WizardZedd: @hesgotnopants Oh boy. There's a band I haven't listened to in...decades. ;x
blackwlf: I now desire a stack of pancakes emote.
eric_christian_berg: I now desire pancakes.
Inquisitorgaia: is it wierd that im about to watch spoops in the shower?
Despoiler98: something that apparently is beej's fault?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Inquisitorgaia makes it convenient if the pee is scared outta ya
Inquisitorgaia: this is true
Azsedcf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Layers of Fear 2) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (6m ago).
Nigouki: huzzah, i haven't missed the start of the stream
Despoiler98: Welp they're obviously all ded, LRR is over everybody!
Pteraspidomorphi packs up
KakuEpsilon: Well I missed Obra Dinn due to being an hour late... did I miss start of Layers of Ear?
stacko84: Or have you and it's gone meta in spoopyness.
KakuEpsilon: Layers of Corn.
Pteraspidomorphi: You did not, KakuEpsilon
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today on Let's NOPE: Ben and Adam are on a SPOOKY ship, where we are merely actors in a SPOOKY play with probably a SPOOKY ENDING. 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/D8QaR9SUYAAojrm.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1136061907314413568
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WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
NimrodXIV: man, have ads been super loud for anyone else lately?
Theycallmejokke: Ah Jake Ryan, nothing spookier
Kramburger: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP
theneatestburrito: lrrSIGNAL lrrBEN lrrSPOOP lrrADAM lrrSIGNAL
KakuEpsilon: That's good, thanks for letting me know Ptera. Letting me know so hard you caused signal. I'm really impressed.
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL lrrBEN lrrSIGNAL lrrADAM
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP lrrHORN
Pteraspidomorphi: :)
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Not sure if worth redoing, but your tweet is missing the stream link.
eric_christian_berg: In recognition of Pride month, they will be playing "Layers of Queer".
Pteraspidomorphi: Is there music playing on the lrr side right now? I've been having some twitch + firefox + audio issues lately
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WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: is this some _/‾‾ _/‾‾ ...art?
Baldrash: @Pteraspidomorphi Quiet on my end.
Rhynerd: Hello!
seth_erickson: no sound yet
Alness49: lrrADAM _/ Art?
seth_erickson: for me
Pteraspidomorphi: Good good
NightValien28: lrrADAM art
Theycallmejokke: Arf *clap* Arf *clap* Arf Arf Arf *clap clap clap*
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today on Let's NOPE: Ben and Adam are on a SPOOKY ship, where we are merely actors in a SPOOKY play with probably a SPOOKY ENDING. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/D8QbANYVUAMJcxk.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1136062701694726145
erloas: rat art
cuttlefishman: I thought
cuttlefishman: the spooky ship
cuttlefishman: was earlier
Kramburger: lrrSPOOP
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
Decaped: awwww ship. i better take my headphones off
BusTed: hi
korvys: lrrSPOOP
NightValien28: omg its a graham
Pteraspidomorphi: Two spooky ships per tuesday
Kramburger: Is this... Ben?
Diabore: uh hi?
e_bloc: Pride250 here's to some tuesday night spoops
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DiscordianTokkan: lrrSPOOP benginDab
djalternative: It's G!!!
BusTed: \ lrrGRAHAM /
WearingCats_CwC: You're not Ben >_>
Despoiler98: whose that guy
Robot_Bones: Layers of Graham
korvys: His bearded replacement
silenceaux: Aw, was kinda hoping
Diabore: we have new ben!
orbitaltuna: is graham possessed by ben? ccolorD
Invitare: Graham, how terrifying D:
e_bloc: oh no
NimrodXIV: Hi G we miss you
Rhynerd: Okay Hiiii!
aWabbajack: cheer300 o hai Graham!
Pazzix: :o
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Graham! Stay!
Nigouki: Layers of SIDEWALK SLAM
RebekahWSD: Very disorienting!
Decaped: HI Graham. Real excited for spooky Betrayal later this week
Pazzix: <3
silenceaux: Thin, leafy wafers?
DiscordianTokkan: Graham's keeping Ben's seat warm. lrrGRAHAM katesChair
cuttlefishman: Is the real Let's NOPE the editing mines?
KakuEpsilon: Impromptu Sidewalk Slam!
Alness49: It's the ghost of Graham! If you listen, you can still here him...
Questhere: layers of ben ,theres a graham undeneeth
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CaptainSpam: Big G Money on the spoops tonight!
Grescheks: I mean...I wouldn't be against Graham joining Ben and Adam for a stream... :P
aWabbajack: PrideWingL lrrSPOOP cohhFlower
Despoiler98: this guy SUCKS
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IgnisDeus: G* get back to the editing mines! Lol. Love everything
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Theycallmejokke: Ben is running full pelt towards the moonbase with a piece of toast in his mouth
LadyTL: "This guy SUCKS" ~ Adam Savidan
Kramburger: This Ben SUCKS
weff47: hi friends
rasterscan: Best describption of Let's Nope
ghostvalv: hot takes
aWabbajack: Don't make me leave Murph! -Graham
korvys: Maybe he went east and fell in a pit :P
Pteraspidomorphi: We could play a Fighting Fantasy book :P
DiscordianTokkan: Fighting Fantasy Stream 2? Electrib Boogaloo?
stacko84: Sidewalk Slam!
DiscordianTokkan: *electric
korvys: Dynamic Range
Kramburger: Graham: Ben Harder!
Himyul: dem loud bois are back at it again
iggySPLOSION: hi adam and grahamben
RedHelveticaCake: aw, don't sell yourself short, Adam, you can drive the game
KakuEpsilon: I wonder if there's a Wrestling themed Horror Game for Adam and Graham to do
orbitaltuna: it's time for chat to tell adam a scary story lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
jpss92400: live SWS
Alness49: Graham is less noisy but he has his moments
weff47: impromptu Watch + Play?
RedHelveticaCake: noisebois
cuttlefishman: RIP heaphone users Omegalul
Sorrowex: Cheer100 Adam and tall Ben! A great combo!
Pteraspidomorphi: Always turn it up for the authentic experience
Kramburger: omegalul and whatnot
korvys: Ben and Adam have a lot of Dynamic Range.
WearingCats_CwC: rip headphones ???????????????
LucyCloudberry: hi ben hi adam
Kramburger: ??????
Himyul: mental illness.... poorly
Diabore: ?????
Earthenone: pride501 lrrHEART
OriginalGarwulf: I'd like to second a proposal of an impromptu Watch + Play.
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aWabbajack: kathle3HEX lrrADAM lrrGRAHAM cohhKnife
ArgentumFlare: Guys I got my acceptance email for my DB prize submission and I'm so excited
BaronVonPoppinOff: Then would let's kiss sometimes get Real PM?
BaronVonPoppinOff: err now kiss
Pazzix: Its a safe space -- except for the content... that not safe at all
aWabbajack: @ArgentumFlare cohhGV lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @ArgentumFlare woo!
WearingCats_CwC: "I don't think you understand what you're trying to be deep about"
Pteraspidomorphi: Tropes from certain traditional literature, I'd say
cuttlefishman: Wasn't that the Wyatt fight?
korvys: See No Evil?
stacko84: That's pretty much the entire horror genre
LadyTL: "He's so... EMOTIONAL." ~ Horror Writer Vince McMahon?
Diabore: you didnt see "see no evil" im guessing
ghostvalv: he's so... depressed....
cuttlefishman: Abandoned mannequin factory
KakuEpsilon: Vince has directed Horror before though
Alness49: They're so... *rushes stage to stop Vince*
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "He's so ... depressed! And veiny!"
korvys: A dilapidated boat
KakuEpsilon: Like dude, look up WWE's movies
Invitare: a dentist?
SketchyDetails: The hat Man
Kramburger: But Adam, this game is SO YOU
edgeyberzerker: Vince McMahon as a doctor!! D:
FireBasilisk53: new pride month thing
Grescheks: that's the MegaCheers thing for Pride
e_bloc: it's a pride month thing
Earthenone: a charity/ emote event
aWabbajack: Cheer at least 200 Bits to earn two of 20 exclusive emotes to use in June and unlock a gift emote for other viewers. For every 200 Bits cheered Twitch will donate $0.10 to The Trevor Project.
DiscordianTokkan: "That's how it is on this bitch of an Earth. Let's Wrassle!" - Vince McMahon, probably
Khasi1596: every 200 bits cheers donates to the trevor project
ArgentumFlare: Anyone else seeing dropped frames or is it on my end?
stacko84: Fear of the unknown is the keystone of horror hence the abuse of those "tropes"
Zahowy: yay he got my name right!
geekvs: a rare graham appears
LadyTL: OmegaLul?
Despoiler98: BYE G
ChiefEngineerMichael: HELLO G
NightValien28: hahahaa
eric_christian_berg: Layers of Cheer!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: LOVE U G
RedHelveticaCake: frames all over the floor
Kramburger: Quiet Ben and Tall Ben
Himyul: old ben?
LucyCloudberry: @ArgentumFlare yeah
korvys: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That is a concerning amount of wasabi.
Despoiler98: Old Ben?
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CommiePuddin: Love the tallest of bois taking the spoops. Or the keys. Or the key spoops.
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cuttlefishman: PrideWingL PrideWingL PrideWingL
Despoiler98: Tall Old Ben?
cuttlefishman: hunh
Pteraspidomorphi: test
NightValien28: its the pride charity
GrandLlamaQ: Ben has evolved!
lucha_libro: just showed up, Is ben out due to his allergies?
HesGotNoPants: if anything he's tall Penelope
SuperSugarSloth: PansexualPride
Theycallmejokke: What gives us the right? We're Twitch chat!
djalternative: Just call G El Jefe
WearingCats_CwC: Isn't tall lrrBEN just lrrJAMES ? Or is lrrJAMES short lrrADAM ?
NimrodXIV: GayPride
weff47: Ben should be short Graham instead
LadyTL: Wait so they're only giving 10%, and not matching bit donations this year?
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Shirts_: Despoiler98 isn't everyone "older Ben"
GrandLlamaQ: Little known fact: Ben's evolve when exposed to the Font Stone.
LadyTL: That's... disappointing.
aWabbajack: lrrWOW lrrKATHLEEN lrrDARK kathle3PRISM
Pteraspidomorphi: Ah, chat derped out for a sec there
xantos69: cheer200 Well then have bits!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
OriginalGarwulf: I would love to see a horror game where you're a serial killer trying to stop, and the quicktime events are bits where you're trying not to kill a victim.
Gekyouryuu: is twitch stuttering for anyone else?
Khasi1596: and the rewards are pride emotes
CrazymattCaptain: Pride200
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Stoffern: Wow suddenly everyone shows up...except Ben
weff47: SWS!
aWabbajack: Titanic 2 Simulator
cuttlefishman: Play Minecraft
Theycallmejokke: Hang out, and waffle stream
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marlinespike19: Glad i made it.
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ghostvalv: layers of chill
randomness63: yeah i'm getting a bit of stutter
Alahmnat: there are keys, but the keys are like, right next to the doors they open
Qalten: Anyone else getting hitching or is it just me?
RedHelveticaCake: @gekyouryuu i see dropped frames too
Despoiler98: yeah definitely stuttering
SuperSugarSloth: katesHeart
Shirts_: AsexualPride lrrHEART
Invitare: Frames being dropped everywhere
Indiexxx: Is Ben on the way?
seth_erickson: I'm seeing dropped frames as well
Kramburger: Pride200 Because PRIDE
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
aWabbajack: PrideWingL PrideSaba cohhFlower cohhMVP
Nigouki: i think they've filled their key quota for the decade
silenceaux: Oh that could be fun.
KakuEpsilon: No one knows where Ben is
jpss92400: showlove100 showlove100
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
djalternative: Correct. You and X people in chat
CrazymattCaptain: PrideGive PrideParty
ArgentumFlare: Yeah it keeps happening in chunks
e_bloc: AsexualPride AsexualPride
texasman208: 900 I would think
Himyul: mah frames!
korvys: It's a cool thing (though the actual cut Twitch is donating is kinda low)
Questhere: thought it was just me
KakuEpsilon: Ben got kidnapped and now Graham and Adam need to go onto a quest to rescue him
CommiePuddin: Smoke meats everyday.
silenceaux: Are we still at 60fps because that would be like 12 seconds?
Zahowy: Thanks for the PrideShine @jpss92400
geekvs: f
KakuEpsilon: They're like Skinny and More Handsome Mario Bros.
Kramburger: Is that a Vore thing?
Despoiler98: you said that and it dropped again
Qalten: Frame gremlins!
sir_jack_DB: being publicly asexual for the first time starting today, thank you LRR
ArgentumFlare: All over the floor
KakuEpsilon: And Ben si a Princess
Himyul: thanks for the stream! Bye!
LadyTL: OkayBYE~ <3
NightValien28: bye tall ben, we will miss you
Alahmnat: good freeze there
Khasi1596: great stream everyone. see you guys back tomorrow Kappa
FireBasilisk53: good stream people
aWabbajack: feliciaWave feliciaWave feliciaWave feliciaWave lrrHAM .
EleOhEle: stuttering like crazy for me
Nigouki: it froze when you said "ingest server" i that was mildly terrifying
RedHelveticaCake: @sir_jack_db congrats!
seth_erickson: Glad its not something on my end
Despoiler98: whose gonna clean up all those dropped frames
rrtycoon2: Ingest this...other server.
CommiePuddin: That was the scariest game EVER
weff47: thanks for the stream!
eric_christian_berg: lrrGRAHAM lrrADAM lrrBEN
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Frames a dropping via my roku, but it’s fine on my iPhone
djalternative: lrrSPOOP OkayBye
sir_jack_DB: thx guys :3
Kramburger: Good stream, let's shut it down
Earthenone: AsexualPride
Eklinaar: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS
Despoiler98: morph into form of BEN
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun James my 144 hertz would like to have some words with you
SuperSugarSloth: NonBinaryPride
Pteraspidomorphi: So, did anything happen to Ben?
KakuEpsilon: Ingest Server needs moe blood for the Blood God.
WearingCats_CwC: I have nothing to be proud about Kappa
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
cuttlefishman: moe blood?
KakuEpsilon: Not that they'll admit to
Despoiler98: @Pteraspidomorphi game ate him
ky0dar: sorgnorl?
seth_erickson: We're back in action
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @sir_jack_db NonBinaryPride
djalternative: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD lrrGOAT !!!
blackwlf: Ben ventured into a dark place and was eaten by a Grue.
cuttlefishman: Is Ben the most moe
wordmogul: AsexualPride
cuttlefishman: Paul is more moe
BusTed: \ lrrSPOOP /
Shirts_: AsexualPride
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
KakuEpsilon: Look, we only know Graham, Adam and Kathleen are there.
e_bloc: same Ben here
RedHelveticaCake: @cuttlefishman hmm, tough call
Kramburger: Byeeeeeeee
Despoiler98: Still G
IncredibleFrown: graham has failed to transmute
Theycallmejokke: Hey your still the same!
Shirts_: I'm really happy to find out AsexualPride emote is a thing
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mnemonicman: Spoops continue until morale improves.
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WearingCats_CwC: Did he died?
wordmogul: @shirts_ same
LadyTL: Nope we're still stuttering :c
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fragilepaper: Time to summon the Ben everyone, let's hold hands and make a sacrifice? I don't know but love what you do!
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Invitare: still losing frames
silenceaux: Benjamin "MIA" Ulmer...??
Kramburger: Frames pls
NightValien28: frames still going down
Nigouki: still dropped
Gascitygaming: he was having very bad allergies earlier on his stream
eric_christian_berg: You need nuggets and a pentagram.
Zahowy: let's adventure through a dark mansion to find Ben!
NimrodXIV: more drops :(
FoxFyr: TransgenderPride
cheetoJack: Spooky ghost ben!
CommiePuddin: He must have become one of my employees. :(
RedHelveticaCake: frames still falling out
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: have you checked with Bartleby?
NightValien28: fragilepaper FRIEND hello
Alness49: Bengingone
geekvs: dropping frames like Deadmau
jpss92400: PrideParty PrideParty PrideShine PrideShine
NimrodXIV: dangit, bit mines. I'm 10 short
Despoiler98: Is Heather extorting frames?
fragilepaper: @NightValien28 Hey Friend!
dungeonmaster099: Pride100 Pride100 Go LGBTQ
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Khasi1596: Thanks for the PrideShine @dungeonmaster099
EleOhEle: looks great on my phone but the frames are like hell watching through my xbox
IncredibleFrown: because if we did pride things outside pride month people might think we actually cared
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm just double checking Trevor Project is one of the good ones?
WearingCats_CwC: Because you're only allowed to be proud of being gay for one month Kappa
Shirts_: wordmogul I just started going to an Asexual get together in my area every other week. its been great AsexualPride
ky0dar: people are lgbtq outside out june
Juliamon: Laserbeaks_Fury yes
KakuEpsilon: Yes, Laserbeak
tenthtechpriest: gotta catch em all. pridemon!
ky0dar: ?
Kramburger: DoritosChip
RavingPenguin: PrideCheers
LadyTL: Give PLS and Take NRG
Zahowy: universe pride brain PrideShine
KakuEpsilon: It gives help to Transfolks to keep them from killing themselves.
MWGNZ: i got PrideTrans a couple of minutes ago
NightValien28: yes that will summon him
Despoiler98: mmmmmm nuggies
CastleOtranto: lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN
e_bloc: put them in a circle around a pizza
Kramburger: Summoning Circle Hope this Works
silenceaux: Sol ring
djalternative: Sol ring
weff47: Sol ring
Robot_Bones: Illharg
RedHelveticaCake: aw man now I want nuggies
HesGotNoPants: sol ring
Kramburger: Krenko in the middle
Theycallmejokke: Rich lore :D
thenb44: mountain?
cuttlefishman: nuggies aren't gruel
wordmogul: @shirts_ oh my gosh, that sounds awesome!
orbitaltuna: nah you only need 5 nuggies
cuttlefishman: they are delicious
marlinespike19: lrrGRAHAM lrrADAM lrrCHKN
Alness49: Do an animal crossing pentagram but with nugs instead
IAmToastBeyondToast: Our boi Borgy?
FarleyF: That sounds like the next Crapshot you know
RedHelveticaCake: Ren and Stimpy?
mnemonicman: Nuggie spoops
Jericotyler: all on a plaid drop cloth
Musicsquid: Gotta be Chandra in the middle
FireBasilisk53: atraxa?
Kramburger: lrrBEN lrrCHKN lrrBEN lrrCHKN lrrBEN lrrCHKN GIBB BEN PLS
KakuEpsilon: Or maybe Ben is the demons.
Despoiler98: MADNESS G
rrtycoon2: lrrCREEPL lrrCHKN lrrCREEPR Because spoop nuggies.
lucha_libro: Ben was having allergy issues earlier on his stream earlier
SuperSugarSloth: 5 nuggies for the points, huny mussy for the lines and sigils
NimrodXIV: actual phone?!
LadyTL: A PHONE CALL?! DansGame
WearingCats_CwC: People still have those? :o
lucha_libro: - 1 earlier
Alness49: Old school, G!
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
Khasi1596: gotta put a zipptricks mcedgelord
Baldrash: I was wondering when an ACTUAL PHONE CALL might occur.
Khasi1596: in the middle
Shirts_: wordmogul its been great and done wonders for my depression. its been amazing to know I'm not the only one in my area
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: a phone... call?
RebekahWSD: I don't even have a home phone anymore
Eklinaar: Using a phone to call someone? What kind of cruel taskmaster are you?
Tangsm: You would speak with your meat tubes? RUDE.
orbitaltuna: land lines in 2019? lrrSPOOP
IAmToastBeyondToast: DEMON MAGIC!
weff47: the only people who call me now are Robo-Calls
NightValien28: don't botter millenials think every phone call is spam
EvilBadman: Phone call, not a text? Must be an emergency. Or a robocall,
eric_christian_berg: cheer500
A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat!
cuttlefishman: Hey, the CRA is exciting
cuttlefishman: but I study tax information
thanzo: I sometimes answer the phone and don't say anything
Kramburger: My family has a group chat and *all *business is handled there
cuttlefishman: so... maybe not that exciting
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Actual phone? lrrJUDGE
RedHelveticaCake: LMFAO
ky0dar: i must be millenialling wrong. i use the phone a lot
Nigouki: do you not get those free cruise bot calls? D:
stacko84: This is taking Let's Nope a little too literally.
TheSkxawng: Super prison is a deck name
randomness63: it feels like everyone is here but ben
Kramburger: Can someone check Cam, he seems to be out of focus
tenthtechpriest: I've been NOT using itunes for like 20 years!
WearingCats_CwC: I got a call from a chinese number to my landline today. So that's fun
underhill33: I get calls regarding appointments and shit, but otherwise it's scam calls in Mandarin
Alahmnat: the only people who call me want money.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Does the room sound quiet for anyone else?
Alahmnat: and not even scam money
cuttlefishman: did he stop for nuggies on the way?
LadyTL: @Nigouki - Those can go die in a fire b/c you're talking about the ones where they blast a boat horn right in your ear?
KakuEpsilon: No, it's got so many folks
randomness63: cam's just naturally blurry
RedHelveticaCake: i always get robocalls in Mandarin
silenceaux: Big mood
eric_christian_berg: TransgenderPride !!
ZelaFlow: cheer200
FoxFyr: just glad he's safe!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
cuttlefishman: tell him to pick up nuggies for Adam
Tangsm: They'll just rename iTunes like they've done with their email service three times.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: been there, done that
DoodlestheGreat: OOPSIE.
Baldrash: Whoopsie doodle.
SuperSugarSloth: Yep, just glad he's safe!
RebekahWSD: I do that during daylights savings time
RedHelveticaCake: DERP
ulexarX: secret Daylight Savings stream
FireBasilisk53: can we get nuggies anyway?
SquareDotCube: Can we prepare a piece of toast for him?
bv310: That seems like the nuclear option in this day and age
ZelaFlow: cheer200
weff47: moshi moshi
Eklinaar: You can summon someone under 30 by placing a phone call? What madness is this?
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Kramburger: By getting his ostensible boss to call him
fragilepaper: Who would have guessed?
orbitaltuna: but now i want nuggies
electroswagnetism: Moshi moshi, cthulhu-desu
ZelaFlow: Two time combo!
WearingCats_CwC: bai :)
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RealGamerCow: 1/10th the number of the beast. Sort of
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LadyTL: @LoadingReadyRun - What's in the growler G?
ky0dar: graham.and adam. when next sidewalk slam?
KakuEpsilon: Something tells me that Adam's suggestion just spawned another bad horror game
Alness49: But do you WANT to buy nuggies?
TheMoatman: Phone numbers can be exchanged for goods and services
Shirts_: I hope he's running here with toast in his mouth
IAmToastBeyondToast: Both of my roomates are Tax professionals so I just give the phone to them when the "defiantly not a scam CRA" calls
Despoiler98: BONUS
Gekyouryuu: I HAVE nuggies in my freezer... and haven't had dinner yet.... brb
Kramburger: cheer200 Bits B4 Ben
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Gascitygaming: anyone ever play Guts and Glory? it's like 3d happy wheels
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RedHelveticaCake: How's Road Quest coming along, Graham?
djalternative: To call Cthulhu dial 1-800-BIG-TENT
ky0dar: thoughts on jon moxley?
