Weagle: Because not having a good mitigation for that is usually a really bad thing for a multiplayer game's health, because nobody wants to play a game where hackers are everywhere and have no reprecussions
wildpeaks: oddly enough, ever since my beloved COD serie went down the drain, I don't really play multiusers anymore (except for the occasional CS:S when I'm sad), but that's a good point
malc: I bought a day ticket for the bus because it was going to rain. how dare the weather be unexpectedly nice.
Weagle: That said, there's a lot of games that don't need that functionality, but I'm hesitant to dismiss launchers entirely because they do have some things that're sort of important outside of user convenience
Weagle: malc how dare indeed
malc goes to take the bus even though it'd probably be nicer to walk, because otherwise it's a waste of money
malc is the sunk costs fallacy personified
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Adjust the compressor.
PhoenixMelior: it's a waste of money to use the bus?
PhoenixMelior: Not for me. Parking is like 500 bucks a month downtown
Weagle: To not use the bus
malc: it's a waste of money not to use the bus when I have already paid for the ticket
PhoenixMelior: well yeah, but then why did you pay for a ticket :P
malc: because it was going to rain
malc: it isn't raining
malc: the weather forecast lied
Weagle: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied!
PhoenixMelior: do you... have to buy tickets ahead of time in the UK?
Metric_Furlong: liars!
Metric_Furlong shakes first in the general direction of the met office
malc: phoenixmelior: no, but it's cheaper to buy a day ticket than two single tickets, and I took the bus in this morning
malc: so I bought a day ticket
PhoenixMelior: my mind is baffled
PhoenixMelior: but then I also live a 25 minute bus ride away from where I work (double in traffic on the way home)
Metric_Furlong: a 'day ticket' is a ticket that is good for multiple bus journeys within one day, as opposed to a single ticket, which is just for the one journey
TXC2: Hello Everybody
Metric_Furlong: hello
wildpeaks: when do you buy a ticket in the UK then ?
Metric_Furlong: on the bus
wildpeaks: hey TX
Metric_Furlong: TXC2 we're trying to explain how the bus ticket system works to the non-British people
accountmadeforants: Does the day ticket let you take any bus, or just a set route/area?
TXC2: Metric_Furlong to bad I only know about trains :P
Metric_Furlong: usually within one area
malc: so the bus was early and I missed it anyway
malc: and then it started raining
Weagle sighs
Weagle: Bus.
wildpeaks: oh no
Weagle: Bus please.
malc: the universe did not like my travel plans
Metric_Furlong: malc... is your life a late 20th century sitcom
malc: probably
TXC2: I feel like you can just take that moment, and caption it with "Britain"
Twinklebees: I was just about to ask exactly that
Mangledpixel: boop
malc: with added datacentres
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
orbitaltuna: ooh
accountmadeforants: Ah, depending on the size of the area that sounds quite convenient. Buses in the Netherlands are overpriced to hell, and each "area" is so tiny as to be useless. Meaning that if you were to get a day ticket/subscription, you'd have to spring for the whole city (since multiple areas otherwise add up to a gazillion euros).
Twinklebees: I guess it's Doom O' Clock.
orbitaltuna: how far along is james in doot?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James is back with this weeks final episode of Play it Forward. Time to get our Doom on. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/D5qFw7_U8AAkbON.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1124358138516332544
cheetoJack: You can tell its Doom O'Clock because the clock tower is ringing "Doom Doom Doom"
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: You can't break it any more once it's already broken.
Metric_Furlong: just realiseds they missed a trick by not playing Gloom on AFK this week
malc: !badadvice
LRRbot: Attack the Shopkeeper.
wildpeaks: that's what you think lrrbot *fixes the thing then breaks it again*
incslayer: Verizon Looking to Sell Tumblr (surprise) Pornhub interested...
TXC2: really?
wildpeaks: yup
TehAmelie: made it just in time lrrHAM
Metric_Furlong: that was a sentence I just read
TXC2: bit on the nose don't ya think?
NathanJay_GA: Doom doom doom, doomy doomy doom
TheWarbo: DOOM
incslayer: @TXC2 just a bit
Mangledpixel: mood
TXC2: doom doom DOOM DOOM!
orbitaltuna: DOOT
wildpeaks: +1 mood
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incslayer: Doom Doom Doom
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TXC2: Hello James
Amentur: DOOT
NathanJay_GA: I am Doom Doomsman, here to bring doom
TehAmelie: doom doom doom doom doomdoom doom doomdoom
ThatOverKillGuy: everyone! LETS SING THE DOOM SONG
StarFreak359: lrrSPOT
orbitaltuna: bleedpurple100 bonus10 knee deep in the DOOT
mothsafterglow: Doom? Doom. Doom!
aesir_blade: is the static for everyone or just me?
Robot_Bones: I haven't but I think the plot goes something like Rip and Tear?
ThatOverKillGuy: were doomin good?
TXC2: aesir_blade I can't see or hear anything I'd call static
TehAmelie: you can google "the doom comic" to see the plot, as was predicted in 1994
cheetoJack: You got a checkpoint just as you shot it the first time
Amentur: Some static might have been main menu background audio
cheetoJack: I remember because you got a checkpoint just before checkpoint+ started
orbitaltuna: sure is the bfg
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incslayer: Maybe
MAPBoardgames: This Doom is fantastic. The 2004 Doom 3 was terrible because it forgot what it was.
TehAmelie: and it forgot the lights
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TXC2: Doom 3 tried to be an early 2000's FPS
Mangledpixel: toasty!
MAPBoardgames: Jibs!
incslayer: i Much Prefered Quake 4 over Doom 3
TehAmelie: i guess the trouble was Serious Sam had already come out before they made Doom 3
Rioxcon: I think that is because any = unsafe.
wildpeaks: now you're thinking with hell dimensions
SpacePotato01: Demonic presents? Are they nice?
plummeting_sloth: demonic infestation is at acceptable levels. Go about your business and try to ignore them
MAPBoardgames: That message always says to me "There are a bunch of demons come to kill you and we've locked the doors so you can't escape. ha ha ha!"
TheWarbo: I mean, announcing "demonic presence is at safe levels" would be an Everything Is Fine alarm
TehAmelie: the glory kills over time get so, what's the word, vainglorious?
MAPBoardgames: Imagine hearing that message on the job for the first time.
NathanJay_GA: aw yeah, this is my favourite song in the game
Rioxcon: BFG ammo
MAPBoardgames: Better. Imagine being the one to record that message.
mothsafterglow: Like the Mars Attacks translator? "We come in peace." *severs head* "We come in peace!"
TehAmelie: huh, it has its own ammo
TXC2: TehAmelie Gratuitous
TheWarbo: And just like that, fuel amount went from 7 to 1
Mysticman89: would the ammo for the BFG be called BFA?
TehAmelie: or BFB
MAPBoardgames: Do IT!
accountmadeforants: The upgrades for the scoped side are pretty sweet, they just give you increasingly good bullets.
TehAmelie: hmm can you go back to earlier levels to farm cheevos?
TehAmelie: not that i think James should
TehAmelie: asking for a friend
incslayer: Yup
Rioxcon: How are you finding the difficulty level?
TehAmelie: neato
incslayer: the progress is linked to the profile slot for the game so you can jump back at any time to get the stuff you missed
tyrew0rm: i was being confused by the music choice for this game, forgetting that i had the infinity war/endgame soundtracks on spotify playing
TXC2: surely a Lazarus wave is for making Zombies?
Rioxcon: I feel like there is still a decent amount left, but I don't really remember
incslayer: line them up?
1losttheGame: seige mode pierces
MAPBoardgames: That was the first time you used one of those health stations.
Mysticman89: could be neat if you had to battle your way through hell, then into purgatory, and then heaven, and you're not even 1/4th of the way. but I guess thats a different game.
ImmoralEthicist: three things near each other.
TXC2: doesn't it have an AoE?
Seabats: this game is so violent
TXC2: hello Adam
1losttheGame: hey Adam
incslayer: Hey Adam
Tiber727: @Seabats Avert your eyes. You're too pure for this game!
Seabats: what happened to the friend that played minecraft
ImmoralEthicist: @Seabats It's honestly gratuitous. So much violence in these "videoed games"
1losttheGame: LUL
TheWarbo: !findquote violence
LRRbot: Quote #1987: "Unwarranted violence? That man stole a wallet!" —Graham [2016-02-10]
MAPBoardgames: I'm waiting for the invisible pinky demons
gamercat88: minecraft evolved into DOOM i mean this is what happens when you don't take care of creepers
Robot_Bones: Remember to spay and neuter your creepers
creasehearst: pull out the corpse
MAPBoardgames: Context on the elevator
TXC2: you joke, but I suspect there is a mod to turn minecraft into og doom
Pteraspidomorphi: Minecraft is more violent, you can kill enemies on an unthinkable scale
TXC2: Like Serge and his volcano
Pteraspidomorphi: At least here there's a personal touch
ImmoralEthicist: Here I thought that you already could attack as soon as you got to the battlefield
CamelAttack: Minecraft is more immoral, Doom is more violent, but they're just demons.
plummeting_sloth: target marine has haste and flying until end of turn
TheWarbo: I feel like you have enough points to upgrade another weapon mod to Mastery Challenge level too?
1losttheGame: oh yeah, grenades
1losttheGame: saving makes sense
Rioxcon: I really like the chain-gun upgrade
TheWarbo: Ahh that makes sense too. Just figured since upgrading the Siege Mode was "when convenient" might be nice to have another to work on.
BrindleBoar: called it
Rioxcon: turret is my favorite
CrazymattCaptain: turret
1losttheGame: turret is so good
TXC2: Bastion it up
TehAmelie: that's too many guns for one gun!
Mangledpixel: just need a little bird
BrindleBoar: or is it not enough guns
ghostvalv: dakka?
