Juliamon: I can't focus on multiple streams at once unless they're different viewpoints ala Multipals, so I guess I'll be hitting the VOD for the DnD.
FoxFyr: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (11m from now).
sir_jack_DB: yay TTSF with Alex
Digigoner: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
Beofryn: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Leatherwork // Topol Build + Show & Tell) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Woo TTSF
cheetoJack: !advice
LRRbot: Believe your Justice.
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !badadvice
LRRbot: Test the death pit.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with Tinker Tailor Solder Fry, right now! It’s time for leatherwork and plastic modelling. 🛠 | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D8-v0P7U0AAXhTZ.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1139322546694713344
sir_jack_DB: IAN NO
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: chat! Cyberpunk 2077! Star Wars Jedi! Final Fantasy VII! Death Stranding! Doomy Turtle! Battletoads!
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: also hi
ghost_user_1984: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Have you ever been on a horse before?
sir_jack_DB: I've been accused of horsing around
azureHaights: The prequel to 24h LRRMans: Leathurburgring
DK_84: YAY! I can catch more TTSF live!
ItzNiveus: sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE sckiptLOVE
DarkMorford: Welcome back, Ian! lrrIAN lrrHEART lrrALEX
ZeniteZero: LUL
Wicker_Knight: KRONCH
mikami9: alex and ian!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Karfsma778: Tannerite
Karfsma778: Oh no
niccus: was the show and tell chernobyl
DoodlestheGreat: "Just a small bottle of Picric Acid crystals..."
PhorrestGaze: convention is generally not gun, but sometimes gun.
BloodForTheCorelab: ah picric acid
jadedcynic: is it "a weapon to SURPASS Metal Gear"?!? lrrSPOOP
mikami9: ian is death stranding confirmed
orbitaltuna: i'm already desu
sir_jack_DB: O.O
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Cannons_are_an_instrument: OooOOoooh
jadedcynic drools
DiscordianTokkan: Omae wa Stranderu
Pazzix: <3<3<3<3
Too_Many_Knives: Wow.
Karfsma778: GUNHEAD
toxic_citizen: ejsaUrf ejsaUrf
BloodForTheCorelab: gunhead?
jadedcynic: *gets up and starts genuflecting* WE'RE NOT WORTHY! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!
azureHaights: Broke: Head-ass. Woke: Head-gun.
ehsteveG: I love the Cracker Barrel on the leg
Sektor88: Metal gear!?
jadedcynic: GUNHED
orbitaltuna: ccolorD
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FerociousPeach: Next project: actuators to actually transform it....
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WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: BEPIS
orbitaltuna: thought i saw pepsi man for a second
Herbert_Erpaderp: B- Bangers
ZeniteZero: Alex has such cool stuff
Rhynerd: Hello!
mikami9: woooooow
Rhynerd: Oh, is this the Show and Tell?
DiscordianTokkan: 1:1?! Nice!
jadedcynic: you say 'prop' - at that magnitude it'd be more a 'set' :D
DigitalSeahorse: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:04.
Talin06: Well I have a movie to watch
jadedcynic drools MORE
DigitalSeahorse: Cooooool
Rhynerd: I just got here, what’s being shown off?
jadedcynic: man I came into this stream at JUST THE RIGHT TIME
jadedcynic: 'operatives'
DigitalSeahorse: katesLewd banana seed
Gamzee_Makara: hehee hohoo
DigitalSeahorse: Apple*
DigitalSeahorse: 🍎
DigitalSeahorse: Buffer pls no
DigitalSeahorse: PrideGive PrideTake
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Golldum: just got here, whats the mecha from?
jadedcynic: it was FATED, alex :)
Golldum: it looks sick
Gekyouryuu: to quote Akibaranger: "it's cheap! it's so expensively cheap!"
Herbert_Erpaderp: That's pretty great
DigitalSeahorse: Golldum, anime
RealGamerCow: such a beautiful paint job
jadedcynic: @Golldum it's a GUNHED
Alness49: It was just waiting for the right person to take them home.
Pazzix: <3
chaostreader: Why does it have a barrel strapped to it?
jadedcynic: @chaostreader backup fuel
DigitalSeahorse: Alness49 yup model found the right Alex :D
jadedcynic: ^^^^
jadedcynic: it does take a more 'low-profile tank' mode
Gizmoloid: @chaostreader Whiskey that Alex said "makes robots dance"
DigitalSeahorse: Metal GEAR
MungoDude: hello hello
jadedcynic: dougram begat...
seenoham: seems like it be a very endogenous flow pattern in influence
AOD_BooshTV: What’s going on here?
DigitalSeahorse: :D
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: too...soon?
jadedcynic: that kit is THE BOMB! ;)
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Missile funtimes, oh boy
DarkerSparta: waifu
Pazzix: more
azureHaights: "Hey kids! Do you like violence?"
Pazzix: moar
RealGamerCow: waifu please.
Karfsma778: W A I F U
BloodForTheCorelab: wut?
cheetoJack: They weren't really that great of a hit. They didn't hit anything. lrrBEEJ
Baldrash: Waifu!
DigitalSeahorse: both!
Golldum: combine them
chaostreader: By ‘hits’ do you mean explosions?
SerGarretCameron: Waifu Forever.
Golldum: missle waifu
DoodlestheGreat: We vote Waifu!
Alness49: Rocket Waifu!
DigitalSeahorse: :O
BTC1220: kitbash them together
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Mesh them together to create Soviet Waifu
Xafty: YES
DigitalSeahorse: GOD HAND
Juliamon: The Nippers
Baldrash: G O D H A N D
Baldrash: The Nippers of The Gods.
MungoDude: we have the technology
jadedcynic: yeah, going from ONE ICBM to a BUNCH of ICBMs seems kinda...monotonous
seenoham: Ian, completely off topic, but have you seen Twilight Samurai, and if so what are your thoughts?
Alness49: So we assemble the Waifu, and then throw her into the garbage, where she lives?
jadedcynic: well, Ian - yeah, at least you KNOW where the needle went ;)
DigitalSeahorse: tongue ssandNOM
notarealartist: what are they making?
chaostreader: Yes. Because keeping sharp points near your wrist seems good.
DigitalSeahorse: bag and anime figure
KingXicor: Was there any sense of region coding with Laserdisc?
flatluigi: @notarealartist leather and a waifu
DigitalSeahorse: "Hey, they censored the neked out of this!"
MungoDude: LUL
Karfsma778: HA
Wicker_Knight: gabyFacepalm
Pazzix: xD
korvys: That is also funny, but very different
Wicker_Knight: lrrWOW
DigitalSeahorse: :O
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Rhynerd: To be fair, Goemon’s definition of worthy things to cut is rather specific, isn’t it?
DigitalSeahorse: thief and the cobbler
DoodlestheGreat: Richard Williams
Driosenth: My first memory of laserdisc was Apocalypse Now when I was 6.
sir_jack_DB: Richard Williams
Wicker_Knight: Bump bump booley booley boom boom boom. We're what happens when you don't finish school
Wicker_Knight: God I remember the ads from that movie -___-
I_Am_Clockwork: "The Baaaaals are goooooone!" D:
tehcrashxor: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:36:43. lrrSPOT
jadedcynic: O_O
ContingentCat: wat
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah I had several VHS with adds for Thief and the Cobler in it
tehcrashxor: !quote cam
LRRbot: Quote #5683: "Here I am, the nerd with the books." —Cameron [2019-01-07]
jadedcynic: I....wat?
Wicker_Knight: so, Robotech :P
orbitaltuna: like kung pow?
jadedcynic: @Wicker_Knight oh, SNAP!
I_Am_Clockwork: @Wicker_Knight So Battletech? :p
chaostreader: So a Power Rangers?
jadedcynic: #BlameHarmonyGold
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
orbitaltuna: ENHANCE
MadAran87: True story: Warriors of the Wind was one of the first movies I ever saw. I was like..... 2 or 3? My parents were just "well, it's a cartoon." Life lessons learned.
BTC1220: Sexy
DigitalSeahorse: :O
RunningMonkeys: wow
jadedcynic: SHING!
MungoDude: Kreygasm
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: hawt
thefileclerk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 23:55.
tehcrashxor: Wow. What's the brand of those ones?
ContingentCat: slower
Alness49: Just cutting straight through you Spruce-fu!
jadedcynic: yeah, no 'clip!' sound
toxic_citizen: i need me a pair of those
I_Am_Clockwork: while you were busy partying, I was studying the clippers
chaostreader: @tehcrashxor Godhand
DigitalSeahorse: yes, don't cut your hand again
SpacePotato01: you could make further cuts, with that cut piece!
Wicker_Knight: umm, maybe keep that away from your fingers....
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Smooth
thefileclerk: OH Did he get the fancy cutters!?
Juliamon: mhm!
RealGamerCow: because it's not clipping, it's shearing. no clip, no snap
jadedcynic: okay, Matt earns a point for that :D
SquareDotCube: Death by a thousand God Hand cuts
Rhynerd: I need a pair of clippers like that.
MungoDude: Gᴏᴅ Hᴀɴᴅ
chaostreader: @thefileclerk I believe he has had them. He just didn’t bring them in.
jadedcynic: THE Hand Cannon
jadedcynic: the Colt 500
tehcrashxor: Wow, those nippers are $60 on Amazon.
PhorrestGaze: it's part of a, like, 17 minute narrative
DigitalSeahorse: o_o
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
BTC1220: anxiety.vid?
RealGamerCow: that video sounds like peak America.
