NightValien28: we were there ages ago you are the one making pointless arguments
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I guess I don't see the point of coming into the chat pre-D2 expansion stream to complain about how much you don't like D2.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Unless you're just gonna hype up a much more niche looter shooter that also has inherent design flaws that maybe turn people away from it.
accountmadeforants: There are parts of D2 I do like, but also parts that ruin it for me. We were discussing those.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: And especially when your primary criticism seems to be "I don't like how the game makes me play it for weapons I don't actually need."
NightValien28: no one is hyping anything, this isn't a preschool where not liking something means it is shit for everyone
sir_jack_DB: for me, it was stressful to play at such a high level, all the time. I'll get Shadowkeep when I have the time/willingness to come back
sir_jack_DB: also money :P
NightValien28: also money
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I'm aware of that, but it sure seems like criticizing D2 then going "But Warframe is awesome!" kind of gives the game away. lrrBEEJ
accountmadeforants: To be fair, I don't like Warframe either. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
NightValien28: but the loot part of warframe is good compared to the bad part of destiny as we were discussing, doesn't mean it is perfect
accountmadeforants: Oh god, Twitch's new font, what did you do to that poor man's hands!
NightValien28: criticism is not a bad thing
NightValien28: oh yeah new twitch can't handle the hands
RomanianMyEscutcheon: No, but needlessly overhyping design flaws to try and promote another game in the same genre seems like a bad faith argument.
NightValien28: there is no over hyping,no promotion, what is wrong with you
accountmadeforants: Didn't seem that way to me. "Here's a similar game which does the things I dislike about D2 better." Seems like a perfectly valid point. But then, I don't have a stake in either.
NightValien28: yeah that was my point I though it was clear
accountmadeforants: Anyway, I'm curious what the new font will do to the cursed smiley ˙͜>˙
TXC2: Make it even worse
accountmadeforants: Ah, that's very on brand
NightValien28: yup
TXC2: also Hello Everybody
NightValien28: hello TXC2 welcome
TXC2: hi NightValien28
accountmadeforants: Hiya TXC2
TXC2: hi accountmadeforants
sir_jack_DB: welcome everyone to the pre-stream queue lrrBEEJ
NightValien28: surprisingly enough no one did a !next in a while
Angnor33: lrrAWESOME
Foxmar320: Hello chat
accountmadeforants: !advice
LRRbot: Don't hit the president!
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
sir_jack_DB: hi foxmar! :D
NightValien28: are you going to join the fireteam foxmar?
Foxmar320: Im meant to be streaming this right now but the game only just started unpacking on Steam.
Foxmar320: Im not happy about it.
NightValien28: ah
Angnor33: Yeah, it's a bit frustrating.
accountmadeforants: Will Cam and Adam also be streaming from home, or is it all on this channel?
NightValien28: yeah I heard there was a bunch of outage
Foxmar320: No im not part of the LRR stream today.
TXC2: title change
rasmithuk: I see Steams unpacking code is single threaded. grrrrrr
Foxmar320: Yeah my game might not be ready to play for another two hours.
monkeyrama: New Day Tewsday 👀
TXC2: didn't steam get DDoSd over the weekend?
Foxmar320: Did they?
blip2004: i got another half hour at least to unpack, stupid slow hdd
Radyin: Do we think the fireteam is already in the login queue?
rasmithuk: I hate to say it, but the epic store doesn't have this problem *ducks*
AdmiralMemo: @blip2004 Another hour here.
Foxmar320: Team today is Graham, Cam and Adam.
monkeyrama: I stopped mine at 1 hour, I'll wait until after the stream NotLikeThis
Foxmar320: I have no idea if they can get in the game yet.
AdmiralMemo: @blip2004 What was the point of pre-loading the game, honestly?
Radyin: My PS4 installed the update last night, but now I’m stuck in a login queue.
TXC2: you want real problems, try downlading the Eldraine update for arena when your internet is at 800 Kbps :P
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I pre-loaded, not looking forward to the unpack when I get home.
Foxmar320: If you pre-loaded on console you can play it now.
blip2004: @AdmiralMemo lrrAWW
evilspoons983: @rasmithuk yeah I will end up with a 12 MB update to Path of Exile and it'll take 45 minutes to process due to how PoE is packed
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I'm on PC, alas. benginCry
blip2004: not trying to download 80gigs at the same time as everyone else?
Radyin: You can launch the game now, but you can’t play.
Foxmar320: I can't launch the game its unpacking.
AdmiralMemo: @Foxmar320 I pre-loaded on PC, and everything was downloaded... and now it's unpacking for another hour to an hour 15
rasmithuk: Hmm, it doesnt' do it inplace either. Just ran out of disk space
Radyin: @foxmar320 I meant on console.
evilspoons983: Gotta encrypt that crap to keep people from stealing it! Or something.
monkeyrama: It's rough
Hawkwreak: Also unpacking
Foxmar320: I think everyones unpacking
AdmiralMemo: @evilspoons983 Even though basically all the files were already available previously?
Radyin: At least I get to hear the new Shadowkeep music.
Stoffern: Mines done...
TXC2: evilspoons983 that or it's compressed to download easier
rasmithuk: ah, that's better 600MBs unpack speed
Foxmar320: lrrSIGNAL
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
evilspoons983: lol yeah
accountmadeforants: Corn pact!
AdmiralMemo: SIGNAL
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @AdmiralMemo Clearly it's Activision's fault somehow. lrrBEEJ
AdmiralMemo: Always is
DiscordianTokkan: Trying to log in on PS4... Moon's haunted, but servers are congested.
DoodlestheGreat: Just in time!
RomanianMyEscutcheon: (It might actually be, though, just based on how extremely passive aggressive the Battlenet launcher is now.)
AdmiralMemo: I wonder if anyone's already unpacked due to being on a SSD or something.
evilspoons983: I have some games on SSD, but I don't own Destiny 2
monkeyrama: Adam probably is, with his new comp seabatBRAIN
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accountmadeforants: The mere existence of Activision is killing D2 Kappa
rasmithuk: 12mins remaining for me
MistahFixIt: Heard the moon was haunted.
adamjford: Moon's haunted.
seraphim_mist: "temporarily at capacity"
Foxmar320: I hope they got in
LaPersonaVerde: Moons haunted
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> MOON’S HAUNTED! | @Graham_LRR (with @UnarmedOracle and @WakeUpSuper) are playing Destiny 2: Shadowkeep all day! Join us! | 📷 ||
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @MistahFixIt There's people working on it.
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Battering_Lamb: Woo woo, 5 months!
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Wrexadecimal: Random question. ow that Destiny 2 has gone f2p, do I need a PS+ account to do online stuff on the PS4 version?
Noodles_15: Still. Trying. To. Unpack.
Foxmar320: Yes you still need PS+
Wrexadecimal: Blah.
adamjford: I guess only Fortnite gets that perk
MistahFixIt: @Wrexadecimal - I -think- you need it to do like, raids and suchlike, but the base game? no.
Pump19: Codefall | The Walking Dead: Michonne (Epic) (Other)
accountmadeforants: Man, console internet subscriptions are weird.
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cuttlebranch: Thanks for being awesome!
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Foxmar320: Consoles still need XBLA of PS+
evilspoons983: WRT SSDs: Forza 7 was slow as hell to download/launch but runs at 60 fps 1920x1200 so Windows vs Xbox was worth it
Noodles_15: That’ll teach me for not putting it on a SSD
MistahFixIt: Yeah console multiplayer subscription services feel like a bussin' racket, tbh
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
TXC2: Here we GO!
TheSeg: katesAir katesAir katesAir
evilspoons983: so, not all games actually take advantage of faster IO, unfortunately
monkeyrama: Throwback intro 👀
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mirshebs: If the moon is haunted does that make this Let's Nope material? lrrSPOOP
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accountmadeforants: These bops
MistahFixIt: T-Minus 0 to Moonghosts.
r_craddz: Destiny 2 is free to play? wow that must suck for all who bought it
Foxmar320: Welp guess I do get to watch some of this stream live lol
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monkeyrama: Morning Graham!
Wrexadecimal: G stream! :D
TXC2: Hello Graham
Foxmar320: Hello Graham
rasmithuk: @Noodles_15 it makes it a bit quicker, but it's not maxing out mine
TheAinMAP: Hello. lrrGRAHAM
NightValien28: moon's haunted?
MistahFixIt: I mean, Shadowkeep is... New Kinda?
NightValien28: monday crossing tuesday
TheSeg: It's a very good intro!
DoodlestheGreat: Works for us.
accountmadeforants: Good idea
AdmiralMemo: The intro is great
malsareus: the best reason
fiftymcnasty: Oh is this Destiny stuff?
adamjford: This is pretty new.
StationaryTarget: Well it IS a nice intro
TheSeg: Unpacking party!
Foxmar320: Ah so you also got unpacking.
METB0L: good morning :)
TXC2: it's not a bonus, so I don't have to do the highlights Kappa
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blip2004: The Unpacking continues
monkeyrama: Morning Cam + Adam!
adamjford: I didn't realize that Adam's a Destiny boy
snowcookies: it'a a good intro
noSmokeFire: welcome to Loading Time
Noodles_15: @rasmithuk it’s maxing out mine, so I figured it would
Foxmar320: How long do you have?
MistahFixIt: Cracking Team of Space Wizards
LaPersonaVerde: Unpacking oh yeahhhh
TXC2: it's the game of numbers going up
Angnor33: Shadowkeep: The Unboxing!
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RomanianMyEscutcheon: Welcome to Year 3 of Destiny! Please hold while we unpack.
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Radyin: Are they streaming as well?
spodume: Files Haunted
rasmithuk: @Noodles_15 no where near maxing out mine
MistahFixIt: 80 GIGS?
monkeyrama: Time to unpack NotLikeThis
NightValien28: 80??????????
MistahFixIt: Jayzus
blueluthion: Why is everyone else taking so long to unpack?
sir_jack_DB: LOL
TheSeg: Steam is a lot to unpack…
PMAvers: Oh hey, it's the hard physical psychic projection of Graham (who is actually still in the editing office).
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Also, Graham; we have a new meme, now, you need a new meme shirt. lrrBEEJ
adi_pie: Yes.
megaRammy: @LoadingReadyRun I mean the servers are over capacity atm so :P
Foxmar320: Mine says an hour
adamjford: Cameron is quite robotic
fiftymcnasty: So is the game finally good now? I played it when it first came out, but lost interest quickly.
The_Real_Starkiller: Guess what- after those loading screens, you get to wait in a queue! How fun!
noSmokeFire: Discord audio is a bit poopy
Undertowst: Cam sounds very ... tinny
Angnor33: RoboCam
ReynardWrecca: Has Cam become one with The Machine?
Jtstoib : im still in the que
DoodlestheGreat: "I've got a lot to unpack, ya know. I'm just trying to get by and adulting is hard..."
adamjford: They already did!
RvLeshrac: fiftymcnasty: Destiny 2 now no longer actively punishes you for playing it.
MistahFixIt: Destiny is more interesting if you have regular teammates to roll with, I finds.
adi_pie: They have.
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GhassanPL: 52 months? That's almost a whole year!
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MistahFixIt: Much like most MMOs
Fracaswell: steam is having A Time
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TwilightAvalon: MORNING Graham. Time to kill some Hive! Too bad im in a queue :(. Have fun regardless!
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Pump19: Codefall | Minion Masters: Void Onslaught DLC (Other)
adi_pie: On stream even.
megaRammy: I feel like they started admitting it was an MMO after they left Activision @LoadingReadyRun
shadowxviii: What Adi said
Foxmar320: They have admitted its an MMO Graham. They started calling it one.
adamjford: Bungie has, in fact, referred to the game as an MMO recently
monkeyrama: LUL that's quite the visual
TheFaceofCho: expansion day is always a mess
TheFaceofCho: everywhere
Pump19: Codefall | Dauntless - Gunslinger Bundle (Other)
RomanianMyEscutcheon: The game was never bad, it just needed some time to cook and become better designed.
RvLeshrac: Destiny 2 will be an MMO when they finally *completely* remove all the ass peer-to-peer connection bullshit.
Pump19: Codefall | Dauntless - Assault Supply Bundle (Other)
Foxmar320: Yep what Cam said
snowcookies: Huh, I should consider getting this game now
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shadowxviii: 15 minutes of wait, let's read the patch notes !
TXC2: I wonder if Activsion said no it being an MMO
Foxmar320: Shared World Online Shooter I think
PMAvers: I mean, that sounds stupid enough for Activision.
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ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: An mmNo
Neurotoxikk: Steam is telling me it's gonna take HOURS to unpack... Even off my SSD...
The_Real_Starkiller: At least I can sort my inventory while I wait with Destiny Item Manager.
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accountmadeforants: Why don't these developers set up like five times as much capacity as they need just for the first few days! I am outraged! DansGame
RvLeshrac: It is/was a "shared world online shooter" because there are no actual game servers.
megaRammy: @TXC2 I think Activision were scared of it affecting WOW if they called it an MMO
TXC2: "no, not an MMO, something we can copyright" Kappa
monkeyrama: How much new content is in this expansion?
Foxmar320: Patch notes are great.
noSmokeFire: can you read the patchnotes as Werner Herzog?
RvLeshrac: Or, were no actual game servers.
shadowxviii: Shadow is good enough
AdmiralMemo: I think that they still had their idea that "MMO" is "MMORPG" and it's not a RPG
TemporallyAwry: There was a weird period of time that MMO and FirstPerson didn't go together.
DoodlestheGreat: "It's candy AND a gum!"
I_Am_Clockwork is stuck at work today
shadowxviii: that number is just a very old injoke for me alone
TXC2: megaRammy hmm, maybe
evilspoons983: Only 80 GB? I've got a 99 GB game! (Yet to pass into 3 digit GBs)
Pazy160: The patch notes have a lot of small things I love, like rewards from Esclation Protocol no longer require finish the Mars campaign. Other players dont get to feel the confused disappointment I did.
adi_pie: Let's Hope for The Future?
AdmiralMemo: @RvLeshrac So GTA Online isn't a MMO then either?
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sprunderscore: Moon's haunted!
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Foxmar320: I love the patch note that says something like "press the finisher button to perform a finisher"
RvLeshrac: AdmiralMemo: It is not, no.
TeiranDragon: Party100 Bits for the Subtrain Party100
RvLeshrac: AdmiralMemo: The only MMOFPS I'm aware of is Planetside/2.
DoodlestheGreat: @admiralmemo calling it "not an RPG" is even dumber than "Not an MMO."
megaRammy: @evilspoons983 I downloaded Gears 4 and that was like 119GB
I_Am_Clockwork: I will have to vicariously enjoy the day one shenanigans through all of you Cheer1000
Serifina: Shamrock500 G has escaped the editing mines! And making excellent use of his newfound free time. Destiny?! 😛
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Foxmar320: PC Migration is all you needed
RvLeshrac: AdmiralMemo: And the only MMOTPSs I'm aware of are Korean.
GhassanPL: Wait.
Pump19: Codefall | Minion Masters: Void Onslaught DLC (Other)
GhassanPL: Did I do the migration.
TXC2: Hi Serifina
GhassanPL: OH NO
Pump19: Codefall | Dauntless - Gunslinger Bundle (Other)
Serifina: @txc2 heyo
Radyin: Cam mains a Warlock, right? How about you, Graham? Will Adam take the third class?
Undertowst: Pride100 Haven't played this in ... since a long long time, as I needed to really take a break from everything to cool down on sudden extreme stress attacks. Happy to be back!
RvLeshrac: GhassanPL: You can do it now that the servers are back up.
TemporallyAwry: Also - can I just say as one of the few monsters that uses the light-theme on twitch. The new font is really miserable.
AdmiralMemo: Is it still available?
Hawkwreak: I am sat here till you get in, Then I will have to leave till I play myself.
megaRammy: @LoadingReadyRun Bungie confirmed they're launching a non-Destiny game by 2025, excite?
PMAvers: Who said Graham ever *left* the editing mines? Moonbase's haunted.
sivakrytos: you have like a whole two weeks to get the first ep out the door! all kinds of time! what could go wrong!
malsareus: I thought you had to do the migration before oct 1
KidAmn: I am 100% sure I did the migration and checked earlier this week and I'm still nervous.
Pazy160: Defiance/Defiance 2050 were also MMO Third Person Shooters. Not great ones but you can see bits of Destiny in them.
Foxmar320: Adam was playing on Armor 0.5 so the armor system is like a entire new game
GhassanPL: Oh, it transferred on its own, neat!
Serifina: @txc2 I'm only sorta here, gotta feed cats and myself and all that
TeiranDragon: The authentic MMO day 1 expirence, waiting in queue and reading the patch notes.
TXC2: Serifina no worries
malsareus: said that if you din't move your game would go away
Applesauz: Basically I'm going to spend a dumb amount of time making myself look pretty before going to go punch the Moon
adi_pie: The last thing Adam did was the Leviathan raid. I apologize for scaring him away. :P
monkeyrama: LUL
MikeSmith916: Cam’s volume is way too loud.
RvLeshrac: I've been stuck grinding the *garbage* PvP for weeks now because of quests and Triumphs.
DiscordianTokkan: Well. I won't have much time to Destiny today before I go of for Murderclown Chapter 2: Murder Clownaboo, so Ill watch you all play in the meantime. Cheer100
Foxmar320: Yep that sure was Armor 1.0
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miniwak: been looking forward to this expansion so much. great to see you back on D2 graham
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Foxmar320: Looking forever to find good perks on armor
AdmiralMemo: Oh neat
adamjford: Power and a bunch of stats
monkeyrama: ooo, that's a better system
adamjford: The stats are pretty important
blip2004: armor has real stats now
TemporallyAwry: Armor Modules - how very sci-fi
accountmadeforants: To be clear, that previous thing was what the fans were asking for. They wanted more RNG back then. Because a-doyyyy.
blip2004: so you now have to find your perfect stat spread
GhassanPL: @LoadingReadyRun Are you comfortable discussing how you feel about the moves to Steam, Graham?
Foxmar320: They also brought the three stats from D1 into D2 for armor 2.0
Foxmar320: So armor now has six stats
Mushbie: Haha the servers are at capacity.....
Foxmar320: Int, Dis, Strength, Mobility, Recover and Resistance.
PMAvers: So it's basically the LOTRO transmog system.
Robot_Bones: But looking cool is the most important, Has Dark Souls lied to me?
Nyx_fire: Hi graham! have fun with your game
KeiRaccoon: Transmog/Glamour in Destiny 2. Finally
AdmiralMemo: Oh so it's like the "visual slots" of Star Trek Online
Wrexadecimal: Fashion Destiny!?
Foxmar320: Int, Dis, Strength, Mobility, Recover and Resistance.
monkeyrama: What classes are you all playing?
TheFaceofCho: tmog systems are the effing best
shadowxviii: Hey Cameron, you're in ? How's the steam integration working out ? friends list, clan and all
MistahFixIt: Fashion Destiny is Serious Goddamned Business
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Antiagone: Which sounds like they added a feature WoW did 'the appearance changer shop'....
NiallF: Looking cool is the most important, but now you can have both things
MistahFixIt: I love my Philomath Robes and my Eye Of Another World
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HailtheRNG: Yay earlier stream! Enjoy launch day!
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MistahFixIt: I'm Space Mysterio
Pump19: Codefall | The Walking Dead: Michonne (Epic) (Other)
TwilightAvalon: IM IN :d :d
adamjford: This is definitely not a transmog system. It's for sure more flexible, but you still need to find the piece of armor with the looks you want that also has the stats you want.
Foxmar320: Yep I uninstalled Bnet already
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shaunleung: muh bright dust!
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leafy_greeens: you met me at pax @LoadingReadyRun
TwilightAvalon: MY Ticket was called...YEAH BOI
iammorthos: Cam is peaking Graham, or do they know that already
TXC2: I have Bnet exclusivly for starcraft 2 :p
monkeyrama: LUL
PMAvers: It's funny how people complain about having to have a extra store installed for Epic, but is totally okay because it's Blizzard.
GhassanPL: It's more about the fact that Bungie is kinda salty about their deal with Activision
leafy_greeens: that is how that works
TXC2: Names are hard
MistahFixIt: How dare you sir! This is 2019, you are legally obligated to have A Take Kappa
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tenthtechpriest: Moon's haunted? Ok but more importantly, DRESSTINY
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GhassanPL: As far as I know they blame Activision for D1 and D2s rocky history
Foxmar320: Same here
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MistahFixIt: <do not actually have a take>
RvLeshrac: PMAvers: I'm not OK with any of them, and have never been OK with any of them, but will grudgingly accept additional launchers when they're not shit.
snowcookies: yesh
accountmadeforants: Ah, it me past my friend circle. Hello face I remember.
DarkAbyssKeeper: Need to remember when i watch that the game will not be as fun as this looks. I do not make any time for multiplayer cooperation, at all.
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oyvinaase: Got time to watch the stream while waiting for the game to log in
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, oyvinaase! (Today's storm count: 23)
AdmiralMemo: Do you still remember all the people's faces from LRRcon? :)
Foxmar320: Im at like 7k bright dust I think
Wrexadecimal: Dresstiny!
MistahFixIt: OOF
MistahFixIt: That's REAL strong
adamjford: Dresstiny is indeed correct
TXC2: slowclap.wav
monkeyrama: Woooow, that's a good one seabatTROG
RomanianMyEscutcheon: XMOGs? seabatTROG
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Decaped: Honk if you lrrHEART Destiny lrrHORN lrrHORN
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Foxmar320: Still a half hour
AdmiralMemo: 44 minutes here
miniwak: i logged in on ps4 just fine
rasmithuk: yey, unpacked...and now i have to eat
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TheAmazingHobo: I for one am happy the new dlc will allow me to keep my shadows. Was afraid of losing some of them.
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shadowxviii: Sharding old armor Cameron ?
manfred909: Is discord real loud or is something borked on my end?
rocketjohn: Discord is doing something horrible to cameron....
leafy_greeens: looking at the unpacking for a few hours
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Unpacking steam myself but got this stream and goose game to keep me entertained
Keifeto: im waiting for the game to friggin unpack from steam
monkeyrama: Cam's in 👀
HailtheRNG: well..... old school geoguessr time?
RvLeshrac: I was at 7 minutes ten minutes ago and am now at 25 minutes.
RayFK: I don't want to watch you eat your cream...cheese
iammorthos: no @manfred909 Cam is way high
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: 333 users viewing the stream. 515 users in the chat.
leafy_greeens: lrrHEART
RvLeshrac: 30 minutes.
Keifeto: i wish i knew there was an un pack
noSmokeFire: The Moon is Haunted and you are a Horrible Goose
MistahFixIt: Mogging and Sharding </immature_giggling>
KeiRaccoon: :V HONK HONK HONK :V
Sarah_Serinde: !y
Dyllbert: YAY Destiny!
Keifeto: but luckily i own it on ps4 and i have other characters to play to try out the new light
RayFK: In the Shadow Realm of course
LaPersonaVerde: Honk
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Procrastronauts: (airhorn sound)
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adamjford: H O N K
GhassanPL: I guess this in an excellent time to get back into Destiny, now I gotta find 80GB of space :)
adi_pie: I'm going to be lurking and nursing a cold, but I hope you all have fun. Be good, chat.
PyroWulf: Oh hey it's time for MOON
GhassanPL: And some willing friends :)
Foxmar320: Moon has new areas but some of the same
adamjford: The Moon: It Didn't Really Go Anywhere But It's Back Now
NiallF: It's the same area and then a bit more
Earthenone: on a scale of 1-kingdom hearts how is the lore?
TheLordoFost: do i need to reinstall destiny?
RvLeshrac: I'm mostly interested in shooting Hive with Thorn since I just got it Sunday.
TXC2: Patch updates: we added THE MOON!
Pump19: Codefall | Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (Steam)
leafy_greeens: there are some spots that are the same
RomanianMyEscutcheon: We unfucked the Moon, then we had to go unfuck the Traveler / Mercury / Mars / that one wish dragon, and now the Hive have re-fucked the Moon.
PyroWulf: The Moon: You look away for FIVE MINUTES.
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I kinda wanna get Shadowkeep but I haven't played Forsaken, should I get that instead?
Dyllbert: Is everyone else having to do like a 50 minute update, but not actually downloading anything?
leafy_greeens: YES
monkeyrama: It's nice that Adam has not much experience/knowledge of the game, means when Cam/Graham teach him things I get to learn to seabatBRAIN
fiftymcnasty: Cheer50 I havint played D2 since just after it came out. I hope its better now.
Procrastronauts: So I know nothing about this expansion, and haven't even finished the year one DLC or Forsaken, wheee
MistahFixIt: Destiny's 'lore' is pretty obtuse iirc
Foxmar320: The last thing Adam did was a Leviathan raid according to Destiny tracker.
TXC2: Destiny story: it's not Warhammer 40K for no good reason Kappa
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Kaus_Jason: well I was going to to play myself then watch the VOD, but do to computer problems I guess I'll just have to enjoy with the added commetary of several incredibly funny people to enhance the experience.
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Procrastronauts: But I bought it anyway
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Zyme86: Just finished a 12 night shift, thx for the things you do and good night, see you in the vod
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RvLeshrac: Dyllbert: That's the standard preload process, it is decrypting/extracting the content.
DarkAbyssKeeper: The moon, that's where that wizard came from.
NiallF: Yup, steam needs to decript everything
Kaus_Jason: lore! lore! lore!
Foxmar320: Cam here for the lore drop
Pump19: Codefall | God's Trigger (Steam)
MistahFixIt: Just... took an entire planet. Like you do.
Pump19: Codefall | The Walking Dead: Michonne (Epic) (Other)
Radyin: Can we fix Cam’s audio?
rocketjohn: ^
monkeyrama: LUL Graham
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LarkSachrosis: The three years! WHO YA GONNA CALL?
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RomanianMyEscutcheon: We unlocked a big reality engine, and then we unlocked a nigh-omnipotent theoretical warfare AI engine, and did jack shit with either of them.
Foxmar320: Yep
AdmiralMemo: Yes Cam is SO LOUD
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KeiRaccoon: Osiris is factually a big weiner
sivakrytos: hacker voice adam
RomanianMyEscutcheon: And then we killed a dragon and nothing happened again, the end.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: lrrBEEJ
Qooroo: A big wiener literally or figuratively?
Dyllbert: @RvLeshrac ok, thanks
leafy_greeens: @LoadingReadyRun Cam's audio is bad
MistahFixIt: Oh right, Warminds.
Vaygrim: yes, Cam's audio is ... a bit rough?
morgoth_bauglyr: Ra-Ra-Rasputin?
TheFaceofCho: cam is super loud, adam is super quiet
spodume: @LoadingReadyRun Graham have you seen the new 3 hourr lore video from my name is byf?
noSmokeFire: a literal oscar-meyer weiner mobile
PyroWulf: Cam's audio is fixed. He just perpetually sounds far away and staticy. He's actually sitting just off screen right now.
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Foxmar320: Its a really good video
MistahFixIt: Good thing the world ended or we mighta ended up in a No Mouth And I Must Scream type scenario with the Warminds
cfpreston: ra ra rasputin?
Foxmar320: It needs editing bad but its good
adi_pie: Wow, Cameron. True though.
Dyllbert: Yah, cam sounds pretty rough
rocketjohn: it's robotic and over-loud
LaPersonaVerde: I watched that whole video
AdmiralMemo: Cam is like 3x as loud as you
TXC2: 3hrs? (Laughs in 40k lore video)
Zyme86: adam fin on our end
PiousHeathen: 4 hrs
RvLeshrac: I thought it was a little odd that Cam was louder than Adam.
noSmokeFire: "You don't have to change anything about yourself" < G the supportive friend
rocketjohn: still buzzy
sivakrytos: cam is better
DarkAbyssKeeper: Better to both.
AdmiralMemo: Now Adam is as loud as Cam
Foxmar320: Adam good Cam better
TheFaceofCho: both are better
monkeyrama: Seems good
DiscordianTokkan: Still buzzy, but better
EvilBadman: Putting Adam at 100% is a dangerous proposition
leafy_greeens: better
Zyme86: sounds about right for adam :)
Wrexadecimal: LRR power levels? lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Much better
EvilBadman: not just audio wise
TXC2: #HowHeDo
Nigouki: that sounds appropriate for Talking Sim vs Let's Nope Kappa
kerbalized_: great!
RvLeshrac: Well, I've gone from 10 minutes left like 15 minutes ago back down to 10 minutes.
timberturtle: everyone is now 750 power with shadowkeep
noSmokeFire: Adam is only using 30% of his power
adi_pie: So Adam's character is like the real Adam.
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
Foxmar320: Yep Adam's gear will still not have perks on it tho.
TheWanderingNomad: Oh bus, I haven't played D2 in...a year?\
kerbalized_: adam IS cute as hell
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Really looking forward to watching Adam play a fun game. lrrBEEJ seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: Does it keep the same stats and such?
AdmiralMemo: @LoadingReadyRun LarkSachrosis not Lord :D (You've made this mistake before, so no worries :D )
RvLeshrac: Supposedly the MoT armour is 2.0 immediately?
Foxmar320: Also Graham don't forget to check the battle pass thing? Level one is an exotic.
EvilBadman: You mentioned sharding ghosts/ships/sparrows, I'm not up on the change-over, what's that for?
TwilightAvalon: @LoadingReadyRun Not all items come 750. My Warlock is still Light Level 182. Also ALL Year 1 and 2 armor has been updated with the new stats breakdowns...they have they Discipline, Intelliect and Strength
Foxmar320: EvilBadman that was before launch of Shadowkeep to get extra bright dust.
