kusinohki: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Songbird Symphony) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
BloodForTheCorelab: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Songbird Symphony) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
kusinohki: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
korvys: !quote ian
LRRbot: Quote #4029: "She doesn't just 'go down'" —Ian [2017-02-19]
JqlGirl: time for more somgbirb
JqlGirl: !quote birb
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live now with Rhythm Cafe as we continue our play through Songbird Symphony. http://twitch.tv/LoadingReadyRun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EFGq9MzVUAET51w.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1175908951914795009
korvys: !findquote birb
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JqlGirl: !quote bird
korvys: !findquote bird
LRRbot: Quote #799: "Your aim is true, *** bird." —Graham [2015-10-07]
kusinohki: !findquote song
Earthenone: !birb
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JqlGirl: !quote feather
LRRbot: Quote #3074: "We have to shove the head inside the body." —Featherweight [2016-07-30]
SAJewers: !findquote feather
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myrddinthewizard: Birbs!!!
Science_and_Magic: Huh, I didn't know featherweight was in the database
JqlGirl: A S K L! I wonder what other letters we discover today?
Orgmastron: !bird
Orgmastron: !birb
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mtvcdm: Hello!
JqlGirl: YAAAY
SAJewers: !findquote birb
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kusinohki: why? the real world sucks!
JqlGirl: lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN
kusinohki: real adventures of johny quest? might have had it
mtvcdm: Max Steel?
JqlGirl: Rocket power?
Nuurgle: so many air quotes
Science_and_Magic: I think I'm too young for this crap
kusinohki: live action or cartoon?
Pteraspidomorphi: Live
Pteraspidomorphi: Right
Pteraspidomorphi: Was about to ask
kusinohki: action man?
mtvcdm: Action Man?
Nuurgle: I will always watch Beast Wars because it was perfect
niccus: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest?
Lithobraker: What was the name of the subreddit again? I cant find anything for /r/cyberrigs
niccus: oh wait that was above
Orgmastron: They rebooted Max Steel recently so maybe that's what Google is showing?
BloodForTheCorelab: we are great aren't we chat
kusinohki: never saw the show. remember a toy commercial
XprotoformX: i remember Action Man.... and yeah... not great
noSmokeFire: there was an episode that involved evil snake mutants that really scarred me!!
Sarah_Serinde: I definitely watched that one :D
wynternyghtynggale: hello everyone
myrddinthewizard: Dinosaurs.
noSmokeFire: no, no, no. Lumpy is from the Star Wars Christmas Special
sgowell: Denver the last dinosaur?
kusinohki: flintstones but dinos
niccus: when are we going through cartoonnetwork dot com java games
mtvcdm: Jetix was a weird TV block
SAJewers: i mean, i would watch that
kusinohki: sounds more desert bus filler
Science_and_Magic: We've watched you guys eat heads of lettuce on stream. I think we'll watch just about anything
Sarah_Serinde: I love the times during Desert Bus when we start getting all nostalgic over old shows and things
XprotoformX: no, more crappy cartoons! (notice the comma)
constablecrab: Don't forget about Theodore Rex with Whoopi Goldberg. Actually, do forget that.
Sarah_Serinde: Good times
kusinohki: have not heard of jetix
mtvcdm: Sometimes you got to watch Kids WB or One Saturday Morning. Sometimes you got stuck with Jetix.
Earthenone: for some reason all i remember from jetix, is Cubex
noSmokeFire: space is where spider-man got venom!
JqlGirl: of course he went to space. how else would he get the black costume?
kusinohki: spiderman unlimited?
XprotoformX: Spiderman Unlimited..... limited imagination
Painfully_Dyslexic: no that spiderman show was he went into the future not space
noSmokeFire: do you remember when the Ninja Turtles went to space, with planets full of animal people?
niccus: oh there was the one time in the comics where spiderman teaches a god how to use the toilet
mtvcdm: The 90's Spiderman cartoon was.... no
JqlGirl: Spiderman GUNlimited
noSmokeFire: spider-man's character is defined by his limitations
JqlGirl: spliced!
