v_nome: Do we know who will be LRRMTGING today?
v_nome: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Join Ben for the Core 2020 Preview Streamer Event! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (10m from now).
v_nome: ah ha!
LoadingReadyRun: it me!
Welbog: YOU!?
Welbog: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Join Ben for the Core 2020 Preview Streamer Event! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (9m from now).
LoadingReadyRun: MEEEEE
v_nome: M... Mario?
Welbog: Ben: The Benninning
Welbog: In the Benninning, there was Ben, and he was Ben.
LoadingReadyRun: He said let there be Ben
LoadingReadyRun: And there was Ben
cheetoJack: The Benble seems a little repetitive
Welbog: But there was already Ben... Ben is an uncaused cause?
TXC2: surely the Benble begins with "it's Ben" Kappa
TXC2: also Hello Everybody
Welbog: Ben shows up, starts screaming. Adam shows up, assists in the screaming.
Welbog: Thus, the Beniverse is born.
v_nome: Beniverse sounds like something that would air on Cartoon Network
TXC2: Beniverse is 100% the name of a Ben10 marathon
iSmartMan1: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Join Ben for the Core 2020 Preview Streamer Event! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (1m from now).
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iSmartMan1: Yay for another streamer preview!
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iSmartMan1: This place seems a little quieter than usual. Where is everyone?
Metric_Furlong: today's a holiday in Canada
v_nome: At Canada Day
Metric_Furlong: so the Canadian contingent are mostly absent
TXC2: Canada day eh
Metric_Furlong: Canada d'eh
iSmartMan1: I guess, though that might also be considered a reason for more people to have enough time to watch the stream
Welbog: Sognal
iSmartMan1: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for the Core 2020 Arena Preview event! There's some really cool new features, and Ben's here to bumble his way through some limited and maybe constructed! | #sponsored || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1145738971369967623
Metric_Furlong: anyway, better get going now
Metric_Furlong: have a good stream everyone
TehAmelie: have fun (?)
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TehAmelie: and hi chat
TXC2: hello TehAmelie welcome
ilikecookies0829: Hi!
yueyshja: Wassup
Welbog: Hi!
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jaarlask: critroleMeta critroleMeta
PatchworkWit: hello!
yueyshja: Hoi!!!
TehAmelie: i just had a decently fancy piece of meat with a mega healthy salad and i didn't screw it up
TXC2: nice
JackOfAllVoices: So what is this ?
yueyshja: Lol
The_Voices: hey, twitch actually sent out notification in time
Theycallmejokke: Time for more auto chess with Ben ;P
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Welbog: We're gonna do a Beyond Meat barbecue tonight for Canada Day. Should be interesting.
TXC2: JackOfAllVoices I dare to presume playing Core20 on arena early
mastershake29x: @JackOfAllVoices the streamer preview event that they do before each new standard set releases on arena
TXC2: Beyond meat = tofu? Kappa
EyoresHere: does anyone know when tomorrow m20 launches?
Welbog: It's peas, actually, but basically.
TehAmelie: i was gonna guess bug meat
JackOfAllVoices: Ohhhh I forgot about that
v_nome: I've had the one at A&W, it's not bad
TXC2: really tomorrow? I was expect core 20 on thursday/friday
Welbog: Yeah, I've had it at restaurants but not at home before. I'm excited to try cooking it.
TehAmelie: props for going beyond meat though
EyoresHere: my preorder packs unlock on the second
EyoresHere: last I checked, tomorrow is the second
TXC2: fair enough
Chartle: yeah arena has been ahead of paper for a while now with prereleases
yueyshja: Who is going to prerelease
TehAmelie: David Cage better not try any Beyond Two Meats rubbish
TXC2: Here we GO!
reaper_josh: Let's gooooooo
yueyshja: Yeah boiiii
Frankenfruity: It's benginFingers lrrBEN
TXC2: TehAmelie "meats and emotions"
TehAmelie: the magic is coming through the screen
Theycallmejokke: Is the sound alittle low?
TXC2: Hello Ben
master_tame: Bishop of Wings!
ultterr: good evening :D
yueyshja: DxCat
JaymicUnyielding: BEN?!
offbeatwitch: welcome to good morning
TehAmelie: hi ben
electrum516: Hallo Ben!!
fiftymcnasty: You should be wearing Beej's hat
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v_nome: sergeFuse lrrBEN
reaper_josh: Yeah boiiiiii! Hey Ben ❤️❤️❤️
Earthenone: its too early for canada day, its fine
mastershake29x: ben needs beej's convention outfit
TXC2: we need a flag in the back
electrum516: 1
EyoresHere: hai Ben!
Welbog: Beeeen nooo come back
electrum516: 2
electrum516: 3
yueyshja: Beeeeen
mastershake29x: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit https://www.gtomegaracing.com/ and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
snowcookies: Happy Canada Day
electrum516: 4
SomebodyNowhere: katesChair
electrum516: 5
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TragicMtG: Happy Canada day and M20 hype day!
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purplish2: happy Canada day fellow Canadian
Frankenfruity: katesChair
chaostreader: 9
TehAmelie: the !chair chair is barely in shot. . .
snowcookies: No event happening near me, just fireworks
fritobandeeto: lrrBEN chainbM lrrHEART
Theycallmejokke: Chair is credit to the team
electrum516: Benjamin come back plz!
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PatchworkWit: "20 months meme", but mostly just thanks for being awesome.
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TXC2: chat please dont count
cheadlecurse: oh sick chair stream
timiam: Is Core 20 live on Arena tomorrow?
yueyshja: Oh Ben Chan
v_nome: And he was never heard from again
NazakYuzak: You're the only Canada thing we need Ben CoolCat
electrum516: sorry @txc2
Uzumaki15: why does Canada Day happen before America's birthday, doesn't the world know how important we are /sarcasm
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BillTheCat: Wooo Canada daaaaaaaaaaay with BenTG preview event
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Also that’s happening at http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun | (gonna day #sponsored again just in case) || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1145740424201424896
Justin_Bailey: nothing Canada in the prop closet?
reaper_josh: Hello Ben you gorgeous bloke. ❤️
snowcookies: lrrBEN
Welbog: Tim Horton's is Canada Day appropriate.
kerbalized_: we need to beat the jank 5 color Adam just pulled in sealed
EJGRgunner: Bengineering to the rescue
purplish2: you got tims that typical candain
BatfishGuy: yaaaaaaaya ben
cheadlecurse: Ben you better try to queue snipe adam
yueyshja: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4
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Jiri_One: Hi o/
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colinoclock: heyo
TehAmelie: maybe it's the US's birthday that happens 362 days before Canada's lrrBEEJ
EJGRgunner: #sponsoredbywizards...thearenateam
Justin_Bailey: #sponsored #content
Frankenfruity: What more could you ask for
TXC2: #CanadaStuff
ultterr: planning to play sealed today?
cheadlecurse: WOW
Kerrisis: Is it my or is the audio slightly ahead of the video?
cheadlecurse: SHOTS
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JaymicUnyielding: So you're playing on your stream later, too?
TrickJarrett: Happy Canada Day Ben!
offbeatwitch: I went to canada once. tim hortons is literally everywhere in toronto
TXC2: Hello TrickJarrett welcome
kerbalized_: cats!!!!!!
TrickJarrett: Hi hi
BillTheCat: buy the cat plz
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Hodgegoulashi: Ooo my second favorite new set event ;)
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kerbalized_: get the kitty!
fiftymcnasty: ooh x-mas land
farler08: love when you brew bro!
TXC2: !card Dread presence
LRRbot: Dread Presence [3B] | Creature — Nightmare [3/3] | Whenever a Swamp enters the battlefield under your control, choose one — / • You draw a card and you lose 1 life. / • Dread Presence deals 2 damage to any target and you gain 2 life.
EyoresHere: the black hill giant?
yueyshja: Epic cards
EJGRgunner: Dread Shade is the almost unplayable triple black creature from Dominaria
Earthenone: there is also a landfall make a zombie land
TehAmelie: scapeshift? don't you need a kaleidoscape for that?
DJablesMcBootee: Ben help I'm having a bruh moment watching you stream
Evochron13: you get to draft in an hour
thundervoice_1: Oops All Chandra Deck?
Welbog: @offbeatwitch Can confirm, I live on an intersection with two Tim's diagonally from each other.
mastershake29x: @TrickJarrett excellent idea scheduling this event on a day when there's no world cup or gold cup
TXC2: I have like 3 very different decks I'm waiting to build :P
TrickJarrett: I had no responsibility for scheduling, but I agree
yueyshja: Yeeeet
nickleous: Heyoooo!!
ilikecookies0829: Elementals deck!
v_nome: @mastershake29x Ha, jokes on them I'm going to watch FC Edmonton play instead
thundervoice_1: benginHi Hi Ben lrrBEN
reaper_josh: Inb4 YouTube Copyright Strike 😜
ultterr: elemental is sweet
mastershake29x: BGC on during the stream? woa! it's a whole new world
yueyshja: Notice me
snowcookies: so much Magic
yueyshja: Oh boi magic time
MiranFurze: hay friends
Cepsys: engage your Core everyone!
TXC2: hello MiranFurze welcome
oakentree: oh look, a very handsome fellow
Frankenfruity: Ben Trading Game? :D
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AbnormAnomaly: Yay, surprise good boi Ben.
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TXC2: the Ben Trading Game?
yueyshja: Yes
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BobaRobes: Sweet M20 Hype!!!
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reaper_josh: Ben is the goodest of boys 👍
JackOfAllVoices: I’m super hyped for the actual pre-release, watching the PPR just made it worse, I don’t know why I’m torturing myself with this lol
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flapjacksofwar: Time for those Core shenanigans
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ultterr: draft in an hour :o
shadowbow464: nice
Rioxcon: buy so many sleeves
EJGRgunner: lrrCIRCLE
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flapjacksofwar: Buy all the things
offbeatwitch: The Tree
flapjacksofwar: Sphere Grid!
ultterr: there's new one, the button is beside play if im no mistaken
TXC2: Picture the Tree
reaper_josh: the tree was there before
offbeatwitch: time to update my MTGA probably
thundervoice_1: Interesting
BillTheCat: Tree! wizards is biased towards green mages :O
offbeatwitch: and I need to do the new player stuff again cos I haven't played since the beta
TXC2: Hello
BillTheCat: fire cat!!
snowcookies: fire everywhere
reaper_josh: this looks SICK AF
flapjacksofwar: So the New Player thing is now for Sets
EyoresHere: is the orbs thing for everyone, or is that also part of the NPE?
TXC2: Fire cat = litten
BillTheCat: mastery pass
TrickJarrett: Mastery Pass
EJGRgunner: Mastery Pass
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SAiconjr: 49 months... wow it HAS been a while
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SuperSickbird: $17
BillTheCat: and you can earn 2000 gems playing the pass they said
thundervoice_1: You have plenty of gems for stuff
yueyshja: Basil yes a battle pass
SrMuskrat: I have 9,000 gems saved up from draftos so I might buy it if the value is there
reaper_josh: George - Killer of Viviens everywhere
crashdownreg: unlock it
yueyshja: Basically a battle pass
Frankenfruity: Finally good use for some of 20k gems I accumulated drafting :)
EyoresHere: what are the orbs?
beerstolemyfriends: you can buy to level 100 @LoadingReadyRun for the sleeves
flapjacksofwar: 72 days I think?
AllStarGyudon: So wait, what's the difference between the 3400 and 5400 gem packages?
BillTheCat: yeah I wanna see how much exp you get for each quest
thundervoice_1: How do you level up?
EyoresHere: do y'all not bo3 draft??
snowcookies: do they go swoosh?
Kritya_: 800 per quest
AllStarGyudon: Oh
Theycallmejokke: This is super creepy watching, after haveing watch Jim video today
BrowneePoints: It's the handsome boi playing the nerd game
NrgSpoon: how many gems on your VIP account?
judahmatthew: I liked using the omniscience draft to transmute gold into gems for these passes
crashdownreg: turn it up to 11
flapjacksofwar: Winning games and doing Quests I think give you xp? Like 1000xp per level?
BillTheCat: billth1Cat
Lythe_Caraker: Meowr
TragicMtG: Kitteh!
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
snowcookies: yeah!
crashdownreg: gdqFaith
beerstolemyfriends: you can also pet it during the game
spicydungus: lrrHORN lrrHORN benjam40CEmulder
KevlarGiraffe: doogSherlock
kerbalized_: meow!
Science_and_Magic: CAT!
reaper_josh: THE CAT MAKES A NOISE. 10/10 best game
JaymicUnyielding: WE WON E3 SIMMONS
TragicMtG: katesLoaf
flapjacksofwar: PET THAT CAT
kerbalized_: benjam40MulRage benjam40MulRage benjam40MulRage benjam40MulRage benjam40MulRage benjam40MulRage
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Lythe_Caraker: DxCat gdqDragonFire
beerstolemyfriends: buy all of them
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun Go watch Ben play Core 2020. | @loadingreadyrun> It's time for the Core 2020 Arena Preview event! There's some really cool new features, and Ben's here to bumble his way through some limited and maybe constructed! | #sponsored || https://www.twitter.com/LRRMtG/status/1145742715717423104
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mastershake29x: i agree, start with the base one
Uzumaki15: That's adorable, maybe I'll start playing Arena again to get that cat
beerstolemyfriends: equip the cat !
Evochron13: you can only get exp for first 3 wins a day + daily quests + some events (tbd) based on what was written on the forum
crashdownreg: buy a box promo
Science_and_Magic: That's the buy a box promo
AllStarGyudon: Can you upgrade from 3400 to 5400 after buying the 3400 package?
Evochron13: so you won't make too much progress today
WrightJustice: oh hello ben
WrightJustice: HeyGuys
EyoresHere: I'm really amped for the Bab for my standard deck
RangedMinion: its 1000
RangedMinion: xp per lv
Science_and_Magic: @WrightJustice Nice username. Ace Attorney fan?
Jiri_One: Yep 1000 xp
Kritya_: if you click the level you can see how many gems per level to boost
Aylig: how much was the core set mastery?
Evochron13: 3400 gems base aylig
Aylig: thanks
flapjacksofwar: for 5400 you get 10 bonus levels
demondrinkingtea: Morning Ben!
RisenPheonix1: how u get into the event
yueyshja: I
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backwoodshuntergx: the plaid patrol on the roll, hi Ben
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Evandill: Oh good the Amano is gold
EyoresHere: no more guild bundles? :(
yueyshja: So yeah.... I’m a gamer
flapjacksofwar: IM totes getting that Lilly sleeve tomorrow!
shadowbow464: i have the anime lillli
samu_btdp1985: did u buy the packs?
NrgSpoon: maybe the account already owns them?
Uzumaki15: Now if only they'd give us the actual alt art cards, instead of just sleeves
flapjacksofwar: Oh yeah, isnt the London Mulligan in effect for this season?
polaris415: buying all the styles
flapjacksofwar: I feel ya Uzumaki ;-;
AlchemicalPanda: Exciting!
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CastleOtranto: Five and six year sub badges when? Kappa
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi Ben hi chat
reaper_josh: Inb4 Ben plays WU Fliers again
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Kritya_: how many gems to buy a level?
crashdownreg: sealed VoteYea
TXC2: hello SydPreviouslyHeadache welcome
hd_dabnado: Ey, Ben playing the Magic’s on lrr
flapjacksofwar: Dont forget to pet you Lava Kitten when its watching you duel
havic_tf: Does Arena have single player like Magic Duels had?
hd_dabnado: Hey friends
Evochron13: given tribal and trip colour themes, VERY good to put draft in the preveiw
flapjacksofwar: Jund em out!
mastershake29x: @havic_tf there is a practice mode, yes
Theycallmejokke: What does the bag do?
RangedMinion: bag of holding is fun
EyoresHere: you got the preview card :D
SrMuskrat: Bag of Holding and Steel Overseer are both good
Science_and_Magic: D&D Items in MtG!
TehAmelie: elementalic, my dear Watson
hd_dabnado: Overseer is great by itself
Theycallmejokke: Ah Bag of Jank, I look forward to what people think up to do with it
flapjacksofwar: 3 pack Mastiffs
TXC2: 3 fire pups
AlchemicalPanda: 3 pack mastiffs
EyoresHere: can we do anything with trip epicure?
Chartle: i mean you gotta
flapjacksofwar: Jinx, Panda :D
beerstolemyfriends: tripple pupper !!!!
TehAmelie: would an epicurian vampire try to only drink from one demographic group once?
crashdownreg: meatier golem
BurningTreeEmissary: ferocious pups!
Science_and_Magic: HAMMER!
lifecharacter: Gruul puppers.
EyoresHere: RG not-quite-elementals?
Chartle: blow up the wand with the cavalier for the SICKEST VALUE
SrMuskrat: Combos with Cavaliers
flapjacksofwar: Unleash the hounds!
TXC2: All in Puupers
Uzumaki15: So we totally splash white for the Cavalier right? :D
jonasjonIV: doggo!
BurningTreeEmissary: puppers!!!
flapjacksofwar: GOODEST BOYS
crashdownreg: gabyDOGGERS dog tribal
IcedDragon: key + overseer
WrightJustice: unbeatable
SydPreviouslyHeadache: good boy tribal
snowcookies: yay pups
snicketysnick: Give the pup the big hammer!
Mal2mad: inb4 Pupper Format
hd_dabnado: PUPPER TRIBAL
NicTMagic: Dog TRAIN
EyoresHere: do we have any payoffs?
boriskun: wolfkind band for more puppers
L3thalRose: I am definitely building a wolf deck
Chartle: marauding raptor to instantly kill your pup
WrightJustice: its now impossible for opponent to beat us
Chartle: SeemsGood
WrightJustice: LUL
iSmartMan1: Raptor seems terrible in draft
ultterr: the wolf got eaten too
Cryogenetic: Mastiff is a hound no synergy feelsbarman
Earthenone: wolfkin bond looks good for pupper deck
ultterr: wolf is also 2/2
Frankenfruity: If kills the wolf too
Chartle: three shocks
SrMuskrat: Daggersail Aeronaut is probably good
Frankenfruity: hungry dino
flapjacksofwar: Om Nom Nom
crashdownreg: act of treason 3 of their things Kappa
bnjcbs: hey everyone i just got an ad for KFC cheeto sandwich and i have to say. w h a t
SydPreviouslyHeadache: gruul aristocrats
shadowbow464: i hate that dino
AlchemicalPanda: reverb act, take their board?
TXC2: 3/2 flyier in red is legit
L3thalRose: is there something that triggers on creature entering besides the dino in standard?
flapjacksofwar: El Spidro Mammote
kerbalized_: draw the game with polyraptor
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i say that, but jund aristocrats could probably really be at hing
Evochron13: deckmaster is not owrking
TheHaywireZombie: Splash Cavalier for the wand synergy Kappa
L3thalRose: just infinite raptor trigger up
Jondare: deckmaster doesn't show the new cards
ultterr: splash cavalier for wand PogChamp
RisenPheonix1: how to get into the event?
flapjacksofwar: Big stonkin Hammer
TXC2: RisenPheonix1 it's a streamer only event
mastershake29x: @RisenPheonix1 be a WotC featured streamer, or wait until tomorrow :)
Theycallmejokke: Hang on does that hammer grand a +10/+10 bonus... that is just silly, I like it
RisenPheonix1: ahh
flapjacksofwar: Give that pupper a Weapon
ampharos15: Which cavalier?
EyoresHere: I hope you're not serious about splashing a triple white card
SrMuskrat: Get bag of holding and steel overseer in
Earthenone: wolfkin should be in for flavor reasons in the pupper deck
RisenPheonix1: thx
yueyshja: Steel overseer
crashdownreg: wolfkin bond for tribal synergy
NrgSpoon: all of your dual lands are half red
TXC2: Theycallmejokke sure does, also equips for 8 :P
guy_guyerson: anyone else have a huge fucking boner
flapjacksofwar: Id agre with the Wolfkin
EyoresHere: that's real good with pupper
Frankenfruity: Give pups that hammer
EyoresHere: you get to scry 1 twice!
flapjacksofwar: Hammer Doge
bnjcbs: steel overseer isnt great without a lot of artifacts imo
Theycallmejokke: @TXC2 Ouch that is a little steep, still funny
IceCreemNinja: mama dork?
hd_dabnado: Seems bad imo
IceCreemNinja: *mana
Swordsman_24: Pup carry a hammer?
hd_dabnado: Splashing whjte
ultterr: black helix?
EyoresHere: draw a card off bond
ultterr: black for helix, disfigure, bone splitter
David707m: Steel Overseer is ok on limited on its own, pump itself until its bigger than everything else
BurningTreeEmissary: do it
ampharos15: do it
SrMuskrat: Season of Growth for the scry is just bad
flapjacksofwar: Big Plays
Joomie123: Do you play overseer as a hangerback walker with fewer abilities?
ampharos15: no cowards here
Earthenone: pasifisim is probobly the best plash but idk if its worth it
whoppernugget: Too much
flapjacksofwar: Curve seems deec
PatchworkWit: salvager of ruin in?
reaper_josh: splashing trip white? do it 😉
EyoresHere: noonies: I think so?
