TXC2: indeed it was
PharaohBender27: Very appropriate for today, too! :D
chi7891: Are we still Looking to be about 30 minutes late?
TXC2: yeao
chi7891: Ok
TXC2: so hopefuly it'll start soon
beowuuf: Shame CP has a hard out now to mtg
Pteraspidomorphi: Really the one thing driving my entire schedule today is the long game
Pteraspidomorphi: Half an hour compresses things a little but it should be fine
PharaohBender27: Are we ready to start pointing at some checks?
Earthenone: its enough time for checkpoint, but not so much the +
TXC2: (they love it when you point at the check)
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh wait, nevermind
PharaohBender27: My guess is they'll have some intro chatter, do the thing and then *immediately* read subs as fast as they can
PhoenixMelior: point at the check! Point at the check!
Pteraspidomorphi: You meant the first half an hour, I need more coffee
Laurence72 choints at he peck
Laurence72: DANGIT
PharaohBender27 points at a check
chi7891: Lol
TXC2: Laurence72 are you OK?
Earthenone points at the Czech
PhoenixMelior: are you a wizard?
beowuuf: Shame this story of amicable reconcilliation never seemed to come up https://www.dogarandkazon.com/blog/2019/6/11/the-only-way-to-win-is
Laurence72: Maybe??
Laurence72 shrugs
chi7891 was here
PharaohBender27: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:30 PM PDT (1m ago), LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (28m from now).
Earthenone: ahh this video from the magic main channel in my recomendations is a Graham video, thanks Algorhythmical Robots
chi7891: They really do need to change the scheduled time of checkpoint. It can’t be right up against something else
beowuuf: it's like thye know you in a way that's a little too personal for comfort
Earthenone: its even more impressive since i dont have a youtube account so its all browser data
Laurence72: I expect that Beej and Kathllen are running to the studio with fresh toast in their mouths as we speak
beowuuf: checkpoint's curse is that they presumably need as much time as they can get away with to research fresh stories, which pushes it in to the prime time for any other day
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf Better that than thinking they know you but don't. Every now and then I, who leans left-progressive, get recommendations for right-wing and/or libertarian videos
PharaohBender27: *who lean
beowuuf: That would be worrying if the algorythm is trying to predict something...
chaostreader: Hi chat.
EightBitDreams: It might be that they scheduled Checkpoint+ right up against something else to keep them from running too long
beowuuf: hi chaos
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @chaostreader !
TXC2: the best is when you watch ONE damn video from a channel, and then your recommendations are nothing but stuff from that channel
chaostreader: Starting soon? I know the 30 min delay happened.
Pteraspidomorphi: No news yet
beowuuf: hopefully starting soon
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf Yeah. It's like I want to shake the algorithm and be like, "YOU DON'T KNOW ME! Why do you think I'm like this!?"
Earthenone: i imagine they wanted as much writing time as posible, and since G will "Thoreticly" need to be in the office for lrrmtg doing it right before was the way to get that
Laurence72 tries to summon the starting soon screen through sheer force of will alone
MostCallMe__Tim: Its not a holiday in canada.... Where my Beej?
PharaohBender27 starts getting nervous that they'll just cancel today's episode
beowuuf: oh, cool, a 'how to mulligan' video, now I know what graham related content was recommended earlier!
TXC2: willpower is not enough, a sacrifice must be made
MostCallMe__Tim: @PharaohBender27 DONT JINX US!!!!!!!!
TXC2: lrrbot choose!
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Poke its nose!
PharaohBender27: Oh shit I'm so sorry @MostCallMe__Tim
beowuuf: I'm sacrificing my comfort by sweating in this t-shirt. Many brave drops of sweat died to get the CP+
Laurence72: A sacrifice? Hmmmm
ritchards: at this rate, they'll just do the show and that's it
MostCallMe__Tim: lol
PharaohBender27: If need be, I'll sacrifice myself as punishment for potential jinxing
beowuuf: At this rate they'll have to be 'whatever we say is the show, no edits'
Laurence72 sacrifices all his other open tabs to show his devotion to checkpoint and only checkpoint
PharaohBender27: "We'll fix it in post!"
MostCallMe__Tim: gasp
Pteraspidomorphi: Or maybe... lrrmtg is cancelled! No here one cares about that game right? ;)
beowuuf: and that's how the accidentally racist checkpoint was infamously created
chi7891: Is there going to be enough time for this?
Earthenone: !findquote time
LRRbot: Quote #4266: "Really, there's no bad time to have Beej." —Beej [2017-06-09]
chi7891: True
TXC2: !quote Beej
LRRbot: Quote #3675: "Hey! We're fucked!" —Beej, enthusiastically [2016-11-30]
MostCallMe__Tim: Truer words never said
Laurence72: It'll be a hybrid of Checkpoint+ and Speedrunalloneword
Pteraspidomorphi: I love that it's a Beej quote
chaostreader: !quote 6128
LRRbot: Quote #6128: "I said some funny things in the past." —Ian [2019-06-16]
beowuuf: oh, they've got this, film vague mouth moving parts now, then play mtg now beej is a master and do their actual lines, then use cgi to blend the two together
TXC2: just have a still image of checkpoint, then Synco vox in the dialogue Kappa
beowuuf: it's seems childishly easy once you say it. No need to lrrPICNIC
Pteraspidomorphi: Cut the bottoms of their faces and make them move south park style
PharaohBender27: lrrFINE
Laurence72: Or they could have James and Adam do Checkpoint while they draft their first play deck?
PharaohBender27: @Pteraspidomorphi katesScared
Pteraspidomorphi: In the still ;)
beowuuf: i mean it worked for the cameron / andy crapshot omega
TXC2: Jeez Adam doing a checkpoint Kreygasm
MostCallMe__Tim: nothing on the tweeters
beowuuf: next adam will be playing minecraft while complimenting chat. It would be the end times
Earthenone: how would that go? adam would be excited about everything and james would be dismissive of everything right? :P
beowuuf: seems about right
PharaohBender27: (Adam, reading about some developer CEO doing something crappy) This guy SUCKS!
Laurence72: Yup!
Pteraspidomorphi: That sounds perfect
WrightJustice: I'm thinking its gonna be cancelled at this time unless they wanna delay mtg
MostCallMe__Tim: I mean, filming checkpoint takes < 15-20 right, assuming no/few retakes
chaostreader: I hope I end up getting the right pride wing today because at the moment I have PrideWingL .
PharaohBender27: No updates on their Twitter as of a minute or so ago
Laurence72: Or, maybe LRRMTG gets pushed back 5-10 minutes. That feels more likely
chi7891: !twitter
beowuuf: checkpoint itself is about 8 mins, how much more time dop you need either side
PharaohBender27: @chaostreader If we do get a Checkpoint, I plan on throwing a bit grenade that might get you that wing
WrightJustice: oh here we go
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
Pteraspidomorphi: That talk about a James and Adam show makes me think of that mysterious backburner project they were planning to do together, any news of that in recent months?
