devil_dan: next
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are hanging out in the world of Vanilla Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:30 AM PDT (18s from now).
TehAmelie: Lrrbot just calls em like it's producing random lines of text without context
TXC2: oh theres context, it's just beyond our understanding Kappa
TehAmelie: lrrHAM
DarkMorford: katesBread lrrHAM StinkyCheese katesBread
TehAmelie: now i want a sandwich
djalternative: So do I
PhoenixMelior: how goes, chat?
PhoenixMelior: What have all of you been up to lately?
djalternative: gazing listfully at sandwich materials
GreenMittenz: coughing mostly
TXC2: playing pyschonughts again
Jeezy56: I listened to the new In Mourning album earlier
PhoenixMelior: oh fun
PhoenixMelior: how is it? I also need to do that
PhoenixMelior: In Mourning and Insomnium
djalternative: oh yeah. I just learned that Saint Motel is releasing a new album. I'm super there for it.
Jeezy56: it was real good at the start but the 2nd half wasn't particularly interesting
PhoenixMelior: mm, not fun when that happens
Jeezy56: still liked it more than their last album though
Jeezy56: overall
PhoenixMelior: I've been debating if I want tickets for Prog Power next year just because EToS is playing Day 3, but I don't think that's enough incentive to go to Atlanta and stand with a bunch of prog snobs
Jeezy56: the track I heard before the new Insomnium album came out I thought sucked, but it all made sense when listening to hte whole thing
PhoenixMelior: I'm glad I didn't listen to it then lol
RebelliousUno: I'm going to go live with some satisfactory while we wait
TXC2: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow!
LoadingReadyRun: Sorry all, everything is broken. Online in a second
PhoenixMelior: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación!
djalternative: !tres
LRRbot: Anche RebelliousUno è in streaming. Assicurati di controllare la sua visione del flusso e dargli un seguito!
Jeezy56: I think I gave the wrong impression there, I enjoyed the new Insomnium a lot more than I thought I was going to
TXC2: !shi
LRRbot: RebelliousUno Sutorīmingu mo shite imasu. Ogawa no kare no kenkai o kakunin shite, kare ni shitagatte kudasai!
PhoenixMelior: no you gave the right impression
PhoenixMelior: I haven't listened to the single you thought was garbage awful yet
RebelliousUno: this is largely an excercise in trying to get james to show a bus
PhoenixMelior: !db countdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (30d, 23:19 from now)
PhoenixMelior: ONE MONTH
RebelliousUno: And it worked
djalternative: ONE MONTH
TXC2 starts sweating profusely
Jeezy56: I think actually watching the video of them farting around in the mountains didn't help the song, just listening to the song was much better :P
TXC2: title change
polaris415: lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
CaptainSpam: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL It's happening! It's really happening!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We're LIVE! Join James, Uno and Serge for their continued adventures into the Inferno Mines on today's Mine O'Clock! | ||
nightwingmisthawk: Yoooo let’s go!
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red_shoes_jeff: Late start today?
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Astra7525: wait... why did the twitch notification say inferno mines? Was there no stream on monday or was the vod taken down?
TXC2: yeah there was no stream yesterday
Astra7525: Okay
djalternative: inferno mines is the name of the map in minecraft
Astra7525: ah
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Lex_Peacekeeper: just got here has James died already?
Astra7525: I thought inferno mines is the name of the next Fighting Fantasy Book for Adam to play through
TXC2: not yet
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circusofkirkus: woohoo
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SievertSchreibr: Will Serge survive this episode?
djalternative: at least, not by minecraft's hand
sag3error: Who is HYPE for Road Quest next week?
Astra7525: doesn't it start in like... two days?
TXC2: here we GO!
SievertSchreibr: RQ HYPE!
djalternative: 14th
Lex_Peacekeeper: the quest of roads will be great i think!
nightwingmisthawk: I’m pumped
polaris415: and SERGE!
Astra7525: I guess I am super confused today. Thought RQ premiers on the 10th
SAJewers: Cheer202 First Mine O'Clock since Minecon! Thoughts on the announcements made at Minecon? Can we expect streams for the Minecraft Board Game, Minecraft Earth, Dungeons?
Mangledpixel: boop
A Cheer shared Rewards to 3 others in Chat!
Lex_Peacekeeper: @Astra7525 i thought they said the 14th
polaris415: right on time James!
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SievertSchreibr: Hi James
red_shoes_jeff: S'cool. I just woke up, anyway.
Lex_Peacekeeper: what the paper for desert bus James?
Mangledpixel: polaris415 when I am done with all the other graphics jobs, I will absolutely be adding Serge to the intro :P
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red_shoes_jeff: Hi James. Hi Uno. Hi Whiskers.
mendokusai_kitsune: Hey James, whats the next mod pack yall will be doing?
polaris415: @Mangledpixel :) awesome. that intro is spectacular BTW
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] No more stuff, only games.
LRRbot: New quote #6456: "No more stuff, only games." —Serge [2019-10-08]
Mangledpixel: ty :)
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red_shoes_jeff: Cheer500
A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat!
Lex_Peacekeeper: Thanks for the RPGSeven @red_shoes_jeff
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Bengineering: James my throat hurts
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rocketjohn: back to LRR with prime for this month.
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sag3error: Ben!
Bengineering: it was worth
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MehallD: James, my throat doesn't hurt.
