cheetoJack: !advice
LRRbot: Splitting the party is inadvisable.
Earthenone: i saw farfetched before i saw a real leek, so i always strongly ascociate them with pokemon
Rhonlore: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 18:09 from now)
Rhonlore: I'm getting mixed messages lrrbot
cheetoJack: i am dumb, bonked my head on a bookshelf
Rhonlore: Ouch!
Earthenone: the !next was overridden but the autostatus still pulls from calender
Earthenone: adam will be here in 10 ish minutes, and there will be Gooigis mansion later this evening
TehAmelie: at least you got smarts from the books, eh
monkeyrama: Hope Adam's going to be using his fight stick, we nee d that stick asmr
TehAmelie runs for the hills before anyone gets the puns
Rhonlore: Thanks Earthenone
Rhonlore: <3
ReynardWrecca: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 18:03 from now)
Rockario: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 18:00 from now)
monkeyrama: Title change 👀
Baldrash: LRRBot's clearly a little ahead of itself.
Juliamon: blergh I want coffee but I'd have to put up with the news blasting through that end of that house
Rockario: Just finished a job interview in time for Adam stream, hell yeah
Juliamon: Please disregard LRRbot, it's very excited.
Earthenone: i am not a coffee person, but i am guessing it is not worth blaring propoganda
Juliamon: It's not.
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL seabatTROG lrrSIGNAL
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Juliamon: Like, I don't really care that mom has it on all the time, but she refuses to acknowledge that she's getting old and has the volume up too loud
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's not Persona 5, but it's still anime adjacent. | Today, Adam is playing Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid with his good friend @RevvyRad | We're both brand new to the game. Should be fun? | ||
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Gigsey: gigseyLove lrrHEART
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korvys: Do we blame Beej for turning Adam into a weeb?
HypnoticMeerkat: tppowerWhite tppowerBlack tppowerBlue tppowerPink tppowerRed tppowerYellow
arlodog1: Yes
Earthenone: i think we still #blamejames
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monkeyrama: Gamehaus Fight Club hype! revvyrCreep
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arlodog1: What happened to p5?
Juliamon: This came out and he really wants to play it.
SgtCommanderson: I hear this game is zany
arlodog1: Ok
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Xavorin: I pushed the button.
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Earthenone: i wonder if i will be able to follow the lore, i remember watching mighty morphin on TV.....
devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 17:54 from now)
monkeyrama: Hello there, Adam
FarronTheRed: ADAM
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP_TK
monkeyrama: Fight stick noises Kreygasm
AlchemicalPanda: But Adam, are we here?
DaMullet14: I'm pretty dang hyped
theficklecat: Hi!
accountmadeforants: Adam at 60FPS looks so FAST
TravisHymas: I am so hyped for this
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afoersch: lrrSPOT N I C E lrrSPOT
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AgentMagicMaster: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
cheetoJack: Put that on the box of this game, "Its not Persona"
Rockario: It's not Persona, but...*clack clack clack*
CapnRobert: super hype about this
doortodoorhentaisalesman_: Power Rangers?.. What year is this?
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monkeyrama: Oh dang, I gave Revvy a lead, then
HesGotNoPants: you're a blue player? since when?
accountmadeforants: I'm just here to watch you two enjoy fighting games.
TehAmelie: oh hi Adam
monkeyrama: Is this your squad?
lorazx: always love watching someone who loves fighting games
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Schwarm_: a stream!
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kevenwith2es: Calling the Green Ranger a dummy seems rood, game.
Invitare: you have a sword? Isn't that cheating?
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Thecooliest: yay more fighting games with best boi
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korvys: Can you play as that brontosaurus robot?
SgtCommanderson: controller click is extremely loud
sir_jack_DB: BANG BANG goes the fightstick
CapnRobert: thats fine totally here to watch you learn man :)
HesGotNoPants: @korvys which one?
SgtCommanderson: like I like it for asmr but holy crap it's like piercing
monkeyrama: He's using a fight stick
monkeyrama: it's going to be noisy
TravisHymas: ZEDD
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BobaRobes: Hey all right it's morphin fightin time!
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Invitare: villains you say
cheetoJack: can you be that big floating face
aerobeing: Which stick?
Juliamon: If you can't handle fightstick noise, you may need to give today's stream a pass.
korvys: @HesGotNoPants No idea. I remember there being some kind of white brontisaurus when I was a kid.
Invitare: is Rita in it?
Pal_Friendpatine: Noisy fight stick for a loud boi, right?
TehAmelie: the last Power Rangers game i saw was the side-scrolling SNES one. things seem to have changed
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monkeyrama: Rita isn't playable
MadAboutVideoGames: A Power Ranger game released in 2019? Is this real life?
monkeyrama: Unfortunately
Traion: Instead of the "bad at this game" disclaimer, you could save us all some time by letting us know when you are finally good at a game for a change :P
Ukon_vasara: Ever Forward Never Learning lrrIAN
Earthenone: everything old is new again
monkeyrama: It's a learning stream seabatBRAIN
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BlueDaNewb: Did someone say 'teenagers with attitude'?
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lucha_libro: Is this a recent or old game?
LordManiMani: come oooon everybody seabatHITBOX
monkeyrama: Revvy just started, he's still welcoming his chat
HesGotNoPants: @korvys ultrasuras
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TheGreatJohnzo: Are we still doing "X months? that's almost a Y!" jokes?
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devil_dan: The idle stance looks like they are looking at their hand.
korvys: @HesGotNoPants That sounds silly enough to be correct
Alchemistmerlin: On the one hand, I'm glad this game is good. On the other hand, I'm sad that we finally get a good Power Rangers game and its in a genre I just can't enjoy
Ukon_vasara: okay, but when do we break out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters 2 for the SNES seabatHITBOX
Jackomaning: @lucha_libro Pretty recent
HesGotNoPants: @loadingreadyrun can you play as a psycho ranger?
accountmadeforants: I'm curious, is that noise the stick or the buttons?
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monkeyrama: Adam please
kevenwith2es: Please nutz
monkeyrama: As long as you're having fun, skill don't matter
Lord_ZYRK: Just in general
LordManiMani: no obtuse combos, or specials? sounds like my kinda game
Lord_ZYRK: Adam plees
Baldrash: @accountmadeforants Those are the buttons.
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SirFlukesAlot: hey adam thanks for being awesome and promise to never stop never stopping! lrrAWESOME
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chadtastic112: Hey Adam, what's the roster like in this game?
Rockario: Special moves are just buttons? I love it
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accountmadeforants: @Baldrash Good lord, those are some heavy-duty switches then.
kevenwith2es: I love that rando robot attack.
Meark: wat
UncannyJimjams: you gotta do the finisher to em
aerobeing: Does anyone know what stick this is?
Earthenone: testing
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laskotheking: What day does desert bus start?
Tiber727: 6 year old me would have been all over this game.
monkeyrama: Adam, did you mute Revvy?
Earthenone: friday at 8 pacific
TehAmelie: friday in almost all timezones
Lord_ZYRK: Earthenone B-
MadAboutVideoGames: What button make explosions happen in the background?
Baldrash: @accountmadeforants There's no dampeners or anything on them, just plastic slapping into plastic.
monkeyrama: He was trying to talk to you earlier
UncannyJimjams: what button summons the Putty Patrol?
Ukon_vasara: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
AgentMagicMaster: lrrHORN
kevenwith2es: Is Revvy actually an airhorn?
SirFlukesAlot: wrong pc?
Rockario: Oh, is Revvy an airhorn? Kappa
Earthenone: are they muted?
TheAinMAP: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
monkeyrama: He can
NovaTiempo: Interested query - does Smash Bro's fit in the same "fighting game" genre as this?
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP_HF lrrHORN
monkeyrama: He can hear you and is responding
Lord_ZYRK: Is Revvy an *imaginary* friend, or. . . MiniK
korvys: @HesGotNoPants Apparently the answer was Titanus
excalgold: Zed, Doggy Kruger aaaand Red Ranger Jason on Adam's side ?
angryoptimist: Tetanus?
Baldrash: I think Discord needs to be on the gaming PC?
HesGotNoPants: @korvys titanus wasn't the turtle?
TehAmelie: plastic on plastic sounds scary. the lore always held good joypads have carbon contacts in their buttons
monkeyrama: Hold please
angryoptimist: Ah, I remember this meat guy...
Earthenone: !paul
korvys: @HesGotNoPants brachiosaurus, apparently
devil_dan: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: betrayal...
monkeyrama: Paaaaul, come save us
kevenwith2es: Paul Ranger best Ranger.
the_canuck_mystic: How is the prep going ?
Lord_ZYRK: Aren't we all meat guys on the inside 🤔
devil_dan: !bus
Jackomaning: @HesGotNoPants The turtle was Tor the Shuttlezord
monkeyrama: Revvy says "Alright dude"
Earthenone: meat should be on the outside, protects bones
SirFlukesAlot: tppowerGreen tppowerFree tppowerHeresTommy
TehAmelie: remember Alex's Paul impression: "I'm really quiet but the site won't run without me"
HesGotNoPants: I'm so ashamed at my forgetfulness of ranger facts
monkeyrama: He needs to accept it
LordManiMani: A Direct Challenge! SwiftRage
HesGotNoPants: oooo timefire
korvys: Is Discord on the same PC as the game?
Grevas13: @TehAmelie when was that? i don't recall it
seth_erickson: What dystopian world is this where Power Rangers are fighting against each other?
MilkInBag: PogChamp
TehAmelie: a W+P stream i think
monkeyrama: Tech stream
excalgold: i mean the background iamge could be from when Tommy was evil to begin with @seth_erickson
HesGotNoPants: @seth_erickson shattered grid storyline
LordManiMani: tech reversal stream
Earthenone: discord is weird and needs to be on a the same as the vidja games i think
SirFlukesAlot: ping paul?
seth_erickson: Truly a dark day indeed
korvys: Well, you're getting the game sound in your headphones, right?
korvys: And that's what's going out to the stream
monkeyrama: Seems like it's just the headphones having issues
SirFlukesAlot: hes not turned down IN discord is he?
kevenwith2es: Signal plz..
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MilkInBag: is this morse code
monkeyrama: good lord
Juliamon: Epileptics, please look away.
Fofo57007: mpieBarf mpieBarf
HesGotNoPants: summon beej
accountmadeforants: Hail hypnostream
BobaRobes: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
TheGreatJohnzo: This is fine
SirFlukesAlot: lrrFINE
mynameisie: This is fine
cheetoJack: the stream is trying to tell us something
Cheezmo: lrrFRUMP
monkeyrama: welp
Lord_ZYRK: Just push all the buttons 4Head
seth_erickson: it's not flashing...
kevenwith2es: It's just all the different colored rangers trying to warp in.
korvys: Oh, wait, sound from the game PC goes to the stream PC. Right. Never mind. Yeah, Discord on the stream PC seems correct.
MadAboutVideoGames: We need a Paul? Where do they keep the spares?
Traion: Oh Adam is wearing the perfect shirt for the Kefnet Brawl deck I've been playing all day :P
TehAmelie: in the real world, Paul is inimitable
theinvisiblevoice: tech issues happen, don't worry about it
nifleon: I'm surprised Paul hasn't cloned himself by now, just for times like these
Earthenone: hey this is your first try at a colaberation stream, bound to be some kinks
LordManiMani: 📞 seabatBRAIN "Hallo tech support?"
mynameisie: Cheer100
accountmadeforants: Ah, you fell for the classic mistake! You thought twice the frames would be twice the problems, but really it's thirty more problems for thirty more frames!
monkeyrama: Paul please BibleThump
seth_erickson: The PC is saying Nope just like Adam's shirt. NotLikeThis
Earthenone: if it makes you feel better, i am testing my DB watching setup while you are testing all this stuff :)
MilkInBag: monkaS
monkeyrama: You're good, Adam
DaMullet14: accountmadeforants that tracks inductively - if you only have one frame, you only have one problem, which is that your framerate is 1
I_Am_Clockwork: hi Adam
DaMullet14: and if you stop playing, you can't have problems with the game
monkeyrama: Switch screen :o
Baldrash: Hi Switch!
seth_erickson: We're back to a Switch
LordManiMani: time to play Goose
I_Am_Clockwork: there it is!
monkeyrama: We're back to the game
MilkInBag: is this mortal kombat?
seth_erickson: We did it seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
korvys: We're back to only one problem!
RabidWallaby84: Ooh! Is this an arcade fighter? There was one of those on the Genesis YEARS ago!! It was a blast
NightValien28: MilkInBag this is baby's first mortal kombat
worldsugliestman: classic green ranger pog
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playmaster500: it's a 28 mouth resub
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monkeyrama: Try unplugging the headphones and plugging them back in januar1Think
MilkInBag: tv vcr
Earthenone: having you be "level 0" seems mean
MilkInBag: channel 3
kevenwith2es: cheer50 If it were me, I simply would have everything work.
Robot_Bones: look at those tiny swords
TehAmelie: of course, why didn't we think of that
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monkeyrama: The issue was we couldn't hear him, right?
glenroberto: PokMaskedpika
monkeyrama: Well, now you're in different voice channels?
Earthenone: discord could be turned down in volume mixer
seth_erickson: I wish I could be of any help, but alas I now nothing
Earthenone: or the partner could be turned to 0
MilkInBag: just use skype seabatBRAIN
accountmadeforants: Might be application specific output?
Malbad: Can you hear any noise from streaming pc?
monkeyrama: Hold please
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Aarek: Adam is awesome!
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SirFlukesAlot: maybe its got the default output wrong IN discord!
SirFlukesAlot: mine does that sometimes
kevenwith2es: Use the preset game messages! "I'm using tilt controls, I'm using tilt controls, I'm using--"
SirFlukesAlot: default output?
monkeyrama: Revvy says y'all can go without voice if you have to
madmansk: sometimes, you just need to restart discord
monkeyrama: But I asked him to drag you in
accountmadeforants: Just as a sanity check for Windows: Hit the Windows button and search "App volume", should be the first result.
Earthenone: the game would be audio from gaming pc not streaming pc right?
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Floofys: Woooo Adam's Gamehaus! The spelling of Haus makes me miss Phailhaus.
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monkeyrama: He's distracted by training
accountmadeforants: On the PC the Discord sound should be coming from
monkeyrama: one sec
Robot_Bones: There's no paul to save us this time :(
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seth_erickson: Revvy Pls
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suprfluffykitty: Sha sha sha sha, suck it, suck it suck it suck it
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Earthenone: pride51 glhf
kevenwith2es: Champion by default PogChamp
F1ashCard: C'mon Revvy
monkeyrama: He can
monkeyrama: He can hear you
monkeyrama: He is talking
SeaTekCrazyMax: Is this the game that's basically Marvel 2 but Power Rangers?
Invitare: keep talking and nobody explodes
TehAmelie: use text chat, that won't get in the way of the fighting game right
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SharkHero08: which power ranger are you?
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Digitaldude2: Keep talking and no one explodes
x0den: keep talking and no explodes
Cheezmo: AYYY
TehAmelie: oh, we hear voices
NightValien28: we got 'em
Dix: score
monkeyrama: Success!
NightValien28: BIG BRAIN
Baldrash: lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrGOAT
seth_erickson: We did it seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
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Ravynn: Eyooooooooooo!