EightBitDreams: I sense something is afoot!
chaostreader: @pharaohbender27 Sweet.
TXC2: Pteraspidomorphi nope
WrightJustice: still feels like they defo have to one take it and leave though
ameliette: chenkponk!
Laurence72: Now, the REEALLY EVIL thing to do is have 300 or so subs happen, making them have to read them all in under 5 minutes
TheMerricat: Did I seriously not miss checkpoint? I was forsure that I was way too late to catch it.
beowuuf: very delayed checkpoint
Pteraspidomorphi: They were waiting for you to arrive TheMerricat
PharaohBender27: @chaostreader I'll wait a little while to do so, so it can benefit the maximum number of people :)
TXC2: TheMerricat we;ve started rather late
TheMerricat: WOOT! I"m special :-)
chi7891: lrrSIGNAL
chaostreader: @pharaohbender27 Makes sense.
beowuuf: you did this!
piebooza: I love you so much!
Laurence72: All hail TheMerricat, Harbinger of the Checking of the Points!
Sanaj: "Nin-chen-pok" benginDab lrrSIGNAL
accountmadeforants: Alright, this looks like a point. Check that box.
TheAinMAP: katesAir
MostCallMe__Tim: 15 minute checkpoint +, we can do this, just save subs for lrrmtg
piebooza: I’ve been watching since commodore hustle started love u guys!!!
TXC2: hay, I'm the Harbinger here!
InquisitorGaia: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Kathleen, Beej and Paul bring you the latest news from the world of Video Games.) at Thu 01:30 PM PDT (14m ago), LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (15m from now).
ABoxOfNoobs: sweet. didn't miss anything
Frankenfruity: CHONKPONK! lrrBEN
accountmadeforants: And for anyone looking to check some checks, go check out this: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/07/behold-the-most-intentionally-poorly-designed-website-ever-created/
TheOtherTrevor: Oh good. Deckmaster is enabled so I can see all the Magic cards played during CheckPoint
mtvcdm: Uh, yeah, we may be late for LRRMtG.
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domslashryan: I've been here for 10 months! Or 2 months if it's in binary
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Laurence72: @TXC2 1) It started after Merricat arrived, so they are 2) hay is for horses?
beowuuf: why are there random deckmaster icons?
Earthenone: !deckmaster
LRRbot: During MTG Arena streams, LRR uses a Twitch Extension called Deckmaster created by Fugi. You can add it to your own streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/ext/cplheah4pxjyuwe9mkno9kbmb11lyc-0.0.2 .
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TXC2: because magic
beowuuf: aaaaaaaaaaaaah, thanks
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No_Superman10: It's taking all my strength to resist the Steam summer sale.
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accountmadeforants: @beowuuf Presumably their streaming setup for Arena is already up and running, so the plugin is on as well.
PhoenixMelior: are we still on the intro screen?
ritchards: it's just this screen until LRRMTG
TXC2: yes PhoenixMelior
Earthenone: yup stukk ubtri
NathanJay_GA: :O
PharaohBender27: Darn it I accidentally left the page and had to come back. Who was it who said they'd been following LRR since the start of CommodoreHustle?
zellis314: wow thats a long time
NathanJay_GA: PrideGive lrrBEEJ PrideTake
TXC2: PharaohBender27 piebooza said it
beowuuf: hey!
Earthenone: piebooza said that
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TXC2: Hello Kathleen and Beej
ABoxOfNoobs: Piebooza @PharaohBender27
Amentur: piebooza was that, PharaohBender27
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, lrrBEEEJ and lrrKATHLEEN !
accountmadeforants: The Raspberry's gone rogue!
PharaohBender27: Thanks, chat!
Gekyouryuu: ooooh, deckmaster is on. I wonder what card it thinks Beej is.
TXC2: well that sounds shitty
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GenericEvilGenius: love you @myrniss
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domslashryan: Large pieces of paper!
Theycallmejokke: Paul tech-wizardy got it
mtvcdm: Cue cards!
verzegcaio: hey guys
TheAinMAP: katesThank lrrPAUL
Laurence72: Is that arrow supposed to still be in the lower right corner?
mechmagic: it couldnt vn see it
Pteraspidomorphi: Eerie, I've been upgrading raspberry pis for the last 3 hours
PhoenixMelior: ah good, it's Technical Troubles Thursday
zellis314: welp im here on the fourth watching this anyone else
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erloas: give them printed papers....
PhoenixMelior: I feel this way about Pokemon Go
TXC2: Quit: you'll feel better
domslashryan: Ah, good old sunk costs
WearingCats_CwC: oh my
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
red_shoes_jeff: With a shirt on, no less!
midday_rendelnep: i think I have a similar relationship cookie clicker
beowuuf: sempai wasn't noticing us?
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: hi phone!
Earthenone: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [15h ago] @loadingreadyrun> On today's #ClipOfTheDay Kathleen and Matt are giving their best dating advice. Thanks for the clip Sarah! | https://clips.twitch.tv/BlightedExuberantAntelopeLitty || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1146663613978951680
Laurence72: Hello!
MostCallMe__Tim: praise paul, f raspberry pi (I teach a summer camp class on raspberry pi, and I have very conflicted feelings about them
PharaohBender27 waves to lrrKATHLEEN through phone
erloas: we'll give you a pass, interact with us
A_Catastrophic_Success: Put Waluigi in Pocket Camp you cowards!
WearingCats_CwC: I watched that
domslashryan: Por que no los dos?
beowuuf: 12 minuteas and coooounting
NathanJay_GA: today's analysts was W I L D
TXC2: Latest Panalysts is great
Earthenone: remember to tweet about the show
WearingCats_CwC: !smash
LRRbot: Put Octodad in Smash, you cowards!
NathanJay_GA: *panalysts
Laurence72: Is that arrow supposed to be in the lower right corner?
MiranFurze: you are the beast kathleen
Earthenone: gotta get that marketing
WearingCats_CwC: And jizz eagles
TheMerricat: @MostCallMe__Tim I feel as if Pi's are wonderful devices that many people expect far more than they were designed to handle from.
CosmicDuctTape: but it worked so well
chaostreader: It was an interesting Panalysts to have up on July 4th. It’s funny.
CosmicDuctTape: so did y'all film the whole season 2 in oneish go?
PharaohBender27: Pride1776 First time I get to see Checkpoint since the stream schedule change! Oh boy!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 38 others in Chat!
beowuuf: eagle buikkake all over america is not the thing you expect from panalysts
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: audio only checkpoint?
AmoriLinguae: Thanks for the PrideWingL @pharaohbender27
WrightJustice: oh dear
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi LRR hi chat. shoot
Earthenone: whoever is not reading the story can hold their phone up for the reader right?
