Weagle: USPS package has been in between processing centers since Sunday night, whee
rf232: grmbl, i orderd tshirts on a polish website, said they'd ship from within the EU, and now i get a DHL tracking showing they are shipping from the USA
Weagle: Bleh
rf232: i surely hope they won't add import duties to my stuff now
Weagle: On both distance and DHL
Weagle: (I have not had good experiences with DHL
Weagle: Losing a package containing lots of Christmas related things including presents will do that
CaptainSpam: It is now five minutes to Mine.
TXC2: Hello Everybody!
Weagle: Heyo
RebelliousUno: Are you ready to mine some clocks?
NightValien28: we sure are
DarkMorford: benginHype
TXC2: yes?
Weagle: Sure, why not
RebelliousUno: has that loaded icons this time
RebelliousUno: there we go
Coolhand2: there it goes
starwarsthx1138: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are back in the world of Modded Minecraft. We're playing Paths of Magic 3! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:00 AM PDT (2m ago).
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL
TheAinMAP: Signal.
TXC2: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
DarkMorford: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
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CaptainSpam: At the tone, the time will be Mine O' Clock, exactly.
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Serifina: Good morning, everyone.
DentedPockets: It is morning
SergeYager: Morning :)
TXC2: hello Serifina and SergeYager
DarkMorford: Hm, what would that be... "RebelliousUno-san mo housou shimasu"? I'd have to get a dictionary.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James is live with Serge and Uno playing some modded Minecraft. Paths of Magic 3 to be exact :D It's got MAGIC! You'd be foolish not to watch. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1128330129854189569
Serifina: @loadingreadyrun Did you happen to update the server to the latest pack version? :)
TXC2: DarkMorford just use google translate Kappa
SergeYager: We're on 1.10
Serifina: Awesome.
rf232: MC 1.10?
TXC2: no the mod pack
Serifina: No, pack version 1.10
BasilBrushOff: hi friends!
Cepsys: hello and good day to all!
TXC2: hello BasilBrushOff and Cepsys welcome
Xed_Regulus: Happy Minecraft Tuesday!
rucdoc: everything is fine
AnimeKitty: oh good I'm not too late sergeHi
mcguffer10: Wooo hoooooo
mcguffer10: Yes!
mcguffer10: Wooo wooo
Koshindan: sergeHi
josh_le_crafter: Hello friends!
josh_le_crafter: benjam40Haw benjam40Yee
mcguffer10: retrom5Lel
jessieimproved: Quality! Minecraft! Content!
mcguffer10: retrom5Party retrom5Party retrom5Party retrom5Party retrom5Party retrom5Party
TXC2: hello AnimeKitty and Koshindan and josh_le_crafter welcome
SergeYager: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw benjam40Haw benjam40Haw benjam40Haw benjam40Haw
SAJewers: pinkkiHatHi
SergeYager: These emotes are so. loud.
AnimeKitty: Lol
TemporallyAwry: sergeHi finally back with a solid internet connection ~ woohoo
TXC2: loud emotes for a loud boi
Serifina: kathle3TRI
mcguffer10: Wooo
josh_le_crafter: These emotes are benjam40Haw t
mcguffer10: lol
TXC2: Here we GO!
AnimeKitty: Here we goooo!!
Serifina: Booo
CaptainSpam: noooooo
AnimeKitty: nooooo
DarkMorford: Yike.
Cepsys: womp womp :(
orbitaltuna: oh dear
StarlitGhost: uhoh
TheAinMAP: katesAir ?
Serifina: (At the joke)
RomanGoro: Oh boy
BasilBrushOff: ow my ears
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: BibleThump
JoeKim: uhh
josh_le_crafter: RIP intro?
r_craddz: ooh no!!
TXC2: wait for the drop Kappa
SAJewers: pinkkiFine
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JoeKim: glad that's not just me
malsareus: ouch my ears
CaptainSpam: There! Intro complete!
josh_le_crafter: :( :( :(
TXC2: boo, boo indeed
kerbalized_: yikes
EDog444: What’s up
Kikazi: Seems like a problem
Serifina: God morning James.
mcguffer10: Wooo wooo
TXC2: Hello James
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BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: back: up intro.
map_wtf: 1.14 intro?
mcguffer10: Woop woop
Thylian1: hey James
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brainbosh: James audio also bad. :(
SAJewers: fropping frames?
SAJewers: dropping*
DentedPockets: Audio still going goofy on my end.
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Kikazi: Light the Paul signal! lrrSLOTH
TXC2: and now James is broken?
Mysticman89: you were also broken for a moment there
orbitaltuna: there was some weird blips
foxycrochet: hey James hey chat
josh_le_crafter: Is james a robot?
Xed_Regulus: Audio back to normal
StarlitGhost: you're fine now
JoeKim: yeah. full audio spitting
StarlitGhost: but yeah
Cepsys: doing ok now that the intro isn't playing in the background
DarkMorford: Seems back to normal now.
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stevestein: Looking forward to this week's episode of James Breaks The Stream!
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Mangledpixel: looks like OBS was on the fritz for a bit
josh_le_crafter: Audio is normalized... for now
BirchFade: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:09.
r_craddz: audio was dropping but fine now
Mysticman89: reminds me of the lets nope thing awhile ago, where restarting sorted stuff?
TXC2: OBS is for streaming in the podcast office
Thylian1: Xsplit LUL
josh_le_crafter: Wheeler emotes are amazing
Mangledpixel: ah, I thought you'd switched across the board
Thylian1: OBS LUL
BirchFade: seven mins or seven hours?
AnimeKitty: lrrFINE lrrFINE
josh_le_crafter: benjam40Yee T
SAJewers: maybe try switching to wirecast, see if that helps Kappa
DarkMorford: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 55:08. lrrSPOT
Wenchypoos: woot, livestream time :)
mcguffer10: <message deleted>Wel!
Serifina: I'm alive.
josh_le_crafter: !findquote ho
LRRbot: Quote #4552: "Ho ho holy shit" —Cameron [2017-12-16]
TXC2: ^
AnimeKitty: I have no idea what that is :)
BirchFade: hey serifina!
mcguffer10: <message deleted>Cuss?
stevestein: Have you tried downloading RealPlayer 7?
TXC2: I am Very tired :P
mcguffer10: <message deleted>Do you cuss?
Serifina: @birchfade yyyyyeeeeeessssss?
Thylian1: tmhkOmega
josh_le_crafter: Are we sacrificing Uno?
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Kraest: Three years?! That's 94,608,000 seconds! 8D
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AnimeKitty: Greet Serifina :)
Thylian1: I used to have realplayer installed LUL
DarkMorford: Audio out of sync for anyone else?
Serifina: Yes I do!
BirchFade: @serifina just saying hey and that you're awesome
zuchen_120: Hiiiii! At work, seems like a good chill stream for my headphones.
AnimeKitty: Cause she's very good people!
Distrei: Why does MTGA do this to me... half the time I flood out when I'm in topdeck mode, with a friggin 17 land deck
josh_le_crafter: @darkmorford nppe?
Serifina: Www.patreon.com/SerifinaPacks
Mangledpixel: Serifina is a very good packcrafter
TXC2: Distrei welcome to the James curse Kappa
AnimeKitty: DarkMorford I'm getting it a bit too
Serifina: I have new tiers coming!
Distrei: like holy crap this game loves giving out land draws like candy
TXC2: yeah audio is desynced by like a frame
Serifina: If I'd been smart I'd have gotten the tiers up yesterday
Mangledpixel: more than that
AnimeKitty: Ahhlh
Thylian1: uhhhh
Koshindan: James has ascended!
Mysticman89: maybe dont do that
Mangledpixel: *choirs sing*
EfreetM: nice
NightValien28: no none of that
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Come toward the light!
DevInsanity: You could. But possibly shouldn't have
SAJewers: pinkkiFine
TXC2: I dont think Inviing the sub in helps
josh_le_crafter: James has ascended
Koshindan: Is this the cities blessing?
malsareus: are you ascending?
EfreetM: it's synced now
Thylian1: everything is FINE
Serifina: Ahahahahahaha
TXC2: *sun
AnimeKitty: lrrFINE
Kikazi: Blinded by the light jamieDance
TXC2: seems OK now
Kraest: \[T]/
CaptainSpam: Reboot time?
Lirelent: "I could do this.... I shouldn't have done that"
EfreetM: sound is good now
Thylian1: windows update probably bricked it Kappa
AnimeKitty: slytqItsfine
Mysticman89: is restarting stuff while you wait for coffee anyway an option?
TXC2: "I dont feel well Mr Stark"
Crokoking: who brought in russiam malware this time?
mcguffer10: <message deleted>retrom5Party
Serifina: When was the last major maintenance on this studio?
Mysticman89: 5 minutes restart? oof
Kikazi: Audio seems back in sync for me
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TXC2: Serifina when did we move in? :P
josh_le_crafter: We can probably live with the "Audio desync"
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2380 patrons for a total of $14,148.95 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
camomom2: hello James 😁
mcguffer10: <message deleted>123456789101112131415161718192123242526272829313233343526373839414243444546474849
josh_le_crafter: Serge's new show BreakingBeds
Schatten88: booth?