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AgentMagicMaster: HOLY **** HES HERE
accountmadeforants: The tearful reunion! seabatTROG
SirFlukesAlot: lrrAWESOME
monkeyrama: EZPZ
Baldrash: Hi Revvy!
Robot_Bones: Pulled directly from the AEther
monkeyrama: HI REVVY
Floofys: Hi Revvy!
TehAmelie: hi Revvy
cheetoJack: hi revvy
seth_erickson: Hello Revinauld
TheAinMAP: Hello.
SirFlukesAlot: Hallo!
Traion: Hi Revvy
x0den: hi revvy
NightValien28: adam is a genius, hi revvy
accountmadeforants: HI
strom_count: helloo
TravisHymas: Hi Revvy!
frage069: Hi
officedge: Hi revvy
louierat: hi
MilkInBag: revvy was inside us all along
CooL_SpoT085 subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 5 months!
CooL_SpoT085: Ahh! Off from work early, AND I get to catch one of Adam's streams live!! Today is a good day! 😄
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amam741: Hi Revvy
seth_erickson: Revvy it can't be too Adam is level 0
monkeyrama: We had some fun seabatTROG
x0den: I love the quantum ranger trailer with the Virgil references
monkeyrama: He has a real name :o
Traion: for Revvy's side
monkeyrama: We need to acept Revvy's
monkeyrama: It's the bell icon
Lord_ZYRK: But who are you. . . on the inside 🤔
SharkHero08: so what your saying is Revvy and Adam are the same person?
seth_erickson: Adam has a notification
monkeyrama: in that emenu
madmansk: the ringing bell
excalgold: the bell ?
monkeyrama: Move over to the bell icon @LoadingReadyRun
MilkInBag: clicking button stream Kreygasm
monkeyrama: When Revvy invites you, it goes there
seth_erickson: It went away just as we got there
kevenwith2es: Why is it in a separate tab NotLikeThis
Cheezmo: Now we're cooking with bacon
monkeyrama: Who knows
Robot_Bones: Tommy Poggers
Billy_Waggledaggers: Blue ranger or bust. He's got the smarts.
monkeyrama: Jason is super good
Dix: I used to?
CosmicDuctTape: Ironically, the gold dude is also Jason
TravisHymas: Gold ranger is *also* Jason Lee Scott
azureHaights: A brawl is surely brewing!
Dix: its long and confusing
seth_erickson: Power Ranger Lore ResidentSleeper
MilkInBag: wait you CANT play Rita Repulsa!?
UncannyJimjams: Jason is also the Gold Ranger
frozenphoenix7: Power Rangers lore? Hit me up, I got you
angryoptimist: Heaven or Hell?! Let's ROCK!!
CosmicDuctTape: I can also contribute some to Power Rangers lore discussion
Dix: Jason, Zedd, and Black Zeo Ranger (tommy)?
cheetoJack: theres a guy with an exposed brain and a big Z staff, thats all you need to know about the lore
TehAmelie: i don't remember, is Power Rangers something special among sentai shows or is it just that it's the one known in the west?
Robot_Bones: Can't escape from Crossing Fates
frozenphoenix7: @dix Black/Gold Zeo Ranger is also Jason
Juliamon: TehAmelie The latter
Dix: Oh god double jason then frozenphoenix7
monkeyrama: So interesting note, the male and female characters have different air physics
monkeyrama: Some things that can juggle male characters can't juggle the women
MadAboutVideoGames: Power Rangers is like 20 sentai shows by now
Tiber727: @TehAmelie Most people would know what Power Rangers is, but would give you a blank stare if you said the word "sentai."
Dix: I DO know Revvy's playing with a one-off ranger Kat from SPD
TehAmelie: curious
Robot_Bones: is this because the pp acts as a rudder?
Tiber727: *sentai
chadtastic112: When did Jason get Tommy's armor and sword?
azureHaights: Oh, silly overlay. That's not Adam's SUPER, it's Revvy's SUPER
frozenphoenix7: More accurately, he's an alien who lost his ability to be the Gold Zeo Ranger, so Jason temporarily became the Gold Zeo Ranger until his powers could be restoree
Omthebox: Are you winning
monkeyrama: Adam didn't switch out NotLikeThis
Scarbble: chadtastic112 after the green coin stopped working for reasons
excalgold: now now Adam you were just defeated
SgtCommanderson: @TehAmelie it's more that it is made of cut up bits of sentai shows from japan with an american cast filming non-suited scenes. So it's an american sentai show where most of the fighting is re-cut japanese sentai footage
korvys: Should we be hearing Revvy?
TravisHymas: @chadtastic112 He took them when Tommy lost the green powers so they could keep the Dragonzord working
monkeyrama: Revvy muted himself
angryoptimist: Also, just noticed the shirt. That's a good shirt.
Earthenone: hes got a gun!
Earthenone: best superpowe
frozenphoenix7: @chadtastic112 There was a bit where Tommy had to give up the Green Ranger Coin and gave it to Jason so the Team still had the powers
BloodnBullets: i... i think you can megazord?
excalgold: Hey jasons back!
CosmicDuctTape: and he's got an upgrade
CosmicDuctTape: he's stronger than before!
accountmadeforants: The classic "no blocks but (will never successfully) hit real hard" character, it seems.
TehAmelie: do we ever get to see the characters' names by the way?
chadtastic112: @frozenphoenix7 I haven't seen this show since I was like 10. I don't remember that AT ALL lol.
TravisHymas: dang did they get the original actors for this?
UncannyJimjams: gotta drop that super on em, my guy
monkeyrama: Revvy and I did play a few rounds last night and then he did training, that may have helped
CosmicDuctTape: he's powered up for more!
excalgold: with a mace gun thing
frozenphoenix7: @chadtastic112 Oh, I'm surprised I remember as much as I do tbh
excalgold: why does the evil pink ranger have a bow and a cape ?
excalgold: where is she from ?
CosmicDuctTape: the comics
Grevas13: these designs are rad. i ahven't seen any power rangers since i was a kid
monkeyrama: Oh myyyy
monkeyrama: RIP
CosmicDuctTape: okay, so it's not just me
kevenwith2es: The comeback was almost real
excalgold: Time travel is unfair
frozenphoenix7: Quantum Power.
azureHaights: One more once!
Earthenone: i imagine the cape is to prove she is evil, and the bow is because the stunts are easier
MilkInBag: no rematch, end of the stream
accountmadeforants: For "spandex and some other bits", I'm surprised by how varied the Power Rangers designs are.
angryoptimist: See that? That's a fellow with a dancer's belt.
CosmicDuctTape: @accountmadeforants you need to see the Kyuranger costumes
excalgold: i mean Kat -is- from SPD
angryoptimist: Take note, LRR. A dancer's belt prevents Prominent Junk.
monkeyrama: The kick loop :o
BrowneePoints: This game SLAPS
Earthenone: whats the damage modifier on that sword?
chadtastic112: What's currently going on in Power Rangers? Is it still a thing?
CosmicDuctTape: it is!
Scarbble: it is still a thing
UncannyJimjams: THE COMMAND GRAB
excalgold: poor jason, both versions of him are geting punched in teh face by a space catgirl
TehAmelie: Jean-Claude Van Damme would be jealous of those splits
CosmicDuctTape: the current series is called Beast Morphers, adapted from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
CosmicDuctTape: it airs on Nickelodeon
monkeyrama: The grabs in this game are nuts
Omthebox: So this is what you've been playing Ramen? It looks fun... oh NO
excalgold: and i've seen it on netflix
howdoipunch: this MvC mod is pretty cool KappaHD
angryoptimist: So, who's the dev for this?
BrowneePoints: @excalgold There's only one Jason. Gold Ranger is Trey of Triforia
monkeyrama: This is what I've been playing @Omthebox
Baldrash: How big is the roster in this game,. anyway?
accountmadeforants: @CosmicDuctTape Are they supposed to be a good design or not? Because I'm personally digging the helmets.
monkeyrama: Except with a different team
Omthebox: Why do fighting games always look fun NotLikeThis
HydraWiggins: Is red with gold shield a pallet swap of green?
monkeyrama: Not muted btw
Robot_Bones: I hope there is Ivan Ooze DLC
frozenphoenix7: No @hydrawiggins
Invitare: have we lost Revvy?
excalgold: and ivans only line on spawning is 'teenagers!'
CosmicDuctTape: @accountmadeforants it's an amazing design. it's part of what got me watching the sentai instead of waiting for the PR adaptation
kevenwith2es: LUL
monkeyrama: lol
monkeyrama: daaaamn, dude!
RabidWallaby84: This game looks beautiful...
angryoptimist: These people are JoJot's Bizarre Adventure's idea of teenagers.
rybackgaming: o/ chat! o/ Adam! and o/ Revvy if you can see this!
kevenwith2es: Adam knows one combo and by god is he gonna use it.
Omthebox: wow
monkeyrama: LUL
Robot_Bones: very rude trapping revvy in a Jar during the match so we can't hear him Kappa
Omthebox: Really choked there
frnknstn: It it were me, I would simply win by doing a super on wake up.
excalgold: oof slapped in the back of the head
frozenphoenix7: @angryoptimist I mean, not all of them are teenagers
Bobtheninjagoldfish: what's with the megazords?
monkeyrama: You weren't muted that entire time, btw @LoadingReadyRun
Earthenone: block is cheat!
worldsugliestman: blocking op
Dix: ye olde print shoppe
RabidWallaby84: Is that a robot police cat-woman?
korvys: Is she... a dog police?
JoeKim: i always thought kat was a weird choice to include
frozenphoenix7: Cat @korvys
excalgold: its just a police catwoman
angryoptimist: @frozenphoenix7 I didn't watch after they stopped being dinosaurs, so...
JoeKim: considering she was only in one episode
Earthenone: hey rising slashes in a corner seems real strong
RabidWallaby84: :O Whoa! The dark rangers are in this!? Is Dakkon!?
BloodnBullets: the megazord appears to become available once someone gets knocked out?
Dix: korvys Catwoman police from Power Rangers SPD
Fantusta: we want more megazords!
BrowneePoints: @Dix Can i send you a link with the full roster to post? or get a link permission?
excalgold: i mean she was in most of SPD but she was only a RANGER in one episode i think ?
Dix: Kat Manx (i shit you not) is her name
korvys: @Dix .... of course... :P
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Technically Kat ws ina nuch of episodes.. but the orange ranger was on ly in one, yes.
JoeKim: yeah. she only morphed once
LucyCloudberry: @RabidWallaby84 Drakkon's in it yes
Dix: pretty sure you can post BrowneePoints
JoeKim: the PR comics are SUPER good btw
RabidWallaby84: @LucyCloudberry Drakkon's suit is badass!
JoeKim: very dark
monkeyrama: Nice combo!
CapnRobert: doesnt this game have infinite combos?
Dix: JoeKim And it was for like an hour
excalgold: actually she probably showed up in the last episode of SPD too
CommiePuddin: I don't understand how fighting games can be in any way playable online. I tried baseball online once and any amount of lag just ruined it.
Omthebox: That was flashy and effective PogChamp
holidayMD: My mans Gaming!
LucyCloudberry: Go Go PR is a really fun comic
CosmicDuctTape: @excalgold you're thinking of Nova Ranger, I think
korvys: Look, I just want to see a Megazord
frozenphoenix7: Game needs Commander Kruger something fierce <_<
excalgold: Kruger is in the game
BrowneePoints: @CommiePuddin most fighters with online prioritize really good netcode
JoeKim: the female future ranger showed up the last episode
monkeyrama: Yes, he can
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frozenphoenix7: Oh is he?
frozenphoenix7: Didnt think he was
BrowneePoints: Anubis is in the game
Earthenone: Gun-kata
JoeKim: Kat didn't morph for the last episode of SPD
BrowneePoints: he's one of the best
Elevation_4000_FT: Persona 5 looks really weired this week
Earthenone: was his battlecry "tyranosaurus"
monkeyrama: It's almost instant to the next character btw LUL
excalgold: i honestly was at an age where i was 'beyond ' power rangers when SPD was my knowledge is catching a rerun here and there
JoeKim: yeah. he's the T Rex Ranger
JoeKim: that makes sense
JoeKim: i've . . .watched every episode of Power Rangers
UncannyJimjams: it was, his Zord is the t rex
JoeKim: tbh
excalgold: and Zed won
monkeyrama: They're simple, but efective
excalgold: this must be a mid season hiatus episode
korvys: Adam, I just want to see a Megazord
BrowneePoints: That's his skin
TehAmelie: his not-skin
Dix: JoeKim The comics are with Drakkon right?
frozenphoenix7: That's Zedd's skin
JoeKim: correct
Lord_ZYRK: Well, lack thereof
UncannyJimjams: yes, it does
Bobtheninjagoldfish: What do the zord choices do?
JoeKim: Evil Jason = Lord Drakkon
TehAmelie: he clearly has no skin
rybackgaming: that is the idea of Lord Zed, yes.
Robot_Bones: Its too powerful for skin to contain
JoeKim: Rita succeeds in corrupting him and he overtakes everything
angryoptimist: He's Meat Guy.
JoeKim: Alternate dimension stuff
monkeyrama: Oh right, you can summon the megas
excalgold: Super-Meat wizard
BrowneePoints: and Evil Tommy is a scary freaking warlord
angryoptimist: Lord Zed(d?) brings the meat.
angryoptimist: He has meat power.
JoeKim: oh sorry. Evil Tommy
JoeKim: i said jason because i wasl ooking at the red ranger
monkeyrama: Grabs have very high priority, you can stop them mid attack, too
CosmicDuctTape: Zedd with two d's, angryoptimist
rybackgaming: things I never wanted to hear, angryoptimist :P
Lord_ZYRK: He fell into some space-poison ivy and scratched his skin off
Baldrash: Jesus, BODIED.
monkeyrama: looooooooool
AgentMagicMaster: Excuse me
Omthebox: OOOOOOHly shiot
Scullder: yeah supers in this game are crazy
RayFK: Get dumpstered Revvy
excalgold: i -still- hear the tune to summon the dragon zord in my head ocassionally
Lord_ZYRK: That is typically how death works, yes.
AgentMagicMaster: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
JoeKim: sounds like Revvy should'ved BLOCKED
frozenphoenix7: I mean, that's how living works Adam
korvys: I like how it seems like the skin dud just turns up to point at them, and then leave
BrowneePoints: Anyone intrigued by this I SUPER suggest picking it up. It's cheap, and a REALLY solid MvC style fighter
frnknstn: *clueless dad voice* Hey, son, is this one of your "super hentai" thingies?
JoeKim: also i like how Adam's team is Jason, Later Jason, then Zedd
Lord_ZYRK: frnknstn seabatYIKES
rybackgaming: so is it just Mighty Morphin era stuff in this game?
monkeyrama: Double Jason
angryoptimist: I didn't watch the show, then, but I really liked the look of the gold ranger and the ridiculous golden pryamid.
angryoptimist: *pyramid
CosmicDuctTape: though I think technically in this case Zeo Gold is meant to be Trey?
JoeKim: no rybackgaming goes all the way to Super Megaforce
UncannyJimjams: sir, I need you to move your giant pyramid of gold, you have me double parked
excalgold: no Revy's current guy is time force
CooL_SpoT085: Freaking BODIED!
BrowneePoints: @JoeKim Gold in this game is Actually Trey and not Jason empowered by Trey
excalgold: i believe....