Loonatic93: Thanks for the PrideFlag @pharaohbender27
Theycallmejokke: Thank you
SursaiKosecksi: Thanks for the PrideWingL @pharaohbender27
TXC2: Beej "manly manigton" Dery
tacocpu: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:02.
NimrodXIV: PrideGasp
erloas: Thanks for the PrideHi @pharaohbender27
Theycallmejokke: PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay
domslashryan: Just put the storys up on YouTube as a PowerPoint slide presentation
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh it just started ok then
chaostreader: Sadly. I didn’t get the wing.
mtvcdm: Oh, yeah, if you still need pride emotes, time's running short to complete your set.
EightBitDreams: You need that Apple Facetime thing where the eyes look at the screen when you look down at your phone
WearingCats_CwC: I honestly wouldn't put anything past the panelysts O_O
MostCallMe__Tim: @TheMerricat they have 1G of ram for Pi 3+
PharaohBender27: No problem, @AmoriLinguae @Loonatic93 @SursaiKosecksi @erloas !
CosmicDuctTape: oh snap. I've been wondering about that
ContingentCat: wow that must have been quite a dy
TheWarbo: Wow given also how much I assume didn't make the cut, that's a lot of panaling
WrightJustice: are pride emotes still gonna be removed from us?
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake MercyWing2 I want to do this with both pride wings.
AmoriLinguae: PrideWingL lrrHEART PrideWingR
NathanJay_GA: If you're not watching the Panalysts, please try to watch today's episode. It might convince you
TheWooglie: PrideWingL lrrPAUL lrrKATHLEEN lrrBEEEJ PrideWingR
tacocpu: When will MTG happen then?
TXC2: WrightJustice aprantly not now
accountmadeforants: It's out of control! D:
WrightJustice: PrideWingL PrideGive PrideWingR
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: sudo apt install vnc
MostCallMe__Tim: read new pi 4 has up to 4Gigs though
ContingentCat: @WrightJustice nope they're going to be premement
TheMerricat: @MostCallMe__Tim and still run the entire thing off a USB connection. :-)
SydPreviouslyHeadache: The Panalysts are so good. Molly is a great host, but just , everyone has such great chemistry
Theycallmejokke: PrideLionYay PrideSaba PrideLionYay
chaostreader: @wrightjustice They are permanent now.
PharaohBender27: You guys seem to have been having a lot of issues with that Raspberry Pi
Earthenone: i am missing a wing and a kirby
Laurence72: Maybe it is an American device, and is demanding to have the 4th off?
CosmicDuctTape: @domslashryan two editors, and less footage
WrightJustice: woo PrideWingL PrideGive PrideWingR
Amentur: PrideGive PrideWingL PrideSaba PrideWingR PrideTake
PharaohBender27: @Laurence72 :D
senshi5609: wait so did you guys just change shirts or add sweatshirts between segments
LordZarano: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
TheMerricat: Man my stream is choppy here.
chaostreader: I’m missing a wing and some flags.
SajuukSjet: ah, you guys may like the new RPi4's
zerg539: it ends on the 6th
Metalupis: till the 5th
mtvcdm: Ends tomorrow.
Blade_Tiger: Every month is Pride month now
erloas: it got extended until tomorrow
PharaohBender27: It's ending tomorrow
Juliamon: It was always scheduled to go into July
chaostreader: @lordzarano Yes. That’s what I want.
SajuukSjet: They Extended it
voydesoul: finalPRIDE finalPRIDE finalPRIDE
beowuuf: extended for a few days then the flags will persist afterwards?
Master_Gunner: PrideCheers
domslashryan: @cosmicducttape I know, I'm just being stupid :P
manfred909: PrideWingL PrideShine PrideWingR
NimrodXIV: Pride400 get dem pride bits
A Cheer shared Rewards to 6 others in Chat!
SajuukSjet: and made the emotes permanent
WearingCats_CwC: Time to stop being proud Kappa
CosmicDuctTape: @domslashryan ah
ritchards: Beej mic not on?
voydesoul: PrideGasp PrideGasp PrideGasp
ContingentCat: apparently they made the pride emotes you got permenent
PharaohBender27: And people who get them get to keep them!
NathanJay_GA: I only got the left wing PrideWingL lrrBEEJ So now, everyone is Sephiroth
Juliamon: Yes, they will
fuzzy_died: yES THEY WILL
zerg539: the Emotes are forever
mtvcdm: they're permanent now.
TheMerricat: uni500 Horray!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat!
Loonatic93: Here's an idea... How about having those available all year around!
InquisitorGaia: Party100 heres bits
Metalupis: buzzzz
SydPreviouslyHeadache: PrideAsexual i've heard they'll. ok sweet
killerpommes: Danke für das PrideGive @themerricat.
erloas: yes, they got made permanent
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: Thanks for the PrideBalloons @themerricat
PharaohBender27: @ lrrBEEEJ lrrWOW
chi7891: PridePan
MostCallMe__Tim: GUYS STOP! save it for lrrmtg!
Fearitude: Thanks for the PridePan @themerricat lrrHEART katesHeart
TheMerricat: uni100 uni100 uni100 Clearing out the bit bucket for pride!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
WrightJustice: PrideWingL PrideGive PrideWingR
Serifina: And yet, I never even got ONE pride emote. ;_;
chaostreader: All the pride emotes are permanent now.
Driosenth: pride400
A Cheer shared Rewards to 6 others in Chat!
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Ghildetrist: A live checkpoint! Been too long since I got one live!
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SajuukSjet: Check https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/pride-megacheer for the confirmation they're permanent
TXC2: Beej has assumed full control!
voydesoul: KappaPride KappaPride KappaPride
PhoenixMelior: PrideLionHey PrideBisexual
TheMadEgyptian: Thanks for the PrideParty @themerricat
dalefriesen: Bye checkpoints!
PharaohBender27: With special guest Lorna Schlitzwhistle!
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
Duwani1: PokScizor
WrightJustice: oh boy
Theycallmejokke: Rip Kathleen's phone
CosmicDuctTape: Beej "He Manages The Business" Dery
domslashryan: Buttery smooth
Earthenone: ahh a TTSF preview
TheWooglie: give bits for new phone
chaostreader: Still no right wing for me. PrideWingL lrrAWW MercyWing2
CosmicDuctTape: local recording?
manfred909: slytqItsfine
zellis314: rip phone
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh yeah, that's weird
TXC2: oh right that's still going
mtvcdm: Team Corgi ascends!
Nigouki: hahahaha
InquisitorGaia: you should update the opener
ritchards: in one!
Laurence72: LOL
Theycallmejokke: Woopsy doodle
TXC2: get in post
PharaohBender27: Pride704 Maybe this will get chaostreader that wing!
