accountmadeforants: Huh, wonder why Talking Sim switched from Smash Bros. to Telling Lies
TehAmelie: Smash Bros is forever but this things is pretty recent i guess
TehAmelie: i guesses
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNOL
LoadingReadyRun: Cam's sick and Cori didn't want to play Smash alone
TehAmelie: makes sense
wildpeaks: yess, more Telling Lies \o/
TehAmelie: when you smash alone, you're smashing with Stalin
accountmadeforants: Understandable, thanks for answering! Hope Cam's cold stops trying to turn his body into naught but slime!
wildpeaks: (tbh I'm more looking forward to that game than smash)
wildpeaks: but I wish Cam to feel better
TehAmelie: i hope all his snot reactors don't have a meltdown
niccus: a pile of kleenex, congealed, now resembling an elephant's foot
Cepsys: right on time! woo
TehAmelie: whee
wildpeaks: perfect
Sarah_Serinde: Perfect :D
Juliamon: Flawless.
CleeKru: nice
DaMullet14: Cori, you look different
DaMullet14: redder, somehow
CommiePuddin: That's the show everybody!
DaMullet14: more textual
CommiePuddin: Desert Bus prep?
Sarah_Serinde: Yeahhh there have definitely been webcam issues
e_bloc: Party205 ooooh I was hoping we would get back to this one
TehAmelie: James tried one camera after another until he forgot which one worked
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Sarah_Serinde: He sure is a jerk
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e_bloc: and cactus sex
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DaMullet14: There was a google doc Chat made with what we knew last time, right?
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh that's an unexpected thing that will take priority over my workout
chickenace11: but cori it's heather house of lies not your house of lies
Sarah_Serinde: And he got the girlfriend pregnant
Sarah_Serinde: Girlfriend who thinks he's geniunely into the environmental activism thing and doesn't know about the job or the family
e_bloc: well I know because I bought and finished the game so I'm excited to see how your playthrough goes
Pteraspidomorphi: DaMullet14: Cori owns the google doc
Pteraspidomorphi: Can we have the doc URL again?
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh thanks!
Sarah_Serinde: :D
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART
Boiler_bot: So is this basically Her Story, kinda?
accountmadeforants: Meanwhile, he presumably hides the order he puts on his clothes from everyone. Not even his immediate family doesn't know!
Sarah_Serinde: Sarah may not be on it the whole time, Sarah is in a similar position to Cameron right now ><
e_bloc: put Sarah on the payroll :p
DaMullet14: Martin is the girlfriend's last name
wildpeaks: better than Her Story imho
wildpeaks: but same principle
Juliamon: Sarah should be resting.
Sarah_Serinde: Juliamon I mean I've barely left my apartment all day?
e_bloc: shift left I thought
CommiePuddin: Is this is FMV?
accountmadeforants: Oh hey, turns out swapping tabs isn't conducive to constructing a grammatically correct sentence.
e_bloc: yes
Sarah_Serinde: And left bed around noon
DaMullet14: that was an aggressive happy birthday
DaMullet14: enthusiastic
TehAmelie: is the audio a little desynced on purpose?
LbxAni: like that they got the new Storm to be in this
CommiePuddin: Argh, this is why coming in to Ep2 sucks. :(
accountmadeforants: Also, this is overacted but in an exciting way. I'm already digging this game.
TehAmelie: i guess the question should be if the stream is synchronized. i just assumed it was the game
DaMullet14: Cori appears synced
Juliamon: Cori looks pretty synced
LbxAni: that's a really dirty lens / screen
Juliamon: I'm used to video chats being a tiny bit desynced so it doesn't bother me
ritchards: why would you bring up Detriot? there's nothing about racism related to that lrrBEEJ
Sarah_Serinde: :D
e_bloc: did you know Ann arbor was a stop on the underground railroad?
DaMullet14: The conceit of this game being that you have access to all of these videos but there's no root directory where you can sort them is wild
Sarah_Serinde: Something sure is operating
LbxAni: the background of this room is amazing. Those swords :)
Pteraspidomorphi: You are welcome
wildpeaks: maybe if it was something like Google Search where there is a ton of data but you don't have access to the root, it would be easier to explain the limitation of the UI (but even then you'd have more filters)
LbxAni: and the traffic reflection is a nice touch
TehAmelie: it's a very unlikely concept but they're so committed to it
wildpeaks: we must find out everything \o/
ritchards: you need to look for 'vegan cookies' now! ;)
Rockario: I almost expected to not have the other side of this conversation
DaMullet14: Is this a music cue or is this a victrola in their living room they didn't unplug
TehAmelie: if you match up two conversations can you play them side by side for quality of life?
ritchards: she's 'sassy'!
DaMullet14: TehAmelie you sure can't
worldsugliestman: who's the discount Brian Cranston
worldsugliestman: are we supposed to be talking to the screen or
Sarah_Serinde: One of the few times where telling your partner's parents you're unemployed is the preferable choice
DaMullet14: TehAmelie navigating to specific timepoints in the video instead of just having "fastforward" and "rewind" is a mod Cori had to install
Pteraspidomorphi: It's the other side of the conversation 2 videos ago, worldsugliestman
TehAmelie: yikes
DaMullet14: quality of life was /not/ a priority
ritchards: and knocking her up! ;)
worldsugliestman: @Pteraspidomorphi got it
wampus7: this is literally the stuff of nightmares
wampus7: like I have nightmares exactly like this
DaMullet14: wampus7 of meeting your girlfriend's parents on skype?
wampus7: and the exact pacing of the conversation being exactly like this
wampus7: and I am saying nothing or the wrong things, and the conversation is essentially keeping me hostage
wildpeaks: at least we get both sides of conversations this time
wampus7: no one else? just me? ok
ritchards: Moonbase cat?
wildpeaks: llaRiki
wildpeaks: are we secretly a cat ?
LbxAni: from the room you're in watching the vids
Myrph: khavren
e_bloc: cat best character
DaMullet14: so I'm betting the stale vegan cookies are the ones we ate at the meeting where we met Ava
Sarah_Serinde: katesLoaf
wildpeaks: the first of cat secret is meow
LbxAni: solitaire is tempting
wildpeaks: first rule of
DarkNacht: The secret is that we have cats for hands
DaMullet14: We met that long-haired guy, yeah
Sarah_Serinde: Oh right I forgot we had solitaire on here :D
e_bloc: did we ever find out about what was in the medicine cabinet
fiftymcnasty: the reflection thing is strange
TehAmelie: it reminds me of the DVD commentary on Resident Evil Apocalypse Now that has two of the actors talking to each other and a third one talking to herself all cut together with no explanation or anything
TehAmelie: wait, no "Now"
DaMullet14: And we don't know yet whether our face in the reflection is supposed to also be someone in the videos or not
wampus7: stranger danger
worldsugliestman: TOS TOS TOS TOS TOS TOS TOS TOS
wildpeaks: oh right that clip
worldsugliestman: O __ O
Cepsys: ma'ampire?
