ContingentCat: oh no
FITorion: Should totally start with space ships... then vehicles from the wreckage of the crashed space ships... then Infantry when all the vehicles are broken...
accountmadeforants: NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE
Foxmar320: Yeah I saw video of this.
Questhere: gamers dont look up
Psychic_Ketchup: Gamers don't look up after all
Foxmar320: Just a entire match of people falling to their deaths
Foxmar320: YEP
SmashTCG: oh no
SAiconjr: is it safe?
ContingentCat: oh, ok I thought they were camping those new places but this is "better"
SmashTCG: gamers DO look up
ArcOfTheConclave: just give 5s of super armor
Foxmar320: The kill feed in the video I saw was just ful of falling death icons
TXC2: "don't spawn me bro!"
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SmashTCG: Destiny just gives you an oversheild
BloodnBullets: bullets stick to your organs
Foxmar320: The Destiny overshield on spawn doesn't stop a super tho :(
accountmadeforants: Or you spawn as a massive explosion that wipes out all the landscape around you, Supreme Commander-style.
SmashTCG: @Foxmar320 to be fair, if you spawn into a Super, your going to die regargless
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josh___something: doesn't stop you from eating a nova bomb
Foxmar320: I got killed three times by the same Titan still in his super.
hawkfalcon8: lrrSPOOP_TK what have I done?
SmashTCG: was it in the specal newer mode?
Foxmar320: Striker is a fair super that does not need tuning at all Kappa
ExachixKitsune: Foxmar320 : wow that's super bad
Kerrisis: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (3m ago).
SmashTCG: @Foxmar320 now imagein the hammer lasting almost 40 seconds
NightValien28: sounds like normal matchmaking
darkalter2000: Stream controller drop.
delta__vee: ^^
Foxmar320: There was one big things :P
7gorobei: facebook bought beatsaber
SmashTCG: @Foxmar320 i love him
KeirenH: also, apparently high skill players have 5-10 minutes queues when there are hundreds of thousands of players, which don't even result in full lobbies
SmashTCG: him so lorge
ky0dar: they dropped support for Magic Duels, finally?
Foxmar320: SmashTCG such a big boi
PixelArtDragon: aeiou John Madden John Madden
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Duwani1: Woo ravens represent
erloas: so at only 96, they've left themselves a little room to work
ContingentCat: but is he faster than Waluigi running?
Foxmar320: Nice :D
Foxmar320: The garbage bin is overflowing
Juliamon: That's 2 out of like... 2000
ky0dar: thats a good sign
AmoriLinguae: so many garbage
NightValien28: a thousand games is nothing to the amount of trash steam has
TXC2: ky0dar is it? :P
drcanonball: Oh god! That sounds promising
ContingentCat: the garbige bin over filleth
SmashTCG: not Dredgeing the barrel yet
Foxmar320: Nice :D
Skajetolaf: These jackets look spiffy gentlemen!
ky0dar: i need to go.back and rewatch w+p
ExachixKitsune: yaaay foxmar
Foxmar320: Not even near the most months
AmoriLinguae: we W+P are legion
LordChrusher: cheer100
Foxmar320: 74+
SmashTCG: i remember back in the day, i really wanted to get a job at valve
SmashTCG: i still do
SmashTCG: but i dont know what i would do
Tikosh_: Paul, have you heard of the current Wyrmwood giveaway/special? Black Friday - Christmas?
TheMerricat: @SmashTCG the problem wiht Valve is keeping the job.
ShadeofHades: CorrectHorseBatteryStaple
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ky0dar: i look at valve rn like one of the fallen empires from stellaris
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kais58: I spent the first 3 weeks of my 69th sub thinking a witty thing to say, the 4th week was Desert Bus, oh well
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ContingentCat: CamelCaseSavesLives
Foxmar320: Nice
SmashTCG: the simic Golgari combo
TXC2: great name
SmashTCG: sharktocrab but he's a DTR
Psychic_Ketchup: The best one mana plains-swimmer
Orgmastron: Deathrite shark dododdododo
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (8m ago).
SmashTCG: @Orgmastron Gorgon shark dodododdoodo
TXC2: Orgmastron Gods damnit
ContingentCat: perfect timing, I have to go to work soon. katesThank lrrPAUL lrrGRAHAM lrrBEEEJ
MungoDude: fortyfourteen
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ConspicuousCompiler: I'm here for all of the beards and potential beards of LRR.
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adi_pie: Am Beej okay?
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raaabr: Wait, another Rab? @_@
Ivalenz_: NPR or ASMR?
Foxmar320: lol
Warm_Pleather_Dad: we asmr now
kenkopin: lrrBEEEJ feliciaASMR lrrGRAHAM
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Rabical?
TXC2: LRR: we do math here
Stoffern: "we do math here"
aerobeing: LUL
Foxmar320: oh yeah
SmashTCG: over the ..something
offbeatwitch: barnyard
PixelArtDragon: Yes!
ConspicuousCompiler: Male cows are called bulls. =)
ContingentCat: that would be Bulls
adi_pie: !addquote (Beej) [now] We do math here.
LRRbot: New quote #6590: "We do math here." —Beej [2019-11-28]
KV1NN4: No; Barnyard or something
PixelArtDragon: That was super weird
SAiconjr: a few years ago, "We do math here" would have had a different vowel there
DoodlestheGreat: That was a Disney movie, not Dreamworks.
hawkfalcon8: @Ivalenz_ yes
ExachixKitsune: "I don't like that I have knowledge"
djalternative: The Barnyard
TXC2: thank you for streaming Paul , Graham and Beej
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I can't hink of what the general term for cow/bulls BOVINE!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i think
Psychic_Ketchup: Famous youtuber James Turner
Juliamon: lrrAWW
Foxmar320: :(
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (11m ago).
ContingentCat: oh no parts issue
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Ivalenz_: lrrAWW lrrAWESOME
ExachixKitsune: sure
Arikell: As one does
flatluigi: hell yeah
TXC2: sounds like Ian
Pteraspidomorphi: That sounds kind of interesting
Earthenone: a tuning spork
accountmadeforants: Troubleshooting a theremin does sound exciting.
Warm_Pleather_Dad: but what about the samophlange?
ContingentCat: also "parts issue" sounds like a euphanism for a reason to go to your OBGYN
SAiconjr: a theramin is broken when it makes a tuned sound
BrokenGolem: that's going to be a good whiskey stream
kenkopin: You can only get a single pitch from it.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Ian, truly a Renaissance man
DoodlestheGreat: It sounds like George Clooney.
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NovaTiempo: Twitch, I resubbed yesterday. Why again? :p
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seth_erickson: Chaos draft
Psychic_Ketchup: Ooh I'm so excited
red_shoes_jeff: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: legs?
Earthenone: a Conventional Draft
kalku__: Clank Legacy for next Long Game!
AmoriLinguae: "troubleshoot the theremin" is a phrase I don't hear often enough
seth_erickson: With the Mystery Boosters
NekomimiNinja: :O
TXC2: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always eating cheeseburgers.
AlienNanobots: h y p e
SAiconjr: its going to be "Black Friday" where they all play mono black :)
AmoriLinguae: @LoadingReadyRun when is the next LIVE gonna be?
SmashTCG: well
SmashTCG: no
SmashTCG: the playtest cards are just that
kais58: scryfall has them all
Psychic_Ketchup: Oof, I wish you good pack crackening Paul
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2400 patrons for a total of $14,141.39 per month.
SmashTCG: they work entritly in the system of the game
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
flatluigi: goodbye
TXC2: !twitter
Foxmar320: Bye lol
Phailhammer: cya :)
TXC2: !ytmember
LRRbot: LRR now has Youtube memberships. Don't know what that is? Well, as the video explains, it's a brand new way to support LRR:
SmashTCG: I just want wisards to print wrath of sod
accountmadeforants: Hear no evil, see no evil, be Paul.\
SmashTCG: its so good
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
red_shoes_jeff: Knight!
ZeniteZero: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (14m ago).
SmashTCG: see you guys in a bit
SydPreviouslyHeadache: To Be Paul
AmoriLinguae: Paul doesn't need to cover his mouth to speak no evil
Ivalenz_: Live! is once a month, Dec. 21st.
SmashTCG: Startes 14 minuites ago?
PhoenixMelior: whew, being responsible is exhausting
SydPreviouslyHeadache: errr. i messed up,k i think it was Too Be Kind, not Good
LordZarano: 🙉🙈🙊
Ukon_vasara: a lot of it is just that they cant be done with their specific wording yeah, like they keep referencing specific cards. and theirs just no where near enough space to right those out on the cards
PhoenixMelior: !advice
LRRbot: Be ready to catch the thing.
seth_erickson: they're running a little late SmashTCG
SmashTCG: Thats fair
Vyous: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (15m ago).
Juliamon: I'm sitting here wondering why my face feels like I've been crying, and then I remembered #GamerSquirt happened
seth_erickson: what
Bobtheninjagoldfish: uuuh... what?
PhoenixMelior: #GamerSquirt
PhoenixMelior: actually, I wonder if that's a clip
Juliamon: It's GOTTA be a clip
Ukon_vasara: like, tibalt references 9 different cards, which is a lot to fit on 1 card Wowee
PhoenixMelior: Mangledpixel yeah you do
Juliamon: It's from today's Checkpoint
malc: ~lastsquirt
Juliamon: You absolutely want to
Mangledpixel: ah, I see
StationaryTarget: Beej made a slip of the tongue earlier
Ivalenz_: !calendar
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
SmashTCG: Live mic?
Mister_Hush: ready to squirt, gamers?
