gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: You can't break it any more once it's already broken.
FITorion: looking good
Unpronounceable: Where did the giant shelves go??
Vyous: So much better
fuzzy_died: its good
Master_Gunner: don't believe chat
Kazman20a: the fuzzy spots are gone
Laurence72: The picture got better the moment James left the view lrrBEEJ
gnome_friend: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
El_Funko: Hot damn that PUBG hoodie looks fantastic
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCATWICH jamieJamjar voxlunNut katesBread_SG sergeKappaccino
Jarhi28: sergeHi sergeFriend
ArcOfTheConclave: moonlighter play it forward?
MaverickArtist: voxlunRad
gnome_friend: What are channel points?
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Serge takes the Play it Forward hot seat and is playing through Moonlighter. Game: Moonlighter) at Sat 08:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
red_shoes_jeff: Oh hi, you're early.
chris365: @laurence72 omg where did you get smudge?
tidehollowcat: The illusion is broken!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHAM_SG lrrHAM_SG lrrHAM_SG
FITorion: well it's looking good now so...
MaverickArtist: !quote Beej
LRRbot: Quote #4474: "CONTINUOUS. ENTHUSIASTIC. CRUISE." —Beej [2017-11-08]
Laurence72: @chris365 El_Funko's channel
blip2004: does it look like james is getting stretched in the center background?
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrSLOTH_SG lrrHEART
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3HEX kathle3KNOT kathle3PRISM kathle3TRI kathle3EYE voxlunRad
Lord_ZYRK: Look so good Kreygasm
62MGcobra: there is two spots on the green screen that needs a repaint
tidehollowcat: Super not in sync.
ContingentCat: Yes Paul you're very pretty
El_Funko: elfunkCat elfunkCat elfunkCat
zigboy22: rooPog
El_Funko: best cat
ArcOfTheConclave: the clap sounds off
e_bloc: seems a little purple in the face
MaverickArtist: lrrHEART
62MGcobra: now i cant unsee
tidehollowcat: Not in sync.
Lord_ZYRK: James found the mute button PogChamp
chris365: @el_funko you have a smudge emote!? Yassss
RockPusher: mute seemed to work
TrueSkorn: No the clap was right
gnome_friend: lrrSLOTH_SG
PharaohBender27: What are we testing?
El_Funko: That's synced fine
tidehollowcat: That was good.
Laurence72: Hi @El_Funko ! elfunkPopcorn elfunkHeart elfunkCat
ContingentCat: no that clap was good
red_shoes_jeff: Clap's fine.
Enmity777: seems good to me
e_bloc: clap is good
chris365: Clap is good
FITorion: think the sound is ever so slightly before the vissual
Telnaior: felt a teeny bit early to me
DigitalSeahorse: jamieMute katesAir
gnome_friend claps
Electrodyne: James's clap was good, maybe Paul is out of sync
GDwarf: Sound is slightly before the clap
62MGcobra: ^^
Laurence72: lol
Vyous: Yeah felt early for me.
chris365: Try again?
Lord_ZYRK: Ah yes, the forbidden unclap
PharaohBender27: I mean, other than audio-sync. Twitch just says "Test Stream"
MaverickArtist: unclap
gnome_friend: What is the sound of two Pauls clapping?
62MGcobra: half a tenth fast
Vyous: Def early
ContingentCat: sergeJustRight
DigitalSeahorse: katesNice katesLurk
damn_i_am_pretty: Clap, confirmed least known of N'Sync songs
e_bloc: one nanosecond fast
chris365: Better
62MGcobra: looks good
chris365: sergeJustRight
ExhaustedElox: Surge?!
e_bloc: seems fine to me tbh
MaverickArtist: lrrSPOOP_HF
Electrodyne: Is there a stream tonight?
TheMerricat: lrrPAUL_TK Thanks for the test stream :-P
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSERGE voxlunRad
markaci: Serge Protector engage
Sogheim: noooo the beard has disappeared!
62MGcobra: serge is coming back
DarkMorford: Late Night Shop Fight!
endoforder: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
PMAvers: Stream comes back... "You thought it was Serge, but it was me, IAN, all along!"
Lord_ZYRK: You'll be back with Surge? Won't that be horribly expired? 🤔
PharaohBender27: I guess my real question is, what's the intended stream?
fuzzy_died: is the most recentr vidoe TTSF for everyone else?
zombub: @sogheim Disabeard?
DigitalSeahorse: vexfxLove sergeHeart sergeKappaccino vexfxLove
GenericHerooo: o.o
TheMerricat: @PharaohBender27 in a few moments, Serge will be doing Play it Forward with Moonlighter, I think part 3?
Electrodyne: Saturday Night Serge & Ian Fight
Telnaior: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Serge takes the Play it Forward hot seat and is playing through Moonlighter. Game: Moonlighter) at Sat 08:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
Laurence72: @Lord_ZYRK They have started selling it again, at least at some fast food places where I am
xantos69: @fuzzy_died You may need to refresh to load in newer stuff.
ExhaustedElox: Okay, everybody, can we take a moment to acknowledge that Paul is the engine that makes everything at @loadingreadyrun go? #ThanksPaul
Sogheim: @zombub yes. I am fond of red beards, it is a personal issue I'm working through.
DigitalSeahorse: johnlo1Box
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Thanks! :)
TheMerricat: @fuzzy_died no my "MRV" is listed as LRRMTG. I think Twitch is a liar.
Simonark: Anyone else just have Serge looking serious?
TheMerricat: @Simonark I have nothing, is there signal again?
DigitalSeahorse: katesSass_PK katesLurk
Lord_ZYRK: Laurence72 that's the scariest thing I've heard all October lrrBEEJ
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3EYE katesLewd kathle3EYE
Diabore: i seem to have missed a test, is there still pif tonight?
Simonark: I have a frozen image as it cut off signal
DarkMorford: @ExhaustedElox If Paul is the engine, does that make Heather the conductor? ;)
chaostreader: @diabore Yes.
ExhaustedElox: @DarkMorford She's the Engineer. :D *fingerguns*
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3HEX RPGEmpty kathle3HEX
chaostreader: @simonark Are you on Mobile? It takes a while to realize that they went offline.
ContingentCat: kathle3HEX TONIGHT kathle3HEX
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM slytqThirst kathle3PRISM
Simonark: Serge looks disappointed in me
Fruan: kathle3PRISM Praise CUDE kathle3PRISM
Spacecarl: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3KNOT nettyTaco kathle3KNOT
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ContingentCat: kathle3PRISM PRAISE kathle3PRISM
Laurence72: Praise Helix?
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3TRI voxlunRad kathle3TRI
TehAmelie: lrrHAM kathle3PRISM
Fruan: kathle3PRISM elfunkCat kathle3PRISM
TehAmelie: what are we doing?
ZcottD: waiting
Solahwin_Tampramain: wait what
Juliamon: We are praising CUDE, obviously
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM dropSip_PK johnlo1Box #PraiseCUDE
Juliamon: kathle3PRISM
ContingentCat: kathle3PRISM
TehAmelie: sergePride pride cude
Fruan: PrideWingL kathle3PRISM PrideWingR
DigitalSeahorse: PrideTrans kathle3PRISM PrideBalloons
DigitalSeahorse: nettySaber kathle3PRISM nettySaber kathle3PRISM nettySaber sergePride
haseo_sora: they did say they would be back correct?
ContingentCat: yup
ZcottD: ya
TheMerricat: HolidayPresent Holiday Cude?
DigitalSeahorse: yep
chaostreader: @haseo_sora Yes. Soon.
TehAmelie: funny story, i've been gifted subs to all these channels but one jamieCare sergeHeart katesHeart slytqHeart kathle3HEX unarmeHmm lrrHEART
Sharkfists: the heck is a cude?
DigitalSeahorse: katesGift kathle3PRISM katesGift
TheMerricat: What isn't a cude? A circle.
chaostreader: @sharkfists It’s a typo. It’s the cube emote.
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM CUDE is life!
CataclysmicReverb: What's up party peoples
Fruan: CUDE is unfathmomable geometry that exists outside of time. CUDE might also be a baffling and meaningless BNF meme.
DigitalSeahorse: BNF is on later btw
CataclysmicReverb: Yeah
CataclysmicReverb: I finally have a song to add for BNF!
CataclysmicReverb: But with how much music goes in there, it's probably not getting in
TehAmelie: "cude? how do you make that backwards b?"
TheMerricat: @Sharkfists and just in case - BNF= Brave New Favs, Kathleen's personal stream for 'pirate radio' music.
DigitalSeahorse: I have a song I don't remember if she played yet
EscherichiaCole: Sharkfists I went to bed early one night and the next week everyone was talking nonsense.
DigitalSeahorse: !Kathleen
DigitalSeahorse: oh
DigitalSeahorse: !Alex
LRRbot: Alex’s Varied Creations ~ ‘Purifier’ (webcomic): | Patreon: | Home stream: | Twitter:
TehAmelie: i'm still kind of high from when she and Cam played my suggestion and everyone loved it
DigitalSeahorse: well that one works :P
chaostreader: !bnf
DigitalSeahorse: Kathleen_LRR
Sharkfists: ah, that makes at least some amount of sense
Juliamon: !homestream
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Ben: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Kathleen: | Matt: | Serge:
Sharkfists: haven't been able to catch BNF for a minute
TheMerricat: TItle change.
ZcottD: i think its code
DigitalSeahorse: moonlightering
CataclysmicReverb: Oh right! Serge latenight streams
Spacecarl: honestly I was there that BNF and i tuned out chat for a minute then when i looked back CUDE had happened
TheMerricat: So chat, I missed most of last week's Let's Nope, how well did the 5 people playing thing work out?
Lex_Peacekeeper: the case of the missing Serge! can chat find him!
TehAmelie: oh yeah, i was resigned to sleeping through this
Juliamon: TheMerricat Seemed alright
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
Fruan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: that was before i got too drunk to sleep
RockPusher: lrrSIGNAL lrrSLOTH_SG
silenceaux: Mmmm, that good menu music
LoadingReadyRun: :D welcome friends
LoadingReadyRun: sorry for the delay
TehAmelie: halo
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
e_bloc: there's a too drunk to sleep?
DarkMorford: Evening, Serge!
e_bloc: I've only had too sleep to drunk
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN HONK katesAir
ContingentCat: !y
Sogheim: lrrSERGE oh hey it's Serge
TheMerricat: lrrSERGE_SG :-)
TehAmelie: i can never sleep when i drink. it might be a survival instinct to avoid hangovers
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Lord_Durin: So I hear this is a game about falling down pits
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DigitalSeahorse: lrrSERGE sergePride #PriaseOtherCUDE also :P
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM sergePride kathle3PRISM sergePride
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CyndaneTierney: Oh boy, time for another fun stream, and for once I can watch it live.
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TehAmelie: i move we call sergePride dube
e_bloc: Cheer119 let's do a little .. . moonlighting
DigitalSeahorse: lol dube
kerbalized_: serge hyyyyyype
ContingentCat: and lo it shall be the dube sergeCube
00gogo00: 00:00
Baldrash: I heard something about a new streaming studio? lrrAWESOME
TehAmelie: pridube if you're fancy
PMAvers: More like Rainbow Cude
ContingentCat: * sergePride
TheMerricat: Pride100 Sliced Dube?
antonaqua: Serge!
