Foxmar320: Yeah I saw that
Kykiwi: excuse me?
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DarrakHS: wauw
Foxmar320: Epic could fix that problem with a SHOPPING CART
Rhynerd: What.
NightValien28: epic, super billionare that cannot make a simple store software
Alness49: This is some schoolboy error for Online Stores
ThorSokar: A store wide sale where the developers had no input in to what price their game would be at
IPlayRoblox: FailFish
Astra7525: Kinda makes you think Selling Games isn't the actual reason why they started the Epic Games Store
APODionysus: @thorsokar wat
Alness49: And the only way to opt out of the sale is to remove the game completely
Foxmar320: I only use the Epic store for the free games. The store has almost no features.
BillTheCat: They also don't have a cart so you have to reenter your payment info for every game you buy
TheSpindash: Wait, people want to buy things when they are less expensive? That's not how economics work!
sacrenos: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (53m ago).
Call_me_Kaye: The problem was also worse because the Epic Store *has no shopping cart* so you just have to buy one game at a time.
CleeKru: ouch that cough was LOUD
ThorSokar: yea, the no shopping cart is the real kicker
APODionysus: @call_me_kaye WHAT
Amentur: Better than not having anti-fraud stuff?
APODionysus: how
APODionysus: Like....
APODionysus: That’s BASIC
TheSpindash: It's a pain, sure, but I'm used to interacting with the Nintendo storefront, and that ain't got no shopping cart either.
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iammorthos: Outstanding Points, Outstanding Panelists. Solid Thursday.
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johkmil: I always forget that the Epic Store exists.
NightValien28: APODionysus not to epic, they are too stupid to do that
Foxmar320: The Epic Store is the Fortnight launcher with other things crammed in to try and sell you.
Alness49: The Steam Spy people are working for Epic Store. If you're analysing the competition, you shoud know what Quality of Life features you need!
azlan121: its not an infrastructure thing so much as the fraud detection going haywire
onyxseeker: ll
IPlayRoblox: @Amentur yeah, I can see that. Maybe because of Fortnite and buying V-Bucks? They don't want kids to spend too much of their parents money (I suppose).
johkmil: On closer thought, I keep forgetting other stores than Steam exist. I’m fully absorbed by the valve-mind.
TXC2: ^
dart111: ^
Foxmar320: Kathleen is right I frequently look at my shopping cart and then take things out
Earthenone: i defintly do that i build a cart in an online storefront then winnow it down to what i need
APODionysus: Yeah Kathleen has a point
ContingentCat: as well as making it harder to see the total it's easy to loose track when buying a lot of small things individually
shdragon: Epic is so bad at think of how people actually use their product in the real world.
Amentur: In other news GOG 2.0 client is coming to beta
TXC2: something something for honour
Foxmar320: I love that Epic has a roadmap for their store and the shopping cart is set to come in like 6 months.
APODionysus: Six... months...
APODionysus: It’s going to take SIX MONTHS
Call_me_Kaye: Playing Despacito
Foxmar320: I think a friends list is like 3 months from now
ryuhimora: that's actually fairly common to have menus be rendered in the game world
Alness49: "Stop! Stop! I WANT OUT OF THIS PLACE!" "Griffin, I don't know about this one..."
dart111: overwatch has that on certain levels
NightValien28: anyway here's wonder- dead
thejohnnyboy533: so sad alexa play despacito
APODionysus: For a shopping cart. A thing my local coffee shop has on their site for buying beans
Earthenone: when is "shutting down the store" on the roadmap? 2 years out?
APODionysus: My local coffee shops website is more advanced... than the Epic Store
Kykiwi: Lol
TheSpindash: XD
TXC2: what?
silenceaux: I love this already
Foxmar320: wow
lunarecliptica: that's amazing
Grevas13: fuck it, i'd buy it.
ThorSokar: AHAHAHA, this sounds AMAZING
GDwarf: This is flawless
Alness49: That went better then I thought
jacey0002: Splinter Cell: Venice
APODionysus: Awesone
dart111: whats it called?
ContingentCat: oh I thought this was going a different way, like have them in a wheelchair
CaptainSpam: Okay, that is awesome.
shdragon: Oh man, that was a perfectopportunity for them to make the main character in a wheelchair. :)
UnhingedBear: I am on board
red_shoes_jeff: METAL GEAR: KAYAK
Laurence72: points for originality at the least
Invitare: it'd be better if it wasn't flooded
NightValien28: a kayak is a water proof card board box
ghostvalv: stealth kayaction?
chaostreader: You’re sneaking into a building in Venice. I think.
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HbombAndFriends: Thank you for all you do!
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LordZarano: Getting Over It: VR?
NightValien28: can you guys play that on stream?
mercano82: Here's the traler for the game:
TXC2: stupid yet awesome
shdragon: "That sounds really stupid" is so much of gaming. :)
Earthenone: maybe there are "Fans of Boating"
Foxmar320: Yeah no
red_shoes_jeff: No wait... METAL GEAR: LIQUID
dart111: hahahah
BillTheCat: Show us the cards!@
HbombAndFriends: What's a Magic? ;)
Earthenone: i should get some water
Baldrash: Magic fans are thirsty?
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun Booo cards
IPlayRoblox: <message deleted>kek
cookiem0nster: The cards were the friends we made along the way
TXC2: !findquote cards
LRRbot: Quote #3809: "These cards... I actually need to read them to find out how good they are." —Doc [2017-01-06]
blitzdragoon: We need Graham for this
RatekStormcrow: Aren'r Magic tournaments banned in Germany ?
shdragon: Everyone go look up "Freestyle Canoeing" you will not regret it. It is very silly.
Dared00: I don't see how Arena *wouldn't* fall under lootboxes
johkmil: Splinter Cell: Kayak – coming this fall!
accountmadeforants: I know collectible cards were explicitly exempted from gambling laws in the Netherlands. Probably in Belgium, too?
Earthenone: arena is SUPER lootboxy
Mysticman89: lots of people designing their lootboxes to be definitely-not-a-lootbox
Alness49: I mean, most lootbox systems have a similar "shard/dust/swap" mechanic
Dared00: @accountmadeforants yeah, but digital cards?
Laurence72: a bag of M&Ms is a loot box, in a way?
accountmadeforants: Dared00 Yeah, that'll be interesting to see
red_shoes_jeff: I mean, from a certain point of view, it IS a lootbox. But then, so's the real thing.
Mysticman89: kinder surpise are definitely lootboxes
TXC2: 4 of a rare or mythic
thundershot879: in some countries hearthstone gets around lootbox laws by selling a small amount of gold that just so happens to have a bunch of packs gifted with it
notthepenguins: Note, that needs to be internal conversion
Grevas13: thank you paul
notthepenguins: If you can exchange it with other players that falls into a lot more gambling law
TheSpindash: Tell me the odds, and tell me how much I've spent.
IPlayRoblox: Sort of like Overwatch, where you can buy your skins with the coins (sorry, I don't know the official name)
Invitare: it would probably depend on what the conversion rate is. Because Overwatch has (had?) that, but the amount you got for dupes was pathetically small
TheSpindash: That's all I ask
notthepenguins: there's a reason Wizards has to quietly pretend the secondary market doesnt exist
shdragon: A lootbox to me: There is no set amount of money that I can pay to get the thing I want. If the only way to get it is to throw money into the grinder until you either get lucky, (or get unlucky enough times), then it's gambling.
Veggiekeks: @RatekStormcrow They are not. Some years ago there was a pronlem at a GP with some local gambling laws, which lead to the event not being able to pay out prize money, SInce then no large Tournament organizers bothered to take any risk in Germany
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RatekStormcrow: @Veggiekeks AH, thanks for the info.
HbombAndFriends: lrrDOTS hbombaBomb lrrARROW
v_nome: Was... was that an ocelot?
notthepenguins: hah, you got it right Kathleen!
notthepenguins: the fear is crucial
Earthenone: to those who like math: if you get a rare or mythic you have 4 or more copies of in a loot box you get 20 gems if you want to buy packs with gems they cost 600 Gems for 3 Packs so IF you collect the whole set you get 1/10 of a pack back for "missing"
TXC2: thanks for streaming Kathleen, Beej and Paul
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (5m ago).
TXC2: !events
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Foxmar320: Thanks for the stream!
notthepenguins: PANALYSTS
HbombAndFriends: And it is good!
red_shoes_jeff: YAY
Amentur: It was so good :D
Kykiwi: panalysts!\
HbombAndFriends: Sooo goooood!
Kykiwi: was great
johkmil: I sometimes wonder if I should change my name to something anyone could pronounce.
rocketjohn: It was fantastic
notthepenguins: OH MY GOD
ContingentCat: that's what I'm about to go watch
rocketjohn: I watched it with my dad! He loved it!
notthepenguins: yes pleaaase
notthepenguins: i've been craving podcast panalysts
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? You can check it all out on the events page.
Alness49: It was a great episode, and Molly is awesome!
Amentur: Jacob & Cameron on a team lrrDARK
seth_erickson: Hello everyone
ContingentCat: *knock on wood*
Alness49: The last Long Game until the Next One
johkmil: I love the podcast version!
Stoffern: "Do another 20 years"
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2394 patrons for a total of $14,226.26 per month.
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
shdragon: Good luck on Pandemic!
TXC2: !twitter
seth_erickson: Replay the last 12 months three time
red_shoes_jeff: Catch you later!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Alness49: "Open the Time Machine box"
ContingentCat: there comes a point where you tell the game it's not your real dad
TheSpindash: !findquote bye
LRRbot: Quote #3184: "The meat's movin' again! Bye meat!" —Paul [2016-08-10]
NightValien28: hey chat, jalopy is free on humble
ContingentCat: thanks for streaming everyone lrrHEART
ThorSokar: Adam and Beej stream magic time?
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
Laurence72: At least stop by for a cameo?
accountmadeforants: Oh no, the Beej and Kathleen bots are being taken offline? Who will replace them?
seth_erickson: Adam can handle himself, after all he is a Bodhy
TheSpindash: @ThorSokar Yes, but it's street magic
seth_erickson: *boshy
Gekyouryuu: @nightvalien28 it is? sweet! gonna have to grab that later
ThorSokar: ahaha "street magic" with Beej sounds like a great LRL sketch
t00manygoats: yeet two streams in one work slot
blitzdragoon: they need graham on and we need to discuss bearforceone
seth_erickson: Ayula is exactly what his deck needed
Earthenone: im sure we can get his hot takes when roadquest is done
Invitare: Deckmaster is already on. How... organised Kappa
Laurence72: I'm hoping he gets to do a full TTC about it
samu_btdp1985: so momir?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today on LRRMtG: Adam is with.... someone? Kathleen? Graham? We're gonna try and play some games of Magic: The Gathering. | ||
seth_erickson: now we just need to get on Fnpf one of these timed
TehAmelie: woo, ½ of Grathleen stream (?)
Earthenone: i dont think penelope is streaming yet Kappa
kirbytronic: Pouring one out for Graham's mentions today
TehAmelie: hi Adam!
Earthenone: ahh !chair
itsr67: hi
Invitare: Fancy meeting you here
taruan: I'd watch the hell out of Adam and Penelope drafting
Amentur: Hey Adam lrrHEART
ThorSokar: hi Best James
1losttheGame: oh no adam got let into the streaming office Kappa
KartoffelKaiser: No James means no rules!
taruan: hi Adam
thejohnnyboy533: hi adam lrrHEART
itsr67: solo seabats stream
fiftymcnasty: Its Momir day
Texan_Reverend: Chaimes
Zebunisher: hi adam
TheSpindash: You could put a broom in the seat
Jacobontherun1: You wont flood now
Zebunisher: hi chair
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jolly_does_art: Hi Adam! <3
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blitzdragoon: Hi Adam
TehAmelie: how about a no pants draft? no cards may have pants
ThorSokar: So you can play Magic all day w/o flooding out, woo!
hunkajunk: DO THE THING
samu_btdp1985: what did u do to the other james
Earthenone: housekeeping?
cookiem0nster: hi adam and james' chair
seth_erickson: don't worry his curse is never far away
Earthenone: a kingdom of cards
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sivakrytos: keep. that. house.
vegetalss4: That appear to be fan-favorite co-host Chair
EvilBadman: "they're a sponsor of ours" new slogan confirmed
Amentur: A duchy of singles
seth_erickson: I'll be getting my cards from them today
cookiem0nster: are we free of THE CURSE this week?
sivakrytos: card kingdom doesn't exist as a store tho?
Earthenone: LRR sent me button please
1losttheGame: yep yep
CleeKru: move to cheat step?
Earthenone: im guessing "proceed to cheat step"
t00manygoats: just make one up
samu_btdp1985: out of stock
Texan_Reverend: Button is out of stock at the moment, but should be restocked in the next week or two, I think.
ProcrastianArt: Land off the top
ThorSokar: Move to Cheat Step (unless those are sold out now)
kumatsu: They ran out of Move to Cheat Step, I think?
cheetoJack: Card Kingdom needs a button that says "The button is.... I don't know what the button is"
Texan_Reverend: Cheat step is out of stock.
mastershake29x: @sivakrytos it does, it's called mox boarding house
seth_erickson: I've found LRR sent me is good enough
Gekyouryuu: iirc, the next one is "mowu want go planeswalkies?"
kirbytronic: The button says "The Curse will always Be With You"
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Laurence72: Something something almost two years?
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sivakrytos: @mastershake29x and not called card kingdom
kirbytronic: (not really)
KodeMage: bones of cards and the skins of more cards
Earthenone: ~whichclaimer
Invitare: is that good or bad?
hunkajunk: You may be 0-20 in draft, but you're hella cute
CleeKru: 2 0 l o s s e s ?
Laurence72: I'm there too, Adam. I have learned to take joy in just picking cards that I like
Gekyouryuu: arena's gonna have modern horizons?
Earthenone: so win the next 4. then you can be 4-20
Invitare: I don't know which way around the 20 and the 0 are
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Mehayo: And today you're gonna win a lot more buddy!
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Invitare: I see
ProcrastianArt: WAR Drafts: Pull a God or gg
glitched_goddess: 0 and 20? That makes the odds good for the next one! He’s due!
Amentur: It says 2 wins right there D:
kirbytronic: Oh, I forgot the update was today
Amentur: It is now! Nobody to dispute it!
EvilBadman: Yeah, the Momir event is buck wild
CleeKru: 17 lands? 16 is enough in this format
ThorSokar: This deck rocks when it pops off
fiftymcnasty: It is a crazy Momir
Bakufreak: Momir is crazy
EvilBadman: You get a lands + 36 PW deck in Momir
Mehayo: Momir is real good. You get all the planeswalkers
fiftymcnasty: its momir with PWs
kirbytronic: You never need more than 3 lands, you're only playing three colors.
Earthenone: i would keep
Earthenone: on the draw
churn16: Hello from WV. Love you
Earthenone: but i am greedy
accountmadeforants: I just lost several drafts in a row, I think I've gotten rid of all the bad luck for the time being. (Although I did just start winning again...)
Mehayo: Never didn't have it
Laurence72: got there!
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frnknstn: Last Tap Tap Concede they said the next button will be "Mowu wants to go planeswalkies"
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ProcrastianArt: Never punished
GloriousMost: Never didn't have it
dart111: hi mom
Earthenone: hi savimom
TehAmelie: hi Adam's mom
Laurence72: Hi Adam's mom!
Amentur: Hello Adam's mom lrrHEART
reaperlord3491: Don't tell Graham, There's a Bear commander in Modern horizons.
jonasjonIV: Hi Adam's mom! Adam is a cool guy!
accountmadeforants: Hi Adam's mom. The rice-a-roni thing was just a joke. :)
itsr67: hello adam's mom!
Mehayo: We love you Adam's Mom!
kumatsu: Hey Adam's Mom you raised a real Good Egg
thejohnnyboy533: hi adams mom lrrHEART
1losttheGame: hi adams mom
fiftymcnasty: oof
Pazzix: Hi mom
fiftymcnasty: getting Gideon in momir is auto win
TheUnknownVeg: Woah there's a gamer; from the tweet i totally expected Adam and Penelope stream, but solo adam is good too seabatBRAIN
Mysticman89: I wish my mom was up with the twitches
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jonasjonIV: A week since I got my J.D., and MTG beats bar prep!
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snowcookies: hello
TehAmelie: and hi to Cori's ghost
Earthenone: let them trade 2 for it, aid it back play it again?
