Pteraspidomorphi: Test
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
noSmokeFire: \o/
kassy_13: who are we kissing this week?
noSmokeFire: this music is promising
noSmokeFire: @kassy_13 I think it might be anthropomorphic national parks
mtvcdm: We're kissing national parks.
kassy_13: okay that's unusual but cool
mtvcdm: I found this game in my Steam discovery queue, went 'Kathleen must hear of this' and tweeted it to her and apparently here we are.
noSmokeFire: doing good work there, mtvcdm
margieargie: If this is the game I'm thinking of... I've certainly been curious about it, if nothing else...
34Witches: That's a hell of a concept
SnackPak_: Hi everyone katesWave
NightValien28: oh snap its K and G
sir_jack_DB: what the fuck is going on
noSmokeFire: I can't wait for one of these "wait, what?" games to have a Hatoful style dark side
MattAndre: I saw the notification and I’m... Wat.
sir_jack_DB: same
Pteraspidomorphi: It's checkpoint?
MattAndre: I am *intrigued*.
Earthenone: G is free now? has it been 10,000 years already?
Pteraspidomorphi: ;)
painterskies: the notification and now the title have piqued my interest so much
Alness49: This game feels more like a Panalysts prompt
kassy_13: yay g
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saiaseigm: Hello friends I have a cat on my lap life is good.
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Pteraspidomorphi: Earthenone: Graham has come out of the editing mines and the serpent ragnarok devours the world
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s time to get back to nature! | ...deep into nature. | Kathleen and Graham are playing National Park Girls on Now KISS! | 📷 ||
accountmadeforants: These are some neat tunes
Sarah_Serinde: Hello friends!
kassy_13: i'm excited <3
kassy_13: hi sarah!
NightValien28: hello sarah
NightValien28: uh oh
Probevoyages: are we going to see private parks or does twitch not allow that?
Sarah_Serinde: Intro pls
accountmadeforants: Oh dear
fireiceair1989: fireic1Wave
kassy_13: weird intro there
mtvcdm: It said this game is 5 episodes long, the second one may or may not be available and they aim to have the rest out once every 3 months.
Sarah_Serinde: It's mostly fine :D
MattAndre: Intro!
GreenMittenz: Took a nap and woke up just in time for now kiss
Mivair: \o/
truediamondback: We live in a weird beautiful world. This game is guaranteed to be very good at at least one of those two things.
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Dumori: Not a perfect streak but only 600 more months for the best number
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Cartophile: Dynamic Duo! Graham + Kathleen = perfect for Now Kiss.
Earthenone: intros always go werid
Sarah_Serinde: Hey Graham, nice to see you on streams occasionally :)
TheMoatman: That is many
GhassanPL: How much?!
Ubermusli: This is my first stream! So glad I could catch it! Much love from Sweden ❤️
Dumori: 14gb dang
MattAndre: That’s a lot
PanickedFox: I had assumed it was on my end
Sibwow: like gravity around a black hole
Sarah_Serinde: Ubermusli Welcome!
MattAndre: That’s many gigs
accountmadeforants: XSplit, consumer of rams
CosmicDuctTape: Kathleen confirmed semi-eldritch music distortion entity
Mivair: :3c
TheMoatman: 14 gigs seems *extremely* high
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hawkfalcon8: Hello happy LLRsom folk!
truediamondback: Everybody go home @probevoyages already won the stream.
MattAndre: We’ll get there
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: !!!
Ubermusli: @sarah_serinde thank you! :D
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: It's Graham!
CaffeinatedLemur wanders in
sir_jack_DB: holy moly
noSmokeFire: huh!
Dared00: Holy moly
TheMoatman: Although it might just be stuff that hasn't gotten paged out yet
accountmadeforants: That does look real anime
Laogeodritt: I'm curious about the American National Parks notif and Now K—Ooooooh.
CosmicDuctTape: um.
Mivair: Will this be better or worse than the game about tank girls
ContingentCat: ooo
Laogeodritt: Well this looks... adorable?
drazalin: Very cool looking game. How are you guys today?
noSmokeFire: gay-mbling? I'm in
kassy_13: omg this art is gorgeous
GhassanPL: Looks... uh
GhassanPL: It sure looks like something
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MattAndre: Huh.
Matornen: Hi G+K, wanted to drop just to say that the Dont Make Love stream was brilliant.
Probevoyages: @truediamondback many thanks!
kassy_13: i love all four of these girls aesthetically
gskip22: hey guys
Earthenone: lrrSPOOP
noSmokeFire: lrrSPOOP
namagem1: is there a reason this was listed as games and demos?
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gskip22: this game looks great
Earthenone: me too G
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
embyrr922: I wonder if any of my favorite parks will be represented
Orgmastron: lrrSPOOP
TheMoatman: You mean we aren't?
kassy_13: yesssssss
ContingentCat: yeah that's what I thought
InquisitorGaia: Party100 afternoon friends
Mushbie: Hand holding? what this filth benjam40KPAPride
MattAndre: katesLewd
NightValien28: oh dear god
mtvcdm: That is a volcano on the head of the girl on the right.
noSmokeFire: Yellow Stone is nice, but has an explosive temper?
Dared00: WOAH
Sarah_Serinde: !game override National Park Girls
LRRbot: Override enabled. Currently playing: National Park Girls
ContingentCat: !!!!
kassy_13: i wanna date the girl we're holding hands with
painterskies: oh my GOD
Mivair: Could be Mt. St. Helens
saiaseigm: Acadia best Waifu
TheMoatman: This is actually a secret Coneheads reboot
mtvcdm: I believe that is Yellowstone.
kassy_13: but volcano girl is cute too
marquisofmanatee: the real treasure was the national parks we found along the way
PanickedFox: I'm nervous about that Native American looking girl.... we so rarely get well represented...
mtvcdm: The one on the left is Yosemite and the center one is Zion.
Gekyouryuu: this looks gay in the best way and I am a happy lesbian
NimrodXIV: I just want the little animal the left girl was holding
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MattAndre: GOTY
noSmokeFire: I read as Goat Tails and now I'm sad
TheMoatman: How do you have sex with a park
TheMoatman: Wait don't answer that
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NightValien28: voice acting
kassy_13: jessie!
GhassanPL: Wow, that is high quality
MattAndre: @themoatman With difficulty?
Dumori: I’m hoping it’s not too weird about native Americans/ First Nations peoples.
painterskies: Voice Acting PogChamp
accountmadeforants: Yeah, but that's what Steam is like all the time?
noSmokeFire: Same, Dumori
NightValien28: dang it that was short lived
PunkRockZoologist: So we're dating National Parks? Yeah, I'd date the Organ Pipes
mtvcdm: HEADS UP: BleedPurple cheermotes give a 10% bonus this week.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I'm kind of glad, I like when you read (especially when you disagree with a line and improvise :p)
gskip22: is there?
kassy_13: damn i can't hear eve at all but jessie's voice acting is good
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Spacecarl: Hooray for yet more months! (The 15 hours in the car Sunday went well, btw. Sad to miss most of BNF)
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Dumori: Such a funny story Jessie
saiaseigm: katesLewd
Wicker_Knight: that's DLC @margieargie
Wicker_Knight: Kappa
Sarah_Serinde: :D
PunkRockZoologist: Graham, have you seen the latest reveal poster for Star Trek Picard? He has a doggo.
ContingentCat: katesLewd
noSmokeFire: maybe her head is a cylinder
GhassanPL: We were ALL thinking it
kassy_13: BleedPurple100 BleedPurple100 BleedPurple100 bonus30 it's nice to see graham! also those are some cute anime girls. <3 (we're bleeding bits!)
sir_jack_DB: LOL
painterskies: GOD LMAO
InquisitorGaia: Party100 question, with Grahm here whos editing road quest?
Dumori: Mood game mood
NimrodXIV: also, clothes don't work that way around boobs.
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atlas624: She has very expressive oppai
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone! I see we're getting into the weird already. Yay!
embyrr922: This kills the Graham
truediamondback: Actually Kathleen that’s more of a golden ratio.
noSmokeFire: I'm excited for you, Graham <3
mtvcdm: It's closer than it's ever been
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mallyx1: Its a bakers yeardozen
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hippitybobbity: Leave the man alone
Sarah_Serinde: Fun fact: people deserve breaks sometimes lrrHEART
mtvcdm: 10% bonus for BleedPurple.
margieargie: What do you mean, we're getting a sneak peak of Road Quest right now! Kappa
CanvasWolfDoll: graham is doing research. road quest is going to be a visual novel now.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: What... is bleed purple?
atlas624: Graham has more than earned this trip to the National Park of Huge Anime Titties
noSmokeFire: oh god, Road Quest Dating Sim
TehAmelie: oh hi
TheWooglie: BleedPurple100 bonus10 Bonus bits! Also cute couple stream.
Sarah_Serinde: CanvasWolfDoll Featherweight would die :P
Himyul: Roadquest looks... different than I expected
josh___something: @canvaswolfdoll yes pls
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muondecay: An almost nice number of months!
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TehAmelie: i'd totally watch Road Quest anime edition
kassy_13: that's a lotta months
TehAmelie: anime slide show edition i should say
CanvasWolfDoll: @Sarah_Serinde and put all that footage to waste? nah, they're using actual pictures.
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Raithencore235: Triskaidekaphobia is on the field, I think I win?
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Lysander_Gustav: awww
Sarah_Serinde: CanvasWolfDoll Ahhh interesting! :D
noSmokeFire: her face is round, but her looks are narrow
kassy_13: aww i love the number 13
Lysander_Gustav: Mmm, yogurt
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MattAndre: Well this is very appropriate.
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kassy_13: wow that was mean
noSmokeFire: TITS GRIT
Lysander_Gustav: :D
Sarah_Serinde: katesSir
CaffeinatedLemur: PHRASING
Mivair: Tit Grits
Earthenone: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
hippitybobbity: "my tit greeth"
NightValien28: grit tit
cmdrud87: katesLewd katesLewd katesLewd
atlas624: Stiff. Shoulders
TehAmelie: i feel like rebelling against the superstition of the number 13 is more common than believing it
kassy_13: i missed that entirely whoops
Lysander_Gustav: We're not on the beach episode yet!
kassy_13: i mean she'd finish the word "work"
MAPBoardgames: Fully voice acted? Nice!
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hippitybobbity: so rude
truediamondback: So which are we more excited for Denali or Grand Canyon?
gskip22: this game is great
atlas624: Because I'm an anime protagonist!
VoidBeckons: Ɛ> lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR <3
TehAmelie: fully voice acted, barely animated. seems like a weird choice of priorities
mtvcdm: truediamondback, we get Yosemite, Yellowstone and Zion.
LegionofLashes: i have no idea what this is, but im interested
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Put Kakadu in yuri game you cowards
Dumori: She likes yelling
Juliamon: TehAmelie Work with the type of artists you have, I guess
Dumori: I like our yelly emo protagonist
TehAmelie: i guess
accountmadeforants: TehAmelie animation is a heckuvalot more expensive than voice acting, though?
noSmokeFire: :D
Lysander_Gustav: She's two weeks from retirement
Dumori: Damn Evie
kassy_13: she's driving!
ShadowFirelaw: Hello Kathleen/Graham!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Yes I can really see the gulf of years between these two in their character designs
noSmokeFire: jessie's face is a perfect porcelain mask
accountmadeforants: That's just how anime do, though
Dumori: I’d like to see some one lethargically break some guys jaw
VoidBeckons: Graham, secretly they were all the same person, and there was still no communication
kassy_13: they are
GreenMittenz: The voices sound good but dont feel like they match the characters
Lysander_Gustav: Jessie sort of has the over-caffinated sound to it?
ContingentCat: katesThank Gin habit
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: You mean how the voices sound like adults? :p
Raithencore235: So which character is which?
kassy_13: eve's muuuch quieter
noSmokeFire: Eve is the redheaded MC, Jessie is the driver @Raithencore235
kassy_13: @Raithencore235 eve is red-haired, jessie's purple
Lysander_Gustav: I don't know why, but I'm expecting the national park folks to be piloting giant mechs to admonish campers on their poor campfire management
TRAGIC_cancer: hello
noSmokeFire: I'd watch that, Lysander
kassy_13: i love eve's freckles
Styxseus: I think it seems more like a mismatch because she's leaning in close to the "camera" and yet she is quieter
VoidBeckons: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR < this smile?
Dumori: The parks get you drunk?!?
