MalakiGallant: @Pteraspidomorphi I wrote it.
Pteraspidomorphi: Aha. Do they know that?
MutantIronMan: benginHeart sergeHeart
accountmadeforants: I'm curious, @MalakiGallant , were you involved in making the game or do you really like it - ... - Ah, yeah, there's my question answered
Pteraspidomorphi: My Minecraft guess earlier was a joke because the Dominic-Rakesh interaction reminded me so much of a James-Serge bet :D
MalakiGallant: @Pteraspidomorphi No. This is A) The first time I'm watching the stream, and B) the first time I've made that announcement.
Pteraspidomorphi: Welcome then!
MalakiGallant: (That should have been B ) )
Pteraspidomorphi: We've been enjoying it
MalakiGallant: I like LRR generally, and have watched some of the other "Now Kiss" programs on Youtube.
SoldieroFortune: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
MalakiGallant: Found out they were playing this and thought it would be fun to watch live.
Juliamon: Thanks for coming by then, MalakiGallant! It's always fun when devs hang out.
Pteraspidomorphi: Ok, so you know that if they hated it they would already have dropped it
MutantIronMan: Alright! Dice Throne!
Juliamon: Yeah, they're three streams in now
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axare123: yay!!!
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MalakiGallant: That's my hope!
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: 6 mins to AFK!
MalakiGallant: At any rate, I'll try to be back next week. This is during work, so I may have other things to do during live.
MalakiGallant: Anyway, enjoy!
Pteraspidomorphi: See you a round
drfox17: wow, these days we have a lot of back to back streams
Pteraspidomorphi: It's back to back every day with the new schedule
ninja_theory_ashrams: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
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RealGamerCow: But a lot of studio a/studio b swapping
Crowbar_Is_Ready: mhmm, although i do like that a bit better, when things were more spread out imissed a lot of beginings to streams
Pteraspidomorphi: The only gap is where Watch+Play should be and will be when it resumes
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orbitaltuna: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (44s ago).
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crinjinx: Wow its been 5 months already, cheers ;)
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djalternative: Hola friends
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Greetings
red_shoes_jeff: Ahoy
Pazzix: arr
mowdownjoe: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
korvys: benginTraitor
inaudibledaisy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
djalternative: Is everyone ready for some Dice to be Throne?
mowdownjoe: That's tomorrow, korvys.
korvys: Aw
djalternative: Mañana
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Bañana
korvys: They tweeted about it today, so I got confused
orbitaltuna: tomorrow?
korvys: ~lasttweet Betrayal
djalternative: Si
Juliamon: Betrayal is tomorrow
LRRTwitter: [5h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Tomorrow night on The Long Game join Ben, James, Graham, Adam and Cameron as they begin Betrayal Legacy! | 5PM Pacific at 📷 ||
seth_erickson: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (5m ago).
red_shoes_jeff: Calling it now, they'll make it the whole way to the end without ANY betrayals.
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: We appear to have started without them
djalternative: lrrADAM lrrJAMES lrrCAMERON lrrBEN lrrGRAHAM
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh crap... This week has been terrible, streams I want to watch every day. Too much good content LRR.
red_shoes_jeff: Event banner changed.
orbitaltuna: is lrr doing the e3 watching stuff this year?
djalternative: Yes
Pteraspidomorphi: I was going to ask Kathleen earlier and completely forgot
Pteraspidomorphi: There's no E3 coverage on the schedule (yet)
Azsedcf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Dice Throne) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (6m ago).
orbitaltuna: yah i don't see anything on the schedule for e3
carsonthekid: did they do tabletop this year?
blackwlf: No, sadly.
Juliamon: It's not on the schedule yet but they have said they will
Pteraspidomorphi: No :(
blackwlf: PPR was the day before Tabletop day.
Juliamon: ~lasttweet tabletop
LRRTwitter: [2d ago] @loadingreadyrun> Tonight, on a special DICE FRIENDS, Adam explores the world of single-player tabletop RPGs as he encounters The Warlock of Firetop Mountain! | 📷 ||
Pteraspidomorphi: Juliamon, that's great news
seth_erickson: @carsonthekid They're doing it in July I believe
Juliamon: Dammit
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
Juliamon: But yeah, they're doing it later because of timing
Baldrash: lrrSIGNAL
red_shoes_jeff: "CONTACT" he shouts!
djalternative: LRR tabletop day has been rescheduled to june
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: July
Pteraspidomorphi: seth_erickson, that's also great news
seth_erickson: indeed
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL
seth_erickson: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrBEN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Hey hey it’s AFK! | Tonight we’re playing @roxleygames’ DICE THRONE! | 📷 ||
Dog_of_Myth: !badadvice
LRRbot: Don't bite tongue.
Pteraspidomorphi: Wait...
seth_erickson: Man Sausage and Pepper soup what a treat
thundervoice_1: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: many secrets
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ContingentCat: !avice
orionsrise1: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LoadingReadyRun: lrrGRAHAM they moved when Tabletop Day was this year, because... I guess they just can???
LoadingReadyRun: tonight's players: lrrGRAHAM lrrBEN lrrMATT lrrBEEEJ with lrrPAUL on tech
blackwlf: "Man Sausage and Pepper soup" Ummmm
seth_erickson: It was definitely an interesting choice
Tuxbeej: Hi mods, welcome @paul_saxberg_roxley_games who works for Roxley. Also, this is not a sponsored stream.
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Don't mess with Big Tabletop
orionsrise1: so no tabletop day for LRR?
sir_jack_DB: a wild G appears!
Dog_of_Myth: Hello Paul and new Paul
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Beej is telling the truth, I haven't paid them a penny. In fact, I owe him money. They might trash us
seth_erickson: Might have missed a comma in that statement
ContingentCat: !!
Tuxbeej: I just contacted Paul ‘cause he’s a buddy of mine from improv days.
Earthenone: ~lasttweet july
LRRTwitter: [4d ago] @loadingreadyrun> As some of you may have noticed we weren’t able to do a proper Tabletop Day stream today due to the PPR. | We’re looking at doing it later this summer, likely in July. More info later this month! ||
Pteraspidomorphi: Hi all
blackwlf: @seth_erickson No, no, you go ahead and enjoy your man sausage.
thundervoice_1: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Hi Dog of Myth!
Butternades: Daily fun fact: If you start Band of Brothers in 10 minutes, the 101st will jump at the same time the 101st airborne jumped this day 75 years ago
Butternades: BoB episode 2 that is
LoadingReadyRun: One moment, just rebooting our in-room chat
chaostreader: Have I missed anything?
CamIsMyPatronus: no Paul. not allowed
LoadingReadyRun: The dialogue box saying it’s unresponsive, has crashed :D
seth_erickson: so it goes
orbitaltuna: we're being rebooted MrDestructoid
djalternative: @butternades that’s super cool
mastershake29x: @chaostreader just pre-show chat
blackwlf: Your crash crashed. Impressive.
TSturtledove: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 5:12 PM
orionsrise1: @loadingreadyrun hey Paul, I still owe you a map, but I'm having trouble doing the technology bit, do you want a real rough one with notes? cause I think that's the best I can do
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote crash
LRRbot: Quote #4368: "'I won so hard it crashed!' 'Yeah that's probably for the best.'" —Alex and Dandygeek [2017-09-20]
Tuxbeej: lrrBEEEJ
Tuxbeej: Hey, it’s me.
Tuxbeej: The system works.
Butternades: Khaki
Lucaan: lrrBEEEJ
blackwlf: lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ
orbitaltuna: lrrBEEJ
orionsrise1: Beej!
TSturtledove: did the wrong one, how long has the stream been live?
Butternades: Ohai
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Wow... I want to become famous enough to have my own emoticon some day!
Dog_of_Myth: Hello, it's me.
chaostreader: @mastershake29x Good. Glad that even though I came late I didn’t miss anything.
MadAran87: Experience Beej?
Going_Medium: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrHEART
seth_erickson: What that's not fair why does Twitch let Beej have two emotes
chaostreader: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:08.
thundervoice_1: !quote beej
LRRbot: Quote #1660: "Oh that's good... Oh that's not good at all... lrrEFF YOU GUYS!" —Beej [2016-01-25]
Dog_of_Myth: @seth_erickson Because Beej
LoadingReadyRun: Players tonight are lrrGRAHAM lrrBEEEJ lrrBEN lrrMATT and lrrPAUL on tech.
red_shoes_jeff: lrrBEEEJ Experience Meej lrrBEEJ
Lucaan: lrrBEEJ vs lrrBEEEJ
Tuxbeej: @paul_saxberg_roxley_games You have your own twitch channel. Just make Affiliate.
A_Catastrophic_Success: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEEJ
mastershake29x: @TSturtledove we haven't started yet
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I'm pretty sure I just gave my self a blister by carrying a hot bowl in here with my dinner in it becaus ei didn;t want to miss anything. OW.
lumlite: Pride1500
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mtvcdm: Those staff emotes are super useful it turns out.
ContingentCat: @seth_erickson kathleen has three lrrEFF lrrDARK lrrKATHLEEN that's just how it works sometimes
chaostreader: @tsturtledove The stream time command is uptime
Grevas13: woo, up to three! PrideHi PrideTrans PrideCheers
Alness49: Beard Force is at 80% today. Dress appropriately
orionsrise1: Beej overload
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @Tuxbeej , some other night, you will have to explain to me what that means
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seth_erickson: I just watched JoeKim's viewer's jump from like 60 to 683
seth_erickson: wowza
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I can never figure out what game Paul is playing in the intro
PanickedFox: AsexualPride Happy Pride, friends! AsexualPride
Dog_of_Myth: Well Kathleen is the dark empress of the internet...
control_rig: Remember folks: No Spoilers!
mtvcdm: Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games, anybody on Twitch has the ability to make a channel and stream on it. If you make affiliate with that channel, you get to have emotes.
A_Dub888: !findquote dice
LRRbot: Quote #4959: "I rolled dice for theatrical effect. Nothing happens." —Kathleen [2018-05-07]
Lucaan: lrrBEEEJ NGHAA
control_rig: Oh wait wrong game
CantWearHats: am beej ok
orionsrise1: Beeeeeeeeeeej
Grevas13: synchronized hair touching
Biffus1337: HeyGuys
korvys: lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Oh dang. i'm here for this energy
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Bladinus: woo! love you all. keep being awesome.
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Butternades: Why hello there
sir_jack_DB: AsexualPride
ZelaFlow: @PanickedFox PrideGive Happy Pride
Taveena: nyYYEAAGH
mariammistressofmanifolds: dice throne is so good! I'm super excited!
TheMoatman: I also just realized it
benperterkofsky: Hiya G!
CantWearHats: we're all learning together
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Uh oh. They're starting with the Shadow Thief. *insert ominous music here*
PanickedFox: Wait, does it count as a spoiler that Ben is gonna be the traitor?
HondoTrigger: dope lego shirt G
Pteraspidomorphi: Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Stream hard enough and you'll be made an affiliate! (they tell you what milestones you need to reach)
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Taveena: The Beej... says... nyYYEEAAAGH!
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FlannelShirtEnthusist: Blood for the blood god! Dice for the dice throne!
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Going_Medium: Hi lrrGRAHAM lrrBEN lrrMATT lrrBEEEJ !
