orbitaltuna: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Apple Keynote Stream-Along at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (9m from now).
Fenhl: Apple's livestream is up btw
tyrew0rm: where is the apple stream?
tyrew0rm: thanks
PhoenixMelior: I'm back!
PhoenixMelior: That took slightly less time than I thought
Weagle: Just in time for strim
Fenhl: signal on Apple's stream!
PhoenixMelior: indeed!
orbitaltuna: never seen a keynote thing
tyrew0rm: aliens!!!
Twinklebees: Heh. Yuna has a line when she casts a fire spell "Dance, Flames." I wonder if it's the same as Emma's line in Japanese
orbitaltuna: finally got the "not streaming right now" notification...
orbitaltuna: annnd signal
tyrew0rm: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Fenhl: those stutters are intentional, right>
Fenhl: ?
red_shoes_jeff: "CONTACT" he shouts!
wildpeaks: what stutters ?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Graham & Beej are going to watch along the Apple Keynote at WWDC | Join us for reasoned takes! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D8Ju-maU8AUh_rZ.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1135592083991883776
Fenhl: in Apple's intro video
TehAmelie: hello computer friends
Spriteclad: (psst: the proper URL is apple (dot) co (slash) event)
Lucaan: eogHey
orbitaltuna: the prestigious whatever theatre
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PhoenixMelior: Twinklebees I didn't even hear that line in Yuna's voice, I heard it in Emma's XD
mtvcdm: I know some of this is going to be relevant to Kathleen because of the iTunes rumors.
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KharadBanar: Consumerism hype!
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greatwahooney: I have zero interest in Apple stuff, but I saw you guys were online, so I thought I'd hop in. Hi!
wisdomteethpodcast: Hey dude, it's TheWisemanWB :D Please let me know if emailing is more appropriate concerning the interview :)
Umandsf: Ah, good. Reasoned takes to compliment my easily excited ness.
djalternative: o/ all
Drasvin: Hello nakateYo
wildpeaks: new iOS version, new hardware perhaps
Twinklebees: PhoenixMelior: Though they do have quite similar voices :P
cuttlefishman: Oooh, hot takes
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Tomasu82: 32? thats a power of two!
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cuttlefishman: Beej, how will the Apple Kenote influence the coming anime season?
tyrew0rm: let us know when the video ends for you guys
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wildpeaks: I do wonder about AR though, they bought some companies so maybe it's the time they talk about it
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djalternative: how much time until keynote start
HbombAndFriends: So, will steve Jobs get announced for Smash? :)
red_shoes_jeff: I don't much care about Apple stuff, I'm mostly just here for you guys.
goldheartache56: applebwaving their D around never never would they ever
hieroglyphica: Hello all! I'm pretty tuned out of apple for a while now so I too am here to see Beej and Graham
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TXC2: Hello Everybody
Krokaar: weird it wont play
Theteddybear676: the apple steam wont work for me =(
SpookySpaghooti: critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley
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DerDrongo: apple stream wont work with firefox, try chrome
PhoenixMelior: I don't think you're playing the stream
Alahmnat: it works in Firefox
ogzangief: good morning gentlemen
Baldrash: Working great on Firefox here too.
ashteranic: works fine in firefox, yeah
tyrew0rm: working fine for firefox
Spriteclad: Graham! Did you know you can watch the event on AppleEvent's twich page?
sir_jack_DB: works in Chrome
xantos69: Hey team...have I missed anything so far?
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tux789: 2 years
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VmKid: Works fine in Firefox for me
red_shoes_jeff: Chrome's doing the job just fine.
TehAmelie: it's working fine on Brave. i think i'm ahead of you guys even
Tomasu82: chrome on linux is working
PhoenixMelior: just F chrome in the B at this point
Spriteclad: Also the stream works on Chrome/Firefox now.
carsonthekid: microsoft what now??
LegionLoyalist: Wow... they have new new app that lets you look at news
HavenJunde: i'm using chrome and it works (i'm on windows 10)
Papperslappen: Mac users, remember you can use pip mode on the video i safari
djalternative: I'm PIPing it with safari
ThingsOnMyStream: interesting. it used to be Edge only
FickleMuse: One year they said it *HAD* to be in Edge, but I have it working in Chrome.
FickleMuse: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Theteddybear676: wont work in my chrome so ill need to get egde then
cuttlefishman: I thought Apple was the Beetles people
TXC2: eye phone? whats that? Kappa
Drasvin: I won't be able to watch the apple stream, as I'm at work and only have one streaming device
greatwahooney: do they still make the Macintosh 2? I loved that one
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wildpeaks: wow
Abavus: katesSir
Alahmnat: lol
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Boy Scout jamboree.
VmKid: Apple Arcade: What's the Pippin?
sir_jack_DB: jfc the streams are out of sync
TXC2: "hey Candaian person, heres a thing someone else's "leader" is doing."
tux789: apple game service, isnt that just blizzard
wildpeaks: spaaace
VmKid: We've never heard of the Pippin and we will not stand for this slander.
Fenhl: it's on the back I think?
cuttlefishman: G, what are you eating?
Abavus: The ecoooonomy LUL
KharadBanar: @cuttlefishman They had a lawsuit about that, where Apple paid Apple Records "an amount of money" so long as Apple didn't do anything about music. Then iTunes came, and they had to pay again
TXC2: one guy went to prison
TXC2: for embezzlement
VmKid: Ah yes, those famed OSX users... NASA.
sir_jack_DB: whaaaa
Aneximarius: So we this their "Clapple Back" to google's keynote earlier?
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Askwho: Why can't I hold all these apples?
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cuttlefishman: Some sort of quiche?
Aneximarius: *can we
Papperslappen: There's ghosts on the moon
Aneximarius: god I cannot type at work
Abavus: The moon! PogChamp
Pal_Friendpatine: Yeah this original content on AppleTV+... meh, imho
rocketjohn: was that supposed to be patrick moore?
drilmagic: @Papperslappen Moon's haunted?
ThingsOnMyStream: Send a man to the moon *and* get him home is the tough part
Abavus: Ooooooooh
Aneximarius: Beej just wrote a crapshot
VmKid: The story of the first couple to get it on in Space
Papperslappen: drilmagic you heard me
LegionLoyalist: Spaaaaaace
TehAmelie: the widest of screens. i could easily watch this movie clip on top of the stream
PhoenixMelior: apple is second in a thing?!
gameboy350: This week on Expansen't
Abavus: Well they have a cool cast
TXC2: the real question is who was the 3rd guy on the Apollo 11 mission Kappa
djalternative: there is "water" on the moon
Baldrash: Alright, I'm in for space times.
VmKid: Does... does anyone actually own an Apple TV? OpieOP
azureHaights: I heard something about well-reasoned, lightly-seasoned takes
seth_erickson: This is interesting to watch without the apple stream
LegionLoyalist: We're Americans, just because you "can't" do something doesn't mean you wont
goldheartache56: its weird watching this stream and not the apple stream. it makes it interesting sergeHolyMoly
wildpeaks: as long as it's on iTunes too, sure, why not, seems fun
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TehAmelie: they have "Landed" a probe on Jupiter, which meant letting it fall down until it stopped working, which was very soon
Papperslappen: VmKid I have one, it is a pretty good netflix machine, also airplay is great
Pal_Friendpatine: @vmkid yes
Abavus: There's so many pixels on those screens
beowuuf: tap dancing on the moon, that's where it's at
sir_jack_DB: does tvOS run Doom?
DandyGeek: That's a good shirt, Graham
wildpeaks: "tvOS, the quest for who-even-use-that-thing", the new show
Alahmnat: oh, good. everyone loves Netflix's "run trailers when you're not doing anything" UI.
zerg539: @tehamelie yep turns out Jupiter is Hella radioactive
niccus: secretly pronounced "tivos"
drilmagic: tvOS for your TV, watchOS for your watch, macOS for your mac, and iOS for your... eye?
TheWarbo: IIRC think there is not-gas somewhere down below the very large amount of gas, and expecting any structure to survive down there is LOL
TehAmelie: among other things
Abavus: coxChicken
KingXicor: Next week. Skyrim on tvOS
Abavus: Tivo?
Emergent_OS: I guess, ctOS is next...
Drasvin: Would it count as landing on Saturn if you descend into the gas layers to the point that the atmosphere is dense enough for your ship to be bouyant?
LegionLoyalist: TivoS
TXC2: Tvos, it doesn't have Tivo for some reason Kappa
DandyGeek: oh thank gods, more advertising in my devices
tyrew0rm: think i've managed to sync up fairly well
Aneximarius: If we can port cuphead to Tesla's we can get Skyrim on tvOS
Papperslappen: Live previews must die
ThingsOnMyStream: USSR: "We won the space race" US: "Nope! We are actually trying to do a different thing now"
PhoenixMelior: agreed, G
DandyGeek: please can it also blast clips on full volume the second I turn on my TV?
Pal_Friendpatine: Thank you G
Abavus: Could they also not use the most spoilery spot of each episode as the preview maybe?
Alahmnat: nice to see WBB though
djalternative: gasp
VmKid: I think Apple could compete far better with the likes of Chromecast, Roku, and Fire TV if they offered a cheaper stick
Papperslappen: nice
LegionLoyalist: So they invented.... kareoke?
flameburstx: Good Omens is great. Then again, anything with David Tennant being himself is.
DandyGeek: "the best music experience on television" is not a high bar
sir_jack_DB: am I in the future? the WWDC stream is ahead of this one
Simonark: The best of eunuchs?
KharadBanar: doesn't amazon already have that with the lyrics?
ReynardWrecca: Good evening gents! Good evening chat. I have no idea what WWDC stands for, and I am choosing neither to learn nor to watch along, as I don't believe anything will be as fun as this commentary.
KristianAV: @Graham: What do you think of the MTG Netflix announcement?
VmKid: Apple learned how to use controller libraries Kappa
Abavus: sir_jack_DB, yea I also had to pause it for a good while to be in sync with this one
TXC2: hello ReynardWrecca welcome
VmKid: Joycon support coming soon
ReynardWrecca: Pleasure as ever @TXC2 .
Crad0k: the *bridge* of that song sucks, the rest is pretty catchy
rocketjohn: it sucks hugely that safari can't splitscreen-fullscreen a video
TXC2: ReynardWrecca who needs context eh?
gameboy350: Is there a way to match up the two streams/ delay the apple one?
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LoganAura: woooooooo
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ThingsOnMyStream: hey, actual controllers!
TheWarbo: ReynardWrecca I too am watching only the LRR stream and not the WWDC stream. It's been excellent so far
Aneximarius: At least they're not forcing proprietary shit
zerg539: I was up too late last night watching Good Omens with a friend and it's good stuff I do recommend
rocketjohn: that's better.
TehAmelie: remember Doom 95? that was a bold experiment in early VR
Abavus: TBF I'm guessing no switch controller is because of nintendo
Alahmnat: I've never liked the XBox controller layout
wildpeaks: "apple watch", a game where you stare at fruit
TXC2: to be fair they've been making the PD controller for like 25 years now
RAZRBCK08: ps4 and switch pro are both really good controllers
gameboy350: Featuring Toy-Con support ONLY
Pal_Friendpatine: Agreed @abavus
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ReynardWrecca: Darn right @TXC2 and @TheWarbo - it's more fun this way, and I'm choosing to imagine my own acronyms. Welcome to Wibbly--Wobbly Discount Cauliflowers!
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Emergent_OS: What about Stadia controller?
BtEtta: The Switch controller is pretty standard bluetooth too Abavus
Drasvin: Doesn't the switch controller use a standard bluetooth stack?
EscherichiaCole: oh boy I can experience bathophobia in 4K!
LegionLoyalist: Watch 2.0, now with extra watch hands!
VmKid: Apple Watch: Even I, a diehard Android fanboy, will admit that Apple Watch is pretty great from what I've seen
Umandsf: This will be interesting, as I just replaced my watch yesterday.
TXC2: WWDC: what would DeJesus choose?
LegionLoyalist: Watch 6.0, Nanosecond Hand Improvements?
Alahmnat: ah, the Adobe guy continues his transformation into mountain man
ogzangief: VmKid dont go to the dark side the cookies suck
VmKid: I mean, I love my Pebble
cuttlefishman: Writable surfaces on watches?
HavenJunde: i don't apple generally so i'm legit just watching this for the commentary
VmKid: I will use my Pebble Time until it craps out on me
TehAmelie: i just watched Avengers Endgame and i'm all about transforming wristwatches
Abavus: But do they have a lrrBEEEJ face?
DandyGeek: wow, they took that face from zero to information overload in no time
Angnor33: Fingers crossed for nuclear powered watches!
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samu_btdp1985: once again I watch more lrr then I do actual TV loving you guys. cheers
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ThingsOnMyStream: Apple Watch IN YOUR FACE!
AntiCrepuscular: !birb
LRRbot: Peck your beak!
VmKid: Does... does adding additional watch faces really count as a new major feature?
cuttlefishman: yes
cuttlefishman: knew it was a robin
Emergent_OS: Graham, Beej. I just want to ask, will LRR do the usual watch-along press conferences during the E3?
TehAmelie: heh, look at all the watches showing 12 past 10. it's like i'm at Ikea
LegionLoyalist: alarm every hour on the hour?
TXC2: Watches for you face?
Pal_Friendpatine: I really want the sun one
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VmKid: LoadingReadyRifftrax
ogzangief: hoping to watch endgame soon was it good @TehAmelie
starlitdiscord: chirp chirp :D
Abavus: ???
TehAmelie: 10 past 10, even. the time when analog watches look happy
LegionLoyalist: "Calculator" Applause
TXC2: were as with this we get to pretend what G+B are looking at
aWabbajack: cool Tech news
Gekyouryuu: i'm being 100% serious when I say that watching just this with no apple stream for context is actually really fun for me. :3
Emergent_OS: Got it, thanks Graham!
red_shoes_jeff: Smooth recovery.
ThingsOnMyStream: Those birds are now part of the Apple Developer program
DoodlestheGreat: @gekyouryuu, same
gameboy350: I am already conditioned to interpret vibration at my waist as a message, now I must associate the passage of time with my wrist vibrating?
JerecoPlays: I also am not watching the Apple stream.
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EscherichiaCole: I bet that was the original line in the script before they changed it
AlchemicalPanda: Hey, this isn't the set for mail time
Foxmar320: Hello Graham and Beej
DandyGeek: helloooooooo standalone apps
TehAmelie: it was okay but if you noticed Thanos' motivation in Infinity War makes no sense, it doesn't get better here
djalternative: I might use my apple watch now that I can use voice memos
Abavus: Calculator PogChamp
TXC2: it's the 70's AGAIN!
Pal_Friendpatine: The bummer is the older watches won’t be able to do some of these things
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
cheetoJack: did the apple watch _not_ have a calculator on it?!
TXC2: it sure is Graham :P
PhoenixMelior: I am also not watching, and yes!
VmKid: tbh I'm surprised that standalone apps haven't been a thing until now
wildpeaks: appstore wasn't on the watch yet ?
aWabbajack: cohhLoot cohhHi cohhMVP
DandyGeek: same, VmKid
Pal_Friendpatine: It did not @cheetojack . At least not first party
BillTheCat: can I order a watch for my apple on my apple watch?
goldheartache56: its funny without the apple stream tbh trying to find out what stuff apple is doing
Drasvin: This is kinda odd without the apple stream to go with it
Foxmar320: Link to the Apple event?
atahop: I was watching, but I'll turn it off and see how weird it gets
HavenJunde: wait, apple watch didn't have calculator already? i just assume apple watch has all the rad features i assume it has
JerecoPlays: #Content
d782: not watching either
VmKid: apple.com
sir_jack_DB: yeha, I'm having trouble compensating for the lag
Olveron: same
VmKid: It's on the Apple homepage
TXC2: Foxmar320 it's on the apple website mainpage
red_shoes_jeff: Took a bit to get the two synced up.
Crashzxs: im watching the apple event, but the delay between when I see it and when it seems like you see it is entertaining
BtEtta: I'm watching and I don't own or expect to own any apple products...
LegionLoyalist: It's honestly more confusing watching both, since they aren't synced
psychopez: I'm not listening to the apple stream, but watching it. so I get to piece things together
Foxmar320: Thanks DandyGeek
PhoenixMelior: it's already been a weird week, relaxing with Graham and Beej seemed like a good idea (and it is)
ogzangief: question who came up with the words "in the year of our lord"
Vaygrim: The timing for the Apple thing is too far off. I'd rather watch you two @LoadingReadyRun
Abavus: #API #content
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TheWarbo: Another proud member of team Not-Watching-the-WWDC
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d782: just like people talking while I work
TehAmelie: it's like watching Rifftrax of movies you haven't seen, but without the video
Crad0k: how long does this thing usually last?
Drasvin: Can't watch apple event due to being at work
Alahmnat: I can't imagine trying to use the app store ON the watch. like... ow.
Scar_Red_Tiger: absurd ity away. i dont even apple
Anaerin: Don't you interact with the watch by "tapping"? Why did that say "Double-click to install"? CLICK WHAT?
PhoenixMelior: this computer can't really watch the apple event
cuttlefishman: yeah, we are
TXC2: Crad0k well this stream is booked for 2 hours
Abavus: Yea by default I was like 30s ahead
HailtheRNG: i don't understand why everyone doesn't allow re-streaming
auxv: way ahead.
LegionLoyalist: Yeah... it's really annoying
Baldrash: Can confirm, I'm a solid 30 seconds ahead.
Pal_Friendpatine: @anaerin there are side buttons
AntiCrepuscular: We are broadcasting from the future! :D
Foxmar320: I still want an Apple Watch.
KharadBanar: Yep
Alahmnat: I delayed the stream so I get y'all's comments at the same time
KharadBanar: It's more than the stream delay
BillTheCat: siri explain delays
EscherichiaCole: I had to pause the video to sync it up with you
rocketjohn: You guys are behind
hieroglyphica: by quite a bit! so I've carefully pinpointed the right spot
Umandsf: I paused the livestream for a few seconds. So it’s rather synced up for me.
rocketjohn: by about 20s
TehAmelie: chat lag only works in our direction
beowuuf: you guys are on a delay, but chat should be live for you :)
Crad0k: probably depsnds on what you're watching on
ashteranic: oh, yeah, you two are way behind
HavenJunde: how time work?
ThingsOnMyStream: wait, am I live?
cuttlefishman: Trending
hieroglyphica: you can backtrack a bit
sblue333: As a bioengineer, the ability to take an ECG on apple watch was revolutionary. I'm interested to see if the expand on that.
wildpeaks: how are you seeing it with a delay, you're closer to them than europe ?
PhoenixMelior: (apparently my Chrome DOES work)
mercano82: Yeah, LRR comments are about 15 seconds behind the Apple stream.
Drasvin: delay within delay
LegionLoyalist: I like to believe
BillTheCat: ThingsOnMyStream does your apple watch register a heartbeat?
DandyGeek: they sure do
TehAmelie: i want a VP of health
Anaerin: You appear to be ~15 seconds behind, and Twitch is reporting my delay to you is ~1.86 seconds.
Foxmar320: foxmarLOVE foxmarPRIDE cheer500
TXC2: a vice president of health?
VmKid: Oh, okay, so it's Google Fit.
Drasvin: pride100 Bits for this absurd thing
ThingsOnMyStream: introducing "Lazy sack of shit" mode!
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] I always like to close my ring.
LRRbot: New quote #6085: "I always like to close my ring." —Graham [2019-06-03]
Anaerin: Hearing Health?
tiltyhouse: As my age increases, making sure my rings stay close becomes more and more important.
wildpeaks: oh hearing health, that's a good addition
LegionLoyalist: cool, I think I resynced them
PhoenixMelior: that's why I wear earplugs at every show
Akaiatana: Sad news for apple fans: the apple watch is losing support from pokemon go because of advances in Adventure Sync
Pal_Friendpatine: My concern is some (or possibly many) of what we are seeing coming up for the Watch is only going to be available on the newest generation watches. I’ve been caught in that before
Jay_Blanc: I like to keep track of how often I've used my Stand.
Anaerin: Phone signals an alert "IT'S FUCKING LOUD!"
DandyGeek: noise app is a good addition
drilmagic: I dunno if there's a clean way to prove it (context-free tweet on the account would be non-ideal), but yeah, same person. Hi!
Foxmar320: lol
wildpeaks: :D
Alahmnat: lol
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
cuttlefishman: how accurate will your watch be able to tell loud noises... when its on your arm
hieroglyphica: I always resent these parts of our march into the most as an invisibly ill 2 something none of this bs works for me
AgentMagicMaster: lol
DoodlestheGreat: "Set watch to 'obsequious!' "
ThingsOnMyStream: Plays a slow clap and notifies your parents that you stood up
VmKid: I question why this is a watch-only feature instead of a base iOS feature
Umandsf: I didn’t have my watch for two months, and I felt very lazy. Looking forward to getting back to closing rings.
AntiCrepuscular: Phone detects loud noises, automatically says "SHHHHH!"
beowuuf: lol
Pal_Friendpatine: I’ve turned those feature off
xantos69: you have adequately described why I don't own an apple watch.
TehAmelie: i hope it detects when you try to stand up but give up and says "You tried"
FickleMuse: Nice for outside. Doesn't super help with headphones
hieroglyphica: like... screw these health apps that don't work for anybody actually sick
KharadBanar: It's not evil! Applause!
PhoenixMelior: huh, I think I'm rather ahead of LRR
sir_jack_DB: now, does it monitor radiation lrrBEEJ
Scar_Red_Tiger: happy beeps would suffice
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eboera: "Please stand up, or not you waste of air"
Alahmnat: or playing your music really loud to drown out your coworkers in an open office environment :P
sblue333: Yes! Clap for basic respect of privacy!!
beowuuf: thirty second christian bale clip?
ogzangief: well guys i have to go afk for a few minutes so i can do my morning workout brb ok guys
mercano82: People clapping about the fact Apple says they're not spying on you.
Emergent_OS: It’s interesting that Apple has a VP of Health, yet they have to use a “It is not a medical device” disclaimer.
Pal_Friendpatine: Noise feature could come in handy
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derfsss: LOUD NOISES
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Foxmar320: Im waiting on the update that has the watch tell you to go outside and interact with real people
Anaerin: And now you can track your bleeding time, if that applies to you.
