Metric_Furlong: (no, I'm still not abandoning my 'don't play humans' fantasy game policy of the last 20+ years :p )
NightValien28: I used to find weird that people wanted to play human in fantasy games till I realized they just wanted to be themselves in a not so shitty world
Twinklebees: Or a more shitty world, in some cases
Didero: !live
LRRbot: Currently live fanstreamers: Bengineering (​) is playing Magic: The Gathering, FrejasFeather (​) is playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, RebelliousUno (​) is playing Satisfactory, Seabats (​) is playing Magic: The Gathering, simplysuzu (​) is playing World of Warcraft
Didero: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMTG (Join us for an early look at Throne of Eldraine! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (11m from now).
NightValien28: yeah but with the ability to make that shitty world better
Metric_Furlong: I mean, say what you will about the current state of the world, you generally don't have to worry about rampaging monsters attacking your nieghbourhood every couple of weeks
Metric_Furlong: tbh, I still chalk-up the over-preponderance of people playing as humans to 'lots of people are a bit boring' Kappa
TXC2: Hello Everybody
Metric_Furlong: (Pillars' other Unforgiveable Crime is that Godlikes can't wear fancy hats)
PhoenixMelior: hi txc2
PhoenixMelior: such short chatting time today
TXC2: hi PhoenixMelior
Twinklebees: Yeah
TXC2: and it would have been less if the stream had started an hour ago like I thought it did :P
Metric_Furlong: !panic
PhoenixMelior: hmm, maybe I'll have time to motor through more Gankutsuou
PhoenixMelior: I had to cliffhang myself after the opera episode
Metric_Furlong: yeah, the show'll do that
Metric_Furlong: well, time to skedaddle
PhoenixMelior: o/
Metric_Furlong: have fun with the digital pieces of cardboard
supeirior: <message deleted>First
Phosphatide: magic MAGIC magic magic
supeirior: Magic
aitsu100: lrrJUDGE
TXC2: "I'm Alex and this is how I talk!"
KartoffelKaiser: Sorcery.
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> We awoke to our LRRMTG YouTube channel having crested 30,000 subscribers, and the #LRRELD PPR VOD cracking 100,000 views. Not a bad start to the day :D | ||
dryxket: amazing! Finally catching an MTG Stream
Phosphatide: could LRRMTG technically count as a talking simulator episode? Kappa
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FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Oh hey, it's my age in months. Aaand now I feel old.
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djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun congrats
TXC2: Here we GO!
themadchicken: it BEGINS
darienmask: I'm only a year behind you @FriendlyNeighborhoodGM no worries there =)
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Littha: Yay for LRRMTG
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Science_and_Magic: BADGER
supeirior: Badger
Foxmar320: yooo
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TXC2: Still alive for 55
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train_diskenth: yoooo
Foxmar320: Im awake somehow
supeirior: Yooooooooo
TetraKeks: yoooo
dryxket: finally catching an MTG Stream. yayayay!
TXC2: Tiw's day?!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Well I guess if everyone else is doing it we will too! Graham and James are live with today’s #MTGELD Early Access Streamer Event. We’re gonna be jamming the brand new set all afternoon! #Sponsored | Oh, and we got codes to give away. | 📷 || ⤵
djalternative: oh no. not "a very special episode"
ChrsJWlsn: Look at these handsome tuesday goobers!
Uzumaki15: A tuesday and a Graham on stream!!!
offbeatwitch: hi G!
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TrickJarrett: Happy Early Access event! There are 7 cards that are 3/7s.
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Phosphatide: easy to get the two t-days mixed up
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Evil_Clock: 33, that's the Magic number!
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samu_btdp1985: well content aware Phillips will give me nightmares
TrickJarrett: Total :P
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PruPruh: Boink.
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themadchicken is continuing the Gift Sub they got from TheMerricat!
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UnspokenKibbles: Four and a half years, ye gawds. Eat some food for me.
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Foxmar320: Hoqa it going Graham and James
dryxket: you guys shouldn't feel old, your shit is way funnier than basically most comedians younger than you. also, MTG stream HYPE
TXC2: I also thought Trick meant in this set :p
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
TrickJarrett: That would have been a much more boring sub message
TXC2: !subtember
LRRbot: SUBtember is back! If you haven't subbed to the channel yet or have been given a gift sub recently, paid subs are 50% off! Plus, whenever you give bits this month using the Subway cheermote, a 10% bonus will be added for free!
TheWooglie: Wow my follow list is full of MTG
Loonatic93: It's only the 24th! How is that the last day?
djalternative: Is it a fun account name or a clinical one?
TXC2: Boy am I super on the fence with the 2 green cards we have here
UnspokenKibbles: Escape to the wilds might just be bonkers
flatluigi: looks like we're blue
lemonyfreshed: Subway800 bonus80
ChrsJWlsn: cheer500 Glad to be able to catch y'all while at work! Excited to see this set in action
red_shoes_jeff: Subway100 bonus10 Have a sammich, too!
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djalternative: It is lunch time here and now I'm kinda hungry for sandwiches
TXC2: I have a feeling the Food deck isn't constructed viable
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Elypants: The one year! :D
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TXC2: that Talisman coming to an EDH game near you
chesul: there's a second fruit if you want it.
TXC2: to be fair this set pushes mono colour, so it doesn't really need fixing
TheRinoferos: Green has fixing, there's also the bad scarecrow
ultterr: who needs fixing when we can just draw the land we need PogChamp
TheWooglie: what chesul said
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Charlemandias: Fixing is for cowards!
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Science_and_Magic: New turtle
onyxseeker subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 14 months!
onyxseeker: A year and a bit of watching good stuff, looking forward to seeing much more in the coming months
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RevolverRossalot: I'm super sceptical that any payoff can be worth running the Devil's Mana Base (6-6-6)
Karakazik36: its not fair I want to watch Ben and Adam and Gram + James what do I do
DarkAbyssKeeper: Multitwitch :P
Science_and_Magic: The jolly green giant is neat, but nothing else in green seems very good
Karakazik36: ig thats my best bet lol
TXC2: RevolverRossalot as if the Devil would run a normal number of lands Kappa
RevolverRossalot: Good point, well made ;)
RothonWylar: OOh eldrain draft
darienmask: Multitwitch Karakazik36 ?
RothonWylar: OR sealed
DarkAbyssKeeper: Huh... my sub notification didn't... go.
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun congrats on the youtube achievements this mornin'
Karakazik36: @darienmask I am working on it now thanks for the reminder that it exists lol
falingard: Righteousness + Fling!
chesul: with all those 2drops the tapped lands seem not great. though the cottage is better than the mine.
pers0n0fblah: might want golden egg for fixing
Loonatic93: Good thing we still have Ravnica block in Standard. All of our fixing is still there.
Science_and_Magic: It'd probably be hard to run any of those common non-basic lands in a three colour deck
Genesation: Splash white?
RothonWylar: wintermoor crusader
TXC2: ooof Seven dwarf in sealed is BAD
DarkAbyssKeeper subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 64 months!
DarkAbyssKeeper: Whatever you decide to run. Vorthos joy and vorthos tears are both good currency in such a heavily top-down set. Ben has been making Pinnochio into a Real Elk.
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DarkAbyssKeeper: There we go.
djalternative: @TXC2 so you're saying we need to make them force it.
TXC2: djalternative as a mod I have to remain neutral Kappa
chesul: djalternative no, we have them force it in draft.
lucha_libro: oh sweet, early stream
RothonWylar: Perhaps only playthegold white cards?
TXC2: do it, what could go wrong? Kappa
ChrsJWlsn: cheer1000 dropping the rest of my bits for the day, 'cause I so rarely catch y'all. Graham, if I wanted to reach out to you re: a some collaboration, what's the best way to do that?
Loonatic93: Go to six!
EvilBadman: Drat, Adam was deckbuilding at the same time and y'all were closing to queueing together, but he's still in build.
pers0n0fblah: I'd really want do run. the golden egg for fixing in a 3 color deck like this
djalternative: keep
jolly_does_art subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 14 months!
jolly_does_art: good luck and pls play all the "didn't say please" possible <3
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NeutralPanda1: Out of curiosity how often do you stream/play EDH. Loved the EDH videos you have on YouTube
Slurpee_E: Any LRR folks going to TwitchCon?
DarkAbyssKeeper: The (not Magic) Mirror!
DarkAbyssKeeper: See, Vorthos tears. Kiss the wall to destroy it.
Loonatic93: For value...
kynelwynn: Speaking of reaching out to you, G. I sent you an email a while back. and I understand you didn't use the submitted suggestion, but maybe hoped for a reply back. :/ Still <3 you guys
jolly_does_art: It's just the best name of an magic card ever, it pleases me greatly
sbenda13: Sorry boss, I've got magic to watch
Loonatic93: Always go for the given play. That's my philosphy.
TXC2: True loves kiss means the drawbridge turns into a person
nickelbolas1234: !card festive funeral
LRRbot: Festive Funeral [4B] | Instant | Target creature gets −X/−X until end of turn, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard.
EvilBadman: Kiss that Cricle
Mwiiy subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 25 months!
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chesul: Kiss the CIrcle!
Genesation: Imma kiss this circle.
TXC2: !card the circle of loyalty
LRRbot: The Circle of Loyalty [4WW] | Legendary Artifact | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each Knight you control. / Creatures you control get +1/+1. / Whenever you cast a legendary spell, create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance. / {3}{W}, {T}: Create a 2/2 white Knight creature token with vigilance.
iSmartMan1: Just got here, what is our deck and what rares do we have?
DarkAbyssKeeper: You can get the smitten swordmaster?
DarkAbyssKeeper: If they attack, obviously.
TXC2: iSmartMan1 we in mardu knights
RevolverRossalot: Kiss that table!
kynelwynn: oh well. :) You're a busy man. Thanks for the recognition today
ogminor: great job at the ppr yall. also, what is graham eating?
DeadnCold subscribed at Tier 2. They've subscribed for 19 months!
DeadnCold: Who would eat an Ogre pie?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, DeadnCold! (Today's storm count: 20)
Akaiatana: You're right, Graham. Sonnets gotta go fast
RevolverRossalot: Ogres are like onions: delicious in a pie.
Genesation: That pie has got layers.
themadchicken: Ogres are like Onions right? Onions are tasty in pies
sbenda13: You should be eating gingerbread cookies
DarkAbyssKeeper: Ogre is very large, very muscley, probably very tender.
kynelwynn: If the seasoning was right
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun The sonnets was a conversation with serge before he wrote the judge video. He was adimantly against it on the grounds that he cannot sonnet.
Science_and_Magic: Do as the Eldrainians do
TXC2: Try to eat an ogre pie? try might I, by the by
Akaiatana: But Graham, everyone in Eldraine has an ogre-eating problem
Geek4AllYT: Any LRRfolk doing anything for The Great Eldraine Bake-Off?
MeLikeSmallMatters: big pig... skewer
kynelwynn: sip
toastmcghostt subscribed with Twitch Prime.
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Loonatic93: My general go to archetype is g/x or g/x/x midrange. But I'm just not feeling any inspiration with this set. I may try Mardu Knights in Standard. But I just feel weird playing red, and not playing green.
nextday415: on tap tap where is your favourite locations you've broadcasted from
iSmartMan1: Does anyone here feel that WotC is designing more maindeckable artifact and enchantment removal specifically for Arena, since there's no sideboarding?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Loonatic93, How about gub Oko + Tokens?
TXC2: Loonatic93 really? theres like 2-3 good cards for green ramp
Loonatic93: There is sideboarding in Bo3 in Arena.
TXC2: Bo1 is the overwhelming format on arena
RothonWylar: swing menace try to blowout?
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DarkAbyssKeeper: Rimrock Adventure, Fling Something at the Wall?
Science_and_Magic: Well is the funeral instant?
kynelwynn: Combat trick?
Science_and_Magic: !card festive funeral
LRRbot: Festive Funeral [4B] | Instant | Target creature gets −X/−X until end of turn, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard.
Loonatic93: Well, I haven't had a chance to play any ToE (like most everyone else here.) So just because I don't have any inspiration doesn't mean I won't find any. Oko does make a compelling argument though.
Science_and_Magic: Oh it is
Loonatic93: Also, I still want to try to make some sort of Simic Ascendency jank work.
chesul: funeral seems good here.
MagicSeeker1: Lash of thorns gives deathtouch kill in response.
RothonWylar: activate heathunter is possibletoo
Science_and_Magic: The good ol two for three
chesul: two for three is good.
Nirkaz: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
DarkAbyssKeeper: Solid.
themadchicken: that was a good line
Science_and_Magic: And it's kinda like 1.5 for 3 cause of the adventure
TXC2: Menace is so good
RothonWylar: seems good
DarkAbyssKeeper: You're only down one card, because you can still cast the creature.
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kbatra: :)
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, kbatra! (Today's storm count: 23)
chesul: hitting for 11 seems like a good play.
Loonatic93: I'm a fan of it.
Evochron13: ooh it's a magical graham stream! how rare
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: You know, get in for a casual 11 damage.
chaostreader: That knight can’t block.
kynelwynn: G: So having watched your Vlog, how does the "KLeague of Heels" thing work? is it CAW in a video game fighting in a rumble?
Uzumaki15: but he can be flung
djalternative: slam, slam, thank you slam! get on the floor and slam!
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Science_and_Magic: You have 4 potential damage for fling
DarkAbyssKeeper: You had lethal there.
Science_and_Magic: Oh, and that's game
kynelwynn: Okay. :)
themadchicken: it was funny seeing Jeff Gerstmann randomly show up in your vlogs
waterdragon006: sup
kynelwynn: Poor Adam
TXC2: Adam should have been given Meat Kappa
slopoppotamus subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 30 months!
slopoppotamus: Perfect timing
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kynelwynn: G, keeping kayfabe real
TXC2: it's still real to him damnit
Snowwraith: Because they like the new rotation format.
cuttlefishman: Hello G, can I say that this most recent Crapshot is very disturbing
Snowwraith: Fewer Teferis.
cuttlefishman: Thanks for your content
themadchicken: its fun to play the 2020 decks
Walabe: cuz they want to play the new standard?
chaostreader: Not Gruul. Then die.
EvilBadman: OP has the hot hand
KartoffelKaiser: *ah AAAHHH*
frnknstn: Do mastery orbs expire? do I have to spend them before the season ends?
ayir: brb gotta go watch the new crapshot
Akaiatana: Maybe they're Dunk Uixote, doomed to tilt people out
cuttlefishman: The most recent one isn't the eight step programme one
KartoffelKaiser: There are many different things that are called Daddy Long Legs, at least one of which is a spider
Snowwraith: Nah, they're tied to the 2020, so they won't expire, but you can't save them.
kynelwynn: Oh, who wrote the Crapshot for the Brief unboxing?
cuttlefishman: It's the Phil one
Maidhc0: I wish you'd get an "uber" reward after you got all the orbs
DarkAbyssKeeper: The animated sleeves in arena kind of make me want Lenticular Card Sleeves. Despite how impractical that would be (and that I don't play paper like, ever)
cuttlefishman: 8 Steps is also disturbing
EvilBadman: It is Dedues day, my Dedudes
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat. how are the magics going?
Maidhc0: harvest men?
Loonatic93: This morning I played against a Risen Reef deck. My opponent had what was roughly a 15-minute turn with RR and Yarok on board and they pretty much decked themself. All their creatures had haste, and they had way more than lethal on board. So, they attacked all out, and I responded with Settle the Wreckage. (I only had four mana all game and kept it up for like 3 turns in a row.) I hated that card at first, but have learned to love it right before it is going to rotate out.
Maidhc0: that's ominous
3schr: Hey guys!
cuttlefishman: Are Harvest Men creature type spider in magic?
Littha: There are differnt things called Daddy longlegs in different countries
cuttlefishman: asking for friend
RothonWylar: Graham is a professional spider breeder he knows these things
Snowwraith: Yeah, I've had someone deck themselves with Risen Reef too.
Stoffern: If theyre arachnids they are surely still cowered by the term arachnophobia?
Maidhc0: That's what she said?
ayir: oh my god keep content aware phil away from my nipples
chaostreader: Some Daddy Longlegs are spiders. Some are plants.
Snowwraith: I just survived until they made the mistake.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Its Tall, Its Armed
cuttlefishman: Is a spider ivy a spider
TheMerricat: "The common name "daddy long-legs" is used for several species, especially Pholcus phalangioides, but is also the common name for several other arthropod groups, including harvestmen, which are arachnids but not spiders, and crane flies."
TehAmelie: some daddy longlegs are spiders, some are other spiders, some are plants, some are even flying insects. they all fall under the umbrella of "ganglefucks"
KartoffelKaiser: ^
Littha: Daddy Longlegs in the UK fly...
ZachtlyAsIntended subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 23 months!
ZachtlyAsIntended: On a scale of Throne to are the games going?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, ZachtlyAsIntended! (Today's storm count: 27)
Maidhc0: people think crane flies mosquitoes and it freaks them out
Genesation: They both have it now.
MeLikeSmallMatters: they both have trample
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun stupid question, but are there any plans on LRR turning on that 'Prime Loot' gifting feature that Amazon just rolled out this week?
geyondbodlike: rip
Genesation: Barge in
schryke: barge in gave them both trample
themadchicken: barge in gives trample to all creatures
ChaoticObserver: They both got trample
TXC2: !card barge in
LRRbot: Barge In [R] | Instant | Target attacking creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Each attacking non-Human creature gains trample until end of turn.
kbatra: im excited for this draft
Maidhc0: CUTE
chaostreader: So was OP playing big non-human deck?
Milambus: Its a way to give the crap Twitch Prime stuff to other people
TXC2: is all the non-human stuff meant to be for modern?
kbatra: big ole huh
Bugberry: It’s eat packer
chaostreader: @txc2 It represents the wilds. The non-courted stuff.
Bugberry: Rat packer
flatluigi: hooray, let's celebrate chat
TXC2: chaostreader I get that, I meant gameplay wise
RevolverRossalot: I believe you have to shout RELEASE THE GIFTS when you push the button, and confetti will fall from above.
Maidhc0: excuse me the grinch currently thinks gifts are fun
Abavus: It spams the chat _a lot_
Maidhc0: i watched the movie
ZachtlyAsIntended: So it's just sub gifting...with more steps?
Maidhc0: @ZachtlyAsIntended prime gifting?
TXC2: Abavus well fuck that then :p
BillTheCat subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 65 months!
BillTheCat: Twitch Prime? More like Twitch GRIME
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, BillTheCat! (Today's storm count: 28)
ezekieleason: lrrWOW
EvilBadman: No, it's giving the silly skins/loot from Twitch Prime to non Primes
sbenda13: and Randomly
Joalni: It can only grow once per turn, right?
TheMerricat: @ZachtlyAsIntended actually different, instead of subs it gives out the prime loot prime members get every month
Milambus: @ZachtlyAsIntended Except its not subs, its just the crap in game loot stuff
Abavus: TXC2, because of course it needs to separately list every item added to the thing and then everyone who won and exactly what. There is no better way to do thata.
Jiri_One: Woo, I have both streams open at the moment (of opp and you)
orellien2773: So, how reliable is getting Adamant with two-color decks?
Modriin subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 35 months!
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Snowwraith: Adamant is basically a triple pip.
Snowwraith: So quite tricky.
Magic_Sparklz: You know dude, it is my birthday :)
tetelande subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 4 months!
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TXC2: Happy Birthday Magic_Sparklz
Stoffern: Everytime I hear that card name I just imagine putting a soul through some sort of cheesegrinder
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Onean: Haven't shared this in a while since I almost only watch VoDs. Speaking of, thanks a bunch for keeping your streams VoD friendly!
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kbatra: i gave gift
DarkAbyssKeeper: Yeah, I don't play the games that Prime hands out loot for.
TXC2: that mana spent is odd
TheTobster96 subscribed with Twitch Prime.
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chaostreader: @txc2 Why? It’s to show adamant.
Milambus: Twitch Prime needs to give out some WoW Classic loots =)
TXC2: chaostreader I see
TheMerricat: Me either @DarkAbyssKeeper I actually thought it gave out the stuff we hadn't used, but it looks as if you actually have preset item that you can give. Not quite what I expected but ah well.
Ko0ntz: @Milambus That wouldn't be very "classic" to wow
EvilBadman: @TheMerricat That may be the endgame
kynelwynn: My internet is being butts, and this video is buffering awfully. :( Thanks for your ear, G. I really appreciate the feedback, even if you didn't use the sonnets. Take care guys, J, I wish you the uncursing today, may you not experience the flood these games. Catch y'all in VODs
chaostreader: Play Syr and Dwarf. Next turn drain!
BillTheCat: "rats off to ya"
drcanonball: deckmaster doesnt work yet right?
djalternative: I don't see this gift chest to contribute to. I'm on the desktop client.
Magic_Sparklz: I went undefeated the other day with a 4-color jund list in Canadian Highlander and it ran Ren and Stimpy and it was awesome. went undefeated and it made me happy
TXC2: so long kynelwynn have fun
ogminor: i love that they named the flunging knight "all in"
Onean: if you have Twitch Prime, it's still worth checking out even if the loot is for games you don't play. They still give out free games for the Twitch launcher
Serenus502: @djalternative it was a popup for me. you may have to refresh.
MiranFurze: hello everyone
coopdawg_22: lrrAWESOME
djalternative: @Serenus502 I have.
TXC2: hello MiranFurze welcome
Loonatic93: It's like they're trying to piss you off.
Snowwraith: Oh no, that's almost a good a pun as Charming Prince.
atriaventrica: all the best streamers quietly converse with each other so the stream can't really hear
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maternalamazonrevenue: Oh right, speaking of amazon money.
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BillTheCat: 7 mana
BillTheCat: err no 6
TheMerricat: @Onean Yeah, I grab all the free games, but so far I haven't actually cracked any of them open either, I either already have them on a different platform or wasn't that interested in playing them yet.
Magic_Sparklz: looks like the land curse hasn't really been so bad yet
RothonWylar: wind drake with upside?
TXC2: I don't like that blue can make 4/4s :p
Joalni: Even if you don't have an artifact, a wind drake is fine.
djalternative: I dislike that I had to load up a chrome tab to contribute to that gift chest thing.
Bugberry: @txc2 it needs to have an artifact out first.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Get in the Tower!
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BillTheCat: so much for the rat plan :(
BillTheCat: so tiny :(
TXC2: Bugberry yeap cause thats a real hard hurdle for blue Kappa
darienmask: Is that what the issue is djalternative ? I can't figure out how to gift stuff
TheMerricat: You have to be able to load widgets, not sure if that means Chrome or desktop app or not.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Ah, insurance fraud, got it.
flatluigi: lands
BillTheCat: ask if you can trade decks
djalternative: @darienmask the "pop up" stuff that they have doesn't seem to work well for me on the client. Chrome seems to work 100% of the time.
Nigouki: are you guys alone in the moonbase?
TXC2: Magic_Sparklz what was that about the curse? Kappa
Nigouki: noone in the editing mines?
TehAmelie: *rubs hands*
kbatra: wow
Bugberry: @txc2 not in Limited.
CaptainSpam: Sometimes a man's just gotta draw a floor plan. Nothing you can do about it.
PinkfloydYES: oh boi
FadedOverseer: yeesh
BlenderMTL: what now
Stoffern: ?
LordShadner: woo?
trikkilol: what?
3schr: fingers crossed
TheMerricat: it's counting dow on my screen
atriaventrica: touch meeee
nervousdavid: meep?
TXC2 braces
Vakorus: uhhh
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Are things happening?
kbatra: counting down
FadedOverseer: shrug?
frnknstn: long countdown
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Milambus: wait for it...
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RebekahWSD: Vast confusion
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Hogwarts1911: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:13:24. lrrSPOT
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sbenda13: I see nothing
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Nigouki: oh
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darienmask: oh lord
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flatluigi: there it goes
kbatra: ahhh
BillTheCat: ohh geeze
Nigouki: ooooooooooh
Warmungandr: BLAAAARGG
dtrain_67: and there
TheMerricat: There we go
Joalni: There it goes!
Feltic: Found the spam!
Scar_Red_Tiger: tpYGOpotofgreed
ChaoticObserver: There it goes
DarkAbyssKeeper: Woah
lifesnufferi: why not make the rat tokens?
Dumori: Wham!
wouter215: waw
TehAmelie: i got a gift yesterday, heads up, you migt just get an email
FadedOverseer: wowowow haha
BlenderMTL: wow
Natedogg2: An explosion of gifts!
AbnormAnomaly: hold on let me scroll up
lifesnufferi: last game
themadchicken: dats a lot of Dauntless
Milambus: So, that just happened
PinkfloydYES: nice
chaostreader: That was a lot.
ogminor: blink and you miss the massive influx of gifts
Joalni: Well, we tried it out and now we know :D
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: anything to try claiming? seems like a "mine!" would be fun
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Snowwraith: So man ythings.
Bakufreak: well that was a thing
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: wow
BillTheCat: it did two messages per gift
kbatra: nice
ogminor: Neat.
engineerbudy: ty for the git
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun thanks for trying that out. :-) I appreciate it.
chaostreader: Plains.
kbatra: glad people got gifts
TXC2: well that was fun, lets never do it again Kappa
BlenderMTL: what even are those lol
sbenda13: I lose
KartoffelKaiser: so wicked D:
chaostreader: Black adamant? Play Swamps?
PinkfloydYES: I'm confused
Huschel23: Oh, that might the first time my name got pronounced the way I intended it
skinnybeatz: this set looks like so much fun
DarkAbyssKeeper: I mean, that does seem like a way to redistribute unwanted 'loot' things.
Loonatic93: Your hand contains my favorite Alphaville song!
djalternative: Yeah. Twitch client doesn't seem to like chat widgets much. Every overlay/video widget seems to work just fine though.
CaptainSpam: That sounded good. Droopy saying "kappa". Kappa
hamdotexe: how are they playing the new set?
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ThingsOnMyStream: This is the quality content I subscribe for
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chaostreader: @hamdotexe Streamer early access event.
Nigouki: so is this just from chat to chat, or does the streamer get a cut of this somehow?
TheMerricat: @DarkAbyssKeeper it would have been but actually the gifts were from a pool of special 'gift only' loot. I thought it would have let us use our unused loot too though, that's why I was asking the first time around.
BlenderMTL: such antastical tunes
djalternative: Hi Paul
hamdotexe: ah thanks
Huschel23: Although the 23 is actually pronounced 26
Elypants: Hi Paul!
themadchicken: yeah i have a ton of loot that I dont touch, id love to give it away to those that might
Magic_Sparklz: woo
DarkAbyssKeeper: TheMerricat, That is disappointing but about what I would expect from the team that brought you 'tiny free things designed to make you buy the game' Bonuses.
djalternative: @themadchicken unfortunately it's only specific loot.
BillTheCat: lrrSPOOP
amam741: oops
BlenderMTL: yikes
themadchicken: new cards!
tams92: its a super duper blood artist
niccus: can't ranch me if i ranch myself
TheMerricat: @Nigouki I think the stream gets the theoretical "boost" of more people beingo n their stream looking for free stuff if they get a rep for doing it often enough. otherwise it's jus chat to chat.
TXC2: Protection, it does EVERYTHING
Magic_Sparklz: do
rustenskurk: "Whenever you touch your graveyard..."
Baldrash: Konrad is a stupid design.
Snowwraith: Better than zero.
Loonatic93: Hey so, remember when WotC said that they were never going to bring protection back?
ThingsOnMyStream: Konrad Syr and his Dancing Graveyard
Loonatic93: Good times!
themadchicken: oof konrad is a beast
BillTheCat: and then they mill both players
BillTheCat: and you die
kbatra: lol
DasFignuts: don't do it!
kbatra: rip
JustAMonkeyUK: Well... Forever young kills you too
BillTheCat: nooo
BillTheCat: it's leave the gy too
Joomie123: Well this is certainly killing us
JustAMonkeyUK: Mise well go out in style
chaostreader: Put 0
Natedogg2: Choose 0?
Bugberry: Go out on your own terms.
sbenda13: Do zero
BodaciousBean: You'll die though
kbatra: huh
BillTheCat: that should have killed you
4AMDonuts: leave his graveyard
JustAMonkeyUK: Oooh... only your own graveyard. SO confusing
4AMDonuts: not yours
Evochron13: leaves THEIR grave
Syntheticuh: "leaves YOUR graveyard"
SolarBlitz1: It's only their graveyard
ThingsOnMyStream: YOUR graveyard
Mivair: Leave THEIR graveyard
SirElgar: "creasture card leaves your graveyard"
TheOtherTrevor: That card is so stupid. Too much text for an uncommon
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: 'Leaves YOUR graveyard'
spiffinn: no, konrad only cares about reanimating from their graveyard
LordShadner: leaving their graveyard
TXC2: !card syr konrad
LRRbot: Syr Konrad, the Grim [3BB] | Legendary Creature — Human Knight [5/4] | Whenever another creature dies, or a creature card is put into a graveyard from anywhere other than the battlefield, or a creature card leaves your graveyard, Syr Konrad, the Grim deals 1 damage to each opponent. / {1}{B}: Each player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard.
amam741: Reading the card explains the card
Huschel23: Oh, so this card is more confusing than I thought. Cool, cool
jacoblowe94: doing my first pre-release on Saturday :D never played before
spiffinn: only the mill and death are symmetrical
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun It says that the gift chest will spam a max of 100 messages.
