sir_jack_DB: hey hey party people
TehAmelie: ahoy
wildpeaks: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Outer Wilds) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Outer Wilds) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
Rockario: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Outer Wilds) at Tue 02:00 PM PDT (5m ago).
KharadBanar: when is lrrSIGNAL
sir_jack_DB: now
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
KharadBanar: lrrSIGNAL ?
KharadBanar: lrrSIGNAL !
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cameron and Coriander are back in space, exploring the various gravity wells of Outer Wilds. 📷 ||
wildpeaks: Spaaaace
KharadBanar: lrrSIGNAL !!!
Pteraspidomorphi: Time to die in newer interesting ways
BrindleBoar: sim sim sim
sir_jack_DB: I've never seen anything about this game
sir_jack_DB: this should be interesting
OriginalGarwulf: Anybody know a way to make the prompt show up to send your sub-notice?
Pteraspidomorphi: There was a first talking sim a few weeks ago
sir_jack_DB: ok
Mivair: time to asplode
DaMullet14: OriginalGarwulf reloading usually refreshes that
Mivair: Time for some good ol' fashioned simming
CleeKru: you should reshoot that intro
Sarah_Serinde: Looks like I got home just in time, hullo friends
TheAinMAP: Hello.
SpacePotato01: it is excited
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LuHeGi: A long time
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wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: If your ball is too big for your mouth, it's not yours.
ShaneLeeAtk: The intense stare
Mivair: Hi CameronCori and No Name!
DoodlestheGreat: Well played, Cori.
DaMullet14: What's up, Cameroncori
CyberAsp: I think outer wilds might be my favorite game
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PulseGun: Wildly out there!
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Gizmoloid: You simulate talking well!
Mivair: Zoot zoot!
wildpeaks: time to yeet ourselves into space
Rockario: Woah, deja vu
vivianshade: Hi Cameron hi Cori!
KharadBanar: We should reintroduce that shot
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Drasvin: We will go to space today.
CyberAsp: Also wow what is that shirt cori's wearing
wildpeaks: Minit is another game in that style
BrindleBoar: "Learn as much as you can in order to die somewhere different next time."
wildpeaks: oh no, what did you do
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io_Otter: So glad to see y'all playing more Outer Wilds, definitely one of my fav games this year
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Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
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Drasvin: lrrFINE
OriginalGarwulf: Refreshing didn't work - is there a command or option that will pull up the sub notice prompt? (If it clarifies things, I'm an Amazon Prime subscriber)
wildpeaks: is it dickbutt
NeoSilverThorn: Heh
Gekyouryuu: is the password not dickbutt?
CleeKru: i thought it was DICKBUTT lrrBEEJ
ZethRuss: I can only recommend using a password manager for stuff like that
Sarah_Serinde: Jealous of those cookies :P
Drasvin: Is the password Swordfish?
simriel: I play Destiny 2 now, and it's at least 40% Cam's fault
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paronomasiac042: cookies!
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chickenace11: cookies are the best that is how i hope to make my living one day
ZethRuss: a password manager as in an application, not a person you pay to keep track of your passwords
margieargie: I suspect if you had you'd regret having eaten so many... I know I do <_<
OriginalGarwulf: Everybody uses "dickbutt" - the responsible and secure password would be "buttdick."
DaMullet14: bickdutt
SnowBuddy18: I regret not having cookies right now
BigBtheFirst: I'm so glad to see you guys coming back to this game. It's by far my favorite game of this year, and I find it to be the most pure exploration game I've ever seen.
SpacePotato01: I bet the password is 'inside you all along'
DaMullet14: eight CASES?
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RonnyConcrete: 7 months! Not long now until the sub-baby, then!
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paronomasiac042: I got twins in girl scouts. I *have* to buy equal boxen from both of them!
wildpeaks: Suure
Drasvin: The moonbase's population of thin mints have become extinct
ShaneLeeAtk: Pallets of Timtams!
wildpeaks: they became gone
paronomasiac042: They were had
Duwani1: You Buffaloed the Tim-Tams?
chickenace11: we had to many timtams then we had to many timtams
Johnsterkai: what's happening?
margieargie: @Drasvin That just means they'll have to reintroduce a new population from elsewhere
Sarah_Serinde: then you're out of luck, Graham
chickenace11: what if your programing told you lie?
CleeKru: robots can't lie lrrBEEJ
CyberAsp: But what if robots can lie and he's just lying about being unable to lie
paronomasiac042: Aw, man! Now I gotta watch B% again
margieargie: What if a human tells you to lie, and it doesn't harm another human?
Duwani1: Nice B5 reference
Questhere: what if we're all just a simulation? does that count as being a robot?
Sarah_Serinde: Packaging can't tell Cameron what to do
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TheWooglie: What game is this?
chickenace11: yeah only his programing can do so Sarah_Serinde
accountmadeforants: TheWooglie Outer Wilds, it's very very good
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wildpeaks: Minit \o/
CleeKru: "Remember Me" actually not as bad of a game as everyone makes it out to be
Drasvin: one in a million sounds too low for 2fa
CyberAsp: Minit is just outer wilds with a sword
wildpeaks: talking of Annapurna games, every tried Florence ?
wildpeaks: *ever
Driosenth: A pallet of Tim-Tams would be about 1152 Tim-Tams
ZethRuss: oh, Iove that music
sing_o_muse: twang twang twang twang
CleeKru: game a little to loud (?)
KharadBanar: You're a bit quiet compared to the game
Amentur: That sound ... I guess the last death was asphyxiation
Mivair: 20ish minutes
Pteraspidomorphi: Slightly too loud compared to Cam yes
ulexarX: Outer Wilds: The game that forces gamers to look up
accountmadeforants: What little music that's in this game is all so very important and impactful.
wildpeaks: happy chyrCoffee time
Pteraspidomorphi: Good one ulexarX
Drasvin: Game is slightly loud
Radyin: Check your log?
Piratical_tendancies: UP!
wildpeaks: where we're going, we don't need a plan
Archonic_Energy: cantweCHEERS time for tea
AtomicAlchemical: Up sounds good
Piratical_tendancies: ah! a cupholder.. useful
Sarah_Serinde: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
yallz: this game is sweet, so surreal/intrigueing
Radyin: Maybe check your log to remind yourselves what you were up to?
accountmadeforants: @LoadingReadyRun Press Select to see all the planets, by the way. (And also there's a Log in the back of your ship, if you unbuckle.)
keroan0: Down, I think
kusinohki: hi everyone! so glad talking sim is continueing this game
yallz: dont forget to slow down when you are a couple of km away
Lord_Hosk: If you hit a goose in space... you have good too far
ContingentCat: !y
CleeKru: !y
CleeKru: oh wow
Conrii: Space has Tallgeese. No where is safe.
kusinohki: I would say the goose has gone too far if it's in space...
Despoiler98: Sploosh
Vyous: If you want to refresh what you've done, you can check the ship's computer
accountmadeforants: This is such a good, utterly terrifying planet.
JqlGirl: It is very dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
sing_o_muse: is immediately eaten by something
Mivair: jelly!
Amentur: There was that large anglerfish skeleton
Archonic_Energy: a space ship will always function underwater
Lord_Hosk: Dont worry, this vessel was designed for space travel... so it can maintain... 1 atmospheric pressure
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Stop gentrifying cryptids.
Mivair: airtight also means watertight
Pteraspidomorphi: There's a landing camera/mode with radial controls but I don't remember the button for it
wildpeaks: nice
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh that
kusinohki: massive pressure differential though...
Piratical_tendancies: nice landing
Despoiler98: Anyone getting thalassophobia vibes?
Piratical_tendancies: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
jawz77: LUL
Despoiler98: that ocean abyss was.... O.O
tenthtechpriest: big oof
Despoiler98: the jelly?
kusinohki: "gamesrs don't look … down?"
AmoriLinguae: is there a cave over on the other side?
AtomicAlchemical: Welp... time to walk into the sea
Despoiler98: O.o? wat
Despoiler98: wat was that?
wildpeaks: greetings, floating rocks
CyberAsp: Yeah, planets are round so it could just be on the other side, or anywhere in between!
yallz: @Despoiler98 the island arent anchored to anything and sort of float about
jawz77: Is this a new game looks really interesting lrrCAMERON lrrCORI
sing_o_muse: whirlpool
wildpeaks: goodbye ?
Piratical_tendancies: uhoh
accountmadeforants: Up.
