Juliamon: Honestly, it would. We did just have that clip of James getting shot trying to get in a car.
TehAmelie: cosmos brain: or that's what they want you to think
sir_jack_DB: so is this the game where you throw bits at people so they keep twitching? lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: i think that's Choice Chamber
sir_jack_DB: is this Some Kind of Shame Inferno?
hippitybobbity: It always is
TehAmelie: life. . .is a shame inferno
notarealartist: is shroud playing against them?
TehAmelie: good question. he's the biggest Pubg streamer by far, right
TehAmelie: me, watching SGDQ: i am so bored with streamers getting fame and fortune just for being "good at games"
sir_jack_DB: so James, Funko, and some other people I don't know :P
Juliamon: Kate is in it
sir_jack_DB: I kid I kid
TehAmelie: not that i'd entirely enjoy it if Desert Bus got this kind of viewership
sir_jack_DB: DB gets more, I'd think
Juliamon: GDQs pull WAAAAY more viewers than DB
TehAmelie: 133 727 viewers currently
TXC2: Hello Everybody
TehAmelie: that's why they get ten times more the donations despite being vastly less entertaining i suppose
Juliamon: Hello!
TXC2: hi Juliamon
TehAmelie: hi
TXC2: hi TehAmelie
LoadingReadyRun: and online, see y'all in 1 minute
TehAmelie: 900 000 dollars to Doctors Without Borders, so far. . .so amazing
Juliamon: They get more donations, but less on average per donor
TehAmelie squeezes stress ball
TehAmelie: pre- lrrSIGNAL has been called
monkeyrama: Ah right, there's a delay for these
Juliamon: !delay
LRRbot: This stream is being broadcast on a 1-minute delay to avoid stream sniping. Please be patient, we promise James isn't ignoring you! (Intentionally, anyway.)
notarealartist: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrJAMES elfunkChunk lrrSIGNAL
TXC2: this is gonna be......different
ugh_sunlight: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: now to be fair, James is pretty good at Pubg, if the highlights are to be believed
Juliamon: I'm gonna be mostly audio-less for this one (construction in the room next to mine)
Juliamon: ugh
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> LIVE! … with a 1 minute delay mind you, but live none the less :D | Join @James_LRR and @El_Funko for an afternoon of PUBG on #TwitchRivals! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-GFlCmU4AA3Ytu.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1144342655968563201
imadeausernameyeahme: Hi
Juliamon: hi
fritobandeeto: chainbM lrrJAMES lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TXC2: !delay
LRRbot: This stream is being broadcast on a 1-minute delay to avoid stream sniping. Please be patient, we promise James isn't ignoring you! (Intentionally, anyway.)
sir_jack_DB: this is the first time in like, a year I've watched any Plane Drop Gun Shop
TheWarbo: oh right
TheWarbo: !pubg
TXC2: Here we go!
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TheGcsmith: Shame it's not customs, but GL james
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NathanJay_GA: hello!
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo friends!
monkeyrama: seabatTROG It begins! 1 minute ago!
TXC2: Hello Sarah_Serinde
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Sarah_Serinde: Being on a delay is going to be weird huh :P
Jorge4hg: lrrJAMES
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BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: :)
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TXC2: One Minute more! Kappa
TehAmelie: if my math is right, you have about a 1 in 16 chance to win a Pubg match with 4 man teams. does James win more than that?
Sarah_Serinde: A minute can be pretty long in stream terms though
TehAmelie: also hi James
kat2kool: Changes?! *GASP*
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TheWarbo: Remember the long delay for that one magic event?
TheWarbo: !findquote history
LRRbot: Quote #5622: "Chat is now just history of my losing." —James [2018-12-18]
frozenphoenix7: James, go left one minute ago
Rhonlore: Lets go boysss
TehAmelie: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have you checked your butt?
Sarah_Serinde: James is so generous :D
Erudite_Cynic: Funko is the ringer
TehAmelie: that's not where weapon drops are, silly Lrrbot
Vyous: Oh weird, it's a pub stomp style rather than customs?
monkeyrama: Hi past James! Just wanted to say one final thanks for helping the trogs with their project seabatTROG
Stoffern: James just drank some chocolate milk
PanickedFox: Pride50 Have some bits for one of my favourite LRRsmen!
kat2kool: I don't think chat knows how to not troll James
TheWarbo: For longer delays, putting the last few messages on the screen can be nice to calibrate for chat
TehAmelie: i want to take credit for the "go left 30 seconds ago" meme
frozenphoenix7: Twitch chat will never stop James. It's in our blood. It's in our code.
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:07.
TheGcsmith: 1 minute delay? why not use Paul's invention so that you're live with chat
TXC2: I feel your Pain Funko
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: Howdy folks! benginHi
TXC2: hello FreshPrinceOfBeleren welcome
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TehAmelie: reverse lag would actually be just as useful for sniping prevention
TXC2: Lord_Hosk nice
Jorge4hg: @Lord_Hosk you're not wrong
fiftymcnasty: So who is going to win, Team Funko or Team JoeKim
tubby125: cheer50 teams of 2, everybody facing everybody?
TehAmelie: 2 man teams, ~1:32 odds. i hope your wins are at least that much bigger than the stakes eh
TehAmelie: (joke)
Saunabath: So does the prize money go to LRR or you, James?
NathanJay_GA: shouldn't be a problem
Pteraspidomorphi: Together?
TehAmelie: is there a way to show chat on stream? if we wanted to, to calibrate the lag
oldknives_gaming: where is DOnate button
Evochron13: Go James & Funko!!