LegionLoyalist: cheering that a company doesn't store all your info?
TXC2: Foxmar320 that's pokemon go Kappa
Foxmar320: TXC2 people still play that?!
Foxmar320: Kappa
Baldrash: @Emergent_OS Getting something certified as a medical device is a nightmare.
VmKid: Okay, props for the cycle tracking feature
HailtheRNG: interestingly, i think they just cancelled apple watch support for pokemon go
orionsrise1: wow! Graham is on a stream! the Editing computer must be lonely
ThingsOnMyStream: Detects when room is loud, switches to ALL CAPS notifications
eboera: "Apple Watch, it also now plays Skyrim"
hieroglyphica: oh man this would be triggering for me all the time, my restaurant vent is managed under osha regs and is like Max allowed decibels
Pal_Friendpatine: I was at an event with a band recently. It was loud. I’d like to know how loud it was
Jorge4hg: @ThingsOnMyStream the good stuff
Tplayne: i legit thought this was the watch detecting when you were riding a bike
itsr67: apple watch really prepping for that pokemon sleep support
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm going to assume they don't mean Bicycles
HavenJunde: oh this is neat
Anaerin: Detects when room is loud, applies electric shocks rather than notification tones.
VmKid: legit, that's actually a good idea and I'm surprised that isn't more ubiquitious in health apps
djalternative: this is pretty cool
aWabbajack: motor cycle?
ACheeseSandwhich: when is dice friends today?
Alahmnat: cool that they're adding it to iOS as well
PhoenixMelior: aww, that's a nice thought Beej
Foxmar320: Thats an interesting idea actually
Jay_Blanc: Just when everyone is realising that you don't actually need to have a period because of medication.
hieroglyphica: oh Beej, you've found the life hack that most couples have negotiated in some way some where
HavenJunde: wish they didn't say "women" since women are not the only people who menstruate, but its still neat
cheetoJack: Anaerin detects when you're being loud, applies increasingly higher voltage electric shock until you stop
TehAmelie: actually unprecedented period support in your portable electronics (it's a very low bar)
cuttlefishman: Why do you pay attention to Beej's workout?
Akaiatana: I'm watching you two and not the Apple stream and it's A+ weirdness
Aneximarius: Beej just ascended in this keynote, and I'm proud I was here to see that
DoodlestheGreat: "Kathleen is no longer seeing Aunt Flo."
hieroglyphica: I do that with my notes app
PhoenixMelior: I just show my partner when my pill is running low
pinkpi: psa not all women menstrate TransgenderPride
tendrilsoftragedy: Hey gents! Graham I have a question for you. when is the second part of the sleeper train vlog being posted?
HailtheRNG: yeah word, i've been trying to find a app that didn't make me feel weird for searching for that in the app store
Theycallmejokke: Can I just say I really love the updated kalender on the LRR site
orellien2773: Yeah, sorry, but I'm not going to f'n trust Apple to not get fucky with my health info.
TXC2: apps that should exsit but dont 'cause theres not a lot of women in STEM
VmKid: @HavenJunde To quote Will Smith, "[they] a bit confused but [they] got the spirit."
wildpeaks: ohh, the fancy metal band
Alahmnat: I just want health data pulled from doctor's appointments to actually fill in my personal metrics, like weight and heart rate
HavenJunde: not all women menstruate, and not all people who menstruate are women TransgenderPride
Foxmar320: I trust FaceBook with nothing
TheWarbo: "Obviously Fuckin" Facebook
Abavus: That
mtvcdm: You control your data, after we've sold it 573 times over.
pinkpi: @HavenJunde exactly
Jorge4hg: @Foxmar320 true that
TehAmelie: apple charge about fifty million times more than google for their services so. . .
HavenJunde: thank you TransgenderPride
TheMoatman: I trust apple with my data more than Google, Amazon, and Facebook combined
Spriteclad: LUL
tendrilsoftragedy: benginHeart lrrHEART
BillTheCat: WutFace
Foxmar320: foxmarAAA faces
hey_strawberry: Is apple ever going to end the dongle-hell that is the macbook air?
Alahmnat: @TheMoatman agreed
TXC2: I keep hearing WWDC as WWE....C
AntiCrepuscular: 97dB! GOOD JOB!
ThingsOnMyStream: MAKE SOME NOISE! ok, stop the noise, this is dangerous
cuttlefishman: I think they're like ~20 behind, not ~15
VmKid: @hey_strawberry The same time that they use standard connectors on iPhone
wildpeaks: wow sonds like you're 10-15 seconds behind, odd
HavenJunde: @TXC2 same lol
Technic_AL: Is the keynote over?
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wildpeaks: she's at the voice memo currently
Gen2Gengar: Hello Graham, hello Beej; hello chat! What did I pmiss?
djalternative: I feel like between Beej and G on stream and Paul in chat, yall have enought to do an apple parody sketch for this event
hey_strawberry: VmKid Yes!
itsr67: Make noise! ok don't you're harming everyone else
TXC2: hello Gen2Gengar welcome
VmKid: @hey_strawberry Also the same day Valve announces Half-Life 3.
TXC2: you've miss some stuff about apple TV, now we're on watched
cuttlefishman: Boo Orioles
TXC2: *watches
pinkpi: lmao I have you guys on my computer, keynote on my phone, and I'm building gundam while I watch. Is this an epic gamer win???
Fenhl: hard agree, Beej
TheMoatman: But Beeh, show don't tell Kappa
TheMoatman: *Beej
LegionLoyalist: Orioles Fan? Not realistic
TXC2: show dont tell? hell why not show AND tell? Kappa
Aneximarius: Wow that name was not peer reviewed
muondecay: QOL improvements shouldn't need to be demoed. Brand new stuff is.
xantos69: Can we say that in 2019?
Foxmar320: Watching this just makes me want an Apple Watch even more. I should start saving up.
UnseenAcademical: But Beej! Show, don't tell! And even better, tell, then show, then tell, then show AGAIN just because.
AntiCrepuscular: The use of the watchmaking term "complication" amuses me in this context :D
wildpeaks: ohh new colors
TheMoatman: Induction transmission
cuttlefishman: Wait... are there rhythym games for the apple watch? Could we play them on rhythm cafe?
Abavus: That
TXC2: Duolungo: if you thought a loan shark would ride your ass, you ain't see noting yet Kappa
pinkpi: ooo pride watch
TehAmelie: "Shazam with Siri" sounds like terrible fanfiction i want to read
Abavus: What is happening...
TehAmelie: challenge: take a drink every time a clock shows 10:10
VmKid: @cuttlefishman I don't think there's any on Apple Watch, I *think* someone was making one for WearOS
TXC2: TehAmelie it's less with and more X Kappa
Anaerin: Ooh, what new functions have Cisco added to their Router Operating System? Wait, Apple iOS? Oh...
ThingsOnMyStream: "Wind Complication" that can cause conmlications
rocketjohn: because it's a smiley face
tiltyhouse: 10:09 was the time it was released.
FickleMuse: The rainbow face with the strap looks real sharp
wildpeaks: 15% don't have ios12 ? must be from being too old to install it then
TXC2: "Wind Complication" is how a stiff upper lip Birt describes a Tornado
cuttlefishman: G, what do you think of this shoewear?
AntiCrepuscular: Those Other Guys?
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wildpeaks: *hardware too old
Bistromaths: Fingers crossed for MacOS XI Kappa
rocketjohn: I wonder if this is going to be the iOS that makes my hardware too old.
tiltyhouse: Everyone check of "Customer Sat" on your bingo cards.
ogzangief: ok then guys i am back now
KharadBanar: 10:10 would be asymmetric, with the left (hour) hand slightly higher than the right
Anaerin: Really? Apple now punching down at their competition? That's a little crass...
AntiCrepuscular: ^
Fenhl: well, because everyone else switched to Android Kappa
BillTheCat: Woo Crag
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VmKid: Also totally ignores *how* Android versions are released
PhoenixMelior: ^
Jorge4hg: punching the competition classy
underhill33: s h a d e
Alahmnat: they make a point of bringing up Android adoption at WWDC every year
Papperslappen: ooh, android shade
tyrew0rm: I'm just waiting for my ipod touch to become obsolete
TehAmelie: what happens if you say "Siri, Shazam"? asking anyone with Siri on
rocketjohn: You literally cannot punch down at Alphabet
ashteranic: is it really punching down, when apple has a smaller market size than android does?
ThingsOnMyStream: making fun of low android adoption rates is pretty common at WWDC
Jay_Blanc: Android version fragmentation *is* an issue, regardless of the reasons why it happens.
ashteranic: like, it's more consistent, sure
philontv: or IBM
sivakrytos: yeah apple to google or microsoft is not down
wildpeaks: that's quite the haircut
VmKid: It's not a particularly good punch, in any event
orellien2773: Heh, remember the "Windows 95 = Macintosh '89" bumper stickers?
philontv: Did someone say Uncle Phil?
TehAmelie: hi Alex!
TXC2: Hello Alex
Aneximarius: look they're not throwing a Galaxy phone in a toybox, there is no shade like the video game wars
Alahmnat: because WWDC is a dev conference and they like to emphasize how many people will be able to use new stuff so devs can start programming with it right away
xantos69: Hey Alex!
pinkpi: ALEX
sir_jack_DB: yay, increment of 1!
Alahmnat: hi Alex!
rocketjohn: yo alex
Baldrash: Android release schedules are half the reason I'm still on iOS. I don't like it being a complete crapshoot when/if I get an OS update.
Simonark: I'm not watching the Keynote, just enjoying the riffing on it. This is a weird thing to do, I recognize.
wildpeaks: an Android heathen has been detected :D
rocketjohn: loved the latest comic :)
pinkpi: ILY ALEX
Foxmar320: The neon is a cool ascetic
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spaceguy672: Look at all these swell lads
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bremz: oh hell yeah they're adding apps
Abavus: I don't get it
Emergent_OS: I miss Steve Jobs’s Windows Longhorn (Vista) scorning.
hieroglyphica: tbh, that factionalism what ultimately pushed me away from apple
BillTheCat: I use Graham's face for my face ID so I can only unlock my phone when he's on stream
VmKid: @wildpeaks No. Just no.
bremz: love apps, can't get enough
VmKid: Don't do that.
Drasvin: nakateYo
MintChocDoublin: HI ALEX!!!
ogzangief: good morning alex
wildpeaks: naw, just kidding of course
adi_pie: They've also generally used graphs that are fairly unrepresentative of the truth. But then this is a marketing event as much as anything else.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Candied Apple
cheetoJack: BillTheCat I want you to know I found that hilarious
Foxmar320: How fast can I start Pokemon Go
Jay_Blanc: WWDC has 60% less lies than E3.
TehAmelie: data bloat reduction gets applause? didn't think people cared
Alahmnat: has Apple discovered gzip?
riking27: didn't they have to add an artifical delay to faceID because people didn't believe it was secure at first
bartimus_thundercask: GOOD MORNING EVERYONE
cuttlefishman: Jellies
cuttlefishman: cute jellies
Jorge4hg: Lots of them
spaceguy672: Dem jellies tho
TXC2: hello bartimus_thundercask welcome
djalternative: maybe it's just better compression?
ThingsOnMyStream: the new iphone screen is 40% smaller, making the apps 40% smaller, too!
Pal_Friendpatine: Unless I can get a new computer this doesn’t really matter to me
itsr67: didn't expect jellies to lo fi
Wodar9: The new phone is a jellyfish!
cuttlefishman: no
cuttlefishman: go back to the jellies
TehAmelie: i should have remembered
bremz: get your damn apps out of this dangerous jellyfish, coward
VmKid: @Jay_Blanc So, still approximatly 95% lies then Kappa
spaceguy672: Look at us, a Dark mode like a decade late XD
tiltyhouse: Also, smaller app sizes means more people who would be willing to download over cellular.
hieroglyphica: unneeded cruft? let's be real about the sloppiness of the average app developer
rocketjohn: i will vibrate at the same rate as this video
Foxmar320: I would be happy about iMessage updates if I ever used it
rocketjohn: apparently
itsr67: what lol
Jorge4hg: wow
sblue333: DARK mode!
Pal_Friendpatine: Jellies!!!
BillTheCat: 2 edgy 4 me
Jondare: Dark mode is actually a really really nice feature
Wodar9: I LOVE just how happy people are for dark mode
ThingsOnMyStream: jellyfish mode!
Jondare: oh wow you guys are WAY behind me
TXC2: Meps
Anaerin: Dork Mode!
tyrew0rm: Finally
VmKid: Dark "Why was this not added years ago" Mode
Foxmar320: :D
adi_pie: Oh, hey, Dark Mode. More things should have a dark theme.
Alahmnat: dark mark!
Abavus: lrrDARK
cuttlefishman: has apple gone full Sith
PhoenixMelior: only took 13 iterations of OS
Pal_Friendpatine: Yup dark mode
Aneximarius: Dark mode actually sells that phone more to me than anything i've seen yet
muondecay: A trailer for dark theme is some A-tier dick waving
djalternative: Jellyfish Mone Engage!!!!
Papperslappen: iOS13, we've replaced all your apps with jellyfish
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itsr67: welcome to the dark side
PhoenixMelior isn't using Dark Mode of Twitch
Drasvin: Welcome to darkness?
Jorge4hg: so dark
niccus: it's really hard on the eyes especially when you get older
PhoenixMelior: reading the text hurts my eyes.
fpsviper123: hello
AntiCrepuscular: Beej's "So nice" just synced up with Phil :D
Pal_Friendpatine: I’ll see how it feels when we get it
heyheyitssteve: Yay for dark mode! At last.
TXC2: PhoenixMelior same here
Crashzxs: theres a notification to refill kombucha fridge
Abavus: I tried dark mode in some microsoft products and wow were they awful
Tplayne: its just great for oleds
riking27: people who work office jobs don't understand why you would want stuff to be dark, mostly, i think
aWabbajack: lrrDARK lrrALEX lrrPAUL lrrGRAHAM
adi_pie: A theme to go with our current timeline.
fpsviper123: hows is yous
hieroglyphica: I read somewhere that it doesn't actually reduce eye strain but my relieved eye do not believe them
Pal_Friendpatine: White lettering on my black screen makes for a lot of ghosts
itsr67: LUL
spaceguy672: Hey welcome to features android has had with swipe type
Foxmar320: wow
Baldrash: Ooh, swipe keyboard built in? Nice.
Laserbeaks_Fury: They have Transformer wallpapers?
VmKid: Swipe Typing! A BRAND NEW FEAT- LUL
AntiCrepuscular: wait, that wasn't a thing on iOS?!
aWabbajack: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Alahmnat: Craig is big on looking like a massive nerd
HailtheRNG: okay, i've had swype on android for years
Jorge4hg: lol
starlitdiscord: apparently dark mode isn't great for astigmatism?
Wodar9: Swipe typing? wait...iOS didn't have that?
VmKid: @AntiCrepuscular Not on the default keyboard
adi_pie: Okay, this bit was funny.
Baldrash: @AntiCrepuscular You could install third-party keyboards that did that.
TXC2: oh wait goat yoga was a real thing wasn't it
LegionLoyalist: I've come to talk with you again
starlitdiscord: i dont know if this is just a rumor though
heyheyitssteve: So it’s the transition to OLED screens that mean we finally get in-iOS dark mode?
hieroglyphica: swype typing! the lady big thing keeping me from using ios!
HavenJunde: swipe wasn't on ios?
PhoenixMelior: iOS didn't have sharing suggestions?
Fenhl: wait, that wasn't already a thing?
Tplayne: yah this is jsut a lot of stuff of android already had
VmKid: I use Gboard on my work iPhone to use swipe typing
Elenodul: swipe wasn't standard?
BillTheCat: swipe's been built in to android for a while
Abavus: Any chance apple just bought the devs?
sergeantbattleus: STARK can you be myyyy DAD
hieroglyphica: *last ironically my swype is learning me again
Emergent_OS: In the meantime, In accessibility settings pane, you can invert black and white...
Foxmar320: lrrWOW
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrWOW
I_Am_Clockwork: also hi all
Jorge4hg: lrrWOW
cuttlefishman: Lyrics!
NoNane09: NotLikeThis
spaceguy672: lrrWOW
TXC2: hello I_Am_Clockwork welcome
Foxmar320: Well done
tyrew0rm: this is meta
Drasvin: lrrWOW
TheMoatman: Wait I missed that, they have keyboard swiping?
Fenhl: iOS 13: more feature parity with Android!
VmKid: All of this is nice, but I *really* wish they'd make Widgets and Notifications less poo.
Alahmnat: Craig's demos are always great, all the way back to his Hair Force One username in Game Center
Pal_Friendpatine: They already did time synched lyrics
spaceguy672: THEY SAID FONTS
Pal_Friendpatine: Didn’t they?
cuttlefishman: RTF support?
Fenhl: okay, the lyrics thing is nice
riking27: font support on mobile
riking27: oh no
VmKid: I can't stand the iOS notification center, especially next to Android's.
Abavus: Karaoke on demand
Foxmar320: O_O
Pal_Friendpatine: Oh wait that was Shazam
spaceguy672: NO ALEX
spaceguy672: BAD
sblue333: You think they saved Dark Mode b/c 13 is the SPOOPY IOS
Drasvin: iKaraoke
LegionLoyalist: well that escalated quickly
beowuuf: context is king!
Bistromaths: as is melody
SolarBlitz1: Going to have shitty karaoke IRL streams all over now
TheMoatman: Wow I ended up with a 30 second latency on top of the difference in lag between my apple stream and the lrr apple stream
cuttlefishman: yes @sblue333
stevestein: And they say Apple has stopped innovating. But now you can change text sizes more easily in their browser!
ThingsOnMyStream: I have a synced lyrics app on my iphone already
Jondare: Is twitch unusually delayed? cause they're reacting to stuff that happened like 30 seconds ago
Wodar9: I really want to see if this notification stuff will work well
KingXicor: Also a leather.
itsr67: I don't have any apple products but this is oddly fascinating to me
Emergent_OS: Time-Synced Lyrics are currently available on the Amazon Music.
Simonark: Corinthian is totally a font.
HavenJunde: i'm reminded of when i went to a weed shop in seattle, and there was someone singing along to their mp3 player really badly outside when i was waiting for a Lyft
djalternative: reminders: the thing I don't use because calendar events are more useful
Anaerin: Jondare: No, the stream they're watching is delayed.
Alahmnat: yes please Reminders overhaul
Wodar9: "Remember what Google did? We did that."
PharaohBender27: @Jondare They're on a delay - they addressed that at the start.
cuttlefishman: whoa
cuttlefishman: that map
Pal_Friendpatine: Reminders looks amazing.
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] Ah rich Corinthian fonts.
LRRbot: New quote #6086: "Ah rich Corinthian fonts." —Graham [2019-06-03]
Simonark: It's a different font than Corinth too.
Pal_Friendpatine: I was using 3rd party to do all this
Umandsf: Sweet
Jondare: PharaohBender27 ah, i missed that
spaceguy672: Apple maps really wants to be relevant XD
underhill33: Their cars have been in my area recently
Alahmnat: I use Apple Maps all the time
cuttlefishman: "Entire US"... How much of Canada?
tiltyhouse: It was a joke from Daring Fireball I recall a few years ago. This is the first year apple has publicly acknowledged "Dub Dub".
VmKid: Apple, just stop trying to make Maps happen. It's not gonna happen.
Wodar9: "Select other countries"...hmmm
Abavus: Is apple maps any good these days? It was a meme when it came out
Foxmar320: Higher quality photos of places of the US ill never be
adi_pie: "Select other countires next year" I expect this to get to me sometime around the heat death of the Universe.
Alahmnat: it's fine these days.
Pal_Friendpatine: Maps wow
sblue333: Google soundly beats apple in the maps dept.
AntiCrepuscular: maps looks good now!
Alahmnat: Google also has a 10-year head start
Foxmar320: adi_pie its already here then. At least in Florida
I_Am_Clockwork: roadquest!
TXC2: Canada. it's Fucking big
cuttlefishman: Yes, but most of the bits of Canada people are in are concentrated to the south
Aneximarius: "What's new with maps" cartography update 2019
Simonark: I've heard a song about that.
tyrew0rm: apple maps is ok, but google maps is still king in that regard
Bistromaths: RoadQuest confirmed for tomorrow?
tiltyhouse: This is Apple trying to be a proper competitor to Google Maps now that they've locked things down.,
PhoenixMelior: did someone say Road Quest?
TheWarbo: Spoiler Alert: Canada is a heckin chonker
Wodar9: here is what I want to know, why not use just Google maps? Does it have better interrogation?
Pal_Friendpatine: I use Apple maps for the security. I don’t need Google to know where I am going
PhoenixMelior: cuttlefishman most, but not all.
LegionLoyalist: Road Quest set in Canada! Spoiler Confirmed...
spaceguy672: The quest of roads is desired
Laserbeaks_Fury: Damn I didn't know you did Raod Quest in Canada
HavenJunde: i hear road quest?
Abavus: doogDab
stevestein: It took until now for favourites in a maps app to become a thing?
VmKid: It literally looks like Google Maps, down to the circular category icons
azureHaights: Texas: "We're big" Canada: "Hold our Tim's"
Jorge4hg: Road Quest: Canada is big
rocketjohn: this seems like I will get shot of google maps once this gets to the UK
xantos69: cheer50 Not pressuring you cause I know that much editing is a monumental task...but do you have an estimate on when Road Quest might be complete?
adi_pie: cyanDab zolltoDab
heyheyitssteve: Canada is huge, but not dense, so... fewer users per square mile/km?
AntiCrepuscular: oooh, that 3D streetview tho
TehAmelie: one thing the internet still hasn't solved is attaching the artists' own lyrics to their songs. everywhere i look it's wild guesses and embarrassing amounts of not knowing how to spell. can itunes do it better?
Jondare: i don't think i've ever used apple maps, google maps is way too good to leave
riking27: ah yes, because "street view" is trademarked/
AntiCrepuscular: daaaaaaamn
Simonark: Road Quest Season 2: Monaco will be a smaller editing chore.
