DarkMorford: OBS is good, but it not perfect system.
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, maybe some cooking implement was drawing too much power and triggered a breaker
orionsrise1: going to back out and try again
iammorthos: good stream, i liked it. G'night everybody!
Nefarious_Ned: the microwave and the toaster were on at the same time, weren't they?
DarkMorford: Gave me time to finish making hot dogs for dinner, so boo-ray?
WowoT: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (This week we're cooking with Ian, Kathleen and Matt!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (13m ago).
estyl10: i dont know why but im reading the chat in a russian accent inside my head
Despoiler98: Who went through the time door?!
tiltyhouse: Sorry friends, we had a little oopsie boingo with the power and will be back up in just a few.
VTMonster: Technical LRRficulties?
Despoiler98: @tiltyhouse was it Beej again?
DarkMorford: Thanks for the heads-up, Ian
blackwlf: @estyl10 We are definitely not russian spyware bots. <_<
Rockario: The power? Uh oh
Blasteg: Looks like the fuse got burnt then
Nefarious_Ned: Whoops-a-doodle
DK_84: @tiltyhouse thanks Ian
Drasvin: Feed all the power into the moonbase
EscherichiaCole: Turns out OBS is perfect and blameless
Pteraspidomorphi: Cooking implements draw a lot of power
Pteraspidomorphi: Happens to me too
Questhere: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (This week we're cooking with Ian, Kathleen and Matt!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (14m ago).
EscherichiaCole: And you all had no faith in OBS
DarkMorford: You know what else draws a lot of power? Laser printers. My lights dim a little every time mine fires up.
Pteraspidomorphi: (Also seem to vaguely recall it happening in the moonbase before)
warpspeed365: Is the stream on?
Pteraspidomorphi: I never actually owned a laser printer
warpspeed365: I can’t see anything
Despoiler98: I bet it's another one of Pauls experiments gone wrong
MechaKuuga: I hope the fire doesn't destroy the prop room, that would be an environmental hazard
Juliamon: warpspeed365 Currently offline
tehlordofelves: @Pteraspidomorphi laser printers are great
chaostreader: @warpspeed365 Soon. Technical difficulties
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korvys: @EscherichiaCole I still suspect OBS is messing with their power. I'm sure there's a plugin for that :P
PhorrestGaze: tonight on TTSF! we try to fix the internet! (I assume)
warpspeed365: Ah okay, will they be on?
DarkMorford: I wonder if it'd be worth it to have an electrician put another 20A circuit in that studio.
Juliamon: They will hopefully be on soon!
warpspeed365: lrrHEART
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm mostly paperless these days
Juliamon: Cooking TTSFs have a bad track record for power whoopsies.
chaostreader: @darkmorford Next fortnight on TTSF....
niccus: in celebration of things not starting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL8cLeC90Oc
DarkMorford: chaostreader You joke, but this is Ian we're talking about. ;)
tehlordofelves: I print things out occasionally and I don't need to have to buy new cartridges every time i print something
screamingpeasant: how many times did we tell them. The streaming pc is not a stove top!
chaostreader: @darkmorford Not really joking. I figure they could probably do it.
Talin06: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (This week we're cooking with Ian, Kathleen and Matt!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (18m ago).
Grevas13: I keep a printer exclusively for character sheets. not a fan of digital sheets
Juliamon: For those just joining us, there was a small power mishap. They will be online soon!
itomeshi: ahhhh... ty!
DarkMorford: I actually don't know what Victoria's building code is like, especially for a commercial space. At the very least they'd need to have an electrician inspect it before they could turn it on.
Despoiler98: @Juliamon was Cam poking things in the wall sockets again?
Juliamon: Despoiler98 I think Ian's carrot is the more likely culprit.
chaostreader: @juliamon I don’t know how making commands work but this seems to be a problem that happens on occasion. Could you make a mod only command to help tell people?
blackwlf: katesLewd ?
Despoiler98: damn you CARROT slytqBORK
Juliamon: Theoretically I could? But I don't think it really comes up often enough to justify a command.
fireiceair1989: Did stream die or is it late in starting?
Juliamon: For those just joining us, there was a small power mishap. They will be online soon!
gualdhar: did they overload the power strips again?
fireiceair1989: Thank you @Juliamon fireic1Love
MechaKuuga: Could have been Paul and one of his "experiments" again
Juliamon: Clearly it was Beej's jacket going rogue
DarkMorford: Or is his jacket going rouge?
DarkMorford: Color-changing outerwear!
LoadingReadyRun: OK, we're coming back.
Juliamon: lrrHORN
korvys: lrrFINE
Grevas13: man, stream's not even up yet and the puns are happening
Juliamon: Grevas13 it WAS up
Juliamon: And then a power whoopsie happened
Stellapacifica: Power whoopsies are fun
MechaKuuga: Ahhh Beej, he who is both a questionable asset and unmeasurable liability
Grevas13: or as Ian so eloquently stated, an "oopsie boingo"
orbitaltuna: did they burn down the moonbase already?
Grevas13: if they did, i missed my chance to cast a vote in the injury poll
Alness49: Am I late or is stream F'd?
Juliamon: F'd, but back shortly
EscherichiaCole: I was actually just check they BC hydro website to make sure they hadn't knocked out power to the whole block or something
MadAran87: Do we already have an injury poll for tonight?
EscherichiaCole: Alness49 stream is temporarily F'd. up soon
zerg539: Stream has been through various stages of Fuckedness @Alness49
Juliamon: They didn't even get past the opening before they blew a breaker.
LoadingReadyRun: You know, I *AM* watching chat.
zerg539: too much cooking for the circuits, they were not designed to handle noms of this magnitude
mtvcdm: Today on TTSF, we cook a breaker. a delicious, delicious breaker.
Grevas13: we're being good, you don't need to watch us
offbeatwitch: rip breaker. it lived a good life
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Yes, but which one are you? :p (Hi. :D )
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (This week we're cooking with Ian, Kathleen and Matt!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (26m ago).
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TraceBullet: @LoadingReadyRun nonsense, you can't see us, cause we can't see you
Stellapacifica: lrrSIGNAL
Baldrash: lrrSIGNAL
mtvcdm: Back online
Despoiler98: slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Icelight: Woot!
Riandisa: lrrSIGNAL xivCactuar
Raurrrrr: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
mtvcdm: Just as well we get that out of the way before we start cooking.
Cannons_are_an_instrument: benjam40Yee benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40Haw
KarnEvil: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: ah you were waiting for me to get my dinner perfect timing
Grevas13: w4stedSpanner fixed!
cuttlefishman: yay
Serifina: It's a good thing I already ate a giant bowl of bacon mac & cheese.
Kumakaori: take 2~
Significant_Otter2: katesAir katesAir katesAir
ANeMzero: Did the stream have to restart or is it just slow today?
SalsaDraugur: lrrSIGNAL
Grevas13: there was an oopsie boingo
Juliamon: We had some technical difficulties ANeMzero
orionsrise1: take 3?
Stellapacifica: And amount of electrons were inadvertently redirected
Stellapacifica: An*
Kumakaori: stuck at 1:56?
cuttlefishman: first try
mtvcdm: trying this again.
cuttlefishman: one shot
Grevas13: yay!
Juliamon: benginTry
EscherichiaCole: Got there!
cuttlefishman: always had it
Brok3nGol3m: katesWave katesWave katesWave
DarkMorford: benginTry benginTry benginTry
MechaKuuga: LUL
EscherichiaCole: Never didn't have it
Gascitygaming: Hola all!
orbitaltuna: so they blew a breaker?
KarnEvil: katesWave katesWave katesWave
ContingentCat: Hi Ian, Matt, and Kathleen
ghostvalv: konbanwhatzup
ContingentCat: Beej on the board?
cuttlefishman: Chikawa!
PhorrestGaze: commence the work of food
orionsrise1: who's on tech tonight?
e_bloc: party140 tinker tailor pressure cooker
estyl10: paul?
ContingentCat: vegan adjacent
orionsrise1: @loadingreadyrun old sub who dis?
cuttlefishman: Ragout > Rage 2
cuttlefishman: cocount oil should work also
ANeMzero: Matt is on Tech tonight. Much like the Olsen Twins he is just moving back and forth very quickly so it appears like there are two of him.
ContingentCat: ooo yeasty mushrooms
ANeMzero: or it would appear if we had a camera on the Techzone.
kat2kool: Kathleen "Consumate Professional" de Vere
ContingentCat: mushrooms cook down a lot
Pteraspidomorphi: They do shrink
korvys: Mushrooms do shrink a lot
kat2kool: tbf mushrooms reduce down a lot
Stellapacifica: You can also make half portions
cuttlefishman: more like 5 cloves
Dix: 2 cloves? more like 5
e_bloc: always double garlic
Nefarious_Ned: Kathleen gets it.
niccus: 2 bulbs
Dix: gdi cuttlefishman
Nefarious_Ned: Double it, round up
cuttlefishman: *high five* Dix
Juliamon: Chat also gets it
orionsrise1: half a bulb should do it!
kat2kool: no such thing as too much garlic
Baldrash: The cheapest wine you'll actually drink.
ContingentCat: I've heard you shouldn't cook with it if you wouldn't drink it though
orionsrise1: hey it's Beej!
banachspacebar: yeah, the correct garlic action is s/clove/bulb
kat2kool: Oooooh
Stellapacifica: The cheapest wine you can get down a sip of without retching
Significant_Otter2: sccccooooooones
Juliamon: I love cheddar chive scones!!
Drasvin: oooo, scones
ContingentCat: oooo
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Its pronouced scone
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeOO guyjudgeOO guyjudgeOO guyjudgeOO
Stellapacifica: Those sound wonderful
EscherichiaCole: damn son
kat2kool: omg Matt you can't do this to me
cuttlefishman: Save some for chat
DoodlestheGreat: Can you save US some?
EscherichiaCole: can you save me a scone?
Stellapacifica: Just squish one into the camera lens for us
e_bloc: and Ian will just be doing sake bombs
DarkMorford: I really enjoy cooking with sake. Sometimes I even put some in the food!
fiftymcnasty: Always make sure to hone your knife before cutting onions
LoadingReadyRun: Cross your fingers, everyone.
Drasvin: I'm sure Paul could replicate Wonka-vision
ThingsOnMyStream: With great power draw comes great responsibility
Lord_ZYRK: ^
silvalunae: oOo so much butter
kat2kool: Kathleen is my kinda cook
Drasvin: All the butter?
Despoiler98: NO RULES
DarkMorford: Paul/Beej: Ever looked into getting another 20A circuit dropped into that studio for situations like this?