JoeKim: it's mainly comic stuff tbh
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @rybackgaming the q ranger is from way beyond mighty morphing.
TehAmelie: heh, Deadpool guy has a gun
RabidWallaby84: Now, which gold ranger is this? THe alien or Jason?
CosmicDuctTape: Trey
frozenphoenix7: Alien iirc
angryoptimist: You can't lose here, Adam--you've got MEAT POWER!
excalgold: i'm pretty sure Quantum ranger had military training before he got the morpher.....
BrowneePoints: It's Trey of Tiforia
matrixknight88: jason couldn't do the gold dash i don't think
Robot_Bones: Don't get grabbed
monkeyrama: Jason is very strong
CooL_SpoT085: Damn! Zedd is dirty!
JoeKim: Quantum Ranger was def a soldier
RabidWallaby84: Is this on anything but Switch?
JoeKim: and then got the morpher
MilkInBag: this win is brought to you by the alphabet and the letter Z
frozenphoenix7: @excalgold Kind of, yeah. Eric was part of a trained security team prior to and after he got his Ranger powers.
monkeyrama: Nah, that's just how much it does
angryoptimist: @CooL_SpoT085 Doesn't sound Food Safe.
BrowneePoints: @RabidWallaby84 i think it's on Steam
excalgold: i veaguely remember Time Force being a big thing for the Pink Ranger being the actual Team Leader ?
JoeKim: mhmm she was
therisingtithes_: Sometimes I just think about the fact that the Mighty Morphin villain that was purely American is also the villain with his muscle showing underneath a silver ribcage, with a silver visor holding his brain together
RayFK: It just looks and sounds like ass, but it plays pretty good from what I hear
frozenphoenix7: I know it's on Steam and Xbox
JoeKim: because the original red from her timeline died
JoeKim: which is why they went back in time for Wes
JoeKim: because he was the only one who could use the morpher
CosmicDuctTape: Wes was just luck
BrowneePoints: Quantum Red was a soldier
CosmicDuctTape: they went back in time to find Ransik
monkeyrama: Summon the giant mech seabatTROG
TehAmelie: so which one of you would win if you both picked a random team and didn't read up or anything?
BrowneePoints: time force and lost galaxy had some of my fave storylines
UncannyJimjams: I mean, there's a reason Zedd destroys all the rangers' stuff
korvys: Zedd, or Zee, as he's known in the states
excalgold: many seeing this has theme songs in my head clashing
angryoptimist: I'm surprised that they made up Zedd whole-cloth, because Zedd is actually a cool design--and 99% of the stuff they add in Macekre-localizations is just worse.
CosmicDuctTape: that took me a moment, Korvys
JoeKim: SPD and LightSpeed Rescue tho
JoeKim: my favs
monkeyrama: Zedd summons a trog to fight for him :o
rybackgaming: Time Force represent!
JoeKim: also Ninjja Storm/Dino Thunder team ups
UncannyJimjams: the Putty Patrol!
CosmicDuctTape: any love for RPM?
frozenphoenix7: Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed personally.
angryoptimist: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
drumshark103: team up episodes were the best.
JoeKim: RPM was fine. honestly the last good one
BrowneePoints: @JoeKim I was a bit too old when SPD/LSR came out. I do like the Tommy bring back for Dino Thunder
JoeKim: Samurai and onwards were awful
CosmicDuctTape: though LIghtspeed is my first and definitely has a soft spot in my heart
JoeKim: Megaforce and SuperMegaforce were a tragedy
frozenphoenix7: I remember trying to watch Samurai and oh god it was so bad
excalgold: Lightspeed was kind of amazeing since all the ranger tech was human made i always thought that was real neat
therisingtithes_: Time Force was rad. I think that was the last time I followed up on PR tho
CosmicDuctTape: apparently Beast Morphers has been doing alright for itself
CosmicDuctTape: thus far
RaklarLS: we mahvel now? what is this?
The_Ninjurai: Is this a fighting game? I thought it was a mobile game
JoeKim: Beast Morphers is SUPER good
monkeyrama: WakeUpSuper, never uses the supers januar1Think
TheWooglie: Are there big robots in this?
BrowneePoints: Time Force is really good
Bobtheninjagoldfish: @LoadingReadyRun what do the zord choices do?
drumshark103: my favorite was always Jungle Force
Lord_ZYRK: Speaking of team-up episodes, when is the Ninja Turtles DLC?
JoeKim: especially consdiering the Sentai version of Beast Morphers was so dull
monkeyrama: There are @TheWooglie
RabidWallaby84: Saiban should do a Big Bad Beetle Borgs DLC
seth_erickson: The Trogs seabatTROG
CosmicDuctTape: @drumshark103 do you mean Wild Force or Jungle Fury?
drumshark103: both actually.
monkeyrama: You're fighting on the same stage, that doesn't help with the music
drumshark103: didnt even realize 😅
TehAmelie: it looks like you can summon the big robots after fighting a while
The_Ninjurai: I'm kind of wanting this game now. Power Rangers was my jam
JoeKim: switching up stages probablys helps
BrowneePoints: This is a REALLY solid fighter
UncannyJimjams: can we summon Megazords? Question of the day
monkeyrama: After the first character gets downed is when you can summon the giant mech
excalgold: they just need a megazord battle game....
therisingtithes_: I'm more of a Kamen Rider person now, which is a shame since it's so hard to get outside of pure piracy and will probably never be adapted for the west after Saban did Dragon Knight
The_Ninjurai: This reminds me of Marvel vs Capcom
frozenphoenix7: Waiting for Power Rangers at EVO <_<
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monkeyrama: You build up to it
RaklarLS: oh wow, mexi-beam assists and everything
PinkfloydYES: the stages are just a important from the mobile game
rybackgaming: Someonne play Zack, we need the Hip Hop Kido
BrowneePoints: @The_Ninjurai it's an MvC clone
RaklarLS: niiiice reset there
The_Ninjurai: Good to know BrowneePoints
CosmicDuctTape: @therisingtithes_ kinda same, I'm definitely more into KR at the mo. I'm loving 01 thus far
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monkeyrama: Not muted again, btw LUL
excalgold: everything i know about Kamen Rider i learned from a LRR This or that....
JoeKim: Zack also isn't in this game
frozenphoenix7: Dai Shi is in? Sick.
PinkfloydYES: I was trying to sub this month guess not
JoeKim: the black ranger in this game is the Mastodon Sentry from evil universe
monkeyrama: Everything a character summons goes away if they take damage
RaklarLS: Z puts out traps»
RaklarLS: ?
BrowneePoints: Slayer Pink looks really good
excalgold: 'get away from me you bully' - Lord Zedd 2019
Fantusta: Moar Zords!
Maythus: I was unaware his exsisted
therisingtithes_: 01 is lots of fun so far, and I'm waiting for it to get to the inevitable 'these robots are sentient, should they still be our labour?' question
BrowneePoints: Adam IS Gold Ranger
monkeyrama: Controller it's the two shoulder buttons
Earthenone: i think adam is the gold ranger
RabidWallaby84: You know, from a lore standpoint...Drakkon's Tiger-like elements don't make any sense...Zordon created the White Ranger but only because Tommy's green power was fading...where did Drakkon get the white aspects??
CosmicDuctTape: @therisingtithes_ they do seem to be getting to that path, yes
BrowneePoints: Adam is running OG Red, Zedd, and Trey of Triforia Gold Ranger Zeo
The_Ninjurai: Thanks for the link for the roster, BrowneePoints . I'm hoping for more characters in the future
MilkInBag: Catwoman? Kappa
monkeyrama: Kat is fun
monkeyrama: Catwoman
JoeKim: @RabidWallaby84 because Drakkon came and killed different universe tommy and stole his powers
TehAmelie: has people played the One Punch Man fighting game by the way? i like how they pulled off having literally invincible Saitama in a game
monkeyrama: Not wonder woman LUL
excalgold: damn it now i've got the lightspeed rescue theme in my head
frozenphoenix7: The danger will test you @excalgold
CosmicDuctTape: better make it LIGHTSPEED RESCUE
BrowneePoints: Revvy is running Kat Manx from SPD, Slayer Kimberly from Drakkon Universe, and Quantum Red from Time Force
Tripleyew: ‘Evening, all
WonderfulGlory: What is up with the giant robots under the health bars?
drumshark103: I just wanna go back and watch all the old power rangers now. dang
monkeyrama: You can summon them to help
BrowneePoints: @WonderfulGlory Zord available
JoeKim: @WonderfulGlory they can summon them for damage
monkeyrama: The robots assist base on what attack input you use
WonderfulGlory: Have either of them used it yet?
Kittxi: Mr.Savidan!
RaklarLS: @RabidWallaby84 they were trying to shove in the footage from the japanese show, so any excuse to tie things together worked for them
JoeKim: also MMPR doesn't hold up
JoeKim: it's BAD
monkeyrama: Just grab :)
JoeKim: the editing and sound quality is hilariously bad
JoeKim: also how the background extras mysteriously turn japanese and then back to american repeatedly is hilarious
CosmicDuctTape: and text
CosmicDuctTape: and backgrounds
TehAmelie: we've got an Aloy wannabe here
frozenphoenix7: MMPR does have solid fight choreography at least iirc.
UncannyJimjams: @joekim my wife and I were watching the green ranger 5 parter and hoo boy was that a mess
monkeyrama: Female characters have different physics to the males
JoeKim: it's so bad!
BrowneePoints: @TehAmelie We don't talk crap about Kimberly!
JoeKim: i undersatnd why i loved it as a kid
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JoeKim: but as an adult
RaklarLS: mvc3 hawkeye variant
JoeKim: it's hilariously painful
SeaTekCrazyMax: So who's the Doc Doom and Iron Man of this game?
seth_erickson: Monkey said it was
JoeKim: Doc Doom is probably Drakkon or Zedd
excalgold: Kimberly who went on to become a member of Toronto's SRU....and changed her name (She's on the show Flashpoint)
monkeyrama: Pretty sure it is
JoeKim: Iron Man is probably . . Tommy?
RaklarLS: Zedd appears to be Trish, with all the traps
Krektogar: watching this makes me want to buy a fighting game and stick :D
Wrexadecimal: Red ranger with dragon shield PogChamp
Krektogar: but one where I only have to learn one character
excalgold: bugged me for like half a season 'where have i seen her before....OH CRAAAAP! its Kimberly!'
BrowneePoints: Kat plays a lot like Canary from Injustice
JoeKim: wait. Amy Jo Johnson changed her name?
BrowneePoints: @excalgold Amy Jo Johnson
JoeKim: to what?
monkeyrama: Footsies seabatTROG
JoeKim: i saw her at C2E2 last year
JoeKim: under AJJ
RaklarLS: siiick
monkeyrama: Daaaaaamn
TehAmelie: i'll recommend Rise of the Robots, it has only one playable character
TehAmelie: in one player mode anyway
angryoptimist: DLC charcter busted as usual. Kappa
RaklarLS: oh, kimberly seems to play more like taskmaster
CosmicDuctTape: @JoeKim no, excagold was referring to another show AJJ has appeared on
BrowneePoints: Man, Slayer Pink has a ton of pressure for a trapper
BrowneePoints: Nice extension Adam!
cutaos: just got here, is there a rita repulsa? and if so why isnt adam playing her? thats like his brand Kappa
Wrexadecimal: BLBLBLB
RaklarLS: haha
monkeyrama: looooooool
excalgold: no no she played a character in Flashpoint @JoeKim
aStuffyMuffin: The Doom super
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JoeKim: ahh
UncannyJimjams: PUTTY PATROL
Kramburger: Putty Gang Putty Gang
TehAmelie: that's how you fight in a fighting tournament
excalgold: i was making a joke about the character in flashpoint -also- being kimberly after a name change
accountmadeforants: Did she just say AYAYAYAY?
frozenphoenix7: Alpha did from off screen.
Kramburger: Mans got leaps
Lord_ZYRK: He's got legs AND he knows how to use them
CapnRobert: this game looks pretty rad
Traion: So what do the zord symbols mean
Dix: NotLikeThis
BrowneePoints: If I remember correctly Anubis(or Cruger) is the Deadpool combo master in this game
monkeyrama: Noooooooo
angryoptimist: NotLikeThis
excalgold: did he just grab you by the armor and shoot you in the face ? brutal !
Kramburger: seabatYIKES
BrowneePoints: @Traion summon assists
Lord_ZYRK: Timeout victories aren't real victories Kappa
Earthenone: i mean you lost to the time police right?
Ukon_vasara: that zedd combo was seabatTROG
frozenphoenix7: Commander Kruger!
TehAmelie: pros only play with the clock off right
Kramburger: Goldar or riot
JoeKim: oh wow. it has new PR movie blue
BrowneePoints: At least Maximilian Dood rates Cruger and Jason pretty high
JoeKim: that's cool
hinhanska: Mega Goldar: 2M 5H Zord Call 5H 6SSH 6SSH 6SSH 6SSH H+S
excalgold: could have gone Goldar to keep up your MMPR Theme
monkeyrama: On controller it's the shoulder buttons, idk for stick
TehAmelie: protip: mash all the buttons
BrowneePoints: Cruger for super high combo potential and Jason for being the best Anchor in the game
excalgold: dragon armor that -also- from the comics ?
BrowneePoints: @excalgold yes
JoeKim: yes. Dragon Armor trini is from comics
excalgold: i may need to look these up then
UncannyJimjams: what in pluperfect hell is a dragon armor Trini???
RaklarLS: does the game have snapbacks too?
TehAmelie: a Trini in dragon armor?
CosmicDuctTape: Luka!
JoeKim: excalgold the comics are honestly worth the investment
monkeyrama: Dragon armor Trini does a butt ton of damage
JoeKim: if you like PR
JoeKim: it's a really cool alternate world
UncannyJimjams: @tehamelie yeah fair enough lol
JoeKim: especially since HyperRPG's Power Rangers DnD game is now cannon
monkeyrama: Samurai Cop :o
RaklarLS: appears to be armored?
JoeKim: "comic canon"
therisingtithes_: Wait. HyperForce is CANON?
excalgold: i mean i do, i am slightly ashamed to admit it of course but that'll wear off as i get over the whole 'cares what society thinks'
Dix: SPD on SPD violence
angryoptimist: Chipped to death...
TehAmelie: that buy guy somehow looks like a special effect
JoeKim: HyperForce is in the comics
BrowneePoints: Oh yea! Magna is in this too!
JoeKim: or at least referenced
monkeyrama: Oh boy, the stunner
BrowneePoints: Hmm is that a true combo?
frozenphoenix7: Adam's getting bodied
excalgold: never have i ever thought i'd be rooting for Zedd
Dix: Power Rangers has some deeeeeeeeeep lore
Kramburger: Someone call Adam's mum, because he just got BULLIED
RaklarLS: @BrowneePoints looks like it. game has some nice loops
excalgold: Pirate Ranger from samurai ?
excalgold: or mega force ?
frozenphoenix7: Nah, she's from Super Mega Force
UncannyJimjams: get out of here you pirate weirdo
JoeKim: SuperMega Force
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excalgold: yea thats a series i only know from Atop the forth wall talking about it
JoeKim: the Megaforce Rangers get an unexplained upgrade
Ukon_vasara: dont get grabbed lrrSPOOP
JoeKim: and it's really dumb
NotCainNorAbel: uni400 Stay Happy.