Pal_Friendpatine: I did the smell thing Beej
HavenJunde: i've sold my soul to google, so i use google maps
Pal_Friendpatine: Smae*
ThingsOnMyStream: Google maps still has better transit directions
PharaohBender27: Every time someone asks about Road Quest, the release gets pushed back another day Kappa
Pal_Friendpatine: Same*
VmKid: Only time I ever really use Apple Maps is when I accidentally use it in CarPlay instead of Google
Aneximarius: "And now you're even older.."
LegionLoyalist: Confirmed, Road Quest is now 1 day closer
xantos69: I accept your answer. :-)
cuttlefishman: "Soon™"
Wodar9: Road Quest Season 2: The Quest for Season 1
LegionLoyalist: Spoilers everywhere
TheMoatman: Wow, apple finally got street view
adi_pie: Apple maps is still hot garbage over here, but then I'm in the part of Europe no one knows exists.
tiltyhouse: Quicktime VR finally here!
azureHaights: @Simonark RQ Season 3: Vatican. Single-denomination drifting?!
TheWarbo: Graham: I shall give you a non-answer, but as I am a comedian, I shall give you a *funny* non-answer.
rocketjohn: oh that's much better than streetview
TLBlitz: And now it’s even sooner, and now it’s even sooner
Krokaar: woa
rocketjohn: RIP streetview
Drasvin: Road Quest will arrive in n-1 days
tyrew0rm: google still seems better for checking public transport routes, at least in the UK
Alahmnat: wow
fpsviper123: wtf is going on im stuck on a repeated call of duty ad
AntiCrepuscular: right?!
TheMoatman: Gmaps also has 3d and it's still weird
TXC2: when you think about it, street view must have been hella expensive
Fenhl: nice
Aneximarius: ok THAT is actually impressive
Pal_Friendpatine: AppleMaps the GoogleMaps killer?
underhill33: what kind of black magic is this
djalternative: yeah. google maps is much better for non-driving directions
Wodar9: haha
Abavus: LUL
Alahmnat: lol G
VmKid: @Pal_Friendpatine It is not.
Aneximarius: mystOS confirmed
orionsrise1: so when Roadquest is finished, does Graham just leave for a month to go to some mountain?
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Bring me...the Blue Apps..."
Majickthise: That would be a hell of an AR experience.
ThingsOnMyStream: I want street view of google and apple streetview cars crashing into each other
Ansaksie: Several heads and shoulders above
TheWarbo: I think the best summary is "Apple Maps is behind Google Maps on the timeline"
Alahmnat: I really want Apple to have Cyan on speed dial for Arcade
cuttlefishman: ooh
Gekyouryuu: Tinker Tailor Road Quest Fry: ever closer, never done editing, eh, @loadingreadyrun Kappa
Wodar9: @ThingsOnMyStream I would love to see some side-by-sides
cuttlefishman: just once location allowing
TXC2: ThingsOnMyStream photoed by Bing right? Kappa
TheMoatman: Ooh
AntiCrepuscular: some good permission updates SeemsGood
adi_pie: Allowing location just once is a great option.
TheMoatman: Actual good permissions schemes
AntiCrepuscular: yup!
stevestein: "Allow just once" for location — thank you
JerecoPlays: I am sorry if I missed an announcement or something but were there plans for a Sidewalk Slam for Money in the Bank? Not to be a bother. Just wondering.
VmKid: Apple is doing a good with the privacy stuff, though.
ElFreak: Hey what time is it for you guys right now?
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:41 AM
VmKid: That's a good angle to take.
Crad0k: i pretty much *always* expect an app to track what i'm doing if i grant it access to anything
Alahmnat: I will stick with iOS for no other reason than because they give a shit about privacy permissions
cuttlefishman: oooh
Elenodul: great feature, have had that for a couple of years
cuttlefishman: hunh
BlueChloroplast: yay privacy!
riking27: Solution: Add another button
tiltyhouse: Shodor
Baldrash: Friggin' FINALLY.
Wodar9: haha. what a solution
PharaohBender27: @ElFreak Which happens to be the same time where this event is happening!
Jorge4hg: sure, another button
djalternative: Can you bring that notification up for already installed apps when you upgrade? That's what I'd like
Abavus: RIP a number of apps
VmKid: Apple adds an additional SSO method
AntiCrepuscular: That's actually pretty slick
Fenhl: Apple implementing OAuth?
oyleslyck: Boo another sign in
KharadBanar: Sign in with Facebook? Sign in with Google? That's evil! Go Sign in with Apple!
LegionLoyalist: Don't let them control your data, let us have it!
Alahmnat: YES GOOD
fpsviper123: I own a Huawei I have my own issues
Crad0k: dot dot dot
Fenhl: nice, called it
AntiCrepuscular: impressive!
rocketjohn: fpsviper123 shhh this chinese govt will hear you
cuttlefishman: whoa
cuttlefishman: randome address
spaceguy672: Thats honestly nice
adi_pie: This email thing is so good.
Majickthise: Wow, short term addresses.
VmKid: That's great and all until an app tells you "sorry, we don't allow the random addresses"
AntiCrepuscular: PogChamp
fpsviper123: i aam the goverment
ThingsOnMyStream: automated mailinator!
adi_pie: Like actually holy shit.
Jorge4hg: like lootboxes but with emails
muondecay: Thats pretty sweet
tiltyhouse: Ooooooh, that lack of personal info is attractive to me.
Wodar9: Ok, this is great
underhill33: Holy shit
Aneximarius: Oh ok I like this dope
PhoenixMelior: that's a heck of a lot of backend
sblue333: OmG!!!
TheMoatman: Oh I used to have to do that manually so hell yeah
tyrew0rm: hot damn
stevestein: Random address sounds interesting, but that's gonna make "forgot my password" useless.
Elenodul: okay,, thats rreally good
djalternative: HFS I love this
Crad0k: woah
Papperslappen: neato
Wodar9: Getting random addresses for EACH app really helps tell you who is leaking your email
tiltyhouse: Apple is now getting into the business of "Privacy as a Service".
rocketjohn: yup, fuck you facebook and google
EscherichiaCole: They just make burners
HavenJunde: oh that's real good
UnseenAcademical: That's GREAT
Majickthise: I wonder how much permissions fiddling the app requires.
niccus: websites regularly ban email domains all the time though
Pal_Friendpatine: The email WOW
Crad0k: that's... wow
ThingsOnMyStream: of course, the service can just block the email domain
Jay_Blanc: Sure looking like Apple is making it way easier to start thinking about transitioning away from Google for online information.
MintChocDoublin: @phoenixmelior are you saying more junk in the trunk?
PhoenixMelior: MintChocDoublin I guess?
Pal_Friendpatine: AND you can get rid of them!!!!!!
VmKid: @stevestein They do still get an email that redirects to your real one, but you can choose to block it
Bistromaths: I'm not even watching the keynote while watching this. I'm just reading text coverage. i'm Alex
I_Am_Clockwork: bye alex!
Umandsf: I’m being blown away.
Anubis169: @thingsonmystream I can see that happening
TXC2: Hello Serge
HavenJunde: i might have to wrench my soul back from having sold it to Google :P
MintChocDoublin: A SERGE!
TheNerdWonder: The stream has subtitles you can turn on
xantos69: Hello Serge!
DoodlestheGreat: See you, Alex!
Kazman20a: I have been doing that for years, it is nice though for it to be automatic
Baldrash: Blocking the domain for most Apple users seems like a really bad idea.
stevestein: Good point @niccus — "We do not allow Apple privacy relay domains" in 3...2...
TXC2: Bye Serge
VmKid: Apple is taking on Ring?
accountmadeforants: That's basically what I'm doing manually, so I appreciate the convenience.
FickleMuse: Note, you can add +website name, to your gmail to track the same. That's on you, but it is a good thing to know.
Anaerin: Homekit secure video - It's a proper NVR
Emergent_OS: Just a general warming, you do have to disable certain Permissions, that are set to ON by default in iOS. Like Apple Geo-Ads, unlimited Add Tracking, regular visited places and more.
adi_pie: To be fair @ThingsOnMyStream if a service wants to use the Sign in with Apple thing they probably won't be allowed to block the domain.
sblue333: Fuc I want an Iphone now
Bistromaths: @FickleMuse I use that all the time. I want to know who's selling my data
AntiCrepuscular: FickleMuse I didn't know that! Thanks for the pointer :)
sblue333: i have galaxy s9
stevestein: @VmKid My point is you won't remember the relay address, and that's the one they have in their files.
Kazman20a: they have , you can set up one use and alternte email in hotmail for years
VmKid: @adi_pie Which would probably mean that adoption might be a lot lower than people want
Wodar9: @ThingsOnMyStream I would not be surprised if apple changes their ToS to make it so apps cannot get around that throw away email
kais58: are LRR behind for everyone or just me?
rocketjohn: LRR are behind
TehAmelie: fun fact: "app app app" in Swedish means "watch yourself" or "slow down" or "I think you're wrong and I'm not afraid to condescend to you over it"
FickleMuse: AntiCrepuscular - Yeah the +identifier is really useful. It doesn't change anything for you, other than you can track it.
Foxmar320: Interesting
Alahmnat: also props to Apple for being literally the only IoT company to give a single shit about device security
cuttlefishman: okay
LegionLoyalist: If you pause the apple stream it can get "behind" to make it more aligned
adi_pie: VmKid sure, but also Apple is of a size that they can force people into it. Especially if they want to require this for iOS apps.
cuttlefishman: how does it interact with Canadian web providers?
ThingsOnMyStream: coming to shaw in 3-5 years
Pal_Friendpatine: @sblue333 that is the idea. The platform being as secure as it is, is now the attraction for the public. Your data is safe. That can’t be said for the other big companies
TheMoatman: Truly, AirPort is dead
TheMoatman: Okay so that's about 30 seconds behind me
Pal_Friendpatine: I haven’t been able to pause my Apple Stream
eltwitcherino: let us know when tim cook appears
tiltyhouse: Hmm, I wonder if we'll see it in ddwrt at some point?
Wodar9: hmmm, I am not sure how much I trust these firewalls for router, but it is still a good step
TheMoatman: Unsubscribe Spectrum Facts
adi_pie: I would like to state that if you set your avatar to an animoji, I will not respond to your messages.
mtvcdm: I DO have Charter Spectrum and yeah
Bistromaths: !unsubscribe
Jorge4hg: wat
Wodar9: UGH I really don't like the emoji things
spaceguy672: Aaaaaaand they lost me
TheMoatman: That doesn't look like Patrick
itsr67: I no like
Foxmar320: wut
cuttlefishman: meme-oji?
spaceguy672: Activate mute mode
Reecer6: please get these influencers out of here
itsr67: please no
Kaorti: not for me I guess
DandyGeek: oh, so the Adobe Character Animator stuff but...not as flexible?
stevestein: Wake me up when the makeup part ends
tiltyhouse: *Tips fedora* M'moji.
kais58: custom animojis is neat I guess
Abavus: Time-to-penis: 0.1 seconds
Stoffern: what the...
Alahmnat: need animoji based on actual emoji to have human animoji-level customization
Majickthise: Hah!
mtvcdm: So Apple has introduced.... Miis?
fragilepaper: Uh hu
wildpeaks: Hats
Alahmnat: want arctic fox animoji. no reason >_>
Wodar9: @mtvcdm OMG THAT IS SO RIGHT
Crad0k: did she say 'patrick star'?
Anaerin: mtvcdm: Remember XBox Avatars?
TheMoatman: Miis but only the face
Foxmar320: Hats!
itsr67: I don't like these miimojis
ThingsOnMyStream: I have been successfully influenced. please stop and I will buy whatever you want
TehAmelie: personal emojis, or why not free hand drawing chat like what on the Wii
Graved: Everybody stomping on Valve with their hat game
I_Am_Clockwork: H A T S
TXC2: so Fiis ?
Wodar9: These ARE Miis!!!
adi_pie: So, this is all squarely *not for me* but the actual lip syncing and animations on these are pretty impressive.
TheMoatman: Do the airpods cost extra
kais58: adi_pie the face tracking on animojis is nuts
Foxmar320: Yeah they made Miis
VmKid: @adi_pie Eeeeh... I dunno about that. I think it'd be easy for, say, Facebook to pull their service then rally their users against Apple to do their own pulling. Apple would be shooting themselves in the foot.
spaceguy672: Like good for those who care but iz not me XD
djalternative: HATS!!!!!
oyleslyck: Apple... now with horse armour
cuttlefishman: STICKERS
Fenhl: we TF2 now
beowuuf: hays wear hats
Majickthise: Welcome to the Oasis. We have hats.
mtvcdm: lrrBEEEJ lrrGRAHAM Apple sorry we have these already
accountmadeforants: Hat Fortress coming to iOS now!
spaceguy672: And yeah the actual face tracking is pretty impressive
Abavus: Give me your strongest hats!
tyrew0rm: LRR HAT draft retuns
Wodar9: This is kind of cute
Gekyouryuu: are air pods still supposedly causing brain health issues?
TXC2: it all feed dump now Kappa
chi7891: WOW
VmKid: MeMoji: Because you didn't get enough of this shit on your Wii
TehAmelie: Meemojis
TheWooglie: mtvcdm not on your phone
Jorge4hg: why that name
KingXicor: M'mojis?!?! Really?
Emergent_OS: So - basic customization options of modern RPG?
Bistromaths: <3 Feed Dump <3
Foxmar320: lol
EJGRgunner: Are they recording N100 next door?
itsr67: welcome to the future folks, no this isn't 2006 with miis
Abavus: I much prefer "fun-apple" to old apple
Wodar9: Dang, did you see that call out to the china market with we-chat
TXC2: EJGRgunner that or planing it
adi_pie: "Like WeChat." Listen, if you sent me an animoji, I'll be switching to WeDontChat
Alahmnat: I'd much rather have facial recognition and tracking get used for animoji and memoji than selling it to law enforcement for racial profiling :P
tyrew0rm: yeah, I'm getting a Mii feeling here
cuttlefishman: Both is still an option @Alahmnat
Alahmnat: *coughAmazoncough*
cuttlefishman: unfortunately
Bistromaths: the North100 set review?
rocketjohn: part 1 one 4
TheWarbo: wait Beej is on North 100?
rocketjohn: presumably
rocketjohn: TheWarbo on tech
adi_pie: Okay, this photo tech is real impressive.
TXC2: TheWarbo he works the board
stevestein: From the people who ruined iPhoto, new photo innovations!
oyleslyck: Beej probably runs tech
Emergent_OS: You can use MeMoji in Swift Declarations?
Drasvin: Beej on tech for N100?
Reecer6: Both is great, because it means you'll consent to it and then they can get more and better information to sell and use to judge you!
EJGRgunner: Beej runs tech
spaceguy672: Beej is tech for N100, and has been for awhile
itsr67: I actually can't wait for the MH1 review that North 100 will be doing
TehAmelie: this reminds me of these caricature templates i got when i was 10, for tracing different facial components into your own trashy caricatures
Foxmar320: Laser targeting Graham right now
Abavus: "Hello, I am cameras and photos" - lrrGRAHAM
TheWarbo: rocketjohn TXC2 That makes sense but is also less funny
TheMoatman: The Russos are making a MTG Netflix show?
spaceguy672: I really want to hear Ben's take on the 1/1 flying vigilance angel for 1
rocketjohn: :)
Kaorti: That train vlog is choice.
StrawberryPepper: strawb28Heartmini strawb28Heartmini strawb28Heartmini
HondoTrigger: cheer100 do you know when the next G Vlog goes up? I need to know if Graham and Beej make it off the train Kappa
VmKid: Graham "photo-boy" Stark
wildpeaks: ohh, for video too
sblue333: @themoatman Yes and it will be hype
adi_pie: To video, you say?
Umandsf: Can I get separation between saved artworks and actual photos?
Jorge4hg: ohh for video
cuttlefishman: oh wow
TheWooglie: HondoTrigger They don't. This is streamed from the train.
cuttlefishman: Video
kais58: inb4 graham hype
Taichanie: Want more train vlog.
spaceguy672: Time for G-Hype
TheMoatman: Computer, enhance and zoom.
Jorge4hg: G hype
Alahmnat: G, your train vlog renewed my desire to spend a month riding the rails
Wodar9: editing a video on the phone scares me. I hope it is easy to do
TehAmelie: hey, good green screen on the train
TheMoatman: Wait fuck that should have been "Siri, enhance and zoom"
djalternative: I may not need to use snapseed anymore
spaceguy672: And there it is
Fenhl: why not try… a color camera?
Foxmar320: Still laser targeting Graham right now
Drasvin: Animated cHustle?
TheMoatman: How's that $35 camera app look?
TXC2: Bye Beej
JPattemore: Better on camera photo editing will be cool. Interested in seeing if it'll be better than snapseed, though the ability to edit video seems awesome.
TheMoatman: *look now
Bistromaths: I really hope Beej is guest starring on North100, even though I'm sure he's just on the board
VmKid: Eh, I'd like to turn that off, actually. I'd rather delete my photos (that I use for my work) manually rather than letting an AI decide
ThingsOnMyStream: Seth Green?
shurtal: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 52:33.
adi_pie: Rotating the video sounds like one of those simple things, but god damn if most things I try to do that in don't fuck it up.
ogzangief: well gentlemen i will catch up with you guys later for the play it forward stream enjoy the rest of you day beej and graham
Drasvin: lrrGRAHAM streaming solo
TXC2: so long ogzangief have fun
azureHaights: In awe at the impression out of these absolute pants
Wodar9: Ya the machine learning is pretty amazing
Foxmar320: oh yeah the vlog that your phone made.
Taichanie: Are we ever getting another Siri makes anothervlog
TehAmelie: did he say "appsolutely"?
ogzangief: Thanks TXC2
VmKid: iOS Photos and Google Images both do this pretty well already
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun what recording software do you use on your phone?
tyrew0rm: the train vlog was great, was that all shot on your phone?
chi7891: YAY I love gVlogs!!
VmKid: I hope that in this version of iOS, 3D Touch gets used much better.
spaceguy672: It is a pretty snazzy UI
kilkomir: Awesome, Graham
PharaohBender27: But what happens when your phone inevitably edits your footage to FRAME YOU FOR MURDER?
VmKid: 3D Touch as a feature was very underutilized
Alahmnat: yeah but Baxter is a disaster, hehe
Foxmar320: Well thats because Baxter can be a disaster
Taichanie: How graham makes
Evochron13: it probably knows what disaster cats look like lrrBEEJ
mtvcdm: To be fair, Baxter does that to himself.
TehAmelie: the machine learning tools had a LOT of cat pictures to study
ashteranic: for me, every photo i take is of my cats, so it's not like it's a hard job to recognize
TehAmelie: viz., the internet
TheWarbo: the real question is, when you search "disaster of a cat"...
adi_pie: I mean, Baxter is a non-Newtonian fluid fluff isn't he?
TheWarbo: Aww I liked it
Drasvin: Extract the pure essence of "cat" from the photos
JPattemore: There were dozens of us
Pal_Friendpatine: I used it too. But not enough I guess
Alahmnat: they also didn't put it in everything, which limited usage :P
chi7891: I loved 3D Touch!
rocketjohn: i used 3d touch a lot
chi7891: I still love it
Umandsf: Aw, I like 3D Touch n
rocketjohn: well shi
Crad0k: aww, i like 3d touch
adi_pie: I do hope Apple moves onto the in-screen finger print reader tech at some point.
spaceguy672: Aw thats cute
TheMoatman: I get why they call it that but "dub dub" is a horrible nickname for this
ThingsOnMyStream: WWDC as dubdub should not be a thing
Alahmnat: I'd use it, but I've never had a device that supported it
PharaohBender27: That is a _big_ cake
Wodar9: God this is cute
VmKid: TBH I didn't care for it that much. It'd often cause me to start scrolling through text instead of swipe typing
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TXC2: wow looks like all the 3d touch users are in chat right now
Bistromaths: Wait, they're not taking away 3d touch are they? I love that feature
EJGRgunner: I don’t even know what 3D Touch is
Foxmar320: This guy is making us all look at pics of his kids :P
Jay_Blanc: It was a complicated technical feature that most users didn't understand. But I'm more annoyed by discontinuing the SE than 3D Touch.
wildpeaks: what's a dubdub ?
LegionLoyalist: Dab at a DubDub?
cuttlefishman: Wait, discontinuing SE?
djalternative: 3D touch is a great feature but wasn't promoted or intuitive enough
accountmadeforants: First we dabbed, then we dobbed, now we dubdub
wildpeaks: ohh
PharaohBender27: @Bistromaths Apparently they are
KharadBanar: dubdub = WWDC, the conference that's on right now
TXC2: "i go to dub dub ee every year"
Alahmnat: @Jay_Blanc yeah, I want a new SE too
TheMoatman: Rub a dub dub 4200 people in a tub
ThingsOnMyStream: dubdubdick
adi_pie: So, when do the Apple management people fight each other for the belt?
richard_ermen: Wow...dub dub sounds...bad.
Taichanie: How graham destresses from road quest. Makes gvlogs.
VmKid: I also wish that iOS used long-presses in a similar way to Android. It's pretty much a right-click there.
wildpeaks: I always call is "vee vee dee see"
haseo_sora: Not speak confused with weight watchers dubdub
Wodar9: Could Dub Dub be the official nickname?
TheWarbo: I like the focus on "world wide" as the defining part, not "developers conference"
LegionLoyalist: This year, the main event for the WWDC.... A STEEL CAGE MATCH
Abavus: So it shows "about this time year X"?
haseo_sora: *not to be
Jay_Blanc: It literally is the official nick name.
niccus: it feels like they're way into it, like you listen to their hearts and they just go all "dub dub, dub dub"
heyheyitssteve: I’m gonna miss 3D Touch, I’ve been using it all the time since moving to iOS. Aww.
Papperslappen: I just talked with a friend who works at apple and they confirmed that they call it dubdub
Jay_Blanc: The banner art for this year is 'Dub Dub'.
TXC2: "and now our main event, an Ipod on a pole match"
rocketjohn: oh ok, that's a reasonable replacement
TehAmelie: and then it's "wait, her 13th birthday hasn't happened yet" and the phone says "Your birthday parties were so predictable, Dave, I was able to composit pictures of your next one"
Wodar9: That sucks
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Alahmnat: long press spacebar is already in iOS 12
Abavus: Have you thought about ordering some smaller ears off amazon?
