malc: building computers 30 years ago must have been wild
wildpeaks: especially with how tiny every circuits are nowadays
malc: tiny and huge at the same time
malc: a modern GPU has ~20 billion transistors in it
wildpeaks: we live in the future
malc: the future makes my job interesting at least :D
wildpeaks: :D
Talin06: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Alex check out Blasphemous on a bonus stream! Game: Blasphemous) at Fri 10:30 AM PDT (13m from now).
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malc wanders home
Woogachaka: Getting on the sub train early I see
malc: nah I'll walk
TXC2: Hello Everybody
wildpeaks: why walk when you can summersault
TXC2: why walk when you can.....
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Move your arms in the air like a gorilla.
wildpeaks: perfect
wildpeaks: lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: main screen turn on
thegreatwyrdling: ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?!
kumatsu: time to get our DEVOTION OOOOONNNNNN benginDab
TehAmelie: thanks for the lesson btw malc
Erudite_Cynic: Lets get ready to BLOOD HAT
malc: np
TXC2: Hello Alex
TehAmelie: eek
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LucyCloudberry: watSup
wildpeaks: *audible gasp*
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCATWICH
DigitalSeahorse: mister165Wave lrrALEX voxlunRad voxlunNut
TaubeTilda: !live
TaubeTilda: Hello!
TheMooseTetrino: Hello everyone
somecall_metim: How goes the Piety?
TXC2: hell TheMooseTetrino welcome
TheMooseTetrino: Long time no see @TXC2
Woogachaka: question, does anyone know what model studio monitors LRR uses? they look lovely, but I can't quite tell the model from here.
TehAmelie: ooh we have a plunging attack at last
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Mangledpixel: boop
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCATWICH ssandCATWICH ssandCATWICH katesRip
TXC2: all these dead Apedtus custodes Kappa
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Xenguin47: Woo a quarter century of months! Digging the longer hair and shabby-slashy games, Alex! :D
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DigitalSeahorse: katesTry they tried
TaubeTilda: I just finished watching yeterdays stream, such timing wow!
GlennSeto: The Emperor had a big lunch.
TXC2: I feel like we're missing a double jump or glide
GlennSeto: There is, but it opens from downstairs.
DigitalSeahorse: bustin makes you feel good? :P
DigitalSeahorse: :P
GlennSeto: Shockingly, this game never adds a a double jump.
Woogachaka: True, but it makes up for it in other ways.
Sogheim: that's still a sweet hat your character has
DigitalSeahorse: katesLewd
Anubis169: Helloooooooo Alex & Chat!! lrrAWESOME
GlennSeto: Yeah, the lack of double jump actually betrays a lot of confidence in their level design.
TXC2: Hello Anubis169
Anubis169 huggles
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad voxlunNut hi Anubis169
DigitalSeahorse: mister165Wave
TheMooseTetrino: @Anubis169 <3
RabidWallaby84: Yay! Conehead Souls stream!!
GlennSeto: Try the door by the NPC.
Woogachaka: there was a door there though...
Anubis169: How're all my happy muffins today?
TehAmelie: a ghost in a shopping cart?
Woogachaka: :)
TXC2: that was not open before right?
DigitalSeahorse: TheMooseTetrino planetMEOW
DigitalSeahorse: herro
GlennSeto: Apologies, if I'm backseating, just trying to spare you the frustration. :D
TheMooseTetrino: @DigitalSeahorse herro you long time nop see >3
DigitalSeahorse: oopsie
Mangledpixel: ouchies
DoodlestheGreat: ouch
wildpeaks: our old friend spikes
TriseAlpha: Hey, there are spikes down there. Kappa
Woogachaka: Huzzah! A thing to do!
Anubis169: A prickly situation there
TehAmelie: who would put spikes at the bottom of a shaft?
AJtheDreamSculptor: watch your step
TehAmelie: so rude
DigitalSeahorse: TheMooseTetrino indeeds elfunkCat ssandLOL
Astra7525: ho Alex
TheMooseTetrino: :)
TriseAlpha: Everyone, apparently...
Mangledpixel: well, where else would you put them?
GlennSeto: This background art makes me want to play their adventure game.
TXC2: what's wrong with being a munchkin? Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: what if they are more of gremliny?
TXC2: shit getting real now
Admiralmatt: lrrSACK
GlennSeto: I ran Tomb of Horrors about a year ago, because of some munchkin tendencies and also just because. They all made it out alive, I was really impressed.
DigitalSeahorse: heckin
Our_oBoros: "Conceptart unlocked"
Mangledpixel: I have me a mighty heckin worrification
wildpeaks: tough but fair
GlennSeto: (Swapped out the final boss for a choice between their companions and godhood ... even then, they didn't bite.)
Astra7525: Can you attack the chandeliers?
RabidWallaby84: this is some Prince of Persia 2 level platforming
TXC2: damn we have good grip
DigitalSeahorse: elfunkPopcorn
Woogachaka: nice footwork!
wildpeaks: woohoo
circusofkirkus: bones!
NicTMagic: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR hello twitch chat!
Anubis169: Remember in Darkest Dungeon when 200% stress was an insta-kill?
RabidWallaby84: This guy must have taken advantage of a dude who dropped the soap.
Anubis169: I miss that
TXC2: hello NicTMagic welcome
Anubis169: nictmagic yo manLOVE
RatekStormcrow: candle ?
Our_oBoros: Blue candle by the short cut?
Kiryama is triggered in blue candle
Our_oBoros: There was a second candle, I think.
Summer__Frost: Wasn't there a room last time that had blue and red candle pictures?
Hexy_Lexy234: hello friends! hope everyone is having a nice friday
FanboyBryan: love you are at the same spot as me
TXC2: hello Hexy_Lexy234 welcome
NicTMagic: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR @hexy_lexy234
Woogachaka: You need the brother's key
not_the_batman: Take the key back to the brotherhood, look for a door to open
InquisitorGaia: where what is?
Woogachaka: its back at the closed door near the beginning
Hexy_Lexy234: this game looks delightfully creepy, what is this?
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Blasphemous
Hexy_Lexy234: i take it this is a castlevania like game?
Tetroga: Yeah it was weird getting that feeling again with Bloodstained, and this as well
TXC2: I have that with new Vegas, Can't imagine playing that not knowing where have the stuff is
Anubis169: That's the best part of gaming, that "Eureka!" feeling of figuring something out
AJtheDreamSculptor: now if one person in the world knows, then everyone knows cause of the internet
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> The North 100 crew is back with part 2 of their Throne of Eldraine Set Review. This episode covers Red, Green, Multi, Artifacts, and Lands. | ||
somecall_metim: just think how that room smells
TXC2: why you tempt me Twitter
DigitalSeahorse: in castlevania I could never remember what areas I'd already been through and which direction I was going
thraximore: It's odd how there are no flies amidst the rotting corpses
Summer__Frost: That.. is important.
InquisitorGaia: woooh extra platforming
Kiryama: Now for fun stuff!
thraximore: That lets you wall climb?
DigitalSeahorse: not beating in one sitting
Hexy_Lexy234: do i watch this stream, or do i go watch the N100 review?
thraximore: The review is out? Oh snap!
FanboyBryan: did he equip?
TXC2: watch stream, north 100 will still be there
thraximore: Sorry Alex, have fun with your catholicism
DigitalSeahorse: LOL
TXC2: it's not Catholic if you're having fun Kappa
Summer__Frost: Never seen a blood platform?
DigitalSeahorse: bloody platformers :P
Woogachaka: blood sand, a Iron rich part of a penitent's diet
Hexy_Lexy234: dude with a wheel: "check this out, its wheely cool"
TehAmelie: there's some pun about scabs in here i'm sure
wildpeaks: it's that time of the year when the blood platforms are in bloom
Astra7525: soo... you enabled the red witch palace is what I am gathering?
Astra7525: *switch
Summer__Frost: Blood platforms are A Positive.
Woogachaka: precisely
Summer__Frost: Dont B Negative.
Astra7525: @Summer__Frost god dammit
Erudite_Cynic: booo
Erudite_Cynic: booooooo
DigitalSeahorse: Summer__Frost lol
Hexy_Lexy234: @Summer__Frost yes, more plz
not_the_batman: the little red fire things are what turns into the blood platforms, yes
TehAmelie: oh yeah, i was going to say this is a pretty new way to have your abilities unlock new paths but that's right, Super Mario World did it first
Woogachaka: they always chain together
InquisitorGaia: no the start of the platform is always revealed by little glowflies
TXC2: is this how we get some of those flying putii?
Mangledpixel: you could certainly fall that distance, whether or not you survive the impact is another story
DigitalSeahorse: O platforms
not_the_batman: if you see mist at the bottom of the screen, fall is lethal
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Woogachaka: huh, that's new to me
Archonic_Energy: I mean yes, but could you survive it?