TXC2: this set does not seem to be the kind that allows splashes
worldsugliestman: looks like a nice consistent boring sealed deck
Frypod1077: Key for unblockable and works with Steel Overseer?
Theycallmejokke: Master Splicer! Are the other splicers also in the set
ultterr: gift of paradise helps the triple white PogChamp
David707m: like a 2 colorless mana 1/1 with Outlast {0} is fine
EyoresHere: we have a soulmender for our 3 epicures...
scootbacoon: marauders axe over the seasons. makes pup relevant body
SydPreviouslyHeadache: could you imagine if walking ballista got reprinted with that
flapjacksofwar: Maybe the Hammer or Mauraders Ax?
TXC2: SydPreviouslyHeadache please no
NrgSpoon: with epicure you could play the dual lands just for lifegain
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i can't believe walking ballista was never banned. like that card was absurd
Frankenfruity: I would play the Axe to make pups relevant at least
bnjcbs: if they kill your steel overseer you can salvager it back and then you have TWO artifacts
flapjacksofwar: Just imagine your 0/1 with it though
ampharos15: ya but that pup needs the hammer
worldsugliestman: and it doesn't even give trample!
reaper_josh: without Trample, the hammer is just a meme and is totally useless
L3thalRose: axe works well with three pups
scootbacoon: axe makes the flier or pupper bette
flapjacksofwar: Your pupper is worthy of all the powers of Bork
SydPreviouslyHeadache: without trample or fling/thud
bnjcbs: we have mammoth spider can’t lose
Frypod1077: Is the key worth it for Bag and Overseer untaps to go with giving unblockable to a big dude?
Demolion13: Does the hammer work on Aeronaut? Timestamps etc.
EyoresHere: bag of holding? it's straight card advantage
TXC2: we have 3 pups, we can't lose
mga6977: room for the key?
Theycallmejokke: Angry cow dadd
L3thalRose: is there an arlinn card back @LoadingReadyRun
SydPreviouslyHeadache: so i have a question about the hammer, if something would give the creature flying after equipped with the hammer, wouldn't it have flying?
AlchemicalPanda: Bork Beats!
mga6977: combo with overseer/unblockable
David707m: key seems not great
TXC2: SydPreviouslyHeadache nope
flapjacksofwar: deck name: Spot and the Wonder Hounds
scootbacoon: Vivien deck for sure
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ok huh, but it doesn't say "can't gain flying"
strionic_resonator: key+hammer is basically a 2-turn clock on any creature
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no what have i done. i got back into layers
David707m: whats hammer's text
David707m: ?
scootbacoon: seems deece
shadowbow464: yes
flapjacksofwar: Could be worse?
TXC2: !card giant's hammer
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
KydrouKair: Now, that's hand fixing if i've seen it
reaper_josh: MULL to show off the London Mulligan 😜
BillTheCat: you can tell there's a big flying subtheme in this set because they made the face of the sealed Sorin
shadowbow464: hand's bad...keep
David707m: timestamps
L3thalRose: yes you could Ben
ultterr: i think it still cant gain flying
Evochron13: you should be able to. #timestamps
David707m: so if it gains flying after you are good
strionic_resonator: or zephyr charge
ampharos15: the salvager can get the bag back after you sac it
BillTheCat: get it, soaring/sorin!
cheezweazl: Lavakitties?
WrightJustice: oh duncan
L3thalRose: You can, because it doesnt say, cant gain flying
EyoresHere: can Ben be a smidge smaller and more in the corner so we can see the last card in hand?
flapjacksofwar: YEs, my bag is full of Good boys, why do you ask?
cheezweazl: Sweet!
purplish2: cats! pet the cats!!
SabberX: purple!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: welp. i'm sold on that cat
offbeatwitch: temporarily distracted by the cat
twitchgamesis: get kathleen
reaper_josh: <message deleted>YOU CAN PET THE CAT. 10/10 BEST GAME.
David707m: compare/contrast to Archetype of Imagination
Cepsys: are we sure it's not just that chair?
AlchemicalPanda: Never didn't have it
Evochron13: to be fair... it was your curse first
Syntheticuh: its so ferocious!
TXC2: the Curse it continues
ZachtlyAsIntended: benginFlood
flapjacksofwar: Gonna need to make a Woof tribal deck tomorrow
ampharos15: Maybe its not james at that point ben
hd_dabnado: !card Bag of Holding
LRRbot: Bag of Holding [1] | Artifact | Whenever you discard a card, exile that card from your graveyard. / {2}, {T}: Draw a card, then discard a card. / {4}, {T}, Sacrifice Bag of Holding: Return all cards exiled with Bag of Holding to their owner’s hand.
The_FlyingDutchman: sure james isnt in the room, behind the sound dampening?
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Swordsman_24: Papa got a brand new bag and is ready to use it
bnjcbs: wait bag of holding is such a cool card
L3thalRose: rude Ben
shadowbow464: land
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SnorriTheNosebiter: Almost 50 Months and counting!
EyoresHere: rude tho
iSmartMan1: get in the bag
TXC2: I wager OP did not know those would go into the bag
ampharos15: but the salvager could get the bag back..
flapjacksofwar: If the pup dies, does the Bag exile it?
ultterr: attack with the pup to send a message
younzable: doesnt adam always get there even when he keeps bad hands so does that make him the exception
flapjacksofwar: Could you then bring the pup back?
reaper_josh: <message deleted>Don't you care chump with the goodest of puppies ever
EyoresHere: no, only discarded cards go in the bag
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strionic_resonator: how much does it cost to empty the bag?
Earthenone: 4
ultterr: 4
flapjacksofwar: 4 and a sac
Uzumaki15: Or maybe, James is the source of the curse, and his very presence within lrr gives all his coworkers the curse
ampharos15: Do you have any pump spells in the deck?
flapjacksofwar: Such Inquest
ultterr: chump with pup >:D
drcanonball: Deckmaster isn't working?
BillTheCat: ampharos15 just pup spells
NrgSpoon: there's the +2/+2 wolf themed one
crashdownreg: nobody ever expects the moorland inquisition
purplish2: didn't see that coming
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TXC2: drcanonball it doesn't have the new cards yet
Stoffern: drcanonball I asume its because unreleased cards
iSmartMan1: How much does the bag cost to crack?
SrMuskrat: 4
Earthenone: 4 mana
ultterr: rip pup
reaper_josh: <message deleted>the bag seems super SUPER dope
twitchgamesis: deckmaster for nonland cards isn't working
shadowbow464: no
ampharos15: nope
Earthenone: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! lrrEFF Naboo.
Evochron13: yes.
A_Cat_Herder: Don't you dare!
strionic_resonator: I think it's better than Bomat
BillTheCat: never
crashdownreg: noooooooo BibleThump
reaper_josh: <message deleted>NOOOOO
RangedMinion: you monster
TXC2: ugh Bomat courier
flapjacksofwar: Noooooo
sarg42: noooo!!!
TheHaywireZombie: do eet
KydrouKair: Let it Go
twitchgamesis: do it
flapjacksofwar: Unsub!
ultterr: do eet
EyoresHere: do it!
shadowbow464: john wick will get you
TureTapir: do it!
wordswords1: it might be the right play, but you'll lose the hearts and minds of chat
cheezweazl: "Yes, Hello Mr.Wick?"
maskappi: you monster
KydrouKair: Let it go~
crashdownreg: he's such a good boye BibleThump
yueyshja: Rip pup
reaper_josh: <message deleted>UNSUBBED AND REPORTED
hd_dabnado: Memes aside you should
Frankenfruity: it's time
Ski_nnyman: DONT U DARE
HesGotNoPants: kill that dog
TureTapir: thats the point of the pup
Theycallmejokke: Yeeeesss do it Ben, come to the darkside ;P
Uzumaki15: Do it - Sheev Palpatine
BurningTreeEmissary: you monster
twitchgamesis: do it you wont
dutch_waffles: literally the worst human if you do
richard_ermen: Say byby mr Puppy
ultterr: F
Frypod1077: calebdSad
Sahje: Block and the Phone Rings
yueyshja: U so mean
ampharos15: monster!
flapjacksofwar: The hardest choices require the strongest will
The_FlyingDutchman: lrrFINE
twitchgamesis: f
TheHaywireZombie: goodnight sweet pup
A_Cat_Herder: BOOOOOOO
Sahje: It's MR. WICK Calling
shadowbow464: sham
crashdownreg: you monster BibleThump
snicketysnick: lrrJUDGE
dutch_waffles: baba yaga is coming for you
maskappi: f
TureTapir: good
EyoresHere: no spoils!
chaostreader: !quote 6123
LRRbot: Quote #6123: "You killed a man! Good start!" —Ian [2019-06-15]
reaper_josh: Rip
KydrouKair: Thanos would approve
flikerz1: doggo is helping, good boi.
flapjacksofwar: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
twitchgamesis: lopl
worldsugliestman: cat is ANGRY
yogurtman15: colonel chester
ultterr: the cat is happy
IceCreemNinja: is it any good?
thestefteddy: My name is not chad >:[
flapjacksofwar: The Cat knows what you did
TXC2: surely the Cat aproves? Kappa
yueyshja: U terrible person
Jiri_One: uh oh
crashdownreg: cat approves of sacrificing doggo
reaper_josh: F in chat
Jiri_One: not george miller
BillTheCat: mr willis noo
yueyshja: That cat is against u now
Evochron13: ya'll're gonna lose in m20 if you don't get over the fact that pup's just going to die at some point or another
Science_and_Magic: George Miller!
bl1ghtn1n6: George Miller
TheHaywireZombie: can salvager get back the bag?
EyoresHere: fish for something better?
Sahje: Mommy is getting her revenge.
A_Cat_Herder: Oh look, another dog for you to carelessly throw under the bus
reaper_josh: Get revenge for the dead pup 👍
jessiedollxoxo: Sooo, you can get the bag of holding bag with the artifact thing
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: you could've cracked the bag and played the dog
TXC2: TheHaywireZombie yes, but not anything in it
ampharos15: so instead of that elf last core set that was three bombs to the bottom.. its a birb thats three bombs in the bin
bl1ghtn1n6: Ben, official dog murderer
NrgSpoon: might as well use bag to draw an extra card right?
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: there's lands in there
reaper_josh: Bengineering - Killer of Goodest Bois
Varkantor: You could’ve cracked the bag, played a land, then still play the mastiff. 😅
ultterr: could have bonded with the pup
SrMuskrat: I would cash in the bag now
HesGotNoPants: I'm taking all the free pups from my lgs and burning them
BurningTreeEmissary: they don't have it
jessiedollxoxo: Sac the bag, use the artifact guy and sac him to get the bag back. Just saying :)
Cepsys: wolfkin bond on a wolf is just networking
richard_ermen: Biggest Mastiff!
strionic_resonator: if only it were raised by wolves
iSmartMan1: He should have cracked the bag at end of last turn
ultterr: oof
jessiedollxoxo: Oh noooo we don't have enough mana, damn :/
EyoresHere: I'm pretty sure we don't have enough Mana to get the bag back
worldsugliestman: for flavor reasons they really should have made it that if a bag of holding goes into another bag of holding, everything gets exiled and you take 5 damage or something
jessiedollxoxo: That would've been sweet lol
flapjacksofwar: Shock those Nosey humans
BillTheCat: wow opponent on this big discard plan
richard_ermen: Shock the hummy!
NrgSpoon: he might be more scared of the dragon
ampharos15: im just realizing deck master does not work with these new cards
A_Gideon: What happens if you have two bags in play?
Praenomen_: you choose the replacement effect when two are possible
flapjacksofwar: I guess they assumed you had some big combo if you drew all those cards back
chaostreader: !card bag of holding
LRRbot: Bag of Holding [1] | Artifact | Whenever you discard a card, exile that card from your graveyard. / {2}, {T}: Draw a card, then discard a card. / {4}, {T}, Sacrifice Bag of Holding: Return all cards exiled with Bag of Holding to their owner’s hand.
WrightJustice: ooh it shows the treasure token on hover?
TXC2: A_Gideon the cards go in the older bag I think
bl1ghtn1n6: @a_gideon i think you choose which bag the card goes into
AlchemicalPanda: You choose the order to stack them so you pick where the cards go
KydrouKair: You choose which bag takes the discarded cards
TheOneInquisitor: Hello, Ben. I see the prerelease left you with a craving for Sealed?
A_Gideon: Okay, thanks
flapjacksofwar: Yup
EonChao: Yes
TXC2: Yes
CamazotzJr: Accurate
FerociousPeach: yup
L3thalRose: basicly yeah
crashdownreg: yes, accurate
ampharos15: Whats the activated ability of the white creature they have?
Kerrisis: Yeah, pretty much
DK_84: Yea, but usually for a reason
samwonk: And then sometimes it crawls on your head and claws at your ear affectionately.
flapjacksofwar: Lots of judging you and then demanding food
frnknstn: Only when they want food. So, always
AlchemicalPanda: @ampharos15 First strike
strionic_resonator: but now they think you're holding it up for something
ultterr: gain first strike @ampharos15
ampharos15: Thank you :)
CodenameJD: Oh hey it's Duncan
KydrouKair: My cat would meow at me whenever i arrived angry from work, making me forget it all instantly
Sahje: Where are the good cards of this deck>
ultterr: we can activate the pack mastiff multiple times?
KydrouKair: My ex would get angry tho, because i'd rather hug my cat first... then again, it was my cat who always greeted me at the door
jonasjonIV: my cat is currently asleep on my phone.
chaostreader: @ultterr Yes. With treasure.
flapjacksofwar: Ive gotten two kittens recently. Only like 7 weeks old but very curious.
ultterr: well at least some kind of mana sink
TXC2: it's firebreathing, not butt breathing
flapjacksofwar: The Blurgler
WrightJustice: bears vs bears
chaostreader: What was flame-breathing again?
flapjacksofwar: Headbutt?
ultterr: pay mana to gain +1/+0
TXC2: chaostreader gets +1/+0
Theycallmejokke: Steel Overseer make my monster grow!
ampharos15: ohh the combo with the salvager
KydrouKair: Isn't buttbreathing, when you have a creature that pumps toughness, yet deals damage with it?
Evochron13: headbutt is metropolis sprite
Very0minous: do you think this new set puts a lot more high powered cards in standard?
TXC2: Headbutting is geting +1/-1
Evochron13: this is .. pack breathing?
flapjacksofwar: All that land
TheOneInquisitor: That's some serious supermodel crew there
chaostreader: That’s fire-breathing. Wasn’t flame-breathing a different amount?
ultterr: can start using the overseer now
wordswords1: you're getting all your land drops out of the way so you don't have any next game
reaper_josh: Start activating the overseer
TehAmelie: mouth-to-mouth
duncan76: HEY ITS ME duncan knewwdeep
flapjacksofwar: Overseer to buff your Salvager
Theycallmejokke: When we draw our fireball opponent is in a lot of trouble
shadowbow464: this is why i don't run alot of lands in limited.
flapjacksofwar: Pack-Tactics
ultterr: wow
flapjacksofwar: C-c-c-combo!
BillTheCat: :O
twitchgamesis: @LoadingReadyRun does the deckmaster see nonland cards because I cant see them
TheOneInquisitor: So, we have any cool constructed brews that I missed, or was it all Sealed all day so far?
TXC2: damn
TheHaywireZombie: spicy
bl1ghtn1n6: Reclaimer + Lotus Field is good
KydrouKair: Not yet updated to Deckmaster
twitchgamesis: oh okay
L3thalRose: lotus field is gonna be really interesting for a bunch of things... maybe some kinda landfall/cruicble deck?
flapjacksofwar: Lavaket is judging your topdecks
FerociousPeach: now your a true cat owner, talking to the cat
ampharos15: curse of the lands bc you sacrificed the pup
Frypod1077: Do you have a way to regrow the Bag?
bl1ghtn1n6: Is James hiding somewhere?
devsfan19: the Turner curse strikes again
cheadlecurse: >:( make cat purple >:(
hd_dabnado: benginFlood benginFlood benginFlood
BurningTreeEmissary: lol
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ultterr: green cavalier can regrowth too
fiftymcnasty: black?
KydrouKair: Lotus Field makes Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi decent
crashdownreg: ben must be color blind because that's not blue
cheadlecurse: thats not black ben
ryllo7: hello yall
WrightJustice: oops
ReynardWrecca: Good evening lovely Ben, and good evening lovely chat. Hope we're all well. Have exciting things happened yet?
crashdownreg: don't put this on us
TXC2: Hello ryllo7 welcome
Evandill: Gotta put a stop on their end step
thestefteddy: Wait._ m20's ou 0.0
TXC2: hello ReynardWrecca welcome
ReynardWrecca: Pleasure as ever @TXC2
Evochron13: it's out tomorrow thesteftteddy
Evochron13: this is preview event
TXC2: thestefteddy not yet, this is the streamer preview
Very0minous: do you think this new set puts a lot more high powered cards in standard?
AlchemicalPanda: Oh no
flapjacksofwar: Oof
KydrouKair: Oof+
crashdownreg: monkaS
Evandill: @thestefteddy Out tommorow on Arena, ad out later I think in paper
TXC2: Very0minous not a lot, but some
thestefteddy: Dammit
flapjacksofwar: Nothing but gaaaaaasssssss
Theycallmejokke: Opponent with all the beef
reaper_josh: don't forget the overseer activation!
strionic_resonator: salvager?
TXC2: oof
crashdownreg: and my axe
flapjacksofwar: Now for an Act of Treason
flapjacksofwar: Next turn
shadowbow464: superhero landing
AlchemicalPanda: axe on the 0/3? lets it kill stuff?
TXC2: theres AN answer
flapjacksofwar: Now to play a game of Survive
ryllo7: is this sealed or draft
chaostreader: Sealed
TXC2: Sealed
flapjacksofwar: Use the wolf?
Earthenone: draft is coming out in 12 minutes
thestefteddy: Zomb\Skeleton goin to be a thing again?
AlchemicalPanda: use the wolf
Rioxcon: you can also pump
AlchemicalPanda: not the leafkin
TXC2: gotta tripple block the 7/7
ultterr: double block the black on
shadowbow464: block
ultterr: one
ultterr: meteor the white one
Rioxcon: so you can do 7
NrgSpoon: need to block something at least
strionic_resonator: yeah if you overseer then only one dies
BurningTreeEmissary: it has deathtouch
flapjacksofwar: Death Touch
ultterr: it's death touch
reaper_josh: Deathtouch also
TXC2: Deathtouch
control_rig: Deathtouch?
strionic_resonator: oh
Fofo57007: deathtouch ;(
strionic_resonator: very forgettable because it's a 5/5
flapjacksofwar: More Good Dogs
AlchemicalPanda: You're in a better place now.
crashdownreg: is this a corner being turned?
ultterr: can activate the elf with elemental and treasure
TXC2: I like how we've only had one pack mastiff at a time :P
RebelliousUno: draft?
RebelliousUno: sealed?
flapjacksofwar: Indeed
TXC2: Sealed
flapjacksofwar: Sealed
RebelliousUno: cool cool
TXC2: also HI Uno
flapjacksofwar: Draft starts in like 10 minutes I think
RebelliousUno: hey hey
shadowbow464: unlimted mana
Oatway_: el spidro netcasto
Izandai: Slow chat for 550 viewers.
ampharos15: give the golem the axe and crunch
EyoresHere: is this still our first game?
cheadlecurse: attack once the golem is a 5/5 imo
ultterr: overseer so good on a stall :o
flapjacksofwar: The game of Topdecks
ultterr: yea it is @EyoresHere
TXC2: EyoresHere yeap
BillTheCat: skelemans tribal over there
Izandai: That's a lot of skelly friends.
EyoresHere: geeze
cheadlecurse: now axe and crunch
Earthenone: !card planar cleansing
LRRbot: Planar Cleansing [3WWW] | Sorcery | Destroy all nonland permanents.
TXC2: please no
EyoresHere: FIGHT!
cheadlecurse: CROMCH
BillTheCat: both :O
frnknstn: this is a long game
ampharos15: famous last words
worldsugliestman: the cat knows a way
TXC2: F board whips, F them so hard
flapjacksofwar: -It was then, that everything went wrong"
ultterr: how many mana needed by skeleton again?
flapjacksofwar: G-g-g-got em!
cheadlecurse: what does axe do just +2/+0?
RebelliousUno: you have my axr
VanFlicke: gg
TXC2: yeap
flapjacksofwar: Cronch
Officinalis: First: Crabbo-with-knife Now: Spidey-with-axe
Izandai: I don't like that crunch.
cheadlecurse: we need some trombopaline
EyoresHere: what's the hexproof land?
WrightJustice: haste
Earthenone: has haste
Sahje: PUP
EyoresHere: lotus Vale or whatever?
ultterr: pup for meme
SrMuskrat: ceratok give it haste
TXC2: EyoresHere lotus field
flapjacksofwar: Good boys
Izandai: Can also give it trample.
cheadlecurse: give trample
ultterr: haste and trample
shadowbow464: give trample
ampharos15: and trample
ultterr: activate it again
Fofo57007: trample
DK_84: Crunch Buttsteak
strionic_resonator: they're just dead here I think
EyoresHere: give it the axe because trample?
Dmc3628: have we rattled off our mandatory Canada day introductions?