LordZarano: I think I recieved all the pride emotes duing 24h of LRR Mans
SursaiKosecksi: @chaostreader same, guess the other wing molted
A Cheer shared Rewards to 13 others in Chat!
PhorrestGaze: Pride1000 Oh, they're still here and the unlocks are permanent!?!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 25 others in Chat!
WrightJustice: damn that crack
TXC2: once more with feeling
domslashryan: It not perfect system
SursaiKosecksi: Thanks for the PrideFlag @phorrestgaze
togamid: thanks for the emote
manfred909: PrideTake PrideShine PrideGive
chaostreader: Apparently I don’t need the right wing. I just can’t seem to get it. lrrAWW
HesGotNoPants: you can hear beej's frustration in the second take
Serifina: PrideBisexual
zellis314: what an ass
Earthenone: ahh, so blame james, got it
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh yeah
PharaohBender27: Pride704 I'm going to get you that wing, dammit!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 13 others in Chat!
NimrodXIV: chaostreader I only have the left one too. :(
Gekyouryuu: how many pride unlocks are there? I have 20, and don't know if that's all of them
TXC2: ah so he's an asshole turducken
chaostreader: PrideFlag Thanks for this flag though!
zellis314: so was this a good guy
Master_Gunner: Thanks for the PrideGive @pharaohbender27
Theycallmejokke: So scumbags scuming on other scumbags
MiranFurze: Thanks for the PrideShine @pharaohbender27
Fearitude: Thanks for the PrideGive @pharaohbender27 lrrAWESOME
beowuuf: is that a pubg alternate name?
Earthenone: all i have is the right wing, which i dont want to use because...you know right wing
zellis314: you can break the game by drinking soda in starbound
illmastershogun: SIR Trevor Brooking!
PharaohBender27: No problem, @Master_Gunner @MiranFurze @Fearitude ! Now if only @chaostreader could get a second wing!
chaostreader: @pharaohbender27 You have made so many people happy. Though somehow, I’m avoiding the wing.
mtvcdm: The magics didn't work.
PharaohBender27: @chaostreader I still have bits to spend!
PharaohBender27: Pride704
Theycallmejokke: Wut O_o
A Cheer shared Rewards to 13 others in Chat!
josh___something: Huh...
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH Jeez. I understood the steam thing was bad, but kind of didn't pay any attention. dang
chaostreader: @pharaohbender27 If you keep doing this
zellis314: yah its broken
TheMerricat: The thing is, getting points is easy, but you can't use those points without hving spent millions
chaostreader: Oh god. You’ve given so much.
TXC2: well that's a big fuck up then
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accountmadeforants: This is Valve's team of soulless analysts at work, yeah. I'd be surprised if it didn't work all the same.
Dared00: Valve had such a head start, with EGS having sale problems and overall goodwill towards Steam this year... and they still managed to screw it up.
ritchards: Valve Lost The Game
LbxAni: I'd bet Valve uses the stuff that people do like this during in creating a list of people to watch for shady activity in the future
PhorrestGaze: Pride2300
PhoenixMelior: the first game on my list is Trails in the Sky :D
PharaohBender27: @chaostreader I have income! I stocked up on bits recently!
A Cheer shared Rewards to 53 others in Chat!
Theycallmejokke: Holy moly what a cluster... ehm, truck
NimrodXIV: I reordered my list to the actual priority. Then I stopped.
Dared00: Thanks for the PrideBisexual @phorrestgaze
WrightJustice: Thanks for the PridePan @phorrestgaze
Amentur: Turns out steam doesn't have many game designers anymore
josh___something: PrideHi
breadisbest1: Thanks for the PrideTake @phorrestgaze
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh no
NimrodXIV: Thanks for the PrideParty @phorrestgaze
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
fuzzy_died: Thanks for the PrideWingR @phorrestgaze
TXC2: dun dun duh!
TheMerricat: I'm sitting on 100,000s of points because my account is so old and Ih've gotten so many achiements but can only spend 35k of them because I'm not buying every game in the stor any more.
vinvis_: Thanks for the PrideGasp @phorrestgaze
manfred909: slytqFacepalm
togamid: Thanks for the PrideTrans @nimrodxiv.
A_Dub888: Current status of the "race"; Team Corgi is still wiping the floor with everyone
zellis314: still dont understand why people want half life 3
WearingCats_CwC: This is the chaos that arises from having dogs with disproportionately short legs
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR You got there. I now have both wings. Thanks @pharaohbender27 and @phorrestgaze
PharaohBender27: @zellis314 Yeah, at this point it's going to disappoint no matter what
tacocpu: Nothin' better than talking about the issues of twitch, on twitch.
TXC2: the answer is yes....eventuly
TheMerricat: @zellis314 closure? The game series is at a cliffhanger ATM and it'd be nice to know the real ending?
beowuuf: well done chaosreader!
PharaohBender27: @chaostreader YES! Good thing, too - I'm wanting to stock up in case there's another Boxing Day stream this year ;)
Theycallmejokke: :D
PharaohBender27: lrrIAN !
LbxAni: the companies are going to have to act so the contracts don't lose weight in court
TXC2: Ian please
NimrodXIV: LOL
zellis314: i mean who wouldnt
Theycallmejokke: Never change Ian
TXC2: Called it
DeltaNegative: LOL Thanks <3
ContingentCat: katesNice
drfox17: beautiful
Serifina: Hey, I loved that movie
NimrodXIV: please, it's earf.
TheMerricat: So LRR was kind enough to wait for me before starting but AT&T has decided to say FU to me, appearently I can only catch 5 out of every 20 seconds of the stream
zellis314: its analright movie
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that is a far weirder movie than i remembered
Jacobontherun1: Welcome to Erff
Juliamon: Bit of a painful peak on that exclamation
seth_erickson: It's a true classic
Vyous: So, NPR's politics podcast actually reads the speech from that movie for the 4th every year.
TXC2: Independence day is a legit grate movie
Laurence72: The first ID movie, great. The sequel? DO NOT WATCH
Pteraspidomorphi: The first batch of Index headsets only just shipped and they're struggling to keep up with demand I believe. Last I checked there was a months long waiting list
TehAmelie: now can they make LBP in Minecraft?
TXC2: "...Milwall nil"
PharaohBender27: !stormcount
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 15 (new subscribers: 1, returning subscribers: 12, new patrons: 2), bits cheered: 8888, new followers: 7
zellis314: im curios how they some of thiis stuff with a stright face
mtvcdm: Welcome to LRRMtG, which began 2 minutes ago.
TheMerricat: Nice cheer number. go team order.
Amentur: I heard a woosh
darkalter2000: Thanks for the PrideTake @pharaohbender27
ContingentCat: @TehAmelie then mario maker in LBP in minecraft
LbxAni: oh yeah, I was going to watch ID and ID:R if they were free somewhere....I should look
Earthenone: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 15 (new subscribers: 1, returning subscribers: 12, new patrons: 2), bits cheered: 8888, new followers: 7
PharaohBender27: No problem, @darkalter2000 !