LbxAni: I really need to go back and watch the last season or too of Halt and Catch Fire
DaMullet14: This conversation is /something/
Juliamon: Ma'am.... ma'am, your clothing's slipping
TehAmelie: i choose to believe the character had that mole surgically implanted
wampus7: I bet alex.. isn't sorry
worldsugliestman: uuuhhhhhh uummmm
e_bloc: mind vampire.
worldsugliestman: i need an adult
Questhere: cringe factor 11
Fluffy776: This is so bloody awkward to watch
Rockario: I had a nightmare about vampires!
LbxAni: @Fluffy776 it gets worse
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Lucien0451: Watch out, she's a mind vampire!
Fluffy776: @LbxAni oh good. Thank you for the heads up!
DaMullet14: Meemaw has a cat, important
wildpeaks: she's awesome
wampus7: important plot elements.
Lord_Hosk: That was super fast change to pjs
TehAmelie: i hope you have to search for alternative terms for "meemaw"
wampus7: I feel like this is the beginning of a kidnapping lost footage situation
LbxAni: the other side of this video just shows how bad the father is
Lord_Hosk: I have never... in 11 years of parent hood of 3 kids seen a child fall asleep like that
Juliamon: She's not good at this. Her eyelids are still wiggling.
Pteraspidomorphi: REM sleep obviously
TehAmelie: dramatic licence?
ritchards: like... what is the point of this game? With Her Story there was a murder we were trying to work out, but what's the big secret we are trying to find out here?
wildpeaks: One cannot escape Solitaire
DaMullet14: ritchards I don't think we know that yet
TehAmelie: in movies, doctors wear white coats and children fall asleep within one verse of Little Star
Juliamon: Captions pls
DaMullet14: ritchards We seem to be trying to unravel the timeline of David in some way
Pteraspidomorphi: Ah just like crunchyroll
mrcjshark: whats this about?
e_bloc: yeah I had that bug too
TehAmelie: TETH
e_bloc: it resets after you pass that part of the video
Juliamon: Chat, no.
TehAmelie: teeth are everywhere, it can't be helped
DaMullet14: Juliamon it's okay, the tooth is missing
chris365: Toofh
thegreatwyrdling: teeth?
e_bloc: search for. . . .teeth?
Rockario: He got beat-up by the tooth fairy
DaMullet14: According to the document his fight with SLeepy was in February of 2018
DaMullet14: haha, shirt's inside out
wildpeaks: nice detail
thegreatwyrdling: is this a game or an interactive movie?
harleyshake23: wat is this
Sarah_Serinde: Perfectly healthy relationships this man has
e_bloc: loves his families
LbxAni: she doesn't come back after putting the kid to sleep so he gets angry and hangs up
k_pal: Hi
LbxAni: at least that's the way i see it
EvilBadman: No, she was laying next to the kid, and mouthed "I'm sorry"
TehAmelie: it's a more interactive movie than the games that used to receive no score in videogame magazine reviews for advertising themselves as interative movies
wildpeaks: what's the 5th clip ?
LbxAni: "doesn't come back to finish him off" is what I meant to type
wampus7: I mean, its as much a game as heavy rain
ritchards: cat bell jjingle?
Sarah_Serinde: Ann Arbor
Sarah_Serinde: A2
TehAmelie: ha i thought it was code for Alcoholics Anonymous
e_bloc: it took me way too long to figure out he meant ann arbor
e_bloc: like hours
SquareDotCube: pmc?
Spluuga: mercs?
e_bloc: knives!
Pteraspidomorphi: What was the first dwarf again?
e_bloc: this guy loves sharp things
sgowell: Is that the guy from Dollhouse?
Pteraspidomorphi: Thanks
DaMullet14: sgowell yep
TehAmelie: i would expect this video to consist of the line "call me later, i'm eating"
Astramentha: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:27.
DaMullet14: Reed Diamond
wildpeaks: I think so, sgowell
sgowell: @damullet14 thanks!
e_bloc: exit plan
SquareDotCube: haven't we heard "you need to get your head back in the game" from him elsehwere?
sgowell: @wildpeaks thanks!
wildpeaks: well hello shirtless man
DaMullet14: I didn't catch i the reflection whether we have a mole like Karen does
LbxAni: a real person in this game and not just a cg face
e_bloc: protagonist has roommate
Astramentha: Would anyone be up for filling me in on the major developments so far in the stream?
Pteraspidomorphi: From last time we have Sleepy = Peter in the doc, who got into a fight with "David"
DaMullet14: Astramentha this stream, or including last time?
Mangledpixel: ah yes, Phase 2: release the goose
Astramentha: Just this stream, I saw part one.
DaMullet14: Not a ton this time yet, we just got reacquainted with all the names we found last time, and we found this chunk of time where he looks beaten up
Astramentha: @damullet14 Thank you. :)
DaMullet14: I wonder if Peter was a romantic rival for his "sleep with Ava for cover" plan, and that's why he had to murder him
e_bloc: Peter is somehow a worse person than david
Pteraspidomorphi: Delightful
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DaMullet14: This got heavy quick, considering we started at ecoterrorism
zepinkone: Hullo
Astra7525: Never heard of the missing stair idiom
TehAmelie: Captain Awkward dot com is a good source on that and many other useful things
Mangledpixel: "Missing stair is a metaphor for a person within a social group who many people know is untrustworthy or otherwise has to be "managed", but who they work around by trying to quietly warn others rather than deal with openly."
canoecrasher: There's a creepy reflection in the screen - is that supposed to be the player character watching these very very creepy videos?
DaMullet14: canoecrasher yeah, that's us
TehAmelie: creepy fact, this game is in first person
e_bloc: worm
Sarah_Serinde: I'm not sure I'm glad
Painfully_Dyslexic: ummm what did I walk into? 0_0
wampus7: not sure I want to hear the other side of this convo
Mangledpixel: delicious high steaks
GallowsCat: fuck peter you
GallowsCat: yo
KV1NN4: omg a Glo-Friend?!
wampus7: O_O
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
The_Voices: dncTakei
wildpeaks: at least it's not a cactus
Invitare: don't cheat on the cactus
canoecrasher: I missed a lot - is this the girl who they thought was 18?
DarkNacht: Better than cactus?
DaMullet14: canoecrasher yeah, at some unspecified point in the past
KV1NN4: its toxic!
Juliamon: Cactus would be more immediate injury.
wampus7: florida? lol
TehAmelie: super adult level: buy your kid a crate of recalled dolls
Sarah_Serinde: She doesn't owe you that story my dude
RAICx: ^
DaMullet14: So this would be right after he beat up Peter then
canoecrasher: @Sarah_Serinde +1
wampus7: the box
Astra7525: whoever has seen Agens of Shield: I am getting such strong Grant Ward impressions from his fcial expressions
canoecrasher: Also - people don't decide to press charges.
wildpeaks: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Yorri
wampus7: OPEN THE BOX
DaMullet14: so I guess the search term for the other half is gonna be "key"
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah key seems like it could work
Astra7525: re: fairy-tale obsession of hte guy: The background music also sounds a bit medieval fairy-tale
SquareDotCube: can we search by date?