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, they're together then
Very0minous: jund em out
PanickedFox: Pride50 I'm rooting for Team JAMES!
Jorge4hg: James remember to listen to funko
tallestnull: so whens the PPr this weekend right ?
Amentur: How much of Brendan's perfect game have you been playing recently, James?
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Core Set 2020 Pre-Prerelease will be on 28 June at 10am PDT! This "Oops All LRR!" edition will feature special guests James, Cori, and Serge!
Kerrisis: Is there a list of the teams somewhere?
monkeyrama: Oooh, brought in the home computer
LoadingReadyRun: twitch.tv/el_funko for his side
Evochron13: #Team James
Juliamon: So, team name? Team Junko? Fames?
Evochron13: *Funko
forcorus1: yooo good luck dude
Evochron13: *&
Wicker_Knight: Are you still using the clackity keyboard though?
Evochron13: ooh. @Juliamon TeamJanko
Wicker_Knight: @Juliamon El_Janko
Juliamon: Very good.
DiscordianTokkan: I'm extremely glad that my internet seems to have been sorted out (with roughly 6x the past speed), so I can watch the PPR AND play FFXIV's new expansion tomorrow
PandasAndPancakes: It's like Dandy Geek's evil twin.
Kerrisis: James plays dressed as Andrew?
DiscordianTokkan: Like, simultaneously
Jorge4hg: @DiscordianTokkan neat
monkeyrama: Would it be a James pubg stream without that keyboard? 🤔
TXC2: WIn?
Jorge4hg: Don't die?
Rhonlore: ^
PandasAndPancakes: Winning sounds good.
Wicker_Knight: get into early fights and establish dominance?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Llamas are not piñatas.
Lord_Hosk: shoot boi's in the head... or butts if nessesary
Kerrisis: Shoot the other shootymans!
sir_jack_DB: be aggressive, b-e aggressive
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: !advice
LRRbot: Gamify your trash.
sir_jack_DB: so we have lrrBEEJ
TheGcsmith: whats first prize?
Evochron13: so today, just today, you're literally hitmen since you're getting paid per kill lrrBEEJ
Wicker_Knight: the hope is that everyone else will be too
tyrew0rm: should have been practising lrrBEEJ
forcorus1: watch out for gas cans
Dix: RIP armored UAZ
Leafwind104: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 15:37.
PanickedFox: Okay, I have to go run a Pathfinder game. I just wanted to jump in and say good luck! Love you, James! Shoot some people!
TXC2: so long PanickedFox have fun
fritobandeeto: You had too many chances and now they don't mean anything to you
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Core Set 2020 Pre-Prerelease will be on 28 June at 10am PDT! This "Oops All LRR!" edition will feature special guests James, Cori, and Serge!
forcorus1: it loos so good i like the big power in M20
Wicker_Knight: not Kate? or is it because Kate has her own invite and is so unavailable?
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Fayili: Just here to drop the resub message and complain about being sick. Btw, I'm sick and it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Have fun playing the shooteymans!
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Stoffern: TQ?
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Lord_Hosk: Joekim :Funko and James are the underdog between out teams... we play all the time,
dungeonmaster099 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 2 month streak!
Wicker_Knight: @Lord_Hosk I mean, I don't think they're wrong
Very0minous: you should do all core set pprs just llr
tyrew0rm: Is there a sidebet between you and JoeKim?
CptCorallis: So how many BRDMs are we expecting this stream?
TheGcsmith: So, are there different prizes for game mode, or is it overall score?
whales9001: hallo chat
forcorus1 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months!
forcorus1: good luck dudes. how excited are you for the power level of M20?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, forcorus1! (Today's storm count: 16)
TXC2: hello whales9001 welcome
monkeyrama: A boat seems reasonable
Boiler_bot: So, what's the deal with this Twitch Rivals thing?
Boiler_bot: Some special event I guess?
TXC2: it's still odd to me the Australia gets cold
Trymantha: lets go lets go
tubby125: when does this event start?
LoadingReadyRun: 9 minutes
Wicker_Knight: @Boiler_bot yeah, it's a Twitch-organized tournament between major streamers. they cycle through games regularly
Boiler_bot: Wicker_Knight oh okay thanks for explaining.
Wicker_Knight: Some of them are pretty wacky, like they did Stardew Speedruns last week
Wicker_Knight: TQ and Kate were both part of that
TXC2: I'm Hyped for the new Viven
Wicker_Knight: Serge, playing an absurd deck he barely understands, that doesn't sound like him Kappa
tyrew0rm: i completly forgot the PPR was tomorrow
Very0minous: When you going to do more Keyforge?
StageMgrRob: Is it sealed or draft?
TXC2: so on the hour then
TheWarbo: I don't think it works like that?
TXC2: StageMgrRob sealed
monkeyrama: 2pm start time
TheWarbo: Don't we also have a 1-minute delay on seeing it start?
StageMgrRob: Thanks TXC2
Juliamon: !delay
LRRbot: This stream is being broadcast on a 1-minute delay to avoid stream sniping. Please be patient, we promise James isn't ignoring you! (Intentionally, anyway.)
Wicker_Knight: it was first to complete a variety of challenges
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: oh wow, it just started thundering here outta nowhere
sir_jack_DB: sorry, I beefed
shadowdemonz123: Sounds like fl
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: @sir_jack_DB oh, ok, np
sir_jack_DB: xD
Evochron13: twitch rivals chunk punch!!
