Earthenone: my first match of competitve yugioh and its going to be a streamed match... i am experiancing fear
LoadingReadyRun: heart of the cards, friend
LoadingReadyRun: etc etc
Earthenone: thanks <3
ewalkedaway: good luck!
KhalessiAmanda: you got his
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today, Adam is streaming some @PlayDauntless, which recently released on PS4 and XBoxONE. There's crossplay between all platforms! | ||
KhalessiAmanda: EEEK! i am so excited!!! adam is my favorite
TXC2: also hello everybody
KhalessiAmanda: hi
ewalkedaway: lrrSIGNAL
m0nkeyrama: Ah, the sounds of ramsgate
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TXC2: here we GO!
m0nkeyrama: LUL
KhalessiAmanda: oooo did adam a hecking spook
m0nkeyrama: Good Morning Yeetmaster Adam
TXC2: Hello Adam
Issurru: Starts stream, Immediately Jebaited
TiagoToledo: Seabats! tatGlam
KhalessiAmanda: its GoT <3
KhalessiAmanda: deal
TiagoToledo: stop watching on season 5
KhalessiAmanda: YAAAAAS
m0nkeyrama: LUL
treesus1: i just started playing yesterday
m0nkeyrama: All the simpsons can lay it
m0nkeyrama: play*
SharkHero08: Heello
josh___something: Hey friends!
Issurru: he's kind of a big deal
Wondermoo: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TXC2: hello SharkHero08 and josh___something welcome
KhalessiAmanda: SUPER BIG DEAL!!
TiagoToledo: all the simpsons?! PogChamp
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
josh___something: How's it going?
josh___something: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
bunheadwhat: ayyy seabats
m0nkeyrama: SeriousSloth
KhalessiAmanda: <3
josh___something: @txc2 Hi btw!
SharkHero08: If you need members Im working on logging on, though im very far behind
Issurru: @Seabats all the time, forever Kappa
m0nkeyrama: b-b-b-b-b-b-bonus codes
ayirbudd: ahh shiieet time to break out the "??????"s lol jk
bunheadwhat: <3 awwwwh thanks my dude
TXC2: hello bunheadwhat welcome
bunheadwhat: that is so sweet holy crap
KhalessiAmanda: WELCOME!!
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG @bunheadwhat
josh___something: benginHeart lrrHEART lrrHEART benjam40Mulder
Tiber727: "You have access to out-or-the-ordinary things" sounds like you were about to give your version of the threat from Taken.
bunheadwhat: <3 TXC2
ayirbudd: dont forget to point at us!
ReydienOnline: I thought they hit tables to accentuate points
bunheadwhat: m0nkeyrama Kreygasm
ayirbudd: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Invitare: *slaps phone into hand. Phone breaks*
m0nkeyrama: There's the tweet ^^
fragilepaper: Goddamnit ramen you beat me to it
SharkHero08: Oh and Adams in Epic Creator
kumatsu: Dauntless stream hyyyype
m0nkeyrama: 6 weapons, my dude
SharkHero08: Or whatever that means
SharkHero08: 60k que
Issurru: BIG DICK DPS is what it is seabatBRAIN
Invitare: aren't all axes just a mix of a sword and a hammer when you get right down to it?
SharkHero08: That overlay is new
Grescheks: 60k queue doesn't actually take too long, just a few minutes
SharkHero08: Im patient
m0nkeyrama: It's worth it, the queue goes pretty quick
kumatsu: They're literally in the office right now working on the queue problem
TXC2: patience is a virtue
m0nkeyrama: It can also drop a buff for allies
josh___something: Gunpance +hammer
TXC2: "the hammer, it's like a hammer but also GUN"
SharkHero08: I should actually work on maxing out Glaive stuff
fritobandeeto: a BOOMSTICK!!!
Grescheks: yeah, it's got buffs, so basically hunting horn too :P
kumatsu: I need to try the new chamber
agmitter: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:10:03. lrrSPOT
m0nkeyrama: Less flippy, more woundy/projectiley
m0nkeyrama: I love me some sword, it's effective everywhere
TXC2: hunt monsters ?
TXC2: Kappa
Grescheks: jamieJamhug
Grescheks: jamieJamjar
Wondermoo: jamieJamjar
TXC2: lrrHAM
m0nkeyrama: autocorrect NotLikeThis
TXC2: "lets play some monster hunter" he said while playing dauntless
SharkHero08: Have you noticed any big differences since the switch to Epic?
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zatengo: is this where I write somethiung and someone on the internet reads it out?
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Issurru: I'd play but I'd have to start from scratch AND get in the queue LUL
Invitare: Why is autocorrect the wurst
SharkHero08: Weeklys are like "Beat 6 hunts with an axe" and "Break 4 parts with an axe"
m0nkeyrama: Adam is an Epic Creator, too! If you put in SEABATS when you buy stuff in the epic store/dauntless, you can support Adam seabatBRAIN
Grescheks: But Adam, what if we want to support a specific creator when we buy stuff for Dauntless?
Grescheks: :P
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Mr_Horrible: Adam? Slaying Behemoths on the LRR channel? It's more likely than you think!
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Issurru: I already did that Adam, I bought World War Z
m0nkeyrama: Seanats, my favorite creator
Issurru: it kinda auto corrects, brings down a window with your name
kumatsu: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: It's anywhere!
senshi5609: I did it when I bought my Hunt Pass lrrCOW lrrCOW
ayirbudd: oh it supports YOU?? ooooohhhhhhh
m0nkeyrama: I just gave myself some pants SeemsGood
SharkHero08: So that $10 pass gives Adam $.50
Issurru: you you're welcome for 5% of like 30USD Kappa that's your tip for the day Kappa
Mr_Horrible: It's basically Amazon Smile, but the charity is Adam Savidan
ayirbudd: fashion souls.....errr fashiondaunt
SharkHero08: 40k que spot Kreygasm
Mr_Horrible: fashionless... wait, no
ayirbudd: speaking of amazon, anyone catch some of amazonians drunken war of the spark history?
m0nkeyrama: I'm ready for some giant YEETS
josh___something: Dauntless:MHW; Paladins:OW
fragilepaper: That was a good basic guide to it
SharkHero08: Good run through
Issurru: it's like you've done it before LUL
Mr_Horrible: These YEETs are out of control
Mr_Horrible: irresponsible damage
thebluecosmonaut: love to tune in and have adam explain what a sword is to me
m0nkeyrama: LUL Blue
ayirbudd: wait what IS a sword really tho
Issurru: well you might have forgotten Blue Kappa
fragilepaper: LUL blue
Mr_Horrible: It's valuable info Blue BabyRage
josh___something: O R B lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
Wondermoo: lrrDOTS
fragilepaper: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
Issurru: have you ever asked HOW is sword?
SharkHero08: But Adam, are there cells that work better for different weapons?
theinvisiblevoice: what power level do you want for joiners?
powellprince: do you know what is deadeye spinehide quillshot? im trying for 5 hours...
m0nkeyrama: How does one get these cells 🤔
josh___something: Is it weird that I imagine cells as the one from DBZ?
Issurru: nope
Issurru: I wanted to make the perfect cell/imperfect cell joke
ayirbudd: is there mitochondria powerhousing the cells?
TheElrad: I just watched the Long Game, and you said you weren't playing Dauntless seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG (:
Mr_Horrible: @josh___something just a buncha little faces all over your armor shouting about the Cell Games
theinvisiblevoice: does it say what weapons are good at what kind damage?
TXC2: chat out here asking the pre approved questions Kappa
josh___something: @mr_horrible Oh no... oh yes!
m0nkeyrama: Can we get cells as hunt rewards? 🤔
SharkHero08: This game has progressed a lot from the early days
thebluecosmonaut: nobody here is asking the tough questions
SharkHero08: Where all monsters had like the same model
thebluecosmonaut: adam can you eat lucnh in this game
ayirbudd: ahh there is a potion seller you say?
SharkHero08: And they were all super glitchy
Issurru: But Adam, how STRONG are these potions?
Grescheks: there are grenades too
m0nkeyrama: Blue, you can pet the dogs in the game
Raithencore235: Does anyone know if the game has any colourblind modes?
SharkHero08: Oh theres more pylons now?
SharkHero08: Werent the healing pylons really good?
josh___something: Oh, so MHW arena quests... *Vomit*
m0nkeyrama: There isn't a colorblind mode that I'm aware of
Jezus38: @raithencore235 no colourblind modes that I could find
Mr_Horrible: I like the grenades, they actually feel pretty good to use, and help you cover gaps in your loadout
powellprince: deadeye spinehide? im stuck what is that😥
SharkHero08: So Lantern>Pylon
weff47: hi friends!
Kuolar: Generally most hunts aren't so difficult to really need consumables
TXC2: hello weff47 welcome
josh___something: But you need to construct additional pylons!
Mr_Horrible: powellprince it sounds like a break-part from deadeye quillshot
josh___something: :P
Grescheks: Adam just putting bunheadwhat on the spot Kappa
SharkHero08: I remember pylons being good for when you forced monsters to run
m0nkeyrama: Oh yeah
m0nkeyrama: I'm curious too
Jordanpowpow: what did you see?
Raithencore235: Dang, not being colourblind friendly can be a huge barrier for me and games at time. I hat the fact that the loot rarity goes from blue to purple hard colours for me tell apart)
thebluecosmonaut: those homies aint little
FireBasilisk53: what up fools, I just got suspended from my job which means more time for Adam.... and depression
powellprince: @mr_horrible it is from quillshot but what part of it?
m0nkeyrama: LUL LUL
josh___something: Let me carry you into the abyss
Grescheks: FireBasilisk53 jamieCare jamieCare jamieCare jamieCare jamieCare
Jezus38: @raithencore235 bro I feel you. I don't do green/blue and most games have those for rarities
TXC2: I'm sorry to hear that FireBasilisk53 lrrHEART
Grindclocke: look at these zoomies
Mr_Horrible: powellprince i don't know off the top of my head, but it sounds like one of the generic drops (can drop from any part being broken)
TXC2: the Yeet begins!
excalibration: Do you think a hammer is necessary during the hunt?
SixthMonarch: how come theres no targeting
SharkHero08: Also, this game feels very different than MonHun, so if you like the idea of Hunter games but didnt like MonHun this game is good
Traion: Hey Adam, hey Trogs. I see Adam is showing of the brokeness of Grim Onslaught? Don't make them take it away from me Adam! Axe sucked so hard it deserves to be ridiculous now!
josh___something: Yuo need to desroy additional pylons :P
FireBasilisk53: thanks Grescheks and TXC2 lrrHEART lrrHEART
Jordanpowpow: hmm, I don't know any Riftborn, but could hae been a Riftsoul Shard or an Iceborne cell?
ReydienOnline: does behemeth HP increase with the number of hunters in the round?
TXC2: hello Traion welcome
Boiler_bot: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 22:45.
Boiler_bot: Yo Adam and LRRchat!
Grindclocke: seabatTROG
josh___something: LUL
powellprince: @mr_horrible i tried every thing, im playing this game for 10 hours and i cant find the spinehide😤
Issurru: fucking got GOT
Grescheks: Strike one!
weff47: strike 1
TXC2: hello Boiler_bot welcome
Mr_Horrible: Sammy ain't what he used to be NotLikeThis
Issurru: Adam confirmed scrub Kappa
TXC2: barry bonds we ain't Kappa
ProfessorOtaku: YEET
josh___something: You need to destroy additional pylons
josh___something: Are we benjam40Yee Ting?
Grescheks: Homerun!
fragilepaper: That Orb went on a home run
Grindclocke: is wound damage like a dot or?
Zaghrog: green damage?
SharkHero08: I might be logged in by the time adam finishes this hunt
Grescheks: Grindclocke wound inflicts a wound, that increases damage to the body part that's been wounded
DrMcGoodTimes: Hey Adam, what would you say is the appeal of Dauntless over, like, MH:W?
Traion: Need another in the party after this hunt?
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Lazarenth: 65 months i can retire now
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LiveFaust: So axe goes in, orbs come out.
Traion: Also the guild needs two more members so we can get to 69!
Grindclocke: @Grescheks ahh ok thanks
josh___something: The appeal over monster hunter? It's a different monster hunter
Mr_Horrible: I like this one as an intro to the genre for folks
4 raiders from JonnyGlitch have joined!
Grescheks: one big appeal is cost, since Dauntless is free
josh___something: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
TXC2: hello JonnyGlitch welcome
rybackgaming: personally, this is easier to get into in terms of builds. I don't know where to start with MH really, also yeah, free.
JonnyGlitch: I fOuNd yOu
Mr_Horrible: It's much easier to get into, IMO, being free and streamlining a LOT of the systems
JonnyGlitch: Hi Adam, Hey Chat!
fragilepaper: "Send your shit off to fucking Narnia" Is a great quote
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josh___something: !quote 2
LRRbot: Quote #2: "The day I stream Minecraft is the last time I stream." —Adam [2015-01-17]
Traion: Need another for the party Adam?
JonnyGlitch: no yello no bueno
m0nkeyrama: You def need those parts
Boiler_bot: Poor monster babies with their broken legs.
m0nkeyrama: You need a lot to craft stuff
skeptck: What’s does more damage axe how your playing right now? Or spam attacking constantly with a sword?
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Grindclocke: is the parts grind on par with monhun?
CluelessCupid25: I had no idea it was free, Imma Download now
Grescheks: no answer from bunheadwhat yet
fragilepaper: I'm 6,000 in queue so nearly there :)
josh___something: Does it matter?
seth_erickson: I have not been able to beat the rift stalker with randos
Traion: I think axe does the most damage right now if you would stand in front of a monster that never moved
josh___something: Isn't fun the ultimate factor :P
thebluecosmonaut: gamers love numbers that go upward
Jezus38: yeah, they need a massive overhaul to the servers. I was 30k in the queue for like 20 minutes yesterday
m0nkeyrama: That grim onslaught really boosts axe damage SeriousSloth
Eklinaar: Is there tanking in this game?
