Weagle: Ok, applied to a job at my college friend's workplace in what may have been my most casual job application so far
Weagle: I literally just emailed them my resume and they passed it on to their boss
Weagle: Aaaand already have an interview to set up
Decaped: nice!
mahpete_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ben takes the PIF hot seat and he's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence) at Mon 02:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
wildpeaks: rats rats rats \o/
Maddrius: *squeaking intensifies*
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> RATS. SO MANY RATS. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY RATS. | Ben is back with more A Plague Tale : Innocence on Play it Forward! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/D8Klz6oVsAAiC5s.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1135652372896657408
Theycallmejokke: Time to continue the sage of Ben pets all the rat friends.
wildpeaks: rats \o/
wildpeaks: or more exactly, we meet new friends first
Theycallmejokke: Squeek!
wildpeaks: (if I recall correctly where we stopped)
MenomeTwitch: Continue? Damn it, I thought this was the first session *checks VODs*
Theycallmejokke: Only missed one
seth_erickson: It's time to meet our Ninja friends and escape the evil doers
CrazymattCaptain: the strings are nice but the squeals make it disturbing
Theycallmejokke: Oh right the frence ninjas
wildpeaks: paint us like your french ninjas, Ben
Alness49: Rats rats rats
ugh_sunlight: ah it's rat time
LoadingReadyRun: rats rats rats
seth_erickson: rats rats rats
Theycallmejokke: rats rats rats
wildpeaks: *squeak*
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ContingentCat: rats rats rats
Pteraspidomorphi: All this talk of rats is making me hungry, I wish I'd baked cookies
CrazymattCaptain: rats rats rats
seth_erickson: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
wildpeaks: rats, like cats, are liquids
Alness49: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
Robot_Bones: time for an episode of rat times, a sad story
starlitdiscord: rats!
accountmadeforants: Rat is an anagram for art
seth_erickson: Alright everyone get your guesses in now How many people and or animals do we see die this time
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
Sorrowex: If Kathleen isn’t also making ratatouille in the background I’m going to be disappointed
xantos69: Your rat times at too strong for me.
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Alness49: *points to butterfly* Rat?
erloas: maybe you need key to get rid of each of the rats
wildpeaks: now I'm picture a teeny rat with a journalist outfit, working for the Rat Times
demondrinkingtea: 8-0 in traditional War draft so far today
demondrinkingtea: trying to go 10-0
erloas: so one key for each rat, only slightly fewer keys than let's nope game
wildpeaks: oh god, a mod that would replace the rats by keys
Alness49: Looking after my family's doggos and watching animu.
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Sorrowex: Tuesday morning in Aus. Getting ready for work
TaubeTilda: Hello!!
kumatsu: Spent yesterday scorekeeping my second large-scale Comp REL tournament, went well
Theycallmejokke: :D
kumatsu: in recovery mode now
wildpeaks: someone make this mod :D
ReverseCreations: why not a mod that replaces Rat with tiny Thomas the Tank engines <_<
snowcookies: keys are afraid of the light
Alness49: Replace all keys with rats!
Pteraspidomorphi: ReverseCreations: That's terrifying
kumatsu: Replace the rats with tiny Skyrim Dragons
DiscordianTokkan: I still prefer calling them Spell Slots instead of spoons, but that's because I'm a nerd.
seth_erickson: French Ninjas
wildpeaks: amicia
Stoffern: Hugo
demondrinkingtea: 'his name is shit"
Theycallmejokke: Small boi
DiscordianTokkan: (And also tiers of "I can do that")
Alness49: Replace rats with your anime waifus.
wildpeaks: akiduck \o/
demondrinkingtea: Somewhere in France
Pteraspidomorphi: Ombrage, wasn't it?
wildpeaks: yes ombrage
AzureShok: Hey sergeFriend Loved your PPR time B-)
ContingentCat: sergeFriend ?
xantos69: making your way downtown walking fast rat faces pass and your home's down.
Sorrowex: cheer100 omelette du fromage!
AzureShok: Also, damn fine fingernails!
rybackgaming: "Omelette du fromage?"
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orellien2773: <hugs the awesome Ben>
mtvcdm: Omelette du fromage!
fritobandeeto: thanks Ben!!
accountmadeforants: Ooh, they match Chair!
rybackgaming: or does Chair match Ben... *spoopy music plays*
wildpeaks: I enjoy quieter Ben :)
Oghara: whats this weeks 'FNPF
wildpeaks: game is too scary for the chair
fragilepaper: Is Hugo still adorably derpy?
Evochron13: there's nothing adorable about a toddler with rat-o-mancy
Theycallmejokke: English dogs! the only dogs that doesn't deserve any pets
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
wildpeaks: woopsie :D
Alness49: 34, 35 AAAAH RATS! 1, 2...
xantos69: Well kids that is the stream for today.
fragilepaper: Stealth level 100
gremlinpartydie: The bottles...
Theycallmejokke: That was just a test run
Meyari: that first one was a practice round, right?
Grevas13: cori levels of stealth
ContingentCat: good warm up
accountmadeforants: I'd be a terrible guard too if all escapees just randomly broke bottles strewn over the floor
wildpeaks: so many cool little details
margieargie: Rolled a 1 on stealth there I see
Krokaar: Ben-what r feet-eneering
rybackgaming: First time every time, right?
wildpeaks: they were recon runs
Krokaar: This is making me want to replay dishonored for the 5th time
kumatsu: Sometimes stealth games are full of Rats
wildpeaks: Dishonored <3
Kramburger: Dishonored is a GOOD game
kumatsu: Dishonored is dope, I keep thinking of replaying it
seth_erickson: Simple logic really
mahpete_: what about stepping on your own feet?
Krokaar: I <3 stealth games, I may look into this
xantos69: I would actually like to see LRR do a Dishonored stream all the way through.
mahpete_: it's called a steam library.
Robot_Bones: you mean my steam library>
Robot_Bones: ?
accountmadeforants: I loved Dishonored but still haven't gotten around to Dishonored 2, so yeah, long lists >_>
mahpete_: @Robot_Bones jinx!
Robot_Bones: mahpete_ seabatBRAIN
CrazymattCaptain: all the items
WizNerd10: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:48.
WizNerd10: Ah, I haven't missed much
mahpete_: @WizNerd10 just some fumbled stealth
kumatsu: pretty please
Amazonian: Oh, someone told me to play this game today.
seth_erickson: Maximum Ninja engaged
wildpeaks: thank you ninja
Amazonian: They said it was spooky and dark. Is it?
kumatsu: saltpeter? We gonna make some gunpowder and blow stuff up?
seth_erickson: not so spooky, but definitely dark
Amazonian: I don't like things being dark n spooky
WizNerd10: Power walk
kumatsu: ninja got the zoomies
Amazonian: I'll watch for a bit and see if the mood of it fits me
Krokaar: ok ill put it on my list than!
Amazonian: Spuki kabuki
Mister_Skittles: oh this game is bright and spooky. you see alll the bad things
WizNerd10: Right where he belongs
wildpeaks: tiny hint (because I got stuck here for a while), you have to go to Hugo before you do anything else
A_Dub888: !findquote spooky
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ContingentCat: is that actual Sean Bean I hear or legally distinct Sean Bean?
CompletelyUnsure: i forgot about her silly-rad elbow armor
WizNerd10: "Oh no the girl has escaped, lets leave our other prisoner alone"
SachielOne: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:45.
Alness49: It's Tinned Bean
accountmadeforants: Right, the Tactical Multi-Purpose Sling
Amazonian: She's trying to prevent chafed elbows
wildpeaks: Unleash our magic sling \o/
Theycallmejokke: Sling is OP in this meta
Amazonian: Gotta keep that weenis moist
Mister_Skittles: this is my assassin's creed cosplay
xantos69: French Ninja....Frinja?
kumatsu: @Amazonian seabatBRAIN
wildpeaks: daww
Amazonian: I'm sorry, I'll refrain from talking about wet weenises again
seth_erickson: It's the ultimate weapon Metal... I mean Medieval Sling
Sorrowex: Its the new generation of Pokémon, Freninja
Krokaar: gettings kids to be quiet? my immersion is broken!
Theycallmejokke: Time to ice some englishmen
Pistollero1: OHhh boy catching my favorite LRR boy live for the first time ever !! Hype!
wildpeaks: well you don't have to go back
Pteraspidomorphi: Looters :D
Theycallmejokke: Blood for the blood god!
RebekahWSD: I'd like to think children who are at full sentence age would be quiet if there was visible danger nearby, but...I've babysat some that I'm sure would willing run into death
WizNerd10: big oof
ContingentCat: Isn't that the point of games, to do what you can't do in real life, like have a kid be quiet
margieargie: "I've had enough of running" *immediately starts running*
accountmadeforants: "I've had enough of running", says Girl running
kalateth: are these guards running the Thief guard mentality? everything is large and noisy rats until its a player they need to kill?
WizNerd10: I love how the first thing they did when they found a prisoner had escaped was leave her brother alone
Amazonian: I like the backwards scuttle
Krokaar: o.o
wildpeaks: woohoo
Amazonian: These people have very poor peripheral vision. It must be all the cholera
CrazymattCaptain: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
WizNerd10: There was a pot by the fire
Alness49: Rope//Dope
Theycallmejokke: Nicely done
Ereppy: Jebaited
wildpeaks: Corvo would be proud
mtvcdm: Dead.
WizNerd10: "safety"
Megaparsec256: cutscene "safety"
Dragonheart91: is this game the new Brothers?
ContingentCat: whoop
Robot_Bones: This isn't where I parked my car
erloas: they gave the blind guy the bow
Krokaar: oh sap
wildpeaks: lrrCOW
Krokaar: snap*
Theycallmejokke: Holy moly
Amazonian: Ah, a degree in "boomology"
Amazonian: This child can't climb ladders.
Krokaar: bug
underhill33: borked
wildpeaks: uh oh
Theycallmejokke: ???
Krokaar: we beta testers now boi
DiscordianTokkan: She had the zoomies
TaubeTilda: the zoomies!
margieargie: "woop wooop wooop woop!"
Krokaar: always time for zoomies!
Pistollero1: Doing human donuts
Theycallmejokke: Just murder left and righ
randomino5: that aim assist lul
erloas: sword them in the face when they open it...
Kramburger: I heard there's a chance that if you get stuck in an unskippable cutscene onstream, graham and paul will come in, kick you out and take over
RebekahWSD: Eurgh
SachielOne: C4... Bingo!
Evochron13: that went through that man's skull
Krokaar: I wonder if there will be a way to do a ghost or no death playthrough for this. Minus maybe scripted ones
Krokaar: rt rt
LetsConsider: I think you could've broken his kneecaps and 'won' the bossfight without 'killing' him
Pistollero1: Ghost runs are so boring anyways, Full murder hobo 4 life
HungryCavalier: Pretty sure we *had* to feed a few people to the rats
Theycallmejokke: We escaped, and we did it in the first try!... more or less
Wicker_Knight: Okay, so just got here, sounds like we're rebellious French nobility in 100-Years-War France?
mtvcdm: He's a witch!
jpss92400: she probably has horrible diseases from laying on those corpses
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A_Dub888: benginTry
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Theycallmejokke: Well ninja obs
silvalunae: team ninja
Evochron13: the voices between them are hardly distinguishable
WizNerd10: Team Lucas
ContingentCat: def. the ninja
Krokaar: maybe this is a prequel to vermintide. before everyone turns into rats
DiscordianTokkan: Windmill slam ninja
CrazymattCaptain: love triangle
accountmadeforants: Ah, but which ninja?
CompletelyUnsure: windmill slam lucas!
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margieargie: I want the secret both ending!
Kramburger: Everybody loves the ninja
starlitdiscord: everyone loves the ninja
Pteraspidomorphi: We don't even know anything about the ninja yet!
Alness49: Ninja. Like, it's a choice?
Krokaar: how do I adopt this kid?
margieargie: Now Kiss (just make sure the other person doesn't have plague first)
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe there would be less plague if you people took more baths
randomino5: how is this mill supposed to work?
wildpeaks: keep pressing maybe ?
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wildpeaks: yeah that one is a bit silly
fefrid73: Gameplay!
wildpeaks: there hugo
Krokaar: The mill is the real boss
xantos69: Um...no it won't
mtvcdm: It'll hold them for like a whole minute.
xantos69: They will just walk across the river.
Krokaar: all the sneakyness
deoplo: she has a snake for her hair braid
WizNerd10: Team Melie
starlitdiscord: lets romance both the ninjas!
wildpeaks: geometry intensifies
fefrid73: Four points!
EscherichiaCole: ackyduck!
Krokaar: must adopt little dude
Theycallmejokke: Ah the classic love square
WizNerd10: she's canadian
TaubeTilda: Love square meets circle?
randomino5: press E to console
Theycallmejokke: oh rats! ;P
Krokaar: Psychic powers activate
HungryCavalier: Time for more rats!
accountmadeforants: Wererat, yo!
seth_erickson: We need more love pentagon's to be honest
EscherichiaCole: 20 rats in a peasant outfit
illmastershogun: Is there an option to play as the real heroes, the English?
WizNerd10: HELL. YES.
DiscordianTokkan: Were-rat? THERE rat!
Pistollero1: Were Rat
Alness49: I like my romantic entanglements to take non-elucidian
Zhedor: He's not an alien so no to that idea :D
erloas: game better not end with an orgy on a pile of dead rats...