Darleysam: @EvilBadman all eververse cosmetics can now be applied as ornaments
Foxmar320: Its too late now.
RvLeshrac: EvilBadman: Before yesterday, Eververse stuff deconstructed into Bright Dust.
EvilBadman: Oh woops then
RvLeshrac: EvilBadman: Too late now, though.
NiallF: Eververse stuff can be re-bought for glimmer, so sharding your old eververse stuff pre-patch and re-buying it now is like buying bright dust for glimmer
somecall_metim: I'm stuck in a queue to get in game
adamjford: @TwilightAvalon that... doesn't sound right. the light level part, that is.
Foxmar320: Still unpacking
RvLeshrac: That 100k glimmer limit is still pretty shit.
EvilBadman: I don't Destiny 2 much despite having forsaken and it's annual pass from a contest :|
monkeyrama: Immune to damage seabatYIKES
adamjford: everything should in fact be 750 unless something went wrong
Foxmar320: The hive under the stairs lol
Foxmar320: Yep they killed everyone
RvLeshrac: I think that other than PvP, the glimmer limit is the biggest pile of shit left in the game.
Foxmar320: They were level 15 I think
fiftymcnasty: Good design
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Woogachaka: IIIIIIIIIII-IIIII-IIIII IIII-IIIII'm hoooked on this streaming!
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Kaus_Jason: same
monkeyrama: I totally did that same thing LUL
noSmokeFire: welcome to floor Skull: home supplies and lingerie
TheWanderingNomad: "Their health bar is a skull." - I think you just back out of the room at that point
adamjford: It IS good design. Lets you know there are dangerous things in the world
Foxmar320: We sure did. Remember farming them till stuff started spawing without weapons?
Kaus_Jason: first time I saw the hive, too
ashteranic: I started playing during House of Wolves, and so there were these level 30 fallen dudes randomly wandering around constantly killing me when i started. good times
Woogachaka: I'll take a boo
Kaus_Jason: up to then I'd only seen fallen
Keifeto: i have to wait an hour and a half cause i in the boonies D"
Keifeto: D:*
Foxmar320: Yep
somecall_metim: PrideWingL ssjSpikeChamp PrideWingR
tenthtechpriest: press F for lunafactions
Foxmar320: It was broken
NiallF: During the last year, the equivalent of that was the forge-saboteur-servitor in the EDZ that would go around blowing up newbies who tried to cross that one bridge
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Even fewer reasons to use Rallycade now, I guess.
Scarbble: loading bar's haunted
RomanianMyEscutcheon: (Towering's always been better anyway.)
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forcorus1: woop woop
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tenthtechpriest: and PvP
Foxmar320: It was OP in PVP
tenthtechpriest: because PvP
Pal_Friendpatine: While everyone else here is in Shadowkeep I’ll be in New Light. See you when I exit the other side
zo4chcee subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 12 months!
zo4chcee: Subbed 1 year? That's almost as long as Destiny 2's original Dev Cycle?
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RvLeshrac: Because infinite chaining supers is fucking garbage in PvP and the people who did it were trash.
orellien2773: Destiny Devs: "Look, we want you guys to use those guns you're collecting, stop Supering everything..."
Foxmar320: I got like 5 minutes
DRMagnify: Dark launch screen finally
monkeyrama: That's super unfortunate, Adam NotLikeThis
AdmiralMemo: Go away random chair!
Foxmar320: Yep
PMAvers: Too many viruses from Blue. Adam has to boil it.
RvLeshrac: Wait what happened with Adam?
Foxmar320: Same here G
Wrexadecimal: womp womp
NightValien28: queue time
accountmadeforants: @LoadingReadyRun Adam's on Ryzen, isn't he? He might need a BIOS update instead of a graphics driver update.
Kaus_Jason: yay new splash!
r_craddz: and now to join the queue for the next hour :D
NiallF: Dark launch screen, but here's that blinding load screen again! Yay!
Foxmar320: RvLeshrac game crashed
aerobeing: 36 hours later
I_Am_Clockwork: good old day 1 Queue
TheElrad: your place in the queue is 999'999
monkeyrama: His computer keeps randomly crashing for some games @RvLeshrac
tenthtechpriest: login queues. it's like we're really playing WoW classic again!
Wrexadecimal: Well at least they don't show where you are in the queue. lol.
I_Am_Clockwork: MMO classic
Ashby497: Is it October 14th yet?
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evilspoons983: Don't play D2, but staring at loading screens is my hobby!
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CoyoteSans: Livestreaming queues, stream is no extremely British.
Antiagone: Chat techsupport - the riskiest of plays!
Foxmar320: Im also on Ryzen hope this update doesn't break something
somecall_metim: we are all stuck in the infinite queue fuck box
TXC2: Ashby497 sure ain't
RvLeshrac: Install the latest chipset drivers, don't worry about a BIOS or anything yet.
adamjford: oh yeah no more exclusives
malsareus: destiny has reached maximum density please, hold
adamjford: deece
Kaus_Jason: wow at this rate maybe I will get to play along
zo4chcee: Though for real though Destiny 2 is tons of fun.
TwilightAvalon: @LoadingReadyRun My Warlock is still LL 182 after Shadowkeep. Also All Year 1 and 2 armor has the new Discipline, Intellect, and Strength stats
snowcookies: I should see if my bios needs update too
RvLeshrac: Latest chipset driver SHOULD resolve the problem for anyone that doesn't need to run Hyper-V
DaveLenno: was there a new update?
adamjford: uh oh
aerobeing: I'd say probably accept.
Foxmar320: Yep expansion dropped today
RvLeshrac: Sounds like you haven't linked yet.
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far2muchsarcasm: 42 months? that's the meaning of life!
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HailtheRNG: what?
accountmadeforants: @RvLeshrac I thought the fixes for Destiny and other games were in the BIOS update? Though I might be mistaken.
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SolarBlitz1: Oh Boy, haunted Moons! Did the Moonbase get it's yearly Boo-jabs to avoid catching it?
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Dyllbert: How up to date has Graham been? Has he been playing recently?
NightValien28: it means if you play from ps4 or from battle net?
adi_pie: When in douvt. Say yes.
adamjford: Did you... not activate Cross Save?
Foxmar320: Just accept G this is fine.
AdmiralMemo: That's weirdly-worded
RvLeshrac: Might be a good time to double check the ol' Bungie account
TXC2: what could wrong? Kappa
monkeyrama: Might want to dm Adam, don't think he's in this chat @RvLeshrac
Kaus_Jason: your queue number is N
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Foxmar320: No they are fine
Antiagone subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 13 months!
Antiagone: Thanks for a great year! (And a month!)
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CoyoteSans: this is dark patterny as hell
aerobeing: Check on the URL it's showing?
NiallF: Maybe just check?
Foxmar320: Your PS4 characters are just in storage
PyroWulf: Fingers crossed to COMMIT TO THE CHANGE
aerobeing: Did you link on the battlenet site?
Wrexadecimal: hello EULA
NiallF: ok, probably fine though
MistahFixIt: Mmmn EULAs
tenthtechpriest: if it fails blame foxmar!
RvLeshrac: accountmadeforants: The fix for the instruction that Bungie's devs NEVER SHOULD HAVE USED IN THE FIRST PLACE is in the BIOS update. However, there's an alternative workaround in the chipset driver.
TXC2: that's a very short EULA
noSmokeFire: you have agreed to the queue's EULA
somecall_metim: I'M IN AND I HAVE ALL MY SHIT
Wrexadecimal: EULA reading stream is go lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Back into the queue 👀
AdmiralMemo: Legally, you "read" it. :D
kerbalized_: lrrFINE ?
Foxmar320: If you ever want your PS4 characters again you can go to the Bungie site and select them as playable.
snowcookies: I'd download D2 but that would make the stream buffer
Wrexadecimal: lrrSPOOP
noSmokeFire: lrrSPOOP
Uzumaki15: @loadingreadyrun the cross save feature keeps your characters, they just aren't active unless they are on your chosen account
kerbalized_: lrrSPOOP
Aenir798: Loading bars? But there's no bar!
Foxmar320: 30 seconds!
Foxmar320: Im almost unpacked.
MistahFixIt: Actually, has anyone ever like, challenged the legal enforcibility of EULAs? These days you can't read the contract that says by installing this software you agree to these terms without actually, y'know, installing the software...
PMAvers: Podcast mooooooode
accountmadeforants: @RvLeshrac Ah, good to know. That might be an easier thing to recommend then, yeah. (Though aren't the chipset drivers updated automatically through Windows?)
RvLeshrac: The only deal with not linking accounts is that if you don't log in the first time to Shadowkeep with the right characters, you just get to permanently wave goodbye to any entitlements.
zo4chcee: Destiny 2: Curse of the Loading Screen
malsareus: Would you believe the estimate?
aerobeing: You can limit the download rate in steam so you have enough bandwidth left for the stream.
TXC2: there has to be a pub called the loading bar right?
TemporallyAwry: Authentic launch day content - sit in the queue and kill some time.
zigboy22: YEs]
PyroWulf: Go down the street, get a coffee, go to the bathroom after, come back, have a nap.
Foxmar320: Ok unpacked
Armyguy0: so what if it takes like 4 hours to get in?
kumatsu: Obviously it's "cook lunch"
NightValien28: MistahFixIt from what I heard, having blizzard as an example, if they get challenged they just settle it
PMAvers: Is this "finish a campaign in Gloomhaven" level of queues?
Antiagone: Queue Status: "Come Back Tomorrow"
DaveLenno: play some factorio kinda wait time
kerbalized_: Estimate: <3 days
monkeyrama: It's exciting, we could be anywhere in the queue Kappa
PyroWulf: Then when you wake up you can maybe log in
RvLeshrac: So if you log in to the PS4 with your Bungie.Net chars, you won't have preorder items on your PS4 chars.
The_Real_Starkiller: Coffee shop more than likely
aerobeing: This is stand up from the PC and get kicked for inactivity when you get back. Regardless of AFK time.
Pal_Friendpatine: I have two streams running and I’m downloading D2 New Light. Dwnld is a little slow, but that’s normal
Armyguy0: do we just get 4 hours of non-stop gram?
accountmadeforants: All is relative in the world of server queues. Experience tranquility.
MistahFixIt: @NightValien28 - Makes sense, they don't want to set case precedent.
TheWooglie: 80 GB :O
Foxmar320: Time to get in line to play
malsareus: big game is big
DoodlestheGreat: "Your queue time is: Have you ever read 'War & Peace?'" FailFish
NightValien28: MistahFixIt that and also it doesn't hold in court
zo4chcee: Are we gonna mess up Savathun?
UrbanSamurai_22: If it takes 4 hours then a impromptu ASKLRR
HailtheRNG: time to fire up a draft?
Legokman: Just noticed the shirt G, perfect for the occasion XD
DaveLenno: draft lol
accountmadeforants: The next server queue message just gives you the coordinates of someone who's currently already in.
Foxmar320: I love that shirt
PyroWulf: Savathun? Like Adam Savathun from LoadingReadyRun's internet content production company?
monkeyrama: Man loves his Destiny seabatTROG
TXC2: Graham "too many shirts" Stark
Noodles_15: What’s the new one?
NiallF: Adam Savathun's Jar Theory does sound awfully similar to Sword Logic
solemn_storm: launch day woes?
Radyin: Did you order the MMXIV shirt?
Hawkwreak: @Noodles_15 I think the new one is the Age of Triumph one?
Noodles_15: ^
Foxmar320: Hive Gods yes
Noodles_15: Fair enough
ReynardWrecca: Uncheck the 'insanity' box.
monkeyrama: LUL
Wrexadecimal: seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
RvLeshrac: I'm awaiting a MoT Seal and a Bad Juju.
TXC2: story checks out
monkeyrama: Giving him a greater god complex
aerobeing: ReynardWrecca LUL
PlzBeNiceToYaz: magic bugs
TemporallyAwry: Adam : "Oh sure, i'll accept being compared to a god"
accountmadeforants: Savathun, hive- seabatBRAIN
rocketjohn: @LoadingReadyRun breif wrestlemans aside - i see AEW has a half-decent TV deal in canada
aerobeing: In the settings?
Darleysam: religious bug zombies: the Hive
Foxmar320: I don't know G
NightValien28: isn't it on the chat app now?
rocketjohn: and a better one than the UK has
RvLeshrac: WHICH notifications?
Dyllbert: Well, I'll be right back, just going to go watch the Road Quest Trailer
Foxmar320: lol
Nigouki: go left
aerobeing: LUL
malsareus: @LoadingReadyRun I think that disabling the in-game overlay for the game stops it
evilspoons983: @LoadingReadyRun Friends->Gear
NightValien28: yeah fuck that chat app I hate it
zo4chcee: What Destiny enemy do y'all identify with?
Noodles_15: Have y’all seen the achievement icons?
Foxmar320: Fallen
MistahFixIt: Chat app? There's a chat app now?
RvLeshrac: The Steam chat is now basically a completely independent webapp, so it has independent settings.
MistahFixIt: Wow guess D2 -has- gone full MMO.
NightValien28: MistahFixIt steam's chat app
MistahFixIt: Oh that thing.
RvLeshrac: I hope this queue means all the peer-to-peer shit is gone now.
Foxmar320: Your welcome
monkeyrama: My D2 unpacking keeps jumping between 40 minutes and 1 hour NotLikeThis
Foxmar320: Your welcome
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RvLeshrac: That's OK Graham, I stole my MoT Seal, because I couldn't deal with any more PvP at the time.
tenthtechpriest: sudden horrified realization: destiny item manager probably won't be working today
Foxmar320: Your welcome
Foxmar320: Good luck Adam!
Dyllbert: @tenthtechpriest Someone said it is up already I think I saw in my clan
Kaaosa: Adam you can do it
monkeyrama: Work, Adam's computer BlessRNG
Kaaosa: You can enter the city
sanhova: Same problem every damn launch
NightValien28: bungie always had good music
Gedisti subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 10 months, currently on a 10 month streak!
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Foxmar320: Bungie games always have amazing music
Kaaosa: Bungle does make nice atmospheres
Kaaosa: brizziPP
adamjford: What is Adam's experience with Destiny? I didn't realize he played
NiallF: Cam got interrupted during storytime, so I want to hear more - I mean Adam needs to know what happened in Forsaken
tyrew0rm: Are we doing a race to connect?
Dared00: Brand new skate ramp
Sanityis0verrated subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 26 months!
Sanityis0verrated: We're Heeeeeeere
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Kaaosa: @adamjford shouldn't you know since you, an Adam, have access to the AdamNET?
tyrew0rm: PYRO is back!!
TheElrad: WWE, now with 2 cuckholding storylines
Wrexadecimal: impromptu SWS lrrBEEJ
zo4chcee: Raw is the B show? Lol
r_craddz: New Announce team :D Jerry L:awler is back :D :D
TemporallyAwry: Fox is still a thing? I thought that got rolled into Disney or something.
TheMerricat: I still wish Bungie would go back and update the Myth franchise.
thegreatwyrdling: It Graham!
TXC2: Raw has been the B show since 2006 Kappa
PyroWulf: They had a football anouncer actually pull the SMOOTHEST SDL plug during a game not too long ago.
monkeyrama: A whole lotta wrestling
thegreatwyrdling: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 34:58.
zo4chcee: LOL WUT
gee6666: AEW is this week
TXC2: TemporallyAwry Disney bought the Box movie company, not Fox TV
tenthtechpriest: F the police NWA?
zo4chcee: NWA? WTF!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: AEW starts THIS WEEK. Source; I'm going to the show
Kunou78: Guess I don't have to worry so much about Destiny 2 still decrypting if there's no way I could log in right now anyway... XD
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Is this LRR Q&A due to queue time?
Kaaosa: I'm over here being all sad because I preloaded Destiny 2 on Steam but forgot to prepurchase ShadowDLC
AdmiralMemo: Weirdly, my "Launch the game as soon as its ready" pop-up reports a time that's 3 minutes faster than the "Downloads" tab of steam.
monkeyrama: The next PPV is soon, right?
hellaskeletons: As a Chicago resident, I always feel like I have to apologize for Billy Corgan
r_craddz: AEW is on this wednesday (unless you are in UK on Sunday at 8am)
adamjford: @Kaaosa Ironically, AdamNET also has login queues right now
PyroWulf: Like "You can't just be suplexing other players on the field in football. It was a good suplex, though, maybe we'll see <player name> on Smackdown Live, coming to Fox."
TheWanderingNomad: Is AEW being added to stuff you'll cover on Sidealk Slam G? Kappa
TemporallyAwry: TXC2 ah, okay - I don't watch much irlTV so I thought it was just more of "disney owns everything" syndrome
Dared00: Hey G, have you seen the NWA TV show set? It's SO RETRO
Foxmar320: Still in line here
NightValien28: oh
Wrexadecimal: G's in!?
Foxmar320: Nice G is in!
TXC2: TemporallyAwry nah, Disney owns ABC, so it legally can't buy Fox Tv
tenthtechpriest: oh god so many achievement unlock notifications
TheMoatman: What's this? What's this? There's guardians everywhere
monkeyrama: Made it out of the queue? \ seabatTROG /
SolarBlitz1: Give us a reason to want these matches
LbxAni: it's finally back to the way it was when I was growing up, multiple shows each week
LbxAni: @TXC2 they already did
zigboy22: Yes
Foxmar320: Im in!
zo4chcee: We're hereee!
TheMoatman: Goddamn, 83 gigs though. Jesus
TwilightAvalon: @LoadingReadyRun Go to the Eververse...You'll love it!
Wrexadecimal: @Sanityis0verrated hello friend (sektor88 here - changed my handle a couple months ago :P )
ChuckSplatt: Hey Graham, see the Road Quest trailer it out. Does that mean you are being let out of the eiditing cave?
TXC2: LbxAni Disney bought Fox movies, not Fox TV
Kewdos: Did you keep restarting?
Kewdos: Or wait?
blip2004: only 1 character! madness
TheMoatman: Although I think it was in the 90s on bnet
Foxmar320: Nice armor G
AdmiralMemo: @blip2004 You had to choose 1 to migrate
Dyllbert: That emblem is dope. Which one is it?
Foxmar320: I went to bed at 6am.
tenthtechpriest: look at this very pretty armor. and now to ignore it for the new stuff
AdmiralMemo: Cheevos!
TheMerricat: uni100 You all can have your space game fun. I just really wish Bungie would come back to the Myth universe eventually. uni100
megaRammy: Just gonna say, referring to it as ""The Clan"" sounds a bit weird for a sec :P
RvLeshrac: Oh man those achievements are going to go on for a... while...
Scarbble: such cheevos
monkeyrama: Free achievements PogChamp
NightValien28: wow look at all those cheevos
adi_pie: Congrats, Graham.
aerobeing: Destination 2
sir_jack_DB: cheeevooooossss
AdmiralMemo: Also that ship shader is AMAZING
adi_pie: Look at all you've achieved!
evilspoons983: 'SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT'
Dyllbert: Is there an active LRR clan for this?
Foxmar320: Congrats on unlocking Mercury Graham
NiallF: That's a weird order to hand those destinations out in
AdmiralMemo: @Dyllbert I'm in Suspiciously Fast Movers
Foxmar320: I got put back in line :(
NiallF: ooh, Graham and Cameron aren't friends on Steam?
Jay_Blanc: Why does Graham's space ship have dandruff?
KeiRaccoon: If you're invisible, you have to tell me.
Foxmar320: Yes Cam is set to invis
1losttheGame: Is cam invisible?
Foxmar320: No I can see you G
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TXC2: "look at me, I'm invisible!"
TheMoatman: GDI why is chat not working in the normal client
monkeyrama: Cam's invisible, he learned from John Cena
DoodlestheGreat: Invisimobobble.
TheMoatman: I can't type but I can see. I'm using my logging IRC client
Dyllbert: @AdmiralMemo are there lots of LRR people in it? I'm looking for a clan
TheMoatman: There are like five clans
shadowxviii: Nice clan you got there Graham
KidAmn: Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a queue with Amazon Web Services on the Cloud.
monkeyrama: That's a super cool ship, Graham!
Foxmar320: I can't believe it put me back in line.
Keifeto: i like that ship!!
Foxmar320: :(
AdmiralMemo: @Dyllbert It's ONLY LRR folks. There are at least 5 LRR-only clans.
TheMoatman: @foxmar320 did LRR ever get reclaimed from james?
Wrexadecimal: seabatTROG
rasmithuk: er, I just logged straight in
adamjford: @Foxmar320 RIP
tyrew0rm: 43 mins of fun gameplay so far
rasmithuk: is that normal?
Foxmar320: Nope Moatman
TheMoatman: Or [HERE] rather
Blightfight: Hallo!
Kaaosa: Destiny 2 a game where you travel the stars in the time it takes to get through the queue
accountmadeforants: Playing videogames? On the internet? Never!
Wrexadecimal: I like G's samurai-esque armor
monkeyrama: LUL Adam
Dyllbert: @AdmiralMemo Ok dope. Do people just use the lRR discord?
Foxmar320: Ok im in again...
AdmiralMemo: @Dyllbert Yes
RomanianMyEscutcheon: *Hacker Voice* WE'RE IN
megaRammy: That's real weird, starting a new character on D2 on PC and it's the Destiny 1 intro/tutorial!!
Blightfight: Please people,. give my PC your energy, the poor hard drive is having a heck of a time unpacking the game.
Dyllbert: @AdmiralMemo I'll look into it then. Thanks
KidAmn: Scooty Puff Jr!
Foxmar320: Beep Beep
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Beep beep
Metalupis: i use the Drift Apart because it looks like a dragonfly
RvLeshrac: Jesus christ, finally you can't derank Glory.
TXC2: Lets have safe fun
adamjford: Honk honk
Metalupis: at least to me
ZeniteZero: Eyyy, Graham continued playing Destiny 2? Cool!
monkeyrama: Scooty Puff Jr is possibly the best name ever?
adamjford: Sorry, I think I did it wrong
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Scooty Puff Jr. is the best Sparrow, don't you dare besmirch the good name of Scooty Puff Jr.
Foxmar320: Ok this time I got in
LolCamAlpha: I'm sorry, scooty what who?
adamjford: Scooty Puff Jr.
TXC2: LolCamAlpha it's a futurama joke
evilspoons983: it's a Futurama episode
LolCamAlpha: that's freaking adorable
Metalupis: pick up all quests
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NathanLonghair: 4 yeeeeears! Also: Road Quest HYPE!
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AdmiralMemo: OK, what are the clan names again? I remember Suspiciously Fast Movers, Definitely Illegal Clan, and Questionably Legal Clan
kumatsu: We can go to the Moon.... with Steve..... who was dead at the time
UrbanSamurai_22: It came from the moon.
Scarbble: AdmiralMemo We Live Here Now
Wrexadecimal: What, 9000!?
TXC2: Snorsh united ?
accountmadeforants: Unnnliiiimmiiiiteeeeed, pooooooweeeeeeeerrrrr
AdmiralMemo: Yes yes yes
monkeyrama: Gang's all here!
TXC2: yes yes yes
evilspoons983: "The Why of Fry" had the Scooty-Puff Jr
Wrexadecimal: yes yes yes
aerobeing: Nice.
RvLeshrac: I got a "Wasn't Me" emote from my first Y2 Bright Engram, and I feel like it belongs to Adam.
LarkSachrosis: ARE. You ready for it?!
NiallF: Oh, is Adam a warlock? Guess it makes sense for the big brain
aerobeing: katesChicken
Wrexadecimal: Cam's sword is rad
Foxmar320: Adam has default emotes it looks like
Scarbble: glowing holographic chicken #1
aerobeing: twooffSKHypers
shadowxviii: what class is Adam ?
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LolCamAlpha: Oh.
Wrexadecimal: niiiice
NiallF: Look at the training dummy! So cute
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Hope those Frames have good insurance.
LolCamAlpha: you just klaigeGrip a guy
monkeyrama: That's perfect
rocketjohn: the big dog!
crowcoregames: how long ud wait for the one moment screne
Dyllbert: Titans punch everything. What else could it be!
accountmadeforants: That's very on-brand
Metalupis: warlock is a palm strike, its rad
TXC2: we better be able to get a stunner as a finisher
crowcoregames: @loadingreadyrun
MistahFixIt: Titan armor always looked kinda goofy to me, tbh.
evilspoons983: someone was watching Chappie when they designed that punchbot
nicol_bolish: Something that is very surprising if you don't know it. A well done superman punch is actually tactically very relevant sparring/fighting technique
DiscordianTokkan: So, ALL gear is upped to 750 now? Niceeee
Slasheboy: The next finisher needs to be a suplex
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HailtheRNG: like, does a superman punch actually do more damaage?
crowcoregames: ive been sat on this one moment plese for ages
TXC2: HailtheRNG IRL? hell no
Foxmar320: @LoadingReadyRun Open your map and select the "Seasons" tab. You should get an exotic.
AdmiralMemo: IT looks like it's out of 100
crowcoregames: so how long did ypu wait @loadingreadyrun
accountmadeforants: Seems it took them about 15 minutes, @crowcoregames
LbxAni: tempted to try this game again
monkeyrama: Oo, this looks like a much nicer system
crowcoregames: ok
crowcoregames: thats cool i have food soon but il just wait it out my internets slow
RomanianMyEscutcheon: SWEET JESUS, YES
Blightfight: Oh snap, the Lance has been buffed?
thegreatwyrdling: Road Quest! Road Quest! Road Quest!
TXC2: RomanianMyEscutcheon easy on the allcaps there
crowcoregames: also im condused, i preoreded shadowkewp and it says its downloaded but i dont remeber downloading it
AdmiralMemo: So now you can look like whatever with the stats of something else
adamjford: Finishers only cause super if you have a mod that adds that effect
sir_jack_DB: BLADE FACE
adamjford: only cost super energy*
adi_pie: They did not.
crowcoregames: guess it downloaded ages ago?
Dyllbert: I don't think they said that...
adi_pie: Not for the Banner stuff.
Blightfight: The Banner gear are ornaments for Banner Gear.
crowcoregames: what blight said
TXC2: "a few moments" 4 years later!
adamjford: Banner ornaments are ornaments but not Universal Ornaments. Different things
logophile99 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 4 months!
logophile99: I still like Borderlands more
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crowcoregames: wait now im past the one moment
LbxAni: I gave up on Destiny 2 when I couldn't make a jump in a level and so couldn't advance story
AdmiralMemo: Get that Dresstiny going!
1losttheGame: the black knight!
Minty_G: Is Destiny 2 new light live yet?
crowcoregames: annnnd im on a wight screen
monkeyrama: Clown factory LUL
adi_pie: Yes, Minty_G
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @Minty_G Yep!
leafy_greeens: @LoadingReadyRun Get the handcannon
Dyllbert: Graham, if you are planning on just going all in on armor 2.0, you can just scrap old armor (keep exotics obvs)
Minty_G: Lovely!!!
AdmiralMemo: Hey G: Open the map, click Seasons, get an exotic. :)
Minty_G: Wasnt this morning
adamjford: Someone get Ben on the phone
lucha_libro: oh this is lovely to wake up too! :)
adamjford: He has a new game to play
Foxmar320: Im already season level 5 lol
LolCamAlpha: yeah, that's something
adi_pie: The only annoyance I have thus far is that they reset my susbtitle settings.
Wrexadecimal: niiiice
aerobeing: The Ungift?
zigboy22: on moon
monkeyrama: That's adorable
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: That's so cute
Foxmar320: Graham open your map menu and go to "Seasons"
snowcookies: Sami!
TXC2: wow yeah that does look like LEM
DoodlestheGreat: PJSalt
J4Y_4NDY: Is Shadowkeep live?
Foxmar320: First one
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crowcoregames: im innnnnnn
adamjford: wow dang
PyroWulf: Holy snap that sub bomb
Soul1355: wooha
Dyllbert: Wow sub gifts!
RvLeshrac: Season ends in 69 days.
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
sir_jack_DB: oh. it's a mastery track.
Amentur: ACK
NovaSpecter: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub!
Undertowst: Oh, something else from a game that requires you to log in every single day.....
sir_jack_DB: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaaay...
kerbalized_: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
adamjford: thank you Little Light
1losttheGame: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Blightfight: Ho snap
aerobeing: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN
sfn____: lrrHEART
Blightfight: That's a lotta subs.
RvLeshrac: I also appreciate "Season of the [REDACTED]"
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RaynMurfy: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
StarFreak359: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
snowcookies: so much subs
mikeljklok: big ups that guy
Undertowst: One of the reasons why I stopped playing those types of games. I cannot handle the game pressuring me into logging in every single day.
Blightfight: Nice to know that the game blanked out all of my Silver. :(
UpstageJMC: NICE
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thegreatwyrdling: That storm count.
AdmiralMemo: Leafmun
aerobeing: So, which part of those subs was a secret spell to summon a demon?
TheMerricat: Is Nathan Fillion's character still dead?
adamjford: yes
TXC2: probably
LordManiMani: hey howdy hey I heard there were Gamers, Online, in here
adamjford: Cayde-6 is dead dead
EchoBrozer: hey 4 years...
PyroWulf: A Ghillie suit.
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, try with the Progenitor Vex shader. The grener one
RomanianMyEscutcheon: If you're not using Amaranth Atrocity, you're wrong. lrrBEEJ
Dyllbert: @Blightfight I think they said there could be some time delay porting it over. You can also contact support they will help you
tenthtechpriest: mooooooooooooooooom I wanna gooooooooo I'm booooooooooooored
Bengall49: Where do you buy forsaken on PC now?
monkeyrama: Adam and Cam having an emote fight?
