KartoffelKaiser: We're gonna splash green for fixing PogChamp
itsr67: you could not have drafted further from eachother
mtvcdm: This might be Esper, this might be Bant, this is probably everything but Red.
Gary_Number_427: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
zuchen_120: green white black??
Pal_Friendpatine: This is great
banachspacebar: 4 color pile
adi_pie: I'm tempted to turn /emoteonly back on, to be honest. Kappa
toenolla: 4 color nah
thegatheringplayer: :D
ayirbudd: bant or esper could be good still
SamanthaVess: It's fine, we got 3 Guild Globs rooPog
ArcOfTheConclave: bant might be good
korvys: Triple Globe
TheWarbo: Deck is perfect as is. No cuts, add land, ship it
Halinn: At least nobody in red
Ubiki: at least they mostly avoided red
Talus26: I pray for you lol
Unas84: drop all the blue except Teferi?
Jerrymocha: GWUB
thanzo: so many globes
Pal_Friendpatine: 5 mana deck obv
SpoonfullOfSugar: green/white with some splashes?
Fugi: @adi_pie you're in charge
Dread_Pirate_Westley: There's a not terrible Bant deck in there.
OldManMagicMTG: Well this was more fun than any other draft I have done in this format so far.....
Stellapacifica: You could pull together a bant from this
Juliamon: I'd look at Esper first
aBoredBarista: lrrGREED seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
CommandoJE: Maybe go abzan or esper?
bowsin_durrows: Just play not-red.
deyja429: 4-colour Jank!
itsr67: 4 color green obv
Stellapacifica: but G has the fixing
KartoffelKaiser: we can probably get away with moist junk
ArcOfTheConclave: green fixing
xenagosthesatyr: bang proliferate doesn't seem that bad actually
W0NT0M: need green for fixing
bobbingtonn: green batter
banachspacebar: Green has New Horizons x2
korvys: Triple Globe for fixing
cuttlefishman: moist junk
xenagosthesatyr: *bant
CyanMig: And centaur
thegatheringplayer: you did eh :/
teapra: go bant. green has fixing if not junk splash teferi
kat2kool: I think Bant
Talus26: bant looks best
NrgSpoon: saheeli could use those globes for good
ayirbudd: definitely a rough format to blind draft
Znazl: Dragon 💬
DemonZeroX: Good guys at LRR giving the other players free wins Kappa
cuttlefishman: it... it doesn't?
Jerrymocha: Put the silverwing in
1y1e: sometimes when you play this both people know to force mono red. then there are the OTHER times.....
DemonZeroX: <3
roboticgreninja: veto?
thegatheringplayer: Go bant
Gary_Number_427: It's a deck!
bobbingtonn: wall
ababypanda14: not esper?
korvys: That sure is 40 cards
Laserbeaks_Fury: Make Guilded Globe the deck box
roboticgreninja: only good black card is davriel
roboticgreninja: and vizier
thegatheringplayer: Dovin's veto maybe?
Jerrymocha: Yeah promotion maybe lol
ababypanda14: soul diviner too no?
Aylig: this is definitely a deck I've seen
randomino5: I believe in you guys
Aylig: it sure is a deck
seth_erickson: and angrath don't forget about cow dad
Gary_Number_427: But Angry Cow-man!
Kykiwi: not the shulker? might get ya there?
accountmadeforants: Does swapping blue for black work?
bobbingtonn: wall of runes
roboticgreninja: skulker is fine
Znazl: remove both globes, veto and promo
Paranundrox: do you really need that many globes?
bobbingtonn: keep globes
roboticgreninja: play 2 globes I think
aiamethyst: straight green white seems fine
drdngr: these sure are some magic cards
thegatheringplayer: I WANNA SUB :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
DemonZeroX: "Uh-oh" *leaves* LUL
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian works on his leather bag while Cameron paints some miniature figurines.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
Pal_Friendpatine: I really wanna see a couple games with this deck. Just for fun
Gary_Number_427: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2348 patrons for a total of $14,020.39 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
SydPreviouslyHeadache: thanks for the magic
jorian57: Mmmm... three pack sealed.
seth_erickson: I'm sure it'll go 5-0
TheIdleIdol: Thanks for the games, guys
DemonZeroX: 5-0 HYPE!
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Jerrymocha: That was a lot of fun
thanzo: so long!
mtvcdm: !twitter
Gary_Number_427: Dewm!
Going_Medium: Suggestion, one pack each and you scramble to salvage the 3rd pack together...
1losttheGame: whaaaaaaaat?
thanzo: düm
1losttheGame: noooooooooo
benjaminx12: does your mom watch your stream?
Jerrymocha: Oh I like that suggestion @Going_Medium
cuttlefishman: SPheda?
Juliamon: Spheda seabatTROG
JTK45: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian works on his leather bag while Cameron paints some miniature figurines.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
DarkMorford: HYPE
ghostvalv: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Sektor88: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
whales9001: no wonder there aren't any veiwers it's not up yet
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
whales9001: now I see all of you wonder people
chaostreader: Hi chat.
icarionx: hi
twntytwlv: hey yo
offbeatwitch: hulloo
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! Tonight we’re leatherworking and painting figures. 🎦 | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D5mc8R1WAAIj_Nu.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1124102148285960192
Daedrin: hi i hear this is where i come to see a videogame
Daedrin: wait shit
korvys: Your heard wrong :P
DoodlestheGreat: Oopsie
chaostreader: @daedrin Nope.
whales9001: well unfortunately for you there are no video games now
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:44.
korvys: !findquote leather
LRRbot: Quote #4962: "Your new friend Millicent doesn't notice that you have a leather wallet of soup." —Kathleen [2018-05-07]
Stellapacifica: You do get good boys doing crafts tho
Daedrin: nice
DoodlestheGreat: there are no games THERE IS ONLY ZUUL
Daedrin: 1 good boys please
icarionx: !findquote paint
Stellapacifica: How about 2
korvys: 2 good boys for the price of 1
Daedrin: listen. i cant do math
Despoiler98: I thought there was only Zod
Daedrin: 1. 2. whats the difference
Despoiler98: oh wait know thats kneeling
DarkMorford: Yeah, hi, can I get 2 protein and a carb, but leave the fat on the side.
chaostreader: I both wish that quote commands weren’t sub only and understand why they are.
Despoiler98: welp
Despoiler98: slytqItsfine
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Daedrin: this episode on tinker tailor solder fry, we fix audio issues live on stream
korvys: @chaostreader I didn't think they were? They are limited to 2 per 30 seconds, I think.
chaostreader: !quote Ian
Juliamon: They are.
korvys: Oh
Stellapacifica: lrrSIGNAL
korvys: My mistake
Daedrin: !findquote oops
LRRbot: Quote #1623: "Oops, off I go to Mongolia!" —Chopin [2016-01-20]
Juliamon: They're both sub-only and 2/60
iammorthos: Sweet! I love me Some TTSF! Especially a surprise TTSF! bleedpurple100 bonus10
orionsrise1: woot Woot! lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Brok3nGol3m: katesWave
Despoiler98: DO THE THING
mtvcdm: Tinker Sailor is my favorite Sailor Scout
korvys: !findquote craft
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
KarnEvil: lets do a thing
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Sektor88: Nice, Cam.
Daedrin: LoadingReadyRun - Not Instructional
iammorthos: Sometimes i think it's a let's start, not let's finish
ghostvalv: happy little mistakes
chaostreader: @juliamon Is the time part so it doesn’t cause Lrrbot to overwork itself?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Nice one Cam
Juliamon: chaostreader It's more that people forget it exists until one person does it, and then EVERYONE starts and it turns into spam fast
ANeMzero: One last player character and then every single monster and then finally, finally we can play Silver Tower
sivakrytos: he's so...big
ANeMzero: in the distant future of 2060
justwhatever_idk: vascular
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DarkMorford: That's a prime number AND the sum of two squares!
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orbitaltuna: tanning is very smelly
korvys: Not from a raw cow
orbitaltuna: very fumey
swaggytaco: start with a cow, end with a bag
sivakrytos: here's one ian's prepared earlier
ANeMzero: To make a leather bag from scratch you must first invent the cow
DandyGeek: It's Ian's version of a lunchbox
Earthenone: bleedpurple50 bonus5 pride1 yay rivitting content!
korvys: Well, I would have suggested adding the hardware *before* stitching, but good luck :P
DandyGeek: heavy AF, too
spawnofhastur: ian is working with the skins of beasts and the bones of trees?
TheKingWiggins: Im making a bookshelf while I watch. You guys made me want to be productive
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benperterkofsky: IAAAAANNNNNN
Stellapacifica: Please build me a kernel
Stellapacifica: Agh, Cam beat me to it
KarnEvil: just a 24/7 livestream of ian copying the kernel line by line
itomeshi: Oh god, that sounds painful.
ForOhForError: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:13.
delta__vee: cue quantum leap theme
benperterkofsky: !quote
spawnofhastur: Ian, have you seen Ray Mears' special on building the birchbark canoe? God I love shit like that.
ghostvalv: I'm helping :D
KarnEvil: remember its just a hobby project. never gonna be as big and professional as gnu
Aarek: There is an app called "Everything" thats a great search app for Windows
SajuukSjet: vi/vim modal hilarity
Stellapacifica: My Assembly class was the most useful class I ever took
itomeshi: You pronounced 'vi' like 'evil'.
banachspacebar: something something team nano
korvys: nano/pico please
Stellapacifica: It's pronounced like vim but without the M. Clearly.
ForOhForError: I think people only pretend to care at this point? I had a prof this semester that switched between the 2
MWGNZ: @korvys preach
itomeshi: VSCode or Notepad++ for life!
spawnofhastur: Did you buy this leather or tan it yourself? Because frankly knowing Ian I could see him tanning it himself.
korvys: I mean, I actually work in windows and use Sublime Text now, but nano for command line
ForOhForError: that feels like a pretty common setup
DigitalSeahorse: oh more leatherworks
Soul1355: I can't believe they are not bundling vim in some distros anymore... (or plan to stop, I don't remember the timeline)
7gorobei: @spawnofhastur the leather came from Ben Dandygeek
SajuukSjet is writing his posts on Cygwin/mintty at this time Kappa
DarkMorford: Oh hey, korvys, you're a hidesm'n. Is there anything in particular I should be looking for if I want a bottom/liner for a Wyrmwood-style dice tray?
ForOhForError: why would you need vim bundled when you could just use ed instead?
DandyGeek: I feel like Ian would have trouble finding a place to tan it. If he did that at the Moonbase, nobody would be able to smell again
SajuukSjet: soul1355: for some, they never started :D and still only ship vi
DarkMorford: Hello Ben!
DandyGeek: hiya DarkMorford :D
gawag_: so what exactly are the minis for?
Sektor88: UM
Sektor88: sir
azlan121: is it still the silver tower minis?
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
DarkMorford: IAN!
ForOhForError: uh
Earthenone: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You forgot to tweet.
Despoiler98: katesSir katesSir katesSir
Papperslappen: !advice
Herbert_Erpaderp: johnlo1Goof
gawag_: yeah they said silver tower I just dont know what that is
Daedrin: finally im in my favorite zone
KarnEvil: everyone likes a good trip to the bangzone
SnowBuddy18: let you in without warning
korvys: @DarkMorford Haven't done anything with wood and leather, sorry. I'd probably use chrome tanned leather (can probably just scavenge some upholstery leather) and contact cement it down.
azlan121: @gawag_ its a warhammer universe boardgame, basically an updated version of warhammer quest with a tile based map
bobAkirafett: @gawag_ silver tower is the redone/modern version of Hero Quest, kinda
SajuukSjet: Oh, Today (for the - Timezones) is still WOrld Password Day :D
azlan121: *hero quest
Stellapacifica: My safeword is a procedurally generated dungeon complete with enemy AI
ANeMzero: Amazing is a word
gawag_: oh near, thanks yall. so presumably something for afk?
gawag_: neat*
Antiagone: Is there any close up shot(s) of the the miniatures Cam is painting?
Sektor88: Yeah, Apple did it better. :P
KarnEvil: apple was dead before they brought jobs back
DandyGeek: Apple didn't have to chase military contracts to bounce back, did they?
DarkMorford: The Ballmer years were not good.
ForOhForError: "doing badly" for microsoft was still holding roughly infinite business licensees
Earthenone: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
KarnEvil: ugh. I hate software as a service so freaking much.
ANeMzero: But he chanted Developers, is that worth nothing?
Stellapacifica: The only thing I remember of Ballmer is a video of him jumping around on a stage and screaming
yarget15: look at that brush control.
Aarek: But Developers, Developers, Developers.
itomeshi: @KarnEvil Seriously, give me 'software as a container I can host locally'.
spawnofhastur: They have to resort to "software as a service" because they can't fall back on planned obsolescence like everyone else.
PunkRockZoologist: Right now, I'm hating me some excel, but it helps me make graphs for my paper eventually.
