Gizmoloid: OK, I see the 2.0 size used in modify emote menu.
Nyx_fire: !next
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Azsedcf: !next
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bainard656: !next
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xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Tiny Towns) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (5m from now).
Grevas13: wew, made it back from the store in time
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Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Drasvin: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: lrrSIGN
BloodnBullets: lrrSIGNAL
IbunWest: That's an early signal
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
asthanius: Who’s ready for Miniature Metropolises?
blip2004: had just enough time to cook supper it looks like
Alephred: Smol Suburbs?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrARROW lrrGOAT_SG vileolHi_SG vileolHeck
Alness49: Micro Metropolis
TehAmelie: these towns, they're so tiny
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for AFK! Serge, Kathleen, Matt and Ben are making Tiny Towns! ||
Despoiler98: Ya know whats tiny? Those towns >.>
noSmokeFire: we're heeeeere
TehAmelie: Bitty Burgs
Rhynerd: Oh, I was just about to look for clips.
Rhynerd: I did not expect an “on-time” stream.
mtvcdm: Wub wub wub
Evandill: Hello all!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TehAmelie: halo
Nameless_Sword: Hello!
noSmokeFire: hewwo oWo
Naarius: Kathleen, your shirt is great
Aarek: lrrMATT benginDab sergeJustRight lrrDARK
noSmokeFire: this is a town for ANTS
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Oh, looks like I tuned in in time! Yay!
PhorrestGaze: lrrIAN
Diabore: a bed you say? $1600 a month
accountmadeforants: I woke up for these towns made for us ants
Despoiler98: lrrAWESOME_TK
TheAinMAP: lrrIAN
rybackgaming: Offer not valid in the Forgotten Realms.
patbaer: go team!
Rytel: Best to let AIan handle it
noSmokeFire: secret panellllls
noSmokeFire: through the mountain
Rytel: Wait that just looked like Alan
Rytel: Doesn’t work
Rytel: Never mind
mtvcdm: !patreon
Kikazi: benginHi lrrHEART sergeHi
LRRbot: 2399 patrons for a total of $14,123.20 per month.
Despoiler98: lrrAWESOME_TK we did dis
patbaer: spoiler for chat: you'll hear about the panel Ben's on on Friday on twittter
Despoiler98: the Teeniest of towns
kusinohki: oh no I'm late!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Somebody gave me a sub. I'm helping right?
TheWarbo: You are *animal* builders, but you have to look hard to see that (or read the manual)
LoadingReadyRun: TheWarbo really? what animals?
kusinohki: oh, hey... I've played this!
Rytel: So many bits... love all the pieces
Nigouki: The Building demands sustenance!
volraths_bane: can a single resource count towards multiple buildings?
TheWarbo: LoadingReadyRun Various "forest animal" species, IIRC. Like if you zoom in on any of the cards, you'll see the townsfolk aren't human.
DigitalSeahorse: Cuphead cup lrrGOAT_SG ninten48Snifit lrrCIRCLE_SG
kusinohki: @volraths_bane not really. you have to remove the resources when you build the building
mtvcdm: All must be wheat
MousseFilledCat: Oh, Tiny Towns, I love this game! It appeals to my programmer heart
volraths_bane: ah, ok, thought part of it was placing resourses to be used in multiple configurations.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: This feels very much like a puzzle to me. I like it
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SoaringDragon42: Tetris in buildings. Fun!
MousseFilledCat: volraths_bane - that can be a useful strategy as you don't know what you will be picked
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG
Dovakey: well hello there
mtvcdm: So you really want to stay in as long as you can.
accountmadeforants: That's a good incentive.
kusinohki: you don't 'commit' to the building until you build it, so you can have a yellow and brown in such a way that it can be half a farm or 2/3 of a tavern(?) to give you flexibility
Nigouki: does each player get to name their town?
DigitalSeahorse: This game is a homestuck ref
gruulmagebeast: now i wanna see serge acting like the mayor of townsville
kusinohki: apologies, my example made no sense earlier...
TemporallyAwry: "The Whispering Forest" is a good one.
Rockario: Shallow veil
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
Kramburger: Ben go classic heel Jewlsburg
Karfsma778: I thought it was a U in nsburg
gruulmagebeast: theres a chungus amungus
BrokenGolem: RPGEmpty
Despoiler98: Lots of places to get Nuggies
Rockario: "Welcome to Fort Chungus. We've never been a fort, you Chungus"
TheWarbo: To restate slightly clearer, the name "Tiny Town" is because all of your residents (on the cards and the game box) are small forest animals.
silenceaux: I missed it, can you build the patterns in any rotation?
dmark312: yes
LathosTiran: @silenceaux yes
Rytel: Fort Chungus sounds canon to the Qwerpiverse
TheWarbo: yes, and reflectinons too
silenceaux: Rad, thanks.
kusinohki: any rotation, but you can't 'flip'
gruulmagebeast: when all you have are bricks your problems start to look like windows
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Earthenone: kathleen "equal distiribution" devere
Rytel: This was during Nsburg’s brief run with communism
kusinohki: hrm, me and warbo seem to be in disagreement...