TXC2: Gamers love damage and 2day shipping Kappa
ShadowSilenz: I used to enjoy playing Dauntless, but I refuse to use the Epic launcher so thats another game off my list.
Mysticman89: NGU is poopular for a reason
josh___something: Gamers love overcompenating Kappa
Pseudonym_Ken: But gamers don't look up
Mr_Horrible: @powellprince hmm, well all I can find on the wiki is Flawless Spinehide, as a possible drop from any break, and Deadeye Spinehide, as a random hunt reward, which may be from an out-of-date page. I'd recommend searching the reddit, if you haven't already, to see if anyone else is running into this, if it's an item change that got missed in the update a while ago
m0nkeyrama: You can spec into tankier builds
freshmaker__: I really need to play this again. Watching you has been a lot of fun. I bounced off of Dauntless really early on, but obv it's been updated out the wazoo at this point.
rybackgaming: they were not expecting this amount of new players out of beta, i guess. they're gonna work on it.
Mr_Horrible: There's a weapon that gives you shield for wailing on someone, and a skill that extends your shield to party members
m0nkeyrama: Traion's axe/hammer build is pretty tanky
Mr_Horrible: Skarn weapons and Guardian(?), I think
rocketjohn: So are you seeing Double or Nothing this evening adam?
skeptck: I’m the dps for my squad but I can’t decide between axe or sword
Eklinaar: Can you hold aggro as a tank?
Tiber727: Even if axes did more damage, you have to figure that things like swing speed make you more likely to miss.
Mysticman89: Don't need to look up when you can send your numbers up.
ItsRileyPM: lol he does
Traion: Sorry thought I had already accepted the invite
ProfessorOtaku: Number go up
m0nkeyrama: There is no holding aggro in this game
Traion: You are too entertaining Adam
josh___something: Oh, so dauntless' Widerange
m0nkeyrama: The behemoths do what they want
UrlorJkron: any support capabilities?
m0nkeyrama: sort of
Jezus38: it just seems odd that they didn't prep for going out of beta. especially since they launched on PS4 where a massive amount of MonHun players are
m0nkeyrama: Hammer/repeaters drop buffs that help teammates
Eklinaar: So the tanky builds are more support builds, giving defensive buffs to your team?
Mr_Horrible: Yeah, it's the same as Monster Hunter in that you can't *really* hold threat, so everybody has to be on their toes
rybackgaming: i'd lose interest if this turned into a party role game. I have FFXIV for that.
Traion: I'm running a kind of defensive build in that all my cells are about being under 50% life and I take way less damage while I'm at low health
TXC2: the Repeaters and the Bard, prove me wrong Kappa
TXC2: *are the
Kuolar: Conduit buffs your party attack speed on lantern use
Traion: Iceborne is the best tankiness
josh___something: Repeaters are almost the HH of this game :P
m0nkeyrama: I really love iceborn cells too much
Tiber727: Hot take: threat is a boring and artificial concept when any intelligent enemy would target the support or glass cannons first.
Mr_Horrible: and there's a skill that makes you better at reviving downed teammates
Eklinaar: @Tiber727 Sure it's artificial but it's fun
thebluecosmonaut: theyre giant monsters
thebluecosmonaut: they have thigh brains
thebluecosmonaut: they dont think in strategy
Traion: Also the Shrike Lantern gives an AoE attack speed buff
m0nkeyrama: The medic cells aren't terribly useful outside of heroic+
Mr_Horrible: Hotter Take: Threat is perfectly fine when an encounter is designed around it, it's just another axis of control to execute over a fight, and can be incorporated into a fight well
TXC2: never let reality stand in the way of good game play
RedJackz: So how long have you been playing Dauntless?
freshmaker__: that translates very well to a flare
ItsRileyPM: I hope I win that dude
Eklinaar: I was a main tank in a raiding guild in a MMO for years, and I had a blast.
Grescheks: it's a dope flare
josh___something: Anyways bois, It's time for me to pass out... GLHF on the hunts!
Mr_Horrible: Is there anything that dictates what color the axe is when you huck it?
TXC2: so long josh___something sleep well
Ruryk: i'm like 60,000 in the queue right now :(
SharkHero08: Im in Kreygasm
kumatsu: Discovered this morning I haven't fought a Stormclaw since Mastery went in
GlennSeto: How many different monsters are there?
Tiber727: @Eklinaar Eh, I always felt like things like attacks of opportunity or soft threat (ignore me and suffer the consequences) are more interesting than manipulating the AI through numbers.
Mr_Horrible: That attack speed omgS
TXC2: BaseBall: the new golf Kappa
GlennSeto: 25 is pretty solid compared to MHW. :)
thebluecosmonaut: you always miss
thebluecosmonaut: NotLikeThis
Driosenth: 0 for 2
Eklinaar: @Tiber727 It all depends on the execution. I played LotRO which uses a pretty classic WoW-style threat system but bosses always have adds or AOEs or special attacks that aren't on the tank that everyone needs to be aware of.
thebluecosmonaut: 0 for 2 is not a good start my man
RedJackz: So how long have you been playing Dauntless?
TXC2: Adam doesn't miss, he just doesn't hit what he's aiming at
kumatsu: Based on the sample size you always miss
Sektor88: it's a very small sample size :P
Erudite_Cynic: evidence shows always miss
Sektor88: and that is poor stat work
kumatsu: this is also not a statistically significant sample size
itsr67: that'd be a good incentive
TXC2: RedJackz like a year +
itsr67: just like a slight damage bonus
Sektor88: c l o n k
ProfessorOtaku: "Adam always misses!" >Proceeds to dome the critter for 2K< "Except then!"
TXC2: tink
m0nkeyrama: they could also make it do more damage the farther away you are
Mr_Horrible: Oh what, you can actually sever Nayz's tail now?
itsr67: or maybe add like a multiplier for each time caught
itsr67: that way it gets more risky
Grindclocke: axe damage is so meaty
Mr_Horrible: yeah, the pace of the game is good, imo
fragilepaper: I'm in Ramsgate now for party invite?
Ruryk: I really enjoy the repeaters
kumatsu: Huzzah HSCheers
Traion: Playing with Adam's Molten cells is really nice for me. I get so much attack speed if I stack all my attack speed stuff with one of the orbs
Mr_Horrible: it's a simpler, boiled-down loop, which is more approachable for new players
kumatsu: I've literally never used the heal grenades
kumatsu: I have like 50 of them
skeptck: What is the best combo for axe?
ayirbudd: man can you imagine if this game had spheda? I bet Adam would be really good at it
m0nkeyrama: Everyone steals my molten orbs NotLikeThis
UrlorJkron: you using a gamepad?
rybackgaming: that's a great touch, yeah. getting almost right into the fight is also good. I like getting to hunt them down in MH, but straight into combat keeps my interest more.
kumatsu: On my way to steal your orbs @m0nkeyrama
TXC2: adam doesn't miss, either he hits the monster, or he hits whatever's BEHIND the monster Kappa
DoktorNik: oh man 60k queue to get into dauntless
Mr_Horrible: I like keeping the heal grenades as just an extra shot in the arm, but me and my group are still climbing, so we're not doing quite as good as Adam and co :p
m0nkeyrama: I can toss some heal grenades next hunt
fragilepaper: Adam if there is space can I join in for a few hunts?
Traion: My go to is Hold Y to level 3. and then Y or X spam based on whether I want stagger or just damage
m0nkeyrama: The double overhand Y is so much damage
Mr_Horrible: <uninterested Drake> Slow charging, eating stamina <satisfied Drake> Lightweight Haft
m0nkeyrama: mine still says finding
Kuolar: Sometimes.. canceling doesn't always work right now
kumatsu: I totally thought I'd cancelled a hunt last night and came back to find out it didn't work
NoNane09: you can abandon from here
thebluecosmonaut: this monster is getting cancelled
kumatsu: so I was alone afk on an island
Traion: They have said what the cancelling issue is. And are working on fixing it after they get the servers under control
fragilepaper: Don't worry i'm in party for next time
SharkHero08: im available now
kumatsu: Tripping LOOKS big and flashy
Sektor88: I love your safari hunter-ass lookin' character. :P
Mr_Horrible: I love the tripping as a mechanic
Mr_Horrible: it makes the embermane fight incredibly anime
Sektor88: you're a giant banana with an axe enigmaLUL
Invitare: A lighthouse keeper
TXC2: we're dick tracy
Pseudonym_Ken: Hell yes, part time bird watcher Steve
Ukon_vasara: part time bird watcher, the one true profession
crazy_coug91: You look like a 1800s African Safari hunter
Mr_Horrible: Steve letting his weeb flag fly with that axe transmog Kappa
thebluecosmonaut: lighthouse keeper, i require your strongest lighthouses
Sektor88: @crazy_coug91 I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that
thebluecosmonaut: OGGH
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weff47: no rainstorms will stop him
kumatsu: Getting rid of the roll on landing feels SO GOOD
Invitare: a lighthouse keeper by day, and an amateur birdwatcher by days-off
NoNane09: I dare you to transmog your set entirely to the recruit's set Kappa
GlennSeto: Not trying to compare it too much to MHW, but is there a slide?
TXC2: where in Africa do you need a raincoat like this?
Glim78: this looks like a cartoony monster hunter
Driosenth: cheer100 Weatherman Steve, wearing his high visibility rain gear.
Sektor88: @TXC2 need it to bless the rains down in Africa, duh lrrBEEJ
Sektor88: You need a thor / kratos recall ability for your axe
Mr_Horrible: Adam's Axe: "I'm finally free!"
TXC2: we didn't miss, we hit that rock
Boiler_bot: *Klunk!*
UrlorJkron: the fall animation is great
ayirbudd: the hit sounds are very chonky. good sound design
itsr67: when your axe needs to return to its home planet
TXC2: 360 noscope!
GlennSeto: The destructible trees are very cool.
ayirbudd: is there fights with multiple beasts at a time?
Mr_Horrible: Also important, if it hasn't been mentioned, you don't need to pick up the little break-part orbs, you get everything at the end of the hunt no matter what
Tiber727: A scope on an axe would look pretty ridiculous.
Mr_Horrible: ayirbudd no multi-monster fights yet, but there is one guy who spawns small adds when he enrages
TXC2: Tiber727 not on the hammer though, it has a gun Kappa
m0nkeyrama: oh oops
rybackgaming: eh, Shrike's fine for what it does.
kumatsu: I got a ton of hunt pass last night from just a random Skarn
Traion: I love Shrike lantern. It is so good for the start of the hunt when you are running around
TXC2: pick the lrrCIRCLE not the lrrDOTS
Masslost: i like using swords just makes life easy lol
fragilepaper: I need to leave party as it glitched and sent me on a hunt to the YONDER KEYS
fragilepaper: when you finish this hunt invite me again
Mr_Horrible: Stormclaw DansGame
Traion: fragilepaper that "hunt" just moves you to our ramsgate instance
Mr_Horrible: All the weapons feel good to use. I like they each get love, even though there's not as many
kumatsu: That's a lotta crit! seabatTROG
excalibration: Are hammers or axes better in your opinion?
thebluecosmonaut: not using guns or pike is wack
Mr_Horrible: crazy on-hit builds for chain blades feels gabyDope
thebluecosmonaut: or hammer
fragilepaper: @Traion When adam started the look for this hunt I still wasn't given the prompt to join it
Masslost: adam your character looks like a real life wario
Mr_Horrible: That sounds like something a dirty gunner would say, Blue
TXC2: Masslost if Wario was a privet eye
ayirbudd: clap clap clap WAAAAA clap clap clap WAAAAA
thebluecosmonaut: magic guns are bad ass
thebluecosmonaut: real guns are not cool
TXC2: Fuck I want Mario noir now :P
xX_Zelnar225_Xx: hi
rybackgaming: "In he walks, legs up to WAAA"
TXC2: hello xX_Zelnar225_Xx welcome
TXC2: rybackgaming :D
Mr_Horrible: you make a compelling point, I'll have to re-evaluate my stance
ItsRileyPM: Now did you know that you can bounce on the rams in the lobby?
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Mr_Horrible: I love Koshai's extendo thorn arms
Jezus38: I believe you mean the tRAMpolines
xX_Zelnar225_Xx: lrrCOW
Mr_Horrible: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
Traion: fragilepaper I had that before I think it'll work once the Yonder keyes hunt moves you
brainiac4: Malazan books are awesome.
Mr_Horrible: I wanted it so bad
Steaditup: man I started readin malazan but it's hard to get into
orbitaltuna: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus (Adam plays video games and is good at them.) at Sat 11:00 AM PDT (38m ago).
freshmaker__: gamers cant aim up
thebluecosmonaut: after i try First Law i'm gonna try malazan book 1
Pseudonym_Ken: I am working through the Malazan series right now. Up to Toll the Hounds
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brainiac4: TIL that Adam is a Malazan Book of the Fallen fan.
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xX_Zelnar225_Xx: Hey I know this isn't a magic stream but are you guys planning on going to MagicFest Dallas?
fragilepaper: @traion It did move me and then he launched the hunt and I still didn't get in
KeiRaccoon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus (Adam plays video games and is good at them.) at Sat 11:00 AM PDT (39m ago).
TXC2: xX_Zelnar225_Xx probably not
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Steaditup: That's what I've heard from my friends who've read it. I'll try and muscle through
Pseudonym_Ken: First book is hard, but I found it pretty rewarding when I figured stuff out
Traion: fragilepaper oh sorry I misunderstood you then :)
m0nkeyrama: 10 books wow
Traion: I mean we had a hammer and two axes ofc the thing was napping a lot
SenseAmidstMadness: I'm re-reading Malazan
brainiac4: The T'Lan Imass are just awesome.
SenseAmidstMadness: It's good
ItsRileyPM: that is a lot of books to read
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Mr_Horrible: closing in on 10mil lifetime axe damage PogChamp
Tiber727: It's 10 books, plus other books in the same universe.