Anubis169: Science time!
Astra7525: accidental secret
NicTMagic: It’s not the falling that kills you it’s the STOPPING! LOL lrrSPOOP
TehAmelie: pissicles seems appropriate for this level
DigitalSeahorse: secretes!
Woogachaka: that was rude of him...
CMDRNuffin: That looked like it probably hurt… briefly.
Kiryama: This game is such a watch others play
Mangledpixel: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always ready... to use my hands.
wildpeaks: and at the bottom were probably spikes
NicTMagic: inRip ben
AJtheDreamSculptor: 1000 IQ strat
DigitalSeahorse: the other day I saw a gravity powered LEGO module
TXC2: "I dont blame you"
wildpeaks: ice cream, the most delicious frozen shame
DigitalSeahorse: gelato
zaooo: For anyone at home watching thinking about buying the game, it actually runs at 60Hz, I was fooled by streams in the past thinking it was artistically 30Hz :D
zaooo: (also, it's super awesome)
Woogachaka: I know the game is far from perfect, but man did I enjoy my run of it so far. My only serious complaint thus far with it has been the tutorial on how to regen Fervor is just sitting in the tutorials menu without actually being shown clearly to the user.
TXC2: "sir
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This unknown soul was killed by a terrible beast.
zaooo: @Woogachaka The thing you accidentally trigger by holding a button? :D
Woogachaka: yes, but you can also hold the button to throw the ranged attack
Woogachaka: it costs you life and some tears of atonement but gives you a chunk of fervor to use
TXC2: spicy
Summer__Frost: People have said before this and that game is "a 2D dark souls". I think this may be the first game that earns that.
wildpeaks: the penitent man shall pass the gravity test
cfpreston: sweet, got some tequila
TXC2: jump and wind takes you ?
DigitalSeahorse: more bloody platforms?
zaooo: Unclench.
Astra7525: strats
DigitalSeahorse: oh the wind
DigitalSeahorse: :D
wildpeaks: not today, spikes, not today
TXC2: some real brown pants time there
Alahmnat: 'mmorning chat, howdy Alex
NicTMagic: Never didn’t have it lol
not_the_batman: Try and use your prayer while thr baby is above you
TehAmelie: remember that jump in Prince of Persia where you have to get across like the whole screen and then "not" grab the platform but fall to the one below? never seen a jump that hard in a platform game since, but that seemed close
zaooo: This is like an delayed replay of my troubles in this zone the other day.
NicTMagic: @tehamelie lrrSPOOP
zaooo: That jump is such a bait :D
TXC2: grippy grabby groppy, a technical term
Astra7525: Do you keep the bile vessel?
zaooo: yup
AJtheDreamSculptor: turned into a get over it stream\
wildpeaks: "ring ma bell"
Woogachaka: Majesty
Summer__Frost: Majesty
Woogachaka: a pseudo-castle sim/rts
Woogachaka: and the tax collector says it constantly
Astra7525: wind, Alex
TXC2: well poop
TehAmelie: well you have a lot to think about
thegreatwyrdling: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Alex check out Blasphemous on a bonus stream! Game: Blasphemous) at Fri 10:30 AM PDT (35m ago).
not_the_batman: I love the respawn animation so much. Just the way he grabs the sword.
shadownova896: Do you plan on playing Code Vein sometime?
shadownova896: It's basically an anime Dark Souls
Woogachaka: A souls-like that is anime-ish in its art style
TehAmelie: is it "code" vein or code "vein"?
Woogachaka: the latter I think
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TXC2: anime is a lot
Alness49: Sadly, that game meets a lot of those exceptions
Laserbeaks_Fury: And they're all the best at something
silenceaux: The name of the institution is literally Fucking High School btw
Alness49: No high school but...
thegreatwyrdling: There are also vampires?
DigitalSeahorse: when I saw someone else playing it, didn't seem like Alex's jam....mind you it was mostly the character design screen
Alness49: From what I've seen, male character design is A+, female design is *pulls collar*
Astra7525: gott apander to your targetr demographic
TXC2: Alness49 so it's an anime Kappa
Astra7525: jesus, what a word salad
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No_Superman10: It took me so long to figure out how the wind works in this part.
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cfpreston: theres like, three that dont, maybe
ElektroTal: well, who reads manga and watches anime? in japan, high schoolers. so you're basically targeting a market
Woogachaka: I've heard of the game referred to as "Thirsty-souls"
Revelia: something something target audience
DigitalSeahorse: Ghost in the Shell and the Ghiblis
RabidWallaby84: Conehead Souls
TXC2: dark souls is atmosphere, not gameplay
DigitalSeahorse: the unshonen
Zhedor: speaking of games: anyone have any suggestions for a good crpg? Just finished replaying Baldurs Gate for the umpteenth time and need something new :D
Alness49: The Souls games were lightning in a bottle, it's hard to replicate
Laserbeaks_Fury: Hollow Knight is closer to Dark SOuls
Laserbeaks_Fury: In terms of themes and atmosphere
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not_the_batman: I was initially turned off of blasphemous b/c of the souls-like tag. But I changed my mind when I saw some gameplay
Woogachaka: to clarify, the "thirsty-souls" was about code vein. but yeah I couldn't agree more on the souls-like analysis
DigitalSeahorse: there isn't a start at the very bottom and make tedious climb is there
DiscordianTokkan: I think people just call anything that has Limited Health Potions a "Souls-like" these days
zaooo: @not_the_batman Amen to that, I bounce off Souls and friends.
accountmadeforants: I will admit to being immediately suspicious of any game labeled as "Souls-like"
DiscordianTokkan: Kinda like EVERYTHING is a "Rogue-like" despite being nothing like rogue, but just having randomized levels
goombalax: surge was massive letdown
SuperSickbird: This game looks cool, I might have to try this out
Alness49: The Serge is... mixed results
RabidWallaby84: The Surge is one of my favorite Dark Souls-esque games.
zaooo: Sounds like GTA? :P
TXC2: for me, a game is a "souls-like" if you have to buy your levels instead of just gaining them with xp
not_the_batman: The thing is, I'm a huge fan of Dark Souls, but not because of the elements that souls-likes ten to copy
wildpeaks: Surge 2 is an improvement
tearsofpirates: depends do you mean the officialized roguelike definition?
RabidWallaby84: Remnant is rogue-like in some regards...but you have saved progression
wildpeaks: I do enjoy the targeting limbs cutting
accountmadeforants: I miss the one guy who kept showing up in Rock Paper Shotgun comments to argue about the inaccuracy of the term "rogue-like". And that Wizardry was one of the few TRUE rogue-likes.
silenceaux: womp
dadtree: I have an unhealthy fascination with this game thanks to your stream Alex
wildpeaks: mam please :D
tearsofpirates: cause the term roguelike is badly used lol
dadtree: I wonder how long the game is?
RabidWallaby84: I first watched Adam play this game...which was highly amusing
Alness49: And the good thing about Roguelike/lite is there's a lot of room to experiment. Like, Dungeons of Dredmore, Rogue Legacy and FTL all fall under that umbrella
TXC2: ah yes, the clearly sonic 1 lava
Our_oBoros: Best summary of DS I can think of is "It has depth in every aspect of it."
Woogachaka: the lung will protect you
DigitalSeahorse: "Oh some strange fluid in a bottle....smells like piss....guess I'll take it in case I need something..."
tearsofpirates: dungeons of dredmor woooo
RabidWallaby84: You heathen! She was a lady of the cloth!
tearsofpirates: happy to see that I'm not the only person here who enjoyed it @Alness49
tearsofpirates: :)
TehAmelie: that sounds like a painful condition
silenceaux: ARE TEE ESS ARE!
Woogachaka: red tearstone ring ayone?
TXC2: ah the Red Tearstone ring
silenceaux: Not for cowards. Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: She was, but now she's gone to pot
Alness49: Okay, a touch I like about this game is that enviromental hazards have someone managing them. Like it's someone's job to heard the medusa heads or the lava flows
Our_oBoros: Hell, the conversations would be better served if people said soulslike combat or leveling or waht-evs.
Woogachaka: that's fair
silenceaux: k
DigitalSeahorse: so 3 is meh then?
DigitalSeahorse: I have it but haven't played yet
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah Cameron said he bounced off Sekiro pretty hard
Woogachaka: I was sold on the franchise because I was sucked in by the atmosphere of demon's souls.
TXC2: part of me whants to go back to 1, but the UX improvements have spoiled me I think :p
Woogachaka: I liked sekiro, but it was no souls game
TXC2: *improvements in 3
silenceaux: I don't think that's controversial, tbh. The things they improved / doubled down on later in the series weren't really the things that started out as exceptional?