Alness49: So 24/7 Slam!
RebekahWSD: You did have a social media belt idea!
Kramburger: On a golf course
bv310: That one was amazinf
RedHelveticaCake: @gascitygaming there's an old stream of Watch+Play where they played that
HesGotNoPants: no clearly you did the ritual in the future, that sent him to the past where we are, so if you don't do the nuggy ritual he won't have had come back to now
korvys: Did you watch AEW?
thatguy575: they can tout about it
electroswagnetism: Okay but firefly funhouse tho
TheChargingBadger: Pride1000
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TheMoatman: It was a few years ago
SuperSugarSloth: katesHomie
NightValien28: I enjoy this livewalkslam
RebekahWSD: It was...an earlier one? I've been watching them in such a random order I can't say which one it was in
Kramburger: Thoughts on Takeover XXV?
ky0dar: kk.
Alness49: So 247 turns from honor to fight over to poisoned chalice quickly, eh?
Gekyouryuu: the "call of cthulhu" is a constant being taken on and off of hold as you're constantly redirected to different old gods like you're trying to resolve a bill
CataclysmicReverb: doodlecheer600
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bv310: Heck yes, this is going to be a great episode
Kramburger: No Thoughts on Saudi Show? GOOD
Diabore: how bout the winner of money in the bank, he was a person
weff47: My favorite is still the Droopy dog impression
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ~23 weeks till Desert Bus?
korvys: The belt design is dumb, but the idea (like the hardcore one) I like, cause it's a different belt that means different people could reasonably win it
Despoiler98: TANGENT! How is RQ going?
e_bloc: yeah screw that
cuttlefishman: GVLOG?
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RebekahWSD: Less support for that the better
CastleOtranto: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
WearingCats_CwC: Are we boycotting Saudi Arabia now?
Kramburger: But haven't you always wanted to see *checks notes* Undertaker vs Goldburg?
mtvcdm: In canon unfortunately the Saudi shows very much exist. Shane's still carrying around that cup from Crown Jewel.
Despoiler98: surely
GrandLlamaQ: Forgive me, but isn't the 24/7 belt just the Hardcore title from Attitude era?
Despoiler98: dont call me surely
KakuEpsilon: So if you guys just recorded Sidewalk Slam yesterday, who's doing the editing on it?
silenceaux: I would guess that you do like 90% of the work, then you start doing episodes
cuttlefishman: basically, injokes
RealGamerCow: so it's in continuity
tenthtechpriest: continuity!
Laserbeaks_Fury: ABsolutely, get everything done
Alahmnat: you gotta construct the narrative
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: yeah, its all connected
Eklinaar: I don't wrestleman. Why are we upset with Saudi Arabia?
djalternative: How much closer is it to being finished than it was yesterday, G? @LoadingReadyRun
LadyTL: "Arc." - Adam ( Kappa )
RedHelveticaCake: so Netflix style
Diabore: @KakuEpsilon they said adam will be when he gets a chance
TheMoatman: Still 10 episodes?
geekvs: Roadquest 2025
EvilBadman: Think of like a competition show. They do holiday theme episodes half-a-year or more away from the holiday is for airing on the holiday
Alness49: You're making one mega episode that is then chopped up into X bits
mtvcdm: Saudi Arabia is... not politically a nice country and I'll leave it at that.
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MaelstromX17: Woot!
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randomness63: We're mad at the Saudi
korvys: @Eklinaar Non-wrestling reasons like human-rights violations
KakuEpsilon: Saudi Arabia is... not great, Eklinaar, nothing to do particularly with Wrestlemans
randomness63: 's over human rights
Oscelot: Yay! I’m glad road quest is going well. It’s a huge project and I’m really impressed with you guys for managing to somehow not get bogged down in “Aaaaaaaaaaaa!” @loadingreadyrun
Diabore: @Eklinaar they are bad bad people and wwe is basically accepting blood money
KakuEpsilon: Oof, yeah Sorry to answer you four times
RealGamerCow: 80/20 rule. 20% of the effort does 80% of the work, 80% of the effort does the other 20%
Pteraspidomorphi: You can always release the Director's Cut later
seth_erickson: I hated cutting things from interviews I've done
EvilBadman: Watch Wrestle Queendom on Friday instead of the...other show
Despoiler98: cause Saudi Arabia is currently guilty of various war crimes against the Yemini people
e_bloc: just release the uncut 144 hours version. I'd watch it.
seth_erickson: I also hate finding and cutting all the dead air
Oscelot: Cutting sucks. And tbh we would probably watch all 6 hours of that first cut lol
HesGotNoPants: adam, who is the lady on your arm?
IAmToastBeyondToast: @LoadingReadyRun Have you thought of streaming the first episode (When it's all done ^_^) here on twitch with the crew?
geekvs: directors cut?
silenceaux: We have a lot of filler in our casual speech, yeah.
ky0dar: will you use offcuts from rq as side content in lrl maybe?
e_bloc: that's why I generally just lurk. irl.
KakuEpsilon: Adam, don't be so hard on yourself, your voice is a joy to listen to
Zahowy: No it is cut everyone elses lines and only give Adam lines
djalternative: Cut all of the breaths and filler words and you have a much shorter conversation.
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh yeah the YouTube premiers
seth_erickson: premier I've heard they've gotten better
Oscelot: @iamtoastbeyondtoast @loadingreadyrun premiere party would be so much fun
Despoiler98: that would be sweet
Tangsm: Then cut out all your requests for the editor to cut something you're not proud of having just said. The actual embarrassing stuff stays in.
orbitaltuna: extended cut
electroswagnetism: "Director's cut? They certainly do!
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Brok3nGol3m: I think at this point we all trust your directorial decisions and thank you for the effort!
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geekvs: bryan singer cut?
thanzo: the director cut it
RedHelveticaCake: most matter is empty space, footage is not that different
xantos69: cheer200 I understand your pain. Making cuts on stuff you like is impossible. For instance...Right now I am making cuts out of my 32 player support cube to make slots for Modern Horizon. Every amazing new card needs to replace something of the same color. Hurts the ol' brain.
e_bloc: put it right in my brain.
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korvys: I just rewatched DB2018 - I'd watch it.
TheMoatman: How many TBs of footage was it?
Nigouki: so you're gonna do the main thing and then just like the Batsu game have the bonus episodes?
OriginalGarwulf: So, my laptop is out of its 3 year warranty, and since I got the wrong screen resolution with it, I"m looking for a replacement. I just got an email reply to one of my queries to find the ASUSPRO with the configuration I want, and it was very clear they hadn't read the specs for the machine before sending the email.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Thank you for describing the road quest production process. It’s neat to “see behind the curtain” and gain perspective!
Robot_Bones: What about the Beej cut where everyone is Beej?
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun just burn it to 70 million blurays and mail them to people
Gekyouryuu: Kappa
Oscelot: God hosting that much film...
EvilBadman: Topher Grace will edit Road Quest down to a tight 3 minutes, 45 seconds
Diabore: thered probably be way to much down time, just upload 143 hours Kappa
djalternative: How about a cut that is just all of the footage without someone talking?
cheetoJack: LRR already works on a weeks worth of driving that you can watch in real time each year
SoundGuy0dB: Sounds Like it’ll be fun
ky0dar: the cut with the gangnam hell filter over it?
IAmToastBeyondToast: @LoadingReadyRun One single unedited DVD for a Desert bus raffle!!!
Despoiler98: Yeah just stream ALL the footage in Real TIme :D
cuttlefishman: Would the new MacPro help?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Who's writing the music?
Despoiler98: itll be like desert buss
Himyul: will it be done before road quest 2 starts filming? Kappa
cuttlefishman: Should we get you one
silenceaux: So, progress!
kumatsu: We're closer than we've ever been and now we're even closer
KakuEpsilon: It's really impressive how great and speedy this chat is
NimrodXIV: Ben!
Despoiler98: ITS THAT GUY
silvalunae: I just got here, did they finish the game?
HesGotNoPants: @robot_bones 2 weeks with 6 beejs in 3 cars following a lead beej?
Oscelot: I wish there were ways for us to help @loadingreadyrun
Eklinaar: And now you're even older?
Theycallmejokke: We forgive you
Zahowy: It's Ben
Juliamon: The boi is here!
EvilBadman: Just run Road Quest in the PIP during Desert Bus instead of Buscam
geekvs: guillermo del toro cut?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: HI BEN
Oscelot: Yay Ben!
ky0dar: Ben!
Tangsm: Ben, what is it with you and actually using phones as intended?
eric_christian_berg: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
SuperSugarSloth: Yay! You're safe!
ninja_theory_ashrams: ahh Momgeneering
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Bye G!
KakuEpsilon: Oh hey, it's short Graham!
seth_erickson: Ben actually has real phone calls in 2019!?!?
TheMoatman: So it sounds like you're at the 70% mark or si
MWGNZ: Heck yes Ben Mom!
Juliamon: Good ol' Momgeneering
NightValien28: buckle up mom time to learn diversity
OriginalGarwulf: (Hint to sales reps: if the laptop specs say that it can an optional internal optical drive, that means that you CAN put in an internal optical dirve!)
RedHelveticaCake: that is good parenting!
bv310: That's super neat
Alahmnat: Ben's Mom is a good mom
ky0dar: ben. youre millenialling wrong. talking on phones?!?!?
LetsConsider: When was roadquest filmed?
Oscelot: Awwwww omg your Mom is so good @bengineering so amazing
NightValien28: I love your mom
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Hai Benny boy!! Your mom sounds awesome.
FoxFyr: woof TransgenderPride
DoodlestheGreat: Your mother sounds lovely, Ben.
thanzo: lrrHEART
Diabore: @lets may last year
Despoiler98: time for fear
OriginalGarwulf: (I'm looking at an ASUSPRO P2540UB with some additional options.)
geekvs: which episode does Ben direct
TheMoatman: LetsConsider just over one year ago
jujujanie: Worth being late :)
RedHelveticaCake: that's worth being late for
silvalunae: You're doing your best lrrHEART
Diabore: i think it was end of may
sir_jack_DB: "meh." -Mug, 2019 lrrBEEJ
blackwlf: I am happy to wait until it is ready because it will be amazing.
BlindProphet32: You're only so many people G
KakuEpsilon: Experience the layers of Pronouns, Momgerring
DoodlestheGreat: Still less time than Duke Nukem Forever took.
Oscelot: Oh yeah the identification/gender thing is a huge problem medically
RealGamerCow: Medical issues and identification is a very thorny subject that can be difficult for all involved.
kumatsu: You're developing a major television show with a small crew and 2 computers, it was always gonna take time
WearingCats_CwC: My mum was a radiographer. She worked in CT not MRI, but imaging. It's fun stuff
KakuEpsilon: Sorry
LetsConsider: It’s okay that it’s late, I’m just wondering
RedHelveticaCake: my non-cis friends thank you and your mom, Ben
Oscelot: Exactly @realgamercow
Electrodyne: Ben please call your mom back and tell her we all say hi
ky0dar: i rewatched the dnf talking sim. wow that game existed
mnemonicman: ok bye I guess
djalternative: A year to edit a feature length movie/series takes about 2 years on average for smaller setups. Don't feel bad about the edit time.
Despoiler98: YAY they answered my question!
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Jar_of_Stuff: *Rick Flair woo*
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silvalunae snort
Despoiler98: Beer Mug
silenceaux: AHAhahahaha
eric_christian_berg: bye lrrGRAHAM !
Zahowy: Don't have too much fun, Graham
NightValien28: "coffee"
djalternative: wow. that sentence wasn't
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Grandpa Ben has the special coffee
Gekyouryuu: Ben, if it makes you feel better, I'm a semi-closeted gay trans woman and I have as much info as you do, because I currently look like a cis white dude and don't live around enough open-minded people to be able to actually TALK about this stuff, so I've learned NOTHING in the past few years since I realized what I have about myself
Oscelot: Dear Ben can you tell your mom chat loves her plz?
IAmToastBeyondToast: @LoadingReadyRun Graham and his dame Laudanum
TheMoatman: Man, I've never really felt claustrophobic before... except the MRI I had. Fuck that was an uncomfortable 30 minutes
Eklinaar: Back to Adam and Regular Ben
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP lrrHORN lrrADAM lrrBEN
ninja_theory_ashrams: Find the Character
CrazymattCaptain: a quick refresher of the stream things?
thenb44: is this the second episode of lof2 i forget if i missed an episode
superhippo31415: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 16:08.
electroswagnetism: weeew
Baldrash: WHOOOOO!
sifonaonline: Woo!
Jar_of_Stuff: all *sorts* of stuff...
Electrodyne: WOOO
Grescheks: thenb44 this is the second episode, you haven't missed one
TheChargingBadger: Pride500
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WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: _/‾‾ _/‾‾ art?
RedHelveticaCake: so, teeth?
thenb44: sick thanks @Grescheks
Oscelot: Aw man @gekyouryuu hey if you ever wanna talkthe LRR Discord is here. Also feel free to pm me here
fragilepaper: ^
geekvs: have u reach peak dauntlesses?
Theycallmejokke: Arf *clap* Arf *clap* Arf
Despoiler98: katesWa katesOw
Oscelot: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Jar_of_Stuff: There might be a few of those in there, sure..
electroswagnetism: I will do Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth with you, ben
JosephDeath: I know how that can be mildly terrifying. I had an interview yesterday and one of the interviewers was named "Diana", and had feminine features but also a beard that rivaled mine. They were very pleasant and the interview went well but I mildly panicked when I used the pronoun "She" during the interview. I honestly have no idea if it's more polite to ask what they prefer or to assume?
iggySPLOSION: do AT KT adam you coward
Anubis169 huggles everybody
IncredibleFrown: i just fixed my mhw install, gonna progress through high rank
Electrodyne: cheer100 CANDYMAN WOOOOOOO
mrshazboto: Big numbers, eh gamers?
CataclysmicReverb: doodlecheer500 It's a good thing you're playing this in Summer; if the weather was Cold, you'd have to dress in layers of fear
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notarealartist: PogChamp
Kramburger: OH BOI
Oscelot: I need a copy of windows before I can play MHW =<
geekvs: Gamr
WowoT: i just noticed, why does the facecam flip when full screen vs right now?
RedHelveticaCake: @josephdeath usually it's better to ask
Oscelot: @cataclysmicreverb omg
electroswagnetism: Kulve Taroth is one of my favourite bosses
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: BOSHY
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's fine on the Palico
RealGamerCow: JosephDeath If I don't feel that it is appropriate to ask, I use "they"
mrshazboto: Rainbow pigment + whatever those samurai pants are looks amazing though
teavian: VIDEO GAMES!
Pteraspidomorphi: WowoT: It flips when they're in the bottom right corner so they look towards the center of the screen
Electrodyne: Yeah but as you get warm you can take a Layer of Fear off
silenceaux: I have a friend who's been rocking a rainbow santa suit for like 5 months now
Grevas13: hey, i got some PrideTrans PrideHi emotes
WearingCats_CwC: I played some Monster Hunter World once. I fought a giant chicken and it bored the piss out of me
maestrith: Will there be keys?
Tangsm: Can I get like a nice cardigan of fear?
Despoiler98: thats.....a lot of knives.....
Theycallmejokke: Carkey?
Despoiler98: why knives?
JosephDeath: Trying to train myself to rely on "They" more often... 30 years of habits are hard to override
RedHelveticaCake: thespian!
eric_christian_berg: PrideBalloons
thanzo: chaucer?
Kramburger: I rug up for winter, but that's because I like jackets and jumpers as a fahion
silvalunae: I have a trenchcoat of fear
WearingCats_CwC: Karkat?
Gekyouryuu: for real, though, brb, gonna cook up some nuggies
Earthenone: alos... Art!
electroswagnetism: We are way too method
Oscelot: Man I wish I could get away with a single jacket when it’s cold
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: and _/‾‾ _/‾‾ art
randomness63: Oh something I noticed on the VOD when you stared at the things out at sea and they sank they reappeared in here
Despoiler98: except for the wall full of KNIVES!?!?
Electrodyne: _H__A_T__
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ConspicuousCompiler: Hello. It's me. I'm the boat.
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Tangsm: What was the manniquin's name again? Frank?
RedHelveticaCake: also everyone's scared of your director?
stacko84: Are you handin' with T-Pain?
djalternative: I've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan
Gekyouryuu: C_ar_c_er = Character
silvalunae: okay, you have one letter guess left or it's hangman and we start over
ninja_theory_ashrams: and the game refers to you with gender neutral terms, so might be an actor or actress
Laserbeaks_Fury: Time to get reel
WearingCats_CwC: T-Pain would be proud. No he wouldn't, T-Pain doesn't care
Laserbeaks_Fury: H jon
electroswagnetism: H John Benjamin?
djalternative: H. John Benjamin
Despoiler98: ok this is already way to deep for me
seth_erickson: New voice actor?
Despoiler98: cart?
silvalunae: ART
Gekyouryuu: Archer's VA
bv310: We need a lrrART emote
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: _/‾‾ _/‾‾
Theycallmejokke: Arf arf arf
Brok3nGol3m: the fake David Attenborough lrrSPOOP
SuperSugarSloth: Mart?
geekvs: Jon Jacob Ginhiseher Schmidt
Despoiler98: Bart?
silvalunae: omg i second lrrART emote
OriginalGarwulf: WHo is that voice actor? He sounds familiar.
Omthebox: GenU is fun ass hell
Tangsm: The imagery really doesn't match the words.
Alness49: The Art was the friends we made along the way!
djalternative: He's Archer
Laserbeaks_Fury: And Bob Belcher
Oscelot: Thirded Art! Emote @loadingreadyrun
JosephDeath: Hey... Longsword is damn fun...
gossiepa: It’s mopes time
electroswagnetism: Longswords send me straight into orbit with anger
silvalunae shrug emote
gossiepa: *nope
ConspicuousCompiler: As a boat, this content is insufficiently ocean-related for my purposes.
Indiexxx: The credits are the best part
Omthebox: Longswords best move is the one nobody that uses longswords use.
GallowsCat: i like longsword :C
Laserbeaks_Fury: Roots, gotta go down
JosephDeath: I tend to play MH solo so I don't run into the "Knock over my teammates" issue
FireFlower18: i've sat through enough MTG. i can hang
randomness63: longswords are single player signposting
silvalunae: get in the hole
gamercat88: are there keys in this game?
Electrodyne: IT'S THE HAT
Tangsm: So, we have to put in Skyrim time to character build.
silenceaux: Spiders: in your hair now
WearingCats_CwC: I can stay in this corner and start my own conversation about...I dunno, Persona 5?...Danganronpa?
Oscelot: Follow the roots woo
Alness49: Who is this hole made for?
Grescheks: OriginalGarwulf the VA is Tony Todd, he was Candyman in the Candyman movie (hence the jokes during the stream)
djalternative: lrrSPOOP or lrrGOAT
Alahmnat: maybe this IS the conch from Obra Dinn...
EscherichiaCole: That Robin williams episode was so good
OriginalGarwulf: I'm not talking about the director. I'm talking about the British voice on the introductory film reels.
Electrodyne: C_AR_C_ER --- missing "HAT", we need to find the hat
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Oh one of those siblings is definitely going to get piggy-ed
djalternative: That show is still funny
e_bloc: whose line is a goddamned treasure
Grescheks: Colin Mochrie is awesome
NimrodXIV: Colin is a good dude
ninja_theory_ashrams: they are still on whose line
Camail: that show is a cultural touchstone
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "I still, get more sex, than, either Brad or Drew."
Gekyouryuu: "What Robin Williams is thinking right now" "I have a career, what the hell am I doing?" @LoadingReadyRun
DiscordianTokkan: He's going to be on the new Who's Line that's coming out soon!
Laserbeaks_Fury: This seems like a bit of a stilted metaphor
MWGNZ: some builder needs a new set square
orbitaltuna: arctic tern
DiscordianTokkan: (Colin, I mean)
silvalunae: wayne brady's possesed girl scount is my fave
Oscelot: #canadajokes
RedHelveticaCake: lookit all those trapezoids
SketchyDetails: Steve Martin.
silenceaux: I feel both incredibly attacked and incredibly seen.
Gekyouryuu: @DiscordianTokkan new? isn't it still on the CW?
djalternative: I recommend watching some of the newer episodes. Who's line is still good.
Rhynerd: Just talk about Clue or Spiral Knights and this is just Rhynerd Niches.
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun I am from michigan and like monster hunter is that close enough
RebekahWSD: Colin and Ryan are A+
Alness49: There will be two viewers and in the end they meet for coffee
Despoiler98: this stream is confusing me
Sorrowex: I'm planning on moving to Canada, does that count?
SketchyDetails: Steve Martin as the Jerk plays twin blades and wakes up sleeping monsters by starting his combo
randomness63: I haven't caught up since S9, has it still been running?
Himyul: is this a keyquest game?
Oscelot: Congrats @sorrowex !
JohnLockeCole: Dear Dr Adam and Dr Ben, Speaking as a Longsword Main, I take no offense to any of this ;p
OriginalGarwulf: You know, normal film directors tilt the CAMERA...
BusTed: Kinda Michael Caine.
bv310: It's like weird Australian
Questhere: g'day govna
silvalunae: it's not. . . that bad. . .
FireFlower18: nope nope nope
Camail: sorry i'm too bust doing sick pogos to listen to this shade
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: KEYS
Alness49: Pirate film, or Pirate film?
Kramburger: It sounds vaguely Aussie
DoodlestheGreat: This game isn't as key-tastic as other games.
WearingCats_CwC: Dick VanDyke Cockney?
bv310: Adam "Peyton Royce" Savidan
DiscordianTokkan: @Gekyouryuu Ah, I saw him post a trailer for S15. As in "It's Still happening"
Brok3nGol3m: Great Zealand?
Grescheks: It's an Adam Savidan Accent Original
Grevas13: heresy!
randomness63: work work
RedHelveticaCake: nobody SPELLS it 'arses'
BusTed: Job's done!
Pteraspidomorphi: Spoilers?
stacko84: How short is the main character?
sifonaonline: Work work.
Despoiler98: Zug Zug
Laserbeaks_Fury: HERESY!
silvalunae: Cameron's british accent is interesting
Sorrowex: It's an old Zealand accent
Despoiler98: HERESY
orbitaltuna: it's art accent
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Are Canadians considered Yanks?
WearingCats_CwC: Everyone spells it arses. That's how you spell arses
DiscordianTokkan: Oh yeah! *looking at Colin's twitters* I forgot his daughter is trans. Good for her.
ninja_theory_ashrams: the size of a tangerine
djalternative: Michael Cane or My Cocaine
Oscelot: Cockneyaus
Laserbeaks_Fury: The size of a tangerine....
DoodlestheGreat: I don't know if it's heresy, but a 40K Funko Pop is certainly an abomination.
Grescheks: WasntFuzzyWuzzy they are not
OriginalGarwulf: No. We Canadians are NOT considered Yanks.
