PhoenixMelior: cheetoJack I actually lost a little two much weight so I don't feel bad about having the extra calories today
PhoenixMelior: I can't wait for when I get to my halfway point though. I'm already salivating thinking about the apple I'm going to have (and suffer the consequences)
DarkMorford: Ah, almost time.
DarkMorford: Enter TXC2 in 3... 2... 1...
PhoenixMelior: nah nah, needs to be 9:57
DarkMorford: Dammit. :P
cheetoJack: I have just over a week until I get my cheat day and I'm already planning it out
PhoenixMelior: excellent. As you should
DarkMorford: Jack eats the whole cheesecake? Kappa
cheetoJack: part of it depends on if dnd happens that weekend, but should be good
cheetoJack: not cheesecake, but brunch at a neat place that does loads of pastries
cheetoJack: also probably just buy some pastries to go to try later
PhoenixMelior: pastries or pasties?
cheetoJack: pastries
PhoenixMelior: boourns
TXC2: Hello Everybody
PhoenixMelior: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 9:58 AM
PhoenixMelior: curses, I was a minute early
TXC2: yes, the dog held me up
cheetoJack: PhoenixMelior they may not be savory but they look amazing
PhoenixMelior: I believe you? Not gonna lie - not a huge fan of baked goods.
accountmadeforants: Corn-pact
Earthenone: have a god shootyman
cheetoJack: prepare for the impending DOOM
accountmadeforants: Anyway good stream everyone, thanks for watching
TehAmelie: the doom is near! or was it always here?
TXC2: "today at 10" "DOOOOOOM!"
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Doom doom doom doom, doom doom doom. That's the Doom song. James is gonna play some Doom. 📷 ||
TXC2: I choose to believe the doom song is sung to the tune of the imperial march
AwkwardBirb: *A Doom joke*
3vil_snowmen: lmao
accountmadeforants: Ah, I was wondering why the audio seemed to be cutting out. Turns out having multiple games updating at the same time might impact overall throughput.
TXC2: yeah that'll do it
Admiralmatt: you know i thought they meant original doom not new doom
urbanvagabond: who hosts play it forward
assassintylor17: which doom is going to be played?
Phosphatide: put your doom booties on, everyone SmoocherZ
AwkwardBirb: guessing Doom 2016
accountmadeforants: urbanvagabond James is doing this one
TXC2: urbanvagabond it changes from game to game, for now it's JAmes
cheetoJack: DOOM [2016]
AwkwardBirb: since that was played last time
TXC2: Here we GO!
DoodlestheGreat: Just in time.
steelfox13: DOOM!
TXC2: Hello James
TehAmelie: o hai
NathanJay_GA: is that James? Or do my eyes deceive me?
lukyhemee: DOOOOOOM yes!
Admiralmatt: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:04 AM
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Eipewassam: Hey! I'm halfway to a full deck of playing cards!
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DoodlestheGreat: I guess.
TXC2: #ThatStreamerLife
cheetoJack: I think you need to do it for 8 - 10 hours a day
AwkwardBirb: I want to feel that feeling?
Quarthian: doom 2016 or original doom?
DeadlyWinchester: it is odd to see James more offen, not complaining though, nice to see you James
DoodlestheGreat: 2016
NathanJay_GA: bleedpurple100 bonus10 *heavy metal guitar riff*
TXC2: Quarthian 2016
creasehearst: at least 10x24 hour streams per year required for full streamer status
steelfox13: That's a punch a chunk everyday James
TXC2: yes but you stream MORE in UK/Europe time now
shadowbow464: Time to kill the rest of the demons.
somecall_metim: E1M1 intensifies
Mivair: Time for some dom
Eipewassam: sigh, someday Ill meet LRR in person and explain how my username is said
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iSmartMan1: Yay! First chance to sub to this new stream!
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urbanvagabond: I mean its not an easy name to read
Eipewassam: Epa-wassam
oakentree: qlll
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ekimekim: obviously we should all just type in IPA
Eipewassam: Close
Eipewassam: hang on, its touigh
Eipewassam: EPEwassam
Eipewassam: wait,u hadf it before
somecall_metim: no one can say my name
Eipewassam: lol, ill find a way to make it work
TXC2: vowels were mistake
Eipewassam: lol, tim it is!
lilyoswald: thanks for the stream, in the hospital and this is making it easier
urbanvagabond: epie possum
ReydienOnline: "eh - peh", "ee-peh" "ee-pee"
Eipewassam: i know! im sorry its hard!
somecall_metim: @Eipewassam the joke has now entered the stratosphere
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Mivair: Language is made up pronunciation is dumb GRAMMAR CHAOS!
AwkwardBirb: People say awkward, and I'm like "huh?"
ReydienOnline: JamesFan20384
Unas84: XD
traveller800: will it have blackjack and hookers?
TXC2: get well soon lilyoswald
Stoffern: Everyones named James?
steelfox13: "Chat"
Eipewassam: @somecall_metim ikr?!?
Lieutenant_Bonerdongs: o7
accountmadeforants: Everyone's user names will have one of those Wikipedia-style audio recordings of the user saying their name.
DoodlestheGreat: "My own streaming service, with blackjack and hookers!"
PsychoI3oy: james520602 reporting for duty
cheetoJack: Thank you for your service, Lieutenant_Bonerdongs
Mivair: James01
TehAmelie: and you can rename users who don't fit the bill
fiftymcnasty: DOOM!!!!
Lieutenant_Bonerdongs: @cheetoJack o7
oakentree: mine's easy, it's just funny cause there's at least three oak-based usernames in a smaller streaming community i'm in :p
cuttlefishman: James
cuttlefishman: is this a speedrun
fiftymcnasty: wow super ez mode
ReydienOnline: every run is a speedrun
lilyoswald: this is a good game
TehAmelie: going for a PR
Tiber727: @oakentree Oak entry? Weird name, but alright. Kappa
Mivair: what *is* the doom 2016 WR
cuttlefishman: fast?
PsychoI3oy: every playthrough is a spedrun, just not every speedrun is reported
TXC2: Mivair 30mins any%
tehlordofelves: best username I ever saw was phleshphlute, which the GM of DDO renamed to phreshphruit
Mivair: nice!
ReydienOnline: any% speedrun for Doom, as of 2 days ago, is 22m 32s
FlannelShirtEnthusist: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:06:38. lrrSPOT
Stoffern: Thrust boots!
ReydienOnline: before that it was 27m 53s
oakentree: @tiber727 *shakes fist* yoooooou
ReydienOnline: so there was a major breakthrough in the last week
ekimekim: oh wow. what's the new skip?
Mivair: Are we still on track for a James WR
ReydienOnline: no idea, just looking at the times on
PsychoI3oy: ReydienOnline a week ago when i looked the 100% run was 2 and a half hours
EfreetM: naah, he was in the original doom
fiftymcnasty: There is no reloading in Doom
TXC2: I like how we reload by putting on a whole new barrel
steelfox13: drink on glory kills?
oakentree: i imagine the speedrun for this is either very interesting or very boring, no in between :p
TXC2: steelfox13 only if you want liver failure
fiftymcnasty: @steelfox13 so be dead by end of level?
ekimekim: oakentree it's like 90% out of bounds
Mivair: reloading is for suckers who forgot to bring a big enough clipozine
sivakrytos: @TXC2 still nothing on reaper
Unas84: don't forget about your missiles James!
ekimekim: this level in particular, the strat is to jump into a railing, then get boosted up the _entire level_ to the top of the tower in one jump
FlannelShirtEnthusist: How system taxing is this game?
steelfox13: @txc2 maybe I do.
oakentree: @ekimekim ahhh right. so standard for a bethesda game then? Kappa
ekimekim: FlannelShirtEnthusist: not too bad on low settings
Admiralmatt: @FlannelShirtEnthusist not very
FlannelShirtEnthusist: rad
fiftymcnasty: Its more about distance than vert
cheetoJack: why would you double jump when you could be using space jump though?
TXC2: maybe hold on the jump?
fiftymcnasty: Dont miss the rune trial
fiftymcnasty: or the secret
Mivair: It feels underwhelming because DOOM
TheOtherTrevor: You're no Mario
assassintylor17: what secret?
Mivair: the secret tunnel obvi
djstickbug: How many times have you played through this game?
TehAmelie: every game is better if you have a double jump, prove me wrong
BrindleBoar: It's realistic, in a game where you tear demons apart with your hands.
TXC2: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always pivoting.
sivakrytos: this game is about shooting, not jumping
Mivair: Hello!
TXC2: Hello Suffix welcome
sivakrytos: it's not called a "jumper"
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Dandinstorm12: What no Ramstein? Hello chat
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fiftymcnasty: well the rune trial was back in the first room
Dandinstorm12: Hey james
fiftymcnasty: you just needed to get the boots to get it
oakentree: @tehamelie sonic '06 had a double jump
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RadicalJulia: DOOOOOM!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, RadicalJulia! (Today's storm count: 8)
TehAmelie: and how terrible would it have been without it?
TXC2: ^
cuttlefishman: Anyone else getting frame drops?
cuttlefishman: or is that my end?
Mushbie: no frame drops here
TXC2: seams fine here
cuttlefishman: hmm
fiftymcnasty: oh well
lifecharacter: How important could it have been
Mushbie: I think you can get back from here
oakentree: @tehamelie i mean... tbh i think the only character that has it is blaze? and she had literally zero effect on plot sooo...
oakentree: i've been bingewatching a playthrough lately .-.
TehAmelie: so, they should have had more double jumps
Mushbie: its best girl :3
Mivair: shoot her in the face?
ExhaustedElox: Hey James!
ekimekim: oh, we will
Mivair: secret!
creasehearst: there are secrets below
fiftymcnasty: nah the secret is down
wildpeaks: the secret is: there is no secret
Mivair: fill that man with secrets!
creasehearst: but too late now
ekimekim: yeah, that was in case you missed it
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circusofkirkus: secret? secret.
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Tiber727: Secrets usually get you weapons early.
djstickbug: sUPER sHOTGUN best weapon. change my mind
klaxxxon: Hell energy, what could possibly go wrong
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN
creasehearst: purple orb for invuln
Admiralmatt: bfg
TehAmelie: what about. . .if super shotgun gave you an extra jump?
djstickbug: Admiralmatt you have a point
Mivair: It does have "super" in the name
Unas84: QUAD!
