast: Painting is magic
Lettuce_Toast: drop some happy little trees in there
cmdrud87: umm... that's not aesthetic
circusofkirkus: markus: this art? carl: no
5thWall: No accidents. Just happy little trees.
NexVesica: I always wished they explored how Carl and Kamski knew each other
ChaosPainter: X
Peppita18: and a cabin
Wicker_Knight: I dunno, that's a description I kind of like, especially for a new painter where you're trying to get them to extend beyond just their technique
aesir_blade: Imagine he just paints a memetic kill agent
MousseFilledCat: It used to be about replicating the world, and then we invented the photograph
SpacePotato01: Is he trying to trick Markus into becoming a furry?
vegetalss4: I feel old artists get to have very specific definitions of art, even if it makes them cromudgeons and elitists.
Kramburger: Press X to close eyes isn't GAMEPLAY, David Cage
Kamotetop: Is path different?
thecanerdian: Fat-eh
Bron_Yr_Aur: "Press X to be reminded of the fact that this story is a fiction, as we deliberately break narrative cohesion."
voslan: Those are some very tangable topics for an abstract...
RedHelveticaCake: as an artist, I prefer to only draw things based on things I can see or can look up on Google imagez
margieargie: Oh, you're doing Fate fanart? :P
SK__Ren: Thats a different painting
Laserbeaks_Fury: It doesn't necessarily have to be gameplay
ZachtlyAsIntended: Me and My Robot Jesus!
Dared00: this doesn't look like Saber
Wicker_Knight: ohey it's Jesse Pinkman again
Lettuce_Toast: Oh look, fate actually shows the future
Peppita18: that was the junkyard painting was it
Amentur: So Markus has foresight now?
Zalthia: @Wicker_Knight I feel like for a creature that can naturally replicate anything due to being made that way, that's a fair explanation. But for humans, still life can be a great way to learn techniques and hone skill.
Lettuce_Toast: Oh god I hate this scene
Rhonlore: this guy seems like a junkie
Dryhad: Markus is that guy from Heroes who paints the future
Izandai: The subtle roll back.
thegrolan: This guy is such a piece of shit
Wicker_Knight: @Zalthia oh definitely, it's not advice for honing skill. It's advice for getting someone who has honed their skill to start developing a marketable/expressive voice
Lettuce_Toast: You can deck him
Dashiell: it's weird how the game completely forgets about space drugs after the first act
Lettuce_Toast: Which is the 'bad; option
Peppita18: he redeem himself if you push him
ContingentCat: i's not a fucking mechine, he didn't get that model
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Zalthia, @Wicker_Knight: I see your point but I respectfully disagree. The choice of subject is, itself, artistic and constitutes a form of expression.
Astra7525: Carl did say he didn't want to call Leo
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thecanerdian: Leo is SUCH a Capricorn
5thWall: Are naughty bits standard or do they only come with delux models?
Wicker_Knight: @Bron_Yr_Aur hrm. that's true. the painting by definition is NOT a lot of things, and that represents an artistic choice.
SpacePotato01: the're DLC
Izhuark: Yes you unlock it by choosing humanity
Wicker_Knight: I think I need some time to process that one
ChaosPainter: Is there a way to unlock all paths?
Lettuce_Toast: @5thWall There are companion bots and kara doesn't have a booty hole so it must not be standard equip
richard_ermen: Like doing all the other options?
EvilBadman: Maybe keep Connor alive
MT_Storm: Try Connor's good end?
Peppita18: @ChaosPainter by playing again and again?
thecanerdian: do the other Lance Henriksson scene!
Wicker_Knight: @Lettuce_Toast wait, was that ever explicitly called out for us?
Wicker_Knight: lrrSPOOP
CommanderPulsar: Painting titled: Ceci n'est pas amor
taschneide: You can skip straight to the post-Amanda part, btw
NexVesica: You can go back to end Connor and say Cole
Izandai: @5thWall Having to make room in the chassis for a hole seems like something you wouldn't do if you didn't have to.
Lettuce_Toast: @Wicker_Knight Yeah, north implies she's a sexbot and it's shown in this scene we're entering right now. Also we see alice and kara completely nude without skin in the camp scene
Wicker_Knight: ah
CoyoteSans: You do need to find the son's picture in the kitchen in this part in order to know his name for the Battle For Detroit.
Peppita18: wait, are you looking for the photo ? @LoadingReadyRun because you'll need to save and redo all the chapters till the end. but you dont need to photo to answer "Cole"
CoyoteSans: oh really
CoyoteSans: huh
EvilBadman: It's the way to get the "good" end after Connor doesn't die to the pop quiz.
CommanderPulsar: I'm just amused by having the android, Bishop, help me understand my androids' desire for humanity.