SmashTCG: im hearing BGM
korvys: Beej's slip of the tongue resulted in #GamerSquirt? lrrBEEJ
SmashTCG: or is that the client
Juliamon: If it was clipped it doesn't seem anyone linked it, the only clip LRRbot knows about is the erotic ear cleaning
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djalternative: (New Poem Hype!) I met a traveller from an antique land, who said...
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Mister_Hush: No audio coming through the stream for me @SmashTCG
malc: there is very quiet music
SmashTCG: must be me then
SmashTCG: NO Im hearing something
seth_erickson: I can kind of hear something must be the client
DiscordianTokkan: Suuuper quiet music
korvys: There's some kind of faint music, chimes, etc
PhoenixMelior: huh, I'm surprised no one clipped #GamerSquirt
PhoenixMelior: everyone must have been too busy laughing
SmashTCG: Arena client then
malc: phoenixmelior: good, then I'm not tempted to make ~lastsquirt link to it
PhoenixMelior: lmao
AmoriLinguae: @PhoenixMelior pretty much
Mister_Hush: this isn't a minecraft stream
Orgmastron: Ooooh fancy
DiscordianTokkan: Seethrough Board Game!
Juliamon: Nice greenscreened box
Nigouki: yay ghostly boardgame
Mangledpixel: ooOOOoOOoOoooh
seth_erickson: Will you be a builder or a biome
accountmadeforants: Oh hey, ArsTechnica said that game was surprisingly good
Juliamon: You're not actually loud
fuzzy_died: yes you are good
Mangledpixel: you sound fine
AmoriLinguae: yes, you sound fine
seth_erickson: sounds good to me
PhoenixMelior: you've been fine this whole time
TheOtherTrevor: Buy the Dragon Whelp
samubtdp1985: ur gud
Perivale: #BlameJames
seth_erickson: Any plans for Adam joining us today?
SmashTCG: aw man, Full James curse
SmashTCG: just run 1 fewer land
SmashTCG: im sure that will work
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Lord_Byron47: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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malc: my day has been full of Jameses. my account manager with a vendor is called James and he's started calling *me* James
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun this new poem is one recommended by Andrew.
Lord_Hosk: Hey James... Im thankful for you
Juliamon: korvys THANK
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for LRRMTG and James is riding solo... until he's not. We play things pretty loosey goosey around these parts. Let's MtG Shall we? 📷 ||
TheOtherTrevor: Are we going to buy the Dragon Whelp?
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witchdoctor369 planeswalks in
ChaoticObserver: New pet
DiscordianTokkan: Good ol' American Handegg on American Boxing Day Eve
seth_erickson: New pet for the client
TheOtherTrevor: New "pet"
witchdoctor369: Hello everyone
PhoenixMelior: thanks korvys
ChaoticObserver: Think its like 20,000 gold though
kalku__: Dragon pet!
PhoenixMelior: now people will know what I mean when I say #GamerSquirt
malc: it's a good clip bront
witchdoctor369: I have to wonder how far back the pauper will go for MTGA
Mal2mad: "cute"
Juliamon: More of a dragon-rat
Veste: ben disparaged the dragon
dsavillian: born of egg, belly button
dsavillian: pick one
kalku__: it's were the yolk sac was
Ukon_vasara: #Magic
Lord_Hosk: You have a belly button James
dbmh: dont ask qusetions
TheOtherTrevor: Its a card from Alpha
kalku__: it's a real thing
BloodnBullets: dragons arent mammals...
TheOtherTrevor: It had one in the original art
PhoenixMelior: okay that thing is so cute
accountmadeforants: It's based on proper old Magic art.
dbmh: why do you have to check
kalku__: egg born creatures can have belly button like things where the yolk sac was
Lord_Hosk: How do you know you weren't born in an egg, do you have memories of your birth?
AmoriLinguae: James is definitely a human
PhoenixMelior: daww, I wanna hug it
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun you were technically born from an egg if not IN one
frk_kristin: Maybe he is a simic dragon and he was breed in a tube?
dsavillian: you know. I take back all I said about this pet. If it's based on the alpha card art, I'm alllll ok with it
dbmh: he's not in an egg
Mal2mad: I could draft 4 times for that gold.
DiscordianTokkan: Baby Yoda wants fuit gummy, Dragon Whelp wants benginChaos
offbeatwitch: magic dragon discourse
Juliamon: So maybe it's a "Dragon-----welp, nevermind"
BloodnBullets: can the whelp change color?
Skajetolaf: Yeah the original art had the belly button, it's a one to one thing from the OG art
dbmh: fair point
Veste: maybe it's a parasite that eats fertilized eggs and supplants their contents
aerobeing: According to google "birds have yolk sac scars at hatching. This is where the chick embryo is attached to the yolk sac.", "scars usually heal and become virtually invisible".
PhoenixMelior: Desert Bus sure did happen
Invitare: I mean, it's a reptile with 6 wings. Biology has already given up
Lord_Hosk: Magic has BELLY BUTTONS to offer clearly
Invitare: *limbs
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun sounds like a perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree
frk_kristin: Yes! Historic Pauper is great
Diabore: historic pauper is basically mono ill gotten inheritance, cause there are so many lifegain cards at common
historyman_admu: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:12.
BloodnBullets: when its used for the LRR account it becomes an investment right? drawing in new viewers!
Ukon_vasara: mpieEsport mpieEsport2
djalternative: that looks like a bug
AmoriLinguae: is deckmaster on?
malc: all we have is duckmaster <quack>
j0xer: happy murican thxgiving fellow muricans
djalternative: !y
korvys: Oh right, we have Garruk in here somewhere
Mal2mad: Happy Turkey Day, you USAmericans.
Orgmastron: The bucket! PogChamp
djalternative: choose wall
The_Voices: reading the card explains the card?
Ukon_vasara: wall is not a color
Mal2mad: Deckmaster still broken?
djalternative: depends on who you ask
LaconicLad: I just now got the notification for Checkpoint.
SmashTCG: Come on man, stop draw land
Earthenone: deckmaster is probobly not even installed since new comp
korvys: Draw Garruk. It's just that easy
BloodnBullets: respond
Diabore: yes
ChaoticObserver: Yes
BloodnBullets: i would
j0xer: why?
j0xer: just go for lethal next turn
BloodnBullets: @LoadingReadyRun you missed the adventure again
Ukon_vasara: also if they chump the doublestriker it wasnt lethal regardless
Mal2mad: He did
frk_kristin: You did
korvys: Yes, you did
Akaiatana: James cast it
Arikell: You did
dbmh: yes you did
historyman_admu: you did
BloodnBullets: sorry i missed it
Ukon_vasara: james, dont listen to twitch chat naeMAD
Ukon_vasara: :p
frk_kristin: Stop giving James a heart attack. We need him
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun #Crapshot443
Mal2mad: Twitch Chat is always wrong, unless when they're right.
korvys: Well practiced at drawing land
SmashTCG: thats not how curses work james
djalternative: It's the gaslighting one
korvys: !card Sundering Stroke
LRRbot: Sundering Stroke [6R] | Sorcery | Sundering Stroke deals 7 damage divided as you choose among one, two, or three targets. If at least seven red mana was spent to cast this spell, instead Sundering Stroke deals 7 damage to each of those permanents and/or players.
djalternative: Tsundere Stroke
Mal2mad: He has Return to Nature, I bet.
TheOtherTrevor: I have never seen that card before
SmashTCG: the troll might be clutch here
SmashTCG: Yeees
SmashTCG: Sacrifice gooooats
kalku__: Dew It!
SmashTCG: you cannot get ye goat
SmashTCG: yes
Moroklumpen: That guy really gets your goat
SmashTCG: you have two turn lethal
Arikell: No reason not to
SmashTCG: remember if you connect next turn
SmashTCG: fling
kalku__: !card Fling
LRRbot: Fling [1R] | Instant | As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature. / Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to any target.
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerY wheelerT
bwk789: could have that +1/0 enchantement
samubtdp1985: no adam or g man?
Mal2mad: Yeet the troll!
Ukon_vasara: now they drop the non-human enchant and beat us with the goats jebroK
djalternative: yeet that meat!
SmashTCG: Barrage migth do it
SmashTCG: gaaame
historyman_admu: Time to YEET!
DarkMorford: Happy turkey day, everyone! (Or just happy Thursday, if you prefer.)
djalternative: YEET that MEAT!
Mal2mad: Coward!
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerT
TheBorzoi: To be fair, I'm pretty sure if you saw that flying towards you, you would nope out of there
ashmedai127: congrats on the rank up, friend
Mal2mad: Ding!
SmashTCG: I yeeted a MErit lage the other day
SmashTCG: IT was fun
BloodnBullets: lacking a swamp
DiscordianTokkan: James' pockets are now contain perfect vacuum
SmashTCG: rimrock
SmashTCG: buff
seth_erickson: almost as good as a swamp
Crunchy_Pants: attack
Crunchy_Pants: pump if they block
ChaoticObserver: Not enough land
SmashTCG: ooh your shhort mana
Mal2mad: attack first, decide later
ChaoticObserver: You need 3 for that
SmashTCG: play egg then
ChaoticObserver: Egg then
korvys: Egg, try to find a land
SmashTCG: I mean
korvys: A different land
historyman_admu: rewarded????
historyman_admu: ;p;
historyman_admu: lol
Mal2mad: It's a land, at least
SmashTCG: it works?
Skajetolaf: Really would have been great if it was a swamp though :p
SmashTCG: Drop the Lance?
SmashTCG: and quip?
angmorgames: alex stacey told me to tell you to just JUND 'EM!!!!!
historyman_admu: deathtouch though
SmashTCG: and yo have a rimrock for backup
BloodnBullets: !steelclaw lance
Mal2mad: Nope, Deaththouch!