DaMullet14: the history dates are your timestamps, not the timestamps for the videos
wildpeaks: sadly we can't search by date
Sarah_Serinde: The sacrifices we make for this stream :P
wampus7: oh hell yeah
CommiePuddin: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
steven_ice: TOS
LbxAni: Hello Clementine
Juliamon: That's a pretty bad wig
DaMullet14: Oh, she's not French any more
Astra7525: I wonder whether they hired an actual camgirl for her role
LbxAni: love that they say "Her Story" in the game
Astra7525: oh dang
wampus7: reminds me of that black mirror episode with the eye cam cookie
kakmize: I thought she looked familiar
Sarah_Serinde: "french" maybe? Because she responded mentioning she wasn't french anymore
TehAmelie: "arrest" seems like a good search word
Astra7525: She played a prostitute in Westworld too, right?
The_Voices: regular?
TehAmelie: who's this clown?
wildpeaks: a mystery
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Shaved.... wow he looks different
wildpeaks: yeah looks like him
Astra7525: Davey with no beard? Shavey?
wildpeaks: :D
e_bloc: ahhhhhh time jump
wildpeaks: "Michigan" could be a keyword
wildpeaks: even better
RobotInProgress: Now to go to his locker
CommiePuddin: "Jones"
wampus7: davey jones!?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Welll... not his real name I assume
canoecrasher: Did we send him to ... "David Jones's locker?"
TehAmelie: Davy Jones? this web is leading. . .into the sea
CommiePuddin: "locker"
CommiePuddin: You mean that piece of leather he's cutting?
canoecrasher: Is he eating right off his cutting board?
TehAmelie: heh i just thought, what would happen if Davy Jones falls over when he's standing in that water bucket? i picture him rolling as though down a hill as he's pulled into the sea
SquareDotCube: David Jones Smith?
Astra7525: People aren't knives, Mike
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't even know how to write his name anymore
RobotInProgress: is he a 1000 degree knife
Mangledpixel: Astra7525 well, apart from the Knife People
canoecrasher: Robots aren't knives, Mike
TehAmelie: he seems like a guy who likes a hard blade that stays sharp until it suddenly breaks
Fluffy776: It also makes them brittle
Invitare: "Frame your camera better, we're just looking at your torso and chin"
DaMullet14: So that makes the timeline for the game end at about July 2018
DaMullet14: And begin... early 2016?
MAPBoardgames: David Jones David Smith?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: drugs?
wildpeaks: regular ?
DaMullet14: "french" maybe?
wildpeaks: oh yeah french
TehAmelie: i'm curious how many results "drugs" would give
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't know who was writing the dates last time but we seem to have no earlier than 2017 so far
Pteraspidomorphi: In the doc
Astramentha: So ppl know, “missing stair” also means that new people who come into the group aren’t told about the misssing
Astramentha: shit
DaMullet14: oh so /she's/ Snow White?
Spluuga: man, did dhalsim get new moves?
Astramentha: Aren’t told about the “missing stair” because everyone else just worked around it and assumed everyone knew. So new people get tripped up by the stair because they didn’t know.
DaMullet14: he's mentioned Snow White in an informant capacity before and I assumed he meant Ava
TehAmelie: if i had narcolepsy i'd make a career as a cam girl under the name Snow White
DarkNacht: @TehAmelie not sleeping beauty?
wampus7: no porn jifs
EvilBadman: um, Juh-Ifs?
TehAmelie: too obvious
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Man of Medan) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1:59 from now).
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So this is way after the arrests... and he's just watching in now?
wildpeaks: so she's in new york
wildpeaks: (supposably)
wampus7: is this actually how cam stuff works?
DaMullet14: I suspect the demographic who can answer your question is not the demographic you'll find on a Talking Sim chat, wampus7
ritchards: it'll be something...
Mysticman89: so I just showed up. Should I get a towel
Pteraspidomorphi: There's a lot of shoulder disrobing in this game, so lewd
TehAmelie: i expect they did a lot of research for this game
wampus7: lol probably not, case and point
Astra7525: l... why did we watch this?
ritchards: so, was Sam Barlow like... "I want to see her be a sex worker for me"?
TehAmelie: and then ignored it like the Sunshine director ignored their physics advisor
Xafty: @wampus7 much as im outing myself. kinda similar, yes
Astra7525: ah "regular"
wildpeaks: I'm guessing we were Guest
e_bloc: well that was uninformative
Astra7525: I suspect "we" weren'T anybody here and this is just a curveball
Astra7525: also: didn't she tell the Ballet dancer story earlier to Davey directly
ritchards: cat purr
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Okay, it's funny when you say it, not so much him.
e_bloc: oh this one is good
LbxAni: this guy is just terrible. Isn't there for his family, gets involved with the subject of an investigation, and has a cam girl on the side...bad man
TehAmelie: Knight 81 sounds like a nazi. . .
SquareDotCube: so, 81 or eighty-one
LbxAni: Hello tattoo
Sarah_Serinde: Wonder if "banned" will give us the other side of this
Sarah_Serinde: 81 might not help us because she's probably reading the username from chat, not hearing it
RobotInProgress: didn't she correct herself in the other vid from 81 to 89
Pteraspidomorphi: "Ban happy" was in the doc from last time
wampus7: open house
wampus7: possibly the worst porn name
e_bloc: Cleveland
Astra7525: whoawhoahowa
LbxAni: so weird she's telling this all to a cop
Astra7525: hahaha
wildpeaks: meow
Juliamon: LMAO
RassilonDND: jeez too real
Mangledpixel: KITTY
LbxAni: kitty :)
DarkNacht: So she just doxed herself
RassilonDND: kitty interference too real!
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So who is this watching all of David's videos?
TehAmelie: i hope there's some kind of bonus material where we find the records of our own webcam
e_bloc: search
wildpeaks: cat.exe has encountered an error
DaMullet14: MyClosePersonalFriendJohn we suspect it's his wife Karen but we don't know
EvilBadman: Presumably someone else from the agency, MyClosePersonalFriendJohn
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Thanks. Missed a lot before now
wampus7: who made the paintings
Astra7525: Didn't Mike say he also lives in Cleveland?
wildpeaks: that search field :D
Astra7525: *Mike was Davey's boss
Mysticman89: That doesn't look like a man watching a camshow gone wrong
canoecrasher: I showed up late - what is our objective here?
Sarah_Serinde: Oh no he's sad, I feel so much pity for him
Sarah_Serinde: What a rough life he has
TehAmelie: is this a. . .white collar criminal?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I wonder how often undercover agents lose themselves to "fake" lives like this. Seems like not being yourself would lead to "falling into others lives" more easily.
Astra7525: he's Shavey in this one
wildpeaks: rekt
Mangledpixel: "right here, you can pinpoint the exact moment his heart is ripped in two"
ritchards: boo frickin' hoo...