Earthenone: oponent opened A Jhonny
itsr67: to shreds you say?
TheUnknownVeg: oh hey its BigKittyLover69xx, at least according to Bengineering during DB
ProcrastianArt: And how about his Draft..? To Shreds you say...
TheUnknownVeg: Hey adam, do you ever get involved in DB?
korvys: Oh Johnny, Planeswalker
kirbytronic: Thank you twitch ads, I didn't need my eardrums anyway
accountmadeforants: Yeah, that seems correct
ThorSokar: seems good
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sacrenos: the current format is bat shit crazy. I can't wrap my head around it at all. I am however currently painting my new necron army (warhammer 40K) in the color scheme of zombie army :P
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TheUnknownVeg: if they let it through you take a LOT on the crackback
Earthenone: so we die?
ProcrastianArt: I just finished watching the two episodes Let's Nopewithf you and Ben playing "find the keys: the game"
seth_erickson: Hey everyone in case you didn't know you can put overthemoon in the arena redeem code store to get a stain glass version of Arlinn
accountmadeforants: Yeah, this is good
Mysticman89: does adam's mom understand magic?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> CheckPoint is here! This week with stories on: Ouya, Playdate, World of Warcraft Classic, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Nintendo | ||
TheUnknownVeg: Adam's Mum overpowered in this meta
Mehayo: She's your mom and she's a good parent
ToeKnee213: That sounds like a very cool mom
Sarah_Serinde: Oh hi friends, I haven't been in here much the last few days slytqHi
seth_erickson: hello @sarah_serinde
Mysticman89: I'm sure you being an interesting person contributes too, not just legal obligations
Pazzix: Your mom sounds great'
Pazzix: Wholesome mom
Earthenone: o/ sarrah
Mehayo: Told you buddy!
EarnbyPhyrexiaMagic: Oh you beat me :(
Earthenone: 3 more games!
Rioxcon: don't under estimate how nice her taking an interest in what you do is. It is very nice to have parents that care.
1losttheGame: that felt like an early scoop
t00manygoats: hell yeah
thejohnnyboy533: the evil is defeated
GrumblingMoblin: Can you break my curse? I'm 0/15 right now
ninja_theory_ashrams: Hi, Chair! Hi, Adam.
Earthenone: are you complaining about diamond tier problems... is that the world we live in?
Mehayo: @GrumblingMoblin I break your curse right now. It is broken
ReydienOnline: I think they were just in trouble, you had a full grip
Earthenone: !card cursebreaker
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ReydienOnline: if they traded off, your gas would let you back in the game much faster than them
GrumblingMoblin: @Mehayo Appreciated!
Mysticman89: I lose in bronze too.
kirbytronic: Chair and Adam are a very good combo in blind duo drafts
Himyul: isn't complaining a time-honored tradition within the magic community?
Earthenone: just seemed like a humble brag during a losing streak is all :P
Jondare: I broke my week long limited curse earlier today with a 7-2 run, Felt gooood
candydude1: break james curse
accountmadeforants: Yeah, I've found WAR games to be surprisingly grindy. Sometimes you just end up taking away all their gas and win unexpectedly. Sometimes they take away all your gas instead. It's actually really fun.
Mehayo: We are the beatdown here
kirbytronic: We're in the middle of Preview Sesson, aka, the Complainathon
BillTheCat: I also enjoy this format
ReydienOnline: I have enjoyed WAR drafting *far* more than I expected
Himyul: that's all magic in general
seth_erickson: WAR surprised me with it's depth
BillTheCat subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 61 months!
BillTheCat: Play a 61-card limited deck to celebrate my 61 months plz :D
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, BillTheCat! (Today's storm count: 32)
ReydienOnline: I was expecting it to be swingy bullshit, and sometimes you just get bombed out, but the other 70-80% of the games are fun
ninja_theory_ashrams: I don't play, I just watch. I always feel powerless
kirbytronic: You're great Adam.
accountmadeforants: Yeah, sometimes there's just absurd bombs. Someone Stealh Missioned a Krenko at me a little while ago. :)
Jondare: I think WAR is a bit worse than normal limited since the PW's lead to very snowbally games, and the bombs are just stone cold unbeatable
ReydienOnline: yeah, swing out imo
Mehayo: @accountmadeforants That sounds...just awful
Znazl: its also a great puzzle where i dont know a "lane" as well as the last sets, there's more variety than just three two color sets
Dashiell: I tried drafting a Charmed Stray deck last night and I went 0-3, haha
glitched_goddess: Can’t do it in the comfort of my own home...I have to have pants on too...
Earthenone: how many cats did you get too?
Texan_Reverend: This set, more than most, is incredibly swingy and bomb-influenced. Playing traditional, value-oriented draft decks and playstyles doesn't go the distance against gods and such.
BillTheCat: I sided out my 4 charmed strays after losing the first 2 games
accountmadeforants: Mehayo Eh, it happens, I'm happy for them.
Dashiell: I had 5 cats. I bet if I had more I would have gone 7-0
BillTheCat: I think you need like 8
bottlessbm: yo does anyone mind reminding which episode of Friday nights Graham plays the bear commander deck? The on with the Forbear's blade joke
BillTheCat: and the 1/1 flyer that proliferates
ReydienOnline: best case they drop something and eat/trade your finisher next turn
kirbytronic: This set in particular lends itself more to best of 3, I think. Your sideboard can be more relevant
TheUnknownVeg: "You cast this?... I cast this."
Earthenone: can we get their statue?
ReydienOnline: send the 1/2 at kasmina, send the 3/2s at face
kirbytronic: @bottlessbm I believe it's Hold Priority
bottlessbm: Thanks!
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Traion: Not Momir? What has LRR come too.... I blame the Youths
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fritobandeeto: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:16.
Himyul: lrrSCOOP ?
WrightJustice: benginDab
Sthrad: ouch
ninja_theory_ashrams: my friend keeps talking to me about modern horizons spoilers, and he is so excited about commander playables. However, all I care about is "what do the draft archetypes look like?"
Earthenone: i would keep toll
ReydienOnline: keep the aid to bring the vraska back imo
ThorSokar: well, you got the GG
RAICx: Opp gg'd
ReydienOnline: err finisher
bottlessbm: aid the fallen hits nothing
Earthenone: seems like a card that could be nuts in commander
TheUnknownVeg: Black-green is such a good combo in this format; lets you splash for basically everything
Mehayo: At some point I wanna play Command with The Wanderer
ThorSokar: good_enough.jpg
TheUnknownVeg: Chefskiss.jpeg
theeviljaffa: just need a swamp
xenagosthesatyr: don't you dare keep that Adam
ninja_theory_ashrams: AHINDHI
bottlessbm: way better than the average 6 card hand imo
Himyul: who does anything of consequence before turn 4 anyway?
t00manygoats: keep it
narset6691: did you guys see the new mox spoiled 15 minutes ago?
Darnessewolffang: keep it
fritobandeeto: I dare you to keep it
Amentur: Greedy for being on the play
1losttheGame: Kappa
ThorSokar: sounds like a dare to me
xenagosthesatyr: it's absolutely a dare
blitzdragoon: that sounds like a challenge
Angreed66: Have you played any of the momir event in the last 6 and a half hours?
kirbytronic: I played two back to back games against Nahiri/Vraska First Strike Deathtouchathon
TheUnknownVeg: Apparently you CAN do blue-green aggro; played Skydiver into Courage in Crisis and attacked for 4 flying on turn 3
t00manygoats: same
levenburger: I've struggled with the draft meta of this set. The creature/planeswalker/spell balance hasn't felt intuitive.
xenagosthesatyr: I love seeing you do crazy keeps. you're my favorite streamer of magics
ThorSokar: never didn't have it
TheUnknownVeg: Never didn't not have it
bottlessbm: 4 drop tribal
ninja_theory_ashrams: Always Had It Never Didn't Have It, AHINDHI
fritobandeeto: he never didn't have land
Earthenone: probobly take your 4 drop
Kykiwi: vraska
Earthenone: :P
narset6691: deathsprout
WrightJustice: deathsprout imo
TheUnknownVeg: bin vraska, cry, concede
Evochron13: i mean you could... *stop* having the discussion if you always have it and just let people think what they think?
thejohnnyboy533: i get that feel i keep sketchy hands constantly cause mulling just feela bad
narset6691: saheeli's silverwing is such a non ability
Earthenone: i dont like shuffling so i keep more hands :)
accountmadeforants: I feel you. It's just that sometimes it works out REAL poorly. (Like yesterday, when I ended up discarding down to seven several turns in a row, because I only had islands and needed a red source... while I was splashing blue.)
AlchemicalPanda: Was the Beej in the background?
cookiem0nster: cant death sprout no black
ninja_theory_ashrams: my confirmation bias has taught me to never keep 5 land hands
xenagosthesatyr: Sorry if I came off like a jerk. I genuinely do love watching you play Magic and I trust your judgement
accountmadeforants: The biggest brain
GrumblingMoblin: Big Brain!
fritobandeeto: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
1losttheGame: seabatYIKES seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
jonasjonIV: Big brain Adam
seth_erickson: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Distrei: Good decisions feel good.
Luminaire_p: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
deoncrossroads: well now i know how the smartest looking person on the planet looks like
ProcrastianArt: Magic is easy
Himyul: just the way you drew it up
Alness49: Seeing how other people do things. You know, people who are wrong!
midnight_0il: You can get vraska next turn though
bottlessbm: taking 7 is fine
Earthenone: i would chump
accountmadeforants: Dang, getting a lot of early GGs
Earthenone: you have two life cards, dreadhorde and citidel
ProcrastianArt: Citadel can go off for sure
ninja_theory_ashrams: one of my favorite moments of my magic life was looking up from my opponent's attack and asking him "what's the name of the one mana pump spell that gives +1 +0 and first strike? I don't block"
ThorSokar: Massacre Girl would be bad
xenagosthesatyr: hulk then Vlaska minus
seth_erickson: the silverwing no longer able to beat through lprodNOTLIKETHIS
Jondare: should have attacked with the assasins, either they get a counter you can proliferate, or they trade with some of their stuff, it's a winwin
jonasjonIV: ohh pretty
Znazl: PogChamp
WrightJustice: fancy vraska :o
narset6691: it would be funny if she created stained glass assasins
ProcrastianArt: Such cool art... How expensive are they?
Rioxcon: just send the flyer?
seth_erickson: you can get one of arlinn for free just use the code overthemoon in the store
1y1e: Fancy planeswalkers should get to "old global legend rule" the unfashionable version
Traion: ProcrastianArt free. You just need to win the free momir event 3 times
Earthenone: i like hitting vraska with flyer assasin attacks dont make a lot of sense
WrightJustice: @ProcrastianArt you actually get vraska for free from the momir event
Traion: ProcrastianArt and loosing doesn't reset your progress
Ukon_vasara: even better, the world enchantment rules of old
ProcrastianArt: @Traion for all of them?
Ukon_vasara: if a card is pretty enough it gets rid of all the other ones :D
ThorSokar: WAT
deoncrossroads: yeah looks really good
Earthenone: the code "overthemoon" gives you the arlin one
Call_me_Kaye: Oh OK
TheMandrew: the stained glass walkers are cool, but momir honks to play
Rioxcon: lazotep rever to the spark reaper as well?
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Traion: ProcrastianArt you can get all 36 for free. Vraska, Tibalt, and Jace are in the current event. Also "overthemoon" gives you Arlinn
WrightJustice: its a special momir with pws in the deck
KartoffelKaiser: This momir especially is super random. It has one of each planeswalker from WAR in it
Call_me_Kaye: That may in fact be a big boom-boom?
Rioxcon: swing with everything
Earthenone: it also looked like you can buy liliana one
KartoffelKaiser: Some of those planeswalkers are busted in the format, and some do literally nothing
ThorSokar: DO IT
Earthenone: 10<20
blitzdragoon: DO IT!
ThorSokar: I dare ya
Ukon_vasara: almost always
itsr67: arlinn vraska diver?
fritobandeeto: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Rioxcon: yeah finisher
glitched_goddess: That counts lol
ProcrastianArt: @Traion Awesome! thanks for the info - hopefully the event is still running on saturday when I can get back to MTGA
ninja_theory_ashrams: welcome back to taking 10 with Adam
fritobandeeto: Y E E T!
Himyul: I think he's dead
Traion: ProcrastianArt it will be
KartoffelKaiser: it's k i did the math and we probably dont die
ProcrastianArt: @Traion *cracks knuckles* and so the training montage begins...
Gekyouryuu: I haven't played arena in a while. have I missed out on any stained glass walkers yet?
Himyul: not totally dead, but effectively dead
KartoffelKaiser: idk probably let's have arena find out for us
deoncrossroads: is bird a gender ?
ReydienOnline: your priority?
Traion: ProcrastianArt training in randomness? Are you gonna play the lottery a bunch? Kappa
Mehayo: Adam it's your priority
midnight_0il: It's your move
TheMandrew: you get vraska, tibalt and jace from momir event
Angreed66: @Gekyouryuu The event started today
SK__Ren: oops is basically sorry
Bakufreak: @Gekyouryuu They only started releasing them today
Ukon_vasara: wheres the canadian emote?
Gekyouryuu: ok, cool
accountmadeforants: There's no Sorry, but every day I wish there was. (Oops works, I suppose.)
KartoffelKaiser: This is enough
ProcrastianArt: @Traion scratchcards lrrBEEJ
KartoffelKaiser: This is already 13 life
TheMandrew: couple of the rare ones are in the store for gems
bikedog: Kind of wish "Oops" was changed to "My mistake" so it could be either "Oops" or "Sorry"
Earthenone: play arlins wolf for value!
1losttheGame: LUL we got a stainglass one
Spiritreaver: LUL
GrumblingMoblin: welp...that's a board state change
fritobandeeto: ma
KartoffelKaiser: We took their pretty card PogChamp
ReydienOnline: then opponent uses that new horizons to cast Time Wipe...
VanFlicke: i like the stained glass ones
deoncrossroads: good game Adam
ProcrastianArt: Board State: +1
theeviljaffa: who needs momir when you have the dreadhorde
fritobandeeto: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
CleeKru: lrrCIRCLE
KartoffelKaiser: Playing around rares you haven't seen yet is usually incorrect
ReydienOnline: I mean, I'd take that loss. It'd mean you'd have a lock on #ClipOfTheDay
Earthenone: is this game 4 for the 4/20 winrate?
HondoTrigger: who let you have control of this on your own, Adam?
PhoenixMelior: what's up chat
TheMandrew: So Adam, who's the best 24/7 Champion of all time and why is it R-Truth?
Earthenone: !upchat
PhoenixMelior: oh wait, no James? So no curse
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Angreed66: James stayed home to play momir for free
HondoTrigger: no curse! no curse!
chadtastic112: @TheMandrew with the real questions.
Earthenone: adam is suposadly on a 20 game losing streak at home. so some curse remains
kharnor: Don't say his name, you're invoking him
kharnor: SEE
I_Am_Clockwork: Heyho friends
I_Am_Clockwork: who are we summoning?
theeviljaffa: james
HondoTrigger: play vraska, live your best life
PhoenixMelior: Bloom Hulk looks so tempting though
ReydienOnline: vraska, and see if they let the 1/1 through
blitzdragoon: owww
xenagosthesatyr: thanks for putting up with all our harassment Adam, we love you!
Earthenone: having 2 4's down when you troll you probobly just win
accountmadeforants: Challenger Troll's gonna be nuts
HondoTrigger: if James isn't here can we just play dauntless instead Kappa
PhoenixMelior: it counts!
itsr67: ezpz
WrightJustice: ggez
accountmadeforants: Oh, I guess it didn't matter
Himyul: more like SchadenDEAD! LUL
theeviljaffa: 2 drop 3 drop 4 drop unbeatable
PhoenixMelior: oh, did Dauntless have an update recently?
ujai321: is dauntless out of beta yet?
Earthenone: we were at 2 wins when he got here/ at 6 now, if you were on a 20 game streak we are offically on 4/20
seth_erickson: They recently released to consoles
itsr67: is this... unbeatable?
KartoffelKaiser: If they're charging for things, then they are
Himyul: lrrGREED !