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this is going to be a good afk
red_shoes_jeff: Oh hey, Graham chewed his way out of the "editing office" again.
theneatestburrito: Pride200 Epiphany Bits!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Alness49: This is a "Let's learn" stream
tenthtechpriest: IN A CHILDREN'S DICE GAME
orbitaltuna: hellooooooo
StageMgrRob: And his name is....MENTOR!!!!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: is.. is this how Mentor chooses his heroes for heroquest?
ZelaFlow: cheer200
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Lucaan: A Song of Dice and Fire
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Well they do call him the "Mad King". A sane king would probably have a more practical motivation.
CantWearHats: fight me IRL, adventurers!
mtvcdm: !wyrmwood
LRRbot: LRR's AFK streams are sponsored by Wyrmwood Gaming! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" for free shipping in the US, or "LRRworld" for $10 off shipping internationally.
ulexarX: *song voice* ... With cards
ZelaFlow: cheer200
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
mtvcdm: BONES
orbitaltuna: he has the biggest dice
red_shoes_jeff: *slap*
CantWearHats: bones trees and skin! *slaps table*
Pteraspidomorphi: Suuure
tenthtechpriest: bones of skins!
Kramburger: Thank GOD
Pteraspidomorphi: Trees of beasts
Dog_of_Myth: Maybe he's a Mad King because he didn't have a good nights sleep.
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Those boxes actually do look pretty cool
Alness49: *And now you DIE! Dice, to be specific"
TSturtledove: and the trees of beasts
Bobtheninjagoldfish: we REALLY need a tableslap emote.
CantWearHats: tableslap emote when lrrBEEJ
mtvcdm: The 'BOOONNNNESS' utterance was Cori.
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ZelaFlow: I Finally Collected Myself!!! PrideTrans PrideGasp
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2375 patrons for a total of $14,109.81 per month.
Lucaan: The table slap is the only part that matters
seth_erickson: Skins of Bones and the Trees of Beasts offer not valid in the remembered realms
PanickedFox: Wyrmwood Gaming, the Slaps of Slaps and the Slaps of Slaps
ZelaFlow: Thank You Whomever!
incredulouspasserby: At this point the joke is so far removed from the source material I have no idea how to explain this to people I introduce to you
AegeusEvander: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:10.
chaostreader: The slaps of tables and the tables of wood.
CantWearHats: North 100 has led me to believe Beej will be in a kilt, grading cards with a broadsword
red_shoes_jeff: Patreon . com: This is YOUR fault!
dangerous_safety: I liked Serge's "Wood and Teeth" from last? weeks AFK best
mtvcdm: With your support, one day LRR can afford the $16 billion Apple thingie they came out with or however much it costs.
benperterkofsky: !advice
LRRbot: Cause mayhem.
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Dog_of_Myth: BEEJ Card alters!
CantWearHats: new things!
benperterkofsky: !quote island
control_rig: AUGH!
CantWearHats: lrrSACK
control_rig: Want
red_shoes_jeff: WAT!
Baldrash: OOH.
Juliamon: I NEED A lrrSACK
Lucaan: Luck sack PogChamp
benperterkofsky: !card Storm Crow
LRRbot: Storm Crow [1U] | Creature — Bird [1/2] | Flying
seth_erickson: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Nice!
PanickedFox: O.O I NEED A LUCK SACK!!!
CantWearHats: but wait, there's more!
Baldrash: My Lava Bears dice bag suddenly needs a friend.
Dog_of_Myth: 7 that's 5 more than 2!!
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IbunWest: I can't wait for someone to walk up to the booth and say "show me your sack"
Bladinus: ohh, Luck sack shall be mine
CantWearHats: it's back, in playmat form!
Lucaan: Really wish I was going to Magic Fest Seattle
CantWearHats: exclusive! fancy
drfox17: man, Beej as business man means he's pro at these products
Nigouki: but will it be available in a Desert Bus lot? Kappa
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electric_claire: That's a good color for Ben
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chaostreader: Maybe show it during the break.
accountmadeforants: This goes on the LRReservedList!
Dog_of_Myth: Describe it with interpretive dance!!
korvys: And what is the design?
tenthtechpriest: if it's in desert bus does that count as never online?
korvys: You didn't actually say
CantWearHats: I appreciate that Graham
banachspacebar: It's just going into the vault, not forever, just for now
red_shoes_jeff: I need one of those Lucksacks...
ContingentCat: but G capitalism demands false scarcity
red_shoes_jeff: I have a MIGHTY NEED!
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gamercat88: ahh 14, pre-teen or actual teen... how about early goth stage of sub life
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CantWearHats: in sack form
TehAmelie: bold stance, not lying
mastershake29x: lrrSACK
IbunWest: Oh. My. God.
CantWearHats: yoooooo
starlitdiscord: woah
Juliamon: YOOOOO
TheWanderingNomad: GIBB!
Hulyen: OMG
RealGamerCow: yooooooooooooooo
seth_erickson: Gibb
Grevas13: rad af
mariammistressofmanifolds: lrrWOW lrrWOW
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I NEED THAT MAT. GIBB FOR THE WIN
ContingentCat: !!! Gobb
Baldrash: GIB GIBB NAO
mastershake29x: that is amazing
TheWanderingNomad: Gib Gibb?
IbunWest: I'll take 100
Dog_of_Myth: Oh my!
tenthtechpriest: burlap? what from dice friends?
TheGamesBlog: Oh man, that's awesome
ContingentCat: *Gibb!!
mtvcdm: !patreon
starlitdiscord: gib gibb!!!
red_shoes_jeff: GIB GIBB!
Lucaan: Are Lucksacks going to be sold online?
LRRbot: 2375 patrons for a total of $14,109.81 per month.
Alness49: Gibbju!
Hulyen: I want that as an art print...
meepsalot: et
banachspacebar: that's really good.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Who's the artist on that?
RealGamerCow: *books flight just to get that mat*
CantWearHats: he's not wrong
RebekahWSD: I live near Atlantic City, but I'll dream of Seattle
red_shoes_jeff: You know what's not free? PLANE TICKETS!
meepsalot: thats sweet
tenthtechpriest: it's free! so come and spend your money on LRR!
Tiber727: A flight across the country and lodging are not free however.
Kramburger: Pateron Dot Com. If you're in Seattle, you MUST come to see us
korvys: Nice
CantWearHats: you could pick up some sweet art and whatnot
matufin0: and you can meet judge master beej
Evandill: I would go but I live on the other side of the continent
Dog_of_Myth: Sadly will not be there. Saving money for GenCon. :(
Lucaan: Tappy is great
Juliamon: I love that we've been getting more Gibb merch and I hope to see Bartleby too eventually.
TheWanderingNomad: Dice Friends Special?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh, iwll it be filmed?
Gekyouryuu: will that One Shot be filmed and put online?
CantWearHats: Adam Koebel is a pro dungeon master
drfox17: I'm... I'm guesing that won't be filmed?
red_shoes_jeff: DICE FOES
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Paul #2!!!
tenthtechpriest: this is why he's paul
CobaltShuriken: why not both Pauls?
drfox17: I would love to see a recording of that game
FlannelShirtEnthusist: For folks who won't be able to watch that one shot, where might it be uploaded later?
Wolveroo: Hello Different Paul
Grevas13: yay other paul
CantWearHats: one of the many Paul clones except not really
Lucaan: lrrPAUL Not this Paul
chaostreader: Different other Paul
MadAran87: Juliamon - I thought any image of Bartleby became Bartleby?
Wicker_Knight: #TheWorldIsSurprisinglySmall
blackwlf: #TheWorldIsSurprisinglyPaul
dylanbbb: Death to all the other pretenders
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Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: #PaulForOneAndOneForPaul
CantWearHats: attack their life points directly
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TheNerdWonder: Woo!
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mastershake29x: reduce opponent's life to zero? i don't get that concept
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun Conspiracy 2: Dice the Throne lrrBEEJ
chaostreader: @paul_saxberg_roxley_games One gift at least.
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11Dot: Happy 2 Years!
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CantWearHats: those boards are very sweet
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Thanks @seth_erickson !
Grevas13: graham playing the blue deck
The_Cakemeister: season 2 boards are nicer, yeah.
mastershake29x: oh our friends GLHF played this game on their gaming channel i believe, excited to see LRR play it
Lucaan: Value is good
accountmadeforants: It's a bad thing in Exploding Kittens
Dog_of_Myth: I have a copy of this. The art is really really good.
ContingentCat: !findquote cards
LRRbot: Quote #569: "You know you can't just sideboard from the ENTIRE LIBRARY of cards. Why did you HAVE this?" —Cameron [2015-08-05]
Tiber727: Uno begs to differ about drawing cards.
Himyul: cheat step?
seth_erickson: otzLove otzLove
mastershake29x: upkeep, draw, first main, yes this game isn't magic at all :)
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CaffeinatedLemur: 70 is such a round number, I blame you Graham.... wait wut?
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Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Whoever is being more offensive at the time.
gamercat88: @CaffeinatedLemur dang 70 months NICE lrrHEART
mtvcdm: The offensive role? I find that offensive.
CantWearHats: oooh
CaffeinatedLemur: gamercat88 thank you, iirc I think mine is still from the first subable month
Earthenone: m'nelf
orbitaltuna: zoom in on beej lrrBEEJ
nimajneb613: Tell James that he made the new Pokémon game’s art
blackwlf: Ooooo.
Alness49: Oooh, pretty art!
accountmadeforants: How does Beej feel about dragon eggs?
chaostreader: We briefly went to secret camera
Juliamon: nimajneb613 oh he's been informed
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Point of interest: within our components list, each character has a four letter code that they are shortened to. So Beej is currently a MELF.
Grevas13: okay, i get the overwatch comparison now.
CantWearHats: is that a foot and a...grappling hook?
gamercat88: @CaffeinatedLemur so cool
Evandill: Oh right I rememebr this game this is rad
Going_Medium: lrrHEART lrrPAUL You make watching these games so much easier to understand. Thanks for the tech.
thundervoice_1: Pride500
A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat!
nimajneb613: What game is this I just got here
CaffeinatedLemur: CantWearHats looks more like a crossbow?
dangerous_safety: PrideSaba PrideSaba PrideSaba PrideSaba
Grevas13: @nimajneb613 Dice Throne
CantWearHats: oh it says on the board, it's an arrow
seth_erickson: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Board Games
ContingentCat: gesuntheit
nimajneb613: @grevas13 thx
CantWearHats: also hey @CaffeinatedLemur what's up buddy :)
gamercat88: note that the wizard can't use the dice
Dog_of_Myth: Bless you Graham
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Dice Throne: Season One.