AnimeKitty: lrrHEART
EfreetM: once a session?
TXC2: broke the bed eh Serge? Kappa
DarkMorford: BOOF
DentedPockets: Normal view?
Mangledpixel: @LoadingReadyRun BOOF
josh_le_crafter: Cool both view
BirchFade: booth view yay
Koshindan: So pretty.
camomom2: hi Serge😁😁
josh_le_crafter: BOOF BOOF BOOF
AnimeKitty: BOOF
TheOneCalledStu: James is pretty as usual
Lirelent: !studio
LRRbot: Studio B has recently been renovated! Check out the Loading Time for a look into the thought process (and work) that went into it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNG9wwOWIHo
DentedPockets: Such a beautiful James fireplace.
BirchFade: wonderful
r_craddz: can we see too?
RomanGoro: I wish I could see that pretty fireplace @LoadingReadyRun
LordZarano: like once... per stream
malsareus: welcome to James comments on minecraft
Lirelent: !booth
Kikazi: Or before, you know, lrrCOW
EfreetM: yeah, looks nice
BirchFade: I like the james
TemporallyAwry: Can't tell if James is doing it on purpose or not.
TheOneCalledStu: there we go
TXC2: no chat, lets stay on James' majextic face
AnimeKitty: Thank you James
Mangledpixel: there we go :)
BirchFade: hahaha
mcguffer10: I can’t seeeee
zuchen_120: I can’t see itttttt
radioshackraider: James, you're pretty and all, but the game would be nice to see
Thylian1: he didnt like living with you
Alness49: So, am I reading Adam's Gamehouse this saturday correctly?
josh_le_crafter: Villagers don't want to be imprisoned serge :p
mcguffer10: Can we see it?
TemporallyAwry: ooh ~ the base is looking good :D
TXC2: "it's not important" he said of the thing that lets him do his job
mcguffer10: Wooop
ZachtlyAsIntended: Phrasing?
EfreetM: the cpu is high
TXC2: mcguffer10 try refreshing
AnimeKitty: katesLewd ?'
Kikazi: It wasn’t JUST and idiot villager, Serge... it was a CHILD!!! sergeMoly
BasilBrushOff: are there safety railings on that fireplace, after Serge's... "incident"?
Mangledpixel: ah, you now have a place for the fire, no more freerange fire, good
josh_le_crafter: CPU has been smoking dank nugs Kappa
BirchFade: I miss seeing surge live
SpacePotato01: nice building!
BirchFade: serge*
Mysticman89: thought you were gonna say "Hey looks, theres smoke coming out of the [computer] tower"
mcguffer10: How?
Lirelent: smoke out of fireplace, smoke out of CPU, everything is fine
EfreetM: "ow" - yeah, it always starts like this
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TXC2: surely that only works if everyone sleeps in the same bed? Kappa
josh_le_crafter: Golem friend is helping
mcguffer10: Got to go :(
Mangledpixel: ooh yeah
rucdoc: have you found any taint?
radioshackraider: Isn't it dangerous to just have Mycellium like that?
rf232: rucdoc: phrasing
TXC2: !mcplan
LRRbot: James, Uno and Serge Countinue to play in Paths of Magic 3, this week they're working on BLOOD MAGIC!
AnimeKitty: rucdoc A think there's a bunch of it nearby
josh_le_crafter: Mycellium isn't a problem
Mangledpixel: Serge may very well enjoy Blood Magic - lots of sacrificing innocent things
josh_le_crafter: Taint on the other hand...
TXC2: the taint is only a problem if you hit it be mistake Kappa
josh_le_crafter: I'm glad that cows still stare straight into your soul! good...
CrazymattCaptain: time to bleed for power
Mangledpixel: it's that second one there, the red one bound with a black strap
Mangledpixel: I think
radioshackraider: The taint is always a problem for everyone
Serifina: Sanguine Scientium
josh_le_crafter: Serge may want to be in on this, seeing as he likes making sadness machines :p
Mangledpixel: ^
rucdoc: rf232 it's what it's called
Mangledpixel: you'll need a place for the blood altar thing
ZachtlyAsIntended: Gazeebos for days bois
EfreetM: a nice magic garden
Crokoking: there is aa huge altar for the blood magic - that would need a home
malsareus: A volcano?
orbitaltuna: thaumatorium
josh_le_crafter: Blood altars need beacon sized space for it right?
TXC2: pretty much yeah
ZachtlyAsIntended: I never got that far into blood magic
ZachtlyAsIntended: wait, I did evilcraft, never mind
mistborn83: HI friends!
josh_le_crafter: It can reach like 13x13?
TXC2: I recall we did blood magic WAAAAAAY back when I first started watching
TXC2: hello mistborn83 welcome
Serifina: The book you want is the Sanguine Scientium
thewocket01: the other book is the guide
josh_le_crafter: Serge, we were always the bad guys
stevestein: "We need to build a blood altar." ... "Are we the bad guys?"
josh_le_crafter: We have ripped into the fabric of space-time, the time for good guys has ended
thewocket01: you'll want more snares
orbitaltuna: oh yah what happened to the crack in reality?
josh_le_crafter: @orbitaltuna it closed
Mysticman89: it was fine
thewocket01: throw until they start emitting particles, then murder!
Serifina: @orbitaltuna It disappeared after releasing all the Flux as taint.
josh_le_crafter: Totally couldn't have effed the terrain :p
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Cannons_are_an_instrument: 44 months, that's almost 1 year
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orbitaltuna: so did the crack lead to the taint?
Alness49: Ah, good, so long as the taint was dealt with and not festering underground
malsareus: They either go away or steal your cookies
Serifina: @alness49 Not that much taint, in fact. Just a little.
josh_le_crafter: Why are mob farms such a pain
ZachtlyAsIntended: check the box?
rucdoc: hungry chests lining the floor of the mob farm will eliminate the need for the water
CataclysmicReverb: You only need 2 to start out
josh_le_crafter: @rucdoc or just hoppers :p
rucdoc: hoppers are no fun
Serifina: @loadingreadyrun the book you need to get is the Sanguine Scientium, not the one you were looking at.
DentedPockets: I heard that to the tune of "The Sun Will come out tomorrow"
josh_le_crafter: Totally innocent "Blood altar making"
orbitaltuna: yup, using only the blood of the innocents
josh_le_crafter: SoS when do we sacrifice Serge Kappa
DentedPockets: Kosher, cruelty free, fair-trade blood altar.
AnimeKitty: It's not like Serge has multiple furnaces lying around in other worlds :P
TXC2: time to start serving Khorne Kappa
AnimeKitty: It does say blood magic guide
Kraest: @txc2 on the khob?
josh_le_crafter: lol
Serifina: Yes
Thylian1: LUL
rucdoc: well you will need the alter at some time
TXC2: "book glass feather, they're the hottest act in town!"
Alness49: Tag yourself, I'm Demon Kin
josh_le_crafter: Ooh, cool, it's now botania-like book
josh_le_crafter: All hail chair?
Alness49: Chair for the Chair God! Throne for the Throne Throne!
TXC2: Bridge eh, Bridge B, Bridge d
Serifina: So, Scientium is pronounced see ent ee um. :)
frnknstn: Chair is true master of stream!
josh_le_crafter: So, we drain the serge for the blood now right Kappa
countkalac: @LRRbot so kinda new to twich, not sure how to do the messages lol. But i wanted to thank you guys for the awesome Youtube Content, first time catching it live, it got me into modded minecraft
Alness49: Chair is the unseen support behind the stream
TXC2: hello countkalac welcome
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Catcard: hecc
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josh_le_crafter: @countkalac benginHi
DentedPockets: Blood orb.
josh_le_crafter: So... serge
Alness49: "Player's own health" means "Here's a cookie, Serge"
elah806: TW: self harm
josh_le_crafter: We give the serge 50 cookies
TXC2: theres Iron in blood right? Kappa
kerbalized_: Serge its like Red Cross, you donate blood to a good cause KappaHD
dillargent8: hi
TXC2: some life juice
TXC2: hello dillargent8 welcome
josh_le_crafter: Hey serge!
Taveena: Food is just blood before it goes in the bowl.
josh_le_crafter: We neee more blood
DentedPockets: Just give Serge two weeks and he'll have a villager farm ready for it.
dillargent8: thanks
josh_le_crafter: Just share blades
TemporallyAwry: Botania's Regen Incense is very useful for blood-magic's early game - if you already have invested into botania and such.
TXC2: "come join the blood cult"
CrazymattCaptain: Serge join this NotACult activity
josh_le_crafter: (Gross)
elah806: Hope y'all took your Truvada this morning
TXC2: now clean the knife Kappa
Lirelent: this is a weird flex
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frnknstn: Is it sanitary to share daggers?
