PhoenixMelior: well that was fun
PhoenixMelior: fire alarm made the building evacuate
Weagle: "Fun"
coolbond: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (11m from now).
PhoenixMelior: thanks LRRchat, the time stamps helped me figure out how long to charge for non-billable
accountmadeforants: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
silenceaux: !findquote meltdown
LRRbot: Quote #4622: "Ben, if you're going to have a meltdown, can you have it on camera please?" —Kathleen [2018-01-26]
samu_btdp1985: magic
seth_erickson: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We’re LIVE! | Join James and Adam for LRRMTG. It’s sure to be an afternoon of perfect plays and handsome boys*. | | *Perfect Plays and Handsome Boys not guaranteed. ||
krimsonkevin: Woo
TheUnknownVeg: goodness me there is a wave of value and handsome bois being detected on my radar; brace yourselves!
Schokobeau: We got signal! Main screen turn on!
Rhynerd: Did I miss chillpoint?
m0nkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL seabatBRAIN lrrJAMES lrrSIGNAL
PhoenixMelior: everyone did, there was no checkpoint
seth_erickson: It didn't happen I think @Rhynerd
Rhynerd: Ag
m0nkeyrama: Hello!
KidAmn: look at this handsome boy, and James!
thanzo: Yo!
masonator2020: Hi
dovahkin_9904: hello everybody
seth_erickson: Once Arena updates I will be playing the last game of my traditional draft to decide if I go 5-1 or 4-2
batpigboris13: Oh boy Magic time
UKKittyKat: hello! <3
TheUnknownVeg: hey its adam and adam 2
djalternative: spoon
tenthtechpriest: he's his own best friend
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EvilBadman: all of Checkpoint was at E3 Kappa
WonderfulGlory: Cheer125 Can I ask who wrote the going live tweet? I'm guessing James.
m0nkeyrama: My sub message got eaten by twitch NotLikeThis
seth_erickson: Cheer100 Cheer100 May you have a pool like mine which has sarkhan widespread brutality and karn's bastion. Blessing Bits
WonderfulGlory: It's just Adam right very distinct going live tweets and I like them alot
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
djalternative: ~last tweet
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Eipewassam: STained glass for daysssssssss
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RayFK: I'm just mad that you didn't capitalize "Perfect Plays" or "Handsome Boys" in the main body, but in your asterisk you capitalized them.
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m0nkeyrama: Hey look, it's NostrAdamus and... Jamesus? Two of the best boys in magic! lrrADAM lrrJAMES
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, m0nkeyrama! (Today's storm count: 8)
accountmadeforants: Not liking Battlebond? DansGame
WonderfulGlory: I'm going to tell Gavin you said that and he'll be crushed
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mastershake29x: yay magic
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RayFK: I mean, 2HG sucks ass
itsr67: "we're 3-0." *loses next 2 games*
morgoth_bauglyr: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: Seems legit
djalternative: If you wish to die on a hill, Mr. Savidan, Specter will be happy to oblige.
djalternative: James Bond, Specter.
m0nkeyrama: :o
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seth_erickson: we have a sac outlet to enable the devil
JCMaxw3ll: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Field94: soggy jund?
JCMaxw3ll: hell yeah it is
m0nkeyrama: Nicely done, master of sussing it out seabatBRAIN
TheGeekyQuilter: PrideTake
thanzo: spicy sultai?
JCMaxw3ll: from far away
curtisnewton82: hi james. hi adam. playing standard?
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m0nkeyrama: twitch chat died again NotLikeThis
TheWooglie: leyline has deathtouch
Znazl: we back?
RayFK: Yeah
cheezweazl: we back
RayFK: It has recovered
Invitare: still green
m0nkeyrama: huh, twitch sure is struggling
RayFK: It was across Twtich
RayFK: You're good
cheetoJack: Yep, I can still see you
UnhingedBear: yea
frozenphoenix7: Nope, can't see you James. But Adam you look wonderful.
accountmadeforants: If a streamer streams in the woods and there's no Twitch chat to chat, does it make a stream?
TheWarbo: Yeah, James was PUBGing then too
seth_erickson: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Ben: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Kathleen: | Matt: | Serge:
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batpigboris13: What do you guys think about amass?
m0nkeyrama: Chat keeps going in and out, it seems
ItsRileyPM: Bizzare plays are their middle name
seth_erickson: does the bot need to be restarted after the short crash
chadtastic112: Adam's here! <3
unarmedoracle: stream like nobody's watching etc etc
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Kcollington: Hey, it showed up. Forty freaking months, holy crow. That's, like... FIVE sub babies?
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daedalusmtg: You guys streaming for no one is giving me courage to start streaming too
ItsRileyPM: @unarmedoracle Is that the advice you would actually give?
Kcollington: Fuck, you're right. But I have a concussion currently, so I have an excuse.
m0nkeyrama: Quick maths seabatBRAIN
AlchemicalPanda: Oh right, burning prophet...
cheadlecurse: lethal
cheadlecurse: unlikely aid an unblocked
cheadlecurse: prophet
cheadlecurse: oh shit
frozenphoenix7: I think you save the Cyclops over saving the Devil tbh.
Znazl: ok, was double checking
cheadlecurse: I couldve sworn unlikely aid was +3+0
m0nkeyrama: Giant making things unable to block is pretty tech, tho
cheadlecurse: I am the bad
CyanMig: id keep the thing that can make stuff not block, but them losing two is good too i guess
Golldum: he just leaves back leyline and we cant kill him right?
Dr_fragenstien: F- see me after class
RassilonDND: great now I'm getting signal issues
SerGarretCameron: mayhem devil death trigger would have been nine.
frozenphoenix7: Devil only triggers off sacrificing things, not death @SerGarretCameron
Dr_fragenstien: Mayhem devil is only on sacrifice
RassilonDND: probably just my end.
CyanMig: mayhems on sacrifice not death
itsr67: at least you can scry with thirst
cheadlecurse: maybe just sorins thirst for the scry on endstep if they play nothing
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SerGarretCameron: it does, it's a sac, not a death.
Golldum: thirst doenst hit face
m_logan2000: attack with everything but 3/3
arcaneemperor: it is lethal though
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arcaneemperor: but this is easier lol
v_nome: love me some PoE
UpstageJMC: yes a little bit
Znazl: i used to
Golldum: kill whatever they block?
cheadlecurse: big dead
Issurru: I want to, did that count OpieOP
Camail: i'm playing poe right now
m0nkeyrama: Enjoying the new league, Adam?
DiscordianTokkan: I played PoE a bit, but not a huge amount
1losttheGame: yeah! i just started too thanks to you Adam :)
fiftymcnasty: been a long time since i played PoE
TheMandrew: ben playing a lot of PoE
frozenphoenix7: Can kill your own creature.
cheadlecurse: plus thirst for 1 extra if something goes wrong
TheMandrew: been* not ben
Camail: Legion just came out and i've been going to town on it
Field94: played it during my weekend after a LONG time since playing, loving the changes that happened in between
Dr_fragenstien: And thirst for the prophet
Znazl: FS
cheadlecurse: LOL
monosceros: anticlimactic
Tritotamar: I'm doing poe atlas completion right now. Legion is super good
1losttheGame: servers going down for server patch roll out though
m_logan2000: kill own creatures to prevent lifegain is other call
itsr67: *bonk*
m0nkeyrama: LUL
ArkhamArchivist: I often forget First Strike is a thing
offbeatwitch: [bonk]
sir_jack_DB: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (19m ago).
m_logan2000: first strike
m0nkeyrama: James *gets* it
Camail: WHAT
Tritotamar: OH SHIT
v_nome: nice
1losttheGame: niceeeeeeeeee
CyanMig: noice
m0nkeyrama: Rich man seabatTROG
cheadlecurse: turn 2 butcher concede?
The_Quiet_Alestain: sweet!
RayFK: Not 6? Fucking casual.
1losttheGame: PogChamp
Camail: that's insane!
Issurru: what's the kingymadoo
Invitare: Adam, did you know Cadence of Hyrule came out today?
Oatway_: beep beep get in
CyanMig: im enjoyng this league much more than the last
cheadlecurse: F for opp
Znazl: James and adam duos? kyleisWOW
Camail: i was happy with my double exalt drop, but that's legendary! i never even pick up those div cards anymore
krimsonkevin: benjam40Ranch
CyanMig: wha?
m0nkeyrama: Jesus, for real?
m0nkeyrama: :o
CyanMig: that dude needs to buy a lottery ticket stat
UponMyOath: Speaking of; Adam, I’m super excited for that dnd stream.
Tritotamar: Actually there's no proof of it really. Just someone posted 5 mirrors in chat
cheadlecurse: well you have to admire opp optimism
2rrr_mirror_breaker: Adam I keep trying to play Dauntless on the PS4 but the wait times are SUPER high, is it that way on PC still or should I expect it to die down
Camail: that's probably the only time that's ever happened
jinaday: does path of exile cost anything?
1losttheGame: i dont even know what the emperor chest is NotLikeThis
Field94: you invest into the most niche build you please
masta2505: James activated IgnoreMode
Issurru: have 5 mirrors, duh OpieOP
Camail: jinaday nope its free
bi0buster: Oof poor opponent.