Raithencore235: Thanks, the general disharmony between art, tone of voice, etc. made it hard to tell which character was which
GreenMittenz: so is the plot of this game peopel suck so lets date the park instead?
hawkfalcon8: @TRAGIC_cancer hey
MechaKuuga: So this game is about sexy park rangers?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: FOR EVERYONE
BloodForTheCorelab: 4 teh urths
accountmadeforants: Is Eve gonna be the April of National Parks & Rec?
johkmil: Only you can stop forests’ fire!
cmdrud87: Don't you always have flat eyes?
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Aurelius101: When I found out my toaster wasn't waterproof, I was shocked! Wait, have I used this one already?
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Dumori: My eyes be rounds
JZ1011: wait, are these park ranger waifus?
TheMoatman: So... can we fuck Mount Rushmore
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abaddon2501: Now Kiss!
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TehAmelie: we see why they usually have at least a couple of frames of mouth movements to animate anime
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Styxseus: Did you become a park-ranger/keeper because you wanted JUSTICE..? xD
Dumori: TheMoatman Rushmore is busy fucking the ocean
TRAGIC_cancer: good night, sleep well
Aurelius101: 35 months of terrible puns is starting to take its toll, G-Money. I tell you what.
gamercat88: all that wood
MechaKuuga: so SMOOTH
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: That forest looks shifty, I think it's following us
saiaseigm: That was a great episode of Panalysts
slopoppotamus: Excuse me, what the heck is this?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Is Mount Rushmore really your idea of a good time?
huejackson5: <message deleted>yo im selling used dvds to fund my trip to area 51 hmu
VoidBeckons: Do it for the raccoons who steal from the stupid campers!!!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I wouldn't want to fuck ONE rich old white man, let along four.
TehAmelie: slivers are strong in the current meta i hear
kassy_13: i think the writer liked thesauruses
saiaseigm: @munchlaxregretsnothing something something Rock Hard
slopoppotamus: I need an adult for this concept
TehAmelie: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
accountmadeforants: That is one hell of a braid
Probevoyages: "twist off the ignition" is a line I expect to come back when the volcano head girl gets involved
TheJohnnyBoy533: im feeling attacked
kassy_13: i love her look
Dumori: This prose is bleeding purple
muondecay: which is more green - the trees or this extremely jaded ranger?
Styxseus: Trees LUMBERING over the roof?
Pteraspidomorphi: looming?
Aurelius101: What an odd detail to dwell on.
kassy_13: jessie's hair is suddenly pink
accountmadeforants: Wait, since when was her hair pink?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Whu
noSmokeFire: Inoffensively Smooth is my DJ name
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Wait that's the same charac-
offbeatwitch: its graham!
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JZ1011: 29 Months! Mamma Mia that's-a tired meme! Are we dating parks or park rangers? Because if it's parks I want to see how they personify the national park that is figuratively in my backyard and literally in my city. Also I just got a new job!
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offbeatwitch: the rare graham stream :P
MechaKuuga: I bet Yellowstone is going to be a jacked dude who is a "quick shot"
Probevoyages: her hair just went to the opposite side of the saturation slider
GhassanPL: I mean she's not wrong
PunkRockZoologist: She's not wrong.
saiaseigm: Yep
InquisitorGaia: good afternoon off to second job
muondecay: oh god, are we going to date anthropomorphized parks?
offbeatwitch: phresh
Aurelius101: So, are any of these dating sims actually any good?
ContingentCat: Damn that's a nice cabin
gamercat88: dis dope ass cabin life
RebekahWSD: I'd love to take a vacation here like shit
kassy_13: it looks nice
mtvcdm: That's a hell of a cabin.
Aurelius101: Because people only ever seem to mention the comically bad ones...
offbeatwitch: sideboard
some_user: Is this game about lesbian park rangers?
sir_jack_DB: smol cozy room
Sarah_Serinde: Aurelius101 We've seen a few good ones on this show
sir_jack_DB: I like it
kassy_13: @Aurelius101 worst dating sim was good
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @Aurelius101 Yeah, we've had some excellent ones!
VoidBeckons: bed behind fireplace? seems smart
Lysander_Gustav: I guess firewatch could be a visual novel
JZ1011: That was supposed to be the mama mia that's a spicy meatball meme mixed with the "that's almost 2 years meme"
saiaseigm: That’s Bouzie as Fuck
huejackson5: id eat ass in that cabin, seems legit
cmdrud87: There is probably a kitchen niche and a shower room as well
Aurelius101: Oh? Such as?
noSmokeFire: this cabin's face IS round
offbeatwitch: maybe it's just really close to the camera
TehAmelie: they extremely drew this room with a 3D manga background tool
kimmiekoneko: this place can get HOOOT
Lysander_Gustav: You could fit at least one human in that fireplace
hawkfalcon8: OMG this is literally my dream house.
Dumori: It’s a big ass fire place
Dumori: It’s the size of the bed
revhologram: enormous and oddly situated in the middle of the room
offbeatwitch: pardon
kassy_13: yeet
Styxseus: :D ?
hawkfalcon8: ummmmmmmmmmmm wut
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe they cook in the fireplace
TehAmelie: i'd go for a bed cozied up to the side of a fireplace though
Styxseus: There is a stove over to the right
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: It's a very accessible genre from a dev point of view, so you get lots of lazy/basic stuff, but also lots of really great or experimental stuff.
ContingentCat: @Pteraspidomorphi there seems to be a stove over to the right
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah
Lysander_Gustav: :D
kassy_13: hi spider friend
Dumori: Spiders!
accountmadeforants: Haha, that's a great animation
GreenMittenz: spiders are cute at least
noSmokeFire: this is the spider's cabin now
ContingentCat: "paintings"
Dumori: Yay spidder
margieargie: More spiders than expected?
muondecay: "on the next mail time..."
offbeatwitch: do we get to bang the parks
aWabbajack: ah like yelp reviews of national parks
TehAmelie: in my headcanon those are somehow Bob Ross originals
VoidBeckons: She talks to the spider! she's adorable and perfect
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: HAY GIRLFRIENDS
offbeatwitch: geology: surprisingly erotic
kimmiekoneko: bryce canyon or i riot
dquanthwiseman: I bet they come out of the paintings
Probevoyages: geology: it's about rock hard things
mtvcdm: Hard I. ZYE-on.
Aurelius101: Zion Valley is bar-none the most gorgeous place on this Earth that it has ever been my good fortune to witness.
RealGamerCow: In b4 Yellowstone being the popular blonde
kassy_13: i didn't know that's how they pronounce those
JZ1011: listen, I expect that this is going to feature mostly western US parks, but we have national parks in the midwest!
accountmadeforants: I suppose this is the more environmentally oriented version of I WANNA FUCK THE ROBOT
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Too-oh-lum-ne? I dunno either, I wasn't listening.
Pteraspidomorphi: I like those paintings, I wonder if they have desktop wallpaper versions
Lysander_Gustav: Did they play a robot dating game?
Dumori: Eve is a weird one eh?
JZ1011: @accountmadeforants I support this headcanon
TehAmelie: spiders so big they make the floor creak
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP zekeLURK
sir_jack_DB: lrrSPOOP
gamercat88: lrrSPOOP
ericblair76: Too-wall-umm-nee, but the N is often just silent too.
Pteraspidomorphi: Voice did not drop an octave
Styxseus: Windex, maybe? xD
offbeatwitch: gettin' high on windex
Lysander_Gustav: mushrooms!
Mivair: Oh my GOD it IS Gin
noSmokeFire: gindex
grgriffin3: Or gin and Windex!
kimmiekoneko: got there
Dumori: A very small octave
Mashamino: Gindex
Dumori: Gin, Windex and Coffee it’s the ranger wake up.
ContingentCat: yikes that would be a bad idea
cmdrud87: Eve would much rather light one up, I guess
PunkRockZoologist: God. What a terrifying thought.
Lysander_Gustav: Yay, sidearms!
grgriffin3: Guns!
noSmokeFire: slendergun is my favorite creepypasta
grgriffin3: She meant exactly that.
grgriffin3: Ooh, solid gun.
TehAmelie: Slendergun, Slenderman's American cousin
TheMoatman: If you shoot someone you'll have all the weekends off you could ever want
VoidBeckons: Plays dating sim, unlocks gun.... what "kind" of dating sim is this?
GhassanPL: Oh god she's a /k/ weeb
Lysander_Gustav: Oh no, they mysterious cough! She's going to die romantically in the third act!
tapdancingbeavers: glossy butt
JZ1011: Sudden gun porn?
Dumori: Did /k/ get in here
noSmokeFire: can we date the gun?
JZ1011: and solid ww2 reference
lulanirisaka subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 7 months, currently on a 1 month streak!
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accountmadeforants: And now we transition into the FPS part
hawkfalcon8: IT will however separate your shoulder
TheJohnnyBoy533: so shes alex
JZ1011: No, it's America!
TehAmelie: if this suddenly takes a turn towards Literature Club i'll be so impressed
Probevoyages: this is the American government, of course the guns are priority
grgriffin3: I would like to date the gun.
ContingentCat: 'merica
Lysander_Gustav: At least we aren't going to date the guns...
mtvcdm: It's not like anyone is asking you to do the thing I'm now asking you to do.
ExhaustedElox: DOI = Department of the Interior if it hasn't been covered.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: *banging on desk * WEIRD FOREST HERMIT
hawkfalcon8: @grgriffin3 would about banging a gun
BlueMechanic: I wish I could be a weird forest hermit
VoidBeckons: Weird? but forest hermit was my life long dream!
margieargie: Awwww, I wanna be a weird forest hermit...
tergonis: being a forest hermit is half the appeal of theis job
grgriffin3: @hawkfalcon8 I mean, the hole is right there....
hawkfalcon8: yeaaaaaaa
Probevoyages: "Don't be a weird forest hermit". Proceeds to date national parks
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Yeah G you got it
kassy_13: mis AN thro py
Laogeodritt: I would stress the second syllable like Graham, yeah.
gawag_: miss and THROP pee
aWabbajack: Someday I'll find my Miss Anthropy
Probevoyages: the word they want is lycanthropy. she werewolf
TehAmelie: miss enthropy
kassy_13: 4-syllable words are all like that
ericblair76: Shirley
kassy_13: 3*
kassy_13: no it was 4 lol
Pazzix: you dont know what misanthropy is? do you... like people?? o_o
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grgriffin3: PUPPO
kassy_13: cute
wildpeaks: ahhhh
Mivair: DOGE
MechaKuuga: SHOOT IT
tergonis: suddenly a cute!
ContingentCat: Doggo?
aWabbajack: not a monosyllabic word right?
muondecay: "Miss Ann, throw pee!"
hawkfalcon8: KILL
Probevoyages: what breed is that??
Juliamon: That's... an odd dogg
PunkRockZoologist: Doggo!!!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: A... what kind of puppy is that meant to be?
aWabbajack: been watching the RT podcast
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diamondmx: pupper!
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VoidBeckons: AH, my first visitor in my sweet hermit pad
grgriffin3: That's gotta be a coyote.
aWabbajack: feliciaRaid lrrSPOT
wildpeaks: so adorbs
Juliamon: Maybe it's a coyote
accountmadeforants: Seems Eve has her priorities straight
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: It looks like a fennec wolf
goodelfbob: bruh
Mashamino: can we keep it? huh, Mom, can we keep it, pleeeeease?!
TehAmelie: i'm going to guess that's a 5/1 coyote/dog mix
omdorastrix: Can you pet the dog? *check*
mtvcdm: Get her pup!
Probevoyages: jessie whyyyy
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I mean she's not wrong, you can't teach them to NOT be afraid of people
Probevoyages: but flufffff
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: That's how you get wild puppers shot
huejackson5: fuck marry kill eve, pupper, graham.
MechaKuuga: She responsible
GhassanPL: I don't like Jessie.
grgriffin3: Called it.
mtvcdm: I mean yeah, you can't feed wild animals.
grgriffin3: I mean, Jessie's correct.
mtvcdm: They tend to start expecting it.
margieargie: Don't... don't tell me he fed bear cubs too...
accountmadeforants: I like Jessie
Lysander_Gustav: Oh that zoom. Nice
Probevoyages: Jessie is a psychic and the real villain
grgriffin3: Jessie's a werewolf or something.
Dared00: Many monsters are technically correct
GreenMittenz: even if shes correct... its so cute though
diamondmx: but she also clearly has no soul
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Megantiu: <3
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Toshar: these VA's sound super familiar
TehAmelie: the narrator is Kathleen lrrAWESOME
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: It's not her fault she doesn't know it's the familiar of one of your anthropomorphic park girlfriends
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I mean that would not be a natural assumption
Lysander_Gustav: Wow Jessie's tall
Toshar: @tehamelie ...i walked into that one
Lysander_Gustav: Or eve is short
tapdancingbeavers: I don't buy that Eve would act like that around a wild animal.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: That's how you illustrate older women, right? Tall, giant boobs, face of a 14-year-old?
accountmadeforants: I'm reminded of that MBMBAM bit "my terrible idiot sons" bit
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thundervoice_1: UWU another wonderful month of LRR streams.