TehAmelie: hello simulators
niccus: if you keep touching it you get warped to the witness island
thecanerdian: @CommanderPulsar "Not bad for a human"
CommanderPulsar: @thecanerdian Exactly!
Peppita18: @CoyoteSans no you still can choose "cole" just theres no "unlocked" icon
TehAmelie: how goes the humanization? i'm guessing David Cage falls short
Laserbeaks_Fury: ISn't he in AvP too?
CoyoteSans: David Cage find humans fascinating because he doesn't understand them in the slightest. Kappa
thecanerdian: dear Doctor Cam: speaking of Alien 3, did you hear William Gibson's OG script is getting an audio recording with Michael Biehn?
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kangrejodepueblo: wait, Is this game available?
kangrejodepueblo: I mean, complete
samwonk: In a game with some good mechanics, the relationship change indicator seems like the real mistake.
CoyoteSans: Yeah, we're redoing bits to see how shallow the choices really are.
Lettuce_Toast: Yeah they're going back to previous scenes
cdutson: that bridge didn't finish rendering. weird
samwonk: It just contextualized every interaction as won/lost.
MikoKisai: @kangrejodepueblo yes, there were only 20 minutes or so left when we started
CulturalGeekGirl: God I love Amanda's outfits
RedHelveticaCake: it would probably take some programmers
thecanerdian: @samwonk did you play/see Oxenfree? The convo feedback in that was really simple, and didn't indicate positive or negative
cdutson: he's not bothered by the rain at all, huh?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, like TellTale has the prompt "X Will Remember This." but they never contextualize those changes
vigilanteheatengineer: So is Amanda supposed to be the cyberlife quantum computer’s interface?
silenceaux: Maybe it only makes you work at leaving vehicles when the weather is terrible
CommanderPulsar: KUR-GAN
MEL_155_A: If you fight through the Eden Club, you can have a fight with a pair of kung-fu lesbians in lingerie and then brutally murder one in front of the other
Siegeerson: its retro
ShadowAce0: It feels like its their attempt to immerse you but it ends up just being distracting
Dryhad: He's a millennial and can't afford a good car.
samwonk: Maybe incredibly boxy cars came back in in, like, 2021.
ItsRileyPM: Too much avocado toast
CoyoteSans: @vigilanteheatengineer What Amanda actually is is never elaborated on. She just seems to be the personification of Cyberlife's corporate agenda and thus Connor's handler program.
Lord_Hosk: Why does he have a front and rear plate? Michigan doesnt have front and rear plates
CrazymattCaptain: fun bumper stickers
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm amazed he can afford a car and a home with all his crippling debt
SquareDotCube: It was the only thing lower than $1000 that still ran
PhorrestGaze: it's actually retro-modern. it's very in in 2020
Izandai: Shouldn't our armband be on the opposite side of our body from our head circle so we can be easily identified as an android from any angle?
notBrunoAgain: Hank was finally able to afford a car in 2033 and it was this car.
EvilBadman: @Lord_Hosk pfft, your boring Michigan in 2019. This is future cool Detroit
Lettuce_Toast: Didn't we succeed in actually finding the couple of deviants in the eden club?
Lord_Hosk: LOL
cdutson: that's a hell of a doorbell
Peppita18: LUL
MEL_155_A: @Lettuce_Toast Thankfully, they failed
circusofkirkus: we breaking and entering now?
Rhynerd: @lord_hosk that’s probably the least worrisome of research failure moments in this game.
DarkNacht: Pre computer chip car?
Dryhad: lrrHORN
Lettuce_Toast: @MEL_155_A Oh right, I thought they succeeded
Call_me_Kaye: The beeping will continue until morale improves
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's not like Detroit is known for cars or anything
Diabore: just hold it till someone throws a bottle at your head
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Bron_Yr_Aur: @ShadowAce0: It's emblematic of bad design - "What if we made more compulsory interactions? Surely that will immerse the players and not remind them that they're playing a game, creating a wall between game and player."
Call_me_Kaye: Ride the dragon into depressed hell
Lord_Hosk: there would be porn on that computer
MEL_155_A: @Lettuce_Toast They ran out of time trying to find the very last bit of footage
samwonk: The neighbors have now all noticed a random android snooping on the cop.
ContingentCat: I imagine isn't not the first time
Lettuce_Toast: Live your dreams of having a tsundere android boyfriend and a romp through detroit
itsr67: Hank [Sleepy]
Lettuce_Toast: @MEL_155_A Aw man
cdutson: that was a good window break
circusofkirkus: can we pet Sumo?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cujo was a St. Bernard too
tenthtechpriest: you know what will make this better for hank? glass shards in his unconcious face!
ChuckSplatt: Can you pet the dog?