TheMoatman: I use 3d touch for the swipe up menu
azureHaights: Tired: WWDC / Wired: Dub Dub / Inspired: Whoah Why DevCon
VmKid: I know they do, it's just not as ubiquitous within the iOS design paradigm, especially on 3rd-party apps
LegionLoyalist: not inviting Siri to talk about herself... how rude
rocketjohn: carplay is relevant to me now!
TheWarbo: Long-press spacebar already does that, and I so much prefer 3D touch
ThingsOnMyStream: Airpods: Great for everyone except dumbo
Reecer6: also they're extremely representative of pointless status symbols that only hold power because they're expensive
Umandsf: Aw, poor GrHam
Baldrash: AirPods are so uncomfortable for me.
TheMoatman: Although that would barely change with long press
Foxmar320: Earpods but now with tape.
spaceguy672: Thats a big can
adi_pie: Airpods, like the Apple headphones before, are physically painful for me to use.
Abavus: Sizes of airpods would make sense?
orellien2773: Airpods, the accessories that murdered the 3.5mm port...
aesir_blade: AirActualFuckingHeadphones?
TheWarbo: kegOS
TheWooglie: iBrew
orellien2773: (well, that helped, anyway)
TXC2: IKegerator
Majickthise: Why-keg?
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun graham you should get some sugru, and customise them.
wildpeaks: sharing's nice
Jorge4hg: youkeg i keg
Wodar9: BIG AIR(pods)
RonnyConcrete: Also, earbuds/airpods are bad for your ears, because it inhibits your ear's ability to filter out damaging frequencies. Headphones are much safer.
VmKid: Get one of those silicone attachment bits, Graham.
KingXicor: They don't already?
Akaiatana: As someone who has a disability on one side, earbuds fall out of one of my ears and not the other
PharaohBender27: Yeah, that sucks. Do Apple headphone pods still have that hard edge around the depressed speakers? Because I hated that since the edge scratched at my ears something horrible
Pal_Friendpatine: That cool
TheMoatman: The annoying thing about 3d touch is that it always triggers when I want a long touch
Umandsf: Sweet
drilmagic: apparently the new Beats that use the same processor as the Airpods are a lot better at staying in your ears, but they're not exactly cheap (though, neither are Airpods)
adi_pie: I had honestly forgotten Homepod existed.
Wodar9: This is really cool software
djalternative: audio sharing is dope
TehAmelie: Apple would probably like to distance themselves from @SiriouslySusan a lot so people don't remember they got the voice for Siri without paying her
TheMoatman: I really like the beats x (and the refurbs from best buy are like 50% off)
Drasvin: I prefer over-ear headphone to earbuds. More comfortable in my opinion
TheMoatman: But they don't have all the fancy functionality of the airpods
thenb44: ios 13 is only for iphone x and above i assume?
Taichanie: On CarPlay Siri alters how it read my txts.
ThingsOnMyStream: I remember when Zune had a audio sharing thing. But they called it "Squirting" which kind of killed the feature
cuttlefishman: sounds hot
Foxmar320: Wow
TheMoatman: No fucking way
Alahmnat: yep
VmKid: @ThingsOnMyStream Kreygasm
PharaohBender27: :D
Baldrash: Oh yeah, I remember that.
adi_pie: Yep. They certainly did that.
tiltyhouse: CBC!
TheMoatman: Who would okay that
tyrew0rm: i prefer earbuds, as most over ear pinch into my glasses
Jorge4hg: yep
drilmagic: just squirt it into my zune, bro
TehAmelie: was it Jim Sterling who discovered "squirt" is the most immediately awful word?
cuttlefishman: Radio 2 > Radio 1
cuttlefishman: fight me
spaceguy672: That sounds like a name people spent a lot of time coming up with Kappa
TXC2: how the fuck did that get though PR
Wodar9: Bring back Squirting!~
VmKid: I actually really like CarPlay
rocketjohn: BBC > CBC
rocketjohn: :-D
spaceguy672: Okay thats pretty dope
Drasvin: All of the radio stations?
Baldrash: My next car will absolutely have CarPlay.
adi_pie: @TXC2 the same way calling online Office, BPOS.
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heyheyitssteve: @thenb44 It’ll probably go back to the 7 and 7 Plus, based on past form?
TheWarbo: So when you and Beej do this as mentioned earlier, y'all are still gonna call it Squirting, right?
KingXicor: Will it play Brave New Faves? kathle3HEX
Akaiatana: home-pod sounds like you're about to start an Oompa Loompa song
VmKid: Oh thank god, I really hated having to shuffle between apps on CarPlay
Alahmnat: "shift gears" I see what you did there
Drasvin: Smell-o-vision?
lord_wertornion: the zune link is reagion blocked. Lame
rocketjohn: ooooh.
EscherichiaCole: My car is nor from this millenium so...
VmKid: "Actually no wait don't use Waze"
adi_pie: I kind of hope for some Apple Music improvements, because I actually use that service.
ThingsOnMyStream: When can I have CarPlay, but on my phone!
TehAmelie: suddenly i want to see Wash_Dogs, the parody game
underhill33: My car still has a cassette player lol
rocketjohn: Nope.
tiltyhouse: Nope, there are a couple of sizes.
rocketjohn: It adjusts
Alahmnat: I hope this works on screens that aren't super-wide
Foxmar320: My car is on life support at this point so this is not for me
rocketjohn: this looks great
Alahmnat: 'cause mine's more square
Taichanie: Let me use more gps On CarPlay
Taichanie: Nope.
spaceguy672: I just like the UI
Fukes14: Different by manufacturers
HailtheRNG: does that say "order caviar"?
Feminine_Desires: !update
PharaohBender27: @EscherichiaCole Let me guess - it just has a cassette tape deck? Or is it late enough a model to also have CD capability?
Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:27.
VmKid: One thing I wish iOS would do is make the WiFi settings accessible by long-pressing the icon in the Command Center, like on Android.
Wodar9: Oh man! updated voice is cool
nullvoid8: is anything less powerful than ever?
VmKid: Would make it so much easier to connect to WiFi
spaceguy672: And thus Siri continues to become SkyNet
Tuples: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:54.
TheChargingBadger: Siri is very good at effectively copying what you said and putting it into a search box and that's about it.
EscherichiaCole: PharaohBender27 just a tape deck. Probably could have had a CD player
agentlemanfromengland: Whats up man I love you
Krokaar: I have more friends with tap decks then cd players =/
rocketjohn: well, touching is
Daedrin: my knees
Pal_Friendpatine: I still have to learn how to program shortcuts properly
djalternative: Shortcuts are great but I want to be able to get outputs from siri like her telling me about the weather
ThingsOnMyStream: Neural TiTs...wait, no!
Tuples: Oh, hello everypeoples.
TehAmelie: they did announce apps were going to be less megabytes than ever
FickleMuse: That's REALLY good
TXC2: hello Tuples welcome
wildpeaks: ok, that's quite tne improvement
Abavus: Drinking game for every time machine learning is mentioned?
Fenhl: oh, they're finally doing the thing!
spaceguy672: SKYNET
tiltyhouse: No more royalties!
PharaohBender27: @EscherichiaCole Ah, brings back memories of the '88 Volvo I drove as a teenager, back when I drove :D
Wodar9: @ThingsOnMyStream These machines have created the perfect TiTs!\
adi_pie: Soon, we will never be able to trust anyone calling us ever again.
tyrew0rm: Neural Networks that actually work, sound like witchcraft to me
Foxmar320: So Siri will soon take over. Got it
VmKid: @ThingsOnMyStream I am sad to say that there's another meaning for that exact "acronym" and it's even worse than you think
BlueChloroplast: @EscherichiaCole how many tapes are best of queen? :P
niccus: interesting choice of wikipedia article
rocketjohn: holy moly
TheChargingBadger: Pretty good.
tiltyhouse: Holy moly!
aesir_blade: yay thermodynamics
Pal_Friendpatine: Wow
rocketjohn: that's just the startrek computer
chi7891: Wow. New Siri voice is great!
Umandsf: Silence unknown caller? Yes
Wodar9: @tyrew0rm 100% I don't trust it until I see people try to break it
Elenodul: pretty good
Alahmnat: that was actually super impressive
Gen2Gengar: We're moving away from GladOS :_:
EscherichiaCole: BlueChloroplast not enough of them.
aesir_blade: still missed the cadence on enthalphy tho
Pal_Friendpatine: I still want her to remind me that I left my coffee on the top of my car
BlueChloroplast: :D
spaceguy672: So the iPad rumor is true I see
VmKid: iPad: Stop fucking bending them.
EscherichiaCole: Mine is also australian
CururuGuasu: Siri sounds like a people now
Crad0k: yeah, mine's an aussie too
tiltyhouse: I can't wait to make it say some filthy things.
djalternative: give me siri outputs in shortcuts already
drilmagic: "thermodynamics" and "enthalpy" still felt a little off for that accent, but that's *really* good all the same, dang
Alahmnat: my wife uses Aus Siri because it's the only one that understands her
Foxmar320: oh iPad. Another device I want to get one day
rocketjohn: wait, you can change the nationality of your iOS?
Pal_Friendpatine: I like British Siri
Wodar9: I am really happy that iOS sees all the nice things google is doing and bringing it over
toidol: I like Irish Siri
Pal_Friendpatine: @rocketjohn yeah. Male, Femle, British, US, and AUS
heyheyitssteve: I’m also using Aussie lady Siri, she’s great
Taichanie: Chevy wanted 800 dollars for gps for my pick up. CarPlay was included by default. Guess which way I went.
Daedrin: honestly as an android user, the whole privacy talk is turning me...
KingXicor: Has anyone made a triskaidekaphobia joke yet?
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Suhono: Ah, but will it blend?
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Pal_Friendpatine: And maybe more I don’t know about*^
EscherichiaCole: toidol oh I didn't even think of irish siri. I might try that
heyheyitssteve: I tried South African Siri lady, but... didn’t like her
Alahmnat: I just got a new mini and I loooooove it
TehAmelie: we have Swedish Siri. who's a whole other person i'm pretty sure
tiltyhouse: Apple: "Stop calling it a big iPhone"
Daedrin: iDust. Don't breathe it.
Foxmar320: oh a new OS
wildpeaks: uh oh, please tell me they didn't fork from iOS
Foxmar320: Interesting
VmKid: Is... is it really a good idea to fragment your OS like this?
rocketjohn: the ipad is now a mood board
adi_pie: Oh, neat, they're separating them finally.
Tuples: That's a tight icon grid?
Abavus: jamieDance
TXC2: wildpeaks pretty sure theres 4 new OSs
Drasvin: If you put an iPad into the sea, does it become iSea?
Papperslappen: Small keyboard is all I want
EJGRgunner: As someone watching this on mobile (and can’t see the main stream) I’m mostly enjoying the sneak preview of Graham reaction gifs I’m going to see later
Foxmar320: Yeah about time adi_pie
nullvoid8: so Ipad is getting Edge snap before their Laptops do?
Abavus: Fork
TehAmelie: so close to spelling GLaDOS
Dared00: Ah yes, Ipados
TXC2: lapdos ?
chi7891: WOW they’re reforking the OS?
Krokaar: thats tighter?
Butternades: I’m hyped for IPadOS. Especially because my university gave us all iPads to use
drilmagic: padOS seems like it'd make more sense with the other brands, but I have to admit that it doesn't quite sound right
BlueChloroplast: Let's go out for some Ipados-nemas
Pal_Friendpatine: Oooooo iPad stuff
spaceguy672: Multitasking within multitasking
Abavus: No widgets on phone?
EJGRgunner: This whole situation sounds like some forked shirt.
djalternative: sweet. a jailbreak feature finally made native
PharaohBender27: Watching the demo shows why I'll likely never get an iPad - I am absolutely no good at using touchscreens
Foxmar320: Fancy
Alahmnat: nice
I_Am_Clockwork: multi-app Drifting!
adi_pie: Honestly this probably won't be that big a fork, they'll still have the same underlying OS but with different modules running on top. How Windows 10 does it already.
Alahmnat: @I_Am_Clockwork I will now always call it that
Alahmnat: "but what if... two notes"
Abavus: Two notes? PogChamp
Daedrin: wow with a few more we can write a song
spaceguy672: Multi-Note drifting
TehAmelie: what i want is a screen that stretches and/or folds so you can have an ipad in your pocket. might even try to save up for that
Abavus: What about four notes?
Jay_Blanc: Why does Bill's mom let him have Two Notes?!
chi7891: This looks kinda like MacOS
itsr67: this is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!
Butternades: Oh boy i can write two papers at once
Elenodul: Please please please, let us keep the old os functionality. My dad, who is suffering from severe afasia relies on the ipad for communication and every time theres a small change it's days or weeks of learning how to use the new functions, when the old arre fased out
HailtheRNG: microsoft word sighting
Graved: But what if four iPad 4?
Wodar9: Wow Billy, why does Apple give you TWO notes?
Foxmar320: Hes a wizard
Public_Goat: Why are people applauding stuff that I would expect from any device?
tiltyhouse: Just slide on into your own DMs.
chi7891: @itsr67 lol
Pal_Friendpatine: This is gonna be nice
Dared00: All your seventy three Note spaces
Fenhl: wait, they're calling it Exposé again?
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Fenhl: I thought they renamed it to Mission Control
Taichanie: Little known fact. He also had 6 tones.
aesir_blade: At what point do you have to start doing naruto hand seals to get the full functionality of your touch screens?
TheChargingBadger: What's this guys name
Akaiatana: Most of the goat jokes the write, donair
itsr67: Craig, known illusion wizard
TehAmelie: @PharaohBender27 katesThank
Akaiatana: they*
VmKid: Tablets in general have always had kinda eh multitasking, hopefully this fork does it well.
TXC2: I keep hearing Goat yoga as Goat yogurt and just no
Pal_Friendpatine: As just a user of multitasking I’m stoked
Tuples: Did IOS already have support for split-screening apps?
Dared00: This multitasking is neat.
cheetoJack: woo! metadata!
adi_pie: Rich Corinthian Metadata
VmKid: @TXC2 I mean hey, goat milk
Abavus: He seemed a little worried the demo was going to fail :D
Gen2Gengar: Goat milk yogurt is a thing
TehAmelie: lrrAWESOME
djalternative: @TXC2 goat yogurt is totally a thing
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie No problem! I saw that there was no sub-badge by your username, and thought, "A regular viewer without a sub badge? This cannot stand"
Dared00: Ah yes, Colin View
wildpeaks: omg USB
spaceguy672: Oh
spaceguy672: Finally
Foxmar320: Nice
VmKid: USB PogChamp
HailtheRNG: oh. that's cool.
Fenhl: slowwwwwly
spaceguy672: Thats been the most requested feature I can think of since ever
ContingentCat: lrrWOW USB
TheChargingBadger: I appreciate Apple's sensible OS skews.
HailtheRNG: i get the sense they're moving away from macbooks
Abavus: Chat, spoilers! DansGame
stevestein: Now imagine if we could actually add more memory to an iPad.
Alahmnat: it's been interesting seeing Apple build a new security- and privacy-focused OS from the ground up
accountmadeforants: Basic functionality, what parallel universe is this?
Wodar9: Ya what USB plug does iPad have?
Foxmar320: More of that laser targeting going on
PharaohBender27: Wait, you couldn't do that ever before with an iPad (have never used an iPad myself)?
Fenhl: since when do iPads have USB?
Alahmnat: iPad Pro has a USB-C plug
Baldrash: @Wodar9 iPad Pro has a USB-C port.
adi_pie: They finally made that USB-C port useful.
VmKid: So they're changing the user agent
Fenhl: oh
Wodar9: @Baldrash awesome
TehAmelie: i'm trying to save up for seeing the solar eclipse in Iceland in 2026 but thankfully our excellent and generous community often keeps me in emotes lrrHEART
spaceguy672: The new iPad Pro is Type C
Alahmnat: the normal iPads still use Lightning
Evochron13: so i'm watching live along side here. one stream is certainly delayed. i think it's LRRs given reaction speed
TXC2: Foxmar320 at what point to they just turn to camera and say "and this one is just for you Graham" Kappa
Alahmnat: but I'd be willing to bed that there'll be an adapter
PharaohBender27: Seems like I'm a few seconds off
TheMoatman: Oooooohhhhhh FINALLY
spaceguy672: One of these days iPads will just run a weird version of MacOS
FLSmith: when do they start chanting and begin with the blood sacrifices to summon steve cuthulu?
TheMoatman: Desktop sites
aWabbajack: feliciaSave feliciaToronto
aesir_blade: webms in ipad safari please?
VmKid: Apple's just trying to kill MacOS
Fenhl: that's good to hear, I hope they'll phase out Lightning for iPhones as well
Papperslappen: also, the lightning port support the usb protocol pretty transparently
Wodar9: @Baldrash is that the charging port or do the also have the special apple port for it?
spaceguy672: Oh its Fonts time again
Wikt: is there a running summary of iOS changes? i guess this is slightly relevant to me now that i own an ipad
Baldrash: @Wodar9 It's both.
Gen2Gengar: Yeah, USB C on iphones as well please
wildpeaks: custom fonts might be laser targeted for Graham :D
Umandsf: All I need is to be able to download any video type to my iPad and I can replace my MacBook.
Foxmar320: TXC2 id start checking the Moonbase for cameras. They have to be listening... oh wait all the Idevices in the office! They are listening!
Gen2Gengar: Get rid of Lightning altogether
TehAmelie: dial 1-800-funt
Alahmnat: download manager <3
Pal_Friendpatine: So Apple is pushing the tablet=desktop level now
accountmadeforants: "You're not doing reactive websites right, so we're automatically wrangling your desktop websites to work."
Akaiatana: I'm really waiting for a USB Starboard on IPad
Fenhl: having to tell people “no sorry, you can't charge my phone on my battery, you don't have USB” sucks
AgentMagicMaster: FONTS????
Robot_Bones: Graham reacts a new youtube series from LRR
VmKid: Scrollbars! LUL
LegionLoyalist: Fonts, literally your language
Papperslappen: Fonts, fOnts, FoNts
djalternative: !findquote fonts
LRRbot: Quote #3028: "Comic Sans: the best font ever." —Graham [2016-07-23]
ReynardWrecca: Pa-py-rus! Pa-py-rus!
TheChargingBadger: mmmm fonts
tiltyhouse: Need arbitrary fond addition!
Abavus: No screenshot of windings? :(
MidgardSerpent: Graham "Talk more about fonts!" Stark
spaceguy672: PAPY-RUS
Alahmnat: grab scroll bar yes!
Jorge4hg: So many papyrus
Wodar9: ok, that is amazing copy paste
wildpeaks: ok, the copy/paste gesture is nice
TheWarbo: "No, talk more about fonts" is quite the Classic Graham quote
Drasvin: !findquote apple
LRRbot: Quote #5021: "Apples can bite my butt." —James [2018-06-06]
BlueChloroplast: seriifs, kerning, :P
Public_Goat: Wait you had to shake the iPad?
Wodar9: A++ Gestures
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] No, talk more about fonts!
LRRbot: New quote #6087: "No, talk more about fonts!" —Graham [2019-06-03]
stevestein: I'm gonna do so many accidental undos
MrSVCD: !findquote fonts
HailtheRNG: you can take my keyboard when you pry it from my cold dead hands.
Pal_Friendpatine: Cool cut and paste
orionsrise1: well I gotta jump Graham! enjoy the rest of the keynote!
PharaohBender27: "We now introduce the ultimate in font technology: Papyrus Sans" Kappa
TheChargingBadger: Good gestures
wildpeaks: can confirm, pencil is super handy
Pal_Friendpatine: #threefingerrevolution
Alahmnat: yeah shake to undo was... incredibly stupid
Foxmar320: woah 9ms
spaceguy672: Thats some low latency
VmKid: Damn.
djalternative: I'm not sure how the copy paste gestures will work with small amounts of text
TXC2: shake the iphone.....like an etch-a-sketch?
spaceguy672: Its approaching gaming monitor latency
TehAmelie: i think papyrus already is sans. but what if. . .Papyrus Serif?
RivanDarkStar: Has anyone else seen the news about the MTG Netflix series being made about planeswalkers!!
Alahmnat: the pencil is dope
wildpeaks: tbh they should include pencil with ipads
Wodar9: Anyone that does actual art on iPad, how much does latency affect you?
Akaiatana: In case you're writing a crapshot and you want to etch a sketch
Wikt: the pencil is 100% the reason i even own an ipad at all
Umandsf: I’m loving these os updates.
PharaohBender27: Ooh. In the unlikely event I ever get an iPad, and I am 100% getting a pencil to go with it
Pal_Friendpatine: I drew my art in part because of the ApplePencil
Wikt: i don't think the latency will be a huge difference at this point, but sure, not bad
TheChargingBadger: Introducing the Apple Pen. It's just like the pencil but permanent.
adi_pie: The pencil is the only reason I would want an iPad.
Wikt: it -already- feels like drawing on paper
Fenhl: that's less than a frame, nice
wildpeaks: yeah I never noticed any latency with the pencil, but nice to know they improved it even more
adi_pie: Though honestly, I still want an iPad Pro Mini. :P
Robot_Bones: Three. Hundred. Mega-Nytes. 300!
Wodar9: @adi_pie Agreed, I have not seen anyone nearly as good
Foxmar320: adi_pie same here
TXC2: Robot_Bones nice, I was thinking the same thing
Akaiatana: Chat: what is the minimum apple ecosystem you need to use the Apple Pencil?
TehAmelie: 2 ms is the time it takes for signals to travel from the eye to the brain so that's pretty close to the limit of lag
djalternative: that was a glitch
rocketjohn: switched feeds too early
Evochron13: ooh. neat 1 hand typing
LegionLoyalist: Canada Boat?
chi7891: Did their projector break?
TheChargingBadger: Canada!
Baldrash: @Akaiatana The base model iPad supports Pencil.
PharaohBender27: Oh hey, a Canada tent! Or is it a sail?
rocketjohn: CANADABOAT
Papperslappen: all aboard to canada!
cheetoJack: Canada is a sailor's delight!
