DarkMorford: Almost forgot about this. Time for more goofs and backstabbin'!
Kramburger: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Adam, Beej, Ben, and Heather are back! Blasting forward on their adventure of being four links with Zelda: Four Swords Adventures! | http://twitch.tv/LoadingReadyRun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EFW9469U0AAPVIT.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1177055666021601281
EricTheOrange: Hi hi hi~
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mew4ever23: 2 Years woo! My favorite was the 14 month soul read on LRL.
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red_shoes_jeff: In before the bell!
EricTheOrange: can ben get first this time. Tune in to find out!
red_shoes_jeff: benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
mew4ever23: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: sound!
silvalunae: Intro!
Natimus_Prime: intro!
StationaryTarget: Intro!
BloodnBullets: Intro!
TheGeekyQuilter: slytqPie slytqPie slytqPie slytqPie
red_shoes_jeff: INTRO
Kramburger: Is Adam slightly out of focus?
mew4ever23: Series Catchphrase!
e_bloc: Party111 play it foreskin *clap clap clapclapclap*
Despoiler98: Ben you're making me hungry
thedudetrio: Figured I would stick around
TheGeekyQuilter: Adam and Ben aren’t there I. Person ?
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: adam is out of focus a bit? camera smudge or something?
Lord_ZYRK: "I invited two people I wanted to play videogames with, and then all of these fuckers showed up instead."
StephenJM81: why is adam so out of focus?
GoblinRanger: Whoa great timing, I get back from volleyball expecting to be catching vod and I get to see LRR live. Awesome :)
Zombeenie: Oh shit, wait I gotta ask Adam
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StarFreak359: Yaaaay! I hope you folks have fun betraying each other!
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silvalunae: we do adam!
e_bloc: that was James, Heather lrrBEEJ
Zombeenie: Did you ever do collegiate wrestling, or is that a WWE shirt?
Lord_ZYRK: StephenJM81 he's just blurry IRL Kappa
silvalunae: chat loves talking to you
Mister_Hush: Adam quit texting you boo
silvalunae: lrrHEART adam
schryke: It's his curse
StephenJM81: is he related to bigfoot?
Nameless_Sword: Hey friends and travelers
red_shoes_jeff: @StephenJM81 He's Bigfoot
Naarius: Pickle Jail?
Dog_of_Myth: Did someone say Jars??
Lord_Hosk: Adam... will you have a content life and a generally good day?
CommanderPulsar: That jar knows what it did.
Kramburger: Adam's 2 edgy 4 us
Nigouki: Ben just think of something super embarrassing and you'll turn red Kappa
GoblinRanger: Adam is comfortably blurry :)
Lord_ZYRK: "Why do I look so pale?" "We recalibrated the color so it's more lifelike"
blip2004: is it real quiet for anyone else?
Lord_ZYRK: WutFace
blip2004: nvm
niccus: the quarter-gigaquad!
Zombeenie: Heh
e_bloc: linked up
TheGeekyQuilter: Oh no who put Ben in charge
thedudetrio: The one who does the most gets punished... except ben always gets punished
silvalunae: wooooooo
Nigouki: aspect ratio? D:
silvalunae: oh thank god
EricTheOrange: holee shit!
Lord_ZYRK: TOS no showing your thing on stream WutFace
Nameless_Sword: ooo sweet
Mister_Hush: One quarter of market value
kumatsu: Knowing us, someone'll just mail you one
thedudetrio: Looks good
Lord_ZYRK: It's true, people do like Beej
chaostreader: Game Boy Advance Sp. Mine has a broken Left Trigger.
EricTheOrange: I do have one...]
e_bloc: Beej make a Charisma save
TheGeekyQuilter: Did Beej get his nipples back
Kramburger: Beej wants to be famous enough to get discounted stuff and that's it
silvalunae: pffff
Nameless_Sword: We do like Beej...but do we like you THAT much?
EricTheOrange: Maybe if it was for heather or Adam but for beej....
thedudetrio: I want Ben to win once today
chaostreader: Let’s be honest. People like Lrr enough that you might just get one for free.
mew4ever23: I had no idea the Gameboy player was so expensive, WOW
kumatsu: 3 hours in real world time is 22 hours in Zelda time
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Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: looks like a monkey man wiuth a blue beard
RatherWT: Oh boy!
Lord_ZYRK: Beej "I always see ladies" Dery
thedudetrio: Are gift subs random?
GlennSeto: Beej, what do you see when you look at Adam & Ben?
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EricTheOrange: Oh god i see the old man now, damn you all
Juliamon: thedudetrio bulk ones are
kumatsu: Lieing to Jacob Nintendo himself
chaostreader: @thedudetrio They can be.
thel0stb0y10: wow thanks for the gift sub!
thedudetrio: cool
korvys: !players
LRRbot: For this Play it Forward: Green = Adam, Red = Beej, Blue = Heather, Pink = Ben
Nekuia: Ben is on a Gameboy player?
GlennSeto: The feather got its own button in the remake? Sweet!
TheGeekyQuilter: kathle3HEX sergeHeart slytqHeart
Lord_Hosk: You cant just say people have big coocoo's Been thats not appropriate
silvalunae: oh god that cuccoo was my alarm once and I thought I was stuck in a dream or something for a sec
Nigouki: late night streams, only time you can throw cocks around
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Dusk_Shine: I'm playng Link's Awakening in solidarity. :D
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mew4ever23: They're colored. whoever gets the most in wins
RatherWT: Oh cool, they do have the player!
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun who is what color?
Nekuia: Wait, is Ben playing on a gameboy player and using a GC contoller and not a GBA?
Despoiler98: THIEVERY
chaostreader: Check the house.
dangerous_safety: it was inside us the whole time
orbitaltuna: Does the title still say up next for anyone
ThingsOnMyStream: @nekuia yup! So we can capture his screen
EricTheOrange: did they say you have to dig for some?
DarkMorford: O hai lrrPAUL
kumatsu: If Tingle isn't on screen, everyone should be asking "WHERE'S TINGLE???"
dangerous_safety: a bag of 800 force skins
Kramburger: It's a classic Zelda minigame
Nekuia: I feel sorry for Ben using a GC controller. @ThingsOnMyStream Couldn't get the GBA to work? Still nice that you got his a GBA screen.
orbitaltuna: It’s 8pm, do you know where your tingle is?