Zhedor: tbh, there aren't any bad ones among them, some are just not as good as the others
Mushbie: yup it emulates now
Mushbie: with small graphical glitches
Woogachaka: huh, I'll have to go play it again then! I don't own a ps3 anymore :(
Summer__Frost: Yeah that's their "target" game.
tearsofpirates: depends where I can find the legal copy trho
tearsofpirates: tho*
ReynardWrecca: Convection? What convection?
evilspoons983: does the twitch Android app not have a dark mode? aack
zaooo: Emulating Demon's Souls - the Dark Souls of emulation.
Alness49: Scab-form
Laserbeaks_Fury: CLotform
TXC2: going in circles again
accountmadeforants: The one thing I kinda miss from this game is enemies being vulnerable to environmental hazards, same as you. (Provided they're corporeal, at least.) It'd be so much fun to lead those fleamen into spikes and lava.
TaubeTilda: you removed the lava lady
silenceaux: Me, a blasphemer
RabidWallaby84: Enemies that can be damaged by the environment? That ain't 8-bit :P
DigitalSeahorse: #NotAClot
Laserbeaks_Fury: Blood platforms totally work, you just have to B+
Woogachaka: the slide attack is lovely
Woogachaka: at least it was my favorite on my run
not_the_batman: the slide attack is soo good
Alness49: "Are you my mummy?"
TXC2: right that was the boss area
not_the_batman: its damage is so stupid
DigitalSeahorse: Mummy...where's Duddy?
RabidWallaby84: 2nd-most disturbing episode in Doctor Who...
wildpeaks: what's the 1st ?
RabidWallaby84: Don't Blink
Frednotbob: 'Everyone lives!';
wildpeaks: oh, right
evilspoons983: yeah that tracks
TXC2: man remember when Blink being as good as it is made us think Steven mofat was gonna be good as the show runner :P
Frednotbob: Demon's Run was the first time I've ever seen the Doctor's cheery, calm exterior crack in such a drastic way.
Alness49: We don't have oozes for the sake of oozes
RabidWallaby84: @TXC2 that's the thing about Moffatt...he has individually good ideas...but can't combine them for SFA
TXC2: RabidWallaby84 indeed
DiscordianTokkan: Those... do not sound like windmillers
ReynardWrecca: @Frednotbob What about 'Family Of Blood'? The ending where the Doctor goes ape-poopy?
TXC2: doesn;t Ringed city have the vague excuse of time and space folding in on it's self?
chesul: Frednotbob have you watched any of 9?
RabidWallaby84: @ReynardWrecca is that the "Mother of mine" episode?
DigitalSeahorse: I'd put enemies that blow in a windmill
silenceaux: TXC2 I think every Dark Souls game uses that excuse
Woogachaka: apparently the director was different for DS2, and honestly it shows
chesul: RabidWallaby84 yes, the one where the doctor uses a watch to turn "human".
accountmadeforants: Like ye olde Map Packs, I assume?
ReynardWrecca: @RabidWallaby84 - yeah, and the Doctor gets REALLY grumpy at them for making him feel feelings.
Astra7525: yup
DigitalSeahorse: yes
accountmadeforants: Yesss
kumatsu: I played SO much tf2
Erudite_Cynic: yeppers
Frednotbob: @ReynardWrecca I suppose so, but he's still got some control. Eleven was absolutely bleeping *furious* that Madame Kovarian would try to hurt him through his friends.
Zhedor: I disagree with that. DS2 was fine, but it lacked the atmosphere
Summer__Frost: Like someone said "hey guys here's my Dark Souls fan project hope you like it"
Woogachaka: yep, oof
Astra7525: no clue
Woogachaka: those showed up a ton in CoD4 too
Pintyhet: Orange Box days my dude.
DigitalSeahorse: they put the hats in after I got the backburner finally and ruined everything
Astra7525: only ever played unmodded servers. Couldn'T stand the added nonsense some servers had
kumatsu: fuck that, it's all about the Pac-Man map
wildpeaks: for people that specifically like sniper gameplay, I guess
wildpeaks: I don't care for surf maps, but they're a genre too
not_the_batman: This is probably not a popular opinion around here, but I fell like that the moment-to-moment gameplay and viability of different approaches in DS2 was a MASSIVE improvement over the first game. The game gave me a lot more interesting problems to solve and cool ways to solve them, which is what made me love it; even if the aesthetics were horrendous and the PvP stuff was obnoxious
hippitybobbity: hullo pals
hippitybobbity: love this game
TXC2: hello hippitybobbity welcome
wildpeaks: eww
DigitalSeahorse: carnal
Zhedor: I think one of the problems of DS2 was that it transferred alot of it's theme was really only present on the extra-diegetic level
iammorthos: you are not
hippitybobbity: ah, you found the carnal bit
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thmanwithnoname: <3
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wildpeaks: yeah I don't think you misread that
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunNut voxlunNut
silenceaux: ? ? ?
not_the_batman: WHAT
Opie74: dem I frames
DigitalSeahorse: o_o
Woogachaka: you have been blessed!
wildpeaks: umscuse me
Atomic_Marshmallow: Ah time to do more unspeakable things in the eyes of god
offbeatwitch: speedrun strats!
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
TXC2: can we replicate that frame exact trick
wildpeaks: BlessRNG
hippitybobbity: hey chat, question: when does Eldraine come out to draft on Arena
TehAmelie: they don't have enough body parts lying around this place, they gotta carve replicas?
TXC2: hippitybobbity nobody knows
CSDragon31: Bo3 draft has been out for a few dayps
RabidWallaby84: As for midnight, yes
goombalax: ya
hippitybobbity: @txc2 damn, alright, thanks
CSDragon31: ELD cards have been legal in arena since prerelease
offbeatwitch: the theming of this game is extremely good
evilspoons983: limestone doesn't rot so much
Pintyhet: I think so
Woogachaka: @DiscordianTokkan great minds think alike I see!
DiscordianTokkan: @Woogachaka Indeed!
TXC2: legal on arena
accountmadeforants: On Arena, not paper
hippitybobbity: alex do you know about Ending Shenans in this game?
goombalax: set release was today, arena has had them for a while
Summer__Frost: They could just have few warp spots to encourage wandering around?
hippitybobbity: you got it boss: mum's the word
DigitalSeahorse: mum as in mummy :P
CSDragon31: I can't imagine the protag survives the end of this game
iammorthos: Game is called Blasphemous not happy fun-time with candy.
Atomic_Marshmallow: I mean, you just drink the blood of your enemies and decimate all who stand against you, that's probably fine right?
hippitybobbity: in a game about martyrdom? dunno sounds like a stretch
TXC2: "a fate worse then death, also know as life."
DigitalSeahorse: so that pile of bodies were the lucky ones
Astra7525: I can't even remember our mission.
hippitybobbity: our mission was to maximize our suffering
Astra7525: We're on a quest as penance for our sins...
hippitybobbity: oh hey the foot fetishist
zaooo: It took me days of playing before I noticed what we actually were doing when consuming a health potion.
hippitybobbity: love that guy
accountmadeforants: Also, some of your enemies are literal angels.
Atomic_Marshmallow: By committing more sins apparently
CSDragon31: this looks like a boss arena
DigitalSeahorse: that poor guy, I wanna release his neck weight
silenceaux: Can you double jump?
chesul: Atomic_Marshmallow we're trying to stack overflow the tally.
TehAmelie: dying only leaves a little of our sin in the world. we'll have to take all of it, and purge it somehow
TXC2: silenceaux nope
Atomic_Marshmallow: Infinite is like zero, in a way?
silenceaux: Hm. Then I don't know what else that could mean. Maybe you jump slightly further.
iammorthos: man i want a flying chair
zaooo: Maybe it's about the down-attack-while-jumping things?
TehAmelie: you have to be a demon cardinal first
wildpeaks: it sure was
not_the_batman: Gameplay tip: pressing down during air-attacks stops you from falling for a little bit, allowing limited air-comboes. Really good versus the floating cardinals.
TXC2: this was where we were last stream
Atomic_Marshmallow: I don't think your incense burners are supposed to swing quite that violently
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iammorthos: @TehAmelie yes, where does one find the paperwork for that. i imagine they don't have a pdf download.
TehAmelie: you have to really WANT to float above the peasants and stab down at them
CSDragon31: ohhh that's what it does
zaooo: Can chain those like 4x or something.
Astra7525: we can Liu-Kang them?
silenceaux: Oh! You air hover while attacking now, neat.
zaooo: That's been in the game since the start.
zaooo: Mentioned in the tutorial no-one reads :P
thegreatwyrdling: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:09:49.
wildpeaks: booped
TXC2: bong
thegreatwyrdling: You clocked him good Alex!