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ElihuAran: This Firewatch mod is real strange... (I know I'm not the first to make this joke)
TehAmelie: i mean this art style doesn't really have a mode for women's faces of any age between 14 and 90
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MechaKuuga: Does Jessie want some of that Edgelord Eve action?
Probevoyages: no, *you're wrong*
mathface23: Allo
lucha_libro: Drugs
ContingentCat: Lots of drugs
Probevoyages: @lucha_libro definitely drugs.
grgriffin3: Drugs and being a supernatural monster of some sort, probably.
Toshar: what is the name of this game?
Dared00: @Toshar National Park Girls
dreamyxcupcakes: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: National Park Girls (overridden)
Electrodyne: This is a lot of setup story, but i really like the new Let's Nope format we're seeing here.
Toshar: ty
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MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @TehAmelie I know, I'm just teasing because it bugs me. <:) I'd love just one girls' love game where the adult characters look like grown-ups.
Electrodyne: how long until the maniac appears
Earthenone: is teddy rosevelt associated with the national parks?
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muondecay: exactly one too many
Lysander_Gustav: Oh jeez it sounds like my job
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Are we playing a loose cannon but a great cop?
ContingentCat: looks like a nice purgatory
Pteraspidomorphi: Can always throw the page into the fire
34Witches: There's some number of cracked jaws that is OK?
Probevoyages: turn in your ranger badge and big iron
kimmiekoneko: @Earthenone he was a big conservationist and established a number of them
LadyTL: @Earthenone Teddy roosevelt was the president who made the biggest push for the national park system
Probevoyages: you're an outlaw loose and running!
Earthenone: i thought so, thanks
JZ1011: I feel personally attacked
Electrodyne: 5 drawers on the left side, I bet one of those has the Key we'll need later
kassy_13: oh that's who she's talking to
dreamyxcupcakes: #cabinlife. honestly sounds great
PunkRockZoologist: cheer100 Hey G, have you seen the latest promo poster for Star Trek Picard? He has a doggo!!!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: If I ever get disciplined at work, I too am going to monologue about how I am just too damn great for them to handle.
noSmokeFire: doesn't Patrick Stewart own a pitbull?
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Alness49: The doggo has a tag. It's called number 1
smurfsrppl2: Mowu?
margieargie: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing I mean, it's what I usually do.
Gekyouryuu: we taking bets on Picard being smarter with his dog than Archer was?
TheRealRedal: french bulldog would make sense
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I have never Star Trekked but I'll check out anything with doggos
huejackson5: mowu is a corprate shill
noSmokeFire: yeah, that dog has a muzzle, so not a bulldog, but maybe a bully breed
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Don't you DARE insult Mowu's honour!
noSmokeFire: there *are* authorarian dating sims, but let's avoid those
kassy_13: dictator!
PunkRockZoologist: It might be to do with Patrick Stewart's work with rescue dogs.
Probevoyages: hardly fascist enough to be a park ranger yo
Pteraspidomorphi: Hmmm, authoritative means you are the authority on a subject, no?
huejackson5: id kick him irl
ContingentCat: ripped jeans also aren't authoritarian to be fair
wildpeaks: kiss \o/
TheWooglie: Where hat?
Lysander_Gustav: Yay we got there!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: QUICK AIR HORN
Mivair: Kissed!
Alness49: Brisk Air OTP
omdorastrix: I grab my hat/// wheres' the hat?
Mivair: lrrHORN
mtvcdm: The hat.... went away
omdorastrix: The hat swung open
noSmokeFire: swing open and feel the wind kiss you
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TheJohnnyBoy533: gross
accountmadeforants: I swing open, then play my ribs like a xylophone
Lysander_Gustav: Tear open your ribcage, revealing the void within
Laogeodritt: Alternatively, the game is making a political comment through a subtle choice of words? =V (I didn't catch the context, just the authoritarian/authoritative thing)
tapdancingbeavers: oh, that's what swingers are!
korvys: Swinging normally requires more than one person, G
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: It sounds like it would be easier than swinging closed?
Rogert3: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: National Park Girls (overridden)
Pteraspidomorphi: Grab something, hinge around it
ContingentCat: trees aren't going to judge whatever swinging you want to do
Probevoyages: there's the hat!
Lysander_Gustav: okay sure
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Mivair: Excellent
NightValien28: she has absolutely zero fucks left to give
Laogeodritt: That is an... interesting choice of image.
korvys: My teleporting GOD HAT
Mivair: Flawless game 10/10 I love it forever I love Eve
margieargie: She *grabbed* the hat, she didn't *put it on* :p
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Okay that IS a good response
mtvcdm: She kept the hat in reserve as a secret weapon
Probevoyages: they won't find YOU
ContingentCat: wow sounds like a theat
ginnsman42: just got here lol
noSmokeFire: kiss with all the colors of the wind
BlueMechanic: I like to imagine that guy's name is actually Dumbass Camper
GhassanPL: I'm sorry, and I know this is ageist, but I couldn't take a woman looking like a 14-yeard old like that seriously
Gekyouryuu: I just like that verbal image. "I step outside and they think I am one of them. I put on a hat and they know the FEAR OF GOD."
Probevoyages: she has two firearms and knows where to hide bodies
Laogeodritt: "as so much"?
Probevoyages: "fell off a cliff"
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @GhassanPL Yeah if she's mad about being mistaken for a kid I feel like the art style did her dirty :p
mtvcdm: We have one or two quibbles with the writing so far, but by and large it's been pretty solid.
cmdrud87: She can work on her CX skills...
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: But like, having seen Jessie, I dunno how you could ever guess anybody's age in theis world.
wildpeaks: what was the issue though, they're not allowed in the park at night ?
Probevoyages: hats are insufficiently authoritative. Use the shotgun next time
Mivair: There are actual real life adults that just look very yongue
Mivair: *goung
Mivair: *YOUNG
mtvcdm: PUP
accountmadeforants: Eh, the paperwork for falling off a cliff isn't as much work as stepping on a pinecone, I imagine.
ContingentCat: Doggo!!
Mashamino: CorgiDerp
Edgarware: PUPPO
hawkfalcon8: ummmmmmmmmmmm wut
Laogeodritt: PUPPY \o/
cmdrud87: FEED ME
Laogeodritt: slytqHug
kassy_13: it's! a! coyote!
Juliamon: uggh Eve pls
mtvcdm: Again, this isn't what you are supposed to do with wild animals. But here we are.
VelvetFalcon: I-is Alex the voice of "Dumbass Camper" cause it kinda sounded like him.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Ah geez. I do love this pupper, but COME ON. You're not just feeding wild animals, you're LEAVING OUT food for them? You are not a good ranger.
Probevoyages: Eve you fool that's Jessie's pup she's a werewolf
Mediocre_Man5: the breeze awkwardly passes by without making eye contact
tapdancingbeavers: I feel this is incredibly out of character :/
AtomicAlchemical: Ma'am... that's a coyote...
Gekyouryuu: Moon Sliver: Sliver creatures you control have 2U exile target Emrakul
accountmadeforants: Notches are hot right now, thank Apple
Invitare: sure are a lot of words around here
kassy_13: it feels in-character to me. she hates people but said hi to a spider
MrSVCD: slytqHug
MrSVCD: elfunkPopcorn
Probevoyages: so I assume the "stuff in the coffee" that convinced people of haunting was coyote urine?
huejackson5: <message deleted>i am also stiff and alert
Lysander_Gustav: whut
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: (I'm gonna say this pup is already a lost cause because of ranger lush, so it's okay as long as she stops placing food outside for it.)
kassy_13: why did you let fleas into your house eve????
tapdancingbeavers: this pup is going to grow up and attack people
kassy_13: BleedPurple100 BleedPurple100 bonus20 eve why???? fleas are the worst
Juliamon: It's a wild animal, you don't know WHAT pests it has on it
Earthenone: im sure she can make friends with the fleas too
Juliamon: Probably has ticks too
Rhynerd: "oh, now I need to purge this building of fleas."
mtvcdm: This is why you don't make pets of wild animals.
Alness49: "Oh good, ticks. EXACTLY what I want in my pupper"
Tempest2097: Parasites can die in a fire.
tapdancingbeavers: or at this point literally take it in as a full pet
Lysander_Gustav: great now I'm itching
NightValien28: do not ever touch wild life, ever, not even once
margieargie: Like... the literal bubonic plague is around over there, I'd definitely watch out for those fleas.
Tempest2097: Literal actual Parasites.
Ukon_vasara: its fine, the spiders will eat the fleas, probably, maybe
Catastrophil: She's distracted by her one true love, the tsundere wind
Alness49: "Awww, he's so happy to see me he's foaming at the mouth... uh oh"
kassy_13: rabies!
Probevoyages: wait corruption
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Oh shit yeah NorthAm has rabies huh?
Lysander_Gustav: well, okay
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I forgot about that
Tempest2097: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing You don't?
fragilepaper: Uhhhh
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @Tempest2097 Nah I'm in Australia
Probevoyages: Jessie is the park ranger Godfather
thedoctor0990: I just got here whats happening
Alness49: Yosemite Smut!
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Asoxa: This number just keeps growing, it seems.
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Tempest2097: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing Completely unrelatedly, I should mention I keep having this white foam getting caught in my beard.
Fruan: Corn smut?
Tempest2097: No idea where it's coming from Kappa
RealGamerCow: "Yosemite: Dong Shaped Rocks"
korvys: "Pounded in the butt by the absolute majesty of nature" by Chuck Tingle
Wicker_Knight: Yosemite: Another Blast from Old Faithful
kassy_13: my cat's ears are pricking up too
mtvcdm: This game did its research. I'm 100% convinced it did. It's not pulling stuff out of its ass.
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Probevoyages: aaand the concussion that explains the following events.
Mivair: we gon' meet our first girl!
Mivair: Let's Nope
Wicker_Knight: Let's Kiss
Sarah_Serinde: Kiss Nope?
Alness49: Nope Kiss
Wicker_Knight: Nope, Kiss Kappa
ContingentCat: Nope Kiss?
fragilepaper: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Probevoyages: Nope Kiss.
PhorrestGaze: kiss nope
kassy_13: no kissing
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
Wicker_Knight: Kiss, Nope lrrSPOOP
lucha_libro: Kiss? NOPE!
tapdancingbeavers: i hope it's a bear
tergonis: anthropomorphic park manifestation?
kassy_13: kiss? nope! is nice
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: A bear who wants to be a ranger
Probevoyages: the nope is the spook and you kiss it. kiss nope.
circular7: cute wolf boy?
Wicker_Knight: so I missed it, we have a pup named Pup?
hawkfalcon8: It's a National Park
Gekyouryuu: t101LETS t101NOPE
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Catastrophil: it's the wind, creepin again
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: And hates jerk drunk camper kids
ChuckSplatt: Whoa it's Graham
saiaseigm: Somebody in the Closet? Gay. I mean, maybe. Idk how they ID.
ChuckSplatt: Was that a sneeze-dab?
mtvcdm: LRRBot, explain it.
omdorastrix: Raccoon?
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #3196: "Red-town: You never want that." —Ian [2016-08-12]
josh___something: <o/
34Witches: Cabin's haunted.
circular7: dab sneezing?
Relentless_Bread: hey its graham he's not stuck editing
kassy_13: "project"
dreamyxcupcakes: what if it's a sexy girl ghost?
noSmokeFire: unless you're into that
Tempest2097: Your High School Gym Teacher was never intimidating.
Probevoyages: grab your shotgun first
Tempest2097: Ohhh that's a ghost.
Mivair: GHOST
Questhere: lrrSPOOP
Dared00: whaaat
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
hawkfalcon8: spoooops
kassy_13: goast
Rhynerd: welp, cabin's haunted, load the pistol.
mtvcdm: Goast!
Edgarware: lrrSPOOP
Dared00: lrrSPOOP
ChuckSplatt: Wait a minute this isn't Let's Nope
34Witches: lrrSPOOP
circular7: intimation
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP
muondecay: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
fragilepaper: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Probevoyages: SHOT. GUN.
Wicker_Knight: benginSpoop
ieva_art: who's the voice actress? i feel like i recognise the voice :0
hawkfalcon8: puddle?
