Wicker_Knight: with lots of weird organic detritus around
Wicker_Knight: and dangerous gasses
I_Am_Clockwork: especially when that space is filled with unidentified round objects
I_Am_Clockwork: organic objects no less
Fableist: so long as there arent any statues you should be fine
whiteadder1: If I remember correctly one of the later updates did add mysterious eggs as well....
Wicker_Knight: we ran into some
Wicker_Knight: they crashed the game :P
bowsin_durrows: *destroys stuff* "This seems destructive."
TheMerricat: @whiteadder1 Cam distrubed one and paid the consequences. :-)
PiGuy2000: <subtly plugs dice friends>
Ferisar: but when will you have a dice friends helicopter crash
iggySPLOSION: relics have great vendor value early on
Ferisar: that's the real question
Rhynerd: Is it really an amnesiac beginning?
m0nkeyrama: LUL Cam
RebekahWSD: I loved Adam's response to amnesia.
PunkRockZoologist: Cam, After the Flood was SOOO good. I'm really excited for the rest.
Ironfistofglee: suffocation impending
Wicker_Knight: ummmmm Kerbal?
mtvcdm: So much space gotta see it all
mtvcdm: Guilty go to space jail
PiGuy2000: Give that man some space!
Wicker_Knight: or Astroneer?
Pal_Friendpatine: Lifesupport
Ironfistofglee: astroneer is very god
CopperAstronaut: cheer245 Forgot to say I appreciate you guys so much because I can listen to you all on audio only. Horray talking sim
Ironfistofglee: good
kalateth: Elite Dangerous
realhillwolf: yay! someone else who enjoyed the mako!
Kramburger: Just boost-jumping up mountains
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: I also enjoyed the Mako!
Ironfistofglee: we are so few and far between @realhillwolf i did realy enjoy the maco
CopperAstronaut: sorry for the second cheer, I didn't mean to do a second shout out.
kerbalized_: elite dangerous reeeeeally needs joysticks
kalateth: na its not bad. I just mouse and keyboard
Ironfistofglee: Elite Dangerous is such a good game.
brainbosh: I tried to play Elite, but after 25 minutes trying to land the ship, I realized it wasn't for me.
Darleysam: I looooved that about Mass Effect, that it was so big and wasteful (in a good way for me) with its space
QmonsterGames: I really like Elite Dangerous. It's super in depth, and is the only game that currently uses my HOTAS
Xafty: i also own elite dangerous. i need a HOTAS because the controler controls are... off
shea_wolfe: Steel Battalion?
Ironfistofglee: but i do very much recomend having a HOTAS to play eliete
kerbalized_: I play keyboard + mouse + gamepad + joystick
korvys: $500 flight pedals from a guy in Poland
Darleysam: I've only ever played Elite with an xbox controller, it works surprisingly well
realhillwolf: @Xafty can recomend HOTAs
Lunareclipse123: I used mouse&keyboard for Elite: Dangerous and it was fine
whiteadder1: So what you're saying is Cameron has Wlite Dangerous homework before the next talking sim.
Crokoking: the X games might also be worth a look
MadAran87: And some of the freighters are basically star destroyers.
CataclysmicReverb: Freiter so
silenceaux: There's supposed to be an introductory quest in the game now that gives you access to a low-quality freighter for free now. I think?
Lightningbro: Or you get lucky and get a quest and have the commander go "I'M DONE WITH THIS!" and hands you a freighter
Ironfistofglee: its okay, you only suffocated a little bit
iggySPLOSION: you can call your freighter into orbit of whatever planet youre on
Fableist: this seems like it would be a fun thing to watch a playthrough of at some point.
Solipsody: So... This is pretty much a 3D update of Starflight from when I was kid. Okay.
brainbosh: If the game had been like this when I first played it I probably would have loved it.
shaolintemple77: Nothing like kicking back and playing on a big tv
Tempest2097: What is a people?
Ironfistofglee: i missed like half of this game today.... did they spend much time with aliens and the whole Language system?
TehAmelie: thanks for having us
benperterkofsky: What time does Let’s Nope Start?
Riandisa: Thanks for the fun stream! I've enjoyed playing NMS quite a bit myself.
Wicker_Knight: is it dancers
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Dark Occult) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
wildpeaks: maybe you'd enjoy Sunless Skies then, strong focus on exploration and its odd universe
Tempest2097: I mean, where are the lines for what a person is?
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @benperterkofsky nowish
I_Am_Clockwork: Thanks for the streams!
Solipsody: Ciao.
Ironfistofglee: GG Talking Sim =D
ContingentCat: Thanks for streaming Cam and Cori lrrHEART
bowsin_durrows: People, remember to turn down your volume for the loud bois.
I_Am_Clockwork: now on to the SPOOP Times! lrrSPOOP
MadAran87: And what fresh hell are the boys leading us into tonight?
wildpeaks: same hell as last week :D
m0nkeyrama: More of the both bad and great Dark Occult seabatTROG benginDab
bowsin_durrows: We're going back into the dark occult.
Juliamon: Slightly stale hell
Juliamon: A very silly hell
wildpeaks: re-heated hell, the best hell
Arimus221: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Dark Occult) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
Tempest2097: Leftover hell from the fridge
Tempest2097: It's probably still evil
Juliamon: Oh it's definitely still evil
bowsin_durrows: It kept well, so I'd say it is.
Alahmnat: microwaved Hell is always blisteringly hot on the outside and frozen solid on the inside.
I_Am_Clockwork: Leftover Hell is my Black Sabath coverband
Alahmnat: The Worst.
Tempest2097: @Alahmnat I've had some Dante's Inferno pockets like that
m0nkeyrama: I am very ready for these doors to keep closing on them
bowsin_durrows: Isn't that microwaved anything?
benperterkofsky: LETS YUP IN 1 MINUTE
Alahmnat: Hell is other microwaves
Juliamon: Who's ready for more questionable dialogue?
Nameless_Sword: Scary times soon
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Press X to pump the dog.
m0nkeyrama: Bad voice acting Kreygasm
seth_erickson: Let's go Let's Nope whoo
benperterkofsky: !quote
wildpeaks: I'm sorry but WAT lrrbot ?
Tempest2097: Bad voice acting can be so wonderfully funny
Juliamon: LRRbot knows what's up
benperterkofsky: !advice
LRRbot: Everything is case sensitive unless proven otherwise.
m0nkeyrama: I can't quite remember, did we get 3 of the items last time?
seth_erickson: I think we only got 2
Alahmnat: intellectually I know that the "press X to pump dog" prompt was actually a "pump X to fight the dog" prompt, but the UI was ambiguous and the first one is WAY funnier
m0nkeyrama: Solid
seth_erickson: we got the lamp for sure can't remember the other
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: i just remembered i didn't catch lets nope last week. anyone have a quick tl;dr?
Juliamon: Why you'd use "pump" for any reason though...
Solipsody: Is Let's Nope more of a martini stream, or a manhattan stream?
Nocxia: Game so bad it wraps around to hilarious
benperterkofsky: Yay Let’s Nopppppe
BTC1220: @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie it's aggressively mediocre
korvys: It just said "Pump X", which is supposed to read as "pump (tap) x", but read like "(X): Pump"
Juliamon: WhaDidBeejPutInDPie There's some demons and dead people and bad voice acting, it's borderline Watch + Nope
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ah ok
Tempest2097: I'd honestly say Manhattans serve let's nope more easily
Tempest2097: You're less likely to spill them than a martini
Tempest2097: Whilst laughing
Tempest2097: Or being afraid
Juliamon: Mechanically it's serviceable, which is probably why they're willing to go back to it.
Pteraspidomorphi: And visually
m0nkeyrama: It's kind of funny
m0nkeyrama: and it has some decent spooks
Juliamon: It does look better than you'd expect it to
Alahmnat: I wish the "oh no look at this creepy thing!" spooks were about 60% shorter though
MenomeTwitch: It's almost a perfect balance between Spoops and Silliness
seth_erickson: It does well on the atmosphere category, but lacks in other areas
m0nkeyrama: Oh it definitely hangs on to some things waaaay too long
Alahmnat: like getting locked in the room with the bugs on the walls… that was a 10 second gag that went on for about 2 minutes.
Juliamon: Protag is dumb as a brick
wildpeaks: it's a good game for them to shoot the breeze with jumpscares from time to time that don't need to pay attention to the story, perfect for this stream
m0nkeyrama: One of the dumbest protags LUL
Juliamon: Has a problem recognizing when people are dead
realhillwolf: G'night Chat
m0nkeyrama: ResidentSleeper 7
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Dark Occult) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (6m ago).
seth_erickson: I bet he can't even read latin
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Tempest2097: Aww yeee
kerbalized_: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Nameless_Sword: Signal? Signal!
tim19862: katesAir
accountmadeforants: Oh geez that was a signal alright
KV1NN4: loud tiem!
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL seabatBRAIN benginHeart lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Alahmnat: *turns down headphones*
m0nkeyrama: These sure are spooky noises
m0nkeyrama: lrrSPOOP
ghostvalv subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 13 months!
ghostvalv: 13 months is still scary right? lrrSPOOP
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on Let's NOPE, Ben and Adam are jumping back into the DARK OCCULT. If you put it in caps lock, it gets 27% more spooky. 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/D6kQnHwUYAIQ0yK.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1128451455860404225
Furrbahl: Crank it to11. If your ears aren't bleeding you aren't watching it right!
kerbalized_: mwawp
m0nkeyrama: LUL
benperterkofsky: LUL
kryptoniten00b: It's gonna get pretty spoopy
benperterkofsky: Prediction that it is Ben and Adam
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MenomeTwitch: Can confirm, 13 months is still scary and spoopy.
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m0nkeyrama: The 13 month sub during lets nope lrrSPOOP
FeverRadish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
benperterkofsky: 20 seconds
Lettuce_Toast: It's time to get occult... in the dark and find that uh, book of magic!
korvys: Here comes 2
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Lunareclipse123: BOOGADIEBOO! (By which I mean I've gotta go but see you in the VOD!)
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benperterkofsky: 10 seconds
benperterkofsky: 0 seconds
Tisme_: oh goodness
NimrodXIV: O_O
Tempest2097: Oh my
Nigouki: oh that's loud
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: DAMMIT
Kramburger: UM
m0nkeyrama: Well that sure is breathing
Nameless_Sword: Here we GOOOOO..... um.....
Despoiler98: slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF
Arimus221: WutFace
wildpeaks: oh my
kerbalized_: grimliGasm grimliGasm grimliGasm grimliGasm grimliGasm grimliGasm grimliGasm
Kramburger: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
tim19862: gross WutFace
Lettuce_Toast: Darth vadered in my ears
ZeniteZero: moon2L moon2L moon2L moon2L moon2L
BTC1220: Let's Nope ASMR? Rad!
silenceaux: That doesn't make it more spooky, whoever you are
smootsmoot: TO SPOOP
Alahmnat: wh… what are you wearing?
Grevas13: thats my fetish
korvys: I thought you quit smoking Ben
fragilepaper: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: Ben... please Ben
kryptoniten00b: 8O
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
CompletelyUnsure: this is the worst AMSR
Brok3nGol3m: slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF
accountmadeforants: Do not eat the delicious microphone covers
niccus: how did your lungs get so vascular
Tempest2097: TOS
asthanius: headphones are BAD
samwonk: Yeah, breathe right into my earholes.
wildpeaks: this isn't Now Kiss :D
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TemporallyAwry: :7 that's an ... intro.
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Furrbahl: That's the stuff
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
DrWreckage: I can hear your nose juice.
the_living_gale: I can't tell if this is dirty or scary.
Brok3nGol3m: thanks for the volume warning!
Nigouki: this is definitely not Cam and Cori volume setting
tim19862: katesNope katesNope katesNope katesSir
kerbalized_: I cant tell if its ben or the soundtrack
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie giggles heartily
m0nkeyrama: huh
benperterkofsky: What??
silenceaux: Is this a loop or is someone acting
CastleOtranto: I'm so out of breath!
oyleslyck: lrrSPOOP
NonjaBiru: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Jacobontherun1: wtf
ZeniteZero: moon2L Kreygasm moon2L Kreygasm moon2L Kreygasm moon2L Kreygasm
brainbosh: Tell me when it's done so I can unmute
Nameless_Sword: I think someone is freaking out a little bit.....
asthanius: PLEASE NO
wildpeaks: probably the game
Lightningbro: This... is a loop
FeverRadish: Hi Ben
lighting_bolt_123: ohhh so ocult
Kramburger: Who mic'd up Beej on the toilet?
MistahFixIt: Mmmnope don't like that.
BTC1220: Will you be doing eating sounds and ear-licking next?
benperterkofsky: It’s Bennnn
m0nkeyrama: That loud breathing LUL
DrWreckage: Also some gum?
Comeback323: Stop I can only get so turned on
tim19862: amisomNotLikeThis
silenceaux: Yeah it's actually just game audio isn't it
kerbalized_: Dammit Beej!
Solipsody: It's not the breathing. It's the lip-smacking.
seth_erickson: It seems to have ended
kryptoniten00b: I can here scooby doo going ruh ro
the_living_gale: And then they died
DrWreckage: Sounds like gum.
Pal_Friendpatine: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Alahmnat: @Kramburger ew. but also lol
Matsunen: #getyourinhaler
Nameless_Sword: spoopy times!
korvys: lrrSPOOP
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
Zyme86: So sleepy y'all
oyleslyck: lrrSPOOP
PhorrestGaze: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
kerbalized_: Spoopy sexy time
Kramburger: lrrSPOOP
m0nkeyrama: LUL
benperterkofsky: Spoooooooooooooops
Brok3nGol3m: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
tim19862: katesLol
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YawnLance: This occult is real damn dark, hope you brought a flashlight! lrrSPOOP
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m0nkeyrama: Watch out for spooky mannequins seabatTROG
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kryptoniten00b: SPooopy
smootsmoot: OwO
MistahFixIt: Fission Mailed
ZeniteZero: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kramburger: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
tim19862: katesWave Hey Ben and Adam!
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m0nkeyrama: Spooky show inc
kryptoniten00b: You mean spoooopy
Invitare: And Adam somehow got his hands on God's Own Deck
m0nkeyrama: Awwww
benperterkofsky: BENNNNN
tim19862: LUL
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the_living_gale: Are you a ghost, Ben? Your shirt's disappearing.
NimrodXIV: Ben is partially a lrrSPOOP
silenceaux: wow rude
ghostvalv: gottem
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demondrinkingtea: @the_living_gale benginHi
m0nkeyrama: We are soooo ready
blackwlf: benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn
tim19862: Dissed inchanted Kappa
I_Am_Clockwork: benginBurn benginBurn
the_living_gale: @demondrinkingtea Hey cutie face.
benperterkofsky: HI BENNNNN
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darkspiredragon: I have been enjoying the Infliction and Resident Evil 2 playthroughs. Nice to catch this live.
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snowcookies: green is such an unlucky colour to wear
the_living_gale: Yooo, good shirt on a good human, Adam.
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banderbear91: Spooky times with spooky boys!
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korvys: Just like Doom!
tim19862: oh boy
MistahFixIt: "Art."
benperterkofsky: Doom whisperer
Kramburger: Adam The Art Seal returns!
ZeniteZero: The flashlight key was the best one Kappa
MistahFixIt: Ahh yes. Cowboy Beepboop.
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aWabbajack: Ohhhh yeah! It's quite a while, crocodile!
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korvys: Coyboy Beboy
m0nkeyrama: How's the universal translator today, Ben?
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Terminalgrav: actually catching a stream live
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benperterkofsky: Let’s get some spoops
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hyralt: *heavy breathing*
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kalateth: Ah some Lets Nope to listen to while grinding up some rank in ED.. perfect!
lighting_bolt_123: hey twitch chat and streamers I just started dark souls , do y'all have some tips and yes I can get good.
Nameless_Sword: +
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DrWreckage: You two are a light in dark times. But especially Adam. Take that, ben.
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tim19862: I_Am_Clockwork katesWa katesOw SeemsGood
kryptoniten00b: Time to get spooooopy
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Yolysses: this stream is literally the only way I can handle experiencing spoopy game; thanks!
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WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ok what is that from? "shoulda aimed for the head"
m0nkeyrama: The cooking show LUL
tim19862: that was weird
IncredibleFrown: cooking show? which one was that, i think i wanna go find that vod
m0nkeyrama: Avengers, I believe @WhaDidBeejPutInDPie
the_living_gale: A for effort, Adam.
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benperterkofsky: Let’s we if Robert is there again
BTC1220: Insert wii music now
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: rude!
m0nkeyrama: Awwwww
PhorrestGaze: he's freeeeeeeeeee
the_living_gale: About time. Kappa
DrWreckage: GOTTEM
Drathak: Adam isn't a pilot everyone knows that
m0nkeyrama: Ben we love you
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ben come back wy wuv woo
Grevas13: where'D my favorite boy go?
Lettuce_Toast: Both on target as well!
Eklinaar: just Adam's Gamehaus from now until Saturday
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SohNata: Anecdote time: At a work night out, boss gave a speech, stole your 'stand up and give applause' gimmick, whole bar joined in, boss successfully embarrassed
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m0nkeyrama: Hmmm
caoinlean: thanks I am clockwork!
FarleyF: cheer100 if Let's Nope was a blood type it would be AB positive *Badoom Tish *
benperterkofsky: Robbbertttt
Kramburger: Now by disappointing someone, Adam truly understands what it's like to be Chat
the_living_gale: Rug n' Stuff, coming to a trailer park near you.
m0nkeyrama: LUL
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Tempest2097: You're literally doing the things which are why I watch you guys.
Jacobontherun1: I laugh the most at the horror streams
Tempest2097: Dem GOOFS
GenericHerooo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:57.
Pal_Friendpatine: This is gonna be a great stream
wildpeaks: it's starling games though, not really horror
Pal_Friendpatine: I can tell already
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FeverRadish: You bois are the best. Thanks for the laughs! See you on the vod
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Drathak: Adam "doesn't get spooked" Savidan
snowcookies: Yeah, I feel better watching horror games here
benperterkofsky: The poor marshmallow
m0nkeyrama: LUL
kryptoniten00b: Ben your shirt is kinda see through, maybe a ghost??
teriyakifishgang: maplec4Wave maplec4Wave
ZeniteZero: LUL
m0nkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏 👏
Kramburger: LEWD
caoinlean: Adam you pronounced my name pretty Well! lol
SohNata: $5 between you Kappa
tendrilsoftragedy: whoa what did I miss?
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The_Lesser_Gatsby: You are both so wonderful. <3 you both
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m0nkeyrama: spooky heart
chrisvonclause: I love Let's Nope because I love Horror games, and have no patience for puzzles. I get to enjoy you guys and the atmosphere as well.
tim19862: woah
silenceaux: Is Ben a heartless now
ZeniteZero: LMAO
Alness49: Ben confirmed Heartless
Grevas13: i know that feel
wildpeaks: mood
Diabore: creepy doll is in your heart
MaverickArtist subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 17 months!
MaverickArtist: Wednesday night? They're heeere!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, MaverickArtist! (Today's storm count: 111)
Nameless_Sword: Yeah i'm not a fan of playing horror games, but I really enjoy watching these two good boys play horror games for me
Lightningbro: @LoadingReadyRun Heart shaped hole in your chest Ben? I think we both know who THAT makes me think of
Nameless_Sword: Ben confirmed ghost?
m0nkeyrama: Flattery gets us everywhere seabatTROG
Kramburger: o_O
teriyakifishgang: Hello nice to see you
aWabbajack: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrSPOOP coxManleee
benperterkofsky: Woooooooo
asthanius: WHAT
Alness49: Imagine if you will, a Dark Occult
benperterkofsky: LUL LUL
tuckamanian: you guys changed seats quickly
the_living_gale turns it to eleven
Edgarware: No, impossible. These boys, loud?
aWabbajack: frivSpoop lrrSPOOP
m0nkeyrama: Speed swapped
tendrilsoftragedy: whos loud?
MilkInBag: my sweet bois seabatTROG
silvalunae: i keep mine at 69
brainbosh: Already switched from 10 to 3.
benperterkofsky: Adam... Warriors or Trail Blazers?
m0nkeyrama: The game was loud
brainbosh: Game has also been loud
MilkInBag: this looks pretty
m0nkeyrama: er than you two
oyleslyck: Game is loud
MilkInBag: the game looks also fine
tendrilsoftragedy: it is kinda loud.
GenericHerooo: @loadingreadyrun The Twitch mobile notifications never work since the changes in schedule. =(
Nameless_Sword: creepy house is creepy
m0nkeyrama: Thank you SeriousSloth
tendrilsoftragedy: thats good
IncredibleFrown: sounds good adam
tim19862: WOOO
tim19862: finally
GenericHerooo: Hi! ^^U
MilkInBag: crack the neck
caoinlean: oh no a look behind button!
orbitaltuna: exorcist button
MilkInBag: head bobble is WutFace
m0nkeyrama: In the keys waiting room
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erloas: keys and statues
MilkInBag: weegee board?
tendrilsoftragedy: is this a VR Game?
benperterkofsky: Warriors or Trail Blazers Ben and Adma
DarkYaksha: hello all
BTC1220: Waluigi board?
ZeniteZero: The Weeby Board?
benperterkofsky: Adam*
aWabbajack: Luigi is bored?
MilkInBag: because it's not empty
Laserbeaks_Fury: UwUgi board
BusTed: Hey all.
aWabbajack: Luigi in a board room?
Kramburger: The Elijah Board?
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DarkYaksha: what game is this??
the_living_gale subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 23 months!
the_living_gale: I'm heeeeere. You're welcome. Also I appreciate you or something.
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asthanius: Water batteries. Y'know, it's hydro
m0nkeyrama: Busteeddddd
blackwlf: Squeegee board?
tim19862: Luigi board
darkspiredragon: WaLuigi board
kryptoniten00b: Whn you complete it its gonna go WAAAAh
Tisme_: why are we filling in a Bee Gees board
BusTed: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
erloas: game is Dark Occult
m0nkeyrama: Darm Occult @BusTed
Nameless_Sword: could really do with finding a map of this part of the house...
asthanius: What are these, notes for ants?
Tantar: I heard something about a beej board?
Solipsody: @Tisme_ Stayin' alive.
benperterkofsky: Luigi board LUL
m0nkeyrama: That tiny text
BusTed: durn occult
aWabbajack: best card: I appreciate you or something I like! Can I steal? @the_living_gale
MilkInBag: youtube comments is pretty spooky
blackwlf: A beej board sounds like a crapshot.
caoinlean: @asthanius underrated comment
Tantar: yeah it does actually
DontpingmePlayz: i was reading the youtube comments Ben honey no
m0nkeyrama: Oh
Tisme_: @Solipsody Ha, that's great.
accountmadeforants: Don't NOTE-ice them, eh?
CamelAttack: If it literally kills them, they're actually dead and you no longer need to care. :D
m0nkeyrama: If you don't see it you don't see it 🤷
benperterkofsky: Does Ben want the Warriors or the blazers to win? Or does he not care
MilkInBag: are you saying people are mad because you are playing a game *wrong*?
aWabbajack: and then visited Hot Topic?
wildpeaks: they're ghosts lrrSPOOP
Kramburger: "Let's go to the maaaaaall"
Grevas13: @blackwlf lrrsman just sliding a planchette across beej's face as he tries to talk
Alness49: I mean, if it kills them inside then maybe they should take up knitting or something less stressful?
m0nkeyrama: LUL I know that feel
aWabbajack: Phonebook lots of numbers in that book
MilkInBag: adam is reading the Darksiders novels
kumatsu: I thought that was gonna end "they don't have book stores in malls anymore"
tuckamanian: must be good
aWabbajack: still no phones
Valashu__: I just bought some books after not really reading for 6 years
m0nkeyrama: That's fair
Alness49: Can you remember who wrote it?
Krayvern: @LoadingReadyRun I'm like 90ish% sure there is a way to activate those protection talismans you picked up with a button, but I forgot which one
tendrilsoftragedy: is the hammer not a claw hammer?
korvys: I'm reading Animorphs, because I found all of them are available, for free, with the author's blessing.
aWabbajack: Book of Phones would of been cool.
benperterkofsky: Spoooooopy
blackwlf: @Grevas13 Or : They ask who are you, it spells out "I'm YOU" and then beejdrop.
Invitare: I mean, Adam's favourite series probably has the hardest name to remember in Fantasy
Solipsody: You know a game is good when you're discussing a book you can't remember the name of instead.
Invitare: Malazan Book of the Fallen is a huge mouthfull
m0nkeyrama: Does it?
Grevas13: @blackwlf yours is better. i like that.
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IAmNotAshKetchum: I need to go back through my book collection and read all of them to figure out which ones I want to keep and which ones I want to get rid of since I'm running out of room on my shelves
Nameless_Sword: @LoadingReadyRun if you have the key for the door on the map, the door will be highlighted (it did that last week)
seth_erickson: I'm currently reading the first book of that series
benperterkofsky: What happened to Robert
m0nkeyrama: Forgot how abruptly doors opened
m0nkeyrama: LUL
MilkInBag: I'm reading Fire & Blood, the "prequel" book about Targaryens, it's fun
CaptainSpam: Geez, how many hojillion-room mansions ARE there in horror-video-game-land?
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Pal_Friendpatine: I think the symbols on the map pulse blue if you can open them
Krayvern: yeah, @LoadingReadyRun You can press "T" when an enemy appears to use a talisman to restrain them for a short time
accountmadeforants: Oh, that's very nice of them
tuckamanian: This place could do with some WD40
tim19862: PogChamp aWabbajack SeemsGood
m0nkeyrama: Would have been nice of them to make the symbols a bit bigger
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Thanks @aWabbajack !
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Nameless_Sword: @LoadingReadyRun they appeared to "pulse", for lack of a better term
GallowsCat: i think they sort of glow and pulse if you have the key but its not open, and its green if you've opened it iirc
Irsaan: Don't Wabbajack me bro
pharniel: Whoa. Thanks!
tendrilsoftragedy: clearly you should GET OUT OF HERE
aWabbajack: Random 2!
pharniel: Also good job pronouncing that correctly
m0nkeyrama: This is where the long boy was
benperterkofsky: Find Robert for us Adam
aWabbajack: Just let chance take the wheel
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AGiantRoach: To be fair to Ben I only remember the Zodiac Symbols because of playing Binding of Isaac.