Akaiatana: @Baldrash thanks
PharaohBender27: OK, yeah, definitely sail
EscherichiaCole: Boat du Canada
nullvoid8: "new layout" => "phone layout"
TheChargingBadger: Canada's full of sharks
CrazymattCaptain: good to see the presenter is having trouble with selecting the cursor
Wikt: is this all gonna be iOS 13?
Alahmnat: ah, the sort of return of the split keyboard
wildpeaks: ok, undo/redo with 3 fingers too, nice
djalternative: can you split the keyboard for two halves?
Alahmnat: not anymore
tiltyhouse: So selection is just different now, not easier.
underhill33: I have trouble remembering all these gestures
chi7891: I’d like this in iPhoneOS
Mangledpixel: boop
fexworldwide: Presenter having trouble showing off the new feature that makes things easier. Perfect.
Fenhl: yeah, that's been a recurring theme in these tech demos over the years
Mangledpixel: anything interesting so far?
TXC2: hello Mangledpixel welcome
Pal_Friendpatine: I remember someone trying to show off the Pencil and she was shaking. It worked kinda
spaceguy672: Technical issues on new features is par for the course industry wide
Alahmnat: lots of interesting things
PharaohBender27: It would probably take me a solid minute to do any of these text edits what with my stupid clumsy fingers
Papperslappen: A lot of pretty neat things this year
TXC2: Ipad's getting it's own OS
Crad0k: i've just realised it's a canadian boat
TehAmelie: *slaps roof of iphone* this bad boy can fit so many pixels
Baldrash: Rush references!
Mangledpixel: heh
MrSVCD: Win98 BlueScreen?
LegionLoyalist: "Don't you guys have phones"?
BlueChloroplast: what is this a-boat a boat? :P
Grevas13: oh, blizzard. lowering the bar for everyone
Alahmnat: there's almost certainly supercuts of Steve Jobs going "oops" during older demos
Public_Goat: Finger selection on text is just difficult to do. We have pretty fat fingers
NoNane09: mac time
TXC2: "would apple stock have gone down if steve job had dropped the first Ipod on stage?"
PharaohBender27 shows yellow card to @BlueChloroplast
spaceguy672: And of all stages, presenting new apple features is probably one of the most stressful things
Kaorti: Repeat after me class: I will not live-code my demo.
cuttlefishman: Who's Rush
EscherichiaCole: pandering to Rush fans
BlueChloroplast: @PharaohBender27 :D :D
BtEtta: Bill Gates still handled that bluescreen like a champ though.
HailtheRNG: hey, mac stuff.
wildpeaks: I hope we get a new mac mini
djalternative: mac stuff. the stuff I care about the most!
accountmadeforants: I'm just remembering that MBMBaM bit "Aw heck I dropped it"
adi_pie: "We love the Mac" (X) Doubt
LegionLoyalist: Who is Rush? A modern day warrior with a mean, mean stride
TXC2: aren't Rush Canadian?
spaceguy672: Thats some clearly well sourced information Kappa
orellien2773: "And now... oh yeah, we actually still make normal computers!"
Reecer6: rush is a boy band that nickelodeon formed in 2009 for a tv show
wildpeaks: uh oh
rocketjohn: hey chat, spoilers.
Robot_Bones: Rush is the Robot Dog from Mega Man
rocketjohn: :-P
Alahmnat: macmacmacmacmac
rocketjohn: i'm looking at you, adi_pie
Fenhl: gib MacBooks
snowewolf: @LoadingReadyRun Gram? are you (LRR) going to be streaming E3 this weekend?
Dared00: We present... Mac and Me 2
KharadBanar: I mean, you gotta love the Mac to still be using it
spaceguy672: Time for new stuff
I_Am_Clockwork: Mac and Me? Kappa
TehAmelie: big macs, little macs, we got max macs
Majickthise: Please no transhcan, please no trashcan...
spaceguy672: Will it be competent
TheChargingBadger: Unless it breaks.
BlueChloroplast: Rush is a drumkit with a band attatched
ostcrammath: I want another fruit coloured clamshell
ostcrammath: come on apple
Chartle: powerful mac-gics
Abavus: It would be nice to be able to afford any of these things ;_;
TXC2: "I wanna a new Mac, one that wont make me sick"
Foxmar320: I want another MacBook. I was not happy when mine died.
Mangledpixel: bezels... so many bezels....
Alahmnat: here comes the Pro
HailtheRNG: i was not a fan of the last macbook pro
MrSVCD: G4 cube done right?
EscherichiaCole: PRo?
aWabbajack: big mac
Abavus: Dragging this on is just mean :D
Taichanie gives graham kraft dinner.
Meark: So does it thermal throttle?
djalternative: the monster mac?
Foxmar320: lol
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 I think so. It's pretty astonishing how many entertainment figures are Canadian, given they have a fraction of the population of the U.S.
wildpeaks: mm sure, ok
PharaohBender27: Everybody, hide!
spaceguy672: Oh hey look a standard form factor at least
EscherichiaCole: The Big Mac
cuttlefishman: Tim
Morrigan9: a cheese grater?
adi_pie: The cheese grater is back
TXC2: PharaohBender27 indeed
Foxmar320: oh thats really nice
fiftymcnasty: They made a cheese grater?
stevestein: Introducing the Mac Cheese Grater
spaceguy672: But yes it looks really silly
wildpeaks: it's definitely a cheese grater
Jorge4hg: it's a box
GrandLlamaQ: That looks...oddly industrial.
LegionLoyalist: It's a razor
TehAmelie: a cheese grater?
HailtheRNG: totally cheese grater
Alahmnat: is the cheese grater back?
StephenJM81: why is LRR so far behind?
cuttlefishman: Apple Car?
Abavus: Art
I_Am_Clockwork: a cheese Greater!
TheChargingBadger: Is it the garbage can again
orellien2773: I mean, compared to the old iMacs, that's pretty conventinoal looking >_>
TXC2: StephenJM81 stream lag
Dared00: Art
LegionLoyalist: Synergy?
spaceguy672: "A truly gorgeous design"
spaceguy672: Erm...
Alahmnat: we really need an Art emote, hehe
Dared00: Wooooooah.
JPattemore: It's definitely a cheese grater, but I have to say I like it.
Elenodul: cheese grater
EscherichiaCole: THE CHEESE GRATER
accountmadeforants: The grille is back, heeeey
cuttlefishman: Apple Cheese Grater
Jorge4hg: it's for make cheese at 4k
LegionLoyalist: it's a box
PharaohBender27: Presenting . . . THE OILSLICK
Foxmar320: It really does :P
Abavus: The most cheese grater
MrSVCD: @StephenJM81 apple -> LRR -> You
tiltyhouse: SLOTS!
Alahmnat: wow they just really leaned into the cheese grater aesthetic
Wikt: wow, the profile looks completely and entirely like a cheesegrater
Majickthise: Can it upgrade?!
TehAmelie: it's like a smart phone. . .for your desk top
spaceguy672: I mean at least its not a trash can
sivakrytos: time to buy another computer for rq editing?
Dared00: I love this wallpaper.
accountmadeforants: Somehow it just looks worse than the old one
cheetoJack: I honestly thought it was a monitor next to a cheese grater in that first picture
fexworldwide: Wait. an actual Mac Pro? Have they soldered the RAM into this monstrosity?
Public_Goat: It looks easy to carry
crystal_shooter: Please let this be upgradeable
Abavus: That looks _heavy_
theneatestburrito: I'd say lean into the cheese grater, but... ouch?
Reecer6: truly gorgeous. world's greatest cheese grater
orbitaltuna: a new cheese grater?
niccus: is this bad for people with trypophobia
tiltyhouse: New Display too?
PharaohBender27: Now I'm just imagining some ignoramus actually trying to use it as a cheese grater :D
Umandsf: It’s a beast!
Abavus: Also that monitor holy moly
TXC2: "finnaly the cheese has come back to apple"
ThingsOnMyStream: customization is good
Alahmnat: like, I can't even express how entertained I am at this industrial design
accountmadeforants: It is simultaneously a cheese grater and a toaster now, yes
Foxmar320: It slices, it dices it edits video!
Kaorti: Handles matter
TehAmelie: yeah it looks like it's 25 kgs of solid steel. hopefully just a design choice
Daedrin: Grater than ever.
UlranQentba: Siracusa is going to be happy.
Taichanie: And lrrs credit cards are now maxed out.
Majickthise: Thank GOD!
adi_pie: Making the inside easily accessible makes me so happy, and I don't even want a Mac.
HailtheRNG: so, G, how many are you buying the office?
Foxmar320: Wow
Chartle: modularity from mac?
Chartle: damn
senshi5609: day one i’m guessing G?
therisingtithes_: what is that music prod app in the centre?
I_Am_Clockwork: I'd have gone with some rubber grippy things on the handls, but you do you Apple
TheChargingBadger: Swing it around like a wepaon
Krokaar: no wires?
TheChargingBadger: That's how oyu know it's a good case
spaceguy672: Can't wait to see the price tag XD
Foxmar320: 12 slots?!
rocketjohn: that's a screen, not a processor silly apple
TehAmelie: what's the definition of a supercomputer again
OakPi: tfw watching stream on chromebook and keynote on blackberry
wildpeaks: I dare not imagine the price
Foxmar320: I have a feeling it won't be cheap :P
Daedrin: that's hard core(s)
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Majickthise: It's a server rack in a box!
aesir_blade: but can it run Crysis?
crystal_shooter: wowow
Dared00: Why can't I hold all these cores
Kaorti: Slaps roof of mac, etc.
adi_pie: Core gamers love 28-core Processors.
spaceguy672: PCI expansion is the most important thing a pro mac needs
HailtheRNG: watch this can boot into steam os or something stupid like that.
Foxmar320: EIGHT
Fenhl: does that include hyperthreading?
TXC2: wondercore!
LegionLoyalist: Watt!
Robot_Bones: But can it run windows?
tiltyhouse: No more thermal corner.
Alahmnat: HOLY MOLY
Crad0k: this... isn't a computer, it's a server
Chartle: hahahaha what
crystal_shooter: EIGHT slots
Krokaar: wut
djalternative: holy crap
tyrew0rm: this might be able to run crysis
Lord_Hosk: How many slots do you need?
Pal_Friendpatine: But can it run Crysis?
PharaohBender27: "Oh, I'm getting everyone at the Moonbase one of - $8000!? Well, maybe I can lease one part-time . . ."
TehAmelie: how many rams did they say?
Taichanie: 56 threads.
Public_Goat: Well it's going to be powerful
ThingsOnMyStream: slotsandslotssnadslots
OakPi: graffics
accountmadeforants: Dang, this thing looks like an HP Z workstation
crystal_shooter: Quadro please
Majickthise: They listened...
tiltyhouse: GOOD
Alahmnat: I feel like someone at Apple went "y'all want slots? fine, have EVERY slot."
Foxmar320: We heard you wanted more power so we gave you MOAR POWER!
TheChargingBadger: PCI-e what though
fexworldwide: "We realised that we'd been fucking up for the 10 years and made a box you plug things into."
spaceguy672: Wait did Apple make a GPU?
TXC2: TheChargingBadger 16 probably
tiltyhouse: Oh yeah, "just" an IO card.
Krokaar: an audio jack you say....now im interested
tyrew0rm: at least they kept the audio jack
BlueChloroplast: gigabitty?
beowuuf: oh well, beej being employed was good while it lasted, but daddy need a new macpro?
Crad0k: something something audio jack iphone something
MrSVCD: This mac pro can compete with PC workstations.
Alahmnat: or playing Guild Wars 2
TheMoatman: Still no nvidia
Lord_Hosk: thats so many flops
OakPi: flops?
TXC2: "i dont need to composit 8k scenes......yet"
TheChargingBadger: @TXC2 Nah like generation. 3 or the upcoming 4.
Jorge4hg: the flops
tyrew0rm: @Alahmnat still wont get 60fps in lions arch
sblue333: "Teraflops"? Now you're just making stuff up
Taichanie: Is a pc workstation with a Mac badge.
TheMoatman: FLoating point Operations Per Second
Foxmar320: Just double the everything
crystal_shooter: Wow they got a special Vega 2 PCB
Alahmnat: @tyrew0rm lol
spaceguy672: The AMD double core system is alive once again
wildpeaks: I guess they double-down on AMD
Pal_Friendpatine: That’s a lot of bandwidth
Alahmnat: base price easily like $7K
TheMoatman: Because float operations are much slower than int operations, and used much more often in heavy processing situations
BlueChloroplast: Flops heheheh
spaceguy672: Okay who TF needs that much Apple you madlads
Robot_Bones: but how many pokemon can it hold?
Lord_Hosk: its a double double
TXC2 remembers when supercomputers were in the Tereflops range :P
Foxmar320: Price $9999.99 crit damage
Jorge4hg: 6k minimun
fexworldwide: I'm worried this is gonna cost $8K at base.
TehAmelie: i want one of those for drawing. or just to see if connecting my 50 dollar wacom tablet will just make it throw up
Chartle: that is nuts
Kaorti: The Duble!
Theteddybear676: so is everything free this time round lol
Chartle: also that is going to be so expensive
OakPi: Base price, 19,999
Krokaar: Minecraft will run so well on that!
Majickthise: No, it is two of the world's most powerful graphics cards. But I'll take it...
crystal_shooter: Ugh I wish there were AMD drivers for my workflows now
wildpeaks: oh definitely, I'll never be able to afford this kind of hardware
Pal_Friendpatine: Can I install Windows on this and play games?
Foxmar320: Video Editing you say
Public_Goat: This seems excessive, but I assume some company will need this?
chi7891: QuadGPU?!?!?
rocketjohn: Pal_Friendpatine that strikes me as a waste
kais58: they pit an ASIC in it O_o
rocketjohn: but probably
djalternative: Rendering you say?
spaceguy672: Ah yes look at my quad GPU system with only two cards
Foxmar320: lol
DiscordianTokkan: Video editing you say! 6 BILLION pixels per second you say!
TXC2: big if
wildpeaks: I guess VC-backed startups will love them
Umandsf: Jesus Christ!
GrandLlamaQ: *Adam's Vince McMahon voice* It's so BIG...
Alahmnat: this is definitely Apple going "fine, here."
Mangledpixel: hmm, Graham seems to lagging behind by over 30 seconds
Reecer6: I'm only here to make fun of Apple and I'm angry I have so little to make fun of.
crystal_shooter: thats just dumb
Foxmar320: Laser targetting Graham again here
DiscordianTokkan: LRR Expense you saaaaay
spaceguy672: Yeah G is a bit behind us @Mangledpixel
Lord_Hosk: Why would you need 3 streams of 8k?
TheChargingBadger: Not to be confused with MSI Afterburner
TehAmelie: i was joking about "so many pixels" before i didn't expect it to be a thing
kais58: "business expense"
Pal_Friendpatine: @rocketjohn but what if I want a supercomputer to play my games on? And stream? And Multitask? And... and...
cuttlefishman: whoa mother
GrandLlamaQ: KILOWATT?
Jorge4hg: because 3 is better than 1 stream
wildpeaks: that's a lot of watts
spaceguy672: 1400 watts PSU
Jay_Blanc: @Lord_Hosk Live Sports Editor desk.
Baldrash: JESUS. That PSU!
spaceguy672: Okay sure
Foxmar320: Someone might want to go take Graham wallet from him just to be safe3
ThingsOnMyStream: spiffy diffy!
DiscordianTokkan: 1.4kW power?!
Public_Goat: This is going to cost sooo much to run
Chartle: this whole system is going to be at least 10k lol
Stoffern: We've reached sheepshit?
wildpeaks: confess it Apple, i,s it actually a time machine
KharadBanar: @Lord_Hosk If you're into live video editing I guess
BlueChloroplast: KS to get one for Graham
Dared00: THREE
TheChargingBadger: WOW
crystal_shooter: This colling system needs to be legit. It's got to just be all heatpipes
Jorge4hg: holy
fexworldwide: 1.4kW!?!?
cuttlefishman: 3*8k...
Crad0k: graham is having A Moment
PharaohBender27: @Mangledpixel He and Beej addressed that at the start - they asked people to pause about 15 seconds, and then it would be more or less in sync
cuttlefishman: 24k?
votojak: oh hey it doesn't look like a trash can this time
rocketjohn: holy fuck
Alahmnat: G do you need a bag to breathe into? ;)
OakPi: cHEESE grater
Daedrin: finally. i can watch so much porn
Krokaar: so that crapshot of cam watching every stream ever, isnt far off?
TheMoatman: fuck
TXC2: 3 streams? great for Desert bus Kappa
LegionLoyalist: That's like... 50Ks!
cuttlefishman: So... new kickstarter for one of these?
Foxmar320: O_O
TheMoatman: 1.4 kW PSU
TehAmelie: that's just going to trip my breakers if i turn it on
Dared00: 1.4 KILOWATT
adi_pie: Right, you fuckers. You wanted performance.
Foxmar320: Wheels?!
JPattemore: 1.41 Killowatts?
adi_pie: WHEELS!
wildpeaks: oh good, so it can run away
OakPi: optional wheels!?
chi7891: LRR Kickstarter for new Mac Pro?
Kaorti: That's a lot of air.
TheMoatman: WHEELS
adi_pie: It has wheels!
Foxmar320: Its got WHEELS?!
Grevas13: clap for wheels!
DiscordianTokkan: Wheels!
Majickthise: Average usage 1.21 KWatts.
Alahmnat: missed the 1.21 Killowatt joke
Jorge4hg: tiny wheels
HailtheRNG: does this cost more than a car?
Stoffern: Just put a jet engine in there...
LegionLoyalist: That's a lot of blowing
MrSVCD: FPGA are the shit and they are software updateable hardware.
Majickthise: @Alahmnat jinx.
OakPi: Cheese grater on wheels. Now I want to drive this in Mario Kart 9
Bistromaths: Graham, get this computer for your workload. You'll be able to finish editing RoadQuest in 3 days!
MrSVCD: essentialy
TXC2: "it's got wheels, it's a car mother fuckers!"
ThingsOnMyStream: new mac pro:can it drift?
I_Am_Clockwork: your mac can do a wheelly
PharaohBender27: :O!
tenthtechpriest: crap we're out of unneeded extravagance to staple onto it. WAIT I GOT IT: THE WHEELS OFF MY OFFICE CHAIR
fexworldwide: I really hope the wheels can be motorised.
innovativemethods: 1.4 KW is a reasonable number for that, that's what my workstation uses.
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TheChargingBadger: Vroom vroom
PharaohBender27: * :O !
mercano82: 1.4 kW at 120V=11.667 Amps. This thing will blow a 10A circuit breaker all on it's own.
Ansaksie: Yeah, that's not the only extremely rigid structure, methinks
spaceguy672: It has wheels and costs more than most cards
innovativemethods: Y'all wanted pro, y'all got pro
KharadBanar: @TXC2 I mean it probably costs more than some cars
Dared00: Beep beep motherfuckers
Papperslappen: Wheeeeeels!
Majickthise: Beep beep!
BlueChloroplast: :D
spaceguy672: *cars
DiscordianTokkan: NATIVE 8K? The mad lads
TXC2: KharadBanar right?
Daedrin: I can't wait to see someone motorize one.
Akaiatana: Is your computter running?
red_shoes_jeff: Why's it need wheels? How HEAVY is it?
TheWarbo: "You want power? Fine, wheel give you power."
Daedrin: Zoom zoom
TehAmelie: can it use the computing power to power a tiny car engine?
adi_pie: @ThingsOnMyStream set the coolers to full blast, see if it launches from under the desk.
Grevas13: i guarantee this costs more than my car. but, i drive a 2001 lancer, so....
innovativemethods: They have an ACTUAL MAC WORKSTATION
OakPi: Can I just, take out the insides, and make it a minature go kart?
TheMoatman: HDX?
HavenJunde: how expensive, i need to convince myself i don't need this
Majickthise: Man, this has to have a stunning price tag...
cuttlefishman: Now... when does it come out?
rocketjohn: I love how apple critics bitch when apple "underspecs" something, and they calls stuff "unneccessarily extravagant" when it's a new best.
tenthtechpriest: ok but how many cars is it worth?
crystal_shooter: Which Quadro cards is the comparison for??
HailtheRNG: these stats are freaking sexy.
TXC2: "and how much would expect to pay for this? $20,000? $30,000? how about $40,000!
TheMoatman: HavenJunde no less than 5 grand I'd say
punchcard: For..... one million dollars!!!
wildpeaks: otoy ftw
cuttlefishman: Avid: "No"
Majickthise: How much lottery will I have to win?
innovativemethods: @TXC2 HPE sells something equivilant for $12k.
Lord_Hosk: One person liked otoy
innovativemethods: So. Yes.
Taichanie: Point to the sign!
MrSVCD: @crystal_shooter the ones that fit...
Foxmar320: Can we just get Graham one already?
HavenJunde: @TheMoatman oh good i can't afford it probably
tenthtechpriest: look at all these companies we threw money at!
spaceguy672: I just want to see this thing break Cinebench in half
TehAmelie: i like that Unity is at the front of thos elogos
Crashzxs: I want to see linus get his hands on one of these
TXC2: innovativemethods I pulled those numbers out of my ass for the joke :P
innovativemethods: "It was shot in Kenya! Obviously that makes the computer more powerful!"
Alahmnat: new Patreon tier: buy a single Mac Pro
HbombAndFriends: Graham is impressed.
innovativemethods: Sound! They've mastered sound!
Pal_Friendpatine: @alahmnat riffLUL
fexworldwide: Now we know why it's so dark in there. The Mac on stage is using all of the power.
UnseenAcademical: To Shreds, you say
Dared00: Final Cut now works in 84K
tenthtechpriest: HI MAT
TXC2: Hello Matt
Abavus: The cut of finality?
Alahmnat: hi Matt!
LegionLoyalist: The Finalist Cut
Foxmar320: oh good lord
TheWarbo: lrrMATT
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @ lrrMATT !
DiscordianTokkan: Hi Matt!
Bistromaths: I wonder if I should get this to run Minecraft
MrSVCD: Hi Mat
tiltyhouse: Those displays look DOPE too.
