Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrIAN lrrSIGNAL
NightValien28: more shenaningans
SnivianMoon: I need help with something. . . Do you know where the Shenmue 3 stream is? . . . I hear it's a place that Ians hang out. . . LoadingReadyRun? . . . I see . . .
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Join Ian as he opens gatchapon after gatchapon of tennis rackets in rural China. We're LIVE with Shenmue III on Play it Forward. 📷 ||
ElementalAlchemist: Hello friends
ElementalAlchemist: I hear this is where sailors hang out
ElementalAlchemist: Do you know where I can find some sailors?
SnivianMoon: Sailors are so last season. It's all about stonemasons now!
OmnipotentTrevor: I haven't even caught up on the last one yet.
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo friends
ElementalAlchemist: Hi!
ElementalAlchemist: Hey Ian!
SnivianMoon: Hello Ian!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Hellooooo
InquisitorGaia: itsaIan
justwhatever_idk: Wow I never knew Ian's full name was Sean Mue the Third
justwhatever_idk: Hi everyone
Sarah_Serinde: Nooooo
ElementalAlchemist: Face Off®: The game where you remove your face.™
Earthenone: paper
mowdownjoe: ian pls... pls...
Sarah_Serinde: That's disturbingly good, Ian :D
Unpronounceable: I think I missed something in the past two streams
pearofsalamanca: why would you...why would you not play this with a controller
ElementalAlchemist: Are we going to meet that farmer in this game?
Earthenone: @Unpronounceable it is rock paper scissors . but turn based....
justwhatever_idk: lrrIAN_SG
pearofsalamanca: i admit that the environments are pretty
pearofsalamanca: in this
ElementalAlchemist: Right, we're meeting the elderly
SnivianMoon: The world is lovingly crafted, for certain.
Earthenone: river face man?
SnivianMoon: Time to chop!
ElementalAlchemist: Oh, pearofsalamanca is here again. Hi :)
justwhatever_idk: Now We're Talkin'
ElementalAlchemist: Yeah, the appeal of this sort of game is to sort of look around
e_bloc: Corgo215 oh yeah split some wood
ElementalAlchemist: They definitely put a lot into the aesthetics
ElementalAlchemist: and the ... just how the village is
Earthenone: all we need is one good chop to get the streak music
drcanonball: Um... Does he ever blink?
ElementalAlchemist: Ryo the cat
pearofsalamanca: the way that people generally play this game is that they ask the same question to everyone though
justwhatever_idk: @drcanonball Too Focused on the W o o d
ElementalAlchemist: lrrHORN
SnivianMoon: Part of Shenmue's charm is that you basically have to figure out a lot on your own. No waypoints, no glowing trails. 1987 style askin' for directions. Of course, that comes with good things and bad things.
pearofsalamanca: i generally think the bad outweighs the good personally
Earthenone: Yeh
SnivianMoon: Could always sell some herb sets, too.
Earthenone: thats a lot of wood
pearofsalamanca: tfw he's not referring to weed
Earthenone: was a 150 there too right?
Earthenone: on page 2
SnivianMoon: Cinnamon is somewhat more difficult to find, I think. But jujube should be readily around.
pearofsalamanca: this is super arcadey in its setup and gameplay
pearofsalamanca: it's like one of those block placing games
SnivianMoon: Yeah. This music even feels Sega Arcade-y.
justwhatever_idk: This music is just the sound of chopping wood
Stoffern: Is 106 a new record?
Earthenone: i want to say it is?
Earthenone: highest i have noticed is 101?
Unpronounceable: *Toad Voice* New Record!
pearofsalamanca: @LoadingReadyRun i wish the herbs were marijuana, then this'd be interesting
justwhatever_idk: Shuoulda made 1987 the new Weed Year in China
unfamiliarpatterns: does that mean gta5 players cant hit the in game bong while streaming?
Earthenone: is gta5 in china?
v_nome: Sleeping Dogs was so good
Roosevelt: yes more Sleeping Dogs plox
pearofsalamanca: grezzo due is one of the banned games right
pearofsalamanca: i've played grezzo due, it's wonderful
pearofsalamanca: here it is
CloudyMrK: spin to win
justwhatever_idk: golf clap
Unpronounceable: Has Ian tried to fight a monk yet?
RobotInProgress: Only using the spiral leg... hmm... very reminiscent of the Beyblade Technique
Unpronounceable: Cool. I was wondering if, as you got better, they'd give you a different sparring partner
SnivianMoon: Just curious: How are you feeling about the combat system in 3 as compared to the previous games, Ian? It feels weird to me without the evade and throw buttons to me, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing.
justwhatever_idk: When All you Have is Spiral Leg, everything looks like a Nail
pearofsalamanca: he said it was garbage yesterday
RobotInProgress: sometimes all you need is to get a leg up on your opponent ;)
pearofsalamanca: that was a more blunt assessment
SnivianMoon: That's totally fair! It always did feel like the combat was secondary, I'll admit.
ElementalAlchemist: hey
ElementalAlchemist: Visual Novels are perfectly fine games in their own right
pearofsalamanca: so wait, wait, wait, shenmue was a walking simulator before walking simulators were a genre
pearofsalamanca: is that what you're telling me, Ian?
OmnipotentTrevor: From what I've heard, the biggest problem with the combat in the first Shenmue was that the game made you do it sparingly, so you never got the chance to really practice it.
justwhatever_idk: That text box is what people should say when you graduate from college
SnivianMoon: I'd say that's a fair assessment @OmnipotentTrevor.
pearofsalamanca: mr. shakedown in yakuza 0 is a nightmare
pearofsalamanca: in terms of mechanics
SnivianMoon: Oh, didn't we open up the path to the fishing store last time?
RobotInProgress: only if we can compete to be the King Fisher
ElementalAlchemist: #zoom
pearofsalamanca: i would prefer the fisher king, as portrayed by robin williams
Dog_of_Myth: Hola Ian and chat
justwhatever_idk: Bird Simulators are an underutilized concept
aWabbajack: mrweebShroom mrweebShroom mrweebShroom
Earthenone: flower there... 10 secs ago?
pearofsalamanca: i want a hobby farm simulator
pearofsalamanca: like, specifically simulating the experience of maintaining a hobby farm
RobotInProgress: Ground citrus, mostly earthy in texture, but with some kind of tang
SnivianMoon: On the topic of bird simulators, I am excited for SkateBird - The simulator about birds that skate.
NightValien28: stardew valley is kinda like that
pearofsalamanca: @NightValien28 i mean, yeah, but in 3d
pearofsalamanca: would be nice
ElementalAlchemist: Yeah, if you focus on the farming aspect of Stardew Valley that gets a good way there
NightValien28: pearofsalamanca oh yeah in 3d I have not seen any like that
Earthenone: there were some 3d harvest moons, though stardew was based on the 2d ones
pearofsalamanca: ok, here's a better idea, a 3d farm simulator that takes place in like the 18th century before agricultural machinery
SnivianMoon: Oh gosh, quite agreed. The music is kind of just... doing its own thing the whole time, it feels like.