Baldrash: #TeamButterChaos
korvys: lrrJUDGE
cuttlefishman: hmm
cuttlefishman: vegan chawanmushi looks interesting
WowoT: hopefully not graham....
ContingentCat: kathle3TRI
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wordmogul: Yay, food!
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Juliamon: !addquote (Kathleen) [now] I've been known to go at things with forks before.
LRRbot: New quote #6055: "I've been known to go at things with forks before." —Kathleen [2019-05-16]
Baldrash: kathle3HEX
korvys: kathle3PRISM
orbitaltuna: that's kind of a small carrot for designs
cuttlefishman: the peel is the best part though
mtvcdm: LRRBot, what cooking method do you recommend for this?
kat2kool: kathle3KNOT
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4516: "Vote lizard - vote Kathleen" —Kathleen [2017-11-22]
sivakrytos: i see the chicago mug
cuttlefishman: ^
Juliamon: LRRbot on point as usual
mtvcdm: holy shit LRRBot wow
Molladia: Oh New Emotes indeed, these are so cool Kathleen kathle3PRISM kathle3TRI
Baldrash: I thought the Chicago mug was a CM Punk mug. Didn't realize that was the flag of Chicago.
fiftymcnasty: as long as your onions are in there too that should help to keep it from burning
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Nefarious_Ned: !quote kathleen
LRRbot: Quote #1694: "Penelope, don't be cranky, we're almost done losing this." —Kathleen [2016-01-29]
sivakrytos: yes chicago has a flag, btw. chicago has a _good_ flag. that's why it's everywhere
DoodlestheGreat: Cooking is an art. BAKING is a science.
DarkMorford: ^
sivakrytos: a lot of places have flags. they don't proudly displace _bad_ flags tho
banachspacebar: damn now I wish my schedule worked with pirate radio. Can't quite justify subbing just for emotes
Significant_Otter2: cooking *involves* science if you feel like it
wordmogul: Wait, we get scones?!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: All right you lovely people—I saw the going live announcement and I trust you to be the first north Americans I see NOT totally stuff up the scones. Don't break my heart! lrrHEART
itsr67: scone master tm
Dix: DB Scones OP
chaostreader: Most places have a flag.
Pteraspidomorphi: I love scones but I have never tried making them
kat2kool: lrrDARK
ContingentCat: Baking scares me, I don't like measuring
sivakrytos: @chaostreader yes. the reason chicago's is _everywhere_ in chicago is cuz it's _good_
DK_84: Injury poll? Watching Ian with that knife over there...
orbitaltuna: ccolorD
estyl10: what is ian doing right now??
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Right, most city flags are godawful but Chicago's is dope
wordmogul: I'm trying not to watch Ian, honestly.
wordmogul: Very nerve wracking with that knife.
Mattmitchell45: Lots of great Power Poses tonight
kat2kool: Bad Ian! No putting the knife hand near your face!
rybackgaming: both watching Ian with that knife... and sitting down. my training is setting off all the alarm bells.
Juliamon: Yeah, maybe watch Kathleen instead if Ian's knife technique has you on edge.
Grevas13: so is there an injury poll yet? because i know my vote
estyl10: Ian do you watch Jun's kitchen? you should if you haven't
ContingentCat: with Ian cutting towards his hand, a friendly reminder to sharpen your knives they're safer sharp
DarkMorford: Juliamon lrrJUDGE
narset6691: i am concerned for ians safety as well with that knife
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mtvcdm: It doesn't appear we have an injury poll tonight.
ThingsOnMyStream: Ian, how about carve octopus carrots?
Baldrash: Both of their knife techniques scare me. Kathleen's slightly less.
mtvcdm: As a Walmart employee I am way too acquainted with Great Value.
Baldrash: I think I'm making some mushroom ragout this weekend.
estyl10: "oops"
orbitaltuna: mushroomS
chaostreader: It is easier to repair a clean cut.
ContingentCat: welp, now a carrot clover
niccus: smellovision when
DarkMorford: MATT
KarnEvil: no
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
cuttlefishman: booo
kat2kool: lrrWOW
rybackgaming: GET OUT
KarnEvil: NO
korvys: Boooooo
kerbalized_: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: BOO
Welbog: Boooo
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Baldrash: GDI MATT
Mattmitchell45: Boooo Mommy
estyl10: ummmm
Blasteg: If only you can stream smells
Despoiler98: GET INTO THE SEA
BaronSnow: lol
silvalunae: YAS
Brok3nGol3m: katesSass katesSass katesSass
Metalupis: katesSir
kat2kool: FBChallenge
kerbalized_: sergeIntoTheSea sergeIntoTheSea sergeIntoTheSea
estyl10: umami puns
DoodlestheGreat: We have a rosemary plant next to the patio. Fresh rosemary is but a few steps from the kitchen.
Stellapacifica: sergeIntoTheSea
silvalunae: good matt good
mtvcdm: (Remember, we are still seeking today's Clip of the Day, you might have just seen it.)
Alness49: Get in the pot!
cuttlefishman: Ian, you could have just used some lotus root, right?
cuttlefishman: a lot easier
estyl10: Ian do you watch Jun's kitchen? you should if you dont
scratchmonkey: Kathleen your bog witch aesthetic is stronk
chaostreader: Orange? Aren’t they normally yellow or red?
korvys: Matt, you are my new favourite, and also, boooooo.
ContingentCat: *adds Oyster Mushrooms to shopping list*
Baldrash: That seems downright reasonable.
DarkMorford: katesLewd
DoodlestheGreat: That mushroom doesn't look like anything naughty at all! :tf:
estyl10: omg matt shut up
Stellapacifica: "one of the"
KarnEvil: katesLewd katesLewd katesLewd
lucha_libro: crap I forgot about tonight, how much have i missed?
estyl10: yummy
ContingentCat: camera pointed into the steam probably wouldn't work well
Lord_ZYRK: Can confirm, those mushrooms are VERY eggplant shaped Kappa
Rhynerd: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:23.
Alness49: Please don't carve phalic images into flowers
lucha_libro: Oh nifty thanks
Rhynerd: Only 17 minutes?
korvys: @lucha_libro Not much, there was some technical issues
DoodlestheGreat: "Never let 'shrooms see you sweat..."
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I have this thing where I hate eating mushrooms, but the texture they give to sauce is amazing
thelobsterofdeath: They will be dry till they are not. Words to live by
aerobeing: I like mushrooms.
estyl10: what the heck? that's a hefty step
mtvcdm: Step 2, chapter 14
Baldrash: Those mushrooms are swole.
Lord_ZYRK: Cue up "Gonna Make You Sweat" SourPls
Blasteg: Speaking of oyster mushroom, they sell dried oyster mushroom as snacks here
jayboi72: the guy on left has no cutting skillz
Blasteg: Expensive, but soooo good
chaostreader: drezzSyrup
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: Salad dressing is another racket
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: Mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some mustard, and some cracked pepper. It's cheap, easy, and way better than store bought salad dressing
korvys: Matt... have you got tape covering some text on that apron?
mtvcdm: Carrots are so good at absorbing flavors. I could eat carrots out of a pot roast like candy.
ContingentCat: and the saffron flowers are pretty so they're a good candidate to grow yourself
Kraest: Man, I’m so fucking glad for a cooking TTSF today. They’re always good for a supremely shitty day and finally deciding to call it quits on streaming has made today supremely shitty.
Gascitygaming: Back home (saskatchewan) the crocus for safron used to grow in the ditches even, people would go pick it then sell it in local shops for way too much money
Brok3nGol3m: i remember a knife sharpening TTSF... 2 years ago?
ContingentCat: @korvys I think that's the starbucks apron
Mattmitchell45: Did Ian have a wet stone?
Stellapacifica: pot roast potatoes and carrots are the best
Domomaru: perfect thing when you're hungry. watch a cooking show
estyl10: turn the heat down maybe?
DarkMorford: Mmm, pot roast, yeeeeeees
Metalupis: yes, having a professional sharpen them once in a while and then use your home equipment to maintain them
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Why don't you get Alex to use his whetstones on your knives?
ContingentCat: I used to do keto, and 2tbsp of flowr should be fine
geekvs: sorry to hear that @kraest. what happened
Rivulatus_: And back from a day of cooking profesionally to watch a great group of peole cook profesionally/
cuttlefishman: Spiders?
cuttlefishman: for... sharpening?
gualdhar: red wine is fine in small quantities for keto, just can't have the whole bottle
estyl10: Ian you should watch Jun's kitchen on youtube
korvys: Oh, Hi Beej
MistahFixIt: For the record, there's a difference between honing a knife and sharpening a knife.
the__spanish__inquisition: I'm honestly thankful keto exists as someone who is diabetic and gluten free
Rivulatus_: Sharpening knifes is great if you enjoy sharpening. If not well..... (most chefs honestly have terrible knives)
Zalbaag: Is that the sharpener that shaves off noticeable bits of knife?
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Domomaru: @LoadingReadyRun just got here, what ya cookin? looks delicious
Pal_Friendpatine: Thank you @mistahfixit a lot of people don’t realize that
orionsrise1: should have hydrated the mushrooms in the wine
flyingmuskrat1: I've had to augment my sharpmaker with DMT diamond stones so I can actually move some metal.
Lord_ZYRK: Personally I recommend Naniwa for sharpening stones
Rivulatus_: With an induction you can get cooking times really low compared to a gas or electric
ContingentCat: Mmmm fond
Domomaru: that sounds delcious
Lord_ZYRK: I've heard only good things about DMT though
estyl10: that sound :(
niccus: all that's left to do is to cook it down, blend it, dry it, and make a knife out of it
Mattmitchell45: Everybody loves DMT
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Mmmm, mushroom crumble
MistahFixIt: T H I C C Broth
estyl10: looks yum.
Significant_Otter2: THICCC
estyl10: raggie
Stellapacifica: When your spoon will stand up in your mushrooms, you know it's thicc enough
MistahFixIt: PJSalt
Rivulatus_: so much salt. all the salt
Pteraspidomorphi: Mine is conveniently low
cuttlefishman: thocc ragoot
Pal_Friendpatine: I was always told for the question “how long?”. Answer: “Until it’s done.” “Yes, but how long?”. “Until it’s done.”
mtvcdm: Salt it until you like it.
ContingentCat: at the same time you can always add salt, taking it out is tricky
Mattmitchell45: Please make me a Ragoon
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KarnEvil: I don't like a lot of salt, so most people I cook for complain that I didn't salt the food. ...
aerobeing: "Enhance!"