BodaciousBean: Makes sense
JustAMonkeyUK: Yeah... so... creatures into ANY graveyard, creatures leaving YOUR graveyard
JustAMonkeyUK: Of course. So easy. Waaaaaaaah?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: that's a bit dissapointing
chaostreader: New pool.
Earthenone: just in time for the start of the event :P
TehAmelie: Target Minotaur's on first
KartoffelKaiser: Goose status: L O O S E
ElektroTal: good morning Sirs LRRs
nullrush: shhhh
TXC2: "I don't know!" "yeah?" "tell 'em why we're doing this" "to eliminate confusion"
Bugberry: I’m looking forward to doing a ton of GB food.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: goose == loose
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun Are you allowed to show us what's new in the mastery orbs?
chaostreader: The better evolving wilds isn’t bad either.
MagicSeeker1: We have 3 white hybrids, is it possible to play mono-white?
ThingsOnMyStream: FYI Chat folks: if you want to give bits or subscribe, today is the last day for SUBtember
TXC2: !subtember
LRRbot: SUBtember is back! If you haven't subbed to the channel yet or have been given a gift sub recently, paid subs are 50% off! Plus, whenever you give bits this month using the Subway cheermote, a 10% bonus will be added for free!
djalternative: It was showing xp rewards so I thought it might be in.
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hamdotexe: here is your well deserved Amazon money.
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djalternative: 2Legit2Quit.
sbenda13: Look at hybrids
chaostreader: Three mana +2 and untap isn’t bad. At instant speed
TXC2: is there a reason why subtember is ending a week before the month it's named after ends? :p
evolvingdev: bake into a pie sounds like a card that you guys submitted as removal
ThingsOnMyStream: @TXC2 SUBtember is a foot long, not a month long
TXC2: ThingsOnMyStream touché
jameswanders: MmmmMMmm.... subway....
TheMerricat: @TXC2 I was going to say that they didn't want to end in the middle of a week, but...
TXC2: TheMerricat right?
AbnormAnomaly subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 17 months, currently on a 1 month streak!
AbnormAnomaly: 17 Months that's almost 6 fiscal quarters.
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jameswanders: Do you really want those half off-color hybrids?
Huschel23: Two pies? What a treat
illmastershogun: fireborn is awkward in WB
BlenderMTL: WWWW and BBBB will be hard to cast
ElektroTal: 9 nights? is it Hannukah already?
Geek4AllYT: Good luck casting those but they are too sweet to not include
kbatra: green white one is meh
chaostreader: ^
spiffinn: i would cut deathless knight and lean white with the mana base
wynternyghtynggale: started playing arena to learn to play magic because I really liked these cards in the preprerelease
Huschel23: Witch's Cottage seems awkward when you want to play a lot of Plains for the hybrids
BillTheCat: the 4/5 seems real good
TXC2: Deathless knight is probably the best one
kbatra: yeah
Bugberry: Those Hybrids remind me how Shadowmoor’s hybrid theme was also meant to support mono-color decks.
Huschel23: Okay, problem solved
Huschel23: ish
sbenda13: You do have food and a couple lifelinkers
TheMerricat: Subway500 bonus50 - the good news is I'm finally giving into the advertising, going to go grab a sub while you deck build. :-P
chaostreader: Lindell gains life every time a white creature attacks.
jacoblowe94: could you turn your voices up :)
RothonWylar: also rider
Zalthia: Why do they take the flavor off the cards in arena? lrrAWW
RothonWylar: murderous rider has lifelink
spiffinn: deathless knight is definitely the best, but quad black is no joke
Huschel23: Still two WWWW creatures. That probably means you want, I don't know, 11 Plains? Which leaves 5 Swamps plus the Cottage
SolarBlitz1: Between linden and REvenge of Ravens you could get it back each turn
jameswanders: @Zalthia to get ppl to stop licking their laptop screens
Zalthia: Oh! Okay! Cool!
chaostreader: Hey! You have Bear Suplex!
jameswanders: You probably have a long list already, but if there's ever a chance to invite Ryan Spain to a PPR, I'd love to see that
Travilogue: You should be able to select the new fox as your on board pet though.
fiftymcnasty: You can use the fox pet now.
Vakorus: cool, cool
Geek4AllYT: Look at that Frogify background! haha
Huschel23: Ah, the revenging
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Graved: Bless you, Graham
Zalthia: What’s the deal with the fire cats?
BillTheCat: oh noe
flatluigi: play the armor i think
cpomery: James, Graham ! Hey guys. 1st time I've caught one of these live :)
sbenda13: Does Hushbringer stop the black legendary Knight's effect?
Vakorus: fire cats?
TXC2: hello cpomery welcome
remembrancer_vivi subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 15 months!
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Zalthia: On the sides of the board, the fire cats
Huschel23: Oh, they can take the adventure card and get rid of it, right?
TXC2: Zalthia they're part of the mastery pass
spiffinn: no, the adventure has to be in exile
Huschel23: Never mind, it will be in the gy anyway. Yeah, thanks
Littha: cheer1000
Spirrie: They’re probably going to be super aggressive then
Korlashheirtoblackblade: interesting, I would guess a removal spell for linden is at the ready
cpomery: how long are you guys going to be playing for?
djalternative: 5
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Resident Evil 7) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (5:57 from now).
RobertF95: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:04:14.
Huschel23: Those children had a family! Possibly
djalternative: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:32:57. lrrSPOT
Natedogg2: Nah, they're orphans. No family to worry about.
Huschel23: Oh, good
djalternative: Linden has a family.
TXC2: a blended family
Zalthia: Aww the kitty meowed!
PhoenixMelior: ho chat, what's going on? What's the deck like?
drrek0 subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 32 months!
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hoveringhalibut subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 14 months!
hoveringhalibut: A fortnight of months
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TXC2: PhoenixMelior we have 3 differnt quad hybid cards :p
TXC2: *hybrid
BillTheCat: oh geeze
Korlashheirtoblackblade: deck is sweet but rather greedy for a 2 colour deck
PhoenixMelior: txc2 ah ha, so our mana is super flexible!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: eep
Therberus: Hey LRR'smn hey chat !
TXC2: hello Therberus welcome
PhoenixMelior: oh and Linden? Holy moly
Huschel23: Judging by this sample size of one, I'd take out Cottage and put in another Plains. :P
chaostreader: How much does the equipment cost to move?
flatluigi: what a good topdeck
themaskedpeanut subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 8 months, currently on a 6 month streak!
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ledootlord: PogChamp
SirElgar: they are close
flatluigi: almost dead
RothonWylar: they at 1?
djalternative: I wonder what the new eldraine pet will be
BillTheCat: they go to 1
chaostreader: Your 2/3 gives a counter when it dies.
JustAMonkeyUK: Believe the pet is a fox
DasFignuts: dj - it's a fox
Huschel23: Basically dead with a 1 power flyer on your side
flatluigi: @djalternative it's a cute fox
SirElgar: they also have food mana up
Korlashheirtoblackblade: think you still kill the 5/5
djalternative: lovely
historyman_admu: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:08:02.
Dannnnv: get 'em low so they can't spend food on good stuff.
RothonWylar: hushbringer says it doesn't
Huschel23: Oh yeah, food is a thing in this set.
chaostreader: @rothonwylar Right. Forgot.
zee332: Is there a card that lets you poison food?
Bogstrok subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 36 months, currently on a 36 month streak!
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djalternative: I need to get some kind of food.
BillTheCat: you win
flatluigi: you win?
Vulfe: as a wise man once said, "Git 'em"
flatluigi: pies for everyone
JustAMonkeyUK: That's a huge pie
PhoenixMelior: !card bake into a pie
LRRbot: Bake into a Pie [2BB] | Instant | Destroy target creature. Create a Food token.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: huzzah!
ChaoticObserver: Baked a giant into a pie. That's a flavor win.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: revenge!
historyman_admu: God that pie animation to get a token is amazing
Czerwona_Latarnia: That's one big pie
evolvingdev: I don't want to be a pie, I don't like gravy -- chicken run
queenfounder: What a time to arrive!
cpomery: GRAVY!
djalternative: keep it.
cpomery: now I'm hungry
engineerbudy: oof
ogminor: murder knight is such a house
engineerbudy: linden?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: those quad white cards...
Warmungandr: yup
SirElgar: linden
Sampy104 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 69 months, currently on a 69 month streak!
Sampy104: 69 months! The nice year!
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queenfounder: Sorry, I just got here. Was this a draft or sealed?
cpomery: rid linden
Warmungandr: sealed
chaostreader: @queenfounder Sealed
queenfounder: So many 69s recently
TXC2: queenfounder sealed
Brok3nGol3m: katesNice
queenfounder: @chaostreader thank you 😀
Huschel23: What a good fox that is
Scar_Red_Tiger: Any thought yo doing an Eldraine match with "Once Upon A Time" rules? E.g. tell a story using the cards you play.
RothonWylar: What does the fox say?
Earthenone: does linden create chocolate tokens?
TimeToFry: What a dab
DarkAbyssKeeper: I return from checking on everyone else, you seem to have done a good job keeping an eye on the 3 year old.
captainAhab00: the regular arena release is in two days, right?
TehAmelie: great synchronized dabbing
Sampy104: That’s sexist
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: that monster
DarkAbyssKeeper: Good job chat.
Elseleth: Use the flying effect and they'll get out of the tower
RothonWylar: Jinx @Nigouki
Spirrie: Nice
Elseleth: oh nvm wrong adventure
BillTheCat: nooo
BillTheCat: phew
BillTheCat: thanks undo system
queenfounder: But that has flying’
DarkAbyssKeeper: Ooh, you can't trap a bird in the tower.
BillTheCat: you'd have to target your own creature
JustAMonkeyUK: Venerable Knight was still a target
captainAhab00: knightdigger Kreygasm
flatluigi: monocolor is possible but probably not in sealed unless they're very lucky
TheElrad: technically, if you had announced it in Paper, you'd have to double Trapp the venerable knight :P
Geek4AllYT: mono-color is definitely a strategy in this format. Just tough to get to work
Korlashheirtoblackblade: mono-white in sealed should be pretty much impossible
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I suspect it'll be good in draft
chaostreader: Flyer. Deathtouch?
Huschel23: @TheElrad: You never know with those old ladies. Maybe a higher tower is needed
flatluigi: save it imo
Warmungandr: what am I gonna do...with a weapon rack. Let alone....
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I like the save here
queenfounder: Worth jt
TXC2: wouldn't the armour have saved it?
captainAhab00: fox angry
JustAMonkeyUK: Not a knight so it wouldn't attach
flatluigi: @TXC2 witches aren't a knight
MeLikeSmallMatters: Fox Bork
Korlashheirtoblackblade: trading 1 mana for 5 seems good
Vakorus: barking fox
TXC2: ah Ok then
RavenGr: is this sealed or draft?
TXC2: sealed
EJGRgunner: Is the epic music in-game?
MeLikeSmallMatters: Amy Amazonian said they turned on draft 12 minutes ago
EJGRgunner: Very superhero movie feel to it
engineerbudy: you could have moved the skewer to the flier and held up the armor?
chaostreader: !card Shining armor
LRRbot: Shining Armor [1W] | Artifact — Equipment | Flash / When Shining Armor enters the battlefield, attach it to target Knight you control. / Equipped creature gets +0/+2 and has vigilance. / Equip {3}
RavenGr: free stuff? PogChamp
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: codes, you say?
nullrush: sawg?
captainAhab00: gib code PogChamp
Huschel23: How many cards in your gy for Funeral?
queenfounder: Every time guys haha
TXC2: where those birbs in game?
EldritchProwler: *ears perk up*
Spirrie: mrfruitNN
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TeiranDragon: Late to the sub train!
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RevolverRossalot: Oh noes! The Glassket!
Warmungandr: YOU, in the tower. casket! GET!
JustAMonkeyUK: Mmmm... tactician on a skewer
captainAhab00: food :)
MeLikeSmallMatters: That was a legit boss move, worth of the Boss 'n' Hug connection
RavenGr: what about playing and then equiping shining armor next turn?
chaostreader: Play armor. Then equip.
APrioriOfNothing: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:18:16.
bristark: love that "sacrifice food" pop up
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Warmungandr: aye, it's a nice pie-con
Spirrie: Get tokens and equip
themadchicken: Barrow Witches in Shining Armr
BasilHunter subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 33 months!
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MeLikeSmallMatters: come along and lets slam faces
JustAMonkeyUK: Hey... your food just ran away :(
Professor_Rakor: Awww, was hoping for the +7/+7
thornyberry: how is everyone finding the new cards? anything standing out?
bristark: that little fox is super cute
Spirrie: Graham, how do you pronounce Basil?
engineerbudy: hey look its the jesus imagery
BillTheCat: a weaponless rack is so sad :(
BasilHunter: (I answer to both)
WotC_Robert: niiiiiice
Huschel23: What a funeral!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: *golf clap*
Warmungandr: they will be attending the funeral
Geek4AllYT: GG gentlemen
MeLikeSmallMatters: what about .. riiiiight now?
WotC_Robert: I think it's gems?
WotC_Robert: and they work on thursday?
captainAhab00: 5 mana: give -1/-1 SeemsGood Kappa
Geek4AllYT: 1000 Mastery XP
Joalni: Mastery points, IIRC?
EvilBadman: 1000 Master XP
WotC_Robert: oh no it's xp
WotC_Robert: yeah it's xp
Spirrie: Give it to someone who asks nicely?
KartoffelKaiser: I think they're good for One Magic Arena
Spirrie: May I please have a code?
flatluigi: xp for now or for the next pass
BasilHunter: Most of the crew pronounces it Bay-sil, just a few say Baz-il
Genesation: Oh, for the 2020 Mastery?
WrightJustice: yeah its xp for eldraine mastery
TXC2: of course it's XP, ain't gonna not use that system :p
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: is the xp for now or for when Eldraine comes out?
Ghildetrist: A level is good, that's half a pack
narff8: My cat is named Basil after Basil Fawlty
Huschel23: @flatluigi : Whenever you use it, maybe?
WrightJustice: it only works for eldraine
DiscordianTokkan: Does LRRbot do giveaways based off of words said in chat? That could work
Huschel23: Ah. There you go
BasilHunter: My cat was named Basil after the herb...
flatluigi: white
TheElrad: white
chaostreader: !card fabled pass
LRRbot: Fabled Passage | Land | {T}, Sacrifice Fabled Passage: Search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library. Then if you control four or more lands, untap that land.
TXC2: DiscordianTokkan it does not
bristark: i think amazonian does her stuff through "enter a word" raffle
juanfran63: hi
flatluigi: that seems like a recipe for chat spam
DemonicUrge: randomly :o
nullrush: through a raffle system?
captainAhab00: i am a random person :)
engineerbudy: what are yalls favorite cards from eldraine?
DiscordianTokkan: @TXC2 Ah, K. I've seen some (Moobots?) do it, wasn't sure if LRRBot was the same system
TXC2: Please please please not the random word in chat
JustAMonkeyUK: Definite uptick in chat messages suddenly ;p
LbxAni: the fivemorelevels code was nice to have, got me to 97 then got to 100 today
Geek4AllYT: Randomly pick people *spamming begins.....*
GrumblingMoblin: random word
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RavenGr: rider
LuHeGi: this battlefield is so nice to look at
Zalthia: Anyone read the Eldraine novel??
mysticsage1: whatever works
josherm: Bold call, Cotton
AlexIsActuallyaPirate: People in chat you say?
frnknstn: I am a people a chat
Joalni: !advice
LRRbot: Have you tried just shouting at it?
mtgaaddict: Random pick is best
IrishMTL: !raffle
mousecop48: oh does that mean I can't lurk?
bristark: ack lrr bot is alive
jarbasaur: random chat
flatluigi: revenge of ravens next turn?
Alterus1990: Raneo
Warmungandr: haiku contest
ezekieleason: do you guys like the adventure mechanic
holidayMD: Do we need to say something?
captainAhab00: what's the code for btw? :D
RavenGr: So we're just gonna be saying stuff to get picked now?
JustAMonkeyUK: I assume it just goes off who is present in the chat... like... the button in the topright
Spirrie: Give it to someone who asks nicely. May I please have a code?
RothonWylar: Post all the codes and whoever enters them first wins?
Scar_Red_Tiger: not that you'd play favourite s, but it's be good to abstract
Alterus1990: randomness ahoy
EldritchProwler: Another lurker here :)
RobertF95: Whatever works lol
bristark: when does ToE release for us plebs?
JustAMonkeyUK: Did that Gingerbrute just say "Woohoo"?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: so praying to RNGesus then.
engineerbudy: 26th
josherm: Is there a Plummet analogue in the set?
Oecking: I still love the Gingerbrute way too much.
flatluigi: @bristark 26th
DarkAbyssKeeper: I appreciate that you guys have been doing this stuff for longer than some of your fans have been alive but you still go 'oh, how should we do the thing' when it comes to giveaways and the like. :P
Lily_Of_The_Veil: I can't wait to play this set
major_tom__: ToE LUL
RobertF95: How many codes do you have?
RavenGr: I look forward to playing revenge of ravens, for no good reason
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Milambus: Its cool way to do Split cards with Permanents
Korlashheirtoblackblade: Rvenege seems real good against gingerbrute
jtownraces: wow our hand is great
Huschel23: That Gingerbread Man will have his eyes pecked out by ravens
Warmungandr: @josherm Fell the Pheasant
LbxAni: need blown up art posters and such for some of the art on these cars, so beautiful :)
bristark: @flatluigi thanks!
grgriffin3 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 73 months, currently on a 73 month streak!
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sbenda13: I am going to make a jank deck based on adventure combat tricks and that artifact that doubles adventures
jameswanders: I got sweet little gingerbread buttons to use as food tokens/counters at the pr
josherm: @Warmungandr Fantastic, ta la! <3
chickenace11: i like adventure because it allows one of my creature-based decks to run instants and scourceries now
DemonicUrge: 73! holy snouts!
tehlordofelves: Did you know that you can replace the Wii sensor bar with 2 candles?
bristark: @LoadingReadyRun what do you use for capture cards for your consoles?
RavenGr: I wanna make so many things with the double adventure artifact, it sounds so spicy
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josherm: PogChamp
Geek4AllYT: Did you guys ever get your hands on Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for Let's Nope?
flatluigi: i don't think that works
TXC2: TheMerricat lrrHEART
captainAhab00: that doesnt work
TheMerricat: 22 more gift subs....
Korlashheirtoblackblade: erm, what?
Zalthia: Revenge of birbs
flatluigi: it's also 'blocks' and not 'is blocked'
Korlashheirtoblackblade: eh, new set
Korlashheirtoblackblade: it happens
captainAhab00: FeelsBadMan
red_shoes_jeff: But what if Cain?
Huschel23: Wow, hateful
sdooweloc314: that was a painful misread
captainAhab00: poor gingerman
jameswanders: if I had some bacon, I could make bacon & eggs, if I had some eggs
kitcat97: well lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
Ritaspirithntr: Thank you!!
bristark: 1000 gifts sub total what the butt
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jarbasaur: throne of eldraine streams is a good 2 month anniversary gift
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DarkAbyssKeeper: How did you get the fox in the tower?
TXC2: TheMerricat gives so meany gifts I'm starting to think they are laundering money some how Kappa
RavenGr: shouldn't we use rider soon just so we can play the body?
jameswanders: is there much in the set that gives flying?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: a new wrinkle to their strategy emerges
Ritaspirithntr: That number will only go up!
bristark: @LoadingReadyRun thanks so much im setting up a streaming thing for PS2 and need a good capture card
TheMerricat: lol @TXC2 I will promise the money came to me legally. Unfortunately, I don't know if it'l come again next year, so I'm making hte most of it now. :-)
Huschel23: @jameswanders: There's Fairy Guidemother at least
jameswanders: TheMerricat is a silent member of LRR laundering all there earnings from an illicit maple syrup racket
Korlashheirtoblackblade: main thing that gives flying is fairy guidemother, but that's white
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barringtonstabb: Love y'all
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major_tom__: "prosumer" 🤔
TXC2: TheMerricat well Thanks for doing it while you can lrrHEART
DarkAbyssKeeper: Surely for streaming a PS2 you do not need a /good/ capture card.
Foxmar320: I use the Elgato USB capture card
Foxmar320: works well
bristark: @LoadingReadyRun yea single console i have a professional switch already so i dont need multiples
bristark: @Foxmar320 oh awesome
kitcat97: bake into the pie is a great card name lrrCREEPR lrrCREEPL
Dannnnv: Fast food.
jameswanders: Obv microwavable pie
RavenGr: this set has pretty nice removal, huh
chickenace11: so you can have surprise pie
RevolverRossalot: Bake into a Pie is Tasty Murder :)
gnylp: get the Fox its so much cuter CorgiDerp
Milambus: Pies are not an instant
Korlashheirtoblackblade: lash isn't great here, witches would still die
Therberus: @TheMerricat is good people ! (probably definitely surely not illegal !)
jameswanders: Do any creatures with Adventures have flash or haste (on their creature half, that is)
chaostreader: !card Bake into pie
LRRbot: Bake into a Pie [2BB] | Instant | Destroy target creature. Create a Food token.
RavenGr: why did he do that as a sorcery though?
bristark: @Foxmar320 does your elgato have component capabilities?
djalternative: the curliest of bananas
PypeHype: my only regret is that i have pumpkinitis
RavenGr: oh, he wants to get in
DarkAbyssKeeper: Look, Hans! (el and Gretel)
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Huschel23: The secret tech against removal is to play mediocre creatures
Korlashheirtoblackblade: that's.. aggressive
TXC2: Huschel23 works for Cavalcade decks :P
espeonsun: hallie2Hello <3
wookymonster: think they will make the matchmaking system in arena random again?
SirElgar: agree,uni + lash
captainAhab00: not again BilbeThump
siriusward13: what up!
jameswanders: maybe they were trying to gain life from it?
Huschel23: This fox keeps eating my food!
DarkAbyssKeeper: "I don't -think- we can lose this game." Seems Buttonable.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: Yeah, I think they might've killed themselves there
RavenGr: who has access to this prerelease thing on arena by the way?
jameswanders: Probably a hearthstone player wotc is trying to poach
chrisbo444: can anyone just get prerelease access? that was a noob mistake
jameswanders: I'm still waiting for a "Blocking's for Chumps" button.
TheMerricat: @RavenGr given the accounts all have _VIP on the end, I'm guessing streamers in good standing with WoTC
Genesation: I kinda like the +1/+2 version from Dragons more?
TXC2: funny that we didn't play the murder at all that game :p
RavenGr: it's weird that he made that mistake twice though
Therberus: Adam ? Wait LRR adam ?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Nope.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah, the +1/+2 is def better
Stoffern: lrrHAM
DarkAbyssKeeper: Better.
TXC2: Therberus yeap, he's in this as well
Zalthia: Dear drs LRR: have you read the Eldraine novel?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: (except in the exact scenario that just came up!)
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KilrenKrae: Happy magics day
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wookymonster: what time will the new set be available on thursday
jameswanders: I prefer them to pair with Gabby, so she can get payback for the Boros Charm Incident.
Therberus: Well then why am I watching these chungusses when there is Adam to watch ? (jkjk)
Stoffern: Fox pet???
Gatorandy: I was afk. any news on giveaways?
JustAMonkeyUK: Wait... who gave that fox all those tails...?
drdudeman: deathtouch is great on big trample boys
gamercat88: is this still sealed? or are you in draft?
Genesation: Oh yea, deffo better for aggression.
Travilogue: Well, apparently draft is active now, so you aren't going to so Adam here in sealed.
TXC2: (sharp inhale) WE CAN HAVE TAILS?!
Travilogue: *to see
Korlashheirtoblackblade: leave them like that?
RavenGr: what if they don't mill you intentionally?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: they're doing the work for your festive funeral
RavenGr: the ultimate mindgames
JustAMonkeyUK: Hopefully they don't next level you and skip an attack
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a mysterious pizza
idonthavetimeforaname: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:38:28.
Milambus: !advice
LRRbot: Turn around.
DemonicUrge: that Rider is sweet :)
Foxmar320: bristark sorry I had to step away. No it only does HDMI.
Swamplor subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 25 months!
Swamplor: Getting a streamer to read your sub message is getting your name in the local paper for people who are to young to know that getting your name in the local paper was a thing.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Swamplor! (Today's storm count: 67)
TXC2: Swamplor :D
RothonWylar: Deckneed more tre-bucket
NexusVoxx: and knight leaves a counter behind, no?
cthulhudude23: oh damn, are drafts live for everyone?
Foxmar320: cthulhudude23 no streamer event
djalternative: I had my name in the local paper!
historyman_admu: OP punted
historyman_admu: lol
cthulhudude23: okay, that's what I thought.
NexusVoxx: gram stork
RavenGr: elks are cool I guess
BillTheCat: +2/+2 loses flying and draw a card :P
Camail: did they call you Ham
DarkAbyssKeeper: Graham Stork?
jameswanders: Better blocker?
rustenskurk: Which bit did they spell wrong?
Evochron13: did the spell it graeme?
stevestein: That's so disrespectful, Mr. Starke.
Camail: Ham Stronk
Foxmar320: I think local papers always spell names wrong. I worked for mine and they spelled it wrong.
frnknstn: Greham Starck
planeswalkagogo: I got my name in the local paper by writing a Magic column for it for 2 years. lrrHEART
DarkAbyssKeeper: Grahm Star
Camail: Grem Stick
djalternative: I was also in a local TV news segment as a child.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Grim Stock
TehAmelie: i had a two page column in the local paper once. just wrote a diary for a week
jameswanders: I got my goatee on the main WotC site, once.
TXC2: I was in a TV documentary on class
DarkAbyssKeeper: Honestly, Grim Stock could just be your 80s Villain name.
chaostreader: Rider? For more life?
Geek4AllYT: Yikers
chickenace11: I wrote an article once that got into a small paper
TXC2: uh oh spadedoos
RothonWylar: Are we dead?
TheMerricat: Grim Stock is the name of my chicken stock recipe.
endoforder: hes so cool love it
DarkAbyssKeeper: Can we Bake Garruk?
DarkAbyssKeeper: No?
TXC2: sure can't
MidgardSerpent: Garruk is a heck of a card. Do we have any planeswalker removal?
RothonWylar: WTB murderous rider
JustAMonkeyUK: Need to draw the rider fast
TehAmelie: planeswalker pie would be too rich to eat
captainAhab00: Garruk, the unbakeable
chaostreader: Murderous rider has planeswalker removal.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: we sure do need murderous rider
historyman_admu: murderous rider pls!
lightfoot14: but I WANT to bake Garruk
kband04: Is this limited?
RavenGr: ooh, opponent has a garruk
djalternative: I want to bake garruk... a pie.
Warmungandr: sealed
TXC2: yeap, sealed
MidgardSerpent: They can just keep sending in wolves and creating more wolves.
chaostreader: Sealed
cthulhudude23 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 67 months!
cthulhudude23: so, how many lrrsmen are escaping the moonbase for the commander gp? Isn't it like a week or so before DB?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, cthulhudude23! (Today's storm count: 68)
DarkAbyssKeeper: captainAhab00, Garruk, the Unbakeable, He Who Shall not Knead
TehAmelie: Chandra may not be into baking, but she could make Garruk into bacon?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: ouch
cathardragario18: garruk pie would be really tough to eat, I like my liliana pie personally
Abavus: katesBeans
themadchicken: Garruk is just soooo goooood
Geek4AllYT: Mythic uncommon for the set right there
TXC2: as a green player, I know for a fact I'm gonna learn to despise that card :P
RavenGr: doesn't murderous rider kills planeswalkers?
djalternative: the classic "losing to a mythic" problem
jameswanders: @Geek4AllYT which one?
themadchicken: did no one open him at the PPR? I dont remember seeing him in a deck tech but it's possible i just missed it
Korlashheirtoblackblade: rider off the top or concede :-(
djalternative: G opened Oko tho
cthulhudude23: I'm hopeful for this draft format, but some of the weird board stalls have me slightly worried
Geek4AllYT: can't even crack food on the turn you make the pir
captainAhab00: garruk might be good in sealed i think
Geek4AllYT: pie*
DarkAbyssKeeper: Garruk being Unbakeable is a shame.
TXC2: there should a limit to how much removal a player has :P
Coraxil: @captainAhab00 could be Kappa
Irsaan is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Rekiara!
DarkAbyssKeeper: Oh good, more creatures.
RavenGr: cute tokens
Huschel23: I'm not gonna lie, it's not looking great
djalternative: I feel like Garruk tribal in oathbreaker is going to be fun.
Geek4AllYT: This person's deck is insane!
chesul: Baked Spider, Tum...
chesul: *Yum...