Alness49: aaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHH
Karfsma778: Lair
SquareDotCube: Was that person a Florida Man?
jadedcynic: dragon's lair
Wicker_Knight: sounds like a cold open from a Dirty Harry episode
flatluigi: I've seen a cliffhanger machine in real life!
flatluigi: I was very confused
mikami9: i can vividly hear this vine with a heavy southern accent
DoodlestheGreat: God, I remember those game machines.
Karfsma778: cLiff
Rhynerd: Wow.
Blasteg: God hand is also one of my favorite games
MungoDude: that reminds me, I need to play Space Ace
DigitalSeahorse: is someone keeping track of all the shows and books Ian and Alex mention?
jadedcynic: O_O
azureHaights: Hanged
PhorrestGaze: Hanged
Karfsma778: Hanged, not Hung
DK_84: Hanged. stupid English
thefileclerk: huangued
jadedcynic: gee, can't imagine WHY people would want to ban/censor that
Wicker_Knight: @DigitalSeahorse I try to make a point of not doing impossible things :P
DigitalSeahorse: hung slytqDD ssandLOL
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: may i post link to Power of God vid?
DigitalSeahorse: Wicker_Knight lol
Wicker_Knight: too late
FerociousPeach: the tits are structural
MungoDude: you need a heart, Ian
ghostvalv: oh no
Rhynerd: That was fast
jadedcynic: mad 1, mad 2, mad 3
Wicker_Knight: lrrWOW
Gekyouryuu: I know what it means and I'm not mad
DigitalSeahorse: WhaDidBeejPutInDPie pls do
Golldum: im mad because i dont know what it means
Baldrash: I'm mad that I don't know what that means.
Karfsma778: Delicious
Juliamon: Structural mechamammaries
Pazzix: Thats my secret Tony,
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: nvm @sir_jack_DB beat me to it
Pazzix: i'm always angry
Rhynerd: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always going left.
jadedcynic: "I DON'T KNOW WHY WE'RE MAD!!!"
DiscordianTokkan: Jeez. I haven't heard that since like, 2012
Bad_virtue0667: oh man some gunpla
Alness49: Voluptuous Crumplezones
Bad_virtue0667: now I'm not alone
goodbyenatalie: Hey guys! Back to watching LRR after a short break from the internet. Missed you and the rest of the crew
thefileclerk: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
I_Am_Clockwork: I mean
Wicker_Knight: it's aspirational Ian
RealGamerCow: Neil Cicereiga is going to sue you now for that bit
DigitalSeahorse: it could be butt plate
thefileclerk: tit colander
orionsrise1: you guys here about the little scandal at the University of Northern Texas?
ContingentCat: there aren't many films that wouldn't be signifigantly change with that as it's closing song
the__spanish__inquisition: what is alex making tonight?
jadedcynic: slippery torso?
Juliamon: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
cetiken17: what's that?
BloodForTheCorelab: gunpla?
jadedcynic: gunpla
ghostvalv: gungal
thefileclerk: @cetiken17 gundam plastic
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: yunham?
Bad_virtue0667: shes a character
KingXicor: Is it like Girl und Panzer?
DiscordianTokkan: Moé Dhalsim?
jadedcynic: l'chaim?
Alness49: We put waifus in your waifus!
jadedcynic drinks anyway
thefileclerk: girl ist dein panzer
jadedcynic: ruined already?
Bad_virtue0667: technically a loli but she is a program
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Alex is building some sort of mechawaifu?
orionsrise1: they had to send back a bunch of coffee cups they had printed up for the commissary.
DiscordianTokkan: Oh, Moé DOLL Sarah
MungoDude: ooh interchangable parts?
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun Gundam Build Divers
niccus: made with real skin
Gekyouryuu: apparently she's a data construct inside the virtual gundam game
DigitalSeahorse: hehehehhehheh
MungoDude: :)
thefileclerk: oh i hate it
jadedcynic: lrrWOW
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Aaaaah!
DiscordianTokkan: Oh, that's a fleshmask
ContingentCat: oh god
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
Kaorti: The eye behind that makes it so much worse
TheMoatman: Chaaaar! (No, stop)
KingXicor: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
jadedcynic: thanks, I'm SO upset right now
BTC1220: With a nice anime chiante
DiscordianTokkan: :)
sir_jack_DB: lrrSPOOP
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! I'm you!
Rhynerd: Oh nooo
DigitalSeahorse: :D
Bad_virtue0667: oh man *fixes glasses*
orionsrise1: they had they're abbreviation done up in blue letters so it read UNT
DigitalSeahorse: chat wants more Alex! :D
Golldum: because we love you alex
TheMoatman: What kind of gundam is this?
cetiken17: @orionsrise1 heh. you think they would have learned from the raido station thing
Juliamon: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
Alness49: Have the moes stopped screaming?
niccus: a robot assembling a human gunpla?
thefileclerk: i double hate it
orionsrise1: some brilliant person decided to color the mug handle blue as well R)
TheMoatman: Oh it's actually a gundam kit woah
DigitalSeahorse: opening would be Alex getting out of bed with toast in his mouth and running to the gundam sale
Eklinaar: I'm sorry, are they doing Hank Hill as the next Hokage?
RealGamerCow: I saw "Turn down for what" done with Hank Hill's voice the other day. I am scarred.
Lysander_Gustav: Wait is that a series?
ghostvalv: King of the Leaf?
orionsrise1: @cetiken17 don't know about the radio bit, I'll check it out later
TheMoatman: Naruto Shiphillden
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun looking up the details, she's an AI who spontaneously generated herself inside of a Gundam VRMMO in the anime Gundam Build Divers
ANeMzero: If you hear a crunch they'll delay Animal Crossing for another 4 months
DigitalSeahorse: how LEGO esque
PhorrestGaze: I lov the C R O N C H
LRRbot: Behind you.
I_Am_Clockwork: that a booty
FlannelShirtEnthusist: JESUS
Eklinaar: It's a butt.
niccus: well, i guess
ghostvalv: hmmm...
TheMoatman: Ass ass ass ass ass Stop, now make that motherfucker hammertime
jadedcynic: "BECKY! Look.. At. Her. BUTT."
CranstonSnord: Gunpla? More like BUN-pla!
DiscordianTokkan: Oh My
DigitalSeahorse: benginButt benginButt benginButt
BTC1220: Do robots need underwear?
RealGamerCow: swiggity swooty, Alex is building that booty
Rhynerd: !findquote shapely
LRRbot: Quote #796: "You're the wrong shape." —Paul [2015-10-07]
TheMoatman: Woun't it be upperwear
cetiken17: @orionsrise1 the local radio stations all start with the letter K... and the initial call sign was just that followed by UNT
Alness49: I was not ready for that jelly.
erloas: I use rivets
DiscordianTokkan: Riveted for her pleasure?
TheMoatman: Since it's on the outside
TheMoatman: Or I guess trunks
Bad_virtue0667: you this shes got a booty, look up the diver Nami
Rhynerd: Dangit, LRRbot, why’d you have to simplify that down to shape?
erloas: rivet in armor
Bad_virtue0667: from the same kit line
DigitalSeahorse: ow
TheMoatman: Ian, have you considered doing building furniture on TTSF? Of the non-Ikea variety
TheMoatman: *considered doing furniture building
jadedcynic: we missed you alex <3
Alness49: This is riveting conversation
sir_jack_DB: Ian dammit
orionsrise1: @cetiken17 lol that is fantastic!
MungoDude: mmm I don't like wearing jeans any more for a reason kind of like that
DigitalSeahorse: I wish I got food sooner *both muffin emotes*
RealGamerCow: aerogel
sir_jack_DB: the fabric is too heavy, that's why I don't really like jeans anymore
NotCainNorAbel: balsa?
Master_Gunner: aerogel?
ContingentCat: it's an illusion
thefileclerk: flesh
Cannons_are_an_instrument: shadows?
Alness49: lrrAWESOME lrrAWW
ghostvalv: putter?
DigitalSeahorse: GEEE
DiscordianTokkan: Like Ghi
sir_jack_DB: also because I have become The Dad through liberal application of cargo shorts
BTC1220: The material which keeps us from breaking the fourth wall?
TheMoatman: Wow I haven't thought about that song in about a decade
ZeroArcana: ghee-whiz
TheKingWiggins: That egg pudding stuff Ian made that one time sounds like the right texture of description
Too_Many_Knives: You can hit your own team
DigitalSeahorse: "I'm British!"
jadedcynic: Ian: www.instantrimshop.com
LoadingReadyRun: White rappers are a beautiful and majestic culture
DigitalSeahorse: url not found
jadedcynic: er, www. instantrimshot.com
jadedcynic: dangit
MungoDude: let us stitch and bitch, and also assemble and ramble
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jadedcynic: eliminate that accidental space in the 2nd url :P
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay
tehcrashxor: Yay Mennonites!
NotCainNorAbel: are you sure it wasn't just being re-paved?
jadedcynic: yeah, a map really SHOULD delineate that
NotCainNorAbel: US Border staff can be real *fun*
DigitalSeahorse: rudeOriest benginCop
RealGamerCow: That happened to me in Kansas, it just ended on a farm, turned into a dirt road, and then I got surrounded by a herd of cows. I thought I had gone to heaven
orionsrise1: right, I live across the street from a Mennonite farm. my road is paved
DigitalSeahorse: yikes
CamelAttack: Is it drugs are you smuggling the dugs? Sir is your car stuffed full of immigrants?
jadedcynic: to be fair, cdn border staff can be kinda....serious about their job, too
Alness49: "There's no crossing here, this is a Denny's"
NotCainNorAbel: Canadian guards are actual fun
erloas: my cousin got stuck in the USA/Canada border for a long time, it was like 15 years ago though
Electrodyne: oh cool, I dated a girl from Sweetgrass long ago
orionsrise1: that explains it. Montana Is quite rural
ContingentCat: ???