Earthenone: that is a cut lass with a cutlas
excalgold: IE: they ran out of sentai footage and had to swap
monkeyrama: RIP
Traion: You got bodied this time
angryoptimist: The combos.
JoeKim: no such thing excalgold
excalgold: i mean from the series they were using heh
JoeKim: Goseiger has 57 episodes and three movies
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JoeKim: Saban just screwed it up
excalgold: oof
JoeKim: they threw away possibly the best SS series
Dix: Bodied
frozenphoenix7: Adam got beat so bad he just left.
seth_erickson: They're scared!
JoeKim: Gokaiger is straight up amazing
angryoptimist: @JoeKim Why am I not surprised?
excalgold: some one grab tommy and the dragon zord!
UncannyJimjams: is White Ranger an option? Just roll with 3 Tommys?
JoeKim: Saban took over with Samurai and they've been trying REAL hard with the nostalgia play
seth_erickson: I like the look of that really armored looking dude next to trey
JoeKim: but it's done horrifically
angryoptimist: Cats are mighty hunters, Adam.
JoeKim: Beast Morphers finally feels okay
JoeKim: but everything else has been trash honestly
noSmokeFire: we're here \o/
RaklarLS: welp, that seems abusable
Traion: So I gather Adam hasn't found the Tager of this game yet :P
excalgold: was it samurai or megaforce that ended with the morphing grid just...spewing rangers from the past out to fight the evil bad guy aroun the world and there were like.....4 tommy's fighting at once ?
BrowneePoints: Man I play too much Smash. I was like "just tech the wall bounce"
monkeyrama: Not yet
JoeKim: Megaforce
JoeKim: sorry. Super Megaforce technically
RaklarLS: looks like one of those "leave it up on knockdown and keep them from jumping"
seth_erickson: this yellow person's sword looks very comical
monkeyrama: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
JoeKim: in SS, it happens at the end of Goseiger, and Gokaiger's whole arc is to re-collect the ranger powers that have been dispersed
excalgold: Yellow ranger is a space pirate!
DaMullet14: the important question is, does this game have any of the new power rangers from the reboot movie the other year
angryoptimist: You wouldn't download a Lord Zedd. Kappa
excalgold: with a gun and cutlass!
BrowneePoints: @DaMullet14 yep
BrowneePoints: Blue Cenozoic is from the movie!
DaMullet14: Nice!
UncannyJimjams: Zedd gets pirated wait that's
DaMullet14: I gotta say, as a long time fan of power rangers, I really didn't hate the reboot
DaMullet14: It was fun times
excalgold: @angryoptimist do i get super powers ? then i totally long as i can keep my skin
JoeKim: the reboot was fun
frozenphoenix7: The reboot was much better than I expected it to be.
monkeyrama: lol
JoeKim: kinda short. not enough actual ranger action
excalgold: i found them back handing Rita into orbit hilarious
BrowneePoints: Yea the reboot was great. The zord designs and goldar designs really sucked though
monkeyrama: Going for the "Don't get grabbed" grab
Earthenone: i hope adam learns how to get in the robot
DaMullet14: The surprise cameo at the end launched me into space
JoeKim: i expected a cameo from JDF
JoeKim: but it was great
BrowneePoints: Same...
monkeyrama: Gia is awesome
BrowneePoints: Gia! Yellow Megaforce
BrowneePoints: Super Yellow SUPER Megaforce
JoeKim: in the show, Gokai Yellow uses two swords that whip around like that
JoeKim: it's awesome
Wrexadecimal: IIRC cenozoic blue also has ridonk ranged moves
RaklarLS: any grapplers?
monkeyrama: I think he's more focused on his specials
excalgold: and the unexpected AJJ right besides him in the reboot or some one that looked just like her
JoeKim: it was def AJJ
monkeyrama: I've gotten boded by this dude teleporting everywhere online
frozenphoenix7: It was AJJ.
Lord_ZYRK: Guess who just hit 6.9K channel points
JoeKim: nice
BrowneePoints: AJJ and JDF and David Yost are the 3 that still hardcore go out for the fans
monkeyrama: lrrGREED_TK lrrGREED_TK
Dix: And Paul Schrier (bulk)
JoeKim: i finally got around to meeting all the MMPR last year
seth_erickson: I'm making steady progress to 69k points
BrowneePoints: oh and Johnny
JoeKim: was so hyped
BrowneePoints: Yea I met David Yost at C2E2 last year
frozenphoenix7: Reminder that JDF wants to fight CM Punk <_<
Wrexadecimal: @frozenphoenix7 I would watch the hell out of that
mountaindudepdx: why not switch to regen blue bar?
mountaindudepdx: making me crazy :p
DaMullet14: frozenphoenix7 shit now /I/ want JDF to fight CM Punk
JoeKim: David Yost, AJJ, and Walter Emanuel were all at C2E2 this last year
Traion: Revvy continues to be better at tagging
BrowneePoints: He was at the same hotel as I was and I caught David Yost leaving as I was and had a 5 minute chat with him
JoeKim: oh cool
frozenphoenix7: If you've seen any of Punk's MMA fights, you don't want to watch him again
BrowneePoints: JDF has an undefeated MMA record
mountaindudepdx: yeah Revvy seems to have figured it out. secret tech!
JoeKim: turns out, most of the PR can actually fight
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
BrowneePoints: also all of JDF's official bouts have lasted 2:10 or shorter
frozenphoenix7: Yeah, Punk has the uh...opposite of that.
Wrexadecimal: DIVE KICK
Mister_Hush: How's the execution barrier with this game? Is it closer to MvC or to Rising Thunder?
angryoptimist: That was a good match.
Ukon_vasara: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
monkeyrama: this game is fun
MilkInBag: is this like dark souls, but different?
monkeyrama: It's fairly simple
frozenphoenix7: IIRC, the original MMPR crew all were trained in various forms of karate/tae-kwon-do/etc.
Mister_Hush: So it's very Rise of Thunder, sounds like
BrowneePoints: Wait sorry
witchdoctor369: Magical source, mystic force!
JoeKim: pretty much every ranger has some sort of fighting background
JoeKim: since they do the majority of their own stunts
JoeKim: when not in ranger form
Earthenone: do we have a dog ranger we can sub in to beat cat ranger?
Wrexadecimal: @Earthenone that's anubis kruger
JoeKim: actually yes earthenone
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun Jason David Frank(original Green Ranger) has ONE official MMA bout, and it was victory by Submission in FORTY-SIX SECONDS!
Plaicoson: man this game looks so awesome
JoeKim: literally named Doggie Kruger
matty0409: @Earthenone there is actually, both from spd
witchdoctor369: Magic
monkeyrama: You don't tag very often, no
VmKid: My favorite character in this game is Lord Mouse Cursor Kappa
monkeyrama: Zedd's assist isn't very good
angryoptimist: I don't think I've seen Adam tag to recoup health yet.
JoeKim: also it turns out most of PR is recorded in New Zealand
JoeKim: which is why it's so hard to get cameos from past rangers
Lord_ZYRK: Just hit the right buttons 4Head
DaMullet14: frozenphoenix7 yeah, I want them to fight in the squared circle where it's safer
JoeKim: they dont get paid enough to fly out to NZ for 2 minutes of screen time
monkeyrama: RIP
VmKid: @JoeKim Green screen Kappa
excalgold: and then she pistol whipped you into oblivion
monkeyrama: His tech is less obvious
witchdoctor369: You didn't pose hard enough Kappa
angryoptimist: Makes sense, since NZ actors rights are, er, underbaked and filiming there is fairly well subsidized.
JoeKim: yep
JoeKim: but that's also why Japan can do awesome teamups for Super Sentai
HondoTrigger: Cheer100 hey streamer
JoeKim: since most of the actors stay in japan
BrowneePoints: Yea if you want some jaw dropping stuff just youtube "Cruger combos"
JoeKim: and the studio is only a train ride away
monkeyrama: I kinda want one of you to try Udonna, her CC and zoning is solid
excalgold: poor merc got beat down by a scientist.....
BrowneePoints: One of cruger's supers hits a full 180 arc
monkeyrama: Another combo :o
excalgold: a space CSI Cat !
angryoptimist: Having everything within a certain distance also has a bit to do with why Japan had crazy good Internet available even in the late 90s, as I understand it, too.
Scarbble: the pirate sentai season was the actual best, i should watch it again
monkeyrama: Accidental tag seabatTROG
JoeKim: Gokaiger is my favorite season
JoeKim: SO good
JoeKim: even if you've never watched any other Super Sentai
Scarbble: that and shinkenger are like, top tier
BrowneePoints: Nice read!
JoeKim: super worth
HondoTrigger: yo Gokaiger is the BOMB
HondoTrigger: first sentai I ever watched
JoeKim: ToQger is awesome too actually
JoeKim: really fun
excalgold: hang on Zedd has an attack that just throws putties at some one ? thats amazeing
monkeyrama: LUL Yep
monkeyrama: His super uses them, too
Dix: F
JoeKim: RIP
CooL_SpoT085: See, Adam, if it were me, I would've just brought their health-bars down to zero.
monkeyrama: Lost to time NotLikeThis
JoeKim: joekimRIP joekimRIP joekimRIP
MilkInBag: time while learning a new game DansGame
angryoptimist: Is losing to time greed?
TehAmelie: by the way Adam did you ever get the Wake Up Super clock i sent LRR in the mail?
BrowneePoints: Adam Power Rangers show watching stream when?
Omthebox: Does gun shoot up?
monkeyrama: I want to say yes
Earthenone: sword to air blade would make sense?
monkeyrama: Oh, it totally does
Earthenone: just with names
excalgold: watch out that pirate has a gun!
angryoptimist: I really like the lrrGREED emote, but I hardly ever get to use it--even in Adam's streams--because decisions are usually pretty sound. And, also, it's not a think you want to use when a streamer is already torque'd out by a game.
monkeyrama: When he lies down, he shoots the gun up at an angle
monkeyrama: lrrGREED_TK
excalgold: who knew zedds big weakness would be gun....
excalgold: oh maybe it wasnt heh
TehAmelie: "what if greed?"
BrowneePoints: It's a good combo
Mister_Hush: control stick busted already
angryoptimist: Right, blame the controller. Kappa
GaigeWithAnI: can that launch into a super?
Issurru: QUANTUM POWER PogChamp
monkeyrama: It's a John stream toay Kappa
TehAmelie: Greed by the way is the most self-destructive card in Magic, don't @ me
monkeyrama: today NotLikeThis
Issurru: nice one monkey OpieOP
Omthebox: Did you swap places!?
Mister_Hush: Y'all need to swap characters more. You keep staying on super low health but a ton of recovery potential
CooL_SpoT085: Pro Tip: To get better at the game, KO your opponents before they KO you.
monkeyrama: Oh my
Issurru: big ol RIP there
angryoptimist: What to do: bow the magnificence of cats.
angryoptimist: *to the
Mister_BlueSky: mister165Tails
Issurru: I thought I saw you playing the other day though OpieOP
TehAmelie: a police officer in a faceless mask might be weird, but she's also a cat so it's cute
monkeyrama: First time playing against a person SeriousSloth
Laserbeaks_Fury: Watching this makes me understand Captain Falcon much more
Issurru: he didnt beat you up monkey? Kappa
Mister_Hush: just keep shooting lasers, like Fox in smash
BrowneePoints: Oh yea Adam! Sakurai just showed off Terry Bogard this morning for Smash and god he looks SICK
excalgold: they only busted out the masks when required, spent far more of their time in 'normal' for the space future time uniforms
monkeyrama: Nah, we haven't played together at all @Issurru . I have played with Revvy, though
TehAmelie: i want a fighting game with all the fifty thousand characters in F-Zero
n3ther: Wait power rangers has a fighting game? Pog
Issurru: did you show revvy your moves Monkey?
monkeyrama: This game is $20 for the base game, BTW
monkeyrama: I did @Issurru LUL
Issurru: I think Adams progress here tonight at the very least with be MORPHINOMINAL
angryoptimist: That was some fine quantum guy play, Adam.
TehAmelie: hmm and how much for the whole game?
Traion: Zed is by far your strongest character
TehAmelie: Kratos in a yellow dress here. i like her reach
monkeyrama: Zedd's a villain, that tracks
MechaKuuga: damn Zedd seems good
tenthtechpriest: got that footies game
Mister_Hush: If this game's pricing model wasn't so dumb, I'd get way into it
angryoptimist: Is Zedd the Rugal of this series? Kappa
monkeyrama: Just grab 4Head
excalgold: summon dragon megazord ! go godzilla on the pirate !
excalgold: oh or that.
MechaKuuga: gg
monkeyrama: Maybe y'all can look up how to use the big bots?
CooL_SpoT085: Pro Tip 2: If your opponent is going to hit you, you should block, or get out of the way.
sprucebruce21: go go power rangers
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Plasterboard: Is Adam really quiet (and or the mic right next tot he controller)?
frozenphoenix7: Commander Anubis "Doggie" Kruger.
Wrexadecimal: Do it. >:D
Issurru: Jason PogChamp
Issurru: Adam picked TWO Jasons, technically OpieOP
monkeyrama: Sound levels are fine
excalgold: oh middle one is blue from the reboot ?
matty0409: does the zord do something?
NightValien28: hmmm
angryoptimist: Adam's definitely figuring out characters here.
monkeyrama: The zords actually do a lo
monkeyrama: lot
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun Apparently the zord summon command is to hit both assist buttons when the icon is up?
frozenphoenix7: Technically, Gold Zeo in this is Trey, not Jason @Issurru
TehAmelie: a JaJasonson?
monkeyrama: Both assist buttons, that's it!
Wrexadecimal: Doggo ranger!
monkeyrama: For the zords
Issurru: really? huh, thought gold was always Jason @frozenphoenix7
Wrexadecimal: @Issurru Jason became gold later, I think?
BrowneePoints: @Issurru Nope. Trey lent his power to Jason for a while then got them back
TehAmelie: it took us years of trial and error to figure out how to do a dragon punch in Street Fighter 2. give them time
tenthtechpriest: gold was originally an alien who passed his powers onto jason. also he was magic alien triplets. for... reasons.
Issurru: Maybe, I just remember seeing him in one of them as a small 2 or 3 episode arc as the gold ranger
The_Ninjurai: I still don't understand how Commander Doggy's head fits in that helmet
frozenphoenix7: It was originally Trey, then Jason when Trey was unable to use the powers, then it was Trey again.
Issurru: ah, I clearly dont remember that series enoughj
monkeyrama: Is that an actual dog?
Traion: An intentional tag! PogChamp
frozenphoenix7: Yes @monkeyrama
Issurru: was that SPD or Time Force?
monkeyrama: PogChamp
The_Ninjurai: A dog man, yes monkeyrama
MilkInBag: blblbllblbl
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frozenphoenix7: The Dog? SPD.
The_Ninjurai: Yes, frozenphoenix7
Issurru: No, Gold Jason
excalgold: the dog was the Zordon of SPD
frozenphoenix7: Gold Jason was MMPR.
Wrexadecimal: BLBLBLBBL
excalgold: HAHA!
monkeyrama: This super is so good LUL
excalgold: that was an amazeing super
Zyme86: Zed is the best
Traion: that is so good
MilkInBag: adam is sending his trogs to finish his enemies
BrowneePoints: Woah Black Billy! (wham-ba-lam!)
laskotheking: Are we winning?
