RedHelveticaCake: I had the worst time identifying the guy with the hat whose face gets shot off
josh___something: Yeah, "the escape" mutiny scene definitely had a clue I remember from the VOD
flatluigi: it has a few things i got right away that they haven't pinned down yet
josh___something: And we can probably piece together something there
RedHelveticaCake: they should figure out who Brennan is
flatluigi: I said it earlier but at one point I just wrote down all the names that were said in dialogue and tracked down all those people
flatluigi: there's both brennan and pete from the mutiny, and ohanagan and someone else during the merpeople attack at sea
Skajetolaf: Oooh man! Obra Dinn this game is tight!
josh___something: @redhelveticacake I think that name was mentioned in the mutiny scene
johkmil: They’ll find everything at their own pace.
flatluigi: I know
RedHelveticaCake: @josh___something exactly
flatluigi: I'm not complaining
flatluigi: just some chatter while they're on break and not reading the chat
josh___something: Personally, I haven't played this, so I'm as much in the dark as cam
johkmil: Brennan was a bit game-y.
josh___something: @johkmil was he though?
johkmil: Who answers their name by cupping their ear?
WowoT: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (48m from now).
flatluigi: agreed, but you needed a little of that just for the sake of helping clarify stuff
flatluigi: i'd maybe not straight up spoil though joh
TheDarium: @johkmil Someone with hearing loss?
johkmil: You’re right, sorry.
Feminine_Desires: Hot mic?
flatluigi: ship mic
Feminine_Desires: Ah
josh___something: Suddenly crab people :P
johkmil: Creaky ship. They should get that looked at.
ContingentCat: I think they have other priorieites
johkmil: Now, where did that carpenter go?
josh___something: @johkmil I'm sure the ship is in perfect condition Kappa
AdmiralMemo: So Chat... Specifically MTG players... What do you think of this find?
AdmiralMemo: Oh they're back
ky0dar: do we know where the carpenter is?
SpicyNapalm: make sure to look at the people for identifying characteristics
johkmil: No wonder it is creaky if they first need to discover the identity of the carpenter just to get the woodwork looked at.
flatluigi: oh that's how that other guy lost his leg
flatluigi: i never found this i think
josh___something: Hmm...
ky0dar: solving that "just some dude" is bloody subtle
Skajetolaf: Just got in here anybody got a sitrep on where we are at in this game?
RedHelveticaCake: i like how they just sort of forgot his corpse was hanging off the side of the ship
josh___something: Can we interrogate the piggo? oh wait
erloas: "thanks for picking us up" "we're saved" how wrong they were
Reecer6: all good ships need pipemen, for when the pipes burst
Astra7525: @Skajetolaf We've seen every death before the final chapter, but need to sort them out
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Key_Ringleader: Fun fact!
empyreon: benginDab
Edgarware: lrrGOAT
MistahFixIt: Is "lost at sea" even an option?
josh___something: Ayy
Key_Ringleader: 'Fell overboard' is also a valid answer
Skajetolaf: @Astra7525 Ah righto so pretty close to the end. Thanks:)
Key_Ringleader: its how i got it
MistahFixIt: Like "IDK fell outta the boat I guess"?
ky0dar: thats an option?????
flatluigi: I think 'lost' is an option fixit
johkmil: What!? He isn’t alive in Africa?
josh___something: I assume the second guy also drowned?
jonasjonIV: almost halfway!
Reecer6: well hmm
Key_Ringleader: One of the 'fall' options is 'overboard'
ContingentCat: how appropriate
Alahmnat: "died of Nichols" lmao
CrazymattCaptain: didn't mark the other disappeared as drowned by Nichols or beast
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laskotheking: How fitting that it has been 25 months of LRR, when today I realized the Borosian Menace was me all along... Just like Cameron.
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Skajetolaf: Ah man the music in and sound in this game is so cool
PiGuy2000: Rip Cam
Reecer6: funny bone?
jonasjonIV: Cameron. Died of funny bone.
silenceaux: Okay, did someone curse that table or something?
flatluigi: there are two names mentioned near the start of the calling iirc
AdmiralMemo: Boot Failure
ulexarX: Cameron's death scene
snowcookies: yup
Astra7525: Grab a clock, we're going to see Cam's death
ContingentCat: katesRip
TheDarium: Lim is in the boat with nichols though, I thought.