00gogo00: Missable content in games is the worst
noSmokeFire: stupid bee
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00gogo00: Bees? What is is this, Minecraft?
Pteraspidomorphi: To be fair anyone who watches this show often would not be surprised people are talking about cartoons
Feminine_Desires: cameleon, not charmeleon
BloodForTheCorelab: so cool
noSmokeFire: have you played the apples yet?
Lithobraker: Ok what is with the Minecraft bees memes lately?
kusinohki: you'd think acorns would make more sense
constablecrab: The bee is headbanging.
noSmokeFire: @Lithobraker minecraft announced bees
00gogo00: minecraft has bees now
kusinohki: glow bug rave!
CaptainSpam: Beefy bee
CaptainSpam: You don't HOLD it there!
Edgarware: benginDab
JqlGirl: flabbing
kusinohki: at least it's not dobbing
TehAmelie: floppy dabbing, or flopding
mtvcdm: Of course
mtvcdm: Of course he's named Dabson
Lithobraker: Is it something where noone asked for bees and everyone is confused? Or have people been waiting for bees for a long time?
Gizmoloid: Ninja Turtles in space reminded me of a book a had as a kid. It was a bootleg Ninja Turtles novel that basically ripped off the story from one of Strugatsky brothers' books. 90's was a wild time.
Juliamon: Lithobraker They are appropriately cute.
Juliamon: That's it.
TehAmelie: that was totes a magikarp wasn't it
00gogo00: it's a magicarp
constablecrab: The endangered Atlantic Running Gagfish
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
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beregolas: wait, what is happening? why has so much time passed?
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Sarah_Serinde: We've left that fish to die
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mtvcdm: We sure did,.
00gogo00: what why
mtvcdm: Love is beautiful isn't it
noSmokeFire: slothes!
DarkMorford: lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH
TehAmelie: fishy's gotta train hard to grow up to be a gyrados
Orgmastron: SLOTH GANG
Juliamon: Doing what sloths do best.
Juliamon: (Nothing.)
constablecrab: I'm sure it's fine
Sarah_Serinde: Why are those spiders bigger than we are
00gogo00: 🅱
Stoffern: what are we doing in this game? Making animals sing?
noSmokeFire: they learned Hop On Pop
mtvcdm: We strangled a fish for fun.
Sarah_Serinde: katesRip fish
Pteraspidomorphi: We're working for an owl who is supposedly wise, except maybe not
before_damage: Does anyone know what this week’s FNPF is?
CaptainSpam: Well, you killed a Magikarp, taught some kids to Hop on Pop, and you nobly refused to dab. Job well done, I'd say.
Gizmoloid: Didn't you miss one note at home?
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, http://lrr.cc/2019schedule for a Google Calendar version, or https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/events for the Twitch Events page.
teh_turtwig: I like how the area music are the songs you have to do
JohnLockeCole: Soooo errr uuiuuuummm what's all this then?
TehAmelie: realistic, as owls are actually unusually dim birds for their size
JqlGirl: but... if youre on controller, we'll never learn new letters.
00gogo00: what the hell
cuttlefishman: It's just like a drawing in my japanese mangas
Feminine_Desires: owl legs are a *LOT* longer than what you see.
noSmokeFire: owl has a serious spinal disorder
Pteraspidomorphi: owologist?
before_damage: @LLRbot The schedule has yet to update this week.
00gogo00: OwO
wynternyghtynggale: totally evil
CaptainSpam: Mr. Owl, we know you can rotate your head a long way, but your head DOES have to spin back the other way sometime.
TehAmelie: owls are nature's Linda Blair
Juliamon: before_damage If it's not listed on the schedule, we don't know.
wynternyghtynggale: in before egbert is our younger brother
TehAmelie: !birb
LRRbot: Peck your beak!