Alness49: Bo bo bo booo be boooooooo!
Makhiel: can you actually pass through the door with that?
1losttheGame: you deequipped it
Rioxcon: press R?
ImKevinTheShark: The turret is Nice AF. Only problem being the overheating
TheManaLeek: Yeah you probably tried to reload at some point and took the mod off
TheManaLeek: I did that a TON
creasehearst: press r to equip a mod if you don't have one equipped
TehAmelie: but a double triple barrel gun. now i've seen everything
ThatOverKillGuy: i wish he could move his webcam to not block the health and ammo
ThatOverKillGuy: yay thank you!
TheWarbo: it has previously been suggested to position yourself as OG doomguy
TehAmelie: you could be right in the middle of the screen, no one needs to see there lrrBEEJ
ImKevinTheShark: You saw it chat! He learned!
ritchards: Hey James, are you ripping or tearing?
TheWarbo: Yeah you got 1/5 (it shows above ammo when you do it)
TehAmelie: did Grey Fox go through here?
TXC2: We have surgested before that James puts himself in the middle and pretend to be doomguy
ImKevinTheShark: Doctor? I dont think these operating rooms are very sanitary
ThatOverKillGuy: this is my 5th time beating and my 9th time watching someone play and beat this game, and i still cant get over the gibbing
tux789: suddenly boss music
TehAmelie: they're operating with hell energy, it's sterile
ImKevinTheShark: @TehAmelie Sterile in what sense? in that they will never be fertile afterwards?
TehAmelie: Kappa
ThatOverKillGuy: i was watching a speed run, but done in a 3rd person modded version of the game, and it litterally looked like a movie
Mangledpixel: ImKevinTheShark in that all the bacteria and viruses get too scared and run away
TehAmelie: i'm scared what they're doing with that mancubus though
TXC2: I Imagine hell energy is sterile in the same Uranium is
TheWarbo: "Kill 8 demons in a single shot" sure is a challenge they gave you
ThatOverKillGuy: if demon >1 undsafe levels
Cepsys: this is great content for after a contentious meeting. thanks James
creasehearst: don't try to do weapon challenges on the big health sponge demons, like pinkies, barons or mancubi
creasehearst: they have too much health for it to be worth it, and you'll likely just fail
ThatOverKillGuy: demons >0 safe levels
ImKevinTheShark: Im curious how it can detect if a demon is alive. The demons are still present. Just more spread out in gibs now
Amentur: Krion hai to you too
accountmadeforants: ImKevinTheShark Demon census data is very thorough and frequently updated
TheWarbo: yeah that stone is lorge
creasehearst: just go with rapper sized necklace
Mangledpixel: just have to chip a bit off, keep it as a paperweight or something
TehAmelie: is it time to praise Helix?
TheWarbo: That stone is a chonk
Galactic_pain: Cho’gath, is that you?
TheWarbo: hey look it's you
fiftymcnasty: ooh yeah the computer you can game on
ThatOverKillGuy: id shoot the tubes
BlueChloroplast: Hello! I thought doom was more cubic corridor-y?
ImKevinTheShark: Olivia is just advocating for Demonic Rites. They deserve equal treatment too
orbitaltuna: what's metapod doing in doom
creasehearst: doomjeweled
TheManaLeek: Now this is the Doom I remember
TXC2: !pardonfuck
Amentur: Secret lrrAWESOME
Mangledpixel: HA
tyrew0rm: get beej
ghostvalv: bedoomed?
TheSecondWug: @ImKevinTheShark BOOOOO
SajuukSjet: :D
TheWarbo: Is this that Beej MtG game whose name I forget?
TehAmelie: i bet that's a mod of OG Doom too
wildpeaks: that combo
1losttheGame: comboooo
TXC2: that Cascade
Himyul: we match 3 now bois!
Mysticman89: only 19 moves left
Amentur: It has a built in highscore
mistborn83: Hi friends
1losttheGame: LUL that was a challeneg
TXC2: "a Horizontal very nice"
sivakrytos: @TheWarbo yes it's doom puzzle quest
Rioxcon: I like that creepy think is a callback to doom3
Rioxcon: *thing
TXC2: hello mistborn83 welcome
DennyMcG: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #2644: "Bustin' makes me feel good." —Alex [2016-05-30]
TehAmelie: now we gotta save the galaxy from the Reapers
Makhiel: making all terminals accessible doesn't seem that secure
plummeting_sloth: meanwhile, in a neary by Heavy Metal music video
accountmadeforants: By the power of Greyskull?
BlueChloroplast: @Makhiel :D
TehAmelie: come to think of it the bad guy's voice filter is a little bit like Sovereign's
creasehearst: CD... i wonder what that might be an abbreviation for
TheManaLeek: @creasehearst Cuddly Demon?
TehAmelie: some on Sammy, say "each of us is a nation, independent, and as strong" for me
creasehearst: you're not too far off :P
orbitaltuna: Cheesey Disco
ImKevinTheShark: Im glad the Demons waited patiently for you to finish the conversation
TheWarbo: compact disc? certificate of deposit?
TheManaLeek: They're Demons, they're not jerks
TehAmelie: they're in cahoots with Samuel obvs
ThatOverKillGuy: dont forget you have ammo for the BFG too
TehAmelie: i like that one more than the BFG
TheManaLeek: I feel like you're required to say "Eat your heart out" every time you do that Glory Kill on the big guys
TheWarbo: what about KA LI MA
1losttheGame: LUL
MAPBoardgames: This is Doom. CD = Chainsaw Dismemberment.
plummeting_sloth: yep, nothing demonic in here any more. time to drop the lockdown
plummeting_sloth: So, the chaingun overheat is James' new pickaxe breaking, riight?
Amentur: lrrFINE
ThatOverKillGuy: stabby stabby
creasehearst: well, they weren't lying when they said human sacrifices
mistborn83: seems like a hpapy place
TXC2: the entire point of muilti barrel weapons is so they dont overheat :P
ThatOverKillGuy: enough
Mangledpixel: just your typicaly Sunday morning service
MAPBoardgames: Isn't attacking these guys here against the Geneva Convention. This being a church and all.
Mangledpixel: *typical
auxv: the ritual says 47
mothsafterglow: Meanwhile in 1999: "Grand theft auto is SO violent!"
1losttheGame: HIIIII
TXC2: theres no Geneva on Mars Kappa
Amentur: They look like a happy couple
creasehearst: sekrit
1losttheGame: LUL
JediTransmit: Who shook the ketchup bottle without the cap?
creasehearst: considering how many you missed, the game is just taking pity on you
ImKevinTheShark: Easy Game Easy Life
Hodgegoulashi: no no a "secret hole in the floor"
TehAmelie: we're the company's military, we don't have a geneva convention
JediTransmit: The only rule Doomguy follows is the rule of cool
plummeting_sloth: have you or a loved one suffered injury due to a long fall? You may be entitled to impact compensation
mothsafterglow: A large cash settlement, or a medium cash hamlet!
MechaKuuga: I much prefer this Doom over the "jump scare" play of Doom 3
Mangledpixel: mightve been able to do the gauss rifle one there though
TehAmelie: oh hey we have triple triple barrels, i thought it was just two
JediTransmit: Doom 3 wasn't a Doom game.
ThatOverKillGuy: i cant wait for the BGF 10000
TehAmelie: they had that in Quake 3
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Amentur: Are you sure you can't stop shooting for that weapon mod?
Mangledpixel: Glory to Mankind!
plummeting_sloth: "and by salvation I mean everyone dies"
mtvcdm: I've got a good feeling about this Hell Wave.
MAPBoardgames: Just a button that says "close portal"?
TehAmelie: it's "per turret deployment", so unless it shoots until it overheats automatically waiting should be possible
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plummeting_sloth: 68 months of clean, renewable Hell energy
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creasehearst: ammo crate ebind you
creasehearst: behind*
1losttheGame: nice
TehAmelie: whee
TXC2: well poop
Fulufu_: Is this your first playthrough?
orbitaltuna: james to a room full of demons, "y'all need jesus"
MAPBoardgames: Sounds like a job for the BFG
MechaKuuga: totally doable
KrossFire4: wtf who uses a gauss cannon on such a petty enemy
creasehearst: 8 kills = bfg
Amentur: Shooting the BFG counts as one shot
Mangledpixel: this area feels very Half Life
TehAmelie: there was a thing for killing three enemies at once with the gauss gun, so if you could line up some weak ones. . .
MechaKuuga: FUN TIME
creasehearst: quad damage orb
plummeting_sloth: ah, a target rich environment
JediTransmit: Nuke 'em Rico!
MechaKuuga: instagib the gun
Mangledpixel: quad dmg up in the middle there
creasehearst: yes, in the middle
silver_harloe: the station makers had to install software to measure "demonic presence" levels. and then they hired a voice actor to make those warnings.
fiftymcnasty: in the middle of the room
CrazymattCaptain: shoot bfg to the ceiling
1losttheGame: quad BFG?
TehAmelie: the last time we could combine quad damage and BFG it didn't actually combo
accountmadeforants: Feelin cute, might delete some demons from existence later
TehAmelie: of course that was back in Quake 3
TehAmelie: (where quad damage means triple damage)
plummeting_sloth: ah, the ol' using yourself as bait strategy
JediTransmit: Damn the Gauss cannon is cool
TheWarbo: You're at 9/10.
Mangledpixel: only 1 left
TehAmelie: now if we can bribe some zombos to stand still for a minute
plummeting_sloth: uhhhhhhh one more
ritchards: Hey, he said the name of that show!
creasehearst: you picked up most of it during the fight
creasehearst: oh look at that, CD = CyberDemon :P
Amentur: Time for to meet subject CD587
AwkwardBirb: Oh hello
TheWarbo: well that's a big door
TXC2: uh oh
creasehearst: boss time!
plummeting_sloth: big lad
1losttheGame: yeaaaaaaah!