RedHelveticaCake: i thought androids were graceful
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeGoof
CoyoteSans: sumo is incredibly laid back for a big dog
PhorrestGaze: can we pet dog?
korbl: actually, how *would* animals react to androids?
thegrolan: Sumo just lives here man
Astra7525: Can we jus tignore hank?
Lettuce_Toast: Pet the dog!
Wicker_Knight: @PhorrestGaze we can
CrazymattCaptain: how would Sumo react if you didn't know his name?
Rhynerd: You can pet the dog.
Lord_Hosk: wow
Bron_Yr_Aur: I honestly wonder how animals would react to "humans that don't act/smell like humans."
Call_me_Kaye: D:
Lettuce_Toast: Dog require pet
CoyoteSans: even my old as hell dog would be tearing connor's leg off at this point after that stunt
Clench_Eastwood: o/
niccus: i wonder if cage scripted something different when connor talked to the dog
samwonk: Sumo doesn't think this is weird, and honestly that's a good beat.
Izandai: GUN
RedHelveticaCake: @rhynerd the best twitter accou t
Lord_Hosk: "Trace" of alcohol
BrindleBoar: a little drunken Russian Roulette, I see
cdutson: dude's havin a rough time i guess
phenexian: I can't get that montage of connor with the inspector gadget playing over it out of my head every time he jumps out of a window. It's like the greatest thing to have come out of this game
Peppita18: @CrazymattCaptain about the same ... he doesnt really attack
Earthenone: dawn of the final day. 1 bullet remaining
Rhynerd: How much does connor smell like hank to a dog, I wonder.
Dryhad: Why is the label on that Scotch based on Jack Daniels?
itsr67: slap em
Clench_Eastwood: So I was just checking out LRL top clips and the Detroit one about race is at 122,000 views! HOW?! Did some big channel share it or something?
korbl: "I detect traces of alcohol." "Oh, and there's a bottle of it!"
Call_me_Kaye: "The android sent by cyberlife!"
MEL_155_A: It reads as "cheap whiskey" to most people
notBrunoAgain: "for your own safety"
cdutson: oh okay it's that actor.
notBrunoAgain: [proceeds to manhandle comatose drunk man]
Wicker_Knight: @Dryhad because Cage put as much time into understanding whiskey as he did for anything else :p
Clench_Eastwood: ahhhh
Erudite_Cynic: this must be Clancy Brown
kat2kool: wait what that was my clip!
SK__Ren: Wait, what got posted?
kat2kool: WHAT
Ziraneth: what clip
RedHelveticaCake: which clip was that?
CleeKru: Good Dog!
itsr67: when you push hank into the tub, just stop for a sec
adi_pie: Clancy Brown here doing his impression of said Reddit comments.
korbl: "Sumo, attack!" "I'm with him, dude"
Astra7525: The one with impeccable Chloe timing?
Earthenone: the "this game is not about race"
kat2kool: hang on i'll find the link
ChaosPainter: @SK__Ren "not about Race"
Wicker_Knight: followed by Chloe mentioned the UR
RedHelveticaCake: brb
Juliamon: It has triple the views of the next most popular LRR clip of all time
Lettuce_Toast: Oh THAT clip
Brok3nGol3m: 122K views!
RedHelveticaCake: ooooh
Alahmnat: it's never hot at first
bowsin_durrows: It takes a while for it to really get hot.
richard_ermen: Hot Water...instantly vaporizes Alcohol
Lettuce_Toast: I like how he looked for hank at a bar before he went to his hosue
korbl: Maybe taps are better in the future
Baldrash: Empty beer bottles on the shelf. Nice.
itsr67: also apparently drunkeness can just be fixed with water alone
Rhynerd: Unless the future has pre-heated water or something.
gawag_: anyone have the reddit link?
adi_pie: "You're not yourself. Eat a Snickers."
cdutson: that's good and healthy
samwonk: Are you saying something about shower beer?
Clench_Eastwood: I mean, a shower beer CAN be nice....Im not sure about in his case
Baldrash: I've never had a shower beer. I wouldn't mind trying one.
RedHelveticaCake: drat, can't stay for the rest of this stream
notBrunoAgain: I mean at one point in my life I took an empty tall boy of red bull out of the shower
Bron_Yr_Aur: Wash your junk, wash down an IPA.
Lord_Hosk: and some sex club
notBrunoAgain: You do what you gotta do to get through the day, man
Lettuce_Toast: Cole's picture is on the table, btw @LoadingReadyRun
Countjondi: oh, wait, that reminds me, i have beer that ha stayed in the fridge for weeks
itsr67: find out about his son maybe?
Wicker_Knight: Must Dress Man-Baby
CulturalGeekGirl: Gotta look around the apartment first
Rhynerd: Can yo go find out about the son first?