DarkMorford: Looks kinda like a joinery mallet for woodworking.
RebekahWSD: Grog?
VmKid: Ballmer is gonna be on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me this weekend and it's gonna be interesting
starwarsthx1138: Sweat
Aarek: Gunpowder
VmKid: I wonder what they're gonna ask him about on Not My Job
korvys: A bear
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: #MyGodTheSmell
spawnofhastur: He probably lathers himself in grease to avoid mosquitoes.
Juliamon: Dirt and BO
ForOhForError: If a company switches to software as a service I go to free software, or otherwise just piracy
SajuukSjet: pork?
chaostreader: Pocket bacon.
Spectre97: He smells like oxen and AXE body spray
SalsaDraugur: wild animals
Earthenone: sweat and muskrat aftershave
ANeMzero: The barbarian smells like he has never showered and will never shower. His smell extends from the past into the future and yet you experience it all in at one point of time
Stellapacifica: He smells like a slightly too burnt to be recoverable steak
Antiagone: "Blood, sweat and tears..."
PunkRockZoologist: Old Spice?
Antiagone: The fragrance.
korvys: Smells like Joe Rogan
Soul1355: !findquote smell
LRRbot: Quote #1145: "Can you smell Beej?" —Graham [2015-11-19]
Papperslappen: Sweat, blood of their enemeis and expensive perfume, exclusive oils
Bradagascar: I bet Conan would smell like sandblasted taint
Stellapacifica: Smells like a crossfit bro
spawnofhastur: I feel like he'd cover himself in grease to avoid mosquitos, it's what I'd do.
RebekahWSD: "I don't trust anyone's teleport spells but my own. And even my own, I only teleport books"
itomeshi: I wrote to a Reddit writing prompt on that same thing!
PunkRockZoologist: oh, I saw that. I love that idea.
SalsaDraugur: how does that work with sorcerers
MWGNZ: no more pasword++
DandyGeek: Software Dev mage I feel is most appropriate w/ the 3.5 wild mage variant
RebekahWSD: Sourcerors?
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ashteranic: well, that and the better solution is to move to multi-factor authentication schemes
DandyGeek: i.e. literally rolling a d20 for unintended effects whenever you cast spells
Aarek: The old MS password rules were reset every 90 days
Sektor88: @SalsaDraugur you just have a few scripts you load into your terminal window because you're on a thin client and don't have a lot of onboard memory... :P
korvys: Regular password changes make people use simpler password.
iammorthos: If at the conference somebody refers to themselves as a Thaumaturgist is known to be an ass
Sektor88: And this is why hardware keys need to be the norm
ashteranic: like, have a security key and a static password is a million times more secure in the long run
DandyGeek: what kind of dev is a necromancer?
DarkMorford: YubiKey for the win
Grevas13: I work as an aerospace mechanic. both writing down and sequential passwords are common in the factory
ANeMzero: I want roguelike password rules; they change every time you reset.
mtvcdm: Regular password changes make people eventually unable to get into their own account.
Aarek: Sektor88 MS has been moving to two factor a lot
spawnofhastur: it kind of amuses me that DnD barbarians who are usually depicted as hunter-gatherers or pastoralists are so muscular. usually you need to be a sedentary, agricultural society to get that level of calories necessary for muscle growth.
screamingpeasant: That has been true for a few years. It's following NIST from before that. It's part of their faq
SalsaDraugur: I recomend doing the same thing I do with passwords which is use a phrase that's easy to remember in a language that's in danger of extinction
chaostreader: My old password had a number based on the year I created it and I just never changed it to suit the next years.
Sektor88: @ashteranic my job does that and it's wonderful. Kind apainful resetting stuff since I need to do it by command line inmy line of work, but only ever needed to do it ocne
mtvcdm: Regular password changes, in fact, make the most common password the 'I forgot my password' button.
Rhynerd: Hello people of the LRR Chabnel!
screamingpeasant: also; security questions do nothing but make you less secure :(
korvys: @DandyGeek Brownfield Development?
Sektor88: @Aarek I know firsthand, for reasons. :P
yarget15: Hi Rhynerd
Rhynerd: I see Cam’s working on the Darkoath Chieftan
spawnofhastur: Like that dude Cam's painting has to be eating like 5000 calories a day and that's pretty friggin hard.
PunkRockZoologist: I love the term Shoegaze. Probably the most wonderfully descriptive music genre name
chaostreader: @screamingpeasant Only if you answer them with real answers instead of just whatever pops in your head at the time.
thefileclerk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 26:25.
Rhynerd: Unless you can just eat the Warp.
korvys: That's his halo, Beej
Brok3nGol3m: katesLewd
DandyGeek: hah, that sounds dead on, korvys
Rhynerd: Then again, the Kroot have proven that Daemons are edible, and if that carries into Warhammer Fantasy...
spawnofhastur: @Rhynerd I'm working on anthropological assumptions and I don't know of any extant cultures that can feed on the Warp.
Brok3nGol3m: katesLewd katesLewd katesLewd
spawnofhastur: Also I'm assuming that subduing warp monsters burns a lot of calories anyway.
DandyGeek: Ian, any damage to the leather is just "patina"
Despoiler98: how long till Cam breaks
NoxStryx: bag the edge of the bag
spawnofhastur: There's a reason one of the main ways to kill megafauna among hunter gatherers was "chase it off a cliff".
chaostreader: @despoiler98 The next preprerelease
geekvs: lrr asmr
sing_o_muse: that or "slowly bleed it out over a few days"
spawnofhastur: Good ol' Smashed In Head Buffalo Jump
planeswalkagogo: Ah, Ian and his leather working. Otherwise known as how I got back into sewing.
PunkRockZoologist: Or just chase it until it gets tired and passes out
spawnofhastur: Endurance hunting is super interesting.
Grevas13: well that's a thing
ForOhForError: um
SalsaDraugur: cursed meme
DarkMorford: Thanks Beej, I hate it.
LoadingReadyRun: Look, someone brought up megafauna.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @LoadingReadyRun hawt
Sektor88: gormless thicc? lrrBEEJ
RebekahWSD: Silly thicc?
geekvs: Masters lvl thicc
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: wild thicc?
Juliamon: Ridic Thicc
sing_o_muse: PHD Thicc
DandyGeek: bricc thicc
SalsaDraugur: Ultra Thicc
ForOhForError: I for one cast my ballot for "Rethicculous"
ruscobrog: chonky thicc
Sektor88: omega thicc?
DarkMorford: Goofy thicc? Nah, Disney would get mad.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun You're keeping us in stitches, though, Ian
Agu_Sakku: anatimical thicc
Sektor88: uber thicc?
teavian: Extra Thicc
LoadingReadyRun: No no, pick adjectives that have nothing to do with the word.
LoadingReadyRun: "Hydro thicc"
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: nice
chaostreader: Pyro thicc
chaostreader: Aero thicc
LoadingReadyRun: that ass is necro thicc
chaostreader: Terra thicc
azlan121: just use the adjectives from greased lighting
zed_alpha: Ooh! More leatherworking!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: absolute zero thicc
Rhynerd: Magnaminously Thicc
ForOhForError: Hydro thicc is just alternate universe aquaman
Grevas13: pyra thicc, if you're a xenoblade player
Sibwow: aether thicc
SalsaDraugur: Matian Thicc
Agu_Sakku: conflagration thicc
Gekyouryuu: Extra Thiccc
VmKid: Thicc 2: Electric Thiccaloo
itomeshi: Double Stuf?
teavian: Oxy thicc
zed_alpha: trippple thiccc?
geekvs: T H I C C
orionsrise1: Lava thiccc
gawag_: long ango, the 4 thiccs lived in harmony
ForOhForError: bricc thicc
Sibwow: unusually thicc
Rhynerd: Galvanized Thiccness
VmKid: Undead Thicc
Papperslappen: hydro thicc is what you get when you mix starch and water
SalsaDraugur: lrrBEEJ Thicc
LoadingReadyRun: t h i c c y t h i c c
chaostreader: @gawag_ Thank you for getting there
Grevas13: satisfyingly ramrod thicc
ecstasy_in_service: what cha painting over there ?
VmKid: Thiccy Thicc and the Thiccy Bunch
Papperslappen: <profanity> thicc
gawag_: @chaostreader well someone had to
SalsaDraugur: T E E T H T H I C C
LoadingReadyRun: ANGLO THICC
ForOhForError: wow, chat is... entirely unusable now
gawag_: thicc as a bricc?
Gekyouryuu: Long ago, in a distant land, I, Aku, unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE THICCNESS
ForOhForError: 👀
Sektor88: stick thiccly lrrBEEJ
Rhynerd: Can Cam and Ian see chat?
ecstasy_in_service: OH silver tower eh?
Driosenth: Get down with the THICCness
itomeshi: Chat was usable once?
DarkMorford: Rhynerd yes
7gorobei: ichthyosaurus thicc
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Was that... a Richard Cheese reference, Ian?
Stellapacifica: thiccthyosaurus
sing_o_muse: the day that happens is the day thicc dies
gawag_: could see Wendy's doing it
Juliamon: Milkshake vendors probably don't want to associate their product with butts
SalsaDraugur: Burger king is now promoting their burgers as self care burgers so they're catching up
ANeMzero: I think Social Media Brands are currently more focused on having Real MoodsTM
DarkMorford: McDonald's used to market their shakes as "Triple Thick," but yeah. Not the double-c version.
gizmofreak1: thicctionary
sing_o_muse: my milkthicc brings all the boys to the yard
PunkRockZoologist: Cam, how would you feel if someone were to send you the Blackstone Fortress game box set?
ForOhForError: Wendy's doesn't need more softcore porn on its twitter mentions
SalsaDraugur: I agree, Wendy's needs hardcore porn
spawnofhastur: sorry i had to run and do some heavy lifting for my parents. we still talking about megafauna? coz i'd try an aurochs burger.
VmKid: Wendy's needs h- DAMN IT
EvilBadman: if there is a truce, I haven't been alerted to it. I do have a group of CMs to notify when a bad thing happens to check their scheduled tweets
Veketshian: Arbys - a thicc shake and a double meat
orionsrise1: wow 35 mins in and chat has already dropped the soft core porn bomb, Nuc
Rhynerd: @punkrockzoologist if I could visit Victoria for a month I’d let them borrow my fully painted set.
ANeMzero: I mean, Burger King just announced their Meals for moods that aren't Happy thing.
SnowBuddy18: come on Cam, petroleum based orange FLAVOURED drink
ANeMzero: or whatever the campaign is
azlan121: @PunkRockZoologist do it, there is quite a queue of mini's though
ANeMzero: Depression Meal sounds appropriately.. Burger King.
chaostreader: And welcome everyone to the Crapshoot.
SalsaDraugur: @ANeMzero the happy meal was taken
PunkRockZoologist: @rhynerd I still have that and Kill Team Rogue Trader to paint.
gawag_: sours are so good
orionsrise1: Hey Ian, what about another beer taste testing round with Beej?
Driosenth: Surprisingly , Sunny D is not known to cause cancer in California, despite the unnatural color
Rhynerd: I have a squad of Vostroyans to paint up but my right index finger has repairs to complete first.
Sektor88: wait what
Grevas13: If this were any other chat, I would have immediately closed my browser at any mention of Marvel.
ANeMzero: Oh, only removing the ones that take place in non-existent universes.. That clears it up.
Sektor88: wow, reconguista in G
Sektor88: G Gundam
itomeshi: G Gundam!
Gekyouryuu: G Gunam
zed_alpha: Which minis are Cam painting?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Yundum Wig?
Stellapacifica: My watch order is Spiderverse-Ragnarok-Black Panther-Spiderverse again-Howl's Moving Castle
Grevas13: @zed_alpha he's doing a thicc barbarian
theneatestburrito: Mobile Fighter G Gundam! So good!
Erudite_Cynic: you mean BEST GUNDAM
azlan121: @zed_alpha silver tower
Rhynerd: Cam is painting one Mini: the Darkoath Chieftan from Warhammer Quest: the Silver Tower
spawnofhastur: I saw a flyer from the city of Atlanta (or at least purported to be) which basically read "Please don't dump your garbage on the properties of White Supremacists. Please *especially* don't dump it on these specific properties."
Sektor88: G Gundam DansGame
Juliamon: G Gundam transcends Gundam
Stellapacifica: Then Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel like 5 times each
itomeshi: This hand of mine is burning red! It's loud road tells me to grasp victory!
DarkMorford: G Gundam best Gundam
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Yan Ham Zed!
itomeshi: roar*
theneatestburrito: The Gurren Lagann of Gundams.
SalsaDraugur: I need to see gundam considering that if I could, I would pilot a mech because giant robots are the best
Sektor88: Universal century is the only timeline that matters. :P
BITs19_: what minis are those
BITs19_: ?