Laurence72: I remember the tv show Moonlighting
DigitalSeahorse: #PriaseDUBE sergePride sergePride sergePride sergePride
red_shoes_jeff: Evening, Whiskers.
TehAmelie: hi!
Suhono: Oh hi
Vampiricsloth: did james tweet that picture out yet? :3
kerbalized_: huzzah! fancy gear!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Serge is live with tonight’s Play it Forward and he gets to be the first person to try out our new streaming studio! Join him for some Moonlighter. | 📷 ||
matufin0: sergeHi sergeFriend
RockPusher: Serge here to stain the new desk
Juliamon: Audio is beautifully crisp.
Baldrash: Praise Cude a little early tonight! kathle3PRISM sergePride
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AnimeKitty: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
RockPusher: sergeHeart sergeMoly
TheManaLeek: sergeHi
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ello Serge, i am ahead of you ^_^ i've been playing as you play
ContingentCat: Hi serge!
DarkMorford: Looks and sounds great so far!
kerbalized_: yeah audio is fantastic
chris365: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
e_bloc: Serge looks good <3 Cheer100
ZcottD: ya audio sounds great to me too
RangerOfVoid: hello Serge, looking forward to the late night stream
ContingentCat: !patreon
LRRbot: 2412 patrons for a total of $14,222.35 per month.
Diabore: oh damn that is a minimalist setup compared to before
Sharkfists: lets moonlight!
DigitalSeahorse: johnlo1Box sergePride sergePride sergePride sergePride #PraiseDUBE ...and CUDE kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
Electrodyne: Oh man I love Moonwalker
EscherichiaCole: Dice friends was a Time and a Half
ThingsOnMyStream: lrrPAUL does the audio sound *better* then before?
kerbalized_: very clean set up
Mysticman89: is your character aging?
RockPusher: cosmosSun lrrSLOTH_SG FBBlock sergeMoly
matufin0: no
e_bloc: "stupid little" . . . how dare you
chris365: Is dice friends on this Monday too?
TheMerricat: LOL Thanks James :-)
RockPusher: tanks jorms!
ZcottD: ya james audio good too
DarkMorford: @ThingsOnMyStream I don't know about better, but it's certainly not worse.
00gogo00: is this the game about running an item shop?
kerbalized_: @thingsonmystream I really think it does
gualdhar: someone got a link? lrrJAMES
e_bloc: why not move pan James?
Juliamon: Honestly, it sounds better to me.
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrSLOTH_SG lrrHEART
Beleqwaya: That's some seriously tech upgrade.
antonaqua: Was ill this week, Your moonlighter streams kept me entertained :) Really happy I'm watching it live now!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrJAMES katesChair
e_bloc: hope that link works
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Before and after for Studio A! | We couldn’t continue to improve our tech without your support on Patreon, Twitch and YouTube. So thank you so much, you did this. | Well actually Paul and James did, aren’t they the best? 📷 ||
e_bloc: ^
Diabore: you dont own the previous armor
ContingentCat: Consider yourself minded James
kerbalized_: thats a hell of an improvement in that studio!!
e_bloc: this is TQ right, :D
Diabore: enchantment? enchantment!
Heinzes_: will there be an LT on the studio changes? any significant upgrades?
SnackPak_: Hi everyone
Juliamon: e_bloc I wasn't looking, was she wearing shoes?
DarkMorford: @e_bloc That's my headcanon. TQ runs the potion shop.
TehAmelie: so many fewer keyboards
RockPusher: Hey Paul - what mic have you switch to in there?
TheManaLeek: Started playing this a few days ago and holy moly it's great
e_bloc: @Juliamon hard to tell, behind a booth :/
Beleqwaya: How much does the armour you can make sell for?
e_bloc: @DarkMorford it's close enough spritewise :D
Juliamon: Headcanon accepted, then.
Diabore: more shop space?
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge you wanted a better bow and a bigger shop
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I don't know if it's been mentioned anywhere but your pet does damage proportional to your weapon, so if they need to do more damage, up your weapon.
Beleqwaya: This is really making me want to buy this game. It looks great.
Banrael: cheer131 Hi Paul and Serge sergeOrder
e_bloc: Serge you wanted a better coffeship
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I never sell anything in any games. FFIX taught me that.
silenceaux: Are we still in "let Serge make mistakes" mode, or is mild advice allowed?
Lex_Peacekeeper: Also Serge and Pual, i have other leaf friend its great!
PixelSavage: if it isnt the two most wholesome LRR bois. greetings lads
e_bloc: you don't know their overheads Alex & Paul
e_bloc: Serge & paul holy moly
silenceaux: Duly noted~
DarkMorford: Now the chest wants to open YOU
Beleqwaya: Have you tried dodging?
Lex_Peacekeeper: does falling down a pit 10 times count as one Pual?
e_bloc: I do like the idea that the chest is searching for what's inside of you
TheAinMAP: RPGEmpty
Beleqwaya: Yay! 1 Room!
PMAvers: James know all about falling down pits
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Beleqwaya: Rewarded
CaptainSpam: Mimics are always disproportionately stronger than anything else, because game designers are jerks.
silenceaux: (The mimic dropped two potions)
e_bloc: it doesn't full heal, right?
PixelSavage: what has that tree ever done to you ?
silenceaux: Thrown rotten fruit at us
e_bloc: it only has an extent
TehAmelie: i haven't seen such an angry tree since Super Metroid
CataclysmicReverb: can you block the tangerines?
Lex_Peacekeeper: @e_bloc the pool has a set about it can heal per floor
Sogheim: Paul: Power Gamer
Beleqwaya: Shields - Meant for Dodging.
wynternyghtynggale: hello everyone
e_bloc: @Lex_Peacekeeper right so, you might as well heal when you get there, right? or am I thinking about it wrong. been a minute since I played
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrSLOTH_SG lrrHEART
matufin0: that because math is for blocker
Lord_ZYRK: Blocking is for cowards, anyway
Diabore: so paul is the "im not powerfull enough yet, time for 3 more hours of grinding" type of player
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge, thought you might like to know the minic is also a pet you can get
PixelSavage: bye paul
RockPusher: !advice
LRRbot: Eat all foods before bouncing nose.
Beleqwaya: Goodbye James and Paul
Kaszoski: Bye James and Paul
TheAinMAP: Good bye, Paul and James.
BusTed: If you're blocking you're losing.
e_bloc: finally, I have you alone Serge
CaptainSpam: Bye, James and Paul! You're abandoning us with Serge!
wynternyghtynggale: bye people dont leave me here
Fracaswell: bye James and Paul!
Nyx_fire: bye
scarycrazybutterknife: how long before desert bus?
Sharkfists: finally, I can have serge all alone!
Electrodyne: Goodbye to James and Paul
ContingentCat: bye Paul
Unpronounceable: Goodbye to James and Paul
kerbalized_: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a lich?
red_shoes_jeff: Buy!
chaostreader: Serge is an offense is the best defense kind of person.
Sogheim: lrrPAUL lrrJAMES have fun guys
e_bloc: a little redish tbh
silenceaux: Maybe you just need more sun Kappa
CataclysmicReverb: saturation seems a smudge high?
Lord_ZYRK: Just stop being so full of blood. Problem solved lrrBEEJ
PixelSavage: Serge confirmed overly aware of his looks.
ZcottD: its a surgey tone
wynternyghtynggale: you look like you have a sun burn
EuropaEquation: too much red fir sure
Painfully_Dyslexic: serge looks a little sunburnt
Lex_Peacekeeper: your a little pink, but not to bad
Sharkfists: I think you're too full of blood 🤔
kerbalized_: what are these twitch reward things?
Meyari: Just a tiny bit?
TheManaLeek: Pretty peachy
red_shoes_jeff: Little sunburned?
gualdhar: have a white piece of paper? that might help
TheMerricat: You look slightly tan but not off color.
scarycrazybutterknife: at full scale, you look fine. When the picture is compressed, you're pink.
e_bloc: well that'd be a terrible time to test
BusTed: The problem is that it makes your eyes look bloodshot.
ContingentCat: have you spent a lot of time in the sun?
xantos69: having seen you in person once....I can say you are slightly redish.
Kaszoski: So Serge gets a sun burn in road quest
wynternyghtynggale: road quest !
e_bloc: more chest hair serge, don't tell Jo
BlightningHelix: That looks good.
ZcottD: road quest looks SO GOOD, so glad it happened
wynternyghtynggale: serge gets a sunburn walking outside
dangerous_safety: better
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TemporallyAwry: Oh hey - a button. Neat.Thanks for the positive environment and unexpected chill evening stream.
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SergeYager: I see that e_bloc...
SergeYager: - Jo
ContingentCat: !!
Lord_ZYRK: And you didn't even have to get rid of any blood. Paul, what have you done. . . MiniK
Diabore: hi jo!
kerbalized_: LUL LUL LUL
Lex_Peacekeeper: @e_bloc i heal up fight the boss, and then heal back up if theres any extra healing
RockPusher: !vaseline or barcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
e_bloc: wanna gift you a sub @SergeYager but I can't because you're already subbed :D
PixelSavage: identity theft is not a joke Jo!
kerbalized_: sergeThankJo sergeThankJo sergeThankJo
wynternyghtynggale: jo <3 you should retake control of the channel while serge is here
ContingentCat: Also Election day for Canadians, if you haven't yet VOTE
Sogheim: oh hey I can hear him now
RockPusher: sergeIrene sergeMoly sergeThankJo
TheMerricat: lrrPAUL_TK lrrSERGE_SG
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niccus: did you sell the broom, paul?
RockPusher: RPGYonger RPGFireball lrrSLOTH_SG
kerbalized_: lrrJUDGE_HF these twitch points are weird
BusTed: A couple of times...
wynternyghtynggale: RPGShihu
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Paul he hasn't taken a book and paid for it yet.
TemporallyAwry: "Sometimes deliberately" :D
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge knows at least one hole well
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ArcOfTheConclave: evil d12s
e_bloc: Alex knows the secrets which you do not
PixelSavage: @Lex_Peacekeeper you had to go there ....
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CataclysmicReverb: But there might be treasure!
StarWarsTHX1138: Serge you're a little loud
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Dusk_Shine: Multi-pals crossover!
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e_bloc: Paul knows the secrets which you do not
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wynternyghtynggale: thankyou @e_bloc ! best birthday present
e_bloc: Cheer151 somehow I keep confusing Alex and Paul and I am sorry
e_bloc: happy birthday @wynternyghtynggale
chaostreader: Wait? Was that the first time that a different dimension had a second room? Does that mean something/is that strange?
e_bloc: you're welcome/apologize
RockPusher: lrrALEX lrrPAUL lrrSLOTH_SG
Lord_ZYRK: How dare you and thanks
Meyari: Paul you aren't very on camera
Vampiricsloth: so is paul supposed to be mostly off screen? :3 or is it cropped?