CulturalGeekGirl: if you want to see the extra stuff
MT_Storm: Kitchen table for Cole's picture
Alahmnat: stripy
shinumei: Daugther name? t1anBlind
CulturalGeekGirl: The narrative design is very bad here
Earthenone: Stripy is thematic for where we are going
Rhynerd: Hippy.
ItsRileyPM: strippy, bow chicka wow wow
Peppita18: you can only look around after you gave his clothes @LoadingReadyRun
DiscordianTokkan: Stripy for the strip club!
Peppita18: the timer starts then
samwonk: That is a very Ikea wardrobe.
korbl: I feel like an android wouldn't just ball the clothes up under their arm
CulturalGeekGirl: Oh it's after the clothes? my bad
Lord_Hosk: one bedroom? odd
Astra7525: I figure the game hides the spots from you until the clock starts after you give Hank his clothes
thegrolan: Can we pet the doggo?
CommanderPulsar: The other three of the ten dwarves: Stripey, hippy, streaky
Peppita18: @CulturalGeekGirl no problem :D
paulienohands: is hippy the 2038 word for hipster?
Edgarware: Large Burg
wildpeaks: remember it's timed
bowsin_durrows: You can't examine stuff until after giving him his clothes.
richard_ermen: Giant Burger.
Baldrash: Mmm, Sourdough Jack.
caulderjof: A hamburger the size of a man's head.
cdutson: wow cam with the downtown shot
tenthtechpriest: MURRICA
ContingentCat: wow he still has that ikea lamp in the corner, my parents have one those that's liek 10 years old now
CulturalGeekGirl: I think you have to give him the clothes then RUN back into the kitchen to real quick look at the photo. It is VERY bad design
Dryhad: Chonkin' burg
twitch_Purple: The Bucks are losing pretty badly, but I wouldn't call it a "crime scene."
Izandai: I like how we're just not addressing the gun.
niccus: is jack an android
cdutson: wonder how good that burger is the second time
Lord_Hosk: this is a one bedroom single family detached home... there must be... at least 10 of those in the state
Peppita18: @CulturalGeekGirl the only stupid thing is that the best connor ending is based on this picture and its timed....
adi_pie: The foley there was perfect.
Lettuce_Toast: God I can smell it now
Vanbael: brings back bad memories of 4 loko
tenthtechpriest: but we can turn our nose off at least
cdutson: there's some power behind that
itsr67: dining room table right? fallen over picture
Gizmoloid: Who screams as they puke?
samwonk: Oh, right, the war with Russia subplot that went nowhere!
Lettuce_Toast: @Gizmoloid I've done it before, when it gets stuck
korbl: Is that a chinese food container of popcorn?
Lettuce_Toast: Laughter? I hear laughter
Izandai: Oh god that's a real photo of a real human child.
Baldrash: That was a Beej laugh.
Dashiell: so Hank killed Connor for not doing enough gameplay
Izandai: I hate it when they put actual photos in games.
cdutson: well you cannot break a man in a video game without killing his family
Lord_Hosk: He lived in this one bedroom home with his dad
Rhynerd: Child found, answer unlocked.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wouldn't that just be in a personnel file?
ItsRileyPM: we can mock him for that later
Alahmnat: the photo actually came with the frame
Izandai: I think we need to bring it up to him.
Kykiwi: such good doogo
cdutson: riding the high from that puke
DiscordianTokkan: Big doggo boi
samwonk: There is dog in the house, maybe leave loaded gun sitting on floor is... bad?
electric_claire: I have that lamp now
Invitare: Sumo is always a good dog. Instuctions not required
ItsRileyPM: dont drink the bourbon...or the vomit
saltysandyhs: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:45:55.
niccus: so, more detroit next week right
Amentur: Have Let's Nope start on time :D
EvilBadman: sumo took the gun and went on a crime spree
ctm1992: There is actually an ending where hank kills himself :(
ContingentCat: So at the time of the game that lamp is like 40 years old
Gizmoloid: @Lettuce_Toast Really? Huh, Never heard anyone do this in real life. I guess you live and learn. Wait. STUCK?
samwonk: The less it's about robot freedom the better it is.
electric_claire: And then Hank quizzes you about something you never learned in your playthrough
Earthenone: dear david cage, keep stories small
Lettuce_Toast: @Gizmoloid It's an acid reflux thing. Sometimes your stomach is basically burning itself and you need to... unload but you just can't
SK__Ren: Yeah, the abusive father is a bit tragic
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: The characters make sense but they are making choices in a world with all the depth of a puddle and the nuance of a shovel. Cage doesn't want to explore his own world and the consequences of the concepts he has introduced. He wants to explore interpersonal relationships without taking the unique qualities of the setting into account.