CyberAsp: Tornado ate it
Piratical_tendancies: here they come...
Despoiler98: It achieved orbit?
Despoiler98: HOW?
wildpeaks: Y E E T
Pteraspidomorphi: You're about to experience first hand
Despoiler98: OH SHIT
CyberAsp: Now we're going up
wildpeaks: uhhh
jawz77: monkaS
Despoiler98: We space island now
Despoiler98: you might not want to be there when it goes down
wildpeaks: we appear to have misplaced an entire planet
yallz: @jawz77 just came out on ps 4 been out on PC for about 6 months or so
TehAmelie: hello spacemonauts
jawz77: Everything is fine don;t worry abvout it
sing_o_muse: your planet's broke
SnowBuddy18: planet's hauted
JqlGirl: Fly to the sun1
Gekyouryuu: oooooh~ my mom's birthday present finally arrived in the mail. she got me 5 packs of Eldraine. first pack has a foil showcase frame lovestruck beast and a fabled passage
Pteraspidomorphi: This is the second nicest planet in this star system
kusinohki: this planet is a bit terrifying
Archonic_Energy: nope right out of there
jawz77: Cool thanks @yallz lrrAWESOME
JqlGirl: That's no moon
ZethRuss: and its gone
wildpeaks: goodbye moon
00gogo00: What is outer wilds?
CleeKru: That was that quantum moon thing you heard about last time
r_craddz: I think this is the game Microsoft sent me for watching e3 a few years ago, is it any good?
yallz: that is a scary noise
accountmadeforants: @00gogo00 A space exploration/mystery game.
niccus: what a lovely name for a place to visit
ZethRuss: i love the auto pilot
ZethRuss: it always picks the shortest route
Piratical_tendancies: !advice
LRRbot: Learn to enjoy the fruits of victory!
Amentur: 00gogo00 it's a game about exploring a solar system during a ~20 minute time loop. At the end of each loop the sun explodes and you're trying to find out what's going on
BigBtheFirst: Starting off strong by going to the Bramble, I see!
ZethRuss: its such a hearthian tech
Piratical_tendancies: no, thats brittle hollow
accountmadeforants: Not quite
CleeKru: oh the Bramble is so much more
BigBtheFirst: Hey, they're working on the avoidance system, Zeth.
ogundiety: What game is that, @Amentur ?
BigBtheFirst: This game, Outer Wilds @ogundiety
Amentur: ogundiety, this game
ogundiety: Ah, fair enough. That doesn't match the description someone else gave me, but I am not at all familiar (and just tuning in)
ogundiety: Interesting premise, though
wildpeaks: oh dear
niccus: you might have been thinking of The Outer Worlds
margieargie: Oxygen tank? We have a problem...
Rockario: We did not visit the Bramble last session
Despoiler98: that is not something you want leaving your ship
sing_o_muse: well there's your problem you have a leak!
kusinohki: can you exit the ship without landing? seems like a bad idea, but if the ships broke....
Pteraspidomorphi: You can do anything you like kusinohki
accountmadeforants: kusinohki You won't get far if you care about getting back to your ship. (:
Pteraspidomorphi: The question is whether you'll survive it
kusinohki: can I dance if I want to?
wildpeaks: such pretty lights
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wildpeaks: it's full of stars
Amentur: ogundiety, out of curiosity, what was your previous description?
Invitare: did you just fall into the middle of a planet?
SnowBuddy18: inv
SnowBuddy18: @Invitare no, we jumped
Despoiler98: um......fog plz
CleeKru: @Invitare i wouldn't call this thing a "planet"
Despoiler98: totally not ionizing radiation
Despoiler98: watch yer O2
niccus: let's make sure we're prepared: either of you a poet?
Piratical_tendancies: absolutely safe
NeoSilverThorn: My god! It's full of stars!
wildpeaks: another orange one, intriguing
Despoiler98: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO
sir_jack_DB: OH NO
CleeKru: lrrFINE
wildpeaks: well hello, NOPE fishes
Pteraspidomorphi: So, Cam hasn't played this before?
accountmadeforants: OH YES
JqlGirl: it was an anglerfish all along!
Sarah_Serinde: Aaaaand goodbye
TheAinMAP: Um.
chesul: this reminds me of a book I read.
Invitare: go and say hello
Styxseus: Is that a STAR Angler-fish?!
CyberAsp: All the lights in the sky are our enemies.
Amentur: I very much waited for that LUL
JqlGirl: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Radyin: Fun fact: those aren’t stars.
CleeKru: you can fly in with your ship
simriel: Fun Fact: Fuck
Rockario: Maybe the fish have oxygen?
kusinohki: there was one of those in the museum wasn't there?
Toxxick: Were those stellar angler fish?
Armyguy0: Oh hey
Armyguy0: i did not miss it
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Press (Y) to honk.
Piratical_tendancies: I'm so glad nobody mentined that
sing_o_muse: y
kusinohki: !Y
Pteraspidomorphi: You're the first astronaut to ever have a translation device with you
wildpeaks: I don't think these were goose, lrrbot
Amentur: Our launch pad is made from wood. So ....
Piratical_tendancies: there was one in the museum
accountmadeforants: Check your signalscope to find out the answer/question
Rutdregon12: check signal scope
wildpeaks: "woops"
CleeKru: well i think they warned you about this "planet"
Invitare: here come the Angler Fish...
CleeKru: on some sign in the observatory
wildpeaks: goodbye
Armyguy0: good bye
wildpeaks: it belongs to the angler fishes now
BrindleBoar: lrrFINE
NeoSilverThorn: Well.
Pteraspidomorphi: Lock in and velocity match is usually your best bet if it's not going to collide with anything
Brok3nGol3m: katesBoosh
wildpeaks: perfect
Sarah_Serinde: katesRip
TheAinMAP: katesRip
Zebunisher: F
CleeKru: lrrFine
Sarah_Serinde: Problem solved!
margieargie: F
Sarah_Serinde: Hah :D
Gadora: katesRip
SnowBuddy18: "solved"
Eryndil: Lets not do that and say we did
CleeKru: !badadvice
LRRbot: Consider life without bones.
margieargie: Fix the ship by reversing time to when the ship wasn't broken, the perfect method!
Drasvin: Let the time loop fix your worries.
Gizmoloid: Why not fly straight to Cosmic Angler Fish? Maybe they're friendly?
Radyin: Brand same ship.
j0xer: i like the highlight reel of 'this is how you fucked up'
JqlGirl: !badadvice
LRRbot: Punch the stone.
kusinohki: at least no one else will remember this
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Chatty_Protagonist: Splat
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Rockario: Life without bones qould probably solve some problems actually
Radyin: Did you want to check your log?
CleeKru: !findquote space
LRRbot: Quote #4845: "Why did space get mad at me?" —Heather [2018-03-25]
ZethRuss: lanxing mode (x?) is realy helpful around planets
JqlGirl: Fly into the sun. Be free.
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TrueThorn: Oh hey, space!
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ZethRuss: *landing
Rockario: Does orbitting work in this game at all?
kusinohki: that heather quote is rather fitting for this game
accountmadeforants: You're very much overestimating the Log
JqlGirl: !findquote anglerfish
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Pteraspidomorphi: Hm, I think the log is a really well designed feature which would be interesting to talk about. It's not so much about optional objectives as about organizing information
ZethRuss: moon
ZethRuss: and gone
Radyin: The log reminds you of what you’ve already seen. Nothing else.
accountmadeforants: Allow me to illustrate the Log for you:
kusinohki: @Rockario I think orbiting is _possible_ but looks like it would be quite tricky. *shrug*
kusinohki: try landing mode view?
niccus: orbiting works but first-person orbiting without metrics is rough
CleeKru: oh a landing pad
Gizmoloid: Wasn't roll "Hold RB + Right stick"? Or is it just out of the ship?
Pteraspidomorphi: Hard to manuever near this planet
CyberAsp: There's a controls page in the options
myrighteyeoccasionally: @Rockario You and your ship react to gravity in the same way that planets do
myrighteyeoccasionally: It doesn't do conic sections or anything AFAIK, but it does do the inverse square law as you would expect it to
SaiyaOrigaia: so is this Heaven's vault meets kerbal space program....