MistahFixIt: Cameron.exe has encountered an error and must close...
mtvcdm: !clip
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RedHelveticaCake: F
josh___something: Camerons death: Expired
niccus: won't need a watch for that one
silenceaux: I swear every person in the office has done that in the last week
offbeatwitch: file a bug
axare123: cam... that was humerus...
MistahFixIt: Fun Fact: You have a funny bone in your knees as well
josh___something: We just nerved
johkmil: Was Cam speared by a terrible beast?
MistahFixIt: I lied that's not fun at all
RedHelveticaCake: Cameron.exe has encountered an error
prof_membrane: Evolution is quite the hack factory.
Machtung7: Is that Ian?
MistahFixIt: Up next on Fu''t...
josh___something: Cam just got crushee by wing
RedHelveticaCake: to be fixed in human 2.0
Diabore: what happened to ian?
Reecer6: poor man only appears twice
ContingentCat: To be fair if I was fixing bugs with the human body the funny bone probably wouldn't be in the top 10
CrazymattCaptain: lots of disappearances to fumble through
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josh___something: Peters up and fucked off right?
Crowbar_Is_Ready: Do the difeerent number of triangles near the photos mean anything?
johkmil: The DOOM, where all go alive.
MistahFixIt: Human 2.0 Patch Notes - Removed that annoying chest pain that might be a heart attack, might be a muscle spasm.
RedHelveticaCake: @crowbar_is_ready it means difficulty
Crowbar_Is_Ready: ah gotcha!
Astra7525: @MistahFixIt I know exactly what you mean
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AdmiralMemo: OK that one seemed popular
AdmiralMemo: No, 4 now
Feminine_Desires: 4 clips!
Reecer6: Oh, four!
flatluigi: just make them all the clips of the day
AdmiralMemo: :D
josh___something: Clippy
johkmil: That was a nice deduction
MistahFixIt: Ahhh the Phantom Pain Kappa
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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flatluigi: did the stream freeze?
silenceaux: I mean, gonna have to figure out what part is best.
Juliamon: The schadenfreude in this chat is impressive.
Reecer6: Yeah, died for me too.
snowcookies: It froze here
Feminine_Desires: rip stream? It's stuck
AdmiralMemo: Yes, froze for me too
Reecer6: Must've been the funny bone.
josh___something: Stream died
WowoT: #deaded
Ashen_Prime: Uh oh.
Feminine_Desires: We clipped too much chat!
niccus: hit the stream's funny bone
Feminine_Desires: oh
Diabore: hey, its not just me this time
AdmiralMemo: krisst1Ligottitail krisst1Ligottimiddle krisst1Ligottimiddle krisst1Ligottimiddle krisst1Ligottimiddle krisst1Ligottihead
josh___something: Stream got hit in the funny bone
johkmil: Did that guy bleed out so hard the stream died as well?
MistahFixIt: Oops.
Juliamon: And there it goes
Alahmnat: initiate picnic
snowcookies: tis offline
offbeatwitch: I think twitch might have keeled over
Feminine_Desires: bai bai stream
flatluigi: lrrFINE
ChiefEngineerMichael: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
RedHelveticaCake: worp
LoadingReadyRun: we've noticed we're dropping some frames
mtvcdm: The stream was torn apart by a terrible beast.
Key_Ringleader: ohno
rrtycoon2: Cam has that look, and Cori a knowing one...that seems a good place to freeze.
KV1NN4: panicBasket
josh___something: Calm
prof_membrane: Somebody hit the stream's funny bone?
Juliamon: All of the frames, in fact.
jonasjonIV: ah good. wa snot just me
RedHelveticaCake: the stream went into the sea
theneatestburrito: lrrFINE
AdmiralMemo: Drop ALL the frames
erloas: they dropped all the frames
DoodlestheGreat: @loadingreadyrun, You've dropped a whole stream, now. :tf:
snowcookies eats the frames on the floor
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL
Diabore: oh dey back
jonasjonIV: hello!
TheAinMAP: katesAir
mtvcdm: Back
rrtycoon2: Welcome back
josh___something: The frames decided it was too much bass, and dropped with it
offbeatwitch: we back
ChiefEngineerMichael: lrrSIGNAL
Reecer6: welcome back
AriXena: oh hey
prof_membrane: What a name: "ex-stream"
MrQBear: We return!
prof_membrane: hi
Key_Ringleader: i see you!!!