Dryhad: That theme seems to come up repeatedly in Kara's storyline
tenthtechpriest: is this the dark souls of raising children?
phenexian: it's a real shame they never really explore that strange themepark he built, because he dies before you learn what the child is
samwonk: And with the moment where it's clear the store clerk knows he's destroying his android and sells him the repairs because it's policy not to ask questions.
Gizmoloid: @Lettuce_Toast Oh stuck in that sense.
EvilBadman: I think Cameron said last week that the parts of this are so much better than the sum, and that's pretty apt closing thought.
thecanerdian: I think in general I would like to see more games with small stories and big characters. Not every game should be about the world ending
Lettuce_Toast: @Gizmoloid Yeah not jammed, gosh that would be awful
Astra7525: What happens if Kara doesn't sacrifice herself at the border?
Call_me_Kaye: It *is* established they eventually degrade
Call_me_Kaye: But yeah
paulienohands: it's not clear the nature of their conciousness
wildpeaks: to end on a positive note, a few Hank & Connor comics:
ctm1992: @astra7525 It depends on public opinion
CoyoteSans: @Astra7525 If you say sacrifice no one, the guard will let them both through if public support is Supportive or Sympathetic.
Earthenone: @Astra7525 from what o glened from chat it is a public relations check to save her that they were set up to pass
tenthtechpriest: what if the robot escape was just finding a hole and networking together on a mindpalace server
Pal_Friendpatine: Maybe they hang out in like an After Dark screen saver world?
CoyoteSans: it's also, like, the only thing aside from warren calling off the military at the end of pacifist that public opinion affects
Peppita18: @Astra7525 if they chose not to sacrifice in that case they'd both be at canada
Wicker_Knight: which is not true of fish, but still a good point
Astra7525: So the border guard is willing to kill A single Android, but not when it's momdroid with babydroid
ctm1992: @astra7525 Pretty much.
mysticsage1: Amanda might know they are sentient if you try to twist the logic hard enough
CoyoteSans: @Astra7525 yes, welcome to david cage's android world, where there are absolutely no contradictions whatsoever, shut up!
Peppita18: @Astra7525 it only works if markus is doing the demonstration , if he goes for the revolution they wont pass unless someone sacrifices.
ContingentCat: the "I want" in "its a robot I can torture it as much as I want" are heavy two words
caulderjof: Like in Utopia, the citizens weren't to be butchers because it would lower their empathy... unlike owning slaves to be butchers for them?
Sir__Octopus: is torture something you do to others, or is suffered? if it's not suffered, are you still tourtured? I think so.
Earthenone: also from the reaction when you asked about it... makes it seem like it was all just to be a red herring
vigilanteheatengineer: I think the only consistent thematic take away from this game is that David Cage is a hack
samwonk: Would the game be better if Markus's story was removed?
ChaosPainter: Hidden Jesus?
margieargie: Like, if you're trying to reference Gandhi and King... both of them had -huge- religious aspects to their thoughts and actions.
Peppita18: probably
CleeKru: connor is supposed to be ra9 i think
CleeKru: on floor 49
EvilBadman: Casey at the Bat miss
ctm1992: They never really explain ra9
jadeworrior: on the disc there is a R4A9 label so I think the player is ment to be that figure
CoyoteSans: ra9 is pretty much an unanswered red herring
Bron_Yr_Aur: @LoadingReadyRun: Perhaps it could be read as an argument that religion is an impediment to social change, inasmuch as the whole rA9 thing it private but Markus is making exceedingly public demands? Or that reading is crap, I don't know.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Also never addresses the idea that Markus is forcing a consciousness on robots instead of it organically evolving
Wicker_Knight: @jadeworrior WAIT REALLY o_O
jadeworrior: yeah
ContingentCat: frustratingly easily
silenceaux: Frustration is maximized by proximity to success
CoyoteSans: Again, the ghost in the machine stuff that comes from the player making the decisions really, really disturbs me.
MikoKisai: give this to literally anyone other than David Cage, and we'd probably have a great game
jadeworrior: I found it when I was looking at it
LackingSanity_: There have been plot elements that have gotten dropped from Cage games previously. for example, in heavy rain, the main character passes out at the same time as the murders happen, which is why he's a suspect. Originally he was supposed to have a psychic link with the killer, but that got dropped, so its just a thing that happens
ContingentCat: everyone not David Cage did their jobs well
Dryhad: @Bron_Yr_Aur I don't see that reading because it's not presented as an impediment, it's just there until it's not
CoyoteSans: like, these machines only have souls because there's ultimately a real human directing their actions
ThorSokar: But what if you sympathized with the replicants?
mysticsage1: Normally David cage games have elements of supernatural psychological horror I feel like it got cut from this game after the investors saw it.
Lettuce_Toast: The contros and david cage sucks but otherwise, it's pretty darn cool
samwonk: I really hope someone other than David Cage takes these mechanics and design and runs with it.
thegrolan: This game is the definition of "so close yet so far away"
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EvilBadman: some other game needs to take the branching decisions that actually change things and kill characters but still move on model
Izandai: @CoyoteSans What about the deviants who the player doesn't control?