TehAmelie: aah why can't i shoot it until it dies
MAPBoardgames: OH HAI!
silver_harloe: t h i c c
TXC2: oh lawd he comin
kerbalized_: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
CrazymattCaptain: you were saying about boss fights last time?
PsychoI3oy: oh hey a boss
Tankxldeuces: Protip: Shoot it until it dies!
MAPBoardgames: Nice! Your HUD shows the target's health. COOL TECHNOLOGY
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Remove human skin.
plummeting_sloth: apparently there's a way to cheese this guy with the BFG and pause buffering but I can't remember it
cuttlefishman: have we gotten to the bit with the awesome guitar riffs yet
PsychoI3oy: plummeting_sloth yeah i remember seeing that at a GDQ
TehAmelie: ever save up your plasma cells to kill the cyberdemon with 4 BFG shots? i think it's cool things are a little tougher here
Mangledpixel: plummeting_sloth you just fire the bfg at it, pause as its hitting it and it continues to be hit while paused
innovativemethods: very wow boss
MAPBoardgames: YOINK!
TXC2: Got your battery!
ritchards: CyberDemon?
TheWarbo: Iron Man demon
MechaKuuga: reminds me of the huge alien boss from Half Life
mtvcdm: Was?
Amentur: It's not over though :D
MAPBoardgames: Of coarse it wasn't his final form!
cuttlefishman: There isn't actually that many bosses in this game
accountmadeforants: Doom: Demons Die Twice
Mangledpixel: round 2, FIGHT!
cuttlefishman: its kinda suprising
CrazymattCaptain: you should jump
TehAmelie: we shot it until it died and it didn't work D:
Amentur: James just taking those slices oO
tux789: Maximize DPS a solid strat
fiftymcnasty: *proceeds to ignore mechanics*
cuttlefishman: james, use the speedrun tech
silver_harloe: after this can we have a talk with the engineer who thought integrating rocket launchers into giant demons was a good idea?
maladictem: You must really hate this guy, you killed him, then followed him to hell to kill him again.
MAPBoardgames: 1HP !
Mangledpixel: silver_harloe it's not their fault, they were a little bit possessed by demons at the time
MechaKuuga: WOW
Amentur: Did .... did the game just let him live at 1 hp?
TehAmelie: the health bar is nice, gives us a point of reference for the relative strength of the weapons
fiftymcnasty: You might not be able to die at this difficulty
MrBevers: 1 isn't 0
ritchards: is this one of those "the devs cheat on 1hp" moments...
Nigouki: scrub mode so scrub that you can't even scrub?
cuttlefishman: This game is almost as bad at counting as chat is
tyrew0rm: i dont think you took a hit
CrazymattCaptain: you've only died by the map before
Amentur: You have died to gravity
MrBevers: you didn't get hit at 1HP that I saw
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: This game definitely does the "Last 10% is actually 70% of your health"
fiftymcnasty: have you died form damage yet?
creasehearst: the boss can deffo kill you at higher difficulties
MechaKuuga: James is a CHEETER
MAPBoardgames: Game cheats in your favor? It sounds like you are complaining.
JediTransmit: But that was rad, right?
Tiber727: @Amentur A lot of games secretly do things like deliberately reduce you to 1 hp against an attack that should kill you.
Himyul: sometimes a displayed "1" doesn't really mean 1
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Around, nothings ever goinna keep you down
1losttheGame: also you missed like 12 secerets LUL
silver_harloe: @Mangledpixel fair enough, thanks.
MrSVCD: They very subtly suggested that you should use the bfg on that boss
accountmadeforants: There's a forum post about someone saying they can't beat the Cyberdemon's second phase even at the easiest difficulty. So I guess you just dodged real good?
Amentur: I know that @Tiber727 but didn't think Doom was one of those games. Then again I never played it on easiest
silver_harloe: is it not possible that he just coincidentally got to 1hp?
cuttlefishman: this guy goes on and on
plummeting_sloth: ah, nice that they got Dale to narrate here
cuttlefishman: Dale getting those sweet VA bucks
JediTransmit: If you get stuck in hell, tell Dale.
Mangledpixel: "His name... was DAVE"
Stoffern: I keep expecting this demon narator voice to go "and then...John realized he was the demon"
MAPBoardgames: I got your nose!
cuttlefishman: How does a cacodemon explode
cuttlefishman: like that
cuttlefishman: am confused
TehAmelie: it's full of explodium
TXC2: Hell Energy magic
JediTransmit: Oh god, Doomguy is pretty much the demon's John Wick.
plummeting_sloth: that glory kill leap
ThatOverKillGuy: nah hes just john wicks later years
Mangledpixel: challenge complete!
accountmadeforants: Got there!
TehAmelie: i'll buy that Doomguy is Baba Yaga
tux789: gotta say the updated enemy designs are sick
TXC2: doomguy is the one you send to kill john wick Kappa
plummeting_sloth: different one
TheWarbo: No, that was the level challenge
accountmadeforants: Ah, it was a different challenge then
Mangledpixel: ah, mustve been a level challenge you completed
Amentur: You got Trik shot; a level challenge
TheWarbo: All the stuff like Rune Upgrades, Level Challenges, Weapon Mods challenges, &c all pop up in the same place
ThatOverKillGuy: its my love for you
creasehearst: it's beatboxing
Himyul: lrrGOAT
TXC2: now we can miss Kappa
plummeting_sloth: a mobile seige platform!
1losttheGame: you just cut that guys throat with his own tooth, metal Kappa
Mangledpixel: woo! now to never use it again"
Himyul: if you're in hell, where are these demons teleporting from?
Nigouki: this place could use more skulls
MennoKnight42: that shotgun is just too good not to use
JediTransmit: Doomguy is coming to hell. Demons: Oh...
DennyMcG: !findquote demon
LRRbot: Quote #5182: "If he mistakes you for his inner demons, just yell back 'Don't kill the incredibly intelligent and brave elf, because she's great.'" —Kathleen, as Morra, to Snak [2018-07-16]
TehAmelie: i bet by the end we're gonna be piloting a siege spaceship like from Eve Online, with 3500 mm caliber guns
plummeting_sloth: Demons are trying to sanctify the Doom Marine, so when he dies he goes to heaven and leaves them alone
ThatOverKillGuy: thats a good way to get heartburn
TehAmelie: that's a great plot. the good guy tries to get into Hell and the demons try to keep him out
Amentur: I think Jesus is very far away at this point
plummeting_sloth: heh, at the end of the series Doomguy earns a place in heaven and is sent back to Earth almost immediately as both he and they hated being there
Amentur: A new grenade (you need to cycle to it)
creasehearst: different grenade type
creasehearst: you have 3 of them
TheManaLeek: Oh yeah I remember getting this grenade and forgetting about it mere seconds later
tux789: LUL they build Prayer Warriors 2 off this engine
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creasehearst: that one is a pain to do
Amentur: SUB HYPE 8
Amentur: lrrHORN lrrSPOOP lrrHORN
ThatOverKillGuy: so many space anus
TehAmelie: i'm gonna guess that siphon grenade just drains life from the genadees
ThatOverKillGuy: i feel like the odd man out without a sub icon
JediTransmit: Why drain life, when you can just take life?
MAPBoardgames: This area is absolutely a multiplayer arena.
TehAmelie: sometimes you want your HP back
plummeting_sloth: I like how Hell jump pads look like Mars jump pads, just evil-er
TXC2: ThatOverKillGuy stick around long enough and you'll probably be hit by a gift sub
TehAmelie: they do often design these fancy pants arenas just so encourage you moving all the time
ThatOverKillGuy: prob
MAPBoardgames: "Darn it! I shot that enemy to death. I wanted to rip his heart out and feed it to him!"
ThatOverKillGuy: im only able to watch live today, because its my birthday and i got the day off from work
TXC2: Happy Birthday
TehAmelie: hoppy borfday!
ThatOverKillGuy: thank you <3
Amentur: Have a nice birthday ThatOverKillGuy lrrHEART
silver_harloe: Habby Pirthday
schlieb: Hippy Barfday
ThatOverKillGuy: WOW
JediTransmit: Commander Keen!
ThatOverKillGuy: that needs to be clipped
Mangledpixel: ha Commander Keen skin Doomguy doll!
TXC2: !clips
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fiftymcnasty: little bit of overkill
ThatOverKillGuy: HA!
plummeting_sloth: I think using a scope on a Gauss rifle would involve melting a substaintal portion of ones face
MAPBoardgames: I was looking away. Someone link the clip!
ThatOverKillGuy: slowest death ever
MAPBoardgames: Wow, you were almost a James sandwich!
Amentur: Sloth must have built that trap
TehAmelie: are those rings in the top right measuring how fighty you are or just how many monsters are left?
TXC2: ThatOverKillGuy so life then? Kappa
JediTransmit: Anyone else get the feeling that this place must smell really bad?
ThatOverKillGuy: yeah basicly @TXC2
TXC2: surely every area has smelt bad?
MAPBoardgames: Yeah, @JediTransmit . Hella bad!
Unas84: @TehAmelie it's how fighty you are
ThatOverKillGuy: i guess life is just a series of slow death moments till you die
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TehAmelie: i think the smell transcends human senses
ThatOverKillGuy: thank you anonymous!
Unas84: he bids you a warm welcome to his lair, no need to be rude about it James
Amentur: lrrHORN lrrSPOOP lrrHORN
CrazymattCaptain: lever needed
TehAmelie: lrrSPOT
Amentur: Not down here. The OG level is
creasehearst: from what i remember the lever is in the room above
creasehearst: ammo is maxed i believe
JediTransmit: Gotta love the infinity stone animation.
plummeting_sloth: sadly, Doomguy cannot carry a bigger backback, so that's all the ammo he can carry. He's only human
creasehearst: the fakeout
Himyul: was that a Kobe or a Yeet?