Feminine_Desires: Hai!
Meyari: lrrSIGNAL
erloas: hopefully the frames didn't crush anyone like those barrels
RedHelveticaCake: movie sign!
AdmiralMemo: THERE we go
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axare123: cam did you hit the stream... if so that wasn't humerus
josh___something: That entire thing happened in the escape right?
CrazymattCaptain: let's all just blame Nichols
flatluigi: it's brennan time...
AdmiralMemo: I need some more nickels
RedHelveticaCake: I think the game should accept blaming everything on Nichols
Reecer6: och no
josh___something: Just blame the captain :P
johkmil: That’s the work of Nichols, clearly.
flatluigi: it's not brennan time
corylus22: Ah, we hit the rainy part.
AdmiralMemo: Did he just say "Thanos, I'll stay with you"?
Reecer6: nichols is definitely responsible for two men dying of cold
HungryCavalier: Just go back in time in chronological order
Ashen_Prime: Who's responding to the name "Brennan"?
TheDarium: I think you see the Knifing clearly in part 2 or 3.
Reecer6: plz no hints
josh___something: Ooh, beanie dood clubbed the man
josh___something: The dood that got his head boofed
flatluigi: that's what you call that, the little hat
AdmiralMemo: This was the guy without the face
Invitare: was it a head?
rrtycoon2: Must've been a thinking cap, figures it'd keep that part.
GreyFox0012: holy moly that man was blown up
RedHelveticaCake: oh, it's the insides of his head
josh___something: So, i assume dood got shot?
josh___something: :P
Reecer6: this sequence is real complicated and it's hard for me to keep straight who's killing who
HungryCavalier: Check the book, go back one memory
AdmiralMemo: Are we Merlin?
flatluigi: i think i wrote all the steps down reece
silenceaux: Well let's not bicker about who killed who Kappa
orbitaltuna: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (31m from now).
RedHelveticaCake: that is how time travel works, sure
jonasjonIV: is "exsanguination" an option? If not, why not?
flatluigi: you can look and find that out in the book
almas_zarkona: I'm used to watching the Vod so I tried to move forward in the Vod...despite it being live.
LadyAiluros: dood. I just looked at this on the Steam store and you guys are right, it looks STUNNING in person on a real monitor
snowcookies: check the book?
josh___something: We can look in the book?
HungryCavalier: Check. The. Book.
TemporallyAwry: @almas_zarkona I'm the same with trying to change the playback speed :D
Skajetolaf: The book is ordered chronologically
josh___something: Just scan through the events?
SachielOne: Man, this is turning into one of the forensics sequences in Boondock Saints.
corylus22: So much death everywhere.
AdmiralMemo: @LadyAiluros I'm just glad there are OTHER color options that DON'T give me a headache, like the default one does.
HungryCavalier: His wife died
LadyAiluros: LOL I grew up playing games in monochrome green :D
empyreon: Leadership style: bullets
AdmiralMemo: @LadyAiluros It's the dithering that does it to me, particularly when there is lots of motion.
Decaped: this game rewards proper hat knowledge.
silenceaux: I bet the Captain felt like the other officers beneath him were supposed to be handling these issues
almas_zarkona: Everyone on the ship had a bad time. Kraken, Spider Crabs, Captain bullets, bad time all round.
LadyAiluros: He looks like Andrew Carnegie, which makes me think Scot, which makes me think Purser
ContingentCat: purser seems like the kind of position with a special hat
corylus22: @ladyailuros yeah, this game does not stream well. :/ but it is soooo pretty.
RedHelveticaCake: well at least one person survived to send this book and watch so it wasn't all bad
HedgehogBrewCo: Yay! More sailor dismemberment simulator!
almas_zarkona: I'm pretty sure if you have to flee your ship, you didn't have a good time.
RedHelveticaCake: but what a story!
Reecer6: you gotta wonder at what point they went from "this is an unfortunate cruise" to "yeah we're all cursed"
almas_zarkona: I think when the Spider-Crabs turned up
TemporallyAwry: Maybe part 8 if not part 6?
ContingentCat: were the spider-crabs before or after the Kraken?
