PerpetualDM: Insert awesome metal music: Ghost - Rats
Issurru: YOOOOOO
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL seabatBRAIN lrrSIGNAL
Issurru: monkey, you're so slow Kappa
PerpetualDM: Platypus!
m0nkeyrama: excuse me @Issurru DansGame
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today Adam continues playing the remastered version of Darksiders on the PS4. | It's Legend of Zelda but with more belts. | ||
Issurru: did you sneeze or something monkey OpieOP
m0nkeyrama: I'm also only here for like, 10 minutes today NotLikeThis
Issurru: RIP
Issurru: look at you, being all important and stuff
Issurru: having places to be LUL
m0nkeyrama: I'm meeting up with some friends to go draft MH1 today 👀
TXC2: people to see
m0nkeyrama: I'm ready to lose every game LUL
Issurru: look at you drafting MH1
Issurru: just draft slivers
TXC2: ^
m0nkeyrama: Just get passed the first sliver 4Head
Issurru: and make sure to hate draft that plague engineer dude so you dont get wrecked
realhillwolf: yay just in time
m0nkeyrama: oh for real, that engineer is nutty
Schokobeau: I just read the title, "Robsniders", I'm in stitches LUL
TXC2: Here we GO!
sir_jack_DB: boop
m0nkeyrama: Gooood Morning, Adam!
Schokobeau: Hello everyone! Hello ADAM!
TXC2: Schokobeau it's a good one
Issurru: well hallo
PerpetualDM: Watching Adam on the main monitor and playinf PoE in windowed mode seabatBRAIN seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
TXC2: Hello Adam
kumatsu: Darksiders time seabatTROG
Lettuce_Toast: Just popping in for our boi, adam. A great entertainer and excellent role model
DeadlyWinchester: hello adam
sir_jack_DB: \o/
TXC2: "we made it, another Saturday" big fuckin mood right there
m0nkeyrama: How're you this morning, Adam?
Schokobeau: Thank you again for the Dauntless recommendation, Adam! I'm hooked badly Kappa
MercurialVox: time to throw some CARS
Driosenth: Call me Ishmael?
Issurru: but the question is, am I a good video game
m0nkeyrama: I'm going to draft MH1 in a little bit, any advice from LRR's resident expert? seabatBRAIN
Issurru: twitch chat always have problems LUL
TXC2: Issurru only if you can pet the dog
malsareus: Adam with a side of dark
Lettuce_Toast: We're all good videogames on this blessed day
realhillwolf: is this part 3 or 2?
Issurru: TXC2 I have a dog that i'm petting right now, how does that work out?
m0nkeyrama: part 2
kumatsu: Yeah I like this volume level
TXC2: Issurru sure why not
KinoGami: part 17 Kappa
Invitare: Adam, one of the big Warframe partners did a sponsored Dauntless video. It's quite funny
m0nkeyrama: second time streaming it SeriousSloth
KinoGami: counting previous attempts Kappa
TXC2: Part Rutabaga
kumatsu: Shredder I remember being p good
RvLeshrac: Finally time to go deep into Vulgrim's Serpent Holes.
Schokobeau: Remember in D&D, what it took to take down Tiamat? Kappa
m0nkeyrama: Parry god incoming 👀
BusTed: yooooo
noSmokeFire: "serpent hole"
Schokobeau: Daigo parrys?
m0nkeyrama: Busteeeeeed
TXC2: Schokobeau some Bard trying to fuck it?
Lettuce_Toast: Honestly tiamat is just synonymous with dragon goddess for me, now
RvLeshrac: Vulgrim's Serpent Hole is very spacious.
Issurru: I guess when BusTed isn't a mod he doesn't have to be on time Kappa
m0nkeyrama: Loading zones Kreygasm
Schokobeau: @TXC2 This and glibness is a broken spell
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Malkaresh: Hey Adam. Here's a sub. May your parrys be on point.
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BusTed: What do you mean? When I'm a mod I don't show up at all. Kappa
m0nkeyrama: LUL @BusTed
Issurru: oh so you're like Blue then LUL
BrindleBoar: I really don't like loading zones. Just give me a progress bar, I'll grab a drink, it'll be better for everyone.
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BusTed: combos? seabatTROG
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malsareus: @busted have you checked your mod load order?
sir_jack_DB: oh, right. Mark Hamill
sir_jack_DB: hello there
TXC2: HAY, no snatching, it's rude
RvLeshrac: That was a very Greed animation.
Lettuce_Toast: Oh, Ulthane! Nice
BusTed: Pray I do not alter it further.
kumatsu: Yelling at Mark Hamil: the Game
Kraest: HELLO MANY sergeFriend S! How goes the white whaling?
TXC2: hello Kraest welcome
BusTed: rekt
wildpeaks: War, war never changes
Schokobeau: Also yooo, that Betrayal game was seriously fun to watch! Seriously need to look up that game now for our group
TXC2: in here? aren't we outside?
m0nkeyrama: Hm
BrindleBoar: clowring
wildpeaks: domed
m0nkeyrama: Yooo
Schokobeau: I really like the voice acting in this game
DeadlyWinchester: Samael's inspirational speech
erloas: That guy really looks like someone we can trust and believe
Pharmacistjudge: Good Day adam and chat
Didero: Why would you even think of killing Mark Hamill?
Pharmacistjudge: what's the haps?
Didero: Also, good evening!
Alness49: benginChaos
TXC2: hello Pharmacistjudge welcome
m0nkeyrama: The voice acting sure makes it sound like they had fun recording their lines
Schokobeau: Exactly
TXC2: Didero to gain his courage, his rich tasty courage Kappa
RvLeshrac: It is definitely possible to organically gather all the collectibles in the game.
m0nkeyrama: Suddenly inverted camera seabatYIKES
TXC2: did we suddenly turn into a plane or a boat at some time?
m0nkeyrama: game plz
RvLeshrac: Invert X.
Invitare: maybe y
Erudite_Cynic: invert just y?
Invitare: maybe you're the one who is inverted
wildpeaks: the illusion of choice
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wildpeaks: looks like a good place to play Spheda
m0nkeyrama: spheda in darksiders Kreygasm
Didero: Yeah, forgetting controls is annoying. It sometimes happen to me WHILE I'm playing the game in question too, which is really disorienting
Sibwow: @LoadingReadyRun adam your warped tour (and hockey) stories from the panalysts had me almost peeing myself it was so funny
nkcola: Aww yeah, Twitch's most handsome streamer stealin some souls~
RvLeshrac: You do get more stuff from executions.
Traion: Hey Chat, hey handsome streamy boi
m0nkeyrama: Looks like it gives more
bloodybighead: Morning, chat. Yo, Adam.
TXC2: hello Traion welcome
TXC2: hello bloodybighead welcome
bloodybighead: thanks txc2.
Wondermoo: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
unusuallylargemoth: I wasn't able to be here yesterday because it was my berfdeh and I was out. Convenient that best boy Savidan is here.
unusuallylargemoth: @LoadingReadyRun hey Adam, can I get a happy birthday?
unusuallylargemoth: Well, belated in any case . _ .
TXC2: happy birthday unusuallylargemoth
kumatsu: I think it gives I Frames?
kumatsu: to do the fancy kills
m0nkeyrama: Happy birthday!
m0nkeyrama: belated or otherwise @unusuallylargemoth
unusuallylargemoth: !
Traion: Happy Birthdat unusuallylargemoth!
m0nkeyrama: Got the extra special booth birthday wishes seabatTROG
Sibwow: happy birthday twitch chat
ReynardWrecca: Happy Birthday!
StillAnEmoKid: Happy birthday!
Issurru: woo caps
Bladinus: Happy birthday, Twitch chat
Issurru: means i'm cool LUL
PerpetualDM: Twitch Chat? that's me!
Wondermoo: happy birthday
ReynardWrecca: (...I've got my 40th in a few months)
Kraest: @unusuallylargemoth HAP BORF OPEN CAEK EET PRESNTS
unusuallylargemoth: @loadingreadyrun it was an excellent birthday, I had a good steak, ribs, steak fries, and I went a bit overboard with desert and launched myself headfirst into a foodcoma, which is why this is a belated request.
TXC2: unusuallylargemoth seems legit
Issurru: Adam never said if he'd buy me a birthday beer, he just called me an idiot Kappa
m0nkeyrama: LUL
BusTed: Very nice.
m0nkeyrama: Was he wrong Kappa
unusuallylargemoth: but thank you for the birthday's greetings, Adam and Adam's twitch chat!
unusuallylargemoth: I hope you all have excellent times ahead!
ReynardWrecca: Adam, is there a Super Showdown SSW coming? It'd be interesting to hear you two be positive about THAT...
m0nkeyrama: lrrHEART lrrHEART
BusTed: slytqShrug
TXC2: this was the arboretum Kappa
ReynardWrecca: Seems sensible.
Didero: Doesn't this take place a few centuries after humans go extinct?
BusTed: Maybe it was their park.
sir_jack_DB: welcome to the jungle baby, you're gonna diiiieeee
m0nkeyrama: Super Showdown seabatYIKES
Schokobeau: that's a nope-a-rino
TXC2: I dare to presume super showdown is one of the Saudi shows ?
sir_jack_DB: lrrHORN
Hellishdream: The only thing worth watching in SSD was Goldburg and Taker botching each other so badly they almost die.
Schokobeau: Adam toots where he pleases
m0nkeyrama: It was @TXC2
KidAmn: You mean you didn't want to see a show equal to or better than Wrestlemania?
ReynardWrecca: Indeed @TXC2, and not only is the whole premise just bloody awful, but the show was catclysmically awful by all accounts.
cutaos: PrideWingL seabatTROG wing test
eric4678: hey
eric4678: Adam
ReynardWrecca: One of the headliners, Goldberg, APOLOGISED publicly for the match.
m0nkeyrama: oof
KidAmn: Absolutely nothing changed at all
eric4678: on what platform is this?
TXC2: eric4678 PS4
thebluecosmonaut: sup boss
Hellishdream: It was *that* bad Adam.
BusTed: yo blue
J_Rey15: you know it's bad when you almost kill an undead man
KidAmn: Goldberg concussed himself headbutting a locker pre-match, which dragged his entrance out to like 6 minutes while they checked him out and STILL SENT HIM OUT
thebluecosmonaut: sup ted
TXC2: like the Saudi shows are just fan fic basically :P
m0nkeyrama: Biiiig seabatYIKES
m0nkeyrama: Hiya Blue
nightbird827: The match wasn't THAT bad but they really botched the ending lol
TXC2: hello thebluecosmonaut welcome
thebluecosmonaut: love 2 give myself concussions because i hate lockers
KidAmn: Taker then made sure he was concussed by dropping him on his head with the Tombstone
Hellishdream: This is why you don't push 60 year old men who believe their own myths.
BusTed: eff lockers amirite
aerohydra: adam! new poe league?
ReynardWrecca: @TXC2 Permission to post the link to Goldberg's Twitter?
KidAmn: and Goldberg returned the favour by botching a Jackhammer into a goddamn brainbuster
TXC2: ReynardWrecca sure
wierdo_of_OZ: fuck yeah darkyboiiiis
J_Rey15: When the total age between two people exceeds 100, it's probably best they dont wrestle
RvLeshrac: Everyone's favourite, the Escort Mission In A 100% Action Platformer
BusTed: toot toot
sir_jack_DB: lrrHORN
PerpetualDM: Escort quests in 2019???
malsareus: No friendly sword swings
Hellishdream: Fool, War toots as he pleases.
KidAmn: Lets put it this way: 75% of the matches at Super Showdown are happening again exactly or barely changed at Stomping Grounds in 2 weeks
sir_jack_DB: oh yes, I remember hating this
TXC2: do not ask for whom war toots, for he toots for thee
RvLeshrac: You care deeply if they die, because otherwise you have to do it agian.
RvLeshrac: again*
malsareus: Now if only we had a firesword, we could talk about friendly fire
RvLeshrac: Everything is good, and situational.