MistahFixIt: I mean, there's a reason MSG is in so much fast food...
kingoftuesdaynight: What's being made
kingoftuesdaynight: I just showed up
rybackgaming: Matt, stop.
chaostreader: Food
Pal_Friendpatine: @karnevil just keep some finishing salts on the table for them to add
mtvcdm: Wine not?
MistahFixIt: Mushroom Ragout iirc
Mattmitchell45: Beej, The Wine Gremlin!
DK_84: Hi Beej
Baldrash: Yeah, a little stock would be nice.
Stellapacifica: Ah, we've gotten to the no-sell point of pun night
KarnEvil: @Pal_Friendpatine oh I do. doesn't stop the complaints though.
Pal_Friendpatine: @karnevil Ah. Bummer.
korvys: Butter. It's always butter
Pal_Friendpatine: And the alcohol only partially cooks out. Even if you cook it for a good long while.
Lord_ZYRK: 5lbs of butter makes any dish delish Kappa
Master_Gunner: Butter Sugar Salt. Add to everything.
Rivulatus_: fat and salt. That is the secret of restraunt food
mtvcdm: Yep. The secret is always butter.
banachspacebar: For good results, also try Mascarpone
cuttlefishman: add coconut oil if being vegan
ZeniteZero: True
ContingentCat: oh yeah butter is great
Pteraspidomorphi: Can confirm
estyl10: butter might even fix durian
mtvcdm: Which was the tasiest Kickstarter smoothie? The one with a pound of butter.
Rivulatus_: butter, except when you are italian chef, then olive oil is the king]
Pteraspidomorphi: Olive oil
Nefarious_Ned: Paula Dean was right...
Pteraspidomorphi: I was about to say
Baldrash: C R E A M
Tantar: whats in that?
korvys: I mean, cream is just pre-butter :P
ZeniteZero: @Nefarious_Ned if only once
cuttlefishman: Ian "CREAM" Horner
chaostreader: @tantar Shrooms
Mattmitchell45: Calories Rock Everything Around Me
Tantar: nice, love them
MistahFixIt: I looked up a recipe for gooey butter cake (since it came up in a vlog) and Paula Dean, of all people, uses Yellow Cake Mix in her recipe. DansGame
Pal_Friendpatine: Buttercream from butter making leftovers is different than cultured buttercream, fyi
mr_void_dragon: oooh, what they making?
mtvcdm: Buttercream frosting is a no, however.
Mattmitchell45: Guess I need to learn more about Table Cream in my off time
estyl10: oh
AnimeKitty: Oh gods I just got here and that looks delicious
estyl10: thats a lot of butter
mtvcdm: How much butter? Never enough.
D1cey1: About 1/8 of a paula dean
Pal_Friendpatine: Buttercream frosting doesn’t actually have buttercream in it
mr_void_dragon: @LoadingReadyRun what is being made?
Tantar: mushroom butter
Significant_Otter2: mmmmmmm butter
Juliamon: mr_void_dragon Mushroom ragout
ContingentCat: Ooooo butter
korvys: Silky
KarnEvil: mmhuuuhhhmmmhmhhuhh butter
Blasteg: Uh... I’m not sure that’s how surface area work?
Rivulatus_: ragout, a great pasta sauce
mr_void_dragon: @Juliamon I have honestly never eard of ragout...I;m assuming you meant ragou
Lord_ZYRK: MistahFixIt to be fair, there's a decent chance that if you buy a fancy cake it's store-bought cake mix and all the work went into the decoration
AnimeKitty: I'd put that on curly pasta
Rivulatus_: serce it with a nice short pasta, parmasan on top
estyl10: me, being lazy, would probably just slap it in between two bits of bread
TheMoatman: I learned how to cook from my dad, whose method was "toss stuff into a pot until it tastes good"
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mr_void_dragon: @Juliamon dammit now I'm hungry *fles off to eat a few princesses*
EscherichiaCole: mise en place ftw
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Galactic_pain: Great, now I'm hungry
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Pal_Friendpatine: Ragout: a highly seasoned dish of meat cut into small pieces and stewed with vegetables.
estyl10: i noticed that like 90% of national dishes are just 'grab whatever you have around and throw it into a pot or on a pan'
SnowBuddy18: @TheMoatman that's my method of cooking
cuttlefishman: whoa
Lord_ZYRK: mr_void_dragon it's a Frech thing
TheMoatman: @SnowBuddy18 I didn't know my dad had a twitch account Kappa
cuttlefishman: parsley is my waifu
chaostreader: I never learned to ‘cook’. I can follow recipes but can’t change or season stuff on the fly. Which I call chefing.
Baldrash: Following recipes is a good step in learning how to cook.
cuttlefishman: morel support
cuttlefishman: if i May
aquinas_0: @chaostreader buy spices smell them, taste them, combine them
Pteraspidomorphi: This does look more like a cilantro dish, if you're not one of the no cilantro gene people
aquinas_0: :P
Baldrash: @cuttlefishman lrrWOW
Pal_Friendpatine: @mr_void_dragon Ragout pronounced ra’gōō (the line over the ‘o’ should be connected btw)
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synergyguardian: havn't been here for long keep up the good work
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mtvcdm: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
Nefarious_Ned: @chaostreader yea, it's all trial and error. There are recommendations but, eh, just get messy and try things!
ZeniteZero: Songs?
Pteraspidomorphi: Scones
estyl10: scones
Fruan: Do scones count as tinkering or soldering?
ZeniteZero: OH
Juliamon: Scoooooooones
estyl10: tailoring @Fruan
EscherichiaCole: Scones or scones?
estyl10: scones
EscherichiaCole: ah perfect
aerobeing: estyl10, I bet "throw whatever we have left in" is how many dishes were invented.
Kraest: @escherichiacole Yes
chaostreader: @aerobeing Many Scottish and Irish dishes are almost exactly that.
mtvcdm: A lot of cultural delicacies aren't cooking what you want to eat. They're making do with what's available to eat.
Kraest: For anyone who doesn’t know how to season things, this was how I learned: open the container of whatever seasoning it is and sniff it while you can also smell the food that’s cooking. If it smells good, it’ll taste good in the dish.
TheMoatman: I love eating sconces
aquinas_0: @TheMoatman that sounds painful
orbitaltuna: @TheMoatman i prefer braziers
mtvcdm: you take that thing that you have laying around and available and you learn to make something nice out of it. Lobster was a "poor person's" food once.
aquinas_0: @mtvcdm to be fair, lobster is literally sea cockroaches
Lord_ZYRK: Lobsters are basically the cockroaches of the sea
ContingentCat: tasty cockroaches
aquinas_0: and they make great fish stock too
43 raiders from ExtraCredits have joined!
aquinas_0: mmm fish stock
aerobeing: Kraest, huh.
ExtraCredits: How do we ALways manage to raid on a commercial? NOOOOOO
ExtraCredits: EXTRA RAID!
mtvcdm: Hi ExtraCredits!
Furbly: Ow my ears.
ExtraCredits: extraBall extraBall extraBall extraBall extraBall extraHeart extraHeart extraHeart extraHeart
mtvcdm: We're about to make scones!
kiorafan: damnit.... I alway miss it
ContingentCat: Welcome ExtraCredits people, we're cooking tonight
ExtraCredits: Now I want scones!
slyten674: Hello Extra Credits
ExtraCredits: Hi All!
FlyingDominion: BANZAIIIIII!!!
ExtraCredits: How's the world?
matt9215: heyo
TheMoatman: @mtvcdm lobster was so hated that indentured servants sued to given it less. And won.
drfox17: Chat, i missed the first half, what are we making?
Despoiler98: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
drfox17: Oh my, it's EC
MistahFixIt: lrrCREEPL Teeth Gang Represent lrrCREEPR
banwidthraptor: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
GrassVortex: extraBall extraBall extraBall extraHeart extraHeart extraHeart extraBall extraBall extraBall
TheMoatman: TEETH! TEETH!
drfox17: TEETH
SalsaDraugur: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR T E E T H
Despoiler98: TEETH lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Fruan: TEETH
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ExtraCredits: extraZoey extraZoeySilver extraZoeyGold extraZoey extraZoeySilver extraZoeyGold
ExtraCredits: Our overlord cares not for your teeth
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wait Adam is doing Minecraft? what did James do?
drfox17: OOOO ragu
Lord_ZYRK: Ba_Dum_Tish actually it was Serge
MistahFixIt: @Ba_Dum_Tish - He lost a bet. Literally.
TheMoatman: Very on brand
MistahFixIt: Which is to say, Adam lost the bet.
estyl10: goat?
drfox17: oh i thought it was a zelda thing
CaptainEnder7: lrrGOAT
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Cheese and chocolate for scones? Now I'm worried :<
aquinas_0: or rather it was arranged that adam lose the bet :P
ContingentCat: @Ba_Dum_Tish Adam lost the bet that James would win the Chunk Punch challange
MistahFixIt: Eggs... and other things
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Eggs?
Juliamon: MunchlaxRegretsNothing Two separate scones
Despoiler98: is that like enbiggening?
Tiber727: Millenial nothing. Goat cheese is delicious.
ostcrammath: whats after the ragu now?
ostcrammath: just got here
Kraest: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Lord_ZYRK: Millenials and vikings Kappa
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @Juliamon I realise they probably aren't going together, but neither of those belongs in scones AFAIC
EscherichiaCole: I do love that Magic Baking Powder hasn't changed their branding in about a century
ContingentCat: @ostcrammath scones
ostcrammath: @ContingentCat thanks :D
slyten674: If you want to cut cooking pre measure your ingredients
drfox17: what is ian making?
Juliamon: Cheddar chive scones are wonderful and I'll defend them to the death.
cuttlefishman: there almost certainly is octothorpe cookie cutters
cuttlefishman: those would work
TheMoatman: Raw sugar is a bit more molassey, IIRC
drfox17: @Juliamon At what point does the distinction between scone & biscuit blur
EscherichiaCole: more molasses-y
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Scone ingredients: flour, milk, butter.
drfox17: because i would make those as biscuits
cuttlefishman: taupe-y
Pal_Friendpatine: Scone ingredients: Flour, cream, salt, leavening
drfox17: note to chat: if you want to see an Englishman gag, offer them "Biscuits and Gravy"
TheMoatman: Which *does* mean that it'll bake a bit differently but probably not enough to matter as much as using volume measures instead of weight with a different crystal type
Eklinaar: I posit that American biscuits are more like bannock than scones. Discuss.
Juliamon: drfox17 The distinction is more about biscuit definition than scone.