Krokaar: BIG SAME
fefrid73: MOOD
mahpete_: rat orgy on a pile of dead bodies?
ContingentCat: Big mood there
seth_erickson: I don't think this is a Steven King novel
Aztren: arent these just concussion symptoms?
CompletelyUnsure: Give him oatmeal (a real plot point in the Animorphs to find out who's an alien)
Alness49: He's less of a rat king and more of a rat prince
wildpeaks: a key that you don't have to use :D
DiscordianTokkan: @CompletelyUnsure Do Aliens... are they allergic to oatmeal?
MrSVCD: Kids grabs shit all the time.
fefrid73: Oof
stacko84: He's a kid.
WizNerd10: skidaddle!
Alness49: You want a banquetout for that
Theycallmejokke: uh oh...
deoplo: the mouths aren't moving enough and it's creepy
CompletelyUnsure: @DiscordianTokkan No, it's like crack to them and they can get addicted.
Krokaar: the truth train, choo choo
erloas: wandering into houses and grabbing random things, he must think he's a protagonist
jawz77: What company made this game?
stacko84: Things are not going to end well for Lucas
jawz77: monkaS
bl1ghtn1n6: crap i forgot about this, what did i miss?
DiscordianTokkan: @CompletelyUnsure Ah! Heck, I've eaten en entire box of oatmeal cookies on vacation before so... I see that.
wildpeaks: jawz77 Asobo Studio
EscherichiaCole: Skedaddle!
accountmadeforants: Oh dang, what about her bro?
Theycallmejokke: Luckly rats doesn't live undergrown
wildpeaks: and tastes delicious on pizza
niccus: do not try this at home
Krokaar: its called sriracha
stacko84: Helmet melting fun!
Lyannen: If it melts steal it will probably kill you if you get it into your face?
Alness49: Great on pizza
jawz77: DOMED
EvilBadman: just acid their helmetless heads
Alness49: What kind of need wants to protect their head?
Alness49: Less dense then a rock, we have learned
fefrid73: The virgin helmets vs the Chad acid clump
seth_erickson: listen these guys didn't have the internet like we do can't expect them to know anything really
EvilBadman: I dunno, people with the internet are also not very smart
Wicker_Knight: So, I'm curious, is there an in-game explanation for why we appear to have King-David-Level slinger skills?
underhill33: probably not
wildpeaks: no you don't have to kill them, you can also avoid them
Wicker_Knight: are we Arya Stark?
Theycallmejokke: Long ranged Arya, yeah pretty much
seth_erickson: She's practiced a lot as a child I guess is the games logic
deoplo: you've heard of jiggle physics, but observe the far superior snake hair braid physics
Wicker_Knight: We're not child murderers Kappa
wildpeaks: nothing here, just the wind / a big rat
Krokaar: and.....PANTS them
Wicker_Knight: Rodents of unusual size
incredulouspasserby: Oh shit I didn’t know the next game was rat friends
fefrid73: Does anyone else remember how 4th edition dnd had a thing where halflings were just naturaly gods with slings? And then just, like, dropped it in 5th?
Louie_Salmon: *The ground will remember that.
wildpeaks: did an halfling write the 4th edition ? :D
deoplo: damn this kid is in sync with you
Wicker_Knight: Must. Craft. Murder. Implements. To. Save. Small. Child. WIth. Demonic.Powers.
EvilBadman: no, but a giant was on 5e staff
starlitdiscord: must. save. baby.
wildpeaks: woohoo
Krokaar: side entrance, story of my life
randomino5: Meile will remember this
Alness49: Tasteful side entrance
LetsConsider: You should've knocked him out
starlitdiscord: ah yes, melie the sayer of bad words
deoplo: who says boom without big swinging arm motions?
wildpeaks: roast chicken would be nice
Theycallmejokke: Mmm, roast chicken
Pteraspidomorphi: Roast chicken is an option? I'd take it
WizNerd10: @deoplo Right?
Theycallmejokke: nugs
wildpeaks: daww
Krokaar: chicken teriyaki
EvilBadman: no, don't eat rats
wildpeaks: someone spilled some rats there
Alness49: Noodles
deoplo: aw rats
Hot_Leather_Daddy: chicken fried rat
Theycallmejokke: upgrade get
fefrid73: When you trip and spill the rats that were in your pockets
accountmadeforants: I'm just going by what I had for dinner, but: spaghetti bolognese?
wildpeaks: expensive emergency item
Theycallmejokke: Holy moly!
starlitdiscord: BOOM
Evochron13: Rejected Harry Potter spells
Alness49: Lumino-sar!
Wicker_Knight: UMM, I have questions
kalateth: it was a flashbang... emphasis on bang
Wicker_Knight: Chat question, is it worth going back to the start of the stream to see if explanations are given for this?
Wicker_Knight: or is this kind of a "go with it" game?
wildpeaks: I still prefer ackyduck
Krokaar: You should hear some of the videos of cube aprils kids pronouncing these words. its ducking adorable
deoplo: I just tuned in like 10 minutes ago and am rolling with it
starlitdiscord: ackyduck is cute
Wicker_Knight: okay cool. French Tomb Raider trying to save adorable anti-christ child
CompletelyUnsure: We still haven't seen any evilness actually happen, I'm still on it being all superstition.
Hot_Leather_Daddy: this is strangely like horizon
Theycallmejokke: :D
Pteraspidomorphi: Keys!
Pteraspidomorphi: Awww
fefrid73: Secret Tunnel!
seth_erickson: Secret Tunnel Secret Runnel
starlitdiscord: woah thats pretty
randomino5: The way is shut. It was made by those who are Dead, and the Dead keep it
Angnor33: Such a good movie.
korvys: benginFacepalm
Hot_Leather_Daddy: did you finally learn how to train one Kappa
WizNerd10: my girl? team lucas is strong
Theycallmejokke: Woopsy doodle
starlitdiscord: how come the acid that melts steel doesn't melt the chains
xantos69: You are applying logic to a video game? How Dare!
accountmadeforants: They're special rocks, they were trained for this
Megaparsec256: Maybe to discourage wasteful resource use?
orbitaltuna: what was the brat's name again?
WizNerd10: the chains aren't steal, duh
Wicker_Knight: also how come the acid that melts steel is something that we can hold in a leather sling...
mahpete_: @orbitaltuna hugo
Alness49: That's not steel though, it's Rockium!
deoplo: immersive gameplay
wildpeaks: something something it's an alchemist castle
wildpeaks: so it's special metal
Hot_Leather_Daddy: what an odd loading screen
Pteraspidomorphi: I could also go for cheese
Theycallmejokke: Gameplay!
Wicker_Knight: Something something Nicholas Flamel
Angnor33: !gameplay!
seth_erickson: what happened to the brother ninja
Wicker_Knight: in Prison
LetsConsider: Brother ninja dead
xantos69: Wow I can totally see how amazing this is and how it adds to the gameplay experience.
TheChargingBadger: Have Lucas do it
mahpete_: @seth_erickson captured
seth_erickson: Ah see
Clockwork_Penguin: Quick, someone get me a fox, a chicken, and some wheat
RagMan017: bye boat!
deoplo: this seems like one of those games that's actually a movie with small gameplay sections
TheChargingBadger: Ben no
accountmadeforants: It's only a moment of time before we get gaming keyboards with turbo-buttons. (Not to be confused with the turbo button of yore.)
wildpeaks: you go in the boat
Angnor33: More Gameplay!
Gen2Gengar: Hello Ben, hello chat!
WizNerd10: @Clockwork_Penguin my thoughts exactly
accountmadeforants: *matter
TheChargingBadger: Well its COLD, Ben.
Alness49: *gestures to butterfly* Video Games!
wildpeaks: road trip \o/
randomino5: Cave water is deceptive, it might be way deeper than it looks
Theycallmejokke: :D
fefrid73: That kid's falling in the water
randomino5: Or at least that's what cave tour guides have told me
Hot_Leather_Daddy: so they know why the water is green but dont know about the plague?
Alness49: Get in, boy.
Golldum: so are we a rat psychic now
WizNerd10: "monsters" I think they mean water rats
Krokaar: suddenly Inferi start popping up
WetLettuce: dang it, I missed the 1st hour of this. Rewind plz
CompletelyUnsure: @no
Wicker_Knight: you probably are one, kid
kalateth: and thats a flag raised....
TheChargingBadger: Yeah this whole section is really obtuse for no logical reason
Theycallmejokke: The lore about this undergrond lake is getting rather deep
Evochron13: ok. hugo is getting more cinnamon bun-ney but he's still a stale one
TheChargingBadger: It's for the dialogue
Krokaar: and CHOMP big krocadile
seth_erickson: re-warmed cinnamon bun?
randomino5: Melie's voice actor is so bad
starlitdiscord: what's lucas's backstory?
Wicker_Knight: @WetLettuce As far as I can gather: French Arya Stark is a child of a Loyalist French Noble in the 100 Years War whose younger brother has weird Alchemical Rat Powers and is being hunted by the Inquisition. We need to use the power of basic chemistry and mass murder to protect the child from the church
accountmadeforants: Yeah, they're still talking. Guess they figured it was better than a really slow cutscene?
Theycallmejokke: Wait is ninja girl bare footed
underhill33: Cure Hugo
starlitdiscord: ooh that makes sense
TheChargingBadger: Presumably, Lucas is an orphan too.
kalateth: she has bombs and aid... how are locks a problem....
TheChargingBadger: No Lucas the game is called "Mouse Trap"
accountmadeforants: Ah, ancient technology. It's only a matter of time before we figure out it was Earth all along!
deoplo: ugh that's freaky
Megaparsec256: They sure aren't too subtle with the exposition, huh.
Wicker_Knight: erm, that's not how rats work...
niccus: rats are liquid
wildpeaks: they're special rats
randomino5: rats could easily climb that
WizNerd10: jump in the pit
WizNerd10: do it
Hot_Leather_Daddy: dive on in
TheChargingBadger: So why is this ancient defense system specifically designed to deal with this relatively new rat plague problem?
Alness49: Ah, you solved my Rat puzzle!
Robot_Bones: non-Newtonian rats
RagMan017: go for a rat swim
randomino5: become one with the rats
TaubeTilda: its gonna be soft
Golldum: the rats feel like season 1 white walkers to me
Hot_Leather_Daddy: scrooge mc duck that rat pit
LetsConsider: The fact that they evaporate in light doesn't tell you they're supernatural?
Krokaar: do the rats get +1/+0 for their friends?
Wicker_Knight: So when do you meet Corvo Attano Kappa
Duven60: there not rats so much as a mist of death in the shape of rats
Louie_Salmon: These rats are like thousands of tiny xenomorphs, or angry, fast lava
TheChargingBadger: Rats are a fluid
kumatsu: Can't block Warriors, but you can block Sads
TheChargingBadger: Angry fast lava that's scared of firelight
Wicker_Knight: okay yeah the rats explicitly dissolve into dust when they get caught on the ladder
kalateth: finishes pooling the rats... falls into the pit and gets eaten
Robot_Bones: no ben the loot NotLikeThis
TheChargingBadger: They dissolve whenever they shouldn't be where they are.
wildpeaks: she jinxed it
Alness49: Angry Fast Lava is an enchant in the next Unset
randomino5: It's the safest place in Castle Winterfell
Wicker_Knight: well, player needs to be warned somehow
Evochron13: why don't you explain jinxing to adam?
fefrid73: "Good thing it can't get any worse"
Krokaar: We Dark Souls now
Evochron13: that happens all the time with him
mtvcdm: That castle is surely fine.
EscherichiaCole: 100% not haunted
EscherichiaCole: No ghosts here
wildpeaks: welcome, chosen undead
kalateth: its a ruin......
Krokaar: Where is SOulair
TheChargingBadger: Definitely not haunted
TheChargingBadger: 50/50 chance it's cursed though
Wicker_Knight: Welcome, to the castle of the nine gates and the Kingdom of Shadows
seth_erickson: oh
deoplo: interesting way to make gameplay out of the situation
accountmadeforants: I'm just waiting for rats to be behind one of the things you ask Melie to unlock. Like a mimic, but for betraying your friend
kalateth: suddenly I'm reminded of the the old NES game shadowgate...
demondrinkingtea: successfully 5-0ed my second draft lol
Wicker_Knight: okay so the kids don't really know anything either, do they
TheChargingBadger: It's a good thing the rats refuse to climb up slopes or stairs
randomino5: people used to live in the castle??
Wicker_Knight: I am 40% certain that is not actually a gate to some sort of ironic rat hell
Decaped: is there a rat on the moon? is it just more pronounced.
Theycallmejokke: And everything was fine forever, and everyone live good long life
Invitare: you live in a country that doesn't exactly have castles, Ben
deoplo: @TheChargingBadger it's because in this world noone can jump duh
WizNerd10: Is this a rat king?
Invitare: I live just down the road from a castle :)
wildpeaks: eww
CrazymattCaptain: hack this door
Decaped: slugs
Megaparsec256: maggots?
Wicker_Knight: worms?
kalateth: maggots?
TheChargingBadger: Also the name "Shadow Castle" is a bit on the nose
Mister_Skittles: I live in a town with a castle lol
EscherichiaCole: tiny rats
Mangledpixel: a tiny horse
Alness49: A key lime
CaptainSpam: Is this the same escort mission from before?