DigitalSeahorse: slytqDD
Woogachaka: yeah, its in the game menu
zaooo: There's a few pages of educational illustrations off the main menu or something.
not_the_batman: the game is kind of souls-like in that you have a bunch of abilities that it never tells you about, at least not explicitly
TXC2: right these truck motherfers
TehAmelie: like Super Metroid eh
TehAmelie: did anyone ever figure out the "healing bubble of implied nudity" move on their own?
zaooo: Ah right, Options into Gameplay Tips.
Astra7525: daww... here I was hoping they would hit each other
TXC2: zoidberg noises intensify
Atomic_Marshmallow: @Astra7525 Same
DigitalSeahorse: aww they don't DONG into each other
DigitalSeahorse: :P
iammorthos: @DigitalSeahorse yeah i was hoping for that too
Mushbie: hit me with your pet shark.
hippitybobbity: i love the Mother of Mothers soundtrack
TehAmelie: maybe they thought it tied the room together
Wizbiz_McBrix: daySick
DigitalSeahorse: elfunkChunk
hippitybobbity: resto
hippitybobbity: in besto
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad elfunkChunk
thegreatwyrdling: lrrAlex
TaubeTilda: pesto?
hippitybobbity: doink
TXC2: tink
Xenguin47: Weird, my stream stopped and I missed it while reading comics. o.o
DigitalSeahorse: slytqDD slytqDD
yallz: wow this game has gorgeous pixel art
Xenguin47: I'm concerned about the number of popes we're killing
DigitalSeahorse: I missed it yesterday while sleeping in
DigitalSeahorse: no wait that was Wed
TXC2: ah the cut short
DigitalSeahorse: lol
TXC2: what are those even for?
Woogachaka: on the bright side, there is not shrot cut
offbeatwitch: sounds like good !advice
Woogachaka: now* not not
offbeatwitch: "Throw your blood at the baby."
zaooo: Baby-to-go.
DigitalSeahorse: babies everywhere?
TehAmelie: i love the Devil May Cry logic of floating as long as you keep swining your sword
TXC2: huh, ok then
wildpeaks: I'm guessing either collectable, either "good ending" thing (but more likely just collectibles)
zaooo: "Daddy, I've been bad"
hippitybobbity: 206 collectibles
yallz: when was this game released?
Woogachaka: this year
Woogachaka: a month and a half ago ish?
yallz: ahh, no wonder i haven seen it
yallz: it looks sweet
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaCrying sergePride katesGift boxing babies sounds bad theonl45SPANK
TaubeTilda: mmmm prettty
TehAmelie: why can't you ever knock "them" off platforms i wonder
TXC2: pretty background
TehAmelie: maybe that's the ultimate technique
DigitalSeahorse: love that paralax
yallz: is it roguelight or a single story quest?
wildpeaks: the call of the void
Woogachaka: I've spent a lot of time in this zone recently
Onehalfcupflour: Excellent. All we need to do now is scale down the outside and go home.
TXC2: yallz single story
TehAmelie: nothing Roguey about it at all
Revelia: it's tohou
DigitalSeahorse: this is the DS part
Wizbiz_McBrix: But DO you see how it is?
TXC2: see these, these are what angles REALLY look like Kappa
not_the_batman: dodging the fireballs is the other half
DiscordianTokkan: I guess this is where that extra air attack from the big toe comes in handy?
Xenguin47: I've always been of the opinion that if angels don't scare the bejeezus out of you, you're not thinking about them hard enough.
TehAmelie: floating balls of heads and wings and hate, eh
TXC2: Xenguin47 theres a reason their opeing line is "fear not"
Astra7525: "Does this mean an easy mode" "whooooaoowwww"
DigitalSeahorse: a fisted ring
TehAmelie: i think it was a large hand holding a ring?
TaubeTilda: On top of it - a fist holding a ring?
DigitalSeahorse: ring fist
TaubeTilda: wow grumpy squadd much
DigitalSeahorse: "I did ring fist, didn't ya hear?"
TXC2: ring fist, for when you marry someone REALLY hard Kappa
wildpeaks: the blender :D
DiscordianTokkan: Oh good, a FAST belltool
sivakrytos: like taurus demon
DigitalSeahorse: TXC2 :D
Woogachaka: he only shows up a couple times though
TXC2: literal lightning bruiser
Summer__Frost: Wow.
silenceaux: Just having a moment
Erudite_Cynic: wat
Summer__Frost: Just whispering in each others ear.
Woogachaka: huh
silenceaux: Time-in *bonk*
TXC2: !clips
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Astra7525: Maybe he is a T-Rex and his vision is absed on mvement
TXC2: "well...this is awkward"
silenceaux: Oh, that fist is holding the ring that cage is chained to. Neat.
TaubeTilda: nope
DigitalSeahorse: o_o
Summer__Frost: I've clearly missed something while I was putting stuff away.
Summer__Frost: This is all new.
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad voxlunRad voxlunRad planetNOPE
hippitybobbity: those mouth relic dudes suuuuck
TaubeTilda: Oh the hand is holding the ball angel!
TaubeTilda: *was
DigitalSeahorse: oh
hippitybobbity: if Iyou get to the combofinisher they are a lot easier but that's big If
TehAmelie: angel on a leash, the ultimate weapon
TaubeTilda: sounds kinky
Woogachaka: also the slide attack is bonkers against the fireball things
DigitalSeahorse: theonl45Heart theonl45SPANK
hippitybobbity: this guy is bullshit
TaubeTilda: it looks like you ONLY get the parry... :(
TaubeTilda: slow wins the race eh?
TehAmelie: it's like HE's playing Dark Souls and he's geared specifically to take you apart
Kiryama: This dude is feints incarnate
Woogachaka: oodles
Woogachaka: oodles and oodles of health
Kiryama: ^
N66X: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Throne of Eldraine! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (5:00 from now).
DigitalSeahorse: that box behind you on menu screen makes you have pretty kitty ears
TaubeTilda: removed the blood veil platforms?
TaubeTilda: oh nice
not_the_batman: it's a relic
TehAmelie: i feel like we should have gotten stronger potions somewhere along the way
evilspoons983: nice
DigitalSeahorse: elfunkCat fecked
Xenguin47: Get PARRIED!
TaubeTilda: we really know parry now
toothwalker_: Cheer100
not_the_batman: yeah the potins are really weird. You don't get stronger potins, just more of them.
Astra7525: wow game, dick move
DigitalSeahorse: seabatYIKES
DigitalSeahorse: lrrALEX
RaklarLS: at some point I just started roll past those guys. so annoying.
RaklarLS: to roll`*
TXC2: is that thing we got a bead, or a comsumlibel?
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCATWICH
Revelia: remember you upgraded the ranged attack i think
TaubeTilda: but we do want the strongest potion
TXC2: "my potions are too strong for you traveler"
TaubeTilda: im going into battle!
Woogachaka: and now you can regain fervor without needing to bludgeon enemies!
SketchyDetails: Balspheeeeeemous
Astra7525: The excessive on everything in this game is nice, but makes it a bit hard to quickly grasp what an item actually does
DigitalSeahorse: duck planetBAWK
Astra7525: *excessive lore
Summer__Frost: Lore on/off button. :D
SketchyDetails: I'm certain that if there were a Religious Figure 2d Fighting game, one of the roman catholic options would have a Censer on a chain and swing it around like a mace
Kraest: Hello sergeFriend s how are y’all
DigitalSeahorse: bonggggg
TXC2: hello Kraest welcome
TaubeTilda: you mean BONG zone
Electrodyne: I've been watching an Alex stream for almost thirty seconds and there are no F-bom... okay that's more like it
DigitalSeahorse: planetBAWK lrrCHKN fuckadoodle
astridalice: looks like you can knock the incense down
astridalice: when it flashes
astridalice: could be wrong
not_the_batman: Oh i love this boss so much!
TaubeTilda: spaghettio
silenceaux: You know what that means
not_the_batman: Good thing you checked that out first
DigitalSeahorse: virtuous
Woogachaka: Twas me, do it!
RaklarLS: @SketchyDetails I'd like a st sebastian character, where your specials summon arrows which are shot against you, and you'd need to put your enemy between yourself and the place you've summoned them to deal damage
Summer__Frost: Does that make the sword stronger? Those statues?
TXC2: "oh helloooooo"
Woogachaka: that face sums it up well
RaklarLS: definitely the coolest boss
silenceaux: Hands... Touchin' hands...
DiscordianTokkan: Oh! It's Papa Emeritus from Ghost! I enjoy that band!
not_the_batman: hands off!
TXC2: the bad touch
DigitalSeahorse: he seems like he doesn't need a hand
zaooo: Hams?