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Milambus: Almost 3 years.
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TheAinMAP: benginHeart
rocketjohn: are your 'nads ok now James?
Bengineering: I didn't realize you got all punched
Bengineering: that's hilarious
TXC2: Gods I love to see primal scream therapy as a LRL segment
Mangledpixel: close enough for nads-punching
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bristark: Hey LRR Friends, im sad i cannot go to Commander fest :(, but i hope you guys have fun !!
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Lex_Peacekeeper: sergeSheep sergeSheep
SAJewers: did you mosh in the pit?
red_shoes_jeff: How d'you get ACCIDENTALLY punched in the nards?
Bengineering: serge not all of us just hit people nuts behind us
SergeYager: I thought you were punk rock
CaptainSpam: "THAT'S JAMES TURNER!" *punch*
Lex_Peacekeeper: this is why you should wear a cup at rock shows
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HyperioN1138: Hello friendos
TXC2: Indeed it was Serge
TXC2: hello HyperioN1138 welcome
TXC2: "The Machine"
Lex_Peacekeeper: slipt up and look for clues!
TXC2: ever forward, that's the LRR way
CrazymattCaptain: time to take another start point
Mangledpixel: Lex_Peacekeeper zoinks!
fiftymcnasty: Are you planning on living in this world?
TXC2: you don't live here, you survive
red_shoes_jeff: If it makes you feel any better, Serge. I don't consider that your first death at all. You're responsible for AT LEAST a quarter of those other deaths. Kappa
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
METB0L: oh god, I remember these maps
TXC2: hello ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat welcome
red_shoes_jeff: And Learning is never.
snowcookies: there is a way back
Lex_Peacekeeper: heres your sign!
TXC2: any one else got "the sign" by ace of base in their head now? :P
rocketjohn: surely that should have been Vanna Montana.
fiftymcnasty: named your car?
rocketjohn: missd opportunity
amythist: no kidding rocketjohn
Lex_Peacekeeper: will you need one for Desert bus James?
ForOhForError: james, the van-free
tipulsar85: How is the site for November looking?
Lex_Peacekeeper: nnoo dont kill the shrooms!
blamemyphone: yay, Minecraft
tyrew0rm: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
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Mistery836: good day
TemporallyAwry: Safety Third - yup that tracks.
TXC2: Ever forward, never learning, safety third.
SlyTQ: thats not how it goes
Lex_Peacekeeper: i thought safety was like tenth during mine-o-clock
TXC2: hello SlyTQ welcome
SlyTQ: it goes "look good, have fun, safety third"
TheAinMAP: Half?
DocHoliday9999: We must go forward, not backward; upward, not forward; and always twirling, twirling, twirling
TheElrad: TQ I think you missed do crimes :D
Lex_Peacekeeper: James the batman
TheAinMAP: seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
TXC2: nah nah nah nah nah nah nah BAT STACKS!
stevestein: Dont tell James to push buttons
Serifina: Welp
TXC2: hello Serifina
Serifina: There goes server performance
circusofkirkus: seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL seabatSEAL
Serifina: @TXC2 Hiyo. I've been here, I'm just also doing things. :D
KidAmn: squeak squeak, motherbusser
The_Voices: at least bats are not hostal
Lex_Peacekeeper: is this art!?
tipulsar85: Bat Bricks!
TXC2: why? becuase james
rocketjohn: are there ways to destroy bats?
DeadlyWinchester: at least this is not silverfish apocalypse
TemporallyAwry: Oh Vechs ... this joke is still delivering so many years later.
red_shoes_jeff: This would've been a BAAAAD time to take Mushrooms...
Serifina: Do it Serge!
Serifina: MORE BATS
SnackPak_: Bats! Bats! Bats!
Crokoking: can you right-click the bat on the spawner to make it spawn bats?
iammorthos: He was compelled to stay, compelled to disobey.
red_shoes_jeff: MOAR BAT
Lex_Peacekeeper: welcome to the bat show! all bats all the time!
ForOhForError: bat o clock
Mistery836: you can always do a set time :p
snowcookies: too many bats
red_shoes_jeff: NOOOO
ForOhForError: we're eating bat tonight!
circusofkirkus: now more particle effects!
MechaKuuga: LUL
Lex_Peacekeeper: at least you guys have Bat steacks for days
DocHoliday9999: FIrebat
TXC2: !addquote (RebelliousUno) [now] It's 10am, do you know where your spawn point is?
LRRbot: New quote #6457: "It's 10am, do you know where your spawn point is?" —RebelliousUno [2019-10-08]
YawnLance: :(
SlyTQ: sure bats he cares about
rocketjohn: batpocalpyse
SnackPak_: Quick Serge, more bats!
TheAinMAP: Poor bats.
mistborn83: the humanity
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Mangledpixel: It's simple, we kill the bats, man
polaris415: its almost like spawning everyone of those bats wasa mistake
Joalni: James, you monster!
DocHoliday9999: Revenge Fire Bat
TXC2: the batmanity
SlyTQ: heeeeeeeey
Serifina: James, next time a Thaumcraft Nether Bat blows up in your face, YOU KNOW WHY
Clench_Eastwood: butt chickens?
circusofkirkus: james has snapped
Serifina: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
red_shoes_jeff: You know what they call bats? Chicken of the Cave!
mistborn83: still not okay
zergkind: James "Basically Thanos" Turner
stevestein: TOO SOON James
Serifina: Ahahahahahahahahaha
TXC2: Bats in the hall, the Newest Canadian Comedy show Kappa
Serifina: lrrCOW
TheAinMAP: You need cowcatchers then.
circusofkirkus: LUL
TXC2: did Uno build this?