Electrodyne: Dr. Paul and Mr. Alex
wynternyghtynggale: mr.dr.paul
Vampiricsloth: nice paul4head
RockPusher: Paul is a spoopy ghoast lrrSPOOP
Lex_Peacekeeper: Paul? but hes been dead for 10 years Serge
Meyari: oh, secret Paul lrrSPOOP
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liminalblossom: The gremlin living in my basement says thank the nice man for his soothing voice and capitalism.
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Sogheim is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Type_One___!
PixelSavage: *must resist urge to talk about capitalism*
red_shoes_jeff: The secret to Serge capitalism, is non-capitalism.
baronsamedi23: did you get that bed from Ikea?
Sharkfists: I judge you anyways
ArcOfTheConclave: we already judge you
e_bloc: you could google the ideal price to list them at but why
baronsamedi23: its like selling magic cards
e_bloc: buylisting your items :p
Aurelius101: So, is Twitch's notification email ever going to stop sucking? Because it seems to think Adam is still playing Persona 5.
kusinohki: was lurking in kitchen - I could really use a bed +2. how do I steal paul's... :P
kusinohki: hi serge hi paul!
Mysticman89: Does amazon honour mess ups like that? Ive seen price alerts here and there, but always quickly fixed
CataclysmicReverb: you took a lot less damage than usual!
Beleqwaya: He also negates the first 20 right?
Beleqwaya: Also - he lost the bed buffer HP
Lex_Peacekeeper: Paul what dungeon are you in?
Hexy_Lexy234: hey friends!!!!! lrrHEART
Aurelius101: This appears to be a...Zelda game?
PixelSavage: @Aurelius101 yeah i too never received a email with the correct stream in it
e_bloc: these days they'll refund if your preorder is higher than the selling price when you buy it too
e_bloc: so I mean that's literally only one thing good about amazon :p
dangerous_safety: 45 degree anger
Kaszoski: 45 degrees of anger
baronsamedi23: idea serge travels Canada going from cafe to cafe the name of the show: roast quest
Lex_Peacekeeper: i am sad Serge, i have not found any rings
brainbosh: The ring of vampirism is worthless if you never get hit.
Kaszoski: Roast Quest: Serge is on a mission to taste all the roasts
Zu_o: @baronsamedi23 and meets a chat member who gives him a unique insult?
antonaqua: 45 degrees celsius or fahrenheit?
nudibranch93: degrees F or C?
baronsamedi23: @zu_o YES
Kaszoski: @baronsamedi23 great idea! :D
brainbosh: The only really good one is the Barrier ring that I've found.
FITorion: spakle
MistahFixIt: 1 != 0 :P
Kaszoski: Oh what's this channel point thing
Juliamon: !channelpoints
LRRbot: Channel Points are a new, free way for you to show your support for a streamer via #engagement! Learn how to earn them (and what you can do with them) here:
DarkMorford: @baronsamedi23 Tasting coffee and slow-cooked beef, I would assume? ;)
kusinohki: did I hear 45 degrees of anger? that not acute anger at all!
TheManaLeek: It took me so long to realize the empty chest teleported stuff home :(
Lex_Peacekeeper: i just check Rings are not in the switch ver yet T_T
Kaszoski: Ooh thanks @Juliamon
baronsamedi23: the real question is what does serge thinks
Krokaar: more dots!
DoodlestheGreat: Yes, D.O.T.
kusinohki: is that a new kevin or did it evolve?
ContingentCat: lrrDOTS lrrDOTS
Zu_o: baronsamedi23 starting the roasts already?! you're supposed to face to face them
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge potion!
silenceaux: Cursed Relic chests are crammed full of good stuff, including many relics that remove curses.
A_Dub888: !findquote block
LRRbot: Quote #4228: "You're blocking the ass." —Ian [2017-05-27]
TehAmelie: thanks Ian
baronsamedi23: I always went broardsword
kusinohki: "die or open a chest... hrrmmm..."
chris365: I love the way your Pokémon friend is using a leaf as a sword
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Nyx_fire: potion
Erin_Dwight: Hey Serge and Paul! :D I wish my sub was today and not tomorrow so I could sub now.
e_bloc: Party118 purple chest you coward
Nlcool: Paul tempting serge into death.
Diabore: the best way to get purple chest is to, as the kids say, "git gud"
TehAmelie: that was a spicy mushroom
e_bloc: yeah good call :D
CataclysmicReverb: doodlecheer100 I must say, we have mush room for improvement
Kaszoski: FLEEDOM
baronsamedi23: so how long do the point rewards last?
silenceaux: Honestly it's pretty difficult to lose money on a run when you use the pendant
ContingentCat: that's a technicality Paul
e_bloc: layers
MistahFixIt: Truth, Justice, And Fleedom For All.
chris365: @erin_dwight serge is streaming the same time tomorrow so you should be good to dub then :)
ogundiety: So out of curiousity, why does it say 'test stream'?
red_shoes_jeff: Remember, Whiskers: Discretion is the better part of profit!
Erin_Dwight: @chris365 erindwShockwave I'm subbing tomorrow then.
Juliamon: ogundiety You need to refresh, they did a test stream immediately before
wynternyghtynggale: toasted serge with a side of Sassflan
Zu_o: ogundiety refresh
justshay99: sergeHi
chris365: @erin_dwight benginDab
baronsamedi23: tfsNedraFlexL slytqWIZPUP tfsNedraFlexR
MistahFixIt: >Capitalism lrrEFF
brainbosh: There is a sort button?
TheManaLeek: You can sort
TheManaLeek: Push Left stick in
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun there is a sort button
baronsamedi23: oh yeah the sort is a pain
chaostreader: Make sure to check prices.
wynternyghtynggale: you mean what serge has jo do for him?
PMAvers: Put the stacks on the stack
TehAmelie: gasp
TheManaLeek: You're welcome :D
Beleqwaya: Well.
Lex_Peacekeeper: Paul on the switch left stick sorts
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I'm playing keyboard but mine is R
red_shoes_jeff: Well, hey!
brainbosh: Sort by price or by dungeon.
MistahFixIt: The Secret Tech PogChamp
CaptainSpam: That... is not clear from the interface.
kerbalized_: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Erin_Dwight: I like this Serge and Paul stream team up. It's really soothing.
chris365: Look Paul we have been waiting for Minecraft to do that for years, get in line
Hexy_Lexy234 shlowclaps
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
Juliamon: Learn something new every day!
ThinksTooMuch: The game really ought to tell you stuff like that
Nlcool: Poor paul
Kaszoski: Wait what doesn't it tell you?
TehAmelie: next you'll tell us you can swap items without pausing in Link to the Past
niccus: it's only visible on house chests
brainbosh: Open the menu without the sop counter.
TheManaLeek: I learned by wishing the button existed and pushing things until it happened
xantos69: cheeer50 enjoy these condolence bits.
RangerOfVoid: i assume it is in the manual?
Lex_Peacekeeper: Paul for me on switch the on screen is right behind Serge
RockPusher: PowerUpL lrrSLOTH_SG PowerUpR
erloas: did Paul just have a sugarcane moment?
wynternyghtynggale: we broke paul
Robot_Bones: @TehAmelie WHAT
js1813: You have to be careful though it can mess up curse placement
Beleqwaya: I do.
chaostreader: Check prices. Serge. You forgot to check prices.
xantos69: cheer50 enjoy these condolence bits.
Master_Gunner: what games come with manuals now?
Beleqwaya: But I'm a monster.
TehAmelie: that would be wild right
chris365: This is for sure Paul’s sugar cane moment
Anubix_007: What is this manual you speak of serge?
RangerOfVoid: or in the control scheme under options
SkylerRingtail: I assume Samuel reads manuals
CaptainSpam: It's 2019! If there's something we don't already understand, it's not worth knowing! ...wait...
Meyari: Yep, my Switch copy came with a manual
koalkass: Evening fellas, how's the game?
TheManaLeek: Took me a while to learn you can pick up the mirror and click stuff to sell instead of dropping them all individually into the mirror
SkylerRingtail: You can sell from the customer side of the counter? Well *I* learned something about t hsi game tonight
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I've found the sale box is useful when you get to the point where you have so much inventory that you can't sell it all in a day.
Meyari: @TheManaLeek wait, what? I have to try that next time
baronsamedi23: old woman "do you have my leaves my glaucoma is so bad I been walking the foot stool for a week"
e_bloc: one time I chased a thief out of the room by rolling and i rolled out of the subocean and everyone stole from me :(
TheManaLeek: @Meyari Yup super handy!
Beleqwaya: Man, being a thief would be so hard in a world like that.
MistahFixIt: Is this... profiling?
Diabore: can afford larger shop now
baronsamedi23: new shop owner attacks customer during peek time
TehAmelie: nobody wants to make a thief happy ;_;
antonaqua: Making sure the customer is happy doesn't put bread on the table
Beleqwaya: I make the assumption that those bubbles are them musing out loud, so a thief would be entering the shop going, "Hmm, what can I steal today?"
wynternyghtynggale: helping the npc feel special
Sogheim: ten buckets of acid!
ContingentCat: don't question the little old lady's needs
Sharkfists: it's important this little old lady's party is lit
e_bloc: taxes, overhead, etc
Sogheim: like Recettear when you're selling a small child a 60k piece of candy...
TehAmelie: i'm assuming either everyone owns their own home or their lord does
brainbosh: The larger shop lets you put more tip incentive in.
baronsamedi23: what you didn't know that old lady was ransoming small countries thanks to your LOW LOW prices
ContingentCat: "invite the hawker" sounds like a code word
TehAmelie: nobody expects the little old lady
silenceaux: A brand new bed~
Kaszoski: A bed costs 20k?!
Banrael: lrrGOAT_SG Cause sometimes, you lrrGOAT there with sunglasses.
EJGRgunner: cheer50 I know I send a lot of sass your way through my bits, Serge. I thought you'd like to know that I actually record and track every jab, joke, "insult," and poke I send your way. I find it important to keep a good burn/pun average.
baronsamedi23: gabby Scorpio
red_shoes_jeff: Sounds bad for the spine...
Diabore: its lumpy, pls send better bed
Vampiricsloth: that sounds super unfomfy
RangerOfVoid: ah i see serge subscribes to the Scrooge McDuck bed
silenceaux: Bed was the first thing I maxed out.
brainbosh: Its a boom town, so everything is super inflated.
wynternyghtynggale: great lumBAR support on the gold bed
PMAvers: lrrPAUL_SG
MistahFixIt: Scrooge McDuck dives into his enormous vault of gold. Immediately hospitalized for a severe concussion Kappa
silenceaux: Alan! I love him.
Kaszoski: Reminds me of the OOTS comic where when adventurers come to town they raise the prices
fuzzy_died: Earthbound also has this wit ha single egg being $12
TehAmelie: are we a shop bubble?
kusinohki: very RICH dreams when sleeping on the gold bed...
CaptainSpam: You just LOOK like a Will, y'know?
ContingentCat: wow harsh
00gogo00: LUL
BusTed: You've got a real Will look about you.
kerbalized_: lrrJUDGE_HF
MistahFixIt: Alan is a purveyor of Shrubberies?