Issurru: poe is free
cheadlecurse: turn 2 butcher is disgusting
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Chillie: Hello, best Adam, hello, best james!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Chillie! (Today's storm count: 16)
CyanMig: i sometimes wonder how many mirrors get left on the ground by people who are new to the game
Skajetolaf: Did you guys try to force mono red again?
Tritotamar: People have been trying to prove 5 mirrors from emperors luck since prohpecy league. Nobody has gotten real proof yet.
1losttheGame: LUL
m0nkeyrama: Sony's services are down atm @2rrr_mirror_breaker , I believe
m0nkeyrama: Wow Adam
monosceros: streamer privilege bloojRLY
RayFK: Adam the 1% of Dauntless.
TehAmelie: it would be impossible to just do stuff with it, at least without causing so much chaos in the world economy you couldn't predict if it would be meaningful to have money anymore
TheWooglie: You've changed Adam
The_Quiet_Alestain: Ooof, poor opponent.
m0nkeyrama: Partner privilege seabatBRAIN
goldinguy00: whitelisted?!?! what is dis?
fiftymcnasty: Oh yeah I need to watch Adam walk Ben through staring Daunt so I can know what im doing
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @m0nkeyrama not just like... right now, I just mean in general I'm usually like in the queue at 200000
Dr_fragenstien: Op made a bad keep, you don’t keep a hand that requires you to draw a specific card to do anything, even if it’s a land
RayFK: Stoked for next Sunday Adam?
RayFK: It's the most important day of the year, my Birthday.
Camail: mirrors are useless this early in the league, people dont have enough exalts to buy one
monosceros: oh no, doggo deck
chadtastic112: "Wrestle-thing" lol
m0nkeyrama: Ah, I didn't know they were that large. Must be the times you're playing? @2rrr_mirror_breaker
2rrr_mirror_breaker: ya probably @m0nkeyrama
ItsRileyPM: Its Wrestle Thingdom 10
2rrr_mirror_breaker: adam will there be a sidewalk slam for money in the bank? no rush for it just want to know if its on the docket
ItsRileyPM: how many c's on the thiccdom? lol
MarsIsDead: I haven't gotten to ask you this, and haven't tuned into alot of streams because of work... Have you seen Double or Nothing?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: ya no rush you do you
seth_erickson: Have you been enjoying the extra time off Adam
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m0nkeyrama: No worries, enjoy the time away from working
StillAnEmoKid: Rest is important my dude!
Robot_Bones: Its always relevent to me as its the only rastlein content I consume
m0nkeyrama: well-earned break
ItsRileyPM: Adam, you owe us zero apologies. Get all the frakkin rest you need Broseph Gordon-Leavitt!
Bennyinthejet: this is such a nice twitch chat
Schokobeau: I don't watch Wrestling at all but your commentary is just brilliant, totally worth the wait! Take your time Adam!
itsr67: we can't block the wolf right
MarsIsDead: I know 8 million people probably asked you that Adam but I was curious if you were going to expand Sidewalk Slam to outside of WWE for that show...
Bennyinthejet: normally all pogs and LULWs
seth_erickson: threat after threat from op
batpigboris13: What are your opinions on amass? I have become a huge fan of it.
Jondare: yeah gotta kill the sage, it's nuts
seth_erickson: Any ability that generates an additional body is generally quite good
jinaday: Adam have you done a vince impression saying "that the good shit" yet because of what ambrose/moxley said?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: chump with malkin and sac it
cheadlecurse: hey james whats your estimate on how far ben gets in the nugget centurian before he physically has to stop
m0nkeyrama: Ah right, Ben has to do that NotLikeThis
MarsIsDead: There is another even longer interview with him on another podcast... like 3 hours long... more crazy ass stories
jinaday: anyone else ever get a great feeling when a comment you make makes a streamer smile
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daryldutch: Can't you just Jund'em out?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, daryldutch! (Today's storm count: 18)
2rrr_mirror_breaker: slam with task master, after blocks sac it to spark
Golldum: sac it to dredmalk
Golldum: no wait
2rrr_mirror_breaker: sac it
krimsonkevin: We want cards
ushiikun: sac it, and get a card
m0nkeyrama: card + life over the counters seems good
2rrr_mirror_breaker: we can take a hit from the stupid 7/6
monosceros: think you used the harvest the first time the troll came around
seth_erickson: We used our spark harvest to kill that literal challenger troll
m0nkeyrama: Oh hey, just in time
kat2kool: thanks Vraska!
Issurru: may all your draws be bombs
cheadlecurse: vraska? more like gaska!
cheadlecurse: get it, cus shes straight gas
m_logan2000: attack with butcher? kill 1/1
arcaneemperor: attacking with butcher to kill off their 1/1 seems good
m0nkeyrama: Ah, bonds would've been great there NotLikeThis
cheadlecurse: which mtg character would be most likely to be in smash and why is it gideon
Papperslappen: You could progably swing with everything and bluff
arcaneemperor: then you can attack with a death toucher to pressure them too
Papperslappen: vraskas finisher
m_logan2000: gives deathtouch good attacks
seth_erickson: why not attack with assains and butcher
arcaneemperor: then they just trade it for the 1/1
arcaneemperor: now you have attacks
Robot_Bones: probably trying to play around vraska's finisher
cheadlecurse: proliferate vraska coward
m0nkeyrama: Got a few good chump blockers
cheadlecurse: very dead
seth_erickson: clean 5-0
m0nkeyrama: Daaaang, nice!
m0nkeyrama: Going infinite Kreygasm
tendrilsoftragedy: hey Adam. hows your magical talking ass?
Issurru: at least make it 5
seth_erickson: should just be 1 5 10
seth_erickson: and all
cheadlecurse: panalysts came out today
m0nkeyrama: From the Panalysts episode today LUL
tendrilsoftragedy: yes yes I am sir.
manfred909: open all is the one I really want
tendrilsoftragedy: oh phew lol
m0nkeyrama: It was a really good episode
chadtastic112: I hate seeing myself on camera. And hearing my voice on a mic.
Chillie: steamy
tendrilsoftragedy: its awesome love what you guys do so much
cheadlecurse: s p a r k b o y
seth_erickson: this pack is crazy for blue red
Furrytractor68: 4 color good stuff?
MeLikeSmallMatters: Watching this while a massive lightning storm is rolling over my little city in Denmark, this will be metal AF
seth_erickson: black green base
kat2kool: geode
Mister_Skittles: ah ral. my lightning husbando
m_logan2000: black also splashable in blue red spells
ProcrastianArt: i forgot how annoying Ral's voice lines are.
cheadlecurse: 5 color pw lrrBEEJ
m0nkeyrama: Yay 4-5 color jank \ seabatTROG /
Dr_fragenstien: Time twist is pretty good
2rrr_mirror_breaker: honor is good with ral minus
quiet_lrr_fan: c
jamesinor: Molly called us out on the Brunch dictatorship
m_logan2000: honor
cheadlecurse: take statue and then bank on getting a saheeli lrrBEEJ
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES
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thirsty_kitteh: Is that 3 or 4 packs with a Geode?
tendrilsoftragedy: take geode go good stuff?
tendrilsoftragedy: too late
tendrilsoftragedy: me not you guys
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m0nkeyrama: MVP prismite SeriousSloth
ItsRileyPM whispers "thank you" to quiet_lrr_fan
Furrytractor68: Oh!
cheadlecurse: great now I want waffles
cheadlecurse: thanks adam
m0nkeyrama: Ugin don't need directions
m0nkeyrama: Yooooooooo
Skajetolaf: Gazmina
cheadlecurse: GAS GAS GA
monosceros: you're drafting superfriends bloojRLY
destinytrigger: Twogin?
kat2kool: WELP
RayFK: Excuse me, Hentai is Art
m0nkeyrama: That's a late af spark double
RayFK: Rampage
Skajetolaf: Rampage
quiet_lrr_fan: @itsrileypm welcome. been a fan for a while, but cant watch live too often. mostly catch up on the youtubes lrrDOTS
m0nkeyrama: Erotic visionary 👀
cheezweazl subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 53 months, currently on a 53 month streak!
cheezweazl: Sweet Draft picks and Friendship, that's the LRRMTG way!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, cheezweazl! (Today's storm count: 21)
RayFK: Beacon
tendrilsoftragedy: 3 you have 3 good planeswalkers :)
RayFK: You have 3 planeswalkers
Golldum: bacon
Skajetolaf: No Escape is pretty sweet too
TheWarbo: Are you sure you'll have the right colors to cast Ugin?
m0nkeyrama: So many no escapes
m_logan2000: due to the high power level of cards i like second looter
Furrytractor68: Scorn and splash black?
tendrilsoftragedy: narset
ItsRileyPM: @quiet_lrr_fan my new schedule helps me to watch these good good boys
cheadlecurse: smashiok is great actually
m0nkeyrama: isn't every deck an ashiok deck?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: honor is good here
Robot_Bones: every deck is a smashiok dec
Golldum: burn
tendrilsoftragedy: tibbers!!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: did we pass an Ashiok?