Robot_Bones: Melie? Was smash brothers named after her? Kappa
Hot_Leather_Daddy: an entire tine civilization.
You_will_be_Avenged : We have a few castles but they aren't like the type of castles in this game, they're more like really really really big and super fancy houses
xantos69: Well she is the rogue.
Himyul: one of these days, one of these rats is going to develop an adaptation against fire, breed like crazy, and then you're boned.
Evochron13: not gonna lie i enojoy that they've focused on the female protags in the story
randomino5: WutFace
Pal_Friendpatine: Pretty sure I did the “light something to movie critters” mechanic in a lego game before
Decaped: speculation: i can't wait for the end when all of these fun characters get eaten by rats so Hugo can wander out like in the end of that one horror movie.
RagMan017: im with you, in spirit
demondrinkingtea: I get the two mixed up DMing way too much
Robot_Bones: brazzers? lrrBEEJ
Hot_Leather_Daddy: brazers scare rats confirmed
starlitdiscord: is melie invisible now
WizNerd10: do the thing
HydraWiggins: Moments like this you're just "why can't you carry 2 torch sticks?
WizNerd10: press the button
wildpeaks: she wasn't invisible, she was at the edge
Himyul: you can't dress that much like a ninja and NOT be 100% invisible
xantos69: Well clearly whomever built this place has dealt with rats long before us.
kalateth: boots milli off the lader as she's climbing....
WizNerd10: "I don't know if I trust you" ben says to the person who saved his life multiple times today
Wicker_Knight: This feels like it's made by the Senua's Sacrifice team?
Himyul: have we nicknamed the rat swarm twitch chat? LUL
wildpeaks: Senua <3
kalateth: traumatizing?
Kykiwi: senua was great
deoplo: angry lava?
TheChargingBadger: Saving someone is a great way to put them in debt and exploit them.
Hot_Leather_Daddy: the entire rat swarm is kevin Kappa
deoplo: they spawned more?
CompletelyUnsure: get melliw to rewind her brzier
Kykiwi: melie is def gonna die a tragic death
TheChargingBadger: She absolutley can't read
Robot_Bones: Her lack of shoes disturbs me
TheChargingBadger: the soldiers can't even read
margieargie: @Robot_Bones There has to be a -lot- of rat droppings on the ground right now, so... yeah, probably not the best idea.
Wicker_Knight: I dunno, as mentioned earlier these rats arent' very...ratty.
Wicker_Knight: more "embodiment of plague and evil-ey
kalateth: this is one insanely complicated mouse trap.....
TheChargingBadger: Their eyes glow ffs
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Alchemistmerlin: I hate those meeces to pieces
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Himyul: rats = twitch chat checks out then Kappa
Wicker_Knight: yeah waiting for the pied piper of hamelin references
niccus: now that the pool is complete, time to dive in
fefrid73: Unrealistic, no game of Mouse Trap actually works properly once you've set it up
Evochron13: i legit cannot tell which girl is supposed to be speaking
Hot_Leather_Daddy: we had one already
Louie_Salmon: They are exploding into a Shang tsung-esque green mist at times, so it feels safe to assume they are evil
Wicker_Knight: ah, too late then
Alness49: "Hey, did anyone see my Rats? I let them out to play but they're gone now."
Hot_Leather_Daddy: "your wicked music is what brought us this plague" was said in the tutorial
wildpeaks: the brasier where all the rats are ?
AfricaByTotoAOE: push them in with the second brazier
wildpeaks: language young lady :D
deoplo: why is she feinting away from the wall and stuff?
Wicker_Knight: @Hot_Leather_Daddy to just some random musician?
Himyul: for some reason, I'm feeling the urge to watch Ratatouille again
CompletelyUnsure: This complicates the love-squaare
Golldum: ratatouille was such a good movie
Hot_Leather_Daddy: mellie the furry
Questhere: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:12:08.
Kykiwi: you want rat kings?
TheChargingBadger: Time to swim!
wildpeaks: Castle conquered \o/
Kykiwi: that is how you get rat kings
SachielOne: I need 100 barrels of napalm to make a moat.
Angnor33: Nuke them from orbit.
Himyul: for what it's worth, the bottom six layers of rats are totally dead in there
WizNerd10: @Kykiwi I knew that it was a rat king
Alness49: It's not like I like you or anything, buffoon m
TheChargingBadger: If it rains enough to fill the pit the rats can just
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Lyinginbedmon: 18 months? I might just be out of quarantine!
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TheChargingBadger: climb back out
SquareDotCube: We're not going to throw fire in there or anything?
wildpeaks: lrrHERE
stacko84: Eww rat river
Himyul: the lazy river of rats
Archonic_Energy: keeps the others out
Wicker_Knight: it's like you're very own piranha pool
LathosTiran: defence and garbage disposal in one!
TheChargingBadger: THe angry river of rats
accountmadeforants: This is how we become the French hokage, the Hon-kage
underhill33: Chez nous
TheChargingBadger: Welcome to Orphan Castle
Mister_Skittles: dont touch me plague child
Alness49: It has Rat Plumbing. Hot and Cold Rats!
Golldum: i dont like the evil veins growing up hugo
Penthesilea180: Heritage home with well stocked rat swim spa
TheChargingBadger: I mean Hugo probably also doesn't care much for them
WizNerd10: Noiseless sling
Wicker_Knight: go full ninha
CrazymattCaptain: pouch
Wicker_Knight: *ninja
wildpeaks: silent is nice
deoplo: is this like upgrades?
Himyul: the kid wants to go play and Ben insists on adulting. Too real. #TheCatsInTheCradle
Hot_Leather_Daddy: what even is a noisy sling?
Megaparsec256: I don't think you can actually save enough string at the moment
xantos69: always upgrade carry capacity first....easier to do other things with more materials.
Decaped: can you even carry that much rope?
Megaparsec256: you need 15 and you can only carry 12 right now
accountmadeforants: Our sling SLAPS
Meyari: Looks like you need pouch?
Evochron13: #PlayerHousing
Golldum: sweet, a home base mechanic
EscherichiaCole: Unfuck this castle
wildpeaks: this is where your collectables would show up
underhill33: Fixer Upper: Rat Château
CompletelyUnsure: What was on that cabinet with the red runner?
stacko84: "It comes with your own rat moat!"
wildpeaks: time for some Science
EscherichiaCole: Now hold the candle very close to this mixture of sulfur and salpeter
Mr_Horrible: I don't care how old/young you are, I'm gonna stop trusting you when you do alchemy and call something "The Great Work"
TheChargingBadger: Fabric seems pretty rare
Alchemistmerlin: We have wildly overestimated the benefit of unlimited rats to the local housing market
deoplo: okay mr horrible
Wicker_Knight: okay so...I'm getting the vibe that "Alchemist" in this world is like "Assassin" in the Assassin's Creed world
TheChargingBadger: Which is kinda goofy considering all the cloth around
accountmadeforants: During the night? But that's when the rats are!
Ereppy: he had a vision that he had to mix these chemicals? monkaS
wildpeaks: mm angel's tear, wasn't it also the name of the potion in Vampyr ?
wildpeaks: (might be merely a reference, or they could be in the same universe)
LathosTiran: GIGA-------
Robot_Bones: Doctor Horrible, I didn' spend 8 years in evil medical school for nothing @deoplo
stacko84: I think he meant to say he mixed the chemicals and had a vision and not vice cera
niccus: people figured out the structure of benzene when Kekule dreamed about an ouroboros
Golldum: thanks lagan
Wicker_Knight: both references to alchemy
fefrid73: She's a rich kid who's lost everything and who's brother has a weird headache problem. And she's a gutter kid with a thing for basements and an in your face attitude. Will these mismatched roommates be able to agree on the perfect Rat Infested Castle? Find out, next time on Unplague This House!
CrazymattCaptain: did you get enough to make more material storage?
deoplo: @Robot_Bones LUL
wildpeaks: woooo
starlitdiscord: kiss kiss kiss!
stacko84: Sassy
Wicker_Knight: curious they're calling it "The Bastion" and not "The Bastille"...
Hot_Leather_Daddy: now kiss
siver110: so this is france in the Black plague years?
Kykiwi: sotmhing somthing friends never say goobye
margieargie: Thanks for ruining the mood Hugo!
Wicker_Knight: definitely pseudo-mythical alchemy-punk france
BrindleBoar: time for puzzlan
wildpeaks: is this.. butterfly ?
gawag_: picture... the tree
Mr_Horrible: A supernatural plague brought on by our sins, like regular bathing and wanting rights
accountmadeforants: It's Vitu-Ghazi?!
starlitdiscord: vitu ghazi!
Robot_Bones: The house of Groot, it all makes sense now
deoplo: we are groot
xantos69: picture ther tree
LathosTiran: "picture the tree and do better at what you're trying to do"
bearcep: just believe in the tree let it flow through you
Theycallmejokke: Yikes indeed
fefrid73: It's a 0/0 elemental with 9 +1/+1 counters on it!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: that boys a hulk
stacko84: Yowza
Lyannen: I wonder.. do your necklaces in After the Flood look like those?
margieargie: I'd say "you should get that checked by a doctor" but it's the 14th century, the doctor probably wouldn't help.
warpainterii: Why does she have armor on only one elbow?
TheChargingBadger: *child sounds*
wildpeaks: a forbidden book you say
seth_erickson: fashion @warpainterii
TheChargingBadger: The book of blood
Kykiwi: ooh blood magic?
Vyous: F O R B I D D E N
TheChargingBadger: This is the part where we leave Hugo
starlitdiscord: so... literal blood magic?
randomino5: field trip!
accountmadeforants: Oh, so now the babies can stay in the castle while the ninja and amazon get to go on a date, I mean adventure!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: so forbidden everyone has it
TheChargingBadger: AKA the best part of the game
stacko84: Go get that apple team.
Alness49: Blood blood blood
Golldum: Have we seen magic in universe besides the rats?
fefrid73: Where's MY transformative field trip with Zuko??
starlitdiscord: blood!!!
Theycallmejokke: Got there!
underhill33: Aw yeah, we don't have to take the baby with us
margieargie: !findquote blood
LRRbot: Quote #1552: "Chi da! Editor's note: chi means blood." —Alex [2015-03-27]
wildpeaks: the Rat God answered
mahpete_: ah, nature's pocket.
LathosTiran: "girl, take off your shirt... i need the fabric" :P
WizNerd10: they just had they're first date, and now they are going on missions together
Mr_Horrible: sorry Ben, that's what we needed to hear. You're coming with us! gabyPolice lrrSIGNAL
Archonic_Energy: a grave mistake
warpainterii: a grave?! in the crypt?! Impossible!
siver110: why have that armor piece randomly on her arm
deoplo: that grave seems like it will become significant later in the game
wildpeaks: mm cheevo didn't unlock, I guess it does only if you come with Hugo
Alness49: That was a grave mistake!
fefrid73: Shepard.
Vyous: Sounds like everyone will be turned to organic paste-goo
TheChargingBadger: Take a nap Lucas
Wicker_Knight: it;s okay, this is just Virmire
Mr_Horrible: and you're going to see a reaper shaped like, a giant rat? omgHmm
wildpeaks: Mass Effect was good, should replay it one day
xantos69: seriously how good were Mass Effect 1 & 2.
fefrid73: Hope you've been jamming Paragon
tergonis: save wrex by shooting ash in the face
Vyous: 3 except the ending was great as well
BlindProphet32: Yuuuup
Invitare: there was a season pass?
Kykiwi: ooof
marislavender: wait what?
WizNerd10: Sucks
wildpeaks: ouch
erloas: been trying to decide if it was worth picking up Andromeda, did like the others, but Origin...
Mr_Horrible: this sounds like their SOP
SquareDotCube: Caveat emptor, I guess
TheChargingBadger: A different head.
deoplo: the spanish inquisition?
warpainterii: EA robbing from folks? tale as old as time itself
Wicker_Knight: So, the Bite is the rat plague?
accountmadeforants: I had no faith in Andromeda, and still haven't played it. So hah! ...I lost my faith in one of my favourite franchises way before you did. T_T
wildpeaks: daww
TheChargingBadger: Forbidding death always works.
Theycallmejokke: Andromeda wasn't actually that bad, but it def had problems
starlitdiscord: and we never see melie again
Lyannen: Too early
Hot_Leather_Daddy: KappaPride
Wicker_Knight: you cool. you played it cool Kappa
Mr_Horrible: reel it back big guy
Alness49: Smooth
seth_erickson: on the second date nsh
Theycallmejokke: Pretty
Megaparsec256: Parkour time?
accountmadeforants: Dang that's a good view.
RagMan017: time for some assassins creed moves
tergonis: parkour!
xantos69: Quickly turn your sling into a zipline!
WizNerd10: RATs
Eklinaar: Just tuning in, did we finally ditch the useless brother?
mtvcdm: Welp
Eklinaar: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:29:13.
wildpeaks: save us, Melie
Lyannen: melt thing
deoplo: must have been the wind...
Theycallmejokke: Perfect
Wicker_Knight: @Eklinaar rat-baby is safely stashed in the cursed castle
wildpeaks: *ding* she survives this
accountmadeforants: So at this point we gotta blend in with all the other kids in this massive city, right?