HedgehogBrewCo: Before
almas_zarkona: Before
corylus22: @reecer6 probably when the mermaids showed up.
DaMullet14: spider crabs are soldiers of the sea, kraken is the doom
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (25m from now).
josh___something: Because he was crushed by a cannon? :P
flatluigi: you listed him as a carpenter because he was sitting in a hammock marked as an X and thought the X meant 10 @LoadingReadyRun
LadyAiluros: If he's calling the cannons, maybe yeah
CrazymattCaptain: would the gunner toss guns?
almas_zarkona: Also some of the crew have tattoos if that helps
HedgehogBrewCo: The armorer would toss guns.
ContingentCat: ah then I think it went from 'well this sucks' to definitely cursed with the Kraken, one sea monster is one thing but two is another matter
HedgehogBrewCo: Look in the glossary to see who is in charge of the firearms
TheDarium: The stabby guy also had another weapon as well, right?
RedHelveticaCake: clearly after the ship survived the crab attack the merpeople we're like, "well, we gotta send the Kraken now"
LadyAiluros: Gunners' Mate?
Ashen_Prime: I'm enjoying it. It's interesting to see different ways to think.
josh___something: I mean, the conch is still here... so?
Key_Ringleader: This is fascinating, as someone who knows the answers
HedgehogBrewCo: Both gunners have the same fancy hats
Key_Ringleader: to see how you work this out
Key_Ringleader: you do it in such a different way!
TheDarium: If I'm think of the one you're thinking of, Cori, it'd be one of the attacks, wouldn't it?
Edgarware: lrrGOAT
josh___something: Ayy!
snowcookies: there you go
HedgehogBrewCo: Yay!
almas_zarkona: When I played this game I had a weird times as I said out loud, "Could you be a bit more raciest? That would help with my job."
silenceaux: Woah-oh.
MistahFixIt: [Sighs in Satisfaction]
erloas: it should get faster as you go
fragilepaper: Livin’ on s prsyer
Skajetolaf: Could any of the regulars explain the Raging Kronch song thing btw? I feel old atm:p
HungryCavalier: Just go back to their last appearance and look for them
Juliamon: More than halfway if you consider that it gets easier the fewer options there are
Reecer6: it would be really nice if everyone just had very thick accents yes
josh___something: We can probably just go through the doom scenes?
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CrazymattCaptain: huh... so then is the loose cargo wrong?
RedHelveticaCake: I like the Land of Slightly More Certainty, it's a good place
GenericHerooo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (21m from now).
prof_membrane: The kraken is an independent contractor. The wizard doesn't *own* him.
johkmil: “Does this monochrome guy look more Persian or Chinese?”
mtvcdm: This should go faster. There's fewer and fewer remaining names that have yet to be put to faces.
flatluigi: there's some names during the calling with the people out on boats
LadyAiluros: at what point do you start guessing?
josh___something: The dood who undestood lim
ulexarX: "Who do you have working on this?" "Top. Men."
HedgehogBrewCo: Top. Men.
Kramburger: The Asian Topmen are the hardest to figure out
CrazymattCaptain: who would understand Lim?
josh___something: Do we just go through events again to gleam more info?
almas_zarkona: When the doctor fled, he was on the last where did the others go? ;)
RedHelveticaCake: @josh___something yeah, this is the tedious part
flatluigi: i don't know if it's 'tedious'
TheDarium: I think most of the ones that have a name mentioned are 1 difficulty, right? Maybe a two.
flatluigi: it's definitely hard
Reecer6: everyone's favorite part is the four mysterious chinese topmen
RedHelveticaCake: I felt very clever figuring out which of the four was which
Skajetolaf: @Reecer6 @Kramburger yeah that was a real "A-ha!" moment.
prof_membrane: "Top. Men."
CrazymattCaptain: I figure that lady tattoo being visible is gonna be the way to identify that one
flatluigi: yeah but they haven't found the other place you can see the tattoo
Reecer6: i meant sarcastically. i never figured them out :(
HesGotNoPants: did like 4 people make it backm
flatluigi: places?
TheDarium: Figuring the chinese sailors is a bit of work without guessing.
HesGotNoPants: back?
ContingentCat: everything changed when the Spider-Crab nation attacked
prof_membrane: "And then the crabs attack." - an actual sentence uttered by humans.