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AdmiralMemo: @Bengall49 Steam
adamjford: @Bengall49 Under Destiny 2 on Steam
Bengall49: I didn’t see it
Scarbble: Bengall49 steam
Bengall49: Just shadowleep
Bengall49: keep
AdmiralMemo: @Bengall49 Forsaken is just loaded in already
Dyllbert: I've always kind of wondered why Adam doesn't play this game
AdmiralMemo: @Bengall49 You just get it.
ReynardWrecca: 'Legs Of Optimacy' is a heck of a phrase.
monkeyrama: Time commitment, probably
Dr_Shandor: just got into the stream what gun are you using for your primary Graham?
TheFoilAjani: I have a 14 hour download time???
Scarbble: forsaken is probably under the 'dlc' section of the main destiny 2 page
Arakasi01: Been a while since I saw Graham on a stream PogChamp
AdmiralMemo: @Bengall49 You don't even need to buy it separately anymore.
Blightfight: Oh, they buffed teh Sweet Business, which is neat.
Wilcroft: Why block with swords when you can swing it? :)
Blightfight: YOU don't have to be shoosting for ammo pickups to reload your mag.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Ghost Primus... I miss you... benginCry
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ElektroTal: it's my thraniversary
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Blightfight: Also it do more damage.
nicol_bolish: So, I've literally never played Destiny or Destiny 2. Is it worth getting into it at this point?
Blightfight: Aaaaarg the game is at capacity.
KidAmn: So many people finding Joy In Suffering.
AdmiralMemo: @Scarbble Nope. Not necessary. Only Shadowkeep is separate now. The rest are just loaded in by default and available now.
AdmiralMemo: @nicol_bolish Yeah, sure.
accountmadeforants: @nicol_bolish I mean, it's free now. So probably.
TheMerricat: @Arakasi01 The long night is over, the Road Quest editing is done and Graham has finally escaped the mines. :-)
nicol_bolish: Ah, fair enough
monkeyrama: Already improving \ seabatTROG /
Arakasi01: Ah yes, questing in ye olde road-mines
adamjford: @nicol_bolish this is literally the best time to get into it other than Destiny 2 launch
generaluzu1: hullo
TXC2: Graham will never be free from the editing mines Kappa
AdmiralMemo: I'm glad I finished the main story before this switch-over
TXC2: hello generaluzu1 welcome
RvLeshrac: Hold tab
reaperson326: hold it!
AdmiralMemo: @TheMerricat Graham has said that he's not yet free, but the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.
RvLeshrac: There are SO MANY bounties.
ElektroTal: also, damn, has it really been three years since kaladesh
reaperson326: uhhhhhhh everyone.
RvLeshrac: They've expanded the number of bounties.
DoodlestheGreat: I don't have Bounty, but I can get some at Costco...
Vanderhof: yes, you are going mad Graham, but why do you ask 😋
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yomidian: dammit zodiark
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adi_pie: Yeah, they made those two non-random drops anymore
LolCamAlpha: yomi!
yomidian: :o lolcam!
tenthtechpriest: it's so you don't need to rng lemon arch or yeet gun
Scarbble: looks like they made quests for the random drop forge exotics
Darleysam: are those for new guns, not izanagi's burden and... the bow?
adi_pie: If you have the weapons they won't show up.
RvLeshrac: Holliday also has legacy quests, nice that they made her useful.
I_Am_Clockwork: Oh Good, I might be able to find a Jotun now :p
fiftymcnasty: So if you havent played since it first came out is it worth playing any more?
Dumori: I’m hype to get back in to this game tbh
Dyllbert: The made Jotunns and Monarch just quest instead of random drops! lrrSPOOP
Bobtheninjagoldfish: So, hows the moon?
TXC2: ElektroTal I can barely believe it's been long enough since battle for Zendikar, that we're going back there again :P
Scarbble: fiftymcnasty only you can answer this question but i think it's great
AdmiralMemo: Including me, Cam! :D
adamjford: @fiftymcnasty if you got friends to play with or want to play with the Discord crew, yes!
monkeyrama: Cam just described me when I try Destiny PvP LUL
AdmiralMemo: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
I_Am_Clockwork: so it looks like they've made a lot of the exotic quests way less obtuse?
Foxmar320: I got my year one PVP armor again im so happy
DoodlestheGreat: Blueberries! I love blueberries! Can we make muffins?
Jiri_One: Just a day more of downloading before I can play destiny
adamjford: if you like shooters and you like looty MMO games, Destiny is a good one of both categories
Neurotoxikk: I lucked out with Le Monarque and Jotun. Landed them same day while working on getting Izanagi's Burden.
AdmiralMemo: @Jiri_One Dang...
Vanderhof: oh poop! I am too late on migarting my D2 account from Blizzard?
AdmiralMemo: @Jiri_One You didn't pre-load?
aerobeing: JCVD?
LordManiMani: is that like leaping batroc
Scarbble: Vanderhof no
Bobtheninjagoldfish: belgian flying kicks? So.. Van Dam?
AdmiralMemo: @Vanderhof Not yet, but do it soon
adi_pie: Adam might need to unlock all of that still?
Blightfight: Oh lawdy the cheevos.
Jiri_One: @AdmiralMemo No, had to do stuff for school and made my internet slow...
Scarbble: Vanderhof go to bungie's website and look for PC Move
Dyllbert: OK my guys, off to actually play now I think. See you all in the vod!
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Come join Benedict in his closet with all his friends. lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Vanderhof: thank you kindly for thé answer @scarbble @admiralmemo
TXC2: so long Dyllbert have fun
AdmiralMemo: @Jiri_One Fair enough. Also, there's a long pre-load for unpacking.
adamjford: Adam's really getting dumped into the deep end here, eh
monkeyrama: Yep LUL
Jiri_One: @AdmiralMemo what's unpacking?
hinhanska: yes 25$
muondecay: you can
adamjford: True true true
tenthtechpriest: he volunteered as tribute
adamjford: Adam's a Gamer
Scarbble: to be faiiiiiiiiiiir
grgriffin3: Adam's having himself a time
Dr_Shandor: to be faaaaaiiiiir
AdmiralMemo: @Jiri_One You download the game, but it's not ready to install immediately. It needs to unzip.
NdroFox subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 30 months, currently on a 30 month streak!
NdroFox: What more perfect time to re-tribute than when we’re off to the tribute hall!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, NdroFox! (Today's storm count: 74)
monkeyrama: Time for the shootymans
TXC2: jumping into the deep means you're less likely to hurt yourself hitting the bottom Kappa
adamjford: Let's go to the moooooooooon
AdmiralMemo: @Jiri_One But if you've got a decent computer, it should only take an hour or so
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Adam is, in fact, the Motherfucking Boshy. I think he got this. seabatBRAIN
Vanderhof: Og also... I have fallen into MtG Arena, because of Lrr, so I guess, a curse upon your base?🤣
adi_pie: It's endlessly repeatable.
PyroWulf: Zavala: "I don't know, Guardian, just go shoot something."
adi_pie: That's why
NightValien28: greed?
Darleysam: glimmer's been rescaled, too
TXC2: Vanderhof we get that a lot
Darleysam: cap up to 250,000, looks like more drops too
sfn____: It drops bright dust too
AdmiralMemo: @Jiri_One Though, now that it's launched, it might unpack progressively as it's downloading.
tenthtechpriest: it's so you can stack up extra bounties after finishing all the ones there for the day
monkeyrama: Unfortunate
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Let's go visit the Hall of Calus Presidents?
tenthtechpriest: LORE
accountmadeforants: Fly me to the moon!
Jiri_One: @AdmiralMemo ah, I see, I think I can handle an extra hour then
adamjford: Moon's Haunted.
tyrew0rm: fly me to the moon?
Foxmar320: Ok GL G I have to go do my own thing now
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Let's go unhuant that Moon.
Foxmar320: Have fun!
tenthtechpriest: moon's haunted
shadowxviii: Well, trying to stay spoiler free until I get home tonight, I'll have to bail
TXC2: (to the moon from duck tales intensifies)
shadowxviii: Have fun guys !
TXC2: so long shadowxviii have fun
monkeyrama: Dang, Graham, your ship is sweet
Dyllbert: Ok lol, still in the queeu, I'll leave once I actually get in
Scarbble: have fun, friends
AdmiralMemo: I was going to launch the game, but I want to see this intro first
accountmadeforants: Suggestion: You haunt the moon instead!
Veste: you can't just unhaunt a moon
TXC2: so long Foxmar320 have fun
morgoth_bauglyr: a haunted moon? but what if emrakul?
NightValien28: what exactly is the moon haunted with, aren't we the ones with ghosts?
dumbo3k: I only played a little bit of the past expansions, am I going to be confused about why we are unhaunting the moon?
tyrew0rm: its always emrakul
1losttheGame: clan exp oh boy!
thegreatwyrdling: That person has 3 eyes
Veste: I feel like moons are just one of those things that always ends up haunted
Nigouki: is this the opening of the Ah My Goddess movie?
adamjford: @dumbo3k nah
PyroWulf: Dangit Eris, you're not supposed to cause moon hauntings.
AdmiralMemo: @morgoth_bauglyr The Destiny universe has some being that might be on-par with Emmrakul already
Elenodul subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 63 months!
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RomanianMyEscutcheon: @dumbo3k Hopefully not, we don't know much about why the Moon is haunted anyway.
Vanderhof: @txc2 hehe I bet, I never the dollary to get into MtG, growing up so MtG Arena is aces 😮🤣
Undertowst: Oh good, zombies.
ReynardWrecca: He may, to some extent, be the motherflippin' Boshy, for Pete's sake.
TXC2: Vanderhof same here
adi_pie: She came back, her Ghost definitely did not.
TXC2: "she" "came" "back"
TheElrad: she got somewhat infected
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
adamjford: siiiiiiiick
LordManiMani: 👀👁️
Vanderhof: I played my first game of MtG since... 1996
1losttheGame: oh hey its the conceriege from john wick!
adi_pie: Okay, that's a really cool intro.
jadedcynic: Just noticed WHO was streaming over at LRR; congrats on the progress with Road Quest, and your incipient freedom from the Editing Mines! :D Have fun with this! lrrHEART
Veste: just a little bit of ichor
PyroWulf: "She hangs around the tower in D1 and says creepy shit" might be the most accurate TLDR of Eris' plot
adi_pie: Partly
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muondecay: Moon's haunted? Moonbase's haunted? EVERYTHING IS HAUNTED THIS MONTH!
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adi_pie: Yeah, it's a nice call back.
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Zaghrog: Are both sides of the Moon equally haunted though?
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adi_pie: My sinuses are haunted.
sivakrytos: good thing you brought extra guns
LordManiMani: cam is significantly louder than graham+game audio
monkeyrama: This totally is the pvp map from d1, that's neat
Rhynerd: sweet, free ketch!
TXC2: they have is asset, why not reuse it? Kappa
DoodlestheGreat: One day Destiny will have space combat.
chadtastic112: @LoadingReadyRun What armor are you wearing? It looks awesome.
adamjford: Okay, who crashed their Ass Ketch??
TXC2: *this
noSmokeFire: do you have a receipt for the moon?
1losttheGame: those gun models are enormous
grgriffin3: Just....Take the Moon back.
grgriffin3: DO it.
snowcookies: cool the moon
Caldurin: All of the moon?
Undertowst: Very leafy.
thegreatwyrdling: Who's that voice actor?
LordManiMani: this is Lance Reddick right? 😎
tyrew0rm: no subtitles?
snowcookies: cool
LbxAni: voice is so low to hear :(
adamjford: Any chance we could get subtitles on? No worries if not
aerobeing: LordManiMani, sure sounds like him to me.
aerobeing: LordManiMani, IMDB says it is.
TXC2: yes lance reddick, Aloy's other other dad Kappa
Jhoiraful_Chaos: I think the everyone gets ammo crates are in crucible
tenthtechpriest: a hand cannon that's actually a cannon
RebekahWSD: Subtitles are always nice
aerobeing: John Wick must be around here somewhere.
TXC2: the longest range super man punch there
DoodlestheGreat: F
Dumori: I guess I can’t complain about no longer being in the lrr clans given I didn’t touch forsaken
I_Am_Clockwork: V is the rift
monkeyrama: This gun seems sweet
Rhynerd: careful not to you use your super on a fallen comrade.
TheAinMAP: Over 50% already.
orbitaltuna: what's the moon haunted by? ccolorD
TXC2: what isn't haunted by Kappa
TXC2: *isn't it
aerobeing: Captain Space super.
FarronTheRed: Hey all! How goes it?
TXC2: hello FarronTheRed welcome
noSmokeFire: PrideGive lrrCIRCLE orbs!
SolarBlitz1: Ah, we've reclaimed the Moon. Good expansion everyone
FarronTheRed: Thanks!
LolCamAlpha: that's so dang cool
grgriffin3: You're Roman Reigns now!
TXC2: spiky you say? my chaos sense is tingling
FarronTheRed: Did...Did Twitch change its UI? The fonts look different. Or is my browser being weird?
adi_pie: Yeah, the Moon space we had in D1 was all a Chinese lunar colony.
TXC2: FarronTheRed it's twitch
tyrew0rm: @LoadingReadyRun any chance of subtitles, no worries if not
jadedcynic: @FarronTheRed yep, that change was over the weekend (coinciding with TwitchCon?)
adi_pie: Helium Filaments
tenthtechpriest: accessability
BlenderMTL: accessibility?
adamjford: Thanks Graham!
TheMerricat: @FarronTheRed the launched a rebranding/ui redesign the day twitchcon started last week.
ButterBall000: Ah, yes. The "Where's the Subtitles?" game
TXC2: the change on twtich was last thursday
FarronTheRed: @TXC2 Okay, thanks. I've been staring at different fonts all day and was afraid it was me. Oh, and thanks for context @jadedcynic and @TheMerricat
TheAinMAP: That's a big red wall.
monkeyrama: Moon castle seabatTROG
grgriffin3: Look, Moon's big, okay?
TXC2: Graham, this whole game is 40K looking stuff
adi_pie: The Secret Pipesmen, I believe.
seth_erickson: Moon Castle's Haunted
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: some sort of moon base
jadedcynic: Personally, I find some of the twitch UI changes are nice, others are meh, but nothing really annoys me, so it's....acceptable. vOv
Nigouki: is there friendly fire?
FarronTheRed: @jadedcynic This is a fair review.
Darleysam: Adam giving 'em the ticklefingers
TheMerricat: Player models are 150% too thin for 40k. And no 90's level sholder pads.
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dropkickstart: Graham Destiny stream? yes, please and thank you!
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iammorthos: But i mean really, @LoadingReadyRun what does this game have that Wow classic doesn't. lrrBEEJ
tenthtechpriest: I just realized erina's vow uses green ammo
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: its all ogre
DoodlestheGreat: It's all oger now.
TXC2: TheMerricat they're pauldrons! Kappa
FarronTheRed: Heh heh heh
jadedcynic: so, you've got Close Air Support of that Hunter-Killer/Colonial Marines Dropship mashup circling you? Good idea, even if NPC assignment
jadedcynic: Adam: better to be chased, than chaste. LUL
FarronTheRed: Sword protocols engaged.
evilspoons983: so finishers are more-or-less like Doom 2016's Glory Kills
monkeyrama: Bringing a sword to a gun fight PogChamp
StarFreak359: Nice to sword you
Vanderhof: Are we watching a virtual simulation of what will happen when Paul's evil twin Palo finally unleashes his Nutant Robot Army unlean the Moon Base?
jadedcynic: FINISHED :D
sir_jack_DB: holy moly I love the finishers
FarronTheRed: ABF: Always Be Finishing
jadedcynic: it might not be time-efficient, but it's SOOOOO satisfying :D
TheFoilAjani: Yeah I really like that evilspoons
iammorthos: SO chat Help me out. Who are these people and why are they on the moon? and why is that bad?
HouseofShadow: I have never seen Destiny gameplay until now. Bungie did a good job with textures. Looks very Halo to me.
ButterBall000: So, how many more wizards have come from the moon?
TXC2: don't question the swords Graham Kappa
TheCrownedClown55: i really hope a finisher where the Hunter shade steps behind an enemy becomes a thing
UpstageJMC: spawning from knights?
Nigouki: the sword are the new election system Kappa
FarronTheRed: Graham, the Sword God works in mysterious ways. It is not our place to question.
RvLeshrac: iammorthos: If you're actually interested, there's a three hour vidieo.
TXC2: America time!
jadedcynic: "It looks like you're trying to drain some Hive Sigils; would a mysterious melee weapon help?"
monkeyrama: Gottem LUL
tenthtechpriest: do non-angry shriekers exist?
flikerz1: so many named mobs...
iammorthos: @RvLeshrac i am, but not three hours interested.
LolCamAlpha: the butt crack
DoodlestheGreat: ForeverAlone
HouseofShadow: I've been on that subreddit.
FarronTheRed: ^
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] the crack in the butt is also my weak point.
LRRbot: New quote #6443: "the crack in the butt is also my weak point." —Cameron [2019-10-01]
grgriffin3: Tanks are soon, trust me
TheAinMAP: Ouch.
flikerz1: I wish i could play destiny 2, i loved the sword mission and blade dancer in destiny one.
Heskiel_: @flikerz1 majority of it is now free :)
BlenderMTL: what does dying do, nothing?
adamjford: @flikerz1 what's stopping you from playing the free content?
engineerbudy: is this the sci-fi eye of sauron?
FireBasilisk53: are you winning son?
FarronTheRed: It's okay, Graham, the sun is literally in your eyes!
Darleysam: is Chaos Reach locked behind Forsaken? Because I have a feeling Adam would love that
flikerz1: I cant afford anything that can run it ^-^''
jadedcynic: Spunkmeier! Get out of my firing line!
DoodlestheGreat: Heavy Whammos.
TheMerricat: did it heall back up?
adamjford: @flikerz1 oh did you play on PS3/360? :(
jadedcynic: lrrGOAT
flikerz1: @adamjford I did indeed.
adamjford: daaaaaaaaang
TXC2: "this is going fine" Graham, shortly before it was not going fine Kappa
ReynardWrecca: Now we know.
FarronTheRed: She's fallen to Chaos! Wait, no, sorry, wrong franchise.
RvLeshrac: Man, the Destiny API is fuuuuuuucked.
LordManiMani: the reds escaped to the one place uncorrupted by cyapitalism.... SPAYCE
RvLeshrac: This running back and forth to a vault is getting old.
FarronTheRed: TANK O'CLOCK!
grgriffin3: Tanks!
adi_pie: This music though!
jadedcynic: Purge the Heretic! hang on a sec...
TheAinMAP: Tank goodness.
blip2004: zavala never does ANYTHING. most useless vanguard
Tiber727: He's an NPC. Doing things is your job.
monkeyrama: Moon of Tanks
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TXC2: remember the tank sections in C&C renegade?
RvLeshrac: I wish Cayde-6 was here for the phrase "We each get our own tank"
LolCamAlpha: hahahaha Cam please
DoodlestheGreat: Here come de choo-choo!
FarronTheRed: @RvLeshrac Right?
StarFreak359: Tanks...
monkeyrama: They sure did let the enemy build a massive fortress
StarFreak359: You're welcome
accountmadeforants: I still love these tanks.
ContingentCat: and for them to have left the keys in the tanks
evilspoons983: @LoadingReadyRun an act of gross plot convenience
TheElrad: but if they had done something you wouldn't get to use tanks right now
Rhynerd: "Zavala, you're supposed to be the responsible adult, right?"
Metalupis: its ogre there
not_who_you_think17: I mean... We had a Taken Ahamkara to deal with at the time
FarronTheRed: Just three tanks hanging out, doing tank things.
Rhynerd: "Then WHY did you let the Hive build a SPACE FORT?"
HouseofShadow: No cell phones, no distractions.
Cavemanhar: i guess its world of tanks now Kappa
accountmadeforants: Our Tanks Are Fight
seth_erickson: Maybe they built the fortress while the guardians were busy being annihilated by the Red war
PixelSavage: talking about 40k ... man an actual 40K game with this production value would be great
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
Tiber727: Ah, the true Halo experience.
TXC2: PixelSavage I know right?
Veste: it's no mako
LolCamAlpha: Graham R gud drivur
Tiber727: Getting your tank unstuck.
Inquisitor_Xian: hmmm seems like an easily solved problem when you have neato super tanks....makes me wonder why they didn't try this sooner?
LolCamAlpha: it's true, Veste
jadedcynic: agreed, G* - common sense would dictate that this development had to have been unobserved, because if the Vanguard DID monitor this, and did nothing to STOP it, well.....
FarronTheRed: @seth_erickson That's...a plausibe lore reason. Okay you win today.
Pal_Friendpatine: OMG New Light is the exact same beginning as D1!
seth_erickson: seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Such polite tanks
muondecay: Tank you very much!
TXC2: nodding like that is rather Dalek like :P
Tiber727: The other true Halo experience. Trying to get vehicles where they have no right to be.
EvilBadman: the ol' Bungie NOT TANK zone
jadedcynic: Tanks; I hate it LUL
Fluffy776: So Bungie learned we loved the tanks in Halo finally <3
HouseofShadow: gotta force that Scorpion in here.
TheFoilAjani: Heard some uhhhh explody lads behind y'all
flikerz1: I swear one of the best parts of halo games was trying to get tanks where they should not be
evilspoons983: goo -> "This looks normal!" -> walks in it
NeroTheArsonist: that is the definition of "sickly green"
FarronTheRed: I mean it is a sound game design strategy.
Tiber727: Moon's haunted.
ContingentCat: uhhh
monkeyrama: Oh dear
flikerz1: @evilspoons983 Ha! accurate
LolCamAlpha: ghost thrall
seth_erickson: Moon's Haunted
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: wall hax
Heskiel_: I didn’t sign up for Let’s Nope at this hour
Keifeto: honestly- Zavala not doing anything about it sounds on on brand for him- >_> given Forsaken
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Come on, when has anything bad ever happened from someone going down into a Hive infested hole on the moon? lrrBEEJ
FarronTheRed: @Heskiel_ HA
electroswagnetism: Moon extremely haunted
HouseofShadow: he ran into the wall all spooky like
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Boss... Thrall???
grgriffin3: Some very spoopy ghosts all up in here
RomanianMyEscutcheon: nopenopenopenopenope
adamjford: this intro mission doesn't screw around. I like it.
monkeyrama: Moon might be suuuuper hanted
orbitaltuna: it was perfectly normal bardBlank
Rhynerd: fake hive?
Heskiel_: Wait a sec, the lanterns from Crotato’s End that’s cool
PyroWulf: Moon's really haunted.
tenthtechpriest: MOON IS HAUNTED
sir_jack_DB: uhhhhh
electroswagnetism: It's da erf
FarronTheRed: The real reason we have not gone back to the moon: Haunted AF
ContingentCat: uhhhh
flikerz1: This is not ok.
tyrew0rm: had to go for a phone call for 10 mins, what i miss?
LolCamAlpha: oh noooooo
Cavemanhar: yep tie to blow up the moon
grgriffin3: Moon: ACTUALLY HAUNTED
PyroWulf: MTF-LRR units 1, 2, and 3.
LordManiMani: 👀
ButterBall000: Moon swamp gas
Vanderhof: don't worry about it.... they are friends that wants to hug you
red_shoes_jeff: MOON'S HAUNTED
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP
TheMerricat: Death Stranding! :-P
adamjford: No problems here.
Rhynerd: lrrFINE
FarronTheRed: The surprise crossover that no one wanted!
sivakrytos: and the traveller isn't "some scp garbage"?
jadedcynic: lrrFINE
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
LordManiMani: a hideo Kojima game
Silver_Kn1ght: Requesting deployment of MTF Sigma 6
adamjford: OH
HouseofShadow: rayfkWelp
adamjford: OH NO
RomanianMyEscutcheon: WHAT
Inquisitor_Xian: dang ol' moon ghosts my dude.
Tiber727: This is basically Control.
sivakrytos: like all of destiny is "some scp garbage"
Countzeroor: lrrFINE
ContingentCat: um wat
TXC2: ah pyramid head got big Kappa
RomanianMyEscutcheon: FINALLY
grgriffin3: Literally the worst possible thing it could be
I_Am_Clockwork: Nuke it from orbit!
blip2004: its triangle time boys
TheMoatman: Now, is that a SIVA pyramid?
tenthtechpriest: lrrFINE
LordManiMani: how many impacts are we up to, gendo?
DiscordianTokkan: Good ol' giant triangle!
Tiber727: It's a triangle.
orbitaltuna: the biggest pyramid head
TheMoatman: Oh wait, right
TheMoatman: Darkness
adamjford: I was NOT expecting that
Rhynerd: oh, those are the pyramids we've been meant to fear since before the series even came out.
FarronTheRed: Um...why bad shape?
Heskiel_: Oh what!?!?
UpstageJMC: This is def Let's Nope!
grgriffin3: EXTREMELY bad shape
Dr_Shandor: PUNCH IT!
muondecay: The evilest of doritos
Vanderhof: SG Pyramid.... don't worry about it
Tiber727: Goa'uld?
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] This is the bad shape.
LRRbot: New quote #6444: "This is the bad shape." —Cameron [2019-10-01]
Countzeroor: Perfectly Fine/Dangerous Object/Construct.
LordManiMani: the goa'uld
PyroWulf: The long lost Jalapeno dorito
TheAinMAP: That sounds bad.
electroswagnetism: "It got better"
grgriffin3: If the Traveler is pure light, those ships are pure Darkness
circusofkirkus: revenge mission :D
TheMoatman: IIRC, these folks are actually literally The Darkness
DiscordianTokkan: @FarronTheRed Big circle good, flying Triangles are what the Traveller (big circle) ran from
accountmadeforants: TETRAHEDRON BAD, SPHERE GOOD
HouseofShadow: katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared
ContingentCat: well that's not very friendly
Tiber727: Everyone knows triangles hate circles.
TheElrad: Hello Darkness my old friend
AdamYMHMI: Particle Men vs. Triangle Men.
FarronTheRed: @DiscordianTokkan Oh that is not good. I do not approve of this. AND NOW ITS WORSE
PyroWulf: Triangle man, triangle man. Triangle man hates Traveler man.
PyroWulf: They have a fight. Traveler wins. Traveler man.
TXC2: Triangles are workers, Circles are clerics
adi_pie: "You just made the list"
circusofkirkus: the geometry wars
red_shoes_jeff: You should shoot it.
monkeyrama: Oh hey
ContingentCat: in the words of the wise TMBG Triangle man hates Person man
aerobeing: Oblivion movie has that as well.
LordManiMani: we bloodborne now
FarronTheRed: WAS dead.
CataclysmicReverb: Not dead enough
grgriffin3: Yeah. it's a bad time!
DiscordianTokkan: OH! Just a casual TAKEN CROTA
Tiber727: Hi recycled boss!
HouseofShadow: rayfkWelp rayfkWelp rayfkWelp rayfkSanic
StarFreak359: Sure? Sure!
adi_pie: @LoadingReadyRun Do you still remember how to do your Crotations?
DoodlestheGreat: Crouton!
TheMoatman: Alright get your Gjallarhorns synthed up and kill ads
PyroWulf: You're gonna have a Crota time. *Megalovania intensifies*
Vanderhof: Please bungie... give varification email....
DesperadoZod: just tooning in! Moon still haunted?
monkeyrama: Very much so
Heskiel_: Lol Ghost is like btw do Crota’s End quickly for me
ContingentCat: @DesperadoZod very
Jay_Blanc: Moon very haunted. With bad jello orbs. And creepy floaty jello people.
TXC2: super hanunted
sir_jack_DB: ohhh boy it is the most haunted it could possibly be
Jay_Blanc: And TRIANGLES.
TheMoatman: @DesperadoZod well we're fighting crota's ghost so you make the call
OberonRedShift: how far is this in to the expansion?
adamjford: this is the first mission
TXC2: OberonRedShift 20-30 mins?
Heskiel_: This is literally the start
Cavemanhar: @OberonRedShift the very beginning
TheElrad: who lost all this treasure on the moon?
DiscordianTokkan: Spiky cursed thrall, because NOPENOPENOPE
kumatsu: This feels like a "someone's going to come do something" boss fight
SopranoCat: Graham!! Saw the Road Quest Trailer, does this mean you're finally released from the editing mine?
Vanderhof: Have you guys, considered asking if you could not be roommates on the moon?
RvLeshrac: I'm not sold on this new Special handcannon
monkeyrama: Quest.. step?
TXC2: SopranoCat not quite yet
RvLeshrac: It might be the slowest reload of any HC I have.
PyroWulf: So it looks like red essence lets you hurt white phase, white essence lets you hurt red pha-nevermind
ButterBall000: Boss rush!
electroswagnetism: Ah, things are getting worse
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: New friend?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: oh hai fikrul
TheMoatman: Oh great
StarFreak359: Uuuuuhhhhh!
PyroWulf: Things just went from bad to oh god worse
sir_jack_DB: OH NO
SopranoCat: @TXC2 But the end is in sight, yes!
ContingentCat: oh no
TheMoatman: So the moon is *literally* haunted
adamjford: alright
HouseofShadow: katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared
DiscordianTokkan: WELP
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP
aerobeing: The End.
Nigouki: byeee
ContingentCat: welp?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Eris... what did you do???
LolCamAlpha: oooookay
tenthtechpriest: so the moon? pretty haunted
UpstageJMC: Eris?
kumatsu: You're gonna have a Bad Time
LordManiMani: vworp
Inquisitor_Xian: ahhh its one of them supposed to lose 's
adamjford: You said a thing!!!!
LordManiMani: orb time
grgriffin3: YOU TALK!
TheAinMAP: That .... may not have been a winnable fight.