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TehAmelie: Master Billy?
matty0409: they put 2017s movie blue in? ew...
monkeyrama: It fires after a small delay. If you get hit it goes away @LoadingReadyRun
excalgold: both assists adam ! you need dragon zord power!
laskotheking: 2017's blue is great
BrowneePoints: @matty0409 you hush. Movie Billy was an amazing character
excalgold: awww time out
Issurru: I meant Gold as in the one Trey was I guess? Not the Dragon Shield Jason
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun Zord summons is both assist buttons with one+ members down
frozenphoenix7: MMPR @Issurru
angryoptimist: I wonder how many characters they're planning to put in this.
excalgold: its not like there is a lack of options
Mister_Hush: As many as they can sell for six bucks each
TehAmelie: how many Power Rangers characters are there?
TehAmelie: like a thousand?
frozenphoenix7: In total? A lot.
Traion: I assume as many as they get paid for
Mister_BlueSky: Many.
angryoptimist: I actually hate the character design of new movie Blue Ranger.
Earthenone: when supers do half a healthbar for two bars, weird that so many DnF
The_Ninjurai: Wonder when King Tyranno will make it into the game
angryoptimist: Hi Mister_BlueSky
frozenphoenix7: In the game? 18
Issurru: uh a few seasons ago didnt they have like "all the rangers" for some big war thing?
BrowneePoints: Anubis is such a good character
frozenphoenix7: Sort of?
Mister_BlueSky: Hey angryoptimist
Issurru: I just remember that there was a pile of em and you got to see Tommy as the Green Ranger for a small cameo of it.
TehAmelie: one thousand characters and fifty giant robots
excalgold: plus in later seasons sliiight varients of those robots
BrowneePoints: as far as Main line rangers? I think around 100?
frozenphoenix7: Yeah, that was a thing that happened. JoeKim if he's still around could explain it better than I could.
KeiRaccoon: Wait what is Blue Beetle doing in a Power Ranger game.
Earthenone: getting bodied
CooL_SpoT085: Pro Tip 3: If your character's health-bad reaches zero, they're KO'd. Try to avoid that.
tenthtechpriest: I think we're up to 20-something seasons of power rangers converted from the +40-something super sentais?
monkeyrama: Getting kicked by the Kat
excalgold: hahaha
Mister_Hush: Zords seem ridiculous
Kramburger: lrrADAM_SG
TehAmelie: too big to fit on the screen
excalgold: here i was hoping it would zoom out and you'd both have a zord fight, alas
monkeyrama: Zords can really up your combo potential
Earthenone: me too
Traion: The foot coming down is really funny
TehAmelie: the SNES game kind of was saved by the final act where you fight as megazords
Issurru: holy crap, that war episode I was talking about was in 2014 WutFace
Noxenluxe: Old man Issurru SeriousSloth
MadAboutVideoGames: Oh God 2014 was 5 years ago
BrowneePoints: @Issurru Super Mega Force I think
Issurru: Says the Noxenluxe SeriousSloth
Issurru: yeah was Super Mega
monkeyrama: That projectile just stayed there....
TehAmelie: in fighting games, the slowest missiles are the most dangerous *sage nod*
mi_yarr: It feels like the war episode was only 2 years ago
BrowneePoints: @monkeyrama we call those Traps
excalgold: i love Zedd's moves.....
monkeyrama: Makes sense
Mister_BlueSky: Like the Mooninites from ATHF.
angryoptimist: Had to step away for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
excalgold: especially the one where he seems to grab some one by the scruff of their spandex and throw them head first into the ground.
angryoptimist: Having one thing is better than having zero things.
monkeyrama: Zedd's damage is nuts
BrowneePoints: Someone should try Udonna!
Dyllbert: I'm going to be honest, the only fighters I ever really understand is Smash haha
monkeyrama: damage in this game in general is nuts
TehAmelie: in SF2 Guile's slowest sonic boom lets him catch up to it so you can hit people on two fronts at once. it's ridiculous
excalgold: Udonna is the mentor lady from Mystic force right ?
Iraeda: the man is made of muscle i would be confused if he didnt!
monkeyrama: Udonna is legit
BrowneePoints: @excalgold yea Mystic White
MadAboutVideoGames: New rule, until the end of the stream no one mentions the passage of time. All Power Rangers shows are from last year. Agreed?
Issurru: all you need to know is to not mess with the Wild Force Red Ranger OpieOP
angryoptimist: @Mister_BlueSky I just got back. Was there some sort of ultra slow moving projectile? (RE: Mooninites)
Gooseblast: Which fighting game does this one most resemble?
BrowneePoints: @Gooseblast MvC easily
monkeyrama: Daaamn, that hit?
monkeyrama: Nutty
Gooseblast: @BrowneePoints Thanks bud
hexplate_golem: !cheer100 beejDrop the bass
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun :Life points? This aint Yugioh
excalgold: oh his ultimate is thinking with portals !
TehAmelie: it looks a lot like Street Fighter tbh
Masslost: no not Doggie Kruger
mirshebs: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:36:15.
Mister_BlueSky: @angryoptimist A very slow moving fireball projectile Adam couldn't find a way to deal with. seabatBRAIN
angryoptimist: @Mister_BlueSky Galaxy-brain plays, huh? seabatBRAIN
BrowneePoints: @angryoptimist Like Kikoken level slow
excalgold: speaking of slow moving projectiles, hi putty!
monkeyrama: Didn't tag NotLikeThis
Masslost: fear not kat will avenge Doggie Kruger
excalgold: Ooof Kat is brutual
TehAmelie: what game is it where someone shouts "Endokuken"? i wanna say Killer Instinct
Wrexadecimal: Good effort!
Kramburger: lrrADAM_BW All Around me are familiar faces...
angryoptimist: Sometimes those slow-moving ones are legit hard to deal with, since they just present a "deal with me, fucko!" situation for too long a period of time while the other player isn't sitting idle.
Issurru: spray the cat with a water bottle SeriousSloth
TehAmelie: anyway that word is hilarious if you speak swedish
BrowneePoints: Play a Zoner?
x0den: @tehamelie yeh that's Jago I thi k
Mister_BlueSky: Play cat and see how you're dealt with?
BrowneePoints: Kat looks like a Rush down with few ins
monkeyrama: People in the moonbase :o
frozenphoenix7: Her name is Kat.
Masslost: adam with young and older jason intresting
APODionysus: Wow I’m this makes me feel oooooold
BrowneePoints: @Masslost it's Trey not Jason
Lord_ZYRK: OhMyDog bark OhMyDog the OhMyDog Kat OhMyDog away OhMyDog
Galactic_pain: Wait, this already has cross-play?
monkeyrama: Adam's fully on team Jason
angryoptimist: But Kat is a cat, though.
BrowneePoints: Battle for the Grid Full Roster:
excalgold: poor kruger just cant stand up to OG Red
angryoptimist: Kat is the Cat Ranger. Even if I'm wrong, I'm right--look at the helmet.
TehAmelie: Adam is a red ranger guy i always thought
Masslost: @BrowneePoints ewe
frozenphoenix7: @angryoptimist You're not actually wrong though <_<
monkeyrama: Push block works on projectile seabatBRAIN
frozenphoenix7: Well, technically it's Kat Ranger, not Cat Ranger. But still <_<
Issurru: when the hell did Trini get that super armour
Issurru: looks rad
frozenphoenix7: Comics
Issurru: ah, thought so
angryoptimist: She's Space Cat Police--which is terrifying, I don't think cats can be trusted with police powers, the furry tyrants.
frozenphoenix7: It's ok, she's not the one in charge, the dog is.
monkeyrama: not muted, btw LUL
excalgold: i think Kat is police CSI
ArgentumFlare: I love that this game is way better than it has any right to be. Its fantastic.
monkeyrama: Giving Revvy your tech
Masslost: now does this mean we get to hear adam watching senti ?
BrowneePoints: Ceno Billy is a setup/zoner character
monkeyrama: LUL
excalgold: that is the best ultimate
TehAmelie: random thoughts: we like dogs because they are how we want to be and we like cats because they do what we like to do
Issurru: holy shit LUL
excalgold: 'i'm not even going to bother hitting you my self'
monkeyrama: Perfection
angryoptimist: 2017 movie armor design is SO ugly. Holy crap. Did the movie really look like that?!
Erudite_Cynic: holy shit that was amazing LUL
AdamYMHMI: I don't think I've laughed so hard at an animation in awhile.
Rockario: I like that TehAmelie
BrowneePoints: @angryoptimist the suits look fine in the movie. But the Zords look AWFUL
monkeyrama: Oh my
frozenphoenix7: Mastodon zord in the movie looks like a giant beetle and it makes me sad.
excalgold: Mace beats sword ? nope DRILL TAIL beats sword
angryoptimist: @BrowneePoints 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, I guess...
tenthtechpriest: I mean, he DID just fucking die
TehAmelie: oh, that's its tail
BrowneePoints: @angryoptimist The suit doesn't translate to the game very well, but they look fine IN the movie
redrangerisaac: Power rangers is litterally the best show of all time
Mister_BlueSky: Name checks out.
Mister_Hush: getting hit by projectiles from a full screen away is the hallmark of a truly gifted fighter
BrowneePoints: Adam, Power Rangers watching stream when?
TehAmelie: that's a weird way to spell Steven Universe
TehAmelie: lrrBEEJ
godardhazard: LUL
BrowneePoints: BIlly looks like such a good zoner
excalgold: he thinks with portals!
excalgold: oop and now Zedd is here
angryoptimist: Or Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Whose Line is it Anyway?, etc.
Earthenone: is billy the shocky boy?
Erudite_Cynic: wut
BrowneePoints: Gang, we get one black ranger. Which one do you pick?
Erudite_Cynic: that Putty
BrowneePoints: I pick Ninja version Adam
excalgold: Dinothunder
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monkeyrama: Revvy saved his best for last :o
godardhazard: is rita in the game?
monkeyrama: Rita is not playable
excalgold: that way you have two Tommy's
monkeyrama: BibleThump
frozenphoenix7: @BrowneePoints Any played by JYB.
BrowneePoints: @excalgold there already IS two Tommys
monkeyrama: She's in the game, though
excalgold: Make it three then !
BrowneePoints: @frozenphoenix7 Adam is JYB
godardhazard: jamietWUT why!!!!
Mister_Hush: Zed seems opie opie
frozenphoenix7: @BrowneePoints I know. You specified Ninja though <_<
frozenphoenix7: I'm down for any.
TehAmelie: Lord Zedd is Rita's boss or something right? weird if she is the final boss
tenthtechpriest: StinkyCheese
BrowneePoints: @excalgold okay but hear me out, Ninjazord Adam we could get Frogzord assist with zappy tongue
excalgold: Zedd is Rita's unhappily married husband as far as i recall from 20+ years ago
godardhazard: what about Ivan Ooze??
BrowneePoints: @TehAmelie Final Boss is Lord Drakkon, which is evil Tommy from an dimension where Rita succeeded in corrupting him
excalgold: 'aww man i'm a frong ?'
angryoptimist: Ivan Ooze is your standard Sealed Evil In A Can.
monkeyrama: LUL
excalgold: every one else gets bear, wolf, eagle...adam gets frog
frozenphoenix7: We need someone from Lightspeed in this game
BrowneePoints: WAIT!
BrowneePoints: Can we get Duclea from the MMPR movie!?
Masslost: they really need a roadmap for character releases cause there is a ton of characters they could add
excalgold: Lightspeed Train Zord.....
BrowneePoints: Dulcea*
excalgold: the thing that had telephone pole sized shell caseings droping from it when it fired its gun
Ragnarakk: @LoadingReadyRun Okay ive been meaning to get this... is the fighting tight? like.. what fighting game does it most resemble?
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun Out of curiosity, what topic was the SWS y'all recorded on earlier?
monkeyrama: It's pretty tight
Mister_BlueSky: Apparently it most resembles MvC games?
TehAmelie: but is it toight?
monkeyrama: Yeee, Adam's been saying it's like MvC
frozenphoenix7: Actually, no, give me Zhane. We need Zhane. Or Andromeda.
Ragnarakk: MvC thats solid.. i like MvC~
Toxxick: Did you just send and extra running across the screen?
TehAmelie: i want to believe that's the galaxy Andromeda
angryoptimist: Gettin' that Mahvel?
frozenphoenix7: Astronema* whoops
TehAmelie: aw
Feminine_Desires: @Toxxick that's exactly what's happening :p
frozenphoenix7: Stupid autocrorect.
Mister_BlueSky: I'm in if there's Beetleborgs DLC. KappaHD
Mister_Hush: whens mahvel
Feminine_Desires: nameless minions
BrowneePoints: WAIT @angryoptimist We DESERVE Divatox!
Masslost: just need gem and gemma and then this game will be epic
Ragnarakk: @frozenphoenix7 Astro Enema?
frozenphoenix7: Astronema, final spelling try <_<
mrshazboto: Just got here. How's adam enjoying it so far?
Mister_BlueSky: No Beetleborgs? No VR Troopers? NO SALE! Kappa
frozenphoenix7: There is.
mrshazboto: @Gekyouryuu yup and it's RAD
monkeyrama: Indeed there is
ElektroTal: wait, there's a power ra...oh literally just beaten to it
monkeyrama: @mrshazboto He really enjoys is
TehAmelie: 20 bucks, plus 6 per character
monkeyrama: it*
Traion: Hey Shivam
tenthtechpriest: clearly they need to put the teenage mutant ninja turtles in because of that one crossover episode of power rangers in space
ElektroTal: which rangers?
monkeyrama: $40 for the collectors edition with some but not all dlc characters
angryoptimist: Didn't the SNES have one, too? Or was that just the beat 'em up?
BrowneePoints: Battle for the Grid Roster:
angryoptimist: 'Cause I know there was a beat 'em up/sidescroller.
Gekyouryuu: I'm waiting for them to announce Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad dlc, then. Kappa
TehAmelie: i'm sure there's been a few games. the one on SNES is all i know though
Mister_BlueSky: There was a 16-bit Power Rangers fighting game but I think it was mostly the mechs? I've slept since then.
Erudite_Cynic: give him the CHAIR
monkeyrama: wow, we're getting zoned
Gekyouryuu: because this is "battle for the grid" right? so it needs Gridman
Mister_Hush: Characters are six bucks a piece for this game, which doesn't seem like crazy value
Masslost: wai wait i know who we need in this game Red Wind Ranger....
shinlake: Jump in when he commits to the fireball / lightening thing
TehAmelie: SNES Power Rangers was about 70% Streets of Rage and 30% Megazord punch fights
monkeyrama: Wooooow, that combo
angryoptimist: I'd pop for Gridman DLC. Not because I care about Gridman, mostly for the Studio Trigger connection.
shinlake: Good punish
angryoptimist: Gold Zeo is so shiny and golden. He's Orokin. He's Ranger Prime.
Gekyouryuu: @angryoptimist you're assuming they'd go with the Trigger gridman and not the original
thebluecosmonaut: we hate the space cops
mrshazboto: @Mister_Hush I think we had this discussion on adam's stream - 6 for each character seems "fine" considering you're usually paying 25 for a dlc pack of 4 alongisde a 50-60 dolalr game.
angryoptimist: @Gekyouryuu Oh... right... There was an actual tokusatsu Gridman.
shinlake: Standing lows are great for mixups
seth_erickson: What is jail but a large Jar
Gekyouryuu: yeah, the Gridman anime was a sequel
Gekyouryuu: a VERY GOOD sequel
excalgold: did doggy just carve Jason up like a turkey ? is that what i just saw ?