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m0nkeyrama: It true
m0nkeyrama: seabatSEAL
LadyAtarka: I'm ready to NOPE so hard lrrSPOOP
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Literacy level is over 9000
MilkInBag: adam was never able to pronounce my name, 70 times in a row
niccus: weren't the zodiac symbols only for that one antibirth mod
m0nkeyrama: uuhh
Grescheks: how goes the dark occultness?
benperterkofsky: What happened to Robert?
aWabbajack: Meel En Beeg
CastleOtranto: If you stand for nothing, Burr, what'll you fall for?
m0nkeyrama: MelkInBag Kappa
ZeniteZero: Hmmmm, malk
Kramburger: Binding of Issac was my game of choice what I wanted to watch movies, etc but my ADHD brain wanted more stimulus
tim19862: miiiilllk Kappa
LadyAtarka: gabyHi everyone
aWabbajack: ohh forgot the Kay sound sorry
IncredibleFrown: i think if you've played gungeon, the only reason to play isaac is if you're jonesing for that 2000 era newgrounds grossout humor
tim19862: katesWave
AGiantRoach: the Zodiac Symbols are powers in BOI.
tendrilsoftragedy: give it 5 minutes get orientated and youll get going again
aWabbajack: zekeHI @LadyAtarka
Nameless_Sword: the guy... with the bugs....
Pal_Friendpatine: What keys do you have?
whiteadder1: Check the map?
m0nkeyrama: Does it tell us what items we still need?
MilkInBag: mawp
Pteraspidomorphi: Don't you need more statuettes?
asthanius: Game's for babies!
Grescheks: yeah, we need another 3 ouija statues I think
aWabbajack: feliciaCrying coxManleee feliciaBottle EZ?
benperterkofsky: Ben where is Robert
m0nkeyrama: what keys do we have?
CastleOtranto: We Five Nights at Freddy's now boys
Nameless_Sword: does anyone know where the map for this part of the house is? that would help i think
MilkInBag: is this mortal kombat 11
m0nkeyrama: God, why is all the text so small
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: He's excited? Or scared?
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Maybe both?
Grescheks: ghosts are scary, Adam
MilkInBag: that sounds more like...excited gasping?
Nameless_Sword: is that a switch on the wall?
weff47: the dude has also been thrown around so he probably has some broken ribs too
erloas: switch on the wall?
whiteadder1: Can you not check the in game map anymore? Or did that happen just before I came in?
Solipsody: It's too bad nobody ever conveyed those emotions to the voice actor for any of the dialogue.
sifonaonline: This mansion is probably freezing.
m0nkeyrama: He just ran a few feet, he's out of shape
benperterkofsky: Did the monster eat Robert? But he was our hero!
Irsaan: switch probs releases more ghosts
asthanius: Let's say what it is: he's horned up like a dog in summer
Vincent508: TBF this mansion looks drafty as heck
Grescheks: also, this has bothered since the last stream...why do the batteries slosh when you pick them up?
Pal_Friendpatine: A character in Kingdoms of Amalur was injured. It didn’t sound like it though
AGiantRoach: I'd ba a bad protag. I breathe heavy thanks to asthma
Nameless_Sword: so it IS timed
m0nkeyrama: Need the zoomies
silenceaux: Good on them for putting in solid audio cues though
accountmadeforants: Right, the usual door-lever I keep in my bedlivingroom
Lettuce_Toast: Oh so the ominous howl is what calms him down?
LadyAtarka: 2 spoopy 4 me
itsr67: ok, so mansion architect, I want a timed door right here
benperterkofsky: I wonder how Robert and Taylor are
MilkInBag: imagine if that timed door was to reach the bathroom
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Pteraspidomorphi: Just napping benperterkofsky
silenceaux: Consult the map?
asthanius: @MilkInBag Aren't all bathroom doors timed doors, if you think about it?
m0nkeyrama: In Adam's puzzle house, for sure
BusTed: First, you must fetch the tortoise talisman...
Grescheks: seems like the right spot for the door to me?
MilkInBag: that flashlight got issues
darkspiredragon: Someone is watch the new GOT in the house
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silenceaux: It sounds close though...
Jacobontherun1: Can you check the map?
Vincent508: check the map from the switch room to plot yo course
Solipsody: Is that why the main character is breathing so hard? He's been doing all this trying to find a working toilet?
m0nkeyrama: The noise is super close to that door 🤔
auxv: Adam's house should be a AirBnb
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dr_owl_pharmd: I remembered the thing!
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Nameless_Sword: move stuff? what do you think this is real life?
benperterkofsky: Robert is the one breathing
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Lukeadoo: <3
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silenceaux: Ahhh, no map. That sucks.
m0nkeyrama: Oh myyyyyy
MilkInBag: D:
Jacobontherun1: alright
tuckamanian: lol
Grescheks: uhhhhhhhhh
m0nkeyrama: That one got me good
Irsaan: yikes
Jacobontherun1: im awake now
silenceaux: OHKAY GOOD ONE
Lettuce_Toast: Try and look through the door and identify where the door-JESUS CHRIST
Krayvern: That was a really good jumpscare
aWabbajack: wall hand wants to say hi
Nameless_Sword: oh wow..... nice one game....very nice
ghostvalv: got me
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Kumakaori: Spoop bois! oh my, that sure was a jump scare outta nowhere XD!
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m0nkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
fragilepaper: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
theneatestburrito: What was that?
Grescheks: I agree protagonist, what was that?
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP coxManleee
Alness49: JUMPSCARE!
Krayvern: Rule of 3 my dude!
MilkInBag: that was clever
tendrilsoftragedy: oh what was that?
korvys: Someone clip that
Solipsody: Huh, yeah, what WAS that? Oh, well.
benperterkofsky: Fffffookoockkkk
YawnLance: Holy fucking shit fuck
ZeniteZero: Third times is the charm LUL
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theneatestburrito: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Jacobontherun1: you let the arms out
Vincent508: all things considered I think he handled that pretty well X_x
Darleysam: well that's my cardio for the week!
LadyAtarka: I just choked on my pretzel benginSpoop lrrSPOOP
MilkInBag: third time's the AAAAH
Irsaan: my heart hurts :(
kumatsu: I was biting a chip!
Indiexxx: benginDab
kalateth: brown alert momment
Laserbeaks_Fury: This game is very GRIPPING
GallowsCat: consider my ticker, tocked
MizzMedia: I had to get up and missed the spoop :(
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LordChrusher: 7 x 7 months!
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Lettuce_Toast: I don't know if the game is good or terrible
m0nkeyrama: Stopped that sub in it's tracks LUL
Grescheks: map get!
Nameless_Sword: Got it!!! Yes map get
tendrilsoftragedy: woo
Pazzix: !info
benperterkofsky: How big is this house?
Solipsody: This house is going to be really hard to divide into multiple units, and I don't see how you'll flip it otherwise.
m0nkeyrama: It's very dark in here
itsr67: progress!
benperterkofsky: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 27:26.
m0nkeyrama: spooky plague doctor lookin ass
Krayvern: This game GETS horror, but it doesn't get voice acting
tuckamanian: congrats on the progress
MilkInBag: congratulations
tendrilsoftragedy: dont forget the exorcist button
jamesinor: *Walks into the dark Occult* Hey, who turned out the lights?
aWabbajack: Property Bro's would be proud
m0nkeyrama: Success \ lrrSPOOP /
Nameless_Sword: now can we use the map to figure out that switch
asthanius: Lucha Libra Key
silenceaux: Libration
Alness49: "Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."
Solipsody: Libations?
m0nkeyrama: Backtracking Kreygasm
TheBearBee: Dear Adam, How much Rice a Roni do I need to eat to grow up to be as big of a Spook boy as you?
Jacobontherun1: Libra? I hardly knew her
MilkInBag: 🦋 is backtracking more gameplay?
Nameless_Sword: backtracking is only fun when it is BATtracking as Batman
tim19862: viddya games
tendrilsoftragedy: 4 lbs a day
m0nkeyrama: I grew up on rice a roni and am way smaller than Adam LUL
Vincent508: LOL there are legit no walkthroughs of this game on gamefaqs
Alness49: In one sitting
kumatsu: It's the San Francisco Treat!
m0nkeyrama: That's so much rice, oh my
asthanius: Also you have to stay in school
weff47: I want to know how many people lived in this big ass house
Caedynna: woo i made it to the nope
blackwlf: But what about second breakfast?
aWabbajack: been awhile since I visited GameFAQ's
Pteraspidomorphi: There are video walkthroughs
Kramburger: Adam's going to get another welfare check from his mum
aWabbajack: was active on the RE: Outbreak
Alness49: That implies people finished this game
tendrilsoftragedy: so if you are ill is it a beddaysnack?
MilkInBag: adam gets stopped at movies because they think it's two person in a trench coat
Nigouki: is there no key for the map? menu only?
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Up Up Duran Duran
aWabbajack: super stinky at first
aWabbajack: you will get used to it
m0nkeyrama: Hm
niccus: also they fall from trees and kill people
asthanius: Taste and Smell are too intertwined for most people to enjoy it
KV1NN4: Thats why you're supposed to eat durian OUTSIDE in the open
aWabbajack: a fruit with the fleshy custard inside
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ToastedArts: Just wanted to thank you guys for being awesome. Been a busy month between moving cross country and getting married, and LRR has helped me keep sane through all of it. Keep being awesome!!!
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HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: The texture is also odd.
aWabbajack: then you clear the room :D
MilkInBag: @ToastedArts grats
m0nkeyrama: Congrats @ToastedArts !
Pal_Friendpatine: I want to try a durian again
ToastedArts: Thanks chat!
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Congrats @ToastedArts
Pal_Friendpatine: And fresh jackfruit
Nameless_Sword: Congratulations
Caedynna: congrats!
ushiikun: for cutting bolts
Soul1355: I found some durian "flavored" wafer cookies once. they were actually durian scented, and metal flavored...
Alephred: Durian-flavour ice cream is not stinky.
TheBearBee: You always need bolt cutters
m0nkeyrama: LUL so helpful
SamanthaVess: To cut bolts
blackwlf: Bolt cutter, strictly better than box key.
IncredibleFrown: didn't you already have bolt cutters before in the puzzle room?
asthanius: WARK WARK
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: That sounds terrible @Soul1355
TheMandrew: congratulations!
Nameless_Sword: we needed a crowbar, though... right?
AGiantRoach: who had durian in iron stomach challenge?
ushiikun: Congrats @ToastedArts
kryptoniten00b: Congrats
MilkInBag: The trick to eat durian fruits is to slowly cut the spikes, get a knife, cut through the 'crust' and then throw it in a garbage can
Despoiler98: slytqWTF
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
silenceaux: Huh, I thought it would help you get into those locked boxes
Pteraspidomorphi: Wark wark
TheBearBee: Do it you coward
Kramburger: Congratulations @ToastedArts !
itsr67: congrats
seth_erickson: Congratulations @ToastedArts
ToastedArts: I mean... now I'm embaressed
Darth_Fishious: Congratulations
whiteadder1: Congrats
clintdotzone: congrats ahhhh
Alness49: congratulations dot gif
Terminalgrav: congrats
Tempest2097: Congratulations to @ToastedArts
Valashu__: congratulations
The_Ninjurai: Congratulations!
AgentMagicMaster: What about lurkers???
KV1NN4: Gratz gratz gratz!
Erudite_Cynic: Congrats @ToastedArts
theeviljaffa: cONGRATS
Comeback323: rude
AGiantRoach: congrats!
RebekahWSD: Congratulations, ToastedArts
IAmNotAshKetchum: Congrats @ToastedArts !
Solipsody: Good on you, ToastedArts.
thordak_keitel: congrats
Jacobontherun1: Congrats @ToastedArts
ThornedKelp: noooo not the lurkers D:
TheBearBee: Do it Adam, snap them fingers
darkspiredragon: Congrats!
NonjaBiru: combobulations
Pal_Friendpatine: kaypikeCONG kaypikeRATS
lucha_libro: Congratuaqltions! for things!
Vincent508: congratulatiums toasted!
Nameless_Sword: I already said it BEFORE Adam said
Nefarious_Ned: congratulations
madnessdreamer: Great job!!
ToastedArts: You guys are rad. Thanks chat! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
YawnLance: Congratulations @ToastedArts
m0nkeyrama: Oh, that's neat it tells us where we need to use the tools
Jacobontherun1: The last one to stop clapping gets banned
NomDPlum: Congratulations to the person for the thing?
Nameless_Sword: it's a differently shaped key...
Caedynna: i DO usually lurk ^_^;
MilkInBag: ban Adam, he didnt say it
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
madnessdreamer: seabatTROG
silenceaux: So is that really the only thing that the Libra key did?
Erudite_Cynic: get Keezzz nutz
Kramburger: But Adam we like YOU and YOU'RE a tryhard
madnessdreamer: katesF
SamanthaVess: The key... is the KEY! tfuLUL
TheBearBee: Congratulations @ToastedArts, because I want to not because I'm afraid of Adam
EscherichiaCole: Every item in a video game is just a key if you get right down to it
m0nkeyrama: LUL no winning indeed, sounds like Adam's magic stream today Kappa
Nameless_Sword: I'm not here to make Adam happy... i thought he was here to make US happy
benperterkofsky: Who is your favorite hockey team?
weff47: plenty of people have tried to make Adam happy
deejford: when you think you make adam happy, you savidon't
tendrilsoftragedy: the real keys are the keys that key the key
madnessdreamer: Adam, just like my father.
korvys: More like a trybest?
Lightningbro: Bolt Cutter? Key. Mirror? Key. Gemstone? Key. That's the thing, all things are keys, for all things come from kingdom hearts. Ha, pun.
Solipsody: Isn't the opposite of a tryhard just a lazy bum?
m0nkeyrama: LUL
ushiikun: Be the Boshy?
MilkInBag: adam isn't competitive, he only punched 2 walls for losing at the PPR Kappa
silenceaux: "Hey let's grind to Platinum" or w/e it is in Magic
m0nkeyrama: The Boshy is a stubborn man
Alness49: So what's the next Big Challenge for the Boshy?
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: How many attics does one need?
MilkInBag: that sounds awful
m0nkeyrama: Oh, I've heard of that
hyralt: Adam, you're the boshi. You're a tryhard.
excalgold: i've seen that movie...
brainbosh: First one to die wins?
m0nkeyrama: It's messed up
aWabbajack: Depth race?
BusTed: That's too many.
Alahmnat: ah yes, my second attic
seth_erickson: That sounds terrible
Irsaan: I'd have better odds of surviving the weaponized cars tbh
MilkInBag: DEATH race?
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Fluffasaurus: Let the spoops continue
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m0nkeyrama: LUL that's basically competitive
asthanius: I've activated my own trap card!
tendrilsoftragedy: Adam when are you gonna show up in a nice striped shirt like the picture you shared on twitter the other day?
Vincent508: you can be the MOST not competitive
benperterkofsky: Adam who is your fav hockey team?
TheBearBee: Woah, the wiggins burn
BusTed: "I'm a genius!" "Oh no!"
m0nkeyrama: bring back the striped fashion
weff47: hand door!
excalgold: 'that door with all the pants' ?
Darleysam: oh, into the armory
clintdotzone: overalls are back
BusTed: Osh Kosh boys.
m0nkeyrama: s cluuuub
tendrilsoftragedy: neon orange?
Alness49: I though Ben was too young for S Club 7?
YawnLance: Wow I don't think I've heard S Club mentioned in like a decade
MilkInBag: LUL
m0nkeyrama: LUL
fragilepaper: LUL
m0nkeyrama: Is she the one who dressed you in those fancy squiggly pants?
itsr67: nnnnnope
seth_erickson: They're very heavy those carts
excalgold: oh BOY a crawlspace!
MilkInBag: porchphobia
TheThromborax: THIS IS FINE
Nameless_Sword: crawlspace.... no thanks....
Irsaan: y'all are gonna get dragged to hell or some shit
tim19862: Weee
ushiikun: Rat friend
Jacobontherun1: It's peter!
excalgold: ah Rats
MilkInBag: Rats, the famous Ghost song
tim19862: rat, spider or bug on PC
m0nkeyrama: Damn, the rats!
Comeback323: jump scarae
tendrilsoftragedy: you dont want to be uncouth do you? use the handle like a gentleman not some sort of animal
tim19862: rat, spider or bug on PC's hand?
weff47: we're trapped! like rats!
Comeback323: scare*
Alness49: It's a top chef right there!
ushiikun: They carry the plague
seth_erickson: Depends on what rats you're looking at
Tidom_Kamf: I have 5 pet rats, and they are the sweetest girls
m0nkeyrama: that's so odd
MilkInBag: no rats here 😡 👉 🚪
PhorrestGaze: real wild rats are terrifying
TheThromborax: there's asbestos in the ceiling. the real horror is mesiothelioma
Alness49: So there's no legal rats, but what about the black-market rats?
m0nkeyrama: They're cute from a distance
brainbosh: I mean, it is like the ONLY place on earth where rats aren't a problem
Alephred: This house has like 5 attics.
kryptoniten00b: Waluigi is coming out and going WAAA
Nameless_Sword: they saved the spoops for the big room....
excalgold: wake up to a rat scurryingacross your feet and tell me if you sitll think they are cute....
tendrilsoftragedy: they are cute up close too
benperterkofsky: Adam you should make a Seabats Instagram Page
Erudite_Cynic: saving it for the return trip
Pazzix: does a train stop count as "in the wild"
ushiikun: moonwalk in a circle?
MizzMedia: I had three rats growing up. Some of the sweetest pets I've ever had
SquareDotCube: Them pennyloafers
IAmNotAshKetchum: Rats and Guinea Pigs are super sweet, but mice and hamsters are apparently the devil. Source: my mom worked in a pet store when she was younger and she's told me stories
MizzMedia: and so smart
Jacobontherun1: does he have the darksouls shuffle tho?
m0nkeyrama: No more crawlspace Kreygasm
Vincent508: Rock the wingtips for the spoops
Soul1355: wheelie shoes?
korvys: You should make a MySpace
Nameless_Sword: the 13th sign....
asthanius: Ophiucus
m0nkeyrama: A ficus SeriousSloth
MilkInBag: what's the point of instagram? you can't take pictures of dunking on people
excalgold: snake sign ?
asthanius: It's a snake
itsr67: it's U~
Tempest2097: SNAKE
ushiikun: sounds like a demon or something
tuckamanian: sign of Aquaman
weff47: O fuck u cus
asthanius: Oh-fee-uh-kiss
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Tempest2097: IT A SNAKE
TheThromborax: fun fact, that symbol on the door is the greek sign for "another goddamn key"
excalgold: WORM SIGN ?!?!?!?! *runs for the thopter*
itsr67: "Reloading!"
benperterkofsky: Lol ben
snowcookies: I post pics of food
m0nkeyrama: I posted photos from my vacation to Japan on instagram
itsr67: "Get down!"
MilkInBag: can you post pictures of you at the toilet on instagram?
unicornly: Huh, someone did their zodiac homework for this game.
wildpeaks: personal #brand content
EscherichiaCole: The point of instagram is to get followers and get a branding deal with weight loss tea
m0nkeyrama: That's the only thing on mine
Nameless_Sword: spoops will continue until morale improves...
snowcookies: if you want to MilkInBag
ushiikun: the spoops make you fall
benperterkofsky: Ben follow me on Instagram! 🤣
excalgold: Balance....IN LIGHTNING!
asthanius: @unicornly Until I see Cetus, I'm holding my breath Kappa
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: No, the other way.
blast_shark: We heard you like Tony Hawk
Jacobontherun1: Ah yes, balance mechanics in my horror game
itsr67: tony hawk pro skater mechanics
weff47: jump scare incoming
AGiantRoach: Instagram is a great medium for pet pics
MilkInBag: 🦋 is this good gameplay
m0nkeyrama: LUL
seth_erickson: what happens if we fall can we test for posterity's sake
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: omg you two :D
Jacobontherun1: Hey atleast nothing's chasing you...
SAiconjr: solve it by falling and dying then floating around as a ghost :)
Jorim: Good old nihilistic game reviewing
aWabbajack: Beej has a tattoo
IncredibleFrown: the wise man bowed his head and solemnly spoke: "there's zero difference between good and bad things. you imbecile. you fucking moron."
Pteraspidomorphi: Ophiuchus is the thirteenth sign of the zodiac apparently, according to some people, which would mean this game has at least 13 keys
Solipsody: Does anyone remember what the overall goal of this game is? Are you trying to escape? Investigate? Find your wallet? Date a ghost?
MilkInBag: while you're inside?
Alness49: Don't you get a tattoo itch AFTER?
brainbosh: If your tattoo itches, you should lotion it.
Tempest2097: What? That sucks
benperterkofsky: Let’s walk across a tightrope! 💡
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Do you enjoy crushing a man's dreams Adam?
benperterkofsky: Ben I want you to follow me! 😂
MilkInBag: Nicole is your gf?
tendrilsoftragedy: i cant believe how much you guys all end up moving.
itsr67: that sounds like a comedy series in the making
m0nkeyrama: Hahaa
SquareDotCube: Or Beavis and Butthead
BTC1220: I'd watch that sitcom
Nameless_Sword: this seems rather... convoluted...
Kramburger: Adam and Ben have annoying little brother energy
TheBearBee: Adam and Ben are loud? No. You don't say
Nameless_Sword: of a path...
MilkInBag: LUL
m0nkeyrama: Good old Beej
Grevas13: beej is a pure soul
MilkInBag: a crow
darkspiredragon: Oh... Get the Christmas lights out of the attic simulator!
Juliamon: !beej
DoctorOfBeard: BRIB
Nameless_Sword: Beej best Beej
Alness49: Beej is the herp we need
kryptoniten00b: It was another rat
warpspeed365: I love this bromance lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Nigouki: it was BATMAN
Jacobontherun1: Dracula!
jonasjonIV: Beej lrrHEART
MechaKuuga: @squaredotcube I was thinking the same thing
Alness49: *hero
itsr67: just a banshee
TheBearBee: RAT KING!!!!
tendrilsoftragedy: birb
kryptoniten00b: Just another rat
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: To the wall!!
itsr67: casual banshee
m0nkeyrama: King of rats
Irsaan: nope, too late, he has the herp @Alness49
MilkInBag: swear to me
Robot_Bones: Royal Rat Authority!
Juliamon: oh right
m0nkeyrama: wut
Juliamon: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEJ
Nameless_Sword: One more to go
Pal_Friendpatine: Time gate
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HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Oh look. The quit button.
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A_Catastrophic_Success: So which one of you is Tweedle Dumbass?
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Vincent508: playing as a hooligan and getting stalked by batman would be a pretty decent horror game
DiscordianTokkan: Ouija ear board
Jacobontherun1: those gymnastic dismounts
m0nkeyrama: Just don't fall :)
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: They should patch out fall damage IRL, too. Kappa
brainbosh: Fall damage makes the double jump a better bonus.
benperterkofsky: Ben has an awesome Insta page! I love the pics with the snakeeeee
iggySPLOSION: 9000 hopoo feathers
IncredibleFrown: left as an exercise for the reader
YawnLance: Still have the timed switch puzzle thingy!
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IzGaige: wassup quiet boys
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Lightningbro: Or.. just the legendary that gives fall immunity.
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aquinas_0: ouiji board of doom? ouiji board of doom
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Ferisar: are you two thinking about doing plague tale at some point down the line, or is it not in line with this show?
m0nkeyrama: Bungus OP
kryptoniten00b: I like that the basement initials are BS
itsr67: back to that nightmare
tendrilsoftragedy: this mansion is huge... like obseenly large.
itsr67: of a timed puzzle
malexus101: Home from modern Tue, and now spoopsboys? Guess I won't sleep much today!!
korvys: Waluigi Board
Tempest2097: You mean a Luigi Board? Kappa
m0nkeyrama: Just play with Blue, he'll carry you on his back, you won't even need to touch the ground LUL
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: It's just different.
benperterkofsky: What is the Friday Night Paper Fight this week Mr. Savidan
itsr67: Maybe you'll need to get the ophicus (or whatever its name was) key from the timed room?
Alness49: "Spirit, speak to us!" W.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.
MilkInBag: i just realized now that, Adam would make a great Geralt of Rivia cosplay
Comeback323: limited is a lot harder
tendrilsoftragedy: i think limited is harder
m0nkeyrama: I find limited much more difficult
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: smarter? Adam, my favourite commander deck is AtogAtog atog tribal. It's hard to get much dumber than that.
benperterkofsky: i play limited BEN
IzGaige: twitch is freaking out, it wants me to announce my subversary again
Jacobontherun1: What does that make commander?
Irsaan: Sealed is most fun magic to me
IncredibleFrown: limited tests a different skill set
malexus101: Trust me Adam, I am quite dumb! and insisting to play it storm is part of it!!
Drathak: Yess the alpha of magic. *tips fedora and plays my fetch into underground sea*
BTC1220: Sealed is great but no one around me plays
m0nkeyrama: So much value!
AGiantRoach: get the best of both worlds and play cube
m0nkeyrama: On a common!
gamnaire: Commander players are the ascended
MilkInBag: 5 mana unconditional removal? OH BOY
itsr67: watch in limited as people beat eachother with trashbags
Robot_Bones: Its. So. Biiiiiiiig.
Erudite_Cynic: TitheGiant
malexus101: First core draft I died to X/4 cos I couldn't remove it
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: And here we are debating if Doom Blade is playable in CanLander.
silvalunae: you could say. . . it blooms inside you?
druidofspores: hiya! how is everyone? <3
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Used Blooming Hulk with a Teferi's Time Twist, felt good
fritobandeeto: I'm so glad I caught this stream you guys brighten a dark day. thanks friends
Jacobontherun1: This ghost is like when an adult runs on their knees chasing a toddler
m0nkeyrama: LUL limited is such a different world
tuckamanian: i will kill you with time
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MilkInBag: 4 mana 2/3 flyer? take my sou;
benperterkofsky: Adam what is the FNPF this week
wildpeaks: too late, we're already deep in the magic talk
Erudite_Cynic: TitheGiant 4/5 AND carddraw?
m0nkeyrama: Final Canlander @benperterkofsky
niccus: casual constructed is where jank thrives
malexus101: Cat Mom Kickin' asses? nice!
Grevas13: i last played magic seven years ago. this is all barely making sense to me
m0nkeyrama: Just a casual turn 3 7/7 hydra, Adam
benperterkofsky: Ben lost to Kasmina and Kaya’s Wrath
itsr67: it's like cloudbrazer mk II
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: too deep into magic talk? Impossible. Literally watching the spoops while my partner is playing on arena across the room
jpss92400: that deck was sweet af
Invitare: just turn 5 14/14 Hydra and win every time
NoxStryx: vanafatred
m0nkeyrama: Oooooh, nicely done, Ben
CaffeinatedLemur: peeks in
druidofspores: My face is super swollen and hurty, thank you for cheering me up with this stream!
Solipsody: @Grevas13 20+ years for me.
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun how goes the noping, guys?