Grescheks: I actually really enjoyed the first book slytqShrug
Raithencore235: Have you tried reading The Name of the Wind?
Grescheks: definitely a lot to take in, yeah
thebluecosmonaut: adam are you gonna read guy gavriel's new book
Pseudonym_Ken: I liked Stoneweilder
Mr_Horrible: This Machine Slays Behemoths
fragilepaper: @Traion Np, i'm crap at explaining myself through text
brainiac4: The Bauchelain and Korbal Broach books are good short ones. And those dudes are super creepy.
Pseudonym_Ken: Also, favorite Malazan character?
Steaditup: @Raithencore235 the wise man's fear is my favorite fantasy novel of all time
wierdo_of_OZ: im sewing, therefore this is now a stream about entertaining me while i sew, thanks for being entertaining adam
thebluecosmonaut: i gotta find copies of it
Traion: Have you shown of the doggo petting yet this stream? ;)
Smapdi_Flaffermann: Trull?
Issurru: are you talking about me?
Pseudonym_Ken: Uhhh, Trull!
Raithencore235: @Steaditup I am currently rereading it for the UPTEENTH time
Issurru: that doesnt sound like me
RedJackz: Oef 70k in the Queue D:
Pseudonym_Ken: Trull is pretty damn great
Pseudonym_Ken: Man his life SUCKS
Smapdi_Flaffermann: What about Tehol and Bugg?
TXC2: hoilday weekend here in the UK
brainiac4: Who'
Mr_Horrible: They're still scaling up their servers, from what I understand
Traion: Considering they already doubled their server capacity I think this is a case of catastrophic success for Dauntless right now
brainiac4: What's the name of the Shield Anvil? He's great too.
Mr_Horrible: and this is the first weekend after the launch, so I expect a LOOOOT of folks are playing right now
Laurreth: I'm using my lunch break at work to lay down and read
Mr_Horrible: wait, this dude's not Terra element?
Catcard: They added HALF A MILLION PLAYERS to the userbase in the first 24 hours of going out of beta.
Mr_Horrible: oh, wait, dire patrol
freshmaker__: let it rip!
indigovarlet: Be patient or buy MH world
Kuolar: It's technically not even "launch"/1.0 yet either. Just came out on consoles/crossplay
Mr_Horrible: OMGOD axe can interrupt that now! gabyLewd
Pseudonym_Ken: What is that!
Ruryk: lmao im mindblow right now
Ruryk: I hate taht ability
reaper45overlord: skat
GlennSeto: That monster is so cool!
RedJackz: I'm sure they're just glad that their game is receiving so much support. And I feel like the deserve it. It's a decent game imo.
reaper45overlord: skarn is pepega
Kuolar: Swords can interrupt it easily too. Doing the dodge attack into it works real well
Sektor88: Alright friends, gotta bounce for now. Best of luck with the hunts, glorious trog king!
Mr_Horrible: you broke his hat you bully BabyRage
Mr_Horrible: catcard wait for real? Daaaayum
TheElrad: Uptown Axe!
Mr_Horrible: Adam I literally say every time I watch you play this that I think it sound design is better than MH LUL
wierdo_of_OZ: plot twist i may have fucked up the sewinf
Catcard: LOL
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Mikiao: Have we tried making friends with the monsters? Maybe they just want scritches? Also, hey Adam!
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Genderi: Dang, this new minecraft update looks great
NoNane09: The hit sound effect in theis game is siiiick
Mr_Horrible: it's the hero's low point at the end of the 2nd act, the sewing will come back stronger than before
TStodden: G'Afternoon... I see Adam is playing as Psycho-Ted.
weff47: Monster Befriender World
Ukon_vasara: skarn deserves headpats miasGood
wierdo_of_OZ: the next big mmorpg, pet dragons to get money
Mr_Horrible: Steve, Whomst Has Bodies Buried In His Yard
brainiac4: I think Adam is playing the player character from Firewatch.
freshmaker__: Monster Hugger
Eklinaar: tbh I'd play that
Traion: Btw if you decide to start playing Dauntless: If you put "Seabats" in as your Support-A-Creator code in the store Adam gets 5% of everything you spend on the game :)
m0nkeyrama: The other behemoths aren't very cuddly
Driosenth: isn't that Pokemon?
rocketjohn: isn't that just pallet town?
UrlorJkron: isnt that basically pokemon
Falcon_Talos: THAT'S POKEMON
Falcon_Talos: opps caps
Jovh11: What's it like being a Coldplay track?
rocketjohn: i would like a pokemon that looked like dauntless
JonnyGlitch: everything is cuddly if you're brave enough
m0nkeyrama: Look at that dopey gnasher face LUL
Mr_Horrible: I would pay money for Skarn/Shrike/Skreav plushies
rybackgaming: Always Digimon.
Ukon_vasara: monster rancher
thebluecosmonaut: i wish i was that excited about digimon
thebluecosmonaut: they digivolve into stronger shit
Ukon_vasara: that yellow thing thats just eyeball with a tail bloobyGood
Mr_Horrible: But blue, they're digital monsters here to save the digital world
Grindclocke: what else is there to know
thebluecosmonaut: but also theyre like, sentient
Genderi: I hear that they're digital monsters
thebluecosmonaut: instead of just dumbass animals like pikachu
indigovarlet: The theme song tells you everything about Digimon
thebluecosmonaut: cant just slam them into the concrete
Invitare: surely you know what "digimon" stands for?
Mr_Horrible: they can Digivolve into champion *AND* ultimate PogChamp
Invitare: since it was in the song?
Invitare: so you know two things
rybackgaming: Gomamon was my beautiful boy and nobody will take him away from me.
RedJackz: 10 min later, still at 60k D:
wierdo_of_OZ: i am the trees
Mikiao: One digimon is a gun....just a sentient gun
Robot_Bones: that's basically the all you need
Jovh11: Pikachu is OG Groot
TXC2: every digimon ends with mon
Ukon_vasara: we fighting the embodiment of Canada here
brainiac4: Tyranno-beaver
Ukon_vasara: soul of Canada
Mr_Horrible: the beaver with a tail sharp enough to leave gaping wounds
Raithencore235: The design of this monster is super cool!
Driosenth: There should be a third set of letters called undercase for whispering.
Catcard: My estimated queue position is 70,000
Catcard: nice
Steaditup: What color is Soul of Canada?
Mr_Horrible: Jebaited
booog_21: @redjackz I’m at 20k now started at 60k been waiting 45min
TXC2: surely the soul of Canada is a sentient hockey stick? kappa
jebaitedyoucuck: To run with the axe while charging up, is that the light or heavy attack button
Ukon_vasara: Red, White, and Red, obvs
Driosenth: @Steaditup maple syrup colored
ChroniclerC: Would 100% scritch the ruffle on this guy's back.
Mr_Horrible: @jebaitedyoucuck heavy, I think. You can move while charging the first attack of that combo
Mr_Horrible: but it's slow unless you have the Lightweight Haft mod equipped
Steaditup: *pushes glasses up nose* Excuse me, the plural of yeet is yote
Steaditup: PAST TENSE FK
Ukon_vasara: ask them nicely if they could cease
Mr_Horrible: like all your teammates have Shrike lanterns too
Mr_Horrible: so probably getting that aoe buff
Mikiao: Does him going blue mean he's cold now? Or he upgraded to super blue fire?
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rainbowpukingpanda: 50 ain't bad
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Ukon_vasara: also that blasting is more believable as some in game sound, if thats irl diemMONKAS
jebaitedyoucuck: @mr_horrible ok ty. I’m loving the repeaters but I’m trying to solo monsters with the axe but having a little trouble
ChroniclerC: Hai Ben!
TXC2: Hello Ben
l0gin4me: HI Ben!
JonnyGlitch: A Wild Ben Appears
Boiler_bot: Hey babee Ben
Raithencore235: BEN!
Steaditup: BENTHONY
JonnyGlitch: benginHi
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
ChroniclerC: Y
Mr_Horrible: @jebaitedyoucuck oof yeah, that's a big change in pace. Hope you're enjoying the axe tho!
Driosenth: Play it out to it's ultimate conclusion!
JonnyGlitch: I wish I was friends with James Turner
Issurru: HEY
itsr67: "why"
Robot_Bones: capitalism Ben
RedJackz: Ben being ben..
Mr_Horrible: LOL got there
Invitare: is it art?
TXC2: !clips
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TXC2: is Saskatchewan art?
Issurru: Adam just beaking away OpieOP
Eklinaar: Ben asking the questions every Canadian wants to ask
Issurru: he loved it here
Raithencore235: Saskatchewan is a pretty awful place... coming from a Manitoban
m0nkeyrama: oh my, honks has been declared
rith_the_awakener: Ello everyone
Issurru: I'll fite you OpieOP
Mr_Horrible: Mosquitos BIGPOG
JonnyGlitch: I love mosquitoes
Issurru: I dont have problems with them, they dont like me
rainbowpukingpanda: MOSQUITOS F TO THE YEAH!
Rintalia: saskatchewan is better then manitoba lol
l0gin4me: mosquitoes suck
EmpyrealHell: I've been to manitoba once for a week, that was enough
TXC2: Saskatchewan: for when you can't handle Nunavut Kappa
wierdo_of_OZ: this is some hot canadian tea, none of which i understand
Mikiao: Does Canada scale out from the center? The further from the coast, the worse it is?
Issurru: Manitoba is like third worst OpieOP
Raithencore235: Manitoba is the place that EVERYONE forgets exist
JonnyGlitch: no, wait, mojitos, I love mojitos
Rintalia: ive lived here for my entire life. someone save me
Issurru: I was in BC for an hour and it was awful
Mr_Horrible: "It was time for Adam to leave. He had seen everything."
Issurru: I'll take Sask LUL
Raithencore235: Manitoba has better lakes at least...
m0nkeyrama: they might NotLikeThis
TXC2: "you tryna leave eh, ya hoser"
rainbowpukingpanda: They're at the border wih lassos to get you back
brainiac4: I love Monkeyrama's entry - the balloons are great
Mr_Horrible: Just mosquitos and/or snowdrifts patrolling the Manitoba border
brainiac4: I thought they were Canadian culture heroes?
JonnyGlitch: sounds like something a hoser would say
Mr_Horrible: no, never once
RedJackz: Canadians are feelings
l0gin4me: nope
weff47: no why would we?
Steaditup: that doesn't sound right
Grindclocke: now that sounds like a myth
Boiler_bot: Myth busted
Eklinaar: The anemic American education system never taught me that Canadians have feelings
TheElrad: Says the guy who said Sydney was full of criminals :P
Invitare: what about someone whose job is watering the grass? Would they unironically be a "hoser"?
wierdo_of_OZ: canadians have feelings? that AND maple syrup? thats too many things
DoktorNik: man the daily rewards for upgrading gear seems... very limiting
Driosenth: why not. you'll just apologize for it lrrBEEJ
ayirbudd: "I thought it might be rude to intrude on your plane crash"
freshmaker__: I don't know the etymology of hoser and at this point im too afraid to ask
AdamYMHMI: Let's not quibble over who profiled who
TXC2: Canadians are nice" watches a hockey game "well that was a fucking lie" Kappa
Mr_Horrible: truly a thing of beauty
Steaditup: put that on a t-shirt
Invitare: Twitch Chat has long been a fan of orbs
Mr_Horrible: txc2 you can't judge a people by how they act when the chips are on the table Kappa
m0nkeyrama: my molten was taken
ItsRileyPM: Out of curiosity, do you know if the shrikes throw attack can be kobe'd?
ayirbudd: orbs are okay, but have you tried CAVE SLIME seabatTROG
Mr_Horrible: it's thorns all the way down
Kuolar: Molten stealers are the worst
Mr_Horrible: what is a bed of thorns but a metaphorical giant jar?
PixelSavage: what was your old life goal ?
Kuolar: It increases stamina costs
Mr_Horrible: @ItsRileyPM I don't think so, but his flying charge can be booped
RedJackz: At the 30k mark D:
Mr_Horrible: Koshai's horns are so cool
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Erudite_Cynic: Hey Adam, have you heard about this Dauntless clone called Monster Hunter? Seems kinda lame in comparison especially because they expect you to pay for it Kappa
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Steaditup: Is there a name for this art direction style?
Mr_Horrible: does it stack?
Mikiao: Adam don't need no homies
m0nkeyrama: lrrGREED lrrGREED
Grindclocke: gamers love orbs
rybackgaming: This axe empty... YEET
Kuolar: It doesn't stack, but grabbing more increases the duration
kumatsu: no second +? Adam getting carried
Erudite_Cynic: ORBZZZ
Mr_Horrible: Monster Hunter doesn't pay Adam Savidan, infinitely inferior
Eklinaar: So when is Dauntless going to get a giant musical instrument that damages your foes?
m0nkeyrama: You're lucky if you get to pick up an orbs when you're playing with Adam SeriousSloth
ItsRileyPM: wow rude, lol
Catcard: Reminder to all dauntless players: Enter Seabats on your creator support page in the elite menu to support Adam when you make purchases in the game!!
JonnyGlitch: doggy dog
freshmaker__: dog yeet dog world
Mr_Horrible: Adam hungry for those spicy orbs
TheElrad: it's cause you're getting carried by m0nkeyrama, Adam
SharkHero08: Ive currently got W250/A320
Boiler_bot: FrankerZ FrankerZ
Driosenth: an active, but not unreadably fast chat
Raithencore235: Man, Adam assumes so much calling Twitch Chat "active"
Invitare: Adam "Humble Brag" Savidan who's so good at the game he doesn't need to pay attention to it
SharkHero08: S;pw;y getting better
RedJackz: It'a dog eat dog world
PixelSavage: why does your character look like a flamboyant fisherman ?
Mikiao: Not only are we active...we're also easy targets and vicious critics :D
Traion: Adam has the lrrGREED habit of picking up all three orbs
TXC2: it's a snoop doggy doggy world
Izandai: Survival of the litest.