DiscordianTokkan: And then Eris saved us. HAIL ERIS, ALL HAIL DISCORDIA.
adi_pie: WE SPEAK!
TXC2: we talked in the last expansion no?
aerobeing: The Tet.
Jay_Blanc: Hello creepy jellomans.
James_LRR: Is it safe to visit the moon yet? Or still ghosts?
Sannindi: are we not going to talk about the floaty red ghost, eris
aerobeing: (Oblivion)
Zankage: hello
circusofkirkus: a big drill
monkeyrama: Not safe yet, james
Heskiel_: Haha thank you G
monkeyrama: The boys are on it
Mangledpixel: "have you tried knocking?"
TXC2: James_LRR super haunted
LordManiMani: try the ring transporters
FarronTheRed: Is there a second option?
Rhynerd: not gonna ask her about the weird red hunter?
UpstageJMC: more goo from the eyes
grgriffin3: Yes, let's to inside the personification of darkness!
nicol_bolish: Not just any concrete. Space concrete.
grgriffin3: GOod plan!
TheMoatman: Pro tip: if you blow it up it will have an inside
PyroWulf: You will go inside and fight the scary nightmare bosses and you will LIKE IT, Guardian.
Antiagone: Ah, the ole "Chernobyl Approach"
muondecay: I would like to Chernobyl that please
adi_pie: Covering it with concrete sounds like a solid plan.
Tiber727: The Traveler just left his doritos laying around? What a slob.
ContingentCat: seems like a job for a sarcophagus
red_shoes_jeff: Uh, you got a... you got a little something on your cheek, there...
adi_pie: Very well laid out.
Antiagone: "Cover it with concrete and leave it forever..."
DiscordianTokkan: Make a Chernobyl sacrifice
adamjford: lmao
circusofkirkus: LUL
dropkickstart: Objective: Find your way to the creamy nougat center of the space pyramid head
monkeyrama: LUL Cam
Jay_Blanc: This moon is getting a one star Yelp review.
grgriffin3: Dammit Cam
DarkAbyssKeeper: Or... destroy the moon?
HouseofShadow: ftlSim ftlSim ftlSim
Vanderhof: Yeah moon duest is toxic, as we know from Portal 2
SopranoCat: This is why Cameron is my senpai
Pintyhet: Cave Johnson!
RvLeshrac: You can pull >750 from tokens in the tower.
electroswagnetism: M O O N
DiscordianTokkan: unarmeHmm unarmeHmm unarmeHmm
accountmadeforants: It's basically asbestos, yo
UrbanSamurai_22: I find it hard to believe graham has got 4 items and none of them below blue
HouseofShadow: SPAAAAAACE
James_LRR: I don’t see no ghosts.
Pintyhet: Combustible lemons!
TheFoilAjani: Hey G, I can't tell if it's part of the game, put there's this tiiiny horizontal strip that's not quite uniform with the rest of the screen of your stage right shoulder
I_Am_Clockwork: They're invisible, James lrrBEEJ
Dog_of_Myth: Greeting fellow Guardians from PS4.
ContingentCat: @James_LRR just wait, they're sneaky
PyroWulf: Eris Morn, more like Eris Moon
flikerz1: does you screen blurr when you look at it?
electroswagnetism: Why Eris has three eyes tho
adi_pie: If you pre-ordered.
HouseofShadow: Cave Johnson here. If you run into a future version of yourself whilendijng this next task, don't listen to him.
Pintyhet: Weird ghost, but okay
SopranoCat: @monkeyrama I hope that gets in the highlight reel
TheAinMAP: Phantoms. So ghosts.
Vanderhof: @HouseofShadow <3
Undertowst: Is this Destiny or a Stargate MMO?
OberonRedShift: @electroswagnetism So Eris had to do some freaky hive stuff to escape after the rest of her fireteam (minus Toland) were killed on the Moon trying to kill Crota
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: So I know absolutely nothing about Destiny and have never seen any gameplay before now. This is probably a grand introduction to the series, right? I'll assume it is
monkeyrama: We'll see LUL @SopranoCat
TXC2: so are we just not gonna talk about the big red ghost thing?
HouseofShadow: *cough* excuse me. Moon dust. Extremely toxic.
1losttheGame: all of this sounds like a bad idea
nicol_bolish: I liked her "We're in this together now". I'd be like "Nope, I'm off to the farthest place I can be"
Jay_Blanc: If you ignore the red jelloman, it'll just go away.
monkeyrama: Gesundheit
LolCamAlpha: bless you
PixelSavage: was that a sneeze dab?
ContingentCat: gesundheit
adamjford: Graham, did you know: you can map a key to your Quests tab now?
TXC2: PixelSavage sure was
seth_erickson: Graham do you dab when you sneeze when you aren't streaming as well
red_shoes_jeff: So... I'm not up on my Destiny lore, here. Can we talk about that glowing thing she's carrying? And the streaming tears of... some kind of ichor?
TXC2: thats how us cool kids sneeze Kappa
SajuukSjet: heh, they called it a hellmouth
HouseofShadow: so, is this kind of a road quest?
adi_pie: Yeah, it was the pre-order bonus.
monkeyrama: Preorder bonus seabatTROG
Keifeto: preorder!
Jay_Blanc: @red_shoes_jeff: In summary, Moon's Haunted.
Inquisitor_Xian: Is that DVAs rocket launcher lol
OberonRedShift: @HouseofShadow SparrowQuest
PixelSavage: @TXC2 damn and here I am ... sneezing the old fashioned way.
TXC2: are the barrels off set, or is that just me
red_shoes_jeff: @Jay_Blanc ... K.
flikerz1: chair hype?
wetchow: hello that's a familiar looking background PogChamp
red_shoes_jeff: !chair
LRRbot: GT Omega Racing has provided LRR with this sweet new gaming chair! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" and LRR will receive a portion of the profits!
grgriffin3: CHAIR FRIEND
HouseofShadow: katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair
adamjford: @red_shoes_jeff she and some buds did a raid on the Moon before Destiny 1 and got their asses handed to her. She got stranded there, lost her vision, so she dugs her eyes out and replaced them with an Acolyte's, which is a totally cool and normal thing to do I guess
DiscordianTokkan: katesChair
seth_erickson: So when do we pull out the photon packs for the moon ghosts
sir_jack_DB: LOL
TheAinMAP: katesChair
TheSupremeToast: Pog
monkeyrama: Oof, hope you get better soon, Graham BlessRNG
aerobeing: Do it again! Do it again!
TXC2: good job customs :P
I_Am_Clockwork: hooray for the double customs!
DiscordianTokkan: Cleared customs again? Excellent!
Rhynerd: agsin?
wetchow: customs Pog
SquirrelEarl: katesChair stream best stream
adamjford: Your package is extra customary!
monkeyrama: Double customs 👀
CommanderCrossing: now that i am in game. can confirm moons haunted
Amentur: Again? Has it decided to go away on a journey?
red_shoes_jeff: G, budge over, you're crowding Chair.
Vanderhof: Hallow to you two too
HouseofShadow: bring back the chair!
DarkAbyssKeeper: Do you get to pay more customs and handling charges?
monkeyrama: LUL Little mini sparrow
TXC2: Remember when they said Arena would be on Mac when it officially launched? I do :P
wetchow: you need a bigger bike
red_shoes_jeff: @adamjford Gotcha.
orbitaltuna: one moon... circles
OberonRedShift: shoutout to Hush's little sparrow music video
orbitaltuna: eyes in the dark...
Tiber727: I'm reminded of the little scooter from Futurama.
aerobeing: "In the Shadows" is a song by The Rasmus
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: your voice needs to be this high to ride
PyroWulf: Graham stole that from a Merry-Go-Round
TXC2: Peel P50 of sparrows here
PyroWulf: And now he go NYOOOOOM
grgriffin3: D1 Moon!
wetchow: familiar scenery PogChamp
adi_pie: Oh shit
PixelSavage: do we have a community clan in destiny ?
adi_pie: Is that the Ketch from the Moon Strike in Destiny 1?
aerobeing: I read "servitor" as "senator" at first.
red_shoes_jeff: PUNCH IT.
adi_pie: Taniks' ship?
SajuukSjet: pixelsavage: several, check out the !discord for them
PixelArtDragon: I haven't played Destiny 1, is this supposed to be in an area that was in that?
wetchow: I mean its bungie we cant expect them to reuse assets can we Kappa
aerobeing: AC/DC?
flikerz1: I know that this just a reused map, but that makes me happy.
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DarkAbyssKeeper: We prefer morally ambiguous spheroid.
PixelSavage: @SajuukSjet alright, thanks !
OberonRedShift: Well Toland was part of the same squad that Eris was in and was lost at the same time she was
monkeyrama: Now he's a spooky ghost
Floofys: Is this on PC or console?
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TXC2: so is this nostalgia for part of a game that came out, what, 5 years ago?
grgriffin3: It's the Hellmouth!
wetchow: PTSD flashbacks to creating my void sword tamS
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Lafajet: Happy Moon's Haunted Day everyone!
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ButterBall000: "Toland found 0 of 1" lol. Like there'll be 2?
PyroWulf: I love it
electroswagnetism: Superman punch!
rybackgaming: OOOO AAAAAA
SajuukSjet: floofys: PC/xbox/ps4
PixelArtDragon: Daaaaamn
PyroWulf: Is that just a new melee thing? Or is that like.
monkeyrama: seabatTROG it's so good
red_shoes_jeff: WANPAAAAAAAANCH!
adi_pie: Yep
PyroWulf: Is that a one-shot kill?
adamjford: Finishers by default don't use super energy
Countzeroor: Does that mean Graham's character is Roman Reigns?
adamjford: only if you add a special effect via armor mod
TXC2: PyroWulf it's a new finnisher
aerobeing: That's a good finisher.
PyroWulf: I stopped playing before Finishers were ever a thing.
PyroWulf: Or did they just become a thing?
Floofys: @SajuukSjet they're cross playform?
adamjford: @PyroWulf Finishers were added today
PyroWulf: Noice
ContingentCat: found a piece of lore
Lafajet: Hold up everyone, lore
HouseofShadow: sitting on the dock of the bay?
SopranoCat: Pause the fight everyone! Time for Lore!
grgriffin3: The Fallen are having a bad time, now
PixelArtDragon: So how goes the lunar exorcism?
red_shoes_jeff: critroleLore
e_bloc: RIPCheer219 *cocks gun* moon's haunted
monkeyrama: Just chillin
CommanderCrossing: dont go into the lost sectors
adi_pie: That could be Taniks' ship, @LoadingReadyRun
ContingentCat: decorative ghost
Lafajet: Why would shooting a ghost do anything?
PyroWulf: Moon Ghost
SajuukSjet: floofys: the characters are, i think the actaul play isn't
morgoth_bauglyr: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: uh oh
LolCamAlpha: IT'S FINE
ContingentCat: UM
electroswagnetism: Graham's haunted
orbitaltuna: do ghosts have a minty flavor? or is it more licorice? bardThink
SajuukSjet: today is certainly all PC
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
NightValien28: I don't see anything
circusofkirkus: today on gaslighting
ButterBall000: More ghosts
Lafajet: Moon's haunted
PyroWulf: Oh god imagine the mindscrew if those ghosts don't render for everyone
OberonRedShift: Is there a level increase with this expansion or just higher Light Max before seasonal artifact
red_shoes_jeff: What are you talking about, G? There's nothing there...
orbitaltuna: one moon.... circles...
HouseofShadow: git gud
DarkAbyssKeeper: "great" "evil" these are synonyms
SopranoCat: Yeah, what're those red ghosts? And why're they surrounding the area? I'd be super worried about that as a character
Izandai: Is your super to become Captain America?
Izandai: Captain Moon?
adi_pie: Titan America
adi_pie: *actually from Canada
TheAinMAP: Moon may be haunted, but you still have to stop and get stuff.
aerobeing: adi_pie, totally.
Izandai: Captain Titan Canada Moon
aerobeing: LUL
CaptainSpam: Captain Canuck, of the MOOOOOOOOOON!
LolCamAlpha: that's a great name
TheAinMAP: Were those moon bones?
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: delectible collectible
Mister_Skittles: thats crota's hole
Izandai: Captain Canuck is legit great.
TXC2: chat pls , we all know Graham is Canada Man Kappa
orbitaltuna: crota's moon hole
PyroWulf: Akrazul's Impotent Rage sounds like it's a really -bad- spell in DnD
adi_pie: The Hive Abomination formerly known as Phogoth
forcorus1: i dont know how but i dont have the quest from eris. its not in my quest log even though i talked with her
Mister_Skittles: The crota raid was great minus the glitches
monkeyrama: Nightmares
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP
Legokman: So does this mean thereMs more cracks in the moon to examine?
Tiber727: Sir, could you please stop sneezing energy bullets on me.
RvLeshrac: That ogre eye-beam is awful. Long-range version of the garbage Stomp.
Izandai: Actually it would be Leftenant Canuck I guess.
orbitaltuna: he's allergic to guardians
ZoBo_: that sure is a healthy lad
ButterBall000: Him Chonk
TXC2: one hecking beef boi
e_bloc: create your own hellraiser
PyroWulf: The lad to unit ratio on him is off the charts
electroswagnetism: Do you need to have the previous expansion to access this one
TXC2: PyroWulf :D
adi_pie: I love that they pitched up the sparrow sound for the little thing
monkeyrama: Damn, unlucky
Izandai: OH GOOD
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @electroswagnetism No, Forsaken and Shadowkeep are two separate expansions.
ZoBo_: ooof
PyroWulf: OH BOY.
adi_pie: A lawd they comin'
grgriffin3: OH JESUS
PixelArtDragon: He challenged another captain and now is a Warboss
PyroWulf: "These guys aren
accountmadeforants: @electroswagnetism No, Adam doesn't have it, for instance
TheElrad: they heard you talking smack about their friend
HouseofShadow: because they were summoned
PyroWulf: "These guys aren't as scary but-' *FACELASER'D*
DiscordianTokkan: "There guys aren't as scar-" *VORP*
Lafajet: Not as scary!?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Though Forsaken gets you the new Supers, as well as all the Y2 Season Pass Content, so it's definitely worth a look.
circusofkirkus: pink ogres on parade
PyroWulf: @DiscordianTokkan Eyyyy
creasehearst: they heard you talking BS about their boss and decided to slap you around
Vanderhof: Are you guys killing Shrek? He just wants to have a poo in peace Kappa
red_shoes_jeff: "WHAT! ARE YE DOING! ON MAH MOON!?"
PyroWulf: Adam Savathun has the right idea.
monkeyrama: Poor Adam getting bullied
Tiber727: Go whaling on the moon?
TheMerricat: I think those caves are the monster closets G @LoadingReadyRun
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JupiterStarlight: Its G-Moneeey!
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circusofkirkus: you lack something
monkeyrama: "You lack something"
adi_pie: It's a jade rabbit figure
CommanderCrossing: the rabbit
LolCamAlpha: bunny?
e_bloc: well that's rude
Izandai: Well that's both rude and ominous.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: rabbids!!!!
NightValien28: bawh
grgriffin3: Wha....
1losttheGame: UBIIIIII
TheAinMAP: Rabbit?
adamjford: a seeeeecret
orbitaltuna: rude
FarronTheRed: We need an adult!
DiscordianTokkan: Offering location!
tyrew0rm: is that a rabbid?
RvLeshrac: Oh, a Dreaming City Cat statue
aerobeing: Raymond Raving Rabbids?
kumatsu: You lack something: A clue what's going on
engineerbudy: bawh
PixelSavage: "you lack something" *existential dread kicks in*
kerbalized_: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Evochron13: so question what is graham's "sparrow" it's tiny and cute and adorable to see a giant titan riding the tiny unicycle sparrow
grgriffin3: Maybe you need to be carrying the Jade Rabbit?
DiscordianTokkan: Jade Rabbit offerings? Got any mountain dew?
iconicshadow89 is continuing the Gift Sub they got from TheMerricat!
TXC2: "we must find the jade monkey before the next full moon"
mercano82: What voices, Graham. There are no voices.
orbitaltuna: one moon... circles...
Evochron13: of course we'd find rabbits on the moon
PixelSavage: primary sniper rifle named after a city in West Germany
orbitaltuna: leveling clownsuit
Metalupis: yay clown outfits for leveling
Vanderhof: Oh bungies homepage for me at least says 'This system is temporarily disabled for maintenance.'
tyrew0rm: story of almost every mmo expansion
HouseofShadow: including big red shoes?
Tiber727: Disregard stats, acquire fashion.
dropkickstart: are the blues armor 2.0 or do the new mods only apply to legendaries?
adamjford: Sunshot got buffed, yes?
I_Am_Clockwork: more ammo I think
I_Am_Clockwork: per clip
engineerbudy: um....that ship in the distance just materialized and scared
e_bloc: I hope it's peggle
accountmadeforants: Sunshot's definitely the best gun, even when it's not good at being a gun.
DiscordianTokkan: Ah, memories
PixelSavage: "what is this public event going to be" .... my bet is on "killing lots of dudes with yoru thundersticks"
HouseofShadow: king of the hill.
HouseofShadow: hill taken.
Mister_Skittles: sword of crota?
ReynardWrecca: Wizards eliminated? Graham is going very off-message here.
whales9001: woah destiny 2
chesul: Wizards, on the moon? so THIS is where they come from!
adamjford: it's the same Public Event as the Mars one
adamjford: Kill the Wizards then the Shriekers to activate Heroic
adi_pie: Rasputin's response "Next time, I'll drop it on you."
Legokman: Oooh so that’s where the Wizard came from
monkeyrama: God, the titan shield super is so dang cool
TXC2: !findquote heroic
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
RvLeshrac: Heroic Warsat is kill all the wizards
ZoBo_: kill wizards, kill shriekers?
RvLeshrac: Maybe all the shriekers too
CommanderCrossing: casual 780 power recommended
FarronTheRed: That was satisfying.
monkeyrama: Oh goodie
LolCamAlpha: oops
Izandai: OH GOD
circusofkirkus: big ogre
e_bloc: what an absolute unit
engineerbudy: oh lawd he comin
HouseofShadow: katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared
TheAinMAP: lrrSPOOP !
Rhynerd: that's a big big big, and i mean BIG
sir_jack_DB: who's this thirsty fella?
tenthtechpriest: look at the size of that absolute unit
LolCamAlpha: bye
PixelArtDragon: Is that a Primeval?
Amentur: The angriest of bois
FarronTheRed: Geez this is brutal.
KidAmn: Yeah, they're sizeable chaps
whales9001: is it just me or are the enemy's in this game super bullet spongy
e_bloc: maybe we aren't that heroic
monkeyrama: Mistakes were made LUL
TXC2: PixelArtDragon sure looks like it
TheElrad: that's what a coward would say, Graham
CaptainSpam: Recommended power level: Many.
FarronTheRed: The Sword God giveth
KidAmn: @whales9001 they're slightly lower light than the recommendation for the enemies they're fighting, which impacts it a bit
Izandai: Did he drop a sweet katana?
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] I feel confident that we can.....oh.
LRRbot: New quote #6446: "I feel confident that we can.....oh." —Cameron [2019-10-01]
Legokman: @loadingreadyrun don’t suppose you guys will be going for the raid as soon as that releases?
PixelSavage: "they came and dug me out of my hidy-hole" ... the Vietnam war in a nuthsell ?
circusofkirkus: hack n slash time
LolCamAlpha: he cared not for your sword
DiscordianTokkan: Heroic participation rewards are still rewards!
TXC2: thinking is for people who don't know already
Vanderhof: Damn you LRR! Now I am watching the stream, and somehow MtG Arena opened and went to a game...all by itself xD
grgriffin3: Guys, I've figured out what that crashed Ketch is!
ZoBo_: damn that's a mean ogre :/
FarronTheRed: Very gross.
HouseofShadow: here, have some coins.
grgriffin3: It's Taniks the Scarred's crashed Ketch
TXC2: lrrHAM
TXC2: what happened to us?
FarronTheRed: Everything hurts to look at ;-)
TXC2: when does sparrow racing come back, so we can race in that thing
Izandai: Those Hive came to the Moon
Evochron13: oh right i full screened
tenthtechpriest: right now the load times for the tower feel like I'm back on console
Evochron13: can someone tell me what sparrow graham is using?
Izandai: That's probably a phantasmal particle.
ZoBo_: that seems fine...
Nigouki: so are you just slowly making your way to Barad-dur?
TXC2: "what the dick is this?" title of my sex tape Kappa
HouseofShadow: yawgmoth?
e_bloc: it's probably there to help you
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Evochron13: oh good another ogre
ContingentCat: uuhhh
circusofkirkus: seabatYIKES
Evochron13: goodbye~
engineerbudy: oh boy another ogre
monkeyrama: Everything hits so hard
FarronTheRed: Oh my gosh stop summoning ogres!
adi_pie: Just don't get shot, 4head.
TXC2: nostalgia!
Undertowst: I think 760 might not be enough.
tenthtechpriest: you keep summoning ogres and then dying to them
kerbalized_: huh.... i thought the moon haunted line was a joke. that looks literally haunted
DiscordianTokkan: That's the big boy Ogre from the one guarding the chest before
TheElrad: I'm glad Destiny took so much care and attention to get new enemies that aren't just a pallate swap ... oh wait
PixelArtDragon: Wow, you're all surviving slightly longer than I do when I play multiplayer!
RvLeshrac: Thrall deal an obscene amount of melee arc.
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Show em what's what, Graham
ZoBo_: the moon belongs to the ogres now.
FarronTheRed: "Wrong button." The theme this afternoon.
aerobeing: Davy Johns's locker.
HouseofShadow: that's a nice boulder. I like that boulder.
UpstageJMC: Thanks guys. Now I know to “NOT” go to the moon first thing. Yea Tangled Shore is looking real good right now.
DiscordianTokkan: @Jay_Blanc Because the Hive.
e_bloc: recurring nightmare
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RavingPenguin: This is so many months.. just so many.. an innumerable amount of months
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engineerbudy: how many times are we gonna have to teach you old man
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sivakrytos: @Jay_Blanc idk why are there multiple alien species on the moon
Tiber727: Maybe they should have called this expansion Ogrekeep.
TXC2: Jay_Blanc well there's whalers on the moon.....
dropkickstart: rally barricade and machine gun spray time, lol
monkeyrama: The splash damage on thatrocket launcher seabatTROG
monkeyrama: Dude, if you could punch that ogre in the face :o
Legokman: I’m used to watching people like Broman and Datto- so seeing a ‘newer’ player like Adam play through the game is very amusing- it’s a nice change of pace. Plus LRR’s like my favorite channel so it’s great to see them playing my favorite game
ButterBall000: It's pronounced "Mime-tic"
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aesir_blade: You do not recognize the bodies on the moon.
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control_rig: Skreeee?
monkeyrama: Yiiiikes
Baldrash: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You owe 300 kilos of potatoes.
grgriffin3: THAT WAS IMNIGUL
TXC2: yeap, them normal sounds
adi_pie: No. Bad Omnigul
Legokman: O- omnigul??
grgriffin3: Uh, Omnigul
DiscordianTokkan: OMNIGHUL??
tea_ron: a wizard? from the moon? preposterous!
mistborn83: how am I just noticing that sounds like the thing from destiny
GhassanPL: Yes
control_rig: Kinda?
GhassanPL: Yes they are :P
Bobtheninjagoldfish: she had one red friends before.. now she has 2.
control_rig: It's a semi self-aware drama
A_Dub888: !card elesh
LRRbot: Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite [5WW] | Legendary Creature — Praetor [4/7] | Vigilance / Other creatures you control get +2/+2. / Creatures your opponents control get −2/−2.
PixelSavage: well I guess being touched by some greater force and growing a 3rd eye makes you a little "dramatic"
control_rig: "Doing Moon Stuff"
TXC2: #MoonStuff
Mangledpixel: welp, just crashed and burned out of that draft. How goes Moon Ghostbusters?
sivakrytos: the moon expansion has you doing moon stuff. who would have guessed
blip2004: the one i went into had ?? enemies
TheMerricat: Exactly what would a "Purified" essence of Despair be?
grgriffin3: Be real careful about those lost sectors! I stumbled into one that had immune enemies
control_rig: "We purify it by doing moon stuff" needs to be a quote.
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Flunge!
Tiber727: moon chores
RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: "Essence of Eh, I guess this isn't so bad."
HouseofShadow: Guyger found guilty, court is moving to sentencing next.
PixelArtDragon: Destiny, have the decency to stop people the respectable way! With an insta-death zone!
control_rig: Falcon PUNCH
Baldrash: Fisty rides again!
LolCamAlpha: hahaha that's never gonna not be cool
PixelArtDragon: Looks like the advice was correct! Flunge!
TheMerricat: Thank goodness, I was getting worried when the judge decided that jury could consider the castle doctrine as a valid defense.
SolarBlitz1: You can compare with Q
HouseofShadow: @themerricat Jury deliberated for less than a day.
RvLeshrac: Trove Saboteur
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tidehollowcat: Theoretically, If I were to get a shirt from a Watch+Play game (a really bad one), what would yours and Alex's shirt sizes be?
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RavingPenguin: IS that like some kinda mini sparrow?
TXC2: sure is
RvLeshrac: Why yes, that IS some kind of mini sparrow.
ContingentCat: aka the scooty putt jr.
Metalupis: enemies more than 100 power above you are just immune now
TXC2: a scooty puff jr
Vanderhof: @RavingPenguin yeah it is the sparrow version of the 'motorbikes' donkey'
RvLeshrac: Thank christ the Destiny 2 app is back up.
Jiri_One: Does destiny 2 boost the max level?
Jiri_One: the new dlc I mean
RvLeshrac: But DIM is rate-limited
RvLeshrac: Jiri_One: 900
Jiri_One: Cool
tenthtechpriest: I just remapped finisher. made it waaaay easier for me
RvLeshrac: I like the Mini, but the Mini is no Braytech Dream9
control_rig: Hahaha
ZoBo_: lrrSPOOP
Legokman: Moon’s haunted
control_rig: lrrSPOOP
control_rig: Suddenly Let's Nope
Tiber727: This looks right out of a Doom level.
monkeyrama: 870 :o
monkeyrama: whaaaaat
circusofkirkus: katesRip
Jiri_One: Ohno, somone played a tre-bucket against me...
control_rig: Splortch
LolCamAlpha: OH BOY
ZoBo_: lrrWOW
TheAinMAP: katesRip
TXC2: so we're noping out here then
HouseofShadow: rayfkWelp katesTry
TStodden: lrrGREED
control_rig: Bravely bravely ran away
Bobtheninjagoldfish: CLAPPED
Wrexadecimal: RIP
nicol_bolish: Its just a rabbit!
accountmadeforants: This is how the Hive got to build that big thing. We just figured they owned the place. :)
HouseofShadow: I miss my LRR emotes.
Mangledpixel: that good good helium juice
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HouseofShadow: @themerricat omg thank you!
RavingPenguin: Spooky ghost?
SolarBlitz1: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
electroswagnetism: just trukk
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Mangledpixel: place for potential things to spawn I guess
orionsrise1: oh wow, it's. Graham on stream!
accountmadeforants: Maybe Mew's underneath that truck!
control_rig: How disappointing
Mangledpixel: encrusted with barnacles, need a shovel :P
tenthtechpriest: it's really weird to once again be 'oh man blue engram, gotta grab that it's probably an upgrade'
ExachixKitsune: Oh hey it's the Anchor of light. I remember this place.
control_rig: Sniped
tidehollowcat: I think you've missed a couple of subs, @LoadingReadyRun
HouseofShadow: @tidehollowcat graham catches up during lulls
Juliamon: tidehollowcat He seems a bit busy at the moment.
control_rig: PAUNCH
tidehollowcat: I'm starting to get that impression.
HailtheRNG: fisty!
electroswagnetism: the fallen are also taking the "moon's haunted" reaction it seems
monkeyrama: The zappy fingers seem fun LUL
tidehollowcat: Thanks!
tidehollowcat: And I'm sorry.
SuburbanDruid: It seems like the Sparrows have *really* benefited from Bungie/343 studying other video game vehicles...!
PixelSavage: cleansed your essence - well time to reallign those chakras then
ExachixKitsune: This is very reminiscent of Luna in Destiny 1
Mangledpixel: <skeksis>Yess... delicious Essence...</skeksis>
HouseofShadow: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
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PixelSavage: @Mangledpixel - netflix series was so good.
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TXC2: Mangledpixel Hmmmmmmhmmmm
monkeyrama: Invisible walls NotLikeThis
Tiber727: Door's haunted.
Mangledpixel: PixelSavage IKR? Also, if you havn't watched the behind the scenes mini documentary, do so
TXC2: _______'s haunted
SuburbanDruid: @PixelSavage I'm suddenly reminded of a chiropractor that talks like an auto mechanic...
PixelArtDragon: "I need to do collect me 1 Toland and report back to me."
TheMerricat: Gamers can't look up. :-P
FarronTheRed: Okay, fixed my video and chat feed. I see in the last five minutes that we are still on the moon ;-)
v_nome: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I always need healing.
Piratical_tendancies: !advice
LRRbot: Impress the ladies with your alpaca knowledge.
SuburbanDruid: Nice, LRRbot!
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Legokman: !advice
LRRbot: Follow the quest nipple.
Mangledpixel: shoot it?>
hippitybobbity: aw heck this ding dong moon is dip damn haunted
monkeyrama: Those rabbits are so rude LUL
red_shoes_jeff: !badadvice
LRRbot: Get beaten by a mole.
adamjford: a puzzle!!