Sharkfists: this guy looks trustworthy
Kaszoski: "What are you buying?"
baronsamedi23: Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan oh wait that's Dave... Dave Dave dave
TehAmelie: "our shop now has a 50 gold visitation fee" *business increases*
00gogo00: Por Que No Los Dos
Kaszoski: @TehAmelie exclusiveness!
brainbosh: Also don't forget thewall decor. I missed them till the end of the game... :(
EJGRgunner: Serge. Not a baseball fan.
EJGRgunner: got it
baronsamedi23: I think roast quest starts in chat
FITorion: sparkle
e_bloc: get in the hole
TehAmelie: blurnsball, the game of kings
ContingentCat: Paul also confirmed not baseball fan
antonaqua: Sparkle!
MistahFixIt: I prefer sideball, personally.
FITorion: missed the sparkle
asddsa28: sparkles
MistahFixIt: Go Literal Tigers.
Earthenone: but...serge attacks at a 45 degreee angle....
chaostreader: That pit was shiny!
antonaqua: Can't stop me lol!
DoodlestheGreat: What does the scroll in the pool area do?
MistahFixIt: Serge don't forget to go back lrrBEEJ
Kaszoski: I think the orange hits the top of your head
chaostreader: You were blocking to late.
baronsamedi23: shopkeeper murdered by tree story at 9
TehAmelie: Serge, the Minecraft savant: "How are my blocks not working?"
FITorion: first room
chaostreader: ^
00gogo00: is that an ender chest?
brainbosh: Yeah, the story in this game is kinda confusing.
ContingentCat: welp
BusTed: slytqShrug
matufin0: Paul is a smart man
PMAvers: lrrPAUL_SG
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Ciijay: Sudden late night Paul!
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Kaszoski: SMRT
Hexy_Lexy234: hey Serge! i have finished my first Canadian Highlander deck! if i ever get the chance, can we battle?
kusinohki: sounds like the boardgame 'dungeon lords' - build a dungeon just so heroes destroy it
chris365: Forehead
Laurence72: RPGAyaya
TehAmelie: it's iff acid
silenceaux: I found the acid uniquely difficult to avoid tbh
brainbosh: It's best to believe that you will ALWAYS be hit by acid/lava.
LadyAtarka: Hello friends!!!!
Kaszoski: Hmm, bring in bottles and gather acid
chris365: *whispers curse*
Hexy_Lexy234: hey LadyAtarka!!!
Sharkfists: paullighter
Kaszoski: Paul's here for forever now
PMAvers: Paul'
chris365: Hey @ladyatarka
PMAvers: Paul's on the clock now.
LadyAtarka: Bonus Paul can't leave now
kusinohki: no that's the patreon logo
TrueSkorn: Bonus Paul i good Paul
nudibranch93: I <3 Bonus Paul
Juliamon: He's doing his best
Hexy_Lexy234: "Bonus Paul" is a mood
00gogo00: Timed Event Paul
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Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun someone said earlier that friends damage scales with your damage
chris365: Also @ladyatarka awesome photos friend also that scene is super cute!
chaostreader: I’ve literally never seen Serge roll over acid without taking damage so I just assumed you couldn’t roll over it.
ContingentCat: he's like when you see a five year old helping their parents shovel, they're not doing a lot but some help is some help
MistahFixIt: @Diabore - Ah so it's like the pets in Torchlight.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun familiars do 20% of your damage based on your equipped weapon
FITorion: sparkle
andysoo89: dead person has a note
red_shoes_jeff: Ooh, a sparkly
Pharmacistjudge: at least there is no one stealing your stuff from the ground like in underminer
00gogo00: sure
LadyAtarka: @chris365 Thank you!!!!! I'm so happy with how the engagement photos turned out
brainbosh: 10000 = 16 ?
00gogo00: 16 = 10000b
00gogo00: it woeks
someusername5: 16 base 10 = 10000 base 2
FITorion: no way he didn't see that sparkle riight?
Nenluen: 2 = 10, 4=100, 8=1000, 16=10000
EJGRgunner: 16 = 10000
fuzzy_died: it does
DoctorHutch: paul's got it
EightBitDreams: Programmer math. 16 = 0x10000
chris365: @ladyatarka they are super cute sergeHeart
LadyAtarka: Thank you!
MistahFixIt: "Now that I can block..." >[clocked by an orange]
Laurence72: How many channel points does it take to get LRR to show up at my house? lrrBEEJ
DoctorHutch: every number system thinks it uses base 10 lrrBEEJ
Hexy_Lexy234: "this part also shoots balls" Serge Yager (2019)
chris365: @laurence72 1,000,000,000
Sogheim: Paul here dropping the real wisdom
espeonsun: Hi Serge! Hi Paul! Hi chat! <3 <3 <3
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TehAmelie: the tree is an orange bender!
silenceaux: Wow, 65 a shot is a lot of damage.
Hexy_Lexy234: hey @espeonsun
e_bloc: F
Laurence72: (rubs hand together evilly) yes.... only 999,998,000 to go
CaptainSpam: We are less fine.
Diabore: less fine
BusTed: lrrFINE
Juliamon: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
ContingentCat: welp
ContingentCat: F
MistahFixIt: slytqRIP
Hexy_Lexy234: lrrFINE
chris365: F
Beleqwaya: NotLikeThis
ContingentCat: yeah it's start again not restart
FITorion: sparkle
espeonsun: How's everyone doing today, friends?
Dezinkled: Sparkely
TheManaLeek: Whoa what?
Diabore: sparkles
RangerOfVoid: sparkle pit
FITorion: pit sparkle
TheManaLeek: That explains so much!
fuzzy_died: Sparkles
TehAmelie: everyone's learning things here. except leaf friend, they're always almost useless
silenceaux: Oh, I just remembered why Time Passing matters. Long story short, it's not relevant yet. Soon?
chaostreader: Shiny pit.
brainbosh: The calendar only matters when you are doing requests, which is why I never do requests.
TheManaLeek: Uh oh, Serge gonna learn
Kaszoski: Hug
FITorion: the cleaner
matufin0: he the spelunky ghoast
andysoo89: it's unkillable and destroys loot
00gogo00: can you kill it?
00gogo00: does it bleed?
brainbosh: Security is here to escort you out violently
matufin0: you can just go down a floor
snowcookies: It just wanted to be your friend
00gogo00: he's a ghost
00gogo00: like in spelunky
00gogo00: or starbound
brainbosh: Going down a floor also resets him.
LetsConsider: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 49:35.
00gogo00: or lotsa games
chaostreader: Isn’t that book past the 5000 gold line? So it should cost more than 5000?
LetsConsider: Hai Serge! How’re you doing?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Paul - Serge -the book was a 'trap' if you remember your Indiana Jones you can get the book without summoning him.
Diabore: so 4999, got it
00gogo00: ooh
ArcOfTheConclave: replace it?
Meyari: does getting the bed just give you the HP bonus even if you don't sleep?
Beleqwaya: have you tried making more equipment?
TehAmelie: is there some synergistic customer exploits here like selling cheap french fries with extra salt and expensive drinks?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun as you move along the dungeons you'll find regular weapons and armor you can either keep to upgrade along the other path or sell.
Meyari: wow, i've been avoiding getting the bed because I don't sleep, but...
Kaszoski: Man I have a bed, that's a great memmory
brainbosh: You sell the weapons that you find in the dungeon. That you don't want.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrALEX_PK katesSass_PK dropSip_PK
ogundiety: yeah the price was good
DigitalSeahorse: lrrALEX_PK lrrALEX_PK lrrALEX_PK
ContingentCat: That got me through the end of grad school, just remembering sleep instead of actually sleeping
RangerOfVoid: pop was at high so it does not show
Diabore: it was 4500
ogundiety: He put it at 4.5k
antonaqua: The book is in high popularity, so the price doesn't register
ArcOfTheConclave: 4500
00gogo00: I think they were in the middle category
ogundiety: It just hasn't updated yet
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge the skeletons you find can drop gear, i sell that if i already have it down that path
00gogo00: it was 4500
DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad lrrALEX_PK voxlunNut
00gogo00: you need to wait to update
Donutholez: it hasnt updated yet
TehAmelie: was that a uniersity textbook or something? ha
Diabore: pls tell me 4999 was right
matufin0: i think you need to wait until the store is closed to update
antonaqua: The prices registered are when they're neutral, if it's in high popularity, you can bump the price
kusinohki: customer service - "get out you bums!"
TehAmelie: okay in this economy a textbook would probably go for millions
ContingentCat: yup, everyone says the first rule of customer service is to call your customers bums
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge bring pink Slime!
RangerOfVoid: potions?
FITorion: potions
Donutholez: potions!
TehAmelie: that's why Sabin's ultimate technique is called the bum's rush
Beleqwaya: What I mean, is it possible to go make equipment with the whole purpose of selling that equipment, and still make a profit? Ie - instead of selling the materials.
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge pack your lunch!
Laurence72: slytqPotion RPGHP
TehAmelie: it takes a lot of silver to get gold eh
asddsa28: put them on
chaostreader: RPGHP
Diabore: pfft, potions are for people who get hit, thats not you right serge Kappa
kusinohki: "did you pack clean underwear?"
Lex_Peacekeeper: slytqPotion slytqPotion slytqPotion
voslan: late stream! awesome!
TheMerricat: @Beleqwaya I don't think it is, the max 'good' price is more than you pay the blacksmith to make anyhting.
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaToronto Canadian Tire Money ssandCOIN johnlo1Box feliciaSave
TrueSkorn: Bonus Paule is Bonus Smart
Beleqwaya: @TheMerricat Darn, that would have make good sense for a rotating economy of different vendors.
TheMerricat: @Beleqwaya I don't know about potions though. I never paid attention to how much you can sell them for, but yeah, it'd be nice if you could sell 'refined' product for more than the cost of their ingredients and the work.
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge just a heads up the Claw guy wont pick up everything, he seems to go have hard type items, like mine would never pick up slime
Hexy_Lexy234: "Stop running from me" Serge, the friendliest person known to MTG
ContingentCat: the mud hurts your dignity
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MaladyDark: PAUL! hello, I don't get to sub with you around often, Also, Hi serge <3
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Lex_Peacekeeper: Did Serge just amitt that he is a wicked witch?
kusinohki: acid on acid? shouldn't that produce fog? (I learn chemistry from mcgyver)
TehAmelie: if you wanna be reductive this whole game seems like running between item shops to make money from synthesizing in Final Fantasy 9
Sharkfists: the long con!
Adamantcheese: serge confirmed for sugar cube, afraid of water
Beleqwaya: So we've proved nothing?
ContingentCat: but you're not willing to say definitively he's not a wicked witch?
Juliamon: Wicked witches are weak to houses too, not just water.
Lithobraker: DigitalSeahorse I wonder if alex follows nuclearanthro. I bet they'd get along
voslan: he's the premier lands player. he can't be a witch at the same time!
100viewbots: I believe Serge could be a wicked witch if he really wanted to.
TehAmelie: mixing acids and bases might produce a cloud. that might be either deadly or water
Donutholez: weeeeww
nudibranch93: What about a Tempting Witch?
silenceaux: Also, sometimes the ghost just doesn't show up
Beleqwaya: The first time you picked up a book, you accidentally left an iron rod on it.