ItsRileyPM: its a snoop dogg-edogg
m0nkeyrama: If you want that seabatBRAIN flare, Adam's doing a giveaway on twitter!
ItsRileyPM: dammit
Mr_Horrible: LRR twitch chat is the goldilocks pace
Eklinaar: We're not vicious? Sounds like a challenge.
freshmaker__: Time to up our game. Kappa
Invitare: Graham.... never streams
TheElrad: that's cause Graham is scary :P
m0nkeyrama: Civil? 🤔
Amentur: We don't see Graham anymore lrrAWW
Mikiao: James would murder us...he's scary
UrlorJkron: james is all the attitude
ayirbudd: we give james hell dont play yourself
Izandai: Well, Graham's the dad of LRR. We know better than to backsass the dad.
EmpyrealHell: I mean, you call us troglodytes...
Boiler_bot: Graham is like, dad.
Driosenth: Graham has the power to shut it all down
Mr_Horrible: Graham still trapped in the editing mines
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PixelSavage: You cant give James attitude he is always so grumpy .... its intimidating
Raithencore235: Are you sure, James brings a lot to the table in turns of sass
freshmaker__: Graham's the boss. You can't give lip to the boss.
Eklinaar: Graham has dad voice.
varmintx0: Graham can put on the dad pants from time to time.
Jovh11: Do you want us to give James attitude?
Eklinaar: We don't need to give Beej garbage because Beej is garbage.
Izandai: Paul NEVER streams.
Mr_Horrible: Being mean to Paul DansGame
Boiler_bot: Paul is Uncle-Dad.
TheElrad: Paul is the other Dad/Boss
m0nkeyrama: James doesn't react the same way you do
Invitare: of course not. Paul would destroy us.
kumatsu: Well yeah, Paul would come to our house and fuck us up
Mikiao: Oh no....we respect Paul
zarbit: "Graham's not scary" well no, not if you're 6'5
kanimaras: Being mean to Paul is illegal
PixelSavage: who would be mean to paul he is adorable
ayirbudd: okay you got me there. pauls chat is ALWAYS chill
TXC2: Give Paul attitude? are you fucking mad?
freshmaker__: rip
Mr_Horrible: You can't defeat Paul
Erudite_Cynic: its because you Laugh when we give you shit as apposed to getting all defensive like james
Durzo_Blint_: we feel sorry for James
TheElrad: also we're afraid of getting replaced by Beej's if we give lip to Beej
Mr_Horrible: certainly not in single combat
rybackgaming: *Your next line is...* "Help help I'm being bullied!"
PixelSavage: "the blind miss"
Izandai: Paul is a technology wizard. He could give all our computers syphilis if he wanted to.
TStodden: Graham's slaving away like a responsible adult. Paul makes sure the computers don't turn into toast, IIRL.
Mr_Horrible: <Adam sees m0nkey's orbs> "You made this?... I made this" Kappa
TStodden: *IIRC
PixelSavage: @Izandai space-syphilis
Eklinaar: So what I'm getting from Twitch Chat is that we give Adam a hard time because Adam is the most harmless member of LRR.
PixelSavage: how many different monsters are there in this game ?
Izandai: Even worse.
TXC2: Space-syphilis is what Kirk has isn't it?
Boiler_bot: Slippy slidey boss-cat.
TXC2: PixelSavage 25 ish
Erudite_Cynic: poor Ramen having to carry adam with all deez orbzzz
kanimaras: weaponized space-syphilis
Izandai: @Eklinaar Basically. For all his intimidation factor, he has no real power.
TXC2: No power? he's the fucking boshy!
TStodden: Kirk more likely has Space Herpes...
Kuolar: I hate when people do that
PixelSavage: @TXC2 alrghty, thanks for the inof :)
Mr_Horrible: just go back and forth under the tail, please NotLikeThis
Boiler_bot: NICE
kanimaras: BODIED
Mr_Horrible: To the shadow realm
Grindclocke: the killshot seabatTROG
darkora: YEET
TXC2: Level up!
ChroniclerC: Spin me right round, baby, right round, like a gnasher baby...
Mr_Horrible: Thanos YEET
Darleysam: that's some real satisfying hit noise
m0nkeyrama: that thunk
TXC2: when you YEET so hard you level up
Mr_Horrible: This Ragetail's payin' out!
Invitare: !shh
PixelSavage: oh oh Adam gets scorned
m0nkeyrama: Quiet time, no yeets? NotLikeThis
kumatsu: benginRaid
Erudite_Cynic: quiet times with Savidan
kanimaras: Savidan Ted Talk
m0nkeyrama: You bought the robot? seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Mr_Horrible: Adam just wants to hang with twitch chat and grab orbs he didn't make Kappa
TXC2: TStodden becuase no one man has that much power
kumatsu: You do you fam
Izandai: *UP
Invitare: it may have been taken away, but !shh lives on in my heart
weff47: But what will you do if it rains?
TXC2: chat pls
Raithencore235: I'll always remember the time you and Ben had taken over the thursday LRRMTG stream and were quite loud and Graham came in and straight scolded you!
UrlorJkron: we destiny now
Grindclocke: yo is that full transmog NICE
kumatsu: It bugs me that there's no good preview of the robot outfit
Erudite_Cynic: we need asmr Whisper Adam
Mr_Horrible: Ranger D4N MrDestructoid
Pintyhet: Go demand to be on camera.
weff47: ASMR stream now
m0nkeyrama: AdaMSR
Noodles_15: ASMRdam
PixelSavage: now youre flamboyant space fisherman
Pintyhet: Your beauty must be seen.
kumatsu: If Adam is loud Paul will come frown at us, and nobody wants that
TStodden: Time to go Bob Ross here.
Mikiao: Now to chat about stuff that won't get Adam excited, something he can't rant or get excited Wormwood Gaming!
Invitare: a little background Adam would improve it, I'm sure
sxysoy: Hey Adam I am interested in dauntless and I’m also a fan of monster hunter what makes dauntless different from MH
kanimaras: you are on camera
mampfreeed: hello there Adam and chat :)
rybackgaming: sshh... we're hunting weird bug things...
Pintyhet: *SLAPS TABLE*
PixelSavage: what are they filming ? crapshot? friday nights?
TXC2: hello mampfreeed welcome
Darleysam: but this is our big chance to be in a LRR Live bit!
TXC2: PixelSavage it's LRL tonight
Mikiao: Skins of bones and trees of beasts! -table slap-
Mr_Horrible: Faster and simpler overall
seth_erickson: Man, Ive found it near impossible to beat riftstalker with randoms and it's all I need to do right now
kanimaras: ho chi min city!
Invitare: is it like Bloodborne to Dark Souls 1?
Erudite_Cynic: no kitties less granular
ChroniclerC: Isn't pistol just hunting horn?
Eklinaar: Dauntless needs to add battle bagpipes.
kanimaras: adam has the best phrases 100%
PixelSavage: @TXC2 ah alright
Pintyhet: Skins and skins and skins and skins and skins
TXC2: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #4165: "I don't like my friends OR their opinions!" —Adam [2017-04-22]
PixelSavage: skill.
Noodles_15: KOBE
Mikiao: yes!
Mr_Horrible: Adam, you do this to yourself
TheElrad: shhhhh
Izandai: ADAM
mampfreeed: yeeet
ItsRileyPM: WAT
TXC2: !clips
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Izandai: You know you have to be quiet.
Darleysam: hello to the clip
TheElrad: Adam, you have to be quiet
JonnyGlitch: it took me ages to understand WHY you'd want a cup of someone's piss
Pseudonym_Ken: lrrWOW lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
rocketjohn: You do sometimes come up with uniquely perfect turns of phrase.
Robot_Bones: "not here to fuck spiders"
Izandai: Why would you do something that you know is gonna make you pop off if it works?
Pintyhet: There it is!
Mr_Horrible: "Adam we need to be quiet for a little bit" *Adam does a cool thing that makes him shout*
TheArchitectX: How do you Kobe and Yeet at the same time?
mampfreeed: get noscoped PogChamp
Pintyhet: Slap that table baby!
l0gin4me: the quiet lasted longer than I thought it would
kanimaras: I want to axe you a question
rybackgaming: @TheArchitectX YOBE
Eklinaar: Well that's a quote.
UrlorJkron: hes like a theros god
mampfreeed: yeebe
skeptck: Best axe’s ? Which ones should I be lvling up?
kumatsu: What, Adam isn't goint be entertaining anymore? I'm out seabatYIKES
Pintyhet: Axe not what your game can do for you...
TXC2: no that's how I work Adam Kappa
Steaditup: is being a real person a good alternative to nonexistence?
Mr_Horrible: man, razorwing's aether-charged looks so cool
Mikiao: -clap hands- I do believe in Adams
sxysoy: That got dark really fast
JonnyGlitch: i'm pretty sure the LRR chatroom is active 24/7 regardless of anyone streaming
kumatsu: Kharabak can suck it. SUCK IT I SAY
Doctor_Pockets: *Clap Clap* I Believe in streamers!
Raithencore235: Is Adam telling us is, in fact, not a real boy!?
l0gin4me: Can you throw the axe off the map?
SharkHero08: The worst in when you split the goal posts with pike
kumatsu: @l0gin4me you can
l0gin4me: lol
TStodden: LRRbot & Pump19 are always here.
Mr_Horrible: @l0gin4me yeah, it comes back after a few seconds
kumatsu: Vent throw compilation sounds pretty dope, actually
Mikiao: Moral support Adam....that's what they call him
PixelSavage: "I would put Skrillex on it" - "How do you do fellow kids" - Adam Savidan
kumatsu: pistol tripping rifstalker is so satisfying
SharkHero08: I finally figured out how to trip with pike
m0nkeyrama: LUL
SharkHero08: Im free for hunting if you need more party members adam
m0nkeyrama: Heroics 👀
Izandai: katesLol
PixelSavage: and the nerver to tell YOU to be quiet ... tz tz tz
Izandai: Y'all need soundproof doors.
mampfreeed: dad Jeans adam: yeet. hello fellow kids
SharkHero08: I am way under leveled
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polygryphstudios: Haven't gotten the chance to pop in for my resub in a while, but you all still rock!
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Mikiao: Adam had to hunt in 2ft of snow....uphill both ways
themostjoast: heck yeah
Masslost: who remembers the movie pay it forward...
Traion: Oh we doing real fights now?
skeptck: YEEE Hollah at ya boy I need to lvl up some axe’s
seth_erickson: if only I was still on and I could get help with the darn riftstalker
m0nkeyrama: oh my, something exciting's happening
TStodden: I don't think brand marketing would work well here... As Fortnite is becoming more of an interactive ad
JonnyGlitch: could you tell them to keep it down out there please?
JonnyGlitch: Kappa
darkora: You did, but thanks for checking :)
orionsrise1: We're HEREEEEEEEE!!
TXC2: hello orionsrise1 welcome
kumatsu: huh, I haven't seen Valomyr on this island before
mampfreeed: yobe!
Mikiao: he summons a bullet hell?
Mr_Horrible: "I thought you guys loved orbs!" - Valomyr
seth_erickson: Valomyr is super cool
TXC2: yobe or keet?
JonnyGlitch: oh disco monster!
soft_sunset: So as an axe newbie - why aren't you ever charging your third attack
soft_sunset: is that just better damage?
TrueAtraz: Hey Adam... 60000 in the queue BibleThump want to play too xD how is the axe?
seth_erickson: love this fight at least a billion times better than boreus
Raithencore235: Those mirror effects are pretty cool
soft_sunset: yea, I mean in the combo. I had no idea about that, good to know
TXC2: very Dr strange that shattered glass effect
kumatsu: 8k stagger seabatTROG
kumatsu: Apparently I need to get on the Axe game
JonnyGlitch: I feel like MH is too limited by the fact all it's monsters try to be "realisitc", no too much room for awesome magical fights like this
soft_sunset: also, any advice on getting through this weird gear barrier between dire and heroic, where I now need shiny arcstones for gear over 380, but all heroic patrols are 400+?
goldinguy00: You gotta get carried soft.... I just went through that the other day
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Get better at being awake.
kumatsu: I'd say the best you can do is find some friends to help push through
TStodden: !badadvice
LRRbot: Add "lust" to "hangry."
Eklinaar: That is bad advice.
fragilepaper: I got the C
JonnyGlitch: "horngry"?
TXC2: JonnyGlitch wow that's the emotion I get on waking up every day :p
TrueAtraz: what are you currently working towards in dauntless?
Raithencore235: If you had to choose another weapon to master in the game what would you choose?
Erudite_Cynic: Carried is nonparticipation
TheArchitectX: Is a support/team buff play style possible, or is it all offense?
Traion: Also a lot of heroic patrol mobs are around 350 in strength
rybackgaming: carried to me has an implication of being dead weight via lack of trying.
goldinguy00: I just found, and maybe it was me being bad, but usually if I went in under gear scored I usually spent more time dead and running up the parties danger score than contributing
soft_sunset: the hammer is so sweet - I started learning the hammer, and then Adam's playthroughs convinced me to give the path of YEET a try
Mr_Horrible: There's some group support skills TheArchitectX , but not a ton
m0nkeyrama: It takes so many hunts to get everything to 500 and 550
m0nkeyrama: I love hammer
Issurru: but you say we carry you all the time in MH Kappa
goldinguy00: Carry was probably a bad word choice
7gorobei: shepherded would be a better term
JonnyGlitch: stagger seems really good
goldinguy00: Nutured
Mr_Horrible: I mean, it's a hunting game, the "meta" is usually a suggestion at most
TXC2: Adam "it's fun to Stun" Savidan
JonnyGlitch: fail
Mr_Horrible: everything is viable, as long as you're not using actively weak elements for a mob
soft_sunset: yea, that's why I started liking the axe as well - even if I don't know the fight as well, being able to stagger with a good yeet is a VERY good feeling
soft_sunset: definitely makes me feel like I am helping
Mr_Horrible: lol, Kharbak having NONE of Adam's BS LUL
DoktorNik: I mean, Monster Hunter has the Shotgun Firing Squad - just four people shotgunning down monsters
darkora: that Scott Steiner math class paid off Adam
mampfreeed: cha cha real smooth
APODionysus: And. if your Adam, 100% of those you do
Mr_Horrible: DoktorNik and while that's objectively very good, it's not really necessary for basically any fight
ayirbudd: saw what
TrueAtraz: that throw!
orionsrise1: sorry Adam I gotta jump, break a leg on live tonight!