Unas84: lesgo
djstickbug: that gun upgraded is the best in the game tho holy
TehAmelie: of course it's best,t hat's just math. regular shotgun does 7 damage, super does 20. it's super!
creasehearst: that one shows all secrets on your map
codyfoti1999: Hey James how’s it goin?
fiftymcnasty: yes, it will help you get the secrets
fiftymcnasty: but you have to look at the map
TXC2: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always helpful.
wildpeaks: yes you are, lrrbot
StarFreak359: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
fiftymcnasty: use your map
Dandinstorm12: get scalin' boy!
8_Escape: Well I can't see any other places to go.
cuttlefishman: this seems safe
Theycallmejokke: NuUuuuu I'm late for the ripping and tearing
TehAmelie: that man was key
TehAmelie: you have only missed about 3 rips and 6.1 tears
Theycallmejokke: Good good :D
KidAmn: boy, whatever is happening there sure is happening a lot
klaxxxon: The rocket launcher BibleThump
TXC2: shiny
Theycallmejokke: Big boi!
creasehearst: y helo thar mr mancubus
cuttlefishman: Fire bad
TehAmelie: Mancubus, Id's most creative invention
Illuvater01: he's thicc
regicold: Difficulty level?
ekimekim: easy
TXC2: regicold easiest
Theycallmejokke: Hell's abselute units
creasehearst: remember your chainsaw
ekimekim: yeah, chainsaw is great for the big bois
djstickbug: "oh you're a big boy...OH YOU'RE A BIG BOY" I can't wait for his reaction to the Cacodemon
regicold: So much fun on easy. I love this game
StarFreak359: They're here to party. Are you?
TehAmelie: i don't think i like mancubi with high mobility
Welbog: This game seems violent.
ekimekim: what? no. how dare you
djstickbug: Wlbog it's a family game
Amentur: I find the game very cathartic
NojhLivic: Don't forget, chainsaw for ammo!
TehAmelie: i really want to see the Family Games remake
djstickbug: It's a good christian game about repenting demons
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DiscordianTokkan: I love that the chainsaw is the ammo generator
Welbog: Stand against the devil
NojhLivic: It's an amazing game design concept.
TehAmelie: chainsaw IS the great communicator
oakentree: stand against the space demons
Dandinstorm12: whoops
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StarFreak359: These Demons are filled with ammo, and that ain't right.
TehAmelie: it communicates your intentions of killing monsters until bullets fall out of them
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN
Laserbeaks_Fury: I did what you sawed there
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Mivair: Fill that lad with bullets, James!
circusofkirkus: SUB HYPE 12
mistborn83: So I meet with my Dr yesterday and I dont ahve to have surgery for now! YEAH!
SwiftrunnerXXY: Shoot the bad mans full of bullets!
regicold: Doom is a family friendly story of an eternal warrior fighting off the hordes of hell. It's totally fine to play, and they even made a movie based off the games with 'The Rock'!
Amentur: lrrHORN lrrSPOT lrrHORN
circusofkirkus: lrrHORN lrrHORN
TehAmelie: have you checked if the super shotgun recoil does give you any lift by the way?
Laserbeaks_Fury: You mean like Ashe?
PsychoI3oy: so is it just me or is the verticality of this level super heavily inspired by hl1?
oakentree: the green lights on ledges you can jump to is a nice touch
Amentur: Too early
TXC2: boy it way harder then it should be to sub for 6 months at a time :p
SwiftrunnerXXY: You're jumping too soon, James.
cuttlefishman: James
ekimekim: wait for it to stop moving
Mushbie: if you wait a thing comes out
BrindleBoar: I think you need the ledge to fully extend
fiftymcnasty: wait for it to finish
creasehearst: it's still moving when you're jumping
FlannelShirtEnthusist: full extension
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yes, this game did a really good job of using the green lights to denote paths
StarFreak359: !Sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! There's no money in the tarp budget for that.
TXC2: it's Hell James, there is no chill
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Demonic Presence at 'Unsafe' Levels" is still my favorite line from this game
Crad0k: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 29:01.
Welbog: Is hell empty?
SwiftrunnerXXY: Just casually snap a demon's neck, no big deal...
natesnation: That implies safe levels of demons
Mivair: There's a safe level of demonic presence and that level is 0
TehAmelie: revenants are annoyingly tough
NojhLivic: Laserbeaks_Fury Right? LIke the first time I saw a display say "Demonic Invasion" I was like "who programmed sensors to detect a demonic invasin and why!?"
AwkwardBirb: also acceptable levels: No and Nada
TehAmelie: there's no easy enemies, just as it should be
ekimekim: remember, this was literally a power station connected to hell
ekimekim: having an alert for demonic invasion is like having a radiation alarm in a nuclear plant
NojhLivic: Right. Similiar to how you have to worry about gas pockets while mining, you have to worry about demons while gathering hell energy.
cuttlefishman: James, secrets in room
AwkwardBirb: though radiation doesn't actively kill you
Mivair: Yeah except you can't shoot radiation, and you should definitely not shoot
AwkwardBirb: or do worse
drdudeman: this part kicked my butt on hard difficulty
Dandinstorm12: James "Wooo! I'm good at this game" Turner
Mivair: *not shoot gas pockets
Dandinstorm12: nice
TehAmelie: it's just that they went through the trouble of recording the smooth voice talking about unsafe levels of demons instead of going lrrHORN lrrHORN
ekimekim: "you can't shoot radiation" not with that attitude
Admiralmatt: check the map for secrets
Mivair: Okay I know what you meant but now I just imagined their warning alarm being a stereotypical airhorn noise.
TehAmelie: deplete THIS
AwkwardBirb: @ekimekim we're not Fallout.
Mivair: "Demonic contamination initiated. BRA BRA BRA BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"
creasehearst: there are
gizmofreak1: check the map for secrets
creasehearst: but they're hiding from you
Laserbeaks_Fury: Theres one way up you have to ride a drone to get to I remember
circusofkirkus: chat demands secrets for the secret god
natesnation: You have the secrets map
NojhLivic: This could be the future. Maybe smooth talking voices are completely computer generated.
KidAmn: the real secrets were the friends we made along the way
TheSpindash: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always angry.
TehAmelie: classic!
cuttlefishman: behind you
fiftymcnasty: that big star shaped room is a secret
drdudeman: it should play the sad trombone after saying demonic invasion
AwkwardBirb: Honestly if there was an alarm for demonic presence, I'd like it not to be blaring BRABRABRAAAAAAAAAAAA.
SwiftrunnerXXY: I thought the friends were the secrets we made along the way.
AwkwardBirb: Fire Alarms panic me already.
Mivair: I feel like if there's a demonic presence, what the alarm sounds like is the least of my concerns
Mivair: Though that's reasonable
NojhLivic: These secrets in this room require progressing a little bit fruther, then backtracking
Mushbie: yes it is green
AwkwardBirb: Probably a lot easier to concentrate when there's no BRABRABRAAAAAAA going on.
Mivair: Truth!
AwkwardBirb: which is important for attempting to survive a demonic invasion
TehAmelie: if the demons have ears, they could technically just blast deadly warning signals
Laserbeaks_Fury: I also appreciate they carried over the color scheme of "blue" is health and "green" is armor
TehAmelie: ooh, we got the power stone aw you broke it
AwkwardBirb: well if they just BLA horn noises at me, that's better than being ripped by hell energy
Dandinstorm12: !quote 36
LRRbot: Quote #36: "More VIT!" —Omega_Lairon
Jeezy56: time to ride those drones to "freedom"
natesnation: Thats probably healthy
NojhLivic: If you ride up the correct drone, you may find a secret.
Theycallmejokke: Up up and away
cuttlefishman: James, be careful
cuttlefishman: Mars isn't OSHA compliant
natesnation: I wonder if this fellow even considers life after this
wildpeaks: booped its nose
Mivair: not with that attitude
AwkwardBirb: Does OSHA have jurisdiction on Mars?
TXC2: clearly not
CrazymattCaptain: smack
Crad0k: !death
Welbog: It was the fall that killed him, not the hitting the ground.
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Doors may not be used by wizards.
cuttlefishman: How many diamonds are we at?
TXC2: Gravity is James' Nemesis
cheetoJack: if OSHA had any jurisdiction here they probably wouldn't let you access hell to get energy.
wildpeaks: annnd 4th
SwiftrunnerXXY: XD
klaxxxon: Fourth
Aylig: 4th
SwiftrunnerXXY: clip that!
cuttlefishman: 4th
Theycallmejokke: Whelp... ;P
Mivair: F
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
cuttlefishman: F
Welbog: F
SwiftrunnerXXY: F
circusofkirkus: !fall
aClonedPickle: a damn thing
tenthtechpriest: a damn thing in chat
mistborn83: ???????
Unas84: foooouuuurrrr
Aylig leaves
mtvcdm: Something
StarFreak359: F
Invitare: a damn thing
Suffix: I'm leaving. Fine.
nickreese923: 4th
NimrodXIV: Fall St James IV
NathanJay_GA: Im not counting
TemporallyAwry: sergeFall ?
Uzumaki15: 4th again by your own hand
circusofkirkus: F
accountmadeforants: Are we bringing the death counter back just for you, James?
TXC2: please no
cuttlefishman: Hey James, don't jump off the platform
Aylig: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Mivair: Oh, James, if you're gonna see Endgame I have a warning for you: I hear it contains Endgame spoilers.
AwkwardBirb: Heck, you don't need OSHA to tell you mining Hell energy is a bad idea.
creasehearst: go the other way round
orbitaltuna: *clank* *pickaxe breaks*
CrazymattCaptain: hard side
wildpeaks: ow our everything
TXC2: maybe wait longer?
circusofkirkus: 5, 5 fantastic falls, ah ah ah
creasehearst: that way you can get to one that's closer
Mushbie: the green surface is the one you can grab onto
CrazymattCaptain: the green lights
TheSpindash: I've currently counted 7,418 deaths for James. But I just got here and I'm using a very wide margin of error.