HesGotNoPants: benginHi
Foxmar320: It keeps growing
DiscordianTokkan: Holy Moly, the wall of music.
Evochron13: how many tracks are they up to?
TXC2: is basically a supercoputer
cuttlefishman: Hahaha beej
Alahmnat: unfeasibly powerful
tendrilsoftragedy: hey guys benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART
Alahmnat: indefensibly powerful
Jorge4hg: it's going to fly
Foxmar320: WOW
Robot_Bones: Does it Vape?
wildpeaks: that's a lot of tracks o.O
spaceguy672: Jesus christ
spaceguy672: Okay
Evochron13: what the ever living fuck
Foxmar320: 1000 tracks?!
DiscordianTokkan: 1000 audio tracks. Because they can
BlueChloroplast: lrrGRAHAM lrrGOAT
TheChargingBadger: wow
OakPi: Imagine all of the sh*tposts
Chartle: that's a lot of fucking instruments
fexworldwide: That screen is really really ugly.
Public_Goat: Who needs this?
TXC2: the fuck you need 1000 audio tracks for
OakPi: ^
tenthtechpriest: we're hip young kids with the goat yoga!
fiftymcnasty: 1000 tracks? thats like 250 beatles
Drasvin: lrrMATT nakateYo
Chartle: holy fuck
underhill33: jesus
innovativemethods: @Public_Goat Professionals. This is what we've been asking for.
cuttlefishman: 1000 audio tracks
djalternative: holy fuck
Evochron13: that's too many tracks
Abavus: That's too many?
Alahmnat: what do you even PUT in 1000 tracks?
RonnyConcrete: 1000 audio tracks is still less than what's needed for one Wintersun song lrrBEEJ
Bistromaths: <message deleted>1,000 tracks. Okay, I can finally do my mixing for the new Star Wars films
Foxmar320: I can tell when G got to the 1000 tracks part just by his eyes going wide.
Wikt: @RonnyConcrete lmao
Pal_Friendpatine: !!!!! Is all I can say
Reecer6: and every channel is one square wave
niccus: and now, the new cicierega album
wildpeaks: gonna need a huge hard disk to match
accountmadeforants: We're approaching white noise, yeah!
aesir_blade: This reminds me of those "impossible song" beatmaps you see on youtube
Fenhl: oh okay, that answers my question
Chartle: but what if cubase
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 To make the ultimate cacophony that can bring down the beast!
Butternades: @txc2 when you have separate channels for every piece of Reich’s symphony of a thousand
Wikt: why do black MIDI when you can just do black... actual music with 1k tracks
Evochron13: PARDON?!
innovativemethods: holy fuck
ThingsOnMyStream: "reframe for 4k projects"
tux789: 1000 tracks is legit if you're a music professional
RonnyConcrete: @Wikt No joke, "Sons of Winter and Stars" is like... 1400 tracks
Foxmar320: Dear God
Jorge4hg: pardon???
Wikt: @RonnyConcrete holy shit i love that song and i had no idea lmao
Pal_Friendpatine: Lion King flashes
tenthtechpriest: and this is to render EVEN FURTHER BEYOND
orellien2773: Apple: "Why don't we just make a computer that can just fucking do magic?"
DiscordianTokkan: 24K, essentially
tyrew0rm: Road Quest 2 shot at 8k
spaceguy672: Humanity does not need this much OOMPH
Butternades: This thing is stupid powerful
Wikt: we're proud to announce Mac Pro, the first machine where you can do Black MIDI but with actual instruments instead
TheChargingBadger: Wowowowow
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cuttlefishman: G
Foxmar320: G needs a moment
cuttlefishman: breathe
underhill33: G, are u ok
Wodar9: Most POWERFUL Cheese Grater!
Pal_Friendpatine: No Lens Flare please kaypikeHEART
Wodar9: EVER
Grevas13: graham died.
Lord_Hosk: So kickstarter launches when Graham?
Drasvin: If they can render 8k, can they do 4k VR?
Grevas13: quick matt, reboot him
wildpeaks: graham.exe has encountered an error
HailtheRNG: okay, what's the price point.
tenthtechpriest: G thinking back to all that time spent on roadquest
OakPi: I wanna make it a cheese grater.
Evochron13: and now the real question... how much is it
I_Am_Clockwork: One Cheese Greater to rule them allll!
Wodar9: Time for the price to make Graham sad
cuttlefishman: 100 million pixels
AntiCrepuscular: screen time!
GrandLlamaQ: "Is Graham watching?" "Yeah." "Alright, break out the good stuff."
PharaohBender27: Graham is "exploding head emoji" right now
BlueChloroplast: let us make the 8k look worse with shinny flare!
I_Am_Clockwork: Forged by the Lord Sauron in the Fires of Mount Apple
Mangledpixel: am Graham ok
Foxmar320: Yeah when is the Kickstarter G?
Dared00: That's too many Ks
niccus: is the screen going to be 8K HDR?
Alahmnat: but how well can it shred cheddar?
Fenhl: yeah, math checks out
wildpeaks: the price will make us all sad
Butternades: This could be yours for just $10,000
Fenhl: 12× 4K = 3× 8K
innovativemethods: @Butternades No way this is only $10k.
Fenhl: same number of pixels
cuttlefishman: Is this a new Kickstarter G?
mtvcdm: Why would you WANT to run 12 streams at once?
Wodar9: @LoadingReadyRun With Afterburner* which will be a million dollars
Texan_Reverend: 4k _RAW_ no less!
Butternades: @innovativemethods that was for the cheapest ion
TXC2: so one of these could run Desert bus right?
Akaiatana: An entire set of streams for the Lan party!
cuttlefishman: If we get you one, will you shoot Roadquest 2 in 8k?
Stoffern: Time to push that patreon
Evochron13: mtvcdm how many streams can you mod at once lrrBEEJ
Kaorti: Ozymandias Intensifies.
spaceguy672: WhAt Is HdR gUyS
Jorge4hg: in 10 year you can buy afford one
HailtheRNG: i will kickstart this, but i better get a full unboxing video
TheMoatman: This might actually be what Apple needs if they can get big companies bought in
Pal_Friendpatine: Inb4 The new Map Pro is the price of a small car
Bistromaths: <message deleted>I think you'll have to create a second Patreon just to afford it
tiltyhouse: Wait, where's Phil?
Emergent_OS: So, looking forward to 8K Road Quest Season 2?
Butternades: @innovativemethods nah I was kidding
Taichanie: 6 years.
Alahmnat: High Definition Beej
tenthtechpriest: hi def beej jokes
Grevas13: hi def BEEJ
PharaohBender27: :D
ThingsOnMyStream: 8k vlogs!
Abavus: Also shaking cameras?
crystal_shooter: Once you get one, I expect all produced LRR content in at least 4K
tyrew0rm: shoot the B-roll in 8k
Robot_Bones: Gib 8K Beej
Foxmar320: lol 8K Gvlogs
Majickthise: That sounds hilarious!
sblue333: Graham is like GivePLZ GivePLZ
Alahmnat: lol, I love that we ALL went straight to Beej
TheMoatman: I think the *camera* for that might cost more than this new Pro by a factor of 10
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, I'd love 8k BC nature shots
samwonk: And a lot more hard drives.
Butternades: Ridonculous prices
Crashzxs: you would need a few RED cameras Kappa
TheChargingBadger: Gonna have to get a Red Camera, Graham.
aquinas_0: So trying to recover the video editing market
accountmadeforants: Use the 8K to crop in on the tired faces in 4K.
TehAmelie: fun point of comparison: my whole 2 room apartment uses about 11 kilowatts per day. running that computer for 8 hours would double it
innovativemethods: well, the design is stunning in some ways. cheese grater.
Akaiatana: Graham: if you enter a hotel room twice in 8k, is that 16k?
Jay_Blanc: The extreme high end stuff is entirely aimed at someone wanting to broadcast the next Superbowl in 4k. (Also the wheels.)
cuttlefishman: 8k renditions of cheap-ass cars
AntiCrepuscular: eek, that case back
ThingsOnMyStream: GoPro RED
Wodar9: "The design is grating!"
Majickthise: Returning that all in real time is just stupid amazing.
Mangledpixel: most movie theatres show 3K or 1080p (around 2K) video
Pal_Friendpatine: I film in 4K to put out quality 1080p
AntiCrepuscular: nice panel, shame about the case
Taichanie: High def bug splats.
spaceguy672: We're still years away from 4k computer monitors being cheap enough for most
TheMerricat: I don't even have a 4k monitor, mjuch less TV
Butternades: This is my favorite cheese grater
tenthtechpriest: that seems like an unnecessary amount of pixels
TXC2: hi UK man here, my Internet barely handles 720p :P
Foxmar320: Clearly if LRR is getting that Mac Pro they need this display to go with it
TheMoatman: 6K display?
TheMoatman: Fuck
fexworldwide: oh god. the screen just has usb-c on the back?
innovativemethods: 10-bit reference!? Jesus.
Lord_Hosk: its so... BIG... and Pixalated
MrSVCD: @LoadingReadyRun HDR or 4K? pick one.
JPattemore: So, uh how can I get one of these for photo editing.
OakPi: so thats twice they've said expertly....
Dared00: 6016x3384. God.
ThingsOnMyStream: IMAX experience theaters are only 2K
innovativemethods: @orellien2773 This is a REFERENCE MONITOR at 6K calibrated! This is serious money hardware.
TheChargingBadger: Weird flex but okay
EscherichiaCole: I will 100% get my finger stuck in the back
aquinas_0: only took them... half a decade
Pal_Friendpatine: It’s just big, big, big, SOO Big BIG
Wodar9: I LOVE that Apple knows who wants these high end macs
innovativemethods: in MATTE?!
Papperslappen: Too many Ks
Pal_Friendpatine: !findquote big
LRRbot: Quote #5975: "Don't Die, there's the big brain play there." —James [2019-04-09]
innovativemethods: @Wodar9 Took them ten years but sure
aquinas_0: (pardon my cynicism)
TXC2: it's Big big big I mean big big
AntiCrepuscular: nanomachines?!
ThingsOnMyStream: Matt coating!
Butternades: Could this one machine handle the needs of LRR all at the same time?
OakPi: I don't understand what all of this meeeans
TheMoatman: Out past like 30 feet it gets a lot harder to tell
Bistromaths: <message deleted>ew matt, get off my screens
AntiCrepuscular: Not a coating TOMS!
beorik: gonna need to upgrade my eyeballs
fexworldwide: now will they fix MacBook Pros?
AntiCrepuscular: etchin's
aesir_blade: what's the refresh rate tho?
Foxmar320: woah
Fenhl: oh boy, remember when they did glossy displays?
DiscordianTokkan: What. WHAT. This display!
Stoffern: nanotech?
Wodar9: Jesus...this feels really unneeded
TheMerricat: There _really_ is a limit to how much the human eye can observe.
Alahmnat: this is REALLY just Apple going "fine."
cuttlefishman: what does nano-texture surface even mean
crystal_shooter: So THIS is what the Apple engineers ahve been up to
ThingsOnMyStream: cheesegrater display!
Abavus: She's great at marketing
Butternades: Cheese grater ftw!
spaceguy672: TFW your monitor is more heat sink than monitor
Jorge4hg: nano texture mmmm
innovativemethods: "We used the heat sink... AS A HEAT SINK"
DiscordianTokkan: Ooooh, the cheese grater IS for a heatsink
Foxmar320: O_O
wildpeaks: indefinitely, wow
OakPi: nits?
Lord_Hosk: so many nits
HailtheRNG: you're gonna thaw meat off this heatsink
spaceguy672: Also Apple using a heat sink Kappa
TheMoatman: Most microelectronics have to be made in a perfectly clean room anyway
fexworldwide: how much powerful is this unit going to draw???
Butternades: All of the power
AntiCrepuscular: fine as long as you *never cast your eyes upon the rear dustcatcher* :D
Akaiatana: @fexworldwide 1.4 kw
Alahmnat: gonna have to plug the monitor and the computer into separate circuits
mercano82: Heat sinks in the monitor, 1400 PSUs in the system, man, Apple really doesn't care about your electric bill.
innovativemethods: @fexworldwide 1.4KW
Pal_Friendpatine: Buy one of these and heat your home
niccus: hot monitor...
Foxmar320: Wow
TheMoatman: fexworldwide probably less than the 1.4kW the mac pro it's attached to pulls
TheChargingBadger: nice
TehAmelie: Clean Room, my favorite Gail Simone comic
Jorge4hg: all the electric power
Wodar9: This is literally hot
TheMerricat: @fexworldwide if you have to ask the device is already too expensive fo you . :-P
cuttlefishman: Nice Nits
DiscordianTokkan: One MEEEELLION Contrast Dollars!
Stoffern: Does...does the monitor heat our house?
beorik: a billion!
wildpeaks: how many nuclear power plants does this require per computer
spaceguy672: Pffft
Bistromaths: I wish I knew what a nit was
niccus: absolutely want to see it in person but also wow warm
beorik: a trillion!!!!!!!
spaceguy672: Apple pls
BlueChloroplast: welp no need to heat the editing room
HbombAndFriends: Between the computer and display, you're going to take out the equivalent of a mortgage.
Reecer6: lumens, candles
Butternades: EXTREME
innovativemethods: "We made up a new word!"
Baldrash: It's not pulling 1.4 kW unless it needs to.
accountmadeforants: Lumen and Candles are also used
Mangledpixel: nits are candelas per square metre
tenthtechpriest: so can we just turn the monitor over and use it as a grill?
Bistromaths: lumens, lux
Wodar9: hahaha this naming convention
TXC2: candles of luminescence
Grevas13: oh, new words.
punchcard: I don’t know what a nit is, but hat sounds like a lot!
fexworldwide: @innovativemethods plus how much for the screen?
r_craddz: Nits? we had to see a nurse at school about them
Reecer6: yeah how many grands is this
PharaohBender27: @mercano82 Ooh, that's a good point - how horrible an energy hog is this going to be? :/
Evochron13: no one will be able to AFFORD this -_-
wildpeaks: not to be confused with EXR :D
Taichanie: Lumins?
TheMerricat: a bug in someone's heir matt? :-P
TehAmelie: hey, we'll see the results of this in the fidelity of Magic art
ThingsOnMyStream: XxXDynamic rangeXxX
beorik: and if your screen is good enough, your rods and cones are not
TheMoatman: Nits and lumens measure different things
innovativemethods: This is not for individuals.
crystal_shooter: SIX displays!!
TheMoatman: As do candelas
Foxmar320: SIX displays?!
Butternades: Why would you need 6 displays?!?!
AntiCrepuscular: Evochron13 it's going to be less than 43k! ;)
Kaorti: "Extreme" is kinda like "Modern." Don't just jump to using it.
tenthtechpriest: you wouldn't?
Dared00: EXTREME
Meark: six displays from a Mac Pro? This is all about media serving.
TheMoatman: But they're all related to light and brightness
spaceguy672: Ultra Ultra Wide Screen
Chartle: of course llo
Koios7: jesus 6 displays
cuttlefishman: XDR
Grevas13: woo, pixels!
Evochron13: do you NEED that many pixels?!
Majickthise: With an X?
Lord_Hosk: Up next... the Apple Breaker Box extension that you will need to install and have a electrician run a custom outlet to your workstation.
Wodar9: Six displays for $6,000,000!
Public_Goat: @Butternades for all your 8k videos
rocketjohn: Sponsored by RebBull
Pal_Friendpatine: Do we need a small generator to boost our home power to power this thing?
tenthtechpriest: six displays! at least 3 more than you need!
Kaorti: What's next? Post-Extrme Dynamic Range?
Evochron13: oh christ. the STAND?
TheChargingBadger: XD pirate
accountmadeforants: ECKSDEE Arrrrr I'm a pirate!
TheMoatman: Interestingly, 120 million is also the number of dollars their stock will jump after this
BlueChloroplast: @Lord_Hosk :D
TheHaCoFo: New Kickstarter Project Get LRR 6 of these
Stoffern: oh dear
Foxmar320: omg
Drasvin: Infinite Dynamic Range?
Abavus: Because why not
fexworldwide: LOL. this feels like Paul's 4 PS4s sketch.
tyrew0rm: that seems excessive
innovativemethods: portrait mode *froths froths froths*
TheOtherTrevor: Innovative
Reecer6: this means nothing to me anymore apple
Butternades: Apparently apple and Samsung think we want portrait mode TVs and monitors
innovativemethods: Great for writing code!
Majickthise: The machine!
PharaohBender27: Woah, that screen looks weird - it's like the buildings are moving
HavenJunde: "we need more numbers!"
TehAmelie: the screen better not suck kilowatts as well, we're still fighting pollution from the bitcoin miners. . .
Alahmnat: edit your vertical video in extreme widescreen ;)
Evochron13: ok the removable aspect is neat
TXC2: BVDR: beyond visual dynamic range
innovativemethods: We *do* want portrait mode! For code. Specifically.
cuttlefishman: For those really big spreadsheets
cuttlefishman: obv
innovativemethods: Oh thank GOD they have vesa FINALLY
I_Am_Clockwork: Cheer1000 Time to start the Mac Pro fund
tenthtechpriest: also, for people who want non-dumb mounts
Stoffern: ok thats cool
Akaiatana: A 4X game called Swivelization 6!
aquinas_0: well its good for copyediting and code?
crystal_shooter: No joke Portrait mode is a life-saver for writing for me
Kaorti: You laugh, but some Flight-sim enthusiast is already building one.
HailtheRNG: lol, that single guy saying yay for code.
HbombAndFriends: This is going to cost more than my house.
accountmadeforants: Is the display VESA compatible, though?
aquinas_0: code!
AntiCrepuscular: how much would YOU pay for all these features!
Butternades: @innovativemethods that’s very true, my mother does still code sometimes so shed like it
Pal_Friendpatine: Rotation!?!?!?
aquinas_0: also code!
EscherichiaCole: Rotate six into portrait mode and put them side by side
Dared00: You can finally edit all your vertical videos Kappa
spaceguy672: This will be how we stream our Arena games
orellien2773: Soooo, $10,000?
mercano82: So what's the power requierments of a Mac Pro and 6 XDR displays?
BtEtta: Your new Desert Bus monitor.
Butternades: I have a feeling this is going to cost more than my college tuition
spaceguy672: I mean it won't be cheap
stevestein: I'm probably gonna stick with my used Dell monitor
Crad0k: i like her, she's very enthusiastic about what she's doing
accountmadeforants: Okay yeah, VESA!
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crystal_shooter: All the cores! All the pixels! All the money!
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Foxmar320: oh do we get pricing now?
tenthtechpriest: and we will use this SUPER POWERFUL SCREEN to write word documents
PharaohBender27: Yeah, I'm waiting for the price hammer to drop
innovativemethods: Yes. Yes, they do.
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HailtheRNG: More for the mac pro fund.
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wildpeaks: why 256GB though
Butternades: WTF that price
spaceguy672: And there it is
Wodar9: Oof....
Evochron13: "start" at
votojak: 6000
innovativemethods: Holy shit that's too cheap.
Lord_Hosk: $600
TheOtherTrevor: Most important feature is that you can grate cheese on it
Evochron13: it's coming graham
AntiCrepuscular: $59.99! Kappa
Koios7: $6k
Foxmar320: Still expensive but not bad
Lord_Hosk: $6000 not bad
Kaorti: before you fill those PCIe slots right?
spaceguy672: Honestly its not terrible
ThingsOnMyStream: ouch, but not too bad?
niccus: the low low price of your soul
PharaohBender27: @wildpeaks Wait, seriously? Only 256GB storage space!?
HailtheRNG: "start at"
orellien2773: Starts at $6k, that's not the main cost.
tenthtechpriest: 'starts at'
GrandLlamaQ: The cost drop is going to be lethal.
AntiCrepuscular: ok rack mount version is pretty slick
PharaohBender27: Oh, it's SSD.
innovativemethods: @Kaorti Of course, but that's still slightly better with the Radeon Pro versus the WX
spaceguy672: Now THAT is a lot
Drasvin: It will cot N+4 dollars
TheChargingBadger: Graham if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it.
Bistromaths: I like that the display costs most of what the computer costs
Wodar9: OOFFFF
Foxmar320: Also not bad
innovativemethods: Monitor is *also* fairly cheap.
fiftymcnasty: ooh a 5k monitor
Krokaar: gah
Evochron13: the monitor is almost the price of the machine -_-
votojak: the fucking screen is another$ 5000
aquinas_0: and what are the drawbacks
HbombAndFriends: For the low, low price of “your firstborn child”.
tenthtechpriest: so it really starts at 11k
mercano82: Wow, is that an expensive monitor.
Pal_Friendpatine: The iMac Pro was $4K so $6K is good
innovativemethods: One dollar per pixel!
AntiCrepuscular: 1000$ for nanotexture!
AntiCrepuscular: yikes
crystal_shooter: 1000 dollars for the stand!!
mercano82: $200 for a VESA adapter!
orellien2773: $1,000 stand...
HailtheRNG: 5k for the mintor
Wodar9: The stand doesn't count for the price!?!?!
wildpeaks: the display is almost as much as the computer though
Duven60: 1K to make it a mat display damm
Lord_Hosk: 11000 for the pro and pro display
Alahmnat: the XServe is back, baby! ;)
Meark: Yup, defiinitely taking over pro broadcasting/entertainment.
Wodar9: You need to get the stand separate!?
spaceguy672: The monitor is as much as the computer XD
TXC2: like this is for a business to buy one of these
ThingsOnMyStream: it does also make the iMac Pro still have a place in the llineup
aquinas_0 wibbles hand
tenthtechpriest: eeeh I don't know about MOST advanced....
schockffen: 999 FOR THE STAND LMAO
aquinas_0: advanced truely
PharaohBender27: Quick! Do arithmetic!
HbombAndFriends: cheer120
innovativemethods: Yep! $1000 for a stand. This is correct.
Pal_Friendpatine: So like $15k for a base model
Majickthise: Monitor with no stand or mount? No problem!
innovativemethods: The price for the computer is actually really, surprisingly low.
chi7891: People booed the stand
Kaorti: I lust after that computer, and will never own it.
cuttlefishman: How much Canadian is that
Fenhl: heeeeere we go
stevestein: Just bring iPhoto back. That's all I ask.