OmnipotentTrevor: Are you in the void between the soundtrack?
justwhatever_idk: Peasant's Sim!
pearofsalamanca: this is rural china: the theme park
pearofsalamanca: brain's exploding from this truth bomb
Earthenone: this was a kickstarted game right? kinda doubt they had imagineer money
Earthenone: specificly Yeh
aWabbajack: I want to go to a venue that has a room that has metal playing and a seamless transition to classical music in another hall.
RobotInProgress: Eternal Bridge!
Earthenone: Elder Yeh was the old person we are meant to speak to
pearofsalamanca: we have always been at war with eastasia
pearofsalamanca: basically
SnivianMoon: Notably, at the time of release, I believe the original Shenmue had the highest budget of any game to date.
RobotInProgress: smash smash smush smush
OmnipotentTrevor: Is she humming along to the bgm
justwhatever_idk: lmao
Jorge4hg: Hi ian Hi chat!
pearofsalamanca: THRILLING STUFF
pearofsalamanca: EH
pearofsalamanca: jesus
aWabbajack: I see
justwhatever_idk: hellote jorge
Earthenone: knowing this game we might need to talk to more old people to get an "in" with elder Yeh to have a better conversation
Laurence72: So, herbs are the new gathchapon?
Earthenone: at least she is aware that she cannot detect Shenweis pressnce now
MostCallMe__Tim: that was an odd laugh
aWabbajack: what do you see?!
pearofsalamanca: this is basically the true shenmue experience right
MostCallMe__Tim: her hubby?
pearofsalamanca: the repeated asking of questions
Jorge4hg: perfect
Laurence72: A boy named Su
aWabbajack: find Green Hill Zone
Earthenone: well there is no sun, so it could be anywhere
aWabbajack: eat Chili Dogs
RealGamerCow: why does that person have pumkins on their roof?
SnivianMoon: I miss Tom...
aWabbajack: and left Nozomi too
Earthenone: they wanted to patch their roof and made a critical mistake
pearofsalamanca: @LoadingReadyRun how far are we into this
pearofsalamanca: how long is it
NightValien28: #bringbacktom
justwhatever_idk: Tommue
aWabbajack: today is cheat day
Jorge4hg: my divinations are too strong for you ryo
Earthenone: 420 green
RobotInProgress: "I can give you general hints as to where to go"
aWabbajack: oh like bioshock Inf
NightValien28: give me your strongest divinations, fortune teller
KevinTheShark: Spoilers, the lucky colour is red.
Painfully_Dyslexic: The fortune-teller reminds me of a character Kathleen would play
Laurence72: beige
pearofsalamanca: this is the sort of woman who tells you not to inject the evil vaccines from big pharma and stuff life that
Earthenone: are you ok?
aWabbajack: Blue?!
MuadDab: I really like purple.
Dog_of_Myth: !subscribe to Sith Facts
Jorge4hg: ooook
justwhatever_idk: BlLLuUUuUeE
SnivianMoon: I believe she is invoking a Lite-Brite.
aWabbajack: she wants more money
justwhatever_idk: Also everything she said wasn't technically untrue
MuadDab: Wait is her hut full of blue things?
MuadDab: Did she just look around the room.
TheMoatman: Goddamn, raw brisket should *not* cost more per lb than lamb chops
justwhatever_idk: "What."
KevinTheShark: Turdles. They dangerous.
Jorge4hg: what axe?
Dog_of_Myth: Axe me what?
RobotInProgress: STOP! Criminal Scum!
pearofsalamanca: they say the price of meat is an indicator of the economy
TheMoatman: Pork’s still cheap at least
SnivianMoon: This is the music from the Harbor in the original Shenmue.
AlwaysTheBigSpoon: Asian don't raisin
KevinTheShark: The ages used in this game don't make any sense whatsoever
SnivianMoon: From playing darts in the Tomato market, I think.
ElementalAlchemist: You can't say his house is your house and then say that his house is that one
Jorge4hg: corner stance
aWabbajack: coxChicken zekeLOVE lrrCHKN coxChicken
KevinTheShark: Form of! An Eagle!
pearofsalamanca: damn he's pimpin
pearofsalamanca: look at him
aWabbajack: this stream now +18 with smoking
KevinTheShark: Daaaamn, he got the full fu man chu going on.
justwhatever_idk: "Let me guess: how did I get this goddamn Bitchin'? It's a long story"
blip2004: Help with what Ryo?
noSmokeFire: thicc pippe
Gnuttor: Hi Ian! Hi chat! Good evening to you all.
pearofsalamanca: i can't tell you anymore kid, i'm too fucking stoned
KevinTheShark: Well have you asked the dead?
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noSmokeFire: what, you don't have a smokehole?
RobotInProgress: On Earth
KevinTheShark: Game logic demands he doesn't move an inch ever.
Jorge4hg: Trutle racing!!!!
SnivianMoon: Turtle racin'!
noSmokeFire: oh, Ian, you might appreciate this: I'm making turkey ramen tonight. my turkey broth is delightfully gelatinous
pearofsalamanca: there certainly are a lot of systems in this game
pearofsalamanca: that don't add up to shit
Earthenone: mustard has never failed us, but our color is blue... hmm
justwhatever_idk: "I know a Turtle named Sun"
Jorge4hg: wat
Jorge4hg: what was that
NightValien28: what
justwhatever_idk: did a cutscene get skipped
noSmokeFire: ??? did Shenmue add ads to the loading screens??
Jorge4hg: again
Laurence72: lol
Jorge4hg: wat
justwhatever_idk: Green is the closest to Blue
justwhatever_idk: oh well
Earthenone: mustard frog i belive in you
noSmokeFire: should've asked about a lucky number
Jorge4hg: wow
e_bloc: outfrogged
JohnPraw: Wow, Shenmue has everything. Why play anything else?
pearofsalamanca: frogs are for fools
NightValien28: bullshit
Jorge4hg: cmon
Jorge4hg: bs
SnivianMoon: Who says that. Who actually says that.
Jorge4hg: jezz
OmnipotentTrevor: The real battle is after you lose? Are you challenging me to fight?
NightValien28: wow
Dog_of_Myth: That was some bullfrog there
KevinTheShark: The first rule. always bet on turdle.
justwhatever_idk: The real battle is with your wallet and your pocket. please put it into my hands to win!
noSmokeFire: can you win a panda?
SnivianMoon: Do note that you can exchange some of the pawn stuff for move books, so it's not always best to sell them directly.