00gogo00: why is the owl so obviously evil
Sarah_Serinde: This seems fine
DarkMorford: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
JqlGirl: 🅱️
kusinohki: woah. we're halfway there!
TehAmelie: i hope Owl has an evil laugh
TehAmelie: hoo hoo hoo hoo
00gogo00: this game is so subtle
chaostreader: The Corvus Genus of birds is pretty good at copying sound.
JqlGirl: a murder... most FOWL
noSmokeFire: boo
SajuukSjet: jqlgirl: a pun most eggcellent!
AmeliaR: That was a very strong pun
00gogo00: did anyone else watch the new season of disenchantment?
Ritaspirithntr: I feel some good highlights will come from this stream
Coinman1863: How can a birb look so happy?
Pazy160: If we declare war then it wont be murder, only a war crime.
cuttlefishman: Are we going to see Benedict Cumberbatch?
JqlGirl: ring it
BloodForTheCorelab: albino subterraneon cave penguins????
TehAmelie: burrowing penguins could be a thing. could.
chaostreader: The mighty penwings
kusinohki: "hello my baby hello my honey hello my rag time gal"
Lithobraker: Stranger danger
AmeliaR: Wow, what a good song
BrowneePoints: Why does our italian stork? sound like he's spanish?
AmeliaR: A plus
mtvcdm: I love that Birb is just *rocking out* to a song that clearly is not meant for rocking out.
kusinohki: I save verse 2 for the trip back
TehAmelie: is the chicken an ugly duckling?
JqlGirl: The nights, they are very lonely...
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cuttlefishman: go with me here
noSmokeFire: ngl, Heather, my mind went to exactly the same place
CaptainSpam: And the jellyfish are looking at Stefano like "What, seriously? We're RIGHT HERE, dude."
cuttlefishman: what if Egbert
AmeliaR: Oh no
cuttlefishman: is a lizard?
noSmokeFire: TOS for booby
Armyguy0: That booby has some moves
BrowneePoints: Hey! You can't show Boobies on stream!
Juliamon: Booby time
niccus: that's a booby
mtvcdm: Heather's having a moment.
Wodar9: IT IS A BOOBY!
CaptainSpam: That is a rather bouncy booby.
DarkMorford: Boobies!
teh_turtwig: banned from twitch
constablecrab: It's leg day
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lucasbune: What is this i this i return to? Hodor saying lewds?
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ArcOfTheConclave: Shake your booby booty
CaptainSpam: The penguins have move.
RealGamerCow: I wonder if that penguin has happy feet?
kusinohki: it makes sense boobies come in pairs
Ritaspirithntr: Yeah!! Rock out my penguins!!!
JqlGirl: somebirdy once told me...
BloodForTheCorelab: princess?
TehAmelie: all penguins wanna be in Happy Feet
AmeliaR: Lava zone..?
Ritaspirithntr: @jqlgirl the world was gonna fry me
mtvcdm: Cannibalism
Juliamon: !clip
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mtvcdm: Always default to cannibalism
JqlGirl: emergency fetchquest
Juliamon: This booby's a real boob
Lithobraker: Hey this isn't twitter, we can't play #findthatlizard here!
Pikaminer1245: What notes have we learned now past the first playthrough
JqlGirl: I didn't expect so many jiggling boobies in this game
BrowneePoints: "jam its head up the butt of that booby" -Ian Horner
TehAmelie: i gotta go to bed but i'll leave you with this riddle: what sound does the arctic tern make?
CaptainSpam: The devs got to put boobies in their game, and they're going to make the most of it, dangit.
TehAmelie: aw you got it so fast
mtvcdm: Emergency ingredient for birthday cake: ...a severed blue pig head?
kusinohki: doesn't everyone?
Ritaspirithntr: Darn, i missed clipping that egg joke.
constablecrab: Pretty sure that's a squid?