SajuukSjet: defo smirking
korvys: Silver Tower
zed_alpha: That dude looks like he was birthed fully formed from a Heavy Metal magazine cover photo.
sing_o_muse: hey look it's Domri-oh wait
spawnofhastur: those shoulder plates look very impractical.
zed_alpha: I know this isn't an RPG disussion stream per se, but Ian, have you seen the stuff around Lancer, the mech RPG?
EscherichiaCole: F&W has a saskatoon flavored beer!? I need that in me yesterday
Veketshian: So are we can now go to BK for a "Meh, I Guess" Meal? Perfect
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PunkRockZoologist: Rad
Gekyouryuu: IBO was decent
Sektor88: Not gonna lie, Iron Blooded Orphans is the only non-universal centuries series I enjoy.
sing_o_muse: char clones?
Sektor88: @sing_o_muse no, literal actual char in origin. :P
Qooroo: Ok, I have a potentially interesting question. If you had to recommend one series (or movie, or series of movies) to someone who has never seen a mecha anime to give them the necessary context to watch Evangelion, which one would you recommend?
sing_o_muse: @Sektor88 ah, so the first char clone Kappa
spawnofhastur: first gundam i ever saw and it was like an episode or two was Gundam Wing.
Sektor88: @sing_o_muse no, that's darth vader :P
sing_o_muse: @Sektor88 fair point
Veketshian: When do Ian and Cam switch projects but not tools?
Sektor88: @Qooroo Darling in the franxx only because it's everythign gainax has done
spawnofhastur: Mazinger was the first one I saw.
geekvs: does netflix have Gundam?
Sektor88: but not as good as the source material they took inspiration from
orionsrise1: I think the barbarian smells like rotted beef and horse dung
Gekyouryuu: I have series to recommend for AFTER Eva. like GaoGaiGar
Sektor88: @geekvs it has *some* of gundam
itsr67: *kicks kid into mech*
Sektor88: @Gekyouryuu I need to actually sit down and watch GGG >_>
Qooroo: I would not recommend Franxx to anyone who hasn't already watched Eva and Gurren Lagann...
SalsaDraugur: Dai guard is fun
Gekyouryuu: @Sektor88 totally worth it. GGG is gloriously dumb.
Sektor88: @Gekyouryuu Yeah, I've seen plenty of gifs and heard some of the usic. All that hot blood
TheKingWiggins: This is one of the reasons these 2 are amazing
planeswalkagogo: @Sektor88 DIVIDINGU DORAIBAR!
Sektor88: @planeswalkagogo That's been stuck in my head since 2003. :P
DarkMorford: I still need to watch Franxx. Mech shows aren't really my thing, but I keep hearing good stuff about it.
Gekyouryuu: @planeswalkagogo GOLDION!! KURASHAAAAA!!!!!!
zed_alpha: Uh, Ian, was that "You all suck, my fans," or "You all, suck my fans," or "You all suck my, fans?" Your inflection was a bit off.
planeswalkagogo: @Gekyouryuu SYYYYMETRICAL DOC-KING!
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spawnofhastur: I do love it when people just go "Look, this isn't going to be new or groundbreaking, but we're going to do a lot of effort in doing it right."
spawnofhastur: See: the Belgariad
Qooroo: @DarkMorford I really enjoyed Franxx, but I think it was pretty polarizing. If you liked other Gainax mecha stuff, I recommend giving it a whirl.
ANeMzero: I mean it's a pretty common adolescent power fantasy to just be amazing at things from first attempt and also have giant robots
chaostreader: I believe there was a giant mech alternative world anime called Knights and Magic that was pretty good.
Gekyouryuu: @planeswalkagogo ah, yes. that used to be a mech anime term and not just a tag for porn pics. >.>
Qooroo: Ok, Giant Robo. Thank you. I will remember that one. I've already had one person ask me what they need to do to prep for Eva hitting Netflix, and I suspect she won't be the only one.
Earthenone: Knights and Magic was alright
ggodopaste: I like Escaflowne, but that's a bit wierd for mecha anime.
SajuukSjet: RahXephon :D
SalsaDraugur: my favorite Mecha anime is Dai Guard because it's a show about working in an office except the main character really wants to pilot the company mech
Sektor88: @Qooroo if they're going into Evangelion blind, *nothing* can prepare them.
planeswalkagogo: @Gekyouryuu Didn't they have like 12 different bots that only existed to pair into 6 slightly larger bots?
DandyGeek: it's PATINA
DandyGeek: it builds character
randomness63: Escaflowne is great but it really isn't in the mold
spawnofhastur: There's what I'd kind of call a cult of originality, where people tend to denigrate things that are "derivative" without even taking into account the quality of the work.
itomeshi: IAN!
Brok3nGol3m: katesLewd
korvys: It's character :P
PhorrestGaze: TOS on Ian rubbing it out?
CamelAttack: How would you define Big O's place within the confines of other giant robot anime?
Robot_Bones: are we not doing Phrasing anymore/
Qooroo: @Sektor88 Sure, but I'd like to give them something to at least have the context for the genre that's being deconstructed.
Earthenone: !findquote phrasing
LRRbot: Quote #2279: "'I should mute my watch' is a phrase I'm still not used to saying." —Graham [2016-04-11]
KosherBaconJam: Oh hi. Somehow I've never made it to a LRR stream even though I know LRR members. So I'm here stopping in to say hi, leave a follow and hang out while I clean my workshop for a bit.
geekvs: big o is great
LloydWallace: I fully acknowledge that Code Geass isn't really a Mech anime (or a 'good' anime), but it's still one of my favorites.
TheSeraphman: physical version of it's not a bug, it's a feature
orionsrise1: Beej can buff the shoes!
Donutholez: knights and magic anime is not as good as the source material SabaPing
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distortioninspaceandtime: This is so peaceful to watch, i really appreciate it after a long day.
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DigitalSeahorse: I wish I had a rubber mallet for leatherwork instead of hammer, I covered end with leather to minimize noise last time I did leatherwork
planeswalkagogo: @randomness63 Escaflowne was one of the progenitors of Isekai, and happened to feature mechs
SajuukSjet: lloydwallace: the S2 ending though.....
DarkMorford: Okay, one of my favorite mech/sci-fi shows that nobody every talks about: Vandread. Anyone?
KosherBaconJam: @DigitalSeahorse go to Harbor Freight. Rubber hammers on the cheap. I guess if you are in america
Sektor88: @Qooroo I'd still say Franxx is a good comparison. Trigger is more or less all ex-gainax people and takes a fuckton of inspiration from prior stuff they;'ve done (eva included), and feels a bit mroe accessible than eva, Not nearly as influential however.
ghostvalv: noice
SajuukSjet: darkmorford: heh... i vaguely remember that name..... i add RahXephon to that list
DigitalSeahorse: cool shoes
starwarsthx1138: what type of shoes are those?
Sektor88: oh man, rahxephon
ggodopaste: Franxx is a lot of fanservice, may not be the best intro to anime.
MWGNZ: being poor is expensive
azlan121: the vimes boots theory of economics
SpectralData: tbh, you probably just shouldn't watch franxx
Gekyouryuu: @planeswalkagogo iirc, there were just three pairs of twin robots, the third of which didn't show up until GGG FINAL and was the girl pair, but the other two could also swap between each other, connection to the other pair's left/right half as necessary, to make two alternate combos. also, there was the ninja cop car who had add-ons to become a larger bot, and one that was a tank/robot/right hand for GGG to be able to handle using the hammer.
spawnofhastur: I know Cam's a vegetarian, but I don't think I've ever inquired into the why, oddly enough.
Sektor88: @ggodopaste true. I was htinking mor eor less "we tooke verything anno has done and smushed it into one series"
Qooroo: @Sektor88 I just feel like Franxx very much exists in response to Eva and Gurren Lagann and watching it before the series that inspired it seems like the wrong order.
SajuukSjet: sektor88: mmm, indeed, it's certainly something a little different then most other things :D
7gorobei: if you want the antithesis of gundam type series, Heavy Object does some subversive things by turning all the mecha into giant balls
DigitalSeahorse: leather semi-casual shoes, also good for dressing up
Gekyouryuu: also, one of these days I need to go back and watch the original Aquarion. I've only seen EVOL and the very beginning of Logos
Earthenone: i will forever be in the "disposable objects" phase
PhorrestGaze: I bought my last gasoline car last year
rocketjohn: "The Sam Vimes "Boots" Theory of Economic Injustice runs thus: At the time of Men at Arms, Samuel Vimes earned thirty-eight dollars a month as a Captain of the Watch, plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots, the sort that would last years and years, cost fifty dollars. This was beyond his pocket and the most he could hope for was an affordable pair of boots costing ten dollars, which might with luck last a year or so before he would need to resort to makeshift cardboard insoles so a
ggodopaste: @sektor88 fair point. at least once Eva gets there you're already there for the wierd.
Sektor88: @Qooroo Nah, I get that. Was thinking about adding that to the end of my prior comment, but fair point
AtomHarvest: What kind of boots is he wearing?
korvys: Also true of phones, sort of. It gets a lot cheaper to get smartphones outright rather than chaining contracts through your provider.
itomeshi: @LoadingReadyRun What type of shoes are those? The idea of shoes lasting more than a year or two intrigues me...
DigitalSeahorse: or possibly not real leather shoes
orionsrise1: I just got my first pair of timberland work boots, quite excited to see how long they last
ghostvalv: I'm needing new boots unfortunately. Probably in for Iron Rangers
spawnofhastur: You're always either standing up, sitting down, or lying down, so you should never go cheap on buying shoes, seats, and beds.
DigitalSeahorse: itomeshi, real leather tends to last longer than man made materials
azlan121: @itomeshi when you have replaceable soles and heels, the uppers can last a very long time
DarkMorford: Cameron...
Earthenone: your bag became perforated
DoodlestheGreat: That doesn't sound good, Cam...
SajuukSjet wears hiking boots all the time
SajuukSjet: i usually get a couple years out of them before the soles wear through
ElderSkyspawner: These levels of phrasing are almost as bad as last night
distortioninspaceandtime: @azlan121 A very sound model of economics, but does it apply to worlds that are not carried on the back of a large Testudine
DandyGeek: sneakers/trainers are like the most wasteful/expendable kinds of shoes, vs shoes that are welted or otherwise built to replace the soles over time
Fruan: time for belts and zippers!
Herbert_Erpaderp: Ahh yes... The "fuck you for having a hobby" surcharge huehue
starwarsthx1138: @azlan121 I agree but I what is Cam wearing specifically
spawnofhastur: I feel like hobbies were invented by capitalists who realized that there was money the workers had that they weren't getting their hands on.
Antiagone: Ian, Meddler of Lead Ingots.
Donutholez: @darkmorford I remember Vandread as the fan service mech anime. The one I thinl no one will recognize is Parallel. Its a Tenshi Muyo-easque Mech anime.
Antiagone: *Peddler.
korvys: You could get it caught on something while moving - that would pull them apart
Erudite_Cynic: Smuggle some gold bars
DigitalSeahorse: mind you the leather market supports the beef market which isn't very environmentally ideal :/
EscherichiaCole: I know what I am getting Ian for Christmas: ingots
spawnofhastur: Ian are you telling me you're not going to walk around with some plutonium rods in your bag?
SajuukSjet: donutholez: those are a scary combination of words :P
LoadingReadyRun: @Donutholez Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure?
Donutholez: yes
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Mylozileto: Just wanted to say I've been loving TTSF, and its been a big inspiration in getting started on miniature painting and now card altering! It's great background noise when music isn't cutting it.
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DarkMorford: @Donutholez You mean "Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure"? That was my jam.
DigitalSeahorse: plant lots of trees around your cattle farms
LoadingReadyRun: Done by AIC, the studio that worked on Tenchi Muyo and basically all of their stuff was done in the Tenchi style?
planeswalkagogo: @LoadingReadyRun hey Ian, you have any plans on adding a Pig Nose to that bag?
Stellapacifica: There was a dude I knew in college who spent 500 US on a bar of silver. He was gonna make a perpetual motion machine out of it. I wished him the best of fortune
SalsaDraugur: @EscherichiaCole That does sound weird, I always keep some uranium on hand in case of emergencies
SajuukSjet: stellapacifica: >D>D>D
spawnofhastur: @Stellapacifica please tell me he was doing a physics degree
Stellapacifica: It was a welding class?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Did those books help you out with the hardware attachment plan, Ian?
Stellapacifica: So go figure
spawnofhastur: Close enough for me!
Donutholez: It was advertised in other countries as "Parallel" so no kids knew it's not the correct title LUL
DigitalSeahorse: Brb
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun I always knew it as the "Pioneer style" because they licensed just about anything AIC made at the time.
spawnofhastur: i saw ian do that and i just had a conniption fit
randomness63: @spawnofhastur It's clearly the engineers who would try to build the perpetual motion machines
orionsrise1: remember kids, never cut in the air! Ian is a professional!
randomness63: we know just enough physics to believe in anything
MollyLewis: That's a lot of Heroquest
orionsrise1: @mollylewis there is never enough!
spawnofhastur: @randomness63 i mean i've got an anthropology and a politics degree.