TaubeTilda: all hands on deck!
silenceaux: Reachin' out... Touchin' me, Touch'in yoooooooooouuuu
hippitybobbity: love this boss
silenceaux: Sweet, Melquiades *bum bum bahh*
DigitalSeahorse: gotta hand it to this one
TaubeTilda: does the spooky skeleton sounds <3
TXC2: I think his hand is clue
fexworldwide: Look at the size of that archbishop. Absolute unit.
Astra7525: the fly-swat motion of the hands
RaklarLS: yeaah, shove that bile in your face
TehAmelie: an archbishop has people carrying him every step. so to speak
chaostreader: Don’t go into the light, Alex!
DigitalSeahorse: katesNice lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR katesNice
offbeatwitch: cool ass boss design though
chaostreader: !findquote Bishop
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
GekonGekon: artwork is soooo goood
not_the_batman: You have to hand it to him
RaklarLS: so much arm hair
DigitalSeahorse: arms for the poor?
DigitalSeahorse: he's well armed
Summer__Frost: Just got to make him.. mostly armless.
astridalice: he's got this well in hand
TXC2: Hands down a great boss
chaostreader: You just have to get rid of the fleshy ones.
DigitalSeahorse: his army is heavy handed
Frednotbob: Arms for the poor? Don't they already have swords?
RaklarLS: also, the hitbox is just the head
Ragaxus: He doesn't telegraph the mace even a little
Woogachaka: that number increases as phases progress
TaubeTilda: @TXC2 good one
hippitybobbity: it's also more beneficial to ensure you get a chance at his head because those lasers last about as long as your window
InquisitorGaia: at certin health percentage you need 4 and then 5
TXC2: TaubeTilda thanks :)
hippitybobbity: also try the uppercut
DigitalSeahorse: guess he doesn't have a leg to stand on
chaostreader: !findquote Arms
LRRbot: Quote #130: "Everything I know about arm wrestling I learned from Sylvester Stallone." —Adam [2015-04-12]
DigitalSeahorse: this is what happens when you skip leg day
DigitalSeahorse: don't dare finger me
Alahmnat: I really like that his attack strikes are in sync with the music
Rhynerd: oh, that's a decadent skeleton.
TaubeTilda: health?
TehAmelie: huh, maybe the music is the key
NightChaos_: I just beat this game yesterday, this boss was a real challenge
RaklarLS: just remember you have magic that hits everywhere
Dreadelicious: evening Alex, evening chat
RaklarLS: all the arms
NightChaos_: Good luck Alex!
accountmadeforants: <message deleted>Hey Alex, look over here to lose :)
Woogachaka: Syncing with the music is a good design principle though. Shows up a lot in the Souls games actually, where the dancer in DS3 was actually made a touch harder by being put intentionally out of sync
DigitalSeahorse: you won't sea this benginFlood sergeIntoTheSea
DigitalSeahorse: ssandLOL
astridalice: Souls games are rhythm games
not_the_batman: He's quite heavily armed for a member of the clergy
TehAmelie: anyone know what he's signifying with his fingers like that?
accountmadeforants: Aw
d782: it means jesus christ
TXC2: TehAmelie the lazor beams
d782: in latin
TehAmelie: naturally
hippitybobbity: @tehamelie in renaissance art thats the papal blessing
DigitalSeahorse: jennis3Jennlove jennis3Jennlove jennis3Jennlove
SketchyDetails: because of the font used for the boss name, I read that guys name as the E-Shamed Archbishop
DigitalSeahorse: :P
DigitalSeahorse: he's crossing his fingers backward
Alahmnat: good chunks
DigitalSeahorse: he must be double jointed
NightValien28: I assume that cannot be turned off
RaklarLS: with the fingers uncrossed, that hand gesture represents the holy trinity, so maybe it means something... blasphemous.
DigitalSeahorse: oh wait he has no muscles or tendons, that explains it
Revelia: does the charge up attack up the blue bar?
TehAmelie: let's say that gesture says "Jesus lrrEFF Christ"
chaostreader: @revelia I believe it uses the blue bar. From the last 10 minutes I’ve been watching. So I could be wrong.
Revelia: looks like no
TXC2: fun fact: you don't have muscles in your fingers
NightChaos_: Nice damage pattern
Dreadelicious: okay, this game looks absolutely gorgeous
not_the_batman: he's half way there and/or living on a prayer
TehAmelie: it does
ContingentCat: I love how it looks like they're chewing gum while causally stabbing at you
NightChaos_: Dreadelicious It's really fun, totally recommend
DigitalSeahorse: I got fat in my fingers :P
DigitalSeahorse: I wonder if he likes finger food
accountmadeforants: Myaaah, see? I stab at thee!
TehAmelie: Melquinades now going "one is not zero, one is not zero"
NightChaos_: Nice!
not_the_batman: Give him a hand, everybody! he did it!
Dreadelicious: @NightChaos_ I shall consider it! At the very least add it to my wishlist(s)
DigitalSeahorse: ah yeah
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TaubeTilda: noice!!!
Baldrash: lrrGOAT
chaostreader: He probably like pomegranates.
GekonGekon: nice
ContingentCat: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TehAmelie: lrrHORN
HailtheRNG: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Rhynerd: lrrHORN lrrHORN
cfpreston: lrrSPOOP
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
leopard_wolf: how many attempts was that?
Astra7525: "expiated" is such a nice word
LuKasLhAmA: hello friend how do you do the double jump?
accountmadeforants: seabatBRAIN lrrHORN benginFuse
DigitalSeahorse: 4 or so
DigitalSeahorse: 3ish
TXC2: story time
Summer__Frost: Or not.
GekonGekon: acidentaly skip?
TaubeTilda: you can hear dreams now?
leopard_wolf: that seemed much easier than the angry lightning guy
silenceaux: Weird. Maybe a hint on where to go regarding the mask, then.
cfpreston: the mother mother, ur-mother
TXC2: grand mother, if you will Kappa
RaklarLS: i mean, there's a giant elevator with FACES on it
dragoking100000: I want to get start playing something new(played mostly the same RPG and strategy games for 2years). I thought about Darkest Dungeon. Anyone knows if it is worth buying?
not_the_batman: An astute observation, RaklarLS
Dreadelicious: THUNK
Summer__Frost: Piss off ghosts.
DigitalSeahorse: "Bring out yer dead!" *BONK*
TXC2: dragoking100000 yeah if you're into that type of game
Woogachaka: noice block
accountmadeforants: Oh wow, the music is going super wonky and I love it.
silenceaux: suspicious
DigitalSeahorse: lever?
not_the_batman: I's one-way, and you're on the wrong side
NightValien28: you might be able to come from bellow
kumatsu: I feel like good sound design is so integral to a good metroidvania
TehAmelie: Library of the Negated Words is what i'd call my forbidden library if i had one
RaklarLS: max level stinger is so good
Astra7525: Have we figured out what the mask we just got actually does?
Dreadelicious: Did LRR ever play Mutant: year zero Road to eden?
TXC2: no?
DigitalSeahorse: a lot of walking in sandles
DigitalSeahorse: sandals*
accountmadeforants: He exclusively deals in things he can retweet with #blessed
silenceaux: Bones?
Summer__Frost: Man like.. gimme a list or something.. text me. Weird statue thing. I got stuff to do.
Astra7525: Wasn't there a 3-item puzzle where you put in some wedding related items?
Summer__Frost: Yes.
TaubeTilda: Mood: Sending my friends symbolic statues to tell them how I feel.
Astra7525: I think you got 2 of 3
not_the_batman: I take it Alex encountered but didn't beat the library boss?
NightValien28: the carnal remains are for the church outside right?
not_the_batman: yes
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Summer__Frost: Aite.
DigitalSeahorse: hahahah nice
TaubeTilda: over the door!
silenceaux: I think, above the door on the right...
TaubeTilda: There was place to stick sword?
Astra7525: I see something in the ceiling there, looked like an anchor point for a grappling hook
DiscordianTokkan: How much horizontal jump do you have? There was a wooden slat thing above the door, yeah
TaubeTilda: Maybe not
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week we're drafting Throne of Eldraine! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (4:27 from now).
TaubeTilda: Thank you for testing!!
DigitalSeahorse: how to pogo jump :P
silenceaux: Weird. It looked non-standard.
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh! There's a thing on the ceiling? Maybe it'll grow into thorns or something
Astra7525: how do these ghosts even work?
TXC2: by magic
chaostreader: Can you not roll through enemies?
DiscordianTokkan: (really high up)
accountmadeforants: Are those guys literally throwing the book at you?!