EscherichiaCole: Magic baking powder best baking powder fight me
EscherichiaCole: sergeCounting
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @Pal_Friendpatine Well yeah okay you gotta put a raising agent in there if you don't have self-raising flour
MistahFixIt: 5 Tisps.
Significant_Otter2: 5! 5 tsp!! HA HA HA
TheMoatman: Oh lord I just burned my throat on the queen's herb
drfox17: @Eklinaar I've not heard of bannocks, tell me more
matt9215: any smart people in the chat. my twitch says i have a whisper but i click on it and its empty, anyone else have that problem?
TheMoatman: Why won't you let me eat it, your majesty
Juliamon: matt9215 It's probably a spam account that got deleted
Pal_Friendpatine: Oh yeah @munchlaxregretsnothing I never use self rising as I then can’t control the leavening. Especially for high altitude baking reasons
Juliamon: You'll need to "mark all whispers read"
matt9215: thanks @Juliamon
MistahFixIt: Move Fast Break Things
cuttlefishman: Matt "The Wild One"
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @Pal_Friendpatine Not a problem for me, NSW is very flat :p
KarnEvil: how dare
Despoiler98: YOU MADMAN
Eklinaar: @drfox17 bannock is basically flour, water, salt, and baking soda baked in a pan. Essentially it's everything that goes in a biscuit except for milk or butter.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Oh my gosh
MistahFixIt: Sir? Sir! SIR.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Good grief I cannot agree with this scone recipe
EscherichiaCole: Cowboy baking! Yee Haw!
Pal_Friendpatine: @munchlaxregretsnothing understood. Sea level makes things easy
TheMoatman: You got all the dry already at least? That could fail to distribute correctly if it's wet already
Despoiler98: BibleThump BibleThump
TheMoatman: I don't remember, I just remember the sugar
drfox17: @Eklinaar Hmmm, but the milk and butter are pretty essential. to the point that buttermlik is used sometimes
Smartmonk3y: benjam40Wranch
MistahFixIt: Cowboy Baking, or as its known in my house: Baking.
Juliamon: Eklinaar American biscuits are like 50% butter
MistahFixIt: @Juliamon - 6 ounces of butter held together with a delicate lattice of flour :P
drfox17: @Juliamon well, southern biscuits
Eklinaar: @drfox17 Yeah I agree (I'm from the southern US myself) but I still think it's possible that biscuits have more in common with bannock than scones. They're both savory rather than sweet, they're both seen as part of a meal rather than dessert or snack.
estyl10: scotch biscuits are like 90% butter
cuttlefishman: So... eat your butter before it molds?
Pal_Friendpatine: Yeah even the fats in the goat butter can begin to go stale
TheMoatman: drfox17 yes. biscuits
TheMoatman: The only biscuits
Stellapacifica: How long can you leave basic unsalted cow butter on the counter before it's Not Good?
drfox17: I see @TheMoatman is also a person of culture
Lord_ZYRK: cuttlefishman *unhinges jaw* *inserts butter*
Fruan: alphabetacal order is best order
MistahFixIt: @Stellapacifica - the jury's out but cursory research tells me "about 2 weeks or so"
Pal_Friendpatine: But milk + butter don’t equal buttermilk
Stellapacifica: @MistahFixIt thanks! That's... retroactively frightening.
MistahFixIt: Isn't buttermilk just regular milk that's been gently soured?
Baldrash: Pretty much. You can fake it with milk and some lemon juice.
drfox17: @MistahFixIt Kind of? it will have milk fats solidified
drfox17: akin to butter
TheMoatman: Buttermilk is the leftovers from churning milk
Lord_ZYRK: They're both fatty animal stuff Kappa
TheMoatman: Cultured buttermilk, what you will usually find in the grocery store, is like pre-yogurt
drfox17: a small group of coworkers used to go to an IHOP for breakfast sometimes, the Brit would go on a rant every time i said "Hmmm, Biscuits and Gravy"
drfox17: I don't think he ever caught on to what I was doing
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @drfox17 Can confirm, As an Australian the idea of "biscuits and gravy" is horrifying
TheMoatman: You drop some lactobacillus (and maybe some other stuff I don't remember) in some fresh milk and let it go to town
estyl10: it not perfect system
ostcrammath: I want scones now :(
estyl10: its very crumbly
cuttlefishman: (As well as your adults)
KarnEvil: this is a bad stream to watch now that I started a diet a few weeks ago.
Lord_ZYRK: Penelope "Scone Factory" Stark is what you're saying Kappa
Juliamon: This is why I don't bake... I really don't want to stick my hands in that
drfox17: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing The other running gag was me asking him to explain how to pronounce "Worcestershire Sauce", and then ask where all the letters went
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: YOU PUT IN SUGAR
estyl10: "special flavours"
aquinas_0: @Juliamon doom sized mixer or a dough machine takes most of the goop out of the equation, if it squicks you out too much
aquinas_0: or at least thats how I deal
Lord_ZYRK: MunchlaxRegretsNothing I'm going to need you to breathe
Juliamon: If I had that kind of budget, things would be different
drfox17: or plastic gloves?
korvys: Pirates, well known excellent bakers
drfox17: actually, i think the gloves would freak me out more
aquinas_0: @drfox17 from experience, you can still feel it
cuttlefishman: plastic gloves are a... sometimes thing
DK_84: Estate sales can be a good way to pick up a cheap stand mixer
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @Lord_ZYRK I'm sorry, I'm getting all Carbonara on this I know
cuttlefishman: you don't've as much control with gloves on
geekvs: how are they baking this?
cuttlefishman: just like with woodworking or outdoor woods stuff
Asterysk_Mike: I have a stand mixer with a dough hook and a danish dough whip
drfox17: off screen toaster oven?
Asterysk_Mike: It is love
SnowBuddy18: the only thing I mixed that freaked me out was Swedish meatballs, the consistency was weird
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I'm just so tired of seeing videos of scone recipes that are extremely not scones
Juliamon: Yeah gloves are good to keep stuff from getting under your nails, but do nothing to mask the texture
Eklinaar: You don't get that essential microbes from under the fingernails to help cure the dough when you have gloves on.
estyl10: clang!
girlpainting: how much of 1/3 of a cup is in the metric system? how about waight measurements?
MistahFixIt: Safety Third!
RebekahWSD: Poor Beej!
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drfox17: Safety THIRD
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cuttlefishman: Safety Third
MistahFixIt: Beej is a good friend. lrrHEART
estyl10: as he says, waving a knife around
cuttlefishman: Why do you put the onus on chat knowing what it is doing
Pal_Friendpatine: I clenched a bit too
cuttlefishman: seems... pretty assumptive
niccus: coarse is fine huh
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: "Please remember to always follow any safety instructions from your household Beej.
orionsrise1: oddly enough Beej has been the only one injured on this program
Lord_ZYRK: Most cheeses are named for where they come from
TheMoatman: I think it might only be protected in the UK?
fiftymcnasty: cant be too protected since they also make it in Wisconsin and Vermont
korvys: "Cheddar cheese is a relatively hard, off-white, sometimes sharp-tasting, natural cheese. Originating in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset"
sivakrytos: us cheddar is not from cheddar
Texan_Reverend: A little extra cheese is just doing it right.
Lord_ZYRK: fiftymcnasty to be fair, the US doesn't care about everyone protected designation of origins
drfox17: "American" cheese is definitely american. only we could make something like that
Pal_Friendpatine: So the difference between cheddar and cheddar is the same as whiskey and whisky?
EscherichiaCole: What region of Europe are Kraft Singles from? Sounds german
Lord_ZYRK: Hence why you can buy "California champagne"
TheMoatman: fiftymcnasty we don't follow EU protections
estyl10: thats some orange cheese
cuttlefishman: What are the appelations out of BC?
mercano82: What is Wisconsin going to do if they're not allowed to call it Cheader?
kerbalized_: thus all the "Kobe" beef available in the US
SnowBuddy18: @Lord_ZYRK that's terrible
antidancetime: Just got here. What are LRR making tonight?
sivakrytos: wisconsin dgaf if they're allowed to call it cheddar
drfox17: scones!
Lord_ZYRK: yeah, what kerbalized_ said
drfox17: and apparently they make mushroom ragu earlier?
antidancetime: Oh, cool!
Lord_ZYRK: You can't actually import Kobe Beef from Japan because it doesn't meet certain USDA standards
kerbalized_: ^^^
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: We're not even kneading this
ostcrammath: didnt the americans just import whole cows and do the raising there
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: X_x
aquinas_0: god no, wisconsin isn't giving that up
estyl10: pound it here
SnowBuddy18: @ostcrammath that counts as Wagyu, but not Kobe
cuttlefishman: pound it
korvys: "Do your pounding here" on a tshirt
ostcrammath: aaaaaaah
DK_84: Waygu domestically, since it's just the breed of cow I guess
kerbalized_: Kobe prefecture isn't authorized under the old rules for mad cow disease iirc. So any Kobe beef you get in the US is fake
Lord_ZYRK: Meanwhile Kobe Prefecture is VERY STRICT on what they'll slap they're name on when it comes to beef
korvys: Ian - Yokozuna the wrestler, or the Sumo title?
TheMoatman: True american cheese isn't particularly bad. It's melted mixed cheeses with some cream/milk/water and seasonings
Lord_ZYRK: their name*
drfox17: that last scone i had contained bacon, so no
Despoiler98: powerful magic.....food
TheMoatman: And an emulsifier
Lord_ZYRK: TheMoatman unless it's "American Dairy Product/Slices"
estyl10: give that scone POWER
EscherichiaCole: a peench
LoadingReadyRun: A raised eyebrow of salt
TheMoatman: Lord_ZYRK that's why I called it "true american cheese", the other stuff isn't a cheese
TheMoatman: Itt
cuttlefishman: PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt
TheMoatman: *It's just close to a cheese
DK_84: 500 something
mercano82: 451. isn't it?
DK_84: oh yea
MistahFixIt: we had a fire?
DK_84: the fire was during the KitKat incident
cuttlefishman: We should cook en papillotte one of these TTSF
cuttlefishman: Ian, take note
Juliamon: The fire incident is infamous
Texan_Reverend: @mistahfixit The KitKats during the first oven use.
korvys: The fire was cause the parchment was touching the element, not just the ambient heat
freshmaker__: plop it. twist it. pull it.
Sibwow: ian can you sousvide a scone?