Serifina: Because Vechs is also a troll
Clench_Eastwood: the mooinning
snowcookies: for meat?
DocHoliday9999: Cowtrastrophe
tewwe: foooooood
Theteddybear676: more baby cows lol
Lex_Peacekeeper: theres a cow for every bat you spawned
SpacePotato01: inside and outside, moo in this house...
Mangledpixel: the cows provide cover
SpacePotato01: and a moo little window
snowcookies: James did it
snowcookies: we have evidence
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:10 AM
djalternative: no. the time is mine o' clock serge
Theteddybear676: baby cows are cuter in this game lol
drcanonball: and to mine diamond you need iron tools
Lex_Peacekeeper: you need iron, diamond and like 5 more colors of wool
snowcookies: it's very irony here
caimheul: Serge is just trying to catch up on deaths.
Lex_Peacekeeper: also three more heads
snowcookies: there are still more areas in here
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are hanging out in the world of Vanilla Minecraft! Game: Minecraft) at Tue 09:30 AM PDT (42m ago).
djalternative: it works the same way, just much slower
dark_vador1: @loadingreadyrun hiii <3 <3 <3
djalternative: sometimes it doesn't finish updating all the way and needs a forced update.
TXC2: hello dark_vador1 welcome
Lex_Peacekeeper: James watching Serge do all the work....... so normal mine-o-clock?
The_FlyingDutchman: maybe it's a bit broke due to it not updating when places using world editors
caimheul: self cooking cows.
dark_vador1: @loadingreadyrun how are you today
The_Bread_is_Delicious: lrrCOW
caimheul: that could have been MUCH worse.
TXC2: Gods I tab away for one second :P
Lex_Peacekeeper: run away!
RomanGoro: Is it me or there's a bow floating alone down there?
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE lrrSPOOP
RomanGoro: Oh, good it wasn't just me
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Curufean: The invisible skelton was inside of you all along
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drcanonball: how much time do you think it took to build this all
doxshmox: Hi i am your russian viewer
djalternative: there are totally part of your skeleton that are visible
Lex_Peacekeeper: Witch bits?
MehallD: are the skeles supposed to be inviisble, or is this a bug?
ZachtlyAsIntended: SandstoneWitch
TXC2: drcanonball many weeks
Mangledpixel: witches are made from wood, of course
red_shoes_jeff: Witch one?
caimheul: @MehallD Supposed to be invisible
djalternative: TEETH for starters
The_Voices: october, they are made of pumpkin spice
TXC2: Hello doxshmox welcome
chris365: Glowstone and redstone oh and sugar
snowcookies: lol
enkiraven: she's persistent, i'll give her that...
SievertSchreibr: The cows!
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] Out of my way cows, there's a witch after me!
LRRbot: New quote #6458: "Out of my way cows, there's a witch after me!" —James [2019-10-08]
The_Bread_is_Delicious: !clip
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caimheul: Show her the bat room, she'll move in and stop chasing you :-P
snowcookies: this is why you split the party
drcanonball: have you tried not being on fire?
ZachtlyAsIntended: Don't let it stand in the healing fountain!
Mangledpixel: fireproof witch
TXC2: how do we kill the witch lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Look at the cards.
circusofkirkus: that witch is on a mission
caimheul: And now it's a speedy witch
caimheul: Golden slippers instead of ruby
chris365: Which old witch?
Crokoking: just call the room the Bat Cave
caimheul: The wicked witch
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Lex_Peacekeeper: so Uno going for a record this stream?
snowcookies: good luck Uno
TXC2: welcome to "getting close to your corpse" With RebelliousUno Kappa
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Scarbble: the three yeeeeeears
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ma8wuw: hello
SievertSchreibr: Wiggins running for Uno
Lex_Peacekeeper: hide in the panic room!
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GaianLuck: More Bats? Always more Bats.
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Mangledpixel: morb hats
Anonymousless: It wasw off the first intersection, no?
GaianLuck: Oh. Wow, I'm an idjit. Didn't realize this was a Vechs map. He's diabolical. good luck, guys.
101gk: isn't it to the left at the enterance of this room
Wacketay3: LUL
ninja_theory_ashrams: spiders riding larger spidders
djalternative: wow
Mangledpixel: wow, just... walked right into it
Anonymousless: no that's a skylight
Anonymousless: it's the other way
ninja_theory_ashrams: "it was up to get up from here?"
Lex_Peacekeeper: James just wants to catch up to Uno
GaianLuck: Eat Sign, Zombeh!
BasilBrushOff: Gesundheit!
Anonymousless: the stone path out of here and take it all the way down, there's a ladder at the bottom of the outer cavern
djalternative: oh. that thing. that's further in
TXC2: oh we looking for the TNT room?
djalternative: the skeleton roller coaster
Anonymousless: It's near the lower mines I'm pretty sure
TXC2: yeah that was first stream
djalternative: that's like intersection 2 or 3
robinbolas: Oh man, I haven't seen a super hostile in years
Serifina: @LoadingReadyRun Skeleton rollercoaster was Underforge, from Intersection 1
Anonymousless: I don't think it's that far, just off intersection 1
Anonymousless: yeah
Serifina: Cow room is relatively close to intersection one
Serifina: Lower Mines
Serifina: Sorry
Anonymousless: under the everforge, either will get you there eventually
Serifina: The brick track is the skeletons
robinbolas: Hi Serge!!