Lettuce_Toast: God he can't even shimmy
m0nkeyrama: Oh well then
JDuBz2008: New Vraska + Bow of Nylea = major gains bruh
benperterkofsky: Ben... that deck with 4 kayas wrath KILLLED YOU
e_bloc: showlove100 100% rooting for Protag to die in the end
m0nkeyrama: creepy dolls
Grevas13: crazy thyat magic has been a thing for so long. i remember first playing way back in third grade
m0nkeyrama: plz no
MilkInBag: puppes D:
DiscordianTokkan: Good ol' creepy dolls
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun the room? this game has tommy weisau? Now THATS scary
Pteraspidomorphi: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: another box
IncredibleFrown: people have this association that better cards is automatically more fun, you see it the most starkly when talking about any cube that isn't power
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Ah, my old foe. Batteries with 10 minute lifespans.
BTC1220: That weird screaming noise is just kind of more annoying than scary
Darleysam: it sounds like original Doom door sounds to me
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: We meet again.
m0nkeyrama: Opening doors Kreygasm
Solipsody: There's no walkthrough for this game because it would just be, "Find the key to get the key, so you can access the key you need to unlock the key, then key the key with keykeykeykey... Oh, there's a ghost, don't worry about. Anyway, keys..."
korvys: Strafe?
Papperslappen: Hello friends, how goes the spoops?
lucha_libro: blood?
Grevas13: dusk?
Kramburger: Blood? Didn't Alex play it a couple of times?
Darleysam: oh is that the remaster of Blood?
Himyul: whales have ghosts too. This land used to all be underwater, so whales must've died around here
Kramburger: DUCK
Terminalgrav: doom 3?
Alness49: Doom 3? They tried
m0nkeyrama: huh
Erudite_Cynic: Doom3
Ferisar: wasn't a remake
Ferisar: but yeah doom 3
Aziraphalesshop: I'm so glad they remastered Blood
benperterkofsky: Ben has a close one to Kayas Wrath deck today
m0nkeyrama: Nooooo
seth_erickson: Doom 3 it was fairly scare to me
benperterkofsky: Had
druidofspores: It wasn't spooky, but a few jumpscares
Qalten: There's Wrath coming out, that's a new Quake 1 engine though
asthanius: Try it?
TheBearBee: Also known as Monster clown cars.
Driosenth: Doom 3? where you can't duct-tape a flashlight to a shotgun\
whiteadder1: Doom 3. Doom 3 is what your're talking about
Alness49: It was as scary as it could be with a plasma rifle
seth_erickson: I was also like 15 though
AGiantRoach: Doom 3 is so dark. like I can see anything dark.
Erudite_Cynic: the crawl slows you downtho
whiteadder1: Doom 3 was pretty much a tech demo for a lighting system
SquareDotCube: There was the Blood remake, and then there's Ion Maiden which is pretty much a Build FPS with "as your remember it" graphics
m0nkeyrama: Time to get the stopwatch SeriousSloth
benperterkofsky: Ben and the Kayas Wrath Deck
BusTed: \ rayfkSanic /
SquareDotCube: Ion's in early access though
mister_wise_guy: Doom 3, the one I remember lots of people demanding the ability to tape the flashlight to your shotgun.
IncredibleFrown: ha...ha...
Solipsody: How come you can jump down from the attic, but you can't climb over that furniture instead of running all the way around?
m0nkeyrama: oops
BusTed: I remember there was a mod for that.
Jacobontherun1: The Dark Occult at the next GDQ
Himyul: you can't make it
traveller800: damn yooou crouuuuch
Grevas13: timed puzzles like this are trash
malexus101: So, the guy who couldn't grab a think in a dark bathroom is totally fine with running in complete darkness?
traveller800: the crouch button is the REAL MONSTER
Alness49: Core Gamers love two day shipping and timed doors
m0nkeyrama: The way without crawling seems faster
Nefarious_Ned: *gameplay*
Erudite_Cynic: HOW DARE
Nameless_Sword: it is a very fair question
traveller800: whats logic?
m0nkeyrama: Logic DansGame
Irsaan: *art*
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MacSquizzy: BOO!
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Himyul: speedrun strats
benperterkofsky: Ben should totally play against the Kayas Wrath deck
druidofspores: but it's art :l
Ferisar: better question is why the fuck is there a weird-ass haunted puzzle house
CompletelyUnsure: wasn't there a run button last time?
Nameless_Sword: I will support whoever i want Adam.... sometimes that might be you, sometimes it will be chat
Grevas13: lrrART emote when?
mister_wise_guy: Timed doors and forced stealth sections? ART
MilkInBag: f this
m0nkeyrama: So close NotLikeThis
Lettuce_Toast: Very slightly faster
tuckamanian: so close
Ferisar: the fact that jumping is hard is kind of secondary to that
Nigouki: can you not break the boards?
itsr67: timed puzzles SUCK
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: NotLikeThis
MilkInBag: 🦋 is this a fun part in a horror game
Alness49: This stinks! This stinks! This stinks!
amythist: just gotta get better at making those corners
m0nkeyrama: No way to get this guy to run any faster? NotLikeThis
SquareDotCube: this is going to sound stupid but is there a way to slide?
druidofspores: gotta really dial in your focus for this one
tendrilsoftragedy: ghost appears on this run.
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asthanius: Can you drift the corners?
benperterkofsky: How many more times can you say stinks
Darleysam: tap the brake to drift round corners
MilkInBag: running at 1 km/h
BusTed: Gotta get those blue sparks.
MilkInBag: LUL
Lettuce_Toast: HAAA
m0nkeyrama: Running at walking speed NotLikeThis
tuckamanian: wut?
Irsaan: lmaoooooooo
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Jacobontherun1: One frame in
IAmNotAshKetchum: nooooooooooo
Nameless_Sword: BS, total BS
druidofspores: damn!
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Kramburger: GOD DAMN
Caedynna: HOW
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Omg, lol.
kryptoniten00b: Ugh
thefileclerk: experiencing some sort of "animation"
niccus: there *has* to be a trick
Grevas13: w4stedAa w4stedAa w4stedAa w4stedGh
itsr67: ART.
sifonaonline: This is true horror.
amythist: can you break down those boards or do something to shorten the path?
Nefarious_Ned: Look, this is a frame perfect trick.
m0nkeyrama: This guy does sucks
JosephDeath: I'm guessing there is something missing
tendrilsoftragedy: okay this run gets interupted by ghost.
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: We need some frame perfect tricks here. Someone call GDQ.
Jorim: this door can't keep getting away with this!
ushiikun: I hate when they do this in games! What's the point of this particular gameplay loop, and who thinks it is fun?
kiorafan: teleport...
Solipsody: Stick your head in the door! Either it holds it open or it crushes your skull, but one way or another you get to stop doing this.
itsr67: let this poor guy breath
MacSquizzy: fun game fun game
Pteraspidomorphi: Is there a key for running faster?
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: This is now a speedrunning stream.
erloas: does anyone actually enjoy these perfect time things in games?
Erudite_Cynic: what we have here is a textbook deffinition of HONKS
traveller800: RUN, FORREST
RussetMan: Welcome to the speedrun practice segment
asthanius: The fact that the doors you go through close is bullshit
druidofspores: ooo yeah, can you use the hammer to break the boards?
Kramburger: Adam, you're not washed-up
lightninggrimm: To infinity and beyond!
Alness49: Speedrun strats! Dark Occult Any% Door Run!
seth_erickson: Welcome to the Dark Occult timed door speed run trial
m0nkeyrama: Never give up! Never surrender!
Kramburger: You ARE old though
Lettuce_Toast: YES
Pteraspidomorphi: Works
asthanius: IT COUNTS
Shamthewow: Waddup nerds, just finished writing a 9 page paper on the intetextuality of Game of Thrones. I see you too are experiencing something equally as frustrating
gamnaire: you've got to build up speed for twelve hours. To understand why, first we have a o talk about parallel dimensions......
Nigouki: H4X
ushiikun: Did it!
Jacobontherun1: WE DID IT
YawnLance: Well that works
Irsaan: woooo
BusTed: lrrGOAT
Nameless_Sword: Glitched IT!!!
m0nkeyrama: Success!!!!
Kramburger: HAX
Solipsody: IT counts!
Caedynna: LOLOL
DigitalSeahorse: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 53:49.
Grevas13: @erloas no, but enough games have done it that devs think they do.
Frozendukie: PogChamp
Alness49: Frame Perfect!
IAmNotAshKetchum: YAY
thordak_keitel: benginTry benginTry
Nameless_Sword: Got there!
EscherichiaCole: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Nefarious_Ned: aaaand now you're stuck
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: We take these
Dog_of_Myth: Huzzah
druidofspores: yaaaaaassss
ghostvalv: first try
Juliamon: Get fucked, door!
AdamYMHMI: Just had to master intangibility
DiscordianTokkan: benginTry
RagMan017: Cheat Step
weff47: and now we're stuck
Driosenth: are you stuck?
Invitare: can you get out though?
Pal_Friendpatine: Hahahahaha
ninja_theory_ashrams: lrrGOAT
Nameless_Sword: With that sage advice from Adam leading the way!
Frozendukie: soft lock?
traveller800 room explodes
Darleysam: lrrHERE
Pteraspidomorphi: There's a switch on the wall
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Time to die and have to do it again.
tuckamanian: + keep up cardio because you may need to run around an old house
itsr67: soft lock please
tendrilsoftragedy: now locked in
BusTed: Got you good, you stupid door.
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Why do we leave? We tried so hard to get here.
benperterkofsky: These doors suck
druidofspores: yeah, suck it, door!
NimrodXIV: sure
Kramburger: Now jam the statue in your eye so we can escape this game
itsr67: eff it
kiorafan: stab the night king with that
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: The Luigi boards?
Alahmnat: attic #3?
Matsunen: cheer100 and so the mighty door fell to our brave heroes...
m0nkeyrama: That would suck LUL
weff47: cue ron swanson gife
whiteadder1: Is therre something in the closet in that last attic section?
weff47: gif*
Kramburger: He won't do it! Oh, he did it!
Lightningbro: Wait... What if that door was there even when you normally triggered the switch. and was, in fact, far faster.
druidofspores: Luigi board!
m0nkeyrama: I thinkhttps://clips.twitch.tv/PrettiestDaintyKimchiStinkyCheese
Alahmnat: remember the last time we threatened to throw the PC out the window on let's nope?
Laserbeaks_Fury: MHW
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: 1v1 Magic all stream long.
m0nkeyrama: MonHun, probably
itsr67: Turns out more often than not, doors stop adventurers
IncredibleFrown: oh are you? damn
korvys: One time crashed at a friend's place and when I woke up his brother had thrown his (the brother's) computer in the pool.
BusTed: seabatTROG
ulexarX: Can you believe that there are 3 more objects to burn?
Lettuce_Toast: ALDUIN
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Quoth the Luigi board: ASL?
traveller800: we're here, mr playable character
Alness49: Wait? Adam's last stream is on Saturday?
Irsaan: Alec Baldwin, join us!
m0nkeyrama: Anduin? Kappa
druidofspores: whaaat is this writing?
itsr67: you're supposed to hold the thing
aWabbajack: what?! Alduin from skyrim?1
Pteraspidomorphi: That's not how you luigi
BusTed: seabatYIKES
mister_wise_guy: This guy SUCKS
benperterkofsky: B-E-N
Solipsody: Oh, wait, Ouija boards don't work. Shit.
Darth_Fishious: New Ouija who dis?
NightValien28: we have very tiny hands
Alness49: W.A.A.A. "Shit, it's a Waluiji board!"
MistahFixIt: "They're heeeeere..."
druidofspores: ffffff
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Nothing safe about this
korvys: C O O L T E C H N O L O G Y
m0nkeyrama: Um
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
YawnLance: Looks like things are... getting lit
asthanius: "No"
Ferisar: this VA
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: THIS GUY
tuckamanian: hmmm not too bright
Grevas13: he's weegeeing wrong
itsr67: "Nope."
Tisme_: "no its greg sorry wrong line"
Laserbeaks_Fury: the...code...is..1...2...3...4
m0nkeyrama: Does he know how to use a Ouija board?
mister_wise_guy: Careful with the squigy bored
AdamYMHMI: "No, sorry, he's not here right now. I'm his roommate, can I take a message?"
Lettuce_Toast: M'fucker can't even weege right
Kramburger: F-I-N-D T-E-N K-E-Y-S
RussetMan: What if it says "maybe"?
druidofspores: Helloooo...it's me again
Darleysam: Ealdwine you have to tell me if it's you, that's the law
Jacobontherun1: Ah, Atmosphere
malexus101: omg this spirit is SO extra
RagMan017: pregnant paus
ulexarX: ART
Nefarious_Ned: art
Solipsody: Hold your ouija board further away from the radio, please.
MistahFixIt: This guy SUCKS
RagMan017: pause
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Is this ... tension?
Pal_Friendpatine: Loading screen?
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Alness49: The secret to comedy and horror is.....
Alness49: Timing
mister_wise_guy: Is that you . . . . . . . . . . . Line?
Questhere: g e t k e y
DrasonSpike: This is a parkerbrothers adam, this is a REAL one
asthanius: GLHF
Lettuce_Toast: GO AWAY
Alahmnat: do the game devs experience time differently than the rest of us?
Grevas13: original
e_bloc: go eff yourself
korvys: G E T F U C K E D
Kramburger: Zozo, Zaza, Beep Beep, Ding Ding
tehcrashxor: Why isn't the Luigi board green?
Pteraspidomorphi: Just like the previous game
Alness49: A.S.L.
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: G-O-O-D G-A-M-E? Damn it board.
traveller800: GO AWAY, SLIMER
AdamYMHMI: Piss of non-ghost
excalgold: do you want poltergeists ? because this is how you get poltergeists......
itsr67: DEEZ NUTS
Kramburger: S E N D N U D E S
ghostvalv: piss off human
Comeback323: ASL?
Ferisar: please old one
e_bloc: he sounds so sincere
mister_wise_guy: Don't tell me how to live my life!
druidofspores: this guy sucks
LegionofLashes: where are you? B-E-N
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tuckamanian: lol
m0nkeyrama: Could he tell us a little bit faster LUL
BlueMagnusStormCrow: You should look behind you.
Pteraspidomorphi: not be here?
Nefarious_Ned: More ovaltine pleeeeease!
Grevas13: is this supposed to be boring? because this is boring
Nameless_Sword: not be here
YawnLance: "Ealdwine, I need your help!" G-E-T F-U-C-K-E-D N-E-R-D
traveller800: eat....mcdonalds
Lettuce_Toast: BE HERE
MistahFixIt: You Should Not Be Here
IncredibleFrown: "b...u...r...m...a...s...h...a...v...e..."
traveller800: should not eat chipotle
ninja_theory_ashrams: Remember, ouija board game was the number one selling family board game of the 20th century. it only became attached to the occult after the movie The Exorcist
MistahFixIt: "Art...?"
m0nkeyrama: Ealswine is taking his tiiiiime
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: aRt
Rhynerd: You Should Not Die
NightValien28: this is not art
Erudite_Cynic: wind up for spoop
Darleysam: Ealdwine this isn't twitter, let's hustle
aquinas_0: and then ouji board of doom eats you?
itsr67: "sorry ghost."
YawnLance: Why are his hands so tiny? I just noticed
Solipsody: Ealduine is the only person who talks slower than the protagonist.
Kramburger: This guy deserves to die
Laserbeaks_Fury: It''s like trying to type something in on a PS4
RussetMan: Listen, make it a Weegee board
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: It's because the ghost is here writing a damn novel.
m0nkeyrama: widdle baby hands
PantomineX: S E N D N U D E S
kiorafan: all of a sudden a hand emereges from under the board...
malexus101: This is a lesson in Luigi Board Etiquette
LegionofLashes: 1-2-3-4
Ferisar: i need to access your computer
Himyul: 1 2 3 4 5
RagMan017: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Ferisar: can you give me the password
AdamYMHMI: Just mispells something, "S O R R Y M T"
korvys: 6 9 6 9
e_bloc: buttsLOL
MacSquizzy: There's a reason why movies always keep the messages short
Eclipseon: Ghost, what's the wi-fi password?
Solipsody: To access the strongbox, you have to beat Undertaker at Mania.
traveller800: and the ouigi board spells 'p-i-s-s-o-f-f
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Time for a riddle via ouija board.
MistahFixIt: L O L G E T R E K T
Alness49: 8 T.O. T.H.E. L.E.F.T....
Lettuce_Toast: Dude just writes a paragraph
Ferisar: "What is the wi-fi password"
Pteraspidomorphi: The voice acting and lines in this game remind me of that Wes Anderson horror movie sketch
Nameless_Sword: welll this.... just killed the place.... so much
PantomineX: This is gaming! *clap*
aquinas_0: shewill
Kramburger: G-E-T F-U-C-K-E-D
itsr67: I'm gonna ghost this ghost
mister_wise_guy: I hate this kiwi board
Grevas13: so bored
mister_wise_guy: Git Gud
aquinas_0: bea
aquinas_0: ngry
itsr67: 5 hrs later
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: She will be angry
m0nkeyrama: This is fun :)
Darleysam: G-G R-E-P-O-R-T M-I-D
traveller800: she's sayying only manbearpig knows
Despoiler98: stay awhile and listen slytqBORK
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: T-O-S
DigitalSeahorse: ssandGHOST
EvilBadman: She will be LOVVVVVEEEDDDd
theneatestburrito: She will bean gry!
RussetMan: Isn't see already angry?
NimrodXIV: arrgh
Dog_of_Myth: Choose the form of your destoryer.
RagMan017: But I insist!
Tempest2097: It's probably spelling out a Nigerian prince scam
Kramburger: "Oh sprirt, what are your max reps?"
m0nkeyrama: Holy shit, game
itsr67: "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease."
brainbosh: G O L E F T
Ferisar: please sign this EULA
tuckamanian: pretty please
Pteraspidomorphi: He didn't say yes!
aquinas_0: please game
Nameless_Sword: gotta ask nicely...
aquinas_0: slower
benperterkofsky: *falls asleep*
Rhynerd: Is she not already angry?
Dog_of_Myth: 1 2 3 4 5
m0nkeyrama: LUL
DrasonSpike: 1123
MistahFixIt: LOL
brainbosh: 1 1 2 3
korvys: Ghost, you need to learn to set boundaries
DrasonSpike: what
m0nkeyrama: wow, what a code
e_bloc: yessss
IAmNotAshKetchum: ghost is just like "FINE HERE TAKE IT"
AdamYMHMI: 0000
aesir_blade: that's the same combination I have on my luggage!
RagMan017: no one would guess that!
YawnLance: This is probably just a set up for a ridiculous jump scare
NightValien28: fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
MistahFixIt: I got the same combination on my luggage!
Solipsody: Wow! I have the same code on my luggage!
m0nkeyrama: RIP Adam
Kramburger: A-R-T
Alahmnat: oh my GOD
DrasonSpike: shes here
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: It is a WHEE-gee board
Pteraspidomorphi: She is here
NimrodXIV: p a s s w o r d
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: FBtouchdown
Grevas13: she is coming
Lettuce_Toast: she is here
Frozendukie: brute force in like 30 seconds lol
kiorafan: 1123 that's the kind of password that an idiot has on his luggage...
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: G A M E P L S
aquinas_0: oh, shes here!!!
traveller800: ADAM DOWN
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeF guyjudgeF guyjudgeF
mister_wise_guy: w-h-a-t-s-t-h-e-m-a-g-i-c-w-o-r-d
Lettuce_Toast: coming
aquinas_0: munch
Irsaan: she is coming
Nameless_Sword: coming....
tuckamanian: she is coming
Pteraspidomorphi: Coming
Zanzabar_: the scariest part of this scene is having to look at the characters hands
Alness49: A.D.M.I.N. P.A.S.S.W.O.R.D.
tim19862: boooring ghost Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: 1123 SHEISCOMING!
Tempest2097: She's coming
mister_wise_guy: It is the WHEEEEEji board
aquinas_0: munch munch munch
Irsaan: and so am I (says the ghost)
Tempest2097: Oh baby.
DigitalSeahorse: ohmy
Robot_Bones: Lewd
Rhynerd: “You’re fucking with me, aren’t you Eaeldwine?”
DigitalSeahorse: :P
Himyul: Kreygasm
Solipsody: Hide in the safe!
aWabbajack: feliciaSave
Nameless_Sword: now... gotta find a fire?
Laserbeaks_Fury: now find the 25 books
DigitalSeahorse: theonl45Heart theonl45SPANK benginButt
MistahFixIt: Validate me, safe! "You're a good person and your worth isn't tied to your productive output."
Lettuce_Toast: The freaking book of magic
Robot_Bones: The book of spells
mister_wise_guy: Noooooooooo
ninja_theory_ashrams: "uhhhhhhhh.... here she comes"
tuckamanian: oh she is angry
Kramburger: It's th book of shadows
Pteraspidomorphi: wow we worked so hard on that
EvilBadman: NO MY WEEG
Brok3nGol3m: she no like ouija
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: It's the express shock button
niccus: that desk was straight from gmod
traveller800: SHE'S USING THE FORCE
Tempest2097: So much For the Weegee board.
Dog_of_Myth: She just wants a hug
brainbosh: ded
kiorafan: and now we're ghosts
aquinas_0: she s sorta slow about this
malexus101: Oh wow she didn't like the dinner at the met, did she?
benperterkofsky: Signature spell book Jace
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun have you tried telling here to stop?
leebenningfield: good evening ma'am how do you do
mister_wise_guy: Ma'am, Ma'am. Ima need you to simmer down.
itsr67: no run, only cutscene
Rhynerd: Is this a death?
BlueMagnusStormCrow: You get down from that roof right now young lady!
Laserbeaks_Fury: burn the book
Nameless_Sword: find a fire, quick
Ferisar: why would you climb on the ceiling when your adversary has one way out of the room
Frozendukie: still boring? how
Robot_Bones: Walk on the floor like a normal person! were you raised in a Barn!
Ferisar: jesus ghost
LegionofLashes: outside seems good
Erudite_Cynic: That was an Family heriloom
DigitalSeahorse: spider lady does whatever spider lady does
whiteadder1: Fireplace?
itsr67: fire
MistahFixIt: @JasoMan1st007 - Maybe ask her to Please Stop? It worked on Ealdwine
BTC1220: How many times has she been able to kill you and just said, "nah whatevz bro"
Lettuce_Toast: Burn the book o' magic
Jacobontherun1: Safe room?
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Curufean: She's not angry, she's just disappointed
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m0nkeyrama: We burned everything else, right?
Grevas13: find fire, put protagonist wholly into it
whiteadder1: Or where the picture pointed you to
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: CurseLit
Rhynerd: Where’s an anti ghost room?
TheBearBee: Hey Ben, aren't all books magical. The more you know *rainbow*
m0nkeyrama: LUL Occupado!
ushiikun: Decades of gaming teaches you how to solve mazes
Robot_Bones: The ol goldfish brain strikes again
Tempest2097: Fireplace Scenario would make a good band name
benperterkofsky: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:03:10.
Pharmacistjudge: Evening Ben and Adam and chat
m0nkeyrama: Biggest Goldfish Brain
VerdantMushroom: a magic shelf?
the_living_gale: "Book" Aw man, my favourite book.
brainbosh: It's a K E Y
Laserbeaks_Fury: Look at this photograph
MistahFixIt: My god...
asthanius: Book = key
Darleysam: ah, the other horror game mechanic: tidying up
MistahFixIt: The Book... is a key!
m0nkeyrama: Everything's a key NotLikeThis
malexus101: it's in my house?
itsr67: toe to tip, that's a magic book
mister_wise_guy: Burn her stature. Then her book. Then her lamp. Then her end table. Can we just burn the house down? Salt the earth?
benperterkofsky: Where the hell is Robert!??!??!?!?
Solipsody: Key key key KEy keY key keykeykeykeykeykeykeykeykey...
e_bloc: are you the gatekeeper
Nameless_Sword: is that "office" where the first safe was?
Mysticman89: the blade is a key.
MistahFixIt: It's all coming together! IT'S KEYS ALL THE WAY DOWN
ninja_theory_ashrams: like the song says SingsNote "video games increase hand eye coordination, and map reading skills" SingsNote
RussetMan: At some point a door will be a key and we will be very confused
benperterkofsky: Office downstairs
Darleysam: the house? Key.
Tempest2097: This is clearly why the ghost is angry.
GallowsCat: i wish you could get a supernatural revolver just to ccap that stupid ghost in her stupid ghost face
itsr67: "Is this, a key?"
gamnaire: by this point, you're definitely the keymaster
traveller800: @mister_wise_guy nuke it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure
Tempest2097: Too many Keys, too many doors.
blackwlf: The real key was inside you all along.
tendrilsoftragedy: check map?
the_living_gale: I mean, she keeps following your around. Maybe she's just lonely.
m0nkeyrama: So smart, very smart seabatBRAIN
Nameless_Sword: Secret tunnel!
MistahFixIt: SECRET TUNNEL PogChamp
LegionofLashes: Secret TUNNEL
asthanius: Magic key!
ulexarX: Hell yeah, basement forever
PhorrestGaze: so many books
Pharmacistjudge: is this the tome of eternal darkness?
excalgold: the book is a KEY
IncredibleFrown: that's how mafia works
grandmaspocket: my two favorite LRR-men
benperterkofsky: SECRET TUNNEL
Tempest2097: Boy the binding on that has seen better days
Himyul: it has feathers. It must be a birb book
NimrodXIV: book to get a book! Alex would be in hell right now
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Only book can defeat book!
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: I heard you liked books, so here's a book to unlock more books.
kiorafan: momo? is that you?
malexus101: grimoire = book
m0nkeyrama: Googly eyes 👀
Darleysam: crow eyes? Key.
mister_wise_guy: Is that a weed book or a feather book?
AdamYMHMI: To the satellite of love!
Tempest2097: Gotta find a key
Lettuce_Toast: keyes
korvys: The Eye Frames
m0nkeyrama: Love this fetch quest simulator :)
Mysticman89: burn everything, just to be safe
traveller800: @BlueMagnusStormCrow hey...adam needs to borrow your eyes
Jacobontherun1: Oh she mad
Alness49: It's the NecrUwUnomicom
asthanius: Eyes of the Crow is Survivor and Couting Crows coverband
aquinas_0: time to finish this thing
Solipsody: Wait wait wait, I'm almost done my drink and I think I figured this out! If EVERYTHING is a key, it doesn't matter what you do! Burn everything! Stick anything in any door! It's all the same!
Pteraspidomorphi: If you burn that one it should kill scythe guy right? I don't remember anymore
NimrodXIV: burn it all down
itsr67: I have an I key!, it's on my keyboard!
benperterkofsky: NO
benperterkofsky: N0
MilkInBag: T for yeeT
aquinas_0: lol
mister_wise_guy: Use a book to find a book to burn. Sure. Sure.
excalgold: i feel like nopeing outa window BEFORE she showed up would havebeen a good idea....