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: there is point in giving it axe though
cheadlecurse: we just dont want you to forget
BillTheCat: they were pretty ded
TXC2: Dmc3628 we have
cheadlecurse: your chat worries about you ben
ultterr: overseer ftw
ampharos15: but you give it trample to send a message
cheadlecurse: you never write
RebelliousUno: oh that's how protection is represented
OKB_1: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (Join Ben for the Core 2020 Preview Streamer Event! Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (53m ago).
Dmc3628: good thanks TXC just woke up
flapjacksofwar: And all you had to do was let your Puppy get murdered >:(
Earthenone: we are cool
strionic_resonator: whoa what's the funky blue orb?
ARandomPlatypus: Sure
Theycallmejokke: Yes!
ultterr: yea
AlchemicalPanda: For sure!
RebelliousUno: the little coloured shield
WrightJustice: sure
Oatway_: yes
Earthenone: always be drafting
Science_and_Magic: WOO! Happy Canada day from Ontario!
Jorim: yes
timiam: +1 For Draft
ultterr: draft is more fun imo
ampharos15: im down
Izandai: draft > sealed
flapjacksofwar: You do you Boo
2menace: for sure draft yeah
TXC2: strionic_resonator new player experience
CodenameJD: Open moar cards
TheJohnnyBoy533: sounds fun
cheadlecurse: Draft
colinoclock: looking forward to draft!
cheadlecurse: more like
Evandill: go for it my dude
ryllo7: is it cananda day
RebelliousUno: draft could be entertaining
CodenameJD: Force Omnath
cheadlecurse: best limited format
Varkantor: Draft!
TXC2: ryllo7 sure is
Tasuki201: Draft
VanFlicke: What is Canada Day? Asking for a friend
flapjacksofwar: We heart you Fam
Izandai: Nope.
ultterr: we can play m20 tomorrow?
flapjacksofwar: Oof
EyoresHere: force the panharmonicon creature
flapjacksofwar: Play that London Mulligan
Theycallmejokke: Time to check out that new mulligan
ReynardWrecca: Perfect - 3 Mountains and 3 green creatures!
EyoresHere: that's a sketch
colorblindpainter: its canadian fourth of july
timiam: cheer100 I am Tim and I endorse drinking Timmies on C-Day.
TXC2: it's the Day Canada became a nation
RebelliousUno: it's probably independent
crashdownreg: it's like july 4 but for Canada
ultterr: believe the heart of the cards
BillTheCat: John Canada declared that it was his day
Dragoknight101: Arena isn't available today? Or justhe M20 set isn't available
Sarah_Serinde: We asked nicely and got independence
WrightJustice: haha
Izandai: Hm.
jonasjonIV: cursed
BillTheCat: amazing
ultterr: believe the heart of the card
ReynardWrecca: That's exquisite.
TXC2: that's Arena for ya
flapjacksofwar: The same thing but worse!
TheHaywireZombie: Londy Mully
mastershake29x: @Dragoknight101 arena is available today, but no M20 until tomorrow
worldsugliestman: London mul, baby~
samwonk: Canada Day: it celebrates the anniversary of July 1st.
Izandai: Outrage is the least castable.
OKB_1: Add Magic Arena to MacOS you cowards!
Earthenone: outrage is not happening
AlchemicalPanda: London away the green card. Send a message
Dragoknight101: @mastershake29x Thx!
ultterr: draw mountain of the top
BillTheCat: never didn't have ity
ultterr: pro magic
RebelliousUno: never
fritobandeeto: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
flapjacksofwar: Ben planned it all along!
RebelliousUno: didn't
tacocpu: Never didn't have it
NrgSpoon: neverdidnthaveit neverdidnthaveit
TheOneInquisitor: Magic's easy, just draw what you want
RebelliousUno: have our
ampharos15: I love the new mulligan its sooo good
mastershake29x: Canada Day: the day that reminds you that American Independence Day is only 3 days away :)
NazakYuzak: Dominion Day sounds spooky. Good change lol
BillTheCat: hey ben, stay frosty
VanFlicke: @mastershake29x lol wow
shadowbow464: they may have a counter
TXC2: Dominion day: to remind you who was in charge Kappa
AbnormAnomaly: @NazakYuzak agreed that just seems like some evil empire day.
BillTheCat: D:
Rioxcon: yeah the London mull just feels better
NazakYuzak: LUL
shadowbow464: i knew it
AlchemicalPanda: Goozled
BillTheCat: at least there's no heroic
cheadlecurse: Ben you have to force red white for Canada day btw lrrBEEJ
ultterr: the protection animation pretty nice
TehAmelie: in sweden we celebrate how king Wasa united the north, south and middle provinces. or something. it was over 400 years ago, who keeps track of these things
shadowbow464: should have done it when they are tapped out
TheHaywireZombie: @billthecat standard tho
Officinalis: God's WIlling Elspeth comes back.
timiam: I'm pretty stoked for flying tribal in draft
Theycallmejokke: One mana white counter, not bad not bad
TheOneInquisitor: It's a good thing we have a reacher
AlchemicalPanda: I need 8 of those guys. Birds and spirits. gimme gimme gimme
ReynardWrecca: In England we celebrate...kinda nothing?
ampharos15: i feel like thats much better in draft
ultterr: not cast the ceratops?
ultterr: i see
TXC2: ReynardWrecca we ceilbrate getting in the semi finals of anything Kappa
ampharos15: no the birb
TehAmelie: England doesn't get an independence day until they have a constitution, that's the law
Praenomen_: giving haste is no different than casting a turn sooner though
Jaromjaromjarom: hello everyone :)
cheadlecurse: thats the sound of someone who didnt play theros standard
TheOneInquisitor: !card Gods Willing
LRRbot: Gods Willing [W] | Instant | Target creature you control gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn. / Scry 1.
Praenomen_: plus now you can't also have dragon out
ReynardWrecca: @TXC2 Semi-finals is all we get damn it!
flikerz1: gods willing in theros block was great
TheOneInquisitor: Eh, it's only creatures
shadowbow464: it can't be countered anyways
RebelliousUno: feather is going to love it
TheOneInquisitor: It it protected Planeswalkers, ye. In this standard tho? Nah
RebelliousUno: and hate it
BillTheCat: it would have been funny if auto-tap left up the red for some reason
AlchemicalPanda: Incoming 1/1 flash flying guy
Recrickbloodwing: I'm curious am I the only one watching both Ben and Adam play right now?
WrightJustice: oh cera having pro blue beats opp's deck
AlchemicalPanda: Oh crap
AlchemicalPanda: Thats great
AbnormAnomaly: My god I just noticed the deck master thing. Doesn't work for the new set, but that is amazing and so great for watching streams.
ultterr: destroy target tap creature
TheOneInquisitor: It might be the push Feather decks need tho
ultterr: on white
ryllo7: !card concerted effort
LRRbot: Concerted Effort [2WW] | Enchantment | At the beginning of each upkeep, creatures you control gain flying until end of turn if a creature you control has flying. The same is true for fear, first strike, double strike, landwalk, protection, trample, and vigilance.
TXC2: it's basically a big fuck you to blue, I love it
flapjacksofwar: ShowLove100 ShowLove100
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
ampharos15: that dino is one of my favorite cards from the set
ultterr: bond with the ceratpos?
AlchemicalPanda: Yeah!
ultterr: gg
TheHaywireZombie: oof
Skajetolaf: Is this pupper tribal?
flapjacksofwar: When in doubt, Smash
WrightJustice: lul wut that red glow
Officinalis: Ceratops and wolf fren
Evandill: Opponent: Guess I'll die?
TheHaywireZombie: Pogchamp
BillTheCat: that's a big ol' 8/8
TXC2: OOOH Shaprah
EyoresHere: oh
TXC2: they hard cast that
EyoresHere: well then
Evochron13: protection given that most of the deck archetypes are triple coloured seems fair
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Jaromjaromjarom: what format is this?
TXC2: Sealed
Praenomen_: kill eagle
ultterr: gg
BillTheCat: noo
Rioxcon: double red
Bread_Zeppelin_: red glow is graphical uncountrrable bug
TheHaywireZombie: Sephora is here to hit you with eyeliner
Uzumaki15: Dragon in hand
BillTheCat: you need red
flapjacksofwar: Ask and ye shall recieve
JaymicUnyielding: Ceratoc can gain reach
ultterr: trample
Earthenone: uncastable card will not do
Praenomen_: oof
EyoresHere: got there!!
TheOneInquisitor: Welp
Koeniboy113: repacious can block it
EyoresHere: oh nuts
Uzumaki15: dragon can block a turn
ultterr: arent trample also count damage?
bl1ghtn1n6: Ceratops gives reach Ben
reaper_josh: the dragon gives treasures
tacocpu: damn, i guess keepoin kinda ruined you
AlchemicalPanda: outrage trample?
chaostreader: The dragon. Has flying. And makes treasure.
Frypod1077: Play dragon, give reach to Ceratops with treasure and hope seems fine
ZachtlyAsIntended: now you have the red for next turn
TheOneInquisitor: At the very least we can get a couple more turns of being alive in
Uzumaki15: then outrage and swing
flapjacksofwar: Next turn is lethal
EyoresHere: play dragon, chump the angel, and use the treasures to win next turn?
TXC2: Angle gains life
jace_the_deck_deckbuilder: hi
NrgSpoon: but he gets the lifelink
Rioxcon: no keep the red
Evandill: no
TheOneInquisitor: But jesus, these 7 mana rares are absolutely bonkers
TXC2: hello jace_the_deck_deckbuilder welcome
JaymicUnyielding: Sephara has lifelink, unfortunately
shadowbow464: lrrFINE lrrFINE
AlchemicalPanda: Thats gross
flapjacksofwar: lrrFINE
NrgSpoon: and his eagle is indestructible now too
TheJohnnyBoy533: lrrFINE
CodenameJD: Gotta kill Sephara
EyoresHere: curses! foiled again!
CodenameJD: by any means
ZachtlyAsIntended: but if they attack, the crackback is....oh...
BurningTreeEmissary: lol
ultterr: F
TheHaywireZombie: stripLUL stripLUL stripLUL
EyoresHere: but if they attack with her, she can't block
flapjacksofwar: oof
TXC2: well shit
AlchemicalPanda: rut row
ultterr: you're dead
EyoresHere: oops
Uzumaki15: never mind
RebelliousUno: what's the pink box?
TXC2: EyoresHere has life link, doesn't matter
Evandill: Sadness
NrgSpoon: ceratops needs reach now
TXC2: RebelliousUno a bug
Officinalis: Forgot the reach!
colorblindpainter: So how about that draft
Officinalis: We win?
Frypod1077: We have this if they don't have any more relevant spells with the outrage
ZachtlyAsIntended: eat the 2/2
reaper_josh: block the Eagle - then it's a trade next turn
BillTheCat: eat bird go to 2?
RebelliousUno: ok lol
Evella: block the bird?
ultterr: if opp dont have any creature you win
chaostreader: Eagle gets indestructible.
TheHaywireZombie: bird is indestructible
cheadlecurse: F
BillTheCat: noooo
WrightJustice: wow
TheHaywireZombie: f
jaak0n: F
CodenameJD: f
Evandill: Rippy dippy
flapjacksofwar: Boooo
shadowbow464: RIP
Rioxcon: draft time
ultterr: F
SrMuskrat: Now we can draft
flapjacksofwar: TIME FOR DRAFTS
EyoresHere: ruined!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that was pretty tight
TXC2: welcome to my life Ben :P
TheOneInquisitor: So, Constructed time?
WrightJustice: GameOver_VIP giving us teh game over
CodenameJD: Rip Omnath!
cheadlecurse: WE DONT
PhilShoK: How’s it going Ben
BillTheCat: :O
SydPreviouslyHeadache: well, for the opponent but also you
Jiri_One: pog
TheHaywireZombie: bruh
TheOneInquisitor: Oh, no, Draftage
Evochron13: by brainstorming wrong lrrBEEJ
ampharos15: do it!
VanFlicke: how do have so much gems?!?!
TXC2: it's the only good cavalier
CodenameJD: Aw. That's not Omnaht
reaper_josh: BIG OPENS
TheJohnnyBoy533: we dont
reaperlord3491: DO IT
SrMuskrat: That is bonkers it even has flying
cheadlecurse: I think blue cav is the second best one too
v_nome: How do we lose? Soundly, usually in my case. :-p
ultterr: mono blue
AlchemicalPanda: Windmill
Evandill: Graaaab it
cheadlecurse: red one is better
Jorge4hg: that's our secret ben we never lose
shadowbow464: do it
EyoresHere: monoblue?
TheHaywireZombie: stripO stripK
cheadlecurse: imo
SrMuskrat: It's one of the better ones to be sure
MiranFurze: red good to
chaostreader: @vanflicke It’s a VIP account for this event.
Mister_Skittles: in limited they are all good tbh
TXC2: it's the only one that comes back
Xenotechie: the thought you gave to windmill slamming this is admirable
EyoresHere: the red one seems gas
Earthenone: sleepy time seems good
reaper_josh: Monoblue fliers
CodenameJD: In Commander it might be the worst Cavalier
mannymagic101: Take the Sleep Paralysis
VanFlicke: @chaostreader ooooooh! thanks
ampharos15: para
SrMuskrat: I like sleep paralysis
GreatGodOm: Zephyr charge is bad
worldsugliestman: that Fry art tho
frozenphoenix7: Sleep I think
reaperlord3491: Mono-Blue
EyoresHere: start going in on miscreants now?
strionic_resonator: it's good
iSmartMan1: Sleep, take the removal
EyoresHere: probably just sleep
strionic_resonator: take it than take all the plummets
PhilShoK: Mono Blue Drakes all the way
flapjacksofwar: It a good avoidance card
TXC2: it's kinda do nothing
SrMuskrat: Zephyr Charge is only good in UG decks with big beaters
RebelliousUno: it's fine now
ultterr: crab
Xenotechie: zephyr charge's a stallbreaker, but it's a bit do nothing
Rioxcon: ape?
strionic_resonator: zephyr charge-plummet combo
CodenameJD: Uncaged Fury
frozenphoenix7: Zephyr Charge is a stronger sealed than draft card for sure.
strionic_resonator: they never see it coming
RebelliousUno: but there's better cards there
CodenameJD: Super strong trick
Earthenone: uncaged fury, gotta get them 1 shots
reaperlord3491: Mono-blue with the crab
cheadlecurse: just take the shamen
RangedMinion: george?
CodenameJD: Put that on your Cavalier and hit for 12
ampharos15: gorilla friend?
Praenomen_: zephyr charge is only good at parity and even then it's only ok
mannymagic101: Take the Shaman
oreo_pirate: giant
TheHaywireZombie: uh ramp?
EyoresHere: big ole crab, or spec another color?
strionic_resonator: and there's that red card that deals 3 to fliers
Thecooliest: wooooo draft
boriskun: g o r i l l a
CodenameJD: If you're not sure about it, ask Kathleen :P
godardhazard: shaman
strionic_resonator: Temur Zephyr Combo
TXC2: which card lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Dinosaurs remain.
ultterr: what does the ape do
oreo_pirate: big burley boy giant
godardhazard: shaman is sweet
frozenphoenix7: Shaman is probably the best card in the pack.
thestefteddy: Forest!!
ampharos15: can we turn on voting?
TXC2: Ripscale it is
TheOneInquisitor: I just wanna see some silly shenaniganery get passed by the bots
ultterr: oh that's ncie
RebelliousUno: triple blue and double G would be tough
purplish2: unleash the fury!
AlchemicalPanda: It does have to die to draw
BillTheCat: flyers :D
Kqbj: Izzet
Xenotechie: totally could go fliers so far
BurningTreeEmissary: pupper!
reaper_josh: Go fliers, never lose 👍
mannymagic101: Yeah go flyers
ultterr: hope for the drake to wheel
ampharos15: flying friend
TheOneInquisitor: I think Fliers is possible here
reaperlord3491: Fliers
RebelliousUno: force fliers
EyoresHere: I'm in favor of fliers
BillTheCat: t3 warden into t4 cavalier
BurningTreeEmissary: undead servant tribal
CodenameJD: Warden is a Wind Drake at worst and a bomb at best
Kqbj: Flyers
iSmartMan1: Warden, UW skies seems super-good
TheOneInquisitor: Mono-U sounds entirely possible this draft
Evandill: Fliers
mannymagic101: Leafkin
oreo_pirate: birb wizard
chaostreader: Flying Ben Returns
Xobulo: oh hey! missed the notification! *waves* Hi Ben!
cheadlecurse: sprite bois
ultterr: dragon seems nice
TXC2: !qdb
LRRbot: Quote database: https://lrrbot.com/quotes/
GreatGodOm: The only time Zephyr charge was good, was in M14. And only if you had the 7-mana enchantment the turned all your oppos creatures into illusions.
EyoresHere: Sprite feels medium?
cheadlecurse: MONO BLUE HERE WE COME
TheOneInquisitor: DRAKE TIEM
reaper_josh: the Drake is incredible
Uzumaki15: Knight!
CodenameJD: Diamond Knight
SrMuskrat: I think we should be ug ramp here
Earthenone: diamond knight seems good in mono blue
ultterr: evolving wilds?
TXC2: !quote 6176
LRRbot: Quote #6176: "It puts the butt power on the front power." —Bengineering [2019-06-28]
BurningTreeEmissary: charge?
cheadlecurse: take knight imo
reaperlord3491: Could be G=good
TheHaywireZombie: Gift if you wanna go green still
godardhazard: charge
SrMuskrat: Forcing fliers is just a bad idea if white is not there
reaperlord3491: *good
purplish2: diamond knight?
TheOneInquisitor: Diamond Knight sounds tight if we're going for Mono-Blue
TheHaywireZombie: helps with the triple u
godardhazard: or gift
tubby125: knight
cheadlecurse: you have alot of blue rn
Akaiatana: Happy Canaday from Ottawa, Canada, Ottawa, Canada.
cheadlecurse: its p good
ultterr: knight for mono blue
CodenameJD: Mono blue aggro time
EyoresHere: wilds shuffles for cavalier
NrgSpoon: zephyr charge plummet combo
TXC2: Adam really sold me on that card bing bad
mannymagic101: take the gift
RebelliousUno: wilds seems best
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CodenameJD: Second knight!
BillTheCat: mono-blue here we gooooo
PhilShoK: Kenji is playing Green Black jeez
cheadlecurse: befuddle is meh but knight is better
reaperlord3491: Knight
TheOneInquisitor: Mono-Blue Knight Tribal you say?
CodenameJD: All in on mono blue
mannymagic101: Miscreant
Praenomen_: drake definitely
GreatGodOm: Diamond knight seems like such a bad top deck.
RebelliousUno: fairie might get there
cheadlecurse: pup for the sideboard cheerleader spot
mannymagic101: Take the pup
TXC2: pupper here
ampharos15: have to take pup
Xobulo: it's got a big but!
CodenameJD: Soulmender is the first spell I ever cast
TheOneInquisitor: Pupper
TheHaywireZombie: mascot pup
oreo_pirate: give pup flying
cheadlecurse: all your creatures have flying anyway take aegis
BillTheCat: if you give them flying they'll cost 1 less too :D
AlexVaz01: Hello Ben!
EyoresHere: a charge for the sb?
synarchylive: or we could just not play our green creatures
CodenameJD: Aegis
RebelliousUno: flying ape is terrifying
CodenameJD: just in case
jonasjonIV: fly your pretties!
ryllo7: what card is similar to that of divine arrow
cheadlecurse: pegasus
TheHaywireZombie: build your own Wicked Witch army of flying monki
TXC2: 2nd warden
CodenameJD: Second warden sweeeeet
cheadlecurse: warden actually
TheOneInquisitor: Ooooh, second warden
cheadlecurse: didnt see that
Akaiatana: Take the Leyline, it's worth 30 tickets :P
TheOneInquisitor: REDUNDANCY!
RebelliousUno: warden please
EyoresHere: second warden seems legit
reaper_josh: Monoblue Fliers is real!
ampharos15: seer
reaperlord3491: Seer
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CodenameJD: Wavecrasher bouncing Cavalier though
purplish2: take the seer
TheOneInquisitor: I'd def play the seer
Praenomen_: seer
BillTheCat: seer
wavesdog47: almost 1 year!
cheadlecurse: I actually think you go mono blue with the 2 knights
Evandill: Live the mono blue dreeeam
colorblindpainter: portal bounce seer?
TheOneInquisitor: What's the bloo coloured artifact anyway?
cheadlecurse: take it for FAERIES
Evochron13: read the flavour text on the side there ben
BillTheCat: get all your wardens :D
Oatway_: read the flavour text Ben
RebelliousUno: interesting that it's not at sorcery speed but only on your turn
cheadlecurse: Kappa
cheadlecurse: do it ben
CodenameJD: You hae a bunch of 2 ofs
TheOneInquisitor: We could get mileage out of this?
reaperlord3491: Commander/Highlander
TheOneInquisitor: We have a number of 2-fs?
Earthenone: i think we take it incase we get more miscreants and such
purplish2: you got doubles alraedy
Kqbj: Sprite
cheadlecurse: real good with miscreants if ytou get them
TXC2: Patten Matcher = Lenny?
strionic_resonator: yeah monoblue seems sweet here
chaostreader: We could get our second warden.