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djalternative: Let me be no nearerIn death's dream kingdom Let me also wearSuch deliberate disguisesRat's coat, crowskin, crossed stavesIn a fieldBehaving as the wind behavesNo nearer - Not that final meeting In the twilight kingdom
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CaptainSpam: That dead squid just made noise.
SniperPumpkin: is it just me or is the game audio pretty quiet?
mtvcdm: That looks like a pig head. A blue pig head.
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surfderf: a year sure is a year!
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Pteraspidomorphi: I agree with squid
kusinohki: localized winds
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MaladyDark: 27. and with the excellent rhythmic friends too
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MaladyDark: did we go visit our uncle?
kusinohki: "I was a little birb when I hid the stuff. now I don't fit in the crawl spaces"
CaptainSpam: WHAM! SPLAT!
Pikaminer1245: I think this would be a Volcanic Island
mtvcdm: This is for a *birthday cake*
constablecrab: tasting notes
noSmokeFire: birthday *meal*
kusinohki: very notable food
Ritaspirithntr: So what makes this game a rhythm game? Besides Steffano.
mtvcdm: Shrimp. If we're making a cake and putting shrimp in it we're full Parappa now.
MaladyDark: There were lost adverts on the TV in the previous area, with a sad looking peacock and a picture of birb
Biomonkey01: This birb is grooving its little heart out and I love it <3
noSmokeFire: 5 minimum
Ritaspirithntr: @gizmoloid thank you!!
mtvcdm: At least five
Ritaspirithntr: That’s an amazing clip
JqlGirl: how do i get a lava bat?
noSmokeFire: jello, not lava?
constablecrab: Lava is very dense
mtvcdm: I don't know what that one even is.
Biomonkey01: All this time I've been ignoring a potential bouncy castle out of fear of burning
Sogheim: wow this looks fun
MaladyDark: kinda disappointed these birds aren't kookaburras. what with the chef hats
Biomonkey01: First Try!
Kaszoski: So the 'floor is lava' isn't that dangerous
Gizmoloid: Snail Shell - very nutritious!
RealGamerCow: MaladyDark so, why should Kookaburras be chefs?
MaladyDark: I heard the accent. It was abysmal 😆
RealGamerCow: Can you just make eggbert sit on the button?
MaladyDark: because it's pronounced cook a burra. obvious choice for birds that cook
RealGamerCow: oooooh
MaladyDark: plus I like kookaburras... So long as they aren't sitting on my windowsill at 5am
Feminine_Desires: That is a thick and meaty tentacle
Juliamon: Now we've got a REAL Simic Slaw coming together
mtvcdm: This is a weird sushi roll we're making
MaladyDark: this seems like an excellent meal for a bird
Juliamon: Those look.... flammable.
mtvcdm: We never got any eggs
JqlGirl: When is Parappa rhythm cafe?
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s0lesurviv0r: sick rhymes yo
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mtvcdm: Parappa was a long, long time ago
erloas: having the stream on in the sort of background, it is really hard to tell when a line is real and when it's made up
mtvcdm: Kick the soup
JqlGirl: shake your boobie
wynternyghtynggale: sergeFuse
RealGamerCow: Did Ian just Rhythm Heaven us?
mtvcdm: This is the most sanitary kitchen ever
AmeliaR: These are birds, they have talons, they can cut food w their feets
mtvcdm: We're passing so many health board inspections
Stoffern: As far as I know Lava is fairly sterile? Surely?
constablecrab: I don't think any of that went in the pot.
wynternyghtynggale: this is a bug cake
AmeliaR: It'll all be cleansed by the Lava cauldron anyway
noSmokeFire: lava is sterile, but volcanoes produce poisonous gas
mtvcdm: (Narrator: 'In this game, anything is 'good enough'.)
noSmokeFire: B's get Begrees
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Juliamon: I mean, what do birds care about sterility
wynternyghtynggale: sergeIrene
mtvcdm: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
RealGamerCow: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Juliamon: Do you have permission to give that message, sir? Are you backstabbing your boss?
wynternyghtynggale: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrGARBO
Gizmoloid: @LoadingReadyRun I just remembered you had problems with serious input lag last Rhythm Cafe. Did you ever figure it out?
noSmokeFire: o7
MaladyDark: bye Ian.