Tisme_: famous actor my cocaine
Kramburger: You have to say his name like 'My Cocaine' and end sentences with "Not many people know that"
OriginalGarwulf: Some of us even consider that comparison to be fighting words...
silvalunae: omg you ate your brother
Oscelot: I could hear that honestly (old NZ)
BusTed: Nuhuhhhh
thenb44: what a chonker
randomness63: What a mad lad
e_bloc: he eats cannonballs
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh, he plays Sea of Theives
seth_erickson: One Whole Lot I can only stomach Half a Lot
RedHelveticaCake: absolute unit
Brok3nGol3m: There is the fake Mid-Atlantic Accent, which was only used by actors to affect a haughtiness. It sounded like an American would think a Brit sounded like
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arkilyd: 5 years of LRR. Over those years the crew has helped me through loss and tough times. Thank you. Everyone in the office deserves hugs for everything you do for everyone.
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HesGotNoPants: yankee is north east American
silvalunae: @e_bloc so he's a. . . cannonballist BD
Grescheks: sounds like my brain
weff47: this is your brain on sadness
WearingCats_CwC: Also zombies
Tangsm: This is your brain on drugs.
stacko84: A cook named Barley... *slaps knee*
Himyul: into the pot!
BusTed: Have you tried not being sad?
FireFlower18: oh he eats his feelings
e_bloc: @silvalunae oh no
Alness49: Mmmm, onega-3 fatty acids!
djalternative: It's the scarcrow's brain! This is Wizzard of Oz!
orbitaltuna: crotch brain
silenceaux: Maybe... Maybe no
Oscelot: Omg
silvalunae cACKLES
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Stop motion monster
Zalbaag: We Claymation now
thanzo: cool, claymation
Despoiler98: UM
e_bloc: dude seems super hungover
Oscelot: Hank y
Camail: 2nd amendment
jujujanie: What a cutie
Despoiler98: RAWR
BusTed: rawr
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Nope. No thanks.
Brok3nGol3m: katesNope katesNope
ninja_theory_ashrams: again this makes me think of an unfunny "Dave Made a Maze"
NightValien28: you know, nyaah
WearingCats_CwC: Do you have a right to that bear arm?
Despoiler98: slytqWTF katesScared
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: toiguh
DiscordianTokkan: Occupado!
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh it's an OZ reference
Despoiler98: nope
Despoiler98: nope nope nope
Despoiler98: UM
Despoiler98: RUN
djalternative: That was a Lion arm. Not a bear arm. This is Oz now.
NightValien28: oh I knew him well, hora-BOOM
gamercat88: run away
Grescheks: can...can we take the axe?
Laserbeaks_Fury: A brain, A heart, da neoive
Gekyouryuu: tin woodsman?
Oscelot: Rat game?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: _/‾‾ _/‾‾ heart?
RedHelveticaCake: heART
Kramburger: Is this O_/ Heart?
e_bloc: is this. . . heart?
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun GRAB THE AXE damn stupid horror game characters
Despoiler98: Heart....heart heart
silvalunae: we're not in kansas anymore
WearingCats_CwC: Could be an Oz reference. Or a RWBY reference
Himyul: oh, this is a Wizard of Oz thing, isn't it?
gamercat88: with our powers combine
Brok3nGol3m: offal stew
Laserbeaks_Fury: Follow the yellow brick road
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: In just 7 days...
WearingCats_CwC: art?
BrindleBoar: rat soup, that's what's going on
FireFlower18: weird soup, but ok
Kramburger: It's kids playing make-believe
Tisme_: makin' Art? stew
Gekyouryuu: Emerald City
Himyul: Emerald city for sure
djalternative: follow the yellow brick road
BusTed: And a gold road.
Brok3nGol3m: it's the yellow brick road
Tangsm: Lion's courage.
seth_erickson: lion's arm
superhippo31415: Just got here, What have I missed so far?
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
silvalunae: biggest brain
silenceaux: Oh. Oh that's why it went from Black & White into full colour
seth_erickson: Interpreting Art
gamercat88: quick someone throw a house on the witch
Kramburger: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Grescheks: Adam has become one with the Art
LathosTiran: i think we are an actor putting ourself in the mind space of a young boy who is imagining horrers out of everyday ship events
IncredibleFrown: Art.
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
BusTed: Whaaa
TheMoatman: I heard it was fun
DiscordianTokkan: So, who gets the ruby slippers then?
weff47: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
WearingCats_CwC: Y'know, the amputee lion. What he wanted most was an arm
BusTed: I have heard good things.
Grescheks: I read a review that said it was fun and awesome
Crowbar_Is_Ready: This game seems to have better set peices than the first, but a deeply lacking throughline connecting them so far.
sir_jack_DB: the new Godzilla is fukn RAD
NazakYuzak: new godzilla is a ton of un
djalternative: The black wander must be a reference to something.
RedHelveticaCake: looks like they're missing some frames on that movie there
Juliamon: Adam knows what's up
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun the new Godzilla doesn't suck, there's just a touch too much HUMANS in it
Robot_Bones: Is He though thor.gif Kappa
JohnLockeCole: oh yeah, it's a really good Godzilla Movie
FoxFyr: Its not shin-godzilla
empyreon: yeah, I've heard it's fun as hell
BusTed: And the soundtrack jams.
Oscelot: Not much @superhippo31415 Ben was late so we started the game only 10 or 15 minutes ago
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Adam is learning Art
Gekyouryuu: the MONSTER parts are GREAT
JosephDeath: I've heard that if you like big monster movies, you're gonna like the big monster movie
FoxFyr: but I also like the 2000s godzilla
Rhynerd: The reviews I heard are awesome monster fights and shitty human interaction.
sifonaonline: Art? NO!
FoxFyr: soooooo
StillAnEmoKid: Yeah it was fun, it's not gonna win any prestigious awards or anything, but its a good time
BrindleBoar: Godzilla was never art, and it never will be!
silvalunae: big monsters fight -shrug- that's all people want
Grescheks: Kong was awesome
seth_erickson: Want to see big monsters fight giant robots I'd just go watch Pacific Rim again
iggySPLOSION: i just wanted to make sure it wasnt a repeat of 2014 godzilla, which sucked
Rhynerd: So, if you want human drama, don’t watch.
BusTed: holy shit skull island
BrindleBoar: That is not the point of Godzilla!
NightValien28: the problem with godzilla is the same with the transformers, the dumb humans in it
djalternative: MovieBob's review is the one for you.
BusTed: I saw it in the theater and it was amazing.
weff47: Godzilla is a different type of entertainment than Shindler's List
Rhynerd: If you wanna watch monsters fight monsters, watch Godzilla.
Crowbar_Is_Ready: it's a great monster flick, just not much plot, but if you're headed to godzilla for plot...
untidy_joseph: Sometimes you need cheese whiz for the brain
thenb44: you can go in the ent
thanzo: I really want a Gamera remake
thenb44: vent*
HesGotNoPants: he was great in Chicago @loadingreadyrun
Grevas13: john c reilly was excellent in chicago
JosephDeath: But John C Reily can do serious very well...
FoxFyr: John C Reilly was the only thing I liked about that movie and I love Brie Larson. Visually it was great, but man that script succckkked
Malkaresh: King of the Monsters was out-fucking-standing
xantos69: Ok... but Stranger Than Fiction was AMAZING
TheMerricat: MovieBob literally went Gaga over the new Godzilla.
Indiexxx: Seen John c Reilly in Magnolia?
Eklinaar: to be fair Will Farrell did an amazing serious performance in Stranger than Fiction
empyreon: Some review site was like "you can't just have 2 hours of big monsters cutting wwe promos" . Yes, you can, and yes it's what I want
BusTed: Skull Island had a lot of MCU people, strangely.
Tangsm: Will Ferrel was really good in Stranger Than Fiction, though.
Despoiler98: you MONSTER
RedHelveticaCake: that doesn't excuse the existence of Holmes and Watson
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Those movies are like snickers bars- satisfying for the moment but not something that can sustain you forever.
CaptainSpam: So what you're saying is that critics are pointing to it and asking, "Art? Art? Art?"
Alahmnat: Stranger Than Fiction is great
ninja_theory_ashrams: like a Transformers movie only needs two things, giant robots fighting and just enough plot to care why giant robots are fighting
itomeshi: Scandalous! Get in the confession boof!
thordak_keitel: that's okay, your not alone
Khasi1596: people are allowed to like things
Pazzix: Chicago, wasn't exactly a serious movie, but it was seriously good.
BlindProphet32: @Tangsm Yes! Its the movie I enjoyed him in the most
weff47: note on the ground!
Tangsm: One of my favorite movies.
silvalunae: as long as it doesn't hurt anyone without consent, people are allowed to like things
Jericotyler: why are there lights in the vents
Oscelot: Adam Savadan: Actually Enjoying Life
Grescheks: Godzilla movies are in a weird position, critically speaking. Some of them go for the big messages and the "art" styling, and some of them go for the big monsters fighting thing, and both are good
sir_jack_DB: oh yeah, see Godzilla in IMAX if you can, it's perfect for it
randomness63: It was a good movie, if it you pretend it was anyone but the DC characters
EscherichiaCole: Not liking things is highly overrated
CamelAttack: Every movie have problems and the criticism of the movie shouldn't away someones enjoy it if they enjoy it!
Grevas13: that martha moment was super narm
Brok3nGol3m: Shin Godzilla was amazing though
NightValien28: stealth art?
WearingCats_CwC: It's ok to have movies about smacking your action figures together if that's what you want :p
KV1NN4: Batman V Superman was fine; didn't like Batman BRANDING ppl but toherwise yeah Affleck is good int he role, like, really good
Despoiler98: whatever is making that noise
randomness63: The baggage of the characters was tough
Chartle: is this by the same company that made the cthulhu game?
silenceaux: y i k e
e_bloc: how dare you enjoy things Adam
Oscelot: Hey Adam, have you watched Deep Dive on Filmjoy’s/Mikey Newmann’s channel?
NightValien28: big yikes
BusTed: Fetch me a switch.
JPattemore: oh
Despoiler98: slytqWTF
ninja_theory_ashrams: child abuse warning
DiscordianTokkan: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
chibi_bento: that table is ... having A Day.
djalternative: BVS is the movie you get when the guy you put in charge of your superhero movies hates superheroes.
Oscelot: Oh look we found the real o’clock
Gekyouryuu: well, it seems I'm NOT having nuggies tonight. I AM having bunny shaped pasta, though
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KNACC: whelp it's child abuse time
Alahmnat: suddenly content warning
Kramburger: This song SLAPS
Grescheks: Gekyouryuu that sounds just as fun to me
Eklinaar: Ah someone went to the same school of discipline as Cam's CH character
Nigouki: the bedroom is the one with the creaking bed noises Kappa
Despoiler98: YE
ninja_theory_ashrams: the dad is the monster... DUHN DUHN DUHN
silvalunae: ye. . . . et
gamercat88: lets make it
RedHelveticaCake: 'ye'
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Soooo protag was little brother who survived the trip and became an actor?
Grescheks: get that sweet sweet stop motion monster in there
silenceaux: Boxtrolls?
silvalunae: higher cranbursher
djalternative: Wes Anderson?
Nigouki: Kubo and the Two Strings?
Ukon_vasara: Kubo the two strings Kreygasm
Pteraspidomorphi: Anything Laika
FickleMuse: I mean Liaka exists and is a fantastic studip
RedHelveticaCake: what are you talking about, Laika Studio's got that covered
Officinalis: Wallace and Gromit fight the Thanoses
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun have you not seen Coraline? Paranorman? Kubo and the two strings?
KV1NN4: Laika Studio makes soemr eally good stop-motion movies that always get under-rated and often fly under the radar\
Grescheks: Dragon Prince attempted to false stop motion for the first season, and it was very hit or miss...
weff47: they need to clean that mirror
erloas: could be on a LRL set, real game or fake game in a real game
KV1NN4: Most recent one came out this year
bloodybighead: Sup, chat? What's good Adam y Ben?
ninja_theory_ashrams: I was looking to stream the Harry Hausen Sinbad movies the other night, but no luck
Chartle: thats a deepfried meme if ive ever seen one
Oscelot: Kubo & the two strings was so good
RedHelveticaCake: also The Missing Link
WearingCats_CwC: Was Isle of Dogs stop motion?
FickleMuse: Kubo and the Two strings is one of my favorite movies. It's gorgeous
Gekyouryuu: actually, for that matter, I still need to see Kubo, too
Laserbeaks_Fury: IS this going to be Alice in WOnderland"?"
Grescheks: Kubo was fun
Oscelot: Do eeeet @gekyouryuu
Tangsm: "Now this is a just a regular creepy painting rather than a super creepy one."
FickleMuse: Gekyouryuu it's a stunning movie. It's so pretty
Pteraspidomorphi: You definitely should Gekyouryuu
WearingCats_CwC: Kubo is real good
bloodybighead: hank has a friend.
NightValien28: kubo is great fun
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Time for some HANKie pankie?
sir_jack_DB: move to cheat step
djalternative: hank has an abusive boss
ReverseCreations: Kubo hits me straight in the feels.
ninja_theory_ashrams: the little prince was also good
mechmagic: Laika studio has made some great stop motion movies
Earthenone: AsexualPride
Eklinaar: Well it's pride month and I hear a bunch of aces have come out lately so they're easier to find.
bloodybighead: An ace you say?
LathosTiran: well its the right month to find an Ace :P
FoxFyr: Finally learned how to properly hold priority for wilderness rec and took poor sparky down to -388 off of finale of glory
WearingCats_CwC: o rly
FireFlower18: hit him with a shovel!
Tangsm: Will it be the ace of spades? The spookiest of cards?
IncredibleFrown: big mood
NightValien28: pride pirate
Oscelot: Rofl @eklinaar
KV1NN4: GayPride
thenb44: a birate
KV1NN4: BisexualPride
Mister_Hush: Oh hey! Forgot it was Let's Nope day!
Tangsm: You don't have sleeves, man.
Grescheks: yeah, dude, we get it
WearingCats_CwC: I like birate :D
BlackIsis: I think he's looking for an ace.
Robot_Bones: A lucky break
Gekyouryuu: does one dude have an Ace?
silvalunae: maybe another hint is all we need mate
RedHelveticaCake: one of those guys who thinks the only reason why they fail at everything is just because they haven't had the right lucky break or chance
Officinalis: Do we give him an ace?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: game. game pls.
Robot_Bones: an ace up my sleeve that's all I need
sir_jack_DB: ooh boy
TheMerricat: there was something on the stack
sir_jack_DB: he unhappy
FoxFyr: How many times do you think he recorded that line?
Oscelot: I love that these line reads are getting more and more... more
Avet24222: Is that manikin getting more irate?
iggySPLOSION: you better find him an ace, hes gonna go all roger waters on you
silenceaux: Keep missing your cue, I guess. ;)
sir_jack_DB: [SCREAM]
Nigouki: is that just the actor getting fed up with the director's direction?
seth_erickson: @LoadingReadyRun There's something to interact with on the stack behind the man
electroswagnetism: Maybe we just watch him go nuts
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: game you can't create tension by escalating every FIVE SECONDS
BrindleBoar: break somethin'?
IncredibleFrown: some days you just can't draw a spell
Grescheks: I can imagine the recording session for this. *Does recording session* "So, did you get a take that worked?" "We're gonna use all of them"
silvalunae: i dunno, this is making me p uncomfy rn
silenceaux: In regular(?) world on the platform the picture is projected on to, maybe?
ninja_theory_ashrams: imagine the vo recording these lines
jujujanie: Art lolz
WearingCats_CwC: I'm imagining voice director thinking "Great, I'm going to use ALL these takes"
Tangsm: Would you just ante already?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Something something vamping?
iggySPLOSION: "we're gonna do 50 takes of this same line, each time i need you to get incrementally angrier"
electroswagnetism: Look for a sleeve
Avet24222: Oh! Fun!
Despoiler98: slytqWTF
NightValien28: that animation effect is so good and scary
LathosTiran: bad game direction
Grescheks: keep it secret, keep it safe
silvalunae: chat called it
Earthenone: are we the baddies?
FoxFyr: Next world series of poker strat
ZelaFlow: AsexualPride An ace up his sleeve, that's all he needs!
Tangsm: He didn't even have sleeves. There's no way he's getting away with this.
Gekyouryuu: so.... Mom died in childbirth, necklace was mom's, and dad's a stressed, abusive a-hole @LoadingReadyRun ?
edgeyberzerker: Broke Lesner runs in and wins the card game
Avet24222: JUDGE my opponent seems to be stalling!
DoodlestheGreat: This is a hell of a game of Auction Pinochle.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @gekyouryuu I think so
WearingCats_CwC: This is where the whole game turns into a secret Homestuck reference Kappa
RedHelveticaCake: @gekyouryuu I'm guessing Dad tried to pawn necklace too
Earthenone: i wonder where that key is for
LegionofLashes: so have you figured out who you are playing as?
Tangsm: Maybe his dad was an usher. And sticky floors drove him to violence.
gawag_: yeah I think we are a little kid, since when we put the paper on the reflection the little kid talked
electroswagnetism: Maybe their dad sucked?
Indiexxx: Poster of pirate movie?
Grescheks: I got the idea from the first stream that the kids had run away from home
GallowsCat: it was the boy who talked in the mirror
Avet24222: This ventilation shaft is 100% not up to code.
DoodlestheGreat: Yeah, you're getting it.
Laserbeaks_Fury: IS it our past or the character's past?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @legionoflashes I am guessing the son grown up?
ninja_theory_ashrams: yeah, game has kept it gender neutral referring to the "Actor"
GallowsCat: so i'd assume the boy is you?
Shirts_: I also thought the kids were runaways
IAmNotAshKetchum: i think the girl was having her brother play pirates as a couple of stowaways on a boat so they could run away from home.
Gekyouryuu: maybe we're a stressed out actor from the 20's-40's and we're having a nervous breakdown?
RedHelveticaCake: definitely kids stowed away but made up stories about themselves being pirates
gawag_: I think they were on the boat to run away from the abusive father, while fantasizing as being pirates
Oscelot: Or maybe we’re experiencing the past of the character we’re trying to portray
Tangsm: Wandering uterus.
WearingCats_CwC: hmm
KV1NN4: uugh
LathosTiran: small need to vent: week one of new nero-meds. things feel weird. bleh
Laserbeaks_Fury: Like I fully expect this to end as some Jared Leto type doing "extreme method"
RedHelveticaCake: YIKES
e_bloc: lrrWOW Mrs. Signature
gawag_: @oscelot agree with that reading, as theres the layer of us as the player Playing the character
GoblinRanger: of the new york signatures
WearingCats_CwC: Mr Unintelligible Signature was my father
Gekyouryuu: Unintelligible Signature? of the West Hampton Signatures? Kappa
RedHelveticaCake: dad also clearly bkames boy for mom's death
Oscelot: Omg @tangsm someone else who knows about that lol
FireBasilisk53: this house is kinda sideways
electroswagnetism: Oh no the kid got blamed for the mother's death.
TheMerricat: And we killed dad....
DiscordianTokkan: the character's Mom's nickname is Telly, of the Kamloops Signatures.
Oscelot: Hope meds calm down soon @lathostiran
randomness63: So the protagonist inherited the name Unintelligible?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: What's everybody want? What's everybody need?
FireBasilisk53: put the head in the boo boo box
Tangsm: @Oscelot They used to just climb out and go for a stroll around the block back in the day.
LegionofLashes: don't loose your head :D
gawag_: our house is all busted up because it's a broken home? like I think this our childhood.house above the theater
Tisme_: "Go a-head and take it" - that guy, probably
Oscelot: @tangsm I wish mine would do that right now!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why the protag would go into acting if the abusive parent that they ran away from was a failed performer.
Tangsm: Same
orbitaltuna: don't lose your head
RedHelveticaCake: this is a weird remake of 7 heads in a duffle bag
BusTed: Ah yes, Pesci's finest.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Like, wouldn’t you want nothing to do with that field?
djalternative: what reference is this?
BlackIsis: you break it you bought it
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Don't lose your head!
Oscelot: Was that... a giant mosquito?
warpspeed365: Wait they made a layers of fear 2?
LathosTiran: @TalesFromTheManaCrypt "Look dad at the worth i have gained in the one field that you cared about"?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: @djalternative What's in the box?
djalternative: No. That's way too new
e_bloc: nailed it
Despoiler98: katesScared slytqItsfine
silvalunae: you knew it was coming!
anamelessdog: problem Adam?
Telephoneline: you called it lol
RedHelveticaCake: predictable!
GoblinRanger: called shot there
LegionofLashes: not the rats again, ben your games are blending
FireFlower18: lend me your ears
Tangsm: Okay, we already did the "things just transform into running rats" thing in LoF the first. Where are my babies running headfirst into walls?
RedHelveticaCake: lend me your ears, and everything in between
NimrodXIV: why hello Spare Head 3
randomness63: our contestants are hank, hank, hank, and hank
Kramburger: Guys, this is no way to get ahead in life
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @lathostiran that’s what I though too, but that is usually more common in children who don’t cut ties to abusive parents
Alahmnat: Whose Head Is It Anyway
tergonis: oh good talking heads, now the political commentary starts
DoodlestheGreat: 1970's Levi's commercial.
WearingCats_CwC: Weird flex but ok
Hot_Leather_Daddy: this is a real japanese game show
Tangsm: 4 Heads, 2 Guns.
DiscordianTokkan: Time to get TURNT
NimrodXIV: Toto is a rat?
Nigouki: well that's a bootleg
RedHelveticaCake: Wizard of Not
Grescheks: Totally Not the Wizard of Oz
DiscordianTokkan: Toto is Ratto
Avet24222: I want to see this reboot
BusTed: It's not *not* the Wizard of Oz.
korvys: Tito
silenceaux: The giant rat being a stand-in for Toto is sure something.
gawag_: isn't wizard of oz PD?
ninja_theory_ashrams: this is 2005 "tideland" uncomfortable
Tangsm: Legally distinguished from copyrighted properties.
FoxFyr: It is public domain
tergonis: adam has strong opinions
Megaparsec256: Yellow dirt road and the Beryl City
WearingCats_CwC: The saffron concrete path?
Avet24222: Hot takes with Adam Savidan
silenceaux: GHIDORA!!
Tangsm: The Marigold Paved Path.
sifonaonline: King Gatorade?
legosare: 4Head
ninja_theory_ashrams: kraken
Chartle: 4Head
silvalunae: odyssey?
Nuurgle: yo, lrrEFF Ghidora
GoblinRanger: dob!
BusTed: 4Head
lucha_libro: @LoadingReadyRun Dorothy and tuxedo mask.. so its basiclaly oz and sailor moon fan fiction.
eric_christian_berg: Tideland was damn unsettling.
CataclysmicReverb: Teeamat?
Officinalis: Is this a Godzilla spoiler stream?
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Childroom"?
Gascitygaming: put Tophat Magoo in Smash you cowards!
randomness63: The book is pubic domain but not the movie apparently
RedHelveticaCake: did they reuse that sound clip from Layers of Fear?
orbitaltuna: dob?