DiscordianTokkan: Oh Noooooooooo
jadedcynic: O_O
ghostvalv: nope
NUTSOFODEN: @erloas if your cousin has been at the US/Canada border for 15 years, i got bad news for you
Karfsma778: NO
ContingentCat: yikes
DigitalSeahorse: slytqWha
Alness49: aaaaaAAAAAAAAHHHH
tehcrashxor: Would you prefer debossed?
Lysander_Gustav: the highlighting on the eyes is embossed too?
quantum00raiser: it for painting them
BTC1220: Gundam logic
jadedcynic: this...I'm sorry, this stream is (hopefully unintentionally) making my skin CRAWL :P
erloas: @NUTSOFODEN it was like 8 hours, he was going to see a girl he meet online, they wanted to make sure he was going to leave again
stopdroproll: Cheer100 Cheer100 Thanks, I'm haunted.
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Rhynerd: Physicially glinting
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Alness49: Some uwusembly required
jadedcynic: no, the cornea is out, ian - the iris is in line with the surface of the eyeball
itomeshi: He's a robot. It's nanites.
DigitalSeahorse: it's Mickey Mouse Ears but points :P
jadedcynic: @DigitalSeahorse it's 'legally distinct from Mickey Mouse Ears™" ;)
DigitalSeahorse: jadedcynic :D
jadedcynic: "give 110%"
jadedcynic goes and makes popcorn...
DigitalSeahorse: none of those rich people are here so it's fine :P
RealGamerCow: Working 80 hours a week is not mandatory. But you might not be a team player if you don't
thefileclerk: I A SO EXCITED
seenoham: even among high earners there is a huge overworking culture
ContingentCat: !!
jadedcynic: STORYTIME INCOMING! *gets comfy*
Kaorti: Tinker Tailor Soldier Fry: Let's make a Manifesto!
MungoDude: sized to slice carrots
FerociousPeach: sized for a different head :)
seenoham: and it's self enforcing and applying.
ContingentCat: aw
DiscordianTokkan: It's like the one in Robin Hood Men in Tights!
ContingentCat: oh yeah I saw those they look cool
jadedcynic: wait....'contemporary'?
Rhynerd: As in earrings that look like Guillotines?
Master_Gunner: huh, guillotine earrings.
jadedcynic: again, so soon?
Master_Gunner: Neat.
Lysander_Gustav: oh no
Too_Many_Knives: How is that going to work with LRL?
chaostreader: @discordiantokkan That’s what I thought of too.
cheetoJack: working too hard and not getting enough sleep? I certainly haven't been doing that. No way
jadedcynic: goooood segue
sivakrytos: that's a passive aggressive way to say "no one else has signed up"
SpacePotato01: you don't have to sign up to help? You mean you could be randomly conscripted?
RealGamerCow: So is LRL happening during LRRMans?
TheMoatman: About a hundred years
MungoDude: it's like Desert Bus but with a fixed end time?
Driosenth: how is LRL going to work with 24 hours of LRR Mans?
Juliamon: Yes, LRL will be happening
Lirelent: oh Paul, suuuupppper good job on the schedule on the website, it's super rad
TheMoatman: It's a pun
Too_Many_Knives: Are we going to have a drivercam while Live is going on?
Alness49: It's desert bus but faster
ContingentCat: @Driosenth they have plans
Master_Gunner: I think Lemon comes from the Cetron car
TheMoatman: On the race, it's from "lemon" meaning a shitty, busted car
BloodForTheCorelab: lemons only?
jadedcynic: 24h of Lemons IS a spin-off race, but Le Mans came first
Karfsma778: Two years ago
erloas: Paul beat me to it, just looked it up
DigitalSeahorse: Kenohki2 does that race with Project Cars 2
Karfsma778: This is the third one
RealGamerCow: I should make up some prop bets for bits. Like "Beej disqualifies in an un-disqualificationable race"
TheMoatman: Will you be running a GT40 again?
DigitalSeahorse: I might do some next time cause I got Project Cars 2 now
RealGamerCow: 2 minutes and a hood change
Raithencore235: Lemons come from lotto/slot machines, andd went over to cars. Lemons = non win/a bad, faulty produced car
ContingentCat: That was quite a thing
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sweg_leaps: Howdy Ian! I got my work to a 12 hour Le Mans run through Gran Turismo in our break room for tomorrow, in your honor. Good luck this weekend!
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Driosenth: here's a link to last years spreadsheet http://bit.ly/LRRMans2018Log
Vampiricsloth: lrrWOW
Roadhog123: ~3m20s is the LMP1 time in the real race atm.
Alness49: That was a Beej thing
Golldum: what happened?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @sweg_leaps cool!
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: he sped in the pit iirc?
Driosenth: Beej DQ'd by speeding into the pit
Juliamon: Golldum too fast into the pit
ContingentCat: @Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver yup
DigitalSeahorse: THIS Saturday?
azureHaights: What, no Reliant Robin?
cheetoJack: ~lasttweet livery
LRRTwitter: cheetojack: No match found in the last 64 tweets :-(
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun The track that they run Le Mans on is 13.464km (8.366 miles).
Mysticman89: its kind of like a liver, but nont quite
TheMoatman: That is a much newer and faster car than last time. Someone is going to crash it incredibly well
chaostreader: @digitalseahorse Yup
Mysticman89: just sortof liver-y
Alness49: The thing is, the car is speed limited in the pits. Beej couldn't have done that if he tried, but he did.
thefileclerk: decal cain
Too_Many_Knives: Heraldic devices for your automobile
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: Silber!
delta__vee: *cough* rayfkSanic *cough*
DrWreckage: Ian how are you healthy enough to do 24 hour marathons? I can't even sit for 3 hours!
revjakenash: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 50:05.
ZeroArcana: deckles
DigitalSeahorse: chaostreader ty
jadedcynic: if soldiers wear 'uniforms', vehicles & mounts would wear 'livery'
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Thursday means a brand new episode of The Panalysts. This week Molly asks our panel of experts what should Victoria’s new local “thing” should be. Their answers will both amuse and delight you. 📷 https://t.co/7HpSMR2AVu || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1139334634137772032
ContingentCat: so instead queer cars?
coelopteryx: i hope whoever makes the livery writes "in memory of yorri" or something
Teirs_RL: will you be following the pit rules as well? in terms of how often you driver change and how long they can drive for?
CranstonSnord: next year, submarines. Call it La Mers
TheMoatman: 89 to be specific
TheMoatman: *87
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: which video game specifically is ian doing this in?
Drasvin: I think livery is a paint job designed for specific identification
sir_jack_DB: 1989
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: ah pc ok
chaostreader: See rayfkSanic and Jeej
jadedcynic: heck, if I had the money; I'd fly out and pitch in a shift, Ian lrrHEART
TheMoatman: It was partially responsible for two chicanes
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: car: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauber_C9#/media/File:Paris_-_Retromobile_2012_-_Sauber_Mercedes_C9_-_1989_-_016.jpg
Raithencore235: Livery would be tied to the sponsors for the vehicle. Livery used to be given to servants etc. of nobles, to mark them as belonging or owning servatude to a noble the clothes would be made in the nobles colours)
RealGamerCow: Paul helped last year, and he doesn't drive!
Alness49: It's Good Enough. Fitting
Too_Many_Knives: Neat.
thefileclerk: oh neat
LoadingReadyRun: RealGamerCow I still don't!
fritobandeeto: cool
TheMoatman: Off accident
MungoDude: by accident
rjdennis: Sorry, I've come in late, but what kit is Alex working on?
Too_Many_Knives: So picture-in-picture or going to cut away to it?
sekunder: literally on top of an accident
UrlorJkron: i just showed up the car is a '89 what?
Juliamon: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
thefileclerk: i am confused
Karfsma778: Happened beside accident
TheMoatman: UrlorJkron sauber c9, a le mans prototype class car
Alness49: I think Alex could care less
Golldum: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
sir_jack_DB: yeah, the C9 hit 400km/h on Mulsanne Straight
Golldum: that command is gold
sir_jack_DB: so yeah
Karfsma778: SHOWTIME
chaostreader: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
lucha_libro: I loved big O XD
Karfsma778: It's VERY pretty
Gekyouryuu: Big O is Anime Batman plus a giant robot @LoadingReadyRun
MadAran87: Big O messed me up when I was younger.
omdorastrix: it's a little extra
Karfsma778: Season 2 is very stupid. But Season 1 is great
Lysander_Gustav: I haven't seen that either, but I want to eventually
jadedcynic: DAMMIT IAN
Aingidh: Alex just broke.
thefileclerk: alex is rebooting
jadedcynic: yeah, it's D.I.C.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: @LoadingReadyRun is ian driving the regular C9 or the C9 LM version?
forlornhope22: BIg 0 was good. not hte best but good.
RealGamerCow: Alex' brain is making a dial up modem sound right now.
UrlorJkron: and you're a tomatoe
Lysander_Gustav: oh yeah I remember that
DarthRagnar815: gabyLewd
omdorastrix: Nice DIC joke
Karfsma778: Give 'em the D.I.C!
Alness49: Big D.I.C. energy
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jadedcynic: LRR - all about the DIC jokes
Karfsma778: DOOOON'T Give 'em the DIC
MungoDude: Diffusion, Information Communications
ContingentCat: Remember Consent!