CyberAsp: I felt like it was very similar to Heaven's Vault in its storytelling, yeah
Rockario: The scale and thrusting power seems definitely designed so you don't need to worryabout orbits. You can just go up forever
Pteraspidomorphi: If you're in landing mode it shows your position on the planet so you can better pin down t he orbit of the probe cannon, iirc
CleeKru: lrrHERE
TehAmelie: from what i've seen the spaceflight physics are a lot more in depth than Kerbal. though the spaceship building mechanics less so
CyberAsp: You get more agile at the spaceflight the more you play
myrighteyeoccasionally: Excuse me, why aren't you pressing ZL to win instantly
ZethRuss: you only get better at flying the spaceship by flying the spaceship
kusinohki: suit has fuel meter but ship doesn't? hrm...
niccus: orbital maneuvers are very difficult and counterintuitive to learn from first principles
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accountmadeforants: Love seeing you playing this game again! And do look at your log, it's not your objectives, and it's very interesting.
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CleeKru: wait, does s/o when this cycle started
Pteraspidomorphi: That's the biggest handwaving in the game iirc kusinohki, you don't need to refuel the ship since that would just be pointlessly annoying
GirlPainting: @ LoadingReadyRun GOOD NEWS. You are a boss in Dark Souls now. How does your bossroom look like and what attacks do you have?
CyberAsp: The ship has at least a good, say, 22 minutes of fuel
ZethRuss: thats just a dying sun
CleeKru: *knwo
CleeKru: **know
kusinohki: @Pteraspidomorphi
Pteraspidomorphi: Me?
kusinohki: @Pteraspidomorphi I'd agree it would be annoying the refuel the ship, but it's interesting that they didn't do the same with the suit
kusinohki: (sorry hit enter twice there...)
Pteraspidomorphi: I think that's meant to make the player travel with the ship as much as possible
accountmadeforants: Left bumper, I think?
TehAmelie: good question there, if we're playing Panalysts
Pteraspidomorphi: Some people might try to just use the suit to go everywhere, which is not very efficient
kusinohki: I can see that...
Pteraspidomorphi: :P You should land in landing mode, landing in flight mode is incredibly difficult
myrighteyeoccasionally: Also, if you run out of fuel with your suit you aren't instantly immobile
Sqmach: true, it just burns your O2
Pteraspidomorphi: It burns your O2 very quickly, so that's mostly useful in space where you can rely on inertia
Piratical_tendancies: nailed it
myrighteyeoccasionally: I mostly meant that you can walk
Invitare: never didn't have it
accountmadeforants: @LoadingReadyRun Yeah, holding the left bumper lets you roll.
ZethRuss: those landing pads usually keep your ship anchored
TheAinMAP: Touchdown.
Amentur: You're on the artificial gravity pad. Your ship is safe
TehAmelie: using your oxygen for emergency fuel seems like an extremely emergency solution
kusinohki: "planet might steal your ship"
Rockario: Break out the Cargo straps to make sure your ship doesn't fly away on you
Sarah_Serinde: Oh hey, this may be relevant to people's interests: Heaven's Vault is 40% off on Steam right now
DaMullet14: what an elaborately weird locking mechanism
Gekyouryuu: haven't we been here? or is this a different one?
BadAtStuff: This moment is giving off some real horror game energy.
TehAmelie: so many good games, so little time. and money.
kusinohki: ^^
Sqmach: They have been here, they wanted to see if the broken bit went the same place I think
SaiyaOrigaia: yeah this game is both serene and terrifying
Sarah_Serinde: TehAmelie Big mood
Antimuffin: Hey, does anyone else here use the Twitch desktop client and have issues with getting the sub message window to show up?
TehAmelie: Frostpunk is 50% off too
NovaTiempo: oooh, cheap frostpunk? cool
accountmadeforants: @Sarah_Serinde Thanks for letting me know about the sale! Currently buying it.
CleeKru: so how much time is left in this cycle?
Sarah_Serinde: accountmadeforants katesNice
TehAmelie: pun intentional?
Pteraspidomorphi: We died once by personally colliding with Dark Bramble
NovaTiempo: Lets say.... yes.
kusinohki: is there a suggestion page for talking sim? I half expect goose game to show up here since it seems like everyone is/has played it...
TehAmelie: i like Frostpunk in concept but when it reaches negative triple digits it's painful to watch, not to mention play. . .
Radyin: You fully explored the entire area. The information has been copied to your log.
niccus: have they?
Decaped: I believe they found everything here, but didn't really get a chance to consider what it meant.
jubale1: What would Oscar Wilds think?
CyberAsp: Check the controls?
ZethRuss: one trigger is up, one is down
CyberAsp: You should definitely have all six axes
myrighteyeoccasionally: Who the hell is Oscar Wilds
TehAmelie: Oscar Wilde's hippie cousin
Pteraspidomorphi: Here we go
accountmadeforants: Welp
Piratical_tendancies: time's up
wildpeaks: right on cue
ZethRuss: I'm not sure which direction you're missing. there's that thrust indicator on the left that might help
jubale1: what's this game about?
Sqmach: Space exploration, time loops
Archonic_Energy: solving a mystery
Amentur: Sun's getting really low
CaKnuckleguy: Oh right, that place. It's about the woooooorst
BigBtheFirst: @jubale1 Exploring a solar system and discovering the secrets and mysteries of it.
myrighteyeoccasionally: Lots of reading and you have a jetpack
TehAmelie: TFW you find yourself in freefall in open space with a jetpack and no manual
wildpeaks: and you're in space
CaKnuckleguy: RIP This itme
CaKnuckleguy: *time
Sqmach: I sort of wish it would give you a sun timer after you've hit supernova once
Sqmach: just so you'd know
The_Voices: huh
CaKnuckleguy: It's the music
CyberAsp: Any clock in the game is a sun timer
Pteraspidomorphi: Sqmach: You can look at the sun and see its size and color
CyberAsp: Or there are some explicit ones
myrighteyeoccasionally: The sun is a sun timer
CaKnuckleguy: Every piece of music as well can tell you how soon the nova will be
CyberAsp: The hourglass twins too are an hourglass
CleeKru: next supernova in: 22 Minutes
BigBtheFirst: Also, the Hourglass Twins are a rough sun timer.
Pteraspidomorphi: Ah yes, the twins
Mordachai_: <message deleted>Can't lie - this is super frustrating to watch. LUL
accountmadeforants: Sqmach I disagree, it's actually kind of exhillerating to get caught up in something and find out you weren't paying attention to the time.
Sqmach: ah, true, hadn't thought about that
Rockario: Next supernova in 1 Canadian Hour
jubale1: "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." - Oscar Wilde
myrighteyeoccasionally: Supernova in 3.4 million New York minutes
Mordachai_: I know the pain of learning with new control schemes
jubale1: "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." - Oscar Wilde
Mistery836: are you trying to match orbit speed?
BigBtheFirst: @LoadingReadyRun To help with some of the trouble Cam is having with the controls: Left and Right Trigger are Down and Up on the Z axis, respectively.
BigBtheFirst: No matter if you are in ship or in jetpack.
jubale1: only 1km away? must be tiny if invisible
xantos69: OK, just got here. What is the TLDR on this game?
Armyguy0: space
jubale1: the final frontier
Mistery836: ye, if you are 2km away, it's a really small orb
TemporallyAwry: and time
Rockario: Exploring a puzzle box solar system
Sqmach: @xantos69 Space, time loops, mystery
Juliamon: Majora's Space Mask
BigBtheFirst: @xantos69 Explore a solar system, figure out its mysteries.
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:53 from now).
CyberAsp: This honestly might not be the best place to start if you're not super solid on the zero-g controls, it's definitely the hardest landing challenge
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Don't give the demon sphere to Dale.
Decaped: haha, not quite the hardest landing challenge. XD
splatty1: @CyberAsp I mean, the hardest landing challenge is the optional one your not meant to do Kappa
CyberAsp: Well yes
Sarah_Serinde: sergeIntoTheSea
Decaped: hello moon.
ZethRuss: hey, a moon
myrighteyeoccasionally: Chasing it is a lot more effective than waiting
ZethRuss: bye moon
CyberAsp: Match velocity might make it easier
CyberAsp: Oh nice
accountmadeforants: Oh hey, they are figuring out the parallel thrusters! :D
cryomancer20x6: Ooofff
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Make amazing things.
wildpeaks: we do, lrrbot
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accountmadeforants: (Immediately after sending that, I realize that might've come off as a slight. But I really am glad and enjoying this. Controlling a spaceship that can go in any direction is hard.)