Skajetolaf: Plating
tendrilsoftragedy: lost
m_logan2000: time twist also good on electromancer
tendrilsoftragedy: plan
aiamethyst: manticore?
tendrilsoftragedy: i like plan here.
cheadlecurse: take hentai is art
tendrilsoftragedy: proliferate right?
arcaneemperor: gives a surprise 1/1 to block with though
m_logan2000: vissionary
RassilonDND: contentious plan or kiora for ramp
ProcrastianArt: Erotic Visionary you say?
tendrilsoftragedy: erotic visionaries?
m_logan2000: should have grabbed globe
m0nkeyrama: Still have nightmares about crush dissent NotLikeThis
Furrytractor68: Evasion is super powerful iun this format because of the board stalls
m_logan2000: globe over prophet
m_logan2000: also dissent can be a good sideboard card, with a visionary out
SydPreviouslyHeadache: weird doesn't take back anything if you get Ashiok'd
Redjakkal: cut transmutation?
Znazl: ob nix worth it?
Golldum: sideboard? this is Bo!
seth_erickson: This deck is insane
Golldum: sideboard? this is Bo1
m_logan2000: twist good with walkers, electromancer and dambreaker
tendrilsoftragedy: time twist saves your walkers.
batpigboris13: Grab Kaya's?
m0nkeyrama: It seems dece
tendrilsoftragedy: cut black play the weird?
Diabore: hey, you guys do any singleton today?
tendrilsoftragedy: its one card good power level but does it break flow of the deck?
Furrytractor68: Snap Keep!
m0nkeyrama: Hi Beej!
ItsRileyPM: Hi Beej!
teh_v: Hi Beej lrrBEEJ
TheWarbo: lrrBEEEJ
WonderfulGlory: I want to see Beej's dental work
tendrilsoftragedy: chat too says Hi lrrBEEEJ
Diabore: we got a thinker
TheWarbo: Hi Beej lrrBEEJ Hi Beeej lrrBEEEJ
Issurru: the two best friends that anyone ever had OpieOP
ItsRileyPM: 2 totally not paid to be friends
m0nkeyrama: Taking their time 👀
Hellishdream: Free win?
tendrilsoftragedy: but which one is the evil friend...
WonderfulGlory: lrrJAMES : hello?
tendrilsoftragedy: toilet break opponent
1losttheGame: i bet they play teferi on free play DansGame
Fasen_D: Might be a bad connection. Happens to me a lot in Arena. It just forces me to wait the full time span before anything happens even if a ply was made.
1losttheGame: true
ItsRileyPM: lol i know that. sorry, sarcasm gets lost in text
m0nkeyrama: Unfortunate draws so far
Invitare: it's possible that mistakes were made at some point in time by someone
aridesi: I'll be back, I gotta watch mr beasts video
Fasen_D: It bugs me a lot and I wish it would get fixed. I’ve had games go over 45 minutes because every single priority is the full wait time.
1losttheGame: oh no longer on saturdays? why the change?
m0nkeyrama: Banned from Saturday streaming NotLikeThis
Fasen_D: Sorry for the rant.
m0nkeyrama: It's because of LRRMans :o
Invitare: no Concede just to annoy them
1losttheGame: OH RIGHT
tendrilsoftragedy: Adam if you do that stream I'll join you start to finish :(
1losttheGame: LUL
tendrilsoftragedy: :D
m0nkeyrama: Who else is driving?
tendrilsoftragedy: Le Mans
seth_erickson: Why does he do LRRsman
Simonark: LrrMans IS technically its own punishment for Ian.
Golldum: how did LRRMans start
tendrilsoftragedy: ooo I forgot that is this weekend
1losttheGame: can he have a driving segment on LRL? Kappa
Robot_Bones: I thought his streaming will just be part of lrlive
ItsRileyPM: Ian being Ian
mastershake29x: i follow auto racing pretty closely, and only knew Le Mans was this weekend cause i saw LRRMans in the schedule
TehAmelie: he's following regulations about how long a single driver can go these days so it's pretty safe
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kynelwynn: MtG in the Hizzouse!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, kynelwynn! (Today's storm count: 22)
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
m0nkeyrama: swamp plz BlessRNG
TheWarbo: Neheb, you say
m0nkeyrama: Yesssss
Furrytractor68: LOL
hax0l0tl: Wowwwwww
monosceros: ab. surd.
kynelwynn: Adam, Heart of the Cards
1losttheGame: PogChamp
Balbaun: nice
Simonark: And they wasted their attacks on it this way.
ItsRileyPM: Adam is Magic, confirmed
Skajetolaf: Never didn't have it
m0nkeyrama: Adam keeps getting away with it seabatTROG
Furrytractor68: Is he right, though? cyanThink
m0nkeyrama: The walker value Kreygasm
cryptickablam: how many walkers did you draft??
RassilonDND: has anyone else had the weird interaction where op emotes something, and then the game immediately bends with your loss?
Garfman314: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 58:55.
RassilonDND: *ends
m0nkeyrama: The most powerful of magics
Schokobeau: Just how the doctor intended it to be played
monosceros: apparently opp cares about lifegain and card draw?
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BloodnBullets: kasminas passive is so harsh
Skajetolaf: No otherway around
Melvide: reverse blocks saves the 2/2
DoktorNik: 1/1 should have blocked 4/2, you could have kept your 2/2
Furrytractor68: cyanHoi !
m0nkeyrama: Inc Elderspell Kappa
ItsRileyPM: ADAM
MeLikeSmallMatters: Adam is actual magic
Invitare: Uwugin
monosceros: adam stop
Hellishdream: ADAM, STOP.
m0nkeyrama: Good lord
starlitdiscord: nice
RassilonDND: are we sending op to the land of wind and ghosts?
ItsRileyPM: Thats not how probability works tho! lol
monosceros: remind me to never draft while you two are live
Furrytractor68: Being able to copy Totally Lost is pretty legit
m0nkeyrama: As long as he keeps using his powers for good, we're golden, chat seabatBRAIN
deoncrossroads: you win by making the other player lose :D
hella_qh: do we know the VA's in arena?
Furrytractor68: Can you also deal 2 damage to their tibalt?
hella_qh: like who they are
Furrytractor68: To prevent a 1/1?
m0nkeyrama: Pinged him out of another devil :o
J4c03: I have to say its been a while since I've watched an arena stream, the deckmaster overlay is awesome!
Jondare: save plan for next turn, so you can copy it
Furrytractor68: And draw that swamp?
BloodnBullets: kasmina might be better on the field
VoyRising: Hello my good Magic boys!
Jondare: should have waited a turn, so you could copy the plan
m0nkeyrama: Oh nice, ugin gives so much value
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Furrytractor68: Oh
Maddrius: @Phosphatide hope you are enjoying your vacation!
TheWarbo: Not doubling Honor with Ral?
Phosphatide: i have an idol concert to attend later today, in fact PogChamp
m0nkeyrama: Fun!
Furrytractor68: We need to be careful of our library\
Golldum: double ugin
m0nkeyrama: Spark doubled Ugin :o
Jondare: double the ugins, double the fun!
Golldum: are we the double dragon now?
m0nkeyrama: Spark doubled army token seabatBRAIN
Phosphatide: Uuggiinn
thirsty_kitteh: Spark double doubled by Ral targetting Ral.
Jondare: well, double Ral ain't bad either
SpoonfullOfSugar: post combat transformation
RangedMinion: you can spark double planeswalkers, right?
Skajetolaf: Double Ral is pretty sweet
loki_lxix: is that Brandon Routh for Ral's voice?
m0nkeyrama: Yes @RangedMinion
RangedMinion: ty
RassilonDND: I'm pretty sure you can spark double planeswalkers
carsonthekid: copy spark double ral
thirsty_kitteh: Downtick Ral for the double?
Skajetolaf: Yeah Spark Double can defo target Ral
m0nkeyrama: Ral's downtick does nothing with our hand atm
Skajetolaf: but you can't copy Spark Double with Ral downtick
the_zucc15: you guys could have transformed the army to buff it and your other guys
thirsty_kitteh: Oh, right, it's a creature, I'm thinking of the spell from the last set
m0nkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏 👏
krimsonkevin: 2Gud4U
m0nkeyrama: Tinkle time
monosceros: it's creature or planeswalker
Skajetolaf: Yeah two Rals would just make a double scry engine. Not that exciting
Skajetolaf: This is sweet
m0nkeyrama: Hooray reading in the sun \ seabatTROG /
CountZakula: Well, it's a creature spell that can be a planeswalker.
RassilonDND: !card spark double
LRRbot: Spark Double [3U] | Creature — Illusion [0/0] | You may have Spark Double enter the battlefield as a copy of a creature or planeswalker you control, except it enters with an additional +1/+1 counter on it if it's a creature, it enters with an additional loyalty counter on it if it's a planeswalker, and it isn't legendary if that permanent is legendary.