Rockario: I was always disappointed that Bert and Gert didn't have a show.
TheMoatman: "Reaching 400 km/h (248.0 mph) during the qualifying sessions of the 1989 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Sauber C9 proved to have one of the highest top speeds in the history of the competition at Le Mans. The C9's mark was only exceeded by the WM Peugeot P88, which achieved a speed of 405 km/h (251.1 mph) in the 1988 race. These speeds led to the introduction of two chicanes on the Mulsanne Straight from 1990 onwards."
Gekyouryuu: also, @LoadingReadyRun the whole "cast in the name of God, ye not guilty" was not only the Bigs' way of telling their pilot they were ALLOWED to use them, but a reference to how, in medieval times, executioners would have that phrase put on their axes to absolve them of the sin of murder.
RealGamerCow: Alex, have you cut yourself with the God Hand yet? You'll realize you did it, about 30 seconds later
thefileclerk: I am utterly lost
Pazzix: im from ontario I remember the cg one..
Master_Gunner: huh, I only remember the CG one too
DigitalSeahorse: 80s
jadedcynic: oh YEAH it DID O_O
Pazzix: im only a few years younger than most lrr cast
fritobandeeto: nicceee
lucha_libro: my brother and I used to watch silerhawls and brave star...
Alness49: Vietnam-6
kekuha: OMG TTSF is on, Hello all
jadedcynic: scratch
DK_84: Ian's bleeding. Close the polls.
onarampage: Chainmail?
DigitalSeahorse: eep
Lysander_Gustav: but they have gloves?
UrlorJkron: glaives?
DigitalSeahorse: gloves
SquirrelEarl: Gauntlets
BloodForTheCorelab: hi kekuha
twobrothers69: speaking of space vietnam, 8th ms team?
Lysander_Gustav: vambraces
Raithencore235: Oh my god, I remember ASTAR the robot! Did T.V. stay frozen in Canada from the mid 80's to the 2000's
Drasvin: You can get a thimble for your knuckles: a chainmail glove
BloodForTheCorelab: Raithencore235 sorta
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: ok so chat i found the template files for the car ian wants to drive but there are 2 versions, a regular C9 and a C9 LM, I didnt manage to get noticed but if we can figure that out i'll host the right one on google drive so we can all get our photoshop on
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: maybe LM stands for le mans?
twobrothers69: Also, Astar the robo
twobrothers69: Is an essential part of the Canadian Childhood Experience
DigitalSeahorse: I was born 79 and saw analog Astar before I was 10
chaostreader: @ashiok_nightmare_beaver Is there a difference between them? That you can see?
jadedcynic: yeah, astar was totally 80's
jadedcynic: born in 72, I think I was in jr. high - mid 80's
DigitalSeahorse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km4f-eRE4Kc the first version
DigitalSeahorse: if anyone got a clearer recording link that too
jadedcynic: I'm curious about this 'cgi version'
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: ah so LM does stand for Le Mans, but not sure which version ian has, and not sure if the templates differ that much, ill take a sec to compare
chaostreader: @loadingreadyrun You should have Ian put the desert bus mon on the car.
kekuha: you guys need a desert bus type animation to display when someone draws "first blood" like the bug splat one
Juliamon: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
DigitalSeahorse: chaostreader, good idea
Pangogie: LRRMANS :D
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: apparently its better in the straights? im not much of car person
Pangogie: I still suggest LMP2. :)
sir_jack_DB: yeah the C9 broke speed records, so they had to add chicanes to Mulsanne Straight
sir_jack_DB: 400km/h is no joke
DigitalSeahorse: Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver, yes, driving straight is easier.....until that one turn
Pangogie: Mmmmm. Le Mansis so fun.
cheetoJack: The in game stats for the C9 is the same as the C9 LM
TheKingWiggins: I am picturing a Monty Python Black Knight with Ian's knuckles
DigitalSeahorse: xD
jadedcynic: @DigitalSeahorse this one has *both* PSAs - I think the first one is remastered? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45W7YmQNX-o
DarkMorford: lrrJUDGE
Herbert_Erpaderp: katesLol
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: woah in the psd there are like a bunch of different parts? its all unwrapped so i couldnt tell you which parts :p
DigitalSeahorse: Beige
TheMoatman: The one that was just he bi flag?
Pangogie: The old version of Le Man's on PC2 is terrifyingly fast.
jadedcynic: I haven't been keeping EVERYONE'S scores, but Matt's up to 2
almas_zarkona: Hi Chat
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLesbian PrideFlag PrideBisexual PrideTrans PridePan PrideAsexual
TheMoatman: por que no los dos?
SpacePotato01: 'straight to jail. do not collect $200' flag
Pangogie: DoritosChip
DiscordianTokkan: It was WhiteBlackWhiteBlack, yeah
RealGamerCow: it was designed by the the people doing the parade, yes.
TehAmelie: just black and white. . .just like Daesh's flag
DigitalSeahorse: so many flags are taken already so.....
Type_One___: Cheer100
DiscordianTokkan: They were serious. And seriously sad
SpacePotato01: no Ian just wants furries
iggySPLOSION: benjam40MulPride benjam40MulPride benjam40MulPride benjam40MulPride benjam40MulPride benjam40MulPride benjam40MulPride benjam40MulPride
Pazzix: nothing says straight pride like enslavement
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DigitalSeahorse: I'm scared.....
forlornhope22: I don'
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
MrsLlante: PrideBalloons PrideBalloons PrideBalloons
DigitalSeahorse: Heraldry is getting close to love hate symbols
TheMoatman: We just don't know it anymore
Rockario: Heraldry seems too specific for dlaga that represent identities
forlornhope22: tI don't understand why the Straight pride parade is getting attention. It's a couple of bigots in boston applying for a permit.
MungoDude: ohhh
TheMoatman: It just means brown or something like that
DigitalSeahorse: let there never be a straight herald
Herbert_Erpaderp: Tbh, I am kind of jealous of queer folk having flags... I want a flag with cool animals and stuff. But I don't want to be associated with dumb people with their jail flag
TehAmelie: wolves too. the beasts so dangerous their names are lsot to history
Pazzix: how do you call a bear??
azureHaights: IIRC, the etymological basis of "bear" is ultimately "brown"
ZeroArcana: ur-signs
TheMoatman: Not to the bears maybe
Mysticman89: a rose by any other name...or a bear...
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: alright well heres just BOTH versions folks... lets get 'shoppin https://drive.google.com/open?id=10szpZd95hOKzfwz6o_XnQSTflzUC2fdE
azureHaights: Meanwhile, the slavic terms are all basically "honeyeaters"
delta__vee: about yay big, sleeps through the winter, likes fishing
Alness49: A bear by any other name still mauls as-aaaaahhhh!
azureHaights: Hence why medved (bear) sounds like mead
Juliamon: Phylacbeary
Drasvin: The name beowulf basically means bee hunter, which is another alias for bear
MechaKuuga: Is Alex building himself a trash waifu?
jadedcynic: "what....do you mean "snow"?" Kappa
TehAmelie: there's a joke about Lesbian Bear Storm here somewhere
jadedcynic: (something ELSE you don't want to name out-of-season, because it comes when it is called :P )
azureHaights: Meanwhile, the way to remember which pole polar bears are at is right in the name
chaostreader: So speaking of bears, the Command Zone episode with Graham using Bear Force One is up on YouTube.
azureHaights: Arctos = bear, so arctic = bear-havers
DigitalSeahorse: :O
TheMoatman: No he just has a ring
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: wark wark?
DiscordianTokkan: EYYYYY, congrats!
Going_Medium: Congrats!
ghostvalv: nice
cheetoJack: I just tested the C9 LM... its decidedly harder to drive based on the half a lap I tried
DigitalSeahorse: xD
jadedcynic: from what I saw, it looks to be a nice ring; props Matt
Herbert_Erpaderp: Very ring!
OnTheSamePaige: rooPog congrats
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: cool ill unshare the LM psd then
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The_Passerby: Thanks so much for your hard work today. It was a good show. It is a peaceful show and it helps take my mind off my 100% grad school rejection rate. Oh well, plans change. Time to adapt. Please take care everyone in chat, we're all on our journeys!
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DigitalSeahorse: PrideWingL PrideGive PrideTake PrideWingR
Pangogie: :o
Pangogie: Neat.
Drasvin: Mod the Desert Bus into LrrMans?
cheetoJack: We're still working on the bug that makes Paul's lap times bad
DigitalSeahorse: PrideWingL theonl45Heart PrideWingR
Pangogie: lol.
SquareDotCube: Uh huh. Sure Paul.
Pangogie: Probably missed classes tbh.
Mysticman89: katesTry
DiscordianTokkan: "It's not like we wanted to race with you, b-baka!"
Pangogie: mixed classes*
MungoDude: Drasvin I can imagine the bus, but how would you make the Desert Bus track?
ghostvalv: you're doing your best
almas_zarkona: BisexualPride BisexualPride
DigitalSeahorse: katesTry katesTry katesTry sergeOffByOne
jadedcynic: they're all trying to get off the track, but they're dedicated to completing the race first, so they go as fast as they can to finish sooner and get to blessed solitude as soon as possible!
cheetoJack: One of the graphs we have does literally tell us how well you are steering
Pazzix: your time has been reduced to hexadecimal your time is fffffffffff
DigitalSeahorse: benjam40MulPride PrideBalloons
cheetoJack: !lrrmansheet
LRRbot: Link to the spreadsheet : http://bit.ly/LRRMans2018Log
cheetoJack: here's last year's data
kiorafan: hi guys
jadedcynic: *cough*
Fruan: I've been waiting all year for the return of GANT GANT.
kiorafan: "I haven't missed it! It all happened in one night!"