TheOneInquisitor: We're not burning enough for Spitfire.
TheHaywireZombie: matcher and miscreants is sick
CodenameJD: We gotta go mono blue too
SrMuskrat: We have 3 doubles for pattern matcher, and miscreant lends itself well to it
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Evandill: Take it hope we get the portal
reaper_josh: You're light on removal Ben!
strionic_resonator: Sage's Row!
jonasjonIV: always listen to chat.
Evandill: Lynx
TheOneInquisitor: Lynx
CodenameJD: Aerial Assault isn't in blue
TXC2: Frost lynx
reaperlord3491: Removal
strionic_resonator: in monoblue that's a wincon
SydPreviouslyHeadache: just flavorwise and art wise. i think Pattern Matcher is my favorite card in the set
BillTheCat: lynx it up
purplish2: removal
NazakYuzak: Chat is always right confirmed SeriousSloth
TheOneInquisitor: Lynx is absolutely the best card in the pack
TheHaywireZombie: may need more hard removal
iSmartMan1: Take the Assault, go for removal
Jorge4hg: chat is right?
1MrGhost: Lynx is almost a man-o-war...
cheadlecurse: m o n o b l u e
Pathwriter: Teferi was the best card for a while, but with M20 releasing. Do you think the new best card will be Teferi or Teferi?
CodenameJD: Sage's Row Denizen in mono blue is neat. Hopefully it wheels
tubby125: wand?
Earthenone: flashign piker is probobly fine
ryllo7: that will help with a mono blue agro deck
TheOneInquisitor: A piker with flash seems playable
Spluuga: My corner of the chat is a sick kitty
cheadlecurse: crab for moral support
TheOneInquisitor: Lizard Wizard?
GreatGodOm: crab to hold the ground
TheOneInquisitor: So, it's halfway through pack 2, we pivoting now?
CodenameJD: Take the Island send a message
Praenomen_: portal went into the deck
redeysau: @theoneinquisitor Surge?
EyoresHere: we also have lynx for the portal
Evochron13: portal post combat gives creatures psuedo vigilance
strionic_resonator: Portal + Pattern Matcher + Faerie Miscreants
strionic_resonator: that's some real jank
RebelliousUno: bow is not bad
cheadlecurse: COWARD
synarchylive: Splash
CodenameJD: Sage's Row Denizen!
Evandill: but but but
Fugi: that island tho
Rioxcon: yeah, blue white flies it is
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i do not get the alter
TheHaywireZombie: worth
ryllo7: that heart-piercer bow is great with a death touch creature
Ashlen_Rose: Hi Fugi :)
ultterr: could have taken 2 denizen
EyoresHere: we azorius now boys!
CodenameJD: Mono bluuuuueeeee
TheOneInquisitor: Well, the mono-blue dream has lived for a short while
DK_84: It's fine
RebelliousUno: splash for it sure
Ashlen_Rose: Also Hi Ben!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: like, all that for a 5/5 flyer, without trample
worldsugliestman: take executioner; white looked open anyway
Fugi: @Ashlen_Rose VoHiYo
RebelliousUno: Uw
TheOneInquisitor: What's the Island originally from?
ultterr: paralysis
TXC2: hello Ashlen_Rose welcome
EyoresHere: noooo take the Executioner
CodenameJD: KNIGHT
reaperlord3491: Take the Island
twitchgamesis: hammer
TheHaywireZombie: zzzz para
anamelessdog: what's this? It's Canada Day and you're not in red?
strionic_resonator: Diamond Knight #3
TheOneInquisitor: Sleep Para
CodenameJD: Diamond Knight!
reaperlord3491: Hammer'
worldsugliestman: wow wow wow
blazedaggerx: whelp
TheHaywireZombie: OOF
Earthenone: its only 1 mana
BillTheCat: lol tripple white
cheadlecurse: got there
AlchemicalPanda: Never didn't have it
EyoresHere: second sleep seems strong
Jorge4hg: rewarded
SydPreviouslyHeadache: rewarded
Bread_Zeppelin_: wot
CodenameJD: I mean... I GUESS
Evandill: ok, yeah we pivot
twitchgamesis: oof
ryllo7: do it do it
synarchylive: WOOT
everlarkHS: HOLY COW
purplish2: you did it!
Dmc3628: we alt casting that for sure
Fugi: welp
Uzumaki15: Got there
RebelliousUno: boom
Rioxcon: wow
TheOneInquisitor: Oh boy
ultterr: that need to tap white flyer
harpsichord5925: @ryllo7 that doesn't work the way you think it does
everlarkHS: WHAT. A. GOD.
TheOneInquisitor: Talk about bombs
strionic_resonator: you can splash it off its alt. cost ability
EyoresHere: got there lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Kqbj: Wow
AlexVaz01: Lucky man
twitchgamesis: my god
Spluuga: lrrSACK
ultterr: the angel needs to tap 4 White flyer
Evochron13: it kills gods
NrgSpoon: remove skels
ZachtlyAsIntended: Alex taught me you can splash another color in Mono-Red
chaostreader: Rewarded!!!! lrrSACK
ryllo7: !card heart-piercer
LRRbot: Did you mean: Heart-Piercer Manticore; Mardu Heart-Piercer; Heart-Piercer Bow
AlchemicalPanda: Take it. Who needs the angel
CodenameJD: Oof. Lag
worldsugliestman: UUU and WWW in the deck, what could go wrong??
twitchgamesis: luksac lol
AlchemicalPanda: Yeah it does
Evochron13: trigger goes on stack, you exile
ryllo7: !card heart-piercer bow
LRRbot: Heart-Piercer Bow [2] | Artifact — Equipment | Whenever equipped creature attacks, Heart-Piercer Bow deals 1 damage to target creature defending player controls. / Equip {1}
DaMullet14: It does indeed, you can respond to the trigger
Dmc3628: how's a 6/6 cavalier with indestructable go
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, because they die, go to graveyard, and then you exile it from the graveyard
RebelliousUno: in response it does
AlchemicalPanda: its a trigger
Agnememnon: if it changes zones twice it does kill the god
TheHaywireZombie: Sephora is only W guys Kappa
twitchgamesis: hammer\
ryllo7: the bow not the creature got it
EyoresHere: it's a replacement trigger, isn't it?
blazedaggerx: hammer
SydPreviouslyHeadache: like uhh that one green naturalize could remove gods too
Kritya_: the god never hits the yard
RebelliousUno: need fixing hard now lol
Evandill: Hammer is so funny.
chaostreader: Sephara CAN be played for just one white.
DaMullet14: There is no such thing as a replacement trigger, replacement effects aren't triggers
ArkhamArchivist: Is Maxwell's Silver Hammer at all playable?
ultterr: god hits yard for a moment
Evochron13: oh look it's squadron walk.
cheadlecurse: drake
purplish2: combat trick?
strionic_resonator: just cut the white cards
cheadlecurse: axe you have many cheap flyers already
Jorge4hg: axe
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Return to nature. that sort of an antigod assuming you can kill it and cast that
ryllo7: how many creatures do you have
Rioxcon: cut the pattern
synarchylive: But it doesn't beat the god eternals, does it?
CodenameJD: Cut any 1 ofs to make the Pattern Matcher better. Oh look, all your white cards are 1 ofs
EyoresHere: axe?
ChangelingDruid: splashing 3 pips?
CodenameJD: Bone to Ash?
Akaiatana: Yeah, the white creature holds a yard sard
ZachtlyAsIntended: That's still Mono-Blue with Special Guests
cheadlecurse: another axe
TheHaywireZombie: long as you have 4 fliers Sephora only needs a W
AlchemicalPanda: I think bone to ash is better
SrMuskrat: Bone to Ash is better
diamondsmoke1: Bone to ash is better
TheHaywireZombie: Bone to Ash draws a card
TheOneInquisitor: Bone to Ash is def better
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cheadlecurse: put in the 3rd knight in place of miscreant
purplish2: cut miscreant for pegasus
strionic_resonator: if the splash is light, play three knights
TheOneInquisitor: The white is honestly jmore of a sprinkle than a splash
TXC2: oh right the vault is a thing
BillTheCat: pegasus will be hard to get out on t1
Evochron13: Bo1 isn't it? no point for "sideboard"
Rioxcon: Pattern matcher seems bad in limited
TheHaywireZombie: Pegasus is gonna be harder to play in the heavy U deck
RebelliousUno: it's traditional draft
RebelliousUno: so Bo3
AlexVaz01: It may also eat a removal on fear you have another miscreant
RebelliousUno: IIRC
ZachtlyAsIntended: I don't think we need both Diamond Knights either
TXC2: loss the miscreant
reaperlord3491: Bone to ash or prophet
cheadlecurse: Im telling yah man night is insane in mono decks which yours basically is
Rioxcon: only one Faerie miscreant
strionic_resonator: no ADD a diamond knight
Kqbj: Drop axe
YuanRamirez: cutthroat doesn do much, does it?
Fugi: Run less lands you coward
TheHaywireZombie: cut a dawning angrl
AlchemicalPanda: I might actually cut the axe.
cheadlecurse: lose bone to ash and faerie put in 3rd knight
Sannindi: Cut the executioner, I think.
Fugi: Keep in those beautiful creatures
ZachtlyAsIntended: @Fugi with the seabatBRAIN
Evandill: yeahI thiink the knight is fine, but I think we can just cutthe miscreant
mierr: Why not loose the axe?
Kqbj: Drop axe add diamond knight
TheOneInquisitor: I'd cut Brineborn
TXC2: Fugi fewer Kappa
Sannindi: White's your splash, you don't want a white two-drop.
YuanRamirez: how many instant speed spells do you have for cutthroat?
Evandill: or the angel yeah.
worldsugliestman: diamond knight seems pretty weak depending on the speed of the format
HailtheRNG: 16 lands?
ryllo7: !card lay line of singularity
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
strionic_resonator: you can never have too many 1/1s for 3
CodenameJD: Back at it again with the Flying Ben
PatchworkWit: you dont have a lot of pump for brineborn
synarchylive: cut both dawning angels
RebelliousUno: run 41 in smash you coward
TheOneInquisitor: No, we're exactly at 40 rn
BrowneePoints: U/W fliers? *drake meme* R/U fliers *drake meme*
frnknstn: cut the flying men
ryllo7: !card ley line of singularity
LRRbot: Leyline of Singularity [2UU] | Enchantment | If Leyline of Singularity is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield. / All nonland permanents are legendary.
NrgSpoon: i can't wait for the turn where cavalier of gales enters as your 4th flier and you get sephara out the same turn
espi: cut the 1/1
AlchemicalPanda: The downside to cutting the angel is it lessens your ability to get the sky blade out cheap.
Kqbj: Add a knight drop angel
ryllo7: does that card make all your permanents legendary while in the library
Fugi: yeah don't you need a bunch of fliers for sephara?
Kqbj: Yesssssss
Diabore: base blue you mean?
EyoresHere: I'd cut the cutthroat
BillTheCat: lrrFINE
TXC2: Fugi yeap 4 of them
cheadlecurse: I agree
reaper_josh: change sleeves and avatar?
godardhazard: too much plains
Joalni: Maybe adjust the mana base?
AlchemicalPanda: You should change your mana
BillTheCat: serra!
EyoresHere: we only have 1 instant speed spell, and we want an extra flier for the huge angel
AlchemicalPanda: do you want 7 plains?
godardhazard: TOO MUCH PLAINS
TheHaywireZombie: Narset
RebelliousUno: serra
Kqbj: Check mana balance
BillTheCat: yeah 7 is too many plains
Kqbj: Serra
reaper_josh: Change avatar?
EyoresHere: too many plains
Akaiatana: Tripple pip is big though
CaptainSpam: Canadia Daynadia! And Ben's still working on the holiday, I see. :)
Kqbj: 4
ultterr: mtga still use rivals as default basic land :(
EyoresHere: I still think we should drop the cutthroat
AlchemicalPanda: 5 is good
Evandill: 5 seems reasonable
CodenameJD: Arena gave you 7 Plains because it expects you to hard cast Sephara
Kqbj: @akaiatana it has the alt cost
cheadlecurse: be zomboy
cheadlecurse: eternal ma
jrhwhite: #TeamViv
cheadlecurse: n
TheHaywireZombie: Aurelia she an angel
godardhazard: dovin
TXC2: Does anyone even life Teferi?
TXC2: *like
Spluuga: Still no Tibalt!
cheadlecurse: shes red tho DansGame
godardhazard: dovin is sweet
AlchemicalPanda: I like big T
Evandill: I want an Ugin avatar so bad.
ZachtlyAsIntended: They're just wrong
godardhazard: i love karn
Joalni: I like Teferi as a character, but hate the cards.
cheadlecurse: hes p attractive tho ngl
RebelliousUno: Dovin and all his eyes
TheJohnnyBoy533: i do
cheadlecurse: teferi not dovan
Akaiatana: I like Teferi as a character. Not a card
Jepardil: Tibalt avatar or bus
Evandill: I like Teferi as a character, he'a just annoying as hell as a card.
Jepardil: *bust
TXC2: Dovin is Ned Flanders, Late season Ned Flanders
A_Gideon: @rebelliousuno not anymore
Terminusthrall: He is a really cool character in the story, he is a punishing dickbag on the table :/
Kqbj: F dovin
Rexxie_tv: Tezz 4 lyfe
Kritya_: guess everyone prefers 12 counter control to walker control :P
synarchylive: I want the anime walkers as avatars
useless_ac: i got a playset of dovins from draft and none of them was a first pick
ZachtlyAsIntended: I heard Dovin's a cutie, according to Amazonian
godardhazard: teferi is idris elba
TheHaywireZombie: Teferi is daddy ngl
BrowneePoints: I mean, when your model is Idris Elba
bartimus_thundercask: is dovin dead after war?
jubale1: "preview", not preprerelease?
Akaiatana: Kiss Tehferi handsome man
jrhwhite: UW again Ben!?
AlexVaz01: Is my idea or the card frame looks a bit different?
godardhazard: Teferi is Thin Idris Elba
TheHaywireZombie: @bartimus_thundercask no just blind
AlchemicalPanda: Domri
Jepardil: Just blind
AlchemicalPanda: was the only one that died
AlexVaz01: Dovin is blind
BrowneePoints: Blind
Diabore: dovin got banned Kappa
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Dovin. yeah he weenied away is the perfect sentence
Jepardil: Lazav stabbed him in the eyes
reaper_josh: Dovin was blinded by Chandra
frnknstn: Domri and Dack
BrowneePoints: Lazav disguised as Chandra blinded him
TXC2: Teferi is 80's Levar burton
SydPreviouslyHeadache: didn't Dack . ok yeah
A_Dub888: Dovin "bravely" ran away
chaostreader: @alchemicalpanda Hey. No. Dack Fayden. Gideon.
Rioxcon: portal shenanigans
theclawmasheen: We're all Lazvav
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I'm SO SAD Lazav's Flamethrower wasn't an artifact
reaper_josh: Yeah. Lazav as Chandra.
CodenameJD: @AlchemicalPanda Gideon would have liked a word if he weren't dead. Dack too
BrowneePoints: Domri, Dack, Gideon Technically Ugin
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harpsichord5925: Who died in war?
bartimus_thundercask: Of course, they just had to ruin one of the most unique powers on
AlchemicalPanda: Oh right, gids...
Akaiatana: Dovin threatened to kill Nicol Bolas, swearing on his pretty blue baan-it
Diabore: ugin is trapped with bolas in the prison realm
TheHaywireZombie: Ugin is with his twin forever now
SydPreviouslyHeadache: just a colorlessa rtifact with a cost, that for like 3 mana can shock something?
ultterr: domri died
cheadlecurse: yes please
TXC2: I have zero idea what actuly happened in WAR
reaper_josh: Ugin is trapped in the Prison Realm with a Desparked Bolas
RebelliousUno: he showed up in War though surely
Uzumaki15: I thought Ugin died, then got better
ultterr: dack fayden also died
bittersweet_distractor: ben, did you just run your pre prerelease deck back? lol
TXC2: Dack died in the Trailer
Evandill: Dack Died in the trailer lol
TheOneInquisitor: Ugin and Bolas are alive, but there's no difference between being eternally stuck in the cosmic broom closet and being dead
TheHaywireZombie: Dack dies in the pre title cutscene
cheadlecurse: HES DOING NOTHING
mannymagic101: R u going to prerelease this weekend
cheadlecurse: oh nvm
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH that was Dack.... oh
useless_ac: seer
ultterr: lynx + protal
mannymagic101: tap down the lich
cheadlecurse: seer and attack with flyers
Diabore: dack wasnt even supposed to be there, he was added last minute
BrowneePoints: Ugin "became" the Meditation Realm
BillTheCat: frost the 1/3 attack all
reaper_josh: And Dack didn't even get a card! F in chat for Dack
Rioxcon: more fliers
chaostreader: He showed up in the story on Magic’s site.
ryllo7: yes yes you do
CodenameJD: Seer
bartimus_thundercask: dack died so that he can go rescue elspeth more effectively. as t least thsts my head cannon
Ranakel: I remember seeing that meme with the guy waking up in a hospital bed and it goes "Sir, you've been in a coma since Amonkhet - I can't wait to see my greatest thief of the multiverse"
Uzumaki15: play portal swing with fliers
RebelliousUno: we got that lich a frosty lynx
NrgSpoon: got enough good creatures for a good portal loop
BlueMechanic: I'm not sure if Wizards had intended him to die but he got killed off in the novel and they had to go along with it.
TXC2: bold move op
ultterr: knight playing the long game there
Akaiatana: Huh. I would have sworn octoprophet was a 3/2
EyoresHere: knight has vigilence?
ultterr: yea
TXC2: sure does
mannymagic101: Ur prerelease deck had more flyers
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> RT @Card_Kingdom> We FLEW through the last @LRRMtG button, so we move on to a classic. When you swing out, @loadingreadyrun wants to remind you that "Math is for Blockers". | What could go wrong? 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-aL83dWsAACE-d.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1145759985764225024
Very0minous: would it be butthead if it was -1/+1
Evandill: @BlueMechanic I'd believe that they set him up to die.
TheHaywireZombie: @akaiatana deathtouch
reaper_josh: Can we take a moment to appreciate Gideon's death gave us that sweet as heck Rest in Peace art?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: this is too many pirannhas
ultterr: that portal now seems really goo
cheadlecurse: portal bounce piranah and chunk
ultterr: good
Rioxcon: portal seer combo draw a card each turn
Dmc3628: ah the math is for blockers button
jonasjonIV: there are at least two
cheadlecurse: ah
TXC2: 2 rival schools of Paranahs, it's like an anime
Evandill: #lilianashouldhavedied
Akaiatana: @TheHaywireZombie yeah, I just thought through the PPR, etc, it was 3/2. it's 3/3
ultterr: portal can bounce the executioner too
Ranakel: I think piranhas only come in three quantities: None, One, and WAY TOO MANY
aquinas_0: my brain inserted ben's banana costume on its own
RebelliousUno: oh it's an artefact
TheHaywireZombie: @akaiatana ah gotcha
aquinas_0: took a minute for it to fade from my brain
RebelliousUno: I thought it was a creature
ultterr: double block the knight
MagnusCarter: change it to blue cat
BillTheCat: it's a paul blartifact
Akaiatana: I'm not sure people are aware, but I need to say it aloud: Diamond knight's art pairs exactly with diamond mare
mannymagic101: Arena taps creatures and land the same way serge does
AlchemicalPanda: So good
inaudibledaisy: IT LOVES YOU
BrowneePoints: Blue Kitty looks cooler though
espi: cat-dragons
Evandill: Does it cycle through all 5 colors? or just red to blue?
Fugi: Snek or riot
synarchylive: GIVE US MOWU
reaper_josh: Diamond Knight is just Diamond Mare but with less Neigh and more Slay
RangedMinion: drogonling
AlchemicalPanda: bone to ash inc
jrhwhite: Changing it to the best colour in Magic? How could you be so bold, yet controversial!
BillTheCat: D:
Rioxcon: I can't remember do all the battlefields have somewhere for the cat to sit?
NrgSpoon: bounce!
AlchemicalPanda: bounce it
shadowbow464: save him
RangedMinion: gimme a dragonling
bartimus_thundercask: GET IN THE BAG OF HOLDING
Oatway_: I want a pika
useless_ac: did you know that your opponent is forced to hear your cat when you interact with it?
TXC2: muuuuuuurdeeeeeeer
BrowneePoints: The red is too yellow
RebelliousUno: there's been a moider
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Murder? Nah
EyoresHere: rude!
ultterr: next set maybe norse style with snow, soo seal as pet maybe?
inaudibledaisy: dont bounce it, POUNCE it
doctorbear: Murder... Most Foul!
TheHaywireZombie: puffin
PapertheUnicorn: i wonder if ben can say murder like the conductor
espi: opponent didn't read the card?
Sannindi: If we're getting Kaldheim, I'm voting for cute bear cub.
Ranakel: I want Mowu. I want a spiderbro. I want a goblin. I also want a 1% chance to randomly get fblthp instead of your selected pet
Rioxcon: wow
reaper_josh: Did George just mill 4 islands?