RvLeshrac: Witcher 3 had great escort quests.
whatthebus: or 20. dark days they were
kumatsu: Remember the "escort quest this decrepit grandma" in Legion?
RvLeshrac: In that the person you were escorting moved their fucking ass.
RvLeshrac: And would get in front of you.
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nullrush: escort missions are peak gameplay
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TXC2: escort missions are only ok if the escort can't die
m0nkeyrama: Escort missions ResidentSleeper
Issurru: I remember RE4, the entire game was an escort quest LUL
Schokobeau: LEON
Lettuce_Toast: The Witcher 3's escort quests were fine imo, lacked most of the issues I have with them
Schokobeau: Ashley, I'm comin for you!
m0nkeyrama: Adam, did you get a chance to check out the new dye regions in Dauntless? You can get permanent jeans seabatTROG
Hellishdream: I loved Silent Hill 4's escort quest and the fact that your ending depended on how hurt they were at the end.
nullrush: I think you can still get gold placement with 5
RvLeshrac: You're never gonna plat this if you dont' give it 100%.
DMGlol: D:
whatthebus: ayyyyyy
RvLeshrac: Wow.
m0nkeyrama: LUL
RvLeshrac: How rude.
m0nkeyrama: Classic
hunkajunk: having your nuts platted seems painful.
Traion: Wait we can put a platinum coating on your nuts? Deal!
ReynardWrecca: I heard 'plait deez nuts', which sounds terrifyingly painful.
CaptainSpam: So how dark IS this side?
Lettuce_Toast: At least 20 dark
CaptainSpam: 20, you say... hm... that's pretty dark...
black9law: hey man
kumatsu: Such dark, much side
nullrush: is this where you were swimming in circles before?
m0nkeyrama: Secrets 👀
malsareus: But 5 pf that dark is due to us being in the shadowrealm
m0nkeyrama: Fake secrets 👀
Kraest: it's so easy to swim in circles in this area
malsareus: Regular dark is 15
BusTed: We can do a few laps for old time's sake.
ReynardWrecca: Big Al says Horsemen can't look up.
m0nkeyrama: Alrighty, gotta head out and get in some commander games before we go draft MH1 seabatTROG Have fun with the rest of the stream, Adam + chat!
TXC2: so long m0nkeyrama have fun
RvLeshrac: "Please don't be another escort mission" > All escort missions
KidAmn: You know, the more of this I watch, the more I think people had some serious rose-tinted glasses for this game compared to DaSi 2
sir_jack_DB: xD
RvLeshrac: Not sure if execution gives you more juice.
TXC2: KidAmn nostalgia is a powerful drug
RvLeshrac: Hey, you're halfway there.
Mister_BlueSky: Honestly the thing about this at the time was it just exceeded a lot of peoples low expectations of it.
Lettuce_Toast: Darksiders 2 was a definite improvement and I'm not even especially fond of that game but something about 1 just kinda feels right sometimes
BusTed: turns out you're a bigger dude
CaptainSpam: Big dude hurts, it turns out.
RvLeshrac: It would have been *amazing* if that ran out with one left on the meter
BusTed: WutFace
whatthebus: WutFace
kumatsu: Samael's "I drank too much and I think I'm about to vom" face
TXC2: WutFace
nullrush: more arena challenges!
kumatsu: Yeah, you do
kumatsu: it's... eh
TXC2: the challenges will continue until morale improves
malsareus: Nope, thisis the last door dude
Kraest: I think this is the last grouping of these specific kinds of trials
BusTed: get countered, nerds
nullrush: ezpz
RvLeshrac: Most of the challenges go pretty quick.
Issurru: why are you looking into Saurons eye?
RvLeshrac: There are just a few with the awful timers.
ReynardWrecca: Basic gamer etiquette; see a chest, smash the bugger and collect the floating blobs.
kumatsu: Floating blobs are where it's AT
RvLeshrac: You jumped down earlier, but I think the game wants you to go to the end, then come back.
geekvs: rob snider is a stapler....
TXC2: "hmm we need to pad out this section....."
RvLeshrac: My only real problem with these was that stupid animation at the beginning of *EVERY* one of them.
RvLeshrac: Like yeah, I get it, eyeball, just already have that done by the time I get here.
BusTed: Bonus Level
kumatsu: the car-rumph
Mr_Horrible: The Ancient Trial of Combat by Buick
TXC2: Taxi's here Kappa
noSmokeFire: and the lord said: let my angel go forth and smite the unworthy with mine automobiles
CaptainSpam: Cars don't appear to do much damage.
ReynardWrecca: You carred so hard you carred the cars.
malsareus: Smack em with that family car
BusTed: Just stand on one side and use lightning kick .
Lettuce_Toast: g a m e p l a y
Hellishdream: War hates cars. He will only drive a Tesla.
TXC2: "so Johnny what you got for us? a liitle music, maybe a joke?" "no I'm gonna lift this buick skylark over my head"
RvLeshrac: Gotta like this one, you just get infinite cars to smash faces with.
malsareus: The bats die to 1 car
Alness49: Come on down to Beelzebub's Combat Arena and Car Lot! Drive away a new car, or take it to go!
BusTed: P E R F E C T
MechaNoelle: is this a first time playthrough?
CaptainSpam: It's like, okay, fine, car throwing is fun, but it seems tedious and not all that useful compared to just sword-in-face.
RvLeshrac: This is like a 1.4 time play through.
BusTed: If he finishes it is.
RvLeshrac: But the .4 is just a .1 over and over again.
MechaNoelle: oh ENJOY
Mr_Horrible: "Eye Seal, what happened to the contents of my demonic garage?" "Uhhhh, nothing, don't worry about it?
Hellishdream: Adam, he's The *Horseman* of War, of course he gets a HORSE.
geekvs: is their golf in this one?
noSmokeFire: he could get a motorcycle
TXC2: geekvs sadly no
monosceros: maybe War is a horse person
Mr_Horrible: Here, we got you this attitude as a gift omgFlower
MechaNoelle: War is a totla horse boi
BusTed: Maybe it's a metaphorical horse.
noSmokeFire: give me one of those Horse Girls books but it's War instead
erloas: as they said, everything can be golf if you try hard enough
MechaNoelle: total*
kumatsu: Secrets lrrDILLY
TXC2: My little Horseman of the Apocalypse?
noSmokeFire: war doots as he pleases
DeadlyWinchester: I think war is more of the baseball fan
MechaNoelle: You woke 'em up
Issurru: k thx bai Kappa
geekvs: adam have u tried singleton on arena yet?
kumatsu: he got that ROCK booty
TXC2: War is Clearly a hockey fan
noSmokeFire: Heeeeelp I've faaaaaalllen and I cannnnn't get uuuuuup
Hellishdream: Now War is in the sewers. Great.
Pantsravaganza: Now I can block paths of my choosing
RvLeshrac: Your Fish Sense was tingling, as that fish tried to bite you in the ass.
Hellishdream: And of course there are demon eels.
TXC2: good thing we dont breath
betsytheripper: breathing is for losers
MechaNoelle: look, noone likes water levels in zelda games. Same is true here
malsareus: Breathing is for humans
RvLeshrac: They don't just explode, they take off like 1/2 a health bar.
malsareus: You need to level up your scythe
Kraest: I hear Old Vulgrim's got something new for you
noSmokeFire: he's a demon, he's annoying you on purpose
ReynardWrecca: It sure ain't no "What'cha buying...strangerrrr? Ha-ha-ha..."
malsareus: It isn’t smart enough for that move yet
BusTed: Masterworks all, you can't go wrong.
sir_jack_DB: oLd VuLgRiM's GoT sOmEtHiNg NeW fOr YoU Kappa
Lettuce_Toast: please take your time
TXC2: an eggcalent choice
Musicsquid: Is this that new devil may cry all the kids are talking about lrrBEEJ
Hellishdream: War's not worthy.
noSmokeFire: you are not worthy to weld the power of thor
malsareus: Scythe has a lot of reach, sword has flexibility
DeadlyWinchester: how didnt we notice him lol
RvLeshrac: HAHA
Grescheks: that's cinematic art right there
RvLeshrac: Yeah that camera was wild.
RvLeshrac: You need to ensure Graham sees that.
Hellishdream: Yes.
noSmokeFire: no, that was whack
DrWreckage: Yeah it's a cinnamatic effect
Grescheks: they did do a thing
Driosenth: I just want him to say "donkay"
noSmokeFire: I like this guy in 3, he keeps teleporting in his cut scenes
Grescheks: toot at him!
MechaNoelle: shut up Na'vi
Didero: Thanks for letting us figure that out ourselves, game
Lettuce_Toast: everybody has such huge feet
betsytheripper: whoa where'd all this plot come from
TXC2: the fuck is going on?
Issurru: Dude got HAMMERED LUL
noSmokeFire: he jumps real high
Invitare: he took the stairs
geekvs: top 10 anime betrayals
TehAmelie: how goes the war?
Alness49: Like that
BusTed: *smash sound*
kumatsu: One of these days, Angel
TXC2: TehAmelie we've hit all the plot
betsytheripper: all's that's left of that dude is some ethereal feathers, nice
nullrush: you may notice a counter at the top
MechaNoelle: doot doot
malsareus: Adam, this is a competition
BusTed: command grabs NotLikeThis
BusTed: ks
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Lettuce_Toast: the kill steals wow
nullrush: there's still plenty more to go
Traion: Adam "Murder Looser" Savidan :P
malsareus: The game is still going, you can do this
Lettuce_Toast: In this world it's steal or be stolen
TXC2: how many fucking pillows does this guy have?
RvLeshrac: Gotta Kill Fast
Hellishdream: Of course you have two arms, Angel.
BusTed: He lives a very plush life.
Alness49: All's fair in love and war
nullrush: shove off pigeons
Driosenth: "two arms" you say? Not for much for much longer.
noSmokeFire: maybe this would be easier if your character didn't put his sword away after every stroke
RvLeshrac: Big combos!
malsareus: He has reach
BusTed: hax
TXC2: big brain plays here
AntiCrepuscular: heheheh
BusTed: big toots
AntiCrepuscular: get glaived :D
Traion: Adam wins through bugs! Win by Default! PogChamp
noSmokeFire: my man just moonwalking off to the side
BusTed: pathing sploitz
RvLeshrac: There might be an issue here.
Alness49: You didn't just cheat the game, you cheated yourself...
nullrush: dude too strong
Mushbie: this game looks like a flawless masterpiece
betsytheripper: clearly this game is perfect and designed like this haha
AntiCrepuscular: physics pls
BusTed: bamboozled
AntiCrepuscular: LUL
TXC2: "is it me you're looking for"
nullrush: after so much effort
Lettuce_Toast: game heard us talking shit
RvLeshrac: Tossed like a dwarf.
BusTed: fastball special'd
MechaNoelle: keep up the good nonsense
BusTed: This must be a catchup area.
v_nome: Streets ahead!
nullrush: it's funny how much just adding that tracker at the top makes you want to do the combat more
TXC2: I really like the design of the angels
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matthew_dauber: yay four months. keep up tjhe awesome work
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yourluckisone: hey adam, quick question, why did you write gamehaüs with an ü?
AntiCrepuscular: bullat?
nullrush: pick up the gun
IanJacek: You want that cannon
malsareus: Take the cannon
TXC2: yourluckisone because it's funny
TXC2: "pft, you call that a stabbing?"
nullrush: yeah, the gun makes this section significantly easier
BusTed: I remember it like it was right now.
MechaNoelle: he has maybe 5 lines
Hellishdream: Can't you parry long range shots?
CaptainSpam: Are you SUPPOSED to be able to dodge? Because that doesn't seem to be an option.
malsareus: The guy you killed in the building dropped a massive cannon you can use
BusTed: rayfkWelp
malsareus: This is supposed to be a shooter section
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kanimaras: 21 months! That's numberwang
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TXC2: like the cleaning of a house, it never ends
Traion: Isn't this near you quit at one point?