Earthenone: bleedpurple50 bonus5 thanks for taking the time to go through this game
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Dryhad: That's perfectly fair. I was taking a stab in the dark. I want this game to have said something consequential but I'm not certain it does.
SpacePotato01: Stay up for DF news, or obtain much needed human sleep time. X.X
Dryhad: @Bron_Yr_Aur Like, if Markus's revolution was going to declare rA9 as the opiate of the masses or whatever, well first of all it'd need a hell of a lot more groundwork to set that up but at the very least it would require Markus's plotline to acknowledge rA9 in the first place
CoyoteSans: @Izandai I mean, it doesn't help by the end that most deviants are like that because a human-controlled deviant brainwashed them to be.
derekandparker: Love you ALL, LRR!
Bron_Yr_Aur: @Dryhad: Holy shit, it never does acknowledge rA9, does it?
CulturalGeekGirl: I have a feeling that ra9 was possibly DLC-bait
MaladyDark: so when this first came out, there was some kerfuffle over rewriting karas ending. what happened there?
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Izandai: @CoyoteSans I don't understand your criticism. It's the nature of games that there is player agency.
sladibraslov_windsm: !next
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ContingentCat: !next
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CoyoteSans: @Izandai Yes, and usually that's fine. But here, in a game all about robots learning to make their own choices, the fact the player is always the one making those choices makes it feel... off, and disturbing to me.
CoyoteSans: like they don't have real agency, we humans controlling them do
CoyoteSans: like The Stanley Parable, except played straight.
Wicker_Knight: I feel like that's more a failure of the game to engage the player than a failure of games generally
Wicker_Knight: like, if we felt like we were more invested in the characters as characters, then exploring their branching paths wouldn't feel as weird
ghostvalv: noice
CleeKru: Bye!
Kykiwi: until dawn?
thecanerdian: Papa and Yo!
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m guessing it’s something as simple as Cage trying to get us to sympathize with the androids @coyotesans .
cdutson: wait. wait that was the whole game?!
NarishmaReborn: s k i n
Rhynerd: Havea good one!
Lord_Hosk: Next week... Chicago become robot
cdutson: sorry, brain's just catching up
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: time for whiplash!
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
thecanerdian: thank you for the stream!
Bron_Yr_Aur: Thank you, stream folk.
Wicker_Knight: @Lord_Hosk Wait, we're watching The Dark Knight on stream Kappa
DoodlestheGreat: @lord_hosk, Cleveland, become fragrant.
Rhynerd: Don’t let James extract a game from your skin!
Pal_Friendpatine: @cdutson they were replaying segments that they had previously played
Rhonlore: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Apparition) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (39s ago).
thecanerdian: and now....the loud bois!
Furrbahl: Time to re-adjust the volume
Pal_Friendpatine: Good call @furrbahl
derekandparker: WE OUT!! -LRR OneHand OneHand OneHand
Inquisitor_Xian: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Apparition) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
thegrolan: So does this mean Cam and Cori have officially become human?
Blasteg: last I checked you need to start as not human to become human, so my answer would be "no"
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kais58: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Apparition) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
seth_erickson: Who's ready for spoops? lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP
Matsunen: critroleBts
FireFlower18: got my spoop bingo card ready!
bob_baggins: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Pal_Friendpatine: I just want to see how they start the stream :) lrrSPOOP
MizzMedia: I am ready for spoop
DoodlestheGreat: They'll start it spoopy, of course.
MizzMedia: max spoopage
Bloodrosh: Is Adam going to be here or is he still sick?
failedprocess: just a little bit spoopy
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
EscherichiaCole: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
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lemmel: lrrSIGNAL
Riandisa: xivCactuar
Gizmoloid: lrrSIGNAL
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
bob_baggins: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Kukako: Uh oh
richard_ermen: Great Maker I just heard this and thought I was going insane because I didn´t see them going online...
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's Time for the Let's NOPE! Adam is still a little under the weather, so Ben's going out into a spooky forest in APPARITION! | 📷 ||
richard_ermen: wheww
PrinceNimzar: spoopy sounds from a forgotten tab....
BrindleBoar: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
cdutson: aww i love this jam
cdutson: so soothing
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WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: oh boy spoopin' time!
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Pal_Friendpatine: It’s a bummer having to manually refresh the stream on mobile. All the other info changes but it won’t load the new stream
Juliamon: Pal_Friendpatine It happens on browser too, sometimes.
MizzMedia: love the name @Pal_Friendpatine :D
bowsin_durrows: Okay, who brought the luigi board?
ozzybrat: time for spoops
DoodlestheGreat: The linguine board?