WizardDanceParty: Spark Doubling Shalai is my favorite thing to do
RangedMinion: You may have Spark Double enter the battlefield as a copy of a creature or planeswalker you control,
TheWarbo: Not what it targets, the card itself has typeline "Creature"
justjack45: keep
RassilonDND: says right there creature or planeswalker
Furrytractor68: Spark Double a Spark Double cyanAYAYA
RangedMinion: oh
CountZakula: I got hit with the spark double shalai the other day, it's back breaking.
RangedMinion: i hadn't hought of that
thomturtle: Minus the Honor the God Pharoah?
Issurru: spark double an ILHARG
RangedMinion: ^
loki_lxix: Adam on top of things even when chat won't listen as always
RassilonDND: spark double ilharg just means double bacon
djalternative: you can use ral's minus on a narset's reversal for a super win.
m0nkeyrama: spark double has some nasty combos
Issurru: because the spark double keeps coming back too LUL
TheWarbo: Are we just saying "Spark Double a [powerful WAR card]"? Because I don't really need TWO 4/4s popping out on every creature spell.
Furrytractor68: That's a 4/4 coming in
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Indirnys: what does this button do
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RangedMinion: i guess the card even refrences planeswalker spark
Furrytractor68: Oh.
Furrytractor68: Weird
m0nkeyrama: curious to not attack there
Furrytractor68: That's a death Saheeli
RassilonDND: dashing in spark double sounds like fun shenanigans
Furrytractor68: Dead*
Furrytractor68: Oh, F
stevestein: Saheeli's Silverwing is a Drake. Shouldn't it also be trash-talking the other player and giving Adam shoulder rubs?
chaostreader: Block it with a 1/1?
Garfman314: i don't really mtg, but i feel like the voice responses would get annoying after a while
chaostreader: Sorry 1/3
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djalternative: I am curious as to why Samut's minus gives haste when her passive already gives haste.
Furrytractor68: Play Kasima to bait out their heartfire?
m0nkeyrama: The voicelines firing over each other is the only thing I find annoying about the walker VA
CountZakula: @djalternative in case you downtick her to death, the creature still has haste
Himyul: djalternative her minus might kill samut
RangedMinion: can you totally lost in response to heartfire?
WitherManX27: @djalternative So that if her last minus kills her you still have haste.
ushiikun: @djalternative So that when you use her downtick the final time, the creature still has haste
RangedMinion: guess not
m0nkeyrama: It's the same with new Jace's minus
CountZakula: Same thing with labjace's -8 being redundant with his static
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m0nkeyrama: Yiiikes, we're getting bullied
monosceros: oh yes
Furrytractor68: Spark Double Ugin, you say?
CountZakula: oh jeeez
djalternative: I change my Adam to defence mode and set 2 cards.
Soul1355: lrrSACK
AwesomeHamsterParty: ORDER NotLikeThis
Furrytractor68: Kill both their creatures?
WizardDanceParty: Bolas gonna be mad
Balbaun: PogChamp
ushiikun: kill the gobos first, then whatever gets the counter?
ushiikun: too slow
Furrytractor68: With a time twist to save one of them? Jesus
Skajetolaf: What is your opponent still doing in this game?
m0nkeyrama: Double dragons Kreygasm
Invitare: 2gin
VoyRising: Double Ugin is gross
m0nkeyrama: They're twins!
Furrytractor68: Oh, Lava Axe
monosceros: oof. I would have totally fallen for the double block on the prophet there
Furrytractor68: Didn't expect that
m0nkeyrama: Ugin's VA sounds so evil LUL
Furrytractor68: Heartfire at least doesn't kill us
Furrytractor68: The Almighty Fblthp!
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Indignate: could totally lost the prophet and make 2/2s to prevent him from drawing off the top
chaostreader: Why not kill the prophet with Cruelty?
CountZakula: totally lost on fblthp, seems bad but flavor win
VoyRising: Yeah, I was gonna say, please Totally Lost Fblthp before this game is done.
m0nkeyrama: Man, we really came back after their speedy start
TheWarbo: we're at 2 life, they have burn spells, so...
hippitybobbity: is this what Ugin sounds like?
hippitybobbity: he sounds like Agalloch
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Jaya
monosceros: what a play
Furrytractor68: cyanLaugh
Skajetolaf: Hahahahaha
VoyRising: shame scoop
m0nkeyrama: oops whoops
WizardDanceParty: Hah
ushiikun: Is that an oops":
Balbaun: LUL
monosceros: shame concede is best concede
cheadlecurse: khans khans khans still my number 1
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Dom may have been my favorite, but I'm coming around on War
rjproie: Compare to Innistrad, Khans, and Dominaria please
thomturtle: Shadows over Innistrad. >.> Fight me.
m0nkeyrama: Theros was so solid SeemsGood
monosceros: bin the silverwing?
Skajetolaf: Don't do it
ZaneReichley: Theros plus Khans Limited and Constructed was so much fun
loki_lxix: GREED
loki_lxix: do it
Furrytractor68: Greed?
ushiikun: ditch the silverwing, it isn't exactly good
m0nkeyrama: maximum lrrGREED
Furrytractor68: Paid off Pog
Skajetolaf: Never punished
ItsRileyPM: lrrGREED
Furrytractor68: This is bad VoHiYo
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Island off the top though
monosceros: yike
thomturtle: Noooooo our fight money
Pal_Friendpatine: If I could I’d be there and Theros draft right with you. Loved Theros!
m0nkeyrama: We're in danger :)
cheadlecurse: DO IT AGAIN COWARDS
cheadlecurse: WEAK
cheadlecurse: you will not survive the winter
SydPreviouslyHeadache: we just ned to get to Ugin
Furrytractor68: TWO?!
monosceros: oh no
cheadlecurse: oh
Furrytractor68: Ohhhhhh BOY
m0nkeyrama: The double sage NotLikeThis
cheadlecurse: oh no
MalBeam: rip
Furrytractor68: Wait, why wouldn't you block it?
Skajetolaf: Ripperonio
SacrificialToast: at least 2 disciples next time
CountZakula: I think that's the textbook definition of "yikes"
m0nkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
SydPreviouslyHeadache: land into Ugin
Redjakkal: Why not chump on the last turn to get another kas activation?
TheWarbo: yeah may as well chump with the Wizard, since keeping Kasmina alive gets you a replacement
Skajetolaf: Yeah agreed
chandra9988: How's it goin
Furrytractor68: A lot of junk, at least
SydPreviouslyHeadache: just getting uscloser to answers
cheadlecurse: well its good to get those off the top at least
KartoffelKaiser: This is a lot of digging.
m0nkeyrama: Sitting in the totally lost waiting room 👀
KartoffelKaiser: Waiting to be lost is a heck of a thing.
Skajetolaf: Damn.. This opponent is living the proliferation dream
chandra9988: That's a very large evo sage
Raithencore235: @LoadingReadyRun Hey Adam, finally got around to it and I'm reading Last Argument of Kings after a long wait looking forward to finshing the First Law Trilogy
KartoffelKaiser: That's a lot of chump blocks
Furrytractor68: Oh, F
chandra9988: what deck are you playing?
m0nkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏 👏
Furrytractor68: You can still shoot Wanderer, yeah?
cheadlecurse: chump time
seth_erickson: it hits the wanderer
KartoffelKaiser: It pings the wanderer
Skajetolaf: Devil infront of Sage
Skajetolaf: the rest in front of Loxo
Redjakkal: You only need to block with 3 power
Redjakkal: then ping to kill
ProcrastianArt: What author was that? My chat is lagged
ushiikun: wanderer only stops non combat damage to others
KartoffelKaiser: Taking 8 seems hard to justify
m0nkeyrama: Wanderer prevents devil pings on anything but her
SydPreviouslyHeadache: block sage with imp
TheWarbo: text, you say
Skajetolaf: Oh dam so bad
kat2kool: text? on cards? wild
Skajetolaf: Sozzle
cheadlecurse: double narset dig again?
SacrificialToast: that card clearly has no text on it
KartoffelKaiser: wait cards arent allowed to have text thats illegal
TheWooglie: Joe abercrombe (probably spelt wrong)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: *my line of thought was tibalt imp to block sage, and have that ping finish off the loxodon
vegetalss4: Clearly chat should read the card, I hear that explains the card.
ProcrastianArt: Thanks @TheWooglie !
Furrytractor68: Where's Totally Lost when you need it
SacrificialToast: lost
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh right
WizardDanceParty: @vegetalss4 that doesn't seem right
KartoffelKaiser: Plants PogChamp
SydPreviouslyHeadache: the funny thing is, i play a deck with Tajic, and i get sad when opponents try to bolt not Tajic
cheadlecurse: jiang is definately looking for each planes version of weed btw
CountZakula: LUL wut. I play with the game muted that's the first time I've heard Jiang. Why's he all excited over plants?
KartoffelKaiser: He likes plants.