HondoTrigger: I've been looking at playing dauntless now that it doesn't need a founder pack to play
Mehayo: Adam no
1losttheGame: adam stop
Diabore: adam no
bikedog: I think you do keep tbh
accountmadeforants: You're on the draw
AkadoNamikaze: Keep it
ThorSokar: just gotta draw one land
KartoffelKaiser: adam no
HondoTrigger: keep
xenagosthesatyr: we trust you adam
ujai321: vince would keep it
PhoenixMelior: what if the land is a plains
accountmadeforants: Take that as you will
HondoTrigger: keep or you cant block warriors
1losttheGame: oh we are on the draw?
KartoffelKaiser: This is already a 6
Earthenone: any land and we get to play if its black or white we sorin
Bakufreak: do itt
ReydienOnline: Mull
AkadoNamikaze: One land away
ThorSokar: also: I dare you to keep this
Kykiwi: on the draw?
Kykiwi: sure
HesGotNoPants: did james' curse cause him to draw so many lands that he is now a plains?
blitzdragoon: new horizon and go
sacrenos: slam keep :P
lucha_libro: how had I never heard of the Doom mod "Revenant Bus?" ...
7gorobei: keep and invoke the curse
1losttheGame: sure, keep
fritobandeeto: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
wolfsark: never punished?
sladibraslov_windsm: is anyone else experiencing crippling server lag on arena?
HondoTrigger: YEAH
AkadoNamikaze: I think you can make it work
Diabore: yes adam, that is the worst
swanky_pants20: hey adam did you see the new legendary bear in new horizons
I_Am_Clockwork: quick call james
Spiritreaver: LUL
A_Dub888: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #4141: "I'm pretty sure James has seen my testicles." —Adam [2017-04-06]
bikedog: oh no
HondoTrigger: oh no
CapnRobert: on the draw I dont think this is a bad keep by the numbers
1losttheGame: LUL\
lucha_libro: Also.. wrong window for me to type that.. sorry
theeviljaffa: it's fine you got this
Himyul: oh no! the shame!
HondoTrigger: concede so they dont know your shame
ProcrastianArt: "what's the worst that happens? We lose?... Oh God."
ujai321: i really want to see oppo now
ReydienOnline: the correct play is to take the horizons
HondoTrigger: we got there
PhoenixMelior: I agree with ReydienOnline
Himyul: good doggo
ninja_theory_ashrams: Adam, do you have some "me time" today? while I appreciate the free funny, it seems like you have a long day between home stream and 2 LRR streams today.
thejohnnyboy533: lrrSACK
HondoTrigger: think we can cast citadel on curve SeriousSloth
theeviljaffa: never didn't have it
Himyul: no meat time? NotLikeThis
TheWooglie: I just milled myself out in momir LUL
jonasjonIV: poor doggo
seth_erickson: did you hit Belzenlok
Earthenone: id you win?
HesGotNoPants: @ninja_theory_ashrams if by me time you mean the 5 minutes between streams then tons of it
gnome_friend: sergeHi How goes the magics?
xenagosthesatyr: hope it's a fun one too though at least
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Diseases decrease the blood quality of a citizen.
Himyul: how many kill spells could a RB deck have? Kappa
Mehayo: Die on your own sword
chadtastic112: Citadel, coward.
Traion: Chat I have an opponent who ropes every priority in MOMIR!
Diabore: damn, oppo got the 12x removals
ninja_theory_ashrams: OK, Adam, I am not your mother, but I do worry sometimes, you're an adult, your decisions are your own, and I respect your choices
seth_erickson: @Traion my condolences
wolfsark: i cant play the momir, its too random and people take forever to do their turn with all the planeswalkers
Angreed66: @Traion With enough planeswalkers in late game it happens
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You should buy the fiber protection plan.
Traion: Angreed66 they had 1 and were winning
HondoTrigger: we had a fine 7
Angreed66: @Traion In that case sure
ThorSokar: not with 3x removal in hand
ReydienOnline: still net positive
HondoTrigger: saheeli
PhoenixMelior: Tomik? Unplayable
ForOhForError: easy grazer
Diabore: saheeli no creatures
gnome_friend: Yeah, Saheeli
KartoffelKaiser: Tomik anti-land tribal PogChamp
Traion: Pick Tomik to make Wheeler cry
KartoffelKaiser: Yeah saheeli
HondoTrigger: no escape!
Earthenone: kronch?
Diabore: rampage?
theeviljaffa: white isn't good enough to take a mediocre rare
xenagosthesatyr: I wish Ral's boyfriend was better in draft but I love him
wolfsark: heartfire good with saheeli
MalenkyMalchick: It is not close
PhoenixMelior: Angrath's Rampage?
PhoenixMelior: does it really?
ninja_theory_ashrams: yeah cut red
thejohnnyboy533: charmed stray obvious pick
Amentur: Charmed stray
Diabore: i like rampage :(
sladibraslov_windsm: no escape?
accountmadeforants: Heartfire or No Escape here, yeah
ReydienOnline: you could have had the kitty deck
HesGotNoPants: ashiok snap grab, if he shows
MalenkyMalchick: Kronch
I_Am_Clockwork: rampage is anoying to play against, but isn't great against a wide board
ReydienOnline: P1P1 pridemate into P1P2 stray Kappa
Diabore: i like it vs proliferate, they usually load up on 1 creature
gnome_friend: Ral's Outburst so good
ReydienOnline: doing it
frozenphoenix7: @hesgotnopants Ashion has no gender pronouns
CleeKru: we izzet now
accountmadeforants: Rager is amazing
frozenphoenix7: Ashiok*
theeviljaffa: rager is so good
gnome_friend: Spellkeeper!
ReydienOnline: weird
Diabore: weird?
gnome_friend: It's so weird
CleeKru: I Z Z E T
sladibraslov_windsm: spellgorger
midnight_0il: Weird is nice
HesGotNoPants: weird
seth_erickson: invade is kind of the gameplan right
frozenphoenix7: Weird is much better than Invade
Diabore: flier?
theeviljaffa: ogre has reach
Earthenone: i remember someone trying to "explain" to me how ashiock was male
ReydienOnline: for me it's close between the ogre and the flier
ForOhForError: reach does get people
blitzdragoon: ogre
gnome_friend: Earthenone... what?
gnome_friend: Dovin!
KartoffelKaiser: Honor
Diabore: @Earthenone how can something with no gender be male?
ProcrastianArt: Banehound tho
ReydienOnline: honor in this deck
MalenkyMalchick: Ogre is still a good blocker
CleeKru: dovin snap
KartoffelKaiser: Honor is so good with heartfire
HesGotNoPants: dovin coward
QuantumTwitch: Dovin is great
ReydienOnline: imo honor
ninja_theory_ashrams: dovin tax is so good
accountmadeforants: Dovin's the safe pick for now, might cut him later
Diabore: damn dovin
theeviljaffa: we can pick up honor later
frozenphoenix7: @diabore The same way other people can be bad and rude.
gnome_friend: Time to get our inadequacies pointed out
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VelvetFalcon: Hey Adam, you're swell!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, VelvetFalcon! (Today's storm count: 36)
Invitare: "I will gladly point out your inadequacies" Is Dovin Chat?
glitched_goddess: Do you get to keep cards you draft?
gnome_friend: Narset or dismissal?
wolfsark: the red amass manticore is pretty nice
theeviljaffa: dismissal 100%
CleeKru: callous
Diabore: i hate that i agree with you cause i love narset
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah you got me
HesGotNoPants: we could have had so many vetos seabatTROG
CleeKru: destroy target amass
gnome_friend: Angrath is amazing
Earthenone: someone was real upset i chose a female to play as ashiok in a online rpg where you had to choose a gender (the female model looked more accurate)
I_Am_Clockwork: angrath is fun
KartoffelKaiser: Angrath is a bomb
I_Am_Clockwork: slam him in there
mowdownjoe: Slam that Cow Dad.
wolfsark: jayas might wheel and theres a heartfire in this pack too
gnome_friend: Angrath and Vraska are my favorite uncommon planeswalkers
blitzdragoon: angrath
KartoffelKaiser: Like can you even lose with cow dad?
theeviljaffa: this pack is spicy
HesGotNoPants: how many creatures will you have?
ProcrastianArt: Get that good cow boi in there
Diabore: eternalk
Earthenone: and when asked i responded ashiok has no gender and they WENTOFF
ProcrastianArt: weird?
Vampiricsloth: i've burnt water on the stove :P LOL
kumatsu: Invade?
theeviljaffa: weird
Vampiricsloth: do not start boiling water and get busy doing something else
VoyRising: Hello Adam! Hello chat! sergeHi sergeFriend
KartoffelKaiser: But sphinx flied
gnome_friend: sergeHi @VoyRising
frozenphoenix7: Weird is much better in the UR spells deck
PhoenixMelior *slaps roof of weird* This homie gets HUGE
HesGotNoPants: both weirds 1 pack
ninja_theory_ashrams: deck name, Weird Science
ThorSokar: yea, and when they removal the first on you can just play another
Spiritreaver: get that homie
theeviljaffa: yeah a 3 mana 11/11
gnome_friend: Stealth mission?
KartoffelKaiser: Flying is a broken keyword.
VoyRising: @gnome_friend <3
Earthenone: strixly better stormcrow?
seth_erickson: wierd
accountmadeforants: Spellkeeper for sure
wolfsark: i only like stealth mission in proliferate decks
I_Am_Clockwork: emergency totaly lost for sending an annoying permanent into the shadowrealm
glitched_goddess: I liked the weird at first, but then I realized it was a counter. Now I love it lol
CleeKru: pick neo for constructed
CleeKru: oh wait
theeviljaffa: enough hits
Earthenone: its a good thing to copy off the ral you are getting in pack 3
KartoffelKaiser: Strix doesn't get buffed by Muraganda Petroglyphs, so clearly its worse than Storm Crow Kappa
I_Am_Clockwork: spellkeeper is great with saheli
gnome_friend: lrrAWW I love Nissa
PhoenixMelior: hey now, Nissa's good. Just not in this deck
seth_erickson: what a garbage pack for us
CleeKru: this is a bad pack
WrightJustice: wow nissa... it hurts
theeviljaffa: pivot into green
I_Am_Clockwork: make servos into spellkeepers to loop an impactful spell
t00manygoats: just pivot pack 3
blitzdragoon: turret ogre
QuantumTwitch: nissa is bomb but to late
krimsonkevin: Narset
gnome_friend: Now Narset
frozenphoenix7: Hi Narset.
gnome_friend: lrrHEART Narset
seth_erickson: nahiri or crush
CleeKru: burning!
Earthenone: profet?
ReydienOnline: prophet
theeviljaffa: yeah we need draw
blitzdragoon: draw
KartoffelKaiser: Epiphany
ReydienOnline: you need more 2-drops
KartoffelKaiser: It's so good
wolfsark: prophet
I_Am_Clockwork: tamyo's epifiny is great if you are getting pressured
ReydienOnline: you ahve like 3 2-drops
QuantumTwitch: Epifany
xenagosthesatyr: I love epiphany
gnome_friend: Usually I would say prophet but epiphany for this deck
frozenphoenix7: We need Epiphany. We don't have the card advantage.
ThorSokar: card draw seems better
I_Am_Clockwork: but prophet is a great early drop
CleeKru: oh
thejohnnyboy533: i say epiphany
I_Am_Clockwork: the constant scry's add up
seth_erickson: crush
frozenphoenix7: Because it gets them, even though it's not a good card.
Earthenone: i am not a huge fan of pure carddraw spells to be fair
I_Am_Clockwork: transmute is good against gods yeah
QuantumTwitch: I like the transmutation it deals with gods
seth_erickson: it's the same as the assailant but you have the chance to counter a spell which is good
Earthenone: i prefer card advantage to come from walkers in the set
WrightJustice: wow 40
iggySPLOSION: hello adam, my hunting horniest boy
I_Am_Clockwork: maybe drop naheli for another spell?
seth_erickson: probably 9 red
theeviljaffa: run 9 mountains
I_Am_Clockwork: naheri even
wolfsark: invading manticore is pretty good
MalenkyMalchick: Crush is a card that makes most decks worse.
HesGotNoPants: snap keep you coward
ThorSokar: Time twist with that many planeswalkers
mowdownjoe: Manticore over Turret Ogre for a big dumb dude?
Earthenone: naheria is spell enough for government work
CleeKru: go 16 lands
theeviljaffa: nahiri counts as a spell in this set
I_Am_Clockwork: time twist is great at saving walkers
CleeKru: ok surte
frozenphoenix7: Manticore over Turret Ogre is something I like as well.
gnome_friend: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #3420: "Preeeeeeeessssss... shit!" —Ian [2016-09-14]
Traion: Advance is a creature that triggers Saheeli and the Weirds though
frozenphoenix7: We can Time Twist our Weird to put a counter on it! Kappa
MilkInBag: my sweet boi
gnome_friend: I like this deck
xenagosthesatyr: I've gotten so blown out by time twist so many times
shea_wolfe: Wall of runes as early defender and heartfire fuel?
ninja_theory_ashrams: ship it
gnome_friend: sergeMoly
MilkInBag: what shenanigan are we playing today
ThorSokar: add in transmute?
Earthenone: i would play 4 drop army over stealth mission
gnome_friend: Sure, why not
RevolverRossalot: Just tuned in - thought this pack was hella lopsided :)
PhoenixMelior: gnome_friend dumb question but does Serge also have a Holy emote to go with mole friend?
gnome_friend: PhoenixMelior he has a sergeHolyMoly emote but I think mole-friend is alone
MalenkyMalchick: Turret ogre is a blocker with reach when you don’t have flyers.
CleeKru: Perfect
PhoenixMelior: nooo mole friend
ThorSokar: with 4 weirds you can make huge
blitzdragoon: good luck
HesGotNoPants: benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky
PhoenixMelior: lrrSACK
ninja_theory_ashrams: benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky
Earthenone: may you draw spells and your opoents not draw gods
seth_erickson: red green kronch
PhoenixMelior: I keep hearing "Turd Ogre" and snickering
Earthenone: gruul
Leppa790: Good luck
gnome_friend: Kronch
frozenphoenix7: GR Dudes.
Jacobontherun1: Power 4 deck
thomturtle: Kronch!
I_Am_Clockwork: Turret ogre is for Gruul smashy
LemonOnRye: Give em the kronch
CleeKru: do do dodo dodo
xenagosthesatyr: kronch wrangler?
RevolverRossalot: Ferocious / Power 4+
ProcrastianArt: wrangler?
I_Am_Clockwork: Ferocious was the old Tarkir mechanic
HesGotNoPants: Handel my kronch
Earthenone: perfect
seth_erickson: perfect
krimsonkevin: Wow
gnome_friend: what?
gnome_friend: They certainly played an arboreal grazer
frozenphoenix7: Friends don't let friends play Arboreal Grazer in Limited.
seth_erickson: correct
PhoenixMelior: James must be watching
gnome_friend: Jiang is not Tibalt
seth_erickson: and just like prismite they over preformed
I_Am_Clockwork: Also Hwatli makes the arborials better
KartoffelKaiser: Mowu
gnome_friend: When you speak of the devil it refers to Tibalt lrrBEEJ
I_Am_Clockwork: 3/3 with reach for 1? not bad
Earthenone: honnor first?
ProcrastianArt: I've played grazer with Huatli
gnome_friend: Look at the bottom three cards of your library
Martin_FcG: good morning Adam. How the day been?
ForOhForError: ah yes, cam's favorite mode of augur
ProcrastianArt: WAR version of high alert, but they can kill HA more easily...
TehAmelie: hey, Jalopy is free on Humble "while suppliest last". if anybody still haven't got that game
Mysticman89: aw, they don't have a u in honour.
seth_erickson: and also it doesn't let it defenders attack
MalenkyMalchick: I think, in most cases Auger is a trap in limited.
HondoTrigger: that kid is back on the escalator again
blitzdragoon: i see a future 0/1
gnome_friend: HondoTrigger- what's this in reference to?
HondoTrigger: @gnome_friend Mallrats, great movie
HesGotNoPants: is the card kingdom button mowu wants to be o planewalkies?
HesGotNoPants: wants to go
krimsonkevin: Deathtoucher?
Baldrash: That might be the next one. I don't think they've gotten to CK yet. The order I placed on Tuesday didn't have a button.
blitzdragoon: or angrath
frozenphoenix7: Oh, well hello Angrath.