The_Voices: loot!
Serifina: Now you WALK
djalternative: back to the cow room
sing_o_muse: "I'm a Genius!" "Oh no!"
robinbolas: My kingdom for a shulker box
Lex_Peacekeeper: know any songs to past the time as you walk back?
TXC2: now we put the stuff in an ender chest, and walk ALL the way back
Serifina: If you go back to Upper Mines
Serifina: The Cow area is Mooshroom Caverns
robinbolas: It's like the sand-nether
RoeDent89: Derp counter...are those just today's derps?
TXC2: there is no cow level Kappa
Serifina: @RoeDent89 No, that's total
RoeDent89: Ah
Serifina: Continue around
BasilBrushOff: Pickaxen, the plural of pickaxe
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noskinnopain: how is it possible that Serge has still only died once LUL
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noSmokeFire: it's actually picksaxe, like notaries public
RoeDent89: Mmm...cookies!
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge been doing all the pushing this map @noskinnopain
Mangledpixel: "... I have no memory of this place"
RoeDent89: And is this the overworld?
robinbolas: I hear rude is a crime in Canada
rocketjohn: he just doesn't take risks
RoeDent89: Yay!
TXC2: Serge is modest James Kappa
BasilBrushOff: Fun fact: Canadians are incapable of being rude because every Canadian is assigned a Canada Goose at birth, which absorbs all the person's rudeness. Honk.
rocketjohn: that's what i meant by risks
robinbolas: Kill the cows?
Tplayne: wool count?
TXC2: People who think Canadians aren't rude have never been to a hockey game Kappa
TehAmelie: what happens if you find your goose and give it the bird?
Lex_Peacekeeper: kill the mass of cows
TXC2: "all the bats are goon and the sky is grey"
TXC2: *gone
BasilBrushOff: TXC2 sergeJustRight
SievertSchreibr: @tplayne 4 wool to go
Crokoking: does right-clicking the spawner with a spawn-egg work in this version?
vegetalss4: What's this monument thingie?
robinbolas: That's a lot of carbs
snowcookies: you need to complete it to win
TehAmelie: i want mooshrooms to be real. probably pretty spongy, but vegetarian, and very environmentally conscious
TXC2: vegetalss4 it's how we win the game, gotta get 16 different wools, plus some other stuff
noSmokeFire: that sounds like a euphemism for going to the bathroom
RoeDent89: Murder Hallway?
jubale1: oooh, classic map
robinbolas: Sounds like fun, I love murder
orbitaltuna: "moOoOoOoOoO"
orbitaltuna: sound of cow murder
TehAmelie: the cows drop a sweet katana
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Angnor33: Craft those mines!
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BasilBrushOff: "The cows... became steak."
robinbolas: Combine the books to make bigger vooks
RoeDent89: This is a very high-steaks mission.
elah806: Fortune would be insurance for finding the metal/gem ores
TXC2: RoeDent89 boooooo Kappa
jubale1: do you have a bucket? lava buckets are great fuel.
RoeDent89: Tip your waiter.
MechaKuuga: poor cows, just murder them swiftly with a sword
orbitaltuna: oh this is super hostile
TXC2: I'm not sure if we've ever had a sword :p
robinbolas: Look at all the beef
chesul: MechaKuuga the sword lights them on fire, and if they burn to death they drop cooked beef.
chesul: *sign
jubale1: is a herd of cows in the tunnel part of the map?
TXC2: to who?
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun I see :(
TXC2: James also breaking the rail line
Welbog: Why do you let James have TNT?
TXC2: watch as that turns out to be important
robinbolas: Because it's fun
robinbolas: Who knows whats going to splode
RayFK: Kill Serge.
rocketjohn: i mean who leaves tnt lying around, ready to be blown up by any fool who might bimble along
circusofkirkus: i vote giant castle because it looks safe and friendly
Kraest subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 41 months!
Kraest: Oh this looks toasty
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Welbog: Never kill Serge
RayFK: It's part of his agreement with Card Kingdom
red_shoes_jeff: Obey the King of Cards!
caimheul: If only you had some TNT to detonate against that stack :-P
jubale1: i don't remember stacked mobs being in this map.
Anubis169: meow... manMARTIN
Anubis169: 'ello all
Kraest: @anubis169 hello!
Anubis169: ohhh this looks like a super hostile map
robinbolas: What are those potions?
TXC2: RayFK if that was true, he'd never call card kingdom "a kingdom of cards" Checkmate Kappa
TXC2: hello Anubis169
Anubis169: 'supsup all
jubale1: need a new chest
jubale1: the gold one is breaking
Kraest: Wow that’s a lot of cows
TXC2: give a hoot, dump some books of Kappa
djalternative: put fortune on your helmet just cuz
robinbolas: These boots are made for looting
TXC2: and that's just what they'll do
Mangledpixel: good boots. goots.