CodenameJD: doooo it
Rioxcon: next turn
SydPreviouslyHeadache: HOLY oh right
AlchemicalPanda: So close
CodenameJD: next turn
RebelliousUno: next turn
Diabore: just bounce executioner
reaperlord3491: Bounce executioner
RebelliousUno: you could bounce the spirit
Akaiatana: Lynx! You owe me a coke
ultterr: bounce executioner
AlchemicalPanda: Also, bouncing the executioner is also great
BrowneePoints: Bounce Executioner
espi: bounce Executioner to get tokens
RebelliousUno: to keep going with token
shadowbow464: yes
shadowbow464: when you block with him
ultterr: and use the token to cast sephara next turn
jonasjonIV: yes
cheadlecurse: ah yes the "rumblies"
TXC2: you mean the shits?
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chaostreader: You can only bounce on your turn.
BodaciousNia: what is that blue cat thing?
RebelliousUno: it's only on your turn
HesGotNoPants: ben has das poops
CodenameJD: @shadowbow464 Only on your turn
bartimus_thundercask: tunnel vision?
reaper_josh: the coffee-beeriod
Akaiatana: I didn't realize Ben was doing a Buzzfeed this morning
tehlordofelves: that feeling of needing to go to a lavatory?
frnknstn: the jitters?
mannymagic101: I just realized u can exile hanged executioner then bounce it in response
Evella: the rumblins
CodenameJD: Erratic Portal too strong
carl0ou: dumping syndrome?
BrowneePoints: if it was any time it would cost more
Hellishdream: With the angel that grants everything else Hexproof, the Angels deck is gonna be dumb.
ultterr: portal + executioner feels like buyback token spell from modern horizon
RebelliousUno: it's only 4 damage
reaper_josh: Dropping the kiddies off at the pool?
chaostreader: @mannymagic101 I don’t think that works the way you want it to.
cheadlecurse: cloudkin fish for a land to play 2 things>
AlchemicalPanda: bounce it
AlchemicalPanda: replay it
AlchemicalPanda: you have enough
Technic_AL: Ghost
Rioxcon: try to draw a land, play the seer
CodenameJD: One short
cheadlecurse: oh shit he right
CodenameJD: One mana short
ultterr: mana
espi: nope you're short 1
Rioxcon: seer
AlchemicalPanda: oh god... I've become serge
mannymagic101: y did u bounce it
espi: never become Serge
ryllo7: no you will have enough
ultterr: wrong tapping
Kqbj: Still do it
NrgSpoon: look at that auto tap
malexus101: hello everybody!
ryllo7: the other one makes a flyer
CodenameJD: ALWAYS LISTEN TO CHAT: never listen to chat
TheHaywireZombie: autotap
ultterr: care for the tapping
TXC2: Arena pls we have a 1 drop in blue
vinvis_: watch how it taps
SydPreviouslyHeadache: what's the 2 mana thing?
espi: why not leave an island untapped to cast the Faerie?
BrowneePoints: Life total doesn't matter till it's zero
colinoclock: does the cat try to catch Pinchy McStingbutt when it crosses its path?
Akaiatana: @espi holding up portal mana
ultterr: can gain life back with sephara anyway :D
RebelliousUno: 10 is not 0
malexus101: is this limited?
BodaciousNia: I wanna know what the cat is... is it one of the things to click on?
chaostreader: Yes. It’s draft.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh cutthroat
TXC2: malexus101 yeap, draft
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chaostreader: @bodaciousnia Yes. It changes color.
jonasjonIV: counter
malexus101: okay this deck looks already waaaay to sick for what I was expecting for core set drafting!
BrowneePoints: No
reaper_josh: It resolved? enjoy winning Ben 👍
CodenameJD: Unsummon?
BrowneePoints: err yea
BrowneePoints: bounce kitty
BodaciousNia: @chaostreader thanks
Kqbj: Bounce exec
Trahas: is the artifact only on your turn?
useless_ac: indestructible blocker is good
Technic_AL: Is that bounce ability sorcery or instant speed?
TXC2: Trahas yeap
malexus101: executioner is not worded like magara, right?
Lucaan: Hey everyone eogHey
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ok then
WrightJustice: waow
Trahas: ok, was wondering why he wasn't saving it for their turn.
CodenameJD: yeesh
Fugi: op with all the answers
chaostreader: @technic_al Instant speed. On his turn.
BrowneePoints: Who main decks beffudle!?
ultterr: hard cast
reaper_josh: Why can't I hold all of these answers?
TheHaywireZombie: opp unreal
ultterr: hard cast so all can block
AlchemicalPanda: Hard cast angel?
fiftymcnasty: hard cast her?
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shadowbow464: does excutioner require himself to tap for his exile?
flapjacksofwar: Frost Lynx their flyer?
tacocpu: Lifelink seems goood
Technic_AL: Cast full retail?
BrowneePoints: play a bunch of bodies
BillTheCat: knight, lynx, angel?
synarchylive: Sleep paralysis bulture kill them over 2 turns?
Larkit: pay retail my dude
BrowneePoints: knight, lynx, angel
ultterr: all indestruct so can block
cheadlecurse: honestly you could just lynx paralysis and hit them for 4 and there dead next turn
BodaciousNia: safer to hard cast
useless_ac: knight lynx saphara
Travkier: Hard cast sephara
Rioxcon: swing with 1
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flapjacksofwar: Frost Ket approves
TXC2: op digging
Lucaan: Bag of Holding is such a cool card
Joalni: Ben, what do you think about the bag? As a D&D reference?
TXC2: sometimes OP just have every Gods damned answer
Joalni: And chat, as well.
AlchemicalPanda: Unsummon is a blowout, but you have to
CodenameJD: At least Vulture still dies
TXC2: they wouldn't have frost lynx if they have unsommon
tehlordofelves: if they had unsummon why would they frost lynx the sephara
Trahas: murder wouldn't work
ZachtlyAsIntended: if he has unsummon, it's a 2-4-1, he should have tapped down something else
jrhwhite: Bag is OP in Tour de France
BrowneePoints: I think that was a RTFC moment
flapjacksofwar: I need a Bag of Holding full of Puppers
useless_ac: i think opp did not know our team is indestrucdible
CodenameJD: @Trahas She doesn't give herself indestructible
Fugi: they may not have seen the indestructible
TheHaywireZombie: @jrhwhite sick tech
AlchemicalPanda: Digging for unsummon
reaper_josh: You just win now right?
BrowneePoints: Yea that was definitely a RTFC moment
Rioxcon: did the play a murder this game?
Lucaan: That's one big bag eogOh
CodenameJD: GG
Trahas: oh good point codenameJD
HesGotNoPants: @jrhwhite only as a 1 of if you want that 7 times win
TheHaywireZombie: Sweet ringtone
flapjacksofwar: Lynx their flyer?
pyrojakk: What was that song? :o
Lucaan: Hi Ben's dad
Evandill: Oh my god bag in Tour de France
AScruffMcGruffin: 10/10 ringtone
SydPreviouslyHeadache: mic is not muted
Uzumaki15: knight, drop a bunch of blue creatures
CodenameJD: Right click attack all
the_one_and_only_kim: They forgot indestructible
theficklecat: HI DAD!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh ok
tehlordofelves: HI BEN'S DAD!
TeodorantZMX: monkaS
BrowneePoints: Paralysis octo, lynx a lynx?
whoppernugget: Muted lol
CodenameJD: Oh wait
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CodenameJD: Sephara. D'oh
flapjacksofwar: Oh wait, the flyer is ded
vinvis_: knight first..
CastleOtranto: It's okay, Ben, my dad butt dials me all the time.
reaper_josh: 2 to the 1 to the 1 to the 3 🎉
Technic_AL: Diamond knight then frost lynx?
cheadlecurse: hit them
Lucaan: Ben, when you get a chance tell your dad that he is a cool guy that raised another cool guy.
Rioxcon: swing with one or two
BrowneePoints: swing for 3
BrowneePoints: you have lethal next regardless
ultterr: not 3?
ZachtlyAsIntended: 'ware the flash merflok
CodenameJD: Frost Lynx is indestructible
useless_ac: nad now the have the bounce 3
ZachtlyAsIntended: never mind
AlchemicalPanda: @CodenameJD Only flyers are
ultterr: the bounce all non land permanent spell
TXC2: op digging
TXC2: there it is
Lucaan: Got there PogChamp
flapjacksofwar: GOT EM!
cheadlecurse: THAT WAS GAME ONE
cheadlecurse: what
CodenameJD: @AlchemicalPanda ....dang new cards having words on them. Why isn't Sephara just Avacyn XD
HesGotNoPants: noni
flapjacksofwar: The bounce spells will be a problem
AlchemicalPanda: @CodenameJD No worries, I keep doing it too. And not being able to look at the card with deckmaster makes it worse for me.
BillTheCat: they had a bunch of moat fish and some instant speed removal
Rioxcon: faerie
Sahje: Knight
godardhazard: deck is awesome!
TheHaywireZombie: @codenamejd she gave up 1 power and toughness and her own Indestructible to get lifelink
Sahje: With all the bounce it's a blow out. So take out the Knight.
flapjacksofwar: Need that sweet Protection from Blue
thestefteddy: Serge is sick ;-;
Haberdashed: Hi Ben!
Haberdashed: Hi Chat!
flapjacksofwar: The Dream is to always Jund Em Out
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Haberdashed: So when do us plebs get M20?
mannymagic101: do u have any white removal for creatures?
TXC2: hello Haberdashed welcome
BillTheCat: keep and get there :D
godardhazard: snap keep
godardhazard: keep it
mannymagic101: kp on the draw
BrindleBoar: just one land Kappa
NFStreams: no balls keep it
Fugi: keep it
chaostreader: Turn 3 warden. Turn 4 other warden.
useless_ac: any land and thats a great hand
cheadlecurse: on the draw keep
Rioxcon: keep
Fugi: its all the flyers
YuanRamirez: id keep it but im bad
flapjacksofwar: London Mulligan, GO!
Uzumaki15: Hands bad. Keep
thestefteddy: Keeep
TXC2: remember: on Arena if you have 2 lands, you never get mroe
Fugi: it'll be great
Evandill: I'd do it but boy is this unstable
Kqbj: Keep on draw
TXC2: *more
Haberdashed: SNEEP
flapjacksofwar: Heart of the Cards
ultterr: heart of the cards
vinvis_: The dream is 1 drop flyer, 2 drop 2 flyers, turn 3 drop a 2 drop flyer and the 7 drop
cheadlecurse: you have 3 draws to draw 1 land
cheadlecurse: always had iot
jonasjonIV: see? trust chat
BillTheCat: never didn't have it
flapjacksofwar: We got your back, Fam
TheHaywireZombie: ez game ez life
useless_ac: warden into warden into seer
TXC2: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat
tergonis: Never! trust chat!
NFStreams: got there seabatBRAIN
ultterr: 2 warden PogChamp
IbunWest: This is the first time I've seen the protection animation. That looks cool as heck.
AlchemicalPanda: you don't need a land for that, do you?
NrgSpoon: double warden good times
TheHaywireZombie: Warden flyer storm
AlchemicalPanda: warden, next turn warden for two, seer for 1
BillTheCat: what color is protection from everything?
flapjacksofwar: All according to keikaku
ultterr: playing storm on standard draft
ultterr: PogChamp
reaperlord3491: Sphinx of the Guildpact hexproof looks sick
mannymagic101: Next turn . u can play all of ur 3 drops
TXC2: BillTheCat a rainbow I hope
flapjacksofwar: -Translation notes, Keikaku means plan-
Haberdashed: Yo dawg I heard you like birds...
ultterr: warden number 2
AlchemicalPanda: warden, seer, angel
malexus101: next turn we play 3 flying creatures?
cheadlecurse: you can play warden into hanged
NFStreams: warden into seet into executioner works
SydPreviouslyHeadache: couldn't you play it next turn?
useless_ac: turn 4 7/7 flying
starkiller2031: no
AlchemicalPanda: Dope
ultterr: the dream
cheadlecurse: trun four BABY
ultterr: PogChamp
starkiller2031: you cant
ZachtlyAsIntended: you still need the W
BillTheCat: no murder one time
Kqbj: Executioner then sephara
TheHaywireZombie: game so ez it plays itself
ultterr: and then got murdered/unsummoned
tergonis: just make sure it doesn't tap white
Rioxcon: he has got to be holding his murder for that.
flapjacksofwar: Dont hurt Bens, babies!
cheadlecurse: AUTOTAP
starkiller2031: noooo
cheadlecurse: NOOOOOOOOOOO
AlchemicalPanda: watch the tapping
ultterr: tapping
413th: AUTOTAP
espi: opponent 100% has Bones to Ash
Oatway_: you won't have W up
jpcguy89: Hello from vacation in Italy where the WiFi sucks major donkey!
Fugi: mistap
BillTheCat: rip
ultterr: wrongggg
AlchemicalPanda: seer
vinvis_: nooooo
AlchemicalPanda: you can seer
SydPreviouslyHeadache: couldn't you have just played the hanged executioner into the angel?
NFStreams: now you gottta seer executioner
twomz: Needed WW right?
Uzumaki15: you could next turn right? land, executioner, tap all four sephara?
TheHaywireZombie: It's fine chat
TXC2: only need 4 flyers
tergonis: bone to ash incoming
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Oh this is better
flapjacksofwar: LAND
TheHaywireZombie: Watch out for the bone to ash
Kqbj: Lol
BillTheCat: they 100% have murder
ultterr: 2/1 fairy miscreant
NFStreams: inb4 murder
banaankaizer: bone to ash 👀
flapjacksofwar: dang it
YuanRamirez: do they know about sephara?
Uzumaki15: now you cast sephara
BodaciousNia: EVERYTHING IS FINE!! lol
SydPreviouslyHeadache: hanged executioner comes with a flying spirit
Trahas: bone to ash
HesGotNoPants: counter incoming
ultterr: bone to ash
cheadlecurse: play hanged to bait it
Kqbj: Love auto tap
TheHaywireZombie: Play hangman
malexus101: just go executioner
413th: put down the hanged
useless_ac: executioner
AlchemicalPanda: play executioner then, and just have a huge board?
ultterr: bait with executioner
NFStreams: throw in the executioner
mannymagic101: play the executioner
Uzumaki15: drop the executioner
tubby125: play the other seer
vinvis_: executioner then...
ZachtlyAsIntended: Bait with Executioner?
YuanRamirez: ya, hanged and go
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godardhazard: cast hanged
Uzumaki15: bait it
tubby125: nm
YuanRamirez: theres still time
tacocpu: why are they all so cheap?
godardhazard: sephara next turn
cheadlecurse: or not
BillTheCat: ok
AlchemicalPanda: lol
BodaciousNia: wow
flapjacksofwar: GOT EM
Oatway_: neat
jonasjonIV: huh
ultterr: gg
tacocpu: goteem
Uzumaki15: huh
ultterr: magic is easy
TheHaywireZombie: @tacocpu Warden of Evos Isle reduces the cost
flapjacksofwar: Sick plays
YuanRamirez: #hanged
NFStreams: @tacocpu double warden of evos isle
TXC2: tacocpu wardens make them cheaper
godardhazard: GG
Uzumaki15: interesting scoop
Fugi: WutFace
SquirrelEarl: Too many fliers... run away
Tom_Bruise: Man, Sephara really knew how to show that guy
malexus101: I mean, that is an insane curve to face
BillTheCat: how much xp did you get for 1 draft match?
BodaciousNia: 2020 cards.. *grabby hands*
TXC2: Good Op, knowing when to quit
flapjacksofwar: It needs to be tomorrow now
tergonis: 9 power in the air is a thing
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malexus101: it was 6/5 power of flying creatures across 4 bodies on turn 4
ultterr: the exp is only from daily mission?
BillTheCat: thanks Ben :)
ArkhamArchivist: oh god what is all this nonsense
jpcguy89: Stop spoiling chat. I’m buffering for a minute every 30 seconds.
flapjacksofwar: iirc a win is worth 800 xp?
Raithencore235: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:45:17.
WrightJustice: the exp is 1000 a day from dailies and playing games
BillTheCat: so like two games is a level
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TheKingWiggins: Huzzah for Ben!
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flapjacksofwar: and you need 1000 xp to level
BodaciousNia: at least it's something new
mannymagic101: Ben what is the friday night paper fight going to be this friday?
NrgSpoon: @jpcguy89 you might want to watch through the VOD then instead
EyoresHere: to be fair, you've got like 3 months to grind it out
flapjacksofwar: Thats what the MTGA reddit is saying
WrightJustice: seems like max is 1000 a day unless you pay more gems
Evochron13: highlander league
BodaciousNia: use your new 2020
TheWooglie: Canlander
nmuir: when will we see canadian highlander again?
413th: Heck yeah!!!
cheadlecurse: yay
jpcguy89: @nrgspoon i was mostly kidding, but are the vods sub locked?
nmuir: sick
TXC2: R/magicArena says a lot of things
cheadlecurse: I love highlander
Cepsys: same players in the league again?
Uzumaki15: Are you participating?
mannymagic101: Do you know what deck you r going to bring?
chaostreader: @jpcguy89 No, they are not.
TXC2: dummy, but sadly not dummy thicc Kappa
ultterr: knight
cheadlecurse: knight first
cheadlecurse: oof
Cepsys: cause i'm down to watch you play some RDW :)
jpcguy89: Okay then it’s probably best I go watch there. Thanks guys.
Sahje: This is good right.
Uzumaki15: ob but that's a turn 5 Sephara
Sahje: Turn 4 Sephara
NrgSpoon: you just need to refresh the video each time you catch up
Dmc3628: first league since Horizons so can't wait to see what happens
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i love that bird spirit
EyoresHere: drew giant angel, playing were was the right play
TXC2: looks like a mirror match
useless_ac: knight and faeris is still good
Raithencore235: Do changes based on last placement at the last tournament?
Lucaan: I definitely would love to see Canlander League where you keep the same deck archetype throughout.
mannymagic101: Will you do the summer highlander league once a month this summer?
ultterr: next turn sephara
cheadlecurse: you guys should play my new format its exactly like canlander but all decks except muscle wizards are banned
nmuir: go faster, jam blood moon
mannymagic101: Do you like boros or gruul better
TXC2: Just play Gruul stompy in Highlander, what could go wrong? Kappa
cheadlecurse: no
WrightJustice: oh do you think opp has WW save 2 cards?
shadowbow464: no
A_Gideon: No
TXC2: Nope
flapjacksofwar: I forget that Arena has music
Cepsys: this is ixalan pirate music
SydPreviouslyHeadache: idk , but it's reminding me of jeremy soule
Lucaan: I usually have my own music going when I play Arena
frnknstn: this music is normally in the menu, not games maybe
cheadlecurse: hit it very hard
EyoresHere: crunch?
Raithencore235: I love the changes to the U.I. now
TXC2: I used to have in game music, now I just have youtube music :P
whoppernugget: I think they oopsed
useless_ac: just attack with the little flyers
flapjacksofwar: I think you have lethal? Math is hard
EyoresHere: flungeea
shadowbow464: yes
Dmc3628: as the button says math for blockers
cheadlecurse: math is for blockers
reaperlord3491: Yes
TXC2: we 8
jonasjonIV: math. is. for. blockers.
EyoresHere: the might have tricks?
flapjacksofwar: Math is for Blockers
LuHeGi: cpwSquir It's M20 woowoo
ZachtlyAsIntended: Flunge!
flapjacksofwar: Meg
shadowbow464: it lives
TheHaywireZombie: Could be worse
Lucaan: I really want to create a new Highlander format in the Chicagoland area just so I can call it Chi-lander
flapjacksofwar: Meh*
Oatway_: the gloves fell off
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ROFL they gave it protection from
SquirrelEarl: Aura
WrightJustice: lol they made their aura fall off
shadowbow464: opps
flapjacksofwar: Pro Blu
Biottik: he gave it protection lol
Terminusthrall: lol
bl1ghtn1n6: oof
TheWooglie: LUL
accountmadeforants: Also their enchantment fell off :D
jonasjonIV: ha!
cheadlecurse: that hilarious
Lucaan: RIP
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
ultterr: LUL
Terminusthrall: that gotcha moment with prot lol
flapjacksofwar: New set, how do mecahincs work
Uzumaki15: That was in inconsequential misplay
frnknstn: protection in a core set in 2019!
TXC2: let that be a lesson to ya chat
Diabore: remember how protection is intuitive to new players? me neither
NrgSpoon: too bad they actually saw that happen
TheWooglie: someone needs to watch Serge's video
NrgSpoon: because it might matter in the next game and now they'll know not to do that
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'm so scared. protection from is going to hurt me so bad, because i'm sure i'm going to make that mistake repeatedly
malexus101: protection is really not "new players friendly"
BillTheCat: always having the 7/7 each game is nice
TXC2: Protection would make more sense if it was like Hexproof Ironicaly
frnknstn: Ben, any new cards from Modern Horizons in your RDW?