CaffeinatedLemur: CantWearHats apparently me? I am "up" with this youth culture
CantWearHats: @CaffeinatedLemur *nods* how do you do fellow kids
CantWearHats: ohhhh they all have different symbols and such, neat
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Earthenone: fog tokens
CaffeinatedLemur: Hero effects, like a Moba/or Hero Shooter Looter
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Those tokens are called Status Effects. Every character has 2-5 of them, most of which will be unique to that character.
aussie_rob_w: My face recognition must not be as strong as I thought.... lrrMATT ? I can’t tell who’s who on IOS app... ^^;;;;
gamercat88: to the shadow realm
aussie_rob_w: Without the text, I feel very unsure.
chaostreader: @aussie_rob_w Matt
aussie_rob_w: Dang.
n3ther: only playing 1v1?
dylanbbb: 1v1 for now. They said multiplayer later
Gascitygaming: @n3ther 2 1v1 games then a multi later
drfox17: why do I feel like this is another method of teaching beej MTG? like he will now have full understanding of the phases
gamercat88: love the flavor text for shadow thief- "safe enough to shank you"
ARandomPlatypus: just got here, what have i missed?
drfox17: soon we'll have him play a game that will teach him banding
Gekyouryuu: gesundheit
ContingentCat: gesundheit Beej
blackwlf: @drfox17 Shhhh, we don't want him to notice.
CaffeinatedLemur: also CantWearHats I may or may not have picked up some Whiskey barrel aged Barley Wine today... so I am good
chaostreader: @arandomplatypus Some of the explanation. Or most?
The_Cakemeister: several steps up
CantWearHats: @CaffeinatedLemur oooh that sounds fancy, very nice
Grevas13: this is already pretty stylish
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CaffeinatedLemur: :D
ARandomPlatypus: @chaostreader okay, thank you
RealGamerCow: CaffeinatedLemur how many years are you aging it?
Dog_of_Myth: Season 2 is really nice though
Evandill: :O
Dog_of_Myth: Also more characters
RebekahWSD: Probably already pointed out, but just appearing and seeing this, it's....dnd yahtzee?
Kraest: @Evandill Sup friend! lrrAWESOME
CaffeinatedLemur: RealGamerCow I am drinking one, aging the other.... once I grab my mini fridges of over aged barley wines out of storage
Evandill: @Kraest Thank you!
drfox17: @CaffeinatedLemur That is a lot of words for... alcohol
drfox17: I hope that it makes it tasty
Gascitygaming: @RebekahWSD more MTG yuahtzee
Grevas13: @RebekahWSD Ben called it overwatch yahtzee earlier.
Himyul: Fog! NotLikeThis DansGame
RebekahWSD: Ahhh, I don't play Magic, but that makes sense!
CaffeinatedLemur: drfox17 its.... 13.3% ABV "Beer" thats like liquid bread... sorta... if you aged it in oak barrels
RealGamerCow: this is a really neat idea
korvys: Dota Yahtzee
Vyous: ancestral you say!
CaffeinatedLemur: ULT
Evandill: @kraest bleedPurple lrrHEART <3
dialMforMara: Hi @caffeinatedlemur !
CaffeinatedLemur: heya dialMforMara
silvalunae: I'm sure y'all will. . . Ace this B)
drfox17: @CaffeinatedLemur I'm torn between it sounding good.. and it sounding like trying to drink wet bread :D
CaffeinatedLemur: drfox17 you... dont drink it on a warm day... thats for sure
CantWearHats: beer is basically wet bread anyway
silvalunae: mmmm liquid bread
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: This is correct. No status effects, no cards, no defensive roll, the Ultimate goes through. Good summary guys
drfox17: @CaffeinatedLemur Ooohf not for me then. I prefer the refreshing drinks
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: The Barbarian has some
dialMforMara: There is some debate among archaeologists about whether beer or bread was developed first
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DarkNacht: and we all know rules videos are 100% correct
Earthenone: the ultimate cannot be used by wizards
CantWearHats: I assume somehow you have to Get On The Point
ralphmaccookin: I like this. It seems delightfully complicated.
Dog_of_Myth: Good job Paul. lrrHEART
CantWearHats: this seems just complicated enough, for my tastes at least
ralphmaccookin: Not terribly complicated, just a lot of decisions for rolling dice.
drfox17: @CantWearHats "Overtime!"
Earthenone: i mean you just do what the dice say/what the cards say seems easy enough
Rytel: It seems complicated to explain, but intuitive once you've actually started to play it
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: They also chose the Shadow Thief to play with, who is the most complex character in Season One.
RebekahWSD: "safe place to shank you"
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: If this was Barbarian vs. Moon Elf the explanation would have gone slightly faster.
CantWearHats: seems deece
seth_erickson: Hand attack
Earthenone: card advantage seems strong
Twilight_Spark: Seems strong to me at the beginning. Put your opponent behind fast.
Himyul: you could reroll the other 5 Kappa
ralphmaccookin: card advantage wins games, so I hear
mastershake29x: never draw to an inside straight, or something
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Shadow Thief's a jerk. This is one of the reasons why.
blackwlf: Jazz hands!
chaostreader: What is the rules on rerolls again?
drfox17: Graham, i'm going to need you to demonstrate the shadow dance
CantWearHats: lrrWOW
Grevas13: do it
CantWearHats: YOINK
CaffeinatedLemur: DRAIN
CaffeinatedLemur: no, this is the Black player
Dog_of_Myth: Shadow Thief is totally Dimir
korvys: More Dimir
mastershake29x: @chaostreader 3 total rolls
Wicker_Knight: Okay. Settled. Shadow Thief is new Kathleen Husbando :P
gamercat88: please demonstrate the shadow dance
drfox17: I mean, I have Beej, every time I see the clip of wedge casting Shaharazad
CantWearHats: Graham: "I'm about to end this man's whole career"
nimajneb613: Nightvil specter or thief of sanity
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mariammistressofmanifolds: yeah, the shadow thief does a bunch of cool stuff, but can also just get killed dead if they don't roll well on defense
Dog_of_Myth: That Shaharazad play was awesome.
blackwlf: @drfox17 Oh god, that clip. That man had a family.
aussie_rob_w: lrrGRAHAM lrrBEEEJ lrrBEN lrrMATT
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seth_erickson: Jebaited
Earthenone: casualy gets the ancestral
drfox17: @blackwlf I mean... it's Cam. He still has a family. He's just partially in the shadowlands forever now
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Best possible response, Beej!
Larkonus: Why do I keep watching AFK? I want to play all these games.
Larkonus: Which means I'd need to buy all these games.
CantWearHats: heart of the cards, Beej
CaffeinatedLemur: Heart of the Doice Beej
CaffeinatedLemur: heart of the Doice
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Martinkaca: Quick, someone give me a link to buy this before its sold out when this hits youtube
djalternative: @Larkonus your LGS might have some free demo copies
nimajneb613: Does the star represent the cp
seth_erickson: yes
nimajneb613: @seth_erickson thx
blackwlf: Had to go find the clip.
Earthenone: Dimension the Dice!
drfox17: yesss
Martinkaca: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games What is your preferred method of sale? Do you sell direct, Amazon or just via other LGS's/Online stores
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: This is far more than you usually need to know to play this game. My kudos on how thoroughly you guys are explaining things!
Earthenone: undefendable damage
Wicker_Knight: I love the idea that you think that helps :D
CantWearHats: I mean, it doesn't, but sure :P
dylanbbb: Beej play better!
LadyAtarka: benginTraitor
Alness49: Go Left!
seth_erickson: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always ashamed of my words and deeds.
PhorrestGaze: GO LEFT!
tenthtechpriest: beej is a MELF
cbQarsi: just in case @ArgentAria is around, thanks for giving me a sub awhile back! i love these Canoodians
nimajneb613: Melf
Evandill: Because of course it is lol
starlitdiscord: beej is the best melf
control_rig: HAHAHAHAHA
djalternative: In fact, explaining the rules just gives the chat more fodder to yell at you @LoadingReadyRun
aussie_rob_w: Beej is going with the Australia Strat, which is to our-intimidate the Chat
TehAmelie: Melf's Minute Meteor Swarm fo life
Alness49: M'Elf!
ZeroArcana: teathePog
LadyAtarka: Well, that happened
Evandill: OH MY GOD
CaffeinatedLemur: Whelp
nimajneb613: Melf melf
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @Martinkaca, it ends up working out as all of the above. We sell directly via Kickstarter, at our website, or at conventions. Most of the rest goes to local game stores, but some of the suppliers put it on Amazon.
aitsu100: Man Everyone Loves Friends?
LoadingReadyRun: btw I used the star burst for CP because it looks similar to the damage icon they use in the season 2 rules
Martinkaca: Any current/upcoming kickstarters to pay attention to?
chaostreader: @paul_saxberg_roxley_games What’s Graham’s four letter code?
RealGamerCow: I thought he said prison magic
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @chaostreader - "SHAD" here, though the Dice Throne team may use a different one. Usually the first 4 letters of the character.
Gascitygaming: dang, the starter box is only 24 CAD, that's a sweet deal @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games
Hulyen: This kind of makes me think of Godsforge
aussie_rob_w: @paul_saxberg_roxley_games I just asked my LGS manager about it, he agrees it looks cool.
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @Martinkaca , I don't want to spam chat, but if you're interested in this game, there's a KS for Dice Throne Adventures starting in July. We are also currently running a KS for Iron Clays which are specialized gaming chips (like poker chips).
GhostsunPrime: Chat, Name of this games is?
Earthenone: Dice Thrown
atrociouslyambisinister: Ooh, more dice games?
Earthenone: Throne*'
GhostsunPrime: thank you
atrociouslyambisinister: I'm gonna have to get back to this vod real soon
gamercat88: value
tenthtechpriest: end step brainstorm
Earthenone: eot draw 3
Vyous: endstep ancestral
seth_erickson: eot ancestral
nimajneb613: Don’t brainstorm wrong
seth_erickson: seems deece
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: WINNING
HorusFive: Technically correct. The best kind of correct.
Earthenone: !findquote vegas
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
CantWearHats: ha! nice
gamercat88: imagine if you could delve with this
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atrociouslyambisinister: Hope everybody in chat is doing well but I cannot watch live right now lrrHEART benginHeart sergeHeart BisexualPride
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drfox17: chat, i'm doing it, i'm cracking into the last box of girl scout cookies
ZelaFlow: See you @atrociouslyambisinister
mtvcdm: atrociouslyambisinister, perfectly okay, and hi future you when you get to the VOD!
TemporalDragon: Graham has really good luck, for future ref.
chaostreader: Gambling! I’m in.
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gamercat88: isn't g entangled?
BloodForTheCorelab: wasn't entagled roll 4?
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: He is... so he will only get one reroll
Earthenone: he is, that reduces rerolls
gamercat88: ahh re-rolls
theneatestburrito: I wonder if Red Dragon Inn would be good on stream.
Dog_of_Myth: Yes, he can only reroll once
BloodForTheCorelab: oh k yes...
Grevas13: i'm pretty sure they've done red dragon inn
korvys: @theneatestburrito They've played it a few times
seth_erickson: @theneatestburrito it is and they've played it before
drfox17: @theneatestburrito I think they've playd it
dylanbbb: Graham having Cp lets himdeal alot of damage with straights
Earthenone: @theneatestburrito they have played it a few times, check the youtube channel for recordings
Alness49: That have played it and it was fun!
coriolis_storm: THey've played Red Dragon Inn multiple times. Ben has all the expansions
chaostreader: They have played it in the past and with the ship expansion
HorusFive: look! another camera!
PhorrestGaze: surprise camera!
theneatestburrito: Neat! I'll check it out.