Feltic: the iStand now with our logo on it
punchcard: I had stand envy for a sec, but now at 1k I feel a bit better
innovativemethods: "We ran out of deserts"
aquinas_0: lol
Drasvin: $1000 for a stand? That's silly.
PharaohBender27: Yeah, so it would cost almost $12.1k overall
KharadBanar: This must be the work of an enemy Stand!
Bistromaths: So, RIP itunes?
aquinas_0: its being split off not killed
Alahmnat: please don't ditch 32-bit support entirely yet, Apple. please.
Lord_Hosk: Cool technology
PharaohBender27: @Bistromaths Wait what?
wildpeaks: please tell me they finally unfucked itunes
stevestein: And here's where they kill iTunes
Bistromaths: I'm just following the text chat
Bistromaths: text coverage I mean
chi7891: What will replace iTunes on Windows I wonder?
tehlordofelves: a monitor should come with a stand
HbombAndFriends: ÇRAIG!
TheMerricat: kappa100 I still prefer Linux, but I don't see Torvolds selling something like this so, here's my bits for the fund. kappa100
EscherichiaCole: I love Catalina dressing!
innovativemethods: It did not handle all of my syncing.
Emergent_OS: What about OpenGL in a new macOS?
BearPsychologist: You could hire someone to hold it for cheaper
Koios7: They know how to present to make me want a machine
Crad0k: yeah, once you're spending 4 digits on a monitor, you don't really care about how much it costs anymore
Feltic: That's a fair point Graham, I'm just amused by the scale
TheChargingBadger: You could buy the stand and not them onitor
Wodar9: I dislike that the "adapter" for other stands is also extra
LegionLoyalist: Apple taking a stance on Catalan independence?
spaceguy672: Buy the monitor and the vesa mount, save 800 bucks XD
wildpeaks: "customers loves itunes" .. I'm not sure you talked to customers
TheWarbo: You could also buy the stand and not the monitor! seabatBRAIN
innovativemethods: No! Who said that?
DiscordianTokkan: "Customers love iTunes" Uuuuh, no?
adi_pie: "Customers love iTunes" No. No we don't. We tolerate it.
TheChargingBadger: Ah yes
spaceguy672: Tim y
tenthtechpriest: itunes can crash at twice the speed!
TheChargingBadger: Riping and burning
Lord_Hosk: what?
Krokaar: RIP Itunes
wildpeaks: ok now he's just fucking with us
Foxmar320: wut
aquinas_0: LOL
lord_wertornion: yeah just put the monitor on a amazon basics stand
punchcard: Death to itunes
TehAmelie: remember when plasma TVs were new and cost 15 000 dollars and we thought that was a scale of home electronics no one but millionaires would care about
aquinas_0: :D
Evochron13: ok this is just a joke now
Wodar9: WHY!?
Baldrash: Welp, goodbye iTunes.
Foxmar320: LOL
TXC2: customers USE Itunes, thet dont love it
pinkpi: if you're not buying a super expensive monitor whats the point of having 8k at all lol
Jorge4hg: but why
ThingsOnMyStream: don't toy with us
Foxmar320: ITunes is everything
underhill33: eeehhh
wildpeaks: :D
fragilepaper: LUL
tehlordofelves: #relevantmeme
Jay_Blanc: The Monitor is really for people who want a monitor that matches the dynamic range of a cinema projector.
JPattemore: I guess the assumption with the stand is that anyone who shells out 5k for a monitor will probably just be vesa mounting it anyways?
Alahmnat: Craig is the guy they get to do the self-effacing bits
Baldrash: iTunesOS!
Mister_BlueSky: Love is a strong word.
punchcard: Look how bloated this thing was!
Morrigan9: uh is this itunes thing like "skyrim on everything" meme?
stevestein: I ... wasn't sure he was joking there.
GrandLlamaQ: Crowd was NOT on board for the beginning of that.
Krokaar: No, its dead
adi_pie: I'm sure this bit is supposed to be funny.
TheOtherTrevor: iTunes, iCal, iMail, etc.... Now just called "i"
innovativemethods: oh thank god
TheChargingBadger: I'm willing to bet no one has ever asked that question specifically.
Papperslappen: hahaha
underhill33: lol
Pal_Friendpatine: What?! LOL
Bistromaths: I was kinda hoping they'd bring back managing iOS apps on the computer as its own app now. I guess not
Dared00: But can my iTumes play Skyrim?
Majickthise: This better be a joke...
spaceguy672: iTunesOS
Foxmar320: He is having a good time and I love this
adi_pie: Okay, so Apple Music is the only bit of iTunes I care about.
aquinas_0: it was annonced or leaked a few days ago
cuttlefishman: iTunes!
Mangledpixel: hah
Wodar9: That was a great joke
Majickthise: Okay, good.
Alahmnat: I do legitimately love Craigs presentations
TheOtherTrevor: You only need one app: i
Abavus: And the stock plummets! panicBasket
TheChargingBadger: We put iTunes in your iTunes so you can iTunes while you iTunes
Pal_Friendpatine: This is good
aquinas_0: yay!
wildpeaks: I just want the "get file on phone" app
TheMoatman: I'm actually pretty fine with this, since the video stuff was always a bit of a pain
aquinas_0: you mean a filesystem
aquinas_0: they'll never give us access to the filesystem
chi7891: Will it be on windows though?
TheMoatman: Podcasts a bit less, since that was kinda useful, but that unifies it with the devices
Majickthise: I'm so out of date on iTunes... Can it manage multiple devices at once now?
TheMerricat: @chi7891 on Windows it WILL be iTunesOS. :-P
stevestein: So the Photos app won't launch every time I plug in an iPhone to charge it?
Majickthise: With different content?
fexworldwide: They put the mess of syncing into Finder? oh no.
Mangledpixel: woo! nothing!
aquinas_0: no, not "machine learning" :P
innovativemethods: *siiiiigggghhhhh*
spaceguy672: Allright kids take a shot for machine learning
DiscordianTokkan: I just... gave up on iTunes on Windows. it's faster to just do it from my phone
orellien2773: Machine Learning, everyone take a shot.
Alahmnat: oh good, syncing goes to Finder, where it belongs
wildpeaks: ohhh, indexed content
TehAmelie: it would be pretty funny if they made one ultimate device/app and called it "i". at least as long as it doesn't become the God of Six Billion Demons
Wodar9: Dang....I want that finder to be good
Kaorti: Ok. that's cool.
aesir_blade: cough cough windows
TheChargingBadger: He got so excited to give us nothing.
TheMerricat: Is this where they bring in an engineer from Valve to talk about AI? ^_^
Lord_Hosk: I hear about a new pod on the radio, or a stream and I think... Im not going to listen to that... cause I have to go into Itunes... and F that
cuttlefishman: they did, but it wasn't very good
fexworldwide: @wodar9 Finder is never good and will never be good.
Wodar9: Search the audio
adi_pie: Honestly, considering I can't buy video on iTunes them removing that is perfectly fine by me. :P
Pal_Friendpatine: Not a good search option
TheChargingBadger: mAcHiNe LeArNiNg
Alahmnat: that's actually cool
PharaohBender27: Uh, what
aquinas_0: "Side Car"
tyrew0rm: qwerpline terms will be weird as hell
Alahmnat: can they transcribe it too?
EscherichiaCole: Let's see how it handle the Old English podcast I listen to
aquinas_0: its... not new?
ContingentCat: accuracy is yet to be shown
Foxmar320: oh wut
AntiCrepuscular: Leveraging synergies!
innovativemethods: I mean. Okay.
TheMerricat: @Alahmnat only if they want to be sued by the music industry
spaceguy672: I thought they announced that earlier
wildpeaks: ok that's neat
crystal_shooter: I like that feature
DiscordianTokkan: iPad as a second screen for the mac. That's good!
TheMoatman: Oh the mac pro's "only" 6k
Fenhl: the what now?
djalternative: why would you ever need atmos for a single source speaker
tiltyhouse: Luna: "Oh shit!"
Alahmnat: *chants* second screen! second screen!
BlueChloroplast: @EscherichiaCole ah the subtitles full of thorns and ashes
innovativemethods: They're trying to replace a cintiq with an ipad? Interesting, but uh. Mm.
underhill33: Hmmm, maybe I need an iPad
Fenhl: oh
AntiCrepuscular: TheMoatman are you talking about the resolution or the price? :D
chi7891: Sidecar is cool
Majickthise: Neat
HailtheRNG: yeah, this looks like they're going after the cintiq
tenthtechpriest: so now a first party app will do it possibly poorly!
djalternative: goodbye sintiq?
Alahmnat: I think my wife is going to lose her mind over this
Wodar9: The iPad seems great for people that acutally use iPads
TehAmelie: *puts ipad on top of open laptop on top of desktop keyboard* we heard you like compatible hardware
Bistromaths: Sidecar doesn't feel like the best name, but maybe it'll grow on me
tenthtechpriest: HEY SIRI. I mean IMAC
Lord_Hosk: Voice control makes me nervous
Majickthise: Okay, iPad as Cintiq is boss.
spaceguy672: Period
adi_pie: But please? Make voice commands good? I'm begging you. This would be so good.
TheChargingBadger: XBOX ON!
FickleMuse: Taking down the Cintiq is a heck of an ask
Foxmar320: oh thats cool
aquinas_0: they have haven't they
aquinas_0: it is mac kinect
innovativemethods: Oh, it's like Microsoft Assistive technologies but set to a techno beat. Nice.
Crad0k: oh, hello, voice control
innovativemethods: Ooh, and it can use apps blind to it. Quite nice.
Wodar9: This is a cool way of doing it
Pal_Friendpatine: Wow
aquinas_0: so its kinect with applescript?
aquinas_0: that would be a little free for modern apple
djalternative: I'm using this
Lord_Hosk: its a great disability feature, but putting it in every system automatically makes me question it, cause then you have the "its always listening and recording"
accountmadeforants: This is probably the one thing that somewhat justified Bixby, so yeah, great to see it executed in a more competent way
DiscordianTokkan: OK, this is good
TheChargingBadger: This is cool
TheChargingBadger: I like this
Krokaar: its one of the futures promised from the 80s
MrSVCD: And it doesn't need the cloud apparently
TheChargingBadger: I want this on everything.
aquinas_0: ok
Wodar9: @Lord_Hosk They care a lot about this so I am guess there will be an off button for it?
aquinas_0: thats smile worthy, local processing is my friend
Emergent_OS: Blade Runner Tech is finally here!
tenthtechpriest: 'none of that goes to apple' is a good line to include
JPattemore: That's a great feature.
TXC2: Krokaar try 60's, this is star trek shit
TehAmelie: voice control is good but it's still a world of difference between "voice" and "speech"
Daedrin: friends. i think we're finally in the future.
Pal_Friendpatine: I think we might all use some of this
innovativemethods: We have had this on iwndows for a bit...
Alahmnat: that's extremely good
Fenhl: that's really nice
HavenJunde: that's rad
PharaohBender27: Agreed, lrrMATT
Majickthise: Gridding and meta for controls is well done.
Krokaar: @TXC2 right right =D
innovativemethods: uhhhh
Wodar9: hmmm, I really don't like this feature.....
tenthtechpriest: uuhhh....
aquinas_0: hmm
DiscordianTokkan: Um.
TheChargingBadger: Find My—
Krokaar: uhhhh
cheetoJack: Find My Friend's iPhone?
wildpeaks: mm
Reecer6: APPLE. APPLE.
GrandLlamaQ: Adhoc security seems...uh...questionable.
aquinas_0: so, is this back ending mesh netowrking
BlueChloroplast: Find my Mac Pro, it rolled away :p
Krokaar: oh no
Mister_BlueSky: Find My Pants.
innovativemethods: see, the points you won by not broadcasting speech? we just threw that straight out the window, huh?
Wodar9: Jesus, never off line
drilmagic: Find Butts
cheetoJack: There's a LRR sketch for this.
Abavus: katesWat
Majickthise: Wait, what?
ContingentCat: Ummm
AntiCrepuscular: oops
DiscordianTokkan: "This is totally secure and anonymous! Promise! Shadowrunners don't exist yet, right?|
spaceguy672: Find My Wait we can't say that on live TV
BtEtta: Didn't Batman do this?
Pal_Friendpatine: Woah. WHa?!
aquinas_0: no, no, this isn't necessarily bad
therisingtithes_: Next we'll be able to find our friends that are on fire!
TheChargingBadger: Uh
innovativemethods: heh. tpm2s have three breaks last week. sorry guys.
accountmadeforants: Apple SAYS they're very good at privacy stuff, yeah
djalternative: It's the Batman Cellphone thing
TheChargingBadger: Dunno bout this Craig
KharadBanar: I think the math behind this might actually work out so that this is safe, if Apple did it right
crystal_shooter: The security features are actually not great for me because I do so much virtualization work.
PharaohBender27: @aquinas_0 Just wait until the FBI gets on Apple's case to access the data so they can locate a suspectr
tiltyhouse: So it's like Tile for apple devices.
aWabbajack: feliciaASMR feliciaASMR
TehAmelie: Terminator 2 chip? okay sure
Wodar9: Shit it is the Batman cellphone thing
Wodar9: Apple knows where everyone is!
Alahmnat: @PharaohBender27 if it's end-to-end encrypted there's nothing Apple can really do about it.
TheChargingBadger: Apple introduces new security feature: Remote Detonation
spaceguy672: And then they said iPad apps
AntiCrepuscular: I stopped listening :D
innovativemethods: "iPad Apps". We're done.
TehAmelie: they closed the time loop that allowed the Terminator's CPU to be created, it was all make believe, no reason to worry, right
Emergent_OS: I am worried about OpenGL...
aquinas_0: @PharaohBender27 that sort of meta data is already leaking from your phone constantly, so the damage isn't as extreme as I am interested in the builtin mesh activity
Pal_Friendpatine: LRR is so enthralled that the stream commentary is quiet kaypikeHEART
tiltyhouse: Oh, this is Marzipan.
Wodar9: It is a strange thing
PharaohBender27: @aquinas_0 Fair enough
Alahmnat: "used"
AntiCrepuscular: of course tiltyhouse is here too :D
Taichanie: My screen time on my iPad told me I average 25 hours of usage a day.
sivakrytos: earlier it was graham going "can we afford this mac pro"
wildpeaks: I forgot, couldn't it already target an app for both iOS and mac at the same time ?
tipulsar85: Cat12 did a nice shirt that your wearing Graham!
Pal_Friendpatine: Your doing great G
Pal_Friendpatine: You
Pal_Friendpatine: Are*
rocketjohn: Why should we be worried for OpenGL?
tiltyhouse: It's Ian.
wildpeaks: the other-Cori
TXC2: hello Ian
Alahmnat: OpenGL has been deprecated.
ElektroTal: why are we watching graham stare quietly at the camera?
innovativemethods: "great" racing game.
DiscordianTokkan: Hi Ian!
djalternative: they also just announced the name of the next macOS casually
aquinas_0: @rocketjohn because Apple is against OpenGL
accountmadeforants: "You've already suffered, I mean used, our iOS apps on OSX, so..."
snapman_i_am: how long has it been running. anything interesting so far?
fragilepaper: Hey Ian o/
crystal_shooter: So now Mac PUBG?
tiltyhouse: Yup. It's important to keep up on industry developments. _^
Alahmnat: but I can't imagine them eliminating it for years
TheMoatman: Yeah this seemed more like an ian thing
ElektroTal: oh.
rocketjohn: Yes, but why should we be worried about that, aquinas_0 ?
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, lrrIAN !
aquinas_0: @rocketjohn because breaking graphics stacks
TehAmelie: oh yeah, i missed LRRmans didn't i
ElektroTal: my spreadsheet was covering that part of the screen
cuttlefishman: You're the man now dog
ContingentCat: :. gamers are dogs
BlueChloroplast: Gamer dogs :p
Abavus: Gamers are dogs confirmed? jamieGamer
wildpeaks: ah yes, twitter for iPhone, the thing you never use except for login
somecall_metim: shaun of the dead
EscherichiaCole: Gamer's look at dogs all the time
red_shoes_jeff: They super can.
Dared00: Gamers never look up, you shoul'dve sent it using 2-day shipping Kappa
innovativemethods: Atlassian? really?
Drasvin: I thought it was Horror protagonists never look up?
niccus: when you point up, gamers look at your fingers
Bistromaths: Lol that wasn't from Hot Fuzz, that was from way before then
derfsss: Spaced
QuintIverson: this man's smile
TehAmelie: but the Winchester rifle WAS loaded
innovativemethods: No, we didn't! Your web page is FINE!
sivakrytos: really? a character in a comedy movie said a not true thing?????
TXC2: dogs dont look at waht you point at, they look at your hand
Bistromaths: It's just an urban myth
Fenhl: timeline goes sideways, Mac is a first-party platform
wildpeaks: or twitterific
Alahmnat: Tweetbot <3
Lord_Hosk: Gamers love looking up at dogs for free for two days... while shipping?
innovativemethods: Why would you want an app for the desktop? You have a website!
TheWarbo: TweetBot <3
punchcard: Not hot fuzz. Shawn of the dead
djalternative: I use tweetdeck
ContingentCat: Or not use Twitter
Foxmar320: Tweetbot foxmarLOVE
srry_you_bot: <message deleted>Nigg
Fenhl: likes are now favorites
TheMoatman: I never liked tweetbot
derfsss: its before shaun of the dead - it started in Spaced
TheMoatman: I don't know why
kPancrazio: i can't wait to hear how atlassian *managed* this jira project.
Papperslappen: Jira lrrFRUMP
accountmadeforants: "Thanks Apple, now we can put even less effort into our app!" -Twitter
Wodar9: Dang, that is amazing
tenthtechpriest: they LITERALLY made the fact up as a joke for shaun of the dead
srry_you_bot: <message deleted>N-I-g-g-a
Mangledpixel: it came from Spaced
cuttlefishman: Can dogs play basketball
cuttlefishman: mods?
Wodar9: Mods quick
niccus: dogs can, dogs may not
TehAmelie: lrrDARK mods
aquinas_0: so, are we looking at the samsung phone pc apple edition?
cmdrud87: It was on TV,so it must be true^^
Mangledpixel: indeed
innovativemethods: Have you guys considred WHY you have a jira app?
TXC2: !addquote (Matt Griffiths and Graham) [now] 'Players don't look up.' 'No that's dogs.'
LRRbot: New quote #6088: "'Players don't look up.' 'No that's dogs.'" —Matt Griffiths and Graham [2019-06-03]
ContingentCat: I keep mishearing Catalyst as Capitalist which would be a little on the nose
Abavus: JIRA?
rocketjohn: JIRA
Texan_Reverend: @foxmar320 Could we get a ban for @srry_you_bot please?
aquinas_0: its an issue tracking thing
cuttlefishman: Looks like Slack
aquinas_0: basically
Aarek: Developers Developers Developers Developer
wildpeaks: :D
innovativemethods: It's an issue tracker. It's a replacement for BaseCamp or certain bits of Azure DevOps.
aquinas_0: please come back developers
aquinas_0: we're sorry
cuttlefishman: Omae wa mou shindeiur
wildpeaks: I spot with my little eyes, an AR icon
Texan_Reverend: Ok, my chat didn't show a change, sorry.
innovativemethods: Hey guys maybe you shouldn't have a $50/year/seat license to develop your software
Mangledpixel: like, the 'you swallow hundreds of spiders in your lifetime' was similarly invented knowledge: it came from an article about the idea of inventing knowledge and then seeing how far it could be disseminated
kPancrazio: go jira! Kappa
Bistromaths: I wonder why I think I've heard about dogs not being able to look up from back in my childhood then. Maybe false memories. Seems likely
TheChargingBadger: The quote was gamers not players
cuttlefishman: I thought it was by the spider lobby @Mangledpixel
TheMoatman: No, I was released as "zilla" in the US
TheMoatman: *it
snapman_i_am: reality kit?
tenthtechpriest: developers developers developers developers
Aarek: unity isn't that hard to use
TehAmelie: challenge: how do you pantomime "ARG"?
PharaohBender27: @Mangledpixel Is that where that urban myth came from?
aquinas_0: @Mangledpixel that was due to one dude eating solely spiders shifting the numbers
niccus: "The product name is a truncation of Gojira, the Japanese word for Godzilla, which is a reference to a competitor, Bugzilla."
Mangledpixel: aquinas_0 that was a meme that came a long time later
Taichanie: Wrong company. :p
AntiCrepuscular: niccus heh, neat!
Pal_Friendpatine: I really want to use AR but I have yet to find an application for me to consistently use it. Where it’s easy to integrate in my daily life
wildpeaks: ha, Composer, like the name of our old app :D
fexworldwide: AR for some goddamn reason.
TheMoatman: wait really?
tipulsar85: So apple ha discoverd unity...
Fenhl: is this the thing they used to make the Street View thing?
niccus: that's what wikipedia claims
aquinas_0: @Mangledpixel was it, I swear I saw an article about that (begins entering searches)
TheMoatman: "Reality Composer" could have had a better name in this year of our lord, 2019
innovativemethods: oh, cool.
AntiCrepuscular: oh dang
punchcard: Hmmmm....... AR for..... no reason.....
Lord_Hosk: oh no...
aquinas_0: now for the live deep fakes?
innovativemethods: That man has weird arms.
Baldrash: AR: We want it to work, honest.
I_Am_Clockwork: I had to go to a meeting. did they say a price for the Mac Pro?
snapman_i_am: kinect for ios
TheWarbo: As someone who mostly thinks of "compose" in terms of "function composition"...
Mister_BlueSky: Major Update. o7
Abavus: 1.4kW worth of spice
wildpeaks: single-camera full body tracking, taht's nice
innovativemethods: MINECRAFT.
DiscordianTokkan: Wait. ACTUAL Minecraft?
aquinas_0: this is not a thing that is wanted
Anaerin: Apple... You do know Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, right?
orellien2773: aaaaand suddenly minecraft?
Drasvin: Get unity trees in real life
Baldrash: @I_Am_Clockwork Starting at $5999.
crystal_shooter: Is this the Minecraft AR that went underground?!?!?