TehAmelie: i've never seen the face of someone being banned
LbxAni: I love the attention to detail on when the reflection of us matches the movements and dialog of the actors, and when it fades in to accentuate what just happened
wildpeaks: delightful, especially with the joyful music in the background
RassilonDND: is this the other side of the previous video?
Astra7525: it is
DarkNacht: yes
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So I've missed everything up until the last hour or so. Has he done some REALLY not okay stuff? Just wondering the level of not liking him I'm supposed to have right now?
Pteraspidomorphi: Google doc URL for latecomers who might want to help:
TehAmelie: yeah this is a classy production
DarkNacht: kinght89?
DaMullet14: maybe just 'ban'?
wildpeaks: yoga maybe ?
e_bloc: Cleveland?
Astra7525: oh no
Juliamon: Y E S
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Cause so far I'm disliking Harry more than Davey... but just cause he gives me the creeps.
e_bloc: introducing harry
wildpeaks: fudge
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: (or whoever the knives guy was)
SquareDotCube: or max
DarkNacht: with a photo and the knowledge that she worked in real estate she should be easy to find.
RassilonDND: oh hey can we play more solitaire?
TehAmelie: it looks like Budget Time Crisis
SquareDotCube: probably Lethal Enforcer
Invitare: one of them has an infinite ammo hack
LbxAni: love how he shows off he can handle a gun here while getting info
Astra7525: also: There is a camera inside an arcade machine???
DaMullet14: Astra7525 I think he put his phone on the desk or something?
TehAmelie: NSA is everywhere, man
Astra7525: @DaMullet14 oh, sounds reasonable
wampus7: a pen cam would work too
Astra7525: and people say videogames don't teach you how to shoot
DaMullet14: November 2018 is the latest video we've seen
TehAmelie: somone's in a fireworks duel. i've read a Stephen King story about this
e_bloc: "fireworks"
Invitare: never trust chat
wampus7: he does that weird eye twitch
Rockario: Well, David is hairy in that clip Kappa
wildpeaks: dead drop
SquareDotCube: max?
Juliamon: So we have Jones, Smith, Miller.
ritchards: it's Miller time?
e_bloc: found him
e_bloc: david miller
Sarah_Serinde: Ooh this one will be interesting
e_bloc: welp
wildpeaks: he's gonna blow up the bridge, isn't he
DaMullet14: Oh, is this the solved crime? Did we beat the maze?
e_bloc: now we know how it all ends
Sarah_Serinde: You sure have, Davey
Mangledpixel: my bet: this is him pretending to blow himself up, but he's actually faking his own death
Sarah_Serinde: Agreed, Cori
Juliamon: Blowing shit up isn't "SOMETHING RIGHT" you dingus
wildpeaks: oh yeah, possible too
e_bloc: this person has no idea what right is
wildpeaks: is it the oldest video though ?
Spluuga: we gonna strap him up with sum good ol' c4 and watch him float
e_bloc: why so limpy
RobotInProgress: @Spluuga whats left of him
e_bloc: TNTea
wildpeaks: :D
Sarah_Serinde: Oh good, say you goodbyes to both of them in the same video
Pteraspidomorphi: From last session's notes Max was her ex-boyfriend
wildpeaks: and his daughter ?
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, maybe not
LbxAni: headphone warning!!!!
Sarah_Serinde: I hope his girlfriend and wife didn't find out about each other/the other kid from this video
e_bloc: star
paciferal: headphone warning for a big boom
RassilonDND: I wonder if his girlfriend or wife is the one looking through the videos now.
DaMullet14: Sarah_Serinde I think Emma found out about Ava at least before this, I remember a video we watched near the end of last time where she was seeming pretty Divorcey
Sarah_Serinde: We can see her reflection well enough to know it's not Ava
wildpeaks: maybe the daughter that grew up ?
Juliamon: How did this VIDEO survive
Sarah_Serinde: DaMullet14 Very possible, I don't remember all of the last session
RobotInProgress: magic?
EvilBadman: immediately backed up to the cloud
wildpeaks: livestreamed ?
Astra7525: Maybe streamedto a cloud storage
Rockario: Maybe he was streaming it to a server
Sarah_Serinde: If he streamed it somewhere?
RassilonDND: what idiot stands that close to a boom they set up?
CloudyMrK: uploaded to cloud?
Pteraspidomorphi: Well, the government has a secret system. A machine, thatr watches over you every minute of every day...
e_bloc: he put it on myspace
Sarah_Serinde noms soup
EvilBadman: @RassilonDND One that wants to die
wildpeaks: he stored it on a Nokia phone, that's indestructable
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I realize this is fiction, and I know he's definitely not been a great guy.... but we ARE watching a person commit suicide.
Spluuga: he became the water cloud
Despoiler98: !next
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Astra7525: I wonder whether the woman watching these videos (our player character) is one of his daughters
Rockario: I do not mean this at all seriously, but: I guess he figures dumping an entire bridge into a river is better maybe dumping a bunch of crude oil
EvilBadman: I think it's someone from the agency
EvilBadman: I don't think a civlian would be watching these
Sarah_Serinde: I think early on we saw him mentioning someone he worked with in the CIA?
Sarah_Serinde: I think this is her
Sarah_Serinde: But I don't remember it very well
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @EvilBadman There was that cat who jumped on the desk. Feels more "at home" than "at office"?
EvilBadman: People work at home
Astra7525: You forget: At the start of session one we got this tool from our hacker friend and they also said that we WILL be caught and imprisoned for this
Pteraspidomorphi: If she was looking for the suicide video her original search term BR...(idge?) makes sense
EvilBadman: source: am working at home now
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @EvilBadman True
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah we are not doing anything legit here right now
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @EvilBadman Also, lucky you... wish I was right now. :)
RassilonDND: I just honestly don't understand why he doesn't boat farther away from the blast. it's comically stupid to commit suicide the way he does.
Pteraspidomorphi: He didn't seem happy with his life choices
Juliamon: He's clearly not very bright or good at planning ahead.
LbxAni: It tells you in the info on the desktop that you are not supposed to be looking at those files or doing anything with them
EvilBadman: It's dramatic. This is fiction
Sarah_Serinde: The man fucked up. A lot.
TehAmelie: maybe he thought it wouldn't be fair for him to live through doing that
LbxAni: so, before video daughter = 1, now daughter = there's that now
Sarah_Serinde: ""fireworks""
Fluffy776: Ok, I was looking at other things and wasn't quite sure if that's what happened. Wow
RobotInProgress: he was not a smart man
DaMullet14: oh this is the other half of the first video
DaMullet14: where we found out about harry
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I'm trying to be REALLY generous and assuming that David found her so he could steal her videos of him. (Ya, I'm having a hard time convincing myself...)
Astramentha: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn I’m assuming he went to “just talk to her” and things went bad. Like they were obviously going to.
TehAmelie: i hope we have just one call with only audio
Rockario: Alternately, so he could mail her a confession or something?