MistahFixIt: I mean, if the artifacts have to be burned, and all the artifacts are in the house... doesn't it stand to reason a little arson would solve this whole problem?
MistahFixIt: Kappa
tuckamanian: why not just burn the whole place down
m0nkeyrama: Leo key
Himyul: that's the Ebola key
the_living_gale: I love how original and not at all derivative this all is.
Tempest2097: Looks more like Ebola to me
benperterkofsky: Hey Ben where is Robert tonight
korvys: I guess, and
Nameless_Sword: so two down... three more, right?
ayirbudd: roooooobeeeeerrrrttttt
mister_wise_guy: Clatu. Verata. Nek-everythingisakey
benperterkofsky: LUL BCWarrior
TacitusVigil: Looks like them Nope Boys have got themselves into a world of trouble again. lrrBEEJ
IncredibleFrown: roberrrrtoooooo
m0nkeyrama: We live here now
Pteraspidomorphi: It's like chip's challenge with better graphics
Alness49: It's sooooo close to being good!
benperterkofsky: Robert the dude from last week
MistahFixIt: It's Entertaining-Stupid, not Chore-Stupid
ayirbudd: this game does have some spooky moments tbh
traveller800: DRAMA in the moonbase
Robot_Bones: Pause [with theatrics
Solipsody: And yet so far.
mister_wise_guy: For me, this game has enough real good and real bad that its a blast.
m0nkeyrama: It has really good moments, and then reeeeeally bad ones
blackwlf: Have to include a subtitle (dramatic pause) though.
TacitusVigil: Needs more keycards to get keycards. Kappa
Jacobontherun1: The last key is a steam code #selfpromote
itsr67: the detroit become human of horror games
Erudite_Cynic: the Cahirs in the Attic
ayirbudd: honestly the arm door thing spooked me
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Super ellipses
Erudite_Cynic: *Chairs
MistahFixIt: "pause [for effect]"
Grevas13: this game has a lot of good things. none of them are gameplay.
RussetMan: This game does have its moments
benperterkofsky: Go back to the Glass Staircase
Lettuce_Toast: Game
MistahFixIt: Oh No.
Lettuce_Toast: Game pls
Erudite_Cynic: backwards
Nameless_Sword: door... door please...
MilkInBag: crouch?
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Natimus_Prime: Boo, I guess? I dunno man, fear is the mind killer
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NimrodXIV: really
m0nkeyrama: Huh
Darleysam: saving and reloading? that's a key
Tempest2097: OH NO
MistahFixIt: Game, don't do us like that
Himyul: load save?
the_living_gale: We're too thicc
PhorrestGaze: like this
asthanius: Groundpound backwards up the stairs
tuckamanian: squat down?
mister_wise_guy: I loved the attic chair council that truned into the legion of doom.
DiscordianTokkan: Not like this!
Irsaan: shit's broke as hell my dude
BusTed: Sideways?
Solipsody: @itsr67 Detroit: Become Horror
benperterkofsky: Too fat
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: You hyped too much.
tuckamanian: phew
MistahFixIt: lrrHORN
mister_wise_guy: I cannot get ye door!
ulexarX: Just two more burnies to go
Laserbeaks_Fury: Praise Keysus
ninja_theory_ashrams: rule of left
MistahFixIt: UHM
Nameless_Sword: keep your eyes out for another map piece...
Irsaan: nice engine my bros
aquinas_0: did the world just go away for a second?
Darleysam: so you're saying the other door was a key to this broken door?
TacitusVigil: @mister_wise_guy Obvious exits are North, South, and Beej.
MilkInBag: stick your dudu in there
Nameless_Sword: there will be one somewhere, i guess
m0nkeyrama: LUL
ushiikun: If there was a second shadow, that would be better
grandmaspocket: here in my car I feel safest of all..
MistahFixIt: mumble mumble mumble, something something IN CARS
ninja_theory_ashrams: and Bruins take the first lead in game 3
itsr67: back to LORE savidan
Lettuce_Toast: That's not how blood works!
benperterkofsky: Hhahahaa
asthanius: firstname LASTNAME
IncredibleFrown: and i said, hey. what's goin on?
benperterkofsky: Shashasha
ayirbudd: i always think of stewie singing his version on family guy, thats the only version i hear now
Robot_Bones: like All da win
MilkInBag: is your dudu a mysterious key
Jacobontherun1: What's your sign? Mysterious
itsr67: how many damn keys
itsr67: do we need
m0nkeyrama: Too many keys for Alex
Solipsody: Mysterious Key is the name of this game, right?
mister_wise_guy: Ealdwine is going to be my next D&D character
Pteraspidomorphi: We're up to 14 potential keys
Grevas13: enough to make a klefki jealous
asthanius: mip
MilkInBag: the mäp
Pteraspidomorphi: Not counting the hammer, bolt cutters, book, etc
Zaraka00: Where theres a mysterious key, there must be a mysterious door
itsr67: mep
Omthebox: Mehps?
BusTed: mehps seabatTROG
YawnLance: @itsr67 All of them. Every key that has ever existed.
benperterkofsky: Sing Billie Jean again
the_living_gale: You're saying Alex wouldn't be key-n on this game?
RussetMan: Mōp
Martin_FcG: There was a hammer in the workshop. If you char knew how to use it no keys would be needed.
m0nkeyrama: LUL
MilkInBag: F
MistahFixIt: What's your sign? "This Equipment May Start And Stop At Any Time"
m0nkeyrama: Speaking of eyes
itsr67: YawnLance clearly
whiteadder1: What is Alex doing these days anyway? I haven't seen him on the streams as much...
ninja_theory_ashrams: Mel, I thought you had the mep, Mel?
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: L'eggo my Eggolas
ayirbudd: uh resident evil 7 much
mister_wise_guy: Secret tunnel?
Himyul: I see what you did there
benperterkofsky: VINCE
m0nkeyrama: Found one!
MilkInBag: eyed poop
Kramburger: As if Ben isn't 100% a Hobbit both physically and spititually
seth_erickson: it's like a potatoe
RussetMan: You found an avocado!
korvys: The Eye Frames
Tisme_: its an eye-vocado
mister_wise_guy: It . . . twitched.
benperterkofsky: AVOEYEDO
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: lrrHERE
mister_wise_guy: Twitch plays Crow Eye
Mysticman89: people need 50 dens in their house to do...den things.
Ferisar: except adam with infinite money
YawnLance: Superfluous parlors?
Grevas13: man, hobbits have life figured out
Ferisar: apparently
DigitalSeahorse: viking64Waffle viking64Waffle viking64Waffle LEGO theonl45SPANK
Himyul: if we're assigning Tolkien races to people, Adam is pure Wizard
erloas: The Winchester mansion
m0nkeyrama: Weird
benperterkofsky: Wuffle
mister_wise_guy: How many fainting couches down one home need?
Nameless_Sword: so... 13 zodiac keys, the "book" key, "the mysterious key... that is a lot of keys...7
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Rage > Fear
itsr67: there's enough books to fill tai lopez's garage
benperterkofsky: I wish my house was this big
the_living_gale: "The door is stuck. It appears to be held in place by a plot device."
Dog_of_Myth: not creepy
blackwlf: Nopenopenope
IAmNotAshKetchum: plz no
Buxx345: NOPE
ayirbudd: oh boi
Easilycrazyhat: No thank you
m0nkeyrama: Creepy doll party lrrSPOOP
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: No likey
BTC1220: Come out to playayyyy
Solipsody: There needs to be something like McMansion Hell for videogame level design.
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSPOOP
mister_wise_guy: Nope. Nope nope nope.
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Is this Bray Wyatt's room?
AGiantRoach: door stuck! door stuck
m0nkeyrama: LUL
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MilkInBag: us on mondays
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ninja_theory_ashrams: RE2, backtracking the game
aquinas_0: cue creepy doll
Jacobontherun1: Praise!
Grevas13: praise the sun
BTC1220: Looks like someone has a case of the mondays
BusTed: adam want up
Kramburger: BABIES!
mister_wise_guy: Toss all the dolls into the fire.
Brok3nGol3m: katesNope katesNope katesNope
tehcrashxor: Bad Ben! No upskirts!
Nameless_Sword: yeah this reminds me of Bray
itsr67: \[o_o]/
mister_wise_guy: Babydolls says: ART
Pal_Friendpatine: I find the dolls more gross than spooky
asthanius: Is English the writer's first language?
MilkInBag: night thirsty, is that 12 past 20?
Tempest2097: Night Thirsty O'clock
Alness49: Thisty on midnight
DigitalSeahorse: backtracking is why I haven't finished Quake 2 yet, I don't remember which way I was going and haven't felt inspired to redo the whole thing yet
YawnLance: It's time to get out the house
Dog_of_Myth: Men in Black: Ghosthunters
justthorne: I know they're not a couple, but dang!
RussetMan: That's the first thing the spirits take. Your sense of grammar.
MilkInBag: let me write for NO ONE
DoctorHutch: More like, Dave Spooksman
justthorne: I ship it
Pteraspidomorphi: She's having an affair with Wil Smith?
Pharmacistjudge: you have to scream ATKINSON
Darleysam: thirsty minutes past night, yep
DigitalSeahorse: I've watched others play it to end
Erudite_Cynic: we need a Daves ad for this place
sifonaonline: But maybe he was delirious when he wrote that note. EVER THINK OF THAT?
Pal_Friendpatine: Night thirsty. Yup that’s a thing
Pharmacistjudge: it's all caps for a reason
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mister_wise_guy: Maybe he's losing it. And thats intentional
Laserbeaks_Fury: Praise the Sun!
Tempest2097: Man who doesn't get that Night Thirsty
Pharmacistjudge: Babies! :Lend me your ears
MilkInBag: moulet?
Zanzabar_: sounds alot like dave spokesman wrote those
m0nkeyrama: Moulet indeed
Kramburger: I was watching Ben and Adam play the Let's Nope and wondered if this game was actually bad. I may never know. - KramBURGER
Tajessa: Is that baby on the left side Pinhead?
YawnLance: Mulette
BTC1220: Liberate the babies from the umbilical cord of tyranny!
ninja_theory_ashrams: Femlette
mister_wise_guy: Business in the front, Horror in the back.
Martin_FcG: That has become a very common hair style here in Australia
Solipsody: Someday I want one of these games to have a bunch of creepy notes left lying around that turn out to be song lyrics one of the ghosts was working on. "Oh, don't read those, man! They're not done yet!"
DigitalSeahorse: this babies look like the things from Chernobyl Diaries, man I'm sick of zombies thinking they're scarier than reality
DoctorHutch: Dave Spoopsman FTW
DigitalSeahorse: not to be confused with the mini series
benperterkofsky: Adam what’s your fav hockey team
tytycoon: My wife just walked in and said "Adam is the more distinguished looking james"
Kramburger: @Martin_FcG It was never not a popular style here and you know it
MilkInBag: adam loves maple leafs Kappa
mister_wise_guy: Everytime the flashlight gets low I hear "Reload" being shouted at me from House of the Dead 1
aquinas_0: @Solipsody "Oh no, I'm still eating your face, don't worry"
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: I want these notes to be saucey fanfic just once
ayirbudd: so ben im thinking about making a spoof death metal song about Ilharg The Raze Boar. should i do it?
aWabbajack: feliciaToronto feliciaToronto feliciaToronto feliciaToronto
m0nkeyrama: Shortcuts Kreygasm
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Then they hit you with another time trial
RussetMan: To Luigi!
MilkInBag: she's not wrong
Grevas13: i hvae never heard "distinguished" used in a way that didn't involve gray hair
Frozendukie: we are all versions of James
m0nkeyrama: LUL
m0nkeyrama: Poor James
MistahFixIt: lrrWOW
YawnLance: I'd totally play a horror game that was less about possession or curses or whatever and was more just the ghost being pissed that you're going around looking through their shit
Jacobontherun1: It's real-o-clock
e_bloc: he didn't look distinguished enough
MistahFixIt: katesWa katesOw
Kramburger: No Gains James
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: #blamejames
Solipsody: @n0t_multiple_r0b0ts The voiceover starts reading it and then trails off...
mister_wise_guy: What's the universe? James all the way down.
Erudite_Cynic: James is a nice boy but Adam has thattouch of Silver
benperterkofsky: Adam who is your fav NHL team
MilkInBag: good job!
Jacobontherun1: Good work Ben!
ushiikun: Good Job Ben!
Brok3nGol3m: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Jacobontherun1: Keep it up
NimrodXIV: Yay Ben!
korvys: benginDab benginDab benginDab
grandmaspocket: good for you man
ayirbudd: woohoo Ben! congrats!!
DigitalSeahorse: #BlameJames #PoorJames
ushiikun: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
m0nkeyrama: Nice, Ben! Good for you!
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Keep it up Ben!
blackwlf: benginDab benginDab benginDab
Juliamon: YawnLance That was basically Pamali
Tajessa: Congrats! That's awesome!
BTC1220: We're proud of you Ben!
Tisme_: Yay Ben lrrHEART
DoctorHutch: behind that wall!
1losttheGame: Dude that’s really good
whiteadder1: Look on the Bed !!!
grandmaspocket: I quit with a vape like 5 yrs ago
ninja_theory_ashrams: so it is a metroidvania horror game, just need the upgrade to the ball jump to pass through the next section
Tajessa: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Yay Ben! I'm glad to hear it!
MilkInBag: the trick to stop smoking is to chug whiskey daily seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: Serge's fog was hilarious
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: The fog to silence the ages
Pal_Friendpatine: Congrats Ben!!!! I quit in 2010. It gets easier
tendrilsoftragedy: you and James should coordinate more
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Congrats Ben, that’s awesome.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, Fog is a very Molander thing
Lettuce_Toast: Fog and gained life up to over 200!
Ferisar: what if ghosts are towels
LegionofLashes: ghost rises up under towel
the_living_gale: Excuse... you...?
RussetMan: Cut holes in the towels and wear them, homemade ghosts
LegionofLashes: boooooo
Gizmoloid: @YawnLance So kinda like that Indonesian (I think) game that they played several Let's Nope's ago?
the_living_gale: The hell was that.
Despoiler98: did the mirror break?
Grevas13: lawnmower engine trying to start?
MilkInBag: CiGrip
Solipsody: It could just be some other idiot in here looking for keys.
Darleysam: you kids playing stock sound clips of glass breaking in there?!
Alness49: To be fair, you were playing Ian in Commander and you quit smoking. That's going to tilt ANYONE
grandmaspocket: thats how I quit, I feel a million times better
MilkInBag: do you even vape
Jacobontherun1: Vaping's the safer alternative
Despoiler98: we get it YOU VAPE
ayirbudd: yeah thats what i did. i used vaping to quit
tuckamanian: can't watch folks that vape
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: And got so far
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: But in the end
EscherichiaCole: Vaping, technically not as bad as smoking. Still terrible
m0nkeyrama: very patricular map, there
ZeniteZero: Trying so hard, but didn't get very far
DigitalSeahorse: James started DB so he is incapable of being uncool
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i know 2 streamers who are quittinfg, and they cut the webcam to use the vape
Martin_FcG: yeah I cant watch people vaping on stream. I just change who Im watching
ushiikun: That means you are going the right way
asthanius: I know someone who started vaping to stop smoking and drinking. It seems to work well enough
the_living_gale: Pick up your toys, ghost.
Pteraspidomorphi: Uhhhh
ZeniteZero: Ghost: "Weeeeeeeeee"
Ferisar: "never learn to ride a real bike, huh ghost?"
Pteraspidomorphi: She's totally there
Ferisar: "fucking idiot"
EscherichiaCole: This has made me realized I have never seen someone smoke on stream
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: What a considerate ghost. Getting the tricycle out of your way.
m0nkeyrama: LUL Ben
Frozendukie: "say that again"-ghost
LegionofLashes: *tosses the tricicle out the window*
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and it's like, yeah it seems like a solid help to quit
Tempest2097: Gonna need to do a three point turn getting that tricycle out of there.
Despoiler98: NOPE
fritobandeeto: wanna play a game?
snowcookies: child ghosts are so annoying
Despoiler98: slytqItsfine
alcyon91: Don’t give up Ben ! Quitting smoking is one of the best thing you can do to improve your health
MilkInBag: \ BabyRage /
DigitalSeahorse: hehehhehe
seth_erickson: Don't worry it was just as good the second time
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Praise it!
the_living_gale: It's okay, Ben. You'll be funny again. Probably.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Adam is with his people
tendrilsoftragedy: they just made it so you can go in the room
korvys: \[T]/
BTC1220: Don't talk to me or my son or my son's son ever again
excalgold: because toys in teh shape of humanity are eeeeevile ?
Ferisar: that doll does "Well, what is it?" in dark souls after invading people
Jacobontherun1: Dat boy!
Laserbeaks_Fury: You need to spell KEYS
itsr67: \[o_o]/
Dog_of_Myth: Name a horror game or movie where the dolls aren't creepy?
m0nkeyrama: hahaaaa
erloas: its just the natural state of old dolls
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Oh yeah
Nigouki: i hope all the toys start coalescing together like in Akira
Grevas13: something alex once said on watch and play: that would be cool if it was intentional. but that doll is probably just reused asset
aquinas_0: that is an excellent derpacyclist
DoctorHutch: tallys on the wall next to the bed
MilkInBag: :)
A_Catastrophic_Success: Hey look, it’s Adam’s room!
snowcookies: lol
tendrilsoftragedy: too mess with you
Alness49: It's Cenobyte Carol, the latest line for all GoOg GiRlS
weff47: It's because Ben is driving
DigitalSeahorse: that resembles my own rocking horse I wish I still had, but no room to be that much of a packrat
korvys: Hey, this kid has the Solaire amiibo! \[T]/
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, battery on that shelf?
tuckamanian: battery under weird looking car
tendrilsoftragedy: how is that upright?
Himyul: old timey bikes are also known as velocipedes
DoctorHutch: weird tally marks on the wall next to the bed
tytycoon: What is this game?
ninja_theory_ashrams: the reason child ghosts are annoying, all the shit that goes with a ghost, plus all the shit that goes with dealing with a toddler
snowcookies: Must be where the little girl ghost lives
Gizmoloid: @tytycoon Dark Occult
RussetMan: Eyevocado
tendrilsoftragedy: seriously how is the toy bike stood up?!
Darleysam: room's gonna be spookier now
Solipsody: That room is probably safe because the ghost doesn't want to look at all those dolls either.
tytycoon: @Gizmoloid Thanks!
malexus101: Is spoop a slow and insidious killer?
Lettuce_Toast: Door slams, dolls are looking at you
Himyul: battery on the floor there
Electrodyne: That room really needs a racecar bed
BTC1220: Baby hands, baby hands everywhere
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Now the spoops
Pal_Friendpatine: Dolls attack
ninja_theory_ashrams: and Bruins expand to a 2 goal lead
DigitalSeahorse: living toddlers having tantrums is scary enough
IncredibleFrown: how festive!
Frozendukie: fuckn nope
m0nkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
itsr67: ah yes, the nightmares have activated
Lettuce_Toast: This is actually kinda cute?
Ferisar: aw man objective completion incentives
Diabore: the trucks going throuhg the chair
Tajessa: oh of course, all the musical toys activate
Ferisar: hapy music and everything
NimrodXIV: lrrHERE
Dog_of_Myth: Want to play with us??
Lettuce_Toast: OH NOPE
the_living_gale: What's the worst that could hap--oh.
m0nkeyrama: Noooope
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Come play with us ben and Adam
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: why did you need a potato?
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP slytqWTF katesNope
BTC1220: Boy howdy, friendo!
Frozendukie: numotHMM
Despoiler98: slytqWTF slytqWTF slytqWTF katesNope katesNope katesNope
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun is it time to scream yet?
Ryenji: LUL
NimrodXIV: no thank you
RussetMan: YEET IT
Nameless_Sword: creepy..... doll..... i think we should leave
MilkInBag: kick the baby!
the_living_gale: Ah, the dance of my people.
Tempest2097: I mean nobody ever does creepy stuff like this with ACTION FIGUREs
m0nkeyrama: To the moon!
Despoiler98: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DigitalSeahorse: "DO you want to PLAY?"
ZeniteZero: Yeet it!
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: The rope a dope
IncredibleFrown: this room's full of BABIES
Diabore: rope a dope it
Tajessa: Yeah that doll is a hard no from me
Tempest2097: Why the heck can't we have creepy action figures.
tuckamanian: snuggle
Ferisar: i kinda wanna see how it kills you
Despoiler98: its gonna rip your eyes out
whiteadder1: I think yuo need to shine your light on it it was doing the alen wake thing
Despoiler98: I bet
coolbond: use your flashlight on it
tytycoon: talismen?
Grevas13: i kind of want to see the death animation a doll causes
GenericHerooo: The light
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Krayvern: LUL
Despoiler98: NO NO NO NO
Tajessa: kick the baby!
Tempest2097: OH FUCK OH FUCK
aquinas_0: they crawlll!
DigitalSeahorse: xD
aquinas_0: :D
DoctorHutch: this is what i'm here for.
ushiikun: talisman?
the_living_gale: SNAP IT'S NON-EXISTENT SPINE.
Dog_of_Myth: Punch the baby
DigitalSeahorse: did that do any damage?
BTC1220: Definitely punt that little turd
traveller800: KICK THE BABY
aquinas_0: it is out of phase!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: I’m da baby! Gotta love me!
ZeniteZero: Death by a thousand nibbles!
Rhynerd: Damn murderbabiesX
Krayvern: LUL
m0nkeyrama: Ooook
tuckamanian: oh shit
MilkInBag: o k
PhorrestGaze: oof
Tempest2097: Jesus.
aquinas_0: are we in puppet master now
ZeniteZero: WELL THEN
GenericHerooo: xDx
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Wut?
tehcrashxor: om nom nom
Lettuce_Toast: Oh the doll has a knife
SydPreviouslyHeadache: melty baby
Frozendukie: that escalated quickly
IncredibleFrown: oh.
aquinas_0: we are
traveller800: oh dear gooood
NimrodXIV: K
Diabore: shouyld struggled harder
Brok3nGol3m: slytqRIP slytqRIP slytqRIP
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Art
Mysticman89: babys got a shiv
Nameless_Sword: wait,,.... WHAT?
Laserbeaks_Fury: You got Chucky'd
Solipsody: Are we free?
DigitalSeahorse: rayfkSanic rayfkWelp
Gizmoloid: Lure it into the hole in the wall?
DiscordianTokkan: Huh.
IAmNotAshKetchum: where did it get those scissors?
Nameless_Sword: what just happened\?
Tajessa: that seemed unnecessary
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP feliciaCrying
Furrbahl: goo goo dead dead
Soul1355: I thought I saw something glowing behind the rocking horse
itsr67: Art, is this?
the_living_gale: Beaten by a literal toy for babies.
asthanius: "To survive, be smarter than a haunted babydoll"
DigitalSeahorse: F
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Bleerrrrrg.
BTC1220: See, it's simple: "Be smarter than your enemies"
tendrilsoftragedy: interesting
m0nkeyrama: Jesus, Adam
Robot_Bones: punch that baby in the dick
m0nkeyrama: LUL
itsr67: geeeze
e_bloc: "what the fuck were were supposed to do to that baby"
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: that child turned into goo
Ka2Zen: lrrHAM lrrFINE lrrBEEJ
TheBearBee: Give it some rice a roni if adam is anything to go by
e_bloc: oh ah! oh ah!
e_bloc: this guy even runs the worst
ancientspark: We were supposed to make a terrible baby joke
traveller800: @e_bloc burn the house down...with the lemons
Mysticman89: anything in that back room you had to crawl into?
DrDracnon: Was there a crawl space behind the couch?
Dog_of_Myth: Powerbomb the Baby?
Ka2Zen: @I_Am_Clockwork thanks for gifting me a sub
Tajessa: "Ready Ike? Kick the baby!"
itsr67: rko that baby
Solipsody: Maybe you're supposed to raise it? And then eventually, when it goes to college and never calls you except when it needs money, you can move on and find the next key.
GenericHerooo: At first, the light seemed to do it damage. cmonBruh
e_bloc: (was his friend)
m0nkeyrama: Yiiikes
Erudite_Cynic: nah, ben is always wrong
PantomineX: Who is this guy in this house and why does he suck so hard?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Maybe it’s a timed thing? Like rope-a-dope it for so many seconds?
Tajessa: "Let's go beat the shit out of a child." - Ben Ulmer, 2019
m0nkeyrama: We did miss the girl before
Nameless_Sword: creepy girl ghost.... charming
Krayvern: I don't think that even happened the first time.
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ZeniteZero: Maybe use the amulet/talisman on the baby?
Despoiler98: nothin like a baby ripping out your throat for a good game
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble ssandRAINBOW
itsr67: baby! activate!
DiscordianTokkan: Was it T for talisman?
Krayvern: Kick the baby in the dick with a Talisman?
Omthebox: Bird facts?
m0nkeyrama: it has a cute little waddle
traveller800: DE,OM BABY
m0nkeyrama: Huh
Krayvern: K...?
GenericHerooo: See? xD
whiteadder1: Hey I was right!
traveller800: demon baby go BOOM
Tajessa: also rock hyraxes are cute
MillerDark: In't that the Alan Wake effect?
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Okay, cool.
Nameless_Sword: has to shine directly on it.... *shrugs*
Frozendukie: how many babs do we have to kill?\
ushiikun: Didn't you try that before?
Grevas13: well now it's just ripping off alan wake
Soul1355: were breaking line of sight before I guess?
ZeniteZero: Bugged game is buggy?
tytycoon: Maybe light plus talismen once?
m0nkeyrama: LUL it disappointed him too much
GenericHerooo: VoteYea
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: BURN BABY BURN
tytycoon: Or just bugs, yeah
Solipsody: Yeah, O
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Your battery was almost gone last time. Only thing I can think of.
itsr67: little girl is undoubtedly mad
Nameless_Sword: huh.... weird...
coolbond: you were probably too far away
ancientspark: This game is so spoopy that Adam rage quit?
Kalpho: just had to pop a mag in it
PantomineX: But Alan Wake was playable
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: I think it happened for a split second when the doll first activated. Idk why it didn't do anything later.
whiteadder1: I think it must have been having collision issues with the props in the room.
itsr67: seems more like a bug than anything else
GenericHerooo: Battery level seems legit
m0nkeyrama: Cookies? seabatTROG
tendrilsoftragedy: basement times
hyralt: This game needs some polish.
itsr67: irl thunder spooped me
IncredibleFrown: alan wake was also kind of janky but it had character
Natimus_Prime: @hyralt also maybe some dusting and vacuuming
whiteadder1: You had to look at it up close with nothing between it and you, and you wisely kept something between it and you most of the time.
coolbond: Dear DR Adam have you played alan wake?
ushiikun: the power of light compels you
Grevas13: I don't think polish would help. the gameplay is just boring.