ThatOverKillGuy: having his spine wag around like a tail was a good move
Amentur: The imps yeet more than they kobe
TheWarbo: James has said that for a person of his age, the appropriate thing is JORDAN
JediTransmit: That was the spine with a half a mandible stuck do it, right?
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Amentur: lrrHORN lrrSPOOP lrrHORN
TXC2: !findquote Jordan
LRRbot: Quote #4591: "Jordan, let me be your pretty boy" —James, whispering [2018-01-09]
TheWarbo: not...not that Jordan
TheWarbo: what is that quote
klaxxxon: This is past Cyberdemon right?
TXC2: !qdb
LRRbot: Quote database: https://lrrbot.com/quotes/
creasehearst: yes
MAPBoardgames: I feel like the grenades at this point do little more than tickle them.
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Abavus: 20 demons walk into a bar.The first one orders a beer.They all get exploded by the Doomguy.He doesn't like jokes.
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TXC2: !quote 6008
LRRbot: Quote #6008: "I'm 35 years old, when I shoot a ball I yell 'Jordan' like a normal person." —James [2019-04-23]
TheWarbo: Oh huh the moment I'm talking about did make it into the qdb
BlueChloroplast: oooh nice map!
Kirkygirl: hi James! having fun ripping and tearing?
Abavus: I'd like to claim I actually tried to come up with an actual joke, but that would be giving me too much credit. Not much of a jokester
Amentur: A large room with ammo health, armor, and a key. What could go wrong?
Abavus: Amentur lrrFINE
creasehearst: ah yes... the invisipinkies
fiftymcnasty: specteres
Kerrisis: Ah yes, the stealth pinkies!
creasehearst: they got an upgrade :P
Abavus: lrrSPOOP piggies
TXC2: oh good we've the invisible ones, the scariest kind of demon
TheWarbo: HUD: "New monster named 'Spectre'" James: "These guys are invisible" Name checks out
ThatOverKillGuy: the game just went from doom guy to spoopguy
TehAmelie: i bet Doomguy is a right laugh when the ripping and tearing is done for the day and he can sit down with a hot meal
TehAmelie: ooh, i bet he cooks
ThatOverKillGuy: i love that kill so much
Jeezy56: probably does a decent bbq
klaxxxon: The Hell looks so good in this game
MAPBoardgames: Somewhere, someone has an image of a Pinky Pie Demon.
ThatOverKillGuy: did you guys try this in VR?
plummeting_sloth: press for story and hand tingles
klaxxxon: Noo, rip story
TheManaLeek: You made him upset by walking away so he stopped
Amentur: Sadly no
TheManaLeek: Silent treatment for days now
creasehearst: it's a speaker style system
plummeting_sloth: so... is that just gonna be there forever?
plummeting_sloth: ah
Kirkygirl: BFG yes son!
ThatOverKillGuy: thats our punishment
creasehearst: and james missing the berserk powerup... again
Amentur: Punching time lrrAWESOME coxManleee
klaxxxon: rip and teaaaar
Abavus: PogChamp coxManleee
ThatOverKillGuy: THIS IS THE NEW AGATHA FISTY its agathista fistas son
MAPBoardgames: Woah! You punched out that dude's stomach plug!
DandyGeek: Abraham Fisty
ThatOverKillGuy: there ay go
TheWarbo: those are the guys you have to kill for the one weapon thing, right?
Mangledpixel: creasehearst to be fair, more than the other ones the Berserk powerup does just look like an aesthetic environment effect
Abavus: I was going to say Argus, but Abraham works
creasehearst: getting ripped in half, head first has gotta hurt
MAPBoardgames: Only for a little bit.
ThatOverKillGuy: never say james isnt a platforming master
Mangledpixel: ooh, chrome
JediTransmit: Shiny
TehAmelie: fun things people never noticed about the berserk pack in the old days: it heals you up to 100 points, and the powerup lasts until you exit the level
Abavus: Time to whip up the ammosaw?
Zath_: Ridiculously out of ammo maybe
ThatOverKillGuy: nice
Abavus: Zath_, eyyyy
Abavus: sergeOffByOne NotLikeThis
creasehearst: no rune trials
TehAmelie: narrator voice: he did not defeat them for good
plummeting_sloth: retrieve what you have decided is yours
mtvcdm: So after we defeat Hell, does Hell just close? Does everyone go to Heaven after that?
silver_harloe: if you die fast enough you don't have time to register pain, so everything that kills you that fast or faster is the same regardless of how horrific it looks
erloas: for good, until the next game at least
JediTransmit: Mancubus?
Abavus: mtvcdm, probably need to do some renovations for a while
plummeting_sloth: this bodes well
bob_baggins: love this game. im gonna have to play it threw again when i get home
Khador1: I do like how they construct a sort of world and history for the demons
Kirkygirl: This game brings back such good memories for me as a kid. Running around in the shareware version of Doom and during Doom 2....good times.
Amentur: This song does have a nice bang to it
Abavus: Those seem like a lot of effort
TehAmelie: you've got what, four guns that can one-shot a cacodemon?
JediTransmit: I prefer a cacaodemon
TXC2: More vit
TehAmelie: armor is probably better, makes healing count more
Joda011980: evening
azlan121: cacodemon? isn't that what you take when you have a real bad headache?
ThatOverKillGuy: if they add doomguy to lets say mortal kombat what would his finisher be
TXC2: hello Joda011980 welcome
Amentur: Evening joda
Kirkygirl: Hell Knight!
Abavus: Cool skull, put it in your pocket
creasehearst: skully
TheWarbo: "Blue skull!" ~ James, picking up the yellow skull
Abavus: Probably
TXC2: Probably
Amentur: It is it
TheWarbo: That spot certainly look suspicious
TXC2: that's it?
7gorobei: secret door?
Jeezy56: there's a secret in the far corner
CrazymattCaptain: e on a wall
Abavus: katesWat
TXC2: Blow up the barrels
TehAmelie: shotgun bullets, the best present
Kirkygirl: Oh so good.
Amentur: You generally only get a room. The OG level needs to be started from the main menu
TXC2: darn, they don't blow up like they used to
Jeezy56: nah that's it
Abavus: Is there?
7gorobei: ah good old wall fondling id games
erloas: you found the one room they didn't renovate yet
ThatOverKillGuy: HDR
Abavus: I need some sort of *neat* emote...
Abavus: Can enemies telefrag you in this game?
cuttlefishman: Do they make
TXC2: a picture of Paul perhaps
cuttlefishman: cacodemon plushies
klaxxxon: Oh, that's D2's M7
Jeezy56: I like the nod to whichever doom 2 map it was in here
Jeezy56: dead simple i think
Kirkygirl: I know that there are some crafters that have previously made cacodemon earrings.
TehAmelie: i bet the game is gonna be a butt about "killing" a mancubus with the pistol and you can't just switch to it when they're flashing blue
Mangledpixel: cuttlefishman there are a few out there, yes
cuttlefishman: are they
cuttlefishman: cuties
Kirkygirl: Amelie, I was thinking about that too!
MAPBoardgames: Look James! Quad-damage!
cuttlefishman: cute
Amentur: That is very cute
TheWarbo: Most gamers: don't look up. James: doesn't go to the middle of the arena
TehAmelie: they're too generous with the quad damages
TXC2: wait...are the skulls keycards ?
TehAmelie: you never expect them
Kirkygirl: You're just playing it to play it then. Ah. Good.
cuttlefishman: James "Quad Damage" Turner
TehAmelie: did you just rip that massive slab of hellbeef in half with your hands?
Mangledpixel: not all Pinkies are related, James
CrazymattCaptain: there needs to be more demons
JediTransmit: Hell is not empty, and all the devils are here!
MAPBoardgames: @TehAmelie Yes. Yes he did.
TXC2: "does there need to be so many of you?" Me, when any number of people are in the same room as me.
TehAmelie: so strong. . .so vascular
Kirkygirl: Chat friends, what's your favourite gun in Doom?
TehAmelie: shotguns
TheWarbo: is that the one we're supposed to DFA?
Amentur: Shotguns. Both OG and 2016
plummeting_sloth: I do like the heirarchy of weapons for James. Gauss Rifle, Super Shotgun, weapons to be used when either of the above is out of ammo
TXC2: I like the chaingun
ThatOverKillGuy: youll be fine
TXC2: also I legit read that as Favourite guy :P
JediTransmit: Well that plan worked out for them just fine, didn't it
TehAmelie: and that's how we ended up in this game?
AwkwardBirb: Dang humans got it out of hell
cuttlefishman: this guy talks forever
TheWarbo: lol no we don't
cuttlefishman: I hope Dale is being paid per the minute
BlueChloroplast: I love the name "the doom slayer"
mtvcdm: Neat
Amentur: Don't Doomguy. Open Inside.
accountmadeforants: That was the hole story
TehAmelie: nice shot(2)
BlueChloroplast: @cuttlefishman :D
TehAmelie: i can count
Kirkygirl: Sweet. Lovin' the giblets.
TehAmelie: actually meant nice shot(s)
creasehearst: you can do the second mod for the LMG
Kirkygirl: And now black Doom Slayer minifig.
Laurreth: lol now there's talk of tumblr getting sold to pornhub
Kirkygirl: Laurreth, I *know*! What is this world coming to?
Amentur: I think PornHub at least knows how to filter bad porn out of its system. Laurreth
creasehearst: vomiting blood into the ether
TXC2: the Irony of course is that all the "fan Fic" stuff has already left tumblr
TXC2: and probably wont come back
Kirkygirl: Ooh, overpowered sniper!