Alness49: It's nearly an armful
josh_le_crafter: Thanks for the donation, serge!
josh_le_crafter: Now we soak stones in serge blood
kerbalized_: Canada Blood Services appreciates your donation
josh_le_crafter: Well, the blood soup, technically
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elah806: Don't share knives! Y'all'd better be on PReP...
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josh_le_crafter: Can't you actually use villager breeders to "fuel" this mod
Thylian1: yrd
Thylian1: *yes
Kraest: Where’s Serge? Is he not partaking in the magical bloodery?
Thylian1: @Kraest he did a bit, but I think hes building a bridge
Serifina: OKAY
elah806: (PReP is a drug that prevents H.I.V. infection from, for example, sharing knives)
josh_le_crafter: @kraest he hasn't joined the NotCult yet
TXC2: Serge only likes it when its other people's blood
RealWormbo: Serge probably prefers fire
Serifina: Ladies and gents, the new tiers on my Patreon are up. If anyone would like to support my work on making these packs our friends and content creators are enjoying so much, please support me at: https://www.patreon.com/SerifinaPacks
josh_le_crafter: Serge probably prefers automated murder
josh_le_crafter: ooh, new tiers
josh_le_crafter: These crafting bench names are NOT subtle
Serifina: "A piece of blue"
josh_le_crafter: Cool, literal soul gems!
TXC2: A piece of blue sounds like the most pretentious indie movie :P
LordZarano: Something gold, something new, something red, something blue?
DarkMorford: TarTARic Gem, Uno. You're DireWolf-ing the item name. ;)
josh_le_crafter: *Tartartic gem :P
ArcOfTheConclave: I would like one blue please
josh_le_crafter: Like the myth
RealWormbo: gold, not iron
Thylian1: isnt there gold
frnknstn: Huh, I always pronounced it TAR-tar-us in my demonic incantations
RealWormbo: don'T be singy
josh_le_crafter: @realwormbo Didn't know james was musically inclined Kappa
thewocket01: the more will, the stronger the sword
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
josh_le_crafter: Serge doesn't appreciate the non-automation :p
Thylian1: get rekt
Lirelent: have to RESPECT
Lirelent: it's a pretty bridge too
josh_le_crafter: James has eyesight
josh_le_crafter: Is Uno indoctrinating serge now?
josh_le_crafter: Source: Dude, trust me :p
Alness49: If Serge is going to die, could he do it somewhere useful like this alter?
Dabari49: hey James will there be a punch a chunk 3 with more challengers
thewocket01: looting also increases will drops
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josh_le_crafter: @alness49 I don't think that's how it works?
Thylian1: dont die
Serifina: You have a Mega Torch, Serge. :p
josh_le_crafter: unless it's voluntary
RealWormbo: Serge building in a mob-proof way? Where is the real Serge!?
MinniChii: Literally got my sick-ass out of bed for the first time in 3 days only to resub.
josh_le_crafter: @minnichii Get well soon
TXC2: ^
Kraest: @minnichii Feel better soon! See if you can get some miso soup, it’s super good for you!
noSmokeFire: there's an astral sorcery ritual for lighting up caves. might be useful.
noSmokeFire: remember the torch doesn't effect spawners at all
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Gem tartare
Thylian1: LUL
josh_le_crafter: Can't you click the mega torch for an outline
ZachtlyAsIntended: take some dye with you Serge and get the radius
Serifina: Tar tar ick. :D
josh_le_crafter: benjam40Ranch benjam40Ranch benjam40Ranch
orbitaltuna: tartar sauce :|
TXC2: "lets the fools have their tartatic sauce"
Alness49: No, I like James's version better
Lirelent: also didn't decide that spawners are imune to the torch
Crokoking: the cave illuminator is amazing
noSmokeFire: because the cave illuminator is magic~~~
Serifina: Cave illuminator is placed above ground and will lsowly light up everything dark under it in a wide range all the way to bedrock
josh_le_crafter: (Item names are still incredibly NOT subtle)
SAJewers: does it have a further radius than the mega torch?
AnimeKitty: That sounds amazing and now I need that illuminator
josh_le_crafter: The bridge looks pretty!
josh_le_crafter: Also, you still have easy access to the sea, bc of fencegate
Thylian1: Im just waiting for them to fix the chunk rendering in vanilla
RealWormbo: es, spawners (and zombie sieges, of all things) ignore the mega torch
RealWormbo: *yes
kerbalized_: get that arcane benginButt
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josh_le_crafter: @thylian1 I believe 1.14.1 trys to fix it?
AnimeKitty: Does the Cave Illuminator affect spawners?
josh_le_crafter: benginButt benginButt benginButt ?
AnimeKitty: lrrFINE
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Butts butts butts!
orbitaltuna: oh, butts?
Thylian1: @josh_le_crafter it was a little better, but still a lot of the same issues
AnimeKitty: benginButt
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
orbitaltuna: eau buttes?
josh_le_crafter: @thylian1 I haven't touched minecraft recently
TXC2: huh, I feel like Ben had a different butt emote?
LordZarano: lrrFINE benginButt lrrFINE benginButt lrrFINE
josh_le_crafter: With the MHW spring festival ongoing
kawaiiMONSTER805: fishoSmugL fishoBUNS fishoSmugR
josh_le_crafter: Everything is Butts
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Orgmastron: TheIlluminati forge
josh_le_crafter: We need to empty the james
TheAinMAP: katesChair
AnimeKitty: katesChair
Serifina: 22?
josh_le_crafter: 23?
Erudite_Cynic: 21
RealWormbo: mob's hit points + 3 to kill it
josh_le_crafter: sorry, 23-1
Lirelent: there is also that botania flower that leaves hostel mobs with a single heart
josh_le_crafter: Oh right, We FMA now
Lirelent: for a bit of botania
Lirelent: for a bit of mana rather
solidrapier1239: hi
AnimeKitty: O.o
noSmokeFire: spoopy
EfreetM: oooooh
AnimeKitty: lrrSPOOP
josh_le_crafter: FMA!
AnimeKitty: ^
josh_le_crafter: when do we get to combine dog children
AnimeKitty: katesNope
Koshindan: Ed...ward...
Thylian1: that is a cool feature that it can tell if you are AFK
noSmokeFire: @Lirelent they tried that flower before, but since it uses poison and undead are immune to poison...
Lirelent: ooooo
Lirelent: tricky mobs
josh_le_crafter: We fill the gem with serge
josh_le_crafter: got it
noSmokeFire: nasty tricksy mobs. hiding their blood.
AnimeKitty: I like how Uno is now entertaining 2 streams now :D
josh_le_crafter: WWell blood soup
TXC2: a stream Maestro
AnimeKitty: No you don't Serge :D
josh_le_crafter: Serge, We appreciate your donation of blood to our cause
kerbalized_: Serge Blood pudding lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
josh_le_crafter: That blood altar probably has a magical anti-coagulant
AnimeKitty: katesChair
josh_le_crafter: Probably...
Thylian1: is there an easy way to find slime chunks?
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Stupid epic store and their exclusive sigils
josh_le_crafter: Dang it... I'm on mobile, and therefore cant multi stream benginCry
AnimeKitty: Thylian1 I think there are some websites that will find them if you plug in your seed
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josh_le_crafter: So, faster sergeblood harvesting you say???
josh_le_crafter: I'm down with more efficient blood
Thylian1: @AnimeKitty yeah, but in game?
kerbalized_: I'm thinking we hook serge into a Matrix-style harvester
Serifina: Which one, Uno?
TemporallyAwry: There are also the Regen Incense from Botania - I've had good luck with those?
Kikazi: katesChair
AnimeKitty: Thylian1 That I'm not sure, sorry
Serifina: I do not know offhand. I haven't gotten all the way through Astral Sorcery.
josh_le_crafter: Isn't there just a botania plant that takes care of this?
Serifina: There's a Healing Pad from Defiled Lands you could use to regen quickly.
noSmokeFire: to be fair serge, these are efficient ways to harvest *anyone's* blood
MinniChii: welcome back James
erased_citizen: It's my favorite streamer M.T Chair
steelfox13: Blood for the blood god
noSmokeFire: :S
AnimeKitty: benginWat
kerbalized_: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR its just a bit of your blood serge
kerbalized_: pardon?
WitherManX27: @Thylian1 You should be able to put in a seed here and see where the slime chunks are. http://mineatlas.com/
Alness49: benginWat
josh_le_crafter: Also, Serge, we want you in less pain... that's why we're making it more efficient
Serifina: They came BACK?!
TheAinMAP: Came back?
DentedPockets: The Bee's are back in town?
EfreetM: :D
NightValien28: yeah bees are returning
rucdoc: the very next day?
Serifina: I thought they got captured and relocated
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: and this time it's personal!
Aarek: Bee 2!
CataclysmicReverb: More bees? Oh honey no!
NightValien28: its their moonbase now
MinniChii: bees will do that
Alness49: Time to film some more Bee-roll!
kerbalized_: so dont eat the bathroom honey?
DocHoliday9999: bee-cause
TheWarbo: <bits voice> DA BEES DA BEES DA BEES
rucdoc: in the middle of desertbus?