Erudite_Cynic: scrutiny ruins things?
e_bloc: baby got Alan Woke
Nigouki: it's a photosensitive baby, stop asking it about it
blackwlf: Because it's occult, when you take away the dark it's all. . . bad. Or something.
shimdogwastaken: Adam and Ben justto let you know I love both your wardrobes
asthanius: music licenses
Ferisar: music license
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Music rights
itsr67: that's a good quote "why does shining the flashlight make the baby explode"
TacitusVigil: I think they got the rights back or something?
m0nkeyrama: LUL wow
whiteadder1: They lost the music right to most of the songs actually
Tajessa: lrrWOW
Mysticman89: I own the games but have never gotten around to playing them
coolbond: apparently its fixed now
TacitusVigil: Or they were able to sell it again recently?
Alness49: They got the rights back and you can buy it again!
Alness49: And you should!
ThePoshPanda: lrrAWESOME
Nameless_Sword: the crow eyes... ANOTHER KEY
ninja_theory_ashrams: Allan Wake.... A. Wake.... Awake
m0nkeyrama: so many secret passages
Rhynerd: The lime has returned to the coconut?
ChroniclerC: Oh, is this the same game with the zodiac doors?
itsr67: sssssssssecret tunnel
Pharmacistjudge: secret tunnel?
Pteraspidomorphi: This is the true secret tunnel
JPattemore: ~Secret Tunnel~
m0nkeyrama: You might have, Adam
Easilycrazyhat: Secret Secret tunnel
ancientspark: The same guys who design Zelda dungeons?
Pteraspidomorphi: ChroniclerC: Yes
JosephDeath: I mean... it's the last thing you'd expect
e_bloc: Tunnel Snakes Rule!
Frozendukie: impossible house yet?
ZeniteZero: Tutorial: done Kappa
ushiikun: I have it, because of a Humble Bundle...I don't know if I ever installed it.
DigitalSeahorse: sergeFall sergeFall sergeFall
hyralt: @natimus_prime Yes, and a few other things...
Pharmacistjudge: Adam didnt' you say you wanted a secret tunnel in your house?
BlueMagnusStormCrow: I'd design a house exactly like this just to fuck with people.
erloas: Winchester's second mansion
Frozendukie: o.0
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: mansion design by Cracky The Creepy Clown.
IAmNotAshKetchum: WELL THEN
Despoiler98: slytqWTF
Solipsody: I'd say this game follows dream logic, except that would be an insult to dreams, logic, and following. And games.
Krayvern: pp time
ZeniteZero: teenGRAMZ teenGRAMZ teenGRAMZ teenGRAMZ teenGRAMZ
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS sergeFall lrrARROW
Despoiler98: THAT GOT DARK
ushiikun: ghost lady is going to blend into the shadows.
asthanius: show me a ding dong
Nameless_Sword: now this... is a spoopy room
PantomineX: We playing Agony now boies
snowcookies: skull life
Tajessa: @ushiikun same.
ulexarX: I think they were doing some occult things in this house
itsr67: hey it's a shrieker
m0nkeyrama: LUL
ZeniteZero: LMAO
ThePoshPanda: lrrAWW
DigitalSeahorse: ssandSPOOKED ssandGHOST benginRip
ninja_theory_ashrams: game takes a turn
m0nkeyrama: Of course there's a battery DansGame
Rhynerd: Well, this game is called Dark Occult.
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Ben, if you made this game you have to tell us.
DiscordianTokkan: BEHOLD, the sacred battery
DerPilsner: LUL
kalateth: secret doors inside of secret doors? dark souls anyone?
DigitalSeahorse: benginRip benginRip benginRip benginRip benginRip benginRip
Solipsody: The house was built on an ancient battery burial ground! No wonder its cursed!
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: doesn't everyone keep their batteries on occult skull altars?
aquinas_0: what do you mean you don't like wall chicken!
Ferisar: boss fight?
Nigouki: do these bone shelves come from IKEA?
shurtal: yo, i need to tell someone, i just won my second draft game with Jace Self mill, I'm feeling really good right now.
NightValien28: smells like boss fight
Frozendukie: jesus no
itsr67: battery boss
m0nkeyrama: Man has horns
aquinas_0: he's got horns
ushiikun: WTF?
Pteraspidomorphi: Protag is about to say something stupid isn't he?
Tajessa: Yep, was about to say "body is still alive"
DerPilsner: The cult of the raven skull men venerates the D Cell Battery. Those are priceless artifacts.
mister_wise_guy: If you're gonna be so ludicrously generous with the batteries,why bother having them at all?
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: Don't kink shame Uncle Fester
GenericHerooo: WTF?
ZeniteZero: That is creepy
hyralt: Neat room. Also free batteries.
e_bloc: ghosts are weak to peepees
itsr67: ah yes an actual demon
BTC1220: flashlights on the hearts?
Ferisar: casual diablo level
Frozendukie: that with dolby headphones was good even thru the strim. nice.
Ferisar: understandable
Rhynerd: Oh, that’s a daemonhost.
ushiikun: Now it'll be bad
Xenovita: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:34:27. lrrSPOT
Easilycrazyhat: Nice butt
Krayvern: Where did they get all of these skulls? Like did the have to go to every store and just buy all they had in the back?
TacitusVigil: I don't think I like this Escape Room Experience anymore. lrrBEEJ
Natimus_Prime: This variety of demon reproduces like a fungus, and has no need for a dong
Frozendukie: butts
aquinas_0: no not the kidneys
Terminalgrav: us that john romero's head?
Mysticman89: let me put my face in it
m0nkeyrama: This man is an idiot LUL
itsr67: LUL
Diabore: that stuff looks kinda fresh
PhorrestGaze: "is this milk bad?"
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: To shreds?
snowcookies: gross
Solipsody: Robert? Are you this pile of organs now? Why do you smell so bad?
IncredibleFrown: aww
Ferisar: thank you, protagonist
GenericHerooo: xD
Nameless_Sword: to shreds you say?
Tajessa: Thanks for clarifying that dude
BTC1220: Oh you don't say there bud?
e_bloc: captain fucking obvious
Ferisar: we figured it could have been anyone else
Laserbeaks_Fury: This decor really took some guts to put together Kappa
ushiikun: there's literally a carved demon behind him, and he is surprised by entrails?
Lettuce_Toast: Horn guy's off the hook I bet
ayirbudd: this fuckin voice actor
brainbosh: Awww, a shredded human body? Ewwwww.
Darleysam: and his wife?
Rhynerd: Put your face right in it.
Jacobontherun1: I walk away for 5 minutes wtf
thescifiwasabi74: who keeps the candles replenished
MilkInBag: fresh sausage
asthanius: that got me
m0nkeyrama: yikes
ZeniteZero: This is like those "reality shows" that go into spooky houses and the hosts have to narrate everything LUL
ChroniclerC: Ohai.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: found the Doom Whisperer
aquinas_0: handses!
Tajessa: Okay, that got me
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Proceeds to walk through the entrails
BTC1220: Too many hands!
Easilycrazyhat: That's several too many arms
Lettuce_Toast: Oh that was pretty good
Diabore: nope, dont like that\
Nameless_Sword: jump scare.... nicely done
Despoiler98: why always arms
ChroniclerC: Well, that seems handy.
asthanius: okay now this is just stupid
m0nkeyrama: why are they making that noise
ShogunNoonto: fuck this shit i'm out
traveller800: they want teh hugz
TacitusVigil: Ah so it's...all hands on deck? lrrBEEJ
ulexarX: high-five your way through the hands
Tajessa: @ChroniclerC booooooo
e_bloc: party100 this demon and what army
itsr67: we gotta let the demon get grabbed
Kaktus021: I turned away for a moment and then way too many hands
itsr67: I think
Kalpho: hands down, best jump scare
GenericHerooo: Huh?
Brok3nGol3m: throw the rat at it?
Alahmnat: *now* we foun the armory
BTC1220: It's so sweet that they hug the staff
Erudite_Cynic: paper on the floor near the guts?
Pteraspidomorphi: Have there even been any saggitarius rooms?
Jacobontherun1: They honestly sound like a bunch of chihuahua's borking at each other
itsr67: let the demon get grabbed?
Darleysam: oh, the handyman's here for all the repairs
PhorrestGaze: does it twiddle its fingers when it's bored without you around?
ZeniteZero: O_O
SydPreviouslyHeadache: why would we listen to you
Frozendukie: or don't
TacitusVigil: I remember this puzzle in Majora's Mask, we need to give them toilet paper. lrrBEEJ
ThePoshPanda: Rat snack for them hands
coolbond: Dear DR Adam there was some notes infront of the staff
DerPilsner: "turn down for what"
Nameless_Sword: ah the creepy murder basement
Darleysam: the light is a key
itsr67: sir alexander BARNEY
Krayvern: Game: "Turn off the light" also game: "HAVE 100 BATTERIES"
Easilycrazyhat: Try shining the light on the demon
erloas: pee on the fires to put them out
Tajessa: is that Barney the dinosaur's full title? sir alexander BARNEY
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darkspiredragon: This looks like you are late to the Rakdos party
aquinas_0: Handses! All The Handses! cheer100
snowcookies: Hi Minni!
Erudite_Cynic: shadows of the scarecrows?
m0nkeyrama: Time for more keys Kreygasm
Golldum: i swear they are purposely ignoring the notes next to the staff
TacitusVigil: @MinniChii Still today? :( Hope you feel better soon from mystery illness.
m0nkeyrama: I can assure you, they are not @Golldum
Himyul: hands down, that security system is effective
Frozendukie: someone clip that last jump?
tuckamanian: he will turn this car around
m0nkeyrama: the arm scare? @Frozendukie
PantomineX: GAME SPOILER The batteries are a holy relic, and the holy energy becomes holy light that burns the possessed dolls.
MinniChii: @TacitusVigil managed to get to a doctor today too. Turns out it is a SEVERE case of strep throat.
ninja_theory_ashrams: I am green, super green
Frozendukie: @m0nkeyrama yeh
Kramburger: Don't be upsetty, have a ricearetti
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MilkInBag: ah yes, black magic
BlueMagnusStormCrow: 6 talismans
m0nkeyrama: https://clips.twitch.tv/PlumpHelplessBeanResidentSleeper second half @Frozendukie
Lettuce_Toast: More ouija statuettes
ratxprince: laviniHi seabatTROG
Tempest2097: Uh huh.
the_one_and_only_kim: never upset... casts 8mana fog
asthanius: this magic draws its strength from magic
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun Nah it was Blue Magic.
traveller800: his name is Blake WILLIAMS
PhorrestGaze: 6 more macguffins!
m0nkeyrama: So many things to find NotLikeThis
Jacobontherun1: M O R E K E Y S
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
pidgemidge64: black magic? easy just get Avacyn
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: It's the fetch quest that never ends
Pteraspidomorphi: Blake.... WILLIAMS!
ThePoshPanda: Ohno
Mysticman89: 6 more macguffins
ancientspark: Time to run into it anyway!
theneatestburrito: You thought 5 statues was bad???
ghostvalv: time to burn some keys
ninja_theory_ashrams: and the Canes cut the lead to 1 goal
Alahmnat: oh my goooooooodddddddd
DerPilsner: moar horcruxes
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: 6
m0nkeyrama: Find ALLLll the keys
BTC1220: What a dumb game
Darleysam: guess I know what you're playing next week!
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Sssssiiiiiixxxxx
Nameless_Sword: oh game.... why you do these things....
Lettuce_Toast: Gotta burn those talismans for the new boss fight
ratxprince: seabatYIKES
asthanius: and a partridge in a pear tree
saweeks: fetch quests are scary
tuckamanian: maybe they are altogether some where
DiscordianTokkan: Hells bells this game
Alness49: This voodoo is a load of doodoo
Frozendukie: "quick game" they said numotHMM
excalgold: find the keys to find the keys to find the keys
ZeniteZero: Longest and spookiest treasure hunt ever
LlewellynZ: Gameplay, righht? /end sarcasm
malexus101: six? one for each season!
seth_erickson: We need to find 6 pieces of one key
m0nkeyrama: It's a phylactery SeriousSloth
Solipsody: Alright, I'd better turn in so I can get up for work tomorrow. I'll have to watch the rest of this "game" on the VOD. Goodnight all.
asthanius: phylactery, kinda
RussetMan: Someone needs to do a total of ALL the keys in this game
Grevas13: so, non-english dev. that at least gives a reason for the writing. but why is it so BORING
tendrilsoftragedy: break time?
Pal_Friendpatine: So the whole game is collection gates and keys
itsr67: 1 more session! 1 more session!
Lettuce_Toast: It's like a phylactory but you get a bunch
CamelAttack: Horcurx == Phylactory
MilkInBag: because wizards poop on the floor and make it disappear
ushiikun: because Harry Potter has to be special
Martin_FcG: its very convenient that all the batteries in the house fit your torch...
ninja_theory_ashrams: "okay, game. you're the game"
BusTed: Because he doesn't magic away his poop.
PantomineX: a
ZeniteZero: JK Rowling, they hatin'
GenericHerooo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:35:56.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Trademarks
Alness49: I dunno if she played D&D
Tajessa: cos she didn't want to get sued?
niccus: there's a lot less outright necromancy so the side-terming isn't too bad
ushiikun: Each only holds half your soul
m0nkeyrama: She's really messing up her legacy
Ferisar: also it's not like people like phylactery is a known word or means anything to most people outside of like, d&d
Krayvern: Like: Harry Potter was an amazing series but then like, her twitter-
aWabbajack: making progress?
Pteraspidomorphi: It was seven I think, including Voldy himself
MilkInBag: the lich
MinniChii: harry was the seventh/ He had to destroy 6
SydPreviouslyHeadache: like Phylactery Lich being tied to as many artifacts as you have those Liches
darkspiredragon: Becasue eight would be just one too much
Laserbeaks_Fury: Phil Lactery
kalateth: you remind me of the babe.... what babe?... babe with the power... what power? power of voodoo... who do? you do... do what? remind me of the babe
Tempest2097: Fun fact
Himyul: phylacteries are actually a Jewish thing
seth_erickson: She's gone of the deep end hard to take anything she says seriously
Tempest2097: Phylacteries are a real item, so you can use them wherever
Drathak: Welp taking that name for a D&D campaign
m0nkeyrama: spoilers :o
RvLeshrac: You just need to hit 20+ and get a copy of Aumvor's Fragmented Phylactery.
Pal_Friendpatine: Phylactery also sounds... sexual
Krayvern: Spoilers :o
tuckamanian: too soon
GenericHerooo: With that name it was his destiny
Laserbeaks_Fury: By accident
Erudite_Cynic: Big spoils up in here
Alness49: "I'm here representing Vecna, and your artefact is CLEARLY infinging on my clients patent!"
Juliamon: He didn't intend to
asthanius: That's why he has the scar
IncredibleFrown: kairi's inside me?
Kramburger: JK Rowling's big on being inclusive AFTER the fact and I'm tired of people patting her on the back for it
BusTed: slytqShrug
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that makes sense. it's not in Voldemorts mo to leave survivors i guess?
Krayvern: You have to wait like, 20 more years man
ushiikun: Talking about Gygax makes me sad I lost my first print editions of all the D&D books
Kramburger: He DID, Adam
MinniChii: Harry was an accidental horcrux.
m0nkeyrama: That's kind of the whole point of the last book
RvLeshrac: And Demiliches just straight up get 8 phylacteriew.
MilkInBag: are you talking about fanfic where harry is voldemort's bf?
RvLeshrac: phylacteries*
ninja_theory_ashrams: and prolonged exposure to a horcrux causes corruption, just like Harry's family
tendrilsoftragedy: but love Adam.
Nigouki: Neither can live while the other survives
Prof_Jimbles: Himyul has it right.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Harry does die and comes back
ancientspark: It's just a giant excuse for a Jesus metaphor
NoxStryx: hard does die
e_bloc: yeah harry was enchanted with kayas ghostform
Kramburger: The movies are NOT good
NoxStryx: harry does die
niccus: it's a series that benefits from not having close examination
Nameless_Sword: well the bad guy didn't know about harry being one.... from what i remember
seth_erickson: I could never get into the harry potter books
CamelAttack: The original Books were great! Everything else is ummmmmm a thing.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i read the first 4 books, and they didn't click with me by then, which sucked because it was huge with people in my school
Golldum: i feel like the first one stands up on its own
Easilycrazyhat: Movies are "meh". Books are super enjoyable
TacitusVigil: Voldy accidentally did it when he tried to kill Harry as a kid I believe.
whiteadder1: Paper on the central table !!!!!!!
m0nkeyrama: I mean
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: I only tried Harry Potter for the first time in high school. It was okay. Didn't finish the books.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and Willow
Laserbeaks_Fury: You remind me of the babe
Baldrash: Labyrinth actually holds up relatively well. I saw it in my 20s and enjoyed it a lot.
Kaktus021: How can you not love Bowie's codpiece?
Juliamon: I love Muppets and find Bowie horrendously overrated (I'm aware this is an unpopular opinion)
m0nkeyrama: Baby jail NotLikeThis
Zanaide: You remind me of the baby!
darkspiredragon: The baby cellar!
Pal_Friendpatine: Labyrinth is ok
Himyul: phylacteries are the little boxes Jewish men wear on their foreheads and arms. They contain a brief passage out of the bible.
Lettuce_Toast: this jail is full oF BABIES
Tajessa: Can we just watch Labyrinth on stream? Haven't seen it in years and now I really wanna watch it again
ratxprince: i love these spoopy boys & would sub if i coulf afford more subs
Kramburger: I still remember Ben singing Dance Magic at DB a couple of years back
e_bloc: "old babies"
aWabbajack: if locked from inside you can reach behind
gamnaire: Willow is brilliant
SquareDotCube: It's the whole thing of tailored vs untailored movies. HP movies are tailored to the fans; the first Star Wars was just an idea taken into action
Alness49: This is where we mine the Babies! We've hit GOLD!
Laserbeaks_Fury: We in Silent Hill now
Eclipseon: Baby Forge
m0nkeyrama: LUL love this lore
ushiikun: That guy didn't get his rebirth
aWabbajack: looking at the locked door
Pteraspidomorphi: This is such a delightful house
Prof_Jimbles: Oh hey, I think I remember a talisman from the VERY upstairs attic?
Nameless_Sword: that..... does not look right....
RussetMan: Baby efficiency
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: uh... Adam?
niccus: that's mass effect, adam
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: u ok?
Frozendukie: kind of a peen
aquinas_0: does this one have horns too?
TacitusVigil: Ah, so this is a Gilded Age Labor Simulator? :P
erloas: recycled babies
PhorrestGaze: dat bulge
MilkInBag: if your dong looks like that, go see a doctor
Zanaide: Send your babies to David Bowie.
ZeniteZero: Why would you try to open that, Ben? LUL
RvLeshrac: aWabbajack: I wouldn't try to reach around from inside the prison.
PantomineX: Oh shit he's guessed it dead on. How the crap do you guess Baby Forge?
MinniChii: run away?
ninja_theory_ashrams: Labyrinth, featuring David and his Bowie
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Definitely a bulge
e_bloc: this is 100% better than the real lore behind the game
Erudite_Cynic: our boy got kendolled
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Feelings on Dark Crystal if you like Labyrinth?
Tajessa: @gamnaire THANK YOU no one appreciates Willow and I think it's actually pretty good
asthanius: "Where do babies come from?" "We make them by pouring liquified baby into a mold"
Frozendukie: LuL we thought angry she ghost was the problem
aWabbajack: you were part of the team
ushiikun: how rich were these people?
MilkInBag: because game
RvLeshrac: Everyone should just go watch Record of Lodoss War.
e_bloc: I need a cup of this house's piss
excalgold: Winchester Mystery house Adam, Winchester Mystery House
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun is dead space a good spoops game for lets nope?
darkspiredragon: The chant from Willow is a legit celtic magical chant
Juliamon: We're here because Video Game Plot
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Fun fact, David Bowie put a can of potpourri in his pants.
aWabbajack: the Mystery Van but everyone else died
BTC1220: You must kill the witch to become the witch
Aziraphalesshop: Hey @quietcat :D
gamnaire: babies gotta eat their blackroot, puts hair on your chest
m0nkeyrama: The original was spookier
TacitusVigil: Dead Space 3 is...not.
whiteadder1: There was a paper you missed on the center table in the kitchen before the dungeon.
Pal_Friendpatine: @whadidbeejputindpie why?
m0nkeyrama: 2 and 3 were noooot
BusTed: isaac plees
Alahmnat: didn't they invite us to a pizza party in a spooky house, or was that the inciting incident we decided on last week?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: aren’t you the ghost team’s intern or something?
RvLeshrac: Fatal Frame 2 is the most pants-shittingly frightening of any horror game I've played.
aWabbajack: Dead Space 4 when?!
Martin_FcG: The Froest has its moments in a single player.
itsr67: "Get down!"
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Pal_Friendpatine he was sweating and self-concious, something like that
itsr67: "Surpressing fire!"
Darleysam: does that torch come with a laser sight?
ninja_theory_ashrams: Fingers crossed for Willow tv series for Disney+ coming 2021
n0t_multiple_r0b0ts: adam you made me laugh so hard I woke my cat up 😝
QuietJay: all games are pong
Pteraspidomorphi: Collecting keys?
Jacobontherun1: Everything's a Mario
m0nkeyrama: Sure thing, Adam Kappa
Pal_Friendpatine: @whadidbeejputindpie huh
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Are you having fun?
Theteddybear676: just wait adam will run out the room in a min lol
TacitusVigil: All games are Yakuza when you really think about it.
MilkInBag: witcher 3 PogChamp
itsr67: playing my Mario on my Nintendo
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean, even Pac Man had keys Kappa
Mysticman89: all games basically boil down to clicking in the right places at the right time.
aWabbajack: According to EA, not enough marketing caused Anthem. Meanwhile Square Enix said they spent way too much on Marketing
MilkInBag: you didnt even read the story LUL
Pharmacistjudge: I didn't get Wticher 3...I had to put it down
Lettuce_Toast: There's some callbacks that fly over your head but it's still reaaally good
m0nkeyrama: Adam's legit wearing a Witcher 3 shirt, I think he might like it
RvLeshrac: Watch the story from Witcher 1 and Witcher 2, then just play 3.
itsr67: Witcher 3 is fine on its own
Alness49: I think you need to skip 1 and 2, because they have issues
Kramburger: I skipped 1, played 2 and forgot about it, 3 was fine without remembering everything
Darleysam: I played 2 late, couldn't stand it, played 3 and it was the exact opposite
Camail: each game increases the scope of the plot passed the point where playing the old games would matter
MilkInBag: 2 is Kreygasm
PhorrestGaze: I loved 3 and didn't play the others.
BTC1220: Free the babies!
Darleysam: such a good game
Jacobontherun1: The controls for 2 were so wonky for me
A_Catastrophic_Success: We were trying to find our friend but halfway through we found out he’s dead and so we haven’t smashed a window and gotten out for.... reasons?
Rhynerd: Dead Space 2 has a recap.
blackwlf: They were bad dolls, so they had to go to doll jail.
e_bloc: are we secretly a doll
Lettuce_Toast: Blood and Wine is so good
SydPreviouslyHeadache: you're asking a lot of questions ben
the_one_and_only_kim: witched 1 had terrible controls
ancientspark: You just need a general plot premise, you don't need to know the whole plot of 1 and 2
Rhynerd: Doesn’t it?
Frozendukie: keykeykey
IncredibleFrown: ah! it's a *goat skyull.*
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: It’s sooooo much better with 1 and 2 lore wise, but if you want to kill stuff and see pretty graphics, just play 3
Golldum: MORE KEYS
m0nkeyrama: Jesus, there are so many keys in this game
Nocxia: fuuuuccccckkk wwhhyyyy
Lettuce_Toast: Also Blood and Wine's soundtrack is lit
itsr67: Witcher 3's dlc is outstanding
asthanius: YASS GAME
Dog_of_Myth: lrrGOAT
BusTed: 🤘
theneatestburrito: Horn-cruxes!
Erudite_Cynic: THIS HORNKS
whiteadder1: Witcher 1 does have a awesome bit where Garelt is able to actually spot a obvious plot twist if you do the right things.
Ferisar: give me that bread baby
Rhynerd: Wait, this is about Witcher now, isn’t it?
e_bloc: KeyGasm
Kramburger: You don't need to play the witcher 1 & 2 if you just want to dominate at Gwent
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Fetch quests = Compelling gameplay
ancientspark: Please, Adam, tell us how you really feel
Frozendukie: someone made that with their foot
gamnaire: damn right I'm hornkey
m0nkeyrama: Fetch quests Kreygasm
pidgemidge64: hi kathleen!!!!!! <3
Pteraspidomorphi: Objective: Train a rat
BTC1220: You need two horns to start getting the six voodoo shits to finish collecting the five phylactery things
Ferisar: if i keep picking up those crumbs i'll have a whole loaf soon enough
Alahmnat: how many layers of inception are we on now?
aWabbajack: frivLurk lrrEFF lrrDARK
mtvcdm: Hi Kathleen
ushiikun: They really should have have looked into some other loops than 1. Find Key 2. Run away
itsr67: 200 keys remaining
Alness49: "Look inside you, your beating heart. Your breathing lungs. They too, are keys."
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
Pal_Friendpatine: The Dark Fetch Quest
RussetMan: Oh hello Kathleen
Dog_of_Myth: Hi Kathleen
excalgold: Adam dont be so reserved share your emotions with us.
Grevas13: kathleen, summoned by salt
Easilycrazyhat: Silent, judging Kathleen
Baldrash: kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
TacitusVigil: Hi Kathleen.
gawag_: this is a quintessential "less than the sum of its parts" thing
ninja_theory_ashrams: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
Brok3nGol3m: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
BTC1220: It's because the game sucks
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: lrrDARK
RvLeshrac: Why isn't Alex playing this?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDARK theonl45LURK ssandZEN
blackwlf: Keys all the way down.
Kramburger: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
aWabbajack: RE but the worst aspect times x 3000
MilkInBag: is this a weird episode of 'Unfuck this House'?
TacitusVigil: The real keys were the friends we made along the way.
PantomineX: I always liked the occultism in video games better. Like, all these rituals and shit are so cool. Cthulhu? fhtagn my dude! IRL occult be like "man we like books and DND"
tytycoon: keys and batteries, the key to the light
aWabbajack: mega backtracking
frozenphoenix7: Technically, every item in games are keys.
TheExactSame: unrestrained cussing summons Kathleen, got it
Alness49: You look into the mirror in the morning and a key stares back at you
Golldum: this is that one key game alex played on watch&play with atmosphere
Kramburger: G A M E P L A Y
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LegionofLashes: BoOoOoO lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
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RussetMan: Listen, peak game is when you need to use a door as a key
Robot_Bones: Key loss simulators
erloas: the hacksaw key, the hammer key, the crowbar key
itsr67: the collect-a-thon of horror games
Dog_of_Myth: @TacitusVigil I was just about to type that
frozenphoenix7: Food is the key to life in survival games. Bullets are the key to victory in shooters.