DiscordianTokkan: !card Golden Egg
LRRbot: Golden Egg [2] | Artifact — Food | When Golden Egg enters the battlefield, draw a card. / {1}, {T}, Sacrifice Golden Egg: Add one mana of any color. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Golden Egg: You gain 3 life.
chaostreader: !card steelclaw lance
LRRbot: Steelclaw Lance [BR] | Artifact — Equipment | Equipped creature gets +2/+2. / Equip Knight {1} / Equip {3}
Skajetolaf: Knight him up?
Skajetolaf: Yeah
Skajetolaf: Ouch
SmashTCG: oof
TheBorzoi: lrrSPOOP_TK I think James may be dead.
SmashTCG: whats reaves power?
DiscordianTokkan: Egg -> Reave Belle?
SmashTCG: yeeeah
SmashTCG: and pump?
Tedziy: so, what's Historic entale?
darksorra: ok i will be back after the match
SmashTCG: he has the bridge so he can be MUCH faster
SmashTCG: oh no
historyman_admu: nah you wouldnt win a race with that bridge
SmashTCG: oger and adventure?
Earthenone: ogre and heal probobly?
Mal2mad: or lance
chaostreader: Lance and slam?
Arikell: Their plan seems familiar
chaostreader: OP seems to be stuck at 3 mana.
seth_erickson: I want to kill the foulmire but that's almost def wrong
SmashTCG: whats oger say?
Mal2mad: Swordmaster, then hold Barrage?
Mangledpixel: hold up barrage
SmashTCG: another
SmashTCG: dange
DiscordianTokkan: So many smittens!
dbmh: ouch
SmashTCG: must be nice to have al lthat black mana
chaostreader: Burn the bridge? Maybe?
historyman_admu: barrage the rimrock
historyman_admu: yeah
seth_erickson: I would burn rim rock
seth_erickson: then we lance and slam
SmashTCG: get the Lifesteal down
SmashTCG: the Sword him up next turn
Arikell: Not worth it when they have lifelink
SmashTCG: OH
Mal2mad: Yes
seth_erickson: let's go
SmashTCG: WOffies time
Mangledpixel: look who finally turned up :P
TheOtherTrevor: Game of Skill
aggravated_cat: time for wolves
frogomb: so happy that my favorite twitch channel is Canadian, because that means they're working today. TY for entertaining me after terrible family times
Alas_Babylon: Puppers incoming
Aximil: Couldn't you have double blocked there and gotten free lifesteal since he didn't have enough to kill both creatures?
SmashTCG: he cant attack
SmashTCG: you just win
Alas_Babylon: @Aximil Rimrock can't block
Aximil: The swordmaster
SmashTCG: Throw both wolves
historyman_admu: just chump
SmashTCG: so you can ulti and keep garruk
Mangledpixel: might be, honestly
kalku__: two wolves +2 garruk
Alas_Babylon: I'd do that, yeah
Marcanius: chump, triple block next turn?
SmashTCG: he might have a Trample spell?
MaelstronSolenor: chump, time is on your side?
TheOtherTrevor: chump with a wolf
Alas_Babylon: "You're not afraid of *dogs* are ya?"
SmashTCG: play the swamp just incase
Jondare: stay back
SmashTCG: wait for garruks Ulti
MaelstronSolenor: two pups for the message?
chaostreader: Equip Rimrock and attack?
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SmashTCG: its a game ender
Alas_Babylon: Garruk ultimating basically wins you the game
historyman_admu: you should've attacked with rimrock knight
wiggins: swing for lethal
Jondare: but should have put lance on rimrock and attacked first, then switched to lifelink
historyman_admu: it's not doing anything
historyman_admu: and equip is only 1 anyway
wiggins: alpha strike
SmashTCG: you can save garruk
wiggins: fire everything
SmashTCG: yeah
historyman_admu: let garruk only take 3
Alas_Babylon: Sounds fair
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myanrueller28: These blocks are rough
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Arikell: Seems good
Jondare: looks good
MaelstronSolenor: looks good
wiggins: blocks are for losers
historyman_admu: or that
ashmedai127: can't the why is the 1/1 being blocked but not the 2/2?
wiggins: good!
SmashTCG: now ulti garruk
wiggins: how you?
Alas_Babylon: Garruk is now in ult range
myanrueller28: Is this a Garruk Emblem?
historyman_admu: adventure
Jondare: Now just ult and attack with rimrock
BloodnBullets: @ashmedai127 it has deathtouch so its better to block on our terms
DiscordianTokkan: Smitten adventure first?
ashmedai127: @BloodnBullets thank you
TheOtherTrevor: equip to rimrock if attacking
Arikell: Garruk dies to menace if you ult
myanrueller28: The lifelink will help if you ult
1y1e: keep plussing IMO
historyman_admu: switch the lance first
SmashTCG: but you have +3+3
wildgrowth_watcher: opponents deck is insane
SmashTCG: and two lifelinkers
Mangledpixel: more doggos
AmbientCake: -3 destroy lost legion?
Akaiatana: 7 damage lifelinker would be nice
chaostreader: @1y1e It’s a 0 ability
Alas_Babylon: Can they come back from a 5/4 (or 7/6) lifelinker though?
TheOtherTrevor: More wolves
Pharmacistjudge: always ult
skillersupreme527393949: hi
Jondare: Nah it#s wolves or ult, i don't think -3 is ever correct here
historyman_admu: now we can ult
SmashTCG: now you win
TheBorzoi: Wolves now. Ult next turn
Alas_Babylon: Overrun
Jondare: Now we ult 100%
Alas_Babylon: We in there
kalku__: ULTIMATE
myanrueller28: This ult will feel nice
seth_erickson: why wait just ult we gain a billion life essentially
DiscordianTokkan: Choo choo!
Mangledpixel: smashy smashy
Alas_Babylon: You're gaining 12 health, I think we'd be fien :p
MaelstronSolenor: fair card =P
Aximil: "Math is for blockers!" looks like his opponent couldn't do math.
wiggins: yasss, alpha strike
Jondare: Fair and balanced limited card :P
DiscordianTokkan: Now your opponent can rejoin chat!
Arikell: yeah garruk really saved that game
Alas_Babylon: I'm running Abzan Wolves in Standard atm, Garruk is such a fun top-end with Tolsimir
frk_kristin: he didn't want to math either
Alas_Babylon: He's become one of my favorite cards in Standard
darksorra: Good match
darksorra: no i did that math
skillersupreme527393949: are soon new friday nights coming???
historyman_admu: @Alas_Babylon are you running Ajani also to easily plus garruk?
darksorra: yes
Alas_Babylon: @historyman_admu Greathearted?
historyman_admu: yeah
darksorra: first lost that run
Mal2mad: This is Draft
skillersupreme527393949: nice
Alas_Babylon: @historyman_admu ... I hadn't thought of that, but my 4s are already clogged with Wicked Wolf and Predators, dunno what I could cut to make room
v_nome: Friday Nights on Saturday? My whole life is a lie!
Arikell: looks, colour screwed?
Jondare: Doesn't ogre give menace?
chaostreader: @jondare Not to the ogre.
Jondare: Oh wait, thought it had menace itself
Mal2mad: Ogre needs to attack too
Alas_Babylon: @historyman_admu Gimme one sec to send you a list - assuming MTG links are fine in this chat?
Arikell: Is strange that ogre doesn't have menace
YamiGianor: yikes
TheOtherTrevor: ideally red for adamant
aggravated_cat: BAD DOG
Veste: big yikes my dude
Mal2mad: Crap
Jondare: Well that HONKS
DiscordianTokkan: So many puppies
Mal2mad: If he attacks, he dies
Veste: do the mountain dance
Mal2mad: Not anymore
BloodnBullets: dog.dec
Ferisar: opp playing wolf tribal
Alas_Babylon: @historyman_admu
historyman_admu: you can win
MaelstronSolenor: rush in and then to the dome?
1y1e: 7 to the face
Marcanius: Blocks one, 4 goes through, you win?
Aximil: All face then at least 4 will hit face
LackingSanity_: just attack and burn for 7
korvys: Don't you attack for 4, and 7 to the face?
Izhuark: or 7 to face ?
darkworldofdeath: 7 to face and rush in
Alas_Babylon: 7 to face
skillersupreme527393949: yup
darksorra: 7 face
Veste: i love math
skillersupreme527393949: or 7 face
1y1e: weeeeeeeeee
YamiGianor: 7-0, nice
Jondare: Sundering stroke is so darn busted
TheBorzoi: If you do all the damage to the opponent and attack with all, you win
historyman_admu: 7-0
historyman_admu: grats
TheBorzoi: He can only block one creature
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
ChaoticObserver: Boom
myanrueller28: Noice
Alas_Babylon: Well done, bud
ChaoticObserver: :lrrCHKN:
Valiant_Cookie: could he not sac food for life?
korvys: No mana
ChaoticObserver: lrrCHKN lrrCHKN lrrCHKN
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Josherm: Howdy dude. Keep up keeping up and get that digital bread lad! <3
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BloodnBullets: sadly now the deck is done
TheBorzoi: @Valiant_Cookie He has no mana
Marcanius: @Valiant_Cookie No mana
Valiant_Cookie: ah thanks you
thexor99: Was that a 7-0 I just tuned into? PogChamp
Mal2mad: Yep
Mangledpixel: Dragon, dragoff
Aximil: Deal 7 to go 7-0. The poetry.
SmashTCG: is Oko banned from packs?
DiscordianTokkan: I kinda want a card alter of Baby Yoda on Questing Beast
Jondare: with garruk, stroke and a bunch of aggressive knights, it BETTER be a 7-0
frk_kristin: buy historic cards
SmashTCG: but not the rats?
Alas_Babylon: But not Rat Colony
korvys: Is there a win condition for a Treasure Hunt deck?
SmashTCG: ????