BillTheCat: despite never drawing the cavalier
Terminusthrall: @SydPreviouslyHeadache dont worry, just dont play enchantments because they are super risky anyway lol
SydPreviouslyHeadache: yeah, malexus, this will be my first time playing with protection. i'm going to get myself so many times
flapjacksofwar: I wanted to go to the zoo today, but its a cloudless sunny day and 33c outside right now x.x
ultterr: sephala and executioner every single game
synarchylive: Aria of Flame YES
TXC2: there are no new cards for RDW, thank Christ
mannymagic101: sorry what's RDW?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: red deck wins
malexus101: aren't the 2 red horizon lands like autoincludes?
whoppernugget: Sinkhole is spicy
TXC2: shock still got a reprint though, which pisses me off
seenoham: magmatic sinkhole
chaostreader: Red Deck Wins
Lucaan: Aria of Flame looks dope
mannymagic101: ok thank you
flapjacksofwar: Play the knight?
RealitySoldier: Hey, everyone! Hope everyone has a lovely day!
erloas: is this set anything other than blue and white?...
synarchylive: Aira hold priority skullcrack
TheHaywireZombie: Skullcrack and Aria seems fun
frnknstn: Run snow lands and play the 2/2 for 1?
Raithencore235: I just opened some packs of Modern Horizons today, managed to open a FOIL Yawgmoth, Thran Physician!
Jondare: you can, but it's also just a lot easier than you'd think to kill people even through the 10 life
TXC2: oh Horizons, I meant Core20 :P
Diabore: leylines are all reprints right?
blessedexchequer: Rampaging Ferocidons shut it down too
TXC2: Diabore not all of them no
malexus101: Ben, the lands!!
synarchylive: Or you could play, like, Sulfuric Vortex and such. You have a deece amount of 'Oops can't gain life" don't you?
Diabore: huh, til
DK_84: Bad deck idea: "Oops all land"
Diabore: what were the old leylines?
Dmc3628: white black and blue
Dmc3628: the red and green ones are new
bl1ghtn1n6: Pyro's really good
TXC2: Diabore the white and black ones, and I think the blue one
413th: man James' curse real strong today
seenoham: delve burn spell
Jorge4hg: That's sure a lot of land there
A_Gideon: @dk_84 i mean there are lands that make and become creatures
malexus101: the lands?
blessedexchequer: Seasoned Pyromancer?
SquirrelEarl: If only Sinkhole hit players
shadowbow464: no
YuanRamirez: no, theres no pressure from that 2/1
malexus101: really you wouldn't play horizon lands in rdw?
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shadowbow464: now i would
YuanRamirez: !card disenchant
LRRbot: Disenchant [1W] | Instant | Destroy target artifact or enchantment.
Uzumaki15: Now sleep it
mannymagic101: Goblin oriflame for Red deck Wins?
TXC2: so Gods willing seems like a mythic uncommon :P
NrgSpoon: still waiting for cavalier to show up
vegetalss4: What's the creature in Ben's hand? I can't it and deckmaster insists that his hand consist solely of islands
YuanRamirez: !card Sephara
LRRbot: Sephara, Sky's Blade [4WWW] | Legendary Creature — Angel [7/7] | You may pay {W} and tap four untapped creatures you control with flying rather than pay this spell’s mana cost. / Flying, lifelink / Other creatures you control with flying have indestructible.
Xenotechie: OH NO D:
ForOhForError: woooooow
tergonis: nice
Lucaan: REKT
Uzumaki15: Uh...
Oatway_: F
flapjacksofwar: James is always with you on Arena when you least want him to be
BillTheCat: katesRip
Arikell: ooof
Uzumaki15: GG?
Jorim: BibleThump
Biottik: that's unfortunate
shadowbow464: that hurts
BodaciousNia: does Sephara get indestructable too?
TXC2: 2Spiderman.jpg
TheHaywireZombie: concede
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i think we lose
red_shoes_jeff: benginRip benginRip benginRip
EyoresHere: that's just permanent
ForOhForError: [slow clap]
Jondare: well RIP
TheWooglie: do you have any bounce?
YuanRamirez: !card Agent of Treachery
LRRbot: Agent of Treachery [5UU] | Creature — Human Rogue [2/3] | When Agent of Treachery enters the battlefield, gain control of target permanent. / At the beginning of your end step, if you control three or more permanents you don’t own, draw three cards.
flapjacksofwar: Guess ill die!
NrgSpoon: might have to exile it
Megakarp: need homeward path Kappa
useless_ac: wait
Evandill: I belueve we uh...
Evandill: die?
YuanRamirez: hang sephara and wait for the cavalery
TXC2: I despise the blue perminate take control effects
SydPreviouslyHeadache: agent of treachery and unsummons sound gross
whoppernugget: Sinkhole hits walkers!
malexus101: also, is the 1 mana 2/2 good enough?
Jondare: Agent + that gate artifact = STEAL ALL YO THINGS
Lucaan: Magmatic Sinkhole not going face is going to be hard to include in RDW, but it is a really good removal spell.
Xenotechie: i adore them, sorry TXC, but our opp here lived out the dream that turn
ForOhForError: [slow clap]
Xenotechie: and continues to live the dream
EyoresHere: noooo
YuanRamirez: lrrSCOOP
frnknstn: is Icehide Golem good?
ZachtlyAsIntended: So...white with Protection Combat Tricks is back, how does that feel?
mannymagic101: Hanged Executioner is lingering souls without flashback
agrulguy21: hey ben guess what i pulled from a Japanese war pack yesterday i ryms with talt cart illiana
Raithencore235: I never realized that protection was THAT good of an effect, especially on a card like Gods Willing
agrulguy21: foil
NrgSpoon: just need to have portal out next time
Fugi: I played cards with protection at GP Seattle and had to call a judge every time to figure out wtf it did to the board state
Evandill: Protection is back and getting people like it's 2015(?) again
BodaciousNia: James.. are you wearing a Ben mask?
cokroop: Yay for Pride Emotes being permanent! Pride100 Pride100 #Pride
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
ForOhForError: tbf no one expects the second uncommon combat trick
EyoresHere: regulator also let's you loot
TeamPhoenixDK: HIYA Ben! :D
malexus101: Ball lightning.deck?
bl1ghtn1n6: thunderkin + ball lightning is dumb
Evandill: Thanks for the PridePan @cokroop! It's even my own flag! PridePan PridePan PridePan
TeamPhoenixDK: Hows it going?
TXC2: hello TeamPhoenixDK welcome
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TeamPhoenixDK: I am good. Been looking at M20 the past few hours.
TXC2: Finaly
A_Gideon: lets see i got PridePan PrideAsexual flags
shadowbow464: there our boy
TeamPhoenixDK: Is this Draft, Sealed or?
EyoresHere: lrrHorn
TXC2: Draft
EyoresHere: d'oh
flapjacksofwar: Daybreak CHaplin? What is this Coreset 2019?!
TeamPhoenixDK: Cool. Never actually drafted myself, but looks fun.
cokroop: PrideLesbian PrideLesbian PrideLesbian
mannymagic101: Is the war of the spark spectale bolt in your deck?
TXC2: HAHA A turn off for the warden into the Caviler
Xenotechie: there's the colourless future sight artifact
frnknstn: PrideLesbian PrideLionYay PrideWingR
ultterr: warden then fairy?
Terminusthrall: I think this set is way too short on our favorite pyromancer...we need at least 2 or 3 more versions
mannymagic101: Play the warden then the miscreant
malexus101: the pizza oven!
Raithencore235: Mystic Forge
NrgSpoon: no point in not playing it, right?
EyoresHere: it only gets artifacts and colorless stuft
malexus101: aren't there some pretty neat colorless card in Horizon?
BillTheCat: :O the combooo
Terminusthrall: holy crap
TeamPhoenixDK: Cool. 5/5 lifelink
Xenotechie: watch them have the gods willing to protect it too
TXC2: Players, Please for the love of the Gods dont play spells when a creature is on the stack, it's so BM
bl1ghtn1n6: Are you brainstorming right?
PatFromIT: She learned the secret of the butt punch technique!
Biottik: nice fx
EyoresHere: sleep paralysis isn't even good...
TeamPhoenixDK: You drafted 2 Diamond Knights?!? That is awesome
chaostreader: @teamphoenixdk Nope. Drafted 3.
TeamPhoenixDK: What?
TeamPhoenixDK: 3?
Uzumaki15: now while they're tapped
EyoresHere: they can just untap it with the effect on the enchantment
NrgSpoon: keep bone to ash for 7 mana
TXC2: "just call me Angle of the Dawning, baby"
Uzumaki15: sleep the cleric
flapjacksofwar: doo eet
mannymagic101: knight then warden
shadowbow464: keep ramming they can't heal forever
Martizz1e: Ben, this deck would be so sweet with a set of favorable winds
chaostreader: Only two ended up in the deck, but yeah. Three diamond knights.
useless_ac: paralasis the flyer and swing
NrgSpoon: paralyze the angel
Uzumaki15: well sleep the angel then and swing with fliers
inlaik: Meoww
LemonOnRye: Too woke for sleep paralysis
EyoresHere: I mean, it taxes them for 3 Mana every turn, which isn't nothing, but also isn't nearly as much as you'd want
Uzumaki15: they can only gain so much life
malexus101: brainstorm for answer?
YuanRamirez: bone to ash would be too obv right?
mannymagic101: warden warden
BodaciousNia: diamond knight as fodder
EyoresHere: double warden?
TeamPhoenixDK: There were the last Diamond Knight
flapjacksofwar: Well, its hot AF here in Louisville, time to stay inside, watch Arena, and play with my kittens
Raithencore235: The water animation! Very nice
Arikell: really is mono blue right now
TeamPhoenixDK: A trade isnt that bad, when your creature gets shuffled in your library right?
TXC2: heckin battle yall
YuanRamirez: protection is really good against mostly mono colored decks as it turns out xD
NrgSpoon: he has stealy boi mana now
DaMagicBadger: Suggestion for Cavalier of Gales as Brainborne ( as in airborne)
chaostreader: Maybe hold up bone to ash?
flapjacksofwar: My only good nickname is for Blood Burgler as 'Blurgler' im not very creative ;-;
Evandill: @DaMagicBadger Either that or StormBrain
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Mivair: Do I hear 20 months for Core 2020? Heck yeah I do!
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NrgSpoon: did you put in a disenchant?
TXC2: I would have held cavalier to block
Uzumaki15: chump
ultterr: chump
mannymagic101: chump with miscreant
ultterr: warden then fairy?
Uzumaki15: spirte and warden makes the attacks bad
YuanRamirez: soon the knights will be able to trade, nice
Uzumaki15: they can't give pro colorless
useless_ac: counter it
ultterr: bone to ash and then they can trade
BillTheCat: I'd let it go
NrgSpoon: wait did you take out all your white?
useless_ac: can'T give them card draw
zemorlockwarlock: counter
malexus101: counter
jonasjonIV: its bait
TXC2: dont counter, it trades
mannymagic101: counter
ultterr: spectral can draw
YuanRamirez: counter so that the knights become 5/5? idk
EyoresHere: how much Mana does the draw cost?
malexus101: it draws card if they don't block?
ultterr: spectral can draw at least a card
useless_ac: 4
TeamPhoenixDK: It is only 1 card.
EyoresHere: well then
YuanRamirez: i think thats actually good for you that they used gods willing there
TXC2: in a way that gods willing did nothing
EyoresHere: let the card advantage flow I guess?
mannymagic101: bone it
TeamPhoenixDK: Another flying blocker
DaMagicBadger: By not countering the sailor you can counter the thing they were hoping to draw into with it
BillTheCat: that's actually pretty annoying because it blocks all your 2/2s and 2/1
malexus101: the 1/3 bricks so many attacks tho
HailtheRNG: omg the lavacat
mannymagic101: double block
useless_ac: double block with the knights now?
Uzumaki15: double block with the knights
TheMagicalSazerac: "Is colorless a color?"
Mivair: Okay?
AlchemicalPanda: Weird flex
epicduece: nope
Toquenuke: these creatures arnt scary, baiting the counter
YuanRamirez: ok? ok
TeamPhoenixDK: xD
YuanRamirez: okay?!
DaMagicBadger: Bwubwubwuwbubwaaa
TheMagicalSazerac: Hey look, a white source!
ultterr: should have countered
TeamPhoenixDK: Why not counter it?
EyoresHere: well that's rude
malexus101: offer trade, scry?
ultterr: the griffin
NrgSpoon: saving the counter for mind control duder
YuanRamirez: its fine
TeamPhoenixDK: Bone to Ash is worse than i thought ._.
YuanRamirez: sephara incoming
ultterr: i see
YuanRamirez: calling it
TXC2: still attack with the cavailer
mannymagic101: swing with cavalier
TheMagicalSazerac: Trade the horsie, he'll come back to you if it was meant to be!
DaMagicBadger: Bone to Ash is just like a better Cryptic Command
Uzumaki15: Keep in mind if we trade with the Cavalier it shuffles back in
TXC2: op is digging
TeamPhoenixDK: cavalier is busted.
TheMagicalSazerac: Of course it's nuts. It brainstorms!
ZachtlyAsIntended: So...about reading the cards...I heard it EXPLAINS the card?
TXC2: theres a reason I said the blue one was the good one Ben :P
HailtheRNG: cmon and slam
TheOneInquisitor: Oh wow this board
TXC2: Reading is Tech
mannymagic101: swing with everything
TheMagicalSazerac: ThisIsFine.Board
Raithencore235: There managed to be a "High Alert" deck in Core 2020, great
Diabore: has that been a button yet?
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun hi ben. how are things
SAJewers: next LRR shirt? :P
TXC2: Hello ALEISmALPTO welcome
YuanRamirez: flunge deals 9 damage?
mannymagic101: they take minimum 7
TXC2: #FlungeTime
Uzumaki15: don't swing with the big boys only
HailtheRNG: i think you leave back a blocker?
tacocpu: Math is for blockers
ampharos15: I love the representation of protection in arena
ForOhForError: wait what's with the thunder cat?
Baldrash: Do eet.
ALEISmALPTO: @TXC2 greetings
Toquenuke: flunge seems gerrdy
malexus101: they have to lose 2 pieces
millenomi_lily: Leave back the cavalier?
A_Gideon: I like how the opponents cat hisses at you
mr_yarget: Hey guys, Happy Canada Day!
Mal2mad: MtGA has pets now
Porsgaard81: @LoadingReadyRun How fast is this draft format?
TeamPhoenixDK: Why not keep Cavalier back for trade with Griffin?
HailtheRNG: counter it
TXC2: hello mr_yarget welcome
TheOneInquisitor: Eh, ssettle's not in the format
mannymagic101: counter
tacocpu: get boned
Technic_AL: Present lethal, not flunge
YuanRamirez: and now pray they dont draw the steal rare
Jondare: !card metropolis sprite
LRRbot: Metropolis Sprite [1U] | Creature — Faerie Rogue [1/2] | Flying / {U}: Metropolis Sprite gets +1/−1 until end of turn.
HailtheRNG: that card seems super good
TheMagicalSazerac: MEOW
YuanRamirez: oh ok
BillTheCat: phew a nailbiter
VTMonster: Wictoriam!
TXC2: Op diged hard there
ForOhForError: mrow
BodaciousNia: GG
flapjacksofwar: He dug to the bottom it looks like
YuanRamirez: ya
BillTheCat: so many trees
Megaparsec256: you can tell your xp from the main screen
GreatGodOm: Is core set mastery just for newbies?
TXC2: it says "current level"
TeamPhoenixDK: @BillTheCat It is called a forest
Uzumaki15: I have a friend who plays a Dimir 'Steal your stuff' commander deck, and I'm terrified of that card
EyoresHere: I think core set mastery is for everyone?
BillTheCat: it is
Sahje: This levelling game seeems reallllly bad
flapjacksofwar: You are locked on how much xp you get each day i think
Megaparsec256: you only get xp from the first 3 wins and daily quests
BillTheCat: oh right
AgentFalconX: you are level 2
flapjacksofwar: At least for Set Mastery
Jondare: XP is just from the dailies
AgentFalconX: look at the main page and hover the icons
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millenomi_lily: Yeah, XP is a specific reward.
AgentFalconX: you get 800xp for quest and 100xp for first win, then 50xp for second and third
mannymagic101: is m20 open to the public now?
TheOneInquisitor: Nah
millenomi_lily: Dailies award it.
Mal2mad: Nah, tomorrow
TXC2: does mastery replace the 3 free weekly packs?
Lucaan: No bully cat eogNo
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flameburstx: hi everyone
Jondare: TXC2 yes
TXC2: well poop
EyoresHere: oh that's unfortunate
WrightJustice: 1000 max xp a day from normal game play (ignoring xp events they talk about)
EldritchProwler: The full notes are on the forums, those are the cliff notes
NrgSpoon: you get XP for your first 3 wins of the day and completing daily quests
Jondare: TXC2 well presumably you'll get roughly the same amount of rewards as that got you, just in a different way
AgentFalconX: @LoadingReadyRun you get 800xp for quest and 100xp for first win, then 50xp for second and third. each level is 1000xp
TXC2: Jondare It better :p
Jondare: AgentFalconX so you'll get a level each day?
TeamPhoenixDK: 3 Drop Tribal is a thing now?
flapjacksofwar: Nothing but gaaaasssss
BillTheCat: hey a 2-drop just in time
NrgSpoon: so knight first, right?
YuanRamirez: knight first, right?
AgentFalconX: @Jondare yes
BillTheCat: knight first?
AgentFalconX: there will probably be some extra xp during events though
RebelliousUno: so how do.i get free packs now?
accountmadeforants: You have to play every day, yeah, which sucks big time
TXC2: the "may" is doing a lot of work in that sentence
BillTheCat: RebelliousUno through the mastery system
flapjacksofwar: IIRC, they wanted to help cater to people that cant play as often as most people due to work/life
TeamPhoenixDK: What?
TeamPhoenixDK: UHHH
BillTheCat: ok thanks
RebelliousUno: like what 1 per level or.
TXC2: uh OP, are you OK
ArcOfTheConclave: they wanted the draw?
WrightJustice: without the xp events it doesn't sound like you can actually earn all your mastery levels from normal gameplay if you upgrade it with gems
YuanRamirez: oh ok
flapjacksofwar: That happened?
NrgSpoon: orderlul????????
Toquenuke: Robot are you in caht?
Jorge4hg: thank?
MiranFurze: thanks?
flapjacksofwar: Maybe they are a fan!
YuanRamirez: inb4 destroy target creature with flying. galaxy brain
malexus101: this is the strangest eot aggressive urge your creature line I have ever seen
VTMonster: maybe they have anti-flyer tech
accountmadeforants: @flapjacksofwar This is doing the exact opposite of that, though.
TeamPhoenixDK: This is weird.
flapjacksofwar: Or your Cat made them do it
RebelliousUno: eat your greens, do your mastery
flapjacksofwar: @accountmadeforants I never said they did a good job >_>
NrgSpoon: headbutt!
Terminusthrall: transmute gold to gems via draft
TeamPhoenixDK: Is that called Headbutt? Didnt know that
NrgSpoon: it is now
Haberdashed: So when do us plebs get access to this?
bl1ghtn1n6: it is as of the PPR
Diabore: turning gold to gems? is drafting alchemy?
TXC2: TeamPhoenixDK we made that term up yesturday
TXC2: Haberdashed tomorrow aprantly
Jiri_One: The problem I see is that if you don't play every day, you can't complete the pass
flapjacksofwar: Drafting is Magic
RebelliousUno: you need to get 5 wins to be up on the draft?
EonChao: I think the mastery pass will be for if you get to near the end of the season and you're at a high level
EonChao: No sense wasting gems on it early from what it seems like
ultterr: portal and drake?
Shfflecat: Is limited the only way to earn gems for free?
TXC2: what are the mastery orbs for?
TXC2: Shfflecat pretty much
flapjacksofwar: Youre roping my dude
BillTheCat: play the 3/3?
RebelliousUno: so cosmetic jank?
Terminusthrall: thqat sounds pretty good actually. how many levels are there to complete it?
Terminusthrall: that*
YuanRamirez: "im not going to attack here" attacks with 3 creatures
bl1ghtn1n6: @LoadingReadyRun can you level up with the infinite gems given to you?
TeamPhoenixDK: Why not Lynx tapping his Boneclad, then Drake and attack with everything?
BillTheCat: 100 levels
accountmadeforants: 100
flapjacksofwar: 100
TheOneInquisitor: 72 for F2P, 100 for paid
somerandomuser14: So you get all that stuff if you complete everything?
RebelliousUno: and by that point for getting a load of boosters would.you not already have all the cards anyway?
Terminusthrall: ok, so like doing dailies 2/3 days till the next set releases
Terminusthrall: oh shit, 100 levels?
doctorbear: hey Ben, not strictly related, but thank you for your autochess stream last night, it was really helpful!
WrightJustice: 100 levels only if you pay but then you can't actually got past like 84 or so with just normal gameplay
TXC2: I wager 72 days is just short of when the next set comes out
jpss92400: hey Ben what is your tattoo?
Hellishdream: I dislike "seasonal" systems like this.
Terminusthrall: pretty janky that you HAVE to pay extra if you want to finish it lol
CapnRobert: nice !
TheMagicalSazerac: I've always wanted to get the rogue symbol as a tattoo
jpss92400: that's gas lol
nobodi64: that's a sick tattoo :D
Mivair: What are we splashing white for?