TXC2: so long orionsrise1 have fun
APODionysus: I saw and I’m telling
TStodden: You missed an UNDEFINED number of shots you don't take, because you're dividing by zero.
Izandai: What was the first game to make cutting off a monster's tail a thing?
orionsrise1: @txc2 lrrDARK
seth_erickson: ds1 maybe
APODionysus: Probably a MH
APODionysus: Or ds1
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
TrueAtraz: the animal abuse in this stream is absurd... poor fly Kappa
goldinguy00: is breaking a shrowd's legs even possible, I've done soooo many fights nad never seen a leg break drop. Suuuucjs
JonnyGlitch: "Tabby's Tail Cutters" 1982 for the Amiga
keilord: @Izandai probably the first monster hunter, came out long before dark souls
Izandai: Makes sense.
m0nkeyrama: It is possible, but not easy
Issurru: it didnt come before Dark Souls if you ask SharkHero08 SeriousSloth
goldinguy00: Makes sense
goldinguy00: the hit box is tiny
Mr_Horrible: is it the Kalameet's tail of this game?
APODionysus: @jonnyglitch I would love it if that was a real thing
m0nkeyrama: I still need some to finally craft the Hunger
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
ItsRileyPM: and to break a shrouds leg he just needs to crash another scooter
APODionysus: So this game is just.... an MH game but not?
m0nkeyrama: Did you want to do heroics?
TrueAtraz: Do you have to break stuff from monsters, or is it just extra material?
goldinguy00: I need the leg break to finish the hunfer, and make the hood
seth_erickson: it's just extra material
JonnyGlitch: @APODionysus considering not all early games were catalogued or had anything other than local releases, you never know!
Mr_Horrible: @APODionysus it's a hunter-like. Faster paced, simpler systems & combos, but a lot of unique flourish
Izandai: This game feels a lot like Monster Hunter's Fortnite. But better.
mampfreeed: behemoth thighs Kreygasm Kappa
APODionysus: Interesting
seth_erickson: but also helps make sure you get certain ingredients you might be looking for
APODionysus: I still need to try a MH
m0nkeyrama: you get rewards for not getting downed in the fight
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razorswift: Grim YEET sounds like the most lit punk album of 2019
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m0nkeyrama: also bonuses for having the hunt pass
goldinguy00: yuvck I'm still waiting on 20k people to log in before me
Issurru: MHW is easily the most accessible MH
APODionysus: Maybe I’ll buy MHW soon
Mr_Horrible: I highly recommend trying this as an intro to the genre. It's free, and (I feel) a lot easier to pick up than monster hunter
TXC2: Yeet Punk, the latest music genre
ronator: @APODionysus its very soon and there adding more for dlc in September
razorswift: Btw, I loved that you started the MH theme, during a Coldsnap stream, when the next expansion is all about snow :D
RavingPenguin: MHW is suuuuper complex
ronator: very good*
Mr_Horrible: I will never not think of Hellion as a cat running from its own puke when you spits lava
soft_sunset: this fight is really frustrating
TXC2: Mr_Horrible gross
TStodden: Monster Hunter games populate the world with other creatures besides your prey. Dauntless seems to be more streamlined with only your prey in the area.
Mr_Horrible: but accurate!
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo from the airport, how goes?
Mr_Horrible: it gives good opportunity to hit their tails
TXC2: hello Sarah_Serinde
Mr_Horrible: hey Sarah_Serinde
BrindleBoar: I prefer breaking tails first - yeah it changes their moveset but every monster has a tailslap I'd rather just not have to deal with
Izandai: So it's got two broken legs but it's still walking? Makes sense.
l0gin4me: Is it possible to break all the parts in the same fight? or does enough damage accumulate to kill it before everything is broken?
freshmaker__: You don't have to interact with the broken parts like carving in monster hunter right?
Mr_Horrible: Brindleboar oh for sure, but with Hellion/Pangar the tail can be tough to hit, being high up and wibbling around from his moves
JonnyGlitch: the axe throw is super satisfing
m0nkeyrama: you can absolutely break everything
Mr_Horrible: freshmaker__ correct
APODionysus: Fine. I’ll buy MHW on tuesday
APODionysus: You made me do it
mampfreeed: carried
m0nkeyrama: Shrowd it's just difficult to get break parts in general
Mr_Horrible: @APODionysus I believe it's on sale on Humble right now, according to Ben?
APODionysus: @mr_horrible my pc can’t rub it sadly
rybackgaming: you're breaking off parts from the legs, not necessarily breaking the legs themselves.
JonnyGlitch: hey if Adam was coming at me with an axe you bet I'd be running with 2 broken legs
goldinguy00: Most of the times I can get a group that clears shrowd its usually dead without any noticable breaks
APODionysus: Gotta go ps4
BrindleBoar: Mr_Horrible yeah it can be hard to get at, and for Hellion/Pangar Adam's definitely got a point that the quasi-stagger for breaking legs makes life easier
Mr_Horrible: ah, I see. Sorry friendo
TStodden: Don't remember if Jalopy is still free in the Humble Store or if the promo had passed.
TXC2: "can you walk?" "I'll bloody walk out of here!"
APODionysus: Mmmm drinking delicious home made cold brew
Boiler_bot: Robot Gang!
TXC2: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:58:39. lrrSPOT
Mr_Horrible: damn now I want cold brew. This coffee is good but not refreshing
FruitySurprise: sword or repeaters for overall end game group and solo?
JonnyGlitch: declare the Streaming office a Principality and Cede from Canada
JonnyGlitch: that way the other's can't make you leave
Invitare: so Repeaters are for tall people like yourself?
JonnyGlitch: nice shot
seth_erickson: I find time passes very quickly when playing this game
Mr_Horrible: Cheated! Swindled! BabyRage
TrueAtraz: poor kitty
APODionysus: @jonnyglitch now I want to rewatch the CH where Alex takes over the steaming office
Izandai: Whoa, massive deja vu.
TStodden: I think Snorsh is still open for new territories...
JonnyGlitch: @APODionysus I do revisit that one, it's one of my favorites.... but the toilet floor was so FILTHY
Mr_Horrible: the no fear YEET
Mr_Horrible: it's so messed up
m0nkeyrama: LUL LUL
JonnyGlitch: this beasty just can't catch a break
TXC2: He who fears not the YEET is a fool
Mr_Horrible: they gotta make a law
BrindleBoar: That boi had such a bad day.
m0nkeyrama: That thing is so much easier to trip with blades
Mr_Horrible: Adam'll be a ninja in no time at this rate
Izandai: I just remembered when y'all went to the axe throwing range. That was so much fun to watch.
m0nkeyrama: Jesus, Adam LUL
Invitare: Which shall it be?
Izandai: Speaking of, is there a LRL tonight?
seth_erickson: that was a great segment
TXC2: Izandai should be
Izandai: Coolio.
mampfreeed: s++ for the trippy axe
Izandai: What time is it?
Smapdi_Flaffermann: My mom made a casserole for me to eat today. I'll admit it, I'm a casserole fan. Noodles, meat, sauce...what's not to like?
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cori takes over Play it Forward for the next little while. She's checking out Horizon Zero Dawn. Game: Horizon Zero Dawn) at Sat 02:00 PM PDT (1:23 from now).
TStodden: That bears asking, is the recording done?
TXC2: oh right that
Izandai: No, when's the LRL?
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JonnyGlitch: it beats meatloaf
TXC2: LRL is at 6pm PDT....if I've gotten my Timezones right
m0nkeyrama: LRL is in 5.5 hours i believe
TStodden: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cori takes over Play it Forward for the next little while. She's checking out Horizon Zero Dawn. Game: Horizon Zero Dawn) at Sat 02:00 PM PDT (1:23 from now).
rocketjohn: I have never had a casserole that had noodles in it.
seth_erickson: it's usually at 5 right
Izandai: @TXC2 ty
JonnyGlitch: I probably haven't
m0nkeyrama: Meatloaf seabatYIKES
Steaditup: good meatloaf is better than steak
AdamYMHMI: Meatloaf is amazing
ayirbudd: good meatloaf issa flamesss
Mr_Horrible: Alright, my fridge is bare and it's been lunchtime for a while. Gotta go get groceries. Keep this boy honest, Chat
Mikiao: My mom made meatloaf with ground up hotdogs was terrible
tehlordofelves: BULL!
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun I wouldn't do that.
cutaos: ??????
Issurru: what fucking bullshit
cutaos: Kappa
Issurru: no
APODionysus: REAL good meatloaf is incredible
Smapdi_Flaffermann: @rocketjohn You haven't lived, my friend.
TXC2: thems fighting words
Izandai: @Steaditup X Doubt
Boiler_bot: I never had meatload, but TV tells me it's always bad.
ItsRileyPM: good meatloaf is the best thing ever
Invitare: As a British person, Meatloaf to me is a musician
BrindleBoar: that's some kind of madness
Issurru: Adam
Issurru: dont make me fite you
seth_erickson: meatloaf done well is great
APODionysus: Meatloaf is very much a high ceiling, low floor food
iggySPLOSION: adam stop sowing seeds of discord
betsytheripper: wow I show up and you kick the hive like that
betsytheripper: jeeze
freshmaker__: I find casserole is such a vague food item though. To call it good or bad as a whole is kinda hard.
JonnyGlitch: I've had amazing meatloaf once, and them mu mum wouldn't let my dad make it again, for some unknowable reason
iggySPLOSION: you're tearing this family apart
seth_erickson: Steak is over rated
m0nkeyrama: Iceborne isn't lazy
JonnyGlitch: it was probably people
m0nkeyrama: that's rude SeriousSloth
TXC2: Casserole is for when you want to eat the last 4 dinners you had, again
Izandai: @seth_erickson Well that's just blatantly false.
rocketjohn: TXC2: See also bubble and squeak.
Mikiao: casserole, when do you don't have enough ingredients for any one dish
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betsytheripper: I guess since we're kicking the hive, ketchup is bottom tier sauce, fite me
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TStodden: For Steak, the cow did all the work. All you do it avoid burning it.
m0nkeyrama: All sauces are bad SeriousSloth
Izandai: Is ketchup a sauce?
tehlordofelves: I'll fight you
Issurru: what about MAYOCHUP
seth_erickson: there are many foods I'd rather have then steak
AdamYMHMI: Ranch is bottom tier sauce
Dhaunayne: i disagree: ketchup is not fine
TXC2: Ketchup is the ONLY condiment
Mikiao: honey mustard is king!
Smapdi_Flaffermann: I'm a mustard man from way back.
betsytheripper: bbq sauce is top
Izandai: They make decent burgers.
betsytheripper: relish is acceptable
JonnyGlitch: depends on the relish
ItsRileyPM: Ketchup is a good base for other sauces
rocketjohn: english mustard: best condiment, and i will fight you.
weff47: sweet relish sucks though
weff47: dill all the way
TheArchitectX: Dill Relish is life.
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WeedenProject: Lea & Perrins is the best sauce don't @ me
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8 raiders from sugarsh0t have joined!
freshmaker__: Best sauce is of course Kewpie Mayo
seth_erickson: Gonna have to disagree with you there
JonnyGlitch: or is "relish" a particular condiment in Canada?
APODionysus: Truely high level steak from a truly excellent steakhouse is a religious experience
TXC2: hello sugarsh0t welcome
JonnyGlitch: relish is more of a classification here
Izandai: Here's the real truth: If you have to put any kind of sauce on your steak to make it good, your steak just sucks.
DodoSwede: Heja :) Hope you are having a fantastic day so far
seth_erickson: I hate relish
Izandai: And/or you cooked it wrong.
sugarsh0t: yooo we're doing Legion now
Mikiao: Oh I have to fight adam over relish. sweet relish is the only reason to eat pickles
sugarsh0t: we're liberating suramar again
Invitare: British
rocketjohn: worcester
WeedenProject: Worchestershire Sauce
Invitare: Worcestershire Sauce
SquareDotCube: Mustard is the jack of all trades of sauces
sugarsh0t: and now i have to go vacuum the house for strangers who want to maybe buy it
mampfreeed: Ketchup is a non Newton fluid btw. I think thats cool af
JonnyGlitch: mango ginger chutney is god tier
TheArchitectX: Worchestershire sauce.
SpiffGames: Lea & Perrins is Worchestershire Sauce
sugarsh0t: also honey mustard or riot byeeeee
TXC2: lee and penis is a Worcestershire sauce
TStodden: L&P is Worcestershire sauce.
iggySPLOSION: throw it in the harbor, adam
seth_erickson: almost anything related to pickles is a no from me
APODionysus: Worcestershire is god teir
rocketjohn: that autocorrect from TXC2
DodoSwede: All we care about is that you have an awesome fun time :D
AdamYMHMI: I personally watch this channel for only the tightest plays.
TXC2: rocketjohn yeap I dont fucked up big there :p
betsytheripper: yo that autocorrect has got me cackling
Raithencore235: Did Ilharg jump between planes?
SquareDotCube: Though it could be worse. We could be talking about cola. Kappa
Izandai: Are we fighting Ganon?