Wicker_Knight: Twitch Rivals Punch a Chunk gabyWow
tyrew0rm: well you did invent the chunk punch....
Sarah_Serinde: Haha Evochron13 beat me to it :D
TheGcsmith: challenge map?
TheWooglie: punch chunk?>
Lord_Hosk: its the worst for stardew because you have to fight youself
Vyous: Twitch Rivals: Minecraft. First to punch a chunk.
Sarah_Serinde: I'm glad we're all on the same page, chat :D
TXC2: chat knows
CptCorallis: Just run it like one of the Mindcrack UHC games
7gorobei: platoon a chunk
Wicker_Knight: Points for completing challenges like the "eat everything" acheivement, the "kill everything" acheivement, etc
Evochron13: serge might be big enough to be invited solo
Amentur: There is a speedrun race this gdq I believe
Lord_Hosk: the way stardew is set up its not a game you play "pushing to rush"
kumatsu: Could be Set Seed
DiscordianTokkan: Twitch Rivals Punch a Chunk, Twitch Rivals "Emeralds or Silverfish"...
DiscordianTokkan: sergeHeart
Lord_Hosk: Everyone gets the same seed
TheGcsmith: On seperate servers you can set a challenge map
Wicker_Knight: same server, first like 3 minutes are walking a particular compass direction to avoid each other
CptCorallis: Or do a Same Seed Minecraft Bingo game
TheGcsmith: like gather the wool in puzzles
Wicker_Knight: big problem with same server is maintaining mobcaps
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, this was not on my side
Sarah_Serinde: yeah I also compulsively checked my discord :D
Wicker_Knight: @RayFK lrrFINE THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT gabyFine slytqItsFine
Wicker_Knight: slytqItsfine
TXC2: !delay
LRRbot: This stream is being broadcast on a 1-minute delay to avoid stream sniping. Please be patient, we promise James isn't ignoring you! (Intentionally, anyway.)
Wicker_Knight: slytqWha
CrazymattCaptain: if it ends up final teams you two vs kate and Joe are you gonna finish it up with pans?
TXC2: you're not a gamer if your name doesn't start with xX Kappa
TheWooglie: xXLoadingReadyRunXx
TheWarbo: one of my proudest LRRfan moments was getting Paul to name something on GoC xXTurnupXx
Wicker_Knight: xXNightbookXx
timiam: cheer100 I almost forgot this was happening! Show them the fury of Canadastralia!
Kerrisis: oh god, Lirik isn't in this, is he?
kais58: lol Choco is in James' discord channel
Stoffern: Well one thing seems clear: El Funko is gonna have to fight FunkerGaming.
RayFK: Joe would tryhard
Wicker_Knight: I don't think it's worth it
Wicker_Knight: thirst?
Wicker_Knight: oh, kill downed teammates
TheGcsmith: why is that called thirsting?
TheWooglie: Did you say Kate was in this?
Vyous: Because you are thirsty for kills.
Wicker_Knight: short for bloodthirst, presumably?
TXC2: TheWooglie indeed she is
TheGcsmith: wouldn't war crime be a better name :D
kais58: he said he was going to Team 20
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Game 1 is firing shortly for today's PUBG #TwitchRivals stream. Come support James and Funko as they battle! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1144349673563365376
Wicker_Knight: @TheWooglie Yes, she's also in the tourney partnered with JoeKim. She's streaming it on her side as well
Juliamon: There's Joe
Juliamon: and there's Kate
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VeinNetwork: So how does this work?
Rhonlore: discord boop is giving me anxiety lol
Sarah_Serinde: Those discord notifications are just going to get me every time, aren't they
M4RKNUTT: hey james and chat!
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BtEtta: Try not to die to Kate too much.
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VeinNetwork: The Rival's [art of things
Varrey: Sarah_Serinde you and me both
TheWarbo: okay yeah this is going on the tv
DiscordianTokkan: @Sarah_Serinde I know they've gotten me
TXC2: all chat sounds......dangerous
Erudite_Cynic: pan fight for the win
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: PAN
TheWooglie: why aren't Joe and Funko on a team? :)
TXC2: isn't Kate a pro PUBG player?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: she killed Shroud that one time
Wicker_Knight: I mean, technically James is too :P
Sarah_Serinde: Didn't she kill Shroud twice that one day? :D
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: oh yeah it was twice
Sarah_Serinde: Once in practice and once in the event I think
TehAmelie: Shroud is like real life Batman. . .all it would ever take is one bullet
timiam: If James kills chocoTaco he should change his name to dillyBar
Wicker_Knight: well, ChocoTaco needs someone to stomp on ;P
TheWarbo: Tequila Sunrise when
TXC2: Cowboy action challenge
Boiler_bot: Money can get... Mean spirited.
TXC2: interesting to me that teams 1-5 are blank
DiscordianTokkan: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
Lord_Hosk: lrrDILLY
Wicker_Knight: @TXC2 I was wondering that too. my theory is that they're reserved for the observers
TXC2: You heard it hear first chat
PandasAndPancakes: lrrDILLY
kais58: xXDillyBarXx
Baldrash: "D1llyB4r"
TXC2: Wicker_Knight ooh good call
TheWooglie: How many xs?
tendrilsoftragedy: like the ingame stip
Sarah_Serinde: Ok I vote for kais58's version :D
Wicker_Knight: DillyBar Turner unarmeHmm
FreshPrinceOfBeleren: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: D1LLYB4R
FarronTheRed: Hello James! Hello chat. I've been offline for awhile and used to be called Novus-Spes, but happy to be back and watching LRR again. And talking to you lovely people of course.
timiam: Oh yeah 100% @kais58 's version is better lol
DiscordianTokkan: James Dillybar
TheWooglie: lrrJAMES lrrDILLY lrrJAMES lrrDILLY
lutemuch: Have to have everyone refer to you as DillyBar during the next episode of Live
timiam: Welcome back, Farron.