ZachtlyAsIntended: middle of desert bus?
josh_le_crafter: More dumb videogame news stuff?
DentedPockets: Could happen during DB.
EfreetM: desert bus?
jcallon: You guys get bee's in your bathroom?
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Your audio is lagging behind your face.
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DentedPockets: Cool, you could get to level 20
noSmokeFire: Vagas
Thylian1: F
AnimeKitty: Ouch
josh_le_crafter: So, Wow classic for Nope.
Kraest: James eat something
josh_le_crafter: OUCH
TXC2: no please dont
TXC2: you'd die :p
DentedPockets: Find an internet cafe to stream from?
Alness49: So I guess it's a Post-Pax WoW Sleepover then
SAJewers: do the stream in vegas?
DerDrongo: vegas lan party?
Erudite_Cynic: call Bilz and complain
Erudite_Cynic: Bliz*
ArcOfTheConclave: Enjoy WoW Youth Placebo.
noSmokeFire: just get blizzard on a conference call
Talin06: It could have been during DS
kerbalized_: poor Wiggins, replaced to fast
Aarek: vanilla paladin is just autoattacking for the first like 30 levels
orbitaltuna: ^
seeweda: Don’t worry James knowing Blizzard it will take them 2 or 3 days to make the servers stable after launch.
NightValien28: james we all know that the servers break at least for a week since release
Erudite_Cynic: call and request an early access pass
Koshindan: Have them reschedule pax.
josh_le_crafter: Back to thinking about how to more easily drain serge Kappa
Kerrisis: Is the audio out of sync with the video for anyone else?
ZethRuss: if you're doing blood magic, make sure you get an incense altar
TXC2: I recall Starcraft 2 came out just before Desert bus, meant I wait for it, also meant most of the bugs got patched out :P
SAJewers: what if you went to seattle on monday and streamed in seattle with matt on tuesday?
noSmokeFire: yeah, it's out of sync for me, too
Thylian1: @Kerrisis has been since the start of the stream, the streaming computer is having issues
ZethRuss: and maybe use regen incense sticks from botania
LordZarano: Fly Matt to Vegas to do a stream then send him straight home?
Kraest: @kerrisis Xsplit is twitching
noSmokeFire: it's been coming and going
Catcard: audio is in sync right now
Erudite_Cynic: do a clap?
MinniChii: audio seems fine to me
Erudite_Cynic: or a bones of trees?
Malkaresh: Seems fine to me
Kerrisis: Glad it's not just me, thanks all!
josh_le_crafter: A 1 chunk slime farm? seems inefficient
Erudite_Cynic: its like 10 miliseconds
TXC2: clap seemed fine
CranstonSnord: do a clap every 5 seconds, so we can gauge the slowdown :-P
Nommii77: reload fixed the audio sync for me
kerbalized_: like 1 or 2 frames. like if I reeeeeally look i notice it
MikeSmith916: Sound is fine for me.
Kraest: If it’s like, a few milliseconds, it’s not a major thing. I’d only complain if it were a full second. XD
Serifina: Time for a streaming studio refresh!
josh_le_crafter: Ed... Ward
TheWarbo: "a bit of ritual"
TXC2: oh that ground has Hexproof now Kappa
MinniChii: demon summoning?
TheWarbo: Did James cast Lazotep Plating?
skunkyblitz: @TXC2 Bahahaha, that just made my day
josh_le_crafter: We can finally make dogchildren
TXC2: skunkyblitz thanks, that why I do it lrrHEART
Serifina: The new Blood Magic stuff from the update to Blood Magic 2 is actually really cool.
CrazymattCaptain: now summon a demon
Thylian1: it says at the top left
Alness49: @josh_le_crafter But do we?
josh_le_crafter: @alness49 do we, we already did.
TXC2: Dog children better be cute puppies and nothing else
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 I have bad news
orbitaltuna: i hope they're just masses of tentacles with dog ears
EfreetM: we call "personal blood network" body and veins here
noSmokeFire: my hmo doesn't cover out-of-network blood :(
josh_le_crafter: Puts the description of serge as a puppy with a human body in a whole new light... *shudders*
orbitaltuna: are they making a blood diamond?
LordZarano: Try twerking at it?
RAICx: Just got here. How did they get a blood altar, and where did the blood come fr... I don't want to know, do I?
noSmokeFire: 3 moon wolf?
josh_le_crafter: 3 turret wife symphony?
TXC2: RAICx everyone made "donations" Kappa
josh_le_crafter: @raicx They only had 2 knives, so james and serge shared... eww
RAICx: TXC2 Ah, I'm sure those were all entirely "voluntary" Kappa
TheWarbo: I feel like "personal blood network" is what a Silicon Valley startup would call your circulatory system
noSmokeFire: serge, quote, "did not read the terms and conditions of the knife"
RealWormbo: Does this pack have FutureMC? if so, suspicious sew for regeneration might be handy
orbitaltuna: sharing personal sacrificial daggers ccolorD
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RealWormbo: *suspicious stew
FeverRadish: The house looks very very good Serge
josh_le_crafter: We made blood soup inside the altar, basically
chickenace11: A sacrificial dagger that comes used is not something that should be bought
Thylian1: ritual of magnetism is a cool one
RomanGoro: So what's Serge up to?
goodcity1: hi
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Serifina: First goal is really getting a Tier 3 or 4 Altar. :)
Eklinaar: lol
Thylian1: the bigger alter is a multi block
Kraest: @romangoro I assume dealing with trapped chests :P
TXC2: Serge is doing Serge things
RealWormbo: altering opak and spruce chests should also work, if they are in this pack
RealWormbo: *oak
RealWormbo: wow my typing is bad today
Kikazi: You didn’t forget about Dre, did you Serge?
ArcOfTheConclave: 16 slates?
Thylian1: you need a ton of blank slate and a ton of blood orbs
ArcOfTheConclave: 2x8?
Thylian1: @LoadingReadyRun its a multi block so yes
PhoenixMelior: what's up chat, are we still deep in magic?
Mangledpixel: check the other tab, there's another recipe
Thylian1: you build around the blood alter
TXC2: hello PhoenixMelior we into BLOOD magic now
josh_le_crafter: We're gonna need a lot of blood then?
noSmokeFire: is there any way to do this with hoppers?
josh_le_crafter: Hey serge...
PhoenixMelior: txc2 blood? Isn't that illegal?
TXC2: not if it's ours Kappa
Mangledpixel: ah, stamping recipe, nevermind
Mangledpixel: just wanted to make sure you weren't doing a complex recipe when a simple one was available
josh_le_crafter: We need more serge soup!
Mangledpixel: more blood? you need villagers
josh_le_crafter: (gross)
Mysticman89: quit hitting yourself nerd
josh_le_crafter: So we DO need more serge
CrazymattCaptain: time for a blood party
EfreetM: i'm quite sure james will kill himself once with that dagger
noSmokeFire: only once?
RealWormbo: Minecraft: The Eatening
EfreetM: *at least
josh_le_crafter: Hey serge...
DentedPockets: Villager farm?
noSmokeFire: not like that
random_shoes: it wasn't james!
TXC2: !clips
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EfreetM: whoops
Serifina: No.
Thylian1: @LoadingReadyRun mob farms or villagers
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cuttlefishman: Can't we use like
cuttlefishman: sugar or something
cuttlefishman: as proxy for blood
TXC2: Gods I wish we could put chat into the highlights some times :P
Serifina: So, there are two major ways to automate blood: The first and most popular is the mob farm method.
josh_le_crafter: Serge, join the blood Notcult...
orbitaltuna: i always wonder where you're stabbing yourself over and over ccolorD
Serifina: The second is to set up methods to automatically draw blood from players into the altar.
TemporallyAwry: Back in the day there was some trick to putting golems into the well of suffering - but that's late game.
Mangledpixel: passive mobs work too, no need to make things dangerous
Mysticman89: underground blood altar seems flavourful
Serifina: Early on, I highly recommend ONLY doing one at a time in the Altar.
josh_le_crafter: @mangledpixel But that would be boring :p
Serifina: Every time you run out of blood, you are losing progress, as it will backslide.
Mangledpixel: true
josh_le_crafter: So, serge can automate sadness once more?
orbitaltuna: are the stalactites a mod?
RealWormbo: yes, Quark
Thylian1: they hit james through the wall
noSmokeFire: is james too far away from the spawners?