TheMoatman: Book paper catches at 451, don't know about parchment
fiftymcnasty: parchment is fine at 450, the fire happened because it touched the elements
drfox17: you know what i just realized? this is the cast of Now Kiss! + Ian
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Wait you're not even packing them together so they rise properly-
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Okay nope I just need to go away and have some quiet time
bainard656: The key thing with the fire was that Ian did exactly the wrong thing when the fire started - he opened the door.
drfox17: and now I want to see Ian guest on an episode of Now Kiss!
drfox17: just to watch the chaos
EscherichiaCole: I'm going to have to make scones this weekend. This looks good
Juliamon: MunchlaxRegretsNothing I think you've found something to regret
TheMoatman: I kinda want to try a sweet with chives
Lord_ZYRK: Juliamon LUL
drfox17: what is ian making?
TheMoatman: Salmonellqa
DK_84: That's for pigs
cuttlefishman: salmonella
silvalunae: salmonella
TheMoatman: They don't normally get sick from it
estyl10: chicken chicken, chicken meat
TheMoatman: Trichinosis is pork, but also hasn't been a problem in the US (so probably also Canada) in like 15 years
silvalunae: ian no xD
Lord_ZYRK: Ian Ian plz
freshmaker__: please don't stand under that
korvys: Gross :D
sivakrytos: thigh is bettter
cuttlefishman: could maybe get Listeria also
orionsrise1: WHERE IS IAN'S BEARD NET!
mercano82: Chicken thigh tastes more like chicken.
ghostvalv: thigh slightly fattier
cuttlefishman: but salmonella is more of a concern with chicken specifically
orionsrise1: lrrJUDGE
drfox17: what's the chicken for?
cuttlefishman: Listeria is just a general concern
fiftymcnasty: breasts have no flavor, dark meat all the way
Lord_ZYRK: Thigh tastes better Keepo
estyl10: but thigh is so dryy
Baldrash: It's still cheaper here in the US.
korvys: In each of these bowls and also my mouth
drfox17: wow were are really getting into phrasing territory here chat
Ba_Dum_Tish: Needs a mouthful of sake in Ian
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orionsrise1: @korvys apparently it's not good sake
sing_o_muse: Bon Appetit!
EscherichiaCole: I'm sooooo jealous of these scones!
silvalunae: oh i love that show
orbitaltuna: scones for the crone?
mariomario42: whole bag
EscherichiaCole: All. The. Chipos
Stellapacifica: You measure to look
Lord_ZYRK: Mmmmmmm delicious batter
erloas: usually about 1/3 of a bag if that's all the more flour
Stellapacifica: half cup sounds right
Stellapacifica: a good dollop?
ArcOfTheConclave: "To taste" is "To your preference"
EscherichiaCole: hahaha
cuttlefishman: coat your hands people
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MolaMolaphant: and next we add the shrimp...
kerbalized_: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Lord_ZYRK: Ah yes, old Matt "Chocolate Hands" Matterson
sivakrytos: lrrFINE
bainard656: "Too many chocolate chips" seems like a non-correctable condition.
orionsrise1: is anyone else nervous as to how close that batter is to the shrimp and chicken?
Robot_Bones: even if they melted the chocolate is sitll there beej
mr_void_dragon: what the heck is that
mr_void_dragon: choco....taco
Juliamon: Choco Tacos are amazing
cuttlefishman: Doesn't James owe y'alls ice cream right now?
cuttlefishman: pretty sure he does
Lord_ZYRK: It's like a chocolate-dipped wafflecone in taco form
kerbalized_: choco taco is the best gas station icecream, hands down
Significant_Otter2: quick someone call Claire
MolaMolaphant: oh that WAS a BA test kitchen reference
Lord_ZYRK: Everything, Matt
Lord_ZYRK: Everything Kappa
cheetoJack: Make it a LRL bit, try to make your own choco tacos by going to the dollar store
Rockario: I think Din-Tai-Fung might have that (chocolate dump[ling
orionsrise1: when does James NOT owe everybody ice cream?
kerbalized_: "Brad whats a choco taco?"
MolaMolaphant: That's not obscene, clearly, it's *profane*
mr_void_dragon: hoe you use them? cathleen? how do you know about inappropriate choco taco uses?
freshmaker__: hearing people pronounce it noo-tella is wild. not invalid at all, but wild.
estyl10: what the heckie
Rockario: Yep, just checked. Ddin Tai Fung has "Chocolate & Mochi XiaoLongBao"
Juliamon: freshmaker__ At least in North America that's the official pronunciation
orionsrise1: @freshmaker__ how do you pronounce it?
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Kraest: I wish I could try Nutella but I’m allergic to nuts :c
freshmaker__: @orionsrise1 Nuh-tella. In Australia, for reference.
orbitaltuna: ccolorD
sivakrytos: that still sounds like a murder crime of passion?
Despoiler98: he did a CRIME slytqBORK slytqBORK slytqBORK slytqBORK
orionsrise1: ahhh Aussie got it!
chaostreader: drezzPOGGERS
orionsrise1: lrrFINE
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Doesn't the name come from "nut"? Why would it be anything else?
Asterysk_Mike: Unsolicited butt stuff lrrFRUMP
RebekahWSD: Alton Brown <3
silvalunae: here we stan with AB
drfox17: The Alton Browns?
DarkMorford: Yes, Alton Brown! lrrHEART
freshmaker__: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing exactly! it's made of nuts, not noots.
SnowBuddy18: smiley faces?
drfox17: They left cleveland?
pigmywurm2: hey I got that same salt seller for my mom for Christmas
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @freshmaker__ Hazelnoots :p
estyl10: the chocolate might burn thoo
orionsrise1: I use his Turkey recipe every Xmas
orbitaltuna: he's destroying evidence ccolorD
Brok3nGol3m: stuff. in. CUPS!
silvalunae: Hey Ian, you excited for the return of Good Eats?
sivakrytos: stuff in cups, do do do do do do
SpookySpaghooti: Hey all!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Oh right, somehow I forgot that Ian is a massive food snob :p
kerbalized_: Baking is a science, except when its not
Akaiatana: Weighing stuff is such a pain in the mass though
MistahFixIt: Measure By Weight Rather Than Volume :u
Brok3nGol3m: good scale and good probe thermometer are my favorite kitchen tools
orionsrise1: baking is a "loose" science
sivakrytos: cooking with gases! cooking with plasmas!
Eklinaar: I watched my partner make a perfect pie crust without measuring anything. It was miraculous.
Lord_ZYRK: Akaiatana allow me to show you the door Kappa
Pteraspidomorphi: I always weigh
SpookySpaghooti: What are we making tonight?
chaostreader: Baking is always a science. It’s just an imperfect science.
kerbalized_: I was a baker for 4 years, its always exact with a "meh, yeah that works"
Electrodyne: Ian's superpower is that he's the perfect cocktail party guest
Lord_ZYRK: Eklinaar if you're good at baking you can go purely by feel. I, for example, am not good at baking LUL
orionsrise1: pickling might be a good TTSF
kerbalized_: pickling and mustard making
Brok3nGol3m: depending on the brand, it's likely bonito dashi
Brok3nGol3m: from powder
Sibwow: incorporate pickling into the long play?
Pteraspidomorphi: So is Ian's recipe a japanese quiche?
kerbalized_: old school pyrex??
Baldrash: A long term project, with potential food poisoning if you mess it up.
TheMoatman: Tear that pyrex in half
erloas: "it's an exact science" doesn't really match in many things because you can look at recipes and there are 80 different versions already
Eklinaar: Will you make Beej drink the whole thing of pickle juice?
korvys: Tare
TheMoatman: Oh is it just normal glass?
kerbalized_: mehhhh technically there should be enough salt in the brine to not get botulism.... theoretically
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: IS that Pyrex jug from the 70s? I have the EXACT same thing and I bought it like 2 years ago
MistahFixIt: Oh the less good Pyrex :/
VTMonster: Ian, what would you recommend for a reasonably priced kitchen scale?
kayleighttv: damn im hungry
TheMoatman: I thought pyrex was borosilicate?
Baldrash: The less good Pyrex is still pretty good.
kerbalized_: depends what year pyrex
EverestMagnus: Wow weighing the white and the yokes together. Being a little lazy about things...
chaostreader: @erloas A lot of that is difference in tastes. Some is reactions not always happening fully.
Electrodyne: impact or temperature, pick one
Pteraspidomorphi: We only have borosilicate here afaik
Sibwow: professor mcgonnagal's conical phonical?
SnowBuddy18: I have that measuring cup, and it's nice because you can just look in it to find out how much you have
Baldrash: It used to be all borosilicate. They're switched to a different formulation that's supposedly less durable. I've never had issues with my newer Pyrex though.
freshmaker__: the chronicle of the conical phincal
freshmaker__: phonical*
sjcTheos: TIL putting something on sale makes it bigger
erloas: @chaostreader yeah, some parts of a recipe might matter, usually not flour though
kerbalized_: new pyrex is soda lime and NOT shock resistant
ArcOfTheConclave: 1=0
kerbalized_: "pyrex" is bad, "PYREX" is the good stuff. Different labeling denotes which licensing
MistahFixIt: TeAm ChAoS
orionsrise1: in some mathematical models 0=1
Brok3nGol3m: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
Mewyabby: Bye Kathleen!
SnowBuddy18: bye Kathleen
erloas: pyrex as a company make a lot of different things, only some of it is the old style that is oven safe, etc.
Fruan: Fridge, stomach, I'm sure it'll go somewhere...
freshmaker__: yum yum
Baldrash: Chug! Chug! Chug!
mercano82: Give it the clamps!
tipulsar85: !survey
kerbalized_: pyrex (lower case labeling) is made by a US company (Corning sold their license) and use Soda-Lime glass. PYREX is a french company that still uses borosilicate glass
estyl10: how long did you live in japan??
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @kerbalized_ Well that is very handy to know!
tipulsar85: Oooh, Miran!
Mewyabby: mirin is so delish
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun SATO (砂糖) Sugar, SHIO (塩) Salt, SU (酢) Vinegar, SEUYU (醤油) Soy Sauce, MISO (味噌) Miso
tipulsar85: What's on the Menu tonight?