MousseFilledCat: The monuments give different bonuses to buildings or resources, so building them will very much change the strategy
TheWarbo: kusinohki the rulebook isn't super clear, but the example of play shows a flipped building
gruulmagebeast: shouldnt only the brown blocks be made of wood?
kusinohki: @TheWarbo I may have to yell at the ppl who taught me then. :P
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DigitalSeahorse: theonl45SPANK A hammer
LoadingReadyRun: I believe flipping/mirroring has been confirmed to be fine
MousseFilledCat: I've always played with flipped being fine
gruulmagebeast: serge doesnt have the stones for this
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: "can't have a place made entirely of taverns" - someone who doesn't live near a university
Swamplor: Do any of the buildings do anything before end game?
TheWarbo: You also need food carts
DigitalSeahorse: pegaLul pegaHype pegaNo
kusinohki: apologies again. I was taught wrong. Have not read the rules for myself. I do remember struggling with making flipped shapes and told that doesn't work. Again, I'll yell at those who taught me. ;)
Drasvin: It doesn't say your town can't be entirely taverns. Just that isn't a good idea.
schacattack525: there is a mighty chungus amungus
MousseFilledCat: Swampler the factory can if they are playing with it
BlightningHelix: I'm not crazy, did Ben not place his glass?
TheWarbo: kusinohki the rules could be clearer, so don't yell too much :-D
BlightningHelix: Right?
plummeting_sloth: every house has a resource nook these days
kusinohki: @TheWarbo same person missed "top 15 cards" as part of setup in coma ward earlier in the day. I'm allowed to tease a bit. :P
Drasvin: Would you like wood?
DigitalSeahorse: sergePride sergePride sergePride DUBE brick
Earthenone: !findquote brick
LRRbot: Quote #3858: "Choke him with a brick!" —Adam [2017-01-14]
plummeting_sloth: Ben is building an ats disctrict
plummeting_sloth: goin gfor those bad tax breaks
gruulmagebeast: and chungus was his name-o
plummeting_sloth: er, mad tax breaks
noSmokeFire: I wood
Drasvin: !findquote theater
LRRbot: Quote #4207: "I wonder if the porno theater would recharge me..." —Beej [2017-05-15]
gruulmagebeast: alls well that ends well
Freezerassasin: it will be the most pretentious town
ContingentCat: !findquote wood
chesul: the more I think about it the more it seems like the factory should do the exact inverse of what they said. let you make the thing you put on it instead of something else.
TehAmelie: ah, the Parks & Rec build. seems strong in this meta
DigitalSeahorse: elfunkPopcorn
plummeting_sloth: I will build a town of nothing but wells. WE shall be hydrated in watertown
DigitalSeahorse: lrrKATHLEEN_SG
lord_bry0n: lrrSLOTH_SG
accountmadeforants: Not having played this game, I'm starting to supsect Kathleen's monument involves cottages.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEN_SG lrrKATHLEEN_SG vileolHi_SG
ContingentCat: lrrGOAT_SG
plummeting_sloth: I wonder if anyone has sent them Barenpark? It's like like this, but also with BEARS
plummeting_sloth: er, kinda like this
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGOAT_SG lrrSPOOP_SG lrrGARBO_SG pegaThink_SG katesBread_SG vileolHi_SG
Drasvin: I think they got Barenpark in one of the mail times
gruulmagebeast: youve trap card! a regular well
kusinohki: "let them east cake!"
plummeting_sloth: Oh right... new mailtime! I hope they got my postcard! I sent it form an island that was actively sinking
DarkMorford: I never know what my villagers want. They just keep wandering around going "Hmm..." all the time.
Rockario: Visit Histtoric Ft. Chungus
volraths_bane: I want to hear Derek live from The Deep Vale
gruulmagebeast: how do you feed houses
silverfur64: Watched the latest Mail Time on Youtube... I actually know what a Meijer is and cringed a little at Graham trying to pronounce it.
plummeting_sloth: Ft Chungus was one of the last Northwest Trading Company forts, when they were getting really sick of teh whole fort thing
kusinohki: there's a building called 'farms' that feed cottages
mtvcdm: Kathleen is doing *something* over there.
silenceaux: Oh wow, Serge's board is filling up...
LbxAni: well somehow an RV can magically travel from Nsburg to anywhere in the world, so I'm sure it's a matter of time before they find a new section of the Rum Tunnels with dimensional portals
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEEJ pegaDerp
mtvcdm: silverfur64, that's regional to me too, but I've never been in a Meijer myself so eh.
Drasvin: Wood for sheep?
gruulmagebeast: well well well
Dumori: LbxAni I feel the RV has some teleportation drive
agingsilver4848: Water go down the hole
TheMoatman: A big chunk of weed?
agingsilver4848: Tiny toons, i thought it said
gruulmagebeast: looks like ben is wheat thin on patience
DarkMorford: A chunk of weebs?
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Don't ever explain yourself to the chat.