Tempest2097: I didn't know this was Let's Nope...
poeromancy: Now Spoop
Gekyouryuu: t101LETS t101NOPE t101EX
Raithencore235: The fire is apparently electric
Invitare: oh a ghost
Tempest2097: An ELF?!
Mivair: girl!
muondecay: this took A TURN
Dared00: w h a t
hawkfalcon8: ummmmmmmmmmm wut
kassy_13: girls!
ChuckSplatt: Oh it's THIS kind of game
tergonis: we elf smoochin now?
wildpeaks: maybe we can date a ghost now
Styxseus: O.o
Tempest2097: THAT'S AN ELF.
Pteraspidomorphi: Didn't she have a gun?
circular7: tall elf girl
GhassanPL: Doesn't look like a bear tho
Probevoyages: she had two guns!
Invitare: that is neither ghostly nor a shadow
Orgmastron: Oh, a Native ghost girl :/
ieva_art: a native elf ghost girl?
PhorrestGaze: lrrSPOOP
Tempest2097: Correction, Native Cowboy Elf Ghost Girl.
GhassanPL: Gravely or gravelly?
Lysander_Gustav: okay
Tempest2097: That's totally a ghost horse
ChuckSplatt: Whatever you say bro
Earthenone: what about laws of shotguns
circular7: welp
Tempest2097: My money is on ghost horse
Alness49: Do you concern yourselves with MY BOOMSTICK?
PunkRockZoologist: Weird flex, but ok
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: That is not what is in that picture
Invitare: I think the camera was focussing on the wrong person here
Tempest2097: Show meeee a ghost horse!
noSmokeFire: dangly like a corpse dangling
Lysander_Gustav: Hanged corpse on a gibbet perhaps
Pteraspidomorphi: Hanged corpse maybe
Probevoyages: @tempest2097 it's not a cowboy ghost. they don't work for a ranch and they're a girl
dreamyxcupcakes: dangly ghost girl with her dangly ghost dog
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Tempest2097: @Probevoyages Objection sustained.
Gekyouryuu: in the epilogue of this game, you're raising your magical park spirit daughter, and she asks "mommy, how did you and other mommy meet?" "oh, well, she tried to scare me into having a heart attack."
circular7: I want to argue sematics with a hot elf girl one day... Kappa
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I... was also having that feel
adamjford: Thank goodness that I wasn't the only person thinking that
control_rig: Yup yup, had the same worry
Invitare: oh no, my spine is levitating
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I've been noticing that grammar error in this writing occasionally
Catastrophil: our reading place, this cupboard
circular7: NAO!!!!!
muondecay: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Earthenone: !card on thin ice
LRRbot: On Thin Ice [W] | Snow Enchantment — Aura | Enchant snow land you control / When On Thin Ice enters the battlefield, exile target creature an opponent controls until On Thin Ice leaves the battlefield.
circular7: LUL
Probevoyages: you're a vengeful spirit trying to reason with HER
Wicker_Knight: slytqWha
control_rig: Have you ever been on the internet? People will argue with EVERYTHING
Alness49: "Have many people tried that before?" "No...." "Well it's worth a shot then"
Rhynerd: "Income?"
GhassanPL: Clearly you've never been unemployed for long
circular7: welcome to 2019 ghost
Styxseus: I love that cough xD
mtvcdm: Welp
Lysander_Gustav: Oh no the coughing is contagious!
circular7: money is really important
Laogeodritt: This is... interesting writing. I can't tell if this is amusing or eh.
korvys: I stepped away for like, 2 minutes, and this haunting turned into a twitter political spat?
Probevoyages: ghost throat is drying out from the yelling?
Dog_of_Myth: Grab the ghost gun!
Lysander_Gustav: I think I've been reading too many romance novels lately. I'm expecting tuberculosis any minute now
Tempest2097: It's a ghost?
circular7: PowerUpL TehePelo
Tempest2097: You're not a ghostbuster.
Lysander_Gustav: That ranger has a gun!
circular7: no bullets?
Gekyouryuu: you're gonna shoot THROUGH the ghost and hurt pup, you know
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wildpeaks: either it's a ghost, either it's an unarmed person. in both cases, gun is bad idea ?
Lysander_Gustav: oh dear, a moe
muondecay: wut
Wicker_Knight: slytqWha
circular7: MercyWing1 PinkMercy MercyWing2
Wicker_Knight: an evil monster?
Mivair: I love her and dearly hope she isn't a dating option
Tempest2097: This is getting REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL anime.
Dog_of_Myth: Ghost Angel
mtvcdm: This got.... very strange
Rhynerd: well, here's the small child on the title screen.
Invitare: are you *sure* this is a dating game?
wildpeaks: are they kids who died in their halloween costume ?
gamercat88: fairy?
Gekyouryuu: PrideWingL PinkMercy PrideWingR
Grevas13: pls no loli route
tergonis: so spirit of the forest and a protector elf
Bncbck: that look on her face is accurate
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART
Tempest2097: Seventy three out of 10 Anime.
Wicker_Knight: Also, VA for elf-demon-floaty-girl is apparently in Attack on Titan and Black Clover
Mivair: Pls No Loli Route
circular7: angels and Indians?????
TheJohnnyBoy533: what the actual hell is this game
Rhynerd: I hope they're not a route, or at least not a romantic route.
Earthenone: im sure she is hundreds of years old, making it legal
bat_wool: Of course!
DunkmasterKyouko: it is, in fact, not a dating game, and this girl is not a route because there aren't routes
dreamyxcupcakes: is this now our adorable angel child?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: There probably will be, since she's a supernatural being and "not really a child", Fire Emblem finger quotes
Gekyouryuu: @DunkmasterKyouko is it not?
Mivair: rip
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Laogeodritt: wait. waitwaitwait. Does this game let you date... spirits of national parks?! D=
circular7: yep no bullets
Probevoyages: this is America, ghost
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ContingentCat: oh if only
Dog_of_Myth: Ghost shade
circular7: called it
Bncbck: imagine being shamed by a ghost
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circular7: wow...
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Lol
control_rig: Wait wait wait. Will there be a Geyser innuendo? There will, won't there.
noSmokeFire: give me a horror movie where the mosnter is a horribly realistic anime girl
Catastrophil: Who's idea was this thing...
Lysander_Gustav: o_O
Wicker_Knight: So.. when do we meet the Hetalia Powers?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Yeah blue heair and frosted tips is for sure what you seen in a horror movie
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chicken_mike: look a sub or something? idk
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TheJohnnyBoy533: what person green lit an anime dating game about national parks
circular7: okay Ms. dere
ShadowFirelaw: Can I ask if there's any updates on my RoboRosewater cube? :3
DunkmasterKyouko: everyone does tend to assume it's a dating sim, but no, it's not gekyouryuu
Styxseus: Their special effects wore off? xD
circular7: NotLikeThis
muondecay: WHAT
adamjford: incredible
Styxseus: XD
Edgarware: wow
Dog_of_Myth: Wut?
Laogeodritt: You did it, Graham. XD
Zrams3y: (yo what game is this )
omdorastrix: Supervolcano head
Lysander_Gustav: that's delightfully weird. Yay
control_rig: Oh GOOD it's on her head
VelvetFalcon: Date Volcano Head!
Erudite_Cynic: deeply weird
tergonis: why is only yosemite an elf
Grevas13: imagine the r34
Tempest2097: That's a REAL fucking good question Graham.
noSmokeFire: zion = mormon
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I mean
Alness49: Please tell me it erupts when she gets frustrated
TheJohnnyBoy533: thats unsettling
ContingentCat: Hey at least Old faithful isn't.... elsewhere
Lysander_Gustav: twintails
VelvetFalcon: Wait! Is she a geyser?
accountmadeforants: I am feeling that geyserhead energy
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: It's not like Zion LACKS biblical significance?
mtvcdm: I mean, Zion National Park is in Utah.
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lulanirisaka: BC Zion is actually the Jewish holy land?
PunkRockZoologist: Yeah. Why IS Zion an angel??
Fruan: I want to get off this ride
omdorastrix: Head-water
Tempest2097: Guess she's a squirter... Kappa
Lysander_Gustav: Eruption
Lysander_Gustav: ew
Catastrophil: She's the anime pyramidhead
circular7: lol gross
Decaped: Zion needs more eyess
Gekyouryuu: @DunkmasterKyouko in my defense, I only thought it was because I hadn't heard of it before this show, and consider the purpose of this show.
sir_jack_DB: "why is Zion an angel" uh...
kassy_13: it's....gross lol
bat_wool: That's bloody unnerving!
Zrams3y: so we got an elf, an angel baby, aaaaand a cone-head
Talin06: And why are they here and not in their parks?
SquareDotCube: TBF it looks like they took an art asset and just used some Photoshop burshes to stick a geyser on her head
DunkmasterKyouko: you're far from the only person to think that, dw about it
PunkRockZoologist: I don't know why, but "Giant Cone" sounds dirty for some reason.
Bncbck: she drew the short straw in this anime trio
circular7: this is our harem? oof
Alness49: So where is John Lithgow, his missing his anime daughter
aesir_blade: What's the title of this one? got here late
Earthenone: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: National Park Girls (overridden)
azureHaights: "I was saving the world from an axis of darkness / while you were on stream macking on national parks, yes" -- Winston Churchill, probably
kimmiekoneko: can i date the grand canyon instead
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I'm disappointed, they should have swirled her hair around it like a beehive take
Dog_of_Myth: So is Grand Teton going to show up?
HesGotNoPants: wow has anyone made a tree hugger joke yet? more of a tree banger
Tempest2097: @Dog_of_Myth Oh god.
Doom4114: I personally want to see Rocky Mountain national Park
circular7: <3
Wicker_Knight: Huh. So apparently this series is actually quite successful for the dev (Studio Coattails in the UK). Here's a recent DLC:
Invitare: that's... a fox? Not a dog?
Rhynerd: coyote
34Witches: It's a coyote, I think?
Gekyouryuu: ack. internet cut out on me for a few minutes there.
PunkRockZoologist: I want to see the Australian expansion to this with Kara Tjuta
control_rig: Traitor!
mtvcdm: There's Joshua Tree DLC?!
circular7: Angels that grow sticks?
Rhynerd: orphaned coyote pup
Probevoyages: the girl grew some wood and gave it to the dog?!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @PunkRockZoologist Wanna get some Kakdu and Uluru all up ins
PunkRockZoologist: *Kata Tjuta* aka Uluru National Park
Probevoyages: oh noooo
Dared00: @Wicker_Knight holy cow, JT is buff
Dog_of_Myth: Glacier just gives the cold shoulder and disappears.
Tempest2097: Surprised they haven't done one of my local parks as it was a Favorite of Theodore Rooseveldt.
SkycladAsuka: Not DLC, but extended universe stuff
Catastrophil: The real villain is Death Valley
GhassanPL: Are you sure it's not the gin tho?
Styxseus: Not just think, I think this counts as haunted xD
Wicker_Knight: @Dared00 as the tagline says: "Yes, she can outlift you"
Lysander_Gustav: What accent is that? Chicago?
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Kathleen) [now] I'd be annoyed if this weren't so confusing.
LRRbot: New quote #6207: "I'd be annoyed if this weren't so confusing." —Kathleen [2019-07-10]
PunkRockZoologist: @munchlaxregretsnothing Organ Pipes would be interesting. Hair made up yo look like hexagonal lava columns
Tempest2097: EW
Styxseus: Ahhhhhhhhhh
ContingentCat: why is Yellowstone still ??? it's been established who she is
Sarah_Serinde: No thank you!
Edgarware: gross
Lysander_Gustav: Mmm, hairwatetr
control_rig: Ew Hair water
MechaKuuga: OMG
Styxseus: "DRINK ME!" ?!
Tempest2097: So much sulfur.....
Tempest2097: And Archaea!
gamercat88: don't go chasing waterfalls
Wicker_Knight: better than, like, foot water or spit I guess
accountmadeforants: HA
cheetoJack: neat, gross
control_rig: HAAHAHAAHAH
Styxseus: Hahahahahahahaha :D
Edgarware: Ohhh noooo
wildpeaks: :D
GhassanPL: Yeah ok no
Lysander_Gustav: I love this
Tempest2097: Most people don't even know what Archaea are!
Earthenone: Perfect
ContingentCat: WAT
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @PunkRockZoologist I love it XD
mtvcdm: !clip
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northos: WAT
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ieva_art: why is it such a small kettle
Wicker_Knight: okay, well done writers...
RealGamerCow: Okay then
Dog_of_Myth: Practial.
circular7: FailFish
VelvetFalcon: This is so good!
PunkRockZoologist: Bahahahaha
Tempest2097: This is fucking peak animes.