SpookySpaghooti: What were you in Japan for?
orionsrise1: and they added sugar to vinegar to drop it from 5 to 3!
kerbalized_: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing I learned the hard way when the pyrex I bought at walmart literally exploded in my oven lol
Brok3nGol3m: katesThank katesThank katesThank
freshmaker__: something something umami
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @kerbalized_ I wonder if both are available here in Aus? I think I've only ever seen PYREX but I've never been on the lookout so not really sure.
tipulsar85: BAKAK!
revjakenash: TWO HANDS
freshmaker__: I figured it would be hard to teach English in Japan if you don't speak Japanese though, since you don't have a comparison or point of reference? Maybe I'm wrong though.
orionsrise1: Dragon Phoenix mode
orionsrise1: chickens can fly about 20 feet high unclipped
TheMoatman: I've seen enough people with chickens complain to know that they can
tipulsar85: They glide more than fly.
noonetoday: Several of the companies prefer if you only speak English at the schools anyways.
cuttlefishman: Ian, here in Atlantic Canada I have access to Dulse, a red seaweed
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Oh ho, upon inspection it seems yes. My measuring jugs (that look exactly like Ian's jug there) are pyrex, but my mixing bowls and baking dishes are PYREX and "made in France"
cuttlefishman: can I use this as a substitute for kelp?
cuttlefishman: in cooking?
freshmaker__: That all makes sense. I've known people who taught English in Japan, but they could speak Japanese so it never came up. Thanks for the info.
tipulsar85: Is it time for a Mushroom Samba soon?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Which seems fine, don't think I'll ever need to bake a measuring jug
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: But definitely good to know
orionsrise1: no they fly, at least the chickens I've come acrossed
cuttlefishman: dulse isn't poisonous
insane_42: beware of the red tide
cuttlefishman: its delicious, just a red seaweed which is different from green seaweeds like kelp biologically
cuttlefishman: just wondering if it works
cuttlefishman: as substitute
Pal_Friendpatine: Yeah dulse is safe
Texan_Reverend: Yes! There are definitely gloves.
Lord_ZYRK: So if something is not poisonous you recommend I eat it? Kappa
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Alexandoom123: Hey guys, Love your stuff. Keep up the good work
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SalsaDraugur: Dulse is not only not poisonous but also tasty as heck
Rockario: *Beedle voice* Thaaank you
cuttlefishman: Dulse lettuce tomato sandwiches are delish
cuttlefishman: whoa, beauty
orionsrise1: @cuttlefishman does it have a powdery substance on the surface?
cuttlefishman: Dulse?
cuttlefishman: Not generally?
Brok3nGol3m: are those the size you were looking for?
DarkMorford: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing My go-to way to tell is that soda-lime pyrex has a bit of a blue-green sheen to it if you look from the right angle. Borosilicate stays clear/white.
SalsaDraugur: I've never had dulse on a sandwich, I've just eaten it straight out of the bag
orionsrise1: @cuttlefishman the main flavoring of kombu is MSG so if that's all you have access to, think of adding a little of that too
cuttlefishman: you can just fry dulse
cuttlefishman: kinda like a bacon
Rockario: What this is telling me is that my 3-bowl pyrex set is two different types
ForOhForError: seaweed bacon sounds v good
cuttlefishman: Why would you need to MSG kombu? Salty enough by nature
CastleOtranto: I just got here, and I have to assume that is the world's best pumpkin gravy.
orionsrise1: MSG is a natural component of kombu
SnowBuddy18: @cuttlefishman nothing is salty enough
tipulsar85: Sodalime can be harvested from Seaweed, in fact it came in handy for making Scottish Steel.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: The answer is inevitably yes
drfox17: what, what are we, what is this
Rockario: @CastleOtranto Egg and Dashi
drfox17: why mugs
silvalunae: there are definitely some asmr cooking channels
cuttlefishman: because not enough bowls @drfox17
sivakrytos: kick it, that's the ticket
ContingentCat: @drfox17 because they're around
orbitaltuna: where's the steamer?
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silvalunae: Cooking tree 쿠킹트리 is pretty good
SalsaDraugur: So is the injury strawpoll up yet?
drfox17: do... do we need to send them bowls for the next mail time?
notbigolefloppydongs: we making shroom tea again?
slyten674: The stringy part of the egg is called a Chalazae for those who care
cuttlefishman: is there not so much egg in these that they'll... overflow the cups?
orbitaltuna: do you think those are overfilled?
cuttlefishman: we're pretty close to the rim
tipulsar85: The foil makes lovely rain sounds!
cuttlefishman: think you could do a vegan version of these with silken tofu as the base
cuttlefishman: seems like it'd work
orionsrise1: @drfox17 they would need to be monogrammed TTSF but surelol
ContingentCat: @drfox17 this many bowls are needed in the office so rarely I wouldn't bother, but go ahead if you want
orbitaltuna: bit of caramelized sugar on top
DarkMorford: Remember, kids, always read the instructions for your pressure cooker before you put it on the heat. Make sure you know how to read the pressure gauge and how to dump the pressure if you need to.
HesGotNoPants: I came in and all I saw as it was loading was matt butt
cuttlefishman: are you steaming with just water? I like to steam with a stock
drfox17: @orionsrise1 I feel like that would be an episode of TTSF
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notbigolefloppydongs: The shroom team is kicking out pretty heavy right now. Am I watching a cooking show with Breaking Bad? Cabin boy is here too! Big fun! but what of the man behind you?
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TheOrigamiGamer: Are Tinker Tailor Solder Fry aprons available for sale?
LoadingReadyRun: @TheOrigamiGamer Not yet
Lord_Hosk: Mine looks like that too, because the ring broke I had to take an hour with micro needle nose trying to pull the screw base out
HesGotNoPants: what are they making?
SalsaDraugur: This looks scary
orionsrise1: @drfox17 lol on the next TTSF! monogramming bowls and pickle preparation!
Orlantia: what kind of strainer are you using?
drfox17: did we consume the cheesy scones?
TheOrigamiGamer: @LoadingReadyRun Thanks! When they go on sale I will be one of the first to buy them!
Texan_Reverend: Other steaming methods are available.
Lord_Hosk: Wait... Do all instant pots have big dents in the outer metal?
DarkMorford: I have an old-school 16qt "canning" style pressure cooker. None of these fancy electronic "Instant Pot" things. ;)
Lord_Hosk: did they ship that way?
Lord_Hosk: I Do
tipulsar85: There maybe better cooking shows out there, but they don't have these aprons.
Lord_Hosk: its in the same place
cuttlefishman: So... Ian, you giving cooking suggestions now?
SnowBuddy18: I haven't heard of XS Cargo in years
cuttlefishman: Have tomatoes, broccoli, and mushrrooms in fridge, how should I cook
Juliamon: We don't have a pressure cooker but our rice cooker is dented similarly.
Znazl: yeah i played both instruments
AlonsoSwift: Ian brings the trumpet into TTSF when?
EscherichiaCole: "XS Cargo" sounds like a super legit company
drfox17: wow that's weird
drfox17: shamisen!?
cuttlefishman: shamiWow
TheMoatman: chamoisen
Creego4: They are both Bb instruments but the euphonium read in bass clef concert pitch
notbigolefloppydongs: @EscherichiaCole we used to call it Jimmy said it fell off the truck, you want it or not?
Kraest: I play stringed instruments...I hate anything that isn’t in E. XD
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I mean "shah" but yeah
cuttlefishman: Was Hibike Euphonium realistic
korvys: I'm played a Shamisen in WoW - I was a healer lrrBEEJ
Orlantia: ian, is that strainer adjustable?
drfox17: as opposed to a cat one?
notbigolefloppydongs: now I know what a euphonium is. thanks bald robin williams!
cuttlefishman: hahahaha
cuttlefishman: hahaha
TheMoatman: Just like one of his Japanese Animes
drfox17: where's the clip of "don't make me like your euphonium girls"
Brok3nGol3m: katesLol katesLol katesLol
ForOhForError: As a former high school euphonium player, no yuri there at all
korvys: You know why
kerbalized_: Its art!
AlonsoSwift: Bare feet and lesbian undertones?
ContingentCat: yeahhhh that hadn't started...
cuttlefishman: clips please
DarkMorford: Matt, "shamisen" technically has four sounds in it: sha-mi-se-n
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> If you’re looking for the Canadian Pokemon that appeared briefly in today’s CheckPoint Geodude story, look no further!! | @DMACalvert> @loadingreadyrun My Canadian Pokémon can be seen here and I have prints available in my Etsy shop. | https://twitter.com/DMACalvert/status/1100458652236824576 || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1129206483369861121
Znazl: moon2AY
kerbalized_: Beej After Dark lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
tipulsar85: The last KyoAni I wached was Kobayashi.
xantos69: Just got here. What are we making?
cuttlefishman: Kobayashi was good KyoAni
cuttlefishman: and confirmed for S2
tipulsar85: Yay!
SalsaDraugur: do we have a date for S2?
cuttlefishman: no
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: That sounded like "squans"
TheMoatman: I'm sure you can rent one for like 50 bucks, just one time
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Which is now 100% what I am going to call American not-scones from now on
drfox17: did we eat the cheesy scones?
Texan_Reverend: Ian, see if you can find a used CAT phone with the built-in FLIR.
cuttlefishman: a nice cast iron sponsor
cuttlefishman: would be cool
Lord_Hosk: Doritos really
Texan_Reverend: Then, it could be piped directly phone the phone to the stream.
Dix: oh my god
drfox17: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing I'm guessing you wouldn't go for "biscuit" either, huh
Lord_Hosk: there are very few sponsorships you wouldnt like to throw money at your face. right?
LoadingReadyRun: I am definitely eager for Kobayashi's Maid Dragon S2.
cuttlefishman: ^
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @drfox17 Nope, I need that word for extremely different thing :p
ContingentCat: "the hockey Sweater" isn't it?
DarkMorford: Doga Kobo is probably my favorite anime studio right now. PA Works is also good, and Silver Link is just killing it with the Non Non Biyori S3 announcement. @LoadingReadyRun
Cinntoastmin: Summer Sale !
LoadingReadyRun: @darkmorford YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
dritanimulli: Gaben
Texan_Reverend: R E L E A S E
Orlantia: they've made cheaper ir cameras that use basic ir detection mapped over the video input to simulate full FLIR resolutions
silvalunae: oh my beej
orbitaltuna: wait there's a nnb s3?
siver110: woo steam release!!
cuttlefishman: I'm happy about Carole and Tuesday
drfox17: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing Well, I like that ya'll call our egg ball sport "gridiron", so go for whatever you like
cuttlefishman: thats something to be excited about
ContingentCat: ahh that explains it
DarkMorford: orbitaltuna They announced it a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if they've said when it's going to air.
cuttlefishman: its a... suite-er story
Rockario: Less Wetter Kappa
cuttlefishman: For American viewers, what is the National Film Board
cuttlefishman: can you explain the Can Con?
drfox17: I wish there was a better way to search for clips
Rockario: A direct YouTube link, for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZyDsF-Gp3o
ContingentCat: or the NFB has a Youtube channel which has a bunch of stuff
Rockario: Black Flies is SO GOOD
drfox17: i want to find the clip of heather making the euphonium girls joke
cuttlefishman: Scones?