TheChargingBadger: Guys she went up the stairs
mtvcdm: How..... did we lose them.... up a flight of stairs that only leads one place.
LathosTiran: @Eklinaar bother is getting worse, we are hunting a book of forbiden knowledge
TheChargingBadger: guys there was literally only one place she could have gone
MalBeam: have we found a weapon to surpass metal gear yet?
Mr_Horrible: "I'm sure as shit not climbing all these stairs in armor. They probably got away."
mtvcdm: They didn't even TRY to go up the stairs.
TheChargingBadger: It's not like the stairs split off
wildpeaks: yeah it's a silly thing in stealth games, they have to give up after a while
RagMan017: there not very eager to pursue
wildpeaks: we just get along with it
fefrid73: "Damn. She went up those stairs. And yesterday was leg day."
TheChargingBadger: Guards have no object permanence
accountmadeforants: MalBeam Yeah, we established that's the sling
deoplo: they don't get paid enough to run for too long
margieargie: The "searching for you" theme sounds like a tornado siren...
Theycallmejokke: These guards must be paid in exposure, for all the effort they put into there guarding
warpainterii: nothin will make me laugh like killing a guy via swarm of rats in Dishonored and the guards buddy totally going back to routine patrol after seeing his buddy get eaten to the skeleton.
xantos69: Stealth in video games...if they ever implement a system that makes sense...it sucks to play.
wildpeaks: exactly
TheChargingBadger: Paid in exposure to plague
margieargie: I honestly was worried there might be a storm going through here before I realized it was coming from here.
deoplo: sadly that's true xantos
Theycallmejokke: @TheChargingBadger Zing! :D
Ereppy: poison him SwiftRage
fefrid73: If NPCs acted like people, we souldn't have gaming
Mysticman89: people acting like npcs can be fun though
Wicker_Knight: that guard is as much a guard as the rats are rats
Eklinaar: So what's the deal with the French ninjas? I missed that part.
WizNerd10: kill him
WizNerd10: do it
wildpeaks: Thief, another good serie of stealth games
Wicker_Knight: also they were expecting some kind of payment?
WizNerd10: poison
WizNerd10: use the poison
mtvcdm: LRRBot. Recommendation?
mtvcdm: !advice
LRRbot: Don't give the demon sphere to Dale.
Ereppy: they figured they could force their parents to pay them for rescuing the kids because lucas told them that but the theives didnt knwo the parents were dead
Mysticman89: is this basically thief but with more plague?
Wicker_Knight: !badadvice
LRRbot: School is not important.
wildpeaks: bad lrrbot, bad
Theycallmejokke: Russel!
Wicker_Knight: I mean, it is bad advice gabyShrug
wildpeaks: someone left the rats faucet on
deoplo: convenient that someone left a rock on their windowsill
fefrid73: LRRbot gets it
warpainterii: humor someone. Is this one of those games with a pacifist run? or is letting folks die by rat nibbles sometimes the only option?
fefrid73: "This rock is fresh out of the oven. Better put it on the window sill to dry"
WizNerd10: poor piggie
mtvcdm: Yeah, sometimes you gotta feed the rats.
wildpeaks: there are some mandatory kills, and it doesn't have a chaos system
Wicker_Knight: I feel llike this game starts at full chaos anyway :P
wildpeaks: true :D
mtvcdm: You just do whatever the situation asks of you and it makes no attempt to judge you.
niccus: there was the one part where you can save a guy
accountmadeforants: I like how it's a stealth game where the darkness is filled with death.
wildpeaks: seeecrets
warpainterii: have we tried tying a rat to a stick and going full on "Plague flail" tactic?
Roland_Malius: I mean... Dishonored's high chaos is just... rats everywhere so.....
Wicker_Knight: Secret Treasure. Secret Treasure. Past the Rat Seas
wildpeaks: yeah this is already darker than high chaos
SuperSugarSloth: NonBinaryPride PansexualPride AsexualPride TransgenderPride IntersexPride
wildpeaks: he signed up for the roasted chicken
warpainterii: so....is lack of sympathy a prereq for every video game guard?
fefrid73: "Leave me Alone, I'm just days from Retirement"
Roland_Malius: Feedin time!
QuietJay: lrrHAM
Theycallmejokke: lantern
wildpeaks: nice lamp you have there, buddy
Despoiler98: in THAT case
stacko84: Breakable lantern
Evochron13: you mean better
wildpeaks: :D
Edgarware: benginTraitor
randomino5: less worse?
mtvcdm: Well, guess we'll be the ones doing the stealing then.
randomino5: Kill the looter! *proceeds to loot house*
Mysticman89: punishment for intent to steal is death by rats.
Theycallmejokke: So many Russels
Hot_Leather_Daddy: because it's halloween
korvys: To send a message to other skeletons
RagMan017: airborne rats!
xantos69: how do you get rid of your skeletons? I always hang mine up neatly.
stacko84: That is a lot of effort to hang them that high
kalateth: time to snipe some bodies
korvys: This is just an incredibly grim puzzle game, huh?
Despoiler98: nope nope nope
Theycallmejokke: Ew ew ew ew
niccus: water levels huh
Evochron13: don't forget about the rejected harry potter spell
warpainterii: you know....you never really get blood off leather....those boots are ruined
RagMan017: no dont go back in the hole!
Evochron13: luminsomething rather
RagMan017: ewww
Despoiler98: slytqWTF
Despoiler98: slytqItsfine
Mysticman89: im glad were refering to people bodies as meat already
mtvcdm: It was drippy in there.
stacko84: THat would be sooooo slippery
mtvcdm: And pointy.
SuperSugarSloth: Can you put out the guard's light?
WizNerd10: grody
Lycodrake: gross and weird?
Lycodrake: so the rats aren't our friends? D:
Mysticman89: thats where the flavour is
Despoiler98: quieter than the sling I think
Wicker_Knight: rats are not friends
Theycallmejokke: Flashbang?
iggySPLOSION: benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40ExEnginExplosive
Tiber727: You know, sometimes I wonder if you could make a good stealth game where enemies aren't complete idiots.
Despoiler98: @Lycodrake the rats are your friends only long enough to eat you down to the bone
xantos69: dat greed play.
TheMoatman: There should be a medieval game that's entirely in, like, Middle English or something
Theycallmejokke: Sorta kinda
Despoiler98: yeet!
wildpeaks: we're the ninja now
wildpeaks: new mecanic
Despoiler98: bullseye lantern
Decaped: oooo, nice D&D item
HisEvilDomain: if only my slight, childlike frame could fit between the bars of the gate
QuietJay: Now you can herd rats.
Mysticman89: when do you get the mirror shield?
korvys: This is just portal with rats.
Kramburger: So why don't the rats swarm in your shadow /gamelogic
wildpeaks: I like that it keep introducing new things over time, doesn't repeat itself much
Lyannen: Why this strange lantern :|
stacko84: It's basically a stationary hooded lantern that rotates
Despoiler98: shoot him!
Despoiler98: GBYE
randomino5: that was completely pointless exposition, right? it would have taken you three seconds to figure it out
Fugi: that was evil
HisEvilDomain: they get blown out less and need less fuel I think, since you can have a small flame reflected winthin
Despoiler98: actually it won't teach him.....hes ded
ReydienOnline: the game made them do it
ReydienOnline: they're not evil, they're a product of their circumstances
Fugi: i just tuned in but i'm already loving this game
kalateth: regret nothing. corpse looters deserve no mercy
wildpeaks: desperate times calls for deadly ninjas
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:48:08.
Despoiler98: what the?
Kramburger: Man, I loved Milo and Oridus
ancientspark: So why did you throw one away for demonstration then?
WizNerd10: Steal ALL of the Episanguis
CompletelyUnsure: except the one he just wasted . ..
solemn_storm: except when we need an impactful demonstration
Mysticman89: yet you could casually chuck one like that
ReydienOnline: so you can spend some to demonstrate it, but you can't spend some to get actual use?
Mister_Skittles: deaths... you mean deaths
Kramburger: Because knowledge is invaluable
wildpeaks: to make sure they don't drop it maybe
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WonderfulGlory: Hey Ben, I just got here, how are you liking the game?
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Theycallmejokke: Only ghost rats
stacko84: Medi-Evil biological warfare subplot!
wildpeaks: ghosts don't nip at your toes
Questhere: no gohst here lrrSPOOP
Despoiler98: seriously shes creeped by ded ppl IN THE GROUND? instead of all the corpses she's been crawling on?
wildpeaks: it is easy to get absorbed by this game :D
randomino5: G-g-g-ghosts? WutFace
BaronVonPoppinOff: No ghosts ; only normal types
Kramburger: God of War
iggySPLOSION: sign of a good game
underhill33: That's basically all I play
BaronVonPoppinOff: Pokemon Lyon: All Rattata
Despoiler98: firebomb!
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Mister_Skittles: like yesterday. Bettletech is one sale on steam
Evochron13: all the time playing combo magic lrrBEEJ
Mysticman89: ratnip
Mister_Skittles: oh PILES of rat poop
Wicker_Knight: nah, probably dried human fat
CrazymattCaptain: ratnip
Angnor33: Most things are a certain percentage rat poop.
wildpeaks: unlike meat and bodies, it's temporary
margieargie: More rat poop than allowed in the new Ravnican sausage standard, at least.
Pteraspidomorphi: Did anyhting happen to Lucas? I missed half an hour
underhill33: oops woops
Kramburger: F
Despoiler98: ded
margieargie: Oh, rats!
Lirelent: when do wee become an animated suit of armor?
wildpeaks: our alchemist career was cut short :D
Hot_Leather_Daddy: now we just have to fuse the child and dog together Kappa
Mysticman89: rip. interesting it says amica died rather than "you" died
xantos69: I have risen above and attained a rank never before known. OH NO THE RATS!
Despoiler98: @Hot_Leather_Daddy get out
Eklinaar: To be fair, most RL accomplished alchemists also died by their creations.
WizNerd10: she talks to herself alot
wildpeaks: that was close :D
Mysticman89: just a little bit of the plague in you now, youll be fine
Lirelent: this is how you build immunitty right
itsr67: the floor is lava, but with 1000% more rat
WizNerd10: just use the light
Theycallmejokke: Hah! Nerds
wildpeaks: you'd be surprised how many people get stock on that part :D
Despoiler98: immediately dies
wildpeaks: *stuck
kalateth: burn em...
Evochron13: *looks through highlight reel*
Eklinaar: Do you want an answer?
WizNerd10: Got myself some mac-n-cheese bois
Theycallmejokke: Looks for list ;P
Despoiler98: WELL you have murdered a LOT of people
Mister_Skittles: Do you know what I dont miss right now. The child!
Mysticman89: rat herding is quite the profession
Swordsmasterguy: Have you seen any Plague Doctors in this game yet?
wildpeaks: the other way
underhill33: other way
BlindProphet32: other direction
pyrojakk: How much longer will the stram go for btw?
Mad_Maxis: other way
Penthesilea180: That is the way you came
Swordsmasterguy: NO! GO BACK!
BusTed: Hey all.
BusTed: Aggressive bunch.
Despoiler98: Ded
WizNerd10: "stupid rats"
wildpeaks: "it's ok" *immediately dies* :D
Questhere: lrrFINE
Theycallmejokke: Goofed it, take two
hippitybobbity: yeugh that's gruesome
hippitybobbity: how's it going yalls
SquareDotCube: don't forget your frabric
AfricaByTotoAOE: remember to grab the cloth agian
hippitybobbity: interesting game
wildpeaks: at least I'm sure someone must have clipped that
Mysticman89: sounds like an interesting cocktail
Pteraspidomorphi: I think she's talking to you!
wildpeaks: you're doing the thing \o/
fritobandeeto: I need to reassure my self alot. self care is important
wildpeaks: must be the slippery floor
WizNerd10: he jumped off the roof
randomino5: When you run into them do you instantly die?
Pal_Friendpatine: Positive affirmations are excellent self care
Theycallmejokke: woaw rats didn't do this
WizNerd10: shh. they are just sleeping
BusTed: What inspired a play through of this game?
Mister_Skittles: Can I get a Game thats just deadpan narrated by Adam and Ben
kalateth: otherwise I'm gonna stave your head for all the trauma I'll be suffering later
WizNerd10: Really?
Hot_Leather_Daddy: thats a lot of raspberry jelly
Kykiwi: what the baf guys did a bad thing?
Kramburger: No see, the rats just remind people that itr's Nap Time
hippitybobbity: idk man
Invitare: They're the Inquisition. Of course they're not
EscherichiaCole: These soldiers SUCK!
Kramburger: They're all just sleeping
Mister_Skittles: when are inquisitions ever good
Despoiler98: hey buddy
Camail: Ehh, maaaybe
hippitybobbity: gotta love Accent
SuperSugarSloth: I miss my pet rats... thankfully they never swarmed or ate house guests
Mysticman89: theyre just trying to contain the plague the only way they know how
BusTed: You murdered that man.
EscherichiaCole: no the rats did
Kramburger: That man had a FAMILY
kalateth: feel no ill for the shit you do to them
korvys: Rats murdered that man
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Kykiwi: Lol
wildpeaks: ouch
hippitybobbity: we gettin stabbed lads
korvys: DOOR
Theycallmejokke: Police brutallity!