Baldrash: AFK streams are the entire reason I want Red Dragon Inn.
drfox17: and secret camera 8 which is a drone !
matufin0: sneek atk?
drfox17: @theneatestburrito I think you can find them all on the youtubes
mastershake29x: i remember the days before AFK was a weekly thing, those were dark days
TheGamesBlog: Don't forget sneak attack!
chaostreader: Sneak attack!
Martinkaca: Pocket Sand!
Hulyen: Moisturize me!
HorusFive: Look at all those feet!
drfox17: a mal-parry, but not quite a riposte
TheGamesBlog: 46 is not zero? Is this a commander game?
coriolis_storm: Sneak attack! Riposte! LUL
mastershake29x: can confirm 46 !=0, also 46! >>> 0!
drfox17: I dislike that d&d has "parry" abilities reduce damage, rather than raise AC
KingXicor: It's actually a buck-and-a-quarter quarterstaff...
Zu_o: @drfox17 house rules
drfox17: by definition, a parry prevents a hit. If it still hits, you didn't quite parry
drfox17: @Zu_o I recognize i'm being pedantic, but, fencing definitions
Grevas13: @drfox17 3.5 had it right.
chaostreader: Someone !findquote house rules.
seth_erickson: !findquote house rule
LRRbot: Quote #4847: "Whenever I make a mistake, that's a house rule." —Cameron [2018-03-26]
Grevas13: but after that I switched to pathfinder, so i have no idea how d&d currently handles that sort of thing
chaostreader: Thank you.
dylanbbb: You also get Evasive which is the defensive version
CantWearHats: got there!
CantWearHats: lrrSACK
Baldrash: BODIED
coriolis_storm: Blind seems good
RealGamerCow: roll both of them to more likely get a short straight. or just no-scope it, damn
TheGamesBlog: Hax
HorusFive: lrrSACK lrrBEEEJ
TheNerdWonder: Time for Graham to experience Beej
nimajneb613: Get yatzied
HorusFive: Always draw to the inside strait. That's how the saying goes, right?
chaostreader: Unless shadow?
Himyul: 45 turn clock!
Grevas13: so now graham is orzhov
drfox17: that's 1 poison counter!
seth_erickson: Oh Graham's playing infect interesting
nimajneb613: Infect with atraxa each turn adding more poison counters
chaostreader: Graham has so much combat.
drfox17: wait, is shadow strike a separate ability?
coriolis_storm: Shifty Strike II: Shift Harder!
korvys: Blind
Going_Medium: blind?
chaostreader: @drfox17 Yes? Technically.
dylanbbb: Blind take place after he rolls
gamercat88: let go my purse, i don't know you
drfox17: the upgrade gives you anew ability? that's so good!
Going_Medium: Thanks
Dog_of_Myth: Beej is in your head!
therisingtithes_: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 56:35.
Martinkaca: If I am just getting into this, would it be better to start with season 1 or 2?
chaostreader: I think it says prevent damage?
Martinkaca: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:37:13. lrrSPOT
coriolis_storm: I missed the beginning; how many characters are available?
Megaparsec256: blind is no effect on the entire roll
Martinkaca: looks like 6 in the base game @coriolis_storm
drfox17: time to teach beej about the stack!
drfox17: seriously, I hope they just keep playing this game and then suddenly beej is an MTG judge
nimajneb613: The stack so gram has priority first
coriolis_storm: Thank you @Martinkaca lrrAWESOME
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @Martinkaca , depends what kind of money you want to start with. Season One contains six characters and is cheaper per character than Season Two. The cheapest way to start would be to buy one Season Two 1v1 box from your local store.
dylanbbb: Or shadow Strike
dylanbbb: stack that poison
Dog_of_Myth: Season one characters are Barbarian, Pyromancer, Shadow Thief, Paladin, Monk, and Moon Elf
gamercat88: nice dab
CantWearHats: wait
CantWearHats: wait
gamercat88: ahh sailor moon
CantWearHats: is Beej playing Sailor Moon
blackwlf: By the power of the moon I will punish you!
RealGamerCow: paul, can you link your kickstarter page here? It would be good to put you on watch for the dice throne adventure KS
drfox17: He is the one called SAILOR MOON
Earthenone: Sailor MELF
drfox17: also, apparently ZippoTricks is one of the characters?
dylanbbb: Graham needs to stack that poison
gamercat88: @Earthenone LOLZ
djalternative: lrrBEEEJ = Sailor Moon confirmed
blackwlf: Sailor lrrBEEJ
drfox17: the only thing I know about Dragon Prince is "Human Ryla". I saw a clip, she seems fun
CantWearHats: noice
Dog_of_Myth: Moon Power Activate!
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @RealGamerCow , it doesn't exist yet, but you can join an FB event that will remind you and give you a chance to win the whole Season Two if you like. ( )
nimajneb613: Price of betrayal
Wodar9: The Dragon Prince is real fun
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Again, apologies for spamming, wasn't my intention when visiting.
chaostreader: I know the Godzilla anime on Netflix is just localized by Netflix. Not made by. Iirc
Gekyouryuu: @drfox17 Dragon Prince is great and I can't wait for season 3
Wodar9: recommend trying it out
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: I mostly wanted to harass Beej
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drfox17: "Let us talk about where we are going, and the best ways to get there" "We DO do that!"
Martinkaca: Ryla is a Moon Shadow elf I guess
RealGamerCow: Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games thanks!
gamercat88: nien
Dog_of_Myth: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games Your informing chat & harassing Beej. Win/Win.
djalternative: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games we are totally here for you harassing Beej
matufin0: wait so Beej is playing tamiyo
gamercat88: hobbit foot
matufin0: with the power of the MOON
Himyul: Paul: Elf tracker
blackwlf: You need sturdy feet for standing on the moon. It's rocky.
Earthenone: Elf Pediatry
CantWearHats: a foot that might be kicking you in the face, for example
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: There was a huge debate in the Dice Throne Facebook group about whether the Moon Elf wears shoes or not
justwhatever_idk: Paul is Big on Elf Feet
MrGibberish: elven podiatrist
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Perhaps Paul can enlighten us
Martinkaca: Tamiyo is a Sorotami, not quite an elf
tenthtechpriest: we're not here to kinkshame
chaostreader: @matufin0 Yes, in the sense that Tamiyo is a moonfolk but not really an elf b
drfox17: graham must demonstrate the shadow dance if he does it
dylanbbb: Shadows stops damage
chaostreader: ^
HorusFive: PS Ben- that's quite the nice vibrant color you've got on those nails.
gamercat88: also like the shank move
blackwlf: Beej's dance of the veils.
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Just as long as Beej doesn't demonstrate the Lunar Eclipse
Earthenone: more dots?
korvys: Shadow strike also seems good, I like poison
JACQUESEB: ststrike
chaostreader: Both seem good.
Dog_of_Myth: OOOOOO
control_rig: Ooooooohhhhhh
Wodar9: WE DID IT
blackwlf: Shaaaaaank
CantWearHats: PogChamp
coriolis_storm: @HorusFive It was for the PPR last Friday; it matches his card sleeves :)
RealGamerCow: lrrHORN
Alness49: Nerf this!
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Baby Shank do do, do do do dooo
HorusFive: @coriolis_storm nice
CantWearHats: graham popping off
nimajneb613: Ultimate
Biffus1337: gogo graham!
Earthenone: 16 unavoidable damge
Himyul: 27
drfox17: I'm trying to remember what the genji ult statement is?
theneatestburrito: Explosive!
dylanbbb: Do you lose sneak attack though? Is that a Status
blackwlf: lrrCOW
Bobtheninjagoldfish: THE DAB!
gamercat88: get shanked
dylanbbb: Wait you spent it
nimajneb613: The dab
Wodar9: DANG
HorusFive: We have calculators for that Ben
drfox17: Ryuuga wagateki wo kurau?
Gekyouryuu: @drfox17 in English: The Dragon Becomes Me! in Japanese: Ryuujin no ken wo kurae!
NarishmaReborn: Haha
coriolis_storm: Strike! *Poof, disappears*
Gekyouryuu: @drfox17 that's Hanzo
korvys: Is shadows optional?
drfox17: ooooh, right
Gekyouryuu: and would more properly be Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau.
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @korvys no, but there are almost no situations where you wouldn't take it.
Gekyouryuu: and translates roughly to "Dragon, eat my enemies!"
brainiac4: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Board Games
blackwlf: That's never a good sound to hear from the opponent.
brainiac4: Thanks, LRRBot.
blackwlf: Dice Throne
operationmrh: " are at 36"
drfox17: @Gekyouryuu Makes sense as a ranged attacked which casts dragons, rather than a melee
dylanbbb: Shadows only prevents damage, not the status
Dog_of_Myth: Oh snap
gamercat88: oh snap
HorusFive: lrrBEEJ lrrGOAT
theneatestburrito: *MGS exclamation point*
CantWearHats: smokebomb!
Himyul: pocket sand!
gamercat88: the token whiplash
Earthenone: Pocket Sand!
drfox17: suddenly, graham was a log
HorusFive: Graham- are you Batman?
coriolis_storm: "The power of the Moon compels you!" Smokebomb!
Alness49: Shashasha intensifies
Going_Medium: Do you defend from the shadow?
Himyul: Going_Medium no
dylanbbb: Shadow says you don't make a defensive roll
Going_Medium: Thanks
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Most characters do not have card drawing abilities. the Shadow Thief is one of the few exceptions.
dylanbbb: Shadow Strike?
Earthenone: we havd a shadow strike could reroll into a shadow dance
nimajneb613: He makes a faint shadow and people are scared and run away
dylanbbb: Read Dagger Strike
Himyul: 4 dmg + poison
dylanbbb: Dagger Strike gives poison
JACQUESEB: dagger strike also deals poison
dylanbbb: Graham!!!!
chaostreader: ^
CantWearHats: hey chat, slow it down
Juliamon: Calm down guys
chaostreader: Read the dagger thing again.
JACQUESEB: reading the board explains the character!
devryen: Shadows shouldnät go away until end of this turn right
nimajneb613: Lay off the infect
Juliamon: Mistakes happens. It's fine.
Earthenone: you both take 1, but beej is poisioned i belive :)
coriolis_storm: I like the interplay in combat, and the way each character's theme manifests in every ability
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: A good rule of thumb: whoever is rolling the dice almost always rounds 1/2 in their favour. (specific rules may overrule this)
dylanbbb: Graham Dagger Strike was the better option there
dylanbbb: It didn't matter though
drfox17: I'm not gonna like, that exchange felt like Epee, someone attacks, the other person counter attack's both score a point
chaostreader: He would have dealt two damage instead.
drfox17: but graham has coated his blade
theneatestburrito: 12 turn clock!
gamercat88: what happens if you go through all your cards? do you re-shuffle and draw again?
drfox17: You have to hold the "load" button to re-set your deck? (sorry Chain of Memories joke)
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @gamercat88 , correct. It's extremely rare bu the Shadow Thief or the Cursed Pirate sometimes do.
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: *but
gamercat88: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games neat
nimajneb613: Also get sneak attack
JACQUESEB: Graham please read the board before rerolling this time
nimajneb613: You got the bag
djalternative: !findbutts
LRRbot: Above you?!