FinalShowFilms: Oh, it's a board game version of that tiny bears or whatever game where you match three things to build stuff
LbxAni: @Dumori maybe, or the one of Richter's side gigs is taking the RV wherever they want to go Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style
mtvcdm: Kathleen enacts Phase 2
TheMoatman: If it *was* a big chunk of weed, Fort Chungus would have to be renamed Fort Wenty
DarkMorford: lrrWOW
Rockario: @FinalShowFilms Yeah yeah, Triple Town
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaToronto lrrGOAT_SG lrrSACK benginLucky get her wheed here vileolHeck
kumatsu: Nsburg is on Breatharianism, got it
kusinohki: what are cottages normally worth when they're fed?
agingsilver4848: Chitty chitty bang bang was made by james Bond ian fleming
Stoffern: Nsburg town motto: "Stay hungry"
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Tecnocrat: Cant Matt force everyone else to brick while he takes what he wants?
LbxAni: @agingsilver4848 he wrote the book the movie is based on yes
silenceaux: Ben: instantly calls glass, is completely unsure where to put it?
Sheikun07: Welcome to Scenic Nsberg: "We're so hungry"
agingsilver4848: !rules
wynternyghtynggale: oh no its table top minecraft with serge
mtvcdm: This was Lorna Schlitzwhistle's doing clearly
kumatsu: pcheeew
TemporallyAwry: Nsberg - the nations 2nd largest supplier of invisible-corn.
TheWarbo: Tecnocrat iirc the rules specifically say "not when it's your turn" but I'm only like 90% on that
gruulmagebeast: random villager pops out "PROTON CANNON"
TrueLimm: Paul, are you watching and Moderating Chat? I have a question for the cast
leopard_wolf: is there anywhere I could see the stream schedule?
silenceaux: My condolences, Ben.
LoadingReadyRun: I am watching, yes :)
Grevas13: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Tecnocrat: another player, yup.
leopard_wolf: thank you
chaostreader: Has Ben revealed his special building?
gruulmagebeast: no
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plummeting_sloth: Kathleen's triple town training for this
ContingentCat: kathleen surprise sergeOrder
TheWarbo: wait, which Cities: Skylines? The computer game, or the board game based on it. lrrBEEJ
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG
agingsilver4848: Play stellarias
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBooty_HF pegaBooty_HF pegaBooty_HF lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrKATHLEEN_SG
gawag_: theres a cities skylines board game?
agingsilver4848: Made by cty skylines
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agingsilver4848: Yes thers 2
wynternyghtynggale: benginButt benginButt
TrueLimm: My question is Magic (specifically Commander) related: If i was to send a fully Altered Foil commander deck in, would you play it on stream? (Hint: Kathleen, it's Mono-Black \;-?(p|P)
japolai: there is also tiny towns VR
gawag_: any good?
agingsilver4848: Ye
plummeting_sloth: she was a big Spryfox fan back in the day
gruulmagebeast: what kind of cube is this? i dont see anyone drafting
MilkInBag: did Serge get WEED?
ContingentCat: wheat
gawag_: nice
wynternyghtynggale: Judge! there is minecraft in my boardgame!
agingsilver4848: Wuzzles board game 🤘
TheWarbo: (in case people are unaware, i am not kidding about Cities: Skylines board game)
TheWarbo: which...kinda amazes me
gawag_: that looks strange
agingsilver4848: Gaweg life is
Akaiatana: @TheWarbo traffic simulator the board game??
agingsilver4848: Xd
gawag_: i'm trying to think about how that might translate and i cant figure it out
TheWarbo: Akaiatana Hah I have no idea how much of the board game is traffic
gawag_: @agingsilver4848 true
plummeting_sloth: a mess Ben. you ahve made a mess
lord_bry0n: i got a railway tycoon board game
lord_bry0n: its pretty sweet
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL there is also a mincraft boardgame (and yes, we are getting it)
mtvcdm: Ben made a pile of stuff.
agingsilver4848: Assassins creed
gawag_: mine o clock and afk crossing the streams incoming?
wynternyghtynggale: next up Animal crossing boardgamw
Grevas13: it's only minecraft if you can violate the Geneva Convention
agingsilver4848: Tom nook?
wynternyghtynggale: yup
agingsilver4848: H yea
gruulmagebeast: in the arms of an angel fly away
Drasvin: But can you Punch a Chunk on the minecraft boardgame?
agingsilver4848: ^
wynternyghtynggale: its monopoly but your all just indebted to tom nook and he always wins
TheWarbo: Can Minecraft the board game allow James to fall to his death and Serge to build sadness farms?
agingsilver4848: Forza board game
TehAmelie: i want the minecraft boardgame to just model one chunk
gruulmagebeast: ben dont be so negative about your score
plummeting_sloth: this is actually happening in the background of Root
Earthenone: this is Animal Crossing:Origins
korvys: Also. The entire Root game is a Forest tile in Catan
silenceaux: Root, but every time you place a tiny town it gets slower
plummeting_sloth: begin a subgame of tinytown
gruulmagebeast: the strongest of the devils lettuce
TehAmelie: and if you lose a subgame of Tiny Town, you have to play Sheherezad
gruulmagebeast: fort ironweed
Tiber727: My favorite idea was playing Eldritch Horror, and Every time you go to Arkham you play Arkham horror, and every time you go to the mansion you play Mansions of Madness.