Juliamon: Byee!
wynternyghtynggale: heather feather time !
mtvcdm: Bye Ian!
JqlGirl: Bye ian! thanks for birb game!
AmeliaR: Bye Ian!
Earthenone: goodbye ian now
SniperPumpkin: bye Ian!
MaladyDark: I can't believe Ian is not finishing BIRB
Banrael: Subway100 bonus10 Bye Ian
Gizmoloid: Bye Ian, good luck!
Ritaspirithntr: Bye ian!!
Kaszoski: Bye Ian
SAJewers: pinkkiHatHi
JqlGirl: birb break!
JqlGirl: LRR are missing out on a great opportunity to partner with a distillery and make Loading Ready Rum.
wynternyghtynggale: heather feather time again !
LazyC0Mmander: Game music seems a bit low
Armyguy0: So heather
LazyC0Mmander: Also welcome back
mtvcdm: It's 'Heather Time'? Oh Lord wha are we summoning
Armyguy0: why is this just a game of birb benginButt
orbitaltuna: Meanwhile bird is like can’t stop won’t stop
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun It's part 4 of a poem I'm having LRR read through sub messages.
wynternyghtynggale: still want that lizzard friend
DoctorOfBeard: o_O
LazyC0Mmander: Yeah that bird is really going at it for a long time
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun thanks
LazyC0Mmander: Are the bats not our friends?
wynternyghtynggale: I love the background creatures they are so cute
LazyC0Mmander: Up the upper right pipe maybe?
wynternyghtynggale: there was an exit in the middle
LazyC0Mmander: That was quite the scarecrow song there
kusinohki: barely 17
bowsin_durrows: Dancing queen, young and sweet.
MaladyDark: is 17 old or young for a penguin?
Pikaminer1245: was that an ABBA reference?!
ArcOfTheConclave starts humming 'Dancing Queen'
bowsin_durrows: Good question.
Ritaspirithntr: These penguins are so adorable!!
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ArcOfTheConclave: dud anyone else notice the chemilian?
Feminine_Desires: Can we build it! YES WE CAN!
Feminine_Desires: Bob the Penguin!
kusinohki: but we can rebuild them. faster, stronger, better
allabout90sanime: Hi yall, my friends were the devs for this game andI;m so glad to see LRR streaming it
whales9001: this game looks wonderful
Feminine_Desires: @allabout90sanime anniHI
noSmokeFire: master has given dobby a block. dobby is freeee
LazyC0Mmander: sing the song of your people?
noSmokeFire: can you read the plaque on the statue?
Diabore: ooh, magic box
Ivalenz_: I tune in, a commercial starts to play then cuts to black for a few moments while a Harry Potter reference is made in chat. Then I see Heather with penguins and tubes. Seems about right.
LazyC0Mmander: Do you actually need that box though?
teh_turtwig: this seems like it'll just be the same loop again, maybe you gotta go right
Diabore: push it over the edge?
LazyC0Mmander: maybe for a later time
ConspicuousCompiler: Is that chamelon important for anything?
LazyC0Mmander: @ConspicuousCompiler doesn't look like it
bowsin_durrows: We finally found Magical Christmas Land!
LazyC0Mmander: Have we learned the duck song yet?
Feminine_Desires: some of those walls ar eblue
LazyC0Mmander: If we figure out the solution do we tell you or do you want to figure it out on your own?
whales9001: ^
BlueChloroplast: cuute penguin!
LazyC0Mmander: in the hole with ye
Anaerin: Put it in the hole?
whales9001: holw
whales9001: *hole
LazyC0Mmander: Oh that an energy intensive elevator
Feminine_Desires: what are the blue walls for?