Earthenone: is sneak on the bag or the shadow?
niccus: use iframes
drfox17: You can't catch me gangrene!
chaostreader: @nimajneb613 That was for shadow. The 6
dylanbbb: You had Dagger Strike for poison last turn Graham. It would have dealt more damage
HorusFive: !badadvice
LRRbot: Mutiny! Mutiny!
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korvys: !findquote shadow
LRRbot: Quote #3120: "Are you really complaining that you don't have a homicidal shadow?" —Paul, to Ian [2016-08-05]
Earthenone: bags and shadows look a lot alike on the overhead easy mistake
nimajneb613: @chaostreader thx I am on a phone so it’s hard to see
HorusFive: Doesn't your head go asleep every night?
MAPBoardgames: !findquote poision
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
dylanbbb: 6 damage and 1 CP currently
Akaiatana: Thanks for the Kung Pow Reference, Graham
Juliamon: Chat, remember that this is their first time playing, and they're more focused on having fun than strictly following the rules. It's okay to make mistakes.
Dog_of_Myth: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games Quick question: will you guys be at GenCon this year?
HorusFive: Graham- challenging on the international stabbist circuit
chaostreader: @nimajneb613 Same. It sucks. But I’ve been on phone for the last few months so it’s become easier to tell small differences.
drfox17: Scottich accent: scorbunny, what do ya have?
meepsalot: I like this game so far
Zu_o: Here we see elite Stabist @grahamstark in his olympic roll!
nimajneb613: @chaostreader ok
meepsalot: seems neat
Alahmnat: I'm late but woo Dice Throne!
korvys: You can also spend more than one evasive
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @Dog_of_Myth, we are not. however a group called BoardCrunch will be running a Dice Throne tournament, and there will be cool prizing available!
RealGamerCow: fut!
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: We will be at SHUX, if anyone's going there. So I will get to harass Beej in person, maybe!
Dog_of_Myth: Thanks for the info!
HorusFive: Let's agree to disagree here
prince_infidel: Beej took the damage twice
Grevas13: yay for harassing beej
korvys: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games Are there any healing characters?
loki_lxix: no he didnt
chaostreader: @prince_infidel He fixes the first one.
blackwlf: I'm gonna hope this shows up at the Board Game Blitz at Halcon in Octover.
chaostreader: *fixed
HorusFive: !clap
prince_infidel: OK
djalternative claps for beej
Earthenone Claps
CantWearHats: lrrBEEJ //
Gascitygaming: benginPray benginPray benginPray
breadisbest1: !clap
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @korvys, I dunno if I should spoil things... I don't know who they're planning to play in the multiplayer next
nimajneb613: !clap
brainiac4: "If everyone in the audience who believes in fairies claps their hands, this gun will be magically filled with bullets."
gamercat88: beej the MELF gets the claps
korvys: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games Fair
StageMgrRob: Does Beej have Emercule?
Alness49: All the poison, out through your eyes.
AzureShok: Emer-cool. AmIRight?
red_shoes_jeff: GAMBLING!? I'M IN!
nimajneb613: Been the melf is the new shadow over instrad
gamercat88: ohh
Dog_of_Myth: Cmon
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
starlitdiscord: aww
dylanbbb: T+Moon Shadow gives the evasive
korvys: Does Targeted stack?
HorusFive: This game scaled rapidly
korvys: Ok
gamercat88: froot froot
dylanbbb: 11 damage because targeted
Earthenone: you get a sneaky sneak
nimajneb613: First blocks
tenthtechpriest: woah beej
blackwlf: Sneak attack isn't TECHNICALLY nothing. . .
gamercat88: wow this therapy stream
red_shoes_jeff: Beej, are you okay?
RebekahWSD: Graham is everyone's dad?
Alness49: Are you ok, Beej?
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Beej, Toxic Avenger
drfox17: yes, but life is a resource
Lirelent: sneak attack with bag?
dylanbbb: Get Sneak Attack Graham
Grevas13: wham
Darleysam: ah, beej spent years building up an immunity to iocane powder
JACQUESEB: and sneak attack
Siuki: graham got sneak attack
dylanbbb: You rolled a shadow didn't you?
TheGamesBlog: You get sneak, Graham
dylanbbb: Oh wait sneak attack is on bag
nimajneb613: You need the snek
blackwlf: Sneak is on shadow.
dylanbbb: Bags and Shadows are hard to tell apart on the overview
blackwlf: Little bit.
gamercat88: insidious ii - the sequel
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: It's the appetizer tray of attacks
drfox17: ooh, just a cleanse
Dog_of_Myth: Graham just hard noped
Lirelent: reroll 1 and hope for larrgee straight?
StolenQuotient2: ^
blackwlf: 1 or 6, to get a 3.
dylanbbb: You have Shank attack as a backup
DolGrenn: Shadow Dance seems like the strong play
korvys: Could get a 3, but you still have the shank attack if you miss
seth_erickson: roll a one to get a 3 still have the shank
djalternative: the one seems disposable
Lirelent: is ... 1 in 6
StolenQuotient2: indeeed
Martinkaca: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games Does the battle box fit sleeved cards? Thinking about going for the whole "Legendary Collection"
Himyul: lrrJUDGE ?
Evandill: I want to say no?
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Crashzxs: hey look, 5 years, go me!
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Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @Tuxbeej if an attack deals no damage, the defender does not get a defense roll.
seth_erickson: Try and get that damage in
Lirelent: goes on the stack
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @Martinkaca , the trays were specifically designed to hold sleeved cards, yes.
Lirelent: beej slowly melting from the insidee
seth_erickson: How big are the cards
RealGamerCow: beej is into feet stuff!
Earthenone: Footsie!
Dog_of_Myth: F E E T
Nekuia: Full house sadly.
djalternative: Foot Seize!
control_rig: F E E T H
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: De agony of de feet
nimajneb613: Footsie
CursedTinker: footsie...
Dog_of_Myth: Graham with the burn...
Wicker_Knight: Oh yeah graham, that joke is way, way beneath beej and ben :P
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Dog_of_Myth: F E E T
Fruan: FEET
HorusFive: How statistically unlikley
Wicker_Knight: TEETH
seth_erickson: FEET
djalternative: F E E T
Alness49: FEET
nimajneb613: Feeeeeeet
Lirelent: da feet da feet da feet
SketchyDetails: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
SpiffGames: That Stomp joke deserved more appreciation
Wicker_Knight: @Fruan lrrSPOOP
ContingentCat: Alturnately Riverdance
korvys: Feeth?
Wicker_Knight: @SpiffGames wasn't bad enough :D
Himyul: poopin' time!
HorusFive: Mute that mic
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: Correct - Undefendable just means no defense roll. Status effects or Not This Time work just fine.
Grevas13: madge the melf
LoadingReadyRun: SpiffGames lrrAWESOME
korvys: Sailor Melf
MAPBoardgames: lrrBEEJ
drfox17: Meej? wait now
Lirelent: majistrate?
seth_erickson: Maaj
mtvcdm: Ohhh, bad news Meej
Twilight_Spark: I've seen this Harry Potter movie. No Maj.
gamercat88: its hard out here for a MELF
WizardZedd: Well, this game seems awesome. Sucks that the first few boxes of Season 2 seem to be out of stock everywhere :(
Mewr11: Wait, if this is Meej, is he a Melf?
HorusFive: I can make up words too
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: I can't stay much longer, thanks for including me guys. Have fun with the rest of the stream!
theneatestburrito: lrrHEART
seth_erickson: bye @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: You gotta roll 1 or 2 to be able to Evade the question. Otherwise you have to answer it
rrtycoon2: He’s slipped in well
Dog_of_Myth: Thanks for the info @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games
HorusFive: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games nice work
seth_erickson: Your game seems great
Grevas13: today was 2 for 2 on people who made the thing joining the stream
drfox17: no hand limit?
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: @drfox17 , if you end the turn with more than 6, sell down to 6.
Dog_of_Myth: Give them nothing, take from them everything!
drfox17: @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games "Sell"?
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: I will drop one plug before leaving, the Dice Throne team go to almost all the PAXes (they haven't gone to PAX Australia yet) so if you are at PAX, look for this in the tabletop area
Lirelent: get cp
Earthenone: General Improvement o7
drfox17: ah
Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games: (out)
Grevas13: bye other paul
Wicker_Knight: remember to unmute beej
seth_erickson: Continued Good Luck to you and your team @Paul_Saxberg_Roxley_Games
TheBeardedFool: that pants zip though
SketchyDetails: Roll Shadow, Get Poison sounds like a song title
Earthenone: Roll Shadow, get poison is the new Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy
SketchyDetails: I was also thinking the same thing.
SketchyDetails: Fuzzy was the best part of yoshis islkand
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SoldieroFortune: Rolling dice ... I got boxcars!
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RealGamerCow: lethal!
Grevas13: do it for the vine
gamercat88: do it for the tik tok
djalternative: do it for the periscope
HorusFive: -Rolls all feet
Fruan: FEET
Dog_of_Myth: Do it for the myspace.
Himyul: In response I top
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> In this weeks Dice Friends, Adam takes an adventure through a Fighting Fantasy book! | ||
Going_Medium: Hold priority...
dialMforMara: @fruan FEET FEET FEET
mtvcdm: "Helping" Hand
Wicker_Knight: HELPING gabyDerp
Grevas13: freaking blue
loki_lxix: go Graham GO
ContingentCat: Gesudheit (matt?)
Dog_of_Myth: Not Dead Yet!
phenexian: I could be wrong, but isn't the rule with sneak attack that you can't USE them at once. But you can have more than one stored?
dylanbbb: They don't stack
Evandill: They specifically say do not stack
phenexian: yeah, they don't stack, so you can't use their effects multiple times
Earthenone: so good ben
HorusFive: Sounds like a Saturday night...
phenexian: but you can have multiples stored up
Martinkaca: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:04:55. lrrSPOT
phenexian: for use over multiple turns
dylanbbb: Not stacking means you can't have multiple
Dog_of_Myth: !advice
LRRbot: Gain notoriety. Acquire prestige.
loki_lxix: it is
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MxPlumbean: perfectly normal
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phenexian: oh fair enough
HorusFive: !badadvice
LRRbot: Give the demon sphere to Dale.
rrtycoon2: Hermetically sealed in a mason jar.
Earthenone: reroll all non knives, keep knifing
Wodar9: Just go for all daggers
iggyn8us: Ben turn around ad get the bigger blacker box out and start playing CAH
Dog_of_Myth: When in doubt, Dagger, Dagger, Dagger
ContingentCat: "go all daggers" would make a great advice
Wodar9: Go for the face Graham!
drfox17: still only does 3 damage for a small stright
dylanbbb: Daggers and sneak attack
HorusFive: Knife time!
Earthenone: with a bunch of knives and sneak attack you might win
drfox17: 1/3 chance!
Siuki: sneak attack
orionsrise1: sneaky sneaking
Vires15: whatre they playing?
chaostreader: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:47:41.
Earthenone: Dice Throne
MAPBoardgames: "Sharp is the blade that cuts on its own."