MostCallMe__Tim: I typically play with sound off while having some video or something on the other screen, so I rarely hear the voice acting
Furrytractor68: That would have been great 5 turns ago
Furrytractor68: We go to 1
m0nkeyrama: Daaang, OP drawing only gas
KartoffelKaiser: We go to 1, but then we're dead on the next attack
Furrytractor68: RIP Deck shuffle
KartoffelKaiser: oh look our win condition.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: if ral could ping creatures. that'd be a bit much
Furrytractor68: We need 5
Furrytractor68: Because of Jiang
cheadlecurse: you need 5 lightshield does not have defender
Furrytractor68: He pumps the wall
cheadlecurse: yes
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and we're dead to the lightshield
m0nkeyrama: Yep, that shield is going to kill us
seth_erickson: jiangg dies ral
Furrytractor68: Their opponent had the nut draws
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh right, Jiang would have died.
TheWarbo: Turns out, Evolution Sage with a counter on T3 or 4 or whatever, is really really good
Raithencore235: Do you mean A Series of Unfortunate Events?
Furrytractor68: Tibalt on Curve!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i am having a very off day
BlandSpice: They wouldn't have proliferated, because of exile, but it still wasn't good
m0nkeyrama: Our removal for those large creatures is totally lost and...? Do we have a spark harvest?
Skajetolaf: There was not real way out of that spot
Skajetolaf: *no
SydPreviouslyHeadache: don't you dare Ajani
Furrytractor68: Just hold up No Escape?
Furrytractor68: Tibalt isn't really doing anything
GreatGodOm: Attack dovin and play the sllilverwing
Furrytractor68: Can't play silverwing
GreatGodOm: silverwing
Shiz514: cant play silverwing
Furrytractor68: Because of Dovin
m0nkeyrama: They'll do it after combat NotLikeThis
GreatGodOm: Right :(
Skajetolaf: These passives are quite a mess to track tbh
Shiz514: pretty sure we just hold up counter spell
Furrytractor68: I'm afraid of that play
m0nkeyrama: Kinda wish they would buffer the voicelines
Furrytractor68: Wait
Furrytractor68: How do we gain life?
m0nkeyrama: If they hit tibalt instead of us, it's like gaining life
Furrytractor68: Oh, that's what you mean
m0nkeyrama: Saved us 8 damage there Kreygasm
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Dovin's passive seems a bit better than his down tick
Shiz514: why not play draw spell?
Skajetolaf: Dovin's Passive is disgusting
m0nkeyrama: the tax is no joke
Furrytractor68: Their draws are fucking nuts
Skajetolaf: Yikes
SydPreviouslyHeadache: *not to say his downtick is bad, just, i drafted and played Dovin into empty boards for it
seth_erickson: totally lost the pegasus seems like the play here
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Mewyabby: hihi
Furrytractor68: He at least isn't going to have Burn
m0nkeyrama: Not easy to play from behind
Mewyabby: ilu Adam, stay strong brotherrrrr
Skajetolaf: That
Skajetolaf: *That's a cantripping chumper
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seth_erickson: hold up no escape for the pegasus
Furrytractor68: Well then, Kasima looks...bad here
m0nkeyrama: Jupiter has that many moons? :o
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DoktorNik: When I thought of starting there was 63, now there are 79 known
chaostreader: Transmutation feels really bad here.
RassilonDND: somewhere around 80 for Saturn,
m0nkeyrama: jeeze, that's so many moons
mistborn83: James Blues are Stanley cup champions!!! Cheer1000
A Cheer shared Rewards to 25 others in Chat!
Shiz514: 2 power on conjurant was better
TheWarbo: why not put the 2 damage chumper on the conjurant?
chaostreader: ^
RassilonDND: I do like the fact that earth either has one, two, or 247 moons
MrsLlante: <3
SydPreviouslyHeadache: maybe we hit ob cruelty?
m0nkeyrama: woooooow, what a narset reveal
RassilonDND: aww that clumping!
MrsLlante: gg
gaminghusbands: Their deck was sooo good
Furrytractor68: No matter how great a deck you get
Skajetolaf: These last two games feel baaaaad
Furrytractor68: You just get fucked by luck
m0nkeyrama: We died to small things growing really big NotLikeThis
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i guess even if we had hit cruelty , they would have had 2 attackers
Fluffy776: future button?
ushiikun: In a game where the very best only win 60% of the time, you are going to lose...a lot
loki_lxix: is five gonna be better?
m0nkeyrama: Land Kreygasm
Furrytractor68: Can't wait for London Mulligan rules
Soul1355: !advice
LRRbot: Attack dead creatures to absorb their meat.
masonator2020: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
mistborn83: why you so far away James?
control_rig: Oh look a frog
m0nkeyrama: The london mulligan feels pretty good, it's nice they've got a trial run going on arena for the singleton event
seth_erickson: honor seems worse
BlandSpice: transmutation removes abilities right?
Tobgoblin: Kasmina best designed PW by far!
m0nkeyrama: We need something to ditch to honor
SydPreviouslyHeadache: honor has burned me so many times in constructed
Furrytractor68: Trampigilance seems threatening
pers0n0fblah: kasmina's is good against Mowu before he gets any counters
SydPreviouslyHeadache: though, i guess the only counter spells are veto, no escape, and crush dissent? in this format
Tobgoblin: She is just fine, she cant get out of hand on her own but damn good value
Rioxcon: I just love tamiyo because of her passive, it works on the decks I don't like playing aginst
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Kasmina? You mean TOTTALLY NOT Jaina Proudmoore
Tobgoblin: @Bobtheninjagoldfish Semantics ;)
KartoffelKaiser: i don't see the Jaina Proudmoore thing tbh.
BlandSpice: Mowu's gonna get those horizon counters
kat2kool: so many tokens!
Invitare: 2gin incoming?
ushiikun: Tammy-io
Tobgoblin: Tame yo ;)
m0nkeyrama: Oh my, they splashed some power
TheWarbo: somewhere, Ron Swanson involuntarily shudders
Tobgoblin: Or just old simic lady with many arms
m0nkeyrama: LUL @TheWarbo
destinytrigger: Liey-brary
m0nkeyrama: Another Tammy for him to dislike
MostCallMe__Tim: Tami, Did you just straight quote Sokka in AtLA?
KartoffelKaiser: Eugine, save us
TriseAlpha: I'm sorry... Tamiyo says "To the library!"? but she IS the library!
Skajetolaf: Tami-Yo seems like a dope rapper name from the 90s
KartoffelKaiser: We should wait to double our ugin
Krayvern is continuing the Gift Sub they got from TheMerricat!
m0nkeyrama: It's alright, we'll get it back when they attack
Krayvern: Oh god why did it spam it in chat
Tobgoblin: Never got why ugin sounded like a bad dracula wannabe
Krayvern: Or at least in my chat
WonderfulGlory: God Ugin's voices does not match up with how I imaged it.
hippitybobbity: crikey Ugin really feeling that Pack a day habit
Tobgoblin: @WonderfulGlory Exactly he sounds like a bad villain of a B-movie
m0nkeyrama: There's always a chat announcement for that @Krayvern seabatTROG
seth_erickson: I like that Ugin's voice is similar to Nicol Bolas's considering that they are twins
WonderfulGlory: You're right! @Tobgoblin He sounds like a knock off sith lord
cetiken17: for some reason i'm much worse at bo1 than bo3 in WAR
Krayvern: @m0nkeyrama No, I see 5 messages all saying that I am continuing the sub
BlandSpice: probably counters, which they're trying to weigh against buffing mowu more or saving neheb?
m0nkeyrama: oh, LUL I only see one @Krayvern
Tobgoblin: @WonderfulGlory More like a wannabe sith lord. Like a dude that really likes sith and REALLY tryhards to be one
kat2kool: @Krayvern no spam on my end fwiw
Krayvern: @m0nkeyrama And it scared me because I thought that I hit gift 5 or something 'cause the pop-up was still blocking it
Krayvern: Like I felt my heart drop
KartoffelKaiser: mowu still dies PogChamp
Furrytractor68: The plays cyanAYAYA
m0nkeyrama: Oh, yeah that's be rough
geekvs: does no one care about ubisoft
Tobgoblin: To shreds you say?
BlandSpice: They missed the devil math
control_rig: Ouch
control_rig: Devil i nthe details
Furrytractor68: Oh.
m0nkeyrama: Prismite MVP
Furrytractor68: You can just Ugin that, yeah?
destinytrigger: Chandra makes me uncomfortable sometimes
BlandSpice: You can exile chandra for no effect, so that's good
KartoffelKaiser: our opponent is splashing two double red cards :I
drfox17: oh chandra
seth_erickson: and kill tamiyo
m0nkeyrama: seems strong
BlandSpice: You have three turns to kill chandra
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BlandSpice: Which I think ugin can get to in time?
Furrytractor68: Ohhhh no
KartoffelKaiser: Neheb also has haste now
Furrytractor68: Sammut the Boot coming in hot.
KartoffelKaiser: We can just double block tho
Furrytractor68: It has trample?
TheWarbo: block with Breaker and Wizard
KartoffelKaiser: Double block to save a point of damage
seth_erickson: ugin can take one
TheWarbo: avoid the neheb ability
Furrytractor68: Misread that number on Ugin
drfox17: "Yoooou are not prepared"
destinytrigger: TWOgin
m0nkeyrama: The twins return 👀
kat2kool: v nice
hippitybobbity: lmao I DON NEED THID
A_Silly_Espurr: ugin sounds so weird
BlandSpice: oh man
aethelwulf82: why dont you double block? the creat had trample
BlandSpice: ral copying honor will be nice
m0nkeyrama: Walker gang seabatTROG
KartoffelKaiser: Now we can copy the honor PogChamp
bulletproofbanana: uh holy crap, just got here, but what kind of god draft did you guys have??