TheMagicalSazerac: I've had my same rogue since vanilla <3
Fulufu_: love the tat
Haberdashed: Nerds? In MY stream?
Terminusthrall: @Hellishdream I really like it for Dota
flapjacksofwar: W/U seems to be the color everyone went with for this draft, haha
WrightJustice: the xp events need to be pretty good I think coz it does feel a bit tight normally right now
Aylig: TFT is a total addiction
fiftymcnasty: Zandalari Trolls <3
TeamPhoenixDK: Sephara. COOL
TXC2: Mivair Sphahra
Ammondale: @mivair hanged executioner and the angel
Kivipaperisakset: autochess? What about dota underlords?
TragicMtG: hey @Fulufu_ :)
Mivair: Splashing white for a WWW creature huh Ballsy I like it
Haberdashed: Can’t wait to play more TFT with you and chat!
flapjacksofwar: Clearly they like your cat
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Very0minous: is -1/+1 butthead?
Fulufu_: o wow hey @TragicMtG :D
Ammondale: @mivair it has an ability that let's you cast it for W
Ammondale: and tap four fliers you control
ultterr: one more land and sephara
Kivipaperisakset: well, in its defense, it's still kinda in beta, right?
AlchemicalPanda: I really like the way they handle items in underlords
Mivair: Duh, I'm smart
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Ammondale: true, the ui and the style are not great
doctorbear: the benefit to overlords is that I can play it on my phone at work :/
RebelliousUno: I struggle with underlords more than with autochess
doctorbear: underlords*
Haberdashed: I heard Dota underlords is basically just a mobile port
flapjacksofwar: Ouu new Ajani
TXC2: uh oh
VTMonster: Oh Johnny
HailtheRNG: i'm going with TFT mostly cause i like LoL's characters already.
ultterr: sephara
RebelliousUno: I think underlords has more characters.whixh makes it hard to level
Gascitygaming: I played both last night and LOL looks better and i like gameplay better but progression in the Dota one is cool
TeamPhoenixDK: SEPHARA coming out!
NrgSpoon: watch the autotap
Uzumaki15: so sephara?
Sannindi: You just get to drop Sephara here.
Diabore: speacking of autochess, i managed to get a 3 game win streak this morning
HailtheRNG: also, uh oh.
TeamPhoenixDK: Respong with Sephara
WrightJustice: why didn't they make pridemate?
Oghara: Hey Ben, do you guys already announced what fridays paperfight will be?
TXC2: oh I like that, showing the token it makes
Gascitygaming: noice @Diabore !
AlchemicalPanda: Takes YOU for a ride
YuanRamirez: did they just gain life?
Decaped: MtG battle pass, coming sooooon(????)
Uzumaki15: Warden, Seer, Sephara?
ultterr: sephara
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flapjacksofwar: Catfriend just Yeets out with your boardstate
TXC2: Oghara Highlander sumer season
TeamPhoenixDK: You can Sephara tho
bl1ghtn1n6: sephara
Oghara: nice thanks @TXC2
ultterr: sephara and kill ajani next turn
drrek0: they didn't make the pridemate because you could have just killed the ajani with your on-board fliers if they did
Oghara: Did Jer already pay his icecream debt? @LoadingReadyRun
Diabore: @Gascitygaming wild brawlers goes far
HailtheRNG: force the bounce here?
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YuanRamirez: dont they just destroy all creatures now?
Decaped: oh neat!
YuanRamirez: oh
TeamPhoenixDK: Murder? Kappa
YuanRamirez: i read it as "you have to have 15 or more life"
Aylig: Oh, Ben, the Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass went live today!
WrightJustice: I like that related tokens show up when you hover on cards
Aylig: It's only 9 levels right now but they're testing it out.
Jiri_One: Not the new tokens in arena :(
BodaciousNia: that looks like a new ajani..
bl1ghtn1n6: it did, you clicked through it
Ammondale: I think you clicked through maybe?
Hellishdream: Ben, I understand why you like the Battle Pass, my issue is that every game that is popular has it and that they always lock everything cool behind it. So if you play a bunch of FTP games, you either focus on one entirely, or you end up spending more money than is rational.
ToskaSergiusz: there was a stop
Very0minous: when you attack with all you can click each one to make a group then click who you want to attack
flapjacksofwar: Youre too quick on them clicks
space_turbulence: Whats the format, friends?
TXC2: draft
flapjacksofwar: Starcraft skills too strong
Kivipaperisakset: so, you need to buy a new mastery pass every time a new set comes out?
TXC2: probably
space_turbulence: @txc2 thnks!
flapjacksofwar: You dont have to, but im guessing yes
Raithencore235: You can't make a good game without getting ANY profit from it
kvothie: as long its only cosmetic, i dont really care
Hellishdream: Yeah, but it creates a mentality of less thans and have nots which mentally tricks you into having the idea that it's okay to spend money or feed on the compulsion.
Kivipaperisakset: well, it does increase awards, right?
beerstolemyfriends: you get packs
erloas: a free game has to be paid for somehow
Sannindi: I believe it has packs and ICRs, yeah.
accountmadeforants: It awards packs and Mythic ICRs
timiam: You can't claim that literally every way a game tries to make money is predatory.
flapjacksofwar: The booster packs and gold
AgentFalconX: mastery system replaces the 3 weekly packs too
Evochron13: pass gives 20 packs and 10 mythic ICRs
Jondare: it also gives you packs and so on, but you could also just have bought those with the gems anyway
timiam: Free to play isn't free to develop.
Uzumaki15: sleep the pridemte?
beerstolemyfriends: i like it
flapjacksofwar: Im hoping its a WIP
EyoresHere: it looked like it gave you packs if you pay
operationmrh: I do like how Grinding Gears does PoE's business model
ALEISmALPTO: paralyze the pridemate
Jondare: there isn't any P2W stuff in there, or at least no more so than magic normally is
YuanRamirez: portal shenanigans, i like it
harpsichord5925: Doesn't it cost gems, which you can earn in game?
WrightJustice: I think the pass is ok, the problem is that you pay for it but can't get all the levels with normal gameplay
TeamPhoenixDK: The Mastery Pass does cost gems tho
WrightJustice: as it seems so far
Jondare: WrightJustice apparently there'll be XP granting events
EonChao: Remember you don't have to buy into the pass at release. If you buy it at the end of the season you can get all the rewards you would have earned during it and you can grind the currency used for it in game by drafting for free
flapjacksofwar: My only issue is the XP lockouts tbh
BodaciousNia: how do you earn gems without buying gems first?
beerstolemyfriends: @WrightJuice you can gain all levels and buy the pass later to gain the rewards you would have unlocked
TeamPhoenixDK: What does the portal do in this game?
timiam: You buy into drafts with coins and win gems.
TXC2: BodaciousNia you earn them from drafting
kvothie: oh so thats how they show protection in arena
EonChao: @BodaciousNia If you enter ranked drafts for gold you win gems
NrgSpoon: do you have anything else that makes you shuffle your library? or is it just cavalier death
Decaped: Yeah, battle pass looks worse than not having a battle pass
Mal2mad: @BodaciousNia You play Limited.
flapjacksofwar: Also rare drafting ^-^
WrightJustice: @Jondare true, hopefully those events are good enough and don't feel like they disrupt normal gameplay
flapjacksofwar: But rare drafting only works if you have sets of everything
flapjacksofwar: Ben too strong
ultterr: monoblue ftw
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TXC2: I'm hoping to make a fliers deck for standard
Jondare: WrightJustice i imagine it'll be the Cronicle events that'll give the XP, and maybe some of the weekend events like Cascade constructed or whatever
flapjacksofwar: Ben in the air, with Blue friends
RebelliousUno: and rare drafting doesn't win games
TheOneInquisitor: Turns out, when your opponent can't block any of your creatures, they lose games
absorbedtulip9: How’s it going ben and chat?!
Mathonwy: What's up?
WrightJustice: wow
flapjacksofwar: PLUS ULTYRA
ALEISmALPTO: wait what?
Lucaan: The moon PogChamp
TheOneInquisitor: How many gems does this account have anyway?
flapjacksofwar: You can spend gems to gain levels
Jondare: quests give 800xp, first daily win gives 100xp, second and third gives 50xp
InkyGhoast: spaaaaace gotta go to space spaaace3
Jeezy56: Ben am go to moon?!
WrightJustice: bigger cat!
Sannindi: We are suffocating in the void!
TXC2: "to the moon" from Decktales intensifies
flapjacksofwar: 360k iirc?
Lucaan: More cats PogChamp
flapjacksofwar: KITTY GOT WINGS
TheOneInquisitor: Enough, as it turns out
TheOneInquisitor: Dope
WrightJustice: this is so crazy
beanscrub: Nice
Jondare: fancy kitty, fancy sleeves, a bunch of ICRs, styles and packs
TheOneInquisitor: Awesome
TXC2: touse where the planeswalker deck planeswealkers wernt they?
Mal2mad: Note: all are sleeves
Mal2mad: I mean, styles
TheOneInquisitor: This? Dope af tbqf
flapjacksofwar: Better than the rank match rewards o.o
accountmadeforants: TXC2 Yeah, you get the Planeswalkers from those decks (but not the whole thing)
TXC2: I super dont care for card styles :P
RebelliousUno: is this better than the sphere grid?
Jondare: Mal2mad there were definitely some actual cards in there as well, but it looked like regular ICR's like you get from daily wins
Prof_Poppinoff: Finally caught up with the moonlighters vod, I love every bit of it, you do great work Ben
Lucaan: Yarok PogChamp
flapjacksofwar: loooks like it?
ardengnome: Have they fixed fire the card styles look? Cause the edges used to be mirrored
Terminusthrall: 5/color + each allied combo
TheOneInquisitor: There's been a Moida
CataclysmicReverb: Wedgendaries
Jondare: ardengnome they still are, that's just how they're done
Riverdrag0n: is there a new tutorial for m20 or something?
ForOhForError: wegendaries, if you will
Mal2mad: @Jondare I think that was the other mastery tree? the one that upgrades the basic decks.
Evochron13: doign masteries en mass looks painfully slow
Mivair: I can't believe we're playing Final Fantasy
EyoresHere: I'm just sitting here trying to grind out enough wins to Max out the weekly packs before tomorrow 😅
Evochron13: good thing it's not intended tob e done like this
flapjacksofwar: The new player decks will have changed as well to include 2020 cards
Prof_Poppinoff: So basically FFX
TXC2: #Thrilling #Content
InkyGhoast: man Final Fantasy X is way different than i remember it
RebelliousUno: weird FFX mod
TheOneInquisitor: OK but this is actually fun tho
ardengnome: @jondare dang so it is a feature
Prof_Poppinoff: Uno :D
Evochron13: precisely what i commented on my next comment ben
Lucaan: Would be nice if there was a button that says "Fill All" if you have enough orbs to fill the whole thing.
Raithencore235: Is this better than unboxing thought, really, unboxing is classic?
Jondare: Mal2mad oh sorry, i was talking about the mastery pass thingy that ben paid for, this tree looks to be entirely cosmetic
flapjacksofwar: You started with 360k, down to 335k
Terminusthrall: although, without extra experience, you cannot get lvl 100 with the experience scheme as currently implemented
accountmadeforants: Yeah, maybe you pay something like $500 to get the whole thing at once :D
EldritchProwler: let's play FFX
NrgSpoon: this is resleeving
Shfflecat: Can I switch Kimahri onto a different mastery tree?
flapjacksofwar: Showing the viewers what to expect starting tomorrow
RebelliousUno: now do auron
AlchemicalPanda: Yes... because I clearly have a problem...
Jondare: Terminusthrall again, they've said there'll be bonus XP events and codes
TXC2: laughs in FFX
Terminusthrall: This is Rikku OBVS
Evochron13: ben you have this account for only a brief period; live a little... SPEND IT ALL lrrGREED
TheSecondWug: Ben doing FFX on Play It Forward?
Lucaan: Tree kinda looks like a D20
Mivair: Rude
flapjacksofwar: YOU MONSTER
Mal2mad: I do, but I know I will regret it later. Also, still not done with Yakuza 0
Oatway_: ah, wet omnath
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun not really
Jondare: there's a historic combo deck that can use Kethis
TheMagicalSazerac: Blue balled.
Mivair: Banned
RebelliousUno: noooooo
ForOhForError: >:O
TragicMtG: lrrWOW
red_shoes_jeff: benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
YuanRamirez: yea, f omnath
TheOneInquisitor: But muh jelly bean
InkyGhoast: ANTICI-
flapjacksofwar: Show us your new kitty!
TragicMtG: katesSir
Mivair: Kicked Banned Unsubbed
TheOneInquisitor: Dangit ben
Lafajet: WOW
matufin0: Really? you monster
CataclysmicReverb: literal monster
VTMonster: Ben is butt
samu_btdp1985: lol
RebelliousUno: Ben please!!!
Lolipopadventure: danGross
Mivair: !sire
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun EVIL?
Ammondale: how DARE you do my big Omnath dirty!
Steaditup: BLUE BALLS
Mivair: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! I'm you!
fuzzy_died: Boo
TXC2: damn Ben why you gotta edge chat like that
TheOneInquisitor: If we go 5-0, do we get the jelly Bean style?
Haberdashed: How DARE YOU
TheSecondWug: I thought you were joking, but you're an actual awful person
Ivannorr: You dis Omnath, we can no longer be friends
RebelliousUno: ban bengineering
flapjacksofwar: SHe has wings!
absorbedtulip9: You are a evil man
TheOneInquisitor: OMG it's adorable
Haberdashed: OMNATH IS MY BOY
TXC2: Green is the best colour
absorbedtulip9: An evil man
Hellishdream: How long until they sell a Tiny Bolas?
kvothie: why is the drake not full art tho?
Raithencore235: The "cancel" button that works maybe 1/3 of the time
flapjacksofwar: No Black cat?
TheOneInquisitor: It's like a red panda made out of mana
Lucaan: Are they all Dennis?
Mal2mad: Purple cat
TheOneInquisitor: That's absolutely amazing
kvothie: makes sense
Jiri_One: Hey, its nizzahon
LucasTheDrgn: do we know if op can see our cat? or is that not implemented yet?
YuanRamirez: can i get a dog instead of the cat? not that i hate cats but i like dogs more
TXC2: man, fuck shock
Mal2mad: They can see each other cats
ReynardWrecca: Quickly, grabb that birbb!
TXC2: it's Chandra's cat
Evochron13: chandra's a cat person
Haberdashed: Dog is probably next season
flapjacksofwar: Sneks in a Golgari deck
Lucaan: I was about to ask how hype you would be if they added a snake
ReynardWrecca: Goblin Snek-Snatcher?
Diabore: i vote birb
flapjacksofwar: Different pets for different decks!
A_Gideon: A Flaming Snek
Terminusthrall: @LoadingReadyRun Are you a Snek guy? my GF and I have a bunch of snakes lol
red_shoes_jeff: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
YuanRamirez: havent we learned from letsnope that snakes are scary ;)
kvothie: i want birbs
drcanonball: i want a bear cub
TXC2: Chandra can't get it on with Nissa, so now she's a cat lady Kappa
NrgSpoon: Mowu wants Planeswalkies!
Mivair: Ben the Sneksm'n
Mal2mad: I want a potoo
flapjacksofwar: Boop that snoot!
Evochron13: you're an allergy guy
Terminusthrall: @LoadingReadyRun NIce, balls are great, and such low maintenence onvce you get their housing sorted
flapjacksofwar: Sneks are the best]
ReynardWrecca: "Snek: The Hypoallergic Friend".
EyoresHere: raise the alarm is such a good card
NrgSpoon: pro red is nice here
RebelliousUno: quotes without context..
TheOneInquisitor: C'mon, flier topdeck
pyrojakk: way to hose our rival
Terminusthrall: but protection lol
VTMonster: you have pro red
TXC2: Terminusthrall that sentence is very odd without context
TheOneInquisitor: This isn't a flier topdeck
YuanRamirez: just need one more flyer
Juliamon: I'm so glad LRR has a snake guy, I don't have the space here to keep one so I must live vicariously through others
Mal2mad: oh hey, that's Nizzahon you're fighting against. He makes some good videos too.
YuanRamirez: but they block really well
Terminusthrall: @TXC2 gotta get your ball housing in order man...
Evochron13: not with that attitude they won't lrrBEEJ
TheOneInquisitor: The 1/1s are better kept for blocking
Shupendo: How you liking the 2020 set so far?
ultterr: oof
Mal2mad: Ben ded
Mivair: RIP
YuanRamirez: thats a big dargon
pyrojakk: thank god
TXC2: well go thing we have pro red :p
Vivid_Soul: does the cat meow if clicked on?
TheOneInquisitor: OPP gor blueballed hard huh
Diabore: have you tried a cup of NOPE
Mivair: Can We Pet The Cat
tendrilsoftragedy: wait?... Sable the danger cable?
RebelliousUno: Ben, with hindsight would you have drafted something else
Evochron13: "Is this what I've been doing to control players all this time?"
YuanRamirez: attack with both 1/1 and blink one of them?
tergonis: by cackling
EyoresHere: attack with a 1/1 and recast it?
TXC2: they have no souls Ben
TheMagicalSazerac: On a pile of broken dreams, I imagine
bittersweet_distractor: And we thought glorybringer killed stuff
Mivair: Pet! The! Cat! Pet! The! Cat!
Diabore: happily and alive
pyrojakk: We drink to our opponent's tears
Cepsys: monsters...
TXC2: they are evil people
Evochron13: the same way aggro players shatter control dreams
Jondare: Yes, and it gives me LIFE!
TheSecondWug: It's actually quite easy to live when the opponent can't play things which kill you.
ArcOfTheConclave: is deckmaster bugged?
EonChao: Shattering dreams, ruining days, all in a days work
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun i am fine. i annoy people out of their minds
NazakYuzak: I sustain myself on shattered dreams, BEN.
Mysticman89: drinking to ttheir tears and drinnking their tears are subtly different things
Jondare: Like, literally, Absorb gives me life when i counter their stuff
incredulouspasserby: Given that aggro shatters my dreams all the time, I figure it’s fair
TheOneInquisitor: @LoadingReadyRun No, Ben. We don't just counter spells. Sometimes, we also cast removal and prison enchantments
TheJohnnyBoy533: theres a reason the blue symbol is a tear drop
RebelliousUno: on mobile at least it didn't seem to be working
Arramos: Shattering dreams is my favorite tbh
bittersweet_distractor: Whats dirtier Ben? Control or tempo?
Mal2mad: This a promotial account, Deckmaster doesn't have the cards yet.
YuanRamirez: @ArcOfTheConclave deckmaster doesn t have m20 yet i think
tendrilsoftragedy: this isnt control this is justice
illmastershogun: Well, having fun is a zero sum game. And I want all the fun.
ALEISmALPTO: @LoadingReadyRun i play izzet crackling drakes. the only creature is drake and the rest is counters and burn
Mal2mad: *promotional
pyrojakk: Sometimes we let you have the spell just to take it away before it can actually be effective
kvothie: oh nooo
NrgSpoon: attack with one drake, then bounce and replay it
red_shoes_jeff: #blameJames
pyrojakk: Via removal
InkyGhoast: benginFlood benginFlood
Aylig: Your mana pool is so BIG.
TheOneInquisitor: You need to change the streaming office for magic.
Baldrash: Time to burn Studio A to the ground and salt the earth to remove the Turner Curse.
A_Gideon: The Kitty is so CUTE
TheOneInquisitor: And then never let James in
TheMagicalSazerac: Just one drake, right?
tehlordofelves: it's not much, but it's a simple life stopping degenerate decks
Evochron13: i could have sworn that the flood curse originated with you ben
SydPreviouslyHeadache: uh i have a question about creatures with Convoke. if you had a creature with flash, that portal and bounced the creature with flash, could you use said flash creature to pay for 2 mana of the convoke creature?
kvothie: oh my god the flood
BillTheCat: oofa
TheOneInquisitor: Inb4 the Flood Curse was Graham and he's laughing his ass off in the background as we argue whether it was Ben or James
ALEISmALPTO: what we are missing right now is a river's rebuke
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I'd honestly assume no but idk
TXC2: SydPreviouslyHeadache no
YuanRamirez: holds back the dargon just as well
Vivid_Soul: seriously if that cat can meow on command i must have it
TheOneInquisitor: Nicely Done, Chat
HailtheRNG: woah wait, the enchantment taps?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ok, thank you TXC2
TXC2: you cant do anything while you're paying a cost
Shupendo: Can't lose creatures if you never play them.
tergonis: no
Evochron13: hailtherng it's an artifact
AlchemicalPanda: No
tehlordofelves: no, you can't
Jondare: no
YuanRamirez: @SydPreviouslyHeadache no
EyoresHere: no
RebelliousUno: no
Terminusthrall: @SydPreviouslyHeadache no, because they are tapped as part of paying the cost
ArcOfTheConclave: no
HailtheRNG: @Evochron13 gotcha, thanks
Terminusthrall: @SydPreviouslyHeadache you can do it by bouncing lands though
jaybird50g: R U gonna brew the broke/jank combo of marauding raptor/polyraptor/ makeshift munitions while its free?!?