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Poke its nose!
midday_rendelnep pokes Angrath's nose and loses an arm
gnome_friend: Always poke the nose
PhoenixMelior: there's no Smite the Monstrous in this set is there/
blackwlf: Boop the snoot
accountmadeforants: Wait till next main phase?
midnight_0il: They're repping crush
Earthenone: the wanderer is "kill the big"
KartoffelKaiser: but i wanted to escape D:
KartoffelKaiser: "but what if....yes escape?"
PhoenixMelior: wow why is Dovin such a butt
gnome_friend: Big wurm
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Earthenone: cool wurm, want to draw it again?
gnome_friend: lrrSPOT
frozenphoenix7: Look, he just wants people to follow the rules @PhoenixMelior
gnome_friend: He is rude about it though
wolfsark: but he made all the rules
seth_erickson: put the grazer on top to deny a good draw
Earthenone: if they dont block worm on top seems better?
seth_erickson: probably I like watching my op cast grazer for no value
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:03:53.
ThorSokar: if they block with the wurm totally lost the grazer is the play?
Earthenone: i would never block with worm when oponent has a growing creature. 3 cards and 7 mana
samu_btdp1985: salty o.p?
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You can't do that here.
theeviljaffa: op is just roping us
PhoenixMelior: yeah this doesn't seem like tanking
gnome_friend: !findquote cliff
LRRbot: Quote #6038: "What happens if I ride off a cliff?" —Cori [2019-05-11]
frozenphoenix7: Opponent went to contemplate the stars.
RebekahWSD: I moused over the screen, and now I'm baffled by the blinking lights and flashing cards it's amazing and I understand nothing
accountmadeforants: Getting pizza, who knows
gnome_friend: Consider the weird
tyrew0rm: If they don’t block, I’d rather play out angrath and the rager
MalenkyMalchick: Salt rope?
HondoTrigger: take action fast so they timeout!
PhoenixMelior: so don't.
Megaparsec256: Could just Dovin it
gnome_friend: lrrWOW Dovin
wolfsark: opponent DCd i think
Spiritreaver: dovin is so sassy
ninja_theory_ashrams: op just walked away?
Earthenone: !card time wipe
LRRbot: Time Wipe [2WWU] | Sorcery | Return a creature you control to its owner's hand, then destroy all creatures.
HesGotNoPants: @loadingreadyrun what is the current card kingdom button? I really wanna get the mowu one
codyfoti1999: How you doin Adam?
PhoenixMelior: DC or no I don't think they were coming back?
blitzdragoon: nice win
samu_btdp1985: sold out
seth_erickson: Love opponents that do this truly salt of the earth type of people
gnome_friend: cardkingdom: the bones of cards and the skins of kingdoms
Baldrash: @HesGotNoPants I don't think they have any in stock right now. My order from Tuesday didn't have one in it.
codyfoti1999: I’m sorry to hear that :( I hope you feel better!
ninja_theory_ashrams: self care, water break everybody
MilkInBag: those are the symptoms of love :) oh no it's just, shitty symptoms :(
Baldrash: They're usually good about posting on Twitter when they come back in.
WrightJustice: they mentioned the new button on TTC but I forgot what they said
Gekyouryuu: I think I can officially say that Momir is awful and I'm not having fun. EVERY game I play, my opponents get mana acceleration, fliers, and removal, while I keep getting all the walkers like Ob or Jace and I'm lucky if I have ONE mana of their color
PhoenixMelior: seth_erickson they could have legitimately DC'd. But yeah.
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CommanderCrossing: Ooo Adam solo stream
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frozenphoenix7: On the upside Adam, I downloaded Dauntless. Haven't tried it yet though, busy on other stuff, but hopefully gonna give it a go soon.
gnome_friend: Gekyouryuu wait, there are planeswalkers in momir?
ThorSokar: yikes
ArcOfTheConclave: 1=/=20 at mythic chams
xenagosthesatyr: Mowu wants go go planeswalkies
PhoenixMelior: what's the island/mountain split?
MalenkyMalchick: Keep
Gekyouryuu: @gnome_friend in the version right now, yes. you make creatures like normal in momir and also have ALL 36 war walkers in your deck
ThorSokar: risky keep
PhoenixMelior: mmm, yeah that's risky
frozenphoenix7: Ship it
ProcrastianArt: I had symptoms like that, turns out i have hypothyroidism (underactive Thyroid)
Earthenone: risk it, aquire the biscuit
PhoenixMelior: it's more likely that you will rip a mountain
blitzdragoon: ouch
gnome_friend: Goodbye Saheeli
ThorSokar: that doesn't feel good
graal_smith: Dump it
Martin_FcG: top, try on the next 2 draws?
frozenphoenix7: Gotta do it, but it stinks.
ProcrastianArt: Do we have shuffle?
MalenkyMalchick: Keep saheele
graal_smith: See, right move
MilkInBag: LUL
gnome_friend: lrrAWW
blitzdragoon: ouch
rasterscan: fffffff
ThorSokar: OH NO
PhoenixMelior: ouch ouch
graal_smith: barbCmon
Martin_FcG: 4 more mountains :P
ProcrastianArt: F
candydude1: BibleThump
frozenphoenix7: Some things never change.
Hellishdream: Rough.
GallowsCat: that had to hurt
krimsonkevin: Ooooooof
xenagosthesatyr: clip of the day right there
thanzo: Dang
ninja_theory_ashrams: call James in to draw land
graal_smith: Well, Imma make a bad decision after your bad decision of keeping that hand.
Martin_FcG: Cam would have a laugh at that.
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is why I hate this game sometimes, you made no wrong plays and you can still just get totally dicked
blitzdragoon: i think this is over
frozenphoenix7: Move to scoop step
monakai: Hey fam, how we doing so far?
fritobandeeto: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
gnome_friend: graal_smith... that wasn't a bad decision, just unlucky
MilkInBag: F
blitzdragoon: f
gnome_friend: sergeHi monakai
Earthenone: 5 wins one loss on the day i belive
Hellishdream: This is brutal.
QuantumTwitch: this is a conced and move on :)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ahhh. ouch. Hi Adam, hope this game turns around
fritobandeeto: f
thomturtle: Doing fine. What about you?
thomturtle: Foooood.
midday_rendelnep: might be 2 loses :(
blitzdragoon: TTC time
Earthenone: they probobly want a land?
gnome_friend: Jeskai proliferate/spells
Martin_FcG: 7 cards in hand?
Hellishdream: Yes.
gnome_friend: yes
krimsonkevin: Noooo
dmstiv01: Yes
blitzdragoon: yes
MilkInBag: NEVER
ThorSokar: I think it's time to leave this one
xenagosthesatyr: you're ok
Martin_FcG: concede.
MalenkyMalchick: Not like this, not like this.
blackwlf: I would've already.
QuantumTwitch: always
Jondare: scoop em up
SydPreviouslyHeadache: uhhh. I wouldn't concede yet
ArcOfTheConclave: move to scoop step
gnome_friend: lrrSCOOP
MalenkyMalchick: Yes
krimsonkevin: Move to scoop step
Mehayo: By the rules of Magic, you can concede anytime for any reason
QuantumTwitch: mee to
ReydienOnline: not yet, but it's close
Porsgaard81: Concede away.
Earthenone: does twitch ToS have rules against concecions?
fritobandeeto: lrrDILLY
Earthenone: Kappa
graal_smith: you have no chance to survive make your time
midday_rendelnep: Move Zig for great justice
QuantumTwitch: you are so nice
krimsonkevin: Hold for counter?
swanky_pants20: Adam you are so considerate
Martin_FcG: they could be the bad guy lol
Traion: Adam is a good boi confirmed
xenagosthesatyr: Adam is the sweetest boi
Vampiricsloth: and now the match starts in truth :P
Vampiricsloth: both colors of mana
ninja_theory_ashrams: mostly dead
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh. just, off topic. today i WAR drafted. i went 6-3. with blue green flyers. i was value drafting, but did better than average
blitzdragoon: think your still dead in 2 turns
SydPreviouslyHeadache: than my average*
Martin_FcG: that was rude lol
MilkInBag: maybe they're teasing their cat out of frustration
seth_erickson: I wonder if it's teferi or time wipe that made them splash white
SydPreviouslyHeadache: but u/g flyers. that's not supposed to work, right?
MalenkyMalchick: Opo needs to pee and you are continuing the game.
xenagosthesatyr: I'm sorry Adam
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gnome_friend: lrrHEART
PhoenixMelior: yeah, it can feel bad sometimes
blitzdragoon: go find Graham, make him sit in chair and discuss Bearforceone
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH I'm so excited about Bear commander
gnome_friend: !findquote shred
LRRbot: Quote #4031: "Ma'am, I'm afraid you're not shredding to our satisfaction. You're going to need to shred sicker." —Ian [2017-02-19]
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I can't even play paper magic, but DAMN Modern is sounding so much fun.
seth_erickson: Long live Ayula, Queen among Bears
graal_smith: ha! second blood!
Martin_FcG: I look forawrd to that thing getting totally lost Kappa
ninja_theory_ashrams: epiphany is good here
ThorSokar: epiphany seems great
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Or hear me out, we play Nahiri
gnome_friend: lrrSACK
sifonaonline: Oh.
sifonaonline: OH.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: for 4
I_Am_Clockwork: is honour the God Pharro a bad card?
graal_smith: nice
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i thought we were about to get got
blitzdragoon: turn of events
gnome_friend: @I_Am_Clockwork it's good
I_Am_Clockwork: I guess
Alness49: He can't keep getting away with this!]
swanky_pants20: who else but Adam
I_Am_Clockwork: I feel like I'd much rather a 2 cost spell that donsn't amass
graal_smith: You did
MalenkyMalchick: Dr.Strange watched all your draws an in none of them you blocked.
ArcOfTheConclave: the 1/1 is nice because there is a lot of sack outlets
SydPreviouslyHeadache: better use of our mana, but it's not like they had anything to... main deck topple the statue
Earthenone: i would ship the land, there are plenty of them in the deck
CapnRobert: I dont think it was bad to use honor first really, though id pitch totally lost over the enchantment
graal_smith: Kiww the howsey, Kiww the howsey!
sifonaonline: Ah, so they're dead.
frozenphoenix7: Opponent just ignoring Nahiri.
EMP_Delta: isn't sprint 2 mana?
blitzdragoon: gg
gnome_friend: 1 mana
frozenphoenix7: Single Red @EMP_Delta
CapnRobert: I dont think it was incorrect to play around it
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Legacy based board games are all the rage, so now we have a whole show for them. Game: Pandemic Legacy) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1:32 from now).
CapnRobert: given your hand and board state
MilkInBag: 🦋 was that close
graal_smith: close yeah
MilkInBag: here we go again
Earthenone: i wonder what our bottom 3 are
graal_smith: Begin flooding?
ninja_theory_ashrams: AHINDHI
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Adam, you, specifically you, are the one that convinced me to never take Augar in drafts
MilkInBag: @SydPreviouslyHeadache Jebaited
hippitybobbity: oh snip snap its the magical cards
graal_smith: Schmancy
MalenkyMalchick: Auger is a bad card in most (limited) cases
theeviljaffa: augur was a super late pickup
Robot_Bones: lrrCIRCLE
HondoTrigger: buy the anime sleeves on the lrr account
seth_erickson: it's very much bolas's aesthetic
blitzdragoon: narset
Earthenone: auger into escape
MilkInBag: augur is the best card in limited ever
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Not even him playing it. but seeing his home streams. i'll never forget the opponent who played the same augar 6 times
Earthenone: they might have had it and were greedy
frozenphoenix7: Heartfire seems better.
graal_smith: Time twister auger?
MilkInBag: you play the augur to sacrifice it to heart fire seabatBRAIN
Porsgaard81: You hit?
Robot_Bones: HeartFire! You've been caught up in the Heart Fire HeartFIRE!
sifonaonline: Ah yes, the rager that did 16 damage.
jonasjonIV: I remember that.
ThorSokar: That was great
Earthenone: thow auger at the healer?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i think that was the same day you had the opponent just cycle augar over and over again
ReydienOnline: yeah, that's a prime example of how not to use counterspells in limited
sifonaonline: It could have even done more, but I remember you missed a pump by clicking through to damage too fast.
Earthenone: dismissing it also works
KartoffelKaiser: Dismissal the centaur, flunge?
seth_erickson: I like this new style of event arena is doing
blitzdragoon: go planeswalker
KartoffelKaiser: Then you can sac the 1/1 to fire
Earthenone: dismissal lets them heal again
ThorSokar: Nahiri seems better
I_Am_Clockwork: dismissing he centaur is bad
frozenphoenix7: I kind of want to take Dismissal tbh, even if we're Heartfiring
I_Am_Clockwork: it gains them life on etb
ninja_theory_ashrams: I just noticed that deckmaster works on mobile, noice
MechaKuuga: follow your heart
frozenphoenix7: Just make them have nothing ever actually stick on the board and just get them.
colonelcustard2000: i mean it is a set for planeswalkers
ReydienOnline: I do like that dimissal sets up for the heartfire next turn
graal_smith: His face, his beautiful face!
MilkInBag: did you just break your hand
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MilkInBag: angrath LUL
KartoffelKaiser: Well they dont *have* to. They can die instead Kappa
blitzdragoon: angrath
frozenphoenix7: Angrath you say
ReydienOnline: whelp
I_Am_Clockwork: is this winning?
skeletonman1100: I love and hate this format.
graal_smith: Do eet
jonasjonIV: superfriends, go!
graal_smith: I play muted, so to hear the planeswalker voices is hilarious
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this is a love/hate format
ReydienOnline: yes, it is certainly memorable
TheMandrew: the cards are cool, but actually playing it sucks
gnome_friend: I just love the format
MilkInBag: 10 years? I don't even remember last quarter's set
MalenkyMalchick: But I have opinions on magic, wait Adam is a better magic player then me.
graal_smith: dismissal
blitzdragoon: i hate planeswalkers alot so definite loath of this format
BubbaRad: like Theros?
gnome_friend: It's my favorite since I started playing
ReydienOnline: lol woops
mowdownjoe: womp womp
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hear me out. we could frogify the... no the silverwing
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh ok
TheWooglie: blitzdragoon don't play the momir event then
skeletonman1100: Yeah although I almost milled some one with Fleet Swallowers.
graal_smith: Does the transmutation override the planeswalker's menace?
blitzdragoon: lol
Earthenone: nope
kumatsu: The curse is broken
PinkHoneyCMB: I miss 3x Shadows over Innistrad draft
ReydienOnline: the momir event is WEIRD, adding the planeswalkers totally twists it around from normal
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kumatsu: By the lack of James' Curse
ArcOfTheConclave: that was an interesting aspect of layers. the lack of menace
ReydienOnline: I think I like it, but you gotta go in knowing it's a RANDOM event
seth_erickson: I do to
jinaday: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Legacy based board games are all the rage, so now we have a whole show for them. Game: Pandemic Legacy) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1:27 from now).
frozenphoenix7: I miss SOI and EMN tbh.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: today Amy talked about her feelings on planeswalkers, and dang I agreed with her
xenagosthesatyr: I started in Theros, but I didn't start drafting until Dominaria
MilkInBag: you mean Innistrad? OpieOP
frozenphoenix7: They were sweet.
gnome_friend: My favorites are WAR, KLD, and DOM
PinkHoneyCMB: Madness and Clues were such fun draft mechanics
gnome_friend: sergeMoly
texasman208: I definitely do, which is why I usually play with a bourbon
MalenkyMalchick: War has been my season on Arena and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.
blitzdragoon: i enjoyed oath
frozenphoenix7: Madness decks were my shit. Madness and Delirium.
itsr67: kaladesh x 3 was pretty fun
GallowsCat: lucky tree <3
blitzdragoon: bfz was good too
weff47: whenever I get upset while playing I just take it out in a match with Sparky.
EMP_Delta: I like the one of eldritch bc if you pulled a lili it was nice woopsISee
senshi5609: my que went from 7 minuets to 180+ for dauntless
Hellishdream: My first Draft was Kamigawa. It was...interesting.
Robot_Bones: I pity the youths who will no longer know such joys
ArcOfTheConclave: the UG clues deck is the first draft that I ever had to worry about decking every game.
sifonaonline: I loved GRN because everyone avoided Golgari like the plague. Fitting, I guess, but it was always super open.