Tobgoblin: Twugins you say
loki_lxix: Super Friends ASSEMBLE!
RangedMinion: lol
Tobgoblin: I raise your twugins with quideons
BlandSpice: Second honor doesn't need costs
vegetalss4: Wouldn't double blocking with the wizard have been better, they could still only have killed one of your creatures unless I missed something, and Ugin would have 1 loyalty counter more?
aethelwulf82: sure you would need. ugin took 1 damage and he could be able loot
strawhatluffy274: deckmaster bug? i can't see wants under the spirit
KartoffelKaiser: You don't need to discard to the second honor. You're not casting it, you're copying it
destinytrigger: Manifest. I get it
Blasteg: is it worth it to totally lost something just to shuffle their library?
m0nkeyrama: They're all in the exile zone, next to the library @strawhatluffy274
weff47: It sounds like Ugin is doing a Vince impression
mastershake29x: @strawhatluffy274 we are allowed to see what is under the spirit, opponent doesn't
ushiikun: coping doesn't force you discard again
Skajetolaf: Yeah copying is pretty good
bulletproofbanana: doesn't copy costs, only effects
Furrytractor68: It makes sense because copying isn't paying for it.
mastershake29x: @strawhatluffy274 nm misunderstood
Tobgoblin: Nah copy doesnt copy the cost
kat2kool: oh really? neat
Tobgoblin: And discarding is a cost
zerg539: @strawhatluffy274 you can see what is under the spirits by looking at the Exile pile
BlandSpice: You aren't casting the copy, so you don't need to pay any costs to cast it
TheWarbo: No, because it's "as an additional cost, discard." It *would* copy if text was "DIscard a card, draw two cards"
Papperslappen: Twogin > Ugin
A_Silly_Espurr: opp is on jund too :(
monosceros: 1 more blocker on the worm in case samut pings?
strawhatluffy274: @m0nkeyrama thanks
BlandSpice: That's also a draw three
KartoffelKaiser: If it told you to cast it without paying its mana cost, you would still discard. If you copy it, you don't have to pay any of the costs, including discard
m0nkeyrama: NP @strawhatluffy274
m0nkeyrama: Free silverwing Kreygasm
WizardDanceParty: Look at that free birdy
KartoffelKaiser: omg silverwing is free
seth_erickson: free saheeli's silverwing off of ugin's static
TheWarbo: Free Silverwing because of Twogin lol
Dread_Pirate_Westley: -2 Ral into Contentious Plan is always fun.
Furrytractor68: Tfw Ugin makes you have a play where the opponent 1 for -3's himself
BlandSpice: It might make sense not to plus ugin, you're running out of cards and they're still at 22
SydPreviouslyHeadache: they could potentially amass ablaze
acdanzig: what is this deck . . . two ugin? ral?
acdanzig: way to go bots
chaostreader: One Ugin is a spark double.
m0nkeyrama: Double Ugin sure gets us through our library quickly
loki_lxix: one Ugin is a Spark Double
KartoffelKaiser: It's one ugin, and a copied ugin
acdanzig: @chaostreader ah, even better
Furrytractor68: Gross. cyanLaugh
Tobgoblin: Well twugins will do that
kat2kool: @destinytrigger yeah, but then Hazoret got better and thanked Samut for all she did
Skajetolaf: Copying stuff like the amas draw spell and the prolif plan seems sweet
m0nkeyrama: A... what?
destinytrigger: There are two dragons inside you. One is Ugin. The other is also Ugin.
Skajetolaf: Fantastic
A_Silly_Espurr: so this is UR splashing B for removal?
m0nkeyrama: Spark-doubled Ugin is Ugin, but stronger :o
m0nkeyrama: UR splashing black for one Cruelty
Tobgoblin: Jace and silent bob... nah couldnt find the pairing
Tobgoblin: Failed
KartoffelKaiser: deal
ushiikun: Natural Tron
Gekyouryuu: prophet tibalt?
Tobgoblin: Prophet and tib seems to be the play
Tobgoblin: Im just bummed they didnt make tibalt worse for the luls
ardengnome: @Gekyouryuu I d cut your banehounds
BlandSpice: both of those double blocks can be made to not work for you
m0nkeyrama: Oops NotLikeThis
TheWarbo: sergeCounting
A_Silly_Espurr: just spark double Tibalt so opponent scoops to sheer power
TheWarbo: If only we had banding
Tobgoblin: Saving tibalt is prolly never the right line
Furrytractor68: Or Narset is just dead
m0nkeyrama: RIP Narset, got us some solid removal
hippitybobbity: rewarded!
A_Silly_Espurr: tibalt did something PogChamp
Furrytractor68: Tibalt dealt 2 damage to the opponent already, what a bro
m0nkeyrama: Tibalt's being useful :o
m0nkeyrama: Maximum Tibalt value
VanFlicke: 5 cmc for a 3/4?
hippitybobbity: jebaited
Furrytractor68: 3/4 flier
monosceros: I mean, kefnet is a 4 CMC 4/5
A_Silly_Espurr: 5 cmc 3/4 = godlike
TriseAlpha: Order...
VanFlicke: 3 cmc for a 4/3 = feather
hippitybobbity: kefnet is also double blue and a mythic
Furrytractor68: OH!
A_Silly_Espurr: F
m0nkeyrama: They were able to draw a bunch off that reaper
m0nkeyrama: NotLikeThis
Furrytractor68: Do we need to top it now?
itsr67: inb4 "citadel says nonland"
ushiikun: totally lost the citadel?
seth_erickson: totally lost the griffin
Furrytractor68: Citadel is non-land
m0nkeyrama: for its activated ability, yes
seth_erickson: if we toss it they have to take five to play it again
TheWarbo: "Citadel says nonland permanents,chat" button when?
itsr67: eugene?
itsr67: you there?
m0nkeyrama: Ouphe seabatYIKES
TriseAlpha: Hm.
TheWarbo: points at Sky Theature Strix: Is this an Ugin?
A_Silly_Espurr: oh wow, they had removal this whole time PogChamp
TriseAlpha: t101Oof
m0nkeyrama: Divine arrow off the top NotLikeThis
MrsLlante: KomodoHype
itsr67: hi eugene
TheWarbo: deck that's just mean
Furrytractor68: We're 1 mana short
m0nkeyrama: Wooooow
Diabore: but thats the wrong dragon
TheManaLeek: Killing the Citadel was the moral victory
m0nkeyrama: We're dead NotLikeThis
VanFlicke: gg
monosceros: Ugin killed Bolas' Citadel, flavour win
seth_erickson: force mono red again
m0nkeyrama: James is back in charge 👀
Kykiwi: "glass of water" aka apple pie?
Furrytractor68: Commence
seth_erickson: Commence
Furrytractor68: I never seen that played
Diabore: iron bully
m0nkeyrama: Commence seabatTROG
itsr67: goblin
El_Funko: Commence the Avengers Endgame
breadisbest1: green
Kykiwi: force gruul
A_Silly_Espurr: commence the stupid Kappa
Furrytractor68: And I would like to see it in action
ushiikun: Commence, seems really good
destinytrigger: Not Gruul? Then die!
seth_erickson: aven or callus
Furrytractor68: Arlinn?
m0nkeyrama: Arlinn seabatTROG
monosceros: Toll
aitsu100: callous
Furrytractor68: Or Aven Eternal
destinytrigger: Doge lady
MadameAdversary: force mono blue
itsr67: callous or aveb
m0nkeyrama: Aven seabatTROG
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TheWarbo: Never read the Comments, Always take the Commence
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A_Silly_Espurr: commence the arlinn
m0nkeyrama: Cat deck Kappa
seth_erickson: apparition
ushiikun: transmute
Furrytractor68: Yes
destinytrigger: Mono blue, let's pick a not blue card.
monosceros: Grateful yea
Skajetolaf: Yeah
TheManaLeek: Mono Blue, we can't get colour screwed!
CyanMig: apparition been real nice for me
strawhatluffy274: griffin
chaostreader: Chat is building green/red. No matter what James does.
ushiikun: I always have trouble getting apparition to trigger.
monosceros: literally the grateful dead
Furrytractor68: Tlost
Skajetolaf: Promotion is pretty sweet with Apparition
seth_erickson: lynx or dambreaker
monosceros: smells like a veto
seth_erickson: vetos good against a lot of threats
A_Silly_Espurr: transmutation for the potential God?
Skajetolaf: Globe is pretty tight too
itsr67: veto is a pretty alright negate in this format
aitsu100: id take globe
m0nkeyrama: veto is alright
NarishmaReborn: globe is great
ushiikun: fixing could have been nice for later packs, though Veto is sweet.