SalsaDraugur: My brain stopped a bit because I thought I heard Ian say incest instead of insects
ContingentCat: no Nostelgia for them
freshmaker__: Why did they change Magmar from Boober?
ForOhForError: Enor no
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AlonsoSwift: Amidst Cooking with Ian, we get Storytime with Ian! Wonderful!
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xantos69: Damn it Ian....you got your anime joke in.
cuttlefishman: shit
tipulsar85: I have a younger cousin at 343, that doesn't count.
DarkMorford: Beej, I forget if you've ever said if you watch GochiUsa (Is The Order a Rabbit?), but it's got an OVA coming out in September and a S3 next year.
Lord_ZYRK: 4kids seabatYIKES
ArcOfTheConclave: Brock's Burgers
cuttlefishman: And Starblazers
cuttlefishman: y'alls had starblazers
Lord_ZYRK: I had Kimba on VHS PogChamp
MadAran87: Ah, Robotech. My childhood.
cuttlefishman: my dad talks about that
DarkMorford: Voltron?
SalsaDraugur: We got the 4kids version of pokemon with the new dialog and jokes but it was redubbed into Icelandic, I did not know what a minnesota was but I assumed it was some island
lucha_libro: Well I also had battle of the planets (gatachaman) Andspeed racer
ContingentCat: yikes
drfox17: yeah, voltron!
mercano82: Did you guys get Voltron in Canada?
tipulsar85: My first Anime was Dragon Ball 1st try from funimation.
slyten674: These donuts are great, jellyfilled are my favorite. nothing beats a jellyfilled donut.
Orlantia: there was scifi channel late night
lucha_libro: And .. some anaime in mexico when I visited during the summer weirdly enough but I cant recall which
tipulsar85: Qut massive!
TheMoatman: My first anime was Sailor Moon when I was too young to even remember. I think 2 or 3
Znazl: thanks based toonami BlessRNG
freshmaker__: Eat your hamburgers Apollo
korvys: Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, and later DBZ where my anime entrance point.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Sailormoon came out here significantly before DBZ or Pokemon, was that also true in north America?
tipulsar85: I saw the parody of Saban Moon!
ContingentCat: thank god they didn't do that
AlonsoSwift: My first anime was the 4kids dub of Yugioh... I feel young, and yet still so old
Dix: Get in the Moon Hole
Lord_ZYRK: I think the local truckstop has one of those Keepo
cuttlefishman: is... one heck of a story
DarkMorford: And then there was the horrible Nelvana adaptation of CardCaptor Sakura. (No, it wasn't 4Kids, just the same shit.)
SalsaDraugur: @AlonsoSwift mine was pokemon the first movie
ContingentCat: oooo
drfox17: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing I think Sailor moon was a little before DBZ, but not by much
Juliamon: MunchlaxRegretsNothing DBZ and Sailor Moon were roughly the same time, but Pokemon didn't even exist at the time
Orlantia: I still remember the Akira advertisements
Rockario: I'm watching some now an it's Weird
tipulsar85: 4kids version of Sonic X can die in a fire.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I think Sailor moon was my first anime
drfox17: there was enough overlap in the states for them to get the Boys vs girls labeling
Rockario: Like, I guess they didn't think they could call them sailors without them sailing?
ContingentCat: you can use the mitts as table protectors
sivakrytos: it's called 'beej burping"
cuttlefishman: I thought Doom was finished
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Oh interesting, for us Sailormoon was out years before, DBZ and Pokemon hit pretty much at the same time.
drfox17: Matt performs a glory kill on the pastry
Lord_ZYRK: Doom theme'd dinner party just made my list, thanks
cuttlefishman: boo
cuttlefishman: booooo
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Or at least that's what I remember
cuttlefishman: it didn't
cuttlefishman: get closer
Lord_ZYRK: Can't hear shit, captain
AlonsoSwift: I was expecting Ian to slip into his Kiryu voice
geekvs: closer
cuttlefishman: CLOSER
siver110: ^
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: And Evangelion landed on SBS at the same time, more or less.
drfox17: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing I think part of it was also that DBZ kept going, so it ended up bleeding toward pokemon, but sailor moon had a shorter run
DarkMorford: Did you all know that the singer from the OG "Gotta Catch 'Em All" Pokemon theme is still making music? He released an unofficial theme song for the Detective Pikachu movie a few weeks ago. And it's a banger.
silvalunae: oh my
SnowBuddy18: put the microphone above the scone so you don't get crumbs
tipulsar85: On scones, I prefer Fischer style which means golden soft.
Fanklok: These are american scones with all the flavor already built in?
drfox17: @Fanklok pretty much
TheKingWiggins: I love...these scones
cuttlefishman: Tomatoes, broccoli, mushrroms, and various green sprouts in my fridge - what should I cook?
Lord_ZYRK: cuttlefishman dinner Kappa
cuttlefishman: well... yes
tipulsar85: @Fanklok the ones I mention depends on the variety.
drfox17: i default to stir fry
Lord_ZYRK: So you're those scones are GOAT
cuttlefishman: maybe light steam on top of barley
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Goat squones
ContingentCat: lrrGOAT is so good
Fanklok: Scottish scones are tradionally served with clotted cream on the side so flavor on the outside
Brok3nGol3m: slytqItsfine
drfox17: some thing something tugger nuts
LoadingReadyRun: Agreed. Stir fry the mushrooms and broccoli, add cubed tomatoes and sprouts near the end.
cuttlefishman: what
ContingentCat: um wat
TheKingWiggins: I am not, I have been Wiggins for 26 years, well before I know the aforementioned Wiggins
silvalunae: um
orbitaltuna: goat... larp?
LoadingReadyRun: Add garlic, soy sauce, and a little honey.
sivakrytos: is it rl goat simulator?
cuttlefishman: ooh
sivakrytos: oh, no
drfox17: which sora
AlonsoSwift: This sounds like a Crapshot in the making
cuttlefishman: Welll... dang https://thirdeyepatch.wixsite.com/goatlarp
silvalunae: dangit ian you beat me to it
tipulsar85: This sounds like a QWERPLine joke.
ContingentCat: you can dress up and the original Mountain Goat, John Darnielle
Orlantia: heck yeah it does
AlonsoSwift: @tipulsar85 Tugger Nuts and the Goat Larp?
tipulsar85: Yup
Kraest: Matt, Speaking of goats, I did a thing on twitter earlier that you should see.
cuttlefishman: Conneticut
delta__vee: dead action roleplaying
orbitaltuna: what about a cat larp
cuttlefishman: other side of continent
ContingentCat: Canada has no laws against goat larps yet
ArcOfTheConclave: Por que no las dos?
Lord_Hosk: To be fair, Animal handling and protection laws do say you cant just hold your own Goat larp Ian.
freshmaker__: If the juices run clear, you've got nothing to fear.
orbitaltuna: yes you can overcook them
DarkNacht: If you cake runs clear its not a cake
ContingentCat: maybe getting rubbery?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: The sponge > rubber continuum?
Orlantia: the egg consistency
TheMoatman: Lord_Hosk but it's larping, there aren't any real goats
ContingentCat: ew
korvys: Might be worth leaving them a bit - the cups are much larger than ramakins
Znazl: my mother does that spbCri
Rockario: I have seen over-boiled eggs with green crap on the outside of the yolk
silvalunae: mmmm green eggs and ham
TheMoatman: I thought the albumin was the white?
SalsaDraugur: @Lord_Hosk what the government doesn't know can't hurt them
Dix: So Sam-I-Am is just a shitty cook
silvalunae: yep
TheMoatman: albumen with an e, apparently
ArcOfTheConclave: fart boiled eggs?
ContingentCat: which is what they add to natural gas so you can smell a leak
cuttlefishman: mint jelly
cuttlefishman: delish
orbitaltuna: good chawanmushi is super tender
xantos69: I know a blackberry glazed pork chop recipe that will blow your mind.
ContingentCat: pork chop sandwhich? that sounds interesting
Fanklok: Ian aren't you the psychopath that likes peanutbutter and onion sandwiches?
TheMoatman: Mostly safe. There are less than like 40 cases a year now
SnowBuddy18: I've never heard of medium-rare pork chops
geekvs: medium
TheMoatman: Yeah, we started feeding pigs better feed
tipulsar85: It's been safe for a while now...
Master_Gunner: I've started sous-viding pork, so...
dougma: had souse vide pork chops finished on the grill yesturday
drfox17: change in the sausage standard?
TheMoatman: We used to feed them absolute trash, which is where they picked up the trichinella
TheKingWiggins: The only meat that should be above medium rare is Chicken
dritanimulli: united states meaning most first world countries
DarkMorford: I need to get out my sous vide again soon. Been a while since I've used it and I know I've got at least a steak in the freezer.
ContingentCat: shouldn't you check a more full one?
e_bloc: safety third
drfox17: so what is this called?
Call_me_Kaye: Scones???
sivakrytos: lewd
Lord_ZYRK raises hand
orbitaltuna: i am so hungry ccolorD
geekvs: asmr ish
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Wild opinion: You should get to cook your meat however you like it because it's a matter of opinion?
DarkMorford: The thing to remember with eggs is that if they look done in the pan, they'll most likely be overdone by the time they hit the plate.
Fanklok: tos
Lord_ZYRK: And then burn your mouth anyway?
ContingentCat: oh?
tipulsar85: I feel like some recipes are headed your way in the future from my cache.
SalsaDraugur: I first thought this was going to be a drinkable dish because of the cups
ContingentCat: @korvys katesThank I might actually give this a try
Fanklok: Was this TTSF more or less Shokugeki no Ian?
Lord_ZYRK: You don't have chawans 🤔
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Herbert_Erpaderp: om nom nom nom nom
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Juliamon: So if you're someone who doesn't like egg custards, this would still be worth a try?
tipulsar85: !advice
LRRbot: Shoot the mans with your bullets.
cuttlefishman: souffle?
DarkMorford: These don't have any dairy in them, right? So by definition not a custard.
MistahFixIt: Eggless Whisper
Juliamon: I dislike egg custards because of texture
smeemer: I dislike egg custards because I'm allergic to eggs and it would literally kill me
cuttlefishman: What would you use as mix ins for not-meat options?
cuttlefishman: mushrooms, tofu?
cuttlefishman: anything else?