Labjer: I can't not think of Carfax Seagull with this voice
korvys: !players
LRRbot: For this Play it Forward: Green = Adam, Red = Beej, Blue = Heather, Pink = Ben
silvalunae: beej ilu
Despoiler98: Beej......that's a terrifying voice
RobotHitchhiker: Force fairies are extra lives
Kramburger: A Force Fairy is what you see after a Fairy dies in the Star Wars Universe
Bowerbird7: what game is this?
Mister_Hush: Beej is a consummate professional
Dusk_Shine: Beej, what the actual hell? XD
chaostreader: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
dangerous_safety: 38 iirc
thedudetrio: Force Fairies are what bring you back to life if you die
silvalunae: he's beej
orbitaltuna: Mommy what was that?
EricTheOrange: Beej's ripened rupee land
RatherWT: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
RatherWT: Dang!
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EricTheOrange: R I P E N E D !
thedudetrio: IF you have none left and one of you die, Game over
e_bloc: Ben- "He's an old man who wants to be a faerie. He's thirty" *literally everyone else in the room is over 30
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: he also is into orbital bombardment (he chucks bombs from the air in wind waker)
ThingsOnMyStream: @nekuia there isn’t a way to capture the gba screen without extensively hardware modding it
RatherWT: Force witches!
EricTheOrange: adam...
circusofkirkus: ya yeet
Lord_Hosk: garywhYet
DarkMorford: @ThingsOnMyStream Yeah, I was looking into some of the FPGA things people have done. Those are no joke.
EricTheOrange: Adam is in a mood tonight
StarFreak359: Feel the hate *flowing* through you
Izhuark: Do it !
RatherWT: Don't you hate it when you reach the darkness and you only have 19 - 19 - 1985 Force Gems?
korvys: More like... shadow.... dink...
ThingsOnMyStream: @darkmorford yup, but it turns out Beej had a game cube with the gameboy player
GoblinRanger: Force witches?
Nekuia: @ThingsOnMyStream It is more that he is using a GC controller and couldn't get the GBA to work as his controller on his rig. I couldn't stand playing this game with a GC controller.
ElementalAlchemist: Hello everyone
Nameless_Sword: who has the slingshot?
ElementalAlchemist: Looks like Ben
chaostreader: Shoot the eyes
ThingsOnMyStream: Can you use a gba as a controller for the gameboy player? I guess we could try that but it would need another link cable
RatherWT: In theory, they're right
Nameless_Sword: might need arrows... i think
RatherWT: Ooh, neat zip
ElementalAlchemist: The eyes require arrows
mew4ever23: Eyes are usually bow targets in zelda
thedudetrio: Eyes are activated by arrows
DarkMorford: Though now that I think about it, I do have a little FPGA development board I bought a couple years ago, about the size of an Arduino. I should really see about learning how to do stuff with it. >_>
Nekuia: @RatherWT That was no zip. He fell into the hole when heather got off the button so it put him at door he entered with.
RatherWT: Eh, I looked away for a minute
Nekuia: It was fast.
DarkMorford: Wizzrobes!
RatherWT: Wow, look at all these Adams
EricTheOrange: Hero of TIME Adam, GAWD!
chaostreader: Sling shot those wizards.
Nekuia: Temple two Wizzrobs. Who thought that was a good idea. Dang.
RatherWT: I mean, it wasn't the worst Wizzrobe
Nekuia: Haha. I love how he has no idea that was happening until he swapped screens. Hahah
mew4ever23: MY ears
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: oof
RatherWT: Have you tried... turning the sound off?
EricTheOrange: lrrSACK
StarFreak359: lrrSACK
chaostreader: One of you should keep the slingshot
Nekuia: Ben you still need HP. Don't forget, even if you have no beep.
ElementalAlchemist: Seems like the sound thing worked
korvys: LinkingReadyRun
Izhuark: In the manga they got along somewhat.
EricTheOrange: I heard a Paul, @LoadingReadyRun hi paul
Eklinaar: I'm not sure I get along with me, so you know, four of me sounds like a bad time.
Kramburger: LinkIn Parts
JesusSqeezy: hey guys! I finally got to catch a stream, it's 6AM where I live. hello from Israel
chaostreader: In the manga, No. they decidedly didn’t get along and had to learn to work together.
korvys: Force Fairies are lives, btw.
RatherWT: Yeah, this game dishes out the fairies
Gascitygaming: i got a rock :(
ElementalAlchemist: You will accumulate a lot of force fairies
circusofkirkus: what a loving embrace
ElementalAlchemist: You're moving back and forth very rapidly
DarkMorford: katesLol katesLol katesLol
korvys: Benj
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Dantargon: So bizarre watching this live from the same time zone for once.
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Nameless_Sword: what happens when you push those cubes to be a square?
Izhuark: Thank god we have the capture card for this bit
RatherWT: That's a weird pattern there...
thedudetrio: push that one block in to make a square
chaostreader: Throw a bomb at that wall?
thedudetrio: :D
RatherWT: Ben, Reader of Chat
Izhuark: Cool puzzlelogy !
ElementalAlchemist: The doors behind the vines are pretty spottable
tehcrashxor: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
chaostreader: The door is in the center.
BloodnBullets: some days you just cant get rid of a bomb
tehcrashxor: Huh. So the gameplay here is Linked?
Lord_ZYRK: Never rewarded
Nameless_Sword: those lamps really paid out
Despoiler98: Thanks Adam! No tip for ytou
RatherWT: I love this game
SmashTCG: so why is this version look better
e_bloc: classic Adam: does all the work, gets none of the benefits
SmashTCG: ah yes, asshole bolder
RatherWT: The other screen is from a Game Boy Advance
InquisitorGaia: hi everyone
ElementalAlchemist: hello
Pal_Friendpatine: Yeah this set up is amazing!
chaostreader: I don’t think you’ve gone up in that last room.
ElementalAlchemist: They've gone up, but they need to be now
kusinohki: forgot about play it forward... hi everybody!
RatherWT: Adam, you've doomed them all!
kusinohki: go forth zippo!
EricTheOrange: wow beej
Dezinkled: isn't there an open door next to Ben already?
RatherWT: Beej with the power play
chaostreader: ZippoTricks McEdgeLord?
ElementalAlchemist: Most helpful: Adam
ElementalAlchemist: Least helpful: Beej
Kaszoski: Beej is a manager
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RatherWT: Beej is Team Leader
kusinohki: wait... there's another kind of manager?