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: I really like the little "Sacrifice a Food" box above the token WotC added
DarkAbyssKeeper: Scry for Murder Knight?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: "works"
jameswanders: scry for murder knight
JustAMonkeyUK: It goes to the top
RavenGr: can we scry into planar cleansing or something? :P
kband04: We were winning there for a second
Huschel23: Don't you need the Planeswalker removal knight?
Huschel23: To draw it, I mean
JustAMonkeyUK: Brainstorm locked :/
Fried_Popsicle: Has anyone else seen the new animation for the boardwipe half of Realm-Cloaked Giant?
kband04: Is it cool?
Earthenone: the faster you die the faster you can draft
Fried_Popsicle: It's SO COOL
Zappeljakob: you get the fodd after damage
MechaKuuga: FOOD
Pr4zz4: is this arena?
chaostreader: Yes
TXC2: sure is
jameswanders: stick a fork in us
themadchicken: soooo garruk is a fair card
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun What is your favorite food token art?
KartoffelKaiser: Hot take: planeswalkers in limited do work
TheMerricat: @Pr4zz4 Special pre-release event for streamers.
Abavus: Do you one better: planeswalkers in limited are pretty good
themadchicken: is there straight PW kill spells?
TXC2: themadchicken well he's 6 mana, so kinda yeah
SamanthaVess: Hot take: Planeswalkers tend to be powerful in limited.
Geek4AllYT: Mythics in general are nice to open. We tend to get unlucky on these preview streams with that
KartoffelKaiser: I *really* like the spiral bananas
Korlashheirtoblackblade: my favourite food token is whichedver one matches the card that makes it
DarkAbyssKeeper: Ouch
djalternative: keep
MidgardSerpent: Yeah, he seems completely nuts in limited. Even just with the use case of spitting out two wolves a turn and barrelling them into whatever, then getting the overrun emblem once one or two of them die.
SamanthaVess: LIL
SamanthaVess: LUL *
josherm: Graham - might end up your neck of the woods one day (In UK) - no pork pies in BC? =[
Snowwraith: The only set a mythic planeswalker hasn't felt overwhelming in draft I think is War of the Spark.
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Who doesn't love a good face pie
Huschel23: Oh we have two Cottages? XD
Snowwraith: As there was a lot of common PW removal around.
cathardragario18: i wont ever have food tokens, id eat them all XD
BillTheCat: ravens and a plains
RavenGr: plains+revenge?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Lands
Korlashheirtoblackblade: plains and 2/1?
jacoblowe94: i live near melton mowbray in the uk :) @LoadingReadyRun
jameswanders: @cathardragario18 don't eat the delicious cards
Milambus: it blocks early, helps you draw into things
josherm: But they ain't Mowbray, I see. Sad face, but thanks..!
sivakrytos: meat pies aren't really all that much of a thing in north america
jameswanders: definitely no scotch eggs, either
cathardragario18: I. Love. Pie!
Milambus: pretty much just pot pies
jameswanders: Tortiere
TXC2: Savoury pies aren't a thing in the US
DarkAbyssKeeper: Maro: "Don't eat the delicious cards." WotC: "Prints delicious cards literally called 'Food'"
thornyberry: are you two playing constructed, draft, or sealed?
themadchicken: We have chicken pot pie... and thats about it
cathardragario18: shepherds pie
jacoblowe94: pork pie with mustard! @LoadingReadyRun its the way to go
cthulhudude23: outside of chicken pot pie, we don't really do meat pies
josherm: Question - does Canada have a Greggs??
Milambus: pasties are close to pies yea
cthulhudude23: I guess there's mince meat pie, which my mom begrudgingly makes for my dad once a year. Thats love, folks
TXC2: josherm probably not
themadchicken: We've had a ton of kolache shops open up here in St Louis
jameswanders: how are austrialian meat pies better than uk pork pies?
josherm: @TXC2 Tragedy abounds ¦[
EvilBadman: I missed Discord Pastime Chat, but I grew up on them in Butte Montana
TXC2: Greggs is a baker
EvilBadman: pastie*
Geek4AllYT: How much do you love that Arena taps at a 45 like Serge? Does he take the opportunity to dunk on people about it?
TXC2: Geek4AllYT nah that ain't Serge's style
jameswanders: Arena's more like 30°
jameswanders: if that
Geek4AllYT: True, true
I_Am_Clockwork: Heyho friends
Geek4AllYT: missed opportunity, though
DarkAbyssKeeper: Serge refuses to dim his lands when he taps them, which is a key element of the Arena tap.
TXC2: hello I_Am_Clockwork welcome
I_Am_Clockwork: how goes the Eldraine fun times?
Camail: it's been discussed, but having square cards makes full tapping ambiguous, so angled tapping is better
DarkAbyssKeeper: If Serge dimmed his tapped lands, I'd be all for 45 degree taps :P
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: tick tick tick
josherm: Is this Adam's PPR pool?!
TXC2: Tick took
TheMerricat: lol that was a good crapshot given the recent news @LoadingReadyRun
Camail: that's.... ominous
Geek4AllYT: Will this be a YouTube VoD also? It'll probably be a huge video!
I_Am_Clockwork: Clock tribal lrrBEEJ
Piratical_tendancies: So that crapshot was mildly disturbing
jameswanders: Is lands in front officially against tourney rules now? I seem to recall reading that recently
jtownraces: geez that was a bold attack
TXC2: Gods I kinda what it to chime every time a counters put on it
TXC2: jameswanders it is on camera matches, has been for some time
Warmungandr: SOOOOOOOO tiny
gnylp: they put you on a clock there
I_Am_Clockwork: get in the Jar!
frozenphoenix7: Adam's invitational card
cthulhudude23: @loadingreadyrun you are walking through the moonbase office and find Adam in a jar, what do?
DarkAbyssKeeper: That's a not a bad idea for a magic crapshot (sick rip?). "Would you tap your lands properly?" "What, they tap like this on arena!" "Fine, but they also grey out and dim on arena for clarity, do that and we're square." "Fine" *after effects to desaturate and dim serge's lands.
TXC2: !card linden
LRRbot: Linden, the Steadfast Queen [WWW] | Legendary Creature — Human Noble [3/3] | Vigilance / Whenever a white creature you control attacks, you gain 1 life.
Amentur: The bouquet!
jameswanders: Where can ppl submit nicknames for TTC?
jacoblowe94: @LoadingReadyRun whats the best colours to go for as a new player
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TXC2: jameswanders on a reddit that doesn't exist yet
RayFK: Morning
historyman_admu: the bucket?
TXC2: hello RayFK
Natedogg2: Trap the....Trebuchet in the tower?
Warmungandr: ha
TXC2: jacoblowe94 that depends what you are into
jameswanders: Trebuchet should ping for 2 if it's Trapped in the Tower
Warmungandr: they take it apart and store it in the tower
CnCPOWERHOUR: " did you even get this trebuchet up here?"
DarkAbyssKeeper: Yes, put the siege engine in the tower. Then it won't marry a prince!
Drathak: Trap that siege weapon in a tower!
RavenGr: oh, it also stops the ability, cool
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JustAMonkeyUK: Oh wow... good job that trebuchet is locked down
historyman_admu: kill it
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Firnsarwen: Whee! Magic times with magic boys! Thanks for the stream James and Graham!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Firnsarwen! (Today's storm count: 71)
Warmungandr: Trust me, trebuchet, it's for your own good.
historyman_admu: if you didn't bubble the bucket, it would bolt you each turn lol
TXC2: 100% you kill Mr Winds of Rath
jameswanders: I love how much value you can get by bouncing/recurring adventure-creatures
themadchicken: not sure if you guys use it, but apparently Cardboard Live is updated with ELD cards now
DarkAbyssKeeper: So much control.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: well, crid
glowingnova: lrrFINE
jameswanders: this format seems hard
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vegetalss4: Subadubdub
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josherm: 3-2 is the most profitable score. Edge of ya seat shit lads, let's go!
TXC2: Formats always seem hard at first
Lokolos: How do I get good at magic?
RayFK: Lewd
Warmungandr: a lot of adventures, makes for a lot to remember
vegetalss4: I like all of them.
jameswanders: I watched Numot for a bit and then switched to (the much superior) LRR; I don't think I've seen a "Victory" yet.
captainkip123: when does Eldraine come out on arena?
TXC2: captainkip123 Thursday
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I don't think we want 3rd black source
TheMerricat: At 10am - some time zone.
Abavus: Mmm.... crunchy
Geek4AllYT: That'
DarkAbyssKeeper: Clockwork Pie? Sounds ... gristly.
Geek4AllYT: That's going to be one crunchy pie.
TXC2: Clock pie, tastes great twice a day Kappa
Zappeljakob: pie is an instant
deoplo: its equip 5 though
DarkAbyssKeeper: Presumably it would also be greasy.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: Time for pie?
jameswanders: It's always time for clock pie
glowingnova: Delicious, delicious clock pie
TXC2: it's Pie O'clock
Abavus: DarkAbyssKeeper, a perfectly balanced pie you say?
Firnsarwen: I was just about to say how much I'm digging this Eldraine music!
Abavus: skewer on the fox?
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erased_citizen: Magic magic magic...
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Baldrash: Pie? Oh boy, what flavor?
winnersterling: What can you click on in the Eldraine battle map
jameswanders: @winnersterling cards, mostly
jtownraces: since the fox flies anyway, would it be better to move the equipment to the 2/3 so both can attack?
jtownraces: well, nevermind
Baldrash: Meme checks out. Thanks G.
Antiagone: I think snack sales will rise at Magic playing venues during this set.
Geek4AllYT: SO many big cats!
Antiagone: Too much food on the cards.
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spazzzmistic: have a cold and got off work early, what a great stream to watch while resting up :)
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KartoffelKaiser: I think you have to attack with the fox. How else are you winning?
jameswanders: @Antiagone mint singles will ultimately be worth more than average, do to so many cards having food stains
DarkAbyssKeeper: This is not a set to play late at night when you shouldn't be eating.
Cuddle_Bunz: yall need some green in your life
RevolverRossalot: Yup, I'm on team attack with fox and hope we chump indefinitely.
Geek4AllYT: BIG cats
jameswanders: Revenge of Ravens not shining here
gamercat88: how is it going?
TXC2: gamercat88 not great so far
DarkAbyssKeeper: Math is for blo- yeah, sure.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun don't know if you were going for it, but it's one or more, so if 40 hit you in the same attack, stil just one card.
Abavus: Did I ruin everything with my skewer-fox suggestion? lrrAWW
gamercat88: @TXC2 ah okies, well still 1st draft?
TXC2: this is our 2nd sealed
ReynardWrecca: Good evening all, I have a question - if you could invite one member of LRR to a party, AND they were going to bring a gift, who would you invite?
deoplo: it makes double bears
gamercat88: ahh okies
KartoffelKaiser: Syr Faren is a neat name for a bear.
Abavus: It bears bears?
jameswanders: @ReynardWrecca easy cam
TXC2: ReynardWrecca Adam probably
Huschel23: Does Funeral on the +X/+X dude mean that their target dies?
KartoffelKaiser: If they equip Syr Faren, I think we're Mega Dead
TXC2: Huschel23 no
gamercat88: so many ppl streaming doing my best to at least lurk in lrr and seabats and bengineering gotta watch all the magic
Korlashheirtoblackblade: bear supplex'd
jameswanders: oh yeah, this is fine
KartoffelKaiser: Not dead!
Zappeljakob: wat till equip
Huschel23: Okay, that's good to know for the prerelease
Huschel23: Thanks
KartoffelKaiser: You do, in fact, need to sac it
deoplo: !card Festive Funeral
LRRbot: Festive Funeral [4B] | Instant | Target creature gets −X/−X until end of turn, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah, you're dead
jameswanders: I suspect food tokens will mean a lot more games go to turns at the prelease
deoplo: Why did his pump not do anything?
Cuddle_Bunz: do some green stuff
historyman_admu: draft is up righ?
Zappeljakob: the knight had 0 power from the funeral, so it gets +0 +0
Korlashheirtoblackblade: drafto
Czerwona_Latarnia: Tactical chairs switch
deoplo: oh, thanks
RayFK: Ding
erased_citizen: How is Eldraine so far?
Ranakel: how hard can you try and force single color in draft anyway?
Dr_Tiefling: clock!!!
gibbousm: clock or blue knight
arcadion: Clock u.u
adambomb625: !card Midnight Clock
LRRbot: Midnight Clock [2U] | Artifact | {T}: Add {U}. / {2}{U}: Put an hour counter on Midnight Clock. / At the beginning of each upkeep, put an hour counter on Midnight Clock. / When the twelfth hour counter is put on Midnight Clock, shuffle your hand and graveyard into your library, then draw seven cards. Exile Midnight Clock.
morriswill: bing-bong
Walabe: bing bong bing bong
RayFK: Graham, it's past time for the clock
DarkAbyssKeeper: Tick Tock Mother ****
APrioriOfNothing: Clock it
Geek4AllYT: Pack's pretty busted for blue, though
rin_: its 12 bongs
TheMerricat: Have to bow out for work G and chat. Have fun all!
Firnsarwen: I mean, I like clocks ;)
Korlashheirtoblackblade: clock for memes, syr elenora for wins I think?
jameswanders: Graham clockblocking player to our left
TXC2: so long TheMerricat have fun
Octonomicon: tick tock, time for the clock
DarkAbyssKeeper: Pixie seems good.
Geek4AllYT: Blue/white is enchantment/artifact matters
jtownraces: pixie seems great
4AMDonuts: both seem fine
APrioriOfNothing: UG Ramp seems fun
chaostreader: Take mana dork?
Firnsarwen: Pixie seems good
ogminor: i kinda wanna say all that glitters but i have a bat habit of leaning towards the first card that i see
MPatt72: Hey man I have a quick question. Im at rank 380 right now and if I try to sit on that rank do you think I would decay out of the top 1000?
crispymids: is he drafting a player pod/
arcadion: !card Didn't say
LRRbot: Didn't Say Please [1UU] | Instant | Counter target spell. Its controller puts the top three cards of their library into their graveyard.
c3podja: Sleep
DarkAbyssKeeper: Go all in on fliers and time-pieces.
TXC2: MPatt72 probably, but maybe not
gibbousm: so amongst the LRR crew who is the best MTG player and why is it Ben?
APrioriOfNothing: Paladin I think
4AMDonuts: well?
historyman_admu: well?
jameswanders: @gibbousm isn't Beej undefeated?
historyman_admu: for card draw
ogminor: can you draft monocolor?
chaostreader: Well seems like it might wheel.
gibbousm: @jameswanders Beej is the best flunger
TXC2: if they Ben wheeler , then yeah
chaostreader: @ogminor Probably.
Firnsarwen: so many interesting blue/colourless cards here
c3podja: The well is good with fiery
4AMDonuts: mouse is enough of a reason
arcadion: That mouse token is great.
Antiagone: Token Adorability is an important metric when drafting.
Firnsarwen: the mouse token IS adorable
TXC2: why is the Carriage only 2 mice and not 3?
c3podja: Carriage is also good
SmashTCG: g money, wassup
elano123124: henge walker?
DarkAbyssKeeper: I really want to combo Righteousness and Fling...
ogminor: the bucket returns
Ranakel: Actually Graham, it's pronounced Trebuchet
gibbousm: the superior siege weapon
DarkAbyssKeeper: I need to make that happen at some point.
TXC2: Trey Bouquet you say?
chaostreader: Spider?
QuantumTwitch: how good is clover
Korlashheirtoblackblade: spider seems deece
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DarkAbyssKeeper: At Midnight the Faeries Run Away Together in the Enchanted Carriage
deoplo: WU
Hellishdream: White blue.
ogminor: uw
gibbousm: Blue-White
4AMDonuts: blue
QuantumTwitch: UW
mysticsage1: blue white black
arcadion: Some of the card names in this set are just absolutely fabulous.
historyman_admu: blue white
gibbousm: Blue Green I honestly don't remember what the theme was
c3podja: Blue white
ogminor: UwU look at all the artifacts/enchantments
4AMDonuts: seems fine
APrioriOfNothing: Not right now, but its draft
vegetalss4: I think so, but I have no idea how to tell
jameswanders: @DarkAbyssKeeper that reminds me of the Fling/Wall of Blood combo in original Mirrodin
jameswanders: !card wall of blood
LRRbot: Wall of Blood [2B] | Creature — Wall [0/2] | Defender / Pay 1 life: Wall of Blood gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
gamercat88: counter spells are great
APrioriOfNothing: I do not like Reaper
chaostreader: Counter!
c3podja: Reaper
ogminor: i feel like im gonna end up picking a lot of reaper of nights cause the art looks super dope
DarkAbyssKeeper: Yeah, that was janky and gross and kind of fun :P
4AMDonuts: UB it is
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grgriffin3: Big Water Snake!
APrioriOfNothing: Flash serpent is a go
arcanejms: bomb
TXC2: why?! why is it a 7/7?
gamercat88: whoa nessie
Bugberry: Both halves of an adventure being expensive both its two cards in one.
TXC2: why does non green get such big creatures these days? :p
chaostreader: 6 mana 7/7 with flash is already good.
ogminor: scry 2 lets you dig for the lochmere serpent faster
Mollezzzzz: what was first pick
chaostreader: Visions?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Surprise Snake Slaps
ogminor: clock
APrioriOfNothing: Legion for digging for snak
deoplo: UB is mill
TXC2: Mollezzzzz midnite clock
gibbousm: It still feels weird that Opponent on Threshold Matters is a thing in this set
4AMDonuts: Ooh, double Clock!
QuantumTwitch: Belle
Mollezzzzz: arh
c3podja: Unexplained for the fairy
jameswanders: @Bugberry have you seen how much bigger green's creatures have gotten? I think it still scales
APrioriOfNothing: Reave
SAiconjr: wait, who's drafting here, Graham or Kathleen? :)
DarkAbyssKeeper: Reave
arcadion: Reave
MarsIsDead: Reave
jameswanders: Reave is probably the right answer much of the time.
grgriffin3: Nothing wrong with removal
chaostreader: Welcome to UB control in Draft.
InkyGhoast: but that mill value /badideafairy
Bugberry: @jameswanders a Black 4/5 that most of the time will fly is still fine for a common.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Wait, there was a giant turtle and it wasn't your spoiler card?
Laurence72: Humans are dumb! (wait...)
SmashTCG: @loadingreadyrun hey its snowing right now up here in lake Louise
QuantumTwitch: Durdle turtlr ftw
chaostreader: Prophet?
Hellishdream: Look at that turtle. He's the best turtle. I want to cuddle him.
APrioriOfNothing: Puppet
gibbousm: Read the Scones
4AMDonuts: nice
APrioriOfNothing: Noice
arcadion: Very nice.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Eww Eye Collector
morriswill: nice rare for the pack
QuantumTwitch: woot woot
jameswanders: Why does Funeral look at your library while all the other cards look for "opponent threshold"
TXC2: 3 on colour Rares baby!
Firnsarwen: um. This seems good.
Firnsarwen: xD
APrioriOfNothing: Witch over Mystic?
arcadion: sanctuary, I think
rin_: i like the blue land
jamesdaltonbell: i'd go cottage over sanctuary
ogminor: youre not hurting for playables rn. everything else now is just gravy
Korlashheirtoblackblade: blue land I think, we're heavier in blue
APrioriOfNothing: 9
jameswanders: threw the draft for a loopp
arcadion: 16, 16 is too many reave souls.
morriswill: thorns?
APrioriOfNothing: Lash with flyers?
chaostreader: Rise from the grave?
c3podja: 23 reaver souls
jameswanders: !reave soul
jameswanders: !card reave soul
LRRbot: Reave Soul [1B] | Sorcery | Destroy target creature with power 3 or less.
Warmungandr: bots do not like skewers
gamercat88: sweet deck
Loonatic93: Serpent P1P1?
MarsIsDead: Puppet, TiNy, 1 Run Away
chaostreader: The four slot. Populated by one turtle.
TXC2: 3 on colour rares will do that
grgriffin3: Finding that Watersnake really gave this deck direction
Firnsarwen: The serpent seems absurd
Trollbonist: The Loch Ness Monster wants about three fifty
suplexingbear: What does the turtle do?
captainAhab00: !card lochmere serpent
LRRbot: Lochmere Serpent [4UB] | Creature — Serpent [7/7] | Flash / {U}, Sacrifice an Island: Lochmere Serpent can't be blocked this turn. / {B}, Sacrifice a Swamp: You gain 1 life and draw a card. / {U}{B}: Exile five target cards from an opponent's graveyard. Return Lochmere Serpent from your graveyard to your hand. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
captainAhab00: so much text :O
arcanejms: mistford good with shambling suit if you have a lot of artifacts
jameswanders: Also: makes a tasty turtle pie
erloas: turtle makes non-human unblockable
engineerbudy: and gadwick is human
mysticsage1: and puppet
Hellishdream: I just realized the art for that turtle has a rider on its shell. That thing is massive.
captainAhab00: oh that serpent is GOOD
arcadion: That serpent just seems insanely good in sealed/draft.
Loonatic93: Was Serpent Pack 1 Pick 1?
suplexingbear: Seems good to me
grgriffin3: Ship it!
yallz: dude that serpent is insane
APrioriOfNothing: Only after you start playing
TXC2: Loonatic93 pack2 pick 1
arcadion: pack 2 pick 1, Loon.
jameswanders: Can I complain that I have to work for another 2 hours?
c3podja: Wait is that enchainment the copy?
RothonWylar: why mirror made?
adambomb625: Loch & Clock?
yallz: best limited card in a while
Loonatic93: Still very nice!
voslan: That's no Turtle. That's Gamera and Timmy!
TXC2: the Loch and Clock connection
Omnicronsniper: reread mirrormade
rin_: its only enchantments and artifacts
Warmungandr: @jameswanders you can complain, and I will join you in that
LordShadner: I suggest not drawing only lands. Kappa
suplexingbear: Is the turtle a kaiju?
DiscordianTokkan: !card mirrormade
LRRbot: Mirrormade [1UU] | Enchantment | You may have Mirrormade enter the battlefield as a copy of any artifact or enchantment on the battlefield.
jameswanders: Rules question: once crewed, can Enchanted Carriage by targeted by Brainspoil?
4AMDonuts: But you can make a 2nd Midnight clock!
captainAhab00: that board looks nice Kreygasm
engineerbudy: or you take an opp's stuff
APrioriOfNothing: Something to Reave
TXC2: !card Brainspoil
LRRbot: Brainspoil [3BB] | Sorcery | Destroy target creature that isn't enchanted. It can't be regenerated. / Transmute {1}{B}{B}
Laurence72: can copy opponents stuff though? Might be good targets
TXC2: you sure can jameswanders
chaostreader: Switch it for a counterspell?
jameswanders: (@txc2 sorry, bad joke)
TXC2: jameswanders oh :p
Omnicronsniper: 3x reave seems good also
rin_: when youre in desperate need for a second time twister effect that requires multiple turns of set up, you'll regret cutting it
ChiefEngineerMichael: !card Lash of Thorns
LRRbot: Lash of Thorns [B] | Instant | Target creature gets +2/+1 and gains deathtouch until end of turn.
TXC2: the clock does exile it's self, so a copy is a not that mad of an idea
jameswanders: "Queen of Ice" is a poor name for a common, imo
APrioriOfNothing: Agreed^
vegetalss4: She feels more important than that.
Warmungandr: yeah, opportunity missed
vegetalss4: Or rather like she should be.
captainAhab00: they'll never see it coming Kappa
arcanejms: WORMSIGN
arcanejms: mmmm shaihulud
deoplo: opponent right now: um wtf is that
APrioriOfNothing: Nessy confirmed
suplexingbear: What a nice surprise
jameswanders: hmm... adventures do make it harder to avoid telegraphing instants/counters
grgriffin3: Oof
DiscordianTokkan: !card lochmere Serpent
LRRbot: Lochmere Serpent [4UB] | Creature — Serpent [7/7] | Flash / {U}, Sacrifice an Island: Lochmere Serpent can't be blocked this turn. / {B}, Sacrifice a Swamp: You gain 1 life and draw a card. / {U}{B}: Exile five target cards from an opponent's graveyard. Return Lochmere Serpent from your graveyard to your hand. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
arcadion: !card order of midnight
LRRbot: Order of Midnight // Alter Fate | Order of Midnight [1B] | Creature — Human Knight [2/2] | Flying / Order of Midnight can't block. // Alter Fate [1B] | Sorcery — Adventure | Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
chaostreader: Order for Tome Raider?
jameswanders: Tom E. Raider
grgriffin3: I mean, you have a way to get Serpent back, might as well get some value
Korlashheirtoblackblade: order for serpent, cast queen?
TXC2: Tomas Edwards Raider
Antiagone: !card moonlit scavengers
LRRbot: Moonlit Scavengers [5U] | Creature — Merfolk Rogue [4/5] | When Moonlit Scavengers enters the battlefield, if you control an artifact or enchantment, return target creature an opponent controls to its owner's hand.
TXC2: "the same paladin"
jameswanders: Graham: "Hey, wait a minute--" Twitch: *Buffering*
suplexingbear: !card barrow witches
LRRbot: Barrow Witches [4B] | Creature — Human Warlock [3/4] | When Barrow Witches enters the battlefield, return target Knight card from your graveyard to your hand.
arcanejms: this seems like such a fun format
deoplo: !card queen of ice
LRRbot: Queen of Ice // Rage of Winter | Queen of Ice [2U] | Creature — Human Noble Wizard [2/3] | Whenever Queen of Ice deals combat damage to a creature, tap that creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step. // Rage of Winter [1U] | Sorcery — Adventure | Tap target creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
Antiagone: !Festive Funeral
engineerbudy: barrow witches?
Antiagone: !card Festive Funeral
LRRbot: Festive Funeral [4B] | Instant | Target creature gets −X/−X until end of turn, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard.
jameswanders: Does Barrow Witches make anyone else think of Downton Abbey? No? Just me then.
historyman_admu: gesundheit!
BillTheCat: ples I need to life
APrioriOfNothing: Goat there
suplexingbear: Unintentional good play lol
arcanejms: i think you made him mad
DiscordianTokkan: Can Lockmere now?
Omnicronsniper: can get serpent
SAiconjr: only as a sorcery
QuantumTwitch: obly as sorc
Antiagone: "Only as a sorcery"
engineerbudy: sorcery
APrioriOfNothing: Sorcery
grgriffin3: Reading the card explains the card!
Abavus: Something something reading the card something something
Ranakel: Reading the card explains the card Graham
TXC2: Reading is tech
Antiagone: !card Rampart Smasher
LRRbot: Rampart Smasher [{R/G}{R/G}{R/G}{R/G}] | Creature — Giant [5/5] | Rampart Smasher can't be blocked by Knights or Walls.
jameswanders: Actually, you can't cast sorceries juring other player's turns.
captainAhab00: turtle up
SAiconjr: so only mostly busted, not quite as insaely busted as first thought
Loonatic93: Explaining the card reads the card!
Piratical_tendancies: !advice
LRRbot: Gently caress the door.
Syntheticuh: are cards with adventure considered instants or sorceries for things that care about returning those to your hand?
captainAhab00: hungry snek
jameswanders: Is betrayal legacy back this week or next?
Firnsarwen: But, but, LRRbot, I don't WANT to gently caress the door....
engineerbudy: this week @jameswanders
boyesie: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have a garage sale of everything alive.
chaostreader: @jameswanders This week.
warder120: @Syntheticuh they are creatures anywhere that isnt the stack
TXC2: Syntheticuh the card is a creature in all zones but the stack
jameswanders: Gently caress hodor?
Huschel23: What gives trample in this set?
TXC2: Huschel23 not a lot
Warmungandr: gg
APrioriOfNothing: GG
Abavus: SeemsGood
arcadion: ggwp
arcanejms: gg
suplexingbear: eyyyyy
Ranakel: That Wolverine has a huge Badger energy
HolyFroq: draft or sealed?
Firnsarwen: whee
SAiconjr: you know he has the equipment
chaostreader: Draft
APrioriOfNothing: Draft
TXC2: HolyFroq draft
HolyFroq: thx
jameswanders: I feel like they should make a Deathtouch Trample creature with reminder text explaining the interaction
engineerbudy: he has the rose equipment thing
RayFK: But every Rose has its thorns
ReynardWrecca: Just like every night has its dawn.
SAiconjr: just like every night has its day
Loonatic93: Playing with the Queen of Ice. Knowing it ain't really nice. Graham's not the only fooooool, whose going to be playing Black Blue.
HolyFroq: wonder how many times people will drift into Mono colour decks in draft :D
kirbytronic: Looking forward to being thrown from my game store drafting mono-should've said please
Walabe: every cowboy sings a sad sad song
TXC2: Huschel23 there a 4 cards that give trample, all in red
Loonatic93: This set does feel very mono-colored focused.
suplexingbear: @HolyFroq probably quite a bit because of adamant
Loonatic93: Which is a big change given the last block.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: aggressive!
Omnicronsniper: fae has flash
SAiconjr: wait, does it also have flash?