Tangsm: That's the room that happens when the mommy room and daddy room adjoin.
silvalunae: wow
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: BEN NO
Kramburger: WOW BEN
silvalunae: dark suddenly
Officinalis: Tophat Magoo= legally distinct Professor Layton
RedHelveticaCake: whoa
silvalunae: ben yes
RedHelveticaCake: that escalated quickly
Zahowy: this is the darkest part of let's nope
FoxFyr: You don't have to be divorced, it may be because of careers
silvalunae: that was hilarious
ghostvalv: yikes
anamelessdog: so are the kids the directors? And that's why they're on board?
geekvs: rip adam
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FoxFyr: maybe they are in Toronto for like a year
gundog: Yikes from me dog
djalternative: You might just be "Seperated"
Omega_Lairon: "The ex will be here to pick up the kids in 3 days... better get cracking on rounding up all the necessary keys"
silenceaux: It's not polite to stare...
WearingCats_CwC: You're divorced because you keep your kids in a room locked with magical tiger eyes hidden in other parts of the house you psychopath
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Mine was "hey, did Dad forget his one day of 14 again?"
bv310: Woooooo Saskatchewan!
Diabore: heres the real o clock moment
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @wearingcats_cwc 😂
sifonaonline: It true tho
NimrodXIV: valid :D
Avet24222: Thats a pretty good reason for a divorce.
FoxFyr: I have friends who had a parent move from Hawaii to the mainland because one got transferred for their job
FoxFyr: and they had to do that for a few years
Nuurgle: because it's so plain Kappa
Tisme_: they're very plain
Gascitygaming: Ben are you really gonna bash my favourite land again?
CataclysmicReverb: Adam's always keeping himself locked away in some kind of Jar, and refuses to seek help for it
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snowcookies: raid!
JohnLockeCole: hello Gabby Raid
izzet4evr: KomodoHype twitchRaid KomodoHype twitchRaid The Brood Is Here! KomodoHype twitchRaid KomodoHype twitchRaid
BusTed: Watch out for snakes!
Omega_Lairon: We surrender unconditionally
bv310: Hi raid!
Juliamon: Speaking of MtG!
Oscelot: Welcome raiders!
GoblinRanger: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
CamelAttack: Sneks!
twerkhorse_: KomodoHype The Brood Is Here!
whiteknightangel24: gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold gabyGold
kjellum: Broodtime!
Nuurgle: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
GabySpartz: have fun on the stream tonight frands!!
Diabore: its a snek attac!
Rhynerd: Greetings raiders!
silenceaux: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ggibs001: gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper gabyViper
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ohai frands!
Oscelot: A highly regional stream
DiscordianTokkan: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG sergeHolyMoly
Tangsm: I love all these things. I'm in the right place.
Grescheks: Graham is confused :P
oliver_mtg: KomodoHype KomodoHype KomodoHype
NightValien28: if you like Monster hunter talk this is the stream for you
Avet24222: Grahams confused face is wonderful.
Kramburger: MY BRAND
MitchTheQuaker: Snakes on the plain?
gossiepa: What is the viper brood?
mtgmaster5: Hi @loadingreadyrun
mtvcdm: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule received a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x81FDUH8-E Or if you just want to see the schedule itself, http://lrr.cc/2019schedule
silvalunae: wait, what's the other thing graham?
GoblinRanger: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
thraximore: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 51:04.
Muddy_Thunder: LOUD BOIS!!!!!!!!!!!
Kramburger: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
oliver_mtg: No way, it's Graham
Oscelot: Also CW
Laserbeaks_Fury: The floor is lava
mtvcdm: !patreon
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thraximore: Hello fellows
Despoiler98: slytqItsfine slytqItsfine slytqItsfine
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
oliver_mtg: This is some creepy MTG
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun WHAT MY HEARING IS NOT WHAT IT USE TO BE!!!
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun what was that I have you turned down for some reason lemme turn up your volume to maximum possible so I can hear you more carefully Kappa
ghostvalv: absolute units
djalternative: reminds me of pete
Muddy_Thunder: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN benginDab benginDab benginDab
korvys: Mikey and Goody
eric_christian_berg: lrrBEN + lrrADAM
WearingCats_CwC: Bendy and the Nightmare Fuel
BrindleBoar: if Smough and Ornstein are awful Mickey Mice
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ZedBoson: fourtity four
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korvys: Mikey and Goofy
DiscordianTokkan: The loud bois benginDab seabatBRAIN lrrSPOOP
silvalunae: suddenly bendy?
DoodlestheGreat: Hydrocephaism is a terrible thing.
TheMerricat: pride1000 Welcome to the best Victoria based Spools comedians show!
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BusTed: The sequel to Adam.
gawag_: Dolan comic irl
bv310: A2am, if you will
blackwlf: Not even "The second" Just 2.
djalternative: It's Adam Too
TheMerricat: dang autocorrect
Grescheks: it's also not Adam II, as in Adam the Second. It's Adam Two.
Diabore: at least theyre not named "spare parts"
Kramburger: Adam 2: The Squequal
mtvcdm: If it's your first time here, go ahead and drop a follow so you know when we're doing the other thingsies.
Oscelot: Content warning: real o’clock. Already have dealt with domestic abuse in this game.
silenceaux: So is that as in the number two or the 'also' too
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Who keeps a gun in the $&!& child room
snowcookies: Adam 2
ZelaFlow: Adam Junior, the older son. Adam II, the younger son. A Dame, the daughter.
silvalunae: son boogaloo
Indiexxx: benginDab benginDab
djalternative: Adam Too
DiscordianTokkan: Nope nope nope
oliver_mtg: Was that Shrek
BusTed: Hahaha.
BrindleBoar: GOTTEM
NazakYuzak: LUL
jujujanie: Hahahhaha
blackwlf: "Actual people. Oh, I don't like that." Yeah, agree.
sifonaonline: GOT 'EM
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: OMG BEN
Kramburger: BEN WHY
DiscordianTokkan: Shashashaaaaaa
Brok3nGol3m: kathle3EYE kathle3EYE
BusTed: twitch game skills
1y1e: BLAP
bv310: Dang, shashasha'd
silenceaux: The renegade is rubbing off on Ben
gawag_: wait so the sister is against us now?
djalternative: No!!! Liliy killed herself!
EscherichiaCole: kathle3EYE kathle3EYE
thraximore: No one should expect the bois to stay on script
Avet24222: This cannot be good.
Grescheks: uhhhh
Despoiler98: DEMON
Muddy_Thunder: now no one gets visiting time :'(
korvys: kathle3TRI kathle3HEX kathle3TRI
LegionofLashes: we did see the boy early on
electroswagnetism: a r t
LadyTL: Uhhh
Despoiler98: DEMON MAGIC
BusTed: She worships the Many-Faced God.
JosephDeath: Yay method acting
Zahowy: She will become Adam 3
ghostvalv: she mothra
FoxFyr: Is this some radio flyer stuff right here?
Oscelot: Lyssa?
Gizmoloid: You also saw a spooky boy last time.
DiscordianTokkan: She is now on her 3rd Instar, or whatever it was Cam said
MadAran87: Odds that 'she' and the scary chasing ghost are the same entity?
Kramburger: Any room ben is in is the child room. No adult has chicken nuggets as their favourite food
Gekyouryuu: is this just Jason and the Argonauts?
Zalbaag: This is just Eye to Nowhere
aWabbajack: coxTot coxMurkeh
thraximore: Key!
Grescheks: Johnny Depp
korvys: Joffrey Rush?
Tangsm: Johnnie Depp?
NazakYuzak: depp?
BusTed: Check Point?
GoblinRanger: Jack dop
orbitaltuna: the spawning pool
Oscelot: @bengineering CW?
erloas: its the obra di?
silenceaux: You're trying to block it out idk?
sifonaonline: Jack Plonk
Laserbeaks_Fury: Office
thraximore: Office
Kramburger: Geoffry Rush has been MeToo'd was well over here FYI
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Excel
WearingCats_CwC: Is it important to remember who Johnny Depp is?
Avet24222: This is the Key grate adam.
gossiepa: At least the keys are easy to find
LadyTL: The Key Count Is At: ...6?
djalternative: I dare you to call your bedroom the child room once the next time you need to use it with nicole
GoblinRanger: The office
DiscordianTokkan: I think it's an OK thing to forget who Johnald Darp is
RedHelveticaCake: Depp deserves to be forgotten
Muddy_Thunder: check ponk
TheMerricat: office
Despoiler98: Depp and Geoffrey have both proven they were wrongly accused
Kramburger: Confidential DM to Adam: You look nice today
GoblinRanger: how about a weakly worded one?
Tangsm: They're always right in front of the door, too.
Tangsm: You aren't doubling back through a map, or opening a door with a key to get a key.
Nigouki: is it the monster of the tornado from Wizard of Oz outside the windows?
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun who are we not DM I don't want to do it on accident
LegionofLashes: because i forgot yesterday: adam you have very nice penmanship
SlyTQ: its awkwaaaard
thraximore: There's a good chance Depp was being abused by his ex.
El_Funko: Cringe comedy
El_Funko: I love it
eric_christian_berg: Me, too!
Avet24222: Looks like Midas branched out from kingship
Grescheks: ohai TQ and Funko
GoblinRanger: slytqHi
Oscelot: I can’t stand cringe comedy either
SlyTQ: That was unplanned, I didn't mean to talk when he did
WizardZedd: Yep. I'm the same. I can't stand that style of humour. I'm literally incapable of sitting through an episode of the Office
SquareDotCube: lrrGREED
Mister_Hush: Would LRR be served by a Feedback email address? Or do you prefer the Twitter DMs method?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: #MyGodTheSmell
IncredibleFrown: maybe it's a nickname
Tangsm: Same, Ben. I can't handle competition shows where they humiliate people at tryouts for the same reason.
Brok3nGol3m: elfunkChunk elfunkChunk elfunkChunk
Despoiler98: like koolaid man OH YEAH
BusTed: slytqGlare
Gekyouryuu: they're THE SAME PERSON.
El_Funko: Yep that's what TQ sounds like alright
LadyTL: Waaaaow.
SuperSugarSloth: katesHomie
ghostvalv: waoh
Kramburger: TQ and Funko, the poor person's Ben and Adam
Oscelot: lol
Pteraspidomorphi: :O
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Gekyouryuu: I've never seen them in a room together
bv310: One Midas tells the truth, One Midas always lies, One Midas turns everything to gold. How will you solve this riddle?
Omega_Lairon: >_<'
DiscordianTokkan: Flawless
EscherichiaCole: slytqBORK HELLO TQ
FickleMuse: Yikes
ruscobrog: LOL
Gekyouryuu: chat rooms don't count
Despoiler98: FLAWLESS Funko
SlyTQ: @Kramburger that was VERY rude
FireBasilisk53: wow
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: LUL
Eklinaar: lrrWOW
xantos69: It was like I was in the room with him.
silenceaux: alksjg;lsdkgj
gawag_: also, I just realized we are the height of a child currently
WearingCats_CwC: Oh my
bv310: How is that less Australian than your Michael Caine earlier?
Kramburger: cheer100 Nice Accent Adam, can you do an Aussie one next?
silvalunae: hrk
Officinalis: This isn't rocket surgery Ben.
GallowsCat: toe to tip that's a funko
SlyTQ: @Kramburger there isn't even a joke there, maybe apologize
MitchTheQuaker: Sidnay?
ArgentAria: Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 happy pride sofiePride PrideParty sofiePride
SlyTQ: @GoblinRanger Thanks for the gift sub!
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Grescheks: it's a new witchy pride avatar!
SlyTQ: It is new! I lub it
Kramburger: @SlyTQ Didn't mean harm, I'm genuinely sorry
SlyTQ: @Kramburger all good frand
SlyTQ: thanks!
silvalunae: FAIR
Gekyouryuu: it always weirded me out that The Office (US Version) is set like an hour or two drive from me
Tangsm: Dwight was the best character in that show.
SlyTQ: omg lmao
Despoiler98: katesWa katesOw
GoblinRanger: wow
Hot_Leather_Daddy: what group does this?
El_Funko: I love that show so much
silvalunae: tbh that's why I'm getting cremated or something
korvys: blast off
Earthenone: part?
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
Avet24222: Buddum Cha!
anamelessdog: is that a power outlet below the switch?
LadyTL: It's all water under the fridge now, boys.
geekvs: ben rocket science ulmer
RedHelveticaCake: good on Adam for that setup
Tangsm: I went to my lawyer to draw up a will, and asked a friend if I should just have it say, "Put my body on a giant pile of all my stuff and light it on fire."
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun as a question, how bad are the jumpspooks in this game? I take jumpscares poorly...
Despoiler98: TO THE MOOOOON
Gekyouryuu: when I die, if I haven't become a cyborg or uploaded my brain to a computer, I'm having my skin and organs removed, and then having my bones cast in metal. I will be a high level boss in the skeleton wars!
jujujanie: But I am le tired
djalternative: spongebob_imagination.gif
silvalunae: @Tangsm tbh that's a p good plan
Laserbeaks_Fury: We don't have imagination., that's why we play video games
RedHelveticaCake: isn't this the rocket from Wallace and Gromit?
Despoiler98: SPACE....the black and white frontier
bv310: @Gekyouryuu Ahhh, the Amonkhet route
BrindleBoar: Zorth
WearingCats_CwC: I would like to have my ashes compressed into a diamond. And then inserted into the economy of a war torn African nation
Mister_Hush: Zonkways, North or Dennis
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @unusuallylargemoth there really aren’t many. More of thins chasing you.
Oscelot: @unusuallylargemoth usually them yelling because they’re startled is worse than the jump scare itself
Despoiler98: who put all these houses up here
BusTed: That would be 'wank-ways'
Avet24222: Why are those houses in space?
Despoiler98: Nope why why is mannequin in space
unusuallylargemoth: oh rad alright I can take that thanks dudes!
snowcookies: the sequel book they are in space
sifonaonline: If there's a zonkways, is there a counter zonk-wise?
Laserbeaks_Fury: "You have entered another dimension....."
MechaKuuga: Youre not leaving here alive STAR FOX
Zalbaag: Look, when you make a spell, you can put your name in it
ninja_theory_ashrams: "it's not like it's rocket science" - Mitchell and Webb look
ghostvalv: dib dib dib dabba
LadyTL: skrt
silenceaux: I vote for the second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning
onsapp: Its the telletubies
Tangsm: And now the game turns into Gravity.
rasterscan: This makes... no fucking sense, right?
djalternative: I think this might be a George Mellies reference
rasterscan: Like, am I seriously missing something from this stream and last?
LathosTiran: the evil planet from fifth element?
Despoiler98: LAZERS
silvalunae: aim for the eye!
onsapp: Weird al is a fantastic concert
Pteraspidomorphi: Nice!
Grescheks: The Last Saskatchewan Pirate!
EscherichiaCole: Captain tractor is great!
bv310: I wish Billy Corgan wasn't such a dickhead
erloas: can't beat Al
tergonis: ben you are a wonderful human
Grescheks: I feel like Adam would enjoy that
NimrodXIV: I'm seeing Weird Al (again) next month!
Despoiler98: slytqWTF katesScared
FoxFyr: #adamfakecanadian
Gascitygaming: That was the Arrogant Worms
onsapp: I recommend GWAR if you want an experience though
Avet24222: Oh hey its the eye moon
stacko84: My first concert was BNL.
LathosTiran: ♫oh i used to be a farmer and i made a living fine♪
lumlite: Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10 Pride10
DiscordianTokkan: Isn't that the Arrogant Worms?
WizardZedd: Wait...isnt the Last Saskatchewan Pirate an Arrogant Worms song?
djalternative: It's geoorge mellies!
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gawag_: ph hey, a trip to the moon
bv310: The Arrogant Worms version is way better
Alicemouse: Thanks for the PrideGasp @lumlite
GoblinRanger: aww
aWabbajack: feliciaToronto cohhMVP
DiscordianTokkan: Aaaah
silenceaux: Cyclops King?
bv310: Other way around, I think
Pteraspidomorphi: Wasn't it the other way around?
Nigouki: so this game is someone's fetishism for the early days of cinema?
Officinalis: Hasn't Paul sung The Last Saskatchewan Pirate for DB?
WizardZedd: Oh, really? Wow. I've listened to their version of that song for years, and had no idea it was a cover ;x
silenceaux: Except it had a ton of eyes, I guess??
gawag_: all the movie references have been to the 1930s or earlier, I love it
ZelaFlow: So this game is just a collage of old black and white film references
Indiexxx: Both homages to same film
Despoiler98: losing all the frames!
Brok3nGol3m: guyjudgeBits guyjudgeBits guyjudgeBits
silvalunae: how would that go, ben
djalternative: That was a reference to "A trip to the moon"
RedHelveticaCake: hey, it's George Meliers Voyage to the Moon
ninja_theory_ashrams: "fantastic voyage" is the movie that the smashing pumpkins video is based on
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: The smashing pumpkins thing is a reference to one of the first films ever
LadyTL: I 100%'d both of those games tbh <_<
electroswagnetism: then we get the kazooie with "WARK WARK WARK WARK"
RedHelveticaCake: im playing Yooka Laylee now
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @ninja_theory_ashrams nice! I forgot the name
ShadowAce0: I just finished A Hat in Time. It was great.
Hot_Leather_Daddy: a hat in time
tergonis: don't do it adam! it's a trap!
LadyTL: Oh man DK64 is a trip
Laserbeaks_Fury: All those Rare games
aggravated_cat: Ukelele Kazooie doen't have as good of a ring to it, I presume
electroswagnetism: ben that is not correct
Muddy_Thunder: Adam, why does your house have keys to every room?
BloodnBullets: I hear a "play it forward" comming on
aggravated_cat: that may need to be clipped
WearingCats_CwC: I was a Ty the Tazmanian Tiger kid personally :p
gawag_: the lore is really good so far
LadyTL: That was close
Grescheks: WOW
GoblinRanger: ouch
Gekyouryuu: @WearingCats_CwC I LOVED those games
JPattemore: WOW
LadyTL: Live on Twitch-tv - watch a man die Kappa
Grescheks: WAOW
Avet24222: WOAH, BEN
Muddy_Thunder: wow, ben just roasting tonight
StillAnEmoKid: Ouch
electroswagnetism: ;~;
Tangsm: Adam, you just have to not show up on time for the show, and someone will call you. We've seen it happen.
Zahowy: Graham might call you adam he learned about phonecalls today
djalternative: Who dare call Adam, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain!
sensationaloil: your ex wife wondering where the fuck the kids are
Pharmacistjudge: Evening Ben and Adam and Chat. How many layers of fear are we on?
sifonaonline: Just be glad that the doors in Adam's house don't have TWO locks!
Nigouki: new regular LRR stream: Let's ROAST
WearingCats_CwC: aw lrrAWW
aggravated_cat: Is it alright if I post the link to the clip of Ben riffing off GOT?
Morrigan9: i used the sid eof the thing on that botw puzzle
RedHelveticaCake: can someone link that clip?
NazakYuzak: I know what puzzle you are talking about. and I hate that I didnt think of that... q.q
Kramburger: I wish Nintendo didn't have to use Zelda as a tech demo for their new console's features
Rhynerd: lrrHERE
Avet24222: Adam why are your children in the ceiling?
LathosTiran: @aggravated_cat you should be fine.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> PPR bonus content! | Graham is joined by @NumotTheNummy for a sealed deck build of MODERN HORIZONS! | #LRRMH1 #Sponsored | https://youtu.be/Rc6Wzhd5QZ4 || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1136081628915150849
aggravated_cat: cool
xantos69: try rubbing it
Muddy_Thunder: Harry Potter?
onsapp: Fan off
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Shadow puppet time!
onsapp: Touch pot
Grescheks: we did cast a shadow earlier in the game though
Oscelot: Why are there heads on spikes? Just... why?
RedHelveticaCake: make some shadow puppets!
WearingCats_CwC: It's raining...heads?
monosceros: hallelujah
Oscelot: It’s a rainin’ heeeeads, halelujah...
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: It’s raining heads, amen!
RedHelveticaCake: why is it raining potatoes
onsapp: Youre trying to recreate the shadow in each room @LoadingReadyRun
SlyTQ: sure
ninja_theory_ashrams: "people under the stairs" was best watched as part of Monstervision with Joe Bob Briggs
bv310: Sunrise, sunset, sunrise sunset sunrisesunset
BusTed: pennyCrabgod
Tangsm: Why not Zoidberg?
Juliamon: Ease up on the backseating please, onsapp
onsapp: Sorry, force of habbit @Juliamon
WearingCats_CwC: Still expecting a secret Homestuck reference at any moment Kappa
BusTed: Better like this, or better like this?
orbitaltuna: are they dropping potatos?
MadAran87: Those are heads.
djalternative: have you tried saying nice things to the plant? I hear they like talking to people.
Tangsm: This puzzle needs better feedback. There's too many noises and movements happening.
Oscelot: Yeah, there’s a lot going on
silenceaux: I feel like we missed a clue?
rasterscan: It seems like the parts that carry over are the same each time. Little (one tap) rain, no wind. Try doing those without sun?
Oscelot: Think they already did @rasterscan ?
rasterscan: Couldn't be sure, too many variables. >.< @Oscelot
GoblinRanger: sun seems weird since it was already on when you came in though
silenceaux: Feel like you've gone through all sun combos
Oscelot: Yeah can’t blame you @rasterscan
rasterscan: Yeah
BusTed: gg
onsapp: Does the tap create rain in a specific direction based on which is turned or is it just a flow control?
rasterscan: That was it. x.x
Earthenone: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
seth_erickson: Puzzle masters
Oscelot: Omg lol
GoblinRanger: lrrGOAT
mrshazboto: I died? No, just experienced art
monosceros: well I've seen enough h-
WearingCats_CwC: Oh no, that's not a tree it's a tentacle monster
seth_erickson: 5 iirc
silenceaux: It _was_ the sun when you looked through the keyhole. I guess you were supposed to change it
Gekyouryuu: traditional 3 act structure?
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Zahowy: 3 or 5 depending
Himyul: you broke the myr? What did they ever do to you?
djalternative: Art has 5 acts as determined by Shakespere
absorbedtulip9: Hello Ben and Adam!
tehlordofelves: lrrSPOOP
monosceros: a little spark is all it takes to make a planeswalker
Electrodyne: YAAAAAAAY
sifonaonline: Night Stalker! Day Walker.
StreetCornerPoet: So don't say Candyman again
thraximore: Did you guys hear about the Candyman remake in the works?
Tangsm: So now that we've practiced, we can start up our shadow puppet dispensary.
WearingCats_CwC: How many times have you said what?
orbitaltuna: good thing you guys aren't up against candlejack
geekvs: good movie
KilrenKrae: candyman
RedHelveticaCake: Candleja
Himyul: WutFace
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JPattemore: Wait, Who's back?
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Electrodyne: Thank you for saying it Ben
thanzo: labyrinth from labyrinth?
Oscelot: This guy sounds like Adama trying to be scary
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Now I want candy...
blackwlf: What's that about the Dutch?
silenceaux: Something something Netherlands
monosceros: david bowie is just around the corner
Despoiler98: GOTEM
BusTed: Wuh oh.