Zaghrog: incoming gun pickup
Traion: *where you
malsareus: Next guy has the cannon
nullrush: nope, unlimited ammo
Tiber727: fun fact: the game forces you to drop the gun at a certain point, but you can get another angel with a gun to attack the smith, the pick up another gun after that point, and take the gun into the boss fight.
TXC2: "now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho"
CaptainSpam: Wow, that doesn't make things easier at all!
RvLeshrac: That does seem like a lot of damage.
itsr67: well this seems not fair
itsr67: at all
Lettuce_Toast: wtf you just got slaughtered
geekvs: pro gamer Adam
rocketjohn: Adam: Stands in the open. Also Adam: wonders why he's being shot.
seth_erickson: jinkies
Alness49: I remember this bit being rather miserable
Traion: Can you dodge while holding the gun?
ReynardWrecca: This is why I can never enjoy games like this, I can't stop my stupid brain going "...but why do angels need guns? What are they firing?"
TXC2: well that was some bull shit
noSmokeFire: maybe you'd take less damage if your pillows were better stuffed
malsareus: Because you walked straight into all their lines of fire?
malsareus: Further back
malsareus: Don’t aggro them all at once
Issurru: hax????? Kappa
geekvs: that sounds like a you problem
Grescheks: jamieCare jamieCare jamieCare
itsr67: it's so weird that a hack & slash game forces you to take on a completely different strategy for this section
DrWreckage: It's just one or two folks in an otherwise supportive chat
Lettuce_Toast: This is pretty out of left field
Drathak: Adam you're great
DrWreckage: I wish we could make those people shut up, I really do
Sibwow: mods pls halp
Traion: Behave Chat
Invitare: isn't... that how these streams work?
Drathak: Some people need to be timed out
ZeniteZero: Hey, Adam! Here: moon2CUTE
geekvs: im raggen on u adam i love ur stuff
Drathak: @geekvs not the time
malsareus: That’s going pretty well
CaptainSpam: I think it also doesn't help that a lot of these attacks seem to be coming from the blind spot generated by War's dumb thick body being in the way of the view.
Alness49: This is a bad section. You can do this! ItsBoshyTime
AntiCrepuscular: Holy heck this is a lot of enemies
Grescheks: CaptainSpam are you saying War is dummy thicc?
noSmokeFire: you beat me to it
Drathak: Well yeah, just look at him @Grescheks
CaptainSpam: Grescheks: Was getting there. Kappa
ZeniteZero: Ya know what a hack&slash game doesn't need? A shooting gallery section.
Lettuce_Toast: A tedious one at that
Schokobeau: Does this count as a turret section?
Mister_Skittles: wait why are we gears of war all of a sudden lol
noSmokeFire: the honk of this cover shooter section keeps giving him away
TXC2: the clap of his asscheck doesn't alert the guards so much as just kills them Kappa
Traion: This seems like a real weird include in a a hack-and-slash game
nullrush: protip if you respawn again, you can go pick up that health chest once you're low
nullrush: this segment is more grueling than most
BusTed: lrrGOAT
nullrush: the one near where you spawned in
ReynardWrecca: @TXC2 Imagine THAT as a special attack - dummy thicc assclapocalypse.
AntiCrepuscular: lrrHORN
RvLeshrac: How the hell did you hit 41?
RvLeshrac: I was only gone for a couple minutes
itsr67: yeah @ZeniteZero this went from fun hack & slash to very slow gun section with no warning
MechaNoelle: Darksiders 1 is definitely the weakest of the entries
rocketjohn: That's fair Adam, I apologise for giving you shit.
ZeniteZero: @itsr67 yeah, I remember playing this game and going "wait, what?" in this part
Traion: It's not unfair Adam. People need some days of calm sometimes
BusTed: It is up to chat to read the room.
nullrush: where does the bit end and reality begin?
BusTed: Right.
rocketjohn: Yup, that's very fair.
Schokobeau: That's super fair.
CaptainSpam: I mean, I'm not giving you shit, this just seems like a crap section, is all.
kanimaras: Most of Twitch chat isn't even wearing pants
noSmokeFire: not just reading what we say without inflection, but reading messages from dozens of people in a constant stream
Mister_Skittles: Its not on you Adam. Chat should be able to read the room as it where. Your doing well in a very weird part of this game
nullrush: on the plus, you're 20 kills ahead
TXC2: lrrHEART Adam
Eklinaar: lrrHEART
DrWreckage: We totally get it. But a certain segment of people will never get it.
Drathak: I'm with there with you bro, take a break of you need to
Lettuce_Toast: I am currently, but will admit to being usually pantsless
Mister_Skittles: you just keep doing you <3
AntiCrepuscular: Damn, look at that scoreboard
itsr67: we benginHeart lrrHEART you adam
Hellishdream: To be fair, this part is frustrating and un-fun, so us being smarmy jerks doesn't help.
MTGNerdGirl: mtgngHi mtgngHi
MechaNoelle: Adam, rage more irl, you kill shit faster somehow
nullrush: stealin kills
TXC2: hello MTGNerdGirl welcome
kanimaras: maybe a good workout day if you have time. good for internet frustration release
Lettuce_Toast: Wait
Drathak: lol woops
Lettuce_Toast: what
ReynardWrecca: Hi @MTGNerdGirl !
rocketjohn: nooooo what?
Mister_Skittles: its like adding a random archery section to my dynasty warriors
Traion: I think we have heard "Your Justice is at hand" "Shove off pigeons" and "My pillows need stuffing" like a thousand times each by now
malsareus: You won!
Traion: Hey Brittany
rocketjohn: oh ok
Invitare: tense moment
Mister_Skittles: gun too heavy, no jump lol
MTGNerdGirl: @LoadingReadyRun Hello Sliver King!
BusTed: No more light zapper.
Schokobeau: weird transition
rocketjohn: i thought it was going to checkpoint you back.
Drathak: Or maybe you're more built for part time streaming?
ReynardWrecca: Hey, that kind of chat response is BRUTALLY difficult, if you don't feel 100% about it...
AntiCrepuscular: :lrrGOAT:
kanimaras: I blame this game. It's cursed!
TXC2: it sure is Adam
AntiCrepuscular: lrrGOAT
Drathak: Aw yeah he had the crazy sliver deck at the PPR but just didn't get tappy luck
Traion: Silver King was a wrestler and died last month at age 51 according to Wikipedia
RvLeshrac: Well, now you have more armour
MTGNerdGirl: @ReynardWrecca Hello
Alness49: Wow, reward was lore. What everyone wants.
noSmokeFire: war's more of a headed horselessman
Mister_Skittles: what voice actor is that? i know it from somewhere
Ka2Zen: you are definitely very good at streaming @LoadingReadyRun
Traion: Did we get anything from winning yet?
TXC2: Mister_Skittles Mark Hamil
Ferisar: @Mister_Skittles the watcher? it's hamil
the_one_and_only_kim: I really enjoyed watdhing you on the Commander Stream and Bewtrayal Legacy over the last few days while ive been home sick
CaptainSpam: The cooldown from that dive move looks more like she just faceplanted into the ground.
BusTed: Heroes never die!
BusTed: They get cutscene escapes.
Ferisar: war is illidan, watcher is luke
Lettuce_Toast: Watcher is hamill, War is illidan/liam o'brien
Ferisar: scottish guy is a guy pretending to be a scottish guy
accountmadeforants: Get out mah swamp!
RvLeshrac: Ulthane's VA is French
TXC2: "get out me swamp!"
BusTed: He's laid claim over it, I guess.
monosceros: he thinks it is, and no one is gonna debate those fists
MechaNoelle: he owns downtown
Mister_Skittles: are you gonna argue with him
Hellishdream: Everyone is dead. Who is to say it isn't his yard?
ReynardWrecca: What ARE property laws after the End Times?
khawl: squatter's rights?
Lettuce_Toast: As a scottish guy, the accent isn't terrible but it's emphasising the wrong parts "yers" makes me cringe a little
Grescheks: I mean, *I'm* not gonna argue with him
Alness49: Who else wants it?
Traion: Did we get nothing for winning the race? (I mean it didn't seem like we could loose but still)
Thandres: are you willing to ask him that to his face? :o
noSmokeFire: he's squatted long enough that he owns it by commonlaw
malsareus: Possession is 9 10th of the law
TXC2: Traion we won not having to do it again
Zaghrog: Does it matter if his accent seems Scottish but isn't actually?
BusTed: gamers like to see numbers go up
Ferisar: i lost it the first time
Ferisar: like a decade ago i think
Grescheks: Traion we got "Combat Lore", which increases our weapon experience gained
Kraest: You can lose it. If you do, you have to do it again until you don't lose it.
Ferisar: nothing he just talks shit
Thandres: higher numbers seabatTROG
RvLeshrac: 2010, yes.
TXC2: sure did
MechaNoelle: 2010
Lettuce_Toast: it's probably just to promote the competitive rivalry between War and Ulthane
Traion: I remember this part from the 36hour stream
RvLeshrac: You do not in fact have to do it again.
cutaos: just watched the vid of the dice friends solo adam It was really fun seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL
Hellishdream: We're all so old, Adam.
TXC2: yeap, we're all so very old
Darleysam: help, I'm being attacked by the passage of time!
ReynardWrecca: About to turn 40...
accountmadeforants: Gah, I'm aging in real time!
RvLeshrac: Samael's VA was in Golden Axe
malsareus: January 5th 2010
Pteraspidomorphi: Nice textures for 2010
Pantsravaganza: I've been getting that feeling a lot too
Darleysam: I can't have been 26 when this game out...
AntiCrepuscular: Metal Gear?!
kanimaras: Getting old is like outrunning bears. As long as you're not older than James you're okay.
TXC2: like 2010 was when college was finishing me off
RvLeshrac: Oh, Samael's VA was also a Diablo 3 VA
accountmadeforants: Something about a giant enemy crab, massive damage
BusTed: It kinda has a Zelda boss giant eyeball vibe.
RvLeshrac: Uriel's voice actress is "Moon Bloodgood"
MechaNoelle: I love this game so much but geez its got some issues
Traion: Shoot the glowy bit is usually the strat in a game like this
Lettuce_Toast: ah yes, a large gun that makes you walk slow. The best thing to put into a hack 'n' slash bossfight
Pantsravaganza: Crab people. ect
accountmadeforants: RvLeshrac That's amazing
aerobeing: Mark Hamill is everywhere.
Ferisar: if you think the gun sections in this game suck, just you wait for ds2
Ferisar: because hoowee
RvLeshrac: Holy shit.
RvLeshrac: That's not a pseudonym.
RvLeshrac: Her birth name is Korinna Moon Bloodgood
Ferisar: DS2 has one level that's basically a giant gun section
Zaghrog: It's been years since I played this, but aren't most of the sections in this game dragged out too long?
MechaNoelle: Hey darksiders 2 improved them massively
Traion: Want us to grab a map for this section Adam?
BusTed: That is an impressive name.
Ferisar: and it lasts fo r e ve r
Lettuce_Toast: Idk why but I do still love the "everything is a skull" aesthetic
AOD_BooshTV: Who won the Commander game last night?
Hellishdream: Ben.
PraxisMaximus: yeah i think it was improved in DS2
malsareus: Darksiders 2 has a walking turret section that goes on for a while
AOD_BooshTV: Oh really?
khawl: Darksiders (the first one most of all) has a bit of an identity crisis, the games don't quite know what they are/want to be
BusTed: Is this zerg creep?
Kraest: I've beaten Ds2 twice but I keep blocking out most of my memories of it because so much of it was aggravating tedious bullshit
MechaNoelle: it goes on a while but it isn't as bad as that one
Hellishdream: Adam killed Cameron and said "I wanna go home, you win Ben."
RvLeshrac: Yes, Darksiders 2 is a direct upgrade over Darksiders.
Drathak: I liked 2
Ferisar: it's a good game
Laserbeaks_Fury: I dunno, I think the first Darksiders was pretty solid in what kind of game it wanted to be
MechaNoelle: Darksiders 2 is great!
Ferisar: the loot is a bit annoying compared to the tigher experiencer of 1 but some people liked it a lot
SaiyaOrigaia: darksiders 2 is very fun
AOD_BooshTV: I honestly thought Adam had that game
Zaghrog: I actually stopped playing Darksiders 2 near the beginning, because it was throwing MMO levels of useless loot at me
Lettuce_Toast: darksiders 2 does have gaps but is pretty good overall, I'm not a fan of the looting aspect of it though
Zaghrog: I finished it years later though
monosceros: it's pretty lit if you ask me CurseLit
Schokobeau: I remember that the walls in this game always gave me a really bad trip of trypophobia but I'm fine now. So weird.
nullrush: darksiders 2 is in some ways upgrades, I guess more so if you like MMO style loot grinds and skill trees
Alness49: Better action, better protagonist, dungeons were a bit meh
Lettuce_Toast: @Zaghrog I had the exact same experience, wow
Ferisar: you can definitely make death very overpowered in 2 without trying too hard
GoAmpDog2: This part of the game makes replays so hard for me
Ferisar: but it was a neat idea anyway
Kraest: Ds2 is 20 hours of gameplay that could have been condensed to 4 if they took out the bullshit padding that they threw in
RvLeshrac: Oh
RvLeshrac: The narrator in this is also the Commander from MH:W
Lettuce_Toast: Some of the puzzles in 2 got pretty boring for me
Zaghrog: Lettuce_Toast I'm glad I finally looked past the loot issue, it's actually a good game
malsareus: @loadingreadyrun wether you think DS2 is better than 1 largely depends on if you like diablo style loot systems
malsareus: If you do like such loot systems you’ll like DS2 better than 1
Lettuce_Toast: @Zaghrog Yeah I enjoyed it very much on the second go
TXC2: cyclonic rift probably should get banned in EDH
Invitare: well I see water
Invitare: and water dungeons...
Grescheks: at least you don't have an oxygen meter
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Water temple is *always* the worst
kanimaras: water maze. "fun"
accountmadeforants: Yeah, going from a slow shooty section to a water section is not amazing
Schokobeau: uuugh, water temple
Traion: Want us to grab a map for you Adam? :)
khawl: I kinda liked the water temple in Darksiders 2
khawl: spoilers i guess(?)
Laserbeaks_Fury: I am remembering that you'll have to drain the water first
TXC2: why is that there lrrbot?
Laserbeaks_Fury: But it's been a long time, so I might be wrong
Traion: Can you throw it at the red pipes?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Don't let the giant pig fall on you when it dies.
Zaghrog: khawl it was quite pretty to looking
Zaghrog: *pretty to look at
Lettuce_Toast: One day there will be a game with a fun water based section in a popular videogame and the internet will set itself on fire
TXC2: this is where we swam is circles no?
Lettuce_Toast: grammer, pls
Schokobeau: Wars glide felt so underwhelming when I first got it LUL
Grescheks: I thought we swam in circles in an outside area?
Zaghrog: I suspect fun water sections already exist, but those games were not good enough overall to get noticed
Laserbeaks_Fury: No, I distinctly remember doing the exact same thing now that I see how you got out
TXC2: Camera pls
Schokobeau: seems to be very specific
khawl: Random thought. How would a Darksiders 4 work as a game, as it seems you control a new horseman in each game, and the one we have left is Strife, the pistol man, and as evidenced in the first 2 games he has lost both of his pistols...
GoAmpDog2: Go back up top?
PraxisMaximus: cheesed it
thebluecosmonaut: gamer
Schokobeau: WOO!
TXC2: khawl he finger guns everybody Kappa
Traion: I find it interesting that they renamed two of the horsemen for this. Renaming Hunger I get, but Conquest? And to Strife which is just a synonym for war?
monosceros: Pestilence was apparently a licensing thing?
noSmokeFire: strife, if anything, just sounds like War-lite
accountmadeforants: Legally distinct horsepeople, I see
Lettuce_Toast: I'm not sure it was meant to be a strict renaming but I do remember pestilence being an issue
betsytheripper: dang that grip strength
TXC2: pestilence is kinda passive for a action plateformer
ReynardWrecca: War? More like WIRE, amirite?
Traion: I mean the biblical four are Conquest, War, Hunger, and Death. With Conquest often changed to Pestilence. But if you can't use Pestilence why not return to Conquest
PraxisMaximus: right-ish
khawl: and aren't there like 5 different names floating about for the 4 horsemen? war, pestilence, famine, death and conquest
BusTed: Seemed reasonable to me.
Schokobeau: felt right to me.
TXC2: !findquote if we win
LRRbot: Quote #2152: "Hey everybody. Graham Stark here. I don't know how cards work. Vote for me to win on Saturday!" —Graham [2016-03-24]
monosceros: cheese or not, it was clever and it worked, so who cares bloojShrug
Schokobeau: When I played Breath of the Wild, sometimes I just lucked out on the riddles in the temples.
GoAmpDog2: Good job lrrAWESOME
Traion: This guy looks like a Simic experiment
Lettuce_Toast: famine or pestilence are sometimes swapped out with conquest who has been falling out of style
Hellishdream: How would you personify Conquest in context of Darksiders?
khawl: How do you conquer something? WAR
Lettuce_Toast: Mind control abilities, maybe absorbing new powers or weapons from fallen pwoerful bosses
Ferisar: isn't hair really just the head's mustache adam
noSmokeFire: war would look MAZING with a big stache
Laserbeaks_Fury: Conquest is a gamer with an infinite Trophy score Kappa
Hellishdream: Of the Horsemen we've seen so far, Fury was the worst for me personally.
TXC2: you don't need to wage War on a people to conquer them
Laserbeaks_Fury: Conquest is the Boshy
Traion: Conquest is supposed to be one of the horsemen that slay by sword so that feels ideal for a hack-and-slash
Lettuce_Toast: I didn't like fury all that much but strife seems pretty cool I guess
BusTed: The old 'interact and jump are the same button' syndrome.
Hellishdream: I thought Conquest's iconic weapon was a bow.
monosceros: blame the button economy
PraxisMaximus: 👻
accountmadeforants: You can also conquer things through hostile takeovers and gaming the stock market, obvs. So Conquest would be a smart businessperson and the game plays out as one of them spreadsheet-simulators
betsytheripper: lrrSPOOP
TXC2: wasn't darksiders 3 game get made be a different team?
Traion: Hellishdream yeah "by the sword" refers to killing people through weapons ;)
malsareus: Can you just see an accountant with the darksiders visual aesthetic?
TXC2: Hellishdream fun story: the bow used to be death's weapon of choice
accountmadeforants: malsareus Yes and it is glorious
seth_erickson: Cheer100 Cheer100 Bits Just letting you know you're great. Keep up the good work
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Alness49: Are we on hard mode?
khawl: @TXC2 sort of, Vigil went kaput with THQ, but gunfire is made up of some of the ex-vigil folk
TXC2: then it turned to Sycth in the middle ages
TXC2: khawl fair enough
Lettuce_Toast: Funny how it's never the hard games that make people want to put on easy difficulty but the frustrating ones
monosceros: everything is going swimmingly Kappa
seth_erickson: The Underwater Level: the Pinnacle of Gaming
Mister_Skittles: im glad swimming levels left us with the 90s :)
DeadlyWinchester: well, at least there is no limited oxygen
Traion: You know War carries so much metal and belts and other shit on him you'd think that would make a decent armour in combination :P
itsr67: challenges are fun, frustration is not
Schokobeau: other pet peeves: snow worlds or ice worlds, where you have slipping controls applied.
Laserbeaks_Fury: YOU ARE NOT DECLAring these items as deductibles
noSmokeFire: dude, war, that chest was unlocked. just open it
Laserbeaks_Fury: He learned to open chests from Kratos
Schokobeau: Also, sewer levels in general.
Lettuce_Toast: I also hate when a game doesn't trust its combat mechanics and makes every boss fight hinge on a gimmick
Didero: gotta punch the chest first to show it you mean business. Improves the loot level :P
accountmadeforants: Schokobeau Eh, as long as the slipping is predictable and consistent (and the levels are well designed), it can be quite fun.
Hellishdream: War cares not for reasonable actions. War just *breaks* things.
TXC2: ice worlds being slipy at least makes sense
Traion: Good thing humanity build all these controls on a scale that works with War's giant hands and lack of technical skills Kappa
Lettuce_Toast: I like how pokemon does ice actually, to create puzzles
noSmokeFire: ice worlds in platforming games are my nemesis
Laserbeaks_Fury: ehhh, Bodss fights that use the new item you get is a throwback to Zelda
Schokobeau: The only time I found like ice controls to be fun was applied as a puzzle in the first pokemon games. Mind you, these are things that annoy me of course .-.
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accountmadeforants: Heck, CrossCode has an ice area with time trials, I got real good at sliding there.
noSmokeFire: pokemon's deep snow can fuck right off
itsr67: Ice worlds are weird, because in a game about precise jumping and moving like a platformer, I think it just makes it frustrating to play
monosceros: yeeeah, the deep snow right before Snowpoint in DPP was a drag
kerbalized_: benjam40Yee benjam40Haw
Lettuce_Toast: Wow, that's the edgiest lock I've ever seen
seth_erickson: I have also never experienced deep snow
Lettuce_Toast: Well... sword and shield come out in november
itsr67: Gen 4 had a thing called deep snow, where it would take 2 moves to go through
seth_erickson: in pokemon
itsr67: in the overworld
noSmokeFire: and you moved *slow*
itsr67: it was annoying
betsytheripper: doublefist?
Drathak: Ah yes a hulk glove
Kraest: Adam can now fist the world
Schokobeau: Mr Fisto applied?
Mr_Horrible: shocking
kerbalized_: if there is an ice level, i assume its a movement puzzle
Didero: That's double the fists!
Alness49: The Titans Glove!
noSmokeFire: War loves fisting, to be fair
accountmadeforants: It looked like it was about to float off like a balloon. :D
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hulk Smash would be my first reaction too
Traion: Wouldn't that be your first reaction too?
Lettuce_Toast: gen 4, while still my favourite, was already slow and deep snow was quite the chore
Schokobeau: Oh look, it'a NotDeathclaw
monosceros: the deep snow took longer to get through, *and* it triggered encounters, didn't it?
malsareus: Wouldn’t you?
grennysohail: cheer100 I'm HEEEERRRREEE what's up adam? how are you doing? Just finished watching Betrayal legacy and I want to express my condolences for dying while being spin kicked to the head. :P
malsareus: If i got an earthquake gauntlet i’d dick around with it too
Schokobeau: That NotDeathclaw thing reminds me of a Dauntless monster.
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I remember the combat in the game not giving great feedback for the larger enemies
grennysohail: sooooooooo
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grennysohail: what is this game about?
monosceros: you're doing pretty awesome this section
1MrGhost: I think you have to use the demon ride thing to smash the ice?
malsareus: The problem with the fist is that when you get it you’ll already have upgraded your sword and scythe so the fist feels puny in comparison
SaiyaOrigaia: ah yes rage of the gods mode, also known as the 'not today' button
itsr67: dash and block are 2 very different combat options, yeah, they shouldn't be the same button
Hellishdream: Cross the room for the key!
itsr67: dodge*
JonnyGlitch: Hey Adam! Hi LrrRrrs!
noSmokeFire: what is dashing but blocking with empty space
malsareus: When you upgrade it the fist becomes kinda fun, it can juggle groups of enemies
1MrGhost: @LoadingReadyRun Are you going to play through darksiders 2 after this?
khawl: hmmm..... is that the reason why you can't block in Darksiders 2? they couldn't find a button for it
malsareus: I fondly remember juggling entire flights of demon angels with the fist
JonnyGlitch: he runs like an action figure
josh___something: hi friends
Hellishdream: Nah, Death just doesn't like blocking.
itsr67: good ol puzzle time
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Lettuce_Toast: I still can't get over the fact everybody seems to have elephant feet
khawl: @Hellishdream that is just what they want you to believe
MechaNoelle: Give darksiders 2 a bit of time after you beat this one I'd say
JonnyGlitch: you can't block Death, he has Admin privileges
monosceros: not just an elevator level, an elevator puzzle? bloojRLY
josh___something: Puzzles?!
noSmokeFire: you should take a break from Darksiders with Darkstalkers
Kraest: I love that that level moves that platform up only 6 inches
itsr67: one of the four horsmen of the apocalypse struggling with a puzzle is hilarious to me
Laserbeaks_Fury: Twitch is giving me some huge fits, I think E3 is clogging up the pipes
RvLeshrac: Darkstalkers has NOT aged well.
Kraest: Lever*
TXC2: Laserbeaks_Fury Twtich had a BIG tech issue yesterday
monosceros: lower makes sense
MechaNoelle: briiiiing ha!
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Drathak: Ah yes, this was the part I didn't like about this game
JonnyGlitch: his model totally looks like they intended to have an action figure tie in
JonnyGlitch: (maybie they did)
monosceros: I don't want to imagine how annoying it would be if it fell
1MrGhost: Question, before this area was made into a elevator puzzle, what was it used for? This is supposed to be some sort of factory hall right?
itsr67: come on war
RvLeshrac: WEll, now you can go grab that collectible.
DeadlyWinchester: oops
itsr67: could've used a bit more oomph
accountmadeforants: Cool, thanks videogame
Traion: Ehm why game
Lettuce_Toast: Wwwelp
malsareus: Yup
JonnyGlitch: it has rails, perhaps a railcar shed?
RvLeshrac: You just have to punch it over to the first one.
khawl: the man that did the character designs is a comic artist, a a certain amount af actionfigurinetude is to be expected
malsareus: Behold, 2010 game design in action
StillAnEmoKid: These types of puzzles frustrate me to no end, and I love puzzles!
TXC2: toyetic is the word
khawl: Joe Mad(ueira)
SaiyaOrigaia: i love puzzles but i hate doing them with someone watching me
JonnyGlitch: up until very recently I've loathed most puzzles in games, mainly due to pacing
Ferisar: i'm not sure why but that title just makes me think vaguely of a wc3 custom
1MrGhost: I know what this is! War is geting his crossfit workout in!
Ferisar: which i guess was probably based on that, lol
Ridgenator: Joe Madureira
JonnyGlitch: this seems, arduous
noSmokeFire: oh, wow, battlechasers is pretty
PraxisMaximus: yeah this one is tedious
malsareus: Is a stepladder hefty enough to hold up war
khawl: oh, wa there a second R in there, my bad. just go with Joe Mad
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DeadlyWinchester: looks cool
erloas: puzzles can be good, but so many aren't. They're "we don't have anything better to do for a while"
Traion: You know if this was just a button press (like humans would actually build) instead of the cranking this would take 1/3 of the time...
itsr67: ooh, just looked at battle chaser night war, I might actually check it out
itsr67: seems rad
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Jenjiyana: deaf on one ear because of an earinfeaktion, but at least i can watch lrrFINE
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Traion: I played through most of that game but never finished it, I should
TXC2: you give out to this puzzle, but is this how you get to the toilet in your house? Kappa
TXC2: *isn't
JonnyGlitch: most puzzles in recent games I've come across are much better at challenging without messing up pacing
Pharmacistjudge: I need lunch help again, chat, Adam... Tacos or Ramen
Traion: Tacos not close
seth_erickson: Tacos
Kraest: @pharmacistjudge tacos
erloas: tacos
itsr67: tacos
Alness49: Ramen Tacos
betsytheripper: tacos
TXC2: chat pretty much unanimous
RvLeshrac: Depends on the ramen, and the tacos.
JonnyGlitch: like Little Nightmares, puzzles were pretty straight forward but it still felt like an achievement
Raemanicus: tacos
blackwlf: Taco ramen
noSmokeFire: depends on whether you're somewhere with good ramen or good tacos
ghostvalv: tacos
seth_erickson: Ramen is good tacos is just better I think
StillAnEmoKid: Tacos
Mr_Horrible: i feel like they are for very distinct moods
noSmokeFire: where I am, ramen 100%
Traion: Ramen is great. Just not in the mood for ramen today Adam :P
kerbalized_: ramen 100%
RvLeshrac: Are Mexicans making the tacos? Are they from an actual taqueria? Or are they from a "mexican restaurant"?
seth_erickson: I also haven't had tacos in a while though so there's a little bias there
malsareus: Get couscous
Pharmacistjudge: tacos are not authentic. it's from a new hip place that makes good tacos
RvLeshrac: Are they on corn tortillas or flour?
noSmokeFire: a "california-style" mexican restaurant opened near my work, and it's legitimately worse than the cafeteria nearby
malsareus: Couscous is good food
Traion: I'm tired so I want tacos. If I was feeling better I'd argue for ramen
RvLeshrac: If they're not authentic, then Ramen.
Pharmacistjudge: Ramen is also from a hip place that has noodles with the right amount of chew
JonnyGlitch: I know watyamean
1MrGhost: Oh right! Mark Hamil is in this!
kerbalized_: i found an authentic ramen place in the city and my life hasnt been the same
khawl: Hmm, I just realized that there isn't really a place to get tacos anywhere in town.
RvLeshrac: It is really easy to screw up a taco (hard shells, flour tortillas, lettuce), hard to screw up ramen.
TXC2: !addquote (Adam) [now] "you know what I mean" I need to stop saying know what I mean?
LRRbot: New quote #6095: ""you know what I mean" I need to stop saying know what I mean?" —Adam [2019-06-08]
kerbalized_: ?????
TXC2: sure
itsr67: no, I don't want to go to puzzle town dad
PraxisMaximus: you did a thing rgtAhh
Traion: Logic is for chumps Adam
noSmokeFire: War is a licensed plumbing professional
Alness49: 0/10 no bathtub glugging sound
Ridgenator: Is twitch shitting the bed or is it just me? Getting dropped frames and freezes constantly
kerbalized_: me too
itsr67: @Ridgenator I think it
erloas: few here too
itsr67: it's twitch*
noSmokeFire: I've been getting them occasionally, but not constantly
1MrGhost: Elevator puzzle, now we go train puzzle. I love this game
malsareus: Twitch is being itself for me too
khawl: half the world is streaming E3 so twitch is bound to be a bit iffy at times
Ridgenator: Well not constantly
TXC2: twitch had a big problem yesterday, so this might be after effects
Traion: Ah okay it's Twitch thought it was me
seth_erickson: Thought it was me too
Traion: I couldn't watch Adam's and Ben's streams yesterday but Serge's stream ran fine for some reason
seth_erickson: Adam's was fine for me the only problem I experienced was twitch chat not working
TXC2: lrrbot, what do?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Tell Dale.
kerbalized_: i think khawl is right, lots of E3 streams hogging the internt tubes
seth_erickson: Dale can fix this
Alness49: Dubstep Thomas the Tank Engine plays
Issurru: no sony feels awful
khawl: Look, look ma, someone on the interwebs things I was right. and you thought I would never amount to anything
Pharmacistjudge: now it's time to stop and see what fruit we got
TheMoatman: Definitely a little weird
TheMoatman: I forget, did they say why?
TXC2: why no sony?
Ridgenator: The Sony conferences haven't been exactly stellar in the last few years
Pharmacistjudge: it's a demonberry....put them on the train
Ferisar: everyone is on track to pull out from e3 atm
Ferisar: it's expensive
Traion: I have a walkthrough open if you need the answer to any other puzzle Adam :)
Ferisar: and if they can get away with having their own "showcase" outside of it, they'll move toward it
SaiyaOrigaia: a lot of companies seem to be slowly withdrawing from e3 over the years
Ferisar: it's kind of sad but i feel like it being customer-facing is part of why
erloas: a lot of companies have been saying that the cost of E3 isn't worth it
Himyul: that puzzle had its training wheels on. Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think Sony is finally breaking down on not playing nice with other platforms and is going to lean heavily on it's exclusive titles like Horizon, God of War, and Spider-Man
Ferisar: over what it used to be, which wasn't really meant for the "public"
masterman2556: Do you play magic?
erloas: especially since any release anywhere at any time will hit all of the same news/bloggers/fans
TXC2: !findquote e3
LRRbot: Quote #5943: "There's E3 the convention, and E3 the state of mind." —Paul [2019-03-25]
Traion: Notably companies that ditch E3 don't ditch stuff like GamesCom and PAX. Those are consumer focused
khawl: E3 is a relic
TXC2: masterman2556 sure do
JosephDeath: E3 was about the spectacle, but now they can do that through live streaming
SaiyaOrigaia: it's probably easier and cheaper to just do a press con on twitch
Pharmacistjudge: these days, companies can just release stuff without hype and it can sell amazingly well
CobaltShuriken: E3 is a dick measuring contest
Laserbeaks_Fury: is E3 like Summer Blockbusters
MechaNoelle: E3 was always for like, investors and stuff, not so much for the consumer, but that isn't really an option anymore
Traion: Pharmacistjudge unless you are Ubisoft. Can't have 10 different special editions without a lot of announcement stuff :P
TheMoatman: Well I mean games are so expensive now that you kinda *have* to make a spectacle of it
TXC2: E3 was more for the press
Ansaksie: yeah, E3's got a lot of the modern sort of "fan fest" type stuff going for it
ItsRileyPM: @CobaltShuriken Spoiler: The 3rd E is packing
wildpeaks: and s preadsheet to explain what every special edition contains
TheMoatman: Because that's relatively cheap and is instant buzz
Hellishdream: That is a problem of their own making though.
Schokobeau: Been to two gamescoms and neither did I have the feeling to go back. Almost every relevant trailer has been shown either a week beforehand or there is a livestream already for the company anyway.
CobaltShuriken: @ItsRileyPM it aint a spoiler if it leaked 3 days ago Kreygasm
Ferisar: think of it this way: E3 was for press, and press will report on all the new shit but you can be loose, and then everyone just started watching E3, which is basically doing advertisement, so why do advertisement out of your comfort zone
TheArchitectX: Companies need to impress the journalists. A tweet doesn't have the gravity of the live press conference.
ItsRileyPM: LOL
Ansaksie: Cologne's a sweet city, though!
ItsRileyPM: gg wp
Schokobeau: Cologne is amaaazing. That's true
Himyul: it feels more like a subway than a dungeon Kappa
masterman2556: Best color mtg
Traion: The walktthrough says you are nearly done with this dungeon
Schokobeau: I live pretty close to Cologne too
Himyul: you should eat tacos
Traion: Cologne would be better if they could actually produce good beer
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh wait, I remember the boss now.
Traion: Schokobeau Oh me too! I'm in Bonn
Ansaksie: :o shots fired Traion
Alness49: What is a subway, except for a dungeon with Fast Travel?
masterman2556: ?
Schokobeau: He-hey! My sister lives in Bonn, I'm from Mönchengladbach (try pronouncing that, twitchchat)
wildpeaks: Yeet
seth_erickson: Have I expressed how much I hate short hair
Schokobeau: It said I got disconnected from chat, am I back though? LUL
seth_erickson: because its a non zero amount
TXC2: Schokobeau i see you
Schokobeau: Thanks!
Zaghrog: you're back Schokobeau
Ansaksie: must've timed you out to check if Mönchengladbach was a swearword
Schokobeau: ^ LUL
TXC2: seth_erickson whats wrong with short hair? short hair can be cute
noSmokeFire: where's my earth-shattering kaboom?
Traion: It is kind of a swear of a city though :P
Ansaksie: ^^
Schokobeau: It has seen better days, yeah
seth_erickson: I can never get my hair to do anything I want it to when it's short
MechaNoelle: Nothing a right proper cleanin' crew can't handle, aye
wildpeaks: Kobe
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wildpeaks: The puzzle master
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TXC2: Puzzle master is 10000% an 80's board game
Traion: Why am I always hungry when Adam streams... Must be because he is a sweet boi I guess Kappa
Issurru: Water Temple???????? seabatTROG
Drew_64: Last stream made me want to go back to my second playthrough of this game. This stream reminds me why i gave up.
TXC2: Aqua ruins zone theme intensifies
Tiber727: Because each level has to be different and there's only so many different level concepts.
wildpeaks: at least these chests don't need keys
MechaNoelle: War would be amazing in Smashbrothers
PraxisMaximus: mario + war = wario
noSmokeFire: with all these flooded tunnels, it feels like War is a red plumber
TXC2: !smash
LRRbot: Put Shovel Knight in Smash, you cowards!
Tiber727: @MechaNoelle Link is already in Smash Brothers. Kappa
TXC2: PraxisMaximus weres the lie?
Hellishdream: You can move to the right platform .
Traion: Fire from left to right and then move it from the right to the switch?
josh___something: 2 days of farming non heroic boreus for his epic drop... first heroic quillshot hunt, epic drop... eff dauntless
Traion: josh___something that is why you farm on hero friend ;)
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Ansaksie: Wouldn't be a monster hunter without the desire sensor!
kevenwith2es: Robsniders? "Rob Schneider is... a Harbinger of War! "
Traion: josh___something I farmed Boreus forever for his epic drops never got them. Then after I finally got them every Boreus drops the epics for me now...
Hellishdream: There is a pipe to your right, Adam.
Hellishdream: A gas pipe.
dhizhii: I've been watching you guys for years, finally in a good position to sub! And on a great game, too! Totally underrated
Traion: Pipe near the switch
Darthagan: there's one to light on the entrance, right?
Hellishdream: Got there.
Traion: 538 eyes see more than your two Adam ;)
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: 269 users viewing the stream. 480 users in the chat.
Traion: 269*2
PaperDoopliss: Original Darksiders was a masterpiece. We all want to relive it
Schokobeau: we love you, Adam!
Hellishdream: 2 X 264
Issurru: it's not like we like you or anything BAKA OpieOP
kumatsu: It turns out we like you lrrADAM
Mr_Horrible: "What's wrong with all of you?" Kappa
noSmokeFire: it's like mulliganing: you never check
TheMoatman: Two hundred and Sixty katesNice
Laserbeaks_Fury: ummmm
PaperDoopliss: Utter. Masterpiece.
Schokobeau: ALTHOUGH, cyclops are welcome to watch the show too!
itsr67: ah
CaptainSpam: 'Kay.
monosceros: ah, art
PraxisMaximus: oh
Schokobeau: SURE
Ansaksie: um
Traion: I think we found the subocean
dhizhii: true masterpiece
wildpeaks: did the Subocean just happen ?
itsr67: I see,
Ansaksie: questions
Hellishdream: Yes.
TheArchitectX: Superocean?
josh___something: -√‾√‾Art
Driosenth: "fall forever in love with the sub ocean"
Grescheks: lrrHERE
CaptainSpam: Yeah, yeah, this all makes sense.
Mr_Horrible: Is this... <hand gestures> the Darkside?
TXC2: "who can say where the road goes"
Schokobeau: I think we are peaking here.
monosceros: layers of fear 2, 2019
noSmokeFire: welcome to the realm of wind and ghosts
Eklinaar: What are troglodyte relations with cyclops, anyway?
Ansaksie: have you considered not falling forever
MechaNoelle: This is my favourite part of the game
Alness49: We're home!
Ferisar: uhhhhm
DeadlyWinchester: the promised land!!
wildpeaks: ummm goodbye ? :D
Schokobeau: Like we reached consensus
CaptainSpam: Aaaand goodbye, War!
PraxisMaximus: i'm sure it's fine
Ferisar: well
StillAnEmoKid: Ah, to the abyss.
noSmokeFire: this is cinematic
TXC2: !clip
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wildpeaks: and this is how the War ended
Schokobeau: Is this a game for ants?
Hellishdream: This is where War belongs.
Ferisar: war never changes
Alness49: Fade to black
Traion: And here I thought W+P was on hiatus :P
noSmokeFire: what an avant garde way to end a game
monosceros: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
Schokobeau: :D
itsr67: ?????????????
Ansaksie: DeadlyWinchester I think there's a distinct lack of landing- oh
StillAnEmoKid: WHAT
wildpeaks: uhhh
CaptainSpam: UM.
blackwlf: What the heck.
Schokobeau: LUL LUL LUL
Grescheks: welp
TXC2: do what?
Mr_Horrible: now this skip is frame perfect
josh___something: missing war, what a novel concept
Ansaksie: Um^2
moosethatsmiles: Come again?
MechaNoelle: ye
CaptainSpam: EXCUSE ME.
wildpeaks: speedrun strat N :D
TheAwkes: The Savidan Skip.
Ferisar: speedrun unlocked
blackwlf: Speedrun. . . strats?
Grescheks: are we speedrunners now?
Schokobeau: Is this art?
Alchemistmerlin: Judge!
josh___something: sure... I guess..
Kraest: PARDON?!
Ansaksie: Escalated um.
Traion: I think the game surrendered to the Boshy
DeadlyWinchester: speedrunoneword has returned
monosceros: this is art
Alchemistmerlin: lrrJUDGE
wildpeaks: we must explore this newfound power
noSmokeFire: speedrun strats
HondoTrigger: speed run strats
Schokobeau: Is this the devroom part of the game?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I thought this was a No Out of bounds run?
DarrakHS: I love it when games break like this
Traion: Time to rub against walls to find the broken collider :P
dhizhii: this is the true Darksiders
noSmokeFire: let me iiiiiiin
Kraest: Perfect game
HondoTrigger: we did it gamers
Ferisar: oh no the geometry is too consistent
wildpeaks: he did it \o/
Driosenth: Isn't it more "let me back in"?
Ferisar: oh no
HondoTrigger: is there a no clip console command?
wildpeaks: oh no
seth_erickson: We've broken the fame where's Alex and Graham when we need them
itsr67: war is in a glass case of emotion
Ansaksie: Round 2!
thebluecosmonaut: hell yeah speedrun tricks
Traion: Get Graham or Alex in here, they are experts on sub ocean related business :P
kerbalized_: f
monosceros: back to the pit
Ferisar: welcome to the sub-sub ocean
wildpeaks: hello darkness
SinisterSquid7: welp
MechaNoelle: here we go again lads
TXC2: Such sub ocean
Schokobeau: Now this is peak video games
CaptainSpam: ART
Ferisar: so how far down is the final boss do you think
MechaNoelle: back into the breach
TXC2: we Watch and Play now Kappa
kerbalized_: uhhhhhhhhhh
tehlordofelves: hello darkness my old friend
Traion: This is ART
Alness49: So THIS is why they call it Darksiders
CptCorallis: You say mistake, but this is excellent falling
Traion: Adam Savidan is an artist
itsr67: we aren't allowed to stream interstellar
SinisterSquid7: welcome to my world danSad
monosceros: I think I saw the concept of time passing by
noSmokeFire: I like that you're apparently farting bullets
MechaNoelle: "Hi I'm War and welcome to my crib"
Schokobeau: Event horizon much?
kerbalized_: !clip
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PraxisMaximus: you'll reach the 4 Kings eventually
codl_: where we droppin?
Ansaksie: "This is the sea of my anxiety"
TXC2: "yeap thats me, you're probably wodering how I got here"
MechaNoelle: !noclip
itsr67: lrrHERE
Traion: Save now to check timestamps
Driosenth: just keep falling
Schokobeau: can you save now?
noSmokeFire: ffffffffu
monosceros: save now, see if loading fixes it?
wildpeaks: good idea, try a new save
dhizhii: sad trombone
noSmokeFire: ck
Ansaksie: saving now prob puts you at a checkpoint, right?
Hellishdream: It's in The Hallows where is where you are.
Hellishdream: So that's an auto save, right?
thebluecosmonaut: this is how playthrough #5 dies
Schokobeau: yeah, just to check the time stamp
MechaNoelle: try the other save too
MechaNoelle: the one you just made
itsr67: oh, we're right here
itsr67: it's fine
Ansaksie: That was an adventure.
Ferisar: war is saved
RvLeshrac: There's no reason to try the other save.
monosceros: there's no reason not to try the other save
MechaNoelle: but there's no reason *not* to
josh___something: yeah, try the other save?
Ferisar: it'd be funny to try the other save
RvLeshrac: There is.
dhizhii: I love Zelda! Oops, I mean edgy Zelda!
thebluecosmonaut: LUL
dhizhii: Too many mushrooms in a porta-potty
wildpeaks: because you don't have to remember things now that you have Chat
TXC2: you traded memory for big brain plays
thebluecosmonaut: classic young adam
Ansaksie: I think those particles coming off you in the fall were parts of your memory
MechaNoelle: you pay for the whole sword but you only need the eeeeeedge
HondoTrigger: Pride100 it's not a darksiders stream without getting lost.
Invitare: how do you know you didn't? Your memory is bad
Schokobeau: I mean, if anything, we just shared a drug dream with you
monosceros: concussions, no even once
josh___something: once? thar's one too many Kappa
wildpeaks: om nom nom
HondoTrigger: @thebluecosmonaut so I hear you don't like chrono trigger Kappa
mr_yarget: Darksiders of the moon
Alness49: Only a few concussions, you'd still be cleared to wrestle!
Traion: Suck it Griever!
thebluecosmonaut: what
thebluecosmonaut: i like it
thebluecosmonaut: i just dont think its THE BEST
Schokobeau: uuh ooooh
thebluecosmonaut: like hondo does
HondoTrigger: that means you hate it blue
thebluecosmonaut: jfc
TheMoatman: Fuck, Serge revealing he cut a kid's ear off playing hockey was the funniest thing ever
HondoTrigger: it's a binary situation
thebluecosmonaut: LUL
Schokobeau: oh, look. It's a NotDeathclaw!
HondoTrigger: Kappa
TXC2: wow I had forgot that Serge story
dhizhii: I've rewatched that Serge earcut clip soooo many times
mr_yarget: I had to have my husband play through Chrono Trigger, I'm too old and I work too much to rpg well.
CaptainSpam: Well, it left you with a nearly-full gauge.
TheMoatman: Like it sucks for the kid but I'm sure he was fine. It's just an ear, it can be reattached.
Plaicoson: This game really has an old God of War feel to it. Looks fun
dhizhii: This game is like Zelda + God of War
ReynardWrecca: It's the fact that Serge tells the story and everyone's horrified, and then the twist at the end, then Jacob says " said 'some kid' meant 'me',,,"
Ferisar: almost god of war gameplay, almost warhammer art style, almost comic book story, almost zelda mechanics
Ferisar: basically ds1
TheMoatman: I'm pretty sure I've heard that was the elevator pitch @dhizhii
dhizhii: LUL sooo funny
Sektor88: @ReynardWrecca jsut got here. Are we talking about Serge's hockey story? :P
J_Rey15: So, War is the bastard child of Zelda and Kratos? oh myyy
HondoTrigger: "almost over" and then 4 hour later we get lost and clip out again
dhizhii: I mean, solid elevator pitch
ReynardWrecca: Oh indeed @Sektor88 - absolutely Top 5 Favourite LRR moments ever.
wildpeaks: got a link to that clip ? I don't think I know that Serge story
TheMoatman: It's Panalysts episode 21
Traion: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ben takes the PIF hot seat and he's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence) at Sat 02:00 PM PDT (43m from now).
wildpeaks: oki thanks
dhizhii: Throw in some edgy teenager-bait and boom @TheMoatman
TheMoatman: You really need to watch the whole thing for it to sink it
TheMoatman: *in
Traion: You are near the end Adam
ReynardWrecca: @wildpeaks Watch the whole episode, it's the timing that makes it.
Sektor88: Speaking of LRR stories, Adam's "shooting the puck" and warped tour stories from the Panalysts, A+.
PraxisMaximus: i always thought it was weird when people complained about this game saying it was a zelda/god of war rip-off. i mean those are some pretty good games to "rip off"
J_Rey15: The end were the puzzles we made along the way
dhizhii: Panalysts is my favorite LRR thing in years. That and Pandemic Legacy
Ferisar: the rip-off complaint is a bit weird, it does pretty well
Schokobeau: omg the last Panalyst with Adam was amaaaazing lol
HondoTrigger: 4 dungeons and kind of a 5th
Ferisar: i thought 5
Traion: You are in the last part of the walkthrough before the boss
Traion: 5
dhizhii: It has the best parts of each @PraxisMaximus
Laserbeaks_Fury: I remember the POrtal dungeon very well
Sektor88: I was incapacitated with laughter from the warped tour story
HondoTrigger: is this the water temple Kappa
Schokobeau: As was Graham, he was in stitches
dhizhii: Every Panalysts has been freaking gold, though I do kinda miss Kathleen as presenter
Sektor88: Yeah, Kathleen as host was great, but Molly's doing a wonderful job and I look forward to more with her
Ferisar: whuh whoh
wildpeaks: oh boy :D
thebluecosmonaut: good job young adam
MechaNoelle: welp
HondoTrigger: TOS TOS TOS
Schokobeau: LUL
Laserbeaks_Fury: What was your main?
TheMoatman: lol
Sektor88: I should NOT have starrted dirnking water when you said that, but I managed to not get it everywhere enigmaLUL
TXC2: damn
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh honey, I'm sorry
Plaicoson: Oh my GOD LUL adam storytime is the best
dhizhii: Yeah, Molly's been getting better too, when she settles in a bit more I'm sure it'll be just as fantastic
Traion: Young Adam and the Mushrooms sounds like a great band
HondoTrigger: shaman that does shrooms is a flavor win
Hellishdream: Now we know why James is always exasperated by Adam.
MechaNoelle: Shaman cannot be done while inebriated
Laserbeaks_Fury: Tauren Shaman?
HondoTrigger: did you set up a macro that said "wake up loser" in chat when you revived someone?
Eklinaar: My raid guild used to raid on Friday nights, and I'd hit the bars beforehand, so I often raided drunk, and I was the main tank.
Schokobeau: That bromance between both of you is inspiring
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easterncaveofwonders: Hey there Adam Hey there Chat! Having a tough day, thanks for keeping me company!
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dhizhii: I feel like "a lot of shit" is an understatement for what James has dealt with LUL
PhorrestGaze: :o not his choccy milk
Mr_Horrible: you weren't a menace, you were just rambunctious
SaiyaOrigaia: everyone is kind of menace when they're younger
Traion: <3 <3 <3
HondoTrigger: toughest day of your life so far
Sektor88: @Eklinaar thank tanked tank Kappa
mestiza06: <message deleted>HolidayOrnament RedTeam RedTeam RedTeam RedTeam RedTeam :) twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid twitchRaid :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight meemawLight GivePLZ TakeNRG Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4 TheIlluminati TheIlluminati
Himyul: it took at least two other people to block you Kappa
Sektor88: @Eklinaar *the tanked, rather
malsareus: Hold it! Back up! You drank James’ chocolate milk? And he forgave you?!
HondoTrigger: you gotta kick its balls is what you're saying?
TastyArsenic: im living with roommates that i like for the first time and its genuinely amazing
Sektor88: I miss my college roomies now, lol.
accountmadeforants: Not the orb! :o lrrCIRCLE
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Don't check the tweets, they are lies.
WyrmwoodGaming: @TastyArsenic such a blessing, bad roommates can really put a mental toll on you
Mr_Horrible: "Ow my shin!"
wildpeaks: thanks lrrbot, although we were more concerned with the giant laser insect at the moment
Sektor88: @WyrmwoodGaming I had a horrible roommate during one of my summer sessions. THankfully I was able to transfer to a different room with someone I sorta knew and he was alright, so a vast improvement
dhizhii: @WyrmwoodGaming or they just kick you out for no reason with almost no warning
Himyul: LEWD
TXC2: hello WyrmwoodGaming welcome
HondoTrigger: wow the weak spot is glowing? who woulda thought
wildpeaks: yeet
WyrmwoodGaming: @Sektor88 thats good. thank god it wasnt long term
Schokobeau: and breakable by the last acquired item? What a surprise!
TastyArsenic: yeah i was in a horrible situation for a rew months before here and its honestly life changing
MechaNoelle: I wanna make a game where a boss has a very obvious weakpoint that has slightly more armour than the rest of it
Sektor88: @WyrmwoodGaming oh yeah, I'd have probably done abd thigns if it was for a whle semester. lol.
Schokobeau: Game design is eeez
WyrmwoodGaming: @dhizhii feelsbad wyrmwoSad1
Sektor88: *bad things
Mister_Skittles: so to beat this boss. you stub its toe??? seems legit
Traion: Lady has a real precision with those spikes she knocks from the ceiling. Also this building is amazingly structurally sound :P
wildpeaks: so we're sending giant legos for it to step on
Laserbeaks_Fury: See, boss mains Hunting Horn too
KidAmn: next boss you lure into some Legos for them to step on barefooted to beat it
Mr_Horrible: Traion it's got a really thick ceiling
dhizhii: Those little things are the wooooorst
monosceros: these adds are something alright
Schokobeau: @Traion And apparently made entirerly by stalactites LUL
wildpeaks: at least the laser got rid of the flying bugs
Mr_Horrible: I love how it's like "this keeps happening, but I'm not moving off this railcar track"
Traion: I love that we are basically winning this fight by kicking the boss in the chins
wildpeaks: ouch
monosceros: wow
KidAmn: ohhh yeah
Issurru: why are youpunching the crab in the dick DansGame
Sektor88: oof
accountmadeforants: Mr_Horrible someone shoulda warned him about railway tracks, shoulda warned him, dog!
monosceros: uncalled for
Schokobeau: oh wow
josh___something: so rood
KidAmn: like cracking into a lobster for dinner
kanimaras: stop.. trying.. to .. eat me!
PraxisMaximus: war is a bully
Sektor88: that's some BM
Hellishdream: War and The Doom Slayer are best friends.
monosceros: I know she was bad, but she wasn't *that* bad
josh___something: what bulli
Mr_Horrible: @accountmadeforants I TOLD YOU ABOUT THE RAILWAY TRACKS BRO
MechaNoelle: she was tho
KidAmn: @Mr_Horrible it keeps happening bro
TheMoatman: Hi Mark
MechaNoelle: also War's character is "That guy who gets way to aggro about everything"
dhizhii: War is so edgy that he ends up coming across as weirdly charming and likable. This game was surprisingly charming like that
Ansaksie: And then the fun truly begins
KidAmn: War gets too aggro about everything? Noooooo.
kanimaras: knock knock
Issurru: mess with the tracks you get the train LUL
kumatsu: time for GUN
thebluecosmonaut: WAR WITH A GUN
ReynardWrecca: Stopping POWAH
Sektor88: blat blat
dhizhii: And now this game ramps up the devil may cry-ness
Schokobeau: looks likea big ol Nerf gun
TXC2: what the fuck kind gun is that?
Ansaksie: no but is he afraid of War
kanimaras: stone cold
Schokobeau: a fantasy one
Mr_Horrible: lol
MechaNoelle: Ulthane is a millenial
thebluecosmonaut: oof
Ferisar: no
PendelSteven: 'Ello!
erloas: besides, I didn't load it before giving it to you...
Laserbeaks_Fury: No, sadly
Ferisar: god it'd be funny if he did
seth_erickson: King of Edge
KidAmn: I 100% believe this dude could take a shot from that gun to the head and walk through it to slap you up the head for being so stupid.
accountmadeforants: Dwarf lad called him out
thebluecosmonaut: hahahaha
thebluecosmonaut: this is so stupid
Ferisar: is that a 4 barrel pistol
Mr_Horrible: reloading is apparently for chumps
Ansaksie: Oh my goodness.
thebluecosmonaut: STOP DROP
MechaNoelle: IT'S SO FUN
Mister_Skittles: reloading is for mortals
accountmadeforants: Ah, it's the shadow the hedgehog game :)
dhizhii: @thebluecosmonaut Yes it is, and it's awesome
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh yeah, this game embraced the edge
KidAmn: so it's a quadbarrelled shotgun slug revolver. Seems legit.
Issurru: uh sir, you need a regulation sized mustache to wield that
Ferisar: fuck you kubrick - war probably
Traion: Adam Savidan vs. Birbs. The ultimate battle
accountmadeforants: I'm still waiting for the second gun. And for you to hold them sideways.
wildpeaks: something about birds and guns perhaps ?
Ferisar: this is the same reason i like dmc, it's just dumb
KidAmn: War is so angry the bullets just get in the gun so he doesn't have to get angry about having to stop shooting while he reloads.
accountmadeforants: Better gun seems nice for all the floaty enemies
Ansaksie: The military industrial complex always makes sure there's bullets left.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I remember lifesteal Scythe being pretty tech
PraxisMaximus: the bullets are made of anger
dhizhii: Just be aware, there are enemies later that you can't kill with just the gun. You have to do actual melee hits, and that scythe is awesome for it
MechaNoelle: angst bullets
MechaNoelle: edged bullets
Laserbeaks_Fury: So we have a sword and a gun, it this a prototypical Bloodborne?
monosceros: doot
Omthebox: Bionicles are edgier than I remember.
Traion: Darksiders being a franchise about the proper paperwork no being filed prior to the Apocalypse starting is endlessly funny to me
dhizhii: The horn is so frekaing funny
accountmadeforants: I do love the idea of the horsemen of the apocalypse arriving, all clad in medievaly-angsty stuff and War showing up in a car with a gun, tooting that horn.
dhizhii: @Traion I know right?
SplittingImage77: That horn really blows
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think you just shoot
Drew_64: did you misplace a gun with unlimited ammunition?!
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh there we go
dhizhii: All the weapons in this game are surprisingly fun
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh yeah the sand worms
Ansaksie: Metal Gear??
accountmadeforants: Uriel and Abaddon sitting in a tree s-l-a-y-i-n-g demons
SinisterGehe: Am I the only one who can't stop hearing Illidan whenever war speaks?
monosceros: fertile with death was my teenage ska punk band
MechaNoelle: that's how the song goes yea
Ferisar: oh right the horse section
SplittingImage77: @SinisterGehe There we go! I thought he sounded familiar
MechaNoelle: Can you just play the doom theme quietly in the background for the horse section?
betsytheripper: really? mastering the time ball is mastering time? golly
SinisterGehe: @SplittingImage77 Same voice actor, same voice. They didn't do anything different. It is absurd really and I can't unhear it.
Mr_Horrible: How do the demons avoid the <buzzword>? Are you familiar with the <other buzzword>?
itsr67: time ballllllls
accountmadeforants: I hope the chronosphere is a legally distinct Tardis
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Avoid the Pew Pews.
Issurru: WAR about to go full Matrix
Mr_Horrible: I love that he has the inverted wings
SplittingImage77: Back to the Future this mother
Mr_Horrible: my favorite detail when people remember to put that on demons
TXC2: right chat I'm off
wildpeaks: 'night TX
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Adam
Traion: Bye TXC2 sleep well
accountmadeforants: Night TXC2
MechaNoelle: screw it i'mma just play my own metal over here
Laserbeaks_Fury: They haven't gotten the crontols righ tyet
DrWreckage: It just has such bad controls, always.
Ferisar: gamers hate him
accountmadeforants: Forces you to look down AND up!
wildpeaks: because it's harder to move in water ?
Mr_Horrible: what are you talking about Adam, I loved Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts Kappa
Traion: Gamers hate water. Gamers hate bathing after all Kappa
kumatsu: the Super Marios 3 one with the giant fish
GlennSeto: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES - hands down the worst water level.
monosceros: gamers HATE this one mechanic, find out why!
wildpeaks: water parts in The Messenger were fine though
Schokobeau: Worst water level = When Sonic is in water. That anxiety inducing drowning music.
SinisterGehe: Doing swimming controls is REALLY hard. Because we have a sense about how we work in water, what it feels like, but it is hard to translate to games
Ferisar: abzu was pretty alright wasn't it
wildpeaks: Time powers, activate
thebluecosmonaut: chrono orb
GlennSeto: Been playing a bunch of Subnautica ... it doesn't revolutionize water controls, but they built a good game around it.