KevinTheShark: Save the blue stuff
pearofsalamanca: red dead redemption 2 does this whole "there are a lot of people and things to interact with" thing so much better
SnivianMoon: It's showing you the combination of items you need for that book.
pearofsalamanca: a) the writing isn't stilted trash and b) arthur morgan is a cool dude
pearofsalamanca: and c) rockstar games isn't trying to go back to the wild and woolly years of 2000
Jorge4hg: this is shenmue
pearofsalamanca: it's certainly succeeding, but to what end
noSmokeFire: I *would* enjoy "Shenmue, but you're a cowboy for some reason"
Jorge4hg: to the fans had fun
ElementalAlchemist: No one is saying its goal is the best one, or that the goal has broad appeal, but it's doing what it wants to do
Earthenone: !smash
LRRbot: Put a salamander (but just the angry parts) in Smash, you cowards!
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Featherweight_: Something something sailors.
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justwhatever_idk: Shenmue is great and goofy
ElementalAlchemist: I agree that I'd like to see games try more things and take more risks.
Sarah_Serinde: Shenmue does some things badly and some things strangely, and there's nothing wrong with not liking it, but there's also nothing wrong with enjoying it for what it is
ElementalAlchemist: And some of those will inherently have small appeal because they just end up not working broadly, even though filling its niche isn't its purpose
ElementalAlchemist: or the goal
justwhatever_idk: what a fun looking old man
noSmokeFire: I'm thinking that tweet about swapping the "white american learns ancient asian martial arts" into "japanese character learns the ancient art of the cowboy and cleans up the mean streets of tokyo"
pearofsalamanca: is this some louisiana accent here
KevinTheShark: But enough about my relationship with my wife
pearofsalamanca: some deep south accent
SnivianMoon: I'm super glad Shenmue was made, because it's absolutely my jam. If it were never made, it would've been a loss overall. Even if it's not for everyone, it still informed development of other games down the line.
MousseFilledCat: In general, I don't find these things as zero sum, either. So more weird games, the better.
SnivianMoon: Weird games are superb.
Jorge4hg: @SnivianMoon heck yeah!
pearofsalamanca: "how is your sex life?"
ElementalAlchemist: SnivianMoon: And that's another thing. Weird crap can still inspire the next big hit that's really cool and really different from what else is out there
noSmokeFire: what
KevinTheShark: *Flirts agressively*
noSmokeFire: she's trolling you, gotta be
Jorge4hg: ok, i see
InquisitorGaia: in a village this size everybody knows everyone else
KevinTheShark: Buddy, you don't need no more fish.
pearofsalamanca: the fishing man looks like a neckbeard
noSmokeFire: Sun is a 300 year old catfish, calling it here
Featherweight_: sun isn't even a name/
Drakas: or he is not from the village and just come here to fish
Pump19: I Am Just Clay, And I Listen
pearofsalamanca: a wild goose chase
Jorge4hg: It's the cat!
justwhatever_idk: Awkardly Stepping Between Conversations, Uncomfortably Bumping into Chairs is a solid description of Social Anxiety
KevinTheShark: You came alone? Good, now I can ambush you and make a new resident evil game
TheMoatman: What about married people?
Featherweight_: GOTTA get you 8
pearofsalamanca: why do we need to know about the verdant bridge
Leliale: Cheer50
Featherweight_: ah ha he's the rarely seen tree mason
Jorge4hg: made sense
Drakas: knitting
noSmokeFire: "I can't handle spicy foods..."
SnivianMoon: Shenmue is the sous vide of videogames. Low temperature, long time... Uh... tender and flavorful outcome?
Featherweight_: and you can attack it for massive damage
justwhatever_idk: She's Bad at the Crane Game
PlusDY: Confirmed non-gamer
pearofsalamanca: apparently the bbc tried doing one of those slow television things
InquisitorGaia: i thought she ment she was an epileptic
pearofsalamanca: it didn't last for very long
OmnipotentTrevor: Ryo plays space harrier all night
justwhatever_idk: Ryo Sweats in Gachapon
Unpronounceable: I miss arcades
Vlanoik: also making human friends is a major weakness of her's
SnivianMoon: Same, @Unpronounceable, very same.
Unpronounceable: Well, if you're sitting still, you're by definition not standing...
calculated_uncertainties: the knitting is killing me
PlusDY: These questions sound like a job interview
pearofsalamanca: the future is trash, she is making a wide decision
calculated_uncertainties: lol
Electrodyne: Achievement: Step 1) find cow. Step 2) Shenmoo.
Drakas: talking to her is like talking to a fish
OmnipotentTrevor: She hates crowds, noises, and games. I'm sure she'll love Japan Kappa
SnivianMoon: "I have a dark secret" "HI RYO"
Featherweight_: well for one our arcades are way better. you love them... oh wait/
e_bloc: um
e_bloc: noodles are a present
pearofsalamanca: what is "birth"? what is "pregnancy"?
noSmokeFire: shenhua: offended by presents
PlusDY: @e_bloc noodles are more than that. noodles are a way of life
unfamiliarpatterns: lol
pearofsalamanca: why is she wearing a hat
pearofsalamanca: out of curiosity
e_bloc: tag yourself, I'm cola
noSmokeFire: are we not all potato chips?
Rynehawk: i have diabetes. are you ok?
Featherweight_: he is very potato chips
PlusDY: gulp em down, gamers
KevinTheShark: Look, Shenhua, it's all on my MySpace Page. If you wanna find out more, just look at my bio
e_bloc: I don't believe this is a real human being
noSmokeFire: "no more talking, ryu, I have to bend my knitting needles"
ElementalAlchemist: "Hey Ryo. Shut up now please." --Shenhua
InquisitorGaia: cola would probably kill a person from a small village like this
Featherweight_: caw caw
pearofsalamanca: this is r/TotallyNotRobots in game form
PlusDY: !honk
Electrodyne: She's part of the sunless simulation
CaptainSpam: I still like the fact that the step-down-from-the-dining-area cutscene apparently is a thing.
justwhatever_idk: and a Night Pumpkin
Rynehawk: night banana is the next big kpop band
justwhatever_idk: and a Night Cupboard
Cepsys: i'm enjoying the adventures of fruit thief Ryo
pearofsalamanca: a runabout! i'll steal it! nobody will ever know!
Featherweight_: i'm going away.
Glodenox: rebel
Featherweight_: your not my dad.
Glodenox: Fair.
unfamiliarpatterns: still bummed he didnt take that pumpkin
Earthenone: with no red outline we cannot steal it, also it is a vegtable, not our MO
unfamiliarpatterns: doesnt change the fact im bummed and he has no pumpkin
duck_butter0: @loadingreadyrun were you a shenmue 3 backer?
KevinTheShark: We're back! Let's sleep.
orimazer: sleeping with your watch on is a choice
Driosenth: you got the promise of the game
duck_butter0: are you enjoying the game?