Pteraspidomorphi: See the little planet on the left? You can use it to align yourself with the equator
Mysticman89: Apparently, rocket science is hard
Rutdregon12: you can target the station from above then match velocity
Pteraspidomorphi: Landing mode just makes everything easier
Mistery836: POG
xantos69: cheer50 First Try
wildpeaks: it worked \o/
Sarah_Serinde: lrrGOAT
Gizmoloid: Straight on the kathle3HEX
Radyin: You access it from outside the airlock.
uktemperance: This place/game is trippy
ZethRuss: you can send a scout in and navigate by the marker
kusinohki: step 1 - panic step 2 - perfect landing
Radyin: Send your scout inside it.
myrighteyeoccasionally: Make like the Beach Boys and get around!
Sqmach: zero g navigation is hard in pretty much any game, I think they actually did a decent job here
tailoredfit: Hi, Cori! I loved your performance in the Paranoia game a few weeks ago with Jacob Beej, Kathleen, Ian and Dale. Great entertainment! When can we expect Cam as a guest character in that setting?
Zalthia: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:08:43.
accountmadeforants: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
margieargie: Made it!
Decaped: it's very interesting how many different ways this game can turn off players because of the nature of space. Gravity, zero g navigation, the jumping system, space sickness.
cryomancer20x6: Very, very frigthening
Amentur: Giant's Deep does have lots of lightninh
Armyguy0: remember one of them did sink
ritchards: Dark Bargle!
CleeKru: 6 m
wildpeaks: oh dear
Sqmach: Or find a tree
DaMullet14: you weren't using that oxygen, right
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm not sure the tree three there is operational :P
Pteraspidomorphi: Argh sorry
Pteraspidomorphi: -three
wildpeaks: that save :D
Pteraspidomorphi: Perfect!
accountmadeforants: Oh wow, timing!
Xenopenumbra: Goat there!
CyberAsp: Actively suffocating
Invitare: PogChamp
wildpeaks: KOBE
BasilHunter: that was impressive
vivianshade: pro gamer
tailoredfit: "If you get back to your ship and you aren't starting to suffocate, you've wasted a resource"
delta__vee: is this grimdark (ツ)_/¯ ?
kusinohki: my dinner time anyway...
TehAmelie: hmm Sony says PS5 is coming in 2020. i think i'd be more surprised if you can buy an almanac for the year in 2020
kenkopin: So is there a bit of audio compression flutter and noise in the audio for anyone else? I thought it was the game before now.
Gekyouryuu: well, I'm happy. birthday packs my mom sent had: foil alt-art Lovestruck Beast + Fabled Passage, foil Bog Naughty + The Circle of Loyalty, Lochmere Serpent, Stormfist Crusader, and Gadwick the Wizened.
accountmadeforants: @Decaped It's really interesting how Cameron immediately wanted the roll controls, but still seems to be avoiding his Z-axis controls. Turns out maneuvering in all directions and orientations is not intuitive.
Gekyouryuu: as well as the Rogue token for Outlaws' Merriment
CyberAsp: I came into outer wilds having played a lot of zero-g games so it sort of came natural to me
CyberAsp: I'm trying to remember how much trouble I had in the first game like that I played, though
accountmadeforants: CyberAsp, same here, and that's exactly what makes it interesting.
CyberAsp: Probably docking in kerbal space program
TehAmelie: if Neil Armstrong can navigate in orbit while spinning so fast he loses track of Earth and passes out, how hard can it be
CyberAsp: I remember making noises like cameron
TheAinMAP: katesAir
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Sarah_Serinde: benginTry
Gekyouryuu: as much success as can be experienced when constantly dying is a MASSIVE explosion, mind
vivianshade: ^^
Radyin: Don’t forget to refuel your jet pack.
splatty1: I mean, apparently all oxygen comes directly from plants in this universe so it is probably rather fragrant
Despoiler98: *burp* MOrty....ya gotta play the game Morty
Drasvin: Only slightly asphyxiated
cmdrud87: double trebuchet
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Cameron) [now] We're not here to have fun, we're here to play video games.
LRRbot: New quote #6464: "We're not here to have fun, we're here to play video games." —Cameron [2019-10-08]
accountmadeforants: My first "full 3D controls" games was Descent, and I was far too impressed to realize how confused I was.
TehAmelie: i don't remember Rich burping like he's worried about turning inside out. . .
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niccus: you might be missing a few bits of things you could have inspected; i don't think you missed anything big though
CyberAsp: You quit without saving
Sqmach: So I know this stream is usually fully spoiled, but they seem to be enjoying solving this on their own, so I'm not sure if they want help.
CyberAsp: You have to die to save your progress
Despoiler98: wheeeeeee
accountmadeforants: Sqmach I don't think this one is fully spoiled, yeah. And I'm really enjoying seeing them experience this.
margieargie: Don't worry, the sun'll get you out soon enough
Pteraspidomorphi: Bring the ship?
CleeKru: next supernova in 2 minute(s)
Despoiler98: DOH
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
CleeKru: next supernova in 1 minute(s)
Despoiler98: THUD
Splosion: Ow! My everything!
Despoiler98: its time for an earth shattering Kaboom
Despoiler98: UM the sun Cam
Rockario: Treat this space bucket like a piece of heavy machinery
CyberAsp: oh
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CleeKru: i tried to do a java script supernova chat time but i failed
Rockario: This space station is rated of Supernovae, right?
Radyin: Boom time.
CleeKru: *timer
vivianshade: maybe the ship will save us from the sun?
Despoiler98: this wrecked space station can totally handle a supernova
Despoiler98: Kabooooooom
Rockario: Just some thunder, nothing to worry about Kappa
CyberAsp: Haha, game pauses while you're reading
Sarah_Serinde: sergeIntoTheSea
Sqmach: Take a break and go see some fish?
ProtatoBlood: you GET to do it all over again, you mean cam Kappa
BadAtStuff: In the room you were in before, there was a tablet floating around that was for the control module I think?
ContingentCat: good practice run guys
CyberAsp: There's nothing super important in that room that you need
Despoiler98: I still love the first time we played and watched the sun go boom and everyone was like O.O THats bad!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART Cameron :D
Zalthia: I want a marshmallow
Rockario: The loop starts and our character sees the Probe launch and starts yelling out of nowhere "You stupid assholes!"
Despoiler98: do we have to go look at the fish? slytqWTF
offbeatwitch: hi C&C
Sqmach: Anyone tried just flying into deep space to avoid the supernova?
Rockario: Marshmallow man is just confused
Pteraspidomorphi: At this point there are literally dozens of things we can do :) We can procrastinate the fish sighting
offbeatwitch: supernovas are pretty fast and large. i dunno if you could outrun it
Despoiler98: @Sqmach you'd have to be going faster than light to make it
CyberAsp: That one's super mysterious until you get deep into the game @Sqmach because you _can_ avoid the supernova
accountmadeforants: Sqmach Yes, turns out our ship isn't quite fast enough to escape a supernova.
accountmadeforants: (But there are ways)
CyberAsp: But you still fade to black and die and start over
ZethRuss: remember, lock on + landing mode helped out last time
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> We've added the next round of Play it Forward to the calendar. Join Serge Saturday/Sunday/Monday nights at 8:00PM-11:00PM Pacific (until he's done) for a full play through of Moonlighters! Be sure to check that, and all our other streams out at ||
Pteraspidomorphi: You can't fly into deep space, that's the problem
CyberAsp: You totally can
Despoiler98: SPLASH
Sarah_Serinde: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You should buy the fiber protection plan.
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:24 from now).
margieargie: Bad planet! Bad!
kusinohki: so why the fixation on this station?
splatty1: this is reminding me of playing kerbal space program for the first time
Pteraspidomorphi: I think they want to recover some information that wasn't saved from last session (from the control module)
Sqmach: I believe the assumption is that the station is important, as you wake at the start of each loop watching it fire and explode
margieargie: @splatty1 Not enough parachute-popping-out-as-soon-as-you-launch for that :p
Juliamon: Oh nooo
Scrubbodiestobears: OOF
splatty1: ah yes, the best orbital simulation program... kerbal Kappa
Lolipopadventure: LUL
Rynehawk: no?
ProtatoBlood: monkaS
Sarah_Serinde: rude
Sqmach: I mean. I think having played Kerbal really helped with the controls here
accountmadeforants: @kusinohki There's no reason to fixate on anything in particular. It's a mystery, you're exploring whatever catches your eye.