Lex_Peacekeeper: well he said he is weak to water so part way there
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Travilogue: Just saw the tweet about the Studio A rework and it looks sweet! Good job Paul!
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MintChocDoublin: so did the creators of binding of isaac make this game? influence it?
Vlanoik: put the very expensive book in the top row?
TehAmelie: bathing in a healing well until it runs out of juice must feel bad
silenceaux: Think about it daily
kusinohki: "who wants to live forever?"
ContingentCat: pro-stat: not dying
Beleqwaya: So that means we are heading to the final boss of this dungeon then?
100viewbots: I've thought about it but so far dying is still on the itinerary
Lex_Peacekeeper: So Serge is James now?
Hexy_Lexy234: "do you ever think about not dying? ow" Serge Yager (2019)
ContingentCat: measure never dig forever
TacitusVigil: Ever forward, always rolling.
MintChocDoublin: git gud never die Kappa
Nlcool: Bold strategy cotton, let's see if it pays off.
Beleqwaya: Shields are for dodging.
voslan: why change when you know the power strat!
kevenwith2es: If you're blocking, you're losing.
brainbosh: "Have you ever felt....not so fresh?"
banachspacebar: Math is for blockers?
TehAmelie: "i was on crack when i said that"
Bobtheninjagoldfish: to quote many people in our WoW raids; Mechanics are a DPS loss..
MintChocDoublin: @beleqwaya my first skyrim play was double one handed. shashashasha
Laurence72: If you can dodge an enemy...
kevenwith2es: That's a good ol' Adam Savidan-ism. Can't take credit.
silenceaux: It takes some time to get the shield up.
brainbosh: The combat in this game does not feel great, it's very loose and wibbly.
Dezinkled: Heal first?
Camail: they added quite a bit of stuff since the i played the base game
Sharkfists: toe first instead I guess
kevenwith2es: If you're healing, you're losing?
snowcookies: Ever Foward, Never Learning
Beleqwaya: Best value
Dezinkled: for science
kusinohki: "it's not backseating when you're sitting next to him" :P
silenceaux: Paul is allowed to say things. Chat is not, because we get confusing and self-contradictory.
Beleqwaya: Restock potions?
Earthenone: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
silenceaux: Paul it wasn't a challenge! D:
Sharkfists: paul has the conch
Pharmacistjudge: potions are cheaper at night
PMAvers: I mean, heck, James could come in and start giving advice and he'd be *completely* wrong.
TrueSkorn: Paul and Bonus Paul...battle to the deth
TehAmelie: we're stimulating the economy so hard
Calaban161: There is a day price and a night price.
garash2k: Wowee
Beleqwaya: I wonder if items and armours have differing prices too
Laurence72: I mean, look at his name, if anyone would know it would be him
Donutholez: so.... it's a midnight doorbuster sales
kusinohki: do potions have a shelf life?
Juliamon: Amazing chest ahead
TehAmelie: purple chest purple best and similar slogans
Kaszoski: Paul is a font of knowledge
Kadenus: same experience as paul, here
PMAvers: And this is why he is Paul.
brainbosh: That is my experience too.
Pharmacistjudge: Paul and his Results Oriented Thinking
matufin0: I cannot hear the game at all
Meyari: My game did the same thing when going through a portal.
NickTheDM: The game is still playing music, but no other sounds so far.
MaladyDark: i can hear music
TheMerricat: I don't hear music but I hear the wind.
FITorion: hear music
silenceaux: Okay, that's a little bit of music now
NickTheDM: Oh, there is a sword swipe sound now
Meyari: It's still got the town music?
brainbosh: I hear sounds again.
Juliamon: Now we hear it
Beleqwaya: I hear the effects, but they are quiet.
RangerOfVoid: might want to put some items on the bottom row
Drakas: hello
MaladyDark: much quiter music when book out
Meyari: Instead of dungeon music, it has the town music, I think
Drakas: how is everyone going
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Mister_Hush: Moonlighting as a danger-spelunker is honestly Goals
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kusinohki: are you curving your arrow shots?
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Veraphage: :D
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Mysticman89: surprising that the music RNG wouldn't have the same seed in either case
kusinohki: wouldn't plants be cold blooded though? "P
TehAmelie: it has potatopinions
banachspacebar: Also, if it has to load anything from disk, would it have issues with two processes loading the same file simultaneously?
Dezinkled: clear the rest of the floor?
SmashTCG: no
LadyAtarka: Ummmmmmm
kinghalt: lrrBEEJ_PK
Dezinkled: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
RangerOfVoid: leeroy jenkins!
Mister_Hush: I don't believe even a little bit
silenceaux: GivePLZ
matufin0: i believe
chaostreader: Check for sparkles in the room you skipped?
snowcookies: I guess I believe
ContingentCat: I believe
LadyAtarka: Yes?
Veraphage: Yes?
Dezinkled: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Laurence72: RPGAyaya RPGAyaya RPGAyaya
xantos69: Sending you my energy.
kusinohki: "I believe in the paul that does not believe in serge" :P
garash2k: just recall mid fight if things go bad 4Head
Veraphage: !advice
LRRbot: Don't hit the president!
doodlord2: katesTrick katesTrick katesTrick
EJGRgunner: I believe. Not necessarily in what you want me to believe in, though.
LadyAtarka: Bonus Paul Believes so we must as well!!!!
banachspacebar: I believe... that it is time for me to go to sleep like an hour ago
Sogheim: my corgi says you'll be fine. CorgiDerp
Mister_Hush: I don't even try to tackle bosses until I can rush them down in just a couple cycles, because honestly, some of their attack patterns are just annoying
kusinohki: @banachspacebar preach it brother
garash2k: HE MOVES LIKE THEY DO PogChamp
Nlcool: LOL
Beleqwaya: lol
Laurence72: This is Final Fantasy 5, right?
Xenovita: LUL
Juliamon: !clip
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RangerOfVoid: wow
ContingentCat: NOOOO
silenceaux: oh WOW
TheAinMAP: Oh no.
snowcookies: sadness
Beleqwaya: Perfect.
garash2k: PAUL WITH THE CLUTCH PAUSE PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
kevenwith2es: Nature Strikes Back
Dezinkled: laraClap laraClap laraClap laraClap laraClap laraClap
doctorGunsforhands: 0_0
Mister_Hush: Serge Panic Attack Yager
Meyari: lrrHERE
hodorhodor1992: can you potion quickly
Veraphage: The tree heard you
Beleqwaya: "Hello highlight reel."
matufin0: Perfect hilarity
seantheman2: hey Serge, hey Paul
LadyAtarka: I'm laughing so hard
nudibranch93: o lord hte panic
Nlcool: Poor serge
xantos69: Hello highlights!
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Malacorath: Mistakes were made!!
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AlienNanobots: "I was just gunna panic and cry" mood
frozenphoenix7: Tree heard you talking shit
seantheman2: how is everyone
Beleqwaya: "Oh LORD he dying!"
DoodlestheGreat: PHEW
Kadenus: this is why i use corded controllers LUL
Iceberg_Man: lrrFINE lrrFINE
hodorhodor1992: its fine we can potion right?
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: we button mashed too greedily and too deep
seantheman2: what did I walk into?
yukonmax5577: Waowe wow wow
Kaszoski: I turn away to get some food and I hear "NO NO NO NO NO NO"
DoodlestheGreat: @kadenus, same.
snowcookies: Thank Paul he was there
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Rathclav: Go ... left? No not that left! Your other left! No!! Go Paul's left! ... Oh now this feels cruel. Um.... Hi Serge! Breath, please?
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Meyari: Yeah, we have 5 potions
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive RPGHP PrideTake PrideWingR
Mysticman89: This is just a handicap to give the tree a chance.
yukonmax5577: nice job paul!!
xantos69: cheer50 This exact reason is why I absolutely categorically refuse to use wireless devices when I game.
garash2k: !findquote controller
Diabore: @Kaszoski serges controller died
Kaszoski: @Diabore oh noes
chaostreader: Most games stop when a controller disconnects.
LadyAtarka: Breath
Rathclav: Breathing is important ;.;
Mysticman89: its actually odd that this game didnt autopause
random_shoes: I had this happen yesterday with a switch and dark souls
RangerOfVoid: i guess keyboard was still enabled?
TehAmelie: it NOTICED the controller was disonnected
TehAmelie: and helpfully put a message about it all over the screen
Dezinkled: easy
CaptainSpam: lrrGOAT
Meyari: lrrGOAT
random_shoes: including the message covering the screen
LadyAtarka: We believed!
Alephred: Man, The Giving Tree got dark.
Laurence72: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Mister_Hush: And notably did not pause the game like most games do when a controller disconnects
Bladinus: benginTry
Beleqwaya: But it gives you access to the next floor
Juliamon: !game rude
Laurence72: Final Fantasy 5 ending flashbacks
MaladyDark: perhaps, that should be reported.
TehAmelie: ever had such a hot bath your life bar recovers?
Donutholez: search for shiny?
red_shoes_jeff: You know, maybe the REAL rare drop, was the friends we made along the way...
Rathclav: Why havn't you put Paul up their then?
ThinksTooMuch: This is now a progression run
Mister_Hush: You're gonna get the reaper-demon coming after you
Beleqwaya: The send-back chest is only on one of the floors once, right?
Calaban161: With 1 potion?
Mister_Hush: @Beleqwaya Correct. And in this dungeon, it's on Floor 3!
Donutholez: i thought the real drops are the frames whe arent meant to see?
Kadenus: has serge upgraded his weapon yet?
Kaszoski: That's purple?
chaostreader: You never entered the top right room. It could’ve had a sparkle.
DigitalSeahorse: PrideWingL kathle3PRISM PrideWingR
Mister_Hush: These windy guys are real dicks, what with their attacks seeking
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3HEX kathle3KNOT kathle3PRISM kathle3TRI kathle3EYE
DigitalSeahorse: dropSip_PK
Beleqwaya: @Mister_Hush How do you know? It has been on Floor 1 before.
Mister_Hush: yo I dunno who Kathle3 is, but those emotes are fire
ContingentCat: kathle3HEX
aussie_rob_w: Hello Serge and Paul
Beleqwaya: Shouldn't we convert first and then send a stack of good stuff?
Kaszoski: @Mister_Hush Kathleen's emotes from her pirate radio stream
silenceaux: The send home curse is also good because it immediately expires, so then you can stack the sender item.
aussie_rob_w: What are you Playing It Forward?
Mister_Hush: @Beleqwaya Each dungeon has patterns; in the forest, I'm pretty sure the send-home-chest only appears on 3
silenceaux: @Beleqwaya Conversion doesn't apply until you leave the dungeon.
Beleqwaya: Ahhh\
mahpete_: hi friends, first time tuning into this game.
Mister_Hush: Absolutely want a billion bulbs, they're so valuable
Meyari: The two things in your top stack
mahpete_: how goes it so far?
chaostreader: Does it turn an entire stack? Or one of the stack?