MAPBoardgames: This game answers the question: What if Zelda block puzzles but with birds?
Feminine_Desires: There are others too
Feminine_Desires: maybe you can go in them?
niccus: there's always snakebird
allabout90sanime: Zelda birb
allabout90sanime: would be a game i would buy
Zalthia: Birbs are nice
LazyC0Mmander: I mean it's the internet there has to be
wynternyghtynggale: there is bird people in the game
allabout90sanime: I'm not sure how much I regret clicking that link
Pikaminer1245: @allabout90sanime that's the darkest timeline
Ritaspirithntr: Same
MAPBoardgames: bnansBlush
noSmokeFire: birds are immune to fall damage. that's science
allabout90sanime: ^
MAPBoardgames: You're a bird, you've got wings to glide
kusinohki: you're a bird that can glide though
LazyC0Mmander: It would be a bit silly for a bird to take fall damage
wildpeaks: just like birds are immune to lava
Pikaminer1245 is using phone twitch and phone twitch does like me clicking linka
Zalthia: oh my gosh
LazyC0Mmander: Why is there a penguin John Lenon in this game?
Zalthia: Ohhhh my goooooooosh
kusinohki: just talking about birb!
Ritaspirithntr: Is that penguin Micheal Jackson?
Feminine_Desires: simon says!
Zalthia: Wow this seems hard
MAPBoardgames: Penguin says!
LazyC0Mmander: Wow the game suddenly decided to get serious
Dog_of_Myth: BBoy Penguins.
LazyC0Mmander: Sure that was good enough
sing_o_muse: dang that looks hard
mtvcdm: We're lucky that there's no fail state.
Armyguy0: that we know of
MAPBoardgames: These are definitely some groovy penguins!
LazyC0Mmander: I have to say those horns are a punishment enough
Armyguy0: Doot
SniperPumpkin: B B B!
DoctorOfBeard: since the incident
asddsa28: yesss
MAPBoardgames: heh. He said boobies!
Dog_of_Myth: Darn those boobies.
sing_o_muse: wtf, why are there politics in this game?
mtvcdm: This is why you tip your delivery birds!
Orgmastron: I just noticed the penguins have butts
MaladyDark: this game is very butt
sing_o_muse: wait john lennon is a female?
LazyC0Mmander: Oh wow ready for some pressure
Armyguy0: this game is very benginButt
SnivianMoon: Ice Cap Birb
Dog_of_Myth: SSX Bird Edition
kusinohki: no race the penguin nightmares from mario 64
MAPBoardgames: I wanna go penguin sledding!
Feminine_Desires: yeah don't mind the avalance
Ritaspirithntr: Bye bye birdie
ArcOfTheConclave: The Chef is the Chief?
LazyC0Mmander: this seems easier to follow than the last one
Ritaspirithntr: Don’t like those long notes
MAPBoardgames: I really like the CHICKS in this game, what with all the BOOBIES and HOOTERS.
Pikaminer1245: ayyyyyyyy! puns
asddsa28: i love that your playing for both
mtvcdm: This is a real hot-button issue here.
DarkMorford: NOW KISS Kappa
LazyC0Mmander: That one did seem easier than the lastwait didn't we already know right arrow?
allabout90sanime: Magikarp
Zalthia: Awww they came because of music!
mtvcdm: Those fish aren't even drowndededed!
Armyguy0: and so the real use of Magikarp
Seagulyus: Zalthia became friends*
kusinohki: you're the music beneath my wings?
Pikaminer1245: we have solved another interspecies conflict
MaladyDark: we should visit uncle pea! I bet he misses us
Armyguy0: Well uncle pea did put out that TV ad
teh_turtwig: do you have to climb up the platforms on the beach?
allabout90sanime: yeah
MAPBoardgames: @LoadingReadyRun How do you feel about a game like this with no fail state?
Pikaminer1245: maybe that's why the magpies are going after birb
mtvcdm: Fail states aren't necessary.