Nameless_Sword: there were switches to the left
dangerous_safety: beej is the treasurer
RatherWT: Hmm... it might be worth a loooook?
mew4ever23: There were eyes here, which are typically bow targets in zelda. Were there walls?
ElementalAlchemist: Bows are gotten from somewhere around here
Nameless_Sword: good team work
Lord_ZYRK: Wazzrobs WutFace
NightValien28: I love that there is so much yelling in this game
Issurru: I get here and Adam is spinning to win LUL
SmashTCG: The ORB
NightValien28: oh no
control_rig: Run!
NightValien28: hahahaha
control_rig: Hahahahah
ElementalAlchemist: Look what you've caused Ben
NightValien28: left for dead
RatherWT: Just ignore all those holes
Kaszoski: And they loot him
Kaszoski: Even before the body cooled
EricTheOrange: wow Adam and beej
mew4ever23: Of course they loot the corpse
Dog_of_Myth: It's what Ben would have wanted.
RangerOfVoid: have you guys ever looked into running some of the randomizers for the various zelda games?
kusinohki: !players
LRRbot: For this Play it Forward: Green = Adam, Red = Beej, Blue = Heather, Pink = Ben
RatherWT: The giant bomb is such a good troll, every time.
m_logan2000: if video games have taught me anything you always loot the dead bodies
dangerous_safety: !advice
LRRbot: Always compare everything to Spider-Man.
chaostreader: Put on screen?
ElementalAlchemist: This room is cool
Nameless_Sword: shadows can carry people
ElementalAlchemist: You need to try something you haven't tried before
ElementalAlchemist: Or nameless_sword can just spoil it :P
Lord_ZYRK: Only Adam deserves to get sent to the Shadow Realm :)
kusinohki: can you be carried through the portal?
silenceaux: Ben just playing in traffic
Pheonix888: Hes a Ghost, that's what they do, talk about their life. heh
RatherWT: I know what to do-o-o~
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marawr_arts: <3 <3 <3
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Lord_ZYRK: I thought Beej was going to say "which Adam can do because he is a god gamer"
Nameless_Sword: let's see how long it takes them to figure this
kumatsu: Adam "OK I guess" Savidan
ElementalAlchemist: You don't need more moon pearls
chaostreader: Can Adam carry the others?
RatherWT: This is so good
ElementalAlchemist: chaostreader: yes
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 42:59.
Kaszoski: Adam's back is going to be sore
Nameless_Sword: they got there
Lord_ZYRK: "Can Adam just carry us?" have you not seen his homestreams? Kappa
dangerous_safety: ghost friend
XedMada: Adams literally carrying this team
RatherWT: I love this puzzle
Mister_Hush: That's cool, but it's completely irrelevant to what the old man said
kusinohki: that's not what I meant, but that's good...
Pal_Friendpatine: I see switches
Kaszoski: HUBRIS
control_rig: Ben you deserved every one of those hits
thedudetrio: spoopy ghost
ElementalAlchemist: Ben brought that upon himself
NightValien28: hahahaa
thedudetrio: It's LET'S NOPE time
circusofkirkus: beej is fighting his own shadow
NightValien28: really
Lord_ZYRK: FailFish LUL
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrSPOOP PrideTake PrideWingR
CptMurphey: beej confirmed worst friend
erloas: not the first time today Ben got harassed by a ghost in a gmae
kumatsu: Ben has demonstrated a loop
Feminine_Desires: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 44:43.
Erudite_Cynic: teamwork makes the dream work
Feminine_Desires: I thought this started at 9 :o
Lord_ZYRK: Ooh, that screen is straight from LoZ
chaostreader: Keese!
kusinohki: so is the PIP just one certain players?
Mister_Hush: some kinda UI treatment to display who's which Link would be nice for this stream
chaostreader: Shoot the eyes?
Lord_ZYRK: Mister_Hush it's pretty easy to remember: Adam is Link, Beej is Link, Heather is Link, and Ben is Link.
ElementalAlchemist: No, that's the blue bracelet
SpectacleesPhD: I appreciate the cel shaded Wind Waker explosions!
Lord_ZYRK: MiniK
ElementalAlchemist: not the power bracelet
kusinohki: !players
LRRbot: For this Play it Forward: Green = Adam, Red = Beej, Blue = Heather, Pink = Ben
Banrael: cheer100
RatherWT: The annual running of the balls!
cephallope: Link, Lonk, Lank and Lunk
circusofkirkus: no link left behind
Lord_ZYRK: Link, Rink, Bink, and Dink
CaptainSpam: Oh, hey, they got a way to stream a GBA?
Nameless_Sword: teamwork
kusinohki: linky binky dinky and clyde
planeswalkagogo: Now I want to go back and replay Link to the Past
Lord_ZYRK: CaptainSpam one is through a Gameboy Player for GCU
CaptainSpam: AHa.
ninja_theory_ashrams: good work everyone, and beej
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Nigouki: peak cooperation Kappa
ElementalAlchemist: Ah, the fighting part
XedMada: lewd
cephallope: Adam casually wall humping
ElementalAlchemist: Give the big key to someone who's low on force
ninja_theory_ashrams: unsubscribe from adolescent grunting asmr
TheAinMAP: katesBoosh katesBoosh katesBoosh
mew4ever23: top 10 anime betrayals
RatherWT: Oh, these guys!
Nameless_Sword: boss time
Mister_Hush: Adam are you color-blind? Or is the TV just dim?
cephallope: Golden Sun flashbacks
ElementalAlchemist: All those rocks being colored doesn't mean anything at all of course :P
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RatherWT: And brown, for Goron Link
RangerOfVoid: this is not swamp palace...
SajuukSjet: oh? A Beholder?
StationaryTarget: I half expected those little rocks to have eyes
chaostreader: What’s Brown?
justwhatever_idk: a lot of things are brown
Mister_Hush: Big Brain Savidan got his boomerang first
chaostreader: There is a large Eye. You probably need arrows.
RatherWT: I don't think I've ever really seen four player FSA.
RangerOfVoid: new version of arghus from swamp palace just boomerang instead of hookshot
Izandai: @Feminine_Desires That's amazing.
justwhatever_idk: The Loud Boys --> :V
Kaszoski: FREE MONEY
Bladinus: lrrGREED
Kaszoski: Just cost friend's lives
Izhuark: Beej is the real death merchant here x)
Mister_Hush: Capitalist Beej is the most horrific of the Eldritch Beej
RatherWT: And you wonder why you have so many fairies.
thedudetrio: That's so good
RangerOfVoid: you need silvers
ElementalAlchemist: This one's not
e_bloc: gotta go fast
SnackPak_: @Feminine_Desires Well done!