LucasTheDrgn: Convoke works while you're casting the spell, so you can't "float" convoke "mana"
TXC2: the only thing you can do while paying a card cost is taping cards for mana
paynekid: styles btw
ALEISmALPTO: no board wipes?
Shupendo: The white in this white/blue seems really weak. =/
Terminusthrall: @TXC2 there are other things you can do if they are costs of the spell
TXC2: Shupendo it's a splash
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ok, thank you very much TXC2
TheMagicalSazerac: You take that back about my bae Sephara
strionic_resonator: it's almost as if
TXC2: Terminusthrall indeed, but i was keeping it simplel
TXC2: *simple
strionic_resonator: we should have done monoblue
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and Lucas, thank you very much chat
RebelliousUno: executioner and portal are fairly good
strionic_resonator: just teasing
TheOneInquisitor: How many white cards are we playing, 3, + sideboard?
Raithencore235: Ben, calls triple white pips a "splash"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH right, that's an instant speed
YuanRamirez: ya, ben, you should drop blue and white and play green instead
bowsin_durrows: Hey, it only costs one white.
zerg539: I felt dirty at FNM using Narset's reversal and Swarm intelligence to cast Unexpected results 76 times to place all of my permanents onto the field and drawing the rest of my deck before free casting a draw spell to win off of new Jace
Evochron13: raithencore235 the ability of sepharra
Raithencore235: @Evochron13 I'm fully aware of the ability, I was just making a joke
BillTheCat: I'd trade for the 3/2
accountmadeforants: Those wardens are dope, really looking forward to drafting this set.
SaladCookies: PERSONALLY i think we should be in black red /heavy heavy sarcasm
TXC2: "just call me Angle, of the dawning baby"
Toquenuke: Just drop all the colours and play mono brown
TheOneInquisitor: That is a lot of things to go face with
strionic_resonator: we had a lot of opportunities to take Sage's Row Denizens though. I think we could have legit milled some people out. Although the Knights are sort of a nonbo there.
RebelliousUno: like 80°?
NrgSpoon: oh hey a disenchant target
strionic_resonator: this is probably more fun honestly
NrgSpoon: missed timing
LemonOnRye: Red black heavy sarcasm is my favorite draft archetype
Shupendo: Seph is really good, but it's a deep splash.
BillTheCat: yes
Technic_AL: Disenchant dat metal birb
Xenotechie: let's hope it doesn't cost us :/
YuanRamirez: the cavalry is here!
Evochron13: UUU brainstorm 5/5 flier seems strong
BillTheCat: are they dead yet?
TXC2: game of skill Kappa
HailtheRNG: brainstorming right?
tergonis: core set magic everybody!
Evochron13: something something chainwhirler isn't playable at RRR
RebelliousUno: scoop
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Xenotechie: opp really sad about the planar cleansing they passed p1p1 now Kappa
paynekid: styles Ben ughbh
TXC2: F chainwhirler
Raithencore235: @Evochron13 Tempest Djinn is playable at UUU
Evochron13: yup
TheOneInquisitor: Jon... Something
Evochron13: that's what i was referring to
TheOneInquisitor: But yeah, Pretty Deece is a dope series
Xenotechie: oh, jon copola, right?
Evochron13: i guess i should have used quotes to indicate the /s
Diabore: but ben, magic is always dying Kappa
TXC2: magic is fine, PRO magic is what's dying
paynekid: unlocks all styles, doesn't use em.
TheOneInquisitor: Yeah, that's part of why Rhystic Studies is such an amazing channel
beanscrub: We are all dying
incredulouspasserby: Rhystic Studies fav channel for exactly that reals
Shupendo: Magic is probably doing the best it's ever done with Arena taking off.
incredulouspasserby: *reason
Evochron13: oh no that's not on you; that was totally on me
Xenotechie: magic has been dying since limited edition alpha was printed Kappa
LemonOnRye: Spam Kappa , got it
Evochron13: scuttlemutt's just a fun name
TheOneInquisitor: Scuttlemutt... What's it originally from, Llorwyn?
I_Am_Clockwork: plus its a ROBOT SCARECROW DOG!
RebelliousUno: scuttlemutt was great first time round
Evochron13: scuttlemutt's not a mana dork he's a a mana dog
I_Am_Clockwork: how can it not be good?
Diabore: so real talk, i thought it was scuttlebutt till just now
I_Am_Clockwork: also also, heyho friends
RebelliousUno: scarecrow was my first edh deck
RebelliousUno: reaper king hype
TheOneInquisitor: Sad Hound somehow became the Good Boy Creature Type instead of dog
Evochron13: i'm super interested in making nahiri + danitha with immolation mask and a bunch of x/1's (probably also splashing for mayhem devil)
Xenotechie: the flyers deck is proving to be deceptively strong
TheOneInquisitor: We flood, they flood, cosmic balance is maintained
Raithencore235: Which is better, Diamond Knight or Mare?
TXC2: Mare by a long way
Evochron13: that you just sac to ping
LemonOnRye: That new birb planeswalker seems really good
VTMonster: hold up b2a?
RebelliousUno: is Knight a knight?
flapjacksofwar: Why not a Dimond Knight riding a Dimond Mare?
I_Am_Clockwork: mare is better lategame I think?
TheOneInquisitor: You think there will be a Diamond X in every core set from now on?
flapjacksofwar: Daimond*
flapjacksofwar: Ugh I cant spell today x.x
Evochron13: i kinda hope so theoneinquisitor
Evochron13: Diamond Trival
Xenotechie: starting 1 toughness really hurts what the knight is trying to do
yabby_exe: sleep paralysis the scutttlemutt?
RebelliousUno: so that creature type might be relevant
WrightJustice: fry's art tho
flapjacksofwar: Diamond Cavalier!
RebelliousUno: !card diamond mare
LRRbot: Diamond Mare [2] | Artifact Creature — Horse [1/3] | As Diamond Mare enters the battlefield, choose a color. / Whenever you cast a spell of the chosen color, you gain 1 life.
ayirbudd: wassup Ben, how goes the preview event
Xenotechie: mare, on the other hand, has a rock-solid statline against the kind of deck where the lifegain is relevant
RebelliousUno: hmm mare's cheaper...
damn_i_am_pretty: So how do the Cavaliers measure up to the Titans from M13 or whatever-one-it-was?
RebelliousUno: 1/3 is a good body for 2 mana
Raithencore235: Being colourless in this sealed set is quite powerful
VTMonster: is deckmaster not working for anyone else?
Evochron13: speak and ye shall receive
Jondare: nice called shot
RebelliousUno: knight does get bigger but needs to hang around long enough to be relevant
LemonOnRye: Cavaliers might not be as good as the titans, but they do seem really good. I think they are close to the gearhulk cycle
TheOneInquisitor: @damn_i_am_pretty IDK, we'll see when one of the Cavs becomes the cornerstone of multiple modern decks and banned in Commander
BillTheCat: lrrGOAT
Evochron13: accidental misclick
RebelliousUno: has vigilance too though
Arikell: Winning seems like a good play
RebelliousUno: !card diamond knight
LRRbot: Diamond Knight [3] | Artifact Creature — Knight [1/1] | Vigilance / As Diamond Knight enters the battlefield, choose a color. / Whenever you cast a spell of the chosen color, put a +1/+1 counter on Diamond Knight.
Juliamon: VTMonster the set isn't available for it yet
TXC2: uno mas
TheOneInquisitor: COME ON, 5-0 SCORE
ZethRuss: I thought one more was a different stream
Swamplor: Ben is doing One More this week?
Xenotechie: the set is out tomorrow, friends!
Xenotechie: well, on digital
RebelliousUno: counters might be good for a.proliferate deck too
OrangeBeard: Cat?
TXC2: for Cadia day
TheOneInquisitor: Canada, eh?
Evochron13: Siri Call Mom lrrBEEJ
TragicMtG: Canaday
trilemma85: Happy Cannadadaday Ben's parents.
damn_i_am_pretty: you Canadians are nice. Take the whole day on us.
TXC2: Canada deh
RebelliousUno: ok Google call mom
Evochron13: dang.
Cepsys: of, is this the day that Canada seceded from France to Join the UK?
flapjacksofwar: Android friend!
NazakYuzak: Adam? was that you!?
Xenotechie: Happy Great Day of Canuckistan to you lot
theclawmasheen: Arena needs "I'm meeting my parents soon, please concede" emote.
flapjacksofwar: At least its not Tea
Mark_D_Stroyer: Iiiiit's my favourite format, Sealed time!
Evochron13: i'd hope you'd be lighting fireworks in the harbor. putting them in there seems kinda pointless lrrBEEJ
TheOneInquisitor: Nah, draft
TXC2: Cepsys no, it's the day Canada ask very nicely to become a real boy
IbunWest: I'm pretty sure I heard someone setting off fireworks last night. (I'm in the US). Can't even wait until July anymore.
Xenotechie: my god, faerie miscreant on curve!
Evochron13: flying men doesn't really get that much value out of miscreant in singleton but surely a standard flying men would
RebelliousUno: why did you not get your parents to come to the moonbase to draft with you
amam741: My neighbors were setting off fireworks too
TXC2: IbunWest to be fair, they probably did that 'cause it was the weekend and it's the only time they can
IbunWest: @TXC2 I am pretty sure it's still illegal in Massachusetts anyway so whether they are allowed to or not is hardly the issue.
Lucaan: That Johannes Voss art
BillTheCat: lands
TXC2: IbunWest fair enough
Lucaan: So gorgeous
Anubis169: meow... manMARTIN
TXC2: hello Anubis169
EpicAfricanToad: hi, first time watcher. Thats a cool deck. How many feet do you have?
BillTheCat: nooo
Xenotechie: autotapped goozled you D:
TheOneInquisitor: Got autotapped on
incredulouspasserby: My neighbors have been setting off fireworks for the past week.
flapjacksofwar: lrrFINE
NrgSpoon: didn't want drake?
Anubis169: 'lo TXC2
Mark_D_Stroyer: Aw, goozled
BillTheCat: how was it you?
superdeadsmurf: you could still have tapped mana manually! :P
BillTheCat: but you had UU
Anubis169: Mr. Tip Top Dapper Tapper
traverducl: Is thus draft.
Diabore: warden only costs 1 blue though
TXC2: yeap draft
Evochron13: cavalier is UUU
BillTheCat: warden is 2U
drcanonball: id argue that black white lifegain is the best deck to draft
theclawmasheen: Autotapper just autoplaying those lands.
NrgSpoon: that poor cerulean drake
damn_i_am_pretty: Ben's too nice to blame the machines for the little things
Mark_D_Stroyer: It ~is~ fine, Ben.
TXC2: "ordering will be done next step" is a GREAT thing to have there
TheOneInquisitor: *bonk, bonk*
Xenotechie: if we slap sleep paralysis onto the buttfighter, it's just a crappier Paralysis from Alpha, which was still a solid card if we want to pressure them
Xenotechie: oh right, that's a thing too LUL
NrgSpoon: oh, you get shiny token too?
TXC2: tokens are full art
Xenotechie: yup, tokens are now borderless, just like IRL
Jondare: ehh, Brainstorm is kinda weird if you don't have any shuffles or such
Evochron13: ben have you seen the commercial the Japanese office created for MTG Arena? it's very wholesome
Mark_D_Stroyer: That reminds me of the Intimidate spirit from Innistrad.
Diabore: the tokens changed when you got the card art, like how mtgo does foil tokens for foil token makers
TXC2: !card sleep paralysis
LRRbot: Sleep Paralysis [3U] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / When Sleep Paralysis enters the battlefield, tap enchanted creature. / Enchanted creature doesn’t untap during its controller’s untap step.
Evochron13: whoooo the tokens being full art on arena without the border look really neat
Xenotechie: if they have god's willing, whaddaya do, it's an act of god LUL
Mark_D_Stroyer: No, that's a different card.
Diabore: @Evochron13 they kind look like the relic tokens
bowsin_durrows: If they had god's willing, they would also have lost the enchantment.
NrgSpoon: i almost expected planar cleansing
Evochron13: diabore ye yea
TheOneInquisitor: And thus we are up a game
yabby_exe: ya did it to em
Xenotechie: errybody seems to be drafting white, tho, weird stuff
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SuitablyEpic: 66 Its been a long 5 and a half years
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TheOneInquisitor: What?
TheOneInquisitor: Aurelia's a terrible leader
Mark_D_Stroyer: Especially old Aurelia. In Commander. *Cough cough*
TXC2: it's boros fist more powerful then Anime fist? Kappa
TheOneInquisitor: Between attempted matricide and genociding a whole district
BillTheCat: only 45 left to go
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SuitablyEpic: she imprisoned her mother
TXC2: she has a mother?
Mark_D_Stroyer: Aurelia is good at branding, is perhaps a better statement?
Evochron13: just because you SAY you're just doesn't mean you are. this is especially prevalent with boros
Diabore: ben be quiet, theyll take your aggro card!
TheOneInquisitor: @SuitablyEpic Yeah, and would have executed her if Lazav didn't send Krenko
damn_i_am_pretty: People having complicated, negative opinions on fantasy cops and their leaders is too real a feel, guys
SuitablyEpic: Feather is the true boros Archangel
Mark_D_Stroyer: Yeah Feather is the OG Boros leader but she got doxxed.
ArkhamArchivist: Hey, it's how I feel about the Black guilds and the Orzhov. Or the Blue guilds and the Azorius. Almost like White mana ruins everything illFB
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wait. please don't tell me Feather Is Aurelias mom
TheOneInquisitor: Amen to that. Feather is best Ravnican angel
TheOneInquisitor: @SydPreviouslyHeadache She's the mom of all angels on Ravnica, technically
Xenotechie: gruul's a super weird guild to me. I'm basically full esper as far as playstyle goes, and I dislike red and green, but I love red and green together in Gruul
Mark_D_Stroyer: I mean. Every single guild is Fucked. But they're great that way.
TheOneInquisitor: ^^^
EyoresHere: never didn't have it
TheWooglie: Everyone knows that London is better than Vancouver
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh. i don't really remember ravnican lore.
Oatway_: hard disagree
TheOneInquisitor: London is better than Vancouver but Paris is better than London
damn_i_am_pretty: Which London?
NrgSpoon: yet
TXC2: TheOneInquisitor thems fighting words
BillTheCat: D:
Mark_D_Stroyer: It's not true Core Set if a Griffin Sentinel isn't completely holding down the ford.
RebelliousUno: London Mulligan refers to London UK
Xenotechie: we thought that the London mulligan referred to the English one, but no, it was the Ontario one all along D:
SydPreviouslyHeadache: wasn't Feather like, really really agressive?
TheOneInquisitor: Oh no
TheOneInquisitor: That's some major booty
Xenotechie: o7 Drake
TXC2: that's what we call dummy thicc
Evochron13: glaring aegis seems like it'd be good with metropolis sprite
TheOneInquisitor: Cerulean Drake must do his booty OH COME ON
SuitablyEpic: @SydPreviouslyHeadache I think you're thinking of Razia
TheOneInquisitor: We throw away a flier literally to topdeck Sephara
Mark_D_Stroyer: Well, angels tend to be passionate, yes...but no Feather was definitely a moderate and Aurelia was the more warmongery aggressive one.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ah I am, thank you SuitablyEpic
Xenotechie: that isolations's putting in some work, geez
Mark_D_Stroyer: InB4 Aurelia gets axed in the story of the next Ravnica set and Feather gets a proper leader card.
TheOneInquisitor: It really does tho
TheWooglie: Do we know when 2020 comes to us normal plebs?
TheOneInquisitor: @Mark_D_Stroyer I'd absolutely love that
TXC2: tomorie
drcanonball: friday?
TheWooglie: oh sweet I thought it was later
SuitablyEpic: Razia was way more red than white and Feather was way more White than Red... Aurelia is probably the proper mix personality wise
EyoresHere: @thewooglie tomorrow
TheOneInquisitor: Tomorro, on tuesday
Earthenone: if you are an arena pleb, tomorow
NrgSpoon: just make sure the auto tap doesn't tap your plainseseseses
TheOneInquisitor: On account of Friday Prereleases being a thing now
Lucaan: Wow, tomorrow is a lot early than I thought. Assumed it was coming Thursday.
theficklecat: Why does it come out before the actual cards?
TXC2: theficklecat to push arena
Xenotechie: let's see if opp has any extra removal
TXC2: Arena is bascally how WotC makes money now
Dulldrifter: Jeez this deck
TheOneInquisitor: @theficklecat Ever since MTGO began, the new sets were avialible online a few days before prerelease, it's nothing new
Earthenone: !card portal of
LRRbot: Portal of Sanctuary [2U] | Artifact | {1}, {T}: Return target creature you control and each Aura attached to it to their owners’ hands. Activate this ability only during your turn.
Krauser428: is this the same flying deck you built for the PPR ben
Arikell: probably also because printing and shipping for simultaneous worldwide release is a logistical minefield
NrgSpoon: bounce dawning angel next turn?
TXC2: pro tip chat: having less then 1 toughness and indestructible will still kill the creature
Xenotechie: that also bounces their pacifism
Xenotechie: don't do it ben
NrgSpoon: oh right
TheOneInquisitor: No, don't bounce else Sephora gets pacified
Earthenone: you dont want them to get pacifisim back
RebelliousUno: that's high flying
RebelliousUno: which is a different ability
Baldrash: @TheOneInquisitor That's actually not how it worked until a year or two before Arena launched. It used to not be out until a week or two after the paper release.
TheOneInquisitor: Huh.
Krauser428: so many enchantments O.o
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh isn't there a single B mana -2/-2 spell in this set
Lucaan: eogCard
Earthenone: !card disfigure
LRRbot: Disfigure [B] | Instant | Target creature gets −2/−2 until end of turn.
Juliamon: Yeah, MTGO always lagged behind by at least two weeks
TXC2: yeah back in the day MTGO had to wait like a month to get new cards
ALEISmALPTO: @SydPreviouslyHeadache yep. disfigure
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Yeah, thank you Earthenone
SydPreviouslyHeadache: and ALEISmALPTO
Xenotechie: use the executioner too?
AlchemicalPanda: do you want to use the executioner?
theficklecat: I supose it makes the pre release easier if you have seen the cards, and maybe get new people going.
Earthenone: your creatures are tapped anyways
iSmartMan1: Can't you just hardcast Ephara next turn?
Cepsys: oh nice!
jpss92400: PrideCheers PrideFlag PrideLionChomp
Xenotechie: i feel like our opp has a planar cleansing somewhere, most peeps would concede by now
TheWooglie: PrideWingL lrrBEN PrideWingR
xVeinFirex: Do people still get them from bits or just what they have?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh sweet! PrideAsexual
A_Gideon: I need more pride emotes
TXC2: good thing I only got this one then PrideAsexual
TheOneInquisitor: PrideGasp
TheWooglie: you can still get them today
TheWooglie: not sure when the cut off is
Gigsey: PrideTake PrideWingR
TheOneInquisitor: Pride Month Is Every Month
BillTheCat: niceeee
Juliamon: They're still obtainable, the event overlapped into July a bit
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Got there! Nice!
Xenotechie: WOO
TotallyReasonable: good job!
BillTheCat: lrrGOAT
TheOneInquisitor: 5-0 BABY!
Jeezy56: lrrHORN
TXC2: so flyiers is where it's at
Dulldrifter: I see you have mastered the format Ben!
theficklecat: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Oatway_: solved the format!
RebelliousUno: format solved
Mivair: Pride Month Every Month
NrgSpoon: claim prize
Arikell: Congrats Ben, enjoy your lunch
Mark_D_Stroyer: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Lucaan: Best M20 limited player confirmed
xVeinFirex: Oh! just now realized I had all I needed PrideAsexual PrideAsexual
TragicMtG: uni100 uni100
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masonator2020: UWU flying pretty good.
Lucaan: Any spicy Standard brews you are looking forward to building with M2)?
BlackBlade_: Pride100 Pride100 Happy Canada Day!
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Terreriaplayer101: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:19:57.
Juliamon: You have until July 5
TragicMtG: PrideWingL PrideAsexual PrideWingR Just got the ace-flag myself
TXC2: thanks for streaming Ben
WrightJustice: TwitchUnity TwitchUnity TwitchUnity
Cepsys: PrideCheers PrideCheers
Dulldrifter: gg Ben
theficklecat: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
A_Gideon: I need the left wing PrideWingR
Lucaan: I'm excited for M20
TXC2: #Sponsored #Content
Juliamon: Cheer200
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SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for the stream Ben. well until dice friends?
Xenotechie: have fun ben! this better be the canadaest for days
Lucaan: See ya, Ben. eogHey
NrgSpoon: channel name Seabats, for those who don't know
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Cameron leads our adventurers through a D&D campaign about what happens when the world doesn’t end.) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (3:38 from now).
TXC2: !events
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theficklecat: what is adams steam?
Juliamon: twitch.tv/seabats
Earthenone: twitch.tv/seabats
theficklecat: thanks guys
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2371 patrons for a total of $14,080.96 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
TXC2: Twitch.tv/bengineering
TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: Bye
Kivipaperisakset: <3
TXC2: Goodnight everybody
Juliamon: Oh heck Cultist Sim is one of the free Prime games this month
TehAmelie: <Megatron voice> Priiiiiime