SnivianMoon: As a backer, I still don't have much other than the game in digital form. They haven't really sent out rewards yet.
Sarah_Serinde: !drainers
LRRbot: Alex's comic about sewer people, called Drainers (formerly Dregs), is having a physical edition printed! Reserve a copy at or read it for free at
duck_butter0: you look like one of the shenmue 3 backers!
duck_butter0: in the backers temple
KevinTheShark: I've decided that Shenmue is the Mario of the game, and Shenhua is the Wario, since she is SHENWAAAA!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Supporting the kickstarter is basically a pre-order at this point. A good deal too.
duck_butter0: @narwhalsinatrenchcoat I wish it was a pre-order but unfortunately no day one dlc, no season pass nothing.
silenceaux: Mostly I just want to know what the game costs before I buy it...
duck_butter0: @loadingreadyrun did you play the originals in the Dreamcast?
duck_butter0: on
ElementalAlchemist: I don't mind DLC as extra optional stuff, particularly when there's not enough of it to make a sequel
SnivianMoon: *Shakes cane* Why back in my day, they called DLC an expansion pack, and it was a whole game in and of itself!
justwhatever_idk: Back in My Day You Needed a Cheat Code Up Hill Both Ways in the Snow to get Bonus Content and we Liked It!
Wikedlyrics: @duck_butter0 I mean the kickstarter was $29 for the game which is even cheaper then the black friday price was for it so...
ElementalAlchemist: If you end up making like 8 DLC packs with story that's probably enough to consider a sequel
NightValien28: oh no!!
Earthenone: meme?
KevinTheShark: Oh No.
ElementalAlchemist: If you only make one or two I don't mind so much
RealGamerCow: This is a shakedown, right?
justwhatever_idk: ian give this baby a ball
duck_butter0: @wikedlyrics I'm glad it's out that's all that matters but yea I heard it was really cheap
TheMoatman: Is that Tara Strong?
KevinTheShark: Cmon stranger. Win me a ball!
OmnipotentTrevor: With your luck at pail toss, the prize exchange might be easier
SnivianMoon: That's a really fair point.
KevinTheShark: Tara Strong did not do voices for this game
OmnipotentTrevor: Speaking of kickstarters, I wonder if we'll end up seeing Trogdor the board game on AFK someday
justwhatever_idk: Demolish the Secret Cabal of Shipping Companies
SnivianMoon: Time to wait for the Great Pumpkin, Ryo!
justwhatever_idk: also you can't eat them at Night, that's Illegal
LolCamAlpha: klaigeChan
pearofsalamanca: i forget the protagonist's name
pearofsalamanca: completely
justwhatever_idk: Base to Stem, It's a Pumpkin
KevinTheShark: With enough lacquer and Enamel, you can stop a pumpkin from falling apart so easily. Then perhaps wrap it in some kind of latex or rubber to make it bouncy?
KevinTheShark: Oh hey, blue is the lucky colour
pearofsalamanca: it's not bucks, it's probably like the chinese currency
pearofsalamanca: whatever it is
SnivianMoon: Yuan is indeed Chinese currency.
Juliamon: It's Yuan, but "dollarydoos" also works
justwhatever_idk: Yuannery Yoos
Sarah_Serinde: Or "yuran" depending on how they feel like pronouncing it in this game
justwhatever_idk: It'll be Relevant in the plot of that Kid's Life
silenceaux: Narrow window on this huh?
SnivianMoon: Nice!
KitTheThird: yooooo
LolCamAlpha: AYYYYYY
Bakufreak: PogChamp
silenceaux: Oh, you just have to fire through the bucket
justwhatever_idk: IT"S POSSIBLE
Gnuttor: GG
Armyguy0: YES it is
Jorge4hg: lrrHORN lrrHORN
KevinTheShark Dabs!
Angnor33: lrrSACK
SnivianMoon: I believe that's a KOBE
Drakas: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
KitTheThird: "streak"
control_rig: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say yes?
pearofsalamanca: in the hours i've watched of shenmue iii, i've gathered that rural china is some sort of purgatory/hell
bvorhies: Highlight reel
NightValien28: KOBE
bvorhies: You making it
bvorhies: !
PlusDY: wheelerY wheelerT
pearofsalamanca: i know it's supposed to be all peaceful with this rural china setting, but to me it's like some sort of hell
SnivianMoon: Between that and the no-scope on the Diamond P yesterday, I feel like you're actually due for the reel twice.
noSmokeFire: that boy's hands are disturbingly small
ElementalAlchemist: OH NO
ElementalAlchemist: How do we pick?
InquisitorGaia: FISH
Jorge4hg: the fish
silenceaux: [Secret] Fish?
SnivianMoon: Fish for sure
CaptainSpam: My MST3K flashbacks are kicking in. This kid wants to show you where the fish lives.
Jorge4hg: ohhh yeah
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KevinTheShark: Maps!? What is this technology!? Nani!?
SnivianMoon: "Like, w-ow. Welcome to my BI-jo stand."
silenceaux: A sunflower maze would be pretty neat...
Jorge4hg: but there's not sun
SnivianMoon: I think Fishing was past the temple we were in yesterday.
TheMoatman: Oh, it was *foreshadowing*
TheMoatman: Chekhov's sun
CaptainSpam: Ryo: One-man deforestation assistant.
Jorge4hg: hell yeah
justwhatever_idk: Wow
TheMoatman: I might have the resolution too low, but does he look like the other guy with a hat?
Jorge4hg: i love it
SnivianMoon: I feel like we're in a training montage now.
SinjinJerklord: Good choice LUL
nanostul: That poor axe...
KevinTheShark: Nani!? This some real Eye of the Tiger stuff right now
RealGamerCow: Is this Van Halen ripoff?
justwhatever_idk: This is the difference between Sonic 3 Music and Sonic Adventure 2 Music
orimazer: no misses? nice
SnivianMoon: "You gotta CHOP! You gotta SPLIT wood!"
silenceaux: Auspicious
Driosenth: All the chop
CaptainSpam: Chop! Split! It's all in the mind!
Jorge4hg: the best record yet
SnivianMoon: The herb maps roughly make a map of the whole village.
Batfax: Herbs are just eeeeverywhere.
nanostul: Is that a forklift in your pocket?
Jorge4hg: oh noo
justwhatever_idk: Fun Fact I learned today: Banana Plants are the Tallest Herbs
Jorge4hg: saved
KevinTheShark: @captainspam If you gonna test me, I'm sure you'll find that the wood I split ya, is gonna hit ya! Cmon now take a lesson from teacher now!
CaptainSpam: @KevinTheShark I gotta believe that sells it.
OmnipotentTrevor: So I missed it, what was the link from asking around with stonemasons, to asking about the bridge?