RedHelveticaCake: @hesgotnopants they didn't make it "back" exactly
flatluigi: era darar is swedish
josh___something: It wasn't crossed
silenceaux: It's frustrating that you can't just zip to a corpse whose memory you've already visited
RedHelveticaCake: who might the captain be speaking to?
HungryCavalier: Nope, not French
AdmiralMemo: Brain: do the thing
CrazymattCaptain: time to start trowing names at random?
HedgehogBrewCo: The boy is standing next to the 4th mate... and the 4th mates steward is French...
MAPBoardgames: This game reminds me of the song "The Derelict". You know the one "15 men on a dead-man's chest"
RedHelveticaCake: you're just going to have to run around the ship looking at all the corpses again
notBrunoAgain: "An Ontario man was fined $15000 for trying to smuggle 240 medicinal leeches into Canada"
ContingentCat: Brain is not available now, please try again at a later date
notBrunoAgain: RIP Feed dump I guess
MAPBoardgames: It tells of how an entire crew killed each other over one man's share. "15 men from a whole ship's list"
AdmiralMemo: X is gon give it to ya?
TheDarium: Who was he sitting with?
LadyAiluros: 404 Brain not Found
prof_membrane: Zhu Li looks up
MAPBoardgames: Just thought I'd share, back to the Part 1 VOD for me.
CrazymattCaptain: so did a cot get damaged and have to be replaced with the X cot?
Reecer6: @MAPBoardgames I can only imagine those lines being followed by "Doo-dah, doo-dah."
kakmize: 52?
SachielOne: 52?
mtvcdm: So probably 52 then?
flatluigi: there is a coherency imo
RavingPenguin: What 50 did you skip?
prof_membrane: The numbers may be assigned as they board?
RedHelveticaCake: I think it means someone died in that one
flatluigi: yeah cake
AdmiralMemo: Out to in, front to back
BrindleBoar: you only have to sleep with people you want to
KidSpanner: Ah, yes, it's all clear now.
CrazymattCaptain: 52?
josh___something: 52 then?
DaMullet14: BrindleBoar also good life advice
AdmiralMemo: @BrindleBoar Life advice
RatekStormcrow: chronologically ?
prof_membrane: So roman numerals are all over here, right?
rrtycoon2: But why would it be "X"ed
Reecer6: because he's the spot
RatekStormcrow: Mutant
HorusFive: X gonna give it to ya?
silenceaux: Why indeed.
BrindleBoar: they couldn't sign their name on the other tag?
DaMullet14: because he's sleeping with the treasure
ContingentCat: @notBrunoAgain "Man fined $30,000 for smuggling almost 4,000 kg of cheese into Canada" this would have been a good week for Feed Dump
Decaped: X could be added late to the crew
almas_zarkona: X
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (11m from now).
josh___something: Wut?
BloodForTheCorelab: x marks the spot
erloas: they kept the "do not remove this tag" tag on the hammock though
flatluigi: what the X signifies is easier to realize in a later scene with the hammocks
Reecer6: yeah, if you look close, the tag without a number or X on it is just lorem ipsum
BrindleBoar: The Rebellion inherited their organization tables from Rogue One.
prof_membrane: @erloas they may be willing to summon an ancient evil, but they're not CRAZY
TheDarium: Also, who are his bunkmates?
Reecer6: and when i played this game, i saw the lorem ipsum, and NOT the obvious numbers
flatluigi: rot13 about the X: gung crefba vf qrnq ol guvf fprar
RedHelveticaCake: "occupant of this hammock is unavailable"
HesGotNoPants: and lo bunk 52 became the weeks in a year
BrindleBoar: 404, seaman not found
snowcookies: yes
flatluigi: hooray
mtvcdm: 52.
josh___something: Ayy!
TheDarium: Yay!
kakmize: lol took awhile
empyreon: benginDab benginDab benginDab
HedgehogBrewCo: Yay!
ContingentCat: <o/
erloas: someone did survive
Key_Ringleader: Ye i figured that out because they're also sitting together in the picture!
Key_Ringleader: :0
snowcookies: more than halfway there
Akaiatana: Get bunked on, Game!