TehAmelie: Shaharazad
TheWarbo: It's bigger than 0!
Mysticman89: Every time you build a tavarn you need to play red dragon inn
kusinohki: @korvys and catan is just one island in archapelego?
wynternyghtynggale: your score is more positive then you are right now ben
plummeting_sloth: man, also Triple Town got me through several 12 hour flights to Thailand so I've got a lot o flove in my heart for it
TheWarbo: How is Kathleen feeding these? Her monument?
gruulmagebeast: yep
plummeting_sloth: Damptopia
Alness49: Wells? Or the East Sump Acres Culvert Grid?
silenceaux: Interesting. Now Serge is master builder until his board is full.
Himyul: Serge now gets to play solitaire
plummeting_sloth: I think if you play again, you should wait and name your town only once you've actually run out of build space. See what it utrned into
theneatestburrito: Kathleen's monument gives points for unfed houses, yeah.
LbxAni: Saw a custom wooden Catan board at a holiday gift expo last weekend. Was so good :) with I had people to play it with
plummeting_sloth: ah, the monument to St Hungiboi
gruulmagebeast: what a monumental undertaking
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Ravynn: *sleepy yawns. Evening friends
Ravynn: What's happening here?
dmark312: Serge you cant place resources on your cottages when you are builder
plummeting_sloth: I think of it as rye
dmark312: "another player"
Fruan: Big cheats!
plummeting_sloth: well fix it next time
kusinohki: asterix! (inside joke for our group)
kansaiDop: welp that just happened
kalateth: advance to ultra cheatstep
gruulmagebeast: wow serge show some honor among builders
BlightningHelix: So what was Ben's monument?
gruulmagebeast: just a tiny boy living in a tiny town he took the midnight train going to fort chungus
Nyx_fire: the towns look so pretty
TehAmelie: hmm if Beej played this and claimed he was allowed a secret freemason bonus, could anyone dispute it?
kusinohki: no one built a church? heathens!
CaptainSpam: Honestly, this is bearing some resemblances to Quadropolis, though it's different in how you build.
theneatestburrito: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
silenceaux: Nsburg confirmed for Most Successful
gruulmagebeast: "close"
Raurrrrr: lrrDARK lrrDARK
Nigouki: game is TOO balanced, plz break it
TehAmelie: lrrWOW
headdeskdev: Kathleen should have 25 I think? 18+7+2 -2
Hylazu: reading the card explains the card
e_bloc: Corgo100 reading the card explains the Serge
Terradana: ive heard that reading the card explains the card
TehAmelie: *tap forehead* you can't misread the rules if you don't read them
TehAmelie: jamieCare
Alas_Babylon: Not in a line necessarily, but in a sequence of squares
Himyul: anything orthogonally connected
noSmokeFire: connected in sequence
Rockario: Contiguous, achain of adjacency?
Dumori: Contiguous means touching
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Himyul: you could have a squiggle
kusinohki: orthagonally connected houses
Himyul: yes, it is
silenceaux: Contiguous with that G
noSmokeFire: ^^squiggles are contiguous
Dovakey: sharing a common border; touching.
plummeting_sloth: as long as it's an unbroken chain
jameswanders: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 54:27.
lord_bry0n: the contgous states of amercia is a good exchample
Lord_Hosk: Contiguous would be connected. There are 48 contiguous states, because Alaska is connected via land mass but not touching
Alas_Babylon: @Lord_Hosk has a great example
Lord_Hosk: California and New York are Contiguous states
Lord_Hosk: they are connected by other states
theneatestburrito: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
plummeting_sloth: charity hates oddity
Stoffern: No odd alms
Stoffern: #teamorder
plummeting_sloth: heh, indeed yes. The Team Order building
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plummeting_sloth: St Caterina. Patron saint of nothing
kusinohki: visualized whirled peas?
Telnaior: Medusa the world for peace PogChamp
lord_bry0n: if the whole world is stoned, will there be peace?
BloodnBullets: world peace occurs when the world is barren stone and rock
Alness49: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!
TehAmelie: peace without justice something Dr King something
gruulmagebeast: whats the point of a millstone if no one has a library?
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TehAmelie: if i learned anything from Sim City 2000, libraries are the only buildings you can have that are only pure benefit. . .
kusinohki: isn't it when other people build something though?
lord_bry0n: there's that world again
lamina5432: is there only one type of cottage?
headdeskdev: You get as many turns as you want if you can fit stuff so free building doesn't actually mean that much (it is good, but its not actually that broken)
TehAmelie: also, libraries contain only one text and it's a horror story by Neil Gaiman
Dog_of_Myth: @TehAmelie What I learned from Sim City 2000, is that I would be a vengeful chaotic god. LUL
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ZusatzPlus: Woo!
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Nigouki: libraries are only benefits until you get to Future Tech, then it's just maintenance costs
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kusinohki: that might be the card I'm thinking of...