Pal_Friendpatine: Thanks @mizzmedia ! I cannot take full credit though as it’s a riff of Star Wars Ep 1 done by RiffTrax
Adamantcheese: am i gregnant?
tapdancingbeavers: Hi chat
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Pal_Friendpatine: @juliamon good to know. Thanks!
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
seth_erickson: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Alahmnat: spoops!
Amentur: benginSpoop lrrSPOOP
Pal_Friendpatine: lrrSPOOP
Psychic_Ketchup: Oh hey you two
silenceaux: Cold blooded
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "oh hey, didn't see you there!"
Nightvalien28: bring chair back
DiscordianTokkan: ;-;
Blasteg: Mt Chair!
FireFlower18: booooooooo
rrtycoon2: Wow....
WearingCats_CwC: Ben's only friend :(
Juliamon: katesChair
Formerly_Beef: !clip
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cuttlefishman: Did you kill Adam
DiscordianTokkan: benginCry
cuttlefishman: you monster
CastleOtranto: Ben. Ben. Hey Ben. Ben. Hey Ben. Know what time it is?
blackwlf: benginHi katesChair
Pal_Friendpatine: Nice invis friend!
Brok3nGol3m: well we're here with you!
DoodlestheGreat: Awwwww.... Poor Adam.
circusofkirkus: is Adam haunting us?
kat2kool: katesChair
Zanaide: Ben, you're never alone with Snorsh.
Mysticman89: will adam appirate?
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Drathak: Alone and scared, only a few hundred people keeping you company lrrSPOOP
ItsRileyPM: @Adamantcheese 38+2 weeks pregananant?
tapdancingbeavers: I didn't realise the chair's name was Adam as well
Psychic_Ketchup: Yessss nice!
DiscordianTokkan: katesChair
Brok3nGol3m: katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice
cdutson: NICE
Kukako: Scary lonely Ben time, uh, warm hugs on your way to fight the scared even a bit better.
NimrodXIV: Nice
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timiam: Nice.
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ghostvalv: nice
DiscordianTokkan: Niiiiice
cuttlefishman: nice
WearingCats_CwC: nice
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: OH SWEET
ampharos15: perfect!
MT_Storm: Nice.
Call_me_Kaye: Nicenicenicenicenice
Amentur: Nice.
Nigouki: is James still in the office? drag him in here!
jadeworrior: NICE
Optimuspony: niiiiice
DiscordianTokkan: katesNice katesNice katesNice
circusofkirkus: nice
ItsRileyPM: katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: NICE
Inquisitor_Xian: niiiiiiice
cdutson: airhorn.wav
bowsin_durrows: Nice.
Silver_Kn1ght: sergeJustRight
Orgmastron: NiceNiceNiceNiceNiceNice
Alahmnat: nice!
blackwlf: katesNice katesNice katesNice
dreamyxcupcakes: lrrSPOOP
Adamantcheese: @ItsRileyPM can u get.... pregante?
kat2kool: katesNice katesNice katesNice
Pal_Friendpatine: Nice
CastleOtranto: katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice
Despoiler98: Oh no Ben is alone!
ThorSokar: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHAM NICE lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
eric_christian_berg: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
mynameisie: Adam’s not Heeeeeeeere?
BTC1220: There's a lot of NicenessTM going on did I miss something?
Mysticman89: womp, cant see these nice subs while on mobile apparently.
Diabore: hes with you in spirits
Despoiler98: oh no whose in the Moonbase?
Scy_Anide: You're all alone? There's no one there beside you?
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Optimuspony: Ben Bravest Boi
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Grevas13: that explains my coronary infarction
Pteraspidomorphi: Ben is alone, so in 10 minutes you'll be calling James? ;)
timiam: Adam got norted?
MizzMedia: Allllll by myseeeeeeeeeelf, dont wanna be
WearingCats_CwC: oh fuck
Psychic_Ketchup: I always knew it!
Invitare: Adam can't fit in my heard. He's SO BIG
eric_christian_berg: in our sub-cockle region
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: he's in my HNGGGGG
voslan: Well if not Adam. i'm sure James or Paul are monitoring it.
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yalc321: Two years of Ben being SPOOPY!
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BTC1220: Nice.
Call_me_Kaye: But is Adam Savidan Kingdom Hearts?
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ninja_theory_ashrams: Force 5 color bad stuff! Deja WOO!
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Pal_Friendpatine: First 69 month resub @btc1220
Despoiler98: Who else is in the moonbase WE NEED AN ADULT katesScared katesScared katesScared
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Despoiler98: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
warpspeed365: Ben you need an adult, you shouldn’t be doing this alone, remember the last time!?
bowsin_durrows: I know now, without a doubt, that Kingdom Hearts, is Adam.