Nameless_Sword: got there
BloodnBullets: !players
LRRbot: For this Play it Forward: Green = Adam, Red = Beej, Blue = Heather, Pink = Ben
CaptainSpam: It's time for some open-source 3D design madness! Present... THE BLENDER!!!
Izandai: That's purple, not pink.
EricTheOrange: So adam or beej for hero of darkness
mew4ever23: We saved not daisy
Izhuark: Sailor venus !
cephallope: Its Yelda!
DarkMorford: Sailor Venus?
dangerous_safety: HI IM DAISY
chaostreader: Amber
CaptainSpam: "We're still not sure how this fits in with the whole three goddesses thing we've had going here in Hyrule, but we're just going to roll with it."
RatherWT: From my wack-ass crystal prison.
Nigouki: more like Palace of Farts Kappa
Nameless_Sword: ooo fire land time
Asimech: Ah, the Death Goddess.
SmashTCG: that crystal was actually clear
Izandai: whoa
silvalunae: quice
Nameless_Sword: but.... there are four of you
SmashTCG: she made it yellow from her farts
korvys: Which means one of you misses out
Fofo57007: the heck Beeg tnyLol
Rockario: But Beej, there's four of you
TStodden: At least it's more pleasurable than the Moblin 1-2-3...
e_bloc: what do you think you're collecting the gems for
silvalunae: Quice bc 4!
NightValien28: a children's game made by some weird ass people
RatherWT: Ben taking one for the team, how noble.
kusinohki: I stepped away for a moment, did I hear "thrice lay"?
Izandai: There'll be time for that later, Adam!
justwhatever_idk: Once Bitten, Thrice Laid
ElementalAlchemist: Vote Adam for best! Vote Beej for worst!
TheAinMAP: Ouch.
RatherWT: Can he get there!
ElementalAlchemist: Those numbers just keep going up
NightValien28: made it
ElementalAlchemist: lrrGOAT
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
RatherWT: That should be an achievement.
underhill33: lrrWOW
Izandai: Is this Four Swords or For Swords Adventure?
Izandai: *Four
RatherWT: Adventure
justwhatever_idk: FSA
Izandai: ty
ElementalAlchemist: Four Sword Adventures for the Nintendo Gamecube
Izandai: Still don't really know what the difference is but at least I know which one this is now.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: peak death mountain
ElementalAlchemist: Death Mountain just is a place in Hyrule
ElementalAlchemist: There's always one
RatherWT: Can we lift it? Yes we can!
dangerous_safety: Four skins adventure
chaostreader: To be fair. Purple 100% betrays the group for a while because the others are a pain to deal with. In the manga.
justwhatever_idk: I've definitely had moments being like "man they really just named this place Killing You Town"
e_bloc: they renamed it death mountain because endless torture mountain was too depressing
Pal_Friendpatine: You just have to ask nicely Ben
RatherWT: You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing.
cephallope: Murdersville, Death County
Izandai: @chaostreader You know, I was gonna say that the four Links hanging out on their adventure is fertile ground for a TV series or something, so I guess I'm not surprised there's a manga.
IncredibleFrown: it's because the individual levels are built to be self contained and speedrunnable iirc
chaostreader: Murdersville sounds like a place in the US. I mean we named a place Death Valley.
RatherWT: 2 Bows 2 Boomerangs, and the sequel Kakariko Drift
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eboera: yeet
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IncredibleFrown: WAOW
silvalunae: plan kill beej is a go
ElementalAlchemist: OK, you all just let Beej take all that force. That's on you.
silvalunae: fire in the hole!
Sogheim: Beej
Sogheim: Beej, your Tingle is amazing
Nameless_Sword: any of them... all of them
ElementalAlchemist: I see two bombable places on the wall
chaostreader: The area where the ground meets the wall is different.
IncredibleFrown: so ben's purple?
chaostreader: !players
LRRbot: For this Play it Forward: Green = Adam, Red = Beej, Blue = Heather, Pink = Ben
ElementalAlchemist: Yes, Ben is purple
Kumakaori: I... It's 8 am tomorrow already?.
ElementalAlchemist: (no one is pink or looks anything like it)
Izandai: Wow Adam.
SmashTCG: so you never beat breath of the wild
Kumakaori: I... wow. am != pm. z3z; I am a derp.
e_bloc: ???????
Izandai: Sorry, I was only half paying attention and I thought Adam did something wow-worthy. That's my bad. I apologise.
Izandai: *apologize
chaostreader: @kumakaori That did not clear anything up.
IncredibleFrown: they misread their clock as saying it was 8 am instead of 8 pm
BloodnBullets: you got a nuke
NightValien28: mimic
korvys: Karma!
IncredibleFrown: triangle man, triangle man
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: thats a cyclops
dangerous_safety: dasAngry
Asimech: ToS, old man.
Kumakaori: @chaostreader thought this was scheduled 8 am thursday <<;. it's /clearly/ shceuled 8 pm wednesday. I derped. /hard/
Ciijay: Oh gosh how are you all still awake and playing this?
ElementalAlchemist: It's like 9PM for them
Juliamon: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 9:10 PM
Ciijay: 9 PM is a late stream! :P
IncredibleFrown: crash power
korvys: Genocide medallion
Nameless_Sword: not race....just an entire village
RangerOfVoid: deadrocks! is this just link to the past enemies?
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: some sort of orbital canon
kusinohki: was hoping they would try to hold onto that item until the boss
EricTheOrange: hammer blocks
ElementalAlchemist: Yay! Those!
RangerOfVoid: hammer for those blocks
Vyous: Buu’s human extinction attack
jayhollowayii: Hey @loadingreadyrun hope all is well hope your doing good I am recovering from an nasty auto accident that happen to me three months ago a lady swerved right into my lane and hit me head on I was also hit by a tractor trailer from behind so I. Result I have a broken fermer left leg and smashed ankle right leg and metal rod in my left fermer and also metal plate in my right ankle I missed your streams so much I was in rehab center recovering
Feminine_Desires: @jayhollowayii *hugs* anniHUG
Kaszoski: @jayhollowayii oh man, hope your recovery is going well, accidents are scary
justwhatever_idk: best of luck @jayhollowayii car accidents suck
jayhollowayii: Thank you chat for the vibes 😰
chaostreader: That house doesn’t look like Graham at all.