Grevas13: a pile of the same reused doll assets
Kramburger: The bone bin is what i call my bedroom
m0nkeyrama: Spooooky dolls
kalateth: didn't the corpse hanging in the middle of the bone room have horns on its head?
Arimus221: Grocery Shopping WutFace
TacitusVigil: @Dog_of_Myth Great minds... :D
Ferisar: wait, does the dude have horns?
ninja_theory_ashrams: keys and wooden crates, Alex bingo check
Ferisar: maybe you gotta grab 'em off him?
Alness49: The real keys were the friends we made along the way
whiteadder1: Paper on the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aWabbajack: feliciaWave feliciaWave feliciaWave feliciaWave
Brok3nGol3m: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
erloas: horns on the guy in the skull room?
Kramburger: Kathleen would make a KILLER Horror Dating Sim
IncredibleFrown: damn it
m0nkeyrama: At least you aren't spooking Kathleen through the wall with this game
Alahmnat: the real friends were the keys we made along the way
Lettuce_Toast: Sagittarius rooms?
Tajessa: If Kathleen's vidya games are half as good as her D&D campaigns I want to play Kathleen games lrrDARK
mister_wise_guy: Maybe you take the horns off the guy chained up in the cave . . ?
Ferisar: can you take the horns from the goat-head demons?
ushiikun: take the horns off the demon?
itsr67: oo00ooo~
Frozendukie: other demon
Lettuce_Toast: Well he was horned but idk if you can take his horns off
erloas: the one with the scepter
aWabbajack: how to unstuck door?
aWabbajack: New objective: WD-40
Kramburger: Can we have a Let's Nope that's just forcing ben to watch Firefly Funhouse?
blackwlf: They were not goat horns.
Golldum: this actually reminds me of Resident Evil 2 without the gameplay
RussetMan: "I'm sorry, but I need to borrow these"
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
m0nkeyrama: No spoilers
LegionofLashes: i love how well that worked
gamnaire: Yoink
Cinntoastmin: its so, odd
aWabbajack: Feels more like 1 or 7
Nameless_Sword: firefly funhouse.... so cool
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Save first?
Nameless_Sword: and creepy
aWabbajack: in one house
itsr67: its like banjo-kazooie, but less enjoyable and with more keys
Frozendukie: peak-a-"boo" ;)
auxv: crow eye room
asthanius: Through the secret room in the secret room
GenericHerooo: @Kramburger She did "Doki Doki Literature Club"
ushiikun: through the lion doors
darkspiredragon: Oh look the ghost is here to make sure we don't have to find more keys
AGiantRoach: I haven't watched since the shake up. WrestleMania was fantastic tho
ninja_theory_ashrams: firefly fun house, best part of RAW, don't @ me
shimdogwastaken: here me out grave of fireflies ben
Laserbeaks_Fury: Banjo-Kazooie is a very Rare game
Noxenluxe: Banjo Kazooie was great at the time it came out, there are better games since then SeriousSloth
m0nkeyrama: Wrestlemania was really fun
Jacobontherun1: Poor lady, her load time only lets her teleport every 10 seconds
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frozenphoenix7: @ninja_theory_ashrams But you're not even wrong though
e_bloc: I've tried that strategy on my wife and it doesn't work
m0nkeyrama: Yay safe room
ushiikun: If you leave the door open can she get in?
A_Catastrophic_Success: Wait, go back to the kitchen and take some of those pots with you, they’re probably keys to something. Also pick up some of the empty bottles around they are also keys. Get the ghost chasing you to open a door, it’s also a key.
gamnaire: "ah, you're floating towards me" " I can't haunt the shit out of you without getting closer"
itsr67: The real power to defeat ghosts was the keys we met along the way
RussetMan: We are well!
Haberdashed: Not bad, thanks for asking Adam.
GenericHerooo: =)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I still enjoy Banjo Kazooie. i never finished Yooka Laylee though, because of circumstances
Ferisar: writing a paper
PhorrestGaze: feelin' kinda down
asthanius: One (1) Marshmallow
DaltoniusM: Adam ily
MistahFixIt: hashtag inert
traveller800: @LoadingReadyRun mmmmm....fear mnarshmallows
e_bloc: party100 finally hit platinum in ranked WAR thanks for keeping me company LRRfriends
kalateth: enjoying the stream while playing Elite Dangerous
Haberdashed: I mean not good, but not THAT bad.
itsr67: I'm well, how are you?
DerPilsner: idk, bear stuff.
Lettuce_Toast: Chewing on liquorice
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: I'm playing Evil WIthin in a window while watching this
Haberdashed: GODDAMMIT BEN
m0nkeyrama: don't want to do my finals the rest of the week
Tajessa: @PhorrestGaze lrrDARK
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Well, at least if grabbing g the dude’s horn backfires you saved recently.
tytycoon: He just say "I'm gonna grab a marshmallow?"
ninja_theory_ashrams: sup, Savidaddy?
m0nkeyrama: LUL Ben
TacitusVigil: We get it Ben
pidgemidge64: wrow
Martin_FcG: she sounds pissed still.
Haberdashed: WE GET IT YOU VAPE
BusTed: vape life.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Ben, no!
Grevas13: vape monster! i'm spooped.
Ferisar: sick vapes
Erudite_Cynic: CONTENT
LegionofLashes: *random screaming noises in background*
MistahFixIt: Vapetricks McEdgelord
RussetMan: Now that's how you do it on stream
m0nkeyrama: The vape
e_bloc: christ Ben
BTC1220: Well it looks like I'm switching streams
itsr67: !clip
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silvalunae: YES NOICE
PantomineX: Oh fuck yea nice clouds
Despoiler98: WE GET IT BEN
druidofspores: my face is swollen, but otherwise I'm good
Jacobontherun1: How's your O game Ben?
traveller800: VAPE SCARE
empyreon: LUL we get it u vape
silvalunae: YASSS BEN
Erudite_Cynic: Adam is over this stream
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JACQUESEB: RUN It's the ghost of student debt!
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Pharmacistjudge: Actual Ben...you don't vape. And you are doing great! Keep at it!
TacitusVigil: Does this make this game...Vaper Ware?
Tajessa: wisdom teeth?
ninja_theory_ashrams: Bruins Canes 2-1 end of the second
druidofspores: an abscess under my eyebrow :(
BusTed: Yeah, that happens.
m0nkeyrama: They can just develop NotLikeThis
Nocxia: Allergies can happen at any time
asthanius: Adam is allergic to work
BTC1220: @TacitusVigil more like Vaper SCARE
ushiikun: I never had allergies until my late 30s
Juliamon: You can develop allergies later in life
thescifiwasabi74: If you think this game is rough, try funking about with 7th Guest or 11th Hour... oi!
Lettuce_Toast: Eyes are burning from all this occult darkness
Kramburger: Get antihistamines and a large bottle of water
sifonaonline: There's a wealth of horns to choose from in this room.
LegionofLashes: dust is a pretty common allergy
Nameless_Sword: and incoming spoops....
ancientspark: I think you're allergic to keys, Adam
TacitusVigil: @BTC1220 Ooooooh, nice. :D
Tajessa: Oh jeez. You poor thing! :(
MinniChii: you can just Develop allergies.
Dog_of_Myth: Maybe allergic to keys?
Martin_FcG: maybe you're allergic to keys.
Lettuce_Toast: Na, wrong shaped horns
Pharmacistjudge: You can develop allergies
Nameless_Sword: guess not...
BusTed: 🤘
aquinas_0: only special horns may apply
kalateth: dang
Bionull: Paul engineered a new type of fungus just for you.
DerPilsner: 🤘
ninja_theory_ashrams: box behind demon
Pteraspidomorphi: So many horns lying around and he won't take any
Pal_Friendpatine: When the body gets overloaded with toxins you can start reacting
malexus101: dez horns?
darkspiredragon: You cannot get ye horns, and its not going to tell you...
Lettuce_Toast: Gesundheit
itsr67: you need horn clippers, which are just more keys
Juliamon: At some random point in your life your body will just decide it's tired of all this pollen bullshit
druidofspores: it's swollen bc I have an infected abscess under my eyebrow :(
Dog_of_Myth: Horny Keys
DaltoniusM: You got the saggitarius key
DigitalSeahorse: time to vacuum the Kathleen and Graham and everything they sat on :P
traveller800: @druidofspores get well soon
m0nkeyrama: Unfortunate seabatYIKES
DigitalSeahorse: cat hairs
Ka2Zen: this game would be great if it didn't suck
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Fletcherizer: Boo!
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druidofspores: it suuuuuucks
Bionull: It's kinda like Cindarella but with demon horns.
Pteraspidomorphi: Hey Adam, any updates on Spectator Mode? Sorry if this has been announced somewhere at some point and I just haven't heard of it
Haberdashed: Shots! Shots! Shots shots shots shots!
Lettuce_Toast: What about that room where we encountered ghost lady?
Dog_of_Myth: Threw my back out today so that was fun.
BTC1220: To get the horns you need to find the four limbs of the baby but before that you need the door six door handles of bad plot
druidofspores: thank you!
ninja_theory_ashrams: that's sagittarius for you
Jacobontherun1: Now that's scary
m0nkeyrama: awwww BibleThump don't remind me about student debt
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darkspiredragon: Could be worse... you could have that spider making a web in that guy from China's ear.
gawag_: I actually found raw local honey to work well against allergies
DigitalSeahorse: ssandMOD #BlameTheNon-Hairless
Bionull: That's impossible. Student debt never dies.
e_bloc: oh yeah student loan payment due tomorrow :(
druidofspores: i have a pizza in the oven, it will cheer me up :D
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asthanius: I prefer smackdown local honey
FeverRadish: Is it time to pull out the walk through boys?
tytycoon: you went to that door in the top left of the map yeah?
m0nkeyrama: Eyedrops could help 👀
Erudite_Cynic: its THE VAPE
MinniChii: I hope you're not getting a cold.
malexus101: we still have to find the "mysterious key" too, right?
TacitusVigil: Remember that time Michelangelo made a statue of Moses with horns because of a bad Bible translation?
Driosenth: cheer200 It doesn't matter how far or how fast you run, Student Debt will haunt you til the ends of the earth
gawag_: @asthanius you win this round
ushiikun: raw local honey works, it'll make your immune system used to the pollen without the effects
thraximore: Hello my dudes!
thescifiwasabi74: Yeah I have heard if it's trees etc. causing allergies that local bee pollen in your tea, or honey, can help
BTC1220: @asthanius I've heard NXT local honey does well too
Nigouki: were your eyes burning before the vaping?
DigitalSeahorse: does Adam have eye drops?
Toxxick: Ben, Adam, yall are the best
Grevas13: i just started daily loratadine for my allergies. never had them until this year.
DigitalSeahorse: is there a nuclear plant in Victoria? :P
thescifiwasabi74: Then again, screens are terrible for the eye balls
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I mean, i'm sure someone still has the Mentholated Eye-drops
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: there's a lot of pot in that kitchen.
LegionofLashes: its not really haunting when theres just a guy in a suit nearby always asking for money
thraximore: Oh man what did I miss?
Laserbeaks_Fury: What cells lock from the inside?
tuckamanian: put your hand around and unlock it
TacitusVigil: Baby jail doo doo doo doo doooo-
thraximore: baby jail?
Krayvern: @thraximore Bad plot of more keys
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empyreon: Maybe you are allergic to those fat vape clouds Ben was rippin' lrrBEEJ
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snowcookies: I use my poltergeist powers to send snowstorms to my student debt
thraximore: Ah the dreaded fetch quest format
m0nkeyrama: Mehps seabatTROG
silvalunae: did someone clip that
e_bloc: (the map is a key)
thraximore: What did Ben say?
silvalunae: ben ripped a fat cloud
DigitalSeahorse: I'm allergic to wood fire scent particulate
thraximore: D:
Papperslappen: What engine is this in?
thescifiwasabi74: How many horns are needed?
DigitalSeahorse: among other things
m0nkeyrama: just 2 horns, yeah?
silvalunae: tbh i'm surprised you're allowed to do that inside
tuckamanian: its a hard knock life
thraximore: At least the property values can't get much lower
m0nkeyrama: Love WFRR, what a good movie
Diabore: the sound of sippy cups on the bars
orbitaltuna: is this still the same game as earlier?
RussetMan: Old new york gangster doll
druidofspores: thank you for streaming and helping me smile through the pain :)
Pteraspidomorphi: Yes
thraximore: What is that gaping hole?
DigitalSeahorse: grass, mold, dust mites, ragweed, pollen, etc.
PantomineX: This hole was made for me
m0nkeyrama: Only 5 more to go ResidentSleeper
thraximore: drrrrr drrrrrr drrrrr
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Jelkimantis: Thanks for streaming games for us to watch. Be well.
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Grevas13: i found a map that shows a horn on the second floor and a horn in the attic
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Fletcherizer: this game seems atmospheric af but I'm not sure where the scares are
DigitalSeahorse: also cat dander
FeverRadish: lrrSPOOP
Gizmoloid: 2 horn keys, 6 voodoo dolls, and a partridge in a pear tree.
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Stevesson: 18 months? That's 18 months!
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malexus101: pig man comin?
thescifiwasabi74: I peeked at a solution but I have no idea if it makes sense
druidofspores: and thank you chat, for your well wishes!
Haberdashed: That noise tho
Fletcherizer: WELP
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
m0nkeyrama: huh
darkspiredragon: The ghost must be mad that you keep messing with her dolls
BusTed: yeah ok
silvalunae: nope
thraximore: Spoop
RussetMan: Oh hey, someone was playing kickball
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: was that a kobe or a yeet?
Haberdashed: ROFL
Nameless_Sword: ah so finding that talisman triggered stuff.... excellent
m0nkeyrama: that looks like the spider doll from toy stoy
pidgemidge64: tallboi
orbitaltuna: oh hai
Dog_of_Myth: NOPE
Nameless_Sword: perfect......
thescifiwasabi74: Here's daddy
BTC1220: Oh hello friendo
Lettuce_Toast: Hey you called the chase!
thraximore: Oh no, the tiny insignificant barrier
m0nkeyrama: stroy*
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
ninja_theory_ashrams: no way to get AHEAD in business
coolbond: flash it
Nameless_Sword: we woke up the demon thing
Nigouki: remember how you said you're gonna get chased around here? Kappa
silvalunae: "fast"
Nameless_Sword: not even a demon... just a big dumb boi
asthanius: "Get over here!"
m0nkeyrama: That thing really sped up
orbitaltuna: he's not fast but he has reach
asthanius: no steppy
BusTed: proceed in this direction
thescifiwasabi74: No please not the junk!
korvys: No stepy
Jacobontherun1: He hooks you, ok
Fletcherizer: well that was brutal
BTC1220: plz no stepy sir
silvalunae: plz nu step
m0nkeyrama: Chrono trigger? :o
malexus101: that's a very heavy massage
thraximore: The human body is more crunchy than that
korvys: pwease no steppy
PantomineX: He let you off the hook
IAmNotAshKetchum: he has some super pointy feet if it was able to stab us clean through
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Is that the thing where the note said to turn out the light?
ushiikun: I'm guessing all the statues are n the basement, and you have to burn them all before you leave?
BTC1220: The end of this game is the beginning of the search for six real life items
thraximore: Also more snappy?
darkspiredragon: In occult Russia Doll plays with you
pidgemidge64: nah that note had the demon w the horn guy
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:30:37. lrrSPOT
orbitaltuna: so did they find all the weegees?
pidgemidge64: steppy boi doesnt have horns
m0nkeyrama: This game is all fetch quests :/
GenericHerooo: @TalesFromTheManaCrypt I think it is.
tytycoon: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:55:58.
Jacobontherun1: Horror game purgatory, to get out you must find more keys..
GallowsCat: that was one BIG baby
Grevas13: @orbitaltuna yes, and then they had a super boring conversation with a ghost
Nameless_Sword: keys into keys into more keys... into other keys into keys...
snowcookies: Fetch Quest: The Horror Game
darkspiredragon: Fetch-quests... its what gamers cravve
orbitaltuna: @Grevas13 dang
erloas: they got the luigi board statues, new set of key collections
IAmNotAshKetchum: maybe he has asthma?
Nameless_Sword: and the reward... a key to the front door...
Tajessa: Core gamers like 2 day shipping and fetch quests. And 2 day shipping ON their fetch quests
Kramburger: Is this game a stealth sequal for You Have 293 Keys?
malexus101: okay, it's 4 am, I have to go to sleep. have fun! and have spoops!
coolbond: Dear DR Ben try the flashlight on the flesh zombie
ushiikun: those squeeze through spots are how you lose him?
m0nkeyrama: Nice memory, Ben!
thraximore: Oh was the oujia board dissapointing? That's a shame
thescifiwasabi74: Do you have a crowbar?
GenericHerooo: The rat is the bad guy
thraximore: Hahahaha
Pharmacistjudge: The way is lit. The path is clear. We require only the strength to follow it
m0nkeyrama: The ouija board was like a 10 minute long conversation LUL
thraximore: Oh jeez @m0nkeyrama
MinniChii: that cart is on wheels!!
aquinas_0: he does have chain arms
Pteraspidomorphi: Ouija board was: "Pls ghost help" "No" "Pretty please?" "Nah" "Come on?" "Ok password is 1123"
GallowsCat: that baby got juked
m0nkeyrama: The zoomies
Nameless_Sword: SAFE
asthanius: He can't climb stairs
thraximore: Gripping.
thescifiwasabi74: LOL Ben scared my cat
Jacobontherun1: He's scared of Kitchens
niccus: babajuked
MinniChii: go save?
pidgemidge64: ben saying "im out!" spooped me more than steppy boi
m0nkeyrama: What even
Grevas13: he has claptrap's stairs weakness
ancientspark: Time to go search the rest of the house for the other statues, whooooo!
thraximore: Is it intended as a suppository?
RvLeshrac: Burn one? Wait, I thought you were vaping.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: curse of the claptrap. also dang i missed it because i had to use the restroom
BlueMagnusStormCrow: save?
Tajessa: yeah, go save
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ayyy Grevas
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: To the save closet
excalgold: Savecloset....
aquinas_0: burn voodoo dolls?
aquinas_0: did I read that right
Grevas13: @SydPreviouslyHeadache i've been mainlining borderlands pretty hard since the bl3 announcement
m0nkeyrama: no key NotLikeThis
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Yeah, but I'm conflicted on it
auxv: the cell he was in will be open now?
Grevas13: why's that? it looks awesome from everything i've seen.
Kalpho: Can you go through the door he broke out of?
Mister_Dee: maybe in the giant monster cell?
e_bloc: great now Adam left to vape
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erased_citizen: 32 months with my spooky bois
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BlueMagnusStormCrow: The door the monster opened?
pidgemidge64: well goodluck boyos i gotta bounce
Darleysam: you did recently get that sagittarius key though
pidgemidge64: fitzHey
m0nkeyrama: He'll be wandering around lrrSPOOP
Darleysam: ohhhhh, didn't realise it opened that door!
thescifiwasabi74: Hopefully that gangly dude got lost in the basement
thraximore: Do keys only have one use?
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officedge: Stop the spoops! I wanna get on!
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Blessings_from_the_Void: !quote ben
LRRbot: Quote #4024: "For breaking my heart, I'm gonna light him on fire" —Ben [2017-02-17]
m0nkeyrama: little bits of map
Blessings_from_the_Void: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #78: "Chat has me confused and I don't like it." —Adam [2015-03-28]
FeverRadish: Sooooo I don’t know if this is helpful but it’s some super unintuitive maps that give locations for all the stuff. If you guys get stuck https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1528213902
thescifiwasabi74: Can't move the baby cart?
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun Besides the hauntedness of it this is a really nice house
thraximore: !quote beej
ushiikun: hidden in the babies?
m0nkeyrama: Probably?
coolbond: kill the flesh golem?
m0nkeyrama: Don't hear him atm
jetpixi: I didn’t watch the first part of this so I’m nervous about the current lack of spoops.
tytycoon: check the basement with the demon? Maybe the demon has one less torch because of the burning or something
tytycoon: and there's something there?
Nameless_Sword: you 'killed' that creepy doll with your flashlight.... kinda
aquinas_0: is that a kidney shaped hole?
tytycoon: Sounds like something that this game would do
aquinas_0: because it looks like one
Gizmoloid: So I'm looking up these voodoo dolls and there was supposed to be one with the saggitarius key, did you get it?
thraximore: The game does seem to like running back and forth
tytycoon: just like make you walk from one side to the other of the map
m0nkeyrama: huh
Blessings_from_the_Void: This game has its own gaming sub-occulture.
Tajessa: Nothing ruins a spooky atmosphere like having to constantly backtrack and run around looking for dumb clues
Nigouki: i wanna meet the friendly ghost that keep leaving all these batteries for you
m0nkeyrama: I thought the batteries recharged in this mode? Or am I misremembering
thescifiwasabi74: One horn is supposedly under floorboards with dolls.
FeverRadish: Ok... I’m lost. What are we looking for now? Haha
m0nkeyrama: Magical stairs NotLikeThis
Gizmoloid: Oh I misread that wasn't saggitarius key, it was near capricorn key.
Tajessa: How have you not been exposed to Harry Potter in any way?
amythist: cause wizards Adam
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Missed the start of the stream... did you change the play style to have batteries no longer be unlimited?
HesGotNoPants: cause its magical adam
tytycoon: Dolls like in the child's room?
e_bloc: what about Harry Potter Fanfic
m0nkeyrama: The movies get worse as they go on SeriousSloth
ushiikun: like in the little girl room?
thescifiwasabi74: Yeah sorry for being vague that is literally what I read in a forum about the game. Some room containing dolls has a horn under the floor. Req. a crowbar
Gizmoloid: Sorry about that.
tehlordofelves: what about Harry Potter Erotica?
IAmNotAshKetchum: the books are good, the movies could have been better in my opinion
BTC1220: You're a wizard, Harry. No I'm not
Perchipy: daba kebab
thraximore: LeviOHsah, not levioSAH
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam
JumbahJawn: I love you
erloas: so where is the crowbar...
Tajessa: ALL of it?
ushiikun: There's other types of Harry Potter Literature?
tytycoon: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Gizmoloid: I messed up it wasn't with Saggitarius key, Ben!
Grevas13: i actually had an ex who was into harry potter erotica. turns out, not my jam.
Brok3nGol3m: wasnt the crowbar in the other attic?
thescifiwasabi74: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
Nameless_Sword: and everything comes crashing to a screeching halt.... and this game has such promise
NightValien28: the potter puppet series is way better than the movies and books
Blessings_from_the_Void: The basement is BS
thescifiwasabi74: Is this Dark Occult?
ninja_theory_ashrams: wasn't there a different way to the demon area?
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MrThirdParty: Where's the doll? Where's the demon? Where's Waldo?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, MrThirdParty! (Today's storm count: 158)
tytycoon: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DiscordianTokkan: Your battery's draining Ben, for what it was worth
m0nkeyrama: Capricorn key, apparently
ninja_theory_ashrams: you can't read the map without a key
tytycoon: Maps: The game
Grevas13: !findquote map
LRRbot: Quote #2355: "I can't leave the way I came in: there's a badly-mapped texture up there." —Graham [2016-04-20]
BTC1220: Fetch Quests in a Confusing Map: The Game
Blessings_from_the_Void: Helps to have a map
m0nkeyrama: Does the layout depend on the save? seabatYIKES
Pteraspidomorphi: We know the passwords do
Golldum: wait they randomise the HOUSE?
Himyul: !findquote key
LRRbot: Quote #1424: "The Home key is 'jump'. It makes so much sense." —Graham [2014-01-17]
ninja_theory_ashrams: I don't think game is good enough to randomize layout
Grevas13: ah, good old prayer warriors
Pteraspidomorphi: Not layout but it could easily randomize keys
Katten_Rastyr: What's for spoops tonight everyone? Also, hi! cirHi
m0nkeyrama: Man, this game really knows how to put out its own momentum
Gizmoloid: Damn, I sleepily misread forum and now they keep looking for doll near saggitarius key while it's actually near capricorn key apparently.
Haberdashed: WATCH AND PRAY
thescifiwasabi74: Horn: There is a horn in the attic, when you activate the lever to open the secret door, if you turn around and go down the hall way towards the save room there should be a crawl space in the wall. * turn around from the lever, go down the hall and take a right, on the bottom right of the wall should be the crawl space* The horn is in the cabinet in that area. Supposedly...
CompletelyUnsure: A rouge-like horror fetchquest then. . .
Grevas13: @Katten_Rastyr spoops tonight is a frightfully mediocre game called Dark Occult
Nigouki: try doing the timed door again Kappa
m0nkeyrama: huh
JayTheDarkLordOfSalt: Has Tom Cruise locked himself in the closet again?
Krayvern: There has to be a spoop here right?
ninja_theory_ashrams: never checked the door, didn't update map with key info
Grevas13: specialties include decent jumpscares, awful writing, and painfully boring backtracking
Krayvern: Like this is the second long tunnel
m0nkeyrama: LUL
CoinFlipShow: imagine if they made this game play out in 3 hours. its would be great
aquinas_0: and away we go
m0nkeyrama: k
Nigouki: T is for Talisman lrrBEEJ
tuckamanian: free hugs
BTC1220: I gUESS?
Krayvern: Can you just hide in here forevery?
aquinas_0: it has chain arms
Nameless_Sword: It has VERY long arms....
aquinas_0: shwoop
Ferisar: "what's he gonna do, stab me?"
excalgold: heeeeres Johnny !
HesGotNoPants: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
orbitaltuna: oh i hope he crawls
GenericHerooo: Outlast
Tajessa: If he actually got down and started crawling that would be good
m0nkeyrama: This is fun :)
thescifiwasabi74: Why is the main character in here? Are they an insurance inspector for black mold?
Grevas13: can't be outlast, there's no dicks
Krayvern: LUL
orbitaltuna: damn this monster does suck
Nymo: k bye
GenericHerooo: XD
snowcookies: k bye
Robot_Bones: door is unstuck now LUL
Krayvern: ???
Brok3nGol3m: k
Frozendukie: yes, slam on the door while "hiding"
NimrodXIV: k
m0nkeyrama: Find another key! seabatTROG
Jacobontherun1: "gameplay"
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe it doesn't open if the monster is too close
RussetMan: Huh
bowsin_durrows: k
ushiikun: had to find out you are stuck before it opens?
Nefarious_Ned: art
BTC1220: Is this? Art?
Brok3nGol3m: ART
Tajessa: I.... um.