LoadingReadyRun: @MollyLewis We've got the expansions too!
spawnofhastur: I know stuff that's worth knowing but has very little practical value.
spawnofhastur: which is probably why i work as a chauffeur now.
Herbert_Erpaderp: I really like Cam's painting.
SajuukSjet: oh? similar to the knight character?
zed_alpha: Paint some blueish runes on the sword?
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orionsrise1: @loadingreadyrun I believe you have three out of the four?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun https://i.imgur.com/rwzb8ih.jpg
spawnofhastur: If he was living close to a shoreline, that would explain how he got so swole in a tribal society.
SalsaDraugur: maybe a really dark almost black purple
orionsrise1: Red hilt!
spawnofhastur: since you can get a lot of calories from a dugong/manatee.
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PunkRockZoologist: oooh, yeah. Obsidiam sword.
Despoiler98: traditional unobtanium
Stellapacifica: Pun foul.
Brok3nGol3m: lrrDOTS
MWGNZ: doing some good work @korvys
PunkRockZoologist: Cam, how good are you at painting crystal shine effects?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun That's why I sent you those books (it's in one of those) :P
SalsaDraugur: I only use swords forged with the finest chinesium from the furthest malls I can bike to
embyrr922: Blue steel?
spawnofhastur: That was a thing one of my archaeology professors went on about. Like, if the fossil record shows like. 1000 fish bones but only one dugong bone, you can't assume that the fish were a more vital source of calories because a dugong has like. A hundred plus times as many calories as most fish does.
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I like the idea of a light blue sword blade.
Brok3nGol3m: don't worry Cam, it'll come naturally soon enough
Donutholez: blood red crystal swords? BegWan
spawnofhastur: I've been rereading the Malazan series of books so I've got a thing for "magically reinforced flint swords".
orionsrise1: green magic sword
zed_alpha: inb4 Cam just quaffs the entire pitcher
PunkRockZoologist: Dark blue with stripes of Light blue to make it look reflective
Brok3nGol3m: blood for the blood gods! guyjudgeCheers
SalsaDraugur: what tintin book is that from?
Rhynerd: Is obsidian a valid option for the sword?
Donutholez: obsidian is the 1st choice
Rhynerd: Ah, I need to pay more attention
njc576: @loadingreadyrun could you explain your process for painting minis
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Stitching is more flexible, and therefore stronger (in this context) - It can't pull through the leather
BloodForTheCorelab: just in whats cam painting chat more silvr tower?
azlan121: yeah
Earthenone: it is belived this is the final silver tower mini
Rhynerd: Unless Cam decides to paint the villains or enemies for some reason.
orionsrise1: can we get Cam to say happy little accidents?
BloodForTheCorelab: oh the darkoath guy with the flat ass kk
Kramburger: I can't wait to see how Ian somehow transitions from leatherworking to setting the moonbase on fire
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun https://i.imgur.com/TShGjMk.jpg
Kramburger: "Fetch me my compass, it will bring me comfort in this trying time"
azlan121: and after silvertower theres still dark imperium and shadespire to go
Papperslappen: maybe try the design with paper fist and see how it looks
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun That's for this style: https://i.imgur.com/rwzb8ih.jpg
Antiagone: Cam ... did you have a bad experience in physics?
swaggytaco: oh man, flashbacks to physics 101
korvys: If you're designing your own, I don't know :P
BloodForTheCorelab: azlan121 maybe we should just dip them for faster play? :P
Kramburger: Imagine being so cranky about geometry that you recognise the circumference of a coin
azlan121: @BloodForTheCorelab trust me, you want me nowhere near mini painting
Kramburger: I suspect it's the maths/science version of being cranky about fonts
girlpainting: @ cameron. why do you paint your minis with both hands floating. this is a quite shaky position. its much more stable if both hands connect to the table.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Beej, would you like the PDF these are coming from? I sent it to Ian, but he's clearly not had time to read it.
Kramburger: I send u my pdf pls read it
PunkRockZoologist: Yeah, I agree
LoadingReadyRun: @korvys That's okay. I can't really read them in the background and find relevant info in time to post it.
spawnofhastur: yes good ian is not cutting in the air.
LoadingReadyRun: @korvys I appreciate the offer, though. Maybe this will encourage him to read them.
spawnofhastur: GODDAMNIT
BloodForTheCorelab: azlan121 I can paint a mean mini its just a big time comitment all those sets I mean these are only the heroes for silver tower and its been 2 years? 3?
Kramburger: Can we get Ian a stable table or something?
BloodForTheCorelab: Not to discourage you cam you paint a mean mini
Kramburger: The way that box is rocking makes me anxious
LoadingReadyRun: @Kramburger Nah. This is way funnier.
LoadingReadyRun: It's on wheels.
BloodForTheCorelab: so it can move about
Herbert_Erpaderp: The bang zone is on wheels? Rad!
Kramburger: @LoadingReadyRun I mean you're the ones who'll have to clean up the blood...
SalsaDraugur: A table with wheels sounds like it's good for the space
spawnofhastur: Has Ian ever done any flintknapping? It seems like he and Alex would be the ones who'd try it. I'd like to give it a go but collecting material for it is a pain in the ass.
PunkRockZoologist: @girlpainting It all depends on what you're comfortable with. I know that my painting style is super bad for my back, but I can't focus on my minis if I hold them up at face level, whether i brace my arms or not.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun To be fair, I did just dump my entire collection on you.
azlan121: @BloodForTheCorelab yeah, but I guess theres a big difference in the time/effort for a bunch of hero minis vs. what they would need to put in to have a 'painted well enough rank and file army' but they also want to look good on stream
korvys: I probably should have just sent the one relevant one
Herbert_Erpaderp: As a model builder I make mistakes ALL the time. It's taught me a lot
Kramburger: Didn't Neil Gaiman do a whole talk about making good/interesting mistakes?
orionsrise1: HEY, now we're taliking!
geekvs: karen!!!
BloodForTheCorelab: azlan121 that depends on how much time and sanity you want to put into it
Despoiler98: HOW DARE CAM
girlpainting: PunkRockZoologist sure, everybody has his own style. but a good chair, and a table with the right hight corresponding to that is importand for not hurting your back in the long run
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
orionsrise1: my hobby is fucking up the fuck up!
PunkRockZoologist: The only hobby mistakes I don't like making are when I f up decals.
nurovi: I can recommend making mistakes with chocolate, it's tasty either way
spawnofhastur: The worst hobby mistakes are yeah, when you've done 99% perfectly and then you do a thing that just makes it look like crap.
Herbert_Erpaderp: @PunkRockZoologist Oh yeah.... especially when there is only one of the decal you want... lrrEFF
PunkRockZoologist: @girlpainting That's a good idea, and I'm totally working on getting myself a good setup like that.
spawnofhastur: Beej or Ian, either of you done any work with shou sugi ban style stuff? I feel like it'd suit you two since you both like Japanese stuff and you both like lighting things on fire.
PunkRockZoologist: @herbert_erpaderp Yuuuuuuuuup!
orionsrise1: brb
PunkRockZoologist: I really need a good compas
azlan121: @BloodForTheCorelab oh absolutely, I used to spend hours and hours trying to paint somewhat acceptably, motor skills problems meant I never got anywhere, but I absolutely appreciate the time, effort and spoons it can take, especially as I used to play imperial guard so had approximately a million models on the table at any time
spawnofhastur: I do like the logic that was applied there. "Well, we need to do something to stop this wood building lighting on fire." "Why don't we light it on fire first? That'll work."
Driosenth: Ian and Cam, what brand blade holders do you use
Driosenth: ?
geekvs: Cam what do u think of the arena/skirmish version of 40k
girlpainting: PunkRockZoologist , a good hight for the table would be if your resting arms, ar at the hight of your breast, so you can still sit upright while painting
BloodForTheCorelab: azlan121 ah yes so many guardsmen....
Sektor88: dayum
azlan121: back when I played around 3rd/4th ediiton
spawnofhastur: Channing.
Fruan: Carol Channing?
PunkRockZoologist: @girlpainting Hmm, good tip. Being 6'4" means it's hard to find desks that come up to my chest height.
Antiagone: Cam - old physicists don't ever leave the campus ... they just sort of hang around for years, eventually becoming emeritus.
azlan121: @PunkRockZoologist have you tohught about getting one of those 'desktop standing desk converter' things?
girlpainting: PunkRockZoologist , you can counter that with a smaler chair ;-)
Antiagone: I've seen it first hand.
MollyLewis: What's the half life of an old physicist?
spawnofhastur: I've got a friend who's an astronomer and he says that it's the only field you can go into and you'll hear people say "Oh, we're within three degrees of magnitude, it's close enough."
girlpainting: PunkRockZoologist i don´t know what 6´4" means in the metric system, but i guess you are tall
Sektor88: My cousin is an astrophysicist. lrrAWESOME
PunkRockZoologist: Jeremy Tatum? Professor of Astronomy at UBC?
korvys: @DarkMorford Were you the other person who worked on The Button for DB?
embyrr922: What are your thoughts on the M87 black hole photo?
PunkRockZoologist: @girlpainting it's about 195cm. I'm in Australia where we exist in this weird mid-zone between metric and imperial
girlpainting: so metprial ^^
SajuukSjet: the write ups on the logistics of that photo are really fun too
PunkRockZoologist: Yeah, you and me both Cam.
DarkMorford: @korvys Correct. Which reminds me, I need to bug Ian about starting on this year's before much longer.
spawnofhastur: My reaction was "this is super cool. i don't know enough to have an opinion other than 'oh hey neat'."
iammorthos: Twice aday!
BloodForTheCorelab: oh.... Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew dies at 74
Nigouki: What are your thoughts on the M87 Yugoslav machine gun?
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PunkRockZoologist: Yeah, metric for anything official, imperial for casual conversation.
spawnofhastur: Metric is just kinda cumbersome for heights and the like.
EscherichiaCole: Easy way to avoid a revenue Canada scam: They will never call you. RCA is allergic to phones
geekvs: Revenue Canada is?
SajuukSjet: HMRC/IRS equiv
EscherichiaCole: Also email
girlpainting: i don´t get it...why don´t all just switch to metric already...its such a precise system and not confusing
LoadingReadyRun: Canada Revenue Agency. Our tax collectors.
azlan121: @girlpainting inertia
BloodForTheCorelab: suddenly hears the Majesty tax collector in his head.....
Forsaken401: I have had a call where there were supposed to be FBI agents outside waiting to arrest me.
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nurovi: @girlpainting so so many signs
girlpainting: azlan121 true......well i guess we need then a big boot to kick you all in your metric freedom ^^
MollyLewis: Ian "Number Of Rivet Options" Horner
Erudite_Cynic: time for riveting content?
embyrr922: Need them thicc rivets
Styxseus: Would punches be where the term "punching holes" comes from? I never scrutinized that term for the longest time.. :P (because literally punching something to create holes would be..)
EscherichiaCole: Riveting discussion
spawnofhastur: @girlpainting it's probably because a lot of idioms sound fuckin' dumb with metric.
SajuukSjet: girlpainting: also.... people in general really don't like changing :/
spawnofhastur: "a mile a minute" sounds much better than "a kilometre a minute".
SajuukSjet: girlpainting: see the UK and it's weird metric/imperial mix on road stuff
azlan121: in the uk we just make everything up as we go along
erloas: I hope he's going to be using a backing when making those punches, don't want to ruin the punch by pushing straight onto a metal backing
MollyLewis: "a mile a minute" is only 60mph, which is like highway speed
azlan121: its fine
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geekvs: how easy is it to file taxes in Canada?
girlpainting: sigh....all because some pirats stole the ur meter and kilo from a cargo ship on the way to america......
MollyLewis: Eisenhower tried to make metric a thing, so that's one thing he did right
LoadingReadyRun: "It's fifty klicks to Nipissing". I don't know, that sounds p. fucking cool.
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Herbert_Erpaderp: Self sealing stem... rivets?
korvys: @DarkMorford Whispered you a thing.
PunkRockZoologist: @girlpainting We use metric in Australia, and we all think about actual measurements in metric, but we just have leftover phrases like "It's miles away" from British colonial times.
BloodForTheCorelab: geekvs how complex are your finances :P
erloas: I think they were finish rivets but didn't get a good look
aerobeing: Herbert_Erpaderp, self-steaming hams.
girlpainting: so @ LoadingReadyRun , ian and cameron and everyone on tech...what are your thoughts on imperial versus metric?
EscherichiaCole: Honestly, there are a ton of english sayings that still exist, even when the thing they are referencing no longer does
Herbert_Erpaderp: lrrHAM
LoadingReadyRun: I wish I could cleanse my vocab of imperial measurements.