TehAmelie: huh
Alness49: This is some power creep
azureHaights: sergeScopeCreep
gruulmagebeast: sees house grow tall with fur and claws "look out its a were-house!!"
silenceaux: Is it a 'may' for placing it? Almshouse could be neat.
Mr_Dirty: lrrARROW_HF lrrDOTS lrrARROW
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plummeting_sloth: sky bath, the opposite of the sub-ocean
gruulmagebeast: does it have sky bath salts
DiscordianTokkan: sergeSqueak
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak
kusinohki: *squeak*
plummeting_sloth: birbs love monotony
DigitalSeahorse: sergeSqueak elfunkCat
chaostreader: You made this, I made this.
kusinohki: it's actually a pretty clever design. the more buildings you build, the less space you have to build more buildings. very elegant
gruulmagebeast: stone cold serge austin the canadian rattlesnake
plummeting_sloth: Ben has the hammer, only he may speak
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's at least a Normal Abbey.
kusinohki: there's a building that acts as a wild resource. forget what it's called...
TehAmelie: newsflash: the nonbinary title "joyfriend" for a significant other
Tiber727: Since towns are now named at the end, "A Farewell To Alms" is a good name.
plummeting_sloth: I feel like this is what a Masonic Cerimony is like
LoadingReadyRun: Tiber727 more like "Hello to Alms"
kusinohki: could ben choose 'not' to place the cottage and hope to place it later? risky sure, but could he?
chaostreader: @kusinohki I believe so.
korvys: Unalmed
gruulmagebeast: serge has the right tto bear alms
Dumori: LoadingReadyRun Tiber727 I guess it depends on if it's odd or even
noSmokeFire: @gruulmagebeast poor bear orphans :( need all the alms they can get
ContingentCat: Does the genie pay their taxes?
gruulmagebeast: is ben using a game genie?
plummeting_sloth: he has a CPA for that... a certified public auger
TehAmelie: poorhouses were eliminated in my country only when we started handing out money enough that people could live on their own. i wonder if this game has such a mechanic
LoadingReadyRun: Wherehouse? Therehouse!
NotCainNorAbel: [horse noises]
kusinohki: werewolf. there, castle.
gruulmagebeast: when the full moon emerges the were-house awakens
kusinohki: I assume when you 'swap' with the warehouse, you have to place the cube you swapped in?
kusinohki: catan-ages?
gruulmagebeast: lrrFRUMP
gruulmagebeast: nothing personell kid
kusinohki: I'm impersonally ruining your plan...
plummeting_sloth: please know my plan ruining is a result of random chance
TehAmelie: it's not just shelter for the poor, but also a tax shelter!
gruulmagebeast: serge is just the orzhov with all these alms
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hinhanska: lrrARROW I saw someone form LoadingReadyRunners on STO the other day. Who was it?
plummeting_sloth: yeah, this the one potential trouble with this game, it can lead to tunnel vision
TehAmelie: tunnel vision is the worst disease that can happen to a city planner
gruulmagebeast: look at all these brothers in alms
kusinohki: I get tunnel vision in just about every game
kusinohki: I come up with a plan. do the thing, and then totally forget to score the points or trigger the ability that was the whole point of the plan
plummeting_sloth: having personal boards rather than one big board can definitely reenforce that, I feel though
TehAmelie: heh, have you heard this Sim City dev talking about how they wanted to simulate realistic cities but the amount of parking lots made it boring
plummeting_sloth: "A Wish for Wood" is gonna be a very sad final book in the Game of Thrones series
kusinohki: @plummeting_sloth hrm, wonder how this game would work with a shared board... sounds very tricky though
TehAmelie: i'll assume the dragons have burned all the wood
kusinohki: *squeak*
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak
plummeting_sloth: @TehAmelie heh, yeah I saw some urban planners talking about aht, hoping it would lead to a young generation that hates parking minimum zoning
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TehAmelie: i hate Cities Skylines where you design your city around roads even though it's just realistic
Tiber727: This game strikes a great balance between being simple and being deep.
gruulmagebeast: gonna need some alm-ond milk to go with all these houses
Alness49: Does the cottage group need to touch the greenhouse?
plummeting_sloth: I do love a town so committee to social infrastructure that they built serval poorhouses before actually getting any citizens
Diabore: oh wow
ThyHef: limmyHeadshake Painful
TehAmelie: it's almost christmas, time to jazz up the nut milk again. shall we go with L'eggume this time?
TehAmelie: eggnog-nut-milk i mean
TehAmelie: almond based eggnog
chaostreader: Is it bad to make another millstone for Ben?
TehAmelie: i know words
plummeting_sloth: 0, a strictly better negative number
kusinohki: 0 is not -1?