NightValien28: shooted
TXC2: it became shot
Wrexadecimal: Wealthkeeper? #eattherich
red_shoes_jeff: critroleLore
PixelSavage: <message deleted>this game trains kids that you can solve everythign by shooting it ....
tendrilsoftragedy: I've just been given a gift sub by red_shoes_jeff but no idea how as I wasnt watching the stream at the time! if youre out there Jeff thanks so much! lrrHEART lrrHEART
HouseofShadow: lrrGRAHAM lrrCAMERON lrrADAM
red_shoes_jeff: @tendrilsoftragedy benginFingers
PixelSavage: why delete that mod ?
TXC2: PixelSavage lets not with that kind of joke please
PixelSavage: this was clearly a joke
tendrilsoftragedy: and there he is! thanks Jeff!
Juliamon: A joke in bad taste.
hippitybobbity: is it any good my buds and dudes
Porsgaard81: lrrSPOT
hippitybobbity: and gals n pals
hippitybobbity: thems n frems
monkeyrama: Adam with the seabatBRAIN
RavingPenguin: Adam master Gamer
SuburbanDruid: @monkeyrama Is it big brain time?
circusofkirkus: eagle eyes Adam seabatBRAIN
Wrexadecimal: seabatBRAIN
TheAinMAP: seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: Indeed it is seabatBRAIN
tenthtechpriest: adam used his gamer senses
Angnor33: Adam "I have eyes to see with" Savidan.
HouseofShadow: check out the big brain on Adam!
PixelArtDragon: Adam is good at seeing in low light, like in the darkest dungeon with no torch
SuburbanDruid: Adam sitting in a chair made of his own brain...!
tendrilsoftragedy: I'm going back to Nummy for the MTGA but I'll be back later for the lets nope with my boys lrrBEN lrrADAM
TheMerricat: Lunchtime for me chat. have fun watching the stream and have fun playing Graham and Co. :-) Scoops100
monkeyrama: Adam's Gamer FOV is unmatched
SuburbanDruid: What do your gamer eyes see, Adam?
RavingPenguin: He looked with his special eyes
PixelArtDragon: Hellmouth? Isn't that supposed to be in California?
TXC2: does Eris have speical eyes?
hippitybobbity: adam what do your gamer eyes see? theyre taking the payload to lasertown!
SuburbanDruid: Didn't Nietzche say something about the Hellmouth...?
RvLeshrac: TXC2: The Hive took her eyes, so she returned the favour.
NightValien28: huh
TheElrad: @PixelArtDragon it's in Sunnydale, yes :P
TheWooglie: PixelArtDragon Sunnydale?
PixelArtDragon: @TXC2 Well, she has opened her third eye
RavingPenguin: Who are the spooky ghost people?
Mangledpixel: ugh, only just noticed the ichor dripping out from behind her eye coverings
Amentur: the red ghosts are burdens. Whatever that means
monkeyrama: Dreambane Armor 👀
TXC2: it looks like a moving tattoo under eyes
Rhynerd: What was something Cam once said during a Destiny 2 Talking sim? "No Toland, I don't want to hear about your pyramid scheme?"
seth_erickson: Dreambane cool name
TXC2: Amentur ah, they student debt then Kappa
HouseofShadow: I thought that was a dong at first, and not cloth.
SuburbanDruid: @Rhynerd I believe it...
Metalupis: its just an unlock now
CaptainSpam: Wait. You're getting dream armor and you're hunting a nightmare? Are you Kirby? You've got to tell us if you're Kirby.
SuburbanDruid: @CaptainSpam Those are the... Kirby rules...
CaptainSpam: @suburbandruid If he doesn't tell us he's Kirby, that's entrapment.
TXC2: ah the joy of my GPU crashing :P
SuburbanDruid: "Substitutional alloy" is a term I can *really* get behind...!
HouseofShadow: reading the mod explains the mod?
Wicker_Knight: @CaptainSpam I think we're actually a Sora
Amentur: TXC2, how terrifying would that be if it were real. So many people with red ghosts behind them lrrSPOOP
SuburbanDruid: @CaptainSpam "En-vacuum-ment"...
Jiri_One: Glimmer is pretty easy to farm right
SuburbanDruid: Oh like Gary Glimmer?
TXC2: Amentur I know right?
monkeyrama: We're learning seabatBRAIN
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Mangledpixel: it's like a cat riding a roomba
Evochron13: what's that sparrow called again?
ContingentCat: it looks so dumb I love it
SuburbanDruid: I think you're required to make Jetsons noises when you ride the Sparrow...!
Keifeto: i hope to return to more Destiny 2 streaming but have fun anyways!!
Hellishdream: Is this the famous Wizard from The Moon?
SuburbanDruid: @Evochron13 Scootie Puff Jr. from what I gather...
monkeyrama: Is that purple liquid in our gun?
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (4:19 from now).
adamjford: New Omolon weapons! neat!
capt_canada924: In class right now, hyped to go home and play this at last! And then go straight to work a little later
TXC2: who was that VA?
Vanderhof: @monkeyrama Yeah it is Urple Nerple grap flavored fizzy drink
tidehollowcat: That was a noise.
TheFoilAjani: Oh is this the place from D1?
adamjford: Wait, new catalysts???
adamjford: Neat!
ExachixKitsune: Well that's brought back memories of D1
Godofmuffins: We awoken the Hive.
monkeyrama: SeriousSloth
TheFoilAjani: The finishers do seem actually useful tbh
monkeyrama: Do you get super armor/i-frames when using the finisher?
adi_pie: That's what I'm thinking
adi_pie: We did clean it out in D1.
adamjford: Huh! That makes sense.
SuburbanDruid: @Vanderhof I *just* saw your comment about Urple Nurple...! I love it.
Legokman: Nostalgiaaaaa
blip2004: it was for black spindle
Legokman: It was during a Heroic version of the mission where you run from the ogre
UncannyJimjams: hello beautiful LRR folks!
ThorSokar: so, you have become The Flash?
circusofkirkus: graham out here playing football
SuburbanDruid: @UncannyJimjams Howdy!
TXC2: hello UncannyJimjams welcome
ExachixKitsune: Inb4 zoomy graham hits a
ExachixKitsune: inb4 he hits an exploding thrall
A_Dub888: !findquote zoom
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Wrexadecimal: Maybe more like rugby than football LUL
SuburbanDruid: Moon Rugby
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now_ Every kill I get makes me more zoomy.
LRRbot: New quote #6447: "[now_ Every kill I get makes me more zoomy." —Graham
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koristi_: 54!
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SuburbanDruid: That's my secret, I'm always zoomy...
Hellishdream: From a Lord perspective, I don't understand how the Hive survives, even with the Fallen around.
Hellishdream: Lore.
adi_pie: !modquote 6447 (Graham) [now] Every kill I get makes me more zoomy.
LRRbot: Modified quote #6447: "Every kill I get makes me more zoomy." —Graham [2019-10-01]
TehAmelie: perfect
TXC2: thanks adi_pie
I_Am_Clockwork: its the unstale orbs?
I_Am_Clockwork: the red orbs?
orbitaltuna: so how haunted is the moon?
I_Am_Clockwork: extreamly haunted
doomoftheworld42: very haunted
TXC2: super fucking very
Porsgaard81: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (4:11 from now).
I_Am_Clockwork: becoming more so every moment
monkeyrama: Nice job, team!
Legokman: !badadvice
LRRbot: Interact with the axe.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so is this capaign going to be go to place, pick up essence , cleanse it, forge it to gear.. repeat?
UrbanSamurai_22: Cheer300 Its like a all day Let's Nope.
UncannyJimjams: nice, G has the scooty puff junior
offbeatwitch: wheres that image about destiny lore. i need confirmation
Mangledpixel: The Keep Looms, and the Loom Keeps
SuburbanDruid: @Mangledpixel That makes sense...
monkeyrama: LUL
TheElrad: it's only a 790 strike
ContingentCat: Cam that lawnmower died 3 years ago
Stoffern: The lawnmower has been dead for 10 years Cam
orbitaltuna: only if it's a haunted 5 minutes break
monkeyrama: Mind the gap
Amentur: @LoadingReadyRun So with the trailer for road quest out, does it mean you are finally freed of the editing mines? Also looking forward to the premier
ExachixKitsune: You can fall off a tower
WizardZedd: Ah, we've finally arrived at Mordor
Xed_Regulus: Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that their are cobwebs on the Moon?
TXC2: well I am now
Piratical_tendancies: why is Mordor on the moon?
Angnor33: No, space spiders make a lot of sense to me.
Mangledpixel: was just gonna say it looks very Mordor-esque, WizardZedd
Juliamon: Moon's haunted by spiders.
orbitaltuna: moon shelob where
Xed_Regulus: Giant Moon Spiders....
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Hellishdream: So is the "Pyramid" those spooky things they showed at the end of the game?
ExachixKitsune: After all, if a mine if an inverse tower, then a tower is an inverse mine!
Angnor33: The moon is actually just a giant clutch of spiders eggs all webbed together.
orbitaltuna: like a spider egg sack?
Angnor33: Yup
TXC2: this tower looks like it's from a magic card
monkeyrama: Will you be returning to regular streams (lrrmtg and W&P) once you're done, Graham?
ZoBo_: well this looks kinda rad
RuiFaleiro: I feel this is a very different definition of "rad" than I'm used to.
Mister_Skittles: I always loved everything Hive
Aziraphalesshop: Do you feel spent on huge projects right now, or are you eager to do one again?
ExachixKitsune: The hive like chasms and bridges don't they
orbitaltuna: so have they found any spooky gear?
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tyrew0rm: so who/what are the hive?
I_Am_Clockwork: that one pillar kind of looks like a Gambit mote repository that's turned off
Mister_Skittles: space parasites/magic gods
Hellishdream: Hasladun sounds exactly out of Tolkien.
Drew_64: These enemies and this environment are making me think that this is what Doom would look like if it was made in unreal...
TXC2: so tryanids then?
Tehbeard: The spiky buildings did remind me of 40k, not enough gold though
adi_pie: Imagine if it was a Wizard without eyes, on your Ghost.
Mister_Skittles: @TXC2 arent those like the zerg ;)
A_Dub888: !findquote punch
LRRbot: Quote #4708: "I not only punch quicker, but I punch wiser too!" —Paul [2018-02-26]
offbeatwitch: wait these are revenants? is this the doom x destiny crossover
TXC2: Mister_Skittles yeah pretty much
monkeyrama: Punching the wizard in the face LUL
TXC2: "come on and slam, and welcome to Siam"
TheArchitectX: He's at 20. The 10. The 5. TOUCHDOWN!
TXC2: "he's 5 past 10 after the 15"
Mister_Skittles: one of your 5 a day G
adamjford: Morbs
A_Dub888: Titan-PAWNCH
Drew_64: As someone who knows the base game, how much would i need to buy to play the new content?
PixelArtDragon: Bajor called, they want their orbs back
Mister_Skittles: to a point, a super can only generate so many i think
adamjford: @Drew_64 Destiny content is a la carte now. If you want to play Shadowkeep, you only need to buy Shadowkeep.
monkeyrama: Woooow, that thing just got blown up
Drew_64: cheers, good to know i wouldn't need to play everything inbetween
RvLeshrac: It is nice to see a strike team without just three Whispers.
adamjford: it reduces the barrier to entry by a LOT :)
BloodnBullets: morning folks
accountmadeforants: Meta aside, Whisper was just rad.
adi_pie: With the reload changes Whis[er is probably back near the top for boss DPS now.
TXC2: hello BloodnBullets welcome
RvLeshrac: If you can get the crits, Whisper basically just ruins the entire game.
PixelArtDragon: I only know about it because I happened to be in the right place at the right time, and then somehow failed to spawn the enemies inside the special cave. I am still baffled by it.
I_Am_Clockwork: praise orb!
tyrew0rm: lrrCIRCLE
cyplix8: Supers max out at 7 orbs created.
adi_pie: God, that heroic Warsat event is a pain solo.
RvLeshrac: PixelArtDragon: I hate you so much right now.
monkeyrama: seabatTROG / lrrCIRCLE
Mister_Skittles: a gun in destiny that is OP and breaks the game?? never?? *cough* Galahorn
Hellishdream: Norn is so goth.
delta__vee: contacting destiny 2 servers seems good, since you are playing destiny 2? KappaRoss
Wicker_Knight: NornSMR lrrSPOOP
Metalupis: getting the contacting servers in midwest usa as well
RvLeshrac: Oh, you're moving because you're actually connected to each other, not a central server.
Mister_Skittles: We should contact the destiny 2 servers more, we dont call enough
red_shoes_jeff: Well, you guys enjoy, I'm off to see Ad Astra with my Dad. PEACE.
PixelArtDragon: @RvLeshrac No, like it didn't allow me to progress at all. I didn't just get it for nothing, I just didn't get it.
TehAmelie: so the Scarlet Monastery has made it over from WoW? this game is fun
RvLeshrac: PixelArtDragon: Oh, OK, that's fine then.
seth_erickson: bye red_shoes_jeff
monkeyrama: This is unfortunate
TXC2: so long red_shoes_jeff have fun
Wicker_Knight: plz internet no steppy
RvLeshrac: You briefly reconnected earlier.
monkeyrama: Not unexpected with a new release like this
RvLeshrac: I'm back in queue.
TehAmelie: i expect you'll be lucky just to not get rolled back to where you were at the start of the day
Metalupis: taking 30 sec or more for me to switch gear right now
TXC2: don't fill up on sidearms Kappa
accountmadeforants: It sounds so adorably dinky
Mister_Skittles: i love water pistols in my space shooters
richard_ermen: Holo-Chicken!
DandyGeek: Yes, if you get kicked due to an error, it doesn't let you jump queue to rejoin.
StarFreak359: Oh- Okay?
Tiber727: Sit here stroking your c***?
seth_erickson: Sounds like a great opportunity to take a break
monkeyrama: LUL
delta__vee: bcmounChicken
Mangledpixel: lrrCHKN
Wrexadecimal: lrrCHKN
Rhynerd: "Hey, Ghost, can I make a Chicken out of light?" ""Why?"" "So I can pet a chicken."
Amentur: coxChicken lrrCHKN
TXC2: that poor chicken
TehAmelie: who among us has never used a neon chicken as a big foam pointy finger?
BloodnBullets: it kinda seems like a foam finger
Mister_Skittles: how ekse do you "insert" yourself into a chicken
Dog_of_Myth: Leave the Colonel alone
monkeyrama: Hi James
RvLeshrac: RIP Cayde-6
TXC2: Hello James
Amentur: Hey James
seth_erickson: Moon's Hella Haunted James
TXC2: ThorSokar it's a chicken
Pal_Friendpatine: What’s the new LL cap?
adamjford: Moon's Haunted by server issues
ThorSokar: oh, sure
mysticsage1: How are you feeling G?
Noodles_15: 960ish
DandyGeek: Streamer Luck
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
adamjford: @Pal_Friendpatine technically unlimited! gear limit is 960, artifact bonus is unbounded
Piratical_tendancies: Cool Game!
ExachixKitsune: Server's Haunted
Mister_Skittles: i mean, Crota killed ALOT of people so plenty of ghosts
ThorSokar: Moon's Haunted, server
grgriffin3: Seems like everyone's having issues right now, I keep getting "Contacting Servers" too
adi_pie: Shitter's full.
Pal_Friendpatine: @adamjford WOW
delta__vee: cloud's full
grgriffin3: Moon's Full
Foxmar320: I got kicked to title and now can't get back in.
Foxmar320: So hello
ThorSokar: apparently the moon is so haunted that it's full now
seth_erickson: Welcome back Foxmar
TehAmelie: something something full moon
ExachixKitsune: Hi Foxmar320 !
adamjford: Hey Foxmar
Wicker_Knight: Why does the moon look like Utah? Kappa
monkeyrama: Servers are having a time
TXC2: welcome back Foxmar320
adi_pie: Yeah, Foxmar, Cameron, and I were all there with Adam.
FarronTheRed: Wow. Servers be mean.
Amentur: Sadly I only know how to turn of the internet for france. I don't think that would help on your NA servers
adi_pie: So we're all to blame.
Foxmar320: Yeah ill try and stream again later. Its just bad right now.
fiftymcnasty: Geoguesser?
Hellishdream: Way to fill the moon.
ExachixKitsune: Wicker_Knight : Utah's Haunted
Nyx_fire: wait are you petting a glowing chicken
mysticsage1: Is it worth picking up D2 do you think?
Foxmar320: I kept getting loading every time I changed zones.
grgriffin3: And now I just got booted too!
grgriffin3: Delightful
aesir_blade: "Host migration in progress..."
Wicker_Knight: @ExachixKitsune I mean...wouldn't surprise me ;D
mysticsage1: or is it to late to start?
Nyx_fire: adorable
Metalupis: @mysticsage1 well the base game is free to play now, so yes to at least try it
TXC2: the Chicken is a metaphor Kappa
blip2004: @mysticsage1 you can play the New Light version for free now
Hellishdream: So if I just bought the base game, how much content do I have to buy to catch up to live?
monkeyrama: Take us on an emote tour SeemsGood
mysticsage1: oh cool
Wicker_Knight: @mysticsage1 one of hte explicit goals of hte new version is to allow more new players in
Officinalis: Does the chicken have something to do with the Sword Logic?
Noodles_15: New expansion, new host, to be expected?
Noodles_15: Flip the chicken!
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Wicker_Knight: @Officinalis If LoZ taught me anything, it's that chicken logic beats sword logic everyday
monkeyrama: LUL that's fantastic
erloas: can we combine the selfie and the chicken?
Nyx_fire: lol
RuiFaleiro: Can you stack this with the chicken over the thumbs-up?
vivianshade: Hey Graham and chat. how has everyone's day been?
StarFreak359: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Silver_Kn1ght: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
seth_erickson: Those moves
TehAmelie: Aetherflux Reservoir is goin off
rybackgaming: "Teamwork" was High School Musical.
LolCamAlpha: I know that Cam has the Time Warp
fiftymcnasty: The classic Video games stealing dances
Meltalar: maybe taking a break is an option now
LolCamAlpha: yup that's the one
HouseofShadow: one of those dances looked like a dance from a former Baltimore Ravens player.
monkeyrama: They were able to get some really good ones in here
EOstby: Speak for yourself, G. :P
Nosser2: well, you can't go partial Single Ladies, if you're gonna Single Ladies you've gotta full Single Ladies.
circusofkirkus: for dancing
LolCamAlpha: well then
Baldrash: NICE, Cam.
TheFoilAjani: I bet if you disco dance you can fling the chicken around
TXC2: that soda can ASMR
Silver_Kn1ght: Nice
beatstickmanny: the one before flaunting was cupid shuffle
Nyx_fire: omg I love Cameron for that
EvilBadman: Moon's Haunted would have also worked there
Amentur: Cheers Cam lrrSPOOP cohhBeer
Officinalis: Fortnite got in trouble for stealing dances. Was there any pushback on Destiny? pieThink
TheAinMAP: katesLol
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Indirnys: what does this button do
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monkeyrama: That's a "dance"
kumatsu: Oh, what stat buff is Cam applying? Gotta make sure people are minmaxing
Foxmar320: Wow I can't even connect to Bungies site to check emblems.
Silver_Kn1ght: Amentur yo that combo works so well
beatstickmanny: that might be the purple one
ThorSokar: Was that someone opening a Dew? Because Cam mentioning a Raid and then a pop opening, triggered something buried in my brain
Baldrash: He tried to be and failed.
Foxmar320: Bungies servers are currently foxmarFIRE
Amentur: I'm very happy about as well, Silver_Kn1ght lrrAWESOME
TheFoilAjani: The problem is that Epic was selling the dance for like $5-8 really
TXC2: 100% it got throw out
grgriffin3: Yep, all the kids at school finally logged on and set the Bungie servers ablaze
Officinalis: Graham is so knowledgeable about video game news. He should do a show about it.
Wrexadecimal: oh wow, technoviking
Amentur: I think the Techno Viking didn't want to be known
Baldrash: The mystery of Technoviking is part of the allure.
Hellishdream: Didn't Techno Viking end up ODing and dying?
Vanderhof: Techno-viking from what I understand is /were is a banker xD
beatstickmanny: it's just bad publicity so they'd rather just have dance be out there
Nosser2: I fear Techno Viking will be a milkshake duck so I'm happy with the mystery.
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Rhynerd: Server's haunted
HouseofShadow: Graham giving us some Checkpoint news.
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Its_Eros: Got booted, so I'm coming to watch while I wait! Best of luck not getting kicked
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ExachixKitsune: Oh yeah, I was in the middle of moving from to steam and website said it needed to take a break
adi_pie: I wonder if someone is DDoSing the Bungie side.
TXC2: Nosser2 kinda sad that that's a thing we have to worry about these day :(
Wicker_Knight: Don't. Breathe.
Monkeybooty4: I'm stuck in queue just to get in...
FarronTheRed: The time of reckoning has come.
adi_pie: It did.
DandyGeek: Clan XP was always there
Angnor33: No, that used to show up all the time.
blip2004: it happened all of year 2
Tiber727: Don't step on the disconnect mines.
grgriffin3: It was absolutely a thing
RvLeshrac: is up
RvLeshrac: Third-party API access is down.
Noodles_15: It’s always happened
adi_pie: That's because you only care abouyt yourself, Graham. Kappa
Aziraphalesshop: Huge spike for Destiny on Down Detector.
TXC2: adi_pie yes, it's all the people trying to play the game :P
teammanfred: BungieHelp on Twitter het
EvilBadman: Yeah, but probably less apparent when you play middle of night, G
beatstickmanny: lol too....many......people......can't ...... handle......the..... stress......
EvilBadman: (seeimng Clan XP)
teammanfred: *has status updates
Metalupis: yeah, kids off of shcoo
Metalupis: school
monkeyrama: Too many east coasters trying to play NotLikeThis
ContingentCat: dang children
grgriffin3: All the schoolkids, yes
DandyGeek: Yep. It's gonna be peak for the remainder of the day.
SpoonfullOfSugar: sure sure, blame the timezones
adi_pie: TXC2, cute, but I mean an actual DDoS. Because I'm used to people doing that whenever FFXIV has a new expansion.
Angnor33: It's the Children who are wrong!
adamjford: Moon's haunted by schoolchildren
LolCamAlpha: and adults getting home from work
Monkeybooty4: yup, everyone here just got out at around 3:30
Tiber727: It's the children who are wrong.
HouseofShadow: Is it I who is out of touch?
Legokman: Eat the Rich
Baldrash: Kids play something besides Fortnite? >_>
Cmdrlyneye: i pre loaded the game and its now saying i have 1 hour and 20 min till it launches just to un pack it. like what was the point of the preload for a game thats already out. Smh Steam/
beatstickmanny: a lot of the sidearms in Destiny 1 were pretty good
Officinalis: "Am I out of touch with the servers? No, no its the children's fault."
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] As with most things, we must blame the children.
LRRbot: New quote #6448: "As with most things, we must blame the children." —Graham [2019-10-01]
adi_pie: They aren't all terrible.
erloas: kids playing games ruining it for the adults who's job it is to play games :P
Noodles_15: #SidearmGod
I_Am_Clockwork: hey, Rat King raids are super fun
adi_pie: Sidearms have always been good at that. Even in D1.
Mister_Skittles: I want an exotic side arm with is just a smart pistol
monkeyrama: I love using pistols in games
TheFoilAjani: Emphasis on close
electroswagnetism: I love games with good pistols
RvLeshrac: Sidearms with full-auto are just *barely* on the good side of bullshit in Crucible, just because they're not one-shots.
HouseofShadow: Halo Reach pistols were amazing.
Vyous: Tohou?
Mister_Skittles: i think side arms would be good if you could have 2
ArcOfTheConclave: Red Hive?
electroswagnetism: Payday 2 had some excellent handguns
monkeyrama: Akimbo pistols seabatTROG
Piratical_tendancies: OG Halo pistol was the best..
Mister_Skittles: or "the architechs
Metalupis: die to "the architects"
CaptainEnder7: Weird things going on on the Bungee site too. Went to go transfer my game over to Steam, cause I hadn’t done that yet, and it’s giving me all sorts of errors.
KitteyWolf: whoa hello Cameron. hes surprisingly loud
Nosser2: @electroswagnetism Yeah, I remember the tiny handgun with the massive silencer in that game. Helmets flying everywhere.
Legokman: Killed by the Architects
UncannyJimjams: I'm so hype for armor 2.0
RvLeshrac: I die to misadventure when someone steps directly in front of my grenade launcher.
KitteyWolf: hows the destiny been going
I_Am_Clockwork: The Architects, the mose deadly beings in all of the known universe Kappa
ArcOfTheConclave: why are the hive here red?
monkeyrama: What a nice view
EvilBadman: Architects killing since at least Halo 1
Angnor33: Floating Man?
TemporallyAwry: That evaporating body was weird.
HouseofShadow: these ghosts...
Bobtheninjagoldfish: like just HOW DId they let this get built?
adi_pie: Why would they tell us?
Hellishdream: Well, the Vanguard basically lost.
Metalupis: so there is an area by Eris that has the Jade Rabbit symbol on the wall and 10 pedestels, i'm guessing its connected to those statues you saw
adi_pie: WE would undoubtedly be doing something stupid.
major_tom__: "eh... its probably fine" -vanguard, probably
adi_pie: Yeah, something stupid.
tenthtechpriest: 'well you were busy playing gambit'
adi_pie: See previous examples.
Wicker_Knight: that sounds like excuses guardian
Foxmar320: So Graham how do you like the Finishers?
monkeyrama: What's the worst that could happen Kappa
Wicker_Knight: :P
Mister_Skittles: look Zavala, you and I both know nothing gets stopped till I come in and stop it
Monkeybooty4: Still in queue :(
EvilBadman: Vangaurd just triaging jira tickets for universe threats, Graham
Officinalis: Sooo....are we raiding Barad-Dur?
Angnor33: Za "Observe and Report" vala
KidAmn: I mean, it's the Hive, they dabble in all sorts of paracausal stuff. Probably put it up in a day, like a creepy Amish barn-raising, but with more ritual sacrifice.
Fugi: what's the squad size limit in this game?
Amentur: Many a person got booped out of Destiny it seems
schryke: I tried to log back in and gave up after 10 minutes
HouseofShadow: the servers booped them in the snoot.
monkeyrama: Ummmmm
TheSupremeToast: LUL
Nosser2: uh oh
Tiber727: Look, sometimes you just forget to tell someone about that fortress being built.
grgriffin3: Rekt
Wicker_Knight: lrrSPOOP
major_tom__: uuuuuuuh?
circusofkirkus: haha
ExachixKitsune: Did you go far enough back?
TheAinMAP: Huh.
wordswords1: joining yourself it seems
ExachixKitsune: Can you go back again?
DandyGeek: That means you get to join your allies in getting kicked from server lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Can't leave the death zone, apparently
Amentur: lrrHERE
Noodles_15: 3 for most things, 6 for raids, @fugi
Officinalis: You are your own best ally.
Wicker_Knight: oh okay that was a weirdly named killfield :D
ArcOfTheConclave: the amish hive barn is lol
KidAmn: "Sir, you need to go back..." *pushes 10 feet forward* "...that way."
ThorSokar: you SHALL NOT retreat
major_tom__: it seems like the strike doesnt have matchmaking
Angnor33: No matter where you go, there you are, although maybe you aren't really your own ally?
dumbo3k: Need a fire team to watch all those corners... in a circular room
RvLeshrac: Who needs a fireteam when you have 21% Delirium and a barricade?
Flamecyborg: yep. I had to solo it
I_Am_Clockwork: I think only the Rotation strikes are matchmade?
HouseofShadow: would this be a good time for a break?
major_tom__: which is weird, since its required to progress
I_Am_Clockwork: like if you do it through the Activities
RvLeshrac: I_Am_Clockwork: All the strikes have matchmaking, but Bungie really, REALLY hates solo players.
UncannyJimjams: aaaand I'm kicked too
seth_erickson: Can we get the chicken back
RvLeshrac: I_Am_Clockwork: It would not shock me if the new strike is outside the matchmaking list.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We’ve added a couple bonus streams this week. Wednesday & Friday at 10AM-1PM Pacific, Alex will be continuing his adventures in Blasphemous. ||
Foxmar320: Graham confirmed only person still playing
adamjford: So, Cameron.
Foxmar320: Hello Cam
ThorSokar: So, Cam
monkeyrama: LUL Almost got there
blip2004: well, thats a mission strike not a playlist strike so no matchmaking
RvLeshrac: I_Am_Clockwork: I mean, even if you pick a strike, it is still matchmade with people in the playlist.
ThorSokar: I look at the swamp
TheWanderingNomad: I bother the ogre in his shack
UncannyJimjams: I draw my weapon
Monkeybooty4: Hi Adam
Fugi: @EVERYONE: Light mode is scientifically better than dark mode
monkeyrama: Hello there, Adam
adamjford: Hey Adam
beatstickmanny: Hi adam!
Amentur: Go north.
fiftymcnasty: We find a guardian in a giant jar?
PixelArtDragon: "You're walking through a desert..."
Mangledpixel: I put the jar inside another, larger jar
Pal_Friendpatine: I pull out my torch
Wicker_Knight: So Cameron, you are walking through a desert. You see, a tortoise, lying on it's back
adamjford: fugi NO
ExachixKitsune: You're walking through a jar and encounter a swamp trapped in a person
TheWanderingNomad: @Fugi - I don't believe you
tyrew0rm: Fugi, theatre mode is best mode
Legokman: Burn the treeeees
TXC2: umo momento pro favour
beatstickmanny: its in chat settings
Cmdrlyneye: its under the chat setting wheel at the bottom of chat
ThorSokar: The gear icon on the bottom next to chat
erloas: open chat, click the settings gear, pop-out is an option there
adamjford: the gear icon below chat has Popout Chat for me
ZoBo_: ^
monkeyrama: Yep
beatstickmanny: its at the bottom of the list for me if you click the wheel
Piratical_tendancies: !advice
LRRbot: Five mistakes will be forgiven.
monkeyrama: Regular settings SeemsGood
adi_pie: !adam
LRRbot: Adam is correct.