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thanzo: he's a pirate!
aWabbajack: Raid boss?
Zahowy: #roasted
Chartle: is the pirate story an allegory for our life?
Omthebox: Friend!
gawag_: oh now I understand all the cyclops everywhere
xantos69: My experience has taught me that children are exactly as useful as parents enable them to be.
mrshazboto: AET
Grescheks: he's the cyclops king!
Despoiler98: katesScared
mrshazboto: ART!
aWabbajack: feliciaRaid cohhBass
RedHelveticaCake: oh, the Harryhausen part
IncredibleFrown: HEY YALL IT'S ME MORTE
gawag_: the moon also only had 1 eye
WearingCats_CwC: Your dad was a giant skeleton
FireFlower18: oh eye see what's going on
Himyul: Eye see what they did there
monosceros: well that's a dark souls
BusTed: That's Willy's treasure.
silenceaux: War of the worlds laser?
sifonaonline: Ah yes, a labyrinth.
CommiePuddin: Sophie Turner?
aWabbajack: kathle3EYE MiniK lrrHERE
thanzo: it's the shining hedge maze!?
Grescheks: we got killed by the one-eyed monster's white beam
monosceros: dad has an intense gaze
WearingCats_CwC: Cowards never die. No wait...
Oscelot: That thing is so cool
blackwlf: Yes, all cyclops are known for their labyrinths.
benjaminx12: Cowards can't block goats
RedHelveticaCake: so this is bloodborne now
Despoiler98: @Grescheks we dont talk about that
Takani42: So, does the 2nd game have as solid a design as the first? Is it just as sppopy/creepy?
blackwlf: Would minotaur taste more like beef, or like pork?
Oscelot: Your OTHER left!
IncredibleFrown: my left or your left?
Indiexxx: Is this the maze we were supposed to remember?
silenceaux: blackwlf Current popular conception or classical
GoblinRanger: that passed by quietly
blackwlf: What's the difference?
seth_erickson: That means Adam will only die once cause we know h'es no coward
silenceaux: blackwlf Ratio of bull to human features
mrshazboto: Is this the part of the game that you die frequently to and get frustrated?
kenod18: hi all
Crowbar_Is_Ready: @Takani42 seems to me like better set peices, but a less well thought out central story, but your results may vary. i havent really found it very spoopy, but it is nifty
RedHelveticaCake: that's the thing about cyclops - no depth perception
silenceaux: Current conception trends towards large bipedal bull creatures with hooves and a tail, classic was human with a bull head, nothing else, I think.
blackwlf: Oh, the classic bull-headed man.
silenceaux: So it's gone from pork to beef is what I'm guessing
tehlordofelves: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
silenceaux: Fish!
thanzo: lol
blackwlf: I have just posited a theory: The minotaur was the original Turducken.
monosceros: dadly surveilance
gawag_: the alcoves...
djalternative: You're a genus, Ben!
gawag_: I've heard they're quite nice
benjaminx12: these bushes seem to be immune to the beam - why don't you just cut off a piece and hold it over your head?
Grescheks: 4th one
SlyTQ: yeah cedric dies
MechaKuuga: cyclops from the xmen?
Tisme_: uh
mrshazboto: This feels like the part of the game where the devs felt like there wasn't enough "gameplay" and decided to insert some
Tangsm: And The Shining.
Nigouki: the 4th one
Tisme_: the fourth
Earthenone: 4th one
PhorrestGaze: spoilers
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cedric is gonna be BATMAN
Grescheks: Goblet of Fire
silenceaux: Fourth
bv310: Ugh, spoilers ben :P
MadAran87: Now I know what this reminds me of - The Old City Leviathan
eSeamus: RIP Cedric
BusTed: getta load of this guy
Takani42: @Crowbar_Is_Ready Makes some sense, I always found the first to have great creepy/scary and a couple of very good jump scares, haven't seen much of this yet, but glad it's getting some play
FoxFyr: Edward Cullen
silvalunae: twilight dude
vexwerewolf: Ben is 100% Hufflepuff
tehlordofelves: Cedric Digory AKA the new Batman
El_Funko: Found the casual Cedric Diggery fan
Despoiler98: F
Kramburger: You mean batman?
1y1e: classsic muggle
Oscelot: Cedric ;.;
Drathak: LOL
Questhere: we gota mugggle over here
Brok3nGol3m: GOTTEM
Mister_Hush: Wow Adam, do you even consume fantasy literature
SlyTQ: cedirc diggleweed
sifonaonline: Ded.
Grescheks: Cedric Diggleweed killed Ben
Razrroth: Diggleweed? Is that a pokemon?
BusTed: Cedric Diggleweed is the superior name.
thanzo: #CedricDiggleweed
Tangsm: Adam, how dare you. He DIED.
monosceros: Cedick Diggleweed
Grevas13: ben almost drowned
RedHelveticaCake: LOL
Muddy_Thunder: THAT'S MY BOY! THAT'S MY SON!!!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: cedrick dig weed
Despoiler98: thats his porn name
tergonis: that's his porn name
benjaminx12: He's the vampire from Twilight
silenceaux: When he has a mouthful of 'coffee'
Brok3nGol3m: katesLol katesLol
jujujanie: Hufflepuff for life
mrshazboto: Cedar Pickletickle?
djalternative: Cedric Diggleweed is Batman now so show some respect Adam!!!!
eSeamus: When my friends and I saw that movie, my friend leaned over and said "More like Cedric Gravediggory."
Oscelot: RIP Ben
monosceros: that's all of our vampire wizard son
SlyTQ: NEville is the best
Drathak: He's a big dingus
NightValien28: it is
RealGamerCow: Harry Potter'
Tangsm: His friends carry him.
thraximore: Expelliarmus is the best spell
benjaminx12: he has the power of friendship
NightValien28: it is an awful movie
Grescheks: Hermione is the best wizard
silenceaux: He's okay at wizard
amythist: monosceros who is also now Batman
BloodnBullets: hes just harry!
thraximore: YEET everyone's wands away
Juliamon: He's strictly average. He's only famous for Not Dying
blackwlf: Yeah. He's a jackass. He himself said he's a bit of a wanker.
SlyTQ: without Hermione they would all be fucked
mrshazboto: HArry is that kid that got told he was special all his life and peaked early
iggySPLOSION: muscle wizard
BusTed: Never tell Adam Neville's last name.
Grevas13: he has plot armor, that's the only reason his stupidity didn't get him killed
Koshindan: He's good at one spell.
RealGamerCow: Neville is actually pretty jacked now
Kramburger: Harry Potter is a kid that was picked on for no reason
silenceaux: idk, Neville does like one cool thing?
blackwlf: He was a shit wizard. His MOTHER blocked the spell.
SlyTQ: longbottom?
Nigouki: it's a big baby so it's the OG Adam
Daedrin: Yeah, Hermione may technically be a witch but she's still the best wizard.
MitchTheQuaker: so its just adam Kappa
monosceros: @amythist oh yeah I forgot about that bloojLOL
Grescheks: Neville totally got hot
djalternative: It's Adam 3
LegionofLashes: harry learned the YEET spell too early now thats all he casts
xantos69: I never read Harry Potter to read about Harry Potter. I read it to see what would happen with the world.
Laserbeaks_Fury: "Quaiiiiid....."
Despoiler98: @SlyTQ without Ron AND Hermione they'd all be fucked
RedHelveticaCake: just cos Harry's dad thought he was hot shit
Koshindan: Robber Johnny?
Koshindan: Rubber*
electroswagnetism: There's not a ton of like
electroswagnetism: actually good wizards
monosceros: Stanley Kubrick?!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Harry Potter is the privileged adequate wizard who rides his name into opportunities to shine
J_Rey15: Is that the guy from the Nightmare Before Christmas? lolol
blackwlf: I thought Ron was basically the comic relief.
gawag_: I think that's our dad
ninja_theory_ashrams: Harry never puts in the work, he skates by on name recognition
Drathak: @TalesFromTheManaCrypt Privileged? Kind of?
gawag_: and now that were an adult hes old and decrepit
bv310: It's like if a Ditto tried to replicate a human
benjaminx12: pull the lever!
Daedrin: Yeah. Harry Potter is a tale about a MAYBE slightly above average boy, failing upwards.
BusTed: Does he have one eye?
Oscelot: And then hit them as a heat gun
PhorrestGaze: oof, ouch, my everything
Brok3nGol3m: "I think that may be our dad". Pans down to crotch
gawag_: I think hes just old
Koshindan: @bv310 Does that mean Human's actual pokemon man is ithurts?
Kramburger: Harry Potter is a kid that wants to be left alone and blend in and everyone seems to make shit about him
mrshazboto: Harry got everything handed to him and still became a beat cop
Nuurgle: Harry Potter is the Roman Reigns of the wizarding world
Juliamon: He's good at Quidditch and not much else
KNACC: I mean Harry did have an abusive childhood so ehhhhhh
Mister_Hush: Adam's a fake fantasy literature fan, it's okay
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mrshazboto: That's the perfct comparison
Laserbeaks_Fury: POSTER
BusTed: He only knows to hate Peter Pettigrew.
GoblinRanger: was that a poster back there?
sifonaonline: Saying lines he doesn't want to say.
Kramburger: It's not harry's fault, Dumbledore just wants to make Harry look strong
Grescheks: that's a moist film
WearingCats_CwC: It's fine Adam, no one ever gave a shit about Cedric whatever the fuck. Except his dad I guess...
Kramburger: Peter Pettigrew is the reason Harry's an Orphan
LegionofLashes: roman reigns is so strong, the only thing to ever defeat him was his own blood
WearingCats_CwC: An animorph
Pteraspidomorphi: Yes
BloodnBullets: an animorph
Laserbeaks_Fury: He's an animorph
Grescheks: we can hear Kathleen
BusTed: He's an Animporph, adam
GoblinRanger: yup
thanzo: anime mangas?
PhorrestGaze: yeah
mtvcdm: Barely
Hot_Leather_Daddy: hes an anime
mrshazboto: Animagus - the furries of the hp world
Earthenone: like ian and beej?
orbitaltuna: an anime wizard
Despoiler98: shes yelling a lot
Muddy_Thunder: KAthleen from the sidelines
benjaminx12: He's a Yeerk
IncredibleFrown: basically yes
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: kafeen!
Grevas13: he's basically an animorph who only gets one form
Grescheks: He's like Tobias, but a rat
silenceaux: Oh for a second I thought that was TQ screaming from like, the next province over somehow
Avet24222: Animorphs was a weird trip
monosceros: an animagus is just a weeb wizard
ninja_theory_ashrams: would that make Neville Ricochet?
djalternative: he's an animaniac
Oscelot: Can’t hear her well
Muddy_Thunder: Cedric Diggleweed
PhorrestGaze: educate this child
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrKATHLEEN
blackwlf: I've seen the movies. Haven't read the books.
vexwerewolf: Same
El_Funko: Adam's my age, it wasn't exactly our youth
gawag_: this house is cool
J_Rey15: Dodging Harry Potter in it's hayday was Matrix level impossible
Pteraspidomorphi: Huh
thanzo: weed tub?
WearingCats_CwC: "The Harry Potter movies started and I stopped reading"
mtvcdm: I'm a nonfiction reader, so
mrshazboto: JK REALLY wanted to write smut and it became apparent when she started describing Harry's lust for Ginny as "the growing beast inside"
SajuukSjet: And then Fanfic did all the interesting things with HP :D
WearingCats_CwC: Adam 3
electroswagnetism: Plus I mean they keep changing
Daedrin: I read the 4th book, devoured it in a day or two. Realized it was crap and went on to read better written books.
Avet24222: A3am?
BusTed: Kevin?
Pteraspidomorphi: Diggleweed?
seth_erickson: Ben 2
El_Funko: Yeah they're books, but they're books written for the childs. The font in the first book is buck wild
Laserbeaks_Fury: Lief
sifonaonline: Cedar-ic.
Muddy_Thunder: Weird that I asked Adam about books earlier on his stream......
monosceros: Cedric the Diggleweed
WearingCats_CwC: ew
J_Rey15: Leaf ErickStick
Daedrin: Cedric the Diggleweed
Tangsm: It's a little bit of a problem.
Grescheks: wow Ben
Earthenone: !findquote skyler
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Mister_Hush: Skyler is a shitty person
PhorrestGaze: Skyler is popular for a reason
IncredibleFrown: aw, ben and adam are picking out baby names
Grescheks: just burning all over Adam today
Grevas13: skyler is the Monster Hunter hammer of names
bv310: You know, weird phrases to hear when you tab back, the peak has to be "I'm sprinkling our child"
silenceaux: Ahahahaaaa
Drathak: And blake
Mister_Hush: Fuck Tanner
iggySPLOSION: his solo album, reach for the skylar
blackwlf: I thought Skyler was more of a stripper name really.
mrshazboto: Skyler and Chad
Juliamon: I did a pretty good job of avoiding Harry Potter until senior year of high school, where my English teacher knew he was getting let go at the end of the school year so we had an entire unit on HP including going to see the first movie when it came out.
Koshindan: Now I feel attacked.
RealGamerCow: Brandyn
Grescheks: Skylar Savidan
FoxFyr: Tanner Chad and Skyler
gossiepa: Braydon
sifonaonline: Cedar-ic Diggleweed.
Yusephka: any book recommendations?
FireBasilisk53: WOW, Ben is a bully
CapnRobert: lucas
Takani42: Skyler, Chad, Gunnar, the tree Bros
CapnRobert: and kyle
MitchTheQuaker: chip skylark?
Omthebox: Found the skylar
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Brett and Trey
WearingCats_CwC: Sure. For plants. Don't name your human kid Skylar
Chartle: a dragon lad
thraximore: AYYYY ben
CommiePuddin: Only if you rep the bucs with pride.
Oscelot: Reach for the sky!...ler
KV1NN4: Dragonlance represent!!!
Mister_Hush: Dragonlance?? Get on that
ninja_theory_ashrams: who wants to read the Harry Potter books now? they take place in the distant past of the 90s
gossiepa: Yessss dragons!
Avet24222: Woo! Dragonlance!
Diabore: didnt you have the first letter before?
StillAnEmoKid: Same dudes dame hahaha
Muddy_Thunder: atreyu wow holy shit what a reference.
mrshazboto: Didn't linkin park write a song about letting your heart bleed?
DiscordianTokkan: It's Mouse Shrek!
Omthebox: I still like A7X... I can't help it
Fizzlebo1t: Dragonlance, YES!
Koshindan: Fistandantilus was the real hero of Dragonlance.
Nigouki: James is gonna come into this chat and go full ??????????? on you
FoxFyr: Wait the kid is NAMED James?
gawag_: wait I think James is our name
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cuttlefishman: Is this like reading rainbow
bv310: I still can't believe that Avenged Sevenfold got the drummer from Dream Theater for that album after their original guy died
Daedrin: Oh no. We were James ALL ALONG?!
blackwlf: I just ate a boston creme donut and the bugger was EMPTY!
El_Funko: I love Dragonlance so much. It's my main reference for D&D, so I always get everything confused when they talk about Forgotten Realms shit
Karfsma778: Can't you help me as I'm startin' to burn (all alone) Too many doses and I'm starting to get an attraction My confidence is leaving me on my own (all alone) No one can save me and you know I don't want the attention
Muddy_Thunder: Magicians apprentice
electroswagnetism: is their fusion name Aen or Badam
WearingCats_CwC: Oh no, they became Badam
RedHelveticaCake: Taran Wanderer
Gekyouryuu: @blackwlf then it wasn't a Boston Creme Doughnut was it? Kappa
Earthenone: Gritty?
eSeamus: Gurgi!
J_Rey15: I remember reading those books about people switching bodies as a kid
FireFlower18: those were books?
cuttlefishman: gritty
LadyTL: Chronicles of Pyrdain
GoblinRanger: Gritty!
Karfsma778: The Chronicles of Prydain
kalateth: gurgi
silenceaux: Oooh, books might be good, never really liked the movie.
ninja_theory_ashrams: cue the jungle movies, what are the odds of cannibals or "dangerous savages"
SplittingImage77: A Series of Unfortunate Events!
Gekyouryuu: anyone read the magic treehouse or whatever it was called?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Isn't OZ public domain
J_Rey15: The Magician of Ord
Koshindan: Wizard of Oz isn't public domain yet?
theambivalentagender: What about Discworld?
QuietJay: KoKo I don't think we're in nebraska anymore.
randomness63: not the movie
Grevas13: i read a ton of forgotten realms stuff as a kid
bv310: Redwall was my shit as a kid
randomness63: the book is public domain
holidayMD: Gekyouryuu I did
LadyTL: Also "The Book of Three" is the first book. Black Cauldron was #2
RedHelveticaCake: and his faithful pig
Wicker_Knight: The Black Cauldron movie was Disney
gawag_: hell yeah to redwall
FireBasilisk53: yes it was
PhorrestGaze: it is though
cuttlefishman: Babe?
SajuukSjet: oh! Redwall mention i saw... ++
Karfsma778: It was disney. Very nearly killed disney
Wicker_Knight: bizarrely
MechaKuuga: whats his nuts
Muddy_Thunder: Don Bluth
Masslost: cleric quintet was low key just a epic series
Indiexxx: And Metropolis...
FoxFyr: He left after black cauldron
SplittingImage77: RedwLl!
Tangsm: It was Disney.
Wicker_Knight: you're thinking of Don Bluth
Grevas13: came back later and realized Drizzt is...not a good character.
TheMoatman: Does anyone remember Deltora Quest?
Crowbar_Is_Ready: you're thinking of don bluth
Wicker_Knight: I believe it was, yes
stacko84: Don BLuth
blackwlf: Excellent books, almost anything by Seanan Mcguire, particularly Every Heart a Doorway.
GoblinRanger: ooh redwall was awesome
Earthenone: i remember deltora quest
seth_erickson: When I was a kid doing book reports in Junior High School I was reading Ranger's Apprentice and Wheel of Time
Himyul: we found the fake Black Cauldron fan, chat Kappa
BusTed: Dragons Lair.
cuttlefishman: f u Adam
theambivalentagender: After Harry Potter I jumped right over to Discworld novels
RedHelveticaCake: it is very Don Bluth like
blackwlf: No, YOU suck!
LadyTL: The Disney movie kinda mashed Book of Three and Black Cauldron together to make their movie iirc
silenceaux: W o w
Crowbar_Is_Ready: but yea, it was disney, it was great, but waaaay too dark for audiances of the time
mtvcdm: This movie SUCKS
DiscordianTokkan: Man, fuck Rockadoogle
FireFlower18: fine
FireBasilisk53: sha sha sha
djalternative: black cauldren was disney. almost bankrupted them.
silenceaux: lrrWOW
cuttlefishman: Nimh is good
bv310: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That's not how you wear that.
AdamYMHMI: ::slowly puts down rockadoodle poster... tear in eye::
silenceaux: lrrWOW .
LadyTL: Hot Takes Savidan Kappa
blackwlf: I am going to get a plane to Victoria and FIGHT YOU.
Grescheks: I've never seen Secret of NIMH
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always a realist who possesses a hungry spirit.
jujujanie: Adam is a mean dad
Antiagone: I believe ... the game is trying to scare you but you're talking about the Rats of Nimh :)
LegionofLashes: SILENCE will fall
erased_citizen: Lion King is the best Disney movie, fight me
KV1NN4: Fievel Goes West was one of ym faves for a while - had it compeltely memorized until I was yelled at for acting along tot he movie
kalateth: NIMH was dark as hell
IncredibleFrown: ben's making enemies with these weaponized bad takes today
geekvs: fival goes west was my first cry
RedHelveticaCake: Secret if NIMH was may favourite book at one point
orbitaltuna: secret of Li+
KV1NN4: i stopped watching after that
eSeamus: Titan AE is the shit. Don't @ me.
ninja_theory_ashrams: "an American tail" is a treasure
Gekyouryuu: I read Harry Potter, a bunch of manga, and eventually got to The Dresden Files. but, then, I read The Hound of the Baskervilles when I was 6, so I had weird literary tastes growing up
Alicemouse: NIHM scared the beejeezus out of me when I was a tiny person.
theambivalentagender: Fievel films were my jam as a kid
Muddy_Thunder: I liked the pebble and the penguin
Antiagone: @Gekyouryuu Dresden Files is great.
Zahowy: <message deleted><iframe src="https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=BlitheMoralAsteriskFUNgineer" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" height="378" width="620"></iframe>
Tangsm: The Land Before Time.
FoxFyr: The actual story that inspired the book for NIHM is crazy
Hot_Leather_Daddy: NIMH was a great kids movie Kappa
FoxFyr: the rat hell tests
cuttlefishman: What if we mailed you a rockadoodle poster
WearingCats_CwC: Why start now? :p
Tangsm: Ducky was a hell of a character.
gawag_: you guys were doing great!
RedHelveticaCake: @foxfyr IKR.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Secret of Nym and Dark Crystal were my childhood horror films
Riandisa: I loved watching NIHM as a kid
Despoiler98: one chance
Despoiler98: one opportunity
Daedrin: It doesnt even matter.
gawag_: like with the wizard of oz
Daedrin: I tried so hard. I got so far.
Earthenone: its ok, its 2019 when we get to the end we can just google what it all meant
J_Rey15: This has more periods that a bus of teenage girls
Gekyouryuu: @Antiagone it IS. I got into it because of the tv show. can't wait for the next one to come out
KV1NN4: Land Before Time: I loved Cera even tho she was such a biiiinch
Masslost: can we agree dark crystal is just so amazing
itomeshi: In the end... it doesn't even maaaaaaattter.
aWabbajack: Littlefoot
El_Funko: Hell yeah tree stars
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: I read Netflix is remaking dark crystal
Wicker_Knight: "In the end I could see that the nightmare was me" slytqDance
cuttlefishman: Were back wasnt good
Earthenone: Cera was just Tsundere
cuttlefishman: sorry
BusTed: A Dinosaur story.
KV1NN4: @Masslost yessssssss
theambivalentagender: @kv1nn4 Cera is one reason triceratops are my fav
BusTed: He's my friend and a whole lot more.
blackwlf: Adam, I recommend never letting furries find out about your Don Bluth heresy.
LadyTL: I didn't like Anastasia, but I will admit In The Dark Of The Night slaps
Mister_Hush: Fuck We're Back, Land Before Time trumps all dinosaur media
KV1NN4: They Rebooted Denver the Last Dinosaur recently
EscherichiaCole: I watched Denver!
Pteraspidomorphi: I remember it
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: OMG I loved Anastasia’s music
BusTed: Which is a questionable song lyric.
RedHelveticaCake: I can't bekieve anyone else knows about We're Back!
Hot_Leather_Daddy: Kimbra the white tiger
DiscordianTokkan: He's our friend and so much more!
cutaos: hes our friend and a wjile lot more
mrshazboto: Denver was the 80s?
ninja_theory_ashrams: is Kathleen getting any work done? if no, she should just join the stream
Rhynerd: What a out The Chirstmas Dinosaur?