Alas_Babylon: So get in your sweepers
Akaiatana: So did they fix eldraine draft mill?
frogomb: Sounds fun
korvys: Treasure Hunt is
LackingSanity_: yeah
v_nome: I've been running Izzet Blitz
Earthenone: 40 rats, no waiting
historyman_admu: elvish visionary is common
swaggytaco: you can just craft them w/ wildcards anyways
Vaereian: you can use common wildcards to get them
SmashTCG: Is Ajani's pridemate common?
Alas_Babylon: Tendrils of Corruption is Common
theclawmasheen: There's a few commons
damn_i_am_pretty: make a goblins deck?
YamiGianor: Kiln fiend red is a trip
Noxenluxe: Ajani's pridemate is uncommon.
seth_erickson: no Smash
LackingSanity_: visionary is a common
Mal2mad: 5?
SmashTCG: dang
wildgrowth_watcher: 40 rats 20 swamps
Lucidmooselid: Hey JAMS well done!!! When is the mstery draft you guys are doin?? RaccAttack RaccAttack
Izhuark: i think the 2 obvious build for pauper historic are soul sisters and elves.
historyman_admu: we can burn
frk_kristin: visionary is the main one
seth_erickson: mindstone also common
wildgrowth_watcher: OO you should build a kilnfiend spellslinger deck
SmashTCG: 40 rats 20 swamps? gross
ArcOfTheConclave: blue white cheons?
Lord_Hosk: 45 lightning bolt.dek
theclawmasheen: @wildgrowth_watcher Too many swamps. 2 swamps, 58 rats.
Lucidmooselid: oh cool glad i asked
myanrueller28: Soul SIsters?
satanistkesenkedis: mono red strong
damn_i_am_pretty: Goblins aggro?
darksorra: soul sisters/ white weeny
myanrueller28: Elves also seems gas
Alas_Babylon: Don't forget your Cosmotronic Waves
YamiGianor: get yer kiln fiends
BloodnBullets: up from mono red? theres nothing above it!
Izhuark: Elves seems more fun
Lucidmooselid: Elves
MaelstronSolenor: Hats only?
wildgrowth_watcher: mice @theclawmasheen
seth_erickson: black white lifedrain is probably a fine deck as well
Nuurgle: Seven Dwarves Fling
Aximil: I always see White/Black do well in these common only things on here.
historyman_admu: not enough elves for pauper
Lucidmooselid: hatts only lol
wildgrowth_watcher: Kilnfiend buildaroung @loadingreadyrun
frk_kristin: llanowar our old friends
cfpreston: 50 rats 5 swamps 5 snow covered swamps
Izhuark: or green blue for the card draw
NextLevelTabletop: A bonus to being entertained by Canadians... they go live on American Thanksgiving!
Izhuark: distant melody
TheBorzoi: Are there any plainswalkers which are common?
historyman_admu: merfolk is pretty tight
seth_erickson: no there arent
aggravated_cat: @TheBorzoi thank god no
theclawmasheen: There's a few articles that have decklists
DiscordianTokkan: Proper Pauper not Historic? :P
historyman_admu: there is a sweet mono blue tempo
Lucidmooselid: bun decklists we got the skilz
myanrueller28: Llanowar Elves, Elvish Visionary...
Izhuark: Ugh, not mono red...
wildgrowth_watcher: go for it
TheBorzoi: Just fill the deck with all the deathtouch creatures you can
damn_i_am_pretty: James you do you
wiggins: five color good stuff
Valiant_Cookie: mono-goodcards
Lucidmooselid: mono dethtouch lol
frankscx: WHERE IT'S AT. i've got 18 mountains and a dwarven mine
wiggins: I'm helping
theclawmasheen: Mono-gold
Izhuark: Five color good stuff is always an archetype x)
ArcOfTheConclave: 5-c green?
TheBorzoi: Go for a dumb theme like only 1 mana spells/creatures
historyman_admu: Mono Black with Tendrils seems sweet
LackingSanity_: is it tempo?
Izhuark: yeah mono black seems sweet
historyman_admu: Tendrils of Corruption is in historic
theclawmasheen: Tendrils is gas
Lucidmooselid: 10DRILLSyeah t
TheBorzoi: Night shifts get boring. I wish I could play Arena while on them
Invitare: needs more colours
ReverseCreations: how bout 24 copies of relentless rats.
Pharmacistjudge: why aren't you just importing the deck?
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Lord_Hosk: Its ill gotten
Aarek: Do it.
1y1e: don't forget witches cottages
TheBorzoi: @ReverseCreations That could get broken fast
historyman_admu: the account has full art swamps right?
Aarek: Its the warning that you are crafting cards not usable in standard
Alness49: New Deck (2) ?
wiggins: New deck 92)
1y1e: new deck (2) in the middle
Diabore: new deck 2
ArcOfTheConclave: new deck (2)
Vyous: it's New Deck (2)
HungryCavalier: The one with the juggler
seth_erickson: New Deck 2 with blade juggler as the art
wildgrowth_watcher: youre not in the historic section
BaronVonPoppinOff: lrrFINE_HF
TheBorzoi: New Deck (2)
wiggins: mono black New Deck (2)
seth_erickson: this hand looks good
historyman_admu: Mirror match
wildgrowth_watcher: bonk him
myrddinthewizard: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 56:20.
seth_erickson: I'd go swamp
Diabore: land
NarishmaReborn: greed pitch swamp
wildgrowth_watcher: the land
CyanMig: id pitch a swamp, but i am also bad at magic
TheBorzoi: You'll get more swamps
Vyous: Presuming it's a mirror, I would have dumped tendrils.
Vyous: nvm, not a mirror
historyman_admu: yeah kill it
seth_erickson: I think rat and kill the flyer
Izhuark: fungal the flyer is value.
myrddinthewizard: Just joined, but is the music strange for anyone else.
Izhuark: keep murder ?
NarishmaReborn: keep tendril i think
TheBorzoi: Music if fine for me
SoulEater50210: How's everyone doing?
ArcOfTheConclave: does your life matter in this matchup?
silenceaux: How does it feel, opponent.
Ukon_vasara: black cards i own . dec
swaggytaco: tendrils doesnt hit face
DiscordianTokkan: "I hope you liked drawing those cards!"
DiscordianTokkan: !card tendrils of corruption
LRRbot: Tendrils of Corruption [3B] | Instant | Tendrils of Corruption deals X damage to target creature and you gain X life, where X is the number of Swamps you control.
blastedman: How many drils? Ten-drils!
Jondare: oooooooooh it's tendrils of CORRUPTION. I thought it was Agony, so couldn't understand what the heck you were talking about :P
DiscordianTokkan: Can now tendrils for 5?
historyman_admu: return juggler
CommiePuddin: Hi, James!
DiscordianTokkan: If you got another one, I meant. :P
CommiePuddin: I am full of turkey and starches.
Pharmacistjudge: I am
Pharmacistjudge: Thanksgiving Lunch is a thing too James
Juliamon: You don't eat Thanksgiving dinner at normal dinnertime.
seth_erickson: I've also already eaten
Earthenone: look at oponents name, i think james if fighting himself
JDMan94: Thanksgiving is more a noon thing, for at least my family
j0xer: lots of people eat thanksgiving dinner at like 3pm
historyman_admu: sometimes my family starts at 4pm
Znazl: thanksgiving means early dinner
SoulEater50210: My family eats early.
ArcOfTheConclave: 3:00pm turkey for me
frk_kristin: I think a lot of people have lunch rather than dinner
Vyous: Thanksgiving dinner is often early (4) in the states, at least from my experience
Tiber727: 6:18 PM on east coast.
CommiePuddin: Thanksgiving dinner has always been more of a Thankgiving late lunch/early dinner.
Ukon_vasara: thanksgiving dinner is often had very early for w/e reason
muddboy87: 6:20 pm here
Jacobontherun1: Thanksgiving here is usually like 3pm
frogomb: lots of families east early afternoon
ChaoticObserver: Yeah, its usually about 3 PM in the family and no real lunch
Masslost: earlier time allows more time for naps
SoulEater50210: We ate around 2:30
NarishmaReborn: yeah my family does an earlier thanksgiving for more post eating hangouts and easier cleanup
SerGarretCameron: If you don't start with Pie for breakfast, I don't want to live your life.
iconicshadow89: we skipped lunch and ate at 4:30
silenceaux: I mean, false
wiggins: why would you eat lunch on thanksgiving
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Singenmeister: Midwesterner here: dinner today was at 3:30 because no one wants to do cleanup after 6:00
silenceaux: You eat earlier in Canada as well so that you can eat again more later
historyman_admu: actually it is a whole day affair for a filipino family living in the US
wiggins: gotta save room for dinner
SoulEater50210: Well a lot of people also try to get to the black friday sales that start at 5-6
Tiber727: Often on Thanksgiving, it's a 2 meal day, because it's a huge meal.
thexor99: I mean, Thanksgiving in Canada also isn't in November. And isn't followed by trampling people for discount televisions. :)
CommiePuddin: I mean, I was at work until about 3 p.m., then started cooking, and we ate around 5 p.m.
Zazimash: Yeah, we had dinner at 2:30 pm
swaggytaco: we always have thanksgiving at weird times b/c ppl have work
KinoGami: as someone who lives in canada, we usually have thanksgiving dinner by 4
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, I guess people just Eat near Sundown for thanksgiving, and right now that's around 4:00?
Ukon_vasara: supper
rogerivany: We always have turkey 3-3:30
Jacobontherun1: But what about second dinner?
j0xer: if you dont eat another meal?
ArcOfTheConclave: dinner=largest meal of the day
eric4678: hello LRR
Invitare: Roast Dinners in the UK are often late lunch time
seth_erickson: Not if you don't eat anything for the rest of the day
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: 4 Is definitely normal Thanksgiving time.
zazamost: We are having Thanksgiving dinner very late this year... at 5:45PM.