TXC2: make them have it
Omnicronsniper: i would block
voslan: make them waste the turn
jameswanders: I'm not yet convinced mono-color decks will be viable; formats typically need more colorless spells to get to that.
TXC2: ah, did not see that
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah, waste their t3
arcanejms: not holding back anymore
Korlashheirtoblackblade: there are lot of artifacts that are vaguely playable
SAiconjr: next time be more specific :)
arkm21ebr: There are quite a few decent artifacts popping up now though
Korlashheirtoblackblade: (and some that are good in mono-colour specifically)
jameswanders: These are not the lands you're looking for
APrioriOfNothing: Legion
APrioriOfNothing: Oh, double
Omnicronsniper: are we chumping?
kirbytronic: Get James out of the jar Adam has him in to try and monkey's paw yourself some mana
jameswanders: You can also cycle it
themadchicken: So what in this set will be the first archetype that the draft bots will stack people with?
APrioriOfNothing: It's behind you
jameswanders: !forever young
deoplo: you canchump with quuen then return it to use it's adventure
APrioriOfNothing: ^
bowsin_durrows: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Resident Evil 7) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (4:14 from now).
BouncerWatts: Go Incredibad
konrito: <message deleted>@Kamill is ass
BouncerWatts: i know him
deoplo: well fuck
APrioriOfNothing: Rough
zuchen_120: @loadingreadyrun hey graham, what’s fnpf this week? I would guess draft but not sure since it wouldn’t be released technically.
vegetalss4: Oh, that's a cool line @deoplo
engineerbudy: hm
captainAhab00: but we really want a land BibleThump
themadchicken: "My valuuuue...."
Wikt: what we playin, sealed?
suplexingbear: oofda
Loonatic93: Your opponent is a jerk!
APrioriOfNothing: F
deoplo: aaaand everything is gone
Korlashheirtoblackblade: well guess we found a target for that forever young
BouncerWatts: gooo Incredibad xD
TehAmelie: judge! oppo is a butt
arcanejms: forever young bringing back elsa and whatever else, freeze the ogre
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jameswanders: is it Eldraine Commander?
vegetalss4: card wizened
micahman212: katesHi
vegetalss4: !card wizened
LRRbot: Did you mean: Gadwick, the Wizened; Wizened Cenn; Wizened Snitches
vegetalss4: !card gadwick, the wizened
LRRbot: Gadwick, the Wizened [XUUU] | Legendary Creature — Human Wizard [3/3] | When Gadwick, the Wizened enters the battlefield, draw X cards. / Whenever you cast a blue spell, tap target nonland permanent an opponent controls.
JustAMonkeyUK: Carriage makes chumps, turns on bounce of scavengers?
Silvertunga: Heya cuties <3
TehAmelie: wizened snitches get slizened stitches
Warmungandr: heading out, have a good day all
APrioriOfNothing: Carriage for blocks?
captainAhab00: !card Cauldron's Gift
LRRbot: Cauldron's Gift [4B] | Sorcery | Adamant — If at least three black mana was spent to cast this spell, put the top four cards of your library into your graveyard. / You may choose a creature card in your graveyard. If you do, return it to the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it.
warder120: forever young the faerie and cast on their turn
Silvertunga: Oh, there's only one cutie on stream today. Heya cutie <3
TXC2: petition that we NOT call Queen of Ice Elsa
TXC2: hello Silvertunga welcome
Silvertunga: @TXC2 Whatcha got against my girl, Elsa? :O Also, thanks :) <3
MechaKuuga: nooo not the cute mice
jameswanders: Hmm... some FNM you should each pick a different 5C commander and each shuffle up Beejlander pack for your deck.
JustAMonkeyUK: Tight plays :D
TXC2: Silvertunga it's a low hanging fruit of a joke :P
TehAmelie: there's so many magical ice girls to choose from
micahman212: woooah Living on a prayer
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: 3 is not 0
themadchicken: do we have food generation in here?
themadchicken: i missed the draft portion
QuantumTwitch: cadwick is pulling a pumpkin
chaostreader: No? I don’t think so.
QuantumTwitch: reave ogre
JustAMonkeyUK: Just don't forget the menage grant on the ogre
arcanejms: forever young all of them, and use alter fate later
JustAMonkeyUK: menace*
TehAmelie: i had been thinking how great adventure cards would be to bounce
rin_: gadwick will get tapping done as well
suplexingbear: @LoadingReadyRun Gotta head off to work, thanks for the giffs and the gaffs. Good luck with the drafts today!
chaostreader: Reave and Cauldron?
JustAMonkeyUK: Gadwick only taps on blue spells
captainAhab00: reave + forever young queen?
rin_: oh im wrong nevermind
TXC2: so long suplexingbear have fun
arcanejms: value avalanche
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kirbytronic: Pancakee
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queenfounder: Any idea how much longer you’re planning on streaming?
JustAMonkeyUK: Welcome to the circus of value!
jameswanders: Order of Midnight is clearly better than Gravedigger, correct?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: piggies!
HolyFroq: 6 mana 3/3 stats. why
captainAhab00: woohooo, clock arrived
captainAhab00: what does it do?
jameswanders: clock time
arcanejms: if you get enough counters on it you draw a whole new hand
Walabe: bing bong bing bong
Huschel23: Without Adamant, Foreboding Fruit seems risky
jameswanders: And shuffle in your graveyard
Firnsarwen: That clock sound IS pretty great
TXC2: the Card should do the full big Ben chime
captainAhab00: i like drawing seven :)
HolyFroq: that looks like a nice sealed card :D
Snowwraith: Oh damn, *each* upkeep.
Snowwraith: You gain a net 1 life!
HolyFroq: can you get food?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: think fruit kills us
Snowwraith: If you had swamps.
Snowwraith: But you don't.
deoplo: it triggers vandal, and if you get another swamop you get a food
The_Ninjurai: To mind game your opponent, that's why
TXC2: only Hugh can prevent florist firers
Huschel23: Maybe the Fruit can finish off the opponent
jameswanders: you get 3 back if you draw a swamp
QuantumTwitch: he cant adamant
Arimus221: Kept it for the Shock Opp play Kappa
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: what goes the Gift do?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you have 6 blockers they have seven attackers
Ramrod122: keep Order back to crew, yep
rin_: might as wellw ith the 2/2
JustAMonkeyUK: Order can crew the pumpkin
Korlashheirtoblackblade: can't cast it
Mivair: !card Witch's Cottage
LRRbot: Witch's Cottage | Land — Swamp | Witch's Cottage enters the battlefield tapped unless you control three or more other Swamps. / When Witch's Cottage enters the battlefield untapped, you may put target creature card from your graveyard on top of your library.
NarishmaReborn: order of midnight should
jameswanders: you can't eat the pumpkin carriage, right?
Zael250: Order can't block
themadchicken: just pump up that clock
NarishmaReborn: oh wait, crew, never mind
Snowwraith: Order can crew.
Genesation: Order can't block
arcanejms: attack with order at least
rin_: oh good point
arcanejms: fair
Genesation: Ah-ha!
Zael250: Oh, didn't see the vehicle!
captainAhab00: all defence
JustAMonkeyUK: Opponent might not notice the crewing line, though... it's a trap!
jameswanders: at least Time is on your side
TehAmelie: yesterday Nintendo turned 130 years old, i just learned
captainkip123: mana into clock?
Huschel23: I think you need to attack. Might not get much better than it is
Huschel23: Oh, we have clock, I guess
JustAMonkeyUK: I think it gets better when he draws 7
Mivair: I'm sure it's fiiiiiiiiiiiine
JustAMonkeyUK: ;p
TXC2: time for double blocking?
Huschel23: Yeah
arcadion: !card garenbrig paladin
LRRbot: Garenbrig Paladin [4G] | Creature — Giant Knight [4/4] | Adamant — If at least three green mana was spent to cast this spell, Garenbrig Paladin enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. / Garenbrig Paladin can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less.
jameswanders: @TehAmelie what did nintendo make before they made... well... nintendos?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: double blocks?
APrioriOfNothing: Ice Queen tho
TehAmelie: games of other kinds
TehAmelie: playing cards originally
Snowwraith: Maths is apparently for attackers too.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I think we want to get queen or scavengers killed here
themadchicken: OP, attackers arent supposed to do math, stop counting
Wikt: i like that you can see them highlighting stuff on the board. feels very much like your opponent playing piano in paper
Huschel23: I've checked and there's an Instant for R that gives +2/+2 and trample.
Silvertunga: Graham, why you no kill all every attacking creature?
TXC2: it's a Rhythm of the mild
Huschel23: Trample for each non-human attacker, actually. Barge In
MechaKuuga: Fruit fruit toot toot
Snowwraith: Get you out of the scorch range.
Snowwraith: Whilst they have no cards in hand.
Ramrod122: Attack with it all and kill them with fruit :P
arcanejms: no cards in hand so not much risk
bebopsaxman: maybe you hit an out
JustAMonkeyUK: How does Arena autotap when it's an adamant spell?
Silvertunga: Hello second cutie <3
SAiconjr: James tell him he needs some food in his life
DarkAbyssKeeper: Not next turn. Prophet's locked down for a turn at least.
TXC2: they are blueberries, put them on the train
historyman_admu: !card Cauldron's gift
LRRbot: Cauldron's Gift [4B] | Sorcery | Adamant — If at least three black mana was spent to cast this spell, put the top four cards of your library into your graveyard. / You may choose a creature card in your graveyard. If you do, return it to the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it.
deoplo: you have no time left
JustAMonkeyUK: Ooooh... nice touch
jameswanders: I wish they'd made a equipment that got better if you used 3 of the same color of mana called adamantium blade
APrioriOfNothing: Counter may just save our life
Huschel23: Nice
JustAMonkeyUK: This has been such a great, tight game
Huschel23: Why not crack the food when they have no cards
chaostreader: What’s clock at?
DarkAbyssKeeper: With all these little dudes you could do with Revenge.
engineerbudy: clock is at 7
arcanejms: looks like 7?
themadchicken: this set is very complex
TehAmelie: i wasn't keeping track, did James take the curse with him when he went away?
themadchicken: there are so many moving parts
JustAMonkeyUK: 5 counters to midnight
TXC2: 7 bells time for supper
boopboopbiboop: Magic! Sweet. GRAHAM!!! JAMES!!! The old crew is back.
00busyhands: James is so focused 🤔
jameswanders: I would have totally programmed the clock such that the counter moved around the art.
historyman_admu: counter
APrioriOfNothing: Counteranway
iSmartMan1: The clock doesn't seem very good in limited, is there a reason you're running it?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: think you wanna counter that
deoplo: how many times do I have to teach you this lesson, old man?
JustAMonkeyUK: I think it's busted in sealed
captainAhab00: punished for not saying please
JustAMonkeyUK: Probably pretty strong in the right draft deck
Korlashheirtoblackblade: clock seems good in sealed
Silvertunga: @iSmartMan1 Why not? It's a manarock that eventually draws seven for free.
jameswanders: They should add a "please" emote, so ppl at least have the option on arena.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: might be too slow for draft
Slurpee_E: But if they DO say please are you not allowed to counter? coxBut
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: stops them from drawing an answer
Korlashheirtoblackblade: but who knows
historyman_admu: you can also cauldron's gift
Veverica12: You are thinking of Unstable @Slurpee_E
JustAMonkeyUK: Just cast the counter anyway and be like "Oh sorry... I misheard"
historyman_admu: to get the queen of ice
gamercat88: clock action
chaostreader: Cauldron will add cards to your graveyard.
chaostreader: !card Cauldron’s gift
LRRbot: Cauldron's Gift [4B] | Sorcery | Adamant — If at least three black mana was spent to cast this spell, put the top four cards of your library into your graveyard. / You may choose a creature card in your graveyard. If you do, return it to the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it.
APrioriOfNothing: Carrage?
Huschel23: @JustAMonkeyUK: 'I'm pretty sure you said geese'
jameswanders: it's the new clear the mind/devious cover-up
Snowwraith: Recycling your deck in Limited is amazing if your deck can stall that long.
LordShadner: pumpkin block?
historyman_admu: carriage
00busyhands: Attack with order of midnight? It can’t block right?
Ramrod122: Carriage/Moonlit double block
Ramrod122: avoid the trick
arcadion: carriage
SwordintheSpud: block w carraige?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: crew and double block in case of trick
Snowwraith: The Order can crew the carriage.
deoplo: you can reanimate scavengers
Silvertunga: @00busyhands It can by crewing :)
00busyhands: Ah thanks @snowwraith
JustAMonkeyUK: Love that the clock's going to undo the mill...
Laurence72: attack with birb knight now
historyman_admu: queen of ice will be 3/4
iSmartMan1: Oh right, it's a mana rock too so it can do things before turn 8
Korlashheirtoblackblade: gift for queen?
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh yeah... the clock tapping for blue is great
JustAMonkeyUK: DONG
Silvertunga: Yes, you should have :)
Laurence72: Getting there!
themadchicken: HOOOOOLD
jameswanders: seems like we may have turned a corner
arcanejms: what a great game
The_Ninjurai: I'm sad the clock tower doesn't make a sound when getting all of the counters on it
TXC2: the irony Kappa
Huschel23: It's a new day. No more funerals
Korlashheirtoblackblade: and that's what we call synergy folks
APrioriOfNothing: Wow, made it
themadchicken: saved by the bell
historyman_admu: GG
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: nicely done!
arcanejms: well played
Snowwraith: It's also just Draw Seven in a stall situation.
Snowwraith: A new hand is great.
iiimoonlightiiii: what up NERDS
HolyFroq: 380k Gems LUL
SAiconjr: a draft deck kathleen could be proud of
Mivair: !card Festive Funeral
LRRbot: Festive Funeral [4B] | Instant | Target creature gets −X/−X until end of turn, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard.
APrioriOfNothing: It was a long first game
iiimoonlightiiii: mclandOPlz
Firnsarwen: Hey hey James, welcome back!
Huschel23: Oh, that sounded James said it
iSmartMan1: @Snowwraith That depends on how much mana you're willing to put into it and if you need the new hand sooner than 6-12 turns after you draw it
JustAMonkeyUK: Does sweet things and wins long games
Huschel23: like*
iiimoonlightiiii: hallo james
erased_citizen: James is king of the nerds
ContingentCat: shocking
DarkAbyssKeeper: James "Rainman of Magic" Turner
Kadenus: presumably it has spells
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: 589 users viewing the stream. 725 users in the chat.
Arimus221: Wait, is this not the solitaire deck?
SAiconjr: it does things and stuff, especially during the opponents turn
tetelande: Dimir control seems fun in Eldraine
JustAMonkeyUK: I want to play some UB in Eldraine limited. Just want to lead on turn 2, 5/4 flier in all my games
QuantumTwitch: stronk handz
chaostreader: This seems fine.
JustAMonkeyUK: Yup... game locked up
Huschel23: !advice
LRRbot: Go in from behind!
SAiconjr: its you james, you will always draw lands
ujai321: just draw land... you are good at that, right?
captainAhab00: clock is ticking :)
iiimoonlightiiii: some genuinely good edh cards coming outta throne. very excited
iSmartMan1: Oh! I completely forgot that it gets a counter at the start of EACH upkeep, and not just your upkeep
themadchicken: the fact that the clock ramps you too is so good
ujai321: that seems like a mono green deck... i was wondering if that was viable in limited
JustAMonkeyUK: In multiplayer it seems absurd, right? All those upkeeps?
rin_: i cant wait to play it in a multiplayer game
TXC2: JustAMonkeyUK it's only on your upkeep
themadchicken: read it again @TXC2
APrioriOfNothing: Wow
captainAhab00: snek PogChamp
ujai321: seems good
historyman_admu: noice
engineerbudy: oh lord
engineerbudy: yes
APrioriOfNothing: Yes
BillTheCat: seems deece
Firnsarwen: niiiiiiiice
TXC2: !card midnight clock
LRRbot: Midnight Clock [2U] | Artifact | {T}: Add {U}. / {2}{U}: Put an hour counter on Midnight Clock. / At the beginning of each upkeep, put an hour counter on Midnight Clock. / When the twelfth hour counter is put on Midnight Clock, shuffle your hand and graveyard into your library, then draw seven cards. Exile Midnight Clock.
iiimoonlightiiii: oh man
ujai321: lets see mono green deal with that
Huschel23: I would enjoy that
TehAmelie: that's a big fishy
BillTheCat: how does mono-green beat that?
Laurence72: From whom the bell tolls!
TXC2: themadchicken well that's just absurd :P
historyman_admu: deathtouch
TehAmelie: well they're on a clock now
iSmartMan1: I smell a trick
APrioriOfNothing: This is how you make monogreen cry. Be better at ramping in UB
historyman_admu: but we can race faster i think
iiimoonlightiiii: eat it
JustAMonkeyUK: But... it's also drawing cards
iSmartMan1: oh right
queenfounder: Deathtouch :(
APrioriOfNothing: We win this race
engineerbudy: its also card advantage
NarishmaReborn: eat it and leave up deathtouch yourself next turn?
Rahserat: Ahoy! Are the decks for this event preconstructed?
johnathon91: take it to the face
Silvertunga: It's getting late over here in Europe. Going to have to wish you a good night y'all. Have fun with the magical fairytales, take your meds, love yourselves and each other, k? Have some hearts to get you started <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Huschel23: If they don't block next turn (for some reason), they die to the Fruit
ravenlord_xix: Hi james, just got back from lunch and tuned in. i assume sealed?
APrioriOfNothing: Ours is unblockable
Huschel23: and our trick
Firnsarwen: @Silvertunga G'night!
queenfounder: Tapping their reach creature is bold
TXC2: so long Silvertunga sleep well
Amentur: Sleep well Silvertunga lrrHEART
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: draw 2, leave up Lash?
chaostreader: How many cards in their graveyard? We can get ours back.
NarishmaReborn: x=2?
ujai321: so we can target them with fruit
iiimoonlightiiii: I think fruit is the line?
Arimus221: Can we win with skewer lash?
QuantumTwitch: Fad for 6 and then sac iland
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh yeah... you have lethal, right?
historyman_admu: wait we die on the crack back
Huschel23: Yeah, that seems like a win?
Arimus221: Have 6 mana
JustAMonkeyUK: Make unblcockable
NarishmaReborn: gadwick for cards
JustAMonkeyUK: Lash something
historyman_admu: no
NarishmaReborn: x=2
Huschel23: Unblockable and +2/+1. And Fruit deals 2 more damage
ujai321: what does lash do?
JustAMonkeyUK: Then foreboding?
historyman_admu: skewer lash is lethal
historyman_admu: oh no sorry
historyman_admu: we cant lash
BillTheCat: yeah gadwick, x=2 leave up deathtouch
GrumpyOldFarts: gadwick, keep up deathtouch?
Ant__R: 7 mana lethal
queenfounder: But don’t attack?
JustAMonkeyUK: Skewer + fruit was lethal
The_Iniquitous: you have lethal with lash and the fruit
JustAMonkeyUK: Sorry... lash not skewer
Scarbble: it'll be ok, chat, i promise
Mivair: will it tho
flyingdelorion: fruit the opponent?
TXC2: IDon'tBelieveYou.gif
BillTheCat: g.g.
TehAmelie: surprise gg
ujai321: we could have won the turn before, right? lash + fruit oppo + unblockable
JustAMonkeyUK: Yes, ujai
Firnsarwen: Oh, James, Mirrormade isn't supposed to be in, Graham goofed, so you might want to swap it out for counterspell?
QuantumTwitch: take out mirror it only hits clock and carriage
ujai321: fruit is target player
JustAMonkeyUK: Fruit opponent... targetted draw
Huschel23: Right, Mirrormade is not optimal
Firnsarwen: G thought Mirrormade was creature, it's artifact/enchantment
Rahserat: Is this draft or sealed?
SamanthaVess: Sign in Food
historyman_admu: yeah remove mirrormade
TXC2: Draft
queenfounder: Draft
APrioriOfNothing: When making OP draw cards is correct
ujai321: welp, we drawing some cards
JustAMonkeyUK: Ah yes... the monoblue deck
JustAMonkeyUK: I remember this being drafted
Firnsarwen: welp, that's some islands.
ujai321: on turn 5
ujai321: no
Mivair: YOU'RE a draft
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: mull
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Huschel23: Perfect mana
SAiconjr: no
Loonatic93: I can't wait to Fruit my opponent's Risen Reef decks in Standard!
APrioriOfNothing: Nope.
chaostreader: Hand seems fine.
Feminine_Desires: format is too fast.
johnathon91: no
TXC2: No
Ant__R: yes
Mivair: Snap Keep
QuantumTwitch: ship
APrioriOfNothing: Not against this deck
reaperlord3491: yes
lilyoswald: mull
NathanJay_GA: lrrFRUMP
SAiconjr: !badadvice
LRRbot: Disrespect THE HELM.
erased_citizen: Snap keep
arcadion: I wouldn't
Firnsarwen: aren't we pretty heavily blue though?
Mivair: Definitely always keep forever
Huschel23: I would keep it but I can see that I probably shouldn't
iiimoonlightiiii: I would mull
GrumpyOldFarts: that was a keep
SydPreviouslyHeadache: arena has taughtr me never keep a hand without both colors among lands
SAiconjr: next he plays a 3/3 on 3
JustAMonkeyUK: One time swamp!
groovemancery: hmm does Mystic Sanctuary include itself to check if it comes in untapped?
Mivair: always keep the bad hand
chaostreader: Why? You have the islands to have that enter untapped?
Mivair: no, it's not an island
BillTheCat: are we just dead here?
JustAMonkeyUK: One time... I should have been more specific...
SAiconjr: we are the dead
chaostreader: !card Mystic Sanctuary
LRRbot: Mystic Sanctuary | Land — Island | Mystic Sanctuary enters the battlefield tapped unless you control three or more other Islands. / When Mystic Sanctuary enters the battlefield untapped, you may put target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard on top of your library.
captainkip123: rip
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: welp
groovemancery: it is an island. but I missed the part where it says "other Islands"
Mivair: oh hey it's an island
historyman_admu: super dead
johnathon91: that's a lose
QuantumTwitch: super dead
Mivair: I stand corrected and we are SUPER dead
iiimoonlightiiii: you have a chance
Mivair: yes
APrioriOfNothing: That monogreen aggro
LordShadner: the 7 wouldn't have been any better here
Huschel23: You can Cauldro...
historyman_admu: yup
Firnsarwen: So James, might wnat to take a look at mirrormade
SAiconjr: cut that
Firnsarwen: Yes, that
Ant__R: thats super useless
JustAMonkeyUK: Yeah... graham added it incorrectly
BillTheCat: it seems pretty bad
JustAMonkeyUK: But that aggro :/
APrioriOfNothing: More reave
ujai321: reave seems great
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: and here I was thinking that everyone would just try and draft Knight in this set.
Huschel23: Oh, Cauldron didn't have Adamant, so that would not have done anything...
SAiconjr: you probably could use reave here
BillTheCat: reave seems good vs them
Onean: the counter?
Firnsarwen: G had Didn't say Please in for it
historyman_admu: counter spell?
BillTheCat: or bounce
rin_: didnt say please is pretty nice
LordShadner: G chose to put in Please
JustAMonkeyUK: Honestly... I'm looking at the So Tiny as well
Ant__R: agreed
BillTheCat: run away seems fine vs their auras
QuantumTwitch: yes reave is good against this op but plrase is ok
Firnsarwen: but another reave seems nice here
APrioriOfNothing: Reave better
SAiconjr: reave is more efficient
rin_: yea thats reasonable
iiimoonlightiiii: reave is op in Draft
Laurence72: i agree with that
Huschel23: You're right, Reave seems better here
Firnsarwen: I think Reave is the right choice here
I_am_Lothak: @LoadingReadyRun Forecast geeking out cause he is playing you. He is a FAN :)
Antimuffin: Subway100 bonus10 Sandwich bits! Am I doing this right?
JustAMonkeyUK: Means we can't live the double clock dream though
BillTheCat: lrrFINE
Mivair: lrrFINE
SAiconjr: probably should have been tap land first :)
Huschel23: @I_am_Lothak: You know what they say. Never beat your idols
TXC2: !subtember
LRRbot: SUBtember is back! If you haven't subbed to the channel yet or have been given a gift sub recently, paid subs are 50% off! Plus, whenever you give bits this month using the Subway cheermote, a 10% bonus will be added for free!
iiimoonlightiiii: actually pretty good
I_am_Lothak: @Huschel23 lol
BillTheCat: more like scrubway
Scarbble: got em
TXC2: !findquote subway
LRRbot: Quote #811: "Sometimes subways go in the sky." —Graham [2015-10-08]
JustAMonkeyUK: Reaves for days
historyman_admu: Subway100 bonus10
QuantumTwitch: swamp for fruit
jacoblowe94: the music reminds me of sg 1
iiimoonlightiiii: lost legion actually isn't bad
Mivair: that seems not good
JustAMonkeyUK: Bounce spell nice!
APrioriOfNothing: Runaway seems dece here
Laurence72: Subway100 bonus10 Here's hoping this gives you a food token
Antimuffin: So did I miss Graham being here?
Feminine_Desires: np
TXC2: Antimuffin he might come back
BillTheCat: I think you take 5
Feminine_Desires: no*
JustAMonkeyUK: Take 5, block fierce next turn, then double bounce
APrioriOfNothing: Yes
QuantumTwitch: take 5
DarkAbyssKeeper: Take 5, Have a Break, Run the Clock Out :P
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schlormph: Seven is a lucky number. Hope that helps, James.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, schlormph! (Today's storm count: 80)
BillTheCat: the fierce has trample
BillTheCat: blocking and bouncing = ded
DarkAbyssKeeper: Wait, no.
QuantumTwitch: nrxt turn block and bounce
101gk: fierce has trample, so bouncing the crature blocking you will die
JustAMonkeyUK: Skewer in play will be nice for scavengers if you draw land
chaostreader: Runaway replay lost legion for scry.
APrioriOfNothing: It's instant bounce. You can nix damage
Firnsarwen: I think you block the tracker, then bounce your creature and the fierce
JustAMonkeyUK: Yeah but... how does he play around it?
JustAMonkeyUK: Don't bounce fierce
JustAMonkeyUK: It's a natural 4/4
GrumpyOldFarts: gadwick for one, hope for an island?
Firnsarwen: @JustAMonkeyUK but it has trample
QuantumTwitch: dead
Mivair: gg
SAiconjr: ggs
TXC2: well poop :P
JustAMonkeyUK: Does it? Dang... I was looking for the smoky trample effect
APrioriOfNothing: GGs
Firnsarwen: darn
Kadenus: this format does seem very fast
I_am_Lothak: @LoadingReadyRun Forecast is totaly geeking out :)
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JustAMonkeyUK: Oh hey... it's the same deck :P
ujai321: just make the same deck again, but in sealed
I_am_Lothak: @LoadingReadyRun his mono Green draft went 5-0
Antimuffin: Welcome @Elseleth lrrHEART
BillTheCat: that pyromancer seems real good
QuantumTwitch: black blue caontrol
TeamForecast: GG!!!! I'm a huge fan and love all of your work. Thank you for the opportunity! mono green gingerbread!
queenfounder: @elseleth yay new people lrrHEART
TeamForecast: @LoadingReadyRun <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Aethertag: back to back nessies
APrioriOfNothing: UB Snek
TXC2: oh Syr konrad
JustAMonkeyUK: From a quick look... I'm guessing this is UB?
Arimus221: Getting the 3.50 again LUL
QuantumTwitch: bu control seem doable
thatguycookie subscribed at Tier 1.
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Feminine_Desires: UB it is again it seems.
TXC2: Mono green is what I'll be doing in standard :p
engineerbudy: ooo konrad
jkoon78076: hey just wanted to say James, you and the rest of the let crew are awesome
iiimoonlightiiii: belle of the dead mclandGasm
TXC2: 2 belles, 2 smiitens, sy knorad
JustAMonkeyUK: Memory Theft good in sealed?
QuantumTwitch: mono black knights
JustAMonkeyUK: Or too fast even in sealed?
Feminine_Desires: UB!
Arimus221: Didn't grab the paliden
dquanthwiseman: it seems you could go Mardu knights
thatguycookie: gotta show some love to the people who got me into magic. keep up the great work lrrHEART
Jayrod1220: Covetous Urge can be mono b
chaostreader: ^
JustAMonkeyUK: There is a hybrid UB spell
historyman_admu: like is bog naughty good if you can't make food?
JustAMonkeyUK: Lean into that monoblack a bit ;p
Arimus221: Blue is strong too
TXC2: thatguycookie lrrHEART
Feminine_Desires: !card Reaper of Night
LRRbot: Reaper of Night // Harvest Fear | Reaper of Night [5BB] | Creature — Specter [4/5] | Whenever Reaper of Night attacks, if defending player has two or fewer cards in hand, it gains flying until end of turn. // Harvest Fear [3B] | Sorcery — Adventure | Target opponent discards two cards.
iiimoonlightiiii: splash that blue bb
chaostreader: Check artifacts?
LordShadner: slash for Serpent?
engineerbudy: covetous urge
TXC2: is lucky clover any good?