Pikaminer1245: speak of the devil
RealGamerCow: I wonder if there's a better ending for better note scores.
mtvcdm: Just like not all games have a win condition, especially not in the early days, not all games have a lose condition either.
LazyC0Mmander: I don't really mind the lack of failstates but it feels like there lack of obstacles
Zalthia: this birb is so puffed up!
mtvcdm: This game isn't really about the challenge. This game is here to be Very Adorable.
Zalthia: @Seagulyus no no the fish came back because of the music!
MaladyDark: these guys I kinda bad at communication
Seagulyus: Zalthia oooh my mistake
sing_o_muse: Are those tracksuit lines on their wings?
mtvcdm: I believe so
Zalthia: I think you should listen to them O.o
MaladyDark: I don't know if they are supposed to be slavs or chavs.
MaladyDark: either way I find them adorable
MAPBoardgames: I'm calling it. Plague Doctor bird is your parent.
mtvcdm: Oh that seems pretty obvious
MaladyDark: the last of the song birds?
LazyC0Mmander: Dude is there something going on with your eye
Pteraspidomorphi: This isn't even his final form!
Zalthia: That one dude in the back is pretty chill
LazyC0Mmander: Anyway who's that phantom of the opera bird
ArcOfTheConclave: @LazyC0Mmander either the big bad or the big good
ExhaustedElox: Watch it. Those birds are gonna flex on you if you make too many mistakes.
LazyC0Mmander: Either he could do something right about now
LazyC0Mmander: Either way*
BrowneePoints: Oh wow the difficulty went up REAL fast
LazyC0Mmander: Ayyy!
wildpeaks: subtle
LazyC0Mmander: Time for the third act I think.
MAPBoardgames: Oh yeah. Owl = Evil
asddsa28: oo nooo
bowsin_durrows: Finding about the last note is the point of no return.
Ritaspirithntr: That doesn’t sound like an end game cue
Zalthia: Uhhh I think this owl is evil guys
mtvcdm: Owl is.....
wildpeaks: well that's not crazy eyes at all
MAPBoardgames: look at those eyes
sing_o_muse: that's totally not a villain animation
Zalthia: uhhhhhhhhhhh
orbitaltuna: ^@<>@^
mtvcdm: I think we should stop helping this guy
orbitaltuna: why is that owl possessed
wildpeaks: *gasp*
Ritaspirithntr: You’re a song bird chick!!!!
Zalthia: mocking bird?
orbitaltuna: ccolorMleh stupid owl
MAPBoardgames: TEETH!
Zalthia: that bird has teeth
sing_o_muse: ewww
mtvcdm: TEETH
sing_o_muse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Zalthia: Oh noooo!
mtvcdm: Im think we failed that song
Pikaminer1245: lrrFINE
LazyC0Mmander: Oh like it matter if owls have teeth or not. They're freaky either way
orbitaltuna: imagine if you did
asddsa28: but what if you do
Feminine_Desires: that is a PRINNY
mtvcdm: Is that the Disgaea penguin?
Feminine_Desires: Prinny DUDE!
Unpronounceable: It's a Prinny Dood!
LazyC0Mmander: No not the prinnies!
sing_o_muse: explosions when?
Ritaspirithntr: Hey dood!!!
Armyguy0: Ah i see you were saved by BIRD CHAR
orbitaltuna: his beak wags too much
Redshift2k5: wow what a cute birb
Zalthia: This game is delightful
Unpronounceable: Do those flowers have red thorns?
mtvcdm: !next
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noSmokeFire: o7
LazyC0Mmander: looks of birds around here
LazyC0Mmander: lots*
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chaostreader: Blue flowers, red thorns. This would be so much easier if I wasn’t colorblind.
Pikaminer1245: "Blue Flower red thorns, this would be so much easier if I wasn't colorblind"
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MaladyDark: I'm sure Ian wont mind more Birb
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LazyC0Mmander: Alright have a good one