BTC1220: No it's just a bad game
m0nkeyrama: Plot armor Kappa
HesGotNoPants: @grevas13 so since the dicks are gone but we're here, did we outlast the cock?
Krayvern: Here's when we tell Adam that he's been on Watch + Play this entire time
ninja_theory_ashrams: Why? because game is bad
Toxxick: Its stuck by the crushing weight of incompetent design
CommandoJE: The ghost was holding the door closed Kappa
CoinFlipShow: new area. more batteries!
Robot_Bones: Thank goodness those monsters are keeping the house warm
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP
Krayvern: Please just be a lamp
Jacobontherun1: Alright go hide
ulexarX: *ghost giggling under sheet* This is totally going to get them
m0nkeyrama: It's a kid in a chost costume :o
thescifiwasabi74: Home sales pitch: "There's a battery in every room!"
Jacobontherun1: count to 10
Krayvern: LUL ?
Nigouki: GOTCHA
Alness49: lrrSPOOP
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MaelstronSolenor: Jump Scare
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m0nkeyrama: GDI dude
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Did you change it so battery life is now finite?
ushiikun: a sheet
Nameless_Sword: oh guy.... come on....
Pteraspidomorphi: It's a sheet!
GenericHerooo: xD
Krayvern: lrrBEEJ
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: Wot is that?
thescifiwasabi74: Dammit Charlie Brown!
BTC1220: This voice actor is scarier than the game
Katten_Rastyr: LUL ?
Nameless_Sword: those reactions...
ayirbudd: this fucking guy
ninja_theory_ashrams: LUL
omdorastrix: Hley Sheet?
Nicarrow: hi all
Robot_Bones: These are my new sheets!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: lrrSPOOP
m0nkeyrama: eyyyy
Driosenth: cheer100 Adam, you were right, it wasn't 'anything'
m0nkeyrama: Only 4 more ResidentSleeper
Alness49: Diabolical acting!
ushiikun: who picked this guy to be part of a team to investigate a haunted house?
Pteraspidomorphi: There's a fireplace in the previous room
Frozendukie: wonder if those idols just trigger a run each time?
snowcookies: demons just need some exercise
BTC1220: Jeeeeeezus this game blows
Tajessa: Next fetch quest: find the good game
Dog_of_Myth: Guss who
HesGotNoPants: did the crowbar leave?
Krayvern: Door not stuck anymore
Tajessa: oh hey it's The Darkness
m0nkeyrama: This man is durable, at least
hyralt: This game honks
Jacobontherun1: She can only headbutt
Pteraspidomorphi: I think she likes us
aquinas_0: these monsters are just sorta mean
RussetMan: Oh, she yeeted you
haliberdk: did he say 'Oh, yeah'
Nameless_Sword: come on ghost... do you want to kill us or NOT
Pteraspidomorphi: She's just trying to kiss
Nigouki: she has a weird way of opening doors for you
Gizmoloid: His back is going to be so bruised by the end.
aquinas_0: remember when this seemed like a good game
ThePoshPanda: Too spook
Frozendukie: also watching out for jangles?
m0nkeyrama: what
Jacobontherun1: what
m0nkeyrama: how
Nameless_Sword: what....
BTC1220: Art
Nymo: ??
tuckamanian: wut?
tytycoon: She cheats
Pteraspidomorphi: lol. you died.
spicydungus: ?
Nigouki: that was horseshit -____-
Robot_Bones: you deed
e_bloc: excellent
Katten_Rastyr: Wut? cirREE
Tajessa: HAX
ushiikun: Across the House in 80 Hours
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Alness49: BULLSHIT
Jacobontherun1: telefrag, haven'
BTC1220: Pure, unadulterated, art
Jacobontherun1: haven't heard that in a while
Nymo: crikLore
m0nkeyrama: We had to die for the lore seabatTROG
whiteadder1: I think the game wanted you to go to the nearest fireplace rather then the one at the start of the game
CommandoJE: They hired this guy????
aWabbajack: zekeNOPE lrrSPOOP zekeSTINK
ninja_theory_ashrams: We is British?
thescifiwasabi74: Aquarius key in a bathtub?
Grevas13: so, protag was someone's brother, right? package deal?
whiteadder1: See this one
Katten_Rastyr: I haven't heard "Telefrag" In Aeons cirLaugh
theunknownpoetb: Mario?
Robot_Bones: william BLAKE
BTC1220: Backtracking: The Game
Darleysam: this game expertly demonstrating why Layers of Fear was short
theunknownpoetb: MARIO?!?!?
orbitaltuna: yup
snowcookies: I can't even find a wiki for a synopsis of this game
Robot_Bones: What's this what's this? there's bullshit in the air
loki_lxix: nah nope
Tajessa: Hi lady
m0nkeyrama: She's so patient here
orbitaltuna: this game feels like someone took a short scary game and padded it out with junk
PhorrestGaze: oof ouch
m0nkeyrama: kind of her to let us recover
aquinas_0: you know she looks a hell of a lot like the first boss from undying
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: How has protag survived so many encounters while his colleagues got completely wrecked from the get-go
aquinas_0: only colorless and squished
GenericHerooo: "What was that?"
SirBiffaloEsq: Giver her the old rope-a-dope?
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Pharmacistjudge: i call hax...the witch is cheating
m0nkeyrama: Hmmmmmmm
Nameless_Sword: oh come on game...
tuckamanian: she's a looker
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe it's on a timer
JPattemore: Seems like its a timed thing?
aWabbajack: calling hex
Krayvern: I love the enemy design of this game but like- why have only one "Big bad" and the rest just kinda... there?
Nymo: OWLboop
MillerDark: You're not allowed to be clever D:
erloas: that fire wasn't burning was it
Ferisar: "is the atkinson's manson haunted?" no probably not
Kramburger: Batteries attract ghosts
m0nkeyrama: where could we even store anything else?
asthanius: Feels like a tool-tip that used to be applicable and wasn't taken out
Nameless_Sword: the fire was in the next room erloss
Darleysam: lugging a whole fridge full of food with him in case he gets snacky
ushiikun: don't try the door?
Alness49: Also it's not like we respawn, it's just straight game over!
e_bloc: what is that?
BTC1220: So, what's the payoff here? What's the 'satisfying' or 'enjoyable' part of this game?
Tajessa: Why would you put things in your inventory, you goon Kappa
aquinas_0: well it started with a hell of an atmosphere
tuckamanian: plot armor
Robot_Bones: Cause she mad
asthanius: We take forEVER to stand back up there
m0nkeyrama: She is art? :o
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Plot
CommandoJE: How come in all spooky games you can't jump over couches?
thordak_keitel: art?
Nameless_Sword: maybe she doesn't WANT to kill us.... maybe she really wants us to burn all the things, to free her... maybe
Nameless_Sword: but who knows with this game
m0nkeyrama: what
MechaKuuga: gross
m0nkeyrama: just happened
Tajessa: ooh that's a good noise
asthanius: Proton pack?
Nameless_Sword: huh.... i guess that worked...
Grevas13: those are some fleshy sounds for a ghost
iggySPLOSION: adam.exe has stopped working
Tajessa: Yay?
Ferisar: that's some powerful talisman
m0nkeyrama: what even
AllTheoryNoPractice: Okay, just got here. Last I checked in, we were looking for ouija board stuff in the attic and we had to walk around a bunch of chairs. What'd I miss?
m0nkeyrama: LUL Ben
asthanius: ba dum tish
Mysticman89: take their eyes, just in case
ushiikun: lol
Pteraspidomorphi: Good one
Darleysam: boooooooooo
Grevas13: quick, take their eyes
Jacobontherun1: There's a bird gun somewhere
Nameless_Sword: four more time! four more times!
MistahFixIt: Oh you.
empyreon: benginPun
e_bloc: boooooo
Martin_FcG: hahaha
Nymo: LUL
IAmNotAshKetchum: those birds were shot from a grenade launcher jeez
aquinas_0: that was a terrible pun :P
aussz: Kappa Kappa Kappa
tytycoon: save?
Alahmnat: BEN.
Papperslappen: lrrJUDGE
AllTheoryNoPractice: "Ben Got feared into birbs."
thescifiwasabi74: aquarius key is in a bathtub
DigitalSeahorse: benginPun theonl45SPANK benginCop
thescifiwasabi74: oh sorry
Grevas13: @AllTheoryNoPractice found the ouija stuff, had a disappointing conversation with a ghost
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AllTheoryNoPractice: Disappointing even by THIS game's standards?
GenericHerooo: Adam, do you hate this game? xD
Grevas13: now looking for a total of 8 more maguffins
AllTheoryNoPractice: @Grevas13
Grevas13: and yes, disappointing even for this game
AllTheoryNoPractice: daaaaaaaamn
starwarsthx1138: you need to get to the safe room
AllTheoryNoPractice: I can't wait to see how this game screws up its ending
Katten_Rastyr: Don't forget about the basement laboratory! :V
Katten_Rastyr: I wouldn't put it put it passed this game to have one, dunno if there is one cirLaugh
tytycoon: @AllTheoryNoPractice Nice. it totally will
Tajessa: This game is... really something lrrGARBO
thescifiwasabi74: capricorn is on ground floor
AllTheoryNoPractice: I feel like the moment you have to build "Magical Safe Rooms" is the moment you have to question if you've made a huge mistake
tytycoon: @AllTheoryNoPractice I bet it was old man mcgilliecutty the whole time
Grevas13: I'm not sure it can screw up its ending. i think that would require caring about mr. protagonist or why he's collecting maguffins
hyralt: This game puts the poop in spoop!
ninja_theory_ashrams: Adam look up aquarius key, please
m0nkeyrama: On another key hunt 👀
AllTheoryNoPractice: @tytycoon I'm totally expecting "It was a spoopy dream OR WAS IT"
tytycoon: @AllTheoryNoPractice Just about right lol
AllTheoryNoPractice: OOOH, no, we've been in an asylum the WHOLE TIME.
AllTheoryNoPractice: That seems like the right flavor of stupid
m0nkeyrama: That's annoying :/
CaptainSpam: No, the door is locked with a LOCK. The KEY is what UNLOCKS it, game.
thescifiwasabi74: ground floor map with locations: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1528213902
tytycoon: @CaptainSpam That's my secret, I'm always keys
ayirbudd: you can lock doors with a key tho tbf
Takani42: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
asthanius: Virgo
Takani42: Is this the same studio that did layers of fear? Looks very similar
ayirbudd: it just gives me dark souls 3 flashbacks "does not open from this side" *shudders*
m0nkeyrama: aquarius is two squiggly lines
thescifiwasabi74: Do you have virgo?
AllTheoryNoPractice: @Takani42 It very much is not
ayirbudd: upsetti spaghetti
Takani42: @alltheorynopractice Thanks...the visuals seem very similar to me
Nigouki: I'm sure you'll be rewarded with a fantastic and satisfying ending Kappa
hyralt: Just walk away, Ben.
Pal_Friendpatine: Remember when we were 2 hours in and this game was kinda cool?
m0nkeyrama: This game is really making you work for those good moments
e_bloc: just constantly fetching keys for unsatisfying spooky handjobs
thescifiwasabi74: the map I am looking at (poorly) shows Virgo in a room that looks like a C on the map
erloas: yeah, seems like there could be just as much game with half as many keys
HesGotNoPants: next play it forward: dark occult
Tajessa: @Takani42 I feel like they were heavily inspired by Layers of Fear, and if I remember correctly they're both made in Unity too
AllTheoryNoPractice: @LoadingReadyRun Do you guys ever wonder why Horror seems to be the ultimate example of "Good Idea, Awful Execution because that's how all the other games did it?"
asthanius: keys on keys on keys
tytycoon: It's keys all the way down
m0nkeyrama: of course it is
Grevas13: i think that's exactly the problem with horror games
Shovelcorp: Greetings from a Korean subway
AllTheoryNoPractice: Like, there's always SO MUCH "I have a MacGuffin Hunt and keys because that's what horror games do"
ayirbudd: too pick up this key you need to unlock it with the key key
Katten_Rastyr: Hey Ben or Adam, would either of ya do VR spoops at some point? cirLaugh
Alahmnat: really, how many layers of fetch quest are we on at this point? like, 3, or 4?
AllTheoryNoPractice: And no one seems to question it
Grevas13: the best one i've played in years was a tiny rpg maker offering, because it actually did something unique.
Takani42: @tajessa That must be it, some of the textures and things like lighting look super close
erloas: any idea where the box keys are?
thescifiwasabi74: My map shows needing Taurus key to access Virgo room
AllTheoryNoPractice: We need keys to open the doors to keys to unlock the great key
tytycoon: IT woud be cool if you could teleport between save points
CommandoJE: Yeah this game need a fast travel
tytycoon: Like the mystic elevator in betraayal
AllTheoryNoPractice: If you have a key to a Ford Taurus, why are you still in this stupid mansion? Kappa
Grevas13: is there a suggestion email for let's nope?
Tajessa: @Takani42 I think the devs of this saw loF and went "Hey that looks awesome, let's make our own version!" ....but missed some big aspects that made LoF work
Kramburger: I see you both like to live dangerously
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: may I ask what's Ben's twitter?
coolbond: Dear DR Ben have you played simulacra?
hyralt: There has been too much violence, too much pain. None here are without sin, but I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away. Leave the keys, the eyes, the horns, and the whole game. Just walk away. I will give you safe passage in the spoopland. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror.
ayirbudd: ahh but to get the key key you need to unlock the key key room with the key key room key which is in the key key room key room
m0nkeyrama: Really wish there was a shortcut button for the map
asthanius: Aquarius
HesGotNoPants: !Twitter
Tajessa: @ayirbudd now I have a migraine thank you
AllTheoryNoPractice: @asthanius There's travel in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus
ayirbudd: *bows*
m0nkeyrama: This game is fun :)
aWabbajack: feliciaSave feliciaSave feliciaSave feliciaSave
Takani42: @tajessa I’d just joined the stream, hadn’t picked up on that part of it yet, that things weren’t super here
SheldyP: so it was a monster key
PhorrestGaze: was the monster holding the door closed?
asthanius: @AllTheoryNoPractice And now I have that stuck in my head
ninja_theory_ashrams: Okay, game, you're the game
coolbond: Dear DR Ben have you played simulacra?
AllTheoryNoPractice: @asthanius You're welcome! :D
aquinas_0: @hyralt Yes Lord Humongous
Nigouki: floor boards?
whiteadder1: Look at it this way Adam, your VOD means nobody ever has to play this thing ever again.
starwarsthx1138: the other closet
hyralt: @aquinas_0 ;)
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrSPOOP rayfkSanic ssandSPOOKED
m0nkeyrama: We found it \ seabatTROG /
Tajessa: @Takani42 Oh no I totally get you, I joined halfway through and noticed the similarities too. I just think the devs spent more time on the looks than the gameplay, and you do actually need both to build atmosphere...
AllTheoryNoPractice: "This town turned scary"
Ferisar: tfw the town turns scary
Ferisar: man
ushiikun: now to find all the closets you've been walking past.
ninja_theory_ashrams: chat, what was the Let's Nope game that was like PT with a DSLR camera?
ayirbudd: wait are we just in yharnam?
AllTheoryNoPractice: That's just the dumbest line I've heard and that says something
m0nkeyrama: Backtracking for closets PogChamp
aWabbajack: jingle bells?
AllTheoryNoPractice: Dude, Yharnam but you're NOT a Hunter would make a solid horror premise
tytycoon: At least we're getting in our 10,000 steps for our fitbit. This game brought to you by Fitbit
Takani42: @tajessa Nah, spooky lighting and textures from a Dickens play are all it takes
ayirbudd: that would be scary as hell!
WizardZedd: Can confirm. Disneyland churros are the best.
DigitalSeahorse: rayfkKing rayfkKing rayfkKing
m0nkeyrama: A key!
jetpixi: The churros are awesome!
m0nkeyrama: We did it!
BTC1220: Narrator: But it was not worth it
aquinas_0: and now mandatory fun time?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGOAT
asthanius: Wait hold on. Birds crashed through the window, right? Why can't we just go out the first floor window and come back with a fucking proton pack for this ghost?
ayirbudd: that was the infrogames key!
itomeshi: Save...
m0nkeyrama: Now we can find more keys because we found that key!
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
YawnLance: I think this was the first time I was excited to get into a closet lrrBEEJ
aquinas_0: @asthanius thatd make sense, this is horror we can't have sense!
Tajessa: @Takani42 "textures from a Dickens play" is the best way I have ever heard to describe these kind of assets. I love you a bit
Katten_Rastyr: I swear to high hell that if there's a gawdamn basement lab I'mna jump iin a lake
DigitalSeahorse: lrrAWESOME
Lightningbro: I've heard good things about Disneyland's Churros, though, when I was at Disneyworld last month I hear two people say; "To be fair, that Churro stand is on fire more time than it's not"
Ferisar: pick nicol bolas, quic
jetpixi: They also have various limited flavors.
CaptainSpam: I got in late. How many of these wardrobes have contained exactly one key?
Ferisar: quick*
AllTheoryNoPractice: How has a horror game never cast us as Janitor?
itomeshi: I'm not your real mom!
asthanius: @AllTheoryNoPractice FNAF is close
m0nkeyrama: LUL
aquinas_0: That'd be cool
m0nkeyrama: It was awful
AllTheoryNoPractice: Fair
steelenet: Chat is your mom Kappa
m0nkeyrama: went 0-3 because of chat
Takani42: @tajessa :)
DaltoniusM: this game is an interesting experiment in asking "what if a metroidvania never gave you any powers?"
tytycoon: look on the shelf
ayirbudd: there was a horror game where you ran away from a janitor
thescifiwasabi74: You're near capricorn key on 1st floor. It's in the deep left in a room under the left hallway
m0nkeyrama: Listened to chat for that big misplay, too
Robot_Bones: tbf it was a bolas
Tajessa: @Takani42 I'll give you credit for that line twice, and then it's mine Kappa
m0nkeyrama: LUL Adam
PhorrestGaze: cART
itsr67: cART?
Nocxia: Oh adam
jetpixi: But not a churro cart
m0nkeyrama: You're trying
kyp_dorrun: ART
steelenet: kart
Nocxia: Awwwh
Darleysam: ben laugh
m0nkeyrama: LUL
ushiikun: This cart is ART
shimdogwastaken: Ben what commander should I build for my new deck
NightValien28: hahah
asthanius: Benjamin you're making Adam sad
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCATWICH
Darleysam: thanks ben
itsr67: hahahahha
Jacobontherun1: We need an Art emote
CapnRobert: lol
steelenet: WutFace
silvalunae: jesus
DigitalSeahorse: ssandBOB ?
e_bloc: Ben selling harder than HBK vs Hogan
eric_christian_berg: Ben's gone bye-bye, what have you got left.
Alness49: R O okay Ben?
Takani42: @tajessa It’s a deal
Tajessa: You know what also makes you feel good? Bustin'
m0nkeyrama: Ben left you hanging too long NotLikeThis
Lightningbro: I find it hilarious/abysmal how often you move your camera "too fast" and you just see the void behind unloaded textures.
Robot_Bones: is this... the towers of hanoi?
PhorrestGaze: called it
AllTheoryNoPractice: Who. Is. He. Talking. To
RussetMan: More keys!
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Jacobontherun1: holy moly
Martin_FcG: hahaha
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks I hate it
m0nkeyrama: YAAAAY
Ryenji: :)
ayirbudd: lmao
NightValien28: fuck any of that
erloas: 5 empty slots
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ask and you shall recieve
Martin_FcG: the game designers on this
itomeshi: At least they aren't keys!
Mister_Hush: It's like Resident Evil
Darleysam: and when the dogs bark, they shoot keys from their mouths?
Kramburger: Alex NEEDS to witness this shit
LlewellynZ: "gameplay"
HesGotNoPants: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatTROG seabatYIKES seabatTROG seabatYIKES
spicydungus: 5
steelenet: LUL
itsr67: this is the WORST escape room ever
Mister_Hush: They made Resident Evil
AllTheoryNoPractice: OH, I'm sorry, Adam, Did you thiink you were kidding?
ushiikun: 5 more dolls, and 5 medallians
Robot_Bones: and uninstalled
aquinas_0: no, not more keys
Lightningbro: Hey look. A lock! How many keys does it take?
Drathak: 6 straight hours of KEYS
ayirbudd: this game was made for alex
steelenet: 💩
thescifiwasabi74: That should be capricorn behind it. Need all the talismans
empyreon: y i k e a
Katten_Rastyr: I SWEAR
m0nkeyrama: HAhaa
DiscordianTokkan: 2 Horns, 4 Voodoo talismans, 5 or six... ORBS?
MistahFixIt: Resentment Evil
ninja_theory_ashrams: LUL
CaptainSpam: Really. REALLY.
aquinas_0: get a hammer for gods sake!!!
Papperslappen: lrrJUDGE lrrSLOTH
Tajessa: Dude can we PLEASE get a replay of this on Watch + Play
NimrodXIV: find 5 bear asses!
m0nkeyrama: This game is so dumb LUL
Pharmacistjudge: fill this crab with bubbles
SirBiffaloEsq: Fill this man with keys
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Alness49: Alex just sat bolt upright somewhere, sniffing the air
itsr67: I want a compilation next LRL of all the times you had to find keys
aquinas_0: cheer100 CROWBAR!
snowcookies: more things to find!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrJUDGE katesNope lrrHERE
saweeks: someone jammed all the RE games into one house
Robot_Bones: burn the hard drive this game is installed on and salt the tower
Dog_of_Myth: !quote keys
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Natimus_Prime: This isn't a horror game, it's a puzzle game with a sheet!
godpigeon: we heard you like fetch quests... so we....
IndieInsane: the true horror is finding everything.
coelopteryx: not only a thing that needs to be full of medallions, but also mickey-shaped
Tajessa: PLEASE walk away
Dog_of_Myth: lrrGARBO
Jacobontherun1: Dark Occult V3
YawnLance: Like what happens to a person to make them think "You know what would be a great mechanic to base an ENTIRE GAME AROUND... keys"
coelopteryx: a hidden mickey for keys
Lightningbro: "This game is awfulmazing"
AllTheoryNoPractice: This is an hour of content padded into 8
Alahmnat: what was the name of that game they had on W+P that was literally just a pile of a thousand keys and only one of them worked?
NightValien28: you know its okay to give up on a game
CaptainSpam: "Oh hey, look, five medallion things. Just sitting in a box. How 'bout that?"
Drathak: I think you need to walk away
jetpixi: Hahaha hidden Mickey keys
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Adam "didn't notice the monkey paw in the room" Savidan
ancientspark: Adam "Fetchquest" Savidan approves of this game
Jacobontherun1: Bring a book next time
coolbond: Dear DR Ben have you played simulacra?
DiscordianTokkan: It's like a metroidvania only it's not fun
Martin_FcG: Fetch : The horror game.
random_shoes: so many horror games are just grocery lists...
ThorSokar: Adam's looking for some Castlevania action!
Darleysam: well you've got to go through again to get all the achievements too
NightValien28: its common sense talk
HesGotNoPants: final boss requires 200 items
erloas: pretty soon you're going to just open one closet with a dozen keys in it
thescifiwasabi74: Whoever owned the house must have stock in Duracell
e_bloc: this is the Sonic in Boshy of horror games
Drathak: This is like the game alex would make to show you how much key quests suck
Tajessa: The backtracking is so you can soak in the atmosphere. It's not the game's fault that you don't appreciate its amazing textures and great sound cues
DigitalSeahorse: it's okay to quit if you can still get a refund :P
thescifiwasabi74: Or a bad interior designer
Kramburger: Adam "The Boshy" Savidan doesn't quit games. Games quit HIM
Nigouki: has anyone been counting all the keys?
ninja_theory_ashrams: go full ghost and goblins, and have you play the game twice to get full ending
Tajessa: BOX KEY. The box has a key. I can't
Martin_FcG: rewarded?
starwarsthx1138: you mean a medallion
m0nkeyrama: Are we having fun yet? seabatTROG
NimrodXIV: *groan*
Dog_of_Myth: Adam is so into this...
ayirbudd: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:40:33.
NightValien28: me too adam
jetpixi: It’s like they’re playing fetch with you
Mister_Hush: I feel like this would be a more fun time if Adam were drinking while Ben plays.
itomeshi: No, 'Unreal' is a good game.
erloas: at least they marked those on the map
PhorrestGaze: so we're looking for keys, circle things, the totems, we got the horns?
ayirbudd: damn almost the 3 hour mark? damn
BTC1220: A game is not six hours of backtracking that's not what makes a goddamn game, jumpscares don't make a horror game thIS GAME IS INSUFFERABLE
Scrubbodiestobears: I just got here, is there actually a monster in this game at all?
Ferisar: this game has like
CaptainSpam: Next we'll find the Key Key, to unlock the key you need for the next key...
YawnLance: Adam has seen the face of god and it is a key
ayirbudd: double dam
Darleysam: the jangling from this guy's keyring must be audible through the whole house!
Nameless_Sword: how long is this game.... so much padding....
TheKodeMeister: They are batteries
RealGamerCow: you seriously can't hit M for map in a game that you are constantly backtracking?
m0nkeyrama: So many things for us to find and areas to explore :o
Ferisar: 20 times the amount of key puzzles of a regular game
StillAnEmoKid: Oh god this sure is a game alright.
Tajessa: This game is almost physically painful to me
Nigouki: 12 zodiac keys, hammer, crowbar, bolt cutters, book, two horns, two crow eyes, five ouja board figures, six voodoo talismans, what else?
e_bloc: is it possible this game just doesn't end
Rhynerd: It's a never ending story, isn't it?
Drathak: All the keys? I don't think that's real
DigitalSeahorse: we no longer have our sanity :P
Rhynerd: always something new to find
erloas: one box is just going to have a dozen keys in it
itomeshi: A partridge in a pear tree?
AnAnonymousCheerer: anon200
hyralt: There's also the MYSTERIOUS key.
asthanius: @Nigouki and a partiridge in a pear tree
tytycoon: Crowbar seems like it would solve all these problems
jetpixi: Maybe there’s a key for sanity
Nameless_Sword: correction 13 zodiac keys
m0nkeyrama: Good lord
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and a partridge in a pear tree
thescifiwasabi74: You have the boltcutter?
officedge: Is this the twelve days of spoops?
niccus: and the red balloons
Alahmnat: the devs just keep live-patching in new key quests because they're still finishing the ending
IndieInsane: did the ghost just fuck off? where's the scares?
omdorastrix: And a partidge in a pear tree...
Katten_Rastyr: cirLaugh
BTC1220: Bullshit: The GameTM
tytycoon: Crowbar is truely endgame content
omdorastrix: lol
laughinskull: you have to crowbar the loose floor tiles
DigitalSeahorse: :D
Nameless_Sword: the regular 12, plus the one for the snake
m0nkeyrama: That sure is a laundry list of things to find
CapnRobert: this game seems like trash
coolbond: and 6 manequin parts too
BrindleBoar: that's an awful lot of McGuffins.