KV1NN4: @theambivalentagender SAME
jadewolfdl: dino!!!!
stacko84: He's your friend and a whole lot more
NimrodXIV: how about just Dinosaurs? the tv show giant muppets!
mrshazboto: I thought denver came in at the ass end of the 90s
J_Rey15: Not the Mama!
jadewolfdl: deno!
FoxFyr: Hey Ben, I finally rewatched Pan's Labyrinth (It's on Netflix now) after you guys mentioned it on stream and god I forgot how dark that movie is. I remembered as soon as the Captain showed up that I was going to have a bad two horus
DiscordianTokkan: "Denver came in the ass" wait WHAT
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ah yes, the Sinclairs
stacko84: It was early nineties
Tangsm: "In case you don't know what children look like, I'll write genders in ALL CAPS for clarity."
mrshazboto: I believe it. I was a literal child when it was on tv
Pteraspidomorphi: 90s baby
FoxFyr: hours*
cuttlefishman: are you a toys r us kid
Gekyouryuu: I was born in october of 1990
blackwlf: 1988, apparently.
SuitablyEpic: 80's baby 90's kid
Dezufnocosem: for many years I thought that the "Dinosaurs" tv show was just a nightmare I had as a child, but then I learned later it was real
Takani42: oh lord, way to make me feel old
LetsConsider: I was born in 97!
Kirenou: Troll in Central Park anyone? Was pebble and the penguin a bluth movie too?
El_Funko: I remember a lot of Transformers and GI Joe between 83 and 90
thatguy575: Denver! the last Dinosar!
KV1NN4: I haven't actually SEEN the Denver the last Dinosaur Reboot, but I've seen the intro and a clip
Riandisa: Classic memory: Going to see The Land Before Time in theater, going home to find some junk mail from Littlefoot inviting me to a Land Before Time fan club. "Littlefoot wrote me a letter!"
seth_erickson: I was born in 99, but I can still identify as a 90's kid right
EscherichiaCole: I think that's Joan of Arc
cuttlefishman: reference to Joan of Arc film
geekvs: 83 what up
Earthenone: sure?
Alicemouse: Welp... now I'm feelign old.
cuttlefishman: i think
MitchTheQuaker: i was born in 2000 and am a legal adult
jpss92400: lol I was born in 2000
SuitablyEpic: all about that tmnt
StephenJM81: Heman!
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think I might have heard of Transformers Kappa
Kirenou: 1990 here
ghostvalv: Robotech
theambivalentagender: was I the only kid who had The Yellow Submarine as one of my favorite childhood movies?
gawag_: theres a famous Joan de arc early film
Masslost: gi joe?
SuitablyEpic: had all the transformers
Fizzlebo1t: Pirates of Dark Water
El_Funko: A lot of Warner Bros cartoons and Disney stuff for me too
RealGamerCow: MUSCLE?
Questhere: no TMNT?
Takani42: Go Bots ftw
NimrodXIV: Bumpy! yesss
erloas: tick, earthworm jim, freakazoid
RedHelveticaCake: My Pet Monster?
StephenJM81: Attack of the Killer Tomatos!
aWabbajack: Grew up with Duck Tales Woo ooh! After school I would watch that show
monosceros: I was born in 99 but my country was still airing a lot of redubbed 90s stuff when I was a kid
DiscordianTokkan: Freakazoid and The Tick
thatguy575: Thundercats?
jadewolfdl: i graduated in 2000 DansGame
J_Rey15: Biker Mice from Mars, Yooo
Takani42: named Scooter
BusTed: There were multiple rock Go-Bots.
nicolebarbaraann: @loadingreadyrun what's that boat show that you love ben???
aWabbajack: Darkwing Duck!
KV1NN4: @StephenJM81 YEAH
El_Funko: My Pet Monster hell yeah!
Koshindan: LRR is exceptionally millennial today.
NimrodXIV: Count Duckula was a big one for young me
Karfsma778: Go Bots: Like Transformers, but SHIT
StephenJM81: Darkwing Duck!
FireBasilisk53: biker mice for mars
kalateth: Captain N the Game Master
Gascitygaming: AAAAAAAHH Real Monsters
seth_erickson: What's the name of that t.v. show were the guy transforms into a car
Antiagone: Anyone else remember "Arabian Nights " the Alladin Series
ninja_theory_ashrams: bump in the night Christmas special ftw
nicolebarbaraann: uh huh that's it
KV1NN4: @FireBasilisk53 Yessssss <3 Throttle
Laserbeaks_Fury: Turbo Teen
aWabbajack: Tugger Nuts lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
NightValien28: why are you two so old
DiscordianTokkan: Theodore the Tugboat was legit
StephenJM81: Pinky & the Brain
blackwlf: Hilarious House of Dr Frightenstein.
cuttlefishman: Theodore Tugboat is based off of HFX harbour
cuttlefishman: is wicked
mrshazboto: Wait that tugboat show was real?
DiscordianTokkan: OOH. Mr. Dressup!
Indiexxx: Village of the Canned kid
Masslost: power rangers was my jam
erloas: animaniacs
Antiagone: @NightValien28 Listen here young whippersnapper ....
Indiexxx: Damned
stellar2190: Pappy Drew-It
seth_erickson: I love Pinky & the Brain I have some of that show on V.H.S
Karfsma778: They're not old!
NightValien28: hahahah
Grescheks: Neither of you are old
aWabbajack: appy BURF DEY
NimrodXIV: I"m the same age, Adam
MitchTheQuaker: im 18 ya fuckin grandma's
TheMoatman: Oh I love fetty wap
Chartle: pills here
Omthebox: Ben is only a year older than me. He's not old.
lucha_libro: I was born in 75.. does that make me ancient?
WearingCats_CwC: I'm Ben's age, am I old?
NimrodXIV: for a few more days
Tangsm: Hey. HEY. Let's keep this civil.
mrshazboto: Ben is like four months younger than me so if he's old then....fuck
Gekyouryuu: I'll split the difference. I'm turning 29 this year
itomeshi: Ditto, Adam. We're not 'old'.
Karfsma778: Whoever called you old is just a fuckin BABY
SuitablyEpic: born in the 80s I feel old all the time
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Didn’t Canada have kind of cap on the amount of American media it was allowed to air? As a kid of loved being in metro Detroit bc we got US and CA based stations.
WearingCats_CwC: You're going to get gritty?
cuttlefishman: going to get gritty?
Baldrash: @Despoiler98 90s Spider-Man would like a word.
blackwlf: Vegas birthday whoo!
seth_erickson: Nice
RedHelveticaCake: Ducktales theme is the best
Grevas13: 9 years apart? adam could have been ben's babysitter
DiscordianTokkan: Mr. Dressup predated Mr Rogers, but they're both golden because they're both good people
Daedrin: that's pretty lit.
Alicemouse: oh god if they are old... I don't want to think about what that makes me
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun you aren't old until your friends have kids. Wait... Kappa
SuitablyEpic: I get that I'm not old yet, doesn't help feeling that way
Tangsm: Darkwing Duck is the best themesong.
Takani42: @lucha_libro I'm with you, I'm feeling like we should be getting our checks and polishing our walkers the way these people are talking
mrshazboto: Vegas - where you go to get drunk and make your cheap suit smell forever like cigarette smoke
theambivalentagender: I didn't get to watch a lot of millenial shows because my parents thought kid shows would give me adhd. guess who still has adhd
MitchTheQuaker: aw man i might need to go to GP Vegas now
stellar2190: Pappy Drew-It and Cats, those were my shows when I was young
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun how does the reality that you'll probably live past 100 feel?
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Antiagone: @TalesFromTheManaCrypt Canada still has "Canadian Content" rules on our channels. A certain percent of stuff on the networks has to be Canadian made.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Escha-cha cha
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP cohhKnife cohhD lrrHORN
NightValien28: who broke gravity?
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Did the ship Titanic?
Karfsma778: I don't like this one bit
gawag_: this is hot
Oscelot: Nononononono
jpss92400: art
niccus: don't fall into the sky
Antiagone: Old Folks home will have to change....
mrshazboto: Hooked straight into the matrix at 100
Alicemouse: oh hey.. it's recontextualzed
Antiagone: When we get there.
Earthenone: Grandpa in VR
Despoiler98: dont care about theme song the best Cartoon in the 90s hands down, three words, Batman: Animated Series that was DARK AS SHIT for a kids show
Pazzix: Disorienting AF
blackwlf: I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be trying to watch this high.
Pazzix: i like it
Koshindan: Adam's Retirement Haum.
FoxFyr: @theambivalentagender same. It was all food network and History channel. Then Ancient aliens and Pawnstars happened...
bv310: Welp, we're dead now
RedHelveticaCake: like GameGrumps, but GameGramps
monosceros: flame? dark souls!?
ninja_theory_ashrams: poseidon adventure
Stoffern: Living past 100 hundred sounds better than...not doing that...
weff47: there's gonna be gaming centered retirement homes
Tangsm: You'll have some kind of ergonomic controller with giant squishy grips.
blackwlf: @Koshindan That's GREAT.
weff47: LAN parties every day!
StephenJM81: yeah, Batman: Animated Series was good
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Koshindan LUL
SajuukSjet: Speaking of 90s theme songs...... Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: make it happen!
GoblinRanger: I look forward to this
NimrodXIV: yesss
aWabbajack: Shady Oaks Run
mrshazboto: Loading Ready Walk
NightValien28: KV1NN4 brilliant
Oscelot: Yesss
blackwlf: Assuming streaming is still a thing in, what, 50-60 years
itomeshi: That's the LRR retirement plan?
niccus: that can't be healthy
jujujanie: Awwww
cuttlefishman: just take out behind the shed
Brok3nGol3m: 35 years from now? it'll be a VR closet with machine feeding
Pteraspidomorphi: That would probably be very tiring
xantos69: OMG! I want to retire in this place.
monosceros: "Magic: The Elders' Gathering"
StephenJM81: Loading Ready Hobble
Takani42: @LoadingReadyRun LoadingReadyDribble?
IncredibleFrown: i found out my grandpa got super deep into a phone game such that he wrote the primary internet guide for it
Wicker_Knight: I could actually see a "retirement home" for everyone who does streaming/IRL content
Nuurgle: Moonbase Mk XIII is going to be lit AF
theambivalentagender: Call it "End of the Stream"
Antiagone: I like Loading Ready Hobble.
LegionofLashes: OOF
mrshazboto: @Grescheks isn't that just the moonbase?
Fizzlebo1t: Streaming Hills Retirement Home?
aBoredBarista: loading ready walker
Koshindan: By then people will be streaming their consciousness and you guys will be still using video and audio streams. :D
FoxFyr: Funny you think you'll be able to afford an old folks home with a millennial'sretirement fund...
Nigouki: oh god this same thing came up a few days ago with my friends: a nerd retirement home would actually be great you'd have board games for keeping up the mental exercises and stuff like model kits for the motor skills
Tangsm: Mom's spaghetti.
KV1NN4: @NightValien28 someone else said it first ( @RedHelveticaCake )
ReverseCreations: Moonbase Mk X: literally a clubhouse
Nuurgle: Loading Ready Retirement
Grescheks: mrshazboto I meant more one where they don't have to leave to sleep :P
Oscelot: Throwing Shade Oaks retirement home
geekvs: adam could you live in a house with ben?
orbitaltuna: lose yoself, find yoself
aWabbajack: Layers of Fear: Become Human
Earthenone: in dance?
Spluuga: I await the plum fueled gamer products..
mrshazboto: @Grescheks they have a bed in the prop room
Karfsma778: ART!
theambivalentagender: "Salty Old Coots Retirement Community"
blackwlf: Stewed prunes EXTREME GAMER EDITION
electroswagnetism: oh hey you were here before
Grescheks: mrshazboto yeah, but all, like, 15 of them can't sleep there at the same time without having a large pile of people :P
seth_erickson: Let's tickle them ivories
RedHelveticaCake: @kv1nn4 @nightvalien28 great minds think alike
bv310: Mountain Dew: Stewed Prunes flavour
ninja_theory_ashrams: when I retire decades from now, odds are my nurse will be a robot, as there should be more retired people than workers by then
monosceros: you like MySpace?
Oscelot: Weren’t the walls green last time?
mrshazboto: @Grescheks that sounds like a LRL bit
El_Funko: Also the background shouting
cuttlefishman: Just move into Moonbase
IncredibleFrown: just have a duo channel
SlyTQ: we've lived that life
LegionofLashes: no longer in the upside down
cuttlefishman: moonbase has good internet
blackwlf: All streams become multipal streams.
Grescheks: TQ knows that pain
Koshindan: Obvious fix. Make every stream a multipals stream. :)
SlyTQ: ben behind me playing wow while im streaming lmao
NightValien28: don't worry the home you guys going to will have fiber
Antiagone: How's the Victoria housing market? Better than Vancouver?
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
StephenJM81: hahaha
mtvcdm: !clip
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GoblinRanger: rofl
BusTed: "You're fired."
Grescheks: Kathleen is tough but fair
RedHelveticaCake: my friends will be all about the tabletop rpgs when we retire
bv310: Ooof, bodied
aWabbajack: lrrBEN lrrADAM
Oscelot: Apartment internet sucks
Gekyouryuu: someone clip that
BusTed: That wasn't a no on living there.
mrshazboto: Is this what reclaiming my free time and hobbies feels like?
NimrodXIV: ^
Karfsma778: Ben and Adam sit here until they call they cops and drag us from the room.
Antiagone: Was it the crawling out of the coffin that tipped you off?
djalternative: You may be fired but they didn't say anything about moving in
mtvcdm: You only got fired, you didn't get pulled out of the room.
aWabbajack: are those Zomatoes?
theambivalentagender: is the guy crawling out of a coffin while distorted noise plays a bad guy? let's wait and see
Earthenone: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
Earthenone: :P
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Nuurgle: How many layers of fear are we on?
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weff47: Adam, if I ever make a video game I will make sure to put that in just for you.
aWabbajack: Relax, don't do it
Pteraspidomorphi: Don't follow the ghost?
Nigouki: oh god is this another loop you have to get right by following a shadow that's too fast?
Karfsma778: @Nuurgle Like six my dude
WearingCats_CwC: :o
BusTed: 50-50
mrshazboto: Just open both
Oscelot: The focal length thing going on here is amazing
RedHelveticaCake: the tiny room that sneaks up on you layer of fear
Koshindan: seabatBRAIN
WearingCats_CwC: I'm not sure that was right
BusTed: That's... good, right?
cuttlefishman: is this horror?
Earthenone: thats why you never look at both
GoblinRanger: and red?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: _/‾‾ _/‾‾
orbitaltuna: it's red this time
djalternative: okay. that was totally a reference
aWabbajack: lrrEFF art
Grevas13: art_/‾‾
Tangsm: Movie time?
mrshazboto: You got attacked by a tiny room. Truly, the fear was the layers of friends we made along the way
theambivalentagender: art
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Electrodyne: It's the monolith chorus from 2001
Earthenone: another reasons you guys cant live together? :P
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Ah yes. The red room.
RealGamerCow: turn down for what!
orbitaltuna: where's the drop ccolorD
aWabbajack: Darude: Iceberg
Musicsquid: How long til “is this art” emote?
FireFlower18: i love it when my partner scatters apples all over the bed
blackwlf: So it's baby metal?
Antiagone: Not a fan of Bangarang are you Ben?
Grescheks: woah, there, Ben, let's not be hasty. "Worse than Skrillex" is a high bar
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ValiantRant: Putting this here quick for the VOD
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Daedrin: Oh finally. We're on the layer of fear where Skrillex is just here.
electroswagnetism: Hey man skrillex wrote some kingdom hearts music so he's not all bad
weff47: Haunted cruise ship I can't hear yooooou!
mrshazboto: Wind it up - King Giz's Rattlesnake starts playing
thraximore: bad end?
J_Rey15: (ツ)--_/¯ art?
WearingCats_CwC: oh my
Koshindan: benginDab Art?
cuttlefishman: nice
Earthenone: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! There's no money in the tarp budget for that.
orbitaltuna: is this a sexy red or murder red?
BusTed: benginFingers
RedHelveticaCake: !phrasing
gt225: Is this what fear is?
blackwlf: Ben getting too much head from Adam. I think I read that fanfic somewhere.
Oscelot: Boom.
LegionofLashes: i think its boat is burning red
blackwlf: What the hell.
Tangsm: Big Brain.
StillAnEmoKid: Damn you are old.
NightValien28: that's the old age settling in
Pteraspidomorphi: That's what I do after playing too much VR
blackwlf: I tried to too. Not even to the speakers.
J_Rey15: "The photos are INSIDE the computer!"
Baldrash: Miss Steak?
cuttlefishman: are those craisins
Grescheks: I'm still waiting for all of SeaChats to be beanned Kappa
jujujanie: Haha!
cuttlefishman: or are they deer poop
Gascitygaming: Adam "The Ban Man" Savidan
aWabbajack: lrrAWESOME cohhBeer
weff47: "I'm gonna ban you" is the new "Get off my lawn"
BusTed: who do they think they're fooling?
NightValien28: one is too old the other is too young, they are the game gramps
mrshazboto: That's the secret. The dev didn't want to buy models for cherries so they just srhunk their apples
Aztren: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:44:41.
blackwlf: Get offa my chat. Damn noisy kids.
lucha_libro: I'm gonna ban you off my lawn?
Grescheks: you broke it
KV1NN4: "Nothing really happened." feels loaded D:
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athelstanent: Wait, I put in that free prime subscription 37 months ago??
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WearingCats_CwC: You broked it
RedHelveticaCake: settle on a channel alreay
mrshazboto: Ghost is like "stop it"
Grescheks: you played with it too much and it got wrecked
AllStarGyudon: stuck in the wall!
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BusTed: It was certainly a kid's... movie?
Brok3nGol3m: did someone poop in that chair next to the TV?
sifonaonline: Way more fucked up than I remembered.
cuttlefishman: what was the bravde little toaster
blackwlf: Or watch the first chunk of Up!
Tangsm: We watched that movie at my grade school.
WizardZedd: That angry heater freaking me the F out as a kid
WizardZedd: freaked*
unusuallylargemoth: @cuttlefishman please never say that again. please never make me feel that old ; _ ;
RedHelveticaCake: i actually rescued a toaster from the curb and had it repairec
theambivalentagender: you know, for kids
eric_christian_berg: AsexualPride
J_Rey15: That AC unit was terrifying
gt225: That movie scared the shit out of me as a kid
blackwlf: Lol, nice.
Drathak: lol nice
underhill33: Holy shit
Karfsma778: Nice
seth_erickson: Dodgeball is awesome
Tangsm: That's a bold move, Cotton.
Grescheks: like, "If you can dodge a wrench"?
FoxFyr: i watched both of those a lot in my youth
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evilspoons983: 13 months! a spooky number!
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FireFlower18: oof this decor
BusTed: With Alan Tudyk!
RealGamerCow: That gym teacher was hungover
blackwlf: If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!
seth_erickson: Dodge Duck Dip DIve Dodge
FoxFyr: explains a lot about me I guess
AllStarGyudon: gym teacher had a late night
Koshindan: Hank is getting buff.
orbitaltuna: did your gym teacher throw wrenches at you?
Karfsma778: Sackboy: Jacked
BusTed: Want to feel old? This is Sackboy today.
Tangsm: All gym teachers had given up, Adam. That's why we had parachute day.
J_Rey15: Nobody makes me bleed my own blood!
monosceros: doesn't get more physical than watching sportsball movies
Laserbeaks_Fury: he's a Sackman now
SquareDotCube: Peak Dark Souls build right there
stevestein: Dodgeball came out in 2004. Ben confirmed infant.
Grescheks: SackBoy became JackedBoy
ninja_theory_ashrams: "brave little toaster" anthropomorphic appliances in search of God
RealGamerCow: Now he's JackBoy
Alahmnat: he's SackMan now
blackwlf: Was that blood? That was blood, wasn't it. I'm NOT cleaning that up.
mrshazboto: Dodgeball was 2004?
mrshazboto: jfc
NightValien28: blackwlf its tiny apple juice
athelstanent: Athesltan ent - my favorite english king and my favorite things from LotR
WearingCats_CwC: I would
RedHelveticaCake: these apples are full of blood!
Brok3nGol3m: pears are blisters of blood?
sifonaonline: Do the muscle-man dance!
blackwlf: Ben just punched out ALL their blood!
Koshindan: seabatBRAIN
cuttlefishman: yes
WearingCats_CwC: ?????
GoblinRanger: lol
Pteraspidomorphi: I did not understand a single scene.
blackwlf: No, it's fine Adam, I don't either.
Alicemouse: You are not an iditot
FireBasilisk53: ???????
AdamYMHMI: Chat collectively taking a deep breath... then letting it out
KV1NN4: Not an idiot, just not inclined towards SYMBOLISM
mrshazboto: > ART <
Alicemouse: I have zero idea
erloas: meta art
LegionofLashes: Art? lrrADAM Art! lrrBEN
Masslost: this game seems like a hunter s thompson tribute
CaptainSpam: Damn. They all want high-fives and you leave them hanging like that? Cold.
gawag_: I dont think you have to understand it to enjoy it/appreciate it/ try to understand it or whatever
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I_Am_Clockwork: Jump Scare!
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seth_erickson: What movie is that again
Karfsma778: One of my top 10 favorite movies
stevestein: @mrshazboto Yeah I thought it was like five years ago. Then I looked it up, and I was committed to the joke so I still went with it
Musicsquid: pride100 pride100 pride100 pride100 pride100 Kicking back with a Gin and Tonic and some Nuggies and... boy this game is art.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: No, it hasnt been 100% clear
Grescheks: seth_erickson Labyrinth
A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat!
WizardZedd: What movie is that? I don't recognize any of those quotes
blackwlf: Adam reminds me of the babe.
Grescheks: WizardZedd Labyrinth
NightValien28: I know you geezers are reminiscing your younger days but I really wish there was a place to watch these movies with you two
RedHelveticaCake: @blackwlf what babe?
Tangsm: Layers of Fear was always more about being disturbing than conveying all the story details. The end was usually clear enough.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @musicsquid that all sounds delightful! Cheers!
anetfullofjello: Peak Jim Henson
IzzetGrizzly: Rip bowie
Pteraspidomorphi: NightValien28, you can watch movies together with people over the internet on rabb.it
evilspoons983: Labyrinth scared the crap outta me when I was like, 6
Aztren: i feel like ive been to a kink event that looked like this room
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Sir__Octopus: Thank you for these fun spoopy times!
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Razrroth: My hubby hasn't seen Labyrinth yet. D:
Alicemouse: Orange infused vodka and teriaki for me.
Pteraspidomorphi: (If you have a source for them of course)
athelstanent: Is that pain or something else?
RedHelveticaCake: :( Bowie was recalled to space
evilspoons983: it was the hands in the tube mostly
NightValien28: Pteraspidomorphi not anymore, their policies changed and they are awful now, they somehow post your info on the screen
BloodnBullets: I could check and tell you, I never watched them
rzrdrgn: Still hyped for the Dark Crystal show though
Razrroth: I love that we're just chatting in front of a tortured person. Good times.