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voslan: Is this going to turn into let's Play?
WearingCats_CwC: Business as usual
cdutson: well how else you gonna talk to em?
Adamantcheese: i would prefer a Lugia board
Despoiler98: WHY? WHO DOES THAT? katesScared
seth_erickson: Aren't all horror games perpetually in early access
Papperslappen: can you burn the luigi board?
Blasteg: chrisEyes board?
ThorSokar: Maybe the ghosts know some cool ghost stories?
Alahmnat: For Reasons
voslan: Yes i Have! a 1st edition one in fact!
MizzMedia: people always been playing with the luigi boards
Taveena: Listen, better to talk to them with a ouija board than with, like, animal entrails, you know?
seth_erickson: My mom used one once.
BTC1220: Do you mean a Waluigi board?
mysticsage1: I never will
MizzMedia: bunch of morons
Diabore: clikkety clac dont come back
bowsin_durrows: You don't know why you would do it? The real question is why *wouldn't* you do it.
cdutson: landfill
failedprocess: Just to forget about them.
ozzybrat: Yes omg it was scary
Diabore: fire?
Nigouki: add it to Smash
Drathak: I used one, they're trademarked by hasbro
cdutson: it's the garbage people's problem
Optimuspony: bury it and move far, far away
Alness49: The board says "WAAAAAAA", oh god no, it's a Waluigi board!"
Neojetangel: throw it down a pipe
DoodlestheGreat: I once used a linguine board. It was delicious.
Shirts_: Hi all
timiam: You can buy one from a witch or vegan
DiscordianTokkan: Best way to dispose: Send it to Goodwill?
Invitare: a Luigi Board? Just forget about it
WearingCats_CwC: I don't think one really "uses" a ouija board, it doesn't actually do anything
thegrolan: Best case scenario nothing happens worst case scenario the exorcist happens
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's in Parker Brothers?
warpspeed365: My friends used to use them all the time.....before the accident.....
Laserbeaks_Fury: *Isn't
seth_erickson: According to my mom they tried burning their's but it wouldn't burn.
MizzMedia: Always wanted to mess with one but nope, I will not be the dumb white girl in the first 5 minutes of a horror movie
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newfur: "What is your name?" [Yes] *freaks the lrrEFF out*
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OriginalGarwulf: I've used one - ideomotor responses can be creepy.
ozzybrat: spelt out name of young boy in cemetery
Gascitygaming: Ben's alone for the spoops?! Someone help the boy!
CastleOtranto: I've used a Ouija board. It was mostly me and my friends accusing each other of moving the thingy on purpose.
Inquisitor_Xian: I've got a luigi board hanging on my wall like a poster....? am i a ghost?
Mysticman89: gotta be alone with the lights off for the truest experience.
warpspeed365: lrrSPOOP
MizzMedia: They just aren't toys in my opinion and shouldn't be toyed with
CrazymattCaptain: why is there a counter on top saying how many lighters are available?
seth_erickson: You have 100 currency to spend
Nigouki: but is he truly alone? what about all the spirits that haunt the moonbase? lrrBEEJ
cdutson: you gotta level up or somethin
Psychic_Ketchup: We need exp apparently
DaMagicBadger: Oh hey there, I wonder where I've seen you before Kappa
Driosenth: bleedpurple100 bonus10 how to dispose of a Ouija board: Donate to a sketchy pawn shop with a note attached saying "WARNING CURSED"
CrazymattCaptain: ah ok it's not a counter
brainbosh: Looks you you got Inventory space and have to earn xp to spend.
voslan: They are fine, the 1st edition ones have a disclaimer at the back of the box explaining whats going on. It's un-conciseness muscle movements done by a group which causes the pointer to move in an seemingly unknown way.
ninja_theory_ashrams: FUN FACT: Ouija board was the most popular board game in America until it was featured in the movie "The Exorcist."
Psychic_Ketchup: Well that's just a lie
SquareDotCube: Grenades? Are we talking to or busting ghosts?
bowsin_durrows: Why not both?
Adamantcheese: you need to press the power button on your computer
BTC1220: Ben, Ghostbuster Extraordinaire
Earthenone: just press A N and Y together
brainbosh: So is this like that Hunter game but pure horror then?
seth_erickson: Seems like we're busting ghosts out here.
Omthebox: Pardon?
MizzMedia: If you don't believe in ghost, then ouija boards are a waste of time. If you do, then don't risk it
orbitaltuna: point based demon summoning
niccus: it's nice to see satan get into bitcoins
cdutson: uhhhhhh what forest is this
orbitaltuna: weegee board ccolorD
Mysticman89: i think i saw someone derp around in this before but they got stuck pretty early.
cdutson: with the body bags just layin around
Inquisitor_Xian: hmmmm...i see absolutely no problems with this plan?