Gekyouryuu: but a sequel nonetheless
Masslost: adam i think
mrshazboto: @Gekyouryuu that's kind of a huge spoiler
haliberdk: SPD Kreygasm
Mister_Hush: @mrshazboto I also don't buy $60 fighting games, because I also think those pricing models are bad.
Masslost: the time force ranger might be someone you like and idk how good the ranger slayer is
Mister_Hush: Industry standard isn't always the same as good, or even fine.
thebluecosmonaut: can you play as alpha in this game
monkeyrama: Don't believe so
Gekyouryuu: @mrshazboto oh? because before it came out I kept hearing it being hyped up specifically as a sequel and not a reboot or the like.
mrshazboto: @Mister_Hush fair enough. If you play more casually then it's weird to look at a fighting game pricing model and go "that seems fine". Power rangers is strictly above industry standards for fighting games in this regard
thebluecosmonaut: then im NOT INTERESTED
mrshazboto: @Gekyouryuu I saw people theorizing, but no solid proof until the very end.
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
angryoptimist: I mean, if we're going to talk about industry direction, it's gone so far past alienating me out of the market that these things may as well not even be for sale as far as I'm concerned. But, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy streams and talking about them.
haliberdk: damn, it was so close
thebluecosmonaut: can i play as uhh
thebluecosmonaut: who's the head in the jar
Gekyouryuu: fair enough, I guess.
Traion: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:56:42.
thebluecosmonaut: ZORDON
ElektroTal: the power rangers movie from last year or whenever was absolutely fantastic
Teangeolai: Whiplash turnaround re: Alpha
thebluecosmonaut: LET ME BE ZORDON
Mister_BlueSky: Ay-yi-yi-yi!
frozenphoenix7: That's bold words Adam
Traion: Wow time flies
ElektroTal: aslo wow, this game goes hella deep with characters
monkeyrama: Time flies when you're a teenager saving the world
haliberdk: I'm waiting for Dai Shi to buy this game
frozenphoenix7: I mean, not all of them are teenagers @monkeyrama <_<
godardhazard: why dont they play other characters?
TehAmelie: is anyone else getting incomprehensible spam in PMs?
angryoptimist: How will you fight when when you're a head that's been TRAPPED in a jar, thebluecosmonaut?
monkeyrama: Time flies when you're a teenager or adult saving the world OpieOP
Roland_Malius: Yeah, didn't Tommy from the first era come back as an adult?
angryoptimist: Surely, no one will let you out!
mrshazboto: For those who haven't picked it up - Battle for the Grid is loosely based on the same story line in the comics. Yes, there are Power Ranger comics. Yes, they're (mostly) AMAZING
frozenphoenix7: He did, yes.
shinlake: It’s a counter
TehAmelie: i must be special
Traion: "Time flies when you're punching Revvy" is the proper saying I believe Ramen Kappa
Gekyouryuu: maybe it's the Brian Cranston version from the movie before he died in the opening bit, @angryoptimist ?
Mister_Hush: @TehAmelie Sure am!
monkeyrama: "Getting punched by" @Traion
kusinohki: "time flies when you put a clock on an airplane"
Mister_Hush: Report and block the spam
shinlake: Don’t forget to push block too
TehAmelie: groovy
godardhazard: what is The Grid?
ElektroTal: Adam, please to play as the green ranger
Kramburger: Lord Zed seems big on the palace being prepared for his return, he must be a neat freak or something
monkeyrama: Imagine not summoning a giant mecha dino 4Head
Traion: You know Adam if I didn't know any better I'd think those numbers behind your names are your respective ladder ranks Kappa
angryoptimist: @Gekyouryuu Oh, the movie had another version of not-just-a-head Zordon? They also had some in flashbacks in the show.
haliberdk: The Grid is the source of the Ranger powers iirc
Gekyouryuu: @godardhazard morphing grid. the thing that lets them morph
haliberdk: they tap into the grid
angryoptimist: That helmet is TERRIBLE
viridimayai: What on earth is this game?!
shinlake: I think it’s special button on block
mrshazboto: @godardhazard It's a concept in the comics where all ranger powers come from. Let's you travel through time and between dimensions in some instances too.
excalgold: But tommy....
monkeyrama: Play my girl Udonna seabatTROG
excalgold: yep
mrshazboto: HE is a blue dog / lizard thing
frozenphoenix7: Yes, he is.
Masslost: yes he is
Gekyouryuu: @angryoptimist yeah, the opening bit to the newest movie was the "original" team, including Rita as green ranger, but she betrays them, so Zordon summons the meteor that kills the dinosaurs
silenceaux: Doggy Kreuger?
asddsa28: yup a furry god
ElektroTal: this game looks sick
frozenphoenix7: He is a dog. Kat is a cat.
Galactic_pain: Alien dog thing
frozenphoenix7: They are both part of the police.
TehAmelie: the red ranger is part t-rex right
haliberdk: Kreuger Kreygasm
Gekyouryuu: @angryoptimist Zordon was red, and we know nothing about the others
frozenphoenix7: No @TehAmelie <_<
s0lesurviv0r: Black ranger for BBTag Kappa100
angryoptimist: @Gekyouryuu Well, RIP the others, I guess.
Mister_Hush: @Gekyouryuu what... You could not have typed a less comprehensible sentence, which I think says a lot about Power Rangers
Kramburger: Dog Cop: He's 8 years old and getting too old for this shit
kais58: he is a dog that is much larger than he is in ranger form
haliberdk: I loved the X-O animation on the SPD Zord being on this game
shinlake: He’s bullying you with pressure push block that crap lol
ElektroTal: yeah, you either watched the OG power rangers a little in middle school and never thought of it again, or you went DEEP. there is no middle ground
TehAmelie: guy wearing sci-fi armor vs guy not wearing skin. seems like a fair match
godardhazard: @mrshazboto ok... when you say dimensions I understand this are paralel universes, right?
Rockario: Doggy Kruger, the big blue dog:
angryoptimist: @Mister_Hush It makes a lot of sense... well, maybe not a lot of *sense* exactly... if you know the context of the original series.
Gekyouryuu: @Mister_Hush yeah, with Power Rangers, it's pretty much "it makes sense if you already understand what's going on, but makes no sense if you've missed ANYTHING."
Kramburger: That dog mask looks SO BAD
Kramburger: !advice
LRRbot: Be lethal in the actual way.
Mister_BlueSky: Yup.
mrshazboto: @godardhazard Every power rangers series takes place in its own an extent which is later explained in the comics.
monkeyrama: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
Masslost: just as long as no one from operation overdrive show up this game will be epic
Mister_Hush: I've missed at least two decades of lore, there is no way I'm ever getting into Power Rangers
Gekyouryuu: also, fun Super Sentai facts for those unaware: the SPD girl on screen atm is cat themed in Power Rangers, but was swan themed in the original Sentai
monkeyrama: seabatTROG
asddsa28: good game
muddboy87: clutch
Mister_BlueSky: I watched some videos on the lore a few years back but it has all just vanished.
mrshazboto: @Mister_Hush Comicstorian has a good series on the comics that can get you caught up in like 20 minutes
monkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏
Lord_ZYRK: 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Mister_Hush: Yo when do they put in Power Rangers Turbo, but it's just one of the cars fighting, like the Daytona car in Fighters Mega Mix
excalgold: lrrFINE Zedd just won.....
monkeyrama: Udonna seabatTROG
Kramburger: Cenozoic, your cut
Kramburger: *you're
Masslost: @Mister_Hush there is no lore missed after lost in space as each is self contained
Mister_Hush: @mrshazboto in no universe have I ever cared about comics, and Power Rangers will not be the one to get me into it
Gekyouryuu: oh, wow, they brought in characters from the comics
kusinohki: yeah, the first time I saw a commercial for power rangers, I thought "cool, a live action Voltron" then the eps came out... couldn't make it through 2 episodes
Kramburger: Hell yeah goldar
angryoptimist: @Mister_BlueSky Your memory or the videos? If it's the videos, that's a real shame.
Kramburger: My mans
seth_erickson: I'd like to see that heavily armored man next to trey, but also I don't care that much
monkeyrama: No love for Udonna NotLikeThis
BrowneePoints: @Mister_Hush well that's an unfortunate view
kais58: is slayer supposed to be from that one dark gritty power rangers thing?
mrshazboto: @Gekyouryuu this entire game is an offshoot from the comics
angryoptimist: So, Big Defender?
Mister_BlueSky: @angryoptimist My memory. I don't know about the videos? I don't even know where I found them.
angryoptimist: Big Defender Energy?
RaklarLS: oh god, it's og zordon
seth_erickson: Man's just got a gun
mrshazboto: @kais58 alternate timeline kimberly from when tommy went bad and tried to become god
Kramburger: That Zordon face fucking lol
Mister_Hush: @BrowneePoints Why do you say that? I'm completely unbothered by not reading comics.
Rockario: Does he just have an effing rifle?
excalgold: heavily armored mastadon ranger
frozenphoenix7: Yes.
thebluecosmonaut: its me in the back
TehAmelie: a big raygun rifle it looks like
excalgold: with an M16 Laser rifle
Gascitygaming: when did power rangers get guns?
chiptunethefox: Not gonna lie, I prefer FighterZ over this
rogerivany: Having a gun seems like cheating.
frozenphoenix7: It's technically a Black Dragon Cannon.
Mister_Hush: yo that dude's got a bigass gun
BrowneePoints: Mastodon Sentry is a Drakkon soldier given power
mrshazboto: @Gascitygaming alternate reality mass produces soldier using the black ranger's powers since the axe was also a gun
RaklarLS: wow, those jumps are so floaty
Gascitygaming: like bringing karate to a gun fight
Mister_BlueSky: Are... are we Zordon here?
Tiber727: Wait, a power ranger with an assault rifle and pouches? A) Can they do that? B) When did Liefield make power rangers?
Ukon_vasara: is it still cheating if hes using the gun mostly as a golf club
monkeyrama: That's the combo right there :o
haliberdk: Lord Drakkon Kreygasm
BrowneePoints: Mastodon Sentries are Soldiers given Black ranger powers from a stolen Morpher.
haliberdk: oh, it's Vergil Kappa
angryoptimist: It's interesting to me that one of the characters is basically Assault Rifle Man.
BrowneePoints: they aren't full Rangers
Kramburger: @Tiber727 Holy shit you're right
Rockario: @Ukon_vasara "Okay, your can bring your gun, but you can only hold it by the barrel" Kappa
RaklarLS: clearly vergil, all he's missing is the gucci belt
godardhazard: since when the black ranger has become the punisher?
Mister_Hush: that boy's a big chonker, holy moly
monkeyrama: Goldar has some armor on some of his moves
seth_erickson: He's so large
excalgold: woof beefy Goldar
Molladia: That boys huge
angryoptimist: Like, "I have martial arts!" "I have a sword!" "I have a MACHINE GUN"
Tiber727: I'd say to put Goldar in Smash, but he's clearly too big.
mrshazboto: For those actually curious about the lore of this game -
RaklarLS: wow, he even has the hammer fall
godardhazard: goldar is a thick daddy
Kramburger: Who's this Nerd?
TehAmelie: i hope his zord has a giant positron rifle
BrowneePoints: Full Game Roster:
excalgold: oh hi Sixth Ranger
godardhazard: lrrFRUMP
excalgold: or wait is Magna defender actually a sixth ranger or just a buddy ?
frozenphoenix7: Sort of both.
chiptunethefox: this game looks more like a novelty compared to DBFZ
Gascitygaming: sdpinal not close
BrowneePoints: Magna Defender is such a cool design
frozenphoenix7: He wasn't a ranger, but he was an ally and eventual member of the team.
mrshazboto: Magna defender had such a cool story
x0den: spinal! pirate skeleton
monkeyrama: LUL
BrowneePoints: @chiptunethefox This game is a solid MvC clone with way better gameplay than FighterZ
Mister_Hush: sounds like your impression from the other day
Masslost: wow magma defender is when he's a a-hole
angryoptimist: Call of Duty Ranger?
monkeyrama: looool
angryoptimist: I mean, WTF.
s0lesurviv0r: that time Frank Castle went to japan
godardhazard: the punisher ranger
Issurru: Drakkon comics Black Ranger I think
Kramburger: This guy looks like Dollar-Store Deadpool
RaklarLS: i don't see them using the assists to much, does it cost meter? or are they just afraid of happy birthdays?
frozenphoenix7: Alternate universe police/military empowered by stolen Black Ranger powers.
excalgold: the axe is also a the Black Ranger is a RWBY Character ?
Molladia: That’s not the mmpr black ranger wtf?
NightValien28: what the actual hell is this ranger
Erudite_Cynic: COD Black Ranger OPS
Masslost: seeing shatter grid characters is interesting
Lord_ZYRK: The CoD BlOps ranger
chiptunethefox: "Way better gameplay" is purely an opinion.
Ukon_vasara: dont get grabbed seabatYIKES
angryoptimist: @Kramburger Hahahaha!
Gascitygaming: Triceratops! Pteradactyl! GUN!
MadAboutVideoGames: Remember whe Rita had a brother who was a camo skeleton and he and Goldar lost there memory and became Bulk and Skulls pets?
BrowneePoints: @excalgold no. RWBY characters are Rangers obvs
Mister_Hush: That dude's face in the background is disturbing
Traion: @raklarls both super new to the game
MadAboutVideoGames: Power Rangers was a mistake
Mister_Hush: He's just a big face in a tube
frozenphoenix7: That is Zordon, yes.
BrowneePoints: The Mastodon Sentry is a Police Unit serving Dark Timeline Tommy given ranger powers from a stolen morpher, wielding a Dragon Cannon which can nullify ranger powers
Mister_Hush: why is he the way that he is
Lexicat34: Does Adam ever Tag
RaklarLS: wait, is this red ranger's voice the vergil VO? the "i need more power" line sounds very, very similar
monkeyrama: Time for Goldar seabatTROG
angryoptimist: Adam, if you come upon someone trapped in a tube--NOT A JAR--what do you do??? Kappa
Mister_Hush: @Lexicat34 nah, these are no-tag matches
monkeyrama: Neither of them really tag that often
Lexicat34: but I saw Revvy tag earlier
Lexicat34: >.>
monkeyrama: In this game or BBTag
Tiber727: I like how all these guys are fighting in the base in Zordon is just daydreaming over there.
mrshazboto: I'm just gonna use this entire stream to hype up the comics so - If you want to read a story where the city doesn't reset after every bad guy is beaten, a story where you see characters like Billy deal with his fear of being attacked by always wearing his suit under his clothes, and a story where Tommy suffers noticeable self doubt verging on PTSD from his time with Rita and how being open with his friends doesn't fix it, but helps make it more manageable - read the Power Rangers comics.
BrowneePoints: @Mister_Hush He's a Paradimensional being, and that tube is his preferred form of communication across vast distances
Molladia: Why do we see mega zord icons there? Can you fight with them?