DiscordianTokkan: I thought it was just a joke. Huh
accountmadeforants: Oh hey, it's the Alice programming thing Kappa
innovativemethods: (Actual minecraft. I worked on this.)
BlueChloroplast: @I_Am_Clockwork 6k base, 5k monitor
Aarek: from Microsoft, Mojang
Krokaar: creepy
Alahmnat: oh lord please make it possible to capture that to an FBX file...
TehAmelie: 6000 dollars for the computer, 30 dollars a month for the electricity
I_Am_Clockwork: call James
PharaohBender27: @I_Am_Clockwork base price is $6k, the monitor is $5k, the monitor base is $1k, and some widget for the monitor is $99
cuttlefishman: MINE CRAFT
Anaerin: Oh yeah, they just did Minecraft World...
rocketjohn: LRR sketches with MoCap?
AntiCrepuscular: MinecrARft!
Bistromaths: Oh it's her from that mojang conference a while back
rocketjohn: yes please
gekko13: minecraft Pog
sivakrytos: mojang announced minecraft ar a few weeks ago
Lord_Hosk: Real time motion capture in Grahams hands its both exciting and terrifying
wildpeaks: I bet they'd export to usdz
UnseenAcademical: WUT
snapman_i_am: @Alahmnat somebody'll have an app in a week that saves fbx out
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky mister165Wave benginHeart sergeFriend
rocketjohn: Suddenly james bursts in
Pal_Friendpatine: If there is anyone thing I would play with/program for it would be AR because it could be fun
TheMoatman: I mean
tenthtechpriest: didn't they preview this at e3 last year? at the year before that?
TheMoatman: It's the most popular video game in the world
kais58: Ah yes, the hololens demo
Aarek: I'm like 90% this was done on the HoloLens first
Fenhl: ooh, this
Alahmnat: @snapman_i_am I really really really really really want that.
Pal_Friendpatine: I don’t like having to look through a screen though. I’d like to wear glasses or a head set
TXC2: AR minecraft chunk punch when? Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: what we exciced about? :O
wildpeaks: they still need an AR glasses version
punchcard: Doesn’t MS own Mojave?
Anaerin: tenthtechpriest: Yes, though that was Hololens.
Stoffern: Minecraft, wich is owned by Microsoft
aquinas_0: @Mangledpixel damnit, i've been spreading that around for years :(
innovativemethods: @punchcard Yes.
wildpeaks: (apple I mean, not minecraft)
TheMoatman: I don't think it was this ready to go at the previous demos
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Kathleen and special PPR guests Michael Majors (@MichaelJMajors), Brittany Hamilton (@MTGNerdGirl) and Brian David-Marshall (@Top8Games) crack packs and reminisce about limited environments past. | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKVYWAGA3mI || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1135623124358066181
TheOtherTrevor: So when will James get this on Mine o'Clock?
niccus: i dont think you can chunk punch that far down...
TehAmelie: i hope they can combine this with the full scale map of Denmark they made in Minecraft
somecall_metim: IRL dick towers
Oecking: I want to use this for DnD Dungeons. Or at least try it
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun there are going to be so many dongs.
PharaohBender27: That's trippy
TheMoatman: Holy shit
djalternative: so this is creative then?
Foxmar320: woah
Kaorti: AR is really cool
TehAmelie: (note Denmark is the only country that can be modeled in Minecraft due to height restriction)
GrandLlamaQ: "And soon the world was overcome with cubic dongs..."
TXC2: so dick towers everywhere in the real world then? Kappa
00gogo00: what are we watching
00gogo00: link pls
Lord_Hosk: as cheesy as a demo should be
Evochron13: New tech for Mine O'clock
crystal_shooter: Minecraft demoed that like 2 years ago? at an E3 using Windows stuff and then nothing ever came out
snapman_i_am: That neural keying thing is fun but kinda stupid
PharaohBender27: Goodbye, Santa
tenthtechpriest: where are james and serge?
ArcOfTheConclave: real life greefing?
Evochron13: 00gogo00 it's on the notes at the top of the screen
Pal_Friendpatine: Jaw drop
Lord_Hosk: its at the top of the screen 00gogo00
Alahmnat: oh dang
cuttlefishman: dang
Papperslappen: cool
Jay_Blanc: Be ready to spend most of your time removing dicks from outside your apartment window.
offbeatwitch: i'm just gonna watch only the reactions because I dont care about apple products :P
PharaohBender27: katesWat
Dared00: ahahaha, this is amazing
theneatestburrito: Now you can have vertigo anywhere!
wildpeaks: "watch out for the chickens" :D
aesir_blade: If you die in minecraft, do you die in real life?
Foxmar320: We need to show Serge
Mister_BlueSky: See Mom it's not just a game anymore I'm IN the game NOW.
ContingentCat: sergeIrene
TheMerricat: Speaking of Minecraft, I know this is 100% non-relevant to the stream but in case anyone else didn't know about this - if oyu own any TellTale games on Steam or GOG, you might want to download and installed them ASAP. Appearently GOG at least is going to be removing them from DOWNLOAD before the end of the month.RIPCheer100
niccus: warning: fall damage exists irl
tenthtechpriest: it's not a game IT'S REAL
DigitalSeahorse: I'm confused
AntiCrepuscular: SSSsss
Foxmar320: oh good combat
snapman_i_am: I bet the keying fails if the subject is wearing a dress
Krokaar: James and serge are going to need a larger moonbase G
Krokaar: get on it
cuttlefishman: IRENE
Foxmar320: lol
CrazymattCaptain: mud?
LegionLoyalist: It's a TRAP!
wildpeaks: we ded dave
Foxmar320: Good way to end
CururuGuasu: When’s AR Punch a Chunk?
DiscordianTokkan: Smashcut to beached white skeleton
Foxmar320: Killing the host
LegionLoyalist: Nooo Chicken friend!
Evochron13: she's just like "i can't believe you put me up to this"
HailtheRNG: this is gonna cause some accidents
Alahmnat: Irene!
tenthtechpriest: creeper in the daytime? MY IMMERSION IS RUINED
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky lol Mom's in game too :D
Meark: People laugh but this is how we get Ready player one.
fexworldwide: so that was a canned demo then.
Lord_Hosk: Just as cheesy as a Demo should be
niccus: oh wow maybe you _can_ chunk punch
snapman_i_am: lol they threw that rug down to have a texture for the AR to lock on to
Emergent_OS: I wonder what James think about all this!
I_Am_Clockwork: very neat
TehAmelie: hi Hodor
TXC2: Hello Heather
ContingentCat: hi Heather
DigitalSeahorse: what part of apple is this we're watching?
Fenhl: uhhhh
TXC2: Bye Heather
Alahmnat: when you die in Minecraft AR< you die in real life
PharaohBender27: Hello, lrrHEATHER !
LegionLoyalist: wait, mud pit?
Pal_Friendpatine: I can see it needs the mat on the floor to help it mark out the space. Not a huge issue though
Fenhl: mud pits? flower pigs?
Majickthise: Minecraft hardcore on youtube using a football field?
TheWarbo: "I saw the hightlights. He dies like six times."
Mister_BlueSky: Is that old Baron Corbin?
aquinas_0: meh
djalternative: ar punch chunk
Fenhl: that was two sneaky feature announcements right there
tipulsar85: This reminds me of a copuple of years ago with Microsoft at E3!
Abavus: Pal_Friendpatine, probably just some texture
aquinas_0: oh, swift
ArcOfTheConclave: moonbase minecraft?
DigitalSeahorse: yeah that would be bad
aquinas_0: swift is nice
snapman_i_am: Still no apple VR focus
Oecking: Letting people virtually vandalize the earth seems like a somewhat bad idea.
BtEtta: They should have brought out Minecraft creator Hatsune Miku…
BlueChloroplast: Actually ninecraft is bigger than earth *eyeglass push*
Anaerin: I mean, Taylor has a new album, and it's not bad, but... oh, you meant the programming language.
AntiCrepuscular: :D
wildpeaks: god, it's been 5 years already
Krokaar: no road building
tenthtechpriest: they won't
Daedrin: I would be surprised if ARKit didn't have some sort of warning system
Pal_Friendpatine: So is it time to start up a play space for AR Minecraft players?
aquinas_0: 450,000 apps are using swift because you mandated that change as hard as you reasonably could
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Taichanie: Is it me or has heathers sass level gone up forth the better?
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adorkablecloclo: what is going on
LegionLoyalist: T-Swift?
Dared00: Suzuki Swift, it's a city car
Mangledpixel: adorkablecloclo look at the top of the screen
adi_pie: Right, I need to go get food before it's 11PM again. Have fun watching the Apple dealies, folks.
TheWarbo: !sassheather
aquinas_0: oh, now everything breaks again
wildpeaks: uh oh, what did you do, Tim
AntiCrepuscular: Swallow?!
TXC2: I feel like the lag between the streams in getting longer
Drasvin: !findquote sass
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
TXC2: so long adi_pie eat well
wildpeaks: ok, sure
AntiCrepuscular: aww, I thought I'd guessed it :D
DigitalSeahorse: !apple
snapman_i_am: oh boy. UI
tipulsar85: Or SUI for short!
aquinas_0: well, tell us about this new graphics api
Mister_BlueSky: @DigitalSeahorse 🍎
cmdrud87: Did you hear there will be a Netflix-MTG series?
snapman_i_am: in swift for swift by swift out of swift on top of swift
aquinas_0: its 90s vb
aquinas_0: :P
tiltyhouse: Oh, this is big.
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky yes, that is an apple lol
cuttlefishman: Tern
Mangledpixel: Swallow
rocketjohn: It's a Brrrown THRUM.
underhill33: Titmouse
Mangledpixel: :P
aquinas_0: :D
Papperslappen: Gull
niccus: a solid ui framework will absolutely get devs worked up
ContingentCat: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
tenthtechpriest: CHIRP
Akaiatana: Yellow-bellied sapsucker
cheetoJack: Made by birds, for birds
accountmadeforants: Twitter loves it!
Fenhl: declarative UI is *really* nice to work with
TheWarbo: Hmm how long is this likely to go? Schedule said noon and I'm wondering for "getting lunch" reasons
LegionLoyalist: by swifts for swifts
TXC2: 100% that "code" is calling to a function
DigitalSeahorse: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ben takes the PIF hot seat and he's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (1:49 from now).
cheetoJack: yeah! abstraction!
Mister_BlueSky: Do thing = Now.
DigitalSeahorse: !help
rocketjohn: holy fuck
snapman_i_am: @TXC2 it's just refactored into a library lol
Fenhl: yeah, it really is that useful
TheMerricat: For some reason my mind keeps trying to parse Graham's shit into something C-64 related.
tipulsar85: !adivce
tenthtechpriest: that's not how coding works BUT OK
BlueChloroplast: Cool Technology!
rybackgaming: The Norwiegan Blue. Lovely plumage, 'innit squire?
Fenhl: (speaking for declarative UI in general of course)
DigitalSeahorse: !show
LRRbot: Currently live: Bonus Stream
00gogo00: Apple Scratch!
tipulsar85: !advice
LRRbot: Make your own family.
aquinas_0: so, good defaults?
Aarek: So its Visual Studio
Wodar9: This is awesome for casual coders
kenod18: hi
AntiCrepuscular: Real Co-ho-hode?
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] I just wants things to be smaller or bigger then they were before.
LRRbot: New quote #6089: "I just wants things to be smaller or bigger then they were before." —Graham [2019-06-03]
Drasvin: !badadvice
LRRbot: Aim for Third.
00gogo00: ah yes, keynote, the pinnacle of presentation development
aquinas_0: android studio-ish?
TheNerdWonder: As a programmer, it looks cool. But I’d have to actually see what the before and after eere actually doing
Anaerin: Yay! Now anyone can make an app with literally no bar to entry, knowledge of best practises, or any kind of QA at all.
Fenhl: extremely so, yes
kenod18: i am so glad i finally got on when you guys are live
TXC2: please, Quick basic is for casule coders Kappa
aquinas_0: @Anaerin hey its better than Cordova
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m excited. I’d casually code if it was intuitive
kenod18: <3 <3 <3
Fenhl: this might actually convince me to try writing macOS apps again
cheetoJack: oh so this is like visual studio/.NET stuff, neat
AntiCrepuscular: I'd reserve my excitement until I see how easy it is to use for cases other than this demo
TheWarbo: Lowering the barrier to entry means we get more fodder for Watch+Play iOS!
Aarek: @Anaerin and then never get in the store due to app requirements from apple
TokenMickus: dragon drop
UnseenAcademical: Okay, this could conceivably make the UI part of my job much easier if I can make it talk to Java correctly.
drilmagic: this feels a lot like Flutter, though that's not a _bad_ thing
tenthtechpriest: YAY DARK MODE. the only part of this sequence most people understood!
Akaiatana: Coast streaming from an island sounds about right
tiltyhouse: The comment from @Fenhl is exactly the reason they do these changes. Bringing developers back to the platform.
Majickthise: Easier Better Desert Bus Apps?
Anaerin: @Aarek: You say that, but look at the piles of dross that's already in there.
wildpeaks: Having seen a lot of terrible UI from coders, anything that makes it less terrible by default is neat
BlueChloroplast: @Akaiatana :D :D :D
Wodar9: Dang...this is sick
aquinas_0: It's certainly making me want to pick up another mini
Drasvin: Code Desert Bus to run on iPhone?
Fenhl: Windows did that, Matt
Robot_Bones: Yes Matt Please spread your gospel
TheWarbo: I want my time-of-day change; I find dark mode in daytime also grating
Majickthise: Wow.
Mister_BlueSky: Have light mode be the function you have to dig for, for once.
Coolgyman: Dark mode can cause eyestrain in bright environments, so light mode for day and dark mode for night
Chartle: damn
rocketjohn: reaaaaaly
snapman_i_am: OSX Flying Squirrel officially announced
Daedrin: oh delta updating for live code preview?
00gogo00: FAKE RANDOM
spaceguy672: Thats cute
Chartle: jesus
Master_Gunner: personally I'm not a fan of dark modes, at least for reading a lot of text.
cheetoJack: macOs Goat Rock
wildpeaks: those baloon colors :D
spaceguy672: I liked macOS Oxnard
aquinas_0: so a shinier android studio in swift
Baldrash: MacOS Boxnard?
Akaiatana: Beware the Goat Rock Monster of Innistrad!
tenthtechpriest: macOS Boxnard?
Alahmnat: Oxnard is definitely a Craig joke name
00gogo00: oh boy oh gosh
aquinas_0: and then back to meh
DigitalSeahorse: benginFacepalm
cuttlefishman: GO NUTS
AntiCrepuscular: oh that's cool
djalternative: macOS Catalina
tenthtechpriest: G casually showing off his watch
Drasvin: Are goats and Apple going to become equivalent to llamas and Maxis?
tux789: a Ham sandwich
wildpeaks: it's nice, makes it more like webdev
DigitalSeahorse: this site giving me nothing
Alahmnat: I might actually get my RSS app started with this.
snapman_i_am: Yeah none of this matters to me, just gonna keep using unity for crossplatform builds
Mister_BlueSky: What's up @DigitalSeahorse
aquinas_0: @Alahmnat what sort of RSS app
Pal_Friendpatine: Native for watch. That’ll be fun
UnseenAcademical: Native you say?
tiltyhouse: Unlock custom watch faces you cowards!
Laurence72: Ever since watching the latest Autumnal Rumble, I can't watch a crowd without picturing portions of it standing up and down for no reason
Fenhl: ok good, I was worried there was no macOS support for a second
AntiCrepuscular: :D
Baldrash: Custom watch faces for Smash!
Fenhl: !smash
LRRbot: Put Aunt Euphemia in Smash, you cowards!
Alahmnat: @aquinas_0 something that lets you have an inbox for feeds like comics, and a stream for things like news
TXC2: "the fall" nice and vague there
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky, I'm on apple.com and don't see any of this
wildpeaks: that's a lot of hands
rocketjohn: @DigitalSeahorse with chrome?
aquinas_0: Oh, that would be useful, special handling for podcasts too I'd assume
rocketjohn: apparently that doesn't work
TXC2: DigitalSeahorse what broswer are you using?
Mister_BlueSky: It
Wodar9: @TXC2 gives themselves plenty of time to change stuff
snapman_i_am: over/under on a one-more-thing?
TXC2: Wodar9 indeed
DigitalSeahorse: rocketjohn firefox
Mister_BlueSky: It's wrapping up at the moment it would appear anyway.
PhoenixMelior: wow I didn't expect this to still be going
Alahmnat: I figure most people already have an app for podcasts, but I dunno maybe
00gogo00: 👏100👏hour👏weeks👏
tipulsar85: So overal thoughts?
therisingtithes_: idly because I didn't get in at the beginning: any word on a new iphone?
Coolgyman: @DigitalSeahorse Make sure your Chrome or Firefox is fully updated, the stream is in a weird format
rocketjohn: DigitalSeahorse oh, then i can't help you.
TXC2: PhoenixMelior seems to be ending
Abavus: Nothing about the pro release date?
accountmadeforants: What's falling at "the fall"? O_O
aquinas_0: @Alahmnat its mostly distributed through RSS at some level
Oecking: Did they just go: "Yay, crunch!" ?
DigitalSeahorse: oh
spaceguy672: Aww no "And one more thing"
Koios7: Well, I liked hearing everything until they got to the celebration of what could easily be overworking their employees
Fenhl: I don't think they do “one more thing” anymore
aquinas_0: so you can digest them through RSS readers
Coolgyman: @DigitalSeahorse If that doesn't work, use Safari or Edge for mac or windows respectively
wildpeaks: seems so Oecking
snapman_i_am: then they just start playing a cyberpunk trailer outta nowhere
Fenhl: that was kind of Steve Jobs's thing
delta__vee: @DigitalSeahorse, you should be able to browse to https://www.apple.com/apple-events/livestream/ and see it
wildpeaks: already in the intro video too
stevestein: Applause for the engineers' sacrifices to get these things done. Or maybe Apple could have a working environment where its engineers don't have to spend so much time away from their families?
Alahmnat: @aquinas_0 yeah, I just figured most people already use something like Overcast for audio bits
spaceguy672: I know its always just cool XD
tiltyhouse: "One more thing" needs to be _very_ special, because of the Jobs association.
PhoenixMelior: so I went away for a lunch and learn, what did I miss?
aquinas_0: well, I use my rss reader /me shifts eyes nervously about
wildpeaks: well that was a whole thing
PhoenixMelior: iPad OS? Oh boy
TXC2: PhoenixMelior new mac pro is a beast
AntiCrepuscular: that was good :)
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Papperslappen: Much more interesting than last year
Alahmnat: I'll think about it ;)
kenod18: so what now
chi7891: That song is good
Umandsf: So many impressive things.
PhoenixMelior: I have an old iPad Air 2, I doubt that's getting updated
Pal_Friendpatine: IPadOS will change what I do for the better
TheMerricat: In other words Apple isn't Marvel?
MadWolf1290: A THING.
snapman_i_am: AR person occlusion/mocap is probably the most intersting thing
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ben takes the PIF hot seat and he's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (1:40 from now).
DigitalSeahorse: rayfkWelp slytqShrug
tipulsar85: So Sign up LRR for 10 new pros?
AntiCrepuscular: yay! E3 streams a-gogo!
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky, how's you and your computer stuffs?
Dared00: Oh sick, you're doing MS this year!
Spriteclad: Thanks for streaming! I really appreciate it!
Abavus: Are they announcing new consoles this year?
AntiCrepuscular: Early rhythm cafe?! double bonus!
Foxmar320: oh Ubisoft
Pal_Friendpatine: This was really cool. I hope to make it for some of the E3 streams
LordZarano: !calendar
TXC2: !findquote e3
LRRbot: Quote #5943: "There's E3 the convention, and E3 the state of mind." —Paul [2019-03-25]
Evochron13: what about play it forward?
tipulsar85: So Sign up LRR for 10 new pros?
underhill33: Play it Forward
AntiCrepuscular: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ben takes the PIF hot seat and he's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (1:39 from now).
cuttlefishman: Play it Forward
wildpeaks: wait, isn't there Ben in two hours ?
Dared00: @LoadingReadyRun Play it Forward!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: no play it forward?
wildpeaks: but rats :(
ContingentCat: gesuntheit
PhoenixMelior: so there's no Ben?
kenod18: bless u
wildpeaks: yay rats \o/
AntiCrepuscular: rats rats rats! PogChamp
Mister_BlueSky: @DigitalSeahorse I got it back but the guy did more (and charged more) then I asked.
TXC2: !events
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niccus: rats! rats!
Pal_Friendpatine: PiF woo
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham and Matt
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the pixels
TXC2: !patreon
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AntiCrepuscular: thanks for the stream!
Papperslappen: bye!
EscherichiaCole: Adam possibly also fighting rats at some point
kenod18: bye
TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: !twitter
Evochron13: TTC is up for those of you who need to fill the void between now and PIF
Abavus: Bye LRRs. Bye Chat! Have a great day, night, or other! katesWave lrrHEART
chi7891: lrrHEART
Pal_Friendpatine: Thanks G, Beej, and Matt. And Alex
Pal_Friendpatine: !!!
Pal_Friendpatine: This was awesome!
PhoenixMelior: oh nice, LRR is consistently above 14k on the patreon now. That's good
Pal_Friendpatine: ‘Til then everyone!!
TXC2: goodnight everybody
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky, hope it works well now!
DigitalSeahorse: also looks like I was on the Canadian apple site and was supposed to be on the US in addition to updating browser probably
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah, I'm still just nursing my migraines and dizziness. Trying to get well enough to do anything really.
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky theonl45Heart sergeHeart lrrDARK lrrHEART
DigitalSeahorse: *gives Mister_BlueSky lots of water*
DigitalSeahorse: and ginger
xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ben takes the PIF hot seat and he's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (1:33 from now).
wildpeaks: rats rats rats \o/
DigitalSeahorse: rats! benginDab
DigitalSeahorse: also happy pride month! ferociousPride katesHeart sergePride rudeLove rudeJerry rudePolice slytqLegend theonl45Heart
Weagle: !findbutts
LRRbot: Behind you.
cheetoJack: It is really hard to buy things for my dad