TheWooglie: Once more with feeling
SydPreviouslyHeadache: who cares about Magic Kappa
Metalupis: once more from the top, with feeling
insane_42: The magic is happening right now
LbxAni: Beej had one flub
zellis314: these are some intresting magic cards
Theycallmejokke: Adam and James can wait, I'm pretty sure Kathleen and Beej can take them ;P
KinoGami: adam watches wrestling. he's used to being lied to
PharaohBender27: We'll vouch for you, lrrKATHLEEN and lrrBEEEJ !
accountmadeforants: Just add a segment "And now, the magic!"
manfred909: slytqShrug
MostCallMe__Tim: Adam crashes studio B to raise hell
HesGotNoPants: I'm mad >(
manfred909: elfunkPopcorn
sekunder: speaking of discord
ContingentCat: "the magic time" sounds like fun
TheMerricat: Is this where we sub spam them?
beowuuf: adam? discord god? naaaaah
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
josh___something: Literal discord
LbxAni: think it was more about Cord Cutting
the_semicolon: They're fans of Eris.
PandasAndPancakes: So Eve has an alien invasion that's basically called an end to all the PvP wars.
Invitare: a sewing discord?
TeamPhoenixDK: Hiya everyone!
beowuuf: whatcord?
zellis314: what
MostCallMe__Tim: hand him a raspberry pi to take his frustrations on, they're only $35
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HeadsetRuler: Love seeing my name on the wall during LRL! Keep up the great content!!
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Earthenone: lrrHEART
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TXC2: to be fair slack is great
Diabore: i definitely just thought slacks as in pants
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sekunder: can confirm, starting work at a neuroscience lab in the fall and they wanted me to post research ideas on slack
Kivipaperisakset: my first live checkpoint :D
thegreatwyrdling: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 22:47.
zellis314: ah what a lovely loop
PharaohBender27: Maybe this time I can actually follow the stories instead of desperately throwing bits :D
thegreatwyrdling: Graham looks weird today.
kenkopin: The Church of the SubGenius has some things to say about all this Slack happening lately.
zellis314: @Kivipaperisakset its not live
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zellis314: i think its a loop
TXC2: I feel like 27 months isn't long enough :P
zellis314: quick some one cast a storm spell
Krokaar: When we send trolls jail longer than we do rapists.....god why
Laurence72 casts Flusterstorm
Kivipaperisakset: @PharaohBender27 Thanks for the sub! Woo!
Pteraspidomorphi: Jokes aside, no sympathy for people launching DDoS attacks
Decaped: missed all these, it's really that same guy? jeeze, finally jail for him
ContingentCat: "skin gambling" sounds like something far more lewd than it is
zellis314: i would have cast weather the storm
m_logan2000: skin gambling sounds disgusting
PharaohBender27: No problem, @Kivipaperisakset ! Figured you should get something for seeing Checkpoint live
chaostreader: !grapeshot
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cheetoJack: thats a lot of things
TXC2: TheMerricat lrrHEART
Laurence72: lrrHORN lrrHEART lrrHORN lrrHEART lrrHORN
Drew_64: grats to the peeps
josh___something: wow...
Theycallmejokke: @TheMerricat, tak for gaveabonnementet!
NimrodXIV: sergeGift sergeGift
Alephred: @TheMerricat Thanks for the gift sub!
ContingentCat: katesBoosh katesGift katesGift katesGift katesGift
PandasAndPancakes: lrrCOW
skiddles01: Wow
TheMerricat: That's me realizing I can watch twich on my phone where ATT isn't effing me over connectionwise. :-)
Theycallmejokke: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW Weeee! :D
chaostreader: That’s was surprisingly well timed.
NightValien28: steam sale games are so fucking stupid
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
tacocpu: @TheMerricat Thanks for the gift sub! I appreciate it!
Alephred: lrrAWESOME
PharaohBender27: At this rate, we're going to have a sub/bits record for Checkpoint!
Jorge4hg: Good job steam
samwonk: "Five. Thousand. Points."
PharaohBender27: Or at least a per-minute rate of subs and bits
Theycallmejokke: lrrPAUL lrrALEX lrrCAMERON lrrSERGE lrrKATHLEEN lrrIAN lrrCORI Glasses squard!
zellis314: yesh
Erismanor: could it be a ploy to make users remove indie games from wishlists?
tacocpu: @TheMerricat I've never had a sub before!
Kivipaperisakset: I was hoping to get to 15K points, but I've only got to 10K and probly won't buy games to raise it much higher than that.
Laurence72: Man, good thing Star Citizen isn't on Steam, imagine getting that thing gifted to you
TheMerricat: @tacocpu enjoy the emotes. :-)
NightValien28: that's what I did day one, just moved the most wanted game to the first spot
tacocpu: lrrSERGE
TheMoatman: That sounds like what I've heard about Valve recently
TheMerricat: @Erismanor Valve News Network thinks the game was actually contracted out which is why it felt so off.
NightValien28: DUN DUN DUN
Theycallmejokke: Half Live 3 confirmed!
LordZarano: In previous games where they've had teams you got randomly assigned to a team, I was very supprised that they just let you choose to join the winning team this time
Jorge4hg: Wow
TXC2: what a twist! #
NimrodXIV: peaked a bit there
Kivipaperisakset: Hah, I don't even have an expensive game on #1, just witcher 3
SursaiKosecksi: yeah, I just moved the Vibe to the top of the list.
Anaerin: Did you know: You can put hardware on your Steam Wishlist. Like the Valve Index.
accountmadeforants: Yeah, Beej peaked with his "welcome to earth" before as well. Something with his mic, or maybe he's just aiming for a spot in the Loud Boys?
TXC2: wait until someone sub onlys an Nintendo Game Kappa
Laurence72: Honestly, this checkpoint is where I first learned of sub only streams
stevestein: Don't let anyone at the studios watch this show
Juliamon: accountmadeforants Might have to do with them trying to solve the low-audio issue they've had for the last week.
PharaohBender27: @stevestein But you don't *have* to be subbed to watch this
accountmadeforants: TXC2 That sounds like an impetus for Nintendo to develop a really shitty Twitch clone. And ban everyone from streaming their games on any other service.
Theycallmejokke: lrrHEART lrrIAN lrrHEART
PharaohBender27: PrideTake
Pteraspidomorphi: ow
TXC2: mawp
thegreatwyrdling: Happy Treason Day Americans.
Jorge4hg: jesus
Amentur: Mawp
NimrodXIV: ow
PixelArtDragon: Oof
Vyous: Ooh, you peaked a bit there
Decaped: that clipped
ContingentCat: yikes
11Dot: oooooof
josh___something: lrrSPOOP
Patman788: that mic peak
Juliamon: It was even WORSE that time
mtvcdm: That was a heck of a peak.