DigitalSeahorse: megnDERP
DiscordianTokkan: The ABSOLUTE Zone.
Rhynerd: All the robo-skin
jadedcynic: skirt
dariusmaintonks: is alex making a bandai kit? sweet
DoodlestheGreat: FailFish
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
DiscordianTokkan: That anime about highschool Quiz Shows even had it as a question in the FIRST EPISODE.
Juliamon: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
chaostreader: I’m decently sure that those cars don’t use power steering.
Mysticman89: I've somehow heard of this region before
TheMoatman: I'm sorry, Ian, did you say "minijort"??
Gekyouryuu: who wants to see the word Weeb written in Japanese? here it is anyway: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D830FeXWkAAcLoJ?format=png&name=240x240
jadedcynic: the fact that people have worked out FORMULAS to assess it..... lrrWOW
MrsLlante: PrideGasp PrideGasp PrideGasp
TheMoatman: Legg
jadedcynic: that's a well-turned leg
MungoDude: it's a little grey for my tastes
Going_Medium: It's a major award
DigitalSeahorse: muffin tops are what I have when I don't upsize my pants to match body
DoodlestheGreat: We're here all week, folks! TRY THE WINE!
jadedcynic: Alex - make a lamp out of that leg ;)
VelvetFalcon: Is that a gundam?
chaostreader: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
DigitalSeahorse: HELLO KITTY bandaid ssandCOIN PrideTake
aesir_blade: Didn't it show up in Kingdom Hearts?
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: Gottem! LUL
Juliamon: Yes it did
Rhynerd: Yes
DiscordianTokkan: Shashashaaaa
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jadedcynic: MAN - Matt is on fine form tonight! :D <3
TheMoatman: Never underestimate the goths
Going_Medium: It does take over Disneylands haunted mansion every year from Halloween to Xmas.
DigitalSeahorse: PrideGive PrideTake sub!
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: Nightmare Before Christmas also laser targeted the goth community and likely awoken many new goths
Riandisa: One of my fav movies too. And I love stop-motion animation so much
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: especially people who already stan'd timmy burts
DigitalSeahorse: :P
MechaKuuga: What kind of 2D girl is this?
Kaorti: Gibson is a huge fan of Japan.
Gekyouryuu: there was an 80s Punisher movie where Frank Castle teams up with THE MOB to fight the Yakuza
DigitalSeahorse: o_o
DigitalSeahorse: neckbeard culture :P
jadedcynic: Not really.... "De Marcus Garey - she be a ship, mon"
RangedMinion: <message deleted>alex needs a haircut
jadedcynic: but yeah, apart from tokenism, everyone's media tends to be homogeneous
DigitalSeahorse: I love Alex's hair right now!
Kaorti: Gibson's new stuff is really cool too.
orionsrise1: the magnificent seven is a str8 ripoff of Seven Samurai.
ogzangief: good evening ladies and gents how is everyone on this great evening
orionsrise1: seven samurai is much better
DigitalSeahorse: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
sope: NonBinaryPride
seenoham: Dark City is the true test of cyberpunk. If you get why it's cyberpunk despite not being cyberpunk, you know cyberpunk
FoxFyr: I was watching an old crapshoot the other day and Cam mentioned Gibson's twitter, and interestingly enough the other day Gibson was posting Keanu Reeves memes
DK_84: Popular in video games and movies
FoxFyr: It was pleasant
jadedcynic: or even fire up wiki pages for things
Kaorti: The Peripheral is a really good, fun book.
jadedcynic: uBlock origin SPECs?
TehAmelie: getting such good games i may never have time to play. Enter the Gungeon is free, Borderlands 2 is 94% off
TheMoatman: "so that's what my heart looks like"
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: Rainbow Six Vegas had movie posters that changed
jadedcynic: anarchy online did that for me...all those pontiac g-series ad campaign
azureHaights: Did we just accidental into Talking Simulator
DigitalSeahorse: oh yeah, I got an ad when I tuned in here today
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: and like way after that game had a sequal too
Kaorti: I remember when that happened.
BlackBlade_: Was it Burnout?
azureHaights: (not that I'm complaining in the slightest)
Kaorti: Mid-2000s right?
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun We will need to replace our eyes with video input devices that only show everything as code
FerociousPeach: first time i saw that was in Battlefield 2142
Rhynerd: @mechakuuga binharic omniscience?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DigitalSeahorse: :P
Kaorti: has never existed
TheMoatman: Have we talked about the Chernobyl instagrammers yet?
Going_Medium: Penny arcades take on in game ads is pretty funny :https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/10/20/advertising-in-the-future
jadedcynic: which came first, the product or the marketing campaign?
MechaKuuga: @Rhynerd Now with emojis
Karfsma778: BEPIS
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: right, Battlefield 2142, PA did a comic on that: https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2006/10/20/advertising-in-the-future
Blasteg: Probably already exists as a creepypasta?
erloas: may as well, the viral part is the cheap, but hard part, once it goes viral then make the product
DigitalSeahorse: Alex would wear that probably
Gizmoloid: We already have spam for products that never existed - like male enhancement pills.
RealGamerCow: The Amazon thing that I thought was bonkers was the welcome mats that have a picture of the texture of another welcome mat, but not texture itself.
DigitalSeahorse: tiny booty
jadedcynic: ^^^^ - is there an analogue for 'rule 34' for NON porn stuff on internet?
DiscordianTokkan: I Accidentally a Waifu
ogzangief: i think a chaos warrior just happened
LadyAiluros: OMG Jelly
Alness49: One of these days these legs are gonna walk all over your armoured column
tehcrashxor: Yay Culture! lrrAWESOME
jadedcynic: hoy, The Culture!
LadyAiluros: I need to get those and start reading them
Karfsma778: Player of Games was the first written
RealGamerCow: They're not really chronological
Karfsma778: I'm almost done with it
CranstonSnord: Phelbas wasn't my favorite, but the rest are all great
Kaorti: Consider Phlebas was pretty different. I like Player of Games bettter.
LadyAiluros: I hear so many good things about these books
CranstonSnord: they're all very different from each other too
Kaorti: The Culture has problems, but it means well and it's trying.
jadedcynic: yeah, his later work was....deeper
CranstonSnord: and man, do those AIs swear
jadedcynic: it got to be a BIG universe
Simonark: Use of Weapons is FAR harder. It's got a structure.
jadedcynic: yeah, he made his later work a little more 'approachable'
Kaorti: Use of Weapons made me sad.
Kaorti: very sad
jadedcynic: I liked the Hydrogen Sonata
Zephyr256k: My top 3 Culture books are Excession, Look to Windward, and the Hydrogen Sonata
CranstonSnord: The Algebraist was good too, tho not Culture
Kaorti: Excission is great just for introducing me to "out of context problem"
DigitalSeahorse: Alex does :P
Alness49: Word choice
DiscordianTokkan: Man, Darling in the FRANXX had such potential to be good, and ... nope
MechaKuuga: The Qubeley is not cute, it a psychocommu murder machine
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LoadingReadyRun: Kaorti The ship covertly turning its entire body into engines is amazing
jadedcynic: oh, the 'season' vs. 'series' shibboleths
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Are you ready for a brand new episode of The Panalysts? Good, cause Molly has assembled our panel of experts to figure out what Victoria’s local “thing” should be. | https://youtu.be/FhhVeMuW_z4 📷 https://t.co/So5v9azuLp || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1139345396847669248
Dusk_Shine: Hammond is best host
Kaorti: @LoadingReadyRun Heck yeah it is.
Kaorti: The Minds are just so cool all around.
ostcrammath: least contentious thing I've ever heard
jadedcynic: US/Canada have 'seasons' each year, and the WHOLE thing is called a 'series'; in UK a 'series' is the shows for one year
jadedcynic: so Bill Bailey?
DigitalSeahorse: I liked Hammond's spin off of industrial machines
Dusk_Shine: australia does have a top gear though
kakmize: as an Australian, it wasn't as offensive as it could've been Ian
Dusk_Shine: as does germany, south korea, and of course, the U.S.
Karfsma778: YES
Roadhog123: But there are 4 countries that make up the UK. ;)
Karfsma778: GIVE IT
Master_Gunner: that could never work, Alex
MadAran87: Stop teasing us, Alex.
DigitalSeahorse: LOL LRR :D
Fruan: I would like to watch that someday
almas_zarkona: I guess but my accent has been called 'British' so I don't know
Going_Medium: I'm in!
jadedcynic: welshman, scot, northern irelander and a briton?
ritchards: Don't Tease Us Alex!!!!
BloodForTheCorelab: gimme alex!
mrbzoomer: god dammit alex
Alness49: Seems like work
DigitalSeahorse: LRR Road Trip
drthvd3r: I'd pay to see that.
NotCainNorAbel: sounds like a lot of work to edit
Kaorti: And one was a windmill
DarkMorford: G Gundam!
jadedcynic: Robot Jox?
TheMoatman: No he G Gundamed you
Dusk_Shine: G! Gundam!
CranstonSnord: Robo Quest
DigitalSeahorse: is Road Quest out yet?
midday_rendelnep: START THE KICKSTARTER!
Dusk_Shine: MASTER Asia. :P
Dusk_Shine: Sir. xD
Rioxcon: I haven't been paying attention when does LRRmans start?
Rhynerd: Who’s the windmill?
chaostreader: !sir
Kaorti: Oh shoot, RE: William Gibson. He's got a new book due out January 2020!