GlennSeto: What is wrong with Link?
cephallope: This seems safe
StarFreak359: To be fair to Link, everything in Hyrule is trying to kill *him*
IncredibleFrown: -spec ops the line, colorized
Stoffern: A literal murder house?
jayhollowayii: Thank you @justwhatever_idk it’s been a rough couple of months I been suffering from ptsd nightmares and pain 😰
Izandai: What is this, Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story?
circusofkirkus: whacka link
IncredibleFrown: hamerrrrrrr, jamp
e_bloc: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
RangerOfVoid: big 20s most common drop
Mister_Hush: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: cant you smash those rocks?
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: nope
dangerous_safety: link: "I'm not flat... Baka"
GlennSeto: Is Adamn green Link?
GlennSeto: *Adam
NightValien28: heather professional pyromaniac
chaostreader: !players
LRRbot: For this Play it Forward: Green = Adam, Red = Beej, Blue = Heather, Pink/Purple = Ben
GlennSeto: Thx!
GlennSeto: XD
jayhollowayii: @feminine_desires followed and friend request sent 😊
kusinohki: hammer bros?
IncredibleFrown: those i frames
Izandai: Wow Adam.
IncredibleFrown: he's gettin away with the money
tuckamanian: i've got a bad feeling about this
GlennSeto: I love how the level designers didn't give a single fuck when it came to "too many enemies".
CaptainSpam: Chuchus! They're not mice, they're space mice! Wait, no, wrong ones...
kusinohki: up up up the mountain?
ElementalAlchemist: Remember what they said earlier
RobotHitchhiker: It was up
BloodnBullets: remember your sole purpose
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: yeah the bushes were different
IncredibleFrown: everyone else coming in from random directions is v good
Izandai: I think you just keep going up.
justwhatever_idk: go left etc etc
IncredibleFrown: got em in the adventurer trap
ElementalAlchemist: yeah, what Beej did
BloodnBullets: your sole purpose is to get to the top
StarFreak359: "Focus on your goAALLLLLLLLL!"
ElementalAlchemist: They said you focus on getting to the peak
ElementalAlchemist: which means you just... keep going to the peak
ElementalAlchemist: and if you get distracted from that, well
CaptainSpam: THE BLENDER
kusinohki: I don't think any of the lost woods was "just guess" there was usually some kind of hint
StarFreak359: Noice
chaostreader: Lost Woods hadn’t happened yet when this came out, right?
IncredibleFrown: @chaostreader this is a gamecube game
ElementalAlchemist: There was a Lost Woods in the first Zelda game
Izandai: ^
EricTheOrange: @chaostreader lost woods was original zelda
Izandai: Two of them, in fact.
kusinohki: the original 8bit zelda had a "lost woods"
Izandai: There was one on Death Mountain too.
chaostreader: Ah. Okay.
Bladinus: That "go up five screens" puzzle was also in the original.
KeiRaccoon: ^
Izhuark: It's almost like he played zelda games before...
Izandai: Ah, right, that was the Death Mountain one.
Nameless_Sword: does that mean Ben wins this one
Nameless_Sword: ?
circusofkirkus: lrrHORN
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LiveRice: 9 months already? I guess what they say is true, time flies when you throw a clock out the window
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BusTed: benginDab benginDab benginDab
Kaszoski: Congrats Ben
GoblinRanger: benginTry
justwhatever_idk: Ben Finally Didn't Betray Anyone
Nameless_Sword: benginDab benginDab benginDab
marawr_arts: benginHeart benginDab
GlennSeto: "My coach, my mom..."
dangerous_safety: WOOHOO
RobotHitchhiker: We "believed"
circusofkirkus: thanks for remembering us, the real hero
Izandai: Alright, stream's over.
TheAinMAP: benginDab benginHype benginDab
Lex_Peacekeeper: we need a remaster of this game where twitch chat gets to vote!
slopoppotamus: You can do it Adam seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Mister_Hush: Kaepora Gaebora!
dangerous_safety: CA CAW
Izandai: Wow, Adam.
EricTheOrange: ruto
SmashTCG: those ARe the zoras
Izhuark: Heather now what's upt !
IncredibleFrown: the gorons! have a big statue of a thumbs up!!!
justwhatever_idk: Rito are the Bird folk
GlennSeto: We're gonna see pixel Gorons?
SmashTCG: well they were
BloodnBullets: Goron LIFE
BusTed: Eating paste.
cephallope: Maybe the FLYING character could help with the bird?!
GlennSeto: WOW
e_bloc: lrrWOW
ElementalAlchemist: Revali is a pompous jerk
Izandai: katesWa katesOw
StarFreak359: Holy moly...
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: homies got a dumpling for a head
Izandai: @ElementalAlchemist TRUTH
DarkMorford: A giant evil bird? Are we in Songbird Symphony now?
Izandai: Revali is a jackass.
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Issurru: why you gotta food shame the goron Adam LUL
BusTed: Eat a glue stick like a pushpop.
ElementalAlchemist: I don't like him
Izandai: Same.
Lex_Peacekeeper: but who started the fire?
NightValien28: why isn't he putting out the fire he is literally made of stone
StarFreak359: We didn't start the fire...
Pharmacistjudge: did anyone remember the fire fighting arcade game?
Izandai: In BOTW the zoras are definitely the best, no contest.
Pharmacistjudge: the one where you had the hose?
Izandai: Then I think the Gerudo are second best.
ElementalAlchemist: I love the BotW Zora
BusTed: I remember that thing, Pharmacistjudge
Izandai: The Rito are the worst in that game.
Pharmacistjudge: it got really hard
ElementalAlchemist: I don't know that I hate the Rito other than Revali
Pharmacistjudge: i never beat that one
justwhatever_idk: Kass is great
Izandai: Kass is the best.
ElementalAlchemist: Kass is fantastic
Izandai: I don't dislike the rito in general, they just weren't as well developed as the other races.
IncredibleFrown: you put water on em
Pharmacistjudge: I don't mind the rito...but that one rito with the accordion can just go into the shadow realm
justwhatever_idk: why
Izandai: Like, Ruta is threatening to wash away Zora's Domain, Rudania is actively attacking Goron City and has to be driven back regularly, Naboris is wandering around and could trample Gerudo Town any day, and Medoh... Is keeping the rito from flying as high as they'd like near their hometown. Oh no. How dreadful.