RebekahWSD: All my fanfics are on AO3 personally
ThatOverKillGuy: tumblr was really never anything good other than fanfics and eritic art wasent it?
creasehearst: well hello there Icon of Sin
TXC2: that and Escher girls
TehAmelie: it's always been a staggeringly reliable source of cute animal gifs
Mangledpixel: mob in-fighting was a thing in the original game too
ThatOverKillGuy: was he trying to eat him
AwkwardBirb: I've found a few artists on there that were good, though I found them outside the site, so...
BlueChloroplast: I mean the MtG story/vorthos community on tumblr was good when I was on it a few years back
Kirkygirl: That was one of my favourite things to do is to get all the mobs fighting each other.
orbitaltuna: "git in mah belleh"
Amentur: Probably hard to interact with coworkers if you are 80% mouth
TheWarbo: is there a lore reason for the infighting? Beyond like "they're demons, it's what they do"?
TehAmelie: they're just blindly aggressive
ThatOverKillGuy: i dont mean, it wasent all bad, i had a tumblr for my twitch/youtube channel, (it didnt go anywhere but i had one) but thats about it
orbitaltuna: "he hit me first" is the lore reason probably
RavingPenguin: Wip anda teaw! uwu
tyrew0rm: I think siege mode is probably more useful, on the gauss
Mangledpixel: TheWarbo I don't know about lore, but programming wise it happens when they get hit with friendly fire, they turn on who shot them
TXC2: the demons in this game infight for the same reason as the Orcs in LotR
TheWarbo: Or I guess, what I really mean is "is there a reason that we haven't seen in-fighting to this point and then *suddenly* we're seeing a lot?"
Kirkygirl: Effective though.
TehAmelie: the final level of Doom 64 is my favorite that's just a giant monster mosh pit you can circle around until they kill each other
bouxdag: i think the monsters fighting eachother was something that happened by accident in the original, they thought it was cool, and kept doing it in all the other games
ThatOverKillGuy: BFG wasted, game over, restart
Amentur: Try shooting a rocket at the symbol in the giant skull
cuttlefishman: why is the music so good in this game
TXC2: because they put a lot of effort into it?
creasehearst: because mick gordon is great
ThatOverKillGuy: because doom has always had good music
tux789: because Mick Gordon thats why
cuttlefishman: Boss?
tux789: it was a tailor made match
AwkwardBirb: Jee I wonder what's going to happen next
tyrew0rm: its probably fine
TehAmelie: blitz?
accountmadeforants: Ah yes, the boss waiting room
jschunx: Yeah, that's a suspicious amount of things
cuttlefishman: seems like a boss
MAPBoardgames: Probably nothing to worry about.
TXC2: yeap this isn't ominous at all Kappa
Kirkygirl: mods, is there a list of rules?
Amentur: Fan fact: Mick Gordon did the music for the tie-in game to Avatar: The last airbender movie
orbitaltuna: if there were item shops in doom it would be here
TXC2: Kirkygirl chat rules come up the first time you post no?
Kerrisis: Boss fight!
Laurreth: right, that chucklefuck
creasehearst: and now for the second boss
jschunx: eww
Kirkygirl: Ohhh-kay, here we go.
TheWarbo: "Hey, it's the thing I wanted...wait, why did it go away?" :-D
JediTransmit: Demon-mech?
MAPBoardgames: That was gross
ThatOverKillGuy: krank is that you
Stoffern: elaborate
accountmadeforants: Aw dang, Hell has mechs?
TheAwkes: Fishmech!
TehAmelie: ooh, a new boi
ThatOverKillGuy: krang*
creasehearst: green orb = shield
creasehearst: probably shouldn't waste ammo on that
ThatOverKillGuy: hes powered by bfg energy
TehAmelie: hmm those worms are everywhere in the trailer for Doom Eternal
JediTransmit: I am not ok with the worms
tyrew0rm: whats the latest on doom eternal anyway?
jschunx: Hopefully they don't all have mech suits too
MAPBoardgames: The rocket launcher seems to do surprisingly little damage compared to the other weapons in James' arsenal.
creasehearst: well done, now do it again!
jschunx: Round 2: FIGHT!
creasehearst: and again!
MAPBoardgames: Round 2... FIGHT!
TheWarbo casts Spark Double
7gorobei: the blender
accountmadeforants: Trogdor and Beyblade, twin guardians
TehAmelie: it's Super Ornstein and Super Ornstein again
creasehearst: at least they share a health bar
TXC2: oh i see, it's the Gargoyle fight Kappa
Stoffern: These bois need to settle down
tyrew0rm: we will soon find out if we can die due to mobs :P
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TheManaLeek: Stretchy stretchy
JediTransmit: Rip and tear!
TehAmelie: [rip and tear intensifies]
plummeting_sloth: press E to pay demonic respect
AwkwardBirb: the game won't let us desecrate the evil altar
sing_o_muse: you are large that means you have large innards rip and tear
ThatOverKillGuy: nice axe
TehAmelie: THIS is a skeleton key
RavingPenguin: bleedpurple200 bonus20 Wip anda teaw! uwu
makeshiftreaper: Isn't there a sword of some kind in Doom Eternal?
JediTransmit: Who were those dudes
creasehearst: the trailer shows doomslayer using a sword in the sequel, yes
MechaKuuga: Rip and Tear sounds like the Doom branded workout video
Amentur: I love the sountrack for this level lrrHEART
TXC2: "I am Vegas"
MAPBoardgames: We? How many people do you got in there?
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: 246 users viewing the stream. 443 users in the chat.
TXC2: a few
makeshiftreaper: Jesus, how high is James' sensitivity?
MAPBoardgames: Good answer TXC
creasehearst: if you power through the game you can complete it tonight
KingXicor: That's 1000x the power of a DeLorean!
creasehearst: well, it's two levels :P
plummeting_sloth: Please save VEGA. It's like literally the only nice thing you meet in the entire game
tux789: why is your internet stupid?
Amentur: Who and what is up next for Play it forward?
Kirkygirl: Shaw or Telus at home, James?
JediTransmit: The internet is fairly stupid in general, I'm on it.
TXC2: is the internet ever not stupid?
TXC2: couldn't be as bad as mine, my internet dies sometimes if the phone is answered :P
tux789: TXC2 are you on dialup?
SajuukSjet: txc2: .... that's called dialup Kappa
TXC2: nope, sky broadband
SajuukSjet: txc2: on a more serious note, that sounds like your xDSL filter is failing
Kirkygirl: Shaw really is kinda dumb sometimes.
TheWarbo: I mean, internet should never die *sometimes* if the phone is answered.
TheWarbo: It's usually an "always" or "never" thing
ThatOverKillGuy: if your done after an hour, is there another person coming on or is that it for now
tux789: is it a weird undervoltage issue?
TStodden: Sounds like you need more line conditioner in your connection.
seth_erickson: have we arrived at the first boss yet
MAPBoardgames: "Upgraded"
TXC2: SajuukSjet probably, it's right under the letterbox, so everything falls onto it :P
SajuukSjet: oh dear :sweat_drop:
ImKevinTheShark: It's almost like they were ecpecting you
mothsafterglow: I dunno if an electric serge is a good idea. He'd have to charge up in the middle of any tournament he was judging...
TXC2: sadly my house is from the 60's and that's where the phone jack is
Kirkygirl: House cleaning!
TheWarbo: there's a powerup that James is missing, right?
Amentur: That dude is fighting the good fight
creasehearst: berserk invuln
plummeting_sloth: don't you still ahve some Use BFG to kill a bunch of folks challenges?
TXC2: are....are we helping the AI to kill themselves ?
Amentur: That mancubus is jammin
ThatOverKillGuy: DANCE PARTY
orbitaltuna: untz untz untz
makeshiftreaper: I guess his fist is in the eye of the beholder
mothsafterglow: HAH
BlueChloroplast: @makeshiftreaper :D
TheWarbo: James "360 no-scope except there's a scope" Turner
SajuukSjet: txc2: if you ever end up having an engineer out, get them to replace the socket :)
ImKevinTheShark: @makeshiftreaper Thats why he named his fist "Beauty"
orbitaltuna: also not 360
Kirkygirl: You know what enemies I absolutely hate? The Pain Elementals and the Renevant.
TehAmelie: "i'm gonna take his face. . .off"
TheWarbo: i think a blue security clearance is required
TehAmelie: "with my fist"
TXC2: SajuukSjet oh good idea
makeshiftreaper: @ImKevinTheShark So if his dick "The Beast" then every time he jerks of it's his own personal disney movie
ImKevinTheShark: Precisely.
TXC2: chat pls
TehAmelie: pain elementals and everything that produces more enemies are the worst. no wonder i never beat Doom 2
ImKevinTheShark: A beautiful romance "Tale as old as time
BlueChloroplast: @makeshiftreaper 0_o :D
TheWarbo: that's...that's not how temperature works
TheWarbo: my poor brain
klaxxxon: bfg'em
makeshiftreaper: @TheWarbo Bro, they literally get electricity from hell and transport it back to Earth. I don't think regular physics applies
ImKevinTheShark: Cmon James, find the powerup now that you've killed them all
tux789: I like the idea that they just did an IRL drain the nether plan for power
ImKevinTheShark: Chainsaw?
Amentur: Possibly both, Tehbeard
mothsafterglow: Jesus: "Yes my so... HOLY HELL WHAT DID YOU DO!?!??"
ThatOverKillGuy: i dont remember how much more he has to finish
creasehearst: this level and the next
ThatOverKillGuy: aH OK
TXC2: so we might finish today?
ThatOverKillGuy: maybe
creasehearst: below there, but otherwise correct
makeshiftreaper: Bottom floor is the entrance to the last room
Amentur: Might be cuting it close
creasehearst: the top bar is a compass
Crad0k: it's on your compass
Amentur: You need to be lower to get the last one, James
TXC2: point being, James was scheduled to play this into next week
orbitaltuna: any idea who's playing what after james?
cuttlefishman: James is going to speedrun this next
cuttlefishman: obv
MAPBoardgames: I wasn't paying attention. Why are we killing VEGA again?