Wicker_Knight: Nice Thieves don't look at their poisoned, dying marks ;P
Oatway_: rip Beej
Vires15: "Mortality clarified in a single strike!"
nimajneb613: Gg
korvys: I can't believe you've done this
Grevas13: never check
HorusFive: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
seth_erickson: No more Beej, Beej is cancelled
rrtycoon2: Ah well, the undo ended it, but oh well.
nimajneb613: Creg blanched
brainiac4: lrrBEEEJ
MAPBoardgames: "Slowly, gently, this is how a life is taken."
seth_erickson: A Singular Strike
drfox17: Ben as ZippoTricks
Evandill: You better play this again!
Dog_of_Myth: Locally sourced Monk
rrtycoon2: Also, poison seems very strong
EscherichiaCole: Listen I got the Monk joke
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun If you do this again, I think some kind of card reader would be good - it's hard to see the cards sometimes.
mtvcdm: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
NarishmaReborn: "more dice thrown" after this :)
Gascitygaming: Games seems absolutely sweet btw
chaostreader: This seems similar to the card game with all the different decks. Keyforge?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Though, without art, I don't know if that would work>
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote toilet
LRRbot: Quote #4150: "Why is everything toilets forever?" —Cameron [2017-04-14]
LoadingReadyRun: korvys sadly the card images are not available
loki_lxix: who won i had to step away at the crucial moment
chaostreader: @loki_lxix Graham
mtvcdm: Every time we get the dev in chat, the game they bring us turns out to be really good.
Earthenone: Graham won with poision
StolenQuotient2: grahm
loki_lxix: w000000
Dog_of_Myth: Poison won
LoadingReadyRun: I may try to get it from the developers
StolenQuotient2: wow i cant spell
loki_lxix: YAY infect sill viable!
StolenQuotient2: NO GOD PLEASE NO
mtvcdm: The dev in chat seems to be a good luck charm around here. Sign of a quality work.
Dog_of_Myth: !findcard scaled up
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Rather last minute, but join James for a special ...One More? on Friday starting at 1:00PM Pacific for your first chance to check out the newly updated Erangel map update! | ||
nimajneb613: @dog_of_myth it’s scale up
djalternative: !card scale up
LRRbot: Scale Up [G] | Sorcery | Until end of turn, target creature you control becomes a green Wurm with base power and toughness 6/4. / Overload {4}{G}{G}
MAPBoardgames: !card asp
LRRbot: Found 73 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
MAPBoardgames: !card naf's asp
LRRbot: Nafs Asp [G] | Creature — Snake [1/1] | Whenever Nafs Asp deals damage to a player, that player loses 1 life at the beginning of their next draw step unless they pay {1} before that draw step.
Dog_of_Myth: @nimajneb613 Thanks
nimajneb613: @dog_of_myth np
Kraest: Oh man, I really like this remix holy hell
cetiken17: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (17:59 from now).
Kraest: What remix is this? I need to add this to my library like yesterday
Kraest: Oh noooo! D"
Kraest: D:
chaostreader: @kraest is this a remix? Or just Big Giant Circles
CaptainSpam: Mmmph mmph!
red_shoes_jeff: benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn
loki_lxix: because of course they are
Oatway_: ben on that RDW
Kraest: @chaostreader It's not the orihginal version of that song, but there are usually, like, hundreds of different mixes of chiptune songs :c
djalternative: burn v lifegain?
Alahmnat: Pyro v Monk is what my wife and I always play, and it never really goes well for her, so this should be exciting hehe
MAPBoardgames: lrrBEN PowerUpR
orionsrise1: big surprise that Ben is agro red
seth_erickson: Well this game seems exactly what my extended family would love to play at reunions so I went and ordered a copy
nimajneb613: @djalternative burn vs soul sisters
silvalunae: i have a mighty need
control_rig: Remove the Jokers
Earthenone: the correct move is "Monopoly Highroll"
ThorSokar: Add in 4 extra Wild Draw 4's
413th: as a magic player my preferred method to determine who chooses is poker roll
chaostreader: Matt, the monk, mind gamed Ben.
Dog_of_Myth: I like to say Blackjack.
chesul: what about two dice, highest even number?
nimajneb613: You need to roll a coin and flip a dice
seth_erickson: Matt with the mind games getting his opponent out of their comfort zone immediately
Oatway_: does... does the monk only have 3 fingers?
chesul: nimajneb613 those are actual ways to cheat at those two things.
chaostreader: @oatway_ He might not be human.
Dog_of_Myth: Lost the other one to Bruce Lee?
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:58:57.
chesul: Oatway_ enlightenment has a cost.
tenthtechpriest: embrace harmony
MAPBoardgames: Experience tranquility
nimajneb613: @chesul did not know
Alahmnat: chi is "no"
Alahmnat: and I love it
chesul: nimajneb613 it's something that people who know generally try to keep quiet, for obvious reasons.
Alahmnat: o hek
dylanbbb: Chi is all about making increasing stack
gamercat88: flames on the side of my face
SketchyDetails: knock down guy is just Going to the Store
djalternative: Yeah. I'd never tell someone in a tournament how to force a coin flip.
Darleysam: oh, so he's playing Lina
Dog_of_Myth: Punch the Fire
Lirelent: #teamOrder
Evandill: @Darleysam Yeah, actually
Mewr11: I mean, Dande had a particularly bad time punching fire, as I assume cat hair is quite flamable
Dog_of_Myth: #teamChandra
MAPBoardgames: Can we add "Punch the fire" to the !badadvice ?
chesul: #TeamcHaoS
aquinas_0: anyone else getting "PUBG" private message spam?
aitsu100: also gelatinous cubes are a no punch enemy just a notice
dylanbbb: You can accumulate multiple as well
Alahmnat: I wasn't here at the start, do they have a fancy app for life tracking, or just some new Paul wizardry?
chaostreader: @alahmnat The normal Paul wizardry.
Alahmnat: gotcha, ty
chaostreader: Keeping track of two values isn’t even the largest amount that LRR has done.
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aitsu100: storm count at 1?
djalternative: wait for tomorrow for betrayal or friday for commander
tenthtechpriest: git probe paying life, storm count 1
chaostreader: @djalternative I can’t wait for Betrayal. I love that game and the Legacy game is something I don’t have an opportunity to play myself.
djalternative: same. I can't wait for tomorrow
MAPBoardgames: 2 CurseLit / 6 CurseLit
Scottyos: such a fun game.
MAPBoardgames: 4 CurseLit / 6 CurseLit
XprotoformX: when does Betrayal start tomorrow?
chaostreader: @xprotoformx 5pm moonbase time.
nimajneb613: Who else’s stream is frozen
Scottyos: mines still going
chaostreader: @nimajneb613 Not mine. Try refreshing?
XprotoformX: @chaostreader thanks
seth_erickson: my stream is fine
nimajneb613: Mine just glitched out
dylanbbb: Could reroll the 5 for a small straight
chesul: I would probably roll to try for combustion here.
nimajneb613: I am restarting
chaostreader: Go for small straight?
Earthenone: !card pyroblast
LRRbot: Pyroblast [R] | Instant | Choose one — / • Counter target spell if it's blue. / • Destroy target permanent if it's blue.
TacitusVigil: Evasive maneuvers, pattern Matt-Alpha
Martinkaca: Damn you AFK. I just spent over $200 on the Legendary collection of this game that has everything...
engineerbudy: I will be picking that up as well shortly
seth_erickson: That's a little more than I was willing to spend, but I also spent some money to get the game
Martinkaca: Oh, Paul already knows, I was talking to him in PM's
WizardZedd: Yeah, I may have just spent about $150 on season 1, and the season 2 season pass (with battle chest box)
Scottyos: Just throwing this out there. but dice throne adventures prototype is absolutely amazing....
Martinkaca: And for the future it's Kay-suh
Alahmnat: I wanna get my hands on Season 2
djalternative: Maybe they'll send you the legendary edition
Scottyos: I ended up buying 4 mats from Paul this weekend.
drfox17: okay, I'm back, how many zippotricks Mcedgelord jokes have we made
Scottyos: next month it'll start on kickster. It's adventures is a co-op dungeon crawl
chaostreader: @drfox17 None I think.
Martinkaca: If you want to see, I have a clip collection of Evan Erwin mispronouncing my name. Now every time he says it he apologizes...
CobaltShuriken: meditate 2 seems real good
djalternative: Chat has made many zippotricks jokes. Hosts have made none
Scottyos: the bosses are fallen versions of the hero's you can play as now
Dog_of_Myth: Oooo that does sound cool.
chaostreader: He has zen strike.
chesul: tempest rush seems pretty great.
Hellishdream: Those are palms not fists.
chaostreader: Oh. My bad.
Earthenone: can we quote that "fuck it ill be enlightened"
djalternative: Is the monk Dave's Spokesman with his 3 hands?
Despoiler98: hit meh!
coriolis_storm: "Three-plam tempest rush" TOTALLY sounds like a kung fu maneuver
coriolis_storm: *Three-palm
seth_erickson: This game is flying
eldrazi_trainer: I wonder if this is the copy I sent. I bloody love this game
MaidenOfCyn: doesn't the damage not happen until after the defensive roll? It says he spends it when the damage is dealt.
insane_42: Pride100 Pride100 cool cool
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
engineerbudy: Thanks for the PrideLesbian @insane_42
chaostreader: They mentioned that their was a saga in getting this game that will be in mailtime.
Gascitygaming: cujst
Earthenone: Kj'ust
drfox17: Jaya "Could you Cool It" Ballard
PhorrestGaze: cu ya ju
Himyul: cydjst!
Mewr11: How many different characters are there?
Mashamino: expardon me?
Bladinus: benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn
kumatsu: Cyust
orionsrise1: did Matt o income?
Dog_of_Myth: Graham, you can get everything to one syllable.
Oscelot: C’jus?
Martinkaca: 6 in base game, 8 in season 2
orionsrise1: do
mariammistressofmanifolds: @Mewr11 6 with the base game
insane_42: BloodTrail
coriolis_storm: Graham is pleased lrrAWESOME
Martinkaca: total of 14
eldrazi_trainer: then it's the one I sent, good lord it took forever to get those to them
insane_42: PrideTake
Oscelot: I feel bad for Ben. I’ve made this mistake before (pyro v. Monk)
TheDoctorPH: what do the seasons of this game mean?
eldrazi_trainer: your more then welcome. I'm super happy it made it and you guys can play
chesul: I mean, tempest rush avg roll is 10.5? so that roll wasn't super above avg.
The_Cakemeister: man, sebding this must have cost, it's bulky
Martinkaca: The no longer Monthly Mail Time!
CobaltShuriken: big money, big money, no whammy, whammy, STOP!
seth_erickson: They're basically expansions @TheDoctorPH
seth_erickson: I believe
chaostreader: @thedoctorph I think season one is the original game and season 2 just added characters.
drfox17: Chandra "Fire Fire Fire" Nalaar
Oscelot: Yay @eldrazi_trainer thank you for sending this ^^ do they have season 2 as well or just s1? I can’t keep up with what manny is doing nowadays
Scottyos: season 2 added more characters and game trays
Martinkaca: Season 2 was made of 4 smaller 2 character sets
drfox17: wait, like, ol' west gunslinger?
Dreynip: Each season is self contained but cross playable.