Lightningbro: So now we get a Keyblade, and it'll unlock all of these. I mean, aren't these all arbitrary locks anyway?
m0nkeyrama: LUL
thescifiwasabi74: You may also need to assemble a mannequin
ushiikun: it'll give you a key, I bet
Tajessa: I like the idea that when you open the final chest there's just a music box inside playing the 12 days of Christmas
IAmNotAshKetchum: do it
Drathak: He circle maguffin gets the key shaped maguffin
m0nkeyrama: That seems appropriate
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Beej will think you need help
Kramburger: Okay, turn your volumes down now
asthanius: The screaming will continue until morale improves
ayirbudd: im holdin ya to that adam
RealGamerCow: I actually believe that will happen.
Nefarious_Ned: You promise?
BTC1220: Please Uninstall: The Game
AllTheoryNoPractice: @SeaBats We WILL hold you to that
NightValien28: setting my volume to the lowest setting
random_shoes: someone should make a horror game parody where you're literally finding the 12 days of christmas presents
Pteraspidomorphi: Adam will just hang out in studio A and scream like a banshee
Vokasak: "Spooky game makes streamer SCREAM out loud!"
ayirbudd: !clip
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Jacobontherun1: Adam looks like a kid who got dragged to do family pictures at the mall on a saturday morning
Tajessa: *switches from headphones to speakers just in case*
silvalunae: get your throat ready adam
starwarsthx1138: closet?
tytycoon: It's the medallion place
CommandoJE: What if this is just the first house and you have to backtrack through all the houses?
tytycoon: you have one so it glows
erloas: closet
itsr67: This week on let's nope, we test Adam's sanity
o_ironmaiden_93: TableHere
BTC1220: Better go get some water big boy you might be screaming soon
e_bloc: is this . . . *fart noise*
Drathak: We're trying to say you wanted to watch cartoons not take pictures
ayirbudd: you better get some halls for your throat adam, you gonna be screamin
ushiikun: you'd rather be watching Smurfs right now?
HovermyrIsBarelyPlayable: In this economy?
ThorSokar: I would like to subscribe to Adam Screamadan's newsletter
BrindleBoar: Adam "bad game banshee" Savidan
ninja_theory_ashrams: Books n Keys Books n Keys Books n Keys Books n Keys Books n Keys
thescifiwasabi74: I think that was the capricorn room
hyralt: Adam's outrage is the only thing keeping this interesting.
BTC1220: Nah I'm mad this game is terrible
itsr67: is this a seek & find game?
zed_alpha: The door opens and a literal, actual demon pops out of Beej's chest and chases you two around the Moonbase.
Ferisar: "house keeping?"
AllTheoryNoPractice: PRIME EXAMPLE OF THIS GAME'S FAILURE: The literal premise of this game is using magic, and you can't even use magic to find all the bullshit collectibles
coolbond: Dear DR Ben have you played simulacra, its a really good horror game on the mobile?
Nefarious_Ned: On this? The day of my cat's quinceanera?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Protection from monocolored
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun you can fight me but you have to get 5 Trophies first to unlock the fight.
VoodontWoW: Welcome to Spooky Fetch Quest!
jetpixi: What ghosts?
zed_alpha: Have we made the protective talisman/amulet of life like from in The Legends of the Hidden Temple jokes yet?
HesGotNoPants: fight me seabatSEAL
PantomineX: party100 1/3 Donations
asthanius: PISS OFF, GHOST
starwarsthx1138: now go to your room
itsr67: shoo ghost
Nameless_Sword: we ain't afraid of no ghost
BTC1220: beGONE
aquinas_0: it is a satisfying schwoorp at least
starwarsthx1138: go to the safe room
itsr67: "reloading!"
Kramburger: Remember that using two Talsimans at the same time actually weakens both of them and increases the chances of failure
aquinas_0: we can give the game that
erloas: kind of like the old Sierra games where you just have to pick up all the things
MechaKuuga: Get in your POKEBALL PIKACHU
Bionull: Wanna bet talismans are the resource the pause screen was warning you about?
thescifiwasabi74: "Oh yeah, well look at this bitcoin!"
Ferisar: now imagine this game with RE2 inventory
thescifiwasabi74: yay!
ushiikun: coming in the next patch
Kramburger: You need DEEZ MEDALIONS
Vokasak: Imagine this with No Man Sky's inventory
Ferisar: you think this game would do that?
BTC1220: At the end of the game you are faced with another puzzle that requires all the talismans you've already used and you have to replay the whole game without using any of them to get the true ending
m0nkeyrama: You think they would balance anything?
itomeshi: Balance? What is this balance you speak of?
NightValien28: giving them too much credit
ayirbudd: you know they wouldnt
Katten_Rastyr: They wouldn't Ben cirPls
Tajessa: You saying that is the equivalent of jinxing this game Ben
tytycoon: Save
zed_alpha: cheer100 I've always had this idea for a game where you're managing a haunted house, trying to lure doomed horror protagonists in with weirdass nonsense contraptions and flashlight batteries, then setting up the perfect jump scare.
AllTheoryNoPractice: Why wouldn't she just wait IN FRONT of the safe door and snag you when you try to go in?
thescifiwasabi74: One of these times he's going to go in there and it'll be the book from Myst
Alness49: This isn't a game with monsters, it's a game BY monsters!
Tajessa: I would play that
Grevas13: o
Kramburger: Oh my good that's SUCH A GOOD IDEA
m0nkeyrama: Oh yay
Grevas13: i'd play that
jetpixi: A Myst book would be great!
itomeshi: nifty
m0nkeyrama: Good thing we got that key
zed_alpha: that would have been a PERFECT opportunity for a mimic
YawnLance opens this game "Wow this had nothing in it"
BTC1220: A Waste of Your Precious Time on this Earth: The Game
Bionull: Spooky's House of Jump Scares?
PantomineX: cheer100 2/3 Donations. Oh boy only one more
m0nkeyrama: eyyy medallions
Kramburger: This Games Does Not Spark Joy. Or Even Fear, for that matter
AllTheoryNoPractice: Dos Medallianos
Jacobontherun1: Thought that was a yoshi sound
m0nkeyrama: why does that work LUL
Nigouki: what if you end up finding like 8 medallions?
AllTheoryNoPractice: That certainly...happened
Ferisar: god tier enemy
aquinas_0: doom doom doom doom doom
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
itsr67: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: spoilers!
itsr67: aww
BTC1220: Ben has officially crossed the insanity line
m0nkeyrama: So much hope
Kramburger: Angry Adam is funniest Adam
thescifiwasabi74: Did you shoot the doll baby with sparks or vice versa?
tuckamanian: probably spoiler .... more medallions
itomeshi: Um, Ben, are you ok?
Jacobontherun1: This kills the ben
m0nkeyrama: Dashed so quickly
Grevas13: !findquote hope
LRRbot: Quote #1482: "Eat s*** chat, eat lrrEFF -ing bags of s***. Eat entire lrrEFF -in'... I hope that the next chocolate covered loonie you unwrap is just a nugget of s***, you lrrEFF -in', you lrrEFF -in pieces of crap. lrrEFF you guys!" —Adam [2016-01-09]
NimrodXIV: Ben. Ben. You can stop.
Papperslappen: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
e_bloc: hopeful for the sweet release of death
IndieInsane: waiting for the shredded map to a treasure.
Pal_Friendpatine: Ben’s losing it
ninja_theory_ashrams: Netflix picked up the rights to the Rocko's Modern Life and Invader Zim movies
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: holy hell LRRbot. I love it.
zed_alpha: cheer100 What would the worse twist be, spookbois, this game having no end state and being just infinite procedurally-generated medallion hunts from now until the end of time? OR! This game secretly being Silent Hills all along.
aquinas_0: a man was walking to the fair, the man had seven wives and each of the wives had seven sacks and in each sack was seven cats....
Kramburger: What if the sheer number of items in your inventory overloads your PC making it explodes and then you're free?
m0nkeyrama: Art indeed
JasoMan1st007: @zed_alpha Why not both
Ferisar: precursor to death stranding
Ferisar: sneak preview
Pharmacistjudge: at least the game has a coherent map...that's something
thescifiwasabi74: End of the game you try and market the house as a "Fixer-upper with fantastic opportunities"
m0nkeyrama: so seabatBRAIN
tuckamanian: another key
m0nkeyrama: New key!
Vokasak: This doesn't seem to have nearly enough substance to be written by Kojima
zed_alpha: This is the DAAAWNING of the...
Nameless_Sword: The age of Aquarius
ninja_theory_ashrams: and Bruins take a 3 game lead
Alness49: And now the goblin wants five gems and to get the gems you need the three shells and for those you need the triumph forks...
auxv: save
Mister_Hush: Ask Ian Horner
HesGotNoPants: it's the age of aquarius
Jacobontherun1: Everyone knows only the Japanese are Aquarius
itsr67: good news, each key means more progress
zed_alpha: @Alness49 and then you need to throw the iceberg lettuce into the boiling lake..
thescifiwasabi74: There's a horn in the attic
Kramburger: Not if it's from Osaka
BTC1220: !find quote japanese
m0nkeyrama: Oh dear
ushiikun: lrrFINE
itomeshi: 'ink'
jetpixi: cheer100
ayirbudd: ahh but see you need the bathtub key
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe it's just water?
Kramburger: !findquote Japanese
LRRbot: Quote #4905: "James doesn't eat Japanese food 'cause he's a scrub" —Heather [2018-04-21]
m0nkeyrama: That's an enormous bathroom
Takani42: Oh man they even did the tub
Pharmacistjudge: well, maybe you need to take a bath like that last horror game
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Ferisar: ghost dunks on you, but only metaphorically
Mister_Hush: A recurring LoadingReadyLive segment akin to Ask Doctor Stupid from old Ren and Stimpy, but it's Ask Doctor Ian, and he just makes up bullshit about Japan
Ferisar: the bath is misidrection
Katten_Rastyr: Why is the house screaming? Can you tell it to quiet down?
AllTheoryNoPractice: Are we going long to finish this?
Darleysam: look how romantic this is. Candles, bath bomb, it's lovely
CommandoJE: Why would you keep batteries in a bathroom?
Darleysam: bet there's a glass of wine nearby
thescifiwasabi74: There's a medallion in the tub I think
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun I mean it is a really nice house if it wasn't haunted
e_bloc: party161 look at all that fucking counter space oh my god
Robot_Bones: occupado!
Kramburger: Is this Gameplay?
snowcookies: holy no
Tajessa: The medallion is so clean but the water was so dirty
tytycoon: OCCUPIED!
ninja_theory_ashrams: Occupied
monakai: MOP
thescifiwasabi74: bippity boppity medallion
Nigouki: ah, classic misdirection
Jacobontherun1: ded
m0nkeyrama: Occupado seabatTROG
zed_alpha: cheer100 The only thing better than watching y'all be scared by horror games is watching you both be 90 frillion percent DONE with a particular horror game. Always a treat.
itsr67: ah yeah, I love being drowned
Nigouki: i think it's a fetish thing for them
itsr67: thanks ghost
AllTheoryNoPractice: "I WASN'T FINISHED"
m0nkeyrama: Ah, time for more
m0nkeyrama: fun
Ferisar: not clean yet
aquinas_0: is it hands!
Cinntoastmin: Lets Go Again ! :D
CommandoJE: spoke too soon?
BTC1220: What a tease, just kill me you cowards
Rhynerd: Second verse, same as the first!
shimdogwastaken: baptized
Ferisar: alright all done
Darleysam: they're just bullies, why not dunk your head down the toilet and give you a swirlie
PhorrestGaze: I really hope this goes for like 20 minutes
PantomineX: It's about how life is just a constant struggle. And if we stop struggling, are we really alive? It's the constant drive that keeps us living. Life is just collecting small pieces of stuff to unlock more stuff. First you're collecting years so you can collect a job. Then you're collecting money so you can collect a lifestyle. Then you keep collecting until you're dead. It's so DEEP
aquinas_0: handses!
tytycoon: Talismen?
thescifiwasabi74: You're not fully clean unless you're Zest fully clean
zed_alpha: wait, hang on, I think it's down there somewhere.
ushiikun: fight the incorporeal menace
Rhynerd: little bit drowner and a little bit worse!
JPattemore: At this point, I think even IT would have decided to kill you now.
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Nameless_Sword: i'm calling it, burning all the things we are looking for will free the spirit so it can destroy the world... or whatever
zed_alpha: lemme take another look
AllTheoryNoPractice: He's going to take as long to stand back up as that entire drowning sequence
DiscordianTokkan: Man, aren't protection medallions for this kinda non-drowny scenarios?
Jacobontherun1: This is all a hazing ceremony for a college frat. "Yo how many keys can we make this chump find"
Lirelent: is this a fight or how ghosts hug?
ninja_theory_ashrams: anything under the tub?
tytycoon: Could you imagine if all thes scenes were quicktime events?
Nigouki: and now you realize that they just STOLE ALL YOUR KEYS
Alness49: I expected him to cough up a key.
DrWreckage: These parts are supposed to be the narrative pay off. The horror of the horror game
Kramburger: I just realised: THIS HOUSE IS THE SUFFERING GAME FROM TAZ. They're not trying to kill you, they're trying to harvest all your negative emotions
Ferisar: i just think of these things as seamless cutscenes
aussz: notlikethis1000 wash behind your ears
m0nkeyrama: Our inventory is filling up
Robot_Bones: like if there was't all this Key bullshirt
YawnLance: Well Adam, the ghost noticed you were gettin' all sweaty after running around looking for all these keys. So she decided to give you a bath :D
Tajessa: @Jacobontherun1 that is now my headcanon for this whole game and it's making it better
zed_alpha: I honestly couldn't tell if either the ghost was trying to re-drown you or if the game glitched out and just started looping the drowning animation
Juliamon: Oh please, the ghosts here aren't fabulous enough for the Suffering Game.
Frozendukie: actual physical consequences for the game that just murders you sometimes? art
ninja_theory_ashrams: Adam has an advanced civilization behind his ears
m0nkeyrama: little kid ghosts NotLikeThis
AllTheoryNoPractice: Like, Imagine if a movie or TV show was structured around finding this many keys
ayirbudd: so what kind of keys are next to be unveiled ?
m0nkeyrama: Crowbar! \ seabatTROG /
tytycoon: Hurray! everything is solved
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Alness49: Just one more turn!
BTC1220: It's not worth it *clap clap clapclapclap*
thraximore: Finally!
tytycoon: let's just crowbar everything
RealGamerCow: Crowbar, aka the best kind of key!
AllTheoryNoPractice: Rose-Tinted Glasses
Katten_Rastyr: So an abusive relationship...? cirPls
tytycoon: Take that Crows!
Drathak: Nah fuck high school
HesGotNoPants: rose colored glasses @loadingreadyrun
BTC1220: seabatYIKES
starwarsthx1138: Stolkholm Syndrome?
Alness49: Gaslighting?
Kramburger: Graduation goggles. Highschool was shit, but you're sad when it ends
tytycoon: ALso save
AllTheoryNoPractice: Eternal Sunshine Syndrome
itsr67: at the end of the game, it just says "Atmosfear" and then the Baron shows up
m0nkeyrama: any closets left?
Juliamon: Rose-tinted is when it's in the past, Stockholm is when it's current
Ferisar: idk i remember some really shitty things in the past fondly in a sense that they were kinda ridiculous in retrospect
Kramburger: BEN NO
silver_harloe: floors and walls have holes in them, whole place is on the verge of collapse, you actually care about doors locked with keys? do you not have a shoulder?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: BEN NO
ninja_theory_ashrams: Stockholm Syndrome aka childhood
m0nkeyrama: wow, that song
Lettuce_Toast: Did we find those voodoo dolls?
BusTed: Vitamin C
BusTed: yeah
m0nkeyrama: what a throwback
tytycoon: Hey Adam, what if all the rest of the dolls are behind the medallions? Would that be better?
Tajessa: Ben why
BTC1220: A terrible, terrible sonf
m0nkeyrama: By vitamin c
aWabbajack: Graduation Song by Vit C
dahoneybuns: That freaking song XD
starwarsthx1138: right since we're still in the game it's Stockholm?
e_bloc: death goggles: life is shit but you still don't want to die
Kramburger: It's BY Vitamin C
ushiikun: now that you have a crowbar, you'll have to use it on something
ayirbudd: either that song or good riddance by green day
Frozendukie: big brain
ThePoshPanda: also childbirth and the chemicals released it like that
m0nkeyrama: We're so protected
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP zekeNOPE
Kramburger: Man, I had a HUGE thing for Vitamin C when I was a teenager
tytycoon: CAn you crowbar those doors open that are nailed over?
tuckamanian: "i don't even know what your singing " to don't test me
zed_alpha: fuck, I was JOKING about this being a procedural medal hunt
MadAran87: And then it turned out to be an actual human skin.
ThePoshPanda: designed to make you forget how much pain it was
itsr67: ghost lady is super bussed with all the talismans we have
whiteadder1: At this point I think the most likely outcome is opening the final box on the map, and discovering that you forgot to jiggle something so it isn't on the map
Tajessa: My graduation was smack bang in the middle of Friends Forever/Time of Your Life fever and my year chose Praise You instead. So proud
Ferisar: he's so clean
Driosenth: cheer500, of course you get the crowbar after you get all the door keys. Because a crowbar would make all these BS keys superfluous.
BTC1220: Such Dark. Very Occult.
Ferisar: get him in the bath
HesGotNoPants: does it make you want a beef wrap?
itsr67: please let the crowbar be the end to all keys cause you just bash down every door
m0nkeyrama: Yiiiikes
jetpixi: there’s gangs in Montreal?
Alness49: The ending is that we discover there are endless keys, death is the first...
Kramburger: Giving yourself a nickname is like liking your own tweets *Cough* Ronda *cough*
bv310: @jetpixi Very much yes. The Montreal mafia is violent AF
Jacobontherun1: Sounds like a character
tytycoon: is there a key right below you?
jetpixi: Well shit.
ayirbudd: did he just super man land down a 3 foot hole
Tajessa: WAAAAAT
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starwarsthx1138: ahhh there are a LOT of dolls down here
PhorrestGaze: and then everyone clapped.
Kramburger: Did he T-Pose
ThorSokar: That's pretty insane
Jacobontherun1: You're on their level now Ben
Nigouki: behind you
erloas: doll
Frozendukie: directional headphones be damned
DrWreckage: STEREO
asthanius: Is it...up?
Soul1355: above?
tim19862: tire iron sounds better than crowbar
ushiikun: above you?
itsr67: is it stuck?
Katten_Rastyr: It's stuck out of the map? cirLaugh
Tajessa: oh it's Cenobite doll again
Ferisar: dumbass doll
7gorobei: above
BTC1220: Glitchy-ass game
asthanius: Why would they-
tim19862: LUL
m0nkeyrama: k
AllTheoryNoPractice: So this whole game is Bray's new storyline?
thescifiwasabi74: Took snack break, what I miss?
Tajessa: k
SydPreviouslyHeadache: get up. get down
itsr67: later neeerd
ayirbudd: goodbye?
Ferisar: gotta go fast
tim19862: katesLol oh boy
Jacobontherun1: That's a wierd roomba
jetpixi: Keys and medallions
e_bloc: oh lawd they comin
cabbageboy_: Wait I just got here start again.
Alness49: Is this Pacman now?
m0nkeyrama: No Adam NotLikeThis the flashbacks
silver_harloe: you got a crowbar, you've played half-life, you know what to do
Tajessa: Um. They're running AWAY from you. Is this supoosed to be scary?
itsr67: I'm so confused
m0nkeyrama: Too EZ
Alness49: pizza cake!
Soul1355: lol
NightValien28: adam no
ThorSokar: Speed run mode
thescifiwasabi74: Decor brought to you by Crate and Babydoll
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no play through the OG IWBTG
asthanius: You have far too low of a velocity!
BTC1220: Boshy is the best horror game
Ferisar: do torchless bloodmoon no deaths
AllTheoryNoPractice: I'm gonna make a new Wrestler known as the Keymaster, and he can only attempt Wrestlemania once he's acquired everyone else's keys and I'm just now realizing this is basically the plot to WMAC masters
CapnRobert: if your gonna play something again I vote dragons dogma
m0nkeyrama: Play through it on the easier difficulty SeriousSloth
ThorSokar: yea, you walked by a horn near the pinhead doll
jetpixi: Battery!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: IWBTG isn't actually very hard, no
thescifiwasabi74: Where are you?
Kramburger: Okay, hand walls, creepy dolls, dead birds, bathtub scene, pale ghosts, any other horror classics we need to hit?
thescifiwasabi74: Horn in attic somewhere
thescifiwasabi74: and then one in a room with dolls under floor
Frozendukie: just sit here and loop this sfx
jetpixi: Actual horror?
Frozendukie: ResidentSleeper
Frozendukie: clipping the light
m0nkeyrama: Hm
starwarsthx1138: now they're coming after you....
m0nkeyrama: Why didn't it let us....
wildpeaks: knife to meet you
Kramburger: K
starwarsthx1138: as soon as you get the horn
BTC1220: Oh thank god
m0nkeyrama: wtf
m0nkeyrama: That would be awful
Soul1355: I think the box blocked the light
thescifiwasabi74: What room was that?
cabbageboy_: Wow terror mode sounds awful
AllTheoryNoPractice: Christ, why
AllTheoryNoPractice: just, why
Katten_Rastyr: Dafuq lrrSPOOP
Natimus_Prime: flashlight doesn't appear to work if it's blocked at all
PantomineX: cheer100 3/3 Be free. Be free, heck you!
IAmNotAshKetchum: that would literally be the worst
Jacobontherun1: NewGame+ Terror mode runback?
m0nkeyrama: Thanks for the stream! seabatTROG benginDab
Blessings_from_the_Void: That's why it's called terror mode. It's just terrible.
itomeshi: No.
thescifiwasabi74: You'll never become a real boy in this mode
itomeshi: There are the greek god keys, the roman god keys...
m0nkeyrama: This game is great for fetching stuff
Pteraspidomorphi: But but.. Maybe you need to find the twenty five pendants to access the second basement
Alahmnat: you are WAY more confident about that than I am, Ben
jetpixi: Thanks for the streamin’
itomeshi: The key for each of the chinese 'hells'
snowcookies: kissy times
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AllTheoryNoPractice: I really hope Visage comes out soon so you guys can go back to a game that spoops properly
aquinas_0: are
aquinas_0: are they free?
Jacobontherun1: That's some 2005 anime
m0nkeyrama: We're back at the dark occult next week
SydPreviouslyHeadache: pictures seem to be misleading for some of them
ninja_theory_ashrams: Vines, gone too soon
brainbosh: omg they were roomates
jetpixi: Glad I was able to catch this. I normally climb on tuesdays 😁
itsr67: graham?
m0nkeyrama: Almost the pandemic crew
thescifiwasabi74: It trips me out that there are dating games
jetpixi: SPACE BASE
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MechaKuuga: Night everyone
ayirbudd: yayy graham gets to have fun!
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Lirelent: ooo G on AFK, fun!!
e_bloc: well if Graham is playing roadquest must be done
Alahmnat: holy crap a 3 hour vine compilation would be hell
cabbageboy_: How is Graham these days? He seems busy.
Nocxia: They let graham out of the editing cage?
Rhynerd: Sweet! sounds like some fun in the *space base*
ushiikun: Beej Point
m0nkeyrama: How's the universal translator today, Ben?
coelopteryx: chnkpomnk
Rhynerd: oh, right, no italics here
sithenin: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 21:11:27. lrrSPOT
thescifiwasabi74: Crap what time was AFK?
ThorSokar: Another turn 5 17/17 maybe?
Rhynerd: whoops
ayirbudd: you guys just gonna end the stream with gibberish again?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Food!
ayirbudd: id like that
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OOH Dumplings you say? I'm excited
quietcat: :OOO dumps!
itsr67: yeah more canlander
m0nkeyrama: Canlander!
itsr67: such powerful magic
jetpixi: Dumples!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Beej retired champion
Kramburger: ICREAM
m0nkeyrama: LUL
m0nkeyrama: Adam's Minehaus LUL
coelopteryx: more like you scoop the ice cream
ushiikun: You scoop, and get scoops
random_shoes: ooooh
Alness49: Adam's last stream!
Arimus221: LUL
BrindleBoar: your scoop goes on the stack, in response I scoop, my scoop resolves
Grevas13: serge is going to be so helpful and cheery
m0nkeyrama: Adam's farewell stream
tergonis: watch adam murder a man live!
ninja_theory_ashrams: !quote 16
LRRbot: Quote #16: "*James* plays Minecraft. How hard can it be?" —Adam [2015-02-17]
ThorSokar: I'm gonna have to wake up early!
m0nkeyrama: quote 2, i think
m0nkeyrama: !quote 2
LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
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Blessings_from_the_Void: !quote 1
EscherichiaCole: FOUR years ago
itomeshi: Call... it... wobblyapartment?
tim19862: last what?
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tim19862: ah
baronsamedi23: slytqHi
Tajessa: F
thescifiwasabi74: Them are the best!
MadAran87: waitwaitwait is Adam leaving the LRR streams?
7gorobei: LoudBoi streams inc
snowcookies: I'll try to catch you playing mincraft
FoxFyr: Missed the stream because I was getting a haircut, but I
AGiantRoach: I want to believe Adam falls in love with Minecraft
m0nkeyrama: The wheels were turning
tergonis: goodbye good bois
Grevas13: @MadAran87 no, it's a joke. he lost a bet and has to play minecraft
Kramburger: NOW KISS
thescifiwasabi74: Check that math
DiscordianTokkan: G'night!
tytycoon: throw us to serge!
Darleysam: thanks for the stream! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
m0nkeyrama: Perfect
FoxFyr: pride100 Looking forward to the vod!
MistahFixIt: now kith
darkspiredragon: thanks for the stream
tergonis: paul help!
mtvcdm: !clip
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tytycoon: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
hyralt: What is happening?
MadAran87: Whew. thank goodness. -_-
BrindleBoar: ruined
tim19862: katesRip
baronsamedi23: all of this
snowcookies: Just press the Paul Button
m0nkeyrama: Byyeeee
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: LUL
tytycoon: Bye!
MistahFixIt: BYE
WolfgangCloud: Great Job Bye
Lettuce_Toast: D:
bv310: Hi Stream Highlights!
Nigouki: byeeeeeeee
Grevas13: goodbye lovelies
snowcookies: bye!
coelopteryx: you too
empyreon: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
tim19862: Thanks for the stream Adam and Ben! katesWave
SydPreviouslyHeadache: have a good night
spicydungus: lrrHEART
Tajessa: HEY I resemble that comment
K0nti0: see ya
Tajessa: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART