Serifina: @frozenphoenix7 Borderlands doesn't really help much because for the most part, the characters you play don't.. actually... really ahve a voice in the story, in my experience.
BtEtta: frozenphoenix7 It's still quibbling over where one game sits in representation out of the appartently 60 they showed...
wildpeaks: cute robot is the real protagonist of the starwars game, the human is just its mode of transportation :D
Wicker_Knight: yeah, that doesn't matter anymore
Serifina: @theunknownpoetb Gods, that one aggravates me so much. He's is the most bland looking guy they could possibly have.
Traion: BL has done 2 and 2 male-female protags ever since Anthony Burch pointed out to them that 3-1 is not equal represantation
BtEtta: Ends up being a statistical anomaly.
Wicker_Knight: it's like, yes the textures are pretty, but what can I actually interact with
Driosenth: I wan't to see non-scripted footage
AOD_BooshTV: Hello. How are you today?
wildpeaks: pre-renderer these days is odd indeed
SketchyDetails: "in engine footage" means a different thing from "im game footage"
Wicker_Knight: LUL
frozenphoenix7: @BtEtta And I fully acknowledge, more games can and should do better.
theunknownpoetb: @wildpeaks Good point! lol
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah, did we see any gameplay in the past 2 hours?
EikoandMog: @Sarah_Serinde Only for the indies
NightValien28: I still don't understand what the game pass is
Frankenfruity: @Sarah_Serinde Jedi game had some
Traion: Gameplay? At the XBox conference? Good joke Sarah_Serinde
thundershot879: I think we only got gameplay from games that are ports
bush3sbak3db3ans: when's the Nintendo E3 happening?
thundershot879: oh and the deer
TheMerricat: @Sarah_Serinde I think only in 2 sec snips during the 'here's all the games we have' clips.
Defrost: Tuesday
thundershot879: we got deer gameplay!
Crad0k: Sarah_Serinde forza had some
Invitare: Nintendo is always Tuesday
Sarah_Serinde: Ok, not zero gameplay. But not a whole lot
Invitare: right before the showfloor opens
Crad0k: Sarah_Serinde and all the games in the indie trailer
wildpeaks: Ori 2 had a bit of gameplay
Sarah_Serinde: Also yes give me Nintendo, that's more the types of games I'm into. And also Animal Crossing release date please!!
thundershot879: crossfire was just empty spectacle
CleeKru: it feels more like a minecraft than the story mode
TheMerricat: Apparently Cyberpunk just went up for preorder on Steam.
EikoandMog: The thing about Nintendo conferences? They either announce a project is happening or just let the game speak for itself.
red_shoes_jeff: There were a couple of good surprises in there.
Crad0k: so, is it better to have no gameplay footage, or ubisoft style gameplay footage?
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Donutholez: Yeah, like what was Crossfire X even?
Defrost: Pretty sure they've said no animal crossing but that might just be their booth only?
theunknownpoetb: @Serifina My gosh, Star Wars has so much variety, and while I loved Jedi Outcast or Force Unleashed..I mean...Star Wars has so much variety in species or people. We decide to do basically the same character...ugh..
Driosenth: The Elite controller 2 isn't coming out until November apparently
ParanoidRabbit: Hodor!
gameboy350: Are you doing the bethesda?
thundershot879: Cafe!
tehcrashxor: Sudden Hodor!
wildpeaks: it's MaiTai time
theunknownpoetb: Heather time!
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Cytus II) at Sun 03:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
Sarah_Serinde: Defrost Don't squash my dreams... :P
PMAvers: Oh my god is that Hodor's music?
Serifina: @theunknownpoetb Yep. It's always some white dude with brown hair. Blech.
beowuuf: thanks for streaming paul!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Traion: Don't make Heather angry
orbitaltuna: who's doing bethesda?
wildpeaks: oh so you will do a stream for the bethesda one as well ?
mtvcdm: Note to chat, she's trying to retire the Hodor nickname. Heather, please.
Traion: Ben is part of Bethesda
thundershot879: any chance of a new elder scrolls?
wildpeaks: neat
ParanoidRabbit: mtvcdm Oh, I didn't know. My appologize
theunknownpoetb: @Serifina Ugh! MaxLOL
tehcrashxor: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4385: "If it's real, it's James." —Alex [2017-10-07]
red_shoes_jeff: Right, I'm off. See you for Bethesda, chat.
wildpeaks: apparently they promise some ESO loot for people watching, so their chat has been a constant stream of peple asking about that
ElFuzzy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Cytus II) at Sun 03:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
Serifina: I'm out. I have to go make dinner soon anyway. Y'all have fun. I'll spare you my constant grumblings. :)
wildpeaks: I'm just amazed so many people do still play eso
thundershot879: @wildpeaks wait what?! how do I get loot?!
thundershot879: just started eso
wildpeaks: I don't know the details, but feel free to ask on
theunknownpoetb: @Serifina See ya, thank you for the chat though! I can relate to those grumblings.
v_nome: A quest to play all the rhythm games is a bit much. It should really be broken down into several smaller quest stages.
Gizmoloid: On one hand I understand being exasperated about BS trailers. On the other hand without them we wouldn't have masterpieces like for example trailer for Dead Island. So even though they lie to us, we still get some great things from that :)
v_nome: Like play one rhythm games, collect 10 bear asses and deliver them to the next rhythm game.
wildpeaks: a rhythm games extended universe
orbitaltuna: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Cytus II) at Sun 03:00 PM PDT (55s ago).
wildpeaks: *panic*
cheetoJack: sssh, no panic now
cheetoJack: just dreams
Juliamon: Title change, no panic needed
mahpete_: signal!
Crad0k: wait, this is early
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL
Juliamon: Crad0k yeah, because E3 pressers later
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for Rhythm Cafe! Heather is playing Cytus II today on the iPad! | 📷 ||
erloas: not sure about the Xbox pass, even on PC. $120 a year isn't a lot if you get even a few good games a year, but right now even with PSplus I've downloaded but not actually played any of the free games they give out
Crad0k: Juliamon i figured, but it confuses me, because i'm always 'oh, rhythm cafe is starting, i should be going to bed'
EikoandMog: lrrSIGNAL
Weagle: Ohey it's another Heather stream, two in one day, how decadent
orbitaltuna: oh you mean on her channel
Weagle: Yup
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Heather!
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: hiii
wildpeaks: hai Heather
orbitaltuna: ooh lrrmans is coming
wildpeaks: Hello future VOD people
InquisitorGaia: Hi Heather!
Sarah_Serinde: Nice
wildpeaks: chyrCoffee chyrMatcha
Sarah_Serinde: I also prefer large mugs
Sarah_Serinde: Ooh yay chai
Sarah_Serinde: or
Sarah_Serinde: :D
Sarah_Serinde: So many words
wildpeaks: words indeed
AntiCrepuscular: hello
AntiCrepuscular: eyeball and plate of cheesecake?
AntiCrepuscular: that sure is some juxtaposition right there
wildpeaks: and a mysterious pyramid
Drakas: hello
AntiCrepuscular: o/
mtvcdm: I'm in your chat all the time, i have a sword there, and I'm just always amazed how *good* you are at rhythm games.
Drakas: how is every one going
mtvcdm: That amazement does not get less.
InquisitorGaia: way better than i can do
AntiCrepuscular: lore time!
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Cytus II) at Sun 03:00 PM PDT (12m ago).
InquisitorGaia: what is this played on, i kinda want to play it so i can work on my eye hand coordination
AntiCrepuscular: iPad?
AntiCrepuscular: some sort of tablet anyway
InquisitorGaia: that makes sense, ill have to get a tablet or touchscreen to play it then
AntiCrepuscular: playing on an iPhone 5s is hard mode ;)
niccus: the patient's life is in your hands!
mtvcdm: Ah yes, the involuntary surgery.
Schrodinger_Sig: PogChamp Rhythm Game stream that has actual viewers
InquisitorGaia: i like to watch when i have time, and i took the day off to watch E3 so while e3 isnt airing may as well
wildpeaks: it's a fancy new eyePod
Juliamon: Schrodinger_Sig Welcome! We do this stream every week
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
mtvcdm: I'm.... curious as to what #TeamChaos looks like.
P0T4T054CK: jesus what did i just walk into
P0T4T054CK: almost flawless lol
Juliamon: Heather is VERY good at rhythm games
wildpeaks: ^
AntiCrepuscular: How did Heather just phrase it? "I'm ok at rhythm games"? :D
Schrodinger_Sig: VERY good...? 🤔
AntiCrepuscular: Are we doing crimes?
Schrodinger_Sig: kinda.
InquisitorGaia: Crimes Johnson
wildpeaks: it appears so
mtvcdm: We're either doing crimes or stopping them.
AntiCrepuscular: "young fowls"? :D
wildpeaks: *drinks tea* intensifies
offbeatwitch: we doing crimes?
Schrodinger_Sig: and its a rhythm game Kappa
AntiCrepuscular: *drinks tea*
orbitaltuna: doin' a crime
Erudite_Cynic: make me coppers
wildpeaks: crime'n'tea
offbeatwitch: meh, we call the cops worse names than that :^)
wildpeaks: so electronic
Erudite_Cynic: fight the system!
InquisitorGaia: Ro Ro Fight the power
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Drakas: rythme game idea you character has the thing where they see music as colors
offbeatwitch: ah yes, I know my parents well
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:41.
TheMerricat: n
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh this is an unusual start time
Lysander_Gustav: This is an interesting mix of visual novel and rhytym game
Erudite_Cynic: this fella is a salty old sailor
robo__nixon: This is somebody's screen play with a rhythm game attached
Pteraspidomorphi: Good evening Heather. Got it
Pteraspidomorphi: Well, evening here
offbeatwitch: I have no idea whats going on but heather is good at it
mtvcdm: Bethesda is at 5:30 Pacific, which will be streamed; Devolver is at 7:15, that is not on our schedule.
phenexian: i have no idea what i'm looking at, or how this game works. But can tell, that Heather is doing really well
phenexian: @offbeatwitch oh haha snap
offbeatwitch: jinx
phenexian: :)
offbeatwitch: devolver would be funnier if they actually did it live
Invitare: looking foward to seeing Devolver's tomorrow
Sarah_Serinde: Kate might be? It sounds like she's covering a lot of E3 but I don't know her schedule
offbeatwitch: personally I find the fact that its prerecorded and interspersed with all the same crowd shots just leaves it feeling cheap
SAJewers: iirc kate's e3 schedule is on her twitter
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I just found a tweet from Kate, she'll be covering Devolver if you all want to watch someone stream it
phenexian: this writing is... not great...
RealGamerCow: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 28:00.
Erudite_Cynic: @phenexian the translation is a bit off
phenexian: it would have to be extremely off to convince me that the original was good though.
Erudite_Cynic: LUL
phenexian: game itself seems rad
phenexian: and the tunes seem solid
Erudite_Cynic: to be fair most rhythm games are not known for their rich expansive storytelling
Seeric: There's no game over screen, but you can get a failing score at the end.
phenexian: @Erudite_Cynic true, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have one.
phenexian: or at least that it shouldn't be good IF they ARE going to include one
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah, failing score at the end lets you actually practice the later parts of the song instead of just playing the first part over and over
offbeatwitch: I don't mind having to infer stuff from the writing
offbeatwitch: as long as the detail is actually there and it's not doing a Tell Everything
Drasvin: nakateYo
offbeatwitch: the envelope where I keep my emails
phenexian: @offbeatwitch oh yeah, absolutely, a lot of obvious things can go unstated.
thirsty_kitteh: Oh, they transfered all the credits to us?
offbeatwitch: mood
Drasvin: So I just got here, what is this game like?
benperterkofsky: Ian?
Seeric: Lots of tapping, some dragging, swiping, and holding mixed in. Has more plot than you'd expect from a rhythm game.
Sarah_Serinde: Ian's away visiting family this week
wildpeaks: Ian has been temporarily turned into a chair
benperterkofsky: Poor Ian
TheMerricat: So stupid question but what is the gameplay exactly supposed to be representing in the game.
wildpeaks: some kind of cool ancient technology
Drasvin: Ancient technology? So an Intel 8086?
wildpeaks: or an old demagnetized disk
Erudite_Cynic: just a Floppy disk
offbeatwitch: like all those CDs I have in my office
wildpeaks: bunbuns
GDwarf: "The Ultimate Cena"...sure
Erudite_Cynic: are the notes invisible?
mtvcdm: When you can look at a screen like this and go '....yeah I got this'.
erloas: would be interested to see a shot of the physical screen to see how quick her hands are actually moving and how the game actually controls
Sarah_Serinde: It's a good mug size :D
TheMerricat: So to continue Heather's comment, can you imagine going through all this effort to figure out what was on the SD card, and it turns out to be Randy Pitchford's 'magic' videos.....
Sarah_Serinde: Appropriate quantity of tea
Drasvin: It looks smaller than your head, though not by much
offbeatwitch: AM I YOUR SON?
Juliamon: The only acceptable mug size is "almost the size of your head" you can't change my mind
mtvcdm: There are small mugs?
Anubis169: Mikey!?
Sarah_Serinde: I have resisted buying very pretty mugs that were on the small end because I knew I'd end up neglecting them in favour of larger ones :P
TheMerricat: Well at least he's a repentant father
Sarah_Serinde: Not nice enough to be Mikey :P
Juliamon: yeah that's why I don't have a Checkpoint mug
TheMerricat: !! Ah, I didn't realize this ws a pad game.
SuperSugarSloth: katesHomie
wildpeaks: oh wow it's the big tablet
TheMerricat: I was thinking you were keyboardig it.
GDwarf: "Deve Ze Machina"? Huh, wonder what language that is.
wildpeaks: I dare not even imagine trying to play this on a small phone
Drasvin: Playing this on a tiny phone screen would be madness
Seeric: I hope this game one day gets a Switch port like the first one did, but it'll be a very long time if it happens since the mobile version is still getting new songs.
TheMerricat: My fingers would hit the entire quarter of my phones screen at one press if I played this on mine.
Drasvin: So is the rhythmn game portion connected to the story somehow, or is it just something to unlock story bits?
Drakas: wait thats whats on the chip
Seeric: The characters are all musicians and the songs are divided between them based on genre so it's framed like you're playing through their discographies.
GDwarf: Given my experience with Vocaloid songs, her story will either be a fluffy love story, have her cast as a despotic overlord, be about how she wants everyone to be happy singing, or be an existential nightmare as she realizes she's just a computer program.
Drakas: a vocaloid
Erudite_Cynic: 99% NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Drasvin: Ah.Watching this, I had an idea of a cyberpunk hacking rhythm game.
offbeatwitch: Hacking Words Dot Txt
GDwarf: This feels like a song out of a Tales game
offbeatwitch: HandCam
mtvcdm: good lord.
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TheMerricat: So for folks trying to figure out the lore here, there is appearently both an entire wiki and subreddit dedicated to both games and their story.
mtvcdm: It's a life hack, but for your body!
ChaoticObserver: An unpleasant experience from the Body Hack Corporation
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Anubis169: Kappa
demigodchaos: lurrrkkkkk
TheMerricat: Pride500 Bits for all!
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SuperSugarSloth: katesHeart
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Cytus II) at Sun 03:00 PM PDT (58m ago).
Earthenone: ohh right, e3
Earthenone: whoops
TheMerricat: Why doesn't !next show the E3 stream as next? It's on the calendar.
Earthenone: one hour buffer
TheMerricat: Ah :-)
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Grip the base and just shake it.
Earthenone: !badadvice
LRRbot: Parachutes just slow you down.
AntiCrepuscular: factually correct advice!
wildpeaks: sweet
Drasvin: Handcam
orbitaltuna: ccolorD
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun Flip the camera. It's mirrored for us
offbeatwitch: miku says trans rights
wildpeaks: speedrunner-style camera :D
Invitare: the creator of Minecraft is in this game?
Anubis169: that's a... handy cam there Kappa
GDwarf: Miku playing her own video game while in another video game
offbeatwitch: cant believe its been like 10 years since miku made minecraft
AntiCrepuscular: lrrJUDGE
dangerous_safety: LUL
niccus: illegal amplification of gamer prowess
GDwarf: Yup, that sounds like a Miku, alright
midday_rendelnep: still lrrALEX 's wifu?
ChiefEngineerMichael: This is surprisingly chill and sedate compared to what we've seen
AntiCrepuscular: hand cam adds a lot!
ChiefEngineerMichael: And then again
SuperSugarSloth: katesNice
wildpeaks: yeah this is great :)
Crad0k: it's like a closeup of someone using a panel in TNG
GDwarf: LCARS at the rave, heh
AntiCrepuscular: I'd.. kinda dig that :D
TheMerricat: Ok now that I can see her hands this is even far more intimidating than when I thought she was keyboarding the game. There is no way I'd be able to keep up with even easy mode.
e_bloc: Pride200
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GDwarf: Ooh, OSTER project's stuff is great
Drakas: if you have more cable, the webcam has a tripod mount that is if its the c920 or 922
AntiCrepuscular: This game needs avatar support (like VR rhythm games)... they could use a leap motion to add fingertracked virtual hands to a third person view :D
erloas: yeah, no way I could do anything like this, not just because I suck at rythum
mtvcdm: This makes my hands cry.
erloas: rhythm? can't spell
AntiCrepuscular: it looks like a good workout for... ambidextrousness?
ritchards: and this is why I play Melody Escape on easy mode
demigodchaos: i just get too distracted at times to even try this
demigodchaos: ohh and now I miss the melody escape playthrough they did
offbeatwitch: the animus
GDwarf: Listen, they only had the budget for two frames of animation
offbeatwitch: man what kind of lights are they using that go CLUNK like that Kappa
CleeKru: hello
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CleeKru: uh hand cam
Wodar9: Just wait until the beat drops
Seeric: Slow songs always trip me up so much more than fast songs.
GDwarf: Hmm, is that KAITO?
GDwarf: Oh yeah, slow songs are almost as bad as syncopation in rhythm games
ancientspark: Oh, that sounds like Miku's singing in Chinese, that's neat
Drakas: man i love this
NapstaBlook1504: This is oddly hypnotic.
demigodchaos: a split hold wowo
Drakas: i dont know why i like more traditional chinese and japanese music
Lysander_Gustav: Oh neat I didn't know we had a hand-view camera
ancientspark: Ah, that's why, this was originally performed in Shaghai
CleeKru: Wouldn't just the camera be enough for this game?
erloas: probably, but that wasn't the plan until I asked if hand-view was even possible
orbitaltuna: meeku
GDwarf: The idea that Miku needs to practice seems odd
demigodchaos: I like having both for these parts
CleeKru: @erloas good idea :)
orbitaltuna: maybe it's an evolutionary algorithm
dangerous_safety: nobody show her the thousands of vocaloid body pillows
TheMerricat: I don't think they said Miku needed practice, rather she thinks she needs practice because she's not aware of what she is.
GDwarf: This is English, and...doesn't sound like Miku. Is there a Miku-styled English voicebank?
demigodchaos: that would seem more apt @TheMerricat
ancientspark: Yeah, Miku has a couple English songs
GDwarf: Huh
GDwarf: Neat
OakPi: Ummm?
OakPi: What is this osu clone?
demigodchaos: Cytus 2
Seeric: These vocaloid songs are a lot more varied than I expected them to be.
OakPi: Go Hodor! (Im presuming it is hodor just got here)
Xafty: i kind want an ipad just for this game
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Oscelot: lrrHEART
offbeatwitch: its the bengin BOIS
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niccus: hey folks, we're learning about the history of how minecraft got created
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Juliamon: Easy with the emotes friends!
lucinaqt: raiding with the biggest queer energy
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GDwarf: So, I'm gonna say that this counts as "existential nightmare as she realizes she's a computer program", which means I totally called it. :P
teavian: WINE???
Juliamon: Try to keep it at 7 or below please
Feminine_Desires: So much text!
Bladinus: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Feminine_Desires: Ben is tired
kalateth: he needed a break
teiflingaishling: Needed to sleep
offbeatwitch: ben is tired after dancing lots
kalateth: he broke 5k
Noodles_15: @LoadingReadyRun He didnt want to run it back to back
tendrilsoftragedy: Ben is tired and smashed goals benginLove benginLove
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Oscelot: Ben is exhausted
SuperSugarSloth: katesHeart
mtvcdm: Ben did real good. He deserves the rest.
Feminine_Desires: !schedule
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demondrinkingtea: OMG her hair is amazing
Earthenone: !homestream
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mtvcdm: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Ben: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Kathleen: | Matt: | Serge:
Sarah_Serinde: Congrats to Ben on that stream benginHeart katesHeart
tendrilsoftragedy: thank you Heather my names TendrilsofTragedy
teiflingaishling: Def will do that!
Feminine_Desires: He did in the first 2 hours
kalateth: 5k+
demondrinkingtea: He did. In less than 3 hours
teiflingaishling: Smashed it
lucinaqt: is that hatsune miku, the creator of minecraft?
SAJewers: wow
offbeatwitch: yep
Oscelot: @lunarjade 5,700$+ to Trevor project
GDwarf: A song about how you can't write a song? Sure.
tendrilsoftragedy: 4k was centurion. just shy of 6k at end of stream
Earthenone: just need to turn on text to voice for twtichchat..nothing can go wrong
mtvcdm: Oh wow, that's a lot.
demondrinkingtea: @GDwarf don't knock writers block
e_bloc: lrrBEEJ
demondrinkingtea: Ended at 5.7k
teiflingaishling: @earthenone One phrase. “Aeoiu”
GDwarf: demondrinkingtea Heh, no, I get it, it's just kinda amusing
Feminine_Desires: Hi Beej!
offbeatwitch: aeiou aeiou aeiou
SerGarretCameron: that's also accurate. stuff was crazy there for a bit.
tendrilsoftragedy: i hear a lrrBEEEJ
teavian: john madden
offbeatwitch: john madden john madden
Feminine_Desires: oh I just said hi to him ...
Feminine_Desires: lrrBEEEJ
teiflingaishling: DAMN HEATHER! This is super impressive!!!
tendrilsoftragedy: benginWat benginWat
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRR Streams E3 - Bethesda at Sun 05:30 PM PDT (1:06 from now).
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Oscelot: This looks like fun, and I usually am awful at rhythm games. (They make me dizzy or are too fast)
I_Am_Clockwork: really digging the music style
tendrilsoftragedy: that was awesome
teiflingaishling: There were like 5 times it looked like it was ending
Oscelot: *claps*
Dergib: that was only a B? wow
teiflingaishling: <3
mtvcdm: It's like everything is a B.
mtvcdm: That's the only scoring letter the game knows is B.
tendrilsoftragedy: B for best ever?
demigodchaos: normally A or S is constant combo for these games I believe
wildpeaks: uh oh
wildpeaks: miku.exe has encountered an error
Nuurgle: have you tried turning it off and back on again?
TheMerricat: Heather playing rhythm games - - Chat playing rhythm games -
I_Am_Clockwork: sir our song robot is achieving sentience
GDwarf: I_Am_Clockwork That's one of the half-dozen plots Miku is allowed to be in. :P
demigodchaos: if I could play like keyboard cat I would be fine with that
teiflingaishling: That was fascinating but im too wine drunk to understand any of it
Earthenone: i wonder what they will put skyrim on in an hour
Erudite_Cynic: tesla cars
ancientspark: Skyrim on Apple Watch!
LathosTiran: so, watching the hand motions, this is sci-fi bridge control simulator right?
Oscelot: @earthenone not a plate
tehcrashxor: This game makes so much more sense when you can see the hands
TheMerricat: Great news! Elder Scrolls Blades was so well received that they are porting it to the PC, and Fallout 76 for the Switch!
mtvcdm: It makes sense because it's Heather's hands. If it were my hands it'd be incomprehensible.
dangerous_safety: Skyrim: Fax Machine Edition
wildpeaks: she's the weefee
theonlyangelx: Miku created Minecraft.
teiflingaishling: So incredibly confused
offbeatwitch: check the weefees
Earthenone: srank
teavian: distGold
I_Am_Clockwork: its ok I put up some Vocaloid traps
teiflingaishling: SHES THE WEEFEE DEMON
I_Am_Clockwork: thier very humane
Oscelot: *cheers*
wildpeaks: oh definitely
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NovaTiempo: Whoop whoop.
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TheMerricat: @theonlyangelx I completely missed catching that meme when it started but now that I've looked up it's origins I'm so into it.
theonlyangelx: hells yeah
I_Am_Clockwork: I'll be releasing the trapped vocaloids back into the wild
theonlyangelx: @themerricat it's a good un!
mtvcdm: This is where Twitter goes.
wildpeaks: oh no, she found the temp folder
I_Am_Clockwork: Digital Black Hole is my 8-bit Soundgarden coverband
offbeatwitch: words
orbitaltuna: fffffforeal
wildpeaks: big mood, Miku
mtvcdm: We have to kill our clone. Got it.
demigodchaos: so big hacks with techno and fast keyboard shots?
offbeatwitch: we have to kill all the clones.
Anubis169: so chat.. something weird happened to me last week.
D1cey1: Did it?
Anubis169: small op.. and before my surgery, my anesthetist offered to knock me out with gas or a boat paddle...It was an ether/oar situation
D1cey1: Dammit bis
Erudite_Cynic: yikes this is darker than expected
Anubis169 dives for cover
Earthenone: !vote oar
TheMerricat: DId you chose the paddle?
mtvcdm: All these notes are Miku clones now.
wildpeaks: dangit anubis :D
Oscelot: Owwww @anubis169
teiflingaishling: This is honestly so impressive
mtvcdm: amytfaJail
ritchards: just watching Heather is giving me anxiety of having to do that...
NovaTiempo: I wish I had this level of manual dexrerity.
demigodchaos: so for each combo we get we kill a miku?
mtvcdm: I think each individual note we hit is a Miku we're killing by tapping it.
offbeatwitch: The Internet Blackhole (tm)
Earthenone: lost on twitter, got it
I_Am_Clockwork: consume, adapt. Is Miku some sort of digi-zerg?
teiflingaishling: *Chaus
SerGarretCameron: benginChaos
dangerous_safety: Miku's trip to the dark web
I_Am_Clockwork: I like how they utilize the screen real estate
Feminine_Desires: The way they portray it isn't the best story
GDwarf: Give us Miku stories like the songs where she's in a time loop! Or is the face of a Big Brother-like evil government!
inako_11: what is this about?
GDwarf: At present? It's a side story about the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku realizing she's a computer program
I_Am_Clockwork: if your AI ever asks "who am I" it's time to iniciate first contact protocols
inako_11: UWU
dangerous_safety: uwu I'm this?
orbitaltuna: bardW what's this
I_Am_Clockwork: oh man... I miss Oendan
Erudite_Cynic: the same story beats in a rhythm game? impossible
treyhawk42: I suddenly have the strange urge to listed to "Shelter" from Porter Robinson and Madeon. B)
Earthenone: !quote choppin
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Earthenone: !quote chopin
LRRbot: Quote #1623: "Oops, off I go to Mongolia!" —Chopin [2016-01-20]
TheMerricat: @treyhawk42 shelter dad at least loved his girl. So far Miku's dad is a deadbeat looking for a beatdown.
Feminine_Desires: Before the Echo was a much better story presentation, honestly I think all heavily text based stories should really be visual novels in games, because the walls of text are quite jarring and put the player out of the story too much.
Feminine_Desires: I'd much prefer this to be a visual novel, it would show the jarring points of the writing more I feel.
TheMerricat: she's DLC that isn't really plugged into the real story so....
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah, "ai becomes person" is a little cliche to be played so straight like this, I guess
dangerous_safety: a visual novel in place of the text logs would have been much more engaging imo
Feminine_Desires: As in, it would have showed the writers the negative points of the writing more and encouraged them to make something more engaging and tied to how we feel converse and interactions play out.
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jubale1: E3
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRR Streams E3 - Bethesda at Sun 05:30 PM PDT (40m from now).
jubale1: is she playing like an ipad?
Tyrannoeil: Ohhh! That's a nice tablet!
Tyrannoeil: I love that game!
Tyrannoeil: One of my rhythm game all star.
azureHaights: Oh snap, handcam!
GDwarf: Huh, I haven't heard this song before, I don't think, but it feels like I have...weird feeling, that.
GDwarf: Must be similar to another song
demigodchaos: maybe used in an anime opening feel?
Tyrannoeil: @GDwarf It feels like generic J-pop/J-dance to me.
Tyrannoeil: Then again, I'm not a connaisseur.
Crad0k: GDwarf yeah, i've felt like that a couple of times too
Tyrannoeil: The taping in this game is sooo satisfying. They manage to make every tap make sense.
azureHaights: *slaps top of desk* You can fit so much indignance in this bad boy
GDwarf: This is...not the Vocaloid song I think of when I hear "Break It".
GDwarf: Notable lack of MEIKO burning down a city
Tyrannoeil: Is Ian there?
mtvcdm: Ian's gone this week and next.
azureHaights: THat... that was a key change.
Tyrannoeil: @mtvcdm Thankd!
Juliamon: :O
mtvcdm: gasp!
SAJewers: :O
demigodchaos: Do it!
Nuurgle: rulebreaker! PogChamp
TheMoatman: So is this basically ipad ouendan/osu?
Tyrannoeil: These moves seem so satisfying!
demigodchaos: rule 1 never learning
Juliamon: Sort of?
TheMoatman: Or at least the same basic rules
TheMoatman: *idea
Cobble_Lord: the bethesda stream is happening after this right?
KitteyWolf: yea should be
Nigouki: whoa what is this pro cam on controller stuff
Crad0k: TATU
tuckamanian: wow go you
Feminine_Desires: ZOOOM
mtvcdm: The beatmaps looked hard enough and Heather was doing well enough that people wanted to see what it looked like on her end.
RealGamerCow: lrrWOW susdFineMove
Bladinus: must tap faster! must tap faster
Bladinus: wow, awesome job
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRR Streams E3 - Bethesda at Sun 05:30 PM PDT (24m from now).