Skajetolaf: Ashiok
m0nkeyrama: Oh baby
seth_erickson: ashiok
monosceros: Cashiok
loki_lxix: Ashiok!
A_Silly_Espurr: ashiok's thing
m0nkeyrama: Oh my
Skajetolaf: Aaah Double Ashiok
m0nkeyrama: Look at these uncommons Kreygasm
ushiikun: Well, white was definitly the right colo
CapnRobert: transmutation
ushiikun: *color
weff47: in this deck with the fliers, battalion is pretty good
Spartacus1209: Wow. Love when drafts seem to come together like this.
chaostreader: I love that this card pool has a green ramp deck in it that can’t be used now.
A_Silly_Espurr: NoBully
Skajetolaf: Iron Bully is pretty cool with the counters too
CapnRobert: transmutation one of the few cards in this format that can deal with gods
CapnRobert: I always try to get one if im in blue
seth_erickson: seems decent
m0nkeyrama: Skydiver is also great
itsr67: seems good with promotion
ushiikun: saheeli, is pretty nice
A_Silly_Espurr: ignite the bacon
Skajetolaf: Another Grateful
chaostreader: There were two Jiang’s in this pool. Wow.
Rexdogo: how are yall?
m0nkeyrama: Black is so open with these bots
CapnRobert: ive found transmutation to be like solid removal usually, is it bad in some way im missing? they passed so many
weff47: take two statues then topple the statue Kappa
Rexdogo: This deck seems Really weird. Blue White good stuff
seth_erickson: I think veto is better than the sergeant
m0nkeyrama: Ashiok NotLikeThis
Invitare: Statue PogChamp
A_Silly_Espurr: transmutation is bad against Amass and +1/+1 proliferate shenanigans @capnrobert
itsr67: we are james legion
El_Funko: James' wallet is bad in this deck, he should probably throw that out too. Into the halway
seth_erickson: I think ashiok is good in any deck that can run her
Rexdogo: Whats our Win con?
Rexdogo: Commence?
A_Silly_Espurr: but I'd say they're worth it still
hey_strawberry: you guys are too handsome to be playing card games
ushiikun: Dambreaker can also win games
Rexdogo: maybe get rid of divine arrow?
monosceros: grateful dead wins games
CapnRobert: @A_Silly_Espurr thats true, still seems like good removal more often than not
korvys: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
m0nkeyrama: getting rid of removal 🤔
itsr67: apparition is also really nice with batallion
Rexdogo: Divine arrow just isnt that nice in this deck
Porsgaard81: Wincon is all the things.
CapnRobert: at leat would want one
A_Silly_Espurr: the all-powerful "Draft Deck"
LoadingReadyRun: Like, Commence, and Subscribe the Endgame
delta__vee: so really the league of extraordinary james only has one jame in it unarmeHmm KappaRoss
Rexdogo: Watch divine arrow wins yall the game.
m0nkeyrama: LUL @LoadingReadyRun
LoadingReadyRun: lrrGRAHAM
Rexdogo: Be like me. Stupid enought not to mulligan ever
monosceros: well I appreciate the entertainment
TriseAlpha: So they didn't implement the London Mulligan yet
monosceros: that's when M20 hits @TriseAlpha
Golldum: yes
m0nkeyrama: oh myyyy
Rexdogo: Ewwww Krayl Stinger
RedTriad: :0 that means Adam is open
itsr67: They have the interface and I've london mulliganed in this game before
itsr67: I swear
m0nkeyrama: He'll get drafted soon enough
Megaparsec256: london mulligan is in the singleton event
CyanMig: they had london mulligan on the singleton, i think
mastershake29x: @itsr67 the singleton event is using it
A_Silly_Espurr: they had it for a event
itsr67: ah
m0nkeyrama: That's what a ghost would say 🤔
Invitare: I am a ghost lrrSPOOP
Rexdogo: If you dont belive in ghosts, How do you have a Apparition?
m0nkeyrama: throw us off its ghost tracks
Robot_Bones: You say that but don't come to me crying when a lrrSPOOP traps you in an hourglass
itsr67: whoa
ShadeofHades: Drake, so you can double spell for the counter next turn
bigmonkey369: @MTGGoldfish what deck beat uw control well in modern? I live in Minneapolis and ALL THE META IS CONTROL so, what meta deck is good at beating control??
ushiikun: after blocks are declared.
itsr67: after blocks
KingOfDoma: Ya best start believing in ghost stories, Mr. Turner... YOU'RE IN INE!
pers0n0fblah: you can insert first strike before damage
A_Silly_Espurr: after blocks
TheWarbo: but is there a first strike step if no creature has first strike?
bigmonkey369: @LoadingReadyRun what deck beat uw control well in modern? I live in Minneapolis and ALL THE META IS CONTROL so, what meta deck is good at beating control??
Rexdogo: im hpapy they got the strongest card in this set. Thunder drake
TheWarbo: Oh right yeah I'm better now
m0nkeyrama: The apparition is a much bigger threat when it grows itself
A_Silly_Espurr: flying is cheat SMOrc
frozennorthgamingofficial: benjam40Yee benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40ExEnginExplosive benjam40Haw
Rexdogo: Dont cheat guys. Cheating is for blue player- oh. Your playing blue. ok have fun :)
Golldum: is grateful giving kaya a high five?
monosceros: "thanks, boo"
Skajetolaf: @Golldum Yeah that's it's way of showing it's Gratitude
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Alphaproomega: Wheeler raid
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WizardDanceParty: critroleBrian
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m0nkeyrama: Ooooo, wheeler raid seabatTROG
Rexdogo: Oh Shit THats a Large Raid.
alpsumtg: yeehaw
itsr67: yeeeeeeehaw
RangedMinion: yeehaw
KarmaPhantasm: Dont worry, he has the Teferi avatar. Him taking this long was always implied.
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EJGRgunner: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (39m from now).
seth_erickson: time wipe
Golldum: timewipe
Oatway_: time wipe?
Shiz514: ^
aitsu100: benjam40Cowboymulder
m0nkeyrama: LUL James
Rexdogo: They arnt running Time wipe. lol
pers0n0fblah: Time wipe, Widespread brutality
shurtal: Ouphe Doofa
Rexdogo: Guys. There Green Blue.
sivakrytos: can you fill out that whole hundo
Chuck_Falice: Can you guys tell Graham to play faster? I'm in a game with him and it's horrifying.
ghostvalv: waow
benjamin_wheeler: Hey, 99 is higher than the last time!
loki_lxix: On brand
korvys: Self confidence!
A_Silly_Espurr: widespread is uncastable, time wipe isn't technically
bittersweet_distractor: ben is great as a person. you can tell because hes willing to play absolute jank trash just for us
Rexdogo: Time wipe is blue white and widespead is black rex
m0nkeyrama: Moving up in the world :o
I_Am_Clockwork: turner just spends his time watching himself on VODs
Rexdogo: *red
A_Silly_Espurr: since they had a new horizons already
Papperslappen: Who is 101? Just outside top 100?
monosceros: they're showing off how much proliferate they got
Unas84: hey Alex!
m0nkeyrama: LUL Hi Alex
NarishmaReborn: James tunes into Seabats and thinks it's himself, so really Adam is favorite
alpsumtg: alex!
seth_erickson: @Rexdogo they have two count em two new horizons that let them tap lands for any mana
KarmaPhantasm: BM
loki_lxix: A wild Alex appears
Furrytractor68: cyanLaugh !
m0nkeyrama: Wooooow
TheWooglie: James
monosceros: oof
A_Silly_Espurr: LOL
SableTiger: rooooood
starlitdiscord: wooow
A_Silly_Espurr: bm
aitsu100: Ty james i love it
DiscordianTokkan: Hi Alex!
Golldum: how does it feel to be a monster
TheWarbo: displaying dominance
loki_lxix: the rubins
sivakrytos: @bittersweet_distractor i dunno if that's just for us
m0nkeyrama: James has a weird definition of nice Kappa
alpsumtg: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (37m from now).
Rexdogo: @seth_erickson Ok. So your hopping there suddonly playing White or black. in a blue green deck. Weird as heck.
Rexdogo: There is NO Escape from this jank!
seth_erickson: I routinely play three color in this format it's not that wild
KarmaPhantasm: Kitty
Rexdogo: Yeah, except when its so widely green mana the chances is super low.
ushiikun: but he had meat breathing, so strong!
TheWarbo: Meatbreathing!
seth_erickson: green mana has the best fixing of the colors for this format making it much more likely they're splashing off color bombs
KarmaPhantasm: So many birds
akvar: I'll take the double notice :P
SableTiger: The overlay won't show tokens I think
accountmadeforants: UW flyers, eh? Nice.
m0nkeyrama: Correct, overlay doesn't show tokens
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El_Funko: Adam I think I'm switching to KB+M for Dauntless. My inner gamer is rising up
gamercat88: oh blue white deck fun
m0nkeyrama: Twitch is very weird with resub message/sub anniversary timing
Kumakaori: strike the 4/5 swing?