Earthenone: of the recent sets i think i enjoyed 3gatecreash and 3theroes more
thomturtle: WTF.... I just got out aggroed.
xenagosthesatyr: this has been my favorite so far, though I did love Dominaria
ninja_theory_ashrams: I have simple tastes, give me a good old fashioned core set draft any day
SydPreviouslyHeadache: despite being sorcery, Callous dismissal is one of my favorite bounce spells
thomturtle: Shadows is my jam. I'm a weirdo.
kumatsu: I wanna see Adam build a full block Theros sealed pool that has a God Pack
sifonaonline: Lorwyn is probably my favorite on the whole though.
kumatsu: that seems fun to me
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blitzdragoon: its min otaur time
Indirnys: 2x Time Spiral + 1x Planar Chaos best draft format, don't @ me
sifonaonline: And permutation of Lorwyn is just the best.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I saw some Monstrous is coming back in MH
thomturtle: Not because of that, just because it's true. lol
sifonaonline: Any*
gnome_friend: @Indirnys
colonelcustard2000: 3/3 with haste and menace seems pretty good
xenagosthesatyr: I've always wanted to play Lorwyn
gnome_friend: lrrBEEJ
frozenphoenix7: I liked drafting Core Set 2014 at my LGS. It wasn't a good format, because Blue was insanely overpowered compared to the rest of the set, and White was abysmal, but no one at my LGS ever drafted white, so I always ended up with like 3 Serra Angels.
MalenkyMalchick: 3x Khans the first time when 5c morph was new.
HondoTrigger: dont say sets from 2007 are old, it was only 5 years ago
Kumakaori: have... have we improved on Adam's 3-15 run, or whatever it was from Twitter?.
sifonaonline: Oh ew, twisting angrath next turn
ProcrastianArt: 1x Theros, 1x BOTG, 1x Nyx lrrHEART
Diabore: and theyre gonna concede
HondoTrigger: bop it.....pull it...twist it...
Earthenone: i really enjoyed the sealed leauge with theroes and core in it
gnome_friend: eat it!
ProcrastianArt: When do we get return to Theros?
ninja_theory_ashrams: full block theros drafting red, eat shit for 2 packs, and clean up pack 3
PinkHoneyCMB: Unstable is also super fun and actually deep if you have a group of experienced players
Earthenone: when the wanderer takes off her mask
frozenphoenix7: I would like to go back to THS and have Heliod kill more people <_<
I_Am_Clockwork: personally, I really hope they do a bunch of new planes before we go somewhere we've been before
gnome_friend: Transmute the skylord?
Earthenone: make the lord a 1/1 vannila?
seth_erickson: Man Angrath is a great character
colonelcustard2000: flooding out
kumatsu: Ground the Skylord seems good, yeah
blitzdragoon: oh look a transformation
mowdownjoe: Frog the Skylord?
frozenphoenix7: Well luckily the next world we're going to is a new one @I_Am_Clockwork
frozenphoenix7: (After Core 2020)
Pikaminer1245: Ever see water burn?
AtomicAlchemical: dovin
CapnRobert: make it bigger dovan and sit back I think
the_gentleman_crow: u aren't playing momir vig
mowdownjoe: Dovin first.
colonelcustard2000: prevent damage on spider?
DoktorNik: dovin will protect you against their army
ThorSokar: wait a turn?
MalenkyMalchick: Lorwyn constructed was more fun then limited and it’s my favourite set.
ProcrastianArt: What's everyone's favourite Theros block God?
Earthenone: athreos
I_Am_Clockwork: they just block with the spider?
gr33nfir350: ephara
blackwlf: Don't they just block with the spider now?
Earthenone: mu commander
Laserbeaks_Fury: Mena ce
HesGotNoPants: phenax benginDab
I_Am_Clockwork: ah right
gnome_friend: ProcrastianArt flavorwise Karametra, playwise maybe Keranos?
EMP_Delta: keranos was fav
I_Am_Clockwork did a small brain there
Robot_Bones: Pherika
KartoffelKaiser: Purphoros for me, because he was the first commander deck I built.
blackwlf: Ah, right. Menache.
Pikaminer1245: !card fiery temper
LRRbot: Fiery Temper [1RR] | Instant | Fiery Temper deals 3 damage to any target. / Madness {R}
ProcrastianArt: My best draft from Theros block was pulling Ashiok in the prerelease, and actually milling...
xenagosthesatyr: I liked Kruphix best
DoktorNik: OMG Bear Commander?!?
ElektroTal: TAH me yo.
gnome_friend: sergeHi ElektroTal
TheWooglie: I've attacked into a Dovin'ed creature before lrrAWW
Earthenone: my best draft was ordealing the favored hoplite. cant ask for more
ThorSokar: I wonder if this format will be looked back on as fondly as Theros
HesGotNoPants: bear force 1 launches
ProcrastianArt: Curve ended at 3 - heroic mechanic though
krimsonkevin: Cower before Bear Force One!
Earthenone: Tommy-O
jonasjonIV: as a wise man once said "so its death then"
Formerly_Beef: tam-E-O
KartoffelKaiser: Thomas Oh
BubbaRad: Tommy End
HondoTrigger: Karen O
krimsonkevin: Bill
blackwlf: I always thought it was pronounced Steve.
itsr67: tommy! yo!
ninja_theory_ashrams: In my last draft of Born, Theros, Theros, I opened chromanticore pack 1 pick 1 and went all in
Earthenone: perfect card 10/10
KartoffelKaiser: Auger drew us a real spell PogChamp
Raithencore235: The wise man fears three things, the sea at storm, the night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man
sifonaonline: Block, giant growth.
HondoTrigger: did we heartfire yet?
MalenkyMalchick: The draft you did with LRR full block theros, first pick Keranos is one of the most entertaining drafts I’ve seen.
ThorSokar: seems right
ReydienOnline: maybe toss the nahiri and just dig for heartfire, yeah
HondoTrigger: I was right PogChamp
ProcrastianArt: I miss Gary merchant
KartoffelKaiser: damn
Earthenone: damn
HondoTrigger: WE DIGGIN
gnome_friend: pls
A_Dub888: rayfkSanic
Gekyouryuu: dunno if anyone here is into Nioh, but apparently the alpha test for Nioh 2 starts tomorrow
KartoffelKaiser: Save us heartfire, you're our only hope
ZaneReichley: I hope devotion comes back. it was such a fun mechanic
WrightJustice: boo
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH my
Raithencore235: I did a WAR draft recently and was in U/G, then opened Oketra pack 2. Went into Bant and did VERY well
Invitare: sure is a watery looking heartfire
HondoTrigger: ADAM
Earthenone: Ooops
sifonaonline: Oops.
Pangogie: :O
krimsonkevin: WHA-
Ferisar: brain too big
Spiritreaver: oh dear
swanky_pants20: noooooooo
I_Am_Clockwork: alas
blitzdragoon: play of the game....for the opponent
colonelcustard2000: F
ThorSokar: that's an oops
gnome_friend: !pubg
LRRbot: Comrade Unknown's Ideology Grounds
krimsonkevin: F
GallowsCat: shockedpikachu.png
PhoenixMelior: oops whoops
blackwlf: lrrSCOOP
PinkHoneyCMB: aw beans
HondoTrigger: ??????
HesGotNoPants: clip
KartoffelKaiser: Even if it was 6 why did you hit the 4/6 instead of the 5/6?
Earthenone: if you thought it was 6, why not kill the 5;6
blitzdragoon: conceed
WrightJustice: benginFacepalm
CapnRobert: its ok
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
MalenkyMalchick: It did not matter.
CapnRobert: misplays happen
MilkInBag: SwiftRage
ninja_theory_ashrams: I don't think less of you, Adam. You're still big brain
Raithencore235: Shame concede?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we're not dead yet
Tobbns: Shit happens
PhoenixMelior: don't apologise to twitch chat. We're not worth it
gnome_friend: You don't need to apologize
KartoffelKaiser: You dont need to apologize its fine :)
weff47: Adam earlier: "Magic is hard, we all make mistakes."
jonasjonIV: lure op into false sense of security, draw heart-fire.
ProcrastianArt: Its the dominant play
KartoffelKaiser: <3 <3 <3 TakeNRG
HondoTrigger: we're adam's difficulty friend
HondoTrigger: *difficult
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
HondoTrigger: they misclicked
KartoffelKaiser: Opponent's getting pizza PogChamp
xenagosthesatyr: Twitch Chat loves you Adam!
MilkInBag: heart of the (card) fire
MalenkyMalchick: Come on.
PhoenixMelior: opponent's skip the dishes human is just outside
Tobbns: Even the opponent is ashamed and gifts you another turn to make up for the misplay :D
blitzdragoon: might pull this off still
HondoTrigger: it IS a blocker tho
ThorSokar: Mom was like "Dinner's ready" 'I'm playing a game mom!' "GET OUT HERE NOW"
krimsonkevin: Birb
Earthenone: thats a new wincon right?
HondoTrigger: I can't pause it mom it's an online game
MilkInBag: you have 50% chance
blackwlf: Better than that because of the cards you bottomed.
KartoffelKaiser: All we need to do is crit :)
frozenphoenix7: Well the bottom 2 aren't Heartfire.
MilkInBag: either you do or you don't
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ProcrastianArt: Never tell me the odds...
ninja_theory_ashrams: no concessions, op might d/c
PhoenixMelior: you can check
frozenphoenix7: Land
HondoTrigger: they didnt attack again!
KartoffelKaiser: Opponent doesnt see the line PogChamp
weff47: 1/14 chance now?
frozenphoenix7: Narset into Heartfire works as well,
krimsonkevin: Why is op not attacking
PhoenixMelior: they must think you're holding something
HondoTrigger: courage in crisis blows us out here with bastion
KartoffelKaiser: we've got a 33 and a third chance of winnin, but Heartfire's a genetic FREAK
KartoffelKaiser: and its not normal
MilkInBag: woof
Earthenone: do we have a way to bounce our homie?
Raithencore235: I think Courage in Crisis is a pretty good spell in the set
ninja_theory_ashrams: dead and dead
blitzdragoon: i think they swing away and win
HondoTrigger: CMON
blitzdragoon: really
Porsgaard81: Schhh
Tobbns: THe tension is killing me!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: attacks are for maths
Invitare: anything
sifonaonline: Opponent is the most cautious person I've ever seen.
ninja_theory_ashrams: op is a fan, maybe?
MilkInBag: OP is a cat next to water
KartoffelKaiser: ? ? ? ? ? ?
jonasjonIV: oh.
HondoTrigger: seabatBRAIN
krimsonkevin: <message deleted>Op is punting
Raithencore235: Hands up!
jonasjonIV: NO!
HondoTrigger: woof
WrightJustice: damn
MalenkyMalchick: Get there!
swanky_pants20: ooooooooffff
HondoTrigger: they gave us so many chances
seth_erickson: Can you believe there are people down playing mox tantalite. I don't understand, what do you want people.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: dang
Anubis169: we got a veto on that word yo manYES
MalenkyMalchick: :(
krimsonkevin: MY bad
Anubis169: all good manLOVE
Pikaminer1245: is there a Friday Night Paper fight this week? If so what type of magic format?
HondoTrigger: you own a farm?
kyp_dorrun: what was the out?
Earthenone: fnpf is coldsnap sealed
KartoffelKaiser: @seth_erickson It's not that good tbh. Modern is a very fast format and getting an extra mana on turn 3 is usually not worth a card
blitzdragoon: keep
CannedWolf: i blame James
KartoffelKaiser: Like lotus bloom exists and it's not widely played
Earthenone: well coldsnap starter deck sealed
Alness49: @HondoTrigger He did Kappa
frozenphoenix7: Worth please
Spiritreaver: stop the banehound, oh dear
blitzdragoon: which weird
Pikaminer1245: I donate a Izzet guildgate
Earthenone: narset look at the bottom 4 cards, gain 3 life
CapnRobert: hes got one card in hand
CapnRobert: you got this
CapnRobert: uhg
blitzdragoon: ughh
Earthenone: black white skies seems real good here :)
DoktorNik: Modern horizons is getting Storm?
Earthenone: yes, but not THAT storm
MilkInBag: the OTHER storm
blackwlf: Crow Storm?
malc: !badadvice
MalenkyMalchick: On board dead
colonelcustard2000: keep in mind they can buff with war screecher
Pikaminer1245: what type of deck are you playing?
MalenkyMalchick: Opo did not see the line
frozenphoenix7: Transmute the 2/3, Heartfire the Griffin?
Earthenone: saheli and chuck narset at the grifon?
Pikaminer1245: Took me until now to realize that you're drafting
midday_rendelnep: katesRip
Earthenone: !birb
LRRbot: Tweet, twe-twe-tweet, tweet, squawk!
frozenphoenix7: Outburst now does nothing.
p_johnston: oddly appropriate draw.
blitzdragoon: remove flyer
krimsonkevin: Birbs OP
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shadowypenguin: transmute the birds you can block the non nonflying
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Invitare: Totally Lost the other bird then No Escape it when they try to put it back in?
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Earthenone: we can lost on their turn i guess?
Spiritreaver: :(
frozenphoenix7: Honestly, feels like we couldn't lose if we had hit land 4 on time
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frozenphoenix7: I don't think it was all that greedy tbh.
Diabore: self mill!
colonelcustard2000: Jace lul
p_johnston: ooo jace.
Ferisar: mind sculpt into jace being the smart play
blackwlf: Smart vs Fun
theeviljaffa: jace into ashiok
krimsonkevin: Fun it is
theeviljaffa: damn
frozenphoenix7: Jace is just good anyway.
Earthenone: dismissal to stay blue?
MilkInBag: you're secretly green
blitzdragoon: dismissal
colonelcustard2000: prison realm pretty good
PhoenixMelior: I mean blue white is good
Ferisar: you're secretly mono-blue
PhoenixMelior: well hello there
blitzdragoon: no escape
RealGamerCow: I thought Jace's voice was Graham for a minute.
ProcrastianArt: Never punished
PhoenixMelior: we mono blue?
Invitare: Charmed Stray :3
Gbot92: do it!
sifonaonline: Mono-blue, here we go!
xenagosthesatyr: I like no escape (thar came out wrong
blitzdragoon: time twist
PhoenixMelior: oh we mono blue.
Takani42: bully?
krimsonkevin: Aid I think
Takani42: yeah, toll is strong
Ferisar: toll's good
blitzdragoon: transmute
Texan_Reverend: Toll has overperformed
frozenphoenix7: Toll is good, Black is better than White.
EvilBadman: time to play the toll troll
PhoenixMelior: I still think you could easily go white
sifonaonline: Guild globe that late isn't bad, since you're not giving up much for splash safety.
blitzdragoon: is no one white
frozenphoenix7: So Cruelty.
PhoenixMelior: hard to argue with Cruelty
Earthenone: dismissal?
Ferisar: white kinda weak it feels like
frozenphoenix7: Geeeez this pack.
MuffinsOnAHill: Wow.
theeviljaffa: spicy pack alert
MilkInBag: aven eternal is bae
frozenphoenix7: Dismissal, Eternal, Ob? Yikes.
PhoenixMelior: take the uncommon right?
blitzdragoon: dismissal
xenagosthesatyr: the cruelty was a sign. take the man himself!
deyja429: We on Mono Adam today?
frozenphoenix7: Kind of just want to take Eternal tbh.
ninja_theory_ashrams: eternal
deyja429: Also Mizzium semms OK.
Gbot92: I like eternal here
Earthenone: ob is better in aggro than jace
PhoenixMelior: so the aven?
RevolverRossalot: I'm into the aven here
Rioxcon: ob is pretty good
Invitare: you have one creature
MilkInBag: you always like hands with an eternal in it
Zmpowell: finisher
deyja429: No escape looks good.
Earthenone: vessal to splash bolas?
Gbot92: Finisher's dece
jadamelio: A crush is fine
PhoenixMelior: we just want all Ashiok now
deyja429: Skulker is dangerous.
Invitare: Fourth Charmed Stray. Missed opportunity
Zmpowell: do it
Zmpowell: you could wierd
MilkInBag: I'd take plaza before
ensiferous3: triple U though
blitzdragoon: toll
Earthenone: visionary is more on theme?
frozenphoenix7: Take it wheel a Globe or a Plaza. We got this <_<
deyja429: Plaza or Werid.
79 raiders from benjamin_wheeler have joined!
MalenkyMalchick: 3rd toll
Oghara: hey adam
EOstby: benjam40Cowboymulder benjam40Cowboymulder benjam40Cowboymulder
heckingjen: howdy bitches
PhoenixMelior: raid, party of 79?