OmnipotentTrevor: The last I got was that one mentioned the thugs were asking about the pheonix mirror
noSmokeFire: this town has the WORST tourist economy
Armyguy0: That is a B I G mouth he has
TheMoatman: Shenmue has taught me that quantity over quality is better
Jorge4hg: ryo saw a painting with the phoenix and dragon on there
KevinTheShark: Has anyone ever seen the Sun? Big ball of fire, shines light on everything, rises in the east, sets in the west. Noone?
noSmokeFire: try the secret fishing spot?
noSmokeFire: good, same page
Jorge4hg: super secret fishing spot
SnivianMoon: Secret Fishing, Secret Fishiiiing.
Armyguy0: that mans face was like 50% mouth
Electrodyne: SHENMOO
SnivianMoon: I think it's under requests?
Jorge4hg: it's not that secret kid
Jorge4hg: i think so too
SnivianMoon: I think this is the spot, yeah.
KitTheThird: To be fair, if the secret's equivalent value was a capsule toy, what can we expect?
TheMoatman: I wonder if the "I'm always chillin" guy will ever come back
noSmokeFire: according to the internet, you wouldn't get the fishing prompt without picking the fishing spot reward
Jorge4hg: show me the money ian
KevinTheShark: This kid sold you down the river. Literally
justwhatever_idk: Maybe the kid got the capsule toy from this fishing spot
korvys: Fishing mini game? I'm waiting for Jacob to burst in
KitTheThird: noSmokeFire That's good to know!
Lolipopadventure: I like this playthrough. :D
noSmokeFire: which skill book gave you telescopic vision?
PlusDY: This is now a SEGA Bass Pro Fishing stream
Kumakaori: FEEEESH
Batfax: The fishing in this game is pretty good. Not sure how it'll be in such a tiny pond, but it can be pretty nice and relaxing.
justwhatever_idk: Link's Awakening :D face
Kumakaori: sergeThankJo
Sarah_Serinde: Ian pls
Jorge4hg: ian
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Jorge4hg: 10 yuan
ElementalAlchemist: I hope it's at least 20 Yuan
Featherweight_: spear fishing mini game this is not
SnivianMoon: Based on my experience, this pond is WAY easier than the other locations. You basically have to go full Mario Party on the control stick in some of the other locations
korvys: Probably bigger fish in bigger ponds
noSmokeFire: maybe we shouldn't have trusted a four year old to judge a good fishing spot
Jorge4hg: i like simple fishing mini games
SnivianMoon: It's kind of exhausting, at least to me.
Jorge4hg: it's more relaxing for me
noSmokeFire: where is ryu keeping these fish?
yalc321: THICC carp
Jorge4hg: @noSmokeFire mouth
orimazer: what about a white one?
noSmokeFire: @Jorge4hg thank
nanostul: try over by the rock
Featherweight_: or some dynamite.
Juliamon: I assume he rented a pail
Batfax: Well, Ryo rented a fishing set. There's probably a box off screen that they're getting piled into.
SnivianMoon: Holy carp. Nice!
Jorge4hg: thicc fish is thicc
Jorge4hg: jesus
Juliamon: It looks better than a lot of fishing games, anyway
yalc321: Good eating tonight
MatthewDennisMTG: a 40cm shit
Featherweight_: what did you eat?!
Jorge4hg: i wonder if at the end you only keep the last fish you get
Juliamon: 50 cabbage.
PlusDY: *is given directions to a secret fishing spot* *immediately catches every fish in the pond*
noSmokeFire: 1 yuan/fish
e_bloc: you'll never fish again because you made an entire species extinct
Jorge4hg: Thank god you keep them
PlusDY: making sure no one can ever be catfished again
ElementalAlchemist: OH YES
SnivianMoon: Nice haul.
Jorge4hg: not bad
Batfax: Fishing is very good money.
ElementalAlchemist: That's a much better way to make money
Jorge4hg: i like it
Featherweight_: well if you level a carp up enough it'll become a Gyarados
e_bloc: bang a gong
Driosenth: do you want the wood chopping music for when you catch a fish?
InquisitorGaia: you spent about 1.5hrs of ingame time fishing including walking to the pond
PlusDY: ooh, banger alert
VTMonster: Choo Choo train... Fruit Fruit
KevinTheShark: Don't you dare take the religion fruit. This ain't no Breath of the Wild
KitTheThird: uhhhhh
Jorge4hg: *chef kiss*
Featherweight_: her noggin is not good.
PlusDY: her memory
Fruan: It's the brain worm
InquisitorGaia: thats an eye nerve
Jorge4hg: she's haunted
justwhatever_idk: Her Devilish Horn
Driosenth: tongue?
noSmokeFire: cordyceps
KevinTheShark: That's her foot trying to escape the grave
Jorge4hg: sun why
Featherweight_: Sun now
KitTheThird: Head like a sieve, I tell you what, things just fall out left and right
MostCallMe__Tim: easier to strangle her with
noSmokeFire: I like this guy's sassy pose
SnivianMoon: Dang it, Ryo. I wanted to learn about charcoal!
RvLeshrac: When? Now?
control_rig: Ok, Ian, be honest here: Was this game made by alien beings who only have a passing understanding of human interaction?
PlusDY: Who knows, charcoal could be even more lucrative than fishing
KevinTheShark: The Sun does not exist. Just the Moon.
Jorge4hg: of course yu zuzuki is a fellow human
Batfax: Ryo is more invested in his path to revenge than learning fun facts about how stuff gets made. He can only spare time for capsule toys.
Jorge4hg: omg
Jorge4hg: YES
unfamiliarpatterns: whats on her head?!
Jorge4hg: WTF
control_rig: NO!
Earthenone: !clip
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KitTheThird: fkjldsfjdklsaf
justwhatever_idk: LMAOO
Cepsys: hahahahaa
Bakufreak: LUL
Juliamon: !clip
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Jorge4hg: hahahaha
NightValien28: FUCK YOU LADY
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Baited
KevinTheShark: Jabaited!
Juliamon: Oh. my. god.
Jorge4hg: Ryo run
NightValien28: kung fu her
noSmokeFire: I like when Ryu's dialog ACTUALLY matches what we're thinking.
e_bloc: time for some elder abuse
silenceaux: Zhu Wenjing has HISTORY with this man
Featherweight_: welcome to the highlight reel Ryu
Angnor33: Dang.
NightValien28: Ian I am so sorry I am laughing so much
KevinTheShark: They gave you some slack... Then they REELED YOU IN
MostCallMe__Tim: Can we back up a sec and remind people why the bus we are looking for this guy Sun?
Jorge4hg: Ian i laughed so hard
Drakas: iv never wanted to hit an old person berfor now
e_bloc: welcome to the stream highlights
RvLeshrac: You mean Wacky Mole
NightValien28: I feel this game is going to kill Ian
RvLeshrac: I can just imagine Beej playing.