CleeKru: welp 16 minutes to the next supernova
Amentur: You can lock onto an object via the ship log
Gizmoloid: They MUST have been trolling. I don't think you can get to a point where you just "put space battle data into kerbal" without understanding its limitations.
Pteraspidomorphi: Can you lock via the map, Amentur? (honestly don't remember)
niccus: is the probe launch station in the ship log?
Pteraspidomorphi: It took me hours to even figure out there was an autopilot
ProtatoBlood: just go through the planet ezpz Kappa
niccus: honestly i'd probably trust a relatively rudimentary simulation like kerbal over a tv show
Rockario: If we crash into the station at 500 m/s, setroying us both. I count that as a success
CyberAsp: I never figured out that you could use the scout camera without launching the scout until I had won the game already
CyberAsp: Despite the control prompt being on screen the whole time
Pteraspidomorphi: So is the autopilot prompt (see now)
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BuggDoubt: hooray space!
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Pteraspidomorphi: I was so focused on the center of the screen I didn't see it
Rockario: We're like Goku, chasing that monkey around the tiny planet
quadpixel: juat go the other way around the planet instead of trying to chase it
Rutdregon12: Just put your target on the space station then match volocaty
ZethRuss: lock on, press x
Pteraspidomorphi: quadpixel: The problem is that you can easily go out of the trajectory and miss it when it crosses you again
niccus: match velocity is a lot less reliable in low orbits
ZethRuss: x
Lolipopadventure: BibleThump
ProtatoBlood: BibleThump
Despoiler98: Damnit planet!
ZethRuss: try landing mode
ProtatoBlood: damn planet DansGame
quadpixel: you have to get close before matching velocity
Rutdregon12: match from above it so theres the space station in between you and the planet
ZethRuss: it makes you orbit your target
Pteraspidomorphi: Wait for it to pass under you
accountmadeforants: If this is annoying, why not have a look at the other planets? (Or even your homeworld?)
Pteraspidomorphi: I apologize
Sarah_Serinde: Cameron can make his own choice on whether to keep trying this or move on
ContingentCat: yeah that's where that sentence ends, just "I don't know anymore what"
Pteraspidomorphi: That was backseating
ZethRuss: sorry, too much backseat gaming from me, I'll keep to myself
offbeatwitch: it really hates helping you hit this station
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHERE
accountmadeforants: :D
Lolipopadventure: gj
accountmadeforants: A happy coincidence, this one.
offbeatwitch: cool planet, this is
Sarah_Serinde: sergeFriend
splatty1: gabbro = maximum chill
kusinohki: um, what was that about dying repeatedly?
Lolipopadventure: :O
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ProtatoBlood: ben PogChamp
Sarah_Serinde: benginHi benginHeart
Xenopenumbra: It Ben!
ContingentCat: Hi Ben and friends!
offbeatwitch: hello plaid posse!
Juliamon: Ah, the ol' Tuesday afternoon plaid raid.
Kyle_McQ: benginHi
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electric_claire: This is definitely my game of the year (or even the past few). So happy to see it on Talking Sim
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niccus: something that was accidentally rudely interrupted by a cyclone here is that he mentions locking into a statue, too, and that's why he knows about the loop
kusinohki: "there.. are... 4... islands!" - picard
Radyin: Keep talking to Gabbro. He will teach you something.
ZethRuss: you can ttake pictures with your scout launcher
electric_claire: Oh yeah! Gabbro has the one persistent gameplay effect
Radyin: Gabbro will teach you something if you talk to him more.
TehAmelie: huh, Sigourney Weaver turns 70 today
accountmadeforants: @Radyin That's not until the next time you meet, I think.
electric_claire: You should definitely ask Gabbro how he's so calm
Radyin: @accountmadeforants Ah, you may be right.
ZethRuss: so, only the green stuff hurts you
CleeKru: 2 minutes to supernova
e_bloc: Cheer167
electric_claire: Have they figured out that they can take pictures without launching the scout? I know they had trouble with that last time
niccus: careful with the probe's momentum
ProtatoBlood: monkaS
Drasvin: medic!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
kusinohki: sounds like it won't mater for much longer though... (body state)
Radyin: There is a medpack in your ship.
ProtatoBlood: no more sun FeelsBadMan
Radyin: Watch it blow.
TheAinMAP: katesBoosh
electric_claire: Who programmed this functionality into your ship's map?
Gekyouryuu: every time this thing goes blue, I'm reminded of Wolf 359
Rynehawk: quick use the medpack!
Rynehawk: ;)
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ProtatoBlood: how often does the sun go boom boom?
CyberAsp: 22 minutes after start
accountmadeforants: Yup, always wear your suit. I've definitely messed that one up before.
KnightKadosh: Ooo~ A pt2! I'm excited for the VoD to see this from the beginning of the episode :D
Sarah_Serinde: A very brief spacewalk
Radyin: Talk to Gabbro again. He should have new dialogue for you.
Sarah_Serinde: Radyin I'm sure they've had enough chances to read that by now
cryomancer20x6: You'd mostly suffocate - which is still horrible
TehAmelie: you will lose all the air in your lungs, or rupture them if you try to hold your breath. everything else is a much smaller concern
offbeatwitch: it's kinda cool having a game where you play out the end of a solar system, in the fact that you can just explore it as much as you want
offbeatwitch: oh there's a landing pad over there
Amentur: The person you meet on Giant's Deep also experiences the time loop and would have given you a gameplay mechanic. Not sure if you flying off into space borked that up
electric_claire: I found it a lot easier to fly around Giant's deep in landing mode
Driosenth: humans live at a pressure comparatively similar to the vacuum of space,
Radyin: @sarah_serinde Fair enough. I just love this game and I just want them to get as much of the experience as they can. I’ll keep to myself.
Sqmach: are spaceships usually also good underwater? this seems odd
Sarah_Serinde: rude
ZethRuss: check the area with the scout
incredulouspasserby: I was about to ask how much control Cam has here to possibly die - and then he crashed. So.
ZethRuss: only the green matter is bad
offbeatwitch: is the gravity just too strong
splatty1: you do apparently get a substantial amount of expansion and damage to soft tissue in a vacuum from what I recall
offbeatwitch: use the probe
kusinohki: 2X gravity...
Going_Medium: High gravity? Try swimming?
TheMerricat: I have it on good athority that you just make funny faces and scream a lot -
electric_claire: Time to jump over a small gap
accountmadeforants: Oh. I've nearly finished this game and didn't know about that.
Pteraspidomorphi: Me neither
kusinohki: how far underwater can you go?
offbeatwitch: oh it's like. sealed
empyreon: yeet!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrGOAT
KnightKadosh: nailed it
KnightKadosh: first try
Lolipopadventure: BloodTrail
wench_tacular: \codefall
Sarah_Serinde: bonk
Amentur: bönk
BadAtStuff: Since I haven't been here since the beginning, is ghost matter the in universe way of explaining invisible walls?
CyberAsp: No, it's invisible and kills you
CyberAsp: But shows up on camera
Sarah_Serinde: Yes this seems like a great place and time to doze off
BadAtStuff: Oh that sounds much worse.
electric_claire: @BadAtStuff I don't think this game has any invisible walls
kusinohki: I get the impression ghost matter is like uranium or something. invisible toxic radiation
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHERE\
TheMerricat: Alll the walls are quite visible and painful to bounce off of.
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHERE
Drasvin: I imagine the only invisible walls would be the edge of the star system
CyberAsp: They have different sound effects for different marshmallow done-ness
electric_claire: (unless you count the void underneath the sun where they keep the "interior" regions)
accountmadeforants: Welcome to the real game!
Rynehawk: so much immersion
CyberAsp: When you eat it
Rynehawk: turney buttons lie
Drasvin: Isn't fledspar the one that disappeared?
splatty1: doze off till the sun explodes
electric_claire: You could go talk to Gabbro or explore the other island
Sqmach: Pass the nova quietly in your sleep?
Sarah_Serinde: "D
TheMerricat: or not.
Sarah_Serinde: :D
Gekyouryuu: you were saying, Cori?
Rynehawk: actually....
ProtatoBlood: 4Head
engineerbudy: welcome to the highlight reel
CyberAsp: Can't hesitate!
offbeatwitch: well, at least we're immortal
Drasvin: Radiation is deadly
Borgrim_: is this no man's sky, but fun ?