HouseofShadow: Hi Adam
Monkeybooty4: Hi Adam
Amentur: Hey Adam. Hope you're doing well
monkeyrama: How're you liking playing destiny again, Adam?
LolCamAlpha: hi Adam!
tyrew0rm: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
mysticsage1: Hi Adam!
Ridgenator: seabatTROG seabatTROG
EvilBadman: Cam's also right: is super handy to have. :D
Metalupis: so, you are walking along in a haunted moon and find a ghost in a jar
Fugi: y'all can be mad but light mode causes less eye strain than dark mode
beatstickmanny: i hopped on and when i heard you hoped you were also streaming it
TXC2: well that was fun, twitch had a moement for me there :p
samu_btdp1985: so how many people got booted and cant log on
Dr_Shandor: is Graham ordering food tokens?
monkeyrama: 6 years, I think Blue said?
vivianshade: Hi Adam, Cameron, and Graham. hope your all doing well
Tiber727: Who could have foreseen this?
TXC2: sorry what game is Adam on about?
beatstickmanny: yes
RvLeshrac: CubeWorld, I assume
beatstickmanny: dark mode only for discord lol
TXC2: thanks
monkeyrama: Cube World @TXC2
ThorSokar: sounds like intentional post stirring to me
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UncannyJimjams: joke's on you @fugi I already wear glasses
EvilBadman: @fugi if you're not wearing GUNNAR shades, you're not trying
HouseofShadow: Adam, tell us about CubeWorld.
beatstickmanny: XD
FarronTheRed: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
grgriffin3: Yeah, everything is on fire at Bungie right now
JohnnieG: cube world as haunted as the moon
RvLeshrac: Cube World would be good without the zone-restricted gear.
Laurence72: Isn't Cubeworld where the bad guys come from in the PS2 game Mort the Chicken?
TXC2: this is a rather animated phone call Graham is having
Legokman: From what I’ve seen, it looks like Trove
morgoth_bauglyr: the cube workd dev blog was very outdated. like last entry several years ago. new website here
mysticsage1: its still on steam for now
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES that's not great
ContingentCat: Adam have you played the Goose Game? I think you'd enjoy it
TheWanderingNomad: There's a video game called Mort the Chiken?
killerpommes: i heard the dev has depression for years
Laurence72: @TheWanderingNomad Look up the GDQ speed run of it, it is very funny
Foxmar320: Yes you do Cam
monkeyrama: JAO had a great time playing Goose Game LUL
Foxmar320: Its real good
Tiber727: I still think Adam would like Noita.
ThorSokar: Control is very much up your alley Cam
remembrancer_vivi: it's a very House of Leaves-y game
Enmity777: Control seems very good
Metalupis: control would make a really good talking sim
ogundiety: I've heard good things about Control, but I can't quite stomach giving epic more money just now.
Hellishdream: If you like SCP stuff, you'll like Control.
Foxmar320: Just not on console
monkeyrama: Thinking of adding destiny to the home lineup, Adam?
monkeyrama: Or just on your own
Vyous: Control left me wishing they had toned down the amount of gameplay parts, which made me feel kinda weird about it. The narrative is great though.
ContingentCat: dang 24 hour/day limit
Pteraspidomorphi: Makes sense
fiftymcnasty: Retail is where its at
Amentur: The writing in the random snippets of lore you find in Control is so intriguing
Invitare: I had no idea that Adam did not like WoW classic, he has never mentioned it Kappa
Foxmar320: Chair!
Hawkwreak: wait.. there's people still in the game?!
Foxmar320: Yeah Graham is a wizard and is still online
Amentur: Praise be to chair
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Questhere: praise chair!
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erloas: that is what I was figuring, WoW classic would be really big for like a month then everyone remembers what it really was instead of what they thought it was
ExachixKitsune: The destiny chair returns!
KidAmn: Chair, Kingslayer, who defeated Ghaul
Legokman: Oop chair stream
TXC2: fun story, I have never in almost 15 years met anyone I went to school with :p
morgoth_bauglyr: @seabats the cubeworld dev's twitter seems normal to me. last post was monday. they are only 2 ppl anyway, husband and wife
Hawkwreak: Is...just Graham online??
monkeyrama: Surprising he hasn't been booted
TStodden: Destiny 2: Electric Cuckoo?
Biomonkey01: Stuck waiting for D2 to finish updating :( saying it's going to take an hour to unpack for some reason
Foxmar320: Yep Hawkwreak
TXC2: there are D1 players?
ThorSokar: "investigating"
adi_pie: Yes
beatstickmanny: Graham was the only one that was saved from the purge
ContingentCat: so uhhh geoguessr?
beatstickmanny: lol
Legokman: lrrSACK
Foxmar320: TXC2 oh yeah a lot of people still play D1
Angnor33: Graham has his own personal server.
adi_pie: Do it, coward.
fiftymcnasty: geoguesser?
FarronTheRed: Graham IS Destiny right now.
TheAinMAP: lrrHERE
Foxmar320: Nope just G
Metalupis: i'm still online, but its very slow to pick up things
monkeyrama: Graham is special
blip2004: we are online we just appear offline
Biomonkey01: There can be only one!
Laurence72: Graham with the exclusive cntent!
LolCamAlpha: Graham just petting the klaigeNugget
Foxmar320: That means he is in game but not on a character
blip2004: and for some reason you don't see clan chat
storiers: Am soloing this strike now would not recommend
ExachixKitsune: A query; are we on PC or PS4? Or does it not matter any more?
ThorSokar: So, how's it feel to be the only person allowed to play Destiny?
TXC2: ExachixKitsune PC
RvLeshrac: Upgrade Modules are required to infuse now.
grgriffin3: Hey, is there a LRR Xbone clan still? Because if so, I could use an invite
adi_pie: Yes.
ogundiety: @ExachixKitsune Cross save, but no cross play
Noodles_15: Weird
Rockario: Maybe they're trying to restart wverything, but they don't want to kick Graham Kappa
Cmdrlyneye: Dota 2
adi_pie: LoL?
adi_pie: Or DotA?
EvilBadman: "Battle pass"
ContingentCat: !y
monkeyrama: Fortnite popularized this model
Amentur: I could see LoL or Dota being first
Cmdrlyneye: Legit Dota 2 did it for the internation like 5 years ago
monkeyrama: with free and elite
Whisle: dota has done it for a while now
ThorSokar: Probably some mobile phone games, since the AAA industry seems to just copy them
seth_erickson: The current battle pass feature seems popularized by fortnite
beatstickmanny: probably Battlefield
Foxmar320: Is Graham super quite for anyone else?
Drakas: just having a loot at twitch and it seems like harf the ppl streaming destiny 2 and on a loading screen
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Orchestrion: Sup G.
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Kukako: For some reason Dota 2 came to mind for me as well.
adi_pie: He sounds fine on my end, Foxmar320
RvLeshrac: Oh yeah, mobile games have had "season passes" like this for a long time.
christybug5311: I got kicked lol
Silver_Kn1ght: ThorSokar nah, mobile just created lootboxes in the form of gacha games
RvLeshrac: That's the basic "For 30 days you get X each day" except with XP instead of time.
Noodles_15: Solo or kick?
Foxmar320: Is it time to find the holes in the map?
circusofkirkus: time for some destiny parkour?
monkeyrama: Platforming seabatTROG
ExachixKitsune: Time for the traditional game of glitching out of the level geometry
ThorSokar: Time to FIND the sub-ocean!
Laurence72: lrrFINE lrrFINE
TheWanderingNomad: "It's fine. Everything's fine. How are you?"
kumatsu: Good to see a Newday Tuesday directed by Duncan Hunter
morgoth_bauglyr: to the sub-ocean
RvLeshrac: Oh man.
Silver_Kn1ght: subocean time?
ExachixKitsune: An ancient clan pastime
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CommiePuddin: I wish I had more time to be good at this game.
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beatstickmanny: Yes Graham break the game thats slowly breaking
RvLeshrac: I got Lion Rampant *immediately after leaving* Whisper.
Orchestrion: Uhoh
monkeyrama: Unfortunate that we can't leave this room
Cmdrlyneye: most of the shitty extra money stuff have some from valve unfortualty. like loot boxes are from teamfortress 2 they just dont do it in a scummy way to start with then other company copy it and make it way worse.
ExachixKitsune: That said, the second raid for D1 had a great place to go
morgoth_bauglyr: i guess connectivity issues are normal for mmo realeases i guess. i've come to expect them
The_Real_Starkiller: Looks like I'm in the same boat as you Graham- I'm the only one of my clan left online as well. We're the lucky ones I guess, huh?
Foxmar320: Crota's End did have great glitches
RvLeshrac: Cmdrlyneye: Valve definitely did not pioneer lootboxes.
Foxmar320: I made a entire video of out of bounds Crota's End
fiftymcnasty: Is Graham quiet for anyone else?
Biomonkey01: I really hope scouts do better this expansion. They were pretty much worthless in PvE for the entirely of the past year
Enmity777: @fiftymcnasty yes
TehAmelie: has anyone ever launched a MMO with an accurately predicted amount of servers available? as far as i know they NEVER have enough
Foxmar320: A little fiftymcnasty
beatstickmanny: @fiftymcnasty no
RvLeshrac: "Etc. etc. Dad etc. etc." is just a series of insults in D2 PvP at this point.
TXC2: Right chat, I need to walk a dog, so I'm off
Foxmar320: Scouts got a damage buff
adi_pie: Take care, TXC2.
monkeyrama: compared to the others in voice, a bit
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody and thanks for streaming Graham and Adam and Cameron
Cmdrlyneye: @RvLeshrac they did popularize them in the west though previously they didnt really exist in the west.
blip2004: except none of the maps use that range
Amentur: Bye TXC2 . Don't find any student loan ghosts
RvLeshrac: Except Scouts had lower range than handcannons :p
Nosser2: goodnight TXC2
Foxmar320: Sup Adam
monkeyrama: Yes Adam?
beatstickmanny: yes adam?
ThorSokar: So, uh, Adam
Laurence72 lends his ears
TehAmelie: like how does a whole industry "so consistently" underestimate its customer's eagerness to give them money?
Silver_Kn1ght: yes adam?
RvLeshrac: In PvP, someone could just headshot you in two hits from across the map with LW or Ace.
Foxmar320: Wooooooow
Rockario: Only if you give them back after
grgriffin3: I'm already renting out my ears, sadly
seth_erickson: I lend thee my ears
Amentur unscrews ear to lend
FarronTheRed: Adam paid the correct mana cost and lo my ears are summoned!
monkeyrama: You dork LUL
Laurence72 takes his ears back
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beatstickmanny: XD
FarronTheRed: I feel teased!
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RvLeshrac: I like that the Triumphs are now multiple-steps.
Amentur: So Adam, did you play some netHack on your own?
Silver_Kn1ght: adam is the kinda guy that @everyone's the discord just to ping everyone
Foxmar320: :( Cam
Tiber727: Hello fellow kids.
TehAmelie: was that sign language?
Noodles_15: D2 servers are not available, uh oh
Foxmar320: Lore and sometimes loot
RvLeshrac: Triumphs are achievements, Seals get you physical goods.
ogundiety: While we're not doing anything urgent, anyone have anything -positive- to say about Scuf? I've been going through a support nightmare with them
FarronTheRed: Those sweet sweet cosmetics!
RvLeshrac: Well, Seals get you opportunities to buy physical goods.
monkeyrama: Cosmetics :o
ogundiety: Curious if I'm just a statistical outlyer.
RvLeshrac: Hey I'm out of the queue!
ExachixKitsune: Your TCP connect request is important to us
adi_pie: I agree.
monkeyrama: East coast doesn't need it, right? SeriousSloth
Laurence72: But then we couldn't watch you?
adi_pie: Let's start with North America
HouseofShadow: I wonder if those Halo servers are still up...
Foxmar320: Oh yeah did anyone get their PAX emblem? Mine didn't show up.
Mangledpixel: you can rest assured that your call is important to them
LolCamAlpha: noooooooo
FarronTheRed: Geeeez
Pteraspidomorphi: Hey hey, I'm not playing destiny
Wrexadecimal: a lot of shitposting
beatstickmanny: XD that would bring total anarchy to all worlds
circusofkirkus: comcast: You're hired!
monkeyrama: What if the Thanos snap hits yours though, Adam?
Biomonkey01: It didn't cost me anything. That's the point
RvLeshrac: I'm out of the queue, but still Contacting Destiny 2 Servers
StarFreak359: Plz don't snap my internet away ;_;
UnusuallyLargeMoth: Moon's haunted.
Amentur: Cameron you joke, but I do know a way to take internet away from multiple european contries without leaving the city lrrSPOOP
Wrexadecimal: @Amentur hitting that undersea cable? :P
fiftymcnasty: What if it means you never can have internet again
LolCamAlpha: uh oh
CaptainSpam: I dunno. Cost me Twitter? I lost track. Anyway, who wants to get some research done?
Qooroo: The system is down.
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Orchestrion: didn't Thano's snap include himself in IW?
beatstickmanny: @LoadingReadyRun yea @fiftymcnasty graham is a little low volume-wise
fiftymcnasty: 50% chance to lose your job?
HouseofShadow: The system is down.
circusofkirkus: so Graham is trapped in with the server janitor?
monkeyrama: 50/50 januar1Think
ThorSokar: So, Graham IS the only one allowed to play
PixelArtDragon: The system... is down!
Amentur: Wrexadecimal, no. I just live in an important city ^^;
ogundiety: No whimsical destiny 2 error messages anymore?
adi_pie: I imagine disabling the website is a good way to lower load a bit.
Hellishdream: No.
ogundiety: That's a shame.
beatstickmanny: nope
adi_pie: Nope
SopranoCat: I'm just back watching now because that's LITERALY what's happening with Comcast in my area--outages 3 times a day and then can't get twitch for at least an hour once it's back
NightValien28: of course not
Wrexadecimal: @Amentur alrighty. :P
beatstickmanny: exactly yes you just have to be specific
monkeyrama: HE had control, so he probably willed it so he'd stay alive
CaptainEnder7: Begins singing in Strong Bad “The System is Down”
LazyC0Mmander: that was a fancy gun
Orchestrion: it seemed in character to include himself
RvLeshrac: Oh wow.
Wrexadecimal: I assume he safeguarded himself. Dude had the reality stone after all
beatstickmanny: maybe there was an odd number he was the odd number
ThorSokar: Thanos' snap doesn't include himself because his race is dead
Biomonkey01: He probably exempted himself, so he could make sure no one could undo it
Makimachine: It included him.
adi_pie: Of course it did not include him. He is nothing if not a hypocrite.
I_Am_Clockwork: it's a kinetic sg from Gambit
RvLeshrac: So I'm logged back in, and am now getting a tutorial on the Shadowkeep campaign, which I'm already... doing?
FarronTheRed: Probably excluded. Knowing full well if he dusted then the gauntlet is right there for someone to just undo it.
Monkeybooty4: Ah yes Destiny 2: Shadow-keep-you-waiting
Mangledpixel: also, were there an even or odd number of beings in the universe? and, if odd, did the snap round up or down?
beatstickmanny: That you be hilarious!!!!
beatstickmanny: *would be
seth_erickson: I think he left himself outside of the flip so he could destroy the Stones
Noodles_15: Why haven’t you unlocked the ornaments?
Hellishdream: It's also theorized that Thanos also spared Tony Stark because of his promise to Dr Strange.
Orchestrion: ooh that makes sense @ThorSokar
major_tom__: how in the world are you still in?
HouseofShadow: The Cheat is grounded! We installed this light switch so you could turn the lights on and off! Not so you could throw light switch raves!
storiers: And just finished soloing this strike. Eesh
logophile99: isn´t thanos in love with death??
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CastleOtranto: There's been enough of these that I've run out of clever things to say.
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TehAmelie: he may have "thought" that he did because that's the sort of melodramatic guy he wants to be but i bet he couldn't go through with it
Tiber727: Maybe he didn't intentionally exempt himself, but his subconscious will to live did?
monkeyrama: Could he have snapped the stones out of existence?
FarronTheRed: @HouseofShadow 10/10 reference.
SZebra: F
Monkeybooty4: F
Mangledpixel: logophile99 in the comics he has a crush on Death, yes
adi_pie: Graham it's time to log off. You are keeping the world from being restarted.
Cmdrlyneye: What if all the Bactria in your gut counts like what if half you gut flora just dusts. You'd probably die.
Silver_Kn1ght: logophile99 in the comics, yes.But the movies haven't really touched on that
KitteyWolf: Adam apparently the dev of cubeworld started their official website back up and is still updating which is why the dev blog got deleted
Amentur: What if Thanos snapped and Earth was not affected by random chance?
Wrexadecimal: @monkeyrama IIRC the stones were destroyed after the snap, hence IW2 being all about time travelling to get them back?
ThorSokar: This has been Cam's lesson in BAD UI design, thank you for tuning in to Talking Sim
LazyC0Mmander: So what's Graham's build?
ExachixKitsune: adi_pie : The bungie team are trying to work out how to push a custom notification to graham
logophile99: i thought there so
seth_erickson: I think the stones would have resisted simply being snapped away which is why he had to use their own power to destroy them at the near cost of his life
Noodles_15: There was a second snap in Endgame
logophile99: thanx for confirming
Makimachine: No, Thanos destroyed the stones in Endgame, that is why they found out where he was.
monkeyrama: Hm
adi_pie: ExachixKitsune clearly they just need to donate one bit signed with "Mark from bungie"
HouseofShadow: hows it sound? juicy?
unarmedoracle: Graham: [ several explosive jets of sinus debris ]
LolCamAlpha: ee
LolCamAlpha: ew*
Luminaire_p: Yes, excellent
seth_erickson: gross
CaptainSpam: Translator's note: HOOOOONK
APrioriOfNothing: Thanks Cam
Laurence72: Thank you @unarmedoracle
MaverickArtist: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Wrexadecimal: lrrSPOOP y noises
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Rockario: Several, eh?
HouseofShadow: juicy, it is.
Sarah_Serinde: !y
welcome2egypt: are they wet or dry heaves?
RuiFaleiro: Thank you for the accessibility, Cameron.
TehAmelie: i still can't get over what a dumbass plan "halving the population of the universe" was, on every level
Metalupis: katesChair katesChair katesChair
StarFreak359: SUper
leafy_greeens: OOF
monkeyrama: And now we know WutFace
unarmedoracle: there are whistling noises now, intercut with deep breaths
Laurence72: !cheer 50 Hail Chair!
monkeyrama: LUL thanks Cam
ExachixKitsune: adi_pie : "Thank you for subscribing please_log_off_youre_the_only_one_left
ogundiety: @TehAmelie Don't be silly population doesn't regrow in an exponential pattern, this fixes everythign for all time!
I_Am_Clockwork: Cam doing god's work
ContingentCat: katesThank Cam
JohnnieG: I am currently waiting for destiny to update my internet is the poops
tyrew0rm: there were 4 snaps total, end of infinity war- the dusting, pre endgame- destroy the stones, the undusting, and the final snap
APrioriOfNothing: Everyone here is getting ill too.
adamjford: I know that feeling all too well
monkeyrama: Lovely WutFace
HouseofShadow: @johnnieg it probably isn't your internet.
Antiagone: That's a very amusing of describing having a cold/snuffles.
StarFreak359: Right there with you, G
TehAmelie: i mean, pollution and lack of food is not even problems that are fixed by large scale murder
LolCamAlpha: my husband is also recovering from a cold
Cepsys: graham slowly becoming an eldritch monster
Wrexadecimal: Oh yeah, I know that feel
ContingentCat: dear nose: please no
StarFreak359: Yuuuup. Big Yuuuuuup
Nigouki: yep, know that feeling
Tiber727: @TehAmelie I agree, but on the same level, it's kinda in character for a crazy person with a messiah complex to think his solution is the only right one.
SopranoCat: Yeah, that's your sinuses reinflating
LazyC0Mmander: Sam Graham
LazyC0Mmander: Same*
monkeyrama: oh my goodness
Antiagone: "The greatest noise I ever made ...."
HouseofShadow: go on....
morgoth_bauglyr: wheeeee
NightValien28: and now graham is dead
monkeyrama: Cam's killing Graham LUL
LazyC0Mmander: Well there's the coughing
ContingentCat: like how the sea retreats before a tsunami
Wrexadecimal: LUL
Antiagone: Please tell me someone clipped that...
NightValien28: I have done that before but with my butt
FarronTheRed: These are some premium tier, unsung bodily problems that we can all empathize with.
morgoth_bauglyr: lrrFINE
APrioriOfNothing: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
Nosser2: did Cameron bass drop a bodily function?
major_tom__: iiiiiiiiiiooooooo Burp
shadownova896: What are the commands again?
Titanium7: yo you guys are playing too pog
SopranoCat: And that is swallowed air when your body doesn't quite have enough to get the burp out
major_tom__: monkaS
ExachixKitsune: Wow this is way worse than it could've been
Officinalis: Here. We. Go.
LazyC0Mmander: Can't you get off the elevetor?
APrioriOfNothing: You ded
monkeyrama: We're in danger :)
Bobtheninjagoldfish: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always putting characters in Smash, you cowards.
ContingentCat: @shadownova896 there's a lot what exactly are you loving for?
StarFreak359: RIP
Nigouki: well, technically it's Ultrasonic to Infrasonic Kappa
beatstickmanny: have fun graham
Orchestrion: Hashladun is a gooood name
SopranoCat: I'm maybe a little too familiar with the wierd noises a body can make
shadownova896: Just looking in general
LolCamAlpha: welp
Luminaire_p: This reminded me of the Technodrome in Turtles in Time SNES
adi_pie: I'm not okay with how Eris says "yearns".
adi_pie: It sounds sensual, and I don't want the Hive anywhere near that word.
realhillwolf: famous last words
beatstickmanny: Worse you say? you have it
Orchestrion: crystals?
Orchestrion: always a good sign
HouseofShadow: lingerie
Mangledpixel: if you die on the lift, does it respawn you back down the bottom and you have to wait for the lift to slowly come back down to get you?
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun Just finished trouble in Paradise. What a fantastic series, I hurt my throat laughing. Thank you so much for the content.
CaptainEnder7: Please tell me that was an Are You Being Served reference
monkeyrama: LUL Yes to both
NightValien28: untitled goose deck
Wrexadecimal: LUL CAM
monkeyrama: please
morgoth_bauglyr: ehehe
ContingentCat: YES
adi_pie: Thanks, I hate it.
LolCamAlpha: The latter
ContingentCat: !y
SZebra: The latter
Shemerson: man jealous you guys are playing, still waiting to log in
Wrexadecimal: h o n k
LazyC0Mmander: Untitle ocko?
PlzBeNiceToYaz: honk
UncannyJimjams: had to step away, did the fireteam get back together?
HouseofShadow: one of those is the subtitle. it is up to you to decide which.
adamjford: honk
CaptainSpam: honk.
ThorSokar: haha, it's just HONK (the sound, not the word)
beatstickmanny: did it glitch?
monkeyrama: Graham survived the purge
Evochron13: it's clearly "Untitled Goose Deck: Four Oko"
blip2004: i'm playing
TehAmelie: last man on the moon
FarronTheRed: i mean we have seen zero to contradict this.
EvilBadman: G gonna get all the world firsts
Hellishdream: I think its because he's on the strike.
APrioriOfNothing: Be My Oko Uno
ContingentCat: Destiny is briefly a single player server
Officinalis: Graham going to get so many World Firsts.
TheElrad: untitled goose game featuring four oko
Applesauz: So Graham, what tips can you offer us on this "One Moment Please" boss?
Laurence72: This is, literally, Graham's Destiny?
RvLeshrac: I just managed to log in and collect all my stuff from Eris.
Tiber727: Huh. Does this mean Graham is the #1 Destiny 2 streamer?
PlzBeNiceToYaz: the Last Player
TehAmelie: maybe this is how the moon becomes haunted
tenthtechpriest: yo g imma warn you right now, the boss at the end of this? NOT balanced for solo
TehAmelie: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Juliamon: The Last Man On the Moon
accountmadeforants: Sorry, to play the game you need to stream it to a few hundred people while talking about bodily functions and Magic. Them's the rules.
adi_pie: Is Hashladun related to Brigadoon?
Mangledpixel: welp, Thra is doomed
NightValien28: that finisher will never get old
major_tom__: PUNCH!
UncannyJimjams: thickG1 thickG2 lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
leafy_greeens: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
adamjford: just straight dumpster them
grgriffin3: Yep, Griffin/Silva
CommanderCrossing: anderson silva
freshmaker__: Oh heck yeah Destiny. How goes the wiz biz?
rybackgaming: I'm still laughing at Untitled Goose Deck. fuck...
LazyC0Mmander: All hail change! All hail Tzeench!
StarFreak359: Third Floor?
leafy_greeens: TPFufun lrrDARK lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
TheElrad: I thought that when you're troubleshooting you need to T E L L D A L E
Metalupis: oh, seen my first other person in the world since the errors started
Amentur: Third floor; women's lingerie
UncannyJimjams: I have made the error more or less powerful? it will take time to know for sure
Rockario: I have changed is this better or worse?
Laurence72: 3rd floor -- Linens, Exercise Equipment, and Angry Wizards
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so Cam will get in, and having to complete this as Adam gets in the Queue who when he gets in, will then have to finish this...
UpstageJMC: At first, because they were wearing skirts, I thought they were witches, not wizards.
accountmadeforants: So what are the odds this elevator is just lifting you to the top of the tower as a sacrifice/part of the ritual? 99.9% or 99.89999%?
CommanderCrossing: I am finally back in
monkeyrama: Are there limitations on when people can join in on a strike?
Laurence72: DO A SWAN DIVE
Orchestrion: @CommanderCrossing did you restart the program?
richard_ermen: Wow...that´s deep
LazyC0Mmander: So I don't know destiny's lore. What is Graham doing right now?
major_tom__: people are getting back in? woo
BillTheCat: if all your friends jumped off would you jump too?
Anaerin: Watch out for that first step, it's a doozy.
adi_pie: Jump out. See what happens.
ExachixKitsune: jump. jump. jump.
NightValien28: LazyC0Mmander unhaunting the moon
Silver_Kn1ght: jump
PixelArtDragon: Is that horizon slightly curved?
ContingentCat: call of the void
ExachixKitsune: No wait, can you mount the sparrow?
Applesauz: So what's the over/under on my pizza getting here before I get back in?
richard_ermen: Maybe jumping off opens up a new secret area?
major_tom__: dew it
RomanianMyEscutcheon: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
adi_pie: WEll, wipe!
rybackgaming: as I understand things from my non-existent destiny knowledge... Moon's haunted.
Luminaire_p: Or if we're heading into the Hellmouth for Crota
Godeke: I bet the subocean is out that window.
LazyC0Mmander: I mean if that many people are jumping off maybe there's a reason.
UncannyJimjams: off topic, i hope there's a way for veteran players to get the Arcadia class jumpship
monkeyrama: Homie still had some fight left
major_tom__: PUNCH!
richard_ermen: Always punch wizards!
BloodnBullets: straight punched
FarronTheRed: Well that was just showing off :-)
Applesauz: Also, doing a finisher on cursed thrall is the BEST
Amentur: Well my friends aren't irrational so if they're all jumping something must be up
LazyC0Mmander: One of these days that move is going to kill you
adi_pie: I do love that the finishers will close a lot of distance when you activate them.
CommanderCrossing: the drop kick looks sick
tenthtechpriest: not gonna lie, REALLY temped to buy an eververse finisher for extra style points
grgriffin3: I think you get new finishers from the real money store
blip2004: i just got kicked
ContingentCat: hmm
grgriffin3: I just got kicked too
CommanderCrossing: also it just weasled me out
freshmaker__: Oh good. I preloaded Destiny on steam the other day only to find there's more download today. :|
tenthtechpriest: I was continuously in until 3 minutes ago
grgriffin3: I think for Xbox at least, the servers might just have finally given up the ghost
tenthtechpriest: bungie confirmed for still able to do great skyboxes
storiers: I never got booted but keep getting contacting server messages
Noodles_15: Its not a download it’s an unpacking but it still takes a while, @freshmaker__
The_Real_Starkiller: I've been in, alone, same as you Graham.
UpstageJMC: Pursuing Hashley
ThorSokar: Come sit around the fire children, and I will tell you the story of Graham Stark, the only person allowed to play Destiny 2
freshmaker__: @Noodles_15 ohhh ok fair enough. thanks for the clarification
Dirk_Strider_tT: I was in earlier but it doesn't wanna let me in now
Metalupis: i've been in the whole time, on ps4
freshmaker__: Sorry only just got here. :P
SajuukSjet: lunar gateway of somekind
KidAmn: I just got booped out of the game entirely for daring to queue for a Nightfall, so that's me done for the night.
too_bad_for_you: what's wrong wit pc
adi_pie: I'm at spot 499 in the queue.
ContingentCat: servers are having trouble
TheMerricat: Bungie Help @BungieHelp We are continuing to investigate the issues that are preventing players from signing in. Please stay tuned for updates. 3:50 PM · Oct 1, 2019·TweetDeck
SZebra: Has Destiny 2 changed much since launch?
monkeyrama: You can do it
tenthtechpriest: good luck with the boss because uh... fuck
Hellishdream: No, that's the Ghosts line.