TaubeTilda: yes
TXC2: seems like
TehAmelie: the way this game works, i'd expect the ghosts stop coming if you kill a bunch
havtorn_: The thrown book sprite looks like a pizza. Or maybe I'm just hungry
NightValien28: you see the bible is 100% accurate specially when thrown from close range
leopard_wolf: I thought it was some kind 9f blooderang
TehAmelie: BibleThump but literally
TaubeTilda: those books litterally hurt
TehAmelie: it IS the "library of negated words"
DiscordianTokkan: More like Library of Yeeted Words
TehAmelie: where knowledge comes to fester and rot
TaubeTilda: touché
DigitalSeahorse: NightValien28 katesLol
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chaostreader: Touché is more French then Italian isn’t it?
FoxBoxGamers: are the ghosts activating when you disturb the books or am I imagining that?
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leopard_wolf: it comes from fencing
Summer__Frost: There was a blood platform spot somewhere in the depths with all the toxins.
havtorn_: Maybe a silly question, but are you doing Inktober this year, Alex?
DigitalSeahorse: "Anybody know how to tourniquet?"
chaostreader: @leopard_wolf Yes. It means touch. I can’t remember the language it is though.
DigitalSeahorse: !alex
LRRbot: Alex’s Varied Creations ~ ‘Purifier’ (webcomic): | Patreon: | Home stream: | Twitter:
TehAmelie: now you'e thinking with platforms
DigitalSeahorse: read Alex's comic and comment to say what you like about it
Vyous: I've been quite enjoying Purifier.
TehAmelie: i like how the shading works together with the mood
RaklarLS: stinger is really strong in this area to keep the golems off
chaostreader: Points= 6666
NightValien28: I hate this part so much
RaklarLS: worth it though
TXC2: get fucked game
NightValien28: I probably died like three times to all bosses in the game, this section killed me over thirty
DigitalSeahorse: eep
control_rig: Ing ing ing
DigitalSeahorse: seabatYIKES
DigitalSeahorse: lrrALEX
TehAmelie: yikes @ the Castlevania homage
DigitalSeahorse: hehe
chaostreader: Uppercut makes flames, right? Can it light the candle?
DiscordianTokkan: Oof
angryoptimist: F
CataclysmicReverb: Morkal Kombat voice: WHOOPSIE
TehAmelie: i mean the music is even similar to the place with the angry paintings and swinging chandeliers
control_rig: Ew
accountmadeforants: Wow
Summer__Frost: That's a good encounter.
TehAmelie: the SNES one
accountmadeforants: Or maybe he was just pulling it out to ask "Hey, is this person/monster.ghost art?"
TehAmelie: Super Castlevania 4
angryoptimist: The old Castlevanias were pretty punishing.
havtorn_: I liked the inktober stuff! They'd gone past me, I'm a bad twittersman.
angryoptimist: Maybe not in the way this is, though.
angryoptimist: They owe a lot of their game design DNA to the quarter stealers.
TXC2: so they're a NES game? Kappa
TehAmelie: wonderful art direction and music is what i remember most
angryoptimist: The first one actually having *been* a quarter stealer, IIRC.
control_rig: I think the best word for the old design is "Deliberate". Everything is placed very carefully for maximum stress
CataclysmicReverb: Wasn't until the PS1 era that game design wasn't constantly considering "If this was in an arcade, how many quarters could we take"
Astra7525: I think maybe that has to do with Konami originally making arcade machines and therefore still having a mindset of quarter-munching gameplay
RaklarLS: castlevania 1 is definitely deliberate. castlevania 3 feels more like a fuck you.
CataclysmicReverb: Arin Hansom?
control_rig: Egoraptor/Arin
angryoptimist: Egoraptor/Arin Hanson
angryoptimist: Game Grumps.
angryoptimist: Starbomb, also.
control_rig: Mostly doing youtube stuff
TXC2: that finisher
angryoptimist: Also, did a live show involving drawing?
CataclysmicReverb: It's... alright
control_rig: It's... fun but a bit low brow
DigitalSeahorse: I haven't either
angryoptimist: It's extremely low brow, yes.
DigitalSeahorse: mostly
Summer__Frost: A while ago.
hippitybobbity: game grumps is very funny but they are deeply, deeply stupid
RaklarLS: their power hour thing is great. equal parts awkward and funny
angryoptimist: 'cept for when it isn't.
hippitybobbity: which door is that?
silenceaux: Nothing above you, either?
Astra7525: shortcut to an area you haven't been yet?
Nyx_fire: can you go up
TXC2: I wager we haven't gotten up here yet
RaklarLS: don't worry about that door just yet Alex, it's fine
DigitalSeahorse: lol
accountmadeforants: Wait, do you have all the bones for your bonezone now? (Genuine question, just got a brief glimpse of your inventory.)
silenceaux: Bovine
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CataclysmicReverb: Texan
CataclysmicReverb: 'cause it's cowfolk
TXC2: oh right this guy
DiscordianTokkan: Boston, Moossachusetts
Alahmnat: yay, more screaming babbo time
TaubeTilda: theres a spot on the body I think you can damage?
CataclysmicReverb: The scion of exposition?
TehAmelie: a relative of Basil Exposition eh
RaklarLS: aaand doneroom is one of the coolest rooms
Summer__Frost: Alexa, play Exposito.
TaubeTilda: oh
Zanaide: Excuse me?!
DiscordianTokkan: WAT
Alahmnat: UM
angryoptimist: F
Astra7525: wow
silenceaux: The baby can WHAT now
Kiryama: That's the way!
alfogornstein: insta kill
havtorn_: Ahahah
InquisitorGaia: ya dont be near the baby
Nyx_fire: omg
TXC2: !clips
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Baldrash: Oh. Oh dear.
one_last_time_: Huh?
accountmadeforants: Ah, I was wondering what that did last stream.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrWOW
Kiryama: best ending unlocked :P
chesul: well I guess THAT can happen.
Kraest: excuse me.
NightValien28: so now we learned what the circle thing does
Astra7525: and here I was wondering what that targeting reticle on the ground meant
angryoptimist: Beware of baby, clearly.
hen0clock: ouchies
InquisitorGaia: thats how i died the first time to that boss
DiscordianTokkan: Boss Battle Baby, got it.
leopard_wolf: I like how lrrbot told you how to clip in that moment
Kiryama: Cabana Baby Battle of the Gods
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaCrying benginTraitor
TehAmelie: hehe, reminds me of the last page of Kill Six Billion Demons
silenceaux: I'm really not sure how to parse "abjuration" in this context
RaklarLS: may I recommend area-of-effect magic?
alfogornstein: Did he figure out the weak spot yet?
TaubeTilda: @alfogornstein no
alfogornstein: gotcha
DigitalSeahorse: a snake for a babysitter
TXC2: lrrGREED is eternal
silenceaux: Magic in this game seems to be more for bypassing overworld encounters you find tricky
TaubeTilda: the greed is real
hen0clock: ouch, so close
TehAmelie: TFW you realize you haven't seen the whole snake yet
Summer__Frost: The attack speed up magic has been pretty tech.
NightValien28: you can spam magic a lot but you gotta be careful with it
TXC2: I couldn't get into it :p
TXC2: don't know why
RaklarLS: spam magic, cut hand to refill, bile, repeat is viable. but yes, risky
Nyx_fire: the giant baby is just so creepy
DigitalSeahorse: "NO you can't jump on the neighbor's ceiling all day long! It's rude!"
TehAmelie: yeah, the giant baby is back in K6BD
DiscordianTokkan: Wait. There;s a different coloured body segment, is that a hitbox also?
RaklarLS: @Nyx_fire just don't look at the thing holding it
TXC2: DiscordianTokkan yes, but it's hard to get to
zaooo: Is that Yarny?
Summer__Frost: Squid1 Squid2 BabyRage Squid4
Nyx_fire: @RaklarLS is it some type of mummy? sorry I have no context for this lol, just came in in a spare ten or so minutes lol
angryoptimist: lrrFINE
NightValien28: you did well though
zaooo: Going out with a smooch.
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCATWICH Squid2 Squid2 lrrARROW
RaklarLS: @Nyx_fire branches and thorns mostly. very spanish catholic
Rynehawk: beating up on babies. LRR never disappoints :)
Nyx_fire: ahhh
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Summer__Frost: Alexa, play Exposito again.
NightValien28: shots, shots, shots
PixelArtDragon: Try Tai
angryoptimist: shots shots shots shots shots
PixelArtDragon: I mean, Try Tail
Xenguin47: Having been raised catholic, this game is all sorts of symbolism... :P
TXC2: Xenguin47 I'll bet
RaklarLS: very much so, same here
NightValien28: GOT IT
Summer__Frost: lrrGOAT
control_rig: Nice
silenceaux: RUDE
TaubeTilda: BOOM
Alahmnat: woo!
accountmadeforants: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
angryoptimist: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
NightValien28: from hell's heart
Astra7525: wow
CataclysmicReverb: Boss being rude is what it was
TehAmelie: snakes take a while to die
not_the_batman: that final attack killed me when I fought him
NightValien28: yes
DiscordianTokkan: OOh, there's another viny bit!