Sqmach: Fanglyfish time
ZethRuss: the computer might have hints on this
Pteraspidomorphi: Borgrim_: It's very much a designed experience, no procedural generation
Drasvin: The auto pilot is dumb
offbeatwitch: [clench]
accountmadeforants: And today we learn about just how massive the sun is
CyberAsp: ~here comes the sun~
ProtatoBlood: that seemed questionable
kusinohki: shortest path through sun? no problem!
electric_claire: My favorite part of the autopilot is that it doesn't account for gravity so when you get a gravity assist from the sun it slams you into your destination planet
Rockario: The autopilot not doing, like, an orbital renddezvous kinda disappoints me
Pteraspidomorphi: Autopilot is the leading cause of death in this star system
Pteraspidomorphi: And that's saying a lot
CyberAsp: I love how omnipresent the quantum moon is
CyberAsp: Always showing up in shot
accountmadeforants: Rockario The autopilot is intentionally garbage, but it still works well enough.
electric_claire: I died by slamming into Interloper at like 120mph thanks to autopilot
TheMerricat: Back to visit the angler fish?
Sqmach: given how slapped together this whole space program seems, it doesn't surprise me that the autopilot isn't that advanced
Rockario: @accountmadeforants For sure, it's exactly what these folks would build
margieargie: Might be in one of the anglerfish...
Sqmach: be very gentle, to avoid collisions
electric_claire: You can continue to use the signalscope
kusinohki: ah yes, the ship will keep me safe from the star anglers...
offbeatwitch: cool!
Borgrim_: red science, best science
offbeatwitch: maybe in that one then! :P
Mysticman89: is a fish playing the harmonica
Rockario: Let's Pinnochio our ship right up into an glerfish
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until_may: cameron calm down with all the handsome
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Amentur: Many lights
BadAtStuff: Many anglerfish
Sqmach: that looks concerning
KnightKadosh: very space odyssey-y
kusinohki: just jam an antennae into a blow hole and use the fish to navigate. I have it on good authority this works!
electric_claire: Your velocity resets whenever you enter a bramble so you don't have to worry about your speed
MadWolf1290: deeper and deeper
offbeatwitch: what a weird planet
electric_claire: You can always hold a to match velocity with the current planet
accountmadeforants: God, this game is just so perfectly directed, even though you just get to faff about at random.
offbeatwitch: its good at landing rather than floating
electric_claire: holding A is basically an anchor
Rutdregon12: you can hold a to anchor your self
electric_claire: try it
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Pteraspidomorphi: I have to agree with Cori there
kusinohki: I think they're called "tether lines" when in space
electric_claire: A will cause you to hold still relative to the bramble
splatty1: scout?
Zebunisher: be polite an knock first?
BlackIsis: Well, that is weird.
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: You should try ramming it at top speed
offbeatwitch: lol
00gogo00: Thanks for the gift sub kind stranger
electric_claire: Maybe follow your scout signal to find him?
00gogo00: also don't know how I got one while I wasn't in chat
Pteraspidomorphi: I think all followers apply?
io_Otter: Maybe fire probe in the hole then follow the duplicate?
00gogo00: oh
Juliamon: The sub-gifting lottery is a mysterious thing.
00gogo00: I find that kinda unlikely
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00gogo00: I was watching earlier this stream tho
00gogo00: maybe that's it
Sqmach: dark bramble seems to make space wonky
Armyguy0: 3 scouts*
offbeatwitch: space: wonkified
Armyguy0: theres 3 now
Sqmach: plant based portal planet
Borgrim_: entering random holes , safety third
Borgrim_: ever forward
Amentur: Portals and space angler fish
offbeatwitch: oh wow it DOES look like an anglerfish
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: The bramble is a very messy place. Took me about a dozen loops before I figured out where I was going
Gekyouryuu: hey, look, it's Kathleen
accountmadeforants: You're much more clever about this than I was initially
offbeatwitch: that's super cool
Juliamon: 00gogo00 I will say this, there are so many subs gifted to this channel that the odds are actually quite good.
BadAtStuff: Maw
00gogo00: bitey mcteethface
TheAinMAP: At least there's trees there.
BadAtStuff: At this point, you'd call it a maw.
electric_claire: The Dark Bramble is not a topological space
seth_erickson: Can't wait to see one that's alive
Sqmach: how the heck did he grow trees here>
CyberAsp: Every astronaut gets tree seeds for emergency air!
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: SPace Magic
electric_claire: Can we talk about how big this angler fish was?
SquareDotCube: Space angler fish. Spangler fish.
Gizmoloid: @electric_claire Or we can talk about it's living friends? :)
electric_claire: @Gizmoloid Those are much smaller though
Gizmoloid: Really? I thought they were just far away.
electric_claire: @Gizmoloid Yeah, they're only just big enough to eat your ship
Drasvin: Can you provide him a ride home?
00gogo00: shouldn't you, yaknow, save him or something?
ContingentCat: he seems fine
Dezinkled: Hope he doesn't steal your ship while you're exploring
electric_claire: This is not a vine
Gekyouryuu: he said go to the flickering light?
CyberAsp: He wanted you to head towards the flickering light, yeah
Pteraspidomorphi: None of these exotic astronauts wants to be saved, except possibly riebeck someday
io_Otter: It's a bit distressing that it looks like that seed hatched inside this thing
CyberAsp: Oh hi scout
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP
niccus: anyone with time check for supernova?
electric_claire: I like that feldspar has a different, earlier ship
splatty1: @io_Otter obviously don't eat inter-dimensional doom seeds is the takeaway from that skeleton
Sarah_Serinde: rude
Gekyouryuu: welp
offbeatwitch: hmm. I don't think we can go in that ship then xD
Drasvin: Don't touch high voltage
seth_erickson: Maybe we go grab our ship and travel this hollow root
offbeatwitch: ship's probably too big
offbeatwitch: neat!
electric_claire: No, you're going the right way
00gogo00: seems like a perfectly reasonable place to put a log file
TheMerricat: So we have a problem here where out fuel is less than 50% so wecan't make it back to the ship....
Sarah_Serinde: It's all right~
offbeatwitch: well that was neat!
Juliamon: Fortunately the fuel situation was resolved.
Sqmach: where the jelly like a suit?
Sarah_Serinde: TheMerricat Turns out it wasn't a problem
Sqmach: *wear
Vyous: I wonder if the jellyfish would be enough to insulate yourself from the nova?
Sqmach: Can you become...Jelly Mario?
Borgrim_: maybe isolate to peek around sparky ship?
Sarah_Serinde: Ram. That. Fish!
e_bloc: give me ramming speed
Sogheim: a wooden spaceship just bothers me
niccus: 30 minute notice
CyberAsp: Remember last time you guys also learned some important things about getting to the core of giant's deep, they might still be in your logs if they saved
Pteraspidomorphi: Try to miss the islands?
00gogo00: what was that?
Pteraspidomorphi: The quantum moon. It's quantum!
00gogo00: that explains so much
empyreon: Get. That. Moon!
CyberAsp: Gotta keep one eye open, don't blink
accountmadeforants: Looking forward to this one
accountmadeforants: :D
00gogo00: F
Pteraspidomorphi: Hehehe
ContingentCat: F?
ZethRuss: fly into it
offbeatwitch: did we. fall through it?
GoblinRanger: seems like an inconvenient place to blink
Amentur: You should also talk to Gabbro again. Unless something broke, they have something to teach you
Driosenth: just plow right into it
electric_claire: This was really frustrating to me, but there's a point when you're immersed in the quantum moon's atmosphere that you're not LOOKING at it.
electric_claire: You would think seeing its atomosphere counted as seeing it but it doesn't
00gogo00: is this source code: the game?
Pteraspidomorphi: This is a whole other story branch that will take a bunch of investigation
accountmadeforants: This game will be teaching you much more, but some of it can be figured out on your own.
splatty1: cori's problem solving: lets add a few 0s to our approach velocity Kappa
electric_claire: @splatty1 I mean, it's not a terrible idea
Gekyouryuu: ooooh, an Alex
TheAinMAP: Hello Alex.
Anubis169: o.o
Anubis169: o hai Alex
ZethRuss: dive underwater
00gogo00: so are you trying to stop the sun from exploding?