DiscordianTokkan: As a different Canadian we totally had Thanksgiving at, like, 6 or 7
wiggins: who are you people that are able to have a turkey cooked by any time before 5:30
Diabore: maybe you just like your family more @LoadingReadyRun
Zupami: 6:37?
wildgrowth_watcher: I do too
frogomb: here in the south we have another meal called supper
Tiber727: Why would you eat lunch just to have a giant meal late in the day?
Ukon_vasara: you get up early to make sure you have all the food cooking cause #anxiety then everything is done at like 3 so you might as well eat it then
frk_kristin: As a Norwegian we celebrate Christmas on the 24th So if americans wanna have dinner 3 hours early I cant fault them
CommiePuddin: My family has always been spread out, so an earlier dinner time means more of us can get together and then get back to our homes that evening to go back to work on Friday.
KinoGami: maybe your family is just more social before dinner? mine tends to be social after
wiggins: americans: tell me about your weirdest thanksgiving famlily food tradition
zazamost: You eat full and do the food coma thing, but become awake and happy to do nightly things after 7-8PM if you eat an early dinner ~2-3pm.
Vyous: @wiggins I make pizza for myself (from scratch) because my birthday often lands on thanksgiving, and I get to decide what thanksgiving dinner means.
KinoGami: not american, but matt, since my family is half chinese often we have rice instead of potatoes to eat with turkey/gravy
CommiePuddin: prosciutto wrapped cream cheese pickles?
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Ham wrapped ream cheese pickles are just so good.
Znazl: @wiggins Onion brunch bread: Cornbread with sauteed onions, dill and sour cream atop it covered in cheddar cheese
DiscordianTokkan: @CommiePuddin PARDON
SerGarretCameron: IGI sets up for the juggler later, and holds off on, well, their advancing life total.
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: *cream
historyman_admu: tendrils epicure
seth_erickson: tendrils seems correct on it
wiggins: mattlrHeck
Diabore: oh you ded
zazamost: @wiggins Not a really weird tradition but we remove the wishbone from the bird every year and tie it up to a big line of wishbones to represent each Thanksgiving we've had in our house. Currently this will be our 11th Thanksgiving dinner.
DiscordianTokkan: Is... is a cream cheese pickle a type of pickle in the states? Like a bread and butter up here?
seth_erickson: I think we want ill gotten out
SoulEater50210: Never heard of a cream cheese pickle
wiggins: @zazamost that's kinda cute
Diabore: botta murder that epicure
KinoGami: i thought there were saying it was a pickle wrapped with cream cheese in proscuito
Diabore: gotta
zazamost: @wiggins you're cute
KinoGami: which i think is actually pretty common as an appetizer?
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: No. Cream cheese with pickle wrapped in ham.
SoulEater50210: At the ren fair I went to earlier in the year they were selling strawberry flavored pickles
Earthenone: juggle for 2 mana removal?
Juliamon: Our tradition is to somehow fuck up cooking the turkey. This year it went in upside-down, neither of my parents noticed until they went to check the temp and the thermometer hit bone almost immediately.
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Its creamy and salty and so tasty.
seth_erickson: blade juggler hope to draw land for also murder
CommiePuddin: layer some prosciutto, spread cream cheese, wrap around a baby gherkin. Yummo.
Earthenone: gotta be greedy here i think
historyman_admu: hope for land with juggler
TheBorzoi: snowyHope
Diabore: juggler for land is the greed
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: ooh. I disagree with gherkin. It has to be dill for the extra salt.
frogomb: where is Adam to say juggler correctly?
baconfork: Hey James, who all's going to PAX Unplugged? It's so soon
Diabore: dead
historyman_admu: you ded
seth_erickson: we ded
NarishmaReborn: lost to turnip mayhem
historyman_admu: so excited for the mystery booster draft tom
wiggins: thank you for that undergrads reference james
Pharmacistjudge: Look forward to see all at PAX
KinoGami: thank you for the undergrads callback
frogomb: what? that's cool
Xed_Regulus: Undergrads was underrated
KinoGami: yea, they crowdfunded something
frogomb: truth, undergrads was underrated
KinoGami: a long time ago
Diabore: @Xed_Regulus agreed, but it did not age well
Lord_Hosk: Undergrads?
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cotillion1850: Hey James hope you are having a good day. Are you flying solo today?
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KinoGami: fun fact: in order to be shown in canada undergrads had to have at least one canadian voice actor. so our rocko is different than the one in the states
wiggins: you're not solo, I'm here
thekanadier: Hey James, mind if I post my cube list in Chat?
Pharmacistjudge: I was about to ask "which matt"
Pharmacistjudge: but then I saw Wiggins in chat
thekanadier: It's called "Oops all Bulk Rares" lol
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: oh, Prancy Pants.
mrMorphius: Delicious IGI
TheBorzoi: I don't think he's getting any creatures on the board
Catastrophil: @thekanadier Can you whisper it to me otherwise, that sounds fun
TheWooglie: is this a mirror?
historyman_admu: win!!
zazamost: James, what kind of cool, edible, tasty thing do you desire that I bring to you at PAX Unplugged
mrMorphius: Yes, but
korvys: That's quite the promise...
zazamost: That's not a very high bar though
aerohydra: Beej eats the whole thing?
TheBorzoi: What's it like having your convention-going as part of your job?
Pharmacistjudge: Reading Terminal next door to the Philly convention center has some really good food
Lord_Hosk: Like those crab things Jerry would eat on the PA stream?
Lord_Hosk: those are "technically" food
onanimasu: tendrils prob
KinoGami: is this format "best of" or is everyone just running mono black
seth_erickson: I'd lose the epicure
TheNahgg: epicure?
Earthenone: everyone is mono black
TheBorzoi: So far, we've only seen mono black
DarkMorford: I haven't been to a record store in a while, come to think of it. Most of what I've gotten lately I ordered online.
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frogomb: is anyone at LRR going to come to magic fest in West Palm in April?
seth_erickson: that's a lie we saw an orzhov deck
noSmokeFire: mono-monoblack
Earthenone: there was a black white lifegain
NarishmaReborn: we saw a w/b
Earthenone: which has the same plan...
j0xer: you can take the train to nyc (amtrak) which is like 90mins
swaggytaco: soul sister
zazamost: James are you a beer drinker? If yes, do you have a preferred style of beer you enjoy?
kalateth: not surprised mono black is popular in pauper. its got answers for most of the other decks
Pharmacistjudge: I'm shocked at Ben going to DC the week after PAX
NarishmaReborn: with double igi epicure yeah
wiggins: what's your favorite Gin, James
TheBorzoi: Epicure would have been better, IMO
zazamost: If I recall correctly Ben, Beej, and Heather aren't as beer hounds as much as like Ian or Graham too?
wiggins: have you had sheringham?
TheBorzoi: I know Ian brews his own beer.
kumatsu: I should bring a bottle of my local distillery's smoked gin next Seattle event for the office
zazamost: Good to know. Thanks James!
ShoggothHat: I'd say the likelihood of them having removal that can hit epicure at this point is pretty high, so getting a creature that just replaces itself isnt terrible.
wiggins: strong recommend
historyman_admu: murder time
historyman_admu: 4 damage each turn
imwaaaaytooinvested: sup my BOI
kumatsu: attack, pop IGI
thexor99: Don't we just have lethal popping an Inheritance?
myrddinthewizard: pop igi
Evochron13: just pop igi
historyman_admu: yeah attack and sac IGI
Ferisar: don't they die to IGI pop
Lord_Hosk: When taking anything to LRR at a convention remember also that while it is greatly appreciated, you are not the only one taking them something and they will either have to eat all of it, take it home or throw it away. So if its food, sample size/single serve if its a gift, small and one not "here is a blanket for each member of the crew"
Evochron13: um yes they do ferisar.
Evochron13: you drain 4, epicure trigger
Aarek: just sac an ill-gotten
Ferisar: IGI pop sounds like a soft drink now that i think about it
Azorode: lrrBEN
frankscx: @Lord_Hosk with only one blanket, how will the crew stay warm during the harsh victoria winter
historyman_admu: so many mirror matches
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Invitare: have you played against a deck that isn't Black yet? Is this Black only gametype?
Invitare: what you should do is build an anti-black deck
Earthenone: its black friday event, only black decks
Earthenone: Kappa
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: The lasst way you aid it was right
ItIsVey: Arena matchmaking loves mirror matches, especially outside ranked modes.
TheBorzoi: Would one option be to provide a sample at a convention then, if the crew agrees, send some more to the PO Box later?
noSmokeFire: what'd be the best deck to beat mono-black? Nullhide Ferox to start with, I guess
j0xer: black friday starts earlier and earlier every year
frage069: It is black Friday here in NZ
v_nome: Commons only
zazamost: Will LRR sell pins at their booth, and is the LRR booth located in "bandland"? I've never been to a PAX before, sorry
Ferisar: @Invitare there was a black/white deck earlier
MagicWarluck: It's been Black Friday for 39 minutes. Getting them christmas gifts. :D
SerGarretCameron: Every day is Friday, James. It's been Friday for over 300 years.
ruscobrog: It's "brandland"
havtorn_: Apparently we do black friday in europe as well now, this was news to me. I thought it was a thanksgiving thing
frage069: I'm not sure why it's been black Friday here. But it has been happening all week
chaostreader: Should not have discarded a land.
DarkMorford: Black Friday is all-encompassing.