Pteraspidomorphi: Need alchemical recipe for bazooka
kalateth: spiked shield... thats nasty
wildpeaks: flattened
WizNerd10: get him now
deoplo: this game must have little trust in you to put a checkpoint right there
TheFoilAjani: How can this many rats physically exist
wildpeaks: with a tasty metallic meal
Wicker_Knight: psychic rat powers
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FarleyF: So when do we get to see the Rat Ogres and Plague Monks lrrBEEJ
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Pteraspidomorphi: They're made of evil
Mysticman89: insects and rats multiply pretty crazy like
Mister_Skittles: no... rats are
Despoiler98: SKRT
wildpeaks: happy little rats
hippitybobbity: what happened to zis man... was Moourdoir
HondoTrigger: Fuck everything about your stream title Ben lmfao
Evochron13: the sound of the rats's impacts on the armor rofl... i don't know why i found that so enter taining
korvys: It's the metal hats
WizNerd10: @HondoTrigger lmao
airvire: hello, first time watcher here
Evochron13: i know korvys it's just hilarious
BusTed: We all know the true title, Hondo
Despoiler98: soldiers with zero situational awareness, always good
WizNerd10: @airvire hiya
Lirelent: have you ever worn a midevil helmet, I'd walk into a brick wall before seeeing it
HondoTrigger: @busted while I have you here, give me the flare and invite me to the dauntless guild OpieOP
airvire: hiya @WizNerd10
BusTed: Send a Discord message.
RayFK: Hey buddy, how goes?
Despoiler98: except when it kills you Ben
korvys: I think you had to turn it to the right
kalateth: rock to get him down the alley, then lure his hat to kill him?
CantWearHats: that's so many rats
Lirelent: trap them in the alley?
Mysticman89: lrr has some medival helmet props, im sure you can try
Lirelent: after attracting them
Eklinaar: Is Twitch being super derpy for anyone else? I'm getting frozen loading circles.
korvys: Where the rats are - there's a low wall to jump
WizNerd10: sleepy time
CantWearHats: also yooo what up Ben
WizNerd10: give him the stuff
CantWearHats: wow DOMINATED
RebekahWSD: Totally safe!
wildpeaks: that worked :D
fritobandeeto: NICE
silenceaux: Domed
Baldrash: Wow, get shit on.
Evochron13: nothing but head
Lirelent: just kill everyone in sight
margieargie: Just as planned!
fritobandeeto: get RECKED!!!
Mysticman89: domed
Pal_Friendpatine: lrrJUDGE . First Try!!
underhill33: That was the way to go yes
Theycallmejokke: yes
wildpeaks: yes it's the actual way
wildpeaks: the other way was a cart
RayFK: Ben, I heard you installed Sunward Isles in DD? Did you also go too early and get turbo wrecked?
korvys: This has a cinematic thing - it's got to be the right way
itsr67: secret sense is actually main path sense
RayFK: Weird Flecks but okay
mahpete_: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (53m from now).
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wildpeaks: unleash my minions
WizNerd10: cant get caught if the gaurds are dead
Mister_Skittles: *holds up rat* Is this weapon?
Penthesilea180: Casual shield is just fine with his buddies being eaten
wildpeaks: oh that was close :D
wildpeaks: ouch
Despoiler98: wow
CantWearHats: welp
Despoiler98: jeez
Theycallmejokke: poke
AfricaByTotoAOE: use the no helmet juice
gualdhar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (51m from now).
itsr67: boop
meagremania: evening folks, how are we enjoying the plague?
WizNerd10: Very much thank you
mahpete_: oof owwie helmet hurting juice.
CantWearHats: oof
wildpeaks: you got this
AfricaByTotoAOE: no helmet juice!
Despoiler98: I want the plague catapults
CantWearHats: so this is one of those "get caught, die immediately" type of games huh
wildpeaks: there are emergency items when caught, but they're expensive to craft, same materials used for upgrades
itsr67: brained em
randomino5: If this turns out to have been set in Bretonnia the whole time that would be sick
CrazymattCaptain: loot the body?
kalateth: that was cranial trauma my friend thats what
WizNerd10: word choice
meagremania: they never liked that guy
Mister_Skittles: I'm waiting for you to be able to load that thing with a rat
CantWearHats: wow
WizNerd10: Use the sleepytime tea on that one dude
Mysticman89: it was his last day on the force
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NikiGothBunneh: Wow, long time...
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WizNerd10: ahh
WizNerd10: makes sense
korvys: Guy at the end has a breakable lantern, I think
TheMoatman: Man I need to renew my costco membership
CantWearHats: :(
kalateth: long range pot to lure the heavy shield guy into the lower area ?
Evochron13: impatience
korvys: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:12:06.
meagremania: cute nails, Ben!
xantos69: well...that auto aim sure picks and chooses its battles.
Evochron13: he ducked taking off the helmet.
Golldum: the aiming doenst seem to like being that close
Mr_Horrible: Wow my brain just read that as "America died"
EndyD20: I think you have to wait until the animation of the head shake is over?
Pteraspidomorphi: I think if you're too close they can run across your field of view faster than you can aim
Golldum: like it doesnt want to move your camera more than just a bit
Kykiwi: why is there an auto aim in pc verions?
wildpeaks: auto-aim is growing a conscience
Decaped: it's okay, we get to hear these guys get repeatedly eaten by rats
Evochron13: yea you could see the reticule go not yellow when he does it
EscherichiaCole: because it is a puzzle game and not a shooter
Evochron13: because YOU die in one hit so auto aim is probably a balance measure
TheChargingBadger: The auto-aim isn't an assistance thing it's a game mechanic
xantos69: If the game isn't an FPS....it should have auto aim.
randomino5: It makes sense to have autoaim since this is a puzzle game and not an action game.
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TheChargingBadger: It about getting your attacks off in time not being accurate
wildpeaks: exactly, and immersive mode is already harder, so it complements it nicely
TheChargingBadger: It also makes the game significantly more accessible
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CantWearHats: side door!
CantWearHats: free at last!
wildpeaks: always a sidedoor :D
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cricketchirps: Keep being an awesome positive influence Ben! Your attitude on stream is what everyone should aim for!
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Mr_Horrible: thank you Ben
Mr_Horrible: Ass on down to the basement Kappa
CantWearHats: whoops :P
ushiikun: First time I've been able to catch you playing this, how has it been?
wildpeaks: we found the fake doors warehouse
WizNerd10: theyre on the floor
CantWearHats: a stealthy puzzle game
Evochron13: what're you talking about. you play polkemon all the time lrrBEEJ
Despoiler98: get yer fake doors here
StarWarsTHX1138: Dark Occult?
Louie_Salmon: Stealth games are just murder puzzles
Mister_Skittles: where the puzzles are people. and the solutions are murder with rats
Darleysam: ah, ratcital espionage action, I see
Pteraspidomorphi: Reminds me of Alice: Madness Returns
randomino5: Are you tired of working in a university where you open doors and there's rats behind them? Well come on down to Real Fake Doors
1y1e: I wouldn't be surprised if it's a memory thing - unload the world behind you, stop you going back
wildpeaks: the sneakiest assassin
CantWearHats: I just have the image of you trying to screw a silencer onto a sling
Lirelent: triple B?
wildpeaks: it is certainly a smaller studio
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Louie_Salmon: A "Triple i", as it were
CantWearHats: here I go, killin again!
Wicker_Knight: Sorry friend. The puzzlemakers have decreed that you need to die
Ereppy: your safety is no longer an option FeelsBadMan
Mr_Horrible: he just fainted! Honest!
Louie_Salmon: I think this team has only made a racing game before this, so it's really cool considering
EscherichiaCole: I mean they could have just flavored it as hitting them knocked them out
MadameAdversary: Then you could do one rock runs. :-p
LathosTiran: you want to wiggle the rock out of their head pulp?
mahpete_: eww, brain covered rocks
itsr67: rock just evaporates
Mister_Skittles: only if it made you pull it out of their eye you monster
Evochron13: i don't think you want to grab that
kalateth: I just slaughtered my way through 50 guys... but I'm still to squeemish to reuse the bloody rocks...
MadameAdversary: "This rock has killed 100 inquisitors."
aussie_rob_w: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
Rantling: They're Rock's the single most plentiful resource in the world.
aussie_rob_w: Hi Ben!
CantWearHats: this is my rock, there are many like it but this is mine
Ereppy: you cant get rocks that drop meat for rats though
Lirelent: name the rock wilson?
SuperSugarSloth: Pet Rock Run
wildpeaks: so shiny, so tempting
Tiber727: I'm sorry guy. I didn't want to kill you, but it was too convenient.
aussie_rob_w: I'm doing good.
Mr_Horrible: @cantwearhats ...or was this one mine? no, wait, hang on...
BlindProphet32: need one more rope don't you?
Steelwolf171: The rock's an heirloom, been in the family for years
MadameAdversary: Then they could do microtransactions. 99 cents to upgrade your one rock to a pet rock.
Pump19: Codefall | Party Hard (Steam) https://pump19.eu/codefall/ndoart
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Mister_Skittles: I killed you being you where too good at your job... if you where a slacker you would be alive
kalateth: All these fellas must be 2 days from retirement... or they wouldn't have to die
CantWearHats: "do you want some books?" "no thanks I already ate today"
ushiikun: If the book is that important, I'm sure Amazon has it?
margieargie: Of -course- the blood book has a red cover.
Mister_Skittles: let me guess. we are gonna 360 no spoce this book
CantWearHats: a red cover? that means the book explodes if you shoot it!
BusTed: Yoink.
Mr_Horrible: @ushiikun yes but "kindle" probably has a very different contextual meaning here
LathosTiran: how has this teen not drunk all the alcohol with what she's gone though
ushiikun: lul
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hippitybobbity: Doing The Vaguely Everywhere Everywhen Accent: An Actors Method
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kalateth: loose the rats
Mister_Skittles: no we unlocked the murder weapons
Mr_Horrible: "The written word! What a buncha fuckin hoity toity nerds"
wildpeaks: the Rat God demands a sacrifice, sorry guards
CantWearHats: let fly the rats of war!
mahpete_: Pandora's rats?
dead2allvalue: hungry boys!!!
wildpeaks: Flower \o/
Mr_Horrible: those are some very piranha-ish rats
dead2allvalue: what does human taste like
CantWearHats: daww
BusTed: slytqOMG
Zieterminator: what time is dnd?
silenceaux: So if the magisters are bad, are we like... Rat-aligned or?
margieargie: :3
Swordsmasterguy: Hi! I'm Daisy!
xantos69: Bacon.
EscherichiaCole: long pork
Mister_Skittles: chicken
LathosTiran: hence Long Pig
WizNerd10: where did you hear that???
Mister_Skittles: everything tastes like chicken
dead2allvalue: its a rat deck from mtg
Kykiwi: adam is doign what?
LathosTiran: its solo D&D in a book
Fugi: I wish I didn't learn that
Juliamon: It's still technically Dice Friends, just not the current campaign
Kykiwi: oh ic
EscherichiaCole: lrrSACK
CantWearHats: Fighting Fantasy books I think
Megaparsec256: we needed 15
mahpete_: no, you're good
Alness49: It's Dice Friend
Mr_Horrible: *just murderes 2 guards via rat swarm* "I shall adorn myself with this pretty flower to symbolize my innocence"
stacko84: 15
Mr_Horrible: Kappa
DiscordianTokkan: Hell Yeah, Fighting Fantasy books
Mister_Skittles: too many gaurds or not enough rats
itsr67: thiccness
korvys: Rats down with the thickness
mahpete_: what's human taste like? take a bite and find out
Theycallmejokke: Hax!
DiscordianTokkan: That Thiccness
wildpeaks: that guard will have his own squad after tonight
silenceaux: Game not perfect
wildpeaks: lunch time, little ones
itsr67: my legion
korvys: spin it 360 to drive them out?
korvys: Oh, that works
silenceaux: It kinda makes sense that they're on such high alert for noises, these rats are deadly and everywhere
Mister_Skittles: its getting harder and harder not to blame you for this when your luring them
dead2allvalue: one of the walls turns into a horde of rats
Swordsmasterguy: Got to go, going to go do my own stream
CantWearHats: a sling to surpass metal gear
WizNerd10: do it
Theycallmejokke: Go on!
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ChiefEngineerMichael: Just over a year! Hoorah!
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itsr67: people don't kill people, rats kill people
xantos69: portable workshop?
wildpeaks: darn fabric of reality, such an expensive item
korvys: I think this crafting system is based on McDonalds monopoly
dead2allvalue: what would a modern day version of this look like, we need cam
LathosTiran: if you always need fabric, is it because everything is held with duct tape?
CantWearHats: hey, it makes perfect sense in videogame logic
wildpeaks: ducky tape :D
CantWearHats: crafting ammunition and whatnot
seth_erickson: Cutscene
CantWearHats: uhhh
Mister_Skittles: oh we gonna learn stuff
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furian12: 2 Months! Just in time to watch my favorite flannel spoopy boy!
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Decaped: ooo, transfusion
Evochron13: Totally not a vampire.
CantWearHats: Ye Olde IV Drippe?
