Invitare: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Adam's Gamehaus (Adam plays video games and is good at them. Game: Darksiders) at Sat 11:00 AM PDT (9m from now).
Phosphatide: crossing my fingers for the possible return to the messenger BlessRNG
TXC2: Title change
TXC2: also Hello Everybody
Phosphatide: good morning
Phosphatide: as usual for a weekend tune-in, i'm at work where i have no sound FrankerZ
NightValien28: let's hope there aren't like a thousand more puzzle rooms for adam to finish Kappa
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Today, Adam finally finishes Darksiders. The journey is near it's end. | ||
TXC2: I legit would not be able to take it today if that were true NightValien28 :p
NightValien28: TXC2 haha right?
YuanRamirez: lrrSIGNAL
Wondermoo: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
cheetoJack: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
ugh_sunlight: we're here?
TXC2: almost
Phosphatide: wee woo lrrSIGNAL wee woo
malsareus: we're aproximately here
Phosphatide: we're around here
reaper_josh: <message deleted>we are sort of here?
TXC2: Here we go
Phosphatide: seabatTROG
HondoTrigger: has anyone ever told u that u look like that guy from twitch dot tv slash seabats
nightwingmisthawk: seabatTROG
TXC2: Hello Adam
kumatsu: Morning friendos
reaper_josh: <message deleted>hi daddy ❤️
StillAnEmoKid: Morning everyone! Time to finally get through this game!
CaptainSpam: You used to have an intro. FRITOS
Didero: I like your shirt. Good evening!
HondoTrigger: Adam's Jar
TXC2: HondoTrigger haha
kumatsu: ü?
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NotCainNorAbel: I can't believe it has been a year since I was gifted a sub.
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tomnar: what?! übertrieben unfair!
CaptainSpam: Gamehaüs? Compose Keys are great. Kappa
cheetoJack: Seabats' Streamhouse
ugh_sunlight: Are you going to trap the game in a jar after this?
moosethatsmiles: Afam's Trog Cave?
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Kraest: SUP Y'ALL
noSmokeFire: badabaabaa! it's the final countdown!
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TXC2: Adam, you got this, I believe in you
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nullrush: so close to the funny number
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CaptainSpam: Is audio breaking up for anyone else?
Buxx345: me too
TXC2: CaptainSpam yeap
Grescheks: CaptainSpam for me
nightwingmisthawk: Yep
Kraest: Yeah, audio being fucky
moosethatsmiles: Yes
Inkompetence: CaptainSpam yeah, it's a bit jittery.
ugh_sunlight: yes
StillAnEmoKid: Just a bit for me
YuanRamirez: its stuttering
nullrush: it's like dropped frames
CaptainSpam: Breaking up as if there were a loose connection somewhere?
HungryCavalier: stuttering
ultterr: good evening and back to puzzle simulator i see :D
YuanRamirez: its not just the audio tho
Grescheks: I'm also getting a bunch of video buffering
HondoTrigger: f
cheetoJack: like you are talking on the phone with someone going through a tunnel
TXC2: a 67 is doing them in the butt while looking in each others eyes, very kinky Kappa
Phosphatide: paaaauuulll
nightwingmisthawk: Yeah weird stutters
CaptainSpam: Okay, then I just got video buffering.
ugh_sunlight: so it's not only me then
Kerrisis: Audio and video stutter. Is someone using the internet line for uploading or something?
Kraest: Light the Paul beacon?
YuanRamirez: audio is mostly non-existent now
theneatestburrito: Oh yeah, the audio stutter is bad...
nullrush: lrrSCOOP
nightwingmisthawk: lrrEFF lrrFINE
ultterr: ok it's better now
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banwidthraptor: time to put the soundboard in a jar till it behaves
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TXC2: it's ok now
theneatestburrito: We're good now?
Didero: Video seems fine to me, but the audio was just gone for a while
StillAnEmoKid: Sounds good now, for me at least
Didero: Seems better now, yeah
YuanRamirez: its ok now?
TXC2: #BlameTwtich is my bet
nullrush: it's cleared up?
CaptainSpam: Audio has recovered?
YuanRamirez: gj adam
ugh_sunlight: lrrFINE
ultterr: same it's audio for me too
Grescheks: I know Twitch has been having issues the last few days, so my money is on Twitch Trubs
CaptainSpam: No, seriously, Paul, it WAS bad for a few minutes.
YuanRamirez: still a little bit of stuttering
thefreak013: You're not Adam...
Didero: Audio stutering and occasionally it cuts out entirely
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun Audio became OK just as Adam called you in
Grescheks: it was audio stutter and buffering
Kerrisis: Audio and video. Better now though.
1MrGhost: Hey Adam. You looking good. Different... but good...
YuanRamirez: its fine now.
CaptainSpam: Seems okay now.
YuanRamirez: gj, lrrPAUL
cheetoJack: its intermittent. I got the stutter right at the start and then it was fine for a bit before it happened again
banaankaizer: This is not adam WutFace
RvLeshrac: Something's different.
NotCainNorAbel: Paul, just stay here and make it behave.