Mushbie: you can
Crad0k: coward :-p
BrindleBoar: pfft
caimheul: What's the worst that happens? you die?
fiftymcnasty: benginRip
wildpeaks: gravity, our old nemesis
drdudeman: F
RayFK: And then you weren't
orbitaltuna: LUL
azlan121: f
CrazymattCaptain: moving floors are unstable
creasehearst: don't stand on movable platforms
cuttlefishman: Is it the games fault
nickreese923: 5th
cuttlefishman: or gravity's
Aylig: No sir, I don't like it
gizmofreak1: @Mivair james has already seen it. he made a podcast about it with matt
caimheul: sergeFall
TheSpindash: Your first mistake was you forgot your cleats
NojhLivic: There's another drone on the other side
TXC2: who comes up with that ad?
cuttlefishman: Its a lot better than other FPS platforming
JediTransmit: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 39:29.
BrindleBoar: first-person platforming is never a good time
TXC2: First person platforming is never good
KidAmn: It sure ain't no Mirror's Edge
klaxxxon: The platforming always felt great to me, I love the animations of the protagonist
wildpeaks: woohoo road trip
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is probably the most egregious part
urbanvagabond: I want to play a game where you play as the platform
TehAmelie: i think it's just like Mirror's Edge if you were a space marine weighing about 9 times more than Faith
caimheul: It's not the worst. It's better than I remember Dark Forces 2 being.
ekimekim: yeah, i liked the platforming, but i also have no problems with first person platforming in general
TheSpindash: @urbanvagabond That game is New Super Mario Bros. U
TehAmelie: is her name Faith? i bet it is
AwkwardBirb: @urbanvagabond playing the breakable platform automatically makes you a turd/evil.
TXC2: TehAmelie yes it was Faith
BrindleBoar: bah gawd that imp had a family
AwkwardBirb: @BrindleBoar "and they wanted to kill me too!"
wildpeaks: ouch our head
circusofkirkus: uh
Mivair: Leap of faith!
TehAmelie: our vaguely communal head
urbanvagabond: it's like you're on a safety video
Rufran: I think you clipped through the platform
Laserbeaks_Fury: lrrCOW
kerbalized_: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Rufran: you were standing on the bottom half of it
TXC2: why is the crouch button anywhere near the grenade button?
Welbog: Whoever built this place didn't care at all about OSHA.
TheSpindash: I often attempt to reach for something low, on a shelf for example, and then accidentally throw a grenade.
tehlordofelves: DOOR!
TehAmelie: the spacefuture has corporate prisons instead of OSHA
SwiftrunnerXXY: I mean, grenading yourself is kind of like crouching.
Mivair: in that both make you shorter
TXC2: Phone time!
caimheul: I think walk around the inner circle of the elevator to get to rune?
Mivair: Grenading yourself just makes you shorter a little more permanently
Welbog: I want a different kind of spacefuture. One with automation, and luxury!
Mushbie: the fake tax people?
urbanvagabond: I just noticed the nice design on the gun
mnemonicman subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 13 months, currently on a 9 month streak!
mnemonicman: 9 Months of DOOOM
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, mnemonicman! (Today's storm count: 13)
mnemonicman: 9 month streak
Welbog: F
mnemonicman: also watch out
circusofkirkus: oops
TheSpindash: Watch out for the train
Count_Nodonora: Squish
kerbalized_: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
Theycallmejokke: James, James' only weakness
fiftymcnasty: I hope James doesnt use subways much
caimheul: lrrCOW
creasehearst: all those OSHA violations
urbanvagabond: please stand back from the yellow line
CrazymattCaptain: you could go for the rune challenge
mnemonicman: lrrFINE
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caimheul: I'm sure this is all approved by Hell OSHA
mtgaaddict: Look both ways before crossing the tunnel
Orchestrion: You can do it James! You trained for this
TheSpindash: Hell's really gone downhill since Dante did a number on it.
orbitaltuna: you're in a room full of demons, james, there's no jesus here
fiftymcnasty: the rune trial is there
TXC2: orbitaltuna but what if we're Jesus? Kappa
creasehearst: it's megahealth
SK__Ren: Are we guiding him to the gun?
fiftymcnasty: left
Mivair: that is surprisingly difficult
Theycallmejokke: Nice
mnemonicman: yay
TXC2: First try
circusofkirkus: ez pz
Jeezy56: lrrHORN
SK__Ren: Nice
chris72397: what a pro
TXC2: Reading is Tech
chris72397: rtfc
circusofkirkus: reading the demon explains the demon
sivakrytos: reading is not exactly doomguy's strength
TehAmelie: reading: it's not just for nerds
AwkwardBirb: I don't think the demons could stop Doom Guy with books either
The_Passerby: Have we been [Doom Theme]?
creasehearst: jump down the shaft
creasehearst: for secrets
sivakrytos: @AwkwardBirb idk books are pretty good at stopping bullets tbh
SK__Ren: Yep its a good secret
Crad0k: i... don't remember hologram grenades
Theycallmejokke: Muh hah ha ha ha!
ekimekim: wow, i didn't think that was possible without double-jumping to land
erloas: so after a few decades it's still all just corridors, but they are curved now rather than square
FlannelShirtEnthusist: hehehe
kerbalized_: worth
TheSpindash: A long shaft always contain the best secrets
Crad0k: the gauss rifle: a speedrunner's best friend
AwkwardBirb: Gauss Rifle: Books can't stop me now.
caimheul: SHOOT HER
circusofkirkus: look out below!
SK__Ren: The Gauss Rifle: a Physics Programmer's Worst Enemy
mnemonicman: room full of armour and guns? Nah it's fine. Everything is fine.
QuantumTwitch: can you upgrade it?
caimheul: Doom, equip you for something? Nah.
Mushbie: must be your imagination
Pal_Friendpatine: Just shoot things when they aren’t working, right?
cheetoJack: I'm sure its nothing.
circusofkirkus: a cutscene, must be nothing
Mivair: shoulda shot her
mtvcdm: No, no, that seems like the end.
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (James' turn in the Play it Forward hot seat. He's gonna check out 2016's Doom! Game: Doom) at Thu 10:00 AM PDT (55m ago).
TheSpindash: Don't worry man, you're just going to a hellmouth. Nothing wrong with a good hellmouth now and then.
Makhiel: ooh, revenants?
mtvcdm: Hellmouths worked out really well for Buffy!
Pal_Friendpatine: “Tonight at 11.” “DOOOOOoooommmmm!!”
caimheul: A hellmouth is better than a hellanus
TXC2: this is very subdued noise for a gun that propels rounds to hypersonic speeds
f7eleven: this channel should be rated for mature audiences only
SK__Ren: You found the only secret that mattered
caimheul: @TXC2 Your helmet must compensate :-P
Orchestrion: F
TXC2: caimheul clearly
circusofkirkus: 1 secret > 0 secret
ekimekim: you got the best secret, gauss cannon is great
Crad0k: best secret
Theycallmejokke: Can do
Mushbie: get your ass to mars!
creasehearst: too bad we didn't find the best secret yesterday
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Ooook
Orchestrion: Welp
Saulens181: @f7eleven Not all streams here are this... *gestures at screen*
Amentur: Are you saying that the little doom figurines don't matter?!
klaxxxon: Welcome to hell, I guess
kerbalized_: Lake of Fire!
urbanvagabond: does this mean that hell has an architect
Orchestrion: Wooah
Alness49: Tip to toe, that's a Hell all right
AwkwardBirb: @Amentur I'm sure someone else with find them and fistdoot them
StarFreak359: This all seems... horrible..
Makhiel: do we Dark Souls now?
mtvcdm: This seems like a nice place. Good for holidays.
Uzumaki15: Damn Chicago has seen better days...
TotallyDefiant: lrrHERE
orbitaltuna: you need demon skin rugs
TheSpindash: So there's the hell, but where's the handcart?
circusofkirkus: how quaint
PsychoI3oy: lrrHERE
Theycallmejokke: Yeah he is
Alness49: Dr Claw?
HerpesTornado: monkaS
FlannelShirtEnthusist: hellish even
caimheul: This doesn't look MUCH worse than Mad Max Australia
accountmadeforants: Nice, open air. Free heating....
KidAmn: "Bitch I might be."
creasehearst: sounds like someone wants to say hello
malsareus: James this isn’t minecraft, yet
circusofkirkus: rustic decor
kerbalized_: "Sin?" "Borrows your pen and then chews on it"
mnemonicman: was the door screaming?
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Never do a puzzle in zero gravity.
caimheul: At least it's a dry heat.
TXC2: so when do we meet Dante? Kappa
sivakrytos: doom guy just wants to shoot more demons
AwkwardBirb: immersion restored
TheWarbo: I'm just waiting for the Zombie Pigmen tbh
caimheul: And they do explain why there is ammo
morgoth_bauglyr: i'd think it's a bad idea to invite doomguy over
Amentur: Immersion regained
circusofkirkus: lore PogChamp
Mangledpixel: it was bad ammo, the good ammo went to heaven
NojhLivic: Oh no. The pole has moved since that happened.
Saulens181: it's hell of course there's guns and ammo here
mtvcdm: it's fiiiiiiiine
sivakrytos: @morgoth_bauglyr esp. if you're a demon
AwkwardBirb: @Mangledpixel good ammo hits their targets.
Alness49: @Mangledpixel So this is Bullet Hell then?
Saulens181: just with a crossbow yknow
caimheul: Or, since murder is a sin (in most theologies) is good ammo that which misses, and bad ammo that which kills
Saulens181: aaagh i hate mobile keyboards
mtvcdm: Man, these dudes were just chilling, this is their home, they were probably watching a ballgame, and we just come along and blast them. In their home.
kerbalized_: wait did you have mints in your pocket this whole time?
creasehearst: you need the yellow keyskull
JediTransmit: Can we all appreciate how cool it is that you are so badass that Hell is scared of you?
TemporallyAwry: Looks like you need a yellow keycard :D
circusofkirkus: well, duh, it's hell. you always go down
TXC2: mtvcdm yeah, it oddly familiar no?
Crad0k: woo! the manky bus is here!
Saulens181: @jeditransmit that's doomguy for you
AwkwardBirb: @caimheul we can't apply the same moral system to bullets.