SenseAmidstMadness: I like the legally-not-starbucks apron
Lord_ZYRK: Fun fact: Ian just made a pun because the dish name translates to "steaming tea bowl/cup"
Lord_ZYRK: I'm assuming he was aware of that one
MistahFixIt: Moose generally accepted to have more teeth than eggs Kappa
cuttlefishman: dat jiiggle
cuttlefishman: wobble wobble wobble
tipulsar85: I'll have tea in the morning, at 3:30 am...
cuttlefishman: matsutake
smeemer: Btw, I don't think anyone will hear it, but thanks LRR for the new episode of Friday Nights today. Made my day.
tipulsar85: I could see wood ear in this.
niccus: you can also look up recipes for chinese steamed egg for alternate takes
LoadingReadyRun: @smeemer You're welcome.
Lord_ZYRK: cha "tea" wan "bowl" mushi "steaming"
korvys: Did Beej get his?
freshmaker__: Are you out of luck if you aren't a fan of mushrooms, or are there some good alternatives?
Lord_ZYRK: Chawan is the same in Chinese, but I don't know if mushi is seabatBRAIN
cuttlefishman: spinach or kale in?
cuttlefishman: thinking in my head like doing a kuku sabzi or something
gryfeathr: this brings back wonderful memories of chawanmushi home made by a good friend of mine
cuttlefishman: which would invlve lots of greens
cuttlefishman: green onions at least
Rockario: Chunk of cheese? Or would that be too melty?
gryfeathr: Its always struck me as something you break out when you want to make a formal or show off a little
cuttlefishman: cheese chunks would melt awk prob
cuttlefishman: disrupt the texture
korvys: Narutomaki
niccus: my favorite uses a topping of fried minced dried shrimp
drfox17: @smeemer Thank you for spreading the word!
cuttlefishman: dried apple?
niccus: i can see pickled cabbage
DarkMorford: @drfox17 They still make Friday Nights?! Kappa
freshmaker__: cilantro is coriander right?
SuperSugarSloth: katesLurk
smeemer: @DarkMorford absolutely, they put out an episode every couple of months (though it seems to be more frequent lately)
Lord_ZYRK: DarkMorford there's a site just for people like you Kappa https://doesloadingreadyrunstillmakefridaynights.com/
silvalunae: being table friend at a cooking ttsf must be epic o.o
smeemer: @Lord_ZYRK HA
Baldrash: @freshmaker__ Sure is.
LoadingReadyRun: @smeemer Our contract with Wizards of the Coast is for one episode per month.
cuttlefishman: you know what is a fun mousse
cuttlefishman: doing a mousse with avocadoes
cuttlefishman: delish
cuttlefishman: good vegan proxy
niccus: i'm looking around and someone put a whole sea cucumber on steamed egg https://read01.com/M2zQM5P.html
Lord_ZYRK: smeemer it's not my website, I'm just a fan of it LUL
freshmaker__: @Baldrash I always forget the different names of things in america
Skasher4430: o man i just stopped by to check things out but now i see i must watch the stream from start
SenseAmidstMadness: The VESSELS
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korvys: I'm definitely going to try the Mushroom Ragu
smeemer: @LoadingReadyRun oh awesome, I didn't know that! I knew you were contracted with them, but I didn't realize it was a long term at a time arrangement
silvalunae: @korvys same
Baldrash: @freshmaker__ It's even more odd, because we call the seeds coriander, but the herb grown from those seeds cilantro.
cuttlefishman: would capers work?
ehrincatbird: Hello everyone!
Skasher4430: hello
DarkMorford: But which end of the chocolate scone is the head? Kappa
drfox17: hello!
ContingentCat: nutella: thicc af
smeemer: The one from last October (The Exile Zone) was absolutely genius. Outside of being just funny to the M:TG group, I felt like it was almost too good to be a YouTube video.
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Furbly: What about non-chicken eggs? Like Duck or Turkey?
TheKingWiggins: morel mushrooms?
korvys: You could probably do small chunks of other fish
cuttlefishman: yes
Lord_ZYRK: Furbly one way to find out
ContingentCat: Okonomiyaki are so good and look approachable to cook
freshmaker__: oh heck yeah. i want to learnt o make those
josh_le_crafter: ok, just woke up after passing out mid checkpoint
Lord_ZYRK: Aggressive, lewd, and delicious Kreygasm
josh_le_crafter: hey friemds
aWabbajack: ooh food stuff
MistahFixIt: PJSalt
Lord_ZYRK: josh_le_crafter wakey wakey eggs and scones. . . -ey?
drfox17: @josh_le_crafter Welcome back!
drfox17: you feeling okay?
orbitaltuna: is that an intimidation technique ccolorD
ehrincatbird: @Lord_ZYRK Do I know you? or have I come across ANOTHER Zyrk?
gizmofreak1: she got Ian salt for Christmas?
Lord_ZYRK: ehrincatbird as far as I know I'm the only one
josh_le_crafter: I'm fine, it's just timezones :p
Lord_ZYRK: ehrincatbird where from?
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MistahFixIt: a salt carafe, more specifically. :P
korvys: Could you put bacon in the chawanmushi, or would that be too strong?
ehrincatbird: @Lord_ZYRK From Odyssey Eurobeat's discord server and live streams.
niccus: crumble it up and use it as topping
drfox17: @korvys Just a whole slab
xantos69: I challenge you to name anything NOT improved by bacon.
TheKingWiggins: Just fill the cup with bacon
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MistahFixIt: Bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips
Lord_ZYRK: Think of the chawanmushi as a blank and delicious canvas?
Juliamon: xantos69 Muffins.
Mysticman89: epic meal time chawanmushi would be a disaster I think
drfox17: nope, just make it so crisp that it's like shards in there
Lord_ZYRK: ehrincatbird never heard of it. Must be an impostor.
gizmofreak1: @xantos69 Sunny D. they had a commercial about that
xantos69: @Juliamon You might be surprised.
smeemer: is that an instapot? I got here late.
korvys: Ok, but now I want to invent like, a savoury Creme Brule
MistahFixIt: Mirin is EVERYWHERE these days
Juliamon: (honestly I'm not a big fan of bacon in/with anything... I only like it on its own)
ehrincatbird: I've been doing a keto diet, any kind of Japanese dishes that would work?
rrtycoon2: Drat, I missed a cooking episode. Whelp, immediate VOD time.
drfox17: just bacon so crisp that you could shank someone with it
rrtycoon2: cheer500 for what I'm sure will be a good episode.
aWabbajack: mrweebShroom mrweebShroom mrweebShroom mrweebShroom
Mysticman89: I think i like the concept of bacon more than i like bacon
Juliamon: Mysticman89 That's how I feel too
aWabbajack: mrweebHypeham lrrHAM mrweebHypeham lrrHAM lrrAWESOME
freshmaker__: i love to do words
ContingentCat: mushrooms in a savory scone would work
smeemer: @Mysticman89 I like bacon more then I like the concept of most anything else
thundershot879: lrrHEART
xantos69: cheer50 Thanks for the show team! Off to the VOD.
silvalunae: lrrHEART
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MistahFixIt: GivePLZ lrrBEEJ TakeNRG
josh_le_crafter: benjam40Yee benjam40Yee benjam40Yee benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40Haw
ContingentCat: lrrHEART
Furbly: I would like to thank you for letting prove to my mom that you can stream Cooking and to give me something else to make my dad cook.
Juliamon: I see things with bacon in them and think "hey that sounds good" until I remember I don't actually like bacon that much.
ContingentCat: and defeat the huns?
orionsrise1: yay I helped!
cuttlefishman: hahaha
MistahFixIt: the HUBRIS
Pteraspidomorphi: Ovelaps with the ESC :(
silvalunae: oh yeah xD
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week Canadian Highlander. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (21:11 from now).
ContingentCat: YESSS
silverfur64: ROFL
mtvcdm: !patreon
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mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
ContingentCat: !quote 2
LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
mtvcdm: !twitter
Lord_ZYRK: The day Adam streams Minecraft is the last day he streams
MousseFilledCat: Oh, right, he made a deal
SuperSugarSloth: her eyes on zero dong!
MistahFixIt: 24 hours of Horizon Zero Dawn Kappa
cheetoJack: Play it Forward: Whatever it takes
Dix: Oh its poppin off
AlonsoSwift: It's okay, he's doing it on the LRR channel and not on his home stream Kappa
xantos69: Its Baron Von Poppin-Off!
Baldrash: Pop'n off, always.
delta__vee: :o
freshmaker__: pop'n off on sunday, just how jesus would want it
drfox17: such a good adventure
ContingentCat: !!!
drfox17: NOW KISS
SenseAmidstMadness: The week will proceed until morale improves
smeemer: After the Flood was really good last week
MiranFurze: all the good stuff
MistahFixIt: Wait what.
Lord_ZYRK: and
tipulsar85: Go have a full meal, Ian!
Dix: IAN
ehrincatbird: How much are beej alters?
Baldrash: Grade, not GRATE.
MistahFixIt: The Magic Players... And Beej!
SenseAmidstMadness: MEGA SUB
drfox17: oh noooo
MistahFixIt: STAHP
ContingentCat: ummmm
SenseAmidstMadness: Piperlyon
coelopteryx: help computer
SenseAmidstMadness: You broke it
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
xantos69: Oh God Its Just Like Maximum Overdrive!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: SUB RAVE
Kumakaori: beej broke it
Mysticman89: meanwhile the icon is just a box too
Lord_ZYRK: The system has assumed direct control NotLikeThis
ContingentCat: the sub message thing is going rouge
AlonsoSwift: Is Piper Lion like Revolver Ocelot?
MistahFixIt: Beej Breaks The Whole Thing lrrBEEJ
Baldrash: No emote on the progress indicator either. Shit's messed up. lrrBEEJ
SenseAmidstMadness: ian
kerbalized_: Wait yeah, wheres the muffin?
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrMUFFIN
SenseAmidstMadness: lrrAWW
ContingentCat: lrrAWESOME
kerbalized_: Did the scones murder the muffin??
niivvy: lrrHEART
Herbert_Erpaderp: I just keep returning!
smeemer: @Herbert_Erpaderp awesome name
Herbert_Erpaderp: Thanks! I stole it from LRR at some point
mattydubs75: chocotHoly
SuperSugarSloth: katesWa katesOw
MistahFixIt: katesNice x10
ehrincatbird: odysse3Heynow
mtvcdm: This now ends another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
drfox17: @mtvcdm Ooooooh Caaaanadaaaaa
Brok3nGol3m: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MistahFixIt: " lrrBEEJ "
Herbert_Erpaderp: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
orionsrise1: great stream night guys
Lord_ZYRK: Pro-tip: nothing is stopping you from putting a playmat on your wall
tipulsar85: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW tbc
Riandisa: lrrHEART
Rockario: Nothing is stopping you from using a playmat as flooring either, just carpet an entire room with playmats