BloodForTheCorelab: down with base 10 metric up with base 12 metric!
spawnofhastur: Has anyone on the LRR crew or LRR adjacent ever built their own guitar amp? I'm thinking of getting into it but I don't want to expose myself to poking a capacitor and dying.
Kramburger: Australia only uses imperial for babies for some fucking weird reason
Forsaken401: few ot
PunkRockZoologist: Tell an Aussie a temperature in Fahrenheit and we'll look at you like you're speaking a different language.
Going_Medium: I can never remember which punch to use, Hawaiian, or the one that comes with Judy.
ForOhForError: @escherichiacole: I'll have you know I use my petard frequently Kappa
ForOhForError: (hoping I spelled that right)
SajuukSjet: the UK still uses Stone as a measurement of weight, for some reason sometimes
spawnofhastur: Yeah, there are some good youtube channels for it.
spawnofhastur: oh hey, an actual anvil instead of an anvil-shaped object!
Herbert_Erpaderp: @Kramburger Pants are sometimes in inches too for some reason
geekvs: wheres the Road Runner when u need him
SajuukSjet is just glad the UK changed to metric currency before he came over :D
Kramburger: @Herbert_Erpaderp Yeah, what's with that?
girlpainting: GESUNDHEIT!
Going_Medium: bless you.
iammorthos: @Going_Medium Booooo
MollyLewis: bless you
erloas: finish rivets it is, no peening
Kramburger: All this talk of rivets makes me want to go play Bioshock
Herbert_Erpaderp: @Kramburger It's kind of weird. but more annoying that 34 inches seems to be different depending on where you go... Just bought new pants. grr.
PunkRockZoologist: I have a really good Sidchrome socket set in both metric and imperial, so I can fix any car I like with it. Or I could if I knew how to fix cars.
MollyLewis: beej is allergic to imperial measurements
Krokaar: Portal anvil to the face!
Herbert_Erpaderp: Poor Beej
girlpainting: poor beej
PunkRockZoologist: Imperial socket sets are particularly silly because you have so many weird fractions of an inch
azlan121: I have a couple of quad spanners, and they are life changing for not constantly losing the couple of sizes i actually use
girlpainting: well 3/12th of an inch + 3/4 of an inch.... minus 1/2 of an inch + 6/12th of an inch...how much is that in millimeter?
PunkRockZoologist: That's a good idea @azlan121 . The phrase "Where's the bloody 10 mil?" is the standard call of me and my friends when we're spannering on anything.
BloodForTheCorelab: i mean those are qualities i would want in my skin ian
LoadingReadyRun: @girlpainting 0mm
spawnofhastur: Stone tools are dope and I'm kind of sad that people don't appreciate them. although I guess the Primitive Technology guy is helping with that.
azlan121: yeah, three spanners takes me from I think 6mm-19mm
LoadingReadyRun: I put the brackets where I liked.
erloas: no one uses 12ths of an inch, 4th, 8th, 16th, and rarely 32nd and 64th
spawnofhastur: @LoadingReadyRun that's how math works right?
girlpainting: LoadingReadyRun how did you count that?
PunkRockZoologist: Ratchet spanner are pretty sweet
HesGotNoPants: you guys should make beer one week
SnowBuddy18: this is such a nice, chill stream to watch
orionsrise1: @hesgotnopants I believe there is a rule about that
aerobeing: Is it going to close fine without interfering with the flap if you do it through?
korvys: This is why I said hardware first, but it's a let's try, so *shrug* :P
spawnofhastur: measure twice, cut once!
HesGotNoPants: @orionsrise1 but people drink on stream, they drink on stream
embyrr922: Measure twice, cut three times
spawnofhastur: i believe that's all you need to know to be a master carpenter and the like, right? Kappa
EscherichiaCole: Cut once, measure never
Juliamon: Measure never, cry forever
DarkMorford: @HesGotNoPants Honestly, I don't think it would fit into the 3-hour time slot. A brew day takes quite a while.
spawnofhastur: It's interesting, because a lot of tribal societies just sort of eyeball everything and they seem to be doing okay.
DarkMorford: Measure twice, cut once, then force it into place!
orionsrise1: @hesgotnopants I know, one of the earlier episodes it was mentioned and I believe Paul said that the couldn't do that? something with twitch policy
PunkRockZoologist: I'd love to see an on location TTSF of Ian and Beej working on a car, but that would take longer than 3 hours too.
orionsrise1: that they
spawnofhastur: i remember one time someone got really mad when i told them that writing was an agricultural technology and that hunter-gatherer's not having it isn't a sign that they're less intelligent.
chaostreader: Are they on break or is it over?
spawnofhastur: Break.
orionsrise1: that promo is a lie! there hasn't been a dice friends in over a month now!
spawnofhastur: @orionsrise1 the dice friends was within you all along
orionsrise1: but it doesn't help me see it on Mondays live now does it!
spawnofhastur: fair.
Gekyouryuu: surprise twist: the next Dice Friends is Bylaw and Order 2, and it takes place after War, with everyone starting the session going "......well, THAT was a crazy saturday."
orionsrise1: lol I forgot what I was saying
orionsrise1: good one @gekyouryuu
PunkRockZoologist: Ooh, which song is this?
spawnofhastur: @PunkRockZoologist also Australian brofist.
bowsin_durrows: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (James' turn in the Play it Forward hot seat. He's gonna check out 2016's Doom! Game: Doom) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (15:18 from now).
sivakrytos: what dark oath does he champion?
Kramburger: Next, Cam will paint his dog: the Bark Oath Champion
chaostreader: @punkrockzoologist Probably a Big Giant Circles song
Nigouki: what's the dark oath? some promise he made as an emo teen?
spawnofhastur: @Kramburger given Cam's opinions on dogs, I think it'd still be a Dark Oath Champion.
sivakrytos: yetta
Jerrymocha: Let's install a turbo on that Jetta
sivakrytos: not a bugatti vyron
LoadingReadyRun: The Jetta is a TDI. Ergo, already has a turbo.
Sektor88: TTSF car edition? :P
Jerrymocha: Well what about
orionsrise1: well if you can find a dodge Neon.....
PunkRockZoologist: Yeah, turbo something. Make it go choo choo.
Jerrymocha: Oh that's a grand idea
ForOhForError: yikes
Fruan: Self destructing bolts
PunkRockZoologist: I'd love to see some stuff about Ian's mini. It is the JDM one isn't it?
spawnofhastur: obviously the next TTSF is going to be building a custom jet turbine engine to install in Beej's car.
azlan121: @PunkRockZoologist if you replace the subframe, you can squeeze the engine from an old civic type R in there, or a hyabusa engine for silly acceleration
Kramburger: The cidadel felt so much smaller in ME2 & ME3
Rhynerd: “And that is why Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space!”
LoadingReadyRun: We were thinking an LS1 swap.
PunkRockZoologist: @azlan121 Raaaaaad!
Lightningbro: Speaking of DB, is there a plan for the next one? I'm notoriously out of the loop on... anything in life.
spawnofhastur: i for one would love to see beej in a rocket powered car.
PunkRockZoologist: @spawnofhastur Ooooh, model rocketry on next TTSF.
nurovi: next road quest, cross country Beej in 3 hours
Rhynerd: @lightningbro they always plan out the next DB a few months in advance, it’s just that the exact details are rarely shared until much closer to the month of occurance.
Jerrymocha: Real life desert bus
orionsrise1: @nurovi good one lol
aesir_blade: Apparently Paramount has said they're "working on it"
itomeshi: Why are you making me thing about not-Sonic?
itomeshi: think*
spawnofhastur: They're changing Sonic's model after complaints.
spawnofhastur: Apparently.
Nigouki: I'm convinced that the Sonic movie is a shibboleth created by time travelers because literally noone from the past would believe you they made a live action Sonic that looks like the kid from Jumanji and the trailer is set to Gangsta's Paradise
Wicker_Knight: lrrSPOOP , but not wrong
nurovi: oh yikes Cam, thanks I hate it
TheSeraphman: ^
Kramburger: It'd be a lot less disturbing if sonic's knees weren't 2/3 of the way down his legs
Herbert_Erpaderp: katesLol
SalsaDraugur: The guy who plays the cop is also the guy from the hop movie
Rhynerd: I remember that tweet.
Pazy160: Words of a Victorian gentlemen, cadence of a comedian. Cam really is a delight.
ThatOverKillGuy: jim carreys back is gonna hurt carreying that whole movie
cmdrzellgaudis: This best description I saw was that Jim Carrey is a boss at a craft beer tasting festival.
ghostvalv: yeah....
SalsaDraugur: The perfect use of gangster's paradise
PunkRockZoologist: I saw one saying Jim Carrey was suffering from back problems after carrying the whole damn movie.
chaostreader: I liked the line where Sonic said Is that all you’ve got? And Robotnik said No, but thanks for asking.
Brok3nGol3m: have you seen it matched with Batista's theme? works much better
Herbert_Erpaderp: I like that Weird Al tweeted about them using Amish paradise in sonic
azlan121: coolio generally isn't a very nice person
azlan121: I had the 'pleasure' of doing FoH for him a while ago
Kramburger: If you ever realise that you forgot about Dre, you lose the game
Pazy160: Outside of Sonic looking 'off' the actual Sonic/Robotnick parts seem pretty fun. The random human sidekick parts less so.
MollyLewis: oh shiz Weird Al as a vector for white nerds to learn about rap didn't even occur to me
spawnofhastur: i mean that's not *wrong*
SnowBuddy18: @LoadingReadyRun Coolio and L.V.
spawnofhastur: Man's got bills to pay, I guess.
itomeshi: Beej, that's funny.
Herbert_Erpaderp: Maybe they just thought it would be... cool? hrh
Going_Medium: Sometimes you want a beach house? Same reason weekend at bernies 2 exists...
Styxseus: Did sonic music choices ever make sense? :P
itomeshi: The 'Public Domain' getting things you've heard of.... hahaha.
Fruan: Is there anything in that trailer that wasn't completely tone deaf? I propose that sane music choices would have stood out like a sore thumb.
holidayMD: How did Sonic get it and not Jojo's?
Lord_Hosk: What was the last time Coolio made a splash in the public?
MollyLewis: I concur with Ian's "trailer houses are a looney bin" theory
Kramburger: It's like them using Humble in the Shazam trailer
Lord_Hosk: was it... then in?
macintose: go ninja go ninja go
spawnofhastur: i hear "heros in the half shell" and i think of teenage mutant ninja oysters.
chaostreader: @mollylewis Hi Molly.
itomeshi: Sir Vanilliam Ice is more hip hop.
Riandisa: Even the japanese creators of Sonic on twitter were like 'why this song?'
Wicker_Knight: The Sonic Trailer was at least as good as the past actions of Sonic Team would have prepared us for
Jerrymocha: Would the trailer have been improved if they used Amish paradise instead?
ghostvalv: hah
Lightningbro: Quote that.. Please quote that.
SalsaDraugur: I can't wait for 2000s nostalgia to be a thing in film so we can get a evolution remake
TheSeraphman: LUL
thingo314: LUL
Fruan: Why did?
ForOhForError: Hahahahahaha
ZaneReichley: LUL
ricin: what is order of operations anyway
Herbert_Erpaderp: katesLol
SajuukSjet: Clip. This.
Lord_Hosk: are we still talking about sonic?
girlpainting: critroleFail critroleFail critroleFail critroleFail
Mystaira: katesLol
gawag_: sonic rings?
chaostreader: MercyWing1 drezzPOGGERS MercyWing2
girlpainting: critical fail
spawnofhastur: I mean we can still admire how perfect of a rivet that was.
rybackgaming: *hums Green Hill Zone*
anzila: A question Robotnik asked many times
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Oh, I'm at work, I was on a call. What the hell did Ian do?
vinewood_og: oh nooo
Kramburger: People should look up the dude playing Green Hill zone theme on the keytar, it's super fun
itomeshi: He did the rivet without the ring.
chaostreader: @korvys He forgot a ring?
girlpainting: he had ONE job....
itomeshi: Ian.... stop talking.
Rhynerd: “Where’s the ring, dude?”
korvys: Oh
korvys: OH
korvys: I've done that
Lord_Hosk: Remember when you bought bolt cutters for that crapshot and thought "what are we ever gonna do with these again?"
itomeshi: Phrasing is dead, and it's only getting worse.
azlan121: if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
ForOhForError: yuuuup
spawnofhastur: @korvys if it's any consolation, it was a real good rivet.
Lord_Hosk: or rather for the X ways to Y vid
Going_Medium: Are the rings welded? I have threaded D rings onto things by bending them open and closed.
SajuukSjet: oooh, The London Shop of Tea
Juliamon: "too much" on TTSF??
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun I have definitely done exactly that thing before, Ian. Also, riveted a belt in place with the buckle on backwards.
sivakrytos: lrr: buying hardware for a 2 second gag
Lord_Hosk: For the RING not the rivet!
Nigouki: just 8" wire cutters might be good?
Going_Medium: You could also dremel the inside head off.
Styxseus: :D
korvys: Thank you, Thing
girlpainting: the rivet is SCREWED
LavenderCreations: the trick to getting a rivet off is to drill/dremel down the center
Gamshyd: Matthew of the Lake more like
itomeshi: Blood in 3... 2... 1...
SalsaDraugur: is Ian now the king of Craftalot
girlpainting: ian....plz don´t push towards your hand!
UpstageJMC: Is this where the screwdriver slips and impales Cam?
aquinas_0: ian, thats an excellent way to get stitches
aquinas_0: I have scares ian
aquinas_0: I have scars
ForOhForError: You can have both
coolbond: bint not bink beej
ForOhForError: also: obligatory too*
voslan: That's the Black Smith Tempo
Gekyouryuu: your mother was a hamster! and your father smelt of elderberries! (translation: your mom sleeps around a LOT, and your dad is HELLA drunk)
Styxseus: Is it an aiming thing? :P
D00kqc: don't forget the ring this time
azlan121: F&M used to sell gift boxes you could send to the troops in WWI that basically came full of heroin
ThatOverKillGuy: if you riv it put a ring on it
geekvs: nobodys business but the Turks
Driosenth: the initial tick makes sure you have the hammer aligned
TheSeraphman: LUL
itomeshi: hahaha
Edgarware: He's learning
Styxseus: Did you just? xD
thingo314: LUL
ZaneReichley: LUL
SalsaDraugur: PogChamp
Styxseus: Oh thank goodness xD
Herbert_Erpaderp: Amazing :D
Wicker_Knight: IAN. DID YOU PUT THE RING ON IT? Kappa
Juliamon: benginFacepalm
SajuukSjet: :D :D :D :D
banachspacebar: Does this mean we're upgraded to Always Forward, Sometimes Learning?
DoodlestheGreat: "Measure twice, cut 47 times.
Going_Medium: Alex Steel recommended the same Tap-Thud-tap-Thud for forging to keep a smooth rhythm.
vinewood_og: that would have been amazing tbh
SnowBuddy18: now it looks good AND has a ring
SajuukSjet: azlan121: facepalm
girlpainting: 3 times measure, cut twice, remeasure, cut again....reajust.....see you forgott something.....ASO
spawnofhastur: Looks dope.
Going_Medium: Looks good Ian!
itomeshi: Ian, don't drink and leatherwork.
azlan121: @SajuukSjet the other half was cocaine
Lord_Hosk: Ian... You put the ring in backwards
SajuukSjet: azlan121: ....... ofc it was
Going_Medium: Now we have hidden vices.
Wicker_Knight: NB4 Ian accidentally kicks it and injures his foot
UpstageJMC: Aaaaand there's the hernia injury.
spawnofhastur: Messing with leatherworking tools is how Samuel Braille went blind!
spawnofhastur: Louis, not Samuel.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun You could do them 1-by-1 if you have an awl, but that's slow, and hard on the hands, and you seem to be managing.
SajuukSjet currently enjoys Whittard of Chelsea teas, because that's what's in Glasgow :D
geekvs: foot cramp hel
Lord_Hosk: I was really hoping he would at least check
Tony_Sloan: where is yun's pocket bacon?
MechaKuuga: reconguista in g sure ended very abruptly and inconclusively
spawnofhastur: "As soon as he could walk, Braille spent time playing in his father's workshop. At the age of three, the child was playing with some of the tools, trying to make holes in a piece of leather with an awl. Squinting closely at the surface, he pressed down hard to drive the point in, and the awl glanced across the tough leather and struck him in one of his eyes."
spawnofhastur: don't let three year olds work with leather.
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korvys: @spawnofhastur Every now and then I'm reminded that humans are also made of leather...
Wicker_Knight: Child Labor...it's bad. gabySip
eatenbyagrue1988: what's Cam painting, more Silver Tower?
spawnofhastur: @korvys i mean only on the outside.
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
ForOhForError: >:0
Lysander_Gustav: Oh hey leather-crafting and painting!
ghostvalv: :(
MechaKuuga: Unicorn def had the feels in spades
Wicker_Knight: @spawnofhastur @korvys the inside is sausages
korvys: @spawnofhastur Well yes, but that's kinda the important part.
revjakenash: Tuned in an our ago for a relaxing stream of Ian finishing his sac and while cam applied delicate strokes to his minnie,Instead I get COMPUSERVE jokes
sivakrytos: jraphics
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeBirthday guyjudgeBirthday guyjudgeBirthday
ghostvalv: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Lightningbro: Got it, Giraffic Interchange Format.
Ceris75: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
delta__vee: It can't? CompuServe was started in 1969
itomeshi: Hold on a second though. GIF != Animated GIF.
zerg539: Iron Blooded Orphans had the feels and was definitely the least for kids among the Gundam Series I have seen even though it had more kids than all of the other series combined
geekvs: gif or jif
PunkRockZoologist: Wait. GIFs are older than me?
revjakenash: yes
aquinas_0: @zerg539 and then it became about yakuza salarymen and there was sadness
spawnofhastur: also you know how in commodoreHustle Beej was immune to Cam's mind control app? Was that due to his experience with the time capsule?
Kramburger: Remember kids: GIF is an acronym, so there's no 'right' way to say it
SajuukSjet: Yet Another Language Compiler....
Wicker_Knight: well, as @itomeshi .GIF as an image storage format is @PunkRockZoologist
Wicker_Knight: but not necessarily animated GIFs
Tony20: right now i am the same age as gifs
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: Cam going through some emotions there
ZaneReichley: lrrSPOOP
UpstageJMC: "Almost" broke Cam.
MrQBear: I forgot how good TTSF was.
Ceris75: lrrSPOOP
TheSeraphman: this stream's certantly a wild ride
Wicker_Knight: Cam that's probably not the strangest thing that Ian has said in the past couple hours :P
Lysander_Gustav: Hooray for Transformers smutty fanfic!
Karfsma778: That was a time to tune in
Herbert_Erpaderp: Ian is a treasure.
I_Am_Clockwork: Clang sounds like a TMNT villain
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I_Am_Clockwork: but like a knock off
Rhynerd: I wish I could clip that.
Lord_Hosk: I_Am_Clockwork Im not 100% sure its not
spawnofhastur: I can go check if you want, Cam.
Lord_Hosk: Rumble
Brok3nGol3m: sergeHolyMoly
Spectre97: Lazerbeak, Ravage, Rumble, etc.
DoodlestheGreat: There was also a dog?
Styxseus: Rumbler?
Wicker_Knight: gabyLewd
itomeshi: Please no. No. Nonono.
spawnofhastur: :D
Styxseus: :D
starwarsthx1138: @I_Am_Clockwork no that was Krang
tergonis: we're not scared off by this conversation, there's lots wrong with us
Lysander_Gustav: We can send recommendations if you like :)
DoodlestheGreat: We're on the internet, Cam. That's what's wrong with us.
Lord_Hosk: Im sure there is a lot of porn that contains rumble
Brok3nGol3m: lrrWOW
johnhelix: Laserbeak was the bird, Ravage was the cat, Frenzy was the red cassette man, and Rumble was the blue cassette man.
korvys: On the mics and on the bullshit :P
SajuukSjet: please clip this :D
spawnofhastur: Hooray! Absolved of guilt!
PunkRockZoologist: So does erotic Razorbeak fanfic involve using a pencil to rewind him when he's in tape form?
aesir_blade: poor cam
TacitusVigil: We just need this whole thing clipped. :D
ForOhForError: and hello highlight reel
revjakenash: @camlrr, I just bout an Astra Militarum Valkyrie, because it looked like th drop ship from Aliens. I keep buying models for the joy of painting them more than any in game value, is that worthwhile?
SnowBuddy18: hi Matt
Wicker_Knight: @PunkRockZoologist yes...a pencil...yes >_>
Daakku: now what i'm curious about why were all those transformers just chillin' in soundwave?
Lord_Hosk: PunkRockZoologist it does now
Pazzix: i <3 Cam
SajuukSjet: ++ you both
SnowBuddy18: that's a lot of War of the Spark in the top corner
korvys: The only thing is that I assume Saddleback doesn't saddle stitch, because that's only possible by hand, and it very slow.
UnseenAcademical: @SnowBuddy18 ... you are not wrong.
UpstageJMC: every-time Starscream shot with Megatron in gun form. Finger-B@%&
Earthenone: thats being used on fnpf soon
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LoadingReadyRun: @SnowBuddy18 We'll be drafting WAR tomorrow.
orionsrise1: sorry chat, dinner part 2 was calling
Earthenone: that is the curse of experiance
johnhelix: Daakku: Depending on the continuity, they're either his friends, to whom some kind of horrible thing was done to make them less intelligent, or just his pets.
Lord_Hosk: Wait wait wiat... are you going forward... and LEARNING? how dare you
Lysander_Gustav: is that a minotaur?
Daakku: @johnhelix oh, neat to know thank you :)
spawnofhastur: Live and don't learn, that's Kathleen's motto.
Earthenone: so. ever forward never learning
Earthenone: 3rd times the charm
aquinas_0: weren't they coming from the other direction
aquinas_0: :P
orionsrise1: princess bride and Eddie Izzard
spawnofhastur: Isn't it technically a logical fallacy that expecting the same result to happen without fail? Which kind of screws with Science?
spawnofhastur: The Problem of Induction?
johnhelix: @Daakku Any excuse to actually USE the cacophony of information about toy robots that has been accumulating in my head for the past thirty years.
geekvs: @loadingreadyrun what program do u guys use to write scripts
PunkRockZoologist: I think that was Crash Course World History. "Unless you're the Mongols" was an exception to most historical truisms according to them.
emrafool: apple wins in the end
MollyLewis: hi friends I just got back from chomping a pizza, what are we talking about
spawnofhastur: It turns out that when you don't give a fuck about the welfare of your citizens you can get a lot of shit done.
emrafool: are the mongols the goats of war?
LoadingReadyRun: @MollyLewis The decline of Western hegemony
Wicker_Knight: Don't agree with the source, do agree with the reasoning. China is 1/5 of all the population of the world. That's a population weight you aren't going to counter in the end
emrafool: i mean check the rings
Lord_Hosk: China... Exists
MollyLewis: oh, excellent
emrafool: championship rings
Wicker_Knight: *don't agree with the reasoning, do agree with the conclusion
TacitusVigil: That seems to be typical of major hegemonic powers.
spawnofhastur: @LoadingReadyRun what'll probably happen is that Western society will probably being the Core in World Systems theory terms and being the semi-periphery. I don't think we'd end up as the full periphery.
randomness63: its pronounced zhong in mandarin
spawnofhastur: probably stop being
Wicker_Knight: China calls itself hte middle kingdom for the same reason that Europeans call their southern sea "The Mediterranean"
orionsrise1: problem in China right now is it's a knifes edge, if they don't grow at 6% a year, the massive in land migration will tear itself apart
TacitusVigil: I believe that's the symbol Lord Yu uses in Stargate for his Jaffa.
TacitusVigil: A bit on the nose by the show.
Rhynerd: “Stuck in the middle with you.”
7gorobei: its the symbol from Greatest American Hero
spawnofhastur: either that or capitalism will collapse.
anzila: I mean Zhonggoa has a specific meaning
spawnofhastur: China's "assimilate or die" approach when it comes to non-Mandarin people is kind of a problem.
SalsaDraugur: I just want retail work to be replaced by robots so I don't have to go back
SnowBuddy18: grow together, are we merging people now?
spawnofhastur: I've met a Uighur activist who is, well. Dead if he goes back to China, iirc.
quentastic: One thing that I think that everyone is going to be surprised by is the rise of Africa. They just managed to do a continent wide free trade agreement
Lord_Hosk: spawnofhastur I think everyone who has had a policy like that has had poor results long term
orionsrise1: system theory suggests that 75 years is one world order or mushroom clouds. sleep tight!
colzincabyist: Dose Cam play AoS ? or just 40k
spawnofhastur: @Lord_Hosk to be fair I think everyone who hasn't had a policy like that has had poor results in the long term.
quentastic: Well China wont, as it is investing in teh rise, but in teh west at least...
spawnofhastur: Like if we're talking about "long term" can we say anyone's had good results?
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun The Japanese word for China, "chuugoku" (中国) is literally "middle country".
Earthenone: as far as i know cam used to play 40k and dosent have time for tabletop these days
colzincabyist: boooo
erloas: nationally do you consider "long term" like 10 years, 50 years, 500 years?
randomness63: im also worried about china's policy towards non-PRC Chinese people
TacitusVigil: @quentastic I do wonder if it's a "rise" or just new hegemony though.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun I'd typically use 4-6 times the length of the stitch. 2x because you're stitching top and bottom, and then another 2x-3x for the thickness, and to give you something to still hang on to at the end.
Herbert_Erpaderp: I think a lot of t hings
randomness63: it's reminiscent of germany's foreign german thig
spawnofhastur: @erloas I'm an anthropologist/archaeologist so for me "long term" is like. 5000 years.
aquinas_0: @randomness63 how bout just non-han people
aquinas_0: they don't treat them particularly well
geekvs: i like it
Jerrymocha: I think it's sweet Cam
Banrael: bleedpurple100 bonus10 I actually kinda like the sword..
voslan: @erloas what time frame are we talking about? General Concepts, National Ideals, or current issues of the Era and their outcomes?
Herbert_Erpaderp: The blood does stand out quite a bit against the blue
anzila: I enjoy the face magic, I think the blood looks good, just maybe too faint next to the blue of the blade
Pazzix: it looks like a decal
orionsrise1: looks too plasticy if I'm honest cam
randomness63: I sorta mean the attempt at assimilating overseas Han
Rhynerd: Yeah, it doesn’t really look like blood.
Orlantia: the blood looks like he smacked them as opposed to cutting
ghostvalv: citrus degreaser?
randomness63: but I agree the flipside is also worrying
spawnofhastur: Lee Kuan Yu said that the overseas Chinese were "the jews of Asia", which is an interesting comparison.
Pazzix: can you add another shade of red?
DarkMorford: Brendan "Beej" "Trading Solvents" Dery :P
Rhynerd: Maybe a little more of it along the edges and that extra shade of red idea?
Earthenone: Trading Solvents, coming soon to HGTV
Rhynerd: Back to Birbdog, I guess.
TacitusVigil: It's both
TacitusVigil: Isn't that just Patch Adams?
orionsrise1: beat me to it
SajuukSjet: some interesting articles on China from the Human Rights Watch website, the last couple days, covering how they're using systemic survelliance across technology
Simonark: Funnier than Patch Adams isn't really THAT hard a bar to clear
TacitusVigil: Also the Not-Funny Doctor is evil and is embezzling money.
Simonark: So was Johnny English, those Rowan Atkinson movies were ads
emrafool: You might be a redneck...
macintose: Earnest Scared Stupid was the one I remember most
voslan: Kevin Perjurer for life!
Simonark: Credit card ads
lucha_libro: i love defunct land and yesterworld
PunkRockZoologist: Ooh, yeah I love Defunctland
TacitusVigil: Wasn't there an Ernest movie where we fights his own evil twin who is a crime lord and he gains the power of electricity? Or am I just making this up?
Simonark: Ernest Goes to Jail
TacitusVigil: That's it.
voslan: I wonder if LRR could get Kevin Prejurer to comment on some of the activies in LRR offices for a Commador Hustle.
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sivakrytos: he's v spiky
Crowbar_Is_Ready: the flesh is great, does the sword need to be blue?
spawnofhastur: I don't mind the blood, honestly.
Crowbar_Is_Ready: i feel like if the blood was more on the edges than the flat that might work too
spawnofhastur: I wish you could make the sword look knapped then.
erloas: blue doesn't work because its a cool color and the rest of the model is warm tones, so that's why its not fitting
orionsrise1: damn Beej is beating meet to every point
Fruan: What was the name of those bats with the obsidian shards in them that the mayans used? Those were rad.
erloas: need another warm color for the weapon, or neutral
azlan121: you're welcome
MadAran87: Okay. I briefly thought Cam meant the plant.
Simonark: Fans of atropine poisoning!
spawnofhastur: @Fruan mahuicatl I think?
voslan: The Pigments were probably to expensive.
SamanthaVess: @MadAran87 As did I
PunkRockZoologist: If you content yourcWarhammer minis to look too busy you're gonna have a bad day.
sivakrytos: cobalt's the blue one isn't it?
Gizmoloid: I don't mind the blood on the sword, but The sword and that head being the same color seems a bit weird.
spawnofhastur: @Fruan I was close, Macuahuitl.
Fruan: @spawnofhastur Thanks!
PunkRockZoologist: Oh my God, me. Check your messages before you hit send.
voslan: New Zealand and Cadaberry
Herbert_Erpaderp: HEY! It wasn't us!
azlan121: being in england, there is plenty of weird old NOS citadel stuff hanging around
korvys: They're not real pineapple
azlan121: so it wasn't especially hard to get hold of
Kramburger: Look, it's not OUR job to keep you in pineapple lumps. It's not like they're RARE ingredients
chaostreader: @azlan121 Cam would probably appreciate more if it’s easy to get ahold of.
Sektor88: @LoadingReadyRun Ian, I might have the hookup, give me a bit
Rhynerd: “They know what they did.”
orionsrise1: only way to fight the system! tp the store fronts!
voslan: Oh Hey i have one of those Ian.
Electrodyne: I just got here, what kind of thread is Ian using?
voslan: It's a Super amazing keyboard to type on, but the two button lock up hurts bad for heavy gaming.
sivakrytos: toot at ian
Fruan: Why would you tell us that?!
ForOhForError: aaaaand yikes
DarkMorford: #NotACult
Jerrymocha: toot toot
Sektor88: Rather, Ian, I don't have one on me but I know someone who might be able to help you. Sent the message along, another LRR fan. :P
Wicker_Knight: that's a polite lie Ian
voslan: @Sektor88 if your guy doesn't come through, let me know and i can send Ian mine.
korvys: Oh, did BDG make another Sonic Bible video?
korvys: lrrBEEJ
ForOhForError: that's not the sort of 'bit' you're supposed to commit to >:0
PunkRockZoologist: I'm so happy you do this for a living too.
Sektor88: @voslan Oh, my contact will. She's big into retro apple stuff and we run in a few of the same circles. We'll get Ian his keyboard or die trying
Gekyouryuu: Ian, a friend has recently shown me a youtube video of Sono Chi no Sadame... sung by Hatsune Miku. would you like me to tweet you a link?
Electrodyne: gonna burnish dem edges
PunkRockZoologist: Apropos of nothing, oooof, I got too much chilli sauce on my HSP.
Rhynerd: This is reminding me of that conversation I was in about the ideal Freelancer in Anthem being an eunuch covered in butter.
Sektor88: Oh, forgot I'm on some mailing lists for retro components. I'll put the word out
spawnofhastur: Mayonnaise is also worth a try.
TacitusVigil: Maybe some sort of hellcream made of 50% butter and 50% mayo?
Electrodyne: Get your gum tragacanth on, yo.
CobaltShuriken: pattyMods mods you say? pattyMods
ForOhForError: That would be so nice
spawnofhastur: Will that sword have the appropriate obsidian "sheen", Cam?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Leatherworkers are the same. Some people say olive oil goes rancid, others swear by it, everyone likes neatsfoot oil, but it's more expensive.
TacitusVigil: So basically the rich will be able to get away with anything?
Herbert_Erpaderp: Oh man. Twitter might be good then.
PunkRockZoologist: No one's as good as LRR's mods. Just sayin'
Wicker_Knight: that's how it should be
Herbert_Erpaderp: Probably not... but maybe
spawnofhastur: I know that olive oil doesn't work good for mayonnaise.
ForOhForError: One-time fee to be able to @ people would be so nice
Lord_Hosk: Mods are sleeping post polite contributions to the conversation
Rhynerd: “You must pay the douche fee.”
Wicker_Knight: SOOOOO... SPOTIFY then Beej? :P
ThorSokar: I'm on to you Lord_Hosk !
ForOhForError: nice!
ContingentCat: nice
SnowBuddy18: that's very good
TacitusVigil: Impressive.
korvys: The problem with paying for like... a twitter account is that you need to trust the moderators to not kick you off inappropriately. And I don't really trust Twitter for that.
ForOhForError: now it's more bag than animal
CobaltShuriken: it just shot up 300% in value due to the nipple ring it recieved
spawnofhastur: Beej, you ever thought about building a guitar? I'm thinking about it but I don't have the tools.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun I'd typically use 4-6 times the length of the stitch. 2x because you're stitching top and bottom, and then another 2x-3x for the thickness (with thick leather, you go in and out just as far as across, and to give you something to still hang on to at the end.
SajuukSjet: instruments be a finicky thing... getting the soundboard right
LoadingReadyRun: @spawnofhastur I have neither the time nor the inclination. But I think I still have to repair my electric guitar and possibly my guitar amp. So maybe those will come back on TTSF?
Lord_Hosk: (types something about twitter) (deletes something about twitter)
spawnofhastur: @SajuukSjet well, I was thinking about an electric guitar which is less finnicky.
Lord_Hosk: I feel better
SajuukSjet: ah :D
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voslan: Those ain't good.
spawnofhastur: Neck-through Telecaster style with a laminate neck is what I'm thinking of.
spawnofhastur: Polymerizing is a good thing when it comes to cast iron, though!
azlan121: Polymerizing would give you non stick leather right?
LoadingReadyRun: @spawnofhastur It might be fun to buy one of those kits and assemble it. I'll keep that in mind.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Like I said, that's a concern that comes up, but I've also heard a lot of long time leather workers say they've never had things go rancid or attract vermin (another concern) and I trust their experience.
Orlantia: oil with bees wax
emrafool: please go on about the wood oil
spawnofhastur: Cheers, Beej.
MollyLewis: subscribe wood oil facts
erloas: it does depend to some degree on where you live, humidity, temperature, etc
Wicker_Knight: I mean, you're workinth with LEATHER. I would imagine the same processes that keep the leather from tarnishing and rotting also affect the oil?
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korvys: @LoadingReadyRun But a lot of leatherworking is sort of... oral tradition, so I have no idea.
PunkRockZoologist: Can someone please add "There's nothing like seeing wood wake up when it's oiled" as an Ian quote?
spawnofhastur: I would watch the hell out of that.
erloas: LLR cooking show
Simonark: Acid baths, not just for British True Crime Shows anymore!
spawnofhastur: When I got my new cast iron pan I used the guide for seasoning it from serious eats.
triptaphane: man I love acid bath.
Jerrymocha: God bless serious eats oh my god
Jerrymocha: So good
voslan: Myabe Lye?
triptaphane: remember bones of baby dolls? that was my summer jam
aquinas_0: stick pan in clean cycle
aquinas_0: allow cool
aquinas_0: rub in oil
aquinas_0: bake at 450 for an hour
aquinas_0: done
Wicker_Knight: nothing except the likelihood that a splash of the stuff would destroy your floors
spawnofhastur: I've seen people use electrolysis to strip down a pan.
sjcTheos: piranha solution time?
triptaphane: I recommend a dry rub of lemon salt and thyme
chaostreader: @wicker_knight Depends on what kinds of floors you have.
voslan: @aquinas_0 then reapply oil and repeat 3 more times.
aquinas_0: well yeah
Fruan: Into the sea
Falcon_Talos: mix up a gallon of piranha?
spawnofhastur: Seal up the vessel and throw it into the sea, yeah.
aquinas_0: but only steps 4, 5, and 6
tim19862: katesWave TTSF
Wicker_Knight: @chaostreader I'm guessing they don't have plain concrete or waxed linoleum under there
TraceBullet: sergeIntoTheSea
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: INto the sea! (the sea being the back of the supply closet)
triptaphane: good thing you're here cam
tim19862: yikes
voslan: In the US it's also suggested to use Lard instead of Oil.
tim19862: splashing too O__O
spawnofhastur: I used canola oil to season my pan recently.
chaostreader: @wicker_knight They wouldn’t do this in the moonbase.
Asterysk_Mike: a 5 gallon can of carb cleaner dip
aquinas_0: bacon greese works well
Asterysk_Mike: Nothing bad can ever happen with that
triptaphane: oopsie I dropsie the 8 pound pan into the acid uwu
Wicker_Knight: @chaostreader yeah now they're making the same jokes I was :P
SnowBuddy18: @Asterysk_Mike just light it on fire after
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: Cam is competent enough to know when to say "NO"
embyrr922: "acid"
Wicker_Knight: But Cam, what if it was for a video? Kappa
voslan: Lard is basiclly Bacon greese in solid form.
aquinas_0: it is true
spawnofhastur: Sandblasting a cast iron pan changes the texture, yeah.
aquinas_0: angle grind it
Kramburger: Beadblasted sounds like some sort of Taco Bell Bubble tea
aquinas_0: works good
triptaphane: wait what is ian doing I thought he was assembling cardboard for two minutes bc im late
Driosenth: break cleaner
voslan: @triptaphane Leather Working.
spawnofhastur: At this point I think you might be better off using new carbon steel rather than cast iron.
triptaphane: thank you
Doomdiver68: We making 2 Corgi flamethrower tonight?
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: I always wondered how that works
Robot_Bones: mmm... crystal lettuce
ThorSokar: Next on TTSF Cam make FOOF
PunkRockZoologist: I always learn so much on this stream
Driosenth: the oil grabs onto the large graphite nodules
voslan: Carbon Steel doesn't have the same sufface area or texture to allow for proper rustic frying.
Asterysk_Mike: Fairly low disolved carbon in the cubic structure of the iron
Electrodyne: A lovely saddle stitch
voslan: Cast Iron is super prouse and allows oil to get in and cook easier then Steel,
PunkRockZoologist: @thorsokar I don't think Cam will ever make FOOF.
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: But we can still play with acid, right?
triptaphane: a saddle stitch for a tricky sitch
ThorSokar: haha, I don't think so either PunkRockZoologist
embyrr922: That's what she daid?
embyrr922: *said
Asterysk_Mike: Think of a geodesic structire where you pull a corner and it opens, cast pig iron does that on a molecular scale
SalsaDraugur: But when you use acid you can pretend to be a villain lowering the hero into a vat of acid
Robot_Bones: it comes with the set
ContingentCat: garage sale?
aClonedPickle: the goop pocket?
spawnofhastur: i had to explain to my parents why i wanted a non non-stick pan. They were confused.
Fruan: Its for frying small eggs, OBVIOUSLY
shurtal: were you offered the egg in these trying times?
triptaphane: today i did a silly and mixed rubbing alcohol with bleach in my toilet~
Wicker_Knight: @triptaphane it bubbled over the rim I'm guessing?
Sektor88: @LoadingReadyRun Ian, could I get that e-mail address again?
Orlantia: do you want a cast iron pan, or just a hunk of cast?
spawnofhastur: Or you could use it to make hollandaise a la hand blender (see again, serious eats!)
voslan: That sounds like a Personal Cast Iron Pizza server.
triptaphane: no it made painful burny gas and it hurts my lungs real good
Orlantia: I can send a polished hunk
Wicker_Knight: it sounds like a cleverly camouflaged cosh
chaostreader: @sektor88 iirc IHorner@tiltyhouse.com
ContingentCat: gesundheit?
PunkRockZoologist: @triptaphane I once poured a chemical into the wrong bin in the chem lab and it started to smoke.
Sektor88: @chaostreader ah, kay
spawnofhastur: From what I've heard when it comes to nonstick you just go with the cheapest you can.
spawnofhastur: And replace once they're scratched.
Lightningbro: It sounds like an average size Egg or Cornbread pan. I have one. Western Civilization has gotten to make RATHER large portions.
Simonark: And of course, bird owners can't have non-stick pans at all
TacitusVigil: So do we Ian.
TacitusVigil: So do we.
spawnofhastur: Unless you're using anodized aluminium.
korvys: They go from non-stick to very-stick
Driosenth: dissolve the non-stick coating with acetone!
aquinas_0: well, that and the teflon causes cancer if eaten
chaostreader: @sektor88 Please note that I could be wrong.
Orlantia: teflon is evil at cooking temps
Asterysk_Mike: be willing to pay more for ones at a restaurant supply store
Asterysk_Mike: they are much longer lived and will pay for them selves
AwkwardBirb: self-cleaning ovens are also bad for birds
Asterysk_Mike: 50% premium for a 3X life span or more
aquinas_0: diamond deposition pans --- not worth it
aquinas_0: all clad - very worth it
Sektor88: @chaostreader Fair. At the worst it could just bounce
Electrodyne: Does Ian have a pony? That edge is moving all over the place
ContingentCat: sergeIrene
spawnofhastur: I like pigeons, I get to make friends with them at work.
Kramburger: Aren't pigeons just grey doves?
DarkMorford: Restaurant supply stores are the secret tech for non-stick pans. Even the cheap ones there will more than stand up to home use.
ForOhForError: My parents have been using some very well built pans from an asian grocery nearby, they're very nice to cook in
sjcTheos: "I've considered building a pony" - Ian 2019
ContingentCat: @Kramburger yup, "rock doves" technically
Wicker_Knight: that figure looks very Sten from Dragon Age
Electrodyne: Stuff to get Ian: pony and tiger thread
spawnofhastur: Oh, I like the sheen on that sword Cam
spawnofhastur: Definitely looks like obsidian!
ThorSokar: What are Cam's minis from?
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun in serious though. Ian do you want a piece of precision ground cast?
PunkRockZoologist: Wait. Build a pony? So we're not talking about a small horse here?
Electrodyne: No, a lightweight clamp
sjcTheos: @PunkRockZoologist Who say's we're not Kappa
SalsaDraugur: and here I was looking forward to TTSF robotics
ContingentCat: pidgeons are great, it's not their fault our cities are a good facsimile of their favourite environment
triptaphane: *hucks riding helmet off in a huge*
spawnofhastur: @ContingentCat in Australia we have the ibis, which is like a pigeon but moreso.
triptaphane: *huff*
FrejasFeather: Remember kids bards aren't people... Wait I'm doing this wrong
sivakrytos: matt beat me and probably everyone else to the joke
AwkwardBirb: there was also a Batman Anime movie
cheetoJack: "Batman Ninja"
itomeshi: Batman Ninja
TacitusVigil: Of course there's a medieval Batman. He's the Dark Knight. :P
azureHaights: @FrejasFeather Bards aren't people. They're GODS.
AwkwardBirb: and it's on Netflix? Crap now I have to look into it
Elevation_4000_FT: Batman Ninja was insane
SnowBuddy18: Batman Ninja was actually good
ContingentCat: @spawnofhastur yikes
Styxseus: Yeah, its was made by some people who made guren lagan, right?
sjcTheos: even though its a samurai outfit NotLikeThis
FrejasFeather: @azureHaights As I'm playing a fighter with +12 in performance. I can't even say you're wrong lol
azureHaights: Bruce-shido
spawnofhastur: @ContingentCat we call them "bin chickens" or "trash turkeys".
Fruan: Batman Ninja is the worst batman movie I've ever seen, and that was NOT a high bar to pass under.
PunkRockZoologist: What about Most Excellent Super Bat, or whatever he was called?
korvys: I still maintain the best Batman (after the Animated Series) is Lego Batman
voslan: ^
TacitusVigil: Every era should have a Batman.
cheetoJack: From what I understand the original script had japanese writers, but for the english release it was rewritten heavily
scarycrazybutterknife: just got here. What's getting made?
voslan: @scarycrazybutterknife Ian is making a Leather Bag, and Cam is Painting GW minis.
Robot_Bones: a leather bag, painting minis
scarycrazybutterknife: neat
Wicker_Knight: yeah they are not well coated
MollyLewis: PREACH
Electrodyne: Centurion Vespertilio
Wicker_Knight: not great in Swampy east coast
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun IIRC, Saddleback straps and handles have a strip of polyester webbing inside them to prevent stretching, and add strength.
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Wicker_Knight: had one while in DC
DandyGeek: Master-Piece bags are where it's at for non-leather stuff
Asterysk_Mike: Hey beej and LRR in general, may be worth looking at some of the other painting channels for how the framing and camera work they do. I want to see more of what CAM is painting.
ContingentCat: again, much like people
scarycrazybutterknife: don't leather bags get kinda heavy?
voslan: And this time the Ring is in it!
MollyLewis: Timbuk bags and iPhones are designed for men in San Francisco specifically
DandyGeek: especially if you use a proxy or otherwise nab them secondhand via Yahoo Auctions JP
SnowBuddy18: humans are not meant for regular exposure to -30C, but w put on coatings for that
Asterysk_Mike: The camera is off angle from what he sees so we cannot see the lines he is laying down
spawnofhastur: Humanity is great because we'll go into an environment that's not hospitable and instead of going "wait this is a bad idea" we'll go "WE CAN GET THIS TO WORK"
e_bloc: bleedpurple105 bonus10
scarycrazybutterknife: @MollyLewis Spot on.
spawnofhastur: "What do you mean we need carbs? Imma just chew on this whale blubber."
Asterysk_Mike: Ok that was my complaint Keep doing good guys
FrejasFeather: To be fair humans got really good at just slapping devices to things until we made it. Look at deep sea exploration.
azureHaights: Plants: "I'll evolve capsaicin to repel herbivores." Humans: *insert SNL "S P I C Y" clip here*
scarycrazybutterknife: I have been using the same camel back I bought in 2004. It's been with me everywhere.
ContingentCat: that's a good buckle
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Yep, was about to say, you've now seen why you'll want to do the hardware while it's still in pieces.
SnowBuddy18: @spawnofhastur we don't need carbs, just calories
Electrodyne: Maybe a tiny secret pocket full of rare earth magnets
ForOhForError: did you know that the english usage of buckle comes from 2 different roots? linguistics facts!
spawnofhastur: @SnowBuddy18 I know, but carbs have usually made up a decent chunk of our caloric intake.
Kramburger: AT WORK, IAN?
ContingentCat: is that what they call it now?
MollyLewis: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
voslan: Don't Beej, just let it all BURN!
sivakrytos: rock hard sudoku
spawnofhastur makes a paste of whey protein and olive oil
SnowBuddy18: @spawnofhastur usually, but not in all cases
spawnofhastur: Jaja, I know.
spawnofhastur: I recently graduated with an anthropology degree. :D
MollyLewis: classic.
Lord_Hosk: Darkmorford, I hope to meet that person one day
ContingentCat: Nice
Wicker_Knight: lrrGOAT there
ForOhForError: nice
triptaphane: that was FOOF right u guys
korvys: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Twitch channel, not the woods.
spawnofhastur: 117ium
MollyLewis: I hadn't seen the little muffin slider before, v good
tim19862: brilikCheer it's great
spawnofhastur: Ah, a dutch name. :P
korvys: Guman Hrowth Gormone
Wicker_Knight: they can choose any of their emojis @MollyLewis
chaostreader: @mollylewis It’s not always a muffin.
Wicker_Knight: they even did a Ben one once :P
MollyLewis: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrAWESOME lrrDOTS
Wicker_Knight: benginTratior gabySip
Earthenone: paul sometimes sets it to a magic game winners home emote
e_bloc: ty Cameron
Mystaira: Yes, is anime too. lol
aesir_blade: Ian are there any plans to hit up One Finger Death Punch 2?
ContingentCat: good enough reason
TheSeraphman: Cam dark souls PogChamp
Earthenone: at least you are honest about the reasoning :P
spawnofhastur: After playing Becoming Human you want to play an actually good game.
DandyGeek: I look forward to the day you get around to Obra Dinn, Cam
Juliamon: Prep the R1 quote
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun Uta no Prince-sama is a visual novel series, and yes, it had an anime adaptation in 2012.
chaostreader: @spawnofhastur Yeah but instead their playing Dark Souls.
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream!
MollyLewis: ty 4 strem
Pazzix: night guys
Jerrymocha: TY
MrQBear: Now is the time when the reruns kick in, right?
ContingentCat: Thanks Ian, Cam Matt and Beej lrrHEART
Sir__Octopus: Thanks!
MrQBear: so I can stay up all night watching the Loading Ready Run Network?
korvys: lrrFINE
Pazzix: ttsf is one of my favs
Count_Nodonora: Is there anywhere we can check when the next Brave new Faves is? I haven't seen them advertised often, sometimes we'll catch Kathleen briefly mentioning it in a stream but you have to be lucky to pick it up.
tim19862: MrQBear nah, a waving Canadian flag, then static :D
Earthenone: the reruns are on youtube.com/loadingreadylive
Juliamon: BNF is always Saturday evenings
korvys: @MrQBear I mean, I'm off to watch the Doom vod, so yes?
MrQBear: @tim19862 Just hard cut to static? yeah, that scans.
tim19862: waving Canadian flag first LUL
MrQBear: Of course.
MrQBear: or, from what I remember of PBS when I was younger...
SajuukSjet: count_nodonora: best bet is to always check her twitter
tim19862: katesWave night everybody
MrQBear: Just a bunch of nature scenes with a classical piece playing.
chaostreader: @count_nodonora It’s usually Saturday.
Count_Nodonora: Night @tim19862
Count_Nodonora: that explains why I never hear of it, young'uns and their twitters. (I'm probably the same age as Kathleen, just trying to make a funny).
Juliamon: That's ok, lots of us don't twit
Earthenone: i am also #notontwitter
Earthenone: thanks to the lrrtwitter account i see a fair amount of their tweets in this irc chat
SajuukSjet: since it's a personal stream, and not really LRR adjacent, per say, she keeps it mostly to her twitter announcements and twitch channel
Count_Nodonora: Thanks for the tip. I'll keep an eye out. 'Night!
Juliamon: (If you don't follow https://www.twitch.tv/kathleen_lrr yet, and want some sweet weekly jams and archival footage and Baxter being a lil bastard, you know what you must do)
SajuukSjet: heheh
Count_Nodonora: OH! It's not even on the LRR channel anymore! No wonder I never heard of it since the Molly episode!
Juliamon: Yeah, there was a rash of DMCA takedowns around that time and it was decided safer to not use the main channel for it.
Count_Nodonora: which Ioved by the way, the cringe factor of some of her vinyls was amazing
Juliamon: While there are no VODs, there ARE past playlists you can peruse!