CranstonSnord: @Rioxcon Saturday at 530 am
chaostreader: @rioxcon Saturday.
Alness49: Full Metal Floof
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCOIN bits
Zephyr256k: @kaorti it's already been delayed three years tho
MechaKuuga: Zentradi is macross
Rioxcon: @CranstonSnord thank you
Kaorti: @Zephyr256k :(
midday_rendelnep: Actually.. could featherweight do a LRR gundam after they've done this series of QWERPline?
Dusk_Shine: So, is this a Fumofu model?
Zephyr256k: was supposed to come out back in 2016ish
Gekyouryuu: she's a character in a video game in-universe @LoadingReadyRun where the game is people fighting with ACTUAL Gunpla, so she's SUPPOSED to look like a Gunpla in-show
MechaKuuga: I didn't get it
Spluuga: Isn't the floof where you keep your landing strips?
midday_rendelnep: *season
RealGamerCow: skrt
Mysticman89: really can't tell if this is naughty or just nerdy
Kaorti: yes
midday_rendelnep: why not both?
Herbert_Erpaderp: Panzer IV with Schurtzen... oooh yeah
Drasvin: @Mysticman89 Por que no los dos?
Dusk_Shine: Bag of somewhat holding
jadedcynic: I was starting to get confused; I'm old enough to start doubting my memories and I thought "Wait, wasn't Zentradi in SDF Macross? or am I wrong and it WAS some Gundam series I haven't seen?"
Gekyouryuu: now I wanna know if Alex has played Panzer Madels, the dating sim where you date girls who are tanks who are girls
mrbzoomer: Ian has a new job? does this mean he is leaving LRR?
mrbzoomer: L(
jadedcynic realizes he's becoming a PRIME victim for potential gaslighting :(
Juliamon: mrbzoomer no
mrbzoomer: ok good
Kaorti: Pretty sure he's always had a day job.
Juliamon: He freelances for LRR
sopranocat: @LoadingReadyRun I just found out there's a stroopwaffel McFlurry for a limited time, I know some of you like stroopwaffels
TheMoatman: So I was playing boros aggro in the MTGA singleton event and managed to end up playing RW control my last match
Drasvin: I believe most of the LRR crew are freelancers
TheMoatman: Dullahundam
ralphthellama: hello friends!
jadedcynic: But being one of the oldest people around here, I do have the advantage of getting all Abe Simpson and gloating that my mental decrepitude is also going to happen to EVERYONE ELSE HERE BEFORE LONG MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! :D
RealGamerCow: Cut to Paul frowning intensely
Pazzix: call grham
DigitalSeahorse: it would be a bad idea for your future insurance :P
ritchards: So Paul is saying that as an employee, he can burn the base down as well
TheTunnelingCat: why does she have ass flaps
Gekyouryuu: ventillation
Juliamon: Probably for maneuvering?
jadedcynic: @TheTunnelingCat because Anime
chesul: Alex, I want to say that, though I will support you in whatever you choose to do, I'm very glad that you're not leaving LRR, you're my favorite member, and have been a light in my life for a long time.
Spluuga: for air manouvering obviously
DigitalSeahorse: "I faaaaall to pieces."
midday_rendelnep: all modern transforming robots have arse flaps
Alness49: For the vent port
DigitalSeahorse: "I can put my skirt back on..."
chaostreader: @ritchards I don’t think Paul is an employee. He is an owner/founder.
Pazzix: THING
flatluigi: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
jadedcynic: look at a irl sports blazer - they have ass flaps vOv
midday_rendelnep: hur hur hur
Mysticman89: is owner/founder not just a distinguished employee of the corprate entity?
Going_Medium: Does one live under the flaps?
Juliamon: Salaried member
TheMoatman: everybody keeps scooping in mtga and I don't know why
DigitalSeahorse: Venom half face
jadedcynic: guys, ease up; you're gonna break alex
MungoDude: at least Linda Hamilton's back
Morrigan9: lol cam is involved
jadedcynic: to be fair, they have linda and arnold and cameron back
DigitalSeahorse: hehehheheh
Edgarware: Famous Youtuber James Cameron
DigitalSeahorse: out of the submarine
DK_84: Just producing tho isn't he?
MadAran87: At least four?
Kaorti: Not gonna lie, I think Cameron Lauder before I think James Cameron.
DigitalSeahorse: sergeIntoTheSea benginFlood
viridimayai: What model is alex making?
Alness49: A non zero number of Avatars
Juliamon: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
erloas: bingo, as may as make money
Kaorti: Less Avatar, more Alita plz
Gekyouryuu: be back in a bit. gonna go have dinner
DigitalSeahorse: yes, MORE Alita!
jadedcynic: PREDICTION: the number of Avatar sequels that will come out are going just barely exceed the viewing audiences' interest
TheTunnelingCat: may I offer you an Egg in these trying times
Kaorti: I want the motorball arc at least. Barjack would be sweet too.
Drasvin: Now I'm kinda wondering what Camerron Lauder would do with a Terminator movie.
DigitalSeahorse: "I can put my head back on...you can't, so let go."
jadedcynic: I don't know what it would be, but I wager I'd enjoy it :D
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viridimayai: Wow, I've never seen an anime figure both so cheap and made entirely out of sprues
jadedcynic: I can put my hands in my head, but you can't so take drugs. KappaRoss
DigitalSeahorse: Everything is FINE
DigitalSeahorse: slytqItsfine slytqItsfine slytqItsfine
DigitalSeahorse: measure once cut twice sergeMeasureNever sergeOffByOne
Kaorti: ^
DigitalSeahorse: :D
xantos69: cheer50 hey team. What are we working on?
Juliamon: It's almost Drossel-like
TSturtledove: Just tuned in, is that a Build Divers kit?
DigitalSeahorse: yes very Drossel-esque
TSturtledove: It is a Build Divers kit!
DigitalSeahorse: Fireball ssandGHOST
DoodlestheGreat: It's Gundams all the way down, folks.
TSturtledove: I've seen the show Paul, I can explain if you want (spoiler warning if you do though)
Rhynerd: A gunpla of an AI from a video game about gunpla in a tv show, if I’m hearing this right?
ritchards: is hat the entire length of the strap? seems short
Decaped: But does she have a hive throne world/
Kaorti: eXistenZ!
RealGamerCow: Alex, can you explain what you are doing with that sprue but?
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Is Alex going to do any painting or panel lining?
RealGamerCow: bit?
chesul: can I take the booty?
DigitalSeahorse: MY LEFT FOOT I am
Drasvin: Of course, you call shotgun, so you can use the shotgun
kekuha: There was a song about rangers doing that from MC frontalot
ANeMzero: You can't be right foot because then we'd just have two left feet
jadedcynic: Matt is my banter spirit animal lrrHEART lrrDARK
kekuha: It was called "ill form the head"
DigitalSeahorse: like Pacific Rim
DigitalSeahorse: it is
Drasvin: Mecha waifu
DiscordianTokkan: She looks like a Mecha Insect Waifu now
mysticsage1: that movie is better than it has any right to be
jadedcynic: lrrDARK
Kaorti: T-pose to assert dominance
DiscordianTokkan: WITH ARMS WHIDE OPEN
DigitalSeahorse: feeling horny? megnEVIL rudeJerry slytqLegend
Drasvin: Bad joke that just went through my head: if your waifu is a mecha, does that mean she's her own trashcan?
kekuha: @Drasvin omg
the__spanish__inquisition: thats terrible alex
DiscordianTokkan: Alex, wasn't that the inital plot to DuRaRaRaRa?
korbl: kinda depends, I think
the__spanish__inquisition: you should be proud
Erudite_Cynic: susper closeups or body shots
korbl: I think some dullhans are basically The Headless Horseman
Juliamon: Depends on the grade, honestly
DigitalSeahorse: I was wondering if he was gonna paint the missile
DiscordianTokkan: Celty is a Dullahan that rides a motorcycle and has a cat-ear'd motorcycle helmet on.
ANeMzero: "You Probably Get That A Lot" is a TMBG song about a guy who probably wants to date a cephalophore, which is basically a dullahan.
TSturtledove: @LoadingReadyRun (Gundam Build Divers Spoiler) The model kit Alex is working on is the model that the main cast in the show made for Sarah (an A.I. that spontaneously created itself in the in show Gundam vr game) in order to give her a home outside the game and prevent her from being deleted.
Panda_Hero01: Man, Ian needs a haircut, his hair is almost 3 microns long.
dimensaur: "Ayy gurl why do you always have your hands on the side of your head? Are you that into Home Alone?"
CranstonSnord: and macross parts too
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: AWW
DigitalSeahorse: the ONE head
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: thats very sweet
ostcrammath: « current unused bodies »
DiscordianTokkan: DeskCori has ONE head and MANY bodies
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
MadAran87: Cori is the witch from Return to Oz?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCORI
tehcrashxor: Does the Cori doll have an assault kit?
Drasvin: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Kaorti: So I was in Japan a couple weeks back, and I ran across a store which only sold doll bodies.
DiscordianTokkan: That whispered "back in the box" made me almost spittake
DigitalSeahorse: benjam40DrTeeth benjam40DrTPride
Panda_Hero01: I'm playing ATS and driving from New Mexico to Washington so please don't end the stream soon.
DigitalSeahorse: F
RealGamerCow: she was RAD
ANeMzero: I can't hear [anything] boogie without thinking of the Spooky Boogie episode of Psychopass.
FoxFyr: Welp, time to design a "Hard Same" logo
FoxFyr: To add to my fictional branding porfolio
DigitalSeahorse: I accidentally had two tabs of this open and playing, dangit data
chesul: it's all in which bugs you choose.