DaMullet14: movie money? So his cover story wasn't a total lie?
DaMullet14: Harry said Max showed up in a police report that was subsequently deleted, so I assume he pulled bureau strings to have her effects seized so they could scrub them
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Harry definitely looks like one of the guys who helps you out in a Mad Max movie. Something post-apocolyptic anyway.
Astramentha: He does.
TehAmelie: "always the sidekick, never the main character"
Astramentha: I feel all of Cori’s expressions so strongly,
e_bloc: ah the diet cocaine
TehAmelie: Stephen King tells me cocaine has no discernible caloric value. and he should know
wildpeaks: restaurant ?
RassilonDND: diet Coke and mentos you say? my opinion of him is starting to turn around.
e_bloc: cocaine?
Pteraspidomorphi: Wasn't King heroin?
e_bloc: no king was defeated cocaine
e_bloc: lots of uppers so he could write constantly
LbxAni: strap in yall
wildpeaks: ominous
Sarah_Serinde: yEP
RassilonDND: why is she warming a gun with a blanket?
e_bloc: love this one
Rhynerd: Are we gonna watch somebody die?
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
Conrii: Guns get cold too.
RassilonDND: Are we going to watch another person die?
Sarah_Serinde: Oh that's a good start
e_bloc: hey kid wanna see a dead body?
Rockario: He's in full FBI mode, isn't he
TehAmelie: is this the only video we've seen with two people who have talked to each other on cams together?
Astra7525: why did she even let him in?
Astramentha: @Rockario He suuuure is.
DaMullet14: TehAmelie We see David and Ava together and apart
RassilonDND: what sane person would let a person like that in.
TehAmelie: dang
Sarah_Serinde: I mean he probably would've come in whether she let him or not
RassilonDND: the files are in the computer!!!
Mysticman89: you can get relatively decent 4k webcams for like 200, dunno what shes doing for 300
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So this is two people who are both really bad at threatening other people....
Astra7525: Why did you tell her in the first place
Rhonlore: HOLY
Rhynerd: This is gonna be a weird quickdraw if they both go for their guns.
Sarah_Serinde: Well that's why he was limping
Fluffy776: Nice!
wildpeaks: noice
Sarah_Serinde: Also he deserved that
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Wait.... why are we cheering her.
Sarah_Serinde: Cori :D
RobotInProgress: good good :>
ogundiety: There is no way she held onto that gun there.
TehAmelie: "stand your ground" aka "whoever kills the other one first wins"
e_bloc: lol
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: What have I missed....
RassilonDND: I'm not cheering here. they are both scum.
Sarah_Serinde: this would be another motivation for suicide - her sending the files on all the stuff he's said and done
Mysticman89: nice 4:20 timestamp
LbxAni: the weirdest thing to me here is if it's a stand your ground state, she doesn't have to hide the gun
Sarah_Serinde: Can't be good for his career
ContingentCat: katesNice
Sarah_Serinde: Or either family
LbxAni: put it down yes, but hiding it makes it worse
e_bloc: so good
Robot_Bones: Wow I haven't been following and I came in at a moment jeez
Rhonlore: same Robot_Bones
Rhonlore: same
RassilonDND: I hope there isn't a file called aftermath.mp4
RassilonDND: oh, that hyperlinks. my mistake
e_bloc: cocaine?
Astramentha: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn What was the last thing you saw?
malc: it can do that with the machine turned off
TehAmelie: weirdly, it didn't make a link for me
malc: erm
Astra7525: he'slimping
malc: ignore that!
wildpeaks: ava's daughter ?
Sarah_Serinde: Yup
Spriteclad: 🦀 SHE TOOK THE KIDS 🦀
Robot_Bones: Crabs?
RassilonDND: suicide seems more likely
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @Astramentha I think I missed many early things that made chat hate this guy pretty badly. Have only seen the recent things today... and he's coming across not great... but maybe not "Yay, we should shoot him!". :)
Astra7525: DId she mouth "boring"?
Astramentha: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn This is the second stream of this game, did you see part 1?
e_bloc: oh david 100% deserves to be shot imo
Sarah_Serinde: MyClosePersonalFriendJohn Dude is married with a kid, started an undercover mission to infiltrate a group, hooked up with a member of said group and started a serious relationship with her, got her pregnant
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @Astramentha No, sorry, that's what I mean. Have a feeling I'm sitting here with a much more naive opinion of this guy.
Sarah_Serinde: Just for a start
InquisitorGaia: hi Cori
wildpeaks: didn't know Mozart wrote it
LbxAni: awwww
RassilonDND: I don't like the man, but just have a personal stance that he doesn't deserve getting shot.
Xed_Regulus: Mozart didn't write it, Jane Taylor did
Sarah_Serinde: He did come into her home and threaten her with a gun
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @Sarah_Serinde Ah, see missed all the involved with girl and got her pregnant stuff.
EvilBadman: He tracked her down just to confront her in her home
Sarah_Serinde: Also that part
RassilonDND: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn I generally side with you. he's scum, but he didn't deserve getting shot. she should've just called the cops and not invite him inside.
wildpeaks: prosperen ?
SquareDotCube: ah, was that an ASCII of Harry?
e_bloc: did we find out what happened with the drugs he bought
Sarah_Serinde: RassilonDND And you think he would've stayed outside?
Pteraspidomorphi: I believe Prosperen is the company and the pipeline was the Sovereign pipeline but it was only mentioned once last time, I may be misremembering
InquisitorGaia: so what is this game about
RassilonDND: @sarah_serinde if he doesn't, then yeah I say shooting him is justified.
RobotInProgress: this feels like a crash is gonna happen
cakeflavo: oh sweet its just like roadquest
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I guess my problem with her shooting him was that she didn't seem frightened or worried about her safety. "I'
ContingentCat: isn't that three rights?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: "I've always wanted to do this" makes her not much better than him for me.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: But again, I have missed MUCH of his asshole-ery.
RobotInProgress: hooray no crash
Robot_Bones: hehe in sewer ants
InquisitorGaia: seriously what is this game
RobotInProgress: Diablo
Pteraspidomorphi: InquisitorGaia: It's like Her Story, same devs I believe
TheMerricat: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Telling Lies
Astramentha: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn I think there’s cause to dissect Maxine shooting him. It’s just that, you know, karmically, no one is especially upset that manipulative traitor entrapped
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I'm assuming that there's no way to search dates to just watch it chronologically.
stateofcomatose: !next
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DaMullet14: August '17 is close to thje beginning of the timeline
Astramentha: Entrapper David got a leg wound,
DaMullet14: "an teefa"
RassilonDND: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn agreed. Imo guns should be fired only in self defense and as a last resort. No one should get shot over what they could have done.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @Astramentha Absolutely makes sense. Again, because it's also fiction, it's easier. Watching real life footage would be harder.
Astramentha: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn Agreed.
TheMerricat: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn not in game. the video files aren't encrypted though so if you own it you can string them together to make a long video
TehAmelie: everything's easier when you have stand your ground laws, i figure
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So... is this agent who was supposed to be investigating this group... also trying to instigate more violent activities?