TheAinMAP: Things are going batty again.
mistborn83: you monster
RoeDent89: Bats and boots
robinbolas: lsvHam @TXC2
noSmokeFire: batcave!
circusofkirkus: "sanctuary"
RayFK: A Banctuary
TXC2: Bat cave's back allright!
red_shoes_jeff: Cheer500 It's a BATTING CAGE.
A Cheer shared Rewards to 10 others in Chat!
RoeDent89: Thank you bats. Thats.
circusofkirkus: giant castle seems fun and safe
robinbolas: Have fun storming the castle
snowcookies: Thanks for emote gift!
robinbolas: Serge.... a sign? Noooo
EfreetM: they have TONS of hp
TXC2: high enough to beat us at basketball
snowcookies: there's probably a spawnr nearby
azureHaights: They... LOOK... like INVISIBLE charged creepers. lrrBEEJ
snowcookies: to the castle!
robinbolas: This just in, three muggles just murdered two witches near Amber Castle
djalternative: you've made it to castle embreth
EfreetM: burnin spiders :) long time no see
robinbolas: Why are you hitting them with a sign?
TXC2: robinbolas it's the only weapon James has
ajax696: Creeper xdd
caimheul: And signs don't have durability
Diabore: who had silverfish?
Welbog: I saw the sign and it pushed away the guys I saw the sign
Serifina: Fire + Silverfish is a BAD BAD BAD IDEA
TXC2: that the silverfish square on your bingo cards Kappa
ajax696: hey :3
robinbolas: A fire aspect sign, I am both surprised and impressed
TXC2: hello ajax696 welcome
ajax696: ty :3
Serifina: @robinbolas It's the Battlesign, which has Fire ASpect, Sharpness (so it does real damage) and major Knockback
robinbolas: @Serifina I would say that it unexpected, but I think that is obvious lol. So just wow lol
TheAinMAP: Lots of blazes.
Alness49: 420 Blazes it
Serifina: Ah, right, this area.
snowcookies: carrot
djalternative: lava witches... litches
RoeDent89: Do these things ever *stop*?
robinbolas: A chest full of potions... There is a boss fight coming
TXC2: nope, they're like the terminator Kappa
TheAinMAP: So many.
Serifina: They have Jump Boost, Serge.
TXC2: they all do basketball Serge Kappa
Serifina: Also Fire Protection.
Alness49: What, you thought the broomstick did the flying, Serge?
Serifina: And Speed! I forgot about the speed
Alness49: So Valourous!
circusofkirkus: they got the zoomies
Serifina: Fire Protect/Speed/Jump Boost witches? Absurd? How dare you sir.
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CyberColossus: Minecraft hyyype
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circusofkirkus: sounds hostile to me @Serifina , one might even say Super Hostile lrrBEEJ
robinbolas: This reminds me of Nam
RoeDent89: "What's over here?" Famous last words
Serifina: @circusofkirkus Weird, right? :p
wench_tacular: !code
TXC2: robinbolas what fucking part of Vietnam did you go to? :P
robinbolas: @TXC2 The part with witches and bow shooting skeletons. Da Nang
chickenace11: whenever James says witch all I can think of is a Battlebot
Alness49: "Witch! Witch!" It's not The Long Game, James!
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thegreatwyrdling: I'll just put something intelligent sounding here
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TXC2: yeap this looks nice and safe :P
Feminine_Desires: @LoadingReadyRun take that chestplate james
Feminine_Desires: yours is probably broken
robinbolas: Sniper shot
TXC2: can 't put a price on catharsis
Alness49: A Jack and the Beanstalk?
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TXC2: that right there is why James and Uno have a lot more deaths then serge
robinbolas: You are supposed to ascend... In spectator mode
RoeDent89: RIP Uno
robinbolas: I call it the pacifist solution
RoeDent89: Woah!
caimheul: Well, that's a room full of nope
TXC2: !clips
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silverfur64: ROFL
TehAmelie: Serge has played They Are Billions and still ask where the zombies come from. . .such an innocent boy
snowcookies: mistakes were made
TheAinMAP: Oh no.
TXC2: this is well beyond mistaks
stevestein: Nice reference, Serge
robinbolas: Is this a new kind of mob farm?
thegreatwyrdling: !advice
LRRbot: Adjust the compressor.
thegreatwyrdling: Good advice!
iammorthos: he traveled to the future and made out with sanda bullok? That's gonna be a great VOD
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EOstby: Hey James, don't get distracted!
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chickenace11: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have you tried turning it off?
TXC2: "Doomed to fall" fantastic
snowcookies: We doomed Uno
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sarah_o: Two chuckleheads and a serge
glowingnova: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #6166: "I'm perfect." —Heather [2019-06-23]
thegreatwyrdling: Heather is perfect.
circusofkirkus: it's not James's fault, it was the creeper's
glowingnova: I have no idea what this is, but it looks fascinating
TXC2: it's minecraft hell is what
TXC2: oh Everything is going wrong here, I love it Kappa
robinbolas: That creeper just saved you bro
caimheul: I suppose using creepers to blow up the entire castle is one strategy
b3hindall: is this a vechs map?
TXC2: sure is
b3hindall: niceeeeee
TXC2: "I have stoped" too late James, too fucking late Kappa
Koshindan: It's a badder.