Rockario: The sun wins, every time
Gekyouryuu: hey, look, Alex was on Talking Sim. we don't need to reshoot the intro this week. Kappa
steelfox13: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100
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Borgrim_: that reminds me of that water planet from interstellar
Sqmach: current too stronk
Kramburger: Okay 'Wear The Jellyfish with Your Ship' needs to be added to BOTH advice and quotes
GoblinRanger: ^
CyberAsp: There was stuff in the earlier logs talking about how to get through the current, from last stream
BlackIsis: Is anyone else wondering how the jelliyfish got from *here* to Dark Bramble?
Sarah_Serinde: Kramburger Way ahead of you
CyberAsp: You got it on the construction dock
steelfox13: I just got here. Are we having fun with this game?
Sarah_Serinde: sergeFriend
Pteraspidomorphi: steelfox13: Some difficulty due to the controls being hard to master
Amentur: Wibbly-wobbly spacetime-morphing brambles I'd say, BlackIsis
ZethRuss: I think we read some stuff last stream regarding the current
GoblinRanger: also bad for the jellyfish
electric_claire: Not a lot of calories in a jellyfish
accountmadeforants: What, how?
Invitare: Jojo taught me that they're 99% water
Driosenth: check inside cyclone?
niccus: they only have pretty specialized predators
accountmadeforants: JJellyfish are just like really bad skinbags full of water.
cryomancer20x6: I eat freshwater jellies right out of the lake like an idiot, but I love it
electric_claire: Huh, I guess the scout can penetrate the current a bit because it's fast
electric_claire: I wonder if they did actual physics on that
CyberAsp: The nomai on the dock at least said they knew how to get through, something about the viewing pool
Rynehawk: just pretend youre having lots of fun. It'll get jelly and come over
steelfox13: *Honk* Get in the car Jelly, we're going shopping.
CyberAsp: Dangle some bread into the current
accountmadeforants: You're much more calm about this than I was. I'm terrified of the deep.
Splosion: Yeah, but at least here if you die, you're brought back home
electric_claire: I'm assuming the ice froze around it
BlackIsis: @accountmadeforants Sounds like Subnautica is the game for you!
CyberAsp: Insurance company wants to know how you got your ship stuck in a tree.
Toxxick: Can someone give me the readers digest synopssis of this game?
Rutdregon12: maybe the sun can melt the ice
CyberAsp: We're space adventurers stuck in a time loop because the sun explodes every 22 minutes
Borgrim_: maybe some chaos covenant magic can get them out
Borgrim_: let's go ask the witches of izalith
Pteraspidomorphi: Toxxick: We're an astronaut from the most ramshackle space program ever conceived trapped in a 22 minute time loop in a very deadly star system and the only race that knew what was up went extinct millennia ago
Toxxick: Well damn
CyberAsp: I love how Gabbro said "I've tried every idea I had to get through the current and neither of them worked"
accountmadeforants: @BlackIsis Oh, I have played Subnautica (supporting UWE since NS1), and pushed through by sheer adrenaline.
TheMerricat: @Toxxick it's hard to do so because the digest version of the story would still spoil everything. but the elevator pitch is we are an astronaut to a primaitve species that just managed to get into space and explore our solar system. And the sun goes boom every 22 minutes and we mysteriously return to the start of the game with more knowledge.
accountmadeforants: Please do return to this game, but yes, you're not required to do so on stream
accountmadeforants: There's a lot to it.
BlackIsis: @accountmadeforants You are braver than I :)
Sarah_Serinde: whoops
Rynehawk: this is fine
splatty1: somewhere between frontier Americana and summer camp Kappa
Kramburger: lrrCOW
Amentur: I would like to see a return since the old civilisation and the end of the game has some very interesting things to say about the universe
Sarah_Serinde: gabyFine
CyberAsp: This is my favorite game ever
Borgrim_: well, we learned that fire is bad
accountmadeforants: It's a mystery game, and that actually means investigating things. On your own. With no context or prompts.
Borgrim_: that's something
InquisitorGaia: hows everybody
Sqmach: I think if things were bigger, you'd need a longer loop time, and that would just get tedious
accountmadeforants: Again, this is you:
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BlackIsis: It would be hard for you to explore the whole thing in 20 minutes if they were huge.
Pteraspidomorphi: It is fundamentally a research and investigation game
margieargie: If there were, there might not be anymore?
CyberAsp: You can complete the game on the first loop, it's 100% about knowledge
Rockario: I like the comparison of this to Minit and calling them puzzlebox games
ritchards: Alex - Jump Scare!
head_cannon: I think it's cool how no progress bars or stats go up; it's just your own knowledge as a player that increases as you play.
cryomancer20x6: Looks like Alex is eating a Whopper
Pteraspidomorphi: head_cannon: Yeah it's space Myst, or space The Witness
TheMerricat: PogChamp100 Alex!! :-) PogChamp100
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Sqmach: "ancient" is sort of questionable though, given a ton of this stuff is still functional
splatty1: check computer?
Kramburger: That crack in the glass doesn't look good for your chances
margieargie: I, uh... not sure those branches are supposed to be -inside- the ship.
ritchards: lrrHERE
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHERE
Gekyouryuu: lrrHERE
TheMerricat: for another 10 min or so at least.
ritchards: don't worry, the sun will set you free
Borgrim_: 10 minutes is forever at this point tho
accountmadeforants: There are a lot of things you can only explore in your invincible space steed, but so many more you actually need to do on your own, vulnerable.
Jonci_: Is part of this ship made of wood?!
TheMerricat: TIMBER moon, Alex. TIMBER moon.
CyberAsp: Your homeworld has a lot of trees, okay
electric_claire: Well, I guess Gabbro is also a species hope
Rockario: Sun going supernova is, like, the quintessential "disaster that we can do nothing about or against"
electric_claire: Not that he's going to do anything...
accountmadeforants: (And yeah, your invulnerable space steed is super, super vulnerable.)
Sqmach: I wonder if anyone has spent enough time derping around on the first loop to supernova before takeoff
KnightKadosh: My arms? Kappa
Radyin: I love that the only “currency” in this game is knowledge.
empyreon: "um.... could you not?"
Hatty0: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
Sqmach: I'm not sure the Hearthians have weapons, at all
Gekyouryuu: @Sqmach dunno about that, but the first stream they DID accidentally die before seeing the statue, so they didn't time loop
Armyguy0: "accidentally die"
Vyous: The twins are a great example of that fact.
accountmadeforants: Oh, Cori has played this game before? I didn't know!
satyropodobny: So it's like no man's sky but actually good?
accountmadeforants: Oh, that's unfortunate
ritchards: will there be a part 3 Outer Wilds or something else?
BigBtheFirst: Cam, why not take it as a Play It Forward, then?
kerbalized_: ^^^^
TheMerricat: @ritchards given how they are discussing it, I would guess not unles as @BigBtheFirst suggests, a play it forward
accountmadeforants: I'm equally for playing this throughout, or just playing it on your own. I want as many people to play this game as possible.
splatty1: well, looking at this as a puzzle game is interesting because a lot of the puzzle is figuring out/ discovering mechanics as opposed to direct application known mechanics
Amentur: Seeing this on a Play it forward would be nice
CyberAsp: Woodpunk!
accountmadeforants: This game is explicitly Americana. The creators have said as much.
ritchards: woodpunk?
TheMerricat: Timberpunk
offbeatwitch: steamless steampunk
Gekyouryuu: Plankpunk?
CyberAsp: Oh yeah timberpunk is a great name
Mysticman89: so steampunk without the steam. so Punk
BadAtStuff: It's got a frontier aesthetic but I think calling it any sort of "punk" is a bit off.
v_nome: cowpunk
Borgrim_: it would be sweet if it was kerbal themed
offbeatwitch: imo the only way to eat marshmallows is by setting fire to them and then blowing them out
erloas: victorian punk
Sqmach: the space-goblin look of the hearthians is interesting too
offbeatwitch: it hardens the outside but melts the inside
Borgrim_: or if the ships were powered by ghost rock 😈
Borgrim_: this world has 22 minutes 😀
TheMerricat: you can save the universe or you can just derp around bouncing off moons.
Vyous: Progression seems to just be the information you learn.
CyberAsp: You might not be on rails but all roads lead to the sun
accountmadeforants: You exclusively gain knowledge, but it's very important knowledge.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun there are tools to acquire that you will keep if that isn't too much of a spoiler.
BigBtheFirst: @Vyous It very much is. Which is both a huge strength of the game, and also a detriment, in that it means the game has little to no replayability.