TXC2: Hello FarronTheRed welcome
DiscordianTokkan: Welcome back, Farron!
TehAmelie: hey, One Day at a Time gets another season. that seems like something everyone should know
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: 268 users viewing the stream. 564 users in the chat.
kais58: Yes!
Sarah_Serinde: Excellent~ :D
FarronTheRed: @TXC2 Thank you muchly!
monkeyrama: gotta have the xX Xx in there
manfred909: Hi James good luck with the elfunkHeart elfunkChunk
TXC2: TehAmelie on netflix or else where?
Karmegeddon: are these just random people or are they known?
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: xXD1LLY_/-\_B4RXx
Stoffern: They are all streamers
Wicker_Knight: @Karmegeddon all known but non-professional PUBG streamers
Wicker_Knight: so, no Shroud for example
TheWarbo: Can you make the lrrDILLY emote part of your PUBG name
TehAmelie: a channel called "pop"
FarronTheRed: Dun dun DUN
TheWarbo: xX lrrDILLY Xx
Vyous: That's quite the watch tan line.
MatthewDennisMTG: we call that "big gamer mode"
cheezweazl: Good Luck Boys!
TehAmelie: i mean as far as i know there's just Netflix and Pirate Bay. . .
Wicker_Knight: oh god that notification sound lrrSPOOP
TXC2: Here we GO!
Stoffern: Sounds like the first match is max loot rules?
monkeyrama: These discord pings are messing with me so much LUL
FarronTheRed: Flight Path is victory.
tyranidd1: lrrHORN GL lrrHORN
Wicker_Knight: @Stoffern per Funko earlier, is sounds like all non-Platoon (i.e. non-8-man) rounds will be max-loot
TXC2: so long jumping maybe?
Lord_Hosk: OK, everyone dropped at Island
TehAmelie: i think i have never seen this map
TXC2: what's that? all chat is garbo? who could have predicted that? Kappa
Wicker_Knight: this is the newest map, Vikendi
TehAmelie: say James, could you explain this map to someone who's only seen the two first ones?
Juliamon: It's snowy.
TheWooglie: TehAmelie snow, dino park, skidoos
WhaDidBeejPutInDPie: ooh skidoos!
TehAmelie: i'm okay with snow levels now that it's summer here. . .
TXC2: the team that drops together, stays together
Zanzabar_: Hey chat how’s the tournament going?
TXC2: we've just started
Wicker_Knight: @TehAmelie James hopefully can give more detail, but the biggest deals are: lots of verticality from the mountains, relatively low loot except in the valley towns, relatively easy to spot people because of the white backgrounds
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Splosion: 32 months. I like this, I like this a lot.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Splosion! (Today's storm count: 19)
Zanzabar_: Oh I thought it was earlier today
vivianshade: hey James, hey chat. i hope everyone is well.
Wicker_Knight: h0I
TXC2: hello vivianshade welcome
tyrew0rm: helmet
vivianshade: thank you @txc2
tyrew0rm: got there
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Wicker_Knight: oooh, G36C
Wicker_Knight: modern guns
Lord_Hosk: You got it James! you can do it!
Leafwind104: difference between an UMP9 and an UMP45?
Wicker_Knight: holy crap that turnaround lrrSPOOP
sir_jack_DB: WELP
Wicker_Knight: @Leafwind104 manufacturer. Same gun, same caliber, different imprerial vs metric measuring system
TXC2: poop
DiscordianTokkan: katesRip
PandasAndPancakes: gg
ZelaFlow: Oh well
Boiler_bot: SHOOT
TheAinMAP: So close.
Baldrash: Well butts.
tyranidd1: lrrAWW
Wicker_Knight: I feel like we can chalk that up to nerves
TheWooglie: You know you can set default fire mode in settings now?
TXC2: Leafwind104 Wicker_Knight UMP9 uses 9mm ammo, UMP45 uses 45ACP ammo
Zanzabar_: ^
Wicker_Knight: @TXC2 I thought those were basically the same?
WokenClick: so how many rounds are these twitch rivals events?
tyrew0rm: Joe dead
TheWooglie: Also Kate and Joe are still alive
PandasAndPancakes: Kate's still going.
TXC2: Wicker_Knight not really no, 45acp is is like 11.5 mm
TheWooglie: oh
TheWooglie: I wrong
Pteraspidomorphi: This is 5 matches I think
TXC2: it's also longer
WokenClick: thanks Pteraspidomorphi
Wicker_Knight: @TXC2 oh, thank you for the correction then
Lord_Hosk: Joe got DUCKED
TXC2: Computer end program
TheWarbo: "Oh, god-computer"
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah Kate is still up
TheWooglie: Yeah Kate is alive
Juliamon: Kate's going with an... interesting strat.
TXC2: Juliamon it's the pan isn't it? Kappa
TheGcsmith: missed this round, did they get any kills?/
Wicker_Knight: pupper?
tyrew0rm: kate is hiding in a shed
sir_jack_DB: Kate is very pinched in there
TXC2: TheGcsmith sadly no
DiscordianTokkan: Pupper blocking map
TXC2: lot of Pickchus there
ArcOfTheConclave: Run and live,
BtEtta: "Girl's got bills to pay" In her words. :P
TheGcsmith: so, is placement $$$ based on a combined score?