Cepsys: little kids always getting stuck
orbitaltuna: it was a corner
josh_le_crafter: They hit james through the diagonal
josh_le_crafter: A single extra hitpoint wouldn't matter probably
Thylian1: modded caves get so weird with all the different stone types and ores LUL
typlaysfortn1te: !sr
windydelcarlo: Hi, I'm normally a vod-watcher but apparently someone gifted me a sub, sO I wanted to hop in and say lrrHEART
josh_le_crafter: I feel like digging a beacon sized area for the bloodaltar seems tedious
josh_le_crafter: There's also a ritual that harvests blood?
skunkyblitz: Uno, I think you gave it to James
TXC2: hello windydelcarlo lrrHEART
TemporallyAwry: Realistically though - I think you need to design it differently as the blood cares about the damage you do - so the half-heart kills from a long-drop don't do more than a chicken breeder blood-farm.
noSmokeFire: it's still a constant stream of mods instead of slowly-breeding chickens
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noSmokeFire: won't it be hard to put things in the altar if it's in the mob chute?
josh_le_crafter: We just make a second sadness machine then?
josh_le_crafter: It would also be hard to upgrade the altar inside a cave
rocketjohn: Hoppers, conspicuoulsy, do not look cool... that is one ugly hopper chain. I am surprised at you Serge :)
josh_le_crafter: Would probably just benefit to make a second mob farm
TemporallyAwry: Also, unless you have a way to automate killing the mobs, it's not likely to actually be faster than the Tranquility Path + Regen Ritual.
josh_le_crafter: or just harvest serge blood, whatever gets ya there
windydelcarlo: It'll be back to vods for me so I can see how we got here, have fun!
CataclysmicReverb: This will be faster if we pick up a spawner
josh_le_crafter: I think the never ending chain of serge can probably fill the altar quick
TemporallyAwry: If there is cursed earth, totally agree with the well of suffering automation path. But if there is not, I find tranquility usually works much easier - especially for the early game.
josh_le_crafter: Well, a fully upgraded one at least
noSmokeFire: just have serge spawn right above the altar
EfreetM: put it on the water
EfreetM: towards the mobfarm
Eklinaar: Can't you make multiple blood altars connected to the same blood network? One for using, one for automated blood generation
noSmokeFire: TemporallyAwry, I think Serifina might avoid Cursed Earth to avoid death by entities? but I'm not sure if that's true of PoM
Crokoking: make blood-rivers for decoration
TemporallyAwry: Above could actually really work.
TemporallyAwry: If you closed the chute to the drop you'd be able to build the well of suffering underneath the portal even.
TemporallyAwry: @noSmokeFire personally I agree with removing cursed earth from everything that isn't skyblock or pure automation focused - it's too powerful for a normal game.
Thylian1: its much bigger than 9
noSmokeFire: makes sense with what I've heard of it
josh_le_crafter: Internet donked up, what'd I miss?
Serifina: Cursed Earth is not in this pack, because Extra Utilities 2 is not in this pack. For one, it's a tech mod, not a magic mod. But for two, XU2 has been extremely frustrating to work with because it's been an endless parade of bugs that takes Tema forever to fix.
josh_le_crafter: Fun fact! Blazes don't "fly" unless they're aggroed!
countkalac: @SergeYager hey surge, i built a nice blaze farm on my modded world. using pistons i can send the lionk if you want to check it out
josh_le_crafter: @countkalac or just abuse their pathing :p
DarkMorford: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
CrazymattCaptain: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
kansaiDop: serge of by one?
Justin_Bailey: on brand, as always
Cepsys: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
TXC2: on brand
Serifina: SergeBrand(tm)
Thylian1: serge PogChamp
Telarra_: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
josh_le_crafter: Painfully on brand as always!
ArcOfTheConclave: 1=/=0!
kerbalized_: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
TheWarbo: !findquote painfully on brand
LRRbot: Quote #5794: "How are you so painfully on brand all the time?" —James, on Serge [2019-02-05]
Kraest: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
Milambus: Hey James, hey chat... how goes?
Serifina: Being up a bit is better for higher tiers.
TXC2: hello Milambus welcome
EfreetM: this is huuuuuge
Thylian1: uhhhh
FeverRadish: so... how are you going to get up here to use it??
josh_le_crafter: Are we retrofitting an altar into the farm?
TXC2: FeverRadish it's automatic no?
Kraest: You dreamt of flying, Serge
noSmokeFire: exactly, josh_le_crafter
josh_le_crafter: We can't just do the opposite?
NeckbeardedDrago: is uno a mod
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: One of those dreams where you fall except instead of waking up you get kicked from the universe
NeckbeardedDrago: weird
Thylian1: auto cheat thinks you are hacking LUL
TXC2: NeckbeardedDrago for this channel he is yes
FeverRadish: @TXC2 ah. didn't know it was auto. that makes more sense
josh_le_crafter: @threecatsinatrenchcoat is thaf common?
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josh_le_crafter: James landing in the only spots you get hurt on...
EfreetM: we need one stair for going up, and one for going down
josh_le_crafter: Build a stairway to heaven?
NeckbeardedDrago: @TXC2 i meant op on the server, seeing if maybe that was why the anti-cheat wasn't triggering for him, but thank you!
Mangledpixel: "this area" I think triggered Siri
Monocerotis2010: assuming their are sharkks in the water thats why he avoided it
EfreetM: There would be one long staircase just going up And one even longer coming down, And one more leading nowhere, just for show.
LordZarano: Bolas horn staircases?
rocketjohn: think of it as a challenge, serge - if anyone can make it look good, it's you :)
noSmokeFire: lots of robo-voices there
SAJewers: audio choppy there?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Fine now
TheAwkes: Start from the top? Get the shape of it from the end of what gets you there.
josh_le_crafter: Oh, so the fan-audio wasn't just me, whew
Thylian1: 4k sticks LUL
NeckbeardedDrago: did someone say off by one
Thylian1: always
josh_le_crafter: Yes, the other option of ugly dirt nerdpole
TXC2: nerd poles are James' brnad
TXC2: *brand
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 is that cause james is a nerd Kappa
Serifina: Oh, wait until it explodes, Serge.
TXC2: we need a Seabat to counter the firebats Kappa
Tuples: lol
Crokoking: firebats hit me into lava more times than i like to admit
josh_le_crafter: Fire bats, strangely self-explanatory
josh_le_crafter: @kraest players :p
rocketjohn: hell fish are like silverfish?
Serifina: They're nether Silverfish, yes.
rocketjohn: Eww.
Kraest: @josh_le_crafter Ah, yes, the truly unpredictable ones.
josh_le_crafter: SoS we sacrifice more serge?
Serifina: PErsonally, I think Nitro Creepers and nether spiders are worse than both of those.
elah806: Nether spiders are misery
josh_le_crafter: @serifina I haven't experienced a modpack with nether spiders... what are they?
Crokoking: you also need a better blood orb
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josh_le_crafter: I like that the slabs force everything to be slightly floating
TheAinMAP: Close one.
josh_le_crafter: It adds character
Serifina: @josh_le_crafter They're large and evil spiders taht split into multiple smaller ones when you kill them. They're from Natura.
RealWormbo: James, you're supposed to put your hearts into the altar, not onto the ground
TXC2: man I always miss when James almost kills himself :p
josh_le_crafter: @serifina Gross...
Serifina: @josh_le_crafter Very.
Kraest: James, the ocean is right there and is a guaranteed safe way down. XD
josh_le_crafter: Bloodorbs were inside of you the whole time!
josh_le_crafter: *vomit
noSmokeFire: blood orbs or "blorbs"
rocketjohn: Serifina nope. Nope nope nope.
FeverRadish: Sooo... we're vampires? sorta?
josh_le_crafter: @nosmokefire that's a different mod
TXC2: pretty sure a "blood orb" is a clot :p
noSmokeFire: we're very generous with our blood, so not vampires
Mivair: blorb
josh_le_crafter: We need serge to get more blood :p
Mivair: Serge aka blood puppet
drewbiebragg: Hello
rocketjohn: @Serifina a giant creeper that used the slime-death mechanic would be awful.
MinniChii: can you sacrifice animals and use their blood?
josh_le_crafter: Serge is more of a blood battery
Mivair: a rechargeable blood battery
Serifina: @rocketjohn NO. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.
Serifina: No.
rocketjohn: I know right.
rocketjohn: I must learn how to mod.
rocketjohn: :-)
Mivair: nitro creepers are bad ENOUGH we don't need slime creepers
TXC2: monster
noSmokeFire: imagine creepers with spider climbing
josh_le_crafter: A creeper MIRV is too much
Serifina: Why are you people such monsters today?!
Mivair: isn't there a mod that's just...a bunch of extra creepers
Kraest: @serifina ...implying they’re not monsters other days? :P
rocketjohn: @Serifina we learnt it from you *sobs*.....
drcanonball: how about creeper silverfishj
RealWormbo: so now hurting yourself is much more… fun?
josh_le_crafter: @serifina We're literally sacrificing blood for the blood gods, I thought being a monster was a requirement
TXC2: is spider climbing that mod in snorsh craft that looked SUPER unsettleing, but sadly broked some things?
noSmokeFire: imagine creepers that convert blocks to silverfish eggs instead of blowing them up
josh_le_crafter: @nosmokefire pls no
rocketjohn: that was mob-angles, or something, i think?
Serifina: @TXC2 That was Mo' Bends.
rocketjohn: mo'bends, that's right
TXC2: right, thanks Serifina
Eklinaar: Sounds like we've got all the makings for a Minecraft Let's Nope pack.