ElementalAlchemist: NO KASS IS GREAT
Izandai: @Pharmacistjudge How dare you. How DARE you!
Pump19: I Am Just Clay, And I Listen
m_logan2000: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:30:47.
circusofkirkus: there's the bomb right outside that cave
Dezinkled: can you bring the one from outside ben?\
Dezinkled: lol
circusofkirkus: LUL
BusTed: Brain genius.
Izandai: The leadup to Medoh is definitely the weakest of the divine beasts as well. For Naboris you have to infiltrate the Yiga hideout, Rudania has the whole sequence where you chase it up the mountain, riding on Sidon breaking Cryonis blocks is fun (and confronting the lynel is pretty cool though really totally optional), but with Medoh you just shoot bomb arrows at cannons that almost can't actually hit you.
BusTed: lrrDILLY
e_bloc: of course you fight fire with fire. you fight everything with fire
kusinohki: fight fire with fire as the old saying goes
TheGeekyQuilter: Fight fire with more fire
Greggleswong: Adam looks grumpyyy
Nameless_Sword: you could fight fire with fire, but fire will winn
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: far right?
Dezinkled: far rigth
Bladinus: @izandai you forgot the target practice that guy made you do before taking on Medoh. that totally made that quest great...
Izandai: Oh yeah, the easiest target test ever.
e_bloc: the greed
Kaszoski: Yoink
BusTed: rekt
Izandai: oh no
Dezinkled: ouch
thedudetrio: oof
rrtycoon2: a little too excited
ichirous: whaaa!?!
Izhuark: :(
asddsa28: XD npw there going to lern the hard way
Nameless_Sword: yeah.... that sucks
circusofkirkus: katesRip
e_bloc: well that's a cool feature
GoblinRanger: ouch
fragilepaper: Noooooooooooo
Greggleswong: NOOOOOO
ElementalAlchemist: Yeah, don't turn your Game Boys off
ElementalAlchemist: or disconnect them
tuckamanian: yuck
Greggleswong: good night eveyone
thedudetrio: cool game
circusofkirkus: technology
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e_bloc: Heather is the traitor
ChroniclerC: Speedrun time!
Dezinkled: Speed run strats
RobotHitchhiker: Speed run time
Izhuark: Speed run mode !
ElementalAlchemist: I mean... be more careful?
Dezinkled: I vote for Adam commentary
TStodden: WIth this type of game, it's relatively easy to Beej it.
Pal_Friendpatine: Ooo Link. Guardians. Beast. Watch Out! - Ben 2019
kusinohki: lrrmans reference I think
kusinohki: DQs were off, but beej still managed to DQ
Izhuark: Spped run, guys ! ... Amirite ?
BusTed: go kick rocks
RobotHitchhiker: Doing things over again... Adam loves doing this, right?
Icejet99: whats the name of this gmaE?>
Icejet99: game?
e_bloc: right in the cloaca
Dezinkled: Why would you fuck a bird Ben?
Izhuark: @Icejet99 Fours sword adventure
sivakrytos: i guess in some zelda games some birds have the ability to consent
Icejet99: thx
ElementalAlchemist: icejet99: The Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures
kusinohki: !game
LRRbot: Not currently playing any game
kusinohki: bad lrrbot! no biscuit!
justwhatever_idk: Four Swords Adventures is REAL
ElementalAlchemist: I honestly love this game
duckduckboop: That's a lie, LRRbot!
Izhuark: Fire pots ?
Izandai: So what's the difference between this and Four Sword?
ElementalAlchemist: I don't remember needing oil pots here
LetsConsider: Is there a mod to update lrrbot?
Asimech: @sivakrytos Yeah, we already talked about Rito.
ElementalAlchemist: Oh, right, you do need them. Is it on another screen?
ElementalAlchemist: I honestly forget why these pots are useful
circusofkirkus: hot soup coming through
korvys: Lighting the fuses
kusinohki: they need to light some fuses higher up the mountain
ElementalAlchemist: OK, it is on the next screen
ElementalAlchemist: Got it
ElementalAlchemist: oh, right, the thing they just did before a GB got lost
ElementalAlchemist puts his head on his desk
Dezinkled: Far right
kusinohki: the greed!
Izandai: By FRAMES
tuckamanian: nice
BusTed: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
korvys: What up Tingle
Izhuark: there is a new hole made by one of the bomb
duckduckboop: Hey Tingle
BusTed: PogChamp
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: mega hammer?
ElementalAlchemist: Lv2 bombs are still my favorite
ElementalAlchemist: they're so big
LetsConsider: Are there permanent upgrades in this game?
GlennSeto: Ben XD
korvys: Use space jump!
ElementalAlchemist: I think you're done with new mechanics
kusinohki: @LetsConsider things reset when they start a new level
Bladinus: when the only took you have is a feather, every problem looks like a nail.. wait...
kusinohki: mobile homes
Bladinus: *tool
circusofkirkus: Hammer bros
Greggleswong: how late are yall going?
Pharmacistjudge: This is why this game ruins friendships
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Pantsravaganza: Two subs for sneaky Adam!
CptMurphey: hit the child with a hammer
GlennSeto: Are we dishing out corporal punishment now?
ElementalAlchemist: Ben peaked at DB10 :r
Pharmacistjudge: Adam my favorite was you playing Shadow of the colossus and the horse dying
Dezinkled: Adams reaction to the Wendago call was pretty good
ElementalAlchemist: (honestly Ben's still p. good)
electroswagnetism: A Hideo Kojima Production
ElementalAlchemist: There's no level above 2
tenthtechpriest: ZIPPOTRICKS
GlennSeto: Vicious.
RobotHitchhiker: There were also boomerangs in the water pot room?
ElementalAlchemist: DB10 was Zippo-Tricks, yes
BusTed: Love Doctors was ridiculous.
ElementalAlchemist: I still have those planeswalkers on my wall
BusTed: gottem
DarkMorford: I always liked Beej's close-up shot in The Coffee
GlennSeto: "Oh that's not why." is up there for golden Beej moments.
GlennSeto: @DarkMorford Drift!
DarkMorford: Or the facial acting in The Diplomacy
orbitaltuna: the machine is pretty good
electroswagnetism: The Machine is very excellent
e_bloc: I dunno the Homes Show was pretty amazing, but that was more an ensamble thing
Gascitygaming: the machine is my fave
BusTed: No remorse.
GlennSeto: Beej's reaction in The Machine is some Hellraiser shit.