Alness49: Oh these are chonky bois
TheSpindash: Don't judge a demon's jumping ability from their body size
caimheul: @AwkwardBirb You're right, how human centric of me.
AwkwardBirb: Would be a travesty that good bullets to to hell because they killed some asshole demon.
TheMerricat: you gotta love the soundtrack for this
caimheul: Well, of course exceptions could be made for self defense, some human theologies do
caimheul: or "defense of owner"
creasehearst: the soundtrack in this is amazing
urbanvagabond: does doomguy have a name
Elenodul: The sound track for this game is sooo good
HesGotNoPants: #dontblamejames
Wicker_Knight: doomguy
PsychoI3oy: doomslayer
kerbalized_: grimliMetal grimliMetal grimliMetal grimliMetal
AwkwardBirb: Just don't look at Enter the Gungeon. That opens a huge can of worms
sivakrytos: doom guy is his name
erloas: was just thinking that, it's trying too hard
StarFreak359: mr doomguy
Saulens181: so, is a bullet's duty to harm a perfect duty or an imperfect one?
TheMerricat: @urbanvagabond Mr.DoomGuy
Orchestrion: Ah yes, the hell-map
PsychoI3oy: mr sir doomguy esq
7gorobei: Mr. doom guy is his father
NojhLivic: Mr. Doomguy is his dad
kerbalized_: or is his dad Dr Doom
TehAmelie: maybe he has two dads
orbitaltuna: so doomguy is his last name? or is guy his last name?
Crad0k: we're not doomguy, though
creasehearst: you gotta find the door that skull pedestal opened
AwkwardBirb: Doom Guy is his full name
SwiftrunnerXXY: harold doomguy III
klaxxxon: You get that bonus later
AwkwardBirb: like his father before him, Doom Guy
kerbalized_: Doom McGuy
Mivair: Have you tried shooting it
AwkwardBirb: he has his mother Doom Guy's eyes.
TXC2: "just 'cause you are doomguy, does not mean you are doomguy."
Saulens181: where's Doomgal?
TheMerricat: DOOM has no father, he's been slaying demons since th start of time.
SirMorek: When you squished the skull it opened a door you could see from where you used it
Alness49: It's Japanese, his family name is Doom, this is just Guy
erloas: just call him doom guy, Mr doom is his father
Mivair: I'm out of ideas
7gorobei: Dom(inic) Guy Doomguy
NojhLivic: You can't get there yet.
kerbalized_: Doom Guy Fieri
Mivair: Not keycards, skulls. God, James, get it right.
orbitaltuna: if his name is "guy" is he french?
circusofkirkus: you know what gamers like? finding hidden keys
Wicker_Knight: well, keyskulls
ArcOfTheConclave: key skulls!
AwkwardBirb: Keyskull
Saulens181: james, that is clearly a keyskull
AwkwardBirb: Skeleton Key?
Saulens181: booo
TehAmelie: in She-Ra we meet these two dads who have thirteen children together. can't wait to find out how that happened
creasehearst: backtrack a bit
malsareus: What demonlord isn’t security conscious?
caimheul: Doomguy is the son of Billy Blaze from Commander Keen, Great-Grandson of Wolfenstien protag B.J. Blazkowicz, according to John Romero and Tom Hall on twitter
PsychoI3oy: reasonabel
TXC2: TehAmelie the magic of adoption Kappa
TehAmelie: doesn't mean his dad couldn't be Dr Doom
CrazymattCaptain: back where you started
creasehearst: go back up the hill you came from
TXC2: which way lrrbot?
MTGNerdGirl: derp
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Destroy gender.
AwkwardBirb: Being a dad does not automatically make you a doctor
HesGotNoPants: it was future james helping present james get out of here
kerbalized_: @malsareus "everyone, please review the new security guidelines and send me a signed copy by Monday. you can pick up your new key cards after the company luncheon"
TehAmelie: hot damn Lrrbot
TXC2: hello MTGNerdGirl welcome
TXC2: we're trying hard Lrrbot
SwiftrunnerXXY: i'm gonna sing the doom song now
circusofkirkus: demon lore!
creasehearst: "The Slayer's Testament" aka your history
HesGotNoPants: do I have to kill the species to kill gender?
TehAmelie: man i thought he was going to say "in the first age in the first age"
Sektor88: teehee, taint
Saulens181: I'd assume the keyskulls are quite cryptographically secure
Orchestrion: Ah the hell-corder
TXC2: no, Gender is a social construct
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (1:52 from now).
HesGotNoPants: like all species
ArcOfTheConclave: So... you?
kerbalized_: does Hell have OSHA? i have a few concerns
mtvcdm: Cool story bro
Suffix: Chat. I'm wondering if the collective internet can help me out here - Does anyone know a decent resource I can use to find some pop culture trivia organized by year? All the sites I can find are just terrible.
CrazymattCaptain: doomguy has lore about him
Invitare: Sir Slayer
TehAmelie: first name The, last name Doomslayer
Crad0k: see, not doomguy, doom slayer
Alness49: I saw Doom Slayer open for Slipknot
KharadBanar: the edgiest of slayers
PsychoI3oy: slayer, doom slayer
creasehearst: Mr. The Doom The Slayer
cheetoJack: So are we basically Hell's devil?
Theycallmejokke: Doctor Doom Slayer
SK__Ren: Please, Mr. Slayer is my father. Call me DS
Pal_Friendpatine: I’ll get you Inspector GaDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HesGotNoPants: so I have to kill everyone that understands what gender is?
seth_erickson: Are we still on mars
kainboa: Common sense...
caimheul: I don't think Hell has Health and Safety either
Gobukiller: Health and Safety
BrindleBoar: Please, my father was Mr. The Doom Slayer. Call me The Doom Slayer.
Unas84: EH-SHA?
Toyerdragon: It wouldn't be hell if it wasn't hard to get around
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TXC2: seth_erickson no this is Hell now
innovativemethods: CCOHS
seth_erickson: Cool
creasehearst: you wasted a lot trying to shoot walls
AwkwardBirb: Hell's Health and Safety is *gores you on a spike*
kerbalized_: canada doesnt have osha either?? Canada = hell confirmed?
drdudeman: it hurts me to see him use shotgun ammo on the scrub zombies... I always used the pistol
HesGotNoPants: Canada osha is fucked up, I've seen your safety videos
Pal_Friendpatine: OSHA in canada? It’s “OSHA, eh?” Right?
cheetoJack: CCOHS = Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
sivakrytos: low ammos is what chainsaw is for
caimheul: OH&S
erloas: hell has worked hard to get it's ISO certification
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
I_Am_Clockwork: how goes the Doom?
Pal_Friendpatine: Or OSHAA^
CrazymattCaptain: there are other guns you can use
Crad0k: cheetoJack we're the guy that makes demons scared
TheMerricat: The Occupational Health and Safety Standards
creasehearst: soon new big boi enemies inc
TXC2: hello I_Am_Clockwork welcome
Electro_Irisu: Yay james murdered a man in cold blood for me!
kerbalized_: ISO 9001:666
caimheul: Low ammo is what melee is for
AwkwardBirb: violators of Hell H&S will be gored on a spike. People who ask about Hell H&S will also be gored.
sivakrytos: needs more ripping and/or tearing
ArcOfTheConclave: I caught little Jimmy playing that satan game!
HesGotNoPants: you shot that demon in the butt
Saulens181: is that the 2016 version of the archvile?
caimheul: you have PLENTY of ammo for other weapons
Saulens181: the floaty magic bois
sing_o_muse: rocket assault rifle is ridiculous? who would thunk
Orchestrion: It’s like the Fifth Element gun
caimheul: well, start meleeing weak enemies instead of shooting them. :-P
Jeezy56: does it still count as footsies if they're floating?
creasehearst: you have enough for the next super shotty upgrade
TXC2: we have a ammo making chainsaw no?
caimheul: No fuel for chainsaw
The_FlyingDutchman: no fuel
TXC2: well that BS
fiftymcnasty: Do it
caimheul: You can hold the upgrades for the Gaus
caimheul: *gauss
kerbalized_: I have to assume Hell has lots of burnable liquid fuel
caimheul: Also fair
ekimekim: you're using the shotgun the most, makes sense
creasehearst: you need to get the mods before you can upgrade the mods
creasehearst: also, you should upgrade dexterity or something in your armor
caimheul: And another killing room
TXC2: really real
caimheul: or not?
creasehearst: nothing new
creasehearst: you've already been there
creasehearst: blue colored map = you've been there
kerbalized_: welcome to hell, screen shake and auto jump cant be disabled
CrazymattCaptain: it looks like you missed a room past the yellow door
Elenodul: blue map means you've been there
circusofkirkus: hell has some complicated door mechanics
kerbalized_: does that mean engineers go to hell?
Amentur: Yay lrrAWESOME
creasehearst: that's the start of the level
TehAmelie: Blue Skull? i remember him from Astro City
Mivair: Dont forget to backtrack to the other blue door
urbanvagabond: I see you're in hell but I bet you haven't visited the sky District
Makhiel: cacodemons
Saulens181: cacodemons!
FlannelShirtEnthusist: beholderss
Mivair: Cacodemons!
Mivair: the angriest borbs!
creasehearst: caduceus demonicus
AwkwardBirb: "DnD birthed me!"
TehAmelie: cacodemons seem weaker than in the old days. how unexpected
ekimekim: 2/30 for double trouble
CobaltStasis: man this game is just so good
klaxxxon: Old cacodemons were much less tough
caimheul: They just haven't caught up with current video game weapons tech.
Saulens181: Q U A D D A M A G E
AwkwardBirb: @caimheul no one was ever truly ready for the Super Annihilator Quasar Rail Gun.
Alness49: QUAD DAMAGE... waaaait a minute, that's from a different game!
Milkcraate: hey all how realistic is this game?
Milkcraate: hey all
TehAmelie: you pulled you bullets back out from the hole?
urbanvagabond: I mean I hear this is what hell looks like
karmakamikaze: Having been to hell a few times, not super realistic, but they tried.
CobaltStasis: its a documentary im pretty sure
Mivair: pew!