RoeDent89: It's a bladder
wildpeaks: what a lovely place, very rustic
TXC2: a real fixer upper
wildpeaks: Kobe
RoeDent89: I'm sure Uno's counter was at 28 a minute ago
Kraest: It sure was!
SievertSchreibr: Uno is doing great!
EfreetM: Boom
jubale1: just better equipment
snowcookies: WIki says what you need is not at top
EfreetM: bad or no, it's tremendous fun
Elenodul: it might be diamonds?
chickenace11: what is the point of this
wildpeaks: I'm guessing spawners are in the ceiling
TXC2: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
chickenace11: fair Txc2
saweeks: There's ice cream at the top
RoeDent89: Fighting mobs is one hell of a drug
rocketjohn: using the wiki = the big cheats
robinbolas: Come on Serge, where is your sense of adventure?
red_shoes_jeff: Watch, it's totally gonna be here later.
chickenace11: Serge " abandon your friends " Yager
RoeDent89: Get the old gang back together
caimheul: @robinbolas His sense of self preservation has it chained up in a closet
SievertSchreibr: Later, when they have to go here
wildpeaks: floors that don't have holes in them ? so fancy
planeswalkingjedi: Hey guys! First time tuning in to a stream
TXC2: hello planeswalkingjedi welcome
wildpeaks: the ritual zombie sacrifice to the lava witches has been performed
robinbolas: @caimheul I don't intend to kink shame, but let's keep going!!
DonationsForLife: hey
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
DonationsForLife: remember me? it's Joe from high school chem
planeswalkingjedi: <message deleted>@robinbolas Kink shaming IS my kink
planeswalkingjedi: Lol
wildpeaks: secrets
DonationsForLife: JOE MAMA
TXC2: good stuff, watch us lose it
BasilBrushOff: sergeIntoTheSea
planeswalkingjedi: Are y'all excited for the update to the Mountain biome
DevInsanity: Up worked well last time
TXC2: which way lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Press UP for Laser.
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Outer Wilds) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:37 from now).
TXC2: Gods if only we could get a laser
snowcookies: spider danger
Koshindan: Not again.
silverfur64: There are "friends" at the top of the ladder
chickenace11: how are you not dead
circusofkirkus: whoa
wildpeaks: *ding* he survives this
polaris415: um. how are you alive
Xed_Regulus: lrrSACK
TheAinMAP: What? How?
tipulsar85: Everything is NOT fine!
snowcookies: least you lived
TXC2: !clips
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BasilBrushOff: My blood pressure, whyyyyy
EfreetM: it blew away the ladders?!
realhillwolf: its fine
zuchen_120: I’ve missed mine o’clock.
TXC2: Does James have plot armour or something? :P
planeswalkingjedi: That was a Creeper explosion right to the dome. Unless James has really good aror on, I'm surprised he survived
planeswalkingjedi: Usually creepers one-shot me with one explosion, even with armor on
snowcookies: he has enchanted armor iirc
TXC2: I thought poison didn't kill, just take you to one life?
Kraest: This is so stressful to watch. XD
planeswalkingjedi: The only mobs that scare me are withces and silverfish
silverfur64: Poison cannot kill you but it does leave you close enough that anything else can kill you.
Siladuell: How many times has James said "I'm gonna die" today and not actually died? LUL
RoeDent89: 15?
caimheul: I'm waiting for a custom mob that uses the character model just to confuse multiplayer people.
Daken1993: i dont think that creeper actually exploded in his face, he hit it with knockback as it exploded so he didnt get hit
planeswalkingjedi: Ah
wildpeaks: oh that would be delightfully evil caimheul
snowcookies: lewd
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] Find your self a thicc tower.
LRRbot: New quote #6459: "Find your self a thicc tower." —James [2019-10-08]
planeswalkingjedi: I wish Minecraft had some of the older mini-games again, like Walls and Missle Wars
randomino5: Find the girthiest tower you can
SAJewers: flip a coin for which one to go to, the tall one or the thick one?
TXC2: a Thicc tower is my kind of building Kappa
tearsofpirates: is this the nethe..?
tearsofpirates: nether*
TXC2: tearsofpirates nope
tearsofpirates: havent played in ages lol
gameralen929: Super
snowcookies: it's super hostile
gameralen929: Ho no
tearsofpirates: @TXC2 what it is then?
Feminine_Desires: Super Hostile
Kraest: It’s super hostile
TXC2: tearsofpirates this is a super hostile custom map
tearsofpirates: oh
tearsofpirates: OH
tearsofpirates: my bad
TXC2: tearsofpirates no worries
gameralen929: What does it say
TXC2: :)
chickenace11: Boo serge
Feminine_Desires: destroy the spawner!
tearsofpirates: i barely got back into minecraft in the last week or so
Serifina: The signs WARNED YOU
gameralen929: imGlitch
Serifina: You were warned, James. :p
planeswalkingjedi: Seananners was the first YouTuber I watched that played Minecraft, ha ha
gameralen929: SSSsss
gameralen929: VoteYea
gameralen929: TombRaid
EfreetM: loot!
silverfur64: Gear up
TheAinMAP: That's a lot of stuff.