Astramentha: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn Yes. They wanted to stay nonviolent and he was pushing for violence,
Pteraspidomorphi: He's trying to move into the more violent group Green Storm
e_bloc: he's trying to get into the radical group
RassilonDND: there seems to be a lot of assholes going round in this drama
Involume: Have you tried "cover"?
ContingentCat: eric I think
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So he's trying that, falling for any women who pays attention, and handling things VERY badly when they don't go his way. Okay, someone at the agency failed when giving him his psych evaluation before going undercover.
DarkNacht: he is also collecting evidence on himself because he is an idiot
Astramentha: @myclosepersonalfriendjohn Yuuup. You got it.
DaMullet14: Oh yeah this video
DaMullet14: This is the part where his confederate sells him up-river
Pteraspidomorphi: What was the bridge name they just said?
ChiefEngineerMichael: Sallysburg Bridge
Rockario: Up to here it was all according to script, IIRC
Rockario: But then he just kept talking
ContingentCat: the other guy was supposed to say something to prompt the "disapear the bridge" line
wampus7: I peaced out to take a swim at the arcade and I come back and shit be cray
wildpeaks: tom ?
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun Sallysburg Bridge?
wampus7: pipeline
PinkfloydYES: Sallyburry?
wildpeaks: good idea
ponbern: you don't need a large amount of expolsives, taking out one pillar will make it unusable
ContingentCat: just "bomb"?
RassilonDND: have we followed up on diet Coke or candy?
DaMullet14: diet coke and candy are either drugs or explosives
stateofcomatose: I second 'explosives'
EvilBadman: pretty sure the fireworks are the explosives/
Juliamon: Diet Coke and Not-Mentos
DaMullet14: he was ordering them both by the pound
DaMullet14: And drugs are usually in ounces
DaMullet14: or grams
LbxAni: Cori, do you know how to bookmark? Because you can bookmark text in the videos to save to search later
LbxAni: if that helps
PinkfloydYES: sallysburg also may be a good one
LbxAni: @Oliin yes]
EvilBadman: DaMullet14 i mean, if you're using the drugs. If you're planting them on someone....
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: "His therapist doesn't get it", ya that sounds about right.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Nothing telling there.
DaMullet14: EvilBadman yeah, but Harry seems like a "legitimate criminal" to me, I would assume most of his customers are people intending to use, if they were drugs
Sarah_Serinde: Oh right, and part of what prompted him wanting to be a special agent was he saw a pretty, vulnerable woman being reassured/comforted by a cop or something like that when he was young
Sarah_Serinde: Because that's healthy
DaMullet14: ordering in pounds would be highly suspicious
Astramentha: Police work is too messy... So he decided to be *an undercover agent.*
EvilBadman: Maybe. I may also be projecting the David is the type to frame the shit out of someone
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e_bloc: i dont think we ever see him do drugs afaik
EvilBadman: ^also that
Gascitygaming: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Man of Medan) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (55m from now).
e_bloc: losing her faculties
DaMullet14: We suspected that when we saw her last time
ContingentCat: yikes
RassilonDND: wow that's a messed up thing to say
Sarah_Serinde: Oh gooood, that sounds healthy
e_bloc: lrrWOW
wildpeaks: yeah that video with the the kid, and in the background the wife is talking with the doctor about the grandma's medical condition is.. ouch
Astramentha: Cori - you could search for “you shouldn’t have left her alone” to get the other half.
ContingentCat: or "mother"
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Mysticman89: timely thanksgiving reference
wildpeaks: if he has rules, maybe he shouldn't call in a public place, with speakers on
DaMullet14: Mysticman89 there are Christmas games and Hallowe'en games, why not a Thanksgiving game
Rhonlore: plz never again
wildpeaks: please don't eat Chat :D
wildpeaks: curse our deliciousness
Juliamon: I remember the other side of this one
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah
ContingentCat: yeah
DaMullet14: this was the video where Emma was drinking an entire bottle of white wine
ChiefEngineerMichael: @LoadingReadyRun I can see a reflection in the middle of the screen, moving about. Who do you think that is? Is it us?
ChiefEngineerMichael: I just thought it was a smudge on my screen
Rhonlore: Yes, it is the PC
Sarah_Serinde: I want to say Karen is someone David works/worked with?
DaMullet14: Karen busted into David's meeting with Green Sleeves and said she was his ex from LA, right?
Sarah_Serinde: Oh riiiight
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I think that was her?
Nameless_Sword: Hey folks, what is this?
e_bloc: yeah Karen is also some sort of special agent
e_bloc: who is Paul
wildpeaks: I'm guessing her ex husband
ContingentCat: @Nameless_Sword it's a game where you have to put together the story with slips, if you've seen Her Story it's like that
ContingentCat: *clips
Mysticman89: oh hey, this lady looks exactly like my friends mom.
Nameless_Sword: Strange. Thanks for the explanation @ContingentCat
DaMullet14: Daniel is Emma's mom, then?
wildpeaks: ah, ex boyfriend then
Sarah_Serinde: Ahahahaha "dependable"
wildpeaks: oh boy
TehAmelie: "that may be why they're at the hospital"
danetowngirl: hi
RassilonDND: uh, wait is the wife cheating on him too?
Sarah_Serinde: Oh dear
DaMullet14: RassilonDND meemaw has dementia
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah the mom was thinking Emma was still a kid doing tennis stuff
Rhonlore: that lamp on the left is everywhere in this game lol
LbxAni: sad when someone you care about starts losing their mind
RassilonDND: that makes more sense.
ContingentCat: she "had" dementia I think
RassilonDND: thanks @damullet14
wildpeaks: I hope that huge mole is just make up for the game
KV1NN4: Don'tlike moles...?
Astra7525: "her" kid, not "their" kid?
e_bloc: weather?
RassilonDND: that's not creppy at all...
Astra7525: Is Alba perhaps not his biological daughter?
LbxAni: content warning!!! this video gets real
e_bloc: oh this one
e_bloc: good one to watch if you still like david for some reason
Astra7525: uh oh
jjaakee: ermmm
yahweh69: monkaS
wampus7: I don't wanna play dolls D:
Rockario: Oh I don't like where this is going
wildpeaks: uh oh
Sarah_Serinde: Oof
jjaakee: dolls are the are the most prone thing to turning creepy
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Astra7525: nope nope nope
danetowngirl: What kinda kid plays with these creepy dolls?!
wildpeaks: +1 for nope nope nope
RassilonDND: okay I'm out this is a bit too creepy for me.
Astra7525: @danetowngirl A kid that just "inherited" stuff from gandma
danetowngirl: @astra7525 ohh yeah
Sarah_Serinde: Uh oh
Sarah_Serinde: David "takes care of it" doesn't he
ContingentCat: yikes
TehAmelie: black doll car seems kind of off
e_bloc: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Which is okay if she's okay with it. But not so much if she's not.