Stoffern: wow there, Beejk
oyleslyck: got peaky there, redo lrrBEEJ
Kivipaperisakset: nasty nawty beej
LathosTiran: beej's mic stait hits when it peeks
Lord_Hosk: Ummm Independence day opened on July 2nd
josh___something: Mawp
SursaiKosecksi: ERth
Frankenfruity: lrrHORN lrrBEEJ
Laurence72: They Might Be Giants called it first -- Everybody wants prosthetic foreheads on their real heads
TXC2: Lord_Hosk shh
TXC2: "man united nil"
PharaohBender27: @Lord_Hosk Fun fact - July 2 is when the actual Declaration was signed - it got printed on the 4th
TheMerricat: Hey, headmounted dildos are a thing and a fetish for some people, don't kink shame ;-P
RomanGoro: Lord_Hosk they're canadian, they can not know
Earthenone: dont ruin the jokes hosk! truth has no place in this dojo
Theycallmejokke: Make the powerplay let the twins wait
frnknstn: lrrCIRCLE lrrDOTS lrrARROW
ritchards: dial it up!
fuzzy_died: What were the other options?
zellis314: did you know the oh can you see song is based on an old drinking song
Kivipaperisakset: one and all :P
TXC2: We sure do!
PixelArtDragon: Chillpoint time?
TehAmelie: i could hear the restraint <3
Laurence72: Kathleen's face was amazing there
accountmadeforants: That does sound like fun!
PharaohBender27: Sorry . . . ?
TheMoatman: do eet
TXC2: Raid our own stream!
Lucien0451: Raid time!
mtvcdm: INVADE
red_shoes_jeff: SELF RAID!!!
EOstby: Invasion!
SursaiKosecksi: RAID
InquisitorGaia: invade!!!!!!!!!
TheMerricat: RAID!
Kivipaperisakset: show us adam!
ritchards: invade!
Theycallmejokke: Live raid, here we come!
kenkopin: Stream invasion is the best idea
Frankenfruity: Inavde !!!
adelius3: invade!
aitsu100: RAID MTG Strim
Amentur: Invasion sounds proper for this day
Roosevelt: RAID
tacocpu: RAID!
KinoGami: stream invasion
Bitter0ne: Invade
Earthenone: do the funny thing
seth_erickson: Live Raid
sekunder: self raid go go go
midday_rendelnep: CROSSOVER!
Megaparsec256: hover over their shoulders
erloas: raid
zellis314: yess
cheetoJack: cross the streams!
beowuuf: raid ir
Estyl_: This is actually my first time seeing the news part of the checkpoint stream
Kazman20a: So is Chat
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I'm all for bullying Adam
beowuuf: l!
josh___something: Raid!!!!
ContingentCat: yesss
PixelArtDragon: Self raid! Self Raid! Self Raid!
hoktauri: RAID
MostCallMe__Tim: raidem
Pseudonym_Ken: Live Raid is pretty funny
Banrael: Crossing the streammmm
Dared00: Best invasion since WCW
NimrodXIV: twitchRaid
mrverbal: pitch invasion!
senshi5609: RAID
FreaQU: lrr raid
zellis314: where hear to do thingd
PharaohBender27: :D
TXC2: thanks for streaming Kathleen and Beej and Paul
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2384 patrons for a total of $14,115.46 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
frnknstn: Gogogo!
Laurence72: The ULTIMATE Crossing The Streams
Jorge4hg: Crossing and invading the streams
red_shoes_jeff: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Earthenone: ~whichcord
LRRTwitter: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Earthenone: !store
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PharaohBender27: I'm so glad you got your second wing, @chaostreader !
TXC2: !twitter
zellis314: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 40 (new subscribers: 22, returning subscribers: 16, new patrons: 2), bits cheered: 8888, new followers: 7
chaostreader: @pharaohbender27 Me too!!
Theycallmejokke: Wait what is the reaid emote ;P
Theycallmejokke: *raid
TheMerricat: andnow I'm seeing how far behind my desktop stream was from the RL, they just went off line there.
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rentar42: Post-Checkpoint LrrMtG sub announcement raid sub-baby!
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midday_rendelnep: lrrHAM ?
beowuuf: lrrSPOT
Laurence72: So, Beej is the Badger, Paul is teh guy choking on the sand, and Kathleen is the Bump in the Night figure?
PharaohBender27: @Theycallmejokke This, apparently? twitchRaid
Kivipaperisakset: Hmm, I should try using some sub powers... Not used to them. katesWa katesOw
TXC2: Kathleen gonna brust in like "so this is the magic bois play? look at the adjective, 'play' we didn't come here to play" Kappa
josh___something: !quote santa
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
accountmadeforants: seabatTROG lrrHEART benginFuse Raid? Raid.
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
chaostreader: It’s just all the faces. lrrCORI lrrHEATHER lrrKATHLEEN lrrBEEEJ lrrADAM lrrIAN lrrJAMES lrrSERGE lrrMATT lrrCAMERON lrrBEN lrrALEX lrrPAUL lrrGRAHAM
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
thegreatwyrdling: Who's doing the magics?
zellis314: oh there back wait no
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL
seth_erickson: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheAinMAP: katesAir
aitsu100: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
LordZarano: lrrJUDGE PrideShine PrideBalloons PrideGasp
Earthenone: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [15h ago] @loadingreadyrun> On today's #ClipOfTheDay Kathleen and Matt are giving their best dating advice. Thanks for the clip Sarah! | https://clips.twitch.tv/BlightedExuberantAntelopeLitty || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1146663613978951680
Theycallmejokke: @PharaohBender27 wow there actually is an offical raid emote, that is sort rad
midday_rendelnep: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL again
TheMerricat: lrrKATHLEEN sergeModLove lrrJAMES kaypikeMOD lrrADAM kaypikeMOD lrrBEEEJ
Amentur: PrideGive PrideWingL PrideSaba PrideWingR PrideTake
AmoriLinguae: @TXC2 what part of play is an adjective?