Lysander_Gustav: This is delightful
Dared00: Oky, I love this.
Dared00: *okay
starlitdiscord: oh goodness
Alness49: Anime was a mistake
HesGotNoPants: is this watch and play?
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Probevoyages: head kettle. Heattle?
PunkRockZoologist: @tempest2097 I see what you did there.
Invitare: "What if we gave one of our characters a volcano on her head?"
TheJohnnyBoy533: the premise of this game feels like a throwaway joke from Commodore Hustle
Styxseus: That is adorably stupid xD
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't think this is the silliest thing I've seen on this slot
GhassanPL: Motherfuckers!
Grevas13: i kind of love the voice acting.
34Witches: It's still not as weird as last week
Lysander_Gustav: Extreme LARPing
Probevoyages: but she's heard of ghosts who CAN'T touch people?
Wicker_Knight: @TheJohnnyBoy533 as far as I can tell from browsing the site and Twitter, the studio's whole brand is basically VNs with Anime girl personifications
control_rig: Oith?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: How is that a non-anser?
GhassanPL: Oif?
starlitdiscord: oh! cute!
mtvcdm: Yellowstone is from Jersey?
Gekyouryuu: the harley quinn accent is really starting to irk me
Lysander_Gustav: Buggs Bunny?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Like, what you you be expected to tell somebody other than if, if they asked who you were?
Gekyouryuu: oh, Graham beat me to it
Beebopaloobopa: The accent isn't even consistent which is worse
SquareDotCube: New Jersey, known for Yellowstone National Park! Kappa
GhassanPL: Tilts her head?
Tempest2097: Fun fact! I live near the second oldest Park in the National Park System
GhassanPL: Does the kettle fall off?
Dog_of_Myth: Well Yellowstone is a super volcano so explosive personality.
starlitdiscord: please dont tilt your head while balancing a kettle
Alness49: So, and I ask this in all innocence, which park are we in right now?
officedge: how does she tilt her head with that kettle on it?
Fruan: I left the room for a moment and now there's a kettle on her head?
Lysander_Gustav: Would have been funny if the backslap caused a minor earthquake
mtvcdm: Yeah, we haven't actually made a decision yet.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I am disappointed it has voice acting at all. I wanted Graham to be an anime girl.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: >:<
circular7: this is pretty weird
Decaped: mute the voices, give them more regional accents.
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adamjford: "Normally you'd be all of these girls!" is a great sentence out of context. Quote?
DunkmasterKyouko: @Dog_of_Myth Thanks mate
Probevoyages: magic kettle balancing powers are a little known ability of national parks
circular7: PrideLionHey PrideLionHey PrideLionHey PrideLionHey PrideLionHey
control_rig: Welcome all!
MiranFurze: neet
josh___something: PrideLionHey
HesGotNoPants: does Yellowstone park just magically balance things?
Estyl_: Hi
Gekyouryuu: they just HAPPEN to be the same park spirits she had pictures of on her wall? and why are they ALL in one park?
Dog_of_Myth: Sub because weird anime dating sim.
Infernal_Translator: If a national park has their status removed, are they taken behind the shed?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Also that kettle has been done for AGES
circular7: "magic tricks" TehePelo
circular7: Eve is kind of a b*itch
Probevoyages: @gekyouryuu the parks are inside each other ;)
TheMerricat: @Infernal_Translator where I"m from "taken behind the shed" means getting a spanking....
Styxseus: Is she gonna explode? :P
mtvcdm: I mean, if you're Eve and in this situation, you'd probably be very very nop eoyurself.
Wicker_Knight: @TheMerricat in this case i think they mean an Ol' Yeller Reference (i.e. getting shot)
Infernal_Translator: @TheMerricat no, i was thinking being shot.
Akaiatana: Are these characters meant to be adults?
Styxseus: O.o
control_rig: What the hell
Lysander_Gustav: yay
circular7: ?
mtvcdm: What the shit
starlitdiscord: o....k...?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I mean you filled a kettle from your hair, that's a pretty good start
Seagulyus: @Dog_of_Myth Danke Danke
Tempest2097: The next seventy hours of gameplay are existential horror
Gekyouryuu: welcome to hell!
Tempest2097: Kappa
accountmadeforants: Yo, this seems like it has some deep internal lore
Probevoyages: damn it the wind is harrassing again
hawkfalcon8: ummmmmmmmmmmmm wut
Estyl_: You died l!
Alness49: Well, we're in the sub-park
control_rig: Are they Elder Ones? Some sort of Mythos beings from between realities
mtvcdm: WHAT
Wicker_Knight: benginWat
circular7: play again!
TheNerdWonder: I was really hoping she'd end up being shot out of Old Faithful
Ukon_vasara: lrrFINE
Styxseus: Appropriate :D
GhassanPL: Honestly, this is quite fun, in an irreverent-anime-kind of way
circular7: you are "up"
Styxseus: This is weird enough that it somehow reset any expectations I might have had :P
muondecay: Did they pull her off the cast of newsies?
circular7: what the actual f*ck is happening?!
Infernal_Translator: Genius loci, with no emphasis on the genius?
Probevoyages: no her brain is made of volcano
accountmadeforants: Back to Now Spoop
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaha
gamercat88: she has the zommies
Alness49: And this is how Eve had her nervious breakdown!
mtvcdm: The Steam Discovery queue is a dangerous and frightening place.
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Phosphatide: BIRTHDAY RESUB!! also i'm at work hello, thanks for all you guys do as always
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Akaiatana: Oh, is Yosemite going to share her park, gritty backstory?
Lysander_Gustav: happy birthday!
Styxseus: @Akaiatana xD
mtvcdm: (realizing) I did this. I did this to all of us.
Phosphatide: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
orbitaltuna: is that a geyser on her head
Wicker_Knight: it is
HesGotNoPants: what happens if she dies in Yellowstone? what if she poops in Yellowstone?
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Infernal_Translator: If Yosemite Park loses its trees, does Yosemite go bald?
TheMerricat: - we are the only people playing this for some reason, and just remember, this is just episode 1 of a series...
ShadowFirelaw: How do I sub message? :S
Phosphatide: spending my birthday getting paid heck yeah
Tempest2097: Kathleen may have watched too much Gundam?
redbannanas: sorry im just joining whos yosemity and what did she do
RealGamerCow: lrrIAN
CraziestOwl: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:20:25.
Tempest2097: Zeon originally I think..
Gekyouryuu: Sieg ZEON!
HesGotNoPants: zeon
circular7: yellow Stone is the ditzy high energy type I see
Ukon_vasara: lrrIAN
Probevoyages: why do they need to remove her from this cabin though??
Akaiatana: Bearenstein paradox!
Rhynerd: #BlameIan
starlitdiscord: #BlameIan?
TheMerricat: @ShadowFirelaw I don't think you get one on the first month.
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Graham) [now] It's definitely Ian's fault.
LRRbot: New quote #6208: "It's definitely Ian's fault." —Graham [2019-07-10]
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: If I ever do a wacky supernatural dating sim where the MC needs to be convinced before we can get down to flirting, I think I will tell the "meeting" part in a flashback.
mtvcdm: Yosemite is in California, Zion in Utah, Yellowstone is primarily in Wyoming.
RealGamerCow: Excellent Sarah
Driosenth: she says human like the Ferangi from star trek
starlitdiscord: the puppy!!!!
Lysander_Gustav: Oh no Zion has a mysterious sickness too...
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Zeon - the gundam nation - Zion - The national park
redbannanas: oh there all nature reservs
Rhynerd: And which state are we in?
Probevoyages: "Swallow story?" did I hear that right?
mtvcdm: We're in Yosemite.
RealGamerCow: Ah, that's why she's tall. Sequoias.
hawkfalcon8: THey sleep in the BAth room? wut?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: The part where you have to have common sense fight anime wacky as if it can ever win, that's always the worst part
Infernal_Translator: Bathroom?!? What do they poop?!?
Dog_of_Myth: @Rhynerd State of confusion.
mtvcdm: !clip
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Alness49: "She's so BIG! And Craggy!"
Lysander_Gustav: Curse you Ian
circular7: NotLikeThis
Sarah_Serinde: Probevoyages As in the bird
Tempest2097: I mean tall is good.
Rhynerd: Well, it's not a lie.
Fruan: What even are words?
tergonis: seek vengeance on Ian
Scren: I didn't think the game would break you in that way
Dog_of_Myth: #BlameIan
Akaiatana: Is Yosemite to be our consenting, loving Park n' Ride?
circular7: "woo is me"
Lysander_Gustav: If it's any recourse, I sometimes think "Ian" is pronounced "eye-on"
hawkfalcon8: KISS
Infernal_Translator: @Lysander_Gustav eye-on is ion. Ian is Ee-an
circular7: make out!
HesGotNoPants: being trapped with magic anime wifus does sound like hell
Probevoyages: how do parks get tired
Lysander_Gustav: Eye-an?
TheJohnnyBoy533: kiss the tall park waifu
hawkfalcon8: ummmmmmmmmm wut
starlitdiscord: ?????
Styxseus: Does she read very quickly? xD
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
Wicker_Knight: strangle slow I'm guessing
Styxseus: Right?! xD
circular7: huh?
Wicker_Knight: :P
Edgarware: Its a very short book
GreenMittenz: Well you have to take your time and enjoy it
Sarah_Serinde: Yes I also have questions
ContingentCat: what?
Bncbck: YEAH
Infernal_Translator: Slow strangle
mtvcdm: Don't worry, I'm very bad at strangling people.
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accountmadeforants: Really digging this episode of Now NOPE
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PhorrestGaze: maybe it just takes that long to strangle a park?
Onisquirrel: it's the gentlest strangling???
Lysander_Gustav: all right
silvrstrikr13: ??? jeezuz
margieargie: Strangling takes longer than you might think.
Tempest2097: Either very fast reader or very slow strangler.
Akaiatana: Either way, Grahamleen, Yosemite might have a crush on us
circular7: SoonerLater
Alness49: Are we Guybrush Threepwood? Is this a comment on lung capacity?
Orgmastron: Kinky lrrBEEJ
Earthenone: i feel like the power to generate water would make it go faster
CleeKru: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:24:43.
Infernal_Translator: "I've never strangled someone before. This'll be quite touch-and-go."
octavia__scratch: Maybe it's just a reeeeeaaaally short book
Lysander_Gustav: sure that makes sense
gamercat88: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
muondecay: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
starlitdiscord: wow...?
Probevoyages: no, Neanderthals used spears
Styxseus: oh snap
hawkfalcon8: BURN
Dog_of_Myth: Oh Snap!
Sarah_Serinde: Well that's !badadvice if I've ever heard it
ContingentCat: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Ukon_vasara: so much for that truce bloobyCry
circular7: sick. burn.
Juliamon: benginBurn benginBurn benginBurn
Earthenone: she may not be an active volcano but she sure has SICK BURNS
margieargie: Well, European humans.
Tempest2097: Neanderthals definitely used spears.
erloas: it is probably hard to read and strangle someone
Alness49: Why would a national park endanger themselves with that BURN?
Akaiatana: Human genetic content is a Neandering River
Dared00: "Only neanderthals use guns. We use modern methods... like strangling"
Probevoyages: but strangling is civilized, you see
Wicker_Knight: animu graham
Wicker_Knight: the answer is always animu
Dog_of_Myth: We need to call Smokey the Bear to put out that fire from the burn!!
starlitdiscord: for the first time???
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: JESUS her hands are TINY
redbannanas: people with more neadrathall blood have a better digestive track and get food poisoning less but are more likely to get dimensia
Probevoyages: What are guns? Metallurgy? Chemistry? Mass production?
Ukon_vasara: where else would the national parks sleep, graham?
Lysander_Gustav: why though? Why the elf ears?
Dared00: they all have tiny hands
Styxseus: Nevermind the sleeping bags, are they drinking yellowstones brain? :P
Tempest2097: @Lysander_Gustav Anime
Probevoyages: use the futuristic science of HANDS!
34Witches: nonononono
circular7: lewd
Wicker_Knight: it could be Zion
Onisquirrel: @Lysander_Gustav Yosemite is long the ancestral home of elves
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: All three
starlitdiscord: o.o
Dared00: thank god it's the dog
Juliamon: Enjoy your new parasites
Scy_Anide: Really? Ears as sharp as daggers? Isn't "knife ear" a slur against elves?
starlitdiscord: pupper!
circular7: BrokeBack
wildpeaks: if our eyes crust open, we need moisturising
RealGamerCow: What's weirder, this game or the insect dating game?
circular7: Kreygasm
FerociousPeach: oh good, more fleas
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I have a lot of comments on the writing from a copy editor perspective...