Pteraspidomorphi: When I first landed on the interloper it passed by giant's deep and the planet's gravity well plucked the ship right off, leaving me stranded to be dumped into the sun shortly afterwards. There are so many ways to die, without the time loop survival would be... unlikely
Rockario: Just as a comparison, KSP is about the mechanics of spaceflight, this game is about getting somewhere and seeing all the cool stuff that's actually there
head_cannon: I like the implication that if the player-character hadn't been waylaid by the time loop, they would have certainly stumbled into their demise.
Pteraspidomorphi: yup
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Kramburger: Never change, chat
niccus: two complementary (and significantly overlapping) ways to understand the extent to which space no good will kill you
BigBtheFirst: I feel like this game is purely an exploration game. And in that, it is the most "pure" exploration game I've ever seen.
electric_claire: Aren't we always falling toward something, if you think about it
ContingentCat: a so just like life
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Rockario: Look forward to a future where games that simulate space travel are diverse enough that it's a common and understood mechanic
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (43s ago).
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! katesWave
vivianshade: thank you and have a great night
ContingentCat: oo all the loud bois
xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
Pteraspidomorphi: Blayers of witch
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ghostvalv: loud bois and spoopy goodness
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RebekahWSD: I'mma go get a drink and get ready to watch the blair witch game that is more ptsd game
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
Juliamon: PTSD Sim: Good Dog Edition
PharaohBender27: Hey, while we wait, I have a question: So before the Twitch redesign, on VODs you could click on the timestamp for a comment, and the VOD would jump to that moment. That doesn't seem to be working anymore - I even see a "jump to video" tooltip if I hover over a timestamp, but nothing happens if I click. Anyone else experiencing this, or anyone know the cause or a way to fix it?
Juliamon: PharaohBender27 I'd reach out to Twitch about that. It may be something that got overlooked in the redesign.
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kais58: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben, Adam and Alex sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Blair Witch) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (4m ago).
JoTyler: spoops spoops spoops!!
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon OK, I'll give that a shot. I assume it's easy to find a "give feedback/report issues" page?
jessieimproved: dem spoopy boys are late
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
NightValien28: here we go
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Blair Witch on the Let's NOPE is back! Adam is sick today, so Ben and Alex are here to bring the spoops! | 📷 ||
IsThis___Art: ewwo? is dere some weawwy big spoops coming up?
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon OK, just found the page!
jessieimproved: lrrSPOOP you're gonna get scared okay byeeeeeeeeee
IsThis___Art: lrrSPOOP okay byeeeeeee
kumatsu: Might wanna check that last tweet's link @LoadingReadyRun
LoadingReadyRun: GDI
Reddarian: I'm already spooked
PharaohBender27: lrrFINE
Baldrash: lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: PharaohBender27 Awesome! Also, if you twitter, @twitchsupport would probably get you faster response.
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Blair Witch on the Let's NOPE is back! Adam is sick today, so Ben and Alex are here to bring the spoops! | 📷 ||
RebekahWSD: Back with soda just in time
YawnLance: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon I'm too verbose for Twitter, so I'll have to hope this works
accountmadeforants: Wait hold on, there's more live LRR after this?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: lrrSPOOP
accountmadeforants: (This being Talking Sim)
nkcola: lrrSPOOP
Questhere: lrrALEX lrrBEN lrrSPOOP
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon (i.e. no, I don't Twitter)
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Brok3nGol3m: Art?
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silvalunae: cuties
Cepsys: is this....a Ben?
eric_christian_berg: Yorick!
e_bloc: is this. . . .Ben?
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Snakebyte36: Time to take the good boy for a nice relaxing walk
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DoodlestheGreat: Alex wanted to be a chin rest?
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accountmadeforants: Hi you both!
Elaro_56: I can hear you!
silvalunae: Adam you look weird?
PharaohBender27: Hi, lrrALEX and lrrBEN ! Where's lrrADAM ?
Pangogie: SPOOP BOIS
DoodlestheGreat: It's been done.
BadAtStuff: That sounds... inappropriate
accountmadeforants: Utterly horrifying, Alex.
andy_reeed: @pharaohbender27 he’s a sick boy
e_bloc: who says you can't be sexed to death
Cepsys: death by Snu Snu
Rhynerd: It probably exists already.
PharaohBender27: @andy_reeed Oof, sorry to hear that
eric_christian_berg: Alex, no!
accountmadeforants: And also no.
GoblinRanger: Aww feel better Adam
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e_bloc: generic horror game sponsored by blair witch
Pangogie: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Boi_Ginny: It sure as heck feels like Layers of Fear!
RebekahWSD: It feels like a game about PTSD and not Blair Witch, which can be a good game, but...
IsThis___Art: agreed, Ben.
accountmadeforants: What is a Blair Witch game, even?
Rockario: I will say no more than: that game basically exists, it's a rougelike text adventure
AlienNanobots: *what*
silvalunae: TRUTH
GlennSeto: DAMN
RebekahWSD: Sometimes you can just have eldtritch abominations!
YawnLance: Impossible!
IsThis___Art: HWWWWWAT
Driosenth: why can't a spoopy monster just be a spoopy monster
NightValien28: Hey its the OG loud boi and the new loud boi
Elaro_56: Yeah but ghosts aren't scary!
BadAtStuff: Sometimes an axe murderer can just be an axe murderer
PharaohBender27: Yeah, I watched the VOD, and theme-wise it seems a bit . . . not quite all over the place, but it's trying to tie disparate things together
e_bloc: Adam got shorter
Brok3nGol3m: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK kathle3HEX lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: please preach kathleen
Amentur: kathle3EYE
eric_christian_berg: I thought horror games were supposed to be metaphors for overthrowing the ruling class?
PharaohBender27: A wild lrrKATHLEEN appears!
Kramburger: But how can you write with Ham Hands?
ritchards: Detroit: Become Human isn't about Race!
Shirts_: I'd atleast thought there would be a Witch by now....
PharaohBender27: OH SNAP
silvalunae: I would also play that
BadAtStuff: Question, does the skeleton want to get you
e_bloc: the twist: it's your skeleton
niccus: an It Follows game?
holidayMD: RE is always about dump zombies
eric_christian_berg: Spooky scary skeletons!
Brok3nGol3m: get WITH you you mean
BadAtStuff: Or does it want to GET INSIDE YOU
silvalunae: The twist: he gets you. . . a pizza!
niccus: oh fuck an It Follows mmo
e_bloc: or a blair
Gizmoloid: Clown-spiders on fire is still the best!
IsThis___Art: it doesn't seem to have much gameplay
kumatsu: The real Blair Witch was MAN
Kramburger: I'm pretty sure our character's name isn't even Blair
eric_christian_berg: It wants your flesh, duh!
Brok3nGol3m: they were your bones all along?
Snakebyte36: the skeleton had PTSD all along
thehighsloth: ah yea get to watch a lets nope live for once
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Frankenfruity: More like Which Tony Blair Project
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silvalunae: I WANT to play that now ben
Invitare: Alex didn't you play that game once?
AlienNanobots: The skeleton wants your skeleton so it can have a skelefriend
Invitare: Atomic 78?
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Invitare: 79 even
Invitare: with the good music
Elaro_56: How is the skeleton looking for their body NOT a metaphor for some kind of mental illness?
Shirts_: that sounds like a statement about being comfortable in your own skin lrrBEEJ
IsThis___Art: too much ""
Rhynerd: I don’t think Atomic 79 would count as survival horror.
DoodlestheGreat: Why can't we just have the simple "BOO! I'M A GHOST!" of games like "Spooky's House of Jump Scares?"
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kid_flashionable: Thank you for the two wonderful months! I'm really happy my boyfriend introduced me to you guys gabberAah
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Cepsys: John P. Murderman
YawnLance: uni200 Day 476 in the woods. I have yet to find the eponymous 'Blair Witch' but I have found a weird tape that said there were two cuties playing videogames. Have fun with the spoops! lrrSPOOP
ritchards: Search the Campsite... Search it! SEARCH IT!!
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thehighsloth: do you guys think that they should have made this game a bit like outlast with the cameras and that?
e_bloc: five bears high assing
weff47: @kid_flashionable that's me!
Kramburger: M E T A P H O R S
Shirts_: have you heard of the game death mark for the switch its a pretty fun japanese horror game
accountmadeforants: ALSO DROP OFF SOME THROAT SOOTHING PASTILLES, do not look back.