Pteraspidomorphi: What? How so?
blackwlf: I didn't watch it back when. I got it with a box set for Mirrormask. I loved it.
I_Am_Clockwork: oh man, so many Jim Henson projects are getting revived soon
ninja_theory_ashrams: David and his Bowie
I_Am_Clockwork: Dark Crystal
Alicemouse: That is my theory of the Princess Bride
I_Am_Clockwork: The Story Teller
Koshindan: So does that mean I never have to see Labyrinth? At least until Disney reboots it?
mrshazboto: These mannequins remind me of an art project i did in high school
Alahmnat: I saw Dark Crystal for the first time a couple years ago. It was still good
Karfsma778: @LoadingReadyRun I mean, I only saw Labyrinth for the first time in 2011, and it's like, my fourth favorite movie ever.
Oscelot: Saw Dark Crystal for the first time in theatres last year, loved it.
orbitaltuna: it's not that spooky
gt225: Dark Crystal is getting a reboot on Netflix
I_Am_Clockwork: The Story Teller is getting rebooted by Neil Gamen of all people
geekvs: how could u not like david bowie as the Goblin King
orbitaltuna: it's disturbing, sure
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: The commisar's in town?
GoblinRanger: ever forward never learning
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: fun fact, it was a full can of potpourri in Bowie's pants
RealGamerCow: nope, don't like it. Don't like being touched.
blackwlf: @Karfsma778 What's your first fav?
Baldrash: I thought Labyrinth aged spectacularly. I didn't watch it for the first time until like five years ago.
RedHelveticaCake: @i_am_clockwork that sounds baller!
NightValien28: Pteraspidomorphi used to watch with another streamer, they put her cel number on the screen for some reason
Grescheks: oh yeah, Dark Crystal is on Netflix right now, I should get around to watching that at some point
KV1NN4: I thoguht the Netflix series was a Prequel?
mugsi_: you can make it through the mosh pit ben
I_Am_Clockwork: I, for one, welcome our Muppet Overloards
Gekyouryuu: oh, geez, what happened to our sister that we weren't there for?
AdamYMHMI: Trying to understand the story here brings to mind the "concepts" song from the new MST3K season.
LegionofLashes: your the monster
Karfsma778: @blackwlf The Highlander.
WearingCats_CwC: Flip them off and walk backwards into hell
Tangsm: Interesting. Never seen a game force walking backwards.
blackwlf: Gooooood choice.
blackwlf: Android hell?
Pteraspidomorphi: That's an issue with the source of the movie, though, right? I don't think they *have* any of my info, it being a free account
mrshazboto: Mosh pits are the reason i stopped going to concerts
ninja_theory_ashrams: and the crystal cracked
IzzetGrizzly: Labyrinth holds up okay... I think
evilspoons983: I went to a Death Cab for Cutie concert in like 2006 and some dipshits tried to start a mosh pit
Karfsma778: Honestly, that's more "Tool Video" than "SOAD Mosh Pit"
gt225: I think it’s a reboot the mane characters are all in it
NightValien28: Pteraspidomorphi yeah its with the source of the movie
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Psycho?
LegionofLashes: shining?
gawag_: I think the sister was burned by the father
Nuurgle: I didn't see Princess Bride until I was in college and it was awesome
mugsi_: mosh pits are eh, but one of my favorite concert memories is when when turned into a kick line instead
Tangsm: Psycho.
mrshazboto: The fuck?
Brok3nGol3m: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
gawag_: or was that a rape allegoryb
kalateth: psycho?
randomness63: seems like it
Koshindan: benginDab Art
TheChargingBadger: Thanks I hate it.
ninja_theory_ashrams: but, have you found the character?
aWabbajack: the actress didn't do too well outside of the film
Rhynerd: I think it was “If they ban me from the zoo for shouting at the animals I will face god and walk backwards into hell.”
Indiexxx: Yeah
JPattemore: ?
aWabbajack: truly sad story :(
seth_erickson: ??????????????
cuttlefishman: ??????????
Masslost: if your bush is on fire there might be a issue
Chartle: ?
I_Am_Clockwork: ??????????... dangit
FireBasilisk53: ??????????????????????????????????
FireBasilisk53: too late
Garry_Guyface: Kindle at that bonfire
Drathak: ????
FireBasilisk53: can't stop me
mrshazboto: Rakdos?
thanzo: we in the theatre now bois
Juliamon: Chat. Stop.
BusTed: The new show got weird.
Sanaj: slytqShrug
evilspoons983: the best thing about this game is that it's not that game where you just flash the camera repeatedly because it's too dark
kalateth: looks more like a Rakdos Party
RedHelveticaCake: the Forbidden Zone?
Grescheks: I feel like that title was *supposed* to be "Schizo", as in "shizophrenic", but it was spelled "Shizo"...
BusTed: I was on that wavelength too, Gresch.
mugsi_: Doom?
aWabbajack: oh hey Grescheks saw your tweet at PushingupRoses
Nigouki: oh it's that light for blocking rats
endstepexarch: *pops into the chat, sees all you gorgeous folks*
randomino5: D: Toxic
BusTed: :(
Grescheks: ohai aWabbajack, I always gotta bring up Needles when I can :P
Karfsma778: !key
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blackwlf: We alice now?
Grescheks: @aWabbajack Thanks!
SquareDotCube: Oh, there's the bathroom in your hourse
MadAran87: This feels... familiar?
SquareDotCube: *house
StillAnEmoKid: Imagine being a ghost and having to set up all these convoluted art pieces to explain why you're mad at the person you're haunting. Yeesh.
mugsi_: endstepexarch welcome :)
I_Am_Clockwork: Ah, a ladder to Blight town
aWabbajack: @Grescheks yw! cohhBoop lrrSPOOP cohhBeer
mrshazboto: This feels like someone played Alice - madness returns and didn't "get it"
Omthebox: Here to STAAAYYEE
Dog_of_Myth: Well, this looks pleasant.
mugsi_: a7x is the besto :)
blackwlf: @StillAnEmoKid Sounds like Beetlejuice.
J_Rey15: Hawthorne Heights <3
StillAnEmoKid: Hell yeah Silverstein!
ZeniteZero: Yoooo, Atreyu is mah jam
Musicsquid: I wonder if watching the first stream of this would help me figure out what the heck is going or if I’m a lost cause
holidayMD: I only know them from Guitar Hero >_>
RedHelveticaCake: ai yi yi I'm your little butterfly... wait
IzzetGrizzly: Bowie walking on the escher stairs
FoxFyr: The members of Silverstein are very nice in person, they've played here a few times
itomeshi: Yellowcard?
mrshazboto: Talking about old bands makes me super said that warped tour isn't a thing anymore near me
endstepexarch: Escape the Fate?
Masslost: my chemical romance
evilspoons983: Yellowcard, woo
Pazzix: Hey no making fun of Gary Numan
blackwlf: Sorry, is Atreyu a band? I keep getting confused thinking they're talking about Neverending Story.
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cabbageboy_: Guys, last time I subbed and you chanted "Ellen, Ellen Ellen" over and over again for a few minutes, you made Ellen so damn happy that she watches that clip whenever she's having a bad day. You guys are the best, thanks for being you guys.
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mugsi_: big yes endstepexarch
ZeniteZero: The Used slaps, but also muh feels
evilspoons983: Yellowcard was the first concert I ever went to
endstepexarch: @mugsi_ Big yes at your yes
IzzetGrizzly: Atreyu is a band
FoxFyr: @evilspoons983 yo, me too
Mister_Hush: Clash of the Titans was soooo bad
Oscelot: Aww that’s so cute @cabbageboy_
iggySPLOSION: MCR and The Used covered Under Pressure
Pazzix: A Ben Sevenfold?
BusTed: Haha.
FoxFyr: I was in the front row got many bruises
Grescheks: I thought they were talking about Never Ending Story for a second, and was very confused :P
cabbageboy_: First gig I ever went to was Bullet for My Vallentive, Avenged Sevenfold and Atreyu.
cabbageboy_: It was wild
Aztren: I was always more a Sum-41 fan
FireBasilisk53: sleeping all day, staying up all NIGHHTTT
I_Am_Clockwork: I didn't like Clash of the Titans, but it did have wood-lich wizards that rode giant scorpians, so that's a plus
evilspoons983: @FoxFyr are you from Edmonton? lol
blackwlf: Nickleback. <_<
RedHelveticaCake: speaking of Atreyu, what about The Neverending Story?
mugsi_: iggySPLOSION that cover is fantastic!
endstepexarch: Wage War anyone?
FoxFyr: Hawaii, lol
Aztren: oh and AFI
FoxFyr: @evilspoons983
blackwlf: (don't say it three times or they might appear)
mrshazboto: All American Rejects, Dropkick Murpheys, and Fall Out Boy at 2005 <3
cuttlefishman: who is my chemical romance
weff47: Taking Back Sunday
Gekyouryuu: I've never been to a concert, and probably never will. my ears are SUPER sensitive because of a medical thing from when I was a kid
evilspoons983: @FoxFyr ah so you weren't at the same concert as me
blackwlf: Garbage!
EscherichiaCole: I missed seeing MCR open for Green Day and I still regret that to this day
ninja_theory_ashrams: alien ant farm
StillAnEmoKid: Y'all are speaking my language!
Brok3nGol3m: You guys need to be guests on Brave New Faves! kathle3HEX
Masslost: chevelle
Gekyouryuu: like, loud enough noises cause me physical pain
stacko84: Brand New
mrshazboto: Adam's going through puberty?
evilspoons983: my wife likes Something Corporate
Karfsma778: CHEVELLE
Garry_Guyface: TWRP?
FoxFyr: @evilspoons983 May not have even been the same year, I saw them in like 2010/11
itomeshi: I need to pull up my Burnout 3 and Burnout Revenge playlists now.
mugsi_: endstepexarch I know a few of their songs they're super talented
RedHelveticaCake: what's it covered in? ground beef?
Tangsm: Still being Psycho.
Koshindan: More curtains are behind the curtains.
Masslost: bowling for soup
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Wow tomorrow’s work playlist is going to be allllllll kinds of pop-punk-emo
Driosenth: i regret missing a No Use For a Name concert, this was like a year before Tony Sly died.
jujujanie: Daisy
ShrikeMTG: deja entendu
endstepexarch: LRR Full Band Guitar Hero stream WHEN?!?!??
itomeshi: All-American Rejects... Franz Ferdinand...
rzrdrgn: Zebrahead! Yes!
I_Am_Clockwork: phsyco orchestra hit!
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun were the Pokemon movies any part of your childhood?
cuttlefishman: 8 keys
NimrodXIV: my first concert was Coal Chamber
e_bloc: really subtle psycho reference
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Sunny Day Realestate?
FoxFyr: So fake wizards of Oz, but straight up Psycho sting?
stacko84: Good lord who wants to remember Zebrahead?
Nuurgle: my first concert was Third Eye Blind and Eve6
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Grescheks: Blue? Everyone knows Red was the better one Kappa
endstepexarch: Can I get someone to help reminisce about The Avatar animated show?
I_Am_Clockwork: Pokemon was HUGE when I was a kid, but I never played the games or the cardgame, and never watched any of it. I sorta missed out, because it is EXACTLY the sort of game I would have loved as a kid
J_Rey15: Yellow was the best, Pikachuuuuu
Kramburger: I played the shit out of Pokemon Blue, but I was 'too cool' for the pokemon movie by the time it came out
FoxFyr: I'm enjoying hearing about people's first concerts
Karfsma778: We The Shining Now
Grescheks: d'aww
BusTed: Aww.
evilspoons983: Pokemon Red/Blue... 13... Adam, I think you're exactly the same age as me
mtvcdm: Redrum!
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Shining would like it's imagery back
mrshazboto: Someone saw the shining i guess
Tangsm: So is there a Shining poster here?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: awwwww <3
e_bloc: Pride100 usually the blood gets off on the third floor
randomino5: while a river of blood pours down the hallway
cabbageboy_: hahahaha
BusTed: Or is it a trick of the light...?
Grescheks: WAOW
NightValien28: maybe not chant it in a hallway of blood
weff47: Is it merely just a trick of the light?
Mister_Hush: hook, line, and sinker
Koshindan: Adam only plays torchless so of course he doesn't know about anything light. :)
RedHelveticaCake: they already did the Shining earlier with the carpet and the tricycle
Grescheks: Wayne June 4 lyfe
RealGamerCow: Adam's brain has wiped Darkest Dungeon from his brain in self defense
mugsi_: Anyone know what Adam's mug has on it?
weff47: Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
seth_erickson: A Singular Strike
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: 2
Wicker_Knight: A trifling victory, but a victory nonetheless
MitchTheQuaker: Overclownfidence is a slow and hilarious killer
mrshazboto: Candyman
Karfsma778: BEN
Kramburger: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:00:49.
Grescheks: do you stay or do you go now?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: BEN
SlyTQ: I'm not gonna call!
endstepexarch: @redhelveticacake Isn't the trike basically copyrighted by Saw?
Rhynerd: Slowly. Gently. This is how a life is taken.
Megaparsec256: Disobey the voices in your head!
Grescheks: welp
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ADAM
Kramburger: RIP Adam
BusTed: The lore has been established.
Garry_Guyface: Don't think it Don't say it Don't think it Don't say it
cabbageboy_: DAMMIT GUYS
WearingCats_CwC: Welp, everyone's doomed now
Questhere: nice knowing you
Mister_Hush: Stream's fuckin' OVER
Garry_Guyface: The Peepee Poopoo man
ghostvalv: rip in pepperonis
aBoredBarista: benjam40Wranch
thraximore: I feel like the game knows you do the opposite of what they want
AdamYMHMI: Ben and his new cohost next week
cabbageboy_: quick no one say anything
RedHelveticaCake: @endstepexarch I didn't know that
itomeshi: You.... said it 4 times.
orbitaltuna: guess adam better hurry up with that minecraft stream
Electrodyne: Candyman Hastur Beetlejuice
Masslost: candyman is getting rebooted
itomeshi: Uh og.
thraximore: so they are tricking you
ThorSokar: I believe the Candy Man CAN open doors
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Zyme86: Welp adam broke the rules, shows over. The 5th seal is broken
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itomeshi: Uh oh even.
CaptainSpam: *sound of thumping on the door* "(muffled) Awww..."
blackwlf: Candyman is fine. It's Bloody Mary you should watch out for. She's tricksy.
nicolebarbaraann: plz dont bring the candyman home with you
RedHelveticaCake: uh oh paskettios
electroswagnetism: Size has no intrinsic merit, unless inordinate exsanguination be considered a virtue
AdamYMHMI: Ben and Candy Man on Let's Nope
Chartle: hmm, two bens though
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Wicker_Knight: Look, you just gotta visualize the candy, man.
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cuttlefishman: your past your peak Adam
Grescheks: next week Adam should just come in dressed up as Candyman
mrshazboto: Oh i get it - they're trying to make a point about obsession and method actors
Galactic_pain: What’s this about the candy man?
J_Rey15: Adam is irreplaceable
evilspoons983: yay, flashing lights, my fav
Nuurgle: *sound of tubthumping on the door*
mrshazboto: Giving up was the healthy choice?
Koshindan: I wouldn't make any plans on what the Candyman can't do because the candyman can.
Electrodyne: Candyman Savidan
ninja_theory_ashrams: Jordan Peele is working on a Candyman reboot
Oscelot: Rofl @nicolebarbaraann I was literally about to say Nicole will kill you if you do xD
kalateth: this looks like a get ready to run
IzzetGrizzly: Do hearts peel?
mrshazboto: @ninja_theory_ashrams wait really?
gawag_: I think the dad killed our sister
ninja_theory_ashrams: @mrshazboto yes
nicolebarbaraann: yUP
blackwlf: Dpm
blackwlf: Damn hands being in the wrong place.
Karfsma778: King Lear is Just King Lear
I_Am_Clockwork: King lear, eh
mrshazboto: @ninja_theory_ashrams amazing. Let peele put his hands on anything he wants to.
J_Rey15: Oohp
Wicker_Knight: I think dad was abusing sister, then sister killed dad
e_bloc: maybe your dad is your sister
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote hands
LRRbot: Quote #5424: "I put my hand in the Bone Zone and all I got was this lousy bug." —Kathleen [2018-10-20]
Karfsma778: Public Domain y'all
evilspoons983: BST2!!!
RedHelveticaCake: @ninja_theory_ashrams give that man all the horror movies
evilspoons983: I still have mine
blackwlf: No, you killed your dad, and your married your mom. . . wait, no, that's something else.
eric_christian_berg: My money is on you killed and ate your sister.
WearingCats_CwC: I don't think Shakespeare plays are copyrighted
Grescheks: speaker on Adam's tombstone that plays the Kremling noise when someone walks by
mrshazboto: @LoadingReadyRun what was your favorite Chip Skylark track?
Gekyouryuu: I mean, one of the death quotes is the "Cowards die many times before their deaths!" line
MadAran87: Drawing on the table behind you.
stacko84: Which one had Monster Magnet on it?
evilspoons983: Big Shiny Tunes 3 was pretty good too
FireBasilisk53: 420
randomness63: ian mckellen as king lear was so godo
Wordeno: It was obviously 420
kalateth: betting sister killed dad... sister got caught... brother didn't help her
blackwlf: Monster Magnet was 3.
Tangsm: Ben didn't put in 420. I don't even know what's happening now.
thraximore: you guys miss soooo much stuff omg
Koshindan: Adam is too old for Fairly Odd Parents.
stevestein: Third Eye Blind AND Smash Mouth? Sold.
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ElFuzzy: 1 tenth of the way to being a cool number
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Karfsma778: Holy shit, that lock started on 619
Chartle: my shiny teeth and me is a fucking banger though
blackwlf: I had a fondness for 5, because of Adam's Song.
Gekyouryuu: played by a REAL person from like N'Sync or Backstreet Boys, iirc
thraximore: Its ok I lvoe you
Wordeno: Frickin lets players
ninja_theory_ashrams: 969
weff47: what's your favorite Proto Zoa song?
mrshazboto: Woops, I guess we have to actually bu y the game and play it now. What a shame.
justwhatever_idk: BOO
Garry_Guyface: Dude loves his Pho
Grescheks: "sometimes" you get scared, just sometimes :P
seth_erickson: VIsage
I_Am_Clockwork: this is sort of the anti-Walking Simulator. We are here to play games as a background to our discussion, rather than to discuss videogames
cabbageboy_: lol, people watching adam and ben for the thorough gameplay
RealGamerCow: This game is up it's own ass too much to be very scary
Musicsquid: They’re having a good time and being entertaining while they do it, can’t really ask for more
iggySPLOSION: infliction?
RedHelveticaCake: oh man, The Tea Party, nostalgia bomb
Koshindan: The one Adam ran out of the room?
Omthebox: Yeah sure adam, But you're afraid of coats, so.
evilspoons983: Temp-ta-tion
djalternative: ishkanah
Diabore: your playing in front of an audience, i dont think you can get the full experience and be entertaining
weff47: I really liked the Ouija board game
ninja_theory_ashrams: seen gluttony
Electrodyne: This ship has a really nice basement
Karfsma778: Either on their own would do it thoroughly, but never together
Questhere: im here for the speed run strats
thraximore: hahaha
Garry_Guyface: LUL
Grescheks: descriptions of links when posting them is important
Kramburger: It's almost like games aren't serious business
IncredibleFrown: i'm about to end this man's whole career
I_Am_Clockwork: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Omthebox: Click bait. IT WORKS!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: too dangerous
Oscelot: As someone who relies on herd immunity THANK YOU BEN
Garry_Guyface: Rats, we're rats, we're the rats!
RedHelveticaCake: that was definitely bootworthy if you were serious
Fizzlebo1t: infliction?
Wordeno: mad lad
evilspoons983: that is good clickbait, fwiw
LadyTL: Sometimes it pays to label your satire
Kramburger: I've learnt to add a description with a link just to let people know I'm not a spambot and that it's relevant
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's a little long too
mrshazboto: You guys are the replacement for demos for games like these. Anything more and we just gotta buy the game and play it ourselves.
FireFlower18: oo! Barracuda
djalternative: I'd like to see Talking Sim and Let's Nope switch hosts for a day.
Wordeno: Is this the goonies?
absorbedtulip9: Does the main character have multiple personalities?
aWabbajack: Heeey you guys
stevestein: @Kramburger Sounds like something a bot would say
mrshazboto: A literaly underground band
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is 100% Se7en
LadyTL: @djalternative - I admit it'd be funny to see Cori completely no-sell a jumpscare and then just respond with a curt "...Neat."
KV1NN4: you're also not listening to a bunch of the dialogue/plot.<X D But the important thing is you're having fun and being entertaining! PrideGive PrideGive
EscherichiaCole: Oh this is Se7en
cabbageboy_: Well that last scene we just stumbled into was ripped straight out of Se7en
Crowbar_Is_Ready: maybe its just a horro themed love letter to the dev team's favorite films?
cabbageboy_: So is this one
ninja_theory_ashrams: "always left, because the right way is the wrong way"
aWabbajack: the game Goonies II, there was no Goonies I for the NES was there?
Tangsm: It was an unplugged performance.
blackwlf: You unplugged that man.
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Despite all my rage
WearingCats_CwC: You can't just pull those out Ben :/
Alicemouse: thre is not enough pine scented trees in the universe for this room.
RedHelveticaCake: i dont think pine air fresheners are period accurate
Koshindan: So wikipedia says those little trees were invented in 1952.
AdamYMHMI: Oh wow... the room full of air freshners there was really good
MadAran87: Surprise: It's a prequel to A Plague Tale
silenceaux: The game has largely not been "scary" to me, but it has been super interesting
Pteraspidomorphi: I glanced at some wiki front pages and apparently this game has multiple endings
ninja_theory_ashrams: se7en
randomino5: CURRENT affairs
geekvs: that was very candian of u ben
Gascitygaming: That man was having a perfectly good time with his drugs and you went a ruined it!
gt225: That’s from the film seven!
Garry_Guyface: I'm da biggest rat who makes all of da cinema references
erloas: they're amassing for the rat plague game
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think this is American Psycho?
ninja_theory_ashrams: no lust plz
EscherichiaCole: We find a head in a box at the end of this
Wordeno: Orange by Vincent Van Gogh
Koshindan: Do we know what year this game is supposed to be in?
aWabbajack: Vas in da Bawx?!
RedHelveticaCake: @koshindan unless these events take pkace after that?
silvalunae: i do worry about it suddenly vanishing tho
SuitablyEpic: the rat will only cost an arm and a leg
RealGamerCow: If I couldn't pick my friends and just had to be friends with the people at work and who lived around me? Holy moly that'd suck
BusTed: Gotta hit that quota.
silenceaux: Things are okay, sometimes.
FoxFyr: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:08:41.
NightValien28: were they not by the coffee table?
Gekyouryuu: you need an arm and a leg @LoadingReadyRun ? just find someone trying to transmute their mom! Kappa
blackwlf: The question was never IF we would find a head in a box. The question was WHO'S head is in the box.
ninja_theory_ashrams: gluttony, sloth, greed
gawag_: either of yall watched any David Lynch? he has a similar style in movies
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Something something justin.tv?
weff47: that would screw over sooo many people
blackwlf: I suspect they'd get sued. A lot.