Wicker_Knight: @RealGamerCow the Pigeon Dating Game
Sarah_Serinde: RealGamerCow This one
Lysander_Gustav: Someone has miss-used a thesaurus when writing this
HesGotNoPants: the spirit of a national dog park
Akaiatana: Wait, is that a Dog Park?
Rhynerd: no
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redbannanas: people with more neadrathall blood have a better digestive track and get food poisoning less but are more likely to get dimensia
Probevoyages: wind is the real villain
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ContingentCat: Remember Kathleen Zion has an I
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART TheMerricat
TheNerdWonder: Plot twist: Pup is ALSO a national park
Ukon_vasara: bloobyPog
circular7: PrideLionHey PrideLionChomp PrideLionHey PrideLionChomp PrideLionHey PrideLionChomp PrideLionHey PrideLionChomp PrideLionHey PrideLionChomp
Rhynerd: that's an orphaned Coyote Pup and our protag was breaking the rules of ignoring the pup.
Styxseus: Pup being a dog park would be a great joke though xD
ContingentCat: katesBoosh katesGift
Probevoyages: @thenerdwonder he's just the local dog park
Tempest2097: @Styxseus Or the youngest National park
starlitdiscord: <3
TheNerdWonder: @Probevoyages works
Rhynerd: But apparently the pup is being taken care of by the anime girl parks
Infernal_Translator: @Styxseus dogs are not allowed in the dog park
circular7: she looks better in uniform
ghyrrshyld24: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Tempest2097: Super tsun
circular7: God damni* take that pot off your head
Styxseus: I feel like in this game, that would make pup a tiny fairy-girl though :P @tempest
Probevoyages: Hey, don't make fun of the proud family name of the Whowerksshire family
Scy_Anide: Is a trombone a bard weapon in fantasy games?
Styxseus: Wait what? xD Infernal_Translator
Lysander_Gustav: :D
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: <3
SkylerRingtail: I'm back and WHY does Yellowstone have a TEAPOT on her head?!
Laogeodritt facepalms at Graham
ContingentCat: nice G
omdorastrix: Choosy Supervolcanoes choose Jiff
circular7: FailFish
theneatestburrito: Hey! Welcome to Night Vale lrrDARK
Onisquirrel: she can make tea with her geyser head
Lysander_Gustav: mmm flavor
all_hail_the_pan: Wait, are we dating national parks now?
TheMerricat: Serge has words to share...
Rhynerd: @SkylerRingtail having a volcano for a head makes you a good source of tea with the right kettle?
Lysander_Gustav: oy, that mutating accent
GhassanPL: Blyeeek
PhorrestGaze: double double pls
accountmadeforants: I see. Yosemite is my mother. ...that's a real sentence.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I feel like Yellowstone is faking that accent
mtvcdm: Yellowstone, stop being from New Jersey
Lysander_Gustav: Oh, that voice was intentional
circular7: that accent is WutFace
Sarah_Serinde: Graham pls :D
Probevoyages: oh good her inconsistent accent is written in
ContingentCat: thanks Graham
mtvcdm: pop a squat means poop
starlitdiscord: nyoom!
Wicker_Knight: ZION benginSpoop
muondecay: She keeps tripping into a production of "Newsies" while talking
NarishmaReborn: got the zoomies
Styxseus: More importantly, a cup of what? :P
theneatestburrito: Maybe it's lore and the accent is because Yellowstone has lots of international visitors...
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: These should have regional accents right? I'm not from the US but I feel like each of these regions should sound s aBIT different at least
Alness49: Someone tie down that cherub before she breaks something
circular7: why you gotta be so creepy zion
redbannanas: <message deleted>people with more neadrathall blood have a better digestive track and get food poisoning less but are more likely to get dementia
VelvetFalcon: Papa Squat was my father, call me Eve.
Rhynerd: On your head or using a stove?
Styxseus: :D
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaaha
Sarah_Serinde: redbannanas Please stop spamming that
Dared00: yaaaay
Gamzee_Makara: yaaaaaaaaay
Lysander_Gustav: yay
Tempest2097: Good zoom
NightValien28: that is me in the morning
Dog_of_Myth: Wow....
starlitdiscord: yaaaay
Onisquirrel: wth is that
circular7: silent moe
Edgarware: Yaaaaay
Sarah_Serinde: !clip
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HesGotNoPants: I bet she cooks on her head
kassy_13: yaaaaaaaaay
omdorastrix: Someone clipping that?
Probevoyages: yaaaay.
Wicker_Knight: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
accountmadeforants: This game's use of voices and animation is POWERFUL
NightValien28: yaaaaaay
Earthenone: we need to get that on the soundbord
PhorrestGaze: I need that sound file
tuckamanian: yaaaaay
Wicker_Knight: lrrWOW
GreenMittenz: yaaaaayy
Tempest2097: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Dog_of_Myth: There's a highlight
margieargie: yaaaaay
omdorastrix: Yaaaaay!
Styxseus: So apathetic xD
starlitdiscord: that was amazing
VelvetFalcon: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Sarah_Serinde: Please clip this stream, the highlight reel is soon :D
Lysander_Gustav: Flapjacks are lazy waffles
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Kathleen you have a second child
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circular7: <3
VelvetFalcon: The Republic of Zeon's Downtrodden Face.
Jensling: What is this game?! I have a mighty need for that deadpan "yaaaaay"
JasoMan1st007: @LoadingReadyRun Zedion's you fiend
mtvcdm: Yes, make many clips of this stream and do it quickly. Cori's going to be making the highlight reel soon.
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun apparently it's NOT a dating game?
DK_84: Zion is also a park
Dog_of_Myth: That's a crime down here Graham.
Lysander_Gustav: Climb that landscape
gamercat88: but who is the dad?
rrtycoon2: we're going to have quite a Zion ckkmpilsstion jjn the highlights...
wildpeaks: wat
Dog_of_Myth: Get your lewd thought out.
Alness49: That woman with her large tracts of land
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: OH NO
kassy_13: surely it is
NimrodXIV: what? roit!
VelvetFalcon: We've been lied to.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Now Kiss is No Kiss!
erloas: Zion is in Utah, nice place
NimrodXIV: *riot!
kassy_13: it's also horror but yeah
TheMandrew: we were sold a bill of goods!
NarishmaReborn: it will be once WE'RE done with it
Akaiatana: Really? Because Yellowstone seems awfully conely
Dared00: No worries, we already got kissed once. We're dating the air.
Juliamon: We did get a kiss though.
TheJohnnyBoy533: shut thia stream down
TheMerricat: It might be a dating game in the unreleased episode 2!
rrtycoon2: compilation
Probevoyages: the wind keeps assaulting us tho
Rhynerd: The animators must have had some fun with this.
Mashamino: ah mushrooms, that explains everything
mtvcdm: We got a kiss. We kissed the air.
Alness49: Why is our dog stuffed and mounted to the wall?
Onisquirrel: this game really likes to slide those pictures across the screen
Lysander_Gustav: mmm fungus
circular7: they live off the land? how do they make their clothes?
PunkRockZoologist: Kathleen isn't letting anyone tell her she can't smooch the giant park lady.
Earthenone: just get the gin out and roll with it?
Sarah_Serinde: lrrDARK
circular7: NO THAT'S TOO SMART
Tempest2097: Kathleen may or may not be slightly agitated buy them burying the lead...
TheMerricat: But we did ask, and we didn't believe... uni100 uni100
Tempest2097: Er by
DJayHGaming: cheer500 yaaaaay
Tempest2097: Brain
Styxseus: yaaaay
VelvetFalcon: I dunno G-Star, we're dealing with Waifu National parks, they might not have stomach acid.
Pheonix888: they're parks, growing fungus sounds normal, compared to miss conehead.
Rhynerd: The yay clips are here
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I feel the mood of this game would be greatly improved if it looked a bit more like Rose of Winter
mtvcdm: (quick reminder: BleedPurple cheermotes this week give a 10% bonus)
MechaKuuga: I feel like my brain is melting watching the story of this game
circular7: I'd assume I'm crazy at this point
Dog_of_Myth: People doing the clips are doing the lord's work here.
kassy_13: bleed your bits chat
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Like, these are SUCH outlandish characters, but they all look pretty samey aside from coneheads and other tacked-on-looking features
dusk_yagami: Isn't Yosemite another Marmote/Vegemite-variant?
rrtycoon2: we also seem to be in analogy hell.
Infernal_Translator: Yellowstone is a pinhead.
CraziestOwl: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: National Park Girls (overridden)
DK_84: You have a concussion! you need to seek medical attention!
Dog_of_Myth: yaaaaaaaay
Probevoyages: yellowstone you can't make sugar into two different words
TheMerricat: how do flapjacks pop?
azureHaights: Pop on down to the flapple jack
circular7: ba dum Tish
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TehAmelie: i look away for a second and there's elves
circular7: they would
accountmadeforants: Hnnrgh, Jessie, I'm trying to make out with these national parks but my uniform is dummy tight, and it keeps alerting the ghosts.
PhorrestGaze: majic flapjack
PunkRockZoologist: How do you make flapjacks explode?
Earthenone: i mean... magic?
DK_84: Quadruple leavening?
Tempest2097: I mean you could heat it at several thousand C....
Akaiatana: Are pancakes made with protein called JackJacks?
TheMerricat: they are FLAT jacks.
Tempest2097: Under pressure.
circular7: oh! she thinks they're homeless
Theycallmejokke: You don't put pop-rocks in your flapjacks? ;P
Infernal_Translator: Ceramic flapjacks
Wicker_Knight: @TehAmelie apparently Yosemite is embodied as a ...magical native american elf gyaru.... look we're worried too... :/
TehAmelie: one time in chemistry class a guy made a pancake that he kept as a toy for 4 years
redbannanas: maybe its the stove that exploded
Dog_of_Myth: They could if the cook is an anime Super Volcano!!
Lysander_Gustav: Oh, we're playing the tsundere. Neat
circular7: native mothery oneesan
hawkfalcon8: Wait if this is the parks, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Zion do they have herds of animals in them? Like does Yellowstone have a herd of 2,000-pound Bison in her? And does Yosemite have around four hundred bears in her? Is that why she's so tall?
circular7: Eve is a the "straight man" type
Lysander_Gustav: she has tiny hands
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I AM upset by the tiny hands yes
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: They are SO TINY
GhassanPL: "Anchors me to reality"; not very well, apparently
RealGamerCow: coping mechanism?
tergonis: cuz everything is way too stressful and ahhhhhhhhh
muondecay: "Drips of Danms" is a fine band name
ghyrrshyld24: lrrDARK
accountmadeforants: I imagine that kind of person is the only one who could make this scenario work. You know, without breaking down.
Probevoyages: WHY do they need this cabin though?!
HesGotNoPants: cause your just waiting for the shrooms to leave your system
circular7: yes
TehAmelie: this could be interesting with less lifeless manga art and better writing. . .
TheJohnnyBoy533: this person obviously took LSD and is just rolling with it
Dared00: GOTTEM
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
hawkfalcon8: OHHHHH
Dog_of_Myth: OH SNAP
ThorSokar: Maximum shade!
hawkfalcon8: Damn
muondecay: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Alness49: An avatar of a national park has problems with other people's literacy?
circular7: 2 bit*he's bit*hing at each other
TehAmelie: "In the back of my heart" is the name of my country hit single
TheRealRedal: what point is she making lol
Infernal_Translator: Did the writer have something against school, or were they still in it?
RealGamerCow: Is this a tsundere knife fight?
tergonis: fight fight fight kiss
TheRealRedal: 'you didn't to go school' and then 'you shouldn't have gone to school' amazing
HesGotNoPants: oh they gonna bang
circular7: a dere-off
Infernal_Translator: The animuu is strong in this
Dog_of_Myth: Why is Yellowstone from Jersey!!!
Tempest2097: Real New York accents aren't that annoying.
Tzeeeeentch: oh god whats up with her head
Edgarware: FlapCakes
ContingentCat: @Infernal_Translator from the writing I'd be surprised if they're out of high school, and at that stage school does suck
Wicker_Knight: well, a tsun-off
MrKrag: so i just got back, what the fuck is wrong with her head
VelvetFalcon: No Graham, they're crepes.
PunkRockZoologist: I feel like she's getting more Jersey.
Robot_Bones: I didn't know there was a difference
circular7: cake flaps
Lysander_Gustav: Flap all the jacks
Alness49: Take it to the Tsunderdome
rrtycoon2: right, Tsundere
Earthenone: flapjacks exploded, we had to make pancakes
RealGamerCow: If someone wanted to poison me with maple syrup, I'd be fine with that.