TheFoilAjani: I think the moon ghosts are trying to keep us from cleansing the moon
Luminaire_p: I solo'd the boss and it wasn't too bad...
monkeyrama: Cam's in 👀
ContingentCat: !!!
NightValien28: lol
Laurence72: LOL
monkeyrama: Or..... not
SZebra: We WoW Classic now boys
ExachixKitsune: Woa
NightValien28: better prep some tea
Amentur: Oof
TheFoilAjani: Bodies in the water is a great scp
KitteyWolf: i cannot for the life of me remember who called crota 'thick dick crota' and now i can only think of 'daughter of the thic dic crota, i wonder if shes just as thic'
TheAinMAP: katesBeans
Qooroo: This is a trip
adamjford: a glimmer of hope, then CRUSHED
BloodnBullets: Cams in... line
Himyul: Cam's in!.... line!
PlzBeNiceToYaz: i dont love that number
ujai321: 2000 queue... what is this, wow classic?
Juliamon: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
major_tom__: you you go to the destiny 2 section on twitch its just a screen of people waiting lmao
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simriel: wait... I came in and Graham was talking about SCP. what did I miss.
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snowcookies: sad Cam
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m 6th in queue lrrHORN lrrHORN
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
electroswagnetism: wait which SCP are we talking about?
beatstickmanny: As long as Graham doesn't move the wizards won't see him
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun - Bungie Help BungieHelp We are continuing to investigate the issues that are preventing players from signing in. Please stay tuned for updates. - This is from twitter about 4 min ago.
freshmaker__: oh no its like when you're on hold and the music stops for a second and you think you're through, but then they just play a prerecorded message about how your call is important
simriel: I have fallen down the SCP wiki hole MANY times.
BoreanRebind: how are you folks still in the game
monkeyrama: Nice of those wizards to only look in that one direction
simriel: Oh sure, the body lake, it comes up in the Oroboros Cycle
seth_erickson: The only SCP I care about is the big Orange Slime that loves everyone and smells like your favorite thing when it's around you
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beatstickmanny: what is SCP?
LazyC0Mmander: Just go the other way
tenthtechpriest: and a lot of suspicious tactical cover
Mister_Skittles: dont... sneeze
beatstickmanny: @TheMerricat thx
LazyC0Mmander: Or pull out the rocket launcher
NightValien28: okay let's think of a plan, what would a hunter do in this situation?
snowcookies: uh huh
monkeyrama: We're in the Cam & Adam waiting room
grgriffin3: These Wizards have a 1 in their Awareness stat
simriel: @beatstickmanny Well then... you are in for a treat.
TheFoilAjani: One of the cool parts is that it periodically has like, "memetic hazard checkers", and the last one you fail and they have to send folks to amnestize you
Tiber727: @beatstickmanny It's a collaborative story where users write about an agency that collects paranormal objects and studies them.
LairofLore: beatstickmanny sort of a universe /wiki for writing creepy pastas
RuiFaleiro: Are those the only enemies? I mean, what if there are more wizards behind you?
aesir_blade: The relevance to the current discussion was that I sub-messaged "you do not recognize the bodies on the moon" way earlier and Graham seems to have enjoyed it and I feel very proud; thank you Graham
seth_erickson: Standard Containment Protocol
sinkirby: Any of the LRR crew played Control yet?
TheMerricat: @beatstickmanny a collaborative horror story where each entry is a different story but sorta tied together by background.
UpstageJMC: Offer Hashley a Cosmopolatin or Appletini.
monkeyrama: oh dear
Amentur: beatstickmanny it's an acronym for secure contain protect. Lots of made up scarry stories about objects/entities
LolCamAlpha: oh no
snowcookies: bungie has been problems
PlzBeNiceToYaz: i dont love that number
Applesauz: I haven't even seen a number yet
major_tom__: im at 4647!
simriel: @loadingreadyrun What are you all playing on? PC?
monkeyrama: Yes
adi_pie: Only if you come to Romania and make me.
major_tom__: hey can yall just log off?
beatstickmanny: Sounds SCP is great for some heavy October reading
rybackgaming: So is this Hashley, Hashlee, or Hashleigh?
Applesauz: Ohp! 6486
snowcookies: I'm not even logged in
monkeyrama: Spooky strings in the background
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m still at 6!!!
NightValien28: is this happening on all platforms?
simriel: I have been hoping to start New Light tonight... that ain't gonna happen is it
grgriffin3: I'm just going to take the L and try to login again later
tenthtechpriest: 4294
KidAmn: Honestly, I got to play for 3 hours with only a couple of boots to orbit. That's infinitely better than I expected for a game that went free to play AND launched a major expansion on the same day.
grgriffin3: I'm 7,138 in my queue
Hellishdream: The abuse of the poor strings.
jedi_master_zll: I was able to get in without a queue on Xbox, but then bought the expansion and it decided to re-download all 90 something gigs.
Luminaire_p: Could be worse, could be Deathsingers
dumbo3k: I still don't even have a number yet
grgriffin3: That's....Not good
LazyC0Mmander: You think they'll ever figure out what going on behind them?
major_tom__: *slowly back away*
tenthtechpriest: solo the fight. you won't, coward.
dropkickstart: Graham Destiny stream on my desktop, Magicfest VOD on my laptop, it's a good day!
ContingentCat: I wouldn't be surprised if the que numbers are a complete lie
Noodles_15: I’ve not gotten a number yet, oh no
nervousdavid: is it just me or does it look like the wizards having a problem staying at the same height?
chesul: I believe in you, you can take them!
adi_pie: Please, Graham. That poor orchestra.
adi_pie: Think of the strings.
GameAgeddon: I've never used my twitch prime sub before, I clicked the button but nothing popped up, any way to know if it went through?
CaptainEnder7: Graham "Great View of the Moon" Stark
monkeyrama: They had time to build such massive structure 🤔
KidAmn: @GameAgeddon you have a sub icon on my screen :)
Issurru: sounds like the vanguard OpieOP
Hellishdream: This is what happens when your Hunter Leader of the Vanguard dies.
GameAgeddon: Okay, so in the chat means ti worked?
reaper3355: you Lucky guy
grgriffin3: Well, Cayde-6 died and there's no Hunter Vanguard, and we all know Hunters are lazy, so they just kinda....Let it slide for a while.
Amentur: Considering the size, should you be able to see it with just your eye from the earth surface?
tenthtechpriest: "we tried to tell you BUT YOU KEPT GOING BACK INTO LEVIATHAN TO HANG OUT WITH CALUS"
Rhynerd: "And you didn't call a single artillery strike on it?"
Luminaire_p: Just send a fireteam
erloas: just switched to the twitch app, is there any way to resize the text? Used to be able to use zoom on the browser version
adi_pie: I mean, last time we went to war with the Hive on the moon it ended poorly,
Mister_Skittles: Look, Gaurdian, do you want an expansion or not?
Tiber727: "We would've stopped it, but we were kinda curious what it would look like when it was done."
sinkirby: I think Zavala misunderstands what the word "Vanguard" means
TheAinMAP: Looks they rushed building it though. They skipped the handrails.
RvLeshrac: I will say that I *do* find that putting "glimmer" on the Season track is a bit insulting.
Himyul: they put the spikes there to deter the birds
nicol_bolish: Are we still waiting for Adam and Cam to get back in?
RvLeshrac: But it is nice that you can buy extra bounties with it now.
PlzBeNiceToYaz: position 9218 :(
UpstageJMC: Did no one check with their contractor to see if they got all their permits?
monkeyrama: Yep @nicol_bolish
major_tom__: smh literally unplayable
Rockario: "We knew we could clear it out later, so instead we thought of it as a free building"
Legokman: What ever happened to The Almighty? Is that thing just, floating there?
TheMerricat: So what does it say that this is a 'new' building. on THE MOON, and yet it's covered in cobwebs
nicol_bolish: I went and grabbed and sandwich and talked to my boss for a while, so yeah.
tyrew0rm: what are their positions?
nebulosDisconcertion: Moon Spiders
Mangledpixel: it's been the best part of an hour
ujai321: typical rpg... just watching numbers
PlzBeNiceToYaz: moon is known for its spider population
Anaerin: They're all waiting for you to finish up, Graham, and you're just durdling around... Won't someone please think of the Guardians!
SajuukSjet: about 45 min or so
monkeyrama: Is it better to know you aren't moving up in the queue? Or to not know? 🤔
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Hellishdream: Maybe they introduced a server cap to try to lessen the load on the server?
Robot_Bones: For the throne?
nicol_bolish: Wow
simriel: between this and Judge Academy this has been a day of Not Doing The Thing I want to Be Doing
ujai321: this sound in the background is very unpleasent btw
MeImoth: hmm feels like patchday...
LazyC0Mmander: Might want to give up at this point
UpstageJMC: Crap. Ddos attack?
TheFoilAjani: Graham is the lone survivor
chesul: so, someone tripped over a cord in the server room?
singedwhiskers123: how are you in Graham
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755yoyo: this looks like a good time to share my second sub baby
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Mangledpixel: annoying, but not unexpected tbh
accountmadeforants: Oh dear, that sure is a lot of bones
LazyC0Mmander: Why are there butterfly by the sword bone pile?
Anaerin: singedwhiskers123 Pure luck, I think.
Himyul: have you considered... try jumping? Kappa
singedwhiskers123: you are so lucky
Nihliz: Wgich subclasses do you think will be the strongest in pve?
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rain_lkjw: i dont miss magic but i miss youre videos!!!!
monkeyrama: Lets take a tour of your gear, Graham
jedi_master_zll: Is there a LRR clan on Xbox?
HouseofShadow: whiskers asked how you're IN. lrrSPOOP
dumbo3k: I have no queue#, but it does occasionally pop up with a different pop up each time. First was something about cross save, then I just got the EULA
Mangledpixel: maybe play around with the apperance part of the new armour?
SajuukSjet: lrr clans for everyone on the discord :)
TheMerricat: @UpstageJMC remember they went F2P too, it could just be HEAVY load.
Biomonkey01: The Hive seem quite slovenly as a whole. They just leave piles of refuse and bones around presumably for centuries.
zoe_myr subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months!
zoe_myr: happy happy subday. how is destiny? happy happy subday hello to cam and G
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adi_pie: jedi_master_zll technically, but it has not been active in a very long time.
Anaerin: "Cannot access other activities at this time" - Is that because you're in a boss arena or something else?
simriel: I wanna start space chores and also pay money to continue judging
blip2004: he is in a mission stike
simriel: wait...
DoodlestheGreat: 39 QUESTS? Man, you _have_ let things get out of hand.
Aenir798: How often is it working G?
zoe_myr: oh sorry adam i just got here and handt heard you yet
dumbo3k: Wooo... queue# 13838
freshmaker__: Not that this is necessarily relevant to your sound mixer, but it reminded me, I love that SLOBS added controls for different sound sources instead of just mic and sounds that the computer is making.
UpstageJMC: True. I'm just pessimistic enough to think the worst.
dumbo3k: I might be awhile, guys
Amentur: It worked well for 3 hours. Not well the last hour
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Alright, I gotta tap out. Thanks for dealing with the server nonsense and un-haunting this Moon. Enjoy ye Destinys. lrrHEART unarmeHmm lrrGRAHAM seabatTROG
PlzBeNiceToYaz: definitely getting Shadowbringers launch day vibes
ContingentCat: @Aenir798 it was ding well until the children got home from school
ContingentCat: *doing
sivakrytos: memetic savior?
monkeyrama: Vince would love those LUL
logophile99: it´s almost like bungie did´´nt think the would a lot of stress inthe servers today
Mangledpixel: large arms. larms.
Pal_Friendpatine: Still #6 in queue
HouseofShadow: I'm honestly surprised Graham has kept playing this long.
simriel: oh so the Sign Up is actually just entirely disabled
RvLeshrac: Yes
LolCamAlpha: unflinching large arms = the meanest punch?
ogundiety: Missing shotguns?
RvLeshrac: Sniper.
accountmadeforants: And sniper, maybe?
Mister_Skittles: your arms look the same size G
Himyul: why ramp up your servers for peak usage when everyone's gonna be gone in two days?
Orchestrion: lol my place in line is 12921
Dunkdun: how are u in game can u please share ur hacks with me?
ogundiety: Ah I didn't realize they were in heavy, I more meant that was teh type you couldn't get- but apparently I was just wrong!
TehAmelie: the secret highest level is Doomfist arms
RvLeshrac: Himyul: Because in 2019, you pay for what you use, and can shut them down.
Laurence72: Silver Lining -- at least over 10k people still want to play this game?
RvLeshrac: Himyul: You just buy more capacity on your cloud service provider for like a day or two.
Pal_Friendpatine: Nice palendrome @orchestrion
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GameAgeddon: I have nothing creative to say. I love LRR streams and I love watching Graham having fun in Destiny (a game I've never been able to really enjoy, myself)
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Luminaire_p: I believe in Graham. :)
monkeyrama: It's go time 👀
StoneGullet: Hi
snowcookies: "I have no number and I must scream" - someone in Discord
zoe_myr: is this the last year of destiny 2?
wafflezorz: streamer hacks to still be playing lol
PlzBeNiceToYaz: she's a maaaan slayer
HouseofShadow: she's a man eater
Himyul: RvLeshrac that makes entirely too much sense to reflect the reality I know and love Kappa
CleeKru: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:03:32.
watomy294: I have a queue place of 12755. As gibb said. “Alright, time for bed”
SolarBlitz1: Oh that's a lot of health
LolCamAlpha: oh boy
Anaerin: Wo-oah here she comes, watch out bois, she'll screw you up...
Amentur: That healthbar isn't moving much
tenthtechpriest: she is very much not balanced for solo
Rockario: That, uh...thaat health bar ain't moving too quick
Luminaire_p: If I could do it, I believe Graham can, too.
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES she's a tanky lady
LazyC0Mmander: Graham better use his finisher to finish her
TehAmelie: clearly we gotta use the Pauls rifle, for Paul who isn't here
Laurence72: The health bar has moved!
kynelwynn: How.. did Crota.. spawn a child?
pyrehand: Don't do it Cam you'll get disconnected with the rest of us!
sinkirby: her music is nice
pyrehand: @kynelwynn Omnighul was Crota's mate
dumbo3k: And team graham goes blasting off again?
TheFoilAjani: I'm surprised you didn't get physics'ed
LairofLore: oh hey I got a place in the que...oh 18,625 well that's gone up
StoneGullet: How does this Steam migration work? I signed up for the move. awahile ago
LazyC0Mmander: This is a weird soundtrack for this
1losttheGame: is G solo right now?
Noodles_15: 19207, oof
monkeyrama: HE is
Orchestrion: @StoneGullet if you finished the move process it should just work when you log on with steam
GameAgeddon: I swear sometimes I see the MtG logo inside the Knight's Shield
Kumakaori: I, yikes, GO GRAHA~
Kumakaori: M~~
monkeyrama: Adam+Cam got dc'd from the servers
FLSmith: what?! you are in game graham?? what streamer sorcery have you used to get in ?!
LazyC0Mmander: @1losttheGame Yuo Cam and Adam got disconected
pyrehand: @Orchestrion assuming any of us could actually log in
ContingentCat: @1losttheGame yup, Cam and Adam got dropped from the server
Biomonkey01: Dude, the Hive must really hate our guardian in particular. You know, what with being directly responsible for murdering a good chunk of their ruling family
Orchestrion: ayyy
TehAmelie: i want to believe a water pistol could do something really wild in space, what with water being so rare/behaving oddly in vacuum and microgravity
monkeyrama: RIP
ContingentCat: from the coast?
Luminaire_p: Some say it's still there to this day
TheAinMAP: katesRip
Kramburger: Wizards? On MY moon?
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AmeliaR: Hi I'm stuck in queue so here have my sub
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iconicshadow89: the coast?
Comrademik: Hello all
StoneGullet: @Orchestrion I guess I didnt finsh it. So Ill have to wait after today to finish the Migration?
Noodles_15: You’ve got this?
logophile99: i thought you guys had a good relationship with wizards
adi_pie: Is that an Eddie Izzard routine? BUNCH'A thralls?
Comrademik: wait, I thought cam and Adam were here too?
HouseofShadow: wheres that rocket launcher?
TehAmelie: the Pauls rifle. it fires Paul clones
Orchestrion: @StoneGullet not sure, sorry
monkeyrama: They got dc'd @Comrademik
ContingentCat: @Comrademik they are, the servers are having a time
Comrademik: ah, I see
GameAgeddon: It's not even so much that I don't like Destiny. It's just the social aspect of playing with friends makes it more fun, and literally none of my friends plays
StoneGullet: @Orchestrion thanks anyways
AmeliaR: The servers are having a big old time
monkeyrama: Noooooooo
1losttheGame: LUL
LazyC0Mmander: Nice
Legokman: Nuuuuuuuu
pyrehand: NOOOOO!!!!
seraphim_mist: lolol
nyxlux: nooooooooooo
Orchestrion: welp
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
circusofkirkus: lrrHORN
snowcookies: lol
Metalupis: yup, i just got kicked as well
RvLeshrac: I just got booted too
Luminaire_p: lrrEFF
sinkirby: WOOT!!!
adamjford: the chosen one has fallen
ContingentCat: lrrHORN ?
tyrew0rm: nooo
Drew_64: you did it
Lucien0451: We did it!
storiers: And finally got booted
fiftymcnasty: GG
zergkind: error code weagle
ZoBo_: lrrEFF
CaptainEnder7: Error code: weasel ?
freshmaker__: F
Himyul: into the QUEUE!
Its_Eros: It could only last so long
LazyC0Mmander: That's the final attack of this boss
Nigouki: time to play WoW Classic Kappa
SnackPak_: lrrFINE lrrHERE
Tiber727: Destiny 2 is officially dead.
Questhere: lrrFINE
officedge: To the shadow realm!
ContingentCat: so uhhh GeoGuessr?
TehAmelie: they shot you so hard you fell off the server :o
Biomonkey01: Join us down here in the queue
ThorSokar: you have been removed
seraphim_mist: Enter. the QQQQqQQQQ
Its_Eros: Now let's see that queue position
TheAinMAP: Welp.
Robot_Bones: Peggle?
LazyC0Mmander: Borderlands?
Foxmar320: Nooooo you were the chosen one!!!!
tyrew0rm: this could take a while
monkeyrama: Now we get to play the queue waiting game :)
Phosphatide: moon wins lrrSPOOP
snowcookies: time for stream end?
UncannyJimjams: and lo, Gstar's light was snuffed out
Metalupis: i think that was them kicking everyone to reset
Himyul: you've been sent to the Blaggole
Frostia: 100k inc
BasilBrushOff: F
HouseofShadow: lrrHERE ftlSp katesRip katesTry rayfkWelp guyjudgeF notthatRIP
beatstickmanny: Peggle Peggle Peggle
SnackPak_: geoguesser!
StarFreak359: mmmm whatcha saaaaay
noisyblizzard: now we play the waiting game Kappa
I_Am_Clockwork: Server's Haunted
rybackgaming: GeoGuessr? Kappa
Comrademik: wooow, didn't realise there were so many server issues
The_Real_Starkiller: Welp, now I've been kicked. And Graham got kicked too, quite a coincidence...
aesir_blade: Time to play Warframe?
Wrexadecimal: @rybackgaming lmao. I was legit about to say it
dumbo3k: She blasted you so hard, you got booted into the queue
JustPete74: Dead game anyway Kappa
LazyC0Mmander: I might go do some total war myself.
kerbalized_: fire up arena?
Dascylus: I just wanna Thanos Snap all the New Light players right now... just for a little bit, long enough so I can play lol
defiledsoul: lol stuck in line
ContingentCat: Goose time?
TheMerricat: too bad bungie didn't partner up with peggle, you could be playing a game while you wait. :-P
MidgardSerpent: oh no. When I left work, Graham was still in good shape. Sorry for jinxing it for you!
Metalupis: @The_Real_Starkiller it was you me and graham, and we all just got booted
GameAgeddon: If you are Graham and you are the number 4, you are released from the Black Hole.
Comrademik: looks like I'm holding off on shadowkeep
officedge: maybe reseting servers to let people join?
Biomonkey01: Lol, they updated the destiny subreddit header to be the 'One Moment Please' screen
Amentur: Maybe all players that were still online were kicked. Fully clear the servers and such
tyrew0rm: geoguessr?
Dunkdun: LOL
ThorSokar: guess they're up to the "turn everything off and on again" stage of troubleshooting
seth_erickson: This game doesn't have a Peggle add-on does it
nyxlux: yes
Orchestrion: yup
adamjford: Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 are being taken offline for emergency maintenance. Please standby for updates.
pyrehand: yep
TehAmelie: i feel like Bungie could get Cookie Clicker, to be different
grgriffin3: It's just fully dead now
mageologists: all servers are down for maintenance now
RvLeshrac: "Servers are unavailable"
monkeyrama: Welp
Luminaire_p: Dang
monkeyrama: that's unfortunate
ContingentCat: welp
Legokman: Arena time?
logophile99: you´ would think bungie would spin up some additional servers for launch week
grgriffin3: Well, it was a fun stream for a while!
HouseofShadow: rayfkWelp
Biomonkey01: Happy Launch Day!
grgriffin3: Let's play some Magic!
LazyC0Mmander: Wait Destiny one too?
kerbalized_: f
Mangledpixel: emergency buying of more server racks
delta__vee: error code: yoink
beatstickmanny: Graham y'all gonna play one of those tv/prompt games for halloween again?
frozenphoenix7: Just Graham, Adam, Cameron and 500 some of their closest friends.
GameAgeddon: have to wonder, is it ddos? Or were they just not prepared for the sheer number of players that Free to Play would bring?
tenthtechpriest: the moon was in fact too haunted
Naarius: Toast hype!
beatstickmanny: don't remember the name
Metalupis: well, i guess i'll grab a bite to eat
TheAinMAP: katesBread
RvLeshrac: Aziraphalesshop: Oh, Downdetector is always just bad... it can show a server problem, but can also just show that there's an internet cut in a certain area.
Amentur: Without the game this is technically Talking Sim lrrAWESOME
adi_pie: I told you to log out, Graham. This is what happens when you won't listen. They had to force you out.
Foxmar320: foxmarFIRE foxmarFIRE foxmarFIRE
Scrubbodiestobears: oh that explains that, i just tuned in/got home lol
monkeyrama: LUL
frozenphoenix7: @gameageddon Ima go with the latter tbh
The_Real_Starkiller: At least we got to see all the cool new stuff before everything went.
adamjford: @GameAgeddon my guess is either DDOS or unforeseen technical issue
beatstickmanny: and straight in the LRRMTG
seth_erickson: Throne of Eldrain Draft seabatTROG
Aziraphalesshop: @RvLeshrac that's why I always check the outage map
Mangledpixel: WAITI
Comrademik: TITLE T
simriel: after running 4 prerelease I am kinda done with Magic for few days xD
PixelArtDragon: TEETH
Biomonkey01: The Moon was too haunted for Graham and he got spooped out, so now we play arena
BasilBrushOff: h...honk?
ContingentCat: At least you got to see the ghosts and such
richard_ermen: Time to play Brawl?
Mangledpixel: !y
ContingentCat: !y
monkeyrama: Another stream when the servers are more stable would be great
monkeyrama: It's not
Dr_Shandor: Adam is hooked
seth_erickson: Not yet
TehAmelie: if you cover all your bases, it'll work like destiny
Mangledpixel: Draft is live
tyrew0rm: day 1 servers for MMOs never go well
Biomonkey01: Do we have a date for when brawl will be coming?
Scarbble: oof
GameAgeddon: Suddenly, Arena crashed. Error Code: Charging Badger
rybackgaming: time to test out Untitled Goose Deck.
Pal_Friendpatine: I’m gonna learn about Greece while I wait
Surannn: restart que severs are up Pog
PixelArtDragon: Draft is traditional gem only, though
zoe_myr: @LoadingReadyRun btw lrrGRAHAM its your fault that words like scans have slipped into my vocabulary
Luminaire_p: Same, @unarmedoracle
simriel: same
PixelArtDragon: That sounds like you're getting a default value, then.
ContingentCat: yeah I suspect the Queue number is a red herring
monkeyrama: Is this limited?
ujai321: first time in ages that destiny 2 was up on the twitch charts
ujai321: and then this
AmeliaR: We're chatting in the Destiny channel in the discord, and everyone is getting the same queue number, it's probably just cashed information
Biomonkey01: Since when if flblthp an avatar?
LazyC0Mmander: Wait hold one a minute... What's that player avatar about?
Orchestrion: so, was it like this back then with Taken King and stuff?
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TehAmelie: poor Bungie. now they're trying desperately to find out how fast you can reset a server, not knowing CCP has had it figured out for years
kerbalized_: "your queue position is RAND()"
Scarbble: Orchestrion MMO launches are always, always like this
GameAgeddon: It definitely wasn't like this for Taken King
Orchestrion: ayy
senshi5609: had to stop playing the first mission to bring my dog to the Vet(shes good) and got back to now no Destiny
DandyGeek: This is a weird strike.
GameAgeddon: I bought Destiny 1 on Taken King launch day
GameAgeddon: played without issue
TehAmelie: wait we're fighting The Sea in Storm
Scrubbodiestobears: Moon's Full
TehAmelie: that can't go well
snowcookies: Maybe Destiny is for another day
tyrew0rm: we are about to die to 5 bow
monkeyrama: Hopefully soon BlessRNG
Scarbble: destiny 1 pre taken king was a super low point compared to coming off of what was possibly the best string of content destiny has had
nicol_bolish: They even seem to be mono-blue sea in storm.
Luminaire_p: I hope you fall off a Sea in Storm Cliff...
snowcookies: what deck is this?
Amentur: A secret from behind the game coding curtain: Most or all loading bars are fake. We just put them there so players see the game hasn't crashed on them lrrSLOTH
nicol_bolish: James, is that you?
monkeyrama: Oh right, bow decks
TehAmelie: ah, good ol Cusk Assbiefef
freshmaker__: I'm trying really hard to solve this scryfall golf puzzle, but I'm stumped. Trying to make only Sickening Shoal and Rushing-Tide Zubera show up without using "or".
Dr_Shandor: @scrubbodiestobears moose out front should've told you
Scrubbodiestobears: haha
KitteyWolf: i was so confused by that weird little animal? noise. i thought it was in my room at first
monkeyrama: Have you had a chance to play with the Eldraine cards much, Graham?
monkeyrama: oooo, hope you can get that cauldron to pop off, I've been loving it in my standard deck
Scrubbodiestobears: It doesn't seem to believe that my cross save for blizz->steam is set up right, i'm hoping that's just because stuff is down but
RvLeshrac: "Your place in the queue: 27634"
Scrubbodiestobears: i can't check because everything is down lmao
Amentur: !card the great henge
LRRbot: The Great Henge [7GG] | Legendary Artifact | This spell costs {X} less to cast, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control. / {T}: Add {G}{G}. You gain 2 life. / Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on it and draw a card.
CommiePuddin: So when I install Destiny 2 on steam should I then uninstall it on
SolarBlitz1: Since the quick Afk
Morrigan9: questing beast has a novel on it good golly
ArcOfTheConclave: three best words in magic, draw a card
mysticsage1: does anyone have plans for decks for the special event on the 5th?
tyrew0rm: great henge + growth chamber guardian is rather fun in standard
PixelArtDragon: Your place in the queue: 2^32 -1
adi_pie: Toasty!
Dr_Shandor: can anyone make a John Candy "moons full" gift real quick
ContingentCat: good, anything on the toast?
RvLeshrac: Scrubbodiestobears: That's just a warning, but make CERTAIN you're set up right, because your season pass will be permanently attached to the characters on your account the moment you log in.
TehAmelie: hey, i just had a toast too. with cheddar
ThorSokar: YEAH TOAST!
Mangledpixel: a toast to your toast
belteshazzar98: The draw 2 deck is insane in standard.
soft_sunset: had the great henge in my selesniya adventures sealed deck for the prerelease
soft_sunset: any game where I got it out was just over
belteshazzar98: True Love can beat it.
monkeyrama: Mill them 👀
beatstickmanny: don't think they have enough to equip
monkeyrama: The troll king?
SolarBlitz1: Troll King
circusofkirkus: clackbridge?
richard_ermen: Why...why did he equip it to the false brawler?
ujai321: oh, trollgaak?
monkeyrama: That card is bonkers
frozenphoenix7: Feasting Troll King
circusofkirkus: ah the feaster
Styxseus: Ahhh! I just now noticed that amazing avatar :D
Ire_CoreData: feasting troll king @LoadingReadyRun
ArcOfTheConclave: feasting troll king
fiftymcnasty: Troll King is very good
seth_erickson: !card Feasting Troll King
LRRbot: Feasting Troll King [2GGGG] | Creature — Troll Noble [7/6] | Vigilance, trample / When Feasting Troll King enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand, create three Food tokens. / Sacrifice three Foods: Return Feasting Troll King from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only during your turn.
TehAmelie: such a feast
belteshazzar98: !card feating troll king
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
monkeyrama: I had a draft with two of those, turns out it isn't legendary LUL
belteshazzar98: !card feasting troll king
LRRbot: Feasting Troll King [2GGGG] | Creature — Troll Noble [7/6] | Vigilance, trample / When Feasting Troll King enters the battlefield, if you cast it from your hand, create three Food tokens. / Sacrifice three Foods: Return Feasting Troll King from your graveyard to the battlefield. Activate this ability only during your turn.
seth_erickson: !card Stolen by the Fae
LRRbot: Stolen by the Fae [XUU] | Sorcery | Return target creature with converted mana cost X to its owner's hand. You create X 1/1 blue Faerie creature tokens with flying.