Wicker_Knight: aqua vitae
Despoiler98: nope nope
BusTed: ew
LathosTiran: the mAjIcS!
itsr67: yep, none of this is clean
korvys: Oh hey, it's the emperor of mankind?
wildpeaks: popepatine
seth_erickson: That man had a helmet like the ones the Ruin Sentinels from DS2 have
meagremania: wow, nice detailing on Palpatine's face there
niccus: pope wants more pope juice
dead2allvalue: its snoke
WizNerd10: I have some idea
HorusFive: I just got here. Are we the Pope? Or the guy on the floor?
xantos69: break the chandler and be done with it.
Rhynerd: We’re neither.
Fugi: @HorusFive the girl on the balcony
Louie_Salmon: @niccus Well rat juice actually
itsr67: rock at chandelier
WizNerd10: shoot the chandelier
LathosTiran: it me balancing my sleepyness and insomnia
Questhere: hes 100 rats in a human suit
hippitybobbity: he mad druggin
Invitare: "What is your favourite colour"
Mister_Skittles: black smith son kinda cute though
meagremania: his name is Love Interest, from the looks of him
silenceaux: I think the rats are a chaotic force that he thinks he controls / directs.
hwdesperado: Carrying a chair? With a guy? IN ARMOR?
kalateth: hello evil emperor my old friend...
dead2allvalue: @silenceaux interesting idea
Penthesilea180: Hmm...are we going to get a smith for our party of random children?
AfricaByTotoAOE: we're going to see the rat pope!
itsr67: those guys carrying the pope have got to be ripped
WizNerd10: new party member
DiscordianTokkan: Bake 'em away, Toys!
Mister_Skittles: between him and gendry. I need to look into black smiths
silenceaux: "Are you alright" the man's skull is caved in
Despoiler98: OFFICIALLY
Theycallmejokke: Boom... headshot
Wicker_Knight: Batkid
TheFoilAjani: Officially!
Thisbymaster: worse hiding spot ever
Louie_Salmon: Are you alright? You just fell over in the middle of the room with your head caved in and bloodied!
meagremania: happens
wildpeaks: spontaneous skull combustion
dead2allvalue: they fell
itsr67: "Oops."
dead2allvalue: it was natural processes
kalateth: its thief guard syndrome... utterly clueless unless they can see you
dead2allvalue: nothing to see
RebekahWSD: "They're gone!" You didn't even look, terrible guard dudes!
A_Dub888: The Inquisition doesn't pay its troops to look up
Sorrowex: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:33:02.
Beowulf_Bjornson: All those 4s on the d4
dead2allvalue: they open the door and it is a giant rat
Beefpants: F
wildpeaks: patience, young padawan
meagremania: "by the fire, by the light"? is that what that means?
itsr67: the score in this area is nice
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES opened the stream just in time to watch ben die NotLikeThis
Lirelent: stuff on other side?
stacko84: The friendly checkpointing is an asset.
randomino5: can't de-helmet him?
CantWearHats: where are some rats when we need them
dead2allvalue: the chandelier
wildpeaks: players never look up
CantWearHats: oho!
meagremania: nice of him to stand right there
m0nkeyrama: Oh my 👀
CantWearHats: YEAH!
Louie_Salmon: Beast child yeyeye
wildpeaks: Best Boi \o/
Despoiler98: face PUNCH
stacko84: Checkhov's chandelier.
Beefpants: Spoke to soon
Lirelent: you were saying...
Fugi: that's a clip
MrUglama: "rock master"
m0nkeyrama: oof
Evochron13: stop jinxing it!
wildpeaks: Rock Master
CantWearHats: *cough*
Theycallmejokke: Auto-aim, why
korvys: Earth Bender Amicia
RagMan017: Rock master down!
xantos69: While you were studying the rock they were studying the blade.
wildpeaks: autoaim heard you jinx it, it had to do it
ChiefEngineerMichael: I do love that death isn't anything fancy in this game. Just "Facepunch! Sword to head"
Tiber727: Remember Ben, Steel type beats Rock.
Mister_Skittles: too bad these men have swords not scissors
Beefpants: put some spin on it
DiscordianTokkan: Rock out with your... rock out?
Pteraspidomorphi: Just a little fire
Pteraspidomorphi: You probably haven't noticed
itsr67: they running at you action hero style
TheFoilAjani: That looks like a bad stop to stand
wildpeaks: you can throw as soon as it stops going smaller
MrUglama: move to the left, theyll come straight to you
Mister_Skittles: The auto aim is giving up after a set time i think
Beefpants: That dude has punch game he should be fighting off the guards
m0nkeyrama: Auto aim plz NotLikeThis
itsr67: more than a bit of a fire
Decaped: not timer, i think there's a maximum rotation speed, so if the target moves too far left or right it loses it
wildpeaks: ^
Eklinaar: Stay on target
Wicker_Knight: yup
Wicker_Knight: action hero logic
xantos69: driving that plot forward.
Darleysam: uhh, yeah he seemed ready to die to keep that door shut, now...
Penthesilea180: Move it, Gendry!
wildpeaks: saved by the door
CantWearHats: this wooden door will hold them!
seth_erickson: Boys we got the love pentagon
itsr67: can't wait for 5 billion rats to show up
Rhynerd: As long they grab the book first, right?
korvys: "Open up!" "Uh... no?"
Beefpants: Oh no they're knocking! We have to let them in now!
Alness49: It's a bloody book alright
CantWearHats: secret library!
Theycallmejokke: I smell a puzzle
itsr67: sub library
coelopteryx: a bleumin' beuk
seth_erickson: Secret Library
Beefpants: Behold, a puzzle
m0nkeyrama: Puzzle time seabatBRAIN
accountmadeforants: Oh dang, this looks like video games
silenceaux: Oh wow, a meditation labyrinth on the floor there
Mister_Skittles: soooooo wanna make out GayPride
WizNerd10: dewey decimal, guys
CantWearHats: videogaaaaames
PaperDoopliss: Too bad we don't have wall-to-wall bookshelves with convenient handholds
Lirelent: always oil the movable wood, keeps it from getting stuck
Beefpants: When the guards burst in a line about late fees is required.
LathosTiran: *dingdong* attention shoppers, the shelves are not for climbing, please ask for assistance with tall items. *dingdong*
TheFoilAjani: Oh those voice lines are going to get annoying
m0nkeyrama: Send help
chibi_bento: the location of these turny thingies right on top of a prayer labyrinth makes me sad.
wildpeaks: the cart ?
mahpete_: move the cart across the room?
underhill33: pull out the box?
Lirelent: movable box?
korvys: Go pull the box ou
korvys: out
LathosTiran: hes elevator control for you?
Lirelent: thee plot advanced
Lirelent: i mean it gave way
Beefpants: Quick! Now you have to shelve these books in order!
aerohydra: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (17m from now).
wildpeaks: we sure missed a lot of collectables :D
Lirelent: this is great, thanks for this ben
wildpeaks: I do appreciate they are little pieces of historical story, not mere "collect x sparkly bear pelts"
EscherichiaCole: vampire monks
m0nkeyrama: just watching us push the thing LUL
RagMan017: chivalry
CantWearHats: "no no it's fine I can manage"
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Mister_Skittles: its ok to ask for help
HorusFive: "do you want me to help?" YES DUDE, IT'S HEAVY!
coelopteryx: "you're gonna break your arm doing that (still just stands there)"
m0nkeyrama: "Need help?" "No" "K."
seth_erickson: Rodric is ripped
wildpeaks: arms of steel
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Mister_Skittles: @korvys Adam
Theycallmejokke: :D
CantWearHats: this dang resident evil-ass library
m0nkeyrama: LUL
Despoiler98: DAMNIT
wildpeaks: :D
Rhynerd: @korvys eccentric rich people who want to protect rare books?
TheFoilAjani: If someone wanted to plunder this vault or w/e, a ladder would do them very well
Despoiler98: maybe you shouldnt have LEFT THE DAMN DOOR OPEN
xantos69: I mean....yea we kinda did.
chaostreader: You get the second person to write it down.
silenceaux: Yeah seriously can we sling him from here
Papperslappen: Steal his hat
Beefpants: *pinky finger to mouth* *promptly drops off*
Nyx_fire: Ben <3 you are so great, love seeing you play a game your enjoying sassing
Pteraspidomorphi: Creepy
CantWearHats: pope boss fight, he's 10,000 rats in an overcoat
wildpeaks: is the book a Kindle
stacko84: Not at all creepy
m0nkeyrama: Secrets 👀
SajuukSjet: Budget Palpatine!
ChiefEngineerMichael: Cheer100 The pope sounds vaguely german. He must be evil
Mister_Skittles: Rodrick OP
CantWearHats: oh! well that was convenient
Invitare: more of a bookpack
coelopteryx: secret leverrrr secret leverrr in the libr'ryy secret secret secret secret leverrrrr yeah
xantos69: be sure to keep the fabric!
Kykiwi: that is a big book
TheMoatman: YOOOOOO! I just took down a Dominaria draft on Arena with a W/B pile
chaostreader: Most popes are pretty weak when they become pope. Being like 80 or 90.
m0nkeyrama: Random extra fabric 🤔
ushiikun: That's why we needed the fabric
Louie_Salmon: It's like barely even holding it
SquareDotCube: I think it's a shirt
LathosTiran: dont panic, you weaved it out of spid....you got there
Wicker_Knight: why didn't we use that to get in...
wildpeaks: yes, really
CantWearHats: sick im!
Despoiler98: HELL YES
Evochron13: rodric's the brawler
Theycallmejokke: Holy moly
TheFoilAjani: Holy shit
m0nkeyrama: LUL daaaang dude
chaostreader: One way secret passages.
coelopteryx: GET EM
ChiefEngineerMichael: Cheer100 Rodric! Use Stealth Punch!
underhill33: Dayum
wildpeaks: and this is why he's best boi
CantWearHats: Rodrick used NECK SNAP! it's super effective!
Theycallmejokke: Woaw
silenceaux: WARNING SIGNS
Wicker_Knight: lrrSPOOP
Lirelent: so we get to make him happy now
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSPOOP
SquareDotCube: This guy is a Moose
kalateth: holy shit this guy is he-man
A_Dub888: Rodric's getting the Blood Mist
Louie_Salmon: Beef child is stronk
HorusFive: He's fine. Just resting!
Mister_Skittles: GayPride I know what i like GayPride GayPride
TheMoatman: Featuring Shield of the Realm as a critical card. Holy shit that thing is powerful when opponents don't read it correctly
JACQUESEB: you left a cord on a becnh back there
CanvasWolfDoll: that's... not a good thing to start liking...
CantWearHats: rodrick SMASH!
wildpeaks: but he's shy, he can only stealth break necks :D
Alness49: *I* will remember this!
Despoiler98: kill em ALL
Rhynerd: Was there fabric on that bench back there?
Evochron13: so melie's the rogue, rodric's the brawler, amicia's the ranger
wildpeaks: rock his world
m0nkeyrama: Sic em
Evochron13: hugo's the wizard then?
RagMan017: rock, paper, neck snap!
Despoiler98: God that noise
m0nkeyrama: Um...
Megaparsec256: nah, hugo's the sorceror
silenceaux: seriously, warning signs?
Theycallmejokke: I say again... holy moly
Darleysam: he just loves killing
Evochron13: and lucas is th emerchant
Lirelent: starts bringing back the heads, playing fetch
m0nkeyrama: Are we concerned about how much he likes doing that
itsr67: "kick his ass rodric"
SquareDotCube: So we have our thief, mage, and knight, what does that make us?
kalateth: a little? you just dropped a 250lb man in 200lbs of armor like it was a kid....
niccus: and this guy's a neck wizard
mahpete_: here I go killing again!
Mister_Skittles: I dont think we can go back to sneaking around making excuses for our brother. We have a murder bf now
CantWearHats: the twofer!
Despoiler98: DOUBLE MURDER
Louie_Salmon: Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Macula
seth_erickson: Match made in Heaven
Theycallmejokke: Skulls for the skull throne
Lirelent: murder hobos!
wildpeaks: now we have our own ninja sidekick
CantWearHats: well, "fresh"
ushiikun: Friends who kill together, stay together?
CantWearHats: oops whoops
Theycallmejokke: Woopsy doodle
wildpeaks: we tend to have a habit of setting things on fire, true :D
AfricaByTotoAOE: hangon love pentagon?
CantWearHats: accidental arson? these two are definitely a dnd party
wildpeaks: water arrows :D
Alness49: Love Transmutation Circle
korvys: This is very Theif
Lirelent: water baloons!
Kykiwi: oh no the the meguffin rats
korvys: Water arrows
PhorrestGaze: is it water?
Lirelent: i mean magic
Mister_Skittles: best NCP
PaperDoopliss: Are we the bad guys? I'm starting to feel like we're the bad guys
Pteraspidomorphi: Literally everyone has alchemy advice
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
seth_erickson: One more sling shot left
Mister_Skittles: it s just a water balloon
m0nkeyrama: Niiice, Ben!
ChiefEngineerMichael: Cheer50 I don't think I've ever seen rats used as a particle effect
chaostreader: The hell kind of rats are those.
BusTed: seabatYIKES
Evochron13: excellent
Theycallmejokke: :D
Rhynerd: Super murder plague rats.
wildpeaks: yess, embrace the rats
korvys: To be fair, they are dinks
RebekahWSD: you are a cruel and harsh person in a cruel and harsh world
Eklinaar: Ben is becoming Adam.
SquareDotCube: Then you'll love Dishonored
RebekahWSD: Oh no, did Adam help Ben become a heel?