SnivianMoon: I halfway feel like the game is purposefully taunting Ian.
RvLeshrac: Or Alex.
Jorge4hg: At least his human intereactions
Drakas: its ponyo
RvLeshrac: I can see Alex's face on asking someone a question and then starting to give an answer before changing their mind.
ElementalAlchemist: Huh. No one has played this Whack-a-mole machine since we last played it
KevinTheShark: The sound effect for these hits is Quite intense
Juliamon: So that's how many songs this game has subtly ripped off now?
Drakas: and i said that a few days ago it sounds a lot like the ending song from ponyo
RvLeshrac: Whack-a-mole, surprisingly difficult in real life.
Jorge4hg: @PlusDY that clip is a thing, a glorious thing
SnivianMoon: Goat there!
Featherweight_: king of the moles!
Featherweight_: cola time?
KevinTheShark: I wanna know how to make charcoal
SnivianMoon: There might be coal in the market nextdoor?
PlusDY: charcola
RvLeshrac: You may have misunderstood "coal coke"
SnivianMoon: #humblebrag
Anubis169: Helloooooooooo Everybody! <3
kassy_13: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:54:36.
kassy_13: aww man 2 hours late ;;
Anubis169: Featherweight_ I haven't seen you in yonks man, how ya been? :D
ieva_art: did you finally get money
ElementalAlchemist: Hey there Anubis
silenceaux: I wouldn't shoplift from this old lady. You just know that she's been reading that Tiger Thigh training manual
Anubis169: EA :D
justwhatever_idk: Co La
SnivianMoon: Caffeine flavor, my favorite!
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kassy_13: caffeine-flavoured coffee????
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Unpronounceable: Caffeine, yum?
KevinTheShark: No Acesulphame K?
Jorge4hg: We're losing ian
InquisitorGaia: bloody brits
Featherweight_: Pretty good Anubis
kassy_13: caffeine flavoured cola!!!
Drakas: Ian with a brief look its a skill book
PlusDY: so many fluids available for purchase
NightValien28: when you need the what now?
KitTheThird: Muhhhh the grapefruit juice
Featherweight_: oh I really dig that radio
Walkingharder: Black garlic doesn't seem......healthy
Batfax: You would be surprised.
Juliamon: Walkingharder On the contrary, it's actually very healthy
kassy_13: black garlic is in fashion right now
Walkingharder: TIL
Featherweight_: sweet boozes
SnivianMoon: Might ask the lady in the general store?
Walkingharder: So you see him when you too are shopping for booze and sweets?
KevinTheShark: The faces of some of these people are... jarring, in comparison to Ryu
Jorge4hg: there she goes
Jorge4hg: it's a classic ian
KevinTheShark: Red Dead Redemption is on TV
Featherweight_: Is night when Sun comes out?
SnivianMoon: Wanna try pail toss?
KevinTheShark: Let's rotate the cushions!
Walkingharder: A yummy steamed bun before you get into a fight. I like this idea
InquisitorGaia: corn shumai, eew
Juliamon: I appreciate the variety of foods you can buy in this game.
PlusDY: fluid management break
Featherweight_: in 20 years She'll be the billionaire head of the Yummy Bun Co
Juliamon: What other game would offer you corn shaomai or donkey buns?
InquisitorGaia: variety is great, corn shaomai is a terrible idea, and who ever thought of it should be forced to eat one
Juliamon: I mean... I'd try it
OneColdCanuck: I'll try anything once
TehAmelie: wow, i missed the whole stream
TehAmelie: stupid captivating comics
Juliamon: No, just 2/3 of it
InquisitorGaia: were at break
Juliamon: Which is to say, basically nothing
TehAmelie: ooh
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Molladia: Wow Dynasty Warriors is boring these days.... When do we fight Lu Bu?
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TehAmelie: greetings
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Walkingharder: How long is this game?
Batfax: About 30 hours or so.
PlusDY: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:07:36.
PlusDY: ^at least that long
SnivianMoon: Very well done!
Molladia: White Tiger "Bai Hu" Lord of the West wind.
Jorge4hg: the player
Walkingharder: Only 30? It feel like it would be much longer than that
SnivianMoon: I'm pretty sure the game length really depends on how much you want to dink around with the sidequests, and other assorted distractions.
Batfax: It depends on how quick you go I guess. There's a lot of sidequests and once the game completely lets go of your hand it can be easy to get lost sometimes.
Jorge4hg: you can do it ian
johnhelix: You kick that old man's ass!
Jorge4hg: holy he kicks like a train
VTMonster: how much worse is the combat in this vs Yakuza?
InquisitorGaia: you need new moves
SnivianMoon: You hit him a ton, but it seems like you weren't doing a ton of damage.
Jorge4hg: eat something
Batfax: The secret is dodging, timing, and when you learn the moves for it... fighting dirty.
GDwarf: That butterfly just fused with our torso
SnivianMoon: How is the dodging handled, now that they've functionally removed the dodge button?
GDwarf: Also, I still have to ask why we need a set training area to...stay still
Jorge4hg: be the horse
Batfax: The fighting system for S3 is different from the Virtua Fighter-style in 1 and 2. It's more sim/RPG-like than action game.
InquisitorGaia: this raises end right?
ieva_art: god this timing...
NightValien28: ah we found the tsundere
Jorge4hg: very anime normal
ieva_art: did they record their lines alphabetically
PMAvers: "mostly they just want me to buy them gachapons."
Batfax: Ryo knows what an awkward teenager acts like, as someone who himself is very much an awkward teenager.
ieva_art: gambling is sort of the opposite of a sure bet..
PinkfloydYES: how is your cabbage pokets
PMAvers: "Professional hitman."
TehAmelie: is this conversation written by a neural net?
Earthenone: this whole game was :P
SnivianMoon: I do wonder how much of the, ah, 'unique' character to the dialogue is due to the language barrier... And how completely loopy and alien it is in the native Japanese.
PMAvers: "Let me help crack your head open with this axe."
SolarBlitz1: No Morgana I won't go to be- Oh, wrong game
Driosenth: chop right through the grain
Armyguy0: i do like ian soung time
Batfax: It's a mix of localization, intentionally mimicking the "iconic" bad acting of the original's late 90's VA, and re-using lines wherever they can get away with it because their budget is VERY low for the scope of the game.
Walkingharder: I am still shocked he doesn't just sleep with his shoes and jacket on
Molladia: Didn't you get an Alarm clock?
deinonychus24: he is always so caught off guard by the concept of "morning"
ElementalAlchemist: We couldn't get batteries for it
PsybrnetiCToasT: So have we progressed the story at all since last night?