DigitalSeahorse: how to ensure this part doesn't curl up under the bridge
ritchards: did Ian injure himself in this stream, or did he come in injured?
DigitalSeahorse: :D
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ANeMzero: Not the cow, the god
DigitalSeahorse: "I should have made unbelching cows for eating and skinning."
Rockario: No worshipping the gynoid!
DigitalSeahorse: this is the hole punch you NEVER USE ON PAPER cause it will make it too dull
DigitalSeahorse: same with leather scissors
DigitalSeahorse: that was quick
jadedcynic: I still think God (or whatever) is either confounded or amused by the fact that it sends us into the world naked, and we send ourselves back to it fully covered in 'clothing' - and often wrapped in the skins of other animals
DigitalSeahorse: I want to hug her! PrideTake
erloas: I'm amazed Ian is not backing his punch, that's how you ruin good punches
jadedcynic: #DammitMatt lrrFRUMP
DigitalSeahorse: lol JoJo's
Drasvin: Hug the mecha
TSturtledove: Hug, or pug?
jadedcynic: We'll tell you when you're older, Matt ;)
DigitalSeahorse: ferociousInno
Drasvin: Flying mecha waifu.
TSturtledove: Might stand better if you turn the stand around.
DigitalSeahorse: rivets make for more strain in one spot
DigitalSeahorse: float into second kit
DigitalSeahorse: quick sub train while they can't see us! manMAD
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: anyone else making custom livery for ian you will need some plugins to end up with the right file type im following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODQBQ4hpOPs
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: specifically this one pack the nvidia texture tool for photoshop which lets you save your file as a dds file type https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=texture-tools-for-adobe-photoshop-8-55
DigitalSeahorse: ssandHUG ssandDANCE ssandHUG ssandDANCE slytqDance
MrsLlante: PrideShine PrideShine PrideShine PrideShine PrideShine PrideShine PrideShine PrideShine
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideParty PrideParty PrideParty
Panda_Hero01: donutoWRONG donutoMOVE donutoBROTHER donutoYOULOSE
DigitalSeahorse: that is incompatible with dark mode
tehcrashxor: Daww, what a cutie
Pazzix: "i can put my arm back on"
MungoDude: SeemsGood
FoxFyr: On a scale of 1 to Michael Palin...
Simonark: "Oh, Golly"
Drasvin: So, is the mecha waifu going to throw the missiles as weapons?
DigitalSeahorse: Lady Ian lrrIAN
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: dont forget the clasp lmao
LadyAiluros: is it like a stand?
CobaltShuriken: a STAND?! NANI
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: paint palette definitely
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: :p
Juliamon: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
Blasteg: Wings?
LadyAiluros: are they listed in the instructions?
flatluigi: you can't show feet on twitch
Juliamon: The link has a ton of photos, maybe they're in there?
DigitalSeahorse: hmmm
DigitalSeahorse: ferociousThink
dulltoothpick: What is this
notbigolefloppydongs: I'm a big fan of father son streams
Telarra_: oh, what it says on the sprue is the model's name
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: it looks like a cam
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: for like a gearbox
notbigolefloppydongs: it's very close to father's day too
Mysticman89: looks like a cross section of a cat skull
notbigolefloppydongs: so this is nice
DigitalSeahorse: Ian does look fatherly :P
korbl: TOS
korbl: Matt, you can't talk about anime waifus erecting topols on Twitch!
DigitalSeahorse: xD
notbigolefloppydongs: this is like if the star from breaking bad was gay and instead of selling meth, he sold arts and crafts
DigitalSeahorse: benginPun
Nicarrow: HI all
notbigolefloppydongs: and instead of the crippled kid, we get a kid who loves models
korbl: Satisfyingly ramrod hard model kits
notbigolefloppydongs: this is strangely entertaining
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: "and after we deconstruct these warheards we totally won't be able to just reconstruct them or weaponize the plutonium otherwise"
banachspacebar: Livery!
Baldrash: Decolletage?
DigitalSeahorse: PrideGive decals PrideTake
DiscordianTokkan: Decoction Modules!
orionsrise1: reminds me of George Carlin's bit. and the bullets and Bombs are shaped like dicks! it's called fucking with people!
Rockario: Decal =? Desert Sticker Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: guestimation
LadyAiluros: Well-calibrated Eyeball
DigitalSeahorse: numbered
notbigolefloppydongs: cyrillic?
Drasvin: Bingo!
flatluigi: this is how a numbers station starts
Baldrash: Those were actual nuclear launch codes, weren't they?
DK_84: Who has the 'football'?
DigitalSeahorse: welp, there goes the missiles :P
flatluigi: alex go do crimes
countz3r0: Great, now JOSHUA has the launch codes
DiscordianTokkan: I've heard some companies do that because they number the parts on the model before they number them on the sprue
ostcrammath: but the code was literally 0 0 0 0 wasnt it
ritchards: yeah, numbers stations are just people reading out part numbers
DigitalSeahorse: if they had two key turners we'd be effed
Rockario: @flatluigi You rattle off too many numbers and before you know it you got a numberstatio infestation
countz3r0: 0 0 0 destruct 0
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
Baldrash: Falcon... PUNCH!
tehcrashxor: Don't tuck your thumb when you punch!
DigitalSeahorse: benginBurn
DigitalSeahorse: "You're a good punch."
LadyAiluros: @countz3r0 why you blow up the Enterprise?
Blasteg: It’s lacking punch
DigitalSeahorse: a giant white crayon! :O
flatluigi: uh
Telarra_: thanks for sharing Ian
DigitalSeahorse: slytqThirst
DiscordianTokkan: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You owe 300 kilos of potatoes.
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Never hug people with your mouth.
Sektor88: T-ape
ostcrammath: a disembodied arm!?
flatluigi: is matt lying on the floor
MungoDude: yes, Formosa
Blasteg: Hello from Taipei
flatluigi: alex.
DigitalSeahorse: make tiny brush from a lock of your bangs :P
chaostreader: @blasteg Hi.
Lord_Hosk: thats not ENTIRELY off base paul
azureHaights: Wait, so I just came back, which plastic waifu is this
DigitalSeahorse: that is one RAD cigar!
chaostreader: !waifu
LRRbot: Alex is building this kit: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10562491
DigitalSeahorse: Alex is now building a missile kit
DigitalSeahorse: !missile
Lord_Hosk: There were helicopters flying around Afghanistan with critical parts literally held on with military grade duct tape.
Juliamon: If anyone could provide a link for the missile kit, I'll get !missile ready
MungoDude: the strap is riveted to the flap!
azureHaights: I like the surreality of the missile kit still being pulled up with !waifu
Lord_Hosk: Sometimes you cant get parts... but you gotta fly the mission
Drasvin: It is a lunch bag
korbl: That's a nice, bag, Ian
Sektor88: fancy!
countz3r0: That's a dandy man satchel.
Electrodyne: That's a mighty fine satchel
tehcrashxor: If the flap were wider than the bag, it would help keep the rain out
Fruan: I feel that strap is just a little too long
LadyAiluros: I love it!
Blasteg: lrrHORN lrrHORN
MungoDude: can it also be worn comfortably diagonally across the body?
Juliamon: Strap length is a personal thing
countz3r0: Now you're ready to get those Shankara stones before Mola Ram does.
korbl: I think the strap and/or buckle is just a bit off center?
DoctorHutch: @lord_hosk I hear the Kiowas were like 2 or 3 % duct tape
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> This is now just 1 short week! Get hype for #MTGSeattle! | @loadingreadyrun> Just a few short weeks until #MTGSeattle! | Join Graham, Adam, James, Cameron, Serge, Ben & Beej all weekend! Live streams, live TTC, draft w/ LoadingReadyRun, D&D one shot with @skinnyghost and more! Including some limited merch perhaps?! | https://www.cfbevents.com/mtgseattle 📷 ⤵
Electrodyne: Ian are you going to burnish the edges?
DigitalSeahorse: Minute Men missile?
Drasvin: Ian, are you going to put a marker's mark on the bag?
azureHaights: I feel like this needs old-timey-radio filter
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Modern Horizons! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (21:22 from now).
Lord_Hosk: their super secret launch code was... 0...0..0..0..0..0.... ........0
TacitusVigil: Interested in nuclear Armageddon or time travel robot movies? Why not try Dave's Minute Men? Or Hourly Women?
sivakrytos: now you can just find missile positions on wikipedia
azureHaights: The secret launch codes are lovey-dovey... schmoopy-woopy...
TacitusVigil: We *do* have a LRR brand... (which probably shouldn't be used here)
DigitalSeahorse: hunko?
MungoDude: Hanko
DigitalSeahorse: hahahhahahah
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: LEWD
Electrodyne: A lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW stamp would be cool
DigitalSeahorse: theonl45Heart manLOVE slytqThirst
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DigitalSeahorse: PrideGive theonl45Heart PrideTake sub!
korbl: I mean, there is that brand someone sent you
Gizmoloid: So I tried to find what the extra parts are for and apparently they regularly reuse a lot of parts from older models so it's cheaper to reuse molds and just cross out unused parts in manual. Though the parts in question don't seem to be crossed out in this kit, probably just an oversight.
Rhynerd: At least he’s got a lot of material to work with
DigitalSeahorse: it isn't tooling leather so it won't be super visible
Gizmoloid: I'm talking about the Gunpla of course.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: it feels good to call something done
DigitalSeahorse: lol
TacitusVigil: Is that like the Year of Luigi?
tehcrashxor: Are we Ian, are we?