Wicker_Knight: @ContingentCat @Infernal_Translator professional UK studio, so almost certainly adults at least
TheJohnnyBoy533: can we turn just Yellowstones voice off somehow
Tempest2097: Rings?
accountmadeforants: @Tzeeeeentch She's Yellowstone park, her head's a geyser. This is a real game.
circular7: Kreygasm
Lysander_Gustav: No maple syrup?
GhassanPL: I think this is the most lewdness we're gonna get today, folks
Decaped: Okay George, that's enough out of you.
Dog_of_Myth: *chugs maple syrup*
ThorSokar: I have a feeling the person writing this is REALLY in to food
PunkRockZoologist: Also what's the difference between flapjacks and pancakes? Like a millimetre of thickness?
omdorastrix: Sometimes the edges get crispy...
Lysander_Gustav: egad
tyrew0rm: Why is Yellowstone doing the cooking?
Wicker_Knight: lrrSPOOP
omdorastrix: SHOKUIGEKI!
ContingentCat: @Wicker_Knight yikes
circular7: lol
Lysander_Gustav: !adult
LRRbot: I need a better adult!
PunkRockZoologist: Lol, suddenly Food Wars.
mtvcdm: Is this the one that exploded?
voydesoul: evening folks
lare291: This _is_ a dating sim, you just take the food to bed
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Look out, you're stuck in the fey realm now
circular7: slut*y pancakes
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: LEWD
Edgarware: lrrWOW
DunkmasterKyouko: where are you getting UK from? Coattails is based in California
Dog_of_Myth: MAGMA
ThorSokar: COCAINE
circular7: a flap of all jacks
lucha_libro: Her head water!
Wicker_Knight: what is brown butter?
circular7: mushrooms
Infernal_Translator: @Wicker_Knight wait. So a UK studio. Made a Kancolle. On UNITED STATES NATIONAL PARKS.
TehAmelie: honestly, what could make pancakes "amazing"? i think crack
orbitaltuna: it's the missing tourists
Wicker_Knight: @Infernal_Translator yes
Wicker_Knight: Studio Coattails
DunkmasterKyouko: Again, Studio Coattails is based in California.
korvys: I'm late... why is her head a volcano? Are we dating anthopamorphised nature?
ThorSokar: (in reality brown butter, lard, or whipped cinnimon butter)
JosephDeath: Oh that's right... I came in late, these are like personified national parks right?
Wicker_Knight: @DunkmasterKyouko it is? I found the references in a UK online news site...
TehAmelie: or a flapjack and a cigarette?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Okay if it's a UK studio suddenly I like the accents
circular7: genki annoying little sister type
Lysander_Gustav: Weird hermit
Wicker_Knight: VAs are american
Lysander_Gustav: ooooh my
ContingentCat: @korvys It's old faithful
Phosphatide: i just noticed the geyser now that it's spouting and i'm paying attention to the stream LUL
circular7: um
accountmadeforants: Tears also creep from the corners of my eyes
GhassanPL: I stand corrected.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: REVENGE for every garbage British accent an America actor has done
Fruan: lewd
HesGotNoPants: oh no
electric_claire: This game is so weird
itsr67: uhhhh
Dared00: TOS?
Edgarware: I'm now uncomfortable
34Witches: um
PunkRockZoologist: Canned *hurp* sausages.
Alness49: I've seen this anime
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: COMEUPPANCE for every Australian in a movie sounding like Crocodile Dundee!
DunkmasterKyouko: location's right there
hawkfalcon8: @LoadingReadyRun Hey G, when is the next LT for Magic Fest Seattle? If you don't mind me asking. Also thank you guys for introducing me to Card Kingdom because I'm having my B-Day there on Monday!
korvys: Someone call Randy Pitchford
tyrew0rm: TOS
PunkRockZoologist: She got over excited
TheJohnnyBoy533: i need an adult
TehAmelie: pedantic fact: the Old Faithful is far from the most regular geyser in Yellowstone, just the one that erupts most often
TheWooglie: For Ever
GhassanPL: How about yeano
DK_84: Boom - an anime was born
RealGamerCow: Yellowstone is exhausting
Pteraspidomorphi: You, the useful one, can stay
Dog_of_Myth: Nothing could go wrong there.
Alness49: Like some sort of Harem, for instance
mtvcdm: Well, I guess we better or else we're not gonna have a chapter 2.
ArchmageBlackstone: I just want to say I'm super proud of Chat for not making a Squirter joke. Good on everyone.
Akaiatana: "Let's live here together! Just us Geysers!"
circular7: cute girls doing cute things together anime
Edgarware: A family can be a mom and 3 national parks
Lysander_Gustav: Sort of a twin peaks thing going on. Okay.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Whut
MiranFurze: lol
Pteraspidomorphi: Hah
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: How is "I'm only here for my job" the correct followup to "look at the land you love"?!
Wicker_Knight: @Infernal_Translator okay, doublechecked and @DunkmasterKyouko is correct. they are based in LA
TehAmelie: i'd pay for a DLC character for thsi game voiced by Nick Offerman
circular7: I'm curious how they've made it this far, they couldn't have scared off every single person before now
ArchmageBlackstone: @TehAmelie - To be fair though, that holds true for every game.
VelvetFalcon: "Don't worry Zion, I've killed once, I can do it again."
Obsolete2885: the pancake craving is real
Lysander_Gustav: dang it now I want pancakes too
kassy_13: flapjacks aren't pancakes...
34Witches: Oh right, forgot flapjack meant something else in america
TehAmelie: yeah but Ron Swanson would fit great in this
electric_claire: Somebody send Graham pancakes for mail time
kassy_13: wait what
kassy_13: @34Witches
Tempest2097: @34Witches Wait, what does it mean where you are?
34Witches: A sort of oat bar
Tempest2097: Ah
34Witches: They're very good
kassy_13: yeah??? that's what they are
Gekyouryuu: so.... unrelated to stream, apparently there's a new $10 update to Star Craft.... that turns EVERYTHING into cartoons?
Juliamon: Oh, like the Graze flapjacks?
Tempest2097: @kassy_13 Flapjacks is pancakes here.
Beebopaloobopa: I hate when a small child possessed by the spirit of a national park guilt trips me
Wicker_Knight: @TehAmelie in honor of this, I am now placing a Ron Swanson glaring emote looking down at the stream in disgust
kassy_13: oats and maple syrup and are hard on the outside and soft in the middle
kassy_13: huuuuuuh
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Those bags under the eyes again
HesGotNoPants: which Park can I smoke weed with
random_shoes: um, are they kids? I thought we were dating the national parks? I left for a bit and now I'm confused
34Witches: @Juliamon probably
mtvcdm: WHAT
ContingentCat: what
Dog_of_Myth: @Gekyouryuu Yeah, Carbot did the design for it
hawkfalcon8: So RUDE
TehAmelie: we say Zion the other way in Sweden if that's any comfort
Lysander_Gustav: They mug campers?
TheWooglie: flapjacks can mean pancakes? you learn something new every day
kassy_13: @random_shoes yes two are kids
ThorSokar: This is getting weirder somehow
wildpeaks: why does the ghost of a national park need to commit credit card fraud ?
mtvcdm: Yosemite, casual credit-card fraudster
Probevoyages: I left for a minute wtf happened
Rhynerd: What did Earnie do?
Tempest2097: Sometimes an old style pancake halfway between a pancake and a crepe.
itsr67: it's contagious
Beebopaloobopa: It's a contagion, apparently
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circular7: lol Zion is floating
TehAmelie: rhymes with Orion
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Okay, curious now. What else can a flapjack be? I thought it was just an Americanism for pancakes.
Juliamon: Synonyms for 'pancake' in America: flapjacks, hotcakes
NightValien28: WHAT
Wicker_Knight: benginWat
korvys: "Gushes over zion" :|
ContingentCat: wat
RebekahWSD: MSG is delicious and in tomatoes
Infernal_Translator: @#$%. Figured out how they chose these three to personify. Google "US National parks"
mtvcdm: This is.... *amazingly* bizarre and I want to see episode 2.
kassy_13: hotcakes are different for us too
RealGamerCow: ?????
Tempest2097: MSG is chemically perfectly fine.
Pteraspidomorphi: She's on keto
PhorrestGaze: maybe she adds msg
NightValien28: my brain cannot handle this
ArchmageBlackstone: Hey, you don't know the dietary requirement of National Parks.
RealGamerCow: katesWat
NightValien28: not once in their life
circular7: this is so weird
Alness49: MSG doesn't give you energy. Do they know what it even is?
Dog_of_Myth: MSG is lethal for Mormons Graham. Don't you know that?
wikisome: I'm not confused, I just don't understand
SquareDotCube: Whoever wrote this doesn't know a lot of things, Graham
Tempest2097: The only reason people didn't like it was racism.
tyrew0rm: What even is this
Lysander_Gustav: Maybe they thought flapjacks were soufles?
kassy_13: yeah i agree kathleen
accountmadeforants: So what I'm getting is that Zion is actually a 5000 year old loli soccer mom
Ukon_vasara: why would they cook? they got a national park to do the cooking bloobyGood
ChaoticUndercurrent: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: X-Wing Board Game) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
VelvetFalcon: It just makes sense, she can just squirt boiling water from her head.
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Yeah teenage girls are big into nature mags
Dog_of_Myth: This game from an idea birthed on 4/20 during the afternoon.
circular7: you're earth spirits, do you even NEED to eat or do you just like the idea of taste
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh that's why she likes journals
RealGamerCow: I hope that this story doesn't cover drilling rights.
TehAmelie: is the final boss going to be fracking?
RayFK: Are you making National Parks Fuck?
circular7: sure let's go with that
ArchmageBlackstone: Would you WANT these guys to be back at their former glory?
Alness49: If you save the parts you too can get an Anime Waifu!
wikisome: No don't try to make it make sense....
tyrew0rm: We are hoping so
Alness49: *parks
circular7: "sisters"
Dog_of_Myth: Water Rights is much deeper issue they should cover.
Akaiatana: @RayFK doing a Park'n'Ride
Grevas13: it's anime, they could all technically be age appropriate. that's what worries me
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Styxseus: :D
tergonis: eve no!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: "Technically" does not count when it comes to age appropriateness
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Wicker_Knight: READ MY FANFIC
ThorSokar: You're not gonna believe this!
DK_84: The way things used to be?
Lysander_Gustav: fanfics about mines. Nice!
omdorastrix: lrrDARK
hawkfalcon8: KISS
ArchmageBlackstone: Wait, so if everyone is a personification of a National Park, is the Eve name supposed to imply she's a personification of Humanity?
circular7: so this is what 2 tsunderes are like in the same room
Grevas13: @MunchlaxRegretsNothing it worked for fire emblem.
Orgmastron: TSUNDERE
Akaiatana: @Kathleen her real name is AYosemit-3 :P
VelvetFalcon: Makes the lips touch!
mtvcdm: Kiss the park!
GhassanPL: I try not to
RebekahWSD: Oh my god
Styxseus: Theres LORE about the head?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @Grevas13 I contend that it, in fact, id not
PharaohBender27: Well, I came in at an interesting time! :D
mtvcdm: France. She is from France.
Probevoyages: it's not lore about a head. It's a headcannon.
DK_84: Volcano isn't a geyser!
RealGamerCow: A big fuck off volcano
NarishmaReborn: it's a metaphor!
Lysander_Gustav: uhhhh
circular7: Zion looks surprising normal, even with the floating
korvys: benginWat
Styxseus: and then "now look at me..!"
Infernal_Translator: WINGS. QUESTION THE WINGS
tapdancingbeavers: leaves! Like Zion national park has!
Wicker_Knight: you're the ghosts of the paintings...
GhassanPL: Magnets, Graham
GhassanPL: Magnets
Onisquirrel: it's just mirrors graham
ArchmageBlackstone: How does the surface of the Earth not crumble under the density of Eve?
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I'm with Graham here :D
RebekahWSD: If I met a floating lady, I'd be concerned
RealGamerCow: I thought Zion was mostly canyons and buttes
theneatestburrito: Invisi-stilts!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: See what I mean? Always the worst part!
Benmonkey77: they teleported her
omdorastrix: Quantum Merchanics
Earthenone: gyser COULD be cosplay, floating a s bit much but the question was aqbout the wreath on her head
mtvcdm: Ohhhhhh okay. Zion NP has a rock formation known as Angels Landing.
Megaparsec256: The game just told you that linear logic doesn't work in this game!