Oscelot: Gunslinger is SO MUCH FUN to play
azureHaights: Chandra "Have you considered... MORE fire?" Nalaar
drfox17: Chandra "Worse, or BETTER" Nalaar
TheDoctorPH: so the seasons are different. 2 isn't just 1 with extra stuff? just want to be clear before I BUY ALL THE THINGS!
eldrazi_trainer: the co-OP is launching summer. it let's you work together to beat dungeons and battle bosses
Scottyos: gunslinger/samurai, huntress/tactician, artificer/cursed pirate, then seraph/vampire lord
eldrazi_trainer: the rest are in the mail. I sent the other 4
Oscelot: @drfox17 yes, that sort of gunslinger
dylanbbb: Also have small streak
drfox17: omg gunslinger vs samurai it's like all my dreams
Dezinkled: also a small strait
Oscelot: Yay @eldrazi_trainer !
MAPBoardgames: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
Scottyos: @eldrazi_trainer adventures is a ton of fun. I've been lucky enough to try the prototype
niccus: is small straight more damage
Scottyos: season 3 characters include a ninja and treeant but they haven't released the names of the other characters.
dylanbbb: Small Straight is 1 less damage, but doesn't spend the mastery
coriolis_storm: KAPOW KAPOW KAPOW
Dog_of_Myth: When in doubt, add more fire!!
chaostreader: You could deal 11 without removing fire with the small straight.
CobaltShuriken: worst feeling is a half sneeze
GoblinRanger: micro dab
dylanbbb: But Matt would have had a chance to defend against it
ThorSokar: Give Ben Fuel, give him fire, give him that what he desires?
Oscelot: Anyone who wants to play but not buy the whole thing: season 1 and Gunslinger are available FREE on Tabletop Simulator
eldrazi_trainer: I have attended both dice cons and played it 3 times its nuts and they are working really hard on it. I live in Spokane and know Nate and manny so I've been able to play through alot of the testing
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Metalupis: he's young, more surprises show up as you get older
djalternative: @Oscelot those are not alwasy the most legitimate of uploads
Earthenone: ahh this was made in washington? neat
Dog_of_Myth: I've meet them at GenCon a couple years ago. Really nice people.
Oscelot: WAIT WHAT @eldrazi_trainer omg you live here?!
Scottyos: @eldrazi_trainer i'm a bit jealous. I haven't had a chance to make it to the cons, luckily I'm only a few hours from roxley and they often bring the prototypes up to the local cons. Steampunk rally fuzion is a ton of fun and the iron clays and the wooden box are absolutely amazing
Going_Medium: Body surprise: What's this bump? Well there's one on the other side, so it must be normal.
Alahmnat: @djalternative as I understand it the tabletop sim pack is approved and only has a couple of characters. It's like a teaser
Oscelot: Yes it’s approved
djalternative: Sweet
EscherichiaCole: JESUS MATT
Sektor88: plz enigmaLUL
eldrazi_trainer: yup developed and tested here in Spokane. met them at gamershaven and got to play the prototype before the first kickstarter
tenthtechpriest: TOS
Scottyos: @Alahmnat I've been told they are looking to do a digital version down the road so they have it limited in TTS and tabletopia
Earthenone: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You can't do that here.
Despoiler98: PHRASING
TheDoctorPH: lol god i <3 you matt!
DiscordianTokkan: The power of god AND anime
Dreynip: Natural large straights are one of the best feelings.
Oscelot: Wait. @eldrazi_trainer are you from Cyan?!
electroswagnetism: god + anime = monk?
sarahphim_: Please stop saying Fisting lol
justwhatever_idk: "nut straight, fist freely"
djalternative: anime + monk = avatar
TheDoctorPH: @justwhatever_idk wise man say...
ContingentCat: Can we add "fisting is something you go all the time" to Paul's quotes?
Gekyouryuu: hey, small straight
Grevas13: please continue saying 'fisting' enough that we can get a supercut of it
Oscelot: Rofl
Dreynip: Chi can't be used offensively the turn you gain it anyway.
Scottyos: can't you add chi to the same attack you earned it?
Earthenone: Charts!
n3ther: undefensable simply means you can't do a defense roll
Scottyos: or do I have that wrong? I've only seen the monk played once.
dylanbbb: You specifiically can't Scottyos
chaostreader: @scottyos It specifically says you can’t.
Scottyos: ahhh okay.
Dog_of_Myth: Wait, wait, I've got graphs!
drfox17: extra rules.... just like monks like it
Sektor88: so end of blockers ala MTG? enigmaLUL
Vyous: "Damage on the stack"
Sektor88: @Vyous ah yes, I remember those days.
TheWanderingNomad: "...and knowing is half the battle! YO JOE!"
CobaltShuriken: just take a minute
coriolis_storm: Are there rules for playing with more than 2 players?
Oatway_: we had a "tarps off boys" on tiltyhouse tonight
azureHaights: IKUZE!
Morrigan9: lol
Oscelot: *cheers on the pyro*
Earthenone: there are!
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eldrazi_trainer: finally! dicethrone on lrr!! I've waited so long!
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loki_lxix: uhn double aught uhn uhn
Scottyos: @coriolis_storm you can play multiplayer or king of the hill. they say it's 2-6 player.
CaffeinatedLemur: 24 hour stream?
djalternative: the control mirror took a while
chaostreader: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:27:27.
Scottyos: Season 2 adds a king of the hill rule where if you attack the one with the most health you get to draw a bonus card
TheBaitandSwitch: lrrAWW
loki_lxix: YES
Sektor88: @chaostreader that repeating number
Dog_of_Myth is gifting 2 Tier 1 Subs to LoadingReadyRun's community! They've gifted a total of 2 in the channel!
eldrazi_trainer: king of the hill is the most common but you can play 2v2
Dog_of_Myth gifted a Tier 1 sub to CururuGuasu!
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justwhatever_idk: @chaostreader nice job
Scottyos: go for the Ultimate!!
Oscelot: the ultimate is so lovely when you can get it to go
chaostreader: I can guarantee that that was an accident. A cool accident but an accident nonetheless.
Morrigan9: is anyone else gonna use the new corviknight pokemon to cover the world in darkness!!!
Himyul: time walk!
loki_lxix: get f'd nerd! stun is gross
GoblinRanger: urk
engineerbudy: Yikes
djalternative: holy crap
Scottyos: stun is so nice
Oatway_: go infinite!
CobaltShuriken: holy schitt
eldrazi_trainer: ya stun lock is dumb
EscherichiaCole: RED! MAGE! RED! MAGE!
coriolis_storm: Double attack!
Oscelot: I love pyro so much <3
MAPBoardgames: I think we ALL are stunned!
korvys: Stun lock!
TheGamesBlog: Stun lock lol
Dreynip: Do it again!
eldrazi_trainer: as long as you keep rolling it you just stun em to death
Sektor88: that's all knids of gamebreaking
Sektor88: or sounds it at least
Wicker_Knight: probably just a clarity thing
BlindProphet32: collateral damage in multiplayer
Martinkaca: Maybe someone else can use cards to help
djalternative: You don't have to stun the opponent you're hitting
MxPlumbean: other opponents? only one is stunned?
Dreynip: There's a brief window where your ally may remove the stun token before damage.
chaostreader: Because the 2 collateral hits everyone.
Scottyos: you can likely mess with the dice before the attack goes off
reallydeadkid: collateral damage is also undefendable
orionsrise1: or re-roll that one die
Oscelot: almost got enough for combustion...
dylanbbb: Combustion?
Oscelot: yeah, it's four different kinds
korvys: Pyroblast seems the safe one
Scottyos: combustion is one of each symbol
CobaltShuriken: still nothin
Bladinus: Yatzhee uses a lot of stuff from Poker anyways...
CobaltShuriken: look at a light!
Oscelot: lol Matt "gimme a sec but..."
orionsrise1: small straight is most probable
Scottyos: have you guys played other rounds before this one?
Oscelot: they have
Going_Medium: Matt, would you say you were "surprised" you didn't sneeze?
Dreynip: What other heroes have they played?
Oscelot: *snerk*
chaostreader: Shadow thief by graham and Moon elf by Beej
Earthenone: previous match was MELF vs Shadow Theif
ContingentCat: reading the game explains the game
Oscelot: yeah but some times it takes reading it a few times
MAPBoardgames: Punch that damage!@
Dreynip: Melf and Pyro are wonderful. Personal favorites.
Dreynip: (of season 1)
Scottyos: who won between the moon elf and shadow thief
seth_erickson: Shadow Thief won
chaostreader: Graham won.
Bladinus: @Scottyos G with the Shadow Theif
Oatway_: nah RDW can be super intricate
Wicker_Knight: Meh, people dislike mono red and people dislike blue control
Earthenone: you can lightning bolt Wrong?!
Martinkaca: Ben playing burn? What a suprise?
Wicker_Knight: people just like to dislike things
Oscelot: blue/white <3
djalternative: that Ilharg video is still amazing
Dog_of_Myth: My favorite color is jank.
cosarprime: I mean, generally it's they want to durtle around, and that's certainly something monored punishes.
GormagoneGaming: Has Matt been playing Fist of Tranquility wrong cause it says Gain 2 chi AND Evasive but he has only been gaining 1?
n3ther: max cheese
dylanbbb: Can't use status tokens when stunned
chaostreader: ^
eldrazi_trainer: stun is dumb
Dreynip: Stun too stronk
n3ther: it's because that would completely negate the purpose of stun
chaostreader: That dice really wants to be a 6.
Type_One___: Cheer100
Stoffern: I asume an ally can help clear stun in a 4 player game
Earthenone: Nice.
n3ther: oh yes the Better D
Oscelot: Pfffff how did I forget about that card?
devryen: DEFENSIVE?
theneatestburrito: "Defensive"
Fruan: Your opponent can't hurt you when they're dead. Defensive.
Dreynip: Finish him
theneatestburrito: Definitive.
Dog_of_Myth: The best defense is more F I R E
Scottyos: man a ffa with shadow thief and MELF would be annoying if you're not one of them
DJayHGaming: Pride500
A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat!
Oscelot: Wall of fire!
randomino5: That's the way it should be
Mashamino: nani?!
drfox17: Beej nees a Shirou
silenceaux: Thank you Shirou
Scottyos: oh man I just noticed nightmare. used to love that game!
chaostreader: @scottyos They played quite a few of those games.
drfox17: @Scottyos I think they've played it on the stream
Earthenone: @Scottyos they did playthoughs of all the nightmare games, they are up on youtube and amazing
Scottyos: that's awesome :)
Scottyos: I'll have to check them out
chaostreader: They also played the Star Trek game in that style.
seth_erickson: Yo Baron I can dig it
chaostreader: Forever, my lady
orionsrise1: do it!
coriolis_storm: @Scottyos They even did a Crapshot or 2 about them lrrAWESOME
Dog_of_Myth: Go for lethal
Himyul: it's the same
CobaltShuriken: welcome to stats class children
chaostreader: There was a LRL that was haunted by the grapekeeper.
orionsrise1: scorch the earth!
coriolis_storm: MOOORTAL KOOOMBAT!
Scottyos: man this game is sooooo good.
Megaparsec256: Well, the chi can still be used to mitigate, right? Just doesn't get a defensive roll?