TheBorzoi: @havtorn_ We do and it's dumb because we don't celebrate Thanksgiving
Lord_Hosk: Im suprised its not Brand land everywhere, since non-bands outnumber bands 2-1
DigitalSeahorse: Black hole Friday
Nuurgle: Arena likes to match you up against decks with similar W/L percentages, so when everyone netdecks they just end up in the mirror
DigitalSeahorse: sergeFall
noSmokeFire: trading life back and forth forever
TheBorzoi: So James only draws constant lands when Adam is here. Maybe it's not James that causes all the lands to appear lrrSPOOP_TK
Invitare: clearly the solution here it to put 4 Apostles of Purifying Light in this deck
Ukon_vasara: wheelerHub
Lord_Hosk: If you dont mind asking, do you have to pay for the space in band land or is that a friend of the convention perk?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: LUL
Ukon_vasara: we stormin off seabatTROG
noSmokeFire: I've demonstrated a loop!
Diabore: the threalot
Alas_Babylon: Getting memed on broski
BloodnBullets: hes stuck in a time loop!
noSmokeFire: didn't we win if we tendriled this turn and next turn?
Earthenone: tendrils is just a removal spell
Diabore: tendrils doesnt hit face
chaostreader: Tendrils doesn’t hit players.
noSmokeFire: oh
noSmokeFire: that makes a lot of sense
historyman_admu: that would be tendrils of agony
Ukon_vasara: corrupt does, which is why it cost more mana and isnt a common
kalateth: it would be drain life if it did
BloodnBullets: !card tendrils of corruption
LRRbot: Tendrils of Corruption [3B] | Instant | Tendrils of Corruption deals X damage to target creature and you gain X life, where X is the number of Swamps you control.
Diabore: it would just be 4 mana instant corruption
NarishmaReborn: need a good old fashioned corrupt
wiggins: your deck dies to removal games
wiggins: *James
Diabore: id vapors to surveil
zazamost: Well it's dinner time y'all. Have a good Thanksgiving for those who are celebrating it, otherwise have a great day! James may your top deck/land ratios be sweet for the rest of the night.
historyman_admu: surveil next turn?
BloodnBullets: he killed your big dumb idiot
Invitare: that card in their hand is another murder, calling it
Diabore: inb4 more removal
Invitare: it's not??
Invitare: ah close enough
Singenmeister: lrrFINE
azureHaights: *slams table, points decisively* IGI-ari!
wiggins: this game is going to end in a mill out
Diabore: why play a 1/1 into vapors?
historyman_admu: yes
historyman_admu: surveil
BloodnBullets: why didnt you vapors first?
Diabore: why not vapors and then rat?
Micsig: tendrills your own creatures at some point, oppo seems wise playing their own
frogomb: this play is a giving
Perivale: it was a power play
frogomb: me the vapors
noSmokeFire: casting vapors second lets us play the psychological game
Earthenone: do we scoop to mind rot here?
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Mizkio: Has it been a year already?
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Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: yes
Diabore: can op start drawing lands?
pupsnapgaming: probably
noSmokeFire: you'll feel dumb if they play a bloodlord
baskwalla: no wait to see if they play something else
wiggins: go for the mill win
Earthenone: if they dont kill it in response
Diabore: gain 18? ok
ItIsVey: bet they will fungal in response to tendrils
Diabore: play land, gain more life
noSmokeFire: cards in deck?
seismiclawns: kill creature gain 10 is fair and balanced magic
Diabore: this game is dumb
JDMan94: O O F
seismiclawns: oh nuts
Diabore: when will it end
Alas_Babylon: Oooh baby
JDMan94: thats so good
noSmokeFire: tie game!
frogomb: so grindy
chenhsi2: You're back to even!
BloodnBullets: ugh 2x igi each...
Jondare: this is such a grindfest, i love it
Catastrophil: Where the life-totals are made up and the creatures don't matter
Jepardil: So swingy right now
historyman_admu: OMG
warpzonius: And so James played Arena for the rest of his days.
Diabore: the triple!
historyman_admu: haha
frage069: 3 to 2
frage069: so close
historyman_admu: we deal 6
historyman_admu: if op can't deal with juggler
havtorn_: Ah, the rich variance of a fresh format
Technic_AL: what is this format?
historyman_admu: lol
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGARBO_SG lrrGARBO_SG lrrGARBO_SG
wiggins: this game is swingy af holy moly
chaostreader: This game is going to deck size. Which OP might win.
noSmokeFire: *why*
damn_i_am_pretty: oof
satanistkesenkedis: you are stuck forever
adi_pie: So this is how games that never end happen.
seismiclawns: wheelerHub
Catastrophil: @Technic_AL Mono-black take-forever
theclawmasheen: This is gross.
TheBorzoi: You jinxed it @historyman_admu
historyman_admu: haha yeah
TheWooglie: Technic_AL mono black Friday
wiggins: I told you to go for the mill :p
Earthenone: !card elixir of imortality
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
DigitalSeahorse: RPGGhosto kristikHonk
Technic_AL: good lord
noSmokeFire: betrayed by the juggler!
Lord_Hosk: Opponent does have a pretty big... Deck
frage069: That's pretty good
Diabore: @Technic_AL (if joking) a mistake (if not) historic pauper
seismiclawns: how many tendrills have you played?
azureHaights: !card elixir of immortality
LRRbot: Elixir of Immortality [1] | Artifact | {2}, {T}: You gain 5 life. Shuffle Elixir of Immortality and your graveyard into their owner's library.
mrMorphius: unarmeOkay
Singenmeister: lrrFINE
historyman_admu: epicure
TheBorzoi: Epicure
adi_pie: Yeah.
TheBorzoi: More damage
Diabore: well, i think they need to ban igi next pauper event
historyman_admu: welp
seismiclawns: OH NO
BloodnBullets: has OP played tendrils yet?
Diabore: many yes
Diabore: i dont if 4 though
historyman_admu: we have played most of ours too
Diabore: when does op start drawing lands?
noSmokeFire: if only you could give epicure lifelink
historyman_admu: we ded next turn
seismiclawns: oh you can't now i don't think
Perivale: tendrils i guess was your out?
TheWooglie: they just use IGI
historyman_admu: send a message
historyman_admu: sac both IGI
Diabore: so you dont die
disheldinwell: i am also playing this deck lol Quel Suprise!
Diabore: i think you go to 2?
historyman_admu: you go to 1
BloodnBullets: so your going to be that guy...
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun a bug has been discoverd, apprently Adventure creatures count as 2 permanents for Citys blessing
wiggins: can you dig it
Diabore: draft?
BloodnBullets: would have been nice to have less mirrors...
wiggins: cannnnn you DIG it
chaostreader: Ravnica draft?
havtorn_: Gruul em out
TheBorzoi: Make a dumb themed deck and play some single games
baskwalla: angel, yo
theclawmasheen: Mage?
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tastethebeams: YEEHAW
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sakuraleafeon: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
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noSmokeFire: HAWWWWYE
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Werewalrus99: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Ukon_vasara: wheelerY wheelerH wheelerMuldcb
TheBorzoi: snowyBattle Fight the raid!
Earthenone: definitly funnier if you draft igi
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
before_damage: wheelerGuts wheelerGuts wheelerGuts wheelerGuts wheelerGuts wheelerGuts wheelerGuts
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerT
DummerDion: impubeLD robinn1DUMB robinn1DUMM wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Earthenone: based on last hour
KinoGami: if matt made a recursion deck would it be called Matt Diggins? unarmeHmm
tidehollowcat: wheelerMuldce wheelerMuldce wheelerMuldce wheelerHub wheelerT wheelerE lrrHORN wheelerMuldcb wheelerTog wheelerMuldp
estyl10: yeehaw?
DigitalSeahorse: ssandRAINBOW ssandRAINBOW ssandRAINBOW ssandRAINBOW ssandRAINBOW ssandRAINBOW ssandRAINBOW
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: wheelerY wheelerT
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justamagicplayer: YEEHAW
NeoHazard22: wheelerLoop
nefola: wowie a raid
CommiePuddin: ICI never fails
justamagicplayer: it's never boring
historyman_admu: 1 drop?
before_damage: What night is long game on? I can’t find it on the schedule.
DigitalSeahorse: emotio8Love pegaPride yeehaw
chaostreader: Guildgate?
BloodnBullets: rakdos burn!
Earthenone: long game is on alternating thursdays
noSmokeFire: Blade BRand
thexor99: Bladebrand
Evochron13: blade brand
Diabore: bladebrand
kalateth: blade brand
historyman_admu: blade brand
hengsten: bladebrand
theclawmasheen: Brandland
noSmokeFire: braid bland
Alness49: It's on alternating weeks, but next week it's not on as Ben and others are away at Pax Unplugged
Izhuark: Font of agonies is clearly the pick Kappa
thomturtle: Oh dear. So tasty.
TheBorzoi: Does a creature need to be in play to be targetted or can it be targetted when it's on the stack?
Izhuark: Are the bots drafting for us ?
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Senate griffin?
ChuckSteaq: griffin
Izhuark: Griffin ?
Skajetolaf: @TheBorzoi on the stack it's not a creature yet, just a creature card. It needs to be in play to target.
BloodnBullets: @TheBorzoi if the target has to be a creature then it has to hit the board, otherwise its just a spell.
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: doggo.
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Izhuark: Watchdog is hella cool
Izhuark: late pegasus
TheBorzoi: Thanks
chaostreader: The shade?
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Fantastic.
tidehollowcat: Yes
Izhuark: 100% guildmage
whatthebus: pretty good
CyanMig: its dece
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: The guildmage is awin con and tapper.
Coogrr: lategame reach manasink seems good
BloodnBullets: @TheBorzoi though if the spell "counters target creature spell" then it has to be on the stack, once it hits the board its no longer a spell
ArcOfTheConclave: bones!
Lucien0451: Correct
noSmokeFire: it was your spoiler, yeah
Izhuark: Gutterbones seems a bit better for our curve ?
TheBorzoi: Maximum IGI
historyman_admu: IGI is god in limited
Izhuark: Orator ?