AlchemicalPanda: lrrSIGNAL
Laurence72: !card raid
LRRbot: Found 51 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
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NickTheDM: Oh hey, theres a thing with this number.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, NickTheDM! (Today's storm count: 42)
Laurence72: bummer
Earthenone: might want to tweet about checkpoint going live, then about lrrmtg going live so no one notices your error
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
josh___something: lrrALEX
zellis314: jesus these people all of horrible potty mouths
TXC2: AmoriLinguae it's a ref to the NWO invasion in WCW
tacocpu: !quote raid
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
AmoriLinguae: okay
senshi5609: seabatYIKES
PharaohBender27: @Theycallmejokke Yeah, who knew!? I mean, I guess some people knew, but I didn't
Going_Medium: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrSIGNAL
Earthenone: !findquote raid
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ContingentCat: !quote Raid
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
RomanGoro: Ok, I had to go for like a minute for reasons, what's going on??
josh___something: Findquote santa
Laurence72: !findquote invade
LRRbot: Quote #3488: "I'm going to invade your personal space." —Graham, to Paul [2016-10-07]
Earthenone: lrrmtg is starting
PharaohBender27: !findquote Invasion
TXC2: RomanGoro we're doing the CP subs on LRRMTG
chaostreader: @romangoro LrrMTG is starting.
seth_erickson: !quote adam
ContingentCat: !findquote soon
beowuuf: cp+ subs read on lrrmtg! raid irl
josh___something: !findquote santa
Theycallmejokke: twitchRaid lrrHEART twitchRaid - I mean now I to
red_shoes_jeff: !advice
LRRbot: Never hug people with your mouth.
RomanGoro: Oh, so what we see is what we get, thank you
NathanJay_GA: !birb
LRRbot: Peck your beak!
ContingentCat: !badadvice
LRRbot: Hug the tentacles.
TheUnfoundPath: I just watched Graham explain the new mulligan on youtube and it left me wondering... Can I keep mulliganning forever in order to stack the bottom of my library or is there a limit or slow play issue?
Earthenone: did they turn deckmaster off for the mtg stream?
TheMerricat: @RomanGoro as in Kathleen and Beej are invading LRRMtg to do the subs - litterally.
tacocpu: We're having a little too much fun with our quotes here
beowuuf: with your mpouth?
PixelArtDragon: Redshirt, standing by!
Pteraspidomorphi: It was on for checkpoint, wasn't it?
chaostreader: !quote 6128
LRRbot: Quote #6128: "I said some funny things in the past." —Ian [2019-06-16]
senshi5609: i’d assume a slow play would be issued
Earthenone: i think "mull to 0" is as low as you can go
Laurence72: Well, you still only draw 7 cards, so that would be the limit you could put under the library
red_shoes_jeff: Red Shoes, standing by
Robot_Bones: yeah you shuffle each time still
Amentur: TheUnfoundPath, you shuffle after each mulligan. So the best you could do is know what your last 7 cards are
TheMerricat: lol @Earthenone I thinkt hey did.
TXC2: Here we GO!
ritchards: live mic!
PixelArtDragon: So how dead is burn now that people can side in Leyline of Sanctity and mull until it's in the 7?
beowuuf: soooo quiet
Decaped: Welcome to Mgcpnt
TheMerricat: no sound?
InquisitorGaia: quiet
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PharaohBender27: WE'RE HEEEEEERE . . . and so are lrrKATHLEEN and lrrBEEEJ !
ContingentCat: Hello!
LathosTiran: intro was low, mics ok
PharaohBender27: :D
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's definitely James and Adam playing MTG Arena on LRRMTG! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/ || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1146891000750587905
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tacocpu: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
beowuuf: so loud :)
kamelion84: lol
Wangor: MTBeej?
Dix: wow
ContingentCat: Paul's Magic
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Rofl
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips
Diabore: is paul the wall?
beowuuf: paul is all the beards
Kivipaperisakset: Everything is Beej
TehAmelie: i don't know what to think of the new "½ scry" mulligan. such a minimal difference
Earthenone: !deckmaster
LRRbot: During MTG Arena streams, LRR uses a Twitch Extension called Deckmaster created by Fugi. You can add it to your own streams here: https://www.twitch.tv/ext/cplheah4pxjyuwe9mkno9kbmb11lyc-0.0.2 .
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
Theycallmejokke: lrrJAMES lrrADAM vs. lrrKATHLEEN lrrBEEEJ & lrrPAUL Fight!
NimrodXIV: lrrJAMES lrrADAM
zellis314: they invaded
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrJAMES lrrADAM = lrrKATHLEEN lrrBEEEJ
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Paul has the Ur-beard?
gamercat88: Thanks for the PrideHi @phorrestgaze
v_nome: We need an Adam "We're Here!" To really sell it
seth_erickson: Adam Savidan is Dead Long Live BEEJ
Stoffern: Keep up the great wark
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senshi5609: oof
Kivipaperisakset: The cat is outta control!
hunkajunk: These... are not the people I was expecting. But Beej here and playing magic... be still my heart.
TXC2: TheMerricat lrrHEART
ContingentCat: katesGift katesGift katesGift katesBoosh
zellis314: nice
AmoriLinguae: lrrPAUL lrrKATHLEEN lrrBEEEJ all looking so fine today
TheMerricat: Testing them, will those go on Checkpoint's count or LRRMtg. :-P
aWabbajack: mrweebHypeham lrrHAM lrrHORN mrweebHypeham lrrHAM lrrHORN katesBeans
MiranFurze: this is ridiculels
Laurence72: TheMerricat You are Awesome and amazing
ContingentCat: @hunkajunk Checkpoint went long
chaostreader: @hunkajunk Yeah but they’re playing MTG puzzle quest lrrBEEJ
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KingKuPaa: first time live since db2018
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Stoffern: This is going well
TheUnfoundPath: So smooth
TXC2: you'd think LRR would be better at this Kappa
accountmadeforants: Adam and James split into three people, but only one of them got all the beard. That's basic math.
flyingdelorion: @TheMerricat Thanx for the gift-sub! U R Awesome!
erloas: this has been a good checkpoint
mtvcdm: (narrator: they got the wing)
chaostreader: It eventually got there. PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
josh___something: PrideWingL I'm still a sephiroth :P
PharaohBender27: 2300 bits!? I missed that one
aWabbajack: cheer100 Bit time
Kivipaperisakset: Aw, good effort Kathleen
KilrenKrae: swaggerLove
tacocpu: THat's me!
PharaohBender27: Damn, my name's coming up a lot
Alephred: lrrBEEEJ lrrKATHLEEN
Kivipaperisakset: Graham has the best attempt on the handle so far...
seth_erickson: PrideWingL PrideGive PrideTake PrideWingR
KilrenKrae: PrideLionChomp PrideBalloons PrideTake PrideCheers
noisyblizzard: @TheMerricat Cool, Thank you <3
red_shoes_jeff: @josh___something I got the other one right here! PrideWingR
chaostreader: @pharaohbender27 Yeah, I’m on mobile so it doesn’t say who got me the emote. I think it was on @phorrestgaze ‘s bit drop.
Banrael: cheer100 I'm not sure if this is for Checkpoint or LRRMTG!
josh___something: @red_shoes_jeff no8ce
gamercat88: PrideHi
v_nome: CheckMTG
Kivipaperisakset: Aw, there went the 8,888 bits
flyingdelorion: lrrHEART
PharaohBender27: @chaostreader Still, you got it, which is the most important part!
TheMerricat: !storm
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KilrenKrae: GayPride
Banrael: *raise my Checkpoint mug back* :D
TheMerricat: No you don't.