TheWarbo: I really love the idea that some programmer had to write a an error handler to put "meltdown in progress" into the text-to-speech output
Crad0k: that was a lift... it had a button...
nbinney: killing Vega will send Slayer back to hell
TheWarbo: rail shooter imminent?
makeshiftreaper: I love how every time there's a problem Hayden says "Please don't smash this one" and then doomguy does it anyway
creasehearst: james is very skilled at not seeing the button prompts
Amentur: VEGA needs to die because we need to head into hell again
MAPBoardgames: So, contrived reason #7?
ThatOverKillGuy: vega is the final boss in doom 2
TXC2: if we want to go to hell surely we should die no? Kappa
TheWarbo: VEGA's powersupply is what's giving us our 1.21 jiggawatts
TheWarbo: what's going to give, rather
makeshiftreaper: @MAPBoardgames Does any of the plot really matter in this game? It's just more reason to rip and tear
creasehearst: we need to open a portal to hell, which means more argent energy, and vega has the last bit of it, so we need to kill him to get it
ThatOverKillGuy: just remember guys, hell energy is sterile
MAPBoardgames: @makeshiftreaper No, the plot makes no difference.
TXC2: of course not James, boosts have to earned Kappa
Amentur: I believe in Eternal they are aiming to make lore have more sense to it
MAPBoardgames: Sigh... I Guess I'll use the BFG... If I have to...
ImKevinTheShark: Please be patient. A Stalemate Associate will be with you shortly to resolve the Core memory Transfer
TheWarbo: what's that thing on the highest suspended crate?
plummeting_sloth: ahah, of course
cuttlefishman: haha
Amentur: lrrAWESOME
ThatOverKillGuy: i could of told you, but i like to sere people suffer
JediTransmit: Daisy
Crad0k: yeah, i was pretty sure there was something in this room, but i thought i might have been mixing it up with a differet one
TheWarbo: I mean, he wasn't really reading chat during the fight anyway
Amentur: I love how 80/90s this scene is
TheWarbo: it's not the kind of game where you can do that, really
MatthewDennisMTG: so i'm confused; is Samuel Hayden on our side, or?
sivakrytos: i mean, like, if i wasn't looking for a fight, maybe i wouldn't be playing doom? just sayin
seth_erickson: he's technically on our side
cheetoJack: seabatBRAIN
creasehearst: hayden is on his own side
Crad0k: MatthewDennisMTG *definitely* 'or'
MAPBoardgames: That needs to grow spider legs and miniguns.
TheWarbo: As doomguy...not really looking for a fight. As James...yeah, that is kinda why to play this game
TXC2: oh Gods I watched the end of space odyssey the other day, Christ on a bike does that movie go on too long
MatthewDennisMTG: "got it"
creasehearst: which currently coincides with our side
seth_erickson: but still wants to harness hells energy
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makeshiftreaper: Hayden is pro-hell energy but anti-demons, doomguy is just anti-hell in general
nbinney: I thought it was a real missed opportunity to make this the Spider Mastermind
Amentur: Now VEGA is on this handy USB stick lrrHEART
JediTransmit: Good guy Doomguy
Crad0k: i like that little moment of saving vega
JediTransmit: Just plug Vega into a 486 from 1994 or something.
TehAmelie: see that's Hayden's problem, he thinks you can have hell energy without demons
ImKevinTheShark: You can tell we're in the future because it took seconds to back up All of Vega into that Stick Drive
creasehearst: the backup of vega is a plot point i hope will be addressed in Eternal
creasehearst: possibly as a suit AI of some sort
TehAmelie: starting to sound pretty final level
MAPBoardgames: For good? or for Awesome?
BlueChloroplast: Give VEGA a vacation, let them play Commodor 64 games :p
plummeting_sloth: As I said, of course you save VEGA. It's the only thing in this godforsaken game that's been in anyway nice to us
nbinney: Vega and DoomGuy as Cortana and Master Chief
creasehearst: this is indeed the final level
ThatOverKillGuy: ya know when they say GO TO HELL they didnt mean it litterally
sivakrytos: doomguy is kinda like john wick, or liam neeson in taken. he's not looking for a fight, but he's also not _not_ looking for a fight
seth_erickson: Is this the place with the massive dead demon or did we pass that.
nbinney: @seth_erickson I think that was earlier
makeshiftreaper: @sivakrytos I don't know about that. I imagine doomguy really gets off on killing demons
TehAmelie: probably not the fifth weirdest way one of their buddies had died today
nbinney: i think thats the 2nd time you go to hell
seth_erickson: ahh man that's like my favorite area
creasehearst: this is the third time
sivakrytos: @makeshiftreaper like i said, not _not_ looking for a fight
ImKevinTheShark: This is a nice place they've got here
TehAmelie: Hell is a harsh place
ImKevinTheShark: They've lit some candles for you and everything
Tehbeard: The AC bill is horrendous though @ImKevinTheShark
Amentur: No we would have had to go left at the flaming skulls, seth_erickson
IncredibleFrown: doomguy probably isn't seeking fights because he's confident he doesn't have to
BlueChloroplast: @ImKevinTheShark and set up a bath …. of fire
Amentur: Twitch encoder is working overtime :D
sivakrytos: i used the comparisons i did for a reason
TehAmelie: he doesn't want to "fight", he just wants to kill the demons until they stop taking over the world
ImKevinTheShark: I'm just imagining the tender little demon going round lighting them all, just thinking "DoomGuy is gonna flippin love this. He gonna be so impressed"
TheWarbo: hey he found the power up!
Tehbeard: not so much rip and tear as punch and gibsplosion
nbinney: god, this game is so fucking good
MAPBoardgames: Just a bit of the ol' ultra violence?
makeshiftreaper: Imagine being the buy who has to clean doomguy's armor after a crusade
makeshiftreaper: guy*
AwkwardBirb: @ImKevinTheShark "Hey, shrill imp. Stop making this place hospitable to our worse nightmare."
cuttlefishman: I don't think Doom guys armour is cleaned
cuttlefishman: it just sorta... encrusts
AwkwardBirb: also can confirm, this game is super well designed.
TehAmelie: it's easier to buy a new one
creasehearst: "Viscera Cleanup Detail version DOOM"
makeshiftreaper: @cuttlefishman Looked pretty clean when he put it on in the first level
cuttlefishman: like layers of smuckers jam
cuttlefishman: more and more jam
Admiralmatt: @creasehearst I actually want to see that
BlueChloroplast: Viscerta Cleanup Dooom-ty?
orbitaltuna: pinkie goo everywhere
Tehbeard: @creasehearst there's an E1M1 level for it on the worksshop
Amentur: I wonder what the "Jesus!" counter is for this playthrough lrrAWESOME
ThatOverKillGuy: rip
Admiralmatt: !death
klaxxxon: Clever demon, that one
makeshiftreaper: The next demon on doomguy's list? Gravity.
ThatOverKillGuy: platform master
Admiralmatt: lrrAWW
Himyul: wait, weren't you playing on ironman mode?
TXC2: Gravity: our one weakness
ThatOverKillGuy: but gravity was a good movie
BrowneePoints: Obligatory *James is good at games* joke here
creasehearst: jump across
ImKevinTheShark: Oh hey! powerups!
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IncredibleFrown: one might even suggest it'll be eternal
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ImKevinTheShark: I feel like that quad damage wasnt used very effectively
Amentur: Still better than finding it after the fight
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ImKevinTheShark: Very true amentur
Amentur: lrrHORN lrrSPOOP lrrHORN
ImKevinTheShark: The music is very adaptive. It's really something special
creasehearst: probably not worth it worrying about the challenges at this point
Akawano9918: Finally can catch a stream :)
BlueChloroplast: @Akawano9918 yaaaay!
TXC2: hello Akawano9918 welcome
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat, how are the Chronicles of Doomguy going?
RavingPenguin: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
mtvcdm: In Discord news, we've just added a #travel channel to the server, so if that appeals to you and you're not yet in the LRR Discord, we have that now.
Amentur: We are nearing the end, TheMerricat. Only a few more fights left to doot
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
creasehearst: remember to chaingun for ammo
AmoriLinguae: How's the glory killing going?
CrazymattCaptain: you could use the bfg more
ThatOverKillGuy: this is the last level to be honest
creasehearst: eh, the bfg is worth more on the last boss, since it allows for stunning and ammo regen
ThatOverKillGuy: i fully understand
Amentur: The good thing about the BFG is that it doesn't just do damage on hit but also while flying
Crad0k: i think it's that the game isn't balanced well for easy mode
Mangledpixel: !findquote butt
LRRbot: Quote #813: "Catherine: Not a butt." —Heather [2015-10-09]
cuttlefishman: such cheek
CrazymattCaptain: your playstyle is very much "I have a shotgun! let me you it to you!"
creasehearst: whatwhat? demonbutt!
BlueChloroplast: @cuttlefishman :D
TheWarbo: !findquote findquote
LRRbot: Quote #279: "!findquote dickbutt" —Trippzen [2015-05-16]
ThatOverKillGuy: 15 minutes till that hard cut
TheWarbo: not that one lrrbot
TheWarbo: !findquote findquote butts
cuttlefishman: very close
Crad0k: if that
cuttlefishman: its a short game also
Amentur: 1 arena fight, endboss and very well made credits
creasehearst: you need to get the last charge for your key, and then the end boss
Himyul: is a this a classic "oh yeah, you're almost done Kappa " moment?
makeshiftreaper: James is literally in hell and keeps calling out Jesus, I'm not quite sure he can hear you all the way down there
CommiePuddin: *hums doom song happily*
MAPBoardgames: If you go on to another Play It Forward, maybe you can do the classic levels.
Amentur: Gir's doom song, CommiePuddin ?