Jorge4hg: omg
Jorge4hg: there it is
Jorge4hg: it exist
ElementalAlchemist: We've been asking about Mr. Sun for the past two hours
PsybrnetiCToasT: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:21:22.
PsybrnetiCToasT: Oof brutal lol
Armyguy0: 5th dan?
FarleyF: quick Ian switch to Dragon style ffighting Kappa
Armyguy0: oof
Batfax: Oh, nice. You got a perfect-timed dodge.
silenceaux: I think you entered the matrix there, for a moment.
MagicWarluck: He hits sooo hard!
Jorge4hg: he's a truck in disguise
v_nome: Ryo is a bit stiff but wooden dummy isn't a nice nickname
SpacePotato01: dang that's a gorgeous scene though
Batfax: delicious, delicious snake juice
SnivianMoon: Can't restore HP with snake power in a Dojo fight, unfortunately.
ieva_art: i saw a photo of my dad from the 90s and honestly he has the same haircut as ryo..............
NightValien28: in battle!!!
Batfax: The second kickstarter game I've played after Wasteland 2 that heavily features some snake squeezin's.
ieva_art: i think the hair looks a lot better on ryo lol
ieva_art: dad's was very.... fuzzy
TheMoatman: So my parents just used up the last of their nutmeg container. As far as we know, it was older than me, and my mom replaced it with a container that's 20% larger. I think I may be inheriting a partial jar of nutmeg
TheMoatman: Seeing as they're both nearing 70
TheMoatman: Powdered. They just don't use very much
Driosenth: Fish?
GDwarf: I know I recognize this VA...
GDwarf: Did he voice Kamoshida in P5, maybe?
Molladia: Did you end up getting the White Lure?
Jorge4hg: to the gasha we go
Batfax: This VA is DC Douglas.
KitTheThird: Time for more rock toss lrrBEEJ
Tiber727: @TheMoatman Then you must pass your children a jar of nutmeg 20% bigger than that.
ieva_art: child help me
TheMoatman: Give this jar of nutmeg to ten people in the next two weeks or you'll die
PMAvers: "I'm looking for Sun." "*points up into the sky*"
GDwarf: Ah, yep, that's DC Douglas
Jorge4hg: yeees
KitTheThird: Yoooooooo
SnivianMoon: KOBE
iconicshadow89: 1 st time nice
PlusDY: wheelerY wheelerT
Jorge4hg: ian is a onw shot god
PMAvers: I mean, this is basically spheda.
Drakas: my fave nut meg fact is it was once baned from sale as it is a mild Psychoactive effect
TehAmelie: we'll have pineapples for days
silenceaux: Spoke a bit too soon, maybe.
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B4rberblacksheep: YEET
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Batfax: Other players pail in comparison to your toss skills.
ieva_art: how much nutmeg do you hsve to eat to get high
GDwarf: I thought we had the clock radio already. Did we accidentally kung-fu it?
Jorge4hg: yeah ian
PsybrnetiCToasT: Same prizes and everything too
KitTheThird: Shame Inferno but pail toss
PMAvers: I mean, people seem to like those cornhole bag toss things.
Batfax: You gotta get that "Wanna go again?" line down perfect if you're gonna get other people to play this.
TheMoatman: It's less "get high" and more "become delirious"
SnivianMoon: Oh my god. I'm just imagining a LoadingReadyLive segment that involves people acting like Shenmue characters and delivering CAH card text in Shemue cadence.
Jorge4hg: It's the world ready for that?
SnivianMoon: That's a good point. It's probably a big artifact of the editing.
ieva_art: just use some speech to text robots and you're golden
ElementalAlchemist: Lucky Hit!
ieva_art: why are the npcs so much less robotic than the main characters
Jorge4hg: yeammnntt
TheMoatman: I mean, it's kind of like less extreme Dave's Spokesman
ButterBall000: It's a rollercoaster of emotion
Olomag: I get the feeling we're going to hear "Now then, pick a platform" a lot.
ieva_art: it sounds like they keep reusing the same recordings in different contexts too
ieva_art: like ryo's 'whats that'
Jorge4hg: what is it?
ButterBall000: I'm so bothered by how many fail points there are.
Jorge4hg: omg
SnivianMoon: Whaaaaaaat
KitTheThird: Uh
TheMoatman: PHYSICS
PsybrnetiCToasT: lrrSPOOP
SAJewers: pinkkiFine
SnivianMoon: Robbery!
Invitare: ruined
ieva_art: f
Jorge4hg: youuu monsters
Invitare: ripperoni
SnivianMoon: Is this where the game truly begins?
PsybrnetiCToasT: Boooo physics lrrAWW
deinonychus24: And now the game truly begins
Unpronounceable: The real lucky hit begins here
PMAvers: Technique scroll: "Drink your ovaltine."
johnhelix: Not only is the hangover from nutmeg intoxication the absolute worst, even the "high" includes such highlights as "severe nausea", "heart palpitations" and "overwhelming dizziness". You're basically eating a toxic amount of ground up nuts for maybe a fifty percent chance of some hallucinations and a trance-like feeling.
Jorge4hg: yeahhhh
SnivianMoon: Huzzah!
PlusDY: what if i just really, *really* like nutmeg
PMAvers: Beej Eats the Whole Nut (meg)
Jorge4hg: lrrHORN lrrHORN
PsybrnetiCToasT: lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN
SAJewers: naeHYPE
SnivianMoon: Shenmue: The heartwarming tale of a young man gambling away his money in an effort to win toys.
johnhelix: No one likes nutmeg that much. We're talking a bare minimum of like fifty grams of raw nutmeg.
Molladia: Wait wasn't Shenmue set in 1978?
Batfax: 87
CapnRobert: its the same game how is it getting more interesting now guy lol
RealGamerCow: yeah, fresh nutmeg is so much better than pre-ground
Batfax: It gets interesting because you give him more money.
CapnRobert: lol
Batfax: He doesn't specify WHO it's interesting to.
PlusDY: dang the new peggle game looks great
SnivianMoon: @RealGamerCow I just this past week used fresh grated nutmeg in a recipe, and I have to agree completely.
PsybrnetiCToasT: He says “this is where the game gets interesting” only before asking if you want to play again. Perhaps the interesting part is “will you overcome your crippling gambling addiction?”
Jorge4hg: one more?
ieva_art: reminds me of the legend where you can somehow eat enough poppy seeds to test positive on a drug test
JohnLockeCole: 50 grams would be... like a tablespoon?
Batfax: Car clowns - its just how kung fu works
RealGamerCow: I have a punched-tin cylinder thing that I made at the nearby living history village, but microplaners work well too.
silenceaux: Ejection
SAJewers: i wonder if ian can do this before the rhythm cafe opens
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CataclysmicReverb: LET EM ROLL
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Jorge4hg: ian stop, remember the fish
silenceaux: What a tease
MagicWarluck: Someone has caught the gaming devil.