Vlanoik: I could see them wanting to use X if there's a number that's bad luck
Key_Ringleader: i didn't do any of htis number stuff you're so observant
DaMullet14: We are rapidly running out of people to guess
ContingentCat: woooah we're halfway there...
prof_membrane: !! yay
benperterkofsky: Is the Let’s Nope The dark occult?
almas_zarkona: "We're going to finish real easy next time." - A quote that won't come back to haunt you.
TheDarium: Everyone says they'll finish real easy next time.
silenceaux: Oh, for a minute I thought it was because that person had died, and it was just some rando sitting in his bunk. XD
newstous: "news to us"
Alahmnat: they finished Dark Occult last week
josh___something: (Insert 10 more streams :P )
erloas: they finished Dark Occult, they stayed until it was done last week, like an extra 2 hours @benperterkofsky
benperterkofsky: Oh ok
benperterkofsky: What is this week then?
Juliamon: Layers of Fear 2
benperterkofsky: Alright thanks!
HesGotNoPants: dark occult hard mode
LadyAiluros: Love you guys!
RedHelveticaCake: woo!
CaptainSpam: Clearly what happened was elves.
DaMullet14: once you figure out who Brennan is
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Azsedcf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
LadyAiluros: walk away Cam
josh___something: 3 are definitely attributed to brennan
CaptainSpam: thanks for the stream!
snowcookies: see ya next week
ghostvalv: lrrFINE
benperterkofsky: Cam can you do a lets Nope stream?
LadyTL: one more name... one more name... one more name... Kappa
snowcookies: Can't wait for the spoops
RedHelveticaCake: I couldn't not think about this game while I wasn't playing it
DaMullet14: Yeah
DaMullet14: It's pervasive
benperterkofsky: Byeeeeee
Key_Ringleader: ye
Key_Ringleader: you need to figure it out
NightValien28: I am not ready for this game
Key_Ringleader: its like an itch
DaMullet14: The Witness was similar
Key_Ringleader: that you can only scratch by solving murders
DaMullet14: also a puzzle game that gets entirely into your head
RedHelveticaCake: @key_ringleader a terrible, cursed itch
Key_Ringleader: this must be what its like to be a hero in a detective anime
DoodlestheGreat: Today we have not one, but TWO layers of Fear! Because two fears are better than one! OhGod
Skajetolaf: Is there a next stream comming in?
Seagulyus: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
Earthenone: spoops will be soon
Skajetolaf: merci
RedHelveticaCake: oboy Layers of Fear: the Second Coat
benperterkofsky: YAYYYYY SPOOOOOOOPS
DoodlestheGreat: Onions have layers, fears have layers. gopherMoo
ky0dar: hey chat. how did we go with obra dinn?
snowcookies: past half complete
ky0dar: did we get beanie?
DaMullet14: ky0dar we found all the scenes
DaMullet14: only on like 35 or so identifications
RedHelveticaCake: got real detective-y in here
DoodlestheGreat: They should be able to finish it up next week.
ky0dar: things get easier once you past half way
rasterscan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
ky0dar: THERES A SEQUEL????
blackwlf: Just released.
Juliamon: As of today!
ky0dar: wuff
Diabore: came out last week @ky0dar
TheSpindash: Oh no
Earthenone: it is newly released
ky0dar: my body is ready.
ky0dar: i loved the talking sim on it.
Diabore: @Juliamon i thought it was last week?
DoodlestheGreat: I've already watched it through. I just want to see their reactions.
blackwlf: Came out today.
TheSpindash: Keys on keys on keys
Juliamon: My body is torn between excited and "horror game sequels have a bad track record"
ky0dar: cams calm reading of madness infused text is always lovely
Alahmnat: this should be interesting coming right off of Dark Occult, which was like Layers of Fear but… not… good.
Earthenone: i hope this is not outlast 2 again
snowcookies: there's less keys in this game
ky0dar: also layers of fear is one if my favourite walking sims
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: chat! I have popcorn and chocolate milk!