TehAmelie: Barbie's goth period maybe
ContingentCat: oh no
Sarah_Serinde: Cool cool
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Sorry... what did we just skip. Did she invite him in?
ContingentCat: oh NO
Mysticman89: who is she telling this lovely story to again?
LbxAni: Yikes forever!!!
e_bloc: so yeah. david is 100% asshat
Astra7525: wooow
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
Juliamon: BIG yikes
Rockario: @Mysticman89 We don't exactly know ATM, but maybe David?
ContingentCat: Wow
empyreon: lrrWOW
Astra7525: oh dang
Mysticman89: the wording makes it sound like its being told to a child, but the content makes it seem like not a child.
Spluuga: is it a blood pact then?
wampus7: maybe thats because he's a crazy pants
Pteraspidomorphi: Collaborative google doc for later arrivals:
jjaakee: fear is a well known quality to have in a marriage
RassilonDND: so let me get this straight. David is an asshat. Emma is damaged and let a man die?!
Mysticman89: ok this makes it a bit clearer.
Astra7525: a Prince Charming you might say?
Sarah_Serinde: RassilonDND David wouldn't let Emma try to save his life
e_bloc: tbf shes probably shocked that david shot him
Sarah_Serinde: Also let's not call people "damaged"
e_bloc: I cant really blame emma
DarkNacht: well one of those things is good
Astramentha: Gosh.
LbxAni: oh yeah, the clock mechanic, forgot about that
RassilonDND: @sarah_serinde sorry, that was a bad term to use.
wildpeaks: texts, now a phone call, the readme did say she doesn't have much time to see the videos
KV1NN4: @wildpeaks Why do you hope the mole is fake?
DaMullet14: I wonder if these interruptions occur at scheduled points in the story or after a certain amount of time has been spent
ChiefEngineerMichael: Are we a Whistleblower?
Mysticman89: did you win
LbxAni: @DaMullet14 I believe so
RassilonDND: is there a winnstate?
e_bloc: that's how you end the game
Pteraspidomorphi: Probably certain videos
wildpeaks: because it looks so big, bit worried it might be cancerous, so I hope she got it checked out at least
Astra7525: but what exactly are we blowing the whistle on here?
DaMullet14: So we won?
Rockario: I would guess the milestones are based on witnessing certain clues
wildpeaks: looks like the ending
Astra7525: and why is it over now?
KV1NN4: @wildpeaks As a nurse I'm sure she has
Mysticman89: also dio we know how many videos we've watched? It shows 76 being uploaded
DaMullet14: Astra7525 I'm guessing because we now have proof of /all/ of Paul's crimes?
wildpeaks: ah yes, good point
LbxAni: there's something like 196 I think
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I realize she couldn't know what would happen... but I'm not sure I'm okay with "Emma" telling Paul to come over, realizing David wasn't stopping him, and then letting him in.... that's not exactly okay either. Absolutely NOT her fault that David did what he did though. But I'm not sure what her thought process was.
LbxAni: yeah, there's a lot more story in there
e_bloc: yeah there's a lot that we haven't seen yet
KV1NN4: @wildpeaks And as an actress she probably did too
wildpeaks: ripperoni :D
e_bloc: this is neat
ContingentCat: katesRip
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Okay is this person destroying the harddrives???
RassilonDND: I think entrapping those people completely makes them complicit in the death
Astra7525: I think she is drilling the drive
Mysticman89: digital signle tends to be all or nothing
wildpeaks: oh my, we're a ghost now
Rockario: Yeah, I like that transition
Rhynerd: The camera is free now.
I_Am_Clockwork: ruh roh
ContingentCat: uh oh
Astra7525: I don't think she is jumping
I_Am_Clockwork: nothing good ever happens on roofs at the end of stories
DaMullet14: only two reasons to be on a roof - gonna kill yourself or you're spiderman
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Now escape on the helicopter!
RassilonDND: free camera!
Ba_Dum_Tish: So uh who is shooting that camera shot
DarkNacht: only good things happen on the roof
Astra7525: I don't get why it ended
Rockario: Maybe to imply she is in David's building, the whole "smoke on the roof thing"
wildpeaks: oh yeah, good point
Astra7525: huh... right
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Okay, that was a LOT of complex story. Sorry I missed seeing the first two thirds.
Astra7525: oh hello
e_bloc: so you see an ending based on whose videos you watched the most of
Fluffy776: I'm left with more questions than I was hoping to be left with :\
e_bloc: there are two other "endings"
TehAmelie: Drowning a Mermaid is the name of my Sleeping with Sirens cover band
Mysticman89: what 'ending' does watching 100% of videos net you?
LbxAni: you get the ending based on who's story you focused on the most
nkcola: comfort misha
Driosenth: you could drown a mermaid in mercury
Pteraspidomorphi: Technically speaking we watched the most David :D
DaMullet14: e_bloc we watched the most videos of her? That doesn't seem right
TheMerricat: i was listening while in the car chat, did we find out David's fate?
Astra7525: Could we have continued instead of immediately uploading?
DaMullet14: TheMerricat as far as we know he died in the bridge explosion
DaMullet14: We have no reason to believe he didn't
Astramentha: Maybe we watched 100% of Maxine’s videos and a lesser percentage of the rest?
TheMerricat: that's what I was wondering if we got
LbxAni: yeah you can push the clock to the last minute if not passed the time
RassilonDND: is there more than one ending?
LbxAni: @RassilonDND yes
RassilonDND: interesting.
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TehAmelie: was the player character not credited?
Astra7525: Is there an actual timer running or does it advance based on the percentage of videos watched?
e_bloc: percentage
Astra7525: figured
e_bloc: but you can sit and watch all the videos if you want
TheMerricat: our refection was Karen @tehamelie if that what you mean
e_bloc: there's no hard limit time just stops advancing
TehAmelie: oh yeah
Astra7525: but who was Karen in relation to the other people?
TheMerricat: David's partner
Astra7525: Just some random person trying to figure out what exactly?
e_bloc: karen is also a special agent
Astra7525: ah
LbxAni: there's a lot more story about David's relationship with the target, and the bay
Astra7525: How do we know who Karen is? Did I just miss that?
DaMullet14: Astra7525 she turned up in one video last time
e_bloc: ShowLove100 ShowLove100 ty for the playthrough Cori!
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TehAmelie: made with Unity? didn't see that coming
LbxAni: great game :)
Sarah_Serinde: Karen was also mentioned in one or two early videos when Davide and...Mike? Were talking about her
DaMullet14: Astra7525 she worked with David in the past, and presumably was assigned to the case to investigate him
Astramentha: So... rather than fixing anything, for anybody, David just committed suicide in the way that would make him feel purposeful.
LbxAni: @Astramentha he decided to make the world better for his daughters, but in the most selfish possible
Astramentha: Or, not even make him feel purposeful. I don’t believe he cared.