RevolverRossalot: You're not giving up much for Guardmage
Paranundrox: benjam40Cowboymulder benjam40Cowboymulder benjam40Cowboymulder
MuffinsOnAHill: Get raided!
Gnrt: benjam40Yee benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40Haw
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Diabore: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw
frozenphoenix7: Weird or Guardmage imo
blast_shark: benjam40Smugmulder Howdy benjam40Cowboymulder
Lazarus_18: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw
ninja_theory_ashrams: I enjoy a looter
heckingjen: toll is amazing
deardorff69: RIDE EM COWWW POKES
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: jrhwhiBeautifulPig benjam40Yee benjam40Haw jrhwhiBeautifulPig benjam40Yee benjam40Haw jrhwhiBeautifulPig
WolfgangCloud: We're HERE! benjam40JuzamMulder
theeviljaffa: howdy boys how was the cowboy magic
heckingjen: its the best card in the set
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Paranundrox: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw benjam40Cowboymulder
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Earthenone: our homie!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: meowdy
blitzdragoon: augur
Bandyflounder: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw
Blasteg: my deckmaster twitch plug in is acting weird... it's showing other card in the pack other than the one I hovered on
Ferisar: big aug
croisvoix1: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw benjam40Yee benjam40Haw
deyja429: Paid off with Augur too.
frozenphoenix7: Titebreaker?
frozenphoenix7: Tithebearer*
heckingjen: yeet-haw
Kramburger: *The Wheeler will remember this*
MalenkyMalchick: Not enough for auger to be playable
benjamin_wheeler: look you don't have to shout me out every time (not gonna stop you), but I'm just passing these people onto some good magic
RevolverRossalot: Augur kinda works
Earthenone: more hits than no escape
deyja429: It's like we don't even need pack 3.
frozenphoenix7: Liliana
Rioxcon: lilliana
MilkInBag: that 6 mana instant that amass
Ferisar: you found it
Earthenone: lrrSACK
heckingjen: oh hey
deyja429: Welp.
frozenphoenix7: CALLED IT
Rioxcon: !!
WrightJustice: waow
MilkInBag: Jebaited Jebaited Jebaited
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
Rioxcon: amazing
skeletonman1100: Yes!
Zmpowell: oh my god
blitzdragoon: lilliana
DarthRagnar815: lrrWOW
A_Dub888: YOOOOO
swanky_pants20: do it
theeviljaffa: wow this game seems easy
ProcrastianArt: Never punished
Blasteg: slam it
RevolverRossalot: Get the sleeve!????
MilkInBag: we're losing for sure
benjamin_wheeler: EASY MONEY
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i mean, we gotta right?
shadowypenguin: what are you waiting for take it
m0nkeyrama: What a good thing to tune in to seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Invitare: Or maybe. And just hear me out. Statue
WonderfulGlory: Nice nice nice nice nice
WrightJustice: benginHype benginHype benginHype benginDab
Gbot92: lrrWOW
puppykissesss: Streamer luck!
Zmpowell: yes
m0nkeyrama: How've the games been going today?
blackwlf: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
EvilBadman: You do
deardorff69: YEEEEE HAWWWW
Zmpowell: omg
ArcOfTheConclave: take the spell
shadowypenguin: yes
Ferisar: time to smellder
blitzdragoon: yes'
shadowypenguin: yes you do
skeletonman1100: go for it
KartoffelKaiser: Oppertunist is not bad
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I think at this point we're cutting jace?
Zmpowell: the ult on lil
MilkInBag: liliana = lose round 1 to flood
KartoffelKaiser: Elderspell is real nice
colonelcustard2000: elderspell to ult liliana
Ferisar: wtfff
shadowypenguin: yes
KartoffelKaiser: YES
blitzdragoon: yes
bulletproofbanana: yessss
shadowypenguin: also wtf
Zmpowell: yes
deyja429: Oh yeha it is. Also with our Amass.
RevolverRossalot: Spicy!
Gbot92: DO EET!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: pack 3to the rescue
heckingjen: aid!
frozenphoenix7: Aid the Fallen easy
TheSeraphman: pack 3 where it's all kicking off
Ferisar: hard pivot for parhelion def.
KartoffelKaiser: hard pivot white and play parhelion Kappa
deyja429: Dovin
blitzdragoon: dovin
Gekyouryuu: so, I just looked at the latest Modern Horizons spoilers. who's taking bets on Graham trying to force Bear Force One for the PPR?
xenagosthesatyr: anybody else hear "f***s channeler"?
drcthulu: dovin
Earthenone: dovin, chumper of better walkers
blitzdragoon: time twist
ProcrastianArt: @Earthenone Hahahaha
deyja429: You sure you aren't just playing constructed Adam?
frozenphoenix7: Plaza imo
Ferisar: yeeee
m0nkeyrama: Seems good
KartoffelKaiser: Check creatures?
Gbot92: Dovin with the soul read
Zmpowell: this is one hell of a draft
KartoffelKaiser: We might need bully or extractor
WonderfulGlory: Jokes on you Dovin, picking you was the mistake
Ferisar: lol this deck curve
seth_erickson: extractor gives us life
m0nkeyrama: LUL the count laugh
Earthenone: creatures? in 2019?
Evochron13: i heard a graham
Earthenone: we play walkers and tokens here
colonelcustard2000: charity extractor for blocking out damage
blitzdragoon: graham
WonderfulGlory: Math checks out
theeviljaffa: ah ah ah
sifonaonline: That... sure, yep.
KartoffelKaiser: I don't think liliana counts as that many creatures but we're not in desparate need
Igknight24: plaza for triple u
KartoffelKaiser: I'd go for extractor
shadowypenguin: look at your sideboard I think you have a veto or two
SerGarretCameron: extractor also buys time.
swanky_pants20: that's not a curve that a mound
deyja429: Also who wants to take on the responsibility of building the Creatureless Cube?
RevolverRossalot: I really hope you get to Elderspell your own Dovin to ultimate Lili.
deyja429: Hound for curve?
KartoffelKaiser: I like skulker
Earthenone: beacon is fixing
Earthenone: and healing
Igknight24: hound?
KartoffelKaiser: It blocks well and kills them
Ferisar: yea but fixing for what
Evochron13: you really don't care about turn 1 plays normally
seth_erickson: the beacon is decent here for saving us life for the long game
jadamelio: Beacon doesn't work for our PWs
KartoffelKaiser: Banehound is not a magic card.
Raithencore235: I feel like "2 3 4 8, who do we appreciate. PLANESWALKERS!"
m0nkeyrama: Getting 5 drops Kreygasm
Zmpowell: wall
MilkInBag: crush twitch chat
Ferisar: seems biased to me
Ferisar: against crush dissent
deyja429: Do we need Giant?
m0nkeyrama: Wall of runes Kappa
Zmpowell: this deck is bonkers IMO
KartoffelKaiser: No Escape is basically dreadbore.
seth_erickson: maybe lose augur
Greyah: Amass spells are kind of creatures though.
CapnRobert: the 1 draft I got liliana I never saw her I had a solid deck and won 5 times anyway
Raithencore235: Cut Elderspell?
deyja429: Looks sweet!
KartoffelKaiser: I wouldn't run the elderspell maindeck
MilkInBag: the duduspell
EvilBadman: Do it, why not
KartoffelKaiser: but idk im not a draft cop
m0nkeyrama: You've got lili, what more could you ask for
frozenphoenix7: Deck's perfect, going 1-2
Igknight24: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4
WonderfulGlory: I always find time twist stuck in my hand
Earthenone: auger will draw at least one card with liliana in play
RevolverRossalot: And Augur buys you time
seth_erickson: running 42 cards he's a madman
KartoffelKaiser: Time Twist is a bit awkward when so many of our creatures are tokens, but that's ok with the number of planeswalkers we have
m0nkeyrama: Elderspell in hand Kreygasm
MalenkyMalchick: No escape is sort of a blue Doom blade
Earthenone: toll to see the pws you are about to kill
MilkInBag: the elderspell cant even kill a spider DansGame
benperterkofsky: Yeah Magic! This game is fun if I remember
Donutholez: SPIDERRRR
m0nkeyrama: It can kill spiders that are planeswalkers 👀
KartoffelKaiser: I'd take nurturer.
frozenphoenix7: Oh well hi Sarkhan.
seth_erickson: you take sarkhan
EvilBadman: The greed
KartoffelKaiser: They're never casting that sarkhan.
bulletproofbanana: dude just take sarkhan I think
frozenphoenix7: Funny to see you here.
Ferisar: just elder spell sarkhan
colonelcustard2000: elderspell
m0nkeyrama: They
m0nkeyrama: are so off red
MilkInBag: you're not finishing this game soon, maybe take sarkhan
shadowypenguin: they don't have a red source
ShadeofHades: They're gonna get a red eventually
KartoffelKaiser: We also have the elderspell
xenagosthesatyr: what's new in the world of wrestling? sidewalk slam got me interested but I haven't had a chance to actually follow anything
deardorff69: Sark
bulletproofbanana: *immediately dies to sarkhan*
Earthenone: sarkhan is a 4/4 in a million turns
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We can cast any old spell to deal with Sarkhan.
m0nkeyrama: oh
KartoffelKaiser: Now that we know they have sarkhan, we can hold the elderspell for it.
TheMandrew: oh jeez, just hit niv mizzet in momir, and drew three planeswalkers off it
Ferisar: easy 2 PWs for elder spell
sifonaonline: They're walking right into it.
MilkInBag: a friendly duel? what is this, yugioh?
deyja429: See Adam everything is Grvay Train without James around.
PinkHoneyCMB: Jiang is such a golden retriever of a planeswalker
deyja429: Dovin?
m0nkeyrama: Hi Graham!
Earthenone: hey G
frozenphoenix7: Hi G
TehAmelie: oh hi
Earthenone: how were the mines?
blitzdragoon: YES
Evochron13: Graham!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Hi Graham!
jonasjonIV: Graham!
MilkInBag: an editor is never late
Damagicsausage: The G
Captainfuse: A wild Graham appears
Evochron13: finally a second pilot
ElektroTal: the grahamfather appears
ProcrastianArt: Hey Graham!
Robot_Bones: Graham Fresh off the road
ElektroTal: you Bearly made it
blitzdragoon: Graham we need to talk bearforceone
chadtastic112: GRAHAM! The legendary bear!!!
xenagosthesatyr: hi Graham!
KartoffelKaiser: You can keep them off their mana
deardorff69: YEEEEEHAWWW
swanky_pants20: BEAR FORCE 1!!!!
benperterkofsky: Graham are you excited about the bears in modern horizons
theeviljaffa: obligatory "is roadquest done"
Traion: Graham! Adam is refusing to Momir! Even though Momir has insane value!
ShadeofHades: Heya Graham. Good work on the Panalysts!
frozenphoenix7: Can't cast Sarkhan if they kill off Jiang
Dread_Pirate_Westley: No, because they won't have a Yangu anymore.
MilkInBag: liliana btw
Earthenone: if jiang would lose static to do that
MalenkyMalchick: Greetings
arcaneemperor: they have to draw mountain to cast sarkhan
m0nkeyrama: could also kill the dragon sarkhan summons and the elderspell
ZaneReichley: If Jiang dies, then they cant tap for mana
Soul1355: if he dies placing the counter then they can't make mana though
Ferisar: autotap wants to keep up elder spell i guess
KartoffelKaiser: You can also buy back toll and take the sarkhan
KartoffelKaiser: Just to GET them
gamercat88: well hello gentlemen, how goes it doctors?
frozenphoenix7: No, you didn't.
seth_erickson: Graham you look a little disheveled
frozenphoenix7: You can Plan then activate her.
benperterkofsky: No more Goreclaw Mr. Stark
aiamethyst: don't they turn grey when they are activated?
Earthenone: plansminia
dart111: no numbers are grey if you have
Mr_F4ll0ut: the loyalty number goes gray after you activate
MilkInBag: but did you go into the pool?
W0NT0M: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:04:15.
HondoTrigger: why did editing road quest require you to go to the pool Kappa
m0nkeyrama: You would've had a summoning sick wiard if you'd activated Kasmina
OakPi: Sounds like fun
frozenphoenix7: Put Jace below Plating? So he doesn't get Toll'd?
m0nkeyrama: wizard*
TheWooglie: Isn't everything with a toddler exhausting?
deyja429: Naw. We are good.
KartoffelKaiser: Can you play the plaza this turn?
SnowBuddy18: that does sound exhausting
HondoTrigger: ramen o/
KartoffelKaiser: We have an open mana
Earthenone: we can plaza this turn
tehfewl: plaza first
m0nkeyrama: Hello @HondoTrigger
OakPi: "cooking, with a toddler"
benperterkofsky: We need to talk about bear force one Graham
m0nkeyrama: I got here late NotLikeThis
OakPi: "filing, with a toddler"
ArcOfTheConclave: who do you mill?
WonderfulGlory: You're so ahead this game, they have no chance
EvilBadman: Well, you've got a brand\
Kykiwi: people like the memes
HondoTrigger: mill them or you cant block warriors
fehlbrandschwele: unintentional bear puns?
commandergreven85: Hi Graham. Hi Adam
m0nkeyrama: yooo
frozenphoenix7: Mill your opponent. You're still just drawing infinite cards off Jace.
benperterkofsky: Bear with me
bulletproofbanana: holy crap
TheWooglie: Smooth
gamercat88: nice
MalenkyMalchick: Nice pun Adam
ElektroTal: if you aren't running Bruse Tarl, is it really a bear deck
OakPi: nice
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
bulletproofbanana: so uh they DO have some good stuff in their deck
Earthenone: the soul reads
jonasjonIV: nice
tehfewl: mill them, is always the answer
aBoredBarista: seabatTROG
arcaneemperor: also notably, they're 4 color
dart111: they are 4 color?!
theeviljaffa: Magic is so easy
KartoffelKaiser: Well they couldn't cast the tamiyo but still PogChamp
m0nkeyrama: That new stained glass art is great
Alness49: sergeHolyMoly
itsr67: time for a secondary modern horizons friday nights with graham piloting bear force one
sekunder: i haven't had time to play magic in forever (dissertating will do that to you) but conveniently i'll be defending right around when horizons comes out and i am SO EXCITED
RevolverRossalot: That our Elderspell waiting for a target :(
gamercat88: also can we say "Mill" to the tune of Bill Nye the Science Guy
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Scar_Red_Tiger: Autotap wants you to rip off Elderspell?
arcaneemperor: 4 color too strong in this format from op @LoadingReadyRun
bulletproofbanana: dovin first
bulletproofbanana: so you can proliferate him!
andy_reeed: What if we made a new version of Twilight with the Vampires and werewolves from MTG
Earthenone: ulting jace seems bad
angreesloth: ADAM'S HEEEEEEERE!!!!
Earthenone: we have too many cards in deck
KartoffelKaiser: Oh no that oppertunist is gonna kill us
Earthenone: and in hand
Paranundrox: keep Jace around
benperterkofsky: I’m ready for Coldsnap starter decks
OakPi: Him not playing anything makes me a tad nervous....
KartoffelKaiser: You don't even lose jace
m0nkeyrama: Ulting Jace is pretty fun
Ken_Domo: Hey my friend is getting back into MtG, and he's still learning optimization. What's a good format/product that reduces my just facerolling him and him quitting? @LoadingReadyRun
KartoffelKaiser: Yes.
frozenphoenix7: If we draw Liliana, we can just Elder Spell to get counters on her <_<
MilkInBag: HAHA
angreesloth: OOOF
KartoffelKaiser: Still got there.
Paranundrox: jesus
TheSeraphman: that's a lotta lands
m0nkeyrama: Spicy seabatTROG
Paranundrox: is James in the room?
blackwlf: So, yeah, you did want to draw 7.
bulletproofbanana: "oooooooof" --opponent
Earthenone: well we know what to get rid of to hand size
KartoffelKaiser: We need to get rid of that oppertunist.