CobaltShuriken: we gonna have a winners game after this, or is this the last game?
dylanbbb: Chi still mitigates
eldrazi_trainer: and the monk falls to the flames of war
Dreynip: Toasted.
DiscordianTokkan: benginBurn benginRage lrrCOW
Dog_of_Myth: WOWOW
chaostreader: Chi doesn’t mitigate enough anyway.
saweeks: burn the corpse
dylanbbb: You have to attack first? And you have to remove to attack
engineerbudy: Disco inferno
Himyul: stylin'!
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
loki_lxix: needs moar FIRE
theneatestburrito: lrrWOW
SheldyP: benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn
Juliamon: CobaltShuriken The stream's only scheduled for another 10 minutes, so doesn't look like it.
mariammistressofmanifolds: K.O.
coriolis_storm: @CobaltShuriken I'm assuming it's late enough that this will be the last game.... tonight
carsonthekid: hooglBolt
djalternative: this game is dope
Martinkaca: Surprise extended stream?
niccus: tabletop day replacement entrant?
chaostreader: Left side is lucky.
eldrazi_trainer: your more then welcome and I'll finish out the collection. that would be sweet
Decaped: Never stop forking!
dylanbbb: I think you can
korvys: I mean... I'd watch it
Earthenone: Dice friends, alternate with dice enemies?
djalternative: So put these down in the record and make this a league
PhorrestGaze: oops all boardgame streams
loki_lxix: you can fork it as much as you want
Dog_of_Myth: Do it you cowards!! LUL
TemporalDragon: Thursday Night Dice Fight please!
justwhatever_idk: "we can't keep forking this one" lewd
eldrazi_trainer: I'm sending the other 2
PapertheUnicorn: fork EVERY stream
Gadora: Thursday Night Dice Fight? Gonna pick up Dragon Dice too? :p
MAPBoardgames: @LoadingReadyRun did you guys do a Table Top Day stream?
GormagoneGaming: AFK Of Thrones
reallydeadkid: season coming soon
TheWanderingNomad: Is Tabletop Day not a think anymore?
TheWanderingNomad: *thing
Scottyos: thanks for playing this one
reallydeadkid: season 3*
Scottyos: enjoyed watching it
loki_lxix: this was super
Earthenone: ~lasttweet july
mtvcdm: !wyrmwood
LRRbot: LRR's AFK streams are sponsored by Wyrmwood Gaming! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" for free shipping in the US, or "LRRworld" for $10 off shipping internationally.
LRRTwitter: [4d ago] @loadingreadyrun> As some of you may have noticed we weren’t able to do a proper Tabletop Day stream today due to the PPR. | We’re looking at doing it later this summer, likely in July. More info later this month! ||
justwhatever_idk: and thanks to me. You're welcome everybody
Scottyos: Paul is amazing. such an awesome guy.
Martinkaca: @TheWanderingNomad It was but it wasn't very well supported this year
Martinkaca: Also it was a PPR
red_shoes_jeff: @TheWanderingNomad July
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2375 patrons for a total of $14,109.81 per month.
TheWanderingNomad: @Martinkaca - Ah, that sucks
LoadingReadyRun: I agree, Paul is awesome
coriolis_storm: @MAPBoardgames Not this year. I think it coincided with a PPR
red_shoes_jeff: *SLAP*
mtvcdm: Patreon valid everywhere
Wicker_Knight: YOU DID THIS gabyB
starlitdiscord: *slap*
PhorrestGaze: but ebberon's good?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun I feel like you might be biased
Baldrash: Paul is best Paul, always.
DiscordianTokkan: *table slapping intensifies*
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mtvcdm: Patreon helps to get expensive Apple products Graham covets for the Moonbase
sivakrytos: all of lrr are there, and beej
Dreynip: So glad you finally received this game. Love that I got to see it on stream.
Dog_of_Myth: Beej not human confired!
tehlordofelves: Breaking News: Beej Ain't Human
coriolis_storm: lrrGRAHAM lrrPAUL lrrBEN lrrMATT lrrBEEEJ
korvys: Pre-Dave
wakojakodk: moar Keyforge soon?
djalternative: Dave's Gamehaus is going to be sweet!
eldrazi_trainer: love you guys thanks for the shout and playing
NarishmaReborn: more Dave content :)
korvys: Cobalt
innovativemethods: Common Object Business Oriented DnD?
MAPBoardgames: Adam the Kobold
insane_42: yay more pocket bacon!
justwhatever_idk: A Damn Kobold
Grevas13: kobold=best player race
erloas: going to still be there Sunday?
Nuurgle: Beej will also being card alters
Fruan: Beej does a capitalism
loki_lxix: did anyone else hear Enya when Ben walked off and graham reached
ContingentCat: of course Beej is wearing "the outfit"
erloas: Sunday is the only day I've got off
mtvcdm: !card stomping grounds
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
innovativemethods: !card Stomping Ground
LRRbot: Stomping Ground | Land — Mountain Forest | As Stomping Ground enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, it enters the battlefield tapped.
eldrazi_trainer: I should be at stomping ground too
DiscordianTokkan: Charkpont!
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:00 PM PDT (17:03 from now).
korvys: Chunkpunt!
justwhatever_idk: chakpant
chaostreader: Who is in Betrayal Legacy?
djalternative: lrrGRAHAM lrrBEN lrrCAMERON lrrJAMES lrrADAM betray eachoter tomorrow!
ContingentCat: !!!
Bladinus: benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
korvys: benginTraitor
Wicker_Knight: benginRIP
Wicker_Knight: benginRip
ArmadilloAL: You can fit so many legacies in that bad boy.
DiscordianTokkan: You can fit so much betrayal in this house!
MAPBoardgames: Bentrayal Legacy
Mashamino: mmmm, delightful
amythist: so who else bets Ben will be the first betrayer
chaostreader: To confirm. That’s Graham, Ben, Cam, James, and Matt?
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
Fruan: James AND Adam? There is going to be SO MUCH betrayal
theneatestburrito: lrrGRAHAM lrrCAMERON lrrJAMES lrrADAM benginTraitor
azureHaights: *pats head of Ben* you can fit so few fucks given in this boy
Tangsm: "We're going to be betraying each other for months at a time" on stream.
chaostreader: Ah. Adam. Not Matt.
Xafty: game 1 is meh, but its overall good
red_shoes_jeff: lrrGRAHAM lrrCAMERON lrrADAM lrrJAMES benginTraitor
DiscordianTokkan: I really hope you guys get to chapter 2 tomorrow. :D
Evochron13: every week there will be a new betrayer - and a new person will be replaced :P
Earthenone: ~lasttweet one more
LRRTwitter: [1h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Rather last minute, but join James for a special ...One More? on Friday starting at 1:00PM Pacific for your first chance to check out the newly updated Erangel map update! | ||
loki_lxix: he tweeted all about it
mtvcdm: !schedule
LRRbot: The streaming schedule received a revamp on March 31! Check this video for more details: Or if you just want to see the schedule itself,
chaostreader: Bear. Force. One.
MAPBoardgames: A surprise PUBG stream!
Erkartor: will you play bear tribal on friday?
Earthenone: bears are illegal on firday
niccus: the original brothers grimm version
chaostreader: Oh, right. That’s unfortunate.
dangerous_safety: Putting the R in Pixar
korvys: Graham will be playing Bear tribal next Wednesday, over on the Game Knights :P
Evochron13: It's plague rats
randomino5: apaulagize
ContingentCat: They're not on the google calander either
Wicker_Knight: benginTraitor
Fruan: That game knights release date is tentative, I believe. It looks like a hell of a video to edit.
Evochron13: ben getting his betrayal in early Kappa
red_shoes_jeff: benginTraitor
affinityforpie: oh heck, I was not expecting to come home from work and find LRR playing Dice Throne, heck yeah y'all!! gonna go watch the vod in a bit
chaostreader: @fruan How do you know that?
Sektor88: Windows Server 2021 Kappa
XprotoformX: Zune 2.0
Alahmnat: 2 hours of XBOX body wash
Fruan: @chaostreader They tweeted about it
chaostreader: Ah.
Earthenone: its ALL wrong
justwhatever_idk: would legit be more interested in Xbox at this point if the newest one was just a gaming pc
Earthenone: is sean plott doing that again?
innovativemethods: They *are* gaming PCs, though?
Sektor88: quantum sponsorship :P
big_large: ubisoft presser is going to be bananas, so hype
Wicker_Knight: #BlameJames
Megaparsec256: Schedules are overrated
korvys: I hope Day9 is doing it again, PC gaming needs come charisma :P
MAPBoardgames: #BlameJames
justwhatever_idk: we all know what the schedule is
tenthtechpriest: JAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES
Sektor88: I want devolver digital's presser so bad. it's ART
Dog_of_Myth: #BlameJames
ThorSokar: #AlwaysBlameJames
Grevas13: #blamsjams
thundershot879: #BlameJames
ContingentCat: !!!
coriolis_storm: Hashtag SponsoredNotSponsored
Xafty: james is busy designing pokemon
Baldrash: Yay Animal Crossing!
Juliamon: #Blame lrrJAMES
djalternative: #Blame lrrJAMES
Earthenone: after the flood Gaiden
EscherichiaCole: lrrHEATHER slytqBORK
Sektor88: gaiden!
ContingentCat: as a spa episode?
red_shoes_jeff: "What is James Turner doing!?" Art Director for Pokemon, apparently.
thundershot879: an
thundershot879: *another carnival episode?!
Xafty: @red_shoes_jeff glad im not the only one that noticed
djalternative: Subs?
Bladinus: subs!
ContingentCat: subs!
mtvcdm: Cubs?
thundershot879: subs?
TheChargingBadger: Schedules a right mess
red_shoes_jeff: @Xafty Right?
justwhatever_idk: streams always celebrating the subs when will the doms get their credit
Earthenone: the doms are the ones getting paid :P
Wicker_Knight: doms get their own credit :P
ContingentCat: Pride69
korvys: Doms are the ones donating subs
Xafty: @red_shoes_jeff i litterally said outloud "Famous youtuber James Turner ALSO works for gamefreak?"
chaostreader: Someone dom me? That sounds wrong?
MAPBoardgames: Nice! +1
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haseo_sora: Coming in at the end... Can't wait till tomorrow, when the start of many chances for Ben to be the traitor will happen in 'The Long Game.'
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korvys: That's the first 70 I've seen
Xafty: im so glad im off work sunday and monday, wont miss any live E3 coverage
chaostreader: @korvys I think there was one at the preprerelease.
justwhatever_idk: I missed seeing a 69 months rip
ContingentCat: kathle3HEX
red_shoes_jeff: @Xafty Next Mine O Clock's gonna have an interesting beginning, I can just tell.
tenthtechpriest: nice
Bladinus: nice
Dog_of_Myth: nice
red_shoes_jeff: nice
justwhatever_idk: 34 nice
EscherichiaCole: kathle3HEX
Xafty: @red_shoes_jeff i WILL be there
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mtvcdm: This now concludes another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always afraid.
djalternative: A "Special" game
red_shoes_jeff: BUY!
DiscordianTokkan: geeklyOkay
korvys: eeeeeeeee
lucha_libro: Well.. now I'm a little sad.. what to have on now?