ThatOverKillGuy: play it again, but on the hardest difficulty
Crad0k: that would have been a good time for the bfg
TXC2: "you keep saying that word, I do not think it means what you think it means>"
Amentur: The hardest is somewhat stupid for being a one life run
ThatOverKillGuy: thats why i dont like the BFG not on the weapon wheel i barely used it
cuttlefishman: Was that... the Dr?
ThatOverKillGuy: that was hot
Amentur: Hi Olivia
plummeting_sloth: why oh why did the demons betray me. This is a thing that has never happened before
TXC2: yeap this i'll be fine
canoecrasher: Bye Felicia
Crad0k: nnnnnnnot great, but also...
TheWarbo: wait, you're telling me that the demons deceived you!? that's so unlike them
creasehearst: and final boss times
Crad0k: spider mastermind
creasehearst: krang got swole
Tehbeard: Crab...Demon?
AwkwardBirb: this is why no making deals with demons
IncredibleFrown: b r a i n s p i d e r
MAPBoardgames: Check out the big brain on this guy!
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Elephant gun is effective against scientists.
TXC2: "Sheader, MY body!"
Bezekric: Oh hi Krang
ThatOverKillGuy: oh god i keep forgetting how awesome this looks
wildpeaks: lrrbot on point
Alness49: So, is there any mods that light this thing on fire and give it a clown nose?
MrSVCD: This is a classic Doom bos
ThatOverKillGuy: BFG
MrSVCD: *boss
Anubis169: travLIGHT somebody call?
ImKevinTheShark: Oh hey! its Metroid!
TXC2: Anubis169 different kind of mod
Amentur: I still find it crazy how you can pretty much facetank so much boss damage on this difficulty
wildpeaks: yes, we appear to have a robot spider infestation
TXC2: also hi
BlueChloroplast: @Alness49 :D
tyrew0rm: shoot the squishy bit
Amentur: Hey Anubis169 lrrAWESOME /
Anubis169: 'supsup
plummeting_sloth: nothing says final boss like a game of "the floor is lava"
makeshiftreaper: @Amentur What difficulty is this, lowest?
ImKevinTheShark: Grenades?
Amentur: Yes, makeshiftreaper
TheWarbo: !findquote spider
LRRbot: Quote #5444: "Do Kangaroos start as Spiders?" —Paul [2018-10-26]
CrazymattCaptain: final boss ans you choose the shotgun instead of rockets
IncredibleFrown: i can't believe this is what baby kangaroos look like
ThatOverKillGuy: this is a way better fight than the original doom
TXC2: it's a powerful shotgun
Anubis169: so i heard there was some teenGRAMZ in here that needed exterminating?
Crad0k: i love how she's increasingly 'my brain hurts, my life is pain' as you whittle her down
TXC2: wow the rocket launcher is doing stone nothing
ThatOverKillGuy: that would be me @Anubis169
MAPBoardgames: Pistol!
IncredibleFrown: too bad about that bfg though :v
BlueChloroplast: chainsaaaw
ImKevinTheShark: Niiiice
ThatOverKillGuy: gooy
TXC2: Groody
Amentur: elfunkChunk
creasehearst: and now, the sequel setup
BlueChloroplast: or splody works too
cuttlefishman: So... if you've time, we should show you how to circumvent that guy really easily
TXC2: wait, he's a robot?
cuttlefishman: The BFG is quite... OP in a specific way in the speedrun
Crad0k: have they still not patched that bug?
cuttlefishman: He's a very advanced cyborg @TXC2
TXC2: I see
makeshiftreaper: I think they patched that BFG glitch out and so speeedruns are on a specific version
PsychoI3oy: This will make a fine addition to my collection
cuttlefishman: Did they?
ArcOfTheConclave: Yes you are
Caldurin: Sounds like something a villain would say
TXC2: Our time is now!
TheWarbo: that's...that's exactly what villains say
RebekahWSD: D:
creasehearst: big sword!
Amentur: Now for some of the best made credits
MAPBoardgames: Roll credits!
Tehbeard: So it's a lightsaber, with the opening text crawl in demon letters?
BlueChloroplast: I mean it LOOKED like a sword hilt
wildpeaks: you did it \o/
tux789: hey what if we made like a really cool keyblade
MatthewDennisMTG: i'm confused...is this a bad ending? are there multiple endings?
TheMerricat: bleedpurple100 I am not the villain of this story, but that's OK - you'll kill me in the sequel anyway! bleedpurple100 bonus20
ImKevinTheShark: This game just looks so damn good.
TXC2: wait, sean bean?
Amentur: Put Doomguy in Kingdom Hearts you cowards!
Crad0k: only ending, it's a sequel hook
BlueChloroplast: @TheMerricat :D
ThatOverKillGuy: 5 minutes to spair
tehlordofelves: Did you know that Doomguy is actually bj blazkowicz's grandson?
cuttlefishman: Who's on Deck for Forward?
RebekahWSD: Yeah, that was quick!
creasehearst: now you continue with Doom VFR :P
Himyul: I want a doomguy / Kratos crossover. Who would out-edgelord the other?
creasehearst: might need some VR equipment though
MAPBoardgames: Who's next for PIF?
sivakrytos: ripping and/or tearing through the game
TXC2: took 9 hours
TehAmelie: now we gotta do it on Ultra Vilence
ImKevinTheShark: Now you can go do multiplayer?
1losttheGame: heard it here first: Doom is easier than Yoshi Kappa
accountmadeforants: Play It Forward - Speedrun (Any%) - 9 hours | Nightbook
CataclysmicReverb: Normal's about the same time
ImKevinTheShark: 3 Boss fights felt like enough though
TheMerricat: All the reviews of the game that I remember reading praised how well the game kept you moving and the action flowing vs modern games
ThatOverKillGuy: i hope they add a voice to doom guy in infernal
SajuukSjet: definitely showing some lessons learned from the Golden Age of FPSs
sivakrytos: doom guy does not need a voice
makeshiftreaper: The zero punctuation review really praised for not including things like reloading to make the game flow well
SajuukSjet: Quake III Arena, Ut'99
JediTransmit: I just want the original Doomgun on pile of imps pose.
ThatOverKillGuy: i just want him to say, FUCK YOU or something
MrSVCD: bleedpurple1000 bonus100 Doom 1 next?
seth_erickson: I believe so
Crad0k: it felt like the 40k space marine game should have felt
AwkwardBirb: iirc yeah
creasehearst: doom eternal is currently scheduled for the end of 2019
Amentur: The whole constant moving thing is rather oldschool
makeshiftreaper: @ThatOverKillGuy His fists do that well enough
BlueChloroplast: loved having sound effects for the sound people credits
ImKevinTheShark: Doom: Origins ? a nice prequel story?
AwkwardBirb: @Amentur that's not a bad thing
wildpeaks: neat
TXC2: ooooooh!
Admiralmatt: lrrAWESOME
JediTransmit: There we go
MrSVCD: neat!
ZethRuss: nice :)
cuttlefishman: Bit longer, yes
ZethRuss: I love that game
ThatOverKillGuy: damn it i wont be able to watch im currently starting that
TheWarbo: Are you as suspicious about Cori saying she'll play HZD as you were of Adam?
PandasAndPancakes: <message deleted>Our mother is the mountain
JediTransmit: No VA for Doomguy?
AmoriLinguae: me too @ThatOverKillGuy
kat2kool: Horizon Zero Dob you say
Amentur: AwkwardBirb, did not imply it being bad. Love the Dooms. Even 3 for what it is
RavingPenguin: So.. Time for uhhh... one more?
Himyul: didn't Adam play that all the way through though?
PandasAndPancakes: Sorry mods, I thought Adam had brought that to meme status, my bad.
TXC2: Himyul nope
wildpeaks: I thought so, didn't he also play the dlcs ?
TehAmelie: that game has sooo many things. even if you're trying to speedwalk it you can lose 50 hours picking roots and falling into secret dungeons and crap
ZethRuss: but just to make sure, when you say horizon you mean sveda, right ?
accountmadeforants: wildpeaks He didn't play the DLC, no. But he did complete the main game.
TXC2: Adam has TRIED to play it all the way, but he hasn't (on stream at least)
wildpeaks: ah I see
TehAmelie: hi Cori
TXC2: Hello Cori
kat2kool: Hai Cori!
CataclysmicReverb: So... Minecraft?
cuttlefishman: Right now
cuttlefishman: start now
Amentur: Hello Cori lrrHEART
BlueChloroplast: HAi cori!
orbitaltuna: horizon zero dawn is going to take a while
siderealmemories: Cool!
AwkwardBirb: no you hunt dinosaurs, sorry
ritchards: Jelly that I can't play HZD
TXC2: thanks for streaming James
TehAmelie: if you kill enough robo dinosaurs you become one, that's science
klaxxxon: GG, bye James
redbannanas: yay james
kat2kool: to hunt the dino, you must become the dino
TheMerricat: bleedpurple100 Just registering that I am really loving this new series format. bleedpurple100 bonus20
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting War of the Spark! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (3:59 from now).
IncredibleFrown: i thought i was a doom but it turned out i was just a mood
redbannanas: hurray friday night paper fight!!
cuttlefishman: Who's drafting?
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page. https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/events
TheWarbo: Do we know the six players for the WAR draft?
cuttlefishman: Is this draft going to be better than your draft yesterday?
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh!
kat2kool: WAR hat draft when? lrrBEEJ
1losttheGame: i really like this format
tenthtechpriest: that's 3 more games than you expected to beat!
accountmadeforants: 30-50 hours, I think?
cuttlefishman: 25hr, right?
TheWarbo: HZD will probably also have more chat slowdown, right?
cuttlefishman: depends if any off-screen
TheWarbo: Doom didn't leave you that much time to get distracted by us.