Ukon_vasara: that is a good question, does adam break Zardon out of his tube? unarmeHmm
Mister_Hush: "Paradimensional" what
BrowneePoints: @mrshazboto where would I start for the comics?
chiptunethefox: Are you referring to Shattered Grid?
frozenphoenix7: You can summon them for assists @Molladia
Masslost: dai shi could be fun
angryoptimist: Zordon, Zordoff.
Mister_Hush: you can't just answer nonsense with nonsense and say that makes sense
Lexicat34: Shattered Grid is so cool
monkeyrama: Dai Shi is on the way
Vyous: Tatsunoko V Capcom did that with big guys
Erudite_Cynic: Zardoss
MadAboutVideoGames: Didnt they only do one shot of Zordon and just redub it for the entire series?
BrowneePoints: @Mister_Hush He doesn't exist in any one dimension at the same time
Kramburger: We put Zordon in Goldar
Traion: If you play as Zordon would that be letting him out of his jar? LUL
angryoptimist: CoD Ranger will never not crack me up.
godardhazard: WAIT! Where is the discfaced robot?
RatekStormcrow: There is a Power Ranger with a .50 ????
Issurru: you see Zordon in the first power rangers movie
Erudite_Cynic: just play your knife flute
Kramburger: I can't believe the Alt-Right infiltrated the Power Rangers
monkeyrama: That's his super seabatBRAIN
angryoptimist: @RatekStormcrow Right?!?!
TehAmelie: i was not expecting special forces rifle guy to punch people with his rifle with purple speed lines
Meinfretr: Fuck yeah I'm glad I'm able to catch some of this
Issurru: Dont think too hard about how he plays that dagger flute with the helmet on that has a closed mouth @Erudite_Cynic OpieOP
seth_erickson: Man is weak to gun
monkeyrama: Shhhh @Issurru
Molladia: Oh you can get different costumes for the same character? So Tommy could have white ranger?
godardhazard: frank castle is strong
monkeyrama: Power Rangers are special
Meinfretr: Seachats, how often had Revvy stomped our boy?
monkeyrama: The laws of reality don't bind them
Erudite_Cynic: @Issurru suspend your disbelief you muggle
MadAboutVideoGames: Does he just have an assault riffle?
Mister_Hush: 10 times out of 10 @Meinfretr
Kramburger: @Meinfretr Only mostly seabatTROG
monkeyrama: It's been pretty even, tbh @Meinfretr
TehAmelie: has anyone kept score? i think it's tied at fun to fun
Issurru: I'm a Ranger in training @Erudite_Cynic you degenerate DansGame
mrshazboto: @BrowneePoints either Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0/1, Gogo Power Rangers #1, Power Rangers: Pink if you want a cool, self contained story about Kimberly, or you can do what I did and just catch up by watching Comicstorian's channel.
monkeyrama: Knight with a gun? :o
angryoptimist: lrrGREED
Erudite_Cynic: an knight pulls out a shotgun
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frozenphoenix7: You guys know the original Rangers also had laser guns, right?
BrowneePoints: @mrshazboto can you dm me with links to the #1s so I know what to look for?
frozenphoenix7: <_<
angryoptimist: I'm disappointed that there isn't a mode where you just fight as the zords.
Kramburger: @frozenphoenix7 Which they never used
monkeyrama: The spin!
frozenphoenix7: They used them quite a bit.
monkeyrama: That move is great
BrowneePoints: @mrshazboto also this game is from Shattered Grid yea?
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BrowneePoints: Someone pick Udonna!
mrshazboto: @BrowneePoints this game is an adaptation of the shattered grid story, yeah
Ukon_vasara: just dont get shot 4Head
monkeyrama: Can we try Udonna?
Kramburger: Mastodon Sentinel's biggest enemy is 30-60 wild boars
BrowneePoints: It's Evil Green
Kramburger: Yeeep
BrowneePoints: He's the main villain
monkeyrama: You probably won't like her, tho
excalgold: i mean its ANOTEHR evil green
excalgold: original Green was evilish too
Kramburger: *More* Evil Green
Ukon_vasara: miasUwU donna does look interesting
jing22: He killed jason for the white ranger powers also
BrowneePoints: no, THE evil green. He murdered Rita and all the rangers in his timeline
godardhazard: evil evil green looks sick LUL LUL LUL LUL
Mister_Hush: This game got matchmaking? What are queue times like?
monkeyrama: Goldar vs our SPD mech
seth_erickson: Dinner and a show
excalgold: Goldar and....what megazord is taht fighting ? oh thats the SPD Defender
monkeyrama: It does have matchmaking
Meinfretr: yo this shit is wild
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angryoptimist: Mastodon Sentinel looks like he belongs in Shovel Knight.
Mister_BlueSky: From my cursory search, there's no real "tier list" as most characters are on pretty even footing, balancing-wise.
monkeyrama: Playing online is.... a bit of a wait
shinlake: It’s just the stage
Issurru: he has a SHOTGUN PogChamp
Kramburger: The fighting game is getting in the way of the Zord V Goldar fight
BrowneePoints: Magna Defender is a badass. Lost Galaxy was a good series
Erudite_Cynic: why can't you control the fight in the BG
EscherichiaCole: Man when I was growing up I never truly appreciated what a batshit series Power Rangers was
monkeyrama: I played against the same level 250 three times when I was level 0 OpieOP
angryoptimist: TYRANOSAURUS
MadAboutVideoGames: Down in front. We cant see the real fight.
seth_erickson: Zord v Goldar is all I'm watching
kais58: could you guys take a break so we can watch goldar vs spd megazord?
Mister_Hush: @monkeyrama That's disappointing to hear.
excalgold: they made a neat fighting make a meg zord fighting games
angryoptimist: You're walking the woods and you hear a man say "TYRANOSAURUS!", what do you do? Kappa
Meark: Hope zords aren't real because the reason for them is goddamn terrifying.
monkeyrama: It's not the most popular game, I think people either don't know about it or ignore it because Power Rangers
Rockario: Look up, and pray the zord doesn't land on you
Ukon_vasara: @angryoptimist get stepped on i assume
BrowneePoints: Omg Drakkon has Dragon Dagger AND Saba
shinlake: I run green as my point he’s amazing has great buttons
Mister_Hush: It also had a pretty rough launch, and that's a death knell for most titles
Traion: Adam and Revvy having very different taste in characters is what is making these streams real fun for me
Issurru: I thought Drakkon destroyed Saba
Issurru: or was that "current time" Saba
BrowneePoints: That looked like Saba in his right hand
monkeyrama: Giant Taser sword seabatTROG
Kramburger: The cops are here
Lord_ZYRK: TwitchCop
monkeyrama: Use your own, Adam lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
maxthefourth: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 15:39 from now)
monkeyrama: Summon the gamer cops
Ukon_vasara: i ordered delivery from a pub, my burger bun is branded LUL
mrshazboto: @BrowneePoints sent you the links to the starter issues
BrowneePoints: got em
angryoptimist: Time flies when you're doing matches.
godardhazard: im bored as hell but for some reason i cant stop watching this game.... can anybody explain??? LUL LUL LUL LUL
Sogheim: holy shit yes!
BrowneePoints: So Adam, Power Rangers show watching stream when?
mrshazboto: @BrowneePoints also yeah - Saba was developed as a weapon against him and...that didn't quite work out
monkeyrama: Adam and Revvy having a good time playing fighting games is actually the best?
Too_Many_Knives: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 15:37 from now)
BrowneePoints: Is it just me, or is Magna Defender kinda tanky?
Meinfretr: Can I just say Revvy and Adam is the bromance of the century?
Rockario: @maxthefourth Nex stream should be he new Luigi's Mansion in 45 minutes
monkeyrama: Adam wondering why Revvy did so much damage while he does 3/4 of a hp bar in one combo januar1Think
angryoptimist: Is that Magna Defender or some other Mammoth Whatever?
Gascitygaming: Z seems real good
RaklarLS: mouse on screen D:
Mister_Hush: zed kills you in two combo
Mister_Hush: what a busted character
angryoptimist: I can't keep all these characters that appeared after I stopped paying attention to the franchise straight.
mrshazboto: I love that quantum ranger is JUST vergil
RaklarLS: at least Ivan Ooze isn't in the game. now there's a broken character
Feminine_Desires: Is there a limit to the number of swaps one can do?
BrowneePoints: @angryoptimist Magna from Lost Galaxy
monkeyrama: There's a cooldown on assists
Gascitygaming: put Z in smash you cowards!
excalgold: all these other rangers have swords and magic staves and stuff...quantuam ranger is just 'gun gun gun gun FIST gun'
Erudite_Cynic: give him the chair
monkeyrama: Cops are coming seabatTROG
excalgold: oh holy crap the SPD Megazord was just trying to smash you with hand cuffs the size of a house
angryoptimist: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
angryoptimist: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Kramburger: lrrADAM_SG seabatBRAIN lrrADAM_SG seabatBRAIN
wildcard250: this brings back memories
Lord_Hosk: Clearly what you need to do is play the dragon flute... DOOO do DOOO dododododo
monkeyrama: Yes, Adam
RaklarLS: @mrshazboto still missing the belt
BrowneePoints: Adam Christmas Power Rangers watch through?
hotcarlson: I'm having fun!
monkeyrama: This is a bunch of fun
korvys: Oh, I was away, did we figure out Megazords?
Cepsys: woooooooo0o0o0o0ooooooooo0
edgeyberzerker: I love fighting games so this is great to watch for me
Erudite_Cynic: this is dumb as hell and I love it
Traion: This is a blast
Mister_Hush: this is a ton of fun to watch
CapnRobert: it is entertaining Adam
Dix: gabyPolice gabyPolice gabyPolice
lorazx: this is super awesome to watch
Issurru: all that matters is that YOU have fun
monkeyrama: We did @korvys
Lord_ZYRK: Throw 'im in the Power Paddy Wagon SwiftRage
BrowneePoints: @korvys yea I looked up the command input
Mister_Hush: way more fun than WoW for sure
CapnRobert: really enjoying the stream
x0den: this is amazing adam
The_Ninjurai: Is that one of the Turbo megazords?
BrowneePoints: It helps this is a snappy flashy fighter
monkeyrama: It's funto watch you guys have a ton of fun
chiptunethefox: It's Delta Squad Megazord
frozenphoenix7: It's the SPD Megazord iirc.
Meinfretr: This is subverting I've wanted to see for a while now, homies learning fighting games, love it
BreathlessGust: @The_Ninjurai SPD
The_Ninjurai: Thanks y'all!
Meinfretr: *something
TehAmelie: is that zord in the background just a bigger version of the big winged ape with the gold armor?
angryoptimist: Society for the Protection of Dummies? Kappa
frozenphoenix7: That one isn't a zord. That's just that guy but big
The_Ninjurai: Yes, that is an enlarged Goldar
chiptunethefox: That is a giant Goldar
RaklarLS: revvy is missing so many AAs
Sogheim: I'm happy I get to watch Lord Zedd be a total badass like he was always meant to be
angryoptimist: Thicc Goldar
frozenphoenix7: Goldar was routinely grown to giant size throughout his time
monkeyrama: Hello James
Traion: The only thing that would improve this is you guys shit talking each other during the matches ;)
Issurru: James VS Revvy
Sogheim: Goldar was always thicc. but Scorpina had them thighs
korvys: No James, you have to put a quarter on the desk
monkeyrama: Adam vs James when? seabatTROG
chiptunethefox: wha-
BrowneePoints: Cuz Magna Defender is a BadAss
shinlake: Instead of starting it with a low do a light neutral jab into the low . The mixup usually throws ppl off
MadAboutVideoGames: Do they arrest giant monsters? Is there giant monster jail?
Kramburger: seabatSEAL
monkeyrama: Revvy ran away NotLikeThis
Feminine_Desires: Is that james?
frozenphoenix7: @MadAboutVideoGames Depends on the season. Sometimes they're destroyed, sometimes they're arrested.
BrowneePoints: Hi James! Beard looks great!
TehAmelie: hello James' torso and beard
monkeyrama: Udonna seabatTROG
Erudite_Cynic: he heard james was gonna play and got SPOOKED
monkeyrama: Yessssssssssss
monkeyrama: My girl
The_Ninjurai: I do appreciate the number of characters from the comics and specifically the Broken Grid story
Mister_BlueSky: You never know who's gonna click with you? I guess.
Lord_ZYRK: Medonna :)
frozenphoenix7: When do we get a James/Adam podcast about Power Rangers
RaklarLS: is goldar still alive?
monkeyrama: Udonna has great cc and zoning
Issurru: the difference Adam is that the Dino Megazord is THE BEST WITH NO QUESTIONS
BrowneePoints: I'd totally watch a Power Rangers watch through with Adam
monkeyrama: loooooooool
Erudite_Cynic: wow
Erudite_Cynic: WOW
angryoptimist: lrrWOW
monkeyrama: Speedrunoneword? SeriousSloth
RaklarLS: never?
frozenphoenix7: Fine, then Adam/Beej Power Ranger podcast <_<
x0den: I miss the speedrun thing,
Sogheim: haha Zordon's stupid face in the back! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
shinlake: Udonna makes me want to eat my fist doodCrazy
TehAmelie: Hwite Ranger, that's new
monkeyrama: Udonna gets a lot of her power from her specials, Adam
BrowneePoints: @TehAmelie the Green Ranger becomes white???
Issurru: There needs to be another Road Quest so Adam can learn all the Power Rangers lore :p
Erudite_Cynic: I want one of the fighters to be a guy in a green morphsuit who got lost in the conventionhall
monkeyrama: Her neutral spcial freezes them
RaklarLS: so much pressure
The_Ninjurai: Hope the green samurai ranger from Ninja Storm gets in here
Lord_ZYRK: Erudite_Cynic ah yes, from the Power Rangers / Always Sunny crossover episode Kappa
BrowneePoints: I feel like Ceno Blue might be a good Kat counter?
TehAmelie: Lord Zedd: "these teens are giving me. . .attitude"
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Bengineering: BEN IS HANDSOME
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TehAmelie: hey it's Ben
shinlake: Stop pressing buttons lol
Sogheim: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
Earthenone: hi ben
Traion: Lies! Ben is cute!
Issurru: Ben should come read his own sub OpieOP
mrshazboto: @The_Ninjurai that's way more likely than you think. That and the red Samurai Ranger from actual Samurai
Lord_ZYRK: Ah shit, it's Ben MiniK
korvys: Ahahahaha
The_Ninjurai: What about the white DinoThunder, mrshazboto ?
korvys: Just random limbs
monkeyrama: LUL Ben
Tempest2097: Classic Ben
angryoptimist: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
x0den: lol
monkeyrama: This game is very fun
Issurru: wow, Ben only being subbed for 33 months Kappa
Lord_ZYRK: You can tell he likes because he mashes between matches seabatTROG
Bengineering: slytqWTF
Lord_ZYRK: Issurru GOTTEM
korvys: @Issurru Well, you have to 13 years old to make a twitch account lrrBEEJ
kumatsu: Oh no, I've gotten here to Zordon's Secret Fight Club
Issurru: LUL @korvys
chiptunethefox: First rule of fight club, don't talk about fight club
angryoptimist: Brutal, Adam.