Alness49: We're shotgunning demons in Hell, which if I know my scripture is exactly how it goes
TXC2: this is far to active for hell
drdudeman: wait didn't James get the scope upgrade for the machine gun?
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ekimekim: he got bth
ekimekim: *both
caimheul: And I know a few people that worked on the hell energy plant on mars
NojhLivic: Hey! We got there!
caimheul: Sad about their pensions.
Mivair: Power orb get!
Mivair: Thats bad
klaxxxon: Lost souls!
Alness49: Time to degauss some monsters
kerbalized_: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Sektor88: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Mivair: :3
TehAmelie: that's a big looking gun, but is it the big gun?
Darthagan: didn't the skull also open the path to the rune?
SK__Ren: I honestly hope this game gets a sequel eventually
Mivair: is not, there is a BFG superweapon
Sektor88: lrrCOW
AwkwardBirb: @SK__Ren Doom Eternal is being worked on
seth_erickson: I believe they are already in the process of making one
CobaltStasis: @SK__Ren they announced one!
SK__Ren: Yay
Mivair: What Was That
TehAmelie: there is a trailer and it looks sweet
Makhiel: did we rip out his heart and fed it to him?
creasehearst: skullders
PsychoI3oy: most importantly, Mick Gordon is doing the music for Doom Eternal
TXC2: it was his gallblader Kappa
SK__Ren: Lost Souls
SK__Ren: Gotta love em
creasehearst: he's also recruiting for heavy metal choir :P
CobaltStasis: gordon is back? hypeeeeeeee
kerbalized_: grimliMetal grimliGasm grimliMetal
TimeToFry: Hoo hoo hee hee?
Crad0k: i think this is where we get the thing?
HesGotNoPants: if your the devil for the residents of hell, what are you?
TXC2: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:22:50.
Alness49: Every time the choral section starts up I expect it to go "GLORIOUS"
NojhLivic: Is the theme "kill demons" ?
SK__Ren: I think we get the thing in the next level
AwkwardBirb: @HesGotNoPants Doom Guy.
The_FlyingDutchman: wait until they change it up with small areas an a lot of bad guys ;)
Papperslappen: Is the theme "friendship is magic"?
HesGotNoPants: where do dead demons go? is there a double hell?
karmakamikaze: It's hells all the way down
The_FlyingDutchman: heaven of course
TXC2: Papperslappen I've just realised that show is at least 8 years old now :P
TehAmelie: one definition of hell i've heard is "where no one can ever die"
AwkwardBirb: @The_FlyingDutchman then Heaven Guy blasts their face, and they go back.
The_FlyingDutchman: its an endless cricle
Papperslappen: TXC2 :o
NojhLivic: Suit upgrades were admittedly felt under whemling, but they were pretty useful.
HesGotNoPants: I wanna see doom guy loose in heaven
TXC2: dex is probably Boring, but practical
HesGotNoPants: feeding an angel it's own heart
karmakamikaze: Doom X The Divine Comedy: You've run through Hell, now face Purgatory.
The_FlyingDutchman: thats a great rune to have
klaxxxon: This one is not easy
caimheul: It's not too bad, especially with micromissiles
TehAmelie: i guess the upgrades are mostly there for the competitionists, they can't be too good or the rage-kill player population would get mad
HesGotNoPants: @karmakamikaze so many unbaptised babies
creasehearst: no it didn't
CrazymattCaptain: from above
caimheul: Need to do the murder while airborne
Crad0k: you need to double jump for a dfa
TheElrad: you have to doubble jump
creasehearst: it counts for giving you more time, but not for the criteria
creasehearst: double jump, or be on a ledge above them
CobaltStasis: what difficulty is this?
caimheul: Easy
Crad0k: yeah, but the ledge thing is garbage, they refuse to sit still enough
TehAmelie: ooh, long range dismember punches
The_FlyingDutchman: so usefull
caimheul: It's REALLY nice, especially when it levels up
Stoffern: Do you remember to equip these runes?
Welbog: Is there a heaven dimension in the Doom cannon?
Welbog: canon
The_FlyingDutchman: together with more ammo drop its the most useful ones I think
karmakamikaze: The Heaven Cannon: Launch holy hell onto these demons
Crad0k: yeah, ammo drop is the best
creasehearst: there's a mention made to a Seraphim in this game
Lightningbro: Uno? This is Play it Forward not Mine O'clock...
creasehearst: but no explicit references to heaven
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Lightningbro: XP Joking, Joking
ayirbudd: the perspective there for a second looked like james had nodded off or something lol
The_FlyingDutchman: ah noo ammo boost :o
fiftymcnasty: That was the one at the beginning of the last level
caimheul: Welp, time to pave the save and start over
ekimekim: the other one is AMAZING
TehAmelie: waat we can be a siege tank
duckondrugs: pew pew
klaxxxon: Siege mode is stronk
Amentur: I prefer siege. But both are great
NojhLivic: Both are good, I preferred precision.
HesGotNoPants: the great siege of hell
PsychoI3oy: from what i've sen of doom 2016, there are no bad weapon upgrades
The_FlyingDutchman: gauss is best for high slow damage anyway
TehAmelie: we did JUST get told "keep moving. standing still is death", but
TXC2: "rolling out!"
creasehearst: siege mode mastery allows you to move while charging it, but at walking speed, instead of just being forced to stand still
TemporallyAwry: Did you just get a codex entry for yourself? Huh.
Crad0k: siege mode: for when you need to kill everything between you and the horizon
TehAmelie: kshweee kthunk
Amentur: You can start charging the siege while jumping, thu negating some of the downside
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Lazyman1: The Demons will meet their DOOM
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Sektor88: Shoot the cyberdemon til it dies lrrBEEJ
SwiftrunnerXXY: Hell, James. He came from hell.
The_FlyingDutchman: dont forget the multi-kill requirement for the shotgun james :)
Crad0k: second baron
creasehearst: and now third
Crad0k: wait, i don't remember a fourth
duckondrugs: DOOOOOOOM
Amentur: And that small cave
malsareus: Get on the point?
nervousdavid: did he pull the lever in the cave?
Nightvalien28: references
Mivair: is teh skyrim memes
Amentur: lrrAWESOME
Makhiel: LOL
Unas84: XD
TemporallyAwry: In hell, where that joke belongs.
AwkwardBirb: what a scrub
Papperslappen: lrrBEEJ
azlan121: he was an explorer
TheWarbo: lrrWOW
SwiftrunnerXXY: Perfect.
creasehearst: teh maymays
Amentur: Secrets
Crad0k: pull the lever kronk
SajuukSjet: amazing :D
CrazymattCaptain: oh wow it's actually bright enough on this stream to see
klaxxxon: Down in the valley
Crad0k: down
NojhLivic: Down down
JakeKamas: Can't you use the map to check once you pull the lever?
mtgaaddict: Check map
JakeKamas: Or am I incorrect in that assumption?
SajuukSjet: oh wow
AwkwardBirb: windows labyrinth flashbacks
SwiftrunnerXXY: Trusting chat is always a dangerous choice.
creasehearst: some of them are very small, yes
seth_erickson: this was a sweet design idea
Amentur: Well the whole level is back in the main menu
caimheul: The modern HUD over the pixelated level is a bit jarring
Crad0k: leeloodallasmultikills
TehAmelie: i always hated it when you blow a super shotgun on a lost soul and it doesn't have the decency to die
marshacado: Silence simulator
SajuukSjet: the 'Go Away' stick
DadicusRex: oh wow. we're already in hell? i knew this wasnt a long game but still...
Nightvalien28: big boi
creasehearst: we're about a third of the way through the game
klaxxxon: @DadicusRex It goes to hell and back a few times
marshacado: What an absolute unit
DadicusRex: oh thats right
gizmofreak1: go back for the lever
seth_erickson: I felt like this game had good pacing. Didn't really overstay it's welcome
The_FlyingDutchman: took me about 13-15 hours of playing on normal
Crad0k: he did the lever
Amentur: He got both lever and level
fiftymcnasty: took me about an hour a level including getting all the secretes
queenfounder: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (1:17 from now).
TehAmelie: is this Heretic fanfiction?
AwkwardBirb: @TehAmelie this sounds like our biography
Alness49: "He was a bit of a badass, is what we're trying to say"
seth_erickson: This is a doom slayer fan boy for sure
caimheul: It's more Hell's take on the Doom Slayer
queenfounder: I keep getting the old LRRMTG stream on Wednesday mixed up with the Thursday one! I’m always way too early thinking I’m super late!
caimheul: Well, if someone whipped your armies single handedly, you WANT to talk them up to justify loosing.
creasehearst: you can move the map camera down so it's plane with the level you're on
AwkwardBirb: "This jerkwad and his massive armaments came into our town and started blowing us all up. We were just enslaving humanity, guy, chill."
caimheul: Also, ot make it more impressive that you eventually imprisoned said BAMF.
fiftymcnasty: There wernt tons of bosses in og doom
seth_erickson: He's pretty close to one right.
klaxxxon: There were few explicit bosses in Doom, 1 per episode
caimheul: I feel like the first intro a a bigger demon is kind of a "boss" if you don't have hidden weapons.
The_FlyingDutchman: those barons of hell are bosses I guess
creasehearst: the first real boss is a few levels away
TehAmelie: there's only like 3 or 5 levels in all of Doom and Doom 2 that has bosses
Crad0k: get the quad
Kerrisis: Technically things like the Barons and Summoners are bosses.
Foreverbackwards: There were only 3 bosses in original Doom, and there are only 3 in this game, so...
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (1:15 from now).
Foreverbackwards: Correct boss number?
TehAmelie: it actually confused me as a child that there was those levels where killing the bad guys was the trigger for opening the exit
creasehearst: the wiki says 3 boss type monsters, but the second type repeats a few times throughout the same level
TheNextPaige is continuing the Gift Sub they got from GoblinRanger!
backdoorshadydealer: hello James will you please say “not relevant in standard” — my first lrr video I saw ever had you saying that
PsychoI3oy: there are at least 2 definite BOSS battles I can think of for this game
seth_erickson: The only other Doom game I've really played was the one on og xbox. And I found that very spooky at the time.
Kerrisis: Missed an Elite Guard...
plummeting_sloth: get your ass to mars
TehAmelie: a secret demigod?