Mivair: Tiny creepers that ride spiders
rocketjohn: There must already be a horror mod pack.
noSmokeFire: baby creepers would be cute, but only if they weren't strong enough to blow up blocks
Mivair: hell there are horror minecraft maps
drcanonball: skeletons that ride phantoms
Mivair: Ding Dong the Uno's Dead
Monocerotis2010: how long until that extra misclick happens...
Monocerotis2010: lol nevermind
Kraest: Wasn’t it Alex who made a command line to summon a spider that had a skeleton spawner on its back that would spawn a bunch of spawners when it died?
rocketjohn: Baby creepers that blow up if you kill the, but if you don't they eventually grow up.
josh_le_crafter: do we need a Uno-and-james-accidentally-bleeds-too-much command?
rocketjohn: Kraest it was
TXC2: see chat y'all wrong, James isn't gonna kill himself with blood altar, he's gonna go down to 1 heart, then fall off the edge of this platform Kappa
Mivair: we can probably just repurpose the "accidentally breaking another pickaxe again" command
josh_le_crafter: The ded count is at 2
Crokoking: you could set up a dimensional door to spawn
rocketjohn: I selfishly wish that Alex streamed minecraft more, but I am also really pleased that he has found other creative outlets
josh_le_crafter: @rocketjohn same
josh_le_crafter: What if creeper-endermen...
Eklinaar: Creepers that teleport to you and then explode?
Serifina: Beacons are good in magic packs.
josh_le_crafter: @eklinaar and take blocks
Milambus: Regen would be good right now.
RealWormbo: isn't there a Botania ring for that?
Eklinaar: So basically the Minecraft equivalent of an artillery barrage
Serifina: There are potions and baubles and such, but a beacon is actually still useful.
josh_le_crafter: @eklinaar but inside one angry boi
TXC2: !addquote (RebelliousUno) [now] Right where is my corpse?
LRRbot: New quote #6052: "Right where is my corpse?" —RebelliousUno [2019-05-14]
Eklinaar: @josh_le_crafter Now add Twitch integration so spawning them is controlled by Twitch Chat... and Twitch Chat was the real monster all along.
Serifina: Nooooooooooooo
josh_le_crafter: @eklinaar How painfully evil
TXC2: Eklinaar I'm gonna have to ask you to stop Kappa
TemporallyAwry: I can't remember - did they invest at all into botania in this pack?
jessieimproved: Did not expect today's stream to be a cycle of stabbing yourself and healing, are you sure this is not Lets Nope?
josh_le_crafter: !Creeperm'n
josh_le_crafter: @jessieimproved Let's nope has more shouty boys
TehAmelie: you never get into blood magic just a little bit
TheWarbo: I dunno, a mod to make minecraft have the twitch integration of clustertruck seems like it'd be cool
jessieimproved: @TehAmelie haha true
Tuples: you need a regen potion or something.
josh_le_crafter: @tehamelie That sounds like a threat
rocketjohn: I think this dagger is mis-named... is it really a sacrifice if you don't die?
TemporallyAwry: Well - if you do the botanical brewery, the Regen Incense would drastically speed up this process.
jessieimproved: I want to see a Let's Nope Minecraft crossover, we need a cool horror mod
TehAmelie: it's a prediction
CaptainSpam: This week, on James Bleeds Out For Profit And Power... Kappa
josh_le_crafter: @jessieimproved there's probably a map somewhere
TXC2: rocketjohn it's still sacrifice even if you don't die, you still gave something up
Serifina: There's a block from The Defiled Lands that grants regen...
Mysticman89: if I go to a blood bank and donate blood, is that a blood sacrifice?
SergeYager: @Serifina what's it called? I'll try and hunt it down
josh_le_crafter: Also, there is a botania plant that regens you
Eklinaar: Yessss we need a Minecraft Let's Nope episode
SergeYager: Like, it's just laying about?
josh_le_crafter: like an angel thing
Serifina: @SergeYager Healing Pad. You need to get some resources from the biome to make it.
LordShadner: can we make a golem to bleed mobs for us?
Serifina: @SergeYager The recipe should be in JEI.
Eklinaar: Ask Kathleen?
Mysticman89: smoke for 20 years.
Tuples: Do normal potions and golden apples still work?
josh_le_crafter: James should have one :p
TXC2: lrrWOW
rocketjohn: wow. We were all thinking it but....
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
TemporallyAwry: lrrDARK ?
Serifina: @SergeYager Shamblers/Twisted Shamblers drop Black Hearts.
Milambus: You subscribe to Kathleen I believe.
josh_le_crafter: lrrDARK benginTraitor
rocketjohn: would golden carrots / apples help in the meantime tho?
josh_le_crafter: Oh good, the traitor emote is perfect ror this stream
rocketjohn: you must have loads of gold by now
Serifina: @SergeYager Umbrium Ore replaces Iron Ore in worldgen. I don't know if it actually gets corrupted if you place new ones.
TXC2: does Kathleen really have a black heart? I mean she talks a big game, but has she automated the deaths of hundreds of villagers? Kappa
TemporallyAwry: You only have the one orb.
Earthenone: lrrDARK
Crokoking: the blood orb is reused - thats why its not working
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 didn't james introduce serge to sadness sim 2019?
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun As a note, those stone bricks can actually be any block.
drcanonball: how did you create those ghost blocks?
TXC2: yes, but James can't be held responsible for Serge going off the deep end Kappa
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kirvestin: Hello
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Serifina: Oh, awesome, that makes that easy.
josh_le_crafter: Why am I now picturing a new LRR stream called sadness simulator with serge as a host
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Milambus: @drcanonball Its an overlay that the mod does. It helps you place blocks for complicated builds.
TXC2: josh_le_crafter because that's basically serge's minecraft streams already? :P
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 fair point
josh_le_crafter: Watch in awe as james and uno poke themselves, and place blocks :p
Thylian1: getting PMed spam monkaS
Serifina: @SergeYager The altar for summoning the Defiled Lands boss mob.
josh_le_crafter: A Ska-light?
Serifina: Sarlite.
josh_le_crafter: is that something ben would enjoy?
TehAmelie: Defiling Diamond is the name of my Poison cover band
orbitaltuna: ska-lite
Serifina: I mispelled, sorry.
Serifina: I can type!
Serifina: Really!
NeckbeardedDrago: Defiling Diamond is the name of my ska-lite band
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noSmokeFire: so much blood per blood
drcanonball: So. Much. Blood.
noSmokeFire: so VASCULAR
josh_le_crafter: I'm a bit sad that serge didn't participate in this "riveting gameplay"
NeckbeardedDrago: blood for the blood god! BLOOD for the BLOOD GOD!
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ccwgtb: Huh. A live stream. Guess I should sub.
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rocketjohn: less riveting, more blading
drcanonball: need more blood puns
josh_le_crafter: @neckbeardeddrago technically, they're only smearing blood on stones as of right now
Catcard: Is there a command to see what mods they have installed right now?
noSmokeFire: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing Paths of Magic 3, developed by Serifina! Get it here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/paths-of-magic-3
Catcard: Thanks!
josh_le_crafter: I give this blood sacrificing an AB+ :P
rocketjohn: they are in your hotbar
NeckbeardedDrago: hotbar
Thylian1: planets and constellations in minecraft WutFace
Crokoking: you have 3
rocketjohn: display bug, briefly
TXC2: Thylian1 welcome to modded
rocketjohn: maybe?
Trakshvar: Wasnt adams minecraft stream supposed to be last saturday?
Thylian1: @TXC2 I used to play a lot of modded, but I havent in a while
Thylian1: RIP
TXC2: Trakshvar nope it's this Saturday
TemporallyAwry: sergeFuse sergeOffByOne
Trakshvar: aaah ok. My bad
orbitaltuna: adam's going to play minecraft? ccolorD
josh_le_crafter: So, we need serge blood..
TemporallyAwry: Time to crank out those reinforced slates
EfreetM: this should have a foundation doesn't it?
TXC2: yeap, Adam foolishly made a bet during the chunk punch
TheWarbo: Gonna see a lot of !quote 2 then, huh?
josh_le_crafter: !quote 2
LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
Thylian1: but it doesnt craft faster monkaS
josh_le_crafter: Good to know...
josh_le_crafter: Diagonals?
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josh_le_crafter: Those trees are getting T H I C C
rocketjohn: Is there a magical equivalent for wireless storage acess?
orbitaltuna: which mod was it that has the giant redwood trees?
drcanonball: what is serge building?
josh_le_crafter: we need 8(?) more?
Serifina: The idea is that you continuously fill the altar as it crafts.
Serifina: Rather than increasing the capacity that far.
GoMrBob: can't you make a barrel and then pipe in and out of it?