RoeDent89: STUFF
ZachtlyAsIntended: Diamond Pants?
snowcookies: whoa so much loot
TXC2: an hat
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gameralen929: Creeper aww man
ZachtlyAsIntended: restock your cookies?
robinbolas: That's a great load of loot, i'd be a shame if a creeper.... blew it up
gameralen929: Creeper aww man SSSsss
silverfur64: Grab food
robinbolas: Thiccest
EfreetM: tall
silverfur64: I say tallest
chickenace11: tallest
gameralen929: Down there🔴🇦🇪
TXC2: "tallest or thiccest?" "both?...both!"
SAJewers: i vote flip a coin, or let chat vote :P
snowcookies: !vaseline or barcode
LRRbot: Vaseline!
RoeDent89: Letting chat vote is not a good idea.
RoeDent89: And I'm part-chat.
gameralen929: Tallest oh that is where it is😂
TXC2: of course we don't let chat decide, we let lrrbot decide Kappa
TheAinMAP: Oh dear.
saweeks: this is home now
wildpeaks: how does he keep surviving :D
Zaghrog: lrrSACK
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
TStodden: !advice
LRRbot: Mod your legs.
TXC2: he can't keep getting away with this! Kappa
chickenace11: James is using all of his luck now. Wait until thursday and it will all change then
snowcookies: James' falling curse broken?
TehAmelie: you got yote?
chickenace11: !badadvice
LRRbot: Bake your sword into a loaf of french bread.
circusofkirkus: tall tower!
TheAinMAP: lrrSACK
gameralen929: Oh my god 🧖🏿♂️
gameralen929: Why is the floor netherrack
jubale1: use your blocks
gameralen929: Mc is popelar
circusofkirkus: strawberry rhubarb is the bomb
jubale1: Ben is correct
TXC2: stake is the best pie Kappa
RoeDent89: There's too many clear levels for comfort
Kraest: Rhubarb is gross
SAJewers: what about pecan pie?
silverfur64: Strawberry rhubarb pie would be great except for the rhubarb.
caimheul: Shepard's Pie
Feminine_Desires: rhubarb is just soggy sugary celery
mistborn83: I am not sure outside of desert bus if I have ever been more excited for some LRR content then the upcoming Road Quest
robinbolas: Cheesecake is best pie
jubale1: the rhubarb is what makes it
chickenace11: oo that sounds good
SievertSchreibr: Yay Road Quest!
nebman227: pumpkin pie is gross
RoeDent89: Lemon meringue pie
stevestein: You had me at apple pie, you lost me at pumpkin
Welbog: The best pie is ice cream in a cone.
fiftymcnasty: What about pizza pie?
jubale1: i could go for a bumbleberry
mistborn83: you are a liar UNO
Kraest: Apple blackberry is amazing
BasilBrushOff: neither shepherd's pie nor cheesecake are pies. both are excellent though.
The_FlyingDutchman: french strawberry pie
SAJewers: how about worst pie then?
TXC2: cheesecake is not a pie, clue's in the name Kappa
RoeDent89: Cheesecake isn't a pie.
caimheul: Chocolate silk pie
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: It's fine if you don't like cheesecake. More for the rest of us.
herph: same James
BasilBrushOff: gesundheit.
TheElrad: why would you foul pure cake with evil cheese?
robinbolas: @RoeDent89 It actually is though
The_FlyingDutchman: or tartetatin
Camail: execution of a pie is more important than type of pie
TStodden: Pumpkin Cheesecake is pretty good, but it's a pain to make.
jubale1: cheesecake is not cake
TehAmelie: i want to try that thing you call cheesecake in America sometime
JohnnieG: I can't stand the taste of cream cheese
silverfur64: I'll take your share of the cheesecake James.
Zanaide: My great-grandpa always said he liked two kinds of pie: hot pie and cold pie.
mistborn83: Boston Cream Pie is my personal Fav
Lex_Peacekeeper: Jame just break the netherrack under the spawner then break it
RoeDent89: I like cheesecake, don't get me wrong.
Kraest: Okay but what about...Australian meat pies
chickenace11: I'm more of a tart man my self
GaianLuck: Zisteau Spawner!
jubale1: get those zisteaus
TXC2: BLAZE? ah poop!
TStodden: I've found that once you made Cheesecake from scratch, it's difficult to go with store bought.
TehAmelie: i like swedish cheesecake, which looks sort of like if you put cheese curds in the oven but tastes like hot cake and milk
GaianLuck: Leather Pants!
RoeDent89: We live here now
jubale1: just block the exit jims
BasilBrushOff: I just thought "you know what, i fancy cheesecake." right on cue, rain and thunder starts up outside.
RoeDent89: Pigmen above. Pigmen below.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @TStodden My eleven year old daughter wanted to try making cheesecake. We'll never go back now. :)
snowcookies: but then how will we leave?
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bethjch: A resin on mine o’clock - hurrah
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Creature_Comforts: Nooo I missed Serge’s death.
bethjch: Re-sub,
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GaianLuck: They're not pigmen. They're Zisteaus. They got the signs and pants and everything
RoeDent89: Gold nuggets
bethjch: Ah James speaks fluent auto- correct!
snowcookies: diamond!
Bealesey123: This looks like a right nightmare Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1 Cheer1
TStodden: The recipe I use takes around 6 hours to reach the "ready to eat"point, so I usually bake it the night before (which takes around 3h)
orbitaltuna: but does serge have 5 diamond hoes
TXC2: Serge "diamond hoe" Yager
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: An entire chest of "mostly useless junk"TM. So lucky.
stealthcam: that iron sword in that chest has sharpness 4 i think
Kraest: lrrHERE
SAJewers: lrrHERE
BasilBrushOff: "What do we do about ~this~ mess?!"