JonnyGlitch: penis doesn't sound like a condiment I'd enjoy
DodoSwede: we dont want your math here
SquareDotCube: rayfkSanic
iggySPLOSION: fass maffs
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TXC2: JonnyGlitch the penis is more of an entrée for eating ass Kappa
seth_erickson: that's just the tip given by the game
m0nkeyrama: I think it's any damage there, not just to the head
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cori takes over Play it Forward for the next little while. She's checking out Horizon Zero Dawn. Game: Horizon Zero Dawn) at Sat 02:00 PM PDT (1:17 from now).
betsytheripper: crackling too
MadAboutVideoGames: I'm 70,000th in queue. I'll be playing in no time
m0nkeyrama: The queue moves pretty quickly
m0nkeyrama: took me ~5 minutes to get through 40k this morning
SoloMoney: How is this game
m0nkeyrama: It's easy to check
m0nkeyrama: Next fight, hit something else SeriousSloth
Invitare: if only there were a Dauntless Partner here we could ask
seth_erickson: I've started to really like the hammer
Kuolar: So I decided to try your axe Grim yeet ability... and I've had 4 times now where the axe lands back on the ground and I can't pick it up and have to wait...
PerpetualDM: Was watching Adam VOD. Suddenly there's an Adam live, haha.
seth_erickson: that's happened to me as well @kuolar
Invitare: THE Adam Vod
m0nkeyrama: suddenly
mampfreeed: I've never heard of this game. that makes me an expert right?
Invitare: The True One
PerpetualDM: Catching up on your home stream.
seth_erickson: does the movement speed stack from molten orbs
TStodden: !advice
LRRbot: Unleash the Goldblum.
Traion: Okay I'll tap out to make Dinner
Traion: Have fun without me
TXC2: so long Traion eat well
m0nkeyrama: Have a nice dinner @Traion
BlackSun1784: looks like i need to update this and hop in again
seth_erickson: enjoy your dinner @traion
m0nkeyrama: It's real good
SharkHero08: Boreus is an awful fight
BlackSun1784: i think halloween was the last time i booted in
seth_erickson: hate boreus
m0nkeyrama: Still can't join while in a queue
Invitare: wait, wat is that *thing* on your head?
Invitare: it's not a rain hat!
SharkHero08: tried it for the first time
SharkHero08: its not going well
TXC2: that hat looks like a skull Dead space helmet :P
seth_erickson: gotta kill those dumb flying creatures
SharkHero08: We were at like 60% before making it run for the first time
TXC2: *skrull
BrindleBoar: Boreus minions' hitboxes are too small IMO
SharkHero08: Well we won somehow
m0nkeyrama: It's probably paper :/
seth_erickson: Those dumb minions are probably the worst part
lake_scum: mmm i love a good cel shaded artstyle
Erudite_Cynic: ye olde duo hunt
lake_scum: so is this game like, more cartooney less number-crunchy monster hunter world?
Izandai: Is this Ganon's baby brother?
BlackSun1784: does their standalone launcher not work anymore?
TXC2: lake_scum yes and no, it's a bit more of it's own thing
lake_scum: gotcha
HesGotNoPants: @izandai not enough pig
Izandai: True.
TheArchitectX: It's the 42nd anniversary of the release of Star Wars.
Izandai: Got the spikes though.
LetsConsider: Man, I haven’t played this game in forever
lake_scum: i really love the way this game does particle effects with the explosions and etc
DoktorNik: does this game have player scaling?
betsytheripper: using strategy instead of just going all in? gasp
MadAboutVideoGames: is this god of war?
Traion: Oops I quit to Desktop that's Dauntless for today :P
TXC2: being responsible? That's not my adam Kappa
TStodden: BTW, does everybody know where their towel is?
Invitare: the winner will be the one with the greater Resolve
LetsConsider: I know where a towel is @tstodden
TXC2: why? is that gonna be important?
Izandai: Why do these monsters never just run away from you? They're clearly way faster.
Izandai: Not much of a survival instinct, I guess.
Boiler_bot: #NotMyAdam
betsytheripper: Ooh water is a good idea
LetsConsider: @izandai do you know how humans would hunt back before we had guns?
Boiler_bot: Hydration is good.
TXC2: hmm water
m0nkeyrama: water Kreygasm
Izandai: @LetsConsider That's an excellent point.
TStodden: It IS Towel Day... although the odds of Earth being bulldozed is low.
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
betsytheripper: stretch it out ye
Erudite_Cynic: Monster are Overconfident
Erudite_Cynic: overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer
HesGotNoPants: I just got here
Izandai: @Erudite_Cynic eyyy
TStodden: Alright... I'll get out of bed.
TStodden: BRB
ayirbudd: people scooping to teferi in DOM draft is ao satisfying
ayirbudd: so*
ayirbudd: like i didnt even do anything with him. i just cast him and thats it
mampfreeed: people scooping to liliana into casualties of war in war draft is so satisfying
ayirbudd: oh lawd that sounds ruthless
m0nkeyrama: we're back 👀
TXC2: and we're back
Invitare: really? Aren't troglodytes classified as monsters?
Erudite_Cynic: seabatTROG
Invitare: that's really early for me
ayirbudd: seabatTROG
TXC2: Hello Alex
m0nkeyrama: I get to spend all day tomorrow driving Kreygasm
Boiler_bot: Yo 'Lex.
mampfreeed: raredrafting ftw. I'm so sorry adam
l0gin4me: Hi Alex!
Izandai: eyyy it's the Stacey!
ayirbudd: Hi dad
betsytheripper: I have a cute joke
ayirbudd: lmao
TXC2: that makes it art Kappa
betsytheripper: Why can't your nose be 12 inches
Izandai: gottem
ayirbudd: whyyy
betsytheripper: because then it would be a foot
ayirbudd: BA DUM TSHHH
betsytheripper: eyy
TStodden returns on his computer...
APODionysus: Chat: since I’m buying it soon, I have a MHW question: I understand you have to choose a weapon in the beginning. Is it easy to switch to a different type later if I find I don’t like the style or is that more “create a new character” territory?
Izandai: That's amazing.
Izandai: katesLol
ayirbudd: seabatYIKES
Boiler_bot: What a digital dummy.
Erudite_Cynic: better than being a festering Quat
XprotoformX: yeah anytime steampunk is nonfunctional it IS silly
m0nkeyrama: LUL LUL
Crowbar_Is_Ready: @APODionysus YOU CAN SWAP AT ANY TIME
TStodden: IIRC, many of the MH games allow you to switch freely, but changing weapons does have some learning curve.
TXC2: Chat: Adam's pokemon Kappa
Crowbar_Is_Ready: oops caps
Izandai: It's not Monster Hunter, but it's very similar.
APODionysus: Sweet
Crowbar_Is_Ready: stupid keyboard
Boiler_bot: Honster Munter
APODionysus: Thanks @crowbar_is_ready
Crowbar_Is_Ready: no problem!
ayirbudd: your hair is luscious today alex
MadAboutVideoGames: I would play Dauntless but I'm 20,000th in queue
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Izandai: wow
TXC2: Baron Davis that shit
mampfreeed: get noscoped
TheArchitectX: Warning, Choking Hazard!
TXC2: it's all Nerf guns
Amentur: If child classism has turned to fortnite skins it has to be real wierd
Boiler_bot: Collectible toys are kind big?
Crowbar_Is_Ready: it's unfortunately morphing into almost mono collectors
Izandai: There's probably fewer toys, but what toys exist are way better.
Erudite_Cynic: kids just wanna play fortnerf
MadAboutVideoGames: my nephew loves nerd guns
HesGotNoPants: no just 30 year old man children play with toys
Pseudonym_Ken: I dunno, my friends and family with young kids still have plenty of toys to buy them
Tiber727: The hot toy of this generation is the iPhone. Kappa
Pseudonym_Ken: Transformers are still popular
TXC2: I was into legos and Action man as a kid
Erudite_Cynic: Saber Rider
Pseudonym_Ken: Legos are the biggest in popularity
TXC2: Action man = UK GI Joe
Boiler_bot: Yeah lego kits are still super big
TStodden: In the girls stuff aisel, there's Unicorn Poop... in bulk... & crapload of blind-box stuff.
Jeezy56: well he was the greatest hero of them all
ImmortalLen: Alex is a little quiet
PerpetualDM: Cool ALex, I had the same Domino thing. I'm from Sweden. :)
Pseudonym_Ken: Monster Factory
Erudite_Cynic: creepy crawlers
erloas: there is no end to the toys you can buy kids right now. they are a lot more detailed and complex than they used to be, but haven't really changed that much
godpigeon: I thought that was a "We need a boy's version of this toy"
Mangledpixel: boop
Mangledpixel: oh hey, it's an Alex
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
TXC2: hello Suffix welcome
I_Am_Clockwork: Heyho friends
MadAboutVideoGames: the best way to break your ankles
TXC2: hello I_Am_Clockwork welcome
Pseudonym_Ken: I worked in toys stores over holidays, and I never saw Moon shoes
ItsRileyPM: broken ankles were an actual problem
Izandai: God, I wanted Moon Shoes so bad. They looked so cool.
Dumori: Luge has safety features?
Tiber727: Snow is nature's air bags anyway.
TheArchitectX: Did your school have Krazy Karpets?
TheArchitectX: Mine did.
betsytheripper: I tutored a couple high school kids with helicopter parents, it was very weird to experience secondhand
Izandai: You never wore a helmet, Adam? That explains a lot. katesSass
Crowbar_Is_Ready: samsies, i remember getting dial up for the first time
Invitare: none of them would fit his big brain
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
TXC2: the 2000's basically
Dumori: Oh Gods MSM
Izandai: I had something that I can't remember the name of. It was a plastic modular building thing, like Lego or similar, but there were only two pieces. One of them was like a dumbbell, with balls on the ends and in the middle it had two sockets you could connect the balls to, and the other piece was just a socket on a square base with hinges. It was great.
AdamYMHMI: Yahoo chess and cribbage were my jam
TheArchitectX: AIM
Kuolar: Ah yes, ICQ. *Uh Oh*
betsytheripper: AIM, MSN, hell yeah
Mangledpixel: ah MSN, with the good old ((nudge)) button
Izandai: Name was O-something.
mampfreeed: ye mate, helmet on the bike but on the sleigh... noooo
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HesGotNoPants: my parents defence against me being kidnapped was me being fat
Izandai: Otello maybe?
Tiber727: The big turning point was when we moved past dial-up. The idea that could just *stay* online was amazing.
TStodden: I remembered ICQ & AIM... but I didn't get on MSN & YIM until I discovered Trillian.
Darleysam: ah, the days of embarrassing MSN names
m0nkeyrama: Dial up :o
Mangledpixel: Discord kinda is that, that is it's scaleable to both small and large communities
Pseudonym_Ken: I have actively done that, trying to reduce my social media imprint
TXC2: man how did we live on dial up?
TStodden: I remember when "Dial-up Hell" wasn't a thing...
erloas: niche forums have always been around and are still around
Amentur: That lovely 56k handshake sound lrrHEART
Mangledpixel: we were only allowed to use the internet in the evenings when it was cheaper
ShDragon: Alex singing the song of my people.
MadAboutVideoGames: AOL trial disks
rocketjohn: Muuuumm! Put the phone down!
Noodles_15: "*dial-up noises*" Alex, 2019
Invitare: in 10 years it'll be AOL instant messanger again
silenceaux: There will come a day when that noise is a shibolleth
Dumori: Giant void Kitty is rad
seth_erickson: I cannot beat this with randoms and it's infuriating
Tiber727: You know, there are probably adults out there who have no idea what the "dial up connecting" sound is.
TStodden: I think I still have a good number of AOL discs around (as coasters, since there was no local numbers for my area).
TXC2: silenceaux you are not wronf
erloas: my first internet was on a 2.4k modem, you could watch text scroll in across the screen (it was a free dial-in through a library system)
TXC2: *wrong
Boiler_bot: silenceaux I think it already is in a way?
Darleysam: yep, changing your name to some punk/emo lyrics or trying to decipher your friend's name who's done the same
XprotoformX: i remember playing an mmo on dialup and trying to travel in as few zones as possible, because zoning could take up to 10 minutes sometimes
Izandai: Kind of a small behemoth, TBH.
CraziestOwl: Hello friends
TXC2: hello CraziestOwl welcome
Erudite_Cynic: Kombucha Lab
Mangledpixel: electronics kits were my jam
niccus: never vape on your own supply
TStodden: I'm a bit pleased that leekspeek isn't a big thing anymore.
Invitare: leek speak?
Invitare: Welsh?
TXC2: Leet speak
seth_erickson: I hate when you get hit from behind by that
Ahxes: So I'm a grad student and one of the guys in my lab is working a project dealing with THC. He regularly takes the PH of weed.
TStodden: I purposely misspell it out of my disdain for it.
TXC2: TStodden fair
Invitare: it sounds like a derogatory name for Welsh
Tiber727: @XprotoformX I remember playing Phantasy Star Online on Gamecube with dial-up. I brought my GC tio my dad's house, and racked up a giant phone bill because I thought that the number it connected to was local when it wasn't.
Alephred: I believe Welsh is the preferred Dude, nomenclature
Izandai: Leetspeak got replaced with memespeak.
beowuuf: I thought it was just some dig at the welsh :(
Boiler_bot: Leekspeak
Dumori: That's leekspeak
Invitare: Wales is known for its Leeks
XprotoformX: @Tiber727 lol yeah
Invitare: yeah this is very British
erloas: I started with MUDs in the late 90s
Izandai: "leekspeek"
rocketjohn: It's an *ENGLISH* thing
Invitare: nothing
rocketjohn: Not that I do it
Dumori: They where like the Scots but lost first
Crowbar_Is_Ready: people like them a lot, so the english take the piss\
TheArchitectX: You hit it on the hea,d there Alex.
rocketjohn: Everyone except the english shits on the english.
TXC2: Britain is VERY provincial
erloas: Dark Age of Camelot was my favorite MMO for the longest time (still think it is better than WoW)
Invitare: no, the English do too
TXC2: so like the people the next town over get shit on
XprotoformX: well to be fair... the English kinda just shit on any one... but it was something the Scottish and Irish could enjoy with them
Mangledpixel: the jokes mostly originated from stereotypes that English city people had of the Welsh, seeing as Wales is very rural
erloas: that's where my username is from
erloas: Midgard all the way
Mangledpixel: so it's basically classist
Erudite_Cynic: btw Alex, you are rocking the longer hair look
fragilepaper: As a Welshwoman, its just good ol' adversaries and that we "Fuck sheep" cause we are all apparently farmers
Boiler_bot: fragilepaper or coalminers?