Serifina: No.
rocketjohn: Natura, i think, orbitaltuna
josh_le_crafter: Serge is a pretty efficient way of filling the altar :p
noSmokeFire: @rocketjohn Botania has corporea, which I think fills the remote access niche
Serifina: @SergeYager Shamblers/Twisted Shamblers
orbitaltuna: @rocketjohn ah that sounds familiar
noSmokeFire: Twisted Shamblers is my americana cover band
josh_le_crafter: @nosmokefire oh god, corporea
SK__Ren: Shambler is the Enderman
Serifina: @SergeYager Shamblers resemble Endermen.
josh_le_crafter: Does james minecraft skin get updated to have beard???
Catcard: The minimap and sorting stuff is all part of the modpack right?
TXC2: nope
Serifina: Twisted Shamblers are the version of Shamblers that spawn underground are are nastier.
EfreetM: uno 3 - james 0
Catcard: First time installing mods for MC, so I don't know anything.
TXC2: James' Minecraft skin is like 10 years old
josh_le_crafter: !oopsallblood
rocketjohn: Catcard, yes.
orbitaltuna: it's a working hypothesis
Catcard: ty!
rocketjohn: I have found the easiest way for modded currently is the twitch launcher.
rocketjohn: But that only mods old versions of minecraft.
Alness49: Visualise the tree
rocketjohn: which is mostly fine.
Mangledpixel: why is your mind so full of THINGS!
Thylian1: hahaha
josh_le_crafter: Got em!!!
Serifina: Ahahahahahaha
EfreetM: 3_1
Cepsys: such a weak soul!
TheAinMAP: katesRip
TemporallyAwry: Uno tricked ya' - but that does count.
SAJewers: naeRIP
Milambus: dead is dead
rocketjohn: it 100 percent counts
Catcard: are we on a death limit or something?
EfreetM: they don't sleep, they die
josh_le_crafter: Totally counts
noSmokeFire: you know, you could always put some cobble or something in those gaps...
Thylian1: you dont have to break graves anymore Kreygasm
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] That was your first mistake James, trusting Uno.
LRRbot: New quote #6053: "That was your first mistake James, trusting Uno." —Serge [2019-05-14]
Serifina: The meditation thing works better with blood around it, IIRC?
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 I'm surprised that quote doesn't already exist
TXC2: it probably does :p
skunkyblitz: Ooh, it's pretty!
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 one more for the bank, I guess?
Eklinaar: It'll be fiiiine, what could possibly go wrong when you're sacrificing most your life force to a blood ritual.
TemporallyAwry: If you upgrade the traquility it does more? Also pretty sure the Soul-Fray is from having died.
noSmokeFire: so you need a bottled cow nearby
TXC2: !quote 84
LRRbot: Quote #84: "Most of my regrets in life is trusting James." —Felix [2015-04-03]
Serifina: Soul Fray is from death, yes.
Thylian1: soul fray is so you cant just loop dying
Serifina: Because otherwise you put your bed right next to the altar and just keep spamming the dagger.
TXC2: blooder full
orbitaltuna: blood carrot? ccolorD
Serifina: Finish... healing... first...
Serifina: :p
josh_le_crafter: We might need the serge for this :p
TemporallyAwry: This is good music for the NotACult Blood Cult.
drcanonball: can you use chickens as sacrifices?
EJGRgunner: maybe just splurge on a golden apple
Monocerotis2010: Daylight savings maybe...
Cepsys: in order to replenish my blood, I need to eat more salmon...
Serifina: Ooooooooorb
noSmokeFire: really this is Salmon Magic
noSmokeFire: \o/ praise ORB
Erudite_Cynic: that's a lot of Blood
josh_le_crafter: ECSTACY TO THE ORB!!!
josh_le_crafter: lrrCIRCLE
Xed_Regulus: Why is there an angel on the minimap?
Serifina: All praise the ORB
josh_le_crafter: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
FeverRadish: lrrCIRCLE
Cepsys: bloodfull bloodfull, orb we adore thee
Xed_Regulus: So it's not a giant angel? Good to know.
Catcard: sitting around and stabbing oneself and eating fish with friends. Wholesome.
Mangledpixel: fiiiish
josh_le_crafter: !finequote orb
Serifina: @Xed_Regulus No, the minimap is overlapping with the buff/debuff overlay.
Xed_Regulus: Thanks @Serifina
josh_le_crafter: !findquote
Mangledpixel: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always a realist who possesses a hungry spirit.
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josh_le_crafter: !findquote orb
LRRbot: Quote #4556: "Ecstasy to the Orb? Joy to the World!" —Kathleen and Beej [2017-12-16]
Serifina: !advice
LRRbot: Detonate the fluid sacs.
Erudite_Cynic clinks bottles
noSmokeFire: what on earth is that orbquote from?
TXC2: lrrbot on point
Serifina: I believe the mob farm requires Tier 4.
TXC2: noSmokeFire it's from an Xmas episode of LRR live
Serifina: Oh, that kind of mob farm.
TXC2: part of Kathleen's trivia challenge
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 That makes more questions than it answers
noSmokeFire: Thanks, TXC2
Serifina: Nice.
josh_le_crafter: off by one
Serifina: Backwards.
RealWormbo: obsidian in the corners
Serifina: Obsidian in the corners.
Serifina: The Vile Sword.
RealWormbo: na, that just speeds things up
Serifina: You don't HAVE to have it
Serifina: But it does improve the speed
Crokoking: vile sword
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun The fastest way to do it is to have a Vile Sword with max level Soul Stealer (5) on it. That gives you 7 souls per mob killed.
Serifina: Are those corrupted ingots?
josh_le_crafter: @serifina how many souls would it make if you just enchanted a non vile sword?
Serifina: Over there on the rigt?
Serifina: @josh_le_crafter 2.
Serifina: O
Catcard: What is that wall? A bunch of special objects?
Serifina: @josh_le_crafter The Vile sword adds one, and each level of enchant adds one.
r_craddz: Are those ingots already right shelves
Serifina: @josh_le_crafter So Soul Stealer 5 on a regular sword would be 6 souls.
LordShadner: is that 16 corrupted ingots in the system?
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun There may be corrupted ingots on the right side of the storage drawers
josh_le_crafter: @serifina thanks!
Serifina: Oh, no, those are Umbrium.
Serifina: Sorry!
LordShadner: okay they just look alike
josh_le_crafter: is it worth it for the extra soul/kill?
Serifina: @josh_le_crafter Yes, IMO. The sword's decent enough.
Thylian1: thats cool
RealWormbo: bow in off-hand is better, because then you can use both weapons
noSmokeFire: do you have any enchanted books of soul-stealing?
Serifina: @noSmokeFire Yes.
noSmokeFire: nice, nice
Serifina: He's got a 5 book in his inventory
noSmokeFire: oh, I'm oblivious. thanks.
Crokoking: you also need 4 ingots for the cage
mcg200909: Yah
LordShadner: are you going to copy the book first?
Serifina: The healing pad is not, y'know, overpowered and insane. But it is useful and it's easier than a Beacon.
josh_le_crafter: Blaze:p
noSmokeFire: do skeletons still give life essence if they don't have blood?
josh_le_crafter: Blazes :p
Serifina: @noSmokeFire Yep!
TrueSkorn: copy the book?
noSmokeFire: how strangely convenient!
josh_le_crafter: benjam40Yee T
Serifina: It's "life essence", not blood.
Serifina: Technically.
TXC2: James has been Yeeten
Erudite_Cynic: yeah you are back up to ~50ms audio delay
noSmokeFire: yoted
the_gentleman_crow: Hey I finally can catch mine-o-clock
Serifina: And yes, undead has life essence - it's why they can run around and try to kill you.
josh_le_crafter: squeak
noSmokeFire: RIP serge
mcg200909: It’s a nice house but have ya ever
Telarra_: sergeSqueak
TXC2: hello the_gentleman_crow welcome
Thylian1: serge is dying WutFace
Milambus: sergeSqueak
Serifina: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
TXC2: I'm positive it's not healthy that Serge can make that noise :p
josh_le_crafter: Am serge ok?
Serifina: He's fine.
mcg200909: Thought of putting a camera so people who break in won’t come
noSmokeFire: a friend of mine has the same issue with her hiccups serge does, except she sounds like a pterodactyl.
TXC2: is the squeaking made becuase Serge has had too much or not enough coffee? Kappa
Serifina: Yes.
Serifina: :p
josh_le_crafter: @txc2 both, at the same time.
Hunterprime: Enchant the sword?
josh_le_crafter: A tiara for serge?
the_gentleman_crow: Now I can't not picture surge as a hamster
mcg200909: Yah same
TrueSkorn: copy book
josh_le_crafter: @the_gentleman_crow He isn't?!?! Kappa
noSmokeFire: Vial Sward
Eklinaar: Sword
josh_le_crafter: You named the vile sword serge... rood :p
Cepsys: Serge "Soul Siphoner" Yager
RomanGoro: But if you add Kurt Angle to the mix?
RealWormbo: Spawners ignore mob cap
josh_le_crafter: Given the recent dice firends campaign, serge as a sword scans...
eleky12: I just came to see the stream
Catcard: LOL
Hunterprime: haha
eleky12: How are you
noSmokeFire: containment breach!