TheAinMAP: James.
TehAmelie: bless it? i've heard that's what you do with a mess
EfreetM: go on Serge, chop his head off....
TXC2: "I wanted to go bowling!"
TehAmelie: a study i heard about showed people were better at making important, long term decisions when they really had to pee
SAJewers: "peeing doesn't cause mobs to spawn" - serge
BasilBrushOff: In France it's just blaze egg, singular.
Zaghrog: mobs falling from above seems the easy explanation to all those mobs
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TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] Well last time i checked minecraft 1.5, pieing didn't cause mobs to spawn!
LRRbot: New quote #6460: "Well last time i checked minecraft 1.5, pieing didn't cause mobs to spawn!" —Serge [2019-10-08]
snowcookies: peeing, not pieing
TehAmelie: the pies got into the quotes
TXC2: fuck you vowels :P
BasilBrushOff: We just need to get Serge to say "Pieing doesn't cause mobs to spawn"
TXC2: !modquote 6460 (Serge) [now] ] Well last time i checked minecraft 1.5, peeing didn't cause mobs to spawn!
LRRbot: Modified quote #6460: "] Well last time i checked minecraft 1.5, peeing didn't cause mobs to spawn!" —Serge [2019-10-08]
circusofkirkus: T H I C C tower?
BasilBrushOff: JAMES
BasilBrushOff: don't do this to me
TheAinMAP: katesScared
BasilBrushOff: y i k e s
Pleijpje: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Mangledpixel: TXC2 extraneous square bracket there
DigitalSeahorse: any ocelots yet? RPGShihu RPGShihu RPGShihu
TXC2: Mangledpixel yeah, I've taken care of it
Mangledpixel: cool :)
SAJewers: tomorrow?
TXC2: "it will be safer" what are you basing that on Serge?
djalternative: tomorrow?
wildpeaks: should I even ask why there are so many cows
TXC2: it's fine
EfreetM: running among burning cows
EfreetM: very mars attacks
Siladuell: Oh, the bats are back
GaianLuck: beht
DigitalSeahorse: get beef with beef?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCOW
TXC2: the bats are eternal
DigitalSeahorse: seabatSEAL sergeSqueak seabatSEAL sergeSqueak
Zaghrog: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Outer Wilds) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (2:05 from now).
GaianLuck: Naah, he already played this map with Guude and OMG Chad
EfreetM: yaaaay
TXC2: in before we very much have to go back there
BasilBrushOff: "Batman, the Batsignal isn't working!" "Well, Robin, check the batteries!" "What are terries?"
DigitalSeahorse: benginDab
Serifina: 2/3 of the way done. :D
SAJewers: from chests? Kappa
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] That's probably foolish of me to say.
LRRbot: New quote #6461: "That's probably foolish of me to say." —James [2019-10-08]
circusofkirkus: looks like Serge lives there now
TehAmelie: i think the have batbatteries just to avoid that confusion
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
Serifina: James
Camail: use all 3?
Serifina: Split the bottles between all the dispensers
DigitalSeahorse: mattyqGaySnowflake mattyqBiSnowflake mattyqTransSnowflake mattyqPansexualSnowflake
Ferendel: You're supposed to fill all three
Serifina: NAME IT
TXC2: boy this dog is just going to town on licking my feet : P
wildpeaks: we're totally going to lose that sword, aren't we
Serifina: You need to name it to stop XP costs from continuously going up
TXC2: wildpeaks oh 100%
The_FlyingDutchman: might be newer versions
Feminine_Desires: store one of your signs in the enderchest
Serifina: Just do it next time you need to repair it
TXC2: so long Serge, thanks for streaming
red_shoes_jeff: Bye Whiskers!
CrazymattCaptain: naming while enchanting is one more level
erloas: it only costs 1 level if you're adding it with another effect, otherwise it counts as a new enchantment and costs accordingly
stevestein: Naming tools is the Minecraft equivalent of premium skins.
snowcookies: bye!
TXC2: thanks for streaming James and Uno
DigitalSeahorse: elfunkCat lrrGARBO
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
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TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Outer Wilds) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:59 from now).
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrJAMES lrrSERGE katesThank
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, for a Google Calendar version, or for the Twitch Events page.
wildpeaks: Spaaace
TXC2: Autumn please Kappa
Feminine_Desires: YAY MUSE DASH!
TXC2: oooh Serge
Camail: oooh that's a good game
djalternative: 8-11 AM or PM
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2401 patrons for a total of $14,158.67 per month.
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
red_shoes_jeff: Buy!
TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: !ytmember
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Siladuell: slytqItsfine
TXC2: !addquote (James and RebelliousUno) 'Eventually you're going to have to pee.' 'Not if I can help it.'
LRRbot: New quote #6462: "'Eventually you're going to have to pee.' 'Not if I can help it.'" —James and RebelliousUno
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
TehAmelie: laterz
TehAmelie: hm, Forstpunk is 50% off right now. tempting
TehAmelie: Forbstponk
malc: apparently phoenixmelior and I had a whole conversation about food this afternoon without me once realising I'd forgotten to eat lunch
Metalupis: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Outer Wilds) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (1:43 from now).