Boiler_bot: fragilepaper before Thatcher.
beowuuf: the sheep thing gets thrown around to the scots at times too :)
Invitare: which is strange, because the West Country is definitely more of the farm stereotype
rybackgaming: yep, can confirm we're all farmers and/or coalminers
fragilepaper: I was going to @Boiler_bot Thatcher came along and took the Coal from us
Dumori: I join most Welsh in solidarty of the fact I too live in a post industrial shithole like northen wales has many
rocketjohn: The english were genuinely horrible to the welsh, very recently, from a cultural-genocide point of view
betsytheripper: jackass was more like mid 2000s
betsytheripper: like 2005ish
SharkHero08: Jackass was 2000s wasnt it
62MGcobra: CKY
m0nkeyrama: Some of it was fantastic
TXC2: to be fair Jackass was not that bad
rybackgaming: the hand is always amazing.
Darleysam: jackass was at its best when it was full looney toons
TStodden: Jackass was early 2000's
m0nkeyrama: The really dangerous stuff DansGame
Invitare: Slapstick is still comedy
Mathonwy: Yay! Alex!
Tiber727: My favorite was when they dangled a fire hose from a crane, then turned the water on while hanging on it like a rodeo. I wanted to try that so bad.
Driosenth: The high 5 was in 2010!
rybackgaming: the time they did the hi 5 prank on Raw years back? good episode
Mathonwy: Sorry, I just showed up.
TXC2: and then there was a Jonny koxvill boxing butterbean in a shop :P
Erudite_Cynic: the one that gets me is double kick to the face
HesGotNoPants: is Adam's guy a zombie?
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Tiber727: @HesGotNoPants It's a custom entry, like OW Play of the Games.
Invitare: if you want timeless comedy, I've got to vote for the Pink Panther films
weff47: they must have permanent migraines
rybackgaming: and that's why most big companies don't do headshots anymore.
TXC2: or in Beyound the mat when Mick Foley takes like 12 chair shots to the head
Alephred: Johhny Knoxville has serious penis injuries, he's talked about it.
Erudite_Cynic: trampolie wrasslin
rocketjohn: As a penis owner, i would postulate that all penis injuries are serious penis injuries.
TheWooglie: Alex doesn't have headphones though
Izandai: @rocketjohn Agreed.
TXC2: rocketjohn yeap
TheWooglie: my sub
kumatsu: lol so random
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Dumori: rocketjohn nah most are minor if you've has a serious one
kumatsu: Speaking of that, Alex how hype are you for the Zim movie?
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Invitare: So random XD Gale of Darkness
Darleysam: I love stopping to think about YTMND, and PTKFGS
Izandai: Adam's addicted to beating the head. katesSass
Mathonwy: So, what is this game?
UnknownGerm: didn't myspace also recently lose thousands of hours worth of users music?
m0nkeyrama: Yes
Erudite_Cynic: Mario Twins
Dumori: Newgrounds had a second comming
Izandai: There were a lot more than dozens of erotic artists on Tumblr, Adam. A LOT more.
Boiler_bot: Homestar Runner was ace.
TStodden: Newgrounds will likely suffer a content crash in 2020 when Flash dies for good...
TXC2: man remeber flash games? they were great
Laurreth: "thousands of hours" was something like "everything up to 2015"
Dumori: NG has spawned a lot of people in professional animation jobs now
UnknownGerm: Tom Fulp?
Kuolar: Wasn't it Dan Paladin?
m0nkeyrama: RIP Lunch
Mathonwy: We are.
SmashTCG: tom fulp
TStodden: Homestar Runner has migrated to YouTube. However, fair number of Newgrounds staff transitioned into The Behemoth (with Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, ect.)
ImmortalLen: Then starve
Issurru: you didnt need it
Issurru: no Wendys for you
m0nkeyrama: Could check during a break SeriousSloth
Driosenth: YOOUUU
accountmadeforants: Next time just discuss lunch in Twitch chat. That seems like a good idea.
silenceaux: We did it, Twitch Chat
Erudite_Cynic: Alex have you ever seen Default Filename TV?
Izandai: holy shit
Izandai: that's amazing
Catcard: LMFAO
rocketjohn: wooooow
SmashTCG: wasnt the guys name tom flup or fulp
TXC2: yeap thats the basic premise
m0nkeyrama: We lost fragilpaper NotLikeThis
betsytheripper: Speaking of old memes coming back, the all new Invader Zim movie is coming to netflix this summer
Izandai: Handmaid's Tale is fucked up.
Izandai: woof
UnknownGerm: Y I K E S
Catcard: Adam can you do me a solid and explain the different types of damage in this game because I think I understand but I'm still kind of confused.
TXC2: speaking of, is there gonna be a season 3 of Handmaid's tale?
Rhonlore: Dauntless seems cool but can I beat up monsters with a musical instrument?
flamboyancyofsquirrels: I’ve never seen this game before, can someone explain why we’re killing the big pupper?
TXC2: flamboyancyofsquirrels we're hunting it
Catcard: flamboyancyofsquirrels, it is a monster, we are slaying it
silenceaux: It consumes aether, and is headed towards the city
TXC2: theres not really a plot to this game
Izandai: I'm into it.
orbitaltuna: that thing sure likes to charge around cliffs
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beowuuf: the plot was the flames you met along the way
niccus: they sort of tried with Evolve
Iperithon: evolve?
Crowbar_Is_Ready: i mean that was evolve right?
Invitare: that was Evolve
Amentur: You mean Evolved?
fragilepaper: Wasn't that Evolve?
Izandai: There's already a game where you can play as the monster.
seth_erickson: Evolved
ImmortalLen: It was called evole
flamboyancyofsquirrels: Got it, thanks everybody!
officedge: I thnink that game is evolve
zigboy22: evolve
Izandai: Yeah, Evolved.
accountmadeforants: Didn't the L4D developers make a game like that?
RavingPenguin: Evolve then
godpigeon: There was that in PvP...
Tiber727: How exactly can a monster that can't fly head towards a city when all land masses are floating islands?
Erudite_Cynic: Monster Hunter Hunter
Driosenth: that was Evolved and it was garbage
ImmortalLen: That was Evle
TXC2: Tiber727 it jumps Kappa
Orgmastron: Evolve had...problems
Mangledpixel: I did have a game idea a while back for a game where you are a mimic in a typical fantasy dungeon, you have to pick what to transform into and where to position yourself, that sort of thing
Crowbar_Is_Ready: was fun if you had the full group, monster included, but rando groups were not fun
Amentur: It was okay but it bombed hard. Even going free didn't help
Alephred: Evolve was 75% running, 25% fighting.
ricin: Evolve was VERY VERY good. 2k fucked turtle rock on that one
Erudite_Cynic: its a TRAP
kumatsu: Black and white is completely unavailable now and that's awful
Erudite_Cynic: it seems good
CataclysmicReverb: Dont forget to carve
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m0nkeyrama: evolve was super fun
Mr_Horrible: wow I come back to a chat convo that makes me sad because Evolve is gone gabyThump
Erudite_Cynic: and is actually garbo
m0nkeyrama: balancing was ass
Tiber727: @Mangledpixel Prop Hunt meets the Predator?
7gorobei: is that game where you play as the shark attacking a florida town out yet?
m0nkeyrama: Prop Hunt Kreygasm
Mangledpixel: Tiber727 pretty much, with some Dungeon Keeper thrown in there too
Issurru: we should play it more Adam
Izandai: Prop Hunt for next LAN party?
Mr_Horrible: and yes, 2K was absolutely the reason Evolve tanked. Still upsets me
Boiler_bot: Crossing the streams Prop Hunt?
Issurru: yeah that night was fun, you chewed me out though LUL
SharkHero08: So I found an intersting bug with pike
orbitaltuna: haven't they played prop hunt on something before?
TXC2: we did prop hunt on a LRR LAN no?
TStodden: Just spitballing here, but a Rampage asymetric multiplayer (3 monsters vs multiple humans) might be interesting...
Amentur: It was played during the LRR Lan, yeah
Mr_Horrible: I still love that highlight from the LAN party prop hunt with Ben as the table in the room that NO ONE hit LUL
accountmadeforants: I remember TF2 Prop Hunt, sometimes you just spawned as a floating gun instead of as a regular prop. You were champion of the props.
rocketjohn: I would kinda like to petition that Crossing the Streams should have come back in when One More? so clearly died with PUBG.
DrWreckage: James, duh
m0nkeyrama: Awww BibleThump
Mr_Horrible: James Turner's goin off the cliff!
Driosenth: You mean you accruing them over 11 years and 20 some movies?
Rhonlore: rip james
SharkHero08: I got locked into doing that quick jab repeatedly, and it didnt stop
m0nkeyrama: RIP James
Mangledpixel: wow
Amentur: D'awwww lrrAWESOME
ImmortalLen: Throw Alex in for the stone
Tiber727: @TStodden Or Evolved meets EDF?
SharkHero08: lots of damage
Erudite_Cynic: what do you need to play prophunt? Gary's mod
Erudite_Cynic: ?
harryboyboy: haaay
TXC2: could I sacrifice myself? Kappa
m0nkeyrama: Adam would sacrifice twitch chat
m0nkeyrama: SeriousSloth
Izandai: So are you saying James is the only person you love or the person you love who you love the least?
Issurru: yeah Garrys Mod
m0nkeyrama: Rude LUL
Saulens181: and maybe cs source
Mangledpixel: lrrAWW
orbitaltuna: ccolorD
Izandai: Oh please, Adam doesn't love us.
Issurru: Prop Hunt OBJ Hunt Trouble in Terrorist Town and Murder
Pseudonym_Ken: lrrWOW lrrWOW
TXC2: Words hurt Adam Kappa
l0gin4me: lrrAWW
Erudite_Cynic: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Mr_Horrible: Yeah, you stood us up on that date, Adam! SwiftRage
Mathonwy: BURN!
rocketjohn: we ain't gonna suck it if you say you don't love us. suck it yourself...
accountmadeforants: You get the Soiled Stone instead.
Mr_Horrible: we waited at the restaurant for hours! BibleThump
TXC2: "he chose.....poorly"
Erudite_Cynic: so who wants to do some prophunt?
silenceaux: Well, this will be a slaughter
Tiber727: @TStodden Or maybe PVP Attack on Titan.
Traion: You can invite me back after this hunt if you want to Adam
MilkInBag: my sweet boi adam
Mr_Horrible: Poor drask
RoastedGravy: Sup.
TXC2: I probably can Kappa
SkrigTheBat: Maybe a stupid question to ask, but will there be a Modern Horizon (Pre?)PreRelease?
silenceaux: It has good pacing
seth_erickson: !ppr
LRRbot: The Modern Horizons Pre-PreRelease will be May 31st at 11AM Moonbase time. Guests and info:
Mr_Horrible: doesn't even have a dire variant yet, and these hunters are beating him up BibleThump
MilkInBag: also Adam can't score S++ and we can tease him about it OpieOP
Saulens181: so has alex talked about core-tan yet?
MilkInBag: WutFace
SkrigTheBat: Nice. thx.
TXC2: oh cool BDM
Mr_Horrible: YEEEES
Suffix: bYE mILK
Mr_Horrible: LUL
MilkInBag: @Suffix traitor D:
Pseudonym_Ken: So many good Yeets
Pseudonym_Ken: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
MilkInBag: is it me or Dauntless looks even better?
vegetalss4: Claohder, there I have now established that neither Alex nor the grammatical authorities of the english language gets to tell me what I can and cannot do.
Crowbar_Is_Ready: that was my problem with borderlands 2 eventually. i dont wanna empty all of my ammo into random mooks
Mr_Horrible: milkinbag not just you, they've made a lot of nice graphical updates to UI and detail
accountmadeforants: I remember when the Destiny 2 players were asking for more grind, and then they got it. And then I realized the game really wasn't for me.
MilkInBag: I remember putting 4 mags of bullets into an enemy in the Division
silenceaux: You want games with conclusions now.
TXC2: I know exactly what you mean Alex
Saulens181: *has Runescape flashbacks*
TXC2: Arena is the ONLY "grind" game I can stand any more
MilkInBag: Dauntless is so smooth now Kreygasm
Mathonwy: He wants games that have plot reasons for scaling.
zarbit: I can only play one 'lifestyle' game at a time, and that's basically Magic Arena for me now
ImmortalLen: Slay the Spire is my favorite endless game.
Tiber727: Progression, ideally, should exist to make a game evolve in complexity. Devs today seem to think progression can be a substitute for gameplay.
silenceaux: 6700 damage nbd
TXC2: who? Kappa
Mr_Horrible: "It came from space"
MilkInBag: are you playing on console6
Mr_Horrible: still a fantastic tweet
Erudite_Cynic: Lauchpad McQuack over here
TXC2: Mr_Horrible yeap, just like Father Ted
weff47: Alex, I get what you mean. Minecraft for me is always off for months then play again for a month or two.
Mangledpixel: Notch? I was under the impression that Minecraft was hand-created solely by AI singing sensation Hatsune Miku
Mr_Horrible: Jebaited
Mr_Horrible: txc2 yuuuuuup
ReydienOnline: that tree got messed up
Amentur: Hit the tree lrrBEEJ
l0gin4me: tree
betsytheripper: you destroyed that tree tho haha
accountmadeforants: Tree-seeking axe, excellent lumber tool
NoNane09: Yeet the tree lol
TheArchitectX: Your axe did what it's supposed to do, cut down a tree.
silenceaux: Tree'd
vegetalss4: Damn tree bodyguards always getting in the way.
Orgmastron: @Mangledpixel You're absolutely correct
Traion: You can invite me back after this hunt if you want to Adam
MilkInBag: EZ Clap
Mangledpixel: Orgmastron good good
Erudite_Cynic: trees are what axes are for
MilkInBag: the elusive S++ seabatTROG
Mr_Horrible: ha, excellent!
weff47: the new village update looks great
Issurru: Adam the no lifer Kappa
silenceaux: A little, yes.