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sjard42: Ratty ratty rats
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, sjard42! (Today's storm count: 71)
m0nkeyrama: LUL you might be
Rhynerd: Ben learns the love of murdering inquisitors.
RagMan017: you sir are on fire. thats ok it keeps the rats at bay
Fugi: the rat technique, not to be confused with the grapefruit technique
ushiikun: This reminds me of OG Thief
coelopteryx: phfhf "oh shit you're on fire" "oh damn you're right, i am on fire"
silenceaux: There are worse things, but I think you're just regular bloodthirsty
ContingentCat: damn did I miss Ben's heel turn?
Evochron13: ew fugi
LathosTiran: how do we ban an admin?
DiscordianTokkan: "We're HEEEEEERE! *slings rocks*"
Evochron13: ring a round the rosey
Fugi: @LathosTiran i ask that frequently
BusTed: give 'em the razzle dazzle
m0nkeyrama: Footsies 👀
Penthesilea180: Rope that Dope!
Evochron13: oh noe. he's just going to walk at us
wildpeaks: fire blocks them though
BusTed: slytqShrug
Despoiler98: slytqItsfine
RagMan017: tired him out with all that armor
Despoiler98: they dissaparated
Theycallmejokke: Goldfish memory
CantWearHats: *adam voice* this guy SUCKS!
BusTed: It's just a box.
wildpeaks: all that walking with heavy armor is tiring after all
ContingentCat: slytqitsfine
margieargie: "Must have been the wind"
Lirelent: then snap their neck
Louie_Salmon: They must been scared off by my cool armor
itsr67: "Must have been my imagination"
CantWearHats: nooo!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: the inquisition isn't trained in object permanence.
ContingentCat: * slytqItsfine
coelopteryx: guard's just real woozy on all the smoke & fumes
mowdownjoe: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
m0nkeyrama: This ai tho LUL
Despoiler98: damnit rodric
Despoiler98: slytqItsfine
MrUglama: just put out the fire
PaperDoopliss: Did the middle ages have plexiglass riot shields?
Theycallmejokke: Cue the benny hill music
CantWearHats: ah the patented Benny Hill technique
Zebunisher: this has quite some slapstick quality
korvys: I assume you have to extinguish a fire as he walks past?
CantWearHats: ha, the knight's one weakness - chest high walls!
kalateth: defeated by chest high walls...
itsr67: we have fun here in plague times
Theycallmejokke: :D
Penthesilea180: Ah, the chest high wall, the Heavy's mortal enemy.
m0nkeyrama: Based rats
Despoiler98: OMNOMNOMNOM
ContingentCat: so nice of him to respect the plants
xantos69: munchie snacks
Evochron13: was that a
Wicker_Knight: All Your Rats Are Belong To Us
Evochron13: tool?\
RagMan017: rat strats
silvalunae: 'cuz a rat death don't stop?
chaostreader: Plate armor only weighs like 50 pounds. And if custom made was easy to move around in.
BusTed: Running into a burning building. Bold.
Beefpants: I look away for a few minutes and ben burns the place to the ground
CantWearHats: steam pls!
m0nkeyrama: steam plz LUL
Questhere: steam plz
WizNerd10: fire makes steam
Louie_Salmon: The steam, from all this fire!
HorusFive: I take no responsibility for this building being on fire.
Lirelent: the real final boss
korvys: Drama!
silvalunae: take it back now y'all
EscherichiaCole: he has a sexy scar now
DiscordianTokkan: Steam plz.
Beefpants: "Even the stone is burning!"
Hot_Leather_Daddy: crispy boi
CantWearHats: this is fine dot jpg
seth_erickson: Anime burn now he's even cooler
ushiikun: Well done!
m0nkeyrama: Perfect timing 👀
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
Mister_Skittles: i mean... he is still cute
silvalunae: well done
wildpeaks: there is a tiny cutscene first
Penthesilea180: Good job Ben! lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LathosTiran: sister you were gone for so long. "boy do you know what ive done for you?!?!?"
xantos69: cheer50 This was a super fun stream. Well done Ben!
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
wildpeaks: rats are liquids
matttheenchanter: wow they put out this Notre Dame simulator really quick
BusTed: See you next time.
CantWearHats: Fighting Fantasy
m0nkeyrama: Story time seabatTROG
seth_erickson: Story Time Whooo
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the rats
PhorrestGaze: *Dice friend (just one?)
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
Omega_Lairon: Sweer, I'm in time for Warlock of Firetop Mountain!
silvalunae: so jars finallty?
Omega_Lairon: ^sweet, even
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: squeet
sir_jack_DB: I'll be reading along with Adam :D
seth_erickson: sergeSqueak
dostrow_: neat game
ushiikun: The LRR Network, the best Entertainment on Twitch
CantWearHats: we love you too ben <3
xantos69: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
silvalunae: lrrHEART
snowcookies: bye bye!
m0nkeyrama: nuggies!
Brok3nGol3m: nuggies!
Tomasu82: nuggues!
Despoiler98: slytqBORK slytqBORK slytqBORK
CantWearHats: just don't get those mixed up
sir_jack_DB: the dank nugs
Despoiler98: NUGGIES
seth_erickson: Nuggies
Questhere: kthxbai!
itsr67: nugget centurion
djalternative: spa day at the office?
Tomasu82: street rats?
BusTed: 🐀
ContingentCat: lrrHEART lrrCHKN lrrCHKN
snowcookies: spa day every day
Despoiler98: rrrrrats3
FlannelShirtEnthusist: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Adam is playing old school Fightning Fantasy Books! Game: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (53s ago).
Evochron13: busted you just gave me a fantastic idea for next PIF
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Oh right it's Adam's one shot this week
sir_jack_DB: yup
FlannelShirtEnthusist: This'll be interesting
Despoiler98: I( predict Adam will be a hysterical GM
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG lrrADAM
seth_erickson: seabatBRAIN
FlannelShirtEnthusist: I feel like that a safe bet Despoiler
CantWearHats: if my calculations are correct this is gonna be a solo dice friends
m0nkeyrama: I'm excited to see the setup they went with
Despoiler98: I want him just to yell WE"RE HEEEEEERE as the intro :P
DarkMorford: WE'RE HERE?
MrQBear: are we?
drfox17: we're... here?
CantWearHats: you're there!
ContingentCat: where're we?
LathosTiran: we're here the stream isnt
matttheenchanter: dice friendless? d4ever alone?
seth_erickson: We're??? Here!!
Sorrowex: Were we here?
m0nkeyrama: what an adventure we're going to choose for ourselves seabatBRAIN
mowdownjoe: Oh, LRR-Twitch. Never change.
drfox17: that's weird, my twitch bar says live, but it's not live
HesGotNoPants: dam in philosophy: if I wasn't here, where was ? am I anywhere?
Despoiler98: we're....possibly...here?
HesGotNoPants: adam
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Warlock of Firetop Mountain eh? Sound highly promising
LathosTiran: the missle knows where it is because it knows where it isnt
Juliamon: drfox17 Ben JUST turned the stream off
HesGotNoPants: am I art?
EscherichiaCole: Prediction: Adam fights rats
sjard42: are they using the books or the pc version?
m0nkeyrama: Title change 👀
Despoiler98: ART
m0nkeyrama: Book
Despoiler98: CART
ContingentCat: !!
Juliamon: Adam has the book
Despoiler98: ART ART ART
LathosTiran: @sjard42 adam made them get the book
cheetoJack: heart?
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART lrrADAM
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Despoiler98: slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart
cheetoJack: lrrSIGNAL lrrADAM lrrSIGNAL
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL seabatTROG lrrADAM lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
seth_erickson: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL seabatBRAIN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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WizNerd10: What is this
SalsaDraugur: BisexualPride BisexualPride
LegionofLashes: lrrADAM art?
LathosTiran: point at the sign!
thanzo: Just in time!!
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tonight, on a special DICE FRIENDS, Adam explores the world of single-player tabletop RPGs as he encounters The Warlock of Firetop Mountain! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D8LQFDuVsAAOO2Q.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1135698848863514624
drfox17: @Juliamon Oooooh, i didn't realize there was a Play it Forward before this
EscherichiaCole: I'm excited for how much lore adam is going to have to read
drfox17: okay chat frands, I might not be able to tough it out for the whole stream this week. I am.... quite tired
Blasteg: Neat, twitch app changed its layout
AmoriLinguae: I love this music
sjard42: gotta wait for the retransmit to start to see it on the tv.
demondrinkingtea: so how many people are gonna be in jars
Pteraspidomorphi: It's a good play it forward
seth_erickson: This music is laviniHype
MadmanOreo: I'm sorry, did the twitch announcement thing say that adam was DMing?
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widecrusher1: Hello
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, widecrusher1! (Today's storm count: 74)
BusTed: Adam is all roles, afaik
snowcookies: Adam is reading us a Fighting Fantasy book
simriel: you start in a Jar. the way to win is to give up and die.
m0nkeyrama: It's a solo act tonight
CantWearHats: adam controls the vertical, the horizontal and the polyhedral
theplague1: this is pretty catchy music
Despoiler98: everyone starts in jars
Alness49: Okay, let's speedrun the jar ending!
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matrixknight88: 18months! second sub baby!
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Omega_Lairon: Woo
enemycoke: Can’t wait for the Fabled Lands read through
TheWarbo: !jarcount
toomanybears: hype
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Yeah if someone isn't in a jar at some point I will be dissappointed
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Field94: Soloing raid encounters tonight?
BusTed: hi
mahpete_: we're heeeeeeeeeeeeere
m0nkeyrama: Hi Adam!
Sibwow: dice friend
simriel: is the Jar Count who goes around putting people into Jars?
CantWearHats: we're heeeeeeeere!
RebekahWSD: <3 <3
Questhere: hi friend
TheWarbo: Hi
mowdownjoe: WE'RE HEEEERE!
empyreon: Hi Adam!
Edgarware: Dice Friend
Sibwow: adice friendadan
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Sarah_Serinde: Hello friends!
gualdhar subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 25 months!
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Rhynerd: We’re here
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cuttlefishman: Now Kiss
orbitaltuna: adam has taken over ccolorD
SalsaDraugur: yay a dice friendf
kanimaras: what is thiis
seth_erickson: One singular Dice Friend
toomanybears: hes heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere
djalternative: Dice Friend is good
thanzo: die friend?
Despoiler98: WE"RE HEEEEEERE
Rhynerd: Greetings!
matttheenchanter: d4ever alone is the correct term
NightValien28: its the dice friend
TheWanderingNomad: Things are about to get wreeeeeird
vokayregrebniew: HE'S HEEEEEEEEERE
coelopteryx: adam: friend of dice
electroswagnetism: we status: HERE
Frankenfruity: katesNice lrrADAM
jman413: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw
Rhynerd: It’s the friend! With the dice!
Pteraspidomorphi: Loved those books as a kid, I have more than 20 at my parents' I think
TheWarbo: seabatBRAIN lrrADAM seabatBRAIN
seth_erickson: Secret Paul I hear
MadmanOreo: storytime with Adam VoHiYo
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fritobandeeto: hype for this neat episode of dice friend !!
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Solipsody: Good ol' SJ... Haven't heard that name in a while.
seth_erickson: so it is Dice Friends
LegionofLashes: damnit paul...almost thought this was pre-recorded :P
Scar_Red_Tiger: All lrrADAM All the time
underhill33: mic rubbing a little bit
RassilonDND: Has Adam trapped all the other dice friends in hourglasses?
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simriel: okay but where is the Jar Count
arkinoid: Dice Friend
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TimWinGame: That's exactly two years!
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WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ohai folks. Is this gonna be some _/‾‾ _/‾‾ art?
itsr67: paul and adam adventure!
thanzo: Dm-less one-on-one session
Pteraspidomorphi: They tried to crowdfund an official PC version of Deathtrap Dungeon recently, but it failed to reach the goal :(
jadedcynic: Ian Livingstone is the BAWMB for this sort of game/book
Scar_Red_Tiger: "Adam is trapped in a bottle..."
stacko84: They're the reason Final Fantasy wasn't called Fighting Fantasy.
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HorusFive: SAY IT!
Theycallmejokke: Paul love the updates to the calender over on the LRR site!
CantWearHats: bones and trees and skin! *desk slapping intensifies*
Rhynerd: DnD but the book is the DM and you don’t have a party.
theplague1: bye mic cya later
itsr67: How long until Adam gets trapped in a bottle
electroswagnetism: bones of bones and skins of skins!
LoadingReadyRun: Theycallmejokke thanks!
FarleyF: There are video games of this they just don't follow through with the same format exactly
aussie_rob_w: dice frands!
TheWarbo: Slap the desk, Adam
drfox17: yaaaay!
m0nkeyrama: Table slap incoming 👀
atlas624: @itsr67 Third page
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: you have to do the thing!
arkinoid: Slap it!
HorusFive: SAY IT
dr0ne00000: Smack!
snowcookies: Hi Paul and Adam
kanimaras: slap
m0nkeyrama: YEeeeeee
cuttlefishman: slap it
jadedcynic: IIRC they had some of the "Sorcery" series of books converted to computer games through Steam
CantWearHats: slap the desk, the love it when you slap the desk
cuttlefishman: yeah
orbitaltuna: oh there's the slap
Despoiler98: slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqHeart slytqItsfine
Kramburger: Yeeeesssssssssss
atlas624: HE SAID THE THING!