TXC2: I think no
chaostreader: Murder twice seems good.
Feminine_Desires: drown is *very* good. In modern. In sealed? No.
engineerbudy: i think it really depends
Jayrod1220: The Broom combos with Serpent
Arimus221: I mean, on average it'll kill a 5 drop end of game
JustAMonkeyUK: Yeah... not sure you need spare 2/1s when you have the serpent out ;p
iiimoonlightiiii: sad that you can't play Gatwick here
iSmartMan1: Broom goes well in a Food deck
TXC2: opt? :P
engineerbudy: queen?
CapnScout: I don't know if Drown in the Loch is any good but that art is scaaary
Arimus221: Sleep and queen are good
Jayrod1220: Never claimed quality, only quantity.
APrioriOfNothing: Tome Raider is draw
chaostreader: Queen?
TXC2: !card Drown in the loch
LRRbot: Drown in the Loch [UB] | Instant | Choose one — / • Counter target spell with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of cards in its controller's graveyard. / • Destroy target creature with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of cards in its controller's graveyard.
aliciumm: Yass Queen slay
jkoon78076: play the adamant artifact
Feminine_Desires: !card hypnotic sprite
LRRbot: Hypnotic Sprite // Mesmeric Glare | Hypnotic Sprite [UU] | Creature — Faerie [2/1] | Flying // Mesmeric Glare [2U] | Instant — Adventure | Counter target spell with converted mana cost 3 or less.
historyman_admu: dont forget the witch's cottage
Arimus221: Probably play the cottage too
Rahserat: add the cottage?
QuantumTwitch: remember cottage
JustAMonkeyUK: Lean into the swamps a bit more
JustAMonkeyUK: Probably don't need 7 islands
iiimoonlightiiii: 7 island is fine
Mivair: SOX
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queenfounder: I feel like adamant is gonna make calculating mana bases a little trickier
Feminine_Desires: That's a lot of hi drops :|
TXC2: the Orange Sox are gonna win the pennit this year Kappa
andrew subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 55 months!
andrew: land please!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, andrew! (Today's storm count: 84)
Mivair: its a lotta SOCKS
Feminine_Desires: and we dead
JustAMonkeyUK: Obviously draw all the blue cards after I suggest cutting an island :/
APrioriOfNothing: Green aggro gonna kill us
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andrew: it's going alright, got myself a huge-ass salad for lunch.
BillTheCat: lol
TXC2: As a Green player, I'm loving how good green seems to be
BillTheCat: mmm skewers
thatguycookie: !card Seven Dwarfs
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
TXC2: hello andrew welcome
Mivair: who got two real big sticks and nobody to hold 'em
andrew: checking in with chatfrands, Deckmaster off on purpose?
Mivair: !card Seven Dwarves
LRRbot: Seven Dwarves [1R] | Creature — Dwarf [2/2] | Seven Dwarves gets +1/+1 for each other creature named Seven Dwarves you control. / A deck can have up to seven cards named Seven Dwarves.
chaostreader: Well. It’s not mono-green.
thatguycookie: @Mivair thanks
Feminine_Desires: I think you need a lot more low drop creatures in this format.
Mivair: anytime!
andrew: Ahh gotcha, thank you
andrew: hey @TXC2 <3
iiimoonlightiiii: seven dwarves op
Feminine_Desires: High drop creatures, even during the ppr didn't seem to be that great.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: somewhere out there a giant is wondering why they have so many more spoons than forks
queenfounder: Storm something? More like storm &5
SydPreviouslyHeadache: HRgh
queenfounder: 85. Oops
TXC2: oh we're losing HARD
Mivair: its FINE
BillTheCat: noo
Perchipy: oops
historyman_admu: super dead lol
Feminine_Desires: so go into the blue more and get some 2 drops and 3 drops.
Mivair: we have 1 more turn its fine
Feminine_Desires: or even go black green
queenfounder: lrrFINE
Feminine_Desires: we had a fair amount of green.
BillTheCat: lrrSCOOP
Mivair: tfw you're James Turner
Kadenus: force mono green time
BillTheCat: hey we had two more giant skewers and opponent had 0
BillTheCat: so who's the real winner?
iiimoonlightiiii: oof
historyman_admu: lrrHEART
LordChrusher: cheer100
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
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queenfounder: You’re the guys I wanna watch live. But got a couple of VODs to watch
chaostreader: Drafting? Maybe?
APrioriOfNothing: Better
ChadHex: oui
iiimoonlightiiii: lrr will always be best MTG stream
queenfounder: For. Real.
TXC2: so is there an offical French Arena stream then?
AlienNanobots: LRRMTG is best MTG
Fangren300: PogChamp
TXC2: Slamdunk Knorad
GreenOpal: Syr? Syr!
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! There are limits on what qualifies as cheese.
Mivair: James is full of new clothes
Tomasu82: James is toight
TXC2 whispers "Indochino"
Feminine_Desires: reave and paladin
thatguycookie: anybody want the new pet as badly as i do?
queenfounder: Well we knew that was coming I guess
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: reave isn't doing much with their hand
Fangren300: serpent and paladin?
natesnation: At least they didn’t keep up counter mana for Konrad
APrioriOfNothing: Reave and Pali
queenfounder: You’re James. You’ll draw another island
chaostreader: Konrad can put cards into the graveyard?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: ohj i just noticed the new pet
TXC2: no he wont, he'll draw only swamps Kappa
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: now make him discard
queenfounder: That’s true. The curse is almost never useful
thatguycookie: @SydPreviouslyHeadache isn't it adorable
historyman_admu is continuing the Gift Sub they got from an anonymous user!
queenfounder: I like that noise
SydPreviouslyHeadache: super adorable
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engineerbudy: they have the didnt say please
iiimoonlightiiii: this is a win
queenfounder: Taking 5?
BillTheCat: this puts them ded to konrad
BillTheCat: run away together?
JustAMonkeyUK: If they mill you with the counter, you might just kill them with konrad's activated
natesnation: Flash fairies?
QuantumTwitch: and conrad
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: flash in big boi
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: avoids the counter
JustAMonkeyUK: Also.. that's his konrad
engineerbudy: sealed pool
iiimoonlightiiii: flash for sure
TXC2: run run run run run run away
natesnation: Bloaout
QuantumTwitch: serpent he does not have counter mana
APrioriOfNothing: Flash for counter
TXC2: flash to get past the counter
queenfounder: Though that’s not out syr
The_Ninjurai: That is a cute fox they have
TXC2: !card run away together
LRRbot: Run Away Together [1U] | Instant | Choose two target creatures controlled by different players. Return those creatures to their owners' hands.
thatguycookie: never forget the food
engineerbudy: and we got the konrad from covetous urge
iiimoonlightiiii: lethal next turn
queenfounder: !card queen of ice
LRRbot: Queen of Ice // Rage of Winter | Queen of Ice [2U] | Creature — Human Noble Wizard [2/3] | Whenever Queen of Ice deals combat damage to a creature, tap that creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step. // Rage of Winter [1U] | Sorcery — Adventure | Tap target creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
iiimoonlightiiii: not the food oof
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Always add the skulls.
TXC2: ah it's falling into place
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Zhedor: I only learned yesterday that you can change the cats color :D
InserUsernameHere_: I miss having only one sub day...\
InserUsernameHere_: Thanks twitch prime
sniperserpent: aren't they dead?
queenfounder: Food
BillTheCat: they have food
Feminine_Desires: if they counter they are dead.
Arimus221: If you tap and they counter they can't food
LoafOfBread4: If they counter they die
BillTheCat: if they counter they can't eat
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: aren't they just dead?
Fangren300: if they counter they can't food
engineerbudy: play that island
Zebunisher: tap raider and force elenora to block?
historyman_admu: yup
iiimoonlightiiii: bait w reaper
Feminine_Desires: !card Queen of Ice
LRRbot: Queen of Ice // Rage of Winter | Queen of Ice [2U] | Creature — Human Noble Wizard [2/3] | Whenever Queen of Ice deals combat damage to a creature, tap that creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step. // Rage of Winter [1U] | Sorcery — Adventure | Tap target creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.
InserUsernameHere_: Why not queen there and force the counter?
Feminine_Desires: we did.
InserUsernameHere_: Precombat
APrioriOfNothing: More food and creatures?
TXC2: because they probably saw that line
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: The win by rewinding time?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: They
queenfounder: Ooh. No time outs left
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:46:06.
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
queenfounder: Bye!
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming James and Graham
InserUsernameHere_: Bye
iiimoonlightiiii: cya o/
historyman_admu: Goodnight!
wowlolman3: sleep s for silvers
wowlolman3: *is
ContingentCat: big mugs are great
Jayrod1220: Enormi Tea
iiimoonlightiiii: favorite kind of tea everybody?
queenfounder: Tea should only be served in huge mugs
APrioriOfNothing: Food that makes more food
Wikt: the food is making ...the food
Laurence72: We're going to recreate the trailer video!
queenfounder: The brute has haste, right?
BillTheCat: unbeatable plays
chaostreader: Finish the draft deck plays? With Graham back?
Zael250: But Cratehoof has haste
andrew: @iiimoonlightiiii creme caramel rooibos
rdsj59: Are we drafting, sealed, hank constructed, meta constructed
APrioriOfNothing: 5
historyman_admu: we only have gingerbrute as food for bog naughty right?
bristark: TREE BUCKET
iiimoonlightiiii: @andrew ooo sounds good, I'll have to try it
SmashTCG: I feel like ginger brute is a bad name for a 1 mana 1/1
APrioriOfNothing: Urge
wowlolman3: the green pump
APrioriOfNothing: Green
iiimoonlightiiii: the tre bucket!
ContingentCat: !vaseline or barcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
BillTheCat: oh they're popping off :O
bristark: does gingerbrute make a noise??
SmashTCG: it giggles
bristark: i dont like that
queenfounder: Why aren’t you attacking with the brute? They don’t have haste right?
queenfounder: Or didn’t, rather
historyman_admu: !card Fires of Invention
LRRbot: Fires of Invention [3R] | Enchantment | You can cast spells only during your turn and you can cast no more than two spells each turn. / You may cast spells with converted mana cost less than or equal to the number of lands you control without paying their mana costs.
SmashTCG: @queenfounder it costs 1 mana
bristark: does LRR not have one of those hover over magic card things?
historyman_admu: that enchantment is not good
queenfounder: Ah. Thanks. Reading cards... you know
APrioriOfNothing: Draw 3 for 5 seems dece
chaostreader: If you equip the spear on Gingerbrute it’s more cards.
Scarbble: bristark deckmaster may not be updated right now
Rahserat: or draw 5
gamercat88: adam just put 2 kids into the witches oven...
historyman_admu: kill the deathtoucher
APrioriOfNothing: Reave Equip
BillTheCat: reave and equip seems good
Fangren300: yeah,. reave equip
Kadenus: yeah reave and equip
SmashTCG: revve after naught
1MrGhost: Reave the bucket?
Kadenus: the deathtouch then bread
engineerbudy: gingerbrute
aliciumm: conni
Arimus221: Reave treb thing get in with Konrad Equip?
Scarbble: equip gingerbrute probs
wowlolman3: gingerbrute
Rahserat: konrad?
queenfounder: Not sure the bucket is as good as Cam made it
Arimus221: Equip Konrade
aliciumm: Equip conni they cant kill him with blockers
iiimoonlightiiii: does it stack with menace?
Fangren300: can't even kill konrad
ujai321: gingerbrute can only be blocked by their gingerbrute, right?
Feminine_Desires: only if you pay the cost.
BillTheCat: if you activate the gingerbrute
queenfounder: If they pay 1
chaostreader: If the ability is activated.
ujai321: oh ok
Scarbble: 'artifact creature - food golem' may be one of the best type lines that has ever existed
wowlolman3: LUL
The_Ninjurai: Am I the only one sad that there aren't seven different arts for Seven Dwarves?
belteshazzar98: I just got here. How have the drafts been?
gamercat88: nice!
wowlolman3: pretty deece
chaostreader: One draft has happened and it was good.
Fangren300: ORB
BillTheCat: I appreciate them trying to make that red enchantment work
aliciumm: ORB
BillTheCat: and the verdict is it doesn't?
yomidian: orb!!
historyman_admu: yeah that red enchantment is not good
iiimoonlightiiii: when is mtga set rotation
kalateth: I like jousts flavor text
Rahserat: @The_Ninjurai Now that you've said it, I really want 7 different dwarfs
AlienNanobots: I'm helping!
BillTheCat: Subway50 bonus5 take $0.05 more subway bux
bartimus_thundercask: 500 hype!!!!
jkoon78076: hi Graham!!! you and have are awesome
Fangren300: reave your own frog Kappa
iiimoonlightiiii: belle is so good
BillTheCat: ooh the full bant
chaostreader: !card Jousting dummy
LRRbot: Jousting Dummy [2] | Artifact Creature — Scarecrow Knight [2/1] | {3}: Jousting Dummy gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
bristark: Welp came back here Ben is too loud i need a chill stream :P
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Rahserat: step 1: covetous urge step 2: ??? step 3: prophet
queenfounder: The stream seems to be like 2 seconds behind chat for me. Is that my internet? Because I’d believe that
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BillTheCat: I'm feelin it Graham
iiimoonlightiiii: same here queen
bristark: pigs
chaostreader: @queenfounder Are you on mobile. Cause that’s normal for me.
Fangren300: piggies!
rdsj59: I'm feeling bog. Not quite so naughty
queenfounder: @chaostreader I am. I guess I don’t catch a lot of stuff live these days
iiimoonlightiiii: I'm on ps4, delay is on here too
BillTheCat: remember back in the day when there was like 20 seconds of lag on twitch streams?
bristark: @BillTheCat and then LRR went and made a time machine....
iiimoonlightiiii: please don't remind me @billthecat
engineerbudy: hey @LoadingReadyRun will there be a nicknames episode of TTC for Eldraine?
iiimoonlightiiii: really wish I could resub this month but my prime is used up and I've just spent far too much money on surgery, still love you lrr
Feminine_Desires: that enchantment is bonkers, it can just shut down the opponent.
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Korlashheirtoblackblade: this seems like a tough set for nicknames
JustAMonkeyUK: Yeah it's like... haven't they already just called it the nickname?
themikerobles: James is always so rude. Never saying Please.
Feminine_Desires: they literally can't win now.
bristark: Wolf's Quarry nickname : 911
ContingentCat: !badadvice
LRRbot: Boop its nose.
APrioriOfNothing: That's a lot of food
BillTheCat: opponent be hangry up here
wowlolman3: uh oh
APrioriOfNothing: They're having a feast over there!
Laurence72: opponent about to go the Skrim route (eat ALL teh food to keep alive)
Laurence72: Skyrim*
historyman_admu: nah doesn't matter we win
APrioriOfNothing: We still have Snek
iiimoonlightiiii: they concede to serpent
wowlolman3: doesn't the serpent has flash
kalateth: thats cold... pouring oil on the bog naughty
historyman_admu: ohh yeah food is life LOL
queenfounder: Yet so far
BillTheCat: James'll just draw a land anyway
edgar_j: Hey guys, just a heads up, there seems to be some scammers in the chats of people streaming MTGA, sending phishing links via whisper, promising codes for free boosters and stuff. Don't click on shortened links :)
Fangren300: Kappa
BillTheCat: #calledit
Firnsarwen: This doesn't look like Graham's draft deck, but it appears we have another Lochmere Serpent? :D
bristark: Codes please
Scarbble: that's a good idea in general too, edgar
The_Ninjurai: Codes for what?
themadchicken: how does OP even win from here
APrioriOfNothing: Like russian codes?
queenfounder: Paid for itself I guess
The_Ninjurai: Ah, cool
historyman_admu: you can draw again if you want right?
QuantumTwitch: Nice
bristark: oh...that seems less awesome
themikerobles: This stream is an experience.
queenfounder: Just too busy playing
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iiimoonlightiiii: fallout 76 nuclear launch codes Kappa
bristark: that it was going tobe like a topless garruk skin or something
queenfounder: Is 1000 still a level?
BillTheCat: yep
Laurence72: Topless Garruk? Uh oh, I sense Phil incoming!
APrioriOfNothing: It unblocks!
belteshazzar98: Nice land to replace a land.
wowlolman3: opponent shall die to gingerbrute
Firnsarwen: Good thing for me the five bonus levels redeem code doesn't expire until 5pm PT, rather than my EST today... since Arena has decided it needs yet another update from me :P
JustAMonkeyUK: Don't accidentally eat the delicious card
Arimus221: Do they have enough mana for all the food?
1MrGhost: What does the enchantment do?
queenfounder: Yeah
chaostreader: Op gets killed by the ravens. They basically can’t attack n
queenfounder: They’re dead, right?
Scarbble: they're super dead
Genesation: Now, yes?
queenfounder: Oh 3 life
Lord_Hosk: Aron Eisenburg (the actor who played Nog on DS9) died over the weekend which prompted me to reexamine some things and rewatch the episodes Seige of AR-558 and Its only a paper moon, and I just wanted to say again, Graham and James, thanks for being my Vic Fontaine
APrioriOfNothing: They should kill themselves by flunge
queenfounder: 2 mana for 3 life shouldn’t be this hard to remember
bristark: *typing noises*
JustAMonkeyUK: *typing intensifies*
queenfounder: So sad about Nog lrrAWW
wowlolman3: gg
iiimoonlightiiii: ez clap
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coopdawg_22: What are the best colors looking like?
bristark: DS9 = good show
iiimoonlightiiii: for sealed it's objectively mardu
DoctorHutch: news? aw crap time to google
Snowwraith: DS9 was so ahead of its time, as it turns out.
iiimoonlightiiii: but control has some good stuff in this set as well
coopdawg_22: I need to grind sealed since I’m going to gp Montreal
iammorthos: No spoilers, i really hope Wayun makes it out.
Nigouki: "How dare you not keep up!"
JustAMonkeyUK: My wife and I are working through all of Star Trek ever in chronological order. We're like... season 3 of Voyager at the moment
masta2505: Noooooogg! :(
bristark: Fox = cute is there different colored ones?
The_Ninjurai: Who was Nog?
DoctorHutch: aww thats sad,
historyman_admu: Do Foxes bark like dogs?
iSmartMan1: Aw, Nog died? I loved Nog!
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TheMiddlingMage: I'm glad up see I'll finally be able to replace my kitty cat with a doggo
Syntheticuh: it was easier to miss episodes before dvr
Snowwraith: But there was also wasn't the ability to catch up online.
iiimoonlightiiii: @coopdawg_22 go for knights it you get the good sirs and menace bois, if not go either mono green or control
chaostreader: @historyman_admu Kind of. More of a yip.
iSmartMan1: Well, to be fair, reruns were much more of a thing back then
Snowwraith: And recording to VHS wasn't automated.
7gorobei: back when they were on syndication there were weeks between release of batches of episodes
Zael250: Gibb Codes?
BillTheCat: what are they codes for?
Lord_Hosk: The options to catch it were more limited then, DVRs were not a thing, setting up VCRs were kinda sketchy they mostly worked
queenfounder: DS9 was the first one I ever watched. My husband watched it with me in the room and I never thought it would be my thing because it seemed too confusing but the episode where Odo learns who/what he really is was a great in for me. Suddenly absorbed
coopdawg_22: @iiimoonlightiiii Thanks for the advice
jinaday: you could always make a mod command that is a give away
NarishmaReborn: my parents did
Lord_Hosk: a lot of markets preempted stuff.
bristark: The throw a dollar into the crowd method of giveaway will make people tare each other's eyes out
Laurence72: It's easier to watch something when there is only one chance to catch it; you HAVE to be there. When you can watch it anytime, you also have any time to NOT watch it and put it off
iiimoonlightiiii: @coopdawg_22 np mclandDurr
iSmartMan1: Don't forget about reruns, thouigh. Those catchups were needed for reruns
TheMiddlingMage: Anyone at LRR playing Link's Awakening? it's only one of the best Zelda games ever
Ghildetrist: Back then missing an episode sucked because it would be months before you could find out what you missed.
BillTheCat: it's so good :D
Swamplor: They also didn't want stations that paid for second-run syndication to have to care about what order they aired episodes in
queenfounder: Anymore WOWC streams planned?
DiscordianTokkan: Untitled Goose Game looks so Goooooooode
engineerbudy: yes
bristark: I cant play awakening at the moment because my wife is playing Fire Emlbem and she will bite me if i try and take the switch from her...
DiscordianTokkan: *gooooooose
Lord_Hosk: In our local market DS9 aired Wedsesday nights, unless it didnt, then it aired Friday at midnight, Saturday afternoon or sunday midday.
Firnsarwen: I *still* appreciate the recaps, even if I'd watched the previous one like a day before or something.. I'm not always paying the attention I should to shows! :D
iiimoonlightiiii: haven't seen any gameplay yet, want to wait till I get a switch to play it. hoping to pool enough cash from tax return to grab one next year
ContingentCat: @queenfounder there's a wow classic stream on the calender this sat.
Swamplor: TV 25 years ago was basically completely different to TV today
Trollbonist: Is this draft or sealed?
BillTheCat: sealed
iiimoonlightiiii: anyone at lrr big into twin peaks? my favorite show
Trollbonist: Thanks @BillTheCat :)
Trollbonist: Run run run as fast as you can!
queenfounder: !card belle of the
LRRbot: Belle of the Brawl [2B] | Creature — Human Knight [3/2] | Menace / Whenever Belle of the Brawl attacks, other Knights you control get +1/+0 until end of turn.
TheMiddlingMage: Does anyone know if ELD ranked draft goes live on launch? or is it going to be delayed?
Syntheticuh: How has play it forward been received? I really like the concept and am hoping it's going well
bristark: i feel like i watch twitch reruns more then TV these days.....its eaiser to multi-task and do work
Laurence72: LRR has taken over most of my TV watching time, and I couldn't be happier about it
NarishmaReborn: didn't they say that ranked of the current set will always be an option soon?
APrioriOfNothing: Make food
Firnsarwen: @NarishmaReborn I thought it was ranked draft of the current core set, but I could be wrong
Snowwraith: As soon as it's first open, it's open until the next set.
JustAMonkeyUK: Skewer only makes food on creature damage
Snowwraith: But they don't immediately launch it as they want you to spend gems first. It sucks.
APrioriOfNothing: Blocking and sacing brtue
Ghildetrist: Looks like ranked draft Core set goes to Oct 11th.
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BillTheCat: just need to draw another island
JustAMonkeyUK: That's lethal if they have nothing?
APrioriOfNothing: Equip?
JustAMonkeyUK: With the skewer equip
BillTheCat: they gain life
Feminine_Desires: can you win?
Feminine_Desires: I think you win.
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh wait
JustAMonkeyUK: I missed the revenge
JustAMonkeyUK: My bad
chaostreader: How many cards in their graveyard?
APrioriOfNothing: Oh right, revenge
Feminine_Desires: oh the raven enchantment. ew
Korlashheirtoblackblade: swinging with gingerbrute is not good against RoR
JustAMonkeyUK: Konrad is a knight at least for the swordmaster adventure
themadchicken: whats the sac outlet on that malevolent dude in their GY?
nextday415: do you guys only do sealed or draft on mtga?
Snowwraith: Puts a counter on it.
Snowwraith: Not very exciting.
JustAMonkeyUK: I'm just going to call that adventure Curry Flavor every time
themadchicken: you can sac creatures tho?
BillTheCat: welp
queenfounder: @nextday415 for the most part, yes
APrioriOfNothing: Yep, dead
engineerbudy: flunge?
QuantumTwitch: flunge
APrioriOfNothing: Flunge
Fangren300: gg
historyman_admu: flunge and kill yourself
APrioriOfNothing: Flunge for kill
BillTheCat: can only attack with 4
Genesation: Die on your terms!
Zebunisher: math is for blockers
nextday415: ive always wanted to try and be good at drafts in particular, im okay with sealed but draft is my nemisis
Reioumu: math is for blockers
ContingentCat: James "I want things to die" Turner
Elseleth: Attacking with 1/1 does nothing with Raven enchantment out?
Perchipy: Maybe their internet screwed up?
Laurence72: they saw the line
BillTheCat: that card seems real gross in sealed
Nigouki: de feet are connected to de ankles
queenfounder: Back to the draft!
DMGlol: lrrCHKN
GrumblingMoblin: !arena
masta2505: Command!Arena
jinaday: !arena
RockPusher: !arena
NarishmaReborn: !arena
cosmooooooo: !arena
QuantumTwitch: !arena
remyjette: !arena
LuHeGi: !arena
aliciumm: !arena
reverett_ten: !arena
engineerbudy: !arena
RussischerZar: !arena
JDMan94: !arena
DoctorHutch: !arena
historyman_admu: !arena
Ghildetrist: !arena
NicTMagic: !arena
kalateth: !arena
spsworkz: !arena
lobiax: !arena
belteshazzar98: !arena
blip2004: !arena
themadchicken: !arena
LadyAiluros: !arena
masta2505: !arena
Xenotechie: !arena
Elseleth: !arena
Walabe: !arena
couchboyj: !arena
j_gr0n3: !arena
ujai321: !arena
hoser2: !arena
Dr_Tiefling: !arena
gamercat88: !arena
Shadow_Zer0_: !arena
Luciite: commandexclamationpointarena
henshin_yo: !arena
Makimachine: !arena
WickedK4rma: !arena
RunicScribe: !arena
CamazotzJr: !arena
UnhingedBear: !arena
flyingdelorion: !arena
bristark: !arena
JustAMonkeyUK: !arena
TheWooglie: !arena
Chronomagistrate: !arena
Ranakel: !arena
BillTheCat: what is the giveaway for?
Luciite: !arena
Genesation: command!arena
stumpinaut: !arena
Derpy_Duffalo: !arena
ChadHex: !arena
Yizzill: !arena
Perchipy: !arena
rossmification: !arena
Littha: !arena
Elypants: !arena
Evochron13: !arena
BreedableShani: !arena
LegionofLashes: !arena
OfficialBengan: !arena
SmashTCG: !arena
CastleOtranto: !arena
agmitter: !arena
Raziel14085: !arena
Huschel23: !arena
IanJacek: !arena
Snowwraith: !arena
DiscordianTokkan: !arena
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WizardDanceParty: !arena
Stoffern: !arena
Fangren300: !arena
AlienNanobots: !arena
DruntImTal: !arena
Korlashheirtoblackblade: !arena
TheArcanineTamer: !arena
fiftymcnasty: !arena
benspaceguy: command!arena
nextday415: !arena
SheldyP: !arena
Camithus: !arena
Draco1430: !arena
bethjch: !arena
TheWriterAleph: !arena
Lupus2253: !arena
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Tomasu82: !arena
BasilHunter: !arena
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Trollbonist: !arena
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Firnsarwen: !arena
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hormigaapomica: !arena
bristark: commandarena
unmett: !arena
BillTheCat: !arena
benspaceguy: !arena
CandyNuke: !arena
FinalTalesx: !arena
Xenotechie: command!arena
DMGlol: !arena
queenfounder: !arena
buemmschaf: !arena
Reioumu: !arena
dusk_yagami: !arena
tomnar: !arena
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Serenus502: !arena
CururuGuasu: !arena
gleamdemon: !arena
tmlinz: !arena
GoggledBOMBer: !arena
Onean: !arena
BillTheCat: what could we get?
IIJamI: !arena
loudwalrus: !arena
Vasseer: !arena
brentluckey: !arena
jkoon78076: !arena
FaultyMidget: command!arena
queenfounder: Delay was funny there
Trebs42: !arena
Craigo717: !Arena
CapnScout: command!arena
queenfounder: !arena
Citizen_Zer0: !arena
iiimoonlightiiii: !arena
lightfoot14: !arena
rainmaker48: !arena
Texan_Reverend: !arena
Genesation: !arena
NarishmaReborn: op knows what time it is
Simonark: !arena
PymBragon: !arena
iammorthos: !arena
Testosteros: !arena
kalku__: !arena
smashed_potaters: !arena
Luciite: exclamation arena
korvid12: !arena
slayeroffrog: !arena
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WizardZedd: !arena
CGSguy2: !arena
Forgotten_Sanity: !arena
Inquisitor_Xian: !arena
CandyNuke: !arena
bearcleric: !arena
terra_chaos: !arena
ProjectNorris: !arena
aliciumm: exclamation arena
lightfoot14: bang arena
Natimus_Prime: !arena
BraveKingMax: !arena
BillTheCat: what is the giveaway for though?
Geoff_god_of_biscuits: !arena
VorpalSpatula: !arena
engineerbudy: its muffin time
CapnScout: !arena
Firnsarwen: @BillTheCat Arena XP
Betanight: !arena
LoafOfBread4: !arena
gernine: !arena
Morrigan9: !arena
queenfounder: Arena time apparently y
Majerous: !arena
josherm: !arena
CapnScout: haha my bad I was one of those who typed it
FaultyMidget: !arena
weatherlight2: !arena
Snowwraith: Tick, tock, Mr Stark
1y1e: !arena
BillTheCat: for the current mastery? or the eld mastery?