DoodlestheGreat: @thespindash, there's a surprisingly low number of keys, but there are a few.
blackwlf: It's got remarkably good reviews.
ky0dar: the expansion was Eh.
ky0dar: i could have done without the forced baby sections
benperterkofsky: !next stream
LRRbot: Unknown timezone: stream
Alahmnat: I enjoy the stuff the LoF devs make, 'cause it takes advantage of the medium
snowcookies: !next
TheSpindash: @DoodlestheGreat Oh, wait. No, I was thinking of last week's game
DoodlestheGreat: This baby is using The Foece.
benperterkofsky: !quote
djalternative: it's time to get spookey
benperterkofsky: !card Storm Crow
LRRbot: Storm Crow [1U] | Creature — Bird [1/2] | Flying
Azsedcf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
RedHelveticaCake: I'm curious, out of all the horror games played here, how many of them can be summed up as guy has or has already killed his wife/girlfriend/family for reasons?
DoodlestheGreat: @thespindash, Ah yes. That glorious nightmare. Scariest part was thinking it's never end.
FireFlower18: yus!!!
DoodlestheGreat: @redhelveticacake, too many.
DaMullet14: that's like, a subgenre
benperterkofsky: !card Super Duper Death Ray
LRRbot: Super-Duper Death Ray [2R] | Instant | Trample (This spell can deal excess damage to its target's controller.) / Super-Duper Death Ray deals 4 damage to target creature.
DaMullet14: not just a cliche
snowcookies: !advice
LRRbot: Spend quality time with your possessions.
RedHelveticaCake: @doodlesthegreat would like new formula plz
DoodlestheGreat: @redhelveticacake, NEW FORMULA SPOOP! Get it today at your local corner drug dealer!
benperterkofsky: !card beej
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Earthenone: new horor game time to bust out the lets nope bingo
mrsarkhan: lrrBEN lrrADAM lrrSIGNAL
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP lrrHORN lrrADAM lrrBEN
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Hey video gamers | do u like getting scared?????????? Today, Ben and Adam are playing LAYERS OF FEAR TWO and probably saying "this has been done before" because millenials, am I right??????? | 📷 ||
benperterkofsky: Yayyayayayayayya
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
snowcookies: :lrrSIGNAL: :lrrADAM: :lrrBEN: :lrrSPOOP:
snowcookies: oops
Diabore: hang on to your dookie, its about to get spooky!
Grescheks: hot mic
BrindleBoar: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
brainbosh: Hot mike
Juliamon: Hot mic
CamelAttack: hot mic
Questhere: HOTMIC
chibi_bento: hot mic hot mic
orbitaltuna: why do i keep getting the "not streaming right now" notification right as the channel is updating title? ccolorMleh
Meyari: Hot mic
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: oh boy spoopin times! yabba dabba doo!
Earthenone: lrrSPOOP lrrADAM lrrSIGNAL lrrBEN
BrindleBoar: hi Graham
Jacobontherun1: Hey G
Meyari: Hi G*
orbitaltuna: sup g
benperterkofsky: Graham
amythist: so is it bad I never even realized there was a Layers of Fear 2 until that tweet just went out?
Meyari: I didn't either
orbitaltuna: i didn't know it was coming out either
TStodden: Hurry up on your poops cause here comes the spoops!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @amythist i didn't realize it til it was mentioned this weekend
Theycallmejokke: Headphones on, volume cranked to max, bring it on!
Earthenone: i think it came out recently, like within the wekk
korvys: @amythist Well the hint should have been that it wasn't called Layer of Fear lrrBEEJ
DoodlestheGreat: It came out today.
orbitaltuna: the release date on steam said today
RedHelveticaCake: @amythist eh, seems like most of us didn't either
benperterkofsky: Mine is so behind
Diabore: @Theycallmejokke oh that seems like an error
NimrodXIV: I'm excited for this one :D
RebekahWSD: Ooo spooky!
benperterkofsky: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (5m ago).
caoinlean: Yes yes yes yes yea
Theycallmejokke: @Diabore I live for danger!... and hearing loss :D
FireFlower18: Yooo this Bingo card! lrrAWESOME
BrindleBoar: wake me up when it's time for Layers of Beer Kappa
7gorobei: time for Fairs of Leer
benperterkofsky: #spoops
DoodlestheGreat: I did get to see it played by a couple other streamers last night. It's at least at the same quality of the first one.
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crookedn0se: choo choo!