SinisterGehe: @Ferisar You don't actually have to do much in it. You kinda just move around. Imagine having to fight or anything like that. Punching hard underwater is really hard.
wildpeaks: James, please go find that game :D
Ferisar: @SinisterGehe sure, but i feel like that's why it works? idk
Mr_Horrible: To_dis_DAY dot mp4
Heleor: water level in kingdom hearts 2 was good ;)
SinisterGehe: @GlennSeto They really just made basic "Floating in space" controls. And I really think that is about the best you can really do in games.
Ferisar: if you wanna do both conveying how water feels and combat it's gonna be a bad time
Ferisar: since moment-to-moment it's just gonna be slow and that's life
Mr_Horrible: jumping is forbidden in the desert
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Mr_Horrible: wow, Adam being a big ol bully BabyRage
GlennSeto: @loadingreadyrun I'd love to see you play some NES games, especially the ones that have a reputation for being hard (but not bullshit).
CaptainSpam: Oh no, more winged thingamajigs are attacking.
Mr_Horrible: LUL
SinisterGehe: @Ferisar I think someone should do a game in which you swim around in vaselin. Now that would be "fun" to control.
Ferisar: hahaha
Mr_Horrible: that's so dumb
Mr_Horrible: I love it
GlennSeto: Bayonetta called, she wants her combo chain mechanic back. ;)
Ferisar: ^^^^
CaptainSpam: So we were already Kratos meets Zelda, now with the guns we're also Bayonetta. Gotcha.
Ferisar: though bayo's gun moves were so fun
rith_the_awakener: Hey I've just arrived, that is a chonky boi
GlennSeto: Yeah, Ninja Gaiden and maybe Castlevania 1 & 3.
Heleor: This game shamelessly ripped off every popular game off the time.
Heleor: I love it.
rith_the_awakener: With a chonky sword
MechaNoelle: He's a chonker
SinisterGehe: @Heleor This game is a masterpiece in just not trying to be anything special. And that is what makes it special.
CaptainSpam: War cares not about Bayo's style. He cares more about efficiency. He will just march forward and Glock his foes down if that's what it takes. Kappa
SinisterGehe: And that is what makes it good tbh.
Heleor: I laughed hysterically for about a minute when I opened a zelda chest and got a portal gun.
itsr67: it'd be fun to see adam go through Bayonnetta, but I can understand if it isn't his jam
SinisterGehe: @CaptainSpam Name a game that couldn't be improved by the lead wearing high heel guns.
itsr67: oh sweet
GlennSeto: @SinisterGehe You're not wrong.
gamercat88: hi adam :D
Ferisar: bayo 3 hype
Mr_Horrible: I recall this, yeah
Ferisar: soon tm
Invitare: it was during a 24 hour one I think
itsr67: well now I've got another game playthrough to watch now
rith_the_awakener: Rip
Ferisar: classic gamers not looking up puzzle
wildpeaks: at least we didn't fall in the infinite void this time
rith_the_awakener: God this character looks so 90's
itsr67: eugh gross thanks I hate it
accountmadeforants: That thing really likes that box
gamercat88: does this game have spheda
accountmadeforants: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: spoilers!
W0NT0M: like the barnacles from HL2
kumatsu: Looking up? Guess you aren't a gamer
Mr_Horrible: wow, I got an unlock notification in the game I'm playing right as that happened
Mr_Horrible: was like "that's a weird sound for darksiders"
rith_the_awakener: Should have a crow fly into them
SinisterGehe: The art style of this game could be described as "No one told the concept artist to put down the pen". If there is a empty surface, add spikes.
itsr67: can't wait for darksiders 4 to have a golf minigame with pestilence
MutantIronMan: You got Leet
Ferisar: please, this is darksiders, there's no pestilence
Gobukiller: l33t!
SinisterGehe: That floating... is probably the most pathetic and idiotic float I have ever seen. It looks so ineffective.
Ferisar: we get xXxStrife420xXx
SinisterGehe: And the whole "Nyeeehhh..." sound effect fits it
Laserbeaks_Fury: You can get on the wire from the pipe
wildpeaks: or we can do that :D
SinisterGehe: "What is pestilence going to do cough on people?" -Yatzhee.
rith_the_awakener: Yeah yeah blame the controller!
gamercat88: double time
CaptainSpam: Woah, sudden right angles out of nowhere.
itsr67: war has gotta go fast
SinisterGehe: @CaptainSpam Yo. Polygons are expensive.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Vulgrim is good at avertising
wildpeaks: noice
Gobukiller: Now you can't spend them tho
gamercat88: air reaper a less good version of Air Bud
SinisterGehe: The names of these weapons are what I wrote down in my notebook in 5th grade. Thinking they were cool.
Traion: Healing is for people that aren't parry gods or good at footsies Adam!
rith_the_awakener: @SinisterGehe This whole game is that really
rith_the_awakener: It's kinda endearing tho
SinisterGehe: @rith_the_awakener It is. And that is what makes it awesome.
Gobukiller: Quick! Call Kevin BAcon!
TheArchitectX: Walk without rhythm.
GlennSeto: Love Mark Hamill, but did he get any direction for this game, other than "do the Joker voice"?
Gobukiller: Does he NEED any other direction?
Robot_Bones: a horse? Agro!?!
SinisterGehe: @GlennSeto They told Liam o'Brian "Just be Illidan"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Have you seen the short where The Joker and The Trickster kidnap Mark Hamill
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Trymantha: Morning Adam, Morning Chat
Traion: hey Trymantha
GlennSeto: @SinisterGehe Oh, that is Liam. I didn't realize that until now.
SinisterGehe: @GlennSeto He uses the same exact voice as he did with Illidan. It is amazing.
SinisterGehe: Some times I get a feeling that US voice acting scene only really consists of 10-15 people.
itsr67: I don't think you're far off
kumatsu: Oh yeah, I forgot about the desert
itsr67: voice acting is a pretty small world
gamercat88: worm train
Heleor: nom
wildpeaks: om nom nom
kumatsu: Wyrm-Wood Desert *slaps giant sword*
itsr67: yummy
MechaNoelle: dead
GlennSeto: There are more, but yeah, some VOs are veeeeery prolific.
PraxisMaximus: rgtEat
Alephred: You forgot to walk without rhythm.
Mr_Horrible: "yes this is Video Game how may I help you?"
Robot_Bones: *Plays om nom nom nom nom song*
wildpeaks: the time must flow
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ReverseCreations: Got here just in time to see War devoured by a giant sand worm, Darksiders truly has the greatest metaphors of any video game <_<
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SinisterGehe: Tho what is fun. You can tell when they contracted the voice actors in Europe to do the localization. They basically mismatch every single Brittish accent there is. I find that totally hillarious.
PraxisMaximus: whats perry doing these days anyway
gamercat88: those guys are worm meat
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
SinisterGehe: American voice acting is bit dull because they all basically use the same accent.
wildpeaks: rats rats rats \o/
mr_yarget: hah! I just joined and you leave. Have a great day, my man.
rith_the_awakener: Ayy rat party!
Mr_Horrible: Rats with the Plague Tails
seth_erickson: Rat time let's go time to save Melie's brother
Traion: I mean at the start of this game Strage (Troy Baker) kills Abaddon (Troy Baker) VA is very tiny :P
SinisterGehe: Thanks. I never really catch these streams but what the hell. I'm either asleep or at work,.
Thandres: tale: A Rats Plague?
gamercat88: bye
StillAnEmoKid: See ya Adam, have a great rest of your weekend, do something nice for yourself
Traion: Thanks for the stream Adam
accountmadeforants: Bye, thanks for the stream!
Eklinaar: Fivel Goes To France
Mr_Horrible: thanks for hanging out with us Adam!
rith_the_awakener: Byee
Mr_Horrible: seabatTROG
seth_erickson: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Ben: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Kathleen: | Matt: | Serge:
SaiyaOrigaia: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Baldrash: Adam's home stream is always a pro watch. seabatBRAIN
seth_erickson: Only the tightest of plays over on Adam's home stream
Theycallmejokke: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ben takes the PIF hot seat and he's playing A Plague Tale: Innocence. Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence) at Sat 02:00 PM PDT (4m ago).
Theycallmejokke: PIF, Heh I like that
ugh_sunlight: Rats...
accountmadeforants: lrrSIGNAL
wildpeaks: Rats \o/
Meyari: katesLol
TehAmelie: i want to call fans of this game plague enthusiasts, but also i don't
Theycallmejokke: Time to finish rat petting simulator 2019
CastleOtranto: !card plague rats
LRRbot: Plague Rats [2B] | Creature — Rat [*/*] | Plague Rats's power and toughness are each equal to the number of creatures named Plague Rats on the battlefield.
Amentur: *squeak*
Alephred: Huh, there are subtle rats in the backing track.
wildpeaks: considering my last two games were this one and Pathologic, yeah I guess plague enthusiast might apply :D
wildpeaks: *squeak*
TehAmelie: it'd be easy to confuse with "anti-vaccination"
CastleOtranto: Someone is playing a Monty Python mouse organ.
seth_erickson: sergeSqueak
wildpeaks: oh, good point TehAmelie
JoTyler: May the rats eat your eyes! I am now lost to your cause ! The darkness comes!
JoTyler: wait wrong game
pinpointersk: its live!!!
TehAmelie: something is going to happen!
margieargie: (That something is "rats)
TehAmelie: hi Ben
wildpeaks: happy rats day
bl1ghtn1n6: Yay RATS
Chartle: plague tale, whoohoo
CastleOtranto: Maybe YOU need an intro... wait...
pinpointersk: that rat boi himself
Robot_Bones: Good, just got back from 3-0ing my prerelease
ritchards: Could nick the Newday Tewsday intro
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Alness49: PrideGive PrideGasp PrideTake
Taveena: I mean of COURSE you don't want to be a Rat Boy, you're obviously a Snake Boy. :P
retroactivepancake: I have Ratties, they are adorable
Theycallmejokke: PrideSaba
Ereppy: the ratomancer
JoTyler: 'Rats, rats, rats! Hundreds, thousands, millions of them, and every one a life.'
Robot_Bones: No Disney Bois here
ritchards: if there are 20 chapters, and you are on chapter X...
Alness49: More fun then a pit of rats!
aWabbajack: o Hai Ben
TehAmelie: rat-speakers are the highest nobility in London Below, not counting the rats themselves
gamercat88: lrrSPOOP game?
Theycallmejokke: We are pretty cool
aWabbajack: so no Clive Barker or John Carpenter stuff eh? lrrSPOOP cohhFlower lrrSPOOP cohhKnife
aWabbajack: Imagine Dishonored with more rats
wildpeaks: High Chaos
gamercat88: oh run away from the spanish inquisition
aWabbajack: less combat?
bl1ghtn1n6: Hugo: baby and Ratomancer
aWabbajack: good motto to live by: When peace fails: ROCK
wildpeaks: we do enjoy slinging things and potions
Alness49: We can now throw Rat Bait!
accountmadeforants: You have your silenced sling now, would be a shame NOT to use it. :)
retroactivepancake: Thanks for the recap
Mister_Skittles: oh, and we meet a cute boi
JoTyler: we met another cute boy!
Theycallmejokke: Saved the book, sorta kinda burn down a libery
JoTyler: Melie!
wildpeaks: Melie The Fury :D
Alness49: Cuttie?
SirSquashua: RAT 🐀A🐀 TAT 🐀TAT 🐀!
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Mister_Skittles: time to swap Ben to the big screen
wildpeaks: !subscribe rat facts
Boiler_bot: Accu-rat
Clench_Eastwood: RAT FACT: Rat's are gross.....ewwwww
hella_qh: Hey Y'all :D how's it going
pinpointersk: rat bait oh ah ha!!
bl1ghtn1n6: Unsubscribe rat facts
kerbalized_: Thank you for subscribing to Rat Facts! Did you know the human chest cavity is an excellent rat nest?