Cyberegg: !arena
Texan_Reverend: Tool time?
engineerbudy: eldraine mastery
Czerwona_Latarnia: !arena
FaultyMidget: i typed command, i am a dumb
BillTheCat: ah cool
mtgofjuggalos: !arena
CaptainSpam: Next, hook up the Desert Bus giveaway visual effect to the giveaway. KappaHD
Xenotechie: also, speaking of exclamation points, hello LRRfolks, and hello chat!
chippydogs: !arena
queenfounder: LRRMTG still happening on Thursday?
ZethRuss: !arena
TheJoe743: !arena
Firnsarwen: @Xenotechie Hello!
HirukosMind: !arena
themadchicken: this event happening TWO days before release makes playing tomorrow just feel awful
alexfiero: !arena
historyman_admu: tome and queen?
togashinaruta: !arena
thelordofsquirrels: !arena
JCT3000: !arena
eightbitrocket: !arena
engineerbudy: @queenfounder they said talking sim is in that slot for this week
Camithus: !arena
queenfounder: Oh, okay. We got this instead
Amentur: queenfounder, it should be Talking Sim since today is only Magic
Luciite: that's pretty funny LUL
NicTMagic: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
ujai321: rigged!
Huschel23: Congrats
NarishmaReborn: congrats folks!
nextday415: Grats
Xenotechie: gratz!
RockPusher: lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN
gamercat88: congrats
Genesation: Huzzah!
bristark: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Perchipy: congrats!
QuantumTwitch: gratz to the winner
Ghildetrist: Congrats to the winners
d782: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
BasilHunter: congrats!
Firnsarwen: I like how surprised Graham was that it actually worked xD
Fangren300: grats to all the winners!
TheJoe743: Thanks!
FaultyMidget: Congrats you five!
engineerbudy: grats
Genesation: Congrats to everyone else!
HirukosMind: GW :D
DiscordianTokkan: Grats to the winners!
bethjch: Congrats
bristark: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
queenfounder: Whoop! Yay
RockPusher: lrrHORN lrrCHKN lrrHORN lrrCHKN lrrHORN
historyman_admu: Congrats!
Xenotechie: may you pull some good rares from those packs
hormigaapomica: Congrats!
loudwalrus: Woot
Amentur: Congratulation *clap* [wark wark]
iiimoonlightiiii: grats!
FinalTalesx: Congrats to the winners!
snowmonkey99: Hey @LoadingReadyRun is anyone coming to PAX Aus this year?
Firnsarwen: Congrats guys! lrrHEART lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL
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Mechsican: This was by far the best PPR. guests, sick plays, laughs, etc. thanks for being cool people.
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thermaldragon808: whats the giveaway?
queenfounder: I think Aus is every two years?
Derpy_Duffalo: I believe that I'm unable to whisper you guys @LoadingReadyRun
myles438: @LoadingReadyRun you guys are playing my friend, he's currently streaming and fanboying atm :D
ChadHex: I assume only one code per account?
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queenfounder: How much longer y’all planning on streaming?
historyman_admu: !card fell the peasant
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
chaostreader: Pheasant
belteshazzar98: !card fell the pheasant
LRRbot: Fell the Pheasant [1G] | Instant | Fell the Pheasant deals 5 damage to target creature with flying. Create a Food token.
Genesation: Thanks!
myles438: He's curious how you managed to get a pet, he can't seem to buy one?
bristark: Speaking of LRR MTG will there also be a twitch fragmentation or will it still have one twitch channel?
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Snowwraith: The cat's the old one from the 2020 pass.
cosmooooooo: is this draft or sealed?
Xenotechie: wow, lochmere serpent has a scrollbar
Nigouki: streaming magic all day erry day?
Tomasu82: he says...
forlornhope22: but you could!
TheWooglie: you'd need employees that only did magic
masta2505: Not gonna happen? Two streams confirmed!
historyman_admu: three turn clock for OP
NicTMagic: LRR and LRRMTG twitch account simal cast!!!! LOLOLOLOL
queenfounder: A LRRMANS channel for one day a year
Xenotechie: that's a lot of card
Walabe: i didnt get my code Kappa
Tomasu82: that is a pretty good point.. though depends on what groups of fans like.
ZachtlyAsIntended: *narrator* In three years, the LRR Entertainment Conglomerate started their 5th concurrent Twitch channel
historyman_admu: i think you have to buy the mastery pack right?
Lord_Hosk: Why isnt the queen of ice wearing her best friends hat?
Xenotechie: @ZachtlyAsIntended surely you mean LRRtertainment? Kappa
iSmartMan1: What Patreon milestone would a second Twitch channel be? Kappa
AlienNanobots: No, it's EntLRRtainment
RockPusher: I look forward to the day when DIsney is bought out by the Bionic Trousers Media Empire lrrBEEJ lrrHEART
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1MrGhost: Wildwood tracker has weird bushido? Weird card..
TheWooglie: Lord_Hosk they didn't know who to ask to do the art for that card
historyman_admu: ok no counter spell
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun I was watching Adam Koebel, and in his first sealed Pool he got Clackbridge, Pied Piper, Giant Slayer AND Questing Beast.
bristark: @LoadingReadyRun do you guys have a convention schedule somewhere?
jkoon78076: is there a way for the rest of us to play throne yet? I've been off arena for a while
BrowneePoints: @jkoon78076 thursday I believe
jkoon78076: thanks @browneepoints
Xenotechie: @jkoon78076 not unless WotC thinks you're a big enough streamer
Fangren300: LUL
Fangren300: always a land
masta2505: When is next Mailtime?
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
djalternative: When the clock strikes Mail.
themadchicken: OP drawing all the cards
samu_btdp1985: well this is a board state
JustAMonkeyUK: Gadwick and the Clock always seem to turn up together :p
ContingentCat: !findquote cards
LRRbot: Quote #6364: "'I don't know why you would ever play a RAM card.' 'I'm going to play a RAM card.'" —Dale and Cori [2019-08-26]
jkoon78076: is anyone from LRR going to be at magicfest Montreal?
QuantumTwitch: i heard conrad remedies that
Fangren300: jeez who maindecks that in sealed?
themadchicken: oh shit i didnt realize that was reprinted
ZachtlyAsIntended: I onced stiched a bunch of those "send this to X people" form letter together...I called it "Chain Mail"
JustAMonkeyUK: Win condition shut down :/
djalternative: now it's only a 7/7
QuantumTwitch: conrads activared
NarishmaReborn: alas, now a measly 7/7
TheWooglie: ZachtlyAsIntended get out :)
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themadchicken: wait how have they NOT drawn more than us?
QuantumTwitch: yes but damage
themadchicken: oooo right
themadchicken: that makes sense
JustAMonkeyUK: Double answered
Lord_Hosk: Huh
Fangren300: well there goes your abyss
jkoon78076: is anyone from LRR going to be at magicfest Montreal?
bethjch: Well I guess that’s a 2 for 1
cherenkovrl: Home sick all day, thanks for keeping me sane!
Luciite: UG control is the new sealed meta I guess
togashinaruta: Serious question: Is there a reasson to hold the land since they've seen what it is? is there a lot of hand attack in this set?
northos: psh. it's still in Canada, how far could it be? Kappa
Lord_Hosk: Travelling across Canada is often more expensive than traveling to and across the US
bristark: @LoadingReadyRun so you said you may be going to commderfest seattle?
joshdavey415: I just joined this chat, is this a draft or sealed?
djalternative: Other side of a very large country? Sounds like an opportunity for a second season of road quest.
Lord_Hosk: Victoria to Boston for Pax East is cheaper than Victoria to Toronto.
QuantumTwitch: cottage
Firnsarwen: Nice, Oko in their bin!
Redcoaster: deck Size?
maxx7575mtg: hey james and graham
joshdavey415: Drown in the Loch is a crazy card
Luciite: just to flex i guess
dionizuz: You seem stressed
queenfounder: Storm!
bristark: welp time to book a flight to Seattle!
QuantumTwitch: counter
Huschel23: Use the ability in your turn eventually and have them draw first?
joshdavey415: COUNTER IT
Korlashheirtoblackblade: can't you kill the creature if it resolves?
Fangren300: i mean you could just kill it with drown's other mode
Korlashheirtoblackblade: better to let it resolve and let them sac their food
chaostreader: You can easily kill it. Its mana cost is 0
dionizuz: You seem stressed
JustAMonkeyUK: Well... if you counter then they don't sac food when you could just kill it. The life doesn't matter, but the food might matter for something else
historyman_admu: i thnk we have the fruit card draw
TheWooglie: yeah it's not even the week before desert bus
djalternative: the music does a really good job of making the most mundane things stressful.
bristark: Anyone know what the "Command Zone" is for the commaderfest?
Luciite: as if this wasn't enough of a board stall
APrioriOfNothing: Do it on your endstep
bristark: they talk about it like we are supposed to know what it is
chaostreader: That negates that flyers attack.
Hodgegoulashi: Hola gentlemen
Huschel23: Sounds great
queenfounder: Love me a good mill
APrioriOfNothing: Can't you kill them now?
satyropodobny: We shall not be vanquished by a balanced diet!
themadchicken: that gaaaaaame
JustAMonkeyUK: Not going out hungry
Lord_Hosk: You know what its like to drive across Canada. DJalternative "Hey adam guess what I see?" "Is it corn beej?" "yep its corn"
APrioriOfNothing: Eat all the food
NarishmaReborn: so hungry
themadchicken: last meal
Luciite: stress eating
APrioriOfNothing: Before you die
tastymcnuggett: Make a giant tribal deck!!!!
cpomery: GG friends!! Was fun
QuantumTwitch: nice that was good fun
tastymcnuggett: Or just have the king giant in a mono green ago deck
Huschel23: 20 versus 20 Nice
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falingard: You can set your pet in the Profile tab
JustAMonkeyUK: Is it in your account already?
djalternative: @Lord_Hosk sounds like most of my state too.
Luciite: Thanks sparky for explaining how ranks work
myles438: Thankyou @LoadingReadyRun he now has a pet!
I_Am_Clockwork: Subway2500 bonus250 Heyho Lrrfolks, Thanks for all you do
AlienNanobots: This has been a long stream
joshdavey415: GO GRAHAM
Firnsarwen: I'm always amused when people say good game more than once when they're about to lose, it's like "look, we both know you can do nothing, but I have to keep playing here, if you want to concede, go ahead, but I can't do it for you..." xD
APrioriOfNothing: We've gotten a lot of 4 landers
TheWooglie: i_dont_use_sleeves on clothes?
JustAMonkeyUK: Nice to get a different angle on the fox. The three tails more obvious from this view
i_dont_use_sleeves: On cards
bristark: @LoadingReadyRun you know what the "Command zone" is at Commanderfest? trying to decide if the extra monies is worth it....
i_dont_use_sleeves: It could be clearer
historyman_admu: is this the draft?
QuantumTwitch: drafto
chaostreader: Yes
bristark: got it thanks Graham.
Hodgegoulashi: Mr. Graham will we be getting a Clash of Champions SWS?
Hodgegoulashi: <3
JustAMonkeyUK: Seems like the best ramp spell because you're guaranteed to have something to ramp in to
djalternative: you can't get the showcase frames yet either, right?
Luciite: are you sure this isn't just the same deck?
yallz: is brawl in arena yet?
Hodgegoulashi: Uhhh yea.. I know what you mean.
Hodgegoulashi: It was bad.
huffer1990: You guys going to Command fest
Syntheticuh: oh the maria stuff? yeah that was awful
Fangren300: oh boy
dionizuz: Why play the cottage?
JustAMonkeyUK: Keyword soup X mana X/X seems so gross
Hodgegoulashi: Here's to hoping AEW doesn't go there.... ever
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun So I watched Ben get wrecked by Oko in standard earlier. Like....opp stabilized at 1 and came back when ben was at 22 kind of wrecked
historyman_admu: that serpent is such a good card
RockPusher: The sWs will continue until wrestling improves lrrBEEJ
mowdownjoe: So, I've been getting access to these Streamer Preview events even though I don't have a big audience. So, they gave me codes to give away and I have no way to give them away. Can I just go Codefall and dump them here?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: I leave for 5 minutes to make tacos and look what happens!
djalternative: I'm a little disappointed that chicago and seattle command fest are happening at the same time because it means everyone notable is going to seattle instead of chicago.
Lord_Hosk: the plan is.. we race
satyropodobny: What does the foxes brew do?
RockPusher: FriendlyNeighborhoodGM is what happened tacos?
yallz: @historyman_admu serpent is good but im not sure if he is going to make it into simic ramp decks - too much utility in the current hydras
huffer1990: Seattle or Chicago just wondering? Command fest
joshdavey415: STROKE THE DOGGO
joshdavey415: STROKE THE FOX-O
tomnar: @chat: I just got my mastery lvl 100. But in my mastery tree I am one orb short. Is this a bug or intentional?
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: what happened is apparently some bad beats for Lrr
belteshazzar98: !card moonlit scavengers
LRRbot: Moonlit Scavengers [5U] | Creature — Merfolk Rogue [4/5] | When Moonlit Scavengers enters the battlefield, if you control an artifact or enchantment, return target creature an opponent controls to its owner's hand.
jkoon78076: reave soul the artifact
Fangren300: what do you even bounce here?
joshdavey415: Tails is in the wrong game
RockPusher: !vaseline or barcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
bristark: OKAY......the Command zone looks to be just the place where commander games are being basically the event?
QuantumTwitch: scav bounce giant
JustAMonkeyUK: Bounce giant... hope to double block serpent?
jkoon78076: why not?
Fangren300: double block serpent
iiimoonlightiiii: I think you hold serpent
JustAMonkeyUK: No whammy?
yoshimasterlv3: Does anyone know why the fox sounds like a dog?
huffer1990: Plan B Mill them out lol
JustAMonkeyUK: Sweet... and keep the better creature
chaostreader: Both are Canines.
Wikt: just reave soul it?
iiimoonlightiiii: oh duh
Hodgegoulashi: I liked Caleb's comparison of Food being closer to Energy than clues based on how other cards interact with it.
ContingentCat: @yoshimasterlv3 because foxes sound kindof like some dogs
yallz: what is up with cauldrons gift?
djalternative: because it's a fox pup and not a full fox
Wikt: doesn't that kill power >3?
APrioriOfNothing: Kill giant with Serpant and Cauldron?
yoshimasterlv3: neat
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: flash in the serpent for suprise block?
belteshazzar98: Serpant can deal with the giant
historyman_admu: cauldron the queen?
kalateth: he's got mana for adament
Wikt: oh, my bad
JustAMonkeyUK: The other one is gross
Fangren300: power LESS than 3
joshdavey415: Play the faerie into cauldron's gift
JustAMonkeyUK: Well... even if serpent dies, you have the zombify ready to go
Wikt: that's a card too... i'm totally messing that up at prerelease
yallz: gg
QuantumTwitch: flash and double block giant
historyman_admu: isnt the serpent also 7/7
APrioriOfNothing: Sac swamp
Hodgegoulashi: Dig this line
historyman_admu: oh nice line
JustAMonkeyUK: The sac swamp even gains life!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i'd like to throw out a casual safety reminder.some box cutters have spare blades in the handle, when using them never forget that
jkoon78076: I thought it was cmc less than three. that's why I thought it could kill the serpent
couchboyj: That's Tyrant's Scorn from WAR. Similar enough effect to be confusing.
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh... faerie vandal + serpent is a neat combo
Korlashheirtoblackblade: best not to adamant the gift
historyman_admu: oh god
APrioriOfNothing: Wow
ForOhForError: heck
PypeHype: ouch
Hodgegoulashi: That Konrad character is being a real somethin or other
Izandai: I would very much like to be forever young.
JustAMonkeyUK: Syr Konrad + Forever Young is a huge fireball to the face
Firnsarwen: rut roh raggy
Wikt: !card Epic Downfall
LRRbot: Epic Downfall [1B] | Sorcery | Exile target creature with converted mana cost 3 or greater.
Izandai: Why is that one card in hand all darkly glowy?
Theteddybear676: do u think this set is jut made for draft and nuttin else ?
belteshazzar98: Don't adamant the gift
Wikt: that's the one i was thinking of and it's not even power, it's cmc...
chaostreader: @izandai Because it can be adamant.
SmashTCG: bounce conrad inreponse to his ablityM
APrioriOfNothing: @Izandai It's Adamant
joshdavey415: Run Away together in their turn? Is it an instant?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: equip skewer, hold up 2 instants?
chaostreader: Flash bounce flash?
SmashTCG: it stops the damage
huffer1990: Not good
belteshazzar98: He just want to kill with Konrad
QuantumTwitch: vandal bouncer rad
historyman_admu: food and bounce?
chaostreader: Flash bounce flash
iiimoonlightiiii: you're dead if you don't bounce
huffer1990: Pass
JustAMonkeyUK: There's food to eat so... it's not over yet
Lord_Hosk: Hosklings "We dont like Cheese tortalines why did you get us these they are terrible can we have cheese raviolis instead they taste better" (parent life)
iiimoonlightiiii: oh yeah
Lord_Hosk: circles taste bad squares taste good got it
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: do we eat Food?
historyman_admu: yeah that line is good
mowdownjoe: Do it.
korvys: !card Konrad
LRRbot: Syr Konrad, the Grim [3BB] | Legendary Creature — Human Knight [5/4] | Whenever another creature dies, or a creature card is put into a graveyard from anywhere other than the battlefield, or a creature card leaves your graveyard, Syr Konrad, the Grim deals 1 damage to each opponent. / {1}{B}: Each player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard.
Juliamon: Lord_Hosk Honestly the ratio of cheese filling to semolina dough has a huge textural effect, I also hated tortellini as a kid
erloas: and of course that is only for today, tomorrow it could very well be reversed and circles will taste better
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Gscheytt : what is this pet?
belteshazzar98: Don't adamant it
ezekieleason: your as in his
JustAMonkeyUK: You can bring back with Cauldron's gift... but don't use adamant
yoshimasterlv3: It's a "fae" fox
historyman_admu: but that hit's you too
korvys: I mean, if I'm them, I just pump all my mana into Konrad
belteshazzar98: Tap correctly
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh... lifegain from eating swamps!
JustAMonkeyUK: And card draw combo!
joshdavey415: What does the serpent do?
Izandai: !card lochmore serpent
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
chaostreader: !card Loc serpent
LRRbot: Lochmere Serpent [4UB] | Creature — Serpent [7/7] | Flash / {U}, Sacrifice an Island: Lochmere Serpent can't be blocked this turn. / {B}, Sacrifice a Swamp: You gain 1 life and draw a card. / {U}{B}: Exile five target cards from an opponent's graveyard. Return Lochmere Serpent from your graveyard to your hand. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
RayFK: You're playing through WoW Classic right?
Driosenth: how is RoadQuest doing?
korvys: Oh, what are you playing?
ContingentCat: what are you planning on playing?
Driosenth: Good to Hear!
belteshazzar98: Lucky
chaostreader: Draw cards so it doesn’t fly?
JustAMonkeyUK: Drawing cards is always the answer
JustAMonkeyUK: Specially when it gains you life
surfderf: that
SuperWill1234: !deck
japolai: his play it forward is him binge watching road quest
surfderf: is good
SuperWill1234: aww no deck command
historyman_admu: order of midnight queen?
surfderf: !card lost legion
LRRbot: Lost Legion [1BB] | Creature — Spirit Knight [2/3] | When Lost Legion enters the battlefield, scry 2.
belteshazzar98: Remejber Konrad will hit you for the order
JustAMonkeyUK: Konrad... literal most confusing card in the set
belteshazzar98: !card Syr Konrad
LRRbot: Syr Konrad, the Grim [3BB] | Legendary Creature — Human Knight [5/4] | Whenever another creature dies, or a creature card is put into a graveyard from anywhere other than the battlefield, or a creature card leaves your graveyard, Syr Konrad, the Grim deals 1 damage to each opponent. / {1}{B}: Each player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard.
historyman_admu: order of midnight queen of ice then tap the flyer
I_Am_Clockwork: more confusing than that draw 3 with adamant lrrBEEJ
JustAMonkeyUK: There will need to be an equip next time because of the food
chaostreader: Two hits with serpent and they die.
AgentConundrum: "Whenever something dies or enters/leaves its controllers graveyard"
Firnsarwen: That fox pupper very much likes it when you hit the opponent...
AgentConundrum: syr conrad's controllers'
belteshazzar98: The queen of ice adventure could help
Scarbble: it's not that confusing tbh. if things go into the graveyard, or out of it on your side, ping 1
NarishmaReborn: such value
SuperWill1234: Konrad's not that confusing. Creature dies? ping. Creature enters GY from anywhere else? ping.
JustAMonkeyUK: I think they just activate a million times... need to sac that swamp in hand
QuantumTwitch: play swamp and gain a life
JustAMonkeyUK: (Konrad, that is)
belteshazzar98: !card reaper of night
LRRbot: Reaper of Night // Harvest Fear | Reaper of Night [5BB] | Creature — Specter [4/5] | Whenever Reaper of Night attacks, if defending player has two or fewer cards in hand, it gains flying until end of turn. // Harvest Fear [3B] | Sorcery — Adventure | Target opponent discards two cards.
korvys: Konrad is a little weird. It has 3 triggers - 2 are symmetrical, and 1 is not.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: they've got 6 activations up
SuperWill1234: oh, forgot the third part liamGasp
AgentConundrum: man.. i missed that it was A graveyard. that card is more confusing than i thought. I thought I had a handle on it
Lord_Hosk: The Konrad Cill if you will
belteshazzar98: If the kill fails you win
ujai321: konrad seems like a bonkers strong commander as well
ujai321: speaking of, whenn will we see another fnpf commander game?
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh man
historyman_admu: oh myyyyy
JustAMonkeyUK: Plus an attack where at least one creature dies
historyman_admu: my heart
historyman_admu: it's done
Firnsarwen: geeeeeez.
queenfounder: Will we lose Adam and get you back once Road Quest is finally done done
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh! Leaving up wheel
historyman_admu: yeah
Wikt: they would've needed 6 creature hits in a row
belteshazzar98: You got so lucky with Konrad
QuantumTwitch: swamp
Wikt: ah, they can just do.. that
QuantumTwitch: you can still gaín life
7gorobei: should they have eaten their food?
buemmschaf: equip skewer to a flier, draw a card, win?
APrioriOfNothing: Equip to 4/5?
Huschel23: Are the Scavengers non-human for Turtle?
APrioriOfNothing: Swing
historyman_admu: yeah
historyman_admu: equip fairy vandal
JustAMonkeyUK: That's only 6?
historyman_admu: draw card
historyman_admu: win
BraveKingMax: equip to scav, attack with Vandal?
historyman_admu: draw card with lochmere
Wikt: they had 3 casts, so 3 creatures from each of you for 6 total for lethal is what i counted. except they can lock down the serpent now
historyman_admu: oh wait
Huschel23: Oooh.
historyman_admu: it's only for 2nd card
JustAMonkeyUK: You can't attack
JustAMonkeyUK: :(
historyman_admu: arghh
JustAMonkeyUK: Dead on board
buemmschaf: huh, miscounted there, sorry
frostownik: hi chat, hi Graham, how's it going so far?
chaostreader: One short. Play other flyer.
Phosphatide: ah yes, the top two things in magic, drawing cards and winning
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh wait... depends on their mills still
belteshazzar98: Play out the knight or he kills you
historyman_admu: yeah we're dead
JustAMonkeyUK: But wheel can tap
chaomera888: hey folks HeyGuys just started playing magic a few eeks ago and im VERY hype for white/black knights
JustAMonkeyUK: And he taps scvavengers
belteshazzar98: He taps down your blockers with the spinning wheel
JustAMonkeyUK: Then raider dies
JustAMonkeyUK: Konrad triggers
Snowwraith: Only two blockers.
historyman_admu: he can only tap one blocker
JustAMonkeyUK: Yup
bristark: Shhh chat
JustAMonkeyUK: Tap scavenger
JustAMonkeyUK: Swing out
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah you are, you get 1 blocker tapped, take 4 then die to konrad trigger after you chump
Wikt: there's 2 life graham can gain in response
kirbytronic: Hope you two are having a good day
JustAMonkeyUK: Good point
Korlashheirtoblackblade: oh, serpent
Korlashheirtoblackblade: nvm
mmsword: So if you fight Ben, what are the stakes?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: ok, now dead
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh... he missed lethal
korvys: !card spinning wheel
LRRbot: Spinning Wheel [3] | Artifact | {T}: Add one mana of any color. / {5}, {T}: Tap target creature.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: oh, they missed it
Legendary19899: oppo missed lethal ol
historyman_admu: ok we win now
Snowwraith: They goofed.
buemmschaf: they messed up
bristark: opp goofed
JustAMonkeyUK: He activated too many times when he could have tapped scavenger for the lethal attack
belteshazzar98: You win, right?
Wikt: you got there
QuantumTwitch: yup
APrioriOfNothing: OP messed up
Huschel23: Ah, Mirrormade has done its job
Legendary19899: you had to chump, and your creature dying would have done the 5th damage
korvys: Once you got to 4, they could tap your blocker
Korlashheirtoblackblade: they did goof
APrioriOfNothing: Equip to 4/5
JustAMonkeyUK: 5/4, 4/5... can only block one
buemmschaf: 2 attackers, 1 blocker
historyman_admu: well you can only block one
Snowwraith: You only had one blocker.
QuantumTwitch: two attackers
hormigaapomica: Because your creature would die and Konrad would do the rest.
Snowwraith: They had 9 power on board.
bristark: they let you active your lifegain
Korlashheirtoblackblade: tap the 4/5, attack with both, you take at least 4 then die to konrad trigger after chumping
Korlashheirtoblackblade: wasn't sure thing until they got some konrad triggers off milling
Firnsarwen: agreed, they were a little too indecisive about it
Korlashheirtoblackblade: as you could gain 2 off serpent
JustAMonkeyUK: I am getting far too excited about these games :P I'm really looking forward to playing this at the prerelease
belteshazzar98: They had two attackers and you had two blockers. They could tap one down and swing. You chump, triggering Konrad hitting you for one and the other creature hits you the remaining four.
chaostreader: Seems okay? Not amazing. But fine.
The_Ninjurai: I'm looking forward to playing the standard events where you could win one of every standard card
InquisitorGaia: Hi Grahm Hi James, Hi Chat hows everybody
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: how long is this going?
Firnsarwen: @InquisitorGaia Hiya! Doing well thanks, how are you?
bristark: Fruit = tasty
InquisitorGaia: @Firnsarwen ok just got home from class
frostownik: i haven't played MTG in like 3 weeks (barring Arena drafts), can't wait to force UB and go 1-4 at the prerelease
mrverbal: SO MUCH TEXT
APrioriOfNothing: It does a lot of stuff
TheKoder: oh god
JustAMonkeyUK: The one and only questing beast
belteshazzar98: You dead
Korlashheirtoblackblade: oh no
gamercat88: the beast is real good
Firnsarwen: Yay classes!
bristark: i got to run away
ujai321: questing beast... you know, your quest is to slay that beast
TheWooglie: !card questing beast
LRRbot: Questing Beast [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Beast [4/4] | Vigilance, deathtouch, haste / Questing Beast can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can't be prevented. / Whenever Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to target planeswalker that player controls.
JustAMonkeyUK: Hope for some line where you can bounce and counter it? Wait... is it uncounterable? Too much text...
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: draw this turn stall with run away next turn and pray to draw removal?
buemmschaf: bounce + counter might work
JustAMonkeyUK: At least you don't have a planeswalker that is getting wrecked by it
ujai321: oh damn we cannot block that
JustAMonkeyUK: #brightside
mowdownjoe: ~codefall
mowdownjoe: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
bristark: ♪ Sometimes I feel I've got to ♪ ♪ Run away I've got to♪ ♪ Get away ♪
belteshazzar98: You have the card that steals from their hand?
chaostreader: Not in the draft deck.
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: to shreds, you say...
Firnsarwen: don't we need two more blue? or at least, to bounce and counter on the same turn
Pump19: Codefall | Chroma Squad (Humble Bundle)
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh... he might wait a turn to recast because of haste
JustAMonkeyUK: So... this _might_ work
Pump19: Codefall | Human Resource Machine (Humble Bundle)
JustAMonkeyUK: Savage bluff attack
ThatDangSkeleton: luckily they are afraid
ujai321: it was a fine plan
buemmschaf: skewer + equip
Korlashheirtoblackblade: play + equip skewer and cross everything?
JustAMonkeyUK: But you can't block it with your stuff
JustAMonkeyUK: Like... the 7th line of text
APrioriOfNothing: GG
belteshazzar98: I'm not sure something else would have saved you. That would mean they had something worse.
satyropodobny: ded
historyman_admu: we cant block it
couchboyj: It's unchumpable
Korlashheirtoblackblade: now we die
bristark: Right..oh
Wikt: you straight can't block it
APrioriOfNothing: Questing Beast straight murdered us
Firnsarwen: hehe, oh dear
buemmschaf: skewer woulda worked.. maybe
ujai321: is that the most pushed creature ever?