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: No washing feet in cake.
beatstickmanny: ah its cause vile of dragon fire is also 2 to blow it up
1losttheGame: oh my god is that fibilthip as an avatar?
frozenphoenix7: Feels like they're gonna block
RvLeshrac: Servers are up, aaaaand... down again.
monkeyrama: There are card sleeves for fblthp as well
monkeyrama: They blink LUL
Styxseus: omg xD
RayFK: I got 2 hours into that damn Lore video and I want to play Destiny again. Graham why
Noodles_15: Join us!
zoe_myr: wisconsi
monkeyrama: what
Orchestrion: WAT
Wrexadecimal: wat
Fluffy776: Yup, that's Wisconsin
ArcOfTheConclave: tiny-soda?
Silver_Kn1ght: wisconsin
zoe_myr: thats wisconsin
NimrodXIV: Being from WI, I call BS
ContingentCat: WAT
ujai321: unpleasent
adi_pie: Ew
officedge: that's WI
monkeyrama: Whaaaaat
1losttheGame: that sounds hilarious
Foxmar320: Join Us! RayFK
Silver_Kn1ght: yeah, that tracks
beatstickmanny: um ok?????????????????????
adi_pie: I refuse to believe that
morgoth_bauglyr: uuuuuhh
Orchestrion: Those aren't candy!
beatstickmanny: those aren't movie candies
alexgranddestroyer: Yumm
monkeyrama: That's wild LUL
Hellishdream: Baked Beans is a candy.
freshmaker__: disgust
aesir_blade: Obey your thirst
frozenphoenix7: Do we still have a Mask of Immolation in play?
NimrodXIV: we eat real cheese here, thank you
Wrexadecimal: I think this is shenanigans
Metalupis: @RayFK why you got to hurt me calling out blood moon on the Ck twitter
LairofLore: who are these monsters they surveyed?!
rybackgaming: wut
circusofkirkus: this sounds like an elaborate troll
Aziraphalesshop: That is a candy. Not ACTUAL baked beans
Fluffy776: I question the validity of that, but it's still so funny
Saunabath: Are those actually allowed into theaters?
accountmadeforants: Oh no. I can get decent cheese slices, though, but what.
BrightstormRising: There's a candy called baked beans
RayFK: Because Metalupis Blood Moon is evil
Amentur: I like baked beans ... NOT AT THE CINEMA
monkeyrama: List of candy includes cheese and baked beans?
ContingentCat: some people are trolling a survay, PLEASE
Wicker_Knight: As someone with family in South Dakota, only oilmen live in North Dakota
RvLeshrac: Boston Baked Beans are candy-coated peanuts
pyrehand: My brother moved to North Dakota recently time to ask
Silver_Kn1ght: there is a candy called baked beans
beatstickmanny: I very much doubt it but I'm in California
Juliamon: It's a candy that LOOKS like baked beans
GameAgeddon: This is not real
KitteyWolf: there are a lot of places in USA that serve entire meals so that makes sense to me
Izandai: Destiny machine broke?
Metalupis: @RayFK only to greedy mana bases
wordswords1: as an american this is completely real
Hellishdream: A Baked Bean is a Sugar Coated Peanut.
GameAgeddon: Oh yeah Boston Baked Beans
frozenphoenix7: @rayfk From Blood Moon's perspective, you're evil
tenthtechpriest: great time minus the servers being offline
GameAgeddon: those are candy
GameAgeddon: not actually beans
zoe_myr: its called a boston baked bean @LoadingReadyRun
adamjford: I wish I would get my Sad Hat Jacket already
RvLeshrac: But also, if you've ever had church-potluck baked beans, they're almost always more like some sort of baked bean dessert.
Fluffy776: "A great time to get into the game!" - while you literally can't get into the game
ContingentCat: well in a few days is probably a good time to get back into the game
zoe_myr: its a candy
Aziraphalesshop: @LoadingReadyRun @unarmedoracle they are a candy, not actual beans
Juliamon: They're like glazed nuts
Foxmar320: Don't worry Graham if I compete the raid you can have my jacket code Kappa
Metalupis: boston baked beans are sugar coated peanuts
LbxAni: it isn't only theaters, it's also what people what people eat at home, which is why the Wal Mart and Target info is there
GameAgeddon: yeah they're candy-coated peanuts
monkeyrama: The kraft cheese, tho 🤔
LegionofLashes: destiny left?
Scarbble: "The Boston Baked Bean" is a generic name used throughout the candy industry for sugar coated peanuts. The Ferrara Pan Candy Company developed their line of Boston Baked Beans in the early 1930's,
snowcookies: gross
Aziraphalesshop: The cheese I can't help with
CastleOtranto: Kraft cheese or craft cheese?
DandyGeek: cheese is definitely candy, right?
NimrodXIV: I refuse to believe the cheese slices
DesperadoZod: Moon Haunting Maintenance time?
GameAgeddon: Now does it specifically HAVE to be Kraft?
SquareDotCube: New Mission: Drown the Moonbase in Boston Baked Beans. Kappa
LegionofLashes: oof
BrowneePoints: Craft cheese? or Kraft Cheese?
NimrodXIV: "cheese" slices
Izandai: Destiny machine broke.
GameAgeddon: Cause like...Walmart cheese slices are cheaper
ArcOfTheConclave: people can be wrong
1losttheGame: Server's Haunted Kappa
Juliamon: It's Kraft "cheese."
beatstickmanny: Cam, is it singles? or Cheese sticks?
DarthRages: yeah I'm born raised and live in Wisconsin. never seen or heard of the cheese slices
Rockario: Oddly, visited ND often and also have never heard of that candy
snowcookies: My dog won't even eat Kraft cheese
PixelArtDragon: Rasputin's being moody, isn
CommiePuddin: Graham, you're going to get SO MUCH Baked Beans for mail time now...
circusofkirkus: did James draft this deck?
freshmaker__: misrepresenting baked beans like that has to be some kind of clickbait thing right? Like you freak out and link it to your friends asking what the hell is wrong with people?
Silver_Kn1ght: So y'all know your gonna get some Boston Baked Beans in the mail, right?
Jhoiraful_Chaos: The Kraft cheese slices feels like it is trying to insult Wisconsin
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun Ben drew 17 of his 18 lands a few games ago
1losttheGame: James, is that you? Kappa
frozenphoenix7: Is James in the office somewhere?
senshi5609: Dauntless Experienced this the day they launched
LbxAni: I mean they are individually wrapped, so it's not like you're eating a block of cheese
seth_erickson: Arena's Haunted
ContingentCat: or they're just waiting for people to give up
tyrew0rm: is james hiding in the room?
monkeyrama: JAmes's curse lives on
ujai321: it's not a bad idea. it's not a good idea. it's just... an idea
Amentur: James! Stop hiding behind the chair!
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP ghost James?
ujai321: james!
A_Dub888: #BlameJames
tyrew0rm: TURNER!!
CommiePuddin: I had this game last night in ELD draft!
snowcookies: I believe James made this deck, so his curse is embedded in it
Orchestrion: cursed1
GameAgeddon: all the land
monkeyrama: lrrJAMES please
CommiePuddin: I won it. :)
Foxmar320: Almost every online game has something like this on launch day.
kerbalized_: the real question is if the vod will go on the LRRMTG channel lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
LazyC0Mmander: That's what we think of you Flithbib avatar around these parts
Aziraphalesshop: Graham you have to put non land cards in the deck.
RayFK: Not
Izandai: eh
ujai321: bad
aesir_blade: Not at all
frumbert: Detiny's new graphics are interesting
Scrubbodiestobears: at least the shadowkeep menu music is good!
monkeyrama: No amazing in limited
historyman_admu: yay for bonus MTG stream
Orchestrion: hey lance tho
Foxmar320: Anyone remember Division 1 at launch? Was terrible.
snowcookies: fox!
seth_erickson: Lance or Witchstalker
BrowneePoints: Outlaws Merriment
tyrew0rm: ooh, thats a greedy mana base
freshmaker__: mirrormade henge! :O
RayFK: I see Flutter as the pick, or the lance to build around
LbxAni: @LoadingReadyRun do they offer Kraft dinner in movie theaters in CA?
adamjford: Cool game
historyman_admu: Revenge of the Ravens tribal?
Izandai: I respect that opponent's commitment to the Jeskai life.
PixelArtDragon: Could we please get the "waiting for Destiny to come back" graphic moved so we can read the cards better?
tyrew0rm: i'll take witchstalker
circusofkirkus: witchstalker is a good beefy boi
seth_erickson: Lance is good so is Witchstalker
kynelwynn: cauldron familiar and hope to get the oven
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun I saw a deck that was Outlaws Merriment, Agent of Treachery, Mirrormades, and Robber of the Rich...I lost to a Robin Hood theme deck
Izandai: Those would be my two picks.
CommiePuddin: Cat Food!
DesperadoZod: I wish the Bungie folks good luck in their fixing of things, and am glad they are working on it
CommiePuddin: Do Cat Food!
LazyC0Mmander: Alright I think I'm gonna get going. You guys have fun
freshmaker__: blanking an adventure is wild
monkeyrama: It also removes their adventure creature
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SWPilgrim: How are you doing today?
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ArcOfTheConclave: targeted mindrot
TehAmelie: Mirrormade sounds like a reference to Mirrormask but that seems unlikely
monkeyrama: Oh damn, Konrad is nuts
Izandai: Konrad not okay.
tyrew0rm: oh hey konrad
RayFK: No questions
seth_erickson: Once upon a time is good too
circusofkirkus: konrad is gross
Digigoner: YES HE IS
adi_pie: Kon the Rad
freshmaker__: snap pick konrad no matter what your deck looks like
simriel: I had Two in a sealed pool.
Izandai: Wicked Guardian real good.
Digigoner: got 2 in my last sealed pool and my god does he carry
RayFK: You take Guardian here I think
seth_erickson: banner seems fine
ujai321: could you put the banner a little higher, like where your home, profile etc is?
kais58: wait, how do you get teh fblthp avatar? playing in beta right?
seth_erickson: banner keeps us open
Amentur: @LoadingReadyRun Change game category for during the wait? Not sure how guidelines are on this
tyrew0rm: banner or cabin?
monkeyrama: They sent out an email with a code if you were in the beta @kais58
ujai321: yes, thank you
Izandai: I think of the quad hybrid cards as basically being gold cards.
DialEcticDielEctric: Banner is pretty great
BrowneePoints: Banner is safer
frozenphoenix7: I think Headhunter is...not that good tbh.
accountmadeforants: Banner's solid
CommiePuddin: Stroke! Stroke!
ceiran_91: headhunter isn't great
Izandai: I don't really like the Headhunter.
ujai321: i want to try the headhunter, in mono black
BleedingToast: Enjoying eldraine?
tyrew0rm: i really dislike the headhunter
nicol_bolish: I agree with Adam re: its ranking
RayFK: Familair
kais58: git it thanks @monkeyrama
RayFK: Boom Familiar with Konrad
monkeyrama: SeemsGood @kais58
seth_erickson: the familiar with Konrad seabatTROG
ujai321: curious pair is good
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BleedingToast: enjoying eldraine?
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BrowneePoints: If you can draft teh food deck, familiar is an all star
mysticsage1: deck master?
tyrew0rm: barrage, or go for familiar combo wot oven + konrad
monkeyrama: You can go infinite with the familiar and the witch oven
seth_erickson: Green black Konrad Food
Annosomnia: if you can get some ovens its obscene
CommiePuddin: Cauldron Familiar Cat Food
historyman_admu: now you need lot's of food makers
RayFK: Golden Egg
frozenphoenix7: Forever Young is just great
nicol_bolish: I will say the treefolk has overperformed in the games I've played.
seth_erickson: egg
Izandai: YES
simriel: I Sixed someone with Forever Young.
accountmadeforants: Forever Young is absurd with Konrad, yeah. But that's making a lot of assumptions.
monkeyrama: Wooow
ujai321: mono black?
monkeyrama: So many cats
adamjford: Cat.dek
SolarBlitz1: Crazy Cat Konrad
CaptainEnder7: You've activates Multi-Cat!
RayFK: Also don't underestimate Gingerbrute as another food source
SirElgar: you now need a witch's oven
freshmaker__: @LoadingReadyRun No pressure, of course, but are we doing nicknames again, and if so will the reddit be updated soon. I'm desperate to not miss out on my credit for Tireless Snacker.
TheWanderingNomad: Bonebreaker was really fun
A_Dub888: !card wolf's quarry
LRRbot: Wolf's Quarry [4GG] | Sorcery | Create three 1/1 green Boar creature tokens with "When this creature dies, create a Food token."
RayFK: Banner here, you are almost mono Black
freshmaker__: All good
accountmadeforants: Like, I had a a deck with two Konrad's and three Forever Young's, and never once got to pop off. (Still went 7-2, though.)
grgriffin3: We're getting very Familiar!
SirElgar: bonecrusher and move in on BR?
CommiePuddin: Need Witch's Oven!
monkeyrama: Oof
seth_erickson: Banner seems correct
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xantos69: Hey G! I just saw the Road Quest trailer. So awesome that is heading our way!
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Korlashheirtoblackblade: Like bonecrusher - you aren't that into green and it's by far the best card in a vacuum
rybackgaming: I cannot wait for all the Disney sing-a-longs during the Eldraine nicknames ep. Cos someone's gonna make them sing Gaston, right?
CaptainEnder7: Oh yeah, super hype on teh RoadQuest trailer
rybackgaming: (PS, there is a Gaston card, right?)
BrowneePoints: Savvy hunter
RayFK: Then you see the Hunter
monkeyrama: that hunter tho
CommiePuddin: I'm especially good at expectorating!!!!
seth_erickson: Savvy Hunter
tyrew0rm: slam hunter
SirElgar: savvy hunter seems great here
freshmaker__: Oh yeah the RQ trailer was sweet. I love the graphics as well.
freshmaker__: Oh hey, speaking of Tireless Snacker.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah, let's get savvy
Pazy160: Clearly Destiny 2 is missing a trick, with its new found RPG status it should implement a card game like its own version of Triple Triad.
ArcOfTheConclave: hunter is very good
RayFK: Naughty
monkeyrama: Double hunter :o
CommiePuddin: Hunter hunter hunter
Scarbble: time to get naughty
RayFK: Curious pair
CommiePuddin: Triple H
SirElgar: the pair fits the theme here
RayFK: Get the food
BrowneePoints: curious pair or eye collector
circusofkirkus: hansel and gretel
monkeyrama: curious pair
grgriffin3: Very Savvy
seth_erickson: Pair or Collector
Korlashheirtoblackblade: pair here I guess?
tyrew0rm: need an oven now
RayFK: Reaper can be a fun top end
ArcOfTheConclave: pair is meh to fine
seth_erickson: I like Reaper
Trumbon3: Is Road Quest inspired by Top Gear?
SolarBlitz1: Reaper has been quite nice
RayFK: Foreboding fruuuuuit
CommiePuddin: Curious pair
freshmaker__: reaper is a real beating
seth_erickson: Forboding Fruite
grgriffin3: Pair, yeag
ujai321: it's a 3-for-1, albeit expensive
SolarBlitz1: BEcause it's a Cat
SirElgar: its a cat
TheWanderingNomad: Because it's a cat
ulexarX: It's a caT
Amentur: It's a cat
RayFK: Ginger
ContingentCat: clearly it means that goat meows
Fluffy776: Random chance with all creatures of type cat?
TheWanderingNomad: 'tis only a flesh wound!
grgriffin3: That is not the sound I was expecting from that cat
historyman_admu: tis only a flesh wound!
RayFK: Also definitely cut the Quarries, those are meh
rybackgaming: if only this were Green/Bue, and then it'd be Simic Slaw.dek
rybackgaming: Blue*
Scarbble: i really like a return to nature for the side
tyrew0rm: we didnt see a single oven :(
Digigoner: Its really nice when the draft goes on autopilot! lrrHORN lrrSACK
seth_erickson: No oven :(
BrowneePoints: what is, this deck
circusofkirkus: that was a late tome raider
TheWanderingNomad: Is the Specter of the Night actually good?
monkeyrama: No ovens is a bit unfortunate
freshmaker__: this deck is sweet
SolarBlitz1: Three dwarven mines, Amyzonian would be proud
A_Dub888: !card prophet of the peak
LRRbot: Prophet of the Peak [6] | Artifact Creature — Cat [5/5] | When Prophet of the Peak enters the battlefield, scry 2.
ujai321: maybe just cut green (except savy hunters)?
seth_erickson: Do we actually want to cut the card draw
historyman_admu: cut banner
freshmaker__: the prophet is kind of like a felidar right? which are cat beasts?
grgriffin3: Banner?
monkeyrama: LUL Nice, Adam
seth_erickson: Adam is popping off
soft_sunset: the curious pairs aren't really that... good, I think?
seth_erickson: !card Deathless Knight
LRRbot: Deathless Knight [{B/G}{B/G}{B/G}{B/G}] | Creature — Skeleton Knight [4/2] | Haste / When you gain life for the first time each turn, return Deathless Knight from your graveyard to your hand.
BrowneePoints: @soft_sunset food for cats
Wicker_Knight: The Magic will Continue until the Destiny Servers improve
soft_sunset: yea, but we have a lot of other food here
tyrew0rm: and with that i will head to bed, night all
SirElgar: I'd rather a pair than the gingerbrute in this deck
TehAmelie: in my mind half the team has to work just on keeping all the server requests in check while the other half works on the servers
ContingentCat: oo ttsf this week
Wicker_Knight: probably different teams, but absolutely yes, @TehAmelie
senshi5609: @LoadingReadyRun you should hop in the queue people are getting in
monkeyrama: Oh, are the destiny servers back up?
BleedingToast: nope
TehAmelie: i believe we would know if they were
senshi5609: people are trying and are getting in im queued up atm
Anaerin: 53 seconds ago: "Emergency maintenance for Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 is still ongoing. We apologize for the continued delay. Please stay tuned for updates on our progress."
monkeyrama: The guys were also put into queue earlier, despite the servers being down. Looks like they're still down
Foxmar320: Welcome back
Vanderhof: Huzza! Wlecome
ThorSokar: Translation: "We have no idea what is wrong"
Amentur: Servers still borked lrrSLOTH
monkeyrama: Time to pop off with golgari food seabatTROG
TehAmelie: alternatively, everyone who could explain what they're doing are busy doing it
CommiePuddin: Somebody may have answered this and I missed it: I assume I should delete my Destiny 2 install after I install it on steam?
Vaygrim: The "Silver Store" on steam was letting folks duplicate silver purchase, getting loads of extra silver for FREE.
Vaygrim: They had to take it down.
kerbalized_: ooooooh
ThorSokar: hahaha, or "We know what's wrong, but were're not gonna tell you because it makes us look bad / we got hacked, again"
Scrubbodiestobears: @CommiePuddin yeah, i actually had to uninstall it just to make room for it on steam lol
monkeyrama: Did all three of you switch to arena drafts?
Vaygrim: There are screenshots on the subreddit of people getting $100 worth of silver for $10.
Vaygrim: Yeah this is a seperate emergency, LOL
CommiePuddin: Wow, on the "Play" button for Destiny 2 just says "Uninstall" now.
Vanderhof: Ouch!
adi_pie: Yeah, they tweeted about that earlier in the day.
TehAmelie: somebody's getting a rollback after all
soft_sunset: having been on the other side of "servers are crying, nothing works, FIX THIS" incidents, I really feel for the bungie teams working right now
Painfully_Dyslexic: Hi Graham, I just wanted to say a big thank you to and all of LRR for the content you guys make, stuff for me hasn't been great and being to laugh and chill with you guys has really helped
Aylig: Dear Destiny 2: LET ME IN
Vaygrim: Honestly I think the current server 'emergency maintenance' is probably just Login Queue fixing or stability fixes.
EvilBadman: @soft_sunset Same, especially as a Community Manager
LemonOnRye: Is this sealed or draft?
seth_erickson: play cat and belle of the brawl
monkeyrama: That cat gives me nightmares
seth_erickson: cat is great against rimrock knight
soft_sunset: oh yea, that's WORSE than what I do - I just make the servers stop crying while management yells :D
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Lordofthelights: The moon is so haunted it’s now full
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monkeyrama: so many cat/oven decks
Vaygrim: Also... is this where I make a joke about how Destiny 2's gameplay looks like it has changed massively? (Because Magic... haha?)
LemonOnRye: I hope the draft bots are smarter this time. I still get nightmares to the GRA gate deck
Umandsf: I go out for a run, and I see this new Destiny patch makes the game look very different.
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seth_erickson: stuck on lands might be a reason to hit them right now
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RatekStormcrow: It seems Magic is your Destiny
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Martizz1e: ah yes, the monthly video as I try to get my sub in, and no message window, silly mobile
Scrubbodiestobears: did i just hear Kathleen go RAAAR in the background lmao
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Raubkater: didn't know destiny supported mods, it's amazing I didn't recognize it at all!
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LemonOnRye: Does this deck have the oven as well as the cat? I loved that combo in sealed
seth_erickson: Also don't forget the hunter can sac food to draw
TehAmelie: magical destiny? is this when Graham turns into Steven Universe?
ghostvalv: I guess Destiny is down?
Scarbble: wouldn't graham be greg universe?
snowcookies: Destiny is having a bad day
Amentur: Servers borked a bit over an hour ago, ghostvalv
Vanderhof: SO how to concide in MtG arena?
ghostvalv: :O
RvLeshrac: Turns out the queue number in D2 is just a fake-out.
monkeyrama: The servers got overwhelmed
adi_pie: The Moon fought back.
Tiber727: @ghostvalv No, this is the new Destiny expansion.
tyrew0rm: Do it on your turn for land drop?
monkeyrama: LUL
Foxmar320: Moon was overpopulated
Ivannorr: Moons Full
RvLeshrac: I would so much prefer just a straight "servers are down"
LemonOnRye: Spooky ghost moon
grgriffin3: The Moon was getting too de-haunted too quickly
TehAmelie: wait a minute, i thought the moon wasn't real
ghostvalv: yikes
Digigoner: You fought the moon and the, the moon won
Vanderhof: @tyrew0rm thank you that was must helpful...
snowcookies: !findquote moon
LRRbot: Quote #6209: "'Can we play Magic now?' 'No, I wanna talk about Sailor Moon.'" —James and Adam [2019-07-11]
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun also, which Moon? there's more than one :P
kumatsu: Ramones references are always timely
HondoTrigger: Moon was a fun movie
adi_pie: Mun Mun?
TehAmelie: aka the Antisun
Wicker_Knight: Mun
LemonOnRye: Does a haunted moon make haunted werewovles?
FireBasilisk53: Desitny come back, YOU CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME
rybackgaming: damnit Moon Moon
TheElrad: The Earth technically has more than one Moon :P at least that's what QI told me
seth_erickson: Might have disconnected as well
Micsig: SMOrc
eltwitcherino: You could say the experience was eclipsed by the technical difficulties?
HondoTrigger: its from a meme about a wolf
adamjford: I was thinking that it's kinda funny we refer to it as The Moon considering there's multiple other Destiny 2 destinations on moons
Silver_Kn1ght: Yue, of course
historyman_admu: is there deckmaster?
monkeyrama: My opponent also is timing out, maybe there's a server plague 🤔
FCMotive: moon2S
Easilycrazyhat: Meme about a wolf
Hellishdream: It's a meme of a Wolf/Husky.
Tiber727: No, theMoon is the name of a specific satellite, much like the Sun is the name of a specific star.
EvilBadman: moon moon is from those "what's your X personality" things
ThorSokar: well, it is "dinner time" in 2 timezones now
Silver_Kn1ght: It's from a meme about what your wolf name is
Vanderhof: I just diconnected from MtG Arema
Scrubbodiestobears: Moon Moon was a meme that started as a "your werewolf name" thing
Mangledpixel: it was a meme born from a name generator for werewolves
aesir_blade: a :"find your werewolf name" online image thing and moon was in both lists
Amentur: A wolf name generator where someone got Moon moon as their name
HondoTrigger: it was one of those your birth day gives you your wolf name kind of things
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: so not a gundam zz reference then
Scrubbodiestobears: and someone got Moon Moon and was like "that's like, that one friend who's really dumb and everyone's like "great, who invited moon moon""
ceiran_91: think our opponent has been kicked to orbit
404HopeNotFound: Impressive that the people in the Moonbase managed to get kicked out of the moon.
captaintardigrade: Luna?
zoe_myr: LUNA
tenthtechpriest: luna
adi_pie: Yeah.
zoe_myr: sorry caps
Silver_Kn1ght: YUE
belteshazzar98: It's name is Luna
Dr_Shandor: @loadingreadyrun no Luna
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: Sol/Luna
Robot_Bones: Luna and Sol
rybackgaming: too soon, Silver_Kn1ght
Silver_Kn1ght: rybackgaming I'll never forget her
adi_pie: Luna literally means "Moon"
adamjford: Folks. It can be called both The Moon, and ALSO Luna.
RvLeshrac: But also, Luna and Sol just mean, Moon and Sun.
ujai321: i feel like we are running too many forests
Ferisar: luna just means moon in my original language
grgriffin3: Luna is just Latin for moon, folks
Ferisar: so luna doesn't mean anything special
snowcookies: yup
Scrubbodiestobears: I assume that it's "The moon" as long as you're on earth, and if you're on another planet then "the moon/moons" would refer to the local moons
Scrubbodiestobears: so The Sun is Sol here, but Alpha Centauri there
Robot_Bones: People know what you mean when you say "The Moon". Not like Saturn's Moon
BleedingToast: @LoadingReadyRun is that the valus strike tshirt?
tenthtechpriest: protip: earth means earth
Dr_Shandor: our sun is called Sol as in solar system
Tiber727: Right. I was more commenting that technically, only Earth has a moon. Other planets have satellites.
TehAmelie: they're actually just called the moon and the sun in every language
belteshazzar98: RIP
monkeyrama: oh dear
CaptainSpam: Can we just go to Mun instead? Or is that haunted by all the dead Kerbals?
ThorSokar: well, that's a problem
RvLeshrac: Yeah the real question is why we don't just call it "The Planet."
adi_pie: Honestly, we should all just call the Moon Selene. It's a much nicer name.
grgriffin3: Opponent has A Good Card
seeleanpunch: helloooo whats up
monkeyrama: That pyromancer is nuts
Mangledpixel: IIRC there was a Voyager episode that had a crewmember who grew up on the Moon. She said that noone who lives there calls it Luna.
eltwitcherino: The Moon, like "the" moon... there's a crapshot there somewhere
Scrubbodiestobears: I mean, we do call it The Planet sort of. "Earth" just means "Dirt"
belteshazzar98: Have you seen the draw 2 standard deck yet? It is brutal.
A_Dub888: !findquote tedious
LRRbot: Quote #3389: "This seems like a very tedious way to have fun." —Beej [2016-09-12]
RavingPenguin: Cheer300 Moon Moon comes from one of those "Whats your Werewolf Name" images where you take your first initial and last initial and plug it into a matrix and P and W were both Moon.
adamjford: It's just confusing to refer to Earth's moon as The Moon when you're, say, standing on a planet that has its own moons, like Mars. "Hey, let's go to the Moon." "Which one?"
LemonOnRye: Mr. Sol? Please, Mr. Sol was my father. Call me Sun Kappa
Amentur: The bouquet!
grgriffin3: That's a good hand
Baldrash: I love Futurama, but man, that I'm so OVER "technically correct" as a concept.
ThorSokar: I believe you have referred to that as "Peak Mistake Beard"
Scrubbodiestobears: @LemonOnRye BOO
the_aqyrys: i found my waiting room
soft_sunset: wow I hate everything about that deck
ujai321: i remember your garruk beard
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: syr or bucket i guess???
seth_erickson: Eleanora seems correct or Thrill
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES what gas do we take
forlornhope22: conceede
TehAmelie: and then the internet decided every picture of a wolf looking goofy was a picture of Moon Moon
RvLeshrac: adamjford: Ah, see, they've solved that by not placing Phobos or Deimos on the fast-travel.
Ferisar: we refer to things relative to our own place in the universe, until we're actually on mars it's not gonna matter much :P @adamjford
historyman_admu: card draw?
snowcookies: the bucket
adamjford: @Ferisar I know! I mean, like, in the context of Destiny, when you can stand on Mars
ujai321: should do squad stream
seth_erickson: This is the content I Crave
RvLeshrac: One of you should play Magic, one of you should play Eternal, and Cam should play Yu-Gi-Oh
blip2004: squad mode the streams lol
Scrubbodiestobears: i mean yeah this is pretty great
Ferisar: the mars moons suck is the destiny solution! @adamjford
Foxmar320: Im checking it as well
accountmadeforants: No, I want to watch a stream where three separate people get dumpstered playing Magic.
monkeyrama: RIP bucket
rybackgaming: never heard of Eternal, but I'm all in for a Cardfight Vanguard stream.
lucha_libro: You could all squad stream magic with @bengineering so its 4 seperate games of arena :P
ujai321: bin the bucket
LemonOnRye: Seems like it should be hard to throw a bucket into the bin
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Comrademik: ah, delicious flood
BrowneePoints: James is probably watching stream right now. Only answer
ujai321: well, we mulled to 5 and they had the nuts
ElektroTal: Graham, your volume seems very low
Mangledpixel: ohhh, I JUST got why it's only creatures with haste that can block Gingerbrute
RvLeshrac: Ha
Hellishdream: This set is based on Fey curses, so of course Turner's Curse shows up.
RvLeshrac: They changed the banner on /r/DTG