Alahmnat: oof that sucks
leopard_wolf: I looked away for 2 seconds, what just happened
NightValien28: still funny as hell though
TXC2: it fucking better
pyrojakk: damn, this game looks good
not_the_batman: yes, i didn't have to beat him again
TXC2: leopard_wolf we beat a boss
DigitalSeahorse: did you died? katesTry
RaklarLS: it's like that castlevania boss snake that tries to kill you when you "win2
Astra7525: You could interact with the red candle but not the blue one you encountered earlier?
zaooo: Did you see the (Y) prompt over the candle? Looked away briefly.
alfogornstein: Fun fact snakes still wrap around things after they die
zaooo: Aight.
Astra7525: it said nothing happened
not_the_batman: yeah, you need a hidden item that you don't have.
RaklarLS: again, don't worry about it, it's one of those metroidvania things that when you find out, you know
DigitalSeahorse: :O
NightValien28: smart
NightValien28: the candle thing is something I find to be quite poorly designed
not_the_batman: yeah, you should be able to start at any of them, at least
control_rig: Get Ye Flaske
DiscordianTokkan: You needed... 9000 Souls to get the flask?
DiscordianTokkan: iirc?
Xenguin47: Huh. Weird sound going on with my central air unit. When running just the fan, it's fine, but when cooling or heating, it does this on-again-off-again pulsing as it winds up and back down again after only a few seconds.
RaklarLS: yep
not_the_batman: yep
Astra7525: 9k is correct
zaooo: @Xenguin47 Hit it with a stick.
DigitalSeahorse: theonl45SPANK
Xenguin47: @zaooo ... Sadly, it's under the house, which leaves little room for stick swinging
NightValien28: HAHAHAHAHA
zaooo: I saw some youtube clip of someone doing all bosses hit-less.
zaooo: Probably spliced, but still, gosh.
TXC2: I can not fathom doing a game like this without getting hit
not_the_batman: there's an achievement for doing the bosses flask-less.
RaklarLS: @zaooo it's an achievement
TehAmelie: lets get high
PixelArtDragon: That is some good animation to convey weight
NightValien28: possibly yes
zaooo: I like that it's technically to nohit bosses, as long as you can reign in the "random" attacks.
NightValien28: they did the no hit run of all dark souls, it is insane
Summer__Frost: And Bloodborne too wasn't it?
WizardZedd: Yeah, all the Soulsborne games in a row, no hits
Kraest: There’s already a no hit run of this and it has almost a million views XD
zaooo: No such thing as Too Much Free Time :D
RaklarLS: the low level runs on games done quick are really impressive to watch too
Xenguin47: No hit playthroughs sound like a fun thing to watch and a bear to actually attempt. :P
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TehAmelie: the 1 HP run is fun, just cause of how weird it is to not take fall damage
DigitalSeahorse: jennis3Give jennis3Give for that box with all the hands
Summer__Frost: Gets 2/3 way through, loses concentration for half second gets hit by random mob, WELP time to restart.
WizardZedd: Yep. I mean, that's this guy's entire stream. He's been doing no-hit practice for...years, I think
PixelArtDragon: I've seen a video on how to do it, isn't the key just pyromancy?
WizardZedd: And finally got a full run done, one time
silenceaux: That one weird cutscene did mention something about a dried tree at the highest point
TehAmelie: well it's not like you have anything else to spend souls on
TaubeTilda: I got as far as Lost Izalith in my SL1 run, it's pretty fun!
TehAmelie: people who want to make it hard generally don't use magic at all
TaubeTilda: upgrading your reinforced club is the thing :)
Mushbie: @silenceaux isn't that just a weed reference? Kappa
TaubeTilda: yes
PixelArtDragon: What about upgrading weapons then?
TXC2: if you go warrior yes
SirMorek: the spirit of the challenge in some ways is to find whatever upgrades and power ups you can get
silenceaux: Mushbie Could be, gotta double check what's in the censers
SirMorek: its the speedrun versus glitchless speedrun debate, right?
RaklarLS: this room has too much incense
PixelArtDragon: I feel like if you can't do any leveling up, it might just make the game very tedious.
DigitalSeahorse: the half a press :P
DiscordianTokkan: Shanked by a stained glass madman...
TaubeTilda: @PixelArtDragon You REALLY leaarn how to dodge, and if you know the bosses weaknesses it's not too bad
WizardZedd: I mean...that's using a mechanic that's working as intended. It's not a bug.
SirMorek: its not a monolithic community, each game sorta makes up its own rules. if enough other people agree with your sensibilities you get a run category
Baldrash: The super-amusing part is that the rules sometimes differ between games, too.
TehAmelie: i've done level 1, with pyromancy, and i died like 500 times. . .
TaubeTilda: Also maxxing crits and bacstabs.
accountmadeforants: There was this Half-Life 2 run that was "not out of bounds", where they had a specific definition for OOB depending on the colour of the area they were clipping into.
NightValien28: a glitch would be like phasing through a wall
SirMorek: what things make the game more fun to run versus more "pure" to run
Xenguin47: Speedrunning always makes me kinda think of the Highlander or Commander communities: people who make their own rules because they think its fun and pushes all the right buttons for them.
PixelArtDragon: @TaubeTilda True, like you can find elemental weapons in the game that IIRC you can wield as a starter
RaklarLS: i guess it depends whether or not where you're running a game where there are members whose identity heavily rely on running said game. the more of those, the more dogmatic
NightValien28: I mean that is why they separate it in categories so there isn't much confusion
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunNut voxlunNut voxlunNut
TaubeTilda: @PixelArtDragon you usually go with the reinforced club and enchant it a bunch of times differently honestly. Most other weapons you can't wield.
pyrojakk: Imo, what makes for a really good speedrun is the runner, especially in the SGDQ streams
TXC2: exploits?
pyrojakk: At least for viewing experience
TaubeTilda: It would be a challenge to find the weapons in the game. Now I wanna try!
PixelArtDragon: There may be a bit of practicality to defining "glitchless" to allow for time-saving measures so runs don't take 5+ hours
TehAmelie: the reinforced club is generally good. a gargoyle spear if you can get it, surprisingly possible to use
kumatsu: personally as a viewer, I'm a fan of "flawless execution" type speedruns, these days
NightValien28: I would say games like mario 64, my favourite speedruns are the glitchless and 100%
zaooo: Are there Dark Souls randomizers?
NightValien28: kumatsu yes that
kumatsu: Like Celeste speedruns are my jam
NightValien28: zaooo there are several
pyrojakk: dustforce runs are fun
TXC2: zaooo indeed there is
TaubeTilda: @zaooo Yes! Its hilarious
RaklarLS: i'm a fan of the terrible games block. And tetris.
zaooo: \o/
TaubeTilda: oh nooo
PixelArtDragon: That sounds ham
kumatsu: the emergence of randomizers has been pretty fun, I like the one combining link to the past and super metroid into one game
TehAmelie: you can randomize your equipment, all the items in the world and/or enemies. for a start
DigitalSeahorse: yeah Mario 64 is my fav speedruns
SirMorek: @RaklarLS awful block! awful block!
Summer__Frost: I like speedruns where the person really likes the game they're playing but I've NEVER heard of it.
zaooo: I love this enemy... "I'm just going to wave my weapon around and if you get hit, it's your fault"
RaklarLS: yes, awful!
PixelArtDragon: Like, what if the rapier+ BK longsword, but for any two weapons?
Tiber727: That seems too random. I'd want it to change your weapon after each swing.
DigitalSeahorse: poor poor man
not_the_batman: There's a thing is this room.
Mushbie: the blind folded castlevsnia symphony of the night run was dope
RaklarLS: yep, a very obtuse puzzle
NightValien28: would you like a hint?
Tiber727: Look carefully at the statue.
silenceaux: A limestone statue you say
zaooo: Do the macarena!
TXC2: Chat for Gods sakes, what for Alex TO ASK FIRST!
TXC2: *wait
TaubeTilda: oooh!
PixelArtDragon: So is this game based on Christianity or is it just meant to look like it? Like, will there be biblical allusions?
SirMorek: sekret!
NightValien28: alex smarter than I will ever be
TehAmelie: the "Gun Game" mod might be for you then. it makes all XP and items meaningless and locks you in a mode where getting hits in randomly upgrades your weapons and getting hit downgrades them
not_the_batman: dang, he got it just like that
silenceaux: Stealin' them crown jewels
Astra7525: What even did you go that unlocked it?
TXC2: PixelArtDragon theres a number Catholic references
NightValien28: ooooh
DiscordianTokkan: YOU can do the water poison area now! I think!
Astra7525: *do
Summer__Frost: These are kind of important it seems.