TehAmelie: there are potentially choices chat could input on
TheHaCoFo: Get someone to start pathfinder. lrrGOAT
Amentur: Very much depends on how much Cori wants to do side stuff
redbannanas: lrrgoat
AugmentingPath: Collect every coffee mug!
ThatOverKillGuy: thanks for fun, best birthday so far
TXC2: lets be clear here chat, the "Choices" chat is going to guide Cori to are ALL the Sarcasm ones
Mangledpixel: perhaps for more action-ey games on this show you could have a co-host?
cuttlefishman: Can we have Gibb play a game
Simonark: I mean, that's mostly Horizon: Zero Dawn too, you're fighting a lot.
cuttlefishman: Gibb must've something in queue
TXC2: I didn't for endgame Kappa
ThatOverKillGuy: the after credit scene is a spoiler for end game tho
TehAmelie: if Revolver Ocelot is in it i won't be surprised at all
TheMerricat: @TXC2 how can we guide her to the path she was going to choose herself? :-P
cuttlefishman: Pistachio?
redbannanas: gibb playes idle app store games
Alness49: Gibb plays Frog Fractions
kat2kool: Gibb should play the magical cards on stream
redbannanas: pistachio doesnt have time for game
Himyul: Gibb plays the Quivering
Simonark: Gibb on Minesweeper Classic.
TheWarbo: I meant less "chat will have things to tell Cori" and more "Cori won't be as constantly in-a-fight-too-busy-to-read-chat" Often, but not constantly.
BlueChloroplast: Just Dance?
TXC2: TheMerricat by Validating her choices
accountmadeforants: Get someone to play I Wanna Be The Boshy Kappa
Amentur: Minesweeper is more of a game than most afk games
TehAmelie: how did that Clicker Heroes game go that you started like 5 years ago James?
TXC2: Come on chat, Gibb would play a Comandore64 game
TheMerricat: no glory kills?
kat2kool: I'm guessing pretty fair if you're determined
TehAmelie: pistol only, permadeath?
MAPBoardgames: Gibb plays Cmdr. Keen?
Simonark: Robert Altman? I thought he was death.
TXC2: or the realm grinder game we started last novmeber
ThatOverKillGuy: did i not mentio0n this game has 5 hour long credits like mighty number 9
TStodden: Pistachio would play an Excel game.
creasehearst: considering it has infinite ammo, probably far, as long as you're not too useless at dodging stuff :P
head_cannon: People played the classic games Pistol-Only, so I kind of assume that someone's done it with this game.
Amentur: Mighty number 9 has such long credits?
cuttlefishman: I remember a friend having a party to stream the Mighty No. 9 credits
RayFK: Or 10 columns of names
Simonark: They had an executive chef!
RayFK: Cowards
cuttlefishman: Mighty No. 9 credits are like... hour?
Zath_: three columns, but a third as fast
TheWarbo: Put names in columns, you cowards
tyrew0rm: I liked that starcraft 2 had 7 columns
BlueChloroplast: @Simonark HUH
TehAmelie: or scroll at a speed people can barely read
IncredibleFrown: or, one name per column
TStodden: Mighty Number 9 took like 2 hours.
accountmadeforants: Or overlapping columns, use that third dimension
Thoth7: they would also be faster if they didn't credit literally everyone who works at every single company or division who was involved in the publication of the game
redbannanas: james you better be memerising all these names
RayFK: Also all credits should have the "Community Manager" be in HUGE FUCK OFF LETTERS FOR DEALING WITH PEOPLE'S BULLSHIT
karmakamikaze: Mighty No 9 credits included all the kickstarter backers though, right? That's going to add some time
Zebunisher: sooooo...OneMore?
TheWarbo: Is this now a James Reads The Credits stream?
cuttlefishman: ^
TXC2: it's like the credits from hot shots, where theres just a resicple for noodle soup
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Simonark: Financial Accountant, unlike those non-financial ones.
accountmadeforants: We better get a Special Thanks ...And you!
TehAmelie: Lord of the Rings had the names of every single member of the FANCLUB. but they packed them tight
redbannanas: james you better be memerising all these names!
ritchards: Legal Counselor... Illegal Counselor!!!
BlueChloroplast: @RayFK agree
Amentur: One more year until 69, Godeke lrrAWESOME
tux789: Questionably leagal counselor
kat2kool: there will be a test. the answer is to shoot it
TheMerricat: Benelux? That's a made up place.
mothsafterglow: Zenimax Luxembourg, Zenimax Estonia, Zenimax Democratic Republic of the Congo....
tux789: camp couselor
creasehearst: you'll need to enter them all into doom eternal to be able to play it
Simonark: And every one of these people was unable to see their children for three months in crunch time.
TheWarbo: I mean we are kinda on Zemimax Luxembourg right now
Mangledpixel: if you fail the test you won't be allowed to play the sequel
Amentur: Benelux is Belhium, Netherland, and Luxemberg
TStodden: If there's a Zenimax Snorsh, I'm out.
accountmadeforants: Eternal
seth_erickson: Doom Eternal
PsychoI3oy: the any% speedrun for this game is 22 minutes, wonder if it's faster than the credits
AwkwardBirb: Doom Eternal
creasehearst: Doom Eternal
creasehearst: and no release date set yet
AugmentingPath: Eterno
Ukon_vasara: the real hell was the credits all along Wowee
seth_erickson: looking pretty good though
creasehearst: but Rage 2 soon
redbannanas: james if you were stuck on an island and you could only bring 5 video games wich ones wood they be?
IncredibleFrown: i mean after a given point it's less about telling the consumer who the staff was and more so that... *squints* daniele tamagni can point at this and say "i worked on that" and the game will back her up
mothsafterglow: Zenimax Mars, Zenimax Hell....
TehAmelie: hey Cameron
TXC2: Hello Cameron
Amentur: It's not soon so I guess around October?
redbannanas: yes you do?
redbannanas: but only to play the games
accountmadeforants: Magical internet that only works for those games
TehAmelie: you have the internet, but no keyboard
TXC2: at that point you're just on Hawii no?
redbannanas: sure
kat2kool: but no voice chat
ritchards: How does Cori's time work with Adam's Gamehouse?
TheWarbo: If were were stuck on an island with 100 people...
IncredibleFrown: you're exiled to a desert island but you get to bring five games?
karmakamikaze: First pick: Any online game with an ingame browser.
TheMerricat: Fork knife. :-P
ThatOverKillGuy: id say overwatch
creasehearst: Rage 2 on May 14th
tenthtechpriest: can he contact people through the game for help?
ritchards: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 1:10 PM
tux789: Mexican audio? hey now
RayFK: Really? How often you playing that these days?
Bezekric: You can play WoW but there's no one else playing :P
head_cannon: Internet, but only to play games. And you're not allowed to ask fellow players to send help & rescue you.
Romanator0: surprised he didn't snap say minecraft
RayFK: He says just finishing Doom Kappa
Simonark: You're allowed to ask, but you're on.. like... a garbage server where noone will even help you with fetch quests, let alone alert the authorities to aid you
TheWarbo: "If I were on an island I couldn't escape, I'd bring the game about fighting people on an island I can't escape"
tyrew0rm: Guild wars 2, civ 5, magic arena, minecraft, starcraft 2
TehAmelie: how many more years do the game have in it? is the question for multiplayer games
redbannanas: why did you assume it had to be a dessert island it could be a tropical island
CrazymattCaptain: solitare
Godeke: Modded Skyrim
kat2kool: dark souls
Himyul: pokemon go. You'd have the gyms to yourself
Unas84: No Man's Sky? you could literalyl play that forever
Simonark: I assume Desert is usually short for "Deserted"?
Nogrid: magic shandalar
TStodden: Internet on a deserted island would be satellite based & have an average ping time of 3000ms (I'm not kidding on that lag).
MrSVCD: yakuza game since they have alot of stuff in them
Unas84: yeah I can see that
Unas84: relaxing exploring and building
BlueChloroplast: @TStodden ooh! Disco mini game!
BlueChloroplast: I mean @MrSVCD
IncredibleFrown: maybe something with an interesting speedrun
Saulens181: aaaand i missed it.
redbannanas: now what if the island didnt have internet
MAPBoardgames: Hey! 2 columns!
Simonark: Yeah, that's what it is at our cottage, and that's not completely deserted.
tux789: deserted island with optic fibre
Saulens181: how did the Doom go?
Himyul: WoW has chat systems. Could you ask someone to send help?
TXC2: 2 columns, still some waiting
Unas84: Shandalar!
AugmentingPath: So you're trapped on a Desert Bus island...
TehAmelie: Shandalar does get boring after a few years can confirm
TheWarbo: I mean the point of this question is not to be entirely realistic
redbannanas: also you have a friend to play with
RayFK: Solitaire mother fuckers
RayFK: Can't lose
Nenluen: Microprose MTG :)
Saulens181: the number 1 desert island game is Dwarf Fortress
head_cannon: Yeah, Shandalar. You'd learn the 4th Edition rules. It'd be great.
ThatOverKillGuy: <3 james
Amentur: Minesweeper. I have around 30k games played on that
TXC2: thanks for streaming James
TXC2: !next
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redbannanas: thanks james
TXC2: !patreon
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Zebunisher: cya
mtvcdm: Discord now with new #travel channekl!
BlueChloroplast: w000t! <3
accountmadeforants: Bye!
Amentur: Thanks for the DOOTS, James lrrHEART
TXC2: !twitter
ritchards: !next
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BlueChloroplast: lrrHEART lrrHEART
redbannanas: we miss you alredy
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody!
Amentur: Bye TXC2
masta2505: !next
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TehAmelie: i'd go with No Man's Sky, FF6, Night in the Woods, Everything, and Minecraft
TehAmelie: no Dark Souls? nah you know what, i think after 20 years on a desert island i'm going to look back on my 1800 hours in Dark Souls and think not taking it with me here was the single best decision i made in my life