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I_Am_Clockwork: Kate and Joe are talking about how much Tires cost :p
TheGcsmith: $100. not bad for a quick game
sir_jack_DB: LOL
BtEtta: #Camp4Joe
DiscordianTokkan: This is Ice Cream buying money! :D
sir_jack_DB: what a shot
mtvcdm: Has LRR ever actually finished in the money in Twitch Rivals before?
TXC2: Tires cost way too much :P
TXC2: mtvcdm not that I can think of
v_nome: Just got here, what's all this then>
TheGcsmith: if I was in rivals, I'd have a modern deck :D
notarealartist: oh lumi!
TXC2: they should do that for F1 Kappa
BtEtta: Lumi has a good look.
Kerrisis: I don't mins paying money for decent tirres and brakes. Way I figure it, if you can't start a car, you have a problem. Ifcan't *stop* a car, you have a much bigger problem.
BtEtta: katesChair
kat2kool: katesChair
DiscordianTokkan: katesChair
notarealartist: oh my
TXC2: Daft punk?
DiscordianTokkan: Wait, Pubg has The Stig now?
TXC2: that must be soooo hot in that helmet
Juliamon: Kate getting ready to make a run for it
Wicker_Knight: oh wow they even went with the robovoice :D
sir_jack_DB: @TXC2 could have a fan hookup or a liquid cooling solution
Wicker_Knight: I'm hoping that helmet is just a gif or something, not the actual streamer in a costume...
sir_jack_DB: LOL
sir_jack_DB: James sat in his lap xD
PandasAndPancakes: Kate's down
Lord_Hosk: oh no
I_Am_Clockwork: someone just gnaded Kate in her shed
sir_jack_DB: oh nooo
tyrew0rm: nooo
Lord_Hosk: Kate got 14
TXC2: throwing a grenade without saying "yeet"? Amateur
kat2kool: katesCry
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Lord_Hosk: Kate opened the door of her shed to run out and someone was RIGHT outside the door running right at her
I_Am_Clockwork: I am super Hyped for Moonlighters btw
Wicker_Knight: well, that's disappointing :/
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
I_Am_Clockwork: later @TXC2
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming James and funko
Wicker_Knight: g'night @TXC2
TheGcsmith: huh, they just made pauper a sanctioned format
vivianshade: night TXC2
v_nome: Were we in this game when it started?
Wicker_Knight: we were
I_Am_Clockwork: so this guy has to change his name to DillyBar?
v_nome: ah ok
gizmofreak1: @loadingreadyrun this is a really cool tournament because two of my streamers, you guys and @GameAttackTeam, could be shooting each other
admiral_n0beard: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:07:26.
admiral_n0beard: Sweet didn't miss much, did I?
TheGcsmith: james, do you have any tips for motivating yourself to stream instead of gaming and watching movies?
BtEtta: I'm consistently surprised how few streamers use greenscreen.
admiral_n0beard: Green screens aren't common?
Juliamon: Greenscreen's been falling out of favor for some reason
JosephDeath: "High level play" is just too damn twitchy for me to enjoy watching
notarealartist: i dont a lot of them no a days
notarealartist: *now
Anaerin: Greenscreens require good lighting and a good camera. And lots of lights in your face.
MAPBoardgames: 60sec+15sec behind then?
TheGcsmith: I really wish I could stream more
Anaerin: And it's also that a "Head in a box" can be anywhere on screen, whereas a greenscreened torso+ needs to be at the bottom of the stream.
WokenClick: I actually like people not using screens, lets you see some of their personality
Stoffern: The greenscreen vs set thing seems to move in trends
timiam: I feel like people have gotten better at integrating their cam with their layout
TheWarbo: james confirmed amorphous
Pteraspidomorphi: I much prefer the clean LRR setup
tyrew0rm: greenscreen works for LRR due to the diversity of streams/streamers
TheWooglie: Also LRR used green screen before they streamed so already used to it
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I like the greenscreen look for LRR
BtEtta: Actually yeah though, when they mention sponsors on frames that's always been something LRR have been able to avoid *requiring*...
I_Am_Clockwork: I love how clean LRR's setup is
TheWarbo: yeah the booth look with the "there's stuff behind us1"
Wicker_Knight: in your case, greenscreen lets you be flexible
TheWarbo: Yeah I do really really like LRR not having a cluttered screen with like big sub gifs and goals and top cheerers and all
kat2kool: it's always so weird for me to go to a different stream and jst have the screen completely covered in stuff in comparison
DiscordianTokkan: Nice!
DiscordianTokkan: The Double peek!
TheGcsmith: welp. now I know why I'll never get a chicken dinner
Lord_Hosk: You can still kill Chocotaco
MAPBoardgames: I fight for one thing: Honor and Glory!
Alexis_Aehale: the PPR is tomorrow what time is it in Australian time?
Wicker_Knight: @Alexis_Aehale where in Australia?
Juliamon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Core 2020 Pre-PreRelease (Join us for the Oops, All LRR! Edition Pre-PreRelease! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (19:14 from now).
Alexis_Aehale: Melbourne
TheWooglie: Ooops all LRR is tomorrow? That was quick.