Astramentha: @lbxani Right. He chose that way to.
danetowngirl: It is kind of a condemnation of old fashioned ideas and damaging about manhood
Astramentha: dammit
meowzhuxi: Why would this be Unclassified? The existence of the NSA database feels like it would definitely be classified (I get that this is a nitpick)
DaMullet14: John Hodgman
Juliamon: I like this as a "your personal playthrough stats" gimmick
danetowngirl: oldfashioned and damaging ideas*
Astramentha: He chose that way to kill himself because he hoped Ava would think better of him for it.
wildpeaks: yeah that's a nice way to do a summary
Lucien0451: might be an ending?
LbxAni: this case was messed up from the beginning, there should have never been NSA or CIA crossover and the Black agents being involved was wrong to. And well pushing a group to act out is bad too
Pteraspidomorphi: mom or dad maybe?
Astra7525: Probably in a nother epilogue
TheMerricat: did you every search for star's name?
DaMullet14: Teenage Alba seems hard to see considering this is like, a two year timespan and she's five
LbxAni: then you add a messed up guy as the agent involved and this is a colosul screw up
Astramentha: Oh yeah, Star.
Rockario: Maybe the teenage kids show up in the respective epilogues?
TehAmelie: when are we watching this? maybe it's in the future
Astra7525: Is she going to sing the song she wrote?
wildpeaks: looks like it
LbxAni: singing Iggy :)
LbxAni: this is the Iggy Pop song he ask her for the vinyl off at the beginning
Astra7525: ah
Mysticman89: now do freebird
DaMullet14: "Give Me Danger But Every Other Beat Is Missing"
DaMullet14: this is the month before he blows up the bridge
wildpeaks: maybe "run" is a keyword
e_bloc: what about medicine cabinet
RobotInProgress: "I would like a singular Jone please, yes, just the one"
e_bloc: we never found out about what was in the cabinet
TheMerricat: star...
DaMullet14: "ann Teefa"
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Sarah_Serinde: Oh yeah I wanted to hear about the cabinet thing
Astra7525: What happened that Emma wasn't afraid of David anymore?
RobotInProgress: theres a man in the cabinet, cabinet man
DaMullet14: David left something in the medicine cabinet for Ava when he ran
LbxAni: yeah some things can be confusing if you don't know who the other end of the conversation is to confirm if he's telling the truth or lying to someone
Sarah_Serinde: He was talking to Ava about the baby and whether she was going to have a home birth and stuff, and yeah asked her to go look in the cabinet for something
Sarah_Serinde: I don't remember everything
DaMullet14: He insinuated it was paperwork for a hospital who would help her deliver the baby?
repgam: am i missing something because i cant hear if someone is talking to him
e_bloc: yeah he said he had something hidden in the cabinet
repgam: cool
e_bloc: cabinet?
Astra7525: ah. this is the other side of the Grandma forgot Alba in the bathtub scene
TheMerricat: @repgam that's the game's design. you only hear one side
LbxAni: cool how they did this with ear buds and the other actor talking so the responses are timed correctly
Sarah_Serinde: Oh man, the "making that face" comment gets even worse when we have the context about Paul and her always being afraid of David
saberpilot: is the game actually called telling lies, or does it have a different name?
Astra7525: It's the name
DaMullet14: why would we lie about that, saberpilot
LbxAni: @saberpilot Telling Lies
saberpilot: thank you! :)
Astramentha: It really does get worse. : S
TehAmelie: we're pretty much just doing the job of a Google search algorithm finding the chronological order of all the videos in this database
TheMerricat: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Telling Lies
DaMullet14: TehAmelie except all the videos are timestamped so there is no reason we shouldn't be able to just hit 'sort'
DaMullet14: the people who coded RETINA are hacks
TehAmelie: except the search window can only show 5 results
LbxAni: @DaMullet14 it only shows 5 at a time
DaMullet14: LbxAni See above re: the people who coded Retin
DaMullet14: The database as it exists has fundamental UX flaws
danetowngirl: David is such a dick
LbxAni: @DaMullet14 it's a mechanic of the game to only see 5 results per search to get you to think of other words and phrases to search for to learn more story
TehAmelie: thicc bundles of money
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
TheMerricat: @damullet14 we are accessing the database through "unauthorized means". we can't play them in order form the Same reason we can't just see the complete list.
Juliamon: It's paper you use for goods and services, Ava.
Pteraspidomorphi: Well this specific occasion might have been required by his extraction procedure
DaMullet14: LbxAni I am aware it's a game. That doesn't mean in-universe there's any reason for it to be that way
Rhynerd: Time to enter a new world: a world of sub-thanking.
DaMullet14: TheMerricat our having access is unauthorized, but the program we're using looks official based on the EULA.txt we read at the beginning
wildpeaks: chyrTrainEngine chyrTrainCar the subs train, froot froot
ghostvalv: woo
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh right, today's that big group one
ghostvalv: hype
combatwombativ: !quote
Sarah_Serinde: slytqHi
Rhynerd: Movie night!
wildpeaks: happy spoops time, it's almost 2am so I might try to pretend to sleep instead, :D
wildpeaks: thanks for the stream
Rhynerd: Thanks for the stream!
TehAmelie: a big group spoop sounds great
Astramentha: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Man of Medan) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (10m from now).
TehAmelie: hmm, maybe that's the ingredient that was missing in Kathleen's character's scheme to save time with shared bathroom breaks that time
TehAmelie: fear
Cepsys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Man of Medan) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (9m from now).
TehAmelie: the spooked poops, or spoops
Ba_Dum_Tish: All spoops all the time
Meltalar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Man of Medan) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
Meltalar: okay. i nope Out of let's nope. have a good one everybody
TehAmelie: shalom
Juliamon: Speaking of shared bathrooms...
TehAmelie: in Kathleen's vision, that'd be a 2x2 number 2 poop palace
TehAmelie: perhaps i should illustrate with a diagram
TehAmelie: i don't think i could locate that sketch, but i sure remembered making this. . .
Banana_Swonk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Man of Medan) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
Banana_Swonk: sick
Mysticman89: I appreciate the content, but I need streams to stop so I have a chance to watch road quest >.<
Banana_Swonk: this^
TehAmelie: i know the feelin
TehAmelie: "medan" is swedish for "meanwhile". i wonder if that's relevant to this game
Rockario: Can I get a meanwhile?
DoctorOfBeard: you can have a means well
Banana_Swonk: iirc, medan is not relevant in that way @TehAmelie
Mysticman89: googling the origin of the title, doesn't seem to be. I don't know if the game explains the actual origin explicitly or not so dunno if I should explain
Juliamon: Err on the side of caution, I say
Nameless_Sword: lrrSPOOP
DoctorOfBeard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Brok3nGol3m: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
korvys: lrrSIGNAL
Banana_Swonk: snignal
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
Nameless_Sword: Signal? Signal!!
Banana_Swonk: lrrSIGNAL
lemmel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
DoctorOfBeard: oh no, IT HUMS!
kais58: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Man of Medan) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (3m ago).
Mysticman89: sounds like russel is there.
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