Nigouki: so i usually miss out on Rhythm Cafe, is it usually this hardcore? D:
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2386 patrons for a total of $14,148.92 per month.
tuckamanian: Tapping grand master
mtvcdm: !discord
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Alahmnat: dang
erloas: was interesting seeing you actually play it
mtvcdm: !twitter
mtvcdm: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Ben: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Kathleen: | Matt: | Serge:
RealGamerCow: oooh, lrrmans hype!
korvys: !lrrmans
korvys: aw
Juliamon: Command coming soon
Nigouki: 6 people and Beej!
Soul1355: <3
Nigouki: bye!
wildpeaks: uh oh, we've been spotted
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART friends
dangerous_safety: dasNerds
CobaltShuriken: i feel seen
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
Bladinus: katesLurk
Phailhammer: cya :)
Nuurgle: shit, that means I'm a bad lurker
SAJewers: pinkkiHatHi
BirdSorcerer: slytqLurk slytqHeart
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Heather) [now] I see you. I always see you.
LRRbot: New quote #6098: "I see you. I always see you." —Heather [2019-06-09]
LoadingReadyRun: <3
demigodchaos: back to lurking
Sarah_Serinde: That seems like a good general Heather quote :P
Nyx_fire: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRR Streams E3 - Bethesda at Sun 05:30 PM PDT (21m from now).
mtvcdm: We like lurkers over at Heather's stream. We have a lot of occasions where nobody says anything for minutes on end and it's not weird.
Alephred: Is it Dice Friends shortly?
KitteyWolf: bethesda restream
Juliamon: That's tomorrow
Sarah_Serinde: Alephred It's not Monday so no
Earthenone: dice are tommorow
Alephred: Whoops, okay.
Alephred: Paint fumes must have made me lose track.
Fruan: If it makes you feel better, it IS monday in some parts of the world.
red_shoes_jeff: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRR Streams E3 - Bethesda at Sun 05:30 PM PDT (18m from now).
Nigouki: i've had multiple incidents in the past where i go to the /live site and just read the 2nd column
Nigouki: maybe it's the highlighted current day makes it seem like a legend column and thus something to ignore?
Azsedcf: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRR Streams E3 - Bethesda at Sun 05:30 PM PDT (15m from now).
orbitaltuna: so who's doing bethesda stream?
Nigouki: everyone
orbitaltuna: everyone?
Nigouki: literally every current and former LRRer will be stuffed into the streaming office
tacocpu: The future ones too
PMAvers: Wiggins will be in the air vents, Die Hard-style
orbitaltuna: since when is there a space-time anomaly in the streaming office?
margieargie: Paul did it, I assume.
DarkMorford: Since cH!Paul eliminated the chat delay
vinewood_og: liquefied and super heated until a streamer vapor is pumped into the studio
orbitaltuna: you mean streamer steam
orbitaltuna: streamer steamer?
jubale1: ah so like that cH battle royale, but watching Bethesda
orbitaltuna: is the machine that vaporizes them
jubale1: not vaporize, just lightly cook, like with broccoli
vinewood_og: no the streamer steamer is for taking all the wrinkles out of your extremities after a few hours in the chair
Juliamon: So what are the odds of this presser aggressively pretending F76 (and basically all of last year's presser) never happened?
wildpeaks: or that F76 is doing great
PMAvers: I think it came up in a previous interview today
orbitaltuna: i just hope they got something to show for starfield
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm sad I missed the Microsoft show live, Paul was great and there were some interesting games
jubale1: fallout multiplayer?
jubale1: they never said if you can pet the dogs
vinewood_og: so help me god if they try to defend that festering pile of sadness...
wildpeaks: I just hope for no microtransactions in ES6, or maybe some news on anything Arkane's been working on, preferably both :D
erloas: I don't remember seeing anything on Fallout, though I missed the start
PMAvers: They didn't seem to, when asked on it. Something along the lines of "it's on us, and up to us to fix it."
wildpeaks: I know they helped on Young Blood, but beyond that, no news
vinewood_og: yeah elder scrolls 6 pay to win, because giving them money is fun!
truehippy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRR Streams E3 - Bethesda at Sun 05:30 PM PDT (7m from now).
KinoGami: so how long is this one supposed to be?
wildpeaks: Hazel had a laugh posting a sketch of the Outsider before E3, but I doubt any new Dishonored news are incoming