Sektor88: Got there!
DiscordianTokkan slaps table
Nocxia: that's not a slap.
Frankenfruity: Hell yeah!
Scar_Red_Tiger: lrrJUDGE
LathosTiran: they like it when you slap the table
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: you did the thing!
Pteraspidomorphi: I thought Paul was putting it on the teleprompter
Sibwow: the bones and skins of trees and beasts respectively
TheWarbo: Wow you had to call him out there Paul
snowcookies: Ian says the slap is not mandatory
simriel: so wait... is Paul in a Jar? is that why we can't see him?
LastResistance: lrrADAM
aussie_rob_w: Yaaaaay Adam
Alness49: And all is right
coelopteryx: wyrmwood gaming: this slogan slaps
jadedcynic: will check you out in the vod, sadly - have fun Adam! lrrHEART
aussie_rob_w: it's a very weird thing to say, that's true
drfox17: Adam just carrying the team for this adventure Kappa
saweeks: such a pro
CantWearHats: patreon dot com, a kingdom of cards
thanzo: aaawww
itsr67: @atlas624 I bet on it
orbitaltuna: ian says lots of things
theplague1: yay he got there
electroswagnetism: beard looks good my dude
HorusFive: Patreon- This is your fault!
RavingPenguin: "Brought to you by you!" I did this :)
SpiffGames: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TrueSkorn: -_-
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puls3evo: New job get! Happy solo gaming!
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AmoriLinguae: lrrAWESOME lrrADAM lrrHEART
itsr67: I'm so excited for this ngl
Kramburger: Patreon.Com: Thanks, We love it
drfox17: don't worry, you have paul here
sjard42: the new mic setup always sounds muffled lately
lighting_bolt_123: what game is this
Featherweight_: GM, I do that.
korvys: Paul is there, Adam. He's a person
thanzo: <3 lrrHEART <3 lrrHEART
TrueSkorn: Chat not working?
Nocxia: *STARE*
simriel: Paul, cough twice if Adam has trapped you in a jar!!
CantWearHats: ooh
TheWarbo: "Wyrmwood Gaming: get it out of the way, and get to the fun stuff"
aussie_rob_w: lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM
ContingentCat: "all by myself" he says to another person in my room
itsr67: @lighting_bolt_123 Warlock of firetop mountain, a solo dnd like adventure
ContingentCat: *in the roomm
itsr67: OOOOOH
m0nkeyrama: Oh that's so cool!
Scar_Red_Tiger: how long till the wyrmwood salp is an emote?
drfox17: ooooo
Theycallmejokke: Nice
seth_erickson: Ohh very nice
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lighting_bolt_123: ok kewl
Omega_Lairon: I had the same one as a kid, so many fond memories of having no dang clue what I was doing, and just pretending I was hitting all nat 20s : p
aussie_rob_w: wait, it's a single player book?
Kramburger: Name: Maynard Thunderpants
aussie_rob_w: OOOOH spicy
cuttlefishman: Nice penmenship
Sarah_Serinde: Same, Adam :D
BrindleBoar: Nice penmanship.
Sektor88: Adam writes like me! PogChamp
Despoiler98: hey hey hey adam.....nice penmanship
LathosTiran: @sjard42 the mics are hard to get in a great position, like right now the mic is pointing away from adam technically
TheWarbo: Nice penmanship
Omega_Lairon: More VIT!
Theycallmejokke: Max luck
korvys: @Omega_Lairon Oh yeah, I did that. Basically just playing it as a CYOA
cheetoJack: put all points into Luck
aussie_rob_w: Dammit Chat LUL
orbitaltuna: penmanship of a doctor
arkinoid: Nice penmanship
Sektor88: @Omega_Lairon enigmaLUL
itsr67: Name: otaku jeff
Pteraspidomorphi: Would it be possible for the character sheet to be slightly bigger on our view?
m0nkeyrama: As long as it's legible, right?
Kramburger: Name: Lance Shotgun
BecauseGnomes: lrrHEART
CyanMig: so we get to find out if its better to be lucky or good? :)
BrindleBoar: The Return of Otaku Jeff!
Sibwow: max luck lets go
Pteraspidomorphi: Guess there isn't enough width
CantWearHats: can we use it put people in jars Y/N
electroswagnetism: Sir Jeffrey of House Otaku
EscherichiaCole: No luck run
Solipsody: Maybe we could just give Adam a darker pen?
Grescheks: I'm here, did I miss any story stuff?
Despoiler98: Name: Punch Meatfist
Omega_Lairon: And the always classic "leave your finger on the previous page to "savescum" as needed" move
arkinoid: Anime Mcgunsword
ContingentCat: Name: Turnip
RassilonDND: 100% luck 0 skill run?
itsr67: @Grescheks nope, just started!
CantWearHats: potion may not be used by the wizard
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh thanks Paul :)
Kramburger: Name: Roderick Powerthrust
Despoiler98: Lucky McLucksack
Grescheks: d100
Theycallmejokke: 1d100
CantWearHats: d20? nah. d100
BrindleBoar: time for percentile dice
RassilonDND: roll a d1000
m0nkeyrama: it is a bit hard to tell what's written
ContingentCat: psh d100
SajuukSjet: d120
BecauseGnomes: Name: Big McLargehuge
Omega_Lairon: dGrahamsNumber
ninja_theory_ashrams: and then Adam noticed there was no Paul, there was no chat, and never was a LoadingReadyRun. Adam realized he was always alone in a room
LathosTiran: i keep a D100 in my D&D bag for "roll a die"
m0nkeyrama: LUL the biggest one we can find
HorusFive: Written before other dice were invented
Nocxia: d34 O.o?
BlueMagnusStormCrow: The d36 so useful.
djalternative: You have a d100 in the weird dice pile
NightValien28: doesn't matter the dice adam would probably roll a 1 Kappa
vokayregrebniew: 666
Theycallmejokke: Here we go!
randomino5: Cylindrical dice can be arbitrarily large
silenceaux: 2 incoming
Conyst: Name Roll Fizzlebeef
seth_erickson: dice tray overlay sweet
Sektor88: BlessRng
m0nkeyrama: not bad!
CantWearHats: not bad not bad
CyanMig: ok ok ok ok
Alness49: d34? Lewd!
Theycallmejokke: Not bad
Grescheks: 5 is like second 6
Sektor88: BlessRNG BlessRNG BlessRNG
ContingentCat: I think I remember some riucuous huge die in mail time
Kramburger: coolcoolcool
dr0ne00000: lucky!
atlas624: Remember commander Beagle's advice, sometimes you have to roll the hard 6
silenceaux: We are skilled~
CantWearHats: snake eyes, baby
itsr67: @LoadingReadyRun thank you for all the camera views!
Biomonkey01: @BecauseGnomes I'm partial to Slab Squatthrust, or Roll Fizzlebeef
m0nkeyrama: Yooooo
LettingMyGutHangOut: woah
BusTed: ez game
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: noic
Kramburger: OH BABY
CyanMig: the god char
Nocxia: LUCK
Sektor88: yessss
EscherichiaCole: TANK
sir_jack_DB: lrrSACK
Despoiler98: slytqHeart slytqHeart
Frankenfruity: Dice god!
BecauseGnomes: GET IT
thanzo: ez mode!
Omega_Lairon: So much beef!
randomino5: EZ mode
toomanybears: the legend
m0nkeyrama: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
silenceaux: This game: for babies
CantWearHats: gg ez
BITs19_: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
mtvcdm: All skill
dr0ne00000: hax
Baldrash: seabatBRAIN
Despoiler98: EZ LIFE EZ GAME
CyanMig: how did you get so good at these games adam :)
ContingentCat: lrrSACK
Edgarware: benginLucky lrrSACK
IbunWest: inb4 he gets James Turner luck
DiscordianTokkan: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatBRAIN benginLucky
BlueMagnusStormCrow: It's going to be so sad when this character gets auto killed in the first section.
Theycallmejokke: Easy game, easy life
m0nkeyrama: EZPZ
LettingMyGutHangOut: lrrKATHLEEN
empyreon: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
toomanybears: haha
Alness49: He can't keep getting away with this!
CantWearHats: HAX
Grescheks: hax
Kramburger: HAX
margieargie: Easy game for babies!
mtvcdm: Holy shit
DarkMorford: Adam truly is The Boshy
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: goodness!
Eklinaar: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Tiber727: VAC
silenceaux: He can't keep getting away with it
Despoiler98: EZ LIFE
WizNerd10: Power gamer
BITs19_: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
matrixknight88: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Conyst: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
kumatsu: lrrSACK seabatTROG lrrSACK seabatTROG lrrSACK
thanzo: We Speedrunnin' this Bois!!!!
BecauseGnomes: benginDab
NoNane09: kathle3EYE kathle3EYE kathle3EYE kathle3EYE
Frankenfruity: lrrWOW lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Pteraspidomorphi: Broken PRNG!
sir_jack_DB: lrrSACK lrrADAM
aussie_rob_w: yaaaaay lrrFRUMP lrrAWESOME
ContingentCat: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
HorusFive: lrrADAM lrrAWESOME
Aarek: VAC
CantWearHats: rigged!
mtvcdm: adam what the hell
Baldrash: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
FenrirGG: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
SuitablyEpic: "LUCK" lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
dr0ne00000: min maxer
thejohnnyboy533: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
PhorrestGaze: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
empyreon: easy game for BABIES
m0nkeyrama: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
silenceaux: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
senshi5609: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Despoiler98: STREAMER LUCK
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSACK sergeHolyMoly benginLucky
LettingMyGutHangOut: Reported hacker.
j1m_raynor: Loaded dice! Check him!
itsr67: now if you die
aussie_rob_w: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
CyanMig: we are watching a master
A_Dub888: benginLucky lrrSACK benginLucky lrrSACK benginLucky lrrSACK
BecauseGnomes: Luck is a skill you have to learn babey!
Despoiler98: STREAMER LOOT
lighting_bolt_123: wowowowowowowow
arkinoid: That’s the saxk
xantos69: So....if you die now.....you will feel very silly.
ContingentCat: kathle3EYE kathle3EYE kathle3EYE
PostmodernApocalypse: lrrSACK lrrSACK
Solipsody: @dr0ne00000 Except without any min.
Kramburger: Adam 'Never Punished' Savidan
snowcookies: Adam has such luck
drfox17: look, next he's gonna draw an Island!
toomanybears: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
A_Dub888: Adam "Easy Mode" Savidan
aussie_rob_w: Adam lrrSACK idan
RassilonDND: incoming falls into a pit of acid and never escapes
Nocxia: T pose!
HorusFive: Horse
Pteraspidomorphi: Hah!
BrindleBoar: yassssss
m0nkeyrama: Luckiest man in the room
TheMoatman: You have really good luck for future ref
itsr67: yeeeessss
stacko84: How is Adam sitting that comfortably?
cuttlefishman: Name is Lucksack
Kramburger: MY MAN
RebekahWSD: Otaku Jeff?
NightValien28: but of course it is
Theycallmejokke: Geoff rides again
TheWarbo: As is tradition
Frankenfruity: Ah yes! We missed Otaku Jeff
kumatsu: Otaku Jeff RIDES AGAIN!
Despoiler98: katesWa katesOw
DiscordianTokkan: He rides again!
AmoriLinguae: lol imagine an actuarial table for luck based on the first two rolls
LettingMyGutHangOut: Adam "pen and paper Aimbot"
lighting_bolt_123: YYYYEEEEEEESSSSS
simriel: but Ched Punchman
matrixknight88: Otaku Jeff the Lucksack
thanzo: Strongest Otaku in the west
aussie_rob_w: Otaku Jeff made me cackle out loud
phenexian: Adam you earned this because you beat Darkest Dungeon Torchless Bloodmoon, that is how you earn the favour of fortunes fickle whims
PunkRockZoologist: Otaku Geoff.
drfox17: is... is otaku jeff a thing?
Rhynerd: Otaku Jeff is back in action?
Grescheks: meals are definitely instant ramen
BecauseGnomes: Otaku Jeff, Fastest in the Weff
TheMoatman: Aww no the cross stitch isn't in here
Omega_Lairon: Ramen and Pocky
korvys: Of course, these games do have "You chose wrong, so you're dead anyway", so even high stats don't stop you dying.
BusTed: slytqShrug rayfkWelp
atlas624: What is Otaku Jeff from?
dr0ne00000: @Solipsody Max Maxxer?
CantWearHats: no food? guess I'll die
Frankenfruity: @drfox17 on Adam's streams he is a mainstay!
itsr67: @drfox17 otaku jeff is what adam most always names his characters
aussie_rob_w: oooh new hack!
Rhynerd: Can Adam be given 10 snacks to count as the meals?
Kramburger: @drfox17 Adam's made an Otaku Jeff in at least 3 different games, usually has a 'ninja sword'
m0nkeyrama: Oooo
arkinoid: Guess we’ll die
Grescheks: atlas624 he's a character Adam makes in lots of games
BecauseGnomes: Choose the strongest potions!
CyanMig: we are a fightsman?
Frankenfruity: @atlas624 from various Adam's streams
Sektor88: Potion seller, I require your strongest potions Kappa
LettingMyGutHangOut: lrrADAM lrrDILLY
drfox17: @Kramburger Ninja sword, naturally, makes sense