Kumakaori: 4/5, swingf*
Juliamon: Yeah, from what I understand Twitch Prime bases sub messages on anniversary rather than billing cycle
CyanMig: Cacaw
m0nkeyrama: I don't use prime and it does that to me too NotLikeThis
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m0nkeyrama: Funko's powering up? seabatTROG elfunkChunk
azureHaights: Thought you were going Randy Savage on us, Adam
Juliamon: It also might matter whether you use Paypal or Amazon Pay
azureHaights: What with the cream
Papperslappen: First strike meat breathing is powerful
SpoonfullOfSugar: activate screecher
Golldum: war screacher
MadameAdversary: ^
Knightclasse: Activate screecher
I_Am_Clockwork: pump wit bird?
itsr67: screech is game
m0nkeyrama: It's instant speed Kreygasm
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrGOAT there
ushiikun: big brain play
gamercat88: one more
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itsr67: ?eroM enO...
WonderfulGlory: Is this the guy that makes the pokemon?
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MaidenFGC: Love ya'll
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Wodar9: James, when will MTG Arena get a Battle Royal?
m0nkeyrama: James has his ".....One More?" and Adam has his "we're heeeeere"
TheWooglie: If you count LRR as 1
gamercat88: YES!
azureHaights: So " more?" is like "we're HEEEERE"?
Invitare: yep
WonderfulGlory: You're my second favorite streamer
CapnRobert: adam your tied for my favorite streamer
CapnRobert: with will smith
CapnRobert: notthatCult notthatCult notthatCult
Painfully_Dyslexic: LRR as a whole is my favourite streaming experience
El_Funko: You're probably Roman Reign's 99th favourite non-oiled streamer
itsr67: What's better, more or "We're heeeere!"
SableTiger: Let's make Cowboy Magic shirts and Sleep is for Silver shirts/buttons/etc and see which catchphrase wins
TwitchTVsFrank: Adam is top 1 streamer for me
Juliamon: Not That Will Smith
adam_brownie: Are you guys main eventing at Seattle?
Wodar9: Adam is my favorite streamer named Adam
CommiePuddin: Either way, I'm feeling jiggy.
El_Funko: You'd get a bump for that
m0nkeyrama: I'd say you're my favorite seabatTROG
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Soul1355: Hi :D
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seth_erickson: I'd also say you're my favorite streamer
TheWooglie: Ben ranks higher, but only when he's wearing the banana costume
loki_lxix: I watch you more than any other streamer so i guess you secretly are my favorite.
Rexdogo: who thinks adam is stronger than ben in cute?
seth_erickson: I definitely watch you the most
dudzeexperiment: James you're my favorite streamer named Adam
cheadlecurse: your my second favorite streamer named Adam Savidan lrrBEEJ
aitsu100: Adam is tied for me for fav streamer named Adam but you PPRed with the other one
Rexdogo: Beej is horrid compared to Mowu
azureHaights: You're my favorite streamer whose name rhymes with the name of a member of Ninja Sex Party lrrBEEJ
Tiber727: You're my favorite water-adjacent flying mammal-based streamer.
Juliamon: Subtle promo time
I_Am_Clockwork: oh hai Ian
starlitdiscord: ian!
m0nkeyrama: I think my clips show who my favorite streamer is LUL seabatBRAIN
BloodnBullets: lrrIAN
itsr67: lrrIAN
Diabore: to shreds you say
loki_lxix: A wild Ian appears
cheadlecurse: damn
cheadlecurse: hes gone
TheWooglie: Racing Beej's disqualification
Megaparsec256: pretty good for a 2-land game tho
Skajetolaf: the race is over
A_Silly_Espurr: F
SableTiger: wait come back I wanted a promoooo
m0nkeyrama: Where was the LRRMans plug NotLikeThis
Rexdogo: that was sad and disapointing. not enought black mana
gamercat88: that one didnt count, so one more
Wodar9: I see that James broke the "only draws lands" curse
MechaKuuga: stupid 2 lander
MechaKuuga: damn it deck
m0nkeyrama: LUL oh my
loki_lxix: fair
gamercat88: whoa that escalated quickly
TheWarbo: !findquote ian
LRRbot: Quote #4215: "Ian is very trying right now." —Heather [2017-05-22]
Wodar9: One of your favorite what?
m0nkeyrama: Daaamn, James is ruthless today LUL
StillAnEmoKid: You two make me happy, you two remind me of how me and my best friend act around each other haha
EvilBadman: You're a beej fan? Name five -eejs
azureHaights: Spending a week with Beej... that CHANGES a man.
NarishmaReborn: blood brother
loki_lxix: Adam has experienced Beej
El_Funko: Friendship Gauntlet™
El_Funko: speedrun
Juliamon: Beej, Meej, Threej, Treej, Beeej
Juliamon: gottem
SableTiger: Trial of Friendship
itsr67: you definitely have some discoveries
Zengor: by the end you're either friends or mortal enemies
itsr67: been there
TheWarbo: I always like getting a counter on the apparition
seeleanpunch: Yay hi guys
SableTiger: Cartouche of Friendship
cheadlecurse: eff
aitsu100: now thats (pod) RACING
EvilBadman: @Juliamon how dare
Alness49: Sword of Friends and Enemies
plasmaparados: I’m here
m0nkeyrama: Became friends with Beej in a car, which is basically a pod 🤔 Is Adam also a pod person?
Wodar9: Not going to put a counter on the flier?
strawhatluffy274: is it graham we have to ask about raod quea
strawhatluffy274: quest?
plasmaparados: What I miss
NarishmaReborn: promote unblocked app
Wodar9: Attack with everything, give the unblocked flier first strike
Wodar9: It is cooler
Wodar9: They are VERY far behind
Wodar9: need to chump 2 dudes every turn
rzrdrgn: I look away for one minute and youve taken over the game
itsr67: classic 3 mana 7/6
gamercat88: and now "sphinx it is a new phrase i want to use all the time
Alexis_Aehale: hi
dudzeexperiment: 'eh it's no 0 mana 8/8 Trample. am I right Hogaak
weff47: uuuuuuuuuh one more?
Raithencore235: One more?
WonderfulGlory: You say gg, but was not gg... was bg
m0nkeyrama: Can't quit on a winning streak, can't end on a loss 🤔
SableTiger: Someone clip that "last one"
Chillie: Trulyforsurelastgame has been called
dudzeexperiment: One win isn't a streak.
Gadora: Start game, snap concede to end the winning streak so you can quit?
Zengor: oof
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Nightecho06: Don't think about the land
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TheWarbo: they didn't bounce it
itsr67: ah yes, 7/7 flier
m0nkeyrama: All in on this ghost, even though ghosts aren't real seabatBRAIN
Diabore: oh look, a basket for all my eggs
m0nkeyrama: Wowie
MechaKuuga: EZ life
Raithencore235: Uhh.... one more?
Invitare: turns out the basket was lined with meat
Invitare: meat hands
m0nkeyrama: GGs! Thanks for the stream!
plasmaparados: Sure
Chillie: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (18m from now).
monosceros: not one more for gold? bloojShrug
gamercat88: yay!
DarthRagnar815: gabyWow
cetiken17: what's ben's channel?
m0nkeyrama: Oscar makes his debut! seabatTROG
plasmaparados: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:47:07.
StillAnEmoKid: Yay we finally get to see this character played out!
gamercat88: ahh ben the banana DM
Gekyouryuu: hot dog. just lost in draft to a deck with Bolas, and one of my prizes had Bolas
m0nkeyrama: Skype seabatBRAIN
m0nkeyrama: Minus Funko
El_Funko: Everyone?
Vyous: Funko?
accountmadeforants: Ah, that's what those tweets were about. Looking forward to the campaign Adam!
m0nkeyrama: LUL
korvys: Everyone?
EvilBadman: funko lives there?!
m0nkeyrama: Did funko move? Kappa
TheWarbo: Advertising counterprogramming to TTSF, huh? :-D
plasmaparados: LUL
TheWooglie: who is DM?
SableTiger: Woooow
gamercat88: savage
Diabore: @TheWooglie ben
LoadingReadyRun: But uh, what's happening on ~this~ channel tonight? lrrSPOT
El_Funko: Ben is the DM
I_Am_Clockwork: @TheWooglie Ben is
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (16m from now).
TheWooglie: cool thanks
m0nkeyrama: MH draft Kreygasm
plasmaparados: PogChamp
Rexdogo: Letherwork? da heck.
Rexdogo: Thats cool.
I_Am_Clockwork: Leatherwork? well, yah, I hope it does!
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Why did James just repeat himself?
gamercat88: bye
MrsLlante: mrsllaLove mrsllaLove mrsllaLove
Rexdogo: Time to watch bens stream.
Rexdogo: Dnd!
plasmaparados: Bye
m0nkeyrama: Stream them both seabatBRAIN
I_Am_Clockwork: d u a l s t r e a m
SableTiger: D-d-d-d-dualstream
Baldrash: Too much to watch tonight, between two streams and the NBA Finals.
Juliamon: I can't focus on multiple streams at once unless they're different viewpoints ala Multipals, so I guess I'll be hitting the VOD for the DnD.
FoxFyr: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (11m from now).
sir_jack_DB: yay TTSF with Alex
Digigoner: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).