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: to Mixer!
cabbageboy_: The world wouldn't end, but boy would that such.
EscherichiaCole: oh yeah there's lust
ninja_theory_ashrams: no lust plz
mrshazboto: That's an oddly sobering and real question - backup plan for twitch going under?
cabbageboy_: suck*
djalternative: You'd be like, "I guess I'm a youtube gamer now
gt225: We are definitely se7en now
ThorSokar: Honestly I think one of the competitors would become the new twitch over night
ninja_theory_ashrams: nope, walk away
Pteraspidomorphi: Youtube?
Megaparsec256: Retiarii!
ThorSokar: pretty much whichever one could take the load
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Wordeno: Y'all are my favorite part of my week. Sorry for almost getting banned lmao. Happy Pride!
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J_Rey15: Holy, a scary part!
Ciijay: guess there's always Mixer
orbitaltuna: tiny net
Grescheks: Adam, what's worse: A net, or a jar?
Kramburger: That's why Rooster Teeth tries to play everything from their own player, they don't want to rely on youtube/twitch
kalateth: those guys were actually some of the top gladiaots
I_Am_Clockwork: real talk, the Net and Trident combo was considered OP in some galadiator circles :p
LetsConsider: ^
ninja_theory_ashrams: pride next
orbitaltuna: tiny nets are effective on chosen ones
Koshindan: You can't just take it off. That's the point.
Natimus_Prime: nets are actually super hard to get out of.
randomness63: polearm and disable
I_Am_Clockwork: it was banned in some colloseums
RedHelveticaCake: hey, some respect for Netossa from She-Ra!
Zyme86: Adam that was called Retiarius style, it was a super popular style in gladatorial combat. You ensnared the oponent for just a second
thraximore: Wouldn't use it if it didn't have a use
Wicker_Knight: tried it as part of a high school reenactor thing. Turned out to be really really deadly
kalateth: those nets use to weigh about 20 lbs and the cords were braided with metal
Omthebox: Rope n' stab
Oscelot: Nets are effective
Megaparsec256: The nets had weights around the edges
WearingCats_CwC: Weirdly enough, I'd love to throw a net at you :p
Wordeno: GladiatorGoldfish
ushiikun: it had hooks on it, so you could just shrug it off.
cabbageboy_: It's nets, apparently.
Wicker_Knight: "deadly" in the sense that it was actually darn hard to beatr
Gascitygaming: Interestingly enough, gladiatorial contests were more often than not, not to the death and they were actually treated decently, they were kind of like the UFC fighters of their day
mrshazboto: @LoadingReadyRun have you ever been tangled up in your own blanket unable to get out? Try adding twenty pounds to that
IncredibleFrown: the idea that people back in ancient rome were talking about game balance is something i had never considered but is not deeply interesting
Zahowy: Net needs a nerf
Tangsm: Gladiator net circles were just knitting circles.
RealGamerCow: Wait, isn't throwing a net on someone just the same as jerseying someone in a hockey fight?
Kramburger: Mean Girls, but it's Gladiators
IncredibleFrown: *now
silvalunae: kinky?
WearingCats_CwC: For science
cuttlefishman: Adam, have you met fisherpeople?
Morrigan9: sidewalk slam for gladiators "net is op"
AdamYMHMI: Some sort of Colosseum Slam
mugsi_: Some gladiators had alt accounts named #bannets
cabbageboy_: Net's are the Mono Red of gladiator battles.
cuttlefishman: they fierce
electroswagnetism: This is like the "how vulnerable are you to fire" tweet
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Isn’t the net meant to snag the weapon and make it harder to use so you can move in and overpower/take the weapon?
EscherichiaCole: pound of flesh
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: TUGGAH
weff47: has there ever been a wrestler who's character was a gladiator?
mrshazboto: Trident catches the sword. Net catches the man
Dog_of_Myth: What's in the box?
FireBasilisk53: pay an arm and a leg
RedHelveticaCake: wait, didnt we already go thru mannequn bits in the previous game.
KV1NN4: i do worry the reveal will be the fact your sister was a young lady on board a ship full of very lonely/angry men... but surely this game won't be THAt cheap
djalternative: This is a SAW reference
aWabbajack: the APA
Karfsma778: I think you're supposed to match it to the red flashiy ones between the screems
kalateth: snag the weapon, snag the legs, the weaghted ends could crack skulls
weff47: the baby blue one?
EscherichiaCole: No this is Se7en
Antiagone: This IS the meta.
Aztren: the portraits?
ZeniteZero: Layers of References
ninja_theory_ashrams: no more, no less
Laserbeaks_Fury: Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?
kalateth: the portrats in the middle
mrshazboto: > gameplay
WampaX: This is all Se7en, btw
Zyme86: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_gladiator_types There was a super healthy meta for gladatorial styles
iggySPLOSION: with your eyes, benjamin
Laserbeaks_Fury: sloth?
EscherichiaCole: sloth
blackwlf: Gladiator scissor, whoo.
orbitaltuna: sloth
cabbageboy_: Sloth
ThorSokar: Sloth
I_Am_Clockwork: sloth
eric_christian_berg: Sloth.
Karfsma778: Oh god, all the air fresheners
LegionofLashes: so ben is slowly causing the rat plauge in the other game
orbitaltuna: lrrSLOTH
I_Am_Clockwork: the narrator talkd about lethargy for that room with the airfresheners
eric_christian_berg: Gluttony was the guy he fed until he burst.
e_bloc: sloth
kalateth: first was glutony, then sloth, lust, greed
Chartle: we're in the box
silvalunae: aww shit here we go
djalternative: I confused the greed reference with the pound of flesh from saw
EscherichiaCole: Pride
NightValien28: about to banish a person to the shadow realm
ninja_theory_ashrams: still have pride envy and wrath to go
djalternative: pride
silvalunae: art
gt225: Pride
cabbageboy_: This one is Lust.
KV1NN4: which room was lust?
KV1NN4: oh
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blackwlf: Show me a little wrath!
El_Funko: Great movie, makes sense
thraximore: SO what's this game about?
silvalunae: what's in the booooox
I_Am_Clockwork: what id da bawks!
Oscelot: Omg that achievement name
WearingCats_CwC: Pride is like being mauled to death by a small teddy bear. I guess
gt225: It’s a good one
EscherichiaCole: I need to watch this again. It's on of my favourites
orbitaltuna: gee i wonder what this is leading up to :p
RedHelveticaCake: it makes me want to go watch something with a coherent narrative
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El_Funko: One of Brad Pitt's first movies when he was blowing up
FireFlower18: lrrGREED
CrazymattCaptain: this has a lot of fun movie references
ninja_theory_ashrams: but, what's in the box?
gt225: I still love the closing line
mrshazboto: Wait are you a child now?
Karfsma778: @LoadingReadyRun I think this might be failing as a piece of media, because it's just reminding me of other pieces of media i would RATHER be consuming
ushiikun: storytelling in games has gotten good enough, that they have slowly limited the amount of movies I watch.
I_Am_Clockwork: @WearingCats_CwC being maulded to death by a small teady bear would be a big hit to this dingus's pride :p
Chartle: look at me
RedHelveticaCake: @karfsma778 exactly
Chartle: i'm the captain now
Zahowy: I am the captain now
cabbageboy_: Look that boy
gt225: Look at me!
cabbageboy_: He is the captain now
Gascitygaming: There's a thing called Allusion though
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @karfsma778 I agree. It’s fine, but not great.
El_Funko: Still trying to get that diamond skull
J_Rey15: Probably worth at least $.75 now
djalternative: Intertextuality is not itself a bad thing
Tangsm: It's a much longer game than I was anticipating.
evilspoons983: how 'bout Chingy
mrshazboto: I think this fails where the first game succeeded simply because this game seems to be letting the gameplay get in the way of the story/experience
cabbageboy_: Pretty sure he filled for bankruptcy or something, a couple years back.
NightValien28: thinking is a strong strong word
Karfsma778: It's more than "reminds me of this" and more "reminds me of this, and WHY amd I watching this instead of that"
StephenJM81: inflation
Oscelot: *snerk*
gawag_: last time I heard he said something shitty to a handicapped worker at the airport in my city
zed_alpha: cheer100 You ever wonder how much of each of these horror games could be averted by like...just one session of family talk thereapy?
I_Am_Clockwork: @LoadingReadyRun The read I got is that the sister abandoned the kid because he did something, then the kid had to kill the dad
Omthebox: Still? I thought we beat that out of you years ago DansGame
djalternative: You have feelings?!?!
El_Funko: Yeah it was a whole tax thing
mrshazboto: > gameplay
RedHelveticaCake: @j_rey15 depends on the exchange rate?
PhorrestGaze: yeah but then found a couple million in bitcoin he forgot about
El_Funko: He had to go to court and defend posting instagram photos of him with stacks of cash while declaring bankruptcy, because it was part of his image
Oscelot: Now he’s ONLY worth .50
gnarlycharlie911: whats your opinion on the new modern horizons set
Kramburger: Don't most people who make it big quickly end up bankrupt/broke?
mrshazboto: Is this hook now?
cabbageboy_: Things went well for Chingy. He made some good investments, bought shares and property. He lives a good, quiet life now.
Kramburger: I know most lottery winners do
FireFlower18: a radder
itomeshi: That would be a great game. A therapist who disarms horror junk.
Koshindan: Captain of Rats?
IncredibleFrown: i do think using this stream to judge whether or not this is succeeding as art is pretty wack for the same reason they don't mind goofing the entire time
Oscelot: Yay ratfriends!
WearingCats_CwC: But therapy's expensive. Murder abandonment and repression cost nothing
J_Rey15: @RedHelveticaCake I'm sure he's worth a few thousand dongs lol (Vietnamese money)
RedHelveticaCake: LOL
DoodlestheGreat: More like half the gameplay. :tf:
mrshazboto: 'Live Services'
Alicemouse: Not my jam
EvilBadman: games as a service
Kramburger: You need a semi-decent game at launch at least
RealGamerCow: Fallout 76 guy admitted that this week
itomeshi: It's almost like... the games would be better... if they waited a year and released them?
Grescheks: I'd be okay if you summoned Finn Balor
weff47: It starts out like "this game has a lot of potential" and some actually live up to it eventually
I_Am_Clockwork: it's alost like releasing a shitty game, with the plan to make it better later after milking micro transactions is A Bad Plan (tm)
Galactic_pain: That’s not the case with World
Gascitygaming: I want new Bray to beat the Demon, make us take it seriously, build it up
Pteraspidomorphi: That's why phone calls work better
ninja_theory_ashrams: all of pixar's Coco could be avoided if the characters had an open conversation
silvalunae: i forget mine's on airplane mode after work
Wicker_Knight: Playframe
Grescheks: dang, that's quite the friend gang to go hang out at wrestling with
EscherichiaCole: New Frame Plus
Karfsma778: PlayFrame
djalternative: He's on Playframe and New Frame Plus now
mrshazboto: Warframe?
cuttlefishman: The Man was Framed?
Wicker_Knight: Playframe is the main channel. New Frame Plus is the animation analysis channel
eric_christian_berg: Let's Frame
RedHelveticaCake: @ninja_theory_ashrams sure, but what adult thinks they need to explain their reasons for anything to their children?
Kramburger: Dear Mr President, There are too many Dans these days. Please eliminate three. P.S: I am not a crackpot
mrshazboto: > gameplay
I_Am_Clockwork: A person by any other Frame
zed_alpha: cheer100 I mean, forgetting to respond to your friends even though you mean to is pretty universal. I've got some friends who I'm pretty sure are convinced I died in a truck stop somewhere near Pensacola circa 2013, 'cause I forgot to text them when I got home from a road trip. Happens.
Dog_of_Myth: Breathe with me!
EvilBadman: I was on the fence about Stomping Groubds
stopdroproll: This game spooped! Party1000 Party1000
Stoffern: teethapple?
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Chartle: Thanks for the PrideWingL @stopdroproll
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this still act 4?
I_Am_Clockwork: are the cannon's shooting flares?
RedHelveticaCake: stay in the light?
Oscelot: Actually lolled @zed_alpha
I_Am_Clockwork: so you need to walk from light pool to light pool?
gawag_: the biggest problem with this game is the line between cutscene and gameplay is too fine, so you dont know if a death is scripted or not until it's too late
zed_alpha: @Oscelot ahthankyou
blackwlf: Wait, you didn't die on that road trip?!
underhill33: Me too, Adam
zed_alpha: I mean. Not that I know of.
silvalunae: same hat adam
mrshazboto: The speedrun strats for this game are gonna be insane
EscherichiaCole: I'm so bad at reaching out to people because I feel like I'm being a bother. So if people don't invite me somewhere I don't do shit
Pteraspidomorphi: Act 4 is the last I think
DoodlestheGreat: There's five acts, you're on Act IV
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh? My bad then
Karfsma778: Like, Same
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J_Rey15: Ahh, Ratginald
mrshazboto: It's the third piece of the circleforce?
zed_alpha: cheer100 Man, Angrath's origin story is super depressing.
Grescheks: there's a reason I haven't gone out and done things with friends for over 5 years
zed_alpha: I mean pirates?
Karfsma778: Contacting people is stressful, waiting for them to contact me is better.
zed_alpha: Dead kids?
zed_alpha: Tell me this ain't a MtG tie-in game.
tytycoon: are we a rat king
cabbageboy_: oh my god get over it kid
Chartle: could even be another box
blackwlf: I wonder if she lied to him.
SplittingImage77: What's in the booox
e_bloc: an ace up my sleeve
ushiikun: what's in the box
BusTed: Surprise.
Karfsma778: WHAT'S IN THE BOX
blackwlf: Head in a box!
Dog_of_Myth: SPOILERS!!!
EscherichiaCole: called it!
Oscelot: Cute ratties yay!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: What I’m getting from this is that Adam is more of an introvert than his on stream persona
Chartle: JIMOTHY
silvalunae: oh, i thought it was going to be a dick
Pteraspidomorphi: A lucky break!!!
gawag_: wait, are WE the girl?
evilspoons983: whatinthebox
Lizard_Manifold: Thanks for the PrideGive @stopdroproll
panpan_unbroken: (You lied to me) but you did, but you do(You lied to me) all these pains you said I'd never feel(You lied to me) but I do, but I do, do, do 💃
blackwlf: Are we the friends we met along the way?
cabbageboy_: are we that boy?
BusTed: Chow-dare
Galactic_pain: Yep, that tasted se7en
Chartle: clone high was the shit
blackwlf: Are we human or are we dancer?
ushiikun: perhaps we are the monster
LegionofLashes: I er uh, would like teh buy a party plattah!
mrshazboto: Were we the demons?
Grescheks: Tangsm blatant Se7en ending was too much?
gawag_: maybe we are both the girl and the boy, and we have schizophrenia or something. could see that being related to "playing a character" or whatnot
blackwlf: Clone College was better.
I_Am_Clockwork: I mean, the message of the last Layer of Fear was "YOU WerE ThE MOnsTEr"
Tangsm: @Grescheks if they had undermined it, it might have been cool. But just a head... no.
silvalunae: Popularized, but not necessarily coined
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think it's a little long
Pteraspidomorphi: Needs more keys?
Oscelot: They’ve made some allusions to that in the interviews @gawag_
Gekyouryuu: @blackwlf which spider-verse are YOU living in?
I_Am_Clockwork: and also "Alchoholism is BAD!"
djalternative: impossible geometry is cool.
cuttlefishman: who do you ship angrath with?
ninja_theory_ashrams: in the original ending to se7en, Morgan Freeman's character was supposed to kill John Doe, but Brad Pitt refused to shoot it
RealGamerCow: Chat, what was the game that Alex played *years* ago that had the player look at a mirror with nothing in it, then when he turned his head there was a woman right over his shoulder. Scared the poop out of me.
cabbageboy_: Angriest cow in Magic, love that cow.
e_bloc: that's what you get for going with a subprime mortgage
blackwlf: Orly?
evilspoons983: I dunno what it was, I like everything by Lord & Miller except Clone High bored me
Musicsquid: I’ve sent that drunk text before
gawag_: @oscelot nice! that seems to indicate there are multiple interpretations too, which I'm into
blackwlf: Did you see the pool? They flipped the bitch!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: well fhv orm to you too
Brok3nGol3m: sank my battle-cruise-ship
silvalunae: What a Titanic tragety
IzzetGrizzly: Great cow.10/10 would Ixalan again.
Oscelot: Yeah @gawag_
Grescheks: so...this is literally just the Titanic
I_Am_Clockwork: ah, the Anti-Titanic. Died to Fire
blackwlf: Hey baby, want to play Battleship? You can sink my dinghy.
Tangsm: Do you think they had enough life boats?
aWabbajack: Poseidon Misadventure?
Brok3nGol3m: "by accident"
RedHelveticaCake: diead to fire, and came from inside the ship
Grescheks: Tangsm I'm betting the band played as it was sinking
silvalunae: Maybe you put his body in the boiler and it overloaded it somehow?
Tangsm: There was enough room on the door for BOTH KIDS!
ninja_theory_ashrams: ART
electroswagnetism: My theory is that none of this happened and we're just going crazy getting in to character. That's why details keep changing.
Oscelot: Same @electroswagnetism
gawag_: @electroswagnetism that's a good reading
gt225: What about the little boy?
silvalunae: when you think you could you can you do
RedHelveticaCake: I think the boy became an actor because he didn't want to be himself anymore
I_Am_Clockwork: bearer seek seek lest
electroswagnetism: bear seek seek lest
IncredibleFrown: gas gas gas but every other beat is deja vu
evilspoons983: like such as the Iraq
Tangsm: Maybe this game is just showing you that you're the most derivative actor ever. That's the real horror.
Brok3nGol3m: plastic bag in the ocean
blackwlf: The actor is on a soap opera, got too in character and got amnesia, and is trying to remember his real life.
evilspoons983: Metropolis?
Laserbeaks_Fury: i noltice all these films have female leads
Karfsma778: Public Domain
Grescheks: thanks for stream!
Oscelot: Rofl @tangsm
Grescheks: and thanks again aWabbajack for the sub
gawag_: maybe sister left to be an actor
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: bedtime, thanks for strem!
silvalunae: thank for stream, you guys are awesomely funny lrrHEART
Oscelot: Oooh interesting observation @laserbeaks_fury
KNACC: thank you for the stream benginHeart GayPride
Nuurgle: I'm so glad Let's Nope has a primetime slot
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: yeah it feels quite different
gawag_: its psychological horror more than jump scares
zed_alpha: can a sequel feel derivative of itself?
gt225: I like the film references
IzzetGrizzly: Bye lovely boys
thraximore: gnight!
gawag_: lrrHEART
I_Am_Clockwork: the giant baby head when you leave the room still haunts my nightmares
blackwlf: Boofcam
mtvcdm: !next
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GoblinRanger: boof!
jujujanie: lrrHEART
mtvcdm: !patreon
cabbageboy_: lrrSPOOP
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: It’s unsettling or eerie. Not scary
RealGamerCow: Adam, I really enjoyed your Dice Friends last night.\
djalternative: yeah. Adam's Solo dice friends was great
Tangsm: So... it's a game of thrones?
Alahmnat: Really jazzed to watch you play Dice Throne
BusTed: Lean right into it.
Oscelot: I need to watch last night’s dice friends still. Looking forward to it tho. Not seen that system yet.
ushiikun: Adam and James Flood Out?
gawag_: last nights dice friend was soooooo good
GoblinRanger: Pride1000 For chk pont
EscherichiaCole: Dust of MTGO
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Oscelot: I might drag @alahmnat into playing dice throne with me while you guys play x3
DoodlestheGreat: rooSip
GoblinRanger: ooh
blackwlf: benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
DiscordianTokkan: YESSSSS
BusTed: Nice.
djalternative: BETRAYAL!!!!
RedHelveticaCake: oboy
NimrodXIV: so excite
DiscordianTokkan: I am so excited
I_Am_Clockwork: calling it now, Ben is never the traitor
Oscelot: Woohoo!
Tangsm: Nifty.
ushiikun: There's a Legacy Betrayal...that sounds awesome
Koshindan: benginTraitor
KNACC: this sounds exciting!
silvalunae: that would be p funny
EscherichiaCole: Narrator voice: Ben will be the traitor quite often
DoodlestheGreat: Okay, Ben will be the traitor half the time.
ushiikun: Planechase EDH! :D
mtvcdm: !homestreams
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Gascitygaming: yeah cause Ben doesn't like plains..... :P
Kramburger: Bring Your Commander To Work Day
mtvcdm: !discord
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djalternative: Silver Border Comander when?
Oscelot: !patreon
mtvcdm: !twitter
Grescheks: I betting Ben is the traitor at least 20% of the time that there is a traitor
GoblinRanger: big same on that
Omthebox: PoE has a huge league
mtvcdm: This now concludes another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
weff47: thanks for the stream Ben and Adam!
Kramburger: I heard that game is a bit shallow
RedHelveticaCake: thanks, loudbois!
Oscelot: Night guys
blackwlf: But I'm a solipsist. There isn't anyone who's not myself!
Nigouki: byeeeeeeeeee
cabbageboy_: Linkin Park, got it
IAmNotAshKetchum: bye guys!
Kramburger: NOW KISS
Phailhammer: cya :)
Oscelot: Byeeee
DiscordianTokkan: geeklyOkay
Rhynerd: Bye!
GoblinRanger: click?
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
IzzetGrizzly: Now kiss
Rhynerd: Have a good one!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Byeeee lrrHEART
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: byeeeeeeeeeee
Mox_Hagdorm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Now Kiss (Kathleen and occasionally a guest smooch their way through the world of dating games.) at Wed 03:00 PM PDT (19:01 from now).
Mox_Hagdorm: Did I just miss it?
NightValien28: you did
NightValien28: vod's up though
Mox_Hagdorm: Aww, that makes me sad.
Mox_Hagdorm: I haven't gotten to catch a live stream in a while. Also, there's a Layers of Fear 2?? lol
Juliamon: Yeah, they started it last week
Mox_Hagdorm: Wow, I'm super late to the party
Juliamon: That's alright, it's not a super good fit for our current duo.
Mox_Hagdorm: Oh?
Juliamon: They go off on goof tangents a bit too much for the spoops to have a chance to really set in.
Juliamon: As a result they're not really scared, which leads to more goofs
Mox_Hagdorm: Ah. Yeah, I've noticed that at times on previous games too.
Mox_Hagdorm: Reading the story tends to help with that sort of thing too though. Like how Alex was confused by Outlast
Mox_Hagdorm: *Outlast
Mox_Hagdorm: OMG
Mox_Hagdorm: You know what I mean lol
Juliamon: Yeah, Layers of Fear's plots tend to need a lot of unraveling, and they're really not grasping it
Mox_Hagdorm: Pity
Juliamon: It definitely looks like a very good game, just... not ideal for them to stream.
Mox_Hagdorm: Well, to the VODcave anyway I guess! lol
Mox_Hagdorm: I'll definitely look into it, I've got the first one and it's pretty good