Thylian1: LUL
josh_le_crafter: !clip
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Serifina: ahahahahahaha
noSmokeFire: why is there an open corner there in the first place??
Thylian1: it got ejected outside
rocketjohn: wow SCP containment faillue
RealWormbo: does the spawner have enough room above and below to always spawn 4 mobs per attempt?
rocketjohn: blame the engineer.
RealWormbo: spawners ignore mob cap, so people being in the nether doesn'T matter
josh_le_crafter: The nether does have more spawn spaces
rocketjohn: don't you have to be standing fairly close but not too close?
Serifina: Are you too far down in the cavern to trigger the spawners?
RealWormbo: the spawner needs one block below and two blocks above, and mobs need to be cleared away before the next spawn attemp
countkalac: dont you have to be 16 blocks for spawners to work?
josh_le_crafter: Adding a block on top fixes it
TemporallyAwry: So in theory you want there to be a bigger drop under the spawner to refresh it's check as fast as possible - also you can't be that far away for it to still work.
Thylian1: It might be when you are below or it might not work
noSmokeFire: do mobs spawn on flowing water?
TemporallyAwry: No - you need to be NO MORE THAN 16
RealWormbo: no, you need to be *less* than 16 blocks away
rocketjohn: no more than 16
RealWormbo: spawners are different from natural spawning
Thylian1: *when you are below its too far away
josh_le_crafter: You need to be CLOSER
rocketjohn: yes
Catcard: I guess you just need two people to operate the farm
noSmokeFire: that's why spawner farms usually have water elevators instead of a straight drop
Monocerotis2010: its a two person job now, one to be bait and one to chop
Catcard: One person on top, one person killing the mobs
Serifina: Yes, the fire particles indicate it is active.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Does a villager trigger it?
TemporallyAwry: Usually spawner-farms use a water stream to take mobs up before dropping them.
Thylian1: doubt it
TXC2: moar zomgie plox
RealWormbo: MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: nope, players only, not even tamed wolves, like all the player kills loot
EJGRgunner: This is not ideal? YOU'RE NOT IDEAL
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @RealWormbo Darn
Thylian1: those micro block tress are wack
Serifina: RIP
Serifina: @Thylian1 Dynamic Trees!
Crokoking: when you have the soul-cages set up they spawn ridiculously fast
RealWormbo: IMHO Serge should have just built a gnembon tower, those are way more efficient than spawners
Thylian1: it might just be im not used to them
Thylian1: old school village Kreygasm
noSmokeFire: or build it further from the house
Thylian1: he burned it Kappa
Crokoking: maybe also take out the skeleton spawwner while filling your soul-shard?
Serifina: James, is it all right if I do one last plug before the stream's end? :)
RealWormbo: eh, doesn't matter, the skeletons don't count, but they don't hurt either
Serifina: If you're enjoying Paths of Magic 3, or any of my packs, and would like to see more in the future, please support me at https://www.patreon.com/SerifinaPacks
Thylian1: are these spawners in vanilla?
Serifina: Yep.
Thylian1: the temple I mean
Thylian1: not the normal ones
Serifina: No.
Serifina: This particular dungeon is added by Thaumcraft.
Thylian1: ah
TXC2: it's Thaumcraft because it is :p
Serifina: Ahahahahahaha
Serifina: Now that's an item I want to see - a Can of Mana you can just sip
TXC2: Mana: have it your way
Milambus: Hold my can of Mana, I'll brb....
orbitaltuna: just stick a tap in james
Thylian1: hi friend LUL
Serifina: Hold my Mana, and watch this
TXC2: Mana is a 0.5% alcohol honey based Soda Kappa
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Nice
Serifina: ahahahaha
Serifina: Reading the tooltip explains the system. :p
Catcard: Youre passing it again
GoMrBob: james.. wrong waypoint
vainsalmon: Not that one
Thylian1: its on the right james
vainsalmon: Turn left
Thylian1: you passed it
GarQuithnik: wrong waypoiny
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: WHich dugeon you heading to now james?
Serifina: JEI is better than NEI by a LOT
TheWarbo: is james going back to "Dungeon" and not going to "Thaumcraft Dungeon"
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Back in my day it was TMI
Serifina: Just Enough Items/Not Enough Items @SergeYager
noSmokeFire: James Exclaims "Idiot!"
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: left
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: :)
TXC2: I heard that as a "wok wide bridge" :p
Thylian1: its across the river
Thylian1: I think
Serifina: You want those brains. :p
mokpmmc: hi
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: In the browner grass...
Serifina: @mokpmmc Hi!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I think.
TXC2: hello mokpmmc welcome
mokpmmc: how do you are
SergeYager: Did you mute us again?
RebelliousUno: Serge I can't hear you
Xobulo: there was a ring of daisy's, try there
Erudite_Cynic: there was a circle of flowers back there
noSmokeFire: hewwo?
TXC2: Is there anybody in there?
Serifina: Ahahahahahaha
noSmokeFire: that sounds delicious
Kikazi: Wow, super mute!
rocketjohn: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: No Man's Sky) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:55 from now).
Milambus: this song sounds like an Animu
ageofapathy: hello!
Thylian1: village next to a desert temple
Erudite_Cynic: but what about the mysterious circle of daisies near the waypoint?
RealWormbo: someone was there already
TXC2: Erudite_Cynic it just marks where theres diamonds closer to the surface then normal
RealWormbo: the sand should have given it away
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: LUL
drcanonball: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: No Man's Sky) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:54 from now).
Thylian1: LUL
TXC2: :D
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: F
Catcard: LMFAO
NeckbeardedDrago: F
Thylian1: JAMES NO
Wilcroft: classic James
TXC2: There we GO!
gowestym1: lululululululw
noSmokeFire: exactly has intended
criticalforce123: lol
TheAinMAP: katesBoosh katesRip katesLol
Monocerotis2010: best way to end the stream
Thylian1: !clip
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TXC2: got there in the end
Erudite_Cynic: HUBRIS
Serifina: HUBRIS
Caldurin: hubris!
TemporallyAwry: And that's the stream folks lrrHEART lrrHEART
EfreetM: this is the way to end the stream
SK__Ren: Can we get a James Fall Count?
TheSecondWug: increment the oops counter!
FeverRadish: LOL
Serifina: @Erudite_Cynic Drift!
noSmokeFire: going out with a bang
RealWormbo: are graves blast resistant?
Erudite_Cynic: @Serifina YEYEYE
SK__Ren: sergeFall
Eklinaar: Classic Nightbook
Kikazi: So, uh, lrrCOW
Milambus: Turner Classic Streams
TXC2: thanks for streaming James, Uno and Serge
DentedPockets: Always ending the stream with a death :)
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun If your grave exploded, uses /tmg_restore (name) latest to get your stuff back
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Hvae a good one, guys
Kikazi: Awesome stream fellas, thanks!
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: No Man's Sky) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:52 from now).
drcanonball: we certainly ended this stream with a bang
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page. https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/events
DentedPockets: Don't forget to have someone restart the PC to fix the audio sync issues.
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing Paths of Magic 3, developed by Serifina! Get it here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/paths-of-magic-3
Serifina: If you're enjoying Paths of Magic 3, or any of my packs, and would like to see more in the future, please support me at https://www.patreon.com/SerifinaPacks
Serifina: :D
drcanonball: !flan
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2380 patrons for a total of $14,148.95 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
TXC2: !twitter
orbitaltuna: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: No Man's Sky) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:51 from now).
orbitaltuna: what did james say was on let's nope today?
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
TXC2: orbitaltuna same thing as last week
PhoenixMelior: oh right now there's two hours of nothing
PhoenixMelior: maybe by Thanksgiving Road Quest will be out
Twinklebees: Hey ho chats
PhoenixMelior: o/ Twinklebees
Twinklebees: what is the up?
PhoenixMelior: oh you know just a lot
Twinklebees: I do
PhoenixMelior: like yesterday where I spent the day trying to push all of the drawings off my desk, today I am trying to push all the purchase orders off my desk
Twinklebees: have you had much success?
PhoenixMelior: I'm getting there
PhoenixMelior: I had a fair bit of setback when the meeting I had to go to this morning was an hour and fifteen minute waste of my time
Twinklebees: Boo :<
Twinklebees: I have an interesting challenge tomorrow. We have some people from a client coming in for some very rough and ready training
Twinklebees: I have no idea how it's going to go
PhoenixMelior: Training isn't so bad though
Twinklebees: Yeah, it's definitely a good thing
Twinklebees: It's just there's a lot of odd parts to it
Twinklebees: Like, our normal basic training is 5 days. These guys are coming for 2 :P
PhoenixMelior: so long as your teacher doesn't tell someone with white coat syndrome that they have to get their pulse checked and they aren't allowed to relax
PhoenixMelior: ah that's a lot
PhoenixMelior: take short breaks!
Twinklebees: Yeah
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: Grip the base and just shake it.
yberamos: Hi! Quick question: I'm watching a past broadcast of a Friday Night Paper Fight and I was wondering if you would know what software they are using to detect the card?