Mister_Hush: BY THE WAY, changing a full stack into another item will only stack to the NEW ITEM'S MAX
Mister_Hush: So, converting 10 Life Water will only stack to 5 bulbs
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge, those copy things only go to their max stack, not the stack you have
Mister_Hush: It won't make 2 stacks, is what I'm saying
aussie_rob_w: Ooops
TheManaLeek: That is the worst feel
CaptainSpam: Well, poop.
aussie_rob_w: oh no
Kaszoski: Oops
silenceaux: Gotta push & hold
silenceaux: Quick move all?
Mister_Hush: Eff yeah, Fluid Vessels. So much money in this bag right now
Vlanoik: equip amulet?
Mister_Hush: That ring is a super rare drop
chaostreader: Why two 5 stacks? Wouldn’t a 10 stack of the better item be better?
silenceaux: chaostreader Science
Diabore: @chaostreader it goes to a max stack of 5, cause thats the transforming items max
Dezinkled: that was 1 stack of question mark stuff
brainbosh: If you portal home, anything in the chest will still be there when you come back.
Mister_Hush: That's HUGE teq, yeah
aussie_rob_w: Oh neat.
TehAmelie: the risk with the portal is just sometimes Frank shows up and questions why you wear that stupid human suit
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I also think the ?'s sort with respect to their hidden costs in case you are trying to figure which to keep and sell later.
Dezinkled: Also now you get the full map of this floor
TheManaLeek: I want a bigger back pack so bad
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun autosort sorts in value order.
RangerOfVoid: poison ring?
silenceaux: Antivenom ring Y/N
silenceaux: Er, Anti-poison.
TehAmelie: random question, could you run a shop that sells only cursed items?
TehAmelie: asking for a witch i mean friend
TheMerricat: @TehAmelie apparently not, the curses only exist in the dungeon. :-P
Diabore: people pay more for things in high demand
TehAmelie: rats
brainbosh: Vampire is worthless if you dont get hit.
Mister_Hush: Giant HP has been instrumental for me, but I'm doing lightweight armor
Beleqwaya: @brainbosh That's not a problem for Serge.
Earthenone: you get more zoomies with poison vampire combo at least
Diabore: 5%
Beleqwaya: 759/850
Earthenone: 5%
RangerOfVoid: 5.125%
NickTheDM: Was it 799 previously?
Beleqwaya: Was it 850 or 800?
Beleqwaya: Oh
Kaszoski: Ah fresh potions, she makes potions in the day and their expiry date is like next day
Donutholez: 5.125%
Diabore: of 850 probably 8%
SoulEater50210: Hello Serge, hows it going?
Dezinkled: Is that 4 gold chests
Dezinkled: holy smokes
nudibranch93: 5.125%
Mister_Hush: Go get the gold chests
wynternyghtynggale: I love that paul was leaving earlier and we sucked him back in
Kaszoski: GOLD
Mister_Hush: Get so much skrilla you nerd
TehAmelie: fresh potions in the morning is like hot bread
Mister_Hush: Gold chests and then Portal out
Earthenone: Capitalism Ho!
Diabore: so die trying it is
Beleqwaya: *puts 150 gold on "Dies trying"*
silenceaux: This is a way better way to play than I did it, I should have been using the portal more.
brainbosh: Now chests you have opened don't reset.
Mister_Hush: Yoooouuuu should make a sharper sword
TehAmelie: who keeps covering these pits in leaves?
Kaszoski: Acid =/= poison?
brainbosh: You didn't get poisoned, but you still took damage.
silenceaux: I think you can walk on the environmental poison? Not sure.
Diabore: core gamers love dots
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Mister_Hush: More Damage means Better Vampirism!
TehAmelie: optimizing your sword damage is key for any successful merchant
SoulEater50210: I don't think the rings existed when I played. I got to the third dungeon I believe and never saw one.
Kaszoski: Come back for them?
Mister_Hush: just don't get hit 4head
Beleqwaya: Leave the break stuff and come back for it
Earthenone: chuck em in the mirror?
Kaszoski: Leave them in the chest and come back after clearing more rooms?
Vlanoik: place the fragile in the purple chest for later
Kaszoski: Chat can remind you
TehAmelie: chat may or may not remind you
Beleqwaya: Serge won't forget loot. It's LOOT.
Dezinkled: We got you serge
nudibranch93: Aww they're so grumpy
LadyAtarka: Chat? Help? thats new
Sharkfists: hey serge: don't forget the thing
Mister_Hush: Nah, you get a couple hits before they shatter
Mister_Hush: Like 3-5 I think?
Kaszoski: Serge is a haxer
TehAmelie: it's like we're bullet benders like in Wanted
wynternyghtynggale: it feels kinda oddish
TehAmelie: but with arrows
Beleqwaya: WOW. That reference.
chaostreader: Serge, why not search every room that isn’t a fight? For secrets?
CaptainSpam: The Farsight-Farsight fight!
Mysticman89: time to get out the gameshark
silenceaux: "oh no he shot me back" is pretty much how I feel about FPS games
Mister_Hush: Stever Rogers got that reference, my god
Vlanoik: I equate those leaf guys more to koroks with a deku leaf more than oddish
xantos69: The farsight the exact reason I still own that game.
Rathclav: Too legit. Too legit to quit, Serge.
RangerOfVoid: yep, need a perfect dark remake or somethjing
RangerOfVoid: laptop gun was fun
CaptainSpam: RangerOfVoid: One that isn't Perfect Dark Zero?
Mysticman89: Also I'm very much trying to not thinking about being 30 soon.
TehAmelie: i could not live without the laptop gun aiming for me
Mister_Hush: @Vlanoik there two kinds of people, the oddish people, and those of us who are right
xantos69: Dual Cyclone was my jam in that game.
Rathclav: lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH lrrSLOTH
Kaszoski: Laptop gun, the laptop with like a few 10s of mb ram
Sharkfists: I was a big fan of the laptop gun because I'm conflict adverse
TehAmelie: i liked the cyclones in theory but it never seemed like dumping 100 bullets in a second
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mahpete_: so this looks like a mix of Diablo and Stardew Valley so far, how wrong am I?
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Mister_Hush: You can stack your writings
chaostreader: Serge. Why don’t you check rooms without fights for sparkles? @loadingreadyrun
Mister_Hush: Your inventory is inefficient
Meyari: another thing you 'cured' stacks
BusTed: Which is to say, averse to conflict coming directly at you, Sharkfists?
Rathclav: combine your stacks XD
Beleqwaya: Oh you'll roll a dozen times into a rock.
Beleqwaya: Or*
Sharkfists: @BusTed sure
garash2k: is this 2nd or 3rd world?
Zu_o: garash2k 2nd
Mister_Hush: 2nd
Rathclav: Heck yeah, all the backpack tetris!
Mister_Hush: 3rd is the Desert, and then 4 is Tech
Mister_Hush: 5 is a secret!
Beleqwaya: Spoilers!
Mister_Hush: It's open information, not spoilers.
Beleqwaya: "Spoilers!"
Beleqwaya: :p
Kaszoski: Put egg in top line?
Beleqwaya: Pretty sure the cursed corn is in the Highlight reel.
TehAmelie: cursed corn image
CaptainSpam: Stack the root thingies?
Dezinkled: 1 more chest>?
CaptainSpam: The things that look like beets?
Rathclav: you could sell the fragile things?
Donutholez: bring both breakables into the same chest first? they might stack?
Calaban161: If you dont care for the money use the mirroor
Zu_o: @SergeYager if you're going to throw that money away, you could grab it anyway and see if you throw the money away, or you could sell them outright
Dezinkled: There is 1 chest you have yet to get no?
Kaszoski: Should be 1 chest left I think
asddsa28: yes
Mysticman89: you could also just not get hit
Kaszoski: If egg is in the top line if you die you keep it right?
Rathclav: Paul and Serge are great stream friends lrrSLOTH
Dezinkled: up here
Earthenone: eggs over acid, the dennys special
chaostreader: @loadingreadyrun Serge. Why not check the rooms without fights for secrets?
AlliterativeAlternative: acid side down pleas
TehAmelie: water to acid, eggs over water
BusTed: Decreed.
TehAmelie: all i know of moonlighting i learned from that Scrubs episode
Zu_o: The swording thing is very much like the wording way, but less effective and sharper
Kaszoski: Keeps forgetting shield
garash2k: CASUAL 1 HP
Mysticman89: game knowledge went down a lot over the years since they replaced manuals with a little slip of paper that gives a link to the site with a manual.
Earthenone: 0 is not 0
TwitchTVsFrank: how does the saunder guarantee compare to the savidan guarantee?
garash2k: so about them 5 potions
Sharkfists: to the tapes!
Anubix_007: Serge I loved you for the 2 headed Giant Friday night where Graham and the sloth were trying to compete together your face on that one was priceless
Kaszoski: Poor shield
Dezinkled: you have a free run to the bath
TehAmelie: was it Earthbound where you could take a fatal hit and heal while your HP counted down? i wanna see more health systems like that
Rathclav: Yay for warpdoor lrrSLOTH
asddsa28: there is a pond
RangerOfVoid: just go back to town and sell
Sogheim: lrrSERGE lrrPAUL night Serge.night Paul. night chat. CorgiDerp putting the doggo to bed
Zu_o: oh and those fragile things would never - NEVER - have made it.
chaostreader: Except the room with the portal.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS kathle3HEX lrrARROW
Rathclav: Diabdew
Donutholez: you DO have a purple chest there. repeating the floor seems economically correct
Zu_o: @Donutholez the chests will not refill.
Mister_Hush: If you're hoarding that much product, you're definitely not opening your shop often enough
Donutholez: oh
TehAmelie: they took just the dungeon and market parts of Stardew and improved on them, i'd say
Donutholez: so sad :(
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge i just looked it up, your amulets are new game+ how are you getting them on the first playing?
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The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Hope you both are having a lovely evening! :)
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Mysticman89: conceptually the game is very similar to recettear I think, but I haven't played/watched that game so dunno how similar mechanically it is
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revjakenash: huzzah!
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PMAvers: They're not discount mushrooms, they're Surprise Mushrooms mechanics.
PMAvers: They only just might be poison.
Zu_o: @SergeYager if you wanted to get prices right, why not sell single ones at a time?
DarkMorford: Serge, can we build an ME Controller to keep all our stuff in? Or at least replace a chest or two with Storage Drawers? Kappa
Dezinkled: you didnt change the price of the leaves
RangerOfVoid: 3k?
Anubix_007: Serge would never make anyone unhappy
Rathclav: Good guy serge is always trying his best to make everyone feel good lrrHEART <3
EJGRgunner: cheeer50 Serge never wants people to be sad... unless he can farm it.
Donutholez: 3210 is my bet. coz it is an ominous number.
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Kaszoski: Shaaaame
PMAvers: Honorable Sudoku reduces the honor loss of that action to 1.
snowb0und: Serge, you're making your sales from the customer side of the counter and it's really piquing my concern.
Mysticman89: Honourable sudoku is much cleaner than honourable seppuku.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I sold the earth...golem books
Officinalis: ^
TehAmelie: my business strategy: one party will always be screwed and it's going to be me, so selling low and buying high gets there faster
TehAmelie: strangely, it works out the same as Serge's model
Donutholez: jottings number seems to be volumes, not quality LUL
Kaszoski: We have 130k for the stuff you wanted, shop and till?