Juliamon: Add 19:14 to your current time
Alexis_Aehale: ok thanks
Zanzabar_: Platoon battle nice
TheWarbo: yeah it came up quick, but that is kinda why they did Oops all LRR
manfred909: @Alexis_Aehale the LRR website auto adjust to your time zone
Alexis_Aehale: i see thanks @manfred909
TheWooglie: Alexis_Aehale https://www.twitch.tv/events/GSNW7LFnQDq7Ift_y2PXPg should be in local time
TheWarbo: Yeah you can get everything in your local time with "!schedule" or "!events" or "!next Australia/Melbourne"
seth_erickson: How have the games been so far are we doing well?
mikehazike: yo wassup
kat2kool: @seth_erickson we've gotten 'not last' in one game thus far
Boiler_bot: That is insane?
avacgames: Wait is this actual twitch rivals?
seth_erickson: Seems Deece
Lord_Hosk: Joe and Kate are now talking about how its a bad idea for everyone to be in one team
Alexis_Aehale: Thanks @TheWooglie it is 3am local time. :)
Boiler_bot: A 32 person voice chat seems bad times.
Lord_Hosk: one team channel
mikehazike: I was in a pub g mobile tournament, came close to top 3, deleted pub g after that
kat2kool: eyy, goat there
MAPBoardgames: I bet that was MODs moving people
Wicker_Knight: don't know who tends to call things out vs who tends to wait
loki_lxix: You get that one guy that screams racist things constantly
Mark_D_Stroyer: Oh, this is new and different.
Zanzabar_: When we did custom platoon in customs we had some in discord, chatted with everyone else on voice chat
Mark_D_Stroyer: What exactly is the deal, aside from a lot of concurrent people in PUBG which is good?
Earthenone: !pubg
LRRbot: PlayerUnknown's No-Pants Fight Place
Mark_D_Stroyer: "Everybody go Secret Houses!"
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HortonFearsACoup: Should have called ahead to the bakery for pickup, because it's time to get that bread
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mikehazike: I got PUBG Mobile back xD
kat2kool: oh there's a genji in the chat
Mark_D_Stroyer: Mobile is all I can do too, I have a crappy laptop that can just about run low-qual Skyrim and that's it.
Lord_Hosk: Milbase is a terrible idea
Wicker_Knight: that would be hilarious :D
Boiler_bot: This is gonna be a mil base deathmatch.
Mark_D_Stroyer: Yeah
Saunabath: Wow, everybody could just go home
mikehazike: I'm a boss at pubg mobile
mikehazike: get a scoped scar and rock everyone
mikehazike: well get lucky
Mark_D_Stroyer: Interesting zone for bad flightpath
mikehazike: ikr
TheGcsmith: hows prizes work for this mode?
Wicker_Knight: scaling prize for placement up to 500 plus 25/kill and a bonus for 1st blood
Wicker_Knight: oh
plasmaparados: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a man wondering about box contents
ArcOfTheConclave: bridge trolling?
MAPBoardgames: Need a bridgehead
Kykiwi: no the long game todays?
Kykiwi: prep for ppr??
Wicker_Knight: wow, this is serious battlefield tactics...
Stoffern: Do you know they didnt just crash the car?
sir_jack_DB: yiiiikes
Wicker_Knight: we don't, but given these are all good players it seems unlikely
Anaerin: There was 3 dead by explosion + 1 by m16
Wicker_Knight: okay, so unless they fired on themselves...
plasmaparados: !quote bridge
Boiler_bot: Elementary Dear Watson
DiscordianTokkan: @Kykiwi Yeah. Long Game is back next week though!
Wicker_Knight: !findquote bridge
LRRbot: Quote #1283: "Lesson learned: Heather is not a bridge." —Ian [2015-12-16]
Anaerin: And there was a character name with the explosion, implying it was deliberate.
Wicker_Knight: o.O
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Skajetolaf: Pauper hype
untap_upkeep: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:52.
Diabore: how goes the killing?
plasmaparados: More pauper hype!
Boiler_bot: Maybe they somehow made the 32 person chat work? Kappa
MAPBoardgames: Turns out a 32 man VC actually was a good idea
Wicker_Knight: let's not get ahead of ourselves
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Core 2020 Pre-PreRelease (Join us for the Oops, All LRR! Edition Pre-PreRelease! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (18:48 from now).
Lord_Hosk: Im watching you and Joes stream and it doesnt seem like they are coerdinating as a platoon they are talking a little as 8 man squads but I think they just got lucky, they arent like calling out positions or anything
JBRedPhoenix: Hi james have...
JBRedPhoenix: fun?
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JBRedPhoenix: welp
JBRedPhoenix: dang
Lord_Hosk: they got the good positioning
forcorus1: are the 2 from ghost part of their pro team? or just streaming?
Dix: gabyViper
Dix: snek
SquareDotCube: Hears Ride of the Valkyries
Dix: wholesome poops
frozenphoenix7: This is....eh.
Wicker_Knight: that went on too long
ArcOfTheConclave: if you kill yourself do you get the 25?
I_Am_Clockwork: that jokes lasted about 2 minutes to long imo
ryder0802: I had to go mow the yard real quick. How far did you guys make it in that last game?
Lord_Hosk: They came in second in that game
ryder0802: Cool deal. Better than the first round
BtEtta: Lord_Hosk lrrBEEJ
tubby125: cheer100 top 10 or bust!
ryder0802: Isn't it always money or bust?
tubby125: true
tubby125: so more money vs less money in this case?
plasmaparados: You can beat everyone
EJGRgunner: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Core 2020 Pre-PreRelease (Join us for the Oops, All LRR! Edition Pre-PreRelease! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (18:34 from now).
ryder0802: I'd love to see James play in a Professional PUBG game and get wrecked just for fun
plasmaparados: Get 98 kills you Cowards
ryder0802: @tubby125 any money is good money
tubby125: haha, also true
tubby125: $25 is $25
ryder0802: Depending on the currency lol
NotCainNorAbel: drop the puck!!