SquirrelEarl: woot
hunkajunk: HE'S HERE!
chaostreader: @pharaohbender27 And you made so many people happy which is just as important.
Amentur: HE'S HERE
NimrodXIV: lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM
TheAinMAP: lrrADAM
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Digigoner: The Best boy is here!
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beowuuf: seabatSEAL
PharaohBender27: He's HEEEEEEERE!!!
seth_erickson: 👏 👏
ArcOfTheConclave: PrideWingL lrrADAM PrideWingR
red_shoes_jeff: He's HEEEEEEERE!
ContingentCat: he's HEEEEEERE
fefrid73: He's HEEEEEEEERE
thegreatwyrdling: It's Savidaddy!
Sanityis0verrated: I love Kathleen songs
Laurence72: #BlameJames
Earthenone *nods*
PhorrestGaze: #blamejames
PharaohBender27: #blameJames
seth_erickson: #BlameJames
erloas: blamejames
Sanityis0verrated: we dont say savidaddy
PixelArtDragon: #BlameJames
TheMerricat: Bye Paul! Bye Beej! :-)
Frankenfruity: Let's cast Sleep!
Kivipaperisakset: blaming james
andy_reeed: #blamejames
Sanityis0verrated: that is a no
Theycallmejokke: #Blame lrrJAMES
flyingdelorion: Well I always wanted more Kathleen on LRR mtg, this is awesome lrrHEART
seth_erickson: #BlameRaspberryPie
thegreatwyrdling: @Sanityis0verrated Oh then I shant!
PixelArtDragon: #BlameRaspberryJames
TXC2: the arena installer is poopbutts
mannymagic101: Ben streamed lrrmtg on Monday will he be streaming every Monday or just last monday?
Earthenone: adam, deckmaster
Sanityis0verrated: excellent
Earthenone: last monday was a special event
Porsgaard81: Are we drafting? @LoadingReadyRun
erloas: nothing like a large update to start the stream
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gravity_pike: Nintendo 64!
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Sanityis0verrated: I appreciate your compliance
seth_erickson: @LoadingReadyRun Gonna throw up that Arena Client
DMGlol: does mtga still need to install the whole game every new patch?
TXC2: mannymagic101 just the once, that was a preview event
Kivipaperisakset: oh is this the first time that machine is playing the m20 update?
fefrid73: Get Bodied Twitch Chat
accountmadeforants: Just get Adam to sub in for James, and Beej, Kathleen and Paul to sub in for Adam.
Earthenone: ben streams on mondays at home i think?
mannymagic101: Thanks
LbxAni: ooo is this first LRR MTG stream since the new mastery stuff?
TXC2: DMGlol sure does
seth_erickson: there so far ahead
thegreatwyrdling: @Sanityis0verrated I'm not much in chat, but I had heard that one before.
Theycallmejokke: Time for sealed, or are draft already live
Earthenone: so is deckmaster borked on my end?
mtvcdm: !youtube
LRRbot: All our streams get archived on a dedicated YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadylive (for non-stream videos, the main channel is http://www.youtube.com/loadingreadyrun)
tachiseneriz: Panelists is the truth
aWabbajack: Adam with the lean back laugh is GRREAT
Earthenone: can any chat confirm its working?
killerbeeeskneeees6: Hi
Laurence72: Adam, you were AMAZING on that episode
aWabbajack: Mt Rushmooooooore
thegreatwyrdling: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
andy_reeed: Adam do you like Heavy Machinery?
TXC2: Earthenone no Deckmaster isn't on
PharaohBender27: It's a great episode! And the first prompt is spot-on for today!
Earthenone: ok good
TeamPhoenixDK: vestmoHi Hiya Everyone! vestmoHi
Sanityis0verrated: it was AMAZING
kenkopin: Deckmaster not working for me
aitsu100: OMG the first propmt
Amentur: I don't see Deckmaster working either, Earthenone
tachiseneriz: I thought yall did it on purpose
TXC2: "lincon would be into bondage"
PharaohBender27: :D
TheMerricat: uni100 @LoadingReadyRun you had deskmaster running for Checkpoint but it doesn't look as if it's loaded for LRRMtG. :-P
Earthenone: thanks, wanted to make sure adam was lying :P
TeamPhoenixDK: Have people been enjoying M20?
glees89: @LoadingReadyRun hey are you guys gonna get your 'i think im just dead here' sleeves back in stock? i really miss mine as they are now dead
Pseudonym_Ken: Editing at LRR is all very good
PharaohBender27: 3 GB! :O
Earthenone: 3 gigs of Art!
TehAmelie: such thicc cards
Kivipaperisakset: 2.99GB iirc
TXC2: 3gigs of cards and a cat
WookieJockstrap: Are ya'll gonna do sealed or constructed?
mtvcdm: !cardkingdom
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TheWarbo: also downloading *mastery*
breadisbest1: can you see any fireworks from the moon base?
TXC2: WookieJockstrap probably sealed
Wangor: Gasp, I thought you weren't allowed to call it that any more?
Amentur: A duchy of decks
seth_erickson: The flawless transition seabatTROG
TXC2: a fifedom of fun
PharaohBender27: "Kingdom?" That doesn't sound appropriate for today Kappa
Earthenone: lol
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Theycallmejokke: O_o
Kivipaperisakset: DENIED
Earthenone: !clip
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accountmadeforants: TeamPhoenixDK I've only just started playing my sealed deck, but it's looking like a lot of fun.
PixelArtDragon: Wait, that's illegal.
beowuuf: you can only call it that
WookieJockstrap: @TXC2 I hope so
josh___something: Ahahaha
mtvcdm: Card Kingdom: They Have A Real Slogan, But We Eated It
TheWooglie: that was Ben's VIP account
AmoriLinguae: Card Kingdom: Suspiciously Fast Shipping
Earthenone: ahh, ben was logged in
LathosTiran: did that flash bens account?
offbeatwitch: oh, is it trying to log in to Ben's event account?
aitsu100: are you still logging in as the Vip accopunt?
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BodaciousNia: I love the new M20 stuff, and the Cat Pet
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r10pez10: Card Kingdom: Button Please
hunkajunk: Well i didn't know I was watching a denial stream, but I won't kink shame.
TehAmelie: someone said they got their delivered to the deepest nook of a fjord in Norway in ONE business day
andy_reeed: Adam do you like Heavy Machinery? The caterpillar gets me every time
margieargie: lrrFINE
Leafwind104: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:20.
Liliturra: ShowLove200
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Kivipaperisakset: oh yeah, bc he was playing in the streamer event
Earthenone: lol
Laurence72: buttslol?
aitsu100: dickbutt?
TheWooglie: Smooth running today
gamercat88: dad? someone call dad
Theycallmejokke: Dickbutt? ;P
Earthenone: Top Teir content