Dezinkled: Leaves and you didnt increase the price
Natimus_Prime: I often have to come out from behind the fish counter to talk to folks, mostly because the motors are super loud and the old folks can't speak up.
Pharmacistjudge: Narcotic is more flower than leaves.
snowb0und: Oh, alright that's fine. Just like my dentist that also shares the mask of anesthetic before they drill
Laurence72: The customers can't "leaf" them alone!
Diabore: serge selling them dank nugs
Lex_Peacekeeper: Serge is it 420 there during your leaf sale?
100viewbots: not the molly jane D:
fuzzy_died: So much money
Vlanoik: third high roller
CaptainSpam: Wait... it's getting later in the day so your shop is getting darker... except for the light pouring in from the windows?
LadyAtarka: Greeeeeed
matufin0: instantly
Laurence72: LOL
CaptainSpam: And you've judged that you're out of time! Gotcha!
silenceaux: I also love how many customers will walk over to a clearly empty sale bin
DarkMorford: Hello, highlights!
PMAvers: lrrJUDGE
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Team Order!
Bladinus: sergeOrder
RangerOfVoid: bigger store?
Kaszoski: Bigger shop and till?
mahpete_: Order Reigns!
Anubix_007: I am loving This
TehAmelie: the first hit is free, eh
DarkMorford: The first hit is always free
Meyari: dang, I've been missing out by not buying the beds
Calaban161: Can you upgrade your weponds Suge
chaostreader: Store!
silenceaux: So, I think you should do the weapon upgrade if you're trying to do the boss.
RangerOfVoid: store upgrade!
Dezinkled: For the Vampire ring you have to deal 2500 damage to heal the 50 health you dont have by not having the Golem ring
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matufin0: Strait damage is strait forward but also just good
Zu_o: 3
Mister_Hush: 3
Diabore: nice money
Mister_Hush: that's 4x, Serge
CaptainSpam: That's quadrupled, but sure. :-)
Officinalis: 'Tripled'
silenceaux: 50 -> 200: tripled?
Mysticman89: I think thats quadrupled, but sure.
SquirrelEarl: quadrupled
DoodlestheGreat: Um, quadrupled...
PixelSavage: "50 to 200 we ahve trippled our dmg"
fuzzy_died: well there went the money
Vlanoik: portal
Mister_Hush: It is a 300% increase
garash2k: it's a 300 percent increse
Mysticman89: It's a 300% increase, that has a 3 in it which is like triple
matufin0: sergeCounting
chaostreader: Also because our damage increased. Our Healing increased.
RangerOfVoid: i mean you can take the none portal thing home it is cheaper
Vlanoik: no
nudibranch93: It's late. And math is dumb.
Kaszoski: To grift and be grifted
Dezinkled: you are still missing that last chest
Vlanoik: you didn't go to the chest room
Mysticman89: the hivemind is strong tonight.
garash2k: pause unpause
Vlanoik: you stopped before getting the final chest
silenceaux: Before he was using a weighted, blunt sword.
chaostreader: ^
LadyAtarka: Like Goku?
Vlanoik: top right chest still hasn't been looted
Diabore: serge "not my final form" yager
Donutholez: ah yes. 10 times gravity + blunt sword
nudibranch93: Oh shiiii he gonna do the lion's bbarrage
Mysticman89: broom everything
Zu_o: at least 3x as much damage
silenceaux: Andre does good work.
doodlord2: other chest yo
silenceaux: Such lovely petals.
chaostreader: Serge! You have missed a chest.
PixelSavage: what happened here - what made all the plantlife so pissed ?
DarkMorford: That sure looks like a vile plume. Kappa
red_shoes_jeff: Isn't that Jeff the Worm, from MIB 2?
CaptainSpam: Maybe he'll do nothing. Maybe YOU'RE the monster!
PixelSavage: theyll probably ... add .... up.
Diabore: additional enemies, or ads
aussie_rob_w: Ads or adds?
fuzzy_died: adds
PixelSavage: adds - ad is short for advertisement
RangerOfVoid: too many adds
garash2k: so on the subject of adds
frozenphoenix7: @PixelSavage I mean, in a sense, ads also works <_<
Officinalis: Need some adblock.
Diabore: i say ads, cause more often than not they are unnecessary annoyances
Sharkfists: can confirm that real life bows are not as effective
garash2k: DPS PogChamp
fexworldwide: The hobby of gardeningarchery.
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Kaszoski: Nice
Officinalis: A sudden strategic change.
Dezinkled: You heal for 4x more per hit now
RangerOfVoid: Jund it
aussie_rob_w: bang bang bang BANG bang
aussie_rob_w: bang.
LadyAtarka: Just punch always
Diabore: but what if face?
Kaszoski: Shiny chest
garash2k: that was my strategy for this game, but with a greatsword PogChamp
PixelSavage: standing next to it and punching it is a long honoured tradition in games
DarkMorford: This week on Gardening with Greg...
LadyAtarka: benginTry
PixelSavage: plant was a nerd.
Dezinkled: there is still 1 gold chest on this floor to get
ThinksTooMuch: glass cannon ring
Zu_o: @Dezinkled he can't go back
garash2k: synergises poorly with potions
chaostreader: @thinkstoomuch That’s not what a glass cannon is.
Dezinkled: ah
PixelSavage: well time to math it - hp vs def seems like rather straight forward - either its better or its not
Officinalis: Kratos: Boi!
garash2k: having a bigger hp pool makes potion (and weapon lifesteal) weaker
JakeKamas: I think you just did an angry stern voice
JakeKamas: You didn't sound that old last time
CaptainSpam: "Boy, you're seriously destabilizing the local ecology. Seriously, wtf. This is some long-term damage you're doing here."
chaostreader: Defense seems better than health.
red_shoes_jeff: !findquote ellipses
LRRbot: Quote #5542: "SUPER-ELLIPSES!" —Jacob, repeatedly [2018-11-23]
fexworldwide: Why are they having this conversation from so far away.
PixelSavage: old man needs his personal space
LadyAtarka: I mean, he does die
aussie_rob_w: "This time, you're definitely gonna be a corpse."
LadyAtarka: several times
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Diabore: everyone else says "rev jake nash"
AlliterativeAlternative: PLANT THE SEEDS
Mister_Hush: Purely speculation, but I imagine the 5th dungeon is going to be a boss rush
revjakenash: no, I'm an ordained minister, not icelandic
aussie_rob_w: Plant the seeds! Plant the seeds!
LadyAtarka: But I did so many ellipsis!!!!
Diabore: HA i was right
mahpete_: I'd like to revise my genre guess to Gungeon + Diablo + Recettear.
Donutholez: LUL
Drakas: always forward, never leaning
red_shoes_jeff: How about toe Golem ring and the Plant ring? NO DEFENSE, NO SPEED, ALL HEALTH!
RangerOfVoid: did you grab everything from the chests?
Donutholez: ^^
DarkMorford: This is a very Recettear-ish game.
LadyAtarka: Buy all the things...
CaptainSpam: Botany Jeggings.
LadyAtarka: There is more to me than being a people eater!!!!
SoulEater50210: We need a Recettear count
EJGRgunner: cheer50 I guess that boss eats, roots, and reads?
Mister_Hush: Recettear is this, but Very Much More Anime
Shadwhawk: I think Recettear basically introduced this concept
Mister_Hush: You do dungeon diving in Recettear as well
asddsa28: there are dungins
fuzzy_died: There are Dungeons
SketchyDetails: you also do fighting in recettear
asddsa28: you do
Beleqwaya: When you delve into the dungeon, you play as the heroes you hire.
ConspicuousCompiler: You do fight in Racettear.
Makimachine: Capitalism ho!
matufin0: Capitalism Ho!
fuzzy_died: You hire an adventure that you control
ConspicuousCompiler: The combat is a weak point in Racettear, though, IMHO.
SketchyDetails: you play as the heroes you can hire, but you can also sell them geart that they will bring with them
MaladyDark: recettear has more economy simulation. the dungeon stuff isn't quite as smooth, with it being a much older game, but it is really fun
TheMrFraser: Capitalism Ho rooOWO
Mister_Hush: Oh yeah, combat in Recettear is pretty poopy
TheMoatman: Ah, 4700. The eed number
TheMoatman: Not weed
brainbosh: There is also a sequel to Recetter, Chantelise.
Soul1355: that's not really a sequel
Shadwhawk: Damn, Recettear is nearly 12 years old
Mister_Hush: The economy stuff in Recettear is very similar to this; there's a haggling minigame, and that's about it
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun run to the back get more goods?
MaladyDark: like, different customers have different budgets. little girls only have pocket money after all compared to the adventurers
fuzzy_died: There are the window objects to attract people
Diabore: i might be in minority, but i think id pick this game up if haggling wasnt a part of it
Sharkfists: I don't even want to haggle in real life
brainbosh: Haggling, and you have to make sure you can sell to actual people with budgets.
Sharkfists: that's not a fantasy of mine
Zu_o: you could always MAKE weapons to SELL?
Beleqwaya: It's well done. Recetear is a lot of fun.
TheMoatman: Does this have a mechanic where a super fancy thing draws more customers?
TheMoatman: Because that would be rad
Zu_o: not really moatman, no
Beleqwaya: The premise is that you are a million gold in debt and you need to pay it off or lose the shop.
MaladyDark: and recettear has some really cool shop redecoration mechanics.
Diabore: @Zu_o probably not profitably, it costs a lot to make weapons
RangerOfVoid: upgrade the store!
DoodlestheGreat: "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun you do also find the weapons in the dungeons so if you keep your eyes out you don't need to do the tiers.
Zu_o: @Diabore they sell for about what it costs to make them, and then the bonus tips make 3tier weapons just dumb profit
Shadwhawk: Hah, I forgot Recettear basically got localized because of the SA Forums
RangerOfVoid: sell the old weapons
Schatten88: night everyone
Soul1355: pretty sure that's right
TheMoatman: That's always how I've heard it pronounced
Mister_Hush: They make a joke that it sounds like "Racketeer"
silenceaux: It's like "racketeer"
Beleqwaya: Serge - that is the premise of Recettear. Your father took out a massive loan and then skipped paying it off. And the collection fairy wants you to succeed in paying it back, instead of just taking the shop.
Diabore: book has a "!"?
MaladyDark: it's an in game joke, that if you mispronounce, it's racketeer. recette and tear and the shop owners after all
SketchyDetails: Theres a Character named Reccet and a Character named Tear
silenceaux: That said, I can never remember what racketeering means, specifically.
fuzzy_died: Potions?
Dezinkled: Potions?
Beleqwaya: Potions?
chaostreader: RPGHP
silenceaux: RPGMana
Laurence72: slytqPotion slytqPotion slytqPotion
00gogo00: RPGHP
chaostreader: Treader
red_shoes_jeff: RPGHP Cheers!