BusTed: Acceptable casualties.
CapnRobert: still find adam funny all the time but lots of the sleeping dogs stream sticks out in my mind as some of the funniest stuff
BusTed: The Rain Wizard himself.
CapnRobert: yes
ElementalAlchemist: OH MAN FIRE RODS
CapnRobert: rain wizard!
ElementalAlchemist: Go back and get one of those level 2'd
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: aw yeah rain wizard!
chaostreader: Upgrade Fire Rod.
ElementalAlchemist: I love Level 2 fire rods
Dezinkled: some one getting lvl2 fire rod?
Izhuark: there is still some gorons trapped
ElementalAlchemist: There's a level way at the end of the game that takes advantage of them, and I love that level so much
GlennSeto: Adam's reactions to the first hour of Resident Evil 7 were also very good.
Izhuark: wow lvl2 boomerang is dope
thedudetrio: It's Moljnir!
justwhatever_idk: rip Adam's genius game mechanic
thedudetrio: But in link form!
Gascitygaming: i was in a relationship similar to the lvl 2 boomerang once
ElementalAlchemist: Lv2 Pegasus Boots are even faster
ElementalAlchemist: You can run over gaps
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: definitely the miitopia streams, your commentary is always good but was especially on point with all the lrr miis
GlennSeto: Heather sprinkles the funny all over her reads of game dialogs.
orbitaltuna: when heather was "working on her delivery"
thedudetrio: But Adam Moljnir!
LetsConsider: Uh.. how so @gascitygaming
ElementalAlchemist: The boomerang stays as long as you can hold the button
MadWaltz: That boomerang says "eff physics"
Anonyman41: boomerang blames millennialrangs for lifes problems
korvys: But Adam, what about that negative youtube comment?
Gascitygaming: in that i could never get THAT far away lol
ElementalAlchemist: The Lv2 Fire Rod makes blocks
Pharmacistjudge: staff of somaria
ElementalAlchemist: It's super cool
Nameless_Sword: so.... Ben=Sokka, Beej = Zuko, Adam = Toph(?), Heather =sparky-sparky boom man?
ElementalAlchemist: But you can run over gaps with Lv2 Pegasus Boots
BusTed: And the boots' true power is revealed.
ElementalAlchemist: That's how much faster you are. You ignore gravity!
Kaszoski: DOOM
thedudetrio: Stunlock LUL
justwhatever_idk: I like the Photoshop Warp that happens when you bonk
Gascitygaming: c-c-c-c-combo!
GlennSeto: Not that bird.
ElementalAlchemist: Yes, let's fight the owl
fragilepaper: LUL
GlennSeto: "How many gems for the owl?"
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: its on top of death mountain too
Kaszoski: BIRB
BusTed: "I block."
thedudetrio: The bird has been BLOCKED
e_bloc: right in the cloaca
GlennSeto: Oh, it's the shitbird from Wind Waker.
e_bloc: Ian would be very upset about this part
Pal_Friendpatine: Teamwork makes the birb hurt
TStodden: Will it Blend?
BusTed: gottem
Rockario: Ahhhhh!
GlennSeto: Just four youths ganging up on a rare bird.
Nameless_Sword: freshly blended bird
ElementalAlchemist: gg
Nameless_Sword: yummy
chaostreader: Ben, switch your weapon back.
TStodden: Thredded Tweet?
TStodden: *Shredded
ElementalAlchemist: There's a level later where that's really cool
Gascitygaming: it's like spacehip guy from the lego movie
GlennSeto: Is the Force Fairy something Kylo Ren believes in?
BusTed: How sweet.
GlennSeto: It's legal now.
ElementalAlchemist: "I'm 41!"
chaostreader: We can’t see Ben’s score.
kusinohki: grandpa? i was born 1975 so get off my lawn!
GlennSeto: Tingle time after tinkle time.
thedudetrio: Oof it's Midnight in my timezone
Gascitygaming: i thought you tinkled during the break?
CapnRobert: ill tell ya at the very least this is funny
chaostreader: @thedudetrio It’s 1 in mine.
fragilepaper: !break
thedudetrio: OOF
murkygodtier: they are still streaming
Pantsravaganza: !advice
murkygodtier: holy
chaostreader: One more hour is planned.
Feminine_Desires: !vaseline or barcode
LRRbot: Vaseline!
chaostreader: Same thing tomorrow as well.
Pantsravaganza: MercyWing1 lrrAWESOME MercyWing2
Zombeenie: woo!
Lex_Peacekeeper: hey Ben how did setting down roots go?
justwhatever_idk: yeah yeah yeah yeah Crystal Chronicles
electroswagnetism: the remaster is coming out soon!
electroswagnetism: I love it personally
Teangeolai: I have such good memories of Crystal Chronicles
BusTed: Crystal Chronicles can be good with the full setup like this.
Ritaspirithntr: Aren’t you all tired?!?!
Izhuark: I only played the sequels on the DS but they were good.
orbitaltuna: tingle is a cult
e_bloc: Tingle having friends is the most unbelievable part of this game
Ritaspirithntr: Well, except Beej of course
justwhatever_idk: I love Crystal Chronicles but it can get a bit repetitive mechanically, but for what it is it's great. I just really like the vibe of the whole thing
Ritaspirithntr: It’s 10pm PST!!
BusTed: Ben so tricksy.
ElementalAlchemist: Did Heather just find somewhere to stand?
ElementalAlchemist: *pushes up glasses* It's technically 9PM PST (10PM PDT)
DarkMorford: Wait, it's a squeaky hammer? LOL
CaptainSpam: Ooo, the player who's it CAN roll.
ElementalAlchemist: darkmorford: yup
StarFreak359: Heather is for sure hiding behind a tree
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Izhuark: Beej is being bullied :x
BusTed: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
circusofkirkus: seabatYIKES
kumatsu: Adam can't block warriors
Rockario: Maybe the button resets the hammer pegs
Ritaspirithntr: @elementalalchemist wait, is Victoria an hour behind the West Coast?
e_bloc: congratulations!
captain_wulf: wheelerMulPride wheelerMulPride wheelerMulPride
ElementalAlchemist: ritaspirithntr: They're not in PST
Ritaspirithntr: Huh......
Juliamon: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:18 PM
ElementalAlchemist: (until November, when they are)
Ritaspirithntr: Ok, well good night!