Huschel23: Couldn't we use Skewer to block?
bristark: at least it doesnt have hexproof?
historyman_admu: yeah that card is insane
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chaostreader: !card questing beast
LRRbot: Questing Beast [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Beast [4/4] | Vigilance, deathtouch, haste / Questing Beast can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can't be prevented. / Whenever Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to target planeswalker that player controls.
Nirkaz: can be your commander too
frostownik: @couchboyj petition to make that an official name
belteshazzar98: Questing Beast is this set's best bomb.
QuantumTwitch: do you still run mirror after board?
ujai321: do it
buemmschaf: this hand looks actually fine
APrioriOfNothing: Keep
Korlashheirtoblackblade: this is risky but, I kinda like it
Lord_Hosk: I dont know
Lord_Hosk: tell us
mrverbal: you keep reading the beast and expecting it to have a drawbck
mrverbal: nut no
mrverbal: *but no
belteshazzar98: !card questing beast
LRRbot: Questing Beast [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Beast [4/4] | Vigilance, deathtouch, haste / Questing Beast can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can't be prevented. / Whenever Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to target planeswalker that player controls.
ujai321: is that the lvl 80 fox?
belteshazzar98: No catch
Snowwraith: It's legendary.
JustAMonkeyUK: Green mana is the downside
Snowwraith: That's about it.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: legendary I guess?
Xed_Regulus: I never knew I needed a Purple fox in my life before today, but here we are.
The_Ninjurai: You have to pay 2 green mana for it instead of 1
QuantumTwitch: it cost 4 :D
thornyberry: is the catch there is no catch klinkHmm
frostownik: the only downside is gonna be the price tag?
chaostreader: It turns fogs into one sided beat downs.
APrioriOfNothing: We only hav 6 islands, so
kirbytronic: Legendary. Karakas is in this set, right
Martizz1e: but what does the fox have to say...
Korlashheirtoblackblade: cycle forever young
Korlashheirtoblackblade: ?
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JustAMonkeyUK: This isn't the 6 island version
CapnRobert: questing beasts pretty big downside is it dies to targeted removal
belteshazzar98: The Questing Beast got him
The_Ninjurai: At least that is a pretty swamp to look at. Makes me feel the Halloween spirit
Easilycrazyhat: Wait, is this draft?
CapnRobert: or counter it
chaostreader: Draft
Easilycrazyhat: Oh, cool!
Pump19: Codefall | MtG:Arena Eldraine Mastery Pass XP (Other)
belteshazzar98: Nice mono black deck you got there
JustAMonkeyUK: Why do people love that enchantment so much!?
InquisitorGaia: hows the new set
thirty_mtg: James left Graham all alone with the chat... he is scared
RAZRBCK08: we have to draw an island eventually right?
Damagicsausage: FrankerZ
InquisitorGaia: hi kathleen
RockPusher: kathle3HEX
tristan_lambo21: james probably went to find a theme snack rooDerp
ujai321: what is that shirt?
belteshazzar98: The Questing beast got both of them.
NarishmaReborn: go go deathtouch time!
Phosphatide: speedrun urinating
belteshazzar98: Hi Kathleen
chaostreader: Freeze it?
Phosphatide: get those splits
Ritaspirithntr: Oh!! That’s a pretty fox!! How many color variations does the fox have?
kband04: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:19:49.
kband04: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1d, 13:19:40. lrrSPOT
JustAMonkeyUK: Yes!
chaostreader: @ritaspirithntr 3?
JustAMonkeyUK: Sweet card advantage
Evochron13: no
Evochron13: indestructble
Evochron13: they addamant
korvys: !card outmuscle
LRRbot: Outmuscle [3G] | Sorcery | Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you control, then it fights target creature you don't control. / Adamant — If at least three green mana was spent to cast this spell, the creature you control gains indestructible until end of turn.
Easilycrazyhat: indestructible XD
Trollbonist: Indestruct :(
Korlashheirtoblackblade: it's adamant, that won't work out well
JustAMonkeyUK: No... indestructiible??? Noooooo
Evochron13: they used adamant
ujai321: so, the shirt?
belteshazzar98: Adamant gives indestructible
InquisitorGaia: ^
mowdownjoe: lrrSPOOP
DiscordianTokkan: Adamant indestructible
SolarBlitz1: Carriage for blockers?
Easilycrazyhat: Serpent can block and come back
JustAMonkeyUK: Legion, bounce?
Ritaspirithntr: Ok, so orange, white, and black for the fox?
chaostreader: ^
kband04: This stream has been live for a while
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I think lost legion then run away together after they go for the tap?
kband04: I was watching it at school around 11
chaostreader: Bear Suplex!
belteshazzar98: Instant
Korlashheirtoblackblade: let them go for the tap for lethal then run away together?
ujai321: how is that card not named bear suplex
JustAMonkeyUK: You want to entice the wheel tap ;p
RockPusher: I really wanna see how the fight with that bear progresses now that we are into the suplexing
korvys: Run Away with the Queen would keep a creature down for 5 turns
belteshazzar98: "I Suplex bear." - Surrak Dragonclaw
ujai321: top rope bear armdrop
ujai321: *elbow drop i meant to say
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RockPusher: All bears, straight suplexed
Huschel23: Watch out for a hasty Questing Beast
mowdownjoe: Ice and Carriage?
chaostreader: If they had drawn their Questing Beast we’d be dead.
kband04: What if it’s a 3/3?
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bristark: its a kathleen!! lrrKATHLEEN lrrKATHLEEN lrrKATHLEEN
Easilycrazyhat: Ice it
thornyberry: flash out the serpent
Authenticait: pro multicolor
rollingthunder91: Lol Ed Gein?
belteshazzar98: Multi color
historyman_admu: pro multicolor
korvys: pro MULTI
mowdownjoe: Play the Carriage.
Authenticait: ONLY MULTI
belteshazzar98: Not pro mono
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you can live if you play carriage
noSmokeFire: byee
RockPusher: lrrDARK
belteshazzar98: The mice are so cute
kband04: Why did they’re card sleeves change?
kband04: *their
JustAMonkeyUK: Are they... going to tap in response?
siriusward13: what does kathleen's shirt say?
ZachtlyAsIntended: That was thematic
RayFK: The flavor!
thornyberry: that is very flavorful of them
belteshazzar98: Oof
RockPusher: art synergy win
Serenus502: Wow, the flavor tho
belteshazzar98: It's midnight
kband04: I mean LRR’s
Mech51: is this sealed?
Ritaspirithntr: The glorious flavor!!!
Firnsarwen: This is Graham's draft deck, I'm pretty sure
chaostreader: We’re only mostly dead.
bristark: ooooo black fox pretty
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gamercat88: i really like lochmere serpent
Mech51: got it, thanks!
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Keizaron: GG, that was a great match
flouncy_magooo: @Keizaron Didn't know you played Magic. Love your Pokemon content!
LoadingReadyRun: @Keizaron yeah, great match for sure
SmashTCG: watch out g money, that deck might still have james curse on it
Keizaron: good luck with your future matches
ThatDangSkeleton: so, there's no way to like, use the packs you get from limited events like this outside of jut cracking them, right?
RockPusher: Keizaron amazing flavour win blowing up the carriage :D
El_Funko: Dear Streamer, what’s the hot tech to win all my games in this set?
ChefStephen: Will LRR go to C2E2 next year?
ThatDangSkeleton: I downloaded Arena just the other day and couldn't find a clear answer online
RayFK: @El_Funko Preorder from Card Kingdom dot com
iiimoonlightiiii: open the packs you win for us addicts mclandGasm
JustAMonkeyUK: @ThatDangSkeleton The best you can manage is... having all the rares in the set and getting gems from the boosters
RockPusher: A Kingdom of Cards!
korvys: @El_Funko People need to be able to see your face... I'm so sorry.
RockPusher: rayfkSanic rayfkKing
ZachtlyAsIntended: Card Kingdom: A barony of playables
Argumentable: should i ask for a button
Fruan: A Clean, Well Lit Place to Storm Out
Ritaspirithntr: Just visit the glorious Kingdom of Cards!!!
kband04: Yes you should ask for a button
belteshazzar98: Say "Button please."
Ridgenator: @LoadingReadyRun Is this sealed or draft?
kband04: What button is it rn?
belteshazzar98: @Ridgenator Sealed
iiimoonlightiiii: you've been really lucky getting that serpent every game honestly
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: It's the Trebucket Woman!
belteshazzar98: Bucket
Argumentable: Ah the new set, look at opponents hand, read for 5 minutes
Legendary19899: "at which to buy storm cards" pls
RockPusher: TPFufun
tonylowetv: Don’t forget to check the graveyard!
JustAMonkeyUK: I love that the Unexplained Vision is.... an elk. That requires some explanation but... nope... no explanation is forthcoming
kband04: How is that an uncommon?
RayFK: @kband04 It's currently the full control button, it's on CK's Twitter from yesterday
JustAMonkeyUK: Yes, you can adamant
flyingdelorion: you can cast everyting with that card not?
SharkwaveDave: You should, all you mana is any color for that spell
korvys: You are still spending blue mana, it's just being used for whatever.
Serenus502: You can adamant since you can generate blue mana
belteshazzar98: If you spen three blue you can adamant
chaostreader: If you get another blue source you can adamant.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you do if you spend three blue naturally I think
ZachtlyAsIntended: That THAT OP's attacks
Sannindi: You can 'use mana as if it were mana of any color', so... I would think yes?
ThatDangSkeleton: That was if you cast for FREE
korvys: Yes
Izhuark: I think so, yes.
JustAMonkeyUK: Correct. Treat it like it's a normal card in your hand and you're good to go with the adamant
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you wouldn't be able to say, cast a green card and get adamant
Vargen_HK: Adamant still looks at the mana that was actually spent, even though the mana cost no longer cares.
SolarBlitz1: If you use three Blue of your own, then yes. But you can't count 3 black as the blue
Evochron13: you can cast as if mana were any colour but adamant checks for what colours you actually spent
belteshazzar98: Correct. Luckily you can produce blue.
Mister_Skittles: how get fox pet?
rollingthunder91: Oh nice. An untap trebuchet deck. Wouldn't be surprised if we see some knights
flyingdelorion: ok, thanx for ecplaining people
VelvetFalcon: You're a streamer! And this is an event!
tristan_lambo21: i cant wait to play around with this set rooDevil
chaostreader: Discard?
chaostreader: None of their attacks are good right now.
iiimoonlightiiii: honestly feel like this set will be most fun in draft
VelvetFalcon: Is it a good drafting set?
frostownik: chat, I got some promo codes from Adam but I missed the memo on how to redeem. send help
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: @iiimoonlightiiii Every set is most fun in draft
Ridgenator: @frostownik You can't redeem them until thursday
JustAMonkeyUK: I feel like this new pet is a bit too jittery. Any damage sends it cowering...
chaostreader: @frostownik I think they go live Thursday.
seth_erickson: Lochmere Serpent is the card I want most from this set right now it's so cool
frostownik: makes sense, thanks!
iiimoonlightiiii: @velvetfalcon there's a lot of good synergies across this set, you're guaranteed to get a pretty decent deck every draft, which isnt always the case with some sets
JustAMonkeyUK: Gadwick... that means they 100% have the clock if our previous matches are any indication
Serenus502: Weird that you can reave the soul of a trebuchet
Ritaspirithntr: I do love the new art for Opt. Especially since a sword and tome are coming out of a keyhole even if it isn’t entirely on flavor with KH! ;)
Ferisar: the promo codes are XP boosters for the next track, so redeeming them now would be a bit counterintuitive :D @frostownik
seth_erickson: flash in Serpent
Ferisar: at least afaik
kband04: What does the serpent do?
korvys: !card Reaper of Night
LRRbot: Reaper of Night // Harvest Fear | Reaper of Night [5BB] | Creature — Specter [4/5] | Whenever Reaper of Night attacks, if defending player has two or fewer cards in hand, it gains flying until end of turn. // Harvest Fear [3B] | Sorcery — Adventure | Target opponent discards two cards.
chaostreader: !card loc serpent
LRRbot: Lochmere Serpent [4UB] | Creature — Serpent [7/7] | Flash / {U}, Sacrifice an Island: Lochmere Serpent can't be blocked this turn. / {B}, Sacrifice a Swamp: You gain 1 life and draw a card. / {U}{B}: Exile five target cards from an opponent's graveyard. Return Lochmere Serpent from your graveyard to your hand. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
historyman_admu: that bucket
belteshazzar98: Serpant does everything
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shadownova896: It's Trebucket, Graham
gamercat88: da try bucket doing work
seth_erickson: the serpent is absurd
73 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
Gascitygaming: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
historyman_admu: 7 points of damage to you?
hd_dabnado: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginRaid benginDab benginDab benginDab benginRaid benginDab benginDab benginDab benginRaid benginDab benginDab benginDab benginRaid benginDab benginDab benginDab benginRaid
Karakazik36: gram pplz its trebucket
ContingentCat: Hi Ben et al!
Ritaspirithntr: Hey it’s ben!!
gameslayer013: slytqHi
SolarBlitz1: That Tree Bouquet
historyman_admu: YAASSSS benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
demondrinkingtea: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
korvys: lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART
twitchhelpsmewin: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
frostownik: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
RockPusher: It's Ben
Fugi: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH wait wrong emotes
grgriffin3: Look at all these Ben people!
historyman_admu: counter
Korlashheirtoblackblade: say please graham
Korlashheirtoblackblade: just in case
ThatDangSkeleton: you did say please
Korlashheirtoblackblade: got there
RockPusher: benginFingers benginChaos benginHeart
historyman_admu: say please! lol
JustAMonkeyUK: Hi, Bengineering folk!
Kadenus: PogChamp
VelvetFalcon: @iiimoonlightiiii That's great! I did notice that the synergies seemed pretty open ended. While they're primarily mardu, there's knights in each color, and draw a second card in one turn isn't really a restrictive requirement. It seems like a really versatile set.
seth_erickson: Did you see Adam had a deck with 4 Revenge of the Ravens and a mirror made
belteshazzar98: You said please
seth_erickson: I think you make them discard two here
hd_dabnado: not much, Ben played constructed all stream and it was really good
seth_erickson: with the reaper
RayFK: It took me second to process that "Bog Naughty" was an actual card and not a nickname from you
kband04: Benfriends
Ritaspirithntr: Lol
ContingentCat: weird flex but ok
iiimoonlightiiii: @velvetfalcon sealed control and mono green are also proving to be pretty cohesive in this set, so don't feel limited to knights! while they certainly have good power, they can be shut down if built against!
ZachtlyAsIntended: @RayFK Right?! When I first heard it, I was like "Oh, what's that?"
JustAMonkeyUK: Feels like Revenge of Ravens is working overtime in this matchup
RayFK: Dude do you even need to DO the nicknames podcast for this set?
noSmokeFire: BOG naughty is just so fun to say
korvys: !card Revenge of Ravens
LRRbot: Revenge of Ravens [3B] | Enchantment | Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, that creature's controller loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
ContingentCat: I'm sure you'll find a way
JustAMonkeyUK: Try to work out the overly serious and dramatic names Wizards would have normally come up with
frostownik: Adam drafted like 4 Revenges seabatBRAIN
TheWooglie: This or that for this set is just nick name or real card
Fangren300: reverse nicknames: take the card names as
ujai321: that is what i mean... it could have been bear suplex, and it wouldnt even have been the most ridicolous name in the set
Fangren300: nicknames' and reverse engineer the 'real' names
Korlashheirtoblackblade: re-name every card like it was in a starter set
flyingdelorion: terence trent darby
JustAMonkeyUK: It's not Bog Naughty... it's Stalking Culinary Horror
ujai321: terence trent d'arby?
historyman_admu: oh nooooo
Ritaspirithntr: Yeah, just do reverse nicknames. Instead of silly nicknames do serious ones!!
SharkwaveDave: LUL
seth_erickson: He also had a mirror made to make a 5th copy
noSmokeFire: !human or artifact
hd_dabnado: im going to laugh
hd_dabnado: ha
ThatDangSkeleton: neither, dragon has no targets
jubale1: sealed?
satyropodobny: har har har
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flyingdelorion: no we are dancer
ujai321: !card giant skewer
LRRbot: Giant's Skewer [1B] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +2/+1. / Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a creature, create a Food token. / Equip {3}
Robot_Bones: Half Dancer on my mothers side
ujai321: oh man skewer is great with multiblocks
RayFK: I don't know if I want to visit after all this bog naughty
kband04: Are we human, or are we dancer?
JustAMonkeyUK: Funnily enough, I'm also called Adam and I plan on drafting the heck out of that enchantment
belteshazzar98: Hi again lrrKATHLEEN
Korlashheirtoblackblade: to be fair, you need not fear an army of 1/1s
ContingentCat: "Naughty bog" also sounds like a alternate term for "swamp ass"
Ritaspirithntr: Why can’t we be both?
SolarBlitz1: A slapperdash Hingerdap
Ferisar: the knight alternative is are we human, or are we lancers
Oecking: I actually tried making a "Dancer" cmdr deck, but there weren't enough cards for the theme. lrrAWW
frostownik: oh, cumberbatch weaselplease untaps the bucket
jubale1: or neither?
gamercat88: peckable you say
iiimoonlightiiii: kathleeeeen!!!
RockPusher: No! My cookies!
belteshazzar98: !revenge of ravens
NotCainNorAbel: and that's how nicknames happen
Diabore: adam had 4 revenge earlier today
seth_erickson: Adam had three of those on the battlefield at some point
JustAMonkeyUK: Revenge of Raisins: Whenever you're attacked, make a food.
ContingentCat: up in my combination oatmeal cookies?
belteshazzar98: !card revenge of ravens
LRRbot: Revenge of Ravens [3B] | Enchantment | Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, that creature's controller loses 1 life and you gain 1 life.
seth_erickson: against an opponent who played three gingerbrutes
belteshazzar98: Everything
JustAMonkeyUK: Love the glowing blue eyes from below the water
seth_erickson: that clip is stellar
chaostreader: Start trying to get food with the equipment?
alexmoongod: two punches from serpent and they're dead
historyman_admu: why dont we attack with lochmere unblockable
historyman_admu: that's a 2 turn clock
chaostreader: Three turn.
Phoenyxs: Heylow annaHeyguys
SharkwaveDave: you're dead if they have a knight
TheWooglie: That clip oshiGasm lrrCOW
Sir_Bongs_A_Lot: iamsocal
Ferisar: does swamp eating get health?
ujai321: !card belle of the brawl
LRRbot: Belle of the Brawl [2B] | Creature — Human Knight [3/2] | Menace / Whenever Belle of the Brawl attacks, other Knights you control get +1/+0 until end of turn.
Sannindi: You can gain life with the serpent, right?
kband04: Awr nawr
ZachtlyAsIntended: sac lands off the serpent
SharkwaveDave: sac all oyur swamps lol
JustAMonkeyUK: Swamp eating gets health... hopefully you hit something relevant?
chaostreader: You can get Bog Naughty back. As a 4/4.
historyman_admu: don't
historyman_admu: ogre errant makes menace knights
everlarkHS: the red cap can pump so you need to be able to block it too
Dr_fragenstien: the ogre can give menace, you want to have more blockers
noSmokeFire: step one: don't die
Korlashheirtoblackblade: need to be scared of the weaselback + menace granting dude
JustAMonkeyUK: Boo-urns
SharkwaveDave: rip
Fangren300: gg
Dr_fragenstien: GG
historyman_admu: RIP
ContingentCat: welp
kband04: Oof
queenfounder: Still dead, right? Oh and yes
PlusDY: gg
JustAMonkeyUK: I mean... you had the right line for that board state
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: again!
queenfounder: ANOTHA
JustAMonkeyUK: So... black?
gamercat88: it is real good card
noSmokeFire: Prankle
korvys: Prankle
Serenus502: Prankle, Master of Ranks
gamercat88: Rankle the Frankle or Prankles
ThatDangSkeleton: It's just a prank bro
ujai321: christine sprankle, master of prankle
seth_erickson: Looking like Green Black here in the rares
historyman_admu: questing beast though
inFluxButCooler: I
historyman_admu: golgari??
TheWooglie: Commander that one
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: symetrical Magic cards are fair
JustAMonkeyUK: Don't forget the black knight! He's invincible!
inFluxButCooler: Everything
northos: BG let's gooooo
Diabore: so bg it is
grgriffin3: So, BG
Fangren300: jesus that's good
Gscheytt : best draw ever
gamercat88: beast is so big!
1losttheGame: GREEN HASTE
Izhuark: those rare are crazy so far
Easilycrazyhat: Questing beast is long winded
RockPusher: What're you going to do, bleed on me‽
drfox17: heeey Kathleen
ContingentCat: yikes
SharkwaveDave: no downsides
SolarBlitz1: 4/4 for 4 too
Musherino: questing beast is BUSTED
belteshazzar98: GG Graham. You win.
1losttheGame: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Syntheticuh: power creep gabyWow
gamercat88: beast mode activated
chaostreader: Rankle is themed after Puck, so probably a they.
PinkFlashu: holy moly
thornyberry: it seems okay
ThatDangSkeleton: "please play this card in standard, WOTC"
kband04: Welp
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: That beast is on a quest to MESS YOU UP!
Easilycrazyhat: Go BG
Mister_Skittles: I wanna run that and the "puck" analogue with new garruk in standard
Jensling: That sounds like "Powercreep"
drfox17: What did Penelope think of your look on Friday?
queenfounder: Black green regardless of the pool, right?
Robot_Bones: So, you like Rules text
kband04: Golgari time
Trollbonist: BG fooood
huffer1990: Build it for command fest
JustAMonkeyUK: Just... don't even look at the other colours
Diabore: gettem
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Kramburger: Subbing here because subbing during the PPR and adding to the ridiculous sub train felt mean
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Kaszoski: All the food
Alterus1990: so I went to eat in a nearby village, returned, and the stream is still running. Kudos to Graham's endurance
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: good lord, the deck is building itself.
JustAMonkeyUK: This deck already looks busted
korvys: !card Return to Nature
LRRbot: Return to Nature [1G] | Instant | Choose one — / • Destroy target artifact. / • Destroy target enchantment. / • Exile target card from a graveyard.
AZBYD: nice a questing beast
historyman_admu: bye kathleen!
I_Am_Clockwork: it's butterber! What from those Lord of the Ring books!
noSmokeFire: An Adventure to the Food Court
Diabore: added a red card my accident @LoadingReadyRun
Dr_fragenstien: the broom is good with food tokens
Diabore: by*
Trollbonist: I wonder if this is the deck that wants oven...
queenfounder: And it put in THREE mountains as a result oh my
belteshazzar98: Oven!
SolarBlitz1: Solid pool overall
JustAMonkeyUK: That's about right if you genuinely want to splash a single good red card
huffer1990: Go blue
Dr_fragenstien: oven and broom are both worth considering
Trollbonist: I'd cut spider
queenfounder: What’s that Simic hybrid card?
chaostreader: !card oven
LRRbot: Found 14 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
JustAMonkeyUK: @queenfounder it's some crazy turtle monster with 3 mouths
drfox17: yeah, I don't like to sub during LRL or PPRs because I feel bad. Ya'll have reservations!
frostownik: @queenfounder draws you cards for casting spells with cmc 5+
gamercat88: 6 or so
Alterus1990 subscribed at Tier 1.
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satyropodobny: how many times edgelord triggers?
Ritaspirithntr: Geez this pull
JustAMonkeyUK: Also... draws card when you cast cards that cost 5 or more
queenfounder: Thanks
historyman_admu: isn't your higher end too much?
RockPusher: LRR stops reading sub messages to cut down on sub welcomes, chat says "Hold my beer!"
Ritaspirithntr: Heading out, thanks for the magics!!
Dr_fragenstien: weapon rack is also fun with oathsworn knighyt
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh god... it has more than 3 mouths
ujai321: bless you
gamercat88: bless you
Ritaspirithntr: Looking forward to prerelease!
Diabore: so 2 busted mythics, 1 busted rare, and 1 very good rare, cool coolcoolcool
PlusDY: bless you
frostownik: gesundheit!
ContingentCat: gesundheit
Trollbonist: How many adventures do you have?
GrumpyOldFarts: noble is pretty good with the broom
noSmokeFire: well, graham, you need food to live
frostownik: @GrumpyOldFarts don't nobles have people for that?
Dr_fragenstien: you might not have space for some of those fun artifacts
Trollbonist: I think acolyte can go
JustAMonkeyUK: I look forward to the terrible deck I draft that includes that broom
iiimoonlightiiii: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1d, 17:13:26. lrrSPOT
Izhuark: broom plus oven seems really fun...
seth_erickson: If you play broom I think you need to play oven
Pharmacistjudge: Are adventures doing a good job at being mana sinks?
queenfounder: Inverted bell curve for mana. Adventures are weird
Dr_fragenstien: that's fair, your deck is already great without them
queenfounder: Is that too many 2 drops for the food enchantment
satyropodobny: oven is great with the cat
JustAMonkeyUK: Rankle + broom combo :P
belteshazzar98: I want an Oven/Broom chores standard deck
Trollbonist: This deck looks sweet as a cookie
JustAMonkeyUK: I never claimed it was a good combo, though
frostownik: !card broom
LRRbot: Sorcerer's Broom [2] | Artifact Creature — Spirit [2/1] | Whenever you sacrifice another permanent, you may pay {3}. If you do, create a token that's a copy of Sorcerer's Broom.
Izhuark: too bad that we are dropping the food theme but G/B value is always good
Trollbonist: How's Penelope doing nowadays Graham? Still able to keep up with her? :)
1losttheGame: like actually more chairs?
MAPBoardgames: Goodbye Chair. You were a good co-host
Vyous: Finally replacing the racing chair? Kappa
korvys: !quote penelope
LRRbot: Quote #1590: "Waaaaaaa..." —Penelope [2016-01-17]
queenfounder: No backseat gaming from that chair. Valuable co host
korvys: ha
loudwalrus: !card forever
LRRbot: Did you mean: Together Forever; Forever Young
noSmokeFire: awww
iammorthos: Chairs? Don’t you have enough laurels to rest upon?
Trollbonist: Big sad :(
gamercat88: does Penelope still like pokemon?
loudwalrus: !card forever young
LRRbot: Forever Young [1B] | Sorcery | Put any number of target creature cards from your graveyard on top of your library. / Draw a card.
HondoTrigger: when can we expect Adam's Gamehaus to be replaced with Penelope's Gamehaus? Kappa
gamercat88: that is awesome! :D
SharkwaveDave: LUL
Fangren300: big brain play from opponent
noSmokeFire: the curious pair ate gingerbrute
frostownik: !card gingerbrute
LRRbot: Gingerbrute [1] | Artifact Creature — Food Golem [1/1] | Haste / {1}: Gingerbrute can't be blocked this turn except by creatures with haste. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Gingerbrute: You gain 3 life.
Trollbonist: That's an oops, methinks
1losttheGame: !card gingerbrute
LRRbot: Gingerbrute [1] | Artifact Creature — Food Golem [1/1] | Haste / {1}: Gingerbrute can't be blocked this turn except by creatures with haste. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Gingerbrute: You gain 3 life.
northos: hax?!
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh wow... the fox even reacts when your creatures take damage
Trollbonist: They broke into the server!! :o
queenfounder: Forgot about the activation. I huess
satyropodobny: hans and gretel ate the cookie
belteshazzar98: They might be from WOTC instead?
frostownik: there's nobles and peasants
queenfounder: Shh. No questions
JustAMonkeyUK: Quick! Hack MTG Arena servers! They can't stop us all!
ujai321: a glitch in the matrix
korvys: The Curious Pair are so hot right now.
JustAMonkeyUK: Scry later is better anyway... lands instantly go to the bottom
noSmokeFire: naruto run into eldraine
1losttheGame: its how i hack all my games Graham.
queenfounder: Can someone explain why that adventure is useful? I know it is but I haven’t really seen it yet
JustAMonkeyUK: Which one... the colour filter or the discard, draw?
queenfounder: The pay G to get G
Diabore: just run full bore into the internet outlet, should work like harry potter
chaostreader: Adamant.
historyman_admu: destroy the well!
Kramburger: NO, we Naruto HACK. We hack with both arms (and the keyboard) behind our back so the FBI watching through our webcams can't see what we're typing
frostownik: fixing or storm
SharkwaveDave: I'd save it
inFluxButCooler: I mean they might have a faerie that gets counters
korvys: @queenfounder Fixing mana? For splashes or Adamant
Trollbonist: Two cards feels pretty relevant when they're behind.
belteshazzar98: Kill the well
goth_king_: hold it
Alterus1990: save
Zebunisher: let them have their wish
Dr_fragenstien: @queenfounder it can be useful to splash colors
chaostreader: @queenfounder It’s for any color. Not just G
JustAMonkeyUK: @Kramburger I think you broke it
Amentur: I'm happy that the raid didn't take place but somewhat sad that only around 2000 people showed up lrrSLOTH
queenfounder: Ah. Well that explains that
Trollbonist: It's a good VOD
inFluxButCooler: Uh oh the castle
JustAMonkeyUK: You also played adamant fruit (the black card draw) because of the G filter
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: This PPR was excellent, btw
noSmokeFire: if it wasn't attached to a creature it would be be BAD, but instead it's there when you need it, and a dork if you don't
Dr_fragenstien: yeah, it is also great for adamant
MAPBoardgames: nom nom nom!
noSmokeFire: plus adventure synergies
AlienNanobots: I was watching the PPR vod just last night
Diabore: is witchstalker to good for common?