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Alness49: Horror Games are like onions. They have layers. And don't taste nice raw
wilcoxchar: Foyers of Lear
RedHelveticaCake: hey this bingo card doesn't have inexlicably rocking rocking chair
Kramburger: !binga
benperterkofsky: Ben and Adam are hereeee
seth_erickson: Just in time nice
Neojetangel: Hello chatians
Earthenone: if you refresh you will get a new one :)
RedHelveticaCake: Layers of Fear: the Second Coat
TStodden: !bingo
LRRbot: Check out for interactive Trope Bingo cards.
strigonLeader: spoop time best time
kumatsu: Ready to get benginSpoop
DoodlestheGreat: We're having SPOOP today!
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
seth_erickson: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: that spoopifer <3
Diabore: layers of fear 2: electric boogaloo
Papperslappen: lrrSPOOP
korvys: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
HesGotNoPants: benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop
benperterkofsky: Yayayay
AdmiralMemo: OK BAI
aWabbajack: Scary game time! lrrSPOOP cohhKnife
Brok3nGol3m: lrrADAM lrrBEN
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: okay hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
TheExactSame: No Keys!
macintose: Flayers of Ear I can't hear you
LadyTL: Hold onto your dookie, it's about to get spookie
JCMaxw3ll: lrrSPOOP
AdmiralMemo: !clip
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strigonLeader: ben is the monster
Pairoschuz: Scary back!
silvalunae: ben no
Neojetangel: Ben what are you doing
RedHelveticaCake: haaaiii
NightValien28: is ben in the time out corner?
Theycallmejokke: Profesionals! ;P
theneatestburrito: lrrSPOOP lrrADAM lrrSPOOP lrrBEN lrrSPOOP
jonasjonIV: that's a fake wall
Neojetangel: Not while you're streaming Ben...
silvalunae: omfg
Kramburger: Ben pls
Neojetangel: Stop playing with it
rrtycoon2: False Start, #43, Ulmer, 5 Minute penalty, repeat intro.
benperterkofsky: Hi Adam
Alness49: Neko-gineering!
ghostvalv: nice
aWabbajack: cheer100 Time to layer our fears twice HYPE
AdmiralMemo: Yeah, those are from Moonbase Mk 3
Zanaide: I first saw those at DB8
strigonLeader: yes
mechmagic: i guess you could say he was back
korvys: Oh! My friend has some of those
Omthebox: I have some of those.
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Jacobontherun1: Long time lurker, that just got a new job. Thanks for being so entertaining. This is the last lets nope I can catch live in a while, so have fun you 2.
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Earthenone: kitty!
Theycallmejokke: Right Kathleen's catears
silvalunae: well that wasn't what I was expecting
strigonLeader: activate the brainwave ears
LadyTL: "How do you make it do?"
FoxFyr: Oh Hai
NightValien28: G or kathleen should know how to
Alness49: Let's NYAN!
KV1NN4: omg yes if only they had power!
RedHelveticaCake: ben is a furry confirmed
FireFlower18: oh god i thought they were "plugs"
EvilBadman: Those have shown up for a DB, i am sure of it
FoxFyr: Needs batteries
JCMaxw3ll: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
KV1NN4: battery is poprbably flat by now
erloas: need a crow and tom servo hats for streaming
silvalunae: welcome to ben becoming a furry
SkylerRingtail: RedHelveticaCake One of us, one of us
KV1NN4: Ben should wear these next stream
Neojetangel: say yiff
AdmiralMemo: I mean, Ben's face is already furry from the beard. :D
seth_erickson: This is the content I love to consume
rrtycoon2: This is the wrong kind of noping, but sure.
ninja_theory_ashrams: lrrADAM lrrBEN
Papperslappen: What if this game is just Dark Occult with a coat of paint over it
NimrodXIV: ART
Pteraspidomorphi: No keys?
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LadyTL: "Art."
Theycallmejokke: Artaetart
orbitaltuna: you have to power it with your mind, with the power or weebness!
arcaneIllumination: Quickly losing interest in an object, just like a true cat.
KidSpanner: Is there an emote of the word "ART?" yet?
TheExactSame: layers on layers
Juliamon: Ben you're a bit loud
benperterkofsky: Not Dark Occult
Alness49: So far the Devs are 2 for 2 so I'm looking forward to this!
Kramburger: This game was made for Adam the Art seal
Neojetangel: Boat art
HesGotNoPants: if only there were was an engineer that could get those ears working
aWabbajack: 9th gate with Johnny Depp
LadyTL: "sowwy"