RvLeshrac: Did you get a haircut?
kumatsu: The mere act of Summoning Paul fixed it
cheadlecurse: adam loks
cheadlecurse: looks*
Kraest: I mean, it's NOT fine, it's still stuttering a bit, but it's not cpmpletely dropping like it was XD
cheadlecurse: different
YuanRamirez: there it was again
CaptainSpam: You just stuttered.
cheadlecurse: no paul we are real LISTEN TO THE VOICES
TXC2: or we're bots, beep boop
HungryCavalier: happening again
kumatsu: We're getting occasional audio stutters, with more intermittent visual stutters
banaankaizer: Guys, did adam break the stream again? monkaS
Jarhi28: frames are fine. Just audio stutter
cheadlecurse: nah it was probably gibb
TXC2: again, I say it was Twitch
Evochron13: gibb wouldn't break the stream
Evochron13: bets on bartleby
cheadlecurse: gibb would totally break the stream
ugh_sunlight: no it was probably pistachio wanting to improve productivity
Evochron13: oh snap you're right about pistachio
TXC2: gibb wouldn't break the stream, on purpose
banaankaizer: Gibb would only break it if he wasn't allowed to play magic the gathering monkaS
snowcookies: Huh, I had stream in the background and didn't think much of the paul voice
TXC2: surely the stream is productivity
LoadingReadyRun: coming back
TXC2: And we're back
banaankaizer: is a timer PogChamp
Phosphatide: saw a face PogChamp
TXC2: no twitch, no auto to 1080p, bad twitch
LoadingReadyRun: lrrSIGNAL ?
TXC2: indeed lrrSIGNAL
kumatsu: So far no audio stuttering since coming back on my end
QuietJay: lrrSIGNAL
banaankaizer: I see gamehaus timer yes
Phosphatide: ultra hi-def
theneatestburrito: We're here!
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Alzharade: Yaaaays.
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Phosphatide: ٩( ᐛ )و
TehAmelie: y helo thar
TXC2: Hello Again Adam
kumatsu: Seems stable now
Phosphatide: hello adam, for the first time today Kappa
dexrollcritfail: hey
kumatsu: glad to have you back
MadameAdversary: lrrADAM
ultterr: hello again adam PogChamp
NotCainNorAbel: Hello again for the first time
StillAnEmoKid: Everything seems good now
ultterr: back to puzzle simulator again
banaankaizer: pickled soundboard doesn't sound like a great snack monkaS
kumatsu: I think you're in the blinking one
kumatsu: Yeah, you're in the blinking one
notarealartist: What game are you gonna play after you finish this?
Phosphatide: btw if adam were to fire up the messenger again for the DLC, he could probably finish the content in a single 3-hour-ish stream, nice and compact
dusk_yagami: Fastest Vulgrim is directly at the south exit.
kumatsu: Hell yeah walking around in circles. Like Soul Coughing up in here
ugh_sunlight: Minecraft?
HondoTrigger: play runescape OpieOP
FireFlower18: ruin planescape
TXC2: Persona 5 was floated around, and I for would LOVE to see that
TXC2: *for one
theneatestburrito: P5 lrrHEART
cheadlecurse: longer
cheadlecurse: but its good
Grescheks: it is a long JRPG, yup
TXC2: yeah thats a fair point
HondoTrigger: it also has a lot of reading, and you're already playing an obtuse rpg on your home channel
Didero: Alternatively, now that you know how to finish this game, you could start speedrunning it! Kappa
iammorthos: ya think without his armor he just looks like wreck it Ralph?
TXC2: can't read 2 novels at the same time
FireFlower18: I was going to read, but then you went live
erloas: short, fun, no reading and not sure if older is a requirement, but you've been playing a few older games, Portal 1/2
banwidthraptor: you could always double down and play icewind dale on saturdays seabatTROG
aitsu100: yes fite for the fallen is tonght
HondoTrigger: remember that gamer that hit on you with "The cake is a lie" in 2019
Phosphatide: become a tetris 99 streamer seabatBRAIN
banaankaizer: Orcs must die 1 and 2 are an old favourite of mine
Tregelen: Ishii vs cobb in the g1 today was legit
Sanityis0verrated: sup peeps
TXC2: hello Sanityis0verrated welcome
Alzharade: The art direction in this game is so absurd and I love it.
Didero: I've been playing the 2006-2008 Tomb Raider trilogy, those could be fun too, even though they do have some bullshit sections
TehAmelie: the art direction is sort of like WoW but not garbage
Invitare: Fun Facts: The Orcs Must Die game was created by former employees of Ensemble Studios, the creators of the Age of Empires series, after that was shut down
Sanityis0verrated: is it worse than Baldur's Gate though
Alzharade: WoW is really hit or miss. When it hits, damn. When it misses, oi.
dusk_yagami: The other portal is on the other side of the gate.
Omthebox: I never knew what was going on.
BleedingToast: lrrADAM seabatSEAL slytqHi hello adam and chat
Bobtheninjagoldfish: playing WoW right now.
TXC2: hello BleedingToast welcome
Sanityis0verrated: sup toast
Omthebox: Most things. If I'm honest.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Hows everyone doing today?
Alzharade: @Bobtheninjagoldfish Ooh, what server/faction?
Sanityis0verrated: hungry
Phosphatide: messenger DLC was shorter than i expected but it was fun, now i need to decide if i want to finally start bastion or gungeon
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @Alzharade Hyjal/US and right now, a Dwarf.
Omthebox: Yeah. Cam's games are too smart for me. But I enjoy watching them. Since they make me FEEL smarter.