AlienNanobots: Probably what I'd be doing now if it weren't for this stream
MadWolf1290: awe, look at that cute little food create animation
queenfounder: Such a good boy. Immediately finds you a food
JustAMonkeyUK: I think you making that play made me realise the value of that adventure
historyman_admu: yeah the food animation is soo good
JustAMonkeyUK: So... watch the preprerelease for all the important lessons
frostownik: @Diabore it's mini thragtusk, so borderline too good
Dr_fragenstien: go stalk some beans
historyman_admu: Nice
Dr_fragenstien: double top to make them nervous Kappa
Diabore: witchstalker would be a good uncommon, it seems absurd at common
queenfounder: Yeah you’re gonna shuffle
Juliamon: The LRR PPR: We Fumble With New Cards, So You Don't Have To
HondoTrigger: it has affinity LOL
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh wow... did they just mill all their sweet cards
noSmokeFire: The LRR PPR: A circus of value, VALUE, VALUE!
belteshazzar98: The well
Alterus1990: I love PPRs but tend to hold asleep around the middle
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The value is a whole day of LRR. Getting to learn how the cards play is just a bonus.
Diabore: oh they comboing
Fangren300: wow, nice
Alterus1990: They're at night my timr
Pharmacistjudge: And you have people who can answer your questions pharma2Vial
JustAMonkeyUK: Emry seems absurd to me
thyeggman: Return to nature exiles cards from graveyards
noSmokeFire: Hrrgh. Colonel. My opponent is cycling witching well.
JustAMonkeyUK: Single blue mana for a huge card advantage engine??
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Return can excile it
Diabore: why legion?
Dr_fragenstien: @LoadingReadyRun speaking of the PPR, I loved having the Friday Nights premiere in the middle :)
MadWolf1290: I was LITERALLY typing that
frostownik: !card merchant of the vale
LRRbot: Merchant of the Vale // Haggle | Merchant of the Vale [2R] | Creature — Human Peasant [2/3] | {2}{R}, Discard a card: Draw a card. // Haggle [R] | Instant — Adventure | You may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.
queenfounder: Friday Nights in the middle was a great idea
historyman_admu: oh my that land is not tapped?!
historyman_admu: nice
Diabore: !card forever young
LRRbot: Forever Young [1B] | Sorcery | Put any number of target creature cards from your graveyard on top of your library. / Draw a card.
ujai321: have a name yet?
JustAMonkeyUK: Crazy land alert... just noticed castle locthwain...
Fangren300: Kappa used all their blue mana
Diabore: i think i wanna brew with forever young, seems like a better clear the mind in constructed
seth_erickson: Graham have you seen Brazen Borrower's animation
1MrGhost: Is there no overlay?
queenfounder: Not yet.
JustAMonkeyUK: I'm still a fan of the Konrad + Forever Young combo
ShaneLeeAtk: I have enjoyed reliving the PPR in my professional setting unbeknownst to my boss.
Diabore: not updated yet @1MrGhost
SharkwaveDave: exile form graveyard
Dr_fragenstien: I kinda wish return to nature was "Choose one and make a food"
noSmokeFire: do they just want food?
Amentur: Deckmaster will need an update before anything
1MrGhost: Thx
inFluxButCooler: Just exile the witching well?
Kadenus: to eat him
queenfounder: That whimper
Diabore: its a repeatable food
belteshazzar98: They can eat him
historyman_admu: yeah witching well is a better target
MAPBoardgames: It's not an artifact
RockPusher: A farcical aquatic ceremony!
korvys: @MAPBoardgames The Well is...
MAPBoardgames: witching well is a blue enchant, right?
noSmokeFire: the everlasting gobstopper
noSmokeFire: a blartifact
MAPBoardgames: Oh. I sit corrected
Izhuark: even worse repeatable chumpblocking food
JustAMonkeyUK: They are doing coloured artifacts in Throne and, from now on
JustAMonkeyUK: E.g.... that equipment there
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goth_king_: hi, I'd like to give my dog this weapon
PlusDY: The border on blue artifacts looks very similar to colorless artifacts
PlusDY: Same with white ones
Dr_fragenstien: I really underestimated Giant's skewer for limited
Diabore: puppy has a stabby syik
Diabore: stick*
JustAMonkeyUK: Did that wolf really need to be armed?
kumatsu: put it in the wolf's Very Large Mouth
noSmokeFire: in Eldraine, wolf hunt you!
kiraki42: more foods
MAPBoardgames: colored artifacts; mind = blown
JustAMonkeyUK: Does it skewer food or just devour it whole?
Diabore: this is 2 food right?
BloodnBullets: the wolf probably things its a great decision
queenfounder: I think the black artifacts just look like colorless artifacts until I see a colorless artifact again
chaostreader: He’s a good boy with a stick.
frostownik: it's like when in Mirrodin the new white frame looked really similar to the artifact one. in an artifact set.
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh man... shish kebab
Dr_fragenstien: using it now means drawing them soomer
hd_dabnado: i think you wanna play the giant
TriseAlpha: Welcome to the new Adventure Zone
JustAMonkeyUK: Wait... is that Syr Konrad?
queenfounder: But next turn you could giant?
Diabore: is that the longest chain now?
Huschel23: @frostownik: I disliked that so much, it kind of made me quit Magic for a while. Until Lorwyn
JustAMonkeyUK: The new sub
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breadisbest1: What is the average t-shirt of LRR?
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JustAMonkeyUK: Oh... you said comrade
CannotWynn: @Huschel23 A shame, they fixed it before the end of Mirrodin block
breadisbest1: asking for a mail time
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: @breadisbest1 Two arm holes, one head hole...
noSmokeFire: !card bonecrusher giant
LRRbot: Bonecrusher Giant // Stomp | Bonecrusher Giant [2R] | Creature — Giant [4/3] | Whenever Bonecrusher Giant becomes the target of a spell, Bonecrusher Giant deals 2 damage to that spell's controller. // Stomp [1R] | Instant — Adventure | Damage can't be prevented this turn. Stomp deals 2 damage to any target.
MAPBoardgames: I'd say the average t-shirt content is desertbus
frostownik: gesundheit!
RockPusher: benginDab danicaDab
historyman_admu: bless you
PlusDY: bless you
breadisbest1: thanks
Molladia: Party150 Hi Graham, Bless you
ujai321: gesundheit
twitchhelpsmewin: benginDab
ContingentCat: gesudheit
Zebunisher: gesundheit
megaflycraft: oh no, bless you
TriseAlpha: Wel dabbed
noSmokeFire: love the hygiene dab
Kyubikirby: rooDab
Huschel23: Yeah. But I also just wasn't a fan of an artifact block. Still prefer my cards to be colorful. So I guess I should be happy about colored artifacts ,eh
JustAMonkeyUK: That awkward thing of "the average size is Large, but we're all either medium or XL"
queenfounder: But the cotton tarrif?
eharber1: finally get to watch some live content
Huschel23: (shame I missed Ravnica though)
Legendary19899: what are the average, mean, and median t shirt sizes
frostownik: @Huschel23 a shame you missed a very colorful set in Ravnica
chaostreader: Oh. Yeah. Don’t send shirts across the border.
Alterus1990: average=mean
noSmokeFire: can we get a box and whisker plot of LRR's t-shirts?
Alterus1990: you mean mode
Dr_fragenstien: fake nerd Kappa
SmashTCG: gramg
Legendary19899: nah the average on LRR is pretty friendly @Alterus1990 :)
1losttheGame: fake star wars fan everyone Kappa
TriseAlpha: It's a castle in a swamp. The strongest one in these isles!
Nigouki: speaking of mail time, is it getting too close to desertbus to be filling the moonbase with other boxes? would it be better to hold off until after DB?
Aztren: its all right, we know you like Star Trek more
Sogheim: PrideGive PrideWingL lrrGRAHAM PrideWingR PrideTake oh hey it's Graham
SolarBlitz1: I see the Genies Lamp more in it after someone mentioned it at the PPR
rogerivany: Is this sealed or draft?
SmashTCG: how did you forgot what castle did you used it in multiple games at the ppr
JustAMonkeyUK: Welcome to my secret lair on bonecrusher giant
1losttheGame: sealed
chaostreader: Sealed.
noSmokeFire: new deck who dis
frostownik: it's sealed, but with a crazy pool
Fangren300: the ol' 2-mana draw 4
BloodnBullets: ooo is that a new fox pet with the new set?
queenfounder: Don’t need him!
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TriseAlpha: c'est ce fuck?
Diabore: questing beast, ranker, troll, and black knight
1losttheGame: they arent VI?
historyman_admu: hacker? lol
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DeFeoBoutique: lrrGRAHAM lrrJAMES
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historyman_admu: no that is a star destroyer
belteshazzar98: And they would be in Orange if they were staff rather than streamer.
Legendary19899: dalaran
Arigato_Corleone: wow.
Dr_fragenstien: is it? 1,001 nights could be considered fairy tales, but doesn't quite makes sense in this setting
rogerivany: Looks like a long teapot to me
BloodnBullets: I know its the wrong ship but "this is a fully operational battle station"
chaostreader: It looks like the Halberd from Kirby
Izhuark: 1001 night is not really in flavor for the set, tbh.
Diabore: swing out?
SharkwaveDave: should've swung with everything
Lithobraker: simic flash, simic flash, I love playing simic flash
Diabore: swing out wins if no tricks right?
Porsgaard81: !witchstalker
JustAMonkeyUK: Food on board
Lithobraker: attack with a flier, no you don't, merfolk trickster takes you down to earth
Porsgaard81: !card witchstalker
LRRbot: Witchstalker [1GG] | Creature — Wolf [3/3] | Hexproof / Whenever an opponent casts a blue or black spell during your turn, put a +1/+1 counter on Witchstalker.
Lithobraker: look out! it's simic flash
Alterus1990: white is more like Breugel's painting. that is logical since it's five different types of visual art. G=Western animation R=anime B=live action movie U=video game W=painting
noSmokeFire: !card fierce witchstalker
LRRbot: Fierce Witchstalker [2GG] | Creature — Wolf [4/4] | Trample / When Fierce Witchstalker enters the battlefield, create a Food token.
MAPBoardgames: Is this a combat engagement or a picnic?
SharkwaveDave: dig for questing beast
Alterus1990: (pet theory)
Porsgaard81: Ah, thanks @noSmokeFire
BloodnBullets: as a red player I am rather worried about food tokens making games grindy.
historyman_admu: such a grindy game
JustAMonkeyUK: For some reason... I just want to win some games with a huge pile of food. Like... 20 food in play as I swing out for the win
Lithobraker: MAPBoardgames we are the picnic and they are the ants
Akaiatana: The password is fooduciary
queenfounder: I don’t know how mono red was meant to do after rotation but food is gonna make it hurt
Diabore: they have to take prophet
SharkwaveDave: They should've had a food token win-con card
Diabore: sorry, my b
Porsgaard81: I predict that food won't have an impact in standard.
queenfounder: If you gain 21 life from food you win the game
TriseAlpha: The other, lovely side-effect of Adventure cards. While cards are on an Adventure, they are still accessible, but aren't in your hand.
Arigato_Corleone: but oko?
Alterus1990: @lithobraker This is the water, and this is the well.
JustAMonkeyUK: Oko will make food relevant
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mathgeek090: New set, my birthday., 2 months?........what a month September was
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goth_king_: give the kids the stick and pump a nerd
SmashTCG: how much is the equip?
JustAMonkeyUK: Also the goose?
historyman_admu: skewer and counters
SharkwaveDave: Oko turns food into 3/3s
historyman_admu: what james said
belteshazzar98: Buff Hansel and Gretel. Swing with everything
Izhuark: @queenfounder Food is way too slow to really impact mono-red gameplan, i don't now if mono-red will be tier one like it was at the beginning of the last sets but it will be a solid tier 2 at the very least.
Kadenus: rip qb
Spacecarl: give those kids a weapon and send them in!
SharkwaveDave: RIP
Dr_fragenstien: standard will see food, but not for lifegain. There's quite a few cards that turn artifacts into 4/4, oko will turn them into 3/3s, and the new dragon noble from brawl loves them too
belteshazzar98: So rude
Lithobraker: So... Anyone have a good lead on a company that can print cards of stiff edible paper with edible ink? Asking for a friend
queenfounder: Manners
TriseAlpha: Going around, casting spells at people without their permission... shame!
Easilycrazyhat: Those are some stronk kids
deano901: so whos going to make a EDH deck around food tokens?
noSmokeFire: hansel and gretel have tasted blood
korvys: If food is going to be a big deal, maybe people start playing Tibalt?
frostownik: @Lithobraker probably any bakery which does custom cakes
seth_erickson: tibalt seems some play in mono red
belteshazzar98: @deano901 I'm looking at a food/treasure/clue deck
queenfounder: How’d getting the chairs go, James
GrenFire5: shock of the top kills them
sivakrytos: what did you get chairs for
GrenFire5: off
1losttheGame: why chairs?
historyman_admu: hmm, wonder why they didn't scry first before tome?
queenfounder: That sounds good
queenfounder: Well that was a fear
deano901: interesting I've been wanting to do a tresure deck but never got round to it
Arigato_Corleone: he was mentioning how he dodged certain defeat at the chair store and moonwalked on the caution slippery when wet area
Diabore: you would not BELIEVE the adventure he had
ZachtlyAsIntended: That's a very sturdy lad
noSmokeFire: big pie
Leedopo: bump in the night kills them AND is in black.
RockPusher: James runs into an enclave of radical anit-chairists
SmashTCG: big pie
Lithobraker: Frostownik the issue is that that tends to be very thin ricepaper. so the only way to make it stiff is to put cake under it, and that causes crumbs which would be rude at a LGS
SolarBlitz1: I think we can upgrade this picnic to 'Dinner function'
Amentur: Pie with lots of fiber
SharkwaveDave: You used it
kalateth: That is one heck of a pie if giant is the filling...
Kadenus: you have 12 life worth of food though
Akaiatana: They drew a card off Tome Raider, so the pie may have been fresh drawn
ContingentCat: @RockPusher ah yes Big couch is a menace
korvys: Now he's a Cassoulet Giant
TriseAlpha: It's no coincidence the Food set is full of flavor.
Kadenus: this is gonna be a long one
belteshazzar98: @deano901 It's basically going to be an artifact token payoff deck. Those three are the easiest to get in large amounts.
rogerivany: Sooo, this set is grindy?
Fangren300: oh boy another combo with emry
frostownik: @Lithobraker stick'em to a thin wafer!
queenfounder: Food makes games grindy for sure
SharkwaveDave: wow
JustAMonkeyUK: Wait... what
Diabore: we have an 8/8
korvys: You have some bomb rares, right?
Dr_fragenstien: you still have all your rare bombs
JustAMonkeyUK: I went to the bathroom when I thought the game was over and.... what?
historyman_admu: we have a tempting witch
SmashTCG: any direct damage or removal?
Lithobraker: kalateth it's like strawberry flavor, they killed the giant just for the small gland. the rest went to waste
historyman_admu: direct damage to the face
1losttheGame: hold out? i think this isnt a lost cause
Dr_fragenstien: and questing beast
Diabore: rankle is a 3/3
frostownik: the hot soup carriers is a sneakily good card
JustAMonkeyUK: Questing Beast in the bin
1losttheGame: beast is in the graveyard
SolarBlitz1: I think we took out the couldron
SharkwaveDave: RIP
Trollbonist: Oh noooo, they get beast!
korvys: Maybe?
1losttheGame: thats bad
Dr_fragenstien: :(
belteshazzar98: I think so
Fangren300: gg
frostownik: nope, it's not, mixed it up with the haste thing
Lithobraker: soo.... does covetous urge go into any form of 8 rack?
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh wait... that guy is much bigger
CannotWynn: Opp's deck is stacked
Vyous: I disagree opponent.
Trollbonist: Are they splashing for something?
ZachtlyAsIntended: I mean, they have a LOT of land
RassilonDND: was that a misclick?
belteshazzar98: They done messed up
Alterus1990: Apparently there are even more busted sealed pools
Nematodan: it's a 9/9 though
Dr_fragenstien: the giant is a 9/9
queenfounder: That’s a 9/9
SharkwaveDave: Did they not read questing beast? lol
frostownik: that play was as shifty as the lack of VIP in their name
rogerivany: What's the red for?
Dr_fragenstien: just a 9/9 is basically the abyss
satyropodobny: lrrFINE
DrasonSpike: maybe they have Synergy with it?
Akaiatana: Opponent is a has-bean
goth_king_: rankle off the top for a win?
frostownik: @rogerivany ther was a dragon and a merchant
JustAMonkeyUK: Wow Emry is so good
JustAMonkeyUK: Seriously... that fox cries at everything
belteshazzar98: Maybe they are four or five color
JustAMonkeyUK: It's so much better rendered than the elemental cat but.... calm down
Akaiatana: Yeah, it should start giving zero foxx
Kadenus: sayonara emry
Dr_fragenstien: clackbridge is an 8/8
Fangren300: troll is an 8/8
SmashTCG: why not play the dude an equip
korvys: Also kills Prankle
SolarBlitz1: Rankle is also a 3/3 I think?
Dr_fragenstien: but prankle is a 3/3
Trollbonist: Troll is honking big
Alterus1990: people who think fox is too emotional haven't seen a fox in their lives
satyropodobny: how does adventure work with giant here?
Arigato_Corleone: i can't recall a 5/3 in the set hmm
Fangren300: huh
SmashTCG: you want him to kill the knight
korvys: Wait... does that work? Wow
queenfounder: Any idea when arena will get new decks with the new standard? Because all those you get at the start will rotate out
frostownik: 0 cards found where the set is “eld” and the power = 5 and the toughness = 3
SmashTCG: so rankle is lethal
Kadenus: omg now they need green
korvys: Oh, now they need green
Dr_fragenstien: there isn't any control in exile,
DeFeoBoutique: 11/11?
DeFeoBoutique: rip
JustAMonkeyUK: OMG
Dr_fragenstien: LUL
SharkwaveDave: LUL
belteshazzar98: They don't have green
XivXiyan: LUL
1losttheGame: PERFECT
Fangren300: PogChamp
Kadenus: the greed misplays
Nameless_Sword: well played, well played
belteshazzar98: LUL
chaostreader: There is own though.
Easilycrazyhat: oopsies
JustAMonkeyUK: LUL
ContingentCat: whoops
Akaiatana: Opponent lost stalk of what was going on
belteshazzar98: lrrFINE
goth_king_: kill the witch and win
Dr_fragenstien: they should've searched for a forest Kappa
Easilycrazyhat: kill them?
Diabore: reave witch and they crack food
korvys: !card tempting witch
LRRbot: Tempting Witch [2B] | Creature — Human Warlock [1/3] | When Tempting Witch enters the battlefield, create a Food token. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice a Food: Target player loses 3 life.
SmashTCG: op really threw away their game
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Kadenus: pog
Kadenus: faren is way better for us imo
Dr_fragenstien: OP hasn't lost yet, they still have that 5/5
Nameless_Sword: now we play... the waiting game...
Kramburger: If I was a single lady, I'd have Tempting Witch as a photo on my tinder profile
Dr_fragenstien: it says another
Diabore: no they dont, another
korvys: Another
rogerivany: Another creature
SharkwaveDave: No, it's another
JustAMonkeyUK: So now it's rankle for instawin?
SmashTCG: another
Kadenus: with the equipment they pump another creature for 4
Dr_fragenstien: oh
ContingentCat: it's ok, words are hard
TriseAlpha: As long as you don't need any more Vespine Gas
XivXiyan: PogChamp100 100 bitties for some of my favorite people!
Dr_fragenstien: but low enough to be unable to activate locthwain
Diabore: if only theyd drawn 1 card
Diabore: i mean, they can attack with 5/5 and chump for a turn
TheMerricat: Subway400 bonus40 wow, still going. Been a long day hasn't it?
Kadenus: woowie
JustAMonkeyUK: That beanstalk giant is just sitting there taunting them now...
korvys: !card Clackbridge
LRRbot: Clackbridge Troll [3BB] | Creature — Troll [8/8] | Trample, haste / When Clackbridge Troll enters the battlefield, target opponent creates three 0/1 white Goat creature tokens. / At the beginning of combat on your turn, any opponent may sacrifice a creature. If a player does, tap Clackbridge Troll, you gain 3 life, and you draw a card.
Trollbonist: Click clack break their back
frostownik: so it's a way better desecration demon
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Akaiatana: If we kill them, we goat there
Dr_fragenstien: desicration demon on so may steroids is can't fly anymore
korvys: They're paying you the toll
Diabore: so its either an abyss with draw a card, or abyss with trample
Kramburger: *Due to illness, tonight the part of Card Recogniser will be played by Korvys*
SharkwaveDave: giant's skewer has made a lot of food this game
JustAMonkeyUK: Opponent got bored
frostownik: demon skipped their wing day
Fangren300: LUL
Elseleth: This set seems interesting, a lot of aggro cards but then quite a bit of lifegain to offset it
SharkwaveDave: LUL
XivXiyan: gg
chaostreader: Feeding the beef machine.
mrshazboto: oh WOW how did clackbridge and giant skewer synergy never click with me
MAPBoardgames: That was a slog
belteshazzar98: Fancy concede. Respect.
Halvhir: That was a heck of a game o_o
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: victory!
Akaiatana: Goat there!
SolarBlitz1: That was a grind
Trollbonist: It wasn't a tap tap concede, but close enough for government work
SolarBlitz1: Restart client?
ZachtlyAsIntended: That game was intense
JustAMonkeyUK: I'm a fan of grindy formats. This sealed format looks like it delivers
korvys: @Kramburger It's mostly cause I have the resolution down low, so can't read the cards
historyman_admu: watching looked at their stream. apparently canadians too lol
TriseAlpha: Geez
XivXiyan: this deck is nuts
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh yeah... never drew rankle or the oathsworn knight
Trollbonist: Two mythic, two rare deck. Seems dece.
d782: how did we win?
d782: i misse dit
coopdawg_22: I’m not hyped for limited gps possibly going to time in sealed rounds
JustAMonkeyUK: Massive 8/8
frostownik: @d782 opp killed themselves with castle lochtwain
TriseAlpha: Killed their combo piece
Diabore: @d782 they activated their land
Trollbonist: Ruh roh
d782: ah i missed the troll
TheMerricat: @d782 they 'fell on their sword' after we had overwhelming power
ExhaustedElox: Hey, Graham.
CannotWynn: The one thing about this format is that Food makes it look grindy as all hell. This excites me, because I already play long grindy games. I will accrue all the slow play warnings.
Nyx_fire: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Resident Evil 7) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (29m from now).
MAPBoardgames: TriseAlpha has it. Killed their combo
SolarBlitz1: Try clicking out and 'Dont save changes'?
ExhaustedElox: Hey, James. :)
xenagosthesatyr: it's been bugging for me all week
JustAMonkeyUK: Must be all those people storming the MTGA preview server. Can't stop them all (still)!
TheMerricat: You all are the only ones left on my stream list doing magic.
Diabore: maybe try restarting?
TheMerricat: you went ironman.
SolarBlitz1: oh no
Elseleth: Stuck in deckbuilder purgatory
TriseAlpha: Hm...
CannotWynn: Get that Alt-F4 actions going
Cooper640: the server will not let you leave
cpomery: Hey Guys! Can't believe I got to play against you ! May have fan-boyed a little xD
PatFromIT: When in doubt, Alt+F4 fixes all problems
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun ^^^^
Cooper640: welcome to server purgatory
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Legendary19899: oh man that cardboard tube samurai back there is awesome
seth_erickson: Nerdgirl and Gaby are streaming on mine
shadow1349: Heyo how's everyone doing
JustAMonkeyUK: I'm a fan of the huge Optimus, myself
JustAMonkeyUK: But cardboard tube samurai also awesome
ZachtlyAsIntended: Optimus Shoulders
TheWarbo: Okay, onto my third Eldraine stream of the day... :-D
cpomery: mostly gutted i didnt have the mana to eat my last pie before you decked me ! xD
TheMerricat: I wonder if they still have those, the backdrop is a green screen.
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh geez... time to double stream
Kadenus: whew taht hand
Nameless_Sword: that looks like a turn four beast to me
ZachtlyAsIntended: SNEEP!
Trollbonist: Gabbarino cappuccino!
SolarBlitz1: Time to show her our horrendous pool
ZachtlyAsIntended: Gabby!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: There's a laugh.
chesul: Dear Lord that fox is cute.
RockPusher: gabyBoo
CannedWolf: gaby gonna die...
CannotWynn: KomodoHype
Dr_fragenstien: if you questing beast into clackbridge troll, that's going to be boros charm + armageddon all over again
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gamercat88: lrrDILLY bets
1losttheGame: POG
cpomery: THANK YOU !
noSmokeFire: "offensive" as in "calculated to kill your opponent"
ContingentCat: lrrDILLY has been called
korvys: James. Are you encouraging wagering on Magic games?
Obvnz: lucky you cant see her hand
Obvnz: bad beat
RockPusher: lrrJAMES gabySlay gabyB
Loonatic93: So... Just got back on. Is the Fox the new Mastery pet? If so, I'll take four.
Uzumaki15: James don't encourage gambling :P
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ZachtlyAsIntended: Questing beast is....umm....
Arigato_Corleone: kickin up a lot of dust there
1losttheGame: WAIT A SECOND, is that beast literally that funny dragon meme thing?
Loonatic93: Did I say four? I mean six.
cpomery: Impresses you managed to pronounce my name right :) north americans struggle sometimes :)
Kramburger: just watched today's Crapshot, I'm a professional editor and I don't think I knew you could use Content Aware Fill in After Effects\
belteshazzar98: @korvys Tournament rules forbid this. Which don't apply to Arena :)
TriseAlpha: As many as eight and a half tails...
loudwalrus: !card questing beast
LRRbot: Questing Beast [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Beast [4/4] | Vigilance, deathtouch, haste / Questing Beast can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can't be prevented. / Whenever Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to target planeswalker that player controls.
korvys: @belteshazzar98 Yes - I'm not saying James is doing something illegal, just encouraging it :P
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shadow1349: O man Eldraine lands are pretty
1losttheGame: with how its animation looked, it looked like the 2 serious dragon heads next to the silly goofy head
frostownik: it's tthe literal Questing Beast from Arthurian legends
SharkwaveDave: bonkers
thornyberry: what is the questing beast? cause it looks snake like, but also like it could be a confuses me
seenoham: So the questing beast is a thing from Arthurian legends, but it doesn't look like that, and it was more hard to hunt down than dangerous
chaostreader: The questing beast is from the story of the questing beast.
satyropodobny: it's falkor on steroids
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Stripe_dog: King Ghidorah from Godzilla
DrasonSpike: Dragon meme is a 3 headed dragon but the 3rd is a goofy cute one
flouncy_magooo: The only dragon meme I know is Trogdor
korvys: They could still
jekensik17: TROGDOR!!
XivXiyan: Oh shoot its gaby!
1losttheGame: google, why do images suck now
cpomery: thats wishful thinking
Drathak: That's king ghidorah meme
JustAMonkeyUK: Oh man... double streaming is so fun. Getting both sides of the commentary is great :D
Stripe_dog: The three headed dragon from thje meme is King Ghidorah from Godzilla
DeFeoBoutique: lrrGRAHAM lrrJAMES gabyViper gabyViper
1losttheGame: found it
Obvnz: ouch
RockPusher: foxmarLOVE
TriseAlpha: But is the beast on a quest? or is it itself a quest?
gamercat88: oh that 3 headed dragon meme
DrasonSpike: Thank you @TheMerricat
Ragnarakk: Wait... the dragon meme.. you mean Ghidorah from Godzilla? XD XD
TriseAlpha: Yes! Throw your exploding cookies at it!
Foxmar320: foxmarLOVE
Laserbeaks_Fury: One of these heads always lies, one of these heads always tells the truth, and one of these heads always dispenses Cherry Coke
belteshazzar98: Just ask please
Ferisar: "please?" "didn't say please"
1losttheGame: ive only seen it on r/dndmemes
Ferisar: seems like a lie to me
seenoham: what happens if you say please in a flavor draft
frostownik: it's the beast the knights do their questing on
Fangren300: the correct answer is to always make something an elk
belteshazzar98: I saw it on r/dankchristianmemes
Viperion_NZ: OMG the fox
cpomery: counter their counter
Viperion_NZ: Just noticed
TriseAlpha: "Didn't say please", "Neither did you!"
seenoham: I do want to flavor draft this set
Magnumsrule: hello
Ragnarakk: @1losttheGame its ghidorah XD you're talking about the part in godzilla when the third head basically licks the ice.. and there was a meme that the tongue got stuck
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