Eklinaar: *checks my own Discord*
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Eklinaar: nope, boopboop came from stream, not me
Phosphatide: oh james's shirt reminded me, was swapping the names of the two phases shirt on the magicfest booth board intentional?
ryder0802: As I was typing because you're wearing a jacket. You take the jacket off. Well played James
PrancerInflatableReindeer: just came home. did I miss about everything?
ryder0802: @PrancerInflatableReindeer they're starting round 3 of 5
ryder0802: There's been some good highlights from everyone except Funko and James
PrancerInflatableReindeer: k thanks. GL james and bois
RealGamerCow: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Core 2020 Pre-PreRelease (Join us for the Oops, All LRR! Edition Pre-PreRelease! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (18:28 from now).
Lord_Hosk: Spoiler: Joekim and Kate jumped out of a plane and are getting guns
CLEwizard: Grab the vest dude
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Unas84: 18, that's the amount of kills James has racked up so far, right? (I just got here)
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Unas84! (Today's storm count: 27)
Unas84: anything special this round?
kat2kool: !pubg
LRRbot: Mystery Guy's All-caps Gun Place
A_Catastrophic_Success: !pubg
LRRbot: Secret Player's Punch-fight Island
Mark_D_Stroyer: So I guess the Vector got buffed to where it's actually a good pick now? I haven't followed PUBG since peak One More. Is it just the 19 mag or are there bigger changes?
Stoffern: They switched the ammo
Stoffern: Vector uses 9mm
Stoffern: And mp5 uses 45 I think?
PrancerInflatableReindeer: the loot seems overabundant. is it capped?
Juliamon: Probably.
Stoffern: its max loot yeah
Lord_Hosk: Joekim got killed by the same team as the first game.
Juliamon: Poor Joe
ryder0802: You got this James
BtEtta: When you were looking at the buildings with the open doors, it was Kate and Joe than opened them.
BtEtta: *that
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EternalDensity: Hype for new PIDERMAN... and new Countdown to Infinity podcast episode. p.s. GANT GANT
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ryder0802: RIP
tyrew0rm: and with that, i'm off to bed
EternalDensity: and with that I'm off to watch Panalysts
Mark_D_Stroyer: It's a good episode
EternalDensity: *Density
EternalDensity: hi G!
Unas84: They do more relaxed rounds too, right?
TheWarbo: 200 bucks is so many lrrDILLY s
EternalDensity: hi other headless person I haven't heard enough to recognise
kat2kool: Adam
EternalDensity: ah yes it is Adam
EternalDensity: ok, off to watch an allegedly 'good' episode of Panalysts ;) (there's another kind?)
Drathak: What is with these streamers and showing their mouse?
Mark_D_Stroyer: Okay, fine, I have a soft spot for Cronkite.
Juliamon: I guess it shows they're not aimbotting?
I_Am_Clockwork: I think they haven't added this current's round's winnings
I_Am_Clockwork: if you add up the other rounds you've done after dividing the total is right I think
haybalebarn: Oh yeah if Choco is in this the whole "No pros" thing is technically correct... but also that man is very good
jonlevir: So did LRR get knocked out?
Wicker_Knight: this round, yes
SajuukSjet: heh, those LED panels are really making the rounds on twitch
Drathak: didney worl
Mark_D_Stroyer: Good!
kat2kool: Yay!
KingOfDoma: howdy y'all, how we doing for chicken?
Wicker_Knight: not even close @KingOfDoma
kat2kool: we're poultry starved
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Seosamh_117: GL James!
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KingOfDoma: oh. ... #blamejames
Wicker_Knight: MREOW
kat2kool: but we like cats
Friedent: Chat demands the cat stays
jonlevir: So it's not teams of eights, it's two platoons of 50?
Boiler_bot: Bye Bye cat
MAPBoardgames: spinaCry poor kitty got put out of the room
Phosphatide: is this the new splatfest FrankerZ
kat2kool: gib cat katesHug2
lunaraa: yes
Wicker_Knight: @jonlevir 2 platoons of 32 actually, since they're not filling all 100 slots. To make communication easier they're not going to have 32 all in one chat
PrancerInflatableReindeer: i dont understand what is happening
Mark_D_Stroyer: It's understandable
jonlevir: @Wicker_Knight makes sense. Thanks
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surfderf: Sub Baby Hyyyyyype. His name is Francois
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Mark_D_Stroyer: I also...not a strong grasp.
Phosphatide: it's a two-sided war with platoons
Brok3nGol3m: lrrHEART katesHeart elfunkHeart
Phosphatide: also i dunno if anything has been explained already, i'm watching this stream at work with the sound off RalpherZ
loki_lxix: Secret eam up
loki_lxix: team
dangerous_safety: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Core 2020 Pre-PreRelease (Join us for the Oops, All LRR! Edition Pre-PreRelease! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (17:59 from now).
BtEtta: Oh now I regret having both streams open... :P
drfox17: Chat! how goes the shootymans?
MAPBoardgames: !pubg
LRRbot: Secret Player's Punch-fight Island
drfox17: oooo kate's here!
RebekahWSD: Good evening!
Vyous: I miss Graham coming up with names for PUBG on checkpoint.
Mark_D_Stroyer: It was a Real good bit.