Tiber727: @Astra7525 He equipped a specific set of items.
Erudite_Cynic: We got swampwalk
Our_oBoros: h, rusty ring.
NightValien28: PixelArtDragon what I heard it was spanish mythology
RaklarLS: go back in
PixelArtDragon: @TXC2 Hey, not all guilt is Catholic!
Astra7525: ah
Summer__Frost: That poor man.
zaooo: Silly game, assumes you have a working memory.
RaklarLS: i love that bonking sound
zaooo: boop
DigitalSeahorse: oof
Astra7525: okay, makes kind of sense
Xenguin47: Hee!
Anubis169: meow... manMARTIN
silenceaux: also now we have that man's toenail, and that's kinda gross
Xenguin47: I like the "I'mm just hide here on this la- OW!"
zaooo: seabatBRAIN
Our_oBoros: These guys are bellends Kappa
Summer__Frost: WHOA
silenceaux: LORGE
Anubis169: just finished watching Brightburn
Wrexadecimal: D:
chaostreader: You still have them equipped?
DigitalSeahorse: planetMEOW
Anubis169: That... is a disturbing movie...
TehAmelie: the mother of all censors
DiscordianTokkan: Big ol' censor
pyrojakk: That's an absolute unit
TaubeTilda: Large Bonk
InquisitorGaia: its for whom the bell tolls
RaklarLS: a big incense thingy
NightValien28: giant fuck all incense
zaooo: xbox huge
Xenguin47: A giant censor.
Alahmnat: rofl
Ridgenator: Alex pls
DiscordianTokkan: *CLANG*
PixelArtDragon: lrrJUDGE
TXC2: it's the Fox Censer Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: LOL sensorship
NightValien28: hahaha
accountmadeforants: Oh hey, the fleamen actually took a hit from that!
Anubis169: Censership
TehAmelie: i hope we get to fight whoever's swinging that thing
DigitalSeahorse: in a sense I do! :P
chaostreader: I think you still have the limestone stuff equipped
RaklarLS: don't step on the books :(
DigitalSeahorse: FightBerry
Kraest: Ohhhhhh I get it
TXC2: Right chat i need to go walk a dog, so I'm off.
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Alex
Summer__Frost: -ish.
Anubis169 tags TXC2 out
DiscordianTokkan: @TXC2 Have a good 'un!
Anubis169: gotcha covered
RaklarLS: bye @TXC2
Our_oBoros: Alex, did you requip the relics?
GorgonsMind: Could upgrade the rosary from that save point
Summer__Frost: We have so many cool relics now.
DigitalSeahorse: the a-scent to glory
Summer__Frost: Breathe poison, walk in mud, blood platforms. Everything's coming up penitent one.
ggodopaste: Hello, Alex, how is Friday?
ggodopaste: good.
BrindleBoar: Ledge Quest 2: The Ledgening
ggodopaste: SUCCESS!
Astra7525: inb4 secret bossfight
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh! Vine Bridge thingy Soon?
DigitalSeahorse: Fledgling Ledge
pyrojakk: I wonder if those white tiles are a hint to anything
SmashTCG: @Astra7525 inb4 secret Spehiroth bossfight
DigitalSeahorse: alleged ledge
oddmeg: yes it was
oddmeg: the bone zone
RaklarLS: later thing
not_the_batman: yes, for this room
RaklarLS: you need an extra thing
PixelArtDragon: @SmashTCG I don't think sefirot ever made it into Catholicism. I could be wrong
SmashTCG: @PixelArtDragon he IS a 1 winged angel
RaklarLS: @PixelArtDragon he's definitely part of the spanish lore, have you seen the amount of leather straps he has?
DigitalSeahorse: ferociousInno PrideWingR
Wrexadecimal: Yes!
oddmeg: yes
oddmeg: all day
SmashTCG: THats definitly someones fanart
SmashTCG: Wait its Out?
Xenguin47: Man, the arms on this guy must be huuuuge.
SmashTCG: the soundtrack is out!
PixelArtDragon: @SmashTCG I know, I was making a kabbalah reference. Though after googling it, turns out sefirot DID make it into Catholicism during the renaissance.
SmashTCG: Same
pyrojakk: the soundtrack for what?
oddmeg: i mean they also did a realy good track fo mirrors edge catalyist and apparently the whole soundtrack wasnt that great?
GorgonsMind: Surge 2 is about 40% shortcuts by volume, at least at the early parts
silenceaux: "A song that might play when you fight Sans"
pyrojakk: ah thanks
TaubeTilda: You don't wanna create associations to the music before the game?
Invitare: it can spoil the moment, if not the plot
NightValien28: yeah nier automata soundtrack is full of spoilers
Alahmnat: shoutouts to the Obduction soundtrack for the wildest track names
TaubeTilda: right
Summer__Frost: Going in blind to something you're already excited for is so great.
NightValien28: what you need is the soundtrack of LET IT DIE, where every single track is called LET IT DIE
DiscordianTokkan: You have enough for that extra flask now, nice!
Kraest: That is a damned terrifying room
PixelArtDragon: Who just decided to place a giant censer there, though?!
RaklarLS: strength+, defense-
oddmeg: isnt the question then: as the soundtrack is part of the art, as is your relationship with the work, if the soundtrack is intentionally released early , should one listen to it first to get the "authorially intended experience" ? as having pre formed associations and a relationship with the soundtrack may be part of the experience?
Xenguin47: Wait... arch-cathedral? >_> Buildings aren't like positions. You can't just add "arch" to mean "bigger"...
Xenguin47: Is there a Cardinal-thedral next? :P
not_the_batman: you can equip sword hears while resting
oddmeg: or it could be next level ultra meta art :D
Summer__Frost: A friend of mine wasn't allowed to watch movies back when he was a kid but he listened to the soundtracks. He thought the movies went completely differently.
Alahmnat: "Not Worth the Wistful Sentimentality of this Moment" is a strong contender for best track name, but it's also up against "A Man Who Grossly Overvalues His Own Importance" and "You Paid for this View". The whole album is very Peak Robyn Miller, heh
oddmeg: the soundtrack to this game is pretty boss btw
chaostreader: One lever is for up, one is for down?
Xenguin47: Fifth floor, kitchen appliances, angels in cages, and lingerie.
oddmeg: also like i wish i new more about like what death stranding is actually about / plays like, but i geus that mystery is also a part of the experience
silenceaux: Wait, Sabnock? Isn't that a demon name?
Xenguin47: Also blood.
DigitalSeahorse: listing track names is one of the reasons Alex said he didn't want to spoil
chaostreader: And Guilt
oddmeg: ah cool, im not like super into game media-ish so im not going on much other than the trailers :D
NightValien28: so natural progression happened, got it
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCOW
angryoptimist: (and his funky fetus)
DigitalSeahorse: no trains FightBerry FightBerry planetNOPE
Xenguin47: Huh. So Sam bridges communities together.
TaubeTilda: oh noo
RaklarLS: did he abandon the whole idea that every player is connected to each other?
angryoptimist: Does it still seem to be the case that the Thing That Happened was dead souls just never going away and sticking around and doing spooky crap?
pyrojakk: Sherpa: the videogame
angryoptimist: Because it seems to be that Killing Bad and maybe that's part of the reason why--it's possible, but it makes a bad problem worse.
Fluffy776: I'm excited for that sort of stuff, because that's the kind of dumb stuff that's always abstracted away that I really care about!
chaostreader: No horse drawn carriages? There is a decently large Amish and Metaknight population in the States.
Damn_TheGas: What game is Alex talking about?
Summer__Frost: Death Stranding
pyrojakk: Death stranding
Damn_TheGas: Oh, sweet
angryoptimist: In a world that's drowing in ghosts, I guess it makes sense that people are pretty reluctant to kill.
angryoptimist: Even when they're Bad Guys.
NightValien28: its weird stuff with weirder stuff
RaklarLS: kojima story in general
Our_oBoros: Especially with bad guys, I'd say.
angryoptimist: Are we going to regret our words and deeds?
oddmeg: oh yeah im super into the idea of playing pedestrial delivery simulator
Wrexadecimal: Thanks for playing!
FickleMuse: I'm very concerned about the delivery metaphors in that vein, same
BrindleBoar: o/
zaooo: <3
oddmeg: okay, have good food and a happy friday!
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream Alex!
TaubeTilda: fun haning out!
FickleMuse: With the baby and all
DigitalSeahorse: thanks for stream
not_the_batman: Thanks for hanging out!
zaooo: brittlL
DigitalSeahorse: !alex
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angryoptimist: Thanks for the stream!
angryoptimist: This game is harrowing.
Mushbie: thanks for the stream
Xenguin47: Thanks for streaming! Have a good luncheon!
RaklarLS: bye! thanks
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