Dezinkled: I just tried a coconut nog the other week and it was very nostalgic
TehAmelie: it sounds fun
LoadingReadyRun: Dezinkled NOGstalgic?
headdeskdev: The markets include themselves right?
plummeting_sloth: man, the warehouse is so interesting. The more useful, the more pain it causes you
Gobukiller: That pun made me nogtious
KeirenH: is there any way to reduce the number of things in the warehouse?
gruulmagebeast: triple abbey
Veraphage: 4Head
plummeting_sloth: off by one... and by one I mean glass
kusinohki: "don't think of a pink elephant serge"
ContingentCat: Classic Whiskers
noSmokeFire: that can't be the right way to use "forehead"
TheMoatman: No but it is a right way to use 4Head
TheMoatman: Maybe
plummeting_sloth: Serge can mill down all the alms those houses are giving out
LathosTiran: yeah, blue mill has really stagnated the meta
TheMoatman: The annoying thing about twitch emotes is that there's no way to escape the string so it doesn't print the emote. Does \4Head work?
plummeting_sloth: hey, you can mill down lots of things! You can flour anything if you believe
TheMoatman: Well that doesn't print the emote but it does print the backslash
TehAmelie: millers know all about the daily grind
LathosTiran: well the test is there if you select and copy a post. its the twitch chat viewer replacing it in realtime
LathosTiran: text*
TehAmelie: we built this city on rock and alms
Veraphage: Alms well that ends well Kappa
TehAmelie: well if we learned anything from Desert Bus it's that charity works
plummeting_sloth: what I like about this game is something I like about Puerto Rico. You only interact with other players by giving them things, so what you do is try to be the dickishly charitable as possible
TehAmelie: i wonder if you can play it like a potlatch
kusinohki: sounds like you've never suffered from someone calling captain to ship the coffee you want to trade...
plummeting_sloth: yes, but that's still giving you a point. They are "helping"
TehAmelie: kill your enemies with generosity
plummeting_sloth: "Oh, you didn't seem to use teh glass I gave you. Please, have some more glass, I think the issue is you didn't get enough the first time"
TehAmelie: i guess that's not exactly potlatch-y
TehAmelie: that's when you give better and better gifts until someone either is ruined or has to concede the moral victory, valuing material goods over ideology
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TehAmelie: how the Chinook people used to fight wars, i believe
TehAmelie: wait is it Minecraft already?
TehAmelie has pavlovian reaction to music
Sheikun07: Hello again!
TehAmelie: ahoy
TheAinMAP: katesAir
mtvcdm: Championship of the universe!
Banrael: Wait, who has marbles? Are they good marbles?
TehAmelie: are you ready to take it to the next level; Small Cities?
Banrael: I need to get some new ones, lost my old ones :(
plummeting_sloth: ooh, i like that
Banrael: Corgo100
plummeting_sloth: yes, quite literally wild
TehAmelie: random idea: extend the game by just using multiple copies, expanding each player's area
Vilun: but can you still chain them?
LoadingReadyRun: Vilun yes
TehAmelie: i bet that'd work about as well as my invention Double Chess
Vilun: cool, so 8 fountains side-by-side makes 16 points and covers only half the board?
ContingentCat: Narrator: Serge infact had the same plan
Rockario: I would be so tempted to play an entire game mirroring an opponent
plummeting_sloth: hey, at least he's not calling glass "bluey-s"
LoadingReadyRun: the nice part about the monuments is that it stops everyone from being exactly the same
noSmokeFire: "Picture Vitu-gazi"
slazer2au: lrrAWW
Fruan: Reading the Ben explains the Ben
LariatWest: OR, you just leave all the cubes there
ContingentCat: Reading the card explains the card
ozzybrat: reading the card explains the card lol
silenceaux: DM I don't do that
Dread_Pirate_Westley: So you cast Levitate?
Alas_Babylon: @noSmokeFire I sacrifice four lands and animate my only remaining land. Prostrats.
Juliamon: We can unbuild it. We have the technology.
LoadingReadyRun: reading the WHOLE card explains the card
LariatWest: You still got 10 spots to work with
slazer2au: we have a rule in my board game group which is Read the whole card first, then make your move.
slazer2au: So many mistakes before we made that rule.
Vilun: ah, the Ian Flemming statue
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
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MrQBear: So my stream crashed just at the BEST moment, what did Ben do?
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amative1: 75 months!? What the heck have I been doing with my life? lrrBEEJ
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Earthenone: ben dident do anything
Alas_Babylon: @MrQBear His special building gives him VP equal to the number of other buildings in his town when he builds it. His building was going to be his very first building...
slazer2au: MrQBear he didn't read his whole card.
Earthenone: he took it back
ContingentCat: fill this grainary with...grain
MrQBear: OH.
Alas_Babylon: So uh... one point!
ContingentCat: I feel like Serge is having a personal breakthrough
Alas_Babylon: But thankfully the players were cool people and let him unbuild into the base resources he had. So all's good.
oyleslyck: Serge " lrrGREED " Yager
plummeting_sloth: so, question is this Tripletown rules where the building has to go down where the last resource was placed?
silenceaux: cinder blocks...
BlightningHelix: I mean, gray bricks are a thing.
slazer2au: Do you not have turquoise bricks?
TehAmelie: ooh Cindertown is the name of my fictional city now
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Wed 08:00 PM PST (1:09 from now).