RomanoMomano: i think Adam would say "This girl SUCKS!"
circular7: and you always will Graham
DKS04Saturn: Let's bring Graham here more often to make him play more games~
Sarah_Serinde: :D
DKS04Saturn: *dating games
tyrew0rm: This isn’t even a game yet, so far it’s a graphic novel with voice acting
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: His SMOOTH TUSKS
Sektor88: oh man, G/K dating sim? yessss
TheMerricat: dewy muscles...
TehAmelie: to be fair we have seen a lot of indications the visual representations we see aren't indicating much of what's going on
RebekahWSD: there a loadingreadyrun dating game?
kassy_13: wowwwww
Shadwhawk: I'm going to be disappointed if I don't see a functional Yellowstone cosplay at PAX in September.
DK_84: Graham no!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Oh wait you weren't talking about dating the elephant?
Styxseus: Hah :D
electric_claire: TMI Graham
circular7: let's play "that" dating sim
mtvcdm: Oh wow it is isn't it.
Catastrophil: I love my muscles dewy, I need my potential partners to lay outside overnight
kassy_13: i'm into this weird game
hawkfalcon8: wait wut? already
ArchmageBlackstone: I propose that Eve's blindness to the obvious is a reference to Humanity's blindness to the crisis associated with the Environment.
Alness49: Okay, can we have a dating game with an elephant that no-one acknowledges?
TheMerricat: H-Games aren't dating games Graham! PogChamp100 PogChamp100
Sektor88: uhhh
lulanirisaka: I can't find this game anywhere?
DunkmasterKyouko: if you skip the dialogue there's literally nothing left, it's a kinetic novel
hawkfalcon8: KISSSSSSSSS
Invitare: now I want to see you play a dating game where every scene has an elephant just anhilating people in the background
saiaseigm: Kiss kiss kiss
Technic_AL: Touch the park
RealGamerCow: Don't do PCP, kids.
margieargie: That's why you don't feed the coyotes, Eve.
saiaseigm: Kiss the park
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I'm still all-in on the elephant dating sim
korvys: @DunkmasterKyouko Well, that depends on what kind of "dating" game you're playing *wink wink nudge nudge*
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I would call it "Tusks", except I happen to know that's the name of a cute gay orc dating sim
HesGotNoPants: but none of them have noses
Tempest2097: Aw man, that means they'd be no fun to snuggle.
Dog_of_Myth: Granite
bat_wool: You all know that this is just a rip-off of Chuck Tingle's "Scissored to a Geysering Orgasm by the Physical Embodiment of a National Park"?!
lulanirisaka: @TheMerricat Thank you!!!
PharaohBender27: Or - rocks?
circular7: Kreygasm
wikisome: Kiss that park!
ArchmageBlackstone: She has a SKIN condition.
PharaohBender27: :O
mtvcdm: The achievement list seems to suggest the episode has a fair bit to go.
ContingentCat: who refers to their own face with "it"
Lysander_Gustav: o_o
margieargie: katesOw
circular7: kinky
omdorastrix: I'm with you too G...
saiaseigm: @bat_wool now I want Chuck to help write a dating sim.
hawkfalcon8: wut
Infernal_Translator: Lots of things were repressed in the writer
saiaseigm: katesLewd katesLewd katesLewd
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: @saiaseigm Didn't that happen already?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: I thought I remembered hearing about it
Earthenone: in you
circular7: gyaru is a golem girl?
TheMerricat: Remember everyone, this is just episode 1. Episode 2 is scheduled to come out in a few months. :-P
bat_wool: @saiaseigm He could have consulted on this and no one would bat an eye.
saiaseigm: God I hope so
accountmadeforants slams down his drink
Orgmastron: @saiaseigm There's a Chuck Tingle game in development! Zoe Quinn is working on it!
tergonis: froot froot
accountmadeforants: NO SHIT
Fruan: "The premise of this game we're in makes no sense!"
ContingentCat: Froot Froot!
starlitdiscord: pfff
Styxseus: mmm
hawkfalcon8: YOU JUST- you just figured this out!
Gascitygaming: Breathy Stutters was the name i danced under in college
TehAmelie: i can't even think what "breathy stutters" sounds like
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Standard Renoy :p
circular7: thank goodness
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: X-Wing Board Game) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
korvys: Looks like standard Renpy
Earthenone: ok
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: *Renpy
Lysander_Gustav: okay
Questhere: welp this was a thing
wikisome: Kiss that park!
Rhynerd: I guess this adventure continues next week
Decaped: inform people who were disappointed in lack of romance in Firewatch that another game is catering to their needs.
Wicker_Knight: Quality. Assurance. 1nterest. 2redness
Edgarware: KISS! THE! PARK!
circular7: that was something...
Infernal_Translator: Is Watch+Play still a thing?
Dared00: Clickhole!
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: X-Wing Board Game) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (49s from now).
mtvcdm: The achievements suggest the chapter's got at least a little distance to go.
Earthenone: we can play G's favorite dating games
starlitdiscord: "a mountain"
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I'm hoping you can stretch it out long enough for EP2 to come out. :-P
TehAmelie: french kiss a wolf pack!
kassy_13: there's more chapters but they're not out yet!
Sarah_Serinde: Or maybe don't :D
Styxseus: Something something great valleys
Alness49: Touch her peaks!
tergonis: reach the peak
ContingentCat: "mountain"
TheMoatman: Wood you smooch a park
RebekahWSD: Angel something
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: We should start a Now Kiss bingo where we score when we see a Renpy interface :p
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaha
NimrodXIV: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Rhynerd: There's also Monster Prom for short dating fun
RealGamerCow: Good thing Grand Teton National park isn't in this game.
ThorSokar: It's very windy?
circular7: be one with nature
Tempest2097: HAH
Lysander_Gustav: :D
Wicker_Knight: lrrWOW
Styxseus: xD
GhassanPL: Booo
Edgarware: lrrWOW
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
omdorastrix: Yaaaaaaaaaay
Lysander_Gustav: gigglesnort
korvys: lrrWOW
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
circular7: she mentioned wings in that picture
RebekahWSD: Now minutes :O
starlitdiscord: whyy
TheMoatman: The miniature game?
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: (Not shading Renpy BTW it's great)
Orgmastron: PEW PEW
hawkfalcon8: well you to have a lovely rest of your day
Rhynerd: "AFK inbound, fellow streamer?"
TheWooglie: Another couple stream
Wicker_Knight: baiiiiii
ThorSokar: X-Wing @ Alliciousness?
Rhynerd: "'Really, When?""
wikisome: Kiss that park!
Fruan: Time for PEW PEW
Earthenone: X gonna wing it to ya
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Thank you for stream! <3
Doom4114: One of the more famous Hikes in Zion is called angels landing which makes me think of the wings
Rhynerd: "NOW"
Laogeodritt: Thanks for the stream, Kathleen, Graham! This was fun.
safety___third: The most famous hike in Zion is Angel's Landing, plus the biblical name I suppose
circular7: bye
starlitdiscord: pew pew!
Lysander_Gustav: bye! Thanks for the game!
ContingentCat: Bye thanks for streaming
bat_wool: Love you!!
TehAmelie: i hope the board is an X-wing that you move around on
PharaohBender27: Bye, lrrGRAHAM and lrrKATHLEEN !
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Pls make Graham be an anime girl next time!
hawkfalcon8: TEETH
Rhynerd: you two have a good one!
rrtycoon2: no vs TIE fighter?
Earthenone: i know they play X wing miniatures at a local bar so it might be a popular game
TheMerricat: Looks interestesting
hawkfalcon8: X Wing
hawkfalcon8: right
Earthenone: like if it is on the docket next to MTG drafts, it is probobly a mainstream nerd thing right?
TheMandrew: X-Wing is awesome
Fruan: It's a pretty popular game, published by Fantasy Flight. I sent them the base game in the last Mail Time.
Styxseus: ohh, do they use those long tiles to measure movement? It looks like a cross between warhammer and starfox :P
TheMerricat: X-Wing looks as if it's a 'bog standard' mintures based war game. based on Star Wars, that'll be interesting.
red_shoes_jeff: There's some guys who play X-wing across from the DnD tables, down at the shop. It's not on the schedule or anything, they're just there.
korvys: X-wing has some cool movement (using templates), but yeah, it's a pretty standard miniatures wargame
coriolis_storm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: X-Wing Board Game) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
coriolis_storm: I don’t think it’ll make much difference, but which edition of X-Wing will they be playing?
Fruan: Second
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with AFK, right now! Let’s playX-Wing, the miniatures game! 🎦 | 📷 ||
Tomasu82: ooh title update
coriolis_storm: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
hyralt: lrrSIGNAL ?
Dog_of_Myth: lrrHERE
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
omdorastrix: lrrSIGNAL
hyralt: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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tenthtechpriest: I was promised xwing and bwing. and maybe awing
TehAmelie: i still want to know why the people of the galaxy far away know what an X looks like
Fruan: The new Second edition B-wings have just come out, and the models are sweet. All flappy and spinny.
AmoriLinguae: I love being on time
red_shoes_jeff: Red Shoes, standing by!
DarkMorford: Uh...
Fruan: uh oh
Earthenone: hold the keyboard
niccus: keyboard too hevy
starlitdiscord: uh
AmoriLinguae: poor frames
Juliamon: Keyboard stuck
tenthtechpriest: I think their x just kind of looks like ours given what they think a B looks like
TehAmelie: the keyboard won't go away!
AmoriLinguae: is xsplit angry again?
accountmadeforants: Firmly not away from keyboard
Juliamon: Free!
starlitdiscord: there it goes :D
Pteraspidomorphi: It was using 14gb of ram earlier, was it restarted?
tenthtechpriest: AWAY WITH YE KEYBOARD
BrowneePoints: I finally caught an AFK right at the start!
Pteraspidomorphi: Wait, this is another studio
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Malkaresh: Ooooh! X-Wing!
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TehAmelie: halo
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Ian and Cori!
BrowneePoints: Ian and Cori!
Earthenone: sub hype Nice.
Dog_of_Myth: lrrIAN lrrCORI
gamercat88: such a good and fun game
Earthenone: X-teramy
BrowneePoints: What's the other star wars mini games
StarFreak359: X-Wing, you say?!!?
TheWanderingNomad: @BrowneePoints - Armada
Blasteg: Dinner is on the loser?
mtvcdm: !wyrmwood
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BrowneePoints: @TheWanderingNomad thank you
sir_jack_DB: slap slap slap
SuperSugarSloth: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TRAGIC_cancer: hello
tenthtechpriest: nutritious woods
AmoriLinguae: ultra delicious wood
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Rhynerd: And now, LoadingReadyRun presents, ian Horner in [drums] NIGHT. BEAST. [the rest of Night Beat's intro]
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migelino164: Wyrmwood Gaming: They Got Good Wood
Dog_of_Myth: Armada and Legion
lauph1tup: wood is high in fiber
Robot_Bones: Cuddly woods
mowdownjoe: Delicious Tree Meat.
red_shoes_jeff: *SLAP*
TheWanderingNomad: @Dog_of_Myth - I thought Legion was a board game not a miniature game?
korvys: Moonshipping
accountmadeforants: Good slaps folks
BrowneePoints: @Dog_of_Myth was thinking of Armada
SuperSugarSloth: My husband slapped his own desk with the rest of the world
korvys: Too far for shipping. Like Australia
coriolis_storm: I’m betting Cori is Empire educatMonster
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
LRRbot: 2396 patrons for a total of $14,170.03 per month.
Robot_Bones: Past delivery is fastest delivery
Dog_of_Myth: Legion is a miniature game. Ground forces
SnackPak_: Make the tiny ships go pew pew
theneatestburrito: Looks like Ian has a TIE.
Sarah_Serinde: Yes good thank u Cori
AmoriLinguae: @Robot_Bones true, but that technology is very limited
TehAmelie: a space car?
BrowneePoints: Armada is the rarefied naval combat, X-wings is more dogfighting
kusinohki: apparently flies under the table too
TheWanderingNomad: Is...the mat taped down?
SnackPak_: This game looks rad
Sarah_Serinde: Looks like it
RealGamerCow: I saw people playing this with a set of the trench on the death star. It was RAD.
kerbalized_: ooooooo
orbitaltuna: where are the x-wing noises
kerbalized_: "pewpewpew"
SajuukSjet: the expansions for this bring in the frigates and capital ships... irrc
orbitaltuna: mahnoovahs
Pazy160: What a maneuver!
tenthtechpriest: don't worry, I know a few maneuvers
Fruan: Tallon Roll
TheWanderingNomad: My LGS has a huge starfield map that looks beautiful
Earthenone: i assume the SFX will start when the game does
red_shoes_jeff: Hang on, I'll get some TIE fighter noises going.