TheWooglie: oshiOof those James lands
angreesloth: is this a draft? man i wish i had this luck.
frozenphoenix7: If we get to untap, I think we kill our own Dovin and Jace to ult Lili <_<
Earthenone: we can elderspell dovin to ult lili
bulletproofbanana: god that voice acting
Kykiwi: totally fair magic
itsr67: constructed this is
Paranundrox: Cataclysm
Earthenone: just need one
HondoTrigger: DO IT
midday_rendelnep: that's HOW you beat jame's curse
EvilBadman: it's 2x
bulletproofbanana: :(
angreesloth: DOOO EET
Paranundrox: also, don't you only need to Spell on Dovin
Earthenone: you get 3 counters
Paranundrox: @LoadingReadyRun you only need to kill Dovin to do it
arcaneemperor: you can kill just dovin and ult lili @LoadingReadyRun
midday_rendelnep: *James'
angreesloth: oh hey ben
bulletproofbanana: you can just cast two noncreature spells
bulletproofbanana: that will do it
deardorff69: DOOOOO IT
Earthenone: only costs dovin
seth_erickson: Hi Ben
dart111: just lazo
OakPi: This sounds absurd
jonasjonIV: eh...
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Meh. Just -4 her.
deardorff69: DO IT
benperterkofsky: Ben!!!!
Earthenone: you get 3 counters with elderspell
Ken_Domo: +1 everything
bulletproofbanana: yeah flux channeler gets us there
abra_kadabra1: Can you say "Trans Rights" Ben?
benperterkofsky: Ben how was chicken and waffles
BlandSpice: Proliferate by casting your other spells instead?
Kykiwi: You have jace
MilkInBag: how do you call a herd of planeswalkers
m0nkeyrama: Looping removal
Kykiwi: you cant loose
Dix: good lord
frozenphoenix7: Activate Jace too
m0nkeyrama: gross
theeviljaffa: jace yoursef
KartoffelKaiser: Hold plating and no escape
seth_erickson: also activate jace
EvilBadman: elderspell, kill two walkers get 4 counters ult jace?
blitzdragoon: this is insane
Earthenone: elder dovin to jace again
EvilBadman: Elderspell gets 2 counters per PW
bulletproofbanana: literally why
frozenphoenix7: This is great.
HondoTrigger: Jace's static has the lab man effect
arcaneemperor: rekt
OakPi: dude, stop with the elderspell
m0nkeyrama: wow
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Ferisar: jesus
Ferisar: christ
m0nkeyrama: so extra
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TheSeraphman: LUL
blitzdragoon: lol
TheMicah21: GG
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
MilkInBag: carefully
theeviljaffa: this deck is dirty
Damagicsausage: LUL
DarmChris: holy moly GG
KartoffelKaiser: Adam is good at Magic.
ThunderLord314: ulted jace twice holy shit
HondoTrigger: James isnt here is how he drafted it
SpicyNapalm: PogChamp
KartoffelKaiser: He also opened Lili pack 3
benperterkofsky: Wow
Paranundrox: Adam is just a Wizard
sacrenos: this deck is evil :P
Captainfuse: Stop it, Stop it! hes already dead!
Raithencore235: Pretty much just went, EH mono blue
Invitare: wow this guy is so good at MTG
gamercat88: omg this is a draft deck
blitzdragoon: it started with jace./ a ton of blue and then started into black
Ferisar: three ults in one game
Hellishdream: He can not keep getting away with i t.
EvilBadman: Just remember you get 2x Counters for each PW to Elderspell, NOT ONE
lordbrat4: OP would sure like to play this game...
swanky_pants20: Adam savi-draft
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drrek0: I don't know how what I just turned on the stream to happened, but it was dirty
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RealGamerCow: I just came back and it looked like Adam was taking a hit from an oxygen mask for a second
xenagosthesatyr: it's my 3 favorite magic men!
KartoffelKaiser: Only some of them.
Fancy_frenchman: Wait this isn’t constructed?
ky0dar: so draft today? or will you also be trying Momir?
m0nkeyrama: Dang, that arlinn art is pretty
Fancy_frenchman: lrrSPOOP
Hvarn : seriously I thought this deck only existed in wet dreams
HondoTrigger: Narset
angreesloth: tamiyo's is amazeballs
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
bulletproofbanana: keepable
fehlbrandschwele: What's for paper fight tomorrow?
Alness49: No Amano Liliana?
frozenphoenix7: The anime art are going on sleeves in Arena, while the cards themselves are getting stained glass arts.
WrightJustice: there's a Serra sleeve
RevolverRossalot: Arlinn art is available as a code, but not sleeves
EvilBadman: OVERTHEMOON for stained glass Arlin, btw
ZaneReichley: the serra sleeves are sweet
KartoffelKaiser: I like the sleeves, though I'm not sure why they aren't also card styles?
Ferisar: oh is it not SP?
Snowwraith: They said the Japanese art cards will not be coming if I recall.
Snowwraith: Probably for boring licensing reasons.
ky0dar: im downloading the update rn
Kykiwi: having to win 15 match of momori feels bad man
ky0dar: momir?
I_Am_Clockwork: oh hey G
I_Am_Clockwork: how's it going?
KartoffelKaiser: D:
itsr67: also serra the benevolent sleeves
itsr67: for some reason
KartoffelKaiser: I'd kill the inforcer.
bulletproofbanana: enforcer is scarier
Snowwraith: They didn't say it was for licensing reasons, but it's the only reason why they are sleeves only.
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun I know Adam said he won't be watching it right away, but G, do you plan on watching Double or Nothing this weekend?
KartoffelKaiser: Enforcer is such a pain
Paranundrox: you kill their Stray then Cruelty at instant speed
Snowwraith: Only reason I can think of anyway.
Earthenone: i really want some weebwalkers but i dont know anyone in japan or traveling there soon
TheWooglie: I just loaded arena. Those sleeves are NICE
ProcrastianArt: Serra is coming in Modern
TheMicah21: yes
EvilBadman: It's the same day as LRL
EvilBadman: So, good luck!
Diabore: how did you guys enjoy mitb @LoadingReadyRun ?
EvilBadman: Kappa
monakai: Rhodes v Rhodes should be good.
Snowwraith: Enforcer has stopped me from winning with Parhelion II.
voslan: Oh hey it's a Graham!
HondoTrigger: nom nom nom nom nom
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun Yes! It's Saturday! Pre-show is 4 PM your time, main show starts at 5!
jinaday: What do you all think of the 24/7 title
m0nkeyrama: Nomnom
HondoTrigger: ItsBoshyTime
MilkInBag: for a second there I thought Adam had a vaping thing
HondoTrigger: know what would help with your tiredness? a nicotine vape
RealGamerCow: And you've got another 3 hour stream coming up!
EvilBadman: @laskotheking It's a LRL weekend
TehAmelie: imagine making your own vape out of a soda bottle
bulletproofbanana: yeah but it finds them
m0nkeyrama: Only 3.5 more hours of streaming SeriousSloth
bulletproofbanana: I think we're fine to epiphany
blackwlf: @TehAmelie I believe that would be called a bong.
Ferisar: could start putting counters up with time twist?
Snowwraith: I'd set those draws up.
TehAmelie: ooh
ky0dar: i was rewatching friday nights and i forgot the early adam cameo in Friday.
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun My conspiracy theory brain is on full fire, because the show CM Punk is commentating is only an hour by plane? So maaaayyybbee he's replacing PAC(Neville) against Hangman Page?
KartoffelKaiser: Got there.
jonasjonIV: ok
MilkInBag: it's the duduspell
EvilBadman: Page's match is not on. He's kayfabe injured
blackwlf: That's. . . yeah. That'll work.
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EvilBadman: If anything, he's in the Rumble
MilkInBag: ditch the elderspell
m0nkeyrama: Lawrune is cmc 2+
Earthenone: just pitch the spell
laskotheking: @EvilBadman Meltzer claims that Page is still having *a* match, they're just trying to swerve us
ArcOfTheConclave: discard elderspell
Kykiwi: elder spell?
KartoffelKaiser: Agreed
Dashiell: toss jace to show you aren't afraid
EvilBadman: @laskotheking I'd wager he's in the rumble then
Earthenone: g/w is pretty light in walkers
aiamethyst: timetwist to reset kasmina seems good if she lives
laskotheking: @EvilBadman Meltzer's wording suggests otherwise? He said they are bringing in a *bigger* name than PAC to face him
MilkInBag: stray
MilkInBag: in case they have another
Snowwraith: Equal trade on a deathtoucher is usually good.
EvilBadman: I don't live and die by meltzer, so shrug
Earthenone: or if they have a proliferate
Kykiwi: they might have more prolif
ky0dar: pac v... moxley?????
seth_erickson: They're not playing just one charmed stray
Snowwraith: Deathtouchers cannot trade negatively in combat.
Snowwraith: They're very annoying.
laskotheking: @ky0dar It would be Page v Moxley, not pac
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senshi5609: just wanna say i cant wait to see the PPR for Modern Horizons.the set looks sweet
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laskotheking: @EvilBadman I don't normally either? But when it comes to AEW, he's their biggest stan
voslan: @Snowwraith they can to tokens.
ky0dar: i dont know much about double or nothing. all i know he was hinting at it.
Snowwraith: Depends how big the tokens are!
Kykiwi: maybe for some reason the attack kasmina?
ThorSokar: you have 2 of those wyrds
Kykiwi: they *
m0nkeyrama: So soon!
MilkInBag: BDM for PPR is sweet
Snowwraith: I meant in pure creature stats they don't trade down, really.
jandersonhome: bear tribal
Cardplayerwell: The line up as a whole looks really sweet
bulletproofbanana: LIliana would be a start, at least makes chump blocking better
jandersonhome: BEAR TRIBAL
dart111: can time twist bounce their creature?
hippitybobbity: tempus fugit my dudes
blitzdragoon: Graham are we going to see Bear Force One in an upcoming Friday Night fights
Snowwraith: Toll still works on an empty hand for amass.
dart111: oh no
Oecking: I am gonna be larping next tuesday, but I can't wait to catch the PPR Vod. Gimme those bears!
itsr67: The set, and the lineup both look sweet.
ky0dar: i dont play modern. would it be worth it to go to a mh draft for fun?
seth_erickson: I did not know until now that fleshbag maurader was in the arena client
Earthenone: jace proliferate and home for dismissal?
m0nkeyrama: We need some way of dealing with the flier
hippitybobbity: yall been playing Planeswalker Momir?
MilkInBag: ditch toll
laskotheking: @ky0dar Yes! The set looks sweet
Damagicsausage: lol
Kykiwi: the god
Ferisar: wouldn't toll kill it if they don't play it?
Earthenone: twist auger on blocks to draw lost?
dart111: lazo in response to tap?
KartoffelKaiser: But they're almost certainly going to.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You have an extra mana available and discarded something else instead of Toll?
itsr67: time twist augur to dig?
frozenphoenix7: Time Twist the Augur probably?
TheSeraphman: so you're saying all we have to do is always have it?
BaronVonPoppinOff: Dovan for time?
sekunder: some sort of block followed by twisting the finisher?
m0nkeyrama: We're a bit light on hard removal, aren't we
MilkInBag: augur will find liliana and put it at bottom :(
Rioxcon: add a stop if you are going to
itsr67: put a stop
frozenphoenix7: Remember to do it on second main phase!
Snowwraith: Make sure to stop at their second main.
Kykiwi: block the n twitst
Earthenone: you can block then twist
ky0dar: cause i was thinking mh looks fun, but i super dont care about keeping the cards.
Kykiwi: opps miss tapp mana
Gekyouryuu: so, Graham, safe to say that, when the next Commander game happens for Friday Night Paper Fight, you'll be forgoing the usual Ben's Build for a Bear Deck? with Morophon, obviously. Kappa
hippitybobbity: @ky0dar sell em! draft for ever
Earthenone: do they block at 26?
frozenphoenix7: I think you have to.
deyja429: Weird sack for Cruelty?
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun Graham, If I were to hypothetically make you a title belt, would you prefer a Daniel Bryan Style title belt or like a Universal Championship style belt?
dart111: youre dead here
ky0dar: yeah. That was the plan. im just worried if ill be lost with the power level and style of play
djalternative: hola party people
ProcrastianArt: van you weird and get back cruelty?
Dareael: weird sac for removal
frozenphoenix7: Weird is summoning sick
Ferisar: how many dismissals do you have?
frozenphoenix7: Weird will be*
Rioxcon: attack and hope for the block
ProcrastianArt: damn
TehAmelie: give us Jace or give us death!
Raithencore235: @Gekyouryuu I was thinking he should use the new Bear Commander, Ayula Queen of Bears
Gekyouryuu: actually, wait! idea! 4 player Tribal Fights, but EVERYONE has Morophon and their tribes are a secret until they play stuff, @LoadingReadyRun with twists like playing the Kamigawa dragons, but it's actually a Spirit deck
Gekyouryuu: @Raithencore235 that was the joke
frozenphoenix7: Really feels like you needed to Time Twist the weird tbh.
m0nkeyrama: RIP
m0nkeyrama: They thought about it
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frozenphoenix7: Not weird, Augur. My bad.
m0nkeyrama: Unlucky
frozenphoenix7: Mistyped.
EvilBadman: G, sent an email yesterday to info@ about keys, just making sure someone caught it. :D
MilkInBag: pAugur
jandersonhome: why couldn't they just draw w/ Jace and hope for an answer
gamercat88: spicy meatball
deathrite_sharkman: which is your fav avatar on arena, Graham?
Earthenone: ruined hope
Damagicsausage: What about Dovan?
glued_to_the_stream: Good to be back
m0nkeyrama: Looking at the bottom 3 Kreygasm
Dread_Pirate_Westley: LRRMtG, Panalysts, Checkpoint, Long Game. There's too much for one Thursday.
MilkInBag: the best arena avatar is the default one
theclawmasheen: Where's other Adam?
deathrite_sharkman: Chandra is cool
deathrite_sharkman: I also like Vivien
aiamethyst: no escape exiles, with aid the fallen in hand spark harvest isn't as scary
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m0nkeyrama: I love my Kaya avatar
KartoffelKaiser: I like Karn because it makes sense for every single deck I could play.
Earthenone: i leave it random, but i prefer when karn shows up to others
TheAwkes: The tutorial avatar is my favourite, but I don't get to use it any more.
SovietPedobear: they exile it tho
ky0dar: chandra. only because arlinn isnt a choice.
TehAmelie: random thought, if the lore says you're not actually playing as a planeswalker, should the avatars be like, something other than planeswalkers?
Earthenone: they tried that, made day9 an avatar :P
ky0dar: maybe....WE are the wanderer
TehAmelie: every legendary creature. . .
MilkInBag: plan
KartoffelKaiser: Aid probably?
m0nkeyrama: huh
KartoffelKaiser: They probably just want to keep us off lands.
BlandSpice: They think you're out of gas here
MilkInBag: your hand does nothing, so getting rid of card draw is good
m0nkeyrama: didn't want us to have card draw and a 2/2
Paranundrox: I mean considering what we're doing without it, it's not a bad pick
ThorSokar: aww I missed the win because I was eating burgers, will have to go see
m0nkeyrama: It was some powerful magic
Kramburger: Graham did you see the new Bear Commander? Goreclaw looks pretty sweet! lrrBEEJ
MilkInBag: he keeps getting away with it
Gekyouryuu: Graham, did you hear there's gonna be a Star Trek series with Sir Patrick Stewart back as Picard?
dart111: do you rip your own deck with jace so you have targets for aid?
Earthenone: we need an island for jace
MilkInBag: PSA: Baby Driver will be on Netflix in June
itsr67: I would've been heartbroken if we got Crushed there
Kramburger: :D
dart111: if they get an island that is
seth_erickson: Graham's phone is poppin off
kumatsu: But G are you going to try and get the Original?
m0nkeyrama: She is a solid bear commander
dart111: mmm popcorn
EvilBadman: A bear family can have two queens
Kramburger: <3 Graham, I saw you tweet about it and couldn't resist
1MrGhost: Is it worth it to run a elderspell maindeck?
TheWooglie: there's a slow mox
Oecking: He's on instagram!
kumatsu: Mike Linnemen can probably hook you up
sladibraslov_windsm: @MilkInBag Really? im astonished theyre still showing any of spaceys stuff
ProcrastianArt: @1MrGhost yes when he has Lilliana and Jace
blitzdragoon: so Graham, will we see Bear Force One in a friday night fights soon?