Alas_Babylon: Wow, stopwatch dot com is in fact not a stopwatch applet at all, just some weirdo upcoming social media thing
Alas_Babylon: I was bamboozled
gawag_: gross
plummeting_sloth: ah, you want stopwatch dot edu for that
TehAmelie: bah, such a what is the time dot com ripoff
Alas_Babylon: ah, thanks friend, but alas, it is too late
ContingentCat: only very slightly subtext, laying juuust below the text
LoadingReadyRun: plummeting_sloth nope, you can put the building on any of the resources used
plummeting_sloth: tx!
plummeting_sloth: hmm... I guess you would still wantt the trading post centrally located so it ends up in more lines
TehAmelie: how much wood
kusinohki: black granary - one of my favorite super heroes...
FinalShowFilms: Well it took less than 20 minutes for Ben resume dunking on his friends
ContingentCat: Granary where you store your Grans
plummeting_sloth: ah, thats where they store Grandmothers for the winter
Rockario: A Grainary, a library for grain
TehAmelie: what does a vegan zombie say?
TehAmelie: grraaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnns
kusinohki: GRAINS!
TehAmelie: we got there
silenceaux: Theoretically 3 of you can win
kusinohki: What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!
plummeting_sloth: plus, Serge you sould be comparing to Ben, not Kathleen for feast halls. I like that because you can theoretically have 3 bonuses for that
Legokman: Ah yes- I too tuned in late and don’t know what is happening-
Himyul: got it, 7
plummeting_sloth: get a dice for it
EscherichiaCole: 3
tergonis: -3 points for ben, got it
orimazer: ?
headdeskdev: It was 8 right?
orimazer: 6 i think
ContingentCat: 69
NotCainNorAbel: i got the nnumber 8
slazer2au: 6 points for Ben. Got it
Legokman: What are we remembering?
CamelAttack: 46 it is
MrQBear: 2.3
Alas_Babylon: No, it was 10
klace26: guys it was 9
Izhuark: Or you can write it on the sheet right now ?
Vilun: chat is not siri
IbunWest: Minus 50 points to House Ben
oyleslyck: 420 got it
NotCainNorAbel: sure is too bad he only got 12 points
theneatestburrito: Points? Best I can do it 3.50.
plummeting_sloth: surely there must be a die-6 somewhere in that room
erloas: so we know, Ben's points will be whatever number chat *never* says
noisyblizzard: i am sure it was at least 3
Naarius: We're consistently inconsistent
Sheikun07: Ben got pi points
Legokman: We have an infinite amount to choose from
Dog_of_Myth: Why not pi?
Veraphage: !advice
LRRbot: Heal yourself before you heal others.
klace26: good work guys
Naarius: !badadvice
LRRbot: Add "lust" to "hangry."
Alas_Babylon: consistently inconsistent but incredibly credible
MrQBear: Wait, an INFINITE amount of numbers to choose from? I thought it stopped at 10!
Alas_Babylon: @MrQBear ACKTCHUALLY 10 isn't a number :V
TehAmelie: are integers infinite or arbitrarily large? discuss (don't really)
slazer2au: Legokman we get infinity^2. 0 to infinity and negative infinity to 0
Dog_of_Myth: I chose i
Alas_Babylon: Integers ARE infinite but CAN BE arbitrarily large is my answer
MrQBear: @Alas_Babylon Oh. That's true. Now I don't know what I know.
Alas_Babylon: I don't know either.
Alas_Babylon: Other than that you are a cool person.
plummeting_sloth: oh man, Matts building would have combo'd great with teh Almshouse
MrQBear: Wh- Aw shcuks.
kumatsu: Yeah Serge gets confused, usually he Glasses his electronics instead of Bricking them
BlightningHelix: I mean, glassing your electronic *might* brick them.
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak
kumatsu: sergeSqueak
chesul: they both break bones.
slazer2au: chesul lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
markaci: elfunkPopcorn
plummeting_sloth: tiny town: A command Economy
ContingentCat: "But sir, people are starving can we please have wheat" "No, more brick"
slazer2au: It's OK Ben, you are on an amount of points.
gawag_: as an architect, yes
gawag_: thats me literally right now lol
ContingentCat: turning?
control_rig: It's the Snerge!
erloas: Snerge
NotCainNorAbel: Snerge
Sheikun07: Snerge is reterning
Dog_of_Myth: Snerge is loose
plummeting_sloth: how many levels of house are you on, my dude
damn_i_am_pretty: Serge and Snerge are two poles of a Alignment grid. I argue there are two more Serge-utations we have yet to name
BloodnBullets: nicole gets it!
MiniM7rk: My good friend Pete made this game! This is awesome to see you enjoying it.
TacitusVigil: That's strong words from Traitor Ben. Kappa
SnackPak_: The facade fell
BloodnBullets: Ive said it for years!
TacitusVigil: So is Snerge the natural ally of Weej?
ContingentCat: I mean Serge did spend months building a volcano as a fun way to dispose of extra villagers
oyleslyck: "Are we the baddies?"
Eklinaar: The Ferengi in the mirror universe were all super nice and good.
TacitusVigil: @Eklinaar Except for Nog.