Bloodrosh: RPGHP
Rathclav: kathle3PRISM kathle3EYE kathle3EYE kathle3EYE
MaladyDark: sergeHeart sergeKappaccino
Diabore: RPGBukka RPGHP RPGTreeNua
Beleqwaya: Can we make better potions yet?
00gogo00: RPGFireball
NathanLonghair: I just woke up: have we persuaded him to play Recettear yet?
Jonci_: Smash all things
LadyAtarka: pew pew with arrows
lordinkdeath27: lrrGOAT_SG
chaostreader: We know that they die to arrows.
Diabore: nani?
Serifina: Hi yall
NathanLonghair: Hey Seri
Beleqwaya: DO EET
Beleqwaya: Big brain play!
MaladyDark: strats
00gogo00: how does lifesteal work
00gogo00: u didnt get any hp
Juliamon: Serge's only weaknesses: 1) Water 2) 45-degree angles
00gogo00: and acid
Sharkfists: there's a lot of serge lore in this stream
Serifina: Acid is fire and water, right?
Beleqwaya: It seems this monster arrangement is much better for Serge.
00gogo00: is this a rougelike
Mister_Hush: I haven't gotten ANY of these special rings
Dezinkled: hax
Beleqwaya: Better lucky than Good.
Diabore: better lucky than good
MaladyDark: well, that doesn't sound useful... at all lrrBEEJ
Mister_Hush: Serge has all my luck NotLikeThis
Zu_o: I am just gonna say, this is a spiiiicy chest
Laurence72: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
matufin0: is it luck or skill paul?
Jonci_: There are special rings?! I'm at the desert dungeon and didn't even know that
AlliterativeAlternative: skillfull luck?
Zu_o: @SergeYager most of the items you transform will only stack to 5
brainbosh: Sort by priuce
Serifina: Luck gets you far. Skill gets you far. Luck *and* skill get you all the way
00gogo00: the destroy an artifact in direction things seem kinda boring
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun use your newly learned autosort. It sorts in value even if you don't know the value.
Diabore: probably a 5 stack for that
RangerOfVoid: you want the potion ingrident
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun yeah, just sort the chest.
Meyari: anything cheep we can sell to the mirror?
Beleqwaya: Couldn't we just teleport and come back to this chest?
00gogo00: what's the 3200 button
Jonci_: Inventory is the true boss of this game
silenceaux: I like it
TheMerricat: @Beleqwaya check the teleport cost, 12k.
00gogo00: what does that 3200 buttone down there do?
Beleqwaya: Depends on how much the remaining stuff is worth
Meyari: @00gogo00 go home
00gogo00: ah ok
00gogo00: that's pretty cheap
TheMerricat: @00gogo00 there are two teleport types, the 3200 takes you home and ends the run i.e if you come back it's a new dungeon. The 12k one opens a teleport that lets you come back.
Mister_Hush: I've just stacked the Tip bonuses from shop decor, and I make ludicrous amounts of bonus money on every transaction, so I don't even worry about underselling anymore
silenceaux: You can maximize profits a LOT, if you find it fun.
Mister_Hush: and I'm usually neurotic about that kind of thing
nudibranch93: A panda walks into a bar...
RangerOfVoid: sort by price?
chaostreader: Sort so that stacks are good?
RangerOfVoid: serge you have a stack of 6 potion ingridents
TehAmelie: let the cash flow!
00gogo00: the sale box is just full of draft commons
00gogo00: Breeding pools maybe
J_Rey15: logs were perfect
FITorion: so only sell 1 at a time...
Diabore: 700?
TehAmelie: the business of keeping you in swords and potions eh
MidgardSerpent: oh, the top chest on the left in the room with your bed is the chest that things teleport back into. So if you can, keeping it empty is helpful.
00gogo00: didjya het the bigger shop
ZiraWoods: This is..... an interesting game
chaostreader: @00gogo00 not yet.
Beleqwaya: Are those the potion ingredients?
Rathclav: God you're energy is infectious Serge XD <3 <3 <3
Meltalar: how zu
Meltalar: how
TehAmelie: imagine a store with so much shelf space you don't have to worry about selling out the entire inventory every day
Meltalar: how is the new studio A Serge? better for streaming? sergeHi
Anubix_007: Thanks to Serge I am actually thinking of getting this game
TehAmelie: cow tools: 5000 money
Donutholez: 3rd undersell
SoulEater50210: It was a really good sale too
Mister_Hush: That was me and now I'm obsessed with this game
Mister_Hush: In case that didn't come across
00gogo00: aww its not on sale
00gogo00: RIP
RangerOfVoid: just imagine with better tip with more decorations
Beleqwaya: Ya, I missed the sale too. I'm sad.
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun you see a blueprint before you buy it
F1SHOR: i did get it for free so thank you :P
SoulEater50210: I got it for free on Epic. After I already purchased it on Steam.
LadyAtarka: lrrSPOOP_PK
Anubix_007: Congrats Serge you own a Tartarus
brainbosh: Requests are kinda bullshit.
Rathclav: Plus it was in humble monthly a few months ago, so people who get monthly might want ot check their keys, they might have gotten it and never claimed their keys
silenceaux: Time passing is now relevant.
tighe143: I'm definitely getting this game now and I'm still going to keep watchin!
RangerOfVoid: decorations?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun but the downside of the glass cases is only adventures and high rollers will buy anything in them.
TehAmelie: i'd like a deal where you can buy the game for credit and work it off in the game. would be on brand i tink
RangerOfVoid: also what is the next level of potions?
Diabore: does she set the prices too?
Dezinkled: Do you have shelves for tip items now?
LadyAtarka: This game is garbage
Rathclav: Does jade dislike you in real life?
TehAmelie: can't pet the dog, well i'm not buying it now
red_shoes_jeff: Stop shield bashing the dog!
CaptainSpam: I like how this turned into a Serge and Paul stream so gradually that we never noticed.
silenceaux: I bet it's already on that account somewhere...
Rathclav: Can we have paul cameo in all of Serge's streams? This is just wonderful
Donutholez: ummm didnt you portal out?
Banrael: cheer100 Thanks for the chill stream Serge and Paul! G'night all. lrrGOAT_SG
00gogo00: What do the || and = signs mean?
TehAmelie: getting Sunset Overdrive here
Beleqwaya: Read the new story note?
00gogo00: on the items
brainbosh: Has Paul beat this game yet?
TehAmelie: one time Loki turned into a book. . .
Meyari: @00gogo00 those items need to be placed on the left/right or top/bottom
00gogo00: ah ok
TehAmelie: i do not like this dreidel
Beleqwaya: Floor 2?
red_shoes_jeff: benginTry
00gogo00: dreidels are squares tho
Meltalar: is serge the boshy?
Beleqwaya: Nope. Paul Guarentee.
ThinksTooMuch: there was a chest in it, but it sunk
LadyAtarka: It ate a chest
brainbosh: Timer chest
SoulEater50210: You've run into the timed chests before you just did it in time.
00gogo00: what's the mirror do
silenceaux: sells things at a heavy discount
red_shoes_jeff: !findqoute ellipses
TehAmelie: An Orange Variant of the Green Monster is the name of my Poison cover band
00gogo00: orang ghost
Mister_Hush: I haven't seen the orange ghost, but it keeps getting mentioned in other journals
Mister_Hush: The Green monster also comes if you spend too long on a given floor
silenceaux: Well... I could remind you of something maybe relevant regarding orange ghosts
Anubix_007: lol
KillThreeRats: LOL
00gogo00: LUL
TehAmelie: why does the inventory even have that button?
KillThreeRats: Serge making the big brain plays.
TehAmelie: not that i wouldn't want an "eject" button on my backpack
Rathclav: Combine yoru rocks!
silenceaux: Why not quick move all back into inventory... ?
Rathclav: 2:1 and 1:3
red_shoes_jeff: Can't you stack those rocks there?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun non-spoiler spoiler is that the DLC adds a new dungeon called the "Wanderer's Dungeon". Completely unrelated the big green monster is the "Wanderer"......
Rathclav: rock stack?
00gogo00: whats with the mirror
JonnyGlitch: lrrDARK kathle3PRISM kathle3HEX
brainbosh: You Always need the Red Jelly.
TehAmelie: the stomach, the backpack of the front
chaostreader: @00gogo00 It will sell items at a specific price.
Rathclav: Ohhh good thinking
Rathclav: rock that boss!
wynternyghtynggale: no your on a chair
fuzzy_died: the egg has hatched
ZiraWoods: Annnndd...... you jinxed it. LOL
red_shoes_jeff: In no particular order: Death. Dismemberment. Burning.
00gogo00: press the dump button?
Dezinkled: Can you add more profit items to your shelves
brainbosh: The chests on the left are for depositing from the dungeon.
red_shoes_jeff: Yes.
LadyAtarka: lrrSPOOP_PK
00gogo00: LUL
LadyAtarka: sergeFall sergeFall
silenceaux: Oh, I was just thinking of how in the room at the start where you saw Ol Pete's skeleton the other creature in there had orange splatter.
TehAmelie: you're going down to find treasure, and so am i. if you go with me i'll pay you 10% of the treasure we find. everyone wins
RangerOfVoid: floor level i think
SoulEater50210: Yeah enemy level
andysoo89: iirc, the dots are the enemy level
00gogo00: theyidel
100viewbots: dick over here hits pretty hard
mahpete_: can "It" be applied to sentient things?
Anubix_007: <message deleted>Did Serge Just Assume the gender of a Corrupted Hexa in 2019?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I don't think there is anything that tells us in game but the squares are "enemy level" indicators
RangerOfVoid: can we see the map?
LadyAtarka: benginTry
Shadowner: that floor wasn't the worst
00gogo00: overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer
Beleqwaya: At least looka t the map for this floor.
Beleqwaya: Aww
Beleqwaya: *claps*
Rathclav: More paul crashing the stream!
Laurence72: thank you Serge and Paul! Awesome duo!
TrueSkorn: CLAPS!
doodlord2: katesChicken katesChicken katesChicken
LadyAtarka: Thank you for the stream Serge and Bonus Paul.
CaptainSpam: Thanks for the Paul and Serge Show!
Beleqwaya: Wonderful stream.
red_shoes_jeff: I quite enjoyed this SPLP.
TehAmelie: thanks for having us
Anubix_007: Loved the Stream Serge and Paul.
Laurence72: lrrPAUL lrrHEART lrrSERGE
xantos69: It was really fun to join along with you!
Donutholez: sweet dreams
doodlord2: katesHeart katesHeart katesHeart katesHeart
100viewbots: me?
andysoo89: thanks for streaming!
LadyAtarka: By us!!!
red_shoes_jeff: Night Whiskers. Night Paul.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun knida wish this was a co-op game, I'd love to watch the two of you go through the game together.
Electrodyne: nighty night
nudibranch93: Bye!b\ goodnight gents, thanks!
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Anubix_007: Yay More Road Quest
SoulEater50210: Night all
Rathclav: Go cat!
red_shoes_jeff: Knight!
Anubix_007: NIght
TrueSkorn: lrrHORN
LadyAtarka: sergeHeart lrrSPOOP_PK
TheMerricat: So chat, LRR streams are super easy to get channel points from, I emptied my coffers before this stream started and already have enough to mutilate another emote. :P