Batfax: People who say Shenmue is too slow and unexciting have never seen a man TRULY invested in Lucky Hit.
PlusDY: ian "just two more hits" horner
korvys: "You'll get over your slump eventually, believe in my moustache"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Don't hear a "The Wizard" reference every day
JohnLockeCole: I feel like this would be a really well designed peggle puzzle, but is a terribly set against you plinko puzzle
B4rberblacksheep: Just like straight chowing down on Garlic
SAJewers: but what if you're like adam and the next play was gonna be the winner? Kappa
Unpronounceable: I'm not great at estimating volume/weight conversions, but I think it'd be closer to a quarter cup than tablespoon (grated) @JohnLockeCole
Jorge4hg: good talk
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Well.... Shenhua didn't explicitly say it was him
VTMonster: That guys' face look like a grouper
johnhelix: 50 grams is about a quarter cup. But in any case, the "psychoactive" ingredient in nutmeg is just a norepinephrine enhancer. You can get a way better effect with a way, WAY lower chance of toxic shock and organ failure by eating a button of peyote.
Batfax: A simple "Hey" is all that's needed for intimidation from a master of the Hazuki style.
Jorge4hg: hahaha sure
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heyluckyannie: Happy Sunday, Ian!
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SnivianMoon: It takes a lot longer to reel in fish in this location.
JohnLockeCole: ahh Fishing on the boat ramp... something you only want to do when no one had loaded/unloaded in quite a while, as all the traffic scares off fish
VTMonster: Rotato the potato
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Shave the sky.
Batfax: Big lake's gonna require more patience, but much bigger swimmy-pals.
PlusDY: LoadingReadyRun: come for the fishing gameplay, stay for the nutmeg facts
ieva_art: fishy!
CataclysmicReverb: doodlecheer50 Let the reel challenge begin
ContingentCat: Dang fish, not wanting to die
JohnLockeCole: wow that was like a four pound trout
CaptainSpam: How many fish are in this pond?
orbitaltuna: every fish
Jorge4hg: none at the end of this
HeyLuckyAnnie: uni100 High fives and thanks for all the excellent content.
InquisitorGaia: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES!) at Sun 04:00 PM PST (10m from now).
JohnLockeCole: CaptainSpam errr there's.... underground waterways, this pond connects to the river so there's any number of fish, that works right? (Kappa)
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: new mtg vod went up on lrrmtg today
MAPBoardgames: Oh.This is PiF. For some reason I thought it was rhythm Cafe.
Earthenone: cafe soon
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES!) at Sun 04:00 PM PST (10m from now).
HeyLuckyAnnie: Carpe diem
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Lord_Hosk: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,And sorry I could not travel bothAnd be one traveler, long I stoodAnd looked down one as far as I couldTo where it bent in the undergrowth;
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MAPBoardgames: Is there a fishing rhythm game?
MagicWarluck: Carpe Carp
JohnLockeCole: Fishing is like a Rhythm game, right?
ContingentCat: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
Molladia: I almost can't wait..... Next LRL will be on Sat 22nd, and a "Very Cam and Ian Christmas" on Sun 23rd
Earthenone: Fish Get!
TehAmelie: that's food for like three days
Jorge4hg: i like the super secret fishing spot better
JohnLockeCole: yeah seriously we have like four trout let's go get grilling
CaptainSpam: I'll be watching the LRL, but sadly, I will be up in the air during A Cam & Ian Christmas.
SAJewers: now i'm starting to winder if you can cast your line out far enough to hit the person on the other side
TehAmelie: catfish are basically a pest, i've heard
TehAmelie: so everyone wins when we fish those
Lord_Hosk: You know what the best part of Cam and Ian Christmas is... Man annual "your noes is itchy"
ContingentCat: oo good the Cam & Ian christmas falls on a sunday so I won't be working
TehAmelie: me, pretending the game has some kind of simulated ecosystem
nanostul: oh laurd he got one
TehAmelie: holy carp
JohnLockeCole: TehAmelie there *does* exist good tasting catfish, but it *really* depends on the subspecies and Diet of the fish, so catfish are something you want farm raised rather than wild caught whenever possible
johnhelix: I have nothing whatsoever to do this holiday season so I'll probably be on hand for at least some of the christmasy streaming.
Lord_Hosk: Un nose dised
B4rberblacksheep: I don't understand the Cam and Ian christmas but I'm glad folks enjoy it :)
RealGamerCow: Do we know what the liquor of LRR Christmas is this year, or is it secret?
Jorge4hg: i like the chill christmas streams
iconicshadow89: We lurk we leave we lurh again
TehAmelie: that one was almost two kg. i wonder what's the limit for our line
SAJewers: cognac?
RealGamerCow: I was watching Jacob stream and the small batch whiskey he had sounded very interesting.
iconicshadow89: benginDab
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D1cey1: Quite the fishing adventure here. I wonder if the sailors hang out here.
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JohnLockeCole: we clearly have an unubtanium line, it either cannot break, or it breaks only under the fishing game's mechanics, suddenly and all at once
ElementalAlchemist: Yup
ElementalAlchemist: That's what we caught
ElementalAlchemist: one
korvys: 20 yuan per kg?
SnivianMoon: Thanks much for the stream, Ian!
JohnLockeCole: Thank you for the show
Jorge4hg: thanks for the stream ian
TehAmelie: sad that we don't get to haggle for fish money
Seagulyus: next
Seagulyus: !next
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Seagulyus: sorry didnt click down hard enough I guess
TehAmelie: like, what's the benefit of catching any large ones if you just get paid by the total weight
Juliamon: Self-satisfaction? PBs?
TehAmelie: pride don't pay for pachinko games
GirlPainting: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES!) at Sun 04:00 PM PST (1m ago).
Earthenone: pride51 this pride might pay for pachinko games
TehAmelie: haha
RealGamerCow: larger fish = better $/time investment?
GirlPainting: isn´ t roadquest suposed to air now?
Earthenone: 24 hours till RQ
GirlPainting: :-(
GirlPainting: hmmmkai
GirlPainting: thx
Earthenone: now should be RC
Earthenone: :)
GirlPainting: sorry, no fan of rythm games
Juliamon: aww
TehAmelie: i can't play them at all but i always like watching Heather and Ian
JohnLockeCole: anyway, back to using stream as background while I play Trails of Cold Steel 3 s'more
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Me either. I'm just here for Ian & Heather being Ian & Heather.
Fruan: I want to see Ian and Heather be Paul and Kathleen. That would be fun for a change!
Alephred: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES!) at Sun 04:00 PM PST (8m ago).
TehAmelie: or Natalie Imbruglia and Martin Freeman, maybe
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrHEATHER lrrIAN lrrSIGNAL
Molladia: singla
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