CastleOtranto: !pubg
korvys: Is the brightness real low for anyone else, or is it just me?
frozenphoenix7: I think it's just the building he's in @korvys ? 'Cause it's low for me but wasn't too low when he landed.
IgnisDeus: have we talked about the L2 BP he missed yet?
Lord_Hosk: No, but he is on a 1 minute delay so by the time we tell him about something its too late
Dumori: Damn nice loot
Wicker_Knight: loot is on max
frozenphoenix7: That's never stopped us from telling Alex to do things Hosk <_<
Wicker_Knight: @frozenphoenix7 I would like to believe we can learn.... slytqItsfine
Jorge4hg: can we?
korvys: !advice
LRRbot: Impede the clown
Wicker_Knight: LUL LUL LUL LUL slytqShrug
frozenphoenix7: I'm not sure what's more frightening: Twitch chat that can't learn or Twitch chat that can.
kat2kool: depends on the chat tbf
Phosphatide: twitchplaysX is a neural network
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ReynardWrecca: 30 months? Hot damn. What a great bunch of folks, what a great community, how fortunate I am to be a tiny part of it.
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Wicker_Knight: What if twitch chat develops independent consciousness slytqWTF
kat2kool: !chat
kat2kool: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Jorge4hg: Fair
kat2kool: I always get that command wrong the first try
Pal_Friendpatine: !chat probably needs to be a command
Juliamon: Added !chat as an alt for !listen
kat2kool: Oh cool! Thanks Juliamon!
TheWooglie: It not perfect system
ReynardWrecca: Might you say...
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Crazyginder22: will pubg subs for LRR go James!
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realhillwolf: its fine
drfox17: man, i feel like ishould have gotten a giant sandwich
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Dumori: elfunkChunk
Mark_D_Stroyer: This feels like an awfully small zone for 58 people alive.
korvys: Platoons
loki_lxix: zig
Mark_D_Stroyer: This feels like it would be a really great game if the team implementation weren't terrible.
drfox17: yeaaah
drfox17: oooof
loki_lxix: YAY
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Tripleyew: Good luck/break a leg/break someone else's legs/whatever the appropriate good-wishes might be!
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drfox17: noooo twitch
underhill33: NO
Dix: Uhhh
DiscordianTokkan: Noooo
Pteraspidomorphi: !
rocketjohn: hah
eric_christian_berg: doh
ReynardWrecca: Curses!
timiam: stream plz
ugh_sunlight: rip stream
Evochron13: to funko's stream!
MAPBoardgames: spinaCry NOOO!!!!
rocketjohn: rip stream
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Questhere: oh noooo
Juliamon: RIP stream
TheWooglie: Twitch!
Crazyginder22: nooooo
Sortaz: dead!
Codydeven: no
Jorge4hg: twitch why
CastleOtranto: Well fudge
Pteraspidomorphi: What's funko's channel?
Tripleyew: Twitch! You're breaking our hearts!
eric_christian_berg: lrrFINE
ZelaFlow: Okay gbye
rocketjohn: el_funko
J_Rey15: hooglNo
DiscordianTokkan: Just when it was full on Campground in there! Intense
Pteraspidomorphi: Thanks
Jorge4hg: you have one job twitch
SajuukSjet: Also Kate
Juliamon: twitch.tv/kate for Kate
LoadingReadyRun: I should be back,
LoadingReadyRun: gonna take a minute
Sarah_Serinde: Well it'll take us a minute to find out
Juliamon: We still have to wait a minute, rip
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
Juliamon: There it is
Sarah_Serinde: There we go, lrrSIGNAL
ReynardWrecca: Back!
DiscordianTokkan: Thar we go
Jorge4hg: lrrSIGNAL
Dix: NotLikeThis
Juliamon: Just as Kate dies.
johkmil: We’re here!
loki_lxix: no she just died
Jorge4hg: oh nooo
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SajuukSjet: ah, also Kate as an alternative to watch :sweat_drop:
Dix: oof sniper lookout on zone
realhillwolf: who are these people?
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thelastgedi: Good work! So close!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, thelastgedi! (Today's storm count: 36)
drfox17: so how does this all work?
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AnimeKitty: Shoot the mans!!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, AnimeKitty! (Today's storm count: 37)
drfox17: it seems like 3 games, $ for kills?
Mark_D_Stroyer: How often does Twitch run these?
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Codydeven: I can hear you james
felixphew: You sure are!
AnimeKitty: I can see you
Anaerin: You are, in fact, online.
SajuukSjet: UK can see you, James....
SajuukSjet: we're watching you...
kat2kool: @drfox17 5 rounds, some amounts of $ for last longer, extra $ for kills
Dark_Destra subscribed at Tier 2. They've subscribed for 61 months!
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drfox17: @kat2kool so is this round 5?
Raziel14085 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 13 months!
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kat2kool: 4 I think
drfox17: oooo
MAPBoardgames: That was very fun!
kat2kool: Actually it might be 5, sorry I'm not sure
Megaparsec256: This is round 5 I believe
Gobukiller: Joe Kay of Unpops podcasts?
drfox17: is kate & joe another duo?
Dumori: Yes
kat2kool: Yup
PrancerInflatableReindeer: funko had 1 kill on his screen last game
PrancerInflatableReindeer: just checked
kat2kool: For all the marbles!
Lord_Hosk: Spoiler, Joe and Kate are planning to jump out of the plane and go look for guns
kat2kool: Bold. I like it
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aitsu100: uhhhh...... one more?
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