TheBorzoi: Tenth District Veteran allows you to untap an attacker
historyman_admu: oligarch for curve
Earthenone: 3 igis cant lose
ChuckSteaq: igi will wheel
TheBorzoi: I would IGI again
TheNahgg: oli
TheNahgg: we have 2 payments, might not want to dismember each time
frogomb: maximum IGI sound like something you see an internalist about
historyman_admu: senate griffin
Himyul: just run 41 LUL
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian is finishing up his Gunpla build and then taking a look at a Theramin. Which is a totally normal sentence.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (53m from now).
Diabore: whatever happened to one more?
wiggins: you'r gonna go 6-0 on this one
wiggins: just watch
noSmokeFire: you'll 6- 0 but the matches will last forever
wiggins: I have no idea how many rounds this draft is
wiggins: that was a shot in the dark
j0xer: do you guys know the next long game after betrayal?
Tiber727: Gloomhaven. You'll never need to decide what to play for The Long Game ever again. Kappa
j0xer: clank legacy has some good buzz about it
myrddinthewizard: Ahh good to see the curse is still strong
MilkInBag: we're just about to finish the gloomhaven expansion, and we started the base game a year and a half ago, what a game
Leedopo: RB gobbos? what is this, MH1 draft?
noSmokeFire: waow
MrBevers: lrrJAMES_TK
historyman_admu: OP def drafted cavalcade
Lord_Hosk: I wonder what it would be like to see a grand strategy game like Axis and Allies that normally takes like 6-12 hours to play out a single game played out over 3-5 weeks.
historyman_admu: axis and allies requires a table that cannot be moved if you wanna play it out
Izhuark: Wait 6-12 hours game ?
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MrBevers: no lands to all the lands
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So monopoly then?
Izhuark: That almost more than a role-playing session.
Izhuark: (a very big role playing session)
benjamin_wheeler: Feral Maaka, Feral Maaka Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Izhuark: i don't think we block here
Izhuark: we can wait a bit
Lord_Hosk: Monopoly isnt a 6-12 hour game, its a 2-3 hour game with the hour or two being really lame and drawn out
MrBevers: Oh Ben...
KinoGami: I guess this deck is just going to Maaka it out of the park
frankscx: time to Maaka the doughnuts
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: @Lord_Hosk So just feels like months then. :)
BloodnBullets: @benjamin_wheeler Domri Rade?
Perivale: wonder why the didn't get back gutterbones
Lord_Hosk: Monopoly is normally determined in an hour or so... then finishing it SUCKS
Keaton__Mask: monopoly only takes forever if you don't play by the rules
KinoGami: Monopoly: the game no one plays according to the rules
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Yeah..
Keaton__Mask: e.g. giving people money for free parking
Lord_Hosk: historyman_admu you can take down axis and allies you just have to note down what is where
Nuurgle: also not auctioning properties
frankscx: in soviet Russia, parking pays for you!
Izhuark: We can take 5 here
Izhuark: 6*
Perivale: take 6 seems fine?
chaostreader: Block sacc your guildmage?
Keaton__Mask: if you want a long one-sitting game, there's always Twilight Imperium lol
Lord_Hosk: Not auctioning properties is a big one Nuurgle
Izhuark: We are good, we will be able to guild mage
Izhuark: Hum...
MrBevers: ping for 2
MrBevers: then sac?
Zalbaag: I think we can take 3
Izhuark: I think we can be at 4 ?
Izhuark: IGI will bring us back to 5
bondeulv: time out instead
MrBevers: threats would be nice
Izhuark: Double block the trumpeter here is okay i think ?
Izhuark: oh nice
Lord_Hosk: land is cool
MrBevers: these lands though
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: trade trade pay 5?
narset6691: block gutterbones and groodon, then final payment to destroy the menace guy
Lord_Hosk: In the magic community they call this getting Turnered
MrBevers: ya
Izhuark: yeah seems good
Zalbaag: Sounds good
benjamin_wheeler: I like trade trade 5
bondeulv: ye
TheBorzoi: The guildmage could block one and then tap to kill another
Keaton__Mask: guildmage doesn't hit creatures TheBorzoi
TheBorzoi: Oh, it's to player, not creature
chaostreader: The damage is to players and planeswalkers
a00682005: go gettem ill gotten gains!
TheBorzoi: I misread it
Perivale: erm
Lord_Hosk: lol
Perivale: best topdeck
bondeulv: smooth
historyman_admu: that's ok
Izhuark: we're good for now
historyman_admu: if OP gets a kill spell
codypsizzle: weird ass game
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: yes
Izhuark: yup
Zalbaag: Yeah
historyman_admu: yes
emallson: yea, 2/3 blocks for days
Vyous: yes
ReynardWrecca: So Groody.
Micsig: oppo on 2 drop tribal
historyman_admu: play land
Lord_Hosk: Kill your vampire... SEND A MESSAGE you arent afraid of anything
MrBevers: lol Hosk
Izhuark: formation alpha strike ?
theclawmasheen: The groodlers!
myrddinthewizard: Groody Maka Tribal
benjamin_wheeler: I'd formation and attempt for lethal
Zalbaag: Swing in with the deathtouch
emallson: if they don't block, you can IGI for lethal
Fruan: Formation gives indestructable and vigilence, right?
Zalbaag: Gutter can't block
BloodnBullets: formation swing, maybe activate IGI after
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: I think I'd attack with spirit then formation.
bondeulv: yeah
benjamin_wheeler: ayy
MrBevers: wut?
JoystiqJunkie: hey all I have to cause some ptsd so soon after desert bus, but does anyone know the parody pokerap with all the weird Pokemon names?
Zalbaag: Oh, I thought it was like the other guys that come back
BloodnBullets: it has menace doesnt it?
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian is finishing up his Gunpla build and then taking a look at a Theramin. Which is a totally normal sentence.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (37m from now).
MrBevers: we got there!
MrBevers: GG!
TheBorzoi: That was an exciting one
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mrsarkhan: ooh look a button
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ReynardWrecca: A lot of Magic in that game of Magic.
bondeulv: ooh, Theremin!
mrsarkhan: And thank you for all of your amazing content. I'm loving Road Quest by the way.
ReynardWrecca: RoadQuest is effing unbelievable.
TheBorzoi: Do you think there will be a 2nd series?
MrBevers: Road Quest = benginHeart sergeHeart lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: Roadquest has caused me to buy a new hat for the first time in yeaaaars
korvys: RQ Australia!
ReynardWrecca: Next series UK!
bondeulv: Road Quest is really enjoyable to watch. Great job!
TheBorzoi: It must have been expensive to make
DiscordianTokkan: (because the [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] Hat was That Good)
BloodnBullets: @korvys no! we want them to survive!
korvys: Do the US Southwest, and combo with Desert Bus
myrddinthewizard: !card Teysa Karlov
LRRbot: Teysa Karlov [2WB] | Legendary Creature — Human Advisor [2/4] | If a creature dying causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time. / Creature tokens you control have vigilance and lifelink.
Izhuark: Road quest transiberia send a message
TheBorzoi: Oooh. Desert Bus Road Quest special
korvys: Yeah, fair
Perivale: Come to Ontario - do it out to the east
frogomb: actual desert bus drive for desert bus
midday_rendelnep: A bunch of foreigners with a bunch of Drones.... hmmm
ReynardWrecca: Yeah, but if you do it in MY country, it'll be...better? Somehow? I'll grab you all somewhere to sleep? And scones?
Perivale: then I can come bother you :p
KinoGami: they would need work visa's because they would be working
Micsig: need work visas maybe
TheBorzoi: What happened to the cars used in Road Quest? Do you still have them or were they sold on?
frogomb: Yukon trail bus
Nuurgle: that may be a spoiler for the final episode
DiscordianTokkan: Desert Bus North's equivalent could be driving parallel along the route Terry Fox took, only with avoiding highways whenever possible
j0xer: i assume they were driven off a cliff and that's why beej didn't come back
TheBorzoi: Looking forward to it!
bondeulv: I'm hoping we'll find out
Lord_Hosk: I would love to see the difference of opinions everyone has between "OMG this country is beautiful" you are doing on this season of Roadquest Vrs if you did the trans canada highway that is 97% cornfield
TheBorzoi: @j0xer That makes sense
frankscx: the cars were used to ram a borg cube during the battle of wolf-359
KinoGami: that's not fair hosk
KinoGami: a lot of that is canola fields too
KinoGami: Kappa
j0xer: RIP Beej 197X - 2019
DiscordianTokkan: @Lord_Hosk You get Potato and Mustar fields east of Quebec, at least..!
DiscordianTokkan: *Mustard
Diabore: dont worry about it
emallson: thats just a ditto
NSFMulhearn: Everything is fine.
iamkaiserbear: dont worry about it
KinoGami: a dopplebeej
bondeulv: 70s?
Ukon_vasara: "Need" is a strong word
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I'd call Cori Banana
Wolfstrike_NL: Beej dies every year, its okay
Bobtheninjagoldfish: That's the Beejdroid.. activated in the event of Beej passing on.
myrddinthewizard: lrrBEEJ lrrSPOOP
Nuurgle: New Year's Steve
TheBorzoi: Gets replaced with a Ditto every time he dies.
bondeulv: didn't know beej was that wise
myrddinthewizard: But that beej doesn't look like an Anime girl...
historyman_admu: lol
TheBorzoi: snowyOops
SydPreviouslyHeadache: couldn't they have just given that dude flying as an ability and saved the card?