TXC2: a hemigod
caimheul: It IS the red planet.
azlan121: if I remember right, the designed the game so you aren't always facing death, they wanted the gameplay to focus on keeping you moving and shooting and being aggressive rather than leaning into a slower COD-esque gameplay style, which is why you get health from dead enemies rather than hiding in cover, and why the chainsaw does what it does, when things get bad it forces you to charge forward instead of trying to pull back
plummeting_sloth: a quarterfinal god
caimheul: So it matches the hell color palette
TXC2: ooh Imp song
silenceaux: It's very Two Towers
duckondrugs: i cannot wait for doom eternal
plummeting_sloth: that's definitely not not the tower of Sauron
TehAmelie: it's a Metallica album cover
Amentur: Time to rebuild it in minecraft :P
TehAmelie: not a real one, but i mean it might as well be
TXC2: that or a magic card
AwkwardBirb: This seems too metal for Metallica
creasehearst: your map starts with the secrets revealed now :P
The_FlyingDutchman: man this place has been to hell and back
creasehearst: indeed
Nightvalien28: doll friend
AwkwardBirb: "HALLO"
EfreetM: beautiful texture on the shotgun
TheWarbo: the trick is not to get so distracted by "the map now has secrets" to forget "the level still has enemies"
TehAmelie: just out of curiosity, when's the last time we had to use the starter gun?
plummeting_sloth: are we gonna let a little thing like gravity concern our marine. we beat gravities face to a pulp
creasehearst: the last time we used it was to shoot out some brakes on an elevator
creasehearst: you did
fiftymcnasty: you missed it
Amentur: You did miss the secret
The_FlyingDutchman: just check the map often
AwkwardBirb: you found another secret though
TemporallyAwry: Restart Checkpoint?
Kerrisis: Restart the level.
Nightvalien28: MINI GUN
creasehearst: mee nee guun
Amentur: Minigun lrrAWESOME
SK__Ren: Chaingun
TehAmelie: vidoegames means spending half your time figuring out what people want you to do and the other half doing the opposite
silenceaux: hohoho?
sing_o_muse: BIGGUN
plummeting_sloth: finally, a bigger gun
Kerrisis: Oh, this thing in Turret Mode is insane!
Crad0k: yeah, i *knew* there was a place to get that last level
SwiftrunnerXXY: You now have my favorite weapon, James.
Stoffern: One of the upgrades for that oine is realy rad
TemporallyAwry: Oooh Keyrings, now you'll never lose your keys.
SwiftrunnerXXY: Enjoy the chaingun.
PsychoI3oy: there are no non-rad weapon upgrades
Amentur: Turret mode on the chaingun melts enemies (and your ammo)
Zappeljakob: James is DOOMED!
TehAmelie: you mean we can be Bastion?
plummeting_sloth: The energy flows from a region of their planet we call... Steve
The_FlyingDutchman: you went the right way first up there I think
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (1:06 from now).
orbitaltuna: ayyy meatballs
TehAmelie: cacodemon commuters, now i have seen everything
TXC2: Right chat I'm off to walk the Dog, see y'all for checkpoint.
TXC2: also Thanks for streaming James
Amentur: Please pet the dog from chat
orbitaltuna: yay doggo
SajuukSjet: oops, praetor token...
1losttheGame: do you need the preator token again?
drdudeman: forget the token
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TehAmelie: that gun is so big, it's kind of shocking how well they placed it so it doesn't fill half the screen
TheSpindash: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:55:15.
IncredibleFrown: pronunciation guide: keen-seen-era
drdudeman: he didn't green the elite guard this time
Cepsys: she forgives you :)
klaxxxon: The locator target
CrazymattCaptain: computers
creasehearst: follow your objective marker
Stoffern: theres an objective icon in the middle of the room
caimheul: It's like Canadians don't pick up spanish for some reason :-P
Abavus: iddqd LUL
plummeting_sloth: oh hai Mark
AwkwardBirb: oh gross
NojhLivic: We have that marking on our helmet.
plummeting_sloth: about 80 kilometers away (next 3 streams is jsut James walking(
sivakrytos: doomguy dgaf about security clearancs
silenceaux: Can give you alpha level clearance, but not corporate
TimeToFry: Not using the chaingun :(
TimeToFry: Yay! lrrHEART
SK__Ren: Just wait for the upgrades
CrazymattCaptain: upgraded chaingun is crazy
SwiftrunnerXXY: One of the chaingun upgrades gives it three sets of barrels.
Amentur: The true fun comes in the weapon mod for the chaingun
duckondrugs: i like how it's the future, we've colonised mars, but some memelord had to keep a double barrel shotgun around
AwkwardBirb: @duckondrugs it still brutaldoots demons, why phase it out?
IncredibleFrown: @duckondrugs well it's super. it's gotta be good
duckondrugs: AwkwardBirb very true, it remains the best demon repellent we have
PsychoI3oy: are you going to argue against 2 12ga shells of buckshot?
caimheul: I mean, double barrel shotguns are still produced today, and technology has advanced quite far from when it was first introduced.
duckondrugs: IncredibleFrown shotguns from the fuuuuture
AquariumPrime: Oh its james who's playing Doom! Awesome!
SpookySpaghooti: hey demon slayers
duckondrugs: PsychoI3oy tbh it's probably like a 10 gauge from how much blat it's doing
Amentur: Half-way
creasehearst: 15/30
caimheul: living on a prayer?
SpookySpaghooti: Super shotgun is awesome
AwkwardBirb: or some scifi super gauge.
creasehearst: harlf-wheigh
PsychoI3oy: duckondrugs i mean in thisg game it's probably something silly like 8 guage
NojhLivic: caimheul Beat me too it
duckondrugs: PsychoI3oy surprise he's got one of those ridiculous guns they used to mount on boats to take out entire flocks of birds
creasehearst: might be the upgrade requirement for the glory kill range rune crad0k?
caimheul: oh i HATED this one
PsychoI3oy: oh, a four bore punt gun?
creasehearst: yeah, this one is annoying
AwkwardBirb: get the D12s, the most forgotten of relics.
duckondrugs: PsychoI3oy yessss
Abavus: Is rocket jumping a thing in doom?
TheWarbo: dodecahedra. truly the relics of Hell
caimheul: Why am I remembering a version of this where I could only move for a few seconds after making a kill?
duckondrugs: man i would kill for a d12 that looked like that
TheWarbo: (Actually I think they were the like quinessence-y solid by Plato's reckoning? IIRC)
AwkwardBirb: someone might do custom dice facing for D12s
PandasAndPancakes: nice
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TheWarbo: LoadingReadyRun: an excellent place to spend Jeff Bezos's money
fritobandeeto: this channel is amazing!
creasehearst: some of the runes aren't that useful, but a few are really good
PhoenixMelior: !findbutt
LRRbot: Above you?!
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Zappeljakob: That just means he can part with ~5 bucks of it for you Guys!
PhoenixMelior: durn flying butts
TheWarbo: i dunno how the Prime subs came to be referred to as "Jeff Bezos's money" but I have accepted it and roll with it
iammorthos: Man imagine if something else had all the money, something not interested in profit... like a Government or something
iammorthos: that's be sweet
AwkwardBirb: I mean they do, it's just... not distributed well...
klaxxxon: Pinkyyyy
Amentur: Pinky time :3
creasehearst: pinkster!
Brok3nGol3m: cuuuute
EvilBadman: @TheWarbo Prime subs are a "free" benefit of linking Twitch and Amazon Prime
Brok3nGol3m: I remember Funko having a lot of fun with these
CrazymattCaptain: there is never just 1 pinky
duckondrugs: aim for the soft bits!!
TheWarbo: EvilBadman ya I know, I have Twitch Prime
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Godofmuffins: Rip and Tear their Guts
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plummeting_sloth: has James discovered the Gauss canon as means of propulsion yet?
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ImKevinTheShark: Ohhh these a's. Not even slightly fun.
EvilBadman: @TheWarbo I don't know how you're confused then?
duckondrugs: you're big which means you have big guts. i wanna rip and tear your guts
TheWarbo: EvilBadman Just, the way that for whatever reason we've decided in this case "the money from the Amazon thing" is "the money from the founder/CEO"
duckondrugs: free bezos bucks
Alness49: So the demon is cleared for travel?
duckondrugs: demons: now able to navigate doors
caimheul: @EvilBadman And it's not even really like we're taking money from Amazon directly, just "earmark this portion of my monthly payments to your company to be redirected to this streamer"
creasehearst: you're not the only one that can use jump pads :P
EvilBadman: that's the joke.jpg
ImKevinTheShark: Nowhere is safe. You can only Rip and Tear your way out
duckondrugs: the infini-rockets are great
caimheul: Well, quad did help a little with the multi-kill thing
creasehearst: eye eye
ImKevinTheShark: I think you passed a praetor token
MechaKuuga: GIVE ME UR I
caimheul: No, you have to buy vowels
klaxxxon: Plasma ammo = railgun ammo
duckondrugs: yikes
ImKevinTheShark: The gauss cannon pretty much one shots the eye boys
MechaKuuga: @caimheul LUL
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ZethRuss: only 10 more months to go for the nice number ?
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ImKevinTheShark: Chainsaw?
PandasAndPancakes: James "Rocket Launcher in confined spaces" Turner
DadicusRex: shoot them in the back
caimheul: This is what you get for bragging about not dying to enemies James, almost death
DadicusRex: theyre armored in front
Amentur: Turns out that firing at armoured parts of demons needs more ammo
Sadistic_Fire: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (45m from now).
ImKevinTheShark: Don't forget your good chainsaw stuff James
ekimekim: those pinkies have fleshy behinds, try to avoid shooting their face
1losttheGame: and pistol!
caimheul: This is why I upgraded the pistol :-P
Amentur: Got a bit framey post-fight on my end
ImKevinTheShark: cheer50 And behold, our Lord and saviour, Chainsaw
TheWarbo: So what does the rune upgrade we got do? Just extend pickup range even more?
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MaelstromX17: Woot Woot!!!
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Amentur: Yes, TheWarbo. After the 300 pickups it gets better lrrAWESOME
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Crad0k: it's the imp you didn't kill the first time
PhoenixMelior: is James doing all of the challenges?