RaklarLS: i swear i've seen that Zedd combo on another character, in another game
TehAmelie: every character can't launch with down-forward and right punch? what weird Tekken mod is this
korvys: You zord a boy
monkeyrama: MegaGoldar 👀
kumatsu: @korvys My boy's been Zorded
Issurru: LOOK MA I'M ON STREAM Kappa
monkeyrama: DansGame
Issurru: quick monkey
Issurru: start playing a game Kappa
chiptunethefox: It's a damn shame they patched out Katt's "V" pose, it was so cute
Erudite_Cynic: GOLDAR
monkeyrama: No more megazord NotLikeThis
BeardedSquid: at first I saw the thumbnail and had a brain fart and thought the room for Desert Bus this year got really fancy because of all the blue and yellow.
Kramburger: There's only one Goldar, he's busy man
Earthenone: Megazord uniqueness rule
The_Ninjurai: Why did they patch it out chiptunethefox ?
Traion: I feel like Revvy is getting close to his optimal team
Tempest2097: Uhhhhhh.
Erudite_Cynic: there can be only ONE GOLDAR
chiptunethefox: They made her heavy combo different
Issurru: I saw that @monkeyrama
Rockario: If you both use the megazord, it should zoom out to them fighting
mrshazboto: @The_Ninjurai less likely, but people are thinking red Space ranger and yellow Turbo, or Heckyl from Dino Charge due to the "beyond the grid" plot line
monkeyrama: LUL @Issurru
chiptunethefox: I think we need a Dino Thunder rep
korvys: The Elsa Power Ranger
monkeyrama: Udonna's specials are where it's at, Adam
The_Ninjurai: Red Space and Yellow Turbo would be cool, mrshazboto . I have no idea who Heckyl is. Never read the comics nor watched Dino Charge
silenceaux: Asked and answered.
MadAboutVideoGames: Teleport to us five overbearing and overemotional humans.
Issurru: Clearly @monkeyrama we neeed to change the names of our steam games to go meta and talk in the stream Kappa
mrshazboto: Woah - is Dai Shi out yet?
The_Ninjurai: Red Mystic Force battlizer is another one I would love to see
Call_me_Kaye: Is... is there a ranked mode?
Issurru: it has crossplay VS i think
monkeyrama: But then people can't see it's me
mrshazboto: December daaaaaamn
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SirTrae: I always wanted to get more into fighting games, but my friends think I'm too good, but I'm too bad to play online
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BreathlessGust: @Call_me_Kaye yes
Earthenone: this is online VS and it said adam was level 0 so probobly?
BrowneePoints: I forgot who I was talking with about the Ranger tv series with
BrowneePoints: I might just start with Lost Galaxy and go forward
chiptunethefox: Do you care to check the the grammar?
monkeyrama: I feel that so much @SirTrae
Earthenone: also they said there was crossplay which implines online vs
Erudite_Cynic: salty
mrshazboto: @BrowneePoints Lost Galaxy is a STRONG start, but relies a bit on In Space at the end
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chiptunethefox: Maybe they should add Tommy again, but with his Master Morpher
BrowneePoints: @mrshazboto i still remember a lot of In Space
The_Ninjurai: Psycho Rangers should be in this too
monkeyrama: Adam has a discord? seabatTROG
The_Ninjurai: and if I have my own way, Ivan Ooze lol
Tempest2097: It's a pretty sick Discord too
monkeyrama: YES
Earthenone: is it all food ranking and classification?
mrshazboto: @The_Ninjurai Psycho Rangers also more likely than you think because of recent comic storyline
monkeyrama: It sets up so many of her combos
Dix: Sup SubZero
Issurru: awww, I thought I could change my game names in steam but I cant
Issurru: and my added game didnt show up OpieOP
Involume: Is that popping sound the controller?
BrowneePoints: @Involume game pad
monkeyrama: You can freeze people midair, too
Issurru: yeah its the fight stick
Earthenone: yeah its a fight stick
Involume: Cool. Thought there might've been a mic wire loose
monkeyrama: If you freeze them on the ground, it's a guaranteed super, which does a tooon of damage @LoadingReadyRun
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Lord_ZYRK: hitting buttons NotLikeThis
Earthenone: never hit a button
Admiralmatt: hi
mrshazboto: Thinking Zed / Quantum / Cat is the way I'm gonna go
Earthenone: the basics of ZQC
BrowneePoints: This is almost a better MvC than MvC3
mrshazboto: Would you be happy playing Dong Dong Never Die, Adam?
SirTrae: You should play Virgil, since this is already basically MvC3
sprucebruce21: are they adding more rangers to this?
Earthenone: they are charging 6$ a ranger so probobly?
sprucebruce21: oh good lord
SirTrae: Unless you are already playing Quantum, I don't know power rangers very well
monkeyrama: There's a new character coming later this month
BreathlessGust: @sprucebruce21 villains too
Rathalok: It's so weird to me that she's a cat in Power Rangers when she was meant to be a swan in the source material
sprucebruce21: BreathlessGust neat
BreathlessGust: Dai Shi is coming in December
monkeyrama: Oh, December?
monkeyrama: nvm
monkeyrama: worth a shot
BrowneePoints: a frame or two earlier and it might have Adam
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #4918: "I'm not dead yet, so...there's that." —Adam, as Beloc [2018-04-23]
chiptunethefox: Katt be thicc af boi
sprucebruce21: wait i don't remember dai shi
BreathlessGust: @monkeyrama yeah, they want to make sure he's as cool as the other two
sprucebruce21: was that the one where their hideout was a pizza place?
The_Ninjurai: Wonder if the big bad beetleborg from the Forever Red special will make it into the game lol
chiptunethefox: He's from Jungle Fury
SirTrae: Wild Fury, I think
monkeyrama: Nice, taking the time to make the charactr really fun/cool is 💯 in my book
BreathlessGust: from the poses in his screenshots, Dai Shi might be inspired by Akuma
Tempest2097: OH DEAR
monkeyrama: He whiffed :o
sprucebruce21: giant sky sword!
Earthenone: what?
korvys: Got zorded
Mister_BlueSky: Cause they're the size of a skyscraper?
mxBug: does adam know his cursor is on the screen
OddBurd: You gotta play some Vergil...i mean Quantum Ranger
monkeyrama: I just noticed that LUL
Earthenone: adam is leaving it there specificly to spite you
Tempest2097: The flute that sounds like a synthesizer trying to be a horn
mxBug: how can he spite me if he doesn't know me
Dergib: anyone coming on after adam?
monkeyrama: He knows everyone lrrSPOOP
Earthenone: ben and heather are after adam
Earthenone: then we embrace the void
Iraeda: you mean the bus
sprucebruce21: all the power rangers series are on netflix in the UK, feel like i should watch them
mr_yarget: Lord Zed gonna make you ded
mr_yarget: uh...or not.
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monkeyrama: 36 hit combo :o
chiptunethefox: Katt is stealing moves from Yamcha
monkeyrama: You jut muted yourself SeriousSloth
monkeyrama: oh fixed
chiptunethefox: Sometimes the cartwheel goes way past the character
korvys: You were doing good with Jason
monkeyrama: Jason and Zedd have been good characters for Adam so far
Smapdi_Flaffermann: I had no idea this level of serious, hardcore gaming existed on this channel!
upseko: lol frozen mid air plank
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BrowneePoints: nice read
monkeyrama: Dang, close match!
BrowneePoints: more grabs and tags I think
NightValien28: you have 5 min, easy
monkeyrama: It's GO time
monkeyrama: That was a slick switch
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SoldieroFortune: Howdy Adam! Hope you're having an excellent Desert Bus Eve Eve!
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robo__nixon: I vaguely remember that gold and black ranger Adam has
chaostreader: It was Zeo, I believe.
Gascitygaming: Z seems VERY good
monkeyrama: loooooool
circusofkirkus: LUL
monkeyrama: Just zone em 4Head
Issurru: anticlimactic as fuck LUL
circusofkirkus: cool game cool game
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Earthenone: elsa OP
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GoAmpDog2: I don't know what I expected to see when I truned this on but this is close
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monkeyrama: Adam is really good at plugging other people's stuff seabatTROG
monkeyrama: That was a lot of fun, thanks Adam
Gascitygaming: 7
NightValien28: three
RayFK: *cough*
NightValien28: RayFK jordan no
korvys: Gooigi's Mansion
ninja_theory_ashrams: !db
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon where people dance sing and be silly while playing the worst game of all time, Desert Bus. The marathon raises money for . An explanation video can be found here: . More information can be found at and
korvys: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 15:00 from now)
monkeyrama: "Finish"
chaostreader: !next
monkeyrama: That's... bold
Earthenone: yay videos!
RayFK: Nut
Mister_BlueSky: Finish. LUL
Juliamon: !clip
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NicTMagic: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
TheZiebs: Adam link your twitch
circusofkirkus: lrrJAMES lrrBEN lrrHEATHER
monkeyrama: wow
circusofkirkus: seabatYIKES
Lord_ZYRK: Friendly reminder: no one else has to put up with this shit on their stream Keepo
Gascitygaming: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
NightValien28: yeah, bland people Kappa
adamjford: we all know y'all prefer BFA lrrBEEJ
chaostreader: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 14:58 from now)
Bobtheninjagoldfish: now kiss
Lord_ZYRK: No kiss BibleThump
Lord_ZYRK: Now how will I sleep tonight
monkeyrama: RIP the kiss
kusinohki: I look away for one sec and when I look back there's a dancing ben and james… I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!
Rockario: rip the kiss righ from heir mouth.
Rockario: jk, that would be rude
ninja_theory_ashrams: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 14:56 from now)
chaostreader: Next is Crossing The Streams. They are playing Luigi’s Mansion 3
Juliamon: You'll have to forgive LRRbot, it's excited for its week-long vacation.
Earthenone: i will still prompt it everyday, so it dosent get too lonely
TehAmelie: this chat will probably be busier than usual off-hours
kusinohki: is there a desert bus bot?
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 14:54 from now)
Juliamon: Bidbot handles Desert Bus.
DigitalSeahorse: !db
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope is a charity gaming marathon where people dance sing and be silly while playing the worst game of all time, Desert Bus. The marathon raises money for . An explanation video can be found here: . More information can be found at and
Juliamon: It was decided that DB chat should be restricted to one bot.
Juliamon: And LRRbot has enough on its plate already.
kusinohki: thought maybe they had something for schedules like the next live auction or call in or whatever...
Earthenone: it is all on The Overlay
Juliamon: DB chat is way too active for bot calls.
kusinohki: fair
Juliamon: Relevant information will always be displayed, anything that doesn't fit is available on the website.
kusinohki: feel like that should be all caps "THE OVERLAY" *dun dun daaaaaaa*
TehAmelie: instead the chat has many human eyes looking and relaying pertinent questions to people in the room
Earthenone: me too, but i am always afraid to overuse caps. so i went with the first letters to be safe
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Heather and Ben are here for the final stream before we go dark for Desert Bus! It's time to bust some ghost in Luigi's Mansion 3! | 📷 ||
Juliamon: And worst-case scenario, there's a huge team of dedicated mods you can ask if you ever have questions.
Lord_ZYRK: M-M-M-Mariooo?
Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
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TheExactSame: Yabo Yabo and Sooku Sooku to you both
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IbunWest: We’re gonna have a goo time.
Juliamon: Let's-a goo
TheExactSame: Luigi a-goo-goo
TehAmelie: Luigi "Murder Eyes" Mario
Alness49: At last, the year of Gooigi!
Nigouki: that is wonderfully spoopy music
kusinohki: do the luigi…. place one hand and then again...
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orellien2773: The spooooookiest thing is knowing that it's only 38 hours to Desert bus!
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Juliamon: Sudden audio jump!
Naarius: That bass clarinet
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truehippy: !next
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 8 Nov 08:00 AM PST (1d, 14:49 from now)
BrowneePoints: I played Bass Clarinet in high school and this brings me back
truehippy: !now
Juliamon: Welcome to Gooigi's Mansion
Nigouki: I've been trying to catch up on Adam's Persona VODs before DB, but I might not make it
TheMerricat: Evening chat! :-)
Kikazi: lrrSPOOP_TK
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thedudetrio: Two months, two Luigis, two of my favorite streamers. Month Number Two: Electric BOO-galoo!
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Gulleko: [insert witty sub message here]
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Baldrash: I love when they get to dust off this intro.
kusinohki: yeah, this intro is so good
TehAmelie: it's timeless
TehAmelie: hello
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Sarah_Serinde: I love that intro a lot
EscherichiaCole: Crossing the Nopes
angryoptimist: lrrBEN lrrHEATHER
Kramburger: Crossing the Nopes
ninja_theory_ashrams: Gooigi in the House
Naarius: More Nopes than the stream has room for
ritchards: Crossing the Screams!!
Lord_ZYRK: Crossing the New Nope
Iraeda: crossing the new nope?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun or in other words, you are... CROSSING the STREAMS! :-P
Kikazi: foxmarAAA intro
Alness49: More let's hope then Halloween week!
AmoriLinguae: sadly, no rhythm section
MechaKuuga: This stream is really going to SUCK! Kappa
TehAmelie: okay Crossing the Screams is the best
Earthenone: remove all minecraft from it too
Earthenone: since thats just james
cheezweazl: Heather, what is your pin?
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Mox_Hagdorm: Next stop, Desert Bus!
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ninja_theory_ashrams: woden's day is good day
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JonnyGlitch: It's a Fourdie Shordie!
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Kramburger: Motion track heather's face over James? It can be done *laughs in After Effects*
Lord_ZYRK: I mean. . . don't we all want to play Luigi's Mansion?
MechaKuuga: Put Gooigi in SMASH cowards!
Juliamon: Gotta prime the goo
TehAmelie: !smash
LRRbot: Put PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in Smash, you cowards!
Alness49: That deep goo lore
Lord_ZYRK: He's chilling in the fridge
thedudetrio: It's like Jell-o!
cuttlefishman: Ben, are you an echo fighter
niccus: who's the gooigi in this relationship
ninja_theory_ashrams: you have to work towards full Gooigi release
TehAmelie: heh, my sub is so short commercials are slipping through
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Martinkaca: Something, something many subs!
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EscherichiaCole: I'm a bit spooked
JonnyGlitch: This lead up seems much more relaxed
cuttlefishman: in a... sexual way?
cuttlefishman: ick
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrSPOOP kristikHonk ysbrydBus
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Kykiwi: ya twitter thing linked to ya stream ben :p
OnTheSamePaige: Evening all PrideHi
Kykiwi: LUL
EvilBadman: you sure did
JonnyGlitch: Tweet ghost?
Sarah_Serinde: Yeahhh you did, Ben :D
Kykiwi: it is fine you are hosting
JonnyGlitch: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
cuttlefishman: We won't say anything
Znazl: LUL
Kykiwi: the stream
Foxmar320: lol
ninja_theory_ashrams: !lasttweet
LRRbot: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [8m ago] @loadingreadyrun> Heather and Ben are here for the final stream before we go dark for Desert Bus! It's time to bust some ghost in Luigi's Mansion 3! | 📷 ||
Naarius: I'm telling Dad
MechaKuuga: Uh oh
Kykiwi: LUL
cuttlefishman: Dad, shush
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Driosenth: 46 months! that an arbitrary number of months!
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NimrodXIV: busted!
Lord_ZYRK: Not only will they not find your body, they also won't find your ghost.
UrbanSamurai_22: lrrHAM
Sarah_Serinde: Message from Graham in mod Slack just as Ben said "Nobody tell Graham": "OMG"
NightValien28: definitively ear shot G
circusofkirkus: we ain't narcs here