MadAboutVideoGames: Its like when a gold fish dies so parents buy a new one and hope the kids dont notice. He was like the 5th Beej
FarmerBabe: yo wassup
puls3evo: lrrJAMES_SG
NSFMulhearn: yikes
DiscordianTokkan: Yowza
emallson: perfect timing on that draw
Perivale: well that's huge
MrBevers: all in
Fruan: You just kill them here, right?
adamwb: atttack all
Perivale: they're dead
historyman_admu: still lethal
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: They're just dean.
MrBevers: they take 7...
historyman_admu: yup
bondeulv: dob
Wolfstrike_NL: yea
ReynardWrecca: Ayup.
historyman_admu: we win
Xed_Regulus: It should
Izhuark: yup
MechaKuuga: if they don't have anything
Ukon_vasara: it looks like it
kenkopin: Math is for blockers
Izhuark: GG
FarmerBabe: gg
NSFMulhearn: I take back my yikes.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh that ability is 4 mana. sorry
puls3evo: lrrJAMES_SG lrrHORN lrrJAMES_SG
MrBevers: to be fair NSFMulhearn it was still a good yikes
ReynardWrecca: Half midnight here; goodnight James, goodnight everyone!
MrBevers: 8/11 unblockable is a real deal
korvys: Whatever you say, Mr. LRRMTG
bondeulv: gn
NSFMulhearn: We really need a 'yikes' option on Arena
Izhuark: @MrBevers don't forget the vigilance
SydPreviouslyHeadache: 1 time lucky?
MrBevers: that too!
historyman_admu: the curse
BloodnBullets: and thats what really hurts
DiscordianTokkan: James, is there an idea of when the Minecraft boardgame'll be played on AFK?
DiscordianTokkan: Niiiice
MrBevers: I thought the curse was that James always draws lands...
Izhuark: Your curse can't save you now turner x)
MrBevers: does it work both ways?
Leedopo: wait igi over thrull?
Izhuark: Well i stand corrected
MrBevers: act of treason
Diabore: act of treason
Izhuark: what consign into the pit in a rakdos aggro deck ?
historyman_admu: this giraffe is way more savage than we thought
Izhuark: IGI ?
Diabore: cant be blocked so igi is better
MrBevers: gotta go all in on the IGIs
Leedopo: vaaaaaamp. tempo good
BloodnBullets: they also appear to be "doing it"
Izhuark: panther guildmage ?
Izhuark: to keep black up
MrBevers: you can leave up death touch then
narset6691: cause u can activate panther
BloodnBullets: hold up deathtouch
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: so you can activate deathtouch
MrBevers: to kill the two 2/2s
adamwb: guildmage is better to trade with the 2/2
Skajetolaf: Double deathtouch all the way
Izhuark: nah it don't matter
Skajetolaf: Well they don't outrun a IGI
TheBorzoi: If that's the only damage he does each turn, you can ignore it
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AntianSiridean: you have about 7 turns to kill it
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myrddinthewizard: lrrIAN_SG COOL GAME!
Izhuark: #gamersquirt
MrBevers: that's a big chonker
BloodnBullets: so... payment sacking racetters?
myrddinthewizard: uh what...
TheBorzoi: It's a big chonker
Izhuark: swing with racketeer and payement ?
Micsig: he knows only grug
historyman_admu: we can payment sac the pegasus
Izhuark: oh
Izhuark: yeah didn't see the pegasus
MrBevers: good thing you didn't sac the 3/2
Izhuark: GG
historyman_admu: haha IGI
Izhuark: IGG
MrBevers: GG!
myrddinthewizard: GG!
myrddinthewizard: more....?
DiscordianTokkan: Gunplaaaaa
historyman_admu: !next
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erloas: the gun pun misfired
Legokman: Sounded like a part of the horse joke
DiscordianTokkan: Gunpläe, bröther
Skajetolaf: By no drawing a fourth land
swaggytaco: i would attack, let them double block and then blow them out
Izandai: Yes
Ukon_vasara: yes,
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Attack first.
warpzonius: Very greedy, however, do it
myrddinthewizard: lrrGREED
Ukon_vasara: but greed is nothing if not good
hirosan84: do it
historyman_admu: LOL
historyman_admu: we can race this
Izandai: Buckle up, folks.
Ukon_vasara: dueling dual IGIs
Izandai: Dualing IGIs
warpzonius: this has been an IGI stream
emallson: i cant wait for opp to assemble IGI tron
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arcticdnd: Hey! This is not burn. Can magic be... not burn? UNPOSSIBLE!
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Izhuark: we can't do anything about that right ?
myrddinthewizard: Spiderman pointing at spiderman.
NUTSOFODEN: Next on STTF Alex and Ian assample an Ill-Gotten Inheritence
historyman_admu: IGI
Izhuark: Yeah, i think that's better too
historyman_admu: you can attack with the fiend
NUTSOFODEN: the IGI stalemate
TheNahgg: why not attack there?
historyman_admu: doouble death trigger
Izhuark: IGI triggers everywhere !
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: fiend and vamp?
emallson: next turn lethal w/ karlov doubling fiend triggers?
historyman_admu: chump with fiend deal 2 damage to face
Rioxcon: let through double block next turn
TheNahgg: trading fiend is 4 damage here
TheBorzoi: As already mentioned, double death triggers
lamina5432: fiend
Izhuark: yeah chuming is the better option
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Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: yes
Izhuark: i think chumping with the fiend and attacking back is better imho
historyman_admu: i would just chump with fiend
TheNahgg: this doesn't seem great IMO
historyman_admu: cause vampire gives more damage to OP
Izhuark: We are in a good position anyway
Frypod1077: They would have need another land to play another spell there if you just chump
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Attack with vamp.
NUTSOFODEN: All we have to do is draw an Ill-Gotten Inheritence
baskwalla: don't you get double Il triggers?
TheNahgg: no
baskwalla: k
TheBorzoi: Only double death triggers
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: no, the sac is activated, not triggere.
NUTSOFODEN: lifelink isnt a death trigger, its an effect caused by damage
Izhuark: Fun game !
theclawmasheen: This feels familiar...
DiscordianTokkan: Ah, the curse
ItIsVey: Few more lands and you can 2x IGI for lethal :P
senshi5609: cant you just pop both IGIs
myrddinthewizard: COOL GAME!!!
KinoGami: then they pop theirs
historyman_admu: COOL GAME
DiscordianTokkan: Mirror IGI and Mirror curse new meta
baskwalla: now win
baskwalla: oh
baskwalla: okay
TheNahgg: pretend this is Russia vs USA, it's a stalemate, board doesn't matter
narset6691: dont sac teysa
Izandai: Don't sac
Izhuark: I think we sacrifice teysa.
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: I don't think so.
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TheNahgg: just need good top keks
Izandai: 3/3 wins on this board.
emallson: scavenger swings through vampire w/o sac
narset6691: a 3/3 is enough here
Micsig: both can swing
NUTSOFODEN: you can kill the vamp with the ogre
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: It kills the vamp by itself.
Izhuark: We need the scry 2
Izhuark: oh yeah
Cake_crusade: we need the scry
NUTSOFODEN: all about those deeps
Frypod1077: Scry unnecessary already have the better board chat
Chandra_the_Mind_Sculptor: Yes.
Izandai: Yes.
ClassicalHippo: lol
erloas: sure has been a lot of damage happening every turn for life totals to not change
Veste: That's James!
DiscordianTokkan: Gettin closer to that Double IGI use at least?
Ukon_vasara: double IGI pop gonna happen
MidgardSerpent: scry 2 would have been okay there in hindsight. =)
NUTSOFODEN: Ah yes, James, the Premier Lands Pilot
Technic_AL: Deck pls
Frypod1077: 1 more land and double activation can happen
senshi5609: only 6 more lands in the deck
NUTSOFODEN: guess we know the top six then @senshi5609
marty0214: I think you win?
NUTSOFODEN: if we sac IGI so do they and it does nothing
chaostreader: @marty0214 They can activate theirs in response.
marty0214: ah
noSmokeFire: they're conceding
DiscordianTokkan: Ah, the Burn Burn concede
historyman_admu: thanks for the games, james! :)
marty0214: Thanks James!
Technic_AL: Gracias James
justamagicplayer: bye james! thank you!
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream James!
TheBorzoi: James would suck in a shop - "I ordered 2 of these" "Well, you only got 1. Deal with it"
historyman_admu: lrrJAMES_SG
Nigouki: Thursgiving?
asthanius: My best guess is that Ian will be making a turkey from scratch tonight on TTSF.
j0xer: paul got to do the best part and he doesn't even play magic on stream!
Izhuark: Like a chaos draft
marty0214: wow!
Phosphatide: paul the true hero
noSmokeFire: cards confirmed habanero flavored
historyman_admu: it's a curated chaos draft
Ivalenz_: !calendar
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Izhuark: The job paul made on that page is really cool !
TheBorzoi: I think the Events page got removed because LRR was the only channel on the platform using it
Izhuark: x)
Izhuark: bye bye !
malc: lrrJAM
NUTSOFODEN: whats in the jam?
asthanius: James "More Jam" Turner
midday_rendelnep: JAM IT IN THERE
Ukon_vasara: diemJammed
GenericHerooo: =)
malc: !badadvice
LRRbot: Kick the 'Reader!
Zu_o: ASH JAM!
DiscordianTokkan: Cranberry Jam! Seasonal
korvys: Do Jam Doughnuts count?
whatthebus: wham bam, thank you jam
GenericHerooo: xD
GenericHerooo: Hahaha
JohnLockeCole: !next
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RAICx: jamieJamjar jamieJamjar jamieJamjar JAM
SAJewers: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian is finishing up his Gunpla build and then taking a look at a Theramin. Which is a totally normal sentence.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (24s from now).
chaostreader: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian is finishing up his Gunpla build and then taking a look at a Theramin. Which is a totally normal sentence.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (4m ago).
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Rockario: TTSF coming up, yeah?
DarkMorford: SOON™