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TheWarbo: Amentur Ahh, wasn't sure if "better" was "the same ability stronger" or "a second related ability"
Amentur: lrrHORN lrrSPOT lrrHORN lrrSPOT lrrHORN
Elspeth_Tirel: Is this Mars?
Elspeth_Tirel: Reminds me a lot of the Mars level on ME3
ImKevinTheShark: Playing it fast and loose like a God
KMLoneMouseWolf: Are you looking forward to Eternal?
AgentMagicMaster: Well, they do come from Hell, which seems to be pretty warm.
TheWarbo: James wants a chill demon. Maybe one that just whispers.
W0NT0M: @MaelstromX17 calebdLove calebdLove calebdLove
Kerrisis: Secret nearby...
The_FlyingDutchman: james, dunno if you noticed but you keep running out of chainsaw ammo because larger monsters cost more ammo to kill
ImKevinTheShark: They have no chill. Probably because seeing you is like seeing A man run at you with a chainsaw screaming "rip and tear!!!" Wait...
klaxxxon: The skeleton
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (35m from now).
SK__Ren: Rocket Shoulders
creasehearst: the ones with rocket shoulders
SwiftrunnerXXY: jetpack skeleton
caimheul: To be fair, to demons seeing the Doom Slayer is the same as seeing the worst mass murdered of your species.
PsychoI3oy: The DOOT ones
EvilBadman: @devil_dan Chillpoint this week with beej/heather
Amentur: They have an attack where they hover in mid air for a while
caimheul: That guy opted for poisonous armour. I think he choose poorly
sivakrytos: hayden: all your base are belong to us
W0NT0M: look before you yeet
masta2505: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule received a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
CrazymattCaptain: it looked like there was a thing to jump to in that shaft
Amentur: Mom and dad are fighting over custody to doom slayer
Amentur: You have been here but left the weapon mod robot
ZethRuss: hmm, when James counts down now I expect the pickaxe to break ...
ImKevinTheShark: MONORAIL!! Yay!
plummeting_sloth: I don't think our Marine is a qualifed tram operator
klaxxxon: Is this BFG time?
ekimekim: *half-life intensifies*
Mivair: "tools"
plummeting_sloth: in person... so to speak
AwkwardBirb: hopefully this means we get to shotgun his face
ekimekim: you can shoot him, but he just tells you not to waste your ammo
Mivair: Beej!
Mivair: Leevj :(
Amentur: lrrBEEJ Hi Beej
AwkwardBirb: oh boo
buckminst: Poor Mancubus.
caimheul: Blood, Sweat, and Dreams sounds like an awful foundation
masta2505: cheer100 Why does that Computervoice sound like Serge?
plummeting_sloth: demonic pressence in that toilet is at unsafe levels
Alness49: So, they keep saying "unsafe levels"... what is deemed "safe"?
plummeting_sloth: about 10-13% demonic
AwkwardBirb: @Alness49 when the demon presence is at 0/Zilch/No
Crad0k: not ammo?
caimheul: Well, whatever the demonic levels are when they stop saying unsafe?
Alness49: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You're showing too much imagination.
Mivair: !quote cat
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Havtorn_Epsilon: Is it just my imagination, or does this game have like 5-6 enemy models, total?
Mivair: !findquote cat
LRRbot: Quote #3275: "I don't care about ice-skating girls! I care about cats!" —Kate [2016-08-21]
caimheul: press button next to door?
Kerrisis: Up in one of hte toilets.
Amentur: Through the bathroom ceiling
Mivair: Use gun?
TemporallyAwry: Kill the Demons | Lift the Lockdown | Press the Button
The_FlyingDutchman: enter my late game
caimheul: Ah okay, wasn't sure.
cheetoJack: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
masta2505: There is Serge again!
Mivair: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Hideo Kojima production.
Alness49: We found the second barrel
Brok3nGol3m: elfunkChunk
Amentur: elfunkChunk indeed
caimheul: We removed the twine holding the two triggers together
Crad0k: i remember this room...
SK__Ren: So Olivia is Chaotic Evil, and Hayden is Lawful Evil?
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Take the road meat.
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lucasbune: !badadvice
LRRbot: Go to the subreddit.
PsychoI3oy: in this game, the meat road is appropriate
MechaKuuga: rip and tear
AwkwardBirb: idk he sounds like he made deals with demons, who are CE.
AwkwardBirb: You want Devils for LE
Amentur: T
plummeting_sloth: the powers of beserk and clipping
Crad0k: woah, you went to some other place there
Amentur: That was outside the level
buckminst: BFG Division Kreygasm
TemporallyAwry: Punched 'em right into the sub-ocean
klaxxxon: Kreygasm
lucasbune: a LOT of that was outside the level
ayirbudd: this soundtrack tho
plummeting_sloth: dang, you've got a lot up upgrades waiting in there
Crad0k: hud marker
AwkwardBirb: um, dick move bro?
AgentMagicMaster: Hayden is a huge tool
vegetalss4: I want to shoot him in the back with a shotgun.
Crad0k: statchoos
NojhLivic: Aww he's a fanboy.
NojhLivic: He's got figures of us and everything
Nightvalien28: just squatting there, nbd
I_Am_Clockwork: you can shoot Hayden if you do it right as he starts walking away, but if you do he brings up a shield and chides you for being childish :p
cheetoJack: praise helix
caimheul: Hopefully he isn't the creepy stalker kind of fanboy
TehAmelie: praise helixx?
SK__Ren: I think the implication is we are the latest in a line of Doom Slayers to plague hell. And Hell makes statues of their most potent foes
Lightningbro: Thank you, I was hoping the worship of Helix would still be around. Praise Helix.
SK__Ren: Hence the statues
NojhLivic: caimheul Well he's already installed a "tracker" in our suit so...
AwkwardBirb: This is straight Dome
AwkwardBirb: no Helix
klaxxxon: BFG <3
Nightvalien28: PraiseIt PraiseIt
mtvcdm: Sir? Sir! Your affinity for guns is apparent.
ayirbudd: affinity for guns in magic when?
Stoffern: what does the plaques say?
I_Am_Clockwork: @SK__Ren I believe it's implied that we are THE Doom Slayer. One of those wierd Hell exists outside of time as we know it, so we have alwyas been the Doom Slayer
Amentur: I think their Phd is not in gunnery
TemporallyAwry: Why would a robot need to be so tall? It's gotta be annoying to have to duck in and out of his office.
TehAmelie: there's telepresence and then there's telePRESENCE
Havtorn_Epsilon: Affinity for Guns - DoomGuy casts for (1) less for each gun you control
Crad0k: SK__Ren the impression i got was that you were part of a line of protectors against hell, but that you were the only Doom Slayer
Amentur: They felt like battle rothers to me as well, Crad0k
SK__Ren: I mean maybe, the Title of Doom Slayer is unique to us in this case, but the Hell statues being of Knights Templar makes me think we aren't the first to give hell a run for it's money
AwkwardBirb: We're probably the most successful at it though
Crad0k: yeah, all the knights are badasses, and we see holograms or projections of some of them later, but i think we're unique
Alness49: Doom: The Turn Based RPG?
SK__Ren: Oh by a long shot. It's kind of the family business at this point. The Blazkowicz family has been kicking Hell's ass since the 1940s
SK__Ren: What year is it in Doom again?
Amentur: There is an easter egg type secret behind that rune
Smapdi_Flaffermann: From Hell's heart, I shoot thee in the noggin!
TheSpindash: Jesus, that one took me like 30 tries
Taveena: So I' ma dunkass who forgot the stream was a thing. What plot has happened this stream?
Taveena: Do not squeezy the Beejy!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Beejy squeezy. Ya, I'm sure he's fine with that.
AwkwardBirb: oof
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: yes please
AwkwardBirb: NOOOOOO
Crad0k: except i don't think we're meant to be the doom marine from the old games, we're something... much scarier
plummeting_sloth: finally, a good cookie clicker
Amentur: lrrAWESOME coxManleee
AwkwardBirb: :(
Alness49: Oh god, gibblets everywhere!
Smapdi_Flaffermann: That turkey never had a chance...
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: If this was a Nukem game you'd be chocking it instead.
Brok3nGol3m: literal lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: "choking"
vegetalss4: I think we are the old doom marine, it's just that the doom marine is the scariest thing in hell.
CaffeinatedLemur: Oh its an amazing game
CaffeinatedLemur: hello chatslands
Crad0k: "little hand says it's time to rock and roll"
Amentur: Hello CaffeinatedLemur
Joda011980: a minecraft rerun?
GreatGodOm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
Gary_Number_427: Dewm!
Nightvalien28: CaffeinatedLemur FRIEND, hello
CaffeinatedLemur: Nightvalien28 howed stranger, I dont know if I still have a chair around these parts
Nightvalien28: CaffeinatedLemur its fine we all sit on the floor these days
ekimekim: there's two shafts
orbitaltuna: those are some powerful fans
Veste: we'll call him.... doomes
control_rig: Secret: Get
Gary_Number_427: "Infiltrate"
Gary_Number_427: Riiiight
control_rig: They didn't say "quietly"
masta2505: Stealthy as an elephant on Shrooms
Gary_Number_427: I mean, I guess that's fair.
Crad0k: you might want to push checkpoint back a bit, you're going to want to open up that door :-)
CaffeinatedLemur: Doom 2016 is surprisingly OSHA compliant as far as OSHA Man is concerned
masta2505: And, WTH are safe levels of demonic presence?
CaffeinatedLemur: proper handrails
control_rig: It's like that old Kane and Crowthore skit
Myrniss: !next
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karmakamikaze: Did he just say BFG development?
CaffeinatedLemur: proper barrel and hazmat storage mostly
Stoffern: Can you get a doctorate in BFG research?
CaffeinatedLemur: and proper lockdown and warning procedure
creasehearst: not yet
Amentur: Not in here
klaxxxon: not. yet.
Crad0k: not here, keep killing stuff
ChroniclerC: Just a tease, I suppose.
ekimekim: you can't actually miss the BFG, so don't worry too much
Gary_Number_427: C'mere torso!
control_rig: Corpse: Get
Taveena: It's good to keep track of your corpses.