Teangeolai: Excellent Tingle read from Beej
Juliamon: They're in PDT
Izhuark: I like tingle >_>
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EricTheOrange: R I P E N E D Tingle time
e_bloc: why do they call it the tower of flames
ElementalAlchemist: ritaspirithntr: Don't worry about me; I was being pedantic
BusTed: Nice.
Nameless_Sword: Ben the secret finder
justwhatever_idk: The Tingle games are actually pretty cool
Teangeolai: Shingslots
Kaszoski: Greed?
GlennSeto: Where is your double jump now? Kappa
Izhuark: So that's why it's called the tower of fire Kappa
ElementalAlchemist: Yeah, it's, uh... not light on the flames
GlennSeto: I was hoping for some sick flame graffiti on the walls, but this is ok, I guess.
GoblinRanger: frog dog
Homarid_Strike_The_Power: This puzzle calls for the power of BLOCK
ElementalAlchemist: You honestly don't need to worry about the fairies. You have so many
circusofkirkus: LUL
BusTed: benginChaos benginChaos benginChaos
CapnRobert: lol
kcazduke19: When's the last time you ragequit a party game?
Teangeolai: The exact opposite of timing it correctly
Pal_Friendpatine: wattsLOL wattsLOL wattsLOL
fragilepaper: Secret tech
PMAvers: Mario Party is the Magic of video games.
Teangeolai: Some top-tier Mace Windu
justwhatever_idk: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:30 PM
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:28:55.
BusTed: level up to heal!
fragilepaper: Heals got
ElementalAlchemist: Ben wait
circusofkirkus: adam's express travel
justwhatever_idk: It'd be fun to see Adam do an ALTTP Randomizer
Nameless_Sword: lttp is a very good zelda
Izhuark: A link to the past is the mario 3 of zeldas :P
justwhatever_idk: It *is* the third one they made lol
circusofkirkus: ruthless
ElementalAlchemist: Looks a lot like Ben was the bother this round :r
Izhuark: @justwhatever_idk That's the joke
asddsa28: be is now evil
orbitaltuna: it's free real estate
Nameless_Sword: wait....the goron....
chaostreader: There was a chest in the last room. In top right.
BusTed: Dodongo dislikes smoke.
justwhatever_idk: @Izhuark gotcha, I thought you were just saying they were both good lol
chaostreader: Highlight reel. Will be full of, Oh free gems.
BusTed: Remember there was no throw in the original LoZ.
ElementalAlchemist: lrrFINE
chaostreader: There was a chest in the last room.
Nameless_Sword: well i guess that goron will just die...
ElementalAlchemist: ah right
ElementalAlchemist: The room that makes you talk to the owl and that's it
PMAvers: "Turns out there's these things called 'old gods' that are buried under Hyrule Castle and do a lot of corruption."
chaostreader: There was a chest in the top right of the room before the Dodongos.
daDilph: Calling it as a giant dodongo.
Teangeolai: Shit’s FUBAR, Link, I’m not gonna lie!
Nameless_Sword: the bird was the big boss of this area
CaptainSpam: The maiden was a dodongo THE WHOLE TIME!!!
ElementalAlchemist: We're leaving you behind, Adam
DarkMorford: Sailor Jupiter!
BusTed: Through the fire and flames.
murkygodtier: 10/10 voice actors
Natimus_Prime: Gotta get 'em all
ElementalAlchemist: The jewels are easy to get
Meltalar: good morning friends
DarkMorford: But Heather, the owl is evil! The Magpies are the good guys! Kappa
chaostreader: Seven instruments? Isn’t it?
Kramburger: Didn't they reduce that in the Wind Waker remaster when you're trying to assemble the triforce?
CaptainSpam: Then Breath of the Wild came by and it's all "you know what, we give up, go collect whatever you want. We don't care anymore, just go do something."
chaostreader: They like 7 and 3
Teangeolai: Triangle is the backbone of any percussion section
PMAvers: I mean, Hyperspace Outlaw is supposed to be getting it's mod support soon.
PMAvers: Er, Hypnospace
BusTed: 🚧
BusTed: seabatYIKES
chaostreader: How negative is Bens score?
justwhatever_idk: stinkoman facing off against the stickman
korvys: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:44 PM
BusTed: Adam turning 552 soon.
ElementalAlchemist: Levels are much longer than 15 minutes, so that seems like a good time
CaptainSpam: "You'd tell us if we were just rescuing Anne of Green Gables, right?"
kusinohki: little fairy on the prarie
chaostreader: Near the field in Breath of the Wild is a dangerous place to be.
Kaszoski: Thanks for the stream
orbitaltuna: is the game finished?
ElementalAlchemist: Moral of the story: Don't throw your friends into lava
chaostreader: No. But the stream is.
marawr_arts: ShowLove400 this was really fun! thanks for an awesome evening stream
Asimech: And: "You can transport your friends by shooting at them with an arrow."
e_bloc: that look on Heather's face
marawr_arts: @Feminine_Desires that is wonderful <3
deadinthestreet: Shout out my lrr folks!
Teangeolai: What news of the Riddermark, Riders of Rohan?
PMAvers: I mean, could always do a double helping of AFK to work through the backloig.
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
e_bloc: now kiss
marawr_arts: lrrHEART gnight lovelies!
gisiebob: thank for stream
Izhuark: Bye everyone !
DigitalSeahorse: still going? :o
Juliamon: Oh no, Heather!
DigitalSeahorse: ssandSPOOKED
Juliamon: Well... everyone makes mistakes, I guess.
DigitalSeahorse: oopsie
Rockario: I like that we still have that picture from "What's in the box?"
Juliamon: It's a great example of the weirdness that happens on LRL that doesn't need context.
Rockario: And the look on Kathleen's face *chef kiss*
Lithobraker: Hi chat butts!
Lithobraker: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:53:06.
Rockario: Got there
Lithobraker: Wait did i miss the stream?
Juliamon: Yep
Rockario: Sadly yes
Rockario: They had accidentally left the stream online after ending
Lithobraker: Haha
Juliamon: Who hasn't though
Lithobraker: I haven't.
Lithobraker: Of course ive never streamed so...
Rockario: Does leaving the TV on after leaving the room or going to bed count?
Rockario: Cause I don't usually do that, but my parents do it all the time
Juliamon: That's just a parent thing.
Rockario: Children fall asleep in cars, parents fall asleep in front of TVs
Juliamon: My mom deliberately leaves her TV on during the day because "it takes so long to turn on"
Rockario: lol