1MrGhost: Jesper Ejsing the mtg artist?
m0nkeyrama: Elderspell can be very powerful or very dead
ProcrastianArt: BearForceTwo - Electric Beargaloo
KartoffelKaiser: Goreclaw and Ayula are our beautiful lesbian bear queens.
minachirp: Jesper Ejsing's Artstation will eventually have the art I assume
dart111: oof
MilkInBag: Jesper is on snapchat Kappa
Oecking: Jesper_Ejsing on Insagram
kumatsu: I'd reach out to Vorthosmike on twitter he usually has the hookup for this stuff
SompSmash: he's been on the command zone. they probably have his info
TehAmelie: today is the Webcomic Name guy's birthday, so there's probably someone out there who understands your mentions meltdown
ky0dar: ive got this headcaon now that The Wanderer is supposed to be, like, the player...
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m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Invitare: and the wife?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Surrak has busy bear-punching days ahead.
kumatsu: I know I saw him tweet towards you about it but it was probably buried in the popping off
dart111: nice timing
gamercat88: it is sweet
TehAmelie: Webcomic Name, aka "the pink blob who says oh no"
Snowwraith: It happens.
m0nkeyrama: Jace is not easy to cast NotLikeThis
WolfgangCloud: Manabase is a bit greedy
seth_erickson: I have won I got Yargle in Momir
MechaKuuga: Domri sure looks a lot like Rufio from Hook on the Soul Diviner art
ProcrastianArt: But that first win was legit
ky0dar: wow. grats seth
itsr67: look at all these playables
ThorSokar: oo0o he also has a store you can get prints from
Proginoskes: dont be discouraged. just make game one the highlight!
m0nkeyrama: Lili seabatTROG
BlandSpice: Take a card, hit them for two, and get a blocker!
Donutholez: "sees two islands" me: keep!
Damagicsausage: Ayula Queen Among Bears looks really fun
blitzdragoon: death touch good bye
aerohydra: croc
voslan: A deck can always be technically impressive be able to move into a lot of directions, but that often leaves it lacking in doing the job or murdering you opponent.
itsr67: kiora helps power out the other cards
TheWooglie: Samut is nuts in momir
doonis13: take wardscale
ThorSokar: In case anyone wants a playmat with that artist's art on it:
theeviljaffa: our deck only has lili to awnser croc
ky0dar: when i grow up, i want to be as good at drafting as adam is.
BlandSpice: You don't have a great way to deal with the croc otherwise, and Samut would only make it harder,
ninja_theory_ashrams: epiphany better
m0nkeyrama: what do we pitch? Dovin?
noSmokeFire: you were trained to make a bug go fast
noSmokeFire: were you samut? were you?
blitzdragoon: were lock for lili
Izandai: I think we Dovin and hold up Dismissal.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Dismissal kill samut?
Izandai: Oh it's a sorcery.
KartoffelKaiser: Dismissal is a sorcery.
ky0dar: i thought samut was trained to die for nicol bolas?
m0nkeyrama: Might as well get dovin out
ky0dar: man... samut dying in this block would have been poetic irony.
blitzdragoon: liliana next turn
Izandai: You are correct that you did not miss a point of damage.
Kramburger: Geez, that new terminator trailer's pretty sweet hey?
Izandai: oh my god he's cockney
Izandai: of course domri is cockney
MechaKuuga: Wow Domri AND Samut
34Witches: I was not expecting that voice
SendChickenNuggets: caayyeus
noSmokeFire: domri: teenage anarchist
KartoffelKaiser: "This is...ADVANCED zombie horde"
Rioxcon: her passive is so good.
Izandai: Wow, these voice lines are great.
m0nkeyrama: These walkers are so talkative LUL
EvilBadman: Elderspell is a lil ult now
hippitybobbity: thst was a lot of accents domri
Robot_Bones: DOMA Doma Doma doma
ky0dar: domri makes me think of the book. then i get sad
KartoffelKaiser: Liliana talking to a zombie like it's a dog is something I'm here for
seth_erickson: no I have not done that
gamercat88: a kracken hug is a big hug
Izandai: Okay, that's not even a little bit what Kiora sounded like in my head.
ky0dar: wait.... thats kiora?
noSmokeFire: kiora is like a hanna barbera cat lady
WolfgangCloud: I think you might need more islands
Izandai: Apparently.
m0nkeyrama: Kiora's voice on arena is so odd
ky0dar: oh question vorthoses. kiora still has the bident right?
seth_erickson: is it the voice or just the voice lines
Izandai: She does.
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DoktorNik: Something something prime number?
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KartoffelKaiser: idk that's what Kiora sounded like to me.
frozenphoenix7: Nothing has happened to it afawk
ky0dar: k. thought so
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
J_Rey15: If you guys notice, when Planeswalkers die on the citadel, their spark leaves, It's pretty dope
gamercat88: sha sha shaaaahaha
Damagicsausage: Yes
dart111: lilly wins games
frostownik: she's holding it in the PW art
ThorSokar: sure
blitzdragoon: lili was too much for him
Pikaminer1245: RIP Dack Faden
xenagosthesatyr: that's a different stream
m0nkeyrama: How much of a break do you want before pandemic 🤔
Izandai: Also I absolutely love that Domri is cockney. It's so great.
ky0dar: now that chad is dead, i am trying to figure out what theros 2 will have apart from ajani and elspeth
djalternative: play some speed magic
Izandai: Hopefully a reprint of Deicide.
ky0dar: i was so sure we were getting chad v heliod in theros 2
ProcrastianArt: Zombie Elspeth
m0nkeyrama: Got the A team
Izandai: But with Heliod instead of Xenagos.
ThorSokar: haha
ky0dar: i meant plot wise.
I_Am_Clockwork: gotta take the helix
Pikaminer1245: go for Tibalt
m0nkeyrama: oof
EvilBadman: Good news, this'll be over before 5pm
seth_erickson: probably will see Teyo take a bigger role in gideon's absence
WonderfulGlory: I would have taken tibalt
frozenphoenix7: @Izandai Heliod did nothing wrong
Izandai: @ky0dar I wanted Gideon v Heliod so bad.
m0nkeyrama: Helix kept us from blocking
frozenphoenix7: I will defend him until my deaht here.
frozenphoenix7: death*
m0nkeyrama: It was smart
ky0dar: ikr @izandai
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ChuckSplatt: Oh hey it's Graham
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noSmokeFire: baffling technical weirdness is my wrestler persona
Izandai: @frozenphoenix7 You mean aside from murdering the most pure lady in all the multiverse after she did the thing he told her to do?
ProcrastianArt: Garruk vs Heliod
KartoffelKaiser: People have figured out that if you draft aggro decks against greedy nonsense you kill them before they play their bombs.
ky0dar: i was so sure we were getting that after amonkhet block
m0nkeyrama: Hm
frozenphoenix7: @Izandai She gave up her soul willingly to Erebos. Heliod was obliged to take it.
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Pazzix: Didn't even know gifted subs were a thing.. If TheMerricat is here, thanks for that!
Izandai: @ky0dar I wanted Gideon and Ajani to bust Elspeth out of the underworld, then for the two of them to kill Heliod, then for one of them to take Heliod's place as the monowhite god.
ky0dar: i mean... that is on flavour for hellenic gods
Earthenone: your mom lets you have TWO mainphases?!
KartoffelKaiser: You can set up a boardstate such that you wipe their board with lili when you play her
frozenphoenix7: -Elspeth- made the deal. Her soul for Daxos's. Heliod, by the rules that Elspeth agreed to, was to take her soul and deliver it to Erebos. He was just more than happy to do so.
m0nkeyrama: Lili would die to tibalt's imps
ky0dar: oh.. crap.. um wasnt there a thing in hour when samut sparked?
Izandai: She went to Theros.
Izandai: She popped over for a minute.
ky0dar: wasnt there like kruphix or something raising an eyebrow
Izandai: I don't think she saw anyone.
ky0dar: being like uwu what this?
frozenphoenix7: She went to Theros then immediately went back to Amonkhhet.
Pikaminer1245: That's a big druid
Izandai: As I recall, it was nighttime, she didn't see anyone, then she was like "wait no but home" and went back to Amonkhet.
Pikaminer1245: @frozenphoenix7 Lilliana?
Gekyouryuu: could anyone please help me make cuts here?
KartoffelKaiser: I think they wisely spread their power around to play around any spell in blue black.
frozenphoenix7: Kruphix knows other planes and has told one of his prophets at least. Because Kruphix knows the knowledge of those who visit the plane, and as planeswalkers have knowledge of other planes, well.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Plus her and get a blocker.
Izandai: I think we plus.
ky0dar: tnx @frozenphoenix7
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wargodmogis: Graham playing magic, on this day of the bear.
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m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
ninja_theory_ashrams: before Dak Fayden went to ravnica, he went into the underworld of theros, maybe the greatest thief in the multiverse stole a soul
MechaKuuga: RIP Dakky boi
m0nkeyrama: They can sac precombat to kill
I_Am_Clockwork: on this the day of my daughters bear?
m0nkeyrama: oooor not
ZealousCrow: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:43:21.
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun could I seek your sage council on what to do with this mess?
Pangogie: Hey Graham. How goes Road Quest? :D
Dog_of_Myth: For we are blessed by our ursine commander.
seth_erickson: as they say long live the Queen among Bears
MechaKuuga: damn it deck
BroDalek: how excited are you gram for Dovahbear/bearqueen?
KartoffelKaiser: I would not splash that teferi. You don't have the fixing for it
frozenphoenix7: Bounce a token?
Paranundrox: you could Callous first
Paranundrox: and then -
jadamelio: Bouncing a token is neat
Paranundrox: bouncing a token
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Legacy based board games are all the rage, so now we have a whole show for them. Game: Pandemic Legacy) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
frozenphoenix7: Really need to stay above 2 though.
Gekyouryuu: for real, could ANYONE help me figure out how to trim down my draft deck?
Snowwraith: You get to ult if they leave her alone and you get contentious plan.
m0nkeyrama: They only need to sac an imp and ping it
frozenphoenix7: (I know we currently are, but)
Snowwraith: Or Flux Channeller.
Pikaminer1245: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule received a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
seth_erickson: we get to draw off lili as well
jadamelio: @Gekyouryuu Send me a screen shot
ky0dar: i just reminded myself how much i want3d theros 2. i need to stop doing that
frozenphoenix7: They sacked to the wrong one the first time I think
Mr_F4ll0ut: pinged wrong first time
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
wargodmogis: you can just ult lili
HondoTrigger: why not ult lili
Thisbymaster: sac two?
seth_erickson: let's just ult lili
Snowwraith: Ult they get to keep one though.
Izandai: I think we just minus Lili.
Diabore: flux bounce dovin
Izandai: Ulting Lili is overkill.
bulletproofbanana: they have so little that Lili's ult barely does anything haha
Snowwraith: Minus Lili they lose their creatures
TheMicah21: make them sac?
MrPipboy3000: Make them sac
bulletproofbanana: better to keep her on the board
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun STOP
Damagicsausage: Make them sac
bulletproofbanana: just minus her!
wargodmogis: bounce flux
ArcOfTheConclave: the -4!
Pikaminer1245: What are you guys doing for the Friday Night Paper Fight
seth_erickson: dovin and callous ult keep her alive
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We can -4 Lili and make them sac both
Paranundrox: ult then bounce
MrPipboy3000: -4 and they lose creatures
TheMicah21: nvm this is better
m0nkeyrama: That's solid
BlandSpice: Ult leaves them an attacker
Gekyouryuu: @Pikaminer1245 Cold Snap intro decks
bulletproofbanana: that SAVES the creature
Ferisar: bounce after ult
frozenphoenix7: Bounce New Horizons
GlimpseYou: callous dismissal first so that the amass token proliferates!
bulletproofbanana: bruh
GlimpseYou: Goddammit
HondoTrigger: ADAM
TheMicah21: Adam's OG idea was better
bulletproofbanana: sequencing
Earthenone: Oops
Pikaminer1245: @gekyouryuu thanks
m0nkeyrama: Well we shouldn't have played that creature LUL
Bakufreak: LUL
kharnor: brain too big
TimeToFry: LUL
Kykiwi: LUL
m0nkeyrama: ooopos
blackwlf: I blame graham.
Izandai: We tried to tell you to just minus Lili.
nicollbolas: #Sequencing
HondoTrigger: ??????
ZealousCrow: omg
jonasjonIV: oops
Scar_Red_Tiger: Easy Game
EvilBadman: -9 would put them to dead draws
Diabore: oops
ninja_theory_ashrams: benginFacepalm benginFacepalm
Dog_of_Myth: Oh well.
ThorSokar: oh adam
GlimpseYou: Can you tell it's late??
Mr_F4ll0ut: too many Lilianas in the kitchen
Porsgaard81: Darn.
Greyah: Well there's your wincon.
Izandai: We were saying that going for the ult was unnecessary overkill.
KartoffelKaiser: Look we're winning this game
seth_erickson: it's okay we're back in this game
KartoffelKaiser: It's fine.
Dashiell: Now they're scared!
BroDalek: doh
ZealousCrow: All the plans of mice and men
tedziy: Did it for the draw.
m0nkeyrama: They're out of gas
tedziy: Calculated.
MechaKuuga: this was forseen
ProcrastianArt: Assert Dominance
BlandSpice: Racing to the jace win seems like the plan now
Diabore: no elderspell is gone :(
dart111: no land
Damagicsausage: gg
wargodmogis: gg
m0nkeyrama: LUL nice game!
gamercat88: gg
jonasjonIV: still got it!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that was a wild finish. thank you
blackwlf: I thought the last one was the last one.
m0nkeyrama: Final month 👀
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this is it!
ky0dar: the enddd
seth_erickson: Thanks for the stream Adam and Graham.
I_Am_Clockwork: "Send in the newbies"
m0nkeyrama: The seabatBRAIN strats
Rioxcon: fun
Viewers_Like_You: Ooh, recap?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Imissed the last half
m0nkeyrama: byeee
Dix: that deck is nasty
Viewers_Like_You: I just finished binging VODs just in time, so I'm excited for the finale
theeviljaffa: this deck was dirty af
MalenkyMalchick: Thanks Adam
ProcrastianArt: GGs!
WowoT: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Legacy based board games are all the rage, so now we have a whole show for them. Game: Pandemic Legacy) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
j0xer: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Legacy based board games are all the rage, so now we have a whole show for them. Game: Pandemic Legacy) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
snowewolf: have i missed stream>
snowewolf: ?
Juliamon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Legacy based board games are all the rage, so now we have a whole show for them. Game: Pandemic Legacy) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
noSmokeFire: the long game is starting soon, if that's what you mean @snowewolf
Juliamon: If you were hoping for Magic, yes you missed it
JasoMan1st007: what if i wanted anything but magic?
LoadingReadyRun: Then this is gonna be a fun time!
snowewolf: oh thanks,i just jumped on twitch and it said mtg
Juliamon: Then you're in the right place!
Juliamon: However, if you're not at all familiar with Pandemic Legacy, this is probably still the wrong place!
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Legacy based board games are all the rage, so now we have a whole show for them. Game: Pandemic Legacy) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
m0nkeyrama: They've apparently prepared a small recap for this stream 👀
JasoMan1st007: @Juliamon crap
RealGamerCow: All the highlights from all the pandemic legacy games maybe?
m0nkeyrama: Possibly?
Earthenone: i am hoping it is a montauge of all the pandemic draws
m0nkeyrama: so 90% Adam then SeriousSloth
Juliamon: All the Epidemic draws plus the naming of each disease
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Rioxcon: Keep up the good work.
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Juliamon: Never forget Ch0nic
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the birth of the Ch0nic was great
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Viewers_Like_You: Don't forget Ben throwing that envelope
DarkMorford: Ah yes
Earthenone: signal
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Grevas13: lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL
seth_erickson: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Forgotten_Sanity: lrrSIGNAL
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
m0nkeyrama: The beginning of the end BibleThump
Grevas13: Every time I see this logo I think "that's a damn good logo"
blackwlf: Or the end of the beginning! Season 2!
Earthenone: i should aquire icecream for the finale
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VeinNetwork: The Full year! and end of the pandemic/world? Must be a coincidence
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seth_erickson: But also the end is it's own beginning
LoadingReadyRun: Thank you @Grevas13! I made it on a train!
m0nkeyrama: Nice work!
Earthenone: is that why it slid over like that? :P
Dix: lol Earthenone
LoadingReadyRun: @Earthenone lol, I should've waited for a straight section of track
mtvcdm: This is why you tie down your logos. Like crab boat pots.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with THE FINALE of Pandemic Legacy on The Long Game! 💉 | 📷 ||
m0nkeyrama: Oh my