AgentMagicMaster: "Just gonna shove this body in my pocket"
Gary_Number_427: Just strapped to your back like Yoda.
creasehearst: and now the gauntlet
mrshazboto: Eyyy. with my new job and schedule I'm actually able to catch streams live now. This was probably me favorite game to come out of 2016 <3
mrshazboto: not sure this was intended
RebekahWSD: Terrifying!
control_rig: Silly security system
Joda011980: jumping puzzel
ekimekim: this is intended
ekimekim: but i'm surprised he got it first try
control_rig: No you were right
CaffeinatedLemur: shoot the red lights under the laser grid
control_rig: They're making fun of jumping puzzles
Amentur: The red lights are key
ekimekim: where have you seen those red joints before?
Kerrisis: Shoot the red things underneath the laser grid.
Stoffern: I bet someone installed that lower laser grid...then someone else asked "What if they just jump on top of the box?"
nhan1962512: Wow
AwkwardBirb: @Stoffern "Why aren't we just gassing the whole chamber?"
Gary_Number_427: Hooray!
MWGNZ: elfunkChunk
control_rig: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaah
nullrush: a lot of security on that thing for good reason
Gary_Number_427: It's a great big gun!
Mivair: B! F! G!
control_rig: Bee Eff Geeeeeee
Kerrisis: Congrats on your BFG!
mrshazboto: My dumb ass didn't think to jump to those platforms...
creasehearst: and also limited ammo, like the chainsaw
Mivair: the Beefgee
TheGreenMonster450: !next
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AwkwardBirb: It's so dangerous, we had to separate it from the other guns
masta2505: "Checkpoint reached"
I_Am_Clockwork: it's to big to fit in the normal weapon slot
vegetalss4: Maybe they are @AwkwardBirb Doom Marine's suit is closed enough to let him survive unprotected on mars after all.
timiam: Well that was cool
Taveena: That... is indeed a big lrrEFF ing gun.
ImKevinTheShark: Stand by for your aperture science chunk of regularly scheduled deadly neurotoxin
Morrigan9: adequate
Mivair: SURE WAS
Gary_Number_427: Yay! lrrGOAT
klaxxxon: GG
Havtorn_Epsilon: I wonder how day-1 orientation at this place is. "Welcome, Scientist! So, just so you know, Hell is real and we're using it for fuel. Try not to let the demons out""
Amentur: Good ending elfunkChunk
TheMerricat: Checkpoint reached, now time to chillpoint!
SajuukSjet: >D
control_rig: Satisfying ending
Brok3nGol3m: elfunkChunk
flikerz1: out with a bang
TXC2: ah looks like I cam back at the right time :p
TehAmelie: good show, old boy
TXC2: *came
CaffeinatedLemur: lrrFINE
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (40s from now).
ImKevinTheShark: Damn I love that gun
red_shoes_jeff: Hi James bye James
Gary_Number_427: Dewm!
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
TXC2: if it's Heather and Beej surely it's just Nintendopoint? Kappa
ImKevinTheShark: I don't think he's feeling great. He just tweeted about it
TheSpindash: James bat time, James bat channel.
red_shoes_jeff: Same James time, same James channel!
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TXC2: !patreon
Lithobraker: !next
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red_shoes_jeff: @TheSpindash benginFingers
TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: bye
ImKevinTheShark waves
Pteraspidomorphi: No Jamespoint? I'm slightly disappointed
Pteraspidomorphi: How is Doom progressing?
devil_dan: !next
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orbitaltuna: he is knee deep in the doot
Gary_Number_427: A BFG was just acquired @Pteraspidomorphi
Amentur: Big Dooting Gun has been got
ImKevinTheShark: Yup. He has the Bio-Force Gun
Pteraspidomorphi: Nice
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: Hack into yourself and eliminate the virus.
RassilonDND: this seems like an appropriate mod for checkpoint
RassilonDND: !uptime
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ggodopaste: anyone else getting "Network Error" but chat still works?
SalsaDraugur: It just says that the stream is offline for me
devil_dan: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a messenger
TXC2: what's the message?
TXC2: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #228: "I'm in a dark void!" —Graham [2015-05-04]
TXC2: big mood
RassilonDND: broadcast ended message for me
jdarr5000: Hmm either way its time for james to hunt lunch and for some points to be checked
Solahwin_Tampramain: yep thats a mood alright
Drasvin: !next
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MostCallMe__Tim: !quote late
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ggodopaste: huh. ok, must be mobile app being screwy.
TheWooglie: I see nothing
EvilBadman: It's a Chillpoint this day
TXC2: !findquote late
LRRbot: Quote #4746: "I feel like if you can't remember putting the helmet on, you probably put it on too late." —Paul [2018-03-03]
Solahwin_Tampramain: title update?
TXC2: ch ch chillpoint!
Decaped: !next
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Metric_Furlong: signal
masta2505: Engage!
mtvcdm: Hi Beej, hi Heather!
RassilonDND: mobile is acting real weird
Metric_Furlong: main screen turn on
Riandisa: xivCactuar
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Beej and Heather are chatting about some video game news in this weeks ChillPoint! | ||
Metric_Furlong: soon: Derrys
cuttlefishman: So
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
cuttlefishman: Chillpoint
cuttlefishman: Chillpoint means... we get to ask about Nintendo
cuttlefishman: and ships
KinoGami: i'm confused
Metric_Furlong: (they're not hosting because they like you or anything)
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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TXC2: so the Heather and beej stream team name is just: The Derrys ?
masta2505: So, Treejs evil plan is taking off, first he replaced Graham in Checkpoint with his Puppet, and now even Kathleen!
cuttlefishman: Is the Great Fox or the King of Red Lions a better ship?
margieargie: Ooooh, I thought it felt chilly around here...
Pteraspidomorphi: Why is twitch so bad at staying on my manually selected resolution lately? This didn't use to be a problem
TXC2: Here we GO!
Pteraspidomorphi: Requires a full website refresh sometimes
TheAinMAP: katesAir
TXC2: I DID pay today :P
Armstrong11139: Featuring: None of the people you're about to see
Nightvalien28: holy snaps you guys look amazing, these coats look great
Gary_Number_427: Yay! lrrGOAT
Alness49: Wait, we paid?
Riandisa: Good afternoon Heather & Beej
Taveena: He's invisi-paul!
mtvcdm: !clip
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Nightvalien28: heather looks so cool
TXC2: Hello Heather and Beej
red_shoes_jeff: What're you guys doing here? Could've done this from your house.
margieargie: Ah, yes, all my 16 cents US going to LRR today paid for this!
ThingsOnMyStream: Yay, looking dapper!
Amentur: Hello Heather and Beej. Thank you Paul lrrHEART
TXC2: Hi paul
lare291: Hey
Alness49: It's Derry and Derry, Investigative Journalists!
ImKevinTheShark: That it remarkably stylish. Looks good on you
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (12m ago).
TXC2: yes, Because people can just force Heather out of the streaming Office Kappa
TheMerricat: I just realized this isn't the other studio!!! bleedpurple100 bonus10 De Derry's take over!
offbeatwitch: is kathleen away this week? her twitter is v empty
Taveena: Also homophobic slurs!
TXC2: well that's only 20 years too late :P
margieargie: Ah, potato aim, with your potato gun?
mtvcdm: What if you actually said "Hey profanity"?
cuttlefishman: Potatoes are a delight
lare291: Hey <profanity>
Invitare: What's "tater" precious?
Alness49: Who the heck says "Potato Aim"?
TheSpindash: Potatoes are contingent are their preparation
KinoGami: "a colourful metaphor on you!"
TXC2: <Expletive Deleted>
margieargie: Hey [EXPLETIVE DELETED]
cuttlefishman: As a maritimer, potatoes are great
Robot_Bones: I have heard the Potato Aim comment before
offbeatwitch: "What, you egg!"
red_shoes_jeff: I figure potatoes would have amazing aim, what with all the eyes...
AwkwardBirb: Dangit Turkeygobbler, I can't believe you spontooned my team so much.
offbeatwitch: [stabs]
jonasjonIV: Hey potato! Potato potato elbow.
Taveena: To be fair, "Cuckold" was an Shakespearian insult, and look where that got us. ;-;
NimrodXIV: your mother is a potato!
Alness49: "A Pox on thee, and a pox upon the payload!"
orbitaltuna: you gutter crawling cur
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Brok3nGol3m: "get thee to an infirmary, for thou be poxed"
Amentur: Hey potato aim, that was some serious <profanity>
orbitaltuna: you shoot like a dairy farmer
Lithobraker: Can we just go Fantastic Mr. Fox? You are so cussing bad at this game. Cuss you. Ect
ImKevinTheShark: Have you ever used a potato gun? They can shoot pretty good
KinoGami: "I bite my thumb at thee!"
red_shoes_jeff: Somebody call for COOLDUDE MCJEFF?
Invitare: Hey <profanity> that was some potato aim, fellow human
TheMerricat: Dear Sir. I am contacting you to register my concern with your lack of coordination and failure to adequately hit the target. Respectfully improve yourself before challenging me again. Sincerely xXXxLaPutaSlayer42069XXx
lare291: I'll just start using <profanity> as an insult
NimrodXIV: fork
backdoorshadydealer: your mom is very disappointed in you!
thegreatwyrdling: It's Beej and Heather!
TheWooglie: Fracking
Robot_Bones: Yeah Agreed be creative with your trash talk
ImKevinTheShark: I'm just imagining when Graham did the late night dub fight from the Microsoft Advert. THAT
FeatOfTheGround: It's not the profane nature of your words that offend me, it's the lack of creativity displayed
TXC2: backdoorshadydealer that's the nuclear option
Alness49: "Hey, Lee Harvey Oswald, why don't you try a tank once in a while?"
Robot_Bones: Forking Bullshit
thatguy575: you shoot like a dairy farmer. how appropriate, you get shoot like a cow
Robot_Bones: bullshirt
Invitare: instead of "bg", say "gg" but sarcastically
Gnyrinn: Mix and match: Use swears from Yiddish, Russian, German, or any other language you're vaguely familiar with.
mtvcdm: But what if I want to drive cars off the road? What if this is Mario Kart?
Kerrisis: @alness49 LOL