Dog_of_Myth: So what were the Borg like in the Mirror universe?
plummeting_sloth: I hope my mirror twin is French. Like, this isn't a mirror universe where everyone is French, just for some reason I am French in that universe, which means the me in this universe must be anti-French
TacitusVigil: In one of the novels, pretty much the same except they had a Diamond instead of a Cube and they had a Borg King
BloodnBullets: Cam has been making ground on that traitor title, unwillingly.
silenceaux: Wowwwwww
Banrael: #TeamOrder
TacitusVigil: In the Mirror Universe, Picard goes by the name Luc. Yes, I know too much about this, why do you ask? :D
klace26: so you are british plummeting_sloth?
chaostreader: @plummeting_sloth Are you English?
klace26: great minds think alike
ZeroArcana: we're looking at a Serge of Chaos
chesul: I mean, really, Serge is the biggest asset to Team Chaos.
mtvcdm: Just about everyone on the crew has their moments of betrayal tbh. It's a matter of how often and how dramatic.
NotCainNorAbel: The chaos with Team Order is that in order to get all those order numbers they have to use chaos numbers.
AzureShok: @NotCainNorAbel The ends justify the means B-)
theneatestburrito: So the Sagrada Familia?
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GallowsCat: jeez, kathleen's dress is amazing
GallowsCat: those cat faces are so damn cute
mtvcdm: Ad now Ben can just run to daylight.
ContingentCat: Villiager: *Remembers his friend Dave who got flung into a volcano* uhh sure Mr.Serge
chaostreader: Serge could have made another well, right?
chaostreader: Nvm. Not for full value on that last building
Banrael: cheer100 Seems like a fun game. Need to run AFK (RoadQuest time with the wife), but thanks for streaming. :)
silenceaux: Nice
Sheikun07: Now, name your villages!
ghostvalv: #order
MrQBear: Beat Matt by 10 again. ' <'
mtvcdm: !wyrmwood
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TacitusVigil: When IanNet goes online...we're in trouble folks.
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DigitalSeahorse: lrrIAN
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrARROW katesThank
GirlPainting: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:26:16.
TacitusVigil: And that's how Ben ended up in Olympia
hinhanska: i want to be a Canadian...
mtvcdm: !roadquest
LRRbot: Ready for a road trip? ROAD QUEST episodes premiere Mondays at 4pm on Youtube! Latest Episode: Ep6
silenceaux: It's so good though...
MadWolf1290: SOON (tm) finally happened!
Juliamon: !rqmerch
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ContingentCat: Such a good episode!
DigitalSeahorse: sergePride sergePride sergePride pegaThink_SG vileolHeck
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Juliamon: hey shenhua
TacitusVigil: Shenmue III: Revenge of the Forklifts
SnackPak_: Fun
DigitalSeahorse: PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay PrideLionYay pegaBop ssandHUG
ghostvalv: wew
TacitusVigil: Beejlander!
SoldieroFortune: It could be a boat!
MadWolf1290: or even a Robo cube?
Naarius: Poor card reader
DigitalSeahorse: pegaThink_SG lrrALEX_SG lrrGRAHAM_SG lrrBEN_SG lrrADAM_SG lrrKATHLEEN_SG lrrSPOOP_SG
MadRemedy: Card reader smoking already
estyl10: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:30:06.
TacitusVigil: Ben's a ghost?! :O
DigitalSeahorse: Marcus!
ghostvalv: so many dice pepz
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG lrrBEN_SG
Dog_of_Myth: Serge with the retail flashbacks
mtvcdm: !schedule
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DigitalSeahorse: Wheeler's the spoop
BlightningHelix: Just need to work through that retail trauma.
TacitusVigil: Oh no, I missed W+P :(
Mysticman89: A good year
cheezweazl: !uptime
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DigitalSeahorse: voxlunRad lrrALEX_SG voxlunRad
Ubiki: honestly forgot about watch and play coming back
DigitalSeahorse: Remember when Alex's Drainers kickstarter made goal in only 2 hours? well it's still going for another 20 ish days! :P
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ghostvalv: lrrHORN_SG
xantos69: cheer50 More Bits!
DigitalSeahorse: W&P on the end did the kickstarter announcement for Drainers too
AdmiralMemo: !drainers
LRRbot: Alex's comic about sewer people, called Drainers (formerly Dregs), is having a physical edition printed! Reserve a copy at or read it for free at
DigitalSeahorse: oh that's the command!
DigitalSeahorse: :D
Juliamon: Both !dregs and !drainers work for it.
DigitalSeahorse: cool beans!
Juliamon: Plus a few other word combos, just in case.
Stoffern: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Wed 08:00 PM PST (25m from now).
Earthenone: !dregscomic
LRRbot: Alex's comic about sewer people, called Drainers (formerly Dregs), is having a physical edition printed! Reserve a copy at or read it for free at
Earthenone: :P
DigitalSeahorse: !dregs is RAD voxlunRad lrrALEX_SG elfunkCat
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Juliamon: ooooh baby the govt was nice to me this year and already deposited my December disability!
Juliamon: I can ACTUALLY shop BF sales now!!