TXC2: right chat I have a dog to walk, so I'm off
beowuuf: came back off a weekend off to find that!
silenceaux: But also your job
Erudite_Cynic: WOOOOW
Mangledpixel: wooooow
Mr_Horrible: omgS omgGun
seth_erickson: enjoy your walk @TXC2
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Adam and Alex
Mangledpixel: lrrWOW seabatYIKES
MilkInBag: bye txc2
I_Am_Clockwork: night TXC2 *waves*
Amentur: Have a good walk TXC2
Mr_Horrible: 'night txc2 seabatBRAIN /
Mr_Horrible: would that just be a shopkeep sim where you deny service to everyone?
MilkInBag: isn't it papers, please?
ShDragon: You can't handle my strongest potions
Invitare: doesn't that exist? It was on Unskippable right? Atelier? Or something?
itsrebbers: Wait wait wait. Are you playing as Wario?
Mathonwy: Altelier Alchemist?
rocketjohn: there is a board game that does that i think Alex
Driosenth: Atelier?
Revelia: recettear
silenceaux: Like 5 of that game already?
CranberryJeus: recettear
CranberryJeus: yeah
Mr_Horrible: recettear
SquareDotCube: Isn't that the premise of the Atelier games?
AdamYMHMI: Recetear
jinaday: it is called shoppe keeper
ImmortalLen: Moonlighter too
Mr_Horrible: Capitalism, Ho!
soft_sunset: there's raccetear, there's also moonlighter
weff47: Moonlighter as well
razorswift: There's also a H-Game like that
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG
rybackgaming: but can they handle your finest potions?
jephlewis: Isn't that Moonlighter.
SmashTCG: my potions are too strong for you.
Mr_Horrible: there are no new ideas Kappa
weff47: Moonlighter is a bit shallow unfortunately
rybackgaming: there's a weapon shop game on mobile.
lucha_libro: I can blow up the whole town with this potion...
MilkInBag: your card can say anything?
MilkInBag: why not YEET
Mr_Horrible: "Come at me, bro!" "No not like that!"
silenceaux: Rad
Spectre97: Recettear and Moonlighter are very similar concepts done very differently.
vegetalss4: They are nice cards.
rybackgaming: "They said I could have any flavour text I wanted, so I chose this."
Kqnuck: @loadingreadyrun any weapons/armor tips for an ex-beta player getting back into it
Mr_Horrible: They consistently make me laugh
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun did the cards remain the same for the last episode, or was it dejavu?
Issurru: it'll be like a COD grenade throw LUL
Mr_Horrible: you huck the axe at the beginning of the hunt, hit the mob and it Thanos dissolves
MrSVCD: Magic?
Erudite_Cynic: reward skill
silenceaux: Reward players for doing cool, difficult things.
Mr_Horrible: the back, I think LUL
Banrael: Dealing with people is the hardest part of MMOs. :D
Mr_Horrible: lrrWOW
Banrael: cheer100
Alness49: Well we missed the Kobe AND the Yeet
Tiber727: Should've tried it from the apex of the jump pad.
Mr_Horrible: that's legit a lot closer than I thought it'd be
Invitare: Shadow Realm
silenceaux: ???
Driosenth: Where did the dog go? it didn't just get up and walk away!
ReydienOnline: time to punch?
Tiber727: Time for fisticuffs.
Mangledpixel: it's always in the last place you look, though to be fair that's usually because you don't carry on looking for it once you've found it
Erudite_Cynic: punchtime!
accountmadeforants: The game is telling you it's time for fisticuffs
Mr_Horrible: Start punching, Adam!
XprotoformX: you LOST Thor's Hammer?
rybackgaming: Agatha Fisty: Dauntless Edition
Alness49: Sir, I'd like to report a bug!
m0nkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
Traion: Axe comes back after like 30s I think
fragilepaper: MVP Seabats
Hidden_Citizen: meatSTICK
TheArchitectX: Sparks Nevada?
Mr_Horrible: No, they have the "Cool S" on every knuckle
Alness49: DANT LESS
rybackgaming: I NEED THIS.
AdamYMHMI: Partner knuckle tats?
Earthenone: so the TO liked my unique deck, so the stream followed me every round. definitly the most stress i have had in a while... i made top 8///day 2 though! thanks for wishing me luck earlier it meant a lot
Driosenth: Gauntless Dauntless
Tiber727: Fight the monsters with those Hulk fist toys.
Hidden_Citizen: wow
MilkInBag: she swole
Hidden_Citizen: looking good
Boiler_bot: baby
Mr_Horrible: Earthenone lrrHORN lrrHORN
silenceaux: Might have glitched out while you were falling
Traion: Maybe a bug? Maybe they listened to your "complaint" that onslaught is too strong and nerved it for only you
m0nkeyrama: wooooow
Boiler_bot: oh no she's hot
MilkInBag: LUL
Hidden_Citizen: meat1 meat2 meat3
MrSVCD: I would love if someone played Zork or some other text adventure for "Play it Forward"
ReydienOnline: Dauntless : Deal Stuns
Fofo57007: tnyLol
silenceaux: Moyra is very good
Alness49: I like my women like I like my drinks. Able to knock me out
Mangledpixel: ironic, seeing as she can crush you
orbitaltuna: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cori takes over Play it Forward for the next little while. She's checking out Horizon Zero Dawn. Game: Horizon Zero Dawn) at Sat 02:00 PM PDT (13m from now).
ShDragon: I'm really liking the look of the new siren in BL3 as well.
TheArchitectX: Crush a cantalope with her biceps.
Mad_Maxis: adam: i love a woman who can kick my ass
bi0buster: Arms ready to fight a terminator.
MilkInBag: I can only fall in love with a woman who can rip my arms off and blow my head with her bare hands
SmashTCG: adam, google warframe's hylidrn
Erudite_Cynic: someone to guilt you into going to the gym
Mad_Maxis: sorry, was a cowboy bebop ref
weff47: but it's entirely fine if you do want to be beat up
Mathonwy: DId that dude just baloon in with hearts???
SmashTCG: shes space zyria
rybackgaming: good thing this chat is kinkshame free.
Smapdi_Flaffermann: Adam LOVES to get beaten up, is what I have gathered from this stream. Don't try to tell me I'm wrong. I know what I know.
MilkInBag: Warframe: Skipping Content - the Game
mampfreeed: Na sdorowje
niccus: the other option is to have played back when it had endurance meters and that was no good
ShDragon: Yeah, if the person you're with is newer than you, you let THEM set the pace.
bi0buster: Warframe is pretty janky and takes a while to get used to.
seth_erickson: I enjoy warframe not enough late game content
MrSVCD: @LoadingReadyRun Adam, have you checked out Alpha Female aka Jazzy Gabert?
silenceaux: Amazed when people find the Behemoth, and NOBODY sends up a flare.
zarbit: I tries to introduce someone to Destiny with another vet friend, and they kept pushing all the interactibles instead of being patient
weff47: reminds me of when I first played Borderlands, one of the guys I was playing with was just ignoring the story since he had already heard it and I was left behind.
zarbit: had to apologize to the newbie offline afterward
Mr_Horrible: silenceaux they can't take your orbs if they're not at the behemoth gabySmart
bi0buster: Hildryn is space helicopter mom.
Mr_Horrible: I think the shrike auras stack
NoNane09: Axe Attack Speed Builds: Spin To Win
rybackgaming: NoName, so D3 Barbarian. got it
Mr_Horrible: LUL
MilkInBag: don't run around the pond
Lyrathemighty: hey bois
I_Am_Clockwork: no running in the pool!
niccus: literal helicopter, not "helicopter mom" mom
I_Am_Clockwork toots on their whistle
MilkInBag: Adam: blank blank daddy
Smapdi_Flaffermann: I_Am_Clockwork is the best tooter I've seen this week.
Issurru: what about sandels with socks
Mr_Horrible: "I'm down, help!" "Hi DownHelp, I'm Dad" Kappa
Lyrathemighty: blank blank choke me daddy
m0nkeyrama: free money for dad pants 👀
Fofo57007: Kawhi's shoes?
MilkInBag: what if my dad is ripped?
TStodden: IIRC, Monster released Reign as a competitor to Bang... which I think is sugar free (as there's like no to low calories).
Tiber727: Is dadbot a twitch bot that picks a word in chat and makes a dad joke related to it? Because if not, that should be a thing.
Erudite_Cynic: nine minutes of PLAYTIME
kumatsu: Chillbats, yo
m0nkeyrama: Sorry we never rotated out SeriousSloth
MilkInBag: hanging out is good
Mr_Horrible: Chill Adam Engagement
weff47: It's been a good stream
ayirbudd: the game haüs is always chill
Traion: Remember the Support-A-Creator part
silenceaux: Gameplay / Conversation/G
m0nkeyrama: Adam is an Epic Creator, too! If you put in SEABATS when you buy stuff in the epic store/dauntless, you can support Adam seabatBRAIN
silenceaux: More Gameplay, it's a good loop.
m0nkeyrama: If you want that seabatBRAIN flare, Adam's doing a giveaway on twitter!
mampfreeed: why is this show called gamehaüs?
MilkInBag: SeriousSloth
Driosenth: Adam, every time you get to the stream thank yous, I always expect you to imitate RKO's "You did this, YOOOU!"
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Antipocalypse: saved the 1 year for you adam have fun
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Smapdi_Flaffermann: Because umlauts are metal.
mampfreeed: äöü
Issurru: in the seabats discord obviously
Suffix: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
MilkInBag: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Erudite_Cynic: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Suffix: Epic Partner*
weff47: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Issurru: and Epic Games Store is having a sale on now too
fragilepaper: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: Yes, works with anything
Issurru: so help ya boi out
MilkInBag: is this a ponzi scheme? Kappa
Mr_Horrible: Buy a skin, get this man a coffee
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Tripleyew: 'afternoon, all, and hope it's a swell weekend
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MilkInBag: wait is this sarcastic
Mr_Horrible: JapeInBag Kappa
Suffix: They're also full of Milk.
kumatsu: I'd participate in Adam's Ponzi Scheme
Issurru: *raises hands* is THIS sarcastic? Kappa
jephlewis: First of all, it's a Fonzie Scheme.
m0nkeyrama: gotten Kappa
mampfreeed: @smapdi_flaffermann in Germany umlauts are just normal
MilkInBag: bees WutFace
Smapdi_Flaffermann: I wanna join the Fonzie Team!
Mr_Horrible: Also one thing Dauntless has over monster hunter: It has a "BEEEES!" status ailment LUL
Jovh11: You axe skills are so anime
Revelia: aw man we need bug monsters in world
MilkInBag: scyther finally learned Flight
Mr_Horrible: you had wound, yeah
Smapdi_Flaffermann: @mampfreeed in the U.S. and Canada umlauts are rare and mysterious creatures.
Mr_Horrible: close enough
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Invitare: Kanto is the region
ShDragon: It's close enough.
silenceaux: Almost
Mr_Horrible: JUKED
vegetalss4: Kanto is a region.
MilkInBag: what if Dauntless was the pokemon world going wrong?
vegetalss4: So it would have fields and Ash Ketchum could conceivably run into something there.
silenceaux: Palette Town, I think?
Jovh11: It's like saying you went to Saskatchewan town
kumatsu: Dauntless is obviously if Pokemon got the Burning Crusade treatment
Beowulf_Bjornson: How's the F2P store in this game? Only cosmetics?
war_god_posidon: I’m downloading this game right now
Amentur: So Adam, what were/are the plans for Minecraft?
Mr_Horrible: @Beowulf_Bjornson yup, just cosmetic stuff
m0nkeyrama: pretty much cosmetics
Traion: Oh I got The Hunger Plan from this
Traion: Good job Adam
Mathonwy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cori takes over Play it Forward for the next little while. She's checking out Horizon Zero Dawn. Game: Horizon Zero Dawn) at Sat 02:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
weff47: Dauntless is if Pokemon got swole
Mr_Horrible: only non-cosmo (I think) is you can speed up melding/exchanging gems
silenceaux: Ace Chips help you get good cells faster
m0nkeyrama: yeah, sorry Adam :/
m0nkeyrama: You got stuck with us
Boiler_bot: Aww
kumatsu: I'd play games with you if I wasn't working, Adam
mampfreeed: cya ;p
m0nkeyrama: Thanks for the stream!
MilkInBag: BYE
MrSVCD: Horizon Zero Dob
Mr_Horrible: Traion lrrHORN
Erudite_Cynic: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ♡Now Kiss♡ ⊂( ̄Ɛ ̄⊂)
betsytheripper: thanks Adam bai!
Boiler_bot: Bye Adam!
seth_erickson: cya
Suffix: seabatTROG
MiranFurze: bye
Mr_Horrible: ty 4 strim
Martinkaca: What is after Cori's stream?
m0nkeyrama: LRL
ritchards: Cori! Cori!
ritchards: Cori!
Earthenone: signal;
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today, Cori is hunting for more answers from the distant past in Horizon Zero Dawn! 🧬🌋 ||
XprotoformX: amytfaKakraw inochiHi katesWave
Invitare: but if Dinosaurs came before horses, surely you're riding horses like dinosaurs?
OmnipotentTrevor: Any plans to play side content or DLC after completing the main game?
ritchards: Hey Cori, are you planning on doing all the side quests or just the main quest?
Invitare: have you considered blowing up the planet instead?
kumatsu: seabatHITBOX
ritchards: Stealth!
XprotoformX: the DLC is pretty cool too... and introduces a whole new big bad bot to hunt
jonasjonIV: he lives there now
tailoredfit: Is it just me, or is this game VERY reminiscent of the Tomb Raider reboot? Is it the same development team or something?
Laurreth: I hated that place so much
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OmnipotentTrevor: Honestly XprotoformX, my favorite addition in the DLC is Cyan.