DigitalSeahorse: HA
countz3r0: it's an OB
DigitalSeahorse: NOPE
TacitusVigil: Por que no los dos?
DigitalSeahorse: IAN
flatluigi: WRONG
TacitusVigil: O tres?
DigitalSeahorse: "That's too far!..."
orionsrise1: leaded Tampon?
chaostreader: Mod! He said to quote him.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: wait is ian playing project cars 1 or 2?
Juliamon: I refuse
TacitusVigil: Chernobyl 2: Spicy Nuclear Tampon
DigitalSeahorse: thank you, Juliamon
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @Juliamon good choice
cheetoJack: nope.gif
sivakrytos: this is not the opposite of goop
Electrodyne: Yeah that needs to be a quote
orionsrise1: Menstrual cycle from HELL!
sivakrytos: putting dubious items in your bits is not the opposite of goop
DigitalSeahorse: none of the people in this stream have a vagina to cringe at this
Herbert_Erpaderp: So good
Lord_Hosk: so good, and so horrible
CranstonSnord: Chernobyl will always be with us. The half life of Uranium is LONG
LadyAiluros: and now apparently people are goign to the actual site to take selfies???
LadyAiluros: Is that real?
DigitalSeahorse: BUTT PLUG then benginButt benginButt benginButt
LadyAiluros: cause if it is they deserve what they get ….
korbl: How ittle?
korbl: *little
Electrodyne: Look, just zoom in on the bottom right quarter of the screen and added a Brazzers logo
DigitalSeahorse: RAD butt plugs
ANeMzero: Hey, 4chan has some restraint.. that is why 8chan exists :|
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chaostreader: @ladyailuros You can get within sight range of the buildings without taking much radiation.
TheMoatman: I mean, pripyat itself is is probably safe enough to do that
TheMoatman: But even so it's just disrespectful
sivakrytos: that first bit was legit tho
jadedcynic: I had issues with the show being SO bad for facts - played the whole 'radiation poisoning is SUPER infectious' myth :P
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: cultural apropriation
azureHaights: With the greatest of ease?
DK_84: The big one is called Clinton
sivakrytos: they name ships after presidents and admirals
DigitalSeahorse: lrrFRUMP
DoctorHutch: I watched the first episode, I thought it was pretty good, i plan on watching the rest, but it definitely felt less focused on the science and more or all the political failures
DigitalSeahorse: lrrMATT
Mysticman89: ahh, the bill nye
DigitalSeahorse: lrrPLS
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chaostreader: They name Aircraft Carriers after presidents.
TheMoatman: I'm not sure if it would be a much better or much worse thing if project excalibur worked
banachspacebar: I feel like the symbology of naming explosives after presidents would be frowned upon by the military
Mysticman89: SS magic school bus
DigitalSeahorse: he's not that far from being associated with bad things
TacitusVigil: Sounds more like a Starfleet class of ship.
azureHaights: You have to name it the NDGT, because if you name it Tyson people think of the boxer and if you name it deGrasse people think of Degrassi
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: oh good it is project cars 2... thought i had the wrong game for a sec phew
Karfsma778: E is for Elephant's Foot
DoctorHutch: I heard it was like panicked getting the lady away from her husband
DigitalSeahorse: I feel sick now
Lord_Hosk: the cosmos class has a USS Tyson and a USS Sagan
erloas: We dropped 4 Garfields on them and destroyed 2 whole blocks
TheMoatman: You could stand next to the old sarcophagus for hours and only get as much radiation as a CT scan
DK_84: Kids in the Hall
Karfsma778: The Home Improvement
delta__vee: the macgyver
SquareDotCube: The That's So Raven
rrtycoon2: Radiation is that fun gamblers contaminant. Will it hit the nucleus the right way to kill you? Find out in 10 years.
TacitusVigil: @Lord_Hosk There was a Star Trek comic that had the USS Sagan as a sister ship to Voyager.
azureHaights: WAH-AH-AH-AH
DiscordianTokkan: YESSS
tehcrashxor: lrrAWESOME
ApodoNuevo: clap-clap-clap-dead?
jadedcynic: the whole bit of the poisoned man (who would have the dangerous clothing removed, and washed clean of fallout particles) and his pregnant wife visiting him, only to have the nurse hauling her away.....and then the miscarriage implicitly blamed on radiation(?!?)
jadedcynic: #DammitIan :D
countz3r0: Someone forgot to check the WEENUS at Chernobyl.
Karfsma778: @LoadingReadyRun The air raid siren for the Home Improvement-class missile is just a Tim Allen Grunt
Rockario: 5 warheads that deploy to the rhythm of the 👏👏👏👏👏
DigitalSeahorse: I watched it, it's kerbal space program
TacitusVigil: Is that just the Protector from Galaxy Quest? Kappa
ANeMzero: They play the song and when they get to the grunt the ship just rapidly sinks beneath the water and is never seen again
Fruan: Summon the Beej!
snowb0und: All aboard the USS Battlestar 1980
tehcrashxor: Iron John's Rock?
jadedcynic: nah, Tim Allen probably WOULD want to have a big deadly weapon platform named after him
DigitalSeahorse: xD
DiscordianTokkan: Didn't Tim Allen say some problematic shit lately? like, again?
TacitusVigil: @jadedcynic Be more like Tim Taylor, not Tim Allen. Kappa
Karfsma778: The Darkwing Duck class Missile
ANeMzero: We got a DMCA takedown on our nukes. They're now owned by CBS
jadedcynic: MPAA & RIAA become the ironic saviours of humaity
Sektor88: that'd be a biochemical weapon banned by the geneva convention
jadedcynic: Dammit Matt - quit breaking my brain! :D
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: definitely a MLRS where each one plays a different sample
jadeworrior: standing in a cornfield... DIGIMON DIGITAL MONSTERS
jadedcynic: @Sektor88 is there a clause in the Geneva Conventions covering psychological warfare?
Rhynerd: Would Niel Cicierga versions would be Dirty Bombs?
Sektor88: @jadedcynic nah, it'd start with that Di- DI- DI-, bit
Sektor88: @jadedcynic dunno :P
DoctorHutch: laGAK
TacitusVigil: The Geneva Convention still on our back for that time we weaponized Beej.
Kerrisis: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:53:02.
DigitalSeahorse: double sided so the fuzzy particulate doesn't rub off everywhere
Blasteg: Isn’t an iPad going in too?
Juliamon: Now that you've made a leather bag... next you have to make a leather ita bag
Banrael: cheer100
DoctorHutch: Alex made a gun?
countz3r0: Alex, would you say you had a plethora of rockets?
DigitalSeahorse: thank all the many subs and gift subs
Rockario: A Gunhed, in fact
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azureHaights: Alex, take it easy, you shouldn't be russian
DigitalSeahorse: megnPLS PrideTake
DigitalSeahorse: I'm gonna be leathering soon again
jadedcynic: "Ever forward; NEVER learning!"
lucha_libro: happily lurking.
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cheetoJack: !advice
LRRbot: Learn many!
jadedcynic: thank YOU for giving us things to watch and a place to chat
banachspacebar: yes, your bills for all the Patron
Mysticman89: its not bad, but it's rather overpriced.
Rockario: The weekend...when LRRLive and LRRMans is
TheMoatman: Good tequilas are *very* good
DoctorHutch: better tequilas can certainly be had for less
Twilight_Spark: I certainly didn't expect DOUBLE underscores.
DigitalSeahorse: PrideWingL PrideLionYay PrideWingR
Inkymouse: <3
DigitalSeahorse: PrideWingL ssandCOIN PrideWingR
Rockario: The zicheon eschuteon?
Rockario: *zucheon
DigitalSeahorse: PrideWingL sergePride PrideWingR
Rhynerd: kathle3PRISM
DigitalSeahorse: ^
Fruan: Any % cold war speed run - just push the big red button
Pazzix: Victory!
tehcrashxor: Fire ze missels!
Pazzix: wait didn't the cold war end on the moon?
DigitalSeahorse: same day as LRL
Fruan: LRRmans picture in picture, please, I'm begging you.
chaostreader: @pazzix No. That was the space race which was a part of the Cold War.
Rockario: Does the conflict that ensues after pressing the red button still count as the same war? If so then the any% run might get tricky.
ANeMzero: Just like normal Le Mans there is a break part way through where all the drivers take part in a variety show
DigitalSeahorse: also BNF on Sat I guess
ritchards: followed by another week hiatus
Rhynerd: Thar’s the 100% LeMans speedrun, right? An any% speedrun would just be speeding into the pit lane, right?
Fruan: @Rockario I'm not sure there's anyone left for ongoing conflict once you push the big red button
DigitalSeahorse: on Kathleen_LRR channel
Juliamon: Heaven's Vault
TheMoatman: Finished it
Juliamon: They finished Layers of Fear
Rockario: @fruan all it takes is two angry men for it to still count.
ritchards: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 8:05 PM
DigitalSeahorse: lrrAWW
Juliamon: They might go back to one of the trash games they played after?
DoodlestheGreat: They finished Layers and are onto The Ninth Gate. For now...
Rhynerd: They Finished Layers of Fear 2 so they’ll be playing a new game. Possible a few bad ones.
Morrigan9: all the streams fit to ... stream
Herbert_Erpaderp: lrrHEART Goodnight everyone.
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Inkymouse: Thank you for the strim
Ic4ra: lrrHEART
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: this is what i threw together so far :P https://imgur.com/KqA1NH3
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
Rhynerd: Have a good one!
DigitalSeahorse: *tunes into basketball*
jadedcynic: #WeTheNorth